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The Daily Canadian Feb 17, 1908

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60 bracing and Invigorating.
little  better than  most mineral
lers, and  its medicinal     properties
*Hft)2 -paily iWanab
LuMB   2.     No.   2l6
THE  DAILY l__w��_dAN
^.   SS*-W1II  be delivered    every evening    at
<? - yapur door fer
CBINTS  A   ftVioiNTI-l
Fifty Cbnts a month
ley Prepares Blow
for Revenge
Reported To Be Ready to Take
Advantage ot Break Up of
European Concert.
Feb   17 ���  lli-paarts r,*celved hete
in.ma declare that ull Ihe red if
\    ���������   .una  reserve forces In Van
|and   ilia*  other   vilayets  of   Asia
hav,    been  called   lo  the  bailors
 l,uk thence for the fro,,-
|.\    th,   same time a league of ali
I, .   i, volition  party  Is  iucrcas*
ra ,..luminary agitation, appeals
,.,ii..all,alls  ara*   being   L-.su. .1  ex-
the    population   to  protest lu
lu,,,   possible against .thi'  warlike
(of ilu- Sultan.    The league liaalals
.,: ��..uid be espedaily disastrous
i   resent time as there Is a la,nine
BElflla  hostilities  have not abated,
sn  military authorities have
,.i thai ail horses in the Caucasus
for military puntoses be n gis
h,   doctors of Titlls held a meet*
I   volunteered   ihelr  servloes   in
v. ar.
I', I.    17      lhe Situation  ill  the
seems to i.-- ���ravar than otllcial
nts make   it appear      Austria
erman) charge that Russia is try-
..m.on   revenge   for  her  failure.
I'm   Eaat,  l.y  turning her utien-
.   the  Naur   Baa*,  aud   lu   rosuiu-
anclenl    traditional    iiollcy   of
.ai Constantinople,   it is further
I   by   olllclals   of   these   govern*
ihn  she Is helped  in  this, above
li)    Franca.,     anal,     secretly,   by
llritain, tho latter thus aapposlng
I. influence.
is    haa    emphatically    declared
wi uid bu impossible to tolerate
rrylng  out of the  proposed  plan
construction of railways in the
and   as   unnouiu:a'd   by   liaron
enthal, the Austria Hungarian
Minister, as   tills   would   mean
guise   of   conmiercial   inter
practical Austrian supremacy
in.iii iho Balkans. Indeed, It
tiean Austria's reaching Sulonlca.
- Russia remarks, this  would be
��� ui to having Germany at sm-
���ever,   it   Ib   believed here lhat  If
lisia-i  breaks out it will  not  ba-  ba
itusaia and Austria, but between
. and Turkey, the latter being ac
ol   favoring   the  Austrian   plana
Herman influence.
Populo Hoinuno goes as far as
ronlcle  Ihu   rumor   lhat   a  Russo*
li  war  Ib  likely   to occur  In  the
I     Turkey   has  been   making  pr<-
|iii.i,s,   tor   she   now   has   In   Mine
100, a of bar best troops, ofllOel*
. ��� real extant by Qermana.
. "palnilm,    Keb.   17.���Tho     reiutions
an Sweden    and    Russia are  aa-
Mi> strained at present. The tension
"ii because Itussla Insists ii|ion
ftK released irom the meemenl made
Bweden surrendered Finland that
Uival stations or fortlllcalloiiB should
pstabllshed on tlio Finnish front ud-
111   to  Bweden.    The  part  taken  by
"a in tbe Norwegian Integrity treaty
'" >' presenl attitude on the Baltic
''1 sea" In question alao have great.
Itated Bweden,    War l�� feared in
Wen because Russia for some time
|' ims been preparing i<> establish a
;i1 station on lhe western shores of
}" Island, which Ib 25 mllea from tbo
P'pIIsI, const and only a few hours by
Ner from Stockholm.' A largo con*
'" of troops and several torpedo
s have had headquarters tilers tot
''���Jluin a year and the Russian of*
s have spent their time In  making
""**��� surveys and soundings,    lt   is
'���'������'I In some quarters here thut (Jet-
"ill     adopt    drastic     measures
111-'   Hallmark  If  ihls   Blate  refuses
'""i   Oermany   and   Russia   against
1,1'" In the cfTorls to make the Baltic
fare clusum,"
th,* famous Bella Brothers' circus combination, died suddenly In his apartments early  loalay.     11,. bad  baen   In  111
health faar several weeks but bis condition bad iia-a-n Improving i teadtly and he
was   believed   to   I n   the   road   to   re-
oovery. Early this morning ha bad a
sudden change for the worse and died
before a physician reached tin' houss
Oaatrtotls  was  given  ns  ���,. ���r
death.     He   was   forty.twa      P/Oftg
University Club Opposes
u lio/.**, j Henderson
Canadian     Improvement     Company     In
New   York   Courts.
Mew fork, Feb, 17 -The hearing of
lhe application of (Shan. T. Orvls and
John T. Terry, representing the Canadian improvi-ini in company, for an in*
Junction to restrain .1. Tatnall Lee and
other  Philadelphia  bankers anal   Kubn
l.aaa-b   *.-   Co., aif   this  cily.  fr    voting
pledged staack of tin. Lake superior Corporation was continued In Jersey City.
Newton Rowell of Toronto, was asked
when lu- at* livered an agreemenl signed
!��>   Mr.   La-a-  and  others   to  renew   nota-s
of th.- Canadian Improvement oompany,
but the question was excluded after
argument Tin- witness testified, how-
ever, thai be (ailed to gel Mr. Lce'B
consent to a renewal of the nines without a transfer of lha pledged stock, anal
thai be told Lee that OrviB said il was
not fair to Insist uihii, the transfer.
Rowel] has been referred to by the at-
tomeya in the arguments as "King's
Counsel." lie said he was ih.- counsel
of the 1-aki. Superior Corporation last
March when ha* was retained to go to
Philadelphia ttwnagotlate a renewal of
th,. nota's.      lie    bad  represented  thi
Canadian governma.nt, which loan.-al tha-
Improvement company $1,000,000, but.
Ile was at the presenl bearing tin* coun-
sa.l a,f thi' Lake Sup. rior corporation,
lb- declared ha* could see no objection
to w.<*c!.ptiug tha- retainer of the cana-
alian oompany While also acting as ooiin-
s.'l f.ar tha. l.aka. Superior Corporation.
iin- bearing will ooptlnue.
New York Jury  Upholds Right of Hotel
Keeper to  Eject   Ladies Who
Have   No   Escort.
New York. Kali. 17.���Wheu "Little
Tlm" Sullivan, tha famous Tammany
politician, BUCOeeded in getting an ordinance paaaed forbidding women to
smoke In public places, it looked as
though a fatal blow had been struck
at   tha-   eternal   a-.atita-st   for   the   Rights
of   Woman.    Tha-   women   ���nflragettea
rose In Indignation, and great was their
triumph a few days later when Mayor
MoCteUan vetoed "Little Tim's" orilin*
ame, uml declared In favor of the wo-,
men. There wns joy In the camp of
the Buffragaiies. so that one of their
leaders. Mrs. Harriot Stanton match
who is a llgnre In society as well us a
la'a-turcr ot prominence, marched c^nii*
denllally lo thi' municipal court last
wa-a.k laa bring mih agalnsl the famous
Hoffman House, Uu bostlery 'hat has
been ilia* pome <>i Democracy and the
man about town for years. Mrs Itluuii
bl-ought  suit against  llle liolel  to  prove
that a woman, unattended by a man,
could not be refused service at a public restaurant li came ami in the case,
that earlj that summer Mrs. Blatch and
another woman toaak sa ats at a lable on
iho Hoffman House root garden.   The
hand waiter Infon I  them thai  they
i-aniiii noi in- served, ns the] were not
attended by a man. The women loft.
Indignant, and the suit last wa*.-k waa
brought to lesi lha' light of women to
aat    unaccompanied   by   a   male   escort.
ln defense tin. hotel management ex-
plained that the rule was neoeasar-* In
a,nl,-r to keep away an objectionable
class of women.    It look  the jury only
a few minutes t�� decide in favor of tin-
Last of ths  Sells.
"v   Vork,   Feb,   17.���William   Bella,
"I one of Iho brothers who originated
Murdered His Son.
Sluunokln. I'a. Fi'b. 17.���Conrad
Whins, of this place, took a double barrelled shotgun to the hOUSe ail' his son
John, in Looual Cap, near here, lasi
nlghl mul after ��� quarrel ahol the
younger man dead. The father was ar
rasted snd brought to Jail her* ihe
men had been on unfriendly terms for
sumo  tlu,e.
Abbe   Loisy   Condemned.
Paris,   Feb.    17.���The   Archbishop   of
Paris has issued a decree condemning
the last two works of Abbe Loisy's
p'SynoptiC ISospais" and Ills reply to llle
Papal Bnoyclloal against Modernism.
iii,. deoree tortdds the clau-gy and lal-
ty. under penally of special pupal ex-
communication, from reading, keeping  printing or defending auch books.
In nn interview I.olsy declared that
ha. would continue the work, lie hail
no Intention, he said, to create u revolution In the church, but merely wished
la. Instruct (hi' clergy whose education
was that of the seveuteetilh century.
Special Meeting Addresses Minister
of Education Praying  That
Clauses Be Retained.
A speclul meeting of the university
Committee of the Nelson University
Club wus held Saitirday afternoon to
a-onsiiier the amendments to the Uni-
reielty Hill which have been offered In
committee of the legislature by Sluart
Henderson. M. L. A. for Ashcroft.
On   comparisam   of   Mr.   Henderson's
propoaai'a with the clauses of the bin
as alrawu by the minister of education,
many were considered either of small
moment or on manors of administration
abanit which tlie club is not interested.
Others were found to vitally affect the
value of the bill, and on these a resolution, moved by Ur. Arthur, seconded by
A. L. McKillop, was carried unanimously and ordered to be sent to the min-
ista-r aaf a'alucalion, coiales to be sent to
Mr. Henderson uud Ur. Hall. The resolution w-as as foilowsL
"Resolved that the members of the
I'nlveisity Club of Nelson respectfully
urge upon the provincial government
that the aniauidtnents to the University
Bin proposed by the honorable member
for Ashcroft be uot accepted in regard
to tlie following Actions, and for the
ri'iisous respectively appended:
To Section 10, Subsection A.���Because the recognition of other than
British universities would admit many
to convocation whose diplomas are from
colleges of no recognized standing, tbe
holders of purchased degrees, aud further would be in opposition to the position already taken iu tills respect In the
Provincial School Act; and In the caae
of the Seconal amendment to this subsection, because the requirement of
registration ou voters' llBts would dls-
Qualify women, who are elsewhere in
lhe bill expressly declared to be eligible.
"To Section 22���For the reason last
"To Section 51, Subsections A. and
D.���Because we consider it most deslr-
able that both the minister and superintendent of education, or at least the
latter,   should    be    a    member   of   the
"To Section 91.���A reported amendment offend In debate to strike out the
provision that candidates for degrees in
theology from affiliated colleges must
bu graduates of recognized universities
���for the reason that Is Is ln the highest
degree undesirable that any theological
college In afiUlation with the provincial
unlvoisity should have the power, by
granting degrees (o those who have re-
.-.ivail little or uo general education, to
confer the distinction of recognition by
the unlvi'i-slty upon a hody of men of
Inferior attainments.
Tha. members of this club were particularly gratified by the provisions In-
Oluded in Section 1,1 as originally drafter."
Countess   Von   Wartensben's   Necklace
of   Pearls  Stolen.
Berlin, Feb. 17.���A pearl necklace of
much beauty, valued at $60,000, have
been stolen from the Countess Von
Wartensben. Upon her return from
llle opera Saturday evening sho placed
the necklace and pin in a Jewel case In
her dressing room and then went to
supper. Returning in about half an
hour she opened the jewel box to place
aalher articles ln It and found that the
necklace and pin were missing. The
police were notified at once. The only
unusual circumstance noted was that
a window In the maid's room wns open.
The maid .was protested by the police
but she protested her innocence. The
countess ls the wife of General Alex-
inula.r Von Wartensben, of Ihe cavalry,
who Ib a warm personal friend of the
emperor. The necklace was composed
ol' exceptionally large pearls, tho string
measuring five feet In  length.
Father Vaughsn  on Sweatshops.
London,    Feb.    17.���Father    Bernard
Vuughuii, brother ot the  lute  Cardinal
Vuughan, preaching In the Jesuits'
church here yesterday, during the
course of a powerful plea ln behalf
of the bill which will come before the
house of commons this week agalftst
"sweatshops" gave a graphic Illustration of the manner In which the poor
workers in the east end of Lonalon
are compelled to live. In a amall room,
he said, that ought to be occupied by no
more than two persons, there were
��� twelve machines working all day and
late ln the evening. Then the machines
were removed and straw mattresses
laid on the floor, men being admitted
to sleep. At 2.30 in the morning these
men were turned into the street and
the room rented to another set of sleepers who were also driven out at 6.30
n. m. on the return of the machine
Reported at Buffalo.
Buffalo, Feb. 17.���The Italian car, in
the Now York to Paris race, driven by
Setoria, arrived here at 5.45 this morning, and after a short time spent In a
garage departed for Erie, i-*a.. its occupants being under the impression that
the two carB preceding It had continued
on their way westward. An effort was
made to overtake the Italian but without avail. After a conference lt was
decided that the French car, driven by
St. Chaffrey. and the American car,
should proceed today and the French
car departed at 11 o'clock. The American car will leave at 3 o'clock this afternoon.
Von  Veitheim   Says   Death   of  Barney
Barnato  was  First  Cause  of
Boer War.
London, Feb. 17.���According to a
statement made by Carl Von Veitheim
in old Bailey, during his trial for attempting to blackmail Solly H Joel, the
well known capitalist out of $80,000,
his letter demanding money was merely a reminder that the Barnarto firm
of which S. B. Joel ts a member bad
covenanted to pay Veitheim for engineering a revolution In the Transvaal
and he wanted $80,000.
Joel testified at length regarding*
other threatening letters he received
signed "Kismet." and Veitheim admitted he wrote them. It was the "one
silly tiling 1 ever did in my life." he
said, but pleaded that they were merely written to gratify Miss Caldecott,
who had some animosity for Joel and
wished to frighten him. Veitheim added that he had subsequently explained this to Woolf Joel, Solly Joel's brother and had received the former's forgiveness. Veitheim made some dramatic statements on tbe stand. He said
he was Introduced to Barrney Barnato
in 1*596 by the minister of a South African state whom he refused to name.
Veitheim had been concerned in two
South American revolutions and the
minister whom he helped recommended
hlni to Barney Barnato for his ability
In handling revolutionary movements.
The prisoner described the Interview
with Barnato, who he said wanted
Paul Kruger, the president of the Transvaal, "removed." He asked Veitheim
what, in his opinion the revolution
would cost. Veitheim suggested $2,-
Barnato said It was cheap at $2,500,*
000. Veitheim asked between $210,000
and $250,000 as his own fee. Barnato
enjoined secrecy nnd paid Veitheim at
various interviews retaining fees amounting to $7,500. It was arranged at
a final Interview to continue the preliminaries, but no report was to be
made until the arrival of Woolf Joel
In South Africa. Barnato's suicide
shortly followed and Veitheim decided
to stay in South Africa until Woolf
Joel arrived, he serving meanwhile
with the Bechuiiniiland Mounted Police.
After Woolf Joel's arrival, Veitheim
had several Interviews with him concerning the pica. Woolf Joel undertook
to pay hlni $60,000. but raised difficulties about transferring this sum, as the
discovery of such a transaction would
endanger all Barnato's property In the
Transvaal. Then came the final Interview at which Veitheim shot. Woolf
Tho court listened ln deep silence
while the prisoner volubly and dramatically described how Woolf Joel Insisted that Veitheim must go to London
to receive the promised $60,000, and
how Woolf Joel's companion at a sign
fiom Joel tried to shoot Veitheim;
how Joel then drew his revolver; how
Veitheim fired in self defense, killing
Woolt Joel, and how he was tried and
acquitted of the charge of murder.
"But for this shooting affair In Joel's
office," said Veitheim, "there would
have been uo Boer war, because President Kruger would have been forced
out of the country nnd another Boer
president put In  his  place."
"Dobs" Offers Trophy for
Rifle Shooting
Canadian Militia Department Arrange
for Selection of Team���Canada
From Ocean to Ocean.
Ottawa, Feb. 17.���It ls announced that
Karl Roberts has presented a trophy
for competition In rifle shooting between teams of eight school boys of 16
yi-ars of age and under, of British parentage, throughout the empire, comiie-
tition to take place during the coming
year. A team to represent Canada is
to be selected by the department of
militia and defence from teams entering and competing ln the cadet series
of the Canadian rifle league for 1908, of
which further particulars will be published. The trophy is to be competed
for annually by representative teams of
British Bcbool boys who are not over 16
years of age on July 1 ln the year of the
match. Bronze medals will be given
each member of the winning team and
a silver medal to the captain.
Vancouver, Feb. 17.���A Chinaman
was arrested yesterday In ��adner who
ls believed to be the man wanted by
the Vancouver police for the attempted
murder of Constable Malcom McLeod
of this city, whom the whole detective
force, aided by the Chinese of the city
colony, have been searching for since
the outrage on Wednesday morning
Cobalt, Feb. 17.���At a largely attended meeting of the citizens of Cobalt on
Saturday night a resolution unanimously carried to divide the province, making the enormous revenue now going
out of the district available for the purpose of building good roads, bridges,
schools and other improvements.
Toronto, Feb. 17.���Alexander Henry
Fuller, commercial traveller, was found
dead In his room at Queen's Hotel yesterday with the gas turned on.
SL John, N. P., Feb. 17.���Harold Draper aged 16 and Irving Earle aged 15
went fishing on Saturday afternoon and
have not since been heard of. It Is
feared they have been drowned. A
wild  rain  storm  raged  Saturday night.
Montreal, Feb. 17.���R. M. S. Empress
of Ireland arrived at Liverpool on Sunday at 2 a. m.
Ottawa, Feb. 17.���Mr. James Bryce,
British ambassador to the United
States, arrived In Ottawa this afternoon
He was met at the station by Sir Chas.
Fttzpatrlck, Col. J. Hanbury Williams
and Lord La8celles. He will be the
guest of Earl and Countess Grey for a
Ottawa, Feb. 17.���The last report of
the superintendent of insurance of Canada shows that on Dec. 31st, 1908, there
were 2044 Canadian policy holders ln
the Mutual life Reserve, for which a
liquidation application is now before
the courts. Two months ago the New
York department of insurance made an
examination of the affairs of the Mutual
Reserve and found, according to their
method of valuation un impairment of
assets amounting to about $1,500,000.
Ottawa, Feb. 17.���Mr. W. T. R. Preston, reporting to the trade and commerce department from Japan, says that
Canada was just about establishing an
enviable reputation for butter in Japan
when a large shipment from one of the
Western provinces turned out very unsatisfactory, and unfortunately, lt had
been extensively distributed before the
importer became aware of its character. Mr. Preston goes on to slate that
he followed the matter up and "secured
evidence of the most Ill-advised shipments that could possibly have been
made from Canada."
Ottawa, Feb. 17���The Canadian Olympic games committee met Saturday ln
the offlce of the governor general and
appointed a sub-committee to coutrol
(ill branches ot the different sports to
be represented at London.    Delegates
also waited on Laurier who promised
favorable consideration toward government -Jil in sending Canadian represen-
������i...i-.s abroad. It was also decided to
hold provincial meets and the winners
in these contests will compete in a Unal
Dominion test for places on the team.
The central meet will be held In Montreal or Toronto not later than June 6th.
Edison's   Secretary   Shot   Himself���No
Troubles Known.
West Orange, N. J., Feb. 17.���John F.
Randolph, of the Edison Manufacturing
company, of which Thomas A. Edison
ls president, committed suicide iu the
cellar of his residence. New Valley Way,
today, by shooting himself In the head.
It .Is believed that Mr. Randolph was
temporarily Insane, as there was no
trouble in either his business or his
family. Mr. Randolph was private secretary to Thomas A. Edison, and Mr.
Edison was one of the first to reach his
house after his death was known.
That" Mr. Randolph did not follow her
husband to death was due to the prompt
and determines action of Mr. Edison.
When he reached the house Mrs. Randolph was crying out that she would
kill herself. He came upon her as she
was about to throw herself from a second storey win low, seized her and after
a hard struggl: succeeded In pulling her
back to a pla i of safety. Several letters show the act was deliberately planned. In one t dressed to Mr. Randolph
he assured 1 r that provision had been
made when y all his property would
go to her. The letter declared that
every dolla. of which he was possessed
he gained onestly and by hard work.
Among ot r letters was one for Mr.
Edison ai also one for Mrs. Edison.
The conn ita of these were not made
public. '
Reverend  Chinese  Editor's  Lurid  Talk
to San Francisco Audience-
Love for Americans.
San Francisco, Feb. 17.���At a meeting
in the Y. M. C. A. headquarters the
Rev. N. G. Poon Chow, editor of the
Chinese World, told his audience that
China was raising an army of one million to drive the European nations trom
the empire, "but she will never be a
menace to America," said the editor,
"because among other things we have
learned recently Is that the United
States is the only nation on earth with
a conscience."
The journalist talked on China's possibility, the churches responsibility, and
he Inspired his address with epigrams
and figures of true Chinese terseness.
"China." he continued, "is just awakening from her slumbers and she is getting ready to go to arms. When she
does she will send Germany. France,
Russia, England and other robbing and
thieving nations home in a hurry. If
Russia ever tries again to grab any
Chinese territory we will All her as full
of glory holes as Japan did. China ls
destined to be the greatest nation on
War on "Black Hand."
Hqrrisburg, Penn., Feb. 17.���With 270
men captured ln 32 raids conducted by
the state police department iu Its war
against the Black Hand bands that have
been terrorizing the foreign population
In various sections of the commonwealth, the authorities count on crushing them out before the operations can
extend lo Americans. For months the
state policemen have been waging war
on criminal gangs ln the anthracite re*
glous where bunds have been imposing
on credulous foreigners, but lately there
have been signs of the terrorizing being
extended to Northumberland county.
Policemen have also been sent to Alleghany county where the charges were
made against several prominent men,
anal special details will operate about
Pittsburg for some time to come.
Socialists Fare Badly.
Solengen, Rhenish Prussia, Feb. 17.���
The socialists of this city organized tn
musses around the city hall yesterday
and cheered for universal suffrage. The
police made a charge on tho crowds,
scattered them aud arrested many of
the disturbers.
Special Agent Murdered.
Birmingham, Ala., Feb. 17.���Special
Agent J. R. Crawford of the Southern
railway waa shot by unknown persons
and the body placed on the tracks at
Twenty Sseveuth, street, where lt was
run over by an Incoming passenger
train last night. No clue has been
found as tu the murderers.
Drillsh Government WD
Answer Germany
Limitation of Armaments Is Farther
Away Than Ever���Question
of Floating Mines.
London, Feb. 17.���In view of the
threatening attitude of that section of
the radical party which advocates reduction ln armaments, there has been
much speculation as to whether the
government will persist In the determination, reached on the advice of the
lords of the admiralty, to aubmit Increased naval estimates to parliament.
Those ln a position to know say they
will, and backed by strong public opinion, can carry them through without
difficulty. What these estimates provide for in the way of new construction
ls another question that bas been much
discussed. A naval officer gives the following aa the programme: three
armoured vessels of the Dreadnaught
type, two cruisers. Improvements on
the old Edgar class, heavily armed and
well protected; six smaller cruisers, of
25,000 tons, with a great radius of action; at least twelve torpedo craft, tbe
majority of them to be of the Tartar
This is not looked upon as a complete
answer to German's programme. Germany's refusal to agree at the Hague
to the proposal to prohibit the placing
of floating mines has caused British activity ln thiB direction. Heretofore this
country hag had but two mine-laying;
vessels. Since the Hague conference-
adjourned, work has commenced on the*
conversion of three second class cruisers for this purpose.
Preparations in London for Meeting of
World'a Athletes.
London, Feb. 17.���The last girder for
the steel structure of the great stadium
at Shepherd Bush, London, ln which the
Olympic games will be contested thla
year was placed In position this week
and some Idea can now be obtained
of tbe magnitude of the British Olympic Association's undertaking. This
stadium had been designed to accommodate 70,000 spectators and besides will
contain rooms for the competitors, officials and general public, and a lot of
floor space for exhibits of sporting implements. The-centre of a turf arena, 700
feet in length, and Is three hundred
feet ln width, around which has been
laid a running track having three lapa
to the mile and outside thiB again a
cycling track having two and three-
quarter laps to the mile. The turf and
laps were laid last fall and are ln splendid condition and have been declared
the best ln England. Alongside the
arena ts a swimming pool, 100 meters
In length, with a deep space in the middle for high diving and water pool
events which the committee believe
will be among the most Interesting of
the meeting.
Bank Cashier on Trial.
Portsmouth, Va., Feb. 17.���The case
of Alexander B. Butt, former cashier of
the wrecked People's Bank of Portsmouth, was called for trial today. Butt
ls Indicted on twenty-one counts.
Among other things he is charged with
receiving deposits when he knew the
bank was insolvent, falsification of tbe
books of the bank, the swearing to false
statements to the state corporation
commission, embezzlement and grand
larceny of funds aggregating nearly
$200,000 and criminal mismanagement
which brought about the wreck ot the.
institution and the loss of the deposits.
Bicycle Race Begun.
Boston, Mass.. Feb. 17.���The teams
composed of the foremost followers of
the professional bicycle game ln this
country will start tonight on a six-day
race on the saucer track of the park
square colliseum. The riding will occupy two hours and one-half each evening with the exception of Saturday
when the racing will continue from 2
p. m. to 10 p. m. Among those entered are Chas. Holbrook and J. Halltgan
of Montreal and M. Landerson and Carl
Stanonl oi Denmark
i.  '
J 1 ..j Daily Canadia_
Clothing,    Gents'   Furnishings
and Boots and Shoes
Is beginning to arrive.
In about another week we will be able to offer full lines
in these goods, and can promise you the best value ever offered in the city.
In tlie meantime it will pay you to await their arrival
before making your purchase.
Imperial Bank of Canada
Head Office:   Toronto.
Capital Authorized   $10,000,000    Capital  Paid Up   $4,860,000
Rest   $4 860,000
D. R. WILK1E. President.
HON. ROBERT J AFFRAY, Vice-President
Branches in British Columbia:
Interest allowed on deposits  from date of deposit and credited quarterly.
aJ.   IVI.   LAV,   Manager.
rs'Ki-so.'v  BKANCH
The Royal Bank of Canada
Incorporated  A.  D.   1SC9.
Reserve  Fund     -M,390,000
Unexcelled facilities for the transaction
of all kinds of Banking  Business.
savings Bank Department, and
interest credited Quarterly on
Savingc Bank Accounts.
on Application, in Large, Medium
or Pocket Size.
Nelson Branch, G. A. SPINK, Manager.
Published six :-.;.-- a wees by tbe
Baker Ht..  Nelson. B. 0
Hairasa-rlpllon rata.., .'aaj a-aalHs a mohth aJellvereaL,
In lha; a.-ny, ���r lYOO a year If seal by mall, when
pal.I 111 aafvaanaae.
Adva.-rtl.luif rataS on application.
All naa.iaii-s paM lu settlement of The Pally
CaiaH.llaai aea-oainta, either for siibsa.-rlptloias or
aaJvi.Ttla.luK. must be re.elpie'l for ou the printed
forms of the Company, other reaaetpls are not
Monday,   February   17,   1908.
Soma., time ago, when Bob McPherson
iin.l Duncan It.iHK were making superlatively Billy speeches in parliament on
tbe queatlon of admittin.; or excluding  Oriental  Immigration,  we  praised
Ilia;   KO'ad   MN   which    kept   our   own
rnember's tongue unlet We have grown
lined lo leelng Mr. (lallllier reported
r, . i.a.. ly BJ voting with and tor the .Machine,    laar    lha-   HU|.iiIl.HH.ia,ll    !,.    illfairllia-
ti..n Of raaidH, for the protection a,f
tliia:va*�� in iin- cabinet or tn depart,
mm**,, for ihe granting of valuable con-
cession- from the public domain to
party spoilsmen���we were used to all
thin aad expected nothing better,
We had grown no accustomed ua ihin
attitude of Mr. Qalirt-er's thai we hnd
ceased to regard h mh e matter tor r-riil-
ciKin aar comment We even counted it
to him for righteousness thai be waa
able to keep quiet, if he had done nothing worthy aa ilu- representative of
Kootenay lie had at least not larauiKlii
ridicule upon It, and with lln- ipeo-
tacle of Vancouver's affliction before uh.
we were prepared to he grateful even
for that favor.
It seemed almost a ilgn of grace in
Mr. Galllher, as if he appreciated the
eateem In which he ia held in Kootenay and knew lhat he was not expected to he interested In anythlnt. hut the
aecnrlng of eonoeaalon** for corpora-
tions. It even (earned that he recognized that the pretence of a serious
speech from him on a subject of national Importance would be an Impertinence.
Nelson at least, probably the whole
of Kootenay, was grateful lo Mr. Galllher for his Hilence.
Hut ln a moment of weakness Mr.
Galllher made a speech on the subject
of  Oriental  immigration  and  the Le-
riiia-nx minalon. No notice was taken of
it by tor-graphic correspondents in the
i :. gallery mar by the special oorrea-
pondents .jf aha- papera of Montreal anal
Toronto. Bul the Victoria Times, that
patient worshipper of everything la-
belled Lib,-ral, has reproduced It in
full. It w;a.-s no kiridnens to .Mr. Galli-
h<-r though undoubtedly intenaled as
such. The speech fills more than five
columns of the Victoria Times. All
that In In it could have been condensed
into ISO lines, hut the condensation
would, of course*, have revealed its
"Big Bill" belongs to the genus "good
fellow." Sound tha.* festive hoard he
can tell a good yarn, he can discrimiri-
ara- between funny story and flat ones,
occasionally lit- can make a witty remark, but be ib aa Incapable of a valuable contribution to the dlscussiam of
an Important subject as he Is of a
Statesmanlike (-lew or a stand for principle against Interest Of his five or
Six thousand Words contributed to the
padding of Hansard, moat are mere
waanls. Iu lhe flrat two columns the
only thing of any Importance, interest
..i even relevancy, is ibe correction
aai a statement by Mr. Lemieux that sso
years ago Asiatic Immigration wits wel-
corned to British Columbia, This Is of
incidental Importance, Mr. Lemieux
should have attained a complete under-
standing of tin- subject before he was
accredited as Canadian envoy to Japan.
It Is a little disquieting to find at this
alula- ihat in- r.-i|iiii.-ai enlightenment
irom Mr. Oalliher on such a point as
The only serious part of Mr. Galll-
lu-r's long effusion is a contention, Into
which he seems to have blundered without any premeditation, that the ratification of the treaty with Japan was not
duo to any oversight or any failure to
recognize* lis possible consequences. Of
course, if Mr. Galllher Is right, Sir Wilfrid Laurier and all the other ministers
and members are wrong. Hut, conceding
for a moment thai Mr. Oalliher is right,
what is Involved?    it is a declaration
that tbe government signed a formal
treaty, trusting to an alleged verbal
statement by an agent wholly unauthorised that the other party to the treaty
would not take advantage of it; lhat
after finding that Japanese were taking
advantage of their treaty rights, they
sen Mr. Lemieux Io secure a renewal
of tho verbal assurance from tbe party
now in power in Japan, an assurance
not binding even on the most liberal
interpretation of international law. utterly vaeue, and with no time specified.
If lhat Is the way that Bill comes to
the rescue of his party, we can imagine
Sir Wilfrid Laurier praying that he
wouSd take another excursion to New-
York or do anything else that would
keep him from taking part In debates.
It cannot be said that his speech is conspicuously silly in a bouse which has
alread;. I  to Hob McPherson and
Uuncan Ross, but Hill has said nothing
and kwrkftil viae for so many years that
has been credited with ln-
��� :ice.
The net result of Hritish Columbia's
. ��� - participation ln the
al debate is the conviction that
not one of the seven is competent to
analyz- ��� treaty, to think intelligently
aan a sertoas problem air even to invent
a passable excuse for neglect and
Hughes League Organizes.
New York, Feb. 17.���Promoters of
���:,. Hughes league of the I'nited States
met in conference at the Manhattan Hotel today to choose an advisory committee and otherwise complete its organization The league, as its name im-
| '.:��� - will aim to promote the presidential boom of Governor Hughes. General
Stewart L. Woodford, former United
States minister to Spain, has been
cbooen president of the league.
In the matter of an application for the 1. "tie ol
a duplicate ,'ertlflcate o, Title for lots I. 6, 9, 11,
IS, j... id. 3*2, of lot 8V1, ijronp Oue. iu the
District of Kooteuay (Map 6.8).
Hotice t* hereby given tbat lt if my intention
... .. bl the expiration of one month after tbe
first publication hereof .duplicate of the Certificate of Title for the above mentioned lots In
the name of Richard Helme, which Certificate ol
Title ia dated tbe 24th day of November, 1906,
an*  numbered 6310A.
Land Registry Otnoe, Nelson, B. 0., January
lTth, 1908.
������H . F. Maa Lzob,"
District Keglstrar.
Certificate  of Improvements.
"P.cal Point," "Veru.mo," "Greenwood Fractional," -'aareenwoo-l and Jack Pot Fractional"
Mineral Claims, dluate In tbe Nelson Mining
lalviilon ol We-t Koajtenay liistrlct.
Where Iraeatea*. i��� On Kagle Creek above lhe
Payarman Mine.
Taae notice that I, John Mcl-atchle. of the
Cltj o, Nelson, acting as agent for Jons. P. Swed-
berg. Free Miner's Certificate No B74T5 and
Oeear Johnson Free Miner's Certificate No B623,
intend sixty days from tbe date hereof to apply Ut lhe Mining Recoraler tor Certificates ol
lmprovementa. lor the purpose of ubtalnlng
Crown airauts of the above claims
An.l further lake notice that action, under
E__ctlonX7, must be commenced before the ls-
suan.-e of ft.ich c'ertlflcates ot Improvements.
Paled this ZTtn day !of September, A  Ia . 1907.
John mclatch e.
Nelson Lund Dldrlct. Uistrict ol Weit Kootenay
Take uot ice that Fred. J. fcamrooua, agent Ior
Fred. J Tanner, of Nelnon, occupation watchmaker, intends to apply for permlssiou to pur*
ehKM; the following described lauds: Com men*
eing at a post {slanted about '2\-~ mllen east of
Wilson '-reek, thenee 40 chains lu an easterly
direction, thence '20 ehainn south, thence 40
chains lu a westerly direction, thence '20 chalun
north to the point of commencement, contaiuing
su acres, more or lesi
Dated Sov. 2oth, J'J07.
FKBniti. x John Tanker,
P. J. .SAMMOft-fH, Agent.
Nelson [-.and District. Diatrict ol Went Kootenay
Take notice that Fred J. Hammone, agent lor
A. A -jullanl, of Proctor, occupation rancher,
intends lo apply for permission to purchase the
following described lands : Oommenclng at a
pott planted about LU in lies east of Wilson creek,
thence (..mthwet,t 2o clialns. thenee northwest SO
i halns, thence northeast 20rhains, thene*. southeast **i chains to the the point of commencement
containing W acres, more or less.
Dated Nov-'.Mb, 1907.
Agent F. J  Hammons.
Nelson 1-and District.   District of West Kootenay
Take notice that W. A. Hudson, timber cruiser,
of Bpokane, .-pokane county, Washington, one
of the United Htatesof America, Intend* to apply
for a special timber license over the following
described lunds: Commencing at a post marked
No B| planted on the north bank of Corn creek,
at tbe junction of the North fork of Corn ereek
with the main stream, about five miles in a
westerly direction from continence of said Corn
creek with the Kootenay river; theuce north 40
chains; thence west 160 chains; thenee south 40
Obalna; thence east lfio chains to point oi commencement, containing 640 acres more or less.
Said land adjoitirt timber limit No 7 on the
west and timber limit No. 8 on the south, as located by me.
Located Novemt*er 7, 19*17.
William A. Hri'SON, Locator,
Witnessed by Patrick 0. Bhiue
Declared   und signed by the within named W
A. Hudson   ou   the 28th day of November, A   D.
1907,   before   me   at Hpokane,   Hpokane   County,
Washington, one of the United ritates of America.
I'atkick C. Hhine.
an District. District of Wesl Kootenay
Take notice that Isabella Tierce, f Htrassburg,
fin ii ation married woman. Intend! to apply
for permission to purchase the following described lands: Commencing at a post planted at
the Intersection of the north boundary of Lot
MM, and the east boundary ol Lot No. 818A,
thence east H cbalns, more or less, to the northeast corner of 'limber Limit No. 7071, thence
north 80 shaius, tbence west '20 chains, more or
le<s, to the east side of Whatshan lake, theuce
following Mime in a southerly and westerly
diiection lOu chains, more or less to the intersection wltli i.ol818o, thence :15 chains, more nr
less, following easterly boundary of Lot 8185 to
point of commencement.
Dated 7th October, 1907. ihahki.la I'ikkck,
F. il. FAUguikR, Agent.
Nelaon Land Dlatriot. Dlstrletof West Koolenay
Take nollee lhat Alexander J. McCool, ol
Fertile, H. C, oceupattou clerk, intends lo apply
for permission lo purchase the following described land: Commencing at a post planted on
the southern boundary 01B. 0 .Southern Railway right-of-way, about one and a half miles
westerly from the northwest eorner of lot .WeiS,
group 1, Kootenay, thence south 80 chains,
thence cast 80 chains, thence north 80 chains to
houlhern bourn lary of said rlght-of-waf, thence
west 80 chains along snld southern boundary to
point of commencement, aud containing 600
aeres, more or less.
Dated November 9th, 1907.
Nelson Laud District.   District of West Kootenay
'I ake notice (but F. T. Hurdcu, actlug as agent
for J. II   Burden, of  I'okiok,   N.l),  occupation
mechanic,   intends   to  apply  for  permission   to
purchase thu lollowiiig described   lauds:    Commencing at a post planted on the easterly Hhore
of Arrow lake and about 10 chains north ot the
N.K. corner  of  lot HitVi, thence east 'iii chains,
theuce uorth 40 chalus, more or less, to the lake
shoie, thence souih westerly along the lakeshore
lo the point of commencement,  and  containing
8ti acres, more or less.
Dated November 18th, 1907. Jamks If  I'iiri-rn,
F. P.  JlUKDKN, Agent.
Neisou Land DlstrlcL   District of West Kootenay
Take   nollce    that   John   James   Cameroo,  of
Fernie, Britiah Columbia, occupation contrac
tor,    intend**    to    apply    for    oormloti
purchaae Ibe fo_owi_g demerit-*-.**--. .-slJ: < *-���_,-
mencing at a poet planted on the taoutheru
boundary of the B: C. >oi.:bera right ..'--*&y
about 40 chains we-.t--.riT from thr > W ��� rn*--r
of lot 9963. croup 1, Kootenay. thence *oiiih *\>
chain*, tbence eaat 40 chains, thene* north Ut
chalni to the t**ouiher_ boundary *_���. the said
right-of-way, tbence weeterly alo-ag said -outh
ern boundary of right-of-way to tbe pomt
commencement, anif containing 240 acre*, in*.-rior leas.
Dated November 9tb, IW:.
_   Jcmt Jane.-- CamirON.
NelMn Land District. District of West Kootenay
Take notice that John Sbleli. of Need:-.--*. H I .
occupation rancher, intends to apply for per-
caution to purchaae tbe following dt-****.Tit---d
land; Commencing al a p.-**. planted at the
northwest corner of Lot .USB, theute we**: fl
chains,.thence south *>.* chains, tbence aaal 4Q
cnains. thenee north Ui cbalus to the .
c-omaencement, and containing SA> ot too, m<-re
or leaa.
J ated 1-llh October. 1907. Jam*;* -*h:k:-L.
 F. G. F*rwt :kr. Atji 111
Nelaon Land District   Dutrlet of We*: K
Take notice tbat Angus M1.-U1.i. of :l* I Uy ol
Nelaon, occupation fireman, intend*, to a* .
permission t�� purchase the  following   1
lands:    ('ommencing at a   post planted   at  the
N. W. corner L   C. MorrisM>n"s  ranch.  1:.   Plr
alley, ttucce   north   forty   {40) chain*,   thene
ast   fo-ty  (40)  chains,   tbence   aoutb        ity  <4o
alns, thence wesi forty He)  i tains otnt 0
m mencempnt.   and Containing   one hundred
d sixty (160) a crea. more or less.
Died September 2nd. 1907.       AV**Dl    Ifc'
Nelson Land District.   Dlstrletof West Kootenay
Take nollce that   Hugo Carstens, of Winnipeg,
Man.,   occupation   publisher,   intends   to apply
for   permlMion   to   purcba*(_* the   following de
���crlbed land:
Commencing at  a  post planted  on   the  we-t
oundary ol L. 421x, G. 1, (about 5 miles from Arrow Lake, on   Mosquito Creek) and .'1   chain.- 7 .
links south of   the N. W.C. of .said   lot, running
thence west 90 chains, thence tooth  K chalna,
tbence east So chains, thence north �� < hams to
place of commencement, containing  640 acres.
more or lest.
Charles V *
Agent  for   Hu^o Carstens.
Dated 2Z December 1907.
.Nelson Land District. Duirictol West Kootenay,
Take notice that Tina Bergman, of Altoua,
Man , occupation wife of C. Bergman, farmer,
Altoua, Man., Intends to apply for permission to
purchase lhe following defccrtbe'l lau-':
Comm*. nciiig at a pott planted at the .V. K. C
of Hugo Can.su.ns' application to purchase and
running thenee west 80 chains tbence north 80
chains, theuce east 40 chaius. tbem-e south 8
chains'^) links, thence eat-t 4o Cr-alna, thence
south 71 chains 75 links to point ol eommence-
ment, containing 607 acres more or less
charlf.- Marshall,
Dated 2Z December V
Agent   for   *1 ina   Bergman.
Nelson Land District    District of West Kootenay.
lake notice lhat Levi George I'ayne, of Needles,
B. C, occupation rancher, luteals to apply for
permission to purchase the following deacrfbad
lands: Commencing at a post planted about 15
enalna west of Whatshan creek and 81 914 chains
���outh of the southwest corner of L,<t No h.'Ah
running thenee north 80 chains, thence west 80
chains, tbeuce south 12 155 chain**, theuce east
��X-bnH chains, thence south 67 MS chains, theuce
57.419 chalni  eaat   tu   point  of .  ���*mtui,
containing 481 acrea, now *���������.--.��� tv* lot M85
Dated 8th January, 1908. Levi i-bokoe I'ayne.
West Kootenay Laud District. Dunnci of Goat
Take notice that I, George A. Hunt, of Kit.
cheuer, occupation tlmberman, inlend to
apply for permission to purchase tbe
following described land: Commencing at a
post planted about 40 cl��tns, west ot Thompson
marked if, W. corner, thence south 10 '.ii chalus
tbeuce east 44.67 chains, thence north 31.45
chains, tbence west along B, C. .-outhern kail-
way to place of commencement, containing 98.18
Date-i January 8th, 1908.        George H. Hvnt
Nelson Land Dintrict. District of Weft Kootenay
Takte notice that I, Frederick Adie, of Waneta,
B- C, oceupation merchant. Intend to apply for
permission to purchaae tbe following described
land: Commencing at a post planted about 10
chains west of the N B. enrnerof lot 8622, thence
nortb '2o chains, thence east 80 chains, them e
���outh '20 chains, thence west 80 chain** to point
of commencement, containing 160 acres, more or
Dated January 21st, 1908.       FKEnKRK g Ame.
Nelnon Land District.   District of West Koo'enny
Take notice that James Fisher, of Kosslan >,
B. C , occupation prospector, lutends to apply
lor a syeciat timber ,lcence over the following
described lands;
Location No. 1. Commencing ata post planted
about two miles west of the Columbia and
Western Bailway's right-of-way and about one
mile north of the northeru boundary of 0. P, K
lot 2B98. aud west of Dog creek, north of Farron.
B. C, being the initial post adjacent to the
northwest corner of timber licence uumbar 137.VI
and marked J. Finhers N E. corner, thenee
south 80 chains, theuce west 80 chains, thence
north 80 chains, thenee east 80 chains to the
point of commencement and containing 640
acres, more or less
Dated December 16th, 1908.
James Fisher, locator.
Location No. 2. Commencing rt a post planted
at the southeast corner being the initial post
adjacent lo the northwest corner of timber
licence No. 137>4 ami adjacent to tbe northeast
corner of J Fisher's No. I location and marked
J. Fisher's H. K. corner, thenee north 80 cbalns,
thence west 80 chains, tbence south BO chains,
thence east 80 chains to the point of commencement and containing 640 acres, more or less.
Dated December 16th, 1907.
James Fisher, locator.
location No 3. Commencing at a post planted
at the southwest corner about oue mile norih of
h e northern boundary of 0. I'. R. lot ;.fi 9, a*>d
about 2 mileB west of tlm ber licence No. 187M, and
about (our miles west of the Columbia and
Western Railway, north of Farron, B. ('., and
adjoining J. Fisher's :s'o. 2 location on the north,
being th�� initial post and marked J Fisher's
H. W. corner, thence north 80 chains, thenee eust
80 chains, thence south 80 chains, tbence west
80 chains to the point of commencement and
containing 640 acres, more or lens.
Dated December 10th, 1907.
Jamk** Fisiikr, locator.
L-oeation No. 4. Corn mencing at a post planted
at the northwest corner being tbe initial post
adiacent to the southwest corner of J. Fisher's
No. 3 locallou ami marked J. Flsher'n N W
corner, thence south 80 c tin inn to the northern
boundary of C. I'. R un 269K, thedce east hi)
ehainn, thence north 80 chains thence west 80
chains, to the point of commencement and i-oii-
taing 640 acres, more or lens.
Dated December 16th, 1907.
James Fisher, locator
Location No. b. Commencing at a post planted
at the southeartt corner being the Initial pont n-l-
jatreul to theH. W.corner of .1 Fisner's No.8 loeaiion, and marked J lisher'BH K corner, thence
north 80 chains, tnence west 80 chaliiH, lhenoe
south 80 chains, thenoa east 80 ehulns to the
point of commencement, and containing ti-10
acres, more or less.
Dated December I6th, 1907.
Jamks Fisiikr, locator.
Location No. 6. Commencing at a post planted
at the northeast corner being the initial post
adjacent to the northwest corner of J. Fisher's
No- 4 location and marked J. Fisher's N.K,
corner, Ihence south 80 chains to the northern
boundary of C. P. B. lot 8098, thence west 80
chains, thence north '���" ehainn, thence east 80
chaius to tho pointof commeucement aud con
taining 640 acres, more or less.
Dated December i->:n, 1907.
J. Fisiikr, locator.
Location No. 7. Commencing at a post planied
at'the southwest corner being the initial post
adjacent to the northwest corner of J Fisher's
No- 2 location and marked J. Fisher's H W
corner, thence north 80 chains, Ihence east 80
cbaint, theute south ho chains, thence west KO
chains to the point of commencement and coutaiuing 640 acres, more or less.
Dated December 16th, 1907.
.Pa MF.s Fn-IIKR, locator
Location No. 8. Commencing at a post planted
at tho southeast corner and being the initial
post adjacent to the southwest corner of J.
Flnhcr'n No. 7 location and marked J Fishers
S. B. corner, thenee norih 80 challin, thence west
80 chains, thence south 80 chains, theuce cast 80
chains to the point of commencement and Con
taining 640 acres, more or less.
Dated December 16ih, 1907.
Jambs FihIirr, locator.
Location No. 9, Commencing at a post planted
at the south weM eoruer being the inltiHl post
adjacent to the northwest corner of J. Fisher's
No. 7 locstlon and mark'd J Fisher's H W.
corner, theuce north 80 chains, theuce east K0
chalna, thence nouth 80 chains, thence west ho
cbalnn to the point of commencement ami containing 640 acien, more or lesa.
Dated December 16th 1607
Jamju Fit-in:it, locator.
WK sire now showing one of the very largest and best assorted
stocks of Ladies' Under Muslins including Night Dresses,
Corset Covers, Drawers, White 1'nderskirts, Combination
Under Muslins ever shown at such low prices,. We ask the ladies
to call and inspect our stock and to compare our prices.
Looatlon No 10. Cmineiiclng ata poal UleaU
at the southeast corner U-lug the initial poet
adjacent to the norinea.it corner of. J risher's
No.    8   location   and   marked   J      Ki-uer *���   _.   K.
corner, thtnc* north SO ehaina, thenee W9U*9B
chains,   theuee   -jsiUi   HO   chain.-,   tl.eliie   ea.-l 80
Chains to the point   of  coiniueucemeut auil coutaiuing 640 acrea, mora or l����t.
Datea Decembet l.-iu, I**/-*
Jam���1 FlaHKR, locator.
An extension of 10 days ��uniu which to oom
me-nee publication granted by me thin date
December ttst, IWl. Harry Wright. An��ista.ut
Coin mis ���>toner of Laud* and Work**.
West Kootenay Laud District. Diitrut <>f SVott
lake notiee that I, J. *.'. Jansen. of Hpokane.
Wash., occupation timberman, intend toapply
for a special timber licence over the foilowiug
described lauds :
1 Commencing at a poet planted at the 8. W.
corner, about 1 mile from K.in JonnsioUi P , it
.No BOB, saiU post beiii.- placed on ttie intern*".-
tionai bouudary   line,   thenoa   nortli   4<>  chalna,
tnence east itio chalna, tnenoe aonth 40 chains,
thenee west 160 chaius to point of commeucement. containing 840 tt0*1
Dated Dec  mber 3rd, 1907. J. C. Ja**-.��f.n
2. Cum men wing at a post  planted at the n. W.
corner) about 40 chain-, norih from tbe B. W.
enrner of I ovation No. 1,, tlieuce uurin 4o etialus,
thenos ea.-t i6v obalna, thene,. aonth 40 chalna,
tnence vest 160 chalna to point ol commence*
meut coutaiuing 04o acres. J, G. Jaxaan.
3. Commeuclng at a post planted at tin- .-. >\ .
corner about 40 chains north from the .-. W
boj nei of location Su. 2. ihence nortn 40 ohalna,
tnence east Ibo chalus, Uieiu-e nouth 4o Chains,
thsnos west 160 obalm to point of commencement, oontatning 6-10 acres. 1   C tAUVtatX,
4. Commencing at a *-osl planted at lhe .-��. W.
corner, about 4u Cbalni north from the .-*. W .
corner o| locatiou No .J, thence Uurih 40 chains.
thenoe eant loo Ohalns, thence south 40 chains
thenee wesl ISO chains lo point ol oommenoe*
no lit, con Lain ing B4fl acren. J. 0. Janse.m.
a. Commencing at a post platilel at the H. W.
Corner, Sbout40 chains north Irom the 8. W.
Corner of location   No I, thence   north to chains,
thence east leocnatns, thenos  south to chains,
Ihence   west lt-o chalus   to  polut ol  commencement, containing ������� acres.
December *th, J.J07. J. C. Jansen.
6. Commeuclug al a post planted at Ibe8. W.
corner about 40 chains   nortn   Irom   the  ft. W.
corner ot loeatton No. ���>, thence north K) i-bains,
thence east 160 chains, theuce aonth 4o chalna,
tnenoe west 100 ehaim,, k�� poiut of oommenoe-
meut, Containing B40 acres.
December 4th, 1907 J  <;, 3aU9UU
7. CominLiicing at a post plauted at tlu* N. W.
corner and adjoining the N. ti., corner ot loi 2Vjo,
Ibeuce east 4U Ohaini, theuce south lo Ohaini
thence east 40 chains,   theuce soutn  1)0 Ohalna,
tbence west 80 chains, thence north lisi ohaini
to point oi oommenoe���tent) containing mo acres,
December 4th. W    h   .-111 1 k
n.   comment lug at a post planied at the N. W.
corner,   about  W of  a  tolls  in   a  south westerly
QlrecUon from tfis  south   fork of HaUnon   river,
and   aboul 7,'a  miles  from   the   mouth,   thenoe
south no ohalns, thence east40chalni, then s
north UIOChains,   thence  west lo chain*, to point
of commencement, coutaiuing 640 acres.
December6th, 11107. k. J. kkooji.
Nelson Land District,   District ol West Kooteuay
'lake notice   that W. A    Hudhoii, of  Bpokane,
Wpeblngton, t; h.a.,oooupatlon timber oruleer,
iniciui to apply for ��� ipe, i��i umber licence over
the foiiovving desorleeo lands:   Commenolng "t
a post planted ou the north bank ol t 0111 OreeJt,
at the junction of Ihe uorth loth Of Corn creek
With Hie main stream, about live miles in a
westerly direction from the conlt uence of said
Com creek with lhe Koolenay river, thenoa
north 40 chain-* thence west loo chains, ttu-uei*
south 40 chaitif,   theuee east 160 mains lo point
oi oommenoement, oon tat ning 840 acres, more or
Juited November7th, i*jo7.
Wuj.iaM A. Ht'IihoN.
MOlson Land DiitrlOt. District of West Koolenay
Take notice that I, L W. Hhaver, intend to ap
ply lor a special licence 10 cm and curry away
tinner from 640 acres of land: Oommenclng al
a pout market L. -A. Hhaver,   norliiwent  corner
thenos   eighty   ohaini south,   thence   eighty
chains east, thenee eighty oliauil   north, thence
eighty ohalns west to plaos 01 beginning, containing 640 acres, more or less, and eail and adjacent to timber licence 16034, and also lOUth
and adjacent to timber licence No UKUS, and also
south aud aojacent to F. A. Hhaver Umber limit
No. 1.
Dated   November 21��t, 1907.
L. W. Hhavpu, locator,
A. Hai kki r, agent.
Extension of one week within Which to ad-
vernse granted. Harry Wright, Aas't. Com-
musloner of Land and  Works.
Nelson Lan.l Dlslrlct.   District of West Kootenuy
'fake   notice lhal   i,   I.   L.   Logan,  of Hotiiu ri
Potty, Idaho, oecupalion painter, intend to 00
piy for a speoial timber Uoenos over ihe follow
ing described lauds: Commencing al ,1 pi,hi
planted   at   lhe    southeast    corner    of   Umber
Uoenoe No. 16494, tbenoe east no chains, thenoe
uorlh 81) ehulns,   thenoe   west   -80 chain*.,   thence
south   8<l   chains   to    point  of Commencement,
Containing 640 acres, mon* or loss.
Dated November iUit, 1WJ7. T. h LOOAK,
C0L1M Bntlf, ageut.
Nelson Land District.   Distrietoi West Kootenay
Take notice lhat I, Churles D|*Ichor, Intend
to apply for a ipeolal Umber licence, to cul and
carry away Umber fiom tilW a- ics ol land Com
meuciug at Ho. 1 post ahout 12 mUot west of the
Yon ran lauy a Hiacrp Krult Ham-li   In   th*  laest   fruit  growing  dlit.icl
In   Hritish   Clumliia   by   [>a.ltiK   tl 0 ilollarH ala.wn and f 10 per month
Kv.-n as an invisliiiint Hils Is worth consideration.
Fruit I.an.i has tra-bled In value within the year.    What will It do neit
MANUFACTURERS    T  __.__._f_ C?f_* f
AND DEALERS IN    -LtttliDef.   ^UlllgiZS,
Lath, A^ouldintfs, Doors, Windows.
Mail Orderg promptly atteniWl
.%lsSI-��C>.,V, B. Om
Turned Work nnd ItrnckctM.
Kootenay rlrer, on the nurth side oflBoandary
oreek1 and nortn.and adjacent to timbei Illeneea
1 .!.��,. and one mile nurth of the iniernaU'itial
boundary   line: oommenclng   ata poat   iiiark-d
Charlei Dutcher*! aontbwmi oorner, thenoe ho
chains   north,   ibenee 80  chain**   .-a��t,   thellceflO
chains aonth, thence ni ohaini tresf to tbe place
of beginning, containing ivm acres, more nr leaa
I-^icaled NovemU r IHih. 1907.
CtfARI.L-i Dt.Tf-HKh, Ixirator.
No. 2. Oonunanolng at a post marked I barbs
Duieher's loutbeaal corner, tbence >*t , h.un**
north, thenci ***' obalm irsst, Lhenoe80 chains
south, Ihence np , balm  east   lo tbe   place of  U**
aln ning. and weat and adiacent tn number one
Umber limn, and   containing  M0 acres, more or
Looeted November inth, ii>07.
< HAhi.cM DriciiKu. Looator,
No. S. Commeneing at a p t marked Charles
Dutcher'-i northwest corner and  about I ft miles
west ol tbe Kootenay river on the north ride ol
Boundary creek ami north end adlaceni to timber lleenwe IM0O, tbence south 80 obalna, thenoe
eaat00 Chains,   tbence   north   8,, i bains,   thenee
westKOchains to   the   place  of   beginning,  inn-
taining filo acres, more or less.
Located November 18th, 1907,
CHAXLM Dctciii:h, Locator,
Ne. 4.   Commenolng at a poet mar-tod Charlei
Dutcher's    norlheasl     corner,    tiieine   *.,iuUi    80
ohatna, tbenos west 80chains, thence north ho
chains, ihence east 80 ebalna to tbe plaos ol fro*
ginning, contaiulug 640 acres, mors or less
Located November into, yah.
ciiAiu.Ks DtTTonss, Looator*
No. ft. ..ommen.inc ht a J...M markr.'. Charles
Dutcher's lOUtbeaal comer, theuce MO chain"
north, tbence no chalni. -eat, th.-iice Hu chains,
south, tbence h- 'Inn i. - 1,,-tin the place of beginning, OOnUlnitig OM acres,  more or less
Located November inth, 11107
<-hahi.ks Dt'Tinaa, Leoator.
Yo G Commciicing at a pout marked < harb-H
Pn toner's loutbwesl corner, ibenee north -V
Ohslns, thenOO   easi   ID  ebaius,   tbence   south 80
1 halns, then. ,* wesi ho chains to uie plsc ��� ol bs
ginning,   ��� i.miiuiiig 540 a  res, more or less
Located Novembei iH\u,YAn.
CHAKI.K.H  Dt'TCMKIt,   I-^iealor.
No. I-*.    West lork, Kile creek.
Nelson Laud District.   Hislii.-l of Wesl Koof nay
'lake nollee Unit I, Joseph I'atrlck, OlNelson,
B.C., OOOUpatlon lumberman, Intend toapply
for it special timbei   licence   over   the   Iollowiug
deaorioed lands: Commenolng ni a poal planted
aOOUtSmllei up the West fork o| Kile neck,
and about io clnilns from lhe bank of sal west
lork, aud marked Joseph P.itrl-k's .**.. K Corner,
thence we*-i 80 chains, thence north ho chains,
theilOS cast BO Ohslns, Ihence south Bu e i.a. hn to
point'pf "ommeiiccmcni, containing (im 1 ires
more or lesa.
Dated Deoember 6tb, 19n7, Jo-nra Patsick,
1 Ji Lisi ia. sgent.
No, M.    West fork, Fife creek.
Nelson Land Dlatriot,  Diitriet ol Weit Rooienay
Toko notice thai Joseph Patrick, ol Nelson,
II * , occupation lumberman, intend-, t -ool*
for a special timber   licence  over   the   followfna
deHcribed lands: Commencing at a poal o utitod
about tWO chains ulstant, aud 11, -in easterly
direction    from     locution   No    13   and   marked
Joseph  Patrick's n.i-.. oornor, Ihenoa louth 80
chains,   Uu nee West 80  chains,  Ihence   1 orlh 80
cbalm, ihence -.ast 8<i chains to point ���i commencement, containing i.io acres, more or less.
Dated DtCi nibei ;,th. IWI,      JonHi-ii I'aihua,
I. J. Lucia  ageut.
No   IS,    West fork. Klfe creen.
Nelnon Land District.    District nl Wesl Kootenay
lake notice that i, Joseph Patrick, of Nolson,
h.(,., ooonpatlon lumbermiiii, intend to apply
Ior a siiecirl umber licence over Ihe following
described lunds: Commencing at 11 post planted
ahnui ;,,, chains distant and lu a westerly uirco-
llOD from Hn- wesl fork ol Fill creek and aboul
�� miles from mouth of creek, and maraed Joseph
Patrick's U B. corner, tiieine west 160 chains,
thenoe uurtb 10 chaDiif, thence eait iwi chalua
ihence  south   40  rhalns to radnt of cnnD**
ment. eoiitninine ��� i" acres, more m  ��� '���
Dated December Mb, 1907.      JosgM l'**^1
t    1   1 I*,! 1   Acrnt
. ...ins.   theotv ���
halns , thence   east  80   chains   to  tnr It**'
commencement,   cnntalnlng M0  acres."0'"
less. "
Dated Deoembertrd, uw.    Josiih puk*
I.J. LccU. ���*�����
Nn. 17     Htevens creek
Nelson I-and District    Distrietoi WsStaSI_|
'lake notice that I. Joseph Patrick, BlM|
B t , iM-cupatlon lumberman, lntriid ���,W
for u special timber licence over thf i-**-SfJ
described latida: Comtnencing at a pOIISBB|
about I mile in an easterly ijirertlou Irs""
mouth of Htevena creek, where It i'mpi"--T
< ariboo lake, and marked Joseph I'atrift'-1,
corner, thence north 80 chains, thSBW SSJ
chains, tbenoe aouth 80 clmlua, thene* ���*"
cbalnn to point Of commencement, (*<id^B1'
fito acres, more or less.
Dated Deoember ind, 1907     Jour* ���'���������t0,
I. J. Lucia, *K*,[lt
No. 18.    ItOTMl creek.
Nelson Land District.   Dlslrictof WeM *'*���_'
'lake  notice   that I, Joseph   I'atrle l
,i[ >*****
pi ot-  nun, Josepn   rswiesiw *_*
IpaUon   IninlM-rmaii,   Intend   toMf
for a special Umber   llcenc--   nvnr   th**  ll"���t,,!
deaorioed lauds:
nbont   ft   mile
u-e  over  th** *__
���nciiig ata poftfl
up Mevens creek, *"<' tl?_
 - -, rom   tbe  bank   of the errtt*
mark,. I loseph I'atrick's N K corurr, 0U
SOUth 80 chains, tbenos west Ho chains.JJ|
norih 80 chains, tlieuce cast M chains t0fSf|
oommenoement, eomainiug MO seres, in*"*
Dated December 2nd, IW)*.     J099TO r*Tii>*
I J. Lucia, aK��l
No. I'J    Htevens creek
Nelson Land Dlstrlet.   District of Wul *<*___
lake notice thai I, Joseph Patrick, o(�����
'��� ���'..occupation lumberman. tiii-'l',-t���V.'ffi
for a special limber llceuce over thS 'Mr_\
lesorioed lands: Commencing at a I*'-','"_
iibouni miles up Htoveus oreek and _}**__
locution No 18 on the south, and marksa_9
I'alrick's N W. corner, Ihence cast i*1 ^'
tie -ico south 80 ehaina, thenco wesi*"
ll 0 north 80 chafus to point of <'-*"1
mm. containing BtOaOreS, more or |S��; -
Dat p| Dot ember Hrd, 1WI7. JOSWH I *-"|t"
I.J. Lot u. ��8('nt
No. BO     West fork, rife crook.
Nnlmiii Ula.l DUtrlOl,   Ulstrlci aal ��,,, *��_}
��� .ki. nulla... lhal I, Josa-pl,   Mlrla-K. �� ",,,
B. c.,a,_,.|i|.all���ii lumlaounan, I'i"'"" ,,Tm5
I..r aa hji.tIhI llmlaaar   llrallW.  nT,',   H'1' ''...ii
daorlbt* laan.ls:   Caiinmcil'lia, al *f**B*t
,al���iin 1 Mill... up th,. waist lork   .1 fll�� l',,,',,l.
about-01 laailns nortli ol tho 0W**i*i"��iH
Ja.sopli   I'm,la-lt'H  N.K. corner. "'*''"'* ,������ill
aliillns    Ihaalia-i.  WOSI   Ml ohalna,   U"'",", ���, ��#
i'lialiis,   llia.jaa.o  eaat HO i'lialiis   la.   I1"111''. \*\
iii.iii-..|]i.-nl, ,,>n,,,l>lnK MO aoras. '""'*,,���,
llato.l DtonubU llll,, l'J07.     Jnsarii I'"'
I J. l.raift. �������"''
Ho. M.    Wusl fork. oIKilorrea-a ,������t,>'l
Nelson l.an.l l.inn.-i.   Dlalrlato' !*''"  ,���,!,'*
Taala,. DOtlO. that I. Joseph   ralrl.k, 0""_
a, ,.     _.   .     .   ���    ..... i.i Hi.tn
aaasi. aioaici. mat I. Josepn an..<���-', ,-,nai
II 11., oooiipntlnn lumberman. I"'"'"1, '|0��fi
faar n hpei-lal timber lioenea orer tli. ' ..-J
ilorerlba*.! laanils.' lloimnonrlng ��| " l" rri��,"S
,alaa,aiH miles up the west tork pi '"���''���, iW
pl.Ul.rl on iho nurth  kaiikofil ,*" ii,,"
liuirke.l .losei.h i'alpfck'a 1,-t ��'W ,M".
saaiitli m I'laialus, I,, ina-.j w����l ""';"*" io P"1'
norih  ��n i-hHliis, iho.fn oast WI ''"P""'. moll*
ui oomtn.no.i-t.Dt, m huhk w" ��'*"
lOHH, ,   i  .rill.P
Ualeal Uuooubur till, UOT.    ���J"]"L"C, A,"1* The Dally Canadian
313 Cordova Street, Vancouver, B. C.
We  have PHtaiiiiHiii'd  tin., tiiwnsiti. or Port Mellon on Howe Bound, 26 miles from Vanoonrer, and secur-
.,i the water rights of Rainy River, whioh is oapabls of developing from ssuoo to 5000 horse-power, for the lo-
la.-ail.ui of our mammoth plant Cor the manufacture of newspaper, building  paper,    wrapping    paper, etc., the
I,,rml to linvo a cupiia-lly aaf trail tons of finish,-al paper per week; lhe company hope to have the pulp plant in
1  peratlon by Nov. l, 1908.
We now offer for subscription the balance of our first allotment  of    Preferred    Stock
Ishares  at   $1.00   per  share;   each  100 shares entitled to a  bonus of 25  shares of Preferred.
in  blocks    of 100
The preferred stooli is entitled to a <livl,l��*n,l of 7 p.-r rani, commencing November 1, 1-908.   The 7 per
I,. nl   dividend Ib due and payable before any dividend in paid upon tha- common sloek.     After  7   per cent, haw
li,... ii paid upon preferred both st/.ckB thereafter participate equally.   There is no good reason why the prefer-
I should not pay from 2f, to Su par ea-ni. dividends.
Tin' books of the corporation ara* aapa-n at any Ume for tin. inspection a,f the general public.    There is no
Iwatered staaa-k. no Inflated values, so ground-floor plan, or huge promoters'  profits in the enterprise.    Unlike
corporations,   Instead   of allowing 15 to 86 \,ev er,,,. tor advertising and  sale of stock, the entire  com-
ii. literature, newspap, r advertising, brokerage, ofllce expenses, etc., ls limited to 10 per cent.
Th.. public are cordially Invited to visit our demonstrating planl. 212 Cordova street, and witni*ss
ih, manufacture of pulp ami paper rrom refuse material, such hb .slabs, discarded shingle bolts, etc., that is
i, .aa   li, Ing   burnt   at  tho  local mills.
Captain II. A. Mellon. J. P., American
I.loyals Agent, etc.
Vt. H. It. OolliSter, Manager Albion
Iron WorkB, Vancouver.
Francis J. P. Cllhson, liritish Columbia Trust Corporation.
J. C. W. Stanley, formerly General
Manager West I>mdon Paper Mills.
London, Kngiand.
Col. T. H. Tracey. MC Soc. C. E.. P.
I.. S., D. L. S., Con., Bug., former City
BJngtneer of Vancotivir.
Fred Smith, member of Smith,
Wright & Davidson, Wholesale I'aiier
Co., Vancouver, B. C.
H. M. Uurrltt. Western Manager Cor-
tic.lll Silk Co., Vancouver, B. C.
Eustace H. Jenns, Barrister, etc., Van*
couva*r, B. C.
Geo. E. Cata>s, Cates Shipbuilding
Co., Vancouver, B. C.
Greely Kail,s.formerly General Manager Pacific Coast Coda Co.
tiinot dine on FROG LEGS every day.    We furnish the
>f,   Pork,    Mtftton  and  Veal
Hams, Bacon and Latd
With all varieties of
Fresh and Smoked Fish
in the market
Mincemeat of Finest (Juality in glass and wood.
. Burns & Co., Ltd.
Rossland     INELSOIN, 13. G- Boundary
r'uMl'AMKS   AC'l
��� l��>  certify that "Tho Kootenay
1 I'Miininy" has tills day  been re-
Id  a-,   an     Extra-Provincial   Oom*
fi"la.r the "Companies Act, 18'J-i,"
or effect ull or any of the ob*
Jf the Company to which the legis-
authorlty  of  tho  t-ugUluturo  of
Columbia extends,    except    the
fiction  and   working  of   railways,
llUSlneBS of Insurance.
Jl" ml olllce uf the Company is sll*
Jl Portland,   Cumberland County,
lount   of   Iho   capital   of     the
ls oue million seven hundred
thousand dollars, divided Into
thousand live hundred shares
IDdred dollars each.
n.l   olllce of  Iho   company   In
men ig slluate at Nolsou, um'
���nnio,   barrister at-luw,   whoso
�� Nelson, U. C, Is the attorney
ompany, not empowered to Is-
transfer stock,
impany Is limited,
trier my hand and seal of of-
ctoria,  Province    of    British
��. una eleventh day of January,
I'-'ind nine hundred nnd eight.
liar of Joint  Stock Companies.
objects for which  this    Cum-
��� I i established and registor-
'1'iire, hold, Improve, leaBO and
ber, farming, grazing, mineral
l:'r lands, nnd the products there*
"line or otherwise extract or re-
'''il. ores, stone and other min-
""I Umber from nny land owned,
or oooupied by lhe company, or
*-t othor lands;   to    buy, build,
, 11   1
r     V
construct, maintain and operate planta
and works for the development of
such lands, and for the hiindlliiR. preparing and rendering commercially
available of Ihe various products thoiv-
of;  uml to buy, or nl] or otherwise to
deal or to traffic in wood, Umber, lumber, coal, stone, ores and other material, and any or thi' products thereof,
and  any  article  consisting, or  partly
OOnslating, thereof.
To engage In trade and maintain
To buy, build, hold anal lease or sell
all kin.lit ail house! and buildings, anal
ih,. lands on whleh Hi.' same may he located: lo buy. own and hold, with I*
view to lis improvement and sale, any
kind  of  real  estate.
To breed, raise and deal In cattle*
and live slock aaf all klnals; and lo man
uli-ciure. buy, Hell and otherwise deal
In   all   kinds  or   dairy   products.
To construe! docks, slips, bridges, machinery, ships, boats, engines, oars and
other equipment, el,.valors, water
works, gas works, electric works, via*
aliicts, aqueducts and oilier water-ways,
ami lo sell the same, or otherwise to .lis
pose  thereof, or to maintain  and otit-r-
ata tin* same; to construct ami to main-
tain and operato all trams, railroads,
Hpiuis, switches, locomotives, ears,
trains .'i"'l oiiulptuent for lhe purposes
of   Iho   Company   only,   anal   not   us   n
common carrier, thai may be necessary
or desli'ii.a..* aaa transporting logi and
other minerals  lo the mills and  plants
of the Company, and in transporting
the manufactured    products   of   such
plants to the mnrkelB; lo log and
drive streams; lo construct nnd operate
To DUrcnase, hold, sell, assign, transfer mortgage, pledge or otherwise dis*
nose or any bonds or other securities or
evidences of Indel IneM   created   or
issued by any oorsp-jration or poroora.
tlon. association or associations or tie
Stato of Maine, or of auy other state,
territory or country, and, while the
owner thereof, to exercise all the rights,
iiowers  und privileges of ownership:
To purchase, hold, sell, assign, transfer, mortgage, pledge or otherwise dispose of shares of capital stock of any
other corporation or corporations, association or associations of the State
of Maine, or of any other state, territory or country, and , while the owner
of such Btock, to exercise all the rights,
powers and privileges of ownership, including the right to vote thereon:
To aid in any manner any corporation
or association of which any bonds or
other securities or evidences of Indebtedness or stock are held by the corporation, and to do any acts or things designed to protect, preserve, Improve or
enhance the value of any such bonds
or other securities or evidences of indebtedness or stock:
The business of the Company is from
time to time to do any one or more of
tho ucts and things herein set forth;
aud it may conduct its business ln other
States, territories and possessions of
the United States, in British Columbia,
und lu foreign countries, ond may have
one ofllce or more than one office, and
keep the books of the Compauy outside
-jf the State of Maine, except us otherwise may be provided by law, and may
hold, purchase, mortgage, aud convey
��aeU or porsonal property, either la or
i��t of the Stutu of Maine.
All tho powers of the corporation aro
wastMd In the board of directors, who
tiiay wake, alter, amend or repeal all
by-laws of the company, except such
I ly-laws as regulate or affect the elec-
t lam of directors and officers, aud ex*
ee.ut when tho chango of a by-law or
exi-rclse of a power Is made by statute expressly dependent upon action by
or o insint ot Ibe stockholders.
Provided, however, that nothing herein contained shall be conBtrued to authorise thu corporation to trausnet business In any other state, territory, or
torolsii couutry, contrary to the provision* of the laws ot such stato, territory or foreign country, and that nothing In tlhisu purposes shall be construed
to give the corporation any rights, powers or tfiituvlleges not permitted by the
laws ol tho State of Maine to corpor-
aiioiiB organized under Soctlon 6 ot
Chapter 47 of the Revised Statutes of
iho Stato of Maine, and tho following
corporal e purposes shall be exercised
only ln stutes nnd Jurisdictions other
than Maine, namely, tho construction
and operation of railroads, or aiding lt,
tho construction thereof, telegrnph or
telephone companies, and gas or electrical companies, and such businesses
are to bo carried on only ln stntes and
jurisdictions whon and where permissible under the Inws thereof.
New  York   Paper's  Comparison  of  His
Pose Today With That of Twelve
Years Ago.
New York, Feb. 17.���It Is a coincidence that on the day Mr. William Jennings Bryan Introduced himself to Canadians as a preacher, a writer ln the
New York Times, in the course of an
analysis of his character should come
to the conclusion that Mr. Bryan Is,
above all others things, a preacher. As
a rule the people In the Eastern States,
whether writers or readers, have not
been disposed to admit that the Man
from Nebraska ls even sincere. He
has been too often treated as a faker,
even by the New York World, which ls
considered by millions to be the organ
of the Democratic parly. It is therefore a refreshing change, ou the eve of
a great political campaign, to find a
paper like the New York Times giving
Mr. Bryan a page without one disparaging line.
Most people have a more or less clear
conception of Mr. Bryan, of "the cross
of gold" speech of twelve years ago, but
the writer in the Times���William 11.
Hale���insists that the Bryan of 189C
and the Bryan of 19US are two different men. With this assertion Mr. Bryan
himself will hardly agree. Indeed, he
"I doubt if I have changed much. Essentially, perhaps, not at all. You Bee.
years ago 1 struck out certain principles
for my own guidance, and I took my
stand upon them. Now, principles do
no change. Their application changes;
their meaning broadens; they reveal
new aspects as the light of new events
fall upon them, but they themselves do
not change. I am true absolutely to the
principles upon which I made my first
appeal to the American people. I have
not even had to reconsider them. 1
hope, however, that I have been able to
appreciate their widening aud even
their changing applicability. Twelve
years hardly allow one to stand still
Alter all one may be true to the same
principles and change a great deal in
the course of a few months, let alone
a few years. Mr. Hale says that Mr.
Bryan has changed more physically and
temperamentally than mentally. He Is
not quite the Don Quixote that he was.
He is no longer burning with the audacity that shone in the famous speech
when he dazzled the Chicago convention of 1896, and became the Ideal of
Western Democracy. Instead of the
headlong enthusiasm of young days,
Mr. Bryan has "a new poise, a maturer
confldeuce, a more patient comprehension of the facts of life. He is mellower
and sweeter. He ls graver. He ought
to he wiser." What else could one expect? If twelve years of strenuous political activity, half a dozen tremendous
disappointments, a leisurely tour around
the world, the discovery of unsuspected
foes, and new friends���If all these
things cannot make a man at least
wiser there Is no virtue in experience
of any kind.
Most men would be soured hy such
experience as has come to Mr. Bryan
ln the past twelve years; but he ls not
soured, as far as one can Judge from
his published utterances. He Is an optimist, and firmly believes that the
world is growing better each day. He
believes that the principles that he base
C P. R. Local
Time Table
S. 8. KUSKANOOK leaves Nelson daily
at 0 a. in. making direct connections
for Winnipeg. St. Paul, Chicago and
Eastern Canadian cities.
NO. 45 leaves Nelson dally at 7.IB p,
ni. Connecting with Arrow Lakes
steamers at West Hobson, making
through connection with main lino tit
Revelstoke  for nil  Coast cities.
To Whom It May Concern:
Take notice that J. L. Warner Is nol
now and has not bean since tho ISth
day of  November lasi   employed  by or
in nny way connected with the Bradley
Engineering and Machinery Co. of
Spokane, Washington.
No. 43 for all points In the Slocan
leaveB Nelson daily except Sunday at
9 a. m.
No. 41 for all points ln the Boundary
leaves Nelson at 9.45 a. m. dally except Sunday.
S. S. Moyie loaves Nelson dally except
Sunday at 7 a. in. for Kaslo; Mondays, Wednesdays and FridnyB for
T.emont House
Enropeaa and American Plan
Meali 86 eta,   Roomi from 3C cti. to 11.
uuiy White Heip -Employed.
Baker Ht.. Nelion Proprieiort
Mia��t comfortable aiuarters      Nelaon
Ouly tbe best ofLlajuors and Cigars.
Grand Central Hotel
Thoroughly renovated and refurnished. Rooms 60 cents upward. The
dining room Is unexcelled ln the city.
House heated throughout with hot
J. A. ERICKSON, Proprietor.
Telephone, 250.    Opposite Court Rous*
and Postoffice. Nelson. B. C.
Queen's Hotel
Baker Street, Nelson. B. c.
Large   and   Comfortable   Bedroom    and First-
class Dining Boom.
MRS. E. C. CLARKE, Proprietress.
Bartlett   House
Best Dollar-a-Day House in Nelson.
The Bar ls the Finest.
White Help Only Employed
Josephine St.
Nelson. B. l;
Royal Hotel
Rates tl and $1.50 a Day.
Special Rates to Regular Boarders
advocated from t'ae moment of his entry ui>on public life are now embraced
by niillio...; who at first opposed them
and him, and by other millions who oppose him now, hut have adopted hla
principles. Among the latter he counts
President Roosevelt; and indeed one
needs only a very superficial knowledge
of American affairs to realize' that
Roosevelt and Bryan are more alike
than Roosevelt and McKlnley, Roosevelt
and Fairbanks, llryan and Parker or
Bryan and Cleveland. The Tact Is that
Roosevelt ls a Republican only In so far
as he is a Federalist.
It has been often said that the president has done more for Mr. Bryan than
any other man. Democrats claim that
the president has introduced Bryanlsm
to the people of the United States, and
has paveal the way for the real Bryan.
It Is quite likely that a Republican who
might be tagged "reactionary" would
be defeated in the coming presidential
struggle. That Mr. Bryan will be the
Democratic candidate seems certain, lt
remains to be seen whether he can consolidate the eastern Democrats, who
four years ago forced Judge Parker on
the party. That a weaker candidate
could hardly have been chosen was
proved ln the election; and now It a|i-
pears that there Is no easterner In sight
who has a chance of taking the nomination away from Mr. Bryan. But a nomination without a united party to .support lt 1b barren honor; and for the
next nine months Mr. Bryan will be engaged on the most strenuous Job he
ever tackled. His visit to Canada is a
breathing spell, the Inst he will have
until next November.
For further Information as regards to
rates,  etc.,  apply  to
(I.P.A., Wi,inl|��.jt. D P.A., Nelaon
C.I' A., Nulsoii, B.C.
Round-up of Manitoba Farmers.
Winnipeg, Feb. IT.���The Agricultural
College In this city will be tho Mecca
this week for scores of farmers from
all over lhe Province, lt Is the annual
agricultural round-up, embracing the
yearly meeting of the Manitoba dairymen's association, the Western Horticultural society, anal other agricultural
societies of the Province. During the
week, ln addition to the regular association meetings, there will be an exhibition of wheat, barley and oats, nnd
the college will conduct a short course
In judging farm crops, cattle, horses,
sheep  and  swim*.	
We have for sale a first class modern residence, and four lots, in a
good residential position. The house contains four bedrooms, dining
room, parlor, kitchen, pantry, bathroom, basement, finished attic. Stone
foundation and electric light. The workmanship and material are of the
best. The lots are fenced and planted with fruit and ornamental trees,
flower gardens and lawns.    Price $5,000.
H. & M. BIRD
Certificate of Improvements.
"April Fool" No. 2 Mlnoral Claim. ��� llutUo
In tht- Neliou Mining Pivlil^n of Went Kootenav
Where located: Uetwcon Kagle and Sandy
i it p'k-*. nn.I piii.iui inn- imlf mile from tbo Poor-
man Mill.
Tako n .Met- that I,F 0. -Hreen, act Ina nn agent
for 1. Y. Hwoilbcrg. Free Minor'** ilerlirleatc No.
B747o, Witt-mi. -sixty day* from tho da to hereof,
to apply ti- tho Miniin; RMOraN for a (VrllHcatc
of Improvement!", for lhe purpose of obtaining a
Crown (Irant of the above claim.
Anil further take notlco lhat net Ion under
aoe'lon HI, must be commenced hcloro tho l��su-
anec of Mich Corlifleatt* of Improvements.
Dated this itith day of January. A. -!>., 1007.
Nelson, ]1. C.
One of
The Best
In Fruit Lands now offering. 157 acres
of choice land situated on Howser Lake.
$20.00 per acre, easily cleared.. Must be
sold at once.
For  full   particulars   apply
If yoo want Good Land
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The Job Department is up-to-
date in every respect and a
full line of stationery will be
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All orders entrusted to our
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careful attention.
3(4 Baker St.
Tel. 324.
Notice Is hereby given that the Great
West Hallway Company will apply to
tho Parliament of Canada, at the pros
ent session thereof, for an act amending
the said Company's Acts of Incorporation by striking out the names of those
persons who, by Sections 1 and 2 of
Chapter 167 of the Statutes of 1903, are
created Incorporators and provisional
directors of the Compnny and inserting
in lieu thereof the names of certain
other Individuals ns such Incorporators
and provisional directors; changing the
head olllce of the Company from Nelson,
B. C, to Port Arthur, Ontario, and extending the respective times for tho
commencement nnd completion of the
various lines of railway which the Company ls empowered to construct.
Dated Ottawa, 31st January, 1908.
Solicitors for the Applicants.
w.   a;.   QIL,L,BTT
Contractor and
Bole agent (or tbe Porto Rico Lumber Oft., Ltd...
retail yardi. Rough and dreaaed lumber, turned
work aud bracket.., Coaat lath and ihlnglea, aaah
and doora. Cement, brick and lima (or Hla
Automatic grinder.
Yard and factory: Vernon Bt.. eaat of Hall  ,
NBL.SON,  Eft. G.
P    O. Box 2S2 T-.l-.Dhon* 17*
In the matter ol an amplication tor the lasue ol
a duplicate ol the Ort,Hi-am ol Tllle to Lola
4, ft. aud 6, Block 6, Nelaon City, subalivlslaau ot
part ol Lot 182, Group One, I��i. trict ol Kootenay
(Map W��).
Notice la hereby alven tbat tt la my Intention
to iaaue at the expiration ol one month after the
Hrat publication hereof a duplicate aat theCtirtlfl-
. ate o. Title to the above mentioned lota ln the
name of 1-attte Rboales which Certificate ls dated
iba, 16th day of May, 18W, and numbered 18V7-k.
Land Kealstry Ufllce, Nelaon. B.C.. January
21th, WOB. il. F. Ilacl.e-OD.
District Hedatrar.
Notice ls hereby given that all taxes
for the year 1908 under tho Assessment
Act 1905 and aim.tiding acts, and under
tbe Public SchoolB Act, aro now due
and payable.
Collector of Ilevenue, Nelson, 13. C.
Nelson, B. C, 2nd Jan., 1908.
Cancellation of Reserve.
Notice la hereby gla-en that the reserve orer
a-ortaln lands ln South-Kaat Kootenay, notice ol
which atayoared ln the British Columbia llasette
ol tbo Uth ol August, 18*10 and bore date ol Au-
Kiist 1'ith, 1890, is hereby cancelled. The above
aaietitloiitiil lauds will be open lor location under
the Land Act ou March 80, 1S08.
Deputy Commissioner of Lands ami Works
Lands anal Works Department, ^TZZZ
Victoria, B. C, Deoember Uth, HOT. ______
'     '
;   ...
: '
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G.  Hon-], K'uMilantl.
g. For']. Napanee; BL Mill. Belleville;
W*   Brtstoe,    Centf-evfUe;     W.  Burton,
New burgh;  ./. Rice, liostrom, Idaho.
W.   Vincent   and   wif<*.     Wbloley;   .J
Fornyth,  .1.  C.   Banner,   Kaslo,
Takt* Dotloe Ihm Alfri--] E'lw��ni WatU, of
Watt-af-iir.*, Britlch roIumMft, l-imberraan, In
-U* ii tift to apply lor j^rrai*-*-loii to I'-a**e th': foi
lowintf daseribed lan-l, Hftua-U. near f rocU*r on
th': **oijth ifaore of tlU went urm Oi Koou-uaj
Lake, more partlCtllJtrly -lew-rll*.-;'! an follown:
CoramtnuriBc at tbo nortbwost oornor of JLot *l
-if   Ij>>   U__   OrOQp   1,    W.r��t    CoOtOO-y   iMitrl'-t.
th'-ric*- i'-* U> ��������� (^,.41, t-h.tn*,) wcotorl* alonj- tbe
nouth ihori iiii'- of ih** went Arm of Kootvnay
Lako and being tbo north M-m.-iar-r of i..��t i of
LotSOOto tba nortbweat oornar ol Lot -i of iv��i
ww, tboooa 2380 foal   ;; IA ebalna j along tba nonth
-abort-! lint of tin* treat win of Kooi��*nay Lalf ���: and
bofng; tbe north ly-iiii-lary of I>u Jft oi !-*ot MM,
Oronp i Weel Kootenay PUtrict; tbenoe nortb
\A2 net 'x chains); Lbanoi *-."-tit��*riy M60 fool
rfloeo chalna) and parallel with tbo icrath ���bora
Im** of tbe wmi era of iCootonay l-Akt-; tbenoa
-fiuih I-i* loot Of chalna) to point of aomnenuo*
monti and eontalnlng ix>, aorea, mora or leaa
Dated tut*, ixih da) of Ketrrnarr, a  j*., 1MB,
A    K. WATIH.
NICKERSON. the Jeweiery Manufacturer's Agent will lell you gOOdfl from nam-
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ment wm, large di n inltable for t.iJharn rtmtn,
i'p to-dftte itftbla and carnage hooaa 1 iro ntoa
tota in tba flneal realdeni r,'r"'"'' of H*.*i��kiniir.
The ownera bn'fneaa fntereau have been itmum
ferred lo the ooaal for further pail' nlnr* writ*;
P, O. Boa IJ61, Voooonrar, B I
UrAVTKI   Oood baaioaaa prodopara to wrlta
Inauranofl   on   all   kinda  of  lira  itooa
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w .i   ttHiki-r. Hum.* Hotel, Nelaon
ITKD   'l
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iii itm ��� ���i,.,.ii.ii
kjix uiaiiMi-.ia BOORS, furnished or nnlpnUib-
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Canada Drug & Book Co'y, Ltd.
Metals and   Stocke.
Silver recovered two points today on
both metal markets. Lead declined one
joint on the London quotation. Boundary oopper stocks are practically unchanged.
Saturday evening in St. Paul's church
the marriage was solemnized by Rev.
J T. Ferguson of Howard Bush and
ftfisa Elizabeth Brady. Both are well
known and esteemed in Nelson and
th--ir many friends unite in wishing
th* in   all  happiness.
Council   Meeting.
The regular meeting of the city council wi.l be held in the council chamber
��� h! at 8 o'clock. A delegation con-
**'-._ of J. W. Holmes, G. Fleming.
J. H. Xickerson. J. W. Coxhead and J.
H. Matheson. will attend to present a
': n from the unemployed. There
w:ll also  a>e  reports from several  com-
������ ���*_-
Chcraf   Society   Meeting.
The "Samson" concert, on which the
��� Choral Society has spent many
months of preparation, w-ill be given in
the Bap'ist church this evening at 8.30.
The whole oratorio will not be attempted but only the most suitable selections.
The solos will be taken by Mesdames
Thurman and Ireland. Misses Patrick
an'! Annable and Messrs. R. Brown and
G.  E.  Brown.
Kootenay   Presbytery. *
The meeting of the Presbytery of
Kootenay will be opened with a service
in St. Paul's church tomorrow morning
at 10.30. In the afternoon a sermon
will be delivered by Rev. H. R. Grant.
of Fernie. In the evening at 8 o'clock
there will be a public meeting at which
a lecture on Japan will be given by Rev.
A K* nmuir of Slocan. The evening
meeting w-ill be followed by a reception
by the ladies of the congregation.
Boy Thi-cves.
As announc-d last week eight more
bojra appeared in the city police court
this morning charged with stealing.
One, a child of eight years, was let go
on account of his youth. Two others
whom the evidence did not directly connect with the stealing but only with
sharing in the proceeds, were given the
benefit of the doubt and allowed to go.
The remaining five were found guilty
and  released on suspended sentence.
County Court Judgments.
His Honor Judge Wilson gave judgement this morning in three cases tried
in the county court a week ago. In
Burns vs. Dally, judgment with costs Is
given for the plaint iff. the counter claim
being dismissed with costs. Counsel
were R. M. .Macdonald, instructed by E.
A. Crease, and R. S. Lennie. In Jessup
vs. Anderson the action is dismissed;
counsel were R. S. Lennfe, and A. M-
Johnson. In Standard Furniture company vs. Pierre, judgment with costs is
given for the plaintiff; counsel were
J. O'Shea and A. M. Johnson.
B. of F.  L. and  E.
The cornriiftfee in charge of the preparations of the first annual ball of the
Urotherhood of Locomotive Firemen and
Engineers , to he given in the Alice
roller rink Wednesday evening, is preparing to entertain 800 guests. In addition  to  the out-of-town  members and
th'-ir  wives  who   will
trains from Rossland .
and the Boundary,
tho local members, their wives and
friends will be present in large numbers. But the railway m-Sn are accus-
tomed 'o large orders and can take care
of even 800 guests comfortably.
Benefit  Hockey Game.
Patrons of the Stanley Btreet rinl: tomorrow night will witness two games
of hockey by local players. The Ice Is
in good condition and rivalry is keen.
By Lbfl kindness of the lessees of the
rink thi; whole of the proceeds will he
given to Frank Nott, who lately lost
an i ye as the result of an accident In
a hockey match. Frank Nott has been
a good sport; he stroked a Nelson crew
In a ,V P. A. A. 0. regatta, and has always been available for any service re-
gnired. His friends will see that the
game for his benefit is well patronized.
Rosaland'a   Offer.
There is nothing new in the hockey
situation except more* evidence of deliberates bad faith on the part of the
Kossland hockey team. Saturday night
they Leleghapbed a ohall-'iige for puhll-
catlon In Nelson, afler they had made
���ure by oom muni cation with Mr. Mc*
QOSt-Hfl lhat the challenge would not he
accepted. Rossland claims the* hockey
championship of British Columbia, as
if ihat, title   were at the disposal of the
committee of management of the Boss-
land oarniV-l, They have received tho
most generous offers for a game on
neutral lee with Impartial treatment
guaranteed. They have steadily refused.
Alice Roller Rink
Bowling Alley
Bandi  Moiiiiiiy, Thursday, and Satur-
iluy . v.iiliis-H.
MoriiliiKB, afternoon! and cvianlnge,
without bnnd, children 10c adults 2Cc,
In. 1 ilalInil  i:la.'it.-ia.
I-vi-nlngH with hand, except Saturday
erasing!, Wfl, IncludliiK ukatus.
Huluriliiy ovonlng, bund and special
iitlruallotiH, to 11 o'clock, Due, ln nulling
skates, spectators 2t>o.
Smoked and Salt WEST KOOTENAY
Kippers      15c. lb.
Bloaters     2 lb. 25c.
Smoked Halibut 17c. per lb.
Salt Herrings.. 50c. per doz.
Cod Fish      2 lb. bricks 25c.
G. A. Benedict
Corner Silica and Josephine Sts.
Wholaaaal. ami Ka'tall In-al.ra In
Fresh and .Salted Meats
Camps PuppHed on ihartest notice and
lowest price. Nothing but   fr��*sh and
Wholesome meats and supples kept ui -tfOOJ
Mail orders receive caivful attention.
E.  C.  TRAVES.   ManaRPf.
"The United Kingdom," by Golilwin
Smith, a political history |2._n
"Three Weeks," by Elinor Glynn,
cloth jl .75
..The Red  Year,"  by Louis Tnieey,
cloth   $1.26 paper    .75
Hooks not strictly new, but which by
reason of merit are In steady demand:
"The Weavers." by Gilba-rt   ParkiT.
cloth $1.50
"The Lion and the Mouse."
"The Sowing ot Anderson Cree, by
Margaret    Prescott    .Montague.
Cloth $1.60
"The Doctor," by Ralph Connor.
cloth $1.25
"Satan   Sanderson,"  by   llallie   Er-
minie Rives, cloth $125
paper 75
"The Fruit of the Tree."  by  Edith
Wharton,   cloth 1 $1.2.5
"The   House  of   Mirth,"  by   Ealith
Wharton,  cloth $1.25
"The   Spoilers,"   by   Rex   E.  Beach,
cloth $1.25
"Songs of a Sourdough." by It   Vf.
Service, cloth $ I .Hi i
"Joseph Vance," by Wm. De Morgan
cloth $1.25
"Alice for Short," by Wm. De Morgan,  cloth $1.25
"The  Virginian,"  by Owa>n  Wftter,
cloth $1,511
"Conlston,"  by  Winston  Churchill,
cloth $1.50
"Tho Hlazed Trail," by Stewart Eil.
White,   cloth $1 25
W* G. Thomson
Sr��A��si*iS^,EE,l"d   Nelson, B.C.
Phon* <-l-4a
Geo. P. Player
Offlce  Room  No. 2,   ELLIOT     BLOCK.
and will not play except in their own
rink under officials to be named by
them. Their treatment of visiting
teams in the matter of finances is the
most discreditable ever exhibited in
liritish Columbia.
Magistrate Crease will return from
Victoria tonight.
Rev. Father AlthoU returnod from the
coast  Saturday  night.
Noble HlniiH came over from Trail
last night and Is at the Hume.
HIb Honor Judge Wilson came down
laat night from Revelslolte where ho
(presided at the spoedy trial of a man
accused of Incest.
Coal! Ice! Wood!
Phone 265
Kootenay  Ice,   Fruit  and
Fuel Co.
N. E.coa. Baker   and   Ward   St..
From $10 to $25,
Old Curiosity Shop
Take notice that I will, on the fith
ilay of .March. 1908, apply for a transfer
of the liquor license fur the Bllver King
Hotel, situate on Lots Seven (7) and
Eight (SI, '.:. isia.i-k T.-n (10). on tha-
south side of Baker str.-a-t in the clly of
Nelson, from myself to Elisabeth
Dated at Kelson, is. C, this 20th day
of January, A. D.  1908.
F. C. GREEN        F. F. BURlltfl        A. H.GREIlN
Ovil Engineers, Dominion  and  British
Columbia Land Surveyors
P. 0. Box 145    fbone 2a I B.
All Kinds of Heating Planta In Stock.
Champion Wrestler'. Tour.
Milwaukee, Wis., Feb. 17.���William
Wlttlg, who Is arranging the (.'linnipli.n
ship wrestling match between Qaorgj-
llnckcnflctinilill und Frank Gotch, received a cubli.gnim from HackenHi'li-
midt today announcing that he will
leave London for Now York eurly in
March. Mr. Wlttlg has practically pel*.
fected arranga-mi-ntH for the world*!
championship match to take place In
Chicago during the first week In April.
Ho haw also arranged handicap matches
for Hackenschmldt to lie held In New
York on March 16, in Philadelphia
March 19, und Haltlmore March 21.
Nelson Choral Society
Grand   Concert
In Baptist Cht-trch
at 8. J 5 p. m.
Selection from Handel's "Samson,"
with orchestral accompaniments, and
miscellaneous vocal and Instrumental
ADMISSION 60 cent.
Victoria St., Nr. Oijera Hou.e.      Tel. 181.
B. C.
Jobbing promptly attended  to.    Plani
and I.Htlniiites.
Apply 415 Hall St. Box 385.
If yon want opholBtering  or cabinet
work for Ibis iprlng get  it  done now.
Wo have  Hiiinia  oholoe quarter ont ouk
anil will build you a pi, if iiii-nii,,,-,, tl,
order at the price of factory g.aaaais.   Hue
UH for Hceond linn.I gooilH.
Turner Beeton Block, 606 Vernon Street.
A. M. Can   Soe. C. E.
Mining Work * Specialty.
Oilleo:   Room   10,   K.-W.-C.  Illk.    P.  o
BOT     434.
Baker St., Nelson, B.  C.
II you ��� sped to attend the B. of L. F. anal B. Hall which tuki-s niar*
19th don'i  fail to .- ut  window of iho luU'Ht  lluckli-s and Comlm -hi
hav- just received. w-**_l
J.  J.   WALKER,  Jewele.
WlmicNiiiu  Provisions,
Pruduce, - Prult.
Government i'ra*nina.ry Ona'-Poantl Uriek,, received weekly fresh from ts,
.-burn.    Kor sale by ail leading grocers 4
Office and warehouse: Houston Block,    Pnone 79.
Josephine Street.        - - -        Nelson, B. C,
Bt*y Now
We have a Good Selection of
Cheap Houses fiuin $750 to
$1500. Let us show you
them. Some extra snaps for
investment or for a home.
���^m&m^ ':mmm&
First Spring Shipments of
Are now to hand.     W
e invite inspection.
We would Iik.* to saa. all our patronscomiiirtable this winter and Ine
do so we have In stock the best assort ed line of heating store, and i
stoves  and   ranges  ever before presented to the public In Kootenay.
We would be   pleased to show you    our line and befori making ]
chase kindly see what we have to offer.
J. H. Ashdown Hardw
Company, Limited.
N.laon In
Real  Estate Agent
315   Baker  St..   Nelson,   B. C.
Hockey Match
To be li-lil at Stanley sttvot rink on
For  the Benefit  of  Frank
Joy will meet yoa at the door.
Pure and Cheap
Wo have 1000 pounds of
which wo will sa-ll nt u bargain
5 Ib. for 1.00.
Special   price!  for larger lots.   Com,,
In and inquire.
CAPITAL,   ��2S,000.GJ  In  25,00
of $10.00 each.
MANAGER, Crosier W.  Bourk��.
OFFICE, No. 323 Haker St. (Croul
& Co.)
SEE tho cement blocks displayed t
Standard Furniture Co.'�� *%
APPLICATIONS for stock are l��H
PARTICULARS nnd formB of *�����
tlon may be obtained at till'
pany's ofllco, or from H. A StK
Solicitor. Nelson, n. C.
Choquette Bros.
Phone 258. THE  Up-to-Date  Baker.
Corporation of  the City of N>*
The   Board   of  Health  of tho <_\
Nelson    deem    It   odvlsabla'  tbat -J
maasnrs or precaution all citizen*'f
bo vaccinated,   and    notice    In   jj
given to those* desiring to ba* vacaLjn'1
and who ure not In a position t��J
tin   expens!  thereof,  that  tho M��
Health   Officer   will   be   In   the I-'""!.
Chamber, city Hall, on ThntiaWI
8th day or February, betweiui t��M
nf 4 and r, o'clock p. m., anil ��n I
succeeding week day as reuulri'l "' .
Hiiiiie I Im.- and place, for the i>iiri��,9*3
vaccinating    thoso    who mis i"*
W. E. WAS80N.
City Cl��* I
February Cth, 11)08.
PINCHERS,  Etc.,  Etc.,
Wood-Vallance Hardware Co*
.,   -,


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