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The Daily Canadian Feb 11, 1907

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Array U\)ti Clrttlvj
IMK I.     No.  213.
Fifty Cbnts a Month
scriptioti of Big Boundary Property
Jense Ore Deposits Worked by
"Glory Holing*'���Latest
Machinery Used.
lti! iiii lu The Dully rnniiiliaii 1
nl   Forks, Fell.   11.���Whilo    con-
nlile ssl Into has been published re-
1 In-   workings  of   lhe   Hritish
nlila Copper Co. in lhe Houndary,
;- lias really been said nboul tho
propretles owned  by this com-
The following Information will
ire   be   Interesting to the many
sslders  scattered  throughout  the
This -company's  properties are
situated at Dead-wood Camp, up
.li a spur runs from lhe C. A W.
-   starting a few yards south of
mod station.   The claims owned
fallows: Mother Lode, Primrose,
t>        Sunflower, Tenbrock and Don
in  lieadwooil  camp:   thc  Emma.
s- Moore and Jumbo, situated at
1:'    ramp..     In   these last   three
Hi.. Hall Mining A Smelting Co.,
one-fourth  interest.
'.ulk oi thc ore is treated from
sillier l.ode mine, which property
seated on May 28, Wl. by Wil-
McPormlek, and the location re-
'���   s:>   tlie   name   of himself and
Jtlie yenr 1S9C, Colonel John Weir
t fork, and his associates bonded
luperty und subsequently formed
ss-, known as tho Boundary Mines
an-, which owned.and developed
operty until the organization of
esent property Into the Drltleh
Iiis tupper Co. The olher claims
have been acquired at different
Mother Lode Is one of many im-
deposit! found In the Houndary
' and worked hy "glory holing,"
means huge open cuts or quar-
In the Mother Lode these quar-
i.   connected with the main tun-
finch Is in the fin-font shaft level,
es- cunnectiug shafts, through
ihe ore from the upper workings
vitatted  lo the tunnel and  from
| In five-ton skips Is hoisted up to
f*a'l nf the main shaft, crushed and
Ihe nre bins, from which Ihe
loaded inlo ore ears and hauled
Is.* Mother Lode ihere ore a series
isnes whicli have been extended
lli.'ie are nt present    six    raises
n from the tnnln tunnel..   As far
silsle the toils of these raises are
lined funnel shaped sn ns to re-
" si iiiliiiiiiini ihe handling of the
[ While the pus remained shallow
nn ensy mntter to remove barren
I noor  rock  by   loading  it   Into
II training lo waste dumps, lint
iiiiinil  system  developed  ll   be-
ptlie Inadvisable to remove any
large bodies of wash*,  for Ihe
.'    removal  had  become greater
(tie* posl nr smelting.    Experience
IhnMi.   however,   lhat   Ihe  dotrl-
|l I'lt'i'i-iH nf these smaller bodleK
bus lieen more Ihan offset by
ftI'l'iveuieni lu the genera) run nf
}*,   dne   lu  lesser   i|iianlliie-i  uf
lenckfld surl'aee rock being lune cupper contents of ore mined
wei-,. appreciably  higher  than
'���il during the tw'u years prevl-
At ilie head or Ihe main shaft, up
all the ore Is hoisted, there nre
'nckes-   Farrel    crushers,    each
i having a jaw opening 2x3 feet.
| crushers are driven by a pair of
I*   engines   so   arranged   that
���engine enn drive either crusher,
|l'*li  all chances  of  stoppage  or
"own are eliminated. The crushed
Icnnveyed by a itnbliis bolt to the
lro bins.
Ijnisilng nnd crushing machinery,
"s machine drills, are operated
���pressed llir piped from n central
Ipluiit.   Two boilers situated near
Jshers and holsi nre available to
si cum un short   notice   should
"pressor mschluery break down,
[Harding again:,,  stoppages from
olher 1<orto mine now employs
���j nnd the average weekly output
7 tons.
last night. A lot of valuable merchandise was lost. Local firemen could nol
holp, there being no water available
Tho loss Is I'tii.iniii
[Piremen Were Helpless.
V'Ho. Out., Feb. 11.���Fire start-
|m  the  stove In a box car de-
1 �� freight cars near this city
Thrilling     Story     of     Storm     King's
0. P, Tisdale and James Staples arrived on the belated passenger Wednesday morning, having been since Sunday
getting from Medicine Hot to Cranbrook, says The Herald. Mr. staples
said that travelling this wlnier wns a
bluer experience for nny one who had
Indulged. "Why, II only took about five
or six Inches of snow to stop a train, as
everywhere along the track the Hnow
packed like Ice. We were bothered a
good deal liy hungry cattle that had
wandered Into the culH to get out of the
deep snow. The poor creatures were
skinned and hleeding up to Ihe kneBs.
and they would crowd onto the railroad
track lo get out of the deep snow and
then refuse to leave their haven of
refuge. At St. Marys bridge there was
a yearling stuck between the ties. Tho
brakeman got the animal off and started
back to the train when he was attacked
by a large steer that mn him around
the front of the engine. The brakeman
sought safety between two cars, but not
before the animal had stuck him once
with Its horns. Thu brakeman tried lo
scare the animal with his lantern which
was caught on the long horn of the
steer aud the last the passengers saw
of either lantern or steer, wus as they
passed out of sight over the prairie, the
lighted lantern swinging from one of
the animal's horns like a signal of
tsnsation Caused by Discovery of Ex
tensive Lumber Areas���New
Law Firm.
(8pectal  to The Dally Canadian.)
Vancouver, Ii. C., Feb. 11.���Alex.
Henderson, former county court judge,
bas formed a partnership with D. 0.
Macdoneil The new legal firm will be
Henderson & Macdoneil.
The discovery of a richly-Umbered
valley at the head of Smith Inlet has
been heralded by the staking of 51
claims by C. O. P. Olts.
The location of this valley, which for
years has been passed by timbermen,
caused a sensation.. It Is stated, ..ow
that the newa is out, that stories of the
existence of valuable timber areas
have from time to time floated out. but
they were looked upon as nothing more
than Idle rumors.. No person ever took
the trouble to Investigate until Mr. Olts
landed on the ground.
Female Terrorists Arrested.
Moscow. Feb. 11���Another Beurch for
bombs at the Moscow Female university has resulted In several unfilled ones
being found.. II Is reported that eight
girls are arrested on charges related to
the threat of terrorists to execute the
death sentences imposed upon Count
Ignatldiieff, General Pavloff. General
Von DerlauniU nud Governor Alexandrovsky. has been tried by a drumhead
court mortal.
Nation's Tribute.
Ottawa, Feb. 11���Tho Canada Gazette
today appeared with mourning border
and a formal announcement of the death
of Lady Victoria Gronfell.
A train from Ihe north arrived lit 3
o'clock (his afternoon with passengers
nml mail from Ihe const deluyed four
Since Soturday silver has advanced
four points on the metal markets und
the American price of copper has gone
up two points.
This will he a week of meetings.
Notice haB already been given of the
following: The council meeting tonight:
annual convention of the provlnolal association of school trustees Wednesday
and Thursday In the board of trade
rooms; ihe directors of Ihe Kootenay
Fruit Growers Association In the secretary's office on Thursday at 2:80 p.
m��� and the board of trade Thursday at
��:30 p. m. in their own rooms.
In McMillan vs. Wheeler, nn action
In connection with thc plaintiff's claim
for a commission on the sale of Ihe
Karo mine. The plaintiff. McMillan,
applied for a postponmenl of the trial.
The defendant, Wheeler, opposed the
postponement, desiring Immediate trial.
The postponement was granted with
costs payable to the defendant In the
cause. S. 8. Taylor for plaintiff, W. A.
MacDonald for defendant.
Coming Contest Between
Lords and Commons
Government Has Prepared for Dissolution and Appal to People
on Inalienable Rights.    ��
London, Feb. 11���The reassembling
of parliament on February 12th amuses
intense intesest here as the government
intends to immediately inaugurate
measures to check the power of the
house of lords and make it subordinate
to Ihe will of the people as represented
In the house of commons.
Nothing less thnn a revolution of the
present constitutional methods will
meet the case and It foreshadows tbe
bitterest contest between tbc two
houses. Thhe government has already
prepared for dissolution and an appeal
to the country upon the necessity of curtailing the powers representing aristocracy and increasing those representing
Recent councils of ministers have determined the main lines of the government's action, which is expected to begin with a resolution outlining .the
house of common's inalienable rights.
A aimlliar hiatorlc resolution was
adopted in tbe seventeenth century, upon which the rights of thc commons to
control money matters was baaed. This
will be merely preliminary to a series
of measures liy which Premier Campbell-Bannerman proposes to frame a
clear Issue against the lords and Ihen
appeal to the people upon lt. The determination to make the tight now Is
due to the defeat of the Education bill
by the npper house and the prospective
defeat of all other features of tbo existing ministerial programme.
lt ls seldom that a speech from the
throne has been awaited with such
eager Interest, as It is asserted that
the ministry has Induced tlie crown to
unke an allusion to the deadlock between the lords and the commons.
Whether King Edward ls ready to lake
such significant action Is open to doubt.
It is probable that any reference His
Majesty may make on lhe subject to
the house of lords will be couched In
moderate, uncontroversinl language,
because the speech is addressed to both
houses. The proposed government resolution challenging the powers of the
house of lords can have little efect In
Itself ns the lords' powers remain despite the resolution, but the passage of
such a resolution is destined to give the
keynote of the ministerial plans. These
will consist chiefly of sending the lords
a number of popular measures, including a drastic land bill affecting the estates of the peers and other members
of thq aristocracy.
These measures are sure to be rejected by tbe house of lords.
Suggest New Flag.
Sandwich. Feb. 11���Ernest Qlrnrilol.
exhibition commissioner of the Domin
lon, says he Is frequently asked nbroud
why Canuda hns no distinctive flog. Foreigners look upon our fing as consisting of the Hritish ensign with n cluster
of provincial escutcheons.
Mr. Glrurdot suggests a flag consisting of the Union Jack, Maple Leaf and
nine verticnl bars representing the
Central Canadian Empire.
Windsor, Ont., Feb. 11.���Speaker
Sutherland, of the house of commons.
In nn address on the Cunndinn constitution here said: "The time is not far distant when the West will be the centre
of a Canadian empire. It Is conceivable that If Bottlers continue to pour Into the West one of these dnys the seat
of government will be changed from Ot
lawn to a western city."
Canada's Financea.
Ottawa, Feb. 11.���For the past seven
months the revenue of the Dominion
of Canada was $D0.6s5:t.693 as compared
with $44,244,818 for tbe same period
last year. This Is an increase of J.
403,875. Expenditure for the same
period  was  $33,327,361,  a decrease of
$i.oii,uoo, compared with the same
period Inst year or a betlermdnl of
sevon millions. There is nu lncrel.se of
a million and u halt In capital ac-tqunt.
Chemical Research Works Shake Country for Miles.
Woolwich, England, Feb. 11���A huge
hole In the ground ls all that merles the
chemical research department oO the
Woolwich arsenal, and tbe cordite magazine which exploded early this morning
with such force that the concussion was
felt In towns 40 miles away and) the
whole cs.i-ntryslde was thrown Into a
panic owln^; to the belief that a vkelent
earthquak- had occurred. There was
no loss oi' life but buildings for miles
around were wrecked to a greater or
less degree by the explosion.
Within a few minutes after the explosion thousands of lerrorstrlcken people, many of them half clad, thronged
toward the arsenal. There were large
holes in the walls of the neighboring
houses and on all sides shattered doors
and windows and the wrecked roofs
testified to the appalling force of the
explosive chemicals and cordite with
which the arsenal and magizine were
stocked. These buildings were practically swept away, tbe big blocks of
stone of which they were constructed
being scattered for hundreds of yards
on all sides.
Yesterday being Sunday, there was no
night shift working, hence the absence
casualties The people of Draintree, 40
miles away, were thrown into a panic
by the -shock of the explosion, while
nearby towns had windows shattered
and chimneys destroyed.. The cause of
the disaster is not known.
Coast Election Returns.
Tbe long delayed coast papers bringing election returns arrived only today,
and of those available, tbe moat interesting are for the city of Vancouver,
which was undoubtedly tbe storm center of the entire provincial campaign
I'he corrected list ia aa followa:
Returns for February 2, 1*07,
Dowser (Con.)   3153
Macgowan (Con.)    3142
Tatlow (Con.)  3137
McGuire Con.)   8986
Garden (Con.)    2818
McLennan  (Lib.)    1310
Henderson (Lib.)    8268
Mclnnes (Lib.)    3237
Farris (Ub.)    2037
NeelandB (Lib.)  2063
MoVety   (Soc.)     018
Kingsley (Soc.)   017
Pettiplece (Soc.)    002
Dubberly (Soc.)   699
Sttebbings  (Boo.)    698
Williams   (Labor)     401
Perry (Labor)     281
Te Outwit Japanese.
New Chang, Feb. 11,���M. Kolovaloff,
Russian commissioner of customs, has
gone to Harbin to arrange for the opening of a custom house along the Russian frontier nt once. The Japanese
nre said to lie causing a delay tn the
collects of customs at Dalny until the
post office at New Chang opened In
order to save duties on shipments by
Montreal Police Unearth Gigantic Burgling Syndicate by Finding History of Criminal.
Montreal, Feb. 11.���Detectives have
unearthed whut they think Is a widespread burglary conspiracy. The head
of it is a man named Majorique Gaguon.
a boot nnd shoe manufacurer, In whose
place they found $25,000 worth of goods
from balls to jewelry,. This amounts,
they Ihlnk, Is only part of what the burglary syndicate Is supposed to havo
Another mnn named Ishmael Hour-
ret te has been arrested also. The police
lit upon Gagnon when looking up the
records of men convicted in the United
Slates and now living in Montreal in
the hope they might strike a chance
clue which would help them to stop
the burglary epidemic. They struck
Gagnon's record and found that he had
served n long term in Sing Slug.
Spend Quarter Million.
Montreal, Feb. 11.���William Whyte,
second vice-president of tha C. P. It., Is
considering the expenditure ot a quarter
of a million dollars on the Canadian Pacific shops at Winnipeg. These car
shops and a foundry, while only bull!
u couple of years ago at a abet of $2.
(100,000, havo already proved Inadequate.
As sunn us spring opens ext-siuslvs- en
l.irgements will be made.  I
Price of Metals.
New York, Feb. 12.���Silver, 68Kc;
copper, 24Vic; lead, $6.
Loudon, Feb. 12.���Silver, 31-Xd; lead,
��19, 10a.
Director of Chinese
imperial Customs
Organizer of China's Foreign Commercial Relations Will Take
Well Earned Rest.
London, Feb. 11.���It is announced
that Sir Robert Hart, director general
of Chinese Imperial customs, will leave
China for England at the end of February on a two-years leave of absence
aud that he is not likely ever to return. This is regarded as the outcome
of the appointment last summer of
Acinez as commissioner.
Sir Robert Hart, wbo is an Irishman
by birth, has been in the Chinese customs service since 1859.. He became
director general of Chinese customs,
Inland as well as maritime, in 1901. The
office was bestowed on him as a reward for services rendered the Chinese
government In connection with the international settlement of the Boxer
troubles. Ho created the customs serv-
ive and gave China a tariff, which at
tbe aame time was both stable and comprehensive to the business men having
commercial relations with China. He
haa been behind every commercial trade
that China has made.
Sir Robert also established the light-
bouses of tbe dangerous Chinese coast
and the postal stores system which Is
now being extended to all parts of
China. He haB received the uttermost
honors In the gift of the Chinese government.
Cauaes and  Motions to be Heard by
New Supreme Court Judge.
The civil sittings of the supreme
court will open tomorrow morning at
11 o'clock, with Mr. Justice Clements
The list of causes and motions set
down for hearing Is as follows:
In Blomberger vs. Moyer et al., J.
O'Shea for plaintiff will move tor judgment.
In the matter of tbe Last Chance Mining Co., A. M. Johnson, for Louis Pratt,
liquidator, wil apply for directions as to
In Pulasky vs. C. P. R��� J. O'Shea,
for tbe plaintiff wil apply for the appointment of an arbitrator.
Highland Mining Co., Ltd., vs. Maryland Casualty Co.. A. M. Johnson and
Macdonald & Hall.
Snow vs. C. P. It.. Eckstein and Gray
& lierchiner.
Ferguson vs. Probesky, II. A Stewart
and R. W. Hannington.
Curran vs. Gosnell. J. O'Shea and H.
A. Stewart.
Snow vs. C. P. R. is a claim for $7600
for personal Injuries to an employee
caused, it is nleged, by negligence of
the defendnnts.
Death of T. A. Noble.
The many friends In Nelson of T. A.
Noble of Pltttsburg, will learn with
deep regret of that gentleman's death
at his horte yesterday... Word was received this morning by R. J. McPhee
of Slocan, who wired it to R. S. Lennie.
Mr. Noble was an attorney, member
of the firm of Hays & Noble, and was
about 46 years of age.
Several years ago Mr. Noble became
interested in the Ottawa mine at Slocan
City, of which he Is still the president.
During his several trips to Mritish Columbia to visit the property he became
convinced of tho magnitude of the mineral resources of tlle province and proceeded to acquire other interests, including a large share of the stock of the
Reliance mine, In which be also Interested the Bissell Bros., millionaire
manufacturers of Plttlsburg.
Mr. Noble waB an enterprising nnd
sound business man, nnd personally generous and genial, and was liked and respected by all who knew him. He last
visited Nelson last summer, and was
In very poor health at that time.. None
of his friends here had heard that Ills
condition was alarming.
Bledsoe's Appointment.
J. F. Bledsoe, who was here as a news
paper correspondent with W. W. B. Mclnnes, during the campaign, has bean
appointed director of the Royal Guarantee A Trust Co., with headquarters at
Victoria.. Mr. Bledsoe is oae of the
pioneer newspaper men of the province
and ihe Vancouver World, in a ��� **gnt
Issue, paid a high tribute to his
Thomas A. Edison Will Have Fun from
Now On.
East Orange, N. J., Feb. 11.Hard at
work in his labratory Thomas A. Edison did not pay much attention to the
fact trat today was the 60th anniversary
0 fhls entrance into the world. The
birthday would probably bave passed
entirely unnoticed by him bad he not
heen reminded of lt by the receipt of
a bushel or more of congratulatory messages from every part of the country.
Mr. Edison is enjoying good health,
notwithstanding the fact that recent reports have bad him suffering from
paralysis, nervous breakdown and other
dire afflictions.
New York. Feb. 11.���Thomas Edison,
the inventor, is 60 years old today.. In
an Interview yesterday he said it was
now time for him to knock off work
and play a little. "For 46 yeare I
have been making experiments with
electricity," said Mr. Edison, "but all
those years I have been turning theae
experiments over to commercial value
so fast that I have not bad a chance to
play with electricity for the fun of the
thing, just to see how much I can find
out about it but from tomorrow on I am
going to give up the commercial end of
It and work ln my labratory."
Female Sensation Seekers Barred out
of Thaw Trial by Court's Order.
No   Disclosures.
New York, Feb. 11.���The opening of
the fourth week ot tn Thaw trial today
brought a new order ot things in the
court room, and all women other than
tbe halt doaen active newspaper writers
who have followed the case since tbe
beginning, were barred by order of Jus-
tlce Fitzgerald trom the court. During
the two days of laat week when Evelyn
Neabltt Thaw was on the witness stand
many women crowded the court room,
having in some manner solved the problem of getting past the stern vlsaged
ballff at Ihe door.. Thla morning the
women stormed the portals again, but
In vain, ln the belief that young Mrs.
Thaw was again to be the central figure
ln the famous trial, the women were
anxious to be within earshot of the final
details of the interesting life narrative.
They were attired in all the gay plumage that gave the court room last week
the appearance ot some gala matinee
performance.. Their indignation knew
no bounds when the court officers repulsed them with the statement that
the courts order excluded every one except the women members of the working newspaper brigade.. Many of those
who had occupied front seats during the
last week were loathe to believe that
the order could possibly Include them
and they remained about the corridors
for a long time in the hope that there
might be some relaxation of the rule.
Tbehy were doomed to disappointment,
however, and at last reluctantly left tbe
As a result of the order barring all
women, there were several rows of
vacant seats In the court room when
Justice Fitsgerald took his place on the
bench and Harry Thaw was called to
the bar. No member ot his family was
ln court.
Hardware Men Aaeemble.
Portland, Ore?, Feb. 11.���Retail hardware and Implement dealers from half
a dozen sites are gathering In Portland
for a big convention of their trade this
week.. The Oregon State association
is to act as the host of the convention
and expects a large attendance of rep-
resentalives of all the Pacific coast associations. The chief purpose of the
gathering is to perfect a strong organlz-
tion for the mutal protection and benefit of the retail dealers. Various matters of Interest and Importance to the
trade will be discussed.
For Control of Grazing Landa,
Washington, D. C, Feb. 11.���President Roosevelt has designated Senator
Warren to meet with tha public lands
commission and committees from the
American Livestock association and the
National Wool Growers' association In
a Joint conference loday to consider tbe
question ot national control ot the (razing lands ot tbe West.
Tralna and Boats.
Crow train���Two hours late.
Coast and Slocan train���One   hour
Rosaland train���On time.
Kaslo connection���On time.
Boundary train���Op time.
a��_ 1
Rides B.C.
Brazon Bargain by Which Province
May   Lose   Benefits   of
Kaien bland Sale.
(Special to The Daily Canadlan.l
Victoria, Feb. 11.���A despatch to th.)
Colonist from Ottawa says: "Notwith,
standing the fact that the British Columbia government last summer refused
to waive its reversionary rights to tlm
land of Metlakatla Indian reserve, of.
which the Orand Trunk desired to pin-
chaiie 13,619 acres, the deal has gom>
through, it being finally consummated
last month."
According to returns brought down
Saturday the Inception of the Grand
Trunk project Its promoters had serious thoughts of making Port Simpson
the terminus of its line, but in April.
1906, a formal application for Indian
landa on Digby island, Kaien island and
the Tsimphsean reserve was made. Tba
Brltlah Columbia government refused
to waive Its interest on the ground that
one of the chlet considerations which Induced the government of the province!
to recommend partially a tree grant ot
10,000 acres to the Gaanrt Trunk Pacir-
lc waa tbe belief that if the western
terminus ot the railway were located on
the land sold, the value of the provincial
government's reserves, adjacent thereto,
and ot the reversionary interest of tha
province in these Indian lands, would
be greatly enhanced and a great benefit
to the province would thereby likely
accrue. For this reason the provincial
government declined to waive Its Interests.
The conditions of the grunt as stated
tn be are as follows: Last fall the Indian department undertook to dispose
of the land aaked for by the Grand
Trunk Pacific on the express stipulation that the company would accept tho
lands without recourse against the Dominion in case of the establishment of
any claim in respect of reversionary interest in reserve by the province ot British Columbia. The Grand Trunk Pacific accepted this condition; then A.
W. Vowell, Indian agent at Victoria secured their surrender from the Indians,
tho price being 17.60 an acre. The correspondence since has had to do with
surveys of the land preparatory to the
issue of a patent.
Farmer  Drives  for   Fuel   and   Leavea
Family to Freeze.
Winnipeg,- Feb. 11.���Arthur Congdon.
a wholesaler has received word from n
merchant at Alameda, that a German
-settler's wife and five children wero
found frozen to death eight days ago in
their farm bouse, 20 miles north ot
Blenfalt. The farmer had gone Into the
village to get fuel.
There was no difficulty in securing
the fuel there, but he went to Eatevan
where he became the worse for liquor,
and on arriving home three daya later,
discovered that every member ot hla
family had perished during his absence
through being without fuel. There waa
no storm and it was simply a matter
of neglect, it Ib alleged, on the part of
the husband and father that caused the
tragedy.   The settler was a new-comer.
Every stick of furniture in the house
and even flooring had been burned by
them in their terrible fight against tho
Fair Wage Officer.
Victoria, Feb. 11.���J. D. McNiven.
one of tbe defeated candidates at tha
last election, leaves at tbo end of thla
month for Ottawa and takes over the
duties ot Fair Wage officer of the department ot labor In succession to D. J.
O'Donoghue.. His territory includes Ontario and the WeBt Pacific coast.
Extending Operations.
Wnlnlpeg, Feb. 11.���A number ot
Winnipeg manufacturers have decided
on a joint extensive advancement in
their work and will start branch tnd*as-
tries in the Weet and Brltlah Columbia
If preeenl plana do sot mlacarry.   ___
���    . ,-i 5
The Daily Canadian
.  . Just  Arrived .  .
English Cured Meats
Irish Roll^Ston
Ayrshire Roll Bacon
Wiltshire Hams and Bacon
Yorkshire Hams and Bacon.
PRICE 27 l-2c PER LB.
Procurable Only at
Imperial Bank of Canada
Head Office:   Toronto.
CAPITAL PAID DP..,.-��*,s5001000 REST ��*..-.CK>,000.
D. K. W1LKIK, Pvaaiilent. HON. ROBERT JAFFRAY, Vice-President
Brunches in British Columbia:
Deposit* received and interest allowed current rates from date of opening of
account, and compounded half yearly.
inblson uhas-vci-i ��J��   Me   LAY,   iVlat-iajj*-r.
The Royal Bank of Canada
Capital *3,73-l,310    Reserve $4,207,741
Total   Assets $41,860,353
Accounts of firms aud Individuals opened on the moat  favorable terms.
Thirteen   branches  in   British   Columbia.
BpecIaJ   attention   to out  * tf town business.
T. E. KENXY, Prea.. Halifax.       E. h.  PEASE, General Manager. Montreal.
G. A. SPINK, Manager Nelson Branch.
Published six ..ht*- h west by tbe
Baker St.. Nelson, B. C.
ijto ascription ratea, 60 eeou �� month delivered
he city, nr f.VUO n year it suit by mnil, ttheu
I in advance
tvertiMint rales on application,
montei paid in settlement ot The Daily
i Humitiui inI'liimi*-, cither i"i inbacrlptloni or
idvorttstog, must bi receipted fnr ea tbe printed
Formi ot Uu* Company. Other receipt! arc not
PE8RUARY li. |9()7.
" By une word we nre lomeUmei ju<ltiod to be
wile and by one won' Botuellniut judged to be
Hmllab.   Let ni  ihcrefors  be careful  what we
aay."���COM'i*(:ii s.
The phrase is euphonious and from a
philosophical standpoint is sufficiently
comprehensive both In latitude and
longitude lo embrace everything, it
was the subject of a paper read ;m tIn*
University club lasl Saturday night by
Rev, r. ji. Graham, a blghly-respoctcd
c Tgj man of iho city. IVhlle It is ini-
i os Ible lo iu lu rrom (he printed ro-
pi rt*; ol ith* pm" ���iii;i*-,.*< of Hi-* meeting
there seems io I��p m d .1 thai the pith
snd marrow ol Mr Graham's paper was
In lhe 'hair,"* tljni the political parties
of Canada and patilcularlj of itritish
Columbia bave raised nn vital Issues
and secondly that tbc* press has degenerated into a condition of political and
moral turpithKir thai reflects in any
way but an agreeable one upon th*1
Journalistic profession.
Our esteemed morning contemporary
admits the correctness and force of thc
charge, and In one thone lucid Intervals
ull too rare In Its experience, decries
whal it has persistently practised, ii
Is easy to burl charge * ,-.,. If ihey be
couched in in iderate 1 1 m 1 an 1 are In
n.me measure de* rved fl< t tfr. Clrah-
aui has undoubted!) conferred a favoi
uituii BocAety and particularly upon the
journalistic profession by IiIh courageous etatemenl of what musl be r.-it and
often acknowledged to be �� serious
tault wiih Lhe political press., There Is
food for reflection In bis general charge
but aa usual there are two Bides Lo the
So far ai ih'* provincial Bltuation ir.
concern The Ually Canadian hau consistently maintained that It is the duty
of the opposition to raise Issues..   The
government has its policy, which is well
di lined. It bas its record upon which ii
stands. |t any charge is to be laid at
uny door as to lack of issues it must
he laid at the door of the opposition.
That the country has overwhelmingly
sustained the government is sufficient
answer to any charge of un progressive*
ness or incapacity.. The final appeal is
always to the people and the people
having voiced their sentiments so vociferously in favor of the government
nothing further in its defence need be
The charge against the press is one
however which will hear discussion.
That the press has degenerated from
the lofty ethical and moral ideals which
should characterize appeals to the i>eo-
pie may in a general way readily he admitted. That it is responsible and even
b'amable for this degeneracy may also
be granted- To fix the blame upon an
individual journal is however not so
easy a task.. The journal which espouses any particular political cause 01
sei of political principles Is in the posl
tion of a special leader whose business
ii is to convince the Jury���which In thb
particular case is the public���ol the
ngbtousness of its cause . iih material
for such appeal / nol only the facts in
a given case bul li must pay some heed
to the attitude of Its political and
Journalistic opponents., A blow struck
below the belt by a political journal Is
a temptation to hit back aud unfortunately there Is a large section of thc
rtaders of the public press whose only
knowledge of the virtue of a case is
when a knock out blow is administered
It has become so much a matter of cone
ment that any fool can run a hewapapei
that the saying has passed Into a prov
fill. Itm the facts are against the contention., The most serious and stren
uous business in the world is tbe con
duct of a daily Journal. With an elee
tion at stake it may sometimes happen
lhal the bounds of propriety and sometimes the bounds of truth are over
steppe^ ,u the conduct of an appeal to
the people. That thla Is done -wilfully
and with malice aforethought is not
often to be charged.. Where the charge
cau Ijp truthfully urged the situation Is
Indeed lamentable.
We think, however, with respect to
the elections just over, that the news
papers BUpporUng the government have
been as free from venality as any In the
history of journalism in  Canada.      H
reckle dlsn gat d nl i.m g&d mt
Brtonsble publication of fiction are to bo
charged at all these must be charged
to the opposition.. We believe that the
British Columbia journals who have supported the administration of Premier
McUride have done so because they
have ha I the Interests of the provlnoe
at heart and that such considerations
as the continued welfare ol the country
have weighed more than political preferences.. At ihe same time it has been
necessary to defend the government
against a campaign of slander rarely
equalled in the political history of
In seeking to fix the blame for ethical degeneracy In the press it is necessary lo discover wbo are the originators
and perpetratoi b of falsehood and hypocrisy in political campaigns and we
sha'l maintain the opinion that Rev, Mr.
Graham should have been more explicit
in his references to the degeneracy of
the press, A few citations of the spirit
and letter criticized by the learned
rhetorician would perhaps have nailed
the blame for conditions which, as we
have said, are generally admitted.
When all is said, however, there is
room for much improvement in the conduct of political campaigns, both by the
party press and the by the campaign
orators who conduct the contest. These
Improvements will be effected only
when the public set themselves against
the wrongdoers and compel that respect
for public decency whicli is the right of
every dtlsen.
Mr, Graham's paper, owing to the
prominence it has attracted, will do
good because it calls attention to an
evil which should be easily remedied.
It is a pity that the academic nature of
the discussions of the University Club
should have so little Interest for the general public. This extended reference to
the subject is made in the hope that discissions which are really of wide Interest should be more participated in by
the general public than at presenl,
runt":  BENTIMENI   aovahi in*.
Railways     Not     Private     but     Public
The extremely cold weather which
hat* prevailed this winter in western
Canada and in the northern states has
caused considerable comment on account of the blockading of trains hy
heavy snows and th*" scarcity of fuel.
The fuel question would not have be*
come acute had it been possible to run
trains with the freedom and celerity
which has been the rule during former
Winters. There is no reason why the
experiences of this winter should be accepted as character isi ic of th country
for the season has been abnormal In
respect of cold, snowfall and wind. Hard
winters are to be expected In anj northern latitude and the fact that for several seasons past contrary conditions
have prevailed led many to forget the
truth of the old saying that an ounce of
pi event ion is worth a pound of cure.
The winter has been severe, but other
portions of the continent have exepri-
enced cold dips as well as the Canadian
West and th" northwestern states.
Down on the Atlantic seaboard for a
time unusual severity of climate prevailed, and in Quebec, according to reports, ihe thermometer sank considerably beyond the lowest reading recorded  in   Winnipeg  or  westward.
The menace of the whole situation
in the West is iho lack of fuel in many
towns and districts. This is aggravated by tlie fact that the railroads
have heen largely crippled owing to
snow blockades and the immense difficulty of relieving so many different
points in a manner that might be permanent and effective. If everyone was
well supplied with fuel the severity of
the weather would be Inconsequential-
The whole experience has an important
lesson for the people or the country
and for the railways. The fuel situation sliould lie provided for early in the
season. |n fact before the rush of wheat
traffic has been began. Such a precau*
Hon would doubtless be unnecessary In
nine oases out of ten, but the avoiding
of experiences such as the country hah
bad to face this year, even If tlie conditions occurred only lhat often, would
amply repay the taking Of forehand
measures In other nine seasons.
Thc fuel supply is a problem which
cannot be lightly treated uny more by
the people of western Canada. If Individual efforts and community efforts
cannot solve the problem H must become a question for guvernmnts.
There is fuel available and easily
available, if ir is procured in proper
Benson, LO make innocuous the severest
Winter. In every district, town or city,
where tho supply is depend nt on railway transportation concerted action is
necessary to avoid a scarcity in exceptional winters.. Such a scarcity does
needless harm to the country lo say
nothing of the privations and sufferings
of those directly affected.
Public opinion is travelling fast. In a
recent address of muTf** than ordinary
ability, Judge Gayiior of New York,
made the somewhat startling statement
thai railroads are not private roads but
public highways, and tbey cannot be
operated as though they belonged to a
private individual, but musl be operated
as though they existed for the public, as
indeed they do. If they were private
roads they could then allow one man
10 travel over them or to use them in
shipping go:ids, and they would be per*
fectly justified in refusing i��> allow
another a b I miliar privilege. Bul public
opinion lias long ago passed ihe point
where it would justify such discrimination, and now we assert openly the right
to abolish any rebates and charge uny
rates that would place "ne man or one
community at a disadvantage as compared with another. After all. the rail-
toads may make their rates Hnd arrange
their schedules, but f*_. people, even
In non-socialistic and. as some think,
conservative Canada, even bere the people claim the right to say what is a fair
passenger or freight truiff, and we seem
t_ be advancing more or less rapidly
toward what win be virtually public
ownership. In all but name, of these
great national highways., There are two
principles that should guide ua in our
advance along this line first, we must
tie;,t the railroads faith ; secondly, they
must treat us fairly; and it should be
our endear-.r to embody these principles in all legislation on these matters.
Man/ Impressions.
The Hamilton Herald says: To give
an idea of th- large number of photographs it requires to cmiplete a set of
moving pictures. Milefl -tiros . who took
Uie films of the o'Dr.en-Burns twenty-
round conte-ht at Los Angeles, state that
there are ovei 216,000 s-iiiiiau* and distinct photographs recorded on the reels.
These pictures were taken by a new
process, known as the Cooper-Hewit
li_hts. an invention of Mr. Hewitt, son
of tlu* late mayor of New  York.
Whi-n yon want u mail's character go
lo lhe plaoe hp llvi-s in II looks ns If
Ko��lo had faith in R. F. Green, and
Kaslo Bhould know,���Grand Forks
Take not'ee that thirty dan after data I intend to *&>___���** to tbe Chief Comtniae'oner ol
Ludsand Wor-raat Vietoria tot penolaaton to
��� :it it tut chi i v mviiv   1 lln l-r   (roll)   tin*   following
���JfM.rit**l landi tu Weal Kootanas :
No I.���Oom mencini at a pest planted at th**
���outhwesi   oorner of Umber tlftenoe No  7821;
tb'-nee east  lorty ebalus; thence noith eight)
chalm; thence ta-t 1 Dchaini. thenc smith to
northern boundary of timber license nMSith-euce
weit t .������:.* *.* laid uorthe n bo unitary te
the norlhwe-t corner ut ��aid license;
tbeo soulb to tbc northern boundai >
ol tlmlier license 701S; thenee west to
a [Hj'ut <Jue south ot tbe point ol coinmeniintl-t ;
tbenoe north to tn*- pjiui ol commencement
Jauuary 15th, IW,
No. _ ���Commencing at the north weat eoruer
nl tlmbei license 7821; Ihenee wrath to the north
eru boundary ol timber license 7(08; thenoe treat
tothe uortb*wis1 oornerol mid tlmbei ...-rii.s.
IheuCe boii'Ji In the northern boundary ol l-n'
Uli; tbeuie lollowiu-z said iioiimtaiv Of aald
lot weit to the right of frtf pi the B.<\ south
em ���Hallway; tbenee following said right ot \u\
In a north easterly direction to the place oi ruin*
January l.tb, l'JOT.
Ko.t���Commencingat a adhtbeut oornerol
timber license No.T8a.ab-jtit fifty cbains aontl
Of the right Ol nay of ihe B <'. Southern KhiI
way:ihence cant 160 eham*; theme nortb fort**,
'hains; thence went 160 (-bains thence loutn
fortv chaini to place oi eomniencenicnt.
January l.">lh, 1WT.
^O.���_.���-Commencing-at a jx'st planted at lbe
im.TN-ciion of thc  Foutheru boundary of thi
right nf war of tbe B. O. Houthern Railway, nnsi
the eautern'boundary of L"t 5187: tbenee ioulb
to the northern boundary of license application
So 3; thence taut 100 chains llienee berth to tbe
���southern boundary of timber lioanae No 7106!
tbenee following the noutheru boundary of naid
liccnae westerly about Ilxty chain**-*, noire or les
to Mn eastern boundary nf said lieen-������; thenei
south forty chimin; tbence treat eighty ohalna;
then north to thc rinht of way oi tlie B r
Southern Hallway, tbence following aald rigllt
of way in a south-westerly direct lou to the plat l
of beginning.
January ISthi r.*07.
No 6.���' ommenclng at a post plumed ��t ih<
lonthweit coraer ol timber lioenae 0086; thenc*
went sixty chaini more or lesa to a point dm
aoutb of the southeast corner of license uppllca
tion No. B; thenoi north sixf�� phalli more oi
lesi to tbe iouth boundary of license applictiiioi
No 4; lbence norih io the northeaat oornerol
Haiti licenae applicatimi No 4; tbence eiwt  to tbi
���ontheaat eorner of timber mccum- tj...; ihence
nortb forty chain-more or Lean to a point due
we��t oi tbe north*woat corner of thu bei lleenie
0085: tbence easl lo the northWBft corner of iald
timber license No. 0OB5; tbence soulb loo ohalm
to die point i'f eommeneement.
Jauunry 1Mb. 1007.
No. 6.��� Commenelni at a poat planted at lhe
���ontheaat oornerol timber license 0086; tbenoe
treat to tbe aoouiwett oorner of iicen-e aiphcH
lion No .t; theuee north in loutbarn boondarj
of licence appiicaiiou No I; thanee weel to th<
northwest oorner ql llcenn application No, i:
tbence aonth to tlie northern boundarv oi
timber license B&8&; tbeuce east to the nOrtneu
'orner of timber liienie "*i- thence loiill.
thirty chains tbence easl to the west boundarj
of timber license BMS-] thonoe nortb to the plaoe
Of  '..*H.'..I,   ll*.'
January 15th, lOtr.
No. ".���Commencing al a POtl planted at th>
norlheast corner ot timber llceuae B6i��l thenoe
south forty Ohalni more or less to tbc nortl,
boundary of timber lleenie 8648; thi nee ea-st liv-i
chain-; thenee north forly cbaina moreor less to
a point due eaat of the southeast corner of tint
l<er license 8.MB; thence west J iio cbaiub to [hi
plaee ol U'ginulng.
January Kith, T.'Hl.
No. 8.���Commeuelng at n post planted ai the
northeast   corner  of   ttm Iht   license No. KVlii;
tbence aoutb eigbty chuni; tbence east eighty
chaini: thence north eighty chains; tiienee wesi
eighty chahiB to place ot commencement
January Uth, 1*31-7
No f,'Commencing at a poet planted at (in*
noiThtasi corner of timber license BM7; thence
north eighty obaina! thenoe east eighty Chain*;
thenee norlh IJ0cb*>ins more or un W the norih
can tornei of license application No. 7; thenc.
West to ��outbeast corner ol timber license   No
8618; thenoe north to the Houthern boundarj ol
license application No. ti; tbence eaal lo
lbe went bnuudury of timber licence No
8582] thence aoutb lo the -southwest eor-
uer of timber liceuie 8.'>l'_l; lbence W��|
lo ih northwest corner of limber lloenie No
K.i'f, thence UUth lo the northeast comer oi
Umber license No. BSD81 Ihence west elghlv
ebalni; thence south to a polnl due east of tin*
southeast corner of timber n enie WM7J tbenei.
weit to pluee ol commeueemeul.
January lfltb, MM
No 10.���Commenclngat a poit planted al the
southeast eorner of timber liceuie H-'ilu; tbence
SOUth eighty chains; tbeuce west to tlie BUI
boundary of Jot 818) thenoe north tothe southern boundary of llmbcf license No. .(118; Ihence
eaat to tho southeast eoruer ol timber license
7018] tbeuce north lo the soulb boundary of ilm-
berlioense B-Jfllj theuee east to place of commence nienl.
January 16th, 1809.
P. Lt:ni>, Locator,
Ha5 McDotw-iu., Agent
Sixty dav- after date I iutt M to aim y to tbj
Cb let Comm lailoner ol Unds n ft orki tor
permiaalofl t-. pon-base the followin| rtesi rtwo
���hind:  bt uko-.i on the eaal sidi u    tmra Lake
i��� the We i Knolenay -li-ir-i abotM \"��M��I
above Burton! it)   i ���imiiienciui,* at a (h.kI  piaiu
eiiniii.ent.rth-.u-t corner ol C   Bai-bei i tat*
eh..-.-,  thence  ,-����� t  IU chalna,  theme   n-r b  j
ehalna, thenee wesl W ehalna. ihenre wMhtt
chaiiih t*,. point ol eommencemeni anu couiwu-
log w hi n- more or leis,
Janiiaiv 18, IW*.
Wi Lit AH j IJ ��� IM
Kixtv davs afterdate] intend to apply totho
Hon. Chief'CoiumlsMi.ner of lands and YtnTta
to piircha-w la' i '���- "' laud, cominenciOj at a
po-tmaike��i b H- N.K oornernoa'.planted e\
the N. W. oorner ol G.W Steele1! elaln on the
wett ude of Armw lake, aboul four mllei aboye
Burton oity, thence weal Wchainv theniesonth
46.Vi chain-, thence eu-t In chain-, tbenee nortb
46 _8 ehains to place ol beginning, containing W
acres, (nor* Ol
Haled 2Stb -Ity nl N
,v . 10(16,   Bybom Btraro
,i R. annahi.k. ��geni
ANHEUSER    ^�� THE origu
BUSCH...       Budweiser
DISTILLERS) 12 :iud 20 years old.
Solo Acenta In Iti-ltlnli
Notice it- bereb) given mat iwo wont) 1 aftei
dale we intend loaonlj Lo lbe Cblel Com 1-
iloner ol Landiand ��..rkv for a le&aeuf ail thai
lun 1 belni the loreabore adjoining tbe tnotdian
Paeitte Railway Shipyard on ibe weat. pari ol
lm ..-a group Land being on the south shma
i.r the west arm ol Kootenay Uke. in tbe ale-
riot of Kooienav: Commenolnj ��t ')o* lootber-
ly corner of lit TOM, aroop ti thenoe along tbi
���ontn weaterly houndary ol lot TOM and the es
teiiHiou thereof, in a iionb weaterly dire I 1
diattnoe ot 436 feat; tbence at ri^bt anclei lo
iald boundary in a aoutb weaterly direction, ��
distance of 616 teet, mon* or iwa. \-< the north
eniterly boundary of the City l'ark. continued;
thenoe parallel to aald westerly boundary of lot
Tih'M, in a etiutb easterly direellon, a diManOe ol
.01) feel, more or ISSS, to tbe norther;y   I aCtlTt
of lot MA; theuce lollowlng lhe norlbi rlyboand-
mv of lot ,ss\ in a nnrth easterly direction lotbe
���point of commencement, ihe area belni *M
acres, more or less,
Dated this Tth daj ot January. A.P.. 11*';
OOdsri after date 1 intend loapply lotbe Bon.
Chief Commisaloner of Landsand works to pur
chase SW aurea of and located in Plre Valley i,*-.
tiij; jmri of Bectlon*-! and 10 Townabip iw, and
deacrlbed as follows: Commencing hi a post
marked F.W, J. 8. K corner and planted hi the
northwest corner of Vim. WiiiiHins' pu elase
ttieiiee west40obalm. tbence north m chains;
thenee east 40 chains;  ihenee south SO chnins to
place "i beginning,
**��� ��� ��� -"��-' "h...
P. W, .lORbAN,
J. K. AKNABl-K, Agent
Kovembei 28rd 1936.
The Hall Mining and Smelj
Company, Limited.
GO davs afterdate I iutemi to apply to lbe Uonorahle the cbiei Commissioner ni Landi and
Work-s. to purchase 170 acres of land: Com-
meucinn 111 a post marked 0. W, fl N. K. cornei
ikisi aod planted on tne wesl ibore ol Arrow
lake adjoining Lot 378 on the aoutb ride of -aid
Lot, then e weitW ������hains along tbe lontbeni
bonndary of l-ot tTt', tbence woto ���)'��� ���- ebalnsj
thenee east 80 chains more or less to i��ki ibore;
ibenee nortb along lake t-tinre to place ot begin*
Dated ���_��tb day of Nor. I_j6.
*;ao. w BrigL,
j k aknahia. Asent.
.Sixty  dayi after dale I inicno lo apply to tbe
Hon. 1.hief Commlaaioner of Lands ana Works,
Victoria to purchase IW acres of land lot-it led in
Fire Valley, being part of Sections Three and
Four, Township fl.. and dearntad as follows;
Commeneing at a post planted at William
William**' N W. eoruer, and marled *R. K, W'n
N. E. corner." and ruiioiug 4n chaini vest,
tbence 'At ehain*  south.  Ihcnce 'Jo chains cam,
theuce to chains south, thenoe 30 obaina east,
thence 60 chains noith to place i>f l>e(tinnin*g.
November 2Srd, IW^fi. Roet K Wju.ia_i,
J. V.  \ssAHl.r.. Aaent.
Notiee ia herebr given mat tio davs niter date I
Inteml to apply l<> lbe Honorable the Cnitl Com-
missionerof Landi and Works for permission to
purchase the followiiiK dem-ribed lands: Communing at a post iiUced 30 Ohaini west of the
louthtast oorner of U>i 1648, marked *'H. A Bell'**
northwest eoruer," thence soutb jfo ihains,
thence east At (hains, th��n*e north _�� chaiUB,
thence weit At ehains to j oint oi eomioenci-menl.
eontainiug 40 acres, more or Waa
Located this 6th day of N..v , V**i    K A  Be; I,
mixta days  after data I intend lo applv to tin*
Hon   I'hiel h\v- ������',"   of   .*...���:��� -...���!  Works.
Victoria,  to  purehase 4a0  acres of tauti, in F|ie
Valley, West Kootenay; comment iuk st a post
planted (_) chaini west Of lhe ti. W corner t.f J.
Kohinson's pre eiopllon, and marked W. W's N.
E Corner, ami muuiug wesl wi ehsln*, theinr
���OUtb m ebaiui. theuce east 60 chains, thenee
north SO chains to place ol bejdnning
Nov   L8lh, 1906. WIUUM Wiluius,
      J. K- Amnahlk. Agent
Sixty days alter d .te 1 intend to appiv lo llie
Bonu tbe Chief Commissioner of Landsand worka
io purchase 100 acres nf land* Commencing al a
p..n planted mi ihe we*t aide of Six mile creea,
nn wto.'i>u road, about two and oio* imif mil,--.
from Kootenay lake, and marked "Nell Me
Keehule's r*. Wesl corner pom." ihence east 40
chains, thence north 40 cbains, tbeuce west *l
Chains, thence aouth 40 chains, to plate of commencement
Located this Huh day of tforemtier, 1906.
 Kan MflfacHKia
Blxty days afler date 1 purpon making appn
caUoo to the Honorable the chief Commissions!
of Lands and Works for permission 10 pnrehaae
the following described land;   Commencing at
a posl plared nt the S. W corner of Lot (MOO and
marked "F. (J. F.'s" N. W. corner, theuce fo'low-
Lng the southern boundarv Lot 6900, 66 chains
more or less east to the west boundary of Lot
fi_)l, ihcnce following aame south 10 eliains to
the north boundary of Lot CWi*; tlience about 7<i
cbHins   west along  <.������. \  boundarv to the inke
ahore; thenee north W chaini fnore or leas fol*
l 'wing the lake shore to polut   of  commence
ment, containing hit acres more or less.
Dated Uecembe l.ih, lam.
F i,  Faiuhkr. _
.Notice ts bereby given Ibai alxtv uavs after
date  I   Intend  lo   apply  to  tbe Htm   the Chi'I
Commissioner of Lands and \\'orks for permli
sion lo purchase the following described land
situated in the West Kootenay district! Coin
mencing al a post planted at tbs "N.K er.ruei
of L. .'orient'** pre-emption," aiol runninp
theuce east io cbHins: theuee aoutfa 10 chaini'
thence west-iu chains; lb nee nortb ID nhajni
to place nf eommencemen 1, contai ilng bio aeU.h
more or leu.
Iieceuiuer 'Ai, 1806,
Hahhv I'kphs. CocBter.
 WU  MrgiuHata. Agent.
Notice is hereby given thstsixty dan altai
dale I intend to appy io the Honorable iin-
Cbief Commisslonei of Landi nnd IVurka (oi
permission lo purebaae the fol'owingdeaenbet]
Uio!- iltuated lu ibe Weil Kooteuay dlitrlel
Cororoencfng at -a post marked "H il mmi,
h.m corner" and north of a n incurs, pm
iha-'C 11 im, on Sant Creaai lbence tinriF, a,,
chain-*; tbenee ea��i ua cbalni; tbeuce s.-uib 10
cbains; thei 30 chains weal   iu polut of com
meneement, c.ntintuug 4n acres, more oi leai
PeoamberSO, inuft.
MrVHY  M wi im
M   It   Mr*  I'AKKiK. Agent
o the
h nee
Sixty tbi.vs nfler dnie I Intend to applv i
Chief Ciitntnla-ioiiet tii Lunds and Works b
ohan640 awes ol land located in Lower Jt
l.nke, West Kooteuny *. ( tiiinneii-ing at n
,W.   i.iiner   of A now
planted  at  the    .
Indian Reserve"; thence iouth bo chain*
west 80 chains; theuee north W> chaini;    .
east WD chains, to place ��d beg I no my.
Located aoth day of Deoomber, luur.
C   BgWHiLt
Kixly days after date l .mend to applv to the
Hon cha Chief commissioner of Lands and *ork��
to purchase 24D acres of bind:   (diinucur Ing al h
poit  marked "NT   H'sMouroe��st corner  pO|L"
aid poat b-ing at the northeast corner ofoao
-Hudson's pre-emption claim, about two miles
southeast ol   Hurl.Hi I itv, theliee west 111 chain*
soutb80 chains, *&*] ao i-Iihius, mntb (n ohaini
eaai ko eliains, souih ao cbaina to plaoe cf com*
menceiiieiii, eon tain log ���Jloacici.
LocalentOb tlav of Nov  l!��Ki.    NsTTIKT. HKKh.
Hlny days afler dale I intend tn apply to ihe
Hon. Chief Commissionerof Undi and Wurks
Victoria, to pun-base 40 acres of land" iltuated
on lhe west side of Arrow  Lake, uhoM ;p. utiles
below ltiirioti, and denrlbed as follows; Com*
menalu at a posi planted at iio* nortbeul
corner of Lot 7870, and running north 80 chains;
tbeuce west m ehulns, tlu uee south 80 Chaini
thenoe east ��ohaini to place of beglonlng.
v   '    ""    '    ' H   K.lliu.,
Nov. Mtb, U06.
 J.^K_AKNiBi.K, Agent.
Notice is Hereby given lhal Oo davs utter dale I
iniend loapply lo lhe Honorable the chief (Nun
mlssloner of Lauds and Works for permission to
purchase the following deacrlbed lands situate
about 10 miles east of Um City ol Nelaon, on the
soulb shore of the West Arm of Kootenay lake,
and commencni m _ post placed about _o chains
south of ihe i.oiitheaat corner of Lot 'ZAn, marked
"P Thomas' N. W corner," thence souih 80
chalm, .theuce eait 20 chalna, tbenee north 80
chaiua, tbence weat 2o cbaina to point of com
Dated thu 6th day of Not., 1906.    8 Tho_ub.
Purchases Lead, Copper and Dry
tenth   Rossland ANN0��
Winter   Carnivall
Five   Days
Feb. .2, .3, 14, 15 and 1|
'��� Orand Trophlfa and tfiOOO in (ntna.     Two Bands la Attendants
BOGKJ&Y���Internationa] and Entar-PrortnoliS chnuiiiioiifihiig
SM j\VSi!UEIN<l���< .lampiuiiKhip of linti^h Oolarabil
TOBOGGANING���A mile n minute down the "'/IF'
SK1-INH��� .lumping ninl Km ing.    Chiunpionchip of (.'niiuiU
BEATING RAOBS���For ObunplOn>bip uf Hritish Columbia
OUALINQ���A Provincial Bonspiel
Horse-Ratine.     Manqnaradtai,     Tug��-��f-War aad othat iuii-rc**iiti|[*f(iiu I
i:e<lint*il railway rute> on al] inn*'
J. A. ('. Fraatr, President
For further particular* apply w
��� 1 Beat the King K. Aduui.hai
RoUee is bereby given that 80 days alter date 1
Intend tO Spnly tO the iloio.table the ('hlel Cum*
mlsslonei ofZandi and Works, Vietoria. B.t'.,
iur permission to pnrehaM* the foUowtng ileaerlh-
eil Uiol. sltimU'd in lhe Wi**i Kt>oteua> OUtrlct,
ou the wesl side of I iihanui (or tu* Milt 1 creek,
on up er ilde of w^nti road, about 'i1, tullea
fru o West And of Ko -��� t-e nay luLe: I'tiuiuiencinx
at u pnht niarkt-.!  Mrs   Battle   1'uck ��  ^    K   c<.r-
ner nuniius-io ohaina west; thenee a> ahaliu
ntuth; ibenee 40 cfaaiiiB eaat.   Ibenoa BO (iialua
north, to lhe point ui comiueiieeiurni, coutaln-
iUK -*' a. i, - of land, uiore or lean
I'aled the 17th ^oveUlher 1SW6
Mh- Barm Duct,
JuHN R, ItflAjtt, Afeiu
Sixty days alter date I intend loapply to the
Hou- (hlel i ouimliMouer ol l*tol�� atot Worka,
Victoria, to purohSM U0 a< ren ol laud about two
miles below Burton t lly, We��l Kootenay, toin-
iiieuciua nt a \ntkl marked "J. A Irvlua's east
eoruer poM," said poHt \.viu_ uu Mie easterly and
ol an island went (it LH BM1*and claiming all the
land eoutrtlio-il In aald island, U Ing ahoul oio*
mile lu au easterly and wtaUtnf dfraetlon aud
about -o (hains ttoui north lti aoulh.
November Uth. its��. j. a. thrm,
J   K. AkKiBLE. Agnik
Blxty days afterdate 1 intend to apply to the
Hou. Chief i'ommlshlorier ol Landa and Worki,
Victoria, to purchase 120 acrea of land local**!
on lhe weatslaeol Arrow lake and Irtng directly
uorih of Lot TW6: ("oinnifiictng al a ptmt planted
al the N K. corner ol Lot 7-y.ii anl marked "B It
S. E jorner," au'l running north 90 (halus,
thenee west A) chains, thonce north 'JO ehams,
thenee west 'JO chatna, thence* souih to ebaiui,
thence east 4" chaiua, to place of beginning.
HOT. ��lh, 1W>6. Baarnallaapiiy,
J. E. Ankasle. Agent.
Notice Is hereby given that 60 dava alter date, I
���������������"���'���"  ���"���".������  '    "���   ����������. Chief rounnasloiier
*riniaalot) to purchase
Intend to appli fo LhS Hon. Chief .'ouiiussioner
of Lands and Works for permiasion to purchase
tbe following deeeribad  laud  In West Koolenay
tot: luiiiiwiug ouseiitH'i laud in "est Ktnil
distnot: Commenciug at a pom marked M
A. WUSOn'l corner post, planted at lhe northeaal
comer ol ieotl n 17, Townsite 7, running sontb
���tn ciiaiun, thenee west to chains, Ibenee north tn
Chains, theuce ttett ttoh&lni to place tif coin
mencamtot, oontainlng 100 aertt, moreor mm
Haled Nov. 89, HWC. Mrs V. A. WlLSO*.
J. wiijiun. Agent
Noiiee is hertoy given that nOdsysaitei date 1
Intend Utapi.iv ui the Boonrabla the Chief Com-
misslouer of Undi and Works lor par mlulon
to purehn.se DBOaSTM of land, sitnali tm the Llll !e
Moyle river ahom | mile horn liil.-inatioiial
Bouudary and Khmil 1 mile from Bp( lane Inter-
national H\\ Cnmuiem ito. al a imiki marked
l>. (iraiii's H. K. eoruer post, Heme wast 40
chains; tbenee nnrth 40 cbalm; thence out tt
chsini; ihenci north ao chains; I'.it ,-1 go
ehalns; thi on ��� inth Bu ehalni lo plai ��� n| . om-
mj 10 t i,conn oiutr .'.toi.. !< r �����{ land.
1 ocated Oct Butfa \m i,
Dsmiil QluW.
Hlily  days  alter dale 1  mtt*n I u< apply to thi
Houorahle the 1 Ulel > m nam  Liimiaaud
works, Voiuria. to punhuae IflO acrea o| land
looated 10  Fire \ Hll. y tnd tle��.erll-. d a-> follows*
Ommenclng atapoet mnrti.i 1; it mi*M'�� n w"
oorner,and planted ai the louibwt* oorner d
lot "Mlii. and runiiliii: nunh a*i 1 IihIiih thenei
easl 90 chitlns, tloioe norih Hn chain* thenei
Veal 90 cha*)iik to place ol beginning
Not. ISth, 1806. Uio, H Uotfuu.
J. K. Annahlk, Affeat
Klxty days after date I Inteud to apply to the
Honorable the Chief Commissioner of Lunds ami
works to purchase M0 acres of land, located iu
lire \ alley, on we-t side Of Arrow lake: Com.
incticlug ai a post planted 40ehaius ��e t of the
souihwe.t corner ol J. Boblnion'i pre-emption
____���?______. vtQ K   K   "_*�����_ ll1"1 "inning
north 80 eliains, thenee weat Wl chains, thenca
south 80 chains, theuce eaul 80 chains lo place of
oommencement y
Nov. lath, iwo. Jawwiuuitt
3. ft, Annahlk. Agent,
fllarly days after dale ! mtend to apply tothe
Chief 1:0111111 iHsloncr ���f Lauds and Worka to!
permission to purchase the following ____rih__
lands In Kooteuay iMitrlet, about Ihree-oiiaV h.h
of mile from Thrum's siding : Con. 1a n.Tia il a
..oat placed at the h.W ^^ nf j, g ., ''^lJ
f, Wm Koolenay H.sirbi; tbence WMtarl?
lollowlng the north boundarv of L���� A
Rbani; Ihence north 10 chain.; tlieuce east!
chains moreor leaB, t0 ifat. _ft W c ,1 mr .,
U-8KH; ihenco aoutfa [allowing Ho* west bo 11n__?J
of Lm   10 chains, more or U, u. .fa. e    "u,,5
menoement, containing 4o acrei, more or ,.��
Haled thii ��th day of Heeeniber \m      lMI'
        ll* h. vim,, Looator,
Hlxt) days after date I Intend to aunt* . ,
Hon. f-blel Commissioner ol L���,���," B^Jf
\ Ictorla, to purehaae IflO acrei. of land ,Li, 1 ,,���'
IhO wait ilde of Arrow lake, a.m! JJinE .���
low Burton Oity, and described ia f llo a* r(,m"
,nencHi| at a ppsj marked ^.Q.Tl��uthi2
corner," and being w ohalni east ol ti,.",, I./
eoruer of Ul 2W_b��0_a_!8��o_5SS?.'__I2__
west 40 chains; {&%*"aS*wSetSSSffiHSS
per J. 1, ANHisu.
Suty daya after dale 1 intend U ing
Honorahlethe t.'htefcominik
Wo'isfor parnlesion to pnr
il. h*'i!ii- t lands in  Kooteiisy At>Mj__
mruclng at a poi
easl   eorner Met,  Said   post U'lDfOi
Ifde nt  the Lower Arrutt lnk>-,U___\
heloa   Hurl.ui   1 nj;   1
theuee WOSl   90  < ha'lUS,
Iht-uee west 'JO chain*.   1 In inr Inirtt-J
and   SU   links,   mme
Ihence eaaleily >,' :��� it. ���*���... (*'   W.u.m
It. the place of  I     '
mure or leas.
���UeglliLlli-*-*,  coDUlStin
Haled this Mh day ol SoV.uiUr.lKl
per K  I. Hifdt,*
Nollte in heret-y riven thll ttfll
dale I lutein) to  male aj-piintt-vLllJI
able Chiel ( oinmlsMuutr ef Utidiwl
Vhtorla. H I   , f,,r j�� iuil-*hiHUi|Klldw
lowing deserlhed   laud, altul     "
Wesi   Koolenay dlsirlct:  Co:
planted St lbe aoiithM. M cortifl 01
inaon'l pre-emption, marled R.I.KIH
poal,  Ihence SO chains ��Ht, tbtiwl
north, tbem-c 4ti chain-tai-lttpJwtiMS
northwest corner, tht-nc,* wuttiSithli
(��: comiueiiceiiient, coutaiulii|lftiic
Hated thii -3rd day of KoT-,1*
60 davs mtu-r dttU* 1 Inieml 10 applj>������
Chief ('ommlialourr of LlBU __\\
torta, to jiurchaae 2*' acres cf nv
Kire Valley and being I poMlnn ��
and IC In Township-'.! and il.nrlWSl
(cmmenclng at a post plained ��_\_
comer of the MOtheut <i����rlfr��ih
Township N and marked J 0- asm
theuce north 40 chains, lb��W ___*_���
thenoe aoulh ��i ohalns; Ibelfli ��*'�����
plaee of heglnnine
November satrd 1-W- ,_____��
J.I, AliKAttMJ
Nniice Is h-r.-bv v\x,-h '.nat "'-""J
lutend lo apply to the Htmorebietaew
rniaiiuner 0/Lands aud Wnrkito���
acres of land deacrlbed at ftilloSl. --.-_
at a poll plautetl on the north b��l��J
Moyfe river, alwut 900 yai_lMV
marked "H HeLean'l I �� "?-
ihenoe east *> chain'-, ihtnee w"l
thonoe west NO chains, theuce south ���]
pine* .it ooUneneauenLandeooVV
ui"fi* or leaa. ���._
Lm ao*. 1 Bth daj Oo ,l��     "&
stity dayi after date i loteoJ '''')
Hunorable lhe Chi* i I ninmWK��ir^_
Worka, Victoria,  Lo pm* ixie t**___
located ami described m |,,!'0(_r,__..
��� I a |����M Jilallte.1   at   Ih- ��J *Wg"
KuhliiMinSpre emption In UreMWW
tive miloa Irom Kdwai ! I*^W_T
Armw lake, and maiked 1   "'���>     '
: mining icest 00 (halo-   Mi u" "''; _m
thene. nal tt ohalni   Ibena ��J��
llienee  eaal 40 ehalni, th-""' ���
place t>l tK>|ttiTi:ng. ,1
Nov   IMll, 1MJ0. F"l3
KotlOl is hereby given that "fSfl
luientltoapplvloiUlL.t. 'M.f'am
Landiand Vorka, Victoria.(�� Pgt
them Sajollowing deioribed lijfl
the Wesl Kootenav dbilrict. on ������
Huhamel (or
about three r_	
mencing at a postmarked --      ,���
jiost," running 90 chains "**\ KI
north, ihence *t chain** ��'���"��� Ji31
soulb, to Lbe pniut of c"inlili'tici'a*',__|
ing 40 acrei of land, more <ir It*
Hated lath November, IflOfc rtj
itemed fay Jisja
per John K TaWM
1 iniend W��L
1 iiiirclia'*',M
J. I'lH'l*
ootenay dlslrlrt. ODi"--
for HJLit Mile) �����I___S__|
it mites  from  K00WW ���
_ ,...>t m..rk,.il --.fjiKifaJ ���Tl
HUly dayi after dale
Honorable tbe Chief Coi
Works for permtssion to
descrllied lauds in Kool
ciug at a post marked
corner post," said post
erly shore of lbe Lower
due easi, on lbe 1101U
Uroup I; theliee north W
south tuchaliiv, more D
theuce loiiowing said 1
direction ..������ ehalni, um
beulnnlng, contatiilntt  '
Hated this Mb dayof N
per K  1
. nrmw*w
�� lllHl. rtJS
Notice is hereby gl      .     ,r ,,.,.
I inteud, to apply to tin """[,d
Commissioner of Lands an' B0L#
alon toTurcbaae lho WbiWUVSl
Kootenay   district:      C ��{*2M
marked "J, H, Wallaci
said post being on t
Arrow   lake,   and   at Hi*"    .      s,
I'ur tor's preemption claim; Hit"'
thenoe south �� obalm, ,l,"'u'*".
tbeuce aouth _0 chains, }tg_ffLm_
mere or lento the Arrow l*W___jg|
eaaterly direction flOObalni. *SgjM
place of beginning, ���jontaiu"1* *"
'����������� ��   .   1__T   Ittrn
Dated tbU Wh day ol OotoWVjH
B-bit agent. KiNNtrHU|*P The Daily Canadian
To Consttmers of Coal
and Wood
The undersigned beg to notify the public that:
On and after the ist February, 1907, orders for Coal
and Wood will only be executed when accompanied by
CASH. This course has been rendered imperative owing
m the largely increasing list of our customers and the
(act that we pay IN ADVANCE for all fuel (including
freight). We find we must either adopt the CASH
SYSTEM or RAISE the price of fuel���the latter course
we ure reluctant to pursue.
Thanking our patrons for past favors and trusting
f.si continuance of friendly relations,
We are, yours obediently,
Nelson, B.C., 31st January 1907.
We Carry a
SJcfc ef Fine Eiderdown Quilts
From $6.00 to $35.00.
_*����� Our Variety of ��MKI Picture* Framed In the
Lut��nt StylM.
Standard Fur nit tir e Company
A (.I.N FN:
Mitfcoii A Kiw-h I'mnos.
I'Merinoor MaUreuM.fi
Marshall -Sanitary Mattresses.
Complete House Furnishers
Undertakers,    Embalmers
Ladles' and Chlldre'n Club Snow Shoes  11.75 per pair
A NEW BOOK by a well known Canadian Journalist*!, "The Camerons
of Bruce," by R. L. Rlchardaon 11.25:  pottage 10c
Our Mall Order D��i>arlraent la at your larrioe.
Canada Drug: & Book Co.
Great Opponents Meet In Hot Economic
Boston,   Fob.   n.���Prostdent   J.   G.
Se.hurmaii, at Cornell university, and
Morrln Hillqiilt, the Socialist, dlBCUsned
"Indlvidualliim vs. Socialism" at the
People's Forum lu lhe New Rochelle
theaire last week.
Presldenl Btiburmaa described Socialism as a drenjm aud an illusion. "Socialism is the ownership of all machinery of public production, and is only an
Ues in a man's head," said the professor, "bui which will never exist."
"No generation can lay down rules
which win in- binding upon succeeding
KtneiUiinns," he said. "The conditions
ami ihe evils of a generation must be
met hy that generation. So far as ihe
government function is concerned, I am
one of those who believe that the less
we are governed the better, but every
emergency must be met and settled according to the exigencies of the case,
and alKive ail we must see that justice
is done."
Prof. Schurman described the conception of Socialism as a voluntary combination of labor and capltul. In the
place of labor and capital he said this
Socialism would bring about co-operative companies, themselves owning the
capital aud dividing the property.
"This is a brand of Socialism," he
continued, "which would appeal lo a*!!
English-speaking peoplp. It appeals to
us thai it is based upon the old-fashioned virtues of individual industry and
individual intelligence. This experiment
has beeu tried in England and Germany,
and I understand has been successful."
Speaking of the accumulation of
wealth he said:
"A few years ago. in this country,
one could count all the men of millions
on his fingers, but now we are all familiar witli millionaires, and even with
billionaires. In the presence of so much
wealth we are apt to forget the general
prosperity. Some people are too quick
to cry that the few have been enriched
through the impoverishment of the
many. The truth is that we are all
richer and better off, because there has
been such an accumulation of wealth.
Our very rich men are a help to us so
long as they invest their money in enterprises which furnish employment for
labor. They only hurt the public when
they squander wealth. The danger that
I see is not ln swollen fortunes, but In
stolen fortunes. I want to make it clear
that a fortune, although big, Is not bad.
I want to make it clear that we would
be bettor off if our fortunes were larger.
The danger Is not in the fortunes, bul
In the way In which they are made."
Mr. Hfllquii denied that Socialism
wiis an impotent force and an Illusion.
The movement embraced 2C.000.000
"The Socialism of today," said he,
"aB understood by Socialisis waB mentioned only passingly by Dr. Schurman
when he spoke of the Socialism of Karl
Marx. That Socialism calls for the public ownership not only of public utilities,
but of all Instruments of production. It
stands for co-operative ownership and
the ownership and enjoyment of all
capital and wealth produced by labor.
'What is before us loday," said he.
"is no longer the individual worker of
a hundred years ago. Within the last
century the mode of wealth produced
has undergone a tremendous change.
Machine production, the factory system, the concentration of wealth has
brought about a routine system of
goods absolutely Independent of the
captains of Industry. Take Ihe millionaire. How did he earn his millions or
billions? Dr. Schurman will say by
his own thrift, ability or ingenuity. I
say with men like Rockefeller, and
Morgan, ability is a secondary consideration. The first consideration Is, that
they happen to control the railroads,
mines and factories. These men own
stocks in mines oue day; the next day
they sell their stocks and buy interests
in lailroad industry. The question with
me is how they are able to attain such
wonderful skill with so little experience,
The only thing that haB remained in-
dustriallstic is the individualistic appropriation of wealth. "
Not more than 5,000 or less than 100 will be sold to
any one person.
������������������������������������������������������������ ���������������*���*������������������������������������<
Every expert examining these Fields have declared
they are the coming Richest Oil Field in the World
*********************************** *********	
Millions   of   Dollars   in Alberta   Oil Fields
The Canadian Northwest Oil Company holds nearly 2,000 acres
iu the centre of the Known Oil Belt. At the present rate of development prices of shares will advance rapidly, and withiu a short
lime will be selling for many times the present prices. The Stock
is now being bought in Torouto and other Eastern centres���Spok-
ane is also buying. We want the people of this district to share in
lhe good things of this rich Western Canada of ours. To pour her
rich reasures into the lap of those who seek, we now offer a limited
amount of shares for developement only at 50c. ftt share to be
paid in four instalments���25 per cent to be paid with application,
25 per cent in thirty days, 25 per cent in sixty days, the remaining
25 per cent in three months.
****************************************** ***********
Send Applications to
Banish Fehmi Pasha.
Constantinople, Feb. 11.���The special
commission of Inquiry ordered by the
sultan to examine into the charges
against Fehml Pasha, chief of the secret police of the palace, who It was alleged by the German embassy recently caused the seliure of a ship's cargo
destined for Hamburg has concluded
its work. The German embassy, at the
sultan's request, waived a public trial.
but Insisted that Fehmi Pasha be banished, which It Is understood, will be
done, because the sultan Is convinced
tbat Emporer William ls strongly backing up the German embassy's demand
for tbe punUhment of the official.
It takes a man with a lot of brass
to dispose of a gold brick.
In order to satisfy a man give hlm
what be thinks he wants.
Notice of Sale
Under and by virtue of the powers
of -sale contained In a certain mort
gage, which will be produced at tbe
time of the -sale, there will be offered
for sale by public auction on Friday
tbe 1st day of March, 1907, at the hour
of 2:30 o'clock in the afternoon, at tbe
office of the undersigned, by C. A. Waterman & Co., Auctioneers, the equity
of redemption In the following property, namely: Lots 23 and 24, Block 44A.
Nelson City, and the frame residence
thereon situate.
TERMS: Ten per cent, of the purchase money to be paid down ut the
time of Bale, balance to be paid ln 20
For Information as to prior Incumbrance, and for further particulars and
conditions apply to
Baker 81., Nelson, B. C.
Solicitors for the Mortgagee.
Dnted at Nelson, B. C, this 7th day
of February. 1907
Tfa* Sir<At_icona
NellOa, B.O.
B. Toinkins, Manager.
The Leading Hotel in the
Oood   Sample    Roomi
Queen's Hotel
linker Street, Nelion B. 0,
Lighted by Electricity ud
Heated by Hot Air
larre And Comfortable He si rooms tad Flnt*
t*mMains Boom.  Sample Koomi for Coramer.
*a!  -Van.
MRS. E. C.CLARKE, Proprietress
loathe View Hotel
Corner Hall and Vernon,
two blocks from wharf.
_Utet,$i.0<r>er t\e.f end up.
P.O.Box IM.
Hetephone IU.
Grand Central Hotel
Tim hot-el hai been i umpl.-i-.-ly renovated and
newly furnished with all modern e<|tilpmeDt!<.
Hot water beating throughout.
BATES : Room*.  Me,   upward* ; meals   25c. ;
pnpeclal rate* by the week.
J. A. ERICKSOK, Proprietor.
Telephone, 250.   Opposite Court House
and PoBtoffice. .Nelson. B. C.
Tremont House
Euro-pea. and America Plan
Meali as eta.  Booma Iron -S eta. to n.
Only White Help Employes).
et.. Nelaoa
Bartlett   House
But Dollar-i-D-t House io Ntlson.J |
The Bar la the Finest.
Wlille Help Onl; Imploytd.
Josephine BL
Neleon. B. 0,
Royal Hotel
Ratea tl and ��1._0 a Day.
Special Ratea to Regular Boarder*.
A. M. Can. Soc. C. E.
Mining Work a Specialty.
Office: Bealey llullillng.   P. O. Bot
Baker St., NELSON, B. C.
Moat comfortable quarters In Nelson
Only tbe beet ol Li.|sii>r. aud
I iters.
A. McDonald & Co.
Dealers in staple and fancy Groceries
Butter, Eggs.
damp and Itinera' Supplies.
Notice Is hereby given that 00 davs titer tele 1
Inteud lo apply to tbe Honorable the Chief Com-
ralMKluuer of Lumls end Worki for * license tu
prospect fur eoal and petroleum over the following laud: Hituated twu mllei uorth of the inter*
uh tional boundary Hue and weet uf the Flathead
river. Beginning at t. poat marked W. LeUellaU'
N. W. corner post, thence Kichalni iouth, thenee
B0 chalm cant, tbenee 80 chaini nortb, thence W
cbalm weit to polut of eommeneement.
Paled Nov. 14.19W. W. I__0au.au.
Notloe la Weby nlven that 60 dayi after date I
inteud to apulr to tbe *ou. Cblel Coinmiraloner
of Lauds ftii'f Worku for a <loenw tu proapect for
eoal and petroleum over the following land:
Kltu tied ulx milay* nortb of tbe International
boundary lint aod east of tbe Flathead rlrer.
Beginning ftt a poet marked I. B. Hurd'a N. W
oorner po-t, tbenee 80 chnlna iouth. thenc* V
chnlna eut, thenee 80 chnlni north, thence Kt
rhalni weat to point of eommeucement
Dated Nov. If 190*. ��. B. Hdl.
Excursion Rate
Rossland Winter
For the Round Trip
Trains leave Nelson 9 a. m. and 6:35
p. m. Returning, leave Rossland 8:15
and 6 p. m.
For iliiuili'sl Information apply to local
Building Lots for Sale
i   :S|
H: <&  1VL  BIRD.
____* T. G. PROCTER M��
Has every class of Real Estate and Buildings in Nelson
for sale, from Business Blocks and Warehouses
to Market Gardens.
Choice Fruit
I Hare 10,000 Acta
of tbc
Choicest Pratt Lands in
British Colombia.
Can sell any quantity from 5 acres to 3,000 in one blocir.
Buy now and get the ground floor prices.
J. E. ANNABLE,    -    Nelson, B. C.
Ftifl Stocks
B.C. Salmon
Atlantic Haddies
Manitoba Whitefish
BEEF, PORK and MUTTON mt Finest Qtultty.
P. Bums & Co., Ltd.
Head Office: Nelaoa, B. C.
Orders liy mall to anv branch will have
out prompt and careful attention.
NOTICI li hereby given that an application
will be made to the Leg illative Aaaembly of the
Provlnoe of British Columbia at tu next teailon
for an act authoriilng the Patrick Lumber Company, Limited, to place,construct,snd maintain,
a dam or daiui, boomi, plert, slides, and otber
works in and aoron the Kootenay river at or
near Thrums Station (abom opposite Bub-lot IV.
of Lot 46M, Group 1, Kootenay district): and In
aud acroaa the Little Blocan river; and in and
across the Blocan river at a point or points below tbe mouth of the Little Slocan river; for the
purpoee of driving, rafting, sorting, boldlug.and
manufacturing taw-logs and timber; to occupy
the surface of the uld riven where necessary for
the purposes aforesaid; to clear, improve, aad
remove obstructions from tbe said rivers tor log-
driving, rafting, and booming purposes; 10 levy
aud collect tolls and duet ou logs, timber and
lumber of pereone using or profiting by auch
worki, clearing or Improvements; to enter upon
aud expropriate landi; and do all other things
nec��iuary, incidental or conducive to the exercise of any of the above powers.
Hated the 10th day of December, 1006.
Bollcitor for tbe Applicant.
Certificate of Improvementi.
"Strath roy," "Joy,
r Mining Division ol
���    MqyFrao*
'Mineral Claim*.
"May," "B,C,    -BirnuiruY,
tional." and "John D.Mable
situated In the Slocan Citv J
the Woat Kootenay Dlatrlet.
Where looated -.-North ol Twelve Mile Creek
about one and a half milei np.
Take notie j that I, II. R. Jorand of Blocan B.u.
Free Miner1! certificate No. B7MO0, as agtnt for
Horace U. Van Tnyl, Free Miner 1 certifloate Ko.
B��_l, intend, ilxty days Irom the date hereof,
to apply to the Mining Recorder for a Certificate
of Improvement!, for tbe purpose of obtaining a
Crown Grant of the aald mineral claims.
And lurther take notice that action under
Bectlon 17, muit tte commenced before tbe ism*
ance of inch Certificate!) or 1 uiprovemeuls.
Dated this Srrt Day of January, mot.
Certificate of Improvement*
In the matter of an application for the issue of
a duplicate of tbe Certificate of Title for au
undivided l-�� of Lots 2, and 3, Block 12, Town of
Notice Is hereby given tliat it in my iutentloo
lo Issue at the expiration of ona month from
thu flm publication hereof a duplicate or the
Certificate of Title to the above landi in ihe
name of Florence M. Hodglni which Certificate
is dated the -Bth day of December, \nw, and
numbered UNSIK-
Diitrict Registrar.
_*nd ReglKtry Office, Nelsou, B ���
January JStb.mn.
A.U.P.A., Vancouver. D.P.A., Kelson
W.    a.    OILrLrETT
Von t rucl ur nnd
Bole agent for the Porto Rico Lumber Co., Ltd..
retail yards. Rough and droned lumber, turned
work and bracket!-, Coast lath and iblngit>��, raih
and doom. Cement, brick and lime for sale.
Automatic grinder.
Yard and factory: Vernon St.. eaat of H_U
F. 0. Boi ___. Telephone 171
Notice *s bereby given tbat on Monday,
ruery -Mb, l*n, tbat tbe Court of Kevialo
the Municipality ol the City of Slocan
held in the City Hail on above date
for *" '      "
.   Feb-
on tor
111 be
Clerk ten
the purpoM ol reviling tb�� AucMmeut Roll
tbe City ol Hlocs-ff.  ThoM uftkiu compUtati
ilnstt tb.lr sa-MMnent .t required to have
.���lr prol
. yi prev!
-Dtted st Bloctn, J.uuarv 34th. 1807.
.f.losst their s-Messment ��-e required
their protest, In the head, of tbe City (
si.viprevltisia iss the ��r,t sitting of the Court of
PRUNING AND UKAPT1NO carefully mended to. Applr
Wl��er King Hotel.
Civil Eminecr*. Dominion aad British
CohnntU Land Svvcron
r. 0. Bex 145   nsat2f.II.
Cv-rtlllcata  of Ismp-rovam-ants
lwusnce of meb Certlfleetesi of Improv.m.nU.
""   Isyof Jsuunry, IW
F. 0. (iiiiii. NSLeai
Deled thu JStb dsy of J-nsss.rj*.
Certificate of Improrcmcats
"Imprei*," "Cllmsx," "Horseshoe," "C
"Union Jack," ntusted In Nelton 1
Located on Porcupine creek.
Take Notice that I, Frank Fletcher, agtnt tor
the Active Oold Mining Company, FreeMluer',
hereof, to apply to the Mining Recorder lorn
Certificate of Improvements, lor the purno-M of
obtaining a Crown Grant of the above culms..
And further uke notice that action, uusler
Bectlon 17, must be commenced before lbe tswu-
anceof auch Certificate of Improvements.
Dated Nelson, latk Dec., ISM.
nam Vuiou
ilil  *s  i
��� '���
'������:. m
: :,tl
it: a
Rio Tente, Orinoco, Queen Victoria Fractional
and Ornoco Fractional Mineral Claims, altuato
in the Nelion Mining Division oi Weat Kootenay
Looated on Queen Victoria Mountain, Mar
Beailey Biding.
Taka Notloe that I, Frank C Oreen, acting na
eg eut for Michael Egau, Free Mlner'i (.Jertinont*
No. BUMntond. sixty dayi from the dato horoof,
toapply to the Mining Recorder for Certlftaaloa
of Improvements, for the purpoee ot obtaining
Crown dranti of the above clalmi.
And further take notice tbat action, undor
aectlon 87,  must be commenced   before   Ut*
"Hatton" mineral claim, situated ln the Nelaok
Mining DlvUlon of West Kootenay dlsstnet.
Where located:���On Toad mountain.
Take Notiee that I, John McUtehla. aatlu aa
agent lor George A. Campbell, Free MinusOer-
UBcate No. bTOn. Intend, sixty dan fraalt*
date hereof, to apply to the Mining tmtmMmmr
a Certificate of Improvements, for tbe -auraa-seaf
obtaining a crown Orait of tbe atwve daut.
And! urlher lake notloe that aeUoa, ntJST
���ecUoD-i;, ansl te commented belere _TK
Jo��i itUna ~~^~am
In I
In |
(STOP!    |
f Of the*   difference  there is
* between 1st. and ->'��*��� iu
* Canned   Goods
V We s'ltrry only
* (tins trisil nr our
iTartan  Brund!
will convince you  that we
i-nrry it full stock
, Table   Pruit
Pie    Fruit
��� Maple Syrup <
f Same  Price tts Inferior?
��� CJoodH T
I ��� ���
Old Curiosity Shop
If you want to buy or sell anything.
go to the Oli) Curiosity Shop. A new
line of Japanese Ooods now on sale.
All kinds of Dlnnerwara in stoek. Patterns.
\No<uj My Friend \
Wouldn't  you   like  something
these cold  mornings;   something
that would send the blood through -
your veins and    fill  your   heart
with joy?
Now, tell your wife lo buy a
pound of lhat good coffee that Joy
sells, and serve some, good and
hot, for breakfast. After drinking some of that coffee, things
will look rosy all the day, and
($oy foill meet you at tbe door i
J Joy's Cash Grocery
Cor Jofuphtneand Mill Ste.      hboue 19
.V��   Hav��   m   Mpeclitllv
Hclvt-tcd Stock  of
Stoneware, trot I.s, Baa PoU,T�� I'ots. Lie.
Munroe & Nelson
General Job Work, Chimney Sweeping, Carpet Cleaning, Fixing and Cleaning Stoves, etc.
121 East Baker St. Phone No. A114
For Hot Tomato
Tea and Coffee.
Beef Tea.
Cor. Vernon and \Vfi,-,l Streets,
FRED J. HUME, Proprietor.
G Bottell, Moyie: W. P. Ingram, T. H.
Whelan, Fernie; G. H. Given, L. L.
Kauisay, K. B. Bowilen, P. J. Dimohue,
R. H." Simmons, Vanoouver; G. M.
obristie, Oalgary; W. lt. Peek, Bpokane;
W.J.White, MtsaH. Bell, Toronto; F,
M. Young, Brandon; \\. D. Neil, J
Bates, Cranbrook, W. A. Pinchheck,
Slocan ; J. M. Kellie, Montreal: J. Vroom,
The Scarlet Mysteries Oo , London ; K.
M. Hand, Ymir; J. P. Myers, Gray, J,
W. Herchiner, R. Colville, Fernie.
T. .1. Graham, Kamloops; R. Walmstey,
Gerrard; .1. 11. Hyai. Cranbrook; A. M.
Walr, Oreston; H, Hrymle, Kan Claire;
W. ,1. MiKius. Winnipeg; A. F. Walker,
J. T. Hnriner, Cranbrook ; W. E. Harris,
Creston; T. J Campbell, Phoenix.
W. M. Kirkendall, Creston.
N. S. Ludwij-son, Northpssrt, Miss Van
Allen, Mansville; G. ES. Hallit, Creston;
F, A. Marasco, A. Pino, G. Marasco,
Fernie; R. Cooper, rilix-un; H. Collins,
E. Woodside, SliK.-an Junction.
J. McLeod, Sandon; W.   A. Howard, J
McDonald, J. Henderson, Yahk.
R. Kays, lieustcy. E. F.  Bensty, E. F.
Haliner. Revelstoke; H. Gi'iihiuu, Orient
W. Rigl.y. Bonnington,
the Daily Canadian
Wc have just unloaded a car <>f
Parity Flotir
Made from lii-uli grade Mani-
loba Hard Wheat. Without, a
doubt it is the best flour on
the market. Money refunded
If not satisfactory,
Telephone 161.
Sherman's Opera House
Two Nights Only, Monday <fc Tuesday
February Uth and Oth
Mr. Kdwar-J Bmucombfl prt-Ronts the famous
"Scarlet Mysteries"
Frnm   I.olniu.l,   Kuglitnd,  prcKeiitlli^   tbi'  Ittnl
London Novtlttei m Refined Ifuiloa] cuniciiy
Prices; 60c, ?;��' , *l.tm
BuU on Bale ut Buferiord'i Btlurdiy
All Kinds of Heating Plants in Stock.
Victoria St., Nr. Opera House.     Tel. 181.
The adjourned annual meeting of the
Kootenay Fruit Growers' Association
will be held in the Board of Trade
roomB at 2:30 p. m., Friday, February
22, to receive the auditor's report on
the accounts of 1906.
D. C. McMORRIS, Secretary.
ENGINEER .m.l Ul'HMMKN m WiUnhlirn Mill,
in pu < mm.nu,i, ii (' , ciisit Bushmen at Procter
Wain-burg, K.i'.
TWO FIBtT-CLABB ROOMB, ntcam heated.   Applr house keeper. 3rd flat, K. W. C. block.
A Masou-Ricli grand piano will 1��'
rised at both peiforttuuioea of The Soarlet
Mysteries Oompany.
Owing to  mnny other engagements
of members there will Ik* no practice of
the choral Moiety this evening,
The  regular fortnightly  meeting of
the city council will he held In the en unci! chamber tonlghl at s o'clock.
Sergeant   Pltchford   and   Constable
Wlghtman of the city police force, who
have been Incapaciated for some time
With la grippe, are both again on duty.
The concert in the opera house Saturday nlghl was a success artistically and
not a loss financially. Will .1. White
proved a capable entertainer ami Miss
Hazel Hell's piano selections were
greatly enjoyed.
J. 0. Cillice, district manager for thc
AlHS'Chalmera-Bulloqh Company is expected home tomorrow night. Mr. Gillice
left Montreal for Xelson on Jan. 14lh
and has spent most of the time since
then waiting the breaking of blockades
on the Northern Pacific.
Yesterday, Sunday morning, the entire
lighting system of the eity and also the
supply of power for the operation of the
tramway service were placed npon the
new city power plant. The teKts mny
uow last longer than UO days before tlie
council will be completely -satisfied.
Tuesday,   February   litth,   being lhe
anniversary of the founding of the order
of the Knights of Pythias, the local lodge
will celebrate it with nn At Home that
evening iu tlie lodge room. The programme will consist uf cards and music.
The committee in charge are J.J. Walker,
R.J. Steel, AugustThomas and E. W.
In the chamber session th's morning before His Honor Judge Forin, the only
matter that came tap besides tlie application for postponement in McMillan vs,
Wheeler, waa an application for probate
of the will of Hugh McGarvey of Creston,
who died of acute pneumonia after being
assaulted by Laughlln Bruce last September. The application was made by K. A.
Crease and granted.
The last public dance before Lent
will take place in the armoury tonight
under the officers, non-commissioned
officers and men of No. 2 Company,
11. M. It. Good music has been arranged for, and the guests of the Nelson
soldiers know they are sure of an enjoyable even in}.. The attendance is
certain to be very large.
The regular monthly meeting of the
Xelson University Club was held Saturday night with a fair attendance. The
Chairman of the general and university
committees promised definite reports
from both at the March meeting, and
announced a paper for that evening by
W. .1. Haiid. which Mr. Dalrd later announced would be on the subject of
"Party Government." The paper on
"Ethics and Politics." by Hev. P, H.
Graham, proved both entertaining and
thought provoking. The author charged
that in Hritish Columbia ethics and politics arc absolutely divorced and illustrated his argument by references to
the recent political campaign. Nearly
all present took part in an animated
discussion that followed, the most Important contribution, perhaps, being
Hev. J. T. Ferguson's complaint as to
the prevalent cynicism on the subject
of political corruption.
The Store of Quality
If you like nice, clean, crisp
BlBCUltS we recommend you to
try the
20th Century Package
Per Package.
Graham Wafers  10c
Lemon  Cream   10c
Vanilla Wafers     10c
Society Tea   10c
New England Ginger Snap 10c
Krispo Ginger Wafers   10c
Butter���Thin   10c
Milk  Toast   10c
Dainty City Soda  (Salted) 15c
Saratoga  Flakes  (Salted)    16c
Put up In packages ami thus
ever fresh. It costB little lo
give them a trial, ami Ihey
prove themselves worth 11.
K. W. C. Block . Phone 10.
A Good Laundry Soap
3 Pound Bars
2 for 35 cents
Cm Am Benedict
Corner Silica and Josephine Sta.
The Newest Things in
Novelties, Cards, Post Cards
and Fancy Valentines
Our new valentines have jussi arrived
and they certainly make a fine display.
In comic novelties there are soma par-
llenlaly good things, anil in the fancy
valentines tlie creations are more beautiful ansl artistic than ever, In special
Valentine Post Cards too, there are
some beautiful things. Roth designs
and coloring ar.. simply exquisite. They
also include several good s-sstmes.
Entrust us with your mail order. We
will till it to your entire satisfaction,
and will forward the guods by return
W. G. Thomson
8__K__.  "* Nelson, B. C.
Phon�� 34.
Three Furnished
or Unfurnished Rooms
or Part of House.
Room 1, Hudson Bay Block,
The Play.
The Scarier Mysteries Company arrived In the city last night and are at
tlie Stratcona. They will appear in
Sherman's opera house tonight aud to
morrow night.
Of their recent performance in To
ronto the World,   of   that   city, said:
"The human enigmas turned out to
he probably leBS difficult of solution
than had been expected. It ls true that
the programme gave no clue as to the
particular Identity of each of the performers, who were eight in number, bul
beyond this touch of secretlveness there
was little attempt at veiled personalities. Save when appearing In character
make-up. the "mysteries" displayed
ihemsplves wllh frankness tu the public
gaze, as an octet in scarlet coats of con
volitional evening dress cut, dark knee
breeches untl hosiery, and buckled
shoes.   What thev had to offer was an
Wholesale ��nd Belall Daileri us
Fresh and Salted Meats
Oamps supplied on shortest notice and
lowest price. Nothing but fresh and
wholesome meats uud supples kept in stock
Mail orders receive careful attention.
E. C. TRAVES.   Manager.
Coal! Ice! Wood!
Phone 265
Yale-Kootenay Ice, Frott,
Fuel & Poultry Co., Ltd.
N. E. cor. Baker   and   Ward   Sts.
f f^f��� $1.50
A collection of all the Latest
Shapes and Sizes.    A free
smoking and most satisfactory pipe.
Tobacconist.   Baker Strut.
25 Feet Frontage
on Baker Street
5 Roomed Building
Price $2,000.00
H. E, G-oadsdaile & 2*
Next Dour to Hank of Commerce.
Waterproof Paints
Coal Tar, Pitch,
Creosote, Oils for
Preserving Timber,
Roofing Pitch and
Boat Builders will find it to their advantage to use our Pitch.
Nelson Coke & Gas Co.
Red Cross Drug Store
for your Prescriptions Family Recipes,
Hair Tonics, and all kinds of
Note the Address:
flaker St., near Josephine, Nelson, n O.
entertainment thai was sufficiently
varied nml pli-iuiani lo hold the .���mention of tlie audience through on less
tlsiin L'l number!, nol Including Dncoroa,
whoae frequency was a trlhute in tlie
* ntertaJnera"
When you compare your freights you will huy in Nelsou
D. J. Robertson <& Co.
Semi-Ready Clothing
For 1QC)7 i�� now to hand
J. A. alLKER
Fifty Cent Hand Bagsl
They are beauties at the price.
I'alephone .13.1.
&ft Kootenay Agenti
^"���f        Limited. WtaniptJ
WhiiieHiiiu Provisions,
Dominion Government Creamery One Poond Uncus reoelved weekly (J
irom the churn.   Vor sale hy all leading grocers.
Office and wurehouso: HouBton Block,   Phone si).
Josephine Street.       ...       Nelson, B.C.
Bohemian Beer
The Nelson Brewing Co., Ltd
A Word to the %
This year we havo appreciated the want* of nr
tomerti and have pfuttiwl into stock the
Good Cheer Ait Base Burnet
Thin itove is adapted for hard conl only, aodiip
an teed to give BHtiflfaction.
J. H. Ashdown Hardwa
Company, Limited.
R-apnlrlsns nnd .Jobbing ���-.���cut-kl -wltb l>��Mpntcti.   Slic��t \t**
Work, Mlnin-Kfind Mill Machinery.     Munula-ulurvn of
Oro  Curit,  ft.  W.   Csfisli-iiutitt-H'   Cam.
NELSON,   B. C.        Kr-a
UNITE nnil sing thnt   the  ini|mrt��tiM
John T. Pierre nre the proper thin.
lly lnM full -shipment has jus-t arrived I
them and place yonr order early l��r Xinu"
JOHN T. PIERRE, Artistic Tailor^
Bu��lne��a men,
Worklnu mwn,
Alert In dresa attire,
Sporting men,
HandMome men.
Men tii��t*M full of fire
Subject  to  Confirmation
We Will Buy
W'��s Will St"
III. > Haliiliii'i'Clllitii.ii
6,000 Sullivan 	
lii.ooo b. c, Amalgamated Goal..Otto
100 Sullivan  Bunila    ���***
0.000 Amerlcnn Hoy  	
I.Ooo International Ooal  	
B. B. Mighton <& Ca
Drawer 1082
Phone 1
AND DEALERS IN   Ltttlibef *  Shiflgl^Sf
Lath, Mouldings, Doors, Window*
Turnad Worlc and Brackets. Mail Orders promptly ���at-ta*'
VBR1NON 8TREJBT   -  .   -   1NI-I.HON. B. O.
Our stock of Skatei li complete and
Including the popular
BOKER'8  BEAUTY  and  CHARM  (Ladki.)
Wood-Vallance Hardware Ci


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