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The Daily Canadian Dec 13, 1907

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 What Will You
Have With It?
li i bottled at the Springs,
VOLUMH   2.      NO.   163
{Mine Owners Ask Fur-
ttier Bounty on Lead
ijtrje Jpail^1_<irutbian
Will  be delivered    every evening    at
your door for
Fiptt Cents a month
I Memorial Endorsed by Board of Trade
���Resolutions to Association
on Many Subjects.
I.   chief   business   of   the   hoard
,.!-  Ia,t  atgbt   was the preparation
���   ...  be  presenled to  the
i   .. late 1  Boards, and the udoptlon of a
I       Hon in support ..f a memorial 3d
fdi to  the   Dominion   gorerantenl
Silver  l-..ad  Min,- Owns, ,'  .v
I .��� kitin    for   the   e 1,pi mall 'n
lot thi     lunty, or,  preferably, tot the
J .. prui, .-live larilT on lead
lb.   siil,j,-els on whl. .1 lhe As
I .  Boards  win he usced to jus-.-.
In a, are   Imperial   news  service,
I: cl .,11.  game   pnue-iii.n,  land
���surveys, freight rales and go'ernmeal
I "' telephones.    Considerable
Idlacu :. was evoked hy some clauses
|u'. Ihi resolution on freight rates.
rd also passed a resoiulion to
|a*k ih. postmaster  general to   provide
delivery tn Kelson to which
now entitled by the revenue
.' ���   ..thee  which  Is at a higher
|rai.. It..-: 120,000 a year.
met in ih*-1 ourt house at H.30
pr.  .111   were  F.  Starkey.  pros'-
thi    chair.   T.  li    Procter,   I".  U.
lit, E. K   ll.t-ston. James Johnston.-.
\. ber, .1. M. Lay, 1. <s. Nelaon,
f J Deane. .S A K.-ll*. It 8. Lennie.
M. Morris. K. K. Gigut. K. M. Illa.-k.
���A. W Dyer, W. J. Wilson. W. 15. Gill.-tt.
IJ. A. Irving, A. Lean. J. B. Anuahle. J.
|S Campbell. L. I'ratt and J. A. Whli-
1 ai ere present from Sandon. The
I Hie last meeting were read
I and approved.
��������� .11 > read a letter from the
laMietar) ..I ihe Dominion Fair, to be
Ih,l.i ;u Calgary next year, promised 80
If-.' frontage for a Nelson exhibit, an-!
I I   that   fruit   be   held   In   cold
I -   until the date of tho lair.
Hie president reported thai the direr
1 ior, ..( th,. agricultural    (octet*** hsd
ted |S0 ror the present needs or the
Tk. ami thai W. J. Wilson had prot.i-
| bed i.i lake charce of the cold storage
reservation.    He urged (hat In addition
' I  fruit lhe exhibit should Include
I '���        t-ar'a  early   fruits,  minerals   and
I lumber products.
Tli.. secretary read a nun.lier of com
ii*., one from a Baakatcbewan
grain dealer offering bargains in lov��
**he:,i, an nekaowteilrxement from
Hi Dominion (Express Co. and promise
deration of the hoard's request
lor extended delivery, n resolution from
Van...uver board of in.d.* regarding
.... service, a proposal to start a
dairy, another to Hlart a machine shop.
'.. mosl i.r which Ihe secretary had already replied appropriately.
Th.. committee on  rural  telephone,
bad nn report to make.
ii <; Ooodeve reported for ihe freight
fates committee, stated that a meeting
lia.l been held and . resolution passed
- iter ii.- a.i.ii sseii io ihe chair
man .,f ihe railway commission stating
thai Nelson and dlslrlct were heavily
discriminated against In oomparlsot
���Iiii Uie const, an.l that a ense would
-Sn.rilv he presented
Th.. report was received.
A memorial from the Silver Lead
Mine Owners' AsHoclnllon to Hi.' II""
W Templeman set forth thai lhe lead
bounty had heen of Kreni benefit, Hint
""ly tBIB.OOd out of the $2.5(10.000 nvall
"Lie had been expended In four and i'
hull years, lhal the American lend an.'
'in.- duties were silll high, thai without
" stable minimum price lend inlnlii"
r"iild noi continue, thai only n bonntj
or a tintv would elTecl such a condition
uml therefore asking thai ihe boubtj t.
fontlnued on the same terms as before
Inl more than 1600,000 I" any one year
Louis pratt, sneaking by Invitation on
'���'���Imlf of the Silver Lend Mine Owners'
���asoclatlon, pointed out the greal bene
nt conferred hy the bounty on small
"nippers, enabling them n. continue op
"nilloiiH   even   when   lend   Is   low.     Ih
read statistics showing unit the average
price of lead for twenty years hef���r.
"i" hoiinlv wns granted was BIB, Ns
He feared low price* again, and asUe,;
"nu ihe memorial in- endorsed hy the
Nelson hoard nnd by lhe Assoclmei'
hoards, that the governmenl he urged
h) continue the bounty which otherwise
""'ild luime on June 80th, 1007.
T. (',. Procter moved lhal n resolution
I"' dratted In support of Ihe mine own
���re1 memorial.
���I J. Campbell, in leoondlng, urgsd
'"nt the request for an gdequate dutj
on lead he renewed.
Tm motion wbb passed unanimously
The secretary read a resoiulion on
pew, service, suggested for presentation
[o Uie AHsoclatod noards. II was moved
���>y A. W. Dyer, seconded by V. 3, Deane,
'"ul carried.
f J. Deane moved, seconded hy 11. <!
aoodeve, that agricultural orown land,
"lung railways and streams should be
surveyed  and  mapped  und  sold  only  lo
bona fid., settlors, no, lo speculators.
;Provincial libra rv""k"-'" !*���" ">'"'"" Urging
rJr- *as ihe surveying
'���'"--., '   lie lands,
i    -be   r-si.lulTrth   v,.*.-,   adopted.
tl. Nelson moved, seconded by W
oi i, ihat the Associated Boards
gem b prosecute before the raii-
w .omiitlssion cases of discriminating
fit*- rU rdtus and urge the adoption of
tli. -i-tosiple of rates according to
mi -. that the practice Of wholesale
cen.. ind special rates he prohibited,
and t1 -iii ;,1P dlassiflcation of freight tor
the wesl  I a entirely revised.
Considerable   discussion   took place
on llilt resolution. B, K. Heeston
thought i extr. me and urged that new
rates be more thoroughly considered
and definite requests presented to the
railway companies before the hoard
commit, its.-.t to miieai on such a mat.
u lo the commission.
, ,'l'he president thought that nevertheless the motion should go before the
Associated   Hoards.
J. A. Irvintt said that in some respects
the new rates left merchants worse off
than before.
ll. <;. Cioodevo thought ihe class rate,
not classification should in- attacked,
A.   W.   Dyer    favored     attacking   the
whole system oi classification and of
distributing centres, and enlisting all
Kootensy In the light.
The motion was carried.
A resoiulion in favor of government
ownership oi telephones already passed
hy the Associated Hoards was reintroduced by D. C. McMorrls. who pointed
out ihat Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Al-
berta ware already dealing with the
The motion was seconded by James
Johnstone and carried.
it was decided to drop the question of
an experinieniai farm, Mr. Johnstone
remarking that it was no longed needed.
A resoiulion again asking government
assistance for ttie Alaska-Yukon exposition was carried on motion of 1. tl.
Nelson, seoonded hy A. w. Dyer.
The committee on the lead bounty
resoiulion. Messrs. Procter. Campbell
and Pratt, then returned and Mr. Proc-
ii-r moved, seconded hy Mr. Campbell,
'hat the hoard request the Do minion
governmenl lo continue the bounty, if
ihey could not yet imnose a tariff which
would effect the same result permanently. The reasons assigned and the beno-
fits set forth as to he derived were substantially the same as In lhe mine owners' memorial. The resolution was
adopted unanimously.
The former resolution in favor of additional fruit pest Inspectors was moved
bv James Johnstone seconded hy J. J.
Campbell  and carried.
T. Q>. Procter moved for more effective game protection especially In the
direction of prohibiting the public sale
of eariboo, deer and rainbow trout.
The resolution on the subject, adopted
last year, was read, bul It did nol cover
lhe ground as Mr  Procter wished.
L. It. de Veber thought It extreme to
ask for prohibition of the sale of veni
Mr Procter then moved, seconded hy
I, II de Veber, that the government he
urged to prohibit the sale of trout and
to Until the number of cariboo and deer
that one hunter mav take In a season
lo two instead of five. The motion was
carried. .
Two accounts totally $25 were passed
nnd ordered paid.
It S Lennie moved that the postmaster general he mamorallted to provide for free mall delivery in Nelson
ih.- annual revenue having now reached
the sum accepied as entitling s city to
such sertvee. .1. A. Irving seconded and
the resoiulion was carried.
The hoard then adjourned.
Organization for Work of Kootenay Fair
0,  1908��� Will  Send   Exhibit
lo Calgary.
The bonrd of directors or the Nelson
Agricultural Bocletj mel -/esters} after
noon   and   struck   committees   for   111.
coming year as follows:
Poultry -W. s.  Pearoy,   W.   Rnther
Kiult ��� A. 11. Emory, J. Hyslop. V. .1
Summons. .    .    _,,
Vegetables l Johnstone, A. B. sunn
non. 'it. w. Hulbert
llrend and Preserves���J. Mcl'hee. Mis
Nagle and Mrs. H. M. Bird.
Floral--I. T. Bealby, ll. Belous, Mrs
Fine  Arts���w. Rutherford,  Mrs.  \\
ranoyr'Work���W. W. Beer, Mrs. iiose
Mrs. W. W. Beer.
Manufactures���J. J. Malone.
Mlnernls-T.  fi.   Procter,  H, Wright
Sports���J. I'*. Annable. .1. .1. Malone. .1
A   KHkpalrlck.
' Building ami Grounds���J, A. Kirkpnt
H Finance���.1.  A. Irvine. J.  A. Kirkpat
"''printing and Advertising���J. A. Irving.
I) c   MoMorrlS and J. B. Annable.
Decorations���Chlsf Dessy.
ceneriii Bseeutlve���President, C. v..
B-jX" secretary. D. 0. ^MOTriSI
,-e-,Biirei- W. W. Beer; managing dlTee
or F A'sinrkev; chairman or finance.
J. A. Irving, and chairman i.r sports.
J, K. Annable,
ah appropriation of ISO was voted foi
orellnilnarv expenses In connection with
|'e ",'cioiv's exhibit ni the Dominion
Fair at Calgary next  year.
Police Court.
In the rllv notlco court this morning
the case of Ihe Japanese woman accused
���r rohberv was remanded Utl tomorrow
to permit', of the engagement or an in-
Attack on Government's
Policy Begun
Borden and Foster Denounce Graft
and Extravagance���Laurier
Ignored Challenge,
Ottawa, Dec 13.���-The actual work or
tbe session began last week with the
debate on the address. Mr. Borden, Sir
Wilfrid Laurier and Ur. Foster were the
eh|��f speakers on the first day. Mr.
Borden began by a relerence to the in-
dlgulty offered by the premk-r to his ISA
i-'.l-iwii-K in the house when he passed
them ull over to bring Mr. Pngslcy and
Mr. Graham into the cabinet from outside. The lessen in philosophy gave
Liberal members a sense of their own
uuworthiness, but they still retained the
privilege of voting for everything tho
government did whether they liked it
or not. In hii reply Sir Wilfrid said that
all his followers had such confidence in
him that they never questioned his
judgment under such circumstances.
Though this remark was applauded.
many members privately dissent from
their leaders judgment that they are
unfit to hold offlce. Two of these dissenters who aspired to cabinet positions
were uot present to applaud. They are
provided for in the senate.
The speech from the throne boasts
of the expansion of trade, but Mr.
Horden on Monday nnd .Mr. Cockshutt
in his able review of the financial and
comm-Tclal situation on Tuesday, pointed out that the increase had been mainly on imports, and that last year Canadians had bought from ahroad more
than they exported. In five years this
balance had been $187,000,000 and it i��
growing larger every year. As Mr.
Cockshutt pointed out, Canada is a rich
country with vast resources, vet last
year the country has Imported $20 per
head more gooda than the value of exports. The situation has caused great
anxiety In financing and banking cir
cles. The president of the Bank Of Montreal pointed out at the recent annual
meetings ihat this enormous obligation must be 11-initiated In some way.
Hut while the banks are becoming cautious ami business men are watching
their expenditure closely it is shown
that the government is recklessly In-
tn using the outlay in all directions.
Mr. Horden showed that the taxation
per bend in the last five years waa
double that of the last five under Conservative ruh'.
Last year Mr. Fielding took nut of
tho people $1,322,000 a wok which Is
ISOO.OOO more than waa collected eleven
yi ars ano.
Mr. Fielding boasts of his surplus.
Hut as editor of the Chronicle when
the late gnvernrtent declared a surplus
Mr   Fielding wrote;
'*A surplus of millions at the Capital
Is just so much nionev withdrawn rrom
the trade of (be country. Mow long
can the Dominion stand the drain?"
And again Mr Fielding wrote: -'lOvi-rv
dollar of the surplus Is taken out or thr
pooketi or the people witbo.it the shadow of an excuse."
Yet on Tuesday of this week Mr
Fielding boasted that no Conservative
uovernment ever had such surpluses as
As was expected Mr, Uorclen took
the first opportunity to tell Mr. Pugs
ley to bring forward his charges of
Conservative corruption in iim.*.. Mr
Pugsley haa be. n talking a good deal
outside of Parliament and Is now
broughl up tO the ringbolt. Mr. Horden
had not been many minutes on Ms fee-
before he took this mnt-nr Up nnd ma;h
this emphatic declaration:
"I want to tell thnt Hon. gentleman
and to tell the Prime Minister that If
���>nv  Investigation  Into campaign  funds
is desired ore are ready for it as snor-
as  thi'v  choose to Institute It."
This declaration was loudly applaud
ed by the Conservative side but Sir WH
ftid who spoke later, made no sign tha'
he desired an Investigation.
Sir Wilfrid thinks Mr. Borden's platform more Important than the govern
ment prournmnv- and devoted most of
his speooh to the plea that th-* Conservative policy was Indefinite. He wa*-*
careful tint to read the text hut contented hlmseir with this general criticism
Mr. Foster met by reading from th**
platform itsel Ho show that It was B
plain business-like statement. For ex
Ample thera wns nothing vncue about
the demand for the "nnnolntment of
puhMc officials u|>nn consideration of cn-
iiacltv and nersnnnl character nnd not
for party service nlone." Mr. Fnster
sald Ihe Premier understood this well,
nnd  added:
"He known thnt If ever the leader
of a minlstrv In this country has been
guilty of bedevilling the public service
It Ib the premier himself. This com
menced when he sold judgeships and gov.
ernorshlps to his friends Langeller al
most before his feet began to tread
the paths of office."
Nor could the premier fall to understand Hie demand tor punishment of bribery and fraud, the prevention of corruption, the prompt trial of election
cases.    Concerning this Mr. Foster said:
"The people of this country are sick
at heart. They are disgusted, and the
outcome and measure of that disgust
Is failing on these gentlemen in bye-
elections, wherever the people can
Speak their minds with reference to It."
Then looking straight at the premier
Mr. Foster demanded:
"What have you done since you catne
into oAoe to make it harder for the political thief to do his work and to make
it easier for the honest elector to deposit his ballot and have it counted?
Vou, sir, have stood up In this house
against an investigation of these crimes.
You. sir, in the theatre down yonder put
your hand upon the shoulder of George
W. Ross and appealed to the people of
Ontario for his re-election saying, "this
is my right hand. I want you to make
that right hand .strong." The right
hand shielded you. and shielded tho^e
who worked for you. who bought for
you. who sold for you, who conspired
for you and you to this day have entered Into the fruits or their labors.
Not until that right arm was shattered
were the processes of the law able to
cat eh   the   scoundrels."
In such language as this the meaning
of some parts of Mr. Borden's platform
wns impressed upon the premier. The
discussion con*Inned all the week, the
opposition forcing the fighting from the
st art. For the first time in several
yean an amendment was preposed to
the address In reply. This motion s**-t
Torth the lack of business prudence,
wasteful extrnvagance and heavy taxation of recent years, referred to the adverse balance of trade aud the increased
expenditure and closed by Informing
His Kxeelh-ncy "that the business of
the country had not heen carried on with
that usual foresight, care and prudence
which have characterized the management of successful husiness institutions."
This amendment, was forced to a vote
on Thursday, and was rejected by a
party majority of 39.
New England Celebrating Centenary of
Birth of the Leading Anti-
Slavery  Poet.
Liberal Politicians Given
Nearly a Hundred Paid for Services
���News of Canada From
Ocean to Ocean.
Ottawa, Dec. 13.���Returns brought
down in the house yesterday snow that
since December 11, 19u(j, fourteen members of parliament have been appointed
to the senate and thirty members to
oilices other than the senate, such as
jud^ships, etc. During the same period
twenty-five ex-members of parliament
have been appointed to the senate and
tweul>-seven ex-members to other offices.
Ottawa, Dec. 13.���Pontiac Conservatives have nominated the present mein-
Ijtr, Gerald H. Brubazon, ror the commons al the next general elections.
Ottawa, Dec. 13.���Forget, M. P., will
ask the government if it is their intention to increase the rate of interest ou
deposits in the government postofflce
savings banks trom 3 to S\_  per cent.
Morden, Dec. 13.���Lawrence Gowland
was hanged at 7.15 o'clock this morning.
For a man in his position he bore up
Toronto, Dec. 13.���In the statement
of the Ontario Bank the net lou oi th?
defunct Institution is shown to be $1,-
ir,7,546.1S. The shareholders will probably have to pay anywhere from thirty-
five to fifty per cent, of their double Haul 1 ity.
Eoston, Mass., Dec. 13.���The celebration of the birth ot the poet John G.
Whittier, for which a large section of
New Kngiand has been preparing for
but this is no gaugue of the real activity
anniversary exercises in the public
schools. Scores of celebrations are on
the calendar for the next three days,
but none will he of greater interest than
thnt in the poet's native .own of Ames-
bury. The meeting will be held in the
town hall Monday, when a varied programme of addresses, recitations from
Whittier's poems and readings will be
carried out under the direction of the
citizen's committee. Governor Guild
will deliver the oration of the day. It
is expected that addresses will be made
also by Clarence Steadman of New
York, former Secretary of the Nav>
John D. l-rfing. former Governor John
L. Bates and Brookev T. Washington.
John Greenleaf Whltter. the "Quaker
Poet," In honor of whose memory these
celebration! are tti he held, was born
December 17, 1807. in Hast Haverhill,
close by the present town of Amesbury.
The house in which he was born, and
whicli he described In "Snow Bound,"
had been built almost 120 years before
his birth by a paternal ancestor named
Thomas Whittier. who had come from
ESngland and settled In Massachusetts
Id  1-.3S.
Three or four winters at a district
school and six months'at the Haverhill
academy was about all the schooling
young Whittier received. When twenty
op*' years of age he obtained editorial
employment on a paper called the American Manufacturer, published lu Bos
ton. But he had worked there but a
short time when he was obliged to return home on account of the failim--
health or his father, ln 1S.I0, for a few
months, until his father's death, he ed
Bed thf Haverhill Gazette. He then
ror some time edited the New Kngiand
Review, published at Hartford, Conn.
where he gained some experience and
wen many friends. But In a short
tlnv Ms own 111 health forced him ti
ai;ain return to his home at Haverhill
He soon published his first hook, n
poem of New Kngiand legendary life
entitled "Moll Pitcher." His scattered
poems then amounted to 300. In Noveni
ber. 1881, he gave the world his first
autlslavery verse, "To William l.loyd
By lMt>. books of his poems were
household property. Whittier was P
household name. 8c.hool boys could
quote bis poetry. He was doclaime*'
in the lyceums. From 1847 I'll l^'0
The National Bra, a Washington anti-
slavery organ, published the greater
part of Whittier's verses. With the
establishment of The Atlantic Monthly
In 1867, the first appearance of Whit
tier's new poetry was made In New
Kngiand. "Snow Bound" wns printed
In the sixties, and achieved Immediate
After the war Whittier lived at Oak
Knoll, Danvers nnd Amesbury. It was
an extremely quiet existence. He was
almost a lifelong invalid. Though
born of a sturdy and long-lived stock,
he inherited no great rohustness of
lrame, and when about 17 years of age
he Injured his constitution permanently
hy overwork on his father's farm. He
had a weakness of the heart that not
only gave him pain hut for many years
| was a constant menace to his life.
Kdmonton, Dec. 13.���G. W. Dawson.
inspector of penitentiaries, ls here. He
finds Alberta's penitentiary lu a satisfactory condition. There are eighty-
seven prisoners, the largest number in
the history of the Institution.
Edmonton. Dec. 13.���John Copp, a
prominent contractor, who is said to
be involved In real estate deals, has left
the city, leaving, it Is alleged, a large
number of unpaid accounts.
Edmonton, Dec. 13.���Hon. Alexander
Bruce, son of Lord Elgin, secretary ol
state for the colonies, in the Campbell
Bannermnn government, and Mr. Var
ney, secretary to Lord Elgin, were in
the city yesterday. Hon. Mr. Bruci
carried a letter of introduction to Pre
mler Rutherford from Lord Strathcona
Canadian high commissi<��ner in London
Hon. Mr. Rutherford accompanied th,
distinguished visitors In a drive around
the city. They were entertained at
government house.
Vonda. Sask., Dec. 13���The warehouse
and elevator of the Western Canadian
Mills company, Bituated at this point,
were burned to the ground yesterday.
In addition to the loss of the buildings-
there were over 8,000 bushels of wheat
stored in the building and this was also
a total loss. The origin ot the fire Is
Ottawa, Dec. 13.���The supreme court
this morning gave judgment ln the ap
peal of the Grand Trunk vs. Robertson,
upholding the order of the railway com
mission thnt the Grand Trunk Is bound
by its charter of half a century ago to
give third class accommodation at n
penny a mile between Toronto and
The appeal of the Canadian Pacific
Railway vs, Ottawa Flre Insurance com
pany ended In favor the insurance company. The suit aroBe out of a clause In
the fire Insurance, policy against Indent
nity of claims for damages due to sparks
from the railway company's engines
The insurance company disputed the
claim and the question arose as to the
liability of the insurance company for
standing timber.
'i.i-endment to the criminal code to prohibit professional gambling In Canada.
T -"urler said as far as he knew the crim-
imfl code was enforced in Yukon
against gambling the sam i as it was ln
o'her parts of the Dominion, but an inquiry would be made.
William John Lucy. 42 years of age,
died this morning as the result of a
fractured skull sustained by fall yesterday from a derrick boom on the bridge
pier, Kideau river.
Lethbrldge, Dec. 13.���Wm. Davidson,
ex M. P. P. for Slocan, B. C. speaking
at a miners' convention here, declared
that the department of labor at Ottawa
was of no assistance to the laboring
c'.asses. The speakers at the convention were very pronounced In advocating
a labor party in politics.
Port Arthur, Dec. 13.���John Griffith
and Harry Simpson were sentenced to
two years each in the penitentiary yesterday for forgery. Griffith made out a
cheque on a Bank of Commerce blank
for $25 In favor or Harry Simpson and
signed It "Foley Bros." Simpson took
the forged cheque to J. M. Henderson
& Co.'s clothing store and made purchases to the value ot $9, securing the
differensce In change.
Ottawa, Dec. 13.���The house will ad
journ for Christmas holidays from Dec.
10th to January 8th.
Winnipeg, Dec 13.-���Two Chinamen
were found cremated this morning In
the ruins of a shack at Lethbrldge.
Woodstock. Dec. 13.���Arthur Jackson,
colored, was found guilty by a jury yesterday of holding up and robbing Harry
Walsott, C. P. R. operator, on the night
of TJctober 18, and sentenced to seven
years at hard labor. V hen the sentence
was announced Jarks ��� . launched Into a
torrent of abuse of the court.
Sault Ste Marie, Dec. 13���Thomas
McFarlane. who has been on trial on a
charge of murdering William Dixon,
was acquitted by a jury last night. Tbe
judge expressed surprise at the verdict.
Seaforth, Dec 13.���The funeral of the
late P. B. Gimn. M. P., held here yesterday afternoon, waa probably tbe largest
ever seen In this part ot tbe country.
Winnipeg. Dec. 13.���Dr. Baird has resigned as registrar of Manitoba University. D. M. Duncan, of tbe collet-date
staff, has been appointed to the position.
After 25 years' service with tbe Hudson's Rav company, Montague Aldous
has resigned as commissoner.
Peterboro. Dec 13.���Tbe most disastrous fire in the history of Omemee. 16
miles from here, broke out early this
morning, doing damage to the extent of
*12,000 before it was finally extinguished.
Toronto, Dec. 13.���Hon. W. J. Hanna,
provincial secretary, is confined to his
room with influenza.
Orders are issued hy the court for
winding up the Northern Ontario Steamship company or New Liskeard.
The attornev general's department
has ordered an Inquiry into the explosion
of petroleum torpedo works on November 17. There are rumors of Incendiarism.
Peterboro, Dec. 13���Charles Porter-
ous. a farmer who lives alone on the
road between Cavanavllle and Mill-
brook, was held up hy a man with a
six shooter last night who demanded
money and on his refusal shot him four
times In the head. Porterous is ln a
very serious condition. The highwayman escaped.
Fierce Young Liberals
of Vancouver
Also "Strongly Condemn" Provincial
Premier, Cabinet and Whole
Conservative Paisty.
Vancouver, Dec.. 13.���Tht* young Liberals last night passed the following
Whereas, the legislature of the province of British Columbia unanimously
passed an act restricting Asiatic or Oriental immigration, and
Whereas the lieut.-govornor. Hon.
James Dunsmulr. has wlthoul authority
withheld his assent therefrom; and
Whereas it has transpired In an investigation conducted under a royal commission appointed by the Dominion government that the said James Dunsmulr
Is and has been a contractor of Asiatic
labor, and Is and lias been directly and
personally Interested In the Importation
uf Asiatic laborers, and
Whereas the said governor's act of
withholding official assent of aforesaid
ls contrary to all constitutional practice
and precedent under the s\ stem of British parliamentary government; and
Whereas neither the course of the
premier, Hon. Richard McBride. ln accepting responsibility for the governor's
action, nor the resolution of the recent
provincial Conservative convention approving his said- course, is In accord
either with the wishes or the welfare
ar the people or British Columbia.
Be lt therefore resolved by the young
Liberals of the city of Vancouver, In
general meeting assembled, that In the
op'nion ol this meeting the governor-
general-ln-councll should ask for the
resignation or the Hon. Mr. Dunsmulr,
failing which, should effect his removal
from offlce; and that this meeting
Btrongly condemns the unparlamentary
attitude adopted by Hon. Richard McBride and his government In holding office ln the face of the unconstitutional
practice of Lieutenant-governor Dunsmulr, as heing a course of conduct subversive of and a menace to our syslem
of responsible government.
Universities to  Debate.
Lincoln. Neb., Dec. 13.���The Central
Debating League of America, the membership of which is made up of the
State universities of Minnesota, Wisconsin, Illinois, Iowa and Nebraska, Is
to hold its second annual debates tonight. The question chosen for debate
ls as follows; Resolved, That the Ped-
eral Government should have exclusive
control of all trans|*ortatlon corporations doing an Interstate business.
Constitutionality granted." Each university will have an affirmative team at
homo and a negative team away from
Ottawa. Dec 1:1.���Committee, or the
house of cimim.ma were elected thi:.
niointng as follows: Standing orders,
O. I). Grant: debates, D. H. Gervals;
privilege! ami elections, M. J. i-ogan;
public accounts. A. II. Clark: agrlc it-
Hire. l-\ W. Mackenzie; railways an.l
canals. Hush Guthrie; banking and commerce, II. P. Miller; private bills, J. A.
0. Kthler.
Edward G, Tresstder. an Ottawa yoiin;-
miin. this morning pleaded guilty to
bigamy by having ln December married
Miss IM. S. Sinclair, seventeen yearRold.
a recent arrival from Scotland, while
having another wife living, lo whom he
was married lusl April, lie will be sentenced next Monday.
Hamilton. Dec. 13.���An unknown man
supposed to be a farmer, was killed this
morning by falling trom the mountain
while driving to tho city.
Ottawa. Dec.   13.���A    moral    reform
deputation asked the government for an
Below Thoae of La,t Year by -,SSK>0,00!!
Bushels���Remarkable Record
Made by C. P. R.
Winnipeg. Dec. 13���With the closo cl
navigation on Tuesday came the an
nounoetnent that 20.oyss.3r.:! bushels of
wheat had been shipped by vessels from
the head ��r tho lakes during the season
which began officially on September 1st
but ns a mutter of fact not actually until September 21st.
The outward movoment was not all
tho crop of 1908 as considerable of tho
crop of 100C wns on hand when the new
season opened, and a portion at least,
must have been shipped out in the latter
part of September and the beginning of
October, but the bulk of the movement
was new crop. When the lateness of
the season Is considered, and the delay
occasioned by the money stringency allowed for, lt Is most, gratifying to find
ihat the shipments of wheat have come
within 5,000,000 bushels of those for the
corresponding period of last year when
the season opened promptly on September Sst, and there was a heavy rush or
wheat during the whole of that morth
as well as during October and November. This year the receipts of wheat
were not heavy until October 2-st.
There has been somo complaint of
car Bhortage from time to time, nevertheless thet Canadian Pacific Railway,
which carries more than two-thirds of
the total crop shipped, has pintle a moBt
remarkable record for rapid handling of
grain. During tho month of November
12.781', cars nassed Inspection at Winnipeg against 10.018 for November. 1906.
and of those 9,374 cars were hauled by
the Canadian Pacific.
Great Fleet Is In Shape.
Norfolk. Va.. Dec. 13.���As a result of
more strenuous activity than has manifested Itself ln the American navy since
the days of the war with Spain, the
great battleship squadron which is to
go to the Pacific coast, Is ln Hampton
Roads practically |ln complete readiness for the start on Its long voyage,
which begins on Monday morning next.
The task of fitting out the vcsbcIs of
the fleet has been one of enormous
proportions and everyone from Admiral
Evans down to the murines and Jackets
are glad that the work Is over and the
cruise about to begin.
Mistaken lor Medicine.
Peterboro,  Dec.  13.���Maude Durham,
daughter of th.. late K. J. Durham, took
carbolic acid  In   mistake  for   medicine
yesterday and died shortly afterwards.
Justifiable Hemoclde.
Saskatoon, Dec. 13.���The trlnl ot
Metro Sharopo. charged with the murder of John Metcheluchuk, was concluded yesterday, a verdict of not guilty being rendered by the Jury, ln the afternoon the prisoner and his wife were on
the stand. All the testimony shows that
the wife was found by her husband In a
compromising position with Metch.-lrhiik
and. according to her testimony. Moth-
celchuk forced her to do as he wished.
Price, ef Metam.
New   York.  Doc.   13.���Silver,   M%c;
copper. 12*Ac;  lead. 11.75.
1-ondon, Dec. IS',.���Silver, 25V��d.; lead.
��18, 15s.
Opening  Copper Quotations.
New York. !>ec. 13, 1907.
(By McDerinid & Mcllardy.)
Oranbv $30.00
Dominion   Copper     1.87 V4
B.  C.   Copper     4.25
4 00
Flre In Killarney.
Killnrney. Deo. 13- Fire broke out In
the premises ot the Killarney Guide at
3 o'clock this morning and completely
destroyed the building and plant. The
origin of tho fire Is unknown. il
k \
- -s.fi
T..v *Ja_y Canadi&i.
Clothing,    Gents'   Furnishings
and Boots and Shoes
Is beginning to arrive.
In about another week we will be able to offer full lines
in these goods, and can promise you the best value ever offered in the city.
In the meantime it will pay you to await their   arrival
before making your purchase.
��� ��������������������������������������� **>��������������������� ������*>����� ���
Impe_ial Bank of Canada
*n* --v ,    rvtf,    .  .       "T" ���_.
Head O Hi. i:   Toronto
Capital Authorized  $10,000,000   Capital Paid Up ...
Rest    $4 800,000-
D. R. WILK-IE. President. t
BOBEBT JAJBT1AT, Vice-President
|       Branches in E_���fa Columbia:
aOLLiN.       M���af }��,      REVELSTOKE,       CRANBROOK,
Interest  allowed on  depositB  fi im date of deposit andcreditedquarterly.
VI.   LAY, M
We know all there is to know about
Wa'ches and Jewels. So if you want
to buy any
or have any repairing done, we nre the
people to come to. Our charges tor expert repair work are most moderate.
We have many beautiful diamond rings,
l>endants of pearls and diamonds, lockets, brooches, etc.
__= ���
| J. J. WALKER x
��� ������������������������������������<>���������������������������������������
be expressed in terms of currency, but
if Sir Fred. Horden is worth $10,1  B
year there  is  no limit to the  value of
Richard    McIJrlde     or  any   of his  col-
The Royal Bank of Canada
Incorporated  A.  D.  1b6'j.
Capital $3,900,000     Reserve  Fund $4,390,000
Unexcelled facilitie*; for the transaction
of all  kindi of  tanking  Business.
savings B^rk Ce; artmerrt, and
Interest credited Quarterly on
3��ving, Bank Account,.
on Application, in Large, Medium
or Pocket Size.
Nelson Branch, G. A. SPINK, Manager.
PubiUhe-i itx fis.*r*�� a weet oy the
C-Kadian FUSUSBOra company. Lcb.
Baker Bt..   Nelson, B. 0
S_i*---_lptlon raw**., M cent*, a month deliver**-!
tn tht city, or 1MB a year lt lent by mail, when
Tsald in advance.
Advert-jlnf- rat-e�� cb application
All mcnl*** pa.l-i in settlement ot The Dally
Can-alien tLtoaau, either tot Babeerlptloiis <-r
fcdvertUlnf. mu*: b. -��� **;���"��� I lor on the printed
formi o( the Company-   uiher receipt** are at
Friday. December 13. 1907.
Take notice that I E. C Oils intend tr. apply
fur a Special license to cut and carry away timber (rum mu acres of land: Commenclin at a
post planted about tour _lK-*> wt-at of the Kootenay srstver, on a **n.��.l creek .lowing from the
���oath into Corn cn-eS ami about one ami onI
half utiles ruuth of Tern creek ami west and
n'1,1*." ut (4 tt���tbei li*em.e No U0M; couuneu*
dpi at No. 1 post marked R. C, Otla northeast
corner poet, ihence eighty chain*, south. thenee
eighty chain* Wt-st. ihem-e eighty chains   north,
thenoa eighty chalna eaat io the place oi u.-
giuuiitK- oontatn tne MO scree, more or lew
 r ���*��� --ember XI, \Wi.   E  G, OTis, locator.
A   Iki KSTT, agent.
Da led .'
No. 2.
eighty l
a ooopta of months tfo we refem .
in ttts tool Ihoi tba . ���'-
ji..;i.stars aud juml'-'s In  Brttl b i ������ ���
t>iu wars  ti"'   iii  propoltl m to tht   tn
ooi m tiiiit  tie'V  NiiKti'   reaaoi
p**ct to eurn  by foUowtnj theli |
sions, and are than idvoi tbatan
tittl   lln ; ��� a   ���  - T_a    tOMUt
p-leind    U)   RlnQS   'h'li    hy    iio.ii>     Iin
tlsh Columbia  papi ra    QulU   n
the Vancouver   Provinoaj  hai   Sdvo.  Lb
increa:-eh   1<<i   _uiffltx I I   ol   tbe   !���
ture as wall  M  tor  tnlnlstars.    Thla,
within  a  month   of the   meeting ol   thi
legislature, ard trom a  paper support
ing   the   Koveriiment.   Is   taken   bj    OUJ
oontemp i.- I   b �� ertaln Indh
that   tha government   Intends  to  Intro-
duce such  a iii1 asti I
Our contemporary's eatimate of th<
ability or the several members ol tht
cabinet ib Interesting, lie oonoedi
that Capt. Tatiuw and Dr, Young are
able men and worthy of reward, und
by Implication- that Mr. Bowser would
also be entitled to an Increase if hi
had not a lucrative legal practice its
For the premier and Mr, Pulton on
contemporary has nothing but oold eon
Why?     Well.   Mr.   McBrtdO   and   nu
con temporary   wore both  new mem ben
of the Legislature elected in  1898,    M
Meilride has   now   boon  premier  <��!"  tli
province  for  tour  yaars  and  a half;
our contemporary i�� biiii���our contain
Mr.   Pulton's   nnVndinn   bus   probably
been  in  coiimi-i ion   witb   .cveral     e,i .
tioiiH  for  the   Kan.loops   riding,     Bomt
men���monl     men���reserve     f luii*    eon
tempi   for those  tbey  have easily   vau
mous enough to be able to de-
���pise  his   victors.
The  question of  increasing  the ses-
sli toil   indemnities of  private  members
is   on a   slightly different   footing.     In
case of our own  member. Dr.  Hall.
devotion  to  the  public  interest
has   Jed   to   the  temporary   sacrifice   of
his profession there seams to be s mood
case for such Increase.    Bnt viewing H
illy  there  i- the danger that  in-
Ing   their    ramoheratlon   beyond
the mem Indemnlt) for actual expenses
would  tend to  produce   in   liritish   Col
ambla a  breed  of    professional    i**--!
Udans stub as fill ths benches on ths
;ii Ottawa and are s
and a disgrace to the Dominion.
Budi are the men whd rots obediently
for evt ry governmenl  messore wlthoul
Lo  undi i stand   It,   as   Bri*
������ lolumUa i rnenib. ;s voi.ii tor thi
. oi 11,.  treaty w 1th Japan.
But  "ti  general principles it  is odd,
. ri o amusing, to find mi n and Journal
thai defended  the Ottawa salary  grab
protesting In sdvanct  sgalnef an antld*
pal d in i���    ���  In Ind* innnius to Britlah
I tolumbta public ttu n
ir Mi ifeBrl-ds and Mr Pulton are
not worth more than |6,000a year aacb
in Britlafa Columbia, whal was or in ths
value to Canads or such able and honor
able advisan ol Hi:'- Bxcellency as sir
Fred. Borden, C. B. Hyman, n. u. Em-
mt rson and several other tenants *��t cabinet seats whose names arc not worth
one striking difference  between the
two governments collectively bus lately
become prominent The revenues of
both the Dominion and the province
bave lately increased rapidly. Ur. Field'
Ing   and   his   colleagues   have   devoted
their surpluses to Increasing the unoon
trollable expenditure, mai,inr, generous
presents tn the form of the "rake off,"
lo   needy   friends   of   the   party,   helping
son poor corporations lilte the Grand
Trunk Pacific and the Quebec Bridge
oompanj.   and   supplying Mr. Prei ton
with pocket money un his travels When
It Is important thut he should noi bs
within reach of a summons from a Canadian criminal court.
British Columbia's cabinet is 1MB Men
erOUS With thS public funds, Their sui-
plus revenue has ull been devoted io
paying oft debts und further Improving
ibe en.in of the province.
Poat  marked   B   O. Jagow northwest
thSOOe    en-hiy   chain*.    B*��nthi   thence
halns east, thenee -U'lity   chairi>,   north,
-�������� light; chains west to plai-e of   beginning
��� "iQtaluti.g MO acre", more or it-**,  ami wt-it auj
aOiaceut lo timber llcenc** No 1W24.
bated November -.' nt, 1907
B. 0. Jagow. locator,
A. Hai KITT, ageUt.
No 3. Pout marke'l T. F. Jackmsn southeait
corner, thence eighty ehatin north, t Lea re
���**l*fl,t> I'liaiim wi-**l   n..-:i'-.;  eighty t halm* houth,
thenoa eighty chain-H eant to ihe place of be-
k'uiuiUK, containing 640 acrea,  more or lew, and
asit  and  adjacent  to   W. A.  Rota  No. 1 poet on
I -td creek.
Daci November 2\m, IWl,
T   K. JAI KMAN, lOOftti r,
A. Hai kti.Ti. ai<eiii
Fo. i. Pott marked Tom Lavealle aouthvreHt
corner post thence felghty chains north, tbt-nee
eighty chains real, theme eighty chains aoutb,
thanoa eighty chainn wtai lo place of beginning,
'-ontalnltig 640 acres, mnre or le*-*., and west ami
adjacent to timber licence ***o 1W24.
PaU*d No\ember-atlst, 1W7.
Tom UvKii'i  locator,
A. IIaCHRTT, ni.-'i,'
Nelnon I-arid Plitriot. liU.irlr.tot Weat Koounay
lake notice that 1,1 A Htiaver. intend lo apply for a apeclnl llOenOS to Ottt aud carry away
timher from <>*0 acrira ol land: Commencing M
a poat placed on the north���vat corner marked
F A. Hnaver. No. 1, thence eighty chains aouth,
thanoa eighty chains eaat, thence aighiy chalna
io.nl., theuce eighty chalua west to the pl��c ,,f
beginning:, containing tVIO acrea, more* or leas,
Kiid ai.out three miles west of the Kootenay
nvt-r and about ona mile south of Cora crow
and south and adjacent -oiinitier lloanoa LOT87
and east and adj icenl to limt*er licenca \W��9.
bOOatad Novenibet  J1 a -. .'��� '.
I     A   -Havi k, locaUjr,
A   Uf i.grr, ageut.
ring at
Balaam Land bistrlet DtatrtototWastgoot
Take nettoa ttiut I. b w  Skan i   Intend t
ply for a ape-dal   ll-*euce   to cut   and   isirr*,
[labor irmui mo sores of land :   <)oiast<
a |��oal marki.il L. * Skater, uorlhwust corner
ttienca eighty chalna nouth. theme eighty
clialnn eael, tkosoa eighty obains north, tbenoa
eight) ebal���I weat to plaoo Ol luglnnlng. OQtf
laiiiiug MU acrea, more or less, and east and ad-
���ot'iit lo tluih'-r llceuci- l,vat. and alao soulli
ami adj-jcent Ui tlmher llcenc,- Nu V*r2'A, aud alno
aouih an*: edleoent to Y A Ikavai llmt-er limit
No 1.
bale)   November 21al, ihiT.
b. W. KHAVEH. lin-alor,
A. Hai Km, agent
chtmn, thenee eaat n�� r-halns. thenoa aouth t*o
i halD". theme Wtfit BO ehaillf to the  plfu-    of he
ginning,   coiiainiug tiW) a rea, more or leaa.
Located November ISth, 1* "..
OB���aU��� lun-HkH. I-ocator.
Nelson Land W.-irlct. btstrlct of Weat Koo'euay
Take notice lhat Holomon Wtlkbuon, of Nelaon, B. C-, ooonpatlon lumberman, lnu-nda to
apply for a apei-ial timber Ih-ence over the fob
lowtiig described landa:
1. Commencing at a i>ost planted on the north
hank of Hummit creel about two and a half
milea from its mouth, thanoa north to chain*.,
theii'c eaat i ������*..' ''haris. tht* rice aoulh 40 chalna,
thence west 160 chalni.
Dated UOth Kovember, 1907.
t. Commeiicliig at a poat plante-1 on an unnamed  creek   which Sewa into Hummit cre*r_
from the aouth at a point about two and a half
mllea eaat fr >iu the north fork of -uiiunil ��� n-k
-aid \***r\ iielng placed at-*oul ihrei* <|UHrU*rs mil.*
up nuch tiBitamefl < reek  and about MO teal IO
the eaat   Iherrof.   ih.-m-t-   east 4o chains,   Ihence
aouth ISO ebal���s, theme srest40chains, tkanee
north ISO chelUS.
baled 19ih Noveini-er, 1U01.
:t, Contnefidns '������ ���* p"**t planted on an nana���tad   creak   which   (lows   into Hum nut    cr-tck
trotn tto sooth at a point about two and a half
mlloeecel trotn the north f"'k oi Bammlt -carees
at a point about three-'iuurtera mile up soak
<reck am) about out) feet to ttie eaat ther. of.
theuce south tCO chalua, tlnuce went 40 ehaina,
ll-   loc north 100 ct.ulua, tb**OO0 eaat io chain*.
t>au-d lvth November, i��7
4 t '.irsiiiiem lug at a pout planted on the nort-i-
eaat aide ol th*: north fork of Summit creek
about four ml Id from the juru lion ol the north
fork wilh the mam Hummit   ��� rei k. Iheio��������� I
80 chains, them-,- weal m chalus, thence north m)
chalna, thence ��� h* t no chains.
l*>ated i��th, Rovorobar, 11 "
it  oTtott Wruufsoa,
b    OKOROB Vol No, Ageut.
Nelson band District. Dlitrlct of Weal Kootenay
Take notice that ("harlea G. Kied.-r. of Bpo-
kane, in th�� Hlati- of Waahfngtoti. 0 tt. A , financial ageut, Intends to apply for a *-*>���:��� lal tlm-
l>*-r licence o��tr ih��* following deaorlbed landa.
()) Commencing m a poat Planted alxiut 300
feet eaat of the west fork of Mission creek, one
naif mile norih of the inu-ruatioaal boundary
line, about ten milea eaat of Kykerta, B 0.
tbence south *v< chalua, lo the international
boundary line, thenoa sreat l'O ohalns, thence
uorth 40 chains, theme eaat H" chalua to the
point   of  ������omui. noemant,   and   containing   TrW)
aoraa, more or leas.
I-ocated the -22ud October. A I).. 1907.
i fhaslmO. PirtTiwa,
(Z)    Coiiirneii' iiik at  a  p-ist   about   half a inlle
Ok\ti of Ike wesl f*.rk ������' Mission creek, ai-xm* ona
and a half miles north of the internStlonBJ
boundary lim. *��b.,ut leu mllea east of Kvai-rta.
B   C , tkenoe West  BO   chalna,   them-c   norih  HO
ihaiiia, thenea eaat SO (hams, then-** south 80
chalna to th- polnl of commencement, and containing 6-40 gen -   more or Lees
Losaled tin -.'jni day of Oetober, a.d. iwt.
eHAai.k- 0. EtaangB,
( i)    Oommeni ing nt h post on tin* liiternatloii
al boooder] line one n  w eaet of ike eaat lork ot
Mission ��� r.-. k about iz mllea east ol RvkerU,
B  V..,   tbence  eaal 4��l  chalna,   ihence  north   Ism
ehaina. thenoeaochetna weat, tkenoe40chains
nouth. thence 40 ctiaina east, thclict- ho OkalU
aouth lo Ho- |.<.!iit tif couini'-ncemttnl and on
taming 640 ��   n i,  more or lean
UMAU rj in-  .,id day oi Ofltobar, A D . 1909
rilAKl.VH Q   Itkt-I'KH
Nelaon band District. Diatrict ol Wen! Kootenay
Take DOttOS that I, friaries Dutcher, intend
to apply for a aneclal timber licence, to rotund
carry away limber from 64*a. acres of land Coni-
incmlng ai No. 1 poat about 12 milch w.*sl of the
Kooteuay river, on the north aide of |)>ouudary
Om k' and norih. and adjacent to tinilier lloenaai
15400, aud one mile north of the international
boundat) hn. comnieliclriK al a poal mark'-d
t'liarles Dutcher's nouihwea' corner, thence HO
chalua north, theuce nu ehaina easi, thence SO
chaina aouth, Ihence MO chains went to lie- plticc
ot be-'lniiiiii*. containing U40 acrea. more or leas.
Looeted Noveinlier IHth. 1007.'
frWSStm DlRVHSa, Locator.
Mo. 3. Commeneing al a p'ini marked ehurleH
Dtltcher'a noutheaal cnrridr, th'lee t*Ji ehalns
north, thence aO ehnlnn weal, theuce nu chains
aouth, thence M) chflliin eaat to tlie place of beginning, and west and adjacent to number one
tlm bar limit, and containing nv< acrea, more OT
Looeted Mots���.bar ISth, iwr7.
1'HAM.g** DetrnKii. bo<'��tor
Nn. :i.    Commencing at h pont marked ObSTlea
Dutohar'a northwaal oorner ami about if. miii*n
went nf the Koolenay river on the north side o|
H'liimlary crc.'k ami north mid galaoant to timber lleanea itmoo. thenee south socnaitia, thence
east M)  cliuliia,   thence   norih   H,��� c halna,   thence
weal HO cliaina to   the   place  of  beginning,  containing MO acrea, more or leaa.
I-ocated November lMin, l��07.
chahlks dutchkh, Locator.
No. 4.   Commencing at a poal marked  Charles
Dutobar's  nortkaaat   ooi_ar,  tbeuce south so
chalua.   thence   weal HO chains,   thunce   north HO
ehulns.  thenee  eaat HO i-haiun to the   place of hu*
Kin n I ih', containing ti40 Her. a, more or lean
l,oeated November IHlh. llSr7.
CHAHiKs- DllTCHKK, !>)CatOr,
Nu. t>. i;oinmencing at ii jhisi marked Ohurles
DuU-her'a anulheaht corner, thence MO chains
north, ihciee HO chHlna west, thenee Hi chalua,
aouth, thenee Hti chalna eaal to thu td ace of be
ginning, containing -HID sores, more or less.
[..,. .ited November IMlh, jVKs-7.
chahlkb outisiikr. I-rficalor.
Ho.ft.    i:i.iiMii-iii-liiM'i-a.>.��,tmark,il   (:hM|jli
-���g3?r'^-v;wT ' WJU.-P1- t.���-s-^Mll^^^r--ll-Wn'���*-^^^*|~M^l^^^ v ��-��..-��
We .Tre now showing .i eptendid s"ock of Men'a Silk Neckwear. Kid Gloves,
Silk Mulders. Linen Handkerchiefs. Bilk Handkerchiefs, Silk Umbrellas and
F.inek Art Embroidery tie racks, etc. These lines are all new and most up-
to date.
Wc invite inspection of our special selected stock of Fancy Drawn Linens,
Table   Cloths,   Napkins,   Side   Board   Covers, etc.
A   magnificent assortment  of   Ladiees' Beits and Neckwear.
ing -deoariked  lands:   Ooatmaaatas ��l * V*
planletl at*->ut UO last north ot th** north f"rk i��f
Cqrnoreek,thenoe souths ckalae, UiMioeaaat
���So chalua, thence norm Mehain*. Uo-m'.- ���*.*��� -*>i
chains to the point of conum ucernclit, coutaln
lug Mu acre*,, mere i.r leal
Dated Nov.6th. iy07. W, A. Hri-os*-.
Nelaon Ijtod Diatrict.   Dlitricl of Weal Kooteuay
Take notice thai W. A Bodaon, Da ssfpok���Ba,
Wash., occupation timber emlser, lnteruli to ap
piy for a apecial tlmtrt-r Ucei \f r the following deaorioed   binds     dommenelns at * poal
plalitc-it rtl-.ua A*, feet north <d the north fork td
eoru 'nek. thenea sooth H>ohalna, tkvooa weal
no ohalns, tneu ���*��� north ���*������> ehatna, Iktnoa easi *-i
chains to the point ol oomaienee���stent, eontaln-
Uu 6to acre*., mora er ton
DaU-d Nov.tilh. I'.in W.A.  llri.-os
HalaonLaad Dlatriot. Dtstrtat ol West goota_aa
Taha notloe that W a. Hudaon. ol Spokane,
Wash., occupation timber er_���er, intends to ap
ply for h s|H-<ial tunbvr llcanoe ,,ver lhe follow-
niK described land'*: - onimeurlug al a l��".l
planted at-out Jn feet norih "I the north fork of
Corn -reek, theuOS aoutb ��i chain**, t ht-m-e ��� **���������!
mi >��� ha in a, the nc,- nor l?. *��� i halna. the nee wesl -vj
�� halns to the [Hitnl of commencement, contain*
ing t.*o acres, more or leaa.
Dated Nov  6th. 1W7 W   A   BODSOS
Kelson Land District.   Diatrict of Weal vooteiisy
Take notice that W. A, Htidaon, of tookIU,
Wash, occupation Umber crulaer. Itm n'fs to ap
pi j- for a s-.spe-.-ial timber licence over Iki follow
lug deacrihed lands I --uimenclng al a tnisl
planted en the aouth lank of the main Corn
rreei  and   adjoining   t tin tier   Ipenee   Na   10723.
t ienoa aouth 40 chains, tkanoa w-n iso ohaln*,
thence mirth 40 i hams, thanoa taal lfJ) chains t..
lhe point ol cornm. ic-jini. nt. containing 040
acres, more or lesi.
Dateil Nov. 7th, IWl. W. A. BVaeOS.
W'holcHMic  Provisions,
.Notice la hereby given thai M -i . > ��� alter date I
intend hi apply to the Hon. Chief Commlnalouer
of Lamia and *'orks for i-rmUiior. to punhaae
t'i** following deacrll-i,'il landa. situated  in   Waal
iCootenaj. dlstrlet i Coaunenetna at a i--*~ marked by name aa Initial poat of the Booth lork
branch, one hundred feel from the iuuctluu ul
l_-.*t .-reek with the aouth fork; them*,. ,,i,,..
quarter mile to the north weat comer poat, tkanee
oas mile to tha Dortkaaai noraar poeuthenoa
o&a-qoartar mile to the aoutheaat oorner iieat,
tketl I one mile to tlie piace of (Miinmeiie.inent.
June 27, 1307. ���Seated bv  W_    < OSTBObLV.
' Jovet mu. nt OnamasTV t��ni  pouti-l   Hmhs nM*tjiv*-_ wtw-kly fi^ahltanUa
ei.uri.      Knr sail   by ull loodlnK f-irocora
Otile*-and w.trebuut*o ;   iionnUm Block,    Poone 79.
Josephine Street.        - -        -        Nelson, B.C.
You ran bo]   n 10-aore Krult  Kan.-h   In  th.* i.cst   fruit  Br<.-��inil illairi*1
In   British   ColnmMl   l.y   paying   llll .lollars down anil III) |*r month
ISvf-n  .-is  an  iuv, Mm,-tit   Ihi*.  Is   w,,rth conslil.'rntlon.
1**1-1,it   l.an.l has lr,.|il.*.l iu villi..- within the jonr.    What ��li: It Houss.
Nelaou Land District.   Dlatncl of West Ko.rt.nay
Take DOtlM that II   Williama, OOOnpatloO   ran-
chcr; K   S. Hasting*.occiispat.uu clectri<-taUi aU'l
It   .-i   1'     -null..   OOOtlpattOa   lumberman,   all   of
Procter, B- tj , intend  to apply lor a spftclal iiin-
h.-r lieenc* i.wr the following   des< rUn-d   landa,
Coniuiem ing   ata iwiat about three miica eaal of
WilaonCreel on sooth shoraof Kootensy   bat
thena    BOUtk 80  chalna.  Ihence eaat no chain*.
tbence north 00 chalna, theme West 00 enatni t"
pom I   of   i-iiiiiiiiHK'iiiii'iit,   coulaiuuu* tilo  acrea,
mora or leas.
September3Sth,UOT. _. ��  2,L"4M'
K  H. P, tUtTTU.
eeeeeeeee ���������������������������< ���������������������������������������������������������������eeeeeeeoa**4*4J
Ihl.t   l.-nls  any  n'lllT l*"'t
Kiiin WS   lmw  "VT ���*���* 1 |
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Ws bars two amoWnift*
sts, tba ss*- an.l in Imssl iiiixl*. ,,t btobadsd silk, oecdad sdgss, ���pi.'"'!''11' ** 11
baml bullous.   Ths ��� klos Jacksttwsa-s booghtdlrsol fr..n. ti"' n���1^"  11
luri-rs.   ...sl     la'd
in N,-1biiii Sll.?.",
..  smotnng jnikfls w.'ir  IkiukIiI iliri'il  rnm. 'nl' ""-'    I
1    Sale Rrice on ly$o-j
Nelaon [And l ust rut Dial i let of West KOotl nay.
Take notice that 1, W A Hudaon, of-p-.ki.nc
Wash. OOeO nation timber cruller. Intend to apply lor a Mpeeial Hiin.nr licence over the following deaorlbed land*.;    Comiaanolng at a  posi
p.anti-d on ihe north bank of Hum mil creek, -and
marked W. \ Hudson*a h. w. oornar, thenea
north40chains, iheu��e eaat iwichaina, tkenoe
aouth lo Chains,  tksnea   weat IO. chalna   to tba
point ol oommanoement, containing M0 aoraa,
ttora or leaa
Dab-d Nov. 2, 11107. W. A. BOOSOIf,
Nelson Land Diatrict. Dlhirlct of Weat Kootenay
Take notice that W A. Hudaon, ol r-pokam*,
Wanh., oeenpatloD limber ornlser, in tends to apply lor a Ipaclal timbei licence over the follow-
lug   deaorioed    lands:     Commeneing   at   a   pOSl
planted on tha south bankoftka north fork oi
Corn cues, thence aouth 4H chains, thence weat
Ifio chain*., thenee north 40 chains, thenee east
160 chains lo lhe point of eomnienccinent. 009
tiiiaii .��� 040acrea, more or lest.
Dated Nor.ink, 1907. *w,a. HtmaoV.
N-lson Land Diatrict. Diatrict ol Weat KooleiiHy
lake not Use that W A H'ldson, of Htxiknue,
Hash., occupation timber cruiser, lutenda to up
p.y for a special timber licence over the follow-
ii.g <leacnbed land-; Coinimiieing at a poal
planted on the eaat aide, of thu >oulli fork of the
north fork ol Corn creek, thence aouth K0 ���halns,
tkanee we-.| htl chalua, thenoe norm Hi chains,
thenee au| m* i-halna to the point of commence
ment, contalnlm* MO acres, more nr lea
Dated Nov   i.th. 1W7. W   A.  BonSOS,
Nelaon I and District. Diatrict of Wott K'Miteliay.
Ink.* nollee lhal W.A. Hillr-oli, of Spokane.
Woth , Occupation timber cruiser, lull i d�� lo up
ply toi a special timber llecncc over the following described   landa:    commencing ai a post
pinnte.] about W tOOt north of the iior.h
fork of Corn creek, thence south BO chains,
thenee wtiat HO chains, tbeuce no-th so
chains, theuce eaal WI ehaltnt to the point of
eiuniiienicmeiit,  containlog  640  acres,   mOTS Ot
Dated Nov.r>th, isto7. w. a. Bonsosr.
Nelaon _aud Diatrict ^District of West Kootenay
Take notice that W.A. Hudson, of Hiiokiui".
Wanti., occupMtioU timber erulaei, tPtanda lo up
ply for a si.ci-IhI limber Ihence over lhe follow-
lug di-scrllad In ml**: Coiiiim-mdiig at a pus'
planti-l about fiOO feet Iioi th ol lhe north fork ol
corn I'lriL, thenea nortb wi ohaini  tkenoe weat
MO chains, thence routk HO chalna,   Dieme i t KO
ohalna to tba point ol oo_uasnesmsnt oout_n>
log 640 aoraa, more or less.
Dated Nov  6th, 1-J07. W. A. UVtm H.
Nelaon Laud District.  District of West Kool   nay
Take nollce that  W.A.   Hudaon,  of  Hpu*..ne.
Waab.. occus-at imlt^r crm.aer. IntV.i-i. to an-
Nelaon Land District,   Diainctol West K.-oi, nay.
lake   nolle,-  that 1, John   Jaiio**.  CamaruB. 'if
H-rnie, ii c., ooonpatlon oontraetor   inland to
apply for a a pedal Umber license o..t the foi
low ing deacril-wl  landa:
No. 1. Cointneiielng nt a post planted alxiut
Uiraa nill'.'a from the weal -loop of th. 11 r,
SOnthern Br., OO 'arroll creek, and H'ijoiuliig
a.J M ri. w eoruer poit No 1 claim, marki.1
"J.J. ('. N. w.  iorner   Post,"   lhenoe aaal   00
chains. Ihence   aoulh HO challia.   -lhanra   weal   M
obalna. tbenoa uorth ni chains to tha place ,,r
oonunenoamaDt containing -'.to aoraa, more or
Dated i��clol*cr 2/Vlh, 1807.
No. 2. Conimerieliig ata post planbd aliout
two and a totlf luilt'D from the we��l loop of tin-
B.C. Houthern Hy ou a small stream i-mplylng
into   Carroll   Cre.-k and   msirked   " t. .1    e.N   \\.
oorner poat,*1 tkouoa aouth no ebalna, thanoa
aaat so enalna, thenee north ho ohalns, tnanca
weal BO eimiiia to ihe jioini of commencement,
conialning 610 aoraa, more or leaa.
Dated October 2��ib, 1����7.
No 8. t-'oruinenclug at a poat plumed about
one half mile from the weat limp td Iho It i .
Houthern Ky., on Carroll creek marked "J J c,
N. W. cnriii'i pot^heucc aouth SO <bn I n>*, t li. in ,
eaal HO chalna, iTWn-. no lb MO chalnr, tbence
aaat ho chains to the place of comnjonceineul
contnlnlng Aio tOTOt, cone or less.
Dated Dcloher 28th, tW7.
Jouu Jams- Camshon, Locator.
Nelaon Latul Dlalrt-1.   Diatrl  t of Wesl KooteiiHy.
Take notice that I, Alexander  JoSOpfa  McCool,
of Kernie, H   �� ., occtipalPili, hotel Keeper. Intend
lo apply foraspaolu tlm bat  licence ovsl  tko
following deacrlsbed landa:
No   L,    t'oiiiniencing  ata   poal   planted   at-out
three mllai from the t�� c, Bo-itbarn Hy- weal
loop  ou   Carroll   Break-   marked   "A. J   M.   H   K.
comer    poat,"   lliciic*   north   HU   ehaiu*.   Ihcii'-e
waai Nenalna, thence -ontiiHo ohalns, thenee
east-HO ehaina  to  lhe  plana   of eomim m-em-nl,
eontaiulTig 640 Sores, more or leaa.
DatSd Oelob   r 2Mb. 11107.
No. 2 ('ommtim-liiii at a p .al ptanb-d about
one and a hiilf mile from tbo west loop Ol tho
H <.. Hoiilherii Ky. on a small str.iuu riinnliig
Into Carroll OraSS and marked "A.J M N.W.
corner post, Ihence a. uth H'l chnliix, tOSDOO OSJl
HO ehaina Ihence nnrlh Hn obalna, thence wesl
H<> chains to the place of loiuiiieiicmnent con
liilnlug 610 iierpa, more or leaa.
Dated October 26Ui, 1U07
No II Comineiiclnn at n post planted about
two miles from tba weal loop of the Jl. ( . H.,unci h llV- on OSrrOll iieek, uilirked "A. J M rt.K.
corner poat." theme wost Uo chains, theme
north HO chalua. theuce cisl ho ehaina, Ihence
M.ulh (Ml i halna coii.ilIiiIiik  040 aerea, more or
. less.
1      Dated Otto ber 2Hth, 11*07.
* ***************
>^-~*~-**B. A.  ISAAC R. W.  HINTON-*^-~*-v-*-v-~N/"
RaSBealrtarUi **ttd JokWllS uauuuted wilh I -MMMMStOarls ,*s,_1.*;*;*    ,|
Worla*  -Milling:_����*&! Atlll Mnchlnery.      'v',J,,,i''M__T
TalsBhoasi (
|M). Box H**  )
slv.   to.   Coiitru'ctorM'   0_.rm*.
Corner of Ha I and
Front Htrceta
NELSON,    B. G.
New and Second Hand
Ih ih.. place fnr bargains. We do up-
bolstsiios ..,,.I I'liiiini'i work, and I �� 11
antes to please .vim in pri,-,���-., work, < <('.
A (rial win oonTlnos you.
Turner Deeton Block, 606 Vernon 9treel.
__S1   sa*r*.n��*-i ja �����____
Smoked HaliM
s Cash
Cor. Jo��*|.l.ln. ��*�����_*;
ii*  mil I    ������������_ I.
Iturkeys and chickens
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every satisfaction.    ORDER NOW.
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P. Burns & Co., Ltd.
IrmIo, Rossland Bonndary
Coal! Ice! Wood!
Phone 265
Yale-Kootenay  Ice, Frott,
Fuel t_ Poultry Co., Ltd.
N.E. co.. Baker   and   Ward   Sts.
d Diatrict.   Uiktr.cl nl Weat Kootenay
ate not tec ihat Fre��l. J. Hamraou*. ageut  'or
.'.,.'.  i    Utiner, ol   Nelaon,  oceupalloii   watch-
oatrr. Intenda to apply   lor   permlaateii Ui Dur-
..-���ing d*-a**tib��**l landa:   tommeii-
etuatapaal   ttlantt-d   at-out  2'*,  mllea  eaat ol
a   .       reek,   theme  40 chalna   in an eaaterly
thenea   2D chalna   aouth.  thenee ��u
tuon* in �� westerly dlre-llon.  theuce 'ti chalna
.  ���* nt ...coininenovmeut,containing
\ , ���-���>  is.-nv or leas
l-Mrl Nuv   2 th, \W1.
Fassuau.a  .ohk Ta*i��s:ii.
i'i   -avv.,---. Agent*
Srtron Und Platrlct    Dlalrtct ol W eat Kootenay
,   thai   Frc-t J    hammona. ."<ni ter
k a   r*. ird, ol  Proctor, orrupatli-n  rancher.
. ;.|i!>  lor imrmlaaluil to purcha*-.- the
via*    '.. ���-rlbed    landi:     Comui* ncius* at a
.      I -.1...nt I1-*, inlUaeaat ol Wiltou creek.
thweat 90 ehaina. Ihence northweat "-*
. .  .   ��� uortheaat Wchstna. thene. aoulh-
Mill * to the lhe point of commcncemenl
ma'.-unuit- tu a>-rca,roortf or leSa.
i-'th. 1W7.
AMeHiaalU AJ-l'IE-MiN   H*i LABIi,
Ak- lit   K    J    BAMaOWl.
sM���abenO I'lairtnt.   District ol Wi-it Koolenay
Taltt tmtie, that W. A. Hud-son. tiuiliercruiser,
ol -,- -tana, Spokane county, Waahiugiou, oue
.'���-', -i:ateaoi Amertra. intend*, to apply
tor a-mete] timber ll��_na** a%*0t the billowing
del rlbed landi; Commeuclng at a poal marked
��� i ilaoiod on lhe norlb bauk ol Corn creek,
��: -i motion ..I the North lork ol Dora creek
vita trie main atream, ahoni B.TS mllea in a
wttw-iv nrwtloii 1mm confluence ol aald torn
"���*. -nli the Kooteuay liter; them* north 40
balm thenee weal iot> chalna: thence -south to
'hams, thenoa eaat Uki chalna lo polnl nt com-
ii tn, eoiuatuing Mo acres more or leas.
-ai'i iand adjoin, timber limit No. 7 ou the
���*���**-������ and umber limit So. a ou tbe south, aa lo-
caw I b| me.
l-.Kat.-d November ���!, \Wl���
wili.uv a. Boveon, beostar.
Witnessed ly Halrutt 0 htilue
Declared and aSgnefl by th** within namcl w
*  Hudaon   on   the -i-lth day o(  November. A   ll
l'��:   belore  me  at  Hpokane,   Hiwikam    �� otiniv,
K aali itiKiuu, one ol the OoitSd Slates Ol America.
1 _rau a ''   .-HiNS
Hatsoo land lUatrict.   IHalrlct oi Weat KiMiieuay
Taka ontp-,- that laaln-lla Tierce,   I Htraaaburg.
married   woman,  lutenda  to apply
-tag das-
tor perub���Ion   to  purcbaae lhe lollowl ..���
'Nl,-.| lauda:    rommciictng at a DOSt planted
e   intersection ol lha north bemnaan �� [jot
���*������*>��� and Do* eaat b-uuildary ot Lot No Sit*"*,
tbenca aaal 50 chains, more or Icia, to IbO norih
east corner ol iimbvr Limit No. T-.71. thence
aorth ID chains, thence weat ju chalna, more or
k-s, to lha eaal aide ol Whetabau lake, thence
I*>1 lowiui aame tu a aouiherlv and weaUrly
diraeUon lui chalua, more or lets m lhe lnlcr
���*-< thm with lolMldA, thanoa tt chain*., mere ,ir
'*���***. billowing eaatcrly boundary ul Lot ���M-*V�� to
Point o( comuieticeineut.
Dated lib October, IWl. i*��ahki.i.a I'iskcs,
Y   ti   KAVyl'ifK, ageut-
Bi sas Land Dlstrlet,  Dtstrtetol otmx kooteuay
. Tlka  nol leu   that    Alexander    I     Met'ool,  of
fernla. B C��� ooenpatlon olark, Inlands to apply
tot permtaaloa to nun-han* the follow... g rit'
oihcd Und: Coinui'-ueing at a p"*-i planted on
theaoutharn bouudurv olB 0 Bontbarn lun
way right ol way,   about  one   and   a  hall
vaster!] tram the northwest oamai m lot ..��<i.
roup i,   Kaotaaay,   theme south m-,1 ��� iia-io*.
aaat oo chains, thonoo north ho ehalai w
-out tie in b.iuiulary ot aald   right Of-Wai ,   llicic e
��Mt ��o ohalns along aaid so-oThara boandar) to
l*"liii o( couirucuccineiii, and coiiialuhig o*����
aeres, mure or leaa.
baled  November Oth, 1007.
���'��� e.,rncr ol lot Hli.,1, thciu'e eaat Al ehaina,
' toe north 10 OhalaSi more nr leaa, to the bike
ore, Ihence Southwesterly along the laker-bore
Ho* polnl ol cuininoneenieut,   ami  eollUtinlnK
sores, more or Mat,
���eien, inure or leaa.
1 ated November lMth, 1*TJ. Jamm II   HchiiKN.
F. Y    HliituKN,  Agelil.
Notice is hereby given Unit ut tha
boat meeting of the Board of License
Commissioners fur the Dletriot of Ymir
1,1 i��' held attar the expiration ot thirty
'hiyn, i intaad to apply inr u transfer "f
the Ltoenso for thu Drove Hotel from
myself to William Gosnell.
Braeei o. Borden,
Hy his uttorncy, Wm. (Itmuoll.
Dated this 12th day of November,
Noth-o )b hereby flven thai t* Court
���*if UfviH'on and Appeal, under the pro*
vii*ioiiH of the Assessment Aft* reapecO
-'i�� the .ijsessmeni Hon tor the srear
IMS, for the Nolmm Aam-aHim'tit IHh-
't'tot. will hi- held at the (.ovnrntnenl
Offloo, NeiHon, on Deoember ISthj 1607,
'��* 10 a. m.
R.   8.   LENNIE,
_judge of Court Of Revision and Appeal.
NeUou Land Dial-let. iMtitrP-t of Waat Kootenay
Take notice that John Jamca ('ameri.-n. ol
t-'TUie. Britiati ('nliinibiH, occupation contractor. Intends lo apply lor perm tit-don to
purrhaae the following .le*-rlbed Und: Cora-
in   nelns   al   a   poat   ptauttd   on   the   aouthern
bonndary of the h   t. rt.,uti,ern right of -way
atMiut 40 '-liuin* wet.ti*rlv fr��tu the N . W corner
of lot 89*4*^. group l, Kootenay, thence nouth Ml
chalna, thence eaat 4o ebalna. thenes uorth fie
chatog t��� the aouthern tM.undarv ol the aaid
right of way, (iHMice w-i-lerly a'.oim aald aouth
ern l-.uudary ol right-of-way to the point t
iwuntnencriii.-tit, mid .���.���i.tuinitii'   240 aerea, more
or laaa
Dated Nov-.inl.-er 9th, 1907.
 J   HH  JaMFA  *"'s-*"n>-.^.
Ncls-on l_.nil Ids'rtct    iii��trict ol Waat ���ootooa--.
Take notice thai John Sblell, ol Heedlaa, B.C ,
ooonpatlon rancher, intenda to apply lor per-
ml-iafon to purcbane the followtng dsaotioed
land; c.uamem ing at a p<t��i pianu-d at the
liorthweat corner of Lot .IWl, th.-nee weat 40
ehaina, thenee aouth BO ehaina. ihence raat 40
Shaina. thanoa north Wi chalna to the iMitntof
i i.inm. ii-einent. and containlug 8s*u acrea, more
or Mas
I and 10.1, Ocud>cr.l90.. Jam*�� Pimkll,
_  F- II. FaPQCIsa, Agent.
Nelaon Landldatrlct Diatrict ot Weat Kootenay
Take notice that Angua Met-Hll, of 1he Clly ol
Nelaoa, occupation li reman, intt-uda lo appl? lor
permiaalon U purchaM* the loUowing draer'it-ed
landa: Commeuclng at a poit plauted at the
N. W. corner L <*. Morrison'* ranch, ln Fir
alley, tht*?ce north forty (4H) chalna, thene
a*t lo-iy (40) chalna. thence aouth forty (40
alna, thenee weal forty (40) chains nlnt o
mmeuecmtnt,   and containing   one  hundred
____.nber Jn-l. IslWT.
i McC.iu.
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ln paying for land. We want you
to put It into development. We
also have tracts of 50 to 6000 acres,
prices and terms the best. We own
ih-'M' lands and handle nothing on
If yon don't see Frultvale you
mips the best ln B. C.
Kootenay   Orchard
Ward Street, Nelson, B. C.
ttst Watch
The   windows  of  the  Old   Cur
iosity Shop for
Fancy China
From iin- band-paint*** flown to tlie
commoii grail'..*, of Clilniiwmv. N.xi
.*,-, I, wa will liuvi.- a sale ot Cut Qlass.
Old Curiosity Shop
Noll.-e Ih ll.-leliy glv..|> lhat tile lln-
lierMKlleil   persons  liuve   made   appUOB
u.iu under the proTtslons .f the "1*1*
.|Uiir  UmDH   Ael,"   1'JIIO,   lor   Hotel   U*
osnoos at ths places k.-i opposite names.
John Maishaii. Marshall   iioiei,   Kitchener,
Kreil Adle, Fort Shc|i|iard Hotel,
Wan. la.
ti. T. Biiow, outlet note'   Procter.
ts. B. Burgess, Kilna Hotel, Patterson.
Archibald & liiivls, Palace Hotel.
j. sv. Masterson, Ymir Hotel, Ymir.
B, M. Peters, Bt. Otfarle, Hotel,
John llreau, Oosmopolltan Hotel,
Vnilr. ,   _,   ,
a. s. Coleman, Waldorf Hotel. Ymir
Samuel  Miller, Miller  Hotel. Ymir.
1/iulHii M.-l'eaSt. Blrdar Hotel. Sllilar.
Wm. QosneU, Store Hotel, Fairview.
Maiette & Johnson, Kootenay Palls
iioiei. si.iean Junction.
j. k. Unimex. Mersey luitoi, Brie.
B. l'S- MeAiihiir. Northern Hotel,
Salmo. ,    ���
Geo. Mead, Creston Hotel. Cr.-ston.
M..X. McKesson, Brie Hotel, Brie.
Joseph Walker, Brtckion Hotel, l'Sr*
lOillth 0111.-. Viuieoiiver Hotel, Ymir.
Wm   ilrav. Salmo Hole], Salmo.
Oeo   Munro.  Munro  Hotel Creston.
A meeting of tha Board of Uoence
conini issUmera, win i.<* h.-i.i to oonslder
siieh applications, at the Oourl House,
at Nelson, on Monday, in.* loth ilay
of Deoember, Hiu7. nt the hour of 2
o'clock In the afternoon.
W.  . .  DEVITT,
Chief Licence ln,pector.
The Dairy Canac
Scientific    Operations    Only    Begun   in
Yukon and Cariboo���Plans for
Next Year.
Gold production in the far north i*s
not expected to exceed $3,000,000 in value thiB year, the lowest in ten years;
months past waa ushered in today with
and development of the past season. Individual effort has, of course, ceased
and most of the gold won thin year
was the result of dredging; but the
chief feature has heen the enormous
expenditure of capital in vmividing
OQUlp���lent for future hydraulic working,
by the completion of an elaborate system of limning and ditching covering
a distance of approximately sevent>
miles. It is stated that water will be
available for the commencement of extensive hydraullcking early next season bj this system, while some half
a dozen more dredges will he in operation. Hence, in 1908 will be inaugurated a new era for the Yukon, a beginning
of mining on a colossal scale, of concentrated effort and the application of
tbe most modern and scientific methods. Th*' most recent Intelligence
from the Yukon is that another large
area, including some three or four hundred claims on Dominion creek, has
been acquired by corporate interests,
and it is to he expected that ere Ion*?
all remaining productive areas in the
vicinity of Dawson will be thus absorbed   and   consolidated.
Conditions in the Cariboo district are
also satisfactory, d<spiie the fact that
operations were prematurely discontinued this season at the Bullion, the largest productive hydraulic mine in British Columbia. Good clean-ups have.
however, been made from claims on
Mosnuito Creek, from thn Forest Rose.
the Lowhee Hydraulic and Stout's
Gulch. At the latter some 300,000 cubic yards of gravel were piped off during the season. The Slough Creek Co.
engaged tn mining the deep ancient river channels at Blough Creek, ts now
proposing to abandon steam power for
pumping, and install electric pumps
with a capacity of 5.000 gallons per
minute. The richness of the deep channels has been fully demonstrated, but
heretofore the tremendous inflow of water has proved an insurmountable difficulty to profitable mining.���From Mines
and   Minerals for December.
Bom to the wife of T. M. Rixen, this
morning, a daughter.
Apples Wanted.
.lames Johnstone, president of the It.
C. Fruit Growers' exchange, has received an order for 83,000 boxes of apples
next season. What cannot he Supplied
by th" exchange will be taken from the
United States.
Metals and Stocks.
This was another day of declines on
the metal markets. Silver dropped four
points in London and five in New York.
Lead declined two points further on the
London market Hritish Columbia copper stocks, are unchanged.
Arthur Westhrook Harrod was married to Uargarel BSiaabeth Brandon last
evening. The ceremony was performed
by Rev. R N Powell at the residence
Of Joseph Thompson. Houston Bt Tie-
happy couple have gone to Manitoba on
their wedding trip.
20.000 Cluh Ball.
The ball in the roller ska'Ing rink
next Tuesday evening is certain to be
even more largely attended than the
last affair of the kind under 20,000 club
auaploea. Improvements in the arrange*
ments for the eomtort of guests In ilfs-s
ing rooms and dining room have already
been mentioned.    An excellent ituppei
will be serv.-d for which there will be
no extra Charge. Curtia' orchestra will
furnish the music.
City of Nelson t-lcen��e District.
We, the undersigned, give notloe thai
at the next meeting of the Board ot
License Commissioners we Intend t*. apply for ti transfer ol Ihe license of the
No Plaos Inn from Win. QosneU to
Nelson, Nov. IS). 1907.
Of electrical work finished and charged
for from this shop  will show you how
square)v and honorably we conduct our
Those who employ us need not worry
about our charge* and as to workmanship they know it  la the best.
Repairs lo maehlnery, telephone*, etc.
promptly  attended  to.
P. O. Hot 156. Phono 227 A.
Is now ready to execute  all
orders for Job Printing on
shortest notice.
The Job Department is up-to-
date in every respect and a
full line of stationery will be
kept in stock.
All orders entrusted to our
care "will receive prompt and
careful attention.
3X4 Baker St*
Tel. 324.
"COMPANIES   ACT,   1897."
Canada. *
Province of liritish Columbia.
No.  412.
This is to certify that "The Manitoba
and Western Canada Land Company,
Limited." 1 s authorised and licensed to carry on business within the Province of Hritish C .1-
umhla, and lo carry out or effect all I
or any of tbe objects of the Company
to which the legislative authority ot
tbe Legislature of Hritish Columbia extends.
The head office of the Company is situate at. the Town of Altona. in the Province of  Manitoba.
The amount of the capital of the
Company is sixty thousand dollars, (livid, d into six hundred shares of one
hundred dollars each.
Tho head office of the Company in
this Province Is situate at Nelson, and
\\*. A. Macdonald. , Hanister-at-Law,
whose address is Nelson. H. C is attorney for lhe Company.
Given under my hand uml R'-nl of office at Victoria, Province of Hritish
Columbia, this sixteenth day ot Novem-
r* -r, one thousand nine hundred and
Registrar of Joint Stock Companies.
The  objects  for which   this    Company has been established and licensed
For the purpose and with the object
of buying or acquiring by grant, purchase or otherwise, and leasing, mortgaging or otherwise transferrins or dealing with or disponing of real estate,
lands, tenements, hereditaments of
every description or nature, and any
and every right and Interest therein;
developing, cultivating, forming, settling and otherwise Improving and utilising the same, and of pledging, mortgaging, lousing, sailing and otherwise
dealing with exchange itr disposing of
the same, and generally of carrying on
the business of a land and land im*
provennnt eompnny; nnd io parry on
the business of ranching, fanning and
lumbering; of aiding an daa*l*ttng .->
advance* of money or otherwise, wilh
or without security, settlers and In
lending settlers upon nny lands belonging to the company or In the neighborhood of such lands, and generally to
promote the settlement* of land or acquiring, holding, selling, mortgaging,
pledging and Otherwise dealing with
mortgages and Charge* in lands or any
interest therein, and of agrt cutouts for
teri'st therein, and of investing aud
lumbering; of aiding and assisting by
with covenants for the security of
the purehasi-aiid sale of land or any in-
lendlng money upon the security of leal
and personal estate, goods and chattels.
Itock*- bonds, bills of exchange, pro
ml*SOl*y notes or kinds, of security a*
an Individual may; to take and receive
mortgages on real Or perse nil estate, or
other security at such rates of Interest
a* may be agreed Upon] to sell and to
MfftgU such mortgages or nior'\ g* the
same bv any Instrument In writing or
agreement, subject to oondlUoni and
with covenant* for the security of the
money advanced thereon; to execute
mortgages on any lands owned or purchased by the company; t') BQCUre the
iitirchase price or any part thereof of
uny lands, tenements or herodl aments
purchased by the company or for any
othor purpose whatsoever; to borrow
money at such rate of Interest as to
the com pa ti v may seem advisable, and
Issue deposit receipts, bonds, mortgages or other dooumentfi to the lenders
thereof, and to give mortgages or securities upon all or any of lhe company's assets for repayment of all nr
any of the money borrowed; and to sell,
assign, mortgage and hypothecate or
pledge any of the oeurtties or assets
of the said company  for tho security
of moneys advanced thereon; to execute, sign, issue, negotiate, transfer.
give and take promissory notes, bills
of exchange, cheques, bonds, debentures and other negotiable Instrument,
and choses In action and evidence of
indebtedness of all kinds, and to pay.
charges _?.nd collect Interest thereon,
and to give and take chattel mortgages, bills of sale, and receipt notes, lien
notes, hire receipts, orders for goods,
chattels or money, warehouse certificates, bills of lading, warehouse receipts and other securities or chattels,
machinery, goods, wares or merchandise; to improve, cultivate, erect buildings and make other improvements on.
or survey and subdivide any portion
of the company's lands; to lend money
and take mortgages on real and personal estate as* security therefor and from
time to time to discharge the same; to
take and hold real estate in trust or
otherwise as security for such loans,
and to t:tke and hold collateral and
other security therefor or for debts
which may become due to the company;
to collect rents, manage estates and
buy and sell property on commission,
and to act as valuators, financial
agents, general and special agents, and
real estate brokers; to carry on the business of buying, selling, manufacturing.
making or otherwise acquiring or producing any or all kinds of material
used In constrneiion, maintenance and
repairs of buildings or other strue-
tures, including lumber, stone, brick
and plumbers1 supplies; to acquire, construct, equip, own. maintain and operate
warehouses, elevators, factories, mills.
sawmills nnd flour-mills; of buying and
selling grains of any kind whatsoever;
of buying and selling implements, buggies, waggons, sleighs, machinery, and
engines of any kind whatsoever; of buying and selling goods and merchandise
of nny kind whatsoever, and buying and
selling safes and vaults; to contract with
Individuals or corporate bodies in regard to any undertaking and to sue
and be sued In the name of the company In respect of the same and, sub-
Jeot to the provisions of Section <��K of
the Manitoba Joint Stock Companies Act
to unite and amalgamate in whole or
In part with or purchase the business
of nny othor person, corp*-ration or
private Individual engaged In any of tin-
businesses above mentioned, and, if so
agreed, to issue Iherefor paid-up stock
In this company; of carrying on any
other business which seems to the Company capable of being conveniently carried on In connection with the above or
which may seem to the company cal
culatod to directly or Indirectly enhance
the value or or render profit���hie nny
of the company's proportion or rights.
Notice Is hemny given that the un
derstgned have Buhmilled to the Lieutenant -Governon-in-Counell a proposal
under tho Hlveis and Streams Act for
the clearing and removing obstructions
from tho Duhamcl Creek (otherwise
known as Six-Mile Creek) In tho District of West Koolenay, Province of
itrltlsh Columbia, aud for making the
said creek fit for rafting and driving
thereon logs, limber and luiubt r, and
for erecting and maintaining dams on
tbo said Creek, and for constructing
and maintaining booms for holding,
sorting and delivering logs and timber
thereon, and for attaching booms on
Kooteuay Lake at tho mouth of said
Tho lands to be affected by. such
work are Ivats 787, 7S8. 7001, 7773, 4.1i>4,
8411 and 8413 all in Group One, Kootouay District, and other lands not, Cvown
ilimit*, d, occupied or Improved.
The tolls proposed to be charged are
such as may bo fixed by tho Judge of
tho  County   Court  of   West  Kootenay,
Dated tho 28th day of October, 1907.
We have for sale six of the finest building lots  in the  city,  situated at
the corner of Josephine and Hoover streets. These lots are  cleared    and
fenced and    command    a magnificent  view. Price,  $2,000  for the six or
will be sold separately Is desired.
H. & M. BIRD
A great many sales have been made of lots ln this charming suburb
of Nelson and only a few best lots are left.
Do.n't Forget
That Firt Insurance you were going to put on this fall, or that
accident and health policy you Intended writing which covers
all accidents and 30 diseases.
Let us quote you rates on the above.
IVlcDermid & McHardy
nWE~I     __*.~hTW      CS       a"-'. 09
C P. R.
To Montreal, Toronto, and sll points
west thereof in Ontario and Quebec.
Quebec, St. John, Halifax, Maritime Province rates on application.
Ticket, on sale daily December 1st to
December 31st. Round trip First
class.   90 day limit.
Halifax, St. John or Portland and return
Salooon���$104.50. Second���-$78.25.
Steerage���$55.00,   and   up   according   to
For    detailed     Information,    sallingB
ocean  steamers,   first   class  or   tourist
sleeper   reservations   apply     to     local
agent or
AM. Y. ���...Vaiiet.iivt*-.
O  P.A-.KeUoU
J150.00 Lot on Carbonate St.
$200.00   Two   Lot,   on   Observatory   St.
cleared, fenced, small cabin.
1325.00 Lot on Latimer. (Smsll cabin.)
SH50.00 Two Lote on Latimer.   (Fenced
and cultivated.)
Real Estate Agent
315 Baker St., Nelson. B. C.
Tremont House
KnroMsn and An.erlc.ii Plan
���aesls �� ns.   Hetrn* from X rt.. to o.
ou. White Heip aaftefsa.
B����> I St.. Nelson
Moat comfortable quartet.     Nelson'
..... .... _j ijqnQ-- an^ tjij^e.
Only th. best
Grand Central Hotel
Thoroughly renovated and refurnished. Rooms 60 cents upward. The
dining room ls unexcelled In the city.
House heated throughout with hot
J. A. ERIOKSOX. rToprlHtor.
Telephone, 160.   Opposite Court Hous.
and Poetottloe. Nelson. B. C.
Queen's Hotel
Baku Street, Selson. B. C.
Let,, snd Comfortable  Bedrooms and Flt.1-
class Dlolnc Koom.
MR8. E. C. CLARKE, Proprietress.
Battlett   House
Best DolUr-a-Day House In Nelson.
Th. Bat 1. the Fine...
Whit. Help Only -employed
'osephlne St.
Wsuon, B. O.
Royal Hotel
CAPITAL,   $25,000.00  In 26,000   shares
of $10.00 each.
MANAGER, Crozler W, limirko.
OFFICE, No. 322 Tinker St. (Croosdalle
& Co.)       '
SEE the cement blocks displayed In tho
Standard   Fnrnlturo   Co.'s   window.
APPLICATIONS for stock nre Invited.
PARTICULARS and *orms of Application may bo obtained at tlie Company's office, or from II. A. Stewart.
Solicitor, Nelson, B. C.
Rates |1 and $1.50 a Tiny.
Special Rates to Ketrulnr Bonrdw.
All Kinds of Beating Plants In Stock.
Vletorla St-, Nr. Ooera House.     Tel. 111.
Coutraotor  nnd!
snip n*-ent for thu Porto Kuo Lumber Co., Ltd..
rutiul yiinlK. Kusiyli ttncl -lre<t*a-l lni-nbcr, turned
work mul btstakQU, (i.h-i Uth nnd plilngles, M.**h
���nut door**.. 'Vm-'iu, brtt.lt and Ume lor sat*.
Automatic ftrlbder.
Yard and factory: VarnonBt.. aaat of Hall1
Tut itOM ^\^
} I
' ��� r
f. '���
... i
Stiver Deposit Ware!
Do not fail to sea these goods. They arc among the newest
on the market, and are equistte in design and fllnish. The line comprises Tea s. is. in white and silver, and dark bine and sliver. Hall
Cellars, Sherbet s. is. Bottles, Flasks, and Vases in cryBtal and silver,
and colored glass and silver.
Our store Is open until Christmas   every   evening   antl!   9   (.'clock.
.It*. WI-.l.l-liK	
Watchmaker and Optician
at 35c
We were lucky enough to
secure io dozen ot these
goods. They are the odds
and ends of a wholesale
hosiery stock. Some are
worth 45c aud some 50c the
pair. Your choice today
at 35c the pair.
3 Pair for $1.00
Sec Us
For Good Fruit Land
io Acre Blocks to 800
Acre Blocks.
Bedrock Prices.
Easy Terms.
H. E. Croadsdaile & [_*
Next Door to Bank of Conmerce.
* Qf^AiND .
-at 'i iik- rasBHB
Queen Cigar  Store
__0������  pn -"M-    fur    i*vt ryl-ody.
Conn- early and avoid the nub.
Bay Now
We have a Good Selection of
Cheap Houses irom $750 to
$1500. Let us show you
them. Some extra snaps for
investment or for a home.
A. McDonald & Co.
Dealers in -tuple ami fancy Uruenrtec,
Butter, Knits.
damp and Miners' Supplios.
The Bent Hard t'oal on tee mark-it.
Kiinl-chend stirl-
The  Best  Domestic ("oai.
West Transfer Co.
Corner of Stanley and Victoria Sts.
Two Blocks from Depot.
Mn A T.-rrv. a. C. McCorkell, Vancouver; W. -I. Cross, Toronto; A l BeU,
F J, Mn/.'', Bonnlngton; C. K. Nrourse.
L' t_b Idge; A. W. Ashford, Calgao -
T. Brad-haw, Taber; <;. von Cheve,
Amsterdam; S Wood, Winnipeg; H C
Blabi ; and wife. New Denver,
*������**��- j
Cjr. Vsrni.n and WHrdStresta
>'iil_ so.-.. BUB.
B. Anderson, J. J. How... a. 0. West-
by, Minneapolis; J. .). Athorton, New
Denver; ,\. McQueen, Kamloops; C. T
Rolston, W. W. liiirk.-. K. a. Simmons,
Vancouver: 1. J. Hunter. Mrs C. O.
Roger, C 1 sat Creston; c. 1.. Bleacha,
Winnipeg; H. J. Brawn, Toronto; A.
Lucas, Miss C. M. lull. Kaslo: M. .1
Crepin, Procter; P\ Keffer, Oreenwood;
C. It. Brown, Spokane; f-s. Bennett, Lou*
don;  C   Haul:.. Monti, i.l .  0. 0. Mini.I,-v.
A   a   Macdonald, Rossland;  A. K. Mas-
te, Oi and Porks.
OR \M)   I'l-SN'THAI..
.1 D. Campbell, Ymir; J. l-s. Werner,
W. Laurie, S Vernon, Orantte; I.. C.
Carter, win!;. .* s Dob ton, Han-op; B.
Reed, Creaton; S EClymer, Calgary; W.
Revelstoke; H Burton. Salmo;
i-s \ uii on Bhii Ids; 11. l-s. It..*-..,
.MuiiiHtiu.il.-, Mich.
It. C ln-'l S, II. .1 Inglls, S. I. Innis.
B Mil A Davl i, 13 Mile; <s ll. Northey,
B Man; Q 11 Ptolaj Trail; .1. A. Broth
.-ii.-K. Morden; Miss Btevens, Arrow-
I.. ..I. D It Macdonald and wife, Vernon; K Kn.ji and wife, ... Johnson,
11 Ouild, C. Lazchlni, is. Vittoni, 1..
Vlttonl, Poorman; 1.. Waurk, Slocan;
B Bnary, V, Patterson, Bennington; W.
p-raser, Creston; it. Corter, Paulson; W.
.1 Kelly, Cripple Crei k Co . IV. A
Mill, r, Creston.
II. C. .ill.-ek. Koch Siding; b*. Baker,
Bilverton;   D. Murray, Vancouver.
11 11.ill. Ireland; P. Squire, Blue Bell
mine; T. Mason, Pernle; I-'. Brlstow, T.
Bennett, A   Ford,  Blooan
A. M. Can. Bee. C. E.
Mining Work a Specialty.
Office*.   Ilealey llulldlng.    P. O. Box 4SI.
���sker ���**_, NELSON, B. C.
horn this toorning at the Home hospl
ta] to the wife of Frank i'atiison. a son
Morn this morning to the wilt- of Pel
J. BricksoO, Granite Uoad, a son.
Tu�� uaily Canadian.
niberta, AJmondn, Walnuta, Braille,
CheetnuU, Apple Cider, Northern Spy
apples, Baldwin Apples, .lap   Oranges,
lJ,igs,   large   layer,   California      Oranges
and Malaga Grapes.
a large assortment of Xmas goodi
SVholesale-and retail prioei per quantity
Real   Estate  Transfer.
Thomas A. Ivens has purchased e
residence and three lots on Latimer st
near Josephine from .lohn Boyd.
S- H. Seaney
High School  At  Home.
Cards are out for an At Home in the
High School Friday evening. Der. 20th,
the hosts ami hostesses being the staff
ami  pupils.
"Zeig" At Home.
Mr. Westley Zeigler will entertain his
friends at his eighth annual 'Possum
Supper at his residence. East Haker St..
Tuesday evening. Dec. 24th. Special
tables Will be reserved for ladies. The
'possums have already arrived and are
in cold storage.
Bowling  Alley   Tournament.
En tlie bowling alley tournament at
the Allies roller rink, Mrs. Paxton leads
for the ladles for the month with a
score of 110. Chas. Lewis leads for the
men with a score of 22S. The prize for
ladies is a pair of kid gloves, and for Uie
men a companion set of pipes. The man
Bgement ib arranging another tournament.
University  Club.
The regular monthly meeting and'an
nual meeting of the University Club or
Nelson will be held in the teachers
room of the public school tomorrow
night at 8 O.clock. The annual election
uf officers will be held and reports pre
seated. C. M. Fraser will read a paper
on 'The Passing of the Male Teacher."
Supreme Court.
In the supreme court today the hearing of Isaac vs. .Miller ended at 11 a.m.
and judgment was reserved. The C8S6
of Forest -rs. Smith and Travis then began and Is still in progress. S. S.
Taylor, EC C. appears for the plaint in
and It. W. HannlngtOP for the defend
ants. This is an action for a d-'Hara
tlon that the plaintiff is entitled to <li'
proceeds of all ore mined from the
Payne mine since Dec 3rd. ii��oG.
Boxing   Match.
Admirers of the manly art in Nelson
axe    looking     forward  to   the   Ij-round
glove contest in tbe opera house next
Monday night between Ifcirn.-y Mullin
and Jack Fitzsimmons. Mullin is well
known as a Qlever and game scientific
fighter. Fitzsimmons is almost unknown in the wost, but he conies of
famous fighting stock. He has won
honors ln Australia aud In Easi. in
Canada and he has about 86 pounds advantage.
London opinion commends President
Roosevelt's decision not to accept renomination.
WlVM of French naval officers complain that their husbands are addicted
to opium. The complaint Is found to be
Britain and France have mutually arranged io prevent frauds against BUCCOI
sion duties acts.
Th.' French in Morocco huve begun n
forward movement
The steamer Hero of the Yuctatan
i olonlsatton oompany is beUeved to be
Tin' Australian house of representatives passed a strongly protective tariff
bill after live months debate, In whleh
mmi amendments were offered and ::<>"
divisions taken.
iwn\_ BaJcer Bt
More   Light  Bread.
Toronto,  Dee.  is.*���Two more bakers
wore fined for selling light weight bread
and another case was adjourned.
NICKERSON, the Jewelery Manufacturer's Agent will sell you goods from samples at 28 per cent. less than regular
prlCSS dlreet from the factories, In X
days rrom order. Everything In the
line.    Order now.
Alice Roller Rink
Bowling Alley
DEO.   _tSth
Afternoon ��r Deo. ssihi.
Dane* bj  itini. Company, Deo. ssiKt.
Band:   Monday, Thursday, and sum.
day evenings,
MurnluKH, afternoons un.i eTanlngs,
wlthoul lii.n.1, children I5c adult., ssr.c.
Inoludini Hkuw-H.
i-Svi'iiinuK with band, except Hai m.lay
evenings, .tic, Including skatex.
Sal.inlay .'v.-nliiK, l.an.l nn.l .nodal
attractions, to ll o'clock. Due, in -iti.llnj.'
skates, spectators 26c.
Fill] sissortment of Table Supplies appropriate for Xmas.
Order early aud get best goods
aud Service.
Corner Silica and Josephine Sts.
phom: 7
A Work Basket
or an
Infant Stand
We have ju���r i. ���<���. i\. .1 ., shipment ol
these goods.
They are beautiful baskets and  won
derfn] value.
The) are displayed tor ;. das nr two
in our window.   Take s look al them.
WORK BA8B���TS, 16c,  , 80c, I .11
work  BABKBTS <IN STANDS, $.:*-.
U-36, 1*26. 14.50, 16.78.
INFANT   STANDS,   $3.16,   M-60,   16.76
$-* -���:> and  $8.00.
WASTE  H ..-SKI-SIS.  viTv  pretty  ones,
J1.U0 each.
Also a v.-ry beautiful assortment ol
flower bask,-18.
W. G. Thomson
Bop���ggr_-_i   Neisoni B.C.
Pli.iit-L*   . \ I.
$L0O per Gallon
Telephone 101.]
F. C. GREEN       F.p. BURDEN        A. H. GKEEN
Cvil  Engineers, Dominion and  British
Columbia Land Surveyors
F. 0. Boi 145   Fnnm 2.1 B.
0. i> Ooepe] irlll remove from Van-
couver to Grand Forks.
Ales Local i.rovlncla] asHi-HHor. ar-
rlv.*d lust ntghl rrom Kaslo.
Mr. and Mrs ii <��� Fisher, of N.-w
Denv. r, are al lhe Btrathoona.
f. K.-rr. i. oi in,, it. c, Copper <-.>m
pany, was in the city from oreenwood
last   i.IkIi'.
W.  A.  AtlStle has  loft  Tor  ltcvi'lstok.-
Thus.   Hooper,   anihltcil.   Villii*oiiv.*r.
Is  in  tin* clly.
J. J. Atherton, editor an.l  proprietor
,.f iin- sioiiin Mining Review, Ib down
from N.-w Denver.
a. ii Westby, or Minneapolis, who is
heavili im. re ted in Kootenay Umber
lands,  Is al  the   Hum,'.
W.   .1.   Ill, Inn,Is,     better    known     an
"Bosun," is back from Montana where
I... visited a .-oiiHln he had noi seen
tor iST. years.
(Seo, Tlornej oama in rrom Orand
Forks in-., night, ami will spend the
Christmas holidays with his par<*niH.
TMII   ��li<��;C_*lNI_>
20,000 CLUB
Tuesday, Dec. 17,1907
Roller Skating Rink
Corner of Baker and Fall. Street..
Tlckels can lie had from any men.Iter
of lhe executive or from the Heen iry
or Iho 211,0011 cluh.
Ladle, or gentlemen $1.00. Refreshment,
in attractive boxes makes a
very  acceptable  Xmas  gift.
We   have a large range of   Xmas Stationery in   all tlie
Correct Shapes and
If you buy your stationery from us there is no question about its
suitability. Prices Right���Quality the Best. Nelson's great
Christinas shopping  headquarters.
Canada Drug & Book Store
VVhialt-a&le -.tnl   K-.-UI1 ]'.*aler�� In
Fresh and Salted Meats
Campt�� suppli*1*! on abort**Ht nntir,- mi-i
lowt'ttt pric**. Notl.mj- but   fr��-*-*h _nd
wholi'Wii:;"' nu-nt.s unii hiipplch k-'pt in htork
Mail orders rt*ct'iv'' careful att-'tition.
E.   C.   TRAV1_��.    Manager.
Standard Furniture Co.
JobbtOfl    prompily   at f*-tnl��il   in.      I'.u
nnd  KHtiinati-H.
Apply -115  Hall St. Box  886.
������ ���   ��� ��� -���  ���
Geo.  P.  Player
INO   &   SMICI.TINO   00
Office   Room   No.   2,   ELLIOT      BLOCK.
Xmas Cakes
Wn  huve  lliem   In   all   kIzoh  an.l   will
hav.; ih��-in decorated to your own tAst*.
Choquette Bros*
Phone 258. THE   Up to Date   Bakers
IOHT   'llila   inoraliis ,.i.  BakSr Mn'el nr H'sli-
i    Iry insr Hsk.r. n iiIh-I*   I. all,.t  tisn.l ll.ia-.
.-.(..tn I..I..K |,sp,-r�� S.l.l a   *llin "I  IH'V       I'll, .!<���.
win j.i...... j.....- , 1., Drassnd I.....S oo.'i
W'ANTKIl    Twn   l..|..rl,.,..'...l Hales I.s.Ilea Inr
T>      Ilie In.II.lay.  Hr.-.llrv .00
\��* ANTKII; m Waitress   In.   II.,1.1    Mlrall ,
' ANTKI.       Wsllre.
Apply Manas'-r
A   i ..,,,!..in...I.- II,nn,. |nr s l'liiinn I.s,ly, wn.il.l
il anlteltl.rr aelinnl  IciiIht   nr  fool
.    .iik la.lv m
Hy       A.lilnisa   K.  0. DsllI
Let Us "Sock" it to You
In   Hi.-  lait-st  Fill ami Wlnt.-r ntjlpi -| t
Mi i.'.*- Pine Ho* do   -Vi   i ���.
up wi'b the Roo-i Hom
foi table  and durable la v
��� ill -I nu     in    :i|>i�� ;i.,,,U'.*.     You   will *t4-
i!.tr��>  tin*   txett   deslgni   anil
v. hirii  nre  ;��������� \-.\. -.   pleutag   b   ail
correct ind pnrU<mlw drMMn Aiifut
oolo-ra, siis'i warranted iu give wearinj
nnd wnnhlni nntlstectlon.
Wa      i -i Ilka to see all our patroasoomtortaM* this winter an.l n ��rdwu
.In    o w   have Hi stock  tin- I..-H  assorted   line of  healing moves U* cootlnt
. t   . .   ���      .  . .. i   |��� lore  ;..��� I  Bted to Ibe put.llc In K.-otenay.
We  .....I,I  be  pleased to  show   >.m    our line and before making your pof
chase konliy s.->   isfaal  w.   _TC to olT,*r.
J. H. Ashdown Hardware
Company, Limited.
Nelaon Brut*.
Toilet Sets
Of Three
Mirror, brush and comb, Sterling silver, silver-
plated or china-bticked, make most scceptable
���gifti ���useful, ornamental and pleasinff. This season s newest designs, $6.00 to $65.00.
R.  hi.  EWERT
Sn_2_?S Lumber, Shingles,
U��th, AAoulUin����. Doors, Window*^
I'urnuU V\'..rU ....U l��r.��*-:k��t��. Mail Or.lers prOsmpttJ i*<*"-<i
vbrnon rraeutT - - - wtsxjsow. ������� '-=���
Yotit Xmas List
En not oomplete atslena you )m\>- on it ���
pntr nf riippen ror eome oaMnber of tbe
family. The Inrffeel nnd beel rnaga ol
ilipperi we bave evi i ahowu ore i". your
Inepeotion thin mum in. Qeutlonicn'i
bonne nUppen Ln fancy lenthnrj. _adiee'
Drera tdlpp��_, Kell Elam-i-oe nnd bedrootn
cllppesTe. All kiniN ut Rllppen for oh���.-
The  Royal
R.   ANDREW   A   CO.   Proprietor..
, W.I   I'lllHl  .i.snH  III., IMH   als.m li.sUld     All.
ill MMHSSfSt. ��ra Bat, it. w. O.MMk.
11 For Miners, Lumbermen, Ranch-
ers,    Housekeepers.
Let us St-ppty Your Ne��ds
Wood-Vallance Hardware Co., Ltd*


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