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The Daily Canadian Dec 28, 1907

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Array ^<r_o��a*^ '"Wf,
��� i.i. a I
���sl.... iu*. .���_
What Will You
Have With It?
It I  bottled  at  tlie Springs.
Business Interests With Way Stations Better S.rved Formerly ���
Leslie Hill's Statement.
Tie Question v-.li*-.Inr Nelson wants
the "I'I or the new service bOtWOOD 'bis
citj and Bpokane is sun nnrtorliloil.
though the balance of opinion amom
i, ��� | bants htt'itm to be strongly in tavoi
nl the "1*1 ar runt-run nt lor i Me daj
train, which let! Nelson in th��' momSag
.1,; arrived aarl] iu the evening.
Many, while admitting that tbe night
!���* '.-������   U   tai   better adapted to de\��(op
txavol   la   1 lit*   su Uine i,   eon ��� ii ;
Selson's  commercial   IntWOOtS  08
i    sad N. railway are rather with
emonta north ut tho Botsadarj
r.i')i   undoubtedly  suffer   sorloui
.' a ' ihv   b]   ths   night  setvice  as
��� i.i constituted,
Messrs   Ross   and   LJurutiuii,   leTt  Toi
.'   lust  night  to confer  ���*���*. itb the
i _B of  tbe Jiuh.un.
UofriBI   BTUteinent    OO   Ule   sub
: < ��� n  given tO The C'iti;i'l:;iti d
��� ..* .   u-un..gt-r  ol   the   Ai.nmti.:.
.a  Krie:
the  Uth Inst., a meinorlitl signed
ii  oi iho prtaoipal mordants ������:
���u    w;i      s��.in    io   the   Spokaii'    Fail
ainl Sorthorn railway,    complaining   ol
U        esenl   oasai hrtaotoi f  somlos  bs
'v... ri -,. imui uml _po)cano, unit asking
ti ii to _ ���   dail] ion k *      \ ro
I ply ��_i reeolvod rrom Mr. K  C   Morgan.
,������ "inteudetit. saying thai pernoa-
j allj li,   was in favor ol tbe change.   To-
j-iiiloii  signed  b>   bs  person.-*   re
.i oug    the    Bpokaaa   Fails  and
in luilwnx, and IntOTOStod in the
local  mimiv,  was H-ut   to  Mr   Morgan
Thi   presoa! service do^s not meet with
PI roval oi the merchants and ot_
Is   N- Ismi,   and   Is   greatly   dislilod
bj   .Jl  the   local   travellers  on  tbe   line.
so thai   a   change   Is  greatl>   bo  in-  de
and  it  is hoped  thut  the niilroi.d
compan*.   will   see   their   eras   clear  to
make thin change as *arly  us  possible
A  change In  the  schedule of the  S   B
Im-runt tonul    would   bO   a   t reuundoiis
boon  to  all   the   residents  of   the   Arm.
and would also baaefll the motohanti
"' Melsaa.**
UniOjije Show Opens In New York���Cars
From European Factories Are
on   Exhibition.
Volume 2.    No. 175
Majority Prefer Train by
Day to Spokane
wih-j **-_-anaMcm
rs\ --..
Will  be delivered    evfry ���vsnlng    at
your dooi* for
Fiftt Cents. a_ __ss__i
hah   this
.'���''���       1 hi.-,    |K
ia��   POOD   u an,,
11    -a    tlii.   bi,
ui ui*.i,    mi,j
��� * go dea, wab g-avci.ea walks aaa
u .... 1 ui us in which real Uowors are
gi owing.
.he uoor plan of the g 1 has boao
so aitorea lor tho Shou /> >erc is a
-1 :    .0 Le down tho coat.   ***..  Uel to
which aud uu either bide tn ^o* hau
othor aisles. lau same a.. *** *. .-
giound Hour space is available _s .   X&
laol automobile show in the garden,    ^*%
without    ovorhaaelng   piatroruis.    flu
ground  flour has beta gfctfen -threr entirely   to Uie .exhibition ,ui   oojto,  vrhlle
;he snpersiructurt or, piati.nu, which
oncLroies the arena, *k tM meJM_d_*e
tk*tor, just aboYs a, are occupied; pj th'
���ocessor) exhibits, t nUorm eahUfltors'
signs have been used un tho giound
tioor in the torm of blue banueis at-
tiiciied tu ornate, illuminated stationary
pillars. A novelty has boon provided
tor the accessory exhibitors in tbe mate
zunine floor, in the lurm of flower signs
made of large L_ France rosea.
Tbe Illumination of the show will be
arranged jn a different manner lroui
thai of any previous show, tbe lights
boiog placed lower in the building bo as
to illuinlnat.* mon- distinctly the exhibits, rather than the great dome of the
arena. With the glare of thousands ol
electric lights play inr. ahem from roof,
balconies and floor, naturally there will
bS B gleam of briuhtness seldom equaled
In the midst of it all will stand the
handsome aud costly cars to be admired
BAd examined. For a whole week these
ears are to be Inspected by throngs,
morning, noon and night. Runabouts,
touring cars, limousines will be there.
Two. Tour and six cylinder nmebJaes ot
red. green, blacl.. blue, gray and ether
hu; b. spread out in rivalry and offering
mute testimony to the magic wund that
tht- motor industry has waved in America and Europe.
French  Burglars* Organization  Exposed
in   Montreal���Have Complete
Equipment of Arms.
Salvation Army Has No
n.-w y,..i<. Deo. H When the doors
-. Ma.!i-.,,n BQuars Garden are ,>,,-��� -----t.
..pin tonight re, the annua! ixl.il,ill..n
..I foreign mini., automobllea, nnder Uie
at] pices ,.r tli,. Itnportera' iotoajoWls
talon, ii,,. motor-Interested public *>i'i
have the pi da aura of iookiug over _
beal inou.r oar pt-,,ducts ,,f France, Italy.
England, Switzerland aad Am-!.in Mora
than 100 differ, in models of the verj
im.mi and Onaal creations Ln Buropean
������'��i bill design, win ba displayed
Those wis. %,..,*.��� privileged to make ��
preliminary Inapeetlon nr tha bl| ;���.a; <i in
lo.lriy  (li-rhtrc   ,1...  BOOS,   will   !��<���  un.' Ol
ih.' most  beautiful and oomprehenalv,
exhibitions i'Vit given In America.   Th.
il.coral ive     scheme   Is   tha   i,,*-i*t   ii"\.
uml artistic aver seen In tha iiii-. build
i,,n.   The general plan in " represents
tit.,, ,.r u sc...... on n Rata d..\ along th
l'lllllll|)H   I'SIvh.m's.   tha   rallions   Pan* i.
Uioronghfara,    Vlaltora will pan from
the (oyer throogh ��� Louis tjuim"* gau
waj wiih ��� canopied celling.   The walli
ni  tha gateway   are deoomted with a
pnitiiittc,    embodying  the  Idea  ol th,
"Spirit ..r Si 1."    BmteiiM thi   arena
ihe visitor win view the auditorium
through n Hemi-cii-ciiim- taoade whioh al
tha weatecn end is open i.r. bi no' to
obaoure tha view. o��� .-itiior Bide of ih*
tacada stand two tall rod obollassa,
orowned wiih electric lighted Jewels
This forma the entranoe eray to ihowid.
siii.ic. strejghl down tha centra of thi
auditorium, broken midway by a iculp
tared group.
At ih.. extreme Ponrth-avenue end thi
(.'illrnl    Isle   l.-rlninnlf-H   tit    B   fountain
mor.. than thirty feel in height, onaadh
side of which l�� 1, peristyle of columns
There nro no exhibits In the concert
Montreal. Dec tt.���-ImpojiinK the
in. th.,ds of the Parisian "Apache..'
\u_11-1 IS.-aluln. nnd KnilU* v\rdoiR. who
arc supposed to have belonKed io one
nf ih. iiKi-.-.t dangerous nanRs of lic'ii
Kans in Paris, established a ihi. v, -
armory in a h.nis. ,.n t'lianip de Mars
street, to winch th��*y were traced h>
(l.*tect;\.*s after a daring rohl.ery al a
fur Man In St. Paul street. Explosives
Mlfticiently powerful to hlow Open the
strongest hunk Hal."-, and di-n^pinr
powders which would render an elephant
iiiK-.iiisci-.ii.-.. ware found in the in.us,-.
and were banded over t<> Mr Milton S.
Efaraey, tl"' Clt3   analyst, to .'.-.alniti,'.
ln ttie l-Sn.'iin". ,-uiui today, 11,'auln.'
und Ard "is were charged wuh keeping
(lynauiite on unllc.-tise.i pr.-mis, s. an
offense whioh renders them liable in
fourteen rears' Imprisonmont. isach
made the same reply,   l know nothing
aii.nit It."
Mr.   H.-rsey   (hen   produced   ihe   ex
plosives and d'tliAS lie hail rt'ci.-il 11.
had examined them and found four
small detonator*, oontalnlni an sxoa*>
��� i..n .ll* powerful explosive. Thr,.. I-..I
im.es attached, ami war, ready tor use.
lie His,, found a piece ���: Bltro-gelatlne,
iliri.,' i,miles long and three t|iinrt.i ,��� "I
an   Inch   broad,  ami  a  portion  ol'  yellow
paper,    which    had   undoubtedly  i >
used f. >.- wrapping dynamite, another
bottle contained eight ounces of cyanide
<>t   potassium.
Drnga oommonly used bj crlminala,
ami known to iii'iu us "knock-out
drops,"  wen-  found   in  another bottle,
tin- chemical name of tl ontanta being
bloraJ hydi	
Tiie analyst evidently did mil relish
be Idea of having surh dangerous ar*
I..!.-, near him, foi when asked hy the
udge if be would keep th, a. In replied
lha' In' would lather gtVS llleni hack to
ba il,-I., tive
I .-aulne /ind Anliiis. who are on re
mend on a charge of burglary, until
iheir criminal rooorda In Europe bav,
i,,-,'ii received, rare sent back to Jail
lill  Monday, when  they will he allowed
... make a voluntary atatement
Most Efficient of All Immigraticn
Agencies���Canada From
Ocean to Ocean.
Toronto. Dec. tt.���Whatever may he
th.- HU nation so far as immigrants
brought to this country by other agencies are concerned, the Salvation Army
in Canada has practically no pnompluy-
ed problem to deal with. This is the
statement ol" Commissioner Coombs, and
It Is based on reports received from
each of ibe principal centres throUKh-
out the Dominion. These reports show-
that less than one hundred of all the
people brought out to this country by
tbe Salvation Army are out of employ -
Ottawa, Dec. 28.���It is und'-rstood that
Canada will be represented al the conference of the Hritish West Indian Colonies at p.ai bailees tu, January 14th l.y
W. J. Pannclee, deputy minister of
trade and commerce, and A. K. Jones, of
Ha ifax. a merchant of large trade Inter
est:, between Canada and the West Indies.
According to the labor bulletin for
November there were 372 accidents to
individual working people ln Canada
during that month. Ol these 142 were
fatal, and 2110 resulted in serious Injur
lea. Fifty-oue fatalities occurred in the
railway sendee. S',2 In agriculture, i:i Ir,
navigation and IP in lumbering.
Partial   Closing  Down  of   New   England
Cotton  Mills  Arranged.
Boaton, Mn-.s.. Deo, sis. - \ general
curtiillti'iit of pl-oduotion la New Hii"
land cotton mills, beginning the liisi
of Ihe year and continuing until alu-u!
the first, of March. Is now regarded as
a certainly. The product will probablj
i.e reduced isr> par oanl in practically nil
of the mills. Many of them will un
donli'.edly lie In operation hut tour .lays
a week (luring lhe BOX! I wo inoliihs.
ami others while running six daya
,i w. ik may stop a Quarter of the machinery as iiini policy is advisable
where there are contracts to be lill.-'l
before March.
II Is said ihat practically all ol' tin-
New Hcillord cnt'piirntlous have agreed
lo  Ihe   cuitailln.nl   plan   and   Unit   mills
in Manchester, N. 11.. Lowell ami other
leading centre, (>r ihe collon mill in-
.iiiatr.' have aoculeaoed in tin- arrangement. In Rhode Island llmse mills nol
lied up by contracts are understood to
favor a restriction of production. Tha
curtailment will probably ulTect nl
least 1511,000 operatives.
on one of the regular tri ;*! bhe has been
making all season. So ar Bhe bun not
encountered any Ice to bother her ln
her tripH across Lake Superior and a
continuation of the now prevailing brand
of weather would allow her to make a
number more trips.
Selkirk. Dec. 28.���Fire again broke
out In the store of C. Hortwick here
yesterday, doing considerable damage
to both stock and building. Last Saturday the place was badly gutted and
yesterday the fire was discovered in the
basement where a large quantity of
Soar and feed was stored. The fire must
have been smouldering for some time
Without le'ng discovered.
Ottawa.    Dec.      2S���Over    2r,.tu���..,	
bushels of grain passed through St.
Lawrence canals to Montreal this year.
This is a very much larger truffle than
recorded in any previous year.
Ottawa. Dor. 2S.���The supreme court
has adjourned pro forma until the n.i.l
Wlntn session In February and no judgments will be gi\en out until then.
Winnipeg. Dec. 2S���The award of the
board of concilia'.io,, ami Investigation
in ih.- matter of the dispute between
the c P. R. ami the oarmen on Hn- wee*
tern lines wus received ln the city
today. The award granied the request
of the men for a nine hour day hut
make:, nn in.-leas,- in the rate of wag..'*
per hour.    The pine fitters will continue
to sustain ihe relations which hav. existed in the past. Th" agvc'lnent/in accordance with the decision of the heard
will remain in effect until July. l!,uv
MacLeod. Doc. 28.���An inquest was
held here yesterday to ascertain the
cause of the death of F. Ormsl.ee. brake-
man, who was killed in a head-on collision on the C. P. II. near Brocket,
Alberta, on the morning of December
22. Tbe jury brought in a verdict "That
F. Ormsl.ee came to Tits death at Brocket in a beadim collision of freights
extras 1143 and 1430, caused by negligence or the operator at Pincher station
on December 22, 1907." Train Dispatcher A. G. Workman Iron, Cranbrook. II.
C, who was on duty at the time of the
wreck and who sent out the orders for
'he two trains, gave testimony at the
inquest. It is now thought that both
the fireman who were Injured lo this
c.ollisu ii will live.
Light  Holiday Trading and General Decline of Prices���Stock Market
Winnipeg.  Deo.   28   -Michael     Kel
enlor partner  of    iters'    Brothers
liroi Iters A
Mitch 11. left Thursday for Vnuoonvcr
to Complete (he government post offlce
Ottawa. Dec 28 Ih.re is talk or a
petition being rlrrnlatod for preseiua
Hon to the authoritlea i*ot the release
of .loin, K. Dalian, recently oosrfloted -.r
attempted hlaokmall and sentenced to
nine months iu i'( mnil prison.
Montreal. Dec. 28.���Wm. Macdonald
H y ins of age. co,untitled suicide In his
boarding house yesterday because be
was out ,.r work and dls, inn a'led. He
swallowed carliolic acid, lie leaves a
Ottawa, Dec. 28���The number of
homestead aatrlea tor the ten montha
to October IllBt, was J8,80t, a decrease
or 12.33ft as compared with tha same
period a year ago. This decrease 1:. ( -.
plained In pari by lhe furl that lne.un
ers   were   hitvlug   land  outright   instead
oi nomesteadlng.
Ittundon. Dec. 28.���Louis Wicket, n
driver or a bread wagon, haa left town
and it ls alleged that he has taken put
J400 belonging lo his employer which
he collected from the customers. A
warrant has heen  Issued for bin arresl.
The week on ,1:1, stock market was
marked as usual dUMng the holiday season by very light tn'leing. The net result was a small a*Arage decline in
values, hut a few stocks made slight
advances, noiahly ilinn-iond Yale Coal.
North Star. Raisl.ler Cariboo, Nicola
Coal and Western Oil.
The foi.owlng are the approximate
quota;'..me for tbe week ending today:
Asked.     Bid.
Alberta Coal fi Coke %    .34     8      .21,
B. C. Cupper	
Ilreckcnridge Lrind..
Con.   Smelters	
Cariboo McKinney..
Canadiun Coljd Fields
Canadian Ma^eml. ..
Dominion Gosper ...
Diamond Vaie Coal. .
Qntnby   ..."	
tSalhrairh  Coal	
Internal i ,n:tl Coal ,
La   PlatS   Mines	
'lie lie, I'.-al   Mines. .
Piuih indie Smeller..
IlalutiSer Cariboo. .. .
Itoy.l  Collieries	
.tVI-Kwu   Mines	
White Hear	
Western Oil Con   .. .
3.87 V4
70. (XI
.01 -V*
Mother    ot     Ronald     McDonald-Jenson
Asks Aid   in  Search.
Fort   WlllUm.   Dec 2R��� tIiuukIi  situ
uUmI nt tin- lii'iul ol' thi tnoBt northerly
of thf (.'���<���,���. Lftkei, Port Arihur nnd
Fort   William   Olalm   tlu*  (lls'tnotlon  of
iH-inp DpsD ut navigation later than nny
oiher Canadian lake sport   Thr ���teatntr
C. \V. Moore orrlvt'd from Duluth today
Chief of Provincial Police Dovftt hm-.
reofllved the following letter and will he
Htntetul for any ii.ssi*staiiet* In complying
wah the enruest requeni contained in
Seattle. Wauh, Nov. 27. 19*07.
C'lii-'f or Polioe, Nelson. B. C,
Dear Sir: ��� Will you plcuHe io aKHist
in, in locating my hod :iii'i u widow
mother- bleintag win Im yonta for ever.
lit-- nu mi' ih Konald MelKmaid or Kon-
tiid-Mciloneld jenaon. iu- wuh living in
N�� Ikou. h Inn In* joiiu'd tin- t'linadtun
Mownted H.H' h ami went to Smith Africa
on hoard of the S. B. Ceriuthfuu, t-utl ot
May or beniu-niii--. ol .lune, I'.ttrj. He
wrote to ui.' ut thai time hut I have not
heard from him since.
1 have DOOM from (lourock, Scotland
to try to Hud my lost hoy. Since com
ln$ to this country 1 have learned that
he and others came hack from South
Africa and was discharged trom tlu
Hritish government He i vice at Hull tax
on or about the Ilrd of AufcUHt, 1H02, thi
war being elided they were not reunircd
I ulso heard thai my son went hack te
Nt hum. H. ���>'., oi' to Edmonton, Alta. 1
have written tti Kdmonton bul he is noi
there. Some of the men who went with
him to Souih Al'rlcu whOM hoim-s :iu
In Nelson, B, ('., inipht know somethinp
about  him.
Dear sir, If it would not he too mucl
for to auk you to advertise for him 1
will be only too glad to pay the expense!
of dolnt; bo.
1 ask you in God's name lo help nu
find   my  lost   bov.     Please  to  send  the
paper, us  I  cannot   i-rt ii  NeHuin   m'���������. y
paper in .Seattle, and ohllire, ynnrs truly,
ami Japanese
Parliament of Japan Is Opened With
Elaborate Ceremony���Foreign
Relations Cordial.
Tokio, Dec. 28.���A discussion of the
Japanese government's progiamme and
method of limitation of emigration has
commenced before the foreign ottlce and
American Ambassador O'Hrlen. Immediately after the departure of Can--
adlan Minister of Labor L+*mieux, Raron
���Thiuda, vice-minister of foreign affairs,
drove to the American embassy from
the station und discussed the American
pioirosals and suggestions offered by
Ambassador O'Brien for the help of tiie
Japanese government, lt Is understood
that ihe discussion was eminently satisfactory und that a memorandum on the
subject in the shape of a reply will soon
be forthcoming.
Tokio. Dec. S8.���The i!4th diet was
formally opened at 10 o'clock today hy
the Emperor who delivered the speech
from The throne in the house of peers.
The emperor laid stress on the increasing cordial relutions with foreign powers und the important beuring on peace
in the far east of the entente cordial concluded with Russia and Prance by-
The opening Bcene in the upper house
was a brilliant one; the 377 members
composing lhe house were clothed in
full regal dress, while the members of
the diplomatic corps were dressed iu
Representatives   of   American
in Conference.
New York. Dec. 28���The Intercollegiate Athletic Association of the United
States begun its second annual conv<*n-
lion at the Murruy 11 ill Hotel this morn
ing with an attendance of accredited
delesjiiites from sixty colleges and a uum
ber of invited representatives from colleges aud universities not enrolled in
the association.
The topics and speakers at the morning session were us follows: "The
Function of Athletics In College and
University Life," Prof. J. K. Kemp of
Columbia University; "The Origin.
Growth and Function of the lntercol-e-
glute Athletic Association of the United
Stutes," Captalu Palmer B. Pierce;
"Amuteuiism," Dr. Luther H. tlullek,
and "Iutercolleglttte Athletic Schedules." Dr. P. C. Phillips of Amherst Col
The legislation to he enacted at tlu
let-Jslutivt* session this afternoon is uf
considerable interest. The report of
the speiiul committee ou summer base
bnll will hu received and acted on. The
Banket Lull und Football Rules Commit
lees will report, as well ns the repre
si'nt..i Ives from various districts und
tli��' "lie rn of the assoelutlon
Thf  election of u uew   commiite*'  tn
i, , , il Uie present Football Utiles
Committee will be held. Changes m
the cons.ilutlou und by-laws will be pan
Bed to give the seven colleges which
were members of the Football Rules
Committee pertnunent represent at Ion.
and to Increase the term of the Conference Commit nc members to three
yean*, side tiiese, amendments ;m , ; *
posed to tbe constitution to admit of
dual representation and to make tlu
legislation of the association binding
on the members without destroying in
dividual initiative. This Is to meet the
objection of the larger colleges to Iho
after  the  entertainment of  the   guests.
The sessions will begin Monday and
continue through the entire week. There
are eleven sections in the association,
and all will hold meetings this year. In
order to have the benefit of these meetings, the following scientific societies
will i iso hold their annual meetings at
the university at the same time:
Society for the Promotion of Engineering Education. American Society of
Nat uralists, American Anthropological
Association. American Folk Lore Society, American Chemical Society,
American Mathematical Society, American P.Iblographical Society, Association
pf American Geographers, Lake Placid
Conference on Home Economics, A meri-
caa Society of Zoologists, Entomological
Society of America, American Physiological Society, Association of Economical
Entomologists, American Nature Study
Society. American Fed#ratlon of Teach
ers of Mathematics and Physical Science, Botanical Society or America,
Central Zoologists, Society of Biological
Chemists, American Psychological As-
pociation. American P cbical Society
and Western  Philosopi, cal Association.
Prices of Metam.
New   York.   Df-c.   28���Silver,
copper, 12-,-tyc.;   lead. $4.75.
London. Dec. 28.���Silver, 24%d.
Opening   Copper  Quotations.
New York, Dec. 28, 1907.
(By McDermid & McHardy.)
Asked Bid
Granby    $77.00        $71.00
Dominion   Copper     1.87*>_        1.75
B. C. Copper     4.00 3.87V,,
Party   of   Castaways    Believed   to
Signalling  From Bar-en Rock
In South Atlantic.
Petition For Retention ot
New York. Oec. 28���From advices received at the *S*iarliime ESxchaoge It Is
believed tha, a shipwrecked crew is
on one of the small islands off Cape
Horn. The liritish ship Raphael, which
arrived at Montevideo on Nov. SHIth, en
route from Callao for Liverpool, reported seeing fires burning on an island far
tt. the southward of the eastern entrance lo the Straits of Magellan.
The Are,, were evidently maintained
as signals, as they were large and
burned brightly, while they could be
seen fri.ru the lluphaol. The machinery of the Raphael wus defective at the
time, and she kept her course. However. wh"'n she arrived at Montevideo
the information was telegraphed to
Punta Arenas, and a steam tender has
been sent to make a search of the islands. From the description it is believed that tin? fires were seen on Straggler's Island, which is to the southward
of Smith's channel.
Shipping men are of the opinion that
tin- castaways may be the crew or part
of the crew of the f��ur-,uusted barque
Arthur Sewall, long overdue at Seattle from 1'hlladelphln. The Sewall, one
of th,. largest Amcri.an sailing vessels,
sailed on April 3rd last, and since thnt
nothing has been heard of her. About
two months ago a sealing steamship arrived at Punta Arenas and reported
having sighted the masts of a large Bulling ship sunk to the southward of the
Horn. The Seuwall carried a crew of
ihlrty-two men.
There are two other vessels now ik>b-
I, il as missing at Lloyd's. These a,v
ths Aineiicun barque Adolf Obrlg.
which sailed from this port for San
Frut,else, on April Huh. and the Hritish
barqtH) Bllbsrbom, which sailed from
Newcnstle. N. S. W., for Pisagua, CShilt.
on March SSItl The Obrlg had a crew
of twenty mon and tha Sllberhorn had
tw nty-seven persons on hoard.
A party cast away nn one of the Islands off the Horn v aid have a hard
time. They are merely fragments of
rock, without vegetation, and the only
food to be obtained is the shelltlsh on
lhe rocky shores.
Business Men of Nelson Addressing
Consular Department at
The prospective withdrawal or the
American consular service rrom Nelson
is recognized as a serious biow to the
Interest of the city.
A petition was drafted this morning
and addressed to the consular department at Washington, setting forth the
extent and value of the interests aHect-
ed, boih American and Canadian, the
certainty of a steady and rapid growth
in the volume and value, and the grave
inconvenience and loss that will be suffered by the people of the interior of
Washington and British Columbia if the
proposed change is effected, and praying
that the office of consular agent at Nelson will be maintained.
The petition was circulated by F. A.
Starkey and P. G. Ebbutt, president and
.secretary of the board of trade, lt was
promptly signed on behalf of practically
every business man in Nelson, the managers of the four hanks, of the leading
hotels, of all the wholesale houses, the
leading retail houses, the two daily
papers, of mines and sawmills, and of
ail companies with headquarters In Nelson, and by all the professional men
that could be found.
A copy of the petition will be Tor-
warded to the Spokane chamU-r of commerce with a request that that body
either endorse the Nelson petition or
present another to the authorities at
Washington to the same effect.
No information Is obtainable from auy
quarter as to the reason for the action
of the American consular department.
Consular Agent W. S. RIblet has .received nothing but the bare notification that the office will cease to exist
on Jan. 1st, 1908. He approves of the
lieiiiion and thinkB that u lull explanation of the conditions and of the magnitude of the interests involved, might
lend to a reconsideration of the department's decision at least in so far as
Nelson is concerned.
Suggestion   That   Parts  of the  British
Empire Unsuited for Whites Be
Opened to Them.
Conference   to   Be    Held
Year in Chicago.
London, Dec. 28.���The breaking up of
the Indian congresB Ib tending to justify
those who are humous to justify the exclusion t.r Indians us well as other Oriental races from the colonies and to ad-
voca'e the calling of a commission representative of all colonics. India and
the mother country, for a preliminary
Investigation to assist the next imperial
conference to deal with the Hubject.
It is suggested that the evidence
taken before such a commission might
convince some of the colonies of the Impossibility or banding against Oriental
Immigration and thinks lhat certain
parts of the Urltlsh territories most
suited to Orientals and least to the
white mini's habitation might be especially reserved tor Oriental Immigration.
At St. RaiYrOUf's church. Nelson, II. C.
on Baturday. Dec 2Sth, 1907. l.y the lt -v
Fred. H. Ornbnm, rector, Charle*. Herbert Fle'cl'or. of Vancouver. II. O.. was
nrirrled to Miss Johanni, Federlln, ,.r
Chicago. Dec U.���Men prominent In
the fields of scientific research through
out America will gather ln this city
next week lo attend the fifty eighth an-
nunl meeting of lhe American Association for the Advancement of Science,
one of the largeBl bodies of men of
i-.clence in the w-orld. lt Is expecied
thcit* will be an ntleiniance of tn-tween
SS.0n and I.nun delegates, many of whom
rank ns the foremost of Amerlcnn scien-
tl. ts. T'le I'liivetsily of Chicago and n
committee ol   local   cltlsens   will   look
Czaraln Is  III.
St. Petersburg. Doe. 21.���An authoritative announcement   iron,  Tsarkoe Selo
iniiay confirms the Information obtained
yesterday by the Associated Press con-
ecrnlim the condition of the Empress of
HusBlii.      Hat    illness   Is   In  no  sense
critical but her convalescence has been
slower than her physicians had hoped
11, r Mnjortv lias suffered no relapse, on
the  contrary,  there  has   been a  slight
but   steady    Improvement day  by   day
since ltecenibtr Ifi.    The doctors have
entertained   uo  Illusions   regarding   the
condition  of the  empress.    The strain
of the last   few yenrs has told heavily
upon her.  hut there  Is no evidence of
weakness to arouse alarm.    It  will be
months before she will be able to participate In the ceremonies of court.
D. C. Coleman has feone on a business
trip to Chicago.
Mrs. J. Moe and the children have
gone oust for a visit.
Nell F. MacKay, M. L. A., of Kaslo,
came down last night and Is at the
F. S. Hussey. superintendent of provincial police, arrived from the coast
lust night.
A. 11. McKncill, K. C, of Rossland,
came over laat night. Mr. MacKnelll
will remove to the coast on the 1st ot
0. H. Ashton. or-���inclal constable nt
Midway, was at_'i'i, In the clly last
night after spending Christmaa with old
friends at New Denver.
F. W. Swannell, who has been a member of the board or schn"l truiees of
NelBon for seven years and n half, and
whose current terra . *:t.ires In Januarv.
announced today lhal he would not be
a candidate for re-election.
4 11
ii ii
s iii'i *
.    Mil Lj
Clothing,    Gents'   Furnishings
and Boots and Shoes
Is beginning to arrive.
In about another week we will be able to offer full lines
in these goods, and can promise you the best value ever offered in the city.
In the meantime it will pay you to await their   arrival
before making your purchase.
imperial Bank of Canada
Head Orf-icse:   Toronto.
Capital Authorized  ��10,000,000   Capital Paid Up $4,860,000
Rest   $4,860,000
D. R  WIL.KIE. President.
HON. ROBERT JAM. RAY, Vice-President
Branches in British Colombia:
Interest allowed on deposits  from date of deposit and credited quarterly.
���J.   M.   LA.Y,  Manager.
The Royal Bank of Canada
Incorporated  A. D.  1869.
 $3,900,000     Reserve  Fund .,  a4,390,000
Unexcelled facilities for the transaction
of all kind, of Banking Business.
>avings Bank Department, and
interest credited Quarterly on
davlngs Bank Accounts.
on Application, in Large, Medium
or Pocket Size.
Nelson Branch, G. A. SPTNK, Manager.
Published -sij*.  t.n>*- ��� week ty the
Baker Bt..   Nelmm, B. C
tfuoacriptlon tBitf, M cent* a month delivered
lu tbe citv, or *-'-.o> a year tl bl-ui by mall, when
paid in hi-vai;.*"*-
AdverUf*m�� ratefi on application.
AU moult**- paid in settlement of The Daily
Cauadmn aor nuts, either toi BUbaorlpttona or
advritihiiiK, i.: iwt U- receipted for on-Uie printed
forma uf tne riinpaay, Other receipts are not
Saturday, December 28, 1907.
���Consui-Gt'iKTai Nosse, n pn sentatlve
Ut Canada of tbo government of the
Mikado, hun shown once more that be
ia a tactful ami poll bed gentleman, a
wise and bale diplomat, und an admirable type ni new Japan.
His statement, published in y at. i
day'g Ottawa despatches, la wel<
reading. Tbe problem oJ Oriental Lm
migration and bow bo deal with it la
complicated enough wlthoul being em
biiUTt-d by any personal disputes with
amb&ssadoi ���. Mr. Nosse's assurance!
thai ins relations with ministers and
officials ut Ottawa are entlrelj Frlendlj
aud oordlaj and may be accepted with
thankfulness, and wlthoul reserve,
Tbe offending d wspapei artiU lo
wbicta appeared In Winnipeg first as on
Ottawa despatch, wai as follows:
"Ottawa, Dec. -- When parllameni
reassembles aftei the Christmas vuca
tlon the government will be ha the un
pbasant position of bavlng to attempt
tiir defence ol i Ither the calculated mla
representation or n deliberate breach ol
"Hon. T. Nn.* se, consul-genera] <>'
Japan, is in ;i royal rage over the oon
duel or the government in -stating, fin
through Bir Wilfrid Laurier, and agati
through Hon. Sydney Fisher, thai b,
iin* consul-general, assured the prim*
minister before the Japanese treat)
came up iu the House that  lhe govern
ment of  .lapau   was   pledged   tu  ] I
no more than ��lx hundred Japanese pe
year to emigrate to Canada. Hun. Mi
Non-se bats said Bond-publicly that h-
will no longer endure thi* misrepresen
tatiou which has, it ih stated, gol liln
into no sligbt difficulty with the Japan
ese minister of foreign affuirs.
"Mr. Nosse haw outlined the facts o
the case aud they are these: 'Short 1;
prior to Sir Wilfrid Laurier'* iulroduc
The Daily Canadian
hi "" __
Plainly seen and clearly too, that there is a great difference
In flitting and adjusting glasses. When you need the services of
an optician you want the best. Consult us. All our examinations
are made by a skilled optician. A pain in the eye or severe nervous headaches may be a warning that glasses are needed. They
should be obtained at once; then their use may be only temporary. Neglected, the sight may be permanently injured. Have
your eyes tested free. 1 will have an expert optician Jan. 15th.
Remember the date.
! J. J. WALKER !
��� ������������������������������������<>������������������**> *���������������
tlon of the Ja anese I reaty ii.il in the
li ins ��� il co nmona the consul-gent ral
received From a member of the Canadian cabin ��� st n' i rate l ter asking
him for certin information about commercial conditions in Japan ami enquiring in the most casual manner Whether
there had not been put in force by his
government some restrictive measures
governing emigration from .Japan to
Canada. Mr. Nosse replied, giving the
commercial information requested and
stating that the Japanese government
had issued a regulation limiting the foreign emigration from each depaitment
in the empire to a small number each
"The governmental divisions of Jap-
anese territory are known as departments.
"When Sir Wilfrid Laurier explained
the provisions of the Japanese-Canadian bill in the house of commons he
was at great pains to convey the im-
;i e on that ho had been officially as
sort d by the Japanese government thai
the regulative orders would be continued and that they wore to all Intents
und  purposes a  part of the treaty.
'it now is revealed that Consul-Gen?
era] Nosse, shortl) after the deliery oi
Sn- Wilfrid's speech, and under Instructions from the Japanese government,
Forwarded to Sir Wilfrid a letter of pro
t' st, in which he pointed out that the
Canadian government hud misused a
letter Which was certainly-not official:
that Mr. Nossi had no right to give
any official assurance of tbe description
Indicated b} sir Wilfrid Laurier and
thai as a matter of fact Mr. Nosse's
communication was in no way an official assurance as the consul-general is
not In any way a diplomatic represents
tive bul is purely a commercial agent.
"To this communication Mr. Nobbc
rec. ived u reply which be consider* 6
unsatii Factory, the more so as the Toklo
authorities had indicated to him iheii
serious disapproval of what sir Wilfrid
Laurier hud tried to represent as an of
Hcial pledge. After vainly attempting
to secure a retraction from the government Hon. Mr. Nosse wrote u Strong
Letter Of protaal to the Toronto Globe.
the chief Liberal organ. In which he
outlined the facts already stated aud de
cnanded that be be set right with his
own government and before the Canadian people.
"In place of publishing the letter, as
Mr. Nosse requested, tbe Qlobe sup- res
bed lt aud from  that day  to this  Mr
Nosse has been unsuccessful in his endeavor to clear himself of what his government considered to be a case of exceeding his official powers.
"The speech made by Duncan Ross,
M. P., on the Japanese question the
other day, in which the Hritish Columbia member repeated the old story of
the emigration limitation regulation,
has given the consul general his opportunity, and it is certain that the matter
in all its details will be laid before the
House by Mr. It. U. Horden or some
other member of tbe opposition."
Carmen Sylva's Birthday.
Queen Elizabeth of Roumanla, better
known to tbe public under her pen
name of "Carmen Sylva," was born at
Neuwicd, Germany, December 29, 1843,
the daughter of the late Prince Hermann of Wied. In her parents' home
she became acquainted with the chief
writers, poets, scholars and artists of
the day, and early showed bent for
poetical composition. The years 1S6:J
to 1868 she spent chiefly in travel. In
1869 she married Prince Charles of
Koumania. In March, 1S81, Roumanla
was declared a kingdom, and on May 22
of the same year the princess was
ci owned queen. Under the name of
Carmen Sylvia, she published several
volumes of stories and poems, with
translations of Roumanian poetry Into
German. Some of her most beautiful
and touching poems are those written
on the death of her only child in 1874.
The queen is noted for her deeds of
charity and Is greatly beloved by the
Roumanian   people.
Schoolboys at Ranges.
New York. Dec. 28.���Students of colleges and universities are to have an
opportunity to show their marksmanship In the Grand Central Palace tonight* when the competition will take
place for the intercollegiate trophy of-
tt red by the Korent, Fish and Game
Society of America Teams will consist of lour men. and it Is expected B
good content, will develop between the
experts Of Harvard, Yale. Cornell. Ool
unibia and other eastern colleges.
corner post, t���enoa eighty
eight? chalna waat, thence
theuee eighty   chattta aaa
RiuuiiiK. oonuki���iDi MO **.<���
Dated November 21,1907
No 2.    Pout   marked   B
cm iter,    theart'    el-jlity
eighty Chut!!:** east, thcni't
thence eighty chain* we-i
containing f>f�� acre-*, nmiw
adjacent to IUnl��*r lioenn
Dated Noveint>er 2 ut, V
chalna  nouth.   thenoe
eighty chalna   uorth,
t   IO  the   place  Ot   be-
ree, more or not.
E 0, ona, locator,
HaiKKtt. agent
O. Ja-gow northweat
chain*   aouth,   thence
1 eighty  chalna   north,
I lo place ot  besf-ltiuiiiK
i* nr !*���*-���*���,   ami  w -.at aud
��� No  UOW.
B   G. JAiiow. locator,
A . Mai KETT, a-xt-Ut.
No 3. Pout mark I'll T. F. Jar., man "���outhea-.l
corner, thenoe eighty chain-* north, thenoa
eighty clianiR wt-Dt. (iiM--.*��* uiglity i liatua nouth,
thence eighty chalni-; / j&nt to the place of beginning, rbiiiKiiaiiiK 6-iti aoraa, note or leaa, and
eaat   and   adjacent   tt*  W.A.   Koaa  No. 1 pout on
Corn creek. _**
paled Novt*mljer#.l8t, 1907.
�� T  K. jackmak, locator,
A. Hackett, agent-
>"0-���** Poat mar-fced Tom 1 avealle lott-���iweaf
comer pott thene* etgliiy chalni north, thence
elglity chains east, thence eighty chains south,
-thenoe eighty- chains west to place of beginning,
containing BlO acrtv, more or Its", and waSt and
adjacent to timber litx-tice ��C0 1W24.
Dated November 2l��.t, I'jot.
TOM I Avr.si.La., locator,
A   .IackKit, agent.
Nelson Land District. Dwrtetol Waat Cootensy
lake notice that J. F   A   .-'ihvit,   Intt-nd to ap
ly  fn-a-m.fll.1    lla-^-a-**- t-J ���. a	
Ut  and carry   avar
ply foraspfcial   licence tu ml at ,    ,
timber from 610 aer"s of   lajrl:   I'miitnencing nt
a post placed on lhe   northrwMt  corner   mai
F A.. flhaVOT. No   l^ thanee ein'ity  chain* so
Jobbing   promptly   attended   to.     Plans
and Estimates.
r a. nn_ver. c*o i. inence ei*tf\'uy chain* muni,
theuce eighty ehaini eael. thanoe eighty chalni
nortbi thenoa eighty ehainalueat to the plai*e ol
heglnnlosx, rouiaining ti-tU ���J-*. more or le*a,
mid Kti-'iil three miles west ,',t the Kootenay
river and about one mile ���out., nf -"urn creak
ah'l t-outh and adjacent to timhev, ;netice l""/7
and east and adjacent to titnt*er IKenoa liHJXS.
Looatad November 21-st. l'.��07.
F   A. Sua1, vB, locator,
A. Hai kbtt, agent.
Nelson Land Dlatriot.   District Ol Waat ���SoOton'
Tnke notice that I. L   W    Hhaver. Inland tO ap
ply tor a apeclal Hoc noe rocot and i-��rry away
timher from 040 aerea Ol land: (Y-mrneiif'ttig al
a post marked L.V* Shaver, northwest Oomer
theuce eighty chains south, thence eighty
chain** aaat, thenoe eighty chalna north, ihence
eighty chains went to place of b-glnnlng, h m-
taiuiiig Mo aires, more or leas, and eaat and ���_ ������
jaeentui -Umbel llcanoe UOM, and also lonun
and adjacent to timber licence No 15028, and also
���outh and adjacent to F A Shaver timber limit
No 1.
Dated   November 21st, 1U07-
L. w. shavkk. locator,
A. HACXfTi tgeut-
extension of i,in.* week   within   which   tn  advertise   granted.     Itariy   Wright,   Ass't.   Commissioner Ol Laud aud   Works.
Nel on UUtd Dlatriot*   District of West Kootenay
Take notice that I, T. L. Logan, of Bon in. r*
Ferry. Idaho   occupation   painter, Irilend toap
fly for a -p. f���| timber licence over the follow-
ug deaorlbed lands: Commincing at a posi
plutod rn tht ���ontheaat oornar of timt-er
lleanoe No  IM94. thenoa Beat U chalna, thence
not Hi no i liHiiii..   tiienee   west   Heeliains,   thence
���onth  hu chalna to   point ol sonunenoementi
oontalnlna MO ei rea, more or less.
Dated NovemberUst, MOf. T. L Umoxh,
(JOI.IK Smith, agent.
WK   will  sell  the  balance of  our stock  of   Ladies-   and
Children's Pur Collars, Muffs, Boas, etc., at 20 per ecu1
5*'ome bargains in All Woollen Goods, Fancy Notions 10
clesir. Call and secure some of these as they all must be
Apply 415  Hall 8t^
Box 385
Nelson Land DllttiOt   District of West Kootenay
Take notloa   that \V. A    Hudson,   of  Hpokane,
Wpahlngton, U B K., ooontnUon tlmbai orulaer,
intend to at ply fOT h spiciHl llniher Hccihc r,\ BI
the follo-Aing descrlt-ed lauds: Commencing nl
a poU planted on the north   bank ol Corn creek.
at the funoilon ot the north fork of Corn craai
wilh the ni it in Btraan1, ahOUt five miles in 11
westerly  direction   from   Hie coufl iienoa ol aaid
Corn   creek   with   the    Kootenay   river,   tlielici
north 40 oh Him thence weat 169 ubatna, tbence
south 40 chains, thence east IW) enaiiis t,,, poiiii
of eommencemeut, contaiiiing Cdo acres, more 01
Dated November 7th, 1WY7.
Wil,l,i��� A. Hirimoi*..
Take notice that I. K. (.'. Otis. lutend to applj
for a special license to cut mid carry away tlm
ber from ii4U acres of land: Cominenclnir at h
post planted about four miles west Of the Koct**
nay river, on a small creek flowing from Hie
south Into Corn creek and about one and one
half miles south of Corn creek and west and
adjacent to timber licence No IfiuW; cominen.
cln-f at No. 1 sspo��t marked L- 0, OUa uurtheaat
Nelson Land Dlnlrtet. Diatrict of West Kooteuay
Take notloa that I, Charles Dutcher, intend
lo apply for 11 spe.-lal timber llccuee, to cut and
cany away umber from f.tw a' res of land I 'oin-
mencing ai No. i i��*st about V2 miles west ���>( tha
Koolenii) rlv-r. on tbe north rdde of|Boundary
oreek' and north, and adjacent lo timber licenses
IM-Po, and on.; mile north of the International
boundary line: commencing at a post marked
Charles Dutcher's soutInvest corner, theuce HO
1 halns   north,   tin ncc Wi cimlns east, thence ft)
chain** south, thanoa 80 irhrtntyitntl to tbe place
of bet-lnuing. ooniatnlttg i��m acres, more or leas
Loch*' d Novenib r I8t��    I-W7,
Chaki.ks Dt'TCHBH, locator.
No. 2     Conunanoing at a post marked Charles
Dntober'i   loutbeaal   corner, thenoa w ohaini
DOltb-   tbenoa ***u chaitiB west, thence MO chnius
south, tbenoa Nobalni aaat to tha place of beginning, and wool and H'i laoenl tO number one
timber mini, Mini 1 i.ui-nlnDig MU acres, more Or
Looeted tforamba ��� it��tu. iwi
ClIAEl-as Ut'lCHKH. laocator.
No 8. Commencing Ht a post marked Charles
lumbers north waat oornei and about IS mllea
wesf ill the Kootenay river nu the north side o|
Itouintarv creek and north and adjacent to tlm
i���-rii'cn.' 10060, lhenoe so.Uh MOehHlns, thence
east HO ,dialns. ihence norih *,*, 1 hitins, tlu im ��
wist mi chains tn the place of beginning, containing M" acrei, more or lew,
i-oiated November IKth, 11nr7.
OB���si���a DirnsBB, Loostor,
No 4. Commencing al h post marked Charles
Dutoher'a  northeast   oorner,  thence south  H(*
chalt.s,   thence   west W) chains,   thence   north SO
Ohalna, tbeuce east Hi) cliHlns to the   place of be
ginning, containing Mo acrea, more or leas
Located November ISth, IWJ7.
No. 6. commencing at a poNt marke' t^harleti
Dntober'i southeast oornar, thence HO chains
north, thence nu chains wesl, thence MO chains,
���Outh, tbeuce Wi chains east lo the place of beginning, containing Mb acres, more or leaa.
Located November IH-iji, l��o7
i.'iiaklki Di T' UK*, locator.
N fi. Commencing a' a post marked Charier.
Du cber's   southwest   -oilier,   theuce   north   HJ
ohalna, thanoe aaat w, chains, theme aonrhgo
chains, thence west ho chains lo the plac   , t be
glunitiK.    hi 'I.;' r>40 a'-rea, more or let!
Located November 18th, 19u7.
i jiAKi.ib DuTossa, ixx-H.or.
Nelaon Land District. District of West Koo'cnay
T��ke notice lhat Solomon Wilkinson, of N.l
stm, H C , occupation lumt>erman, Intenda to
apply for a s-peclai timber licence over the tot*
lowing described lands:
1. Commencing al a post planted on thenorlh
bank of 1-iammlt creeK about tw<> and a halt
miles   from IU  mouth,   tiienee   north 40 chain-,
thenea eatt UB ebalna, thanoa Booth 40 chains,
tbence went 160 1 bains.
Dated ftlth November, tWIT.
2. Commencing at a post planted an an unnamed creek which tl'*w�� into -Sam mi I oreeh
from the south at a point atiout two and a half
miles east from the north fork of summit eraak
���alii p��si betn;- placed shoot three qoarten mlla
up such unnamed cruek and aboot BOO fi ��� '
trie eaat thereof, theme east to chains, Lbl Di 1
south 160 chains, theuce weat 40 chains, thenee
north IU) chains.
DaUid 19tli Novemoer, 1W7,
8. Commencing at ��� post planted on an unnamed creek whleh flows Into riuinmlt ereafe
from the south at a point about two auda half
mllea erst from the north lork of Summit Break
at a point about three---unitern mile up BttOh
creek a inl aboul 600 feet to lhe * ast thereof,
theuce aouth lfo chains, tbeuce flreat tt ohalna,
th -ii e north IHU chains, thence east -to ,:,,.;,.
Jiated 19th November, UX7.
���t. Commetieiug at a post planted on the north
, a>t side ol the north fork of summit creek
al 'ut four miles from the Junction ot tne north
for* with the main-iummlt cre*k. thenea aontb
���90 ehai no, theniv wt*st ��a chains, thenee north BO
chalus. t '-nee eait HO chains-
Dated lath, November, IWl
b   (iaoaoa Y"i hu. Agent
Nelaon Land District Dlatriot of Weat Kootenay.
Taae notice that 1, W A Hudson. Of Spokane,
Waah , occupation timber cruiser, intend t��> at
ply tor aapeclal tiuU-er lleeuee over the follow
Ing described landi: Commencing at a |>ost
planted on the north bank of Summit cries. ,ue)
nurkwl W. A. Hudson's H. W. corner, lln in >
north 4*0 chains,   thetice  east IfiOchains,   lb   n,-.
aooth60 obalna, thence west isoehaitu  to tha
iMiint of oom mono* ment, containing 0t0 aerea,
BOie or lesa
Dated >ov   9,1607. W.A   BO-MOM
Nelaon l-ainl District.   District of Ofott K.-mu-iiuv.
lake notice lhat W A II u 1-...U. ������! Bpo-ftne,
Wash., occupaiion Umber sralaei In tenn i leap*
ply fur a spwial timber lloeni a over ttu- following deal rlbed landa: Commencing at >��� poat
plained on the South bank nt the north fork ol
'Corn elect, thetice aouth *���> ohalna,  tbetltH    --   Bi
160 chain-. Ibeiue north 40 chain*    th  . ,-t
36L chains to tbe   prdnl  of  comuietn , in, ui. n,n-
tauur.g 640 acres, more or leas.
ba;.."l Nov. 5th, l*f7. W, A. Hi nson.
Nelaon Land DUtrlct.   District ot W*jat Kin>ten��j-
Take ���-.':���. that W A.Hudson, of Hnokane,
Wash., o���~upatlon timber crulaer, luieinls to np
ply for a special timber llcs-nc* over the follow -
ing deaerllVd lands; Commeuclng nt a j..*vt
pUated 00 ibe eaat aide of the >oi*tb fork of the
north fork oi < **atn creek, theOOO touib ao thalna,
Lhenoe west *��iXain-��, .hence norih W) 'bin,-.
ihence eut Buch%(us to the point of eommi DO
ment, containing t.|>< acn-s. more or
I'ated Nov   tith,  \*f\ W   A.   BOMQM
Nelaon I and District.   District of Went KootaiUty.
Take notice  that   *A*. A.   Hudson,   of  -(-.kane,
<\ ash-, oecopattun timber orulaer, Inb i da to ap
fily for a special tlmker licence over tbe follow
ng deaerll-ed lands: -cornmcuclng at a |M,st
planted about 600 feel north of the iioC.u
fork of Corn creek, thence south 60 < halna.
thence weat B0 chalus, tbeuce no tb no
chalna, tbence east ho ehalns to the point of
��� iiuiinencemeut, containing 640 acr.-*,. mora 01
Dated Nov. Cth, l'<W7. lW. A. HonsoN.
Nelaon Laml Diatrict |Dlstriet of Waal Kootenay
'lake notice that W\ A. Hudson, of BpOkaaOi
Waab., occupation timber crulftei. Intenda to ap
ply for a speiial tlmlwr Il-reine over the follow
Ing <l> ��, r I b'"l lands : Coin men ring at a pi .a*
planted about Mai feel north ol the north fork "I
Corn creek, thence north no chains tbence w<-si
H0 chalna, theuce moth Ho ehulns, theuce east HO
chain" to the point id commencement QOUtaiO
log tito acres, more or lesa.
Dated Nov. 6th, 11*07. w  a. Bodoom,
HelSOO Land District.   District of West k eimy
lake nutlet that W.A. Hudaon, of BpokOAOr,
Wash , occupation Umber cruiser, Intenda to upply for a special Umber ii-ciiee over the folio
lug deiertbed lands: Commencing a' h posi
planted about -900 feet north ol the north fork of
Corn creek, theuce south Ho chains, tbenoe ea*1
HO chains, thence north HO chain*., tbanoa west HO
chains to thu polut of eomineticciuenl, containing 640 acres, more or Una
Date'! Nov. Oth, l'JU7. W. A. BOMOM.
Nelaou l.iitcl iMstrlet     Dlslrlct of West Knot, iih)
Take  notice   that W. A   Hudson,  of Bpokane,
Wash- enpttlion Umber crulaer,  Intcmin lo ap
ply for a special Umber   licence  ovrrthi following deaoribeo   landa;   Commenolng at a poat
planted about A*> feet norih of the norih Turk oi
Corn creek, thenee aoulh HO chains,   thence ��,..i
ho chains, tneuea north ho ohalna, thai east ho
ohalna to tbo point of ootnmanoemant, oon tain*
I iik 64n acrea, more or leas.
Dated Nov. 6th, l'W7 W. A. BnpBOS
Nelaon Lund District.   District ol Weal Kooieioiy
'I'aae uuU-se that W A. Hudaon, of HnokanOi
Wash., OOOttpatiOn timber cruiser, In tends to n\>
ply for a special Umber liieiice over the follow
lug described lauds: Commciniug ut a post
planted about W feet norih ol the nortli lork oi
Corn creek, thence south Ho chuiriH, thein e aaal
HO Obalna, thence norl'i Kit ehaina, thence west ho
< halna to the point of commencement, containing 640 acres, more or leaa.
Dated Nov. 6th, 1607, W   A. Hcnao**
N.-lM.n Land Diatrict.   Diatrict of Weat vooicuuy
Take Holloa that W. A, Hudson, of Hpokane,
Waah.  occiipHilon Umber 'miser, in i- mis to ap
ttly tor manaolai Umber ijosnoo oesr tbsioUow*
ug deacrlbed   landa;    Commeuclng at a poat
Y..i,.   choice "f   :���*  baaatlfol pattern.
In   ('.. ii'.iin-   Bcotch    r-.\...|-      Regnlar
��:,...  to   ll* "'I  SuilH.    Sale  Price t25.00.
*.******* *************************************** ********
V-.u can Im.' a I'larr.. Kr,,i<  llanrh   In   t_  l��-��l   fi'iil   KrowinK *W���
in  Hnii-.il  Colombia  b)   paying  tl 0 dollara down and f10 par bomb.
Kv.ii ms an in*.-nn. in thla is worth con-Jdaratlan.
Fruit  Land baa trebled In ralna within the year.   What win R -���> ���
j. a I *
J.   E.   AfNINABUE,
S��_3?S Lamto, Shingles,
L��tth, Mouldings* Doots, Window*
Turned Work ��rtcl hrnckcln.             Mall Onlprs ummptlr stt��dad��
vi*wiv(��nstwi;i-i    -   -   -   NBLSONi ***_!__ �����s
pUiilii on  the   aouth   batik   of   lhe   t.iani   ('orn
crook and adjoining Umber lloenca No. 10728,
tiienee Mouth (Ocbaloa. tin-nee west ISO ebalna.
thenos oortfa iu i halna thenoa eaal ISO 'halna to
Lha point "f   coinin* nceon-ni,   oontaining   S40
acre., more nr
Dan i Nov, "tb. iwr;. w. a. hi-pn-ih.
lollon Ina
-st planted
No. 11      Wf*at  fork, Kile ci.ek.
Nel��ou I^tud I'is'net. iMmii.-i ol trVeet Coo ten a v
Take noil, a lhat I, -loaaph rain, k, ol Heleon,
B.C., occupation lumberman, Intend toapn ���
for a apeafal timbei lleeuoa ovei the tolh
dencrilN*d land-* i Oommi oelna I       .
abontAmllea up tha ��i��i  i,.rk  oi  rtie    	
and about 10 chalna from the bonk of aaid woai
fork, an i marked Jot*<.pii Patrick'a B k oorner,
thanoa waat SO ehaina, Usance north So t-hatna,
tbanoa aaat vt chain**, tbenoa aoutb *. cl aiua to
point Ot    "oiniiicnceinelil,    cuiitu inl Dg   MO    ������f".
mere ,.i laaa
Duied I'i, ember Mb, t'J'o*,      JoaKcit I'aikuii,
I J. LocUh agi m.
No. 14     Weal fork, Kit" ori'oH.
Nelaon bind uit-irict   Dlatriot of Weal Koolenay
Take uoiice timi Aoaeph Patrick, ol Nelaou,
B.C., Domination him barman, intenda to apply
for a apeclal tlmbai Iloem a over tin- lollowliiK
deal rlbed landai Oommanclng at a poat planted
about two ehaina dlMuut. and in an eaaterly
direction   from    location   No.   18  and  market]
Joaepb    lairlckr-   N.K.   comer,   Ibeiice aoulh HO
chain***, tbenoa weat 80 chalna, thenoa noi
ohalna, theuce aaal "j chalna to point of oom*
ine11"���-ui1 Ut, containing040 acre*-, more or I���****..
Duo d Desambei ath, IJVT.     Junvi-u paxuo a.
1   J. I.i'i ia   uktent-
No   18.    Went fork, Mf.* .-re. k.
Nelnon tan u d in -.ii, ,��� i    iii-ir otol tVeei Kootenaj
Take uotlee ii'iii i, -foaeph Patrick, of Nei-on,
h D, ooonpaUon lumberman, Intend lo apply
f.n a Hpeclrl llnilK't hi dice ,,\,r lhe folloWlllu
licacribed landa:    ''ouuiicnclna at n OOBt planted
about So ohalna dlataul hihi m a weaterly tairec
ilon tr< in uo- weal fork of Pile creek ana aboul
S nuicr* iioin month ol oreek, mul marked Joaepb
Patrick's B K   coiner, thenoe ttotl  I ibalna,
tin in e north   III clntlio.   tin ice   OUl   lB0   ���IihIiip*.
i in nc*. aontb   W ohalna to polnl ol eonunanos*
uieiit. coiitatuitiic flu aorea, mon* or ic a,
Dated Deoemh roth LW,     Joaara pAratoa,
I, J.   I.l CI A, Hill  III .
No   If..    Ht   ven- creek.
Nelaon Land Dlatrlut.       c"  e1 of Weat Koolenay
Take notice tbal I, Joaepl    Patrick, oi Nelaon,
ll C, occupation him > nniin. Intend to iipi.lv
for a -.pecla) limber   11  DUOO   over   the   following
deaorlbed lamia:   Upminenclng ��.i a poat planted
about &U mtleK up Hie,'ns   en ek   ami In it N. K.
direction from mouth of creek- and marked
Joaepb Patrick'a N   )���: coiner, thenoa aoutb SO
en a Ilia, thenOO WcM Ml clialna. theuce ilorl ti nn
ObStna, thonoo ea-d Ho chalnx to tne point of
coiiiineiicciiiL'nt, COOtiiialttgMO n-'rea, uioic or
Dated December :ird, Hun.      .Ior* mi I'atiu<k,
J    J.   I.L'i U   audit.
Nu- 17.    Klevena ereek
Nelaou Daud Diatrict   Diatrict ul WuBt Kooteuay
��� nolle
i.e. -llpatl'il)     I"
.-, ,��i umber lloj sea oti
.      ,   . rdfej
ohalna to polnl ol  ���" ssws_Wi
*rt  acrea, more or lew. ,   ,.,,, |tnufi.
q L��� i beoainbarand.liW   ,Jgg*iit.
No.Uk   Blereaaotook. . w   lKl,-,i,-_r*
... ,, LandbutHcl  ,l,i',,,tlu,[ *���<>�����������,*
���iMk- noUoa that I   _��Ph, ,H '.,,���  ���,. u-pU
Ft. 0.. occupation �������-wr�����";iJ,,JS I   ���t'*\
rora'aM^aTtlmboi  Ik ���"���������;;���*;, ^i"*"
���:���,... si.ulli  Iri.m Hi"'".1)'
u..rk...l J.,.. |.l.   I
I l*����*
,ua��r�� miles ..p "',""���":,;,"'::",!?.   ���
.-Usliia ai.iilli If,."' V' . i . ,.,...,s.. il"**
m*ta*i J"��. H. I'""'''* - ^.,t_, ..,.,. ��*��;
v.iill.wi qb.lns, H " "���'*,',"'.'���;. ���, r* i��"*
l���.r,h S.i.l.,,111-. III.'...* ���"*' "ii a.n*. ��""* "
,���ii,i,���i���,ni.lil.   ...msil'l'il-' "��> ""
'|.��i,..l |>... ���iiii..r ni'l. i-Jij i,.,.
j * I'an"**.
No. 19     Kl,.v,.|,�� .���,.���'��,  ,,��� , ���. w,..t K.**��'f
'I'skl. ..nil,
H. ... n.rii|.llu_      ,        _, t
lor s .paol.l uiiil'P. n''''  ....���iu'Kt a vavir"1
lt_< I,   ���  ,'1', ' ',,,���,,,   .������{fi
...... i.....II..-.""""'.::";;,', *&_
Nil. 'Al
Irl.'l t.I " '--'   . .. imid,
I'I'  'sl,,''"-."  ' , pi,
in, ii."','"1, ���'n��
ir  0.M  "" .'	
���������..,���-���, ������>""'�� -y.::'.''���"-
,,,.,���, -��� mil.. .11' il"* '""���,' '"'*.',,  aii'l"";J'i
,-;,Hi'�����   .Imh..   WMl -*1:.'.���!.'.",',',',',���i'.,ini"1.7.'.,
,11 !_,.,.I li|*lfl.'-
I ski- mill... , l��.t I.
III. ,.,���. hi.i.ii.ji  lumlH-.m.     	
to,��i**��oi.i ��� si "��� ""���; ���'"V,,, ..." i1"",,
d.sorlfcd l.nilsi OomawV"��*��'
,.���,..,���,.,.,. r,.,.i..ir. ,.�����,;��' ���";;,;������',, ,���,"<���*���
" " ���       'i.i.r.'i-
n '.��������
I,., ol W
bated i>.
I KiwJUf
 I lork. ol ��� |
Nulaon I.S...I Ulslrh-l.   Dlstl
lot�� m wi ini'i"-; "'"",, ... ,,i,, posi >'���"'}
duor .1 Is.l.l*:   l' ""���',"    i      i'i I. ���<*������� S
sboul, .on.'* an ii..- �����>"" '",*,   ,. ,���.am.  ,;.
planted op th�� north i':'"' '\'",.,���,���, *'"".
Iiiiirk,..!   ,l.,*.-l.l.    ' ��,r1'*".,.,, Klrli.T..'. !lS
 in oi.sins, .1..-i "::L; .'i.iin��'"C!i
���,������,   SO iHiii.ik. U*��^fflifMS"��".,��-*""
.io..ni P*!?1*
f commenceltiuut
Dated December 6th, IW     ffiffifmfr i .i IV ll m*. ii i' [ m
This is fresh-killed poultry and will give you
every satisfaction.    ORDER NOW.
More supplies arriviug later.
P. Burns & Co., Ltd.
K:isl<;, Rossland
/-y%%^WWVVV'/��V��/V*A*��*��V-A*AV*^**^ ' >>/VW <***..*%
I Bohemian Beer'
The Nelson Brewing Co'y, Ltd. j
u)v/k/^^AAr^��*l/^w*VVV^*��**^^^u *���*.*.* ******* ������s^AAa^MA����MWMAAM/
Coal! Ice! Wood!
Phone 265
Yale Kootenay  Ice, Frott,
Fuel & Poultry Co., Ltd.
N. E.co,. Baker   and   Ward   8ts.
<�����;.r.n Und Diatrict. In-.tr.ct ol Weat Kootenay
Ui^ notice that Fred. J. rtammotia. agent t<>r
*���: j Tanner, ol Nelaon, oeenpeuon iraicb-
��i,.r,  intends to apply   Inr  iHTralaaion to pur-
t,>..-,- the folbiwing deaerlbcl latnla: -Tom men-
rja ai i POSI    r-lailted    itlmut   2l,   milea   eaat ol
. ...ni reek, thenee Ot chain* iu an easterly
irw lion,   thence   A)  ebalna    **oUtb,   thence  *.
ha'ni in a waatefly dlrestion, thenoe if* ehaina
���firth '" the point ��d commencement, con tain ug
ai rn re*, more or leaa
Dated Nov  2 lb, l'J07. _
KRanaidt  inoa Tashb*.
Y  J   HitaHoNB.  Agent.
oeoonauon ram s.'-r, Intenda to apply f"* i*��*r-
rnlaaion Ut purchase the inllo-wlui*, deta rlhl Q
land; ( airuiienciUK at a spott planted at tbe
norlhweat ronier nl I*.t THUS, thenee wcil -tO
ehaina, thenee aoulh n,, chalna, tbence ra��t *U)
cnaina, tbence  iiurilt*"  chalna   t"   the   |K,n>i,.t
eonunenoament* and containing hm acrea, more
,,r  i< --
. axed iS'ii Ootober, twi. J*-*-!-* shikll.
K '.   F*lgiiKVt. Agent
Nelaon Load Dlatriot   Dlatriot oi Weat Kootenay
Take notloe that Annua MeOlll, oi the City ol
Heleon, la'i-upatbui Bremen, Intend! to apply lot
pennlaalon i** porehaae the followuik turn rlbed
landa: OottUnenoing at a pml plt-nted ai the
.s. W. enrner   L   C.   Morriaou'*   ranch,   in   r ir
alley*, tht tea north lorty (4i>) chalna, Ihenc
aat Io*i>* HU) chalua; thence aouth lun> 140
aina, thonoo weat forty (40) ehaina ������"����� o
mm- in--un nt.    and  containing   one  hundred
d sixty (K*n) acrea. more or leas-
Di.-1 Septa nt.'T 2nd,  tool es'""    Mi   -���'H
. Uud Diatrict. Dlatriot nt wsrt sftootutay
Take notloa tbat ftedt. Sammona, ag��ni ior
A. a   r uiittnl. ol I'roctor. ix-e npation rancher,
is adl to apply loi permlwdnu to purchase the
fuiinwiin* oeaorlbed landa: rointncncim* at a
poal planted about IU mliaaeaal of wiIm-u creek,
tin -it. ������ aontbweal Ski enalna, thenoa northwaal Ay
Lbeoo-i aortheaat9Dohalna, tuenc-j aouth-
Baal .*' ��� Iiaiua tn the the point ol I ommeueemeut
��i>triiuliifs* 40 acrea, more or leaa.
haled Nov. aah. Dm..
a a, Hia*ii- AM.im-os BAixaan,
agent F J  Bammsa.
Ni iinn i.,n.d Dlatriot   Diatnet ol Weal Kootenay
Take Dotloa that W.A. Hudaon, lluibcrcrulivr,
"I -i-oltaiie, j-pokanu county, Wa-.liniai.iU. one
ol the I'nlted r-u.tet.nl America, intend** lo apply
lor a apeclal   ilinl.-r   Ucanaa   OTW   the lollowlng
dasac-rlbed landa: Ooaunenelngat a i��-"i marked
N" ���-*. platitiMl on lhe north bank of corn deck.
-ii::- jiuiciiunol the North lork ol Corn rreek
w Uh the malu alien 111, about ilv, miles ill a
��������-lerlv nireeiinti Irom coutlueuce ol add torn
r..fc with the Koolenay rlverr;   tbence north 4��
chain*; thenee woei tao ehaina I thonoa loath �������
chalna; thence eaat IGu chalua t<> polls t ol comment, containing Mu acrea mor  I ���"���**.
-ui laud adioiua timb-r limit No. 1 on the
weal and timber limit No n on lhe aoutb, an located by me.
Located November?, IWl.
William a. Homo*. Loostor,
Witneaaed by Patrice. 0. riblne
Di clared and atoned by tha within named W
���v Hudaon on th   -rub day of Noram-ber, A d
l��n,   before   me  at  Spokane,   Spokane*   i oiinlv,
������afcbtngtou.ouooi the United Statu ol Amertoa.
I'ATHK K 0   sulfa.
Ntlaon Land Diatnci. Diawsvoi Waal Kootenay
lake notloa tbat i-nabt-tia Plerca,  t Straaabnrgi
occu   atlon  married   woman,   Intenda   IO  apply
for pertuiaaioii tn jmrebaaa iu-* following dea
cubed landa:   Commencing at u poal plaaled at
\   leraectlou of ibe imrtn boundar*,' of i.<��i
SUM, and Lha aao) bmiu.iary ot Lot No. Kllin
lliem-o eaat fai ebalna. mme or leaa. to the. nortb
Baai corner <>(  limber Limit   No. 7871, thence
north ho . huiu-v them a weal ML" bain a, _< I
le-a. to the aaat aloe ". whan-ciVi i**"    "
("Unwing   KHiiiv    lu   a   a-iuiherlv   an I    Wt��Wn
liieclb.n 10,  chalna,   more*  or   -Ma   N. tliu Itl.et-
-"ib.n with .oi 8186, thenoe 13 ohalna. more oi
--*---,lollowlng aaatorlj boandogy olLotsisoto
point oi oommenoement*.
DrtU'd "iih  Ol'lolKsr. r-��J7 HAUKt-l-A I'lUHeg.
p. *,. Paoqoias, *gant-
Ferry, Waterloo, Columbia River.
In accordance with Chapter's. K.8. II. C. 1897.
"Kerrle- Act," the 80Ten_B*ntOl Hrlttih Colum*
bia invitea apj.ltcalioiu Ior a charter tor a l-*rry
to ply betwren Water.,.o. It 0 . and u point e��n
the .."ppoi-tte aide ol lhe Columbia River
Application* win be reoelTed by the Bon tba
Cbtet CommiR'ioner   up  tu and   noiudiin:   the
i-i .uv of Deooaabi r, pait.
Tbe charter will cover a period expiring on
tbe ;aith, June, 1*iS��.
Tbe ferry ��haH ba operated whenever n <'uir*?d
bei -.- --t ii V a in and 7 pm. every-day except Sunday a.
Applications -M.:. give a ���!��� -��� - '.)������ ;���-:, of the
acow an 1 cable u la propoaed to uiw.
Application*-- -hn.'. ataie tbe tolla It in propoaed
loaak for:���
Kach adult paa'Ctiger
-Beeta OhUd-fnoi in arinn) under !�� yeara.
Baeli lo ad of cattle, boree, mule or donkey, etc.
Kai-ii call, aheept goat or aw ine, eto
Saefa veliicle, with one lio-ae and driver.
Kach   cart   <.r   waggon,   with   one   bOOal   and
driver, Loaded,
fcach   vebli le, with two bort-ea and driver, un-
Kach   vehicle.   With    two   hor-ct-B   and  driver,
Kach parool "l ii it*** , and under.
Freight per h�� Iba , aud under, unn-pert-��habU*
Freight pe*r bo Iba and uud-r, jHTicbable ge>oda
l lie   t'-.'.-riii'ii'iil   ot   Hrittr-h   t'nlnmbla  in   not
noeaaaarily bound to accept any applloatlon rah
mi tied
I'ulilic Work., hiigineer,
Landa and Work*. Department.
Victoria, B. C,  December 10th. 1907.
Nelaou Land Dlatriot.   Diatrlotol Weal Kooi j
lake   nollee   that    Abxttnler    J.    UOOOOl,  of
Fertile, H  upatlon cl ik. Inwndi loappl]
Inr perm...mn  to purohaaa the (oUowl,| dea
���ilb-d Lind:    ('.Miime.o'lng  nt a )M.al planied on
ii  ii,.ru bonndary oi It  <   goutuarn  luii
vim right ol way.   about   oUe   and   h ball   tnl    *
winterly from iia<- nortbwwai oornei nllotstigi
group  i,   Kootenav.   tbence  ioutn   "**' ohaina,
llo'iice eaat HOebMlna. tin nee   notlti HU eli.ili,** to
aoutharu boundary ot aaid right nl wh ., theuce
WealMlehHlna along -aid xnuliiiiii bon n-Ur y to
point of eommeiiceme'iit, und eoiiliiititiiK 0VV
acme, more or leaa
Dated November flth, 1907. 	
Ai.rxxNnait J   McCool..
���Nelaoti Land Dlalricl.   D.airici nl V��el Knoicnn*.
'"like notice Unit F. I'. ��� urden, acting a** ngeiit
lor.i  li  Burden, of Poklok, p. B-, occupation
IVi acrea, more or Ifrirl. ,   ,
Dated Nnvcmuor lHth.lwn. -Iamkh H  Hchukn,
K. 1*    llUBbKN, Agent.
Nolaon Land %-imi i't. Dftltlot ol Weal Kootenay
Take notlco tbal JeAi^Jamca Cameron, ol
Fernle, Hnuaii < oluuD..,." H-i-upntinn contractor, lutenda lo app I��r periuinainri to
puti baae the Ii oiowinvulp rtbeu Mid: Com
ni'iOIng at a poet pi d on Ibe aoiillicru
��noiudary nf tbe I���: ."lifcnthorn right oi����>
Ht.niil 40 .'balna wcalcr,)*.   i-iim   tbeN.W corner
a.f   1..*   Illlj,      ....      ���        I J* . .ia!.. ��� ., t-        I In,ll,...    Hi   Hill   1,0
or leaa,
Dated November Dili, 1W7
J*'I|H   'amcx
Nelaon Laud Diatrict.  Diatrict ol Weal KouH n.-'y
Take notloa that J >i n IhlflU. ol Nccdlea, B.C.,
Notloe is 1k'H'I��\ given that the Kln-
ney-Miiit r Cedar Company, an extrs pro-
v.tien.i oompany duly roistered, an
inch, snd authorised to curry on bust-
n--as witiiin th" proTinoe of British Col-
umbla, and having lis head offlbe at
CrestoiL i" the said province, manufao-
turers, have by deed of assignment,
dated the iiiii das of December, 1807,
assigned all us personal property, real
i iin'c, ci.dits. and effeote, which may
in* seised snd sold under execution to
me, Charles 0. Etodgers, ol Creston,
British Columbia, Itunhei manufacturer,
i.ii the general beni id of ita    reditor
\ ini'i'tiiiK or the en ditora will be,
heli D thf offlce of u M. Uscdonald,
barrli ter-sit-iaw, corner Maker und Btan
,i \ streeta, Nelson, B. C. al the hour ol
three o'cloclt In the afternoon on Tuesday, the 81st day of Deoember, 1907, for
the giving .if directions wuh reference
io tht' dittpoHiii of the estate,
\nd further take notice Utal all eredl
tofi are required on ot before the Uth
_aj ..I Deoembor, 1907, to Bis with me,
the tissDiici'. fall paiiicularg of their
���alslms duly v_rifled, and the nature of
the geeurity, if any. hold by them,
And notloe Ib hereby given thai after
the 98th dsy of Deoember, L907, 1 will
prot d to distribute the assets smongsi
ihe creditors of whose debts or olalms
l   Shall   then  have   lecolviel   notle-c   and   1
win noi be responsible for the assets,
or anv pari thereof; so distributed to
any ereoltor of whose debt or claim I
shall nol then have received  notice.
i>nted at Creston, B, *-'., this Uth day
nf December, 1907.
Geo.  P.  Player
1NO   &   SMKI.TINCl   CO.
Office   Room   No.   2.   ELLIOT     BLOCK.
F. f. GREEN       F. F. BURDEN       A. H. GREEN
Ovil Engineers, Dominion and British
Columbia Land Surveyors
1'. 0. Bo, 115   rbOD(2.1B.
the bally Canaumu
The Received Account of the First Miracle of His  Life���Church Services   Tomorrow.
Tomorrow will bu the nrst Sunday after OtuMttnaa. Next Wedneaday will l.u
the lesiival ol ti,,, Clteumoialoa which
i�� oolo.ctd.enl with New JTear't Day,
Thu K.it*|.'.'l for ihe day is Bt Matthew', atory of the itirin of Christ. The
acount of the conception ami birth ol
Christ as received and taught by the
Church is the lirs. meat miracle recorded in tin- New Teetameot, ranking wiih
the UeKiirreciiim uiul ihe Ascension. It
is the lirat fact that differentiates Christ
from other men.
Belief in mlraouloua birth is not con-
lined to Christians. It was a familiar
concept lo the Greeks, Peraiana, Hindoos and also to Germans and  iliiluus
Il was inevitable lliat the truth of the
story should be queslioned in the days
when an elementary knowledge of the
theories of science began to be general
l.v diffused. Parthenogenesis in the human race is undoubtedly contrary to re-
OOrded human experience, but Its occurrence in the lower animal and vegetable
kiiig.loms is well known to sluilenls ol
.- < i. ! i < e.
With.mj doubt acceptance of the
t'-aehings of Christ as the rule of life
anil belief in Htm as a lMvinely inspired teacher and ��uide might survive ib��-
r. jection of the doctrine or Divine Intervention al His birth. Hut to reject
it is to deny the obvious continuity of
the Scriptures, deny a Divine plan for
the redemption of mankind, and to re
duce Ilie writings of both old and new
taatamenl to merely a remarkable���
even incredible���series of coincidences
without puriK.se or nu-anin*;. The Jew
i. h race ha.I and believed, and still have
and b.-lieve. recorded prophecies of ih.-
birth of a Messiah, specially sent by
the I Soil In whom they believed, to rescue th'-lr race and lead it to prelection.
Those who have left the accounts of
the birth, life, death, resurrection and
ascension of Christ, testify that the
prophecies were all fulfilled to the let-
ter. The manner of His birth could
only have been learned from Himsell
in after years or from Joseph and Mar*
It Is hardly credible that the disciples
and other apostles, men with at least
lhe average learning of a learned age
ami country, and with more than average Intelligence, would have accepted
without question or searching a state
men! of a fact so much beyond human
experience. Neither Is a conspiracy of
ralsehood among the writers of the gos-
IH-ls  rationally conceivable.
Church of Kngiand���St. Saviour's.
corner Ward and Silica street. Sunday
arte,- Christmas, holy communion, S a
m.; morning prayer and unte-commun
Ion service. 11 a. in.: Bnnday School,
2-.::iJ p. n, : evensong. 7.30 p. m.; Itev
K.   11. Qraham,  rector.
Roman Catholic���Church of Mary Immaculate, corner of    Ward    and    Mil
streets; I-ow mass. 8 a. m.;
10:30 a. m: evening service
llev. Father Althoff. priest.
l'rcsbyterlan Church���St. Paul's, corner of Victoria and Kootenay streets;
Morning service, 11 a. m.; Sunday
���Chool, 8:80 p. in.: evening service. 7:3J
p. m.    Itev. J. T. Ferguson, minister.
Meihodlsi Church���Oornar Sillw and
Josephine streets; Morning service, 11
a. m.; evening service, 7.31 p. ni.;
Sunday School, 2 ���',��� p. iu. Rav. il. N
Powell,   pastor.
Huptlal Chinch���Stanley street, near
Mill: Morning service. 11 a. in.; evening service, 7:30 p.v'.fl Sunduy Cchool,
-:;:u ]). tn.    Rev, A.<1 Frith, pastor.
Suhaiion Army���I'.rracks ou Victoria street, west of Josephine: Specln,
s. rvices for tomorrow. Knee drill, S) a
m.; holiness meeting, 11 a. ,���.; a praise
meeting al SI p, m.. salvation meeting
Ut   8   p.   111.
high mas:
, 7:30 p. m
Era of Retrenchment.
New   Haven. Conn.,  Doc.  18.���A   new
era i.i retrenchment in the telegraph
business In thla su.ie la to ba expected
in dawn with ihe oomlng of tha New
Year and already hig changes are plan
ned by the Western Union and Poahtal
companies. The most important change
In  lhe  Postal  will  be tbe abolisbl.m of
Connectloul as a   district   Juriadtctton
With I, Mipelinlelldenl. The superln
lendenl Will be I rauslerreil to New York
and Rlohard P. Martin, lhe present
slate superintendent al Hartford, win
be made a local manager there.
'���COMPANIES   ACT.   isr.7."
the Legislature of Hritish Columbia extends.
The head office of the Compuny ls situate at the Town of Altona, in Ihe Province   of   Manitoba.
The amount of the capital of the
Company is sixty thousand dollars, di-
\iil..l into six hundred : hares of one
hundred dollars each.
The head offlce of the Company ln
ibis Province is situate at Nelaon, and
vv. a. Macdonald, liarristerawaaw,
whose address is Nelson. 13. C, is attorney for the Company.
Given under my hand and seal of office at Victoria, Province of liritish
Columbia, this sixteenth day of November, one thousand nine hundred and
Registrar of Joint Stock Companies.
The   objects  for which   this    Company has been established and licensed
are: ���
For the purpose and with the object
of buying or acquiring by grant, purchase or otherwise, and leasing, mort-
Lag:ng or otherwise transferring or dealing with or disposing of real estate,
lands, tenements, hereditaments of
.very description or nature, and any
and every right and interest therein;
developing. Cultivating, forming, settling and otherwise improving and utilising the same, and of pledging, mort-
i^ii^in^. leasing, selling and otherwise
dealing with exchange or disposing of
the same, and generally of carrying on
the business of a land and land improvement company: and to carry on
the business of ranching, farming and
lumbering: of aiding an dassisting by
advances of money or otherwise, with
or without security, settlers and In-
lending settlers upon any lands belonK-
ing to the company or In the neighbor
hood of such lands, and generally to
promote ih.- settlements of land or acquiring, holding, selling, mortgaging,
pledging and otherwise dealing wilh
mortgages and charges in lands or my
interest therein, and of agreements for
lerest therein, and of investing and
lumbering; of aiding and assisting by
with covenants for the security of
the purthaseand sale of iund or any in-
lending money upon the security of real
and peraonal eatate l*.....i, an.l chattels,
stocks, bonds, bills .,,' exchange, promissory notes or kind, ,.f security as
an individual may; to t ,k . nnd receive
mortgages on real or pe senal estate, or
other security at such runs of interest
aa may be agreed upon, to sell and to
as-ign such mortgages or mortgage the
same by any Instrument ln writing or
agreement, subject to conditions and
with covenants for the security of the
money advanced thereon; to execute
mortguges on any lands owned or purchased by the company: to secure the
purchase price or any part thereof of
any lands, tenements or hereditaments
purchased by the company or for any
other purpose whatsoever; to borrow
money at such rate*y��f Interest as to
the company may s*--vn advisable, and
Issue deposit receipt.**/, bonds, mortgages or oth��-r documents to the lende.*-.
thereof, and to give Mortgages or securities upon all or .any of the company's assets fcr reifSjiyment of all or
any of the money borrowed; and to sell,
assign, mortgage and hypothecate or
pledge any of the eenrities or assets
of the said comi>any for the security
of moneys adva-^ed thereon; to execute, sign, (sst'Vf negotiate, transfer.
Rive and take promissory notes, bills
of exchange,, cheques, bonds, debentures and olV'-'i' negotiable instrumeni.
and chos-s :i.i action and evidence of
indebtediie&Jof all kinds, and to pay,
charge^ unJgW collect Interest thereon,
and to give and take chattel mortgu-
g".*, bill-A of sale, and receipt notes, lien
iioi.-s. hjn-re receipts, orders for goods,
chattels or money, warehouse certin-
] cates.J bills of lading, warehouse re-
' ceiptsLami other securities or chattels.
machPiery. goods, wares or merchandise;/ to improve, cultivate, erect build*
Ins-Ss and make other improvements on,
or) survey and subdivide any portion
1-V the company's lunds; to lend money
'^ind tnke mortgages on real and person
al estate us security therefor and from
time to time to discharge the same; to
take and hold real estate ln trust or
otherwise us security for such loans,
and to take and hold collateral and
other security therefor or for debts
which may become due to the company:
to collect rents, manage estates and
buy and sell property on commission,
and to act as valuators, financial
agents, general und special agents, und
real esti.ie brokers: to carry on the bus-
hies* nf buying, selling, manufacturing,
making or otherwise acquiring or producing any or nil kinds of materia]
used In construction, maintenance and
repairs of buildings or other si me
Hires. Including lumber, stone, brick
and plumbers' supplies; to acquire, con
atruct, equip, own. maintain and operate
warehouses, elevators, Caotoriaa,   mills.
saw-mills and Hour-mills; of buying and
selling grains of any kind whatsoever;
Of buying an.l selling Implements, bug
gies. waggons, sleighs, machinery, und
engines of any kind Whatsoever; of buying and selling goods und merchandise
Of any kind Whatsoever, nnd buying and
selling safes nnd vaults; lo contract with
Individuals or corporate bodies In re
curd to any undertaking and to sue
and be sued in the name of the coin
iiany in respect or the same nnd. subject to the  |irovisions ol Section  r.s of
ilie Manitoba Joint Btook Companies loi
,,. unite nnd amalgamate In whole or
In pari with or purchase the business
of any other person, corporation <>.
private Individual engaged In any of the
businesses above mentioned, and. ir so
agreed, to Issue therefor paid-up stock
In ihls company: of carrying on any
other business Which seems to the con.
pany capable ol being conveniently car-
led on in connection with the above or
which may seem to tbe compuny cnl-
eulnl.-d to directly or indirectly enhance
the value or or render profitable any
ol the eonitiany's properties or rights.
Province of British Columbia.
No.  ill!.
This Is to certify that "The Manitoba
and Western Canada Land Company,
Limited," i s authorised and Ucena
ed to carry on business will,
In the Province of HiTlish Columbia, nnd lo carry out or elfect all
or any of the objects of the Company
to  wliicu   the   legislative  authority   of
No. 310.
"COMPA.N1KS   ACT.   1897."
I hereby certify that the "Fulls Creek
Copper Mining Compnny. Limited." has
thla day heen registered as an fiSxtra-
Proviiicial Company under the "Companies Act, 1897," to carry out or effect all or any of the objects of the
Company to which the legislative authority of the Legislature of British Columbia extends.
The head office of the Company is situate at the City of Spokane, State of
V.     It -.Kton,  U.  S. A.
'.'he amouni of the capital of the
C, tan ny is one million five hundred
thousand dollars, divided Into one million live hundred thousand shares of
one  dollar  each. *
The head office of the Company in
this Province is situate at Nelson, and
Michael C. Monaghan, Miner, whose
address ls the same, ls the attorney'
for the Company.
The time of the existence of this Company Is fifty years from the 15th March.
The Company is specially limited under section   56 of the  above  Act.
Given under my hand and seal of office at Victoria. Province of British Columbia, this 15th day of May, one
thousand nine hundred and seven.
r.L.s.1 S. Y.  WOOTON,
Registrar of Joint Stock Companies.
The objects for whleh the Company
has been established and registered are
restricted to acquiring, managing, developing, working and selling mines, mineral claims and mining properties, and
the winning, getting, treating, refining
and marketing of mineral therefrom
and   are:���
11.) To oh'aln by purchase, lease,
hire, discovery, location or otherwise,
and hold within the Province of British Columbia mines, mineral claims,
mineral leases, prospects, mining lands
and mining rights of every description,
and to work, develop, operate and turn
the same to account, and to sell or
otherwise dispose of the same or any
of them, or nny Interest therein:
(2.) To dig for, ruise, crush, wnsh.
smelt, assay, analyze, reduce, amalga-
mute and otherwise treat gold, silver,
crfpper, lead ores or deposits and other
minerals and metallic substances and
compounds of all kinds, whether belonging to the Compuny or not, und to render the Bame merchantable, and to buy.
sell and deal in the same, or any of
it.) To curry on lhe business of a
mining, smelting, milling and refining
company in all or any of its branches:
(4.) To acquire by purchase, leas,-,
hire, exchange or otherwise, such timber lande or leases, timber claims,
licences to cut timber, surface rights
and rights-of-way. water rights and privileges, mills, factories, furnaces,
for smelting and treating ores
and refining metals, buildings, machinery, plant, and other real or personal
property as may be necessary for or
conducive to the proper carrying out
of the objects of the Company:
(6.) To constiict, maintain, alter,
make, vork and operate on the property of the Company, or on property
controlled by the Company, any canals,
trails, roads, ways, tramways, bridges,
and reservoirs, dams, flumes, race and
other ways, water-course, aqueducts,
wells, wharves, piers, furnaces, sawmills, crushing works, smelting works,
ctincentratlng works. hydraulic works.
electrical works nnd appliances, warehouses, buildings, machinery, plant,
stores, and other works and conveniences which may seem conducive to
any of the objpects of the Company,
and, with the consent of the shareholders ln general meeting, to contribute to.
subsidise or otherwise aid or take pari
In any such operations though construe
ted and maintained by any other company or persons outside of the property
of the Company, and to buy. sell, manufacture and deal tn all kinds of goods,
stor. s. implements, provisions, chattels
and effects required by the Company
or its workmen and servants:
(ti.) To build, acquire, own, charter,
navigate and use steam and other vessels for fhe purpose of the Company:
(7.) To lake, acquire, and hold as the
consideration for ores, metals or minerals sold or otherwise disposed of. or
for goods supplied or for work done
by contract or otherwise, shares, deben
Hires, bonds or other securities of or In
any other Company the objects of which
arc- restricted as herein aToresald, and
to sell or other-vise dispose of the
(8.) To enter inlo any agreement for
sharing profits, union of Interests or co-
opera'Ion with any other person or company carrying on or at>out to carry on
any' business or transaction which a
company specially limited under section
BS or the "Companies Act, 1897,"of British Coluinbln, Is authorised to carry on:
(9.) To purchnse or otherwise acquire
nnd undertake all or any of the assets,
business, property, privileges, contracts.
rights, obligations and liabilities of any
person or company carrying on any
part <>r the business which a company
specially limited under Section fit', ol
the "Companies Act. 18'.I7." of British
Columbia, is authorised to carry on. or
possessed of property suitable tor the
purposes thereof:
(10.) To borrow or raise money for
Iho purpose of the Company, hut so
that the amount so borrowed or rulsed
���hall not. without the sanction of u
general meeting of the Company, ex
eeed  one quarter of  the  amount ol Ihe
paid-up     capital     for      tin-      time
being, and for the purpose of
seeming such money and Interest or for
anv other purpose to mortgage or
charge lhe undertaking or nil or any
part of the properly of the Company,
presenl or arier acquired, and to create.
Issue, make,draw, accept and negotiate
perpetual or redeemable debentures or
debenture stock, promissory notes, bills
or exchange, bills or lading, warrants,
obligations, nnd other negotiable and
transferable instruments:
(11.) To distribute any of the proper
ty of the Company among the members
In   specie:
12.1 To sell. Improve, n.unnge, do*
veiop. exchange, louse, mortgage, .Us
pose oT. turn to account or otherwise
Seal will, the undertaking or the whole
or nny pnrt or the property and rights
ot the Company, with power to accept
us the consideration anv shares, stocks
or obligations of any com,.any the objects, of which are restricted under
Section 5(1 of the "Companies Act,
is.,7," of British Columbia:
(18.) To do all such other things as
are Incidental or conducivo to the attainment of the foregoing objects.
siiig-a-rs-i i na
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in a tfoo-1 position, containing three bedrooms, dinning room, parlor, kitchen,
paniry,  bathroom and stone  basement,
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Quebec, St. John, Halifax, Maritime Province rates on application.
Tickets on sale daily December 1st to
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Royal Hotel
Rates fl and $1.60 a Day.
Special Rates to Regular Hoarders
CAPITAL,   $25,000.00   In   25,000   shares
of $10.00 each.
MANAGER, Crozlcr \V. Bourke.
OFFICE, No. 322 linker St. (Croaadalle
& Co.)
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Automatic ftrlntlCi'.
Yard and factory: Vernon St.. eaat ot Belli
aNetaU-HOlN.   El. C
T. ii 1 MM
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'"'��� 11
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Wltoakl, Brie; -M. W. Wood-Taylor, W.
M. .lohn.-.ui. Willow Point; C. B. Mc-
Cutcbeon, (Sruiul Foi ka;
IJ. A. Bnchan, J. A. House, W. Dean,
1). 1-Siii, rsun, Vancouver; 1-. (Stuhani.
Parry'a; J. il. Whltbow, A. Funnell,
Kobaon; ll. J. Ingllah, '..-Mil.-; It. Mor
risen. Qerrard; C. Qoooh, Oreenwood;
(J. Francla, Qrand Forks.
T. R. McPherson, .1. Wellan, Qrand
Forks; C. II. liuril-.n. Fernie; I.. It
Joaepb, P. Qriuett, K. Qreaveln, Spokane; B. Sonderberg, slocan; 11 F.
BHckBon, Trail; B. l-Sri-innnm. Qreen-
wo.'ii: K. MoKenxle, Alnaworth; J. Bar-
ton, H Iiuwsiin, Silverton.
II II Whitehead, K. D. Morris, ('ran
brook; C, It. Moieley, W. .1 Baaalngton,
vniir;   f. Cole, j. i'hiiii|is. Fernle;   n
M ml,, us.  M.  Malllicws,  Hide Hell.
M.  McLeod,  Wllmei;   II   Qagnon, G.
B, iirgeola, Slocan; is. B. Hunt, St. I.mils
B, Jervli, a. ii. Owen, Spokane,
Sianiuid Furniture oc.
Hume Electric System.
The new electrio system al the Hume
hotel Installed by .). ll. Ringrose, wns
completed today and will be a eteo.1
convenience to patrons.
Fred Smith received a handsome Christmas box in the form of a out glass wine
sot presented to him by the Dominion
KxnresR   Company   employees .of   his
Junior   Hockey.
A meeting will be held in Miner's
Union hall at S o'clock tonight to organize a junior hockey club. Officers
will be elected and plans for the season   will   be   considered.
Methodist Services.
The decorations in the Methodist
church remain and the special Christmas music of last Sunday will be repeated tomorrow. The pastor's subject
for the evening sermon will be, "Mis
Star,  a   Post-Christ mas   Sermon."
Inquiry is made by the relatives of
Bobert F. W. Dell, who was last heard
ol tn Nelson in August last, and is sop*
posed to have been working at a sawmill. Anyone knowing his whereabouts
will kindly communicate with the Dally
Canadian. Description: IBnglishman,
age 28 years, fair complexion, height
5 feet, 10 \_  inches.
Not a Candidate.
It was announced in this column
Thursday that S. S. Taylor, K. C, declared that he would not accept nomination for the mayoralty. In consequence
of later attempts to promote his candid*
ature a further question was put to .Mr.
Taylor this morning to which he replied: "Because the attempts to force
a nomination on me have appeared in
the Daily News, I have written a letter
to that paper stating that I absolutely
refuse nomination."
Masonic   I n stall at ion.
The annual installation of officers
of the Masonic order was held laai
Ulght, the night of St. John's day, In
addition to the elected Officers announced yesterday tlie following were appointed: (J. W. Hale, S.D.; G. II. Key68,
J.D.; W. Dro. E. K. Heeston, D of C; .1
If. Fox, S.S.; Alex. Carrie, J. &.; John
Teagne, I. O. Fred Irvine and George
Johnstone were the installing officers
There was a very large attendance and
a very  pleasant evening  was spent.
Land  Market Active.
McDermid & McHardy report that the
present financial stringency is not in
;he least affecting the sale of their Kob
son lote. This morning they received
orders for two lots by telegram, and
one by mail. Yesterday they also received a telegram ordering two lots, and
i mail order from a client in Kngiand
for one. Their total sales of Robaon
lots during the past two months have
amounted to over $27,000. They also
report the sale of 800 acres of their
Crescent Valley land and 770 acres of
Columbia river land to Eastern parties
Methodist Entertainment.
The "Santa Claus Party" at the
Methodist church last night was a splendid success enjoyed by a full represents
t'on of the congregation, young and old.
Its success was due to the harmonious
efforts of all concerned, though the work
of organization fell chiefly on Secretary
J. W. Bennett. The prettiest feature of
the programme  was the flower drill   by
Alice Roller Rink
Bowling Alley
Dance Dec, 31st
Hand: Monday, Thursday, and Saturday evenings.
Mornings, afternoons and evenings,
without hand, children 15c adults 25c,
including skates.
Evenings with band, except Saturday
evenings, 40c, Including skates.
Saturday evening, band and special
attractions, to 11 o*clock, 50c, in I udinr
skates, spectators 25c.
Get in your orders early for
your New Year's
Choquette Bros.
I     ^aily Canada
A Few
Goods Left
\V,.   disposed   of   a    n.l    of   munis   for
Christmas.    Bul  we  bave  enough   '''-'
f.ir your N.-w War's preparations.
FRUITS,  All   kind.,
CANDIES,   Etc.,   Etc.
Corner Silica and Josephine Sts.
i��i-ior>.'t_; 7
Whole* ii It'  tll'l    Ki'tHll  lM'RliT*  in
Fresh and Salted Meats
Phono 258.
THE  Up-to-Date Bskors I
New Yeai-
If you purpose milking any we ofTer
you an almost endless variety to tie-
led from.
If you want something inexpensive we
have a very wide range of pretty and
useful articles suitable for gifts at almost any price from  25c up.
If you wish to make a more expensive
gift, in higher priced lines too we have
;i very large selection of the finest goods
the market affords, in the various llne.-
that we cany.
We are especially strong in fin*' leather goods. Knjflish (���hutch Prayers and
Hymns anil ( iihulic Prayer Hooks iu
richest teathtf bindings. Ladies' Hand
Bags and Pulses. Gentlemen's Wallets, Leather Cafes, Cigar Cases, etc..
Come in and take a look round. If
you don't sec wh.it you want and don't
buy, we won't feel  a bit badly.
W. G. Thomson
fr^?>EA'kEK ""d    Nelson, B.C.
ten girls in Grew costume, but the star
of the evening was Queenie Annable.
Every Item of; a long programme was
excellently rendered, and it was a fine
demonstration *,*4 >t only uf faithful preparation but of interest and seaL
The bodies of three men who have
died recently In or lb ear Nelson are all
io be sent away frff burial W. Kay
ment will leave tonight* tot Vancouver
with the body of his b/oth' r, Qeorgi
Kayment. The father of /Archibald Carson was beard from bylteU-Krum thi-*
morning and instructio-fc received to
Forward the body to BMBtowu, tievt
Brunswick.     It   will   be   plaVal   on   th'
irunewicK.     it   win   t>e  piav-eu  on  the
"row boat tomorrow momiinl: George
lanison will be accornpaniea by Uie
members of Nelson Aerie, F.} (). K
Monday night to the Spokane tAaln, b]
which ft will be sent to the homfc. *f his
family in .Malta, Ohio. 1'
Street Car Service. ^
The street car aervice is disorganize!)
Foi the past week the car haH not beeir
running regularly, and yesterday after
noon an armature burnt out, putting the
car out of business. This is a source ol
great inconvenience to the public, and
many Complaints are heard from those
Who had become accustomed to tbe ex
cedent service provided hy the late uup-
arlntendent, Fred Smith. From the
date on which .Mr. Smith started tin
cars until his retirement regular trips
were made, and one could feel assured
that at the time scheduled the car would
pass a Certain corner. When an arma
tore gave otn he had one ready to re
place it. In the matter of wiring arma
tuns alone he saved the city hundreds
of dollars lasi year. The men who har
raHsed Mr. Smith beyond the point ol
endurance   sin mid   be   held   responsible
From $10 to $25.
Old Curiosity Shop
Thanking you for your kind patronam-
In the past and hoping Hint JOY will
meet you at the door ln Ihe future.
Joy's Gash Grocery
Cor. Josephine and Mills Sts.
('amps supplied on Hhortcst notice and
lowe-st price. Nothing but   fresh mid
wholesome meats and supples kept m itool
Mail orders receive careful attention
E.  C.  TRAVES.   Maoayt
Filberts.  Almonds, Walnuts,     lirazil-
Chestnuts,   Apple   Ciller,   Ni.rthe n   Bp>
apples, Baldwin Apples. Jap Oranges,
Figs, large layer, California Oranges
aud Malaga Grapes,
A   large   assortment   of   Xmas   k"<.<1
Wholesale and retail prices   per quantity
S H.Seaney
Phone 20a. 60Si-_  Baker si
We have just received a ship
ment of Heinz Goods in following line.
14oz.   Bottle   Sour   Mixed   Pick!.-,
ll-oi.   Bottle Sw.it   Mixed   I'i.kleB.
14-oz. Bottle Gherkin*; I*ickl��*n.
Hint Buttle Ketchup.
Telephone i,'.!.{
New and Second Hand
Is the place for bargains. We do upholstering and cabinet work, and i-,u.n
Sntee to please you In prices, work, etc
A trial will convince you.
Turner Beeton Block, 606 Vernon Street.
for the present uubatUfaetory condition
of the street car service. An effort was
m��.de to get the car through this sven
Metals and  Stocks.
only a fractional change In the l.<m
'ion price or stiver is recorded today.
Local copper stocks show slight .el
varices. Copper quotations remain low.
London quotations are per Eons ton
(2240 pounds. standard copper, which
ts  now   the  equivalent   of  the  form r
g. nt. b's. The New York quotations for
eleetroytlc copper are for eakt s, inuois
or wlreliars, and represent the bulk of
the transactions mads with consumer?
basis. Sew York, cash. The price of
cathode-* |s 0.126*0 below that of e]ee
trolytic. The quotntlons for tend repre
sent wholesale transactions In the open
market. Lead demand continues VOtl
poor, and lu
sen the aocntnt
ser--nce of pressure tc
ti4 stocks, juices hav.
Correspondence on  Request for Federal
Troops  is Published.
Washington, Dec. 2H.���Thi' corresporj
dence relating to. Goldfleld, which whs
made public at the White House today,
is  as follows:
"Caraon, Nev., Hec. ��G���To the presl
dent, Washington, D. C.���Aa chief mai-;-
Mrnte of the state of Nevada I have
been of the opinion for the past year
'hat a condition bordering OD domestic
violence and Insurrection has existed In
the C.oldficid mlnfuK district there has
been almost constant war between the
miners' nssoclntlon and the owners, who
employ the members of Ihe union."
A lady's fur waH taken by mistake
from the hlf<h school the evening of thi
annual At Home, Friday, 80th Inst. Tin
Under is requested to return to the
Hudson's Hay store and receive her own,
which was left.
NICKERSON, the Jeweiery Mnnufactur*
e.-'s Agent will sell you goods from samples at 21") per cent, less than regular
prices direct from the fnrtorlcs, In fc
days from order. FverythlriK In the
line.    Order now.
TANTKI,   Two Bnirluicad Hai,..
tho holiday. Kroil Irvln,* .*. .'<>
TWO KIKhTUi.A.-H  IU...MH, ���'.. ��m heatod.
��� ,,r t>onM,kMP��r. trd list, k. w a. block.
Th-2   place   where
7-5 Cents Is as good as $i
���IS   IN���
Our Chinaware Department
Canada Drug & Book Co'y, Ltd.
W'hiilcHiiic   J-'ro-vlolonw.
Product.-, �� Prultv.
Government Oreiim.-rv <>���>��� Hi.un.l  ISni-l*- r.v.-iv.il woeklv fn��h h_.
nhurn     For si.),  by ..11 laading icrocr* "' *���
Olllce nnrl warehonse :  HonatOO Blork,    Pnone 78.
Josephine Street.        -        -        ���        Nelson, B. C.
- ��.   A.   ISAAC
R.   W.   HINTON ���
LirNtjI.-NliliWW   /XrNISt.   co.ntwacioms
f-OIJIN'OIiU!***.  AND
Ut.|iiiii'inic   ������Mil  ttobblrtfl  uxvcuiuil with  D-0Mp-.1t-cli.    Hhu-K |___i ,
Work,   Mlnlnu mul   Mill   .Mhc Iilm*r> .      Maniifau jp*jrmi|
Or��   CiirM,    IV.    to.    Ciinlrnctor-*1   \��i\r-H.
n-nor of IU I txxd
INE_l,��Ors\     t3.  C. Bffc
A p.
A reciprocity of Koo-i w!(b*-5----.
wish ymi a Happy v,w Yt-ar, u,i ��.
feel y.iu wish us thi' tanie. but >e
wish lor BOinet���J&g else jiD-d thai ii (or
tb* OppOItlialtj "f iiiuviiig iii voa the
exoepiiooal values of o^nr Rssdy-to-Ww
Stilus BAd Overcoats. In man rial, en,
-Style, lit nnd B���isfa ���*<��� defy nKr.petf-
tlon, and our ne* t-un-k incimlpt s-Jtw
��� if the v.-ry latest and most fashionable
fabrics  sad  di   Igns,   Tosll find fsg
money   will   buy   bi t'er nuirdi )��-��� thn
���\'e wouhl like to Bee all our patroaaoomlortabla this winter ami In oi**ru>
lo bo ve have In sti-ck tho beat aaaorl ad line of heniliiK Moral *��i o��ki'*
stoves I--.1  ram;,-s ever before  presented to the public ln K.kii.'iu,;'.
We v.,uld Le iileused to show foil <",, line and before nuklug your pw*
chase kindly see what we have to ofTer.
J. H, Ashdown Hardware
Company, LlmiK fl Nelson Br,-c>i.
Yotir Xmas List
in not eiMiipb'te onless >om have oo 11 si
pair ot dippers for solas met^bev of the
family. TBS hir-L'est nud l-est rnngs o|
slippers we have ever shown nre ior you:*
in.s|H-etion this season. Oantliime&'s
hooseslippers in fanoy Loatbors.    Ladi-B*'
DniHs dippers, Kelt Ron ntxnd iKMlnwm
-lipjiers. All kinds of slippers for obtl
The  Royal
R.   ANDREW   H   CO.   Proprietors.
Wc invite you lo c ;p
before pmchasing Clir
Cutlery in great
SkiiUs, Case Cai *
Safety    Razors,}
��tc., cic.
Woo<f-Vallance  Harrlware Coy
Wl��� lesaie
mstLiu^t   l   i-iO.-*'.,


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