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The Daily Canadian Mar 12, 1908

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Array ASK
ALCYON lithia
monarch   of
ill  the  time.
bottled  at
.UME   2.      NO.   243
tperiido Is at Large
in Victoria
vayrrun  Believed To Be Mur-
Jcrer of Freedman���Canada
From Ocean to Ocean.
March 12.���A dating attempt
. waa made ou biunchard St.,
St.    Andrew's  cathedral  and
Dominion  hotel,  ut  au  curly
I   lis minnlng.    Mr. Sword, un ein-
uf   li.   Spencer   ft   Co.,   was   re-
; borne to the hotel when he was
bated  b>   u  uiiin   with  u  revolver.
rappled  with  the man  but wus
1 and  his   assailant  immediately
off.    Mr.   Sword's  description, as
goes,  tullles   wilh  thut  given
murderer of Charles   Frtiedmun
..1.1}   night  lasl.
rial.   March   12.���News   was   rc-
:..-ie tuday   that the privy coun-
.1 anted   special   leave  to   appeul
case ui the Grand Trunk railway
itobettson.    This is die  famous
k nu.e   cusc.     Robertson,   who   iu
}id< 111  ul   Toronto,   took   uctfuu   10
tip-   (Jtuud   Trunk   to   provide
ss uf acciimmodation at the rate
1- nn) a mile between Montreal .and
, which its charter cullB for. The
courts   sustained   the   plaintiff
|t.i.s.   was appajaued  to the supreme
and  tin-   Dominion   railway   com-
011,  both  of which  sustained   Reb-
n. wii.'n-upon the compuuy appeal*
Ixradon, Kngland.
, March 12.���F. Clurkson.
. -lulling the liquidation of the
i.eserve Life Company, says
00k very favorubie for Canad-
>li>.lders. Re-insurance of all
v- ry possible ut present and it
:������! thut u good proitositiun will
before,   the   policyholders.
���onto March 12.���The Clinton
In ty Company of Cunada, has
Into liquidation on petition of rep-
tat.ves of the Soverign banlt. Lia-
n  aggregate   |84,000.
sjroniii, March 12.���C. P. R. officials
evidently determined to have rules
|t'l bj employee*, Only a few days
men were dismissed for not
|K up to instructions and yesterday
m 10 dismissed. This list with
ones covers all sorts of charges.
adford, March  12.���James Cleland.
1'   1'.. is dead of pneumonia.    Hu
a   Liberal   and   representative   in
I legislature   for   North   Grey    from
to   1S9S.
-.   March   12.���James     Haikliis.
s old, was killed ami Joseph und
(���"'���'�� Kemsley injured, by tho cxplo-
"' 11 boiler In tlie sawmill of .lohn-
| and Si hi yesterday.
March 12.���Negotiations are
"gicss lo settle tho strike of
���Waists which  has lusted  In a ir.iin-
|nt .-Imps since last June over a d'la-
'1 ding  working hours.   ���
fonto, March  12.���Notice  has  been
veil  by  local     athletics    from   the
���erlcun   Athletla      Association      thut
P" lsBMed by .thorn to Canadian nth
fj> Prior to March 4, the dnte of the
tt"   between the A. A. U. and Fed-
11 "I Canada, have been cancelled
1       -I    lienceforth    all    Canadians
n!""K   10   compete   in     Ihe      United
must  hold Federation  cards.
fll ,
11 March 12.���The supreme
"I Hie Canadian Order of Homo
In concluding lis convention
Shi, decided to make 11 special
15 cents per capita 011 Ihe whole
rshlp for the extension of worl<
"'hi Canada.
F or
THfe    DAILY   K.^a.jlAN
sanjB -������
Will be delivered    every evening    at
your door for
so geints a imointm
Fifty Cents a month
piiSHlng certain accounts in vouchers"
each of which was for a less sum than
1100. He did so In order lo evade the
city bylaw which requires that all purchases of $2011 or over mi,.' be sanctioned hy a responsible committee, but
In-   added:    "Kvory    depart nl.   h,    Ihe
city hull does ii." For looseness lu the
business or his department he made no
defence, lie admitted it was neither
sufficient nm effldenl bin threw n,e
plame on past mayors, who, he suld
ulwuys put him olT with empty promises'
rroni year to year.
Montreal, March 12.���Dominion officials, forestry experts ami represents/
lives of fish and game protective organizations assembled In this city today for tin- annual convection of Ihe
Canadian    Forestry    association.    The
sessions are being held in 111,- board of
trade building and will continue over
tomorrow, ills Excellency Bar! firey.
Sir Wilfrid Laurler, Hon. It. L. Borden
and other notables are on the programme for addresses. The discussions will cover every phase of the
forest  preservation  question.
German    Surgeon    Operated   on    Heart
Successfully���Sewed  Up  a
Bullet  Wound.
Berlin, March 12.���An abounding
surgical operation is reported by Professor Sultan in the German Aledical
Weekly. The heart of a person who
attempted suicide and fired u bullet
Into it was taken out und sewed up,
and the patient discnarged from the
hospital six weeks later absolutely
Professor Sullun gives Ihe following
account of the operation, which is believed lo be without parallel:
'On June 23rd last, ihe patient, a
cabinet-maker, 33 years old, tired ut his
heart With a small calibre revolver.
Lxaminuliou showed a small powder-
blackened hole iu the heart, through
which tiaidly any blood issued. Later
in the evening ol the second day, thirty
houis after the shooting, we decided to
opeiati, and made an incision in the
"As Boon as the curdiul sue was
opened u great quantity oi dark blood
oozed Forth. The heart, lying quite
tne lor tho entire length, was care-
iullv lilted up. l.'pon the frontal side
appeared only a small extiavasation
the size of a lentil, but us soon aa the
heurt wus turned toward the right
there appeared a small wound with
ragged edges about half a centimetre
in diameter. With three stitches of
line silk thread the edges of the wound
were neatly Joined, while, for safety's
sake, another soam was made ut the
"To hold the strongly beating heart
while sewing was in progress required
Considerable force. Every time the
heart w-as turned to Qua right In order
to make a stitch the pulse was diminished until It was scarcely audible, but
when the heart was turned round the
beats again hi came normal. After all
the blood had been drained from the
sac the entrance hole of the bullet be-
���enme viBihle, and it was immediately
icloscd by catgut. Wheu the chest lu-
.cisiou had been repaired breathing and
jjulse became enllrely normal."
of    Battle    in    Chili     Between
Strikers and  Troops.
oronto, March   12.���John  O'Oormnn.
J- Wilier,  Daniel  Wiley   nnd  G.  M,
'" four men convicted last  sum-
consplraoy   In  connection   with
Mi,i,���,  elections,  appeared  heron-
1111 11  ncll���,or today and  renewed
IDIalr, 8eptemher sessions.    It, was
Tfor th       " U,e cnse |B not yot r"'11"
:t M|i'"' court or appeals which meets
Ofonto  March 12.���At tho Parks In-
riiiiei,i "y "fct'tioon, former Sup-
""''it Chambers frankly udmltted
Sun Frunclsco. Murch 12.���Machine
guns operated by Ihe government forces
of (hill in a great conflict wilh strikers
at tlie Nitrate beds, near the city of
Iqulque, laid 2,50a men low, most of
whom were killed, according to advices
received yesterday by the Norwegian
steamer Christian Hots, which arrived
direct from Chill. Business at Iqulque,
which had never before been seriously
disturbed by any thing hut ciirlliquakes.
was paralyzed when the great army of
workers went on strike. Fracas after
fracas occurred until soldiers and strikers met lu the streets of Iqulque und
on the outskirts openly defied ouch
other. liciiig ordered to disperse the
army of men. Ihe soldiers opened lire.
They had little opportunity to light
back even though they had been armed,
the assault was so sudden. This took
place on January I and 11 week later,
as though by common agreement, the
Strikers went back to work without the
cqepected advance In wages. II Is reported that the mine owners will voluntarily Increase the pay of many or their
Later.���The story of ft great conflict
between the government forces and
strikers at Iqulque, saying that 2,500
were laid, low, evidently is an exaggeration and incorrect. A despatch received
from Valparaiso, dnted December 2Sth,
said .that according to an official statement the recent encounter ut lqulqtto
between nit tale stokers and the pollen
resulted In Hie killing of 210 men und
the wounding of 60. This undoubtedly
Is the same occurrence mentioned In
the advices brought into Sun Francisco
bv Hie Norwegian iteamer Christian
Bon. -   . ��� y.'.ufc
Falconer Examined by
Hon. G. E. Foster
Change in System of Book-Keeptng
Is Costly Operation���Proceedings
of Parliament.
Ottawa, March 12���Fielding says no
embargo bus been placed on Canadian
hay and struw by the Imperial authorities.
According to a statement by Le-
meux, Professor Shortt of Queen's
[University, Kingston, Ib allowed $20
a day while acting as chairman of the
board formed under the provisions of
the Industrial disputes act. Shortt has
already drawn since the bill became
law $640 in fees and $248.00 as expenses.
Notice of amendment was given for
the abolition of the bonus system in
matters of immigration.
A statement by Laurler places the
estimated cost of the commons outside
of tlie indemnity iu 1905 at $28D,610,
and   1U0C-I907  at  $210,891.
The total number of licenses for cutting timber lu the Canadian Northwest
outstanding during the present year,
is 392, covering un area of thousands
of   miles.
In the public accounts committee today Hon. tl. E. FoBter opened an enquiry into the accountB of Kenneth
Falconer, accountant, Montreal, who
made the examination into the method
or bookkeeping employed ln the marine
department with a view to introduce
improvement. Falconer's account for
this work amounted to $42,000, of which
$36,000 had been paid to date.
A. W. Owen, accountant of the marine
department, was the first witness called. He said he certified to Falconer's
accounts on instructions trom the
deputy minister of marine, but on instructions of Hrodeur he had held back
$6,800 because of the latter s absence
In England and also in case a dispute
i.hould ui ise iu regard to the charges for
living expenses of Fulconer's clerk's engaged in the work.
Kenneth Falconer followed. He said
he was secretary and managing director of Dunn, Richards und company,
Montreal, accountants. He gave an
elaborate description of the work done
ln the 111:1: iin��� department. He suld the
firm was mude up of Messrs. Dunn and
Richards of New York, his brother, A.
Falconet, und H. S. Williams, Montreal,
as well as the witness himself. They
wore Incorporated by the Quebec legislature, but not until after the contract
wus mude with the murine department.
He said he had never been a chartered
accountant. He said the contract was
obtained from the marine department
in the ordinary way.
Falconer said he charged half time
for his men travelling to and from the
place of operation. Amoong the New-
Yorkers for whom charges for travelling expenses were made were Rlch-
nrds, Dunn and Fawcett, who received
respectively $75, $75 und $50. The majority of the men who examined the
marine department accounts, Falconer
said, came from New York und Boston,
ln the senute bunking and commerce
committee application Tor incorporation
nf the Bank of Canada, London and
Paris Is held for further consideration.
Senator Scott, expressing his personal
views, suld he thought It would be better not to grunt any more bank charters
until the revision of tbe banking act,
Major-Uuneral Luke, who assumes
thi' inspector-generalship in place of the
late Major-Goueral Vldal until the tenure of his office expires In November,
will, during tile Interval, make au inspection of the Canadiun forces from
coast to coast. ltiigadler-Oencral Otter,
who succeeds Luke as chief-of-staff, will
probably become  Inspector-general.
Earl Grey today presided at the
twentieth annual meeting of the central board of governors of the Victorian
Order of Nurses. The lady superintendent's report showed much progress.
The lota] number of patients attended
to ln the Dominion during the last year
wus 10,753. entailing 68,903 visits. There
are now 114 nurses in the order throughout the Dominion. Regret was expres-
ed at the death of the president, Judge
Deputy Minister of Public WorltB Go-
b 11    was    today    presented   with  ad
dresses, accompanied by a purse containing $1,000 in gold, a cabinet of cub
lery and a silver tea service by the departmental staff on the occasion of bis
relrement   from   the pervlce.
Admiral  torn Reports It Ready to Sail
for Anywhere.
Sau Diego, March 12.���A wireless
m< ssage received late last night by the
Point Loma government wireless station announced thut Rear Admiral
Evans and his big battleship fleet arrived off Magdalena Bay lust night. According to the message the fleet will lie
off Magdalena Bay until daylight, when
it will proceed Into the bay. The fleet
has reached here four days ahead of
schedule time. Most of the four days'
gain was made on tbe lust stretch of
the voyage from Callao, South America.
Previous to the visit at that port It has
kept lis schedule.
It Is reported that an official message
was also received from Rear Admiral
Evans himself by the local wireless
station last night to be repeated to
Washington, reporting his arrival with
all the ships of his fleet ln even better
condition than when they sailed from
Hampton Roads, and that the entire
fleet is prepared to sail for any destination at an hour's notice.
Press and  Public  No  Longer  Advocate
Aggression  Agsinst  Chirrs-
Moral View Prevails.
Toklo, March 12.���The demand of the
press und the public of Japan for aggressive action against China in connection with the Tatsu Maru affair is
The Asahl, one of the most influential newspapers, urges the government
to consider seriously the moral side of
the case and not to press China to extremes. It thinks thut Japan should
exercise a greater vigilance concerning
the export of arms destined for the use
of Insurgents against a friendly government. The view is gaining ground and
it is understood that the minister of
war, General Terauchl, and Vice Admiral Salto, minister of marine, are opposed to aggressive tactics. The British minister, Sir Claude MacDonald,
held a lengthy conference with the foreign office yesterday. The sentiment
or the foreign office supports the suggestion that Great Britain is urging an
amicable sentiment and dwelling upon
tlie moral obligation of the Japanese
towards China. The foreign office asserts that no ultimatum has been issued in the matter, but the belief is expressed that the negotiations may be
protracted. In well informed circles it
is asserted that China will eventually
agree to the demands of Japan ln consideration of a pledge upon the part
of Japan that a closer watch will be
kept upon the exportation of arms.
Begin at Prince Rupert.
Ottawa.   March  12.���The   Grand
Trunk  today   awarded a  contract
for the  construction  of one  hun-
* dred   miles   of   road   from   Prince
��> Rupert   eastward   to   Foley   Bros.,
Larson and Stuart.    It Invllves an
expenditure    of    over    $6,000,000.
Some of the rock cutting is estimated at $70,000 a mile.
Consider Reduced Rates.
Fort Pierre, S. D., Mnrch 12.���The
State railroad commission held a special session here today to consider the
proposal Tor reduced freight rates In
western South Dakota. A committee
representing the State Federation of
Business Men's clubs appeared before
the commission and presented arguments In favor ot the proposed reduction.
Threat of New Religion.
London, March 12.���The Rev. R. J.
Campbell, the pastor of City Temple,
publishes a letter addressed to all free
c'mrchinan and other sympathizers.
proposing to form a new sect and organization for an active propaganda In
behalf of his "new theology," the central idea of which is the denial of the
divine origin of Christ, whom he regards as a social reformer. Rev. Mr.
Campbell's reason for this step, he
says, is the hostile attitude of the official element ln the churches to the
new  movement.
Want  Early  Payment.
Hamilton,   March,   12.���Local     union
plasterers are on strike over a dispute
lis  to  when   thuy  should   receive  their
What Hudson's Bay Co.
Did for Canada
Story of Exploration and Development
of the West���Next Subject Is
Christian Science.
The first of tbe series of Lenten lectures under tbe auspices of the Churchman's club was held in tbe parish room
last  night wilh a  fair attendance.
The feature of the programme was
a very interesting lecture by E. K.
BeeBton on the Hudson s Bay Company,
with which he was connected lor many
It began with an historical review
of the company's development from its
promotion by Pierre Esprit de Radisson
in 1668, and was traced lo the present
day, dealing with the exploration ot
the country by the early officers of the
company, the humane and paternal
re.iinii'iii of the Indians, the assistance
given to the promotion of religion and
educ.it.on, and showing how, at the
proper time, the country had been
handed over to the Dominion government aud its present occupancy und ad-
ministration rendered possible by the
assistance and example of the company.
Tne lecture was enriched by many
anecdotes of early days and Illustrated
by quotations from many old und valuable documents.
The uudlence was taken for an Imaginary trip from old Lachlne by way
of the Ottawa river and the innumerable waterways of Northern Ontario,
Manitoba and the MacKeuzie basin, to
the mouth of the Yukon, a journey
which the lecturer stated could be made
on a five dollar bill, provided the traveller carried one requisite���a letter of
credit on tile ubiquitous post of the
Hudson's Bay company.
Reference was made to the great
number of company officers who by
their explorations had given their
names to rivers, lakes, mountains and
settlements throughout Western Canada.
Mr. Beeston said ln conclusion:
"I would like to talk with you more
of the early discoveries of this part ot
the country and the great part that the
Hudson's Bay company took in the retention of It to British crown, when it
was a very grave question whether the
boundary of the United States might
not be extended even to Alaska.
"Time, however, will not permit, but
I trust 1 have shown that this corporation has had a romantic and useful existence, and has played a greater part
ln the development of the Northwest
than is generally appreciated or understood, and I would only add that the
greatest and best known Canadian of
the day���a man prominent not only in
the commercial world but in British
politics���the governor of the Hudson's
Bay company, the virtual head of the
Bank of Montreal, and of the Canadian
Pacific railway, is an old Hudson's Bay
company's commissioned officer who
entered the service nearly seventy
years ago. Lord Strathcona's strongest
boast has been his connection with the
Hudson's Bay company, and his association with so many individuals ln it ot
uscfuness to mankind, of great generosity and of a high order of honor."
A vote of thanks to Mr. Beeston, for
hia very interesting lecture, waa proposed by R. W. Hannington, seconded
by G. H. Playle and carried with much
A musical programme was rendered
including a piano solo by Mrs. Hannington, a duet by Mrs. Hannington
and Mr. Bodmer, and vocal solos by
Mrs.  McLeod, and  Mr.  Smith.
Rev. Mr. Graham, who presided last
evening, will deliver an address at the
next meeting on Wednesday, March 18,
on Christian Science, dealing with its
psychology,  theology  and  therapeutics.
Keep OuV anarchists.
Ottawa March 12.���The Canadian Immigration department some time ago
took steps which will prevent the anarchists of the United States who are
lo be driven out locating In this country, at least. In any great numbers. For
some weeks past officials of the depart
ment have been across the border making a study of tbo syBtem there to
keep tab on criminals and people with
dangerous political tendencies. In a
word, Canada ln a short time whlll have
a "rogues' gallery" of her own, and suspects will be photographed at the border. Tbe number of detention officers
along the Canadian border will be increased. Border detention officials will
be Instructed to travel as far as possible In the United States to meet trains
and to exercise all possible vigilance In
excluding undesirables of all sorts. Tbe
department is not apprehensive that
many anarchists will be able to get into Canada; tbe greatest difficulty will,
of course, be ln Montreal and Toronto.
Kansas   Populists.
Topeka, Kas., March 12.���The remnant of the once-powerful People's party ln Kansas assembled in mass convention in Topeka today to select delegates to represent the state at the
People's party national convention to
be held In St. Louis next month. Kansas will have twenty-six delegates at
the national convention.
Question of General Strike Believed to
Depend on Influence of John
Indianapolis, March 12.���The national convention of the United Mine
Workers of America reconvened in this
city today to make another attempt to
decide upon a policy to be pursued after March 31, when the existing agreement with the operators will expire.
Three joint conferences of operators
and miners have alieady been held
without result, and six months has
been wasted ln futile argument and
strategic sparring, if no better results
are accomplished at tbe present meeting a general strike iu all probability
will   follow.
Has John Mitchell, retiring president
of the United Mine Workers, more influence than Tom L. Lewis, president
elect, who is to take office the first of
next month ? On the answer is believed to depend the question whether
there will be a general suspension of
bituminous coal mining in western Pennsylvania,  Ohio,  Indiana and  Illinois.
The question of the influence of the
two leaders is to be fought out in the
convention which began today, and adherents of both are prepared for a lively contest. If Mitchell carries the convention the operators in Indiana and
Illinois will be allowed to settle with
their miners as separate states or
jointly, aB they may elecL If Lewis
wins   the  suspension   will   be   general.
The operators in Ohio are said to
favor a strike. They have millions of
tons of coal on hand, and, should a
strike take place, they believe they
can dispose of a large part of it in
Indiana and   Illinois  markets.
The operators in Indiana- and Illinois
have practically come to an understanding and they do not want a general suspension. They feel that the
siluaton hinges entirely on whether
President Mitchell can carry his policy through the convention.
Three propositions are before the
miners' convention for consideration
and action. The first Ib to proceed at
once to frame the wage demands and,
having completed that task, to issue
a call for a joint wage conference between operators and miners ot the
states   Interested.
The second propostlon Is to draft
wage demands and Issue calls for joint
wace conferences with the operators
by districts.
The third proposal is to shut down
all of the mines ln one big strike, and
thus try to force settlement by competitive districts.
Toronto Doctors in Trouble.
Toronto, March 12.���Two well known
Toronto physicians, Dr. Webster Shier,
of Markham street, and Dr. Edgar M.
Cook. College street, are under arrest
charged with performing a criminal operation upon a girl whose name the
authorities have not yet divulged. In
the police court this morning the case
was remanded for a week. Dr. Shier
was admitted to $1,000 ball, but bail
waa refused for Dr. Cook, who was sent
to jail pending trial.
Mulai Hafid Sues for Peace.
Casablanca, March 12.���Gen. d'Amade
the commander of the French forces
in Morocco, has received letters from
Mulai Hafid, the so-called Sultan of the
South, and the leaders of his army.
asking that hostilities be suspended
pending arrangement for peace.
Vienna Will Celebrate.
Vienna, March. 12.���There is great
rejoicing because of the announcement
just made that Emperor Francis Joseph
has given his sanction to a great Jubilee procession by Viennese citizens,
permission for which had been countermanded some time ago on account of
1 the emperor's poor health.
French President's Visit
Emphasizes Entente
King Edward and M. Fallteres Will
Attend Together���Trouble Over
Trans-Atlantic flail.
London, March 12.���The visit ot
President Fallieres of France will be a
notable demonstration of the Anglo-
French entente.
King Edward has promised to opea
the new Franco-British exposition ln
London, and bas Invited tbe French
president to accompany him on that occasion, which thus will become a significant state ceremony, most of the
members of the government, the prominent peers and many notable French
visitors attending.
There are unconfirmed reports both
In London and Dublin that the crown,
jewels, recently stolen from Dublin.
Csstle, have been recovered from a
pawn broker and returned to Dublin
Castle. . It was said ln Scotland Yard
last night that the police had no information on this subject
Replying to a'question tn the house
of commons yesterday regarding the
disappearance of 15 registered mall
packets in transit by the steamer Celtic
which arrived in New York on January
22, Postmaster General Buxton said
that after a careful investigation there
was every reason to believe that only
letters had been forwarded from this
cuntry by the steamer Celtic on that
occasion. It is understood that the contents of the packs were very valuable
and It is not known whether they have
been stolen or lost. The postmaster
general said: "I hare already made
urgent representation on the subject to
the postofflce department in the United
An official of the mall department of
the British postofflce said today he was
confident tbat the fifteen registered
mail packets which disappeared ln
January, supposedly while in transit on
the steamer Celtic between Liverpool
and New York, had been missing from
either London or New York, and that
they had not been stolen. The receipts
from the Celtic show that the right
number of mail bags were delivered on
board that steamer, and landed at New
York, but the officials declare there waa
still chance for mistake, and that the
department has not received verification from New York that the bags had
been delivered there.
The Young People's Missions convention a t Pittsburg concluded its
labors today.
King Alfonso returned to Madrid today after his visit to Barcelona and
was enthusiastically welcomed by the
citizens of the capital.
Prince Leopold, regent of Bavaria,
celebrated bis 87th birthday today. He
received messages of congratulation
from all over the world. He is in robust health and still hunts daily.
The anti-bucket shop bill of Senator
Cassldy and Assemblyman O'Brien was
reported to the New York state senate
today by the senate codes committee
and immediately advance by unanimous
consent to the order of the final passage.
Tbe special committee of the American house of representatives, appointed
by Speaker Cannon to investigate the
charges made by Representative Lilly
that undue efforts have been made by
the Electric Boat company to Influence
legislation, resumed its sittings today
with all the live members of the committee present. At the opening of the
session, Mr. Lilly said he desired to correct the impression that has been created by the report of the committee on
rules that he had made general charges
and said that up to the present time
his accusations have been solely against
the Electric Boat company.
Britain and Austria Agree.
Vienna, March 12.���It Is stated here,
but not authoritatively, that the Austrian government has received Oreut
Britain's approval for the appointment
of a governor for Macedonia for a term
of years, tbe governor to be either a
Christian or Mohammedan.
��� 1 .i9 Daily Canadian
Clothing,    Gents'   Furnishings
and Boots and Shoes
Is beginning to arrive.
In about another week we will be able to offer full lines
in these goods, and can promise you the best value ever offered in the city.
In the meantime it will pay you to await their   arrival
before making your purchase.
Imperial Bank of Canada
Head Office:   Toronto.
Capital Authorized  $10,000,000    Capital  Paid Up ..
K Rest   $4 860.000
D. B. WILKiE. President.
HON. ROBERT. JAFFRAY, Vioe-President
Branches in British Columbia:
interest allowed on  deposits  from date of deposit and credited quarterly.
rs'BL.so>' branch ��J.   JVI.   LAY,   Manager.
The Royal Bank of Canada
Incorporated A. D. 1869.
Capital $3,900,000     Reaerve Fund , ��M,3S>0,000
Unexcelled facilitiea for the tranaaction
of all klnda of Banking  Busineaa.
..a, ngs Bank Department, and
interest credited Quarterly on
Savings Bank Accounts.
on Application, in Large, Medium
or Pocket Size.
Nelson Branch, G. A. SPINK, Manager.
Published fix a&jt �� wee* Dy the
B.\��er 8t~  Nelson. B. l>
BuoRcriptlon rates, 50 cents a mouth aellTered
in the city, or 45.00 * year If sent by mall, when
paid in aavunce.
Advertising rates on application.
AU monies paid in twttWment o! The Dally
Cauadah.ii hcuounis, either (or subscriptions or
advertising, must be receipted for on the printed
o rms of the Company. Other receipts are not
Thursday,  March  12,  1908.
As a specimen of impudent, unblushing falsehood the charge made by the
Toronto Globe that Conservative members of the House of Commons had mutilated or misappropriated documents.
the property of that house, is probably unrivalied in Canadian political
It has, however, one redeeming feature. It implies recognition uf the fact
that something extraordinary had to be
alleged in excuse of the concealment
irom parliament of public papers. But
tliat ib all. Nothing can conceivably
be invented as an excuse for such an
outrageous accusation.
The editor of the Toronto Globe was
once a preacher of the gospel. lie
lias devoted his talents and attainments to tlie cause of bis political party with a thoroughness and an absence
of scruple that would do credit to the
father of the  Machine.
Probably the first attempt at explanation will be that the editor was so
informed by the minister he was trying to shield. That will not be patient
)y received by the people of Canada.
The editor of so Important a party
organ as the Globe must know the
character of the present ministers. If
he publishes so wild a statement on
such authority it is rather an aggravation ol  the offence.
The utter falsehood of the accusation was so evident that it hardly required the indignant denial of the
members who were slandered. It was
obviously an afterthought. If there
w ere the slightest ground for the
charge, Mr. Oliver aud other ministers
had a score of opportunities, in committee and In the house, for pleuding
It in defence of their unprecedented refusal to allow members of parliament
to  inspect parliamentary  and    depart
mental papers. Every other impudent
pretext was offered but not this. On
Tuesday of this week Mr. Pugsley pleaded that Mr. Oliver's aqt was due to
a misunderstanding and that there
would be no further trouble about
members' rights to see all documents.
Just what kind of misunderstanding
led Mr. Oliver to think he could refuse
a constitutional right, is not apparent.
Hut the explanation w*as offered and
the disgraceful incident seemed to be
Now. whether on his own authority
or that of a minister, the editor of
the Globe offers, in defence of an utterly unjustifiable course, a glaring
falsehood. It is promptly copied, with
or without credit to the Globe, by
every Machine organ in the country,
including   our   local   contemporary.
Perhaps it is as well that the denial
has come promptly. Wildly untrue as
it was. it might have deceived some
credulous people.
We concede that It would be unfair
to hold the ministers responsible for
the falsehood published by the once
reverend editor of the Globe, but the
political manners and methods of the
Liberal press throughout Canada have
been once more exhibited for the edi-
Beatton of the electorate. It will prob-
ab'.p dawn soon even on the dullest
that those who resort first to concealment and then to brazen lying have
done something that Imperatively requires concealment and  lying.
After reprinting a slander published
In the Toronto Globe the local Machine
organ     deliberately    suppresses,     from
Tenders Wanted for the Purchase of a
Mineral Claim.
Tenders address to the uiiderslRiied. at bis
i>fli<;e, in the Court House, iai the City of Nelson,
will be received up till the hour of b o'vlwx, In
tli.- afternoon, of Friday. February .Wth, 11*08,
for the purchaae of the " Men " Mlnenn
Claim, Lot 11*7, Group 1, Kootenay District,
which was declared to be forfeited to the Crown
at the tax Mhlfl held on the 1th day of December,
lt*>4, for dellii.ju.-iil tux.-* aud   costs.
The upset prjiM-upon the said Mineral claim,
which include* the amount of delinquent taxes
aii<. MMU at the time of foi Jelture. ���ith interest,
taxes which have since accrued, cost- of auver-
tlslug, and fee for Crown Grant (*2.r> twj it- tiaa..t*>,
which Jh the least amount that will be considered
as a lender.
Each tender mum bfl accompanied by an
acoepted cheque loi -the full ,, tmitiiit ol the tender, payable tii the order or the Deputy Com-
mfssloiier of IjhihIn and Work*, at Victoria, ii. C.
at par.
Dated at NeliOD, B.C., this *>th d��v of January,
Uovernnieot Agent.
among its Ottawa despatches, the account of the repudiation of the charges
by the men slandered. Even the Globe
wouldn't do that.
The leading article in the last issue
to hand of Collier's Weekly is devoted to the recent negotiations between
th>- governments of Canada and Japan.
Tata writer is perfectly familiar with
all the Incidents of the trouble. He
even thinks he could explain the disappearance of Messrs, Nosse and Mori-
kawa. He is especially amused at the
pretended gratification over the results
of the l^emieux mission, which he correctly estimates at nil, predicting that
the restricting by Japan of emigration
from Japan to Canada, will not be noticed by any corporation that requires
cheap labor. The writer assigns the
blame for Canada's present helpless
P sitlon to the Dominion government
ratifying tht- Japanese treaty without
any clause providing for restriction of
Immigration, and he considers tbe British Columbia representatives especlal-
Ij  rt- possible for the defect.
Messrs Kmtnerson and Pugsley led
the Liberal fight in New Uruuswick.
the latter telling his audiences that a
vote for the opposition was a vote
against Laurler. Mr. Aylesworth telegraphed his best wishes for Liberal
success, and every Dominion department was as far as possible placed at
the service of the Machine. But since
the morning after every Machine organ
has discovered that tbe defeat of Premier Robinson's "coalition" government has no political significance.
No part of North America suffered
less from last year's financial panic
than British Columbia although the
conditions of rapid development made
it peculiarly liable to adverse influences accompanying the loss or even the
shaking of business confidence. The explanation is that the confidence in British Columbia established by the
strong, consistent and efficient administration of the McBride government,
was not shaken.
Simon Newcomb's Birthday.
Dr. Simon Newcomb. the astronomer,
and perhaps the best known of all living mathematicians, was born March
12, lfco5, at Wallace, Nova Scotia. He
was first educated in the school of his
father. Professor John Newcomb, and
went to the United States in 1853. For
two years he taught in schools in Maryland and then became a computer on
tiie Nautical Almanac at Cambridge,
Mass. In 1861 he became a professor
in tbe United States navy and remained in the service until retired for age
in 1897. Dr. Newcomb was secretary
of the Transit of Venus Commission
from 1871 to 1874; observed the transit
of Venus at the Cape of Good Hope in
18*4, and directed several eclipse expeditions. For ten years he was professor of mathematics. He is one of
the few foreign members of the Institute of France, and the first native American since Franklin to receive that hon-
OT. Dr. Newcomb has published many
astronomical memoirs, and tables of
the motions of the stars and planets
now used by astronomers tn their computations.
Cancellation of Reserve.
Notice is hereby kD en thut the reserve over
certain lands in South-.Last Kootenay. notice of
which apyeareu ln toe British <"olum'ola Gazette
of the Htb of August, IHsXl and bore date of Au-
KiMt 12th, 1890. is hereby cancelled The above
mentioned lands will be open for location under
tlie Land Act on March BO, 190*.
Deputy Commissioner of Lands and Works
Lands and Works Department,
Victoria. B. C, December 16th. 1907.
Taae notice that Alfred Kdward Watts, of
WattsburK, ��nti��b Columbia, lumberman, In
tends to apply for permission to lease the M
li'WIiiK described laud, situate near Procter on
the south shore of the west arm of Kootenay
Lake, more particularly described as follows:
Comm.-ni Iiik at the northwest corner of Lot 4
of Loi 8uh. (iroiin 1. Weat Kootenay District,
Ibtnoc i&mt feet (0.46 cbatun) westerly along the
south shore hue of the west arm of Kootenay
Lake and being the north boundary of Lot 4 or
Lol auy to the northwest corner ol Lot 4 of Lot
;*w, thence w*) feet (31.65 chains) alouff the south
shore Un- of the west arm of Kootonay Lake and
being the north boundary of Lot 16 oi Lot 806,
wrap 1, Wart Kootenay District; theuce north
i:�� feet a chains); theuce easterly 3960 feet
(W.uOrhaii.M) and parallel with tbe south shore
Hue of the west srm of Kootenay Lake; theuce
south \m feet (2 chains) to point of cammeuoe-
iiieut, and contKlnlnK 120 acres, more or leas
Dated thin mi, day of February, A. D., 19011.
Certificate of Improvements.
"April Fool" ho. 2 Mineral Claim, lltuate
In the Kuann Mltiiiifr Dirisi .... of Went Kooteuav
Where located: Between Kagle and Bandy
creeks, aud about one half milelrom the Poor-
mau Mill.
Jake notice that I, F r Green, acting as ageut
for J. >' Hwedberg, Free Miner's Certificate No.
B747f>, Intend, sixty days from the date ber^l,
to apply to the Mln Iiik Kecorder for a Ce.tlflcate
of Improvements, for the purj>o*e of obtaluiUK a
Crown Orant of tpe abo'e claim.
And further take notice that action under
���ection 87, must be commenced before the issuance of such Certificate of improvement*.
jDated this 28tb day ot Jauuary. A. ft . 1907.
r. 0.GKKKN,
Nelson. B  C.
Tremont House
KuroDeau and American Plan
Metis Si in.    Booms lrom ��  CIS   lo li.
011:7 wniia He r sanpioyed
Baker St.. Nelson Proprtelonl
Most comfortable quarters      Nelson
Only the best olLlyuors snd cigars.
Grand Central Hotel
Thoroughly renovated and refurnished. Rooms 50 cents upward The
dining room is unexcelled In the city.
House heated throughout with hot
J. A. KRIOKSON. Proprietor.
Telephone, 260.    Opposite Court Hous.
and  Poetofflce. Nelson. B. C.
Queen's Hotel
Baker Street. Nelson. B. c.
Large   snd   Comfortable   Bedroom    and First*
olaas Dining Boom.
MRS. E. C. CLARKE,  Prepriatreea.
Bartlett   House
Best DolIar-a-Day House in Nelson,
Tbe Bar la tbe Finest.
wtiiie Help Only Employed
Josephine St.
Nelson. B. C.
Royal Hotel
Rates fl and fl.50 a Day
Special Rates to Regular Boarders
Corporation of the City of Nelson.
The Board of Health of the City of
Nelson deem it advisable that as a
measure of precaution all citizens should
be vaccinated, and notice Is hereby-
given to those desiring to be vaccinated
and who are not iu a position to incur
the expense thereof, that the Medical
Health Officer will be in the Council
Chamber, City Hall, on Thursday, the
6tb day of February, between the hours
of 4 and 5 o'clock p. m., and on each
succeeding week day as required at the
same time and place, for the purpose of
vaccinating those who may present
City Clerk.
February Bth, 1908.
elson Land iMstrict. District of West Kootenay
Take notice tbat I, L. W Hhaver, intend to apply for a special licence to cut and carry away
timber from Mi- acres of land: Commencing at
��� poat marked L. * Bhaver, northwest coruer
thence eighty chains aooth, thence eighty
ohalns east, thence eighty chains north, tbence
eighty chains west to place of beginning, con
talnlng 040 acres, more or leas, and east and adjacent to timber licence IbOM. and also south
and adjacent to timber licence No IMflL aud alho
south and adjacent to F A. Shaver timber limit
No. 1.
Uated   November 21st, 1WI7.
L. W. Hmavcr. locator,
A. Halkctt, agent.
Neieoa Laud District,   Pit.triet of Went Kootenay
Take notice that I, Charlea hutch.-., luteud
to apply for a special timber licence, to cut mid
carry away timber from M��J acres of land. Commencing at No 1 post about 12 miles west of tbe
Kootenay river, od tbe north side of|Boundary
croek* and north, and adjacent to timber licenses
i.'i'Jtt. aud one mile north of the international
boundary line: commeuclug at a posL marked
Charlea Dutcher's southwest corner, thence HO
chains north, tin-nc, m, chains eaat, theuce Ht
chalus south, thence 80 chains weat lo the place
of beginning, coutalulug M0 aeres, more or Icsh.
Located November lath, lis'7
' hakijl-  jM'TCHKh, Locator.
No- 2. Commencing at a post marked Charles
Dutcher's southeast corner, thence MO chains
nortli. tbence 80 chains west, thence 80 chains
south, thence 80 chains east to the plAce of be*
ginning, and wesl aud adjacent to number one
limber limit, and containing M0 acres, more or
Located November 18th, 1K07.
Chaklbs Dutchkh. Locator.
No. 8. Commencing at a p t marked Charles
Dutcher's northwest corner sud about lb miles
west of tbe Kootenay river on the north side oi
Boundary creek and north and aajacuut to Urn
ber lleeiwe 160&U. theuce south 80 chains, thence
east 80 chains, thence north So chains, thence
west 80 chalus to tbe place of beginning, con-
lalulng MO acres, more or lesa.
Located November 18th. 1007.
CHARLES Dutchkr, Locator.
N*> 4. Commencing at a post marked Charles
Dutcher'* northeast oorner, thence south 80
chains, Lbence we��it 80 chains, theuce north 80
chains, tbence east 80 ehalna to the place of beginning, coutalulug MO acres, more or less.
Located November 18tb. 1B07-
No. 6. commencing at a post marked Charles
Dutcher's southeast! corner, tbence 80 chain'
north, theuce 80 chalus west, thence MJ chains,
south, thence 80 chains eaat tu the place of beginning, containing Hill acres, more or leso
Located November 18th, ltsr7.
Charlss Dutchkr, Locator.
No. 0. Commencing at a post marked Charles
Dutcher's southwest corner, thence nortli >u
chains, theuce east 80 chains, thence south 80
chains, theuce west so chalus to tbe place of be
Special Rtin Sale of New La-
ces, Embroideries and Muslins
A fine stock
These lines are now on sale at exceedingly low   prices,
select from.
Embroideries from 5c to $1.50 per yard.
Laces from 25c per dozen up.
New Dress Muslins from 15c to 75c per yard.
313 Cordova Street. Vancouver, E. C.
We have established the townsitc of Port MWlort on Howe Sound, 2G mllea from Vancourer. and secur
ed the water rights of Rainy River, which is capable of developing from 2000 to &000 horsepower, for ths location of our mammoth plant for the manufacture of aewapapor, building paper, wrapping paper. ��tc. tta
plant to have a capacity of 450 ions of li nits bed paper per week; the company hope lo have the pulp plant is
operation by Nov. 1, 1W08.
We now offer for subscription the balance of our first allotment of Preferred 8toek In blocka o' 100
shares at  $1.00  per  share;   each  100 ahares entitled to a bonus of 25  aharea of Preferred.
The preferred stock is entitled to a dividend of 7 p'T cent commenclnK November 1. 1808. Thf 7 psr
cent, dividend is due and payable before any dividend Is paid upon the common stock After 7 per cent a"
been paid upon preferred both stocks thereafter participate equally. There la no good reason why th. preferred should not pay from 25 tu uO per cent, dividends.
The books of the corporaUon are open at any time for the inspection of the general public. Tb.r. Is M
watered stock, no inflated values, no ground floor plan, nr htiKe promoters' profits In the enterprise. Unlit*
most corporations, instead of allowing 1S to 25 per cent, for advertising and sale of stock, the entire ����
mission, literature, newspaper advertising, brokerage, office expenses, etc, is limited to 10 per cent
The public are cordially invited to visit our demqnatrating plant, .113 Cordova street, and witness
the manufacture of pulp and pap. r from refuse material. Buch as slabs, discarded shingle bolts, etc, that l��
now   being   burnt   at  Ihe   local mills.
Captain H. A. Mellon, J. P., American
Lloyds Agent, etc.
W. H. R. Collister, Manager Albion
Iron Works, Vancouver.
Francis J. P. Gibson, British Colum
bia Trust Corporation.
J. C. W. Stanley, formerly Qeneral
Manager West Ixjndon Paper Mills,
London, Kngland.
Col. T. H. Tracey, M.C.. S.�� C B . P.
L. 8.. D. L. 8., Con., Eng., former City
Knglneer of Vancouver.
Fred Smith, member of Smith,
Wright & Davidson, Wholesale Paper
Co., Vancouver, B. C.
H. M Burrltt, Western Manager Cor-
tc 111 Silk Co., Vancouver, B. C.
Kustacc H. Jenns, Barrister, etc , Van
couver, B. C.
Geo. B. Cates. Cates Shipbuilding
Co.,  Vancouver, B.  C.
Greely Kolts.formerly General Man
ager Pacific Coast Coda Co.
KlnuliiK.   eenainlng MO H-rt-s, more or less
Located Novctulwr IHrh, lis/;.
(.'H.Hi.as DinUsUus, Locator.
West Kootenay Lhlirl IMslrji-t    olstricl of West
Take in .in -i-   thst   I, I   c    Istisen.  ol Spokane.
wsan.i ooonpaUon timbannstti intend   toapoiv
lor a sim'i-IsJ Umbel   Uoanoc oval   tlie   loljowjiia
ilescilF.i-il isn't*:
1 ' ..n ii.. in ���., at a post planted at tbe H W .
i-orin-r. nliotit 1 mile from r.sin Jntii.siou. I' B
Ho. BM, said j���,m being nlai-ed ou t|je International I...ut,'!..! i in,,., thanes uortn so rosin*,
in.���in,��� saatMO attain!    asanas soum stlchaws,
tli.-iii'e went 160  elial.s  lo  poiut  ol  eomn,���-'...
inellt. I "I,   sin   i,k Ml' aeres
Iiateilliee.m0er3fil.nsr: J.f   J.ssaa,
'2     Cotnineuelik at a post pSanleil af li,.- n   VV
lomer,  about  40 chains   norm   lrom   tuti b. W.
corner of location No 1., tbence north 4u chains,
Ihtthoe east Ibu chains, tbence south sli chains,
SI   10)
in i-ii l  eon la in l us-1;
iinlus tn
ilnl of coinin.ii'i'-
���t   I'. .1 a ��� SK.N
o.    t-ojnmeii'lii. al s post plunteil   at the K   W
���"-... r   about *J  ,-,,.l���.   noVlh'tnim   the  I  H
t   .���,. . ?     "i,-.,"". "."  '��� ""���'","   north .1'chain.,
uenoseast us' i-t,���u,., ,,,..,���.,. ���������,,, ,��� ,.|.Bin��
neiTcoTn'i'M '.u'"" ,u "<""' "' ����mm..!���'
ment. contalnliiK Mo acres J  c. lidsa.N.
co4ri.er",.T"'',,"i"'t !" " !""" Plantnd at the l W.
��� r���(       ", '    'J'"1"'  """''    '"""   �������   ��
,.    [   I     i,1""!' 'S   """"��� nortlnu chalus,
11-   ���    w,s  I.!    ,'","���  """'"  ,m"1' ����� '���''���'""
...ii   .,?.,,  ',l'"l""i>' point oi c imanoa
in; in. 'I'litalnlUK Mllairos. J  O. Janhun
i,,,",,""!**!1?'"1 "I"'"1   Planle-I at the ��  W.
<���   ���','*"" �� obalns north  T"m tbe h. w.
oorni i.,( looatios  No4, thence north ��u chains.
"������;��� ';���!   '"hu ,ihence  south  40 chains.
,,;,"   , w';'" '"" <**lut to poiutot commence
'"   ' ���'   '"iitaiuiiiKMit acres.
L.-'.-mi,,,,.,,,, 1WV7. J.o.jAN.a��.
��.   Lomiueuclng al a post planted at tb.B. W.
corner ahoul 40 chains uorlh '''"'i, 40oM*
etiruer of location No. f., llieni-. " '.' ^,��1J
theace uasl 1��) chains, tlienw "",!, .ooa"*
tlienee west 100 chains, to poll" <" ,
tnent, eon latuius 040 acres ,  ,    it.��s>
December 4tb. isxn *     '   .,),���,�����
corner ami adjoining the N K eiirn'    , r,,#
I  thence easl 40 chains, thence s     ^ (ii���K���jJ
Iheuce easl 40 obalns,  Iheuce "''"f" ion -haiw
..  : _ ._. u�� _..._,__    .1...,,,.,.  i iirin  '.,.,.(.��*.
Lociiie   east   .11 ciiniits.	
Iheuce east 40 obalns,  theui
tlienee west DO chalus, tl ��   ���_,.,.,,
to point of coiiimoucement, cuins^.  j
HeeeniOer 41U
��. Commencing at a posl ��*'**"*'". "
corner, uhoul (jot a utile I" " ,
illrecllon lrom Ibe south <>"' "' ,
aud about V,, miles from Hi' "��� ,
south 100 chBlns, thence east ��''
north 160chains, thence west �� '
ol. "iiiiiieni ii"i in. containing ����     j
LeceajbsrMb, 1��07.
' HHIV1-    I
,   nn* The Daily Canadian
We are the largest individual  owners of good fruit land in the Kootenay district, British Columbia, on direct
exiHting lines of transportation.
DK20 Acres at Fastball Valley   Arrow
14H3 Acres at The Narrows    Arrow
UMil Acres at Wliatshan Lake    Arrow
loo Acres at Cinnamon Creek........  Arrow
B09 Acres ut Michaud Creek   Arrow
184  Acres at Van Houten Creek    Arrow
1211 Acres at Hutchinson Creek....   ..  Arrow
:tOG Acres at Bowman Creak Arrow
K99 Acres at Little Deer Park Arrow
All of the above have splendid lake frontage.
KfiU Acres  between Salmo and Krie on G. N. Ry.
G73 Acres 4 miles north of Fruitvale on  G.   N
223 Acres 2 miles north of Frultvale on (}. N. Ry.
The three tracts  last  named   are  40  miles  south  of   Nelson   in  the famous   Fruitvale   district.
At  Fruitvale   and  on the   Arrow   Lakes with   all   the   conveniences   and comforts of civilization.
School, Post Office, Stores, etc. m
Soil, Location, Prices and Terms cannot be beaten.
Plans, Maps, Blue Prints, Prices, Etc., on Application.
Please specify tract  when  writing  for   information,
Kootenay Orchard Association
British Columbia
cannot dine on FROG LEGS every day.    We furnish the
\eel9   Pork,   Mutton  and Veal
Hams, Bacon and hard
With all varieties of
Fresh and Smoked Fish
in the market
Mincemeat of Finest Quality in glass and wood.
P. Burns & Co., Ltd.
INELSON, 13. O Boundary
Und DUtllOL   I'tmnrt Ol West Kootenay
OS than  Hurry   Bird. Of Nelnon, (XVU-
real usi*u> ami. tuu*m.i- to npply; for
on to pun'hMC lUe   follow..in  dem-rlbf-l
iomraeuctm at* P1"*1 Pl*"<*" *l u,u
..-���   oornor  ��'T !*�����  *"*���   tlieucv ruituiiiK
�� chain*. UMBO! w��siau ohaioa, thenoa
B ihmlos,   murv  or   leas, tu the   northerly
���<   oi   ..in art, thenee (oiu-wiiiK mini.
f\   U.t  :n:t  to   point ol   rotmneuuenieiil
,   M  SOMA more or W*vt.
. hubruan lbtb, 1*> Harby Bird,
F. U    ItltMH, A iff lit
iod I'tdtriul.   ll.strletol Weal Kootenay
.   that Kred. J. Munmutii, agent   lor
'    UmuT, ul   Nelson,   uurupmlloii   wetch-
nitetidn U> apply   for   permission U> purlin i.>u.��wius dsHtlbod landa   Oommoa-
i n jmim   planted   about 2l,  mil**  **��"" oi
��� rusk    ihei.ce *' chain*  lu au easterly
Ion,   theuce   20 c-halna    south,   theuce ��"
in a wcuw-r.y direction,  theuce *> rbaiuit
tbe point of��omiuem:��nieul.i:ouUluliin
*, inure or less
O Nov   Aitb. 1WT7-
KaanaiL-a  lorn* Ianher,
FJ.HahMONB,   Agent.
Land Plstrlct. District oi Wost Kootenay
uottoe that Kr��d J Hamtnoun, ���COS lor
���<m.rinl, of I'roelor. occupation ramher.
!��� u. apply for permission u> pttlOOMS tbe
in*; tfusiTlbed lauds: ConimeiicuiK at a
tl'laijifi) nlioni 1'., iiilleneant ol Wilson erne It.
* Nmiliwi-st 2�� riialus, Iheuce uorlhweHl 2u
��� -UiMics uortheaHl'^Orhalnh, UlftOCO south
'Ittsiiii to the tbe pul nt uf commencement
kuitig 40 MfOS. mure or less.
H. Sol   ;"tb. 1VU7.
- >.. M1BA1 I.   AM.RItMUN   Ha.:.AIM'.
Agent   W, J    r-AMMONH.
u Und Plstrlrt. iMslnel oi Wesl Kootenay
' i.-.in, that W. A. Hudson, Umbercruiser,
ppOstsiie, ,-p.ikane eouiity. Washington, oue
1 tilted BtatOtol Ameriea. iutend* to apply
���"Metal LimlHir liceuse DTOf the following
T ���"'��� ��� ��� '.'mah. Ctiuimuiii'liiK at a posl marked
J' 'plan lud on ihe uorth ban* of corn creek.
, luuctloo ol the Nurth fork uf OOTU creek
mala stream, a bum five miles in a
ffU iiireeilou froui ouulhiouee uf '���aid Com
?'" with the Kooleuay rtvtfr; thenee north 40
*hi-   i in in, west   lliu uhatus; ibonif south 4U
i��i��; tbsuuouaai MO obftini to point of oonv
ncsment, nuui.itiing MO aeres more or leu*.
f"i inuil        ��� Urn bar limit No .7 ou the
pi mid tun her limit  No. 8 nu the south, as lo-
���iM b] I,,,..
psuii NovemberT. MP,
u n.i iam A. lli'iHtoN.Uirator.
Patriok 0. Mhlue
pvclaieil   an,|  Hl|(iivil by thu wltbln named  W
""hlsoii  on   the JUih day uf NuVuiiibtr, A   ft
i'"l-.r.-   me  hi   H^iknue,   Spokane   Counlv,
IFmngton, one ol ths United BtatUOi Ameriea.
Pathhk 0   Shins.
��" rlet.   AUstriutui West Kuoteuii)
���QoUooUtat IsHbella IMaree,   f HtrasshurK.
Htll|ii iimnied   wonmu,   intends   to  iipplj
IB.-   *,ii*������*tsss   to   pnrehase   tbe   followliiK  dec-
ir   'lands:   Uonunanoini al a post planted at
'''-<���< nun of Lbe north buundary uf U��t
11,1 the fiiM buundary ul Lot No. 8l��;��,
��� Um\ 56 I'baiiiH, uuire or less, to the north
Bihn1 V "' 'i'l'oer Limit Nu. 7671, tnOOOfl
I, , 'lialns. thenee west JU uhaltis, mure or
Elt'ivv . ,r <:'",t *Mv  ��f  Wliatshan   hike,   thenee
Way riiihl-of-WMV,   about  one  and   a half  miles
westerly frum   the   northwest  corner  of lot ,tWi8,
froiip 1. Kiw��leuay, theuce south SO chains,
heuce eait W chains, thenee north ��0 ehalnt- to
southern buundary of said rlghlofwai. thenee
weat SOehains aloUK ��**id xouthern boundary to
pulut uf eommoucemeui, aud containing 6ot)
seres, mure or less
Uated November ��th. 1907
11 k fame   in   a   southurlv   and   westerly
��n ."���
cmms,  mure or less to the inter
,   w"li ��� ot hiivi, thence lift chalus,  more oi
""'"wihk   BSStarly   boundary   ulliHMtt't"
i�� .., -,'V""""",,,1,",'ot.
l<1 'to Uetulwr, Itar7.        isaiiki.la PtsauK,
K. 0, KaiiuIHSR, 'Kent.
l"*'ii U
Nelson Laud District    OaslrtOI of West Kooleuay
Ti��ke liutp't* that K. !'��� Hurden, set ing a* agt-ui
lorJH   Burden,  of   Puklufc.   N.B,,   uecupatlon
weehanie,   Intends  tu  apply  for   permission   tu
pinrhiise the lollowluf: deserilicd lauds: Com-
meii'tiiK at a jiost plauu-d on the easterly shore
uf Arrow lake aud aumtl Ul chains nurth ul the
N. K corner of lot t*163. thenee eaat -!0 chains,
then'M north 4ii chalnh. more or less, tu the lake
shme, theuce southwesterly slong ihe lake shore
to the point of commencement, and containing
friacre*. more or less.
i ated November 18th, 1��0T   Jams* H  BraoRH.
F. 1*    BtiRUKN, Ageut.
Nelson Land District- IMstrict of West Kooteuav
Take notice that Juhu James Cameron, of
Kerule. British Colombia, occupation contractor, inleuds to apply for permission to
purchaae the following described lnud: Cum-
untieing at a post planted on the southern
boundary uf the B: 0, Bout her u right-of-way
shoa.H0 chains westerly (mm tbi-N.�� ,',,r,u"
olloMMS. group 1, Kooteuav, theuce soulh MI
chains, thenee east 4U chains, thence north 60
ehaliis tu tin- southern hmindary of ihe said
right -of-way. theme westerly along said south
eru boundary of right of-way lo the point
eoiiinieiiueiiieul, autl coutalulug MO acres, mure
or less
Hated November 9th, 1907.
.i un JAJtaa Cajctbo*.
Nelsnh I>aud Hlstriel. Histrict uf West Kuotetiay
Ta ke uuilec that John Hhiell. of Needles, B.C.,
t upatlmi rau.her, intends to apply for permission to purchase the lollowing described
land; Commencing at a post planted at ihe
northwest eoruer of Lot 7MW. theiiec wesl 40
chains, theuce south 8" chslns. thence cast ���*��
chains, thenee north N chalus lo the point of
commencement, and containing 00 acres, more
0rif!5u 18th October, 1907. Jamsw BMSMU*,
F. U. FAtiul'IRR. Ageut.
llstrlot DlSttlOl Ol West Kootenay
thai Aligns M.'tUll, uf the City of
lion litemau, intends to apply lor
lorobaae the (oil..wing d.s.-rihcd
eucmg al a post plauled at the
L C. Morrison's rtitn'h, lu Kir
north forty (40) Chalna, thene
cliniiis,   theme  bolilh III  HO
west lorty (40)  cliains ototO
,   nnd loiiistnlug   one hundred
ores, mule or loss.
��r 2nd. 1907.       ANurs   Mi GUI
Nelson Lumi Histrict.   District ol West Kootenay.
'fake notice lhat Tina Bergman, of Altona,
Man , occupation wife uf C. Bergman, farmer,
Altoua, Man , intends to apply for permission tu
purchase the lollowing described laud :
''ommeiiciug at a post planted at tbe N. K. Q,
of Hugo Carstens' application to purchaae aud
running theuce west 80 chains thence north 80
chains, tbence east 40 chains, tbence south?
<-hatui25 links, tbence east 40 ct.alUB, thence
south 71 chains lb links to point ol commencement, containing 607 acres more or less.
i ii.u'.:.K' Makhhaex,
Dated '23 Deeeinbe
Agent   for   Una   Bergman.
ta 1907.
West  Kootenay Land District.    District of Gost
'lake notice that 1, George A. Hunt, of Kit.
chener, occupation timberman, intend to
apply for permission to purchase the
following described land: Commencing at s
post planted about 40 clMtns, west ut Thompson
marked N- W. corner, thence south 10.3* chains
thenee east 44.67 chains, thence north 31.45
chalus, tbence west along B. C. Southern Kail-
way lo place of commencement, contain ing 98.18
Dated January 8th. 1908.        G-Eoana H. Hunt
Nelson Land 1
Take uotlee
Nelsoli, OOOUpS
permission I* |
lands; < "..111111
.\. W. comer
alley. thittM
HSl   lo-t,y   (40)
alns, thenoa
m uieticcnieui
d sixty (160) a
hi,.<i Beptsjrjr
Nelson Laud District. Dlstrlctof Wesl Kooleim^
Take notice thut Hugo Ciusleiis. of Winnipeg,
Man, oeeupallou publisher, intends to apply
for p.Tinlrvioii to purchase the follow ing dr
srrluod lano:      ___   _   _    .   _    ,
Bribed land i , .        ,,
CuinmiMioing  al  a   post planted   on   11
ouitdary uf L. 4'27l.. (t. 1. (ahnut b miles (
-,.... i..,L..   mi.   .Miimmmi.i  Creek)aud21   el
be  west
i>m Ar
��� -��uu UlSkrlul,   DlBineiuI rtos.Kooieuaj
in,i!' !!oJ),:0 tbat Alexandur J. McCool, of
������ i>r'r, Vs. i ' ,"'1 "Patiiui clerk, Hitomts lu Bppll
lll'H ilul'1"   purchase   the   follow!, g   des
: "uuiiiir.. ��om*>**��*nl ��< �� Bf>��l plained on
'usrn   boundary  ul B   C Southeru  Ksll-
ig  640 acres.
more or lets.
Cuari.rh Marshall,
Agent   for   Hugo CarstetiB.
listed 98 December IWr7.
Nelson lMlld DlHtrlct     District uf West Ko,,ieu,iy.
rake notice thai L*Tl George I'ayne, or Needles,
it   c    oeciipulluii   riinohcr. iiitemls   tu apply   for
perm'iHslon topurohaat thi   [oUOWtof   described
Is......,-   Commetu-lng al n posl   planted aho-it l;i
���nanis west o   Whatahsu creek and B8.BU chains
!     o   Tlu   Miulli��.'��l   curlier of Lol Nu-  8MB
rHnn..��iiuU- ����vi.*.;^;!-inv^;;;:;:;r^
?,nlal i Ul law now survy^l as foOUM.
l!'i'i"iu it., Jauuary, MM Uvi Uaoaaa fAVNa.
Nelson Laud District. District of Wt-t K��otenay
Take notice IhHl I, Frederick Adle. of Waneta,
it C, occupation merchant, iutend to apply for
permissiuu to purchase the following described
laud: Commencing at a poat planted about 10
chain* west of the N K corner of lot SKitt, thence
uorth 20 chains, tbence east 80 chslns, thence
souih 20 chains, thence weat 80 chslns to point
of commencement, containing 160 seres, more or
Hated JttiAiary 2l8t, 1908.       KaKOBRlCK AWE.
Nelson Land District. District of West Kootenay
Take notice thst Marion Issbells Crease, of the
City of Nelson, in the Province of British Columbia, occupation spinster, inteuds to apply (or
permission lo purchase the loliowing described
laud: Commencing st a post planted at the
hlgn water mark of the Salmon river distant
about ].- miles lu a southerly direction from
Haliuo, B C, thence north 40 chains, thence east
4o chaiuR, thence south 40 chalus, more or less,
lo the high water mark of the rialmon river,
thenee wesl 40 chstus, more or lets, along said
high watermark tu the point ol commencement,
aud containing 160 acres, more or less.
Located ou the 1st day of February, 1908.
Dated 10th February. 1908
Marion Isabella Crkasb,
Kdwarp Manly Fetkrs, Ageut.
Nelson Land District, District ol West Kootenay
Take notice that James William Gallagher, of
the City Of Nelson, ln the Province ol British
i ulmnbia. occupation merchant, intends to apply tor pcrinlesion to purchase the following
described land : Commencing st a post plsnUd
at the high water mark of the Salmon river distant aoout 18 miles lu a southerly direction fmm
Miiimu, B. 0., theuce north 40 chains, theuce
west 4o chains, thence south 40 chains, more or
|��SS, to the high water mark of the Halmon river,
theuce east 40 chains, mure ur leas, along the
said hlirh water mark to the place ol beginning,
coutalulug 168 acres, more or less.
��� waled on the 1st dsy of February, 1908.
Dated 14th February, 1908.
Jams* William i;am.aui:i:r,
KhWARI. Manlby Fktbrs, Ageut.
Nelson Land District, District uf West Kootena
Take notice that I John Arthur Pcott, of Mono
Cmtre, Out., occupation farmer, Inteud to apply (or permission to purchase the following described land at the mouth of titimmlt creek :
Commencing at s post planted at tin* south
east corner id lol 878)! marked N. B., thence
south 40 chains, theuce west 20 chains, thence
north 40 chains, theuce east 21) chalus to place of
commencement coutalulug 80 acrea.
John A kthitr Boon.
W. J. Bcott, Agent.
Dated Feb. 18th. I9U8
Nelson Laud Histrict. District of West Kootenay
lake notice that 1 Christie Buott, ol Mouo
Couler, Out .occupation married woman, iutend
to apply (or perniissiou lo Purchase the following described land near Summit creek:
Commencing at s post planted at the southeast oornor m lot 080 marked 8. W.t thence
uorth ��i chains, iheuce east 20 chains, thence
suiilh 20 chalus, thence west'20 chains to place
"i commencement contalulug 40 acres
W J. Bcott, Agent.
Haled Feb 18. 1908.
In the matter of an application for the Issue of
a duplicate Certificate ot Title for lots 4, 6, 9,11,
U>, 2j>, aud 82, uf lot 891, Group One, In the
District of Kootenay (Mup698)
Notice Is hereby glVMii that It Is my intention
to issue at ihe expiration of one month after the
tlrst publication hereul a duplicate of the Cor-
tifloata ol i Ulc fur the above mentioned lots in
the uaine of Richard Helme, which Certlflcste of
Title Is dated the 24th day of November, 1906,
and   numbered 0310A.
Land Registry Office, Nelsou, B. C, January
17lh, 1908.
"H. V. MacLbod,"
Dlatrlct Registrar.
Found   a  8kelcton.
Coroner Dr. Arthur left for the Pend
d'Orellle this mornlug In response to a
telegram received last night from Provincial Constable J- A. Fraser, of Ymir,
requesting him to go out to investigate.
The telegram states the skeleton of a
man has been found twelve miles up
the Pend d'Orellle river. At tbe time
uf wiring Canstable Fraser had no further  information.
Albert   Evans  Dead.
Old time Winnipeggerb uow residing
lu Nelsun will regret to learu of the
death of Albert Evans, which took
place ut the Manitoba capital last
Wednesday. The late Albert Evans,
who was 59 year of uge, was for 20
years organist in St. Mary's church,
Winnipeg, resigning some two weeks
ago. He was a prominent musician,
belli a splendid pianist and vocalist, as
well as an urganist uf repute. He was
the founder of Evans' orchestra. On
lebruary 12 he was seized with a paralytic stroke but recovered. On February 21 he suffered another attack from
t he effects of which he never revov-
Rossland Band in Spokane,
The Kossland Italian band is now in
.Spokane tilling an engagement at the
principal theatre in that city. The band
has had Professor Gennaro Antoniello,
a graduate of the Milan conservatory,
for lis leader and instructor for the
past twenty months. None of the members had ever played in a band before
he undertook their training, and under
his tutelage they have developed into
musicians of such capacity that he has
no hesitation about making a theatrical
tour  with them.
Lome Campbell Optimistic.
L.. A. Campbell, of the West Kootenay
Power and Light company, has returned from a brief visit to the coast cities.
Mr. Campbell is a careful observer of
business conditions and he expresses
the opinion that affairs at Victoria and
Vancouver are in a better condition
than the reports generally would lead
one to believe. The people are looking
for a marked Improvement just as soon
us the Grand Trunk Pacific begins construction work from Prince Rupert towards the east. Mr. Campbell states
that there Is considerable building In
progress in Vancouver, and more projected. The volume of business transacted is so large that it does not warrant the poor mouth the majority of
people are putting on.
A Message From Winnipeg.
John Toye, formerly of Nelson but
onw of Winnipeg, is In the city. Mr.
Toye states that there is -"*arcely anything in the way of speculation in land
going on at the prairie capital. Property
maintains its value but there is little
of it changing hands. Notwithstanding this there will be a large amount
of building next year. The C. P. R.
will spend a large amount on construc
tion work, and It ia understood that the
Dominion government will erect public
buildings in nearly every city throughout the west. Money is tight on account of the banks refusing to take the
farmers' notes as collateral. The merchant's, Instead of depositing the notes
at the banks, put them Into their own
safes. Generally speaking, however,
the feeling as to the future is a hopeful
one, and business is fairly good.
One  Explanation.
In discussing the difficulty experienced by the late 20,000 club and present Publicity Bureau of raising hinds
for advertising work, a Baker street
merchant said yesterday: "The difficulty Is not due to indifference. Every
one would gladly see the work continued, but the number of calls on merchants for subscriptions lu the course
of a year would surprise most people.
We have to contribute for the Fair, for
the Dominion Day celebration, for support of athletic organizations of all
kinds, hospitals, library, churches and
Sunday schools, and an occasional
special charity. The total of one merchant's subscriptions Is no trifle. Of
course we all benefit by the work of
the club, but sometimes it is very indirect. The chief benefit is derived by
the hotels and the real estate men. If
they will do their fair share, most of
the merchants will do their part."
Lacrosse Team for England.
There is trouble In Toronto over the
selection of the lacrosse team to go to
England. The Toronto Telegram says
the selection of a Canadian lacrosse
team to go to England should have
been placed not in the hands of Individuals, but in tbe hands of associations. .Let the British Columbia association pick, say three players, a couple
more be selected by the leagues on the
prairies, and the remainder be selected
trom the hundreds of young players
who handle sticks in the C. L. A. Bring
those players to some central point,
and by a series of matches bring them
into a team, and there is no reason
why Canada should not retain the amateur championship of its own sport. It
is a burning shame to admit that Canada cannot produce a team of amateur
lacrosse players able to hold their own
against the best amateurs in the world.
It would also be a burning shame to
send a team to England and have It
beaten. One or other is bound to happen if It Is left In the hands of the
present committee, and it is up to the
Olympic committee to take the job
away from them and hand it over to
the  lacrosse  associations.
Certificate of Improvements.
"Red Point," "Vernamo," "Greenwood Frae-
tlousl," "Greenwood and Ja-k Pot FYsetional"
Mineral ClslmR, situate In the Nelsou Mining
Division of West Kootenay DlHtrlct.
Where located:���On kagle Creek above the
Poormsu Mine.
Tase notice that I, John McLstchle. of the
Cit> ol NelNun. Beting ss agent fur Jons. P.Swed-
berg, Free Miner'B Certificate No B7475 aud
Oscar Johnson Free Miner's Certificate No B623
intend slxtv dsvs from the date hereof to ap
fly to the Mining Recorder for Certificates o
mpruvem<Mtts, for   the   purpose  of   obtaining
Crown c-ran is of the above clslmi-
And  further take notice  that -action,  under
Section 37,  must be commenced  before the is-
���usDce of such Certificates of Improvements,
Dated this 27th dsy of September, A  P., 1907
Is now ready to execute  all
orders for Job Printing on
shortest notice.
The Job Department is up-to-
date in every respect and a
full line of stationery will be
kept in stock.
All orders entrusted to our
care will receive prompt and
careful attention.
314 Baker St.
Tel. 324.
in  Addition "A"
We are agents for most of the lots
ln tbe above addition, being agents (or
F. C. Innis, Coats & Co., and tbe Nelson
Electric Tramway Co.
For full particulars as to prices,
terms, etc., apply to
&   M.   BIRD
One of
The Best
In Fruit Landa now offering. 157 acres
of choice land situated on Howaer Lake.
$20.00 per acre, eaeily cleared.. Must be
sold at once.
For full   particulars apply
If yoo want Good Land
McDermid & McHardy
Ton can buy a 10-acre Fruit Ranch in the best fruit growing district
in  British  Columbia  by  paying $10 dollars down and $10 per month.
Even as an Investment this Ib worth consideration.
Fruit Land has trebled ln value within the year.   What will it do next
and dealers in hutjobetf Shinglesf
Lath, Mouldings, Doors, Windows.
Turned Work sand Brackets..
If ail Orders promptly attended
NBL80IN. 13. o.
One-Way Colonist
Rates to Alberta and
British Colombia
LONDON $46.05
KING8TON  50.10
OTTAWA  51.40
OTTAWA via Chicago  62.45
MONTREAL ���.  62.70
QUEBEC  56.00
HALIFAX  63.45
Tickets on sale Feb. 29th, April 29th,
1908. Corresponding low rates from intermediate points.
For further informatiqn as regards to
rates,  etc.,  apply to
o e. Mcpherson,      j. moe,
Q.P.A., Winnipeg. D P. A.. Nelsou
C P A . Nelson. B.C.
Notice Is hereby given that the Great
West Railway Company will apply to
the Parliament of Canada, at the present session thereof, for an act amending
the' said Company's Acts of incorporation by striking out the names of those
persons who, by Sections 1 and 2 of
Chapter 167 of the Statutes of 1903, are
created incorporators and provisional
directors of the Company and Inserting
in lieu thereof the names of certain
other Individuals as such incorporators
and provisional directors; changing the
head office of the Company from Nelson,
B. C., to Port Arthur, Ontario, and extending the respective times for the
commencement and completion of the
various lines of railway which the Company Is empowered to construct.
Dated Ottawa, 31st January, 1H08.
Solicitors for the Applicants.
Kootenay   Lake   General   Hospital   Society���Notice of Annual
In accordance with the bylaws of the
society, the apnual general meeting will
be held in the court house on Tuesday,
March 10th, at 3 p. m.
Membership Conditions���All annual
subscribers to the sum of $10 are members of the society elegible to take part
in the election of directors Tor the ensuing year, and in case ot illness are
entitled to free treatment in the hospital.
VV.   a.    OIUUETT
Contraetor asnsf
Sole agent (or tha Porto Rleo Lumber Co., Ltd.,
retail yards.   Booth and dressed lumber, turned
work and brackets, Coaac lath and .binslas,	
and doors.    Cement, brick and lima for
Automatic grinder,
lima lor sale
Yard and factory: Vernon St.. eaatol Hall
NBLsWN.   B. S3.
P. O. Boa 232 TVi^Tthnn. 177
Iu the matter ol an application lor tbe larae ot
a duplicate of the Certificate of Title to Lota
4, 6. and 6, Block 6, Neleoo City, labdiviaton ol
part of Lot VU, Group One, District ot Kootenay
(Map 480).
Notice li hereby given that it la my intention
to Issue at the expiration of one month attar tha
tlrst publication hereof a duplicate of the Certlfl-
tateo Title to the above mentioned lota in tha
immeof Pattle Rhodes which Certificate la dated
tbe 16th day of May, 1WB, and numbered l����7-k
Land Reg if try Office, Nelson, B.C.. January
���J4th, 1908. fl. F. MacLEOD,
Dtatrlot Kedatrar.
In the matter of an application for a duplicate
Certificate of Title of an undivided, one-quarter
interest ln Lot 87, Group One, Kootenay District.
known aa "Let Her uo Gailagner' Mineral
Notice is hereby given that it is my Intention
after the expiration of one month trom the first
publication hereof, to Issue a duplicate Certificate of l ltle on the above described one-quarter
interest lu the name 01 John P. Stevens, which
Certificate of Title Is dated ihe (th April. 1100.
and numbered aoasC
Land Registry Omce, Nelson, B. C. March 9,
H. F. MacLsod,"
District Registrar.
If you want upholstering or cabinet
work for this spring get it done now.
We have some choice quarter cut oak
and will bnild yon a piece of furniture to
order at the price of factory goods See
us for second hand goods.
Turner Beeton Block, 60S Vernon Street.
-41 t
Tne Daily Canadian
FOR    1908.
We are busy on them now. Rings and
Brooches   are   particularly   attractive.
Have you Eeen our Monogram Combs?
We have them to order for J2.50.
Bt*y Now
We have a Good Selection of
Cheap Houses from $750 to
$1500. Let us show you
them. Some extra snaps for
investment or for a home.
Real Estate Agent
315   Baker  St..  Nelaon.  B. C.
Fire Insurance
Insure your house and furniture in
Do not put It off. Delays are dangerous. Call at 322 Baker street, or If you
have not time to call drop a line to
General Agent for the Kootenays.
Agents   wanted  in   all   Kootenav   towns.
P. O. Box 534.
��� AT THE���
Queen Cigar Store
SOO  MEN   to  buy
Cigars and pipes.
Cigars must   be   smoked
on the street.
Rich,  Strong  and   Delicious
Telephone 161,
All Kinds  of Heating  Plants Id  Stock.
Victoria St., Nr. Ooera Houae.      Tel. 181.
Watchmaker and Optician
H   Hf2WTV    \  ��� v
Corner of Stanley and  Victoria   Sts.
Two Blocks from Depot.
J. M. Cameron, Grand Forks; J. Man-
hart, Spokane.
Cor,    Vernon and Ward   Str.��tH
.���Mit-SO."*.      t��.t,
G. Williamson, New Denver; J. Dawson. G. M. .Miller, D. D. Hutchinson,
A. .1 Bans. Vancouver; H. ft. Barber,
Ottawa; E. T. Caran, W. H. Honefen-
gar. W. Russell, H. L. Tilhetts. Spokane
���I W. Power and wife, Kaslo; Mrs.
Dingman, Grand Rapids; F. Robinson,
Summit; O. A. Maybee, Nakusp; J. A.
Kinney. Castlegar; .1. Fisher. Rossland:
D. Gardner. Oatlands; T. F. Townley,
Toronto; W. T. Duke, Montreal; A. S.
Williamson, Fernie.
C. P. R. Hutton, Koch Siding: J. Carrie, G. Snow, M. McKinnon. Procter:
('. f'aton, Ymir; D. McCoalg, Three
Forks: J. R. Trail, Howser; H. Magna-
son. Popular; E. Taylor. Chism: It.
Dewar, Erie; F. Seals, Salmo: E. Mr
Dougall, li. H. Thompson, P. .J. Busnel.
Burton: W. King. Revelstoke; C. Little.
Xakusp: C. W. HInes, New York; Mrs.
M. Caleze], Grand Forks; W. R. Braden,
T   J.   Graham.  Lardo;   C.  Pillighr,  J.
Tanell, Moose Jaw:  K. W. Frav. Cedar
Rapids;   T.   H.   Loader,   Mrs.   M.   Paul!,
Miss Paull. Broadview. Sask.
W. A.  Murphy, Slocan:  G. Kennedy.
Winlaw:   A.  H.  Wicks, Nakusp;   F.  VV.
I.each, Gerrard; T. Hackett. I.a Blanche
J. Peacock. C. R.  Kerr, Phoenix;  G. R
Anderson,   Grand   Forks;   M.   Aclaims,
Cranbrook:    Mrs    McPhie   and   family.
Mrs.   Kennedy and  family. North  Bay:
W. A. Millers, Creston.
R.  Woodrow.   H.  Wilson.  Cranbrook:
D.   C    Tolley,  Grand   Forks;   G.   White.
D. F. Rilllnas, G. Adams. Procter; J.
H Mulllns. Caatlegar; L. Roberts, H.
TeriTvn, Vancouver; T. F. Lewis, Stran-
A M. Can. Soa. C. B.
Mining Work a Specialty.
Office:   Room   10,   K.-W.-C.  Blk.    P.   O.
Box     434.
Baker  St..   Nelson.   B.   C.
We have one Kngllsh Bill tar, one
American  Billiard and one  Pool  Table.
We carry the beat line* of Cigars and
ll'ANTII' Mmi un-) woman dooks, who run
?> huiti'IU.' 1U*J uit'ii, the hiKhent wa^ea pal'l
an<istea<Jy employment, must l>e fl rut 0l*U nn
uoue other will do. Apply at once to ftottl (jtllce
Box CI7. Ari'iwhtMo, B. C,
I^OK HALK al a harKHin or BaWlUUlge for   Van-
cfinvpr property ��n utmost new, modern in
every  respect Q roomed residence.   Poll bMB-
ment with lari/e <Ieii miilahle for billiard rnom,
I'p-to-daie Mahle and carriage honM Two nice
iotn in the fluent resident portion of Hpokane.
The ownern hu��lne8n lnterertl* have been trari��-
lerred to the count. For further pat Ionian, wilte
P< O. Box UK-., Vaucouver, B. 0.
We are now receiving our now stock of Wall Papers, Burlaps and Sanitary Papers. Patterns and designs are entirely new and elegant. A half
hour with our sample books will be time well spent.
Canada Drug & Book Co'y, Ltd
Metala and  Stocks.
Silver and lead quotations are unchanged from yesterday. Dominion and
B. C. Copper stocks show slight advances.
For Aberdonians.
Natives of Aberdeen resident in Nelson will be glad to learn that the old
town's football team is in the final for
th- Scottish cup.
Board of Trade.
The regular monthly meeting of the
board of trade will be held in the court
house tonight at S3". In addition to
th" usual routine business a report is
expect ed from the freight rates committee.
Cut  His  Foot.
Oswald Jowett, a rancher at Burton
city, cut his foot with an axe Tuesday
night. He came into the city yesterday and Or. Hawkey stitched and dressed the wound which was a deep cut
abou'  five inches long.
New City  Directory.
Th>- new directory' of the city of Nelson, which is narly completed, is being
eagerly looked for by many. A complete and up-to-date directory* Is urgently needed as the changes in the city
since the last was compiled have now
rendered   it   practically   worthless.
Power Plant.
The construction and reconstruction
work at the city power plant is proceeding rapidly and satisfactorily. R. A.
Brown, who bas been personally supervising the work In W. Shackleton's
absence, is confident, that It will be
finished well within the time estimated
for it.
The   Mysterious   Light.
The light on the eastern peak of the
mountain across the Arm, which has
been tbe subject of some curious speculation for the last two nights, came
from the camp fire of two young Englishmen, visitors at J. T. Bealby's, who
made the ascent on Tuesday merely for
L. O.   L.
The tegular meeting of L. O L. 1692
will be held on Friday evening, March
13th. Besides the ordinary business,
several candidates will be advanced to
the Hoyal Arch Purple degree. Mr. J.
W. Whiteley, provincial organizer, is
expected to be present and assist in
the exemplifying of the degrees.
License   Commissioners.
The first meeting of the board of
license commissioneis for 1908 was held
in the city hall yesterday afternoon,
.Mayor Taylor and C. Sewell being present. The only business transacted was
the confirmation of the transfer of the
license for the Silver King hotel from
Robert Dalziel to Elizabeth Dalziel,
I rovided the consent of Caroline Thelin
be secured.
Change  in  Party  Lines.
The B. C. Telephone company is making a change in its party lines. Hitherto If a breakage occurred, which really
should affect only one line Instrument,
bo'h instruments were silenced. This
was known as the "series system." Now
the company is putting In tbe "bridge
system," and if one instrument be put
out of business the other will not experience any stoppage in the     service.
Loat a Thumb.
A man named EL Q. Overy, a Fire
Valley rancher, while cutting a piece
of wood yesterday afternoon had his
thumb   severed    from   his  hand.     He
Whether used at a regular meal or
for a pleasing refreshment at an odd
time, you will find that It Is all that
It should  be.      Coata 60c per pound.
For Sale at
Joy's Cash Grocery
Cor. Josephine and Mills Sts.
Phone   19.
Corner Silica and Joeephine Su
PI-lOfVB   7
Here Is the Book
Opportunity of a
8ET8  FOR  A   FEW  DAY8.
From $10 to $25,
Old Curiosity Shop,
A large number of the most popular
standard  titles  to choose from.
ALSO   FOR   45c   EACH
We put out a large number of 75c to
$1.50 editions of standard and recent
This opportunity will be open for only a few days more. Seize it while it
is yours.
See  the   Books   in   Our  Window.
W. G. Thomson
Sff��oftK*"od   Nelson, B.C.
Phona 34.
came in on the train last night and was
taken to the general hospital, where
Dr. Hawker did all he could to alleviate
the suffering of the patient. This morning it was found necessary to amputate higher up. He is now doing well
and not suffering any great degree of
Council's   Problem.
The city council at Its next meeting
will hear two deputations, both asking
for money grants for public institutions.
The publicity bureau will be represented by J. M. Lay. N. Wolverton and W.
G. Gillett, the pontic library by Rev. J.
T. Ferguson. Dr. Kose and E. A. Crease.
The merits of both aie generally conceded. The city has been financially
embarrassed for several years and
never more bo than at present. The
major and aldermen will have a delicate problem to solve in answering the
requests of the two deputations.
Library Meeting.
The annual meeting of the Nelson
library association waa held In the city
hall yesterday afternoon. The total receipts for the year were $1,721.28, of
which, however, $953.98 was balance
from 1906, chiefly from the proceeds of
the Klrmess. The other chief sources
were a grant from the council of $350,
subscriptions $254, and the proceeds of
the ball $98.75. The expenditure
amounted to $1,058.98, the larger items
being, salaries $507, rent $186.50. new
book* $172.40. The balance on hand is
not sufficient for the needs of the current year, apart from purchase of more
books. The board of directors will
consist of MeBdames Arthur, Rlblet.
Beer. Blackwood and McCulloch, elected by the Women's Council, Aid. Pat-
enaude, representing tlie mayor, F. A.
Starkey, president of the board of trade,
and the following elected at yesterday's
meeting: Rev. J, T. Ferguson, Dr. Rose.
J. L. Buchan. G. Playle, Mrs. R. M. Macdonald, E. F. Oigot. Mrs. R. W. Hannington, Mrs. S. Cummins, Mrs. R. S.
Lennle, E. A. Crease. O. Playle was
appointed auditor, and a special committee consisting of Messrs. Ferguson.
Hose and Crease were appointed to Interview the city council at Its next
meeting and ask for a substantial grant
for the current year. The directors
then organized, electing Rev. J. T. Ferguson president, E. F. Glgot Tlce-presl-
dent, Mrs. McCulloch, secretary, and
I>r. Rose treasurer. The book committee consists of: Mesdames Beer,
Blackwood and Lennle, and J. L.
Prices  of  Metala.
New York,  March  12.���Silver, 66��4a
London, March 12,���Silver, 25 9-16d.;
lead,  ��13, 17s., (id.
Openlna Copper Quotations.
(By McDermld & Mcliardy.)
New York, March 12, 1908.
Asked Bid
Granby    $96.00       $75.00
Dominion   Copper     2.37>4       2.12V4
B. C. Copper     4.60 4.12V,
Wholesale snd  B*tal! Dt**l.rs In
Fresh and Salted Meats
Camps supplied on shortest uotire and
Itrareal price. Nothing but   fresh and
wholesome meats and supples kept in stock
Mail orders receive careful attention.
Only  the  very  beat  grades  of   Hams.
Bacon.  Lard.  Butter,  Cheese  ard  Eggs.
Moderate prices.
E.   C.   TRAVES.   Manager.
Defective eyes stunt tbe mind   Can   you expect   fair progress I
..r ���ueeeaa In business If ho handicapped.    Examination of child0 "cll0<*
glailwa is a special  feaiure of our optical  department. "  **
Coal! Ice! Wood!
Phone 265
Kootenay Ice and Fael Co.
N. E. co.. Baker   and   Ward   Sts.
J.  J.   WALKER,  Jewele,
Lieu tt-zi ant Governor.
Edward the Seventh, by the Grace of Sod* of the
Cnited   KiDRdotn of <tjeat  Britain, and Ireland, and the Brtti*h Dominions IX'Tood the
Sea* King, Defender ot   the  Faith, Kmperur
of India.
to all to whom thene promitfl ihall porne,
VT. J. Bowsm, Attorney Oeneral
Whereas by Section 6 of the "Game Protection
Act. lH'A," tu re-enacted by Section 19 of the
"'rime Protection A* t. Amendment Act, 1905,"
it !��� enacted that It shall be lawful for the Lieu-
unaat-Ouvernor in Council, by Proclamation to
be published In two mk< ���_������*��� ive Issues of the British Columbia Oazettc. to declare a doll season
for geese ln any part of the ProTinre lor atiT
period of time, and
Whereas our said Lieutenant-Governor, by and
with (he advice of his Executive Council, ha*
been pleased to dire' t, by an Order in Council
lu that bebali, a close season for gt-e*e within
the Couuty of Kootenay, until and includiug
the 31rt day of August, one thousand nine hundred and eight.
Now Know Ye therefore, that in pursuance
thereof, we do hereby prOOwiia a elou season
for geese wlthtn the County of Kootenay, until
and Including the 3lnt day of August, one thou-
nail', nine hundred and eight.
In testimony whereof, we have canned these
our letters to 1m* made patent and the dreat Seal
of the Province to b- hereunto affixed.
Witness, Hi* Honor James Dunsmuir. Lieutenant Governor of our said Province of Briti-h
Columbia, iu our (,.ty of Victoria, in our said
Province, this mh day of February, in the year
of Our Lord one thousand nine hundred and
eight, and in the eighth year of our reign.
Hy command,
ilKNKY ��88ON  VO0NQ,
Provincial Secretary.
Take notice that wp will ut the next
meeting of ihe License Commlnlonerl
apply Tor a tiansfer of the liquor license for the No 1'lace Inn on ,ln>..
l'hlne street. Nelson, from Pollard ami
Wade to H. II. Moore.
Dated at Nelson, this !ith day of
March  IMS.
V. \V. Odium will go over lo Medicine
Hat  tomorrow.
J. S Lawrence will leave for the
Crow's Nest towns tomorrow.
Fred Starkey has been In Alberta for
the past, week and will not return for
two weeks.
Mr. and Mrs. W. W. Heer. who have
spent the last four months In Daatarn
Canada, are expected to arrive In Nel-
Kofi tonight.
W. A. Macdonald. K. ('., and I. A.
Dewar are going over to Cranbrook Uy
morrow on husln-ss connected with the
Porto Itlco Lumber company.
Dr. T. C. Gibson lert this morning
via Spokane for Tucson, Arizona, where
he will spend some months recuperating. .He Is accompanied by W. H.
Wm. Shackletiin relumed from a
three days' business trip to the Lar-
deau last evening, and left for the
jiower plant this morning, where he Is
engaged on city work.
\Vhol*s������ie Provlaloni
Government dreamery One Pound Hncka received weekly fresh from tk,
churn     For side hy all loading grocers
Hollow Concrete
Blocks For Sale
All shapes and facings.
These blocks are absolutely the best
material to be had for building purposes, foundations, retaining walls, etc.,
being cheaper than brick or stone.
Tenders given on all kinds of building
work.    Stock on hand.
Head Office: Baker Street, Nelson. B.C.
Ofllre and warehouse:  Houston Block,    Paone 79.
Josephine Street.        - - Nelson, B. C
First Spring Shipments of
Are now to hand.     We invite inspection.
This  is   the   m MOD   of   the  year   when   you   devote  your attention tl Utts
household duty   w i   an prepared to meet your requirements with a lull ilui
Ready   Mixed   Paints,   all   colora, Varnlahea,   Stains,   Enimels,
Aiabastme.    Muralo.
Everything  neceaaary   for  the  renovation   of   your  houae.
J. H. Ashdown Hardware
 ���     Company, Limited. nsIks awi
Fruit   Trees
Home grown fruit and shade
trees, currants, gooseberries, grape
vines, etc., etc. One of our specialties Is our large field grown roses.
These will bloom the first year.
Send for our descriptive catalogue ami price list, and give us a
trial order. Tlie largest growers
In  H.  C.
The Riverside Nurseries
Pure and Cheap
We have 1000 pounds of
which we will sell nt a bargain
5 lbs. for $1.00.
special prices fur larger lots.   Ooma
In   and   Inquire.
Choquette Bros.
Phone 258.
THE  Ue-tn-Oate  Baker,
F. C. GREEN       f.P. HUKUtn        A.H.GREEN
Gvil Engineers, Dominion and British
Columbia Land Surveyors
P. 0. Box 145    Photic Ml B.
Geo. P. Piayef
Office   Room   No.   2,   ELLIOT    BLOC*;
Jobbing  promptly  attended to.   t*M
aud Estimates.
Apply 415 Hall 8t. J^sS
INBLSOIN,    -    B. c*
We  alwaya  carry a  complex �����'
ortment of
First Class
8ET8,    8CI880RS,    ETC.,   ET '
Wood-Vallaace Hardware Co


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