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The Daily Canadian Nov 7, 1907

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���.,,���,lab-von I.llhla Water.
���* ' '   ,; .ithla (linger Ale.
"""   iI-Vl.-von l.lthla l-einon Sour.
S_   , i,,'.'"���   carbonnbsd   Halcyon
,;;*;.! When you ask for attar
'���"||IH"       ge| it.    Sold ut all ho-
����J}e Jktilg CttnaMan
Will be delivered    every evening    st
your door for
"VOLL'MH  2.     NO.   132
Times Ahead
East Kootenay
Fibtt Cents a month
Irink Fletcher Describes Conditions
in Towns of Fernie, Hosmcr
and Michel.
|. returned   last   night
...... n... and brings a report
reluptui ni and prosperity,
lime in the Kootenay
1 11   north    as    Cunul
ihe ''   I'   ll   eliglneeis are
nirk on whal  will be I part ol the
Central   branch.     '1'here   he
imoi lhal there was a ohangi
i in the direction   of    the
i Jml north of the  Upper Columbia
...   i.. lively and  prosperous In
:������ ..I iii.   la. i that  the lumber mills
all]   all   Idle and   no   winter
rt is {tl.iai,.-il for the logging camps
si Pernie he  found   hotel  accotnmo
i premium.   'I'he town wears
it, busy and prosperous air and ex-
contlnuanos  of   activity.
.oil good times.
[Michel has made substantial progress
:: i- growing fasL    It Is no longer a
camp.     ll   is   now   u   regular
isr, with   ol    owned   by  the  citizens.
een   I'.inie  und   Michel
in.   busiest  town just  now
I th.   shol,     I strict     The  special   im-
...   1.. ih.   opening  up of tlie
i i.. longing  to the  C.   P.   11.
ppany, wrhlcb  Is also building  spurs
SB thi  fttatlon to the mines.    W.  P.
Nelson, has the contract for
���traction work.
Ira Hosmer and Michel are all
touting by the activity of tho (ireat
Oflhern Railway company, which Is
'' ���: Ita    line    from     Fernle    to
irallelllng   the  C.   P.  II.   be-
n-tii thus., (owns.
lib hel, ::.", miles north, up lhe.
'�����!��� Ol  the   Klk,  G.   N.   II.   surveyors
�� ��l  .mil.  laying out the line Which
HI eventually  cross  the   Hockles  and
Mud in Calgary.    The  pass has nol
The ...uiiiaiiy has ex-
Bslvi coal li. I.ls on the western slopes
]��� ��� ami ihe purpose of open-
��� ipg i ii. in maj determine or
I'l'in- Hi.  .In,. Hon of lhe line.    Sev-
all   quite  practicable, are
un] the road may reach Oal��
ol iii.   valley either ol High
11,1  "i Hi.   KananusklH.
Mr   Fletcher  saw   many   hunters   up
if Klk valley  and   all   reported  game
"'iiiilaiii.    Shoe],,   goat   and  deer   are
llWIally plentiful.    The valley Is also
"I "f  beaver,   which   are   absolutely
"""'"I   bj     ih,.     game   laws  of   the
forlace, '
'"" 'mprovldent rancher In the Klk
"lej who cut bis |,ay and ISjtl It out
"' '"iin returned to llnd It nlloat. The
"���vers hail bnlll a dam in the lower
11,1"' his meadow, which then contain*
'' al I   two   Ii . .   ol    water.     To   his
I'1'1"1' advice lo break down the dam
1 ,,|,li"1 Oh nol I'm nol going to
*' "I1 nil nlghl io herd beaver. They
,"! "'""lil an fast tu; I can knock II
I      tbe lhe whole Mr. Fletcher found
.'hole nr  Kasi   Koolenay  from  the
' '' Knotenay  valley to  the  Kockles
;|*��*I��rouB ami confident.   Tho develop-
""' ""'I construction now In  progress
Prelected   lor the  Immediate   future
��W��e many years ���f rapid growth.
��   Jewelry    Returned   to   Save
Servant   From   Prison.
*��"��, Nov. i:      ,,  ,.., ,,lc 8cq,lc, ls r0.
,���!,''" "r lhl' ' icfl  in   nine last of 15,-
I       ""li nl Jewels, securities und cash
* Hie l������is���   or   M     crapard.    The
���� have sent back iho whole of the
'Pei'ly. rarefuly  pucked,   with
f apology couched ln the foi
I�� letter
I1"';1"--'terms    ^^^^^^^
hiiu.'  Wa Nnni' '""* yonr *���**'���for
horn W'     so    n,,ro't'>'   removed
rv.ni'J'""  Possession.    Yuu  will    find
||���V'   ""*-' enclosed except a cardboard
J ��� w|iirli we
were unable to sell your Securities. No,
dear sir, those are not our reasons, lie
pleased  to  note that our motives are:
1. That your servant, an honest girl Is
languishing   in   Jail   on   a false charge.
2. That you have been horribly worri, il.
II. That we only rob the rich und wars,
misled In thinking you wealthy.
"A sum of $1C0U for moral damages
will be paid to you on June 4 next, the
anniversary of your loas. If you comply
with   the   following   conditions:    1.   An
nonage the  raoorerj of your property
In the newspapers. 2. Procure the re-
leai >' ui the Innocent persons In prison.
:'.. Publish this letter In lhe press. 4.
Withdraw your Judicial complaint
against us.
"If you will do this, we may yet
drink a glass in amity together.���V. II."
The victim, with an eye, perhaps, lo
the "moral damages," has withdrawn
Ihe complaint he had lodged with the
Judicial  aiilhorltles.
New      York      Railway      Commission'.
Stringent   Order.
Albany, Nov. 7.���An order of great
Importance to shippers of freight was
Issued today by the public service commission In the second district, with Ihe
intt-nt lo prevent unjust dtseiiniination
which Is alleged to have iK-en practiced
against Individual shippers by arbitrary
refusal of tbe railways to handle certain
classes of freight. The order sent out
today, to taks effect today, requires any
railroad establishing what is generally
known as an embargo In any case to
transmit at once to the commission a
detailed slat,.111,ml of the reasons relied
upon by the corporation as justification
for Its action, lt is further required
lhat the railroads shall at once Inform
the commission of any embargo now ln
The new order applies lo any steam
railroad refusing to accept freight destined for a iKiint within the state by
route wholly In the state by transis.r-
tatlon over its railroads.
Former Military Official  Declares Forts
Are Worthless and Army
No,,,      wu value at 1h. 8d., nnd to.
jj *ht<-h wo apologue.
>0l�� think we fear tbo police, or
Paris. Nov 7.���M. Charles Humbert,
formerly aldc-dc-ramp to General Andre,
and  now    Radical    Deputy    tor    the
tf-tiee, lias published a book on the
French army and the State and national
defences, which makes sensational
reading* The volume, which is entitled* "Sommesnous Ik-fendus?" (Are We
Defended?) w:is placed on sale today,
und already there has been an enormous demand for it. If the tithe of the
strictures contained iu the book are
true, then tin- Kr-'t.eh army, as a fighting machine, Is in a worse state of mud
die, anil in even a more hopeless State
of un preparedness than it was at the
outbreak of the Franco-Prussian war.
The author has nothing hut praise for
the rank and lile. The evil, ho says, Is
among lhe officers holding high commands. The real Command*'!- In Chief
of the French army is not the President
of the Republic, nor the Minister of
War, but lhe bureaucrats of the War
Office, the slaves of routine, who
through professional jealousy and political hatred, nullify each other's, efforts, lie contends that the detested
syHtom of delation encouraged by Andre, the existence of religious and political animosities and the method of
promotion by favoritism have destroyed
the moral of the French Officer, who
tlnds It useless to aim at individual ef-
llcleuey, and to excel In his profession,
since the aid of a powerful protector
can alone bring him advancement. Hou-
tiho and red tape have eaten the heart
out of the army.
According lo M. Humbert, an appalling degree oi criminal negligence is
shown in reference to the fortified
points on the eastern frontier. Many
forts are falling to pieces. They all
lack ammunition and supplies, aud one
of the guns cannot even fire blank cartridges for fear of bringing the walls
toppling down on the heads of the gunners. In several of the forts he found
on duty telegraphists who were completely Illiterate. The telegraph lines
which connected tbe various chains of
forts were put underground some time
ago, at a cost of 16.000,000 frnncs, but
the wlreB will not work. Two of lhe
forts round Tours are worthless, ami
will have to be rebuilt. In the case of
a third fori, the casement batteries for
the guns have been built too low, with
the result that their guns, at their
greatest elevation have hut a maximum
range of eighty yards.
Fruit Growers' Association Behind
Will Probably Engage Manager for
Next Season���Delegates Appointed to Central Exchange*
The annual general meeting of the
Kootenay Fruit Growers' Association
was held in the court house last night.
OflWers and directors for the ensuing
year were elected, and delegates were
appointed to represent the association
on the board of the central exchange
Which will in future collect and market
the whole fruit crop of the province.
Sketches of Its plans were given by
James Johnstone, president, and L. M.
Hagar, manager.
The accounts for the year showed a
jM'culiar state of affairs. Individual
fruit growers have done fairly well, receiving the market price for their shipments less the selling agent's commission of 1 fi per cent. Hut the association
collectively has no revenue except small
profits on the sale of crates and fertilizer, amounting to less than $100, while
its expenses amount to about |G<)0,
in addition to which it hears losses from
any bad debts that may be incurred.
Obviously there must be a readjustment
of relations between the association
and the imlivldual members. The conclusion of many of the members was
lhat they could afford to pay an agent
well for giving his time exclusively to
the collection, Inspection and marketing of the fruit, and still Increase their
Thu meeting was called to order by
President C. W. Husk at about 7.46* with
about 70 members present. The minutes
of the last annual meeting and of meetings of directors were read and adopted.
The president remarked that the marketing of the season's crops had not resulted as satisfactorily as expected. He
referred to the association's having
Joined the Central Exchange of the
province with headquarters at Revel-
stoke. Ho recommended the calling in
of $532.50 of capital not paid up, mentioned that IS new members had joined
since tho last annual meeting, and suggested that the date of the annual meeting bo changed to February.
The nudltor's report was then read by
S.  EC  Heeston. and, on motion, laid on
the table.    It was as folows:
Balance of deficit $ 41.00
Profit  on  crates     79.20
Profit on fertilizer     20.80
Total of profits $100.06
Expenses   $541.12
Interest         18.30
Had debts     204.8G
Total  losses $74fi.2$.
Net loss to date $t>t,4.2;i
Fertilizer    $   255.00
Crates    \       351.00
Cash In  bank            34.82
Accounts receivable     2,392.02
Claims against  Kootenay  Wire
Works              73.05
Total    $3,105.89
Accounts   payable $2,557.55
Paid-up   capital      927.50
Claim            35.07
Loan  from  Imperial   Hank....        150.00
Total    $3,(170.12
Net deficit $   r><14.23
James Johnstone, rising to report on
the work and policy of the Central Exchange, first drew attention to tho convention of tho Northwest Fruit Growers'
Association to be held In Vancouver,
Dec. 4th. 5th and (ith. He read a letter
fion Inspector McNeill urging attendance, and gave information as to railway rates. Then, proceeding to his report, he earnestly advocated, as an essential preliminary to working with the
Central Exchange, the employment of
an efficient secretary to give his whole
time to the work, the establishment of
a central packing house, and inspection
at tho point of shipment. In the matter
of small fruit especially ho pointed out
the danger of ineffective inspection. One
of the advantages of the central association was that it provided for Intelligent marketing where demand was good
and prices fair. It should not displace
but   combine   the   district  associations.
L. M. Hagar, manager of tho Central
Exchange, gave further information as
to Its workings. He said Its work during the first season had boon entirely
successful and satisfactory to all concerned.
In reply to J. Hyslop Mr. Hagar
quoted some of the orders and prices
received by the Exchange during the
season from July to September, totalling about $4,000. Strawberries brought
$2.50, raspberries $3.25 per case, summer apples from $1.25 to $1.60 per box,
He had no figures yet on winter apples.
Nearly the entire crop was marketed
in the prairie  cities  and  towns.
To J. J. Campbell he said he had not
yet been able to fill carload orders of
any one variety, hut could only fill by
To other questions he said the demand had steadily exceeded the supply,
and the Exchange had received higher
prices than any district association.
Chilliwack, Northern Okanagan, Salmon
Arm, Hevelstoke and Nelson districts
had joiaed the Exchange.
Incidentally Mr. Hagar said that some
district associations had accepted orders
for carload lots that they knew they
could not fill.
The Exchange has offices in Revel-
stoke and Vancouver, an agent in Winnipeg and a travelling sales agent.
After expressions of thanks to Mr.
Hagar the election of officers was proceeded with.
C. W. Busk was unanimously reelected  president.
The ballot for directors resulted in
the election of J. J. Campbell, C. H.
Paddon, S. S. Fraser, G. E. Hallett, O.
E. Wakefield. J. Hyslop, A. T. Davis, J.
W. Ford, R. W. Hulbert. R. N. Power,
C   H. Gansner, O. B. Appleton.
E. K. Heeston was unamimously reelected auditor.
S. S. Fraser, J. W. Ford, D. A. Boyd.
J. Hyslop and A. T. Davis were elected
delegates to the centra! association, of
which James Johnstone, as president, is
an additional representative for Nelson.
J. W. Ford gave notice of motion that
hereafter the financial year end on Dec.
31st and the annual meeting be held in
ln reply to a question the president
stated that a full accounting for the
year could not be given until certain
matters In dispute were adjusted.
At a meeting of the board of directors
held immediately after the general
meeting, J. Hyslop was elected vice
president and D. C. McMorrls provisional secretary.
Raymond    Hitchcock's    Appearance on
the  Stage   Signal  for  Applause
and  Enthusiasm.
New York,, N. Y., Nov. 7.���Raymond
Hitchcock, who gave himself up to the
authorities yesterday, resumed his role
at the Astor theatre at the matinee and
evening performances yesterday and
was given a demonstrative ovation.
When Hitchcock disappeared a week
ago au understudy took his place. The
house was crowded last night when
Hitchcock made his appearance which
was tho signal for rousing applause.
Tho actor looked haggard and ill, and
his voice was uncertain as he spoke
the lines. M eantime, his wife, who
plays opposite him, was in tears and
with difficulty followed her cue. At
every opportunity the audience applauded with enthusiasm until at the end
of the scene, when the actor stepped
to the front of the stage and in a trembling voice said: "1 want to thank you
for your applause und encouragement,
I hope I shall always deserve lt." Upon
Hitchcock's second entrance the audience called upon Mrs. Hitchcock to
shake her husband's hand. As they
stood with their hands clasped the
cheers were deafening and tor a moment both performers were unnble to
continue. At this Hitchcock broke down
completely and there were a good many
wot eyes  In  the audience.
Workman Injured.
One of tho Japanese employees of the
Salmo lumber mill had a narrow oscape
yesterday. His clothing was caught
in the belting of tho main shaft of the
mill and whirled round many times.
Luckily for him, his loose clothing was
torn off easily and ho fell free, some
what bruised, especially about the head,
but not seriously Injured. He Is now
nt tho Home hospital.
Priest  of MetaT.��.
New York. Nov. 7.���Silver, 59%c;
copper, 13-y.c;   lead, $4.75.
London, Nov. 7.���Silver, 27 9-llid.:
lead,  _17.   .5*.
Returns of Immigration
Show Increase
Mails For Far North���Import Cattle
From Japan���Canada From
Ocean to Ocean.
Winnipeg. Nov. 7.-193,693 immigrants entered Canada during the six
months from April to September Inclusive, compared with 127,760 for the
same   period   last  year.
Penetanguishene, Ont., Nov. 7���David
Douglas, hostler at the Georgian Bay
hotel, was killed by a live wire in the
cellar. The accident is supposed to
have occurred hy a circuit through
dampness. Douglas had been working
in the rain, and his clothes were quite
damp from handling horses.
North Bay, Nov. 7.���Arthur Russell,
of Montreal, was found dead in a bush
near Moose lake on the Temiskamingue
and Northern Ontario railway, In a
neked condition. He was on his way
to Cobalt and was seen in the vicinity
of Moose lake several times and his
actions Indicated insanity. His mother
lives in England.
. Ottawa, Nov. 7.���Millions of dollars
are involved In the action which came
before Justice Maybee at a non-jury
sitting of the supreme court Monday.
The action is that of Henry ���. Prague,
attorney of New York, who represents
targe monies interests, against J. R.
Booth, and arose out of a proposed sale
to A. L>. Meyer, New York, representing
all Booth's capital stock In the Canada
Atlantic railway. Seward W. Webb,
wel known American railway man was
prominent in this action. The plaintiff
Is suing for $250,000 as a deposit for
good faith which defendant possessed
hlmself'of, $2,000,000 damages from the
first of tho action, and such other relief
as the court may decide he is entitled
Dalhousie, N. B., Nov. 7.���Andrew
Carr and Jack Nealson of Dalhousie.
and Willie Wafer and James Dickie of
Florence Point, all young men, went
out in an eight foot boat Monday night
when the wind was blowing a gale and
the sea was heavy. The boat was found
on the Quebec shore with Nealwn's
lifeless body in It >esterday morning.
with no trace of the other three.
Winnipeg, Nov. 7.���Edward King,
charged with the murder of an Italian
on railway construction near Miniota.
Man., was declared guilty by the jury
at Brandon assizes with a recommendation to mercy. The Italian spat in
King's face and raised his spade to
strike him when King fired two shots
at him. The jury was only out ten minutes. King was sentenced to be hanged
December 13th.
Ottawa, Nov. 7.���The post office department has arranged for a Bpeelal
mail service, similar to that provided
last winter to Fort Resolution, Fort Mcpherson and intermediate points. It ls
reported that the appointment of a royal commission to investigate the cause
of the resignation of Major Hodgins.
from the Transcontinental Railway
Commission,  was considered tonight.
grain of aho' />'erced his eye ball and
the doctors u ��l'/ti wi" los** tne H'*5nt
of it. This win %/ total blindness
since the other eye w^en sightless
for some time. *7/"*>
Blind River, Ont. Nov. 7.���Pi. "?f
Raymond was remanded for trial . i_t
Tuesday on a charge of Incendiarism.
Three others, the Oulett brothers, and
a man named Doran wore also taken in
charge in connection with (he fires and
will have to appear with Raymond.
Ottawa, Nov. 7.���Alexander Macl.ean
the Canadian trade commissioner to Japan reports the arrival of sixty thor
oughbred cattle from Canada for Japan
ese government experimental farms.
Ottawa, Nov. 7.���John Wilson, G. T.
R. section foreman at Arnprlor, Is dead
from injuries received by being struck
by the train.
Windsor, Ont., Nov. 7���The Canadian
Hank of Commerce has nbsorlu'd the
private bank of J. llollon & Co., of this
Sualt Ste. Marie, Nov.' 7.���An unknown French Canad'm was drowned
in the tail race of th - inal. He came
in from the lumber camps and either
Intentionally or by accident walked into
the water.
Sudbury, Nov. 7.���Evans* Planing mill
was destroyed hy fire last night. The
loss Is $50,000.
Ottawa, Nov. 7.���Pontlnac Liberals
have nominated G. P. Hodgins as candidate for the next Dominion elections.
Toronto, Nov. 7.���Mrs. Geo. Gooder-
hara, wife of the late George Gooder-
ham, tho wealthy distiller, died this
morning after a ��rief illness. She
leaves  several  sont-f and  daughters.
Winnipeg. Nov. 7.���The price of all
grades of flour were dropped ten cents
a sack by the milling companies yesterday.
Saskatoon, Nov. 7.���W. L.. Ent, who
up to a short time ago conducted a
meat business here, was arrested yesterday charged with fraud.
Yorkton, Sask., Nov. 7.���Dr. E. Cash,
M. P., was yesterday re-nominated to
contest the Mackenzie district in the
Liberal interests in the Dominion elections. He is the present member for
the district.
Regina, Nov. 7.���At the second meeting of the city council, held last night,
it was decided to accept the offer of the
English capitalists made through the
Bank of Montreal, for $555,000 worth of
debentures. The offer made is 90 cents
on the dollar and the rate on the debentures Is to he raised from 4-J4 t�� B
per cent. Owing to the change in the
rate of interest proposed ratification by
the rate payers will be necessary. Acceptance was practically forced by the
attitude of the bank in requesting the
city to cover a big overdraft.
Cuban   ex-President   Prefers   American
Control to  Independence
and  Anarchy.
Havana. Nov. 7.���Dr. Estrada Palma.
formerly president of Cuba, has authorized the publication of his views regarding A merlcan intervention. He declares publicly in favor of American control in Cuba. He says: "It is enough
to satisfy my conscience, this conviction of having saved my beloved country from anarchy and its natural results of plunder and ruin. If I did right
or wrong time will say. That my attitude was immediately justified is
proved by the sudden re-establishment
of peace through America and the material influence of Americans.
"I do not hesitate to*declare that it
Is a hundred times better for our beloved country to be in a dependent
political situation in which liberty is
prevailing than in a republic independent of a sovereign power, but discredited and ruined by this lasting period of
strifes." The letter 's considered Important as Dr. Palma still commands
a grerft influence will a large number
of Cubans.
f m - s ��� -
Bank of England's Discount Rate Goes
to 7 Per Cent.
WelUnatton, Ont. Nov. 7.���Murray Hid-
bort. postmaster and a prominent resident of l.lilgowuy, while quail shoot in.,
was shot ln tho face and shoulder by t>*
sudden discharge of a gun in the hekld*
| of a  companion   named  Hallvnn.    o-i.
Financial Report Shows
Annual   Meeting   of   Agricultural
Society���Election of Officers ��*
���In Good Condition.
The meeting was called to order st
2. 45 with President C. W. Busk In the
chair and about 30 members present.
The minutes of the last annual meeting
and adjourned meeting were read and
The president congratulated the society on the conversion of a deficit of
S8��3 Into a surplus of $32, less 1152 incurred recently for roofing the poultry
building. He recommended that horse
racing be a jiermanent attraction, and
thought the society had profited on the
whole by dropping expensive games.
He also suggested a few minor changes
in arrangements.
Secretary D. C. McMorrls then reported as follows:
Donations  and   subscriptions..$1,552.00
Membership  tickets  1,088.00
Privileges       40.00
Entrance   fee      243.40
Gate   money   3,177.25
Grand stand receipts      437.50
Provincial   grant   1,000.00
Labor    $   334.50
Printing  & advertising     392.49
Insurance     8.75
Decorations          14.00
Premium  cups        95.00
Prize money   paid      526.30
Provincial  exhibition..     207.70
Judges'   expenses      155.75
Freight on exhibits... 62.78
Exhibition expenses... 416.70
Attractions     3,543.96
Total    $5,756.93
Interest and discount..       61.60
General   expenses      171.31
1906 accounts paid      846.08
Total    $6,835.92
Dal. in Imperial Bank..     702.23
Total    $7.538.15$7,538.15
The .report was adopted.
W. W. Beer, treasurer, reported a
balance of $63 to the credit of the society on hand in addition to the balance
In the bank, $702.50.
The election of officers resulted as
President, C. W. Husk, on the third
ballot, the first two having resulted iu
tie votes wit*-  J. E. Annable.
Vice president, John Hyslop.
Secretary, D. C. McMorrls.
Treasurer, W. W. Beer.
For directors 20 names were placed
in nomination for the 16 positions oa
the board and balloting began. ^
London. Nov. 7.���The directors of the
flunk of englantl this morning put up
the minimum discount rate from six to
seven per cent. The only thins which
could have averted this heavy rate
would have been assurances from responsible quarters ln New York that
the situation which It is recognized Is
due .to the exceptional demand upon
capital In consequence of the great commercial activity In America is sufficiently wel] In hand to wurrant the expectation that there would be an early cessation of the gold drain on the market.
In the ahsi'iicf of such an assurance the
Hank of England utilized the only
weapon at hand to protect Ita rejBStTM
It ls realized, however, that ev. n this
hiKh rato may not prevent ahlpn.- nil
of gold to New York but lt Im hoped
that, it may attract the gold from abroad
In sufficient quantities to restore an
equal amount.
The stop was doubly necessary, as
the bank must nurse Its sutqilies just
at present, for tho country cash requirements have to be met as well as tli,.
usual European demands and there ')s
a possibility of demands for gold from
Argentina. The last occaulon when s
si'v.n per cent rate waa enforced, by
the Hunk or England was In lsT:!/.mrt
v."o�� iiu. ��� ." llnancinl troubles onl the
contlneni and in Amerlcu. On th* occasion the rate sventuully reachedInln..
per cent., but It (RlcUlj- fel_ o^. .in,,
a half.
Meeting of Directors  Endorses Sale to
W. K. P. and L. Company.
The consummation of a deal of more
than passing importance was effected
last evening when the shareholders of
Ihe Cascade Water Power and Light
Company, Limited, met and authorized
the issuance of a series of seven hundred and fifty $500 gold bonds, bearing
four and a half per cent, interest, aggregating $375,000 guaranteed by the
West Kootenay Power and Light Company, Limited, for delivery to the Cascade (1906) Power Company, Limited,
in payment for tho assets and undertaking of the Cascade company.
This gives the West Kootenay company complete control of the power
business in Yale and Kootenay districts,
and is the outcome of the bitterly contested fight between thus., rival companies a year ago before the provincial
'Pit. necessary documents affecting
the transaction were authorized at the
meeting held yesterday, which occupied
several hours.
Mr. S. S. Fowler, M. E., president,
John Fraser, secretary, and LeBaron
deVeber. as directors, will retire shortly and be replaced by the nominees of
the West Kootenay company.
The English companies and trustees
concerned were represented throughout by Mr. U. S. Lennie, of the firm ot
I .nle& VVtagge. anu~ the V.'est Koot-
cn.iy company by A. H. McNelll.'K. C,
of Hassland.
Girls' Friendly Society.
' Tho Girl's Friendly Society will give
a tea tn the parish hall of St. Saviour's
church tomorrow, Friday, afternoon
from 3 to 7 o'clock for the purpose of
raising funds for material for their
winter's work for the Children's Home
in Vancouver, presided over by C. J.
Fred Adle, of Wanota. district fruit
pest Inspector, who Is making the usual
Inspection of orchards at this season.
returned to the city last night
f   f
, *v
j i
.___ Tne Jlaily Canadian
1 ;
f :
I '
II   i
f '
li ���'���
'   I
!j    7
{     .
il ,i
tl i
pi If
fs'j1! li
!i    itfij.'
i'   1
Clothing,    Gents'   Furnishings
and Boots and Shoes
Is beginning to arrive.
In about another week we will be able to offer full lines
in these goods, and can promise you the best value ever offered in the city.
.In the meantime it will pay you lo await their   arrival
before making your purchase.
Imperial Batik of Canada
Head Offfc-c:   Toronto.
Capital Authorized   $10.000,000Capital Paid Up
H Rest    $4,860,000
D. B. WILKIE. President. HON. KOBEKT JAFFRAY, Vioe-President
Branches in British Columbia:
Interest allowed on  deposits  Cri ra date of deposit and credited quarterly.
1MBI.8QW bhamch   ����.   M.   LAV,   Manager.
The Royal Bank of Canada
Incorporated  A.  D.  18C9.
 $3,900,000     Reserve Fund	
Unexcelled facilities for the transaction
of all kinds of Banking Business.
'ECIAL ATTENTION given to the
Savings Bank Department, and
Interest credited Quarterly on
Savings Bank Accounts.
on Application, in Large, Medium
or Pocket Size.
Nelson Branch, G. A. SPINK, Manager.
PubUfiheQ nx aayti a wee* by the
Baker Bt.*   Nelaon, B. C
BnDRcrlptlon ratua, 50 oeuts ���* month dellvered
in the city, or ��&.ou a year 11 sent hy mall, when
paid ln advance. 	
AdvertlBlUR rate*. OH application.
AU moi.leu paid In HclUcnitjut ol Tin- Dally
Cauadlan acuounth, either lot mibHcrlptinnH or
advertiKln_. mu��t bfl receipted for on the printed
tonus ol the Company. Other receipt! arc not
Thursday, November 7,  1907.
The prt'HB of Ontario Ib engaged in nn
animated dlBCuaaloD of the recenl oam
paimi in Baa, Northumberland. It will
be remembered thai ol threi vacant
Heats in Ontario, lor which elections
were held en the same day, the Uber-
all surrendered Mr. Hyman'.. seal in
London, aucceatfuUy defended b Liberal
teal in North Wellington, and tailed i i
win  ii  Conservative  Beat   in   tSaal   North-
uniiierianti. The governmenl candldati
in thi' latter constituency was a M i
MulhollaiHl, and it is the oharactei i I
IiIh appeal that In the Bubjeol ol COW
inenl at present.
Mr. Mu.holluii.l issued a m ; Ifeflto ���>
ihe electors In which hi' promised pull-
He works in tlie Form nl roads, bridg'
wharves and eleotrio railways In eve y
part of the oonsUtuanoy, and wound i p
with "My motto will lie tlie constituency first hut country before party."
Mr. Mulholland was well beaten, the
Conservative majority being greatei
than ever before,   Then an elemeni <���
comedy   entered.     On*  ei.tilnet   niiniste
Who had  taken   pari   in   the  campaign
was Hon. '.. p. _,������.,,.,,m. late provlncla
Liberal leader, now  miniatef*   ol    ral
ways.     Mr.   Uraham   had   siai * -Ti ������- lllil
one particular public    work    would    t'
ahead   no matter  which   candidate   wn
electod.   In an angry Btatemenl  on thi
waning of the election  Mr. M-Ulhollani
ascribed  his defeal   to Mr. Craham ami
that particular pronouncement: lie was
very Indignant thut the minister should
have interfered wiih his efforts to bribe
the voters wholesale.
The Conservative and Independent
press of Ontario scathingly denounced
Mr. Mulhollund und hlfl methods. The
Liberal organs , to their credit, were
comparatively sllpnt. They could hard
iy  bv expected to\ condemn,  and   they
were not sha meless enough to defend.
The use of the public works department for purposes of wholesale bribery in one of the worst features of Canadian politics. Conservatives have to
admit tltat their own record in the matter Is not clean. Tbe practice probably
reached its height in the provincial administration of Ontario during the long
regime of Sir Oliver Mowat. but the
abuse has prevailed in every province
In Canada as well us in the Dominion
During the Liberal tenure of the opposition benches tin- abuse oi patronage
by the Conservative government was a
favorite subject of debate, it was the
tie in.- oi many pages of Liberal elo-
(|ia cce, and d inundation of it figured
in the programme of 1893.
Bu1 Liberal promise has heen belied
i��y Liberal performance as thoroughly
in this respect as in tbe matters or the
tariff, provincial rights, civil service re-
form and every other reform, in two
general elections the Grand Trunk l'a-
cili railway has be&n held up as a bribe
ni all Canada W6I1 el lhe lakes. To
take   only    one    mure    example   out    of
thousands available, in the campaign of
L900 the electors of every constituenc?
in British Columbia were Invited to
vote for the Liberal candidate "and the
However it is something In be ihjink
fill for lhal ihe practice is mi longer
publicly defended on the platform or In
tlie press, what every one is uname^ of,
ft may la- hoped, will gradually he dis-
We carry the finest lines of
Worsteds. Cheviots, Venetians,
and Irish Tweeds in lhe west.
Every garment is guaranteed, to 1
the   most  correct   fashion.
������������������������ ��������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������� ������������������������
a short tins iiko nn oxttols appears*]
In Tlm Canadian calling the attention of
puiiih to tha activity 'if   tin-   Mor-
Coal! Ice! Wood!
Phone 265
Y.*-���<-' Kootenay Ice, Fruit,
FtkeL*. Poultry Co., Ltd.
-is ill    '.
1  kOOMb.     -_v.. -1    R.s
We are headquarters for
Complete Stock  in Wen's, Women*!
and   Chlldren'R.
R. AINDRIiW _ _0.
mons in various pans of Canada, in
Vancouver in particular, where they
have been conducting a missionary crusade. We called attention to the strong
representations which some time ago
were made to the federal government
and parliament by a number of Letli-
bridge gentlemen in which they stated
their belief that polygamy was rife in
in the Mormon settlement in Southern
Alberta, asking that the matter be
thoroughly investigated; and that if
their representations were found to be
correct, the matter should be dealt with
vigorously by the law officers of the
Crown. The matter was however dropped as the Minister of the Interior Intervened, gave to it a political cast, and
told the Mormons in effect that they
were a law abiding, much maligned people.
Notwithstanding such assurances
from the Minister of the Interior, there
is a strong undercurrent of belief that
things are far from being as they
should be, from a legal Standpoint
with the Mormons In Southern Alberta.
In yesterday's issue of our contemporary we find the following:
"There are evidently those who believe that the state of matters In South
ern Alberta needs investigation of a rigorous sort and the application of some
wholesome discipline. And apart from
this aspect of the condition of things
there, the undoubted fact that they
form a distinct and separate community, acting as a unit in all matters, wiih-
i p.* al nil amalgamating with the people
ot Cniiiiila, no more British in ;-. ntimenl
tliau are the Hottentots, and that they
are rapidly increasing in numbers, rap
idly extending their ln.ni.ils���these
things make them a menace to Canada."
General Job Work, Cnlmney Sweeping, Carpet Cleaning, Fixing snd Cleaning Stoves, etc
T1 East Baker St. Phone No. A11.
Geo. P.  Player
Office   Room   No.  2,   ELLIOT     BLOCK.
The annual meeting of the Nelson
Agricultural and Industrial Association
will he held ln the Court House, Front
Street, Nelson, on Thursday, November
7, at 2 p. m.
Nelson, Oct. 26, 1907.
Wharf C a. m. daily for Kootenay Land-
In.: and all points east. Close connections for Spokane. Returning arrives
City Wharf 7 p. m.
TRAIN NO. 45 for Rossland and all
Count points, connecting with Steamer
Kuskanook leaves C. P. R. Depot 7.1 D p.
iu.   Whurf 7 40 p. m. dally.
TRAIN NO. 43 for Slocan, Rosebcrry
IfaveH depot dally except Siinduv 9
a. m. Returning arrives 0 p. ni. dally
except Sunday.
TRAIN NO. 41 for Ktisnlund-Houndary
leaveB Depot daily except Sunday 11.41*
a. m. Returning arrives Nelson 10.30
p. m.
dally except Sunday, leaveF City Wharf
7 a. ni. Lardo days: Mondays Wedi.es.
'lays and Fridays.
���For further partlculurs call or write
BjTj OOYI_, J. ssOK..^^
A.U,l*.A.,V.UUOU..t. If P.A., M.I.OU
All Kinds of Heating  Plants  in  Stock.
Vletorla St., Nr. Ooera House.      Tel. 181.
Notice of Meeting.
Cascade  Water  Power and   Light  Company,  Limited.
Notice ls hereby given that an extraordinary general meeting of thu Cascade Water, Power and Light Company.
Limited, will be held at tbe offices of
the company on Saturday the 2nd da>
of November, 1H07, at the hour of 2
o'clock In the afternoon, for the purpose of:
1. Authorizing the Issue of a peri"**
of debentures, aggregating (87*5,000.00,
dated the 1st day of May, IW7, with interest at 41_ per cent, per annum, payable on the first day of May. L940, with
Interest payable semi-annually on tbe
1st days of May and November in each
2. Authorizing the execution of the
draft Deed of Trust, approved by the
parties, which will be submitted to the
meetinR, and made between the company, of the First Part, the Royal Trust
Company of Montreal, of the Second
Part, and the West Kootenay Pow* i and
Light Company, Limited, of the Third
3. Passing the resolution recited in
the said draft Deed of Trust.
4. Transact ing such other business
as may properly come before the meeting.
Dated this lGth day of October, A. D.
By Order of the noard,
.1011N FUASKH.
Nelnoii I,nn i DutMol*   inmnri of V.vnt Knolctniy
Take notice thnl II   William*,, Ofcupatiou  ran
rher; it H. HiiHtitnr*., oi-cnpatloii eioi-lrlclati; ami
K h. i*. Smith, oooapatton Lnmbarauui) all <>i
ProOtar, H- (:.. Int**nr1 to apply for a -"T,t.,.iKl tlm
Imt llct'iii-t* ever tin- following -lt-H<.ril>i'<I lamln.
CoinmeiiflNK Ht h p.tht about thn-f mlU-n �����***���>. ol
Wilmm <'f*��--k on ���,<.iitli Hi-ore of Kootenay Lake
tlM'iicc Houth KO iliniiiN, thi-Iici' Mil W" ''hallo-.,
thi'iieeiiortli K) ohftlni, thence went M iiiMltu. to
point of comiut-net'iiienl, ��� ..nininnn' m- hitch,
BOM or lut-h.
SeptcmlHjr ftth. 1907. B   Wiij.iamn.
K. H. IUhiim.-,
It   H. P. HHYTH.
Nulaon hand lM*.rrlct. Pintrli.t of Went Kootenay
Take notice thai K. H. t. Smyth, of Procter, ll.
C, occntiatloi) niiiiliermi.n, lntendh toHpoly for
a Hpeeiiil tlmlri-r llcuiitH* over the following n>-
arrlnt'd IhikIh :
No. 1. Cniniiicnc'lUK ��tn pout plniite-1 hear the
northcaHt curncrpoHt ot l...i No .... i- on Umioii
unwk nii-l inarkcil K. N J', Hmyth sonlliweKt cor-
ncrpOHt No I. thence 40 ''liHlun north more or
t.-*** to ahoiit midway of the ���nuth houndary line
Of Umber licence No. B-JfiH, thence HOehBlti** cunt,
thence 40 cIihIiih Houth, thenoe 40 itunii oaftt,
t'lci..'. i- -,.,*��������� Hoiitli, thenco HO chain*" went,
more or Ichh to the KouthcBHt corner of nforcHitid
Uit No SMI, thanot 4li chain-' north, thence in
ehaltiH wel to tbe point of commencement.
DatM BUl July, lwr7. K. H. H. HKVTH.
Henry Keieiiart, Agent.
Nel no 11 Land I'lHtrlet.   PlHlrlet of Went Kootenay
Take ootloa thai Umon P. Bonlflal. of Waller,
Idiiho, (ii'(iii)ittii.ii luiiihernirin, IhUmi'Ih to apply
for a kpecikJ timttcr lleunnu over the followhiK
aaeortuM landai on tha cant nda <��f Priatl river:
��� iMiiiin'iii-iiif ut a poHl planted on the etiHt Hide
of Prleet river, two and a Imlf mil*il north of the
ini''i in ��� ..iin,; houndary line, thence nor h mi
chaliiH, thenoe ohm| He ilnilnn, thenee nouth HU
ehalliN, thence   weat Ho ehiiiliH   to point of 0om<
meliceiiketil,  in i n n-r Mn Here*-, more or Ichh
Dated Sept. Hlh, 11*07. BlMOM I'. HcHlFKjti.,
K. w km mi, Agent.
Neinon Land Dletrtot Dlattsotol WeetXootanay
Take notice that Clyde K. MeChirti, of KiiBvillc.
waih , occupHlion iiarher, Intelida lo apply for
it attecfiil tlnioer llcrnee over the following den
Ortbed landn; On the cant aide of l'rieat river,
two audit half Milieu north of lhe interniithiiiHl
houndary line: ('ninmciictiiK al a |HMt hla&tod
two und a hul t in ii*" north of tlie " ���-, tIB.ii..nul
houndary line, thence cant M0 cnaln*, thnnce
Houth Hn thaliiH, thenee went HO ehuiiiH, thence
north HOehaliiH to the point ol c^iiiiuiiiccao'iit
nnd coutalnliiK Mil acre*-, more 0.    '""-
Dated Hept, 14tii,lW7.        -rivot- K   McCluki,
K   W. Bmitm, ' cent.
Ladies' Blouses and Dress Skirts
u i will sail ..ii Friday n splsndld l..t
..r Ladles' Fall sad Winter Waists at
Bsrgals Prioes.
Minuses, nitular Jirirr $1 T.lt at $ 1.....;
!_' ....   at   |] '...
All \'*w styles ami Materials for Kail
and  Winter Wear
i.i.lies' iiress Skirts, rsgnlar M-00
Skirts at f2 r.n
Ladies'   DfSSS   Skirts.   rpRulnr     $.1N
Skills    al    $1 "li
Yon can buy a 10-acre Fruit Ranch  in   the best   fruit-growing district
in British  Columbia by payiug   Jiodown and Sic. per   month.
Even as an investment this is worth consideration.
Fruit Laud has trtbled in value within on year.  What will it do next year?
NulNoti I^nd 1>1h net. UiHttui of Weht KtMiteiifi-f.
Take notice that Jay Bovee. of Hitzvltie. W���)i ,
oooQpattoii butnher, inteii'li-toapi.ly toraepecdaJ
Umber licence over the followm* .leM-rlbed
land-; on the eat-t Hide of 1'rieHt riser: tom-
menolni at a p'c-i planted one aud a hall mile*
iiorlii   ol    inU*rnat)onnl   boundary  line,   thenoe
i-i-i ni chaliiH, thenoe lotita ho chaiurx. thenoe
weet ho ehaina, thenoe nortti so ohaini l.the
iMimt ol eommeueement, coutalnitiK G-lu n- :-���-.
more or Ihm.
Ita led H?pt   Uth, 1907. Jav Bovkh,
K. W  Smith. Agent.
Nelnotl I_nd District.   InHtriclol Went KootOStU
Notice ih hereby *riven that m daynafter date i,
Joi.n I'. HwedU-rii, nuijer.of Nt-lnon, ��." . intend
lo apply to the lion the Chief ��� 'onimthniouur of
l^ati'l aud W oikn for a h-hm IhI lleeiKi- In 'ut hihI
emiry away tlinher frmii the loltovlni  dee. I lhe I
land*situated <���!! ���anuut creek, in the Went
Kooteuny iMHtriet:
No. i ' i.ii;tii. tii-Mif at a pont marked J, I'. H'h
timber limit, northcaht corner pont. Ioi-hIcO mi
went fork ol Bumml- creek about UVO mlict* inuu
main creek, lhem-" iiiiniitiE houth wi etialur*,
thence ruuiiliiK went 40 cIihIii*-. thence rtinntUg
north 4o cliMiut., tbeuce weat 40 chalua, thantri
noilh no chaiiih, I hence ruunlUK can *0 ilmniH,
thence runtiliiK aouth 40 chain**, thence eaat 40
oIihIiih to place ol commencement
Located on the '-fl'it' daj or a um��t, Lfltn
I OHM V. SWKI.BBhO,   locator,
per hO* a��cnt PUCI  Mi I'onaI.i.
No 'i.- ('niiiiiK'tii'ltiR nl k ]i<iNt marked J   r. H'h
timber limit, mo thweat corner   poet, tooatad on
ireei fork ol Buaunlt creek, ��:.. ;.t two mllet rrom
main   creek,   Ihcncu   rtiniiltiK   MUth   Bo  ohaini
thenoe runnlsg eael Hl> chatu*., thenoe running
north HO ehalliK, thvuet- ruuiiliiK wchtHOchalUH
to place of commencement.
Located on the VWth ���!��,) of AukiihI, IW07
.John I' hwitino ii'.,  Lo<
per iii-  linent I'HlCte McIk-nai.I.
iitt.r .
MotlOe Ih hereby n~B8 thai ->*i mb>*h alter data '
intend to apply to the lion. Chief Uommleelonai
of Landn and *orkn for permlHHlou to pun hafcC
thr* fullowiug dencrlbed landn, Hlttiatcd  in   Weet
Kootenay dietiiot: Oo-imencipa hi a post mark'
nd by name an lultlal poet of the houth Fork
brniicb, one liuudred feel from the junellou of
LuHl creek wltli the aouth fork; tlience om-
qnarter mile to the north weat corner poKl, theiie*
oik- mile to the nortin-ait oomai poeti thenoe
one (���ua.rtcr tnlle  to the ���ontheWI corner poai.
thence one mile to   the platM ol commencement
June .17, 1907. Located by W��. Connolly,
NclHon Land IMatrbrl.   DlHtrlct of West Kootenuy
Take notice tha�� Wealey  Boree.01 Bltevlile.
WbhIi , occupRtion butcher, luteinln to apply for
n special timber licence over the followinu ilim-
erlbutl UiuIh; on   the  enat  Hide  of   I'ricM   river:
Oonunenolng nt ��i ]'<>nt pinnted one and a naif
inllcH north of the liiluruatloniil boon -ary line,
thence went HO chiiliiK, thence Houth HO ehaltiH,
tin nee eaat Hit chuiiiH, thence north HO chiiion to
polnl of commeii(;umunt, QaOtal���inf. MOaoTM,
more or i��na.
I��Htod Hept. 14th, Ilr07. Wkhi.rv Hovkb,
K   W.Kmith, AfODt
Nelaon Lund IMHtrlcL, Uiatrict of VV'eKt Kootenay
Take notice that Henry llelchert. of Nelaon,
B u , proapeotor, intend to apply for a apodal
timber licence over tbe following dchcribed
HO. 1.���tlonimunclNK ata pout planted neai II.
W. north weal corner pont, lot No, 70tll��, and
marked "Menry ftebherl Houthweat comer
poit." thence HO chain*, north,   thence   HI) chuliifi
eaat, tin-nee ho ehniiiH south] thenoeM onalne
went lo tlo* point of eouuneuceuietil.
I>uted Hept. lhe _ith, M*o7.
liKNKT  HietCHIIlT, LoCll.tlW.
Kelson Land tiiatrlct. Dlatrlcl oi WchI Kootcimy
'lake notice that I, �� harlen Hldney Iniary, of
Hiirtou City, 11 G , occupation farnn-r, liiteud to
apply for pennlnHioti to purchase the followliiK
derierlbed laud : Commencing at a noat planted
ahoul live mllva northwest from tne mouth of
Moequltp creek ami marked "l*. H L'h northeaat
cgrtiet," itH'iii'i Moittli Ho . iriniiH, thenee weat HO
chalua, thuiiee north ho chains, thouee aaat HO
ciiHlnn to   point  ol   cnmuifuccuicul, coutalulna
tMo aarrea.
Be .1, 7th, 1W7.
N. ���.ii Umi iii*trici   i'1-triciof Weet Kaatwuy
Take notice that William Andrew Koaa, of
Femle, B C . hotel keeper liitendH to applv [or
a aiK-cial tluib  i li. , nee over Hist   lollonin-."   dee
crtbed  Lands:   Commeodoi  at a {nisi uaoted
iibotit nx miles ueat of ihe Kootenay river, on
' orn   creek,    in the   I'lutrlct   ol Weat   Kootenay
t.iiiiiHing about sis noM north ol the Inter*
national     bono lury     line,    and    Uluatr   al the
northoaet oornei of William Andrew Boas' Nn
t timber etatrn. Uionoe nortt ho ah���tua, thenoe
us'*.i a.-* chains, thenoe south Bo i*r>altiSi theue��
��� aat Ho chain--, k. itu- point of i-omineuceineut
Loeated July .wrd. i!h��7
Doted th.- hit, uf Aug   iter?
William anomcw ).<*������
Ntnaoti 1���nd Itintrlel    Uistrict of tt i-st Kootenar
lake   notice   that  I'alrick  nheiali,   ol   Ncihon,
B.C.,   occiioation   pfoapoetor.   liilcnds   to apply
lor a special timber lloanee orei the foiiowiui
deeorined lauds; i em men nine at a poet plained
at the n w   oorner poet of lot ean, being fatrlok
sheran'a N K. corner pout ruiiuiiig souiii HU
chains, thenoe ��������! mi ciiaina, lhenoe n��rtii n��
i halus, thcuie cn>t mi chains lo point of com
Dated August :il��t, 19tr7. I'atrk.k HnshAN,
KhKI m h*M>, Agenl.
Take nolle e that Iin F. Taylor, clerk, of Arrow,
bead, H. i    , Lnteodl UI apply lor a -.prclal llc��-nce
to cut in..i,< i from the foiloWl���| deeorlbed
No. 1.    Conunanjlng at a post plauled 70chalua
distance ln aneaetany direotlon  from Cariboo
lake marked   "Ira F. inylor'i, W. I _rklua'   m   \\.
trprner*" bounded on the sooth by T, L No imr,,
nn  the west oft, L.   r*o.7B7B, theaee north ho
ohaini,   thence  east  HO   chains,  the lie   Houth SO
bains, thence   west mi eiialux to point  ot  com-
ilielireuieiil .
No. S, < 'ommeiicltiK Hi a post planted HOt-hnins
<ll*.tauc-- and in nciiKterlv direction Iroiu Cariboo
lake marked "M I'arklnH*. 1 ra K Taylors B W,
corner poet, ' bounded on tin went by T. L 7W17,
Houth by Ira V. laylor'a him; W 1'arklns' T. L.
No. I, thence nor Hi 40 chaliiH. thence i-aat IK)
chains, tbeuce south 40 chains, thenee west 100
chuiiis to point oi commencement.
W. F. OuiLVIR,
Ika I    Taylor.
Ni-lsnii l.nn.1 tltslrlcl. Dlslrlet ol Wi.st KoulrMisy
TsfcS ll'.ll.'l. Hint I. K], sn belli IcrKlls.itl. ..f Nel
.fill, llrlltnti roliiiiililH, (ici'iiput 1.ill iiiiuru.n wi>-
inn 11. liiti'iMl to sppll for p. 111.ism.'i to |..... I...-.
the IoMowIiik OffJUIiEssd lini'l : eouuili'lii'lliK lit s
post j.lanli.l III 1-lii.lns wsal oi Hi.- soulluisst i.or-
11. I ..I ISStloS TJ. Ti.vvnsblp llll, Kooli-iiH). BUfl
marked'K P.'s N k luirncr," 111*.1101. west Hn
i-liiiii.s, tln.iii-i: smith 411 rliiilns. IIimih.*. usst WI
..1. ii. us. Ilii'li.'i. ii.nil. .1. . I... :.. ... til*1 plsii* ot
don.[i]i-o<'..|iii'iit hrati I'oiitulnlu. 11110 ai-rus more
ll.lll JlllT, A. I). II..."..    Kl.lr.tTKTII 1. I ..ll... ..
b.v W. A. I'lil.li.r, SKotit.
N.lwi .a Land District.  Htstrlet ol Wsal Kootnimy
'lull., n.itlf... tlist I.Joliii Usui, Of Ni-lsou,B.OT,
ooi upstlon intiicr Intend to .pplj for p..ri.us-
sion   I.. i.tiriTiHsi. tin. following .l|.si'rll��..l Isntls:
Comm.uelni st a post pinnn.il si tiu> N. K. of
Lot Kintj. thono. nasi li) rhslilH, thfmos sou'li M
'ti.'.. wi.at 1*1) I'liall.s, Lhsao. lit.rt.lt 'At
olnt of noiiiuiulii.oiiii.iit, ...nl.. inin,; 10
' ..r loss.
.lOtlS IjiNU.
' A'iku'
Id,  11S17.
Nulson l.iui.l liisim.t.   DlStrlOt ol Wost Koololisr
Tiiku llollu.ihat I, llan.l l.    Knrts.ol  Nelson,
H.i ��� o... up...ion nii.reli.iiil, Hit 1   to apply for
iHirmlssloii i,, ,.���rc-lsisnt- lln. lollowlng rtoserlisiil
lall.l : Ootnn.BI.0lni al ii ....si nlautod si. till"
Hinittiwest irornur   ..I   notion   lw,  township  llll,
    anil i...... . ��� i ...i.n. K.'sH. W. nornor,"
'li *'   liorlll  Wli'liaiiis,  thoniw oast   -111 Hiatus,
thono.  south  Ho I'lialiis, llioun.  wost   .11 1'halus
to iiio point of oommsnosinssi snu sontsinlns
ilju hitds mor.. or ll-BH.
i.'.tti July, nun liAvmo xusts,
W    A. iiililer, sso.lt.
N.......ii Laud District. Di.tr.ot ol *v��st aoo..n.y
Tako   BOtlOS   Ihsl tlorn.llus   UiTjiuau, Of Al
ions. Msn., oecurstlon t.rni.r nil. i. .* tr>��lfj
tor iHirmlsklou to i.tirrh.,*' in* fi..l..��iuiJ"
. rlls-.l Isn.l r..niii..ii.lOK si �� I"*' |.i����i"��
Frank F Hoamau'. ^ K rajmi r. .1 s l���i ����������
...     K   .N   K.rorner."sii.I riuioniK wrslbi.I'hsua,
Lhanoa s��iutii *.. i.sin*. i-sbi ��.. oislas, �����'"""
rhsllis lo olsef oi bF.lnui.1., OOaWISIN ���"
s.T... ol Isi.'l. mor* o* less. -
Uaioii urA Au.uBt.tinr; (xsssmna ��i^����>.
AsTursA  Hi stub. Aieni-
.Nsison [and in.irKi  iii.tn.'i ..i wast '���"���fg
Iske i.otl.u Ihst I's'il AUK..'' f'ol,!,'1!iS
o��.n.r.8.C.  mpal  !''"','n"*;|r'2.'
lo s| |.I| lor pr-milBBlon ... pin. I.���' ��'��� ��""
in.  , i.��.rll....l  land.:    Commeirlns si. {J
,,laot,..l.i ii,e...i.ii, l. dsryol  ��.!?_
wsy   ol   lhe   llrlll.h   lohm.l.ls ~*uil.'J���   ��*J,
w.y and sIb.ui ��� ih.ii.s ��.��� IX","","'���!,"
6ion said r.liw.y. Uioi muU *"''��'��'��� T���
..a��i ai sha in....... soiirt * fifKI'SS.
|..J.tC0 rhsln,. Ib.no. ll..r". '"    "   " "',.�����,
srroftb.rubl-ol-w.yol ih. ii.iii.i. ' "",1
Hmilhori.   Ksllw.y.   Ib.nos  ��""'">���*,    ",
..i.l rlaht-of w.y to plaos ol r��mm.nrjsnso.
l.atml HUB and dsy Ol *,;��,;'^V',r��� pstrUSS
Mao ,,.y, .,���.r ,1.,, . Am...- Ait.... i"]""";
ranohir, of Burl tl   ...'���"��� ';��� iW, i>
i-nn.. Oonunl narol I.n. "';J     ;,,..  ,,.,i
lolls. II   C  . In piin-hsBflli.- l..li"��H-'���..,.,i,
land, stuata aaat ol Burton    '"',,.��� I
......  ui.rke.t   "A   A    H   '"''<'',V, ,*,"'��� �����''
plain. .1 St till' S    ��    .'orl.-l   ��� : ,���,���,mi.
rillililtlK norih Ml baUIS,   III. I"*  ' i ,,, ,.|��� in, lo
���Jsaao. south K i-bsiiis. Ib.niw Sssiwo"""
,.l...  ,,f .oiiiinelil lent      ..,���,,.   ||,-amB-
Au.liBl 1st. Iisn. Aslinssi"	
Nel.,.., 1*11.1 IM-trl-l   1'i-trl. 'i'''"';,h';,;i"',
Tako nolle,   thai  Alik'""   **?8.'!''.?i..iisllf��
Mslaon, ���,.,.��...... nr* '���'r"',".V.'.w n�� *���-'''���",
|K.in,ls��  i- |.-ir.'l,ss,. the l.'l<"*'"'   ,, ,, Hi,
I.uil.i Oommanouai st b post ''��' , ,���'���
N. W. ooin.r I. r. Morrison * ����" ������.
allirf, thi ��oo norih fori) I*1' '"J1' , {��.
BSl lo-ly (40) i-lislns, �����������-���������������� ',',' ' ts. nl"
sins, ilien.e wesl lorlyHH) l"'' " . ��".,lrol
miii.-iie.m. in. su.l ooSUfalBI on.
.1 slity { 1110) aen*B. mor*. oi IW*��� u n ,u
IH...I Hep to .n her and. 1WI7.       ������"���������'
Nelson tj.n.1 lllHinel.  District"'"  ."',,Sl.|,���r.
Tako notleo thai PhlUn """,'k,:1,'"' ''.,.nlv !��'
H O.aoonpsUoB panch.r, nn; ";;  ' li;.���,n��.i
iH'llnlBBlon lo pur liasr th' '"V , i"���t,..l 01 I"'
lsn.i: Oomsionolni ��l s I*"" ,.',T,|rtM.)lake-sl
west shore of IJ.l-.-r �� lis'H'SO   ' ��'    , _��� ,.|,.llii.
tho 8. K. oomor of 1 ����� "" '",. ,, ��i el.s""'-
tl.fi.nr soi.tliHi. ohalus. l'l,",",.'��� i.,,.. lln'��"
more or less, lo the ihOraio! U>�� WJM MH
northerly aloliK Hi" "i"'1 "'"'"���"���    "..noil111"'
nr lass, In point at ooaun.i """���
1*10 anroB. more or less.        nsrnasssk1
l.su.,1 Kept   mih.llHfl.    I'lill.l."   lm""K
"1 ' ,   .    I West KOOIOIIST
Nelson Laiiil IllHtrll't.   lllstrli-t 0   " nI,
Tsk. uotloo that 'V";",���',':"'n �����'��Z
Manitoba, farmer, '""SJV-ISnl SsJO-M
permission to pnrohSM ll"' '"' '" , �����,.��� ��l����'
land: ConimeiieluK st ��l'",,, '���nio rrrtj.
seven nillos from Iho mo" . ot '���' ���.,t|oB '��J
st nnrthoaal enrner cl IBU YZunnU('��ni
iniuke.l '.H. <1. N. K. oornei, "'',;���.,������,��� ln'l"1"
Ho .'bains, thenee wesl 10Obslns, loo       (J [(,���.
ebohis. thane, afoshslu to i'"
meBostn , oonulnlnB *M0 scrM'
Ha....I intb dsy of Augusi. i��'   ,.������..,.    ,
__Jg ":A!!!L
 ��� " .,,,.,i BI...H'1"'
Nolsou Land Iilsliiel    Dlstrlolor ,l
Take    notlo.  lhal    rJ'"'Ldi lo 'iff
Altona,    Msultobii,  broker.  .�� ",r,i|0��lllfJ"r
loi permission  to  purohaso "''   '.., ���l��.itf"���;
orlli.il land:   Commenelnil s. s .
the southeast corner ol  Isni    ��y      _
live miles from  tbo moutn o'    jnlo|l��'
markiiil K K B.H. K. oorner,   sun rn   ���,,
imimi'ii'l :'l''|r,.|'".>1*,'
solllh m i'lialiis, Ihfliii. ossl "��"'"������.
i-oiniuoiiofniont, I'lHitHlnii'l.'"
Da..d 80th day of Ao.usl, WJ ^
  ^ II you kuew you could buy
nest quality stamped "Canada Approved"  by Government
Inspection ou every package, would   you trouble making it. particularly when it will Cost You Less.
We have it  in all   sizes to suit   families, boarding  houses
'hotels 7, 14 ant* 2^ M-*' Pausi ���� ,D- tubs.
P. Burns & Co., Ltd.
Ljlo, Rossland Boundary
WhuicHi.n.* Provisions.,
yoverniiii ni 1'r**ni.i'*rr One Ponnd Bricks receivwi weekly fresh from the
.:.,;;':..     For Bale l.y nil Ifuill.iK KrooerB.
Otfloo nnd warehouse: Houston Block,    Phone 79.
Josephine Street.        -        -        -        Nelson, B. C.
20- ACRE
in of Appleton Brothers' tract.    lmprovementa on every block.
I Tall ai 00 ���
lenders Wanted for the Purchase of a
Mineral CUim.
u   to  Hit-   undersigned,  at   bis
k rt House, in tbe City ��1 Nelson,
I.. '- 11..    li 'iir   ..t *> o'cloca. in
. t'   lay,  RoTembes iM.h. i��n.
the ��� Tieelnant" Mineral
1   Lit   >     (1 roup   1,   Ko-.iU.nay     lnstrW l,
|tn!. iu .1.-. iared to Em? forfeited Ui the   CrtWrB
I thrt*n isli :,.   I in lbs t'lty ol Nelson, on the
. ��".    l..r  ���tiiln-.uent   ta*e* up
..    I**,    ml    ousta      The   upset
��� Mineral  i laim, which tn-
: aeUqoeat  .�����   ���     and ��� "-'
iture, with  interest, taxes
nnrtii.a.. sn   . *.., rued, ooets ol svivt-rtising,
aait-li.M rt.wn   ���.tHtil   (tr-f��)) U> t��l ��, whlHi
tsmeunt tbat will I���� run ui-1*-rod as a
��� man bs nt-. ..in [utMi'-i by an
he full amount ot ihe ten-
itider ol tlie iH'puty Corned Work**, at Victoria. H. G.
Certificate  of Improvements.
��� ::.���  Im
..n.H .
. itiiaHthday ol Oct.,1907.
i-ovt-ruhicnl Agent.
(fenders Wanted for the Purchase of a
Mineral Claim.
a iltenuKi]
ttl lis**,   ,.'   I     i
>ap]  , ,,
ii u   I.,
'"1 to tbe undersigned el Ml
' Home, in tin* lit*. ��l Se.t.011.
P t-ll the hour ol h o'clock, iu
I n Uy, Nov,16tb, l��n. lot the
���il Abe" Mineral Cteim, l-ot
I'litj hintrni, uiii it wu de-
<l lo thf t rtiwu el the lex
til Ni-Imm, ou tin- 6th un] ot
!*��� i      ol Nelaon, ou the-Hi. 4a] <���!
'"        ' Inquent   luxes   up tl.l   June
1        ' I Im   Upset   Price   upon tlie
��� wblob include*. Ibeamottnl
st and -jukI al thf lime ��1 lor-
- r. i taxes which hnve since
>���     itiit-liiK. nut tec lor I'rnwti
, *: ���       �����*. v., which I*, tht- leant amount
h red Hh ���. temi*t
must   Ik-   accompanied     by   *n
" Im- lull   amount ol Hit- ten
���    urdi i ot Hit-   I'tpiii)   Com
aud Work., at Victoria. B.C.,
i- M
�������� isl Heh  d   I.O,
u.ii. uiii day ol Ool .IP.".
Hm.i. .   WltlOlIT,
lit.vi riuiu'iit Agent.
P^dcLs Wanted for the Purchase of a
Mineral Cl-iim.
���   !'.ks,.,| lo tbe  undersigned  at bin
n   House, 111 thel'lty u(   Nelson.
up till ttir hour ol lo'elook,  Hi
I ol Friday, Not    l.nh, mr., i.n the
I   - ">*   "Badier" Mineral   -���.���tin,   \mi
"T 1   knot,nny   liiuirii-t,   which   was di
"T'ninn" Mineral Claim situate tn the Nt-lson
Mining iuvh-lon. of the West Kootenay I'uurlrt.
Wh-rc located: -tin Toad Mount-in two and a
hall .nllef I rum  Nelson, B   0.
lake notice thai 1, w. \ Macdonald, actinic an
agent (or Hugh Huiherland, ire. Miner's Certificate No. Hi ��� ..".' Intend ��0 days from the date
hrrvol. to apply lo the mu.it..' Recorder lore
Certificate of Improvement*, for the purpose ot
obtaining a Crown (irant ot lhe above clai in-
And further take notice Hint action, under
Section ���", must be commenced tiefore lhe t*>-
���uance uf Huch Certificate ol Improvement*.
hated this i*r.! day ot heptemt>er, A   I> , 1907
Certificate  of Improvements,
'���Bi�� Km Fraction" Mineral Claim, ulluate
1n the Troul lAke Miniua Mt��Iou, ol West
Kootenay Dlatrlct. Ux..;-! on I'oplar creek,
Take untie-* that I, C. 1'adley Wtm Miner ���
��� ���, riini*si:������ No. is** .������ inU nd A0 davit from the
date hcreot lu apply to the Milling K.-rni I r fnr
a t'ertttlcau ol luiproveiiicnta lor the purpose of
oMftltiiUB ft Crown (irant ot the above Claim-
Aud furthet take not lee that actlou under
Bectlon >n. :������ ��� ��� ���������' commenitetl before the
lesnanes of Mich OerttBeate of lmprovemenu.
|i��led thu- Mb day ol t>cU��ber, 1UH7.
In the matter of an tppllcatlon for the isnus of
ft dupll'-ale i i rttlleats _ Title lor purl (to Here*)
ol Lail KU tiroup one, in the Plslrt.t tif Kuoteuay.
Rottee i*- bareoj ���*'���* that ii limy iiiu-ntion
to lwKue at the expiration of one moniti (ruin the
tlmt ptibUchtlon hereof a dupheftle ol ttM' Cer-
t ill rate <ii title tor lhe nbuve lamln in the name
of Andrew Morri-.m, w hlch CertiOeale of Tllle
Is dau*d the .Mh 'lay ul Mart b, Itsjo. and nuui-
1m-red -1*19 K.
Isand   Registry (ifflor. Nelaou, B. C.,Beptetnbcr
"11   F. Mai Laon,"
IMf-trlci Registrar.
'' Inu-rest, laxei whleli have tun-
' "iii u( advertising, and lee tor Crown
'" l* IM 86, Hhicii It. the le-nm ainotint
w t'unsidi red asa tenner.
i 1,11,1,., ,1IMNl (m. aoooapanled by an
--�� ���, .'i,,,|1M' '"' tll(' '"ll amount ol the ten
tin, ' ,;,1"' '*>r ui the Hepuly Corn-
it I'm            ^UdB ati.l Works, at Victoria, 11 0 ,
���Uidai N. iM-n.B.t:. thin utb day of Oct., 1U07.
11 A It lev v\'UM.iri.
Uoverumont Agent.
"���lint i*
Tenders Wanted f-r 'lie Purchase of a
Mi'i ra' CI im.
"v.Hi n? .'""""> <���" Hi** unilorslKiiwl at 1.1s
Ut*nirii, "."n ""'ISO, In tho Cltv of Nt.lsuii.
.liter,,,,,,, .IP "It tho liuiir utf. .1'eli.i'k In
"l.��.,   ���     ','" "I'lay,   Nov. lftlh,  11K17. for I he
I lir,,,.,     V H"l��lrs"  Mm..si Clslra,  Is.l
'""'I.. ... V"',1""", I'lslrU't. wlili'h ��, 0.
"*'" lii'l.ll .i".'.'1"''1 I" tho Crown at tho tss
SL��nv.. ii,\ ,'", ' ,">',"' NiilNon, ���l. tho Sill .lsv
���tti.HH' .,,'. "r ''''llii.liioiil taxes nftlll Jim
"sis.    'I'lu.  upset   prtOS   "poll tin
tn Iho mstt.-r nt sii spi.ll.'sllon tor Lbs Issue ol
.lil|.|l-��les..l the rortitlosusot 'lll.ll-to lolsll.
IS sn.l lit. sroui. t. tVt-Bl Kool.-tisv I'lstrl.'t, sis.,
known s. DM "aontaBST ilili'l." "1 '-."Ifori" sn.l
"l.uin" mluorsl elslln, rospe.'tlvely.
Notiie is barabr aivon tt.st u i- my mii'iition
to issue st tlie esplriilloti of one .until!, sflsr the
llrsl publti'Sttitli hi'ioi.t s .lul-lleste ..I I'.itlll.'sli'
of Till.- r*o. lUnlsoI Sll LIl.llilili'il SI llSlllis In
osil. of Ih*- sLovolots, t.suo.1 on Hit' l"th .Isy of
Mkv. A   li. IHS*> In tl.otisii.oof Johui' Ainsworlh.
and also a aoplloat. ..I rirtuiisu. oi Tin.; go.
tSOOaol   "ll   uiullvhleil ia.llX.lhs lu   os.'ll of   the
Mbove lots, Issuel on tho  17th ilny ot  May, A. II
lWSl.iu tho lismi" of lloitlKi'J. Alnsworlb.
I.su.l Ili'itlMry utlli'i'. Htlsul.,11.1'.. Aum.str.tb
l*in' 11. F MA.I..OB."
litstrlei IteKlslrsr.
In the msllor ol sn sni.lli'olmn lor tbo tsnUOf
�� iluplle....'i.l the ll.Tlllll'SU' ot tlllofor lotIB,
"n.l llio ��MI Imlf "t liil '.'I, blool. K in tho Town
"'soib'e'ls herohy ftTSS tbst it Is my Inlonlloii
lo Isnie st lhe expiration ol one mn.llli sfler 11.0
llrsi pi.l.li.'iilii.n lioroof a iluplli'slo ol[tn. oorllll-
...il.. ..I lllle I..r llif sl.ov.. iHI.ils, til the tislilo of
l-Villisilolil.. whioh .orlllleiilo I. itsti.t tbe list
diy of l.o.,.m..or. IWO. j^"^^!?" "'
Dlnlrlet Koglntrar.
The Dally Canauimi
���*������ Will iJ. ������"Hi.no,
.**����� t..';;,'i;.?""""r'"i'-"��toua.r/
,,'t"l.l..'l, I,,   .."."""   tie  Kee..ini........ i   by   sn
!*.'' psy.il...'  ,.;,'" th" '"'1 sinoiil.t ot it... iin
Su'"iii't���f    ,. !" "ri1" ��t Hie  'I'l'i'lv Com-
" Nt'l��iin, B.t;.,thisMth day of Ool. 11X17.
isuT.rumont Agent.
In ths Matter of    tho "Land    Registry
Act" snd Amendments thereto,
l��� thu msllor ol SB sppliostion lor the Issue ol
ii .liii.lli'Sloof  the rorllflesto  ot Tllle  b r  lsiis
II  ' s��"a.i.llB��W.   lirmipl, Kootenay   ">""}\
' N.'.nee Is herebv IlTon that II Is  my   ll.tonllon
so_��att_sau_oa oti.no monll. If"'"/1";
rfrst I ill.I eslii...   ��''������"' ��� 'l"|'lli'��li' ll'lllllisto
TlflVl"   bosl."ve .lesorlb.il lands, in tbe usmeol
.    el   1     . rl'X   BObsrtSon   whl.'h   llerllll.slo   IS
;i,l,..Tll..'.ll. u.r ol A..��ust, 18W., and  1, uurn-
*^G_M_irtr,  aSOS,  N.lson    B^i.   ��1�� ���'
Senaational Adventures of Alleged Can
adian   Millionaire  Cattle-
London. Nov. 7.���Londoners are watt-
in�� with much curiosity to Bee what
will be the next episode ln the meteoric
career of Duj?ald Hon*, who described
hlmaelf as a Canadian cattle dealer the
other day, when he was finally located
at Dov-er, after having been for some
tinw "missing."
When he first droprwd Into London,
about a week ago, apparently out of
nowhere. Koss was said to be a Canadian millionaire, with but one object
In lire���to buy the fastest automobile
In the world. Strectsvllle, Ont., ap-
l��ei��rs actually lo be the home of Mr.
No one here ever heard of the "millionaire" before he came to London.
After he arrived, however, he wasted
no time in stepping Into the limelight.
He put up at the most expensive hotels,
and In declaring that he wanted the
.���.I.- !���������-. racing automobile in the world,
added that he realty didn't care how
much he paid for it. A man like that
usually gets a respectful hearing, and
Ross's name made Its appearance in
block  type  In  tbe  English   dailies.
He wa.s interviewed extensively and
MUD'.1 and dined by a dozen automobile dealers, and after a sensational
trial at the Brook lands motor track,
during which he accomplished a speed
of 11 ii miles an hour, he announced
that he had purchased the 200-horse-
power Darracq with which the feat was
More ink flowed, and a column or no
about "Mr. Ross, the Canadian millionaire." became the daily feature in the
I-ondoii papers. Next it waa announced
that the price of his new motor was
ll'i.uOO, an uncommonly big figure for
London. Mr. Ross was turning out
"copy" for the I^ondon papers so fast
that they could hardly digest It all,
when suddenly It stopped.
Investigation proved that Mr. Ross
had mysteriously disappeared. He
walked out of the Berkley hotel leaving all his luggage behind, and vanished as completely as if he had been
swallowed up by the earth. Telegrams
were sent far and near inquiring for
the lost, stolen or strayed "millionaire,"
but In vain. His hotel bill remained unsettled.
A few days later the missing man
was discovered asleep in the cloakroom at the Dover railway station.
When aroused by an inspector of police he said his name was W. J. Robinson, but finally admitted that he was
Diigald Ross. He had been staying at
the Burlington hotel, Dover, under the
former name.
The following day Mr. Ross sprang
a new sensation on the world. In explaining bis disappearance from London he told a circumstantial story of
how he had been swindled out of $4.1,-
500 by a gang of sharp*-!-.; in an alleged stock exchange deal. The most
amazing part of the whole story was
the nonchalance with which Mr. Ross
nccepted the loss. He refused to lay
the  matter  before  the  police,  and  de-
We offer you best fruit lands;
best terms; best location; best
clUnate. Absolute titles. You
don't have to use all of your means
ln paying for land. We want you
to put lt into development We
also have tracts of 50 to 6000 acres,
prices and terms the best. We own
these lands and handle nothing on
If you don't see Frnitvale you
miss the best ln B. C.
Kootenay   Orchard
Ward Street, Nelson, B. C.
Contractor   n.-*cl
bole aprnt for the Porto Kw-o Lamber Co.. Ltd..
retail yards. K-o.i(,h and dreaaad lumber, turned
work and bracket*-. Coast lath and ubinglea, pasb
and doors. Cement, brirk and lime for nale.
Automatic grinder.
Yard and factory: Vernon Bt.. east of Hall
MiI-SO>.   El. C
P. O   Rox .IM. \   .      Telephone 17*
clared that the money was gone, and
he was not going to run after the
Now Mr. Ross has again dropped
from view. Just where he will bob up
again is hard to say. But that he will
again make his appearance, and with a
sensation more astounding than his
others, the London public does not for
a moment doubt.
Irish    Fisherman's    Find   on   W recked
French Vessel.
Dublin, Nov. 7.���A remarkable story
comes from Quilty, County Clare, concerning the wreck of the Leon XIII-
The inhabitants of the neighborhood for
aome nights past have been thrown into
a state of the wildest alarm by unearthly howls and shrieks hotrd from the direction of the French ship.
Some ten days had elapsed since lhe
crew were rescued from the ship, and
though it seemed Incredible, yet It was
thought that somebody had been left
behind on the wreck. Last evening a
courageous fisherman named Michael
O'Dowd determined to probe the mystery and find the cause of the disturbance. He launched his "coracle" and
started for the wreck.
Nearing the place where the remains
of the Leon Xlll. lay half-submerged,
O'Dowd perceived what he thought was
a wild-looking man making frantic gestures. O'Dowd, nothing daunted, pulled
for the wreck and brought his boat
alongside, when, to his astonishment,
he discovered a fully developed baboon,
which at once jumped into his boat to
escape from the wreck that had held It
He took the baboon ashore, and it
was well cared for by George Casey of
Quilty. It Is believed that the baboon
was a pet of the French crew, and was
forgotten in the confusion of escaping,
| and it had managed to sustain life for
the  last  week on the  wreck.
Is now ready to execute   all
orders for Job Printing on
shortest notice.
The Job Department is up-to-
date in every respect and a
full line of stationery will be
kept in stock.
All orders entrusted to our
care will receive prompt and
careful attention.
314 Baker St.
Tel. 324.
Tremont House
Snronean and American Plan
_eulB 36 ctr.   Koomi from _.  :ts. t�� V.
only wait* Help _mployed.
Baker St.. Nelson Proprietors
Most comfortsble qnaruirs      Nelson]
Only tbe best ol Liquors snd cigars.
Grand Central Hotel
Thoroughly renoTsted and refurnished. Rooms 60 cents upward. The
dining rfiom lr; unexcelled tn the city.
House heated throughout with hot
J. A. EHICKSON, Proprietor.
Telephone, .50.    Opposite Court Boos.
and Pustoffice. Nelson. B. C.
Queen's Hotel
Baker Street, Nelaon. B. C.
Us;hted by Electricity and
Heated by Hot Air
Lara, .nd Comfortable Bedrooms and Flrst-
ciassr.il!IiiK, Room-   Sample Booms lor Coxnmer
Mai  Man.
��� RB.  B. C.CLABEK.   Proprietress
Battlett   House
Best DoIUr-a-Day House in Nelson.
The Bar la the Plnest.
White Help Only Employed.
Josephine Bt.
Royal Hotel
Bates |1 and (1.50 a Day.
Special Bates to Befru���' Boarders
The Silver Grill has opened under new management. White labor
only employed. The best 35 cent
meal In the city.
Tenders Wanted for the Purchase of a
Mineral Claim.
Tenders adilrecged to tho undersigned at his
office lu the Court House, In the City ol
Nelaon, will be received up till the
hour oi fi o'clock, in the afternoon, of Frl
day, November 1st, 1907, for tbe purcbaae of
the "Anne" Mineral Claim, Lot Stein, Group 1,
Kootenay Dintrict, wbtcb waa declared to be
forfeited to the Crown at the tax sale held in the
City of Nelson, on the 6th day ol November, 1906,
for delinquent taxes up till June 10th, 1905, and
The upset price upon the said mineral claim,
which Includes the amount of delinquent taxet*
n.i'l coatH at the time of forfeiture, witb Interest,
taxes which have since acereed, cost of adver.
tUins, and fee for Crown 0-rant (125.00,) U *1Z..70,
which Is the least amount that will be considered
as a temler
Kai'h tender must be accompanied by an accepted cheque for the full amount of the tender,
payable to the order of the Deputy Consult*--toner
of Landlaod Works, at Victoria, B. <\. at I*ar.
Dated at Nelson, B.C., this'.nth day ol Bept.
Government Agent, Nelson, B.C.
Certificate   of   Improvements
"Montreal ' and "tiuebee" Mineral Claims situate in the Neltvou Mining Division, of West
Kootenay District.
Where lot*ted: ��� West brauch of north fork of
Sk1ih.hi river, on Craig Mountain, at>out nine
tnlles from Kri��� ���, B. C
Take notice that I. Alfred FrnostGallupc, Free
Miner's Certltleate No. B619. intend, sixty days
from the date hereof, to apply to the Mining
Recorder for a Certificate oi Improvements, for
the purpos-f of obtaining Crown Grants of tho
above -.lalnis.
And further take notice lhat action, under
section 87, must 1k.< commenced before the issuance of such Certificate of lmprovementa.
Dati-d this Utth day of September, 1907.
N". Bio.
Certificate of the Registration of an Extra-Provincial   Company.
"Com-ANtR* Act, 1897.'
1 hereby certify that the "Falls Creek Copper
MluliiK Company, Limited," has this day been
rcKi^tcred as an Kxlra-Provtuclal Company un
dt-r the "Companies lAet, 1897," to carry out or
��� ���(Tc'i Ml nr niiv t��I ihf object* of the Conipauy
to which the legislative authority of tbe Legl*~
lature of British Columbia extends
The head office of the Compauy is situate at
the City ol Hposane, Btate of Washington, U.S.A.
The amount ot the capital of the Company Is
one million live hundred thousand dollars,
divided lulu one million five hundred thousand
shares of one dollar each.
1 he head ofHee of the Company In this I'ro-
vince is situate at Nelaon, and Michael C Mod*
aghau, Miuer, whose address is tlie same. Is thu
attorney ol the Company
The time of the existence of the Company Is
fifty years from the 15th March, 1907.
The Company Is specially limited under section '���*'' of the abovo Act.
Given under my hand (ami seal of ofli.*-�� at
Victoria, Province of British Columbia, this 1Mb
day of May, oue thousand nine hundred and
Registrar ot Joint Block Compenlea.
Lake Frontage Subdivisions
We have been instructed to offer
for Bale the following properties having first clasB frontage on the west
arm of Kootenay L.&ke and within
easy reach of NelBon. There is
plenty of water on the property and
railway and steamboat communication with Nelson.
1. 8 acres of level fruit land, $500.
2. 50  acres adjoining the above,
   $45  per acre.
-   3. 93 acres $24 per acre.
4. 82 acres,  price $2500.
5. 10*4 acres with two-storey house
and  outbuildings $2250.
H. & M. BIRD
A great many sales have been made of lots in this charming suburb
of Nelson and only a few best lots are left.
Are in a class by themselves. Large, level benches.
Magnificent soil. Unexcelled transportation facilities.    NO ISOLATION AT ROBSON.
For Price and  particulars apply to
McDermid & McHardy
r-jEL,_orv, B. c ,
AN^_5_S?_i Ltttnbe*��� Shingles*
Lath, Mouldings, Doors, Windows.
Turned Work sand Brack;etas.
Hail Orders promptly attended I
Boots at Cost
You can buy boots and shoes at ymir own price.    The McLaren, Dallas
and Marsh Boot reduced from $5.00 to $3.75.
Workingmen's Gaiters from $1.95 to $2.15, usual price $2.75 to $3.00.
411'/j Ward Street. ^
A Shoemaker wanted to take over Shoemaking Department.
Auction every Saturday evening. Auctioneering at Public Sales. Cabinet work and upholstering, and all kinds of mattresses made to order.
Undertakers and Embalmers.
Notlco Is hereby given that the un-
derslgued have submitted to thu Lleu-
tenant-GovernorJ-ln-Councll a proposal
iindir the Rivers and Streams Act for
the clearing and removing obstructions
from the Duhamsl Creek (otherwise
known as Six-Mile Creek) Iu the District uf Wist Kootenay. Province of
British Columbia, and for making the
said creek fit for rafting ami driving
thereon logs, timber anil lumber, anil
for erecting and maintaining iIbiub on
Ihe said creek, and for constructing
and maintaining booms for holding,
sorting and delivering logs and timber
thereon, and for attaching booms on
Kootenay l^akc at the mouth of said
The lands to be affected by such
work ura Lota 787. 788, 7001. 7773, 4394,
8411 and 8413 all in Group One, Kootenay District, and other lands not Crown
(1 ranted, occupied or Improved.
The tolls proposed to be charged are
such as may be fixed by the Judge of
the   County   Court  or  West   Kootenay.
Dated the 28th day of October, 1907.
Notice 1- hereby glTen that the undersigned
have submitted to the Lleuteuant-Oovernor-ln-
- ..ii n 1! a protr-oaal under the provisions of the
"ttlvers and streams Aet," for clearing aud rt--
m.ivitiB obstruction* from it oat Hirer and Meadow Creek, lu tbe Pintrict of Went Kootenay. and
t.*r waking tbejiameflt for rafting and drtv
lug therson lews, tl_her, lumber, rafunnl craftit
aud for ureetiug and maintaining booms tor
holding, sorting and delivering logs and timber
drought down aald ereek and river, and for at-
ta.-hing 1.00111*. to the shore of said creek and
river tor said purpose.-*.
The lands to be affected b*r nald work ere:���
I.uts 3G'... M87, -TrfU, and sub lot* 1,��, 11. IS, U and
15 of Lot UWl, * 'roup 1, Kootenay PUtiict.
The tolls  oropeaed to be charged  are  such as
may be flxod  by it' ' "
uf west Kootenay.
by ihe Judsjs of  tho County Court
mar be 1
West 1
Dated 81st July, 1907.
l n�� Internationai. UnsBKa A MBBbcaMTILB Co.,
Notice Ib hereby given that WUton A.
MUlor, of the town of Creaton, lumber*
man, hag been appointed tbe new attorney of "The Kluney-Mlller Cedar
Registrar of Joint   .lock Companies.
Victoria. British Columbia. October 27.
|\ C GREEN       F. Y. BURDEN       A. H. GREEN
QvU Engineers, Dominion and British
Columbia Land Surveyors
P. 0. Box 145   Phone 241 B.
INELrSOIN,    -     B. C.
Old Curiosity Shop
If you wan'; to buy or sell anything,
go to the Old Curiosity Shop, k new
line of Jspanese Goods now oa sale.
All kit da of Dlnnerwsro In stock. Patterns.
���i * ���    j- :
1 -li
1  s
��� .   :
t    .;   .
I   V
1 I
���i Sli.
The Daily Canadian
so all busy people, we are sure we
can save both time and money for
you if you will conic now and Inspect the different lines of goods
we are showing tor the Christmas
Selections will be likely to prove
far more satisfactory if made now
iiiiin if left for your busiest days.
The very   newest aud best
goods in Wash Silks, Liberty Silks and Chiffon
Taffeta Silks.      All
the very newest
styles at
$4, $5, $6 to $10 Each
All Over Net and
Lace Blouses at
$6.50 to $12.50
Watchmaker and Optician
See Us
For Good Fruit Land
io Acre Blocks to 8oo
Acre Blocks.
Bedrock Prices.
Easy Terms.
H. E. Croadsdaile & c��
Next Door to Bank of Commerce
Waterproof Paints
Coal Tar, Pitch,
Creosote, Oils for
Preserving Timber,
Roofing Pitch and
Boat Builders will flnil it to their advantage to use our Pitch.
Nelson Coke & Gas Co.
BUSH  & MATTHEW,  Props.
Phone  9. P.  O.  Box 672.
A. McDonald & Co.
Dealers in staple and fancy Groceries.
Butter, K^i'k.
('amp and Miners' Supplies.
'.   '
A. M. Can. See. C. E.
Mining Work a Specialty.
Office-. Besley Building.    V. O. Box <34
Ssksr at., NELSON, B. C.
Metal 6.
The only change on to-day's metal
markets was a fractional decline in the
Belling   price  of silver.
The Bt��t Hard Coal on the market.
Bunkhead Brl-
The Best   DomeitiO Conl.
West Transfer Co.
Cor*. VamOn   nna   S.Vh,.<j .Strc.
M'l.SO. B. C
Q. W. Orchard, S. H. Jacques, C. F.
Soderling; I.. H. Whitley. Montana; J.
D. Cavorhill, A. Gray, B. S. Westbury,
A. C. Locheud, ll. A. Small. G. E. Little,
D, K. Carman, W, MoCraney, Vancouver
F. B. Armstrong, ll. P, McCraney, Itoss-
Uinil; Mrs. C, W. Otis, Winnipeg; C.
Hayward, New Denver; K. S. P. Smith,
Procter; (.'. W. West, Willow Point;
It. Weaver, Victoria; 1'. 1.. McTaviah,
P. Jackson, Calgary; J. M. Kelly, C. W.
Etawllngs, Spokane; A. ll. Tattle, Ymlr.
Tin- tourist hotel of Nelson,
corner of Stanley aud Victoria
streets. Two blocks from depot.
J. C. Dufresne, HiomM; C. _. t'ottatn,
locan; C. K. Buscbnan, Philadelphia;
Irs. a. Poster, Pembroke; W. G. Foster
'.oesland; G. M. Poster, Greenwood.
F. Adit-, WiiiiHa; U. J, Dewar, W. .1.
Iiniiy. Calgary; S. F. Doran, Cleveland;
i. A. Stevens, Let-bridge; Mrs. James,
3-Mile; A. it. Kevin, Kindt; Miss Mo-
Person, Vancouver; \V. Gray and fam-
y, Salmo.
G. Firth, II. Smith and wife, YV.
Balllle, -i- Williams ami wife, Koch's;
W. Nelson, D. McDonald- Mlsi -onben,
New Denver; H. Nelson, Cranbrook; P.
it. Nelson, J. ii. Leason, H. Ale-Arthur,
Grami Porks; li. Skoning, G. Doherty,
Ainsworth; W. C. Doble, Cobalt; o.
Slvertsen, Wisconsin; C B. North, Van-
oonver; i>. ii. Cole, A. Porners, Phoenix
('. A. VVlIton, S. Uurchek. F. J. Oliver,
J. Wakefield, Crawford Bay; A. Jefferson, J. Hendrickson, T. Nelson, Kob-
T. Severn. J. Ii. Smith, Ymir; J... T.
Cochran, B. Seymour, F. IfcLeod, Ross-
land; T. it. Telby, .1. il. Mr-Ivor, K.
Brown, Field; T. i>. Robinson, ii. Pflby,
.1. il. Clayton! Trail; B. Little, F. Per-
guson, Nakusp; The McAuliffe Co.; w.
Qray nnd wife. E. L. Din ton, Salmo; w.
Howatt, C, s. Cash, Boston; P. J. Mar*
tell and wife, w. Thorn, Calgary.
.1. Pope. Spokane; W. .1. Carruthers,
Pruitvale; J, Bandore, slocan City; A.
P. Canning, Calgary; w. Aboree and
family, Albernl; W, Symms, J, Harrup,
Siil mo.
u.  Thomas,   u.   -alklngfon,  Slocan;
i). u. Penruddock,
Methodist   Board.
The half-yearly meeting of the
Quarterly Official Hoard of the Nelson
Methodist church will be held in the
Sunday  School tonight at 8 o'clock.
Disputed  Land Sale.
li. c. iiaii issued a writ this morning
00 behalf of J. N. Lyon and Robert W
Gladstone against J. Laing stocks for
reseision  of a  contract for the sale of
Hunting Big Game.
Howard Hush and William Deacon
left this morning for the May and Jennie, where they will hunt big game for
the next few days. They carry with
them a full supply of ammunition and
dogs that have the reputation of catching the scent of deer if they get half a
Trail;   11.   11.  Hrown,
WANTED   Tie MRk-er*   ihe Tlu�� to bs Fir, Turn
ar-i.-k or Pine -will   giro  II cents MOb  tn the
mriiiK,  nil   yood    Umber.      Apply    to Joneph
'i'-iicllo, Cnni'iele.
VVANJKh   siiiiMtlon hy  Vming Heolmiitui  (mar
ricci) trilling to Utoklfl nnvihiiiK, uperlenoed
in (trofi-ry,   wine   mxi   nolrlt  trade.     AddTWM
U. !>., Dally CriiiHillan Ollli-e.
A   PAKTNKR   wiih  |D.OO0  lo   purchase  a  Irnlt
ranch m-ar Nclwin    A (food spccnlation,   Part-
ii*T need not be MUvely angued on ranch.
For parlH ularn apply T* Q. I'KOC'IKK.
LOST���A LADY- iMiiiifLLA nitbgold rimmed
handle���left at k   i*  iiaii, on mght pi tftfa
Sept.    Finder   pletsa   return   to  1'arker's  Km-
ploymenl Ay,i-nry and reculve reward.
VOomfortsvblQ Bome fnr h Young Lady, would
���iiill cither M-hool tcachiT, or youuK lady In
lMi*.|uea*4 iu   the i-ity.     Address   K. C. Dally
Canad Ian
Porto   Rico   Lumber  Co.
Pile-driving for the sawmill for the
Porto Rico Lumber Co. will start this
week. In about a week all the machinery from the old mill at Ymir will be in
Nelson. It is hoped to have the mill
ready for cutting early in the spring
It will take about forty-five men to
operate the mill.
Reckless Huntsmen.
Several complaints have been made
regarding the carelessness of huntsmen.
A gentleman living in the neighborhood
of Mountain station was badly frightened the other day when a ball struck
the limb of a tree just above his head.
It seems as if a little more care should
be taken by those handling firearms.
University Club.
At the November meeting of the University Club of Nelson, which will be
held in the city hall Saturday evening
at 8 o'clock. Dr. Arthur will read a
paper on University Endowment and
Organization. An invitation is extend
ed to all who are Interested in the subject to attend. The meeting of tlie committee on the provincial university has
been postponed till next week.
Churchman's  Club.
a meeting of the executive committee
of the Churchman's club was held last
evening in the parish hall. It was decided to hold the opening social of the
season in the above hall on Wednesday
evening next, the l.tth Inst., to which all
the members of the congregation, and
their friends, are cordially invited. A
good programme is being arranged. The
committee would welcome either vocal
or instrumental music from the ladies
of the congregation, or their friends.
Fine Apples.
When F. Fauquier was in Nelson the
that he would send him a box of assorted
that he" would send a box of assorted
apples from the ranch on Arrow lake.
He did not forget his promise and yesterday Mr. Starkey received a box of
as.- irted apples by express. In the box
Were SpltseUbergs, Russets, Baldwins,
and Northern Spys. Those who have
seen the apples declare they are the
best samples of fruit grown fn the
Kootenays. The Russets are particularly  worthy  of note.    They are  large
The Ball of the Season I
Will   be   held  on
Friday. Nov. 15th. 1907
���IN   THE���
(Corner of Baker and  Falls Streets.)
Ticket, can be had from any member
of the Executive or from the Secretary
of the 20,000 Club.
GENTLEMEN,   $2.00.       LADIES,   $1.00.
TWO  KII1HI  . ..A.-.H KOOnfH, >'.,..un bested     Apply housekeeper. 3rd u��t. K   W. C,block.
Tenders Wanted.
In pursuance of tho onlor of tho Hon.
Mr. Justice Morrison, dated the 15th
October, A. D. 1907, tenders will be received by the undersigned for the purchase of lots 594, 696, 717, 1848, 1849,
2:1411, and 693, known as the "Hlue Jay,"
"Starlight No. 3," "Last Chance," "Sliver
Cord," "Bllzsard," "Little Widow,"
"Starlight Fraction," and "Oalena"
nilneralB claims respectively; 01.0 hundred tons more or less of zinc ore,
whereof sixty tons are now lying at
KaBlo, and forty tons at the mines: and
all other the assets of the Last Chance
Mining company, Limited.
Such tenders to be made In writing
I'i me on or before the 1st day of December, a. D. 1907.
The highest or any tender will not
necessarily be accepted. Further particulars of the property will be furnished on application.
Dated the 17th day of October, A. D.
tilllHal Liquidator,
The Last Chance Mining Company, Limited, Sandon, British Columbia,
2 lbs. 25c.
15c.  per lb.
Corner Silica and Josephine Sts.
New stock is arriving and being
placed on sale.
The designs and colorings are it dob
Bible, more beautiful than ever.
Prices are so very reasonable too. The
daintiest of cards al 6c each, nnd rrom
that up io 80 cents each.   Calenders al
from 15c up.
They are all fresh new sunk. We
were almost completely cleaned out of
cards last year ho that we have no old
stock to be worked off.
Those having cauls to Bend to friends
at a distance should make their selections now.
W. G. Thomson
s$s_fK_*~d   Nelson, B.C.
I M.��,n_  ,*-*.
160 ACRES���About eight miles frnni
-Wis..!.. Fri'i|ui-llt trains, cabin,
springs Owner would subdivide If
necessary $20 to $25 per acre.
25   ACRES    Near   Nelson���Cnoil.     road.
Water  rights,  .small boose. Stable.
Fruit   trees,   bushes   etc $4,000.
Also land on Knot.'nay and Arrow
lakes, Slociin ami Sainmu rivers, etc.
_ji_g|..Real Estate Agent
315  Baker  St.,  Nelson.  B. C.
anil llrni. and no doubt will keep well
during th.- winter months. Mr. Fautiuier
has one of the finest ranches on the
Arrow hikes, and Certainly he is pro
iluclng a splendid iiualiiy of fruit.
ln chambers this morning His Honor
Judge Forin heard and granted three
applications. In La Hello vs. Murray,
W. ll. Bullock-Webster obtained an
order for substantial service. In Kelson
vs. Staples, J. O'SheS for plaintiff nnd
W. A. McDonald, K. c, for defendant,
an order for directions was granted,
leave being reserved to the defence t..
speak again as to venue. ITeatnerston
vs. Stevenson, a. m. Johnson obtained
leave to Issue a writ and serve It out of
the jurisdiction.
The McAuliffe Company.
The McAuliffe company began their
engagement    at    the  opera   house   lasi
evening In "A Daughter of the People.
The company is well adapted to produc
melodramas, and the applause they n
cefved   would   ���
applause they .
to   Indicate    g.....l
Of electrical work finished and charged
for  from  this shop  will  show you how
squarely and honorably we conduct our
Those who employ us need not. worry
about our charges and as to workmanship they know It Is the best.
Repairs to machinery, telephones, etc.
promptly  attended   to.
P. O. Hox 166. Phone 227 A.
.|W,'V�� :>i':~i    NELSON.
WhoR'Ssle situ   Kt;uil ilfsU'rh In
Fresh and Salted Meats
Gamps supplied on shortest notice and
lowest price.        Nothing but  fre- h and
wholesome meats and nupples kept LnstOOl
Muil orders receive careful attention.
E.  C.  TRAVES.   ManaRer.
Its Business Energy
Ann    1
$1.00 per Gallon
|Ss!ap__ 1111.
Sherman's Opera House
McAuliffe Stock Co.
'Shamus O'Brien'
Prices:    25c,   50c.    75c.
If some  stores   were   to     n.lv. i'i   <���   I..
sell regular bang-up 60-cenl baa f..r 40
cents wli.it would yon say'.' If you hap
pened to read the add al all you would
say: "Thafs a nik.-."   And   in a    I
many cases yon would be right, n isnl
what Is said in an add thai makes 11
true���It's wi... says It.
When Joy saj 1 that for tha balance ..1
the week you can come here .11..I buy
a pound <��r regular 60-cenl Tea for 10c.
you can depend on it being so. s.. .������.m.'
for tliis Tea. Joy will meet you al the
door at
Joy's Gash Grocery
Cor. Josephine &  Latimer Sts.
Tel.   19.   NELSON,   B. C.   P. O.  Box  637.
houses for tbe balance of the engl
mi in Tha pleoe dealt with Ross
Intrigue, and tbe climaxes are Btra
Jere McAuliffe takes the part o
wealths American and keeps tbe bo
in continual roars ol laughter ev
time in- appears on the stags. Th
were several good specialties, Includ
Illustrated songs, parodies nn.i a n
by Al. Wilson, s very clersf ventr
qulst Tonight Hi" celebrated li
drama, "Bbamus O'Brien," will be i
J. 0. Dufreai ame in lasi night from
Riondel, and is al the Btrathoonn.
P. Ii. McTaviah arrived from Calgary
last, nlghl  and Is at. the Hume
ii. P. McCraney, collector of Inland
revenue at Elossland, arrived last nliiht.
The Prince Rupert Bhnplre notes t(i<>
arrival of Qeorge Matheson at that
Cleared,    cultivated,     planted
with   8o   trees, good   water,
first rate location, $700.
Chinaware Clearance Sale
Ihls   week   we   have   put   Into  stock
two   IoIh of  Royal   Vienna  China   rem
plating our run Importation    These
WS  have   put   in   with   lhe  oilier  lines Si
the Clearance  Sale  prices.
Specials tins  west in staples Tun.
biers,   regular   price   i|.5o   per  do? ,  sj
���    85c
Willow   painrn   cups  and   ssuoera   per
doz    $1.30
willow pattern plates imt dos,      .\��
Canada Drug & Book Co'y, Ltd.
COR  BAKER and  WARD.        Phone 81
*���. A.  ISAAC
Work, Minlnirat.- Mill M��Hhin��r>.     m��i,ufierirSis*.1,**"1
Oi*��   Curst,   to.   W.    Ciiiilriivtnn'   <_��r**.. rH ,,f
I ll'T .i|  II N   I  Htl'1
NELSON,    13. C.
that I. fashionable and durable can b.
bought now at . pr.c. that ., ,ure to
tempt you. Winter style, are being
shown. Come quick and get the pick.
Shirts, Collars and Cuffs galore, 'tn
ium and Heavy Weight Pajama, and
Night Shirts at proper prices.. Particular people will be pleased with our offer
have your prescription! filled.
ave them properly and carefully
compounded     *���    your    phyiic-an    prescribe*, bring them    to the    Popular    Store.
Poole-Longhurst Co., Ltd,
Maker and Josephlno flta.
We would like to sec nil our pat reus comfortable this winter and In onlirlo
do go wo have in stock tho best assorted line of heating stoves and couklm
stoves and  ranges ever before presented to tho public in Kootenay.
Wo would bo pleased to show you our line and before nuikiiiK jour pm
chase kindly see whnt we have to offer.
J. H. Ashdown Hardware
Company, Limited.
Nelson Bram*.-
You can always get what
you want in all kinds of House
Furnishings at the
Buck Stoves
and Ranges
Standard Furniture Company
Complete House Furnishers and Undertaker..
We   make   n   specialty  of
K. oils, such us
So lliiil a visit to our store
yi ii.
will PSP��
Wood-Vallance Hardware Co., Ltd.


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