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The Daily Canadian Dec 10, 1906

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Array mam
Weiiii - Kiver iianchers
rd From
Slocan Valley also Wants Means of
Travel-Other Districts Better
Provided than Nelson.
other   Important   matin I    iho attention o;
: ol nuiii- ut its next
s      Un-    question  ol
I I;       IllUintiVI-   llllH    1)0011
1-liorn Iii lln- neighbor-
ss lln  IISK   Ihl.l  llHS  pro-
is:   lis-   urged  to  con-
,s:is.-ssii 1111111 ont along
si.   iiiiii   practically  nn
the  knotenuy and
nerved by the run-
s sm iiniy   ut   certain
i: bound for Nelaon are
I trains, nnil tin*)   hioii
places.    A good wagon
in    isu-ini-r In some
hla time In shipping
-ns. and getting sup-
Hi. m.   ll  would greatly In
. srsiiinii nnad oo-opera
-suiiiiis tunning coni-
 Id probably do more
, e could do to barton
ind development ol tho
Henry   Klpp   or Chilli-
lho    Nelson    Iruu
!    like   your    murk.-t
referred or course to tbe
musl of the ranchers
; tinrtli shoro, within n lew miles
* [un o launch is too expen-
al] the ranchers, uml
us.   is ImpoB&iblc.
has already aroused eon-
enlili.- luteresl    nmong    the    river
who, according to a re-
i*d i,pinion or Deputy Mln
rson, have the best ng-
ih'e district.   Nothing
'   ii-'sl  than  the contiuuatioii
wagon road all the way
*      tntiln  river. ,
Dl    the    Slocan river
number    is    rapidly In-
nlso  prepared  lo  preier
*i   road  construction.    Their
- ti harder than  Hint ot the
al'itil   Hi-    Koolenay, as they
tint one train u day.
l!l the ma'is    ol  roads, II Is pointed
1 ii  district ls  worse off
pari of the province.
' ind is already splendid-
! only In the vicinity or
tiiiss.    I.nilyRtiiitti      and
he loa.es
hy great trunk roads,
'"in    them    wherever
''i* mainland Is  Independent
In   virtue or the  number
ol the ronds built  by
n   district   Is also  won
s'"[, so well off Hint an
iravel rrom ond lo end
tho eastern side.
"  Is ndinlitedly not  in
respeot of Its ngrirni-
-     Tin- farmers of tho
far labored under a
"���"ul.'-np.   They win now maKo
' und illilled offort to secure
���iiisisi-ni necordod lo others
"I   Hie
'weight Champion  Dead.
I "'i*.  HI.���Mlko Walsh, un-
Mll,ll|ii weight champion or can-
'' ""lay. pi,,,,- UII(| forlorn, at
1 ,1,i    hospital    from    gonerni
1     He wus SL' yours old. ins
1,1 nil middleweight* In Canada
"la   tights   commanded   more
111 any others between  locnt
usl notable light wns with
'ie in  Barney  Tennessee's
1    "'    centre of the city, one
 '"'���' t    years   ago.     Polios
"' '"''*'��� the third round.
The Dally Bla2e.
,""'"'"* ��'*'*- 10.-Tbree children ol
":lli"''. or llulwer avenuo, east.
n "u-ned to rleaith 'nl noon today
���I l",,,,!'",' "l,KI*m*e ol* tholr inotliot
hii��i locked them in the house
��� ��*ille she wont lo Bee u neigh-
���5%  glctiltj
bor. A passerby saw smoke and rung
in an alarm, bin tin- Bremen on ar-
rival round the children dead Tne
father Is a mechanic. Tho tin- was extinguished before tba bouse was demolished.
Versatile  Deputy  Minister    ol    Militia
Passes Away.
Ottawa. Dec, io.���Colonel Louis irons I'lninilt, c, M. (i.. deputy minister
Of militia, died at his residence this
afternoon. The colonel was a brave
soldier, wiih excellent executive capacity, which mnde hlm one ol the
hist deputies In tin- service, and wiui
one s,l ihoss. generous dispositions
which endeared hlm to all who came
into contuct with him. He was born
at St. Ocrmulm- November II, ISO:.
Ills flrsl love was the army. From
lieutenant he rose to the command,
lie served through tho Northwest re-
bi'll'oii. He wus n member or the Quebec legislature for a time and also
look some Inn rest In newspaper work.
Colonel I'luaiilt's services lo his country were shown and appreciated In the
d'-spatehs-s sm Canadian contingents m
Booth Africa during tha Boer war, He
leaves u widow to mourn Ills loss,     u
Leopold's Long Reign.
Uruss.-I.i. Uee. 10.���The anniversary
or the accession of i.eopoi.1 n. to tbe
throne of Belgium was observed us a
holiday today thronghonl the kingdom.
King Leopold ascended tti" throne on
the death of his father, Leopold I., Oe-
comber 10, lSlis'i, and has consequently
lounds-d out u period Of 40 years as
ruler of the Helglnns. This record exit eds thai of all other Unropean mon-
archs with the single exception ol Emperor Francis Joseph or Austria, who
Is lu the slxtlein year of his reign.
Commissioner    Coombs'    Meetings    in
Nelson   Largely  Attended���Army
Will Send Laborers.
Thc streeis of Nelson were hrlllinnt-
ly Illuminated Saturday night in honor
of ihe arrival of Commiasioner Coombs
of the Sulvation Army, lieud uf the
Caiiudiuii branch of tbat order. The programme arranged for Ihe reception of
his parly and their escort to tbo citadel, was successfully carried out. so
fur all tbe public meetings have beeu
well attended.
Tbe objects of tho present visit oi
lhe commissioner are chiefly two: To
Inspect nnil stimulate the general religious work of the Arm; In the West,
nnd especially to make himself sutii-
clsntly familiar with British Columbian conditions that he may be able
lo advise intelligently the directors ol
the present llrltlsh emigration movement, In which the Army is receiving
government recognition and aid.
Commissioner Coombs believes thai
the labor problem of tbe West can he
solved by emigration from tho Hritish
isles if tho governments, the railways
and the people will co-operate to encourage it nnd smooth the path or newcomers.    Western  Canada Is sutlering
for luck of laborers. The cities oi
Knuluii.1, especially London, are full oi
willing workers for whom opportunities are few. All thnt *,s required Is
the menus or bringing the workers to
the Holds where tlu*y are needed.
Yesterday afternoon the opera house
was crowded to hear the commissioner
speak on the "Past, Presenl nnd Future or the Army." He recalled lis
humble beginnings, tha grnduni response to Us appeal ror heller living,
lis spread thronghonl  the world, the
a islld work It hns done through Its
rSIUge homes unsl prison work. Ila relief of distress unsl constant appeal to
the fnllon by sympathy and aid, nun
predicted still greater buccoss in the
future by adherence fo iho snme methods. He dlsclnlnied nnlagonlsin to nny
other religious organisation The
Army's mission Is to thc classes that
the churches do not rench.
So large was the ultendunne nl the
opera house lusl nlghl that many failed to gain admittance. "Shadows of
the Cross" as presented hy Commls.
sioner Coombs. Is a BerlSS of limelight
views depleting the tragic scenes 111
the life of our Saviour, nnd tho plo-
turea i������, nlghl were after the turauf*
������,������.,. Tlasot, They were henut fully
urojeeted. the Illumination being taull-
less The commissioner read appro-
pi-into scripture selections while the
vlows were  being    shown, and    fiom
^riangUSXw hiehhud
Fifty Cents a Month
been oarefully chosen to nt the mo-
nn nt Ths whole service was listened
to with breathless attention und at the
close Colons] I'ugmire and Commissioner riiiiiniis made effective appeals to
ill to lend bet let- lives.
Line  Marked   Lacves  Neutral  Zone  on
Each Side.
The marking or   the   International
boundary line which is situut. t ubout
live miles in a straight line ninth oi
Hie eity has been commenceu :n this^
siciuity, although there Is still some
further work west of here to be finished up next year. A line hus heen
oul about -10 feet wide through the iin-
ber, and ou the summits of every
mountain and in euch valley u monument has been placed. These are
about four l'eol high, of copper, set In
a foundation of concrete, on ono side
is murked "Cunada," and on the other
"Lniied States." In addition each is
marked "Treaty of 1S47." The lino fol.
lows the 40th parallel of latitude and
being an easl and west line il la
naturally a curve. The curve is easily
notloeable with a surveying transit.'
amounting to about one minute of deflection towards the north for eacii
mile. The United Stutes governmenl
have established murks ut mosi valley
crossings showing the elevation irom
careful levelling from the sea level.
The lino was first cut out nearly 4u
years ago, und hu. become almost ob-
liieiutcd in places. In some places tne
line appeared to have been delineil
only on the mountain lops, und early
prospectors In low valleys were unable
to determine whether their mineral locations were ln Canada or the United
Stales In some cases recording their
claims in both countries. There is one
place easl of the Columlilu river unci
south of the I'end d'Oreille river where
the presenl line differs several hundred
feet from Hie line established 40 years
The Hritish Columbia government has
recently issued n circular to all surveyors that in future a neutral or mutual zone 61, feet wide must bo leu
nloug the boundary line and uo land
will iu future be nllienated nearer than
tlii feet to lhe actual line.���Miner.
London   Papers  Resent  Dictatorial  Attitude of United States.
lxindnn, Dee. 10.���Only a low of me
London newspapers comment tins
morning ou Hie correspondence he.
tween Ureal Britain and the United
states In the matter of the Newfoundland modus vivendl regarding the llsll-
crles question. The Tribune says it
feels sure thnt if anything is .possible
by bargaining which will leave tree
Newfoundland for this diplomatic legacy. Sir Edward Grey, secretary lor
foreign arrairs, will wish to nt tempt
it. The paper suggests thai Great
Britain might purchase us u concession what it may be difficult to extort
as u right.
The Standard publishes a heated editorial iu which it complains of the
dictatorial tone of the United States,
and declares that the Americans nun
all tin- best of the deal, add asks when
the Hritish governmenl will recognize
"that Its first duty Is to its own people.
Must Initiate Prosecutions.
Paris, Dec. 10.���Tho government s
calculations clearly huve been upset
and new legislative authority may be
necessary. II having been decided that
religious services are no longer permitted utter tomorrow without preliminary declaration,   under   nn* law oi
1SS1. The pope's orders entail the lm-
ms'dials- Initiation or prosecutions, in
88,000 communes, nnd logically the Invasion of Churches by lhe police lo
pronounce their dissolution nnd expel
the parish priests. The militant Catholics seemingly welcome the prospects
ol violence which will compel tho cIob
Ing of llie churches wllh lho attendant
excitement  of religious  passions.
The Daily Wreck.
Winnipeg,   Dec.   10.���The    Steamer
Monarch, of the Northern Navigation
company, Is a* oompiete wreck on Isle
Itoyul wiih 40 passengers, commercial
travellers nnd navvies, on board. T'heso
may he saved, although they are clinging lo Ihe rigging, awaiting the arrival
of tugs.
Former Senator Dying.
Washington, D. C, DeOc. 10.���It was
announced at the Bmergahoy hospital
Ihis morning that former Senator Arthur W, llrown ls sinking. His friends
tin not. believe ho can live beyond It-
Bicycle Champions in
Annual Grind
Twelve Thousand People Witness
Sixteen Teams Start, on
Long Weary Ride.
New York, Dec. 10.���The I'lrBt serious accident iu the six-day bicycle race
at Madison Square Garden occurred at
0:20 a. in. today, and resulted In the
serious injury of Hugh McLean of Huston, the PMIther of Hobby Wulthour.
Me Lenn may not be able to ride in
the nice again.. McLean wus hurt in
a spill which occurred on tho turn at
the Fourth avenue and Twenty-seventh street sideJu the high hank track
Just ubout the spot where little Joliuny
Nelson wus killed four years ago. McLean was responsible ror tho mix. As
ho went down, Clark, the Auslraitnn.
Leon Uorgotte of Francs', McDonald ot
the New York team, and fiupprecht ol
Newark all fell over the Hostou man,
who, when picked up, wus found to be
the only one seriously hurt. Dr. Kramer attended the injured rider, who
was rendered almost Insensible from
a gash about six inches long on the
right side ot his head. McLean may
nlso have sustained a fracture ot the
McLean's partner, Walthour of Atlanta, Gu., wub called from his cot untl.
after a delay os' nearly 20 minutes,
went, on In the mad race for money
and glory. McLean's injuries may-
prove so serious that he will have to
abandon the contest and Walthour
ihny double with some other rider, if
be decides on remaining in the race.
in last year's contest McLenn met wllh
a similar mishap early in the race and
More than 12,000 peoplo were at the
garden when the Hi teams entered in
the conlest and started on their long,
weary ride. The men wero ull in fine
form and the riders on the track main*
tuined u last puce from the Btart. The
score al the end of the seventh hour
(7 a. m.l showed the teams to be on
nn equal footing, (he distance travellea
being .157 miles and 8 laps. None ol
the teams lost nny distance throngn
tho mishap.
Tho score at 8 o'clock was 170 miles
even., with Hobby Walthour leading.
At 8:20 Dr. Kramer announced thai
McLean was so badly injured that it
would Ik- impossible for him to continue in tho race. McLean was removed to a hospital shortly alter s
o'clock suffering from a scalp wound
and severe concussions, the ligaments
of his left shoulder being badly torn.
Hobby Walthour of Atluntu, Oa., slopped at 8:25, hut he urrnnged to team
with Floyd Krebs of Newark, N. J.
With the loss of one lap at 9:00 tho
riders had reached the -OOmile mark,
with Vanoni lending the field.
Good Work Accomplished In November
at Small Cost.
Al. Gray of Kokanee Landing is In
the city today. Mr. Qrfty is in charge
in* ihe construction of the government
road in his neighborhood, Ho reports
work done during November as loi-
Forest clearing, 7200 yards, 11 leet
Grading Irond) 402 yards, 7 feel
Grading (trail) 800 yards, 2 teet
wide.   Total cost, J18S.05.
"Tin' farmers are all satisfied," said
Al., "the only peoplo who nre kicking
are a few bilks thut think they should
get governmenl money lor nothing 1
Uud lo fire three of them."
Notes of the Play.
Lew Fields and his hi gcompany, al
Herald Square theater, have taken n
new hold on popular patronage since
the production of the burlesque "The
Ureal  Decide."
It's usually the man who hasn't
much money who wants people to
think he hus a lot.
Ferocious Wolves.
Flrsl lt was panthers, now it Is
wolves nt Parksvllle that nre becoming plentiful and bothering the rosi-
dentB, snys the Nnnaltno Free Press.
The other duy u dog belonging to
Mr   Williams   of   thul   place,   burking
at some wolves, waB chased by the an-
animals and almost killed. Tho dogs
loropaw was broken. Its side torn and
the scalp almost lifted from Its neini
herore the wolves could be frightened
United States Opinion of Possible Ap
Washington, D. C., Dec. 10.���Gerard
A. Lowther, whom the chances eem to
favor for the appointment or Hri'tlsr
urabussador to the United Slates, is
already well known in Washington and
his selection to succeed Ambassador
Durand would ln all probability meet
with favor in the eyes of this government. Mr. Lowther, like so many outers who have occupied diplomatic
posts here in late years, has an American wife. She was Miss Alice Atherton Blight, daughter of Atherton
might of Philadelphia, and was one ot
the handsomest girls in the exclusive
Newport circles. Their marriage took
place in London last year.
Mr. Lowther was horn in 1858 nud
is regarded as one of the ablest of me
younger British diplomats. His rise In
the diplomatic service, which he entered in 1870, has been rapid. He la
at present the British minister at Tangier, lu 1899 he was appointed secretary of the Hritish embassy at Wasn-
lngton. Previous to coming here he
had occupied diplomatic iiosts nt Madrid, Paris, Constantinople, Vienna,
Sofia, Bucharest, Tokio and Inula
Pesth. After leaving Washington he
wus for three years the British minister to Chile. During his residence in
Ihis country he becam every popular
In society, and hardly an important entertainment wae given In Washington
or Newport at which he was not present. He is remembered as a big. bluli,
hlondc Anglo-Saxon, as fonsl of sport
as of society, and a particularly good
judge of horseflesh.
Summary of Recommendations Embodied in Message to Congress.
A law prohibiting all corporations
from making contributions for any political   purpose,  directly or  indirectly.
Adequate control and regulation ol
Ownership of remaining coal lands
belonging to the national government
and their operation under lease. Prices
to be fixed so tbat the public will get
ccal at reasonable charges.
National legislation regarding mar
rings- and divorce. ,
More stringent laws to hamper peia-
g'c sating ln the Pacific.
Legislation for tho development by
su'-sid'es of United States shipping.
A law enabling the president to en-
rorc-s in Hie various states the right ol
aliens under treaties. This has reler-
enco to the refusal of the San Francisco school board to let Japanese children
study in the same schools as white
The maintenance of the navy at Its
present strength.
National shooting galleries in all
public schools, and national* targets for
riflemen lh different parts of the
McGovern's Career Ended.
Stosmfleld, Conn., Dec. 10.���Terry
McOovern, the pugilist, who collapseo
a few days ago ln Brooklyn, N. Y., was
brought to tho sanitarium here yeBter-
day, where be was received nhout two
years ago, and where ho created a sensation by walking away. He was accompanied by hlB manager, Sam Har
rls, Dr. Joseph Cramer and others. Dr.
Cramer stated lhal. McGovern's col
lapse ls complete. Incipient paresis be-
Ing threatened. Manager Harris snld
lhat McGovern was through with prize
righting. At the sanitarium McGovern
was reported quiet and hopes for his
recovery are held out.
Riots In China.
Shanghai, Dec. 10.���Revolutionary
and anti-foreign riots have broken out
nt Ping Klang, ln the provlnco of Ki-
ang Scung. Germans and other lor-
elgners employed in the coal mines are
fleeing to Chang Shat. The governor
of the province is sending troops to
suppress the disorder.
Prices of Metals.
New York, Dec. 10.���Silver, 09 l-4c;
copper, 21 7-8c;  load, J5.75.
London, Dec. 10.���Silver, 31 1-Hd;
lead,  ��19 3s u.l.
FsncBt on the Line.
Revelstoke, Dec.  10.���The  C.  P.  H.
are  calling  for  tenders  for  the  erection of additional shops adjoining the
present ones. The tender calls for ten
engine stalls, besides other buildings.
About 820,000 will he spent and when
completed should be the finest and
beBt equipped along the whole C. V. K.
President Roosevelt Secures It for Sue
cessful Mediation.
Christian!*, Norway, Dec. 10.���The
Nobel prize was today awarded to Theodore Roosevell for his successful efforts to bring nbout peace In the Russo-Japanese war. The peace prize
went last year to Baroness von Uttner
of Vienna, and lu previous years to W.
II. Cremer, M. P., of England, Professor Demantens of Russia, and Henry
Dunant, founder of the Red Cross.
The Nobel prize is part of a bequest
left by Dr. Alfred Bernhard Nobel, the
Swedish scientist who died lu 1896. By
bis will a great portion of his fortune
was devoted for annual prizes, each
valued at about $10,000. They were
awarded for the most Important discoveries ln physics. In chemistry. In
physiology, for the most distinguished
work of an Idealistic tendency in the
field of literature, and for the best el-
fort toward the fraternity of nations
and the promotions or peace. The last
named Is awasrded by the Norwegian
Storthing. The others are awarded Dy
institutions at Stockholm.
Not to Be Consolidated.
N. J. Cavanaugh asks for the
correction of the impression mentioned in Tbe Canadian that the
Canadian Consolidated Mining &
Smetlng company ls the owner
or has any Interest in the Queen
Victoria Copper Mines. The owners are James Cronln, Mr. Cavanaugb nnd others whom he la
not at present al liberty to mention.
It wns generally known that
agents of the big company had
been In the city for several days
last week, negotiating, or attempting to negotiate, with J. P. Swed-
borg for the transfer of his bond
nnd l'Jase. The fact of Mr. Cronln, a director of the Consolidated
company, being one of the purchasers, naturally led to the conclusion that t�� big company was
really, though not nominally, the
new owner.
It has since heen learned on
other authority that the Consolidated company's ngents were unsuccessful In securing any Interest in the property.
Mill Operators Violate  Laws  Bringing
In English Millhands.
Charlotte, N. C, Dec. 1(1.���Whether
the action of the millowners of Carolina and other states of the South in
bringing over English mill operatives
Is a violation of tbe contract labor
laws of the United States will probably
be determined at tbe term of federal
court which convened in this city today. Officials of the Piedmont Carolina cotton mills have been summoned
before the court to answer to a charge
of having violated the contract labor
Several score of Immigrants were
brought into Piedmont last fall from
the Lancashire dlsirlct ln England.
They came at the solicitation of certain local manufacturers, who are said
to havo prepaid tholr passage. Tbe
federal immigration officials learned of
the matter and. after investigating,
brought charges against the millmen ot
violating the contract labor laws.
The millowners deny the charges ot
violating the law and have determined
to put up a hard light, the result ot
which will be awaited with Interest In
Industrial circles throughout the South.
If the decision ls against them It will
mean a loss of nearly $100,000 to the
Piedmont, manufacturers.
Scottish Rite Consistory.
Milwaukee, Wis.. Dec. 10.���The
eighty-seventh session of Wisconsin
consistory of Scottish Rite Masons
convened in Milwaukee todny ror a
session of three days, during which
time thc work from the fourth to the
tlilrty-seeoiul degree wilt be conferred
on a large class.
Standard Oil Case.
Chicago, ill., Dec. 10.���Hy agreement
of counsel tor both sides tho demurrer
to the Indictments recently voted
against tho Standard Oil company ot
Indiana came up for argument today
in the federal court iu this city.
United Stales Hot If
of Otleotal War
War Department Surprised at TJnan-
imtty oi Opinion that  the    I
Philippines Would Go.
Washington, Dec.    10.���Nothing    in I
tho whole range or comment 6ffW8
possibility ol war between the umtea
States   and  Japan has surprised   war-.
department officials  so  much as tits'.-''
seeming unanimity of opinion thSt-5**-"*
United States Is utterly unprepared to
light the Orientals.   There Is a prayer-
rui hope In officialdom that no war win
come, but if ll does the pessimists will
tind they looked at the prospect witn
tbe bluest of blue glasses. This nation
is not entirely   unprepared    for    war
with Japan or any other country. Only
one nation can crush Uncle Sam's sea
Heels and   sailors,   and   that   nation
would know it had been in a fight before Ine American vessel went down.
Congressmen have come to Washington from every district burdened
with the belief that the Philippines
will be lost, temporarily at least, within a month of the declaration of war.
The press of the United States sounds
the same dismal note. It seems to
think the Japanese will overcome tne
Philippines, drive the United States
forces helter-skelter into the rice
fields and hold tbe Islands until, after
months and possibly years, the Americans have rebuilt, or doubly rebuilt,
fleets which It seems to be supposed
Togo or some other Oriental admiral
will have given to Davy Jones' locker.
That ls all nonsense. The Japanese
will not take tbe Philippines, or If they
do they will be so successful in jne
exploit that It will bring them sucn
honors of war as few people before
tbelr time have borne. It is hurd to
understand how the impression has
been given to the American people *
that the United States army aad navy
In the Philippines are ln such a condition that the conquerors of the decadent end half-mutinous Russians
must only look at them ln or to conquer them. Tho officers of thc United
States army and navy are not Idle in
limes of peace. If Japan declared war
tomorrow the chiefs of tbe twin American services would know how to meet
her armies and her fleets with more
than an even chance that the apparently expected Oriental successes
would prove reverses. There is n
counter plan for every possible,attack
upon the United States possessions or
upon its fleets.
Peter Verigin's Mission to Russia Wss
St. Petersburg, Dec. 10.���M. Peter
Verlgin, head of the Doukhobor community in Canada, who is known as
'John the Baptist," has arrived In St.
Petersburg charged with the double
mission of ascertaining the attitude of
thc Russian government on the question of repatriation of the Doukhobors
and recruiting a force of 10,000 Russian
ps'URiints, wanted on two-year contracts
to work on tho construction of new
railroads-in tbo Canadian West.
The answer of tho government to
these two questions wns given by M.
Stolypln hi tbe course or an audience.
The premier said the government
would be glad to welcome tbe Doukhobors back whenever they were ready
to come. They are considered, he
said, as pilgrims who left the country
during a time of religious intolerance.
Assuring him lhat he would not oo
Hampered by the government, the premier advised M. Verlgin to obtain his
contract laborers in the fnmine-tUrtck-
en provinces.
Included Jn the party ol eight envoys
who nre accompanying Mr. Verlgin Is
an old Doukhobor named Mokhartofr,
aged 10 years, who Is Journeying to
the home of Count Tolstoy to have
a farewell talk with the author.
V as :iM
The more sunshine there is In some
men's lives the less hay they make.
���pi The Daily Canadian
��� ��i
V ���%'
Cool nights are uow in order.     The}* will invite
pleasant dreams of
We have plenty of them in rod and bins.
3 1-2 Points, weighing about 10 pounds, $7.50 per pair
. Points, weighing about 12 pounds,   -   8.50 per pair
These blankets aro Justly celebrated for their excellence. We alone carry
Uioni In tliia city. __
LUMBERMEN.���Pillows, Comforters, Gloves and Mits, Socks, Shirts and
Undsrclothlng, Oil Clothing, Sweaters, Miners' and prospectors' Boots
sad ��ho��s and Rubbers.. Groceries and Provisions.. Everything of the
Mm quality snd prices surprisingly Low.
Imperial Bank of Canada
Head Office:   Toronto
CAPITAL PAID UP....14,000,000 BBBT li,PUO.OOO.
D. R. WILKIE, President.        HON. ROBERT JAFFRAY, Vice-President
Branches in British Columbia:
Deposit* received and interest allowed at highest current rate from dale of
opening account, and compounded half yes;riv
NBLSO.N branch ��J.   M.   LAY,  A*\on__Ber.
The Royal Bank of Canada
Capital $3,734,310    Reserve	
Total   Assets $41,860,353
Accounta of firms and Individuals opened on (he most favorable terms.
Thirteen branches i'i Brltlab  Columbia.
Special   attention   to out of town business.
T. E. KENNY, Pros., Halifax.       K. L.  P1_ASI_, General Manager,  Montreal.
G. A. SPINK, Manager Nelson Branch.
Published ilx (lays a wees t-j* the
Baker St., NflRon. B. ('.
HubKrlptlQ- rated, bO ���*��� ms a month delivered
IB tbi OUT, or ��.<XI a f-.nr tf m*ut by mull, when
paid la adrauc*.
AdTirtiaiDg r��w mi application
All nooiM paid in Htaame&t of The Dally
Cauadlau aiujuuli, Mi!.- r I��r mbscrl pilous or
a*Tsrtlilna, muBt ba receipted fer un Um printed
formi of tha -i.iiiniit-.it)-. Giber receipt.* ure m-l
DliCtJMBIiW IO, 1_H>__
word we are lomettmni lodged io be
^ne word stimotlmci Judged to be
pi therefor.* 1..* .m. !���;. what Wfl
Ab a welcome diversion from the
delicacy of provincial .political debate
some of the Liberal organs are en-
dearorlng to make capital for tho
Laurier government among the labor-
ing classes by asserting that tin* Hindoos who are thronging the province
are to be deported, it is announced
that at the request of R. (.��. Macpher-
son, M. P., a Mr. Robertson of the immigration department is on his way
to the coast to deport the sons ol
Asia, lt is hinted that as a large number of Hindoos are pubic charges Ml
Robertson will attend to the matter
and see to it that the transportation
companies carry these unfortunate*!
back to the land of their nationality.
(It Is further announced that Mr. Mac
pherson has all along contended that
the statute is broad enough to cover
the case of the Hindoo invasion, au_
that he is averse to a commission such
aa has been suggested by the more
cautious and fair-minded or the Vancouver people.
It will be remembered that a few
months ago, when the Hindoo Invasion
first began to'assume a threatening as-
pect In Hritish Columbia, Mr. Mucpluv-
son leaped into the calcium light aim
obtained from Ottawa an assurance
that the immigration act would be
amended at once so ihat the province
could be protected from this foreign
invasion. The announcement that he
had secured this assurance was heralded acrosB the continent and throughout the province with a gusto that
might have at once lilted him to the
position of an exalted champion ot the
rights of the workers of the province.
We are now told, apparently in otter
forgetfulneaa of the grandstand play
that Mr. Macpherson made a lew
weeks ago, that "lie has all along eon-
u nded that the statute was broad
enough to deal with the questiou,
Whicli of these versions of the Liberals' story is correct need not now b<*
asked, it will be more profitable It
v/e Lurn our attention tu a discovery
of what it is proposed to do by the
Bending out uf ihis mysterious Mr.
Robertson, who is commissioned, according to the Liberal organs, to rid
the country of what it is claimed is an
undesirable element.
A few days ago Mr. Ralph Smith, M,
P. for Vanoouver tisland) asked a
series of questions in the bouse at
Ottawa whicli have more than local
Interest litre is the series and the
answers are appended.
1. liow many Hindoos have arrived in Canada, via Uritish Columbia, in
1906, up to date'.'
'*.. How many have been deported,
and what are the reasons tor such de-
oot union?
u. Does the Immigration department
contribute La any way to the support
ot Impoverished Hindoos arriving in
British  Columbia'.'
i. Uo the presenl immigration laws
provide for the prevention of people
coming inio Canada without means ol
personal support'.'
lion. I'rank Oliver, minister oi the
interior, replied as follows?
i. Two thousand one hundred and
ninety-three Hindoos have arrived in
Canada, via Hritish Columbia, tium
January  J,  L000, to dale.
'.. One hundred Hindoos were deported Irom British Columbia between
Jauuary 1 and October 81, lltbti.
They were deported for the following reasons: Trachoma, 74; trachoma
and partial blindness, 1; conjunctivitis and partial blindness, 5; conjunctivitis, 1; likely to become public
chaiges, 8; cataract, 1; partial blindness, 10. Since that date 20 were departed on November 14, but we have
not yet received a detailed report as
to thc cause of deportation.
3. No.
4. Section 28 of the Immigration
Act provides lhat. "No Immigrant shall
he permitted to land In Canada who ib
a pauper, or destitute, a professional
beggar, or vagrant, or who is likely to
become a public charge; and any persons lauded in Canada who, within two
years thereafter has become a charge
upon the public funds, whether municipal, provincial or federal, or an inmate of or a charge upon uny charitable institution, may be deported and
returned to the port or place whence,
such Immigrant came or sailed tor
It will appeal*, therefore, tbal already und without the advent of Mr.
Robertson, 125 Hindoos have been deported, and the reasons���chiel 1> because they were diseased ami Incapable of self-support���bave been given.
Thus far the Immigration laws have
been applied to the Hindoos iii exactly the same manner iu which thoj
have been applied to Immigrants rrom
other foreign countries and Jn no oilier, or, to no further extent. What
tb. laboring men ot British Columbia
want Is not protection against the mi
beetles and incapable.; among these
Asiatics. It is the duty oi the country to protect Itself against these in
any case, and they can never become
B menace to the working classes ol
the province. Whal llie laboring men
of Hritish Columbia have cried mil for
and what Mr. Macpherson promised
and assured, was protection from the
low wage competition of a foreign
race. If the Chinese Exclusion Act is
to be made Ineffective by reason oi
the Immigration of any other class who
shall in like manner come Into competition with Uie Hritish Columbia laborer, there is little to Choose between the
two, and perhaps the Chinaman is
Hut the despatches, so art fully word
ed, do not promise auy such relief ol
protection. The jumble into which the
Laurier administration has got itsell
on the labor question Is one iu which
tliey need not be envied, but the sending of Mr. Robertson and tbe heralding
of his coming as one who is to 'deport*' Uie Hindoos can be called nothing else but another oi the many ex
pedlents to which the Laurier adminis-
tiation resorls in a tight place to stave
oil the evil day.
11 only the Hindoos who are liable
to become a public charge are lo pe
deported that could be done and has
been done without a special emissary
from Ottawa. Any attempt to make
the public believe that the intention
is to resort lo wholesale deportation
is unworthy both the press and the
opportunist ministry which it Berves.
Watching the results of Mr. Robert-
son's mission, we shall but experience
another spasm of disappointment, instead of a statesmanlike attempt t"
settle the question of foreign immigration we have another deliberate determination lo throw dust into the eyes
of the people by the appointment <>t a
special agent to do what has been as
well done without him.
adopt progrei sit a measures or
noi, but whether 11  does oi  uot  Is all
reckoned when tin* testing    ���
it  may  therefore be - -timed
that beyond the record of tlu* goven
ment ilu re will be no Issm ���- t xc* pt-
tug such as the government ma3
in tb.* forthcoming campaign, it is
admitted by the opposition organsthat
the Uberal party is Incapable ol initiating measures. Tb< confessions
will yel be fresh upon the minds ot
tht people, the call tt�� arouse, the pathetic appeal to do something, ibe
frantic exclamations ol despair and
tin* confession thai we do not know
where we are ;it bave bi en i o characteristic <>f alt opposition iiiifi.ti.' ������ ���
b.te that iiie government maj to es
oust r! fin tbe degree ol complacency
whicli  ii   evidently  . njo]
The Cranbrook Herald says:
"W. U. Gillett should be elected
mayor of Nelson liy acclamation, lb*
biis been the best mayor Lhat town has
had tor some .��� ears, and tin* [x o] I
should show their appreciation of in.,
efforts in tbelr behalf."
Without discussion tbe merits oi tne
Heralds contention we would simply
ask when the Dally Canadian puts its
nose into the municipal affairs ol
Cranbrook that ibe people ol tbat
hustling burg semi a Btrong man over
here to bind, gag, bang or shoot us.
Ue know bow to mind oui own business and it would be better tor the
Herald if it could do the same,
The Herald says:
"lt is pretty generally concede *i that
Mr. Harvey will walk off with Uu* nom*
Ination tor member for the Conserve
latlve parly of this district."
Now why tloes hot the Herald make
a clean breast of it ami admit with
equal fiankness that it |a pretty generally conceded thai II Mr. Harvey is
nominated in the Conservative Inter*
ests he will walk ofr with tie election,
Leaving his opponent se inr in bin.i tin*
dust   t loudS   thai      be     will     net     BV6H
For some time the organs of the op-
postion iu Hritish Columbia have bemoaned the fact that there are no issues before the people on which either
tin* government or the opposition may
crediiably appeal to the people at the
next eection. The newspapers which
have been according support to the
administration have made no such
fession as, in fact, the allegation is
untrue. Tbat the ministers oi the
present government have maiutalnea
tbe secrecy, in respect to their movements and intentions which is their
right, has been a thorn hi the flesh
,of the opposition, and lhat they have
steadfastly refused to play into the
hands of tlie would-be policy trainers
of the opposition is one of the features
of the administration which is to be
The childish effusion in o local organ
Sunday morning h out of place
except in a paper which has to admit
that Its party is stranded. Alter calling upon the followers of the Liberal
party lo cease small talk and get
down to business it resorts to a long
harangue in the nature of an attack
upon the chief commissioner of lands
and works that must be offensive to
the real Liberals who like B fair con
When discussing who Is responsible
for the absence of issues in lhe ap
proaching campaign we would remind
our contemporary thai in 1.7s, when
Sir John A. Macdonald, who was then
leader of the opposition, appealed in
the country, he did so with the National Policy as an issue. He raised
the issue and carried the country, tm-
fulling his pledges and initiating the
marvellous prosperity from which the
country is now rejoicing. Likewise ln
18. _, when Sir Wilfrid was Ipuder oi
the opposition, he raised an Issue. It
was Free Trade as They Hnve It in
England, and on that issue he carried
the country. Il Is true he did not
carry out a single item of his program nor fulfill a single pledge, but
he rulsed an issue and carried the Dominion. The political history of every
country shows that it is the opposition who raise the issues upon which
the country is asked to pronounce.
Tho government appeals to its record
and stands or falls upon that.    It may
\..u..      ,     .ii that SO dMW_iUi '���"'*' i
��� nd ��� ��� *,      ��� ��� '��� "'i*'*'1'. ������l,1r', V
Ublefi ��� Undaand Worki for ner.
miMloa   to  pi n Huh   tbe  toUowlna  dew     ed
��� ��� ��� u -j'..-* plaoed adjoioina
I ;.;,,: Loon Watson - l%P
Iff SO CbalM il*Tl I.
j     .    , ���    itiuuee (W chaini tooth,
in  chai 111   nel-   l >   pOlDl   Ol   "**
re* mora orl
���'"��� il October u, W
Burtu *** " '��� ���������
lly li!.- ii-..*:.*   EBXBBT, VV. KOBHWON
\ iti< L'liln ri !���'��� ,���:���-' itl Rl in>** titer date l
,.,..,,..    Hon the ��� blel Commli-
,101,, ��� ... ��� ki for permlMlon U>trur-
Inning ��i ii posl marie.
..,,,���, Hlrsch _ N  \\   eorner1" ind planted do
an (Cartl link.' aboul
rth mile wosl nf tin* narrows ol V. hi whan
H chaini; thenee eail w
.    . do! ii-- Sarrowi;
....  ||   ���  -,. i ral
direction i.'"< Iialm iai��� ���*r*-
:;i ... commencement,contain-
I'm**-.! iiili Bth dayof oul
Otto Hi** h,
F   1,   ���UmM..*.:
*. ��� ,. ������  .     * ��� ��� dayi afterdate
j intend ion-pi.lvtoibi ii"*. I Ul�� H' iHMlonei
ufUudi anu worku f'*r permlulon ta utirchaaa
I   ���        -,wJtij; deHcrlbcd land" In Wi il Kooti nuy
dlilrli:    111 ginning al ��� poal marked "I   K
Aidi ii - B  K coi hit." mi'l plantnd on the i ul
ihore ������!   .Vhawbau (.'**mi ) lake,  about mm
mil. uorth ol iii* wuUiem en 1 ol tbe lake;
ibeoce north ho chatm; thenw wreii 10 chalna*
more oi leu, to the ihore ol n hatahan Inke;
thence followlna aid ��� I n *��� �� g< m ral iouth-
,.rly nn*!  eaitel       III 1001 111 I     mi '���   M
laao, to the pointed commem ament, conltlalng
820 acrea, more di Ii u
Dated thliSth oet of Oct , 19W >���<
l. i,   ...on,
}���    I.   UaNMOXD, AttiMit
Nell.   *   Ik   ti.T, Iv   (Wet   that   lUtJ   dlJI "C' I*
date J inU'ini to apply tothe Hou. < hief i ��*m mia-
���tom r rn Landi mui worki for permlnion to i-ur-
chaae the following deicrlbed landi In tbi weal
Kootenay dlatrlcl: Ueglnulug ��. i poii marked
"licrthK llirw-irs n s.oorner,"and planted on
the eaat ibore ol Whataban (Oariboo) lake, hi tlie
narrowi of the lake, ainl abont one mile wuth ol
Arrow laki trail; thence iouth 80chaini! thenee
wi bi BO chaliii more or leu to tin ot tbi
:., rrowaj thenoe following thi  - dd   In re In ���
genera) northerly mut eaiterlj   direction 130
chnlni more **r leai to tin* point of commenoement containing M0 aeroi more or leu
Dated thliflth day of Oot , l��6
BlBTHi r.
I"   I.   Uamjih.Mj, Anenl
���     New Styles in Long Coats for Ladies
J The Latest New York Shapes.        Best man-tailored
T finish, in light tweeds and plain cloths.
m Prices from $10 to $25 each
I FRED IRVINE &������_.
���������������������������������������:������������<������>������*-�����������. ���."���>���
Hon. G. W. Ross goes to the sebate.
it used to lie said that there la alwaya
room al the top, but 11 would appear
thai there is also a Bide entrance to
political rest and remuneration for arduous toil in behalf of the party.
Judge Clements goes up to the supreme court. As The Daily Canadian
announced the fact some weeks ago
there is no further need for comment
at this time.
���so-inyj* nfti*r date I intend to apply to the Honorable tii? Chief Commluloner ��>i Landi and
Blxtj dari after date I Intend to appl]
Hu-i Chief Commlaaioner of Landi and  *'
\ k'torla, to pnrohaie IM aorei of landi locate*! on
the weit i if. Arm-*, late, about five mile below Burton City, and deaoribed nn followi: I'ora-
menclns nt �� poil marked "JT. Q. B'�� ion
baton utol the north wi n
oorner of Lol 2719; thence north-tot'liaiim; theuee
wi -* ifl . tialnii thi n - nouth 4o ohalnii Ihem .
i ..* i loi halm to the place i>f i.i*��ihii1iik.
November 14th, 1906. K.Q.Peih,
I��cr J. E. anna hi v.
aftei date I Intend to applj to the Bon.
>     imlull ti. r of Landi Htnl Worka, Vie-
purchai    -1" to tm ttt mn*l located In
Km* VnilVv mi'l being a portion of toctloni r
and in 11: t   mthlpflo and deacrlbed u followi:
i ommem ini al i poal planted al the touUnreil
eorner of the loutheaal quarter of KCtlon lfi
Townihlp DO nn.l  markea J. Q. B. K. corner,
lheni i north 10 chatna; thence treat 00 riir-un--,
lbenci wuth 40 cliaina; thence eait 6D cbalni to
place ol beginning.
Noti mber Brd BOB.
 J. i.  AwiAMjt, igent.
Works, to purchase BM acrei of land: I om
mencing at a poit mftikort Q.W. 8 N.E.oornei
imit and planted on the weat ihore nf Arrow
lake adjoining Lot 878 on the south ilde "i paid
Lot, then o weit 80 chaini alona tbe loulhern
boundary of Lol B78j thenee souih 46.B3 chalnn;
thenee east 80 ehalni more or leu to ink'* ibore;
thence uorth along lake ihore to place ol beginning.
Dated 2Stb dayof Nov. WA
Gbo. w Bteel,
J   K   AWK*BU, Arum.
Blxty daya afterdate I Intend to apply to the
Hon. chlel Commlaaioner ol Landi and Worka
victoria, to purohaae U0 aorei ol bind located
on ihe weitilueof Arrow lake mil lying directly
liorlh nf \ai\ 1'fiff. Coiiinu*;i.'ing al 'i j>- -l iMiiiU*.i
at ihe N. K. corner ol Loi 7B7( and marki d "B. It.
.S.   E    corner,"  an.l   running   north IM  clmlns,
thonce wesi At chains, Ihcnce  north _0 elwun\
tbence weat 20 chain*., thence iouth 40 chains,
thenoe eait -W chains, to plaee of beginning.
HOV. Mtb, 1908. ltKHTHA  liHAItl-KY,
   J. E. Actable, Agent
Biny dayi after date J int**n'l tO apply to Uv
Hou. Chlel Oommluloner ol Landa ana Works,
Victoria, to pnrobaie 1*80 acrei ol laud located In
Fire Vallev, being part of Bectlom Three and
Pour, Township fto, Hmi described as follows:
Commencing at a pom planted in William
Wllllami' N. W. corner, anil iLarkeil "K. h. W|
N. E. eorner," ainl runtiliig ,n chains went,
thenoe ?<> chaini iouth, tbence 20 cbalni eait,
Ihence -in ohaini iouth, tbence 20 cbalni aaat,
ihence ro chains nonh to plaoe of beginning.
November Bird, WO. Etoas e wru-uiu,
J. E. Annahlk. -\g< nt
r>o dayi after dale I Intend to ajiplj* to tbe Hon.
Chief CommlMloner of i.uih.i* ana works 10 pur-
chase 820 acres of and located ln Are Valley being partoj ttcctloraiD anil iu Township w, and
deicrlbed as Jollows: Coiiiltiuuelng at a post
marki-ii K. W. J- B. E. eorner ami plauteil at the
nortbweit corner of Wm. Williams' pn.ehaie;
thenee veil Wehalni; thence north ho chalna;
tbence eait 40 ehains; thenoe miuiIi m ohaini to
place of beginning.
November 28rd um.
K. W.JrdUUM,
 J. E. Ai*N,\i:i,i*;, AK*-nt.
Notice la hereby given that mi dnvs after dab I
intend to make application to the uonorahle the
Chief CommlMloner of Landa and Works foi per-
mission to purchase the following described
lands: Commencing at a post on the north
boundary of Lnt804and about3ohaini easl of
whatshan creek, running 40chaini eait: tbence
40 chaini nortb; thence to chaini west! thenei io
cbalni aoutb, to point of oontnouocment, containing MM aorei more or leu.
Dated October 18,1000,
I.cos* WATSOX,
lly bli agent, BbXHST Vi   Kouisson
Notiee is lit reby given that !Ki da\b trom date I
intend to apidy in tin* Bonorable the Chief Commissioner of Lands and WnikH to piirehii.c r.m
ai-n-soiland described as follows: Commencing
ut a post planted on tbe north bank of lhe Little
Moyle river, aboul 300 yards from month, and
marked "K. McLeans fi. Vi. enrner post,"
Ihenoe cast ku ehalns, thenee  uorih S* eli-iins,
ihenee west wi chains, th_uec soutb BOcbalns, to
place of Qommenoemeni, and oontainlng 040 acres
more or leu.
I.n. ni.-sl Huh .'uy f'.t . Ii �������.._      !;���-': I   .M. ! IMN.
Sixlv davs nfler date 1 jiiirpos" making application to the Hon. tin* 1 iii.*f romo.issioner of
Lands ��nd Worku lor permlulon to purchase the
foiinwiiib described land*.   Commencing at a
posl placed about hall 11 mile west of Hainc*-*.
ereek, and abonl om mile north of the mouth of
Ihi* -lime, marked *'J. H's. H W. corner," running
thence m chains north; tlu-nce B*i chnin- east,
tlrrce hu chains south to ihe nortb boundarv of
Vi. N. Poole's epplieatlo' to purcbaie; tlience sm
chains west to point of eommeneement; containing 'ill) aorei more ur ics��.
bated the 18th dux oi October, 1906.
J. SniRLL.
Notice Is herebv |jiven thai Ottdayi alter dim- I
Iniend to appiv to tne Honorable the Ohle'f Commluloner of Landi and wmk- tor permlulon to
purchase the following described lands iltuate
aboutlOmllei cast af tne Cltj of Kelson, on ihe
iouth  shore of   the We* 1 Ann of t\r, ,n,.*   lake,
aud oommencng nt a post plaoed aboul vo chains
south of the umtboast oornerol 1-d 254., mark-d
"8 Thomas** *. w corner," thence rouiIi '.si
chains, ibenee easl :i) chains, thence north 30
Chains, llienee wet.1 20 cbains tu point of com
Dated this 6th day of Nov., 1000.     H Thomas.
Ii hi reby glren thai 00 dayi after date
1 intend to appli to the Honorable iin* I 1 lef
Commissioner ol Landi and Works for perm I
���-inn in purchase the foUowlng deacrlbed landa;
Commem Ing at 1 po t planted on the Qortheasi
cornei of  Peter McKaufhton'i application to
pUTl litis.*,   running   Hit chains   west   along   the
northern 1 ndary ol same; tbenei-10 eliains
uorth; then* e80 chaini aaat; tbence B0 chatm
iouth, along tbe weal boundary of John Blllott'i
application 10 purobase, to point ot commencement, containing 040 acres, moreor len.
Dated Oct 18, two Thomas Smith,
By bis agent. Exran w. Bobii oh
Notlci  l- her, by given that 00dan after dat*  I
intend to apply to the Honorable the rhlW Com*
minloner of Lands and Works, at Victoria, B.C.,
lor  perm lug ton   tn  purehase   thp   following  de-
.crlbed lund-. iltuated m the Weat Kootenay
district, south of forty Nine creek, commencing
al a post marked "L. B Choquette's V. Vt. eorner," thence 40 chaini east, tbenoe ui ebalni
houth, tbnic. 40 chain*,  west,  Ihenee -10 cbatnn
north to tbi Dommencemenl post, containing 160
aorei, more or less.
Nelson, B. 0 , Oct. 16th, 1905
L. 11. Choi dxtt*.
VT, A. JOKU, Agent.
Notice is beret.*, given tb-it Hxty dayi aftei
date I intend tn applv UUb�� lion. Chief I ommls-
���loner oi Landi and Worki tot permtuton to
purchase tbe following described lands, in
West Kootenay District i Commencing ai an Initial posl planted at the theaati orm r of Ho-
��� Dy'i pre emption, tion. e 20 cbains wmI toi-ast
boundary of Lot B1W; thenoe following -nut
boundary iouth to southeast oornei ot laid lot;
thence 10 cbains treat; thenoe -o ohalni tooth)
lbence 10 cbalm eaat; ihence 20 cbalm north tu
loutbweil corner of Lot 2��l; tbence following
weit boundan oi L6t t'22 w imiiai poit.
-. ptember .'i. liwo. w. D, Wotff,
[ht khm-i w . BoBimrav
Notiee li hi reby giv, n that i"1 dayi attar dale 1
intend ti'dppij 10 [be Honorable the Chief Com-
iloner of Lands and Worka, Victoria, B, C,
: ���;������.: lulon to purcba* tbe following described land, iltuated in lbe Wi it Kootenay dlatrlct,
on the wut ilde of I'nhamel for Six Mile) creek,
oil  iip'-pr side  of  Wagon   road,  uboui . '
tro n ��'est Arm 'if Kofltenay lake: Commencing
at a poit marked Hn Efattle Duck'a h K 001
ner. running 40 cbalni west, tbenee -"i chains
iouth; tbenoe40 cbalni east) thena .',| chatm
north, to the polnl ol commencementi contain'
lav ** ��� si ru Of iNiid   more or lens
Dated no* 17th November WW
Mi*>  mm a In*, a.,
j.oi.N >: 'lAVioi-.. Agenl
Blxty daya after dnie I purpi,***?making apnllca-
tlon tc ihe Hon Chlof Commlaaioner ot Landa
and " orki for pi rmtialon to purcbaie tbe follow-
Ing descrlbad land: Commencing at 1 pout
t the south (real corner of ft, W, iianniug-
��� ���:. ap| ,:* v.. a to pnri basi, tnarki d "L U -.
H - ��� 1. corner poat, running thenee w chalm
weat; Lbence B0 chalna aoutb; thence SO chaini
east; thenei B0 chatm north to poini of nom-
meneement, ron tain ing -340 acres, mort* or len.
Dated the hill, day of October, UOB,
L. M. B. Hanningto;*,
par ft. Bhikll, Agent.
pixy  days alter date 1 purpose making  appll-
catlon tothe Hon. Chief Commluloner ol Land*,
and Works Ior pennluton to purchase tha following deacrlbed land:   Commeneing at a poat
placed on the norlh boundary of lot No, EMM  and
���about two chaini eaat ot Whatahan creek, marked "St. B'a. B, W, corner," running tbenoe 40
(halus cast; thence 40 chaius nnrlh; tlience it)
(���hains west; thenee IH chains souii,, to point of
eommenoement, oontainlng igo acres more or
Itaied the- loth day nf October, 1906.
M. BntXUr.
I'er R. BHISLL, Agent.
Hixty  day��  aTter  date! Intend In apply to the
Honorable the fbicf Commlaaioner of Lamls aud
Worki to pnrehaae 040 aorea of land, located In
Fire Valley,on weit side of Arrow lake: Commencing at a poit planted 40 cbalm weit of the
lOUthwott corner of J. Boblnion'a pre-emption
ami  marked J. W's .u. K. eurner, nnd running
north so chalna, tbence weat flfl chalna, tbenei
Miuib HO chains, thenoe tact B0 chnlni to place of
Nov. 18th, 1000. Jan;-: Williams.,
J. E. ANNAHLK. Ageut.
Notice i*�� bereb} given that 00dava attar date l
Intend to apply to the Honorable the Onial ''om-
minloner of Land! and Worku fur nermfwion to
].lire;,ns.* lhe fnliiwing dewerlhod land.: Uirn-
irit-nclng  nl a  post placed '."J con Inn west of the
southeaal onrnei of Lol ��542, marked "it. a. Hcii'i
northweit oorner," thenoe south *i chkiun,
thencecast 20 _balm, thence north 20 chuius,
thenee Wesl -ftlchalne topuini of couiinrnccmcnl,
containing .0 acren, more or lesi.
Located thla Oth dayol Not ,1006.  it. a, Bull.
Blxty dnys afterdate i purpose making application 10 the Hon, Chief Commlnloner of Landi.
and Worka for permission to purchase the [ollowlng deacrlbed landi rommeneing at a post
planed ai the nortb east eornei of B.C Bklnner'a
application to purchase, marked "II. D_ N.W
corner poat," tbence following the east bonndary of same80 chains aauth; thenee running su
chains east; thence SO ohaini north; tbenee BO
chain*-' wc**! lo point ot coinineucc-tneut, containing 040 aen 1 more or lesi
I .ite-l ihe Juii, day of October, UM.
11  DODD,
I'er It. f-'jiut.i- Agenl.
f-'ixiy daya after date 1 ln*tend to apply to the
Hon   Chief Commlulonei ftl  Lands and Works,
Victoria, in purehase 180 aorea of land, in Sire
Valley, Woat Kootonay; Commeneing nt a post
planlod -SO chalus woat of the tt. W. corner of J.
Koblnaon'apre-emption, and marked w. w�� n.
E. cornor, and running west m chains, tbenee
south >vt cbains,  theliee east (ill chaini,  thence
mirth ko chaiiiH to plnee of beginning
Nov. Huh, IBM. William Wh.mamb,
J. E. Annahlk, Agent.
Notice I* hereby givon tbal 00 days after date, I
iniend toapply to the Uon. Chief Commlnloner
of Land*?, and Work- for permlnion to purchase
Lhe follow ing described land*- in the Wesl Kootenay District:   Berfnnlng-'&l a posi marked "W.
H Blvidge'l *c W eorner," and planted nbout
onei]UHrler in lie WOSl of llie Vtmt Khureof What-
Khun (Cariboo) lake, and about one and onc-
quartei miles jk,rth ,,f u,c souilicrn end of the
lako; then'e north *���*�� ohalna; themo east -m
ctmiu** 111,,re nv ie-,- io the shore of l!ic WliRlKhau
Inke; tbenfte foUowlng said -.horr In a general
southerly nnd westerly direction ion chains more
or leu to a pojnt ������!���. the ahore due oasi ofthe
post of commencementi thenee west ao r-hnim
more 01 leai to ihe point of commenceihent,containing 830acrei moreor less.
Dated iblsKtb day of Oct., UM.
W. 8. Elviixji,
F. L. Hammond, Agent.
Notice in hereby given that w day*, nltei date I
Intend in apply to the Hun Chief C nluloUerol
Landsand Wnrks, Victoria, for permission to pur-
chaw the following deacrlbed land, situated in
ihe West K00U aai d^'*?'-' t, on the w. -1 ride et
Dubamel (or t*is Mile) ereek, near wagon road,
aboul three mllen from Kootenai Uki t om
no ni-liigHt a postmarked "JameaJ. thlQk'afl W.
poat." ninning *_�� chains easl, thenee .11 Chains
norih, them-e M chain-* weet, thenee HO ebalni
south, to the point of commencement, contain
ing to acres of land, more or lees.
Puted mh November, tuofi.
i_K*Rled hy .Iambs J. lives.
per John k 1 ai loi, Agent,
NOtiOe I" hereby given tbat  on *ln;, - aller i]tile I
Intend to iptdv to tbe Hnn. Chief < ommiulonei
i.f Land-- and Works for Mtnniaslon to purchase
iin* following deaoribed lands,sltuab In Weal
Koolanay dlatrlct 1 iieginiimg at a post marked
������Arthur Warren's s \\ oorner," mid planted on
lhe eul ibore of Wba^ban (Cariboo) inke. abonl
two milei north oi tha narrowi nf wimtsbau
Inke, und at the S  K   oornerol fl   Beoombl - a I*
plieatlon to purehaae;  tbenco east 40 chains j
thence nortb 80 chains; thenoe wem 111 ehalna;
tbonce south -v1 cbalni to point of oommenoe'
ment; Containing :;-''���, a< res nuTeor leu.
Dated this6th dav oi Ch 1 I KM
Ajcnnra Wajuupi,
1'. I. Hammomi, Agent.
Ilxty diy** after date 1 purpose making a] plii a-
tton 10 tlie Hon Chief Commissioner ol uandi
and Works for permission to purchase the lolhiw-
lug described land: Commenelni at * post
plaoed nt the northwest corner of ll 1 >...-; t - np-
plieatlon to pnrehaae, marked "it W.H'afi w.
enrner poet/' niuuing thence 90 chains north)
thence80 ehalni eut; thence Bo cbaina aonth;
thenee  B0 chains  west   to potnl  ol oommi nee
ment, containing t'-HI acres, more or les*-.
Dated this loth day oi October, use.
It  W, Hanmm.tov.
jh-t     Bin u.l. Agent.
Notice 1* hereby giren that sixty dayi altai
date I iniend  lo apply to ibe H rable iht
Chief ('om in undone r of   Lalids- and   Works,  (or
permlaalon to pnrehaae the tollowingdncrlbed
land" in lhe Wvti Koolenay diMriet:    Ueglnnilig
at a postmarked "JameaQ Fraser'aN.B corner,*
and p allied un Uie east shore of What*haB
(CarlbiHi) lake, a Imul one half mile oorth of
rbrlsiie creek;   thenc* south 4n 1 hniii', mere ,,r
ten, to the north bonndary of W. Beoombe'a application to purchnse; Ihenee west along thenld
bonndary 4ti chains, more or leas, in the shore of
the lake; tbenee following tbe said shore In a
general norti^riy and easterly direction w
chains, more or leaa, to poim of oommencement,
tniitalnliig ino aeres, mure or less.
OCt  13lb. UM. JAVKHli. FlUKEH,
P, L IUmmom*. Agent.
Notice Is hereby given that slxlv dayi after
tbe dale I Intend tu apply to Ibe Hon, the Chief
Commiasioner of Lands and Worki for permia*
sion to purchase the fulluwlng deicrlbed  land
In lhe Weat Kooienav distriet:   beginning ata
poit marked ���*>.. it, Keir-. n. k. corner/1 ind
planted on'he Mmre of WIniisbaii(rHribi.o) Uke,
al the nurih*,*, cm corner of laid take: thence SU
ohalna weat; thenoe 40 ehains aouth; thenoe 40
chains out! Ibvnee-lfi chains smith; LhanceOU*)
40 chalna, mora or leu lo tbe ihore of the said
lake, tbenoe northerly along tbe aald lake ahore
BO ebalna, mere or leas, to th*. point of oommen
,    . K K. Kkii.,
1.1. Hammuku, Agent.
KoUce la hereby given tbat 00 dayi after dan 1
Intend to apply to lhe Hon �� blel Commlul 1
of Landsand Worki for permlaalon to pure ha*
the foUowlng doacrlbed lands iftuateS in the
Weal   KfioUmiy   dMiX:     Be   ll lilng   nl   H nrmt
marked "William  Kptl'i s. wTcorner *a_S
planted ahmii one mile tontfa of the north end
of Whatsbaiu' aril ) lake, abont twenty chaini
WWtO    thfl   WCltlboi    SH|dlBkc a!.?,,
���onth l dary ol k  it   Kell'i applloation m
purohaae; thence south 80 chains; tHanee eaat an
chniiih,   more   or   leu,   to   the <.-,j-t ui,,, ahnrn.
thenoe northerly along the said shore ao _______
n.nre   nr   less.  |(l the   said smith   bonT,rt,1r,      i
K 6,Ke��'aapplication topurobueUh?JSM_t
ao chalna, more 01 lei to tlapolmofcomSenS
ment, oontainlng loo acrei mme,,-   '",I,IIHI111*'-
nWreoi.ii.ftjj. wauSixatt,
 ��* ����� h ll��uiiMi, Agent.
fi oner 01 Muias ano Works for tn*rtni��Li���!	
AtU  tt�� tallowln.  ,!...,��� ,1'.!,M n    '  "Ci
h.*.v. ���.v.?.'".-*..: .i:1 r1."-.* -i*. ���-v,,,,,..., ���,,,,.,,', ,:,���,',.,:;,.:
ton'i iissisiiwi"
lilsilit.sl ssl His. Mt
Sllm-inl Clsslsn," 11
f-lsulilH sslsissi; Bald
(SliHlliss. Ilisllis iiiih
wt-Bt forty (Hl)slstiliiNss
I.|...'lliiiirk,.l|'-\VIMI��|���T 1
,:';,,v;:;[':":.: ..-."!'"-!..'��-'^
lomiii, m.gui 1,���|. ���,
f-1") chains, tlu-nce
1 to Ihe place nf
Haled isl day of August, UM
Wlt.l.lA-.    ,
Hy his agent.I l_. Tuylcn
Sixty day
Hoii.thc i'h:
to purebntse 1
post planted
date 1 intend in
and Worka
iplugal 1
poat planted on the wui aide of bi�� rSnl?" " *
on wagon road, about two an 1 n , '/'l,n,'KK'
from   Kooienav   lake,   an.l   ii,,,,l .'f llltlt(l,
Kcchnle's H. Wesl  . mm !,,,��!   ^i'1     Nnl   M-
eliains, thence north   IO a ',,   ,h__     '::'  l0
ehalna, thence aouth 10 eb,i ns i, ', '"' "f8*' ��
meneement '      I'hiient com-
Located this 10th dny of November., _e_
Nut ie.. is hereby mra that ttdtyi after __t_i ;
Intend 1., api.u mi!.. Bon. Chief fol mtulotM
nli.aii.i-an.i Worki for permlulon iflpuiS
tbe following deacrlbed landi "ituiirt ,,��tv
Weil Kootena) district! Bub 1ata
marked"0 0 UaoMteklng'a N. M _omsr*sa_
planted dd Ihe '-vest ahore ol v bauban [i
lake.abmil thnvinll.**- norlh .,1 [hi I'nperNu
rows of tl,.* said lake and ODDoltb Ihi ,-,.,i,'i m
the   uld   hike;   thence  south M
��� ���>.-! 40 chalna, moreor Ins, tu th.   ...
thence following the Kaid ihore m*. *
ami m. iterl]  <U!<- tton 130 chalm, m     ,
!.. polnl ol oommenotment, ��� 01 :
more or less.
<>et. 13. IttOC. ()  r. M.i Mi< mm,
Hv V. I. BAMMOtO,Agnt.
Notiee li hereby given tha! rmi     Iin
date J iniend 10 maike application to thi
able 1 hlel ' omnilscloner ol Laid- and ���'
Victoria, h 1 . t.-r permission lO|
i.iwiiiH ducrlbed land, sltnate Id Kin
West Kootonay district 1  Commencltii
p] .uo 1 at the aonthwi it con
Inson'a pre-emption, marked B. I K'iH.1
pUti   thenee   tb  ehain** .    .    1
nonh. ihenne tochalnaeaat tc '���
nprthwut 1 urner, ihence mouth 10chain
ol Bommencement, oontatning 11  ..
I'notl thtf-lrd day of Kor.,1000
It  I  K1 l:K���*'*., 1,
Six iv  -lay�� aller dale I |r,l. n-l  tu _Pi
Honorable ib.* Chief Commluloner o! I_ii   ���.
Works, Victoria, to pnrehaae aw *\rm
lia-ated an 1 ilfirrlbed as followi
at a p.*. 1 planted   itl   thi  Booths
lloldiihon'*- pre-emption in In- Val       wdibt-lt
(lie mile-  'mm Kdward   Uudin*.   *.*..-���
Arrow take, and marked I" O'a N V. con
rnnnhip wi ii n chains, then ���
tbeni a east ao 1 hsin., thanes Mutl
thenc* eaat M ebaim, tlience nortb -1 ��� bah iw
place ol t-->(;imilu--i
Noi   lath, IW Flam Oksm,
J. B. Ajqusls, Ageni
dayi after data 1 Intend te in
Hpnnrabli th   I blel I ommlulotier (if landt mi
worka for i�� rutlMiou toporehau tbefollovlai
' ��� d   lauds  In   Kooteitsy   dlatrlcl      I   I
men Ing nt a post marked J B. Aonabli
cut corner poat, said poii belnit on Un
���  lha i_iw*��r Arrow lale. abo tta
below    Itnrlou   Cltyj   thence  lonth   10 cklbnG
Ihence weat ao ehalns; thenre aonth %
thence *.*.��������� B0 chalna; thenee north ���'- 1 halm
��� ud   '2��   links,   more nr  1cm  to the takl
lheni I 1 utterly along lake 40��� hain**. mon  ' ��� '*
to the place of l��*iiiiininy, coiitaiiiiii��iifiitns.
more or lesa,
pan d iiit- 6th day of November, I ������
pm k. h iMntnr, Arm
Blkty dayi alter date I Intend toam
Honorable the Chid Coanmlaaioni r dI Uaadiua
Works fnr tH'tmil*ton lo purcha-e ti.e lollowlSf
deacrlbed lanl* in Kootenay dlfirl.i    I
Cipg at  a   po*-'.  marked  '*A. J. I��ill"�� M.utliwert
corner post," aald poel being on Un 1
��� re of the l-ower Arrow lake in  ���     ���
II,  OQ   lhe  northeast corner "! Ul .rM.
ttroiiy l; iheni e north eo chatm; eut �� rbaiaii
south 40ehalna, more or leu, to tbelike_h��i, ���
llienee follow mn said shore In asonthWftiti
din. tion U chalu, more or leu to 1
beKlliiilus. coiilalnliiK  IfiO aCTU,  1
I'ated tills ,.ih dm of Novemhir. I1**'
per K L FintKrr. Agent.
Notloe la hereby |tnn that BOdayiafurdaU
1   Intend,  to ��j,p]y   to  the  Ifom'taMe tln-l'lil-vf
Oommluluiar of Land* and Worki lorpara*
Hon to lurubaae tbe following ducrlbed liaw
Kootenav    dtmrlet:      ('ommem inz   �����  ��   J""''
markei) ��� J. ||   Wallace's liorlhwc*-:<ornerP��l
Mil   post  U-inn '��n the easlerlv ildi   of loatt
Arrow   Ink,*,   nml   ut  tbe   HUlbWUI   .-rrm r <>l
Carter. prc*emptlon claim J them   ���
the_b iouth �� chalna, thenoe w -1
thence aouth _u chains, tbenee we-t w i-haiai
mere or leu to the Arrow lake, thene. tniwru
easi'*rly  illreeiioii iVl chains,  more er '.**.��� I" thf
place ol boKlnnlun, coutululltK Mem n -.miTf"'
Dated thU 2Bth day of OcIoIht. 190ft.
J. II wui *-rt-
By bu agent, K-svuktii L BOBMT.
Hixty davs alter date 1 Intend toapplytotjl
Honorable the Chlel ''ommlsaioner of Unu"?
Work-, Victoria, to purchahe IflOacrw etitm,
located In Kir** Valley and Aem rlbed �� tw_*2
Cnmmeni int at B po-t marked ii- I( Mi \< ��� P'"j
corner, and planted  at  the southwf��i cornerw
I'd 7��i.'>. gnd running -aoutb Bo clu ��� ��� ">"'"'"
east m chains, thence north 00 ohaiiiH, tneiwi
WUI BO Cbalm to plaee of hrtlitnlu*.*
Not  Igth, LB06, OI. B McMlLU.
J.E.Akmabls, Anenl.
Hixty dayi alter date 1 purpose mat RgHJ
ceUon tothe Hon Chlaf Coramlulon 1 ol '"';���'
mid Works for permlulon tn purchase thew
lowing described   land:   t'ommein .i.f ���","���",
pbue.1,11 the ii iith west oornerol U ~ll-'*K
plteal  to parol - marked -i  ' -    '
Ul r," runnlnc Mo tiee Hll chain,, notth: tn���� *
ohaini west; Ihenf- **��i ehains iouth; thaeoew
cbalni eai 1 to point nf oommenoem' nt, _��nt*w��
lua :i_.ii.. n   more or leu
Dated the loth day ol Oetober, ttct.
i  1 v Qtrfga.
Mottoe ll hen by kIvhii that 00 days alter W[j
Intend   to   appl)'   to  lhe  Honor-!.]    I "
Commluloner of Undsand Works for pa'*"
sion lo purchase the Jolln*.*, Inn deal r I  "" ' '
in tlm Wui Kootenay dlatrlcl: Betinulngaj||
poal maiked "Kleanor llir.cb's f v coraw.
and pbinlid on (bo Wt't shore of lhe narrow"  .
WluiiKhaii (Cariboo) lake, about oiicfi'i' ,,,"'(1/ .���
Iliol Arrow lake Hall; Hi ���
; thena
easi 40 chains more
r I.-"
ahore ol the Narrows; ibenee followlim l
shore lu a K'-licrnl sotilherh* and wc"""r|) -���*:
Hon Wl ehalns moreor leu Co point ol ���l| "
imnt.eontaiuliiK 100 aires more or I-,L ..,���,,.,,
i'aled Oct, Mh.lMKI. KlithlW* ',I.MCH|
V. t, Hammom*. agem
Notice Is herein* trl v��' 111 li -a t hI x t v iioy-��1 > ''I'JjJ,1;
I Intend to apply totha Hon Chief (("'����"'���"���,.
er of han.i-Hund' Works fornormliib'ii wjr.,
chase the following described landl '". . 'urkel
Kooiei1.1v .Hurl. 1:   Beginning al 111"" ���'���' ll(l.
"VV. Kecombe'sH   K   comer " and plin.i' '*    ,   ���,
ensl   shore   of   Wbnisliaii (CirlbOO) !��*��� "^
two miles   nortii ol the narrows ol ""*',-, g)     H*:
lake;   ihence   norlh   BO Chains!  "n n'''' ^     Bi
chains, more or  less,  to  the  lake slio" '  .i(t,r)v    \^M
followlni; thc said ihorelo a general mi      ,;,    ���*>.
and eaaterly direction l_0nhalna,i '",' . '^j    _M
the   polnl    ,.f   eoiiimciiccineii
acres, more or leaa.
Haled ihlaMiluiay oldcl ,1900
rS.ui.i5 ��
F. L  H-����sJ��ls. *����'il { NliW  CASH   STORE A
A UCK  SATEEN  V/AI8TB���regular fa.GO and 11.00.     While   they
A    "   last '���'  11.00
I ruANNEUETTE   BLOU8E8���Oood values at il.'M uml JUT,.    Choice
��� a,  75c and $1.00
,K  BLOUSES       hal   nn- l.-ll in (lm lot going al half the coit
t  12-00,  J3.50 and  10 00
��� BU,TS   ANO   READY-TO WtAR 8KIRT8���What  an-    li-rt    i,v,-i  i,���
A  $3.00, $3.50 and J5.C0
A , .pif.,- ...3 CHILDREN'S UNDERWEAR,    moitly    drawers,    at
I *      LESS   IHAN  COST.
* -(f.t'i    - Hei   siii'i Chiiareni, Rl one-half ih,. regular prjcei
_ VAHOS   FANCY   CASMMERETTF8   fnr   lrt.li.-K'   waists   OT   .Mill
" wi.nii Ht: Cut to 10c a yard
YARDS   HEAVY   FANCY   FLANNELETTE   for     IiiiII.-k'    ilrewiliiK
ilia:   'V.r Cut  to  15c  a  ycra
The Daily Canadian
s-.s?,,!i?sT. ii'"�����,"���' Piirp....- inakliu appli-
,.,, Pu   . ,'"""   *��el_iaailnlrs<ral Luini.
ivi. . ".'Vri'-ri'si'.i.in t., punriUM Ihs. lol-
.j��l �����... ��� sl.s-.l Un.is,: r.siniinuciiiK at �� ii=.t
I..... i-.l about lull a mils ���,.,, ���, ������. lnwer ellJ ���,
,.,  .     ",', """t"-'" "B.D'a N. ��' .rarn.r,"
r  iiliiii|[llii-ii.., i.Ml,ssiii.K,���i||,;lln-sl(!e��Oi:lialIH
tan,uunoeao obtlai iss.rtii; iiu.,.^ m ulmin.
WS-BI lo p���l,.| ���|  , s,ll,liiwl��� f-llHlit. .s,,t,l���jlllll.   I4SI
aorei, taore ,.r Ic.
Dalad lh.12t.iU! -..f,i.-toiwr, ltui.
li. Dfitils,
I'fr J. shiell, Agent.
...1, ���>,'1*.?'".l,"'r'''",fl I"��l'""�� mssuln. appli-
'"!",,!.t".1"! """ *rhl<-il'*,nniiilMlijnoroI.Land<
s,l Wi
Iik lor
purohaae ttio toi*
I  Ihss.Ih:    < i.ssilns-tirluK Ht tlie
>.l il A i'r> -sis 'h iii.esIis silloii Ut
 , ......J ..����� .,. ,,.,. h  ��   oorner,'1
uiii.ii,k tbenoe h�� ehalni  Mirtis;  ti.t-n.-_ tm
chain,eaati tbenoe BO ohalni ���.uin; thenoe hii
l Illllll. WlSSS tn l.i.l Sl I nl OO Sli I'll lis .Ins-Ill, SSSIlStllltl-
Iiik Beuacrei. more or leu.
I-Hl.-.l  III'-  Ull,  ,lHS   S.I (ll-tlstsiT,   ..     ..
w. o.on.i.m,
silk lis ih*   vard:  'Mii.-r.-iit kinds nt HALF tttt regular prloat
f ..��� Taffeta : ' n yur.l.
4    lADItS'   tHIMMED  HAT8 at   Is-.,  than   00ft    Choice, $1.50
RR & CO.
ed the i'2iu tiay'of October, ii*****''
W, l. - -.
Pel J Bii.aLL, Agent
Blxty dari after
cat i n i" i!   "
uml Work
At- I  |iijri)i"*>c  malclliK ii|>l'it-
fl li, Uu* Hon. ��� t.i'*' i i,inn.i >i r <*f l.uii.l*.
"' ��� for -permluioa i" j-u cbate Uie toi-
...-���n8 uuMtrlbed Lendi: i i.iiiiin-ui'iiig at the
nor lb weti coroer of D, pudd'i uppiicaituti tn
uurchaM, iitjiiki"! "it  V- .-'. W . i-firitrT," run uiu-*.
IboaoeSDetaatnenorlb; tbenei Wi i-haftm, more
..I lata, to Uie treat ibore of wimt��tinii laki-, ful-
;-���**��� in*-* -...:���.* m. i-i,uiu-. m.mi,; tbence BO chaini)
mon or ichh. tatu Ni iin*p<iim of oonuneciienunti
���.���oi.Hiliiltiiff.i-i hc-i-h  non nr Wat.
Hated tbe I2ih duy of October. i*> ��
M. KAiyriFK.
per J. Hiiiki.i., Agent
NoUoe in baraby gtven timt ilxtl 'layi aftei
���lm.   I  iutfixl  to apply Id 1 he lloiiornbk* 1'liJef
i ommlHlonar til l-aii'l* ami Wcrk* l(��r periiila-
ilon to pnrebaie lbe following deeerlbed lamia:
' Uni in I'Hc-liij. b( it -j-'isi plat*' 11 mi the norlhw i-l
ooinfjofAlberiKUlou'iapflluation toputcbaea-
nuiiiliiH   *'  cliailiK    ftm   aUmr   ihe    nortlitrn
bonndarr ������' eamai tbenee  ", cbalni north;
tbanoe Webalm weet ������ ooeSoo .ainn wntb, to
point "f oommeneenient, ('���uniaHiiiiK No hit.*,
more or leaa.
iJate- Ont. n, iwxi. Johw YA.utrn,
Bj* Ilia -gCDt. BUMT Vi- BOBUHOlt.
Bud weiser Beer
DISTILLERS! 12 aud 20 years old.
WET Cfl'J H..l�� Aaent. In ItrltUH
1HE.L.JV. .*< Colunihlu.
j Hxtjr iU|i after date 1 pnrpoM making epoH-
! rat imi in ihe Hon. Chief -CommliBloner of Lam!*-'
uu.i Worki for permeurion to porduue tbe fni-
; lowing  deserfbed   landi:   Cfiiiimeiieiu*<  at a
poat plneeil at the northwest comer of "K.
A. QitwM'l appllL'attuii to jmrchai-.*. ntarlt-'l
"K.lt'i _. E.eitnier," ru'jiiinfj tbenoe ��) ehalni
north, thenee ��i ehain* weit, tbenee hu ebalni
' i--nth, then-eSO chaise eait to pnim of oommen-
rcnient, eiiiiiHinltiKf. i acres more or l����e,
I'a-ti th-*.* 13th <iay oi October, f'.".ifi
K. ItoBruTtiON,
per J. fSiiiEl.l., Akc-ih.
IP, Burns & Co.
���   - '������   Kswulnnd,   Trail,   N.-laun,  KilsIii,   Sandon, thxet Forks, Ne*
Dbuvor nud SUx-an Cily.
tiraneb will have
s.s. 11 ������������; ll .Sti-Iillini.
Head Office: Nelson, B. C.
I 1 pnrpoee *��� *������ '������'��� appU-
** ��� : ��� niiitiiUaldlier ol l-_uill
-1  to pnrehaae tho   fol-
 unendng at a poat
���     oornof **l J i-lilell> ap-
marked ��� R. H'a rt K. cor-
-tbalOl in.rth, thenre 80
f��i cbelci muth. Lbence 80
iniiK-iicemeiil, i ..iiinl.i-
Oi tober, IW
it Rhibll,
l��r J. HHIIl.L, Agont.
- H .
I parp iM  making nppll-
i t'tiicf I'liinniicNhui'T of l-auilpt
..ii ii putcbaae lbe (ol-
Commenclni ai a p<*t
; orutcornerofB flhlell'i
inarke.l "M. E G'lCB
Di.  vi ��� huliir* norlh lo the
-m-ury ���i i, i, sm, thenoi n ehalni
K    �����>".����� *.        i- aouth, thonoe80ohaini
ii noement, eontaUtlnj W
I o-.iob_r.Uttt.
i J Sum ;., ABenl
i pnrnoM tbifclna appli*
i blel Coamlraioner nf ,
  Ion i" pnrehaae tba
..n-i:   Coromonolng a�� a ;
lunctlon  Ol   Harm*'  ami
n I eaat nt  K. J.KUlotfl ��j>
���   marked -w. s t"��. B. W.
_Ucbalni norlh; thenre
- . balm MUtbi thonoe wi
��� uuuuaauoemott-t] eoniain-
���    ���
��� Lobor.lWt.
Vi, N. POOL!.
I'er J. HlllKl.l., Agent.
i purpeeo maJtlng appli-
���  rhtel CommlMloner of
s  M.iihftinn in purohaae the
Oommenelnfl al ��
pun hate, marked '*. ��� i' "���
i-ing tbi'iici'tto chatna north;
��� wi rhalni weti thonoe W
��� *a * ehelni west, to polut id
'' "    '   iiUtntng iviii _ver*-B, more or
V   DODfl
  1'erJ. Shlell.Afant.
������:��� i purpoie maJUni app't
 'fi ommlMloMroI Landi
mn i.t purohaee tin* toi-
lau --.   Comtueuolna at the
r of V   IMdJi application   to
!     ' ��� I.  li - N. K. - orner," rot)
l_t, ||u.        ' ���""ainl south, Ihenee 90 ohalm
'��� ft'm north, thonoe BO i balne
* rtnimenotxaant, oontaUtlni
k"lu" '-ib'hiyoiOotoberiiWfl.
l��cr J Kmri.1. Agent
Wi'"'"*" hm    ' 'A1*11!'1   Ihenee  West   .tl OhlUDI,
B.h''"uK-������ '   .:|" Bl�����lineoreaTJcrock and
I ' -1 northerly ami eaiteriv direo-
PfMnn-.,,,;1    Mora or h>w, t() point of nun-
i;,Ui {-^wining ieo atufot, more or lona
U.  l-   i    ..        ANTOINBTTK lltlWHH,
��3  r   1. IIammonii, Ageut.
Notice lo httvh) given ttiatOO dari ht:- * ilaW 1
lnti-U'1 to apply Eo the Uonorahle the Chief Com-
inlHAtotier of Ijiii'U an.l Works for permiaKlon to
purehaae the lolli-uing *i.*- i landa In the
w��ej Kootena. dlatrlet;   iiegiuning at a port
iimia.  I    a n IriiM-r'a Ji. W. eoruer," ainl
pUntnl on the east shore of the narrows ol
Wluitfihan (i atil'o.i) lake, at the S. K. corner ol
It rnhard llimeh's applliniion to pnrehea.;
thenee east in chains; tlieuee aouib su chains;
the nee wesi 40 cbaiiii*. more or less. u> the hhore
ol the narrowi; theneo followlni tne said shore
In a northerly direetlou no rhalim, moreor ]i-����
lothe jmint t.f eoinin-neeuu-nt, ex-utainiug ISO
aeres, more or less.
Oct. IStb) lt^Ki. ALKxAMira FHA^r.B,
by K. L 11/.BVOSI), Aecnt.
Blxty 'layx aflei ilate I purftoFe making appli-
fat bin to the Hou. Chlel ConunlUlonat of l_iuda
anil Woiks for oeruiitiaion to pnri-liasc the ful-
lOWtni lii'ScriheJ Luiiils loiumeitcjug at the
northeast corner of C. L Hannlngt^n's application to purohaae. maiked "__ A. CaB,&nornert"
ni lining thenee mi ehatns north, thenee KU ehalns
w-*st, thanee BD ehalns Mnth. thenei. HU chains
-Mil to point of commencement, containing r-tu
nt*?. -. more or less.
Dato-d the Irth dav ol Ootober, 11K_.
E A. CKklBK,
per J Binicix Agent.
Notiee Is herel,v ptvcu Hint eo (lavs after date
I intend toapply to tho Hon chief Comtnliilouer
of Lands aiol Worki for permlnion to pnrehaae
the lollowlng deaorlbed lands m VYeat Kootena}
bUtr.01: H ginning al a poit marked, "Hern,
hard llira.h> H. K. eortier," nnd plHiite-l  on  the
ruit sii ire of itn* narrow*ol Whataban [Oarlbooj
lake; thence n rtti vn ebalns; thinec wcsl 10
obalm more or less, to the ibon of Whatahan
lake; ihenee following  Said ihore  in  a general
���onlherly anl eaitorl; direellon l-Mcimins more
or leas, lo p Inl nf cuiituieueemeut: couminiiig
B30 aerea, mor,* or loaa.
Pated tiiis Sth ilu) ol Oet I'JWI.
ItliKMiAUll lltltPi 11,
P. I.. Hammomi, Agent
Noiiee Is hereby given that BO dan alter dale I
Intend io fipidy to thc Hnn. Cblel t'oniijiissiom r
���>f i.s ���������1- and Worki for |- nu .-.��������� u to purchase
the following deicrlbed lauds ��ltuated in Die
Weil kiinl'iiMV dlitrlot! HeKitilling at a posi
marked " llerlierl Warren's N. K, eo tier," and
blutted on the tr.it iboreol Vi'hat**haii (Cariboo)
lake, about one^)ua*rtei mile north -���( the southern end ni tin* lake; Ihenoe *���>est so chains; llieneo
loiith wi chains; thenee east wi ohalna. more or
leas,    to    Whatahan    ereek;    thence  followlni
norih along the ereek and lake shore Hii eliains.
moreor leu, to i��hit of commencement.oon*
tainiug M" aorea, more or lejm
I��al<**- Ibis tub day of October, IW*.
B��tB-_n Waiihkn,
F. 1.. IIamhi>kii. Agent,
Notice isherohygiven that six tv days alter dale
I intend toapph tothe Hon. Chief fommlulone.
of IjiikI" and works foruermlBslon to pnirohaae
the   loiiowing  daacrllwd   lands  in Cha West
Kootenay dlitrlet:    Beginning at a post marked
"J. fi. t'lmiu.-ii's s w. (orner," and planted about
one-hull  mile  east   of  tlm  ihore of Whatshan
(������anl i  laki  and  nl.nn  9 mil.- north al the
i,��i n.w. i.l llo shi t lake, and nl ihe B. 1*. enrner
nfl Arthur Warren's application to pnrchaeej
thencecast  hn eliains;   tin*lice   notlli BDchaHU.
iiin < ��.*st hii ehains to the northeaat corner oi
Arihnr Warren'eapplication i" purchue; thenee
mui tb t**i i-htiins to point of commencement, con*
talmtig am acrei, more or leai.
f'et. loth, IW*. J. H. KlMtSBO,
l\ h. Ha-mhonii, Ageni.
Notice 1* herehy given thai 00 days utter Bale I
Intend to make application to the honorable the
I ii" Commlatloner o! Lands and Works lor permission Ui pureliase the following desc*lli,-d
lands:   Commonolmt  at  a  Mj-ft   pl.Mili-l on the
northeaat co nai ol Peter UoMaugnton'i application to purchns . (Ollowlng the easl houiulary of
same ni chaini sooth; tlience ho cbaina eaat;
thenee Hi chains liorlh; theuce Hi chains west U>
point ol coinineuiemtut. containing C4o acres
ii ore or less.
DOtM Oct. 13, IJDt. AI.HKKT Hi I.liflT,
Hy hi�� agent Khnkst W, Koiiinsos.
SUty davs after date 1 intend to applv to lhe
Hon. Chief Commissioner of 1-and* and Works,
Victoria, lo purchase -to acrea of laml. situated
on Uit. west side of Arrow Lake, aboutty_ mllei
la*low Hurton, and described as follows:" Com*
mencing at a poet planted at tbe northeast
bornerd l.<d 7H70. and running north'At chains;
thenoe wesl &i ahalni, tin nee souih WU bains,
theuet-cast 'in haiiiB lo place of begluulnfr.
���Sot. ntb.laoe. H E. l>tix,
J. K AnnaiiLE, Agent.
Nelson  University  Club Begins  Fourth
Year���Spelling   Reform   .Finds
Little Favor.
The annual tmcting of the Nelson
University cldb was lielu* In the club
parlor Saturday night with a fair attendance.
The secretary-treaaun-r reported a
balance tor the year.
The secretary of the university committee reported that- other organizations were suspending action until tbfl
government's intention in regard to
continuing the present McUlll establishment in Vuneottver is learned. 1 lie
fund which has made lt possible ib
available for only tlnee yeara irom
September laat Interest In the question has become general, hut local hi
pi i aliens affect tlie action ot each organization, lie recommended that tbo
siandlng committee  he   re-elecLed.
Uoth reports were received ami
The election of officers resulted as
follows: Presidenl, C. Al. Fraser; vice
president, VV. .1. Ualrd; executive com-
mitt-f, K. J. Clark, Mrs. Pearcy, Hev. f.
il. Graham; standing committee on
university, E. J. Clark, Hev. J. T. Fer-
guson, Uev. F. H. Graham, A. L. Mc*
I'.iilup, Dr. B. C. Arthur, C. tt. Fraser,
W. J. iiaird, Mrs. Pearcy, Airs. Arthnr.
Rev. J. T. Ferguaon then Introduced
a discussion of "Spelling Iteform." Ho
thought universal gratitude was due to
President Roosevelt for forcing tlie necessity for reform on public attention,
Mr. Carnegie he found "a rather trying person." After Illustrating the
many anomalies and complexities or
spelling and pronunciation now existing, Mr, Ferguson emphasized five
main points: The desirability of uni-
ioiniity in English spelling thioughmit
the English-speaking world, the necessity for unanimous acquiescence in
chan-'*. the danger to be avoided of
creating and perpetuating two distinct
uses, either English and American or
old and new. the great relief to chil-
ilr *n and to foreigners lo Ik.1 attained,
and the necessity for simplifying aud
iationn]i_iug English if it is over in
become a  universal  language.
In the discussion thai followed reform found few defenders. It was
pointed nut that present dualism.. m
Use are mainly due to the deliberate
Intention of Noah Webster, who aimed
a: creating :. distinction between English and American; lhat the reliel to
learners was more imaginar> than
real J that a rational basis in phonetics
was impossible, and that the preliminary proposals of the advocatea of reform were inconsistent and their adoption would create more difficulties
than Ihey would remove.
The programme for icxl year's meetings will be arranged by the executive
Silver King Hotd
Best Dollar a day house in the Kootenays.
Sixty   -ay* after  -late 1 intend tonpply to tbe
Iimi Chlof Commissioner ot J-nu'.s mui .v-n-itr.,
Yicluria, to ptirelihw l.*<0 Here* of laml about two
uni**** b*low liuriini t'lty. West Kootenay. ram-
mencing at h post marked "J. A. trrlag'i east
corner poit/1 tald posi being on the eaiterlT etui
ol nn iMiiiul wett ol Lot DMT,and eiatmlnc all lbe
Und contained in saU Inland, Mujj ubout DUO
in Hi1 in an em-lerly ami westerly auecttou und
about HOehlibf Irom north tohuntb.
Noveuii-er lllb, 11106. J. *.lRviNa,
J E. Annahi.k. Aycnt.
Hixly day* uf er date 1 lulend to apply io the
Roooiable tho t'bici Commls toner ot hand-** and
Worl a, Victoria, to purchaKB Mi acre* ol land,
located OU tbe west iMflol Arrow Inke. adJiiluInK
]<ot 5818 nnd deaorlbed a* follow**: t'omuiemlUK
at | pot) planlcd on Ihr v-.enl boundary ul I-ot
WIH, nU.til'-M cbatiiH nt.rib of the H. V,. corner of
*-n: I lot,  !l ���*.*.* we��t !W etiaim, theliee *ou(b Wi
������Iim1ii5. thcin'e catit Hit ettilai lo the treitern
boundary ol nre-cuii'tl'm No. 3Trt, thence uorth
fioclmtuj to place uf bet lulling.
Located O-.-t. _:>, IW*. M  E. Wai.i.ky,
H J. KLI.101T, AkciiI.
Kotlce i* beieby Riven lhat CU days afterda,'.;', I
Intend to apnlv to tbe Hon. chief i'oiauiissioncr
>d Landl and Work*- tor pennlwOO tO purchase
thc lollowlng de*eribed  bind  in W Hi Kootenav
dlatrlct:  Oo_anienclni at a pn*! marked Mrh. \'
A. Wilson's corner poat, planted at tbe northeast
corner of BcctJ 'ii 17, Townsite 7, tunning rontli
���tu chain*, tbeiic�� wcr.1 iu chains, tlience imrih 40
cbaltu: tn place of cnnimeiiccnient, oOntalnlngftO
acre*, more or k*����.
Daied Nov. BS, UM. Hit,. V. A. WlXSCHf,
J. vvttseK, Ageni
8ixiy daya atier date I Intend to apply to the
Hon. Chief I'oinnitKsloiier ol Land** ami Works
to pnrebaie 1H7 Hcref ol land, c.Untncneiriu at a
poet marked IV B*s N. K. corner post, p'anted al
tta* H. Vi corner of Q. Vi. Bteolo. claim oil the
w��st Mde nf Arrow lake, rtlnuil four mile*-*- above
HurUin city, ibelice west -to elm ins, thenee south
4n^*.'rhalus. tbence ea*t 4ti cluilns. thence norlh
...fifi. ehalni to nlao. of beginning, coelalntngUn
ticri's. inor.' or les*.
Dated '."Jib day of Nov., 1906.    BTBOM Hcrton.
J. K. Annahlk, Hgent.
No wond'.r the way of the T.ttm8-
pressor is hard wlien one considers lhe
amount of travel theron.
Says a woman: "T cave not who docs
the thinkinj? so long as I am permuted to do the talking."
NotiCfl is beieby given that GO days atlur d.;U* 1
lute      lo  inke liVWiealb'i-io Ihci onorable the
lutis^tssll tss l.il.'S-his.s; tl.'- f��'tlis.*lllK sis '��['" ss
"" -���..iium-ii.-HiB ��' " 1""-' |.l...*.-l ��i-.;>.   ���'"
���| wliBl.linn uni "Ild ���l"'1" jSfSS
,l|,i,IWIi,ll"lss Ike  nslilllii|.-ISs-s-sssli��
���,_,,,. ,|���,���roM,-l,��iii�� w.-.t: tlu-m<; ��> OBWo,
m.ril.;' ili.-ii.'.' *> ,-liBtt.s" i>.i��I. to p- ~
im.|ii-i-iiniit. ri'litiilli'iyf    	
I .t, ,1 ll, s.sl,.r ��. 1WH.    _____ n,.SA,ie���T0K,
By lilsaui-nl, Kiinkist W. ROB1.KI1.
:*��JB!tS��fflfflSB!S_��-_ __!(;
S��JrS ^^Saaa^hfe
���U,. imllntlrt Bl"*"t, I*" _'"$ E ,.,,���,��� p,���i."
Sl���.i, l��'**-*.,*J",,r*':4lm,,i:,,;l��� ..iitli; tlss-nVi. m
���"""'"|:   "���   ,',���-��� Nl   Issslii" "..r.lil tl.on.-eM
Per it. HHiKU. Agent.
Notice Is beretiy g|\r.n Uiat 60 day* alter dato 1
inteml toapply to the Houor_ti]e lhe Chief Com-
mlss'.nncr ol f.-nd* and Work* f *r permluioti
to imr.liHse '-JN' acre* of land, eilualeon the Utile
Mujie river about 1 inllo from Inte-national
BoiimiBry nud about 1 iuiW Irom Sp kinic Inter
national Ky.: Commencing at a poal marked
l>. linuif* B. E. corner posi, thenee west tf
chains; thenoo north 40 ehalna; ihence eaat t_
clmin*; tluncc north 'A' chains: tbenoe oaal M
Chalna; thenoe aoutb Oq ehaloe to place of com*
meiicciiieut. eonta'iiliiK28Q aortl ot  land.
Located Oct. wtb i'.wii.
1>aMEI. Qbakt,
loUoa 1*^ barei y given that B0daya after date i
Intend to apply '�� tae Honorable Chid Commissioner of Ijuifls mid Work* for permission to
nurchasc tbe following deaoribed lands. In West
Kootenav: Cotnuifliein�� at a posl planted at
thi northeaat corner ol i oi 4Wft,Q, l,. marked K.
Fletcher's nnrlhwcst comer, thenee south H)
chains; Ihcme east H) chains, more or less, to
lhe western boundary of hot 3'JG, (1. 1.; thence
north DO OhSlna lo Kootenay  river; thenee  west
following ��Hid river lo point of oommenoement,
eonlulnnig BO BCrtl more or less.
_.lh October, 1906.
Sixty ilay*. after dr.te 1 Intend to np-j-ly to the
Hon the! hlftf Coiiimis-s-ionerof l.tind*- uml Works
to purehase ^diuires ol land; Uotntnetiring Hi a
post marked "N.T B'a aouthoaat corner post"
���aid post b'dng al thc norlheast corner of imi.
Hudnoii's prc-cni|>t1oil cluim, about two mile-'
soutbc'iMt ol Jturinn City, thence wesl .() .���tuitm.
soiilli 30 clialn*. wesi 40 cliiiluu, nnrlh lu ehalns.
eaat (H) chains, souih ai ctiaiiis to jdiuo of coin-
inencemcni. cotiialiilug .'l* acres.
I-oeateu Hth day of Nov. VJitB. . NkttieT. Hkkh.
Old Curiosity Shop
If you want lo buy or sell anything,
go to lhe Old Curiosity Shop. A now
line of JapttncBe Goods uow on sale. All
kinds of Dlnnerware in stock. Prt-
A. McDonald & Co.
Dealers in staple and fnncy GfrooeHet.
Buttnr, Kg(tH.
Camp und Minors' Supplies.
West Transfer Co.
GEORGE F, MOTION. HinijM.    ,
GeneMl Te^nistcrs mid Deftleri. in
C(��U and W.so.i.   Exproaa and
KagKaB.' Tmnsfer
J.'SfiSS'u- offiee: Baker st-
Hoom- are well furnlihed.   Table m .;o-.d aa any
In Nelaon.    Bar supplied with good
Mauora and ��� ���taam.
W. E. MoOANDLISH, Proprietor.
Ttemont House
��uropuan and American flan
Meals 26 cti.   Rooma Irom '2b eta. to 11
Only White Balp .Employed.
Baker St., Nelncu Proprlutora
Bartlett   Hotise
Best Do'Iar-a-Day House in Nelson.
The H.r I. slss. PIDeat.
White Help Duly Kmplcsjesl.
Bt. iiding Lots for Sale
Jocephlnr-* BU
Lake View Hotel
rorn��r H'-ll ami Vernon,
two tilocltd Irom wharf.
KhIob 11 00 per dny and up.
P.O. Box IH.
Telepbuue 118.
Grand Central Hotel
J  A. EBICKSON, Proprietor.
Centrallj Located. Open Day and Night.
Sample and Bith Booma Free.
Opposite Court* House and Post Office.
Corner Ward and Vernon Street*.
Th* Strathcona
Nelson, B.O.
B. Tomkins, Manager.
.")._��� Leading Hotel in the
Qood    Sample    Roomi
Queen's Hotel
Baker Street, Xelnon. B. C.
Lighted by Electricity and
HMtad by Hot Air
Large aud <*nmlortable Bedroom, aad Flnt-
.-Ins.. Ilium* Hooin. Ramble Boom, lor Commercial Men
MRS. B. G. CLARKK. Proprletrea
Royal Hotel
Bates |1 uid fl.50 a Day.
Special Kates to Regular Bcardere.
Musl comfortable .|Ishs u rs In N.Imsd.
Only the liest of l.|.|sss,rs aud . Igars.
Nuiii**.* i��' horehf kivpu iimt b court nf Ki*\ ision
aod Appeal, nndaf ua prartstoiii of ihe "Ai om*
unlit Aci." LtXAi^and Anil-noin�� Ails, and tlu*
"Pillilic Sfliculs Act" Will tH) beld ill tbe courl
house, In the 1'itj��� ni Nelnou.nn Thurmhiy, De-
oambar-Wth, 1906, hi Lhe hour ol 10 o'clock iu tbc
f6ronoon, foi *the N<>irim AmxcKMiicntdi .trtet, and
the Hume School Dlitrlel, Vmlr School Dlatrlct,
HbIiiio MJllQol DlSlrlot, nnd CmilOD Hchoul Dil-
trli't.ciMilnuicd Uieriln.
itoitiiKT acoTr I.HNNIK,
Juilge id Court of RevtilOQ nud Appcnl.
Duled nt Ncl-4i.il, B, C,
tliih Itli tl��y of Dectunhor. UM,
Waterproof Paints
Coal Tar, Pitch,
Creosote, Oils for
Preserving Timber,
Roofing Pitch and
Boat Builder, will lind it to their advantage to upe our Piteh.
Nelson Coke & Gas Co.
On it nd nfier December int my beating mid
plumbing bualUeai Will be bunted In my new
��hup, tWO di-i re uimt ol opera lioiuie, tin Vtetorin
Tel. 181.     S. A. WYE
Wholuele and Kutn.ii HeRlera ln
Fresh and Salted Meats
Onuii��K supplied ou BhortORt notice and
lowest pdoe. Nothing but fresh aud
wholesonu1 lurnts nud supplPB kept iu htock
Muil orders receiv. careful attention.
E. C. TRAVES.   Haoager.
H.  &  M.   BIRD.
��T i       ,f *r*.    TO   TAKB  OUT   AIM 	
JNowiSthe lime Accident InsurancePoUcy
I Represent The Railway Passengers' Company
The Oldest Company Doing  Bu.ine.s In Thii Line.
Choice Fruit
I Have 10,000 Actes
of tbc
Choicer-* Froit Landi in
British Colombia.
Can sell any quantity from 5 acres to 2,000 in one block.
Buy now and get the ground floor prices.
Nelson, B. C.
The Hall Mining and Smelting
Company, Limited.
Purchases Lead, Copper and Dry Ores.
Winter Excursions
Nelson ^�� Montreal, Toronto
====== And All Points Wot Thmol
In Ontario and Quebtc.
Quebec, SL John Halifax, and Marl-
time Provinces rates on application.
Tickets on sale daily,
Round Trip, First-Class, Three Months'
Limit. Old Country Rates
$89.25 Return
Halifax or St. John.
Saloon, $95; Second, $76; Steerage,$54
And up, according to steamer.
W.   a.   GILLETT
Contnmtor ��t_<l
Bale HK-t'tit [nr tin*- Porto ftloo I.timber <"o., Ltd.,
retail fmrde, Knujtli nml dr-j'Sa-J luiulKir, turn��(1
���work unit !*ru;*kH". Gout !uUi urnl *lilnt:l0B, msli
tuul doom. Cenuuit, brick Hiid lime tor nbIu
Aulnnifitlc Krlndur.
Yard ainl ffwlur.v; Vt'rnon St.. east of H,**.!!,
M.UMUIS,   B. O.
F. O. llox 3D. Tult-pbuiiu lit.
For detailed information, sailings,
ocean steamers, first class or tourist
-uleuper reaervaliona, apply to local
agent or write
A.U.]'. *..V�� m-Hirer. D. I'.A.. Netnon
Certificate of Improvements
'���HHltcn" nitnrral H��tm. hltutitf'l In llio Nclsnn
MluliiK l'Mslon ol Wct.1 K(H>'onay dlHtrlci.
Whrre liM'fttod:���On Towl inouulafn.
T.ikt- KoUca tlial i, J nim MrtHtcble acllnK aa
���wut fnr (ieoritr A. ('imiiifK-*)!, Frco Miin'r'*. Cer-
t.rtcaU** No. UTOn, liiund, bIxIj* days frnm the
date hereof, to appiy lo the Miulnc Beoordwr for
a t'l-rtitlcate of Imiirovcmeiiin, for tbe purpose of
obtaining Crouu (.irant of thc above <*laliu.
And further tak�� nntire that iu'tinn, un'er
section 37, nm*. bo vommetu*e<t before lbe Ishu-
anee of surb Certificate of Improvements.
Hale.! this 17Hi dny of November, HKJ-tl.
John MiLati-hik.
Certificate of Improvements
"Knygla***" and Mlldbe" mineral elHliu.**, Klliutto
In Trout Lake .Mint...* Division.
Looatodon Coplarrn'ek.
Tide Notiee HihI I, Kriiee While acting an
agent for lbe Spyglass Mining ��� o.. Free Kitten' i
t'eriim-iite No H MM, Inleild, CO days from tbe |
date hereof, to npplv to the Minlnn Heeorder for J
a I'enlfh-ate of Improve menus (or the pnrpose ol i
obtaining a t'wwn (ir*n( of tbe above claim*.
And   further   take uot Ieo tttnl  action, under |
Bectlou ti, muit be eoinmeneed before lhe hum*
anee of iim-li ferlitlOate of linpiovem*utB.
Puled Jtith October, 1!��W. 1IKIVK WuiTK.
Excursions to
Eastern Canada]
Oriental Limited
Wllh through tourlstB cur Id.''
To Toronto, Montreal
and points west
��- $78.251
Corresponding low rates to
points ��a8t of Montreal.        /
Tickets on sale Nov. **4th**-to |
Dec. 3lst. Good forrareewMiflir
with privilege of c-xiendinBilmi.
Going via Sault Ste Mari'e
stopovers allowed east of St.
Paul and Duluth.
Going via Chicago stopovers
allowed cast of Detroit' * and
Port Huron.
For  further   Information  call*'
on or address
H. E. DOUGLAS,    '
(���Uy I*aai��iiger AgenL .-..,
vS. G. -YBR-KBS*.
p$j__m. $i.5o
I'UIININI! ANI1 I1KAKTINI1 .-.rolally atlond-
ed lo. Apply
Sil.it King 11..L-l.
A collection oi all tbe Latest v
Shapes aud Sizes.    A free _
smokiug and most, sat-   " . :-
isfactory -pipft.    ���   ��� r
Tobacconist.   Bak.r Slrttt. ^.
_  - - - mf-    \
Notice I. hereby Riven (bat at a meellng ul .the
Rm.Mi of Ll.rntte (-onmiissiniiertt, to belie'dlji
the riiiv-f foil.-tn hie "oihee, Seinou.ou thc 1Mb
Deeemtor, 1906,1 lutend to apply for ft trattftfer of
m> license fer tliedrove Hotel, f_!rvI.w;N-?l*flti,
to(- F. WftlmaJey. -    -	
Dated UlhNov., 1006. J W (ROW,
j.t .VM.<K)BMELL,Mto*MO).,> .',
No lee Is hert-byelve    ^^^^^^^^^^
Board of Lieeuae V<m*inii���.oiten��1 to_beli
.nt Nelaon,onISihQtfa
apply for <* Irnhsferol
hotel licenne for tho fuaec' hotel, at Ymir, to
Cti.ef OnilBtabl.'BQfllOt
tier, 1*05,1 Intend t��
9th November, L'JOR.
atjmae at    mam 1
The Daily Canadian
���   ��� * ���	
New Goods - - Just Opened!
.   iMHI.I ,1   I    *��.-. I *��   l.-��lsrt
INI li-KI   I . �� a IH.**>*-II  HI"
niNut. sss.,1. in nm iwn N��*��r)
.....i...   I..l .sl  l-i.l..,, .1 .  lUs,.i  r^s.su.i is.....
till,    ���!.,,.   .nil   l-   -i    '    ->���'"...!   -I su   tl.viiml.-ll
j. i). iv _ tun audi ;
J-^yV-*- \   **.
���  ClhKi>LlU'S
1    It.    ..,.-. ..IV
�� .* u. boa      t0<
.. ... i,.
,      , I
vV^a' +v��4 ���fc.'-M l_w t\\s
i \v�� t 	
��.   ..    ...        ...
..... ...
.* 4,    . . - ��
i **
r* *..**..*.*...*.........**
CiVll   ;ll\i.1
I" ���WffetaM   - t> "'
_    X  .    k    -  .
^ \\j.i Sav*,*-*. j
* _.    vii^k, ..1     .v.-      _ .
\ v.w      '��*���    -��v_i-.        .. **<
\ _M  -uk**.
% 4i   -iwW.i     A        -\.
I . lOMMi    i-   .... ��� ��� nl (
\ .
. ��.��'    v>.��   *)    IWU.
I \
y Muv)   ���__-����..  ,
; <�� ;
: 'i 41 K'.'iiw *** ���
_Jv'.    ���*_������_     i ....   _     -*
y    1      ���**    _      V.. ���-   : ���-     ttfcb   mptl
v *^i -	
k        -k.      v.-\.'-��. ���   ������        **. -   **-
j ..
vuo,   _..   . .
.-*. ���.>.
���Cl.,.   ..-��.>
Vv i-   .......    .-,...    :,   ..;   -.  ...
. I      .,_.-.
MVK  *i*
\   -    *.    '. . \  , ���
ss"..      -.fl   V   -V*.*
isitin'ii....   uinu   sis.   Knlititi   ui
ii....... ��   M ii. .in. in ui. is i,.si
UsSSII       SI,      \. I   .-I.       l.i,        I,.     lllll
..ii,  ,.i M   ii   Ui..*........   .. ,i.,....iss. i
I ll.     .1    ...... 11    ...  ������     ......I.S .,      I      l,       P.  S  IIIS
..  . .   .......i,   ...1...... ,i, .1   i,.   U . ,lii. i..I.,.    .,,
i is.   . ���..,ssssss,iii,.ii    i\��    ,ii.......,.   ,,,
si. \uii..ss ..- y\ is,, i,, .,.  ,. ���,,,. ,i ,,.
I .' -.. ...      .Hi .ss..  ,���.,.���
Ml      Ll   .  . .      S. ., .1 IHWW1HI
... ,      ..       .
 , ..I,.'. SS..-,,.  .
l..|.|'.   .       .1,1,.,...   .   ,1      S.I.'       .'
\,1,        V.-.N      | . S.I       |l.l.
I , A.l   Is . . I,    ��� i..:..   .    Sss   I .Hlili'll
will u.s. WWW  NMM iM�� *i
> ....-..__...
V ,-. ,k      1        ....*,    ..
1,  1 1
1 .
.     ., Vtwi
... V ....
1. .      .   .        .1
,   ..
\    I
... .  -       N    V
\ ...  V ...
��� ... - .
.*.  1. ���   I  .....   .
1 ......      X
���    k
t     *x     v   \ k) .  , ,  Xl.S...
.   i  .-.        .Vi.
.       ...
V i ��� . ���
���-. ���
*      '*      ��� -  ii-,'.v.
.... . .
i .   *    '. **x-
...v    ���
. -.
Hi    V    v
I v \
...        . .
.   .        ......
.    .    v    ��  . .", .il   ��Uil
���     V   .-       ��� -M   ����V
i ....
���     ���    -
��� ������
.... .   .
.   . ......
I   ���
-.   I    ��� 1
1    ���        -.     .
Xmas Goods
. s.i    \ uiu   > Ir.lcri-. In
I ,...1-    l.u-
r\o>N   l ���'riiilrt,
���Nut*, i\'  .
Currcint ���,
Ciiihiicn, t;tc.
i imi   -\ . .'Mci i 11   ITOQK  01
\mas MODI    OOMl
ANO  :.l l
Ca A. Benedict
l*.-sis. I   tl-.l ,���.��   HIS.!   .liWi-l'lllll.-   Sin
Coal! Ice! Wood!
Phone  2bE>
V*\h Ks.vtVl\4N l.-f, t-'rvt
1-Wl A lVv>!tt> -\... ltd.
\ : ..���   I* ,i.    ...   ,., .���  tm
A i.u "odd lines" i"
be cleared .'in
Tonight .md Monday
M.iuv Useful Articles
at HALF pfice
,ii*.J they .ii.* >;i'sh1
enough loi Cl'RISTMAS
Canada Drug I Book Co's
.... Cast .lores....
Something    Nethersole Bracelets
For the Baby .HE VERY L=A^r
$1.00 Each
I elc I .lit.IIU   .1.1.1.
&/"��� Kootenay  Agents
^^**        Llmtte-J.WinniDec.
NN'liolWMdie lJr����v]��l��>n��,
I\uiuii..n iritvi-niiiu-ut ONUHn Om Poand Brick, n-.-1-iv.l ��-...]v fn-��h
fn.r.i the rhuru.   Fssr snli- by alt l.wluiff pr>��. r^
an.l wntbow*! Uoui.tnn Work,   Phon.- IV.
Nelson, B, C.
ware n a roan
���        .
't    ..I.    ...     .        __    . ��� ',..
?_>;<. 8 v        ��� '
. . I  -       .   .*v-.. .
���    ���
< ���:.,l.       I.
Quna iir.vi
^rrirnurUttton ?
, , . n ���
Loaded Shot Shells
Rill** i�� j P-s:*.*; C-i_tr*.<3.jj��
v   ������   ���   "'X  _Ci_.
llifl   |]
iTuWiir. (t
>��-._��.-^. t��.
. ��� -    .      *.sH. ll
���-.:���.���.-!_. \V.-ri    *_..-
Rejoiriag ic4 Jobbtag i .xciilty
���s* Mistrial and Mluiiif mod Mill Ms hinwy.
*   -  i_- * *.V   -. . >' . -    J ':*._-. r-
I- **-..*.'��*    >w.
\l \*n   .UBK.
�����-   *���   ���-     H. C.
A Word to tlie Wise
X���+ v-^ttT wi* __x*t ��ppr*_g_��t__l ���** ���*��������
''-���"��� ; ���������-... ���:
Good Ch.er Ait B__. Btmer1
���  i.   ��� v ���'      r   \.t."-   ���-���I! * ; 2:
-..���'���������       _��� ��������� st"���.���:'. 11 ' ��� ������:
}. H. Ashdown Hardware]
CctrtcuiT. Lhrrtyj.
��. .. 5��. .-
��.   ��   t *��Tcm ���
W, G. Tho___>oj2
- ... i    .   iHTS
'..,,-__.._... VJ w. .... n._.    1 n      -.     *""'""�� *"** J��omi-ll ��.-.*s;v.c��v;  _  Ct�� C_u��iruc.s-       -.._������    *.l��t��l 1
*-_.m.   MM   Ji.-s.
.. .IS       lllll.
;���***    .-   >   . .. ^J8c
____ ;.   1 tmXAL ZAOm.
1 . ss^.l,.....
IV. Oi?;i"'.c Hcccv
'J  Amuo  ^'-va*   j.     -J
1 svLvj i;:.
Ik Sto n JoM$
-0   ___ts ix_* Povao
:_E S'Ji-CLi.  JPHA
Tjmgiic��� * 3jr.7-de-G.wtLi."
Mmamta  iin.
O^-.   _:��.,*-��.    ��.   s^      ^.:.-cr��^i;s;r,.    ^
-v .    1. ,,-.-
-UMIssftH.     T-.A.1T.
1111     _l���     lis:. 1
.".lllll   I    -.,���    ..-     I
-^m^��  .c_r_
__.,,-..st>i^    --_,-. ^^~~*
mMtmmmmmm t.��... M ��� iim EhU ifllumiiHl in. nt,   r 5*
>����.�� _:-.��c > u.l  .. i,t^t :is-.n m.i  s.ai - --mr srit-r mmtS Sn ^.iisimiu2*
JOM.N T. PiERRS.   Arrijstis; Tc--      r
r. ....
, ta_n-   X      --  ���
,       I     ���
Roc. JL Hoed ��Ca.
��� ...
���   . ���- , ���      .
���   .
uio. iaturcar .Ut ______
"SfiPM^*' ^sf*' r-i   '���"'-' 'a''i.-"T,,i* '**:-""':������-.-,�����*:���  *^k---*n;:   ���_*�� ������ **>^tJCW.-_Rv*��5^j^i"*c--i:l*c**."' ..-,..,;*
^ *
5 _xa   *.:      - - :
5tW    3*    tif   two- |
���'^ " h      ?*w ;
���*.; Ail Prtctt f-rcm S I 0 to S30
....     n   'l*ur
_   V.
:-tip _M ^.)*.*ii_!!,i_ >r__it3
-v . .luiaiou 3$MSl ..mpdiiy
I.   iuycBe   !a> Jay.
���is-    -.
.rtt    *#r^KC��.
^3D  ?__..____?_:
*��� ��������-���!    ��     ""\Ol__'��_l
-n-*i����  A.  ,r^. ,,_^  51-iviM.ac-j. iia..    .... -    , -s;.i4j- ui"iui*"*
  '''���.'���"*-��� *- ���>���j.-;,-      ���   -   -��_u_��.*i-��. *. -.        	
I _:ir**jj;ss. _X.^rsJ_ Wlrnj**-" *���** -*���
ii.... -
smm a_ipp__?_
* .
���   . *  -. _ -i
.* .
-. .
-OKt?,     -t,��.U,
ill* -^i
THE  aOTa__
****>   ��   _. -i ,,mis -in. =,__<�� s*cm.��n��y  la.su^ '
Jeoau��  ����� -jtsims.    ...ss..jrs^   i   jotlri.    :-���
nm   ioats}jifc   __..-Kjw*ss��,-,?,   .uuk.ki   :witr(l-.a    I
Vi��   .til   tn   ns^i.cii -o   im.w   -ou   is  jovu   .-,;-ms-
^ _iic-VxI3_uice  HajrdwjiK Co J


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