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The Daily Canadian Oct 15, 1907

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Array 0FOHH>Lg��� WATER
Yoa can pay more, but can not
i ,-., nureror butter minkkai.
e $**iljJ (tumaoi
2.    No.  113
Government Encouraging
k 118 01 EMPLOYERS
Fifty Cents a month
Ion. R. G. Tallow's Letter Inviting
Co-Opmtion To Solve Libor
Th,' proi 1 1   ls '"-tine
. 1 thai     11 ever be aitactiiu
aimlgralioo, that its.
ImmlKratloa of u <te-
a the real  ol   C-ta-da,
i.r:ir;.l'.ln    iunl    Ir.rirr
The fa*l->-i_f letter
Ocl    l.'.ili. 1307.
'   .n.t.ri'ill.
11   i:   C.
.rr.' being rolisUlirt
��� Bureau <-r Pro, Inclal
. .   ..:..   -���tiling  work
Ll 'I        I'll. -.*��� Applies
���   middle rnrii Beaters
.   n ...t.i. rl..  "Hi irrsir  1 r- ] * -.���.
: "|.. .   illl.i    lll.l'      :..     'li
I .   rintii.'ly :
���  ��� ... 1 i. nr. .1 111  flirni
'. run   i.i-iii-tlfiil   farm
i    Harm    hunrlr.    un
 -   I    l.irrri   hands,   mar-
Otl*-| ni    .   I   'A 1...
ling  1.1 lake Mrrto.  srit-
th,   application, Ik of
a . 'iiisidiTabk' n.ini-
:    iiiri.ii  leta
tl.  ' .'   rue    V.'IV    fi'W   at,
1      Mi.sl  i.f ih.'  mar
- ..I li'iiir.-r a .!-..���]
1 .   Ihat   i.f  the rmiiloy-
��� !i!   _ llirh  sll.illl.l  r.irn
Iha ���   who l.x.k to sociir-
.... lit . xistlni: lii-tw. 1 11
v    and    iii.*   M_l_tf__o_
Balvatlon  Army   a  oon-
i..n   nf   (arm hand.
In lp    is expected  fnmi
11   during   tire   -prlng   anil
*i> ''.iriinr. ��� ,,f  1908
111   a,   v.'ry   di'srrmis  nf
he     iiniiilura'. .mi   1.1   I'rllish
rell ible  . lass nf  white
' 1   .   ...5 n." .  00 opera-
' 'ii.  I. is   rrnit growon and
[���ma, '���: lhe province n> Hint end.
11,11 mi' Hi. i.i,...   requested  i"  oell
���   . nployera ..r labor in
thli   letter, and ra	
n    comprehensibrj   as
I*-1**. Hi. form, enclosed
Youra truly,
11   li. TAT-X)W,
ol Finance and *_xloulture.
��� toi ..- I..1 the name, and
1)..... di.' Dumber and
ol ii. 11, wanted, Ihe aooommoda
thr   .1, .��� when it  will i��'
hi.   wage, employer, are
*"-" '" Pay hy the month or the
[-'"'���li Labor  Minister  Studying  Land
and Housing Problems on
the Continent.
'"'"������"���. Oci    1 ,,   Th,  real  reaaona
���t*"��� Prompted John Huiiik' recent vl-.lt
*""'" and Qi rniairy have  noi   yel
I " '" ihe world, >.���( they oloi el]
''"'  ''"'   I "ed   l.'i'.islailiiii   i.i   the
^'.'���""v"' relating lo land valuation,
lv," '"'*" ���  town planning.   The vlaii
J'"""'!!:.!,..,, i��� ortler thai Mr. Burn,
Ljjr   ""-" I '   the   Oerman aoclal
i������,'"'. ""' '"'*-'   toaturoa for  the  pur
j* " -ngrattlng them upon oui ... n
ih....'" ''"""">��� "OBBlon r.r parllameni
tn''"'"''' '" "in mail.' n determined
' tIIJl11   t       1
,,..,' introduce hills making n Im-
��� landowner, to develop di
"''������"< Hue regard to the eon.
���.,, ' '"'"��� *e luhabtta***. livtaa In the
���J'1?rtl��n- 0* the town. Their Uud
I,,,";;;,1"" WM will provide for the red,.
H0   '    "*" ,;"��i ai the vi,i,���. iix,.,1 b*
1.1a ,i��� ,''���"''"' w" �����������<-- upon lo
������;,     " '"I iax ami local ratea upon 11
ii,���  "_|�����"o(hliD*ii valuation   ,'���
I tai Ztn     '" ,"1"""*1' ->"'. "��*''V
108a-r be able to make roada
which lead nowhere ami lay onl eetatea
1.1'inilli'SK ol outleta or Inlets. _ocal
anthorlUea will not be able to pas, plan,
for bouses which bave an In-uSclenl
am.nint of ll���hi and air apace.
A further hill will give county oonn-
clla���ami In dcfaitli i.i their sating tin*
government���power to expropriate land
at the owner", registered valuation Cat
the purpose <��i thi- erection nf cottages
in rural iIlKirirts
it wa.. for tin' purpose of ascertaining
the virtues ot the Preneh and Gku-man
urban and rural honstng, and theireffe���t
upon the physique ol the people, thai
Ml.  Bnrnes spent  one of tbe hardest
holiday*- turn cutlld Imagine.
In   Germany hi**  activity  aatonlahed
rli.- offletals, hia* thlrat for information
was insatiahlr, and hi* looki'd so rinliK.'
a minister! In tho mornliig when out
alone be wore the bowler hat and the
short jacket of tht* ordinary Kn-lia_____
On formal viaita of inspection he donned
a morning coat, which ia declared by
his frh'iidB In the house of common, to
be i.'i. ol 'Ir*' smarteal Ittcui and IH at
Bt Stephen's In thi ave-l-ga he was
beahMfd with Envltatlana to dinners.
and wh.'ii he accepted these be ap'pea*���d
nr regulation evening dreae. li was on
these nreasion8, areording to private
acoonnt, from Qennan Mmrcee, -sat be
dIalUualoned the German ottchlra, otfl*
.rials, an.l ministers as to the type .,'
minister be really le, Th, Oerm���na ��� \
pected to r,n.i a ii.Hsi. ancultured agitator, with viexvs on siK'i.rl ami politlca-
.inesii'.iis    tasteed <��i this no onecould
'!     .     li 11 n ..n n  I     He was a k. "ti
111 li ii. r I.nt a had talk"! ..n soeial questions���S man ou! M learn and no! to
teaj h
English    Fin_incial   Circles   Suggest   Retrenchment and Less Haste
to Develop.
I -iti,Ion. .:���-.��,. Oct 16.���This bent opln-
inn over hon- It* thai IhOVO musl !>e a
M'niH'wtiat qBtenalve ftoeomubUtonof tmr*-
jilus rai'iia] before ��� *-{>n.rn to normal
iisf*.-:! ooHtBttloM can lx) looked for. It
in lunhfr laid down lhat In order to
l ih> di-sin d accninulation of capital i hi.-re musl i hTiirtiiiiflliijnf rmniirrmn
and h Blowing down of indusirial ac-
11������* iti-.. ;n <inr. :.*nt parti <>. tbe wori.i.
Kail ���*. ay a uiUMt post pone projected ex-
U DI loot: niannlactnrers DIBSt abandon
iilans t.i extlftrga their factories; nier*
(hiinis must delay their iilans for ex*
tetldtllS lheir present business until lhe
sxtsttng stiin-.ti'v blows over.
'Irantiu*; this outline of tbe situation.
and this forecast ol tbe future to be ac-
OUTAta, how will all Ihls afTcci  Can.i.la s
matt'tiai progrees? l learn tbat BnglUb
baakere have been reoaUioLg eome large
loans   In   Canada,     and     that   the   beHt
hiMis* s in tho Dominion have been among
tbe number thai have been reQuired to
pay Up. It Is difficult to say whether
or not further Canadian loans will be
called. bUl it is fell here thai ('anada
for a time must pui a brake on her
rapid railway and industrial expansion.
That such ;��� temporary check extending
over a year or two would not prove Injurious to the oonntry is the getaera.
oplnlon. The Dominion hus been racing
ahead ai b tremendous pace, and a slight
slow down might only serve to stead]
and solidity her vast linanclal and Industrial  fabric, and pui it  upon a basis
capable oi meeting what crisis tbe more
distant future may have in store. It Is
also to be borne in mind ihat the greal
Immigration movement to Canada i_pw
under way may in BOm* (mas,tie protect her against tbe full effects ol tbe
Industrie, check to tbe woHd at large.
said to be involved In tbe present financial Rtringeno E&ven this late In tho
autumn every boat thai leaves Liver
pool lot Canada is lull with Immigrants
bound for tbe new Land ol Promise, At
this season I lie passctmers aiv tnosU.
women and children going OUl to join
husbands, brothers and iweethoarts who
have founded homes for them in tbe
greal Dominion, ah these people take
i ne money witb then. Into the country.
and- once established there, they soon
become producers of fresb capital, in
this was they will help to minimise the
effects of the present shortage In the
world's supply of Capital.
Decatur's Sensation.
Chicago, (id. la. \ despatch from
Decatur. UL, says: The MagtU murder
trial enters i's mos1 Important stage to
day when the heavy guns oi the state
will be turned on Fred M Maglll and
his wile, and the question of their guilt
or Innocence will be largely determined
State Attorney  Miller lent  ��� telegram
to   Miss   IdB Candy  of I'ayton. Ohio, ��� es
tei day sa> ing Importftnt developments
required her preponce here at once. Miss
Oand.' is a sister of Mrs, Pel MaglH, the
Bra! wife ol Mag.ll, whom he Ih accused
of murdering in order to marry   Kay  K.
Qraham, a girl friend. With Miss
Candy's testimony, ���upplemontd by ihat
ol oth. ra who knew Mrs. Magi]l'a handwriting, the stale expects to prove that
the biters found on Mrs. Mngill's dead
t  body were forgeries.
Sir Wilfrid Laurier as
Who!./ Unwarranted���Himself Alone
Responsible for Losses by
Alaskan Award.
Ottawa, Oct. 15.���Once more Sir Wilfrid Laurier has had a fling at Hritish
diplomacy. The premier, speaking in
'loronto, charged that Canadian Inter
ests had been repeatedly sacrificed by
tbe British foreign office In neyotia
tinus with the United States. Particu-
..i! reference was to the Alaska boundary arbitration, in which Sir Wiltrid
charges that the Home Government
made a surrender ot Canadian rights
and Canadian territory. Hut it ia the
historical, tact thai whatever surrender
was mage In tbe Alaska award was the
work of Sir Wilfrid l_aurier himself and
of his colleague's. They are distinctl*.
and directly responsible for the whole'
t-.acrl.icc, and Sir Wilfrid Is himself
wholly to blame for providing the United Slates with a prevailing argument
against Canada.
Of the commissioners who made the
awards three were named by the United States and three by Great Britain.
The award could not have beeu made
by less than four of the commissioners.
It required tne consent of one British
arbitrator. Now all the three British
arbitrators were chosen by the Government of Canada which was allowed absolute freedom to name them. More*
oi er Lord Mvsratone w-as selected by
Sir Willi id Laurier in spile of the suggestion of the Imperial office that the
British commissioners should be chosen by Canada with full regard to tbe
fact that the United Stales representatives were not Impartial, but had already committed themselves to the United States side of the case. There was
a clear invitation by the Home Government that Canada should name as Brl-
Isb arbitrators public men of her own
who could be relied upon to refuse any
surrender of Canadian rights. The
Laurier Government rejected this advice aud named two Canadians who
met these conditions, but for the third
selected Lord AI vers tone, who for tin-
sake of reaching a settlement acquiesced in the decision of the United States
twun ml winners ���
It is all set forth in the public papers.
Great Britain first asked that the question be settled In the same manner as
the Venezuela boundary. That was refused by tbe United States, which also
rejected the Hague tribunal, aud every
other proposition involving the appointment of an equal number of commissioners from each side with a neutral
umpire from some third nation. The
United States proposed a commission of
three from each country, all to he 'Imparl ial jurists of repute." Canada rals
ed some objection to this but consented
finally, with tba idea that if tbe court
should be squally divided much valuable Information on the points at Issue
WOUld be obtained though there should
be no decision. The Canadian Government expressed itself "satisfied with the
questions to be  submitted."
So the matter stood until the United
Stales appointments were made. The
President selected Mr. Root, one of his
Cabinet, who had already taken strong
ground   tor tbe   American   contention.
and Senators Turner and Lodge, both
nt' whom had repeatedly and publicly
advocated the  Untied States claim, and
denounced   the   Canadian    contention.
These were clearly not "impartial jurists," and their appoint men! was declared by the Laurler Government toi
be a "violation of an Important article
in the treaty.." The home government
acquiesced this view. But the Colonial
Secretary informed Canada lhat the United States appointments would not be
withdrawn,   antl   that   it    remained   for
Britain and Canada to decide whether
to break off negotiations or "accept the
American nominations and ,appoint as
tin Ir   colleagues   representatives   who
will nnet the altered clrcnmsttinces of
the case.'' The imperial view was that
ihe latter course BUOuld be adopted,
ami Hn- arbitration should go on Canada selecting commissioner! of the same
class as the United States. The result
of course, would have been final disagreement and no award. Kvidently It
had to be tbat or n award satisfactory
to Washington. That was the moment
for Canada to decide which it should be.
and the I_aurler Government decided
that the case should go on as It had
On March 7th, 1907, Lord Minto telegraphed the Colonial Office "As the composition of tribunal my Ministers suggest Chief Justice of Kngland, and two
Canadian judges names to be telegraphed hereafter.'* Ten days later Canada
named Sir Louis .lette and Judge Armour. For the latter Mr. Aylesworth
was afterwards substituted. If the advice of the Home Government had been
accepted and the Canadian Minister
of Justice, or the Minister of the Interior, or Mr. Blake, or Sir Christopher
Robinson had been selected with Sir
Louis JeUe and Mr. Aylesworth, there
would have been no surrender. Clearly then Sir Wilfrid has no case against
the Home Government on this matter,
though the Canadian people hnve a
strong grievance against  Sir Wilfrid.
But that Is not the whole of it. Sir
Wilfrid not only provided the United
States with a tribunal satisfactory to
that country, but also furnished the United States with an argument which was
of immense Importance tn making out
the American case. In 1898 Sir Wilfrid Laurier was forcing through the
House his -notorious. Yukon Railway
Bill, under which a large part of the
gold areas of that district were to be
given to a company for the construction
of a short line of railway, by a ridiculous route, which no sane man would
think of adopting. Other capitalists
were ready to construct without any
such grant a railway by a more direct
route. This shorter line has since been
constructed at no cost to Canada and
serves all purposes. Bui Sir Wilfrid
wished to condemn the short line and
argued that it would not be under Canadian control, because the i*orts of Dyea
and other points on the Lynn Canal
were within United States jurisdiction.
These points were In the disputed ter-
ritory-and Sir Wilfrid's admission gave
away  the  whole  rase.
The proof of this will be found in lhe
opinion of the United States members,
Mr. Root, Mr. l_odge aud Mr. Turner,
set forth in the award. They decln**_-u
that the bead of the Lynn Canal had
been In undisputed possession of Russia before 1867 and of the United States
ever since. This statement is not correct, but tbe United States had high
Canadian authority for it. The American Commissioners offered in proof the
declaration of Sir Wilfrid Laurier. In
their decision they say;
"The true condition was stated by the
Prime Minister of Canada, in the Canadian Parliament, on February 15th,
188S, when he said;
"My Hon. friend Is aware that, although this is disputed territory, it has
been In the possession of the United
States ever since they acquired this
country from the Russian Government
in 1867. and, so far as my Information
goes, I am not aware that any protest
has ever been raised by any government against the occupation of Dyea
and  Skagwty by the United States."
And when, on March 7, 1898, he said.
"The fact remains that, from time im
memorial, Dyea was In possession ol
the Russians, and In 1867 tl passed into
the hands of the Americans, and it ba-
been held in their hands ever since.
Now. I will not recrlinlnaie here; thlH
is not the time nor the occasion for do
ing so, hut, so far as I am aware, no
protest has ever beeu entered against
the occupation of Dyea by the American authorities, and when the American authorities are in possession of that
strip of territory on the sea, which has
Dyea as its harbour, succeeding the possession of the Russians from time im
memorial, it becomes manifest to
everybody that at this moment we cannot dispute their possession, and lhat.
hefore their possession can be disputed,
tbe Question must be determined by a
settlement of Ihe question involved in
the treaty.'*
Said  the  American commii-stoueiB:
"It Is manifest that tbe attempt to
dispute that possession to which the
practical, effective construction of the
treaty presented by the long-continued
aoqulesoensoe of Great Britln In the construction which gave the territory to
Russia and the United States, and to
which the Prime Minister testifies."
Such was the effective use of Sir Wilfrid Laurlei's unhappy admissions The
statements of sir Wilfrid Laurier were
t large part of the argument of tlie On
ited States counsel before the comml.s
sloners, and had great weight with the
(Continued   on  page   three.)
French Asked To Protect
Moors Excited���General Outbreak Is
Certain if Ruler's Request Should
Be Granted.
Tangier, Oct. 15.���Judging from the
lates semi-official declarations here.
Abdul Aziz, during the conferences with
the French minister, M. Regnault, at
Rabat, invited Grance io consider the
question of establishing a protectorate
over Morocco, including the immediate
occupation of the entire coast. The
most disquieting feature of the general
situation, with the exception of the reported request of the Sultan that tht
ports be occupied by French troops. Is
the practical certainty that an attempt
is now imminent to impose foreign military police upon the various seaports
Ot Morocco, which it is believed will
meet fierce restsitance upon the part of
the natives.
The Franco-Spanish authorities have
announced their intention of beginning
the new international police service at
an early date in November antl wilh the
chief of police. Colonel Mullet, the ex-
officer in the Swiss army, they are now-
organizing the force and planning Its in
stallatlon. While professing warm de-
\otlon to France. Abdul Aziz informed
the French minister now at Rabat, that
though he gratefully accepted the services of tbe foreign officers in the organization of the international police and
would pay for them, the actual police
force must be composed of Moorish subjects In France, and he continues to regard the Algeciras convention as being
binding. France, however, desires to
utilize large numbers of soldiers of the
foreign legion, Spanish and other Algerian troops known a**, -he "butchers of
Casablanca," which naturally is likely
to excite the animosity of the natives.
'**  w   Vork   Sun's   Comment   on   Canon
Welch's Sermon.
New York, Oct. 15.���Under the head
ing "A Sermon in Toronto." the New
York Sun, which has awuys held up tbe
Ancient and Honorable Artillery Company, of Boston, replies to a-correspon
dent along Its usual lines. The core
spoudent had written: "The Ancient
and Honorable Artillery Company ol
Boston refused to go to the Jamestown
Exposition because there was too much
water in the Hampton Roads, but did
go to Toronto. Ontario, on their annua;
fall outing, where a clergyman delivered a sermon to them on "The Lust of
Drink." Can international peace, comity.
or Canadian reciprocity be enhanced by
any such machinations?"
To this the Sun responds: "Chaplain
Welch preached 'a forcible' sermon on
'The Lust of Drink,' and it was thoro
uglily appreciated by the Boston veter
ans. Their untiring zeal in destroying
so far as in them lies, the drink supply
has made them perhaps one of the most
practical and fruitful of lem pet ant"
forces, and the subject of the sermon
was a compliment which gratified them
"There was a hiisty luncheon In Ion
the sermon; and after it the 'local mil
ittamen soon put themselves on terms ot
eomiatb-ship with the visitors.* Inter
national peace and comity were pro
moted there, at the Toronto Club and in
other centres of plain living antl hi-*_
thinking, and the strength and heart!
ness of Canadian reciprocity on thcsi
occasions are famous.
"Whether on the Heights of Abrahup
or in the Vaults of Bourbon, thest
heroes will always be an honor and ar
ornament to Massachusetts; and Scot
laud. Jamaica, Santa Cruz. Plymouth
Holland, Rye aud a hundred other plac.
of renown ore inseparably associated
with the deathless glory of this legion.'
Alleged English Spies.
Berlin, Oct i *>.---.\ correspondent of
the Tagehlatt at Knidcti telegraphs that,
according to ad espatch received there
from Gorkum, a spying yacht with Kng-
Ilsh naval officials on board has been
captured by two Wilhelinshuven torpedo
boats. The Officials were suspected of
having taken soundings and made photographs ot forts and waters.
Hero of Elopement Was Wealthy,
London. Oct.   15.���Samuel     Clarkson.
tin- man who eloped with Helen Maloucy
of Philadelphia, is believed here to be
the sou of a I ;arm by brewer. lb- i*
about 27 years old, and Inherited ahout
|80b,000. Clarkson a couple ot years
ago figured in a suit againsi a stock
exchange firm as a result of losses sustained hy him amounting to $186,000,
The suit was based upon alleged misrepresentation and breach of contract
The case was decided In his favor and
he was awarded $85,000.
Another Japanese Riot in San Francisco
<al Libra rv, iated-
Sa ..hcisco,  Oct.   15.���Aa a  result
of an attack on a Japanese laundry last
night, the proprietor and one of hia employes are in the hospital, many whites
are nursing wounds caused by The clubs
of,the police, and the exterior of the
laundry Is a wreck. The trouble was
occasioned by Joseph King, an Intoxicated logger, who crashed into the window ol the laundry conducted by I'm-
kekubo at 41'!' Fell street, last night. The
proprietor and Omura rushed out, and
dragged King into a rear room whore he
was placed in charge of a young -lapan-
ese who stood guard armed with a section of gas pipe."While the other Japanese rushed to summon tbe police to arrest King. Three intoxicated companions of King planned to rescue their
friend. Other whites were called In and
there followed a combined attack on the
lauudry. The streets were soon filled
by a large crowd and a dozen people on
the inside sought to repel the invaders.
Policeman Thomas Collier attacked the
crowd single handed. Another officer
soon arrived in an automobile and a riot
call brought out a strong reinforcement.
The police charged the crowd with clubs
and many persons were hit. Umkekubo
and Omura were conveyed to the hospi
tai where it was found the former was
cut about the head while Omura sustin-
ed a fracture of the shoulder. King
was found asleep In the rear room un
aware of the trouble he had caused. At
torney Walker, of the Japanese Sociot*.
of America, is procuring evidence about
this affair.
Exceeding  Speed   Limit  at Curve  Near
Shrewsbury Causes Death of
Ten    Men ^^^|
Shrewsbury, Eng., Oct. 15.���A train
made up of passenger coaches bound
from Scotland and the North of Kngland
to Bristol, left the rails as it was entering the station here at an early hour
this morning. Sixteen persons, including ten passengers, were killed and
many others were injured. The London
and Northwestern railroad on which the
train was running, curves sharply as it
nears Shrewsbury and there is a standing order that the engineers must not
exceed a speed of ten miles an hour at
that polut. Disregard of the order Is believed to have been the cause of the ac
cideut. The engine and all the cars.
with the exception of the last one, left
the rails and when the officials from the
railroad station reached the sjiot the
cars were a tangled mass of wreckage,
beneath which were the bodies of the.
dead and Injured. Fortunately the
wreck did not catch fire, and tbe doctors
and salvage crew, who soon reached t_ae
scene, did not have this added danger
to fight in the darkness and pouring
rain, which, however, retarded the work
of rescue, and several hours elapsed before the last body was taken out. The
killed included the engineer and fire
man, and the guards and postal clerks
who were ln the mail, car Immediately
behind the tender of the engine.
J. E. Annable returned from a visit to
Burton City last evening.
Alex. Luca*, provincial assessor, was
in  tlie  city   last  evening.
A. C. Garde and family are down from
the Argenta mine and are at the Queens
A. E. Watts left for his home in Watts
burg last evening. He will leave for
Ottawa tomorrow  morning.
Mrs. H. G. Nichols and Miss VV. Nich
ols, of Ymir, came in this morning and
are at the Hume.
Supreme Court Sitting.
The civil list for the fall assizes
which Mr. Justice Morrison was tu have
held today proved a blank. The only
work for the court was the hearing of
four chamber applications. R. .\1. Macdonald appealnd from the decision of
the government agent for an order declaring Effie Wilson at Hattie Bosquet
entitled lo purchase Arrow Lako ltr.nds
which they were refused because ol an
error in applying to the wrong office.
Nelson instead ot" Kaslo. The order was
granted. A. M. Johnson was granted
an order granting leave to Louis Pratt,
liquidator of the Last Chance Mining
company, to sell all the assets of that
company. R. S. Lennie was preseut on
behalf of the company but did not oppose. R. M. Macdonald applied for am)
obtained writs of Habeas Corpus for
one Nnbilischiek aud W. Smith, com
mitred to gaol on defective warrants.
Chamberlain a Grandfather.
London, Oct. 15.���A son was born on
Sunday to Austin Chamberlain, eldest
son of Joseph Chamberlain. Mr. Chamberlain was married a year ago last July
to Miss Ivy Dundas of Datchett, Buckinghamshire.
Plague Statistics.
San Francisco, Oct. 15.��� Bubonic
plague totals to date as posted in lhe
Office of tht> board of health are: Verified cases, 08; deaths, lb; death rate,
58.fi percent.; recoveries, _,!; remaining
under treatment;!7; suspects under oh-
I Borvatlon, 36.
Successful Hunting Trip
on Duncan
Fine Weather Handicaps Sportsmen
F. McHardy's Great Climb
for Mountain Goat.
Two cariboo, four mountain goats and
several boxes of grouse, formed the spoil
brought back by three hunters from the
north end of Kootenay lake. The caribou beads and one of the goats ts on
vit \.- in P Burns and company's retail
store today.
The hunters were J. Fred Hume, C. F.
McHardy and Dr. Cllne, of Portland.
They left here on Oct. 2nd and returned
last night after 12 days of splendid, if at
times somewhat arduous, sport.
The asceded the Duncan river to the
entrance of Hall creek and the latter to
its headwaters near the divide between
the Trout lake and Duncan river districts, which Is formed by what is said
to be the highest lime dike in the
For several days they were either on
steep mountain sides or on glaciers
which fill e^ry valley. Both caribou
were shot at high altitudes, one at 4,500
feet, tbe other at 5.500. Game was
abundant but hard to approach owing
to the clear warm weather which prevailed during the whole of their trip.
The goats were also shot hlgh/ip on the
mountain sides.
C. F. McHardy got one of the goats
after a chase which took away his companion's breath. He followed it round
a rock ledge six inches wide, with almost a Hheer side, and a fall of over a
thousand feet if he lost his footing. It
was an elevation of 9.000 feet tbat he at
last got a chance to shooL When it was
struck the goat fell 1,000 feet Bheer, and
when found its body was crushed to a
jelly. Two professional mountaineering
hunters, MessrB. Cody and Brown, who
saw the performance, declared that they
could not bave been paid to take the
climb Mr. McHardy made.
Dr. Cline says be has never had better
sport in his life and thinks the Kootenay
mountains are a hunters' paradise.
Government Trying Hard to Divert Emigration Nearer Home Than
Toklo, Oct. 10.���A large colonization
company Is being formed here, headed
by Prince Ito, Japanese resident-general in Korea, for the development ot
the natural resources of that country.
It is expected thut the scheme will Indirectly affect the emigration of Japanese to Canada, according to the government's wish to divert the current
la-gely to the westward. The company will purchase large tracts of land
from the Korean government. TheBe
lands will be subdivided and leased to
Japanese settlers or sold to peasant
proprietors. The Immediate design Is
to foster the independence of the Korean treasury, and to furnish Japan with
cheap foodstuffs.
In connection with the subject of
emigration it may he stated that the
regulations recently adopted are stricter than tt was believed they would be.
Six emigration companies have already
been dissolved and Beveral other**- will
shortly go out of business. It was these
companies that were responsible for
much of the Japanese agitation against
the United States.
Easy Money.
Paris, Oct. 15.��� A wealthy American
during the lunch hour yesterday in the
dress-making establishment on the Rue
de La Paix, got Into conversation with
two pretty young women, who he thought
were dressmakers. He promised to send
them some picture postal ca?*ds from
Milan and drew ont his pocket book and
placed a card on it for them to write
their addresses. Suddenly the hell calling the girls to work was heard and they
rushed In doors taking witb them the
pocket book.
Prices of Metals.
New   York.   Oct.   15.���Silver,   fil'/.c;
copper,  ISHic;   lead, $L7r>
London. Oct.   15.���Silver, 2S-__<J.;)ee4i
���, -* ���,
.- _
! k
* ��� \f
I        a
'���       '. ���������;
���    1
i     |   "' The Daily Canadian
! iii
t  !
i   ^
. 1
Clothing,    Gents9   Furnishings
and Boots and Shoes
Is beginning to arrive.
In about another week we will he able to offer full lines
in these goods, aud can promise yon tlie best value ever offered in the city.
In the meantime it will pay yon to await their arrival
before making your purchase.
have been hysterically echoing
leaders of the mob. But, evld<
they h:iv, never oven hinted to Sir
tiid Laurler that Oriental tmrui*-;i
was n menace to the province or
ihat tin treaty with Japan would h
approved Whoever else may be
in wrong, British Columbia's repi
tatives at Ottawa have hen guilt*
Bhameless neglect of duty and hi .
of   Must.
at ion
,���-���. n
;���   dls
..i a
Imperial Bank of Canada
Head Office:   Toronto
C-piUI  Authorized $10,000,000     Capital   Paid   Up    	
rlest           4,830.000-J^''
HON. ROBEKT..TAFFRAY, Vioe-President
D. B. WILKIE. President.
Branches in British Columbia:
Interest  allowed  on   deposits   from date of deposit and credited quarterly.
xBi.son f^wA.-N'OM *-*�����   iVl*��    -L_,_*X t g   /V\anayeri
The Royal Bank of Canada
Incorporated  A. D.  1869.
$3,900,000     Reserve  Fund $4,390,000
Unexcelled facilities for the transaction
of alt   kinds of  Banking   Business.
;1AL   ATTENTION   given   to  the
avings    Bank    Department,    and
Merest    credited    Quarterly    on
..avings  Bank Accounts.
on Application, in Large, Medium
or Pocket Size.
Nelson Branch, G. A. SPINK,  Manager.
P ||   i-, - * UJ tOJt a *-**<�� k  *-y the
"ANA h! AN   f*-0BUBH__NG  (CMTANV.   I.Tn.
Baker    i -   Nelson.  B. (
put*-*- ���        ���- * month di
������a .t,*- - year II n-nt by mall, when
paid in ���
All -oonnn pal mem ol  Tbe Deity
��� -
ire nut
Tuesday.   October  10.   1907.
Th* f Van-
Dfton all and stund
ably  wih  the ob-
be band ol the ' ittat". �����
_-..--   r.-.   a si ag  govei aroenl In
British Colqmbia Imposstbte,
it it aiu--     a i  IsfortuDi i a rent
ly  Important  pui.lie Question Is banded
over   to  a   mob   for  discussion.   Invarl-
ablj   it  is the Ignorflhi  and  fool. I   i
treml tti who sn   Un   mot I  populs i
txtcci ���-- I a] d TM   man who
la bidding for thi
dheda   any   li_-_.iT   cm   thi he   is
If it  W' re i  tible to   i cure rali"ti ���!
consideration ol tbe - ub eel even ai thli
date  it   would   probably  be  found   thai
the points "i dl ���������*-.< ��� ment on thi
ject are few.    Every white man iii British Columbia   endorses    the
principle embodied Ln the ratbei  va
expression.  "A   White   Man'*-   Countrj "
No one wants to see thin province be
come an Asiatic settlement, it is agreed
that the development of tht    ��� sources ol
this   province   should   afford   profitable
employment   to  thousands ol   white laborers, skilled and unskilled,    li   i-  im
ther agreed  thai  even unskilled  white
laborers should not, In the public Interest as well aa In their own.  be  forced
to   compete   with   a   race   whose   . con
otnic  necessities are fewei   and  standard   of  living   lower,   hi   material   needs
ut   least.
Then; is another side of tho question
which receives tOO little at lent ion on
the platform���the rights ol the white
we men in I nit Inn Columbia. Perhaps
In an Idealized Socialistic republic there
win be no such thing as domestic service!   but   In   the   I m perfect   conditions
prevailing mui in Canada it is a neees-
C   P.   R.'s   Offer   of   All   Round   Incre.iso
to Telegraphers Likely to De
sii>- if borne and family life is t.i be
maintain. .' There Is nr. other available source >.i domestic Ik-1,'1 in British
Columbia than Ihe Asiatics, especiall)
the Chinese. Fnr a long timi' ir was
; thai If Chinese wore noi available   at   low   wages   white  r-.irls   * I
be :..iiri.l in plenty for the work. Tin
increase In the Chinese bead tax baa
had ;. ... the raising of the
wages hi Chinese servants from an
averagi   of  *s  to  $40  -.  month.    Tl
v-ii'.-L- with board and lodging is
more than mosl girls earn in offices ..>
��� mpts none Into domes
���   fact Is that among ilio
r Saxon ia.-.-. in the British Islands
an.l in  North   America  especially, .i.i-
 me  unpopular.
wi.. thi r It is a .1. Blrable oi undeslraGTr
nt, ir is a fact, and it la un-
prod wi II as dishonest  to i	
tend 11,. - contrary,
It nriniit bave been possible at one
to confine Asiatics t.. domestic
service and to oommerce for tin- suppls
Ing <.f their own special wants. But
thi ��� xtreme can for total exclusion
n ;..!. rlrai Impossible and it Is no- tno
lats. This one fact musl be recognisi .1
in any atti mpl to s. ttle the ease, that
if Chinese labor is no! available i..r
domestic Bervlce ami al reasonable cost.
rir. life of the white woman In Hrltlsh
Columbia  becomes one  oi  drudgery.
The question of labor for clearing
land ami building railways Is on an <-ti
lir.iv different footing, The unskilled
white laborer has a prior claim, and
can fort..it it only by failure, If rea-
Lble wages attract sufficient white
labor im- the growing needs "f the pro
vine,, mere is at least a good prima
facte case for protection for it against
Asiatic competition.
One feature or tbe |.resent situation In
Vancouver .-an only be described as extraordinary. In reply to a demand from
the Asiatic Exclusion League of that
cliy for an expression of his opinion,
Sir Wilfrid Laurier replied:
"I run sorry 1 cannot comply with your
requeal for an immediate expression ol
opinion, it would seem to be unfair
Hurt i siiriuiii noi be allowed the privilege of forming my own convictions up
on as ample Information as yours."
Since 1904 there have hern seven men
al Ottawa whose chief duty was to keep
Sir Wilfrid Laurier Informed as to thi
needs ami wishes of Hrltlsh Columbia.
What have they been doing! it is
truo that within the lust month they
Montreal, Oct. 16.���While the arbitrators under the Lemlenx Act are Bquab-
bltag over the settlement of the dispute
i.etw.iii the Canadian Pacific railway
ami Its railway telegraphers and trying
wiiiu.in much success it. reach a unanimous decision, the C. P. K. Iras stepped
into the breach with a series ..f concessions to the men ilint ma) and the .lis
puie altogether. A few days ago telegrams were Bent to divisional points
with Instructions thai the pas of the
telegraphers was to be Increased 12*.
par c.-nt.. the Increase to be retroactive
to the first of October, in addition to
this, Instructions were given thai In
future the telegraphers shall be paid
overtime ror all time Bpenl attending to
train service on Sundays, a.^ well as the
present overtime arrangement foi extra
work at nights.
On the other hand, the company cancels the present arrangement under
which each telegrapher Is allowed two
weeks' holidays each year with full pay.
This is regarded bj the oompany al
least, as a very generous concession.
which goes a long way towards meeting
the demands of the men, who asked In
the main for an increase of twenty per
cent an.l overtime tor Sunday work, and
It is hoped that the men will accept this
settlement ot the whole dispute. Thi
schedule was promulgated as a result ol
the w..;k of Vice-Presldenl D. McNIchol
and his assistant. .1. \V. Leonard, who
have for a long time pasl been handling
the dispute.
As t.. whether the order of rallwaj
telegraphers will be prepared to accepi
this concession as a fair meeting or their
demands is not yel known. As sui.ii a
th.- order \.a^ sen! out the heads ol thi
onion mil and decided to poll a vote ol
the men as to wh. ther they should ai
c< j.i this ..r go on with the dispute. With
the threat of a strike looming evermore
prominently on the horizon, the vote Is
being taken by wire, and is slill going
on. bul it is expected lhat the return
will S....H be in. an.l thai within s few
days the C. P. It managi ment will gel
the men's reply.
In the meantime, Prof, Shortl and
Messrs,     Wallace    Nesbitl     and   .1.  G
Certificate   of   Improvements
"M..mr.-nl ' Hn.l ���-. i i. t. . " Mineral rialm. ml ii
at.-    ill    111.-    *..i-..li    MinirrK    l.ivl-l.ili.   ..I   Wi-al
Kootenai Dlstrict.
w'm.t-. l.sate.l: w-r brand, of north fork ol
Salmon rlvor, ".. 'mlir Mountain, at...ut nine
rr;-,- - Iron Brio, B.C.
Take notice thai 1. Alfrct Knu-atoallupi*. free
Miner'. Certificate No H..l'.l. Intirli.l. Mxty <lavn
from Ihe <1-��l- hereof, t<�� appl* to the Mininvr
Recorder tor a Cortlfleate ol iin|.r..v.-iii.-iit>, for
tbe purj. a of obtaining I'ri.-vu Omnia ot tlie
aboi a .n.irri-
Ainl t.irrli.-r take Holt.'.' that a.-tton, under
���ecttoo  it. nloal be comma���cad hefore ihe laxti-
liii. e of Mieh I .-rlitl.'nte ..( Ii.ipr.iveirrer.rt*.
Datad thra lath .lay ��.( September. 1907.
RoUM it hereby given that the under-dgned
have mj)-i-i it to') IO   Hi1*   I,leuteut.ut (.ovornor-fn-
' ouncll h in-'iporMti tinder the ���>*������ rlsloiis of tha
"Ktvcrh Hint Strt'itniN Act,'' (or Olfl ii:i|* ami removing obstruction! (nun-hiki Kiver ami Mea-
dou Creek, In the District of weal Kootenajr, ami
fOf  I.-llK-IMt*     till-'   --II!'- tl t     for    TKfl 11 Ik'     ii Hit     'if IV
Ink thereon Loga, timber, lan ber i mfiN and crafts
and    for   erecting nnd   liiiLinhil.'iiiii*    bOOIDI   (OI
hiii'UiiK. ���������ni"!-* ooO delivering logi and uhiUt
broarHtdown fai-i ereek and rivi-r, ami f����r ��t-
li.'*liiiiif   bOOIDI   t-i Um*  chore nf  Mtd   * r.-i-k   au<l
river inr ��imi<i paidom*.
lh.* im..i- to be effected hv until work ere;
Loti KO, 5187, IMS, end Niih |r>u ], tt. II. 18, 14 end
i'i ol Lot .��92, Uroup li Kooteney Dletrlot.
The tfi]�� proponed i" i>*- Qberxed arc mnii u
DM l��- Hxed li>* ihe JikIki.'ot the futility t'nurt
i i \\erx Kmiteiiay.
Hat."l ���Hlht July, 19U7.
1 11 R iMKKNATl'iNAl. I.IMI1KK ,V M KIM ANTII.t!  OO,.
To   Contractors.     Builders,     Carpenters
and  House Agents.
n having been broughl to the notice
nf ilx; cit\ CcHiinii thnt certain sectloni
of Dy-lawH No's 74 and 186 are noi and
bave nut been observed, 1. o. sectlonfl 5,
B and 7 ol" lty-!a\v 71 and Section!!
7 and 8 of Hy-law 186 which provide
that permission o! the Fire Wardens,
lhe city [engineer and Building Inspector must Brsi be obtained and plans deposited with tin- Building inspector before erecting new buildings or additions
or repairing, altering or renovating existing buildings,
Therefore notice Ih now finally Issued
that on and after thin date any person
or persons noi complying with tlu* building By-Jaws or the City of Nelson, i. e.
By-laws No.'h 74 and 186 win be prosecuted as provided thereti^   ity Order.
W. E. WASSON, City Clerk.
Nolson, D. C., October 12. 1907.
i I'Donoghue an   still laboring awaj  "%
i-i ��� i.i res -l. a unaniniou
w. far to be difflf ill "������ In I ���
lhe position taken bj Mi (VDunonhue,
lhe representative of tho union.
ed in agreeing, their i epot t v
ror warded   to   Ottawa     It   is  not,  however, thought  that there Is nny il
of \\w telegraphers BtrlklnR ll tht
to agree.   Should \hv o. u. T decide to
accepi  the new position created l''   the
recent action of the C. P. R   In forcing
Lhe decision  of    the    arbitration  committee,  it   will  cause  a   rathi r  curious
position of affairs.   Probablj If the com
tn sslanera* derision provet  more favor
able than the lateai oiTei of the C  P  R
the union will demand Its enforcement:
bul should the commissioners prove less
generous than  the company,  the order
ni railway telegraphers are no! expect
ed to clamor very loudlj tor the enfi  - ���
ment of their finding.
A Hindu Protest.
London, Oct. H.���"Mahratta^Poonah,
drawing a parallel b-tue.ii the anti-
European Seeling in India and the antl
Vsiatlc feeling In Westi rn C inada declares the former is being Tanned Into
name by the reports whh h are reaching
India of treatment meted out to its
people in foreign lands, even by those
races who have been [Krnring Into India
aad feeding on India mbstance as In a
country which was a legitimate pasturage for their whole horde it must therefore be evident to tb< Hritish Imperialist that If he wan- ttred of Europeans
in India to abate he must undertake thai
anti-Asiatic fei ling In Africa and
America, will proportionately be brought
under control.
Now Is the Time
to   prepare   for  comfort   in   the   winter
An Electric Radiator is cleanly,cheer
fill and labor saving.
Call on us for prices foi  these and all
del 11 m al devices.
Nelson Lami District. District ol Weet Kootensy
Tak* notice that K. 8. t, Bmrtfa.ol froeter, B
��'., oocupetlon i ambermen, Int Ddi to apply for
a-*j��--iMi timber licenee orer th<* foUowlng Ce
icribed Un.!-:
>"" l. Commeoclni atn post planted Dear the
northeaat cornerpost ol Lot No 9648, ou J_emon
i'r,*i k and mark,-.i M .- I', -iiivtn H>othwesi OOI
nerpoii No I, tbence 40 ebalni nortb mop oi
I, u to ebout midway "f the lontl. boundary Ilm
o' Umber Ucenoe No. BSMS, Ui< m ��* *K-iiain*- pai-t.
tii.-ii<-.* iu i jiHiiiN si.iuii, tbenos fi ebalni h i
thena  i" ebalni loutb, theoce BO obalns wesl
more nr less ��������� tii ntbeest eorner ol aft-rci-at-l
i..it  Nn SMS, thenee  \o riiain-  nortb, thenee40
cbalm ��t--t to the pomt of oommeneement.
l-ttt.-.l Jfitli July. 1-J07. K B.P. -myth,
Benry Etelchert, As.-nt.
Nelson I*aini District. Distriet ol West ELoOtena*f
Tales notloe that (Simon P. Bohlflel, otMafler,
Ma tio, >'*<��� *|>HllMji liiuil 'Tinaii.  iin.-ii'I*. in ap|   *
fors ipecia] timber lloenoa over Hi** fdlioHint:
described lands; on tbe essl side "f I'riesl river
Commeiii'lii-* ut �� -m>si plnnlcd on _ t��- - ca-n ci'l.-
Ol Ith-t river, two ami a half mil- * north of tin-
ii-tiTtiatiniiai ba indary line, thenos north to
phalns, tbence east -vi i-huini, Ihenoe a-mih n��
ehalns, thence wesl mi rhaiiiK to point of oom-
menei ment, containing 840 a<-r*-.-, mon or leei
I)at'*i| Kept. 11th, l'jH-7. KlM'��N I'   r�� HIFI'I'I.,
; K. w.kmith, Agent.
BTelson Land District. DhTtoun ot Weet Kootenay
Take notloe iiiai Clyde v.. MoGlore, ol Rlttrflle,
Wh-Ii , oocnpatlon barber, intnula i-> apply for
a ���p'-cini timber licence over 'in- fnllowinK <len-
��� rlu-l   landi;   on the rant  il<lc   of   J-rii?ai   rlvor.
two and a half mllei north of tht* international
boundary luu-. > .>iiiiii'-n**mir ni a posl planted
two and e half miles north of Lhs international
boundary line t o** o.-i- < u->t ho iimtn-, tht-nct'
louth do < halns, thence wem mi ehalns, thence
north 80 cbslns to the point oi oonunanoemenl
an-! i--int-.li.Hii* f 10 sores, more or lean.
l��-*t.-l .-. pt, Mth, 1*107. (-I.VH-t K.  M'CI.IHB,
K   W. KM ITH. Agsnt.
NeUon Land DUtrlct DUtrlotOf Wart Kootenay.
Take notice ihat Jay Bovee, of Bltsrllle, Wash ,
oorupatlon butcher, inteti'iM tuapi-lj loi-ai-pi-cial
tlmbei in, nee over Hie following deacrlbed
lands; on the -���������-i ilde ol i rU->*i river: Com-
menolos at n posl I'lniitcl one ami a hali mllei
nortn   ol   Intt-rnatlonel   hoinulHrjr line--,  thonce
<*at-i ho ohaini, tbence noinh ho --hain-, th ts
wesl mi obslni, ihence north *) obaliu to the
poim "f coramehoementi eonwnlng 840 antes,
limn- or LOSS,
l)at.*<l Kl-IiI.  Mth, 1!K*7. JAV B'iVEK.
K. W.Hhjth, Agent.
Nelson Land DUtrlct,  Diatrp-tof Wesl Kootenay
Notloe !���- hereby givi-n that 00 days after date I.
jon ii i*. B wed berg, nnnur.ui Ncihon, m.i  , intend
to apply to the lion, th-*  Chief  I'oiiiinlHuionur ol
l^ati'l >oi<| Wnrkx lor a i-pedal  Uceni-e to rut and
oarry sway tlmbei from the following described
Lands situated   on  Hum-nit creek,  lu   the   Went
K oaten it) DUtflOt"
No. i.   Oommenoing at a pout marked i P, h i
timber limit, nortbeut oorner i-ohI. [boated on
wi"-! fork oT Suininlt ereek   ahout two inih-H Irom
iiiain cr<-ek, thenee   runniiig Mrotn to chsins,
thence   ruiintii'- weft .0 ehiiin--, theneu   rinuoiiK
nonh in chains, thenee woeteOchains, ihenoe
north 80ohalns, thenos  running east 10cbains,
thenos running south40 ehains. thenceeast40
eimin** to piar.. of oommenoament.
Ln, nt. .t on tbe Wlh -lay of Auguit, 1007.
ions p, bwkdbbro, Lncutor.
per bU agent Patca MoDohauj
Ho, a.���.Commencing at a poet marked J p. 8'i
tltuhiT lirnlt, iiorthwext corii-T   post, located on
Went fork of Blimn}tt ereek, ahout Iwn mill!- from
iiihiii oreek, thenoe running aouth ho chelns,
tl ������<���   ruinilng euht H0 ehaln-',   thettOS   running
north80chelns, i.ume*- runinng west80ehalni
in place '���( commencement.
Located on the 29th *\��y of Aukum. v.��n
���loiiN r BWtDUEBO, 1-oinlor.
per hla agent PrnttOO Mul MiNAI.U.
Nolle.* in hereby given that r-n dayi "tn-r data J
Inteinl to appiv to 'tn' Hon. Chief Commlsslone.
of I.titi��lN ami '��� oi kn fo/pernilailon to pun IniM
the following deSOribOd lalMlH, hll-UHti-'I III Weft
Kooti-liay dlltliul :   ('oiilliieli'Jiig Sl * pOll lunik
ed by name a- initial print of tin- South Pork
bimnoh, one hundred feel from tbe lu notion ol
Lost oreek with the -Hit-th fork;   thenof  one-
quarter mile to the north weit corner pn-u, thenca
oue mile to the uorthesit corner poit, theutro
We  arc now showing ;i  complete  stock of
Ladles' Flann letl�� M>;lii Robea Irom
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shown..    Prices   Reasonable.
We Invite Inspection of our Stock and  Prices and Will  Endeavor
to Please our Customer.--..
m.* M .arter mil.- to ths southeast oornei post,
henoi oni tullnto theploceblcommon eaeni
jun_*27, i*07.        Located by Wn  Cohholly,
Nei-on Utnd Dtsttlot   Dlatricl ol Weet Kooteney
Take notice that we. Archibald Bramnerand
i sorge Vouna, t>"tii ol the city of Nelson, in the
t-rn-intr. ol BtitUh Coltunbts   inmbrnnen, m-
teml to apply lor tor* lal tlin(..r lloeniSS OTttf the
i-., Ion lni del rl k Landi;
i r.-nil.tenmns nt -. pool planted sbont MO
pardi westerly Trom the junction ol ths north
snd iimtn fork- of Bummll oreek, a creek tlowim-
into Kootena] rl*rer south ol the sonthern end 61
Kootena] lake In tl * * ct of West Kootenay,
which Junction Is about IS or U mllei from the
mouin ol inch oreek, thence MUth 40 ohalns,
easl  160 chi lni  the  north to Bhalni
ones wwi 180 ohaini to the polnl Btoonunenee
mem nwi containing Sio t* r. ��� more or >ees.
ARi HiaAl.Il   |'KBHM*R.
I'i.ti-1 thli- Mh dav of August      -
_. Conuneo Ing atn poet planted abonl M0
yardi uresu-rly tr,,m the main snd north f'-rki of
summit cureeK. s creek flowing Into Kootenay
il -., rn . nd "[ Kootenay lake
in thedlstrlt ��� ol Weel Kootenay, ihenoe south Bi
chains, thence weel t" ehalns, thenee kmhii t"
rhalm, thenoe weet 40 ohalns, tbence ���*
obalm tbenoe easl i" chains, thsnee north **���
oh sins, ihence tn.-: lo chaini to the point ol oom
mencement sod oontalnlng HO si ras more or
leis. (JRoaes Vooiro,
Dated thUMfa -lay uf aukuki, i��n.
; i ommenclng at a poet planted abonl
north from the hank ol the main Bummll
snd -ti*" il 1   i lee ������> * iter!   from tbe   um lion of
the norto fork and the main fork .it  ��� iehct ik
,i creek (lowing into Kooienay rlvei lonth ol the
..    thi rii end ol  k-.,. ��� Ln the district of
Wesl Kootensy, thenee loutnSO ohalns, thenn
-..IN) oh elm thenos north ho ohalna, thence
. ��� -��� bu ebslm to the p< lni ol oommenoemenl
mil oontalnlng *40 scree mon oi lem
AKiHtll'I.I,   ltltKMM!h.
Dated this fttfa day of AuguM. UW7.
-i Conunenolng at s pool plan tai sbont 9 mllei
up an   ttnnaned  oreak   flowing   Into  Bummll
. i. . k  from the Hoiith at SDOUl U   milt I (rom 11*- -
mouth of .���'iimniit oreak which Latter li a ereek
Bow ins into Kootanay rlTer loath ol tbe aoutb
ern end of Kootenay fake ln tba dlatri tol West
������' ...t. nay, tbenoe nonh BO ohalna, thenoe ��*a*-i ni
ehaln*-. tbence sonth **���* i halns, Ihenoe �����������-��� to
ebalni to the "-mint nt oommenoemenl ami * on
tainlng 6IU acree in -rent  lent*.
(iK'iROE Youko.
Dated thtf Mh day of AttglUt, 1W)
f> Conunenolng at a poet planted '��'�� milea up
an unnamed ereek iiowIdk   Into Bummll eraes
from tho Houtti at ahout 22 mllei trot I thi   i ith
ol -mini-it ereek, wnieh latter i" a oreek Hoe ins
lni. Kootenay river south ofthe lOuthero ������ml
of Kootenay lak-   lu   the ill-Triit of    Wttt   KOOtS
nay,  thence  lonth  ha rhaint-, Ihenoe easl  ��<
chains,thenoe north wi ehaliiN. the * weatB
ohalns to the point m oommeneement snd eon
taluliiK M0 in rep more or lose,
AH' HIHAl i>   Hkkm**kh.
Dated thli Bth day of AuKUet, 1907.
6 Oommenolng ata post planted sbonl oni
and a half miles up the north fork of Bummll
. reel a creek (lowing Into Kooienay n.<*r loutb
nf thi Isouthern end of Kootenay lake In tbe 41s
trh-t of   Wi at   kootenay, thenee   ea-t   an   ohalns,
thenoe lonth t'�� ohalns, tbenoo easl 10 obslni,
tbence Muth 40 chalne. thenre weitao ohalns,
tbf noe north 40 ohalns, thdnoe west 40 ohaini,
thenoe north in chain-- to the polut ot oommence
tnenl and containing B40 sores mors or li u
QRi .t.<. K YOITMO.
I-ated thli 6th day ol A-UgnSt, I'm':.
t    Commeneing al �� post plantml sbi til ant
mile and a hall   up   the   north   l-.rk   "I   Bummll
eroak, a ereek flowtni- into KooU mv river aoutb
ofthe ���outhiTii end of Kootenay l��ki-, in h,,.
ilivtrit-i oi Wt-Nt Kootenayithenoe north W. balm
thenee wan 4" i-hainn. thenos north lOobsini
tbenoeeast wi ohalna, thence aoutb W cbalnr,
tbonoe easl 10 ehalns, tbence south io - haini,
thenoe wesl Bo ohalns to Lhe potnt ol oom mi noe
meal ami   eontaliillli. 040 SOrea, more ,,r lee-.
Dated thumb day of Aujruei. ton.
Altfiim-lii BMKlflUl
��. Oommenolng nt a pout planted sbont a
quarter of amlle westerly from thonorth fork
nf Hummlt oreek, and sbout two mllei and i
belt up such north fork irom it�� junction wiiii
the    tnaltl   BDmm_1    ereek. a creek    flowln-t     lino
Kootenay river, -iouih ol ttie-.outti.-iu snd of
Kooteney leke In the district of Weil  Kootenay,
(hence   north So -���lialliH,   thenoe* OaSl   BO Ohaini,
thence ������outh ko ohalna, thenee weal BO ohaini to
the point of commonsement, and containing 640
scree, more or tell
Hated tbla Oth 'lay of Aukuki,1-*i)7.
'.EoltuK Yoi'KU.
9.   ootamsnoing  kI �� poit planted   sbont a
uarter of a mile   wi-Hterly   from   the north   fork
of Summit oreek and sbont threo intlea up lUoh
north fork from in* In notion with tho main Bqm,
mitoroek, a oreek flowing into Kootensy rlver,
���outhoithe nouthern cud of xootenaylake in
the dintrjet VVeal Kootenay, thenee weal ho
ohalna, thenoe north wi chain*., thenoa aaat80
ohalna, thence iouih *"> eimim- to the point of
oommencemout, and ��� ������ -n<*��� itill--.* fi-in sores,mors
or leai
Haled ihiifltbdny of Au-:iiat, 1*kr7.
An- niiiAf.n linK.MNi-.it.
Kl     Commeneing   lit  a   post   planted   about   a
quarter of B mill westerly from Iba north fork
tl Summit ereek nnd ahout  time   unlc-up
north fork from It*-* junction with the ma in Hum-
t creek, a ereek flowlni, futn Kootenay river,
ith ol lhe .southern  end of   Hood-nay   lake, In
'llxtrlel  of   Went   Kootenay,   theuee   wee* 1 4(1
chains,thsnee nouiIi mo ohalna, thenca eaai in
ohalna, thenco north IM onalna to the poim of
com iuciieciiie.nl, ami eontalninn iVIO H'-reM, more
or leaa.
Dated thlsaith day of AukuM, iwr7.
ii Oommenolng at a posl pi-tnted abonl hair a
mile HHHterlv from the koiiIIi fork of Summit
ereek antl ahum one mile ho ith of tbe unnti
HuiuraU creek, s crock MuwIur  lino  Kootcns
Ithernend Of Kooteuay late
lu the district of Weal  Kootanay, thenoe easl M
 hoi   - >uib ���><  ehalns, tl *���-.��� ������        I ���
chaini ihence north B0 nhalxta i- lbs pointof
Bommenoament and - onteimus hto eereemors
or leai - - ���-,...   i .-..*-   kk
Daied tbla Hal day of au.u-i, wn
Mi Isod l_and Dl trlet.  Dlslrtotol ��*���-��� Kootanay
Take notice that William    fcndrew   Km*., -.t
it  i' ,  h.-i. 1 keep* :   Intends to spply for
.   , tlm n.i ti r tn    fol lowing dei
< r bed landi I mem Ing at a poat planted
about al* mllea west of the Koo'enay riter, on
Corn creek,   In tbi   Dlsu lot - i **"> e-1  Kootuuay
and I--IHK   sbout ill   mil. -   no  th   --1   the   Inter-
nnti-ii-.; boondar) line, and ���Uoate at the
northeast eoruer of Witiiain todrew Roae1 No
- < Isim, ihence ninth an ohelnj. thenee
.*-���-;- i -in - LbeocN aonth an Ghsl-U_i theuee
. ������������ B0 . t slo to tbe point of I'oiiiin.-iiecmeni
1 ... . -,   i   i -:: |. ;-*n
Dated tha Ufa ol Aug   IBW
A i: ; t �� it A siiKKW BOBI
Nt Ison Land District.  Dutrli tol Wi ��t KrHiteuar
lak.- notice itiat Patrick Bheran, of Nei_on,
B.C., oocunailon  proapector. Intend! toappiy
for a ��p.   -!-il   tiiiilx-r  licence   over the   follow ins
deeoribed lands:   * ommenclng at a p*��-t planted
at th-- H   '������    corner posl of lot tOOi, ttcing l'atnek
Bheran'i N   I   -oru. - post   running  aouth ---u
obalns, hi. uce weat bo ebatna, thenea north bo
chain-, tbenoa eaai ��-j ��� nam*, to point of eom-
Daied AiiKuat Sltt. IBD7. PATBU k Shsbam,
Khks HtkaMi. Agent.
Tale notlOa that Ira P. Taylor, eiers. of Arrow
head, H. ��' , lntendi to apply for a epeclal UoettCe
to    cut    UmbaX    from    the    follimlllK    de��erlh��il
No. ��� Commanjtng ku-hi-i planted 70ebalni
dtatanea in sn sssteiTy dlreotloa  from Cariboo
lake marked   "Ira K. Iaylor'a, W. 1'arklna'   ti   W.
corner,*1 bounded on the aootb hv T. I. No 76M,
on   the   vreitt   hy  l. L.       o. loti, theu--e   n<<rth   to
��� hain--, thenee eeal sn ehalna, tnanoa aonth *>
chtiin-, lli'titi'    we-tt Ho ehalni- lo laiim   ol   com-
mem ��� men I
No 2 i 'umtn- ueltig at a iMHtt planted H*i*/halnt*
di*.i*.n ���** and In aeatitet ly direction from <*arlt-<-n
lake marked *'W Parkins'. Ira k Taylar'afl W,
oorner poett" tMiuiiile��l on the wont hv T. I. 7iwi7,
aonth   hylraK.  Taylor'n snd   W.   Parklni'T. I.
No. i. thenc,. nortn 40 ohalna, thanoa * a*-t IM
ehalna, thenc -.outh 40 ehalim. theuce waat 110
ehatm to jMilnt of coniliieuce-nen'.
W    F   IhilLVIS,
Ika F 'I'avi.or.
Nelion Land Diatrlet, Dlatriot ol Weal Kootanay
Take   nolle,,   tha'   Wealey   Bovee. of   Kltivllle.
Wn"h , occupation botcher, lntenda toappiy for
especial timber licence over the foliowine dea-
oribec) lands; on the eaet ride ol Prleal river*
Commencing at a j.o-t planted om- and a naif
mllea north Of the Inter national  hou ii "ary line.
tbence west Bo ohalna, theme Houth ho chaiu-i,
tbenoe eaet80obaina, them-e north BO ������haiun in
polnl ol i oniiiii*ueeiiH nl, 0 ntalniuK MO aere��.
more or leaa-
liat-.l K,-pt   Hth, I9tn. WKnI.iv ItoVKK.
K w. f-siiTH. Agent
Ni laon i-and id'triet   DUtnetofWgel Kootenay
Take notioa that  Henry  Relehert, of Kelson,
It ��� proepM tor. lu cud to Spply for a "pet'lal
tlt-ih i licence over the foll..win|- de*.erll..'d
ISO ll
No. i.   lomm.-uriiiK ata poal planted near n.
W.    Qortbwell     turner    post,   lot   Nn    10BB,  ami
marked "Henry Belt In tt louthweel oornor
post.'* thenee ao chalna north, thenoe **-> ��� hiiin-
eeat, thenoa B0 ohaini louth, thenoe B0 ohalna
treat to the point of ement ement,
Datl d .-��� pt, the Mth. iw".
Mknkv itLu-iiKKT, Looator
(felaoo Land Dlstrloi   Dlatrioto| rTesl Kooienay
lak.   notloe thai  I, i harieN Hidioy l_esry, of
It ur ton ('Ity, H   0 , occupation farmer,  intend to
apply foi permission to purchase the following
described Land I Oommenolng at i pout piantvl
aboul Ave mllea north weal (torn tlie mouth of
Mosquito creek ami marked "O, B, L'a northeaal
oomer," theneo aoUtb   Ho ehalna,  Iheuce   weal an
'hale-, tbence north B0 ohaina, theuee eaai "-
'ham- to point ol commencement, containing
040 aorea,
sept. 7th, i * 117. Cha rim Biomnr Liary,
N.-lj-ou hand District,   DUtrlOl nt Weat Kootenay
Take noUoa thai Moore, Kepple Ot t o., of Oor*
h> d| I', nu , oooupatlon lumbermen, inteudH to
apply ior a apeotal timber lloenoa over the foi
hrwliii; der-tcrlt-ed lauda:    roininciifIn*- at  a nor-1
planted on Momulto creek, on the waat aide of
Arrow lake, an.] sbout one hall mile w.-ul of the
���OUtb Well cornerof timber limit Mo. IH77, I In- nee
north80obalns, 'hem,, weal so chaina. tbenoo
���muth ho obaina. ihence eaai Bo chalm to point of
> iMiKricmi in, ut. ami   con tn luln*' 640 ncn*.   i Honor leaa.
Dated 1Mb, July, 1007.    Mt-ni.-. Kin-i.*-: A Co.
John It. OAUUltg, Agent.
Nolaon i a mi Dbtriot. Dlatiiet of West Kootenay,
Tak, notice the) Kvan Met'lel'aiul Fraaer, of
Kernle, B.C., Oletk, lntendi toappiy for u r-pechtl
llc-nu   over   the   following    demrihed    landll
nommenelne al a   pout   plumed sbout seven
in 1 l-u-* weat o' 'he Koolenav river,  and ahout one
mils nor'h <-f the international boundary line,
and atiout otic and a quartet norih-eunii-rly Iroin
i tie nonh out o er of timber Ucenoe Ko, B0B7,
tbence -inuih ho t-hainH. thenee westM obaina,
tbonoe north an obalns, theme easl hu ohalna to
poim  of commencement,  and  oontalnlng Mo
aorea, more ,,i ||-*.h,
i led isthi of Juno, win.
* VAN  Ml 'I.KI.l.AN   KHANKH.
Datt-il thla Kill of ,hi|y. |0P7,
Nelson Land Duirii t, D-strlolof Wgg| Kootenay
Tako noil ��������� that I, Khzaheth Kmgiiaon. nf Nel-
���on, irltlsh Oolnmbls, orrnpsuoa m.rrH ��, 1
man, intend tn appiv for p rxnUeiun t^p.-h-t. I
tho following den r!U-i Und . r0nmc_t ami I
p-mt   plante,!  .Dihalti- wal.tl l li *-_������.*! t!.*__i*w-, I
ner ol  Motion .*_. l..wtuhip��, K,Wir_-i ��i
marked *K. K-'i   N   K   eoroer,''tbr Dri -h�� S I
chaini tbenoa  --outh *��� cbalm iktB-cautBl
ohalns, thenee nortb ���*��� rbsi f
commencemeui nnd . onfall
1Mb Julv, A   li   l>T     h.minitFgwooa.
by ti. a  I iMfr. ift-11
N, !-.m I.an 1 In-'-,- i     [���..**. . - .   r     *   ;ti.
Take iioti.*.* tlmt I, DsvM (>   KsrU sl Mm, ���
h Ca, occupation nn-n hunt, uit-nii t-nrpiy lot I
ne nut-talon to purrbaM* tlir fuli.ivinr di-Krlbel I
lauu:   t'ommeiielug   at  a pent  p!��ntp-i il tbe
Muth weel oorner ol nctioa .��. u.-_-_i-i ft 1
Kootanay, and marked "D.O.K.'ifL 1    '"
th.-n-t* north HO ehalim, ttieae. --**( f-dnlis. I
11*;!- ��� wuth 10 I lialne, ibeaei -ml *' I'iiiini I
to Um polnl of cotiimetiet-oirtii i.i i*w_Ui_l_t f
a_W aerea more nr lr��
1Mb July, v>n. PatvO WB*
*   * ��� i.:-- i.".it.
Nelion Land DUtrlct.   iMntrimi Wmi Km-uht 1
Take tiotlre that I. John Uni o! S-it-iB.BT.,
oer upatlon   mlnar   Intend ���-��� **���: ������ '��� *" I-'"���������--
��� inn to pun baae the foliowim (int-nini iin-*: ]
t't.miin-iii-iiimi  a   po*t  plauteil ti ibe N-K.d I
l>>t toV2   thence SSSt 10   I hslBS Itirttrt ��Nitb �� I
ehalns, thence -rm w t-baim. tln-tn** n..nh �� I
ehalm to p-dnt of i-ommi'in-enit-mMnatiiiuntB I
acrea. more or leai.
Atigu-l and, 1807. Jm-tUai
NeUon Land Distriet   District of WeiI*asu?|
Take uotlee that  Am..-  Me81U, el IklQJ
Nelmtn, oooupatlon Bremen, laieaditoiri I    _
t-crRilHHloii UpurchaNf the ftil low Wl ,-*ft1,*4|
indf]    t'oHinit-neliig at a  p-m ->:__-ite�� ��' j" I
N W. comer I. C M..rrl*-'ti �� rtmh. in rlPlI
jalley. Uti-Wg north forty (��J) i-haln*. ib.wi I
n"t fu-ty (40) ehalim. lli-uw ���outh Ml]-Ml
halna, Ihence weal forty iW) ehilni -*"l��l-J*"|
oiniueiiceinent, ami rontaUiimt one hua-lH��� ]
nd ^lxty (lfiO) aerel. nioreor leu.
Dated Beptg illa-r |gd, 190*.       AH'
Nelaon I and Dlitrlnl.   DUUietofWanfiaag-fl
Take UoUeg lhat I'hlllp BrtHiket*iik-<-lW-f'l
B. c .oooupatlon rancher, lntandi io tywj i
priinlMloii to pun haw lhe .n!i--wui| ';'1Hr,'lJ:l
lami : roinmemlng at a pout plaDlnl ��"" ����� I
went ahore of Upper Whatnliaii [( ���.rltxwl����-*" I
the**. K eorner of lot nit*.'. tt..*ii<-cae��i-��,-.'i"*|
thenoe aouth*'  chalne,   llnnev *'u��i ���iJlt1*'��rl
mor* Or lea-..   IO   ll ."re  Ol th.* i��i.-1-"��"|
northerly along lhe -.aid -hop* w i-Mla* """I
or leu. to (ailin sf eommi'tict'inrtlt. i\._llH"��l |
I'-t acrea, more or lea_. _-
Dated Kept   I.llh. l*fi     I'mixn  in^'-'��*'i*
'sixty dsviafier da.e. Ai-,,-,, ai.-;;;1';'1;;':
rancher, ofliurton city. Intend t��- "1 '��� u
iuu\ uommlaalonerol t.ndi.and :
torla H G . topurciu.*.. he ���-.i\<* k.,,.lIM[iii I
Lands situate eaai 01 Burton ?***%��? Jk
poM marked "A a B MUthwasl wrw ] ^s
planted at the*   ��   eorner of ioi    '*���,,iKit*, I
running north��0chalna, U Siriw-B1
ih.-nce aoutb Bocbalni, ihenoa �����-���"
place of commencement natlOt
Augtmt Ut, 1007. AST.irBA.i--n   ^
Nelson I*nd Dlatrlct,  iMeinetof "������' ^Ij
Take   nollce   that   Hugo   ''""'!'""' ���W^  l", I
Msnltoba,    t.uui'i.     Ip-Woda      ���/!|.,.fii*Jl
psrmfailon to pnrcbase the f-i ""'!:.������[ .hoii I
Inn.l:    Hommeiiclng   al   a  poet       ""    irftt I
���even mlTea From ibt month ol "',,,,������--, ����� I
at northeaal   comet  nf '\y-   "''. liriin��i**-"li I
marked "H.O N. k^ ;���   nt-i flhg|
Bncbalna, tbenoe weal ��ohatea,tbe-w       ���.
ohalna, tnenoe eaat�� ohsloi ��� ""
mencement, oontelnlng B4p sorei.
Ktt^lfihaiy-oTAufua^ ^cjjrrgB*
NolHin Land Dl-lr.et.   lM-.tr.et ul*^ A
T��ko   notioa ihat   Fr',:'\llL,i* '" "tif
.Mtoi.a,    Manii-dia. broker,  mi      ,���,.,,.
for permlaalon to pun- ^' gJJgo v^n'Z\
< rll.e.l hind:    l 'mnnn -li elng     t  r, ��    ' I
tin* lOUtheaal corner Of   '','    lf A t-i""1"     -A I
live  - from   the  mouth of^^om fcijj
nark��d V F B B.K ot^or,*** ^        ,
north Mohalna, Uieiw www J    w^Bii-aj
oommeneement, ' v . i-.n
N ll.a,,.lol^Z^l^l^XS 1
for perm Union   to   pnn i
..-,!..I   I..,..I   ' (llllllllt
tona- nip.i oei-i.*.. *,,__.. tin- i'"1 ,ihI h I
?;r,i-K!,-V"i,,.:.!;"��'- ?��i'.��'^ &|
..-.:  ,1. aiM-hallli*.   *U\Z        relltl1"1"1- I
i   bgginnlng. *'
more o- lew* .����� iirw.'**
HI HHI..1. in".-" ,'"���*, .������., i ir-l"."'. If you knew you could buy
I        -st iituility stamped "Canada Approved" by Government
' Inspection on every package, would   you trouble making it, particularly when it will Cost You Less.
\\\-  have it   iu all   sizes to suit   families, boarding   houses
d ,,,,.,-ls, 7, m aud 38 lb. pails; 60 lb. tubs.
P. Burns & Co., Ltd.
Kasi���, Rossland Boundary
WholtjMtilu   l>r*r>*viaalo*n_Hf
Produce, - Fruit.
'mernimnt Crwiiiiery OUnVPOOOd Hrickt* nMlTWl wts-kly frt-hh from the
churn.    For sale by all leu'linR gEOMN-
Otlittc and war.-houae: HouM-on Hlock,    Phone 79.
Josephine Street.        - -        -        Nelson, B. C.
on ol Appleton Brothnrn'  nmi    Inprovementa nn every block.
Tenders Wanted for the Purchase of a
Mineral Claim.
Certificate   of  Improvements.
Lba  andaralgnod, �����* hit.
.-��� ii.- ,-.*. iu ths Cuj ol Nalaon,
Lbs  i. >'ir oJ I o'cloee  in
- ;    ;���v.   November   1Mb,  IW.
. ���   ibe '-Pra*_dani '  Mlnoral
roup   1.   Koott-it��y    District,
-   t-i -., ;.    .*. : s., im- forfsltad to tlie I rown
ii tb. imiii .   : i .ii the cut of Nalaon, on Um
| sm . ikr,, for doilnqnant lasoa ui*
-tu \    ,-oiu.     Tlie    upiHt
-.      Minaraj  Clalin, vnteb  to
: dallqaanl laxaa ��uti com
rfeli ne.  with  Intarattf ta-n-i.
I, ooats oi savartlslng,
��� ��� ��� ���:,i  �����.' ,00) i�� I*- �����'. trblob
-.mount tbat  Will   bt? i*on-l-lere<l ��-��� ft
;..     mciiiiipltili'il     tif    AU
i b lor tho mil  amoont <��i the ten
ordai   ol th.   !���- luity   'om-
Landi ti. i Worka, at \ letoiw, it 0.
��i psr
I   H ���     thin uth duotOat., 1907.
HAKKY   "\ UK-ill 1.
i.o.ernmenl A-cvlil.
INO Tl��__.l__.
Tenders Wanted for the Purchase of a
Mineral Claim.
��� . ��� io tne andaratgntd "I hi*
.    Hon.,*. in ihe i hv oi Nalaon,
p tin -I,,   i.our ��i Bo-fdook, in
"'������������ii' run. f rrldsr, Not. 1Mb,  WW, ior lba
iho    Mm.-mi Claim,  i.ot
I   .,-. i,.,-   Disttiot, "in ti waa ���>*
.1    I,.   I in    Crown ftl    Ihe   l��v
��� ' it] ..( Nelson, on ihef.ih day *>i
i . ti inanl  iaxi>i  up ti I  June
* ���     -'.        I ti.    ti[met    prlOS    Upon   Ihe
il "'li   in   m blob melt-del Iba muoiiiit
uttsi.��iand   OOil   ��t tin- time of for-
tasei will' h haTS llnoa
-i* nl idv< rtlalng.  and ftt lor cro.ru
��� i   v., w-hieh i*- iba loaal -.mount
iBiderad nu m tender.
i* ���   musl   u-  aooompanlad    hy  an
II  l<*i lbs full   SinoiHII of the ten
)        ���   ��� ��� the nrdar of ihe  uapnty Con
l Midi -rn.I Worki. nt Victoria, H.< -,
'' "ai Melion, B.C   ILU iiihday olOel   ' "������
HAUKY �� Ul - il I .
Qovoiuiinni agent
fcafcn Warvted for the Purchase oi a
Mineral Claim.
"Onion"Mlnoral cuim idtnata in tbaKalaon
Mining Division, of tbe Went Kootanay Mm* lot.
u'io-*.* looatad: -On Toad Mounit.ni two and a
ball iinie- trom Nalaon- B c.
ink<- notioa that 1, tr. a Maodonald, aottna **-
agani foi iiiu-i- Botharland Proa Mmer'i i er*
Lfl.fM.lc No Bl't .'.'.*. Intend f-** dayt* from the date
btreof, to apply lo tba Mining Rsaorder for a
Csrtldoata ol iiuprn-f-'uu-ui**, lor lhe our|***t* of
Obtaining n  CrowO   ('rant   nf   the   above  elilni.
Anil   further   lake   DOUOS   thru   art Inn,   unrter
Hection _7, most he eomnenceo*  bafora the t��-
Boanoa ol iuoh CartlScats of improTamants.
1'itteJ thin Brd iliy of September, A   l�� . 1907
W. A    MAt'lHiNAMi
Certificate   of  Improvements.
., " -���"��� it'1 it .*.,,-.i to tbi andarslgnad nt ht*
i .���" :i" I'ouri  Houaa, In ibeUlty of M-iimn.
���* '*"*-*lV*Ml up till tbi   hour ol;'. o-eloek,   tu
"' ��� rlday, No?    1Mb, I**-"!, for tha
���1 Badger"   Alineriii   cunn.   Lol
'ry-'l-ji. Koolensy Uintnet, whieh  waa da
Til IttMl    to   lhe   Crown   Sl    Die   1h\
���  ��� Hi of \. iM.n.oo the Bth day
'" doliniitiani  Uxaa up uu June
,,'.'.,,''��� !  ���'���!-.   i tu* nnaatprloa upon tha
- �� ��� lilm, whleh inoludai   the amount
-in i      ''!''!11 -*-���*��� ��1-"1 'oni 14 iii    Uie time of foi
'-.with inierpai, taxoa whlob  have atnos
'..���^���-���"'t advertising, and tot torOrown
��W)ll ��*l fft, h h eh o- thn li'HNt ii moti ill
.    '-eeoiitiidarsd ��*��� a tondar,
; y n<H i   miiii   |H.  aceompsniad    by   nu
'     " io- the fun stttonni of the ton
u�� the ordsi  ,,r tha l>e|oitj   Com*
��t i'-r --audi snd Works,ai Vlotorts- li 0 ,
Kiad nt Neiwn, B..:. this uth -lHy of on , 1907.
ii a tt l; V M-RlGb. .
Uovarnment A>-eni.
���l��1 v-
"His Hops   I'm.tn.ic'   Mineral  lliim,  hitiiBte
In   the  Troul    I_��ke    Mlnliiif    iMvl-lon.   ot   Went
Kootanay Diatrlet. I>����-Mte<r on l'nnur i-reek,
Tftke   OOtlOS    th* t    I.   t".   P-Kllev   Free   Miller*,
i. .'���..-. No B8-W66, Intend00dan from the
data hereol lo Hj>piy to ths Mining naoordar for
s Certlflcate ol Improvementa lor Uie purpoee of
..' ' >'.-.��� i:n h Crown (���rniit of the nbove * 'l.-.-ni
And (dither mke  notlaa that  sctlon uinlt-r
Boctlon :".  mum  be oommanood   before  lba
iMHiiNuee of iuoh Carttfloate ol Imnrovementi
I in led ihi" Mh -lay ol Oelober, lD-tn.
in the matter of an spptloatlon for the Issna ol
h ilupheiile Car Ull oatS Ol Tlth* for pari [40 nerec)
of l_u 111 t.roiij -. lu Uu- Dlt-irlet,,{ Kootenuy.
Noth-e i- ban by given -Hint it is my intention
to laaua nt tha expiration ol one month from tba
Un-l piihtleattou hereof n iluplii-ale ->f the Cer-
t if. - hi,* ol  I Kle lor lhe nbove lnii.tr. in Die nana
of An.irew Morrison, whioji uarUQoata of Title
i*. lUte'i tin- Mh day ol Man b. MOO, ami numbered M il
hand Baglttry OBloa, N.-inoti, h. 0.t8aptambar
���II    Y   Ma, I.bo.i,"
Dlatrioi Saglatrar,
,rr Hi., rrinrr.-r ..( an aPpllO-UOD f.n tin- lanuenf
.l.i|.ll.at III...  ivriill,-��i,��,.l Tlllv lu lot. II,
Ul  Md U, iroUD 1, WMt   K....l..||a.   Ill.Irli.l.alr,,.
Ininwii aa tin. "K.i n��v ChMl,"  "t'om^.n " an.l
"l.nlir" inln.-ral . I....... r.-a|..-.-llvi'ly.
Noll..- ia ii.T.-l.y .lv,.|i that II la my lliti-llllnll
I., ia-.li ... it,. ��-\p.i,.in.i. olon- month hft,-, III..
lira! ixiMI.-atlon h.-ri'ol a .lu|.ll.'a|... ol I'.-t llll.-al..
ul Till,, -o, f.UHU ..I .ill .lli.hvl.l.-.l II IllUlia III
,'��i-l. ot tin- il' ovi- lo|��, l��aii,.,| o|| III.- 17th .lav ..I
M.iv. * Ii. IMN'. in Hi,, nan.....( lolinl*. Ainaworlh.
nn.I Hla,, a .In|.1|.-at,, ol . ��� : iillr..!.. ot lllli- No.
MX ..I   an   iiliilivlil'-.l I'M...Hi. In   ������t.l. oI   tin'
���bora loU, luueii on Uu nn. .i..y of M..y, a. ii
I nn.I K.'Klalry Iiilliv. Si laon. II. I*.. Au.nltlUl
U.K. M��.I.��oi...
Dlatri.-t It.KlHlrar.
T*n->crs Wanted for the Purchase ol a
Mineral Claim.
*���>"'.-..rl ... in,, andmitiwd ..i in.
"i'l ho r,.,. r    """ "��1'"0. In Ho' 0U\ ol N.'laon
!       II ,..,��� ;,"",','I'   'HI   III" l.o.rr i.(....'.��� k In
|."    ���.,..','" -'i'l...     Nov.Uth,   inin. I..rlli,'
'���' ��'��� ui      V" , -'"   rK"   MIii.thI   '���',.Int.   l.ol
���-ollnb. I     I    "Inlrl.r.  win  li   ua. .li"
* *��� ... 1 I   ..',, '"!.' ''"   t"l>'. I roivn al III..   1H.\
'"���.*...'.,"" ',"- "' N.l-..". on tl,.' .'..I, dray
���J"i.l'.'.' , ,.'  ' '    ' ��� * i >>���, ��� i -ia -   l�����...  ii,, nil   I,.- ;.
���M H ��� .,','"���"''   T ��� l.-.-i  prion nt...ii I  .���
���'-tl im.. ,���,"'"��� "','1"11 inolutfm   1.- ..in...in.
������������.   i       ' r�� . a ��i���l ,,,_,, ���t,j,,.   tinio ol  lor
"���'. I  ,,,"   '".'..'-l     hi.   -   which   ....v..  Mil.'..
'"".'  * ".i/i",*!   *' ,1,-t'' It. ami fei lor     rown
' '. whlirii Ih iholofttl inn..
. r. .1 a. >i tenner.
T-"l.l.'.l ,'ll(. ',"'*','";    ' .'lllliRlll-.il     I.V      Rl
'"'��� p..v���i, ,:','"��� ih" liiii an iii. oi tin* ton
""���""���'������r���        . ',' ''���'   "I   Uh*   ' "PUI*   <*���."-
Ua,, l-nilai-nd WorliH. ���, vi.'lorl.i. II r
"""""INl'l.,,,,. I, ,
Mil. Illh .iBvoltlrl  1IHI7.
IIAItHY  Willi,HT,
ijovirrmnmil A.tilit.
In the matter of hu -ipi.;;e��tion lor the |_MUa Of
a ���luplleiite of lhe C.rlille*-te ol Title for bit W,
Hit! lhe wefll hull of lot 31, hi nek III. In the Town
cil Nelson
No'lee I*. hereby Klveu   Unit it   Ih my Intention
10 Ituoie nl the eutplrstloti ol one month afler lhe
11 r-Kl i.iihlle.ition hereof 11 dup]lento of iheeerllll-
e.leof title for the tihove bimls. In the inline of
f.yillit Hlilel.U. WlllOh Cl rtlll-nle || dlileit  lhe !.lHt
day ol l>i nber, I'm. hih) numlnre-1 :imi k.
"II    F.  MAf'I.KOb,"
Dlnlrl<*l IteRiHtrar.
In the Matter of    the "Land    Registry
'   Act" and  Amendments thereto,
tn the natter ol an snniioation ior the Isana ����f
a'Itinlleale of   the   iVrlltlenlo   of   Title   Inr   I.ote
���2001,'Hia-i, iiii'l 2.\*<:t,   liroupl, Kootenav   OMrlet
Nollee Ik heieb. -[tven thnt It Ik   my   Intention
to liiua ni ihe aspiration of one month from the
111-hi publleiLlloii hereol >- iIuplleHle CerllHcnle ol
Title m tbe above leaorlbad lands, Inthenameol
Jamea Rodeiiea Koberixou which Oerufloata la
ili.te.1 the mh iiaj- of AuguM, iM'm, hiki in numbered uavk.
i .n-i  Reciatn oitu-e, ni-i-ou. hi .. :11m of
Aumiai, 1901. B. K. MacI.KOD,
OlBtrlct Beglatrar.
(Ccmtlaasd rrom pny�� one.)
Comroiukm aa a whole.' When they
wero made by Sir Wilfrid in tho Houne
Ilio Premier elubui-utei] nt eoiiHlderahle
lengtil. In uddltion to lhe pagaaffM
(|iintt*i| he mild: "If we had ndopied Uie
rotttn by tin- I.ynn Canal we would have
had to plaee the ocean terminus of the
railway   QpOB   what   is   now    Anierlciin
territory We would have been in the
position thai  the ocean termJaug whh
not In our own oountry and pre eould
not hcikJ a pound or gooda over that
railway without the consent of the American authorities."
Sir Wilfrid's admission did not ko
unnoticed at lhe time. Sir Charles Hlb-
bert Topper. HpeakiiiK almost Immediately after hini said:
"The Prime Mi ulster made a serious
statement this altci'_uo-��n, and an I believe he spol.e on the spur of the moment I trust he will retract It so that
it may not ��o as an autboratlve stale*
ne ti!   on   the  record."
Sir Charles Hlbbert pointed out that
the Premier was entirely mistaken, as
the shore in (|uestlon had never been occupied by Russia, or until lately by the
lulled States. He showed that Sir
Charles Tupper and other Canadian authorities had affirmed the Canadian
claim against United states possession.
Sir Charles Hlbbert added:
"There could be nothing more useful
to the I'nited states than the admission
of the Prime Minister that there had
been this Immemorial possession by
either Russia or the United States in
the country that  we claini."
And  so  il   proved.
Two years ago Sir Wilfrid Laurler
made these faial and Incorrect admissions lu his colleague Sir Louis Davfes,
to whom the government has referred a
lulled States dispatch respeclin**; the
boundary,who was obliged in lhe interest
uf Canada and ol t ruth to llatly contradict
the statement of his lender. Mr. Choale
for the I'nited Stales had been asked
that the right to Oyea, Skagway and
Pyramid Barbor should be reserved
from arbitral Ion as settlements iu undisputed possession of the United States.
Sir Louis protested against this demand,
declaring that there never was such un-
disputed possession, and that the whole
case would be given away by admitting
such a claim.
Sir Louis declared that "For the last
thirty years the Canadian government
omitted no opportunity of publicly ;is-
aerttng its claim to the territory in dispute." He recalled the fact that In 1S8S
Sir Charles Tupper at the instance of
Sir John Macdonald had lodged a protest against a rumored attempt on the
part of the I'nited States to exercise
sovereignly at Skagway. Full particulars of this protest were given and Sir
Louis proved that Canada's claim to the
heads of these inlets was clearly asserted and well known to the United States
eight years before the settlements were
established. Thus Sir Louis Davies con-
tradloted bis leader's statement and
prOTOd it tO be untrue. Bui It was then
UK)  late.    The original admission, com-
Tenders Wanted for the Purchase of a
Mineral Claim.
Tenders ad-lremeil lu the nndt-rBleneil st hln
offlee In lhe Court House, In the City ol
Nelson, will be received up till the
hour ot ft o'rloek, In the afternoon, of Krl
day. November 1st, 19(17. for the purehsse ol
the  "Mine"   Mineral  I'lalm,  I.��t "-.So, ''roup 1,
Kootenay   Dlstrlot,  which wiu. declared  to be
forfeited to Uie Vrow n ������ the tax sale held In the
city of Nelson, on the fith day oi November, lMfi.
Inr ���leltu-iuetit   lexeo   up till June 90th, 19tft, end
The tt pilot price upon the until mineral claim.
���Thiol) iueluden the Hmouiil o| delinquent taxets
Snd BOeta wt Un- time of forfeiture, with luterent,
in KM which have since  aci-rued,  cost  of  adver*
tlalnci and tee ior Grown Grant {to* uo,) is|i__i.7o,
which is the least amoont that will be eon--hit-red
ni- a tender
Been tender mind lie aooompenled bysnno-
'-epi.il ehequa tor lba full amount ol the tender,
\>n\ Hble lo Uie order of Ihe Deputy t'oininlsslouer
of l_su-ls and  Work**, ut Victoria,  B, (*., at psr.
l����led Ht Nel..ui, B.C., !!.!-��� -���'.'. h day of Bept.
lioveriimetit Agent, Nelson, ti. V-
Notii-e ts hereby -rlveii. for the Ira formation of
In MO dim leHleri and others, that selection Iih.
been made Of the 8,M&000 acres ol !��"'! stluated
in Ihe reitce   Kiver   Valh-v.   Province  of Mrlllsh
Oolnmble. erented to tbe Dominion Gorernmenj
under  the   provisions  of  Svetltui  7  of "At   Act
rslsttna  to  the Is'end   Ballwer. the Grarlns
Dork nml Kallwav I.aii'li ofthe PrOTln0e,M aud
such hind is not opt D to entry utnler the Und
ISWI of the provlnci-
lhe block selected is deaorlDM as follows:���
I'oinnieneliiK at a point :i:t-_ miles south of the
IH,. Itiveron the UDtb Meridian, beiiiR the
eastern boundary of   the province,   thenco   Mct-l
n mllea snon �� chain**, tbenoe noi th 7a mllei
mid :t'iiw chiiius. tnence east 7ft inihw and 38.M
Chelns. thence south to the point of commencement tolrowlns tha UOth Meiiolen and oontsln-
mt: iipproxlmately :t,flui��,0i�� seres.
Nollce   1��   aim given    that,    with   a   view   to
sotliutlns   letUemenl   In  tht valleys oi the
Peace, I'arsnip and Pack Klvers, lluj follow Ing
beltol land ���*"> miles  In   width and   extending
���ii mil.". on chcIi side of lhe Poaee, Parsnip and
Paek Uivers Un* been reserved for actual settlers
to be acquired by pre-emption only  under the
Lend *.0t,au0h land   not  being  open   lor sale,
lease, Uoenoe or other sllenetlon under the said
Act except bv pre eruption;
Com mend ni! ���*���* ���������'' Intersection of the western
boundHry of Ine bio k of land selected by tho
' omlnioii Government with tha Peace river,
Ihence following the Peace Kiver ami Parsnip
River to their conllucnce wl'h tbe Pack Kiver
ami thenoe follow uik the Pack rlvor to the
polnl" where said Puck Kiver leaves McLeod
1 like/and extending for a dlstsncu Ol 90 miles
nn Oftflh -ddo ol mid Klvers and approximately
170 miles In length. ._._.-_
All lands oulslde the boundarlea of the Domini, ui Government -'rant and -the reserve
soove described ere open for location under the
laws of lhe Province.
1 W, J. lmWHKK,
ActitiK ( hlef ObmmlaalonerolLenda and WorkSj
bands and WorKs Departmuiit.
Victoria, Septum lie r 18th, PJ07,
The DaUy Canedian
We offer you best fruit lands;
best terms; bebt location; best
climate. Absolute titles. You
d.m't have to use all ol your means
lu payliiK lor land. We want you
to put It Into development. We
nis.. bave 11rt.'irr of 60 to 6000 acres,
prices and terms the beBt. We own
these lands and handle nothing on
If you don't see Frultvale you
miss the beat In B. C.
Kootenay   Orchard
Ward Street, Nelson, B. C.
Cleared, cultivated, planted
with 80 trees, good water,
first rate location, $700.
co/viE and see.
���a-* from the head of the Canadian rov-
ernment, outweighed any contradictions by subordinate' ministers, and any
argument that could be made later before the tribunal.
So Sir Wilfrid Laurier is thus himself
doubly responsible for the Alaska surrender. He furnished the false arguments and ihe erroneous admissions on
which the United States case was largely supported. Contrary to Imperial advice he named a tribunal which, by Us
very constitution, made it absolutely
certain that the award would be in
favor of the United States. The weakness and Incapacity exhibited in the
���election of commissioners, the Ignorance and recklessness exhibited in making the admission* which supported the
I'nited States case, are only equalled
by the astounding audacity with which
the premier now fixes the blame upon
the Imperial government. For the selection of commissioners no reasonable excuse has ever been offered. For the
fatal admissions the only reason was a
desire to defend an improvident and
probably corrupt railway deal.
American Railway Commissioners Have
Endorsed Protest.
Washington, Oct. 15.���The lumber interests ot the Pacific coast, secured practically the endorsement of the convention of the state railway commissioners
yesterday in their fight to prevent the
increase in rates on eastbound shipments of Lumber. The convention agreed
to present a recommendation to tlie
congress for changes in the federal rales
law which will prevent the putting into
Operation of the proposed Increase until
their reasonableness has been passed
upon by the interstate commerce commission. The committee which was
designated to report upon advisable
changes iu the rate law left it as It ls
for another year at least, so that its
operation might bo more fully observed.
Commissioner Atchison, Oregon, asked that his report be changed sufficient
ly so that a recommendation would be
embodied asking Ihe congress to provide that no Interstate rate shall be Increased without an opportunity being
given for those affected to protest and
to have the rate passed upon and Us
reasonableness determined before the
rate become effective. Under the present
operation of the law, the !-nclflc coast
Lumbermen may protest against the proposed increase in the rates on east,
bound shipments, but they cann!)l hold
the rate up While their protest Is being
acted upon. The railroads have the
right to put the new rate Int) effect and
the commissioners from the states of
Oregon and Washington de. hired thut
If such Increases were put Into force
the lumber business of the Pacific
coast would be completely ruined be-
foiu an adjustment of the rule could be
Piano  and  Singing Lessons
Given  by  Mre. Winter  Every  Saturday
Mrs. Winter holds certificate from
Royal Academy for pianoforte playing
aud ulnglng. Certificate from Trinity
College, London, Kng., for theory of music. Scholarship of the London Conservatoire of MuslO for singing and piano
playing.        Addreea Box 796. Nelson.
T*emont House
On F0SSSS snd Ai ���'{���rl- t-'t   Plsn
Mssla 36   i',   Uoomi J om *tt eta. to I).
ouijr white Ueip Kmpioyed.
Baker St., Netaoo Proprietor!
Mn-i comfortable (luartom      Nel��oo)
Otil-f the belt of Liquors snd Clgsri.
Grand Central Hotel
Thoroughly reuorated and refur-
niBhed. Rooms 50 cents upward. The
diniDg room is unexcelled In the city.
House heated throughout with hot
J. A. EBIOKSON, Proprietor.
Telephone, 250.    Opposite Court House
and Postofflce. Nelson, B. C.
Queen's Hotel
Baker Btreet, Nelion. B. c.
Lighted by Electrioit' aad
Heated by Hot Air
L-rwe end Comfortable Bedroom, and  First-
rrla,, niiiin,: Room.   Sample Room. Ior Commer-
���Jlel    M-.il.
MRS.  E. C.CLARKK.  Proprletrea.
Bartlett   House
Best Doliar-a-Day House in Nelson.
The Bsr li tbe Finest.
White Help Only Kroplo.*e6.
Joflephlne St.
Royal Hotel
Rates fl and $1.50 a Day.
Special Rates to Reg-ular Boarders
The Silver Grill has opened under new management. White labor
only employed. The best 35 cent
meal  in the city.
A. McDonald & Co.
Dealers in staple and fancy Oroceriee,
Butter, Errs.
Oamp and Miners' Supplies.
One of Neleon'e Pretty Home Cottages of 2 bedrooms, sitting room, dining room, kitchen, bathroom; hot and
cold water; large basement. Nice view
of lake. $1,600, 9900 down; balance on
easy terms. Certainly a snap, 3 lots
75 x 125. Apply to J. R. B��� Daily
A. M. Can. Sao. C. E.
Mining Work ��� Specialty.
Offlee-.  nealey Building.    P. O. Box fM
Baker St., NELSON, B. C.
Old Curiosity Shop
It you want to buy or sell anything,
go to the Old Curiosity Shop. A new
line of Japanese Qoods now on Bale.
All kinds of Dinnerware In stock. Patterns.
General Job Work, Chimney Sweeping, Carpet Cleaning, Fixing and Cleaning Stoves,  etc.
t1 East Baker St. Phone No. A114
F. C. GRtEN       F. P. BURllhN       A. H. GREEN
Civil Engineers, Dominion and BritisL
Columbia Land Surveyors
P. 0. Bex 145    Phonr 261 B.
10-Acre Blocks For Sale
In tho Slocan Valloy;  free from   atone;   level  land;   ample  water;   railway facilitieH;  pood settlement;  easy clearing.
Price: $50 to $85.    Terms: One-fifth   cash,   the   balance   one-fifth   each
year.,   Interest 6 per cent.
H. & M. BIRD
Fire, Accident, Life and Employers' Liability Iniorance
Let us quote you rates in tbe best board companies.
Choice Fruit
I Have J 0,000 Acres
of the
Choicest Fruit Lands in
British Colombia.
Can sell any quantity from 5 acres to 2,000 in one block.
Buy now and get tbe ground floor prices.
Nelson, B. C.
7 rooms and bath, 50 ft. corner lot,
centrally located, one-half cash,
balance   on   terms $2100
5 rooms and bath���excellent repair,
electric light, water, sewer, 1  1-2	
lots,  on   terms $2000
*, rooms, water, electric light, chicken house, woodshed; on terms..| 750
5 rooms with two excellent lots in
Fairvlew;   water $1350
Victoria  St.   (75 ft.   corner) $   500
Houston  St.  (50 ft. comer) $ 375
Chatham St., Fairvlew   (30 ft.) $200
6 3-4 acres, easy of access by wagon
road, partially cultivated; suitable for
market garden.    Terms given
160 acres on Kootenay River, good
train service $3000
Real  Estate Agent
315  Baker St.,  Nelson.  B. C.
__-_��__*_ L��mbe��, Shingles,
Lath, Mouldings, Doors, Windows.
Turned Work unci Bracket-*.
.-fail Orders promptly attended I
Furniture, Clothing,
Stationery, Etc.
SATURDAY OCTOBER 12th.        7.30 p.m.
No. 810.
Certificate of the Registration of an Extra-Provincial ' Company.
"00_D-Un>-i Ait, 1897.''
I hereby certify that the "Hn,ll_ ('reek ('upper
MiuliiK Company��� Limit*)*.*," haa thli day beeu
registered ii- an n.xira-1'rovlm-ial Compuny uti-
der the "(.'ompantos ;Aet, 18U7," tu carry out or
. (T��ct all or any <>| the object*- ot the Company
IO which the lei-l-lnllve authority of the Lvtfifl-
i.niii- of I'riti-li Columbia ������ ���*_.t_��� i_.��� 1 -
Th* head OfQoeofthe roiin-auy In ��ituate at
the City nl Spokane, t-tate of Wanhiugloii, U.ti.A.
The amount ot the capital of the Company la
������ne million live hunured thouaand dollara.
��� livlded luto one million five hundred thousand
���berea ol on* dollar each
Ihe head Mtl'.ce of the ('omp.\ny lu thla I'ro-
.inci' tl Mil-ate at Nelaon, and Michael ( HOB*
.'Khun, Miner, whofc addre*-.-- la the aatne, Ih the
iltorney of the ('ompauy
Thu lime of the c-tUtenee of the Company Ib
llfty yearn from the lftth March, 1'Jtn
The Company in specially limited under section 6(1 of the above Act.
Q.ven under my hand and aaal of office at
Victoria, Frovtnoe of Hrltlah Columbia, thla lf��lh
-Uy of May, cue. ii. ���;*-������ n-i Ullic hundred and
[L. I,] B. V. WOOTTON,
KeglMrar ol Joint Stock Cau-pautea.
"COMPANIES   ACT,   1897/
Notice Ih hereby glvOQ that Wilton A.
Milleri of the town of Creston, lumberman, hus been appointed th�� new attorney ol 'The Kinney Miller Cedar
--(���KlHtrur of Joint Stock Comp&niW,
Victoria, Hritish Columbia, October 27,
To All  Polnti  In  Kootanay*.
AND   DETROIT   TO   NELSON   $39.45.
HALIFAX, $56.40.
Correspondingly Low Rates from and
to All  Intermediate Polnti.
A.1I Kinds nf Heating  Plants In Stock
Victoria St., Nr. Opera House.      Tai. 181.
Prmmid  irasanKi'  arranged.    Reservations secured, etc.  through this offlee.
For further particulars call or write
O. P.A., Nalaon
: i m
'<��� 'i
\ iii! y i
our stork for tbe New Jewelry and Other
goods we ure opening uji alraosi every
,!.l> We are exblbiUng Brooches. Necklets. Pendents, Bracelets, all in m-w Mr
sj..-,*-; The new Enamel Jewelry iti
flowers, B-rda and Hn.s is mosl attrac
J. ().  Patenaude
la n*ani.it   '                                    . . , ,*,,, -   **-���
rtpebMl aud dew nllU, full-
: | .   ,                  |    i    ri ii* y.ni
fobaccorr.-.t.   Baker Street.
See Us
For Goo*' FaO.it Land
io Acre Blocks tt) 800
Acre Blocks.
Bedrock 1'rices.
Easy Terms.
H. E. Croadsdaile & __*
Nf-xt Door to Bank of Oommeree
Phone   9. P.   O.   Box  672.
Waterproof Paints
Coal Tar, Pitch,
Creosote, Oils for
Preserving Timber,
Roofing Pitch and
Boot B-Uden will find it to their nd.
v alrlu-.:.  to use our Pitch.
Nelson Coke & Gas Co,
Any man able and willing to nurse
small pox patients in case of need, Ib requested to apply to E. C. Arthur, M. D.
city medical health officer.
The BMl Hunt t'nal on tlie market
l.dnkl.cnd _3i*_-
The Beet  Doroeitlo Coal
West Transfer Co.
B-st   Located  Hotel in  Nelson
Dade** IbP menajremt*Di nl B. E Noble
late of Toronto, Ottawa ami
.1. ii. Henderson, Honnfngton; J. B
Sheppard, J. li Hopper, Vancouver; F
<;. Crean, Deer Park.
_fi&-,*^.v--J\^_-jC:*^ -'-*'.
_-���-_'*-'.-    ' ���*   ***"���-���%*-��� . ,TV
Our.   Xerii'iii   tirro Wurtl Sit raj���-I-i
.*.. E_-_*0*_. i-i. _;.
H.   i'li'.v r   i .   3]"i. ine:   r   I..   Perry,
Nakusp;  W   H   Cochrane. Qrand Porks;
i \    Th irnton,   A.   It.   I..  Collins,   E.  C.
Hlnkley, Vancouver; I!   Q, W'oodey, Cal
.'. :    il    Btewarl   nml   wife,  Mediclm
Hat; It. .':. ll. rron. New I.i k. .ml    \   i:
Wall  . Wall  b irg;  W   B. Paget, Revel
D   H   SI "*'; -r id '���-���'' .   '    Lucas,
". A   i  ri, verly, Mrs   R   '.   Stithi i
land. SI vi rton;  ���'   0.  McKlnnan, C.  II.
Storr, *!*"ii::rrr,; Mrs. II  i;  Nichols, Miss
hols, Ymir.
VV   A   Dohi 11 y. II   s   Qoodv In, Craw
ford Hat :  Mrs.  t. C  I larde n "I fnntllj.
\r^. nta;   \v. .!    McKian. Wlnnlpi ���    11
Leece,   i   Lei   ��� :  T   Wati rs, O. I., rlr. s
Sirlrli.   Pi ,"' .       r '    Ol och,   Aurtssi/..
ORAND   t'I'.vntAI..
W. Von Kolhen, Van vor; .1. X   Mela   er, S   H   Hill on, Koi h Siding;  W
,-    Simp ion,   -         ton:    \.   Thompson,
lo;    \    Ani bony,    Regers'  Pass;   I.
li. A.  IEenderson,  l.<-
.    '.im phj. T. Hnssclls, Co
rail    II. .1. Llpcott, Calgar) . J. A c.ivin
Balmo;  P. Aiken, Ymir.
I. sin rr. Willow Poini: \V. friii,'. Bio
can; li M Stedman, Spokane; VV. Bit*-
k-"i Moyli ; P. Perkins, Kaslo; .1. Macintosh, Sandon; A, Hockens, .1 Suther
Intnl. F Boyea, Paulson; i. Mcintosh,
:'  Powi !   i-\r ni/,'. Sandon; P Peai
9   Mil.-    New   Denver, T.  Hn\is   K*J<:
Biding    I'  Curtis, B  Creswell, ll. Blmp
ton; W. Ollllver, Bolton, Eng;
M. Hall. il. Hall, Durban, Eng.
.1   McQnarrle. T. 8. Orant, M  McLean,
ey; \  Meara, Areola; E Hayward,
Calgary; W, C. Simpson, Sllverton.
I.u-r \IAI'V IMHK' I.I.A with Knl.l rlintn"'!
bamlli left hi k* P, Hall, ,,n i lab! .,[ aiili
opt     Irrni, r   pl'H-.-   r.'trrrri   to   laikiT'.   Kin-
ployi-snt Atrtiicy so- re-etvs rower���.
QOLD i II.MN. between II,,i,v,t am] Vi'rrwn
-"���   ��� reward will   !-<��� i���rl-l lor Ita
r.'l'irn.    M-l', rrrrl.l _ IfoH-Ttty,
a POCKBTB00K ooQ*eln*nf_ alurned eheqneol
ttta Second Relief Minimr Compsa*, payable
to r. C Wade, i.n.l letter., rln.li<r k1ii.ll>'
li*ara.l Nn fla.-i-hill.
TWO FIl'.tri'-il.AHH kOOMB. aliram In-left     Apply hotu-keetav. Ii-d tr -1. K. w, <:. block.
WAVIl l> situation i,y Voiiiiij s.-oiainnn (mar
rl-.l) ���- iillnu to Uveitis mi* ilium. e-periODOrd
iii irr,,., ry. ��n,, ���ii,i .pirlt trade. Addrcn
l>   n . Dally Canadian ������ill",-.
A PARTNER wllb l.'.w-u to purohsM a Irult
ranch iii-m i N,I-,,rr A .00,1 ap.r nl���r ion. |'Nrl-
11, r Dei 'I nor be to-lively , ii-ran,-.! on raucb
"or pt-rtleuUrs apply 1   t. PHOUTKR,
WASTKH KliTtri, lan. Kiinllali, liowly ernved
wartla allrntllorr III liiatallHll.,1, or aliriilHr work!
a Idr-ai !���  w  s . Dally c.n.dlan
WANil  I'    I in-1 is I, r,,��� li   98.   WHtita  rnrrraloll   Inr
wi'i'k ol Ioiiiot.   nti't'l    -I'bol.r.   na,"l   lo  0000
routine    Addro.. Tt. **   -   Dally t:.ni-1lett.
WATN'I'KD   oriii,l'H.,,ii ,,",11 nai,r,.ab Buyer
Apply J. km. Ban tUI. ollli'i'.
The Daily Canadian
New Quarters)
I-;. A. t'ruosfl baa moved Into hia nt*****
quarter*- in 'lu* Grlffln block. The offl
, . -s are - omtuodloufi and were neeosaui >
on account ol the growing pi ;ici .< <��� Ql
M i   ��� rease.
.?0.000 Club.
i li,  executive committee ot the -'	
club will meet in the chili offloe.. tonlghl
;it s, iii addition tn the ft gular bualneaa
itrrangementa will be m&de tor tbe ui^-
ing ol a rliili d&nee.
silvt-r declined lu-avii*. again i��>*i-iy.
'.< |minis in N< w York and I" in London. Copper is imobanged at iis low
quotation. Lead has declined I p<*itiis
more and la now at   u is.
New   Pipe  Line.
A force ui' Qfteen men under ihe sup
t-i vision ut City Bhislneer Lawrence,
commence work this morning on the
new plple line through Palrvtew ii�� the
R.   M.   R.   Will   Join.
Ai a meeting of thr members *��f No.
3 Company, H. M. R., at the armory
last night it was unanimously resolved
io enter tlu* Km pi re Day Kith* I'mitrst.
held under ihe a us pices of the Ovei Seas
Daily Mail.
Tramway Improvement.
Thr work ol improving the tramway
roadbed is proceeding. The portion ot
the line running through Fairvlew has
bad  to undergo    considerable    re pai 1
Tin* oh! ties ha��l  rotted away and new
ones- had to take? their place.
Churchmen's   Club.
"Resolved thru the trull Industry it'll' more value to the Kootenays al the
nt time than the mining industry.'
is ih* subject "i" a debate rn he held
before the Churchmen's Club the even
Ing "f Wednesday. Oct   33rd.
Gr-jnd Forks  Prosoerous.
Police Magistrate Cochrane, of Orand
Porks,   was  in   Nelson   last   night     He
p-,iks   glowingly   uf  the   district   surrounding Grand   Forks,  and   looks   for
ward '���' even better times next year.
No   New  Cases.
Dr. Arthur has been In telephone enm
munlcation with Phoenix nnd is Informed that there are no new ea_.es of small
pox at thai place Thi' doctor is nf the
opinion that there will he ntxdifficulty
in preventing further spread of the dis
Km il Irvine ������*��� i Jo ha*.e recelvi <i
through tin' Canadian govemmenl ci
mercial agent. John A. Chealey, an in
ipiiry for Francis Frederlch Thomas
win. left Redvers, Aaslnibola, and re
iii..; in kelson when last beard of. Any
p- raon knowing Mr. Thomas, if they '���'���il
advise Fred Irvine St ('" . will confer a
Home   Again.
Gold Commissioner Wright and wifr*-
and sun have returned from the const
;iffer a visit extending over a couple nf
weeks. .\i r. Wrigbl was very much
truch with the progress on the e.>;.s<
since his las; visit He found ;< gn at
number wh<^ wei*e Interested in Nelson
and all expressed tin-, belief thai tbo in
Niii!    was   on   the   eve   of   :in   era   oi    ���]���
irelopment,  both     in     mines   and   fruit
Better Coke Receipts.
Better ooke receipts generally at  tin
eral Bmeltlng plants ol the Doundan
district are reflected in die table show
mi:: the figures of shipments from ih.
���. irtous shipping mi ties of the Boundary,
the total for Sept. mher being 138,000
tons, or over 13,000 inns in . viess of
the total for tin* month of August, the
Improved situation from the coke re
eolpl stand point being felt in the latter
part of Auguat.
So  Says the  Advance  Man.
in tin' delightful comedy-drama "A
Messenger  Boy" are combined all 'he
!��� treats nf genuine entertainment The
play has an Interest!,    story with strong
Ituations and naturui climaxes. News
paper man after witnessing a performance "t thii piav remarket}, "it leaves
you with n pleasant taste in your mouth
ami a ieHinu nf happiness and good will
to nil mankind." "A Messenger Boy"
was bulll for laughter and it serves its
purpose well, ft has been engaged to
play :it the op- ra house nn Friday next.
The Store of Quality
Ram Lai Tea
Packed in the Gardens Where
It Is Growu-Cau Be Bought for
tlie Same Money as a Cheaper
We Stake Our Reputation on
the (Juality and Recconiinend
It to All Tea Drinkers as Absolutely the Best Value Offered.
50c per lb.
Rob. NL Hood & Co.
K. W. C. BlMk  . J'lu.ne   10.
3 ROLLS 25c.
Corner Silica and Josephine 8ts.
We have just op�� ned up .t large shipment of wood  blanks    foi     i-yrograpby
work.     This   is   vet y   much   tin
oonslgnmeni ol th<  ��� we    have
ever broir .i in. and >���>' iave no* - ol 1
v . J   (arg    asso: i mt I to cl
from,    'i'.ey  consisl   almosi  entire'-,   ol
articles i hat  are of pi u   leal  u- ���
.-.-��� of ;il! sixes an.!   ���:      ���      I ml -'i'1'    tt
lace, ulnve.s, handkercbfi fs, photographs
ami almost  any conceivable use thai    i
box of ai     . End could he pui ta i tabh -.
tab turette -. clocks i   tiiplete with works,
plaques in large variety, tray^ti)   '������<
pipe   racks  etc..  etc.     V.Y   ImpOli   tle.-��
articles direct  rrom th.   makers in An
i rica.   They are ;iii madi   of besl  s< h
soned wood, well made and ����n Dnlsb
Wo  have  (nit'its  Bt ted   with   hirue hulh
.ind   good   polnl 16.26   eacb
Points at  from..   ,.$1.76 to |3.60 each.
i'.u.b.-., large size $1 7*"�� �� acta
ABOUT price. Vnn cannot buy these
goods in Toronto or Chicago and bring
thi in  in any cheapl n   it  .1-   - hi   ipl) I  RS
evs  are  selling  them.
If you live out of town ami cannot gel
in to make selection dlrecl  from stock,
write us and we wilt he ---fa-- to send
j .a a rully illu-i i.i id cal Llogue, gli
int_: prices, from which yon can make
your selection almost as well as from
Your   orders   will   he     carefully     and
promptly  executed.
W. G. Thomson
HBT0'>T1^'k,'r',"n',     Nelson, B.C.
I -l>. ., ,      ,14.
Steve   Hawkins  Brick   From   Cob-lit.   and
Dl-t.tltfled With Prospects There.
Steve Hawkins, who with .Mm Hlckoy,
left here losl May for Cobalt, his returned i,, iii-iti ih Col Lin. After ���|ie_d-
inii some thn,' rn bin old bohie in Ottawa, Bteve I'i' tm Cobalt.tDuring Ms
stay there he had every opportunity ol
Forming bli "��ii opinio- ns tn the merit
of Cobalt ns n iiiiinriL; diatrlet. OfCoball
pxoper in- hns iii.   blgheal opinion, hut
ns    lu    111,-   new    ilistrirts    sin ruitri'lii,'
Cobalt he haa not a word in aay In their
Favor. ISven many ol the mlnlnc men
wbo nn' now there an' dlagrunted with
iln* proapecta and will leave ns aoon ns
they ran get out Tali abo-l wild
catting," oontfnued sti-ve, '*tbore never
wns iinviiiini* iiiti- ii in Brltlib Columbia. Encouraged hy Um l*rvei-l big
ilrnls iii Cobalt, men rna_od ih'-n- from
nil over tin' United State-    tif oourae
Sherman's Opera House
Friday, October   18
and  Saturday  Matinee.
(Jen,  I).  Sweet   presents the Sensational
Comedy Drama
"A Messenger Boy"
Saturday, Oct.  19th
"Mabel Heath, or a Fatal Marriage."
iiiiiiii nml Orchestra.
Watch for street parade,
PRICES:   50c, 75c, $1.00.
M,*itine%;   Adults  50c, chidren  25c.
Sale   at    Rutherford's   Wednesday,
W.    O.    GILLETT
(font i-in-tor*   mi nl
tioU- nf-cnt for ihi* Porta RSoO l,nmli'T Co., Ltd.,
rctiill yuelM, Hi,u--h uml rfroWn luint-i-r, tnini-d
word nml l-mckft*', Oofult Int 1) iill'l uhlilKl''**, """li
nii'1 dnori, Come t, l.rirk find llmu fur nrtlu.
Autemiitli- urtiolrr,
Yv<l Hini fncUirjr    Vernon Ht.. emit of Hall
rsi ---M- '-���N,   M. G.
P. u. Ho* W2. TeUphon* lit
VfbolMslt Hini KitHii naalari tn
Fresh and Salted Meats
Cum [is MUpplied nn shnrt *-t notloe and
Lowest price. Nothing hut Ere__h ami
vholosoms meals and snpplea kepi Lnstook
Mail nrden* reoeJve eareful utlentuui.
E.   C.   TRAVES,   ManaKcr.
lis Rehovv/ied
Pure Ontario Honey,
5 lb. Tins,
)a |A. IRVING & CO.
! Tdi-inline UI,
Coal! Ice! Wood!
Phone 265
Yale-Kootenay   Ice, Froit,
Fuel &. Poultry Co.. Ltd.
N. E. co.. Baker   and   Ward   Sts.
."NKI.SOIVJ,     -     li. C.
Rowb-i'.'S and Canoes
For Sale or Hire
AfeDt tor I rui',,II la'imln-
aii'l 1','1,'rlKtrii ran,,,'a.
Kiiii'.t lait ul   llnata In H  0,
M.   L.
:*|.liiin- .it.       T.*l   AIH
uin n tiny reached ('��>t';iii all th<
properties bad been tau< n up, and tho
newoomers Mad tn prospeol further nut.
As a matter of taol very little ol an]
ralue in the way of mini ral be b - n
df score red outside �����' Cobalt, and the
boom hnH completely collapsed. There
are rery few Biitlsh Colurnblana there,
and limy will j_;el nut JuhI as ioon as
they can. The British Columbiana are
blamed fnr knooktng the oountry. when
ss a matter nf ract they \mwa- good
property when they came arosi It, and
dai um hesitate condemning ths Worth
leai proa poets."
nf those wiin inmieiiv lived in Kelson.
Mr.  iEawklni mei  a. T,  ferland, who
USed   In   keep   a    w'nie   In    IhiM   elly.       Mr.
Borland got in on the ground floor i'i
Cobalt am! cleaned tip a fortune. Joe
Beauvais, who al one time Kepi the
'i-i bey . bop in the Tremont block, in
running a barber shop In Cobalt. Mr.
spencer, former)} ol the Bhireka mine,
is operating in ami around Cobalt
Mr.  HawkliiB did  noi  fall tn loll the
MiiniiiL- men nf I hi'   gloiioui npiuul unit ie.s
in HriiiMh Columbia, ami uh a result he
e\p'-'-lH   hIx    dlffeieiil    luveKtnrM   IhrOUgfa
bare ihortly. He HayH that si a fact
everyone thera was Into rested in Brltfah
Columbia) nnd Unit  next  year ihore will
be an Influx of mining mem from thu
OwIiik tn nn Inerea-lDg business lu
tin* regular llnea nr Drugs and Stationery wt muBt  have more room, nml  ��ll|
bava nr oloae out several ��f our "��iiift
llnea."      \\,'  eommanoe  witb  china
WARE. OUT lU'W Hliii'k |h till In fnr 111,'
Nuiiih I null', nuil Ii all K,.,.�� |��� M ,,llr
Clearing   Out   Prices..
\ ti.-rii in UiIh iii'paiiinriit win inter
i-Kt    Villi.
Canada Drug & Book Co'y, Ltd.
COR   BAKER   and   WARD. Phone  81
��� .   A.   ISAAC
R.   W.   HINTON
If ���l.,.iri,.tc ..,..I .1, il-aitliifct ��a_��-r^il-U ., Ill, llaaniit.h.    .->l,t-.-i ......
Woi-k,  .Mliil.,1.- ..u.I   -.1111   M,...l,l,,. ,-> .      Miii,uta_t���r.r',,i
�����   I*.   Oon-r-Tutui����� Oars.
(let     ���*>>!- ��� ,
NELSON,    B. C.
that is fashionable and durable can be
bought now at a price that is we to
tempt you. Winter styles are being
shown. Come quick and get the pick.
Shirts, Collars and Cuffs galore. Med
ium and Heavy Weight Pa-_.rr>j_. ar*.
Night Shirts at proper prices. Partial
Isr people wilt be pleased with our offer
scribes, brint them    to the    Popular    Store.
Places to have your prescriptions filled.
But tc have them properly and carefully
compounded    as    your    physician   pre
Foole-Longhurst Co., Ltd.
Baker nml Josephine
i        .      i
Wi* would like to fpo nil niir patronsoorofortable Hits winter nml in *"*��-
iin no wi- have in stuck ilu- beat Bueorted* Una nf beatlni stoves iunl ot��_~l
stovea     nl ranges ever before pre_e_ted tn tin- public lu Kootenai.
Wi* would  In'  pleaaed In nlmw  jron    nut-linn and l��-for�� niuklue )��"���* I""*'
t'liasi' kituiU' si*!* what wt* bat- to o_-t.
J. H. Ashdown Hardware
Company, Limited. Nelson Br--eh'
You can always get what
you want in all kinds of Utilise
Farniahing- at tlie
Buck Stoves
and Ranges
Standard Fut_rnitti*e Company
Complete House Furnishers and Undertakers.
Our Stock in this -������" J
always complete and -P*-��*
Mechanics' Tools a
Wood-Vallance Hardware Co., Ltd.
Wholctle I*J I ��� I-��OIN


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