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The Daily Canadian Oct 5, 1906

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 _ije gtoUg   _cmaMan
I.   No. 106.
Fifty Cents a Month
Utiff's Witnesses are
Very Posilive
ptory of Origin of Disastrous Fire
on July 23, 1904- Measures
of Precaution Described.
' Today's   nesslon   of   llie   supreme
rl   wjiK taken up with lhe evidence
eye  witnesHes as  to  the  origin  ol
tores!  fires that caused  the  dam-
to the lumber companies, and ns
kb-a adequacy or Inadequacy of the
uurea    taken    hy     subcontractor
faiffc bo prevent Ihe spread of fires,
tedium was frequently relieved
cross-firinp between    counsel    und
inpeiiious dodginn of some of lhe
h'he  court   will   not   sit   again   until
Kfter C. .1. Tuttle's evidence was all
ken  yesterday  afternoon,  four olher
���finesses were examined.
!_li_al*eth  Reece deposed    that    sinks  living  at   the  time  about  a  mile
Tom  Lever's cabin.    She suw the fires
flung the right of way. Smoke, sparks
Mui ashes went us fur as her house,
the  ashes  falling  in   tbe  spring  from
fvJiieh  she drew water.
She had lived there for three weeks
aud knew of no other fires In the vi*
( cfnity except that on the right uf way.
Tlie house was burned about  noon of
the 2Srd.
Morenco Bullen gave similar evi*
dence, as did also Cornelius Ueece and
Thomas Plants. All agreed that the
whole country wus on fire on July s\B,
L904, and that a high wind was blowing.
When court resumed this morning
Cameron's evidence was taken. Ho
thut he had lost nothing by tbe
and bud no interest in the case,
pn the morning of July 2.S, litO-J, he,
Qualffe's request, and paid by
hiaiffe, begun fighting the fire und
fn iin ned lor two days. He thought
Jul] 88, in the morning, it waa
Ilm, with very little wind.
Id oss examined by Mr. Hodwell���He
|d nol know that an old Bra had been
uiuing or smoldering for a week He
at work on bis own place and nt
fs! thought the fire w&i not serious,
is positive that thore was no
to speak of."
���tr. Hodwell allowed the witness to
111 ttt a conversation hinted at on his
���reel examination. He had ��� said to
"Hy Jove, you have done it now, old
���How; you're in for it."
'.ualffe had    said:     "It    was    quiet
alien   we   started, bul   this   wind   has
taken it awuy from    ns.      Hut    get a
bucket and help us   and    keep    your
pnouth shut."
The   witness  admitted   that   he   had
���kept silent; had not attended the flro
���nquest;   had  "kept his  mouth   shut"
|until ahout  two weeks ago.    He took
up his  ranch  four years ago, but  has
ever sold   any   timber    to   lhe    mill
Company.     He   has   good   timber,   but
puts ft   Inlo  fence  )tosts.      Was    sure
Uiai  the mill    company    had   bought
nothing from hiiu.
At  this point the witness, peroelv-
|n:* or thinking that    he perceived, tho
drifi   of  tbe  questions,  exclaimed
oily:      "Perhaps      you      think    I'm
ble-examinatlon and questions hy 8.
Fowler   elicited   nothing   of  Impor*
Sg James  Manning, teamster, was next
Palled.    Mr.   Hodwell  objected   that   he
lad   not   kissed   the  book.    Many  wit-
esses, he snid. abstained.
His   lordship���I   don't   blame   them.
If Ihey  have    nny    rogurd    for  Iheir
health  they shouldn't.      Swearing    hy
���tiding  Up the  right  hand   should   bo
Mr. Hodwell���I should    be    content,
ny lord, but I know that    many    wit-
|SBS think they are not bound if they
not kissed the book.
Mr. Davis���My learned friend seems
|o be an expert on the Bible,
Mr. Hodwell���I can't return tbo ac
The witness told little of the fire
lhal was new. He thought Ihe clearing of the right of way properly and
V'arefnlly should hnve lieen worth $1&0
nu acre. Quuiffe's piece was the hard-
I'st In the road, on account of vines,
old  -slashings*  slabs and  stumps.
Ho did not see Quaiffe do nuy piling
or firing.   A small pathway, eight or
���> fet   wide,  was cut  on one side of
the rtgh) of way.   He knew of.no oth-
but brush wns piled, he knew, to-
[ward  the centre of the right of wav.
Mr. Davis���D|,| you ever make a different statement in writing?
Mr. Hodwell objected that Mr. Davis
[was cross-examining his own witness
Without   having   proved   hlm   adverse.
Mr. Davis announced that bo would
show tbe witness' present evidence
wus contradicting the testimony bo
gave at tbe fire inquest, and intimated that, he suspected that the witness
had been seen hy some one, "not of
course of counBel or solicitors on tho
other side.
Mr. Davis then proceeded to take up
the witness' testimony at tho fire Inquest    He varied  slightly.
He did not see the fire start when
he suw it first; everything was alight
along the right of way. He helped
Quaiffe with water buckets, lie knew
nothing of Stewarts' camp at or near
Lever's house.
Argument again arose as to Mr. Davis'  methods.
Mr. Hodwell���My learned friend fs
trying to road his own brief to tha
The witness' conduct led his lordship to ask: "Have you ever given evidence In court before?" Witness
said be bad.
Witness said he saw two men on tho
right of way as the fire escaped. They
wero idling up brush on a fire. There
was "quite a wind blowing, and hn
thought they should not have been
feeding the fire. The flames were already outside the right of way and
spreading up the hill.
Mr. Hodwell drew attention to the
fact that in ihe witness' written statement, it first appeared that he said
he saw two men working on tbe right
of way trying to put out the fire. That
was scratched out and "pillI ig brush
on  the fire" was Inserted instead.
tne witness' former written statement wns then entered as evidence
nnd read to tho jury. He described
regular methods of clearing, to which,
he said, Quaiffe did not conform. All
brush, he said, should be piled in the
centre of the right of way. Burning
should be done only at night, only for
a short distance at a time, and with
plenty of men and water available. All
the subcontractors except Quaiffe followed that method.
To the court witness said thnt his
first statement was a mistake. He
did not remember any change being
Mr. Ross offered to make an explanation. Mr. Hodwell objected. Mr.
IJavls offered to have Mr. Ross enter
the box. Mr. Hodwell thought it unnecessary.
His lordship���I don't think It matters at all.
Mr. Bodwell���I withdraw my objection.
Foreman H. Bird asked if It were
necessary to 'sit on Saturday. It was
then  agreed not to sit on  Saturday.
The court then rose.
When the court resumed this after-
noon at 2 p. m.. Manning again enter-
er the tiox.
\V. R. Ross, K. C, made a statement that he had taken fn long hand
Mr. Manning's statements; all changes
hnd been made at Manning's instance
and  before the  statement  was signed.
Mr. Hodwell then allowed Manning
to go.
J. Waters, superintendent of the Elk
Lumber company, was next called and
his examination  is  now  proceeding.
Pocket of Escaped Gas   In    Main Subway  Results in Death, Injury and
Destruction of Property.
Philadelphia, Oct. 5.���A terrific explosion of illuminating gas in the subway of the Philadelphia Rapid Transit company, under contract at Sixth
and Market streets today resulted in
the death of seven men, the injuring
of about u dozen others and caused a
property damage of thousands of dollars. Resides the seven known to be
dead it is said that at least three
others ure buried under tons of earth
In tbe wrecked subway.
lOxtraordfiinry efforts nre being
made to clear Ihe excavation, but It
will ho lute in the day before this cau
be accomplished. The explosion oc
curred shortly before 7 o'clock and in
consequence of the early hour but few
workmen  bud gathered  there.
The explosion was caused hy a leak
in lhe gas main thai had been Improperly repaired last night. The escaping gas formed iu a pocket of the subway and it Is believed lhal a workman with a letup ignited the gus. The
corner of Sixth and Market streets Is
one of the business sections of the
city, but thore was fortunately little
trufiic there when the explosion oc
Philadelphia^ Pa., Oct. 5.���When the
explosion occurred Its force wrecked
the subway for half a block and all
the heavy timbering and other structural work, including tons of earth,
fell into the excavation. Just as tho
gas blew np a double-team dirt cart
wns being driven directly across the
covered subway. The vehicle, horses
and men were blown high fn Ihe air
uml the horses and cart fell into the
bole. The driver landed In the street
and was only sllghily hurt.
Several workmen standing near a
derrick were blown across the street
and either killed or injured, and u
number of pedestrians were hurt hy
falling glass and signs. Those portions of the subway that were not
covered wiih dirt burst Into flames,
and for time no person ventured near
the place for fear of further explo.
Firemen were quickly on the spot
hut water was of little use and dirt
was resorted to.   In a couple of hours
all the flames had been extinguished
except those from the large main. As
Boon as the fire hud been extinguished
in this manner hundreds of men were
put to work clearing out the wrecked
In addition to the damage done to
Hie subway, to the gas mains and water mains and tlie electric light and
telephone conduits, all the windows
from Fifth to Seventh Streets on Market sireet and on Foran square, on
Sixth street, both north and souih of
Market, were broken and thousands
or dollars' worth of goods In the shop
windows were damaged. Signs wero
torn from the sides and walls of
Victoria Ratepayers Defeat the Water
Works  Bylaw by Big Majority.
(Special lo The Daily  Canadian.)
Victoria, Oct. 5.���There is still great
dissatisfaction among Conservatives
here und un tbe mainland at the fact
that the new editor of the Colonist is
a pronounced liberal aud some more
serious talk of another dully puper being established. It is said it is Inevitable that such wilt be done as Conservatives cannot stand for the present arrangements.
Many citizens got a great surprise
today as a resiut of the vote on the
water works bylaw, to borrow (100,000
for improvements. The bylaw was
killed by a big majority. Water Is
not scarce in Victoria., but it Is filthy,
uud next summer the city will be up
against a real crisis In connection
with the problem of an Improved supply.
Owing to the scarcity of cars and
their inability to secure the same, the
Nanaimo lumber mill will be closed
down for the next week or teu days
until sufficient cars can be obtained
to move their lumber. There are
plenty of orders booked and delivery
promised. At the present time over
150 cars of lumber have been promised.
It is very likely thut Alderman
Stewart will oppose Mayor Morley,
who. It is said, will run again at the
approaching civic elections.
Mystery Cleared by Surrender of Sua*
pect, but No Jury Found.
Albany, N. V., Oct 5.���Two weeks
have elapsed since Uie beginning of
the trial of John C. Hammond, inJicl
ed for the murder of his wife in this
city last November, hut thus fai all
efforts to complete the jury have been
unavailing, although f>__ men have
been examined. This is a re:>rd foi
ihis county, for only 10 have quuiified
as jurors. Panel after panel has beon
drawn without success, which facts
are the basis for a motion for u
change of venue by the defence today.
Justice Glenn denied the motion.
The crime for which Hamnxnd Mas
been indicted was a somewhat sensational one. The body of his .v.f< was
found packed in n trunk at thilr homo
with strong evidence that ahe hi-i been
strangled to death. Her husband
could not he found. While the police
of the ntire county were &oaivhn:*g
for Hammond, several mouths afler
the murder, he walked Into police
headquarters in this city and surrendered himself, after m.ikiiif a com
plete confessofn.
Coopers' Union Wins Fight.
Indianapolis, Ind., Oct. 5.���All de
mands by the Coopers' International
union, representatives of which have
been in conference with the Coopers'
Employers' association for three days,
have been grunted and last night a
cent ract for one year was signed. The
most important concession Is nn Increase from "ZlVz cents an hour to 30
cents for New, York, St. Louis, Cincinnati und Louisville.
Prefers an Agreement.
Rochester, Oct. 6,*���-Members of the
Royal Canadian Yacht club, Toronto,
challengers for the Canada's cup, which
must be defended next summer by the
Rochester Yacht' club, have declared
themselves iu favor of IJ" footers. The
local club favors the 27 footer class
and the challenger has the right to
dictate. Thd Rochester Yacht club,
however, prefers to caiwo to an agree
Offers to Sell.
Puvlograg, Russia, Oct. 5.���Count
Uorontsonf Bashkoff, viceroy of the
Caucasus, has offered to sell his es*
tate near hero to the peasants with
the provision that the allotment shall
not. be less than 10 acres to each purchaser. The estates consists of 80,000
Doubtful Boast.
Noettlngen,     Prussia,     Oct.
seismograph nt the observatory here
yesterday registered a powerful earth-
quake 14,000 miles distant from this
lown. The vibrations lasted two
Test Case to Recover Immense Fortune
Frenzied   Financiers   Make  Enormous Haul on New York
Stock Markets.
New York. Oct. C���The World today
says. "A Huit, an echo of the sensation
attendant iiikjii the collapse of the International Mercantile Agency a year
ugo, was begun yesterday in the supreme court by the McClure Adjustment company against 16 prominent
business men in tbe United States and
Canada, and also against Thomas N.
McCaulI, the Canadian who organized
ihe institution. Bach of the defendants was a director of the agency and
It is alleged by the, McClure company
ihat each conspired with McCaulI, who
disappeared soon after the failure, to
sell to tbe Investing public Its stock,
which they knew to he worthless.
The defendants are Harry K. Pom-
eroy, president of the New York Stock
exchange; Malo M. Belding, the silk
importer; S. F. McKlnnon, a merchant
of Toronto; Robert Mackay, a capitalist of Montreal; John D. McFarlan, a
wholesale iajwr man of Montreal;
George W. Sadler aod .lames Robinson of Montreal, W. H. George of Toronto, Lerol Baldwin. M. M. Belding,
Jr., Duncan D. Parmly and Charles A.
Sanderson of New York, and Edward
L. Gold of Hrantford, John Flett of Toronto and Delos P. Phelps of Chicago.
The McClure Adjustment company,
the plaintiffs, was organized a little
while ago to undertake such action as
that of the International Mercantile
agency. It holds now 11,200,000 worth
of stock of the McCaulI company,
which was purchased by tbe public
and which, it Is alfcged, was sold for
the interest of the defendants named.
The stock has been assigned to lt
(I'he McCaulI Adjustment company)
and tbe complaint In the case sets
forth that each one of teh defendants,
who were directors of the International Mercantile agency, became such at
the dissolution of the McCaulI company and for the express consideration
of allotments of stock ranging from
1000 to 50,000 shares. Further, the
charge Is set up that the reputation
and prominence of these men was the
means by which McCaiill deluded the
public and specially the clients of the
McClure company.
In this action $1,200,000 is sought to
be recovered from the defendants, but
il was announced yesterday by Dim-
can McClure, president of the McClure
company, and George B. SIdener, its
general counsel, that the case was
more of a test than anything else, although they fell sure of ultimately obtaining judgment for the entire
Races for Seven Cups.
Norfolk, Va��� Oct. f>.���As prizes to
the best boats In three weeks' racing
during the Jamestown exposition. King
Edward of f.nglund. Emperor William
of Germany, President Roosevelt and
Sir Thomas Upton will offer cups. The
exposition company will also offer
throe cups, making a total of seven.
This announcement was made yesterday afternoon after a conference at
which the racing schedule was mapped out.
Survivors  of   Foundered   Charterhouse
Relate Details of the Storm
and Wreck.
Hongkong, Oct. 5.���Further details
have been received of the wreck of
lbe emigrant steamer Charterhouse,
running between Hot How and Hongkong, which foundered off Hainan
Head September SO with the loss of
more than (10 natives. The North German Lloyd steamer Kohsy Chang picked up a raft belonging to the Charterhouse on which were gathered Engineer Dowse, 211 of tho crew und two
women, after they had been drifting
for i'i hours, They had almost cot*
lapSOd from exhaust ion and were carried on hoard the Kohsy Chang, being
unable to walk. Chief Engineer Dowse
has been removed to a* hospital. The
crew of the Kohsy Chang gave unbounded  attention   to  the survivors.
Among thoSS who went down with
the Charterhouse and were drowned
were Captain Nellatlon, Chief Officer
Farquharson, Second Officer Grlgor
and Engineers Forbes and Maurmann.
besides  the  ship's  officer  nnd   many
others. Chief Engineer Dowse, who
was among those picked off the raft
by the Kohsy Chang, In his statement
made today said:
"Previous to starting on the voyage
to Hongkong the Charterhouse landed
700 emigrants at Hoi How. She departed at _{::I0 p. m. September 28,
bound for Hongkong with 97 persons
on hoard, Including six Hritish officers,
the doctor and a full cargo of sugar.
Six hours later she was overtaken by
a typhoon and provisions were made
to ride out the gale, the officers being
posted at their respective stations.
The wind increased, carrying away the
masts and the vessel was tossed like
a cork on the mountainous waves.
The engines were -slowed down but
the winds increased, and between 8
und It o'clock p. in. on September 29
word was passed along that the ship
was foundering. The boats were made
ready and the crew lined up on deck.
"Owing to the heavy sea it was
found impossible to launch the boats,
but the passengers and crew got Into
them and awaited the sinking of the
ship. They hoped that the boats
would chance to float when the ship
went down. In tbe darkness and the
danger there was an entire absence of
panic. The officers did their duty
calmly, and the Chinese passengers
and crew emulated the officers by
their courage in the presence of death.
When finally the charterhouse settled between the waves only the after
boat got away. The others were
"The others were smashed. The
ship's officers were in an after boat
which capsized. I managed to reach
a raft containing seven Chinese. Afterward I saw Engineer Forbes and
Maurmann upon another raft. They
called out to me that they were all
right. I afterward lost sight of all
craft until Sunday, when I met a raft
carrying two firemen. We kept togeth
er all day and toward evening found a
vacant raft which 1 lashed to the one
I was on. We were cramped for space
and found It impossible to lie down to
sleep. The next day we sighted a
lifeboat but it disappeared tbe following morning."
Cyclone    Sweeps   Away    Property    So
Soon After Flood's Damage.
New Orleans, La., Oct. 6.���A tornado
passed daigonally across the residential portion of New Orleans about 8
a. m. today, taking off roofs, tearing
down fences and doing other damage.
At First and Magnolia streets a bouse
Is reported demolished and a woman
and child severely hurt. A factory at
Erato and Magnolia streets is also reported to have suffered severely.
New Orleans, La., Oct. 5.���A special
from Hammon lake, on the Illinois
Central railroad, about 50 miles from
New Orleans, sayB a tornado struck
Pontchotoula, near there, this morning,
killing four people and injuring a num.
ber of others. The damage to prop
erty was heavy.
The Jaialai skating rink at Milan
and Carondolet streets, was blown to
pfo> a. As reports come in the dam-
a e 1 . the way of houses destroyed increases. There are also reports of
lie;,'.: hu;t by flying timbers.
Speedy Disarming.
Havana, Oct. 6.���Brigadier General
Funston said today that the proper
process of disarming the insurgents
throughout the islands would be com
pleted in two or three days.
The disarmament is finished in Puerto Principe und almost finished In
Santiago. There is some delay in Havana province because General As
horles" followers are largely scattered.
It Is expected that they will be concentrated today near Gulnes. Twenty-five marines have been sent to
Gulnes to keep order.
Ashore Off Long Island-
New  York, Oct.  5.���The  steamship
Bermuda., from   Bermuda  Is  reported
ashore off Red Hood, L. I.
The big new steamer Bermudan of
the Quebec Steamship company, running between New York and Bermuda,
ran aground on the flats off South
Brooklyn while coming up the harbor
today. She had GO passengers on
board. Tugs failed to pull her off the
mud as the ship had grounded when
(he tide was high.
Killed tbe Prisoners.
Warsaw, Oct. 5.���A military patrol
which was conducting two revolutionists to jail was attacked hy revolutionists, who attempted to rescue the
men In custody. The soldiers prompt*
'    killed both prisoners.
Universal Penny Postage.
Milan, Italy, Oct. 5.���The International congress of the chambers of
commerce In session here today voted
unanimously for universal penny
Price or Metals.
New  York, Oct.    5.���Silver,    08% c;
copper, I91/6c; lead, $5.75.
London,  Oct.  5.���8llver,  3-%d; lead,
license of George Hall, a trainer, was
revoked under a ruling announced yesterday by the stewards of the American Turf association. The ruling follows an extended Investigation into a
confession made some days ago by
Obert that he pulled Coruscate on tbe
last day of the summer meeting at La-
tonla. Obert testified that Parry, who
owns Coruscate, gave him $500 to do
the job. Hall's license was revoked
because he had the riding contract on
Obert and the jockey testified tbat he
had pulled Highland Flag and many
other horses on tbe Canadian circuit.
It Is understood that the investigation
is not ended and further developments
are expected.
Rich  Man   Goes   Into   Annual  Hiding
and Location is Unknown.
Cleveland, Oct. 5.���John D. Rockefeller has been mysteriously missing
for three weeks, and is said to be in
Chicago. None of his friends, even
bis brother-in-law, W. C. Rudd, will admit tbat they know where he Is. He
has not attended church for three
weeks, and bas not been at his Forest
HIII estate for the last half of thai
time. His last appearance was when
his grandson, Fowler McCormick, came
to visit at Forest Hill.
While there is no anxiety among
close personal friends as to tbe safety
of the multi-millionaire, there is as
much curiosity in Cleveland as to his
whereabouts as there was last spring
wnen be disappeared and was said to
have been seen In balf a dozen widely
diversant parts of the globe at the
same time.
A confidential source says he is now
getting close to nature, visiting an old
friend of his whom he has known for
fifty years.
At any rate Mr. Rockefeller is not
in Cleveland. The butler aald tonight
he expected his master home some
time. Mrs. Rockefeller, the family servants and automobiles are still out at
Forest HIII. Mr. Rockefeller has not
yet made his annual winter pilgrimage
to Pocantico Hills.
The Daily Blaze.
Portland. Oct. 5.���Three of the Beven
children lu the family of Mr. and Mrs.
Joseph Vaiiier, at 21 Middle street,
were burned to death today in a fire
caused by the explosion of a lamp
which had been accidentally overturned. The dead are: Arnold, aged 14;
Henry, aged 8, and Leo, aged 6.
Brooklyn Public   School    Has   Floret
Attack    From    Infuriated    Italian
and Hebrew Mothers.
Ruled Off the Turf.
Louisville, Ky., Oct. 6.���Owner H. J.
(Doc)  Parry and Jockey Willie Olicrl
were ruled off the turf for life and the
New York, Oct. 6��� Believing that
the "murder" doctors, as they called
the board of health physicians, were
cutting the throats of their children
tn the public schools in the Williams-
burg section of Brooklyn, 1500 women,
nearly all of them Italians, stormed
the school builtftng in an effort to
reach the little ones. Before the riot
had been quelled three policemen had
been seriously injured by the women
and one of the rioters had been ar*
For several days physicians of the
board of health have been examining
Ihe eyes and throats of the pupils.
Contagious affection of the eyes had
spread from the homes of the Italians
iu the vicinity of the school and the
doctors were directed to make an Investigation to learn the cause and nature of the disease. A number of pupils on going to their homes told their
parents that the "murder** doctors
wanted to cut Iheir throats and frensy,
tnat does not listen to reason, spread
among the mothers of the  pupils.
Today they decided to make an investigation in a body and marched to
the school building 1500 strong.
Teachers who were warned of the approaching trouble locked the doors and
windows of the building and sent a
cstll for assistance to a nearby police
station. Before the police had arrived the women rushed toward the main
eutranee of the school building and
finding the way barred against them,
made frantic efforts to batter down
the door. One had been smashed
when the vanguard of the police squad
approached the scene and sought to
put a sudden end to the trouble. The
women turned upon the policemen and
tore their clothing, scratched their
faces and put them out before a detail of 15 more officers reached the
scene. After the reinforcements came
hearty an hour wae required to drive
the rioters  from  the 'square.
When the woman who was arrested
was arraigned In the police court and
asked by the magistrate to account
Tor her conduct, she replied: "What
would you do if you knew the "murder" doctors wore cutting the throats
of your children? I will not let them
k...   my little ones."
Severul serious riots of a similar nature of the one of today have occurred
In vorious sections of the great city.
In every Instance the trouble has occurred In distrlncts Inhabited almost
exclusively by Italians and Hebrews,
The examination by the health officers in the public schools will be temporarily discontinued.
Premier and Gosnell Present Case for B. G.
Railway, Fishery, Forest aad Water
Rights and Monetary Claims
of Province.
Hon. Richard McBride, who left
on Tuesday morning for Ottawa to attend the conference of provincial premiers, went well equipped to present
the case of Brinish Columbia. He waa
accompanied by R. E. Gosnell, formerly editor of Uie Colonist, who prepared
tbe case for the province when Hon.
James Dunsmuir attended the first
The matters to be taken up are
many and of great importance. Apart
from tbe question of "better terms,'
which may be given the first place
there are severe* things of more than
passing interest. One that bas recently cropped up as a result of tbe
Forestry association to conference; is
the question of who owns the beds
of navigable or semi-navigable
streams. The governmenl of Ontario
claims an absolute right to dispose oi
these sub-aqueous lands, which claim
ls being contested very forcibly by tbe
Dominion. So far as ls known the
subject bas never been placed before
the authorities of this province for decision, but it will most likely iorm a
theme of animated discussion at the
conference that opens next Monday.
Dual control of the fisheries has
also caused a considerable amount of
friction. There has been mention
made of the province relinquishing Its
authority In consideration of some adequate return by the Federal authorities. Such a disposition of the trouble
was mooted originally In Quebec, and
was received with a large measure at���*
favor. If some principle can be decided upon by the assembled leaden ut
local governments, there ls a reasonable probability of an equitable arrangement being arrived at
Another question that has -ajsed
trouble Is another matter ot dual con
trol. The provincial legislature Ib empowered to grant charters to rai.wava
running wholly within British Columbia, but at any time, an act of the
Dominion pariament can declare the
same works as of benefit to Canada aB
a whole and assume control. Iu this
connection there has been a large
amount of friction, particularly regarding branches of the large railway
systems, that has resulted ln acrimonious debates In the local house and an
unwarranted amount of mud sh..gin_.
Indian reserves, also, and the actual
status of the reversionary Interest will
certainly come up for discussion. Ontario has claimed an absolute right to
these lands on the demise of the las;
of the holders and In respect to the
Sougbees reserve adjacent to Victoria
tbe proposed removal of the occupants has brought about an interesting
Btate of affairs. The premier holds, oc .
authority of the attorney general as
legal adviser to the crown, that In the
event of the Indians on the reserve
mentioned being removed the landr-
now held by them revert to the province. This, In his opinion, ha. been
so far decided that a crown grant has
been prepared in favor of the oil/ ot
the portion north of the railway, where
It is proposed to locate the new sciool
and a public park. Until a decision
has been arrived at the document: haj
not been signed.
Tbe Peace river grant of 3,500,000
acres given to the Dominion uy tho
Island railway act and its final disposition will also come up for ducus
sion. There was mention made of i:
being used as a foundation for a provincial university by the devotion of
the money received from sales io thta-
purpose. Probably the most active
agents In this connection were members of the Methodist conference held
recently ln Victoria. As the Dominion
had a survey party In the fUld for '.he
past two years looking over th- lands
In question, and it is believaj Is by
now in posessslon of a scheme of delimitation, there ls every probability ot
this matter coming up.
Whether tho Pacific coast Is to he
slven a national free port or nol Is an-
nthst question that Mr. McBiido will
take up. The awakening of the Orient
and the coming battle for -lyremacy
<n trade with the Far Kust. in Its re-
latlon to Canada against th: United
States and Mexico, Is a very live topic
and the premier expects to return here
with a> declaration on the -jhject
It will be probably a couji3 of
months before Mr. McBride returns.
The conference of premiers will, he ue-
Heves, consume the balance of October
and there nre several quostl-nji that
he wishes Is. take up personally with
the different Federal sl vas'.meits
at Ottawa. The Daily Canadian
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"By one word wu aro sometimes Judged to be
wise and by one word lometlmei judged to be
foolish. Lotus therefore he careful what we
There ure two centers ot political activity in Ontario at tht- present time
both of which is Interesting In the
ethical ideals presented by a study of
eaoh separate case. The election of
Hon. C. S. Hyman is being disputed on
the ground that a corps ot corruption-
lata engineered an elaborate system of
graft. Hyman is a member of the
federal government and il the evidence may he believed, is not much
better off in the selection ol election
agents than the recently disqualified
finance minister.
It ls loo soon to pronounce as to the
probable outcome of the Investigation
but there is an apparently growing
laxnesb in the conduct of election campaigns all through the easl aud a corresponding decrease iu the moral tone
of the people in their estimate of the
sanctity of the franchise. The purity
of the ballot can never be maintained
while men can purchase their way Into
power for there will always he those
weal*: enough to sell their votes and on
the other hand those who have hut
small BOrUplQB in the mutter of purchasing their way inlo the seats of
the mighty.
Mr. Borden's plea for purity in elections und administration of public offices is not second in Importance to
his pronouncement in favor of the general ownership of public utilities by
the people themselves. In fact it may
be said that the one cannot be successfully initiated till we have the other.
Where cabinet ministers look upon the
public domain as so much material
with which io purobase the electorate
and maintain themselves in power,
there can be no successful administration of public affairs by the government in office. Mr. Borden shows
that he well undertands how these two
Lmust stand or fall together,
Moreover   it   is  a   serious   reflection
Fon the Libera! party, that during the
yenrs they have bean in power the
standards of election campaigns have
suffered  notorious   deterioration   and
while this has been the case during
their term there is little hope ihat
they have either the ability or the will
to take the drastic measures that are
necessary lo purify political lire.
On the other hand, oven his political
opponents have constantly admitted
that Mr. llorden's ideals of political
life are of a high order and it is not
too much to predict thut when the
e|lectorate of Camutu become seized
of the knowlerdge tbat the Conservative leader stands irrevocably committed to purity in political methods,
he will be the Muses who will lead
them out of their present wilderness
of indefensible corruption.
The other case of broad federal interest. Is the campaign now just closed
In the Essex Peninsula, in which
Hon. A. B, Aylsworth is taking part.
It is alleged thnt arguments nre being
freely  used  which,  in  effect,  toil   the
electors thai if tbey wish lhe construction of a certain line of railway they
must return the federal candidate.
While We are unprepared to believe
that a campaign so brazen Is being
conducted, we fear the effect of such
suggestions as are obviously being
made by the stump orators fn the case,
will lie so understood by the weaker
elements in the electorate and the
effect will be lhe same as an open
There is the greatest need for tho
adoption of some more transparently
honest method of conducting campaigns and winning elections than
those which huve come to be the rule
with the federal authorities.
The premier, who left on  Tuesdaj
morning to attend the sessions of the
provincial premiers, was accompanied
by Mr. It. B. Gosnell, late ediior ol ihe
Victoria Colonist. The suggestion was
recently made by one oi the opposition
papers that It would have been a
graceful thing for Mr. McBride to have
invited tlu* leader of the opposition
to assist in the presentation of the
claims of the province upon the fed-
oral leaders.
To have done so would have been
Indeed unique, not only in ihe conception of the plan but iu the results
that would have followed. What right
the leader of the opposition has to he
taken into secrets of cabinet ministers
does not readily appear, but so long as
Mr, McDonald does not disavow responsibility foi* the manner In which
the newspapers supporting him have
been conducting their campaigns he
sliould expect to receive so important
a recognition at the hands of tho
In any case, if as is reported Mr.
McDonald is to have the vacant judgeship we fancy he will not take the
same Interest in political affairs as his
presenl position has obliged him to do.
Xo objection would have been offered if the premier had chosen to take
Mr. McDonald with him to Ottawa at
the country's expense, but us soon as
tbe premier selects Mr. Gosnell, a
thoroughly Qualified student of the
country's relations to the federal
grants, he is immediately called down
for carrying wiih him a gentleman
who is to acl as his "prompter."
Thus are the opposition tactics il-
lust ruled. Anything but a square deal
may be anticipated from the organs
of tlie Liberal party within the province of Hritish Columbia.
Tin* Victoria despatch appearing in
yesterday's Canadian containing tlie
Substance ol a suggestion made by
Kan Grey, in respect to the manner
In Which the Immense areas of land
suitable for the production of fruit
In British Columbia, will have been
jvad wiih Interesi as well as hope.
The assurance���tor it really amounts
lo that���which was given hy Earl Grey
sufficient capital could easily be arranged for to exploit many of these
vast ureas und bring them into a condition of productivity, thereby providing homes and employment for thousands of England's unemployed, offers a
solution of one of the most serious
problems with which the investors
Within the province have had lo deal.
There need, therefore, be no flattery
or insincerity in paying tribute to the
originative genius of the governor
general. While he has on many occasions shown a remarkable degree of
astuteness, diplomacy und administrative tact, this will probably be one of
the crowning  recollections of his life,
if fhe suggestions he makes are car-
rled out.
The mere fact lhat one who stands
so highly iu the confidence of the people of both Canada and Great Itritatn
us does Lord Grey, wfll in Itself guarantee the sucess of the proposed
scheme. We may expect that Earl
Grey, having publicly made the suggestion, will ally himself with such a
proposal as he intimates can tie made
a success aitid the yeurs will tell lhe
lale, Immensely redounding to his
credit in this matter.
His Fifty-Eighth Birthday.
Thomus Power O'Connor, the Irish
member of parliament aud brilliant journalist who is now paying u visit lo tho
United States, was born in Alhloue,
Ireland, October 5, 1S4S. "Tuy Pay,"
as Mr, O'Connor is familiar!;' known,
is equally famous as a parliamentarian
and journalist, lie has been iu parliament since 18SU, and Is uu earnest advocate of Irish home rule. He wus uu
influential supporter of I'aruell uud
has been presldenl of the Irish National league. As a journalist he Js known
throughout the tinglish-speukiug world.
He was the founder of no fewer than
six daily and weekly newspapers lhat
now exist in the Hritish metropolis. It
i.s said of him that he hus written history, essays, fiction, political science
aad biography with equal fascination
uud charm. One fact makes "Tay
Pay" of especial Interest io Americans.
His wife is aa American. She was a
Miss Messy Pascal! of Austin, Texas.
Mr. O'Connor met her first at tho
American embassy in London in 1886,
and they were married the same year.
Mrs. O'Connor Is u wit and beauty,
and has    written    several    successful
Blue Army Uniform to Stay.
Washington, D. C, Oct. 5.���The
army quartermasters who have to do
with the dress of tlie soldiers have
about decided to retain the blue shirt
as a part of the uniform of the army.
Ji will not be replaced entirely by the
olive drab, or khaki, garment, of which
there is some dislike, especially among
the troops in the western part of the
country, lt is found, too, that there
is a partiality for the blue shirt among
soldiers in tlie tropics; if is more comfortable than the khaki shirt, and does
nor show the dust and dirt us plainly.
There is much discussion in the military service regarding the use of
khaki, and it is coming to lie realized
that it is not in all respects a worthy
substitute for the blue, although it has
the effect of contributing the element'
of invisibility which is lacking in the
blue uniform.
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Hakur Htreet, Nelson, B. (..
iakk no rich thai an application hu been
made to register It. <>. McLeod as thc ownor In
lee Simple- under a lax Sale Deed from ft. J
Btennm. deputy assessor and collector of the
Slocan Assessment Hlstrct, to k. (j. McLeod
hearing dan* the Sfftfa dav of August, A. I) l_n,.
n( nil and singular that certain parcel or tract of
land and preraiaea iitueto, lying and being lothe
District oi Kootenay, in iiu* ProTincoof British
Columbia, more particular^ known and deicrlbed as hu mineral*, nreotoui and baae (save
coal and petroleum) under Let S88B, Oroup 1. in
the DlitTfol of Kootenay, '���IJnrii-'t" mineral
claim. -
You and eaoh of you are required tocontest
tlie claim of tbe tax pureba*er within fourteen
days from the date of tbe service of tbla notice
upon ymiuiid In default of a caveat or certificate
pf Hi pandotii being Hied within  |, ported,
yi.ti will be forever csinppcd ami debarred [nun
B.'ttiiiK up any claim to oi in reipeoi ot the *.��id
land, ami I xh-tll register It. li. McLeod as the
PWOOI Ihcreol.
Dated Ht Und Reglitry Offloe, Nelion, Piov-
Mice of British Columbia, this IHtb day of Febrn-
II. F Ma.I.KOIi,
T   ���.,,,    , - District Regtitrar,
Io Richard S-cmaii.
t'lider ninl by virtue of the powers of sail' con-
taincd ID a certain mortgage which will he produced at the time of sale, then* will he offered
for sale I.y public auction on Saturday the "ith
day of October, I'i". at the hour of 15) o'clock
noon, at the Hotel Hume, corner Ol Ward and
Vernon streets. Nelson, B. C, hv Messrs. f'harles
A. Waterman A- Co., the followiiiK property, vi*"
Lota numbers fifteen Oft) und sixteen (Ul). both
in Block llioiihei len (lu), being purl of the sub
division of I.ol number ninety six. Group one,
in the distriet oi Koolenay, British Columbia,
and known aa the Hume addition to Nelsou,
��. c , according to a map or plan deposited in
the Land Registry offloe and numbered 2x4 b
T'lion the said luinl is erected a line*1 ! coin-
modloui dwelling homo In nnt-olaai order, with
pity water.   This property Ik not  far from the
business porfioii of the city.
Terms mnl conditions made known at lhe time
of sire or In the meantime upon application to
BDWAKD Ackk.vhk.
Mortgagee's Hnlirltnr.
Dated at Nelion the 17th day of tk-pt. iv06.
Notiee in hereby given  that Ilxty dayi after
date i Intend to apply to the Hon. Chief Com*
iiilHHioucr of Lands aiid Works for permission
to pun base the followiiiK descrlbeil lands sit-
ualc iu West Kootenav District, Commencing
al a post marked "A. Illrsc-h'a K. K. Oorner"
planted at tbe B, W. corner of Loi 878, ahout 7
mites north of Burton  Citv  and uboui \ oi  a
mile weatoJ the Columbia river,tbenee north
��Obalni! thence wesl 40 chnins llienee souih
Nl ehains; thence east .o chaius to polut of cmn-
liieui'eiiieut, containing 820 acres.
Dated thii Mtb day of Beptember, 1MB.
A. Hllis-.il,
Por B_u*fb Hi.vi*, Agent
Notice is horeby given tbat GO davs afler dale. I
Intend to apply to the Hon. ChUd Coi.iuussioner
it Lauds and Works for  permission to purehai
following <i unci* I bed lands, sltuale on   the
f Lower Lake, about one and one
Eust shore ol
half mile South of Kdgewood, B 0, and ad
Joining J. T. Beattle's application to purchase,
and commencing al u posl marked Donald Wil
son's Houth West corner, thence running North
H��ty chains, thence Fast forty chains, thence
BOUtbi sixty chains, [hence West  forty chains to
place ni oommencement, and oontalnlni UO
acres more or lens.
m. h. HoiiUARBii, Agent,
Daied this_..ih day of September, iihh>.
Notice is herebv Ki veil thai slxtv davs friuudate
1 in nud to applj to the Hon Chief Commlnlonoi
ol Lauds and \\ orks fnr i.ennission to purchase
lhe following described lands, startmn al *_ po'i
planted on lhe Nnrth WeM enrner ot Lol IQtt,
tbenee ran nine twenty chains Nouth, tbenoe
twenty obalm weet- ibenee fortv chaini North
tlience twenty chains Bait, Ihcnce twenty chains
soutli to polul oi commenoomont, and oontainlng BO acres more or less.
Fi.ohenck liissi:*.*.,
w.j. Tore, Agent.
Dated the 1st day of October, 1000,
Hlxty days afler dale I Intend toapply io the
Hon. Chlol commissioner nf Lands und Works,
Victoria, to purchase -111 acres of land: Commencing at a poll planted at tbe L'ltj ol Nelson's
power plant Inl H, K corner poit, on Kooienav
rtveV. Ihcnce 80 chains souih. ihence west 30
chains, Ihenee nnrth DO chains, ihenee cast k)
chains to point of cniiimcnctuieiil.
Nelson, B-C, Aug, 0,1006. B. J. <
Notice Is hereby given that 00 da/I from date 1
intend to lipidv to tbe ll< rahle the Chief Com-
mintoner of Landi ami Works tot permlulon
to purchase Lhe following described lands m!-
ualein West Kootenay District: Commencing
at  a posl   marked  " K,  Stewart's  N   W.  enrner
poit,'riltuated near tbe Junction of Lost creek
and Houtb  Fork nf Balmon, thonce south   .u
chains,  more or   less;   thenet st  Wi  chains;
thenc-  north  40 Chains,  more  or  less;   llienee
west Bo ohalni to point ol commoncemont.
Salmo, August llth, 19C-B.
K. Stewart
T, II. Atkinson. Agent,
MotlcOll hereby given that 60 davs afier date I
Intend to applv lo (he Honorable the Chief Commissioner of Lands and Works to purchase the
following described lauds, 3_0 acres, moreorless;
Commenolng ai a post planted ou tie- west bank
of Opoor Arrow lake ut a pohit about 7 miles below Nakusp, and marked li. A. II. II.. N.K. corner
post; tlience ni chains west; thence .11 chains
south; tbenee oo chains east, more nr less intake
shore; theuee --.long lake shore to point of beginning,
Dated this 5th dav of Bent..1006.   Q. A. B. Hall.
B0dayi after date I Inteud lo applv lo the Honorable the Chief ''ominissioncr of Lands mid
Worth. Victoria, 11. C , to purchase 040 neres of
land Iltuate west of Arrow lake on lhe west side
of Whalchan creek aud joining the north boundary of B. J. Amiable application to purchase.'
Commenting at H post marked K, .1. P.. ��. p.. rorner and running wee* BO ehulns; tbenoe north B0
chains;   tbence eait 80 chains;  thence iouth to
polnl of commoncemont,
Beptember Hnd woe. it. J. E&liot.
Notice is Hereby given tlial Oo days after date I
intend to apply to the Eonorale chief Commie-
sioner of I_anaiand Works for permlnion to pur-
chase lhe lollowlng described lamls, slluate In
the West Kootenay district; Marling from a post
plauied at ilu* N. B. eorner ol V. W, Robinson's
Application to purchase, tbenee 40 ebalus eait,
��> chains south, 20 chains weit, SO chains north,
���in ebalns west, 2b cliaina north, 30 ehalns earn, tO
chains north io point of oommencement, coutuiu-
Dated IHlh day of August, 11106
D. C- E- BOBHttOH,
per Ernkit W. ItoiiiNsoN, Agent.
Notice is hereby given that sixty davs after
date I intend to applv to the Honorable lbe
Chief Commissioner of Lauds and Works for permlulon   Io   purchase   the   following  descried
lau ion the wait ihore of unper Arrow Lake ami
joining J. 11. Keeiieys preemption: Kunning
west-lo ebalns; thence nortii Bu chains, tbence
east luchains, tn the shore of the lake; thence
soutb following the lake shore to poini of commencement, containing aai ueres more or less.
Dated August PJ, 19U6.
II. K. -MAri.Eon
J. J, Kki.i.v, Agent.
Notice || hereby given thut sixty davs after
date 1 intend lo apply to tbe Honorable the
Chief Commissioner of Landa and Works for per
mission to purchase the loiiowing deserlhed
(and On the wait aide Of Lower Arrow Uke and
Joining the soutb line of the Indian Reiervatton:
Kunning west ki chains; tbence south Ho chains;
tbence caMa.* chains, to thc shore of the lake;
tbeuce   north   following  the  lake shore to the
jaunt of oommencement, containing UO acres
more or leas.
Dated August 20, IMS, W   It. Macleod
J. J, Kbij.y, Agent.
Notice is hereby given thai 1 intend, 00 days
aftor date to apply to the Honorable the Chief
Commissioner of i ands and Worltlforpermlllloa
to purchase tbe following described lands iu
West   Koolenay district, about five miles Month
of Burton Clly, < inciicing at a post plauicil on
the oalt bunk of treOt C, h., nun marked "W. ii,
Hamlltnli's S. W. 0, pOHt,"ail<l ? mining north -<<
Bbalnii thenee easl WI chains, tlience south 80
chains, theme west BO Chaini to place ol beginning, containing 640 aorei ol land, more or len.
Dated this *.���id day of August, 10D6.
W H. Hamilton.
Notiee Is hereby given that 60 davs after dute I
Intend to apply to the Uonorahle Chief Commissioner of  Lands  and   Works   for  permission  to
purchaie the following descrih.d lands, iltuate
hi West Koolenay district: Commencing at a
post marked "B. Conkey'** N. W. eorner post," situate near ibe N E. corner of land applied for hy
It.It., theuee south 40 chains, more orle��i thence
east 80 chains; thence north 40 Cbalni, more or
leis; thence went HO chains tu point of commencement.
Halmo, August 11,1906. B. Conkky,
T. H. Atkinhos, Agent.
��� nil IMDU1 eineiii
Balmo,AugUll II, 1906. B. Boss,
t, ii. Atkinson, Arrant.
Notiee  Is   hereby given  thai sixty  days alter
date   I   intend   to applv   lo  the  Honorable   Ibe
Chlof Commlnloner of Landi and Works for
permlnion to purchaie the following described
lands slluate in West Kooteiiuy district; Com-
mencing al a post marked "A. McLean's N W.
Comer pOlt,"lltuate near the N.E, cornel of land
applied for by a. UoLiughlan, thonoe lonth to
Chaini,   more   or   less;   tbenee   i_ast  KO ehains;
tbeuce north 10 chums, more or less j thenee West
hn ohaini In point of commencement
Halmo, August II. 1000 A. McLean,
T, H. Atkinson, Agent
en thai 00 dayi* alter date I
'atloli to thc Honorable the
Notice Is herehy gh
iniend tumukeappil..... ,	
Chief CommlMloner Of Lands and Works for per-
missoii to purchase the following described lands,
slliiale In Wesl Kootenaj district: Cnmiueneing
at a posl marked "A. McLuukIiIIii's N, W corner
post," ittUI-a near thc N K. corner of land applied for by I*. McArthur, thenoe south 40 ehalni,
more or lens; tbenoe eait80 chains; tbence north
10 chains, more or less; thenoe weit 80 cbalni to
point of oommeneement.
Halmo, Augusl 11, l!M6. A. McLai-OULan,
  T, II. Atkinson, Agent.
Notice Is hereby given that 60 davs after dub*
intend to apply to Ihu Chief Commissioner of
Landl and W���rks for permission to purohan
the following (Iflioribed lauds, situate in West
Kootenav dlstricl: Commencing at a poit marked .1. McArthur'n N, W.corner post,'* situate near
the N. p. comer of laud applied for by A.Turner,
lbence south 40 chains luorc or lenj thelie-east
���-"I limn*,, thence north 40 chains, more or less;
tbenoe west m ohalni to point of oommonoe nt,
Balmo, August 11,1C00.
J. McAHTUiit,
T. H   ATKINSON, Agent.
������������������������������������������������������������ ������������������������������������������������������������������
Notice Is hereby given that i-o davs afler ilale
I intend, t<> apply to tbe Honorable tho Ohlef
Commlnlooer of Lauds ami Worki forpermli-
llon to purchase tbe foP-.wtiiv (leiorlbod lands,
situale In lhe West KootoUUF district:  c(inimeii-
cltig at a posi marked "A^TutOer'i nv.. rorner
post," silualcd al the N. K. corner ol laud applied lor b) B Htewart, theliee souih 1" chains,
more or less; theliee east ��o chains; thence north
4o chains, more or less;  ibenee west 80 Ohalni lo
point of commencement,
Hul mil, II. C , August 11   lOOtl. A.TtKSKK,
T II  Atkinson, Agent,
Noiiee |s hereby given that 00 davs nfier date I
intend to npplv lo the Honorable the rhief Com
loissioiicr of Lauds and   Works for permission to
purchaie the following deaorlbed land in Wesi
Kootenay Dlitrlet about seven miles iouth ol
Hurton Clt) : Commencing at a post plauied on
the ensi bank ol Trout  creek   and  marked  Mr*,
w ii Hamilton'! 8. W. c. post and running
north80 ehalni; tbenoe cast m chains; ihence
south ni chains; tlience wesl ��0 cluilns  to  place
oi beginning, Oontainlng 1Mb acres, more or less.
Haled thll Kind day uf Augusl, 1'JdO,
Uii, W. H. Hamilton
���A   II. Hamilton, Agent.
Notice Is hereby given tbat 00 davs after dale I
intend io apply io the Hon. the Chief Comm listener of landl and Works for permission to
purchaie tbe following denrlbea lands in the
"est Kootenay dlstricl: Mcglniiing ut a post
marked It. lldl's H. K. comer, aboul two miles
east of (be Balmon river, and half a mile from
the Pend d'Oreille river, tlience Kb chains north,
10 Chaini west. Jsu chains sou ih and 401 hains easl
to place of beginning.
Dated 87th day of July, 1906. B, B, Baa.
Blxty days after dute 1 intend to apply te the
Commissioner of Lands aud Works, Victoria, to
pu-ehase lfi(l aeres of lanrf. Commen-lug at a
posl planted on tbe west shore of Arrow Uke, al
the southedslelirn-.ror. J Christie's pur. huse,
ruiinlnii uorth Ml chains, Ihence east M chains,
tlience south BO Ohalni, thence west 80 ehains to
Place of commencement.
Located Ma)'. 'Jth I'JOti,
A. CAftKlE,
L. (.Ai.i.A(iniR, Locator.
Nollee Is hereby given (hal two months after
date 1 intend to applv to the Honorable Chief
CommlMloner of Unds uud Works for permls-
lion to purobaM 040 acres of land, described as
followi: Commencing iii ��� }lltH{ planted ul the
somhw.st of i. i, Morrison's much in Fire
Valle>, West Kootenaj dlitrhtt* marked "J. n.
Monro's northeast corner post"; theueeMJchains
west; thenee80Ohalni soutli; thenoe80ohaini
eust; thence BO chains north to thc place of commencement
Datyd Hth day of Sept mbor, 1.W,
J. II. MlTNIOl.,
W. A. Caijieh, Agfiit.
Notice is hereby given that B0 davs alter date I
iniend toapply to the Honorable the Chief Com-
mlssloner ���t Lands and Worka for permlulon to
purchaie the following described |��ndi in the
w.si Kootenay district, near Burton City! oom-
mencing ai a posl plan id ai the southeast comer
of (ieorfjc Ifudion's preemption claim, and
murked Harry O. TDlllngton'i tt. B. C, poit, and
running louifa -io chains, thence west 20 chains,
thence north -Hi chains, theliee east '20 chains to
place of beginning) eoiiiaiuiug ho Here-*, oi laud,
more or less.
I'ated tins nth dav of August, l'**.
Notice is hereby given thut *���" davs after dale I
intend to make application to tbe Honorable the
Chief Commissioner of Uudr-und Works for permission to purchase utiotit BOO acres ol lund iltu
ated on the Salmon river, Wesl Koolenay dlatrlet,
Commencing at a post marker! B, k. Butter's N E,
Corner, planted on thc west bank of the river,
about 4% mites north of the international boundary, thenee weal tin chains, thence Mi chains
soutli, lbence east aboul 'ki chains to the river,
tbeuce northerly along tlu- rlvei to place of com
Augiist IHtb, 1900, R. R. HiTTKR,
T. II. Atkinson, Agent.
Notiee is hereby givon that two month! after
date I Intend loatiply h-the llouorable the Chief
Commlnloner Ol Lands and Works for u Leuie of
all that land being Ihe foreshore adjoining subdivisions I, ;t nnd 1 of Loi SOB, Uroiip onefl)
Koolenay, and being on the south shore of the
West Arm of Kooleuuv lake, In the district of
Commenolng at  a  post  marked "A. K. Watts'
southeast  corner post";  thence 1,0 ehalni west,
thenoe so ohalni north; thenoo 00 obaina eaiti
theuee Jo chains south tothe place of eommeneement; the said land aud foreshore to be he uicd
for sawmill purpoues.
Dated this ;_lsi day of A ugust, 1W6.
A. E. Wattb.
Notice is bereby given thai fio days after dute I
intend toapply to tbe Honorable the Chief Commissioner of Lands und Works for permission to
niirchiisc ihe following <] scribed land in West
Kootonay Hlstrlei  uboui seven mllei south of
Hurton <ltv:   toon elug at u post pluuied on
the eusl bank id Trout creek and murked  Alex
Oheyne'i N. w. c. I'osi uud running iouth mj
ehains; lbence cast Ko ehulns; theliee  norlh Nl
ohalni; ihonoo wait 80 chaini to poat of beginning! containing 040 acres of laud, more or leaa.
Dated Ibis SUtld dav of August, 1UO0
.V. JI   Hamilton, Agent.
Notice Is herebv given thai sixtv days aller
dale   I   Intend   to apply   lo  the  llouorable  the
Chief Commlnloner "' Landi ami Works, for
pel-mission to purchase the followlna described
lauds commenolng "t a post marked (icorgc Toi-
linglon's N. K, 0. post, al (he southeast eoriier
ol J. O. McOrode's pre-emption claim und
running south 40chain* 10 southwesi  corner of
Co Hudson s pre-emption nnumi thence west so
ehalna; tlienoe north .o chains, thenco eait20
chains to place of comin-Micemciit, containing Ml
aeres ol laud more or lesi.
Hated this Mb day of Augusl, I WW.
A. A. Hurton, Agent.
Sixty dava aller date, I. Murgrell MoQuattlQi
Intend to apply |o (be Honorable the Chief Commissioner of Landsand Works, Victoria, It. C.,
lo purchase the lollowlng described land, Commencing al a posl marked M. Meijuarrlo, on the
hank  of   Lower Arrow   lake- thence -p) chains
weit;tbenco80obalm nortb; thonoe 40 ohaini
east; theme 80 chains south to plaee of com
ineiicemeiil, said lo contain if'-o acres more or
less.   Covering ground held by CL H. Anderson's
Hated this llth dav of September, 1008.
W. L, 1'aynk, Agenl
Notice Is bereby given thai sixty days after
dub* I iniend Loapply to the Honorable tin-Chief
Commlnloner of Landsand Worki ior permlnion
to purchaie the following described lands sftuatu
in Weil Kootonay dlitrlot: Commencing al a posi
planted at Roberl Corlott'i north can corner
post -Anl markeii A. M's N. W. (orner thenee
east io chalus; lbence io chains soutli, more or
ten to the Kooienav river; theuce 40 ehulns west
along   the   Kootenav   river;   lbence   10 chains
north, moro or less, to the pla t comuience-
ment, oontainlng 100 acres more or leas.
September nth iwm.
William Mookk H Agent.
Notice is hereby given that 80 davs alter date I
Illlcml to make applh-Htlnii lo tbe Honorable lbe
Chlel Commissioner of Lands uud Works fnr per-
tnlnlOD   to   purobaM 840 acres  ol  land   in  thc
district of u.-si Kootonay. oommeoolng at a post
plained mi the south side of Moundurv creek on
tbe international bonndary line, one und a lo.n
miles east Irom the Salmon river, marked "Klihu
E, Adams, loutheail comer," tbenoe west Mi
chains, tlience north Ml Chalm, thence east Ml
chains, tbeuce soutb mi chains to place of com-
Kt.iin- k aijams. Locator.
per It. -M. Kocves, as Agenl
Dated this !Uh day of July,  IWW.
Notice is hereby given lhat sixty davs alter
date J intend to apply to the Honorable the
Chief CommlltlOOer of Landl and Works for
permission to purchase the following described lauds sltuale in the West Kooieuay
dlltrlet. starting from a posl planted on lhe
north bank of the Norlh Fnrk of Hog creek.
tlience 80 chaius West, N chain*- nortii, 00 ehalni
west. 40 chains uorth, 'kt chums west, ai chaius
norlh. 90 ohalni west, ^o chains north, Mi chains
east, a) chains aouth, ki chains cast, 40 chains
south, kt ehulns east, 40 chains south to paint Of
commencement- oontainlng mo ueres.
Haled Utb day of August, 1908,
Sixty days alter date I inteud to apply tn the
Honorable the Chief Commis-lniier ol Lauds aud
Worts, Victoria, lo pureliuse M0 acres of land
located and deicrlbed as follows; Being th,
northeaat quarter of Section iwenty-two. uud
the south half of the northwest i-nurter (section
twenty three,Townshlpslxty-uiiie. And furthei
deicrlbed as follows; t'oaimeticing at a posi
marked J J. N. W. corner, and planted 40Ohaini
east ol the northwest comer oi Beotlon Iweiily-
two aud running cast tOihatus, theuce south 80
chains, tbence east 40 ehulns, theuce south D
Ohalni, theuce west M) chains, thence north 40
chains to place of beginning.
August ���-'Int. 1906- James .Ioiisstonk,
W. A. Colder, Agent.
Notice is hereby glveu that 80 days after date I
intend toapply to the Honorable the Chief Commissioner of Lands and Works for permusbui
io nurciiiisc the following deaorlbed land, situate
In Fire Valley, in tin* West KooUnaj dlitrlot, ad
joining W. a. ( Killer's pre emption. starling al a
posi marked il. Mctjuarrlc's southwest corner,
running Mi chains cast, thence 40 chains north,
theuee MJ chains west theuce 40 eliains soutli to
point uf commencement.
Hated this llth day of September, I SCO.
ilAllV   MltJt'AltlilK,
J. K. 'I'AVi.oK, Agenl.
Notice is hereby given thai 80 davs alter dale I
Intend toapply m the Honorable Chief Cnnimls-
Hlotirrof Lands and Works for permission to pur<
chase the following dew-ril-ed lands, slliialc in
the West Kootena) district, starting from a pout
planted hi tins W, oorner ol Krnnl w.ltoblnion'i
Application to lurclias*;. uud on the north bank
of the North Kork of log creek ; thence 4o chains
west, no chains north, loo ohalni aaat, 40 chains
south, 20 chains west, ,*o chains soutli lo Interm
Hon of north Hue of K. V,. Robinson's Application
to Purchase, theuce 40 chains west and'iu chains
south to polntof commencement, containing 610
Dated llth day of August, !>���-
f w Boautaoif)
per EKKKfi-rtt'. BtttiHiOKi Ageut.
Notice is hereby given that 00 davs after date I
Intend loapply to the Hon. tho Chief Commli-
Iloner of Lands and Works (or permission to purchase the following deicrlbed lands In West
Kooteuay district, province of Hritish Columbia;
Commencing ata pnst marked "William Tolling-
wn'l northwest  corner  post,"   said   post   la*lng
Iilaiiled ut tlie soiiliiwesl corner of the "Qneon
iflncrHl Claim," nml adjoining the outline of
Mcl'hall's pre-emption, tbeuce south twenty ('JO
chains along said Due, lbence eaat forty (40)
ebalns, thonce north twenty fk)) chains, thence
west forty (40) chains more or less, to tlie place of
Hated Ul day ol Auguit, 1900.
Wiu.iam Toi.i.inoton,
By his agent J. K, Taylor.
Notice Is hereby given that sixty dayKu.'ier
date f intend loapply tothe Hon. Chief Commit),
lioiier of Lauds und Works for permission to
purchase    the    following   dcscrila-il   lumls,   In
West Kootenay Hlstrlei: Commenolng at an initial post planted at the southeanl corner of .McCoy's pre-emption, theme 30 chains west to eusl
boundary of Lot 8109: Ihenee following suld
boundary south toaouthcust corner of snld toi;
thenee 10 chains weal; lbence o ehains south;
thenoo80 ohaini east; thence 90 chains north te
lOUthWHl comer of I,ot 39Si thence following
west houtidurv of Lot 193 !���> lnitliil post.
Beptember _n, nwfi. D, n. Wow,
per Kbnkht w. Bohuhoh,
Notice is hereby given that sixty days alter date
I Intend to apply to the Hon. GhiOl Commission
ci o* Lauds anil Worka for permission lo purchase the following deaorlbed landi, 180 aoru-
commonciog ut u post marked John Toye, planted on tlie east shore of Lower Arrow lake, ahout
one mile norlh of Huiislillic creek. Ihence foriv
chains cast,  Ihcnce  fortv  eliains soutli, tlience
forty ebalni weat, thonce lorty obalm uorih
along lake shore to point of commenoomont.
Hated this j:i||i day of Hcptcmbcr, 1906.
John Ton,
HABBY lillisiiN, Agent.
Notice Is herebv given Mint Ouduvs after date I
intend to applv to the Honorable Ihe chief Com-
mlssloner of Lands and Works lor permission lo
purchase lhe followlni: described  lands situate
lu West Kootenav Dlitrlot:  Oommenong al a
posi marked "P McArthur's N, W, corner post
situate near tin- N. K. cornel of land applied for
hyH. McArthur tlience south 40 chains, more or
less; thenOO cult Mi chains; thence north In
ehalns, mnrc or less; thence west MO chains to
poini of i.oinmeiiceiiient
Halmo, B.C., Auguil nth, 1906,
P, Mi AitTiifii
T. H. Atkinson, Agent*.
Hlxty days after date I Intend lo anidv* to Hie
Commissioner of Lauds and Works, Victoria, to
purchase UO acres of laud, slluate and described
as follows: (-ommenclng ata post planted on the
west side of Arrow lake opposite Cnriboo City, at
or near the southwest corner of H. Haig purchase, and marked "Q, M. A., H K. corner," und
running north 40 ehnins, thenee west 40 Ohalni
to II. A nun I. lev purchaie, theuce aouth I" chains
moreor less to the lake shore, thenoe along Hie
lake shore lo place of beginning.
AllgllSt *_..|h.  P.Ki;. tt. M    ANNAItt.l*.
Nollee is hereby given that W) davs after date J
Intend toapply to lhe Honorable the Chief Com
mlsslonei- of Lands and Works, Victoria, to purchase HO acres of land, situate about one mile
east of Hurton City on the east side nf Arrow
lake, and deicrlhpd as follows: Commeuelng at u
posi planted at the northeast oorner of Lot 6880,
theuee north 20 chains, tlience west 40 chains,
theuce south 30 ehains, Hiunce eaat 40 ehalns to
plaoe of beginning
Auguit ifith, IWi J. it, JlPNTKII.
Hi, aboul  "- ���  - *
Nollee is her. by ft veil thai BO dayx alter dab i
intend t*. apply lo (be Honorable the H J
commissioner of Landi and  Works for -*.-,",
KKffi-^SfiSr-w..^^ (St
c l. Peamon'inn Uie not...,
quarter miles from thoPondd'Orolllo.,,
nieiiclng at a pi isl marked C. P. CaIdW__P_A T
TOO'   I"'"!* t e mi .-bams north, ,/������,.   ,
nbain��� wesi, thonoe mi chains iouth, n..���, I
Ohall istloolmvofcon neemen,      	
Located the 1st (lay of Angus!, 1900
Hkhman Kkai'kk, Agent,
Notice Is hereby glv-n that 00 din aller date 1
���tatandtoapjjlj to fhe Honorable the Chief Con
m mloner of Lands and Worki for perffll i���
purchase lie p, lowing doenbed   bu,d   in   ��,���.'
*��� '"'"> I'lMrieiul tn_ miles south of Bar, ,
nm (liy: commencing eti posi phnm-d oo the
eut bank ol rroutoreok autfmarked CUFlih-
ei s n u.i.i osi nnd running south mi obalm;
tielie,cist Mi chains; lbence north Ml chllDi;
Ihcnce WHtgOobalUI lotbe  ],blee ol   cotniicic
ment. contulnlng 840 aores, more or lens.
Haled this ISnO day of August, IfDQ
  ���*-. L. FisilfK
y>  li iiAHit.TUN. Agent
Notice Is horebyglven that m dayi after dale I
intend to apply to lbe ilntioriihje tne Cuhl Com-
minloner of Lauds and Worki for permlnioo to
purchase the following described   IhioIh     Coffl.
"" "��� ��� ���       "-cd ������.). w B'i ti. v. egr.
shore ol Lower Arrow
inierof J. enristb-'s Ap-
tnnittg thenee le eham.
irib;   thence -lo t.n-,l����
lakeihoroi thonw
menolnj al a post to
uer," placed on the c
Uke at the iiorthwes
plicHlloli to I'lirelm.f
east; thenee so chain!
nr lou. Well I
lowing htkeshorc  in   poim   ,,f enmnieiiccmcii
containing MO aorei moreor leas,
Haled the lard day Of Julv, IMJfJ.
J   W   lllTB.
Notice (I bereby given lhal Nl iluys altcrdile f
Intend to apply to the Honorable the ci.k.f (���m-
missioncrof Lauds and Works lor pcrmlMldn ta
purchaie the billowing .1, scribed landi, ntuaM
on tnoatl Mile of Arrow like    Comine'iclia* ��:
the northeait corner of ^ Anthoor i pnnSia
thence north forty chains, tbence weit forty
chains, tbenoe soulb forty chains, ihetiwuil
forty ci.alns n, polut of eoninicuceiiifDl, coll
taming 180 acres, more or less
Hated Sepleml-or 1, Ittuti. Jam*. I" UaCIIoo.
perN. DntlJH, Agenl.
Notice Is hereby given thai ne.tiv. atienlate I
Intend tn apply to the Hon chief iSommlflrtoaei
of Landi ana Worki tor pennliibm topnnhaie
the  following   deaorlbed lands, situated in the
Kootonay dlitrlel: Comminolng ai ���*. poll marked "BHW Bi B. corner." plauteu on tfiaihon of
LOWar Arrow lake, about one mlb siHilh ol
Cordon ereek (Johnston creek,) tbenei liorlb w
chalus, tbeuce west '20 chains, thence -.oiith *>
chains, ihcnce east Hi chains to point of coni-
meiiceim ill. Containing UO acres more or len,
and comprising abandoned preemption No.H0.
Btaked this 2ith dav of August, 1900.
A. N. Uoi.vkbton, Ageut.
Notice Is herehy given thai 80 davs after dan !
iniend tn apply to tin* Honorable Chief Cocin ���
iloner of Und*and Works for permission to p-
Ohaie the following described lands, sltuale.! M
the eaai  sbli   of Armw lake: (.���ommenclng��tI
postmarked A .Ifaoleod'i location poat, thano
iouth forty chnins, following W. Toyc'ieasicrii
boundary; thencecast sixty chains, to east bant
Of liarlhuldi  Creek;  tbence n-irtli forty chalim;
thonoe eait ilxty chains to point of commence
ment. con ia mine u'ai acres, more or less.
Dated September t, 1008,      ai.kva Maolkdo.
Por N. Dehkiis, Akciii.
Notice Is hereby given that AO days after ile'e I
Intend to apply to the Honorable the Chief Cm-
mlssloner of binds aud Works for perm isi ton 1"
nurehase the following doRi*rl>H><l lauds, starting
from a posl marked W.T's DOrthWOll post, theme
souih 40 chains, tbence ->asi ho ehnins, then"*
north -I'l chains, lbence Wesl Ml chains In poi in ol
commencement, containing 880 acre**, more or
less; adjoins on lhe easl ofX Anthony's upplica
lion to purchase.
Hated thll ZHlh day of Augusl, llioo.
N. Hkhkiw, Agent.
Notice is herehy given 1 hut slxtv du vsaficr dale
I intend to af.jdy to the Hon. Chief (;,.mmissioii
erof Lands and Works for permission to pureliuse Hit* following deaerlbod lands. BWaorM,
stiirting at a posi marked Catherine Toye, and
planted on the cast shore of Lowor Arrow lake,
near Cladstouc  Creek,   tlience 40   ehalns easl.
theuee Ml chains north, theuce -ill chains wesl n>
lake shore,   thence south along lake shore to
point of commencement.
Dated Ibis nth day of September, 1900.
Half.ltV Qioaatf, Agent.
Notice is hereby given Unit 80 days aller dale 1
intend toapply to the Honorable the Chief'mi
mlssloner of Lands uml Works lot pormlu	
purchase [lie following described lands sliuab't
on the easl side of Arrow lake: < ommcntdUl ���'���
ibe soiiliiwesl corner of A. Antbonv's purchase.
thonoe south twonty chains, theme east twenty
chains, thonoe nonh twcniy cbalni, thonoe wml
twenty chains lo point of eomuu iicctneul, oon
Inlnlng 80 aorol, more nr less.
I hued Beptambor i, IflOO      Band mhti-aii.,
per N. DKiutai, Agent.
Nonce is hereby given thai lixty dayi afU
dan* i mi i loapply to the Honorable the Cbli
io pur
f La
* the  lolli
id U ii
UR '
Koolenay disiriei, and adjoin I
Paul Andre's preemption, starting ill a posl
marked A���l. Long, N P.. coiner, on thewest shore
of Lower Arrow lake, lbence _o ehains weal,
tbenco 40 chains south, theuce 80 ehalns PHH.
tbeuce III chains north In point of roinuieinc
Dated al Nelsou, II. ('., this Hth day of Kcplcm
A. .1. LoNo.
Vftt. I'oi.uiui, Agent.
ber, LOOO
Nollee is hereby given thai 60 days trom dale t
Intend lo apply lo the Honorable thc Chlof Com
missioncrof Lauds and Works, for perm 1ba1i.ii lo
purchase the following described lands, situate
in tlte dlstricl of Wesl Kooienav, adjoining Lol
780on the wesl arm of Kootenav lake, common
ciug at the Initial post placed at the southwest
corner of Lot 7W, theliee north SO chains, tlience
west 80 chains, thence south BO chains, thenoo
easl SO eliains io poim of commencement.
Haled Aug. Ifitli, HkHL JANM Kuazrii.
Notice is hereby given (bat no days after date I
intend to apply to the Honorable the Chief Commissioner id Landsand Works for permission to
pureliuse [he following described lauds: Com
melielng at a post murked "J. A O, It'M. W. cor
nor," placed at the northeaat eorner of Loi 80nl
running Mi chains north; thouecMi chains east.
thoOOO 80 chains suuth ; thonco Ml chains west to
point of conimciicemonl, eoulilnlng MO acres
moreor leas.
Dated the -ilu day of July law*-.
Curry ss s-ssmnlssl.s nto.sk s.r KssrsslKss WlttU, Il.-ijr. Minions
silssl   l.lii'K'Sirss,   unsl   i.'hiihiIIiiii   Wii.i-m and  WlslH-li'ss
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reuBPHONE 3t,o.     p. 0> BOX l0_0
Imperial Bank of Canada
Head Office:   Toronto.
U'lTAI. AUTBOBtZBD....U,000,t)00, OAFITAL PAID DP....$4,880,000
HKST |_,S80,0(HI.
I). It. WILK1K, I'rcwidimt. HON. BOBHET ,)AJ''l''UAy, VicB-ero-ideut
Branches in British Columbia:
DopodtH roi'divt'd mnl Interest allowed at cnrrout robin from (lute of 0]*miiiK ac-
ount inn! oredlted half-yourly.
NBUBON BRANOH ��J*   1VI#    LAY,   A_��nttjffc?r.
Burns & Co.
Iniiuli Markets In   Boadand)   Trail,   Nelnon,  Kaslo,   Sandon, Thret* Forks, New
Utniver and Slocan (Jity.
BrM'TK by mall to any bmneb will have
)nr prompt ami ca refill Kt leu Hon,
Head Office: Nelson, B. C.
ANHEUSER    ���������AND rHE omGmAL
BUSCH...       Budweiser Beer
Order quantity before cold weather sets in.
NELSON       ���*���'��� ^|HS5la_***    VICTORIA
New Fall
Goods Arriving
Importer  nf   rine
1 .ni[li.-il>   (looda
Jno. T. Pierre
Baker St.
INelMon, B. C.
CKAl.Kh TKNHKUH, prOpOflj  indorHeil, will bo
v>   n-celveil  bv tbe nndorfllgnod nil to and In
llilK Monday, tilt- liH.-i'lith Or|*itn*r lirxl, fo.
���"������"���tion ami completion ol a Court -House at
1 and i	
Work*-   ttDRlno
tho offlce ol thi
I'ruwliiKs, BpQOiOoaUpni and minlKinm- of teli-
-'-".et  mnv   bo   1000  al   the   I'nblle
r'l offloe, Vietoria, B.C.J mid at
(���ioverniii.nl Agent, Nelson, B.C.,
 id after tbe Utii September next.
Kaeh lender nttial be aeioinnaiiled wllh a
mark.'l Otaequa tor live (..) por oout. of the a-
nionni ol Ih'* tender for the lalthinl pOflormattOO
and (*oiii|d(>llon ol llir work.
Tho cheques ol intiueoasBfiiJ Umderars will be
n-lnmi'd lotbem  on  the execution  of  tin-con
��� Uo Worki Xngl r.
Hand* ami Worku uonorta
victoria, h ������...Mh a mibor, \m
Certificate of Improvements
llgantlO, ''hint, First ''hiini-e, OtiihnlJUl-, nml
Twt'iiiv Mile Fraetinii mineral claims, Minnie in the Nelson .tliomi*. U)vision of West.
Kooienav dl.ilrict
Whore looutetl; on Dundee mountain- hut ween
Wild Mom mnl l.i.ir Oroflks.
Take notice Unit I, John MeLiileble, of the cily
ol Nelson, aellnn tis n*-t'iil lor Joseph Nlnrecon,
Free Minor's Oartlfloata No. Will*, fntciid. rdxtv
days from the ilule liereoi, lo n|>|.ly lo the Mililni;
Recorder for Oortlfloaou of improvomouia, for
the purpose <>f obinlnim-  Crown (iranlsof lbe
ahoxo I'liiims
And further lake notice Unit notion, under nee-
lion 87, must b. conimci d before the Issuance
of such iVrlllh'iih- ol Improvements
Daied this :tlsl day of.I illy, A. It. LBQ6,
Jour* McLatciiir.
Certificate of Improvements
������JCoUpBO No. 8." "Vevoy," "Happy Medium,"
"Internnlioiial" mid,"A tn c'nicllonnt" nun
oral i-hilius, situated in the Slocan Citv Mining
lilvlshni (il Wesl KoOtonu ilialriet.
Where loealcd:-North nf 'i welve Mile ereek,
abonl Iwo miles up.
Take notice Unit 1, II. K. .lomnd, of Sloean, H.
.., Kree (Miner's ��� ertlficnte No. H7KHHI, Ml agent
for 1,. A. Cole. Free Ulnar's CcrtthVate No. 04884,
Itl tend -Ilxty dnvs from the date hereof, In npp .V
to the Mining Hecordor for a Oortlfloatoorlm-
provenieiits.fiirtlu'niiriioKciifobliilnhiK n Crown
(Irani of snid mineral elalnis
And further lake tiotiee tluil action, un 'Or
Heeilon IH, must be oommehood before the isau-
mice of such Certificate of Improvement!..
Hilled in i* -���.nib dny of Boptombor, PMto.
U. K. JOltAND,
Victoria, 1st Ootober, UMi
IV run us Intending tO offer themselves al llie
examination, IO be held this (all, for Provincial
AssayerH, are rei|iicsteil lo notify the iindersleii-
ed, and in (lie event ol a siillieieni number offering, an eXHiilltinlloi, will In- h minted lor nt
Nelsou, B. C., as well as at Victoria, B. C.
DepulY Minister of Mines.
Tendon addressed lo lhe RQdenlfned, at his
Ofllce in lhe Coon House,  ill   the Citv Of Nels	
will Im- received up till the I i ol live o'clock ill
the after i of Mon.In-., Octolier l.'dh, I'.nni, for
the purchase of 11 Ilhie Fyt-d   Nellie" Mineral
claim. Lol SKM, which w,is dcelnred forfeited to
the e row ii at ihe Tax Hale held In lhe < Hv of
Nelson ou thet'ilb dnv of November, ISM, for de-
linnnent taxea upnii June80tluIMS,andooita,
The ii|��.ci price u|iini the snid mineral claim,
which include-, lhe nninuni of del tna lion I taxes
mid costs nt the lime <d forfeit lire, wllh interest;
hi-\es   which   have  since  nci-mcil:  and   fee  for
ctowtl era (it, ll 9B9.08, which Is (lie least hi Ull
that will la* Oonatdond as a lender.
Kuril telideimust be aceiiuipulilril bv uu accented eheijiie, pavtlhlc lo the order of the l>ep>i
tv ('iiiiiiiiissi.uici of  bands and   Works, al pur at
vietoria, n. 0 , for tin- amonnl lendena.
(iovcriinictil \i:cin. Nidsmi, 11. 0.
Hated at Nclsoli, B. *   . ibia LSCh
dnv of Beptember. WOO.
Tenders will he received liji lo October III, IWO,
for the eouiiiMinttoii of the Hi-j-hlauder tunnel
nf Alnsworth, JlritlHh Columbia, inr a distance
of l.ilUU feet. Tunnel lo be a crossciil anil seven
and one nuh bvllve mid one hall feel In lhe
clear. The tunnel la now IniliQWlOOt. 1'ipcand
rails will I* furnished by llie company. Air
power with 7f�� lbs. pressure available, Contract*
tors hiddiiiK niUll irlve satisfnetory assurances
of the coinnlollou of contract. Hids may be (or
either hand or machine work. Full particulars
upon upplieiilhm. The lowesl or any tender not
necessarily acecpled. 4iround mav la- inspected.
I, M. Btdvonson, Manoaer.
Ainsworlh, B.C. MO
Old Curiosity Shop
If you want to buy or b'-1! anything,
go to the Old Curiosity Shop. A new
lino of Japanese (���-oils now on sale. All
kinds of Dinnerware in slock. Prt-
The Dafly Canadian
Covert's    Ranch    Now   an    Extensive
Shipper of Fruits���Smelters to Get
Sufficient  Coke  Supply.
(Special to The Daily Canadian.)
Grand Fofka, Oct. 6.���W. Ji. Covort,
the veteran fruit grower of the Boundary, haB Informed yom* correepondent
tmu the Covert estate is now tthlpplng
60 tons of first grade Italian prunee to
thu Winnipeg marketo, uinu one car of
celery and aboul three cars of apples,
pliintB und other 1'ruitB. Mr. Covert
huh been Harming in the Bounduy din*
trict. lor the piiBt 2t) yeui-K und wan
the originul owner of tlie imxlel lurni
known throughout iititiKii Dolmnhla nn
tin- QoTOrt eHtuite. Mr. Covert speukK
very pwBitively of lhe neeeHaity of Irrl*
gating to raise fruit ���uoeessfully tn
the Boundary diatrfct, bill with water
available tlie fruit Drops can he made
phenomenal, in gpe&Tring of the recent
decision of the supreme court In giving
the prior water right to I��1b neighboring ranchers, Blesses. Vaughn and Mo-
(iinni.,, Mr. Covert Haiti tlm. the cane
WOttJd be appealed from the ItiHt ch.-ci-
Hion and, if necessary, o&rried to the
highest tribunal in the Dominion ot
Canada until justice waB done.
From the late-Ht. advices Unlay it lo
learned that there Ih every probability
41I the Oranby smelter being able to
weather the storm   of   the   present
Strike and nut he forced to close down
as was expected. Superintendent A.
li. W. Hodges in using every endeavor
to Semite coke from markets nol affected by the strike, und it Is more
than likely that he will be successful
in securing enough coke at least to op*
envte tour or the eight available fur-
Duces. It la needless to say thut the
directorate of the Granby company
ure most anxious to keep the red tic-
thm works running even if they huve
to pay a higher figure for their coke,
for at tii** present price of 17 cents a
pound for copper there Is uu ample
margin tor a good profit even if the
cosl of treatment is considerably In-
ar_Utted. It ir- stated that the new
coke supply will be obtained from
Vancouver, and some from the state
of Washington, and possibly some
from  Colemun, Alta.
Word has reached here today that
last Friday the private dwelling of the
ltev, Mr. Fernie at Cascade was broken Into and robbed of Bonie of its
contents. It,appears thut the Rev. Mr.
Pernio, who is the Presbyterian minister at Cascade, had just performed a
marriage ceremony the same day and
about S o'clock lu the evening he had
occasion to leave his home until about
10 the same] evening. When he returned he found that his dwelling had
been broken into and his trunk forced
4i|m:ii and the contents ransacked and
a cash box also forced open and relieved of Its contents, amounting to a
few dollars. The robbers also took
with them an electric flashlight which
the old gentleman had heen In the habit of using. Not the slightest clue hns
been obtained as to the Identity of
tue burglars,      indignaihm   runs high
at Cascade, where the Rev. Mr. Fernie
is held ln very high esteem by all who
know him.
There Is considerable talk here of
holding au Indignation meeting with a
view of preventing the city council
from completing the purchase of the
team of horses for the fire department that huve been condemned by
the mayor us not being worth the price
usked, $525.
Provincial Constable D. J. Curragh,
weil known throughout the Boundary,
Ib reported to be critically 111 with typhoid fever at the Greenwood hospital.
Notes From the Labor World,
Pittsburg moulders are at present
paying uu UHMCHsmeut of $1 a week to
create a defsnoe fund tor tho impending sl niggle with the Pittsburg Foundry men's uHsociui-hm, whose members
have  declared  for the o)>en   shop.
The New Jersey Feileratlon of Labor charges 'Inn wholesale violations
of the Child labor law prevail throughout the state. The employment of children ai night work, which Ib contrary
to the law, Is declared to he a common
President Qompers of the American
Federation or Labor has got after the
trades unions with a sharp stick because of their hubii of selecting saloons oh their heudi)darters and places
of meeting.
The Pattern Makers' league of North
America has decideti to follow the example of several other organizations
and move its headquarters from New
York to a city more centrally located.
This time Cincinnati is the gainer.
Chicago shopgirls are organizing to
obtain the eight-hour day and $10 a
Justice Gaynor of the New York superior court recently delivered an
opinion holding employers liable to
damages for Injuries suffered by children lu violation of thc child labor law.
The annual convention of the Ohio
Federation of Labor, held this wek at
Akron, was well attended.
The I'nited Cloth Hat and Cap Makers of North America Shows no let-up
in Ub vigorous warfare against the Industrial Workers of the World. Its
latest move Is the Issue of a ;;n-puge
pamphlet entitled "The Deceit of the
1. W. W.
Silver King Hotd
Bent Dollar a day house in the Kootenays.
Kooms are well larnlihed.   Tabic aa good u any
in Nelion.    Bar supplied with good
Ua oon and clears-
W   K. McCANDLISH, Proprietor.
Tremont House
laropean snd Amertou Flan
Moan J6 ou.  Rooms from �� cu. to $1
Only White Belp Km ployed
To Launch the North Carolina.
Newport News.Va., Oct. 5.���Arrangements have In-en completed at the yards
of the Newport News Shipbuilding &
Drydock company for the launching of
the armored cruiser North Carolina
tomorrow. A large delegation of distinguished citizens of North Carolina,
heailed by Governor Glenn and hiB
staff, will he on hand to see tbe 14,500
ton fighting ship slide down the ways
and take her initial plunge.
Robbers Make Big Haul.
Ufa, Russia, Oct. 5.���An armed band
numbering 40 men held up a mail
train near the bridge over the Hjela
river last night. After killing a soldier and wounding t hree others who
were in charge of the mail the rob
berg decamped  with  $125,000.
The Musical Treat of the Season! 1
| The Chicago
Concert and
1 Orchestra Co*
October i 2th
| Under the Auspices of Nelson's 20,000 Club
B-lur Ht.. N.lMD frnpruion
Bantlett   House
Best Mar-a-Day House in Nelson.
The Bar li the Fluent.
White Holp Ooly Kmployed.
���loaeptilne St.
Nabon. R. 0-
The Big Schooner TV,       f/).
Or "H-f-ndHall"   DCCi    1UU
The only (.ilium of Good Beer iu Nelson.
Il.st.st tti-i'isiimsssilutlssiiis ssfss-ouil to noise in Hrll
IsOi s'niiiiiii,!,, I io i, ���-���- jl.s.i js,-s-,l���y. Hp.s.si-1 rates
tss tissts,lish hoarders!. Only lissme hotel lu Nelaon
We have Improved and Unimproved Ranches for
Sale on the Kootenay and Slocan Lakes, Slocan
Valley and Nelson District.
Before purchasing call   If      tt      |tl|     PTP1^
and examine our list.   JT_Lo   Q&   XTJL*   JD-UvJL-/
IN8UKANC&   Real Estate sad Mining
Manager for the Kootenay Valleys Company, Ltd.
Olden*. t-Htalilixhed Real Entuto W_.f_��_       W    _"*
BoKUioHH in Kixiteniiy. PtwiSQtif  D* *_������
Lake View Hotel
c-irii'T Hull nml Veroon,
two blocks from wharf.
Rates $1.00 per day and up.
P. 0, Box IH. fJVJ C/)A/     R   tf
Telephone IIH. JV_E_Ol//Y*>   O* *U#
Grand Central Hotd
J. A. ERICKSON, Proprietor.
Centrally Located. Open Day and Night*
Bample and Rath Rooma Free.
Opposite Court Hotise and Post Office*
Corner Ward and Vernon Streets.
T-fc Strathcona
Nelion, B.O.
B. Tomkins, Manager.
The Leading Hotel in the
Oood    Sample    Rooms.
Queen _ Hotel
Baker Btreet, Nelaon. B. C.
Lighted by Electricity and
Heated by Hot Air
large ind Comfortable Bedrooms and Pint-
L'tltl  Illlll.
lug Room.  Bample Rooma (or Commer-
MKR. E. C. CLAKKK. Proprletn
The well known
Onr Beer Garden is
the Finest in the
-   Proprietor
Royal Hotel
Rates $1 and $1.60 a Day.
Special Rates to Regular Boarders.
Wholesale aud Retail Dealera In
Fresh and Salted Meats
Ouuipe supplied ou shortest notice aud
ImvrNt prim. Nothing but fresh aud
wholesome meats und supples kept iu ht ork
Mail orders receive careful attention.
E. C. TRAVES,   Manager.
Cuntravtor and
Bole agent for the Porto Hleo Lumber Co., Ltd.,
vi'itiil yttrilM. I;..hli1i ninl il���..*���.*���_���-1 IiiiiiIilt, tiirned
work nnd lirnrk.'l*.. Count Intli und s|iluglen, mull
ami doom. Cement, brink mid lime lor salt*.
Autiiniattc frrimlor.
Yard mil) factory: Vermin HI., uakt of Hall,
P. 0. Hox 332, Telephone 178.
West Transfer Co.
General Tonintttei- aud Dealei- in
Ooal aud Woosi.   Expre.8 and
Hamad' TrunHfnr
SW-S  Office: Baker St.
Choice Fruit
I Have (0,000 Aem
of the
ChoMtttl Frott Laacta to
Bf It-lb Cotoinw-U
Can sell any quantity from 5 acres to 2,000 in one block.
Buy now and get thc ground floor prices.
J. E. ANNABLE,    ���    Nelson, B. C.
The Hall Mining and Smelting
Company, Limited.
Purchases Lead, Copper and Dry Ores.
for Kootenay Landing, Main Line Connection Crow's Meet Route.
far Kaslo and Intermediate Points
to Lardo and Trout Lake.
For time tables, rates, berth reservations for boats, standard or tourist
sleepers, apply to Jocal agents or write.
A.ti.F.i.. Vajuiouver. D.P.A.. Nulion
A. McDonald & Co.
Dealers in staphs aud faucy Groceries.
Butter, Ej;rh.
damp aud Miners' Supplies.
Thorpe _ Lithia
Thorpe & .Co'y,
Thbtr-Kcond Annul GamVes
American Bankers'
SM.out_Hlo.. Oct 16-19,1906
Kound trip rates to St. Loul��
ami Chicago on Sale October
12th to i���th.
. JoO.OO
Going train-it limit too davs
from date uf Bale.   Final return
limit November Nth, 1806.   ���
Round Trip Kates to Southern
Id effiTt Ootober 25th, 190ti, on
sale dally, limited to 8 niontlis
trom date of sale.
ob Angeles and Santa Burliara.   $85.eO
Pasadena. .....36.10
Santa Moulua  ScSO
Kiverside and .San Bamaraino.  .. S9.I0
Bedlands  $9.70
For Further Information Apply to
City Pasnenger Agent.
A (I. P. A., Seattle.
The Latest Modern Appliances
now in use at this
Baker Street.    -    NELSON.
For Eti
to Smoke.
Imported and Domestic dears. Tobaccos.
Di Tn bow Thtmau's Spcbl IWiirt?
BAKER BT. The Daily Canadian
Precious Stones. If you want to make a good investment put your
money into a Diamond. Now Is the time before the price gets higher.
Our selection of stones is the best.
\V. A. Gullihcr, M. P., is expected to
arrive from Ottawa tonight.
W. Anderson, superintendent of tho
Cascade Power plant, is iu the city to-
it *��
The Store of Sweets/
Fruits, Confectionery and
Ice Cream.
A service In preparation for communion win be held in st. Paul's Presbyterian ohuroh liull toduy at a p. ni.
The contract lor thu building ol' the
new Hume school has been awarded
tu  Pfelfer & Son, their tender having
been Ihe lowest received.
| Book Ahead Fori
Preserving Pears:
The right kind nro srnree. We ���
have a nice lot of local Hurtletts +
and Flemish Beauties to arrive.       J
Lowest market prices guaranteed. J
Phone -fi. '   Bnker St.
| Bell Tradingj
I        Company       ���
The prioe Of lead on the London
tueiai market advanced, two points today and is new ��VJ per ton, the highest quotation lu many years.
The  mortgage    sale    advertised    Lu
take place at the Strathcona this morning was licit completed, llie Upset prico
not being reached by any bidder.
VV. .1. Francis, constructing engineer
of thu uew power plant of the West
Kootenay Power & Light company,
left for the coast today, his engagement with the company having ter-
German Dill, per quart 25c
Sweet Gherkins ** 50c
Giant Olives, per pint 40c
Have just received a new shipment of Swiss Cheese and
For Fall Planting for
Home and Garden
C* Am Benedict
Corner Silica aud Josephine Sts.
Gait Coal
Term* Spot Cash
Telephone 2-5 Baker -tree*.
J Something Nice!
Something Tasty I!
40 cts. a pound.
[Joy's Cash Grocery]
r     Oor-Josi'i'litii-aii-l Mill Bti.      1'hone 10
Waterproof Paints
~'.oal Tar, Pitch,
Creosote, Oils for
Preserving Timber,
Roofing Pitch and
Bout Builders will find il to their ad*
ytU-taga to use our Pitch.
Nelson Coke & Gas Co.
Cor. Vernon nnd Wurd  Strew-**,
.NI_I.S01\,   H. C.
J. FKED HUME, Propriejor.
(J. li. Greene, C. B, Taylor, Vancouver; \v. s. Moswortli. Coleman; W,
V. Davis, F. Plant, Ottawa; J. M.
Philips ninl wile. Pittsburg; ('��� It.
Smith, Meyers Palls; II. 1.. Oummins,
Michel; A. F. Dudgeon, Revelstoke;
A. F. Claxton, Fernie; W. A. Lawson,
Victoria; W. B. Ferrier, Vancouver;
Mr. McKenzle, Kincardine; 1. A. Dins-
more, (irand Forks.
T. l'. Bowen, Hamilton; .1. L. Ratal-
lack, Kaslo; VV. C. McQueely, Winnipeg; W. A Adams, IClmberley; N. A.
Hill. Montreal; F. A. Williams, it.
Helms', Vancouver; J. W, Meyers, Hitz-
villi.; O. G. BItel, B. D. Macdonald,
Minneapolis; W. Anderson, Cascade;
VV. Pullerton and wife, Spokane; Miss
MoKenzle, Kincardine; W. S. Stout, H.
M. Harvey, Toronto.
C,   Carroll, Bonnlnffton;   C.   Hansen,
T. li. Woodstock, Shsean; Alex Watson,  Slocan;    .1. It.  Wlnlaw,  Wlnlaw;
A. A. Webb and wife. Miss McKlnnon,
Siininierside;   G.  D. Wheeler,   Seattle.
II.  Willis, A.  P.  Mclntyre, Creston;
L. V. Cochrane, Spokane.
E. Stevens, Portal; Sidney Nash,
Chicago; J. Johnston, F. Lewis, Brandon: .James Dyer, London; Mrs. G,
Haycock, New Jersey; W. M. Smith,
Grand Forks; W. D. .Murray, C. P.
Conway, M. Kmlama, Vancouver; Rev.
W. R. Ross, Grand Forks.
.1. W. Ormstar,   Grand    Forks;    M.
Gall,  Vmlr:   D. Dale, E.  Mills, Greenwood;  .1. Spratt, Grand Forks.
R.   D. Hunter, Ynilr;   A. .1.  Thompson, Fernie.
ll. Roddenburg, Camborne; .I.Grant,
G. Weaver, Regina.
P.  I. Paradls, N. West, Colville; A.
J.   Sainvllle,   S.   Chonuetto,   Spokane/;
O.  Pollock, W.  Pollock, Slocan;  J. M.
Cameron, Glasgow.
Members of Nelson lodge No. 23, A.
F. & A. M., and sojourning brethren
are requested to' meet ut the lodge
room on Sunday, October 7, a'L 1:15 p,
ni., for the purpose of attending the
funeral of the late Brother Bdward
Brown.���Geo.  .Johnston, secretary.
Wednesday evening n well-known
eiiizen while crossing Vernon street
from tho posioffico to tlie Grand Central hotel was assaulted by u drunken
brawler and thrown into the mud. A
policeman could not he found, so thu
rough was permitted to escape. The
t rouble may yet be aired in the policu
.-v iNBUYirvn ~��
The annual convention of tho Socialist party of JJrttish Columbia will
assemble In lhe Miners' Union hall,
Nelson, tomorrow morning. E. T.
Klngsley of Vancouver will preside.
it is not known yet how muny outside-
delegates will he present. It is likely
tiiat the party's platform in Lhe next
provincial elections will he considered.
When George Reynold's house at
Fairvlew was built, six years ago,
close to one of the walls was a little
Cottonwood tree. This tree has had
a marvellous growth aud worked iis
way into une of the sidewalks, with the
result that the building in one place
has been displaced at least three inches. In order that the house would
not be shoved over on the street, Mr.
Reynolds has cut down the tree and
repaired  the break in the house.
The Sutton company played again
last night to an increasing house and
their specialties were much enjoyed-
Particular mention should be made of
the performance of Mr. HJmll Chevriei,
the trick solo violinist who is with the
company. While all the specialties
were worth noting it is rarely that
Nelson audiences have had an opportunity to see such finished trick performances on the violin. Tonight, "A
Husband for Sale" will be given, and
tomorrow afternoon there will be a
matinee, the piece selected being "A
Family Affair."
���  ���  ���  ���
You consider QUALITY first, and then
PRICE. You look tor (lie line thnt will
give the BEST RESULTS, and then of course
you will buy that line where you can get
the In'st price on it.
marks the highest i>oint thnt has yet been I
reached   in   Carbon   Paper   or   Ribbon j
QUALITY.   As to price they don't cost nn
much as some other brands that arc no
better, if as good.
" Ideal" Carbon Papers cost $3.75 per
box (100 sheets).
" Ideal" Ribbons cost $1.00 each or
$10.00 per dozen.
We also have a really good Carbon
Pnper for $2.25 a box. S[M'cial price on
Our " Quaker " Htenog, Note Book at
$1.45 per dozen is a favorite with stenographer*.
Watches! Watches!
We are Headquarters for the Host
American Watches manufactured. We
are making every effort to meet the
requirements of railroad  men..
T  T  WAT KTFR   jeweler and optician
/���)*     VV _fXJU.LlUUJ.Xy lalaphoiK* aaa.
Canada Drug & Book Go's
....Cash Stores....
Yale-Kootenay Ice, Frait, Fuel
& Poultf y Co., Ltd.
Repairing and Jobbing a Specialty
ShootmoUl Work, 0��t_.__, Builder-' Materi.l nud ��_,,_, aud Mi.l Maohi,,,,,.
I'hsnto   304.
Offloe nud Worku Foot of 1      ^^^
Starkey & Co.?
Kootenay Agents
R. A. Rogers &. Co.
Limited. Winnipeg.
Wholesale ProvlttioriM,
Produce, - Hruit.
Dominion Government Creamery Oiii-Pnuiul Briokfl n-crivi-d wi-rkly fre-li
from tint i-liuru.   For wile liy nil leading grooeni.
oiliisp nml warehouse
Josephine Street.
llniMtoii Hlix-k,
Phone ?n.
Nelson, B. C.
Deliveries mndo daily throughout Nelson
nud its suburbs. Fhouo 148.
NOTE���Wo i-nti .supply nny iiinki1 of Car-
bou Paper or Kibbouss on tin- market,
W. G. Thomson
Nelson, B. C.
Phone ,.4.
The Store of Quality
One Week
Commencing Monday, Oct. i
Sutton's Big Show
30 People 30
Krulay -"A llsisbainl lor Sale."
Saturday Matinee���"A Family Affair."
Ktr.-s.-t jsarasU-slttlly.
I-rls's'H -si', .'sSis- islisl 75s-.     Hs-'alss nil galo Hutiirilisy
ai Rutherford-.
ISO -TEN, ssl ssiii-s', fssr work In Hiss svssisslss.   Ajsply
Iss \V. K. I'sssiks-. .sssvssslll, Kssslis,
Good home
isisx W.. I .in
* It A.I'll KI1 for pinilliililiiinlinlry.
'    ,   *3}'��W?' iHssslly.     Apply
lirsllMKN. Mill llniiil..sssssl LtutKlni-iuitrai't-ris,
al-sis Eisisii     Wattsburg Lnmiii-r Co., near
��� Boglne..
iilsr.sisk. It.
40 Cents pet Pound
In ordor to clenr out thiB lino
wo nro redwing the price to
40o, Wo only hnve n limited
quantity mi don't delay ordering if you want nny.
Potter & Cummings
K. W. C. Block . Phono 10.
Educationalist Students.
New York, Oct. 5.���Alfred Morloy,
the English educationalist who sent a
commission of Englishmen interested
In education to America in IHOU, fa
coming hero at the end of lhe present
month, preparatory to hringhig over
500 teachers of English schools. They
will start coming in hatches of 15 and
20 soon after his arrival. A committee
of 10 from the department of education is preparing a classification of
the public schools of Greater New York
In order to make it iwssihle for each
visitor to see the kind of school in
which he or she is most interested.
How   Al.-ml    Your
Guns and
Ammunition ?
We have Kley's, Kynock's, Winchester, and Cogswell &
Loaded Shot Shells
Kynock'*, Winchester and
Rifle and Pistol Cartridges
Hunting Knives, Wading, Belts,
Coats, Pants, etc.
Nelson Hardware Co.
Box 631      Nelson, B. C.
Don't Forget
Ii your furnace In shape to ttart the winter with?    If   not,   NOW
le the time to have It repaired.
I* E Ashdown Hardware Co., Ltd
PLEASE NOTE���We will not be responsible for any furnace not InBhaf
by October 1st, 1906.
***��<*'��/WV��~��~v��B. A. ISAAC o   tu   _..��.--..-
W����rk, Mining unit Mill Mu-^hlnurv.      IVtiinufiictui*��rM uf
Op��  Car*,   I-..   W.   Cuntructorn'   i^tart*.
Corner ot Hall mnl        ,-!_���������     ****! I rxj F^t       C* Tc-Ii'piioiic ���
Front Bir��ets. A^ ���-' ���-*������*��V^i^l -       tr%-     ��^ - P. oIb�� 1"
Important Modua Vivendi,
Washington, D. 0., Oct 5,���It was
annonnc-Mi at the state department today that a modus vlvomli had been
reached wfth tho Hritish government
relalivo to tho Newfoundland fisheries that will, It is believed, be satisfactory  to  the Gloucester fishermen.
Trains and Boats.
Crow boat���Three hours into,
Blocan train���On time.
Coasl,  Houndary and Rossland train
On lime.
We Will Sell
500 International Coal
JO Marconi, Canadian
WOO Yale-Kootenay Ice
9 l-2c
McDermid & McHa_iy
HIKKI) HKI,V for hoUH on Olmurvatory street.
Family of two; no chiMi- -u : nm rIol*|) nt In une
if ft referred.   Apply Mrs. Hurt, tjneenii Hotel.
H(MKI) ASH ROOM for oik* or two
doors out of Club Hotel.
Apply tWO
UMl'KTKNT   NOfiSS   GIRL.    Fiv
Apply Ikjx fiI3.
TWO SMART BOYS, good WUBI.   Apply
Mksnknoek okkhk.
STAMP I'HOTOS nt tba tent on Hiuiiley Street
next Koyrtl hole!.   >i oentl per doKen,
Put up in 21b. Tins
35 cents.
Xelephoun 101.
Mason & Risch Piano Co'y, Limited
I Just Arrived!
*mTmim*m'^m^^^mt'*****^-*mMMum nn-'lil.  OI
All   Di     i     _ ....
A large cousigu-
nieut of
All Sizes nml Lowest Priiw
Will Buy a Comfortable 4-Room Cottage
on Silica street, close in.    Easy payments.
THVC   6-   *f*i*\        FRUIT LANDS A
im_�� V��y*�� BAKER ST.
MANUFACTURERS   f ^mwt,\\mM    Cl.i^.^f^,,
AND DEALERS IN   -LtMIlDer,  MlillgleS,
l_ath, Mouldings, Doors, Windows.
Turned Work and Brackets
Mnil Orders promptly uttendml to.
Ni-i.sors. B. e.
very eouiplote,
Oar -took of MANI3   *SA*iVS ih
ills'hislillK Kr"(l''ri lis soil ill] i's's|Sili-.'isis'isls.
If you wish a low priced saw wo enn supply you.
also carry the best qualities made by
Wood-Vailance Hardware Cofy�� Ltd.
��"*-���*. .HWHWHi Wj.s��WIM


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