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The Daily Canadian Feb 21, 1908

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so bracing and Invigorating.
I',   a little  better than  most mineral
Bters, and  Ita medicinal    properties
1LUMH   2.      NO.   219'
\%\)%i ^laily
A       ___ ^
_�����.      FEB 25 1908
DAILY  t.._^��_/IAN
Will be delivered    every evening    at
your door for
���pin_ STORY
Sanation of Japan's
on Paper Protests Against Veto
M.uichurian Concession���
Berlin Blames British.
Ion. Feb. tt*���Th* Daily Chronicle
hll article and editorial -protesting
Japan's haughty action iu shut*
e doors of Manchuria by vetoing
111 ..linttin Kukue railroad, which
-.iik constitute*; by a ilritii.ii llrm,
ting tin: lirst lime that a liritish
���   secured   such   a   contract   ln
tys ihat thu view of the British
..nice   that   Japan   must   decide
raelf  In  such  matters  practically
Japan   the   sole   arbiter  of  any
China  may   take  for the  for  the
pment of commerce aud industry
la-liurla    and     must,  have  a  far-
14    effect     In     discouraging   the
government from dealing  with
���   wonders,"   says   the   Chronicle,
11 r, if tlie contract   had  been se-
i��> a Japanese llrm, the same ot��-
.*.   to   the   Improved   conimunica-
.w.uld have been felt."
Chronicle  usks   that the  matter
itilated lay parlimeut.
fliii, Feb. 21.���The government has
for several mouths past lhat lhe
ot ilriti.*-li policy included thu crea-
the impression in St. Petersburg
lapan was preparing to renew war.
ggestlon  is   revealed   in  pilvate
to   a   member   of   the   Russian
nu Persians of tlie highest social
Icilon   In   England,   was   supported
stiff lima* of the Japanese foreign
in the recent negotiations relating
.ti'-r questions In Manchuria.   The
tisness Of the Russian court   was
��� 1   !.>   Great   llritain   to   conclude
.ii aud Afghanistan agreements
h ii   now been employed in obtuln-
n   i.*al   co-ojieratioii   ln   the   pro-
nat Austria in Macedonia. The
.ui torelgn minister haa, however,
the last ihree days, laid the basis
��� -li entente between Russia and
System  to Connect  New York
and   Philadelphia.
I   I
York, Feb. 21.���The first of the
IBtem   of   tunnels   und   subways
which   the   1'ennsylvunlu   will
ns trom  Philadelphia under the
river  across   Manhattan  Island
1  lhe East river to Long Island
a  completed   today.     The   two
In* tunnel, one of the four con-
Manhattan   lsSund   with   Long
tj were brought together under
if the middle Rasl river, before
today,   and   the   steel   rings   com-
the shell of the tube  were con-
in   one   continuous   string  from
in shore.    The work on the tube,
la  four  thousand  feet   long,  was
,11   August,     1906.     Two     other
mil  be   completed   within  a few
mil   Iho   fourth   will   be   llnisln'il
iliri-a.   months   according   to   an
te, ment   hy   the   company.     The
'���Hi aaf the  first tunnel  was  ca-la-
111 Long Inland Clly hy a Olapla]
about  the  works  of  the  com*
Si, accurate  were  the  mensitre
"f thi'   engineers   (hat   the  ends
"nether will, only it variation of
���p'iKhttiH of   un    Inch.      This   sys
"I  tunnels  will   connect   the   Long
1 railroad with the Pennsylvania
���ail terminal now being rainstnicia.il
fliliij Third   streei   New   York.     A
la. be constructed  In   New  York
1 Brooklyn to connect with variation!  of   the   l.ong   Island   rall-
|rican   Democratic   Leader   Visiting
Campa  of  Supporters.
ptchlnson,  Kns., Fob. 21.���The con-
111 of Kansas llemocrals to choose
delegates-at-large   10  the   Iienver
'"Haiti assembled In this city today
"as called  lo order at  10 o'clock
Horning by stnte Chairman Ryan.
"��'   delegation   to   tho   national
"Hon  will   be   nnnnlmotis   for  the
'atlon   of  William   J.   Ilrynn   Is   a
'ne   conoluslon,   practically   every
[invention sending delegates to
convention hnvlng passed re-
"]"     favoring     the     Nebrnaknu.
18  considerable  gossip  over the
"Hy   of  naming  a   now   man   on
national     committee   to    succeed
"   tl    Atwood  or  Leavenworth,   who
"'���J'!  that  position Bince  1904. WM-
*��� Sapp of Galena and J. 13. John-
son of Peabody are out for the place
Mr.  Atwood   is  fighting lor re-eleeiion.
Springfield, 111., Feb. 21.���William J.
Ilryan visited Springfield today to confer with his supporters among the Democrats oi Illinois Though ostensibly
a rally .,r the iii.viin elnbi ol the state
and 1,,-id withoui any special political
slgnllicniia... il  i.s believed   presence
of so many Bryan followers will be
taken advantage of tor an Importanl
conference. Mr. Bryan is reported to
tie nol altogether satisfied with the
way ililitgH hav,. Iica>ti allowed to aliift
along In Illinois. The hostility of National Committeeman Raaga.r 0. Sullivan toward Ilryan ami Bryanlsm Is well
known, but recently other matters have
come up to mine the surface. The suggestion of Governor Johnson aaf Minnesota for the Democratic presidential
nomination   has  been  received in  1111-
nols with ,-t cordiality not to the liking
Of Ilia. Ilryan people. The Swedish ela*-
ment Is large and inllinmjlal iu this
state and though the majority of tin-
Swoalisli-American voters are Republicans It is believed thut Ihey would
rally strongly to the support of Gov*
ernor Johnson ir Ills nomination appeared to be a possibility, The oonneo
tlon between Mr. Bryan's present visit
to Illinois and the Johnson boom is
strengthened so far as snppoelrJtm goes
by the fact that the Nebraska*, leader
goes rrom Illinois to Kansas. Where
he is to oonfer with the Kansas Demo-
cratlc leaders tomorrow. Kansas, like
Illinois, is the home of large colonies
of Swedish-Americans.
General   Manager   of   Grand   Trunk   to
Confer With President���Plans
for  Prince   Rupert.
Montreal, Feb. 21.���Mr. Charles M.
Hays, vice-president und general
manager of the G. T. R., has gone to
England for the purpose of confi'rring
witii the directors of the lirand Trunk
aud Grand Trunk  Pacific.
Mr. Hays generally makes a trip to
London  In  the  spring, but   this  year he
has gone a little earlier than usual, it
is understood in olllcial circles that his
object tn doing so was to plaee before
Sir Charles Rogers-Wilsam and the
members of the 1-ondou board tlie position of the company and the plans lie
has In view for economizing expenditure lu view of the falling off In the receipts since  tiie beginning of the year.
Several Grand Trunk Pacilic matters
also render Mr. Hays' presence desir-
able iu London, one of them being the
forthcoming issue or $6,000,000 G. T.
P. lour per cent, debentures tor equip-
1,1*-nt purposes, which are guaranteed
by the parent company. Then there
Is the matter of Mr. Wainwrlglifs mission to Hritish Columbia and the settlement ot the issues raised in the
course ot the fourth vicc-p.-a-sident's negotiations with the I nil ish Columbia
ministers. Mr. Hays deferred his departure until Mr. Wainwrigiit's return
in order that he might hava- all the
racts regarding the position of the Government taken in regard to the Prince
Rupert terminals and plans for llle lav-
out   of   the   cily   before   hini.
Another matter in connection with
the (1. T. P. which has to be gone into with the directors is the construction of the first hundred miles of railway east of Prince Ruperi. The ten-
da-rs for this work were invited some
time since und were opened a few days
ago, but as the gving out of the contract was to be dependent upon Iho
Una] settlement or .'he dispute between
the British Columbia Government ami
the company, no contract has yet been
awarded, although it is understood thai
several tenders have been received
which an* satisfactory, lt is not considered likely that this contract, which
involves something like seven million
dollars, will he given out until Mr.
Hnys has discussed the matter with
lhe London  directors.
No Varsity-Yale  Mat;h.
New Haven, Oonn., Feb. Jl.���Ii was
stilled by tin' Yale athletic nullioiilles
today that there will he no international hticka-v gania' this year between
the Ynl" team anal the winners of the
United States Intercollegiate championship, anil tlie seva'ti from the University of Toronto. There hns been some
talk of a meeting between these two
teams to decide the intor-colleglnte
ohamplonshlp of Norih America- hut
the Yale leant has gone out of training
and will not play again this year.
Pope Inspects Gift.
Rome, Feb. 21���The Pope. Inking advantage or tha* beautiful spring like ilay,
went lo the Vatican gardens yesterday
antl paid a visit to the llaans which
King   Menelik   recently sent   to   him.
Japanese Officers Killed.
Toklo, Feb. 21.���While the Japanese
cruiser Akalhl was engaged In lowing
work nt. Nagasuki prefecture on the
evening of February 2(1 a bollard gavo
way. Tha' non-coniniissloned Officers
were killed and two officers were Injured.
Big Crop of Oranges.
Riverside. Cul.. Feb. 21.���An average
or a curload of oranges every twenty
minutes has been picked anal shipped
east from Riverside In the past week.
Figuring nine bonis ns a working day.
This Is the heaviest week or work or
the season so far. The packing houses
are rail or fruit and it Is believed tho
Shipment! next week will pass tho,two'
hundred care mark.
Fifty Cents a month
Russian People's Views
on Sentence
Kuropatkin and Alexieff Should Tell
Why Fortress Was So Badly
J ������ ped for Siege.
''��������' ' ��*sr    ��   irg, Feb. 21.���The passing
irl f,   .  sentence  yesterday  by  a
o?   il   upon   Lleutenant-Ceneral
.    '"s     ��   ho was tried on  the  oharge
<�����.<*��     .*��   ce
ce and treason In surrender-
lj\ii, wthur to the Japanese, ls re
ceived with little satisfaction in the
Russian capital, where it is felt that the
trial of Generals Stoessel, Reiss and
Smirnoff has done practically nothing
towards establishing the real responsibility for the fall of the fortress. The
court Indeed decided the extent of the
guilt of Stoessel and the others, but lt
mglected to judge the system of which
they were the product. They declined
to admit testimony regarding the preparedness of the fortress at the beginning of tlie war; the role ot the navy in
the defense of a marine stronghold, and
other facts In the humiliation of Russia.
The newspapers today sympathize with
General Stoessel and declare that the
death sentence undoubtedy will be commuted. They demand also that General
Kuropatkin, Viceroy Alexieff and other
oilicers still more Immediately responsible tor the loss or the war, be placed
on trial.
St. Petersburg. Feb. 21.���The Novoe
Vremya states that Lieutenant General
Raduigi has been dismissed trom the
office of the minister of war and that
his successor will be Lieutenant General Nicholas Ivanoff. who took part In
the Turkish and Japanese wars as commander ot the third Siberian corps and
later or the first army corps, and who
now  is governor general  of Cronstadt.
Foreigners   Fight   to   Get   Into   Gaol���
���Thousands  Are Idle.
��� Philadelphia, Feb. 21.���As a sequel to
the remarkable scene enacted in Broad
street late yesterday afternoon, when
several hundred policemen gave battle
to more than 100 unemployed foreigners
who were inarching to the city ball tor
the purpose or making a demonstration,
fourteen Italians were held for bail here
today. Five were detained on a charge
ot assault and battery and Inciting riot,
and the others on that or inciting a riot
simply. During the battle, the police
testified at an inrormal inquiry today,
members of the mob fired several revolver shots, one of which slightly Injured nn onlooker. A witness said that
nt the mass meeting preceeding the
march, a woman speaker had Incited
the men by declaring "It Is better to be
In Jail where you can get plenty to eat
than to be out of work and hungry."
Volatlrine Defre, the anarchist, among
others addressed the mass meeting but
disclaimed today any responsibility ror
the march. She said her speech wns
made In English and thnt hair or the
audience did not understand her. During the march toward the city hall a
number ol red flugs were carried.
The central textile union, ut n mass
meeting last night, decided to march ln
parade to the city hall In lhe near future nnd appeal to the mayor for aid In
obtaining work for its unemployed members. It is snld lhat out of IS.000 work-
a-rs In (he textile workers of tho mill
district 10,000 are now out of employment.
Killed by ice in Shaft.
Wllltcsbar're, Pa., Feb. 21.���While ten
miners were being lowered Into Ihe
station mine of the Lehigh and Wllkes-
burre Coal oompany today, a large body
of Ice In the shaft fell, slrlking the hood
or the cage and demolishing it. Two ot
the men were killed outright, one died
on his way to the hospital, three others,
lt ls believed, will die of their injuries.
The killed nre Bernard Quadder, laborer. Evans Owens, driver. Andrew
.laayer. laborer. The Injured, five In all,
nre foreigners. Two of the men in the
cage escaped injuries. The cage was
near the bottom of the shaft which is
one thousand feet deep, when the Ice
Auto Factory Burned.
Dayton, Ohio, Feb. 21.���Fire of unknown origin broke out ln the mammoth plant of the Stoddart Dayton Automobile factory at an early hour this
morning and swept through tho old section of tho plant causing damage of
many thousands. The entire fire department fought the flames but was
unable to prevent their spreading to the
new section recently completed and the
plant will be crippled for weeks to
come. The plant will be a total loss
which ls covered by Insurance. The
amount will reach over a quarter of a
million. Tbe Stoddart Dayton factory
was the second largest automobile
works  In the country.
Suicide From Grief.
Hartford, Feb. 21.���Because of her regret over the conviction of General
Stoessel at St. Petersburg, Amelia Harris killed herself here yesterday, Inhaling illuminated gas. The girl was
a Russian and had been for a time employed -lln General Stoessel's ramlly.
When she waa informed of General
Stoessel's conviction she went to her
room and no more was heard of her.
Manipulator of "Thin Red Line," Leech,
Appointed to Distribute Seed
Grain in the Weet.
Ottawa, Feb. 21.���There is Indignation in parliamentary circles over the
fact that Mr. Leech, the government
official who operated the "Thin Red
Line" In Manitoba, has been appointed
to supervise the distribution of seed
grain ln the Northwest. This politician
was formerly Liberal organizer for
Manitoba. At the last election it was
found by persons who came to vote ln
many of the constituencies that their
names had been crossed off the lists
by a thin red line. It ts estimated that
fully 10,000 voters were disfranchised as
a consequence. When enquiry waa made
it waa learned that the voters' lists had
been sent from Ottawa to the returning
officers as usual, but that they were
passed for revision to the central offices of the Liberal party. At these
rooms they were carefully gone over,
and the names of persons hostile to the
government, to the number estimated,
were stricken off. The outrage, when
discovered, resulted ln several arrests.
Leech, who, as chief organizer, was
charged with the responsibility, was
promptly rewarded by the Ottawa government with the offlce of homestead
inspector ln the then territories.
The appointment of Leech Jo supervise the distribution of seed grain In
Saskatchewan, and to see to the repayment of the price Is regarded as an Impudent proceeding. Moreover, lt Is
viewed as giving strength to the suspicions which have been aroused concerning the management of this seed
grain grant. It Is now believed tbat
what was supposed to have been an act
of benovelence is to be used as a
scheme of tyrany. Under ordinary circumstances, when seed Is given, an
agreement Is made with each recipient
to make good the sum Involved within
a period extending over several years.
This time a different course is pursued. The farmer who receives the
assistance has first to give a chattel
mortgage upon his entire crop.
This Is held by the provincial governments. Then the farmer agrees that he
shall not receive bis patent for land
that he holds from the federal government until he has paid. In addition to
this, the money has to be repaid within
a year.
The result of the bargain into which
the farmers must enter before they can
get a grain of wheat to sow Is that
these persons who ought to be treated
with consideration are tied up from the
day they get help until they have paid
the money, and have thus bought their
freedom. They are nt the mercy of the
local government, which holds a chattel
mortgage upon everything they grow,
and they stand to suffer at the hands of
the Dominion government unless they
pay up or capitulate to whatever demands the government may mnke upon
It is quite Improbable that all who
receive seed grain will be able to pay
the amount of the advance at the end
of twelve nionths. As a matter of fact,
the demands upon the settlers for store
bills, for Implements and so on. may,
unless the crop Is exceedingly heavy,
be such as to render impossible the paying up of the value of the seed grain
from the proceeds of the first crop. Such
being the case the provincial and federal governments, under the agreement
they force the farmers to enter Into,
are in a position to say that they will
take their crops from them and withhold their patents unless they surrender
their rights as citizens and vote for the
policy of graft.
The farmer who refuses to vote for
the grafters can be pressed for the
money. On the other hand, the farmer who agrees to vote as ordered may
be accorded an extension. Thus a system of coercion ls possible. The Conservatives ln parliament saw through
the manoeuvre for the holding up of the
settlers before they knew that Leech,
of the "Thin Red Line." had been appointed to superintend the distribution
of the seed and the collection of the
money. It was for this reason that they
moved for the extension of tho loan for
three years. The motion helps to give
the farmers relief. They know now
that a change of administration will
mean complete emancipation from the
oppressive regulations, and, In addition,
freedom to exercise their franchises as
free men. **
To Power Supply From
Ontario Deputation Waits on Lord
Grey, .Bryce and   Laurier���
Canada From Ocean to Ocean.
Ottawa, Feb. 21.���A deputation representing the Ontario government today
waited on Earl Grey, Mr. James Bryce,
British ambassador to Washington, and
Sir Wilfrid Laurier, to protest against
the conclusion of any treaty with the
United States which would would limit
the volume of water to be taken from
Niagara Falls for power purposes.
Toronto, Feb. 21.���The shareholders'
committee of the defunct Ontario Bank
is forwarding to every shareholder a
circular designed to bring in as many
votes as possible to back up the committee in an attempt to Insure that the
$2,000,0000 action against tbe former
directors will be prosecuted. The question as to whether or not these actions
will be tested in court will be decided
by   the   shareholders   on   March   4. I
Moose Jaw, Feb. 21.���Thomas W.
Flett has been appointed trainmaster
here to succeed E. L. Chudleigh, who
has heen transferred to Cranbrook.
Wawanese, Man., Feb. 21.���Fire this
morning destroyed Gordon's harness
shop, Holland's hardware store, and
Lander's poolroom.
Winnipeg, Feb. 21.���Robert Dunbar,
of St. Paul, Minn., proved himself to be
the greatest curler in the west by winning the grand aggregate at the bonspiel.
Winnipeg, Feb. 21.���Newman's liquor
store, on Loman avenue, was destroyed
hy flre this morning, loss $5,000.
Calgary, Feb. 21.���Maitland S. McCarthy, member for Calgary in the house
of commons, was unanimously nominated last night by the Conservatives of
the city to contest the constituency in
the next general election.
St. John. N. B., Feb. 21.���The C. P. R.
steamer Lake Manitoba is reported one
hundred miles south of Cape Race at
noon today. She Is due at St. John at
6 a. m. Sunday.
Strathroy, Feb. 21.���W. B. Bryant, a
well to do farmer and postmaster at
Calvert, aged about sixty years, committed suicide hy shooting himself yesterday. He had been a sufferer ror
some years Trom asthma and had become melancholy. He loaves a widow
and grown up family.
Hamilton, Feb. 21.���Announcement
that Bishop Dowling would issue a decree In lent forbidding mixed marriages unless performed by priests of the
Roman Catholic Church, is denied by
Dean Mahoney who states that the bishop has no power to Issue such an order.
Toronto, Feb. 21.���After a fight of
nine months there Is some Indication
of a settlement between the master
plumbers' association and the local
plumbers, steam and gas fitters' association.
Toronto, Feb. 21.���Tom. C. Flanagan,
founder and chler mover ln the Irish-
Canadian athletic club, has resigned as
manager of the club's athletic team.
He Bays now that the club ls on Its feet
be feels that his work is done.
Woodstock, Feb. 21.���After forty
years and a hair or service, John Cameron, governor or Oxford county Jail,
and rather or Judge Cameron of the
supreme court of Manitoba, has resigned.
Toronto, Feb. 21.���Adeputatlon of
local license holders today asked Premier Whitney to bring In legislation
which would prevent the Toronto city
council reducing the number of liquor
licenses in the city but the premier declined to interfere.
Ottawa. Feb. 21.���Hon. Mr. Sifton denies the statement of Dr. H. L. Mclnnes
that he ls managing director of the Imperial Pulp company. He says he has
no Interest whatever in the company.
Toronto, Feb. 21.���The board of control today voted $8,000 additional to the
house ot industry to relieve distress in
the city.
Ganonoque. Feb. 21.���Police Magistrate Deasllp died today at tho age of
59 years. Death Was due to pneumonia.
He had only been 111 for a few days. He
leaves a widow, four sons and two
daughters. f
Mild-Eyed Murderer.
New York. Feb. 21.���The mild loo'king
young man who trescrtued himself aa
James A. Baker, of Columbus, Ohio,
when arrested here last night after a
seven thousand mile chase, charged
with murder and a long series of post
ollice and railroad station robberies, ia
now said to have been one of the Hat>
field-McCoy feudists of Kentucky. His
real name is supposed to be Dickinson.
He told the police that he baa a wife ln
Pittsburg whom he married five years
ago. The prisoner was arraigned before a United States commissioner today and held in $5,000 for further examination  on  March   2nd.
Salvation Army Congress.
Atlanta, Ga��� Feb. 21.���Leading officers of the Salvation Army from all
of the Southern States assembled ln
Atlanta today for their fifth annual congress. The gathering will be ln session three days and will be devoted
to the discussion of all phases of the
organization's work. Leaders of the
army from New York, Cleveland and
other points will addreBS the congress.
Discourage Emigration.
Rome, Feb. tl.���The Italian government publishes further telegrams from
the Italian consuls at New York and
San Francisco discouraging Immigration   to   America   for   the   present    '
Kootenay   Presbytery   Discusses Union
of Churches, Mission Fields and
Sunday  Schools.
The Presb: Sery of Kootenay concluded Its  labor.:  last night.
Rev. Geor ;e H. Flnlay, having been
examined by the moderator and licensed
by the Presbytery, was nolemnly ordained, as i .isslonary in charge at Trail,
by the lay'.ig on of hands by the Presbytery, th moderator presiding. An
eloquent a "large was addressed to him
by Rev. A an Simpson of Kaslo.
A resolution of welcome was adopted
to Rev. John MacKay, first principal ot
the British Columbia theological college.
The subject of church union was discussed at considerable length although
the committee on the subject presented
no report.
Rev. H. R. Grant said thnt, from perusal of copies of the documents he was
not satisfied with _ the proposals, especially as to the suggested opportunity to minister or congregation at the
end of any year to sever the pastoral
tie. He feared the effect would be unsettling.
The moderator called attention to
many matters in the proposed terms
which he thought in great need of improvement He was dissatisfied with
the form of the questions to be put at
ordination, and he thought the literary
form of the articles of doctrine un-
pardonably slipshod and obscure. He
was afraid of the effect of the abolition
of the name Presbytery for the. local
In any case he considered it a thing
to be deplored that the large sections
of the church were driftthg towards
union without careful scrutiny of Its
Rev. M. Danby, Rev. G. H. Flnlay and
Rev. A. Simpson spoke warmly ln favor
of union.
Rev. C. O. Main desired a recommen-*
datlon to the general assembly urging
caution, but did not move for it, and
tbe matter dropped.
A discussion followed on Sunday
Schools and Young Peoples' Societies,
reference being made to the effort of
Rev. Stuart Mulrhead to form an Interdenominational union. A resolution declared the time inopportune for the appointment of a provincial superintendent
Attention was called to the supreme
Importance of affording an opportunity
at least once a year ln all mission fields
for all who desire to partake of the
Sacrament of tbe Lord's Supper.
Votes of thanks for hospitality were
enthusiastically passed.
The Presbytery then adjourned to
meet In Fernle  in September.
        Plot and  Counterplot.
Lisbon, Feb. 21.���The air ts full of
rumorB of plots and counterplots. Some
speak ot increased revolutionary agitation among the Republicans, others of
the revival of Francolsm, yet others of
a palace and barrack plot to establish
a military dictatorship. Oporto newspapers stated positively that the government has discovered a Franco plot
at the palace.
The government ls prosecuting
Counts Aronsos and Taronca and Major Jose Jobo who are alleged to be
the  leaders  of  the   conspiracy.
Four Days With Corpse.
Toledo. Ohio, Feb. 21.���Fleeing In terror over long stretches of treacherous
Ice from Toledo light house, where tor
rour days he has been imprisoned with
the dead body of Captain Hayden, Jos.
Bonor reached the city yesterday afternoon. He brought the news of the death
to friends and relatives, telling of the
nerve racking vigil beside the dying
man in the lonely lighthouse and his
still more terrifying experience while
watching over the dead body, awaiting
a turn ln the weather which would permit his escape. Hayden was conscious
to the last and left a message for each
of his relatives and friends. He died in
his falthrul companion's arms. Bonor
placed tho body in one of the lower
rooms or the lighthouse and began his
wait for an opportunity to reach shore.
Minister Defends Act to
Settle Disputes
Cost of Preserving Record of Debates
in Commons���Let Courts First
Try Natal Act.
Ottawa, Feb. 21���According to a statement of Sir Wilfrid Laurier the average
cost of publishing ln Hansard the debates per column for 1907 was $6.42.
According to a statement by Lemieux,
since the industrial disputes investigation act became law twenty-nine applications for conciliation boaids from
mines and other public utilities, had
been received and from one Industry not
a public utility. Twenty-six boards have
been constituted and all disputes settled, thereby strikes being averted or
speedily settled.
In reply to a question by Senator
Lougheed regarding the government's
intention to disallow British Columbia's
Natal Act, Senator Scott said the government had decided to await the action of the courts In the matter.
The northern boundary of Alberta
and Saskatchewan ls the 60th parallel
of latitude. Senator Landry says that
the northern boundaries of Manitoba.
Ontario and Quebec should be extended
to the same line.
Must Forego Pageant.
Vienna, Feb. 21.���The arrangements
for the pageant ln Vienna this spring
that was to a feature of the celebrations
in bonor of the diamond jubilee of Emperor Francis Joseph, who has been
sixty years on the throne, was officially
cancelled today because His Majesty's
physicians do not consider him to be
sufficiently strong to participate ln the
Down With All Teaching.
Rome, Feb. 21.���A lively discussion
which has been going on ln the chamber of deputies regarding religious
teachings in the schools Is beginning to
excite the people and troops are held
in readiness ln the buildings surrounding the chamber of deputies against a
popular uprising. Numbers of the extreme parties decided to make a demonstration before the chamber today urging the abolition of all religious Instruction and this decided the government
to take precautionary steps.
Serves Them Right
Wawaka, Ind., Feb. 21.���The American car ln the New Tork to Paris automobile race left at 8.05 this morning for
Llmonler, six miles weit. having remained at Wawaka through the night.
The auto became fast ln the drifts east
of here last night after a tiresome
journey over twelve miles of almost impassable roads from Kendallville.
No Use Being Clubman.
Pittsburg, FPeg. 21.���Without exception the police have ordered all clubs ln
greater Pittsburg closed at midnight in
the future. Where club houses are used
as hotels, guests will be allowed to enter and leave when they choose, but
the selling of liquor will not be permitted after that hour. The order la the
result of many complaints from parents
and wives.
Mother and Daughter Arrested.
Kansas City. Mo., Feb. 21.���Mrs.
Sarah Morasch, a sister-in-law of Chas.
Miller, father of Ruth Miller, the four
year old child who died ln Kansas City,
Feb. 12th, from the effects of eating
poisoned candy-which was Intended for
her hah* sister, EJla Van Meter, was arrester at Marrlsvllle, Mo., last night-
charged with complicity ln the girl's
death. Mrs. Morasch's 17-year old
daughter, Blanche, was arrested yesterday by the police of Kansas City on tho
same charge.
Keene Scratches Entries.
New York, Feb. 21.���It was announced today that James R. Keene bas declared Gretna Green, 108 pounds, Tran-
sltal 95 pounds, and Restlgouche 93
pounds, out of the suburban handicap
which Is to be run on June 19th next
English Mine Fatality.
Newcastle-on-Tyne, Eng., Feb. 21.���
Fourteen miners lost their lives by an
explosion ln the Glebs Pit in the village
of Washington last night. There were
fifteen men In the mine et the Ume of
the accident and only one man escaped
with his life. Shortly before tho explosion 600 miners ascended from the
- I
w. �����'���!
1 -^ Dafly Canadian
Clothing,    Gents'   Furnishings
and Boots and Shoes
Is beginning to arrive.
In about another week we will be able to offer full lines
in these goods, and can promise you the best value ever offered in the city.
In the meantime it will pay you to await their   arrival
before making your purchase.
Ottawa's   City   Solicitor    Reports   That
Any Agreement to  Exempt Them
Is  Invalid.
Imperial Bank of Canada
Head Office:   Toronto.
Csnlt-il Authorized   ��10,000,000    Capital Paid Up ��4,860,0O0
p Rest   $4,860,000
D. B. WILKIE, President. HON. ROBERT JAFFRAY, Vice-President
Branches in British Columbia:
Interest allowed on deposits  from date ot deposit and credited quarterly.
INBL.801N  branch A*    IVI.    LAY,   Manager.
The Royal Bank of Canada
Incorporated  A.  D.  18
 (3,900,000     Reserve  Fund	
Unexcelled facilities for the transaction
of all kinds of Banking  Business.
SPECIAL   ATTENTION  given  to the
iavlngs    Bank   Department,   and
merest    credited    Quarterly    on
Savings Bank Accounts.
on Application, in Large, Medium
or Pocket Size.
Nelson Branch, G. A. SPINK, Manager.
Published iix a.yt a wee* by tbe
Baker Ht..  Nelson. B. G
Sunt-crlptlori ratei, 60 cents a month *3ellTerei*I
In the city, or V>.Qo . year if sent by mall, when
paid ln advauce.
A.: vrt.p- ne, rate*, on application.
All monlfcB paid in settlement of The Daily
Canadian accounti, either Inr mbwrlptlons or
advertising, mimt be receipted for on the printed
forms of tne Company. Other receipts are not
Friday,   February  21,   1908.
The jtrovincial minister of education
Hun. Dr. Young, has announced in tbe
1�� i-'islature that during the present year
the government will provide the pupUfl
Of Lhe public schools of the province
free scribblers, copy books and sim*
ilar supplies. This was accompanied
by the far more important announcement that In the very near future the
government would undertake the supply of lust books as well. .Many municipal Rciiool boards throughout tlie Dominion including Nelson's are now supplying scribblers, note books, pens and
The announcement was provoked by
a motion from John Oliver that "iu
the opinion of thin house It Is advis
lible to provide text books for use ln
the public schools of Hritish Columbia at the cost of the province." The
motion was out of order of conn**- !(�����
solutions Involving expenditure of public money may emanate only from the
The question of free text books has
been discussed at every meeting of the
provincial school trustees' association,
an 1 has been the subject of negotiation between that body and the education  department.
The trades and labor council of Vancouver once published a circular demanding ihat the government print and
distribute text books. The demand was
made in all innocence. The government
could only produce text books by paying heavily for the infringement of
copyright or by ennugiug a corps of authors tu prepare new books. The expense in either case would have been
enormous, and, as gold does not fall
from the sky into the provincial treasury, the people would  ultimately  have
paid many times the amount now paid
In  retail  purchase.
Then; are sentimental objections to
the measure. The sense of ownership
in a book will be gone. The pupil will
have in most cases only one year's
use of any book. If, as is evidently intended, the system is extended to high
schools, the pupil's fondness for his
first Horace or his first Virgil will need
to be a very abstract affection, it will
have no tangible supj>ort in the possession of a dog-eared, Ink-stained, margin-scribbled treasure.
Hut in many other spheres, sentiment
Is sacrificed to economy; why not also
iiiKchool  books?
The great argument for the change is
that, a provincial department, buying
textrbooks by thousands, can procure
them at a cost far less than parents
buying individually from retail merchants, although the latter have always
declared, and no doubt quite correctly,
that there Is very little profit in school
books. ln the matter of scribblers,
pens, pencils, etc., it has been demonstrated in Toronto that a saving of
more than i*0 per cent, may be effected
hy wholesale instead of ratal! purchase.
The expression "Free Text Hooks,"
though familiar. Is misleading. Text
books are never free; rhey may be paid
for by the people individually or com-
munistically through the provincial government The choice of method must
he determined by the balance of economy and general advantage, which will
probably be found on tlie side of wholesale  purchase.
Finance Minister Tatlow's budget
speech will be received with general
gratification. Reduction of the public
debt out of surplus revenue must have
tho effect of Improving the credit of
the province, and the almost certain
prospect of continued surpluses amply
justifies the undertaking of new public
works for development which In turn
will cause further increase in the revenue. The era of continuous deficits,
with now loans to pay maturing debts,
which was the lot of British Columbia
for many years before the Advent of t_.fi
-McBride government, Ih a thing of the
past. Under Conservative administration the province has learned to expect surpluses, and will not be disappointed so long as the present ministers
are   In  power.
Ottawa, Feb. 21.���Clly Solicitor Mc-
Velt has sent a communication to the
city council stating that by reason of
the recent judgment of the Judicial
Commit tee of the Privy Council the in-
oqmefl of civil servants resident in Ottawa can now be taxed, and that he
hue advised the assistant commissioner to that effect. He declares
there Is no agreement between the city
and tho government which prevents
the assessment of the salaries of the
civil servants resident In this city.
No agreement which the city could
enter into could have the effect of exempting from taxation any class of
residents. If, therefore, there was any
agreement purporting to specifically exempt from taxation Dominion civil servants,  the  same  would  be  invalid.
The City Solicitor goes on to argue
that the consideration that the city received was largely illusory, as the government was only agreeing to maintain
what was its own property. The bylaw provided that the agreement was
only to continue if the government observed every condition, which has not
been the case. In that connection, he
cites the failure to maintain sidewalks
on Wellington Street, which have been
constructed as local improvements.
The conclusion, therefore, is that
there is no agreement preventing civil
service income assessment, and anything purporting  to  be is  invalid.
Nelson Land Dintrict-   Ulstrlci of Weet Kuo'euay
Take notice tnat James Fisher, of Boaalano,
B- C , occu|��atlon prospector, lutends to apply
for a ���yeciai timber iceuee over the foilowiug
described lands;
Location No. 1. Commenolng ata post pUnuv.1
about two miles west of the Columbia Hint
Western Kailway'i rU<ht of-uay nnd a-Unii one
mlle north of the northern boundarv of G P. K
lot ,a��fltJ, and west of Pog creek, north of Farnut.
B. C, being the initial post adjacent to Iho
northwest corner of timber llcenc*- nuiuboi l.'tTM
and marked J. Fisher s N K oorner, theme
south SO chains, thence weat fW * -. tbenca
north m chains, thence east *-*u chain* to the
point of commencement and oontainlng mu
acres, more or le*n
Pated December 16th, 1*��
.laMIf- KmiiKR. locator.
Location No- t. Commeuclu** ai n post planted
at the southeast corner, being th'- initial poet
adjacent to the northwest corner <��f timoer
licence No. UT i and adiaci-nt to the uortlu-Hst
corner of J Fisher's No 1 location and ma-kid
J. Fisher's H _. corner, thence north Hu itinin*-.
theuce west HO chains, thence south Mt chains,
thence east 80 chains lo the point of commence-
ment and containing MO acrei. more or loot
Dated December 1-fith, I _���**��� t
James Fihhkr. locator.
An extension of 10 days within which to oom
mence publication granted by tne this date
Ducembcr Hint, 19u7, Harry Wright, Av-ftlstHUt
Commissioner of Lauds and  Work**.
Taae notice that Alfred Edward Watts, of
Wattsburg, BrUlt-h Columbia, lumberman, in
tends to apply for permission to lease the following described land, aituate near Procter on
the south shore of the west arm of Kootenay
Lake, more particularly described as follows:
Commencing at the northwest corner of Lot 4
of Lot 309, (iionp 1, West Kootenay District,
thence 16M0 feet {Xi>.4b chains) westerly along* tbe
south shore line of the west arm of Kootenay
Lake and being the north boundary of Lot 4 of
Lnt 309 to the northwest corner ot Lot 4 of Lot
:��9, thence '2280 feet (H4.o5ehainiO along the south
shore line of the west ann of Kootenay Lake and
being the north boundary of Lot 16 ol Lot 306,
Group 1. West Kootenay District; thence north
132 feet (2 chains); thence easterly 8960 feet
(6040 chains) and parallel with the south shore
line of the weat arm of Kootenay Lake; thenoe
-outh 1 .j feet (2 chains) to point of commencement, and containing 120 acres, more or lets.
Dated this 12th day of February, A. D., 1908.
Certificate  of Improvements.
Location No. b. Commencing nl a post planted
nt the aoutbcaA corner being -he initial post ad- (
jacent to the S. W. corner of J Fisner's No. 3 lota- j
tlon, and marked J Flaber'aH K corner, thanee
north so chains, tnence west 80 chain*., theuce
south SO cbiini, thence eaat mu cbalus to the
point of commencement, and containing MO
acres, more or teas.
Dated December 16th, 1907.
.Iamk- Fisher, locator
Location No. 6. CommetKlni* at a post planted
at the northeast corner being the initial j-ost
adjacent to the northu.-m corner of i. Fisher'**
No- 4 location and mar Bed J Fisher's S. E
corner, thence south 80 chalna to the northern
boundary of C- P. K. lot -*���'���-. theuce west Su
chains, tnence north 80 chains, them-e eant ho
chaius to the point of commeucement and con
taining 640 acres, more or lesa.
Dated December 16th, 1907.
J. Fisher, locator.
Location No. 7. Commencing at a post planted
at"tlu* aouthweat comer being the initial post
adjacent to the northwest corner ot J Fisher's
No- 2 location and marked J. Fisher'a S W
corner, thence north 80 chains, lhenoe east no
chains, thence aouth 80 chalus. theuce ������'*���-. 80
chains to the point of commencement and containing 640 acres, more or lesa.
Dated December 16th, 190..
Jam**- .:���-���������.���.���   locator
Location No. 8 Commencing at a post planted
at the southeast corner and being the Initial
poat adjacent to tke south weft corner of J.
Ftaher's No. 1 location and marked J. Fisher a
8. K. corner, thence north 80 chsins, thence west
80 chains, thence south 80 chains, thence eaat 80
Chalna to tbe point of commencement and Cou
taining 640 acrea, more or leas.
Dated December 16th, 1907.
Jamm i   ��� i.-KR. locator.
Location No. 9. Commencing at a post planted
at the southwest corner being the initial poat
adjacent to the northwest corner of J Fisher'a
No. 7 location and marked J Fisher's s W.
comer, thence north 80 chains, thence east HO
chalna, thence south 80 chains, thence west 80
chalna to the point of com mence ment and containing 640 acit-a, more or leaa.
Dated December 16th 1607
James J-.-io.i-. locator.
Location No. io. Commencing aia i t planted
at the southeast corner being the Initial poet
adjacent -to the nortn east corner of J Fisher's
No. 8 location and marked J Fisher'a ti. K.
corner, thence north 8o chains, thence west 80
chains, thence south 80 cbalus, thence eastSo
chains to the point of co^nmencement and containing 640 acres, more or leis.
Dated December 16th, 1907.
Jam*.! Fisher, locator.
'Red roint," "Vtrnamo," "**lreenwood Fractional." "'���ireenwood and Jack Pot Fractional"
Mineral claims, situate in the Nelson Mining
Division of West Kootenay  District.
Where located:���On Kagle Creek above the
Poorman Mine.
Taae notice that I, John MeLatchle, of the
City ot Nelson, acting as agent for Jons. V 8wed-
berg, Free Miner's Certificate No B7475 and
Oscar Johnson Free Miner's Certificate No B623,
intend sixty days from the date hereof to apply to the Mining Recorder for Certificates of
Improvement**, for tbe purpr.Be of obtaining
Crowu Grant! of the above claims.
And further take notice thai action, under
Section :t7, muat be commenced before the issuance of such certlflcatea of Improvements.
Dated this 27th day ,of September. A. D., 1907.
John mclatch k.
Weal Kootenay Land District. Dlatriot of West
Take notice that 1,J. C Jansen, of Bpokane,
Wash., occupation tlmberman, luten<i toapply
for a special timber licence over the following
described landa:
1. Commencing at a post planted at the fl. W.
corner, about 1 mile from Kvln Johnstons P R
No. 666. said poat being placed on the international boundary line, tnence north 40 chalna,
thence eaat 160 chains, tnence south 00 chains,
thence west 160 chains to point of commencement, containing 640 acres.
Dated Dec-mber 3rd, 1907. J. C. Javhrn
2. Commeneing at a post planted at the ti W
corner, about 40 chains north from the 3. W.
corner of location No. 1., theuce north 40 chains,
thence east 160 chains, thence aouth 40 chains,
tbence west 160 chains to point of commencement, containing 640 acres. J. C. 'ansen.
WE are now showing one of the very largest and best assorted
stocks of Ladies' Under Muslins including Night Dresses,
Corset Covers, Drawers, White Underskirts, Combination
Under Muslins ever shown at such low prices. We ask the ladies
to call and inspect our stock and to compare our prices.
3. Commencing at a Tx***t p.-nurd   at the -   w
corner  about  46  chaius   norih   from   the  0   W
corner oi location No. 2. thence  north 4" chains,
thene-ea**t tf-u chains, thence south 40 chains,   i
thence ireet UD fihatae to point of commence-
mi nt. oontalnlni 040 acres. i C   faias���M
4. Con-men-'ihg at a post planted nt the ti. w,
corner. hIk-m -m ehaina north from thefl w,
corner ol loeatton No 3, theuce north 40 chain*.
th*-n*'e east 16o chalua, theuce south 40 rhalua
thence west 160 chain* to i-ofut ot OO���inv-iioe-
ment, containing 640acres. J  <'. Januen
5. t'omtii'-iicing at a post planted al the S W.
corner, a bout in chains uortti Imih the S. W.
corner of location No 4, thence north 4U chains,
thenee east P-Ocnain*-, th-r-nee south 40 chalua,
thence waft WO chains to pointof commencement, containing f*4o acres.
December4th. pxr,. J   CTa-ioa*.
6. Commencing at a post planted at the 8. W.
corner a sboul 4u chains north Irom the - W.
corner of location No. 5. thence north to ehalns,
them-e cast lfio chains, thence south it) ebalna,
thence weft I**' chains, to point of commencement, containing t>40 acres.
December4th, 1907. J  0, Jausuu
7. Commencing at a post planted al the N W
corner aud adjoining tlie N.K corner of lot 2990,
thenee east w chalna, thence south *w> chains
theuce east 40 chains, thence south oo chalus,
them e weat 80 chains, ibeuce north 100 i-haina
to poiut of commencement, containing 64-' acre*,
December 4th W   L. rtiini,
B. Commencing at a post planted at the N. W
corner, about !-, of a mile in a ���outhweeterly
direction from lhe south fork of Salmon river,
and about 7U miles (rom the mouth, thenoa
south 160 chain**, thenee east 40 chain**, thanee
north 1G ��� chains,   thenee west 40 chains lo point
of commencement, coutaiuing h��i aerea.
Deoember oth, iyo7. K. J. E_oo_.
*>ou can liny a 10-acre Fruit rianch In  tha> best  fruit rrowlrm dlatricl
In   Hritish   Culumbia   by   paying   $10 dollars down and $10 per monti
Bran a��� an liiv(*Htriii*nt this Is worth consideration.
Fruit Land has trebled In value within the year.    What will It da, neit
-J.  E.  ANNABLE,   W^S_SJ
and dealers in Lunxher*, Shingles*
Lath, Mouldings, Doors, Wlndowsl
Mail Order, promptly stt*��lrt|
M-:i.sto>, t��. C
turned Work nnd lliitclmtM.
We believe if you will read this Announcement that you will find much in it of I
interest to YOU.
It is an Announcement of a SALE.   A big, general Stock reducing Sale
We bought heavily last year in all lines.    Business did not come up to our
expectations, and we find ourselves with a too heavy Stock,
We are "Red Tagging'- without reservation
our entire stock of Fancy Decorated China,
White French China (for painting), Common
Chinaware, Jardinieres and Vases, Pyrography
Wood, Baskets, Handbags, Purses (Ladies',
Gentlemen's and Children's), Wallets, Bill
Folds, Card Cases, Letter Cases, Cigar Cases,
Prayers and Hymns (in i   Volume and in Sets),
Postcard Albums (an iiiiuicnse stock), Juvenile
Books (including 1907 Annuals), Cloth Editions
of .Standard Fiction, Cloth and Paper Editions
of more recent Fiction, Flower Horns for Cylinder Talking Machines, General Fancy Goods,
including Gold Plate and Gilt Goods, (Jewel
Boxes, Clocks, Inkstands, etc.,) Umbrella
Stands, Toilet Sets, etc , etc., Toys and Dolls.
THIINK OR IT���Our entire stock of
all these lines, new, large aud well selected as it
is, thrown unreservedly into this sale at irresistible reductions in price. Read the list over
again, carefully, aud note the things that yon
t  ^    PLEASE NOTE---During this  Sale Red Tagged Goods will be sold ONLY FOB
Watch for Ot��r next Adv. for fuller particulars and Prices of the various Lines offered.
!       W. O. THOMSON,
We an* Iho larj?**yt Individual owm-m of good fruit land In the Kootenay district, Hritish Columbia, on direct
axUUng lines of transiiortation.
Bt Kiisiliali Valley	
.. .   Arrow
at N'ukiin|i	
.. .   Arrow
ai. Thi- Narrows	
. . .   Arrow
at Whutsliuii l.:ik,i	
SSOB Acres
at Van Houtan tin������ k . .
. . .   Arrow
nt Hutchinson Creak,..
..   Arrow
at Bowman Creek,.   ..
...   Arrow
at Little Deer I'ark..
.. .   Arrow
057 Acra-H
All of the
above have splendid lake
between Salmo and Hria
on G. N. Ity.
4 mllai mirth of Kruitvn
a* on   G.  N
Ai a.-s
2 mllea north nf Kriiltvala
���on a. S.
The three tracta  last named   are 40  miles  south  of  Nelson   in  the famous   Fruitvale   district.
At   Fruitvale  and  orr the   Arrow   Lakes with   all  the   conveniences   and  comforts of civilization-.
School, Post Officet Storea, etc
Soil,   Location,   Prices and  Terms  cannot   be  beaten.
^       Plans, Maps,  Blue   Prints, Prices, Etc., on Application.
Please specify tract, when  writing for  information.
Kootenay Orchard Association
British Columbia
cannot dine on FROG LEGS every day.    We furnish the
tei9   Po_k,   Mutton  and Veal
Hams, Bacon and Lard
With all varieties of
Fresh and Smoked Fish
in the market
Mincemeat of Finest Quality in glass and wood.
P. Burns & Co., Ltd.
Rossland     NELSON, B. C- Bonndary
:.n:,l Diatrict.  ]*l��ruH of Weal Kootenay
itlee  iliat  Harry   Bird. of Nelion, oceu-
real eataat am-nt. lOtasai to apply for
.,..i to tiiin'liiin the   folio** ill*-  dew-Tlbed
' ommouutng .t. p"��* Pi*e**" ���*t *uo
ui corner Of I-*��i 378, iiieace rO-BlOg
��� halna, thenne weet-30 rhalna. th**uc*.j
ilminr, more or loan, to the northi-rlv
r*- of Uil 873, thence foilowlna north
ri Lot 373 to -point ot coinmenoenu'ut
ling 4ti at-rt-B. more or It-M.
I (i I.ruary 15th, 1WH. H-JUtT Hiai*.
F. C  QWi Afaot
1  1  i-ttiit.   iMnirHlo. Went Kootenay
lotlee  that FrtHl. J. Kammouii, agent toy
1 miner, ol Nelnon, wrupatlou  watob*
iiiti-int*. io apply  lor   permtaaU'ii to pur-
I       lulloulnn rteaerlbt-fl  I-mis:   O.uMnen-
I     ������**���.*. i   blunted   a bunt --"'a  mile** eant ol
reek,  throcc 40 rtieini  in an ���������*-. ������*!>-
ihence   20 chalun   aouth,  theuee 40
a a westerly direction,   thence *) ehainn
Uie point of commencement, containluf
more or lean
N"V   Arth, 11W7.
Paipait-a   lOHH Ta**J*��B,
K. J. HaMMuNn, Ageut.
mul Dintrict. lHnirlcl ol VttAt Kootenay
otloe that  Kred J. Hammoim. agent lur
'lard,   of   i'roelor. occupation   rauche**.
��� p ��puly for permlaalon to purliiiM* the
^    fcncrihed   landn:    rommciu-ing at a
��� I abontlU mllen eant of Wlieoo creek,
��� uthwent io chalun. thenee north weit 2fJ
tience northi-am A>chain* tiienee nouth-
lalun Ui lhe thu point of commencement
uk 40 aeren, more or lenn.
Nof.apth, 1W7.
������is. Mils.: i,   A--I.F.I-.-P.*-'   BAtaLASn,
Ageut F   J   HaMMuNn.
i iJind Mntrlct.  District of Went Kootenay
���otloe Hint W�� A. Hudnon, tlmher erulner.
"im. hpokane county, Wsnhiugton, oue
uned -staten ol America, luleudi lo apply
_. ���������lal   tloiher  llcenne  over  UM foUowlDl
lln I lands:    -Commencing at a pont marked
]�� I'lnnh-d on the Uorlh ban* of  Corn creek,
inctlon of the North lork of Corn creek
��� main ntream, ahout five mllen In a
direction Irom eoiillueuee of n-tid ('orn
t-Mih the Kootenay river; ihenc* north iti
'. Mn ihu wont l-Qu chalun; thence aouth -IO
>; thence eaat lfio ehainn to point of com-
��� u< nl, containing ��*" acren more or lenn.
land adjolun timber limit No 7 on Iho
"'I timber limit No, 8 on the noutli, an lo-
| �����>��� me.
iled November 7, iyU7, 1
William A. BUI���Off- l*o\.tor.
������led by Patrick 0. 8biue
���red  and filfntd by the within named W
"���on  on   (ha Win day of November, A   ".
'������fore me at Hpokane,   Hpokane   t'oiinlv,
pi-��giou,onoof ihcl'ulted Htatonof America.
Pathick 0. Kmci,
���*�� rtct.   Olntricl oi Went Kootenuy
' Dotloe that lnabella Pierce, f Htrannburg,
��tniii murrled woman, ititelidn to apply
tnlnilon to purchane tbo following den-
"*"-lh: (Jomnanolna at a pont planted at
-ernectioa of the uorth boundary ol U��t
Ihfl sast boundary ol tot No HIS-'-*,
eutM ('lining, more or lenn, to the north*
prnei of J iml.or Limit No. 7671, thence
*��� | Imliif-, IhenU went 20 chains**, more or
��� thr eant nlde of Whait-hnti lake, thence
'"g Hame lu a MathorlY and wonterly
'on Mii ehainn, more or lenn io the inter
11 will- Lot HIHfi, iliL-nce HA ehainn, more or
���Howlii*- tutor]*, boundary of Lot 81 Hb to
"' coinineiicement.
'������ 7th Uotobef- IWl.        Isabki.la Piehce,
K. fl. PAFgtTIKR, *aent.
way right-of-way, about one and a half mllea
wen terry from the norlhwoni eorner oIlotiiiK",
vroup 1, Kootenay. thence nonth HO chain**,
thence eant W chalna. thenee north h0 cbalnn to
aouthern boundary ol "aid right ol-was , thence
went So cbalnn along naid nouthfrn boundary lo
point ol commeucemeiil, and contaiulug 600
acren, more or lens
Dalcd November 9th, I9U7.
ALK.lANDKH J     M- ' '<">:
Nelnon I-and Dintrict- Di-atnctof Went Koolenay
lake nonet* lhat w, P. -r*nrden, acttug an agent
kirJ.li Bur-ileu. of Pokiok. N.B-, occtipatloii
raecbanic, Inieudn to apply for perminBion to
ni*r��*hane the lollow Iiik det-eril>ed landn: t'om*
menrtng hi a \*,*.l planted ou the cante*;ly -shore
ol Arrow lake and about 10 chalun north of tbo
N.K. eorner oi lot BUI, thene*.- t-afl M chalun.
thence north 40 ehalnh, more or lem. to ihe lake
Shoifl theuee nouCi wenlcrly aloiif- the lnkenhore
>tO the [Mini Of coiiilii<-ii<*eiiuiit, and containing
ai acren, more or U-ni.
1 ated November IHth, 1��07   jAMsn H BranKK,
F. P   Ht'BiiBN, Agent.
Nulnou 1-aud Dintrict. Dintrict of Weal Kootenav
Take notlco that John Jamcn I'amcron, of
Fernle. British Colombia, occupation contractor, lutendn to apply lor ������ermlnnlon to
purchaae Ihe following denrrlbe-l ��aiid: Oom*
menclng al a pool planted on the nouthern
houndary ol   the   B:  0.   Houthern   rlght-of-*aay
aoout40chains weetarlf Irom theN.M  rorn,iJ.
ol h-i 39ft,-:. sroup  Lt   Koolenay,   thence  K"��th 00
ohalna, thanoe eant w ehaina, lhenoe uorth bo
chatnn   to  the   nouthern   boundary  ol the   nai'l
right oi way, thence wenterly   along said   noulh-
.-rn   boundary  ol richt ol w��y   tu  the  point
eommeiicemeut, and coutaluliig  240 acren, more
or lenn.
Dated November Uth, 1907,
J. im Jamks Cam-cron,
Neinou Land District. Dintrict of Went Kootenay
Ta ke D0lt08 thai John Hhlell, ol Necdlcn, B l'.,
oecupalion rancher, InU-ndn to apply torjAOT-
mlnifoii 10 purchw-e the (oilowlng dcncrlbed
laud; Coiameticing at a pont plalilid at the
no'rthwcnt corner of UH 7893, thenco went 40
�� hitiii' thecce noulh Hn chalun, thence rant 40
.-iallin'. theuee north V- chalim to the pointof
(���ommelicemcnl, and containing 8*0 acren, more
��rp_Sa 18th October. 1907 JAM* Smsix,
F, (J   FAI-ut'iKB. Agent.
Nelnon Land Dintrict    Dintrhl ol Went Kooteuay
Take nollce that   Angun   Mc-Ul,  *��f the t    ly of
Neleoo, occupation fl reman, Intend! toapply for
K-nuInnlott U purchane the following il-si-ribjid
fit ' n' Vom.nV.ie.nK at a pont planted at the
\ VV corner L ('. Morrlion'l ranch, lu Fir
" ���liar, IhvOOS uorlh forty (40).chKinn, theue
ant Io-t.y (40) cbalnn, thence noulh IM (���'��
ninn, tlieuce went fortj [40) cbalnn oil.l 0
m meiiceiiicnl,    and   (onintiiiug   one hundred
d hUty 'l(U��arrcfe. mure or lenn.
Died Hepie nber'Jnd. 1907,       AWOHW   Mi <-MI.
Nelnon Land District.   District of Went Kooteuay
Tako nollce lhat   Hugo t'nrntcun, of Wlunlpeg.
Man.,   occupation   puhllnliur,   inieiidn  t<> apply
lor  pennlnnion   to   purchane the   following dcncrlbed land: ,, .
Commsucing  al   a   pont ]danleil   on   the  went
otindary of L. 4S7I. ti. I, (about fr mllen from Ar-
rowLake,on Kpuulto creek) andp chalim 7,>
links nouth of the N. W. 0. of -said lot, ruunlng
thence went 80 cIulIuh, theuce nouth 80 chalun,
thenee eant 80 ehainn, thenco north 80 ehaiua to
place of commencement, continuing 640 acren,
more or lenn.
(  I1AKI.KH ,M'l[''IHl.l,
Agent for  Hugo Carstens.
Dated fl December 1907.
Nelson Land District.  Diftncto! Went Kootenay.
Take notice lhat Tlua Bergman, of Altona,
.Man , o, i upation wife of C. Bergman, farmer,
Altona. Man., lnteudn to apply for permission to
purchase the following described land:
Commencing at a pont planted at the N. E. C-
of Hugo Carstens1 application to purchase and
running thence went 80 chains thence north 80
chalim, theuce eant 40 chains, thence south 8
chalun 96 lmkn, thence east 40 crainn, thence
aoutb 71 chalun 76 links Lo point of commencement, containing 607 acres more or less.
Charles Marshall,
Dated M December I
Agent   for  Tina  Bergman.
Went Kootenay Land District. Dintrict of Qoat
Take notice Ihat 1, George A. Hunt, of Kit.
chener, occupation ttmoerman, Intend to
apply for permission to purchase the
following described land: Commencing at a
pom planted about 40 cl Kins, went ot Thompson
marked N. W. corner, thenoe south lO.Sit chains,
theuce eaat 4467 chalun, thence north Sl.45
chalun, thence west alougB.C. -Southern Railway to place of commencement, containing 98.18
Daied January 8th, 1908.       Gaoaaa H. Hunt
Neisou Land District District of Went Kooteuay
Take noiice tbat 1, Freoerlck Adie, of Waneta,
H C, oceupation men haul, intend toapply for
permu-ftMon to purchase the following described
laud: Commencing at a post planted about 10
cbalus went of the N K. coruerof lot 8622, thence
north '20 ehainn, thence esant 80 chsins, thence
south 'XO chains, theuce west 80 chalun to point
of commeucement, containing 160 acres, more or
Dated January ���-���1st, 1908.       Fhkdkbick Apia.
^" bund DiHtrlct.   Dlslrictof Went Kooteuay
[Jotlee   lhat   AlaxNiidet    J.   McCool, of
��� ����� O.i occupation clerk, intends to apply
cil i      i ""   to   purchase  the   followii.g   oen*
'Mini:   <-omiuenclng at a punt planted on
���uheru boundary ol B  C Houthern Kail-
Nelson Und Dintrict     Dlnlrlcl of West Kootenay.
Tsh-i notice thai Levi George P-iyne, of Needles,
BC .occupation  rancher, fn tends to apply.,for
following;   described
1 V9%9d'iih KbSS?. Wl. Uvt '-JaoHo. Path.,
NeiM.ii Land District. Dlslrlct of West Kootenay
Take nollce that Marlon Isabella Crease, of lhe
City of Neinou, in the Province of British Columbia, occupatlou nplnster. intends to apply for
permlnslon to purchase the following described
laud: Commencing at a post planted at the
hlgti waier mark of the Salmon river distant
about 1* mllei in a Southerly direction from
Halino, B C, thence north 40 chains, thence east
40 cbalnn, thenee nouth 40 chains, more or less,
io the high water mark of the Saitnou river,
thenoe went 40 chains, more or less, along said
high water mark to the point nf commeucement,
and containing 160 -acren, more or less,
located ou tne lnt day of February, 1908.
Dated 10th February. 1908
Mabion Isabella Crease,
Edward Manly Peters, Agent.
Nelnon Land District Dlstrletof West Kootenay
Take notice that James William (Gallagher, of
the City of Nelson, in the Province of Hritish
t'olumbia, occupation merchant, Intends w apply inr permission to purchase the following
described land : Commencing at a post planted
at the high water mark of the Balmon river distant aoout 12 miles In a nontheily direction from
.-���iirn.i, B. C, tbence nortb 40 chains, tbence
went 40 chalun. thence south 40 chains, more or
lens, to the high water mark of the Salmon river,
ihence eant 40 ebaius, more or lesn, along the
Miid hlsh wster mark to the place ol beginning,
containing 169 aeren. more or less
t-ocated on the lnt day of February, 1908.
Dated 1 lib February, 1908
Jamks William Gallagher,
Kdward Manlet Peters, Agent.
In the mstter of an application for the Issue of
a duplicate Certificate ol Title for lots 4, 6, 9, 11,
id, '-��.-., and :..'. of lot R91, Croup One, In the
Dintrict of Koolenay (Map698).
Notice in hereby given that it is my intention
to Innue at the expiration of one month after the
Mrnt publication hereof a duplicate of the Certificate of'title for the above mentioned lots In
the name of Richard Helme. which Certificate of
Title l�� doted the 24th day of Novombor, 1906,
and   numbered 63IOA. _
Land Registry Ofllce, Nelnon, B. C, January
I7th,1908. ,    _ m,     .
"H   F. MacLeod,"
Dintrict Registrar.
Tenders Wanted for the Purchase of a
Mineral Claim.
Tenders address to the undersigned, at his
offlce, in the Court House, in the City of Nelnon,
will be received up till the hour of fi o'clock, In
the alternoon, of Friday, February '28th, 1908,
for tho purchase of the " Kdon " Mineral
Claim, Lot 11*7, Group 1, Kootenay Dintrict,
which was declared to be forfeited to tho Crown
at the tax nale held on the 7th day of December,
1.904, for delinquent taxes and   costs.
The upset price upon the said Mineral Claim,
which includes tho amount of delinquent taxes
aud contn at the time of forfeiture, with interest,
taxen which have nince accrued, contn of aover-
tlniUK, snd fee for Crown (irant (|26.��)) Is |18;i.lW.
which in the least amount that wiU be considered
an a tender _ . _   __' __
Kach tender in tint bo accompanied by an
accepted cheque for lhe full amount ol the ten-
,lor, payable to the order of the Deputy Oon-
tiilsnlniier of Landn and Works, al Victoria. B. C.
"Maied at Nelson. B C, AMU day of January,
11)08 HAKKl   V. KKJHT,
Government Agent.
Freedom   of   City  of   London   Will   Be
Presented to Florence Nightingale
���Still Chief Adviser.
Londa-n, Feb. 21.���In November the
Oazelte announced tbat Mlaa Florence
Nightingale bad been appointed to tlie
Order of Merit. Now the freedom of
the City of London ls to be presented
to he*; and It is safe to say tbat no
woman has ever before won two such
great honors ln three months. It might
be said with equal truth tbat tbe great
service and the great reward have rarely been separated by such a gulf of
time. It Ib not lhat appreciation of
Miss Nightingale's work has been limited or long delayed. For half a century
her name has been a household word
wherever tbe English tongue ls spoken.
Ilefore men now ln middle age were
born a grateful nation had given Miss
Nightingale ��50,000. This gift MisB
Nightingale used to found a "home for
the training of nurses.
In short, Miss Nightingale has received nearly everything that lt ls ln
the power of a grateful country to bestow. When the Order of Merit was
established at the time originally fixed
for the coronation, only twelve members were appointed, and the fellowship
became at once the most coveted and
most exceptional of British orders. *But
distinguished though the twelve were,
at once a protest was raised because
the name of Miss Nightingale was omitted. It was understood, however, that
the original statutes limited membership to those who had won great distinction in the military and naval services, and those who were particularly
Illustrious as men of letters, arts or
science. In deference to public opinion,
the scope of the order has been broadened to include any person who renders
any high public service of a non-party
character. Thus Lord Cromer and Miss
Nightingale were taken In. All tbe
British orders heretofore have been for
men, with the single exception that the
Garter has been specially beBtowed upon Her Majesty the Queen. Florence
Nightingale was therefore singled out
from all the great and good women of
England for an honor enjoyed by no
other woman but her Queen.
No less distinction is attached to the
freedom of the City of London. That
it has ever been given to a woman before 1b doubtful. Slow, indeed, to offer
its heart and hMd U* the old grey city
on the Thames. Gre��t men come and
go, receiving honors at the hands ot
king and commoners, but, not to them
all, nor to one ln a score, does London
offer her golden key and casket. Therefore lt has come that no earthly honor
ls more highly honored by British subjects than to win the freedom of the
City of London. It is the last stronghold to be utormed by him who struggles for the plaudits of bis countrymen.
Of Miss Nlgbtlng��le, on the occasion
of her appointment to tie Order of
Merit, thai Times said:
"Of the paramount claims of Miss
Nightingale to any honors that the
Sovereign can bestow, there ls little
need to speak, short as is the public
memory ln these times. It may. Indeed, be a surprise to many to learn
that tbe heroine of the Crimean campaign���the heroine of the struggle
agatnBt death, disease and misery���is
still living among us;  but her name is
C. P. R. Local
Time Table
8. 8. KUSKANOOK leaves Nelson dally
at 6 a. m. making direct connections
for Winnipeg, St. Paul, Chicago and
Eastern Canadian cities.
NO. 45 leaves Nelson dally at 7.15 p.
m. connecting with Arrow Lakes
Bteamers at WeBt Robson, making
through connection with main line ut
Kevelstoke for all Coast cities.
No. 43 for all points In the Slocan
leaves Nelson dally except Sunday at
9 a.  tn.
No. 41 for all points ln the Boundary
leaves Nelson at 9.45 a. m. daily except Sunday.
8. 8. Moyie leaves Nelson dally except
Sunday at 7 a. m. for Kaslo; Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays for
For further information as regards to
rateB,  etc.,  apply  to
c e. Mcpherson,      t. mok,
(1. P. A.. Wlnolp... D P. A., Nelson
C P A , Nelson, B.C.
Tremont House
Knropeau and American Flan
Meals Si eta.   Booms from 3C eta. to 11.
ouiy White Beip .Employed.
Baker Bt., Nelson Proprietors
Only the Sbest
ble q
of LI.
(quora and cigars
Grand Central Hotel
Thoroughly renovated and refurnished. Rooms 50 cents upward. The
dining room ls unexcelled ln tbe dty.
House heated throughout with hot
J. A. EEIOKSON, Proprietor.
Telephone, 250.    Opposite Court Hous.
and Postoffice. Nelson. B. C.
Queen's Hotel
Bauer Btreet, Nelaon. B. C
L.rge  .nd  UomlorUble   Bedroom    and First*
class Dining Boom.
MRS. E. C. CLARKE, Proprietress.
Ba_ tlett   House
Best Do_r-a-Day House in Nelson.
The Bar la the Finest.
Whit. Help Only BmployM
Josephine it
Nelaon. B. C.
Royal Hotel
Rates $1 and (1.50 a Day.
Special Rates to Resmlar Boarders
one of the very few tnat ls universally
known, universally honored. At eighty-
seven years of age, during almost fifty
of which she has been a suffering invalid, broken down by work and hardship in the Crimea, she still lives, and
what ls more, still works for the causes
to which her life has been given. It
may be a secret to the public, but it ls
well known to all who are in any sense
behind tbe scenes, that Miss Nightingale ln her retirement has been constantly consulted as If she were still
what she was in the Crimea, the 'Lady-
in-Chief of tbe nursing organization.
At tbe outbreak of every war, great or
small, Ministers and generals have asked her advice, and it has been given
freely to them. For to the end she has
preserved those qualities which gave
her such an incomparable influence in
the evil days of the Russian war; immense good sense and ungrudging self-
"Miss Nightingale's name is inseparably linked with passages of British
history tbat one cannot read without
mingled feelings of pride and shame.
Naturally, our thoughts dwell most upon the historic charge of the Light
Brigade, and we dismiss from our
minds the scandalous mismanagement
and graft that were rampant ln the
early part of the campaign. At the
invitation of Sidney Herbert, Miss
Nightingale and ber little band of
nurses came forward to minister to the
wants of the sick and wounded Boldlers.
ln the face of opposition on the spot
and apathy at home, Miss Nightingale,
on the plains of the Crimea, drew order
out of chaos. She plucked back from
the brink of the grave hundreds of neglected soldiers, risking her life with
never a thought but that she could alleviate suffering. The light that sho
lit there at Inki-rtuan now shines ln tho
powerful Red Cross organization, and
will shed its mellow glow upon the
world's battlefields while wars endure."
Certificate of Improvements.
������April Fool" No. a Mineral Claim, altusto
ln the Nelaon Mlnnm Division ol West KootenaT
Where located: Between K��le .nal Sandy
creek,, auai about one h.l! mile Irom the Pool*
man Mill _,
T.se notice that I.S? C. Green, .cllna; aa ��ent
lor J. P. UweilborK, Free Miner's Oortlfla'alai Ko.
B7��5. Inlenal. sixty daya Iraam tho d.to herool,
lo apply to lhe Mining Recorder Ior . Certllli'.ie
ol Improvements, Ior the pairpaaae ol ohtsiiimi- a
(Lrown Grant ol t'ne above claim.
And In,ther lake notice lhat anion under
section trt, muat be commenced beloro ine lasu-
.na-e oi such 1'ertinc.to ol Improveiiia.ilta.
D.ted Ihlsfflth d.yol January. A. ll., I��w-
Nelaon. II. C
We have for sale a first class modern residence, and four lots, ln a
good residential position. The house contains four bedrooms, dining
room, parlor, kitchen, pantry, bathroom, basement, finished attic. Stone
foundation and electric light. The workmanship and material are of the
best. The lots are fenced and planted with fruit and ornamental trees,
flower gardens and lawns.    Price  $5,000.
One of
The Best
In Fruit Lands now offering. 157 acre*
of choice land situated on Howser Lake.
$20.00 per acre, easily cleared.. Muat be
���old at once.
For full   particulars apply
If yon want Good Land
���Al. 9
MeDermid & McHardy
Is now ready to execute  all
orders for Job Printing' on
shortest notice.
The Job Department is up-to-
date in every respect and a
fall line of stationery will be
kept in stock.
All orders entrusted to our
care will receive prompt and
careful attention.
3(4 Baker St.
Tel. 324.
Notice ls hereby given that the Great
West Railway Company will apply to
the Parliament of Canada, at the present session thereof, for an act amending
the Bald Company's Acts of Incorporation by striking out the names of those
persons who, by Sections 1 and 2 of
Chapter 167 of the Statutes of 1903, are
created Incorporators and provisional
directors of the Company and inserting
In lieu thereof the names of certain
other Individuals as such Incorporators
and provisional directors: changing the
head office of tho Compnny from Neleon,
B. C, to Port Arthur, Ontario, and extending tho respective times for the
commencement nnd completion of the
various lines of railway whioh the Company Is empowered to construct.
Dated Ottawa, Slst January, 1908.
Solicitors for the Applicants.
Notice Is hereby given that all taxes
for the year 1908 under the Assessment
Act 1D0S and amcudtng acts, and under
tho Public SchoolB Ac*., are now due
and piianl,l.-.
Collector of Revenue, Nelson, B. C.
Nelson, ll. C, 2nd Jan., 1908.
w. a* ai_,L,eTT
Contractor mn**t
Bole agent for the Porto Rico Lumber Oa. Ltd.*
retail yards. Roujh end drew id lumber, turned
work and bracket!, Coaat lath and ���hinflee*>e**
and doora. Cement, brick nnd lime lor aale
Automatic grinder.
Yard and factory: VernonSt.. eaat of Ball
NBLcJON, Eft. O.
P   O. Box 282 Teienhone 17*
In the matter ol sn application loi th. lasn. ol
a duplicate ol the OrtldeaM ol Till, to Lot.
l, 6. snd 6, Block t, Nelson Clly, subdivision ot
pari ol Lot 182, Group On., Dlstrlet ot Koolen.y
Notice ls hereby given that 11 la my intention
to issue at the expiration ol on. month .Iter tho
11 rat publication hereol a dupltc.t.ol theCertlfl-
a .te oi Title to the .bove mentioned lots' in the
name ot I'atlle Rhodes which Certificate Is dated
the ISth day ol May, 189., and numbered lt*7-k.
Land Reglitr; once,   N.laon, B.C.,  January
Ib.laWl. U. F MacLaoil,
Dlstrlet sasutrar.
Cancellation of Reserve.
Notice Is hereby given that the i    .
cerUftln land, la Soutb.-K.st Koolen.y, nolle, ol
whleh apye.ro In the British Columbia Ouette
ol the Uth ol August, 1M0 snd bor.ll.te ol August I'-'lh, I two, la ha-rebj cancelled Th. .bove
mentioned landa will be open Ior loctloauad.r
the Land Act on March 90, 19W.
Ii.-pnty Commissioner ol l..nds and Works
Landa and Works department,
Victoria. II. C, Dwamlw IMh. XtOt.
���  '1 The Deify Canadian
.****} _" *w   a   few Tff-'        We have a   most   comP|ete   ,ine in
I        l���j    l\    I   |\| ^^      beautiful  Gold   Filled   designs  for  men
Va^A XJLjLXX   1 V. 9      at P^ces ranging from.  .$2.00 to $12.00.
Ladies'   Long     Chains,     60  In. length $8.00 to $45.00.
Neck Chains $1.75 to $9.00.
Lons Silver Neck Chains $1.50 to $4.00.
Silver Nock  Chains ,..50c. to $1.50.
Watchmaker and Optician
[Bargains in all lines
of Dry Goods, Millinery   and   Ladies'
Sec Us
For Good Fruit Land
io Acre Blocks to 800
Acre Blocks.
Bedrock Prices.
Easy Terms.
H. E. Croadsdaile & ****
Next Door to Bank of Commerce.
Mild and Appetising.
See  Oar Window Display.
Telephone 161.
'���** .ftlY   TI'PTI'I*.      , *
__  /,   :   : ;, .
1 -_imm
Corner of Stanley and Victoria   Sts.
Two Blocks from Depot.
L. Wilkinson, ED, 1-. Burden. Kootenay
Landing; G. O. Buchanan and wire
Kaslo; A. Andrews, St. Andrews G. R
Oren, W. J. Mc-I.elland, Lethbrldge; F.
Scott. Prank; W. Mat-hart, Spokane; G
L. Fraser, Cola*man; F. O. Crotly, G
Smith, Winnipeg,
���r-non land Ward
Mjl-SON.     B.C.
J. E. (Sosbln, M. 11. Hanafln, Ross-
laud; J. H. Wundbouse. Trail; A, Mc-
Ki-en, Seattle;  D, Bret, L. .1. Hall, J. M.
Hales,   .1.   M.
Chipman, A.
Allan, J. W.
couver; C. B.
Dlpeg;    11.   N
Spokane;   C.
Harris, Montreal; li. l-s.
A.  Carney.  Kaslo;   YV.  A.
Collis, W. Hixed, Vun-
Sinlili, C. H. Taylor, Wln-
MoPhee, ts. n. Rupert,
L,  Clark, Chatelet;   C. W.
Ka-nua,   I'lai'keshoim;     K.   T.   Lowery,
R. E. Vaughan, A. McSregor, A. W.
Ssymons antl wife, Princeton; L. John*
son. J. BJ, Haley, M. Wade, Bpokane;
F. is. scutt, A. Ryder, Cranbrook; F. R.
MoArthur, Salmo; W. W. Davidson,
Sandon; J. S. Blake, A. Allen, Trail;
.Mrs. Solucraw, New York.
Rev. .1. M. Winslow, wife and daughter, Kaslo; II. .1. Inglis, B-Mlle; G. W.
Hay. Iowa; Miss Margaret Mllroy, Kircudbright; .1. Commlnole, A. Lemoine,
Quebec; s. Stuokey, Mrs. it. Btuckey,
Pincher; C. B, .McCiady, Calgary.
J. McKnight, il. Mandell. Shields; R.
S. Ha-.lla.. Salmo: W. 11. Muhllg, Nakusp
l> McLaren, J. Beckett, Rlondel; o. n.
Watson, Winaw; ,i. M. Thomas. Toronto
C. A. Walker, Bedford; R. o. Vaughan,
Bournemouth! J, D. Procter, Elm Creek.
J. McKlnnon, shields; G. R. Bagshawe
Cranbrook D. Stewart, Eli.ilt.
II. Cowling. Erie; W. Button, New-
burgh; W. Bristowe, Cdntervillei E.
him. Belleville; J. Billings, Whitby; G.
Ford, Napanee.
NICKERSON, the Jeweiery Manufacturer's Agent will sell you goods from samples at 25 per cent, less than regular
prica'B direct from the factories, in 8
days fiom order. Everything tn the
line.    Order now.
To Whom it May Concern:
Take nollee that .1. L, Warner ls uot
now and has nut been since the 18th
day of Novembev last employed by or
in any way connected with Hu.- Bradley
Engineering and Machinery Co. of
Spokane. Washington.
If yam waul  upholstering  or oabinel
wiai-li'fnr this spring gel it done now.
Wa- bave some a-haaia-i- quarter cut oak
uml will iiitiiii vim ii piece .if furniture to
order at Ihi' price of factory goods. Sec
us for second hunt! gnaials.
Turner Betton Block, 606 Vernon Street,
IJIOKHAI.K RtU haiKiilli Ol  t-OhUlgf  (nr   Vftll*
couver pTOPtTty hu h Inn inl   ni-iv, minlem in
every ratMOt i^ roomed reitdenoa    Foil ban*1-
im-llt with Ihtki- d��l nulUlili* for billltir.l r.iolil,
rp-t'r���{luii* Mtitilc anil ciirrlMKo bOU-M Two nice
lot** in the llnt-ni renldcnt ,-nrllnii i>f HjinkHno,
Tht- ciwni-rti bOHl���Ml inti-rcul* linvt' I*, en tr-uin
ferreri tn tin- nmM. For further pKticnliirH write
P. O. Box l-WI, ViinciMiver, B. 0.
full   assortment   of   runois-
We have always a complete and
whleh are
Butler's  "Keen"  at 18.60
Booker's nt II.fall
Carbo Magnetic at $2.ISO
8havlng  Brushes at prices from 36 c lo $2.50.
Shaving Strops from $1 to $3 in big   assortment
Shaving  Soap, Williams, Colgates,   Pears, Snnllail and Garnlcr's In 2
Shaving Mugs, all shapes and sizes.    Also some sets with hot water
attached which we are clearing   at a hig discount.
"Star" Snfety at....
"Gillette" Safely at.
"Evar Ready" at....
few   of
. ,16.00
r. slIckH
Canada Drug & Book Co'y*. Ltd,
Born in Vancouver on Wednesday,
Feb. 19th, to the wife of Dr. P. McLennan, a son. Mother and child are doing
Metals  and   Stocks.
Silver declined three points today on
each metal market. Lead, which has
been gradually falling for a week, recovered six points today in London.
Among Houndary copper stocks Dominion and B. C, have grown a little
O. o. o.
Nelson Nest No. 15B. Order of Owls,
lie,1c] their regtilnr meeting tonight. Mr.
A. C. MoKeen, the supreme organizer,
will lia> present and address the meeting. All members are earnestly requested to appear at S o'clock sharp. Refreshments will be served and a good
time is expected.
Neil  McDonald.
The latest available Information Is
lhal no word has yet been received
from the relatives of the late Nell McDonald, the C. P. R. hrakeman who was
Uilli'd yesterday morning at West Robson. Tf no word is received he will
probably be burled here on Monday by
the onler to which he belongs, not the
Brotherhood of Locomotive Firemen
and Engineers, but the order of trainmen.
S. O. E.
The At Home given by the members
of the Sons of England last evening, at
the K. of P. hall, was a decided success.
There were some 150 present. The first
part, of the evening progressive whist
was Indulged ln. the remainder ln dancing. Refreshments were served and a
most enjoyable evening was spent. The
winner of the ladles' prize was Miss
Bate, and of the gentlemen's G. H.
Playle, the booble prizes went to Miss
Heeston and J. Rixen.
The  Dance irr the  Dark.
When the lights went out in the rink
Wedna-sday night so well was the
emergency met antl so calmly that the
guests thought It was part of the programme. It transpires that it was an
accident, and the committee desire to
express their thanks to Leslie Steel for
the promptness and skill with which he
restored the service. The committees
in detail, were; management, G. Wright,
D. R. McDougall, P. ,T. McCormack;
floor manager. W. S McPherson; entertainment. T. L, Bloomer. B. White-
sides; decorating. C. D. Clark, D. R. McDougall. W. Mead. T. J. Hill, .1. Savage;
reception. J. McNeil, Ed. Blsce, W. Har-
Japanese Schooner Wrecked.
Washington. Dec. 21���Information has
been received at the Japanese embassy
that the Japanese BChooner Satsuma
has heen wrecked near Yakutat Bay.
Alaska, The Information comes from
the captain of the schooner, who arrived at Seattle on Sunday. It ls understood that the emhassey has applied to
the United States government for a
revenue cutter to go to the scene of the
wreck. Yakutat Bay ls ahout half way
hi twpen  Sitka and Valdez.
The matter was laid before the cabinet meeting today by Secretary of the
Treasury Cortelyou, and at his suggestion he was empowered by the president to despatch the revenue cutter
ThetlB lo pick up the Japanese marln-
a*rs. The vessel Is ahout 1,200 miles
distant from the scene of the wreck and
as sha* must flrsi take on coal she cannot reach the castaways for ten days.
Prices   of  Metals.
New York. Feb. 21.���Silver. 55%c.
London. Fell. 21.���Silver, 2o\A.; lead,
IS 1-1, 5s.
Opening   Copper  Quotations.
(Bv MeDermid & McHardy.)
New York, Feb. 21, 1908.
Asked Bid
Oranbv    $95.00        $80.00
Dominion   Copper     2.25 E.ie%
B. C. Copper      4.50 4.00
Real Estate Agent
315  Baker St.. Nelson, B. C.
Alice Roller Rink
Bowling Alley
Band: Monday, Thursday, and Saturday evenings.
Mornings, afternoons and evenings,
without band, children 15c adults 25c,
Including skates.
EveningB with band, except Saturday
evenings, 40c, Including Bkates.
Saturday evening, band and special
attractions, to 11 o'clock, 50c, ln ttudlng
skates, spectators 26c.
Evaporated Apples, per pound 15c
Evaporated Prunes 2 pounds 25c
Evaporated Peaches, per pound 20c
Evaporated Apricots, per pound 25c
Cooking Figs 2 pounds 25c
C. A. Benedict
Corner Silica and Josephine Sts.
W. G. Thomson
^���nVSH.11 "d    Nelson, B. C.
Phom a-*.
Hollow Concrete
Blocks For Sale
AU shapes and facings.
These blocks are absolutely the best
material to be had for bulliiing purposes, foundations, retaining walls, etc.,
being cheaper than brick or stone.
Tenders given on all kinds of building
work.    Stock on hand.
Head Office: Baker Street, Nelson, B.C.
We have one English miliar, one
American  Billiard and one  Pool Table
We carry the best lines of Cigars and
R. T. Lowery came in from the Boundary last night.
Cecil B. Smith, consulting engineer,
arrived from Winnipeg last night.
Mr. and MrB. G. O. Buchanan arrived
from Kaslo last night and are at the
A. C. McKeen, of Seattle, organizer
of the Order of Owls, arrived from Spo-
kane last night.
E. E. Chipman. gold commissioner, of
Kaslo, returned last night Trom a trip
up Slocan Lake.
A. Carney, timber Inspector of Bast
Kootenay, arrived In town last night
after fi tour of his diatrict
Mr. and Mrs. D. Oeorge Kurtz returned from ihe coast lust night by way
of Spokane. They will reside on the
corner of Mill anal Cedar strectB.
O. D. Oren, graduate of South Bend]
Ind., optical Institute, and or Winona
optlrial Institute, with ten years practical experience, has arrived In Ihe eltv
and will remain permanently. He Is al
present at the Strathcona hut will lake
a house on the arrival of Ills family. II..
has taken charge of the optical depart
ment of J. J. Walker's huslnoss.
Fire Insurance
Insure your house and furniture In
Do not put It off. Delays are dangerous. Call at 322 Baker street, or If you
have not time to call drop a line to
General Agent for the Kootenays.
P. O. Box BM.
Wholesale and   Retail DcaliTP In
Fresh and Salted Meats
Gamps supplied on shortest notiet' and
lowest prioe. Nothing bttt   fresh hnd
wholesome meats antl supples kept in stock
Mail orders receive careful attention.
E.  C.  TRAVES.   Manager.
We at*,, in a paisiilaan now to attend   lo your eye troubles.    Our eye gav,
1st lias arrived and is ai ymir service.
J.  J.   WALKER,  Jewele*
Coal! Ice! Wood!
Phone 265
Kootenay Ice and Fuel Co.
N. E. co,. Baker   and   Ward   Sts.
Win nc-.*./nc- Provlalona,
l-��r<>ti"_ni��, - fruit.
Btfy Now
We li.tvc a Good Selection of
Cheap Houses from $750 to
$J500. Let us show you
them. Some extra snaps for
investment or for a home.
Govurnu t dreamery One Pound Bricks received weekly fresh from th,
churn.    For sale by all leading grocers
Office and warehouse :  Houston Block,    Paone 79.
Josephine Street. Nelson, B.C
First Spring Shipments of
Are now to hand.     We invite inspection.
WOLVERTON & Co j ^^^^^^^B^^-:^^mM>mm^mK
From $10 to $25.
Old Curiosity Shop
We would like tn see ull our patrons comfortable this winter **���! Is onfc,_|
do so we have In stock the best assort ed   lino of heating stoves and co
stoveB and  ranges ever before presented to the public In Kootenaj.
We would be  pleased to show  you    our line and befor* making yo_r*��l
chase kindly Bee what we have to oiler. I
J. H. Ashdown Hardware
Company, Limited.
N.lsen Br,��*l
Corporation ol  the City of  Nelson.
Tho Hoard of Health of the City of
Nelson deem it advisable that as a
measure of precaution all citizens sliaaulii
be vaccinated, and notice ls hereby
.liven to those desiring to be vaccinated
and who are not in a position to Incur
the expense thereof, that the Medical
Health   Ollicer   will   be  In   the   Council
Chamber, City Hail, op Thursday, the
ISth day of February, between the haiurs
Ol 4 and 5 o'clock p. m., and on each
succeeding week day as required at ilia*
same time anal place, for the purpose of
vaccinating     those     who   may   present
W.   E.  WASSON,
City Clerk.
February 5th, 1008.
Take notice that I will, on the 0th
ilay of March, 1<jii8, apply for a transfer
of ihe liquor license, for the Silver King
Hotel, situate on Lots Seva'ii (7) and
KiKht ,81, In Hlnck Ten ,10), on tin-
south side of Haker street In tlie ,'ltv ,,t
Nelson, from myself to ICIIzatieth
Dated at Nelson, n. c, this ��0th day
of January, A. IJ. 10118.
*...:��� ..at.......*********
Fruit Trees!
Home grown fruit anal sh��d>
trees, currants, gooseberries, grsjK
vines, etc., etc. One of our speclil*
lies Is our large field grown totes.
These will bloom tho first year.
Send    for   our   descriptive   rau*
loiLua- unal  price list, and give in I
trial   order.     The   largest   gro����n'
In   11.  C.
The River side
A. M. Can. Sot. C. E.
Mining Work a Specialty.
Olllcoi   Room   10,   K.-W.C.  IHU.    p    o
Ilox     434.
 Baker  St..   Nelson.  B.  C.
All Kinds of Heating NantB In Stock.
Vlctorls 8t��� Nr. Oners House.      Tel. 181.
Alberta Creamery butter In 31b., 7 1-j.
and 14 lb. blocks at 37c per pound.
For Sale st
Joy's Gash Grocery
Cor. Josephine and Mills StB.
Pure and Cheap   Gco- R w***
* Accountant
Office  Room  No.  2,   ELLIOT    B^l
We have 1000 pounds of
which wo win sell at a bargain
5 lbs for 1.00.
Sp.elal  prices  for  larger laats.   Come
In and Inquire.
Choquette Bros.
Phone 258.
THE  Unto Date  Baker*
F. C. GREEN       t. ��. HURULN        A. H.GRI^EN
C'vil Engineers, Dominion and British
Columbia land Surveyors
P.O. In US    r-hmi. 2.1 B.
Jobbing   promptly   attended  to.   f*|
and Estimates.
Apply 415 Hall St. Bos *l
s. s. fowlefI
1NELSOIN,     -     13. ***
PINCHERS,  Etc.,  Etc.,
Wood-Vallance Hardware Co*


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