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The Daily Canadian Dec 15, 1906

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Array OXanaMom
No  164
te Western Canada
Are Still Low
Wary of Mountain Association
I Discusses Situation Created
by Log Famine.
|t nominal |irot(t*tlon    of    Hritlsn
gulisa lumber Is;   Ho-  iiriinils'-il  up.
ol 111'-    iluuipiug"   clause   la
mver 10 have bud
1,11,., ��� .   prices Immedlate-
Kill  sin ll-sllHllllll.
11 'lis-  protection
f been luyed   iimt   ii   is
\t\, :,,��� ,       sis.   Washington  mm
\ il saks     a    slaughter
Irfcet ni Uanuilu loi tbelr surpiua
: during yeai-B ot
wsioi. iii iiis building trades, now
Iter prices nu Iheir own aide ot
isl Ks-t in Canada,
tort- r ttt-li secretary ot ma
num Luai .1 loclatioa, seen ou
mt loda        :
issu-d are u little mm-
ids   Boms      udes, such  us cedar
always  been   wortn
t than fsiss 11 thousand.
IT;. ul .  probable Ior fumluc
Jpenau,> ss-    . ssunded.   The limits
|i eoaat are pretty
1 _JUUsted   .1:.!     as     the   logging
}p has. Inriher    froui  Uie
I us] ;��� hlglis-i  altltudea, the cosl
fpttlitf 'is   Ills   log! usss-H up rapidly.
: ," �� "in   lhat There  is
reuon .   very  considerable
���    ;, ��� 11 slss- price ot lum-
In Un- lasl  liw  years  there  has
1 hip iin rs .:    in the coat 01 ev-
*ptV requires!   for  conducting   log-
I md milling  "["-railons:    horses,
macbitu-ry,      supplies    and
1 all i-ssuii: tor far more now than
f �� !'*ar�� ago.    It the price
I th,- lini-ii-    pr .dud remained sta
ssssuld be convert
b ht-lisy ;.
thi  general opinion
lths-|ins.       . iiniss-r here is very
���*- . ���  ssl fact tbe people
I including Hritlsn
ibla. arc pelting lumber at lower
1 ihan ii run lie obtained for any
th al   present.    The
1: made by tlie mill
��re ���������.'���       .'li.illy   bringing  the
Mum wittiin  Kislii   of  what  they
|��.-n In olhi 1  parta of Canada.
f�� sh"  om   . sample:   One of tho
���OBMI ci'       ,,1   lumber  la  now
[ti I'.'-    itiouaand on the car 111
Wi delivering exactly
��np gooils ,,i, ihe prnlrli-s for $-0.
IInil.- urt     '. iiiiisiances it   noed
|��amal|i-i - ��� surprise or resent-
V BriilKb iiilumbla prices, both
I Mill Interior, show a strong up
- tendenri very aoon.*'
������I **"*ttsng   ol Commissioners tor
Ymir District.
��� "iiolr i!i irlcl   license   commis-
ra taelta tlir cmirt room today at
"'��� ��1H 1   \. Kelley or Fairvlew,
""���' >���'���   1 mil, und G. 1*'.  YNOir
11 run.
Present,   and  also   Cblel   l.i-
v.:  II.  Bullock-Web
PWlowlai     i__
pllcntlnns wus
I"'  '"���"   Si iin.. Ilisii-l. Snlmo.
I"*    ii  shields,   p0,.|   Bheppard
f"1 Wiiiii'ln
I'i"''* 1.   ininsfer  to    G.    '1*.
f.Outiei 11,vi. Prooter.
'   Uurgs        C'lii"   Hotel,   Pater
*��� ''' ���'. transfer   to   Malcolm
ml. Vi
"nver Hotel,   Vmlr.
">'. tranafer to Archibald
I���. I'iilii's- Hotel, Ymir.
��� ��. Maatcrson, Ymir Hotel.  Ymir.
t   '   Brum,    Ciisinupolltan    Hotel,
��� e. Coleman, VValdorl llolel, Ymir.
��'��<*l Mill,',-, Miller Hotel, Ymir.
7���   12. McPeak,    Sirdir    Hotel,
��� W. Cr
row, linnsfer to C. 1'*. Waim
thou. Hotel   f
a-.   ���,  s' Johnson,  Koolenay Palls
���"*������Blocan .liuictlon.
'   "���    Hiinnex,    Mersey Hotel.
I Wrslkcr,    Hrlckson    Hotel,
s.       McArihur,   Northern    Hotel.
IlW I ..
C |'^[:or* 'fansfei lo 8. Marsha
f>l Mli
near Ynilr
���lr.,  Wnnctn Hotel, Wa
lion,    n��' lr- withdrew his appli*
FstTorahto .,
  "'I""1�� were given by Ihe
Inspector on all but iwo. 11,. thought
a UceiiBc for Hi,- Qrove hotel was ���,���
required by ihe public convenience, as
to ED. McArthur* application 1 ���>��� u���-
Northern hotel, tialino, he reported
that it was not required by public convenience nor was the applicant u in
person to be granted a license.
All were granted by the board except that of D, McArthur, which was
opposed by Chairman Kelley, and HU|,.
pm ted by Mr. Dewar. As Mr. Weir
wanted time to Inquire ibe board adjourned.
Liberals Will  Affiliate With Conferva
tives in Next Election.
(Special to Tlie Dally Canadian.)
(Irand KorkB, Doc. 16.���Following tlie
big Conservative meellng Thufsdaj
evening eomes the word tolay thai Hi-
Conss-rvatives ut Cascade and Carson
yesterday held meetings ami elected
dill-gates for ihe approaching campaign. Tin- whole of the Boundary dls
t.lct ia now thoroughly aroused In po-
istlcul malt 11. 11 ls uIbo staled thai
by uiuiual consent of the Phoenix und
other town Conservatives tht- enliven
lion Ior the nrriciul choosing ot a candidate will be held In Urui. I forks
the near future.
It Is ulso unofficially stated loilav
thui in all probability Uu- liberal iiarty here will noi put a oandldate in the
field at all, hut will give Its supisisri
to the Conservative candidate providing lhe Conservative delegales selecl
a candidate Who will not be objection
able to the Liberal party. The allow
Ing of 17 Regales foi Grand KorkB Is
bass-d on a* allowance of one delegate
for s-very ills or a Creation of 21, voters
ai Grand Forks.
Outlook for    Winter    Mining in Kootenay    Unusually    Good���Week's
Stock Quotations,
'i'he chief feau'tre of tlie mining sn-
tuition Ib still the opening up of the
t*U'-eu Vlciurlu copper mines. me
compuny s plana include steady development during the winter, with double
shuts as soon as the aerial tramway
now ordered is completed. It la ex-
pus-ls'd that shipments of ore will be
begun by the rirst of March. N. J.
Cavanaugh, one ol the owners, will remain in charge, wiih A. Burnett, late
of the Le Hoi No. 2, as foreman. The
copper di posits are already proved lo
be very extensive and the operation 01
the mines will certainly he an important element In the luiure Industrial
actnily of Nelaon.
Sheep Creek valley is again looking
up. Two of llle owners of ahe Mother
Lode group. F. P. Ilniniinond and P. F.
Horton, have taken a lease on the
sroup and will begin work at once. The
property has bean idle for months,
pending negotiations with successive
applicants for purchase. The owners,
wbo were never auxlous lo part witn
the properly, have grown weary of the
long delays anil called all deals orr.
Tbe operation of the Vancouver mine
al Silverion under the management 01
Douglas Lay, formerly superintendent
of tbe licllance mill, has already cans
ed a general revival at the northern
end of Slocan lake.
Klsewbere throughout Kootenay the
usual quiet winter campaign of under
grssund wurk is ln progress.
Tbe stock murket for lhe pust week,
though showing no marked changes,
ronllnued firm wllh tradings in a 1111m-
lK.|- of secuiill.s fairly active. The
Spokane exchange continues to handle
large orders and while lhe stocks there
Have not yel recovered from their re
,-eul slump, they are showing more
si length now than at the beginning 01
lhe week. Kusis-rn cxrhiuws are absorbed in Cobalt socuiiiicB ami ni>
mglsciiug llrlllsh Columbia slocks to
" COMolldated Smelters opened Xtrong
wllh more demand  man has been ap-
p   eni  tor some    llnic. and    advance
&  "��<->���  tW   with   a  demand  at
higher prices Still unsatisfied.
n, ndlan Qold Fields were also in
demZh'elng affeeu,! hy the market
in Consolidated Smellers.       ���,,..,
nlsniond   Vale   weakened   sonlowhnl
WHh h's" demand than 4��HM ">* ^
pr-ga ���____%
hands  has  altom 11   111 .alien
eldorably, both I*"*-''"1 ftn(* ""'"
watting <^;'"'1,('���',,wed   almost    no
"ttoanBoy advanced a ftw *��*����,
Fifty Cents a Month
ing orders  coining  from   the  vicinity
di th,' property.
MonsiisK 8tari Ulant| M__t_ C|.|sto
am Virginia Hhowed no change from
Ih.ir quoiailuns of a moulh ago
lhe lollowlng are lhe approximate
quotations lor the week ending today:
. Asked.        Bid
American Boy -j.*.      .03
g^���� 65 .66
Breck Lund cr ,G2
11. C. Copper H.ui)     12.'un
���:*il,lur"'a 117 .UB
Consul,   smellers   ...,166.011   Hb uu
Can. Cold  Fields 08%       U7V4
ciirlboo-McKliiney   .   .      ,06        '.ua
Denora iMlnes 14 n,i
Diamond Vale 30        .21
Dominion Copper  ..   .    II.UO       5'uo
*t> Creek 0& .04
(:n"" 02 -.01
Handy  Colli   Mines   ..      .02 .oil-JJ
inter. Coal 07 _4
.lumbo 17
La  Plata  Mines 211 .2(1
Monte Crlslo lit .uv
Mcssla Coal  Mines   ..      ,118'/.       07V4
Norlh Star "     ,i;i
I'athllnder 0:1
Humbler-Cariboo   ..    .      .30 .28
Sullivan 09 .II8VS,
Virginia or,       ,u6
White Dear (HV.r psi.)      ,06 .04
Death's Harvest.
Montreal, Dec. 16���Mrs. Iirinkwater,
wife of Charles Drlnkwater, secretary
of lbe C. P. It., passed away this morning. Mrs. Drlnkwater was a native ot
Ottawa, highly esteemed lu select so-
cal clrcl ss. The remains will be con-
veyeil to Otlawa by special train ai
11:30 on Monday forenoon for Interment at the capita!.
Siraiford, Dec. 10.���John Ross, aged
70, grain mercbant, known Ihroughoul
Ontario, is dead.
Flurry in C. P. R. stocks.
Montreal, Dec. 15.���There waB decided excitement on the stock exchange
when the price of Canadian PacStlc
slock yesierday, for the first time In
iis hiBlory, reached the J200 mark, and
attained a new high record hy selling
as high as ��201. The last Bale was
made at J200.75 and the stock cloBea
strong at J201 hid and J201.25 askea.
Nearly 2000 shares changed hands ou
the advance.
For Government Phones.
Winnipeg, Dec. 15.���In an interview
today Premier Koblin announces that
Uie government has accepted the vote
In Winuipeg on municipal phones as
lhe mandate of the peopls and al once
will call lor tenders ror building thou-
sands of miles in the province next
year. He declares this will cut lien
rates in two.
in the city police court this morning one more vagrant wns ordered to
leave lown. Two Chinamen were compelled to pay Iheir provincial revenue
The operation of W. E. Cooke's sawmill ul Kaslo is still delayed for the
completion of the boiler dome being
manufactured hy the Nelsou Iron
With Ihe date of compulsory completion of the power plant drawing
near���with lhe alternative ol semi-
darkness, relieved only by caudles���
Mayor (illicit  still says, "All's well."
At the servlceB ot the Melhodis't
church tomorrow, ltev. K. .Newton
Powell will preach two sermons dealing wllh family religion. The morning
Bubject will be "Private Devotions,"
and lhal for Ihe evening. "Family Worship."
The start and pupils of Nelson high
school will be At Home to their friends
Friday evsnlng. December 111. . The
high school Al Home as an Institution
dates from 1903, but wns omitted lasl
year on account of Ihe illness of Principal Fraser.
Manager T. II. Trethewey of lho La
Plata mine arrived In the city Inst
night. He says that lhe successive
snowfalls nre gradually Improving the
road from the mill lo the landing.
though the lower part Ib rather hare.
The mill iB treating between 66 nnd Oil
lona or ore a day, which provides
almiit a car a day or concentrates lor
shipment to the smelter.
The llapllsts of Kossland will reopen
their church tomorrow with apptoprl
ate services, ltev. C. Padley or Nelson will deliver the sermon. The build
ing has been thoroughly overhauled
nnd repaired, made necesBary by the
recent explosion at the mines, which
had seriously wrecked It. It is now
Ihe neatest and mosl eomforlahle building In (he city. llev. 11. F. Marks, the
new pastor, ls doing good work.
Japan May go Against
Russia Once More
Germany and England Expecting
Oriental Nation Will Disturb
World's Peace.
Berlin. Dec. 16.���The relations between the United Stats-s aud Japan excite extraordinary Interest bo(h in our
government and diplomatic circles
here. Emiieror William discussed the
question with several persons recently aud is thoroughly Informed i-egard-
Ing President KooBevelt's views ou the
It ls believed that Russia's more resolute stand against Japans request lor
irade aud colonl_aiion rights ou tne
Amur river and iu Siberia and for
the fishery privileges ou tbe adjacent
Kussian coasts is' partly due to tne
discussion of tbe California school
question between the United States
and Japan. The Kussian foreign otnee
bas been subjected to a steady diplomatic pressure on the part of Japan
in the latter's efforts to ogtain these
far-reaching rights, aud has been impressed by this as well as by Japan s
llrniness. Tlie result is that the idea
haa been created at the Kussian foreign office that Japan might make her
ambitions the occasion for renewal ot
tbe war with Russia. This idea per-
vadsis the conversations which the
foreign minister, ... lswolsky. had
wllh the governmenl officials whom he
met here on the occasion of his visit
to Berlin six weeks ago.
Among German military and naval
oltiterB the possibilily for llie coulllct
between the United States and Japan
bas been quite freely discussed aud tne
prolessional views appear to agree
that Japan would like the Philippines
Islands, and will place upon the United
States the necessity of conducting,
across the Pacific, prolonged sea and
laud campaigns which would call tor
Immense exertions against natural
It was known here in June that tbe
Hritish admiralty bad considered theoretically the possibility of war between Japan and the United Btfttes as
likely to occur within 25 years, and
Borne of the British naval men are repotted to have expressed (he belief
that the contest would occur within
rive years. In any case il is certain
that several European foreign officers
are at present making enquiries regarding the temper of lhe Japanese
people aud government of Japan.
Dangers of Hockey.
New York, Dec. 15.���Alex Verner, a
sub-lorwaidman in Princeton University Hockey team, in a game last night
between Princeton university and the
New York Athletic club, (ell during a
scrimmage and the strip of a skate on
another player's foot punctured his
left eye. He was removed to a hospital. Doctors said that he waB In
grave danger of losing the eye. The
gams- was won by lhe Ney York Athletic club hy a score of 2 to 1.
Winnipeg Property Transfers.
Winnipeg, Dec. 16.���John Leslies
furniture Store 011 Main street Is sold
to Joseph Bernhardt for ��125,000, lo be
turned Into n hotel.
Tho Canada Permanent, on the corner of Main and Page streets, Bold for
According to the assessment Tolls
Winnipeg hns 16,000 buildings In lho
SuccumbB to Coal Famine.
Seattle, Wash., Dec. 15.���The University of Washington closed Its doors
yesterday on account of the coal [amine from which ihe city ls surrering.
Tho entire clly Is afrecled by the famine and many sick persons are said to
be ln danger In cold rooms. Only
seven cars of coal arrived yesterday.
More Cobalt Capitalization.
Toronto, Dec.   16.���A   syndicate has
offered the   Ontario    government ?l,-
200,000 for the mining rights under
Lake Cobalt. lt Is the intention ot
the company to secure privileges to
capitalize tor a million dollars.
Uneventful Night   With   Two    Teams
Dropped From Contest.
sN'ew York, Dec. 16.���There was no
change during the night ln the position of the racers in the bicycle contest at Madison Square Uarden. Tbe
men did their work mechanically,
seeming for the most part to be content with holding their places in the
race. A few sprints were attempted
but they did uot laat long aud were
without reBUlt. The men were averaging about 15 miles au hour early to-
day and they were couteut lo follow
this pace.
The lack of maintained sp^ed in the
race and that the usual delays have occurred Is indicated hy the fact that
the racers were nearly 300 miles behind the record early loday. Ten
teams remain In the race and all win
probably finish. Vanderstuyrt and
Stole and (ialvln and Wiley dropped
out of the contest late last night. Both
teams had loBt several laps to the
other riders and as there was no hope
ol making this up again the men dropped opt.
Butte and Macrarland have shown
fssl work the last day or so and many
of the spectators pick them as the
probable winners when the final splint
comes tonight.
Bankhead and Shaft of    Nova    Scotia
Coal Mine in Flames.
Glace Bay, N. 8., Dec. 15.���Fire
raged ruriously in the shaftings of the
colliery of the Dominion Coal company
and it was necessary to flood the place
for hours before tbe fire was subdued
even on the surface. The bankhead,
fan and boiler in the engine room were
destroyed. The Interior of the mine is
still a seething volcano and out of the
shaft a column of flame is towering
high in the air. Tbe scene resembles
a volcanic eruption, lt is impossible
to approach lt closely. The pump
room, where tbe fire started, is just
at the bottom ot the shaft, 120 feet
from the surface.
Tbe mouth of the pit had been
boarded up and the officials thought
the blaze was fairly well under control, when suddenly the boards over
the piimomh caved in and flames shot
high Into the air again. Instantly tne
bankhead was ablase and the flames
quickly spread to the boiler room and
engine house, but by hard work tne
other buildings were saved. Up to
ih.s hour nothing is decided as to
win ib. r the pit will be flooded or not.
No estimate can yet be made of the
Attempt Admiral's Life.
St. Petersburg, Dec. 16.���Another attempt on the lite ol Admiral Dubas-
soff, ex-governor general of Moscow,
was made today, hut he escaped with
slight injuries. Dubassolf was driving
in Sergyewiskia street on his way to
the Taurida palace when two men
hurled a bomb at bis carriage, lt exploded with great force, but ouly slight
wounds were indicted upon the admiral. The would-be assassins were arrested.
Long Breathing Spell.
Toronto, Dec. 15.���The church union
committee has adjourned until the second Wednesday In September, liiu,.
Several changes were made iu the report of subcommittees on doctrine lor
greater clearness and  simplicity.
House will Adjourn.
Ottawa, Dec. 16.���The fludings 01
the royal commission ou insurance win
be presented after the holidays. The
bouse adjourns next Tuesday until Jan
uary a.
Counted the Cost.
Brandon.    Dec.    16.���Alderman Har-
court has retired  from tho  mayoralty
campaign,    wbMi     elects      Alderman
Clement by acclamation.
Liberal Nomination.
Winnipeg, Dec. 15.���Alex Dunlop, ed-
hot- of the Neepawa Press, was nominated   Liberal   candidate   in   Beautiful
King Oscar Improves.
Stockholm, ��� Sweden, Dec. 16.���King
Oscar passed a good night and his condition this morning showed considerable improvement.
This morning's bulletin bore out the
more favorable unofficial news from
tbe palace today and showed (hat King
Oscar's temperature was nearing normal aud that other unsatisfactory
symptoms were yielding to treatment.
The bulletin follows: "The king had
altogether seven hours' undisturbed
sleep during tbe night His temperature thla morning at 99.6. There Is still
an insignificant secretion of mucus ln
the trachea, His heart action has continued to Improve somewhat. His
pulse iB still Irregular and his strength
Ie somewhat improved."
Largest Payroll in the History of Surrounding Camps.
(Special to The Daily Canadian.)
Greenwood, Dec. 15.���The Skylark
mine has by aid of the diamond drill
located the lead at the bottom of Its
new shalt. The vein is still rich and
Btrong at this, its greatest depth. Tbe
Skylark will ship three cars of ore between this and the end of the year,
one of first-class ore to Nelson, and
two of second class to the Granby.
H. H. Sballenberger, manager of the
Alliance Gold Mining company ot Miu-
111 aisolls. has lust ordered a 40-horsc-
power electric hoist tor the Moreen.
He will return to Greenwood on February 1 next, and begin work on the
property, and be ready for the hOist,
which Is to be delivered on or before
March 1. He will Install an electric
compressor in the spring.
The Greyhound continues to improve
wllh work and other properties in its
neighborhood are being sought.
More men are today on the payrolls
of the mines and plants tributary Us
Greenwood than ever before.
F. J. Deane and W. C. Dalglish at Ottawa in Interest of Zinc Men���May
Get Balance of Lead Fund.
F. J. Deane, who with W. E. Dalglish, late manager of the Pioneer
mines near Slocan, ls at Ottawa in the
interests of the slue mine owners,
trying to secure assistance, by bounty
or otherwise, to develop the zinc resources of the province, has written
to G. O. Buchanan for suggestions as
to the distribution.
A proposal has been made to devote
the balance of the amount offered as
lead bounty for the assistance of zinc
The sum of $500,000 a year for five
years was made available for lead
bounty. Three yeara and a half have
passed and the total payment on ac
count of bounty claims is only a little
over (600,000. The price of lead Is
more than ��3 per ton above the
bounty limit, and shows no sign ot decline.
Mr. Buchanan Bald today that he
considers It certain that at least 91,-
600,000 of the 1600,000 offered tor leaa
bounties will never be claimed tor that
From the tone of Mr. Deane's communication It may be inferred that be
Ib hopeful of the success of his mis
Appeal Against Assess-
Judgment of R. S. Lennie Confirms
Assessors' Contention���Interest of the Districts.
Harold    Nelson's   Company   Stronger
Than on  Former Visits.
Owing probably to the number ot
theatrical and musical attractions that
bave been olTcrod ln Nelson lately lt
was a poor house that greeted the Harold Nelson company last night for the
presentation of "Arizona."
The performance was all tbat could
be desired. Tlle company Is undoubt
edly stronger all round at present (ban
it has ever heen before. Mr. Nelson,,
on his first cnirnnce received an ovation. His rendering oi Lieutenaul
Denton, the chivalrous young cavalry
officer, was limitless. George Dayton
as the blackguard, Captain Hodginau,
Jackson Rlgby, as tbe kindly old martinet colonel, Victor Travers as thu
good-natured cynical doctor, William
Yule as the rancher, were all consistently good.
But the most noticeable Improvement of the company la lu the acting
of the ladles. Miss Pearl Reesor ub
the young wife of the old colonel,
tempted by the villain for her Jewels'
sake, waB so good that ono mlghl easily have forgotten that she was acting.
Miss Dorothy Thomas as Bontta; Miss
lloo.lruni. Miss Francis and Miss Thayer, all gave highly creditable characterisations.
The company is producing "A Soldier of Fortune" this afternoon, and
'"lho Prisoner of Zenda" tonight.
On lis present tour the company has
been several times In straits owing to
Illness of members, hut all are now recovered.
The railway companies' appeal from
the assessment of their properties lor
Bchool purposes under the provisions
of tlle School Act of 190S hss beeu
practically dismissed.
The provincial assessor of the district assesa-d their rights of way,
uacks and Improvements "on the same
oasis aB other real estate ln the neign
borhood," as directed by the act.
Three companies, the Nelson tt Fort
Sheppard, Nelson and lledliugton, and
B. C. Southern, appealed to R. S. Lennie, judge of tbe assessment revision
court. They contended generally that
the land was not Improved within the
meaning ot tbe act, and should be assessed at a nominal figure. The B. C.
Southern also pleaded special statutory
Mr. Lennie has handed down his
judgment, substantially confirming the
assessment with slight modifications.
He thought the fairest assessment
would be of the proportion lying within each school district of the -whole
value of each railway system concerned, but admitted such a course to be
Impossible for a district assessor.
The acreage assessable to each company is: N. & F. S. Co., 367 acres; N.
M. U. C. Co., 140 acres: B. C. Southern.
105 acres. For the four school districts affected the acreage is: Hume,
39 acres; Ymir, 191 acres; Salmo, ids
acres; Creston, 284 acres.
The assessments as fixed by the revision court are: N. A F. S., $104,-
221.45; N. ft 11., 177.604.19; B. C.
Southern, $87,115.23. Ae allotted to
the school districts tbey are: Hume,
$19,782.53; Tmir, $50,200.56; Salmo.
$45,033.61; Creston. $153,884.19.
Mr. Lennie refused to consider the
claim ot the B. C. Southern Co. to exemption, intimating that lt should oe
decided by another court.
Increasing Cattle Shipments.
Calgary, Dec. 16.���The shipments 01
export cattle from Alberta and Saskatchewan tor 1906 have eclipsed all
previous years. Last year 50,000 head
were shipped up to November 30, ana
while this year's reports are uot all
ln (he total will exceed 70.00(1, practically all trom Alberta. As a result of
winter feeding stock ts In better condition when put on the market, lt is
expected that prices will be belter next
year. In 1905 there were shipped trom
Alberta and a few points ln Saskatcn-
ewan, 12,733 superior cattle, while to
October this year 16,511 head were
shipped, the equal or superior to last
year's grade.
When Ignorance Is Bliss.
New York. Dec. 15.���A deepstch from
Lowell, Mass., says officers ot the
Lowell Humane society found a 3-year-
old child who was a continued smoker
and has iis,-d dally a corncob pipe
since he was 18 months old. The child
Is Andree, the son of Albert Deauiieu.
Mra. Beuulleu, who Ib 18 years old.
Bald Bh edld not thnt tobacco would
hurt the child.
Cold in Ontario.
Lindsay,   Ont.,   Dec.   15.���Mary   K.
Heenan, living six miles east of here,
was round today frozen to death.
Prices of Metals.
New York,    Dec.    16.���Sliver,
copiier, tit**; load. $6.
London, Dec. 15.���Silver, 32d.
Mining Records.
One tranafer and one location were
recorded In the Nelson mining ottice
C. Olmsted trausrerred to J. Noble
Jones for $3200 a hair interest in tne
Columbian group In Sheep creek valley.
J. P. Swedberg recorded tbc location
or tbe Black Bear on December 14,
2000 leet east ot the .ueen Victoria
i   !
i. ii
!  *|
��� j i The Daily Canadian
Cool nights arc now iu order.     Tliey will invite
pleasant dreams of
Ws- havs- plenty of them in red ami blus*.
3 1-2 Points, weighing about 10 pounds, $7.50 per pair
4 Points, weighing about 12 pounds,   -   8.50 per pair
Those blankets are Justly celebrated for their excellence. Wo alone carry
(hem In (his city.
LUMBERMEN.���Pillows. Cors-forters, Gloves and Mita, Socks, Shirts and
Underclothing. Oil Clothing, Sweaters. Miners' and prospectors' Boots
and Shoes and Rubbers.. Groceries and Provisions.. Everything of the
Best quality and prices surprisingly Low.
Imperial Bank of Canada
Head Office:   Toronto.
CAPITAL, PAID UP....$4,900,000 KEST $.,1100,000.
D. R. WILKIl*;, President. HON. ROBERT JAFFRAY, Vice-President
Branches in British Columbia:
Deposits roceiverl and interest allowed at highest current rat-e from date of
opening account, and compounded half yearly
nblaon uwanch ��J#  JVI��   l__,_A.Y, _V_an__ger.
The Royal Bank of Canada
Capital $3,73-1.310     Reserve $4,207,741
Total Assets $41,860,353
Accounts of firms and Individuals opened on the most favorable terms.
Thirteen branches In British Columbia.
Special   attention   to out of town business.
T. B. KENNY, Pres., Halifax.       E, L   PEASE, General Manager, Montreal.
G. A. SPINK, Manager Nelson Branch.
Published nix dayi a week tty tho
Baker Bl.. Nelson, B. C.
Bubtcrlptlon rates, do cents i month delivered
m ihu city, or fS.00 a year if tent by mnil, when
I'M', m itsi I'fl'n*.
Advertia tn-* ratea on application.
An moolei imn in BetUemetH oi The Dally
Canadian aeoounta, either fur subscriptions nr
advertising, must bu receipted for on iiu* printed
formi of the Oompany. uiiu-r receipts ure nut
"By one word we are aometlmu Judged to bo
wise ami by otu- wort Bometlmei judged to b��
foolish. Let ns therefore be careful whal we
The publication of -a dallj newspaper
is in some respects a public responsibility ami transcends the scope ot a
business proposition. In dealing with
matters of public Interest, -some regard
must he paid to thc Intelligence ol tbe
readers under whusi i-ws thr printed
page must lull. Mere assertion has
long since ceased to huve any convincing weight with discriminating readers, especially when Indulged In by
such Journals as have an established
reputation tor recklessness and unpardonable disregard for Facts, it Is the
recognised function of political jour
mils to attack or defend tbe records
ui the government in power, bul there
are well defined lines between which
such discussion must ii-* carried on.
The public care no more tor a debali
between newspapers than they do ior
a quarrel between Individuals, unless
ihe subject mailer oi the debate be ol
public concern. Men* sophistries are
p weariness to the flesh and in these
strenuous times unless the busy pen-
pi'1 wlio scan the pases of lhe pr ss
can find that which appeals to them
a^ or importance they will pass It over
or dump It quickly Into the.waste basket of iheir minds,
Kor   some   days   the   mottling   organ
has   been   regaling    its     readers  with
what purports to be a criticism of the
records of The government ot ihe province, and H must bo admitted lhal no
slone has been left unturned in Its
gallant attempt to make good its case.
it has been guilty oi witticisms, plagiarisms and -solecisms; it has perpetrated fictions, fabrications and falsehoods;  but it has evolved nothing new
and il leaves us to infer that even in
Lhe criticisms of the government's record���upon which it says the opposition
relies for Us case��� Us bill ot fare consists of nothing more than a rehash ol
the oft-exploded charges of its moribund party.
The Dally Canadian, during the past
ten days has openly charged the morning paper with gross misstatement oi
fact, of Ignorant and puerile discussion
of current issues and with wilfully uttering charges which there is not a
scintilla ol evidence to substantiate,
This paper has called on the Daily
News specifically to make good Us several allegations and to furnish the
proofs which a respectable journal Is
always supposed to have at hand before It utters defamatory statements.
The News has made no attempt to justify its devious course. It stands con-
victed of uttering untruths and it has
neither lhe decency to admit error nor
to retract manifestly unprincipled utterances. When it chooses to reiterate
exploded fables ami repeat misleading
statements, asking the people to accept
these as arguments, it simply writes
Itself down bankrupt of Issues, Insolvent politically, Intellectually embarrassed, wiih no other Justification for
its course than Hint ii has undertaken
ihe impossible task of attempting to
divert attention from the hopelessly indigent condition of Its political mas-
leis. It has frankly admitted that its
political   leaders have   uo   Issues  upon
which to touch the susceptibilities oi
iiie thoughtful and well Informed electorate, ami further, thai there aro no
men al the limit in the Liberal ranks
who are capable of rising to lhe crisis
which Is upon the opposition. Whut
11 would now give to recall tun confession does not concern this pat* i,
i ut a discriminating pu illo will noi
fail to perceive that its frantic efforts
to divert alt enlion from this condition
of affairs by the columns of puerile an-
iamdversion with which its editorial
pages have been tilled have fallen lar
short of thetr purpose. There arc so
few men left in the Uberal ranks who
are susoeptible to the methods of political blandishment adopted by the
morning paper that little attention
need be paid Ihem.
The Daily Canadian might assert
ihat Mr. .1. A. Macdonald is a rogue,
that  Mr.  John  Oliver Is a freak,-and
that Dr. King, the newly-rison star or
the Simiikameen. is a monstrosity, but
none of thes,�� assertions would carry
weight with a politically honest electorate. They would ask for the proofs,
and rightly so.
We do not. therefore, feci called upon to further follow the sinuous course
of the errant morning organ. There
are matters of public interest to be discussed, and we would fain pass to
these. The Dominion parliament Is in
session and the tariff is being revised,
the appropriations are being made, ami
we [defer to watch how deftly Sir Wilfrid and his colleagues cau override
the rights ol this province and ignore
the petitions of those who are praying for "justice at the doors of the
house. We prefer to study the fresh
revelations of graft and favoritism in
the land department that will surely
be forthcoming. We prefer to search
for further light on the methods oi
oilier features of the Liberal adminis-
tiation which have made the reign ot
Laurieiism fragrant with odors the
contradiction of sanctity. We prefer
to follow these aud with ample proor
ol name aud date and place and circumstance, to avail our readers of the
information available to ourselves,
ainl then, when all is done, to ask them
If they are anxious that the same system which obtains al Ottawa, in New
Brunswick, in Nova Scotia, In Quebec,
in Ontario, in Alberta and in Saskatch-
wan, should be Imported into this
Western province, where not even the
morning organ has the courage or the
financial backing to accuse any member pf the local government of graft.
Every material, and, when appreciable, every immaterial substance, has
a double value to science, its chiet
value, as men reckon things, lies in its
practical utility or the facility with
which it may, as raw niaaerial of nature, be transformed Into something
which serves the ends and increases
the conveniences or comforts oi mankind. It is the weakness ot the materialist that his estimate of new discoveries is always circumscribed by
this consideration. On the other hand,
most, U uot all, new discoveries have
a secondary value which in its importance as a basis for deduction and inference, and as affording a clue to further discoveries, far surpasses any
merely temporary advantage that may
accrue to society.
Thus, the discovery of radium by
Curie was at first hailed with delight
as a bubstance possessing potential
energy which, when developed to a
sufficient degree, promised amazing
revolutions In the practical affairs ot
mankind. That these promises or predictions have not been realized is by
no means a discouraging feature in
the the case, as the substance is yet
unfamiliar and far from plentiful, bin
In respect to its secondary value
radium has changed the thought of the
whole scientific world ami most of the
former calculations upon the stability
and persistence of the material universe are already being revised.
In a recent inaugural address lo the
Itritish association, Dr. E. Ray Lancaster, one of tho foremost modern scientists, crowned the discovery of radium
as the supreme achievement, a, revelation so notable as ;_> make us fortunate to live In a time when this marvellous new element is being first
studied. The facts already learned, he
said, indicate the possibility that
neither the earth nor the sun Is in the
rapid process of cooling that has been
Even a very small quantity of radium, tr lt were diffused throughout the
earth, would offset the loss of heal
through radiation, and a fraction of 1
per cent, in the composition of Ihe sun
would make up for all the heat thrown
off. These tremendous facts, he pointed out, upset all the calculations that
have been made about the probable duration of the sun's heat and of lhe past
geologic epoOhe of the earth. There Is
now, therefore, good reason to helieve
that the human race has before it n
future of Infinite development Instead
of being doomed to extinction in the
absolute cold and outer darkness
which, as was supposed until recently, must necessarily fall upon the earth
after a few thousand years. It Is a
considerable comfort to our racial, lr
not to our Individual, instincts to he
assured that man will not be cut oti
prematurely In his development, but
that he will have eons of time In which
to attain nearer to that state of perfection of which the idealists of civilization have ever dreamed.
The hypothesis that the earth Is rap-
Idly cooling and that the tremendous
radiation of heat from the sun's body
must at the end of a few thousands or
years result In the imjiosslblllty ol an-
Imal life on the earth has been the
basis of many scientific dogmas during
recent years and entire physiological
and biological systems have been fancifully built up   on   this   hypothesis,
with results that have been disquieting If not damaging In their effect
The issues of this new scientific die-
turn will be marked in a lew years, and
whole systems of thought will undergo
radical changes. Theological systems
will uot take on any new lease ol lite,
but wil! he adapted io lbe changed
physical conceptions and the wheels or
progress In the realms of thought will
revolve again with fresh stimulus to
idealism and fresh substance for tin-
faith of those who believe in the ultimate triumph ot good.
A careful perusal of the published
minutes of the conferences of provincial premiers substantiates everything
that Premier McBride has said since
the convention and confirms the general belief that lu- acted wisely in retiring from the discussion when he
did. Sir Wilfrid Lauriers attempted
diplomacy would have surprised many
another man into a betrayal of the
rights of British Columbia. No so Mr.
Alcitrfde. Let there be more light on
Laurler's dark conspiracy, that each
man may stand iu his proper (dace.
Only now is tlie real conflict between church und stale about to begin
in France, The apparent indisposition
of a large majority of the religious associates to conform to the reasonable
law of the republic will force the government against its will to enact more
drastic measures The cry of prosecution and martyrdom will follow, but
the church will not ftgain imniortalize
itself hy the same resistance unto
blood which characterized the early
Christian era. There are other ami
easier waj'B.
The following item of local news appeared in a paper published in Hritish
Columbia  yesterday   morning:
"Mrs.   advertised   in   jyster-
day's   for a girl.    One insertion
was enough. The advertisement was
answered and the girl hired before tl
o'clock last night. If you want results
advertise in The .
Citizens are now anxiously asking
each other a whole series of questions as to the necessities in case a
boy had been wanted? We are from
It would appear now that the real
reason for the defeat of the Conservative candidate in Eiisi Hamilton was
his pronounced opposition to a temperance movement in Hie mountain
city over a year ago. Public meu in
Ontario can no longer play fast nnd
loose, but particularly loose, with temperance sentiment, studhoim's views
are not known and ft was for him simply a case of golden silence, in fact,
"majestic silence."
A good Liberal resents The Canadian's imputation that the morning paper Is the organ of the opposition.
Granted. It certainly is not the piano
of the opposition. Perhaps it is a
5*1 xt\- dayi -After 'lam I intend to apoly lotbe
Chief Commluloner of .Linda mid works inr
permission tn purchase tin* foUowlng deurlbed
lands In Koolenay DIM rlel, about three u,uarters
of mile from Thrum'**, tiding: Commencing at a
post .placed at the H. W, corner of I. _H'j;t, group
i, Neat  Kootenay   Dlitrlet;   tbenee  weiterly
following tlie mirth boundary nf U4&M, 40
chain*-!*, thenee liorlh 10 chains; thenee OMt-40
ehalns, moreor leu, tothe N, Vi comer of
L6898; tlience nouth follow ini; tin* weit boundary
of LO808   10ChliXII, more nr le.*-, io plnee. of com
meneement. containing 4" acres, mon* or lota.
Dated thin Bth day ol December. 1900.
II. II. 1'm.s, I-ocator.
60 days after-late I intend to Hpplv to lhe Honorable the Chief Commissioner OI Lands and
Works, to purchase 37n acres of land: iimi-
meneing at u post marked U, Vi. 8, N. J_. eornei
post and  planted on  the well  shore ot Arrow
lake adjoining Lot 878 on the lontb side of said
Lot, then.'e wostKO chains along the southern
boundary of Lot 878] llienee south 40.09 Chains;
thence east Hi) (halus moreor less to lake shore;
thenee north along lake shore to place of begin
Paled 80th day of Nov. 1'JOC.
..Ko tt. BHIL,
J. K. AN-..-WII.K, Agent.
Notice In hereby glren lhat 00 days after date 1
Intend lo apply to the lion  Chief < ommfs-doiier
of. Landi and Worki for permlnion to purebaae
the followiiiK described landi situated in the
West Kootena} district; He Inning al u posl
marked "William KelVt N tt. corner," and
plantcil aboul one mile sonth of the north end
ot Whatrdiau (Cariboo) Uke, about tweniy chain-
weat of the weit ihore ol iald lake and on the
south bonndary of k k. Kell'i appiiea'.ion to
purchase; theuee souih HH chains; thenee cast 20
chillis, more or leai, to the maM Uke shore;
thence northerly along the said shore mi chain'.
mora or lesH, io the said south boundary of
K H, Kell'i appl lent i.i purcbue! Lbence weit
90 chains, more cr leu to the point of Commence-
ment, containing IW*. aen i, more or leu
Daied Oot.Ui ano. William Kiil.
By F, L Hammond, AgenL
Nollco is horeby Kt ven lhat slxlv days aller dale
I intend to apply to the n,,i,. chief Commissioner
oi Landi and works for permlaalon in purchase
the following described lauds In the West
Kootenay district: Beginning al a post marked
"J. H. Blmlneo'l B. W. corner," am) planted about
one-half mile east of the shore ol Whalshnn
(Cariboo) lake and about '2 miles norlh of the
narrows of tlie Mid lake, and at the 8, _, corner
of* Arthur Warren's appllealloti to pureliuse;
thenee east ���*���*���-" chains;   llienee north HO chains;
tbeir:u west hii eliains to the northoui corner of
Arthnr warren'i application to purchase; thenco
south ho chains in point of commencement- eon-
liln ine M0 acres, more or less.
Out. 13th,1000. J.H. HiNiNico,
K. I.. EUMMOlfD, AKeut.
Notice Is hereby given that BOdSJI aller date I
Intend toapply to the Honorable the chiet Com-
mlssloner of Landl and Works fnr permlulon tO
purchase the followiiiK described lauds situate
about 111 miles easl of the City of Nelion, on the
aouth  shore of  the Wen Aim of Kootenav lake,
ami oommanong at a poil placed about yo cbalni
���outh of ueADvpthoaitooruerol Lot %Hi, marked
"tt. Thoniar'N. W    corner,"  thenee  nouth   *J(i
chains, thonen east 90 chains, thence nortii 'ill
chains, thenee weit 90 chains to point ol com
Dated this Oth day of Nov., 1000.    8. Tm* mak
Notice is hereby Riven that flO days alter del-* ]
intend to make application to the Honorable the
Chief i ommlailoner o( Land* and Works for pcr-
mliilon to purohaae the foUowIne deacrl I
land*: Commencing at a poat placed adjoining
the louthweit corner poet ol Leon tt ationl Application to Pnrehaae, running ���*' chains northi
[hence to cbalm weiti thence ni rhalni smith,
llienee to cbalni eait, to point �����' commencement, containing 800 acrei more nr less.
Dated October 18,1900.
Bon ii tt nrrtt-
By his ancni, Bum. W. Bonmoti
Notice i- here nv given that HO days aller dale I
intend tn applv lo the Honorable the Chlel ��� om-
minloner of Landi and Works for permlulon
m purcbau 980 aorei ofland.iltnateon the Little
Moylfl   river  about   1   mile  from   ItUciuaiinnal
Boundary and aUuit i mile irom Bpokane Inter
national By.: Commencing al n poll marked
li. Qrant'i 8 E. cornei posi, ihence west 40
ebalni; theno. north 40 cnalm; thenoe east 90
chain-; tbence north 90 chains; theuce eail 00
cbalm; theuce fouth on chaini to plaoe of com*
mence nt. conle'nlng 380 acrea ol land.
Located Del  Mtb 1906,
Danibi (iHAST
Nom*.* is benny giTen thai 80 dari altar dot* i
Intend to npply to the Honorable chief c.uninis-
sioiier of  1-an.lr.  ami   Worki  fnr  permission   to
purehaae the followlug deacrlbed landa, in ttest
Wontcimv.   r.-Mtii-Miciii):   at  a  post  planlcd  at
the northeait oorner ol lot 1808; G l. marked I*
Fletcher1! oorthwul oorner, thence unth 80
chain-; thenc* east lo chains, nmre or less, to
the weitern bonndary of uo 800, O.I.; thenoe
norih (*�� oliains tn Kontenav  riv-r, Ihcnce  welt
lollowlng said river to point Ol eomiiicncemeiil,
containing ni aorei more or less.
sotb October, I**1..
Blxtl   davs  afler dale 1 Intend m apply to the
Hon.ChlelCommluloncrol Unds and Worki,
Victoria, to purchaie loo acreeollandi located ou
the west ride Of Arrow lake, about five mile- below Hurton Clly, and deicrlbed a- followi! < om-
menclng at a poit niarked "F. Q. B'l loutheaat
corner," and being N ohalm eait ol the north weft
corner ni Un 'ith: thenc north ��chaini; thence
woit -to chains; theuce iouth Mchalm; thence
oast 40 chains lo lhe place of beginning.
November Mill. I9W*- F ii. Brik.
per J- K. ANNAULX.
001 Iiin after date I intend toapply to the Hon.
chid Commluloner oi Landi and Worki, Vic
toria. to purchaao 940 aeres nf rand located in
Kire Vatfev and being a portion of t-t-cttom !-'>
and hi in'lownshlpii'.iand deioribed us follows
Commencing at a post planted al llo* toutbWMt
corner of the southeast uiiartcr ol lection l.'i
Township 69 and marked J- Q B t. corner,
theuce north-to chain*.; thence west i>i) chains;
thence nuth 40 chalnn thence out 00 cbalni to
place ol beginning
��� ��� fs
J. K. ANNAHLK, Ag.nt.
���     New Styles in Long Coats forjadie*.
��� The Latest New York Shapes.        Best man-tailored
T finish, iu light tweeds and plain cloths.
+ Prices irom $10 to $25 each
November Slrtl 19U0.
Notice is hereby gtren that 00 dars after date
I intend loapply to tho Honorable the Chief
Commluloner of Lauds and Works for pernii--
sion to porch .M* the  followiiiK described laud-;
Oommenelng at a poel planteo on the northea.i
corner of Peter UeNaUghton'l application to
purchase, ruutiniK ���*-*���*������ chaini west hIoul' the
imrthern boundary of same; Ihence mi enalni
north; Ihence S'l chains easl; thence hn cha'ns
BOUtb, eloi_g the west boundary Ol John Kllintf��
application to purchase, in point of eommeneement, coiitainitiL' 040 aeres, more or lest;.
t>ated Oct, V2, itK-6. Thomas Smith.
By hla agenti Khnkst Vi Bobdmom,
Notice is berth; given that 60 days alter date I
intend to apply to The Honorable tbe Chief Com
uiissiouer of Landl and Works, at Victoria, 11. C
for permission lo purchase the following described lands, situated in the ttest Kooteuay
distrlet. south of Forty Nine creek, COntmenclng
ai a post marked "L. ll Choqnetto'iH. W, corner,*" thence W chain, east, thence 40 Cbalni
south, thence-to chains west, thence 4o ehalns
uorth to the commencement post, Containing Ini
acres, more or less.
Nelson, B.C , Oct. l��lh, 1*305.
W.A. Jonu, Agent.
���Sixty days after dale I purpOHdiking "ppllca-
Uon to th�� Hon-Chief Commissioner of Lands
and Works for permission to purchase the fol low-
iiu,' deseribui land; Commencing at a post
placed at IheaouthwulOorneroiE w. Manning
ton's application to purchase, marked "L. M. S.
H's 8 E. corner posi.'* riinntnr. thenee hu chains
west:  tbenee B0 chains souih:  tlience BO chains
east; thenoo wi ohaini nortii to point of commencement- containing i>IO acres, more or less.
Dated the 10th day id October, 1308.
L. II. 8. EUlUflMQTOir,
per K. 8RULI, Agent
pixy days after date I purpose making application to the Hon. Chief Commissioner of Landl
and tt'orks for permission lo pureliase the following described land: Commencing at a poll
placed on the norlh boundary oi lot No. BM and
about two Ohaini east of Whatlhao creek, marked "M. ,.'n. B. Wi corner," running thence .0
chains easi; theuce 40 chains north; thenre 40
chalm weit; thence 40 chains south, to point of
oommencement, containing lWi aeres more or
bated the 10th ilay of October, 1000.
M. Hm ell.
Per B. t-MKLl., Agent.
���Sixty days artcr date I Intend to apply to the
Honorable lhe Chief Commissioner of Lands and
Woiks to purchase 640 acres of land, located in
Fire Vallev, ou weit bide of  Arrow  lake:   Com-
mencing ai a pout planted 40 chains we.t of ihe
���OQthwett corner of J. itnblin-on'i pre-emption
and marked J. tt''.- S. E corner, and running
DOrth 80 Chaini, thence west -30 chains, thence
south NO chains, thence taut BO chains to placoof
Nov. IHth, 1000. Ja.-K WllXUJU,
3. E. ANMAiiLR. Agent.
Notice Is hereby given thai 60 dare alter data I
iniend toapply to the Honorable the (.'nlet Commissioner of Lands and Works for permlsilon to
purchase lln* lollowlng rlesciibeil landi: Com-
intnclng at n post placed '.1) r'-jains west of the
nuthealt cornei of Lot 8642, markeii "it. a. Bell's
northwest corner." thenoe south 10 chains,
tlieiK'ocast ai chains, theme north ED.eKoini,
thence weit BOchalni to polnl of commencement,
containing 40 acre*-*, more or less
Located thistdh day of Nov., 1306.   It. A. Ben..
Sixty days after date I )iuriM)��e making application to tlie Hon. Chief Commissioner of Lands
aii'l WOfkl for permlulon tO purchase the following  deMIIbed land:   Commeuelng at a post
placed at the north cast corner of u.e Bkinner1!
application to purchaie, marked ��H.D'l N. w
oorner post," thenee following the out bonndary of lame 80 chalna aoutb f thenoe running B0
chains euti tbenra SO cbalni north; thence m
ehttiiis west to poini o| cmiHueiiecnient, contain
ing MO acres moreor les.
Daied the loth day of October, 1306,
H. DoDV.
Per lt. khieli. Agent.
BlXty days after date 1 Intend to apply tt
Hon < hlel Commlulonei ol Landi and Worka
Vietoria. to purohaae 480 acres of laud, in Kim
Valley, Wesl Koolenay: Commencing m n ,K(Kt
plantcil 00 chains wcsl of the M. W. corner id J
Robinson's pm emplion, and marked W. W*n N.
k. corner, ami running west so ehains, thenoe
loiilh Wi chains, ihcnce easl do chains, thenoe
lorth 80 chriiiis (o plaoe of beginning
Nov. 18th. liioti. William William?.,
J. E. Annahlk, Agent,
Baty dayi after date 1 purpoie making apph-
eaiioii to tin* Hon Chief Commluloner ol Undi
and tto !:�� for pcrmlsi-lnn in purchase the following described lands:   commencing ut the
imrlhwcKt corner of Ii. A Crea��e> application to
purobaM, marked "W. U. li'i. H W comer,"
running thence MO chnins north; ihenc-j m
L.iatnieaatl thence fv> chains iouthi thenee ho
chains wesi -.. point 0f commencement contain*
f\ Mo acres, nmre or leu.
��ated the Uth day of October. IttO.
W. Q.OlLUnT-
1'er J.Hiiiill. Agent.
BUtty dan after dato 1 purpose making applicationi to the Bon. Chief Commissioner of Lands
and ttorks for permission to purchaie the following deurlbed lands: Commencing al the
unrihweM eorner of D. Dodd'i fpplloatton io
PUfOhaU, mnrked "M J-'H fi. W. corner," running
tbenoe80ohaini north) thenee fto chains, more
or less, to the west shore of Whalshan lake, fob
lowing ume 80ohalna iouth; tbonce 80 ohaini
SnMliWV.! "'"'"' "il,t,'lf ��n����H0*��nt,
containing040ac ei  moreorless.
I'ated the 19th dsy of October, 13*��.
M. fouQOJlB,
 per L BtfflU, Agent.
Notice j* hereby given that sixty days after
date i intern toapplv tt. the Htmorable Cblel
Commluloner of Uudi and Works forwrmii
Hon to poicbaie tho [ollowlng deieritMtalandii
i ommenclng ai u pom placed on Lhe north wai
cornrrof.ui,,.-! Kld^u . ipplic-ition fflw
running   .'.chnins   eul along thi  northern
MUndan   Ol   IS me;   thenee   BO   ehalni   north-
more o'rr,eVi;;,,,"e,1,'u,n'"l��' ��o''lalning 040 a-res,
Dated Oot, 18,1906. John* Hi i -,,��������
By his agent. Ehmht W EOiriKS.
Snow is Here
mimiT A Speeder Sied or Crtto I
we Have Thum ut All i .-i��t'N. ;
Standard Futnittite G>mpany
Ifaion & Hi-iti rianos.
iitermoor Uattrtuu
llobe Wernicke Hook Oaeee.
Complete House Furnishers
UnderUkers,    Embalmers
Notice is herebv given tbat sl.tly days afler
date I intend toapply lo the Hon. t hief Commls
sinner of Lauds and Worki for permiulon tC
purchase the following deeerlbed land-, m
ttest Kootenay Dlatrlet: Commencing at an inula! post planlcd al the soiiUieast comer of McCoy's pre-emption, theme JO chain*- we*-l In . asl
ooundarj of I^d BIOS; ihence (ollowlng said
boundary south tOtOUtheait corner of saiil lot;
theliee 10 chains wesl; Ihenc. ,>| chain* smith;
thence uu chains east; thence J' chains norlh to
bniithwest comer of Un '��22: Ihenee following
west boundary of Ud Y22 to initial po.*->t.
Beptember 21, i\*x>. D. u. Woi.rr,
per Er.vkst W. BoimoV,
Notice li herebv given that 00 days alter tlate I
Intend to applv in the llouorable the Chlel Com-
niisMoner Of Landl and tt'orks, Victoria, B.C.,
lorpermlsshm tO purchase llie following deserlN-
ed laud, situated ln thc tte��t Kootenav* di-in**!,
mi tlm west side of Puhamel [orill MQe)creek,
on iin**er shle ol wigon mail, ttbmii ���.". milei
froji Wesl Arm ol Konti-uay Uke; Commencing
at a )Hist marked Mrs llatlie Duck'l N.B corner, running 40 chain- west: thence 90 ehalni
uth; thence 40 chains east; thence JJ chains
.ii the point of ��� niiiin
ing W) acres nf laud, more or less
north, to the point of commencement, contain-
ig KO neres nf laud, more or less
Dated tha 17th ^ovemla'^ UM
Mas   IIattie DOoKi
Jons K  Tivi,oh, Agent
Notice ii hereby given that oo days attar data I
In te inl tn apply tn the Hon. Chief Commissioner of
Landiand Worka, Victoria, for permission to purchaio the following described land, iltuated lu
the West Koolenay disiriei, on the west side ol
i'uhaniel (or ��lx Mile) -.reek, near wagOD rnad.
about three miles from Kontenay lake Commem lug at a post marked ' James J buck's B W.
poil." running BO chains east, thence 80 chain"
nortii, tlience B0 ehalni weit, thenee 20 chaius
south, to lhe polntof commencement, containing 4o acres of laml, nitre or leis.
tilled mil November. 1��*.
i.ooated by JjMEaJ. I>CCK.
per John 1-:. Tayuih, Agent
Sixty days after date I Intend toapply t,, thv
Hon. Chief ConLmlUlonei of Lands and Works,
Victoria,  to  purehaae 40 aeres nl laud, situated
on ihe weit side ol Arrow l-*ke, ahantt^mltu
below Burton, and ducrlbed as follow-*: i ���in-
menctiig at a ;-��t plauteil at the northeasi
comer of I-nt 7970. and rumiliiK uorth'JO chains;
thence  west  SfO chains,  tin nee soOlh W) chains.
thenee eail io ohaini to place ol beginning,
Nov. Hth, 190G. H  K. hill,
J. E. AinUBlg, Agent.
Blxty 'lavs after dale I intend toapply to thc
Hon. ("htef Commls. loner ol Lauds and Works,
Victoria, to purchase 1,-V) acres of laud about two
miles below Hurton City, Weit Kootenay, pom*
iiieiicliiR at a poll marked "J. A. Irving'-** cast
corner posi," iald pent being on the easterly end
of au island west of t-Ot 0517 (and claim ing all the
land Contained   lu  said Island, being about one
mile In an eaaterly Mid westerly direction and
about B0chilns from liorlh to south.
November Uth, 1000. J. a. irvim-*,
 _J K. Ayj-UHLE. Agent
Noiiee is hereby given that Mi days afterdate, I
intend to apply to the Hon. Chiel Coinmisnloner
of bands ami Works [or permlulon to purehaso
the loiiowing deurlbed land in WutKootenay
district: Commencing ata i-ost marked Mrs. V
A. Wilnon'a corner post, planted at the northeast
comer of Beotlon 17, Towniite 7, running lontn
40 chains, thenc** welt 40 chains, Ihence north 40
chalm to place ���| commencement, containing 00
acres, more or less.
Hated Nov. SO, 1908. MM. V. A. Wiui0.f,
m J. Wiieoti._Agcnt.
Hi-tiy days after date I pur p��,��e making aw.l nation to the Hon. <'hief ('ommls��joner of Landl
an-i Wo-Skl for permission to purchase the following itefcribed land: Commencing ���i M post
placed at the northwest corner of II I'o.lds ap-
pllUtlon to purchaie, marked "K Vi. II s s. W.
eorner ixist," running thence 80 chains north;
thenoe BD ehalna east; thence ho chaiio iouth:
theuce 80 chains wnt V, point of comineiiee-
ment, containing B40aorea, more or Use.
Dated litis loth day of October. lOoO.
_iiiki.u Agent.
Noiiee Is hereby given thatilxty days aller
dale I intend Ut applv to the Honorable the
Chief CommIs*loner of Lamls and Works, for
permission lo purchase the followlug described
lands in the Weil Kontenay district: Beginning
at a post marked "Jameili Kraser's.N.K. comei "
���Oil  na I  nn  thc   easl   shore   of   Whalshan
(cariboo) iake, abont one-hall   mile north of
Christie creek; tlience south 4uehains, more or
less, to Ihe north boundary of W SccoihIh'sbp
Plleilloil to purchase; thence west along the said
boundary 40 chains, more or less, to the shore of
lhe lake; ihence lollowlng tin- said shore hi ii
general northerly and easterly direction ho
chains, more or leai, lo point of oominoncament,
eoniuinlng Wo acres, more or less.
Oct uth,looo -jjaiG, runt,
^^^^^ Y. I.. Haxmonh. Agont.
Notice u hereby given lhat ilxty dayi afler
the da e   Intend u. apply to the Hon the chief
(ommlssloner of Landl and Works for permis-
sion lopur-huse the lollowlng deaerlbod land
in Ihu ttest knolenay district; Mcginnlng ata
DOIt milled "V. It, Keir, N. e corner." sml
panted on.besbnred Whalshan (Cariboo) lake.
at the northwest comer of raid lake: thenoe -So
i'ii ino wesi; then.-e ���i" chains sotilli; thence M
chain east: tbenoe 40ohaJna aouthl that eas-
40 chains, moreor less tp the shore of th.  said
mite, ihence northerly along tba said lake ihoro
hi chains, more or less, to tfie polnl of ooi on*
oe ment, oontainlng tflo acrei, more or ion.
l>aU'<lOct. 12. lyoff. k. li. Km.,
       1 ��� I- Hamikini), Agent.
in_JK 'lI'T1'- K,v''" llml *' dayi afTer dale I
,  iV:py ,",t.1*'  I',n- thaOWof^minii.
!& ,    .H";'u ",rllN for i��'--'"^i"" to pur-
'lias"    the   lolluHiiiK   descrllH-il   lauds til   West
io '��..,'.1K _.apai' ����HMWlflla_n Tniitng-
inn s north went corner posl,"  naid   Dost halmi
fe.. ;,.���',',"-'","","v" ,i'���';r"";;' A"*".'���*"
M ��� i'i,; r ,,""' I!"1 "' l"i"">K tin. m.i lino ���r
.hJS! n . ," "'"' ,1""'* ll"-*'"*" ���*��"��� I""*.* -iu
"s,;,,,!,:;,.?,^'',,',"1""" ,""ro ��r '�����' "* ���"���-��� i""*" oi
U.lusl list -lay of A���Kui>l 1IKM.
_    , ,    VVll.l.lAM   TOI.I.INHTON,
��>* hlmicntJ. E. Tuylor.
K :? ;i;,$*?'Jsr*_Bpar*_am.
...li.���, '"rner post,"  thence  east 40
���  a     't     i ""r,Ml  '"' ��0��W| thence WCIt_0
W-aieil this 10th day of No-romber, 190.1,
Mn. McKruiiiik.
- h-r. by given liiat��),i_._
*W,1J_*_!__,_ Hon.Chief(icmol_H(l
' Aeyi atier du
'* '  I  "I.:r :;..���-,
H'liiiitiiii. it
Intend I
of Uud. and Worki [oi permliiioirioTni*!
the following denrlbed laml- -
Weet Kootenav dliti
marked "0- U. Haekl
planted .in the wut ahore of Wniu
lake, about three mil a nonh ot ;i��� i ,,"H
rows of the said Uk- and onncHtethiBlu.
lhe said lake; ih-nce south *< clmi,,.- thMB
east 40 chains, more ,.r less, lo IheTkVita
Ihenee billowing the falil ibon ,���, !M,(,|^
ami weiterly direction ISO i'halm, raurei-rk
to point Of commenceiJU'Ul.cnmaiiiiin-;-/]-^
more or less.
(Jet. 13. 1006. o   _  MA.vjirin.
By �� I. IIim'i-a:   \.-.!;
Notiee Is hereby given thai suty -Iiii ^
date i intend to make application lethi ilm
ableOhlel Commluloner ol Ui,.)-. end WeS
Vi.inrla. B. C, forir-ermissinii !������ [
lowing deeerlbed land, ritoate la Pin \o\
Wesi Kootenay dlatrlet: commennnitsiii
Planted al tin* lOnthwail eornei ol Ji'ihuii
Lnion'l prcemplton, marked it. 1. K
poet- thanee 40 chains wut, thenre Mt
north, theuce 40 ehaiu-eu-t liKlolnuKnliint
northwest eorner, Uienoaaonth UcbiliutiH
of i oiiitiuiK ement. eoutainiiii* iwiumi awt
Hated thu BBld day of X.,-,.. |..
H LKimtd
Hlxty days afterdate i Intend tn injf mi
Hnuorabie the Chiet Commlnloner ol Umliu
Worki, Victoria, to purcbau ^"uetM nt ii
located ami described as folh.-m;   CetnofDdL
at | poit planted  at  th�� louthwi'it cerirrol
lt.it.iu--oii's preeinplioiiiuKiri Vj.ll.T.anJi1
Ore mile- fmm Sward LandlM vmrii
Arrow lake, and maiked �� O'lH I c��Mi
running west iiu ehaim, thenco h-iuiti im (bu
tbence easl JO chains, Dnie" m-uti, *kIi_j
Ihenc east 4�� chains, thence uorttilOchUul
plaee of liegiuning
Nov ma, um hum t>u%i,
_^ J   K. A.tKABLI, AttQi
Blxty dayt after data 1 Intend to apply totk
llonoiablethe Chief Commissioner of Umtiil
Work* Ior tiermbialon to pureliase (bef.>lwli
described lauds In Kootenaj rUitlM; U
mencing at a post marked J It ���ajuiaUe'ln_f
east Corner wm, iald post
Ilde of the Lowet Armw* la
below Hurton Citv: tin nei
thenoe weat 'Jo chahii; ihni.v mhui, jn-nn.
thenee wesl '20 rhalni; thence north Si chin
and 3) links, more or less tn tin- Ukc-boi
thanee euterly along lake tochain*. mor* or hi
to the plaoe al beginninf, conistiitnitieo*��tn
more or less.
Dated thli&th day ol NovemUr, IW
 perg.L. HfKNtT, Ag.nt.
Sixty days after date I Inieini tn applj toO
Hnuorabie lhe Chief OoB_0_Hlonir of U*)lU
tt'orks lor | .rmlsslon to purchase tbe loll
described landa IU Kooienav -!i*-irlri: lumM
' ing at a MWl marked "A. J. Dill'* MiulhW
comer post." said post la-ing on tie* iiorili��
erly shore of Ihe Lower Arrow lake *��ri'l*li_
due easi, on the northeait corner ol brtSI
dr-Mip 1; thenee north Wl chains; .hm ���_ i��a
south 40 chains, more or less, tn the IiIimw
thenc,. following said shore ln awiilbiritM
dlreiiimi bo cliaina. more or less lo tbeplM*���
beginning, containing l��i acre', more I"
hated thliOlh day of November. IWi
 perK L. BramT, jgcgL-
Notico in hereby given that to ���itynftrrdi
I Iniend, IO apply  to the Hoiinr-aM** ih-sllii
Commiasioner of Lands anil Works forPJ���
sion to i urchasc the following ilesrrll-. lit*
Kootenay district: Commciiclnit al a P
marked "J. H Wallace's DOrthWHtCOrwrM
���nM post being on the easterly sinV of lm
Arrow |ak", and at the south'
1'orier's pre-empt ion claim;! hems .-sM.vjhitn
lbence soulb 30 fhalns, thenc west itcbtlm)
(hence souih '20 chains, thenc. ...
moreor less lothe Arrow lake,llieurein��BM��
eaiterly  direction GO chains, mere er i���� l<�� ���*
place of beginning, oouteln.ni M'urrw.nni i
Hated thii Wth day of Oelola-r, I. *.
By hla agent, Kgwiani L BeaUj    .
i ieauiy��i
u-rof UM'1*.
rarkedU "��^l3
r.and plauied  al   the lOUthimteaifg
BUty davi niter dale 1 lm
llniiorable'tho Chief (nmllll*-
Worki, Vlcioria. to purchase
located in  K|re Valley ami
Commencing "'
atiui, ilu*!"
e,  imtrKe'i     r   i rt --. s n-j
> ki) chain* nort'jj tMull
Ko ohalni  -" .,(;:; tBlHM
lot 7Hl'i, i,n<l  running t*ni
eaat '20 chains, thenco north no Obll
west 'JO chains to placu of begiiniun;
Nov. iKih.iwr.. Dm B. Mr��iu.
.i, i*;. .iNMMi. At-'1-'
Sixty days after daie. purpose msKIW'P^
eatinn to the Hon. chief i ommlMloniroli*��J
and Works for ixomisMon to ^cim^M
lowing described  land;   Coinnicii* iniii1 ipn
placed at the lonthwut comer ol m ;��,/ll,n
pllcailon to purchaie. marked    -*\l*.._Io
ner," ruiilitng thenc
chalus west; llienee ���..
ohalni aai! to point of oommen^m0Bk.i0BV
flip fl'JO Here" nmre ,,r |eu.
Hilled the loth day oi Ucbio( r, tu*i.
r. va .i n
_______^  i"*1 _ Heijjj: --
-Sixty dayi after data I pm po., miUni fij
nation to the Hon. Chill Commi-i-.tierof Wj
and Works for peimslsloii to puichsii "U,���;
lowing duorlbed lands: ComtnUtl-"
post placed at the no rib wait ooron
A, Ciea.e's  appllcalioii   to   ptirchasr, t
"K.lt's H. K. corner," running iliiiin* ���* r"J,
north, thenee HO t hains wesi, thomc ^"'������,'"
south, thenceKu chalna east lo polntof [���cni��**H'
cement, containing 040 acres moreor 1pm
Hi'tid the Iith day of October, Wt      _j
por ' ****""'- *t"Bt' -j
Hixty day* after ilato 1 UH*""1 t��' "-PP1? wilt!
Hon. OhlefQommliiloner of Undi "JjJ5J|
jilBIlU"' "
ence nortk
to purehase 187 acres of bunl.
post marked IJ. H's N. K. corner |
the n, WV oo rner oi 0, W.Steele
west side of Arrow lake.llbniil d
Huiioii city, theuce west 41) chain
4flM ehalns, thence easl 4t> chain
-.'-*_! chains to place of beginning,
ueres, morn or leaa. ,       ��� ...,,
l)ale<l '.HUli day of Nov.. 1000.   BTIWJ*     j
J, K. AWKABfcl. ��|00
Notlot- i��TfrehTntren tti-it 00 dayi alicr-Jii��J
intend to make application lolhe ���'"ll_Itl.tMj-
Chin' (lommls-loner of Hands ami -Herkl " r    t
mlwlnn to  purchase  ihe (dUmtIbi KlS
lamls:  Commencing at n pwl P'"", .nniiM*
norlheast c ner of I'olyr MeSaiKhi-o - ��� ' 10|
Hon lo purobfli'i folio-Mini; the eail i*;"' '   ��� ������
mine Ko chains south; thanee M ll!"",,.t
Ihenco Ho chaius nnrlh; IhanoeBO i'"��','';i ���.,���
point of eomniOiicemeiil, eoiitaiiilng M" ���
moro or leu. ..-khioit,
Doted Opt. 18,1000, ilS"*TS
By his agent Kunbit w. KoniM0>.
HLa** _HU__B
j 10 DAYS s^r'XMAS I?
The Daily Canadian
\\'c are in readiness with a choice lot of
'Xmas goods, Our .Slock of Irish Linen
Handkerchiefs excels any previous year.
HANDKtRCHlEFS   l"i   nniiiri-ii lit be, or b lor 2bc.
L|N_N   HEMSTITCHED    HANDKERCHIEF8 at  10c, 12'/2c, 15c, 20c,
j-,c, Jjc. -10c, and MIc.
_l)c,  up  to  ��'J-00  eacn.    Kvc-ry on,- n vs-ry arc-i-pliilils- Xmiis um.
l-'ancy   Linens���A   Complete   Stock
of New, Choiut (iixitl...
TABLE   CLOTHS   AND   NAPKINS III ��r<til lo match.    Tlu-y nn- musl
ust-liil   Klfts  al"'  i'lw">'K a.|)pi'i*clat.'sl      ilur   '1'ablss   I.Iiiciik   uy
u���. -s,i-.i rn.  excelMnl vaim-.
FURS mi-    "���''���  "''''' pnwnta.   Kid Gloves, Ladies' Ties and Beits,
Silk Waists,  tin-  inaltliiKH   ol   a   nlci-  iIi-phh,   Hosiery,   und   imy-
m ,���,,  Block Is a Bmid, mi'ltil Xnum gin.
Ue invite you to conic early aud make your selections.
Tlie morning is a good time to do shopping.
i KERR & CO. _.
Christ Vindicates    Truth of    Baptist's
Preaching���Services   Announced
lor Tomorrow.
BUSCH...       Budweiser Beer
DISTILLERS, 12 and 20 years old.
nelson     ���ol- A_r,rut���M:;u,."",t,Mh   victoria
P. Burns & Co.
Tomorrow will bo tin; mini Sun-lay
I" AUvi.111. Tha only holy day occur-
mr-*, during iii,- weak following la the
iMtival ol Si. TlioiasjB, t|a. d,,uhtmg
tlisciuic, which lulls, out Friday, Decs mllei iL Allium! lln- only Incident
recorded oi Bt. Thomaa in ui�� aoaptl-
11 '" si in 1 linsi'n uciual triumph ovar
,ic..tli. which woe only removed hy thu
physical prool ol tin- pleread mums,
i"-i nml hide. 11 in worthj of not.? thai
HiihssiiRh  Ohriit  aald:   "Ueoaute  tl	
haa teen nn- uinu hussi believed;
W'-.-sacsl an Uny 1 lini have not seen,
ami yel have nol believed." lis- neither
refund tho proof nor rebuked the
doubt t.
lliis goepel tot tin- third Sunday m
Ailv- tii Ih Irom Si. Mutihi-Ws aocount
or Ohtiit'e reply to tin- Inquiry eenl by
.lohn the Baptlat from prisssn: '"Art
thou In- lhal Hhiiuld come or do wo
look for another?" and alms His word,
oonoernlng the Baptlat: "This Is he
01 whom it ls written, 'Heboid, i ��enu
My nis-sss user before thy lace, Which
shnll prepare lily way before thee.' "
The passage is lull ol difficulties
for the school thai would account lor
the Head of ills- church lis a human
prophet, inspired in lhe same way as���
tliouuh in (higher .agree than���such
olher spiHtuai teachers and reformers
as Buddha, Confucius and Mahomet.
In Ills own words, quoted hy Ihe evan-
gs'llsl. lis' expreatly slates lhat John
th<' ltapiisi was divinely sent to hs-ralsl
Ills coming, anil associates Himself
wllh lhe chosen race lo whom the M'*s
Rlah was promised.
Ills recorded words in the gospel express another thoughl, tin- truth of
which waa afterward sadly experienced by His followers: "What wenl ye
onl for to see, a man clothed in soli
raiment* llelissld they lhal wear soft
clothing are In kings* houses." The
lol of the ixreal Reformer is hard, hard
almsssl as "the way of the transgressor," bul compensated hy hope anil
lalih In n reward to he enjoyed beyond.
The following services are nnnounc
ed at the various churches for tomorrow:
Church of Knglanrt���St. Saviour's,
cor. Wanl and Silica sareets; third
Sunslay In Advent; holy communion,
H a. dl; morning prayer ami holy communion, 11 a. 111.; Sunday school. 2:80
p. m.: evensoiiB, 7:30 p. m. Rev. F.
Ii. tlraham, rector.
Roman Catholic���Church of Mary Immaculate, corner of Ward and Mill
streets: Low mass, 8 a. m.; high mass,
10:30 a. m.: evening service, 7:30 p. m
Rev. Father Althoff, priest.
Presbyterian church���St. Paul's, corner of Victoria and Kootenay streets:
Morning service, 11 a. m.; Sunday
school, 2:30 p. m.; evening service, 7:30
p. m.; Sunday school, 2:30 p. m. Rev.
J. T. Ferguson, minister.
Methodist church���Corner Silica ami
Josephine streets: Morning Bervice, 11
a. m.; evening service, 7:30 p. m.; Sunday school, 2:30 p. m. Rev. R N.
Powell, pastor.
Baptist church���Stanley street, near
Mill: Morning service, 11 tt. m.; even
Ing service, 7:30 p. m.; Sundny school,
2:30 p. m. Rev. E. H. Shanks, pastor.
Salvation Army���BarrackB on Victoria street, west of Josephine: Special services for tomorrow. Knee drill,
0 a. m.; holiness meeting, 11 a. m.; a
praise meeting at 3 p. in.; salvation
meeting at 8 p. m.
Silver King Hotel
Beet Dollar a day house in the Kootenays.
Rooms ere well furnished.   Table ru good an any
ID Nelson.    Bar -supplied with good
Ho uon and cigari.
W. E. McOANDLISH, Proprietor.
When   Garments   Are   Seen   at   Every
Corner and Get Popular.
Popularity is the lureat way to kin
a sHlyle or lushlmi. Men who ure ex-
ciusivo in their garments, thone who
havo taste and originality, dinranl
inudi*.. as ROOD ns Ihey become popular. They demand thai Iheir gar-
menlH he Original ami lilted lo their
peculiar Individuality. Style, lo them,
is n secondary con a id. rat ion.
In overcoats, when one wants Bome-
thinn distinctive and different the new
French Chesterfield or the Imperial
overcoat in llie Semi-ready Wardrobe
offers both good tasle and originality.
Like all tbe parmenls lyailored by the
Semi ready Company these overcoats
are of exclusive design and have the
advantage of being uncommon. $25 is
ihe prevailing price, though ono may
get 180 and $3f> quality in the same
J. A. Gilker, the pioneer merchant
of Nelson, has secured the agency for
the Incomparable Semi-ready tailoring-
Soldiers' Enrollment Service.
Tomorrow afternoon at 3 p. m. tho
local Salvation Army officers will enroll the largest number of soldiers added at any one time In the corps' history. Over a dozen young men and
women will then lake upon themselves
the obligation necessary to become a
full member of the Salvation Army.
On Christmas night the Salvaiion
Army will give an undenominational
"Christmas Tree" In the citadel. There
will be a program of flag drills, dialogues, recitations, songs and special
music. Any one throughout the city
who wishes to do so may label their
parcels and bring Ihem for distribution
to their friends by thc officers ln
On New Year's ove tho Salvation
Army will conduct a coffee and cake
social. Tbey will give a largo entertainment, consisting or Indian clun
drills, basket-ball drills, etc.
Citizens and transient friends are
cordially Invited to be present at an
these nienttngs.	
Tremont Hotise
Koropean aod American, Plan
Meal--, if, cu.   Boomi from 26 eta. to It
ouly White Help Employed.
Building Lots for Sale
H. & m7 bird.
Baker Bt., Nelion Proprlaton
Bartlett   Hotise
Best Dollar-a-Day House in Nelson.
The Bur U the Flnell.
White Help Onlj Kmploywl.
JoMphtae Bt,
NHNill. B. 0.
Lake View Hotel
Corn**r Hall and Vernon,
two blocks from wharf.
Rate-* 91 on per day and up.
jtw m      ,e t*rt$  ���TO   TAKE OUT   AIM	
MOWIS the lime Accid8nt Insurance Policy
I Represent The Railway Passengers' Company
The Oldest Company Doing  Business In This Dim.
v. o. box isi. *rpT c/->M   �� r
Telephone 118. l\EJ*J\Jrt,   D. \*.
Grand Central Hotel
J  A. KRICKSON, Proprietor.
Centrally Located. Open Day and Night.
Sample and B.tli Rooma Free.
Opposite Court House and Post Office.
Corner Ward and Vernon Stltth.
Th* Strathcona
Nelson, B.O.
B. Tomkins, Manager.
Choice Fruit
I Have (0,000 Acres
ol thc
Choicest Froit Lands ia
British Columbia.
Can sell any quantity from 5 acres to 2,ood iu one block.
Buy now and get the ground floor prices,
J. E. ANNABLE,    -    Nelson, B. C.
The Leading Hotel in the
|l_,,,,,S,,r,,.,n   tlto_U_d.   Trail,   Nd���.. KmIo,   Sandon, Three Fori*. Vtr
DenTer and Slocan Oity.
1 Miy branch will bavi*
���refill attention.
H__- Office; Nelson, B. C.
.    .    _.____.. satlOktappli
;ssl,s|l���.||,���| I'liirfCommlMU rof I*BOI
f��'l��ssik ,. inlo.   l(, |���,r,lsi>s,i- tlus   lol-
is'ssiiiii is..., 11., ,1 lauda:   Comsssi-iss-tiiK ��l ��� I*"*1
I    Ml .'l,���,ni-,iriKsrolJXIsls-l!*>-i'l'
, isssrs-liaae, marki-d'-ILS'aH. ��.c>_-
I 1". ruDuiiiic tln-m-e no i-iialus, north* thenMw
l*���i��i��,'i   is ,   Hi rii.mi, ���osilli. tlionor W>
I'   ssl isl  i-s���iiiiifls,-rini-llt. s'sstit-llo-
la) ,,r tii-tobcr, IW.
 t_*t J. BhikiX. Agenl
,   _-..-���,..,., s-dals- I putposo inakliiK RPPll-
i   ���"      *     Is   I somisil.sslsslss-rol 1-aiislss
i.. siisl.--.lisu to psirs-lsaiss- tlsss Issl
lii'i'i'ila    fliwiliiiinrlin at ,i p*����i
iriiiTOlK. Hhlell."
I  towi.r-I,-.          	
MiNilisssil is,,   in,rthoait��j.,���.-. ���--���=-_
���Wlwioutopunilisss,  maiked "M.K ()�����**. B.
"'""���' ' x tlu-ni-s- rn 1 lialm uorih to tlm
"Wk tain,|ar<  .,!  1   1..MH, lienM Wl clialii"
"*'���  ' sshallll s,oiuU, tlsi-lli-i- sn i-liallia
1 ""nsKiissi, aoBosnta*-oontsiniiw mo
l-'Sss.Bn,,,, .,    ....
"���W lls> llll, ,|ny ol I ictilK-r, lUOO.
 t���sr J.HHlKi.L. Agent.
1   Ii.s- 1 |.nr|��.��- inamisK appll-
l'���i's 11.   lion, the riiis-i Oommlaalonsr ol
������1I1111.I s\,,,k. i���r iH-niilKs-lon w |ssin-li��s"' ll"*
msiwlw   1,.,.,, 1   |,n,|.    cmmeiH-liiii M ��
"'ih..-.|,,...i���l,l���. ),������.||,hi .s(  Hani ���"
 snarkod-W. N I _���-���
us ilissi N ohalns north I IhsnM
-     " siillil llii-lli's* *
isiisnl: s-oislsilii
is-ssi'ss Sss slialm ��s
, ..sinoli-oiiiiiieiiwi
ss.ru or Ism.
"ssl-'     III, .1.,  ..I ,,..,-,..,.   ,ss,sf.
Motlo. I. l-��e">* _\___*_X,mio^'1-
.VIssilslsBi. (OSrlboo    ";������",,,       u,   psircliassis;
Barnhsm BlMoh'i �� ?p *'��'',,,,,.i, SlshalMI
���,,,���., ,..��i m Dhslns, "���'"",'.'",��� ,i>c.bote
iistisi-s.ws-iii-iiiisiiiiss. nf_\S_tr_,,,��ldihoro
���llls.-si��rr,s����; thelu-i- I *i;""h,��J1��� ,������-.-or le����
lis a northerly ,itrr<-ti,.ii ������'''"":,Stainui s��
mn,.- point ol oommsnosm"". <*"nl*1     "   .
"'<�� :-;,-,,^o��n^"^
��r "f'HFr'r 3 Sfe
northeail oornsr oi u. i.. Sryrot. s E ,.0r��er,
por ..Siniix. AKenl.
Inu-iid toapply MlthJ ""'.i;''',,,,, ���, pnrt-tans
0l,.an,l�� ami Work, 1st ***_*   ' **    ,  ,���  ,hl.
Ill,- lull.i-.liiK M&��&.,1___smt al �� P'"l
Waal Kootenaj '��> ,rKl.-.���" t "   s-ornssr.*' and
'"1 Utls 'lis') nl i li'iolii-r, tM,
ivr J. ttniKi.s. Ai-.,-ist.
"������I l��n- I purpssk,- isisiklni! sppll-
U,;,  ���-   Usui  His-  t'lilt'l  i:isnslisi����lis"'*r "'
��|'iisns,i iv.-rk.ior pi-rmiHuiisn lo purohsso th��
'""iM!.,- oi-Bcribml landi: Oomntsnoini at ���
','! ���' i "Us HinUisMtoomsrol H. I*-'""!1'
���'-*"S.-l'll,nllon to purohalO, sunrks-sl "V. US,
"...i.iiis.- ll.vni-.-no s'I.hIiik iiorlls.
 in-.- mi .limn. i-a��l; I '*'��� "*
11        ' '   ss.iu,...Hs,s-luilii, wt-al, tss pssllit ssl
���"tin ��� , I,.  contstnlhij 0411 soroi, moro oi
I'ii. >1 Ms   l.si.'i ilisj ol October, 1����.    _,-__-
-'-'s ... ���ii,r ,l,su-1 issirpsissss makluit nppll
lllitisli, Us. Ilotnllilclt'ommlstalomsrol l.Hisils.
'ssl Wml. , i���r |,.rini..i..ii to purs-linssi* ths-psl-
"ssiiu- il, wrlbod liisulHs t'ssnimeus-listl nl Uss-
n'srllisv.s.1 isomer ���( V. l>odil*n application lis
I'sin'lusKs., liiHrks-'l ���'!'. I,. H', N. K. s-orm-r," nils
miu tiieiini mi obalui hsiiiIi, thenoo no onslni
'"���'. lluiii,- ws ehalni northi thsnoo 10 chsini
"i-i i" iin> poii,i oi ,'oiisiiioiisii-issisiii, oontsinwg
'���'"us si-, Ins-ri' or It-ws.
I'isiS'sl Hm |2l|, day nl lls-tolsssr, WOO.
por J  HHIKI.I.. AKL-nl
F. i- it immowp. Ai-ant     _
lOfltU. on tlu- wen tg*ffi gj,,   tvmnu-m-iiiK
sixty ilnys nltor date I Intend to apply to th��
Hon the t"|j )<.((', u.i in i-i* i"in*r nf Ln inlift ii-1 ��->rks
to pnruttw -'i" neres o( Inml: Oomma icing ni a
poit iimrked "N.T. B's ���OQthUftt OOcnU jwtsl "
���iti-1 poxt ii-iiic at tht-uorlluiiiBt corner of Q��o,
IluilBon'B pre-emption elalm, about f#o miles
fMOttlMlt of Burton City, theuce Wfltl 40 ehalns
is'inii'.'" i*lm;ii>, ii.-i 40 i Iniiii-. nortii HI ehsliu,
east 81) ehaliiB, Bouth *J<i BbAltll to pla_*e of torn-
meueemeut, eontatnlnK24ti acres.
I_)catcoSth dayof Nov. 1806.   NittirT. Hiiiii.
Blxty dlfl olt-er date I Intend lo npply to the
Hmi. chid 0_tQftn_w1onerol I_mda-tna Works,
Victoria, to purchase UO aeres of land located lu
Fire Vallev, beliM. part o( BeOtloni Three and
tour. Township (9, and deaeribed as (ollows:
Qamtnonrlng   al    a   [ttiBt  planted   ai    Wllliaiii
wiiiiains' n. w. oomer, and muted "ft. K. W'i
N, E. i-oruer,"  and   running   ���*���' ehaliiM   wcsl,
th_*ee ill ehalnr* aouth, theneu 30 ebalni eait,
tii"i,.*'- 4>u I'lonn- south, thenee 'Ju chains vtud,
thenoe BQ chains north to plaee of beginning.
November :_trd, U�� 6. Koex K W1U.U1IB,
J. E. Annabi.k, -V-jtent,
(O dayi after date I Intend to applv to tbfl Hon,
G-htetCommlMlOUMO. Lands mnl Works to pur-
chaKclWiacn's nl and located In Kire Valley be-
IngpaXtOl BeeUOmfl aud 10 Township w, and
described as follows: (-oininencluK at a pnMt
iimrkcl K-W.J. �� K. corner and planted at the
northwest corner o( Wm. Williams' purehaxe;
iii.-tn*.' went 40 chains; thence uorih hu ohalni;
theuee ensl 40 chains; theliee souih 80 cIihIdh to
place of l.eiiiimiiii:.
November ��r_TQ00.
V, Vi. Jl-KOAN,
J. K. Annahlk, AKenl.
Notice la hereby Hlveii tnat Ht) days from date 1
intend to apply to the Honorable iio* Chief Com
n.'Wntoncr of Lands nud Works to i-nr.-ii.iM* B40
ru*ri-Hof laud deKcribed as IoIIowk; ComineiudiiK
ai a i)ONi (danted on the nonh bank ot the Utile
ii.ii'i.* river, about '2on yard!) from mouth, and
marked "11. McLean's 8 VV. corner posl,"
lhene>* cast VO chainH, thence nortii HO chains,
theuce west SO chain*, theuee son ih wl chains, lo
plaoe oraonunenoenenti and oon tatning MO acrei
mon or leas.
Loeated suth day on.. 1908,     Ron. MOstujt.
"Notice Ik herehv nlven that Qi day-s aller date 1
intend to make application lo the Bonorable the
Chief Commissioner el Landi and Works for pcr-
������-.IssUiit   to   purchase   the   followiiiK   deserlbed
id*.:    t'otnineiMiiiK at a post   on the   north
��. umiary of l..i n-i un-l al>oul-li-haltis east of
Wbatiban creek, running40Qhaluiout; theme
to ehnins north] thenoe to Ohalni weht; thenee 40
���haliiN south, lo point of commenc. ment, eon-
Tenders add reaped to the Uttderilgnedi at his
ofllce In t'*e court V.oufie, In the City ot Nelaon,
will be received up till the hour of 6 o'clock in
the afternoon of Thursday, January 3rd, 1U07, fo'*
the purchase of the "(fmx'y Bear" mineral
claim. Lot No. ini which was declared to be forfeited to the Crown at the tax Hale held In the
city of Neleon on the Oth dav of November, lUp-1,
ior dfiiii.jii. tn taxes up til] June 3Uth, 1'>���=), and
Tlu* upset prlc-F! upon the aald mineral elalm,
which include! the amount of delinquent taxes
and coMs at the time of forfeiture, with interesi,
wlii' h have Mnee acen.fd, cost* ef advar-
��� . (tm nn t i. rn :i-i
Qood   Sample    Rooma*
Queen's Hotel
Baker Street, Neliou. B. C. ���>.,..
Lighted by Electricity ud
Heated by Hot Air
The Hall Mining and Smelting
Company, Limited.
Purchases Lead, Copper and Dry Ores.
n (iranl (.--V'*) ) Is *.o *i.
it that will la) conBldercd
vhl'h have _ni*. nw-tu-'u,..,.�� -..
tUiiik'. and lee Ior crown (iranl (fiV'W ) Is fttlt.
Which Is th    "  '-���T--��...nilu.,wl.MnrM
Eaeb  tender muit t��e aceompauied hy an accepted cheque for the iull amount of the tender,
payable to the order ol the Deputy Commissioner
Ol Lands and Works, at par at Victoria, B (I.
iMt.-n at Nelaon. H. ('., thlN JWth day ol Noveiu-
lier, lttoti.
(lovemnienl A��ent, NolaOn. H. 0
Notice t* here'iy glffln that a court of Hevlatou
and Appeal, OXJtet the piovislonn ol the ������AK.ess-
nu-nt Act,"  19uS." and A u-- in^ AelK, and Ihe
������Public Bfihooll Act" will lw held in the court
home, lu the Oity of ndeonrop Thursday, De-
eember --th, lfiOO, at the h��ur of in o'elouk in the
forenoon, for the Neleon Assessment district, and
the Hume School Dlitrlet, Ymir -School Diatrict,
Sniiim tehool District, and Crealon Htduail 1Mb-
tt-tct, contained therein.
JndKC of ( ourt of Ue vision aud Appeal.
Dated at NeWon, B.C.,
this Ith day ol December, 1006.
Lane and Comfortable Bedroom* and Flnt-
claps T)iulng Room. Bample Rooma lor Commer-
elal Men
MRS. K, C. CLARKE, Proprletraae
Royal Hotel
Bates tl and tl.GO a Say.
Special Rates to Begnlar Buaiden.
New Year
Moat coin tort ahtc quartern ln Nelson.
Only the heat of Uijuora and i Igara.
uTn'iilK ll��l ."���-���*��� ���'"'"' "'
li��lr.. llstsslsssr Us 1*"'-
ITOTIOB Ih herehy ttlven that the Court of He-
vision to correct and rovlne the Voterti' Mat lor
the year IW., lor the laid City olHnndoii. us pre
rnted by the Clerk to the Council, will meet in
the Council Clminher, City Hull, Kan-Ion, H. C ,
On V'rldiiv. I'ecemhcrJIal. U00, ut H o'clock, p. in.
Dated tit -andon, It. ('., necemher l< 11.. 1.NW
C.K. l.VONd,�� .M.d.
���ti n poel planted
i il
it a poet planted on '"*' w ;j?,,   _ w. oornerol
Wlf. ahout * ehiilnsuo tl     *>    ;,|JlcIll.l,l���uth W
nova.    * w ifja
,.Ht boundary ��>' t-"1
���    orner oi
(aid'lot, tbenoe meet g eii
naio un, ,���...,,
ehalliH,   thenee   ennl   Hii * ii   un-  to ine  hush,..
���-���" -.( nvA^mntlon P 'o.ttis, thenee north
boundary ol preen"Up
60 Ohaini to place Ol Iwglnu. mn-
it  J. .Kl-LIOTT, ARent.
i   hei.-hv Riven thnt tVOdiiys arterdate I
"lipid, t" the Hon.Chief CommlHsiouei
-nn.I WorkH for permliwon t<> purehMO
ottii.u deHcrlheil hinds .dtualeil  in t'"'
���"'leiiaj*  ItiHlrlct:   DeglUttlM al *tV��*\
Antoinette ilirch's n. K. comer,' find
'!l,ll'"l nn the ihore of WhalKhan (Car boo)
^""i the Moilheam comer of the aald lake;
"""���'���'������--iih n (dialn.i;  tlience weat 4(1 chains,
    lun, to Hu* ahore of Wlmlaiian creek:
iiwn-fl following I be ahore line of aald creek and
**��� hi ii Kenenil northerly and eaalerly dlrec-
'"l| ' cnalm, more or loaa. to point ol Oom-
7"**''neitt}floiilatn_ni HKl acrea, more or leaa
"'���l- Mill, IIUJO.
Dy F. L. 1UMHOND, Agent.
��&��&�� OOM or leu.
mt   VRNBt   W.ltOBl. WIN
Hy hla aB*'**6' B*IU'*wl .______���
ncrlli; tl.ui ;        ,   ,
i ated October i_,we*
fly hi" agent, Krwbst VV. IIobimno.
^awitfs.1 W��*P^2
'""rv.u'K-.i"iSitiU* mvi"<hT",
.�����., nun ��"'"' . ���, ���,   (i w. s-ssrii^r," ruimliiK
*���!'"SJm'S.Sm isi.riisi inuu.-e tn s-ii��iii�� euti
sJOTKtasajfMM-�� i- """���
_^S _{*_____-*_SSS7 -SSS'_r -S-Sia
N���V. Will, W*- j    y.    ANNA>M. AglTlt	
TAKK NO'ICK that a Courl oIKevialouot the
Voten' I.1-' of the City of Ka-I.. will -U en tllti
-jI nl uav of December, IWfl, at eleven o'clocik,
a. m , (loi nl time), aud continue from day to day,
If rei|uMi>, nt the Council t'hainlierH of the City
of Karl... B.T,
Dated thla 10th day of December, l'.<u".
Clerk ol the Municipality.
Waterproof Paints
Coal Tar, Pitch,
Creosote, Oils for
Preserving Timber,
Roofing Pitch and
Boat Butldera will lind it to their ad-
viintiiKss to uso our Pitch.
Nelson Coke & Gas Co.
Tickets on role at all Oniiudiuu Pacific
Railway OlliceB, Port Artbnr to Van-
conver, and all intennediate branch line
point-, Dwraiber 81. 112. 28, 84, 2B; alwi
December 28, 29, UU, 111, and January 1.
Good Rtttmit _ Until January 3, 1907. I I        For  further   information call
^^^^^^^AAMM^^^^^m     I ��� oi^-or addreas
A.tl.P.��..V'aui:uuver. D.P.A.. Ns-Ikssis
TAKK NuTICtf that a Court of Rr-vlMmi of
the Voter*' l.i ot the City of t^iauhrook will -it
on the Slit day of December, iwti. tit ll o'clock
(local time), and continue from duy to day, If
i'eunt**dlc, at lbe Council ChainherH, Cranhrook,
II ���*_..
Dated Lliis filh day of December, 1*16.
Clerk ofthe Muiilelpallty.
Wliolesale and  Itetutl l>ealer*H In
Fresh and Salted Meats
Oompfi inppHed ou shortest not\vo and
lowest prico, NothuiR bnt fresh and
whole-Homo meats mid suppl. s kept in titock
Mail ortlerB receive careful attention.
E. C. TRAVES   Manager,
Certificate of Improvements
"llntloii" iiitnerii] < laim. situmed in the Neleon
Mlniun Dlvtilon of Weet Koolenay dlMnei.
Where located:���(In Toad mouiiUln.
lake Notiee that I, John McL-atchle aetlux an
aHont lor George A. Campbell, Free Miner'H Cer-
tilleale No. b7i)77. inft'iid, nlxty days from Ihe
date hereof, to app I to the Mini uit Keeorrter for
ft Certillcale o[ I tnpniveineiiti*, for the pnrpo.se of
obtaining a Crown (Irani of tbe above elainu.
Ami further lak-i  notiee that aetinirrtni er
.section :t7, miiMt   l��* couinieneed   In-fure the ilMII-
niiee of such Cerllllcate of Improvements,
Dated this-. 17th day of November, llMNI,
John McLatchik.
Excursions to
Eastern Canada
Oriental Limited
With through tourists car to
To Toronto, Montreal
and-points west
Sf $78.25
Corresponding low rales to
points east of Montreal.
Tickets on sale Nov. 24th to
Dec. 31st. Good (or three months
with privilege of extending limit
Going via Sault ste Marie
Btopovers allowed east of St.
Paul and Duluth.
Going via Chicago stopovers
allowed east of Detroit and
Port Huron.
City Pamiengor Agent.
A U.l*. A..H...H1,-.
b ���
P__fS0N $1*50
inu-toir descrui-u-.i   in."*; ���
puia ��i.s.sii Wg _*Stf_Mu*mtM ol w��t;
aksslriill��"'����'"",' .," ���   ""ti  B-oo���� P"��*-'
(-hnl��neant.topo|lu ",   ���
Peq b. 8HIBU-. ARent.
aud Worki (or permlwlun to pureha��c the follow \nu dei'cvlt'ed latlilH*. ('omiueUciUK nl n p .1
nlai-ed about hull a mi'.e west ofthe lower end of
Whetiban Inke. maiked "D.D'h. N. W .corner,M
rtmnliiK thehee m ehains lOUtbl theuce BO chalnn
��ft��t; tbuueeW) ehalni north; thenee 80 ebaliiH
west in [inml nf commvnccmeut.eontainlUK 010
aeren, more nr less
Dated lho 12th day ol October, l'jotl.
D. Dunn,
I'er J. sjitKi.1., Agent.
'riilrty dam after dale ! Intone] loupply to tbe
Bon. Cblel Oommhii-toiicr of.I.iiiidH nnd Work--,
Vietoria, for 11 {-fecial lieeu-o toeut ft nil cany
away timber from the following tnnt of html,
���situated on thc N. A* 8, railway, in the West
Kootenav (tintrU-t: i\uiuncuclug at 11 post id -rued near the U. ��. corner of A. R. FingUunV*
limber cinlm. thence wtntHOchnluB, ihenee north
Hu chains, thence e It HU chalttK theuee Hotlth SO
chaitiN to point of commencement.
NOV. tHh, I'M: h. J, Iiii I.AUHKH
w. a. aiL.i_ETT
���voutru-_lor  fktiU
Hole agent for the 1'orlo Ulco Lumber Co., Md.,
retail yuril*. Ko.igh und die nwd lumber, turned
work nod hrackeiM, CoaHl lath and shlngleN, rush
and doors. Cement, Prick nud Mme for h*1u
Automatic grinder.
Yard and factory: Vernon ttt.. east of Hall,
I NHUHON,   13. 6.
��� P. O. Box '*__, Telephone 17��.
Certificate of Improvements
"HpyglRHt-s" and ''.(Untie" mineral elalmii, sltuale
in Trout Lake Mining Division.
l-ientedntl I'ophll creek.
Tude Notice lhat 1, Bruce While, acting as
agent for tbe HiH-gla-**.-. Mining o., Free Miuer-V
(-ertillciite No B ���H,,ii, luteuil. mdavH from the
date here, f, to apply lo the jt tiling Recorder for
a ivrUhYale of Improvements for the purpose ol
obtaining a Grown tiratii of tbo above claims.
Ami further take notice that action, under
Beetion-7, tntint he eonimi'iiced before thc Iwtu-
ftltoe of much GeriUKealc ol lmprovomentB.
Dated 'Mtb Octoher, 1��>6. BttVOt Whitk.
1 KIININO AND UKAFTINU carefully tilteiul-
ed to. Apply
Silver King Hotel.
1'   IB
A collcctiou of all the Latest
Shapes and Sizes.   A free
sniokiug aud most satisfactory pipe.
Tobacconist.   Baker Stw.t.
mine**- In liereby given th��l at n meeting of tbe
Board of Meonne t'onimlwdoii'TiT, to be he'd >��
hotel license for tb.
Archibald A Dav la
tflh November, IMC
1 hotel, at Vmir, I
 rU   Ol   I.li-Clise   pvUIHIUl-ntv->��'B, tv   m ..�� 	
tlu*  Chief l.'on*t tide's- otlliv, Nel-soii, on tho lflth
December, 19UH, I Intend to apply (o a tr��n��fer ot
mv lieeimc dr the Grove Hotel, r--itrvl"W, Ncltton,
toC F. Walmaley.
Daied l.Hh Nov., 1MW. .1 W CROW,
pc- Wm. ''OWKM-. Attorney.
I Ji
No Ice in hiT'hv given lhat at a meeting of tbe
Hoard or License Coinmipa'ooera, to he held In
Chief Cuiwtahlo'K ofllce, at Nelaon, on 16th Dwiem-
bur, 100U, 1 intend to apply for a imunfer of my
'     *      "*'*  ������  *��"���   !'��.��'���"  l>nl��1.  *t   Ymir. *,te^ 'il
Ifl ]
\* s-M '���
The Daily Canadian
Cut   Glass   Bonbon   Dishes,   eacn $2.25, $3.00
Hand-Painted  China Cups  and  Saucers,   each    $2.50, $3.50
Sterling   Coffee   Spoons,   per   set $2.75, $3.00
Sterling   Souvenir  Spoons,   each $1.25, $1.35
Sterling  Photo  Frames, each $1.25 to $9.00
Back Combs, each    $1.00
Fine  Leather  Bags and   Purses, each $1.25 to $25.00
Silk   Umbrellas,  Silver and   Gold  Mounted   Handles,   each $5 to $20
Electric   Lamps,   each    $14.00 to $25.00
Ctfc-I*     .���.-!-_
Take Old  Santa's Advice  and   Buy ���
Your  Xmas Groceries  Here.        J
Our   Latest  Arrivals  Are:
: Harry Webb's Genuine English ���
Plum Pudding *
1  lb��� 40c;  2 lb.. 75c; 3 lb��� *i.iu,
Jusl Like Mother Makes.
HARRY   WEBBS     ASSORT tu   ���
CHOCOLATES,  35c  per  Ib.        t
1-lb.  Fancy  Boxes, 50c and  lite.   T
MEAT,  1-lb. Jar,  20c;   2-lb.      ���
Tin,  35c;   5-lb. Tin, 75c. J
Bell Trading Co j
Coal and
Telephone 265
$1.75 per Box
i ,
r Joy's Cash Grocery j
Oor JoifpMne nnd Mill Hta.      Hioiic 10
We Hiivu ft  Hpuisliillv
������laotocl Stock uf
���for XrriMM Tl nUv.
Stoneware, Crocks. Bean Pols, Tea Pols, Elc.
Munroe & Nelson
Order Your
Fruit Cakes
We make them in all sizes
and designs
Choquette Bros*
I lb. box   -   50c
1-2 lb. box -   30c
Tb&ngoodi en ft" fine m the more expensive
klii'lft, th. only (lifiVrenfi* I* the packdue
Phone 25. Baker St.
Next P. Burns & Oo.
Cor. Vvmon nnu w��ru sh-u.in.
INfclUSOIN,   U. C.
J. FKEU HUME, Proprietor.
H. M, Koimsfell, wife nnd boy, Nel-
non-Bruce Co.; C. Cagee, Kaslo; H. u.
Nash und wife, Cowley; ll. II. s.
George, Kamloops; A. II. Buckworth,
Ymir;   Fred  Robinson, Armstrong;   VV.
B. Moore, Regina; .1. Huchanan, Trail;
W. K. Goldle and wife, Ayr; J. M. Ar-
ringti'ii, St. Louis; Ohas. B. SHnpeon,
A. Iv Baker, J. K. Wilson, Vancouver.
II. B. Hunter, Toronto; J. D. McDonald and wile, Bonnington; IS. ,M. llansi.
Ynilr; LI. O. Buchanan anil wife, Kaslo; T. II. Trethewey, La Plain; P. L*.
Merry, Ferguson; J. Anderson, Kaslo.
B,    .  Windsor,    Vancouver;     Harold
C'ss.;   Andrew Norgun,    Wlnlaw;  Miss
Harvey, .1. (1. Dewar. Ymir; \V. V. Hod-
Icy and wife, e.\w Denver.
J. s. McDonald, Bonnington; A. ste-
niiT, R, Stonier, Rossland; J. Uolds-
worthy, F. Hussell, John Kinder, Erie;
C. Ward, F. Jones, Cresaon.
M. McLeod, Ynilr; Dan McDonald,
Rossland; G. Bertram, Hlue Hell mine;
II. Strand, O. Strand, Gerrard; E. Flo-
ren, Alberta; G. F. Johnson, Washington; A. Pearson, J. Thompson, Winnipeg; I). McDougiill, Grand Forks; A.
AlcGillivray, Winnipeg; Gus SchwinKo,
10. Hltchens, Second Relief mine; u.
Wheatley, Calgary.
Mrs. E. McKlnnon, Alnsworth; w,
Watson, .1. T. S. Smith, Vancouver; .1.
Llversldge, Winnipeg; C. A. Peach,
.Milwaukee; W. R. Anderson and family, Trail.
11. Mullln, Phoenix; J. Upshur, w.
Lee, E. Lee, Colville; C. O.'Cnncnnip,
Shields; J. Rlghy, II. Desmond, G.
llrown, Xelson-Ilruee Co.
A. McCoy, Kokanee; II. C. Holmes,
Greenwood; E. M. Peters, Ymir; E. m,
McArthur, w. ll. Cawley, Salmo; D*.
Edwards, Waverleyi o. Benntft, X.
.McCsilliiin. Hounington; (1. Heron,
Granite; T. J, Rock, Uureka mine.
Pure Ontario Honey
5 Pound Cans     90c
10 Pound Cans $1.75
Telephone Uii.
Old Curiosity Shop
If you want to buy or sol] anything,
ro to the Old Curiosity Shop. A now
lino of Japanese Goods now on sale. All
kindB   of   Dinncrware ln   stock.   Prt-
THK RJET0BN forthwith nl nil bookH borrowed
b�� Ji*>np1'* nf NflHOti [nun tlie library of Wdltar
VV. liner. ('HiimllHn (ifflpo | 	
Hiii: SMAKIN'i AND .KWINii-Mrs. Bi-rthn
Wt-1  li. -aiiMvr-* itoyiil limit nl I'miflitri.     	
,f>U .MKN. ut nii-'i', fnr work :'ti the WOOdl. Apply
in \V. K. <\mk *. raw-mill, Kiwl-i.
I.AI'V S'l'KNdliKAI'flKH fnr position in countrv.
linml bom. "fill amployer1! family.    Apply
..nx Vi.. Ctna-liHii ofllru. _
HI S||MhN, Mill Ha:i.��aii(IlxiKjtingContra(!tori!,
alHit Knfrlin'-T     Wdttuhnrg Lumber Co., noar
TWO FIRST . .,AH*3 KOOMS, mean, heated.   Apply house keeper. KM flat. K W. C. block.
The   Harold   Nelson     company's   bill
for tonight in "The Prisoner of Zenda.
An  advertiser  in the   want columns
asks for the return of borrowed hooks.
Wallace Brown left with his family
this morning for Victoria, where Ihey
will reside in future.
Curling has begun. Last night s
frost did the business and stones are
flying this afternoon.
1J. McL. Korin and VV. S. Pearcy
were pasengers on the Crow boat thl.s
morning, holh bound for Ontario.
Silver recovered six points today in
New York and five on tbfl London
market Other metal quotations are
At the Baptist church tomorrow Pastor Shanks will preach at the morning
service on "(Jod'a Trees"; in the even
ing oh "Angels' ViBits."
Kehearsals of "The Old Chimney;
or, the Coming of Santa Clans," are
progressing satisfactorily at the Bap
list church. The entertainment will
take place Monday evening. Decern
ber _4.
Pastor Shanks announces a special
series of Sunday evening sermons: December lti, 'Angels' Visits"; December
2'i, "Augtls of Annunciation"; December 30. "Angels of Prophecy"; January
ti, "Angels  In  Glory."
Proressor McEwen, hypnotist ann
conjuivr, will appear In Sherman's opera house Monday night. Professor
MclOwen has added many attractions
to repertoire since his last visit to
Nelson, and his performance will no
doubt be very interesting to lovers ot
the mysterious.
Trains and Boats.
Crow boat���Two hours late.
Coast and Slocan train-���On time.
Boundary train���On  time
Kossland train���On time.
The Store of Quality
40 Cents per Pound
In order to clear out this line
wo aro reducing the price to
40c. We only have n limited
quantity so don't delay ordering if you want any.
K. W. C. Blook . Phone 10
Coal! Ice! Wood!
Phone 265
Yale-Kootenay Ice, Froit,
Fuel & Poultry Co., Ltd.
N. E. cor. Baker  and   Ward  Sts.
Ship Your Christmas Presents
by Dominion Express Company
Cheapest, satt-Bt and quickest meaiiH
ol forwardfDg packages of merchandise, valuables and Jewelry to all parts
of tho world.
lt ls strongly recommended that
shipments bo sent so ns lo arrive nt
destination some dnys In advance,
thus avoiding the rush and ensuring
most careful handling. Arrangements
can be made for delivery tho day before Christmans wh.Tn deBlrcd.
Special attention given to shipments
for Great Hritain and Europe.
Kor further Information apply to
company's office on llaker street.
Phone 113.       O. E. FORD, Agent.
A. M. Can. Soc. C. B.
Mining Work a Specialty.
Office: Henley Building.   P. O. llox .34
Baker St., NELSON, B. C.
��er Gallon*
C* Am Benedict
Corner Silica and Josephine Sts.
Don't Fofget
No matter how many olher things
they may get, Xmas is never complete
without a pretty Picture Book tor the
little ono, or a good Story Book lor the
boy or girl.
Our stock of hooka this year is very
complete, and includes
All the Host Popular Writers of
Boys' and Girls' Stories.
They range in price at from 2bc tor
a full sized cloth bound Book to 4Uc,
60c, 8bc and up to $1.50.
Also we have
Boy6' Own   S2.25
Girls'  Own    $2.2b
Chatterbox    $1.25
Sunday    J1.25
Chums   $2.25
Young Canada  Sl.ltt
Insure  against  possible    disappointment by doing your Xmas buying early,
W. G. Thomson
ffiSSSS* "d Nelson, B. C.
Phone -34.
A. McDonald & Co.
Dealer* in staple aud fancy Grooeriefl.
Butter, Eggs.
Camp and Miners' Supplied.
notice in horeby given that an application
will l<_ made to tbe Lerlllativa AwemWy of llie
I'rnvini'i: i.f iiruini) Columbia at Us next Bewioo
for iiii net ��i ufii<>i i.'i nj-r tlit-' i'atrl'-lc LuiiiUt Company, Limited- to place,conitrDeti*) nd maintain,
ii limn sii iliiiu*'. boomi-, vwrn, illdoi, and other
worku in and ai*ror.n tlu*** Kooiantj rWst at or
near Thrums Station (-about oppoilta Sot. lot I V.
of l.r.t 4.YJ-K, -ironj. 1, Kootunay -h-h i.-t} tuxl in
and arroHH the f.lttla bloeaii river; and in uml
aoroaiEUia Blooan river at a iwlnt or polnta below tlte mouth of Die I it'.li* Slor-_.ii river; for Mi-
������iirj-oM-.-.f flrivhiK, raftllif;, Hortln**-. liohlinR,Hii<l
maniifar-turhiK |&W<_0fl rami tlm her i to Occupy
tin* s i. r f n i' ��� of ilu* in l<l ii v.*:- where ncct'MHary for
tho I'lirj'""'"! -aforeiald; to clear- improve, ami
roinovo ObetrUOtuWI from the r-niil rivers for log-
driving, rafUtift. and booming purposes; to levy
find collect tolls and cluca ��� n letts. IUiiUt and
lumber o( persons tultlg or prontlijR hy llicfi
works, el.-iiriiii; or ttnprovi'iiienu; to enter upon
ami expropriate lands; ami do nil oilier tblngl
neeessary, tneidentul or I'oTidurlvfl to i lie put
else of any of Iht above powers.
Daied the hllh ilay 01 Ileeeniher, 1*800,
Boliultorforthe Applleant
West Transfer Co.
General Teamsters and Dealers in
Goal nnd Woo).   Kxpress and
Baggngs- Transfer
I'.o.Boiiii  Venice: Haker St.
^ -__^
Boys' Coasting Sleds.
Spring Runners, 90c,
$J.25 and $1.50.
Dolls, Toys, Games
All  new  goods  and prices  low.
IVOdaCKS,  Developers.
Albums, Stamp and Post
Card Albums.
All tlie New Hnoka arc li.ro���
books ror tha young in ovary
conceivable style���Gift Books,
Beautiful Books in binding mut
letterpress. All tbe new things
In fiction.
Canada Drug ft Book Co's
....Casti Stores....
How   About   Your
Guns and
Ammunition ?
We havo Eloy's, Kynock's, Winchester, and Cogswell &
Loaded Shot Shells
Kynock's, Winchester and
Rifle and Pistol Cartridges
Hunting Knives, Wading, Belts,
Coats, Puut-H, etc.
Nelson Hardware Co.
Box 631      Nelaon, B. C.
Sherman's Opera House
Return   Engagement
Nelson-Brace Company.
"The Prisoner of Zenda"
Prices���5Uc,  7f,c,   Jl.on. '
I'lan aL Rutherford'fl Thiirsilny, Ilecei
bs-r 18.
���wommencinu   Monday,
Deuembtir 17,
The Great McEwen
And  hll Company
Prices���Trie, f��ftc(  25c.
Seats ai Rutherford*. Saturday.
0d mi'l Hiicr Deosmbor l��t my bstUni ami
plui.iliiiiK btUlOMM will. l*o lOOftstSd In my DSW
IhOpi tWOdOOllSMtol oimth boOH- (iti Vlitorlii
Td, 181.     S. A. WYE
J Something for Xmas
Nothing more acceptable by any
member of the family than a pair or
Slippers. Whether It be Warm Slippers or Fancy Slippers we wish to say:
"We can show you a swell assortment.
The ROYAL Shoe Store
R.  ANDREW  &  CO.
Fifty Cent Hand Bags!
They are beauties at the price.
Telephon* aaa.
Repairing and Jobbing a Specialty
Sheetmetal Work, OnsttiiKS, Builders' Mnterial and Mining and Mill UaohlnatJ
Offlce nnd Works Foot of Park St.
Phono  2(M.
NelHon,  ft, C
A Word to the Wise
This year wo have npprw'iated tho wants ot oiirni*-.-
tmnerH nml have paHSt'd into Rtock tht*
Good Cheer Art Base Burner
This itOVQ is nrlapted for hnnl cpnl only, nnd is pui
uiiirni to K'vr sati��faction.
]* H. Ashdown Hardware
Company, Limited.
W"PWo"lf MI��li��^i2r,MHf��ffiS1W,**h DWMmtOh.   Ilwtt Metal
work. .Ml. Issir��i.u Mill Mr-uhincry.     Minuhdurin ���l
*-��r" ��=�����������. w. t*. Ooncraetora* c_��.
NELSON,   B. C. ?M,r
nualiiwMM mwn.
Working mwn,
���M��ii In tlr-ena uttlru,
���Hpot-thijj men,
HiindMomw men,
Men t liut'M full of flro
UNIT?: nnd ring that  tho  Importation! of
John T, Pierre tire th. proper thing.
My laat fall ihipment haa _mt arrived.   Sec
them and place your ordor i*arly for X mm >uits
JOHN T. PIERRE, Artistic Tailor
All Sizes 35 to 44
Now Ih tho Hum
to buy yom
Winter Overcoat
All Prices from $10 to $30
J. a. gTLker
^^~~-TTI  I   _
MANUFACTURERS   T tL Ct *       t
and dealers in JLtMnbef, _>__inglest
Lath, Mouldings, Doors, Windows.
Turned Work nnd Hrack_t_. Mail Ordon, promptly uttende* to-
VBRNOTVIiTRHBT . . .  ini :i.miin. B. g.
l^ootenay Ranges
Why do we handle the Famoua Kootenay Range?
Becauae we cannot procure a better, taking Into account deelgn, workmanahlp, cooking qualities and price
We will be pleaeed to ahow you Ite good polntt.
Wooct-Vallance Ha__fware Co'y


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