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The Daily Canadian May 31, 1907

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I.   No. 303.
NELSON, B.C., FRIDAY. MAY 31, 1907.
Fifty Cents a Moots
Government Reply
I Charges Against Police and
[ossacks Are Not Denied
by Authorities.
turn, May ,11.���Tho Lowar
rllamenl yesterday dt'ClliHstl
dory tho explanation made
on .in In tha mutter of tba
i< ,1 upon prisoners ut Illga,
, ni!> this ulfulr will be sub
, Kmporor. ln tho course
the minister of justice de-
dale uf lilis department luisl
art In inflicting UltM tor-
| lasi been chargi-d, uml ds'clars-d
iiinsitloii of Ihe tloiinui com
f'lD It.Is respect   wus  absolutely
(attrssfT. assistant mlnlBtor of the
Lhs'n denied that tho police hud
nil) uf Inflicting tortures. Ho
preliminary  Inquiry had shown
  cases issilieniHii hud struck
<   with   tuelr   lists,  but  these
::��� VI s    , vs'ie.    A total of 411
liclala Iimi  been urralKiis-d DO
lis   sinl not wish  to Jus-
:ir conduct, but under the exist-
tiliiiiiils* condition tho uctious of
les    si.i..!;:   |���. excused  by  Uie
' uf ih,. n voliitlonarics. It could
expected that tbo police should
remain calm   when  more than
I their s ados had been killed
Jiiis'lul  in   the   llaltlc   provinces
ieroui resolllons for and against
Bvcrnmenl   had   been   requested.
1,1 * had llnallj adopted u resolu-
iclarlnu ihi   , xplnnatlons of  ths'
m' "'��� '���" I*������ unsatisfactory.    The
aaswoi of the government
j Interpellation simconilng tho mu-
i' Ike prison ul  Hlga, April  Uth,
"s,ii mutineer! were killed unsl
:l'!,|"l. "as Hi. n continued.    This
lasi linns,  up in  iju, house on
: ���"!���   Tin- minister of Justice, M.
ifglovltoH, denied  thul  medieval
' kid I n Indicted on the mil-
; boi idmltted that they hail bean
m aiiii Cossaok whips and rubber
| close of the Besslon today
l>:iriHky. monarchist, who hud
7.7,1 with bribery in connec-
��� lhe selections in Tlltela, se-
- -mir on n (inestlon of prlvl-
is's-iised F. I. Kodritchoff, con
1 'is'liiiK-rat of falsehood. At
time he announced that Vu
"'"iinrchlst, had chullengcd M.
' lo light a duel. M. Rudrltch-
: thi lirlhery chargi's and de-
��ccep| ihe challenge.
|nd Growing Farter Than Supply-
Good for Producers.
"Isi'llon of copper ln the I'nl-
'. Mi'xlco and Canada for the
'' (April) Is estimated lo huve
"."00 pounds ngnlnst 103,496,-
'* preceding month. April bally month #the decrease from
1 production Is not so great���
Uinu 2,000,000 pounds. For
lut, produclion In the three
iiis'iillonod, wua 85,288,160
'"i* ills' four iiiiiiulis ending
1 of Ibis year and for the cor-
;: period of lust year, total
1 waa us follows, (hul for
*'. lis-ing eHtlinntod:
1007 1906
   84,n:iB,143 07,2117,800
...  85,288,160 89,205.800
 102,495,2:10 96,480,081
  96,567,700 98,044,1011
fi, n"Kor*���whldl **Tt��t lo reflect condi-
ens as they aottwlljr exist.   The sltua-
. r, Ji" "1. "U'""K u" l0 ,naku concussions
iractlcn ly out of the question. The
Jon and steel situation Is an index lo
he copper market. A shonago of Iron
a threatened, although production has
Increased since Ihe first of the year
wlille iiie copper output Iiuh nol. Thc
two nieialB generally move In sympathy. '
Gates' One-Tlme Partner Sought to Recover 1150,000, but Failed.
San Francisco, May :il.���The Grubstake, one of the most honored of California Institutions, hus apparently ut-
terly done away with by a circuit court
decision. Ever since 1849 the system
of grubstaking hy prospectors for the
privilege of sharing In whatever he
finds had been In vogue, and more than
one great fortune on this coast has
come to homestaycrs who have outfitted
mlnehuniers. In fact, the validity of
such contracts had never before beon
questioned In this state.
.Now Swiftwater Hill, who, on a $1000
grubstake found a fortune of 1750,000,
Iiub won a verdict declaring that the
grubstukcr cannot collect.
���lines showed his old luck had not
deserted hlm yet when the United
States circuit court of appeals rendered
tht- decision sustaining tho district
court of Alaska In a suit bruught
agalnBt him by Isaac L. Marks of this
clly. The action was instituted to recover 1160,000 of agreement mado by
Marks and Gates ln Seattle on April
2T, 1902. The agreement was that in
consideration of $1,000 paid by Marks
10 Gates the latter was to transfer to
the former 20 per cent, of all property
which should he acquired either by location, purchase or otherwise In Alaska
by Gates.
'I'1"    309,286,23:1       351,027,681
^'icroaso for lho four months of
"���ii* siver the corespondlng period
'Cli' Is 18.258,5.12 pounds, eqlllvu-
' "���""it t,i/_ per cent.
���\l""rlcun Mata] Market, Now
1 '"'"is an Interview with a repre-
"M the linn of Phelps, Dodge
* "llo says:
���iiiytiiiim ||���, copper situation is
* iiiim It has lieen at any time
>�� past,  it ,���ust be taken Into
""on    that   consumption    has
,.,',, '"cease over last year while
, '      '���"�� shown  llttlo  It any In-
���ini 1,1       ""' "'""'"WW of coke, Inim-   ,"'i '"  A'"'"i for ���*�����*
lll(l   '"Hies   lu   Arizona   produced
|n|    "iui,Is less ihan In tho preocsl-
r si ,           ,s a B"m" amount of
llireil,,",',"1""'"'1 wlth **��� country's
I ,-������',���'",'!���   b,lt �� lwg�� nmou.it
K'hiJ   ""��� is "intilng in excess
Drlro.          "  w"' observe Ihnt
ii* ,,���,/'!'" "!"*"���"? "I'abroad and
"""> In this market Is much
Lemieux and  Patsrson Promise  Better
Mail and Customs Service
to Northern Towns.
Cobalt, May 31.���Hon. Mr. Lemieux,
postmaster-general, and Hon. Mr. Pat-
tersou, minister of customs, huve visited
Cobalt. They were received upon their
arrival from llalleylniry hy Mayor Fln-
lan and the members of the council. An
addresB was presented 10 them on behalf of the citizens of Cobalt in which
a request was mnde to the postmaster-
general for larger post ofllce quarters,
and to Mr. Patterson for a custom's of-
lice. The request was favorably received by the ministers.
The ministers were Invited to visit
the I.n itssss- inim*, which they Inspected
thoroughly with tlte mayor and council.
They were uIbo taken down Into, the
Hliaft and after the Inspection were
given luncheon ln camp by the La Hose
Tho postniaster-genurnl paid a visit
to the post office and made a thorough
inspection of the service. Ho and Mr.
Paterson left ln their private car, which
was attnehed to the 2 o'clock train.
From June 1st Hawkesbury and Cobalt will be customs outports under the
Ottuwa survey, and Parkhlll under Ottawa.
Flre at Long Beach.
New York, May 81.���Two persons are
mlsBlng and several others aro suffer-
ing severe burns us a result of a tire
lhat last night destroyed the cottage of
Jacob Kothchlld al Long Beaoh N. J.
The building cuught flre from sonio unknown cause and the names spread rap-
Idly. A number of the occupants had
to lump from the upper-storey windows
to escnpo being burned lo death. One
of Mr. Scltlffers' children and the governess are reported missing. Mr. Schlf-
furfl and Ills wife were holh severely
burned aboul tha fuco; Miss Kate Murray nnd a servant, .Ionian Holninu, were
badly Injured by Jumping from a window, and a (lermun womnii, named Holt,
was budly burned. John Irvine, the butler, had hlB loft arm broken and Is
otherwise  Injured.
The bodies of four persons were
found today In tho ruins of Iho house
occupied by Walter Schlffer, secretary
of tho United Cigar Manufacturers'
cumpany, which was burned Inst night.
They were Hutli Schlffer, aged 14. and
Marion Schlffer, aged 10, daughters of
Mr. Schlffer, and Tilly Monthon nnd
Mnry Dlllen, servants.
Japan and China Agree.
Pokin, Mny 31.���An agreement providing for the establishment of u Chlnose
tunrltlmo customs offlce nt Port Dalny,
wns signed today hy Sir Robert Hnrt,
director-general of the ChlnoBO customs,
nnd M. lliiyiiBhl, Japanese minister to
China. The offlce probably will he
opened tomorrow. Followlnfe the precedent nt Kino-Chow, where n Gorman
wns appointed commissioner of customs, n Japanese commissioner will be
appointed nt Port Dalny.
HaaneK's Report on Latest
Thermo-EIectric Treatment of Canada's Ores Will Sare Many
Values Now Wasted.
Dr. Haanel, Dominion superintendent
of milieu, In his excellent report upon
the experiment made last year in smelt,
Ing of Canadian oreB by the thermoelectric process at Sault Ste. Marie,
gives the following summary of results:
lal���Canadian ores, chlelly magnetites, can be economically Bmelted as
hematites by Uio electrothermlc process.
2nd���Ores of high sulphur content
can be made into pig iron containing
only a few thousandths of n per cent, of
3rd.���The slli'-on content can be varied as required fur the class of pig to be
4th���Charcoal, which can be cheaply
produced from mill refuse or wood
which could not be otherwise utilized,
and peat coke, can be substituted for
coke without being brlquetted with the
5th���A ferro-nlckel pig can be pro-
dticed practically freo from sulphur and
of line quality from rousted nlckell-
ferous pyrrhotlte.
6th���Tilaniferous iron ores containing
up tu five per cent cau be successfully
treated by the electro-thermic process.
Dr. Haanel in his general remarks
saya: "The far-reaching consequence
of the gratifying results achieved by
these experiments will be at once apparent. Many of our magnetites are
too high In sulphur lis he handled by
the blast furnace and consequently have
so far been of no commercial value,
Uut the very best of pig Iron, as have
been proven, can be made from ores
which contain aa high as 1.5 per cent.
of sulphur. A blast furnace will not
usually handle an ore which contains
more than U.l per cent of sulphur, and
requires, therefore, an ore which cannot
be obtained at a low figure.
"Regarding the water power required
for the application of this process it
may be Btated that many powers exlBt
In Ontario and Quebec surrounded by
Iron ore fields, in localities 111 adapted
fof the application of electric energy
for any other purpose, which could be
developed to furnish an electric horse
power yearly for from $4.50 to $6. With
such a price for the energy required,
the small consumption of electrode, the
cheapness of the ore employed, nnd the
peculiar excellence of the iron produced, electric smelting of iron ores in
Canada In properly constructed furnaces, using charcoal or peat coke,
made from our enormous pent bogs of
enormous extent, may bo pronounced
commercially feasible. Under the prevailing conditions in Canada It now only
remains for Ihe engineer to design a
plant on a commercial scale, say of 100
to 160 tons output, with all the necessary labor-Baving appliances. JttBt as in
the case of the blast furnace bo likewise
with the electric furnace, experience
gained will result ln further economy
and the duy may not be far distant,
when the carbon monoxide, which Is
of high calorific value, and what at present as a product of the renction taking
place In the electric furnace Is allowed
to escape without utilization will be em
ployed for Increasing tho output by
something like one-fourth. When this
ls accomplished, the blast ftirnnce could
nol compete with the electric furnuce.
even under conditions in which coke
might be cheaper thnn nl presenl quoted
ln Ontario and Quebec.
"With the present ndvance which has
boen mude ln the transmission of electric energy, batteries of electric fur
nacOB could be set up at various iron
ore deposits, whlchAioiild he fed with
electric energy from some centrally lo
cated water-power, thus affecting a saving of Iho transportation oosts of the
ore from the mine lo thc furnace."
It Is eallmutod that a 10,000-hors-S-
power plunt, capable of producing 126
tons of pig Iron per dny, of 24 houns,
would cost. $700,000. This, with Interesi, depreciation, etc., allowed for,
would niako tho expense of production
$2.43 por ton for 43,200 tons. Adding
to this the cost of ore, charcoal, labor,
electric energy, general expenses, etc.,
the eslimale It made that a ton of pig
iron can be produced for $10.69.
The olectrlc smelting plant at present
under construction at Welland, Ont., ls
expected to produce 35 to 40 Ions of pig
Iron per dny. A second furnace Is to
bo built, the produce of which will ho
used In a new-process steel furnace for
tho manufacture of hlghgrado steel
castings, nt present not made lnCnnnda,
Prof.  Palconer  Accepti.
Halifax, May 31.���ProL Falconer has
Indicated that he will accept tbe presi
dency of Toronto university. The governors of Pine Hill college are willing
that he should go. It Is probable that
his brother, Hev. J. W. Falconer, will
accept the position vacated by tbe new
president of  the   university.
English    Distance   Runner   Outclasses
American Rlvalas.
Philadelphia, May 31.���Alfred Shrubb
of England the world's champion abort
distance runner, was the main .attraction here yesterday st tbe games of the
Ancient Order of 'Hibernians, lt was
Shrubb's llrst uppel.ss.sico ln America In
a big meet. There were six other start-
erB besides Shrubb ln tbe four mile
race, which the English runner won ln
the excellent time of 20 minutes and 20
seconds. Shrubb ran his llrst mile ln
4.35 and finished two miles ln 9.44. His
nearest competitor was Bob Hallen, wbo
holds the American professional championship from 10 up to 20 miles.
New Chinese Revolt Mustets 30,000 Men
Under Able Chief.
Anioy, China, May 31.���Au insurrection hus broken out 40 miles southward
of Anioy* 30,000 rebels are under arms
and are slated to be well led. Tbe revolt Is spreadlnff"*U> towns nenr Amoy.
The viceroy of Kuchow is Bending the
troops to deal with the rlalng and warships are expected here shortly.
Candidataa for Oxford.
(Special to The Daily Canadian.)
Victoria, May 31.���The Hhodes Scholarship board met last night. Lieutenant-Governor Dunsmuir was absent. Mc*
Minion, Kerr, Larsen, Buchanan, and
another are the candidates. A decision
iB expected In two or three days. One
of the candidates Is L. Buchanan. B. A.,
(Toronto), boo of O. O. Buchanan ol
Going Again.
Boise, May 31.���After a receBB of
tbree days the trial of Wlllinni D. Haywood, charged with the murder of former Uovernor Frank Steunenbel-g, was
resumed this morning. Sixty-one new
talesmen were in court. It Is expected
that tbe jury will be completed by tomorrow night.
*    Alleged  Lord  to  Hang.
Jefferson City, Mo��� May 31.���The supreme court en banc has decreed that
"Lord" Frederick Seymour Barrington,
now ln jail at Clayton, Mo., shall be
hanged on July 25th for thc murder of
J. P. McCann, a St. Louis horseman.
(There is no Lord Frederick Barring-
Misleading Statement Attributed to V.
W. Odium by Vancouver
The Vancouver province of Wednes
nesdny, May 39th, contains the following remarkable Btory:
"The water In the rivers of Kootenay ls
rising steadily, and people In that district fear that the Hood conditions of
1894 will be repeated again this year,"
declared Mr. V. W. Odium, editor of the
Xelson Daily NewB, wbo arrived here
this morning on a business trip which
will keep him on the Coast for four or
five days.
"When I left, tho water ln the Kooteuny river had rlBen to n point only six
feet below high-water mark of the year
of the big floods, und lt Is believed that
Ihere ls sufficient snow in the hills to
keep the river rising for another month.
Everything polnta to dangerous conditions."
Presumably Mr. Odium has boen misquoted.
For tbe benefit of strangers who
might bo misled, it may bo Btated that
the water Ib not within 20 feet of the
level of 1894, that the level has been utmost unchanged for the lasl four dnys,
and thut, those with longest experience
are convinced that there Is not the
slightest danger of high water this year.
Sir Sanford Fleming Greeted by Queen's
Men In Turkey.
Ottawa, May 31.���Sir Sanford Fleming of Ottawa, chancellor of Queen'B
university, Kingston, has received a letter from tlie Queen's Alumni Association of Turkey, congratulating him on
his 80th birthday. The association ln
Turkey ls made up of 11 graduates.
Will Hold Her Own.
Budapest. Mny 31.���The Intention of
thc Hungarian government to keop the
peoplo of this counlry at home, so far
as possible, has beon further emphasized by the refusal of the commerce
minister, Francis Kossuth, to license the
establishment of n new migration route
from Hungary to South America by way
of Genoa, Italy,
||"" ..ice Commission of
No Value
Chief Beneficiary is G. F. Shepley,
K" C���Here Political Trick
���No Good Results.
Ottawa, May 31.���It is now recognized that whatever value the report of
the Royal Insurance Commission may
have as political literature, lt Is of no
great service lu the matter of insurance. The one thing that the organization as a whole seems to have taken
seriously was a political inquiry. All
the rest Is a tumultuous jumble, and
the report itself now appears to be
an object of ridicule to every person
who has knowledge of insurance. The
government has taken no action on the
report, and has paid uo attention to
the draft bill submitted by the commissioners.
But the Inquiry was an excellent en-
gagement for those employed ln lt.
Parliament has voted already $105,000
to pay the bills. Probably there will be
other votes next year. There was a
vote of $2ii,0Dt), then one of $10,000,
then one of $75,000. The way some of
this money went has been explained.
Other explanations will perhaps be
made next year.
Mr. Shepley, counsel for the government, wub paid $100 a day aud moving
expenses during tbe time he was employed. He also received a counsel fee
which was not fixed until after be had
finished his job. His pay went on after
he bad finished examining the witnesses
and all the time the commissioners
were supposed to be preparing the report. As Mr. Shepley is believed to
have written the report, thus acting as
prosecuting counsel, judge and jury, he
probably earned his money during tbe
period of the hearing as well as before.
Down to April 10th Mr. 8hepley had
received $8,000. It may he remarked
here that his firm drew $8,266 ln the
previous year In connection with other
government business. This Included a
round sum of $7,500 for professional
services ln connection with the Grand
Trunk Paclflc contract. Also It maybe said that this professional child of
fortune is now acting as counsel for
the government In the Bell Telephone
inquiry. There is a minister of justice,
a solicitor-general, a deputy minister of
justice, and two or three legal advisers
to the department of railways, but they
cannot get along without Mr. Shepley,
even though he comes high.
Mr. Tllley was Mr. Shepley's assistant. He got $50 a day and expenses.
and had drawn $4,000 when last heard
Mr. Dawson, principal actuary, was allowed $50 a day and expenses, and had
two assistants at $20 a day and expenses. Altogether these actuaries received $7,743.80
Then we have the commissioners
themselves. They were nllowed $30
per day ln addition to their moving ex
penses. This pay seems to have gone
on continuously. Payments on account
down to April last were $2,500 to Commissioner MacTnvlsh, $3,000 to Commissioner Langmulr, and $2,000 to Commissioner Kent: Chairman MacTnvlsh
ls a county court judge and hae been a
commissioner before. Sir Wilfrid Laurler appointed Judge MacTavlsh to Inquire Into tho Brockville und West
Huron election steals nud other frauds
of a like character. Tliess- matters had
been under discussion ln the privileges
committee and discoveries were made,
lt became necessary to choke off the
Inquiry and bo Sir Wilfrid used his inn
Jorlty In the House lo refer the charges
to n commission, it need only be said
that the Inquiry was never held.
Judge MacTavlsh was also appointed
by the Ross government as commissioner to Investigate the West Elgin
election steal. He held nn alleged Inquiry nud reported that while there
were some Irregularities, nothing hnd
been done "by which llle Integrity of
the poll wns violated, or the will of the
electorate subverted." He refused to
believe men who Bwore that they themselves had switched ballots. He did
not hear the evidence of scores of Conservative ready to swear that their
votes had not been counted. After his
report making light of the whole affair,
the Ross government candidate wub
brought to bay ln the courts. He then
confessed thut fraudulent nnd corrupt
means hnd been used tn secure the election, Hint strangers hnd been brought
lo hold pollB under assumed nnmes. Hint
the votes were falsely counted, thut the
bullets were manipulated, that agents
of the government cnndldnto hnd concealed lu their homes lho strangers who
noted us deputies and who corrupted
the electors. But Commissioner MacTavlsh discovered none of these things.
Such Is Mr. MacTavlsh's record as a
commissioner In election  inquiries.
The other two election commissioners do not appear to have exercised
much influence. It has come about that
the Insurance commission report Is absolutely valueless for the purpose Intended and so far as can now be seen
for any other purpose. Even the political scheme has failed. The two Immediate results are the expenditure of a
large sunt of money and the origination
of the "wine, women and graft" episode, resulting In the precipitous retirement of Mr. Emmerson from office and
pei-lmps in delaying the return of Mr.
Hymnn to his native land.
New Appolnteea Looking Over the Line
���Pleased With Nelson.
W. P. Kenny, assistant traffic manager of the Great Northern, St. Paul;
Superintendent Morgan, of the Spokane
Falls & Northern; W. C. Wtlks, travelling freight agent, Spokane, and P H.
Burnham, district freight and passenger agent, Grand Forks, are in the city.
Mr. Kenny having recently been promoted to the position occupied by W.
W. Broughton, he is taking this trip
with the object of becoming better acquainted with the requirements ot his
company. In an Interview this morning he expressed the belief that the
change to a night service would result
In bringing to Nelson a great number of
tourists. Nelson, he added, was heard
more of ln the Eastern states than any
other city ln British Columbia. He emphasized what has been said so often
before by visiting railway men,, that
Nelson has a bright future.
The party will be taken this afternoon for a trip up the lake In B. C.
Travis' launch. They will be accompanied by Fred Starkey and T. G.
National   Seamen's  Union   Haa  Called
Out Every Sailor, Including
Naval Reaervee.
Paris, May 31.���French commerce Is
threatened with complete paralysis as
a result of the general strike of sailors
belonging to the naval reserve which
went Into operation at daylight today
at all the ports of France. The naval reserves comprise almost all the maritime
population devoted to seafaring life.
Tbey number about 117,000 men of
which 2,500 belong to the war fleet. The
executive committee of the National
Seamen's Union ordered the strike because the members of the union regard
the government's new bill Increasing
pensions from $40.80 to $52.60 in the
case of seaman, and from $156 to $200
ln the case of captains, as being Inadequate.
The reports thus far received Indicate
that the tie-up Is complete. At the
Mediterranean, Atlantic and Channel
ports, the men generally left their ships.
The government promptly ordered the
army transports at Marseilles to be
placed in commission in order to insure
a mall service between France and
South African ports, but the transportation companies were taken by surprsle
and are at the mercy of the strikers.
The officials of the French Trans- Atlantic company hope that the Bteamer
La Provence will be able to sail from
Havre tomorrow. Legally, the companies are in a position to coerce the
men. Being members of the naval reserve the crews are subject to a heavy
jk unity for Insubordination, but it ls
regarded as more likely that they will
try to effect a compromise.
Urgent orders have been forwarded to
Toulon to prepare the transports Nlve,
Vlnhlong, Mlcho and Shamrock for sea
duty In cnse the strike of seamen Bhould
niuke tbelr services necessary. The torpedo boat destroyers at Marseilles are
being held with steam up In order to
carry tho mulls should this become necessary. The seamen at Havre have decided to strike today, and that town is
being placarded with notices to attend
the seamen's meeting. In accordance
with Ihe notification recoived from the
defence commitlee of the National Seamen's Union, the seamen at Dunkirk
nre preparing to go on strike,
Aatonlsh the Prlnca. . *
Ottawa, May 31.���An elaborate display of Canada's resources is being prepared at tho experimental farm for
Prlnoe Fushlmi and hla party. There
will be a grain arch and a well-arranged
exhibit of Canadian products. Prince
Fiislilmi will be Invited to make a selection of the products to show to tbo
Prices of Metals.
New York, May 31.���Silver, 67%c;
copper, 23Hc; lend, $6.
London, May ill.���Silver. 31 15-16d.;
lend,   ��20,
Wire to Petewawa.
Pelowawa, Ont., May 31.���The   Can-
nillun  Paclflc Railway  Telegraph company has opened nn office In the military camp here for the season.
Grand Forks Girl Killed
by Ber Sister
Emma Daman, Former Pupil of Helton High School Dead Fran
Blow From Small Stick.
(Special to The Dally Canadian.)
Grand Forks, May 31.���Coroner Kingston's Inquest on the remains of the
late Miss Emma Donnan, who died suddenly yesterday morning after being
struck by a small stick thrown by her
elder sister, Bella, the result of a dispute between the two sisters, returned
a verdict at a late hour last night, the
purport of which Ib that the late Mlsa
Elmma Donnan came to her death by
being struck by a stick thrown by her
sister, Bella, but not with intent to kill.
Great satisfaction ls felt here at the
result of the coroner's Investigation and
much sympathy ie felt for the grief-
stricken family.
Miss Emma Donnan ��� was for two
years a pupil ot Nelson high school. She
and a younger sister, Ida, came to Nelson in September, 1901. Miss Donnan
lived here, at different times, with the
family of W. S. Pearcy, and of W. Mclntyre.
When the Grand Forka high school
was opened in the fall of 1903 the
Misses Donnan attended there. Emma
took a teacher's certificate and has been
teaching school for the last three years
She waa 22 years of age.
One of Nelaon's Flrat Cltiaana Movea
to  Fresh Fields.
While the population of Nelaon la Increasing by leaps and bounda by new
arrivals, infant, juvenile aad adult,
there la something saddening ha the
graual disappearance of the old-timers,
the men who made Nelson, and provided Its diversion In early days.
There will be general regret at the announcement that Jacob Dover has finally severed Ua relations with the city of
Mr. Dover's residence and orchard on
Silica street were sold thla morning by
S. M. Brydges to E. Kerr, for the cash
consideration of $3,500. Mrs. Dover and
the children will leave tomorrow morning to join the husband and father in
Mr. Dover was engaged ln the jewelry-
business In Nelson for many yeara.
Since his retirement he haa amused
himself by selling cigars and pianos.
His declining years will be spent superintending a loan offlce in the metropolis
of Puget Sound.
Mr. Dover will long be remembered
In Nelson where his many talents have
made htm always a conspicuous figure.
Perhaps his chief claims to enduring
fame are based upon his celebrated
'stated case,' "Suppose the dealer
dealt," and on a speech before the Conservative Association on the evils ot
"splits" and the glories of "a unity."
If Mr. Dover's pressing business en*
gagements would permit ot his presence ln Nelson at this juncture nothing
would prevent his many friends and admirers from tendering a banquet and n
Balloonlsts Still Missing.
London, May 31.���The fate of the two
lieutenants who ascended from Alder-
shot In a military balloon on May 28th,
during the review In honor of Prince
l-'ushlml ot Japan, still remains a mystery. The war office has not received
any news since the inquiries made during the night refilled the story that the
aeronauts had arrived at the Scllly
Islands. Warships are cruising In the
Channel ln hope of obtaining some clue
to the officers fate.
Japan's Big Order.
Seattle, May 31.���Representing the
federal government of Japan and several of the < largest manufacturing and
other Arms of that nation, six prominent
Japanese citizens have arrived here and
will depart uiwn for the Brat, where
they will spend $10,000,000 In the purehase or' machinery, armamenta and
other material.
II The Daflv-f Canadian
1   '   1 ���
Miners' and AU
Campers' Supplies
TENTS in ali sizes and weights
UNDERWEAR  at  aU  prices
From 8 to 12 Pounds.
SOX.  MITTS,  etc..  eic.
HAY,   FLOUR and   FEED.
Iu all these lines we offer  excellent quality at very
reasonable prices.
ihey would no longer remain in the Sl.
Lawrence Hotel. So Mr. Emmerson
drove them to the Albion.
Now the St. Lawrence Hall is a reputable hotel, the Albion is a dive with an
evil reputation, a strange place to take
two ladies late in the evening.
As a local philosopher would remark
���"It don't sound reasonable."
Imperial Bank of Canada
Head OUice:   Toronto.
CAPITAL PAID UP....��4.T:-}0,C"J0 REST       ....   ��4,T8O,0OO.
D. R. WILKIE, President. HON". ROEEKT JAFFRAY, Tice-Prefideut
Branches in British Columbia:
Deposit* received Mid interest tltaroa at highest   current rate from date of
opening of -icooniH-. and compounded qnart-erly
J,   Ma   LAV,  Manager,
The Royal Bank of Canada
Savings Department
Nelson Branch, G. A. SPINK, Manager.
Published elx Qaj�� a wteK by Uie
Baker St.. Nelaon. B. 0.
bootcnpilof) ratee, bO ceiui a a.i>:*tti delivered
tn tlie isitY, or tt.uu a year If Nut b? mail, fheo
paid in _, i ������ *. v-*
Advr-ri.-ifij rate* ou application.
All nioiilef paid iu ffttllt'ine^'. vt The Dally
Canadian account.;, dtlier fof ���Qbecrtptlon-I or
���dverilalUK. must lie recripU***] for *':i the printed
iormB of tlie Coin pa uy. utbec reoeiptl nre not
MAV 31, 1��X>7.
It Is just five years today since the
treaty of peace was signed at Vereenig-
ing between Uritons and Boer*. The
history of those Jive years is instructive.
When peace was signed Lord KiK-h-
enr, who was commander-in-chief, and
ambassador extraordinary. promised
tbat as soon as it was considered practicable, the people of the Transvaal
would be accorded thfl right of self-government. That promise is already redeemed.
History contains no precedent fur flu-
prompt and generous tout*, reposed in
the conquered by the cod-jih :ur.s L\i n
the terma accorded the French in Canada, generous as th'-y uri.-. ireFfl noi
givtn until ll years after the treaty,
and 1-3 years after the close of actual
Undoubtedly a risk was involved in
handing lhe governniem of the Transvaal back tO the BOOT*, whfk* tbfl Ml
ier memories of ihe war are still fresh
Hut th*- danger wji; grow \&m >.-ar i...
year. The increase of population bj
immigration Into the Transvaal will Im
mainly British, and the balance of power will be transferred gradually and
Some alarm was caused by vhe suggestion of Premier Botha at (he Imperial Conference for the main'*
of an armed force of 40,00 men for Uu
defence of the Transvaal, To many \\
look like an efTort to revive a Boer
army for a last struggle for independence.
But it ls often forgotten by those who
think of trouble only between Briton
and Boer, that the two elements com
bined form but a small proportion of tin
total population, in all British South
Africa from Cape Colony to Rhodesia
there are oily about 1.200,000 whites
Pritiah Boer and others, while there are I
over 5,00".0*Ki blacks, of the finest
black races on earth, Zulu. Basto and
Matabili. And north of the Zambezi
th.> forests that stretch towards the
Congo are peopled with millions of the
same warlike stock. Any force whicli
Could unite the native South Africans
would threaten the existence of every
white inhabitant of South Africa.
Tbe Boers have been closer to that
peril than the British and It is not surprising that they ask for protection, or
the   means  of  self-protection.
Tor the rest, General Botha has
pledged the loyalty of his country in
words of unmistakable sincerity. The
Boers were gallant foes: there is no
reason to doubt that they will be loyal
The feat of converting stubborn enemies into loyal and law-abiding subjects
in the short period of five years is one
of which Britons may justly be proud.
it has never been accomplished by any
ether race.
Our esteeiDOd local ooatempOrary pnb-
Uabflfl this morning, without comment,
tbfl tale told by Mr. Kmmerson, of the
incident on which was based the Frederlcton Cleaner's charges which caused
thfl late minster of railways to take action for libel.
The Cleaner charged in plain lang-
m*tt that Mr. Krnmerton, In the o.mi-
i��any of two dlbreputaijle women, WU
oidered out of one Montreal hotel after
midnight and took reiuge In another.
Hr. Bmmerson'l story Ib, in brief: Ho
found two ladies at the Sl. Lawrence
\u.wi one evening, one of whom was a
ver> ul-j friend and the wife of a friend,
lie took the tv.y ladies out to supper
and spent the evening with them.
incidentally, he had originally gone
to that hotel to look for a friend named
Petera Peters must have been out of
town, as the search was abandoned as
soon as the women were found.
Late in the evening be and his lady
frit nds parted, they going to their room
in the front of the hotel, he to his own
in the rear.
Soon after two ladies in distress arrived at Mr. Emmerson's bed-room door,
iiow they knew where it was the deponent sayeth not. Mr. Kmmerson confesses to having been hard hearted
n ogll lo keep two .iL-iiated ladles wait-
in?; while he dressed
A porter had been rude to tbem and
The Canadian cures]indent of the
London Times, under the caption "Canada and the Imperial Ccnteience." divides Canadians into two classes with
regard to the conference, those who expected nothing, and those who feared
something. The first class consists of-
those who favor closer relations within
the Empire but know there is no boi*
with Liberals in office in Britain; the
second class "is chiefly formed by,
though not identical with, th*"* French
element, and is particularly represented
by Sir Wilfrid Laurier. . . . Some British supporters of Sir Wilfrid Laurier?
administration also adopt the same line
but their motive is probably purely political."' The summary is that of an unquestionably impartial observer, and no
one can honestly deny its intelligence
and accuracy.
The promise given to the delegate.--
from the Slocan towns by SujKTintend-
ent D. C. Coleman was all that could
be expected. He has promised to make
a full investigation next week, and to
do his best to secure for the people cf
the Slocan district a satisfactory mail
and passenger service. We have no
doubt thai the result of that investigation will be to convince Mr. Coleman
that the economy effected by the recent reduction is not sufficient to justify
the loss caused to the district.
Decoration of Graves of America's Dead
Washington. May Ml.���With solemnit>
and promptitude ceremonial day was observed in the national capital on a mon
elaborate scale than usual. Business
was suspended throughout the city. People of all classes united in perpetuating
the memory of the thousands of her
dead in the eight national cemeteries
here. At Arlington the principal exercises occurred. The 16,000 graves in
the cemetery were strewn with flowers
and each grave maiked by tiny American flags. A touching feature was the
decoration of graves in the part of the
cemetery where lie Uie Confederate
dead. The tomb of the "unknown
dead" was decorated by a special committee and the marine band rendered a
dirge, the same programme being followed in the section allotted to the
Spanish War dead and a wreath placed
on the anchor of the battleship Maine.
Later, in the ampitheatre, with n large
crowd present, the impressive service
for the soldier dead was conducted,
after which the unveiling of the monument to the memory of Major-General
Joseph A. Mower by the Society of the
Tennessee took place under the auspices of that society.
For Sale
$450.00, 2 loti on Latimer street.
$325.00, 1 lot on Latimer and Stanley.
$200.00, 30 ft lot on Chatham near Pine.
$175.00. lot on Carbonate near Park
$450.00, 16 lots on lnnes street.
West Baker Street. NELBON. B. C.
Coal! Ice! Wood!
Phone 265
Yale-Kootenay Ice, Fruit,
Fuel & Poultry Co., Ltd.
N. E. cor. Baker  and  Ward  St*.
Piano and Singing Lessons
Given by Mra. Winter Every Saturday
Mrs. Winter holds certificate from
Royal Academy for pianoforte playing
and singing. Certificate from Trinity
College, London, Eng.. for theory of music. Scholarship of the London Con ser.
vatolre of Music for singing and piano
playing.        Address Box 796, Nelson.
Alberta Farm Land
160 acre improved farm in Alberta,
will exchange for Nelton residential
property or Kootenay fruit land.
Baker St., Nelson.
Needs New Police Commission and New
Chief and Force.
San Francisco, May 31,���Tbe Call
saya today: "The commercial interests
of San Francisco have formally demanded the removal of the incumbents of
the police commission. The demand
made upon Mayor Schmitz yesterday
also involves the npi>o:utnient of a new
police commission from a list of ikimk-s
selected by that body of citizens, which
is practically th" rejuv.-nated and enlarged committee of 50, originally appointed by the mayor himself. Accompanying the formal demand for the removal of the police commission was a
list of names .'rom which the mayor is
expected to select the new board. The
commission expects to receive the may.
or's decision today. The demand for the
removal of the police commiss!** ners
and the appoint ment of a new chief by |
its successors is tbe tiist tactical procedure by the business men's committee organized at the suggestion of Gov- '
ernor for the restoration of la wand
Comncr.cing Monday,
May 20th, and continuing for 4 days, we will
Sell our stock of
Children's Wear at
Special Discount Prices
Special Sale of Children's Wear
Children's  Linen   Dresses  for    75c eick.
Children  White   Dresses  for    $1.00 ���cl.
Children's  White  Percale   Dresses    75e eicli
Children's White Undershirts   50c each.
Infants*  Slip  Shirts from    25c up
Infants' Muslin Bonnets    35c each _f.
Infants' Cream Coats from   $1.50 each _t.
We Invite inspection of these
Special Bargains.
For Sale Cheap
One 60-inch diameter, by 16ft. Sin.
long, underfired, return multi-tubular
boiler, In fair condition. Kighty-two
2-Va-in. tubes. 2 l-'S x " 1-6 in. steam
dome. Boiler is good for testing to 150
lbs. per square inch, and a working pressure of 80 to I-Ki lbs. Mountings consist
of safety valve, stop valve, water
gauges, try cocks, sludge cock and
check valve, set of fire bars and bearers.
One 9-ln. diameter i 14in. stroke, high
pressure, variable cut off expansion,
valve engine with governor. Fly wheel
and belt pulley are those not originally
supplied with the engine but are suitable for ordinary requirement. Engine
has been used to drive electric li^ht
at the smelter and is iu good condition.
One vertical multi-tubular exhaust
steam heated feed-water heater, 4 ft
high, lOHIn. diameter with openings
for 3-in. exhaust pipes. Corrugated copper tubes inside through which the feed
water passes. Stop valve, drain cock
and safety valve. Apply to
The HaU Mining & Smelting Co.,
Brand New Arf Bell Piano
John T. Pierre, Baker St.
Notice ii herebv given that I trill applr, mt tbe
n��xi meeting of lhe UcettH Cominiwnber* lor
tbe City ot Kelson, io htra tlie liquor iH*ena�� of
Uie .No Plata Inn. transferred frnm Archibald
Ferguson ne d to mwil,
Dnted May L*Jth. 18'*.. Wm GOSNELL.
By Puffer of Alteram,
Notice is bertby |tr*an that thirty dim aft*r
late J Intern to applv to the Hoard of Licence
CominlKtdc.c jri f<ir tl,.- Vmir dlltnot for a trim-
fer of the Itaance hHd by me for the Fort Hheppard hotel to F. Adle.
p-'lgned) A M.Shieli?.
Waneta, B.C. Ifsy lat, UOT.
Notice U hetebf given that at a id<*ting r./ the
Board of UeeOtt t 'titnmfttfuuer*, lo be b> id after
the expiration of tliirtr day*, 1 Intend to apply
for a transfer of my hotel licence for the (.'region
hotel, at CnttOO, to George itead.
16th X��t.iw7. f.J Miller.
Fotice f* hereby given that I will applv at the
next ni'-etiog of the Lien** ('"nmlwdonem,
for the ('lly of NeliMin, to haw the ilu inr licence
of the Sil .er King Hotel tftffufernM from myself to Robert Pn.iH, of tbe my of Nelion.
' rof Mar, MOT.
Dated ml* Tth day <
J-   M   MiCANDLlSIf.
Notice to Delinquent Co Owner.
To* harU't (l. Hlmpnon, or any other pemon
to Wham he way have tramf.-n-d bit interest In
the *M��v Blowom" miner*-! claim, iltuated ou
Brown Honoteltt,(wo  v..: ihiftlf nll�� matb<
went of Vmlr. in tin Nelaon Mining Division, nt
Weil Kootenay t'iMri l. ind rocuplod In (he
Ke-order'f i fltt, for tbfl nation bhiilon.
Yon ar.i\ t*arh ot you are hereby notified tbat
I have expended Xwf) hundred and five di>iian
CW&.OU* !u lal-i-ur ai.d improvemenu upon th--
IDOTfl mlOtnl claim In order to hoi*; the aame
���jnder the provlNlntiP o' the Mineral Art. and W
Within ninctv dayi from lhe date of tln�� nattta
you fell or refill* to contribute yot.r portion ol
thi < xpeiidilure. f��h'i*b li one hundred and t��..
fifty dollara [$WMQJ tor the two yean eoding
tth May. l*o,) loffthT with ah aoM of adver
llnng. vour intereit In ihe mil claim willtw-
come the property of th<- uudenigned under
See.-t of an A>: entitled: "An Act to Amend the
Mtn<>r*i Aet. 1**) "
Dated al Vmir. B. C , lAth May, 1��7
I. the underalgned, nfier ��> dan intend to apply lo the Hon ibeChief CommiMfonerof Landa
Ud Worki fnr pertnliKlon to pu chase tbe following denrlbed Und: Commencing at ft poat
marked N K. C , iltuated on the weal ihore of
Hloean like, a bo-it twentv milea from Slocan city,
thence weit 40 chaini. thenee aoulh (O ebalna,
tbence eail 40 chains theme nortb aloug the
ihore tif lake W cliulni lo point of c.mmenct*-
Located May 4th. Baier mmWta
Bittci White, Agent.
alxty day* nfier dak* J purpoae makingapplica-
Hon to the ''hief GonBWtOBM of Undi and
worka lor |*rmiiaion lo purcbue Lhe following
dlflOrtbM land; Commencing at a poit placed
at the norlhweat corner of iot ttHHt'l and marked'��� I' lid"��� H K eormr poat." running'th'iiot
tO chalna north tbence &> ebalna weit, thence t
chaini ioulb, tbenee WJ chalui east, to polntof
commencement, 'ontaimng ������!" atrea, more or
i 'nt*. d tbla Mb day of Mav, )U07.
jfSlaned) Ytrtta WcCt'Uoc��r
par P. A. M(��(.Uota, Agent.
ajgfflfe^ *���
Notice l�� hereby fiveu mat ��aayi alter date I l
intend to apt.vt.i the Hon. 4'h'efCommlulonetiol .
Laudmnd worka. Viciorta, for i*rmia*u'uf�� pur-
ebaw tbe following described land l Commen- lt>g
nt a poat planted ui lbe wen lide ol Slocan lake
andibouiiwomilra north of Kvans creek and
marked tt. it. Q i Mmthaut oornar ,-"��t. t.'ienve
north following thore ol lake Iv) cbain-j. tbem e
ereettt ehalna, ihence aonth I 0 'tains, thenee
eaai �� chatm to point of wmmencemeut, tw
acres more or leai.
Located April 2U, 1907.
Uso.B liijurrt, Ixwator,
Wa Clot ��h. Agent.
bmy Oan alter aate I intena to apply to the
Hon.Chie/Commlaaioner of Undi and "orki to
piirehnae the following described Ian!
In ?lre valley di.tn'.t of West Koolenay : Commencing at a post plauted at the U, K vcru. r of
John Bangi'pe-emptiou. thenee south 80 chain*,
thence we*t 4u chalu, tbenee north 80 chains.
thanee eaal -to < haiu* tu place ol beginning, eou-
UiiiiUi; b.v rn r. *���
J-ocated March Uth, WW.
P, A McfHKse, Locator.
J. J Kelly, Agent.
Take notice that 6o days after date 1 lutend to
apply io ibe Hou. Chief Commlaaioner of Unda
aud Work?, for pterintiaiou to purebaae tbe following deacrlbed landi: 4'ummeufing at the
louibeut eorner of lot &#5. theuce weat iu
cbalni, thence touth ss) ehain*. thenco emit 'A)
chains, Uieni** north /nebaim. thence weal lu
Chains to point of eommeneement, conuinlng
4u acre*, more or I***
Dated April 16th. W: P   J. BmhUy,
W   W. HskisLtt, Agent.
I, the undersigned, after 60 day* inlcnd lo apply to the Hon. tne Chief Commissionerof L*iidi
aud ftofkato purehaae the following described
Uud: Commencing al the S.L.t.ot Lot TW9
U. 1., thence wett 40 chaiui, tbenoe north A>
chaini, thence east io cbalni, tbence aoutb 'A)
chains to point of commencement, coulaln:ug taj
acre* more or lr.s.
Located Man b .Sth, 1907. W. A- MtLLi.
Take DOttfifl that sixty aays after date
I Inieud to apply lo the Honorable the Chlel
Commissioner of Lands a: : Wurki for permn-
liuu to purchase the following deacribtMl land
situated in the West Kootenay dlatrlct: Commencing at a post plant -d ai tbe aoutbeatt
corner of Lol CO, on the south ilde ol the Weal
Arm of Kootenay lake, tbeuce so chains weat to
southweit corner of said lol, thenee'J0 cbaiui
aouth, thence bo chaiui eut. theuce JO chaiua
north to place of commencement, containing lt*j
April lli.l, 1307. ,���,.*...  KoHSKTtOH,
per Ebxkit W. i.   ;���. ������-.*.*>��� Ageut.
Sixty days atur dale t Intend to apply to tne
Hou the Chief < ommliMoner of Landi and
(Cork*, N'niona. B C��� to purehaae V> aerea of
laud: Commencing it a jh>h plauteil at tbe City
of Nelson's B, E. corner po't, on Kootenay river,
ihence'JL' chaiua aouth. thence west Ju ebalna,
thence north io chain*, themy east 20 ebalm to
point of commencement
Nelson, B. C., April M, 1W7.        K. J. CtOUUH,
Sixty dtys after aate 1 intend to ftpfdy to Hon.
the ' litel I'ommiMioner - * l<audi and Worka for
permission to purehaae the following deicrlbed
lands in Kootenay dlitrlet: ' miimenclog at a
poet Earked Bruce White's N. W. corner post,
altuated at tbe northeast corner of P. K 30 about
a mile east of blocan river, tbence aoutb 'A.
chaini, thence wast U chains, lbence south 60
ehaim, tbence east -K> ....:.- thence north i
Ohalni) ilieme east M ebalus. thence nortb in
chains, theace west W chains to point of commencement, containing 4*Vi acres, more or less.
Located March Uth, 1W7. limn Whiti.
1, the underslg
ply to the Honor.
L-ancti and Work
followlmr laud:
S. L *'. of Lot Iii
R .���:. 30 chain*,
noutb 'Ai chains.
so i'h -lu ch&ln��,
uortb H) cbaiui l-
Located March
:ned. alter GO days Intend u> ap
able lhe Chief Commlnloner (Jf
' >r ;������������;. .-������.������u io purchaie the
-:.���;. mg at a post marked
1, tbenee west Hi ebalm, thenre
thence west A) cbalm, iheuce
thence W!*si ��) chains, thence
tbeuce east to ehains, theme
i point of commencement.
27th. 1907.      M.S. JfcNacoHT.
N. t. MiNaruirr, Agent
.Sixty dft vi mt ter date 1 purpoae nuUll appji-
taiion to the Hou. Chief Commlisioner of Uad*
and works, for permission to purchase lbe following dcscrib-jd land: 4'ommenr-ing ata it-oat
���Jacenonthe west shore of Lower Whataban
lake, about a U mile from lhe outlet ol mme,
and tnaraeil '11. W's, N.a. corner post.' ruuning thence So chaini west, tbence 80 chalm
south, thence 80 ehalna cttit, Ihence au chaina
north to point of eommeucement, containing
6*1 acrei, more or leai.
I'ated the Sfnd duy of M��v, lw;
(jsigne-DH. Wtamaa*
per i*  ti. r mi ui ita, Agent.
Jslity days af tu 'late I Mirpoie making ��ppU>
cation tothe Hon. the Chief Commliaioner of
l*ntli and Work* for permisidon lo purchase the
following deeeribM laad; i immtncing at a
jxwl pla'el at the ��i>rtti��*aat c rner of �� i.
-1'iiucr'i application to puiebaae tnarfeed
"B ��'���*. N fl corner ptiftt" tbetitw followlug the
eastern boundary of aald application 80 chaini
iouth. thente r-junlug WJ cbaiu* east, then�� e **t
ehaim north to lbe aouthern Ix.nndan of K. \\,
Hauningtoii'i applwation Uj purehaae.'thenee 00
cbalm  west  along saint   lo point of commeute-
iioiit, cuntaiuiug ftio eeree, more or lets.
l>ated Iti'l day of May, 1SV7,
iKIgnedjU. HmitL.
perF.ti  Fit'wnia, Agent.
Hixty days afterdate 1 intend lo apply lothe
Oonorable the Chief Cutumiuioner ol Undi and
* of I* for peroilailon to purehaae the following
dwerjhed laud* in West Kooteuay dlsirlct! i'utn<
inenelng ��t �� jK)*t plnnted on the aoulh ibon ol
Kooteuay lake, and a*ijoining C. K H. Uoek No.
lo. aud marled "Tuni Uoroon * nortbwi*t corner
post," tbenee aouth to chaini, thence east 40
chains, thenca north _�� ebalm. more or leai to
Uie Wten, lbence west 40 ebalm lo point of
Dated ibis aoth of April, iw7.
Ton 'ifjtiKi*
Hlxly dayi after dale 1 intend to ��ppjy ui the
Hofl   chief CommlMloner of Lands aud Work*
lor permission to purchase  the  following de
IDNUU  iu  West Kooteuay district;   C(,m
Mr)bed land  m  West Kootenay ...�� : <    ,.
meuclug at a post ma-ked A. (.'. v.- northwest
norner po*t, running -W chains easterly aioue
tne tM under* "f Tlmbf r licence No. afiffl thenr��
southerly 50 chaini, tbence westeny 40 chain*
ihence northerly !r* ehains nlong tbe 0   V H
track to ihe place of oommwowMnt eoatatnini
Iwo hundred wres. moreor less.
IxKated Ibis >lh day of May. 1907.
^^^ A. C. Briii, f^ca'ot.
.,KlxlT/.*J. *"*VUu' ' 1Q'��"1 i�� apply to the
Hou. Chlel Commlsiioner of Undi and Worka
Vlr torla. to | "chase tb following d��Kri'��d
lands adjoining ihe Arrow lakes tn West Ko(,t
euaj : Commenelni.' at a post plantel at the
N. #. corner of J H. Porter's pre empilon, and
marked L. ��'s H. W eorner poet, thence*}chaini
norlh along lake shore, thenee |p cbalni east
thence 20 ehalni iouth, tbence A) chalui west t.i
placeof beginning, eontainiug 40 acrei, more or
April 18, IW7.
Kvti.y* ffAttm,
Sixty dayi after dale 1 intend toapply to the
Hou Chiet Commfaitoner of Undi and Worki
to purchase ttOatr^ of land located about Smiles
"."'I'TV.'/ Bur,.(.'i; Commencing ate p��<
plinUrd at ihe soulhwest corner of I/>t B1��i ind
marked it A Hunters ualbMIt corner, thenee
north #1 ehains, tlience west m ehains. thanoa
���outh iO chalai, ihence eaat A) chalm lo place
of beginning. v   ^
Located April 30th, 1WT g. a HtMia
per a. Kgr-Ltk, Ageut.
Fred Irvine Sti Co'y
For Further Information Apply to
. il. rl 1 1 Ot NELSON, B.
The Hall Mining and Smelt
Company, Limited.
Purchases Lead, Copper and Dry Ore
Wholesale Provl��lon��,
Produ-ce,        -        Pruit.
Government Owinierjr One Pisand linckn rweiriyl weekJ-f trMi from tbe
ehnrn.   Kor wUe bj ��1] lcadinj; gnceta.
Office and warehouse: HonMon Block,   Phone 7��.
Josephine Street.
Nelson, B. C.
tUt*, d��y�� aller sl.t. I u.t.U'l lo ap[slr lis Usi-
Hois, lhe i'ttUtt Ciimuslwls.lu-s* o( Us..;, mo
worksitopurcb.su.]s��.s-n.|ssf l.isil; ComTicTssln.
.1 ��� po��i pl.nte.1 on tin sss-n ,\,i, ol fi-Mil. rr.vk
on tlie wagon roait ibrnst .",, issllei Inim Koot.
(���si.) l��-t, -utii m��rk,.d Niil 9,.|fM'ttiir'��� .oiilh-
����>t<isrner poit. thenoe s.,-.t ��iih��ir��, ihent-e
isnrth *) rhaim. thetssv .-a��t iss sshaiu^ thenre
���ssssth ttflbalM lo plan, i.i NginilM,
luxated thUlUril slay i,l April. Ivf.
NIIL .McKks'iimp..
  K J KLLlort. Agent.
Notice li hertstsy given that ISO .s.s. atter tlate I
Intensl toaptilT lo the Bonorahlt the ( blel isom.
mluloner of Lansl. and ��*orki Inr permlHlon
to piirihaw ahs.sst lUacrjtoJ land. Blliiate near
thel-euil sl'urellle ns,r, ��>���! Koolenay slutrlcl,
and deacrlbed ai followa: 'otntni-ni-lug at a
poet markesl ii. 8. *llissm,on*si N. W. rorner pint.
>ltssai.-�� ou the usislh boundary and jgrbaltu
from f Vi po.1 ..I l/n :i��(, tbence aoulh al��sus70
chalm, thenre ra��t alM.nt�� ch.lni pi a Mint on
the ��..s bouml.ry ansl ti chaini Irom ��. * |��s.t
o[lyit,;��i, ihence uorih !0 chaiui aud Lhanta
weil ����� rhalni to Ihe place nl beginning.
��tb March, IWI. ?,. K   !������.��,,.,
                        A. li. I.A.*. Agent.
I. ili-sin,lirilgni-l.aller��o.iari mtind loan-
:; *n Ihe ll.ino:able Die I hlel >'.insus��-n.n.r ol
���*".'".*,u'1 "urki lopisr.l.*-. n���. |���||���wi,,g ,[,.
M-rlU-d land: Commrasefiig at n poM marked
N >. I". Iltuate at Use its..ills i.l I *.,vr rr-eek on
Its, weal ihore of HtWUl lake, thense w, M .11
cliaina, Ihcnce wsitls as chain,, thi-nce wen 'Si
r .aim. thence iouth �� chalui, ll,. nre ��e,t w
chalm, thence .outh ��s sham.. IbOMMft E
cbaini, thenre norih MrlialDk lo pulnl nl com-
l..t nl-A March ^tlb, l��ri       ^  y Mt Nailiit.
. l:,1,"*���IIM'''*.r,|l""*d.l"lrhilaller��ldayi loa|,|ilv
to lbe Hon. lbe c hlel l,t.niml..lo.ierol Und. an.l
��otka Inr pcrui , t��� ,.���,, |���M. ,|���. lollowlng
deeerlbed land: t sm miming .1 > poit s�����ske,i
IJ ""���'I'." * I ' *'-'��led -1111.. wr.l.horr
Ol ��IU like, Ibool twelve mile, from the Isenl
���    JkU,"    "'"'���  ''**""   "''"  ���"' ��Sal��t,  Ihrnre
nor h <S than teat ca��i �� chalm. Ihenoe
���osilh alnng .bore t.i Hlor.n   lake ���* |��,lul ol
comm esnsnt.
l/K-ated Mar-lib. T. M.Smai.
��� da), alter dale I Inteud us apply to thr Hon.
' I.PI ' unimlwloner sf Laiuli ���*,:��.���,. Vienna ii. purchaie 160 acrei ol land In flre Valley.
Weil hts.slenaydliirlet,and dr., rlbed ai lollowi:
(.onsmeiirlng at a poii marked W H ��rlL-hl*i
. 'SP'V'' *'"l 'utiulug norlh svj s halm, thenre
weat to chaini, theuce ninth *' chaini. llienee
eaat �����!) rhalni to piers- of bestlnnliig. and lj*lng
the wen s.ue hall nl ihe N.K s|ilarter ol Kes-lloll
.��. and thc weal hall ol thc K a. one-smarter til
MOUon 8,1 In Townabip 71 ti. I.
Mareh 30th. 1WT7 w. II. W��u.i1T
������ '-"/. (fi """date 1 Intend loapply lathe
nob. Chief ft,miiila,;oni-r nl IjhiiU and Worki
Us pslrehaie ITS) acre, of land lu Kire Valirr, WhI
Knot, sssn- dlnrirt aod sleicrtl��-d af lollowi:
fommcurlng at a poit markesl J. K's H. K
corner, and ruuning north no ehalni, tlience
weit 40 rhalni. thence aouth Ui chain' tl.rnit-
���saitcisl.alniloolace ul beginning, and being
be wen sinehafl of the ��. K oue uliarter and
the eait one-half of the 9, w. one i.ssuller, aud
the wen one hall of Ihe N.K tine mianer, and
tlie rail auehalf ol Iho N. V,. ouauuarter ol
necllyn 31. -Towoiblp7), 0. 1.
M.rri, aoth. 1*7. John Kxkwt.
Notice la hereby given that oo dayi afler date I
intend to Ipnlj tothe Hon. th.cl l.omiulailonor
01 Undi and w���rki for permlaalon to purrhaae
the lollowlng ilusrrllwd landi. altsialc In Weil
h".  i"V '""lrl|,|: Commencing at a i-.ilrnaik.
i V ''s'rter'i N, W. eorner, tlsens-e aouth *l
cnalm, lollowlng the eaitern bs.utidiiry ssl 11.
w-ioui appllcatls.i: Ui purchaie; ihentc tail 40
chalm: Ihence litsrth Ulshalh,: thenre welt *l
raaini to poini nl commencement, containing
MO arret mt.rr or ,,���.�� *
"aud thii llth day of March, 1W7.
;, ta FOITU.
Noilce ii hsreby given tlsaltOtUvi alter datj
Intend lo apply to the Hon. Chid tiisimlnl'*
of Undi and Worki tor amtmm 1*1*51
Use f.s;s,,winf sleacrllasd land lis .*t____*M
dlitrlet. on weal ah-vre nf hot"' *'!,'",.
ailjitinlng l.ot Sti. WS. on tlscmiith :M
ai a poii niarked -Harry Mcl^el i .* m
Poit ansl ilaulcd on the ihs.reet Iai**!"
Uke. at the issuthesaat cornel s.flipt roa---
. -CIS. Iheuce we.t JO chalm. Ih'"" ""ll
i halm more or leai lo the north hosinslssrj.j
Fiillmiirci p. K , tbenceSn-balnieiittwja
���aid boundary to lake, thenre noeth aioaa*^
lake .nor.. JO* cbalni. srore nr leai te ,
loliiuseniemcut. UM.
May 2nd, 1W7. ' __ ""Jn
Agent for lUrryM^
'Isl,   i,.s    tftei dab* I Hit- ' !   I!" .'*,"_L
Hon. Hie i blef t'ommls..l"iser s.f 1-*D73
Worki, Vicuiria, to purs-hate !J�� ,"""^ ,3
Isscated on lhe woat ilde ssl Arrow !u<">����'t3
ilirectlv uorih ol lx>t7V7B: ',omi��eni;l����l;'a
piai,i,.,r .i the ST. K. cornor ..I Col ���_"��'^l
ed "B. IU corner," and rs.nnim �����I
chain., thence weal �� chalm. ihenc *mm
chasm, thence weal ��> chain, theme ���"".I
cbalni. thence ea��l 40 Chans* to poll" i'i ���
"a-J-rtlBrt.UCT. """" _____
s le
���    i  ts. purrha��c Ih** '���.'""''"il,
~nbed land, iltuated In ihe MtMaMtmnj
met:  Commencing at a ps��i pi����'""__,
well ilde ol Kootenay lake, near J"!!""-'
point, and marked ;  MeKlnniiot *��� ��-"*,
pint.  Ihence  we.t HO  chain,   thence ����n
chalna. iheuce eaal ��l chaiui mon* ur ��" �� .
ihore.the.ee aloug lake ��� hore w P"m' ���
meli.-ement. , ,  ��� ..,������,
 glgnedJ Mcag_g,
Hils .lis. aller dale 1 Ultels I 10 .l'l*' [",
Hon the Chlel CommHalonci J '���""!.
Worki to pun-haje the p.llowlisl tl'"*��""..
lm and In Kicj Valley dlitrin ol *'���*'"J?
'..Oilitriirlug atajioit plillie.1 A, Use - \.
ut John Bang- pie ..mpllssss, thence ��� JJ
touth, tbence 40 cbalni weat. th"s'. *"m
lis.rth.llieiHetOehnllueait Ic place ssl'
Bu Hino Kirn. U��
 . ,. Kiu^jfi*!*-
-1,1)  del- aller dale   I   |sUI,^i��n"-'ljA
callon In llie Chief foniinluloner "' '-"JJU
Wsirkt lor |��nnlul,in lo purs*ha��- IM ���>'���"���-
slcm-rlbed land:   Ctsissaienclng al a |����s
at Ihe tsssills.ait comer oi J W 1_rtS__
i.l p.s. am.i.  lo purchaie. marked    *������
enrner." ruuning Ihcnce ��0chalnni'" m>
m obalm. aat. ibenee mi cnalm aouib. "�� ���
chalnt wett to polnl olctsmmencenselil.c"
lag ins gcrca. mure nr leaa
lMlcd tbc Oth .lay ol April. 1007     Fj|.��n* |
Perf ll Karurilia,
Hntr dan aller dale I lulen.! UUCTW
Hon Chief totnmla.loner nl Un.li �����*
Mils iLivi alter date I pui|�����- "'.���';'*
ealli.n to the Honorable {he Chief I omBJt
nf Undi antl Wnrka lor permlMlou \___E____t _
ihelullowlng daaerllied land:   <<������������'"'J1 ���ia
a poil plaeeilaboul oue and hall ��U"JU|
Sliver Tip Polnl, on V, halthan Wt """��� iaF
He oreek marked *���> W.O. H'i.iH J*.,!','����
nlng Ihence Ml chalm welllololu '""���., ,_A_
by F I.. Hammin.d.nt agent, ______ _. |&
norlh, tlience HO ebalna eait, lli.lste *-��� ..,,��
aositb tts psslul ol commencement, loss ���
Ms' acrei. mure or leaa.
Dated the llth .lay ol AprIK l|07._  Iun��i��.
PerF. 0. ratlt|fik".^L
Hlxts- dayi aller date I Inieud to aPP1/ ��tf
Il.su. Chief tsoinroHiloiier ul _**_*Ss\___l
t.s nur. haae :'�� acsel ol lansl. illsialc "�� Kg|
,Ide of Armw lake, about IWssnsllet fr''" "^ ���
t:ismmentlngata poat planted al lhe�� '
of I. f.M7, and sssarlc.l N. T H> N- * .."KiSl
running eaal ass chalm, Ibenee toi   �� ;,f|i,IH|
Ihcnce wen 4-i chalm, Ihonce to""   ,.h,inl��P
thonce wctl to rhalni, the ice nurth ������
place of beginning. ,,,. t Blfi
Burlou, Aprilard.aw^^Mh.';^ The Daily Canadian
Who Want a Good Arcticle Will Buy
Ives Satisfaction, Because It Is Lean, Thoroughly
ICured and Smoked.   Our Hams Are
Excellent Also.   All  Are Canadian
Goods.  Pure Lard in All Sizes.
Barns & Co., Ltd*
.,., i, mai MOav* Uler dst* I
;, i!,r riouorftblfl tbe Cute! Com-
it, i- aud Worki tor a ipecul
ini tarry �����"���? tlmbw from tli��
,.l lau!' in tneat Kouu-uay difr
- msacing ut a pOtt planted
,i, ni Ill H-Wrry cretik. alMiin
��� ,- k from railway track,
., . ���il.*in*f wt cli-lii" aouth,
uni thenca i" cliaina uorth,
veil theDM 40<*h*tii*s nortii to
r ' '
. ncln'f ftt a|M*t piiitit��'i
ol Location Ro i. ttaesoi
. - * obalDi norib. thanoa
. i uini. south, thanoa m
iiatni Haa t<> poiat <���(
i(iniiiivuelliK at apOfl pUlited
rtlicwrt oornar of 1/icatWni
!,r..ii- -outb, ihfuce Wehatai
���;-  imrth,  tlii'tiec   10 I'hnlTm
taitii south    ffi��� if** SO " li��iij-
Kavan W. Kotnusoti
iv.ti lliat ��i ilaya alter dtt�� 1
. Honorabl* the c ii lei Cora -
and Worka. Victoria, for a
>iit and wrv away timber
Imcrlbed laud lu thedlftilet
it a poat abont seven miles from
nmmii creak, lu a wuteriy Una
��� i M H-nii) i northuaat euruer
> rbkim wait, tbenei to rbattn
Uchatni WHt,the&M -tu chalnn
ID ���i.Mtn* uM, tbci)c�� in chaiua
i uhaini aaati Itaeaot to chaini
*! rommenoaneBl
lib, wi,
���,. M   HaiSY.Uicalor,
���.wil" I'rmii, Agent.
i lij itm ii tlial HOdava titer ilat** i
F MtiuorabtataaOUatOottt'
' Uml* and Worki lor a apeclal
Mil carry away umber from tbc
-io] landi fttluateO on lhe weil
���������������>���' reek '���alley; ('ommtnclug
ml a half milt* north of the iuler-
Ddary line and about oue and a
>tol tin* Ni Iiod nml Kort Hheppard
mt: >������ lani grant in the dlatrlct ol
BUienclDi   si a iHM>t planted   two
I bti Hbeep creek, kuown aa tbe ,
runt imni   |"tMii|[ J. K. ('rauaton'a ,
|m So 1.1 immiiiK mi chalui uorth, \
n-:   il    no chalu* aoutb,
"i i" Mutul commcucemeni.
arch :i-i. \m
iiiinriiuiid  hi  a  i��iHt plalittnl al the
So. 1, known aa tbe
irnel pottol .    aU *ti No vi, i-lalmltiK
-   t,ami cm. theaat��� !
-     I aim weal to point of
ll  !W.
'   i   |>oit piaeed halt a
. nation No 2, kuown aa thc smith-
lalmltig W   hums north, lbence tio
IhtfUn   -.   rhalni aouih, tbence HU
H io wini dI ii'iiniiencemenl.
J I'. BwiiiHEao, Locator.
K   I   KmiRijikjrm, -\nfnt.
|i-   frrby given ttuttJB <U{I afti-r date
1 1 to lbe Hon, Chief Commlaalon.
��il Work* for a apeclal licenae to
��wa*j   timtH-r Irom thc following
rl* altuated oti the weat utile of Hig
��� "iumencing about i',. milei
i. .  usl boundary hue, ami
I ���* WMt ol Hig hbeep creek in tbe
It ' DOU u��y ;
mencini at a poat planted atHiut
nl , - ��� {< crrfk. ktiDwn ic tbc
"��������� |Hiit, ilaiming 8o rhaim aoutb,
im wot, tbence Mi ubalna norm,
tn- enst to ).. .um ol commencement.
DeoctDg al a ji.im plauted at ilu
win r ol ,,-i.iii St. 1, kuown a* the
"���ir.nr ).UMt, claiming W chalna north,
I...!,, umai, Ciciice Hll ebalna aouth,
'������"��� ���'������ ����� -i io point ol commencement.
nmenclu at a pout planted at the
tteoruet of incHtlon No I kuown ����� thi
I . i* I HUH I-  HI i in. Ill- UOrtll,
1 Pbaiui v,m, tbence Hi) chalm aouth.
in*em to polut of commeucemvui.
ill Iith, IOT.
j. i', NwauaKko, umtar,
K 1   Khukukikw, Agent.
(Timber Limit *>o. 2)
|ii> hen bj given bat 00 daya after date 1
��� J * 'he Hounranle the ciiicf'om-
Uiidi mi t Worka for a apeclal
il ind carrv a��MT tinilicr from n.%
iirlbi'd laud', altuated on Kooakanax
Iwwi Kootenay district*,
lltttll ii ��� poi) i.iHiitc' al the north'
���fwrol hmbei Limit No HW47,and nin:X-
I. Lea'i mui tb wall comer poit, lbence
KbniiM theUM wit 10 chalna. thenee
H imu weal M chaiui lo point of
rt March1.*., iot.       II   1>  Lii.l-ocator.
[Timber Notice No H)
f'l'liiK nl n |.oll tilntiled at the loUtllCUlt
hmi. ntnl at i he tun Hi wi at cm uer
_,, *ti�� No. W140, lbence norlh iwi
��� Hi. ri.*,. enn 411 chalna to went Ilm- ol
II'inm Nn WW,. Inllowlug line ol No
J>1".'H. iwiclialua. theliee followlnir line
I "Iim* No   itw-irt 4o ebalna lo poiat ot
II Marcli IB, linn.      M. D. Lea, LOOttOT,
. i'Imber KottjM No.4.)
' hereb) kivcu that N dava nfter dale 1
"Hiiy to ibe Hon. I ble) OomnlndohU
hl*i '"i kh (or a apeclal liceuie IO cut
m.i ������)��� tun bet Irom ihe lolliiwiuir dc-
I'nuli, Miioileilon  KooakiuiHX'-rm'k In
���en**? ili.trut. and about   five mild
Pi Mr..*
poit p'auled ou the norlb
1 *nd hIiniii ball ii mih- from creek,
1 II i' Lm'i loulheHHt corner poat,
"'  ���*" chniiia, theuce won Hll eluiliii.
n.th mi fhitliin, tlience eaat 80 chalui to
1 nareh ai. tw.     ll li Ui,Looator.
' Umber Notice Nn. fi,)
;"'lii��   ui   a  poM murked  H    I).  Lft'l
ier tiont, ihence north wi chalin,
��*M line oi k., 4 location, thenco
�����i��. llienee mmiiIi ho chain*, Ihcnce
a��arohel,lOT      H.i. La*, Ucator.
(limber I imn Ko,lJ
l,r,'l')' Klvcu  iimt alxty daya afler
nth hu cimtna.ihonec woal tm
north ��) chaina hi point ol ooiu-
|f*'> Mutch ;ii, iot.      II. DLw, locator,
"linhcr Limit No.7)
!��� imrih! ���,,l|,H,"t I'lmited antl marked H.
1 'ollimhu, ,V,,rncr P��*l> tbvuw aonth W
Iwo* BD ni , "V1 ll"1' Ol h-j.fl limit,
hifflff' tn��1M north H0 cliiilim,
mina to point of commoneciiH'nt.
'���i:,1-l*i7.      H.li.LrA.UcHior.
i'1'1 Kiven Mmi H*iflny* fr dnte
H1*- mnl \C,���.i V u" ''I'b'f CotniulaHliiiior
LrtJ i.��i.v if. i 'r ", "iwlal licenae to cut
P 1��imIi|u \ "' 'V 'rom the following da-
"> "en Koolenay ttlatrlvt:
I iui ������
I'"1 Mn
(.oinmcuei K al a poat plauted on the norlh
�� J i'i *,ille,''""'k fcU,,lt ��"e ��"��� *n1 a balf
[r��.m Hloenn i���ke. marked E Utraiid'i northweat
corner pout theuce eaat UO Qhffni, them-e aouth
4OObelni .Ihcnce WMt UO chalui. theuce nortb
io t halm lo point of coiiinitMKranitml.
Dated thla 21it day of MarolL IOT.
i         K. Jtraku, Ux-ator.
Notice li hereby Kiven timt to dayi alter date 1
inteuil loapplj u, the Hon. &e (fhlef Comuila-
���loimr of Landi and Worka, et Victoria, for a
IVeael ilc*UM* to cut and In a-ay tlmlier
from lbe fo lowing deicrlboil Jiuda in Yale dla-
No. L-Commenclug ml a jhA planted alK.ut 10
chaltiKeait of main Cattle rlter and abont one
mile mure or lent uor'b uf fc. P K. Hlock No.
:a*^7, and marked Boundary lumber Co*l 8. K.
corner poit No. 1, thenue Ho cliaina u rth. tbeuce
W chalna wea-. theuce m chatuB aouth. tbenoo ��0
chhliu-caat to the |��iiiit ol comineuccuieui.
Dated Mar li lUd, iot.
N-.2-���' ommcuelriK at a pnul planted about 10
cbaina eaat of main Keltle river aboul BO chaini
north of Houndary Lumber Co'a Location No. 1,
and marked boundary Lumlier Co'a H. t. corner
roal No I, thence to cbaina north,  lbence 10
ohalni went., tbenoe no chaiui ��4>uih. theuce *��
chalui eaat lo the paint of coimnenoiineui.
Dated Uud March, IOT.
No. ��.���Commencing at a poit planted about U0
chaiua eait ol main Keltic riverand about B0
Ohatttl north ol Boundary Lumlier Co'i location
poal. No 2, and marked Boundary Lumber Co'i
h. K. uormr poit No. 8, tbence m chalna north,
thence Ho chatm weat, tbenoa MO chaina aoutb,
tbence IW cbaina eait to tbe polo t of oommeneement.
l��n i**d March 22nd, IOT.
No.4 ��� Commencing at a poat planted about
10 ehalni eaat of the tnalu Kettle river aud about
hu cbaini north of Boundarv Lumber t'o'a looatlon poal Nn. a, and Bttgfcei Boundary Lumber
t o'a B. r' corner poat No a, tbeuce 80 ebalna
unrth, tbence HO chaina weat, theuce HO chaini
aoulh, tbeuce Ho ebalna cant to the point of com-
in en cement.
Dated March End, IOT.
No 6.���Cowmeucln-f at a poat planted about
l.'i ��� halm eail ot main Kettle riverand about
two mllei north, moreor l��aa, of Itoundary I.um-
ber . o'a Location No.4. and marked Houudarv
Luiiitier Co'i k i: i-.n-tti )>oat No B, tbence ml
ihaiui- north, tlun������<��� HO cbaina went, thenee 80
chalnn aoutl). tiieuiw HoRhaluauacl Ui the point
of commeneemeuL
!>atcd March lMi-L IW7.
No. 6.���Commeuelng at a pont plantcil about 25
chalna eaat of main keltle river on C H. K. line
bloci No. '.T14, ami al oul HO chalna north of
Houndary Lumber t'o'i location poat No. ft, and
inarkrd Kmindnrv Linn Ut Co'a K. K corner poat
No. ti. thence KU cbatraa nortb, lollowlng C. V. R.
lint bliK'k No .-714, ilifiice HOchalni weal, tbenee
80 ebalni aouth, tbeuce 8u cbalni e-aat to tbe
(Nilnt of i-'tnnnnicviiieiit.
Dated March ��8rd. ll��J7.
No, 1.��� I'ommenctng at a i>oat planted about
16 chalna weat ofthe main Keltle river on C H.K.
line block No 2714. and aboul HO chalna north of
Houndarv 1 umber Oo'i location poit No. fi, and
marked Boundary Lumtwr Co'i r** L coruor poat
No 7, tbence 100 chaiui north, following C. I. H
Uut blm-k No. 27)4, ihence 40elmtni weat, tbenee
1A0 vbalua aoutb, tbeuce ��0 chaiui eaal to tbe
point of eommeneement.
Dated March ;.:rd. iot *
No. 8���Commcueliiv at ra poit plained about
'JOt bai na weal from river bank ami about 8 mllei
aouth, more or leaa, of tbe laat eaal branch of the
ea-i (��� ik of the main Kettle riv t or about 13
milt-a north, more or leaa, of C. f. I' Hlock No.
J7ii on eaat fork ol Kettle river, marled Boundary Lumber Co'i N. VV corner poit No 8, thenoe
an t halm eaat, tbence 80 cbaina aou th. tbence 8>)
chalm weit, tb -n.-i- 80 chaloi north to Uie point
III I  s.lll ItO'll' l-IIO  ni
Hated March 25th, POT.
No. ��.��� Camroeneing ata poat planted about
'Ai chalna weit from river bank, on tbe eaat fork
o| Keltle river, aud about Mu di um- aoutb of
Boundary Lumlier Co'i looeUwi poel No H, and
marked Bouudary lumber Co'a N.W. eoruer
poat No fi, thence 80 chalm eaat. tb 'in 80 chalm
Mouth, thence HO cbaina weat, the nee 80 cbalm
north to the point of corameneeine ot.
Dated March 2"'ih, IOT.
No. 10 -���Commeneing at a poat planted about
auchalnaweat from river hank on the eaal fork
ol Kettle river, ami about 80 H iam- ��ou(h of
Houndary Lumlier Co'a loeatiou p* tat No 9, and
marked Boundary Lumber Co'a N. VV. eoruer
jHtat No. 10, thence 80 chafm eai.l, tbenee R0
chains aoutb. thiuce Ho cbaina w aai, tbeuoe lu
chaiui uortb to lhe oolut of cumm> iDcruienl.
Dated March Mth, IOT.
No. II.-Commenciug at a poat p luted about
lfi chalna we*r from river bauk ou lha eaat ttrk
of Kettle river, aud about HO ehailai aoutb of
Bouudary Lumber Co'a location po* t No lo, and
mnrked Houndary Lumlier��-o'i n.w eoruer pott
No ll, tbence ho chaina eait, thei ire HO cbalni
aoutb, lifiuc ii chalui wett, the Ma BUfbalua
Uortb lo tbe |��ol)lt ol commeiicemei it
Dated March iith. IOT.
No ).. ' oniiiieiieiuc at a noil planted ahont 12
clmlni weat from river baflk an the eait 11 k of
Ke tie ri er, and nbout HO cbaina aoulh of
Boundary Lumber Co'a location ptHt No. 11, Hnd
mniked Boundnry Lumber Co'i N. Vi. eoruer
po>l No, VI. tbence HO cbalm eaat, llieinv 80
chaini a"iith. ihclice ���> ' chitlui weil, llic.'jct* 80
liorlh to the itolut of coninii-ncui aetil.
Dated Manh *'��lh, IOT.
No u   Oomne&etni at a p<,��i plennd tahtntt
12 chalm wml Irom river ban i on the eaal fork
of Kettle river, and about au ebalna aouth of
llouiidaty Lumber foa local inn poal No. 12. and
uiarked Boundary l.timb- t Co'i N W. corner
p .i o II, ibenee Ho chalm eaat, tlience Mi
chaltia 100th. lb'lire HO cliaim well, tlienc*' 80
chalm norm to <hi< point of euiumeiH-*4*meiit.
Pated March iMh, iwiT.
No 14. UonVeetdni alii)HHt planlcd atmut
in i imni- �� il from river bank on the eaat fork
ol "fill" river, and aboul HOjhullia aoutb of
lloutuliiry Lumber Co'i looattou poit No IX, and
markld Bonn mry LumberCo'a N Vi. rorner poat
No 14, tbeuce 80 chalui cant, llieitei* Wl dmlm
aoutb, Iheuce 80 chaiua weil. iheuce W ctiitina
north lo the point H , hii.iih nccnieot.
Diii.ii Murch BBth, IOT.
Up, Jfc���Comincii'iuk at n poit planted abonl
lOchalm weal imm river bauk on lho enat fork
ol   Keltle   river, ami   about 80 cliu:ti�� south of
Boundary Lumbar Ool poit No M.and mnrkod
Itouiidnry Liniiber Co'i .n   W corner po��l No. Ih,
lbence 80 cbalm. eaal.  thenee IDehaUU aouth,
theliee 80 cbaltu west, tbonce W) chalm north In
point of commencement''
lated March 26th, llkft.
No id.���CnmmwueitiK at*pogt planted about
8 chtiltiH weal from rlvor bunk on the call lork ol
Ketlle river, aud uhoot hu chain* aoulh oj
Boundarv LumberCo'i loealloii poet "'*�� ��*. and
marked BoUndlTJ LumberCo'i N. W. eoruerwwt
No UL thence 80 ehalna eaai, tbture HO chitna
iouth, Ihcnce H�� cbalm weit. fjtOUM 80 ebalna
norlh Ul lhe polul of comiucnceinrat.
Dated March HA, UN.
No n.-C.-ininciicing alH put plantcil hbonl
ft chalm well from river hunk ot lbe earn torn
of Kettle river, anil nbout 80 obalm gOUth of
Houndarv Luinher Co'a local bm poel ha. 10. BM
nmrke.l Boundary Lumber (Vi N. W. corner
i���.st No 17, thenco 80 chaiua rail, thence ��
'���Imlm Mttth, tbenco HO chalna well, tketmc w
chalm north In tbo [tolnt of coiaimMicwneut.
Dated March 2:11b, 1W7.
No. 18 I'mnmeneliig at I ]**** pUin**** ,al'��''Ll
(.chaliiH went nf the rlvei bank on the ��'*"i,,.or',
of Kettle Klver and almut 80 ohalm   HMitb   01
Boundarv tobW Oo'i looetlog, V% ** "
and mnrked Hoiuiiiarr   uiiiIm r Co'i N -W. w rner
mwl   No. 18, Ihenee hi  chatm eaM.   thenee 8J
chiiimioulh, thonce 80 chatm weet,   theneo ���
obaina north to tbo point ol Miminein gRS**
Dated March Mth. WW. {-^ f*SS*-ni
Agent for Boundary Uumbarto
French    Authoritlea     Dlacuaa    Recent
Boaat of German Officero���
Can't See  lit
la a German invasion of Kngland possible? This Ib the question that some
of the French newspapers are discussing. The discussion was started by the
recent publication in Germany over the
Blgnaiure of officers of rank and credit
thai ;iC hours after tho Kaiser expressed
hla desire to settle with England Loudon would fall into the hands of an imperial army.
The affirmative Ib based on the assumption that Germany would not wait
for the declaration of wur, but would
take Kngland by surprise, making a
dash al some unguarded spot on the
English coast somewhat as Admiral
Togo began his operations ut Perth Arthur. The dafth would be made from
Wilhelmshafen or the mouth of the
Elms. A few hours sail at a time Judiciously chosen would suffice to land
an army before the BrltUh ships could
rally to stop it.
Paul   Fontln,   formerly   secretary   to
Nelion Land Diitrict. Diitrict of Weil Kootenay.
Ko, 1 ���lake notice that Oeorge A. Laurie, of
CreMon, B V.., lumberman, loteudi loapply for
a ipeclal limber licence i.-er the following de-
M-Tlbed landi:
ComiueuctiiK at a pout plauted about one mile
iouth i.i the Lick cabin, on tne Lick eahlu trail,
ou Itiouakl lu creek, tbeuce nurth no chaini,
tbeuce earn HO eoalna, thanee Houlb HO cbalm,
theuce weit 80 chilni to lbe polut of commencement and containing Mil acres, more or lt-ie.
May lut, 11U7. Uio A. Laobik.
Nelion Land Diitrict. Diitrict ot Weit Kootenay.
No. 2���Take notice tbat (leorge A Laurie, ol
CreMon, B 0 , lumhermau, intend to applv for a
ipecial tlmher licence over the following deicrlbed landi*.
Commencing at ��� po��t planted about one milt
���outh of tbe Lick cabin, on tbe Lick cabin trail,
on iQonakliu creek, thence toutk 80 chains,
lbence eul HO chaini, thenre norlb 80 cbalni,
thence weit HOcbiln* to tbe point et commencement and c intaiiiMiu B40 aorei, more or lou.
May lit, 11(07. tiio. A. LaiRII.
Nelion Land Dlitrlet   Diitrict of Weit Kootonay.
No. 8- Take notice tbat Vi. U. 1'age, of Flre
Valley, H. C, cruller, inlands to apply for a
ipeclal timber llceuce over tbe (ollowlng de-
���erlbed landi:
Commeneing at a poit planted about one mile
south of the Lick cabin, on the Lick cabin trail,
ou luonaklln creek, ibenee south 80 chains,
tbence west 80 ebalus, theoce norlb 80 chaini,
thence tait 80 ebalus lo the point ot commencement and containing 640 acres, more or leu.
May lit, 1007. W. U. Paul, Locator.
Uio. A. Latkii, Ageut
Nelson Uud Dlitrlet. Districtof West Kootenay.
No. 4��� Take notice that W. H. Page, ot Plre
Valley, B.C., cruiser. Intends to ap-My for a special
timber licence over lhe following described
Commencius at a poit planted about one ml'e
south of tbe Lick cabin, od tbe Lick cabin trail,
on luonaklln creek, tbence nurth tg) cbalm,
tbence weit 80 chains, thence south 80 chains,
tbence east 80 cbains to the point of commenoement and containing 640 am s, 11 ore or less.
May isl, liai". W. 11. 1'aoB, Locator.
oto. a Luna, Agent.
Nelson Und District. Dlitrlot of Wost Kootenay.
Nn 1 'ln"(i- notice tbat George A. Laurie, of
Creiton, B.C .lumberiuau, lnteudi to apply for a
s|��eclal timber license over tbe lollowlng described lands:
Commencing at a post planted about one mile
south and oue mile west, of tbe Lick cabin, on
tbe l.i k Cabin trail, on lnouaklio creek, thence
weal 80 chains, thenoe norlb 80 chains, tbence
east 80chains, ihence suuth W chaini to tbo point
uf commencement and containing 640 acres, more
or leu-
May 1st, IWI. tiio. A. Lacnie.
Nelion Land District. District ot West Kootenay.
h'o.e Take notice that Heorge A. Laurie, of
Creiton. B.C., lumberman, intendi toapply fnr
11 special limber liceuie over tbe following deicrlbed lands: _    ,
Commenelni; at a post planted about one mile
souib and one mile west of tbe Lick canln, oa
the Lick Cabin trail, ou Jnouakliu creek, tbence
west 80 chains, theuce south 80 chains, thenco
east 80 chains, thence north 80 cbains, to the
point of commencement and containing 640
acres, more or leu.
May 1st, tan. uio. A. Liuair
Veliuo land District. Districtof West Kootenay.
No. 7.-Take notice that Ueorge A. Laurie, of
Creston, R. Q., lumberman, intends to anply lor
a special timber license over the followlug deacrlbed lands: .    .     .
Commencing it a poil planted 1 bout one
.inarterof a mile in an easterly direction Irom
Uck cabin, on luonaklln creek, thence south 40
chalm, thence east 160 chaini, thence north 40
chains, tbenee WMt 160 chains to the point of
commencement ami containing ��40 acres, more
"Vay" 1st, W7. ORO A. Lil'lll. _
���eOM ti hereby gtvau tbat ao oayi atter date I
intend tt apply to the Houorable the thief
1. omtntutoner of Unds and Works, Victoria,
(or nermiwlon to cut and earn* away limber
(nmi tho following described lands, ln West
Koolenay I
No L���1 ommenclng at a poil planted on the
aouthweil corner of surveyed lol No 72*1 Ol,
Ihence east 40 chillis, ihwnce north 80 chains,
theuce east to the southeast coruerof said ot,
lbence north to the northeast corner of said lot.
Ihence east to tbe west boundary of nre emption
No tth thenot south to the north boundary of
timlnTllcriice Ko HlB, tbenee west along the
said boundary lothe uortbwesl coriuj ot said
license, theuce south lo <l>e north boundary ol
timber Ib'-ime No. 7018, theuco well to a point
due south of commencement, Iheuce north to
place of eomuienueiuetii, containing 640 acres,
more or leu
Dated May 2.-th. 1VV7.
V. A   1'avi.sun. Locator.
J a. Hii.l.lviK Agent.
No. I 0o��menotnj at a MMI nlnntod sl the
soiilhwoil corner of surveyed lot No TBtlOl,
thence south to tbe northern boundary uf tlm
Ur license No   7018, thence wesl to the north-
wen oornar of mil limber Uoonnt thence south
Zlthi northern boundary of lot No. 8 2, theuce
lollowlng said boundary Of said (OtWeil tothe
fig ,1iii war of the H. 0 Souihern Kailwav.
Kce following slid rlgbi-ofwiy iu a uortb-
eiilerlydirci'llnii to place of commcucenient.
K����waa:,M��.     nmm.u**mt.
J, A. BUbUVAMi AgeuU
Notb* is  hereby given that tblrly| days altar
dato 1 Intond to app y tO the llonorab c the Cblef
��� , iloner of Unds and Works. Vjetute. for
pern ssi-.n to cut ana carry awiy Umber from
lhe     ii, wing deserlbod lands:   Commencing I
rjSt mSfia no.i.k fjpjk&Mwi
the northeast corner of Lot HW18 C. P It���DieeiC,
iar he west ftirk of Ketlle river, Yale diitrict.
K. hence running 80 cbains oast, 80 chaius
souih 80 chains west,�� chalm north to point of
Dated April 27tb, 1907.
No 2.���Commencing at the northean oorner of
No 1. thenoe running east 80 cbalm. tlience
���iVuth 80 chains, thenee west 80 chaini, thenoe
uortb N ehains to point ot commencement.
Dated April 27, l*n.
No 8-Oomiuenclng at a point about one hall
mil*- wesl of the northcasl corner of C P. K.
Hioek Nn. IMM. thenoe running north 80 cha us,
thence west 80 chains, theuce south 80 chaloi,
II emeeasi N chains to point of commencement.
Dited April Wth. 1907.
No 4 --Commencing at the northeaat corner
��i No 8. thence running north 80 chains, theuce
wont Hi) chalna, tbence south 80 chains, thonce
���aat mi chains to point ol oohimcneotuent.
liatod April Wth, MOT
No H.-^ommonolng ai a post planted uorth of
conkilng creek, near wont line oft, 1'. K. Block
Mi   BM thence ruuujug west Wl cbaini, thenoo
wuth Ml chalui, tbeuoe easl 80 chaini, thenoe
1   ,,m*th m ebalus to point of ^wea^mont.
Dated May 1st, WOT. B. Blot*, Locator.
Admiral Aube and an expert writer on
strategic questions, is one of those who,
in the abstract, consider an invasion
of England possible. The defective English army system, he thinkB, subjects
the country to constant danger of Invasion. There is nothing, he believes, to
prevent the landing of hostile troops at
several points on the English coast simultaneously.
But M. Fontln thinks tbat at present
France is the only power that could
carry out this enterprise with any prospect of success. Germany is for the
present totally debarred from undertaking it alone by the "absolute and Irremediable Impotency' of her fleet. She
has gone altogether on a wrong tack,
he thinks, in building battleships and
cruisers, in which she cannot hope to
rival  England in years, lf ever.
"If, however, Gprmany had 100 submarines," he Bays, "and Bhe could secure them at the cost of two battle
shipB, England would be on the verge
of Vuin. T^ie submarine will make
the blockade of the future effective, and
England cunnot poBslhly stand a three
months' blockade."
M. Lauheuf, engineer-ln-chlef of the
French navy, who is credited with the
creation of the efficient submarine ser
vice of France, ��aid in answer to a
"If you had asked me five years ago
whether England could be successfully
invaded by Germany I would have said
'Yes.' But now that Engand has submarines I do not hesitate to declare
that it is Impossible. German threats
are absolutely vain. England is well
guarded today."
Edouard l^ockroy, who was formerly
minister of marine, considers the German'proposition a wild dream.
"Invade England!" said be. "Easy to
say, but hard to do. The German navy
is ceiiainly not of the build to do it.
As for surprise, lhe distance between
German ports and the English coast Is
too great to make such a thing possible.
Long before the invading ship could
arrive the Channel fleet would he after
"The invasion of England, lt will be
admitted, could not be undertaken with
less than 100,000 men. It would take
150 ships to transport them, along with
the munitions of war. Where would
Germany get the ships���of a sudden, to
take England by surprise?
"And what would 100,000 men be doing on English soil without a regular
system of supplies? Modern war is a
war of provisions. The surprise over,
the English fleet could certainly cut off
all aid from the Continent.
"The army of invasion would be an
army of prisoners. As for the rising of
150.000 German waiters In London to
assist their compatriots���well, If Germany counts on the mobilization of the
cafe help to conquer England she is
certainly trading ln chimeras."
Admiral Bienalme adds just a word to
the controversy.
**To Invade England," said he, "the
invader should be sure of the command
of the sea. I don't see how, in view
of the present naval strength of England, Germany could figure on such
command, even in a fog."
She Thinke Men Do Not ae Quickly Appreciate New end Better Ideas.
Women are not as conservative as
men. They are more quickly ready to
thrown away a worn-out custom or
creed in favor of something better.
A lady recently remarked that If she
and other ladies could buy their costumes as men can buy semi-ready tailored business or dress buUb it would
only take about two weeks for all the
world to know it. "We are more patient than the men," she said, "but we
don't like the fussing and waiting for a
new dress. I wish we could get a
"Semi-ready" dressmaking shop so that
we could get the same selection men
A. M. Can. See. C. E.
Mlnlns Worn a Specialty.
Offlce: Bualey Building.   P. O. Box 434
Baker St., NELSON, B. C.
IN THU MATTER of the Issuance of an
Indefeasible Title to F. W. Howny
and It. I.. Reld to Uits 2 and 8,
In Illock 11, City of NelBon.  ���
WIists-ssss Use iHis-ums-sl-lls IsiTi'limllsr mi-istiiiinil
un* not lu this piiHievHlssii nl tbe ulmss.isiil Howty
niiil Hs-1,1;
A u.l wlss n-��. |.ris.lu.*tlsiis ot tbem 1. rusiulred
under lbe -'l.siissl Ks-m.iry \��t";
Tike notls-o tbnt sill or ��ny ponon. Iss-svttsit
tlspsss* ilsscsiissisistii In tbelr poiRemlnu s.s IsbvIisk
any Intereit in tbe Btme are required tss produce
the -.nine to tin- I'lsslslcl lU-nlKtrtir ol Unsl Tttlels
Kt Nelion, B. 0., uu or IsWs.ro tbe 1Mb day o( July,
1901 l-r
s 'tssss s**f Min*s* In Fee, from A. Bern I Is* tn Alexander
Carney, datod --S-.itti October, Iss'.sl.
MortKaae In Fee. laom A. Carney ansl A Parrette
to M. Mcliincss and V. Burns;, dated the *A*sth
ot November, l��l��.
CohToyanco. In  Fee  under -power   of  Hale tn
Morl-c.-^e from Malcolm Mclnnlp and 1*. Burn,
to A. B. Buchanan, dated mh ol November,
Conveyance In Fee, A. H. Buchanan to the Bank
ot Montreal, daied the Mils of auguat, nwI.
Convevauce in Fee, bank of Montreal, to Koae
Mary lleathcolc   and Joaeph   Heatherlnfton
Hssw'ea. dated Uth November, IHstc.
Conveyance In Fee, of an unsllvlded nne-iiuarter
from  Kous Mary Heathoote to Paul Jubuaou,
dated tbe 2��th of December, lH'.Hl.
Dated tbla win day of May, A. P., IWI.
Dlatrlet KeRlatrar of Land Title,.
f. C. GREEN      F. F. BURDEN       A. H. GREEN
Civil Engineers, Dominion and British
Colombia Land Surveyors
F.O.Boil45   fta Kit.
Tb* Strathcona
Nelaon, B.O.
Reg. Geo. Webb, Prop.
The Leading Hotel in the
Qood   Sample   Roonu,
Queen's Hotel
Bakar Street, Neliou. B. 0.
Lighted by Electricity ud
Heated by Hot Air
Large and Comfortable Bedroom, and Flnt.
cl-aaa-sluUi-r Koom.  sample Kooms for Cumiuei*
ssial  Ken
MRS. (. C.CLAKKE. 1'roprletrean
Grand Central Hotel
Thoroughly renovated and refurnished. Rooms BO cents upward. The
dining room is unexcelled in the city.
House heated throughout with hot
J. A. ERIOKSON, Proprietor
Telephone, 290.   Opposite Court Rouse
and Postoffice, Nelaon. B. C.
Tremont Hotise
Bnropean and Aaaerloan Plan
Meala B Ota.  Booma tmm -X ou. to 11
Only While Help Implored.
Baker St., Nalaon Proprtatori
Bartlett   Hotise
Best Dollar-a-Day Hotise ia Nelson.
The Bet le the Fineet.
White Help Only Employed.
Joteptilne Ht
Neleon. B. C.
Royal Hotel
Bates |1 and 11.50 a Day.
Special Bates to Begnlar Boarders.
Moat comfortable quarters, ln Nelaon
Only the beat of Liquora and Llgan.
Aa McDonald &Co��
Dealers In staple and fancy Groceries
Batter, BggB.
Oamp and Miners' Supplies.
'in ii'r'-T
Tenders Wanted for the Purchase of a
Mineral Claim.
Tenders addreued to the undeniffned. et hii
ofllue. in the Coert Houu, ln the Citv of Nelson,
will be received up to the hour uf five o'clock,
In the atleruoou.uf Friday, June itoh, 1807, for
the puiuhese ol the "Teiimrac Mineral ("uinu."
Uttam>2. Croup l. Kooteney dlitrlet, wblch Is
declered to be forft*Ited to tbe Crown, ftt the tax
sale, held ln the city of Nelsou, on the Utb day of
November, 1W&, for delinquent taxes up Ull
June :inth. 1 softi ainl costs.
Tbe upset price upon tbe said mineral claim,
which includes tbe amount of delinquent taxes
and costs at tho Ume nf forfeiture, wub interest,
taxes which have sinoe accrued, mists of adver-
UhIuk, nml fee for Crown Urant (��i:-.ikji li .lai.sm,
which is tbe leant amount that will be cuualder-
cil as a tender.
Each tcuder muat be accompanied by an at:
cepled cheque for Ihe full amouul of the teudur,
payable to the order ol the Deputy r-mmiiiuMim-
cr of Lands hihI Works, al Victoria, H. Cut par
Dated at Nelson, B. C., this -"Jtli day of May,
1B07. HAKRY WKiairr,
Uoverumeut Agent. Nelson, B.C.
Notice is hereby given that the Watuburx
Lumber company has applied lo Ills Honor the
l.icu'sciiu'it Uuvcriior lit council, under tbe pro-
visions ol the "Ki ver* and Htieams Act," for tbe
righl to improve Kykcrts creek, in the district of
West Kooteuay, British Columbia, by removing
lhe obstructions tlierefrom and stralglilctilug
the hanks thereof, nud to construct dams, booms,
slides and ubuler, and makesuch other Improvements as may be necessary for the driving aud
rafting of logs and thu 11 umlug of timber thereon
The lauds to be affected are govennen t lands and
Lota 'ibl and 'iA'l, uroup 1, kootenay district, aud
the tolls that are proposed to be charged, if any,
are auch as may be fixed by a Judga of the county
court of West Kootenay.
Dated this nth day of March, A, I). 1W7.
We Have Two Very Desirable
Victoria Street Residences
For Sale
Brydges, Blakernore & Cameron, Ltd*
TWO LOTS AND 8-ROOMED HOUSE, 40x22, baaement and flrat
atory brick and atone. Hume Addition. Prlea 12,500. Termi
one third caah, balance on time.   Apply
I have Juat returned to Nelaon and
have opened up at the aame old atand,
and now ready to do all klnda of
KALSOMININQ. Shop rear of Bartlett
Choice Fruit
I Hare 10,000 Acres,
of tbe
Choicest Frait Lands in
Mt_M,___ *.-��       ��� ���
Can sell any quantity from 5 acres to 2,000 in one block.
Bny now and get the ground floor prices.
J. E. ANNABLE,    -    Nelson, B. C.
We Have Foe Side One of die Prettiest Homes te
Nelson, Sitoated Ih Falrvtew, Close to the Cat Line
Large 7-room houae. Stone foundation and flrat-claae cellar. -Complete water ayetem. 10 lota under cultivation and plantad In large, bearing fruit treea.   Thla le a anap.   For particulars apply to
Kootenay Land & Investment Co*
Boom 10, K. W. C. Block, Baker Street.                                                WT OfW    "D   O
Phone SOT                        KO. Box 448.                 "         "                 WliJUOLJiN,  J}#   _,.
Tenders Wanted for tbe Purchase of a
Mineral Claim.
Tenders addressed to the undesigned, it his
office in the Court limine, lo the City ot Neleon,
will be reoelved up UU Uie hour ol five o'clock,
iu the Afternoon, of Friday, Mey list, l��n, for
tlie purebftse of the "dilrer Champion Mineral
Claim," Lot SliW, Group 1, Kootenfty District,
wblch was declared to be forfeited to tbe Crown
at tbe tax uie held ln tbe City of Nelson, on the
eth day of November, 1906, for delinquent taxes
ti p UU J une 80th, 1906, and coats.
ihe upset price upon the said mineral claim,
which includes the amount of delinquent taxes
and ivstd at tbe time of forfeiture, with Interest,
taxes which bave since accrued, costs of advertising and fee for Crown Grant (92500,) Is |81.��,
which is Uie least amount that will he considered
ap a tender.
Eacn tender roust be accompanied bv nn ac-
ceptM cheque for the full amount of the tender,
payable to tbe order ol the Deputy Commissioner
uf Land and Works, at Victoria, B C, at par.
bfttcd at Nelson, B C, this 80th day of April,
 Qgwroagj Agrnt, Nelson, B. C
Tenders Wanted for tbe Purchase of a
Mineral Claim.
Tenders addressed to the undersigned, at bis
nfflce lu the Court House, lu the city of Nulsou,
will be received up till tlie Itour of tlveo'alutk in
iiii- afternoon, of Friday. May 81st, 1W7, for the
purchase of the "Hryan Mineral Claim," Lot
li.--.in, Group 1. Kootenay Listrict, wblch was
declaied to be forfeited to tbe Crown at the tax
mli- (uld in the City ol Nelson, on the 0th day
<��f November, l akv for delinquent taxes up till
June mth, liftti, and costs
The upset price upon the said mineral claim,
which Includes the amount of delinquent taxes
and costs ftt tbe time of forfeiture, with interest,
tuxes which have since accrued, cost of advertising, nud fee fur Crown irmii (ti'> oo.) ii*rj:i.:ii,
which is tbc U'ust amount tbat will be considered
'tis a tcuder
Km li tender must be accompanied by au accepted cheque for the full amount of tbe tender,
pavahlv to tho order of the Deputy Commlwdolier
of Wilds ninl Works, at Viciorla, B. C, at par.
Dated at Nelsou, B.C., thisl��thday of April,
nnvi��rnriir-nt **7ertt. Kelson, B. 0
Summer Excursion
.... Rates East
From Nelson $52*50
To Winnipeg, Port Arthur.
St. Paul Duluth, Sioux Gty
Chicago 164.00 Montreal 184.00
Toronto 178.50 St. John IM.00
St. Loula 860.00 Ottawa 882.85
New York 8100.00 Boaton $85.80
Halifax 8101.80
On Sale June 6th. 7th, 8th.
First Clan Round Trip, 90
Days Limit.
In the ih&tter ol tn application for the luue of
ti duplicate of thc Certlflcate, of Title tor LolBll
and 12, Block tu. Town ol Bllverton (Map674);
the issuth '., nl Lot 8, Block 6, Town of New Denver���and Lot 1, Hlo.-k ,1 and lot i, Block 36,
McGlllivray'., Addition to New Denver (Map tn);
Notls-o is* hers-sby Riven that itl, my Intention
to issue at the exptratlon ot oue month Irom the
tho flrat publication hereof duplicates of the
Certificates of Title to tho above descritied lands
ln tho name ot lli-sss v Hherau and Harry Shcrnu,
which Certltlcutci are datod the 17th June, law.
the Ith ot October, UH, l_o!8nl Jsslv, 1**, and
the luth Jaissiiirv. It***, reapecHvclv, and are
mimhereil 2021K, 1IH4:A,1��K,' aud 3WK, respectively
h. r. macleod,
DUtrlct Bif lilrar
Land KeiMry Offlm. Nelion, 8.0
Correapondlng reductions from aU
Kootenay points. Tickets available for
lake route including meals and berths
on lake steamers. Through ratea quoted
to any station In Ontario, Quebec or
Maritime provinces on application.
A.G.P.V.Vancouter. D. P.A., Nelson
w.  a.  OILUETT
Contractor and
Sole nielli for the Iui lu Uissss Lumber Co.. Lid.,
retail ynrsls. KissikIs and sire-seed lumber, tinned
work and brackets, Coaitt lath and shingles, pub
and dnon. ren-ient, brick and Itm. lor aale.
Automatloirlni er.     .
Yard ana lactory: V.rnon 81.. taatol HaU
r. u. Boa MM Talwkaas US
.'I J
;. "i' I,
The Daily Canadian
We have just  received a line  of  Fine  Canadian  Cut
Glass of Excellent value.    The shapes and designs
are new and the prices remarkably low.
JSwgKSSK?1*10        ���        Watchmaker and Optician
ScsolaHAt Pnrty metttt every Ft Jay
r*' roiou Hal;
to uke part lu
| Our Stock is Complete
t Here are two Scap Specials:
��� 25   31b.   BARS   HOMESTEAD   S4.5C
��� Tali -store v'.'.'. be Cfcatd Wean Tharataj
Afternoon in Jane, July and A;,:.:.:
PEC.vi.Xs_ AND GRAFTING auetiill; attend
d io. app'.r
PUT.. Klnsr Howl.
Old Curiosity Shop
If you want to buy or sell anything,
BO to the Old Curiosity Shop. A new
lice of Japanese Guods now on sale.
All kinds of Dlnnerware in stock. Pat-
See Us
For Good Fruit Land
io Acre Blocks to Soo
Acre Blocks.
Bedrock Prices.
Easy Terms.
H. E. froadsdaile & &
Next Door to Bank ef Commerce.
All Kinds of Heating Plants in Stock.
Victoria St, Nr. Ooera Houae.      Tel. 181.
Waterproof Paints
Coal Tar, Pitch,
Creosote, Oils for
Preserying Timber,
Roofing Pitch and
Boat BgiMs-t! -will find it to 'h��lr ad-
Timai-re to use our Pitch
Nelson Coke & Gas Co.
General Job Work, Chimney Sv.ee->
lag, Carpet Cleaning, Fixing anc Cleaa-
Ing Stoves, ate.
111 Eaat Baker St Phone Ne. A**;
Three Show Cases
and Two Counters
Tobacconist   Baker Street.
-  -���-.--.
L, Pratt. Sandon: J. J. Shields and
wtfe, a T. Nichols. R. K. Lindsay,
Winnipeg; L A. Campbell. Rossland:
W. S. Cone, F. 1-. Hutchins, Toronto:
E. Sa:;di:ar.ds. Calear-y.
Cor. Vamosi and Ward Streets,
J. FKED HUME. . roDriet-r.
Smith C'.irtis Ross'and; N. Stevens,
Arrowhead; \Y. J. Turner and wife.
1'mir: W. Murphy. E. W. Ogle. Toronto:
W. Morris, Vancouver; A. E. Cross. Calgary, K G. Smith and wife. Galingham;
Mrs W. Rosa Ponland: G. White. Trail
H. A. Goddarii and wife, Revelstoke: N.
L. Upper. Everett.
Miss A. \*ance. Kaslo; F. S. Churchill.
Spokane: J. L. McLeod. T. McLeod,
Hosm��?r; Mrs. T. W'alkem, Fernie: Miss
J. SinmUird, Dundas.
S. Wheeler, S. Sproule. Trout Lake:
J. Hendirson. Revelstoke; D. Miller.
B. Ryan.  Northport:   A.   K.   Fraser.
Rosslsinsl; D. Miller, Phoenix.
E. T. Cottinpham. Arsenta: P. H.
Waters. W. Bull, Procter: W. E. Kowtow, Vanvouver; L. A. Potorie, P -Smith.
K. T. Engelskjen. Rossland: A. J.
Itainville, Eureka; J. Diotte, Beasley:
P  E. Kennedy. Shields.
O. K.
Fine 5-room, all modern, close
in, Latimer St.,
$��,500      $300 CASH
B. C.
A KVSSt silBL. abo_l
-     -r KlDf Hotel
6 veen old.   Applr at
rwi   SMART BOTE   -...it wort: goo.1 iraa-ts.
- ��� Office
  I   -MAKT -0Y lor dclls-err elf r* at r j>. r.
r-ricgra-^h ..gestj    Apply ai once at offlce.
I'iXUt-Hol*!, s
WallrvsJ tss: at once   Phone
i'ss-j r men -ei-.h sptA oflieseexpersense eetk.
p..,nsoQ     Apply ? -x S.I,  Nelwn. b. f
TWO FIBST-. i_aa) r.vu-sj. ,u-.m heate.    Ap.
PIT houeeke.pt:. tri flat, K, w c. block.
Bf.VCH   OF  KK1
Return  to Chtf.  Long-
BRA*  CORNET, Two it.ttS, b and  a,  Wllh
OaM      ror price,  Apply M. J. D. Box UH
: ROOMHtl nOl*sr, 2 lou ��ltli bearing frsi'.t
ireea, ObMrvatorj Street. : dsx,n from Ksx-ien-
ar. rent IIS ft) per monih. Ts,o Good Room**
at^jxe our offlce, jttn tbe pla-e tor office*, rem
J15 <V per month. Toye* Co.. Baker Stree!
vlaon, F C
I .--.miRf-i. > Edge-ir,.!*,. 3 Tallymen and
nradei*, 1 Postmen laigh-.I Clreolir Sawyer,
nogrer', m-fllicri Bo,.i_.���,as. ,nd mill hflnnl
���1. 'kinila. Apply Geo. p. (fella, Boi 1077,
Nelion. B.C.
Special  Meeting.
There will be a special meeting ihis
evening of Nelson Encampment
I. O. O. F. in their hall. The business
will be conferring decreet
"Peck's Bad Boy."
No doubt there will be a good audience io greet the old favorite, "Heck's
Bud Boy." at the opera house tomorrow
Making   Improvements.
The new proprietors of the Queen
cigar store are making several changes
in ihHr premises which wil! add to the
attraction of the place.
Speedy Trial.
Morrison and Clemdenning. accused
of robbery from the person of J. Thompson last Sunday night, will come up
before Judge Forin Monday morning for
speedy trial.
No  Need for Trips.
Smith Curtis was in the city yesterday afternoon. He remarked that Nelson is quite as pleasant and attractive
tata rr.er resort ts any to be found on
the coast.
From   Australia.
The latent Australian papers to hand
chronicle the success of Jessie McLach-
ian at Sydney. The papers claim that
she is the greatest Scottish vocalist of
the present time.
Minstrel  Show.
Voechkl & Uolan's minstrel show will
be at the opera house on the evening
of July 1st. All the old songs of Dixie's
Land besides the latest favorites will be
rendered by members of the company.
Bought a Ranch.
Lyon & Gladstone of Winnipeg, have
purchased    the   J.    Laing-Stocks   1. ���
acre block of land on the Columbia
river, opposite China creek mill, and
have given Instructions to have it subdivided into 10 and 2y-acre blocks.
Sentenced  to   Death.
Sam Lock, a Chinaman, who for 30
years was employed in the household of
J. B. Hobson of Cariboo, has been sentenced at Clinton, to be hanged on August 5th. for the murder of a countryman about a year ago.
Labor Plentiful in Cariboo.
Labr is not so scarce in Cariboo ht
in other parts of the province, and according to James Macdoneil. of the firm
of Macdoneil &. Ross, railway contractors, who is now working a force of
men in that district, there is no scarcity
of labor, Mr. Macdoneil has a large
contract on ditch digging for the Guggenheims. and has found no difficulty
in securing enough men to carry on the
work as extensively as required. He
B&ya laborers are finding their way to
the country wirbout special inducement
outride ot the general high wages prevailing. The ordinary laborer on Mr
MacdoneH's contract is paid $3 per day
Found Dead.
Michael O'Brien, a well-known old-
timer of Victoria, was found dead in
his fiabirj early [his week. A coroner's
jury returned ft vprdict to the effect
that O'Brien died from natural causes.
Richard Jeffries, who for years had
been an intimate friend of O'Brien, was
the principal witness, ond as he told
what he knew of the circumstances of
the death he was visibly affected with
grief and apparently suffering from the
shock which the event caused him. He
was with the deceased Sunday afternoon, and knew from the way he acted
that he was going to die. He was in
bed and asked to be lifted up. Jeffries
assisted him to a sitting posture, but
he was so weak he could not retain it.
He took on a ghastly look, which to Mr.
Jeffries' mind indicated the near approach of death, and, as he explained to
the coroner, he could not stand seeing
any one die. so he bolted from the
place, lending tbe suffering man to die
The Store of Quality
Home Made
We have a few jars left and we are
selling at the low price of
60c per Quart Jar
15c per Bottle
Both good  stock  and  snaps  at  these
K. W. C. Block . Phone 10
Notice tn h*r-**bT elrea thst George Botirg(?ni*
bu raid* ftpplicfetiCD nnder tbe provM.->n�� ni
tbe "Liquor Llceare Art. 1900,*'for ihoU-I llwnce
(or ihe premlw-j which he pror��*e*<. lo erect ttt
' rt-i-eut Valley, about two mllet northwest of
fltvtn Junction.
I'he ��j ;>;.'-���*:.������.���) will be cooildered at tbe .->_*.
Jar meeting of the HoaM of Lir-enr* eotnmiajlcn-
er-*, at the Coti't Ho'j*te a! N��W>n. on tbe I.Sib
day of June. ISO?, at tbe bour of eleven o'clock m
the forenoon-
Vi. H. M'LL- rK-WKB8TEfc,
.:-; Miy, I:.'-:. Chief' Jceace Inspector.
Thcro may be others as good
but  there are uo others
better than
C* Am Benedict
Corner Silica and Josephine Sta.
Foi- the Office
Wi ,   ...:���   ���.'������ VtM-tt  1 =
Fresh and Salted Meats
Canip? nqfliM un sbtfttrtt ii��k-* and
lowesi y.: ������' KotUaf t'Oi In��� and
wholesome meal* and scales kept in sloci
Mad oni-.-r! rtveiv,- c-aivful aliennon
E. C. TRAVES.   Macag��.
One of Ac Mosi Seen;: Locations oo
Kootccjy Watm h tm Sik.
First, Foremost and AH the Time
The   property   comprises   at-   '
acres of timber and fruit land,
half a  :. ....   fr-oniaje  dti
opposite Nelson.
Th.*  esntrai    porOofl    of   tio H
acres, with 1*   .      . I '"��� * -
DI an ttflng *-: ria?i thereon.
.- sod as a whole, searing an extensive lake frontage to the horth and
south which I will offer in acre subdivisions. For priM and terms applr
at mv home.
It is our pride and aim io keep our
stock as complete as possible in al] the
various lines and articles required in
tbe office.
TYPEWRITERS. We are sole agents
for    the    "EMPIRE"    Typewriter.
$125.0'.' of value (taking price of
other high-grade machines as a
standard)   for J60.00
Papers, highest grade in th- mar- j
ket J3.50 per box
TYPEWRITER PAPER, in special mani- I
folding paper tv... offer the biggest |
value to be has! anywhere.    Write
or   phone   us for special  price  in
standard hiirh-c:.! ie Ribbon.. J1.00
each. $10 per dczen.
Spring���Soi.. $].""; lib.. J2.25 up.
llaiance���tl.*". i' '     :.; i	
A full assortment of Inkstands. Letter
Baskets. Waste Baskets. Files of almost
every description, etc , etc.
W. G* Tnomson
SZ8~S* sod Nelson, B. C.
phona a*.
One of the largest life insurance companies desires to secure the services ssf
a Urst-class District Manager for Uie
Kcsotenays. To the proper person a contract will be offered that will result ln
building up an Increasing income each
year and an income that will contlnu.-
for many years, even though the repre
sentaUve severs his connection with
the company at some future date. You
have never heard of a contract of this
nature. Address "Insurance," Daily
Miss I. Walkem, Fernie, Is in the city.
Lome A. Campbell was in the city-
last evening.
Smith Curtis was registered at the
Hume yesterday.
E. Sandilands of Calgary, Is registered
at the Strathcona.
Miss A. Vance. Kaslo, was registered
at the Queen's last evening.
H. A. Goddard and wife, Revelstoke.
are registered at the Hume.
Miss Claw-son has gone to Sandon to
take the position of temporary nurse in
the hospital there.
J. C. Drewry passed through the city
yesterday on his way home to Cowley,
Alberta, from Rossiand.
Charles Bun. representative of Pither
& Leiser in the interior, has just returned from a successful trip.
Robert McLean and wife will leave
for Pictou county. X. s., tomorrow-
morning. Mr. Mcl>-an has just heard
of the serious iilneis of his mother, and
his trip home at the time, tbe flrst in
nine years, has been hurried on this account-
Lipton's Teas
We are In receipt of a shipment of
Lipton's Teas direct.
Half Pound Tint  No. i  25c
One Pound Tins  No. Z  50c
Half Pound Tlm   No. 1   30c
One Pound Tim   No. 1   60c
Prospercua Revelstoke.
In.-*ead of dimini.-hing as the days go
by. the demand for houses to rent in *
Revelstcke la still advancing, few .
houses being available and on the other !
hand a long list of applications for
houses from p-eople wbo would like lo J
or have come here to live.
Auto Record Gone.
Xew TJrk. May 31 ���Manuel Cedrlno.
'.he Vanderbilt Cup driver, broke the 10
mile record for middleweight cars at the
Empire State track yescr-day, covering
the distance in �� minutes 11 i-5 seconds.
The previous record was 10 minii*. ��� 11
2-5 seconds, held hy Heroin. Cedrlno
continued on lo la miles anil covered
the distance In 14 minutes and 15 seconds, which Is also a worlds record, for
middleweight machines.
Telephone 161,
Sherman's Opera House
First Canadian Tour of the Original
Peck's Bad Boy Company
The greatest of all farce comedies
with an added special feature, "Buitar
Brown, the Bad  Boy'a Chum,"
Prices 50c. 75c. |1.00.
Seats on sale at Rutherford's Friday
King Carloi Complallant.
Llbson. May 31.���King Charles has
iiL-re-i to receive deputations from Iht*
house of peers, and the lower bouse of
parliament, who wish to petition Ills
Majesty for the restoration of govern-
mi in to a basis of national soverelgntv.
The King also said he would support
their views.
French Cruiser Lost.
Shanghai, May 31 ���The French chuls-
cr Chanzy which went ashore on one of
the Saddle Islands on Mav 2i'th will
prove a total loss and 'has to be
Workingmen's Shoes
The workingman's shoe should be
made strong, hones; and In a painstaking manner. The stock should be durable, and they should look well and at
the same time be comfortable
Our shoes meet all these requirements
. 8. UNDREW I Co.
pr-* jl'i,"
by Kate Douglas \y-
THE PRIEST, by       ....       Harold BJ
THE FLYERS, by -       -       Geo. Barr McCmj
HALF A ROGUE,       -, -        -       Harold Mel
Canada Drug & Book Co'y, Ll
COR   BAKER  and   WARD.
Phone 81
Bargains!    Bargains!    Bargain
Oar Fancy Vestings Matt Be Soli
This  Month   Regardless  of  Cost.
You can buy Wash Votings for $1.00, worth 13.00.
Handsome Vests, double and s'ngle breasted, for 13.00. worthr_l
See them and buy now while the selection is good.
A. & G   FRiEBERG, _%   , o_     ST  < n   _
Ma-agers. Baker St., Nelson, B. C
Summer Clothing******
All Si.es.
$7.50 to
^^���'���iZili ii :i- V":.. S.'.'S. ������ *"-��,
Spring i3 Here
We have prepared for this season by passing into stock all I
requisites for the rancher, gardener or householder. Spadd
Shovels, Rakes, Hoes, Spading Folks, Tree Pinners, '
Tree Sprayers, Small Garden Tools, Etc.
Prompt attention paid to letter orderss.
J. H. Ashdown Hardwai
Company, Limited.
R*pSir.nJ* 'IV.'1 ftoMmtim a��.tutixl��-lth l).��pi,t^ls    Sh-����t IM**!
Work, .Mining and Mill Mothlnerv.     M.nul,sclur��ra ol   1
0r�� Cara,  R.  H.   _���s,ir���a..ra-  Cara.
NELSON,   B. C.        W
Corner of Hi I ind
Froal Btrtt*l#.
Spring Stock lust Opened Up|
CurltmU Linoleumx and Carpets
prom Uln��i{(>w, Suotland.
Best Qualities* at Low Prices.
Standard Furniture Company!
MaaoB A fllsw h Pud���.
IHt.rioxis* Maurw,.,
Mar.!-,.!, ..uiuiv Maum.M.
Compktt Hoott Furnishtrs
UndaUk-m,    Embalmers
AND DEALERS IN   LUttlfotf  SfuflglCS*
Lath, Mouldings, Doors, Window**]
Turned Work and Brackets. Mail Orden KrouiWl? ������"*f
^^^^^^ VKHMUN STRKtrr   ...   M!I.SI).V, B. C.
Summer Necessities
Door and Window Screens
Wood-Vallance Hardware Co., Limit)


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