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The Daily Canadian Nov 9, 1907

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Array ���SK FOH  -
'   luM������ l.iilila Water,
iialpyon l.iiliia Ginger Alo
Halcyon Llthla dinger Bear.
Halcyon  Llthla I,ernon Sour.
.,,',,,   I, are   carboi.at.-il   Hal
cyon mineral water    Sold nl nil hotels
ami ''ilf''"
Jtoilu Canadian
Will bs delivered    every evening    st
your door for
VOLUMH  2.     NO.   134
Fifty Cents a month
hnsurance legislation Is
ICommtssion's Report Not Likely to
Come Up   General Political
Comment at Ottawa.
1.   .   . :���     It     b,     not     prob-
Kl ince legislation will
I . nmlng sssslon.    The
|. Ion   was  that tho  Gov
nd not  tlm.   1.1 ileal  will.  ih.
I ��� .\ing iin*  r,.|...ri  ,,r
I <  iintnlKslon     Miiiislors have
���bad 1. n.s..| .1. al of time since anil the)
Ibaie in r . .. ��� 1 ��� ��� r 1 las Royal Coin
I till    Bul they il.* not sa
nest 10 be .���:. keen lo t'ssiims tha ills
|< . :   11;    .'.Ljire   mailers.     The   po-
I pllal   which   ill,-     Commission
I- sted pioTSS to he worth
I ..1,   lit.'  dollar,  and  the
I 11  1 is already  lost one  Min
I . ��� >.r issues ralsi-tl affect
I . barsetar.
Anoih.T Btrong statement    has   boon
I Ivll   servants   respecting  the
I .it  living,    lt  hardly  re
I- [atemi ins to prove to the
I ��� ��� * Ji.,t they seed a wood
I :-   iliau l..i inorly to pay
|th.'ir bilk. Fanners, finding their own
|*ii-!'- Increased, have raised the
lemi of their produce, and thoimb the
I' Ihemsolvss  ilo   not   grow   rich
I .1   ar,. groanlag under in
I dens     Lverythlng Is hlghei
llbai ftmllles have to buy. ln DISSS ,-ir-
j Breal   Interest attaches    to
1 11 ly Mr. Fielding when he
I' Dominion   poUtlos,  to  use  bis
1 to reduce public expenditure
luil pul.hr taxation and to make ('ana
_ ' '������ ��l ��� ountrj to live in. A nam
���sir of these pledges have  been quoted
I offer a singular oonuaanl on
I   i' familiar  dally    snnouncemenl    of
I   s'ill   higher   prices   for   all
|"'' ''"'     i;i'     "f life.    Announcement
tlsmadi this week thai doctors' fees sad
��� ���saerai i i ,;,,,.s wl|| be advanced on
I "'""mi .,1 >li,   Increased com of living.
l!   Uordi a haa   eompletsd   a   cam
 .'l.i.h has I.oen perhaps the
"I "I  any  series of meet-
" ��� '������ 1  held   throughout the country
Heal  leader,     lie  has  addr.s
j w-<l rr..ni three to ten audiences In each
;''"''"���  1 Kcepi Prince Bdward island.
������������11 ii  nliy meetings In all. and
...ih, ilngs numbering from
"  <���> ��la hundred in small coniimini-
a to more than lhat many thousands
 1. B.    Having laid down his
1 "! :'"" In Halifax he bus had no oc
'"-'"ii to change or modify that policy,
1"" '"is im.claimed lhe same doctrine
''""' Hi" Atlantic to tho Pacific to pSO-
l'1' "' iill nationalities, of varied inter
'��� '""I occupations. Ills rraukness
���""I slur. im. and the soundness of his
��� Uie clearness of his expositions.
' Kposuri   ol   the   inal adininls
.Minister of Militia ls following the example of Mr. Knimerson who resigned
his seut In the Ministry -ben he started out to vindicate his ehariul.i. Yet
it  will  be r inhered   that    Mr.    Km-
msrson's course in rssigning was oom-
 nled   hy   the   I'remier.     Kir   Wilfrid
Luuiier wrote,���
"My Deur. Kinmerson:��� I have come
to the conclusion that the coarse which
you take Is, under existing circumstances In the public interest  1 will
place your resignation in the hands of
Ills lOxcllency."
Nor does It appear that Sir Fred.
Borden Is engaging Mr. Pngsley to conduct his libel suit.
Mr. Hilton who Is still member for
Brandon, though no longer a minister.
Is off lor England at the opening of the
parliaments! y session. Last session,
and the session before, he was absent
most of the time, though many scandals relating to his own administration
of 111,.' Interior department were
brought to light and discussed, when
Mr. Sifion did appear hs complain,-.1
I..-cause those mall.-rs weir t.rought up
in his absence. No d,Mil,I ll,* will do the
same next spring. There are many reasons uliy .Mr. Slfton should be home
In the cot.dug session In which a good
deal of attention will ho given to deals
for which  he is  largely  responsible.
The   Customs   collections    for    October
were a quarter of a million larger than
for the same month last year. The
Government lax olioctoi s an- the only
people who are taHag money at the present time faster than usual.
Usual    Honors    Paid   to    Lord    Mayor's
Day���Influence  of Revival  of
Historical Pageants.
"iiil'iii ol il,,. Li,,.,!,.,. tioTernment have
""���iii* strengthened the Conservative
'���"ii-" and Improved the Conservative
,r"sl""*- throughout the country, and
"���PMlallj i��� the West.
w'i"i Mi liorden was West of Lake
'"l"'li'il ami moving towards the Coast
1 ''"��������� I. \ look occasion lo make cer-
'���"" rn. n. charges against him and to
����H.' a lihei suli. There was nothing
" '!"��� Minister's statements on which
"i"l nctlon could possibly be taken.
""'I liiKiiles Mr. Borden was not likely
'"'"'i' "i" work in, had undertaken to
*" I" rtaae of Mr. Pugstey. As mum,
owevcr, as lhe Opposition louder had
iiilsli.ii |,|B mora inip,)rtnn. work and
"*<��� returned to Winnipeg he gave
joint, attention to the Minister of Pub-
n' Worl". M: I . .4 ii now nskB Tor
"'"I'lmliiiineni or a , .vmmlsslon to In-
iwi) into ti���, mattets ()r the campaign
'   '""' "'"I pr Ises lo appear before
'"'  body  nnd   give   any   racls   wllhln
�� kiiiiwledg...    I,   |h noW open to Mr.
r��**leS to accept  this  proposition and
' tha whole mnttor or campaign
Btsli      ��n" '""' ''M'cndltiireB Invosti-
It Tied  Borden stntos that he Is tak-
ti'irT'"" agB,n���, ,he Nineteenth Cen
�� Review or England for publishing
1 '"> Ul'tlcl
aging director of Ihe Wenlock llrew-
lng Company. For many years he has
taken an neilve Interest In municipal
affairs, joining the Court of Common
Council In 1882. Then he became successively chairman of the Officers and
Clerks' Committee, of the Cenernl Purposes' Committee and of the Corn and
Finance Committee, and served as
Deputy Governor of the Irish Society.
The new Ijord Mayor Is also high In
tho councils of several city companies.
He Is on the court of the lialjerdash-
ers' Company, a past master of the
(Hovers' Company, and is on the liverji
of the Innholders', LofiaSTS' and Spot
taclemakers' companies.
reflecting    on   hit.    private   ��hl
I.nndon. Nov. it.���The time-honored
Lord Mayor's show took place today,
and the new Ixird Mayor of London, fr
Charles Hell, was formally Installed in
office, succeeding Sir William Treloar.
The turnout of the isipulace was the
largest of recent years, while the procession was exceedingly s|��ecluciilar.
The successes achieved by amateurs In tlie great pageants held at
Warwick and Bury St. Edmunds last
summer decided the committee In
charge of the Lord Mayor's parade on
au important experiment. The help of
amateurs was invoked, and the spectacular element was placed in their
bands. The principle spectacle afforded their talents excellent scope. It was
a pagent of Royal Edwards���all the
kings who have borne the name of
Edward, beginning with Edward the
Confessor, and ending with Edward
VI. Each of lhe Edwards was surrounded by lhe most prominent people of
Ills reign. Several hundred horsemen
were In line, and a similar number of
characters were represented hy men on
To complete this spectacle It was
closed hy ti representation, on nn ambitious scale, of the present Edward's
reign. Tbe principal feature was a great
harvest thanksgiving car, emblematic
of the fact that Britain Is nt peace with
the world, ln the centre of the car was
a pretty girl, representing the figure of
peace, and female figures standing at
each of the corners were symbolical of
Europe, America, Asia and  Allien.
The route of the procession was from
Guildhall to Chsapslde, Ihence through
Coleman. Fore, Mum gate. King William,
Cannon Street, St. Paul's Churchyard,
Ludgate Hill nnd Fleet Street to the
I_w Courts, where his Lordship was received by the Lord Chancellor. The re-
turn wus via the Strand, Northumberland Avenue, the Victoria Embankment and (Jueen Victoria Street to the
Guildhall. The business houses along
the route of the procession were elaborately decorated, and il was noticeable
that the enthusiasm on tin- pari or the
multitude was the most, pronounced
whenever the forty bands In line rendered "llule Britannia," or the national
The ceremonies, or ihe day concluded
Ihls evening with Hie customary brilliant banquet nt the tluilillii.il, attend.
ed by the cabinet ministers, foreign
ambassadors nnd many other guestB of
note. The scene In the banquet hall
was one of oven more than ordinary
brilliance. The huge oaken rafters were
decorated with tings nnd hunt Ing, the
hall was brilliantly lighted, showing to
the best of advantage the glittering
uniforms anil the dresses nnd jewels of
the ladles.
Sir John Charles Bell, who will be
the titular ruler of the City of London
during the ensuing twelvo months. Is
sixty-throe years old and lias already
served as Sheriff of London, which Is
accessary before one can become ellg-
lo the Lord  Mayor's chair.    He IB
Edward the Seventh is Sixty-Six Years
Old���Transvaal's Gift.
I-ondon, Nov. 0.���King Kdward, on
the occasion of his sixiy-slxth birthday
today, received a present that was certainly 'lit for a king." This was the
famous CiiHinun diamond, which was
presented to Ills Majesty In the nnme
of the Transvaal government. The dia-
in.oi.I Is alleged to be worth $81X1,(1(11).
and is regarded as one of the largest
and linos! stones the world has ever
In accordance wiih his custom of
many years, King Kdward passed the
day quietly at Sandrlngliam, surrounded by his family. In the telegrams of
congratulation lhal poured In during the
day all the crowned beads of Europe.
President Fallieres of France. President
Roosevelt of the United States, and the
numerous ambassadors of Great ltritnln
to foreign powers were represented.
There were a number of congratulatory
messages also from leading municipalities of the United Kingdom and from
Canada and other parts of the empire.
The customary salutes were fired by
ihe warships at Portsmouth and other
naval centres.
Financial Stringency 8tlM Limits Operations���Quotation on Stock
The stock market for the past week
opened fairly firm, but weakened at the
close, with tradings Inactive.
Alberta Coal and Coke. International
Coal, and Galbraith Coal showed but
little change, prices being maintained
throughout, with but little activity.
Royal Collieries attracted considerable
interest, with a number ol sales lecord-
od. This company Is the lulest flotation
of Messrs. Fluinmerfelt & Galer, and is
being taken up by their following, who
were successful in their Ventura In the
International Coal. Diamond Vale was
in fairly good demand, though nt prices
so far below the asked that no business
resulted. Western Oil and Coal continued   Inactive,  and   unchanged.
11. C. Copper opened strong, bnt sold
off on yesterday's market at about
$I.32V4. The heavy buying of this stock
in this vicinity was the only feature of
interest throughout the week's trading.
Dominion Copper continued weak and
unchanged. Sullivan made a slight
gain, selling lip about 2 cents. Rambler,
Cons. Smelters. Cariboo McKinney and
Tel Kwa Mines were uninteresting and
The following are the approximate
quotations for the week ending todny:
Asked.     Hid.
Alberta ("mil * Coke $
American   Marconi..
B. C. Copper	
Dreckenrtdge-Lund   .
Con.   Smelters	
Cariboo   McKinney..
Diamond   Coal	
Dominion   Copper . .
Diamond Vale Coal.
Galbraith Coal	
Hewitt   Mines	
International   Coal ���
La  Plata  Mines	
Nicola   Coal   Mines.
North   Star	
Panhandle  Smelter
Ramblef Cariboo...
Royal   Collieries . ..
Tel-Kwa Mines	
Western  oil	
Public Interest in Case
of Maj. Hodgins
General Belief That Engineer Was
Retired for Zeal in Guarding
Public Interest.
1.87 %
���02 Vj,
�����*"���   It does not appear that the ��� best known as the chairman and man
Million Dollar Blaze.
Duluth, Minn., Nov. 9.���Fire last night
destroyed the Great Northern elevator
"A" In Superior, together with 600,000
bushels of grnln, principally wheat, all
or which was fully covered by Insurance.
The elevator was owned by the Great
Northern Railway, but was leased to the
A. D. Thompson Grain company, of
Duluth. The Grand Republic mill on
lower Hay St., the Great Lnke Dredge
and Dock county dock, and the Duluth
Separator Storage company, which contained the finishing plant of the Webster Chnlr company, were partly demolished, entailing an aggregate loss of
more than $1,000,000.
Kenora, Nov. 9.���Though Major Hodgins refuses positively to say one word
touching his resignation as district engineer of tbe Transcontinental railway
for this section, there are many rumors
being circulated concerning a demand
for a royal commission to sift certain
conditions growing out of the work.
It Is openly asserted that the assigned reason for Major Hodgins resignation was his persistent refusal to approve earth excavullons as rock work.
Obviously the latter carried with It a
much heavier tax on the contractor and
a proportionate increase in compensation.
lt has been known here for some time
that the friction between Major Hodgins and higher officials was reaching
an embarrasing stage. The Major steadily refused to take pertain views of the
work being done or reverse his decisions. Ills friends asBert that he brought
to the position rare experience gained
in field work years ago with the C. P.
R. and other large construction companies and they are vigorously defending his position. He refuses to say anything In bis own defense, except to confirm the published r***jotts of his resignation.
In the meantime the work of the sec-
lion is being pushed very rapidly. During the summer some very heavy excavations have been made. The character of the work in this section is mixed, much of lt running from earth Into
heavy rock and giving rise to many
honest differences of opinion as to the
scale of charges. The situation is partially attributed to this fact as the
geological construction of the Kenora
district Is unusual.
The contractors' camps are scenes of
great activity and large gangs of men
are being employed. They are earning
high wages and much cash is being paid
out. The contractors are bringing ln
new men daily and continuing work on
a large scale.
If a royal commission is thought
necessary to investigate the situation
here the members will have to visit several camps remote from railway points
where transportation ls most difficult.
No specific charges have been filed as
far as can  be  learned hero.
Major Hodgins' reticence is in line
with his conduct since he became attached to this district.
One prom inent business man said today: "There seems to be some peculiar
matter in this case that makes everyone afraid to converse upon It. Probably Uie only thing that will bring tlie
real facts to light will be a royal commission   through   parliament."
From a reliable source lt is learned
that a very serious state of affairs has
been brought to light by the dismissal
of Major Hodgins, and that he has
been made the scapegoat of tbe Transcontinental  railway commission.
The main line of the T. C. R. is joined by the Lako superior branch of the
G. T. 1*. at a point called Superior June
tlon, for some eight or ten miles east
of which Is the heaviest work on the
whole line, requiring at least a year for
The survey of the G. T. P. branch
could only approach the main Hue from
the south, to the east of this heavy
work, being hemmed ln by the same
causes that make lt heavy, and could
not make direct connection with the
main line aB located without deflecting
east or west.
Last winter the O. T. P. engineers located a more favorable line to the west
than that located by the T. C. R.. so
they claim. Tho contractors put In
camps at this section at enormous expense. Freight alone was \% cents n
pound. At the same time the Q. T. P.
engineering department suggested
that the main line should be deflected
south, Boine distance to the east, effect an earlier Junction with the branch
and a common line used to Superior
No answer to this suggestion has yet
been received from the commission.
Karly this spring tho men were withdrawn from this section of the G. T. P.
branch. Later such supplies as were
not ruined were taken out, and the
camps deserted. Nothing has been done
all summer, and lt is quite likely that
through this break In tho chain, no
wheat will he shipped to Fort William
over the G. T. P. and T. C. H. next
year. '   "     "   1   P. con
tracts Provincial Library, ' ��� bill of
damages againm. u.c ..-.- n.
The commission Is clearly alarmed,
and the head of Mr. Hodgins haa beet,
taken off as If he were responsible for
the situation.
This deadlock is likely to assume
alarming proportions, and the dispute
between Major Hodgins and the Transcontinental Railway commission to he-
come a ntatter of national Imiiortance.
The suppressed excitement at Kenora
Is evidence that there is more in it than
meets the eye.*'
Where Prince. Grow.
Berlin, Nov. 9.���Crown Princess Frederick William gave birth to a son at
9.30 this morning. Crown Prince Frederick William was born In 1882. was
married .lune Gth, 1905, to PrineesB
Cecilia of Mecklenburg-schwerln. Their
first child, Prince William Frercrick.
was born July 4, 1906.
Demonstration to Taft.
Manila. Nov. 9.���the departure of Secretary or War Taft from this city on the
cruiser Rninlmw for Vladivostock was
attended by a remarkable demonstration on the part of the FiliplnOB. The
horses were withdrawn from the carriage in which were seated Mr. and Mrs.
Taft, and it was pulled by Manila school
boys from the Luneta to the- dock
through cheering crowds of citizens.
Mr. Taft and party sailed at 11.60 and
expect to arrive at Vladivostock on Nov.
18, and leave there on the trans-Siberian journey on Nov. 19.
European   Rulers   All   Jealous  of  Each
Other Over Coming Visit of
Mr. Taft.
Berlin, Nov. 9.���Emperor William will
see United States Secretary of War Taft
at Osborne House, Isle of Wight, during
Ills Majesty's visit to Kngiand. Themes-
sage conveying his wish was sent
through the American embassy at Washington, it being understood that Mr.
Tart has finally decided to return to
the United States by way of Kuropc. lt
is regarded as likely that Mr. Tuft will
seek an audience with King Rdward as
otherwise it might appear to be much of
a demonstration, were tho American
statesman to visit the German emperor
without paying equal reBpect to the
king. So much has been said about Mr
Taft planning to see the emperor that
some of the other governments have
seemingly become curious In regard to
whether anything is Intended hy the
step taken by the Ainericau government. Ambassador Hryce and Jusser-
and, it is asserted here, have already
made enquiries on tbe subject at the
state department at Washington, and
It Is further asserted that there is a
feeing at the foreign offices of London
and Paris that Mr. Taft would be neglecting King Kdward and President
FallfcreB If he did not ask to see them
on hla way home, or If be stopped only
at St. Petersburg and Berlin while on
his way hack to the United States.
ground that they are merchandise. A
year ago Henry Heaudy bought a trunk
und had It delivered to the Grand Trunk
station with the Intention of taking it
to his summer residence at ValoiB, hut
the baggageman of the railway refused
to take the trunk In tile baggage car unless a fee was paid. He obtained J8,
the amount of the penalty fixed by the
railway act for refusal to check baggage, which Is sustained by Justice
Conductor Killed.
Winnipeg, Nov. 9.���Geo. li. Culleme,
known as Basil, conductor on the street
railway, was crushed to death by a
work train last night. He was switching his trolley, and as the car was then
in darkness a work train motor...an did
not see him and sent his train into
Culleme, who lived only a few minutes.
He was was born in Monmouth, England, 28 years ago. and resided here on
Selkirk avenue.
Civil  Servants Ask   Increase.
London, Nov. 9.���Local  customs offi
cials  are  asking
for    an  Increase  In
In Canada's Bank..
Ottawa. Nov. 9.���The net amount deposited by the Dominion government In
chartered hanks of Canada Is $5,355,000,
and by provincial governments $10.-
155,120. The Dominion government deposits for September are about a million less than in August.
Police Court Case Grows Out of Clain
of Herbert Druce to Property of
Duke of  Portland.
Area Chosen in Northern
Set Aside by Order-In-Co_dl for
Rational Domain���Canada
From Ocean to Ocean.
C. N. R. Extending,
i Ottawa. Nov. 9.���Incorporation has
been granted by letters patent to tlu
Canadian Northern System Terminals
with authorized capital stock of two
million dollars and head office in Mont-
real. The company Ib controlled by tho
Canadian Northern Railway. The charter authorizes them to construct railway terminals, and everything connect
ed therewith, hotela, parks elevators.
Hour mills, smelters, powers houses,
etc., and to engage In mining, lumbering, development of electrical energies,
shipping, etc.
London. Nov. 9.���Hundreds of persons vainly fought for admission to the
Marylebone court yesterdny afternoon,
when the hearing of the famous Druce
mystery case was resumed. Herbert
Druce, son of the late Thomas Charles
Druce, is charged with perjury by his
nephew, George Hollamby Druce, who
alleges that tbe defendant on the 28th
day of March, ln the year 1898, at the
Bereths circus road. St. John Wood, did
commit foul and corrupt perjury in an
affidavit, and that ho also did so in the
probate court on the third and fourth
days of December, 1905.
The charge Is incidental to the Druce
claim to the estate of the Duke of Portland, and dated back to 1893. At every
step the case has been vigorously contested by the present Duke of Portland.
In brief, this remarkable case centered
about the old question whether Thomas
Charles Druce, at one time owner of the
famous Baker bazaar, who was said to
have dler forty-three years ago, was or
was not the same person as the recent
eccentric fifth Duke of Portland, who
died in 1879.
Interest in tho proceedings today
was heightened by the alleged thefts
since the previous session, of the diary
of Miss L. Robinson, the daughter of a
Southern tobacco planter, who was employed as an amanuensis in the Baker
street bazaar, and who says she frequently went to Welbcck Abbey, the
Portland seat, where she saw the late
T. C. Druce, father of the late George
Druce, who In turn was father of Geo.
Hollamby Druce. the claimant to the estates as the Duke of Portland, whose
identity with the T. C. Druce she claimed to be able to establish.
Winnipeg, Nov. 9.���By an order ln
council a new forest park, to be known
as the Jasper Forest Park of Canada.
Is established. It will comprise an area
of about 33 miles by 22 in Northern Alberta, just eaat of the British Columbia
boundary, on the height of land between
the tributaries of the Athabasca, Ma*-
Leod. Pembina, North Saskatchewan
and Urazeau rivers. An area of 105
square miles Is subtracted by order ln
council 'from the Yoho Park reserve ln
British Columbia
Toronto, Nov. 9.���It ls reported here
today that F. H. McGulgan, formerly
fourth vice president of the Grand
Trunk railway, who resigned to become
vice president of the Great Northern
railway, United States, and later severed connection with that road because
of a disagreement with Hill, Is to become general manager of the Intercolonial railway ln place of David Pot-
tinge r.
W.   Mc-
SL John, Nov. 9.���Hon.
Keown, who succeeds Hon.
as attorney-general of New Brunswick,
was elected by acclamation yesterday
In St. John county. The vacancy waa
caused by the appointment of Pugsley
to the public works portfolio ln the Dominion cabinet.
Ottawa, Nov. 9.���Hon. N. A. Belcourt,
ex-speaker of the house of commons.
goes to the senate in place of the late
Senator Casgrain of Windsor. Archibald Campbell, M. P., Centre York, also
goes to the Senate. These appointments
involve two bye-elections which are
likely to take place before the meeting of parliament.
Still Shipping Gold.
London, Nov. 9.���The Hank of England today received .C 408,0 00 ln American eagles from Paris and a". 547,000 ln
American eagles and ��121,000 In bar
gold were taken from the Hank of England today for shipment to the United
Fatal Runaway.
Moose Jaw, Nov. 9.���A fatal runaway
accident occurred on the farm of Mr.
Hothney W. Rossettl, twelve miles south
of here, yesterday, in which John
Wilkes lost his life. He was ploughing
with a four-horse team when they ran
away. He got tangled with the lines
and was dragged to death. He leaves
a family ot three children.
Government Employees Dissatisfied.
Toronto, Nov. 9.���Tho engineers and
firemen on the Temtskanilng and Northern railway nre asking the Ontario
government, which operates the line,
for an  increase in  wages.
I.ondon, Nov. 9.���Miss Martha Water-
house, a cripple seventy years old. re-
sidin:; in King street is dead from a
dose of carbolic acid taken in mistake
it is supposed, for medicine.
Toronto, Nov. 9.���A despatch from
Wiesbaden. Germany, announces the
death of Mrs. Robert Simpson, widow of
the late Robert Simpson, founder of the
Robert Simpson company's big departmental store in this city.
Toronto, Nov. 9.���Whether four child
ren of John McLaren formerly of Brock-
vllle, who wus killed from the fall from
a horse In British Columbia in 1903.
should receive $15,000 each or only a
quarter of that amount, is the question
before Justice'Anglin which has been
submitted by the executors of the *lc-
Laren estate. The estate is valued at
Kootenay Aground.
On her trip down the Arrow hikes
yesterday the steamer Kootenay groun-
ed at Cariboo Point, aud is still there.
Passengers for the coast last night were
sent over the Slocan route to Nakusp
this morning. The Rossland will go up
tho lakes tonight, pick up the passengers at Nakusp and take off those
stranded on the Kootenay.
Must Carry Trunks,
Montreal, Nov. 9.���According to the
decision of Justice Dorlon in the circuit
court, a railway company has no right
to refuse to carry free of charge as baggage   new   aud   empty  trunks   on   the
Juvenile Crime Growing.
Toronto, Nov. 9.���At the annual meeting of the Infants' Home yesterday afternoon, Chairman McDonald said Juvenile crime is on the ipcrease in Toronto. In 1905 Ihe number of cases in
the childrens' section of the police
court was 687, in 190G 767, and alreadv
this year
Montreal, Nov. 9.���The executive of
the Lord's Day Alliance has decided to
consider the question of testing the
validity of recent provincial Sunday
laws. There is uncertainty, it is said,
as to the attitude of the attorney-general Gouin in regard to prosecutions
under the Lord's Day act in cases
where the latter Is more stringent than
the provincial laws.
Portage La Prairie, Man., Nov. 9.���
The guest of honor at the Canadian
club here last night was Principal Patrick of Manitoba College, Winnipeg
"Lessons to be gleaned from the Old
Country" was his subject. Canada
might do well to emulate the high political alms, and the thoroughness ln all
branches of commerce that characterized the old land. In concluding, be
Issued three warnings, calling upon, the
people to provide for the public health,
to pay much attention to education, and
to resist the liquor evil. In discussing
tbe matter of education he spoke strongly in favor of making It compulsory.
Quebec. Nov. 9.���The loss of business
on Juliet's tannery at Liaioilou, destroy-
-    .v   \
"? ��-������
���"-      'i.
It  I
i ��
I *���/
there had been 882 children ln     ��<��� by fir0 yesterday, is placed at ��2��.000
with an Insurance of $6,500. Tne Daily Canadian
i  m
i- ;
i ���;
i'iilil I
!���'-.������- -I I '
���i'!'.' i
II'!*!ll r
V; ���
Clothing.    Gents'   Furnishings
and Boots and Shoes
Is beginning to arrive.
Iu about another week we will be able to offer full lines
in these goods, and can promise you the best value ever offered in the city.
In the meantime it will pay you to await their arrival
before making your purchase.
Imperial Bank of Canada
*��� ���"��� .    *-.rr, *Tr�� i _
Head Office:   Toronto.
Capital Authorized $10,000.003Capital Paid Up	
Rest    $4 860.000
D. R. WILK1E, President.
. . .$4,860,000
HON. KOBEKT JAi'FRAT, Vice-President
Branches in British Columbia:
Interest  allowed ou  deposits  from date of deposit and credited quarterly.
r-tBusorx branch
.J.   iVi.   LAY,  Manager.
The Royal Bank of Canada
Incorporated A.  D.  1869.
 $3,900,000     Reserve  Fund *4,390,000
Unexcelled facilities for the transaction
of all  kinds of Banking  Business.
ECIAL ATTENTION given to the
Savings Bank Department, and
Interest credited Quarterly on
Savings Bank Accounts.
on Application, in Large, Medium
or Pocket Size.
Nelson Branch. G. A. SPINK. Manager.
Published ilx uyi a week by the
Baker St..   Nelnon, B. C
Sunacrlptlon rat*-*, 50 cents a month delivered
in the city, or $5.0u a j*e*_ if sent by mail, when
paid in advance.
Advertising rates ou application.
All mouleB pat-, in betUemeut of The Daily
Ca a ad Ian account-', either for subscriptions oi
adv��-riltili.e. rousl be receipted for on tbe printed
forma of the Company, other receipts are not
Saturday,   November  9,   1907.
Both political parties iu Canada an
busy choosing candidates for tbe nexi
Dominion campaign, Wh atever Lib
era] members or Libera] newspaper or
guns may say to the contrary Canada is
convinced that an appeal to the country
in the near future is imperative. Au
Impartial outsider, cognisant only of tht
changes in tin- cabinet1 daring the Is ���
twetfQ months would say without _. I
iation that Sir Wilfrid Lauder's on j
chance of getting even an average .1 1
ount of Intel���igence in his cabinet la>
in an early  appeal  to the  electorate
Whatever the issue ol the next cam
paign may he, it Ib fairly certain thai
many new members will find their Waj
to Ottawa at ihe opening of the n��
parliament. The country Is vitallj c 1
cerned in the calibre and character il
the new men.
One result of Mr. Borden's trump ���;
call to Canada ������-> 'hat everywhere even
the  Machine committees are  convinc.  .
that  they   must  offer  clean  men.     Tli
member of parliament Who lias batten
ed  from  the  trough  of  Illicit  rerenu*
who has used his vote in parliament as
it marketable commodity, is no    longei
acceptable tu Canadian  constituenciei
However   genial   he   may   be,   howovei
however human  and amiable his  weal
nessei.   the   day   of the   "good   fellow'
member is  past.    The   conscience  and
MOM of duly  and  responsibility of thi
Dominion is awakened. The new electors, and the old electors now rouse* 1
to a sense of patriotism, will demand
Integrity and Intelligence from thpat
who offer aa  candidates.
It would be idle to deny that the Standard of intellect and ability in the ('ana
dian parliament !iub fallen very low in
the last twelve years. It is with some
think like a shock lhat one thinks of
Mr Aylesworth as the successor of Sir
.John Thompson, and yet Mr. Ayles-
worth comes nearer the old Canadian
standard than any of his colleagues. A
cabinet, that has or had room for such
as Hyman, Emmerson, and Sir Fred.
Borden, is poor indeed. We intend no
reference to their private conduct, but
only to the intellectual capacity i>f three
men who have filled important positions most unworthily.
However, the duty of improving the
personnel of parliament confronts not
only the Liberals. Conservatives have
a higher standard to conform to. Theirs
ts 'he traditional party of learning and
genius. It is the solemn duty of the
party to send to Ottawa men worthy of
their leader In ability and in integrity.
We do not mean that every member
should be an orator. It would be a calamity if the 211 members of the House
of Commons all aspired to fame in that
direction. But no man should be chosen
as a candidate by either party who has
not an Intelligent grasp of public affairs,
derived not from a guess at popular
opinion or prejudice bul from full
knowledge and from sober and mature
Under the appropriate heading. "The
1). atfa of a Man." the Winnipeg Tribune
has the following to say of (he late Hon.
Dr. Mclnnis;
"Though the death of Hon. S. w.
Mclnnis, al Brandon yesterday, marked
a de< p loss to the province and to his
hosts of friends, there was something
so One in that, death that grief Is lost,
to a degree, in  admiration.
"In the prime of a vigorous manhood,
full of vitality and good spirits, possessing   in  a  high degree   the  capacity
Coal! Ice! Wood!
Phone 265
Yale-Kootenay  Ice, Froft,
Fuel & Poultry Co., Ltd.
N. E. co.. Baker   snd   Wsrd   Sts.
********* ************************************* ********,
We carry the finest lines of Kancy
Worsteds. Cheviots. Venetians, Scotch
and Irish Tweeds in the west.
Every garment is guaranteed, to he in
the   most  correct  fashion.
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���.��������.% SV1
We are headquarters f����r
Complete Stock  in  Men's, Wotnei
ami   Children's.
t  THE  ROYAL RA1^;��*co- j
We have a full stock of the
Limc-Sulphcr-Salt  Winter Spray
In 50-lb. and I gal. tins. '
The Brackman-Ker Milling Co., Ltd.
to enjoy life, Mr. Mclnnis had tlie best
of reasons for the hope that he would
see a flourishing old age and finally fall
to sleep full of years and honors.
"What a tragedy it must have been to
such a man. to he informed, with but
the briefest warning, that hopes and
aspirations were at an end���that he
had but a few short hours more to
breathe in the world he loved so well!
���and yet with what a splendid courage and cheerful resignation he faced
that tragedy and prepared in calmness,
patience and generous heartedness to
meet his fate!
"No complaint, no lament, no struggle against the Inevitable���and yet no
pessimistic gloom, he died r.s he had
lived���essentially manly, kindly and undismayed.
"His life was an inspiration to good-
fellowship���his death a lesson to his
Our contemporary still labors to
prove what everybody else has known
for the last three years. Of course
some people are very forgetful and new
people are arriving all the time. Possibly our contemporary is performing
a useful function in stating andTestat-
ing what Nelson collectively has always
Ruler's   Daughter   Raised   and   Sufferer
Heated���Services Tomorrow in
Nelson   Churches.
Tomorrow will be the twenty-fourth
Sunday after Trinity. No holy days occur during the week. The gospel for
the day Is from St. Matthew containing
tn brief compass the recftal of two miracles of mercy, the raising from tbe
dead of the ruler's daughter, and the
healing of the woman who, In faith,
touched the hem of His garment as He
passed in the crowd thronging round
Him to witness the expected miracle*.
The evangelist, is struck with the fact
that,   out   of   the   throng   that   pressed
Geo.  P.  Player
Office   Room  No.  2,   ELLIOT     BLOCK.
IT     JUST     DEPENDS     ON      WHO
If some stores were to advertise to
Bell regular bang-up BO-cent tea for 40
cents what would you say? If you happened to read the add at all you would
say: "That's a fake." And In a good
many cases you would he right. It isn't
what is said In an add that makes It
true���It's who says It.
When Joy says that for the balance of
the week you can come here and buy
a pound of regular 50-cent Tea for 40c.
you can depend on It being so. So come
for this Tea. Joy will meet you at the
door at
Joy's Cash Grocery
Cor. Josephine & Latimer Sts.
Tel. 19. NEL8ON, B. C. P. O. Box 637.
against Him. Jesus recognized the
touch of a suppliant and rewarded her
humble faith.
The following services are announced
for tomorrow iu the churches of Nel
Church of England*���St. Saviour's,
corner Ward and Silica street
twenty-fourth Sunday after Trinity, holy
communion 8 a. ni.; morning prayer
and litany, 11 a. m.; Sunday School.
2.30 p. m.; evensong, 7.30 p. in. Kev.
F.   H.  Graham, rector.
Roman Catholic���Church of Mary Immaculate, corner of Ward and Mil]
atreeis: Low mans, a^a. m.; high mass,
10:30 a. m.; evening service. 7:30 p. m
Rev. Father AlthoC. priest:.
Presbyterian church���St. Paul's, cor
ner of Victoria and Kootenay streets:
Morning service, 11 a. m.; Sunday
school, 2.30 p. m.; evening service,
7:30 p. m. Rev. J. T. Ferguson, minister.
Methodist church���Corner Silica and
Josephine streets: Morning service, 11
a. m.; evening service, 7:30 p. m.; Sunday school, 2:30 p m. Rev. R, N
Powell,   pastor.
Baptist church���Stanley street, near
Mill: Morning service, 11 a. m.; evening service, 7:30 p. m.; Sunday school,
2.30 p. m.    Rev. C. Padiey.
Salvation Army���Bnrra-cTts on Victoria street, west of Josephine: Special services for tomorrow. Knee drill,
9 a. m.; holiness meeting, ll a. in.; a
praise meeting at 3 p. in.; salvation
meeting at 8 p. m.
Prices   of Metats.
New   York,    Nov    it.���Silver,   68VbC.:
copper,   .'���)%(���.;   lead. $4.75.
London. Nov. H.���Silver, 2C US-lf-d.
Nelnon Ihm.i District.   District nf West Kootenay
Take DOtlOS that II   Williams, occupation ran
cher; S H. Hi   tingi- occupation electrician; and
It  H. P.   Sinjth.   (m-cnpatioii   lumberman;   all   ot
Procter, B- <-'., intend to apply for a special umber licence over lhe following Aa* rlbed lands.
Commencing   ni..   pOSl  about  three miles east of
wilKnuCre-'k on south inoreol Kootenay Lake
thence aoulh HU chain.**, tbeuce cum Hn chains,
thencetjorth Hn chains, ihcnre  weat 80 ehaina to
point or commencement, containingfrw seres,
more or lean.
.September 28th, 1U./7. It   Wiuiaj-k,
It. 8. BAirtWM,
K   H. I'. HJ-YiH.
Nelson I .hi,'! District. District of Weat Kootenay
Take notice that K H. (*��, Smyth, of Procter, B.
C, occupation I iinibcri.ni.il, Intends to apply for
a special timber licence over the following describe! lands:
No. 1. Commencing ata pnat planted near ihe
northeast coriicrpoHl o] Lot No SHI. on Lemon
Creek and marked K. h p, Hmyth southwest cor-
nerposl No 1, Hhmic io chalna north more or
less to about midway of Die aonth boundary line
of timber licence No* V2t)ti, thence HO chain-) cant,
thence 40 chains south, thence 40 chains caHt,
thence 40 chains south,Ihence 80 chain*, west,
more or lean to the s'liitticaat corner of aforesaid
Lot No 3M8. thenee 40 chalna north, thence 40
chains wet lo the point of commencement.
Dated 26 th July, 1B07. R. H. P. Smyth,
Henry Releherl, Agent.
Nelnon Land Dtltlict. District of Wont Koolenay
Take notice that Himon P. Hchlffel, of Nailer,
Iduho, occupation lumbermen. Intend- to apply
(or a special limber licence over the following
described lands; on the eaat side of Priest river:
Commencing at a pott planted on the oast side
of Priest river, two and a half uiib a north of the
International boundary line, thenee nor h HO
chains, thence cast BO chalna, thence south HO
chains, thence weat HO chalna to point of commencement, containing gio aoros- more or ten.
Dated Hept. 14th, IB07. Himon P. Schifkki.,
k. w Smith, Agent.
Nelaon Lund District    District of Weat Kootenay
Take notice that Clyde K. UcOlure-of Rltiviiic,
Wash , occupation   harbor. Intends to apply for
a special timber licence over the  following des
crlbed  lauds;   On the cast side of Prleat river.
two and a half inilea north of lhe international
boundary line;    Commencing at a post  planted
two and a half mil.-    north of the International
boundary  line,   thence    ��� ���������>   HU chains,  thence
south 80 chalna, thence weet 00 chains, thenoe
north ho chains to Lhe  point ot commencement
and containing 640 acres, more or leas.
Dated Hept. 14th, 1907.        OITDS ti. Mi Ci.ri.k,
K. W. SMITH, Agent-
COMMENCING Monthly we will start
to sell all Ladies' Trimmed and Pattern Hats at less than 25 per cent, discount.
Ladies' Felt Keudv-
to-Wear Hats, Half
(Ihildren'tf Honnets
ami Kelt Hute at east
All tliis son SOIl'l
styles nnd colors
See our BpeoUU
Parisian II nt* to
which we  invite in-
AOKINTS kutterick patterns
You can buy a io acre Fruit Ranch  in  the best   fruit-growing district
in British  Columbia by paying   $10 down and $10 per   mouth.
Even as an investment this is worth consideration.
Fruit Land has trebled iu value within ou year.  What will it do next year?
Nelson I���nd !>!*��� net, IMstrui of \\ eat Koolenay.
Take notice that Jay Bovee, of Ultzville. Wash ,
<������ .-ii pie i,.:i butcher, InlfinU to apply foraspeeial
timber Uccin-e over the following de-ttribed
land*.; on the cast side of Priest river: Com*
meii'-i[)K ata post planted one and a hah miles
nortn of International boundary line, thciire
eaat wi 1 le-uns, thence aoutb au chains, thence
weat HO chains, thence north HO chalna to the
point of comtncuceinenl, eontalntiiK ������*" acres,
more or lefs.
Dated St-pt   14th, 1907* Jav B-.vri,
K   W.HMITH, Agent.
Nelson Land district.   District ol West Kontenav
���OtlSe la hereby given that 3U dayn after dale I.
joi-n P. Bweohen, miuer,o(Nei*oii, s.O , Intend
lo apply to the Hon. tbe Chief Commissioner of
l��� nd atid Works for a *pe-'ial Itcciiec to cut alirl
carry away timber from lhe following deMrrll-ed
lands MituaU'd on rfuinmll creek, iu the West
Kootenay District:
No. 11 OlIIHIhSnSlllt at a post marked J. P. S'��
timber limit, northeast corner poat, located on
west fork of Hummit creek a It-out two miles from
main creek, thence ruunlit*- south ��i chains,
thence running wi st V) chains, thcttce running
north 40 chains, thence west 10 chalna. thetiee
noith HO chains, thence running east 40 chains,
thence running south 4b chains, thenee east 40
chains to place of commeueement.
1-ocated on the Wlh -Jay of August, 1907.
foait 1*. HWKI-RERo,  l-oeator.
per his agent Pan a McIjonaui
No 2.���Commencing at a post marked J P. H's
timber limit, northwer-t corner post, located on
west fork of Hum mil creek, about two miles from
I lu creek, theiicu running south HO chains,
thence rutinliig east B0 chains, thence ruiiiilng
north HU chains, theiMM runniiig west HO chains
to plaec pi eommcncemeiit.
Located on the 29th 'lay of August, 1907.
John P swKimKRo, Loostor.
per hla agent PSJOS McDoHAI.lt.
.Notice i*- hereby given that "' days after dale I
Intend to apply to the Don chief i -unml-slotier
of X �� j. : i !-��� aud '���'��� *K k�� *.ii |.i-iiiiis-ii.il in |i'iiiiimi.
lhe following described lands, situated in West
Kootenay district: Commencing at a |mst marked by name an initial post of the Houth fork
branch, one hundred feet from the iuuctlon of
I.'.-' creek with the south fork; thence one-
quarter mile to the northwest corner post.thenee
one mile to the northeast corner jiosl, tbSOOS
one quarter mile to the southeast corner post,
thenoe one mile to  the place of '.'oniiiieucemeiit
June 27, 1907, Located by Wm   Coknollt.
Nelson Lull.: District. District of West Koolenay
Take notice tha* Wesley Iloveo. of Hltrvlllo,
Wash , occupation butcher, lulcnds to apply for
a special Umber licence over lhe following described tends; on the east lldS of Prleat river:
Commencing ata post planted one and a half
miles north of the international boiiii-lary line,
thence weat HO chains, thuiice aoulh Hi) ehulns,
thence eaat W) chains, thence north HO chains to
point of i mniiii ii.'.-iniiii. containing MO acres,
more or leas,
Daled Hept. 14lh, 1907. Wkii.icv llovEU,
K   W.Pmith, Agent
Nelson Und District.   District of Wesl Kootenay
lake notice that Henry Hclchert. of Nelson,
B ���, , prospector, Intend to apply for a special
timber licence over the following described
No. 1 ' 'ommcucifig at a post planted near 11.
W. northwest corner post, loi No. 7009, and
marked "Menry Helcherl south west MtrflSf
post." thenee HO chains north, thenee HO chains
east, thence HO chains south, thenee HO chains
west to the point of comment ement*
Dated Kept, the IWth, 1907.
IlKNl-r ItRtCMKKT, l.o.-ntur.
Nelson Land District.   District ol West Kootenay
Take notice that I, < harles Sidney U-ar>, of
Morton City, H. C , occupation farmer, intend lo
apply for permission to purchase the following
described laud : ('ouimcnclng at a post planted
about live ml lea uorlhwot.l from tne moulli of
Mom-uIIo creek and marked "('. H L's iiorthuasl
corner," thenee south ho chains, iheni^e west HO
chains, thence north HO chains, thence east HO
chalna to point of commencement, containing
640 acres.
Sept. 7th, l'JOT. Ciiabuu KiiiMir Lsaky.
Nelson Unil Dtitricl. Distrlctof WSSI Kootenay
Take notice that William Andrew Hobs, of
Fernle. B c , hotel-keeper Intends to applv for
a special timber licence over th-- following dea
crlbed lands: Conun.iH lnjf at a posi punted
��� bout six miles wcsi of the Koolenay river, on
Com creek. In lb*- District ol Weat Kca.teUay
and ."-lug about six miles north of the luU-r*
nail nal boiitolarr line, atul riluate at the
rmrt i|.*st corner of William Andrew Boss' No
3 ttmlH*r claim, thence north 80 chains, thence
groat SB chains. Umbos aouth ho chains, theses
east -i chains, lo the point of eonimcuceniciit.
I '"Hi- d July _Hrd. 1907.
Dated lhe Htb of Aug    1907.
William AS'nnrw Buss
Nelson Land District. Dlstrlci of Wesl Kootenay
'lake notice that Patrick Hherau. nf Nelson,
B.O, occupation proa pee lor, inteinla to apply
for a special timber licence over the following
desert bed lands: Commencing al a post planted
al the N\W comer poal of lot 6*92. l��'ing Patrick
Sherau's N. K, eortier post running south HO
i naliis, thence west no chains, tticnce north Ho
chains, thjence eaat ho chains   to point of com
l>ated August 31nt, 1907. Pathp k Hiikhan,
Kaica HiKANtt, Agent.
Tage SotlOS that Ira t, Taylor, elera. of Arrow-
In ad, H. 0 , intends to apply for a (pedal UoMfl
to cut limber from lhe foi low lug described
No. 1. Coititnen ing al a post planted "Ocballis
dlstanei-In an easterly direction from Cariboo
lake market) -Ira Y. iaylor's, W. Parkins' H W.
corner,'' bounded on the south bv T. L No. 7066,
'.n tin- west by l\ I. ^ o. 7(ITJ, thence north HO
chains, Ihence east Ho chains, Ihence aoulh HO
ehaina, thence west M cliains to iMiiut of coin-
mele emetll.
No. 2. i 'iinmcnclng at a post planted HJ-rhalna
tllslaiH"; and In acasterl) direction from cHr|t>ou
Jake market! ��W. Parkins'. Ira Y. Taylor's H. W.
corner pott,1' liouioleil on the west by T. L 7667,
south by Ira F. iaylor's and W. Parkins' T. L.
No. 1. thence north 40 chains, thence east H*0
chains, ihence south 4o chains, thence west 160
chains to point . : comnieueetueti*.
W    F. OolLviE,
l it a F Taylor.
tona. Man., occupation larmer. Inland! to apply
for ptTiniMlon to purchase the following dri
crlbed land: Commencing at a post planl**d st
Frank F. fVaman's H. K. corner, al a poet marked
,'C. B. N. E.tt>rner," and running west ni chaini,
tbeuce aoulh Ho chalna, east HUeiiaini, inu'li "*'
chains to plac* of begluiiiug, < oiitaliilii*; 6*i
acre* of land, more or lesa.
Dated 2Ird August. 1907. CoRi*n.n's HiR(ia*a.
ARTiira A Bonox,Agent.
Nelson I_nd District. District 0) West ���vWiensT
Take notice that Paul August Paitltoli. el Kit*
chener. B. C. occupation Imubcrman, int-noi
lo apply for permission to purchase the following .(escribed lands: Dommai olng at a p"��>
pliated at the south boundary ol thi ���**����������
way of the British Columbia Htuitbern Kail-
way and about .IS chalua westerly fnun mile poll
&2on salt) railway, thence south tDehatU,IhMOj
eaat 20 chain*, thence aouth 20 chains. Ihence
east CO chains, thence Win lo the wntn ismn-i-
ary of the right-of-way of lhe Mrttish ( oliimbia
Oonlbara Kailway, thenee westerly along tne
aald right-of-way lo place ol commencement.
Dated this 2nd day of August, 1907.
Paul Ai'tu.Bi 1'ACiaos.
Ndson I .....I lii.tn- .    lliblrli.lof West K....I. tihv
'1'ske BOtlOS Hist 1. KlIxstK'th FiTK'isnn. of Nel
K.ll, llrlllsli  OollUDblS, oi'i-ilimllull   marrii,.! wo-
in,.n, lnt,'tnl to apply for permission lo purrlinsu
Urn lollowliiK dwsniMd 1 AI,<l:    n  I iu: st s
posi plant.'.I 'n il.alns wesl of till' southeast ror-
n.T of Motion '. I ������.'. I. I. II' ..'. Kootenay, sin!
inarke.l 'K K.'s N K 00rnsr,frtbsnoi wesl so
elislns, thenee, south 40 ehaltis, thl-nee east Mil
rhsius, tbOOOf. norih ,l)ehalusto the pise,, of
.'..inon-iieeineiit an.l uoulalnliiK :i'M seres mors
lftth July. A. ll. 1907. Ki.izatstii Fkioii'I-ow.
bv W. A. (.'aider, ssrent.
l.an.l llislrl't.   IMSlrh'tof West K....I. nay
OOllOa Hist I, John l.anit. of N, Is It. (.'.,
ll'.n minor Inten.l to apply lor perulis-
. i",i. :...'. the fnllowlliK .Ifserlhe.l li.n.ls:
���DOlni st a post plsule.l at the N. K. ol
li, tb.no. cast 2(1 t'hsltiH, thenee snulh '*!)
I, th.no. west 211 chains, thenee norih al
1 to point of eoniineiie.enieiit, eontalulliR 10
more or less,
us! 2n.l. 11SI7. John LASS.
slon  t
Ix.l no
^els..ll l.uu.1 lll.lr.et. ln.tr.el of Wesl Kootenay
Take notleelhal I, l)av,,| ,| Kl,t��� ���, SJshoB.
K.i ., occiipiill.il, inciehaul, lnlcu.l Io apply lor
Mrmlssloll loporilmse the lollowliiK .lc.crlh..|
lain: 1 oniuieiieliic a, ������,,���, ,,1h������.,i ��i ,he
soiilliwe-l comer ol spcllon 111. luwnslilp ft,
ko.i. ,ay, ami ni.rke.l ������!,. ti. K '�� H. W. rainier."
hence   nor h  w chains, ihence esst ��l chsins.
thenee sou III  Ho chains, I ������,���   wesl   411 chalna
to lhe  point ol eonimeuceuiolit slid  oontalBlU
IM seres mors or less ���
Blxty ilsys sfter ,lste t Arllnir Allen ''iif'fj*
ran.li. r. of llurlon rily, Intend lo spl'l) '*' '�����
Chief Commissioner ot I an.Is aid w"("',;",
tnrla, It 0 . to purcha.e th. l<.ll",*l:iw .1. - rll*el
lainls slluste esst Hi Kurloli ( 0111111,-n. " f sis
H>st markc.l "A A B southwut ornci .�����
i.lanic.l.t iiifk w corner nf lot "Ut' i. I����'
i.iiiiiii.k loolh ..... hail.*. Il.cli.-e e.��l41lrl.��ll'*'
ihence-...ni, ,. .iiaii... thence ��Mt M CBSIOI��
place ol coinmellceinelll ��� ,,m
An.usl 1st. l��n. asts-cs A  HUSTO��.
Nelson I ml Olatrlel    Ulstrlci Ol ��."l Ki-'H'l1*'
Take notice lhat Anitn. HoOIU. ol WO",*
Nelson, occlipsllon IIreman, llilell.il. "������l'l"'|Vj
iwrmlsstiiu lipiirchsse lhe foll"�� I"., ���' "'  ".'""
Isnrl.:   (.'oinrucuclliK st a  posi plan ���"' "���' '"..
N.  W.   coiner   I.    0.   Morrison's   r.noll    "   '"
alley, th. nee north forly (HI) ch��l'.      �����"!
sst  fo-iy (4(1) chsins,   thenee south       _',_ta
sins, thence west forty (t��) chali's    ����F   "   .
n. .... 11. . no in     ami conialiiliiK   on*        '"'
,1 sixty (Ion) acres, more or less.
Illort lieptojilier-'nd, 1107.      A��nl'�� ��'  "'"
Nelson l.an.l Illslrlcl.   Illslrl.l of tt'e.l KciU'ii'!
Tske nollce Ihst I'I > lliiKibbilil.iil*'1*
B. C. occlipsllon rancher. Inlciuls to spplj ��
permission 10 pur. hssc this followum ''""VJ,.
Until   (.'ominonclnit st s post jilauu-il       ��
west shore of I'pper Whatshan (( ��"'",'"' *,,!,,���
the 8. K. eorner ril lot 81S9, Ihence ��C-t�� '���� "
thenee south HO ,-hslns. thenee easi Jl *'�����'��
mnre or less,   to   the shore of the !��������; " , '���.
norlherly sloliij lhe said  shores, chsl 1". '
or less, lb point .1 comment'emenl. oonUHUW
Iftll seres, more or less. nl.lu.,.
listed Sept. ISlh. 1WI7.   1'HIU.ir llBooklBASS^
Nelson 1*11,1 Ulstrlci. district,,! tt',-1 K""'""'/
Tsko notlco that HOSO Cuiileii��. ."'',!"";;
Manitoba, Isrmer. Iiilend�� �����. ���HJLns.
i.crnilsslon In purchsse tho loll""'Inf '"'',' ���,
f.iirt: CnmmJnelnB .t �� polt plMMg ��*JJ'
seven miles Irum tho mouth of So. un ,
st northeast coraer of this spp " "",���,lti,
marked "il. (1 N. K. corner, 'sud nn 1 ����� U|W
s��i chsins, thenee west 90 chains, the     '   .M;;'m.
chains,  thence east WI chsins to 1 1 "I ��""
mencement, coiitslnliiK tl'0 sen-s.
Osted IWth dsy ol Aus-.i.t^'l^, ,._,���,,
asthusA. Bubtos, A.ent.
���nth July, 11*07.
IIAVII, 0    KllBTZ,
W   A. Csltler, aKeiK.
Nol��ou l.sii.l Dlstrlet.  Outrun 01 We.l Kootonsy
Tako notlco thai Cornollus Bergm��n, ot Al
Nelson Lund Ulstrlci. Dlstrlet ol Wo.l ��**��
Tako nollce that frank t. JJl*f**J||��jl|
Altulis, Manltnba, broker, Inlsiu" '." ',,',.,.
for permission to purchase the l""" ,,.*���.��� nl
crlbed land: CoinmeiieluK ��'" 1"���;.','. alsinl
lhe southeast corner ol land ��l"""',,.���' ,.rirt
live miles Irom tho month of ��'*;'���.���,thsnea
marked F F B.H I.oorn.r," and "���"��';��� fh.nM
north nohalns, thonco wesl "li ������ a"' /puintol
���oiilh HO chsins, thonco east mi 1 hnlii* ���" F"
eouiinenooraent, contHlnluK i-los. res.
Dsted 80th dsy ol August,1"      .���,���,,
AS����os""ilOMW'.*��w' It you knew you could buy
est 'qua.'uy stamped "Canada Approved"  by Government
Inspection on every package, would   you trouble making it, particularly when it will Cost You Less.
We have it  in all   sizes to suit   families, boarding bouses
hotels, 7. i-l ��lld 28 *'-��� Pails* 6o lb' tubs'
P. Bams & Co., Ltd.
rNELrSOIN, 13. C-
Rossland Boundary
WholtisalB Provisions,
Cnverniii'iii OreamBrj One-Pound Krir-kH received weekly freeh from the
��� burn.    For salo hy all loading grocers.
Offlcn nnd wumhottae: Houston Block,    Phone 79.
Josephine Street.       -        -        -       Nelson, B. C.
Subdivision of Appleton Brothers' tract.    Improvement*) on every block.
ttics Wanted for the Purchase of a
Mineral Claim.
1 in
1   lhe   undersigned, at hla
��� 1 iturt Ho 1 * , 111 the City of ScUon,
P till Uie hour of ft o'eiOeK. Id
kiflerntain, ui Friday,   No*f��mb��f   Im. ISflf.
I Die tiurch��s** ol   tho "Prealdent"   Mineral
: iup   l.   K.��.tHiiay    District,
���.. i.c forfeited to the crown
lull iu the City of Nelson, on the
. . 1 �� ., (oi ���Iflln.-nent taxes up
kin' ttlh, I - (i. nnd OOOW. The up-**:I
a^n the -ivil Mineral claim, which In-
��� the amount ol deltquent taxea and c-mt
��� tune ui : ufelture, with lnUirest. taxes
I ....   *.  1 tiled, costs   of   advertising.
|lfee for Crown    .rniit   (I2.-V.U0) U $��1 ib, whltdi
t that  will   be eonside red as a
M <������     Id .iiiipaiiicd     by   an
full   amount ol lhe  ten-
l,je*n| bio   lhe ordet ol thu   Deputy   Com-
wontr <'f 1 audi and Works, at Vletorla, B. O.
at Nelaon, H '   , mis 14th dav of Oct.. IMR-
IlAKl.Y   \\ KK.HT,
i.overinuent Ageut.
lenders Wanted for the Purchase of a
Mineral Claim.
Certificate  of Improvements
"I'nion" Mineral Claim situate In the Nelaon
Mining Division, or the West Koolenay District.
Where located :- On 'load Mountain two and a
halt miles |rum Nelaon, B. C.
.'*_<��� notice that 1, W. A. Macdonald, acting as
agent for Hugh .Sutherland, Free Miner's Certificate No- Blfi.vftrtt, intend ��0 'lays from the date
hereof, to apply to the Mining Recorder for a
Certificate of Improvement-,, for the purpose of
obtaining a Crown tyrant of tbe above claim.
And further late notice that action, under
Section .17, muat be commenced before the issuance of such Certificate of Improvement*
Dated Ihls ��3r.l day of September, A. 1" . 1907.
Certificate of Improvements*
f.-i '..*-���
I l to the undersigned  at bis
i mm Hou*c, In the City of Nelson,
ip till the hour of ft o'clock, iu
I t n Uv. NoY.Utb. 1907, lor lhe
ofvtn- Old Abe" Mineral Claim, l-ot
M-roupl. Kootenay District, which was.de-
1 forfeited  io the Crown al  the tax
d Nelson, on the 6th day ol
Im    i.  ni'iuent taxea   up til   June
l io- upset  price   upon tho
., ral Claim, which Includes the amount
! ii   i o*-l   at tlie time  of lor-
lerest,   taxes  which   have  Muee
���'���-������    Ml   of .1 I,. iiihing. and fee for Crown
.    ���   I     ���       Pi   ... which in the least amount
ft-*"'-' t* coualdered ah a tender*
wn biiii, r   must   be   accompanied    by   an
! .    foi the lull  amount of the Un
it rile r of   the .Deputy   Cotu-
" and Worka. St Victoria, H.U..
| -Jat-iat St.i,,oii, B.C. tXlt. 14th day of Ocl.,.1807-
II AUK i  WKK.11T,
iioveriimeut Agullt.
piers Wanted for the Purchase of a
Mineral Cliini.
li"1;.'in ii���., ,.
--.-'I t,, Ih,.   undersign,'.!   lit   his
ti linns., in iheOlty ol Nelson,
ii llicl tly ���t   N.il
"I- till tn*.  hour .if fto'i-I.H'k,  ...
,.,,'"' u."l I'll Ikv, Nov.   IMIl, 1907. lor thf
"llsjjer" Mineral   I'lalm,  1...1
,,,"'; '���,"��� "ay   Ulslrlci,  which  ����n de
1   to th. Crown   st tho  iss
,..,    ''" hi* ��� liyof Nolsoi i tin. cm dsy
��. lor ilallnqoonl  huM  ���,, nil June
"I ii. I
iral . i
lists.    Hi.'   iipsi-l iirlt-f  Upon   III*'
"im, whl.'h Infinites  th,. sol,i
ii-lil tsxes and fusts at   Iho tlimi ol I.ir-
(,ri,   ��m.  Interest, t,,xf�� whioh liavo lino.
P-niit iV. w. ... '"li'iTltsliiK, mid [fo tor frown
Bsii,ii        i-i*iii.., uh.rh Is tho least Kinoiiol
Um,  ,'",,',""m'"'"'.I as a to in If r.
I"*.i.i .i   ,'        """"   '"-'   '" mpaiilocl    hy   an
���'-,  .���,���,  'oi the full  amount ol thi, len-
������ni,., ",'',""!"��� "r,,l'r "I thf  lii-luily 0pm.
������met ..i Uad, ���,���, v*r0rk., al Victoria, n i',
Wst.Nelson,B.C. this lllluloy otOct , WOT.
..... eminent Agent.
��s Wanted for the Purchase of a
r*e. liiiw',.    "' ."     mlerslgned al his
I'llll.!,,.,.'.' ''"'< " in*-, i ��� llif Cllv ol Nelson,
I"��alUr.������ ,   ',','������' i"1   O'U hour nl:, n'r loos In
If'timi,,,vi"' 'n'lay. Nov. Uth, nun. fur tho
"'(ir-mi,    i     "'���I'll*irk" Mliifnil Claim,  Lot
lllstrloi. whlOh  was de-
i'll��.���l ,
,*- li���l,i
l^'ili'll in ii ,''"''' '" "i�� Crown al tho Lis
I��."����. iii I ."? "' Nolsoii, OB Iho 6lh .l��y
I   "M'-U.',.'���', '     ''''"il'iuulil  ta-ci-s up till Juiif
I'V'Mlii',.,"'',' ���',"?"������ Thf upset prlfo upon in.
Iol 'leiln.!,,," '"'"'Whirl, influ.lfH thosiiiuiiii
I i.'11'"".liuii ,,V""i"i,l i''��tsiittho time nl fur
lf"n.-l " "IL'I'M.  taxes   whlrh   have slum*
lh',1|ii(ti.iK.|i''V,,',v;','tl"1,I*.aii.l Iff for Crown
"J *lll I.,,', , V.   '"' whioh Is I he least mm,mil
(."fh landn,   UQrtK* as a tender.
1 S? I'I'' I .'...,,., ",""'1   ho   n. nipailted   hy    an
��> I'svi,,, ,';,''"��� I'"' lull amount ..I the ten-
.."'"'i'i i.l 1. . i ' "ider ol tho   ' oputy Com-
|*��*��l '"ii'l-ainl Works, ��t Victoria, B.C.,
"' "elion, B. c, this 14th day nl Oo 1.11101.
UAItltY WRltlUT,
v.uvei iiiuent Agent.
"BI. Bop. Frsrti.m'' Mineral Claim, situsl"
In the Tn.nt l.ake MlnlliK lltvlsluu, Ol West
Koolenay Dlstrlet. IaxhIl.,! ou fuplar creek,
Take notice that I, l". I'adley Freo Miners
I'erilllfau* No. rUSV.-li... lliteu.l 611 days Iroin the
dale hereol to aoply lu the Mining KeconU'r for
s I'erlllieale of itnprove me ills for tho purpose ol
ohtaluinit a Crown tlratit i.l the shove Claim.
Aud lurthei lake nuilwf lhat aftlnu under
Hfellnn V}, musi bo ...innifui-ed oolore the
Issu.nce ol such 0-srtttla.to ol Imnruvenienls.
listed this 5th day ol October, 1W7.
0   1'AIILKY.
Iu th*. lustier of so spi'ltcatlon lor the Issue ol
s dupll.al.- Cerllllcate nl Title lor psrt (40 seres)
ol 1...1 MJ. (I roup one. lu lhe Ulslrlciof Kootnusy.
Nnllce Is hereby Riven thsl It ls my lolentlnu
to Issue al lhe expiration ol ..lie month Irom lhe
first publication hereof ��� duplicate ft tho Ccr-
tlli.'Hte ol 'I Ule !<>r lhe above lands in the ualilf
ol Au.Ufw Morrison, which t'erliacste ol Title
Is dated the .1th day <>l Man th, l'-Sm, and numbered   -Klt'JK.
I^iuil Registry Olllce. Nelson, B. C.,Sei.tfmber
"II   K. M*. LSOtV
District Hc.l-itrsr.
In lhe mattfr or an application lor the Issue of
duplt ales of the Cerllllesli s ol lltle to lotsll,
VI and ill. tironp 1, West Koolenay IMslrlct. also
known as lhe 'Kootenay I'll lei.'' ������Com tort'' snd ���
"l-ulii" mineral claims respef lively.
Nollcf Is hereby Elves that 11 is my Intention
to issue al tin- ex pt rn lion ol one mouth nfl.'r the
llrsl publican.ill bereol a duplicate of rertllleate
ot Title .-���. uailaol an undivided M ll.Hlis In
each of Ihe ai.ovc lots. Issued on tlie l.th day ol
May. A 11. In**', ill III,, nsnie ,'f .lohnc. Ainsworth,
an.f alsoadiipllcale ol icrllllcale ���f Title No.
BSDOe ol an iiii.llvl.le.l llllislths lu eaeli ol Ihe
above b.ls, Issued on lhe 1711, day ol May, A. ll
law',. In the name ol Corse J. Alnsworlh.
laud ItCR-lslry Utllco. Nelson, 11. C. Ail|tllsl MB
11. K. MacI.kop,"
l��i-lM. i Iteulslrsr.
..^'!l 1  I    ���������*    MilflST-J   1.
In the mailer of an -poll, anon lor Iho Issue ol
a dupllrale ol   lliell. rllllcale ol  Tllle lor  lot 1*3.
.nd ihe wesi hnllol lol.M, block ill, in tho Town
Dlotrlot Keglstrar.
In the Matter of    tha "Land    Registry
Act" and Amendmento thereto,
ln the matter ol an .ptuoeuon lor tho issue oi
a liiilliili'    I thi Crrllllralo  ol Title lor Ixits
��     ���]m  ami �� Iroup 1. Koolenay   Dlstrlet
Noll el" herebygiven lhal II 1�� my  Inleiit on
lo Issue si the exl.rrnlh.n ol one month Irom Iho
ir.t t. 11ciioii Bereol ��� dapUoete Oerttllo��te "
ni., io   be , love .leserll.e.l lauds, 111 the naniool
1 n_B   le lik  Koberlsoii   which Certlllcslf U
.Ule.i the lllh d��y ol August, 18118,  and  Is num-
^"fetnr offlco, Hoi-im   "���'i'0,!i1"' ��'
August, WW. "bwrtiJiuglVtW.
The Dally Canauuui
r.nnuar ceremonv   --oserveci In London
���Pageant   Historical  and  of
Unua.ua! Interett,
Lundon, Nov. il.���Kugland Is on the
ST�� Of one of the eroatcnt. IndtiHtrial
battlt-B ever fought, for unless kuiiiu*
thing extraordinary happens In the
eourae of a day or bo the vast army of
liritlsh railway employes will go out on
Btrike. Negotiations between the Amal-
gahated Society of Hallway Servant:-.,
represented by Mr. Robert Bell, M. !\,
nnd the railways, whose moat prominent
representative Is Lord Claud Hamilton,
chairman of lhe Great Eastern Railway,
have been going on for several months.
Hut tn ull that Onto the two parties
have been drifting farther apart, and
the news of tlie rallwaymen's decision
to strike will not come as a surprise to
anyone who haa been following the pro-
BFc-SS of the dispute.
That the railway employes of England are poorly paid and over-winked,
according to American standards, cannot be denied, but their grievances under these heads they consider of Icbs
Importance than the blank refusal of
the railways to recognize the men's
union. That is to say, their grievances
can wait until they can secure favorable machinery for laying them before
their employers. The men argue that
the employers have what corresponds
tu recognition of their union in boards
of directors, which are empowered to
speak for 500,000 shareholders. These
directors, like Lord Claud Hamilton, are
experts, and to be ou equal terms on the
major and minor differences that are
continually arising the men insist that
they also shall have the privilege of ex-
pOTt negotiations to represent them.
The employers declare that to recognize
the union means virtually to surrender
the management of the roads to the
As regards wages, unless we keep
clearly in mind the greater purchasing
power of money In the Old Country, we
can hardly rscni>e the conviction that
English railway employes are miserably
underpaid. Kor instance, the majority
uf firemen receive only a dollar a day,
and engine drivers not more than $1.62.
Signal men average about $6.8Q a week;
shunters, (4 to $4.'J.r>; ticket collectors.
$4.75; checkers, $4.75 to $5; porters,
$3.50. Of course, porters are usually
"tipped", a fact so well known that at
Whnrf 6 n. in. dally for Kootenay Landing and all points east. Close connections for Spokane. Returning arrives
City Wharf 7 p. m.
TRAIN NO. 45 for Uosslnnil and all
Coast points, connecting with Steamer
Knskanook leaves C. P. H. Depot 7.15 p.
rn.   Wharf 7.40 p. m. daily.
TRAIN NO. 43 for Slocan, Roseberry
leaves depot daily except Sunday 9
a. m. Returning arrives 6 p. m. daily
except Sunday.
TRAIN NO. 41 for Rossland-H<mndary
leaves Depot dally except Siinilny S.45
a. m. Returning arrives Nelson 10.3(1
p. m.
daily except Sunday. leaves City Wharf
7 a. ni. 1-ardo days: Mondays Wednesdays and Fridays.
For further particulars call or write
A.d.P. A..VsncotlT0r.
II P. A., Nelson
Tenders Wanted.
In pursuance of tho order of tho Hon.
Mr. justice Morrison, dated lhe 15th
October, A. D. 1907. tenders will be received by the undersigned for the purchase of lots 594. 595. 717, 1848, 1M9,
2o4;i. and o98, known as lhe "lllue .lay,"
"Starlight No. 8," "Lasi Chance," "Silver
Cord," "Hlizr.nrd." "l.lttle Widow,"
"Starlight Fraction," and "Galsna"
minerals claims respectively; one hundred Ions more or less of zinc oru,
whereof sixty tons nre now lying at
Kaslo, and forty tons at the mines; and
all oilier the assets of the Last Chance
Mining company. Limited.
Such tenders to bo made in writing
lo mo on or before tho 1st day of December, A. D. 1907.
Tho highest or any tender will not
necessarily bo accepted. Further particulars of the property will be furnished on application.
Dated the 17th day of October, A. D.
oniclal Liquidator,
The Last Chnnce Mining Company, Limited, Sandon, British Columbia.
#10 DOWN
We offer you best fruit lands;
best terms; heat location; best
climate. Absolute titles. You
don't bave to use all of your means
ln paying for land. We want you
to put lt Into development. We
also have tracts of 50 to 6000 acres,
prices and terms the best. We own
these lands and handle nothing on
If you don't see Frultvale you
miss the best In B. C.
Kootenay   Orchard
Ward Street, Nelson, B. C.
W.   a.   GILUETT
Contrector  and
Sole .Rent for the Porto Rlro Lumber Co., I.W..
r.tsll ysrrls. H.i.ikIj slid dressed lumber, turnoa
work snd brackets, Coast lath and shluKies, sash
and doors. Cement, brick and lime lor sale.
Automatic grinder.
Yard and lactory: Vernon St.. eastol Hall
P. O   Rox 3S2. Telephone 178
toast one road pays the iiorters nothing.
The standard working hours for drivers
are 6*1 a week, 72 hours for one class of
shunters, and GO for another. Signal
men work 60 hours a week. In many
eases there is only regular pay for overtime work.
There are about 500.000 men employed on the railways of Kngiand and
Wales, of whom 100,000 are members of
tho A. S. R. S-, all of whom will stop
work. The majority of the best paid
employes are union men, and it seems
reasonable to expect that the strike
will cripple the railways. However, for
a year past the companies have known
that the trouble was brewing, and
ample op|w*"n' j has been afforded
them to get other men in readiness.
Some of them have openly paraded
their strike-breaking staffs, nnd have
thereby embittered the men. It seems
lo be conceded that the main reliance
of the companies is in the station masters, usually better paid than the other
employes, and naturally less inclined
to throw up their positions. These men
will be asked to step into the signalmen's jiositions, for it requires some
time to train a signalman, who has the
most vital functions to pertonn in the
whole railway body. The employers
realize that slack service in the signal
box would almost certainly result In a
disaster, and have the effect of turning
public feeling strongly against the railways, if. Indeed, it Is not hostile now.
Of the A. S. R. S., it may be said that
in Robert Hell the society has a spokesman and leader of whom it may be
proud. All through the year long controversy he has behaved with a quiet
firmness and moderation not too often
found in labor leaders. Not even Lord
Claud Hamilton could more regret the
decision to strike than Mr. Bell, although to both It may seem Inevitable.
The men's leader has been in parliament since 1900 as a Labor representative, and he Is one of the few Labor
members that is not a Socialist, ln this
respect he differs from most of the other
ruling spirits of the A. S. R. S., for the
society warmly criticized him for his
refusal to subscribe to the Socialist programme, although It did not deprive
him of his office ns general secretary.
For discharging tbe duties of this position Mr. Hell gets something more than
C5 pounds a week. What ho would be
worth in the present crisis to the railway companies is purely a matter for
speculation, hut he is certainly a bargain for tbe man ut his present salary.
Of Mr. Hell and bis work we nre destined to hear much more in the next
few weeks.
The Ball of the Season 1
Will  be  held  on
Friday. Nov. 15th, 1907
���IN  THE���
(Corner of Baker and Falls Streets.)
Tickets cart be had from any member
of the Executive or from the Secretary
of the 20,000 Club.
GENTLEMEN,  $2.00.      LADIES,   $1.00.
Tremont House
Jtnrot-Jtn -.nd American Plan
Meal* 86 ctr.   Roomi from it eta. to tl.
omy WJnite Beip _mplo/(*a.
Baker Bt., NeUon Proprietor!
Most comlortsble quarters     Nelson-
Only the best of Liquors and MKurn.
Grand Central Hotel
Thoroughly renovated and refurnished. Rooms 60 cents upward. The
dining room is unexcelled in the city.
Honse heated throughout with hot
J. A. EEICKSON, Proprietor.
Telephone, 850.    Opposite Court Rous.
and Postoffice. Nelson. B. C.
Queen's Hotel
Baker Street, Nelaon. B. O.
Lighted by Electricity snd
Heated by Hot Air
Lara, .nd Comlortsble Bedroom, .nd First-
clasaOlolng Room.   Sample Rooms for Commercial   Man.
MBB. X. C.CLAB.KB, Proprietress
Battlett   House
Best Dollar-a-Day House in Nelson.
Th. Bar Is tbe Finest
White Help Only Employed.
Josephine HU
Nelson. B. G.
Royal Hotel
Rates (1 and $1.60 a Day.
Special Bates to Regular Boarder.
The Silver Grill h��t opened under new management. White labor
only employed. The best 35 cent
meal in the city.
Tenders Wanted for the Purchase of a
Mineral Claim.
Tendera r^tlreued to the undeniltvned at his
office in the Court HoiiKe, in the City of
Ni'Uon, will be received up till the
hour ot 5 o'clock, ln the afternoon, of Fri
liny, November 1st, 1907, for the purchaw* of
the "Anne" Mineral (Maim, Lot K��), Group 1,
Kootenay District, which was declared to be
forfeited to the Crowu at the tax sale held In the
city of Nelaou, on the 6th day ol November, 1905.
f"T delinquent taxea up till June 80lh, 1906, aud
lhe upset price upon the said mineral claim,
which Includes the amount of delinquent taxea
and costs at the time of forfeiture, with interest,
uixea which have since accrned, cost of advertising, and fee for Crown brant (*_��.00.) tetUS.70.
which ls the leant amount that will be considered
as a tender ��
_R-'h tender must be accompanied by an accepted cheque for the full amount of the tender,
payable to the order of the Deputy Commissioner
of Minds and Works, at Victoria, B. C, at par.
Dated  at Nelson, B.C.,  this'27 th day ot Bept.
Government Agent, Nelson, B C.
Certificate   of   Improvements
"Montreal" and "tiucU'c" Mineral Claim* situate lu the Nelson Mining ltlvtnion, of West
Koote-iay District.
Where located: West brauch of north fork of
Salmon river, on Crat-f Mountain, about nine
mill's from Krte, B. tj-
Take notice that I, Alfred KrnestGallupe, Free
Miner's Certltleate No. BfitD, intend, sixty davs
from the date hereof, to apply to the tuning
Recorder for a Certilhate ot Improvement*, for
the purpos** of obtaining Crowu Grants of the
above tvlalniB.
And further take notice that action, under
-eetlou 87, must bo commenced before the _.su-
auce of such Certificate of Improvements,
Dated this mil day of rjeptember, 1907,
No. 310.
Certificate of the Registration of an Extra-Provincial   Company.
"COMPA^lKH  -.(T.1897."
1 hereby certify that the "falls Creek Copper
Mining Company, Limited." has this day been
registered aa an Kxlra-Provlnclal Company under the "Compantea |Act, 1897," to carry out or
effect all or any of the objects of the Company
to which the legislative authority o( thu Legislature of British Columbia extends
The bead office of the Company is situate at
the City ol ttpok&uo, Htate of Washington, TJ.B.A.
The amount ot the capital of the Comi-any Is
one million live hundred thousand nolla<*s,
divided Into one million five hundred thousand
shares of one dollar each.
The head office of tho Com puny iu this Province is situate at Nolson, and Michael C M.ni-
Hghan, Miner, whose address is the name, Ih the
attorney of the Company
The time of the existence of tho Company ln
fifty years from the 15th March, 1907.
Tno Company ls specially limited under see-
on M of the above Act.
Given under my hand Tand seal of office at
Vletorla, Province o( British Columbia, this 15th
day of May, one thousand ulne hundred and
tU��.l 8 Y. WOOTTON.
Registrar of Joint Stock Companies.
Lake Frontage Subdivisions
We have been instructed to offer
for gale the following properties having first class frontage on the west
arm of Kootenay Lake and within
easy reach of Nelson. There Ib
plenty of water on the property and
railway and steamboat communication with Nelson.
1. 8 acres of level fruit land, $500.
2. 50 acres adjoining the above,
   $45  per acre.
3.93 acres $24 per acre.
4.82  acres, price $2500.
5. 10% acres with two-storey house
and  outbuildings $2250.
H. & M. BIRD
A great many sales have been made of lots In this charming suburb
of Nelson and only a few best lots are left.
Office Rooms For Rent
Suite (2 rooms) ol Office Rooms in Alan
Block, facing Baker St. Particularly good
McDermid & McHardy
AND DEALERS IN    JLtlfllDef 9   O__ngl.eS,
Lath, Moulding-���, Doors, \Vii-s-dovv_-.
Turned Work and Brackets.
Hail Orders promptly attended to.
-   NELSON. B. C
Boots at Cost
You can buy boots and shoes at your own price.   The McLaren, Dallas
and Marsh Boot reduced from $5.00 to $3.75.
Workingmen's Gaiters from $1.95 to $2.15, usual price $2.75 to $3.00.
4111/4 Ward Street. ^*��
A Shoemaker wanted to take over Shoemakirrg Department.
Auction every Saturday evening. Auctioneering at Public Sales. Cabinet work and upholstering, and all kinds of mattresses made to order.
Undertakers and Embaimers.
Notice is hereby given that the undersigned have submitted to tho L-ieu-
tenunt-Govornorj-In-Couucll a proposal
under the Kivt*rs and Streams Act for
the clearing und removing obstructions
Irom tho Duhamel Creek (otherwise
known as Six-Mile Creek) ln the Dlslrlct of West Kootenuy, Province of
Hriilah Columbia, and for makiiiK the
said creek lit fur rnftiiiK -and driving
ihereon lugs, timber and lumber, and
for erecting nnd maintaining dams on
lhe said creek, and fur constructing
nnd maintaining booms for holding,
sorting and delivering logs and timber
thereon, and for attaching booms on
Kootenay Lake at the. mouth ot said
Tho lands to be affected by such
work-are Lots 7S7, 788, 7601, 7773, 4394,
8(11 and 8413 all In Group One, Kootenuy District, and other lands not Crown
Granted, occupied or improved.
The tolls proposed to be charged are
such as may be fixed by the Judge of
the  County   Court  of  West  Kootenay.
Dated the 28th day ot October, 1907.
Notice is hereby given that Wilton A.
Miller, of the town of Creston, lumberman, has been appointed the new attorney of "The Kinney-Miller Cedar
Registrar of Joint Stock Companies.
Victoria, British Columbia, October 27,
Notice is hereby given that the uiiderslsjned
have submitted to the Lteutcnant-Governor-tn-
I'ounell a proposal under the provisions 01 the
������Rivers and streams Act," lor clesrlng and removing obstructions from Host River and Mea-
(it.w Creek, in Ibe liistrlctol West Kootenay, and
...r ii'ukiiiK the same lit (or raiting and drlv
nig thereon logs, Umber, lumber, rails snd crafts
....it lor erecting and maintaining booms for
lioldlng, sorting and delivering logs and timber
brought down said creek and river, and (or attaching booms to the shore ol said creek and
river lor said purpose,.
The lands to be affected by said work are:���
Lots :t��.'. 51117, V01, and sub lots I, It, tl. 13,14 and
15 ol Lot 4*1*1-2, Uroup 1, Kootenay District.
Tbe tolls propcied to be charged are such as
i.my is-lix.-.l by the Judge ol the County Court
cl West Kootenay.
listed 31st July, 1907.
V. C GREEN       F. F. SURDtN       A. 11. GREEK
Civil Engineers, Dominion and British
Columbia Land Surveyors
F. 0. Box 145   Fhou 2.1 B.
B. C.
1 '
Old Curiosity Shop if
J* :..i��.
I','!   'fjli
��� H1- j '
i-*,;,".;,'! * ���.
11 : if?
i    '���������',
i  .ik
The Daily Canadian
so all busy people, we are sure we
can save both time and money for
you if you will come now and inspect the different lines of goods
we are showing for the Christmas
Selections will bo likely to prove
far more satisfactory if made now
than if left for your busiest days.
Watchmaker and Optician
The  very   newest and  best
goods in Wash Silks, Liberty Silks and  Chiffon
Taffeta Silks.      All
the very newest
styles at
$4, $5, $6 to $10 Each
All Over Net and
Lace Blouses at
$6.50 to $12-50
See Us
Foi* Good Fruit Land
io Acre Blocks to 8oo'
Acre Blocks.
Bedrock Prices.
Easy Terms.
H. E. Croadsdaile & <_
Next Door to Bank of Commerce.
Waterproof Paints
Coal Tar, Pitch,
Creosote, Oils for
Preserving Timber,
Roofing Pitch and
Boat Builders will find it to their ad-
vintage to nse our Pitch.
Nelson Coke & Gas Co.
I Jr.lit _��.*.
BUSH  i MATT HEW, Props.
J     Phone   9. P.   O.   Box  672.
���*^*l*<*��*s***i*<***WNa����-i*/'</vvvvv.v '
A. McDonald & Co.
Dealers in staple aud fancy Groceries
Butter, Kf-ft*?.
Camp ami Min'rs' Supplied.
A. M. Can. Sec. C. E.
Mining Work a Specialty.
Office:  Bealey Building.    P. O. Box 431
���Sksr at, NELSON, 0. C.
Tho Best Ham 1'osl on ice market.
Bnnkhead fcjri-
The Best  liume-tir- Coal.
We>t Transfer Co.
,(>��� r-lf*.-��*-"-     ���<'"'_>-H"     '.VS.
'���������-��� ~*V.   :;>-.t'-VW
li-/* 'A~.*'��iS  ':V| ��'*���,.i'ir^'
0,.r-    Vornct,   ��r,U Wart, Strests,
.NELSO.V. fc��. C.
II. Sievens, Arrowhead; W. Stevens.
Koch Siding; A. K. Vaughn, Victoria;
.1 H. Ellis, Westley; A. J. Burton, C. A.
Carman, Vancouver; A. Mclnnes, New
Denver; Mrs. C. H. Rowlands, J. W.
Power, J. L. Retallack, Kaslo; C. R.
Hi own. C. IS. Legs, Spokane; K. Mal-
lanilaine, C'ranlirouk: K. Mekerron, Toronto; l. RJIey, Q. Lewis. Montreal; J.
Riley, Port Hill; A. P. Reid, Miles Ferry
.Mrs. Bennett, Salmo.
r, ���
Tho tourist hotel of Nelson,
corner of Stanley and Victoria
streets. Two blocks from depot.
T. A. A Irey, wife and sun. Miss F. R.
Ward. Spokane; w. A. Allen, Vancouver
Mrs. W. II. Cochrane and son. Grand
Forks; J. C. Dufresne, Riondel; W.
C.  li iwles, Winnipeg.
A Carlson, S. H*i...-in, E. Petu-rson,
E. Sorenson, P. Ryan. ,1. Noble, Calgary,
I-' Birch, Kiisl... .1. T. Rose, Syracuse;
T. Bwanson, .1- Batten, Fernle; M.
Plelzlk, Fiank; II B. li.rk. w. It. Robertson, Harrop; f> K. Nelson, Kossland;
0  a  Galloway, Elgin.
Mrs.  Dnff .ir.��� 1  daughter, Mrs. Curry.
Un    A.  Q   Qallup,   N.  Burr,
1      \     I'fi, .-.-.     Mci.eod:     T.
Sneizek,  M.   Haweyss,  R.  C.   Dickson,
W'lnnlpi .
*.   Herman   Denver; J. Varstckle,8po*
\   Ool dull, C.  Hydon, Elicin;  J.
Bmalj iley;    B.   C   Robinson,
Im    Hal.   R   Blllenghart, Edmonton.     8   H   Van   Bnsklrk,  W.  A.  Mall*
ttacleod;     I.   Smith,    N.   Orr,
Maple  Creek     W   Connors, Vancouver;
a    McDrmsld, Slocan.
i;   Thompsoa, R   Ross, Blooan; n   i:
i     Shaw    Vir.li,   L  Milton,  Na-
P    Kn.ui.   It    Un, n.*,   W.   I.anky,
: ton.
.1    It    Muii    Ro    land;    W    Fraser,
Toronto; -l   Mackenzie, Trout Lake; E.
s   CalTmsn,  Ymir;   .1.  HifTonnan,  Spo-
General Job Work. Chimney Sweeping, Carpet Cleaning, Fixing and Cleaning   8* ��� .*������   etc.
T.   East  laker St. Phone  No.  A114
WANTED   ria Uokmn   U��a Tlaf to ba Fir, T��m.
anui Dl Pin. hi. i -ffTt 11 nnm ,*,*.h In the
Mum- nil |ood Umber -*ppl)- ���� *Toeepli
Jit ttfii , Haaoaie.
WANTED BHuatloaby Young eootafnau (mar
rii-.i) wiUlDg tu taokla m-v-hi-ii-, aaparianoad
in vroearr, trine mm-i rofrlt tn.ii-- Addrett
ii D . Dally C ir*. li��o Offlaa
A   I'AKINKK    wtili   $1*900   if    I'lin-NnM*  ft   irult
r.ir,.i, i,,.m liaison    h good ���pwnb'tlofl    I'art-
omt Dead nol bt ���  Mvol] ��� n.-*.t-'-<l on rHiich.
Fur parlteutan apply T. ���� PfOOTSB.
UOflT    A I.AhW IMIiltvi.l.A HlthK'iNl rltnrn��--|
handle   i-H hi  k   r   iuii, oo i-ikM ��>�� miu
������ii    iiii'ii-i  pleas*   ratarn la I'arkcr'** Km
I'lnyrnpiit A|*-M' v mimI mh-ivi- rcwtni.
bastaeei In  ti
. Y
-j-jr,..,   /������   , .ii
117.     A.lilres.   K. 0, Dally
\l'oml,iMSI.Ir II..in,. i.,rs roiiiii l.a*ly. wolilrl
-"ll 'HI." *.!.'..1  l.s.h.;,, ,,r   y.iiin. lsUy In
Two naST-u^aM hoosis, mmsj liMtKi   apply hous.ks.Mr, Ird 1st, k  W. (!. block.
Won   Sunshade.
Miss   Marquis   is  the   winner   of   the
t unshade  ra (filed at  the  Queen's  hotel.
King's   Birthday.
The only local observance of His
Majesty's birthday was the raising of
Police  Court.
.1. Kitzsimmons, for causing a disturbance, was fined $1U in the police court
this morning.
Mountain Climbing.
Principal Sullivan and several of ihe
members of his staff crossed the Arm
this morning and began the ascent of
the mountain.
Frost and   Fruit.
Kven the tenderest fruits are still
nourishing in Nelson orchards. P. La-
mont picked a fine bunch of grapes in
his garden today.
Opens Tonight.
The Alice roller rink will open tonight. Tomorrow afternoon the rink
will  lie open from 2.30 to 4..10.
Narrow  Escape.
What might have been a serious accident occurred yesterday when George
Young fell from the new court house
building.    He escaped  with  a upraised
20.000 Cfub  Ball.
A meeting was held this afternoon
by the committee of ladies in charge to
perfect plans for the ball under the
auspices of the 20,000 club, which will
be held in the roller skating rink next
Friday evening.
University Club.
The November meeting of the X'ni-
versity club will be held at S o'clock
tonight in the teachers' room of the
public school. The programme will consist of the reading and discussion of
Dr. Arthur's paj>er on University Endowment.
At Anaconda, Mont.. Nov. 5th, Rev.
Mr. Carnahan solemnized the marriage
of H. Henry Kwert, of Nelson, and Miss
Cora Marchion, of Anaconda. Mr. and
Mrs. Ewert will spend their honeymoon
on the coast before taking up permanent  residence  In  Nelson.
The   McAuliffe Company.
A fair siz��'d audience greeted the McAuliffe company last night when "Why
Women Sin" was presented. The
piece has not been seen fn Nelson
before. There were a number of specialties. Tonight the company will be
seen in "Confessions of a Wife."
C.  O.  B.
The Chaotic Order of Hats will meet
at the bachelor parlors of Messrs Caldwell, North and Lawrence on Nov. 10th.
at 8 p. m., when business of importance
will be transacted. All officers and
members are requested by Grand Vampire, R. Ft. Caldwell, to be present.
The  Upper Duncan.
There will be a meeting held in Kaslo
on the 15th of all those interested tn
the development of the Upper Duncan
An effort will be made to secure Dominion and provincial government aid to
make navigable the Upper Duncan river
and construct wagon roads throughout
that section.
Fruit  Ranches Everywhere.
A fruit ranch is being set out at Bear
Lake, almost at the exact summit of the
pass through the mountains between
Kaslo and Slocan Lake. The Kooten-
ain says the outcome of the experiment
will be watched with Interest as It will
to a certain extent determine the adaptability of thousands of acres of good
bench land, between South Fork and
Bear  Lake,   for   fruit   culture.
Harry E. Macdonell, who will leave
in a few days for St. John to become
general freight agent of the Atlantic
division of the C. P. R., was presented
with a Bolid leather travelling bag by
the members of his office staff. The
presentation was made this morning by
Mr. Drew who expressed his own and
his colleagues' regre at Mr. Macdonell's
Of electrical work flnlHliiiil anil charged
for from thlH inoj) will hIiow you how
K,|uai,lv anil honorably we conduct our
TIiohi: who employ iih noid not worry
about our charKo" and as to workmanship they know It Ih the lii*nt.
Repairs t/i machinery, telephones, etc.
promptly   attended  to. *
P. O. Box 156. I'houo 127 A.
2 lbs. 25c.
\ 5c.  per lb.
Corner Silica and Josephine Sts.
arriving   and   being
New   stock      is
placed on sale.
The designs and colorings are if possible, more beautiful than ever.
Prices are so very reasonable too. The
daintiest of cards at 5c each, and from
that up to 80 cents each. Calenders at
from 10c up.
They are all fresh new stock. We
were almost completely cleaned out of
cards last year so that we have no old
stock to be worked off.
Those having cards to send to friends
at a distance should make their selections now.
W. G. Thomson
SSKSaffi8 *nd    Nelson, B.C.
Phon. 34.
departure while coiiKratuIating him on
hiH well-merited promotion. Mr. Ifao-
donell made a happy reply expressing
his appreciation of the gift and wishing
success to all.
Methodist  Services.
Al the Methodist church tomorrow the
evening service will be a special service
for young people. Subject, "A Young
Man's Religion." After tile evening service the Family Circle will meet for the
first time for the season. Tbe meeting
will be led by Mr. Joseph Patrick, and
Mr. Benedict will sing a solo. The purpose of this after meeting Is. as far as
possible, to reproduce the Family Circle
gatherings, when well known hvtini-
are sung around the instrument. An
interval for hand slinking Is also a feature of these gatherings.
Fire  Alarm.
The first fire alarm since the 12th
October was sent to headquarters, over
the telephone, at I LSfl o'clock this morning. A wooden box, filled with inllatii-
mable material standing behind a stove,
at No. 722 Knst linker street, cought
fire during tbe temporary absence ..i
the occupants and ignited the paper and
cotton on the wall. The tire department arrived on the scene very promptly; but they had little to do, the neighbors having kept the fire under control
with buckets of water. The building is
owned by .Agues Wesl and occupied l��>
Mrs. Kisilon. The damage will amount
to about ten dollars.
J. I.. Retallack, of Kaslo, Bpent yesterday In the city.
Angus Mclnnes, of New Denver, arrived from the north last night.
K. Mallandalne. of Creaton, arrived In
Nelson last night and left for Rossland
ihls morning.
Mrs. I-:. K . Beeston will leave for
Victoria this evening, where she will
visit, for a couple of weeks.
\V. P. Tlerney arrived last nlsht from
llosmer, whlili he reports na booming.
He w-lll  return  Monday morning.
Labor  Learle-s  Meet.
Norfolk,   Va.,   Nov.   ��.���The  advance
guard of delegates is putting in an appearance for the annual convention of
the     American     Federation   of    Labor.
160 ACRES-About eight miles from
Nelson l'i,i|uenl trains, cabin,
springs. Owner would subdivide If
necessary $20 to ��25 per acre.
25 ACRES Near Nelson���(iood. road.
Water  rights.  Small  house, stable.
Fruit   trees,   bushes   etc Jl.OOIt.
Also Ian,I    on    Kootenay and    Arrow
lakes, Slocan and Salmon rivers, etc
Real Estate Agent
-1B Bsksr ftt, Nslson, B. C.
Wlinlmtalc nuil  Ki'inil Dualem lu
Fresh and Salted Meats
Camps supplied on shortest notice and
lowest price. Nothing but   firMh and
wholesome meats aud supph'H kept in Moek
Mail orders receive careful attention.
E.  C.   TRAVES.   Manager.
IS ftEN0W/1_D
Its Business Energy
$L0O per Gallon
J. A. ERVlNG & CO.
���Telephone 181.
Sherman's Opera House
McAuliffe Stock Co.
The Confessions of
A Wife
Prices:    25c,   50c,   75c.
411 Kinds nf Heating  Plants in Stock.
Victoria St., Nr. Oners House.      Tel. 181.
which Is to begin Its sessions here Monday. The convention promises to be
well attended. There will be delegates
from Maine and from as far west as
California and Oregon. AM classes of
labor, from the most skilled to the commonest and most poorly paid, will be
represented. Talk of opposition to the
re-election of President. Gompers and
the present members of the executive
rnunell has aroused coiisldiialile Interest, though it is not believe,I thai the
movement stands any chance, of success
al the present session. The steps taken
by the manufacturers to l.-si the legality
of the so-culled "black list" of the Federation in the United Stales courts will
receive allent Ion. Another matter In
which considerable Interest Is taken at
this time Is the question as to whether
the federation will lake any acllve pari
In the presidential campaign of next
year. 11 Is expected that. President
QomperSj in his annual message, win
divulge the plans In Ihls direction, II
any have been made. There will be a
warm ll^ht for (he next convention of
the federation, with Beattle, Denver,
Toronto and several other cities as the
Cleared,     cultivated,     planted
with   8o   trees,  good   water,
first rate location, $700s
Chinaware Clearance Sale
Ilils week we have put Into stock
two lots of Royal Vienna China cot,,,
pletlng our X'miis importation These
we have put in with the othor lines at
Hi..  Clearance   Sale   prices.
Specluls this week In Staples Tune
biers,  regular   price  $!.r,0  per do/., at
J'',',    85c
Willow   pattern   cups  and  saucers   per
d��z    j, 30
Willow   pattern  plates  per doz. Ki,
Canada Drug & Book Co'y, Ltd.
COR   BAKER  and   WARD.        Phone 81
������ft.   A.   ISAAC
R.   W.   HINTON'
Uapnlrlnil null  slOS-sMrSSJ es.clltnl -with  I >,���-,,,,, ..,,      ��������., v.   .
work.  Mlr.lnw.sr-d   -.till  .M��--l,l���-.r> .      ^^V..,t���,���ctur��!rL*V,���,���,l
Cbroav <*t Hsii snd
front -.r,.-is.
rsJEUSOIN,    fc*. c.
Tflfi-ri*--]*- Vi ,
!'.<�� Hoi Km*
that I. fa.hionable and durabl. can bt
bought now at a pric. that is sure to
tempt you. Winter style, are being
.rtown. Come quick and get the pick.
Shirts, Collar, and Cuffs galore. Med.
ium and Heavy Weight Pajamai and
Night Shirt, at proper prices.. Particular people will be pleae.d with our offering..
scribes, bring them    to the    Popular   Store.
Places to have your prescriptions fined.
But to have them proper!*-' and carefully
compounded    aa    your    physician   pre*
Poole-Longhurst Co., Ltd.
I'.akcr and Josephine Sts.
Wo would liko to sco all our patronscomrnrtable this winter nml (n on>r lo
do so we have in stork tho host assort ed lino ot h'-atlng stoves nnd cooking
stoves  and  ranf-ns t-vor before presented to the publlr In Koolenay.
Wo would be pleased to show you our lino and before making your purchase kindly see what wc have to offer.
J. H. Ashdown Hardware
Company, Limited. Nei.on Bra-th.
You can always get what
you want in all kinds of House
Furnishings at the
Buck Stoves
and Ranges
Standard Furniture Company
Complete Home Furnisher, and Undertakers.
>!^ft1    Bas
i, .
We carry a large .lock of Cereal
Cookera, Kettle., Stew and Sauce
Pans, Fry Pan., Tea and Coffee
Pot., etc, etc.
Wood-Vallance Hardware Co.- Ltd-


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