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The Daily Canadian Sep 21, 1906

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Array ���
_ \
4%\\z "TtaUy ��cmafctan
,,,.,'MK  I.     NO.  94.
Fifty Cents a Month
kird Day's Attendance Is
Greatest on Record
lurth Annual Show Will End Tonight- Most Successful in
Society's History.
nilslnlKhl  Hu' Fourth Annual  ICx-
i llie Nelaon Agrlculiurnl Hu
lls will have  pussed  Into history.
1.  ,   ,    s.i iiu- number ami qua!-
T0f exhibits, of the tuts ami maril
Ijs.j.lsi.s.  suiil     of    alti-mlaiiei-.   tin-
I 1 mill surpassed any of itn
lisiwi'Vor, many  ]mlnls un
I  sll may he peniilssllile lu suggest
ss-iur'u management might
-sisil inipnivi-meuts avithuut
ise of expenditure. The pro
���issirls might ho mure deli-
if leas full, anil pruuiilUlO-i
nice  should   he  rigidly  in-
natter of regulations govern-
tn ions   nlso,   a   more   strlat
nl would leuvc less room fur
Hod iiiiii complaints.
sn slissl is said, however, all orit-
111   end.    The   unanlmtius
111 uf  visitors  Is  that  Nelson's
iuIiI  lis- a  credit to a city  ten
i     i/.s-. and Is really Wonderful
���I 7000 people In the centre
populated district, however
111 natural resources, of farm, for-
uid mine,
Yesterday'a  Sporta.
he lacroaae inaslch between Nelson
��������    was    a    great  dlsup-
I'-:" lo 'In- aiimlri-rs of the home
Tii,- score.  11   to  3. Is a  fair
missus  s.l  th,-  came.    Four Seniors.
lonijissin,   Perrler,   s\.   und   ('.   Jeffs,
��� inlst  .lunlorB  played for  Nelson.
) Isssssi,  regular  and  faithful  prac-
followed by all the membera to-
lltss: sun restore Nelson to the posl-
II     si"  held   in   lacrosse,   as   In
' 8|sorts.
I    the evening the Sml-Letta troup,
lapans  ������ fan chorus, the hanil and
' l'in> 111  Sherman's    opera    house
Hided inversion    for    the    crowds.
lish manifested a decided indlsimsl-
lis i.s i.-i  tl,,,  fun    (top,      The  fair
piMIng was crowded iinlli a very late
sisiil   fur  lung  after  the  streets
|M hoieiB were scenes uf peaoeable
-"usl humored hilarity.
Kaslo's Protest.
lAs si��,11 as It. M. Palmer's award In
I" district  competition  for fruit, glv-
lL' 'li'   i'   P. It. company's cash prize
"  In   North Shore dlHlrlcl, a prolesl
entered  lay  tin-  managers of Ihe
latin  collection.     They   charged   vlu-
|'i"ii "I Ills- rules by the Norlh Shun'
}'����� in  Beveral  reapecta, chiefly  thai
Hi'- Kaslu exhibit    was    all    ln
additions were  made  to  the rl-
���ssi collection   from the  general  dls-
i��v iii Uu- main building.
" Hi'- isrntesi  was  considered hy  tho
rd uf director!  In  special  session
1 nlghL    It  was  dismissed. Ihe dl-
'"rs liiildliiK that no one had com-
'I  li'''ally   with   the   time   require
llls mid Unit (he charge uf frauilu
1 addition in the North  Shore eul
J'1'1'11 "as- unsubstantiated, and  prob
*'!'1 'I"" iss a misunderstanding of a
mini hii-ldent.
morning    the    building-    were
|k:iiii well fiiiud and lhe ladies of lhe
"I'i-al Aid had a busy hour al nunn.
I l!l1   afternoon even yesterday's reo
|ni attendance Is eclipsed, the aohool
!i" " being nut In force, and many
!'" visitors  being  in  attendance
"" halloon aaoeniton ami parachute
I "V Inula place wllhuut nilshnp.
Baseball  Match.
J1 1 I-' iiie following teami iin.k the
'li[l to compete In  a Junior baseball
���catcher  Ferguson
��� pitcher    llrown
��� First  base  Stevens
���.. Secnnd base   .... Newltt
. ..Shortstop..   Mct'aiiilllsh
...Third base laeksun
..Right field    Morgan
"".v.   ..Centre field    Miller
''    Left field    Slls
match   was .marked   by   heavy
"   '"s" and  occasional   cosily   errors.
* B *o wbh 10-14, In favor of Nel-
liirsi. rU(,(,B ||n, i,,,!,,- ,.,���, nt  ||,|ei-.
li',,,". _tween ulhcr events  with  local
again competing,
"'ly after 3 a orlokel match be-
Kaslo -
ail.si,  .
' HIV ll
1 l"iwi-en teams organized on the
representing Nelson and All-
There Is very Utile prospect
of a decision, as there Is only three
houi-B available ,,������ ,,iuy
General Notes.
The grotto, the beautiful piece ot
Plactic work, enclosing fountains, de-
slgned by Wm, Shaokleton as a centre
piece for the main building, has attracted many admiring comments
from visitors, n Is a really artistic
and beautiful design.
A private competition has been arranged for next year. A gentleman
of Netdlei and another of Nelson, both
enthusiastic amateur florists in a
spirit of purely friendly rivalry, have
arranged a contest in alter and dahlia
growing. The only slakes are the first
This  evening's   program   will   be;
7;80  p. 111.���Sml-Letta  Troupe.
8t80 p. m.���Japanese Parasol and
Musical Fun Drill.
'.1 p. in.-Opera liuiise, "Alphonse
and Uastiin."
10 p. 111.���(Irand Carnival.
10:30 p. m.���Close of the Exhibition.
The carnival promises lo be a brilliant   Success.    All   wins  wish   lo do so
ran secure costumes ui the secretary*-!
offlce in the main building this afternoon ur evening.
Question of Right of Lessee to Timber
Will Go to Supreme Court.
Au Important chamber session of
the county court waB held by his huii-
or Judge Porta yesterday afternoon.
In lln- case uf Hatpin vs. Fuwler,
Judgment was given lor the plaintiff
for $t-rs". This wub an action fur damages growing oU! of a mining lease,
llalpin worked the Whitewater mines
under lease from S. S. Fowler. He
claimed $511! as his share of the
proceeds, and thai amount was paid
iiiiii court, debt being admitted. He
further claimed $51111 slumages because
lis- hud been forbidden to use timber
fnnn the claim. The defence replied
that the plaintiff was entitled only to
what was specifically mentioned in his
lease. The courl held that a mining
lease Implied the right to use timber
on the claim An appeal will be taken
to the supreme court.
In Kni-Bler vs. Martin. C. W, Mc-
Ann obtained an order for payment
out of court.
In Genelle vs. G-enelle and others,
8. 8. Taylor's application to restrain
defendants from selling slock lu tho
Yule-Columbia Lumber company was
enlarged until Monday, notice to he
given to C. S McCarter of Revelstoke.
solicitor for the defendants.
Tennessee Town Wrecked With Warehouses  and   Railroad   Demolished
Debris  Entombs  Killed.
Knoxvllle. Tenn., Sept. .1���Fifteen
persons are believed In have heen
killed, probably 80 Injured, and almost
the entile business section of Joiiico,
Tenn, was wrecked by a terrific explosion of dynamite early today In a
cur In the yards of lhe Knoxvllle
iTt'iiii.) .'railway. The explosion occurred about 100 yards north of the
depot and near the centre of the business section of the town. The bodies
ssf the dead are burled In the debris
at present nnd It is Impossible to es-
limine the extent of tne futalluy or to
give the names of those who lost Iheir
lives. One of the known dead Is
Thomas Atkinson, aged 4U. a lineman
employed by the Kast Tennessee Telephone company. Every warehouse In
Jenlco along the Louisville & Nashville railroad is a wreck and nearly
even- store ln town ls ill ruins. The
entire third floor Of the Arm-hen Inn,
n large    brick    hutel    sl rucl ure. wus
blown off. 11 is believed a number of
prominent while people are included
lu the (lend. A special Louisville A
Nashville I ruin has been sent tn Wil
llamaburg,   KJ.   tor physicians.     An
early morning train over the s hern
railway from Knoxvllle also carried
physicians to nitond the wounded.
Animal Surgery.
Animal surgery has now reached
such a high degree of development
thai almost every operation to which
human patients submit is made use to
prolong the lives of pel animals. The
animal surgeon can rejuvenate tho
aged dog by rilling it with a perfect
set of false teelh. and lie can substitute a glusB eye for the opllc lusl by 11
cm. Quite 11 number ot dugs and cats
which ure minus a leg have been fitted ��'llb artificial substitutes, usually
of leather; whereas In former days
they wniili. afler (using a limb, have
been either killed or left to limp aboul
on three legs. In one recent case 11
cat. having swallowed a small hatpin,
wns placed under the X-ray's, and lhe
pin, linvlug been located, was drawn
OUt by a skilful operation.
Price ot Metals.
New York. Bept 21,-Silver, CSc;
cipper, IKVjc: lead. |6.7B;
London, Sepl. 21,-Sllver .llV.il;
lead,  J-IS SB !ld; zinc,  ��27 10s.
Supposed Base of Terrorist Conspiracy
Rehearses Acts Preparatory to Assassination of Czar and Russian
Premier Stolypin.
St. Petersburg, Bept $1.���-According
to thu newspapers tito wyrtwIfittB au-
iiniKihiii' which the police hare been
trailing tor several  weeks, in the be-
lief thai it belonged to revolutionist!
ami wan being used as a base for a
terrorist conspiracy, has been seized
fit the vicinity of the palace of (irand
Duke Nicholas Nicliolalvltrh at Peter
bot The machine bore a raise inim-
ber and the passengers were armed
and could not properly identify themselves.
This automobile whh first observed
at the military manoeuvres at HCras**
ner Kselo, which tlie emperor attend
ed. An order was then issued to capture 'the machine and lhe two soldiers
who attempted to detain tt were met
with revolver shots. The niachfne>oi
away. Last week it appeared in St.
Petersburg, repainted, and passed re-
peati diy under the windows of Premier Btolypln's apartments in the winter palace, tt suddenly turned up at
Peterhof during the funeral of -General
The most darinfi exploit of Ibis* machine is reported to have occurred at
Tsarko Selo. where lhe motorists are
sniil to have crashed through the
fence purroundlnc tlie little palace and
made ;i rapid trip through the enclosure and out again, probably in rehearsal of an attempt on the life of tbe
emperor on his return from his cruise
ln  Finnish waters.
Grand Forks    Has Its    Mysteries���Dominion Copper Co.'s  Development.
(Special to The Daily Canadian.)
Grand Forks, Sept. 21.���Borne valuable information regarding the Dominion Copper company has just
reached here from New York. The
Dominion Copper company, one of the
three btg smelting and mining companies operating in the Boundary district, has a capitalization of 5,U00,0uu
shares of stock of the par value of $10
per share, uutl the slock ts now selling
at $1 per share. At present extensive
Improvements are being made al this
company's smelter at Itoundary Falls,
where a mammoth new lurnaee is being installed which, when completed,
will have a daily capacity of ftOQ tons.
When this lurnaee is completed the
combined dally smelter treatment will
be about 1300 tons. By January 1 this
new furnace will be completed, when
it is staled Ihis plant will produce ut
least 800,000 pounds or copper per
month, which will be produced at a
cost of uot exceeding S cents per
pound. It has also been learned that
this company Ib In a* strong financial
position, being entirely free of debt,
and having a surplus of $750,000 available for improving the plant. At present the company is paying about $135
per horsepower per annum for steam
power to operate its mines throughout
the district, and by January 1 they expect to be using electric power, which
will only cosl them about $:',0 per
horsepower per annum, which Will
make a saving of nearly $110 per
horsepower. The Dominion Copper
company is. therefore, in an exceptionally prosperous condition and bids
fair In the course or time to equal the
Granby company [n magnitude aud importance.
The mystery tn connection with the
sudden disappearance or the team of
horses from the city stables on Tuesday night was solved last night by llio
arrival in town of Chief of Police A.
IC Savage with the lost horses. It
seems that Chief Savage found the
horses some rtve miles the other side
of Danville, Wash., nnd whether they
were stolen or not remains yat n mystery, but Poundkeoper Woodhead fs
firmly convinced that the horses were
given thetr liberty by some person.
on his farm and will spend the winter
there. Battersby is 35 years of age
and has suffered with tuberculosis for
several years. The house, or rather
room, is about 9 feet by 6 in dimensions. The two windows will be closed only to keep the snow from entering the room. Access to the tree top
Is had by means of a rope ladder.
Will   Make  New Proposition In Challenge  for  Cup*
New York, Sept. 21.���A despatch
from London says that Sir Thomas
Llpton sails for New York today on the
White Star Ifner Celtic. While business Is the object of his trip to the
United States, the America's cup matters undoubtedly will receive his attention during his stay on this side.
It is believed that Sir Thomas is aa
keen as ever on the matter of a challenge. Yachtsmen here are awaiting
his arrival with the greatest interest,
for rumor has It that the Irish baronet
will put the matter of a challenge
directly up to the New York Yacht
It Is said that Sir Thomas Is prepared to make two propositions regarding a challenge under the present rules
of measurement aud if the challenge
ls accepted will build a new yacht.
Another proposition that it ts understood that Sir Thomas will present is
to race with Shamrock III. under the
new rules. The dp"d of gifi stales
lhat a beaten boa. cannot race again
lor the cup until two years has
elapsed. Shamrock was beaten three
years ago und Is again eligible as a
challen-ger. Under the new rules
Shamrock TII. would fare very well.
while Reliance would be severely
handicapped, having to allow something like fifteen minutes over the cup
course. This she would be unable to
do and Constitution would be more
available under the circumstances
This f::*et would probably cause a hitch
in the negotiations ns many members
in the New York Yacht cluh object to
any conditions that will bar Reliance,
desiring to see her once more the cup's
Front Page Filler,
Baltimore, Md, Sept, 21.���Kid Bull!
van of Washington knocked out .lini*
my Brtggs of Boston in the ninth
round of a bout here last nlghl. scheduled to go 15 rounds. After the first
three rounds the contest was all in
Sullivan's favor.
To   Cure   Tuberculosis.
New   York,   Sopt.   21.���Charles   Bat'
tersby of Wenthnm,    Mass.,    says    n
special to the Times, has built a house
j in the tops of two adjoining pine trees
Organization   Formed   for   Kootenay���
Will Meet In Nelson.
One of the resultlFoT the activity of
the local pastor of the Baptist church
and the co-operation of the pastors of
the eh-orches in the Kootenays Is the
formation of a ministerial association
of Buptlst ministers. The association
will meet quarterly and the plan is to
meet In Nelson as the most central
place. The first meeting of the association ls to be held next Tuesday
morning at 10:30 In the Baptist church
of this city. Officers will be elected
and plans for the future meetings considered. The visiting ministers will
be entertained In the homes of tho
members of the church. The local
church and pastor are planning for
special meetings to be held each evening in connection with the association.
On Monday evening the addresses will
be delivered bv Rev. 11. Ij. Kempton
of Fernie and Rev. It. Goodfield, B. A.,
of Cranbrook. On Tuesday evening
the addresses will be delivered by
Rev. J. Marks of Rossland and Rev,
F. W. Auvaohe of Grand Forks. Wednesday evening the address will be delivered by the Rev. C. Padley of Loth-
The public ts cordially invited to
these gatherings. They will he of especial interest to all who can attend.
Baptist progress in the province ta
worthy of the highest commendation.
All but two churches are supplied with
settled pastors, and these two churches are about to have resident pastors.
During Hie past year none of the pastors have resigned or left the field,
and the only changes ha*ve lieen the
bringing In of able men to fill vacancies. New work Is being opened up
A number of new ehUfohOB have been
organized, and wide evangelistic effort is being planned for the coming
Overseas Limited on Time.
��� Mtnanable, Ont., Sept 20.���Leaving
Superior's roeltbound shores behind,
the Oversens mall Is speeding across
the country to the Ottawa valley, and
here at the outlet for tho great fur
trade of the middle north it has reached the S838nd mile on Its course from
Vancouver, leaving only 848 miles to
be covered In 2*1 hours.
Outremont, Quo., Sept. 21 ���The
Overseas mall passed through here for
Quebec nt 9:30 this morning. North
Bay, 3(11) tulles away, was left at 12:05
Dnd Smiths Fnlls a1 0:25. Quebec
should be reached at 1:45 p. m��� over
two hours ahead of schedule time.
Military Centralization.
Shanghai, Sept. 21.���The council of
army reorganization ni Pekln hns taken over the management of lull the
arsenals for the empire which have
beeu hitherto controlled I.y the respective provincial viceroys. This ts
a distinct step in the direction of mil*
ttarV centralization
By-Elections Ordered Id
Nortii Renfrew
Brodcur Sounds Warning Against
Proposed Better Terms Conference in Behalf of Quebec.
Ottawa, Sept 21.���(Special.)���By-
elections have been ordered lor East
Elgin and North Renfrew, the date-
were fixed for October 4, but subsequently Ihe North Renfrew election
was postponed until the 9th. Moth
seats were held by Conservatives. The
government has selected these two
conslituencles among a large number
nr vacant seats, apparently with the
Idea of concentrating the resources
and patronage of the government ln
the contests. It was the habit of the
late Ontario government to set the
machine at work in one or two by-
elections at a time, so that the same
crowd of operators could be moved
trom place to place and collected at
particular points. The dexterous and
delicate work required could not be
duplicated and' the experts could only
be in one place at once. It remains
to be Been whether the operations
which made West Elgin a historic
constituency are to be repeated in tho
eastern riding, or whether a famous
provincial conteBt In North Renfrew is
to be a pattern for the one about to
take place. Had tlie Laurier government brought on all the by-election,
at once there would have been lesi
cause for suspicion.
Deferred  Elections.
Other vacant constituencies are
North Bruce, in Ontario, Nicolet or
Gaspe, St. John-Iberville and St
Mary's district of Montreal, all of the
province of Quebec. Besides those
the St Ann's district of Montreal has
been vacated by the unseating of Mr.
Gallery, who is appealing asgainst the
judgment of personal disqualification,
but does not claim the seat.
Shelbourae and Queen's in Nova
Scotia is vacated by the unseating of
Hon. Mr. Fielding. There Is an appeul
in this case also, but it is made by
Mr. Fleldlngs' opponents, who contend
that the evidence is sufficient to disqualify him for personal corruption.
It is understood, moreover, that Colchester county. Nova Scotia, will soon
become vacant by the appointment of
the sitting member to the supremo
*<iurt of the province. Thus there aro
pending seven by-elections besides
those for which writs have been issued. The machine will doubtless be
moved from place to place as it may
be maide the most effective.
A Quebec Warning!
A recent speech by Mr. Brodeur,
mini-ter of marine and fisheries, contained a warning to the people of Quebec against any rearrangement of the
terms of Ihe union. Mr. Ilrodeur intimated that the people of Quebec had
more to lose than to gain by any disturbance of the confederation compact
The special privileges enjoyed by Quebec province and by the French-speaking populatin under the terms of the
Union would, according to this minister, be placed in peril by departure
from the original terms. Mr. Brodeur
subsequently stated that when he issued this warning he had not in mind
the proposed conference. But his observations apply to it, und if he had
not been thinking of this particular attempt to change the terms of confederation it is not very clear what ho
hud iu view.
Liberal Protest Against Federal Waste
There ls, however, .no such fear in
tlie heart of the premier of Quebec
or the other local party leaders In the
province. Mr Gouln ls pressing
slrongly for larger subsidies. One of
his leading ministers, himself a strong
supporter of the laurier government,
speaking nt Ijichule, September 10,
carried the point bo far as to complair
of tho wuBte of Dominion money by
the Federal administration. Following Is a report of Mr. Prevost's remarks:
"Referring to the Federal subsidy
Mr. Prevosi rocalled that the Dominion government had a revenue of $81.-
000.000. He hnd seen on the Bale ties
t'hiileiirs, on his voyage down there,
places where $20,000 nnd more had
been spent on wharves that wqre not
in use. when- breukwnters had been
built for three or four* fishermen.
���Would it not have been better to save
that money and apply it to Ihe schools
or to the Improvement of the roads in
the province-of Quobec."
Useless Works.
Tho breakwaters, wharves and other
public works, which Mr. Prevost de-
claios to be useless, have frequently
been discussed in the house of commons. When Mr. Maxell, the member
for Bonaventurc, was laat seeking elec
tion, he circulated among the voters
along the Bale den Chaleurs a statement showing the amoum of money he
had caus'id to be spent for breakwaters aud other works along that coast.
Nobody on his behalf claimed that
these outlays were needed or useful
Tbe basis of Mr. Maicil's demand for
re-election was the amount of money
that he had circulated among the people. At the same time he pleaded that
as he had done so much in his first
term he might be expected to bring
Into the county a great deal more public money in the next four or five
years. Probably the wharves which
Mr. Prevost complains of Include the
Grande Vallee structure .which has
cost $57,488, and serves no other purpose than the convenience and profit
of a Biugle private lumbering firm. It
Is refreshing to find these expenditures, which were condemned by Conservatives In parliament and which
were defended by ministers and their
supjiorters by speech and vote, now
placed in their true light by a leading
Liberal iiolltician.
Senate Reform Perhaps.
While it Is elated that the financial
arrangements between the Dominion
and the provinces are the subject of
-bis proposed conference It will be remembered that Sir Wilfrid Laurier
promised to lay another matter before
the provincial representatives. Discussing senate reform at the last session the premier set forth several
schemes. Including one for the election of senators by the provincial legislators. He announced that when the
provincial premiers came to Ottawa to
discuss constitutional matters he
would lay the Benate question before
them and obtain their views on the
Big Fire at Tacoma.
Tacoma, Wash., Sept. 21.���Fire laet
night destroyed property valued at approximately $250,000. As a result one
woman Is believed to have lost her
life, while two men are unaccounted
for. The property burned included
the Tacoma Eastern railroad depot
and freight warehouses and four
freight cars, the Puyallup avenuo
bridge, a large livery stable, a saloon
restaurnat and three dwelling houses.
In the livery stable were over 150
horses, of which less than halt a dozen escaped. The woman believed to
have lost her life is Mrs. Peterson,
wife of the restaurant keeper.
They Estimate Crop.
Toronto, Sept. 21.���Canadian Pacific
and Grand Trunk railway authorities
estimate the wheat crop at about 107,-
000,000 bushels.
University   Professors    Exploring Volcanic  Mountain Slide  Down 3000-
Foot Snow 8lope.
Chicago, III., Sept. 21���Four prominent college professors, one a member of the University of Toronto faculty, escaped from death almost by a
miracle in Mexico last Wednesday,
after one of the most daring and arduous expeditious ever attempted to
gain the top of Mount Orizaba. Word
was received yesterday from Rollln,
lhe chamberlain of the University of
Chicago, a member of the party describing the attempt to reach the top
of tho mountain and a fall of 3000
feet down a snow slope from the summit. Having gained the top of the
peak the members of the party Bpent
an hour in looking over Mexico city
and the Gulf of Mexico. Then they decided to descend, but discovered a
snow slope and slid down three-fifths
of a mile before they came to a stop.
Professor N. F. Reid of Johns Hopkins university, Professor P. A. Coleman of the University of Tornto, Professor ,1. E Wolff of Harvard, Professor RolHu. the chamberlain of the
University of Chicago, were the members of the expedition. They had gone
to Mexico to study geological conditions.
Several important discoveries were
made, lhe most important of which is
a new measurement of tlie height of
(he volcano. A government survey
maile several years ago placed the
height of the mountain at 18.300 feet,
but the party found on reaching the
summit that Iheir aneroid barometer
registered 18.500 feet.
Body Washed Ashore.
Oran, Algeria. Sept. 21.���The body
of n man believed to be the bishop of
Snn Paulo of Brazil, who wns lost ln
the wreck of the Italian steamer Sirois
on Hormlgas Islan.l, Spain, ou August
I, has been washed ashore upon the
onst here.
Get Rich Quick.
Munich, Sept. 21.���The royal Bavarian mint wan robbed yesterday evening of iv sum equal to $32,500 In newly
coined 10-mark pieces. Tho thieves
-.ol inlo the mint, by .creeping through
a dry underground caunl which had
been opened for cleaning.
Marrying 8  rich  widow  Isn't n bad
tort of get rich quick method.
Engineers KM Works
Members of Party Hospitably Entertained by L. A. Campbell-Many
Men of Distinction.
The Dally Crash.
Dayton. Ohio, 8ept 21.���As the result of a wreck between a train 'of
empty passenger cars and a northbound freight train on the Cincinnati,
Hamilton * Dayton railroad near here
about midnight. Engineer Wm. A.
Smtley was killed and his fireman.
Jos. McCurdy, was fatally Injured.
The engineer and fireman of the
freight jumped to safety. The headlight of the freight euglne had beon
broken and tho train wp.s being run
without a lantern In front. This deceived the passenger engineer until It
was too late to stop.
St. Paul, Minn., Sept. 21.���A brief
report was received at the headquarters of tho Great Northern railway
hpre today of a rear-end freight collision M Cut Bank, Mont, lust night,
In which two stock men whose names
have not. been, reported, and Road-
master Dindon and Brakeman Crltch-
en were killed. The caboose and two
freight cars of the first train wero
wrecked and caught fire. Roth of the
trains were bound east. *'
Died Far From Home.
.New York, Sept. 21.���A despatch
from Mexico City to the Herald says
that without friends or physicians at
his bedside, tile Rev. Robert Jencks
Nevin, rector of St. Paul's Protestant
Episcopal church in Rome, died at tho
Mexican capital yesterday from a com-
plica 1 n of diseases
One way to beat a cunning man at
his own game is with a club,
The visit of the touring party of
the Canadian Society of Civil Engineers to tbe three power plants at
Bonnington Falls yesterday afternoon
was much enjoyed by them. While
necessarily very hurried it was sufficient to give them all a fair idea ol
the power available at the falls and
the use that will be made of it by the
city of Nelson and tbe West Kootenay Power i. Light company.
On the arrival of the excursion train
at tbe north side of the ferry A. L
McCulloch had three boats ready to
take over the members who were es
pecially interested  ln power plants.
Among those who visited the city
plant were many men who stand very
high tn their profession. C. B. Smith
is the engineering member of the Ontario power commission, which Is Investigating the problem of government control and distribution of power
throughout the prviuce: he Is also engineer of the Ontario railway to Te-
miskamlng and ts ln charge of the
new municipal power plant ot the city
of Winnipeg.
C. H .Mitchell, engineer of the Ontario Power empany of Niagara Falls,
haa just returned from a year tn Europe examining power plants ln operation there.
Colonel Ruttan   Is   Winnipeg's city
engineer.   Mr. Grove* ta .titer of Hn '"
Canadian Engineer. Then, with Mr.
Walker of the C. P. R. engineering
staff and half a dozen others, were
rowed over to the city plant and made
a hurried visit and inspection. They
expressed approval of the site, which
seemed to them to lend Itself readily
to  economic construction.
Only three hours were at their disposal to visit three plants and dine.
Those who visited the city plant had
to be con ent with a very brief Inspection of the company's works, but otherwise every facility was given to
Manager L. A. Campbell did the
honors for the company In grand style.
A good dinner was followed by good
cigars, and each member of the party
was presented with a neatly-printed
souvenir of their visit.
The party Is comnosed mainly of
experienced men, Including Professors
Porter, Owens and McLeod, of Mc-
Gill, the latter the secretary and or-
eanlzer of the party. With them are
also ahout a docen young graduates
of enginoerlnir BChools.
The party will dine in Nelson Sunday night, leaving for Moyle later.
A man's wife usually haa more confidence In him than he has himself
i   ���?
!         1
!    1
\\% The Daily Canadian
Cool nights are now in order.     They will invite
pleasant dreams of
Ws- bai   i li nli' of them in red ami blue.
312 roin'.s wrigl Ing about 10 pounds, $7.50 per pair
4 Points, weighing about 12 pounds,   -   8.50 per pair
These blankets are justly celebrated tor their excellence. Wc alone carry
them in this city.
LUMBERMEN-���Pitta ' i
Undercbthinq. Oil Llo-
.md Shoes anil Hi bLsill
Be��t  quality and pric.f
__,i,iorters. Gloves and Mits. Socks. Shirts and
ng.   Sweaters.   Miners'   and   prosoectors'   Boots
.   Groceries  and   Provisions..   Everything  of  the
su   irtsingly  Low.
Publishes! Fix alsays a aaa'ek ty the
BaikerSt.. Nelson, B. 0,
fculnerlpllon rates, tu oonM a moiilh dolivered
lu ilia- cur, or lo.lM a year 11 lent lay mall, whasll
paid 111 aslvalls-ss.
AdYasrU.iue rates- on application.
All monies paU 111 .-a-llliinilil s.1 Tlsa- Dally
t'.nadlss- accsssinls, sillier foi lUbKrlptloni or
aaivcrtt.snK, msisl be reeetpled (orssnllsa- prillta-,1
lsir-1! ol the CJnipany. Other rOOOlpta ara' not
St_PTI_MBI-R 21. I906.
���' By one worst we are sometimes jusluesi to t-e
wlsas ansl ny one wor 1 stsmetlm.-. jii'lKesl to lie
fooll-a    1*1 u�� Ulirelors  be earclli!  svhal we
Tho Toronto Globe, with unquestionable sincerity iioiuls out 11 gruve and
serious condition at present existent
in lhe moral, business anil religious
life of Canada and moralizes thereon.
The article was evidently written by
one who has been behind the scenes
and a part of it will bear reproduction
In these columns. The Globe asks:
"Is Canada threatened with a moral
decline which will end In the utter
loss of the sense of right in our business and political life? That question
is no remote or academic topic which
practical patriots can afford to put by.
It goes to the very foundation of our
civilisation, ami ii is raised into prominence by every day's report of dishonesties in trade, and defalcations In
finance, and malfeasance in public
trust, n.nl infidelities in private life.
The man is mole-eyed or shallow-paled
who sees no profound national significance in the almost daily uncovering
of callous and cynical breaches of
trust in high places. And still more
significant ls the attitude of public
opinion in honorable business circles,
in social clubs, and even in the church
itself, towards the most glaring and
most deliberate wrongdoing, Men
hold their own in society and carry
themselves with a lofty swagger who
played the game of loot and graft and
were caught. If they condescend to
any expression of regret ll is not tbat
they did tbe wrong, but that they were
found out. They laugh at the verdant
and unsophisticated suggestion ot
moral distinctions in business enterprises. With them business Is busi'
ness, nnd thnt only is wrung which
proves to be unprofitable."
There can be no gainsaying the
truth of the strictures of the Globe
and it only remains for us to ask how
il has ciinie aboul, tbat in spite of the
religious and moral history of Camilla,
we, at the pinnacle of our social,
moral and business pride, have to confess the existence of Ihese conditions?
Who or whait is responsible for tin-
mora] degeneracy which underlies tile
BOCi-l. conimeri'iul anil religious cor-
ruption which tile Globe decries?
The answer ts not fur to seek and
in stating it we are In no sense de-
Biruiis of reflecting upon any particular political party or religious body.
The whole trouble is with llie environment which moulds us. When a statesman is accused of political] corruption,
every effort is made to exculpate hiiu.
When it is charged that he has been
fraudulently elected, the besl legal
t:iient lhat can be secured Is retained
lo defend him and his agents. When
he is unseated he Is made a martyr,
asml the Illegal acts which disqualify
hlm for a seat in the house of repre
ss-ntatlves, are minimized, excused or
even glorified. Thai mischief has been
done Is apparent only when it can be
brought home lo the door of thfl transgressor,    Thus, thc political crime is
insi in corrupting the electorate but in
lici.ig accidentally discovered. The
man who has not brains enough to
conceive and carry iuio execution, the
successful political schemes, crooked
as they may be, without being found
out, is no longer of service to his
party and is dismissed
The inevitable result of a generation
of this method of procedure has been
to utterly annihilate political conscience. The obligations of political
morality have been lost sight of aud
Irom llie leaders even down to a section of thfl piuple there is no lunger
such a thing as political honor, though
we do not suggest that the body politic is entirely corrupt
Similarly in business life, the disgrace is in being caught. High ideals
are not inculcated or at least not effectively. Nothing succeeds like success in business and tlie public sentiment Is dulled by the awe In which It
holds the rich no matter how their fortunes may be amassed.
Hut there is a much more serious
condition behind all these things and
of these the Globe might well have
spoken because its editor Is in a position to know the facts. The laxity
of business and political methods is
directly traceable to laxity In the religious ideals of the people and for
lliis tlie religious or ipiasi-religiuus institutions nre responsible. There is in
existence in Canada, with Ontario as
the place of their genesis and Toronto
as their headquarters, a multitude of
1 rganlzations which have for their end
the object of making people good by
nel of parliament. They insist on thc
enactment of laws which in many
cases invade llie sanctuary uf men's
consciences, proscribing their acts and
prescribing their liberties, compelling
conformity to the will of the few who
In many cases secure a snap judgment
or what ls the same thing, a snap
Certain religious Institutions arrogate to themselves the authority of
the Almighty and dictate the smallest
detasils of human conduct, and woe be
to the man who has the frankness and
courage to defy them,
If he does so he is accused, tried,
ecclesiastically condemned and ostracised. The tlimiilerings of lhe pulpit
are against the most trifling offences
and lhe commonest recreations of life
are declared lu lie vices against which
llie faithful are sternly warned, while
Uie crimes of the high and mighty.
though well known to the declalmers
are rarely touched upon, especially in
ilie hearing uf the sinners. Tin- ilif-
fi rence between capital crimes and
petty vices is thus minimised, with
Hi.1 result thnt conscience Is stifled
and questions of right and wrong ure
wu fully   confused.
Moreover It has been the lot of more
than mn- mini t,s In- accused and tried
for more or less B-riOUl offences, with
resultant humiliation and disgrace,
wlille he, the culprit knew in his ow-n
heart that some of those who gave evidence against hint and those who
passs-d Benience upon him were steeped in sin of unspeakably meaner form
than himself. Yet both witnesses,
jury und Judges have retained their
isiniig places In society In business nnd
In church activity. If these statements
are challenged we are prepared lo
make them good.
The result of these conditions���and
In Canada they nre universal���Is lhat
there is no longer any appeal to con-
'���is in-.-. The fuel Is there Is little left
-11 our civil life or Boclal conditions to
keep csmsclence alive. The whole en-
ergy uf society Is, by this false method
of procedure, cncoiiraga'd   In   hide   Its
sins but hug them none lho less.
Even whore there Is connubial infidelity such as Ihe Globe hints at, the
shame is, apparently, only In being
found out atid exposed.
Tbe remedy is simple and easy but
It will take conscience to make It effective. Let the guilty be punished in
whatever station lu life they may
move. If they are hypocrites let them
be exposed and the vengeance of a
Justice-loving populace be visited Upon
the pretenders. Whether they are political, commercial Or ,eligious offenders, let tha^m take their medicine and
lot publicity do its work. Cut so long
BS v.v have pulpits .press and Judiciary
striving together and vielng with eaoh
other to cover up the wrongs of their
p,-ts ninl favurites. such folly as la-
menting over existing conditions is It
sill" a species of hypocrisy.
Hy one ssf those singular coincidences that so often go tsi make or
unmake political history .at the same
time last night, lasting aboul two
hours, while the Hooligans wen- playing "Alphonse and Gaston" at the
Sherman opera honsi\ Dr. G. A. II.
Hall and Mr. J. Fred Hume were enacting tlie same heavy tragedy at Ihe
Liberal meeting in the board of trade
Premier Roldin is to have a gem nil
election after the next session of the
Manitoba legislature, and it goes withoul saying thnt he will win. We now
have three provinces ruled by Liberal-
Conservative statesnK-n���Hritish Columbia by Mr. McBride, Manitoba by
Mr. Roblin, and Ontario by Mr. Whitney. All are model provinces, having
free government- aiid no scandals ���
Premier McBride has mad" a formal
denial of the report that he has sks-d
the lieutenant governor to dissolve
the provincial legislature and order a
general election in December. If any
ne is able to speak authoritatively on
ihis matter it is Mr. McBride himself
Hill on the Gridiron.
St. Paul, Sept. 21.���Much Interest
is manifested in the Hastings coal
late case, which came up for hearing
before the railroad commission today.
James J. Hill has been summoned to
appear before the commission and tell
about his Great Northern mud, his
Northern Minnesota iron mines, and
iheir relation to ihe new federal law
governing railroads, The question at
issue ls whether the new law is violated by the personal holdings of Mr.
IIII! in iron properties and at the samo
time in a controlling Interest In the
Great Northern, which hauls ore from
the mines. The question Is practically the same as that involved In the
rise of the coal-carrying ronsls of
Pennsylvania, and which was decided
adversely to tho rairoads.
i. , ; ���
i./it sip cj till,
WlicSc tiidmiiny spiritsiiidtlight
thnt tliu drinks served utonrHodtt Fountain
had tonic properties heu'des refreililngT
WiMi-eouly real Iruit man of theflnc-il
quality.     Fountain, counter, ilutM and
receptacle*  art  kept  scrupulously clean.
Maker riis-set, Nelion. B.C.
Sixty -lavs after date l Intend toapply W the
Bon Chtel OcnntnUsloner ol Landi and worka,
Victoria., to purohaae -to aerea of land: ��� ou\-
mencing al a poit planted tit t-e City Of Nation I
power plant Sot a. K corner poat. on Kootenay
river, thenre li) chains south, (henoe.WMt 20
chains, thence north 20 chains, tlience east -"0
chains to point of romnienn ment-
KelMm, B.C., Au-j, P, 1900. E- J. I'l-HRAN.
Notice U hereby riven thut HO dayi (rom tlate I
Intend to apply to the Honorable ine Chief Commisaloner of Lands and Works for permlnion
to pure bate the folIuwlOK oeWTlwd lands situate in Went Kootciuv Dl.trlct: Commencing
at a tiont marked *' K, ItflWUt'l R W. corner
post, situated near the Jinn lion ol I-ost ereek
and Houth Kork of Balmon, thence aonth ��
chaini, more or less; thence cam 80 chainsi
thcuOj north 40 chalm, more or less; tlience
west Hti chnins to poim of conimencemeut.
Saline, AttgUlt 1Kb. 19oB.
T. H. Atfcl-WUf, Agent.
Notice is herehy gintj thnt Wdavs afterdate I
inteml toapply to the Hou.in-.hle the Chlel Com*
miiaianer otXandi mnl Works to purchaie the
following dearrlued lands,-..li acres, mon* or leai;
commenDlng at a poil plant..I on the weat bank
ui' Upper Arrow hike at a pmnl mI.oii! 7 mill 1 I<*���
low Nakoip,and marked U. a. it H��� N.K,earner
post: tlu-nce nt chalm weat; thenee 49 chaini
.south; thenee 80 chalna ooat. mow or lou to Uke
ihore; thence tilting lake inore to poim of he-
Dated thisoth dav of .Scot.. 190.!-.   ti. A. B. lUi.l..
GO davs altar 'late I lutein! to applv lo the Hon*
orable thc Chief Commluloner dI Landi and
Work*.. Victoria, B C , tn purchase 840 acres of
lan-1 situate well of Arrow hike on the west side
oi wiiati-han ereek and joining the north bound*
ary ol EL J. Annable application io pnrehaae.
Commenolng al a poal marked k. J, K. tf. k. eor*
oer and running wea' *> ohalni; tbonce north m
chaini; thence eaat 80 chaini; thence south to
polnl of commencement
Beptember 2nd 1000. it J. Ki.i tor
Notice li hereby given that 00 days titer date I
intend to apph tu (he Honorale Chlel Commli*
sioner of Lands and Wnrk- (or permission to purchase the following deaorlbed lands, iltuate in
thc West Kootenav dlitrlet; starting [rom a pnst
planted at the N. E   corner of K. \\. Roblnwn'l
Application to puniia-'*, thence 40 chaini eut,
B0 ohaini iouth. 2u ehalni west, uo ohaini north,
40 chains weit, .90 chain* north, '20 chains east, to
rhaim north to point of commencements contain*
lug 100 acres.
Dated 18th day ol Auguit, i.toe
D. C. K- HoniMON,
per Ernest V.. Kokinhon, Agent.
Notice I*, herebv given  Unit sixty davs after
date I intend to apph   to the Honorable the
chief Commissioner id Ui.di. mid Wnrks for per-
mlialon to pnmnam the following deiorfoed
Ian 1 on the west shore ol upper Arrow Lakv and
joining J. H. Foeney'i pre-emption; Hun uinu
west Ao chains; thence north no chains, thence
eaat 40 ohalni, to the ihore ol ihe lake; thenoe
south following the lake ihore to point of commencement, containing tuo acrei more or len.
Dated August ly, ismj.
H. F. Macleod
J. J. Ki:i.i.v, Agent
Notice is hereby given that sl.xtv dav- after
dale I intend to applv ic Lhe Honorable the
chief Commissioner of Landi ami Works for permlnion to purchase the following den rlbed
land on the west side of Lower Arrow Lake and
joining the south line oi the IndPm Keservatlon:
Running west *Jo chain-; thence south m chains;
th-nee east '20 chains, t.i the shore of tlit- lake;
ihence north following the lake shore to the
point of commencement, containing li'-o teres
more or leas.
Hated August _��, 1906. W. B. MlcLIOD
J.J. KlLI.Y, Agent.
Notice Is hereby given that I intend. 60 days
after date lo apply to the Honorable the Chief
Commissioner of i ands mid Works for permission
to purchaie the following described lauds in
West Kootenay district, about five miles soutb
of Burton City, eommt-ie ing at a post planted on
the easr bank of tract < k., aiol marked "W. H.
Hamilton's S. W. C. post," and running north ft)
chains, theuce east B0 chains, thenee south SO
Chalna, thence west BO �� hains to place of liealn-
ning, containing 610 acres of land, more or leit.
I'ated thii'_od day of August, 1906.
  w  ���"   Hamiltus
Noti,e is hereby glren that CO day. after date I
intend to apply to the Honor-able Chief Commiasioner of Lands and Wotkl for permission to
purchase the following des.rib��d lands, situate
in West Rooicnay di-trnt:  Commencing It a
post marked 'B. dinkey's N W. corner posl." situate near tlie N B, corner of laud applied for by
U.K., llienee south 40cbalni,more or less; thence
east tio chains; thiiice north 40 eliains, more ur
lev! thence west ou.-Uaios tu point of commencement,
i-uliuo, August 11, 1U06. B. COKMT,
T. H  Atkinkos, Aift-nt
Notice ls herby given thut fio days afterdate 1
intend, to apply to the Honorable the Chief Com*
mlssloner of Lands and Worki for perm ..-sinn to
porohaaethe Following duorlbed lands situate in
We.-t Kooteiiiv district: Commencing ata pn-t
marked "It itos-'-- N.W corner post." situate
near the N. E. eorner of land applied for by A.
Mi'I-ohii. thenoe south 40 chains, moreorless;
thence east no ohalni; theme north 40 Ohalna,
more or less; thenee west ho ehains ..*��� point of
i i.iinneiicemcnt
Balmo, August ii, loon. h, t hu,
Nolle-  h  hereby given  that sixty days after
ditto I   intend  to apply   to  the  Honorable  the
Chief Commluloner of Landi ami w,.rks for
jiermlssiou to pun dase the following deacrlbed
lauds situate in Weit Kootenay district: Com*
mencing ata post markeii "A. Mclean's N W.
corner post," situate near the N.B. corner of land
applied for by A. McLaughlan, theuce south to
eliains, more or less; llienee east ho chains;
tbence north 40chaini, moreorless; thence we.-t
ho chains to point of commencement
Halmo, August 11. lyoe A. MoLlUT,
T. H. Atkinson, Agent
TAKE NOTICE that  an application bai been
made n�� rogtiler ILU. McLeod us the owner in
Fee Simple, Under a la-* fate Heed from It J.
Htenaoli. depot)   assessor   and  collector   of the
siocau Auenmeni  Dlatr'et, to it. u. McLeod,
bearing date tli<- 25th day of August. A U. 190.'.,
of all uud idngularthat certain parcel or trad of
laud and pr-'inl-es iltuate I-ting mid being in the
District of Koolenay, In the Province of Hrlli-h
Columbia, more particularly known and described aa all minerals, precious and ba��e. (save
cui and pi troleumj under Lot kitu
Lhe   District   of   Kootenav,   'Barn
., uroup i
et" min
Vou and each ol you are required tocohteat
thO Claim of-the tax purcha*er within fourteen
days from tin-date i,( the service of thin notice
upon y.m.nnd in d< fault ��f a caveator certificate
of lis pendens being Sled within inch pi lod,
ji.u will be forever estopped and debarred (rom
s -ttlng up any claim to or in respect of tin* *-Hld
land, and I shall register K. Q, McLeod as the
owner thereof.
Dated at Land Registry OHlee, Nelson, I'tov-
Ince of Brltllb Colombia, this BBtfc day of February, A, I), loofi.
District Registrar
io Kii'hani Beemen,
Notice li hereby given that CO days a(t*-r date I
intend to make application to the Honoraiib* the
Chief Commluloner of Undi and Works for per*
mlssoii to purohaaetbefollowingdeaciibeci lands,
situate in west KoiUenay dlsirlct: Commencing
al a poat marked ~\. McLaughlin's N W comer
po��t," iltuate near the M E. eormr of land applied for by P. Mi Arthur, thence souih Vi chain.,
more or lei'; thence eaat80ehalni; tlu-nce north
Wiihalns. more or less; thence west no ebalus to
polut of commencement*
���salmo, August 11, I'JWG. A. M(L*t(ini.AN,
T. H   Atkinson, As-i-nt.
Fop Unpaid Delinquent Tuxeu In th�� N��lson Aa*-M-im-.nt Distriet, Prov,
of Brltlah Columbia. "*
1 Hereby give nollei' thai un rrii3��y, Use wellili sl.r ol Oetuber, A. D., 1908, tl li.fe hnur ol IweWc o'clock noon, at lbe Cm,, u0
sill u,
It. 0., 1 ihtil oBit lor wis- by pnblio -ucllssli tlie Imul. herclnnlliT Ml out ol thc pcHnli. in ..Isl M.l hcr-lli-fler ��ot nut, l���r the -c!i_���uen,
by sulil person, as. on the Uilrty-flrmt clay s.1 lleceliiber, 191)4, and (ssr Inlere.l, colli anil expenic, IncluillnR cult ol a-vt<rl!il���( ,K|,| M|( '" =
amount al ue Is- not ioon.1 liatil:
llis'stliiil.  I'M       	
rnrl-'sss. I��� II	
Hallauilaine, K.I
Quails, iiius.
rW-��!_, hells-
Johnaon, T. Va
H.-is ny. -le- M
!.s-t'ns:s-. I Ijsh 	
Bunoujh, l:,ss-lss.| M
Wright. Hurry
Wolf, Conrad It Devanlt
.-Mill!,  Ks-e	
hs'sirtis, Hi-liry 	
Anderton, iiHs'Hr    .   .
liKlrssl. rliHrk-ss	
Eldorada Ulnoa, l.luiltr,
Aiiiesi.an Isaails- 'J. M   D,
M. Ullsssr, Win
Hr'H.lloot, Kr-lsn,.-
Klslorado Mine., Limllo.
Alliislsss-s-iiVeisliis In
Ilii-i-rutl, lissss.
si,,-. Arlhur	
Ulrk, Arthur	
fhllsuisali, J        	
Kallv. A   II 	
lli���sr.-.lll Kl.a. - 16, _ot.ll. O. I.
111,,. Is I, Lol Ml, i- I-. VUI-i
11 tn k. 27.-8, ft, Uii Mt. is I��� llllas're.
Block T. I.ol aai. il   I ,'Jas-r,-ss	
Block ... l."i h'U. '���. I., li'siiTi-st
Block 11, 1"! -B, O, 1 . 11.4.', Hire. ...
Block 19, lol BM, fl. I., 4ii aires.
:4_ii is, ras sis .S's    ^.'s sssiil :as. '1 J,. 11��, llllsl Sol
i aero In Section 6, To 14, Lol it*~, O, I
tl a . ru in Bocton a, Tn. rn, Lol laa. n.
D hits'- sss .��.-s II a,.'lis sail, l-ol IsfilH, i;   I
l.lsl aires In Beotlon ". Tp i7.Lotl3_LU, 1 	
in T�� acrei in Bectlon JI, a, It, 'H. T. B, Lo UU, 0 I
10,76-cm In Becl ".,'lis n. Lot itri,u. I	
120 aorta In Section DO, Tp 17, Lot mi      	
Dl 08 aerc. In Beotlon IM, Tp ai. I.n I'.'ia, il  I
17 :ssi H, r,'. is, Beollon :rj Tp   81, Lol 1:11. 0   I
;i7 96 iiiras in -action 90, Tp 90, Lot 1.'41, Q I	
98 ao acre. In -cell nl0��nd90,Tp :m, l...t un. u 1
ill 49acre, sis Bectlon68,Tp 81, Lot9881,0  I	
76_or-a in Lotl04,O. 1.
B H>TS'S SSI Usl 626, li   I 	
141,.sk Is. Is.I 619,0   I ,;,aisri-.. 	
I.,t 29t-,'.  I . IM aorea 	
Pari Lot 6650. ii i . 50 aorea., 	
20 aeru lu Lot 9-2,0  I
31. Tp. I.a, Lot 1286, (I 1
I    71.
30 KI
fs Ml
6 40
r, ��i
2 06
1 is".
a m
9 75
2 K
4 50
9 Ml
;l i.s
111 75
12 110
I    U5
1 SO
2 00
Dated al Nelfou, B c., thli6th ilayofBcpteniUT, U08.
fiiHe.*i.,r. WeUon A����.i>BitB1 j^ I
Notloe II beroby siren Lba. 00 dan aftar iImio
I Intend to epplv to the Uonorable tbe Cblel
Commlalonor ol Candi and -kVorkafot perm insi un
to pnrebaao thf (ollowlng deeerlbed Unds in tbe
West Kootena; Dlitrlet: Commenolng ��t a poet
marked T, it. rrencbe'a bind B. B. rorner piaeed
near C. C. Poynti B. W. corner, thenre eaat m
ebalna, tbence nortb 40 ebalnit tbenoe v,v��t nj
ehalni, tbenee notb 40 obalni to plaee nt oom*
Dated 90tb day ol July Wt,      T, U. Frksth.
By Amihkw Ami, Ageut.
Noiiee is hereby given tint 00 da/l after date 1
intend rn apply to tbe Honorable tne Cblel Com*
minloner o( tJandiand Works tor permlnion to
purchaie the mi<>wIhk deicrlbed lands in the
west Kootenay dlitrict, nearBorton City; oom*
moneing al ��� pcwi planted at ti". rmthea*, cor ���-.
of  '-forge   IimUoli'8    pre -emption   elalin,    anil
marked Harry '* Toilingiou'b n. t, C. poet, and
runnlDg eontb 10 chalnn, thenee went at chains,
tlience nortb to cbalni, thenoe eut 30 chaini to
place of beginning, containing tt aorei ol laud,
more or let.
hated thll ��th dny ol August, LKS.
Harhy Q, TOLUKVnH.
Noiiee li hereby given ihat OO days after date I
intend to make application to the Honorable the
Chief ('om mlssloner of Lund sand Works for per-
mis'lon to purchase aboul _Ui aeres of land situ
ated on t I.f Salmon river. West Kootenay district,
oommenelng at a poet marked B, k Hut'tr-r'i S K.
Corner, planted on the wist hank of the river,
aboul l\ miles north of the International boundary, thence we��t 00 chalm, thence Wj chaloi
south, tbenee eaal about ao ehatns to ihe river,
thence northerly along the river to place of ocn_
August mih, lyoe. �� R. HiTTIB,
T. II. Atkinson, Agent.
Noilce ir- hereby given that two mon tin after
dale I intend to apply lothe Honorable the Chlel
ruin in Im. loner ol Lands ��iid Work- for a I>��a��e of
all that Und being the foreshore adjoining rab*
(livMonn 1, :. and -I of Lot too. Group one (1)
Kootonay, and being on the south shore ol the
Went Arm of Koolenay Uke, in the dlitrlot of
Commenolng at a inwt marked "A K Wattf1
WUtbeaat corner pout"; thenee tM) chalm went,
tbence SO Cbalni north; thenee tiO chain*, can;
tl enoe 2 cbalni south to the place of commencement: '.he said land and foreshure to be �� uied
fnr lawmll] purposes.
I'ated thii .���-'. day of August, lft-ti-
A. K. Warn.
Notice is herehy given that 10 Am after date I
intend to apply b�� the Honorable the Cblel Com*
mllllonef Ol Land!" and Works for perniUsl'-u '**
1,0 n-h am tlm  f.it lnu't alan.   rl-MH-kiat     laml     In     VI',
i in-) in- a   p.   �� . i .  i'ii.i   nun   running
chains; theme east BO chains; thence north -,
cbalni; thence weet tt chalna to poet ol ifginn-
ing. oontainlng 640 acrei ol land, mure or leaa.
Hated thi- ���Ild dny of Atigunl. !����'>
W. II   lUMii.ToN, Agent.
Notiee is hereby given thnt slitydays after
date I Intend toapply to the Hon. Chief Commissioner of Landl and Works for per mi��� Unto purchase the foMinvllig descrlUid lauds situate in weit Kimtenay Dimrict, Commencing
at a jiost niarked "A. IMrsch'M B. K. Corner"
planted hi the K, W. comer of I/it 878, about 7
inifes north01 Burton l ity Hnd abonl  '. ol I
mile tree) of the Colombia n\er. thenoe nortii
tt Ohalm| thenee west-to chains    Ihence south
ttohalnii thenoo eaat tt ebalni to point of com-
mencemont, Containing8-0 acrei.
Hated this i .th day of September, ivt>.
A. Hi km it,
I'rr KiU'H Blyi, Agent,
Notpre is hereby given that BO davit aft.-r date
l intend toapply fo the Chief Commtaetoner ol
1-nndi ami *orks for pennistion to pnrehaae
tie following deiorfbw landi, iltoate In Weil
Ki otenay di��trlct: Commencing at I poit marked .J McArtbor'l N- W.corner pott,'1 iltuate near
tlie N. K eorner i.f Und applied for by A rurner,
thenee lonth to ehaius mor*- or len; tbence eail
Bii ohalni; thonce north 40obaina, more nr lean
thence west m chains to pot tu of commencement.
Balmo, August U, 1'j06.
J. UcAimti r,
         T.H   ATK1WBOH, Agent.
Notice is herehy given that bo dayi alter date
I Intend, to apply to the Honorable thf- Chief
Commissioner  nf  Lauds  and Worki for permll*
ilon tn i urebate the following deaerlbod land*-,
iltnate in the We-t Kootenay dlitrlel: Oom moneing at a poit marked "A. 'J u hut's N.W eorner
poat,"  situated   at  the  N. K. eonn*- of  lafld ap-
pllod fnr by p Btewarti Ihenoe eooth 40 cbalni,
more or len; then eeaiftt ohalni; thenee nortii
40 chalna, more or lcul thence west no chains to
imfrit of commenccment.
Hdmo,B.C, Aogu'tll 1808, a. Tt rnkm,
T  H   Atkis'-'is, Agent-
No.ice is hereby given that N dan after date I
intend to apply to the Honorable ihe Chief Com*
mlssfi.niT of Lands and Works for permlulon to
purchase thc foil..wing deserih'-d Uud in West
K(*otenuy Hilt*let about seven  miles souih of
hurton city: Commencing at a pent pUnti-d oo
the east hunk of Trout creek and marked Mih,
W   H.  Hamilton's S. W. C.  Post and  running
north tt ohalni; thonoe east vi ohalni; theuce
tooth 80 chaini; thenee went wt ohaini to place
ol beginning, eoiitajiijtig "to acres, more or len.
Hated this _nd day ol AogtUt, IW6.
Uu W. II. Hamilton
W   H. IlAMII.T'iN, Aijetil.
Notice ls hereby given tbat 80 days after date 1
inieml toapply to tne Hon. the Chief Commli*
Iloner of Lands and Works for peimisKioii to
norchiae tin* following deacrlbed Imids in the
West Kootenay district: Beginning at i poil
marked It. Hell's B. B. corner, about two miles
last of ibe Salmon river, and half a mile from
the Pend d'Oreille rlrer, thence tt obalni north,
40 chains weit.ttlrhiIniKOU.il and 40 chains eaH
lo place of beginning.
Hated '.Tth -lay of July. 1906. It  II, Hem,.
���Sixty dayi after ,|Kto I intend to apn y tothe
Commlffitonei of l^nds uno Works. ���/lQtorla1 to
pu'cliHJii- l-�� acm of land. ' omineucing yt a
jwist planted on the we��i fchoM of amow Laki, at
tin souih eust corner of J J Cbt-fllo'l punhs.se,
riiiinltig nortu H*i eh.-ins thence east W ehalns,
thenee south BOchallUi UltllOl PT081 ttobaloi to
td/ne of eoiiiiri'-iii-cifieril.
Loentad May, ath 1906.
A. Cakkii,
1��� 'iaI.i.aohKH. Locator.
Notice Is herebv given that stitv dayi after
��� Uf- I intend to apply to the Bonorable the
Chief riunini-.--ii.iier of IaihIs and Worka, fur
perrala_don to purchase Um following deecrtbw
(amis Commeneing at a pott marked George* Tnl-
Ungton'l N. K C, poat, at the southeast corner
ot J. o. kfcOra-flo'i pre-empthm claim and
running lonth 10 ebalni to Mttthweei oorner ol
<oo Hndaon*! pre-empt ton claim; theme ireit SO
ehains; ihence north -w chains, ibenee eaat90
chains io place ol commencement, containing tt)
acres of laud more or less.
Hated IhlK 8tfa day ol August. 1-AiC..
A. A. Hurton, Agent.
Notloe Is herehv given thnt sixty days after
date I intend to appl ��* tothe II,li Chief I'ommls-
sioncr of Unds ami Works fur permission to pur-
-ha-e the  follnwiiig  deiHTlbed   lands  situate In
Weat Kooteiiny district; Commenolng at a pun
marked J.H- Naustnne's ELK, corner post, situate
in the Balmon Blrtr Valley, ai a point adjoining
j. Mcei tier's land at western bonndary, thenee
��... K .-huiiis, thence  north 40 chains, thenco
eail m chains, thenee wiuth 40 chains to point of
July .nth, 1808. J. h. Vjutrrcnm.
T. H. Atkinson. Agent.
Hlxty days alter date. I.Margrett MoQnaiTlei
Intend to apply to the Honorable the Chief 'oiiC
minloner Ol   Lands ami   Workr,  Vieiorla  H  C
t.i pnrehaae tbe foil..wing deicrlbed land, <> m-
men.-ing nt a poal marked M, kfcQoarrle. on the
bank  ol   Lower  Arrow   lake, thenoe  10 chains
weit; thenre tt cbalni north; tbence 4o chains
eaat; tbence 00 chains souih to place of oom-
meneement.laid (������ oontaln 180 aeru more i-r
[en Covering ground held by '���. H. Andersoiis
Dated tbll llth day Ol HepU-mhcr, p.m
...   .    , UkMttm HOQOAJUUI,
w. l. Patki. 'gent
Nntifc ii hereby given thai iiily dan after
dat.-1 Intend to apply to thfl Hojo.raUe the Chief
( ominisni.itierof Undsaiid Worki (or permlnion
to Purobase the following dew rlbed lands situate
In Wait KiHilt'tiaydUtrM: Commencing hi a iminI
planted at Robert ��� orletl'i nonh east .orner
[nisi and mark'd A. M's N. W, Corner theme
eaetttohalni; thenoo 40 ��� hains south, more or
less to the Kootenay river; tlience 40 chain- w< -t
along the Kootonay nver; thence 10 ohalni
north, more or ten, to ihe place of eommeneement, containing PO acres more or les .
t*��pt mber nth 1808.
Ainni Uoou.
wfUiAN M'xirk nn Agent,
None.- 1, hereby given that sixty days after
dnIt I iniend to apply to the Honorable the
Chlel Cormiussiouer of Landl and Works for
permission to purchase the following de-
MTlbod Unds situnte in the West Koo?enay
district, starting from a post plaotid on the
north   bank of the  North Wt* of Dog arwScl
_!1e'.,t"'^'11,?"IH *"b B.0.1!" n,irt1'. Wciialni
wem 40 ehnins north. W '-hilni west, W ebalns
north, ill chains wes.. 80 chai, ,rth   �� OhliS!
S__. on^L^f011^.? .',,fll,ls piu't' ��onalm
h'-iih, webatajoaat, tfohiltueomb to polnl of
commcnc..|���fiit. eonlaliilng f-(0 acres.
Datod 18th day of August, 1908,
KllNKST W. ROBtmoif
Notice is hereby given thai no days after date I
Mend to make appi.eatloD to the Honorable he
Chief' ommlasioner (,f Li nds and Works for Der
fl[' IrctiMV^V'T  tA0  MfM  Mf '-"Ll   in   the
district of West Koolenay, commencing at a _it
planted on the -wnth side of Hound,? <-TIU ,'.
foe intornatlonal bonndary line, oneTCndahJS
m lu eu\.Uon the Salmon river, marked -K
K. Adams, southeast rorner," thenc west tii
Chans, thonoe norih so "haimi, ihem-e .o.Vt w
chains, thenee south KO ehalni to pU e o co,,,
meneement. p"c"1 ,u"1
Hated this m l&W#8fc.MXSa
BUty days after date 1 intend to nnply to the
Honorable thc Chlel < mumls'loticr of Lands and
Wor��s, Victoria, to purchase 340 acres of lain],
hunted and described as follows: Heing the
northeast quarter ul Section twenty-tuo, and
lhe south half of tlie northwest quarter Herlli.u
twenty throe,lowniblpilxty-nlna.   And farthoi
deicrlbed   as   follow-.     Commeuelng  ��t  a  post
marked J J N. w corner, and planted ��chaini
eail ol the uortbwoii oomar ol Beotlon tweuty-
two and rODttittg east 4t) i hains. thenee south ki
chains, thenee east 40 chains, theuce south k)
��� halm, thenee we.t m chalus, theuee north 40
chains to place of U'glntilug.
Auguit ilit, ll**"*" Jamks JoiixsTuni,
W, A. Colder, Agent.
vlvtU that 80 dayi after date I
i_itt*r*?.,*''-.pl.iT ^ the Bonorable the Chief c
mlssloner of Luids and Wnrks for ;<��� ruiliKtoii
to pnrohaae the following desirtlH-d land, situ, -e
iu Fire Valley, in the W.-sl KootOnay district, a-t-
Joining w a. ('aider's pro-emptlon. starting at a
|K>st marked If, ICeQoarrle'l southwest corner,
running H0 chains east, ttiencn 40 rhalii" mirth,
thence 80 chains WttM thenee 40 chain* south lo
puint of eommeneement.
Hated this im, day of September, 1808.
J. E. TATIOB, Agent
Notice li hereby given that 60 days alter date I
intend to apply t.i the Hoi, the Chief CoHMJ*-
sioner i.f LonilJ and Works for permission to Purchase the following deserlhed lands In West
Kootenay district, province of Hritish Columbia.
Commencing at a p.��t marked A A. Burton's
H. W. conifer, on the iouth side of OaJTtbOO OTOak,
about two miles east of Hurton t'lty townsiie,
and at llie northwest corner of William McDev-
Itfl pre-emption claim, thence eail 40 < hains,
them-e north 80 chains, tlience west 40 chains,
thence south 60 chains to the place of beginning,
cuiitalnltig -l" acres more or less.
Haled tbti :4th day ol July, i "
A. A. Bi'Iton,
Notice Is hereby given that 80dan alter date I
intend toapply to the Honorable Chief Commis-
sioii-r of Lands and Works fur permission to purchase the following described Und*. altuate In
Ihe West Kootenay dlitrlet, starting from a p<i*t
planted at the bW.eorner of Hrnest WKobliiaoii's
Appliealloi) to Purchase, and 00 lhe north hank
of the North Fork of ' og creek; thence fl chains
west, ���*���- chalna north, loo chains cant. Uehalni
���outh. J0 chai ui weat, tO chains south tn lutcrsec
tioil of north llneuf K. W. Kohilisoti's Application
to PurobaM) (hence 40 chains west and k) chains
south to point of coiutueuceinent, conuiiniug G40
Hated 18th day of August, ...���-
v w BonnnoK,
per KknbrtW. RostHSOlt, Agent.
Noiiee ls hereby given thnt -fVl days after dnle I
Intend to apply to the Hon. tlie (Milef Commissioner of Minis nud Works for perml-Moti to pur-
ehase   the   to Ih .wing   descrll-'d   lands in   West
Kootonay dlatrlct, prorlnoaol Hriiuh Colnmblai
Commeneing at a p-m marked "wnllam Tolling*
Ion's northwest corner  jM��st,"   snld   poal   being
bianied at the wuthweit corner of the "Queen
Ineral Claim," and adjoining lhe east Ilm- <,f
Mcl'hail's preemption, lhetice smith twenty (J��)
eliains along smd line, thence east furty (40)
chains, thonoe north twenty tkt) chaini., theme
wesl forty (10) chains nmre or less, to the place of
Hated 1st day of August. 1'JUfl.
  Hy hii agent J. K. Taylor.
Notiee is given that AOdays after date I Intend
toapply to tho Honorable the Chief Cuminls-
lioner of Landl and  Works for permission  to
purehaae the following described Und* in the
Weel Kootonay Dlatrloti commeneing at n boat
marked 0. G-rornta Land 9, K. Corner piaeed
near the Pend d'Oreille river at Hi.iiinUr*. creek
east side of Salmi.11 river, thence east  NU'chains
along ihe International Boundary Une. thonoe
n .rlh 40 chains, tbence  west  80  chain*-, thenee
souih 40 chalna to plaoe Oi commencement.
Hated the 30th ol July isufl. (*. c. pOTVII,
By Anjihkw Aimk. Agent.
Notice is hereby given that two  months after
date I intend to apj.iy t.. the Honorable the
Chief Commluloner Ol Lands in..i Works for
permission to purchase the following described
lauds situate on the west arm of Kootenav Lake
in the niitrict of West Kootenoyi  Commencing
at a post marked "William Kuerby's N W post*
tbenOO west twenty (90) chains; thence south
twenty (��) chains; them,, east twenty ran]
chains; thence north twenty (__) ohalni  to the
poi oi of oomraenooment, oontainlng forty ton
acres, more or less '
Hated July 7, 1006. LO.HUMIf,
Noilce in hereby given thnt oo dm I after date I
ini.nd to api.lv lo ibe H,,n,  f t*on,n,ls*.|o.u'r
of Landi and Worki for permleilon to purehase
the following deaerlbod tract of land iltuate in
West Kootenay Dlatrlot: Commeneing al the
routb wen corner of Lot 7J801 tbenee runlna
��esl 40 Ob 11 tU| thCIiee north'JI chains- Ibenee
WOlt 40 challu; lhetice north 90 chains1 lhetice
east to chains; tlience south 40 i-liHins to pn hit
til commencement, containing 840 ncrca, more or
Dated nt Nelson, H C, this fflrt] flu of July
w* ��� Mahv M-UtUir.
per v. O.areen, Agent.
NollOe Is herehy givci Dial Ho dnvs after dale 1
Intend to apply to fiie Honorable lit ohlel Com
mllllonef of Lands ntid   Works for pennlssloli to
PnurSjf"��l?e! wlRS 'i"'<Tibed lands iiiuate
-ti   "est  Kootenav   DTlMoti   Coinmeiietig  .it  a
pnst marked "K.ifoArtbur'i n. w. corner wui
slltialenear tlie .V K. comoroj land applied   for
by B. McArihur thenoe south fl ohalna, more or
less,  thence east   m  chains;   theuee   imrth   lo
inismore or less; thenoa west 80 ehalna to
poini ol uiuimciicemeiit.
Bauno, H. o.| August llth, 1908,
_,, ,, P. McAKTiirn
 '��� H. Atkinsom, Agent.
Hiny days nfier dale I intend to nppir to llie
''onimlssioner ol Unds ami W-.rks VietorU to
purchase PVJaeres of  |, m.uhIc and BU
��i?_OTii_l?_ie.noJD*�� ��u po8tplanto3Tonthe
west side of Arrow Uke oppoifte Cariboo citv nt
or near thc WUthWell  come    of  ii  \lti\u'   o'u
chase and marked "0. M, a���h. k. "on     " and
more or 1,.;    , f P^ft"'����0t iOafll 80 Obilng
moreor less to the Inl-..  - ,,,,,,  then ilntiir Ibu
lake shore to place of begin,, ng'll<Kl'
Auguit iatli.lWB. -.M.AKKABU,
,',     ,'""',"',," " }"��'��� Oommonqliii it.
I, I,;,. ,,,"':' ""r��i''����i I'lirm-r .,1; m,
iisssiiss1 iiurili _j ___,_���   ,i,������������ _.,,.,,I,......,,.���
AugUlt MM. J.K.1IUH��B.
Notice is hereby given tbitwamuwl
iiifnd ti applv to the Hor1,.r.M*1^
Commissioner of Unds and W'nrl, inTJ
slou to purchase the fnllowing dti<-r_i,5
Mtnatod In the West K.-..t.-nay.ll-tr.. -
c. L. Pearson's on ihe north, ibog|-M*_l ]
tjiiHrter miles (nun the I'endi] i��n   ...   *
moneing at a ooal marked I . cum
comer posi. thence 80 chaini m_l
chnins weal,  theuee  Sli chain-- -.iai a2|
chains easl to place ol i-minn, r;.-.tr.��ni       a
LoOatOO the 1st day of Aubum ]��|
HnixiN RiurKjf
Notiee ls hereby given thatWlln__._J
Intend toapply lo the Hon..ral,i(i(ui3
mlssioni-r of Lands and Works'. ��� yWJl
purchase the following dc��.tiIjhJShSr
Kootenay Histrlet ahuut sn rflUeti^it
cm City: eommenelna at a potttitaiJI
ea��l bunk ol Trout creek mid mrWcfif
er's S W C. I'nit and n.nnliur v....
thence eaal HO rhaim;   thll ���    .,
tbenee veal Hi) chains to the pint.; _*,
ment, contaliitng MO lOrea -DUMiitto
DatM thii rJtiil day Ol Au(UM,lM
Notice is hereby given - ��� 'm ,vJ
Intend to apply to the Hi>in>ril>l. tntC8|
rni*-��| .tier of l_ands and Viort* fnr Mra
purchase thc following dew-rlb��l luS
:*.. !-��� :ru at a post marked "J w ��� . .i,
tier." placed oo the east ihore nf Levi
I-ake at the northwest cortieiol J Ckrm,
plication to I'tin-hase, rimntni then-ii|
east; thi'tice So chains north; thrflce ����
mure ur less, west to the lake .ho't; tl
lowing lakp shore to i-olm of rea*-
tuti tain lug SiO acre* moreor lm.
Hated the ...n d day ol July, .-*
Notice is herehy given thu'.'t'lintittaitU
intend toapply tn tio  )!...!<<:(>.. Uf tartar
mlssloner of Landsand W,,r.i'.-.v.ijfWlj
purchase the following deieritaiiu-trO"""
mi thu east side of Arrow like C*_f
the norlheast corner   of A Aaimjui
thenee   north   lorty   chaini, itt����H-l
chains,  thenee  south   forty fhiHilktWO
forty   chalna   to point ol ��� :.--'i��int,n
tnlnliig 100 acres, mon* or hii
Haled Sflpteml^r 1, HW.    JiinM����a|
par IV, puuo.ApiL
Notice fs hereto glren thai* UoiW-Wl
Intend to apply to the Hon Chill i-'aJWf"-
of Lands an��l works (<>r ra'rmtfri'.st-WM.
the following deaeriU'd lsich, matrf ����_
Kootenav district- Cotntn.'ii-'ini iiO*iiw��l
ed "BRW8, B corner.1 plsnti-i en iLf.Wi*��|
I/ower Arrow lake, ahoul em- ml> ����ft*
Uordon creek {Johnston crffk,I ilifB'*w��Jl
chains,   thenc*'  west k< t-haiu��. Iher��****J
chains, thenoe eail -11 chiiei lep*t*f
meneement, eoiilaitilng P'n ann in.mwW
and comprising abandoned iffe-eojw**!
Htnk... this i4lh day olAiigu.,^^
A. K. HssurKTssSiApaL
Nn.,,,. 1. I,. s,.|.s Kia.-n " .I". l.y.Jf'JS
Inland ... neelv io (he HoimmbirCiwajj
���tour ol Uml. .11.1 Work, tor l^rnn.-s.-n M
.ls..ss tl.a- loll-Wlni .!,>. rllM-,11. .��!��"!
tbi awl "Wo ol irro�� l-l. ��"?a
P...I in.rlii-.!  A   Mwleodl >'-���'!"" C'iS
.sssslh (rly il.Hliiss. Iiill..��l-I * T"'"f2
Hi IssrlJ'-l*
IsitsiniUry: tlu-iia
nf ii,a-ll���ilill I'ri-f*.  ,���.-.... ..
ll.a-ll.'i-,'B.l��IIly I'li.l". I" psi'i".,L'��m
ms'lil. ruliliallills,'.'?'
, issssr i-r lr;
n.u-ii npUmtwrl, Ud
.un. MH
l-,.r N. lns.Klt-. Ar-
NOUN Is ls.'r.-t.y iln-ii Us.l" "" ������'.,���,
Iiil.-nil l0H|.ply lis Die lli.ii.ir.l'li'"�� ��'_���
i���l,.l���n,.r ���l Uml. Ud Wort' StJSfS
punhHsH- llll' lollssaalssK .1.-.srttad l'*"''"*
Ir.sns i, |Hsal murk.-.l W. r rilissi'ip.
ssi.lllll   Ul I'hHlms.  ills-si.,' oul *' "',',"
llnrlll 4111'llsilli-, lis.'"'  ' ssi'.l Ws-Kill...
-ommonoratnr, -onulnlnj ���������*;,'.-.��
 sss.lj.slll.i 10-Mlo" Asilli"Hj"l��"
lloll to tisiri lus-i' ,_.
D-M llll�� Mill 'l��>' ��< *i'1K""- '** (V Tofl,
N. DH-P-, Ar.il
Sl.iy ,l��y. n ft.- r .Ul.- ''""'"''.'".'''ftn"
��� ������,���,., ,si unsl. .'"i 7^
I'llltlf   ClllllllllM-ll
Vloinrlii, l,ir|is'niiliisil"sisi-i'
llllsl ���|jl)'(|SVl|llS'rs-siiNl.!l'l.
I'.l u li.llssai.:   I'oiiisiiiisslii
Blfhlj |Ni)i>linlii -' "    ��
Buljor. pre.mpllonninimi '*
r.srlii-r."  misi   rsssinliiK  Mw i"rl.-
tl,.-.  sossilli (..rly (im ,l|.'l,.''lll���. ,��� ,,|_..
ilsiili,.. Ilss-i !!���rllil"!ly(4'.)',""M"""
bofflnnlng ,. v chhihi1
Julv 7, Iin*.
Noiloo li hereby Kiv.-.i lli.l ".i'HJntri-J
Innndlo-ppl. to.hi-i;;""���1, , .
ml����loiior��l Us���l..sis-I ��""������ ',   ,1
pUmllMO till  (..Ili.iallUI'1',",."",.',
.sk ihs-.�����.! .1 1 Arro�� IU*
i|ipmiiiii>��i>>i corner ol a a	
tlia-ni'i- issssiii ni-ni; cniin., i.      , ���,.,
-  ���,,i[i
;,;���-,��� .��*
A Assllisilis a !'!'��.,
iwi'iui s Iml  I"
IllllllllKSVIIliri-.   ""-,-,', ,     i,   a'  '
11,11,1 (-���a.,,t,s,l.l..'rl.��r"N   dSSJaM
M Sll IU'
N..I  I. liiTi'l.V ������� ���"���';���, nWrl   _
���Irtu, I ini.-ii.l t.. K|.|.l>; ���" "i'vJ-,., isipra*!
In piinlia.i' ll"' lollou'lim !'��� ���" ,���,| .iljssllilj
HI.-Ill llll- Will Ks.iil'IsssS '" rlil.B *' 'i3
Pusil Amlrr'n pre-.-l"!'"'; -,.''",, f'.w-l_J
miirkt-sl *.J._tfn��.H '������"'': 1 s'lulii'"?
nl Uws-r Arrs.av hki-, ���''��� "',,;T J. rls.ll '*
llli-ll.s- 40 s-llislll. ��''"   '',',,, |,,|,,I sssiil
Ihonoo 4�� I'lniinss norm i" r"1"
ID_f-jd.tS-l��n,B-C-. ""'Tffii',
. 1'SSI.I.AHl'- >��""'..
PllIK 111 till' IlllllHl   1""*'   'I     Hl'-'Isi'll'Sl"-'
rornorolliOtWO, *"'"'".,,,.,"-,,.is*."*-"
ias-,.1 ai i-holiii, llii-m'-' -   ,,,1,.111'i-P'il1',
pml �� a-lilillisi -npiil"l "' JaM" �����"
Doiod Auk. mih. "m- u���i
N 'o I. hereby ��.v.;'.'r;:^;,Sns^n**J
psiri'liiiKL- till' lol
ms-iis'lisi,' at is ps'iii
l.i-r," l> h-.-.I nl llss'li"   ",'
r.ir.'.liiK ewi I'l.i.lnH norui.
P"ll|-   111    11I110S PI'"" 11'
Slis'l"'1"1   ������1�� ID
The Ditty Canadian
r.rry �� ooraplito .took ot Foreign Winn, Beer, 1 _u_
and Liqueur., ��nd Cana-lan Wine. ���na ��,',,.
VoU nm buy ONE hottlo Port, flherry. Clint, Brandy, (im, a,m ��,��� ���.������.,,
Ale or-tout, 01 my lu.-r.��.esi quantity you ao.ir..1' fl)._-_fttTjSSSfe
i TB_,BPHONB 3ftO.
p. o. box load
perial Bank of Canada
Head Office
I) B
W1I.K1K, Pr-sidiiiit.
. ,H,'-H0,000
HON. BOBBBT JA-WRAY, Vice-President
Branches in British Columbia:
is, liii.its- rs's'i-ivi'd und intoTHHt allowed nt current niUis from date of opoiiinn ao-
lonnt uud -red-ted half-yearly.
P. Burn-s & Co.
ii   ll 11   ill
Method of Taking Up Guarantee Stock
Toronto, Sept, 21.���How Hon. G, E.
Foster came to be connected with the
Union Tram company, a lub.ldUry
company of the Independent Order ot
Fsni'sii 'in, and .om. particulars of the
company'! _u��lne-�� were detailed to
the Insurance commission yesterday
afternoon by Dr. Oronhyatekha. Foater as manager waa first suggested by
William Laldlaw and Oronhyatekha
thought thut it was a brilliant idea
anil put himself Into coiniiinncallon
With Fouler, who accepted the position, ll was Foster who suggested
Unit the Union Trust company should
not be mixed up with the Provincial
Trust company. Exhibits filed by
special counsel show that the Union
Trust company was incorporated August 7. 1901, and on September 2 the
supreme court of the I. O. O. F. entered into agreement with the Union
Trust company for investment and
guaranteed Ms funds. Shepley called
attention to the fact that nowhere In
lhe minute, of the 1. O. O. F. was to
found any direct authority for taking
up slock In the Union Trust company.
Oronhyatekha said lhat might be so,
luit the principle ot taking up stock in
a company was, he thought, confirmed
at the 1.ob Angeles meeting of the supreme court, and that action by the
executive had since been ratified.
Shepley pointed out that long before
lhe ratification tbe money of the Foresters had been put Inlo the capital
slock of the trust company.
to out the Gordlan knot and plaoe
things once more in their proper relations. "No, no," he said, "that isn't
right.   It's dad's turn to die next."
Prodigious Efforts.
Hongkong, Sept. 21.���Practically all
the Baluchlatan troops, and 300 ot tb*
Weit Kent regiment are co-operating
today ln clearing the wreckage ot the
recent typhoon. Prodlgloua effurU
are being made (or the recovery ot
dead bodies, which are being carried
off ln cartloadii
Beit Dollar a day home in the Kootenayi.
Nntice in herebjr flrel. that So dfcyi after date 1
Intend lo apply to the Chief COtttmutlODer ol
Iiaiidi mill wortLt inr u ���.pt*ci*_.l license toeut end
carff dway timber off Hi ��� tolUftring dMO-ibed
Oonunenelne at a post plented on the norih
Bide of Hainl.l i.rtult, ahout two inl.t'H chh! of the
Canadian Peelfle Hull way, and marked "K *'.
Hooper'i north cant corner/' thenee went mi
cheuMi thenee tontb 80 ehetnii thenee eeit vo
ohelni, thence nonh to ehelni to the p ace of be*
KltiDliiK. and ('onliitnlng HPiacrcH, more or Lata
Dated the 90th dny of AUgUlt, 10.O.
K, 0. Htmi-ER, Locator,.
j. f. i.iNbiu'hii, Agent.
Take uot lee tbat 1 Intend i" "PP'y tothe Chief
CommlMloner of Landi and Worki for a ipeclal
lioense to ont end earn awaj Umber from the
followiiiK deicrlbed Itui-la Hitunte ou the North
lorfc of Kettle rher. In the dlitrlet of Yale: -
Commt-tu-lnK nt a pout planted IV* Ohalni nouth
from iMi*Karlaue creek, marned ��1_G. MeJSOn'l
northwest corner pout," thence80 ehalni south;
thence HU ehalna eatt; thence 80 chains uorth;
thenee M cbeini went to plaee of bet.tuning.
Located thin 13th day of August, 1900
I. G  jnUOHt No. 1.
* Charlun Karnell, Agent.
|Br_-.-M,irkrtH in   Kotwlnwl,  Trail,   NcIbou, Kaslo,
Denver nud Slocan City.
Sandon, Three Forks, New
3 anv
pi ��� ���, i careful attention.
Head Office: Nelson, B. C.
Budweiser Beer
DISTILLERS, 12 and 20 years old.
Unassuming Daughter of King Edward
Recovering from Operation.
London, Sept. 21.���The Duchess ot
Fire, eldest daughter of the king, who
recently underwent an operation as an
outcome of severe complications following ai chill, is reported well on the
road to recovery. The announcement
of her satisfactory progress has been
received with pleasure throughout the
The Duchess of Fife Is one of the
Take notice that I intend to apply to the Hon
Orablfi the Chief CuinmlBsloner of IaihIh mid
Worki fir a upeclal license toenl and carry away
tuber from the following deeerlbed Landi sltnate on the North Fork of Kettle river, lo lhe dlitrlet of Yale :-
Oommenelng at a pout marked "George Monroe's southwest eoruer pout," being to chattiH
weBt of the poat marked "1,(J. Nelson's northwest eorner post No 3," thr nee roth 160 chains)
thence east 40 i-halns; thenee soutli ltiO ehalns;
'.hence west 40 chains to the plaee of beginning,
���containing M0 acres, more or less.
Located this Itth 'lay ol August, 100C.
QfeOBQI Munroe,
Chas. Fa mel I. Agent
Take notice that 1 inteml to apply to the Honorable the Chief Commissioner of Lands and
Works for a special license to cut and carry away
timber (rom the following described lands, situate nn the North Fork of Kettle river, in the district of Yale:���
Commencing at a post marked "Agues Farnell'.*.
northwest eorne* post," and being 80 chains
north from the post marked "1. U. .Nelson's
northwest eorner pnst No. -'; thence south 80
chains; tbence cum 80 chains; thence north So
chains; thence west 80 ebalni to tbe place of
Dated this 13th day of Auguit, 1906.
Chas. Farnell, Agent.
Roomi ere well fnrnlihed. Table as good u any
tn Kelion.   Bar supplied with good
llquori end olaari.
W. B. MoCANDMBH, Proprietor.
Tremont Hotise
Kuropea- and American Plan
���uu �� on. Boom. Irom �� on. to 11
Only Whit* H.ip Employe-.
Baker Bt.. Nelaon
We have Improve-, and Unimproved Ranches for
Sale on the Kootenay and Slocan Lakes, Slocan
Valley and Melton District.
Before purchasing call
and examine our list.
H. & M. BIRD
Bartlett   Hotise
Best Dollar-a-Diy House in Nelson.
The Bar M the Wneat.
White Help only Employe-.
Rlrs* -nil  Aaiaslalttnt
Real Estate and Mining
Joaephiue Bt.
This Piano Won the Diploma Yesterday
New Fall
Goods Arriving
Importer of Pine)
��� InsMmIi   (IiiiuI-h
Jno. T. Pierre
linker St.
Nelaon, B. C.
in TKNhRHK, proptirly ladorw-d, will be
i'lvwl liy tin- -qnderalfnecl ��i> toand in-
"ttnK Monday, the ttfii'i'infi October next, f'-r
 iimi mui t>omiiU<ii(iii d( ii Cniirt Kouie ui
���-'t\. II. C.
'rawing!, ipeclfloaUone and oondltlone ol ton*
! 'ni eontriot mil in* Hen ��t Ine Poww
���rk* E-.nglneer'i offlrc. Wturin, It. r , mut ni
���"Hi I theGovernment ak.-hi, Nfinnii, B.C,
��i"i aftor the llth Beptember next.
"*ii tender immt bo accompanied with t
irlo-rt rbeqj-iQ fur five (fi) per oent. otthee-
'"in of the landertorthe hituilal perlonnenoe
1 i|ih'i|ol. ol the wnrk.
if cheque! of uneatjoeeetu) lenderefe will be
'inifd u�� them nn tbe eneeutlon "f Uteoon*
('Ml    1
nl Wnrki
i In. H C
tmy Lender not neneuerlly
Pobllo Worki Bnglni
i Deperttnenta
..Htll Si-]it if- i^-'
Certificate of Improvements
���QllBntie, i.inrit,   Firm Obfcscei Ohehe'ltlei n"'1
iwi'iny Mile ITreeUoii miner*! olelmii iHtt-
""��� m in.- NuImiii Mining Wvhd.m ul We��l
Kootentjr dhnrlet
n,"bi.T( located] On nundeemountft.ni between
"IM Hone end Beer Creek*.
r*ke mull*.' that 1, John M��*I niilii", nf the city
"I Ni-Ni.ii, iiclltiK niHKelit for JOMpU Sturgeon,
V" Minor's tVrtllloiitu Sn. |ir��ln, Intend, sixty
'.'ny" from the date hereof, to n|>i��ly to the MltiitiK
'���"���"'ior (or Certlfleatee of iraprovomente. for
"ie  imriioHi*.  nf  nhlulliltlLt t'mwn tirulits of the
.And further takiMtotlcv thnt nelloii, under nor*
Un'i ;i". imiHt i,e oommeneod before tne .nuance
nituch Certlflnftte of Imnrpvetnenti
"'Hoii thll Hint .lay nlJiily, A. I) IBM.
Tenderi addroised to the undenlened. at in-
offlce tn tbe Court House, in the Cl^ of Nelson,
will be received up till the hour of nveo'Clook In
the hHonn-..n of Monday. Octobor 16th. 1908, for
tho purchase nf the "BUie Kyed Nellie" Mineral
Claim, Lot 3986, which ws declared forfeited to
the erawn at the Tax tele held In the ��'fty of
NohWIl nil the 6th dav nf iNovomlxr, 19(0, fnr do1
llnouent tft-toe np till June With, 1906, and ootti.
llio upsel price upon tin* Muid mtnorni claim,
wbtcb Ineluooi the amounl <>f jleunuuont taxes
and costs at iti" time of forfeiture, with Interest]
taxes w iiii'ti have since accrued{ and fee fnr
crown Krnnt, li 103,06, whloh i*> the least amounl
Unit win be ooneldered es ft tender.
Baehtandormust be accompanied by an eo-
oepted cheque, peyable to the order nl the Depu<
tv Commissioneroj Lands and Unrks. at par at
Victoria, B. C , fnr the amount tendered.
Gqyernmont Agent, Nelson, B. <'���
Dated at Nolson,*B.C. tills 18th
day of September, 1900,
���issnsl liy vlrluii of llio iiiiwa-m i-nii'iilm-'l
rlsalii tuiirtifHRi', wlilssls will bo prodUO-d "I
���ii- isl llus ��sile. Ihi'ii' will Ins islls-rs'sl Inr Uie
''lis' uiii'tiiiii i.v misliiini T Kvani utiin'
ll'sii.s., Iss Hit'City ill KohbI-sIi.1. B I'.ini
ly, tho Mt- slHV til 8a'|sts'llilssT, A   |1 , 111H',
lissiirssl nismi, ilia-isiiullv iif rissls'iss|sllini In
Mlrabla tntot ssl l.sss.l ssn Ills' Ij.avar Arrssav
��� ii.iwu ass lla'isr hirk. nml sslsstliiK nf IW7
niiirii or Itsiiss, tuul tho lu.ij.ir pa'toltoo
'���"i fsirtiiiT MrUouUn and tbrtni and oondl-
11 ol s.sil.. apply to
a. it. hamii.tiix,
MorlBnmso'. Hollrl'iir,
iiisnk of Moniri'iii Cham-en, Rouiand,B.O,
"sslt'sl at itonima, 7ti, Sept., 1900.
Unilor mnl M virtue m thai powc-r, I nlo �����-
taiiud in a certain 1 nnm-ni ttoi �����ail,-,w;hloh
aa-lll be lirs.slsi I ssl lis.' linn'of .all', tlsi-ri- will be
,,1,1 nn Krislssv, Ootobor Mil, 1��M, nl i'i ss.i'loisk
ii,���,n t,y rissssi a. Waterman A Op., anotlon-eri,
���i Btrathi s el. In the city ol Ming.in ilu-
I'rnaiiiss' ssf iiriu.ii Columbia, ilie [ouowlnf
i i.,,,,,t in, mis,'s, iiiuiii'ly:
���i, i   's "i  'ii and ��. I" "los-k��, Addition
���A" lu ilo-.-illi'llvlssl.oii'l BlltrlCtlot ir.l.llrsssiis
l*We.t filvulonollbe Kootenay Dlitrlet. aoqprd-
,��� us�� iimi' or ii'iui of nn' md Bubdlrulod ill-
ppalted in the Land Regliury OIBoo and iiiiihIht-
'''lis'.'l'l lis vsil'illll.   On I.ol. 20 ��l Ihen- lis .iilil to
Is,, si twai-ssiory .'rnino DwalllO-, alio n Fralno
''ivr-a. and condition, of ��ale will bo mailo
knoivii ssi tho time ol��_!��.
Kssr fiiriluT partlonlar, appll tss
Vendor', B.lloltora, llMting. Bt���
\ iiisi'.iiiss'i. H. 0,
Dated ibi. Hth day ol Boptombor, low.
Old Curiosity Shop
II you want to buy or soil anything,
go to the Old Curiosity Shop. A new
lino of Japanese Oooils now on sale. All
kinds ot Dlnnorware lu stock. Patterns.
Th. Big Scbsoon-r D_>d�� 1 (\r
0r"H.lI-iid-H.ll"    DCCl    iUCe
The only Glass of Good Boer in Nelson.
Hota-1 -ci-oininoalatioll. MOOnd to nolif ill Ilrlt-
l.h I'olambla.  Ran-. ,1 un per day. Bpeclal rate,
to monthly boarder.. Ouly homo hotel III RftlSOQ
Lake View Hotel
I'liMiT Hall aod Vi-rinm,
two blocks from wharf.
Kates fl 00 per day and up.
P.O.Box IM.
Telephone 118.
Grand Central Hotel
J. A. EBICK80N, Proprietor.
Manager lot the Kootenay Valleys Company, Ltd.
Oldest established Real Estate
Bnainess in Kootenay.
Nelson, B. C.
Choice Fruit
I Have tO,000 Awes
of the
Choicest Frott Landa in
British Colombia.
Can sell any quantity from 5 acres to 2,000 in one block.
Buy now and get the ground floor prices.
J. E. ANNABLE,    -    Nelson, B. C.
Centrally Located. Open Day and Nlf ht.
Bample and Bath Roomi Free.
Opposite Court House and Post Office.
Corner Ward an. Vernon Street-.
Tfc Sttathcona
NelBon, B.O.
B. Tomkins, Manager.
D. I. Robertson & Co., Local Agents
The Leading Hotel in the
The Hall Mining and Smelting
Company, Limited.
Purchases Lead, Copper and Dry Ores.
Oood   Sample    Roomi.
Queen's Hotel
Baker Btreet, Nelion. B. C.
Lighted by Electricity and
Heated by Hot Air
Large aud ComlorU-le Bedroome and Ptret-
clan. Iilutust Room. Ham pie Rooma (or Commercial Man.
MRS. K. C. CLAREK. Proprlatreu
Nelson and
'Single Fare
In iiuralty RiventhttUie AiitniuHii'iH'ml
MaoUng ol Tha _8va Gold Kin* ^MtfSJP
Nslion B.*'ionTtiemUy, sthdOotouer, wnt ��t.'
uVluik, p. tt. Hy onlor,        "
W.O. BAYLY, Buurotaty.
most unassuming young ladies in her
(athur's realm and ono of the most
popular members of the royal family.
Sh'e lives her own quiet life either in
London, or among the Uraemar hills,
where she goes ahout during her errands like any crofter's wife, ami is
always quite OUt of the social whirl so
engrossing to the rest of the royal
family. Two Utile girls, of whom she
is the proud mother, and the duke,
whom Bhe married for love, adore this
princess, and may always he seen by
her side.
The duke nnd duchess always spend
a few weeks in summer at Duff House,
which is a passably sood copy of the
Borgbese palace in Rome, nnd contains
some flue pictures and many Interest-
lugs associations with T.yron. who
spent there a good deal of his boyhood.
To the duchess, however, who Is ft
most enthusiasms angler, the chief nt-
traction of Puff House Is the river
Deverou which flows through the park,
nnd In which she ha*s killed many a
good salmon.
Higher Mathematics.
A Toronto educationist of international reputation sometimes tells this
story on himself. He hns been twice
married, but the two divisions of the
family, so to speak, look so much
alike and the unity lsvso complete that
only intimate acquaintances know it,
One of the girls had just reached the
educational sta��e of vulgar fractions
and she was profoundly impressed
with the fact that "onehalf plus one-
half equals one." She was applying
her knowledge to real life, as all good
teachers advise, and at breakfast Bhe
was evidently struggling with an application that was beyond her. Finally
she aBked her father; "Nellie (naming a younger child) is my half-sister,
now If mother was to oie and yon
were to marry Again, those children
would be Nellie's half-sisters nnd half-
brothers, but would they be any relation to mo?" The famous educationist was puzzled for a moment to know
how best to answer this poser, when
the youngest boy paused long enough
. in his rapid consumption of porridge
Tnke notice that! Intend to upply to the Honorable the Chief ('nmmlsBionvr ot  I-andi aui)
Works lorn ppedrA) license toeut and catty away
  ..... - .fB( Bitu-
b Fork of Kettle river, in
timber from tlie following deae-lbed Uni .
,te on the North Fork of Kettle rlrer, lu the dU-
Comment'lng at a post marked "I. ���I. Nelnon's
northwest corner post No S!," belrc 8" ehatua
nortb from the post markeii "J UeDonahrn
iiortliwont oorner poat No. l " theuee��o��itli Wt
chains, thenoe eust HO chalnn; thenee north 80
clmlnn; thiMK-c wCKtHOehainB to the place of bi-
ulnufOK. nintiiiTiiii!; 11 to ueres more or lesa.
Haled this 1,'lth dny of Augut-t, 1-06.
I. O, Nelion,
(���ht.n. Farnell, Agent
Take notice th"11 Intend toapply to the Honorable thp Chief Commissioner of Landa and
Works for a aneelnl license to cut and earry
away timber from the lollowlng described lands
situate on the north font of Kettle River in the
Pistrict ot Yale: Commeuelng at a po-t marked
"J. McDonald's northwest eorner post No. 1,"
planted 80 obMpi north fr m the post marked
I'I, (1. Nelson^* north went corner poat No. 1;"
thence SO chains south; thenee MO chalna eaat;
thenee HO chalus north; 111000 80 chains west to
lhe place of commencement, containing IVIO
acres more or leas
Dated this tilth dav of August, 1006.
J. MiDoNAi.n
Chas. pAVNILt, Agent.
Take noilce that I Intend to apply to the Honorable the chief ommissloner of Lamls and
Works for a Special U-ceiye to cut and carry
away timber from the following desi-rllu'd lands
situate ou thc north fork of Kettle lilvei* In the
Dlatrlcl of Yale:   Coin 111 on ring al a poat marked
"p.C, narhrick'H souihwest corner post," planted at Agnes Fariull's northwest comer post,"
ihence HO chains north; thence HO chaini east:
theme S<i chains south; ihcnce Ho cliaina weal to
place of commencement, containing MQ acrea,
more or lesa.
Daied IhU 18th day of August, IK*}.
t>. c. Rubrics
('has. I-'aunku., Agent.
Take nollee thai I Intend to apply to the Honorable the Chief Commlaaioner of hands and
Works for a special licenae to eut aud carry awav
timber from the following describe 1 lands situate on the North l'ork of Kettle river in the
Dlitrlet of Yale:
Commencing at a post marked "George
Young's southeast corner post," nlauted along
side the post marked "J. McDonald'a northwest
oorner post No. l;" thence west B0chains; theuce
north Ho chains; thenee east 80 ehalns; thenee
south .Hi) chains to tbe place of It-cglmilng, eon-
tabling MO acres, more or less.
Dated this HUli day of Atimwi, 1900.
(iKo. YotttQ
CHAH. I'ahnki.]., Agent.
The well known
Onr Beer Garden la
the Finest in the
J. CROW,   -   -  Proprietor
Royal Hotel
Kates $1 and $1.60 a Day.
Special Ratee to Regular Boarders.
Take Nolice that I Intend to apply to the Honorable the Chief I'unimlssloiier of hands and
Works for a special I.C-ureto cut and carry away
timber from lln* following dennrl ud lamls, altuate on the \o-th Fork of Kettle river, tu iho district of Yb|p:���
('ommenclng t a post marked ".l. McDonald's
northeast corner post No. _!;" planted (to chains
north from the poat marked "1. <!. Nelaon's
northwest corner pi al No. I;" ihence FO chalna
weal; thenee Hti ehalna south; lbence 80 chains
east; thence Hit chains north ti the place of commencement, containing "J" ncics, moro or leaa,
Dated this lt)tu day o( Auuiist, lUOtt
J MoDunalu
ObAi. Faknkj.l, Agent.
Wholesale and Retail Dealers lh
Fresh and Salted Meats
Camps fmpplied ou ahortost notico and
lowest price. Nothing hut fresh nud
wholesome meats nnd supple** kept in btock
Mnil orders receive oarefnl attention.
E. C. TRAVES   Manager.
W.   Q.   OlLrLrETT
Contractor* and
Sole agent for the Porto Hlco Lumber Co., Ltd.,
retail yards. Hough and dre-se-d. lumber, turned
work and brackets, Coast lath and ahthgles, faah
and doors. Cement, brick aud time for sale
Automatic srlnder.
Yard and factory: Vernon St.. east uf Hall,
P O. Box atl Telephone 178.
West Transfer Co.
lSont.nl Tosmwtoni and l>nli>m tii
Ooal and Wins .   Expi-ess nnd
tanKK'mi' 'rniiHiir
Office: Baker St.
Telcphona- 83
r. O. Boa lie
From Pentlcton, Calgary, Midway and
all intermediate and Kootenay
On sale September 18, 19, 20.   Return 24th.
or Vancouver
On sale September 28th October 3rd
Inclusive.   Return Oct llth.
For full particulars and berth reservations apply to local agents or write
A.O.P. I., Vaniimvor. D. P.A.. Nt-l.nn
A. McDonald& Co,
Dealers iu staple and fanoy Grooeriee.
But-tvi*, EgKS-
Cainp and MiuorV Supplies.
Thorpe's Lithia
Thorpe & Co'y,
Round Trip
From all Points North
and West of Matctn
Selling dates Sept. 18-19-
20. Limit Sept. 24.
t'lty PusNt-nger Agent.
A il. I\ A��� tVlttle.
The Latest Modern Appliances
uow in use at this
Baker Street.     -     NELSON.
For Every thinu Oood
to Smoke.
Imported and Domestic Qgus. Tobaccos.
Da Toi Km* Tkujua's Spedal ttxtarc?
BAKER ST. The Daily Canadian
FINE   DIAMONDS   and   other
good    irsvestme
Precious Stones.    If you want to   r ^^^^
money into a Diamond.    Now is  the time  before the  price gets  higher,
Our selection of stones  is the best.
The Store of Sweets/
Fruits, Confectionery and
Ice Cream.
Today   is   the  day   of lhe  uuiuimiaJ
E. Jasper Phair, formerly of Nelson,
now of Spokane, has won a $-t_U0 au*
tomoblle in a raffle.
The last play of llie week, 'Alphoiisu
and Gaston," will be given at the op
era bouse tlii- evening.
V. Hyde liaker has undertaken an
automobile trip from Spokane to Cran
brook by way of Montana.
' A. H. Merritt of San Francisco, inventor and manufacturer of the .Maple
Leaf fuse. Is a visitor at the fair.
Book Ahead For |
Preserving Pears:
The ri^ht kind are searee. We ���
havo a nice lot of local Bnrtlatta #
nnd Flemish Beauties tu arrive J
Lowest market prices guaranteed, ��
|Bell Trading^
Company       ���
lJliiiiiii ii,. linker St.
Gait Coal
Term" Spot Cash
Telephone 'Ot Baker street
Waterproof Paints
Co... Tar, Pitch,
Creosote, Oils for
Preserving Timber,
Roofing Pitch aud
Boat Dull-en will iimi it to their ad-
vantage to use ow Pitch.
Nelson Coke & Gas Co.
c.r. Vasmsisi untl Ward Street**,
.1. 1'HliU HUME, Pffli>rietur.
-I. I-'. Pi'ingle, Marysvllle; B, W, Du-
vis, Moyie; P. Robinson, Fernie; D. K.
Qrobe, Vmir; W, Graham, Wallace; A.
Grain, Harrisuii: C, Price, Calgary; P.
c. Adams, Duluth; Mrs. Carr, Revelstoke; t'. II. EndertoD, Winnipeg;  M.
F. Oliver. Calgary; G. Urquhart, Koss-
liinii;  A. A. Bell, Vancssiiver.
Mr. and Mrs, J. D. Anderson, Mis'-
Labarthe, Trail; A. K. Carpenter, Yakima; ii. Chanute, Miss ciiainiie, -Mis.s
Boyd, Chicago; Mis. H. Cocker and
daughter, Mrs. Kuiislee, Qrand Forks;
It. Wilson, Vancouver; I. Pratt, San-
��� Ion: il. ('. Ilnllis, Cincinnati; .Mrs.
Cuthbortaon, Qreenwood; M. Vincent,
Warren; the Rossland baseball team.
Revelstoke lucro-ao team; Mrs.
Grant. Mrs. H. Sterns, .iinswoi'th; 11.
Leahy, Cranbrook; W, Lakt- and wife,
RoBSland; E. Pavler, A. Becbnan,
Trail: A. Ringqulst and wife, A. Larson and wife, Rossland; Mra. A. Man-
sn ansl children, Patterson; Mrs. and
Miss Founder, Crawford Hay; H. Hamilton, E. Gullle. Granite; I.. Rogers
and wife, Adams; Mrs. .1. II. How,
.Miss How, Toronto; P. J, Sewel and
family, Spokane.
II. Sheldon, Manchester; N\ Cuninr,
Nakusp; J. Higginbotham, Spokane; L,.
Prince, Ymir.
F. Sharp, J. Trelawny, Ten Mile; F.
Budpath, Slocan; 3". Tremhath. Ross-
!. Nnsissr   and    wife,   Chicago;  P.
Isiliel,  Spokane;   11   Tomllnson   .Rnss
liinii; .1. White, F. McKlnnon, Creston
it. Tliiuiisiin. .1. tiijiiniis. Northport;
P. Creasy, llnrliin; li. McKenzIe,
II. Carney. Kiisln; li. E. Wyekoff, L.
Overell, Rochester; .1. U. Hardie, E.
Weather-hie, Ainsworth; C. A. Bigney,
ii, Carson, Sandon; K. Shannon, New
Denver; W I). Ilalllday, Slocan,
I), siewm'i,, Qreenwood; I, Hurry,
R. Colbran, ll. Hanson, 3. Henderson,
U. W. Johnson, Bonnington; J. E.
Blgham,  Kaslo;   P.  Meggitt,  Procter;
G. Matthews,  Balmo;    ,1.    .1.    Qrady,
.1. Frame, Lebahdo; W, A. Coch-
rane, Porl Simpson; P. B. Blalkle,
Thirteen Mile Point; J, A. Mallem, n.
Molnnis, Cranbrook; Mrs. McKenzle
nml children. Miss McPbail, Nanton.
Q. 0. Buchanan has sold a cottage
and lot on the south Bide of Victoria
street, adjoining the premises formerly known as the Waverley hotel
A. Wye ia the purchaser.
Yesterday afternoon, M. .lainieson,
a waiter on ihe steamer Kuskanook,
was fined $1" nasi costs iu lln- provln
cial police courl ior disorderly eon
duct. Fred Adle, .1 P., of Waneta, ine
to onr out-of-town customers. Come
and see us and make our store
your headquarters during the fair.
Red lemonade for the ]adles and
youngsters and good cigars for
the old man.
"The   Storm   Centre   of   the   World's
Religious and   Literary   Debate."
C. A. tBeneclict
Corner Silica and Josephine Sts.
(II    Slllllss)
Cloth $1.25
"By Mail $1.35.
An old-timer who came lo Nelson
years ago. when women were few and
children fewer, says Ihat llle sight of
the 'millions" nf prettily dressed children ihat lie meets on the streets is
the  best  feature of the  fair.
Rev. \V. M. Rochester was present
lliis afternoon al a meeting of friends
Of llle Lord's May alliance in Nelson.
A resolution was adopted expressing
approval of his appointment us L. U.
a. Western secretary ami promising
hearty co-operation with him in his
The preliminary conference of
school trustees of ihe interior is being
held fn Principal Sulllvan'-a room at
the public school this afternoon. Dr.
Arthur presiding. The discussion fs
informal, hut there is perfect unanimity on several matters, especially on
the necessity of a normal or model
school establishment   in   Kootenay.
"The Saint Is a finely-stirring, groat-
ly-moving romance, nnd tt is tho interpretation also of a new crusade. It
is a vivid aud varied story of Italian
life and of that intimate and far reaching Influence which Home, as the capital and centre of the Catholic church,
exerts  throughout    Christendom    Over
ail mankind,
"The romance of the strange and
strenuous love between Benedetto aud
Jeanne makes The Saint a book to lie
rend   twice."
We are   Hi-ailqu���r.,,r8  ... ,,
American  Wal,-h���B MiLuL   ''" n��*
are  making  ev.-r" S1?*   *
requirements of rallroid ,���,.���""""
W the
_       _ ' ""Phone 333.
Repairing and Jobbing a Specialty
Bbeetmetal Work, Uantiugn, H.ililera* MiiUirial ami Minion and Mill V
Ofllce nnil Wiirkn Foot nf Park St.
Mimio    2t i-t.
"��. h.c.
The postponed meeting of the Liberal association was held in the board
of trade rooms last night- There was
a lull attendance. On the ballot re-
quired lo choose n "victim for the political altar" the vote stood 37*19 in
favor of Di'. Hull against J. Fred Hume.
The nomination was then of course
made unaulmus.
ltev. L. C. Mcltoberts, who has taken a large number of subscripti'iis in
Nelson and the district for "Portraits
and Principles," and "Cottage Physician," desires to explain that the delay fu the delivery of these books is
because of cjelay in iheir arrival. The
books are expected ill a few days and
rapid  delivery  will  follow.
September 19-20-21
Ward tt Gronell present
Wednesday---"HoJligan's Troubles."
Thtirsday---*'Johnnie on the Spot."
FrUiy���''Alphonse and Gaston,"
Prices BOo, T.'i, (1.00, Seats on .ale. at
Kutherfonl's Monday morning.
Under end by virtue of the pofforaofvalaeon*-
iiiiuiM in ii certain mortgage which will in* iiro-
.1.1 i hi tin* Mim* of Bale, tlii-n* will bo offeror)
Inr snl*' by public uiii'ttnii on .-nttinlav tin* _.Hi
day  of October, I.HH., ,u  die hour of 'l'J oVlork
noon, ut tio* Hotel Humo, eoruer of ward mid
Vernon street!, Kelion, H. 0 , hy Ueun.Cbarloi
a Waterman .v Co., the following property, viz:
lots nutnbori fifteen (i:>) mid ilxieon (iy, hotii
in Block numbor ten tin), being port of the >uh-
division uf Lol number ninety f>ix. Group one,
i'i the dicirict of Kootenay, Brltlah Columbia,
and known us die Hume addition to Nelson,
ll. C , according to B iiih|> nr j>]hh depo-iled in
ti e i.Hini Reglairy officii nnd numbered IBM h.
Upon lhe laid laud ll cicctcd il larKe ���nd eoin-
m odious dwelling house In fint-olau order, with
civ water. This property i* nol fur from tho
Uusliieu portion nf (he city.
Terms and conditions made known at the time
ii'Mie i.riu the meantime upon application to
Dated hi Nelson ttiel7Ui day of Sept. 1 06.
Professor Porter, of McGill university, who is with the louring party of
civil engineers, telephoned a request
from Itossland ibis morning for specimens of minerals from the fair exhibit for lhe university collection. All
who arc willing to contribute are requested to see A. W. Dyer today. Such
a contribution will be u splendid advertisement   for   Kootenay   mines,*
A II, Wallace, K. .<:. Wallace and
\. C. Stewart, all graduates of Nelson
high school, leave for lhe past tomorrow morning. A. M. (Bert) Wallace
will complete his medical e'ourae at
Winnipeg. Eddie Wallace enters Toronto university as a third year student in arls. Norman Stewart will attend Toronto university School of
The specimens you have seen exhibited at lhe Fair will give you an
idea of tin* beautiful work lhat can
be done in Pyrography. It Is so easy
to learn, too. You can pick il up
yourself in  tv very short time.
and a large assot-tmen! of articles in
wood for burning.
Wood blanks come with designs
stamped, so that all yon have to do
is outline and shade them and burn
in the background. They are made in
almost every conceivable article���
Paper Knives. .Match Holders, Ash
Trays, Nut Bowls, Steins, Tables,
Waste flaskets. Glove and Handkerchief Poxes, etc., etc., and at prices
from 25 cents up.
If you live out of town write us
and we will be pleased lo send you a
fully illustrated oatulogue to select
Canada Drug & Book Co's
..lash Stores....
Get F0RSept.
Busy    First
Starkey & Co.,
Kootenay A��nti
R. A. Rogers & Co,
Limited, Winnipeg,
VVI-iole_*-il��* Provision*,
Produce, - Fruit.
Dominion Govi-rimii-ut t'n-uiiii-ry Uno Pound Hi-irks received WttklrMJ
frnm tin- f-hurii.    Fur will- liy nil loading ktooi-rn.
Phone tii.
Nelson, B.C
W. G. Thomson
,$��" *nd Nelson, B. C.
Phone .14.
Received daily ir^ni the
Coldspriug ranch on
Kootenay lake.
201b. crates $1.25
Telephone 181.
Select Your Requirements early for Grouse
See Oar Window
Nelson Hardware Co.
Sport mien. Headquarters,
PHONB IB.       NELSON   B. (!.
Yale-Kootenay Ice, Froit, Fuel
& Poaltry Co., Ltd.
An Outsider's Opinion.
Tiie Toronto Telegram. .liMenfi.-iin^
reeetil proposals of ilie Methodist Keu-
eral oon Terence,, nn\n:
"Cana-tia'aH nHod is not a Christian
citizenship Sunday in ihe churches of
Uie nation, hm Christian olttaenshtp
week flays in ihe life of the nation.
"The general conference of Canadian Methodism aBsembled at Montreal
seems   Iii  imagine   tbat   more   niacinn-
The Store of Quality
Don't Forget
Ftoit Jar
The prices are just the same as for
thc ordinary kind
Pints per dozen $ i .00
Quarts per dozen (.25
Half gal. per dozen  1.50
Hood & Teetzel
 IC W. C. Block . Phone 10
00 MKN, ui nii'*t', for wnrk in theffoodl.  Apply
to W.K. CcMikf. MWmlU. KhnIo,
],,\HY STI.NU.'.UAI'HKlt (nr ]k>-1ih>i. in
<i I homo wiili employar'*. ftmlly.
mix W...*-hijm(M.in nffl-w
DOSHMKN, Mill HaDd��� and (.oukihkContraotoni
alio Bngluser    (VatUbui^ Lumo��r Co., our
Cranbrook, B. 0.
Mint ry.
ery in church must inevitably lead to
more manhood in character.
"ii la not by the observance nr a
Christian citizenship Sunday or by ilie
employ men t of assist an ih to Ur. Dr.
Cbown that lhe church can shorten
the night of wrong nor lengthen ihe
oncoming day of rtehieoiiHiiesH in
"The emPtor, ihe exploiier and ihe
money-grubber will leave the solemnities of Christian citizenship Sunday
behind him and then go out to beat the
worldling at hla own gamti.
"The partizan will listen to the elo-
fpient pleadings of Rev. Dr. Chown or
his assistant's and ihen leave the
principles of moral reform and freedom  to take enre of themselves while
Offloe and warehouse; Hom-don Mock,
Josephine Street.
Don't Forget  ^^^^
Ii your furnace In shape to start the winter with?   If not, KOiJ
is the time to have It repaired,
I. H. Ashdown Hardware Co., Lti]
PLEASE NOTE���We will not lie responsible for any furnace DM liilip
by October 1st, 1906.
R"'woi_f 'Miii"i-hh,'\"_*.,*;. ���."'������J with iJ����p..tch. j��n__tM.t-i I
Work. Mliil,,, ,���,ai Mm Mmihln-ry.     M..r._.ln_tur.r. ol
"r'* W->r��,  R.  14.   U.intrnctiira'  Cnria.
p o; Bm m '
Deliveries made daily throughout Nelson
fturt its suburbs. Phone MS.
be takes care of boodle or clericalism
at the behest <��f party.
"The need of llie hour in Canada Ih
not more fingerposts to poini the wayfarer to the paths of patriotic fluty and
personal  sacrifice.
"The fingerposts urn plenteous, but
few are the wayfarers who tread tlieso
paths and make the preaching of the
churches  the   practice  of  their lives."
Tralni and Boats.
Crow  boat���Three hours  late
Slocan train���On time.
Const, Boundary and Kossland train
���On time.
Visitors to the Fait****
Are invited to make appointments to meet
thoir Friends at MASON & RISCH
Al.l. ami: WBI-COM13. I
Mason & Risch Piano Co'y, Limited
OQloej    Knnm H, __.__Y 0_rv_-T     ��-��     ***
We Will Sell
500 International Coat
tO Marconi, Canadian
WOO Yale-Kootenay ke
- 6k
- $2.75
- 9 lie
McDermid & McHarciy
 ... s ssmawnvawnrnHMNRVi
1 Just Arrived! ^^^^^
A large consignment of
All Nizi-H nml  LowMt I'ric
um,s-:   H
Hl.iti.lnr.l Fllrnlluts-I-,,.
12,in,n��,1i,,,,ihHsvlll,-p,.r,-,.l,il���i;,',,T,M ""'���
TOYE & CO., S^'ST.   mLSW
MANUFACTURERS    �� <_ *���**,.       4   m
L,ath, Mouldings, Doors, Windovvs.
I iii-necl "Work and Bracket*.
verinon .sittt'.i:I
Mail Order- promptly BttenW*
INBI.8UN, B. C. __-,
Our stuck of HAND   SAWS Is  vi>ry
ilv yon
lnolud-Dg KniiltiH tn Huit nil niiiiiiriiiiiisiilB
If you wish ii low prici-il wiw wo 0011 nil]ipl
Rlmi oarry tho lioBt qiuilillon iniulo by
Wood-Vallance Hardware Co'y. ^


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