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The Daily Canadian Oct 26, 1906

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 ���i.i mk I.   No. 123.
M*   _9*il# ��cmaMan
till ..ilie** Put in More
Ipplementary and Rebuttal Testi-
|niony Being Offered���Certain to
List Part of Next Week.
��� ��� formal taking nl evidence In
rlre shininges ca_es 01   _ast  __i-
was resumed today  unsl  seems
iss iake up (lie lime of the court
sen miiii adjournment tomorrow,
result of tbe view of the ground
s'sisls'lice taken there will lie a Be-
1111III the Jury report their finding,
1  sif  today  was spent  In  taking
i- iit.'iry   anil   rebuttal   evidence,
die pnsceeijlngs were often inter-
si i.y disputes between counsel,
Davis resenting especially an lm*
charge of hasl falih against his
���s in connection with their book'
��� Bupremp conn reassembled this
Ins in HI 80 after five days' ab-
, Bpent  In  viewing the scene of
a. Macdonald, K. 0, aske.i  w.
IRoss. K. C, to asliiilt That llie grant
11  Mangan's  tlmher licnise,  lot
narked A and 11, was Issued In
iv. 11104.
|l:   11,sss admitted, subject to-vcri-
11   liy   documents   111   his   (Hisses-
Macdonald stale.) that the Ills nl been transferred to one Mc-
1 snid was not the property of
..Inilff company at the time of
��� ���*!s'r C. Thlrle, assistant super-
��� 111 of ihe FInkertou agency al
1- since 1904, stated that he had
1 under Instructions since the
ssf 1906 to find Rohort Quaiffe.
-I searched In Koolenay and Al-
ssistl, through agencies, In many
places. So far uo trace of hlm
���en found. The Stewart com-
sad paid $2'1.05 for the search
>. nml owed a large sum for this
wtua Carney, assistant timber
'"r of Southeast Kootenay since
���:. Illlll, said he had collected
s '.111 the Ferule    Lumber    com-
|li'   Ijstvls objected    that    the quos-
"������tv Irrelevant to the Issues.
fli   Macdonald replied that the que*.
wero relevant to the evidence of
lull.111 as to scaling In tho woods,
r   si continuance of Inspector .1.  R.
i'h evidence.
fr Carney slated that the Fernie
company usually paid dues, on
J usits, ssn the preceding month's, or
li'iii sin. He always knew that
!"��� were arrears.
dispute arose  between   Mr.   Mac-
pal'l mid Mr. Davis as to lloiillon's
'. Mr. Davis remarked thut he
(iM niiiii Dilution.
Mr, Davis he said lhat he consid
lil lhat lhe hollow cedar trees which
I'l in he left In the woods hud n high
Uodwoll tendered the C. P. R.
f'' bul of timber limits.    Mr. Davis
���1   Bird was called,    lie gave lho
uf  standing  tlmher  In   HUH   us
[l��r thousand,   the   Innd   nt   $5  nn
Scolt,  land  agent   for  the Great
f'li'hi  railway, said that  thai coin-
nrlce tor standing limber varied
1 '"Ills lo tl   per thousand  feel
I.,  Hoynton, manager of the  Klk
Pl'iuiy, was called  hv  Mr.  llnvls  In
I111'1    "'    the    evlilenen    of  F.  ('.
" mnl of I>. Welch,    lie snld lhal
nf pari or the area described by
[Green wns logged over hud never
"il. nor muds made through  II.
'  wns no settlement on the part
111'1 Wesl Fernie lowuslte where I'.
I' li stated that he saw flro, nor to-
J'l "is' Klk company's mill.
Bodwell  objected  Hint the  wit-
could not give such evidence, ns
ns not In the country until after
lire, anil thnt If his evidence wero
'wllilo at all II should have form-
pari of the rnHo In chief.
]>'> lordship ruled  Mr. Davis In or
uni thought the whole matter lm-
I'liul.    Mr. Davis explained thnt he
I "''''king lo ,-ebul a charge of main
I"  IWPlied  In  Mr.  Mncdnnald's  nil
���8 to the Jury In  opening, and ro
I'diy suggested during cross-exnni
witness then went over In de-
la volume of dally entries from
V". Mr. noilwell slated, the hook
Hs were compiled,
Davis nsked Mr. Macdonald to
I"raw his suggestion thnt the book
���mils were "faked," Mr. Macdon
S. Fowler remarked that he could
Fifty Cents a Month
mt see any ���,-_���- 01 Uollu ���,,     ,
books which ,he witness had not seen
umll   September, 1904, more   than   a
month alter the fire.
The witness continued showing the
correspondence ol the books win, tho
dallj   entries,    lie ,_���,,,, om. ,���
aucy of mil logs. '
Mr. Davis ihen entered the dull.
records as exhibits.
Tin; court then ruse until 2.0
Vvhisii courl resumed this afternoon
U. _,. Buy u lulls exuuiiiialiou In chief
was resinned.
It was agreed between Mr. Davis
and Mr. Maedonuld thai ull documents
ivavent to the lumber companies'
titles mlghl __ entered M anv ,lm(,
Mr. lloynlnn said lhal tbe prices of
O, P. lt. und li. N. K. Btandlng timber
bii'l no bearing on tins value of Klk
River lumber, because it was interior,
and was also subject io arbitrary
freight rates, besides being generally
To Mr. Hodwell tlie witness said Iio
did nol kno wanytbing uboui F c
Green's Burvcy, ills Company had a
fire  lust  year, and  his  books  showed
ins account of lugs destroyed tion.
Manager Waters of tin.. FerUe com-
rimy was ihen recalled by Air. Davis
'���' i'1'"11-' 'h ��� genuineness and accuracy
or his reports .is woods siipeiluten
Trust Company Reorganized.
Philadelphia, Oct. 20,���The common
Pleas court today discharged (1. 11.
Bar!, Jr.. as receive, of the Real Ks-
late Trnsi company or this clly, which
failed on August _;; because of the financial Irregularities of lis president,
Frank K. Hippie, who committed sill-
cldo shortly after the failure. The
company, under a reorganization plan
perfected by Mr. Harle, will resume
business on November 1. The plan
proposes that the creditors be paid
One-third of their claims In cash and
llle remainder In preferred slock. It
is probable that Mr. Karl will be chosen  president.
President  of  Gathering    at     Hartford
Gives Details  of   Phohibition   Progress in Various States.
Hartford, Conn., Oct. 26.���The thirty-
third annua! convention of the National
Woman's Christian Temperance Union
began here today In Parson's theatre.
Sessions will be held here day and
night until the middle of the coming
The union numbers more than 200,-
iiiiii members, and Includes In Its ranks
members of every Christian denomination. More than five hundred delegates
from every slate and territory In the
Union arc ln attendance at the convention. In addition many of the foreign delegates who took part In tho
Worlds convention in Huston last
week are here. Presldnls of representative women's clubs have been Invited to make addresses at the convention, and many well known clergymen
uud educators will Join the speakers.
Representatives from numerous charitable and Boclal Improvement societies
Will also address the meeting.
The chief feature of today's program
was the annual address of Mrs Lillian
M. N. Stevens, of Maine, president of
the organization. Mrs. Stevens has
failed to attend only one convention In
thirty-three years, and at lhat time she
was kept at home by illness. Mrs.
Stevens ln her address today spoke in
pari as follows:
"Eighteen hundred thousand square
miles or nearly one-half of Ihe United
States Is under prohibition, either by
local, county or state legislation, und
we have good reason to believe that
forty thousand .square miles will be
added lo llie prohibition territory
when In ll few months the people of
Oklahoma declare In the constitutional
convention, or by the votes of their
people. Ihnt their stnte shall be free
from ihe  legalised    saloon.      We  are
glad ihnt a Congressional statehood bill
provides tbal the Indian Territory
purl of the new sdit.' shnll be under
prohibition for twenty-one years,whatever the constitutional convention may
legislate ror the other hair. This pro
vision is mandatory and musl be plao
ed in the constitution before the president issues a proclamation milking
Oklahoma a state, Indian Territory
contains aboul Ihlrly llmuaiind square
miles and Mills II will lie seen Illlll the
new stale o! Oklahoma will bs- larger
Uinu iiu' combined area or New York,
New Jersey, Connectloul  nnd  Hassa<
Cbusetts. M Is a heauliriu and re-
soiircerul part ot our country. Capitalists Interested lu ihe liquor business
some time ago obtained sites for the
erection of additional breweries, nnd
nre making plans fnr the extension of
their diabolical trade. Thoy are, how-
ever, walling to see what action shnll
be lakes ut the conslltiilloniial convention When Ihe slur of Oklahoma takes
iu nlaoe upon our national flag the
.', u ih dnv of July next. If that fag
Scats over prohibition Oklahoma the
Honor men will sm-iik away, for Iheir
business  and   the   prohibitory law  do
UOI_fl.0pUeffin_��of dwaturalised alcohol
Mrs  Slovens snld
"(ieni'i'iil  satisfaction  seems to  pr*
val     ver the passage by Congress 0
the    'Ds-nnlill'lzed     Alcohol    Mill.      It
s,   ,ns.,ii>- he   otherwise,    for most
K��*___m>1W��" ����n S
hav, l 'revenue lux removed from all
?__��*_ flouor- and to have such
It"-   so.    tul     "tllere nlight be pro-
mm by which ft could be remored to
drinkable form;  but it appears that
even   Jf  (hi*  could   be  done  the  cost
would be rn large thai it would not be
rewiwe, The Ingenuity of ihe liquor
a*' Ier Ih ho nubile that care and watch-
ruine-y will have to be exercised hy
fhe government and the temperance
people to prevent deception and fraud
jn dealing with thi�� new commodity.
We are tflad, however, for reliable.tee-
��� fniony from Great Hritain, where for
fitly years denalurlzcd alcohol hns
been need for Industrial purpose-approving that methylated spirits are not uh-
l 'I as a beverage, except In rare cases
w��rre8|ioHdlng in our country with the
drinking of wood aloohoj, Lei us hope
that it wil! help the temperance cause
fn our country; that the demand for
oenatUrfzed alcohol to be used for arte
and industrial purposes may he ao
greal that every distiller in the land
win abandon the beverage traffic alto*
gether. if this denaturfzing process
lends to change, not only the nature
of (he product, but of the producer, It
will  be a  great and double blessing."
Destitute  Hindus    in    Grand    Forks���
Anti-Gambling  Crusade.
(Special lo The Dally Canadian.)
Grand Forks, Oct 26.���An anti-slot
machine crusade is now on in Grand
Forks. It appears lhat some months
ago the police commissioners issued a
printed order and had copies served
on each hotel man notifying him that
all forms of gambling should be banished from their premises, It now appears thai certain of the hotel meu are
operating the slot machines in open
violation of this order and the proprietors of the law-abiding hotels are
about to take steps to see that the law
is lived up to, or altogether abolished.
A. B. Sloan of lhe Windsor hotel Is
at the head of this anti-slot machine
movement and says that he proposes
to leave no stone unturned to see that
all the hotels are treated alike.
Several dozen of Hindus who have
been discharged from the various
grading contracts up ti.e North Fork
are now In town and appear to be perfectly destitute, as they are begging
from door to door. From present appearances there will be great suffering
among these people when the cold
weather comes unless suitable employment fs provided for them.
Cupid has been doing business Iu
Grand Forks during the last few days,
the second marriage to record being
that of Dr. "Frank, Dominion veterinary
surgeon, with headquarters at Nelson,
and Miss Unsworn, of this place. The
ceremony was performed by the Rev.
T. G. McLeod on Tuesday evening last
at the residence of the bride's mother,
.Mrs. Sam Young, In the presence of a
few Intimate friends of the contracting parties. The happy couple will reside In Nelson.
John Harrlgan aud E. rt. Knight,
both of this place, have been sworn
in as special constables to act as
guards over the person of James A.
Dale while he is confined In the Cottage hospital.
Morn, this morning, to the wife of
A. G. Jeffreys, Victoria street, a
A. I.. Minyan, teller of the Kaslo
branch of the Hank of Hritish North
America for the last three years,
passeil through the city last night en
mote for Ottawa, where he has beeu
At a meeting of the local branch of
the Women's council, held in St, Saviour's church mission room last night,
It was resolved !o undertake the work
of collection for lhe provincial tuber
miosis sanatorium fund, as requested
by the local branch of the Anil-Tuber*
miosis BOCtety, The council will ask
the local'press to assist as trustees of
the fund and receivers of subscriptions
and conirlbutlons.
The Union of Mritish Columbia Municipalities closed Its second annual
conference al  Kamloops   last    night.
The following officers were elected:
President, Mayor Keary. New Westminster; vice president, Mayor itoii,
Dnderby; honorary secretary-treasui.
er, Reeve hows. Surrey; executive
committee. Mayor Plant a, Nanaimo;
Mayor Gillett .Nelson; Reeve llyrne.
Ilurnahy; Alderman Robinson, Kam
loops. Mayor Gillett will arrive home
The choir or lhe Method 1st church
Is putting on a concert in Uie church,
on Thursday, November 1, that will
nrouse the enthusiasm of lhe muslc-
lovlug people of Nelson. Harold Jarvls, America's greatest tenor Is the
star of the concert He Is accompanied hy Wallace Graham, an elocutionist wlm Is winning golden opinions
for himself. The admission Is. reserved seats, 75 cents; unreserved seats,
50 cents. The plan of the reserved
seats may be seen at Rutherford's drug)
store. m
Mining Records.
Two locations and two certificates
Of assessment werk were recorded iu
the  Nelson   mining office  today.
J. P. Swedberg recorded the Kirimn,
lecntod October 18, near Measley Siding; and, ns ageni for 13. O. Nelson,
the Klruna Fractional, adjoining, on
tbe same date.
Certificates of work were Issued to
A. J. Cllndgreii on the Scerro Verde
No. 1 and Scerro Verde No. 2.
France Firm on Separation
of Chorcl. and Stale
Archbishop Issues Appeal to Faithful
Warning Them Against Submission to New Law*
Paris, Oct. 26.���The cabinet has
reached a decision regarding the aj>-
plication of the law providing for the
separation of church and state by
which the property and revenue of (the
churches, in Ihe event of the clergy
persisting in their present rebellious
attitude, will be sequestered on l>e
Comber tl, but the churches them
selves will remain open for pubiiu
worship under Uie taw of assembly of
ISM during the ensuing year before
the law goes finally into effect.
fn the meantime, should the clergy
refuse to yield, a ministerial declaration will be Issued and stating very
clearly the Intention of the cabinet to
ask parliament for special legislation
to meet tbe situation. The nature of
ihe measures contemplated, however,
will not be disclosed, although It is announced that they have been agreed
In the meantime some of the newspapers declare that the council of
state, after considering tlie question
of what constitutes a legal association
under the law, is prepared to rendei
a decision that only associations formed with the consent of the former
churchwardens and parish priests are
fitted to take over church property.
Otherwise the transactions will be irregular. This will give an impetus to
schism, as all the associations thus
far constituted hut two have the concurrence of both the parish priest and
churchwardens, these having been for
mally interdicted by the bishops,
Bordeaux, Oct. 26.���Cardinal Lecote,
archbishop of Bordeaux, has Issued an
appeal to lhe faithful not to join
"false Catholics and bad priests" in the
formation of associations to take over
church property, and warns the parish
loners who disobey the injunction that
Ihey will lose the right to confess and
receive the sacrament, and notified the
priests that they will ibe prohibited
from preaching and administering the
sacraments, adding, "That those who
thus wrongfully acquire church property will not only die fn a state of sin,
but the odium will rest upon their posterity so long as the memory of fhe
robbery endures."
Tariff  Revision  Apparently  Sidetrack,
ed���Hyman's Trial  Dragging���Increase in Public Oebt.
Ottawa, Ool. 26.���(Speqtnl.)��� The
enquiry Into tho methods by which the
seat for London was stolen for Hon.
Mr. Ilyinilii hus gone on. Ahout 80
persona have now sworn thnt Ihey
were |inh! fur thetr rotes on the scale
explal i hy Deputy Returning officer
Jerry Collins. Many of them made the
agreement wiih him personslly to receive the money after he hail noted
that iheir hiillois were properly marked. Some or them bargained with
olhers. The confession of Collins
siamis substantially as he made it. un
the efforts lo break down his testimony proving valu, while scores of
electors have pine on the slam! lo
confirm It. In one day's sittings of
the court 18 persons swore that they
had made a corrupt agreement for tho
sale of thoir vote, most of them receiving Ihe standard price of $10, payable
on delivery of their vote, as certified
by the deputy returning officer holding up his right hand. Two received
only jli each, and In a few cases the
paymasters deducted B0 coats commission, leaving only I960 for the vote.
The famous Tom Lewis, who figured
In many other election scandnls and
was by the Collins' confession implicated iu Ibis one, denied almost everything, though he contradicted himself
a good many limes In doing so. Lewis
lias accordingly been arrested for perjury, ond is now out on heavy ball.
Tlie Prltchard confession of last week
has rather paralyzed the government
organs, and they have now almost
given up attacking lho* men who wore
prosecuting and promoting this Inquiry.
Mr. Fielding's budget speech of last
session proves to have   been   n good
deal out of the way. it was nearly at
the end of the fiscal year when he
spoke, hut his estimate ot the exiiendi-
ture for 1006-6 was $1,169,360 too low.
This is In cm-rent expenditure alone.
The capital outlay haB been $462,216
above Mr. Fielding's estimate, so that
altogether he was a million and a half
out In his reckoning. The finance minister expressed the hope lhat there
would be no increase in tho net national debt during the year. As a matter of fact there was last year an increase of over |80ii,000 In tho debt of
lhe country In spiUi of the alleged surplus of $12,0011,000. It Is a great thing
for a government to have a surplus,
but the kind which Mr. Fielding produces always go with an increase of
Parliament will not meet early In
November as pro|K>sed. The tariff on
which ministers were supposed to be
engaged during the last year and u
half Is not prepared. It may he recalled that the minister of finance
met wllh an accident last winter and
that this was the reason given for the
failure to revise the tariff iu the late
session. As the tariff commission has
been busy over the matter since the
house rose, and the measure Ib not yet
in simps., we may now suppose that
there were other reasons for the delay.
The closing of the accounts of the
fiscal year makes It possible to see
how the cost of governing the country has Increased In 10 years. The
following table ls for "ordinary" expenses alone:
1897 $38,349,760
1898  38,832,626
1899   41,903,601
1900  42,976.279
1901  46,866,368
1902  60,769,392
1903  61,691,903
1904  56,612,833
1905  63,319,683
1906  67.669,360
The current expenditure In the last
year of Conservative rule was $36-
Arrives in Victoria Ahead of Schedule
(Special  lo The Dally Canadian.)
Victoria, Oct. 26.���Premier McHrlde
will reach Victoria this evening and
be tendered a formal reception by the
citizens of Victoria under the auspices of the Conservative association.
The committee having the arrangements in hand will, with citizens participating in the demonstration, form
a torchlight procession and proceed
to tbe dock.
All arrangements _ad been made for
the reception to take place at the Victoria theatre tomorrow night, but
the plans had to be changed at a late
hour last evening.
The premier reached Vancouver last
evening about 9 o'clock, the train being delayed, and he proceeded to New
Westminster. Despite an urgent request from the citizens of Vancouver
to stay over there today and be entertained tonight, the premier found It
Imperative, owing to pressing depa-t-
iii ntal business, to come on to Vie
Ends Long Career of Forgery and Spoliation by Arrest.
llerlln, Oct. 26.���The pretended captain of Grenadiers of the guard who,
on October 16 produced a forged order authorizing him to take command
of u detachment of men, which he met
on the streets in this city, and proceeded to Co|ieulck, a small town near
here, where he arrested the burgomaster nnd the treasurer and took possession of the cash, amounting to
about $1000, turns out to have been a
shoemaker of Tilsit named William
He was arrested here today at his
lodging place. Volgt, although working at his trade of shoemaker, has
committed a long series of felonies,
principally robberies, by means of
forged documents, lie has served five
terms in prison, finishing a 15 years'
sentence In February nnd Is nearly 60
years of age.
J. A. Mara Says   Growth   of   Eastern
Cities Equals That of West.
.1. A. Maru, ex-M. P, for Cariboo, is
In the city today uu his wny back to
Victoria after a five weeks' trip
through Eastern Canada as far as
Mr. Mara says that the tide of prosperity is- still rising everywhere
throughout Canada. Ho was prepared
for the phenomenal growth of Winnipeg, but was Biirprlsed to find that exactly similar conditions prevail In Toronto, where the building trade Is utterly uniihle to keep pace with the demand for dwellings caused hy the rap
Id and steady Increase of population.
Dual Duel in Cuba.
Havana, Oct. 26.���Two duels ln
which three of the combatants received Injuries which disabled them, were
foughl   In  Havana  yesterday.
City Councllmuii Ramon Mondezt,
wlio acted as aide-de-camp to General
Leonard, and who, during the first
period of American Intervention, had
Bent a challenge to Kdoudo Alonio, an
editorial writer on lOliiiiisindo. alleging
offensive editorial expressions. These
two men fought with broadswords and
each sustained a severe cut ln the
Dr Manuel Seadas, a former insurgent officer, had challenged Caplain
Poey, who was at one time aide-de-
camp to ux-l'resldent I'uliiiii, because
of uu alleged personal Insult during
a political discussion. In this llt,hl
Captain Poey was badly wounded by
a sword thrust in Ihe leg.
Lacked Fighting Appliances.
Kansas City, Mo., Oct. 26.���Four
more bodies were recovered and Identified this morning from the ruins of
the chamber of commerce building,
the dead now totalling eight. *
A systematic search for victims was
begun today In the ruins of the chamber of commerce building in Kansas
City, Kus��� which was burned yesterday. Bight persons were still unaccounted for this morning. At the hospitals two of the Injured were hi a
serious condition, but it Is believed all
the others will recover. The loss of
life ls attributed in part to lack of fire
fighting apparatus.
Frisco School Board Called lo Tie
An Ardent Love Maker.
New York, Oct. 26.���Because she
had refused to marry him, Frank Dor-
ser fired four bullets at Miss Josephine Schmidt. Believing he had killed
her he then shot himself dead. The
young woman was only slightly wounded In one leg. The shooting occurred
in a Fourth avenue bird store, where
both were employed.
Money In Wheat.
Winnipeg, Oct 26.���At a meeting of
the grain exchange this morning there
was keen interest In balloting for the
seats. The price Jumped to $4000
from $3000.
Assails Government on   Grand Trunk
Pacific Contract and  Further Elucidates Public Ownership.
Sault Ste. Marie, Oct 26.���Before
the largest gathering ever assembled
under one roof in the Boo, Mr. R. L.
Borden delivered an energetic address
on Tuesday. The feature was a declaration of belief that the government
operation of railways Is worth an experiment
He assailed the government in the
matter of policy with regard to the
construction of the Grand Trunk Pacific and held that ln view ot the country guaranteeing nine-tenths of the
cost, it might as weil have taken over
the remainder and secured the railroad for the people.
He did not openly declare for the
public ownership policy, being rather
a compromise with something that
might be more advisable at a later
Transportation was the principal
theme of his address and severe criticisms were offered with regard to the
management of the Intercolonial, He
advocated the extension of that line to
Georgian bay so that It could compete
with other lines fnr Western trade, under which conditions he believed the
deficits would no longer follow.
He referre* to the question of political Impurity and gave the details of
the scandals or the Liberal administration.
Mr. Borden was entertained by a
committee of the Conservative association. In the forenoon he was taken
about the river for a tsip on the steamer Algoma. Ho viewed the steel works
and lunched with political friends at
the International. In the afternoon he
took part In the functions of nneulng
the new Campbell public school. Previous to Ihe opening of the school, a
parade was held of Soo cadets, who
formed o guard of honor for the visitor, and led by the Algonquin rifles
Four Nations Anxiously Watching Developments in Africa.
Madrid. Oct. 26.���In view of thc
alarming reports from Morocco tho
Spanish government hns decided to
hold several cruisers ready- for de
snatch to the West coast for the protection of Spanish subjects.
Paris, Oct. 26.���In view of the situation In Morocco tlie French government has decided to send a warship to
Tangier, Morocco, Oct. 26.���Owing
to .the disturbed condition of the country the American minister. Mr. Glimmer, and Dr. Rosen, the German minister, remain at Fez. Some of the foreign diplomats aro demanding the dismissal of Mohammed El Torres, the
representative of tho sultan, on the
ground that he Is old, Incapable and
Price of Metals.
New York, Oct. 26.���Silver, 70%c;
copper, 21 He; lead, $5.76.
London, Oct. 26.���Silver, 82 7-10d;
lead, ��19 10s; zinc, ��28.
Foreign Children to Be Admitted to
Schoob and Good Feeling Between Rations Preserved.
San Francisco, Oct. 26.���Judge Wol-
verton or thc United States circuit
court yesterday Issued an order to the
board ot education ot San Francisco
citing that body to show causq why an
injunction compelling the reinstatement of I. Yasugura, a Japanese pupil
recently excluded from the Paclfia
Heights grammar school, should not
be Issued. The board Is ordered to
answer on November 6.
This order was Issued following an
application for an Injunction presented to Judge Wolverton with the intention ot making this a test case. The
application for tbe injunction waa
made on the ground tbat the present
resolution of the board of education
excluding Japanese pupils from the
city schools Is In violation of the legislation of the United States and the
empire of Japan.
A mass meeting held here by the
Japanese last evening discussed the
present situation regarding the children's exclusion.
London, Oct. 26.���In a despatch from
Toklo the correspondent of the Daily
Telegraph says the Japanese foreign
offlce has received a reply through
Ambassador Viscount Sluzo Akol, at
Washington, to the ettect that the exclusion ot Japanese children rrom Om
schools or San Francisco wae quite a
local affair. The American government was not aware of the details of
the Incident until after the receipt of
the cablegram from Japan. The
American ambassador ait Toklo, Luke
B- Wright has given a pledge that the
United States will not discriminate
between Japan and other foreign children, and that she undertakes to pro-
tect Japanese Interests fully. Baron
Kentare, a member of the privy council, tbe correspondent continues, in the
course of an Interview on this subject,
said tbe Incident waa lamentable tn
view of the ever-Increasing friendship
between Japan and the United States.
He applauded the moral tone of the
Japanese presa, which he declared to
be based upon gratitude. He said further there was undoubtedly evidence
that Japan had taken offence at the
San Francisco authorities, but it waa
universally held that the exclusion of
the Japanese children from the San
Francisco schools was an outcome of
the present election campaign ln the
United States.
Washington, D. C, Oct 26.���It developed today lhat the proceedings Initiated in Snn Francisco yesterday to
compel the authorities to receive Japanese pupils In the public schools,
were directed hy the department ot
Washington, D. C, Oct. 26.���At today's cabinet meeting, among the Important matters discussed was the sit.
uation growing nut ot the anti-American sentiment In Japan nnd the exclusion of .lansneBe children trom tho
nubile schools of San Francisco. It
was stated by a member of the cabinet
afler the meeting that tho general
opinion of the members wns that the
Japanese situation was excedlnelv
grave and would require the moat delicate treatment to avoid an open rup
Beware of the Bomb.
Klove, Russia, Oct. 26.���Lieutenant
Kenovaloff, an artillery officer, has
bren sentenced to five years' Imprisonment at hard labor tor having bombs
In his possession.
Consular Agent Dead.
Paris,   Oct.    26.���Milton   M.    Price.
United States consular agent at Xeres
d'la Frontlra, Spain, died here yesterday. %
Large Military Contingent.
Madrid, "Oct. 26.���Tho military contingent for 1907 has  been   fixed    at
100,000 men.
Interest Stationary.
London. Oct. 26.���The Bank of England's rate of discount was unchanged
today, at 6 per cent.
Tralna and Boat*.
Crow boat���Four and one-half hours
Slocan train���On time.
Coast. Boundary and Rossland train
train���On time. The Daily Canadian
Cool nights are now iu order.     They will invite
pleasant dreams of
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Head Office:   Toronto
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KEBT $-1,280,000.
D. B. W1LKIK, President.        HON. ROBERT JAFFRAY, Vice-Presideut
Branches in British Columbia:
DepoflitK reO-ived and Interest allowod at currtmt rates from date of opening account and credited half-yearly.
NBLSON   BHANCH ���__���    JVI#    LAY,    _Vl��nttJ��er_.
The ^yal 'Bank of Canada
ASSETS, $39,771,803
Capital Paid Up $3,629,130 Reserve Fund $4,092,043
Accounts of firms and Individuals opened on the most favorable terms.
Thirteen  branches In  British  Columbia.
Special   attention   to oul  of lown  business.
T. E. KENNY, PreB., Halifax.       fl. h.  PEASE, General Manager,  Montreal
I'nbllabelt six slays, h wssek by tbe
Hssker St., Nolsssii, B. 0,
HubKtlpUon ratea, ws oentea usoisiii deUverod
111 llll' islty, sir ts.lXI is yssslr si sssiil Isy nssssl, when
plll'l 111 ailvsSIll'e
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All   Isl  pal.I   I Ulrinent isi  Tlit' ISssiiv
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advertlflng, musl lis' receipted lor on Uss- printed
forms o! the Company, utiles receipt, ur.- mst
[If worst WO sirs; sssiililtlnlea jilslKosl  to  Ise
sl Isy i.in- won! anineliisioa judged In Ise
Let us. tliereli.re lit- .aiefnl wish!   we
The staggering blow dealt the factious spirit of the opposition in ilie
straightforward and well defended
olaltn for greater allowance from the
Dominion in the Ottawa conference
hy Premier MoBrlde, is furnishing
ninny amusing nnd painful exhibitions
of editorial ebullitions on the part of
the opposition organs. Tor the most
imrt they have contented themselves
with abusing the premier tor leaving
the conference instead of accepting
the unsatisfactory addition to the grant
proposed and Kani'tiont'il liy tlte Lib
era] premiers, Nowhere, until now,
lave we ss-i'ii ii slated ilissi ilie premier should not hiivi- made a strong
stand for more substantial recognition
or the chums of British Columbia, The
resolution authorising tin- premier to
lake this step was unanimously rated
by both sides of the local legislature
111 the Inst session, the liuilisin setting
forth the claims of the province being
seconded Isy tile leader of llle opposition.
i'he Kamloops sentinel, however, Indulging In the most bitter Invective
against the premier says that "he
proved himself unworthy or his mission" that "the flaws in his conduct
slick out like the plums In u plum
iluff" that he has "received tt well
merited castlgatlon" and much more
of like editorial slush.
In Its frenzy thc Sentinel calls in
question (lie whole principle of federal
Subsidies for the provinces and cuts
away from ail the traditions of Its own
party, giving the direct insult lo its
party leader in the following paragraphs:
"It Is all very well to Insist that the
Dominion must give Hritish Columbia
a larger proportionate share of financial aid Uinu other provinces receive,
hut i.s the principle upon whicli that
claim is based callable of demonstration to the satisfaction of the unbiased,
 i-I.oIItIc-.it mind'.' While British Columbia is undoubtedly entitled io receive the allowances made at the lime
of entering tlie confederation, allowances made as a quid pro quo, and us
part ot n definite    business   arrange-
 in.   il   is  nol   so  dear thai   Hritish
Columbia is entitled to make the greater claims Insisted upon liy Premier
McBride. There are many Hritish Co-
liinilsisisis wins di> not relish this constantly begging ul the door at Ottawa.
There an- many who believe thai British Columbia is rich enough in resources, vigorous enough In her peo-
pi" iiiiil, if wisely administered, capable in her destinies, to get along
withoul being pap red.
"We are constantly crying to the
World at large how great are our natural resources, how rich are our assets, bow capable our public men. and
yel tin' world sees iho speotacle of the
first minister or .this province, which
we delight in calling the gem or the
Dominion, go lint in hand lo Ottawa to
ask. like Oliver Twist, for more. This
is Inconsistent ami Inoongrous."
The logic of ihis contention, if It
may Isi' snid to possess thai quality,
leads only in one conclusion. That
Mr. MoBrlde shouhl hnve usked the
federal government to abolish the suii-
sldis s tn the provinces entirety und
pi nun them in paddle their own ca-
miss. To oharaoterlee the premier ns
n "beggar" going "hal in hand" to ot-
tawn is certainly criticism gone mad.
H is mnil' ihan this. Ii Is an insult
tn every member of tin- house who
Voted lor the resolution endorsing the
chums or British Columbia for n more
generous recognition,
Going still further Into the argument
(sic) we will iissiinie that the premier
sliould huve moved for the abolition
of lhe subsidy system. What would
huve been the attitude of the premiere
of the other provinces In cubc he hud
done this? No one need try to picture
the frenzy with which such a proposal
would have been received. Instead of
being called u "baby" by the opposition organs llie premier would certainly have been called a lunatic and the
Sentinel, Judging from the delirium of
its comment, would have been the first
to apply the tenn.
II is not true that Mr, McHrlde has
been "castigated," Premier Itoblln bus
spoken und said that under similar
conditions he would huve done just
what  the   Hritish    Columbia    premier
did, while Mr. Whitney has denied
Unit he said anything at all derogatory
of the action of Mr. iVIcBride.
The other (Liberal) premiers have
not spoken, so rar as we are aware
and it is consequently up to the Sentinel to Show who bus been castigating
tlie premier, unless it would huve the
public understand thut the effusions
ot the Libera] organs are to be so
tukeu. We do not fancy either the pre*
nfler or the people win Interpret them
iu that light.
i'he further statement thut the province is sufficiently wealthy to be independent of federal grunts if properly
administered may be safely characterised us the purest kind ot political
puncome.      Whftl    of the other prov
Inoeal is Brltlah Columbia the only
one thut can carry its own burdens?
Would the Sentinel come out so boldly uud suy that the other provinces
should be allowed to teed at the public coffers at Ottawa uud that this
western province shoud cut off all subsidies? If there is an alum of sincerity in the Sentinel's article it cun be
characterised only as one of the most
foolish and unpardonable criticisms of
tlie action of the premier we have yet
seen iu print, liven Hon. W. S. Field-
ding gave his personal pledge to endeavor lo secure more than tbe prescribed allowance for British Columbia,
It might not be a bud idea for the
leader of the opposition to get a string
on some of tlie rabid party press.
In order that readers or The Canadian may know the attitude of tlie legislative assembly ou the question of
better terms we reproduce tlie resolution which was moved by Premier
MoBrlde, seconded by Mr. J. A. McDonald, leader of the opposition and
unanimously carried by the bouse on
tlie 24th duy of Februury, 1905. The
following is an extract from the records of the hoUBe:
"Ou the motion of the Hon. Mr.
McBride, seconded by Air. J. A. Mo-
Donald, It  wus  resolved, ,
"Whereas, The government of British Columbia has from time to time
made representations to the government of Canada urging upon the latter a readjustment of the financial
terms of the union;
"And whereas, Such readjustment
has nol yet been granted by the government of Cunnda;
"Aud whereas, The cluims of the
provlnoe are based upon permanent
conditions peculiar Lo British Columbia, and entitle this province, us distinguished from the other provinces,
to distinct  and   separate  relief;
"Be it therefore resolved, Thnt in
the opinion of tills house, the provlnoe
is entitled to such distinct and separate relief from tlie Dominion of Canada, based upon uu equitable consideration of conditions in the province,
lhe large contributions made by tbe
provlnoe to the Dominion by way of
customs duties and otherwise, and the
exceptionally high cost of governmenl
to the province, and of the development of our natural resources."
It will he difficult to see how the
premier with such definite expression
of opinion by the representatives of
the people of Hritish Colllillbiu could
have done otherwise than refuse tho
unsatisfactory increase in the grant
bffered by tlie federal government.
Tlie parliamentary paper thus presented recalled that, as shown indetall in
tlie appendices, "during 32 years the
province has contributed to the revenues of Canada the sum of {48,897,-
23S, and bus received in expenditures
in return the sum of $82,464,382, and
that the excess of contributions over
expenditure is abom   $17,000,000."
ruder these circumstances we are
convinced that the electorate once ln
possession or the tactB will applaud
the action of lhe prime minister who
took upon himself the responsibility
of rejecting tlie unfair teriUB offered
by Ottawa.
The morning paper yesterday expressed itself unequivocally on the
question of punishment for bribers
und purity In elections, u fuel on which
we tender our congratulations. It still
hugs the delusion, however, that "the
dead game sport" Ib a factor In election corruption and commits itself to
a rather doubtful proposition probably
because it did not take the time necessary to measure the force of its words
ll says:
"We pointed out before that there
is usually a certain amount of bribery
carried on during elections liy u class
or men who have no partizan Interest
In the result, whose sole Interest 1b
in seeing the cundldtite elected upon
whose success they have hot their
money. Whilst these men should be
punished as rigorously as actual party
workers, their offence should not lie
visited upon the candidate, unless it
can be clearly demonstrated that either he or Ills agents were cognisant ot
what was going on."
In maintaining that the "deud gnme
sport" win. bets on an election and resorts to corruption to mnke good his
hols, should be punished, but thai his
"offence sliould not be visited upon
the candidate" the News opens un un-
thoiight of way for tho complete escape ot ull corruptly elected candidates, All that Ib ncceBBury nniK-r this
novel Bcheine ls for the agent to bet
on the election, without the knowledge
of the candidate of course, unsl then,
though he may be proven guilty of
bribery tin- eundidate cannot I"' disqualified. With the eagerness of
fionie recent candidates to seize upon
every available technicality, we fear
the News has suggested a new method
of evading punishment for election
frauds, thai will be only too eagerly
seized upon by the famishing seeker
nfler the spoils of ofrice. Otherwise
the morning paper has contributed
instiling more thnn u goose egg to the
Gaunce for Editor.
II. O. Lamb will sever ills conncc-
tlon with the Boundary Creek Times
at the end ot the month. .las. W. Kills will in future have control or the
business. Mr. Lnmb has had charge
of lhe Times for lhe past nine months,
and although unfamiliar wiih conditions in a camp, has succeeded in publishing a fairly good milling paper. It
is said that W. G. Gaunce will furnish
the grey matter for the Times. Mr. Ellis devilling his whole attention to the
business end of the concern.���Greenwood Ledge.
Sixiy ilavs ufuT ditto i latent] toapply to the
Honorable the chief <'oniniis��inuer nf Lund.*, itn .
Wor-ffl. Victoria, t.i iiurchai**.*- imi acre* of land,
located nn tin* trail Btdeoi Armw Inkt. adjoining
Lot fiDlS and deaorlbed a* followi: Oammenelns
nt a poll planted  on   tlit*  lTMt   boundarv of [,ol
6818, aboul 30 chain* north ol tbe 8. W, oorner of
said loti thanee went .so ebalni, thence iouth ��>
ehains, tbenoe sail 80 chain?, to the wok tern
bonndary of pre-emption No.878, tbence north
fin eliains to place of beginning,
Located opt. us, 1906. lit, E. V-Y-u-unr,
��� it j. Elliott, al. .if.
8lxi->dav*-. after tlate I purpoie making appli'
cation to the Hon. tin* Cblel Oommlenoner of
Landi and Worki for permlulon to purchaie tin*
following denrlbed land: Commeneing nt a
post placet! weat of the Junction of Hanm* ami
uhatsiiiin oreaki, and eul ol S.J. Elliott's an
plication to purohaae, marked "\\ s t"e. B. w,
oorner," running thenoe80 obalns nortii: tbence
KOclianiK eait) thence No chain*- Ninth; tbeuceHO
.'hains wait to point of oommenoement; oonttUn-
ober, l._ti
W.N. I'ooi.E,
Per J. siiiki.l, a pent.
Sixty days after date I puvpoafl making application to the Bon. the chief Commissioner of
Lands anil Worki fur permUiioa to pun-huM- th*.
following described Iftndi   Commenelni at a
pofit placed about hati a hi llo wesl ��f Barnes
creek, anil about one mile imrth of the mouth of
the same, marked "J. B*a. s u. oorner," running
thenee Wi chains north; thence Bfl ebalns cant;
tbonce80chains south to the north boundary of
W. N. Poole's applicant-'* to purehase; thenc. mi
ohalna west to point of oommenoement; containing M0 acrei more or ten.
tinted the 18th day of October, law.
J. Hhiei.l.
Blxty days after date 1 purpose making appli'
cation tu the Hun. Chief Ooinmllltonex of Lauds
and Works for permission to purchase tbe following tteieribed land*-:  Commencing at a post
placed at the southwest eorner of J. Bnlell'h application lo purehaae. marked ' H. K's K. E. corner." running thenee K0 chaius north, thenee M0
Ohalns west, theme 80 chains south, thence HO
ehninfieast to poim of commencement, contain*
iujr 610 aerea, more or loss.
Dflted the Kith day Of October, 190ft.
r. Skull,
 per J. BntgLL, Agont.
-Sixty days after date l purpoie making application to the Hon Chief Commissioner id Lands
and Works fn- permission to purohl *���>������ the following deaorlbed lauds:   Commenolng al a p,*si
paced about the northeast i orner of I: Shlell'l
application tu purchase,  marked "JI. E (J's S. E
eorner," running thenoe 80 ehalni north to the
nouth boundary of T. I. M88, theuce 80 chains
west, thenee SO ehalns south, thence W) ehalns
east to point of oommenoement, contain in*-: o.n
acres, nmre or less
I'ated the Llth day of October. 190ft.
M. E. (iKENKKl.l,,
 per ,i .shiki.i., Agent.
Notice is hereby given thatilxty daya after date
1 intend toapplv to the Hon Thief toni m issit mer
of Lands and works for permlulon to purchase
the    following    described    lauds   in   the   West
Kootenay dlitrlot: Beginning at a poll marked
"J. 8. Bimineo's B, w. corner," and planted aboul
one-half mile east t.f the shore of Whalshan
(Cariboo) lake and ub-.ui 2 miles north of the
narrows of the said hike, and al the 8. L. corner
off Arthur Warrens application Io purchase;
thence east HO Cbalm; theuee north 80 chain*'
tlience wesl 80 chains  to the northeast eorner of
Arthur Warren'iapplication to purchaiei ihcnce
south ��) chains lo point of eomuieiieeirteut, containing 840 aer<*s, more or lesn.
Oct. Llth, 190ft. J. 8. HniiNBO,
 K. L. Hahmonh, Agent.
Notiee is hereby given that 60 davs after dale 1
intend to anply to tbe Honorable the Chief Oom-
missloiier ol 1-alids anil Works for permission to
Rurchasc the following deaorlbed lands in thc
'est Kootenay district:   Beginning al B  poll
marked "Alexander Knunr'if-, w. oorner," and
planted on tbe eait shore of the narrows .d
Whiitsban (Cariboo, lake, at the B. E. corner of
Brniiard Hirudin application to purehase;
tbPtlce eaal 40 ehain:.; tbenee south 80 clmiiin;
th nee went tt ehalns, more or less, lo tin'shore
of the narrows:   theuce following lhe said shore
in a northerly direction so ohaini, more Or less
tothe pomi of oommenoement, containing 820
acres, more or les***.
Oct. Llth, WOft. Al.E.\AM)KR VRaskh,
by K. L. Hammond, Agent.
Hlxty days afler -late I purpose  making  appli
cation tothe Hon.ChiefCommliiionoiof Lands
and   Works for permission to  purchase  the  fol-
tpwlng deicrlbed land:  Commeneing ata poit
placed at the north east eorner of B. C Hclnucr'N
application lo purehase. marked "II. U's N.W
comer post," theliee followiiiK the east bound-
ary tn same HO chain,-, south; tli'-iief  running hu
chains out) ihenc,. wi chains north; tbenoe BO
ebalus wesi lo poim oi commencement, containing OlO acres more or les*
hated the loth day of October, ltwo
ii Ponn,
Per  It. flHIBLL, Ageni.
Notice Is bereby given that Mi dav* afler date I
iietid loapply lo the "
I l.amls anil Works t<
iniend to apply fo the Hou. Chief
'    amis anil Works (
pcnnp_i o purchase
land.-  situated   in   the
"est  ivoounay (iisiri'-l:     Hcginiiinii at n DOii
marked ������ Her ber I Warren's N B ooiiar"and
planted on the wist sliorool Whauhan (Cariboo)
lake, about nliu-t-iiartt-r lull,  norlh of Ho* suuth
em end Of tllO lake; theliee w ch| W'eltH Ins ' the	
south BO chains; lbence east 80 chains, more or
leili to Whalshan creek; thenee follnwliiii
north along lhe creek and lake shore Hu chains,
moreor less, to poini of oommenoement,oon-
lallillig 'In acre*-, more or lens
Haled this Hth duy of October, 1mm.
         K. I- 11.. .MONO, Ag-illt.
Notice is hereby given that 00 I lays after dale I
iniend to apply to the Hon. Chlel Commission* r
of Lauds and Works for permission to purchase
the following deserlhed hinds Situated in the
Weit Koolenay district: Beginning at a post
marked ������(). I\ MaeMicklng's .\" W. corner," and
planted on the west shoreof Whatshan (Cariboo)
lake, about three mil ,-s north ol th.. Upper Narrows of the said lake and onnoHile the island in
the sabl lake: theuee south 80 chains; thence
east *>0 chains,  moreor less, in the lakeihore!
thence loiiowing the said shore in a northerly
andweiterly direction mo cbalni, moro or leM.
to point of commencement, containing :ia) acrea,
more or leas.
Oct- 13. 190ft. O. U. MACMicKlMi,
By 1". L Hammond. Agent.
Notice is hereby given thai 60 days *fi_r date I
inteud lo npplv to the Hon, Chief Commissioner
��� ���: I.nml- him! Works for permission   to  purchase
thc lollowlng deserlbod lands situated in the
West Kooteuay District: Beginning al a post
marked, "Antoinette Kirch's N. K. eorner," and
Planted on the shore of Whatshan (Cariboo)
lake at the southeast corner of Ihe said lake;
thence south 10 chains; theliee wesl 10 eliains.
moreor less, Io the Shore of Whalshan creek'
thenee following iIickIioiv line of said creek and
lake In a general northerly and easterly direction HO chains, more or less, to polnl  of oom-
menCeineni; cnlaililug  180 acres, more  or  less
Oct. Llth, liWfi.
Antoinkttk uiitacii,
By K, L. Hammond, Agent.
Notice i- b< rebj given that B0 dayi alter date I
intend to applv lo ibe Honorable lhe chief Com
mlsslonei of I-BIKU and Works, Victoria, In pur-
chase 80 acre- of land, situate about one mile
east of Burton City on the eaat ilde of Arrow
lake, and described an follows: Commencing its
post planted  at the northeaal comer o!i.ot i->.��t��.
(heme  nnrlh  JO ebalni,  thence  west lOftbalni
thence souih 8t> cbalni, thence eait 40 obaina to
place of beginning
August 'JMh. IHH
j. it. Hwria-
Notice is bereb) given tbal 80 days after date I
Intond to apph to tbe Hon, tbe Cniei ��� ominti-
lloner Of Land*- and Wnrks for permlulon lo purchase the following deicrlbed lauds in West
Kootenay district: Beginning at a post markeii
"Otto llirnch's N W corner*" ami planted on
tbe ��cst shore of Watsban [Cariboo, lake, about
one-fourth mile woal nl tbi narrowiol whatshan
lake; thenee south B0 eliains; Iheiice east 10
chains mnrc nr less to the shore id the Narrows;
tbence  followlni   lln*   said   shore in  a   general
northerly and wastorlj direction ISO ohalns more
or less, to ihe point ul oommeneement, ijpntain-
ing 030 acrei more or less
Dated tbliStbda) DfOcI , 1000
(>Tiii lha.-' ii,
K  I.  3__UfoNtt- Agent.
��� FRED IRVINE & Co. j
Notice li herein given that sixty dayi aftor date
l iniend tonppl; totbeHon.CblofCommiailonei
oi l.nud- nnd Worki for permission io purchaie
thO following dc-cribed lands in West hnotciiay
dlitrlot: llegluning al a pnst marked "tt, K
AJden. B   K  corner," and  planted o0 the east
shore id  U'haUhau  (Card )  lake,   ahoul one
mile   north   ol   lhe   southern end  of  the lake.
thenee north ho chnins: tbence weil H)chains,
more or  less,  to  the  show Ol   Whatshan lake;
ihence following said slum* in a general southerly mid easterly direetinn loo chains, moreor
less, tO the point of enmnieneenichl, containing
;i*J0 acres, more or less
Dated Ibis hth day ol Oct , 19 6.
i; K  M.nv.s.
P  I.  Ha..mom'. Agent
Notice Is herehv given that sixiy days afler
date I in lend to applv to tin lion Chief CotuniU-
(doner of bunds and Work.*- inr pcrmUsInu to pureliase the  following described lands in the West
Kootenay district: Meg tuning ai a pon marked
"Kcrlha Hirsch's N IC. corner," and planted on
Uie eait ihore Of Whatlban (Cariboo) lake, at the
narrows of tlie lake, and about one mile south of
Arrow lake trail; thence south 80 obalns] ihenee
well HO chains more or less lo the shore of the
narrows; theuce following the said shore in a
general   northerly   and   easterly   direction   120
di-. his more or less lo the point of oommenoe-
ineiil. containing *>40 acres more or Icmh.
Datet! this Hth day of Oct , 1006
hkhtha tiiaacn*1
F  L. Hammond, Agent
Blxty davs alter date, 1 ilargrotl MoQnarrlO,
intend to applv to tlie Honorable the Chief Commissioner of Uu.Is und Works, Victoria,B.C,
lo pureliase the following described laud, Cr in
mencing at a posi marked M. Mc^uarrie, on the
hank  ol   Lower  Arrow   lake,  tbence   In chains
west; thei 00chains north; thenee 40 chains
easi; ihence till chains south to plaee of com
ineiicemetit. suid to contain IM ueres more or
less.   Covering ground held hy l*. B. Andersuit's
Dated this llth dav ol September, lawi.
W. h, I'AVKE, Agent.
Sixty davs after date 1 purpose making appli
cation to llie  Ohi�� CommiMioner of Lands and
Works for permlnion to purchase tbe following
deicrlbed land:   Commenolng ata post marked
'K P'sS K corner," and sltuaieaboul oneniUe
Irom Kilv.r Tip Point, on Whatshan lake, and
near Christie creek, running theuce Ho chains
north; tlience 8n chains west; ihence w> ehains
soutb, following the lake Shore j theuce Ho chains
eaat to tbe polnl of oommeneement, containing
frlu aOrOS more, nr less.
Dated the llth day of August, Ittsj.
K. .-Uyi'iiK,
I'er F(f   KaP(.i:icr, Agent
Nollee In hereby given that 00 day�� after date
I intend toapply lo the Honorable the Chief
Commissioner uf Lamls and Works for permi*.
lion to purohau the following descrlbeil lands;
Commenolng al a post plained on the northeail
comer oi  Peter KcKaugbWn'i application to
purehase, miming BO ch-tlm west along the
northern boundary of same; ihence ho chain-
north; theme ho chains east; tlience B0 ehalni
���outh, along the west boundary of .lobl) Btllott'l
application in purchase, lo point of coiiimeiiee-
meni, oontainlng MO aorei, more or less.
Daied tict. la, l<h_i. Thomas Smith,
My bis agent, BRUM! W. Kokinnon.
Notice in hen bv given that 00 days afler dam I
intend to apply to the Honorable the Chief Commissioner Of binds and Works, at Vietoria, B.C.,
for permlulon tO purchase the following described lauds, situaied iu ilie Wesi Kootenay
district, iouth of Forty Nine creek, commencing
al a post marked"!,. H Ohoqnette_ N. W. eoruer," tbence .0 chains east, theuee III chains
souih, ihenee 4" chains wesl, thence 40 Cbalni
north io iiu commencement post, Oontainlng iui
acres, more or less.
Nelson, B. C , Oet. Ifith, 190...
W. A. Jones, Agent.
Hlxty days after date I purpose mnkiug ���pnliea-
tion  in the  Hon Chief Ci olntoner Of  Lauds
and Works (or permlulon to purohaae the following deseriled land: Commencing Ht a poat
placed al thesnuthwesteornerof It. W. Haniilug-
tpn'i application to purchase, ma rked "L, si, R.
U's h �� corner post, running tbenoe80Ohalni
west; tlience no chains aonth; thence HM chains
easi; ihenee SO chains norih in point of commencement, containing 'HO acres, more or ten
Dated the Ulth day of October, 1UM.
L. If, B. Hanninoton,
iwr R. Bhiki.i., Agent.
pixy days afier datt! I purpose making application to tin- Hon. chief Commissioner of Lund-
and Works for pitiuIshIoh to purchase the following descrlbeil laud:   Commencing at a post
placed on the uorih boundarv of lot No. K-.H and
about two chains east of Whalshan creek, mark-
-eil "M. B'l, B. W. corner," running thenee .1)
chains east; tlience 4�� chains north: thence .0
chains west; thence Id chains south, to polul of
oommencement, containing w> acres more or
Dated the loth day of October, w*<-
Per K. Hill.:'.!., Agent.
Notice Is hereby given that Hlxtydays after date
I inlcnd to apply to the Hon. Chief Commission
erof Lands and Works tor permi-non to purchase the following deaorlbed landa, 100 urea,
Oommenelng at a post marked .lobn Toy, plauied ou [he eusi shore of Lnwer Arrow lake, about
one mile north of .Sunshine ereek. Ihenc. forty
ehulns eusl, llienee fortv chains south, lbence
forty ehains  west,   tbenee   forty   chatm*   north
along lake shore io point of commencement
Daied lliis I.lib day of S-piemher, [906,
, liAiiev ciiison, Agenl
Notice Is berel.y given mat '���(' days altor date I
intend loapnly tothe Honorable the Chief Commissioner ���f Landi and Works for permission
to purchase the following des-rih,.,! bind, situate
in llie -.alley, in tlie West Kootena) disiriei, ad-
."_!!.*_,_ '. .-n,,-.,,'r'N l'r,',',!"l'tloh. starting al a
posi   marked  M, MoQnarrlO's soitlhwcst corner,
running w ohalni eait, ihenoe �� chains north,
thonceNohalns woal ibenee -to chains south to
polnl of commence ut
Daied this lllh day ol September. 1000.
 J- K. 'I'AVlon, Agent,
Nollee la hereby given that 60 days alter date I
Inlcnd loapply io the Honorable the Chief Commissioner of Lands and -Worki lo pureliase the
following described lauds, 8*1 acres, timrr or less;
' leiielug al a post planted ou the west bank
of i oner Arrow lake ata point abont 7 miles below Nakusp, and marked (I. A. It. H , N K. eorner
post; thenee au chains west; thenee .0 chalna
south; thonce 80 ohaini east, moreor lest, to lake
shore; thenee along lake shore to point of bo-
Dated ibisOlh dav of Hunt., I mm.   (i. A. B. Ham,.
IH) days afler dale I Inieml toapply to the Hou-
orable the Chief Commissioner of I-ands and
Worki. Victoria, JJ 0,tO purehaae frio aerea of
laud alliiale wchI of Arrow lake on tint west aide
of W I.no'him ereek and Joining the nortii boundary of B. J. Annahie application to purchase.
Commencing at a posl marked K. .1. K. B. K, corner and running wes* 90 chain**; thenee north 80
chains; theuce cam BOObaJnil thence south lo
point of ('iimiiieiieemont.
September 2nd lOOfi. K. J. Ki.i.iot.
Notiee Ik hereby given thallHI days after date, I
intend toapph lo the Hon. Chief c mlssloner
of Lauds and Works for permission to purchase
the following described lands In the Weal Kool
enay Dlitrlot! Beginning ata post marked "W.
B BlvidfO- $ W corner," aud planted about
one tjunrter mile west of the west vUotv of Wbal-
shan (Cariboo) lake, and ahoul one and oiio-
i'liarter miles nortii of the southern 000 of the
lake; theme nurth .Sll chiilna; theuce cast 4)
chains more or leas lo the shoreof the Whalshan
lake; thenee following said <hore In a general
southerly and westerly direction 100 chains mnrc
or less tO l point on  the shore due east of the
posi of i imclieemcni;  thence  Wesl  _0 chain-
morcor less io lbe point of commencement, oontainlng 330 neres motor lesa.
Dated ihislttb day of Oct , 1!HW
W. H. Kl.YW-1,
F. L  Hammojui, Agent.
jugt received, a splendid stock    of    stumped
Covers, Ten Cloths, etc.   An elegant   a_Bortm_n1
���Umos,   Cushion A I
tor lu   work for f I
���   Xhius prs_onti.
:We im- nlso bIuiwIiii; u lot or Dew Fancy Taps nnd Ribbon Wnrk
See "in hIh.w windows (or boiih- noveltlH   we liuvr   tor   Xmu
niiiii-  wiili* we hmi ma-e to our order by   tbi   bwl    school \,i
fi.iisv work In the U ���i convent.    Now Ib the time tor yon u>
make Belecttone.
tfssiisy work In the  U ���i convent.    Now Ib the time li.s' viin !_ XI
lllllkj,  selections. ��� I
Notice is bereb* KUcil Mini Ml-lays ,,llci (Jaw
inteml ie apply lothe Bonorable Chlel 1 omml
sioner of baiulsaiel Work*, lor iHinil-smn to nur
chase ibe following deeerlbed lan-i-. iltuated on
tbe eail ilde oi Arm** bike i ommonalngal i
poet marked a Macleod'. loeaUon poet, thence
soulb  I riv chains, loll..w iiik W  'I eye's eastern
iinlarv; Ihcnce easi ilxty ehftllis, lo cast hank
baldi Creek! thenee u-rih forty eiiHlm;
east ilxty ehalni t" point of coramenoe-
cut. uontainlncSW aeres, more >"��� less.
Dated - i*'" mber I, MM       AtKu tUoiJtoo,
i'er ti. pgMIM, Agent,
of Oa
Notice is hereby given that 60 dari alter date i
intend to tpply to the Bonorable ihe Chief Com**
ml*.-inner ..f l-ninb inot Worhl lor |n-rmission io
purohaae the following deacrlbed landi, iltuated
on the out aide of Arrow lake: Oommenoinf at
the norlheast corner of A Anthony i pUTChaWi
thenoe north forty chains, theme west forty
Chaini, thenc south forty ehains. Ihenci' east
forty   chains   to point of  eimnncnccrmeiit, eon*
tain Ing n>_ aerei, more or less
Dated f-plember 1, 1WK"'.     .Ia>ik.s K. MAri.Knn,
perM, Pikkm, Agent,
Notiee is herebj given thai ilxty dan af bar
ttatel inieml loapply to the Hon. Chief t'ommia-
���loner <<-]  l.amls ami  Works  (nr  i-ertnlssiou lo
purehaae the following deaoribed lamln, lu
Went Kootenav District; Commencing at an Initial posl jilarlcd nl the lOUtheaU i nmer i>f Me-
Coy'i pre-emption, thence 'JO chalm treat to eaat
boundary of Col 0MD: thenoe following said
boundary iouth to nutheMt corner of -ibi loi.
theme ii> chains west; ihenee (SO cbalni iouth j
thenoe 80 chalm eait] tbence Wohaini north t����
louthweal eorner of Lol 222; tbenee lo'inwing
west boumlarv of I,ot ffl to Initul poet,
September it. luotf. D, i> Wonv,
par Buhmt w. Hoiiinkon.
Nutlet |l hereby given that WI days aflcr��lale, I
Intend t" apnlv to the Hon. Chlol CoumiuJoner
Of Landl aud Worka fOr jierniissiou m purchase
tbe following deeerlbed lamls. situute on the
YMrtl ihore Ol Lower l,**ke, about one ami one
half mile Smith ol BdgOWOOd. B. 0. aiol ail
Joining J.T. Iteaitle's a|iplicati<>n lo  purchase,
ami commonolng al a post marked i">nabi \\i\
ion I South Wesl corner, ihenee ruuiiiiin North
sixty chains, tbenoe Baal forty (-hains, ihenee
Bouth, ilxty chillis, ihence West  forty ohalm it-
place uf oommeneement, ami containing 201
acres more or leaa,
Dokaud Wnjoy,
M. K. fil< -11 AKitli, Agent.
Dated thisiiih -lay 0) September, iimi.
Notice  ts  bereby glren that tWO limitt lis after
dale 1 iniend to apj.lv to ibe Honorable ��'hlcf
t'ommiss er ol  Unds ami  Works for permit-
Hon to purehase UOaomol land. des'TlU-d as
follows: Ubmmeneini ai a pool planiett at the
soiiliiwesl of i.i/ Jlortisou's r-u n in Ure
Valley,   ...-st  KooUnay  dlsirli t.  mailted   *���)   fa.
Mu urn's northeaat corner poet"; then.-. BOchalm
wesi; thenee80-halm nuth; tbenoeB0ehalni
easi; tbenoe 80ohalm north to the place oi oommencement
Dated iith day ol September, l��i".
J-11. Mr.-noK,
w. a. < a num. Agent
Notice  Is  bereby  g]
date  I   intend to apiJ
 f  Uudi
llie S&iSLl ^l
misalonerof UnflfUd Works |, _____-_���
io   purehaae  the  following de*,,. ,|J ,_F*_\
uate In WutKootena, immm,,   i ,' "^l
a.   ��   KMI   marked  -a' II lr,,(. , \    "     ^ I
planted al tin* STw. corner ..I u*',��,' ,fB^l
mile., m.rth of  Burti.n  Ctl)   iml ibouil?3
mile west rn the Columbia rlvei thB___*-_i
HO ohalm; tbenoe wesi..  rhili
^M'l.-ton*,**, WMJS
Ml ehnins; t
mem emeni, coniniiiliiK Ejjj ���".���-, |
Dated thin Uth day oi Hepirmber. 1*06.
. P�� nat-TH mvK,A��5_1
Noiiee is bereb) given that ��< <li,yr.sii,.r
itend toapply Io (Se Honorable the 0_S
'   I
Notice is hereby gtvun thai 60da/1 after dal. I
iniend to apnlv lo ihe Hon. rhief Lommlnlonei
of Lands am) i\nrks for permission to purnhaie
the following deaorlbed lauds, situate iti West
Koolenay district: lie��intunj.* at I poal marked
������Arthur Warren'1 B W, oorner," and planted on
the easl shore of Whatshan (tarlbo.. [ike, tthoiit
iwo   miles   m.rtb  of the  narrows ol  Whalshan
take, and at the B. Jt oorner oi W. Becombe'i application to purchaie: thenoe eaat  i" chaJu;
lloiiec north DO chains; thence w,-1   KJ chalna;
thenoe lonth ho chains tn point of oommenoe*
mcni; Containing 830 acres more or len
Dated thin Mh day of Oet. IWIl.
Antih-h WAEMOr,
P. U. Hammonij. Agent
Hlxty days aftei dau* 1 Intend t��. tpnlt to the
( ommittioner of Landi and worka, Victoria, to
purchase UOaoiei of land, illuaie bnd den rlbod
as follows  Commencing 11 a poat planted on the
west side of Arrow lake oppustle < anboe flty, at
or near (he K>Uthw__1 eorner ��.f ��. Unlg pur
chase, and marked "U. M. A., H. I. corner " and
funning north *o ohalm, ihcnce west wehaius
to II. Alinables punhast, thence south in chains
fnoreor less to (he lake shore, thenee along the
lake Ihore to plaee of beginning.
Auguit 26th. 1W6. U. M. AlOUBtJ.
Notice  Is hereby given  thatauciy  -lays alter
dute I intend to apply to tbfl Hour abb- the
Chief Commissioner of Unds and Works. f->r
permission to purehase the following described
lands in the West koolenay distriet: Beginning
at a post marked "Jamesi. Kramer's N.K corner"
ami panted nn the east ihore of Whatshan
���Ibiai) lake, ahoui om- half   mile   north   ..f
���   - week; thenoe south 40cbaini, more or
ibm, 10 tne north boundary of wTKcombe'e an-
Plluatlon tO pureluiHc; tbence WMtalong the said
boumlarv 40 chains, more or less, 1,. the shore ol
tlu* lake; thanee following the said shore m ���
general  northerly   hi aatarly  dlreotlon   m
chains, more or less, t<> pofntpf oommeneement,
Cnntainilig l��n Hcres, more or leis.
(let   13th, IfMi. JAMIsti   KKASICH.
F. I,. BUnmmO, Agenl.
Nntice Is beroby glren that slxtv davs alter
lhe date I intend u> apply to lhe Hon. tlie Chief
Commiasioner of Lamls and Wnrks (or permli
sion  to purchase  the following  ibscrilsd   land
in the ��esi Kootenaydutrlqt:   B_ftlttn.ni ai a
pust   marked  "K.   It, Kail's  N.K,  corner '   snd
planted uu 1 ho ihore oi Whauhan fani-noii-ike
al Ihfl uortbwesl   eorner  of said lake; Ihenee 4',
ohalm weil; thence -tu duiius south; them. ��
'hallis eait: Ihence In chaius sulilb; Ihenee ens-
ItieliHlns, moreor less lo the shore of  the said
bike; tbenee northerly along the Mild lake ihore
B ohalni, more or Ion. lo tin point of eon u
C-Uictit, eoulainliig Ini aen* ore or less
Dated Oot. 13, tow. k it, ktn���
K. I. Hammond. Agent.
Notice Is hereby given thai i'm days after dale 1
Intend.toappli toTheflon.Chief Comminlniier
oi Undi aod Worki for permis^im to purohaae
he following described laiuls M'.niled |E ���,,,.
Weat Koolenay ilistrlei: He h m,-K ���, ��� ,���,Hl
marked "Ul'liam Koll'l N. w oo*n�� " an,
phi tiled about oni tulle south o'  i|,e north end
of hhaishan (Cariboo)li CB.abpuMwatttyohBini
wesl of the west shore ol said lake and on lhe
Mint!   boundary of K   k.  Kell'n ni.plieallon 1..
nntchase: theuee sun lb BO Ohalni! thai -,,- ��
ehains,   more   or   less,   to   lbe -..et  Inl ���   shnr.*-
Ihenee norllmrly ab.ng thc said SmfftfiSS'
Id iouCi   boundiiry  of
O'JI Wl't*.
.  point (,f ...:..... -.
till III ���  	
iiiisi'oiier ol Lands and Worki for i-n���i.in__l
|.n.chase the b.llowi������ deKribad I 1,1 S|
irom a poit marked W. Ta iimlbw-s,, _, $_\i
south ft chaius. tbence eail so ,-i.-Ii,T. SSi
north iO , hains, iht-hce west so chain, ii ��S_\\
t'Olnillcneelllcll'.    entllllinlllg  UO  Hcin  v,,,*.*9
Dated this 'Mh day of Augusl, 1*906.
N. Dkmkks, Agent.
Notice is herchvglreillba!.;v!>. ���!;,���.-.ff,fl!l|1B
I intend loapply fijtheHon.Chtel. ��**_&
erof Lands and Works lor pennlnloD ti_^
chase   the I..Mowing describe.I |HII,|.   .^JLm
itartina ai a post marked Citberiu��Tm._____l
planted 011 the east shoreof 1^.' ���
near (ilatlstone Creek,   thenc,- w e(JI|U   ,   ���
thenoe BO ohaini north, thenoe io riiai-j. wd29
lake   Nliore.   lbence south  ah.ng lake ilion
l>i.int of commencement.
Dated this Llth day of September,W,
1 ATtiniKi Toil 1
____^^_  ffABir (ilKMiN.Af-.lt,
Nollee is herel*y given thai tH .lrivt. alterdikfl
Inteml to apply to the Honorabl. tfie<'littll��|
mlsalolier of Unds and Works [01 Mmlwt-itkl
purahaae the (ollowlng dewrll-.-J liodi -v,,**
on tbe eaat aide of Arrow lake: < ..ntrii-rielugV
Ibe south weat  cornel oi A. Aiilli.iu. ��\inttataw
iiien.-i lonth twentr ehaim, iie-ne.- .-&ntr_i3
cbalnri. theme north twenty ohalni, itti<ii(.iq|l
twenty ohalm ht jaiini of cumin* iH-.tucot,ti
talnlng Barre*. mono, leu
Dated bptemhor 1. iflw'.     Bmii M total j
l��*r N   In vi bk, A|ul
Notice ii hereby given thai uxij >in)i iAr|
dale I intend toapply to the Honorable iMf^B
1 ommishh.uerol Undsand Worki lor Ml
lo purehase tbe following dewrlbvd :. ���,;|
ate in the West Kontenay dlitrlet, nml iJ)MB��l
Paul Andre's jire-emplutn, ���tarilDl at ���
marked A.J. Long. N K. imiu. r, mi ili*w-.tihaB
of Lower Armw lake, then,, My s lunn t_*,I
tbence 40 chains south, thenot .11 cIhIdiiU
tbenee.-It) idiaiiis north to polul al i..i:;*->*-m-|
bfttod al NeUoll, B.C., this hi!,.Ihi u*; !*���!��������]
ber* lini' \ j \m,t
Wa. PoLURb, Afenl    j
Notice i> hereby given tlmt ilxlT ilinitH
dale I Inieml lo applv to the IImii.iiiI.1-* ih.Ctn
' - t of Unds and Wof
to liurehase lhe following deacril*. <1 :��� "M. I
in �� est Koi.tettay dlatrlet: Com ine u< lug at a*wS_\
planted nt L..len Corlett'i north >*>' "vwl
(misI ami marked A. M'a N. W, 1 ..rnt-r taratM
eaat _0flhalm; theuee -m chain* Muth, mutcn
lei" to the Koolenay river: thete< lH'liilwifltJ
along   lbe   KooUtimy   rive
north, more or lens, to  lhe  pin
.mi went* I
ment, oontainlng UO Mm mor. of leu.
September Nth IVOC.
A.vsir \4rm,\
Wiu.ua Moou H AgeoL
Notice Is herebv given thaUs.. .|���v. slti-niil.4
Intend to ap|dy to the Hon tie 1 heM iinurfl
���loner of Lauds and Worki [01 \- m_ I
pureliase tbe lollowlng deecrtbea luinliinUd
Weil Kooienav district: Heguiiiiiii* ai 1 pit
marked (J l>. Mil and It .Heir*..- k <<.nifrwt|
ao..ui _ miles eusl of the Halumii riv.i ati-liaKl
'mile from the Pend d'orciiv river; tI>*��B|
chains in.rth; thenee 4ti ehain- we-l; ltif����l
chains soulb ; thou... ..chains eaal to luiwal
beginni g
Paled tBeBtnd flay of September, 1I0L
K. m Rurai, Agent,
_K  1L Kcil's application lo(,uroh..*.,:ih
30 obalm
"nt, copUlUing IM acres, more or less.
Dated Oct. It, for, W.i.i,aM KKII,,
">' *������ L   llAHMOMi,  Agent.
Mcl'hiiU'a pre<emiiiion   ibnio.'m���V.1   .*.".!" '.'"..;;;
ssisain., tbenoe ....nl. twenty iai ,,| ,n,: ,,*,. "."
went forty (111) .ihulim ������..._ , r ._,,,,,l,V"'i,
oonunenoemettt, PIaM"'
DHtiiil lal .lay of AuKu,i isjos.
_^    B> 'llNHKssill J. K.'I'nylor.
HI,tviliiynHltHrslisU, I iiiirmsss,,mH.i������u���_i,
11..1.     ...     .1.       ...  1   . a.        I"*1!"^.   Illllhll ll     I L     rn
described lam :   ( oiiimenelni' si  a  ,. J, ,  '-.
iiiiii: I
ea^l; Ui,
DetS'sl llll- till, i|Uy ���1 Alimim, IIMI.
P��rF. U.Kauh.iki*"'*'
BlXty ilavKHftcrdi.ii' I ,...r,  iiiislsili, tt*_\
rallsill to lln- Hnlliimlsl.- Ills 'l.l'-l ' niW'f.l
ssf I I.-ansl Wssrka fssr ,mti.. 1--1..M Is- |��iiis.s��sl
tills IssllsswtiiK ilcai-rlta-'l iaSs-l < .....rsi.-tH'lN| IH
11 [sssas iisssrki'sl -1). I"ss H �� M'nss'l.' BilJsslWB
K l'iiii|iili-r'.apnllcell.sii I" |nsr. lm..-. "s��>_|
lli.'ii.-.'Nis'halna nurtli. lliwi". ������ .-,...i..��*_^P
tl I'l'WIs'liallia  ....ills    1    -" '!"""��� ._L
Ut tlte iHihsl ssf I'liiiitiii-sjM'i:,' iil.s's'lilali |
ni'rsja. iiiiir,' ssr lea,.
Dated Uss- mh slay of aiiu'i-i I'""-
' I) I'siuntl
Per K.'. I ss .;s ssa  ineii   I
Notloe la bereby itirni ibel �� i��>�� aiin'WjJ
intend ���*pi_ to Die Hon ' I runnoi***"!
ssf LiiiKla an.l Work, fssr ,����� r... 1--1--si l�� l'""'"^
lhe  fsillsswlinj   iIi���itIIii-I lasi'l-.  -slss sl lis It*.
K,���sii'iiav iiiatrii't: Comtnencin, .i i i""' tm,
od "BKWB, K. 1's.rii.sr." plant..I on llii'.lniKj
-OWOI   Arrissv   laks',   absissl   HOI    nilb' ���'""���!
s,iinlisii ereek (Jsihn.ioii orepk
s'lsiiiu., thenoe wut W 'eheloi
slia  lb.iht ssaal ��n obalm lo la.lnioisjj
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Hlukssil Una Mils ilav uf Aiik'is.t  I"
Jt R. Wsss.s'Wlie,
A. N   ttsisssisi'-   sss.sil    I
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1..is iis pnnk-a
Ni.tic-1-. lu-n-ljv K,r..|i tl.��l ��l��
I illll'llll lsssi|,pls'l,, lb.' Ilssss I In
..( I.biiiI. anil Work, lor pornila
llss.  Issll,nsii,|;,|,.��,'rlla'il IMI'I.. s
plented s.n Nisrili Wo.1 ���������
uionae riniiiiiiji twenty .-I...i"
Iss. Illy ,'liiilna Weet, llii-lii-r  l"l
IIii-iii-.- Iivs'iny I'linlnaKaal. ��� I --   ��� ���
Booth te polntof ii onooiuoiii ami .���i"l
Ing an a.-rs'a ninrs' or loaa.
1--1...I.. ���-��� 1 I11-'1;",...
11    I   lusl. .I.���1
Dated the lit,day q, October, i��>
Blxty sissya afterdate! 1....1  iis����i"i!'_|jj
oallon to the Hon, Chief Com ' "���'",, ZM
 t Wssrka Iin   pi-stiila.liin  Is. i'i'"'ls r
Issivluir ds-acrllssal lansl     Col
.......'"I nl the as.iilbsv.-al ei-nii
I'lit-iiiiiin is, pureltaee, ���n..rk<
ner," rui o thenoe aos'iusi
i'lialna weal; tbeliei' mi ('ball
ssal lis |,siliil uf  i-iiiiiiu
Ina 890 aero, nmre or loaa.
Iliili'il Use Illlll slay of lll'tsilsir, 1
I   Klis|ll"s|
Niilli'e |a lionby Klvon lliat 1,1 sins-Ml'[ Ljj
liilonil   t.s apply  lis llio Hom.ro  I"L_��B
' silniiilaalolier ol Uiinl- anil   Worst. .'" >ViI
,lnn In iiiireliiiao tho fiilliswllla do-1 ,,,M'   '    . I
.Inn In pnri'lii...	
Ill tbe VYs'at Knsitellay sllatrli't s "'
P'.hi niarks-l "Kleanor Hlni'b'a H
mnl istiuiieil mi tlie wo-talmrs' ssl tin
si iiii i' i iii i, ii mil ) lake, about om'i<
milea aniiili nf Arrow hike Hall. U"
I'hllllia; tln-iiee enal ,11 elinllia li	
ihoro of the Nerrowstl tlienoe I""""
alsssrs. Ill n Kfliisriil assnlberly ninl sv,
linn his i'lialna inure nr loaa lupislii' nl
ins-lit, eiiiitniiiiiiii loo aerea more in '���
I'llteil OOt, tttli,tl,lfs. VISAS!,
F    I,    llAIIJISSM'
Nsstlee la hs-relsy Riven Illlll ainl) 'la- ";; ...,���
Hist Ills npply lo Use Hon C. '' '""",��� our
st ssf Liiuilamnl Worka lornonnla      ij
S'llllae llie following il.'ia.-l 1 l).-.l land" "' '    ,|,'
Kootonay sitairlist:   Beginning "' ".'",���.,,,, tk*
"".Hsn ibe'aH   K   enrner." null l"i"11' . ,(rt,l
ssaal alsssre ssf Whnlahilli (Oarlbiin) l"k.1 ,.,1,.
tWO liillea llnrlll of tbo llltrrnssa s.s ""|��tl
Islki'l   llienee   is,,, I h   H) elilllll
��� I
in I" I
in   leaa, tn tbe Inks'
: tl"'"!t I
tOllowltle tlii- anlsl alsssrs'III a K 'i'1      ,.���,I*I
sili'l ssnalorly illreellnn laiebollia, '""" ''i,^ 1^1
Use  psitnl  nf eiiniiiieiieoini'iil; piinlrtii
aeree, issnns nr leaa
Dated (hll nib day ol Oel .HM.     H1,(���,
K. L UanitoNis, A_ol>( .NHEUSER        -AND THE ORIGINAL
;USCH...    Budweiser Beer
Order quantity before cold weather sels iu.
The Daily Canadian
NELSON       ���*<"�� Ac?,.i_,t."r,li;..,.,''t'"h    VICTORIA
_ Burns __ Co.
Marin* tn  Rowland, Trail, Nelaon, Kaslo, Barton, 33im Porta, Nev
Dan-rar and Slnc-yin (iHy.
ml to anv branch will hare
uni carerul attention
Head Office: Nelson, B. C.
r bereby given Uml thirty dun alter
I Uelid loaj.l.lv l.i ti.e llioiorable I be ''bier
; .ni.T id Ltlidh itlld U..i i lm ii *-|""li>!
i. nil nm) carry away timber Irom lbe
tig '1'>itiIh*iI IhikIh: ''ommeiieniK Hi n
-irked ���Jultii MeOarry"* northwest ct��r-
iiHiited uboui�� mile veil from BMrotfek,
..mt  lour miles Irom lis limoth. which Ik
- wot  from  Nelion j  ibenee eut  BD
Llieuct! south HO dotiiifi. tlience west Nil
Hienpe north mjcIimIiih lotbe Initiiii pott.
"I October 22nd, JWXi.    John m.-cahky.
hereby given that BO davs nfler dale I
ti apply lo thft lion. Ohief Commlnloner
Ik ulcl Works for a special Uremic to cut
rr; away   Umber  from   the  following dc
land*.'   Commettttlng  Ht  h  posl murked
risoli'l   eon(beast   eoruer,"   planted
n   mile   went   from EMMU creek, MM tibnill
ii-     Irom  lit.  month,  which Ih k1.\ mile*
������ Ih.ii, tbenoe mitBehelni, Ihenoe
ninn, ihenoe eul *t chains, ihenee
< - '.mil- lo lbe initial poit,
 tober Snd) iwxi.    F. T, UnuMOK.
ereby given Hint BO dan After tttte i
i.[)ij in the Hoiiornbie Chief Commit
nml Worki lorn special tlQBBM ti,
liwaj   IiuiIht  from  the  raJlott.ni
:���     i ���Hiimcn.lnjr sla pout marked
"    ii:* Iin li'b   noil ill went   corner,   pi-titled
weal   from   Hear cieek.  and about
ii. ��� Torn  ite mouth, which ll til mile-*
'   -in; tbenee north BO ehelni, tbenoe
>  '.-.  Ib.-nee  Nouth  HUchalUi*., thenee
- in the initial point,
. ni October, iwii-  hi.i'. Monaohan.
- reby given that BO dura hIi.t date I
1   Hpply to the Honorable the Chief* om
>'    >d   i-jiuds   and   Worki*   for n -i>' ' lal
- ii ninl carry away Umber from the
in*  i-nTibed Iui Ai:   Commenelni ata
���*T J  Hianlan'- norlheasl corner,"
M ., mile weel from Hear creek, and
lias  irom   :������ mouth, which ,- nix
���-'  Innii  Nelion;  tbence wett ��<t chairs,
-''iti hu ehalni, Ihenoe etui BO ehains,
U obnlni i<> the initial point
nbei rJnd, 1000.        T. J- Pianlan.
��� tbat .todays alter date  we  lulc-tnl
atlon to the Honorable the Chief
iht ol  l-nlid*** and  Works for a special
and carry   uwaj*  Umber  from   the
I't-crlbed  lands;   Commencing ftt ii
���*.*   Hie southeast  corner id  tbe  K. A 8.
.   Lot   h_u.    near   Little   lilader   creek,
ie nee north  itm ehalni! tbence eait
.in. loutblBoohalni)thenoe ��i*hi
���    ikiIiiI  of commencement.
��� I'tember IHth. t'JtKl
WATTwiirin, Li-muck C-m-ahv,
Damju. 'Ii'omkv, Akt-nt.
��� r-*i��� Kiven tbal 30 d��y�� aller dnle I
���     it].pl>    to    llle    lloll     tbe  I   111.-'  i   ..i.iliil-
Undi and Works for h special licence
 irrj a*tty Umber from thu following
��� land*, iltuate in ffoil Kootenay all-
"in imlng nl il post oil Koblllsi.li creek,
uni. is ol a mile iiorlhwe'-il of l-areher's
i'i.ui, thenre veil ho -_in.in.-_. thenee north
 e eail BO ohalni, thence south mi
��� !��� Iui ,.f commencement,
���i .lulyiHHh, 1MB,
"i" hkniiehmin, Locator.
i dale I parpoM ni'ii. nir appli. a-
ii. Chief Dommlnloner ��*r Lands
'������mission to purchase tin* follow*
land:, l oiumom-lutc  al  n pout
'   I   laml ;     ( "imes.in nu:   ,,*    n
north wait corm-r of H   liodd'
'���    purchaie, marke.I "K  W. IIVH. \V.
"      ruuuiiiK  ihenee SO chains north |
'��� ��  i-'ltl;   theuce HO .'In,in- ..cl  .
''���* I"   WOlt   10   point   of  ( uce-
latnlng EMOacru, mom or loss.
- mih day of October tw i..
pei It. HtHKl.l., Agent.
horeby given tbat, thirty dayt* aftor
'"'"I   li<  apply   to  Hie   II -able thc
'���""i i   of  Landi. and  Winks for a
"- toOUl and cany nwny Umber Inim
���tll|   ilcm-ribed    lands,  situate   In   tlie
* na) dutrlol:
 k ��t a put marked t'red Atkinson's
��� ..rner   pt.nl,   plauied aboul nlie mile
1" -1
Arrow   la
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1    lull
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Italm, th
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'���' "inli..ii|.ll(ii.|iii���ii tn lis.. Ilniiiii-iil.li. lis.
 is""'' s.i i,. .i-i-1111,1 Worki (or isst
'"   |.lsr..|ush..   i|���.   (iillimin,,   ,u.w,t|ih.iI
"lillll.'ll'-IIIK ill ii ln��|   plw-M.   ���.li,.ilium
iiwis.tcornerpoitol i..-..u Wftttoii'iAp
'"' i'l I uii'luis,., iiiiiiiiii,. uss s'lsisliiK uisilli;
''I rhalni w.-isl;   lliiuii,. w limn,, nuiiili;
��� i" 'isaiiis. mut, i, ,,,,1111 ui twmmenoa-
'". wining art urea moreor teal.
��� 'I "S'lllbs'i 18, 11..',.
���     , , Hl'Klll.  WlNTKH.
"V Ills. IlKi'lsl, Kiinwst. W. UlllllNSSSSN
[[ji i- beroby alven tintOQOiwi attentate I
; "'i'iiiln'ii|ipi|||.iill���,i lutli,. llniinral.lr tin-
"ininl-Monor nt I..111.I1. ..... I Wori, Inr |.|.|
11  '" I'll-oliaeo tlie r��llnwliiK il���srllsss.l
..I.illi..|���ui|.. ���| 1, ,���,H| p|,���.,.,T |,|������|| ,������.
.;, 11 i..',"'*'1'."" "V* 'i'"1 ai''"" Off
I i"""".""''""1 I"k'' riiniilinHilisliiilll.
I,���' 1 ���''li'ililK \vr��l; thenee Hll rlialna
,,,.'",'���"" "" ''Iinlli" "snst, lis 11.1I11I11I 00m-
    .' ;', I'siis 1 III! 1ill111.11.ss iiiiiri'ssr Is-kh.
II sl lis Inl...)- _J( ].|,^
,.     . j I'KTKll  MiNAISIIIITSIN,
uy ni�� agont, Kknot w. RDotiaoH
j'l|''��� I" lii-ruby Klvi-n llissl nil (|uvk after 'Int.- 1
.   ." *"������� "i'|sii.���ii,,ii ������ iu,. fiouorablo tiio
I  '""si^ssiuiiit ssf LhiiiU 11M,i Worliss Inr peril"    ." , J "aao   llss-   I,.ll���s,    sl,.��,Tll.s..l
lisinrv 1" I'L.'1.'" ".' " I""1 "I' Hie '"nli
iii.Isiiii... '���������' M''' "iti.l about it i'lialna eaal of
Hsu ",'s,!f "i> '���! ��-K ��> i'lialna eaal; lln'lli'i'
Inn taiiiti, ,   llM'1"''' '11 i'lialna wiiHi; tlionee lit
illlss IS'rtS'V,'"       ,">1"t   ��f  IsS'lllllll'IISSVllU'lll.   -'"I
UU 1Z1 1"'*,"""���'' "ilisaa.
'"""'I"l"'il:i, I'.KHl.
..��� , 1 I.K11N VVatnsin,
">  HI" UKl'lll, KlINBBS  W. ItllblHaUN.
For Fall Planting for
Home and Garden
Canada Drug & Book Go's
....Cast Stores....
Potter & Cummings
sinl Work, lor pormlMlon Is purobHe tho 1..1
runulni   ihenee mi .'I.��iii�� louthi    mi
'lisilsis ii.'al; llii'lii's'Mli'liullla  ussrsls;  list s> Ml
Dated tbe 10th ilaj ol Ootober, nm..
II   0. HKINMia.
I'er K. Hmaix, A��ent
Soil's' la Iisti'Iis iilvisll Usui i��) slayss altiT slate
I III 11-11.1 loapply tss Ills' lliill. I'Ills'! Csiliilsslaalisiier
ol Lniisla llissl W.irka I.sr iierinlaasssli tn oilrs'lsiiae
Mil' follow Inn sli'NSTllH'il Isill'la III Ws'al Kissslisnay
Dlatrloti I' ulnnli'l at'' l'"a' 11sark.1l. "Ili'rli-
liiuil lllrai'li'a H. I-S. s'ortier." anil islaists'sl on Hit'
.���is.' ,horu ill 11 trrowi "f wiuiihIiiui (Cariboo)
lisUe'  Iliiiu "I"' MS s'hsilna;  tlsenrs'   ws'al  HI
ohalni moreor Laa. Is. the -hot. '.f Whalahan
fflte; thenoo followlnj nam alusis' 111 11 leoenu
 IutIv unsl eisalsTl) sllis'isllssss IS01'liullia iilssie
*t Is'aa. I" pnlnl ssf ''isiisiiHtui'ssuii'llls eiiiitalnlliK
It'll aorea. lisssrs' or leaa.
Ilali'il llslaallisliiyis'lli'l' ll����i.
1 * IIKHNII.ni. Illlwrll,
F. I.. llAtllli'Mi, Aks'ISI
' Notion la bereby Klveli thai Hi slay, siller dale I
intend i" make .pplliatlon UiUie gonorabl. in..
���I   , ��� OOII "'���""" "I '*'"'�� RM ""rk," l"r,rr,-
miiinn to puroheao iho lollowlng duorlbed
1 ��� Cnmmonoltuj nt �� poat planU'il on the
lorllss'sial. ��� sisr nf IVI.T Mi'Nnllitliluli'a epi'llm-
sos . i.iinluia', Itsllsiivliia 111.' eaal boundary uf
uon is. ns ' .ositli; lis e 80 ohaiu.ew.tj
!(!?������ ,il ,���" ilia ..'UU I"'.' Ml Oll.lll. WWl in
iiiliil ul I'osissns'lii'isinulll, isoiilBlnlln; 6tll insrisa,
''""'    ..,,.,    Candl an.l  ��'prkl Inr iseniius-
',":"'    u    ���,,..' Ilu'!"ll"Wlii�� do-o-tbed lansla:
"','.,   ... I'liiu al 11 1 In''''1 "" Htf nnrlhar ��l
.       ll.i'il Kllliiii'aiii'plli'iitl"" inpiirrliaH',
''"".,. a   rhalna   ''��al nls'i.K  Hi"   nnrllsurii
ruissii'si     tlustuo  MS s'luil'i. nurth;
'*���"""'   si ,.l . Iisa ssesu; II eai ehalna aouth, Its
I'of s.'snsiiss.iii's lilt. iiintallilUK MO iseren,
more or Is'aa.
.    .    ,,..,   S'l   l.hMS JsllIM hi'l.llITT,
",""1 By'hlaa.'nit' Ma-- ��'. Huein.nl..
Circumstances of   Dismissal   of  Prince
Bismarck   by   Kaiser   Wilhelm
Brought to  Light
(London Times.)
The Uiury uf the late Prince Hoheu-
lolu*. which is iu course of newspaper
publication, contalni an authentic account of the circumstances attending
tlie resignation of Prince Biamarck,
partly derived from a statement made
to Prlaofl Uohoniohe hy the EJmperor
WJIUam  liimseii.
At the bouse of his brother Victor
1 the lute duke ol Katibor) in Berlin,
Prince Holienlohe, then Staithalter lu
Alflace-Lorralae, heard on March 81,
liiyu, flutt the reason of the rupture
between tbe emperor aud Ulsmarck
lay above all "in the way in which
Blamarok treated his majesty and th6
unfavorable opinions regarding the em-
paror which he expressed in conversation with diplomatists, as well as the
unfriendly way In which the intercourse between the two wus conducted." 1 .-iucess llismarck, it appears,
Inflamed the quarrel instead of trying
to soothe her husband. Bismarck's
frequent changes of opluion had shaken tlie emperors trust in him. There
were '���trifles" like the bestowal of the
l-llack Eagle on Herr von Uotticher
without the chancellor's having known
anything of the emperor's intention.
The Empress Frederick subsequently
received Prince Hohenlohe and "seemed not to approve of the mauner of
Bismarck's dismissal."
Mont interesting is the account
which Prince Hohenlohe gives of'the
altitude of the grand duke of Baden,
the emperors uncle, towards Bismarck
and the crisis of March, 1890. The
duke stated that tlit- final interview
of Bismarck with the emperor was so
violent that the emperor afterwards
said: "He was very near throwing the
inkpol at my head.' The emperor, it
appears, mistrusted Bismarck's foreign
policy and suspected that he was
working iu the direction or abandoning Austria and the triple alliance antl
effecting an understanding with
On March 22, Prince Hohenlohe paid
Bismarck a visit. Bismarck advised
Prince Hohenlohe "to lake care that
the emperor does nol occupy himself
too much with Alsace-Lorraine," and
"to keep out of his (the emperor's J
sight as much as possible." Prince Hohenlohe feelingly comments: "Easier
said than doue."
The last excerpt is, perhaps, the
ifiost interesting of all, since it gives
a report of a conversation between
the emperor and Prince Hohenlohe on
April 24, 11-90, during a drive to Uie
shooting box at Sufflenheim. "For a
whole hour without stopping," the em-
peTor told the prince "the whole story
of his breach with Bismarck." The es-
t rangeinent had begun in December,
IS88, when the chancellor opposed the
emperor's desire to take up the labor
question. The emperor had urged that
unless the government took the initiative the reichstag���which meant In this
case the Socialists, the Clericals and
the Radicals���would take matters in
band aud the government would haw
to follow their lead. The chancellor
wauled to renew the expiring Socialist law aud, if the new reichstag did
not vote lt, to dissolve. If disturbances ensued, Biamarck meant to act
energetically. The emperor opposed
this policy, "because," he said, "if his
grandfather (William I.) after a long
and glorious reign had been compelled
lo take action against rioters no one
would have taken it umiss. But with
himself, who had not yet achieved
anything, the case was different. He
Would be taunted with having begun
his reign by shooting down his subjects, He was quite ready (o uct, but
he wauled to be able to do il wllh a
good conscience afler trying his best
to remedy the legitimate grievances
of the working classes." HtHinaick hud
worked against the labor edicts of the
emperor iu ibe ministry, uud be had
also tried to Influence diplomatists uud
foreign powers agnlust the labor conference. He had tried this wllh Roth,
Ihe Swiss minister tn Berlin (Switzerland had previously been going lo convoke un International labor conference
In   Bertie)   bul   Roth's   straightforward
behavior had  frustrated the intrigue.
llismurck had threatened to resign iu
February, but, Io the emperor's disappointment, had subseqpeutly intimated
thai on reflection he had changed his
mind. Then there was the cabinet order incident, and there was the Incident of Wiudhurst's visit lo Biamarck,
"The lust three weeks of Bismarck's
chancellorship were. In any case, full
of disagreeable discussions between
(he emperor nnd the prince. It was,
as tlie emperor put It, 'a beastly time'
(cine hauebuchene Zeit), and, as the
emperor further remarked, Ihe question had been whether the Hohens_ol-
lern dynasty or the Bismarck dynasty
was going to govern. As lo foreign
policy, the emperor usserts lhal Bismarck went his own way and kept a
great deal from his knowledge. Indeed,
he says that IHsmarck senl word to
St. Petersburg (hat the emperor wanted to pursue an anti-Russian polloy.
'I have no proof of this, however,' added the emperor."
The emperor has sent to the head of
the Hohenlohe family (he following
"Have just read    with    amuzument
and indignation the published account
of the most private conversation between your father and myself concerning Prince Bismarck's retirement. How
wus it possible that material of this
klud could be published without having first obtained my permission? I
must describe this proceeding as tactless and indiscreet in the highest degree, and aB entirely inopportuue,
since it is unheard of that incidents
which concern the reigning sovereign
should be published without his consent."
Prince Philip's textual reply has not
yet been made public, but, uccording
to ull accounts, he expressly dissociates himself from the action of iiis
brother, Prince Alexander, with whose
intentions he professes not to huve
been in sympathy. There is much speculation as to whether the present revelations may not lead to the early
publication of the third volume of Bismarck's "Reflections and Reminiscences." The widowed Princess Herbert
Bismarck, as guardian or her youthful
son, is alone in a position to disjiose
of the third volume of the "Reflections
and Reminiscences." The first chancellor is said to have directed in his
will that the third volume should not
be published until the death of all the
leading jreisonages concerned. But according to the Augsburger Abendzeit-
ung, a reservation was made for the
event of the publication of accounts
unfavorable to Prince Bismarck at the
instance of any of the "initiated." In
tbat event, the third volume was to be
published as "a reply." Doubts, however, are expressed as to whether the
Princess Herbert Bismarck, out of regard for the future of her children,
may not prefer to postpone the publication. The only surviving child of
Prince Bismarck, the Countess Rant-
zau, is understood to watch very jealously over the fulfillment of the last
desires of her father in every particular, and it is possible that she may
exert her influence in favor of immediate publication. According to the
Augsburg journal, the manuscript of
Bismarck's third volume is safe in
the vaults of the Bank of Englaud.
It is pointed out by the National-
Zeltung that the Emperor VVU.Iam in
his telegram does not call in question
tbe accuracy of Prince Hohenlohe's
memoirs. Indeed, the memoirs only
confirm, on the most competent authority, a great deal of what was already known.
The Grazer Tagesjjost, a Styrlan
journal which is often singularly well
Informed, explains thut the publication
of the late Prince Hohenlohe's memoirs is taking place In accordance
with testamentary dispositions of their
author, and was entrusted by Prince
Alexander Hohenlohe to the historian.
Professor Curt! us. The time of their
publication was also fixed by the late
Prince Hohenlohe who, according to
the Grazer Tagespost, had two main
objects in view���first, to illustrate to
the German people the dangers of a
tortuous foreign policy, such as that
followed by Prince Bismarck towards
Russia and Austro-Hungary; and, secondly, to save tlie German emperor, by
a timely reminder of his originally
struightforward attitude, from the
temptation of running ufter strange
Bistuarckian gods. The Grazer Tages-
l>ost hints that the German emperor's
present indignation is attributable to
the exceeding pertinence of the lale
Prince Hohenlohe's posthumous lesson.
The Youthful Sopranos With the Westminster Glee Singers.
The reputation which the Westminster Glee aud Concert Party have won
during their recent world tours,
should be sufficient guarantee that
those who go to hear this uuique body
ut Sherman's opera house this evening ure uot likely to be disupiwlnted.
A feature which will undoubtedly
prove of popular interest Is the appeur-
ance of the solo soprano boys, who are
said to rank among the most celebrated boy soloists in Englaud.
These little lads have received their
musical education al. the London College for Choristers, where siRsoial
training Is given in the particular cluss
of music which they have come from
Englaud  to regale Cauudiuns with.
The company have a repertoire of
over 100 pieces, all of which are sung
rrom memory, uud during their series
of concerts hen? a change of program
will be made nightly.
lt does not follow that because these
glee singers are for the most part
drawn from the famous Westminster
abbey choir that (heir selections are
of a sacred nut ure, bul for the Apodal benefit of those Interested In
Ohuroh music, oue number will be Introduced ii [inn each program lu the
form of an unaccompanied anthem.
In addition to the ballads promised
by Mine. Murie Hooten, (he English
contrulto, und Mr. Edward Brans-
combe, the tenor, other members of
the party, Including some of the boys,
will appear as soloists, while the lighter vein of humor is forthcoming In the
musical skelchoB of Mr. Harry Ivlmey.
The Latest Modern Appliances
uow in use at this
And   llHUVHWIill l'W,��{
Baker Street.     -    NELSON.
Old Curiosity Shop
If you want to buy or wil anything,
go to the Old Curloslly Shop. A new
line of Japanest! Goods now ou sale. All
kinds of Dliiiioiwiiii! In stock. I'M-
Silver King Hotel
Best Dollar a day honae in the Kootenays.
Boom* are well furnished.  Table m good u rot
in Nelaon.    Bar supplied with good
llanori ana cluui-
W. E. McCANDLISH, Proprietor.
Tremont House
European and American Plan
Meali 25 et*.  Boomi from 36 eta. to O
Only White Halp employed.
Baker Ht.. Nelion Proprietor!
Bartlett   House
Best DoIlar-a-Diy House in Nelson.
The Bar ia the Fluent.
White Help Only Km ployed.
J one phi ne Bt.
The Big Schooner'
Or "H��U-__d-Hili*
 _Beer 10c
The only Glass of Good Beer iu Nelson.
Hotel in'ci'iiiiiHnliil i'.li*-: M'ct.inl to none 111 Hritish f'olumblu, Iimi**- ii.iki jMTduy. SprelMl rate**
to monthly boardera. Only iinmt* hotel in NelHOD
Lake View Hotel
Corner Hall ainl Vernon,
two blocks from wharf.
Kates 91.00 per day and up.
L.p�� NELSON, B. C.
Grand Central Hotel
J  A. BRICKSON, Proprietor.
Centrally Located. Open Hay and Night,
ttample and Balls Booma Free.
Opposite Court House aod Post Office.
Corner Ward and Vemn Streets.
Th* Strathcona
Nelaon, B.O.
B. Tomkins, Manager.
The .Leading Hotel in the
Oood   Sample    Rooma.
Queen's Hotel
Baker Btreet, Nelaon. B. O,
Lighted by Electricity -and
Heated by Hot Air
Inrfn and Comfortable Bedrooms and Fii-it-
ClacH ��� iiliit; Koom. Sample Rooms far Commercial Mill.
MRH. B. C. CLAkKK, Proprletreas
The woll known
Onr BeerGnrden ia
tbe Fiueat iu tbe
-  Proprietor
Royal Hotel
Ratea fl end fl.SO a Day.
Special Ratea to Regular Bcardera.
Wholesale ami  K-.UH l>ealors In
Fresh and Salted Meats
-Onmpfl mipplieil ou Hhortest notice nud
lovvcHt price. Nothing but fresh aud
wholeoouio meat, and tmppleii kept iu stock
Mail orders reoeive ooreful attention.
E. C. TRAVES.  Manage..
VV.   a.   OILUETT
Contractor and
Hole agent for llie 1'orlo Kleo Lumber Co., Ud..
rolall ytinls Kougliaml'Ire'HMd Ininl*.*!. lurin-tl
work and l.rack,'I.-., Coaxt latli and KliingleH, rattli
and doors. Cement, lirlek and lime for Hale.
An toman.* grin *,>���"-.
Yard mnl factory: Vurnoti Hi., oaal of Hall.
NBI.SOIN,   B. tf.
r. o, Box ���*%.. Telephone m.
West Transfer On.
(Jtstiitrttl Ti'iniHli'i-s and Dealers iu
Ooal and Woo-.   Exproea and
HaKguRO Tmnafer
I'^'iK Office: Baker St.
Residence for Salt
Price $1,000
House and Two Lots for Sale in
Hume Addition.     The house has
-      TTT    " five rooms and a large basement
Terms $150 caab . . ... .    fc
balance inimtlily payments.        and IS well Situated.
H. tSz M. BIRD.
One of tbe Best Improved Ranches on
Kootenay Outlet for Sale....
About 400 Fruit HeuriiiK Trees; also Small Fruit, House and
OutbulliliiiKS, Hay Shed, and 20 Tona of Timothy Hay. Nice
Hay Meadow, Spring Water and Fine Lake Frontage. For
particulars apply  to
Choice Fruit
I Have 10,000 Acres
of die
Choicest Frott Latvia hi
British Columbi-u
Can sell any quantity from 5 acres to 2,000 in one block.
Buy now and get the ground floor prices.
J. E. ANNABLE,    ���    Nelson, B. C.
-���srr y ��� 'i-srir _B_H_B_aa -=. "gii1.���*��� ��� i ���"-v.- ������ TTiii * (r.-srrrs;-r.������-.*'.- =; ���r.-i.*. ���t-..     ,*     *w
The HaU Mining and Smelting
Company, Limited.
Purchases Lead, Copper and Dry Ores.
New Fall
Goods Arriving
lmport��r of  Fin*
Ki-kIIibI.  Qood-t
Jno. T.
Baker St.
N��la��on, B. 6.
EAST from Medicine Hat
ST. PAUL, Daily.
TORONTO, Wed., Frl.. Sim.
MONTRKAL. Th*.. Thur., Mon.
BOSTON,   Saturday.
West from Revelstoke
Daily Standard Sleeper
For  bertha;  ratea or detailed  information apply to local agentu or write
K. J. OOYLE,    J. 8. CARTER,
AM.V. A,. Vancouver. D. P.A.. Ni-lnon
Certificate of Improvements
"Happy Medium,
"A t�� Kmt-tiotiHl" mln-
K-'llpsi- "No. 2,"  "Vevey
"IiiternsiiuuaP' and "A         	
1*r��l rlHhiiK, Hiltirftli'il III tin* Slo-r-.li Clly MllllllE
UU isinn ol Wi-nI- Kutitftiav diKtrlut.
Where located t��� Nurlh ol Twelve Mile ereek,
about two miles up.
Take notiee that 1, II. K. Jorand, of Sloean- M.
p.; Free Miner's erlUfcale No. I.TtKlOO, a-* aRenl
for L. A. Cole, Free Miner'.-. Certificate No. emi.
Intend, Sixty ilny�� from the -Utile hereof, to iipp v
tothe Mtnlim Recorder for a Certiflralo of lin-
riruvemetil-R, fortbepurmineofoblatniiiKaf'rowii
Irant of natd mineral elaiiiis
aihI further take  notiee tbat action, mi it
Seei ion tl, mi.Ht be commenced before thu IMU-
ance of Mii.h Certificate of Improvement*.
Uau-I lliis Jllb day of .September, im
H. ft. J OKAN 11.
m mti
Thlrt, strand Annul ConKntbn
American Bankers'
St. Louis, Ho.. Oct. 16-19.1906
Kound trip rates to st. Louis
and   Chicago   <,��  Hale October
12th tol:tth.
St. Louis..
Cning transit limit ten dnys
from date oi 8ale. Final return
limit November 30th, JBQG.
Round Trip Rates to Southern
In effect Ootober fflUb, twni, on
(���ale -hilly, limited  in :i mouths
from (late of sale.
on AngelcH and Kauta Barbara    MS.tO
1'axH.leiia So.io
Kauta Monica       U.JO
KivciNi.li* Htnl Shii hariiar-jhiu.      3��,io
V ed landa  89.70
For Further Information Apply tu
Ctty Pasi-iiger Agent.
A Cl. P. A., Seattle.
Municipality of tbe City of Nelson
Any ma'e or female, being a British subject of
the full hkc of 'il year?, who has paid al) the
rates ami taxes for the current year, and bus
continuously resided within the municipality
since tbe firat day of January. l'J-A and who Ih a
householder or Ib-cnue holder witli iu tht municipality, may register us a voter for the rear IVV'7,
if the necessary declaration Is deposited at (his
oAi't'on or iM'furc Oet. 81 next. Perfonn qualfy-
Ing as license holders, who aro not property
owners, must atleiid to registration of their
names on the list.   Persons who have become
rrof��erty owners within the municipality silica
)ee. -lat, lis i'i, rare requested to Inform the un-
dersfgued ut once.
City Clerk's ofllce, Nelsou, B. C, Oct. IB, 1906. The Daily Canadian
We have Ihe best anil guarantee It to give satisfaction. The stylos
we carry are the newest  on the market.   How are these for prices:
Vegetable   Dishes   $9.00
Pudding   Dishes    56.00,   S7.50.   $10.00
Bread   Trays   . . .$4,  $5.50,  $675
Butter  Dishes   $1.65, $2, $3.75, $4
********** *****************
W               c   ferH_l_
liriii '.'It
���___r____F ���' /     ^_B
ti \wT~ijyfi u)
Hi j | //'Jed i
IL"   Ji lm.
Book Ahead For:
Preserving Pears:
The right kind nre scarce.   ���We j
+   have a nfoe lot of   local  Bartlettfi ^
aud Flemish Beauties to arrive.        f
Lowest market prices guaranteed, x
Bell Trading!
Company        ���
l            i/iii.
Coal and
Telephone 265
���     ti
Do you remember that
The apple you took from
i the tree when you  were a J
, child.
How nice it tasted then
lias some just like them.
Come and sample some.
JOY will meet you
at the door.
fjoy's Cash Groceryj
Cor��Ja��phlfl6__.(l Mill ,-n**.      I'limi. ill
Waterproof Paints
Coal Tar, Pitch.
Creosote, Oils foi
Preserving Timber,
Roofing Pitch and
Boat BaQdera will Bud it to their ud-
rentage to use onr Pitoh,
Nelson Coke & Gas Co.
_____ ������
Thorpe's Lithia
Thorpe & Co'y,
J lb. fcox   -   50c
J-2 lb. box-   30c
TliHogoodi arc *.���*. fine u the mora expensive
kind!, tbe ouly difference ta tbe package
Phoue 25.      '     Bnkir St.
Next P. Hums & Co.
Cor. Vernon nnd Word  Slt-ss.ts.,
.���Nl-:i_SOI\,   13. C.
J. FKED HUME, Proprietor.
T. Hull, Victoria; II. Poleraan, S. H,
Bowman, Minneapolis; C. F. Caldwell,
A. Carney, Knslo; F. J. Dixon, P. E.
McMillan, B. .1. Wells, Toronto; G. H.
Boulton, \V. It. Koss. A; n. Klhhihl,
S. Graham, (.'. Tiitile. T. Allen, O. I..
Daynton, P. Waters, J. t;. Cumtnings,
L, M. Proctor, M. Macfarlaire, L. P,
Eckstein and wife, C. Schofleld, Fernie!
li. s. Sarwood, Now Westminster; P.
II. Burnham, O. Forbes, S. C. Thlele,
P. Welch, Spokane; W. O. White,
Movie; P. M. Kelly, Kosalia: P. S.
Pendergast, Si Paul; C. F. McQueen,
Calgary; T. Q. Meiray, Winnipeg; .1. J
Flentot, Frank.
G. O. Buchanan, W. E. Cockle Knslo;
A. ii. McNeill, C. Dempster, Rossland;
P. Ellison, .1. A. Main, Miss Mara, Vic
toils'.:; P. A, Peacock, Montreal; F. W.
Fauquier, Xeedles; .1. E. Robertson.
Winnipeg; A. D. Wheeler and wife,
Alnsworth; C, Olmstead, New York; II.
C. Ilnllls, Cincinnati; A. McQueen,
Kamloops; C. S. D. Beutton, Cranbrook; F. P. Davis, Vancouver; M.
Thoult, Midway; Colonel Davison, Eng
.Mrs. Luwrle, Moose Jaw; Sol Wil-
liuiiisisn, Ashland; .1. B, Wlnlaw, Win
law; C. N. Edwards, Fernie; D. Corey,
Detroit; J. D. Hell und wife, Salmo;
('.. L. Welch and wife, T. L. Church'
III, Spokane; s. S. Arnold, J. N. Marly, Montreal; A. W. .Mackenzie, Port
iunil; T. K. Needham, Eholt.
II.   Thuesler, W.  Mclnnes,  Halcyon;
P.  Wallers, Victoria.
It. Wood, Kaslo.
W,  li.  La,  Slooaa;   W. MoLachlan,
Vancouver; ll. J. Maodonald, Sydney;
C. Crockett, Charlo'ttetown;  w. Haas,
Palmer  Huiiiils:   11.   Sawyer,  Bonners
Perry;  .1. W.  MoKenzie, Rossland;  F,
C, Qoold,  I's.riluuil;   .1.  W.  Kvle,  Ynk-
iimi;  J.  Allen,  Phoenix;   P.  MoAsklll,
Halcyon; C. 10. Halvorson, A. Pnilnini,
Nanaimo;   J. Chambers, Three Forks
F.  Simons,  MOyla;    .1.    Hobson, P.
Simpson,   Fernie;   M.   Synions.   .Maple
Creek;  P. F. Iliillock, Itevelsloke.
O. Gronsen, Erie; W. McAuley, Sal
mo;  P. Campbell, Vancouver; J. Cui
hnne, Phoenix.
J. Hisiiii. Eagle Creek; .1. B. Fair,
A. Barolay, Bonnington; N, ll. Montgomery, Fernie; Miss .1. Lawrence,
Rossland; F. Ileruk, M. Kriinvieh.
Winnipeg; W. M. Garrol, Grand Forks;
w. Patterson, Koka_.ee; A. 0, O'Neill
Ymir; C. Aitkin, Creston.
A.  Iiisiviihi!!,    Wlnlaw;    11.    Howell,
Bonnington;    P,  K.  Hiiikie,   Thin	
Mile Point; F. B, Preeland, Hun
cm,v* r.
BLUE Rill BON TEA is the
best.    Try a pound with
your next order.
Money  refunded if  not  satisfactory.
Telephone 161,
The Annual Meeting of the Nelson
Agricultural and Industrial Association
will be held in the Board ol Trade
loom on Thursday, November 1st, hiog,
ni 2 o'clock in the afternoon,
D. C. McsMORRIS, Secretary.
Silver has again advanced to 7096c;
other metal Quotations arc  uuchaiiS-U.
The meeting of the Nelson Liberal
association, culled tor lasi night, waa
not  held.    There   was  no   Quorum,
A meeting ot the Xelson branch of
the Anii-Tuberculofiis society is called
for  this evening  at  S  o'clock in  the
city hall.
A light comedy opera, like "l'iuu-
fore," is always presented following
the performance of "Cavallerla Kustt-
ciiiiii," Ui relieve the dramatic in tensity of the Wonderful creation of Mas-
cagni. In "Pinafore," Miss Nula sings
Josephine; Mr. Walters, Ralph Rack*
slraw; Miss Carrie Godfrey, Butter-
cup; Miss Crowley, llebc. This splendid double bill will he given by thu
Rosctan Opera company on the even
ing of October 81.
Manager George llorstead of the local opera house asks tor a correction
of a rumor that \V. G. Cranston, manager of tlie Rosclans, has been unfiar-
ly treated by ihe management of the
Sherman circuit Mr. Ilorstead says:
"Mr. Cranston had four night' sen-
gaged in the week following the Fair.
He cnneelled these. Later he applied
for nights already engaged by the Zinn
company, which, of course, could not
be given tu him."
"Cavaileria Rusttoana." which the
Rosdan Opera company will present
in connection with "Pinafore," in Ag
ricultural hall, October 111, is a musical
melodrama in one act; lyrics by Foz-
zetti and Mftnasci, musla by Pletra
Mascugni. The English version is by
Nathan Haskell Dole. It was first
produced In Rome, May 17, 1890. The
great musical numbers are the "Regina
Colli," by SantUZZft; the drinking
song of Turiddie, "Crack Goes the
Whiplash," Alfio; "The Song of tho
Rose," Lola. The story opens just before the break of day, Faster morning.
Of Zinu's Musical Travesty company,
which will appear at Sherman's opera
house next week, an exchange says:
"For pretty, ahapely and sprightly
girls, who can sing and dance as easily
as the ordinary person can talk and
walk, this cumpany cannot be beaten.
The many specialties make the performance continuous and everybody is
on the qui vive wondering what high
jinks will come next.' For high kicking nearly every girl in the company
is an artist and there are two or three
who are wonderful contortionists as
well. How the management ever got
together such an aggregation of
beauty, grace and agility is difficult
to understand,"
The Store of Quality
40 Cents pet Pound
In order to clenr out this Une
wo aro reducing the prico to
40c. We only hnve a limited
quantity so don't delay order-
log if yon want nny.
K. W. C. Block . Phone  10
Yale-Kootenay Ice, Frait, Fuel
& Poultry Co., Ltd.
Deliveries made dally throughout Nelsou
and itssuburbH Phono MH.
A. McDonald& Co.
Dealers In staple nml funcy Grooeries,
Butter, Kuks.
Cnmp nud Miners' Supplies.
IAI MKN, isl siii-s.., /���r vi.rk lis thfl wssisilss. Apnlv
is. W. K i "..k,,. ...wiiilll. KrsI... "
I.AIIV HTEMHIKAI'HKlt (sir psmlilisn li, country!
I,nml lioini- witli employer1, linsslly. Apply
isn't W.. t'lilm.lfiuinflliso.
IIIKIIMKN..MIU llHlidnanil Lorain.-nnlrai-lnrii,
ssi��i Bggiaeer   Wdttrturg Lumber Co,, neat
I rmilinsok, B. C
COMI'KTKNT   M us i   (IIKL.    Klvc   ,��� r.-n!
A ,.,-]>��� Issx 818,
ROD-BAND TWO LOTH nu dubontlo ittMt,
Apply U. 0. Ki-claiHla.
Fresh, Crisp aud Appetizing.
25c per pound.
This i.s a fine Hue.
Cm A* Benedict
Corner Silica and Josephine Sis.
How   About   Your
Guns and
We have Eley's, Kynook's, Winchester, nud Cogswell &
Harrison s
Loaded Shot Shells
Kvuosk's, Winchester nnd
Rifle and Pistol Cartridges
Hunting Knives, Wading, Belts,
boats, Pants, etc,
Nelson Hardware Co.
Box 631      Nelaon, I). C.
We havo jnsi received a consignment
of Now Records, both Cylinder and
Disc. This shipment was selected personally  and  every  record   ta a choice
Disc, 10 inch   each 65c
Cylinder each    35c
Cylinder, gold mounted.. .each 45c
W. G. Thomson
B88LW int Nelsou, B. c.
I'll, Ml-.-   .14.
Sherman's Opera House
FRIDAY, October 26
and Saturday Matinee, Oct. 27th.
Westminster Abbey Choir
Ss-ais BOo, 7,'si-, $1.00.
Plan now ssps'u ,-it Rutherford's,
MONDAY, Oct.29th
Change of bill nightly.
Zinn's Merry Musical Travesty Co.
and Famous Dancing Girls.
Tuesday "The Jolly Musketeers."
Wednesday "The Sultan ol Morocco."
Tho groateit girl allow you over ut*.
Prioo, 500, 7JO, 11.00. Mniliui' Bo sinsl Mi-
sals- openi Saturday morning ..t Rutherford's,
Ws.-'ro imrllctilar In hnv iinly pipes
that we oan guarantee���OBO, iiiiii, jk
���made from the finest French briar,
curved or straight stems, amber or vul-
canlte moutbpleoes, All sizes: $1,00
Tobacconist.   Baker Street.
Talking about it will neither put a
piano into your home nor bring back
the slays���valuable daya���your daughter Is wasting. Let us tell you how
easy we will make It for yon NOW to
give your family the piano they have
wished for so long.
"Acts Not Words"
Mason & Risch Piano Co'y, Limited
The Greatest Sholb in the History of Nelson
Auspices of lhe Tiventy Thousand Club
< >,���%!���:  INMll.'l
-ONI 3     .till,.
'Double 'Bill, Grind and Comic Opera, bv Ihe
.; I..���iH.-.iiiiic .m.i noitingol Building,   ModornNovated8lua
mill Ai.n.ii simi Boi g i���������u   |. open ��i Longhurii'iTi
ii- I".. Tliiiii'lny, iiri.i-.iii   NOBUONBlt.
General Admission 75c
'!!!m,"i\'.',. ,!l,l,','.!''."i"l'."' i''1','1,'!"" I"1' nsranieo iiir mombeo end
isiiiii' un' miis'ii'iii iri'Hi ni tin. leoioti,
Swell Modern 6-Room Cottage for Sale
Price (-'ose t0 centre of eity, all modem
<fc-"2  J50        conveniences, one of the finest properties in Nelson.
Numerous Designs and Low Prices
Call and Inspect
J. J. WALKER, ^S^��W
tt$ZA%SffiZSf "'K ow ,mm"    Repairing and Jobbing a Specialty
Slii'i'tnii'tal Work, (!iustin((n, BnDdtru' Materia] uml Minim; unsl Mill IfgohigJ
Offloe nml Wnrk-i Koo', uf IJiirk Bt.
I'lK.ll-     -HI.
NelMiiM, B.Q
&/? Kootenay Aeenti
(   Q��� R.A.RogersiiCo,
v-lV/*��        Limited, Winnipeg.
WholcNdic  Provl-HlotiM)
Dominion Goverinu-.it (V'annry On-.-Pound lirirku roooivdd Wdekh (M
from the cliiuii.    FW Bdlo l��y all li-iuliiiK ^iinivte.
OlYwv ami wart'luiusc: Hoiiftou Hl.K-k,   Pbono 7!��.
Nelson, B. C.
_-��***"t_ _-��������� ""'.a
A Wofd to the Wise
Ihtbymrwe hnra appreotated tlm wnnts of w��
tomen ami have ptwod into ttook tha
Good Cheer Art Base Burner
e*l*"^~Q&j"'?'M        Thl�� stove ii adapted for bard ooal only, and fag��
AfaWJTI':-.7$&-t(tr^ untied to sdye wttinfartiou.
_fefcv ���
^ J* H. Ashdown Hardwar.
      Company, Limited.
sv~*~. B. A. ISAAC R, W, HINTON ����~-V\A
.VoiL* iJitii*''*hh,"J* ������"x"tc_l with l)-.��p-.t.-,.   .sunt M.tel
Work, MlnlnBand Mill Maohln��ry.    Mi.��ul.i.tur_r- ol
Or-.  l_i,'-.   U.  U.   Ciiiitrii.tnrii'  CurM.
We Will Sell
500 International Coat
tO Marconi, Canadian
1000 Yale-Kootenay Ice
9 /���!
McDermi-i & McH&tM
1 Just Arrived!
A large consign*
incut of
All .Si/.i.B n,,,! lowest Prlooe
J. a. gTlker
MANUFACTURERS   T *��� o-/ #        _
AND DEALERS IN   LltmMtf  SillflgleSy
Lath, Mouldings, Doors, Window*
1 urn.d Woric.���d(1,.U8ket((i y ������,���, |
________ *��TRBaT - . .  iNBUBON. B. O.
J��2Z�����*y Ranges
Why do we handle the Famous Kootenay Range?
co_ln.CaH,e,We':'1nno, Pfocur. a better, taking Into account  design, Workmanship, cooking qualities and price
we will be pleaacd to show you Its good points.        ,
Wood-Vallance Hatdwate Cofy
I _j(L.-.-_    *
V, r  '
"���fi7Jft_r..  i ,i llrfirT'i


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