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The Daily Canadian Aug 7, 1907

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Array Qttje   flatly
K   2.      NO.   55.
Fifty Cents a Momtb
Absolute Fairness
of Court
git Jury Beltev d Orchard and
Etyected Disagreement���Will
Try Pettibone.
������Jt l*k��    l'il>.   I  tah.   Auk.   I*.      Til*.'.!
frOCB Weeks ut   hi.-inal  strain.  I.ut   in   .*x
^frrits.   I-'-   B.   Senator   Willluui
M. K'of   Idaho,   special   prosecutor
IK ito ���brwi.i.il (-ax.-, reached Sail Luke
OHy,***Jt�� ��p.*nt ih. htKl.i li. i*. k. Mir
OB tO Cripple  Cieek  ti.  Ini.k  . vi.l.-nr.*  In
tbe PetUbon.   .as.*.
BeeMtoB Borah   talked   freely   uf   the
tt cas*   and of his  views lu   ihe
MMi&r. ' He  .1.*ii..mi.*.*.l   Harry  (irc-hai.i
������ *% ���Old-l.l.i...i. .1   murderer,  utility   l.j
US     iMfll      confession    ur   a    IiUlllher   of
aUAtVOtm crimes "     lit   said he deserve.I
(Uhed  to the  fullost extent of
^H[*nd   saw   no   reason   why   he
JA receive the death penalty.
���ta'tlKr uf  the   v.iiliel   ut   the jury  in
th* tMfWooil ease."  said  Senator  11..rah,
���a at Up in bed In the Wilson hotel
to an Associated  Press  re-
Hfcy  opinion   that  1   may  have
|t)0 the Kiiilt ur in 11.... in .   ul  Hay
III foreclosed.     1   du   wisli  lu  say.
that we  had  a  fair  trial   and
tho athte Of Idaho lias nu complaint  tu
Jttdge Fremont Wood, tliuimh a
couducled  this exceptional
������ one  that called  for conslder-
Utlve ability,  tn au absolutel}
[Impartial manner.
HpUC tor the state, I think that
J*M#* Wood's   rulings  and  instructions
WO****-*) Matte in accordance with  what lu*
CODjUatarOd the  law   in  the  ease.     There
has-boon Borne  criticism of  liis  charge
to tho Jury, and it was said thut it was
If  favorable   tu   the   defence.      The
tlOOk no  exception  to   lhe   instill.������
��� because   we    believed    that   tile
;",OJms acting fairly In the matter.
"flSio  verdiel   In   the   ease  was   a   sur-
^Bt me.    I  expected   a hung  Jury.
KirU-f ufter the ease begun 1 felt thut
��� Were sutne un the jury who would
���  tor   an   ac.initial   and   thought    all
H thai  u disagreement  would  result.
��f��Ct   that   the   ease    involved    such
'-"T^Bpenditure ut money. I think, is re*
"Ible   fur  some  ul'  tliuse   whu  were
Jly  for conviction   voting   for  an
Hiol.   The Jury was a fair oue and
Hk they gave the verdict In accord*
(5rlth what they considered the evi*
_IO end  the  law*  in  the ease.
Hfo my  opinion thnt a majority ol
ors helluved Orchard's story and
morally    certain    of    Haywood's
Thut alone, however, was not suf-
1 to convict, and the Jury evident-
ltded that the story hud not been
ontlv    corroborated   to    bring    it
Hsthe law as they understood it.
'  fSa   may  say   postlvely   that   Petti*
bOBO Will  be brought   to trial.    The ease
^Vfoi   October 1, and I don't  think
tha 4ste will be changed, as bulb sides
OfO   ready    for   trial.        The      evidence
^^Jt  Pettibone  is  more  direct  than
.'���gainst   Haywood,     l'ettibune  wns
Oly connected with Orchard through
Ot his connection with the miners' un-
looBrThls fact is shown by letters and
^^^jams he sent to Orchard, to which
nod assumed names, such as 'Put
and 'J. Wolfe.'
Idu may also say that in case Pet*
Be Is acquitted Moyer will never ho
iht to trial.    In  case  Pettibone Is
feted   I   am   not    prepared   to   say
'.course will bo pursued with refer-
to   Moyer,  but   I  do  know  that   if
unti.it   convict  Haywood und  Petti*
| we cannot convict. Moyer.
bat will  be done with   Harry  Or
senator?" ask.-.l   the reporter,
course, bolng  a special  prosccu*
i the case and not the regular state
ecuiur of criminal cases. I am not
[position to know what disposition
|be  made  of him.     I   feel   certain.
ver, that he will bo punished, and
no reason why he should not be
Jahed to tho fullest extent which his
^^les JuBtlfy.    liy his own confession
Snii guilty id a series of atrocious mm*
H.      He   Is   an   intelligent   man   and
^Knitted the crimes of his own  free
There Is no reason why he should
shown any clemency."
Mad Cat Scare.
Hpd  Wing, Aug. 7-���Red Wing Ih ex perl-
ling a mad  cat  sen re.    Mary  Froci-
1th   8   years   old,   and  Claudle   How,
ie yoarB old, were attacked yesterday
ernoon   by  a vicious   feline  and   softly bitten.    Today  a large  Maltose
apparently   suffering   from   rabtflB,
seen In the downtown district and
shot by an officer.   The head of the
was Bent to the state board of health
examination.    Both of tho children
under care of physicians,
Concealed Birth of Child From Her Sisters���Say*  It Was   Still Born.
St. Norbert, Man., Aug. 7.���On July
J Clothllde Charette, a 19-year-old
French girl living at her father's home,
West La Salle, gav,.- birth to u child
I which lhe Is alleged to have burled in
a manure pile about 00 yards distant
from tbe bOUie, All the rest of the
family were In Winnipeg cm that day.
Upon tbe return of her ulstera it was
noticed that lhe was til but nothing waa
said about the matter. On August 11
the remains of the Infant were discovered in the manure pile. The Hist errs
hesitated about bringing tbe mailer up
until Sunday night. Clothilda, upon being questions, admitted tbat she had
given birth to the child, but stated that
It wuh dead at the time of its birth.
The slaters then sent for their brother,
who was working on the farm about a
mile and a half distant. Before the
brother arrived they dug the body up
again and burled It in another place
with tht' hope of concealing it again.
I'pon the arrival of the brother Ihe remains Were again dug up. This time
Home friends were called in und through
them the matter became public knowl-
People or the district notified the attorney general's department and Provincial iJectective P. Bourhamp was
sent early yesterday morning to Investigate the ease. He found the facts as
related. The girl At first denied that
she had given birth to a child but later
told the Htory. She stated thnt the
child had been Stilt-born and that she
wuuld not have burled ft had this not
been the case. She thought that when
it was not alive she might as well conceal its birth. A jury was empanelled
which brought In the following verdict:
"We find Clothllde diuretic guilty of
concealing the birth of her child by
burying the body in the pile of manure
near her father's barn. We recommend
that she be kept under surveillance until an autopsy has been performed to
determine whether the child whs dead
or  alive   when   it   was   buried."
Ontario   Government   Hands   Over   All
Control  of Old  Waterway  to
Ottawa, Aug. 7.���An agreement has
been reached between the Dominion
government nnd the government of Ontario by which the province transfers
to the Dominion all the locks, dams,
rights at waters and flooded lands
owned by it along the Trent Valley
The Dominion agrees to keep the
works In repair and good condition, including tho lock and three swing
bridges at Young's point, and pledges
itself to pay the province at the rate
of BO cents per acre for any unpatented
lands which may be flooded by the construction of reservoirs and to compensate private owners also, with the provision that In case it is impossible to
arrive at a settlement the dispute shall
be referred to the exchequer court for
decision. It is further provided that
all mines and minerals on unpatented
lands taken over and flooded in the
course of the construction of reservoirs,
shall be preserved to the province, and
that all mines and minerals on patented
lands are to remain the property of the
patentee until a further compensation
be granted therefor.
The Dominion also -guarantees to the
owners and lessees of timber lands all
rights previously possessed by them,
with the provision that in case any such
owner or lessee Is dissatisfied with the
government's terms he may appeal to
the exchequer cotirt.
American   Syndicate   Buys  260   Square
Miles at the Coast.
Vancouver, Aug. 7.���The North American Trading company or St. Paul.
Minn., today completed the details of
its purchase of 200 square miles of timber lands on the northern British Columbia const and Vancouver Island. Approximately $5,000,000 will be paid for
the property, The deal is the largest
of Its kind In the history of the province. Six sawmills will be erected
within the next two years and preparations for building the same will commence at once. The capacity of these
mills will be 1,250,000 feet per day.
Mob's Hero  Dislikes Reward.
Paris, Aug. 7.��� Because be was hissed
by tho townspeople of Mont poller when
he arrived there Sunday last after having been released from prison, Marcelin
Albert, the leader In the recent disturbances in the wine-growing region of the
south, has resigned his membership In
the Argelliers committee.
Law  Must   Be  En-forced.
Kansas City, Mo., Aug. 7.���Judge
Smith McPherson, in tho United States
district court here, has refused to grant
a temporary restraining order to prevent tho enforcement of the Kansas
Stock Food Inspection Law. The injunction waa asked for by Maion W. Savage, of the Internallonal Stock Food
company of Minnesota.
Canadian Missionary in
Rev. Dr. MacKay Tells of Oppression
and Cruelty���Calls Japanese Barbarians.
Toronto, Aug. 7.���"It is atrocious oppression."
Such are the words that are used In
reference to the treatment of tlie Koreans by the Japanese In a letter received by Mr. Hamilton Cassels, K. C,
from Rev. Dr. K. P. MacKay, of Toronto, general secretary of the foreign
missions for the Presbyterian church.
Dr. MacKay Is ou a tour of Inspection
of the various foreign missions of the
Presbyterian chinch In the East, and
is at present In Manchuria. He expresses the nn-.-. intense Indignation at
the treatment accorded the Koreans by
the Japanese, and states that it Is
scarcely less atrocious than the horrors
of  the  Congo.
A portion of Dr. MacKay's letter describes the present attitude of the Japanese to the  Koreans as follows:
'It Is oppression���atrocious oppression. 1 was a Japanese enthusiast until
I came here, but I have changed in
spite of myself. They have spent tens
of thousands In writing themselves up
and winning the confidence of Europe
and Americu, und thus securing moral
support and funds. Yet in reality they
are barbarians. Their treatment of the
Koreans Is scarcely Iobs atrocious than
the horrors uf the Congo.
��� It would be Incredible If I did not
see It before my eyes and hear it from
every  missionary on  the ground.
"Mr. Hulbert. who has written on Korea, and has given his life to them, is
now in Europe trying to get a hearing
for the Koreans at The Hague. I see in
the Montreal Witness a paragraph from
Toklo deserlhing Mr. Hulbert as an agitator and American adventurer who is
trying to make himself notorious. That
is the kind of a thing that. Japan has
reduced to a system. I have not yet
met one foreigner who Is not intensely
indignant at the cruelty and injustice of
Japan in this land.
"I am told by one of the oldest missionaries in Korea today that there is
not a case on record in which a Korean
got justice against a Japanese, however
great the offence. And this Is done,
made possible it Is believed, because
of Hritlsh alliance. An old courteous
Korean gentleman called on me the
other day and asked whether this was
Western civilization. He knew Hrltain's
Influence ts in this, although too courteous to say so. I never before blushed
for my country.
"But you will think me excited. No,
I am greatly disappointed, and ruminating how far it may be In my power to
enlighten America as to the real conditions. Japan's loans and successes
have been so far aided by Wester nsym-
pathy that probably nothing else will
be so effective as exposure In compelling decency In administration. Somebody has summed up the Japanese In
two words���conceit nnd deceit. I am
afraid it is correct."
Sensational Suicide.
Antwerp, Aug. 7���A sensational suicide has occurred here; Mr. Jaques Simon, a silk merchant, in the presence of
a crowd that thronged the cathedral
square, jumped from the second gallery
of tho cathedral tower, a distance of
more than 200 feet. Death was instantaneous.
New Brunswick Town Dark.
Woodstook, N. IL, Aug. 7.���Hurried
search wns made in the ware rooms and
stoYage rooms for lamps and candles
last night. In dwellings and in business
pices, and only such crude lighting will
be uvallable for some weeks to come.
This Is the outcome of recent fires. Yesterday the secretary of the New Brunswick Insurance Underwriters' association notified the light company that if
their plant was started this evening he
would recommend that all insurance in
the town be Immediately cancelled. The
Company therefore decided to shut
down their electric light system until rewiring can be completed.
Dominion  Shooting  Tourney.
Toronto, Aug. 7.���AU roads for trap
shooters led today to the grounds of the
Stanhope Gun club, where the seventh
annual tournament of the Dominion of
Canada Trap Shooting association was
opened under conditions that promise
the best shoot in the history of the association. Several hudred trap shooters,
including many of the foremost experts
of the United States as well as Canada,
are entered for the various events. The
tournament wilt occupy three days.
Customs  Receipts  at  Port of  Montreal
Show  Great  Increase.
Montreal, Aug. 7.���July proved to be
the biggest customs month since the establishment of customs in Montreal.
When the offices closed last evening
there, had been collected in duties
$1,GIG,474.75. an Increase of $458,861.78
over July, 1906.
The number of working days in July
was 2G, the average dally collection being 163,826.96, which is the heaviest on
record; but the last word is yet untold,
new records are to be expected, according to the officials of the customs service of the port.
The heaviest business day was on
July 4, when $99,980.06 was collected,
the smallest day being July 20, Saturday, when $26,539.59 was paid In four
business  hours.
The figures below show the collections for the last three months of this
year compared with the same months
In 1906, the gross Increase for the three
months together being $.214,935.73:
1906 1907
Mav       $1,214,046.67      $1,558,075.46
June          1,133,133.27        1.545,678.48
July         1.188,113.02        1,646.474.75
$3,535,292.96       $1,750,228.69
General   Strike   in   All   Industries   and
Armed   Resistance  to   Police
and   Non-Strikers.
Lodz, Russian Poland, Aug 7.���This
city Is again the scene of a strike move*
ment, accompanied by violence, disorder and death. The troops have encountered strikers In the centre of the
town, and some thirty men have been
killed or wounded In this light alone.
Business is at a standstill, and fears
are entertained of what the day may-
bring forth. The trouble came to head
yesterday, and In spite of the aggressive
stand taken by the authorities the disorders are recommencing early this
illuming. It would -appear to be the
beginning of a big labor war, and the
workmen's unions are prepared for a
long struggle.
The immediate cause of the outbreak
yesterday was the course pursued by
the police during the past eight days in
making many arrests in attempts to
break up the unions. The principal
Socialist leaders have been thrown Into
jail. The police have been so energetic
In their measures against the unions
that they have united the Social-Democrat, the Polish Socialist and the Nationalist parties, which have been waging a merciless war, accompanied by
daily murders and outrages among
themselves. A general strike has been
declared, and the Social Democrats and
the Polish Socialists have called out
32,000 men. The Nationalists have been
forced to join the committee of the
amalgamated unions. The committee has ordered that all
business here cease. Stores have been
told to close, and the power-house of
the electric traction system has been
shut down. The committee is enforcing
Its orders with armed men, and several
shopkeepers who failed to shut up have
been shot.
Yesterday bands of laborers went out
in the city to wreck street cars. This
they did in several cases, and latter
they used the cars as barricades from
which lo stone the police. During the
calh =: out of the strikers one factory
foren.an and two shopkeepers were
killed und two laborers fatally wounded.
The disorders grew ns the day wore on.
In the afternoon the military forces
were mobilised, but there was no engagement with the workman until last
night. The fighting was serious and
prolonged. The workmen fired several
hundred shots from automatic pistols
and did not disperse until they had been
charged by cavalry. At least thirty men
were killed and wounded. Ambulances
at once cleared the streets of the dead
bodies. This morning the troops started
tho electric cars again, but the passengers on board were attacked by gangs
of workmen and a number of them
were wounded. The strikers today are
beginning to attempt to force a cessation of work. Up to the present time
they have not been successful.
Dog Days' Dangers.
St. Paul. Aug. G.���The first mad dog
scare of the dog days developed yesterday afternoon when a rabid half-grown
St. Bernard dog ran amuck near Sixth
Street, terrorizing the citizens and creating several panics until the animal
waa shot by Dr. R. L. Price. The dog
started on Its mad run about four
o'clock and after attacking a number
of dogs chased several children who
managed to elude It. Dr. Price was notified and armed with a gun took his
station back of the building and
watched the dog as It passed. The animal discovered the surgeon however,
and made straight for him, whereupon
Dr. Price fired killing the dog Instantly.
An examination of the dog showed
rabies to have been advanced. The
lower jaw was already paralyzed which
would have prevented the animal from
biting. A scratch however, intlicted by
Its teeth would have been sufilclcnt to
Cancer Cured by Bite of
Rattle Snake
Woman, Who Had Suffered for Years
Reported to Be Almost Entirely Well in Few Days.
Chicago, Aug. 7���A special dispatch
to the Inter-Ocean from Joint Jervis,
N. Y., says a remarkable cure of cancer has been effected on Mrs. W. Lod-
wlg, a farmers wife. Mrs. Lodwig has
Buffered from a cancer on the left leg*
just above the knee for a long time.
While out picking berries two weeks
ago she was bitten on the ankle by a
rattlesnake. From this the woman's
leg swelled to an enormous size, but
the swelling did not extend above the
cancer. The cancer, which had the ap
liearance of ink fringed with red previously, turned into a running sore. It
continued In this condition for four days,
but on the fourth day the discharge
stopped and proud flesh began to make
its appearance. The snake poison had
worked all through the cancer, the
swelling disappeared and the heretofore ugly looking cancer began to heal
and turned to a healthy flesh color. Last
Thursday the wound began to heal, and
yesterday Mrs. Lodwig was In town, almost cured.
Secretary   Strauss'  Conciliatory  Words
In   Honolulu.
Honolulu, Aug. 7.���Secretary of commerce and labor Strauss, in addressing
a deputation of Japanese journalists
yesterday, said that ideal conditions In
Hawaii would be brought about by not
too great a preponderance of any oue
race, but by the maintenance of an
equilibrium of  races.
Good Name Dishonored.
New York, Aug. 7.���Duncan C. Say-
ers, secretary of St. Paul's cathedral society, of Garden City, Long Island, was
arrested last night, charged with forgery. Mr. Sayers is 63 years of age
and single. While a member of the
faculty of the cathedral society some
years ago he risked his life in a vain
attempt to save the school from being
-flown up by the acetylene gas plant.
After this incident the managers of St.
Paul's cathedral voted him a position at
$1,600 a year for life, and he was given
the secretaryship, the work attached
to which is light. ���
Town  Invaded by Bears.
Chicago. Aug. 7.���A special from
Standish. Mich., to the Record-Herald
says: "Driven from the lowlands by forest fires, a small army bears Invaded
Standish yesterday, forcing a suspension of business' for several hours and
terrorizing the people. The visit was
made just as the stores were opening
for business, and men were on their*
way to the factories.
Many residents of Nelson In 1897 will
remember William McKenzle, a carpenter who worked at bridge building. He
was a middle-aged man at that time.
While working on the C. P. R. he was
attacked with rheumatism and had to
give up work. He returned to his old
home in Lanark county, Ont., and was
sent to the House of Refuge at Perth,
where he died the other day. Bill could
tell a good story and was a philosopher
in his way.
Canadians In the States.
About a fortnight ago two gentlemen
differed in opinion as to the number of
Canndlnn born who are now residents
of the United States. A bet was made
and the decision was left to the editor
of The Dally Canadian. Reference to
the United States census bureau resulted In the receipt last night of the figures aBked for. According to the census of 1900 there were 1,181.255 Canadian born In continental Uniled Stuns.
and 1.970 more in Alaska and Hawaii.
20,000 Club.
The executive committee of the 20,-
000 club met In the club's office last
night with the following members present: Messrs. Procter, Beeston, Annable,
Deasy, Jones, McMorris, Dyer, Joy, Wid-
dowson and Secretary Ebbutt. The financial report was found decidedly unsatisfactory and it was agreed that immediate substantial Improvement Is essential to the club's existence A can-
vuss for financial support will be made
at once. Meanwhile no arrangements
for winter concerts will be concluded
It was reported that an attractive programme has been prepared for tomorrow evening's smoking concert in the
exhibition building.
Reception   by   Children   the   Featur*
Uphold British  Traditions.
Halifax, Aug. 7.���Fifteen hundred
Halifax school children gave a loyal
welcome to Karl and Countess Grey on
the Wanderers' grounds yesterday afternoon. Massed in the grounds the chll-
.lr n sang Canadian national songs with
' Igor and listened to patriotic ad*
^-flb- -om His Excellency. In front
^t**& **tan<l a large platform had
bet. /^4a'*1 on Htla the vice-regal
party ,. . ^T4jL^. together with a number of ln> - ^Oj ;g. After the party
was seated t. ' a yfrn sang, "Canada,
Land of the lo.frAt/'fl then Mayor
Mcllreath welcome.', 'ey -ellency and
Countess Grey and iu j Earl Grey
to speak. Earl Grey, on rising, replied
to the mayor's address and was greeted
with cheers from the children. His Excellency flrst thanked the children for
their kindly welcome and assured them
that nothing could have pleased Lady
Grey and himself more than the reception accorded them. As representative of His Majesty, he was glad to
meet the children of Halifax, and he
was sure that the Countess Grey and
himself would carry away the most
pleasant memories of their visit. He
referred to the position of Halifax In the
Empire as the connecting link between
the Mother Country and the Dominion.
He exhorted the children to live up to
the British traditions, and to remember that they were part of the British
Empire, and to be loyal to their country and their flag. Owing to the rain
last night's carnival illumination and
water pageant  were postponed.
Heads of Indian Tribe Strangled Squaw
ae Sacrifice to Secure Better
Ottawa, Aug. 7.���Joseph and Jack
Fidter, the chief and medicine man of
the Sandy Lake Crees, are under arrest
at Norway House on the charge of murdering a squaw.
The woman, who is of the same name
and blood as the two prisoners, fell
sick in the spring and became delirious.
The Indians of this district believe that
when a sick person becomes delirious a
spirit or "Wendlgo" has entered them,
and that if the person dies naturally the
Wendigo escapes to the woods, pursues
and frightens away the game, and famine follows. Therefore the hand assembled, and, according to the custom,
appointed their chief and medicine man
to -the high honor of choking the sick
squaw, that the spirit might not escape
with the passing of breath, but might
remain imprisoned in the dead body. In
the presence of the band the chief and
the medicine man carried out the instructions. A piece of canvas was placed
about the squaw's neck and then the
noose of a rope. This being tightened
by the two leaders of the -band, the ravings of the woman were stopped, the
evil spirit was imprisoned and the game
preserved. This piece of barbarism was
executed within 200 miles of Kenora.
Word of it reached the authorities and
the arrests followed.
The Fidlers asked the officials not to
be too severe with them, as they had
no Idea that they were doing wrong.
They were merely doing their duty by
the band and following the custom of
their fathers. The execution of this
duty was a high honor, and, according
to custom, the executioners were hand
somely fed by the parents of the victim.
The juBtice department is to decide
whether It will be better to send a judge
to Norway House to try the case or
bring the prisoners and witnesses to
Edmonton for trial.
Gait's Semi-centennial.
Gait. Ont., Aug. 7.���Special trains
from many parts of - Canada and the
States broght home-comers to the opening of the Gait festival and the semicentennial celebration today. It is estimated that 10,000 Americans of Canadian nativity are in the city. The business section is splendidly adorned for
the occasion. While the flags or all nations wave generally the Maple Leaf
and Royal Standard of King Edward
and the Stars and Stripes are everywhere in evidence. The most extraordinary enthusiasm prevails, and the musicians are vying with eath other In
the production of Canadian and Yankee
airs. The opening feature of the celebration Is a huge trades procession, embracing numerous handsome floats,
bands, etc. The festivities are to continue until  Saturday.
Defence of Pettibone.
Denver, Aug. 7.���A meeting of the executive committee of the Western Federation of Miners has been called and
will be held as soon as President Chas.
H. Moyer arriveB here, which will be in
a few days. There is a report In circulation to the effect that at this meeting the question of determining upon
counsel for George A. Pettibone, who
will be tried In October at Boise on the
same charge as that on which Haywood
has been acquitted, will be brought up.
New Jersey's Last Hanging.
Fleminglon, N. J., Aug. 7.���John E.
Schuesler. convicted of the murder of
Manning Riley, has been sentenced to
be hanged on August 30. He will probably be the last person to hang in the
state. Under Ihe new law condemned
persons hereafter are to be electrocuted.
Whitney Government Will
Intelligent and Vigorous Campaign
Will Be Began at Once at
Old Country Centres.
Toronto, Aug. 7.���The government Is
laying plans for an aggressive Imnii-
gratlon campaign in Great Britain and
Ireland and the Department of Colonization is now, It Is said, giving special attention to this province. It is probable
that an agent-general will be appointed
who will have general charge of a number of offices to be established In London, Liverpool, Belfast, Dublin, Cork,
Manchester, Cardiff, Glasgow, Edinburgh, and in several of the cities of
the midlands. These offices will be In
charge of a competent booking agent
and will be supplied with literature
bearing on the country.
To the Immigration staff it is proposed to attach several experienced
Canadian agriculturists, chosen because
of special knowledge of agricultural
matter and conditions of life on the
farms of Ontario. These men will have
to be sufficiently well versed to discuss
freely with British agriculturists snch
questions as the alternation of crops,
the raising of bacon, the breeds of cattle, and, in fact, all questions that would
naturally be propounded by British
farmers thinking of migrating to Ontario. Especial attention will be given
to providing the British people with information contrasting conditions at
home and in Ontario so that the discouragements which sometimes follow
changed conditions will not be remarked upon by these arrivals.
Den and Argonaut Rowing Clubs Send
Crews to Philadelphia.
Toronto, Aug. 7.���Competitors from
the Don and Argonaut Rowing Clubs
who have entered the American Association ot Amateur Oarsmen's regatta on
the Schuylkill river at Philadelphia, met
today. The Dons are sending Bowser,
the senior champion sculler, who will
row in the association singles. He and
Jacob will also start in the senior doubles. They will be accompanied by
Captain Ed Shea, trainer; "Reddy"
Stevenson, and ex-President John
O'Nell. The Argonauts' senior eight
oars, stroked by G. B. Taylor, which
beat Winnipeg and the former Argonauts seniors at the Canadian Henley,
will also go down and Taylor's fours
will start In the Intermediate Fours.
Toms and Thompson have entered In
the Intermediate Doubles, and N. B.
Jackes and F. Toms In the senior pair
oared event. P. Boyd and "Ike" Robertson will go along as spares. Joe
Wright, Walter Harris and a party of
20 others will accompany the boys. The
regatta Is carded for Friday and Saturday.
Steam   Roller   Broke   Through  to   Gas
Main  and Caused  Explosion.
Wetland, Ont., Aug. 7.���Last evening
a steam roller burst through a large gas
main at Mutual street. The gas caught
fire from the roller with a roar that
could be beard for miles, and burned
fiercely for half an hour, the flames
shooting above the telegraph wires until
the gas was turned off three miles
away. Philips, the engineer on the
roller, was badly burned, but It Is expected that he will recover. The roller,
valued at $4,000, was badly wrecked,
aa It was Impossible to move It from
tbe fire. The Methodist church caught
fire and was completely destroyed, only
the brick walls remaining. The church
was the finest in town; the Iobs is from
$10,000 to $12,000; It was Insured but
the amount Is unknown. It had just been
redecorated at an expense of $2,000 and
opening services were held Sunday last.
Kaiser  Encourages Germans to  Study
Language of Commerce.
Berlin. Aug. 7.���Emperor William Is
giving warm support to the movement
in commercial circles for the establishment of an English college and for tho
teaching of the English language In tho
various gymnasiums. The emperor, it
is said, believes thnt successful competition with Great Britain and the United States In cotnmerco is possih'c t.nlv-
by having these young Qermaus taught
English. * . *.'
t     '
The Daily Canadian
Wt*    tiro    DOW
opening upu large
shipment nl'
Limoges Elite China
These   goods   are   assorted   so that   you   can   select   any   pieces   you
prefer and  make  up  to  your taste.
Hi)il-!*t;j*t Qutility ��t L,o>\vi��t l-'riuej-t.
A carload  of
has just arrived.    These goods have advanced  slightly, but we  offer them
Imperial Bank of Canada
Head Office:   Toronto.
 $10,000,000     Capital    Paid    Up          4,830,000
Rest           4.830,000
D. B. WII/KIE, President. HON. ROBERT JAFFRAY, Vioe-President
Capital Authorized
Branches in British Colombia:
Interest  allowed on  de|K>sits   from .late of deposit and credited quarterly.
rwButsoiN branch ��-����   JVla.   L..AY.,  Manager.
The Royal Bank of Canada
Incorporated A.  D.  1869.
Capital $3,900,000     Reserve Fund $4,390,000
Unexcelled facilities for the transaction
of all  kinds of Banking  Business.
Savings Bank Department, and
Interest credited Quarterly on
Savings Bank Accounts.
on Application, in Large, Medium
or Pocket Size.
Nelson Branch, G. A. SPINK, Manager.
Published six dayi) a week oy the
Baker Ht.. Heleon, B. c
BuDicrlptton ratus. M ceutf a month a el lv creel
in the city, or tb.oo a year li sent by mall, whuu
paid in advance.
Advertlsinic ratenon Brplli'Rtlon.
All   monies   paid   lu   Ketllement of    I he Dally
dian  accounts  either   for KubKcrii'tion***. or
ifiing, mnrst be n-.-Mpied lor on the printed
If  the Company.   Ulher receipt*  are not
Wednesday, August 7,  1907.
Among all Ihe changes in the kaleidoscope of Canadian politics during the
last twenty years none other is so remarkable as that uf the way in which
party policies are formulated. The
theory of party government is of course
that two associations representing two
opposite sets of ideals and of policies
shall compete lor the approval of the
general electorate. The tille to leader*
Bhip in either party Ib the presentation
of a series of principles for national action which commend themselves to the
majority of the party. When a leadei 1
ideaa fail to win such approval he
ceases naturally and without discredit
to be the accepted leader of the party,
and his successor is the man who standi
forth as the exponent of the most acceptable views.
Such was the practice that prevailed
In Canada from its first political organization until after the death of Sir .lorn
Macdonald. It is iwssible to conceive
of the great chieftain, or of his earlier
opponents, calling general meetings of
their parties to perfect organization for
a campaign, but never to formulate B
policy. That either followed naturally
from the principles held and professed
by the party, or was set forth by the
leader and accepted hy his followers.
A leader who called representatives
of his party together to tell him what
to advocate would thereby logically declare his unfitness for leadership and
abdicate his only title. Logically it is
the leaders that create and declare the
policies and then the rank und file of
the ejectors of the nation chooBO whom
they  would   follow.
That is still the British practice.
There is only one deviation from it in
British political history and that d*-via
tlon Is more apparent than real. Ther*-
wbb a convention at Newcastle in preparation   for   the   elections  of  1892, at
which the leaders of the variegated
groups that composed the Hritlsh Liberal party agreed upon a plan of campaign and a compromise programme of
legislation which, in the event of their
success, all the component elements
were prepared to support. That course
was partly necessitated by the very existence within the party of groups with
different aspirations or which at least
emphasized different views, and partly
it was intended as an advertisement to
the nation that the party which Mr.
Gladstone had led to ruin in 18S6, was
reorganized and again capable of offering an orderly administration as an alternative to the Conservative party's.
The experiment has never been repeated although after the disasters of
1S.��5 and lidHjo there was at least aa
good reason for such a course as on the
eve of the campaign of 1SU2.
Hut Canadian Liberals followed that
example without any similar appearance
of justification. But, as explanation
not justification, it may he said that it
was a necessity forced upon them by
their previous choice of a leader.
When Kdward Blake laid down the
banner In 1888, the choice or Wilfrid
Laurier as his successor waa not dictated by any conviction that he was the
next best exponent of the principles
which Canadian Liberals had consistently advocated for half a century. To
the majority outside of Quebec he waa
simply a popular colleague who had
been a loyal follower of two successive
leaders whose wisdom he had never,
openly at leant, questioned, and his eloquence and his personal charm were expected to gain some strength for the
party In his own province. That was
the whole secret of the choice. Alexander McKenzfu was still alive and still
in parliament; Richard Cartwright and
David Mills were tried and known. Hut
they failed: Laurler might succeed.
What he would advocate, if anything
different Trom Wake, none of his followers knew or cared. He was a last resort.
All the real leadera had failed. He
could, at the worst, do no more than
The campaign of 1891 was hopeless
of course. While Sir John Macdonald
lived Canada could not be expected to
dismiss him for any other.
But the death of the old premier
within three months of his crowning
victory revived the hopes of the Liberals. The next few years further weakened their opponents.   Then with suc
cess a tea] .possibility it way necessary
to answer simulation as' to what Liberals would do if entrusted with power.
Who was to answer, to state the principles and policy ol" the party? Wilfrid Laurler? Not he. lie had neither
policy nor political principles to declare.
So a party convention was held at Ottawa in I8H4, not to devise a plan or campaign uud perfect organisation, but
actually tu decide what to advocate. The
Canadian Liberal party which had
fought for, an.l won, responsible government) representation by population and
provincial rights, under the leadership
of Baldwin, llrown, Blake, McKensle
and Mowat, actually didn't know what
it stood for under Laurier.
For sixteen years its leaders had been
" .. to one clear harp In divers tones."
They had steadily opposed the tariff
feature of the National Policy, hut
the bewildering succession of Free
Trade, Lower Tariff, Commercial Union,
Unrestricted Reciprocity and Tariff for
Revenue Only, had demonstrated to
themselves and to the country that it
was opposition for its own sake only.
So a convention was held to tinker a
policy. Hy way of concession to real
Liberalism, a few respectable survivals
like provincial rights and equal rights
for all religious denominations, were
given a place. Civil service reform, always a good cry and sufficiently noncommittal, was added. So far as known
Wilfrid Laurier's only contributions to
the platform of 18134 were the assurance
���the utterly gratuious assurance���that
he could get from the United States
tariff concessions which had been repeatedly refused to Sir John Macdonald,
and the phrase, "Free Trade as They
Have It in England." As a matter of
fact, they haven't free trade in Kngland,
they have only free imports and that
not altogether.
That is the history of the "leadership" of Wilfrid Laurier to the date of
his accession to power. Since then it
is true that he has originated some
more phrases, some happy, more unhappy. But the political history of the
teu years will be searched In vain for a
single progressive idea that has originated with him until within the last few
Now, indeed, he has produced one
doctrine all his own, and one entirely
new to Canadian political thought���
that it is inconsistent with Canada's
constitution us a self-governing nation
to admit any share of responsibility for
defence of the Kmpire under whose un-
bought and unpaid for protection a line
of poor and thinly settled colonial settlements has grown into the wealthy
Dominion of Canada. That is Wilfrid
Laurier's flrst and last contribution in
thirty years of public life to the political doctrine of Canada, and that is the
one foundation on which he may hope
to build any title to be called a national
Unconfirmed Rumor.
(Special to The Daily Canadian.)
Grand Forks, August 7.���An unconfirmed runiorhas reached here today to
the effect that the C. P. R was making
a deal to purchase the Midway and Ver.
non system west of Midway. It Is
stated that a deal of this kind would be
very agreable to the promoters of the
Midway and Vernon a.s well as the residents of the Boundary District generally. By taking over the Midway and
Vernon system the C. P. R. would have
a much shorter route to the Coast than
their  main  line.
A special general meeting of the
- hareho.ders of the Kootenay Fruit
Growers' association will be held in the
court house. Nelson, on Tuesday, Aug.
20, 1!>07, at 8 p. m. Hy order.
D. C. McMORRIS, Sec.
IN THE MATTER of the "Rivera and
Streams Act" and amendments
IN THE MATTER of an Application of
The Canadian Pacific Timber
Company,   Limited.
Notice is hereby  given that AO days aftrr flute
The Canadian I'actllc''ltnlM-r ('ompany. Limited,
luteuds to submit to tlie Honorable rlilef Com-
mlsssouer of l<auds and Works a proposal under
the provisions of the "klrern and Htrcams Aet"
Hti'l amendment* thereto, for the right to Improve Trout creek and in tributaries from the
M-iiree*. nf nueh ereek and ir'butaries to the point
where the paroe flown Into Trout inke in the I>in-
trlct of Went Kootenay, and to remove obstruc-
tlons theretrom and make tlie name fit fordrlv-
Ing, htorliiK, sortlnu* and booming logs, raft�� and
era/tH, and the flaming of lumber thereon, also
for the riirht to collect toll*** thereon.
The landu affi en 1 are crown ]andn  and   Ixit��
770, 7U.W, 7tf.M, in, 771 wj, 7M ana 190, ail in
(irotip 1, Went Kootenay.
l>ated thin 30th day of .May, 1907.
bv their solicitor. K. M. Macdonald.
Notice to Delinquent Co Owner.
To Charles (J. iHoiotnu, or any other person
to whom he may have transferred his Interest In
the "May HlosHom" miner"! claim, situated on
llrown Mountain, two and a half mtlcs southwest of Ymlr, in the Nelson Mlninir Division, of
West Koolenay Dmtri'-t, -and recorded lu the
Recorder'! ofllee, for the NeUon DlTU.'OU,
You and each of you are hcrehy iiotlHed that
I hav expended two hundred and five doliATl
C20b.<ni) in labour and Improvements upon the
above mineral elalm lu order to hold the same
under the proviaious of the Mineral Act. and If
within ninety days from tlie date of this notice
you fait or refuse io contribute your portion of
tlie expenditure, fwh'ch 1�� one hundred and two
fifty dollars (|H��*J.,*Vi) lor the two years ending
Hth May. IWI7.) together with ah cost* of adver
tlaltiif. your interest In the said claim will become the pri)|n.-rty of the undersigned under
Set;. 4 ol an Act entitled: "An Act to Amend the
Mineral Act. 1000 "
Dated at Ymlr, B. 0 , lAth May, 1007.
For Sale
House, 5 rooms and bath;   close in $1600
16 lots on   Innls St.  for    $450.00
634 Acres within mile of centre
of City, suitable for market
garden Terms   given
160 Acres on Kootenay river,
good springs, firat-ctass railway   service $3,000
F. B.  LYS
Real   Estate   and   General  Agent.
West Baker Street. NELSON, B. C.
Nelson 1.and District. District ol W.-M kuotetiay.
Take notice that William Andrew ROM, t
Fernie, B. <-*., hotel keeper, intends to apply tot
a special timber licence om the following das
Bribed lands:
No. 1   - Commencing at a post pla:i(ud about
three ml si north of the international  iiidary
inn.-, and about eight miles west of ihe Kootenay
river, and about two miles north of the tiortb-
w.-t cornerof timber licence No. .s '���:. tbenee
north so chains, thenee east HO chain.*-, tbenoe
south bo chalua, thence went no chains to point
of coinmeiicemeut. and ���.'ontaiiuug MO acrea,
more nr less.
Located 12th June 1907.
No. ^.-Commencing at a post planted at th
southeast corner of w Illiam A Koai'l No, l claim
and about two miles uorth ol the N W oorner
of timber licence No. ot*'n, thenee oorth 80
chalnp. thence west SO chains, thence iouth 80
chains, thence east 80 chains tn the polnl of commencement, and containing M0acres, more or
Located 12th June, 1907.
No. 3.���Commencing at a post planted near
Bridge creek, about one mile east of the northeast cornerof William A. Boss's No. 1 claim,
and aboui Ave miles north of the international
boundary lino, thence north 80 chains, thence
west HO chains, thence south so ...ms, tnence
east SO ehalus to the point ol i oniuiencemeut,
and containing 640 acres, more or less.
I-ocated Uth June. 1907.
No. 4.���Commencing at a post planted near
Bridge creek at toe southeast i-orner of William
A Hoss' No 8 claim, thelice imrth 80 chain***!,
thenee east 80 chaina. thence loath 80 chains,
thence west 80 chatus to the point of commencement, and containing 640 acre.-, more or less.
I.-.. ated 12th J line, !'.-"
No. 6.���Commencing at a post planted near
Bridge creek, at the southeast corner of Will hi in
A. Koss' No. i-t claim, tlience south 80 chams,
thence west 80 chains, theme uorth 80 chains,
thence east 80 chains to the point of commeneemeut, and i untaluiug &40 acres, more or lesi.
Located 12th June, 1907.
No. 6.���Commencing at a post planted near
Bridge creek, at the aoutheast corner of William
A. Koss' No. 3 claim, theuee south 80 chains,
thence east 80 ehalus, theuee u-rth 80 chain-,
thenee weat 80 chains to tbe polut of eoinmencement, and containing &40 acres, more or leu.
Located Uth June, 19u7.
No. 7.���Commencing at a post planted about
one mile south of the aoutheast coruer of William
A Roes' No b claim and about two miles north
of the international boundary Hut, thence uorth
80 ehaius, tlmuie west no chains, theuee south no
chains, itu'iin* east 80 rhalns to the point of
commencement, and containing 640 acres, more
or less.
Located the Uth of June. 1907.
No. 8, ��� Commenelng ata post planted at the
southeast corner of William A. Koas' No 7 claim,
thence north 80 chaina, thence east 80 chains,
thence south 80 Chains, theuee West 80 ehalus to
polut of commencement, and containing Mu
acres, more or leaa.
Located the Uth dav of Iiine. 1907.
Uated this Ml day of July. 19u7.
William Anlrkw Htm.
Nelson Land District. District of West Kootenay
Take uotlce stmt I'aul August 1'aulnrn, of K it-
Ohener, B.C., occupation lumberman, intends
to apply foraspt'Cial timber licence over tlie lol
lowing described lauda: Commencing til a jx'st
planted at the southwest corner of surveyed Jot
r221->G 1 thenee south to the northern boundary
of timber licence No. 70IH, thence west to the
northwest corner of aald timber licence, thence
south to the northern boundary of lot 812. thence
following said boundary, of said lot weit to the
right of-way of the British ColuuiUa. Southern
Railway, thence following aald right-of-way tn a
north-easterly direction to place or commencement, and containing 640 ���.rrea, more or lens.
Dated Julv -.'im.. 1-9VJ.    I'AUI, ArOL'BT !' **. * *  ���*������*-.
Notice is hereby given that CO <lav* after date I
intend to apply to the Hon. Chief Commissioner
of Lufi-I- and Works for permission to purchase
the following described lands, situated in West
Kootenay diatrict: Commencing at a post marked by name as initial post of the South Fork
branch, one hundred feet from the junction of
Lost creek with the south fork; thence one-
quarter mile to the northwest corner post, thenc*
one mile to the northeaft corner post, thence
one-quarter mile to the southeast corner post,
thence one mile to  the place of commencement
June 27, 1907. Located by WM. CONNOLLY.
Notice la hereby given that flu davs after date r
intend to make application to the Honorable the
Chief Commissioner of Lands and Works, Victoria, B ('., fr r a spec lal licence to cut timber on
the following described .** *. ;-, in West Kootenay
district: Commencing nt a post situated on
Blueberry creek, it ho nt lour miles from its mouth
and adjoining the N, W. corner of my application No. l. thence south 80 chains, thence west
SOchains, thenee north so chains, thenee eaal NO
chains to point of commencement.
Dated May 19th, linn. R. .W Rokinson.
Nelson Land District. District oi West Kootenay
Take notice that Moore, Kepple A I a., of Garland, Penn , occupation lumbermen, intends to
apply tor a special timber licence over the following described land-- Commencing at a post
planted on Mosijulto creek, on the west side of
Arrow lake, and ahout one half 1Mb' west of the
���outhweei oorner of timber limit Mo, 4877, tbenoe
norih so ehalus. thenre west HOchalns, thenc-
south 80 chains, thenee east no chains to point of
eommencement. ami containing 040 acres, more
or less.
Dated 15th, July, 1907.      Moon1*, KKi-n.i A Co.
John R. Calkins, Agent.
Take notice that 10 days alter date 1 intend to
applv to the Hon. the Chief Commissioner of
Lands and Works, Victoria, for permission to
cut and carry away timber from the following
deacr.bed land, In West Kootenay:
No. 1. Commencing ���t ��� post planted at the
t mthwest cornerof timber license 8.r>4*fl, thence
weat 80 chains, thence south 80 chains, theuee
east 80 chains, thence north 80 chains to plaee of
Dated May all, 1907.       J. T. BuROKSR, Locator.
J W   Colbukn, Agent.
No. 2. Commencing at a post planted at the
southeast corner of application No. I, thence east
80 chains, thence north no ehalna, thence west 80
chains thence south 80 chains lo place of commence ment.
Dated May 81, 1907.        '   T. Bubokhs, locator,
J. W. COLBtTRN, Agent.
Nelwoii I-and District. Diatrict of West Kootenay
Take uotlce that I'aul August Paulson, of Kitchener, I). C, occupation lumbermati, intends
to apply for a special Umber licence over the following described lands: Commencing at a ,���<.-���
planted at the southwest comer of surveyed lot
72*21-0.1, theiice Mtt 40 chains, thonco north 80
chains, thence cast to t' e aoutheast corner ol said
lot, thence north to Ihe noriheaat corner of said
lot, thence east te the west boundary of pre eruption No. ���'-.*������-'. i ton-.- south to the north boundary
of timber licence No. -.i*<. thence west along
aaid nortli boundary to the northweat corner oi
said licence, thence south to the north hoiinrtRry
of tlmb' r licence No 7018 thence west to a point
due soutli of commencement, thence north to
point of commencement, and containing Olo
acrea, moro or less.
Dgt-M July 2nd. I9u*7.   Paul Anotrsr Pai'lhom.
Nelson Land District Dlstrictof West Kootenay
Take notice that Moore, Kenplc A Co., of Oar-
land, Penn., occupation lurnoermen, Intend to
apply tor a special Umber licence over the fob
lowing de��cr)tK)d lands: Commencing at a post
planted on Mosquito creek, - n tlie west side of
Arrow lake, and ahout one half mile west, of the
aouthwest corner of timber limit No 4877, thence
���outh 80 chaina, thence wtt<*t 80 chains, thence
north 00 chains, thence esst 80 chaini to point of
Bargains in
Wash Belts
100 Doz. Fancy White Wash Belts
25c .Each
Regular Price 50cts
We Sell Them at . .
commencement* and coutaiuiuu r>iu acres, moro
or less.
Dated 15th July, 1907.     MOOU. Kici-lbA; Co.
John It. I'-tLalNs, Agent.
Nelson Laud I'lstri.l. I��)-iri.*i ot W,���-[ K.-.ieuay
Take notice that Wllllnni Andrew Koas, of
Ferule. !( C, hotel keeper, intends to apply lor a
special timber licence OTer the following deacribed lauds:
So 1.-- Commencing ���t a posl planted alfout
8o ohalni en.-t of the nortluabt corner of Umber
licence No. 807:1, and about 80 chains north of the
northern bonndary ol Umber tloenoa No- t*nx,
and aoout 1-' miles wen of th-- Kooteuay river,
and ab..tit tWO and a half miles uorth Of the ',Ui-
ternntloiia:   l-uiiii'-Kry   Mile,    in   the   District ut
Weat Kootensy, tbence south ho chains, thence
west80 ohalns, thenos north M chains, thence
east 80 chains to the point of commeneemeut,
contaiuing OW acres, mureot less.
Located Uth June. 11SJ7.
No j. Oanuneneiitg at a post planted at the
northeast rorner of William A. Kohh'h No. 1 claim
and aboul "tic in 1 if north of the northern boundary of umber Uoenoe No.80*73* thence south 80
Chains, thenoa  east 80   chains,   theiue   north   80
ihains,   thence   writ Hli   chain.-   to   the   point   of
com in* hceim-iit. aud eontuiug b40 acres, more or
Located mh of June, 1907.
William akokiw Rows.
Dated this   'lh of July, l��/3.
Nel-.i<n I.mii. 1 District. District of West Kootenay.
I'aKe notice that Ueorge Alexander, of Kaslo,
H C, intends to apply for a special timber
licence uver the lollowiog described '��� -m *!
' mm :- ing ai u posl planted at the northwest
corner of BeeUOD *% lOVuhlpT, Kooteuay ills
trlct, being about one-third of a mile south of
the south boundary Hue of the Indian reaerve,
thence south about -lb chains to the easterly
bank ol Koolenay river; thence southeasterly
along Kootenay river bauk ahout 60 chains to
the south boundary of Beet Ion 12, Township 7i
Iheuce easterly about bo chains to the northwest
cornerof Lot mil iheuce north no chains along
the   we��t  boundary, of   I.ot M2;   thence  wectw
chains to the point of commencement, and containing 640 acres, more or less
Dated Julv 4. JW7. OnOhSl Ai.kXaM'BR.
Nelson Land District.   District of West Kooteuay.
Take notice thht Kvan McClelland Fraser, of
Fertile, H. ('., clerk, intends to apply for a sp-eclal
licence   over   the   following    ifeacribed   lands:
<'ommencing at a post planted about seven
miles weat of the Kooieua)' river, ami about one
mile north of the international boundary line,
attd about oue and ..*,.,���'���.- uortb-eaaUrly from
the north-east corner of Umber licence No. 8Ur>",
thence south 8o chains, theoce west 80 chains,
thence north 80 chains, thence east ���**���*.*��� chains to
point of comuieni-rmeut, and containing Mo
acres, more or less.
Located Uth , of June, 1907.
KVAN m> ' . ,.     .-.  Fa.ta.CM.
Datod this Hth of July, 1907.
Take notice that C. C. Clark, ol Nelaon. K. C,
saloon keeper, intends to apply for a special timber licence over the following described land;
Commencing at a post planted ou Morning
Mountain, about one mile weat of BmdtOf creek,
and adjoining C. C Clark's location for timber
Uoenoe HO I, and aDOUt one mile aouth of Nelson, thenee went 80 chains, thence south no
chains, thence east no chains, thenc�� north 80
chains to place of beginning.
Dated July lfith, 1��07. C. C. Clark,
Darin Booth. Agent.
Nelaon I-and District. Dtstrtet of West Kootenay
lake notice that Frank Flanngtiu, A H Klder,
and K. W. Smith, ol Hpokane, Wash, occupation
ranchers, intend to apply for a special limber
licence over the following tl escribed lands:
Commencing at a post planted at the southeast
corner, about six miles from the Kootenay river,
on the west side, thencu north no chains, thence
west 80 chains, thence south 80 chains, thence
enst Hi, chains lo point of coiuineucement, and
containing *r*lo ucres, more or less.
Dated July Llth, 1U07. Fkanb Klanaoah,
A H. Bum,
K. w. Smith, Agent for Applicants.
Nelson Laud District. Dlstrictof West Kootenay
lake notice that Frank Flanagan, A S. Klder,
and K. W. Smith, Spokane, Wash., occupation
ranchers, Intend to apply for a special llmoer
liceuce over ihe following described lands:
Comment if.g at a j.ost planted one mile north
and one mile east ol poat No J, which pott is
about six miles from the Kootenay river, on the
went side, Iheuce north 80 chains, thence west 80
chains, thence south 80 ohalns, thenee east 80
chains to point of commencement, ana coutaln-
ihK 110 eereSi more or leas.
Dated July 13th. IU07. Frank Flakaoak,
a. b Bloke,
K. W. Smith, Agent for Applicants.
Nelson I-and DtMrlct. District of West Kooteuay
lake notice that K. W. Smith, Frank Flanagan, and A.S, Kbltr, of Spokane. Wash., occupation ranchers, intend to apply for *. spec ml
timber licence over the following described
lands: Commencing at a -post planted at the
southwest oorner, about eight miles from the
Kootenay river, on the west side, and about
three mlltM north of the international boundary
line, on the west bank of Brldg creek, on the
north fork, thence north hu chains, thence east
an chaina, thence south 80 ehains, thence wust 80
hatus lo point of commencement, and contain
ing itio acres, more or less.
Dated Jul
uly luth, UOr,
Frank Flanacah,
A. 8   I'.i.iiih,
K. W. Hmith. Ageut.
NVlsi.n I-and Dlstrlet Distrlcl of West Kootenay
lake notice thai K. W. Hmlth, Frank Flanagan, and A.M. Klder. of Hpokane, Wash , occupation rnuchers, intend to apply for a special
timber licence over the following described
lands: {'ommencing ata post planted at the
southeast corner, aoout eight miles from the
Kootenay river, on lhe west side, and about
three miles north of the Internationa] boundary
line, on the west bank of Brldg creek, on the
north fork, llieiicc north 80 chains, thenc- west
no chains, thenco south 80 chains, thence east 80
chaina to point of commeuceineut. and contain
ib 940 acres, more or lesa
Date-1 July 19th, 1UU7.
K. W. Hmith,
Frank flanaoan,
A. i-i   -hi.bKR,
K. W. Hmith. Agent.
Notice Is hereby given that 00 days after datel
Intend to apply to the Honorable tho Chief Commissioner of Lands and Works for a special
license to tut and carry awav timber from the
following described lands lu West Kootenay district:
No. I.���Commencing at a post marked William
Walmslejr, planted at Kokanee Creek Hiding on
ths Procter extension, on the west sldo of Lot
6803) on the soulh side of tbe Weat Arm of Kootenay Jake, commencing al the N. K corner post
running south 80 chains, west 80 chains, north 80
chains, east ho chain* to place of beginning.
LOttMd 8rd June, iw>7.
William Walmri.ry, Locator,
Jamkh HtiRiiARD asAge'it.
Take notice that I, Thomas Harry Wilson, In-
lsnd to apply for permission to purchaio the lot-
lowing described land: Commencing Atapost
-planted at the 8. K. corner of lot7AM and marked
N. U. corner, thenee south 10 ehains, thence
wesl 10 chains, thence south 10 chains, thence
west 10 chains, thence south 10 chains, tbenee
west m chains, tneuce south 10 chains, thenco
west lo chains, tlience north 40 chains, theuee
enat 40 chains to point of commencement ami
contHining lis) acres, more or less.
June 7, liW7. i human Hknry Wilson,
William ai,08zo Mills,   gent
Nelson Land Dlstrlet.   District of West Kootenay
Take notice that 1. John Lang, of Nelson, M. <   .
occupation miner. Intend to apply for parmu
��� Ion to purchase the following deecrlbt d lands:
Commencing at a post planted at ths N K ol
|y>l H0V2. theinOO east 'JO chain*, thence .outh ao
chains, thence Weal JO chains, thenee north JO
chains to point of commencement, continuing 10
acres, more or leas.
August .'nd,  1MJ7, John Lano
Notice is hereby given that rto days alter ���!�����[.���. I
intend to apply to the Hon. Chief ConUUWBtOCet
of Lands anil Works for permission to purchaae
the following deacribed land In West Kooteuay
dlstrlet. on west shore of Lower Arrow I-*fce.
adjuinlng l,oc Nu. ' -i- ou the south : Beginning
at a poet marked "Harry  m.-n-..** -  R.l   corner
post and t-lauted on the shore of I^iw.-r Arrow
Lake, at the southeast coruer   of t'apl   Foslnnd's
IMS, thenos west ao chains, thenos south 30
i bains mors or lens to the north bounder** of K
I nllmore's P. i: , thencu ao chains east along the
said boundary to lake, thence north along the
lake shore   20 ehalus,  more or  less  to point of
J. D. Moors,
Agent for Harry MeLeod*
NVIson Land District.   Dlalrlctof WoOt KoOtoaoJN
Take notice that Qootire Kufus ( ��rur of Hirdar,
Domination, brldgeman, intends to applv for j�� r-
mUtloti   to purchase    the  following   (lewrlbed
land    < ornmeuclng ai post planted at the northwest corner of   B. Boer application to purchase,
marked   H. W.,   thence   Uorth    l1.'   chain**, thenre
east   40   chains,   thence  south   .*��� chains   to   A.
t urry's   pre-emption,   tbence   welt   20   ehains.
thetite south 20 chains. Iheuce wnI KO ehaius  lo
place of   commencement    couialniug   VAi  tores
more or less.
Dated July I J, 1907.       tlgoaog KrKrs Cartkh,
W. J  hcoTT. Agent
Nelaon Land District. Dlatrtctof West Koouuay
Take notice that (i*wirge Hturin, of Hilling*.
.Montana, D B. a., occupation, merchant. Intends to apply for permission to purchaae the
following described land: commenelng at a
poat planted on the wert short) of Cpp-ar What
shan (Cariboo) lake, and at ths north nest ...rue r
ofiotSI3V, tbence west KO chains, thelice south
tt chains, thunce east At chains, thence north 40
ehalus to point of com mem-emeui. and containing so acres* more or less.
May iflHh, Ji*07. tjaoaua Htcsm.
Nelaon Laud District.   District of West Kootenav.
Take notice lhat Walter McNeil, of Billings,
Montana, t . B. A., occupation merchant, intends
to appl) for permlaslon to purchase the follow
I!i# deacribed taud : ( omineUclug Ht a post plant-
sd on the west ahore <���! I'pper Whatthan(Oarlboo)
lake, ana at the northweat cornerof Ut ��].��,
thence weal XJ chains, thence north 00 chains,
thence east 20 chalu��, them ���- south **���>, h��ins to
point of commencement, and couialniug HW
acres, more or less.
May JVlti, 1SU7 WaLT��r Mckbil.
I, the undersigned, after 60 days intend to apply to the Hon. lh" Chief ( ommissiouer of Lan.is
and Works to pun haae the following described
land: (.ommencing at the N. K ( . of l,ot 7.%a��
li. L, theuee weat 40 chains, thence Uorth Ai
chains, thelice east 4o chains, thence south JO
chains lo point of coliiuieu. ement, containing 80
acres more or less.
Localo-' March 'J��th, 11*07. W. A. Mills.
Hlxty Oan after dale I purpose making application to ihe Hon. Chief Commissioner Ol Lands
aud Works, for peruilssn.il u> purchase the lollowlng de-scribv't land: t ommencing ,������������;,,,i
placed on the west ahore of Lower Whauhan
lake. abOUt IM mile from the outlet of satue
and marked "II. W��. S.K. corner [.oat,' ruu-
niug   iheuce Ho   ehalus   west,   iheuce   so  chains
south, thenoe SO chains east, ihenee so ehalni
norih   to  point  of commeneemeut,  containing
MO acres, more or leaa. *
Dated the Itnd day of May, 1907
(Signed) B, Wabrek,
per F   (i. FAfyliSR, Agenl
Notice is hereby given that Ml daysafter date I
intend to apply to the Hon. chief Commissioner
of Lands and frorks for permission to purchase
the fo lowing deacribed tract of land, situate in
S-e�� K,'"'.t,',",,lJ' ,,lh,rU:t: Commencing ��t * I">*t
planted 00 *-lacercreek, near ita couth,ci,-.. with
.-mminlt creek marked Margaret McUuSlaS
N E. OOrnCT thence soulh 40�� hains. thence WSSt
Wlvhaius. then,., north M ehalus thence east ao
( hains to pi me of commencement.
Hrd May, 1907, Maboarst M< Lai*, mi an
William Basbocb, Agent.
I. the undersigned, lutend aflerfiodays loapply
o the Hon the ( hlef Commissioner of Uml" ami
Works for permission topuichase the folio-,-, Ina
described land: Commencing at a post mHrke-1
T. M. Bharpi B B. c, located on the iresl shon
of Hlocan lake, aboul twelve miles from the head
ol  Moean   lake,   ihenee  west   4n  chains    lh,m,.
north   tt chains   thence east 40 cIihIiik   thai	
south   along   ahore   of   Hlocan   take  to point   of
cornuiencemi.nl. ��� '
' ?*t*dg*y<**���*��  i m.Hiuhi.
Nelson Land District. District of W,.���i Kiioienay
Take notice that Kdward IVters of ymir, hrlllsh Columbia,.occupation, miner, intends to an.
ply for permlSSlOQ to purchase the (.*i **, .,, ���
described laud: Commencing at a post planted
on the north bank of Lost creek, about three
miles easterly from the Junction of U>st creek
and Halmon river, In the Nelson land district
thence north ft. chains, thence weat fir. chains'
thence south 80 chains, more or less, to Lost
creek, thence east following said creek to point
ol commencement, and containing 480 acres
more or less. '
Dated June fith, 1307, KbWARn  I'lCTim*.
Nelson Laud District. Dlstrictof West Kootenay
Take notice that John I'hllbert of Nelson
British Columbia, occupation, saloon keeper intend,, io apply for permlaslon to purchasc'the
following described laud: Commencing at a
post planted on the north bank Lost creek and
ahout two aud oue quarter miles easterly from
the InaetlOb of Lost creek and Halmon river in
the Nelson land dlatrlet, thenoe north fiO chaina.
thenee west GO chains, theme south 80 chains
more or less, to I-osl creek, theme easl following
said creek to point of commencement  aud con
taining 480 acres, more or less
Dated June fiih, 1W7,
Johu I'hiliiebt
Tako notice that 1. Arthur Alex. I'ltchford, intend to apply for permission to pu'chaso the following described lands: Coinmenclug ata post
plauted at the N. K. corner of LOt 1474, and marked 8. K. corner, thence norlh 40 chains, Ihunce
west 20 chaina, tlience south 40 chains, tbence
eaat SO chains to point o| commencement, aud
noulalnlng 80 acrea, more or less.
Juue 7, 1907. Arthur Alkx   PlTOHFOBD
William alonzo Mills, Agent.
Take notice that I, William K, larvis, Intend
toapply for permission to purchase the following described lands: Commencing at a posl
planted at the H. K cornor oi Lot 1414, and marked northeast corner, tbence west 40 chains
thence south 40 chains, tbence east 40 chains,
thenee north 40 chain* to point of commencement, and containing 160 acres more or less.
Julie 7. 1907, WILLIAM RsOINAl.n .IA tlVIM,
William Al- n/.o Mills, Agent.
Notice Is hereby given thai six tydays afterdate
I Intend to applv lo ihe lion, chi��d -Commissioner
of Lands and Works for permission to purchase
the following described trad of land situate In
West Kootenay distrlcl: Com no ncilig at a post
planted about one-half mile north from forks oi
Bimmit creek, marked lean �� ameron's H. W I
oorner, tbenoe oast -to uhalns, thence uortb 40
chains, thence west 40 chains, it,,-,���,
chain* to plaoe of commencemeat
J-trd May, 15*07, i*.'    ,.
Nelson Laud District.  DUtrtct of Wwtr^ ���
Brliti.fi Columbia, occupation min.r iJfiSI
apply f��r permission lo purchase tbVb ",*���
deacribed laud- : Commencing tt .r���^!
on the north bank of Lost ,-r^t ���f*."**���
mite easterly from the juncd'n of Stal
and Halmon river In the Nelson iiifljjl
tbence north w ohalns. tbencesftrtMaSI
ihenee south ��j -ham., thenc* mVchSl
point of commencement,   and  coBUitUj
acres, more or leap. vuu.*^!-
DaledJurie^tb^lW. Prasi McD��u [
Hlxty days after date I IniMtTtoTpttTk^l
Hon i hud * omuUsloner of Unrfi ����� iJl
Victor^ B.C., to purchaae fiftfflfil
sertbedfend, situate.! in ,he WertKoiSjI
trlct: i ommencing at a post pUatsdM-ZI
weet side of Koolenay lake, otaTWuSJI
point, and marked J. Mekioru.D*, IfZl
post, thenos weet K> etiaiae. theewHrtil
< halna, ihenee east m chela* mort or leaVJ
shore, tbenee along lake ihore to polotd7
mencement. p����h��s
Dated April 4,1907. Signed J NcKnw j
Nelaou l��nd District.   Dlstrictof V��rKo^i
Take   notice   that  Edward Fraser, of SI
Montana,   t    .S A . occupation wnol fciieil
tends ifl   Kill,1 l    t.i*   n..,,..,..,*..   i.    *.'_ *  m
lends i�� apply   tor permlaslon to \,.: ���>,��,
loUowlng  daeertbsd land:   OoMMin
post planted on   the weal ahore of t--****
���han (�� aritMN.) lake, ami at the sou Usui m
of   UU Sl.Ilt.  thenc west 20 chains, HkmnJI
,.i ,-.. n,.ty, inrnii! west ju eftaitii. tbrt^Kjl
florhaios. thence cast ^tbalns. lh-#L(��r.;-il
chains, tbence eaat 40 rhalns. more or it��, v ��I
w��--l ahore of Cpper Whatsban (fantor'krl
thenoe northerly and weeurly aleDfU��ai|
shore an chains, more or leas, to polotgr
msjBOMa-Mt,  ��i���l  couialulng XA> tcnt.mn
Mar 1Mb, 1907. EnwASD Turn |
Miaty days aftej date I ourpose makiu #1
c-Ation   to tne   Hon    tbe Chief OMuABI
i *n���:������ and Works for permUsion W parrhseaa
followlug .|. ��. .-il.e.1 land : t on)in��iv<lBf St.*
post placet! at the northeast octw J l"-l
-ktuner's application lo pnreheat :.t
"R M's. N. W corner poat" thence follo*.ii > I
eastern boundary of aald aprllcattoo MiUe y
soulh, Ibence running W ehalus eaal .*.;���*
ehaius north to the southern Ihjui. un *'l>
Banningten't application to i .<��� i *.- "���:���**
'halua   weal  along same  to point of ��
���rnnl. containing M(j acres, more or 1st
Dated ind day ot May, 1907.
(Signed) k -il  j
per r.a   PAtMin. Ai*bi
Huty days arter date i intend w appeal
Hon chief Commlaaloner of I^nda ani *��'*��� I
tot permission to purchaae the toll-tioiSj
scribed land in Weet Kootenay 41strMi: ��
meuclug at a post marked AC b t norm I
uorner p��Mt, running 40 cbaini eut��r!. *m I
the txoindary of ThnUr 1J cent* No.lW,i*0��|
���"���utherly W chains, tbenee westenr * o\t�� I
theiue northerly .Ie chains alongth��Cf.ll
track io Ihe place of commencement. ��)Di��iUi I
two    ��� ., i r,  t ncres, more or lest.
i..'.;.   i ihla I*th day ol May, 1S07.
^  A. C. BciS. Uxtu
Notice la hereby given mat SO days altfrOs J
intend toapply to tbe Honorable thei'SUfi*	
mlssloner of Land* and Works for p��nts��s &|
U> purvhase the lollowlng deacribed las4.ii* Jftg
in West Kooten*��r dlatricl. -t'ommes"!-* n j
post plant, d at the west boundary of Ul**,!
and about lu chains aouth of theiotith kMM I
of the right-of-way of the 8. Clfft���*|
way, ami marked P. A. i"s souihwui^f*8 I
Uicnce west l��i chains, thenee north totfetn*!
Ixmudary of the rlgbt-of-way of fl,i'* MMM I
railway, thence following said toOMtAffmml
right-of-any in an easterly direction teUr* I
boundary ol U>\ 302 ul, tbence south to p-a��' I
comnicncemeiil, containing 100 acn*. ������"'!
DatOd this utb day of June, 1907.
Paul AMOtm P*-'!J(��* I
i.��i.d ih. uu. d., o. M.r. iw.^ Willui(
I, III.- ..n.li.i.lgn,.,!, ���fl,r ��0 il��v, Mll��D*,.'��,t
ply to Hit Hou the Chlel *L*omm(sai.."**r.'''*t..
an.l Works lor pcrrululoa lo purrhs,,"'"^
lOWlD, .l,*a. nl.i'.l Inn.I: ComnieDrll., ��� "'j
n.��rk,*,l N.K.,:. anus....I on the vre.l slior, ��� ,
*-i... ....   ..i..    ..,.,  ........... i...... -I.-.
��.���<!   ia.  IV l, ,    .ininli'i!    On    .no ��a"
 *.n lake, sbuuttwi-nlv miles Irom tt
U.en.-e west �� t-hnlns, thenre s."",h **
_...,ib m At** j
 ��� enat A) iVhains, "theiirr'ni.rth si""*
ahoro ol  Ink.. 80 lli.H, lo point ol .*..n.m��'T
BIST mi"*
Bbi-ck WlllTk, Aie��l-__
1...rati*.I Mny Ith.
���tnatiis smith, IheueeW ehains eaat. >o r-~a
.'..ininenrt'ni.'iit, contalnln, MO acre., m*"'
I..1U.1I thi, llth .lay or May, 1��07.        _ ,,���..
(Hlxoetl) I'm* Mrt'l"**^01'
per I). A. Mt*, ���QUJtCH. At-ei.^	
NelsonTaml District.  Dl.lrlct 0/ West "'"'""''
Take nOUM that I'aul Auiuil l-��u 1��"����� ,*?{.,,j, I
Ohnur, B. C .  ...*i*ii|.atlon  lumlierman. in*
toapi.lv lor permission to purchase ths \��".
ID,  .1 .*.-,! it,. .1  land.:    rommet-fin, ��'.��' ,,
planteil on tl... west boundary ol lol P.O. �����
and ahout 10 chains soutli ol the soutli ho   '** *
rlKhl-ol-way   01   Ul.   Brltl.h   El!l"S
w..y, In an easterly direction lo tne ��c"'.':r,. ,.f
ary ol lot No. SMOJ.1,  thence aoulh t" I'/.,*,
* int.*... * ...*.. t, and containing loo a. r...
.. Icsl.
Dated this 13lh day ol "iilv, 1D07.       ,.,.,���,*
Notice la hereby given that no daya altet
Intend In apply lo the Honorable <l" [",���,,�� "
mlssloner ol Lands and Works lor P."".1",!,*!'
purchase tho lollowlng dcscrlhcd lr*<*;���.t.{.|ii|
altuate lu West Koolenay dlstrlet! "-on"1'" ���������
at a post planted on Placer creel., near .. ���
lluenee with Huinmlt creek, mark... "' .,���i
Harhour-s N. W. corner, thonoo aotitli �� '" ������
thenco eaat ,0 chains, thence north *',' ,en|
thenee West 40 ohalns 10 plaoe ol coram.."' "' .
Wrd May 1IW7. F     WIU.1A* U**���"* The Daily Canadian
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Burns & Co., Ltd.
NELSON, ��3. C��
J   Co
[*tbc 1- n-"p'i.y Kivi-n that W) ilnys
��� intend to >-. ;-!'!> to lhe Chief Coin-
J*f l.und an-l Work*, lor a Hperial
Cut and curry UihIkt from tbe follow
Ed Uii'i-. flituated on the soutbeaat
*.  iu   the   dlatrlet of West
im* at a post placed ni '
l>-af creek marked "It. M.
tliwi-M   corner,"   theme no (-halnn
HO  chains   eaut,   thence HO  ehains
10 chain-*,  west  lo  place of coin-
the Uth dayof Juue, 1WT7.
K   M. ASS?Wt, Ixx-ator.
Is  hereby   given    that :��)  dan
ud to apply   to the Chief Corn-
Lauds  and   Works,  for  a   -|" ' '"'
rv ilmlM-r fmrn the follow-
landN  Mturticd on   the south<-a��t
on river, in the dlatrlet of   Went
meiietiiK al a pout placed  iiliout
Hope UMU crtHJk, marked "K   M.
southwest    corner,"'    tbence  NO
thence HO chain* east,  thence HO
theuee HO  chains wesl to place of
'cloth day of June, 19U7.
H. M. KtBvaa. 1-oeator.
t>Utrtct.   IMdtrict ol Weet Kootenity
t   that   James   Keeth. of   Hpokane,
illon, miner, iuienda lo apply (or a
-   Mci-nceover   the   follow lug  de-
iinmenclng  ata post about 13
the center ul the Uorlh shore Hue ot
and   at  tbe lOUtbOMl cornerof
_    No     HVT.i,   ami    marked   James
, ConuTiKftt, Ihenee north SO chalim,
���0  ehalus, thence  aouth   HU chain*,
ft) < halni tn   jKilnt   of   commeuce-
itainfuK MO acres, more or lens.
i *-.���*���'��� * Krktu.
DUtrlct.   District of West Kooteuay
that James   Keeth, of  Bpokane,
(ton miner, intend- to apply for a
licence   over   ihe   follow Inn  de
i; Commencing at a pout planted M
Of the center of the north shore line
Lake and at  thf   northeast   corner
It   No. a>i74, thnice   weal ��0  cbatnt,
SO  chain", thence  cant  no  ehaln��,
JO chaltiK   to  point of commence-
llnlnlng ' 4�� acres, more or less.
aSlS&SeVsi ���
jreby given tbal thirty days after
toapply tothe Hon. IheChlef Coin-
Land" and Worka for a soeclnl 11-
ad carry away timber from the
rlbed lands In West Kootetiay
nenclng at a pout planted on the
Ten Mile creek, about one mile
Blocan lake, marked 11. II flit-*
er post, thence east 1��J0 chains,
. chalnh, theuee wust UK) chains,
0 chains  to place ol commence-
Ith day of June, 1907.
H. II. Pitts, Locator,
A. W. BtUBiis. Agent.
Lt-td District     iMstrii't 'it West K oolenay
ICC that William Andrew Koas, of
h hotel koei>er, lntenda to apply for
iber licence over the lollowlng des-
menelng at  a   post planted about
_jt of the  Koolenay   river, ou Corn
the   District  id  West  Koolenay,  and
_ alx mllea north of the lntcruattouul
line, and about two mllea west nf tim-
Nn   0646, thence   south  HO ohalns,
SO chaina, thenco north 80 chatiiH,
HOchalns to point ot commencement
jninn MO at*res, more or leas.
15th June. 1W7.
(���.'*���**���"������Commencing at a post phinled at the
��� "'-'t corner of Wlltlain A Unsn- No. ' rl.illll,
���th Ni chaina, thenee weit to chain***.,
tth 80 chiUns, thence east no chains.
It of commencement, and containing
.Store or leas.
| 16th June, 19U7.
ioniinencing ,.t a post plauted about
Weat of the northeast corner of Wll-
No 2 ylalm, thence south Ho ehalus,
Met W) chains, thence nor'h hu chains,
.Vest KH riot I tit to the point <>f i .iiiiiiciii'e
^HTcontaining MO acres, more or less.
^^lfilh Juue, 1907.
������Comtuenelng at at a po-si planted at
^feweHt corner of William A. Hobs' No. 8
*-=^Kinee north HO ciialns. thcucc went HO
JKence south ho chains, thenee eaal HO
|Bthe point of coraoicnccineut, contain*
^ptrs, more or less.
11Mb June, 1907
$,1111 CoiiU'ieni int*:   at   a post    planted st the
���K comer of William A. Koss   No  3 claim,
lUth HOchalns,   thence   west SO   chains,
���brill HU ehalus,  tbenee eaat HU ehalus to
Hot commencement, and containing 610
�����or less.
l.Mh  luue. 1907.
iinmendng at a   post  planted   about
#eal of the   northeast  cornerof   W|l-
iss' No 5 claim, thence south HO chains
it HOchalns,   tnence  uorth Ho chains.
Irest Hi) chatus to the point of commcuca-
d containing M0 acres, more or lesa,
115th Juue. 19U7.
Comineuciuc al a post planted at lhe
Jt coruer of WW in in A. Koss' No. Oclatm,
nortli HU chains, thcucc eaat ho chains,
|0Uth Ht) chains, thenee west HO chains to
f commencement, and coutalulug ttJO
nre or lesa.
1 15th June, 1907
- Coninii iiriiiK ,u 'i post planted about
naouth of the uorthwest cornerof Wll-
sKosn' No 6 olalm, thence norlh HI chains,
Trent HO chains, thenee south HO chains,
Ut HO chains to the point of commencu.
d containing Ml) acres, more or less.
1 Kith June. 1907.
^Commencing nt a posl plathled about 40
mull of the northwest curner of William
No. 6 I'liiini, thonce south HO ehaius,
est Ht) chaina, ihein������ north HO chaliiH,
Jt Ho rhalns to tho noin�� of tommence-
1 containing M0 acres, more or loss.
1 16th June, 1907.
Commencing at a post   planted   about
__�� west of the  northeast corne-i of Wil-
FRoss' No. 9 claim, thence south Hi) chains,
I east 80 chains,  thence  uorth  HOchalns,
>st 80 chains to tho pint of commence*
I containing M0 acres, more or less.
Id 15th June, 1907.
-Commencing nt a post planted about
Res west of the northeast corner of Will lam
No. �� claim,  thence norlh HO chains,
��� eaat HO chains, theuco south ho chains,
I west ho chains to tho point of eommenee-
Ind containing ii|<) acres, more or less,
(led l.Mh June, 1907.
.���Commencing ata post planted about
is   south   ol   ilic   northwest   corner   of
A. Koss' No   id claim,  Uicnce south HO
thenre west Hi) chains, thence north HO
thence east Ht) chalua to point of com-
_ cut and eontalnlug 040acres, more or lesa
��d IMn June. 1907.
-Commencing at a post j lantcd about
s south  ol  the northwest corner of Wll-
Itoss'   No.   lu   chum,    thenee    north   HO
thenco  wesl  80 chains,  thenco south 80
alienee castHO chains to the point of com[
���nt and coiiiainiug 040 acre* more or loss:
this 5th day of July, 1907.
William amjkbw Rod*.
Notice Is hereby given that thirty days after
date I intend to apply to the Honorable
('hlef Commissioner of Lauds and Works at
Victoria. H.C, for a special Hcenac lo cut aii.l
carry iiwnv Umber from the following desorlbed
lands In West Kootenay district: Commencing
at h post planted on Uic west bank of Smelter
ir.*,-!., about one mile south ol the City of Nelson,
ihenee south ho chaina, theuee west HO chains,
thence north HO chains, thenc*; eaal HO chaina to
p:*--**!' of eoinmencement.
Daled this lllh day ol June, 1907.
C. C. Clark, locator.
D. Hcotii, Agent.
Take notice that H ��� n.-r. John Johnsou, l'ost-
inamer ol Fernle, K. C., Intends to apply for a
special timber licence over the following descrilied lands:
No. 1.���Commenelng ai a posl planted in the
District of Weet Kootenar. about two mllea north
of the International boundary line and about
one mile west of Boundary lake adjoining and
betWI �� ii llreuces No BOM and H069, thence south
HOchalns, thonce weat HO chaina, theme north HO
thence easl mo chains to place of ci.tnmencement.
Dated June 3, l'JUT.       li   .1. Johnson, Looator.
And. Hai num. Agent.
No.'-' -I'oininencing at a post plauted about
one mile north ot the northwest corner ol 11. J.
Johnson's No. 1 timber claim, tbeuee south HO
chalos, thence east HO chains, thence north HO
chains, thence weat HO chains to place of commencement
Dated June .1, I9U7.       H. J. Johnson, locator.
ANU. HaiKRiT, Agent.
No 8.���Commencing at a pont planted at the
nortli west oorner nf II. J. Johnson's No. 2 timber
claim, thence toulh 80 ehaius, thence weat 80
chains, tlience north 80 chains, tneuce eaat 80
chains to place of commencement.
Dated Juue 3, 1907.        H. J   Johnson, Locator.
ANh. Hai:kktt, Agent.
No 4.���Commencing ata post planted at the
northeast corner of II. J. Johnson's No- 3 timber
claim, theuee north Ho chains, thence west HO
chains, theuco south 80 chsins, thence east 80
chains to pla'-c of commencement
Dated Juue 3, 1907        H. -I. Johnson, Ix>cator.
A sn. IIackett. Ageut.
No, 5.���Commencing al a post planted nt the
nortbwesl corner ol ll J Johnson's No 2 timber
claim, thence north Hi) chains, thence east 80
chalua ihenee south Ho chains, thence west 80
chains to place nf commencement
Dated J u ue 3, 1907.       11   J   Johnson, locator.
And. Hackbtt, Agent.
No, ft ���Commencing; at a post planted aboHt
one mils north of the northwest corner of H. J
Johnson's No. 6 timber claim then ������ south 80
chains, thence easl HO ehaius, thence north HO
chains, thence west HU chains to place of commencement.
Dated June 3, 1907.        II. J. Johnson, locator.
And. i( a. ki.Ti. Agent.
No. 7. Commencing atapost planted at the
northwaei corner of fl. J. Juliusou's No 6 timber
claim, thence south *���*���*���* ��� ���:��� nn-. tbence west HO
chains, thence noun 80 chains, thence cast 80
chains to place of commeneemeut.
Dated June :(, 1907.       II. J. Johnson. Liwator.
And. IIackett, Agent
No 8 ���Commencing at a posi planted at the
northeast corner of 11. J. Johnaon'a No. 7 timber
claim, Ihenee north HO chains, thence west HW
chains, thence soutb 80 chaina, thence eaat 8i��
chains to place ut commeneemeut.
Dated June -4, 1907.        H. J. JoilNaoN, Locator.
And  Hackktt, Agent.
No 9 ���Commencing at a post planted at the
northwest corner of ||. J Johnson's No li limber
claim, tbence north HU chains, thenee east HO
chains, thence aouth H0 chains, tbence weat UO
chains to point of commencement.
Dated Juue 3, 1907.        fl. J. Johnson, locator.
No li'.���Commencing at a post planted at the
northwest corner of timber licence H074, thence
north 80 tdiaius, theuee eaat 80 chains, thence
���ouih ho chains, thence west Bo chalas to place
of eoinmencement
Daled Juue 3, 1907.       II. J. Johnson, Locator.
And. Hackktt. Ageut,
Nelson l.tui.i District. District of West Kootenay
Take notice that "David Henry Telford." Baa-
kabain, Sask ., occupation lumberman, lntenda
to apply for a special timber licence over the foi
lowing described landa:
No 1 Commencing ata post planted about I
ehaltm north of the northwest coruer of Timber
I.nun H144, west branch of l.ilile Slocan river,.
West Kooteuay, theuco west HO ehaius, thelice
south 80 chains, thence east BO chains, thence
north Ho chsins to point ol commencement and
containing Mo acres, more or less
Dated July 9th, 1907     David Hknky Tki KOKb.
Ifo.ft- Commencing a post planted on theeast-
bans of Conger creek, and on the north boundary of timber limit H144, west branch of Little
Slocan river, thence north 10*) chains, thence
east 40 chains, thence south 160 chains, thence
we��l 40Chaini to place of commeuceineut, and
containing MO acres, more or less.
Dated July lOth. 19")7. David HRNhy Tki.xord.
No ���> Commencing at a post planted on bank
of Kussle cr��ek, about Al chalim south of the
-.'���������!, boundary ot limber limit St-17. west branch
of Little Slocan river, thelice west Ho chains,
thelice south -���" chains, thetiee east no chains,
thence norlh ho chains to the point of commencement and containing MO acres, more or
Dated July llth, 1907. David Hknhy Tklkord.
No 4. Commencing at a post planted about .'.
chaina east from east bank of Ktissle creek, and
on the west boundary of limit 3. Ihenee west HO
ehnins, theuee Houth 80 chains, Uicnce east HO
chains, thence norih ho chains to point of commencement, aud containing Mo acres, more or
Dated July llth, 1907. David IIknkv Telford.
No. 13. Commencing at a post planted about
00 chains west of (loose Creek and about six
miles from Its mouth at Slocan Klver, said poi-L
|s ahout 40 chains west from 1) M Telford's Umber application No. 11, theuee east IU chains to-
timber application No. 11, theuee north ifto
chains, thence west 40 ehains, thence soutb 16i>
chains, to point of commencement, and contain
itiir itiO acres, more or less
Dated July 17th, I9U7. David Hknhy Tii.foho.
No. 14.   Commencing ata poat planted at the
southwest corner of No. 13, thou* e west 40 chains,
thence uorth 100 ehaius,  thence east 40 chaina,
tlience south   icti chains to polnl ol commencement, and containing Oiu acres, more or less
Dated July 17th, 19U7   Daviu Hknry ���kivord.
A. Milton, Agent.
Nelson Land District. District of West Kooteuay
No. 1
Take notioathat J. R. v. Btswsrt-i oi Collins-
wood, Out , occupation lumberman. Intends to
apply lot S special timber II .-ence over thu following described 'an'Is: Commencing at a posl
planted on a small stream about one mile south
ol I'nl ii in hiii Klver near the head waters of (iran-
ite Creek, inarged .1. It. 1'. Stewart's N. K. Anglo
poit, thence uorth 4(1 chains, tnence west 40
chains thence soulh f|f> chains, thence west 20
chains, thencu soulli 15 chains, theuco cast 80
chains, thenee north >���*. chains, thence wont 90
Ohalni to pace of commencement, contaiuing
640 ncrcs, mon or loss.
July 23rd, 1907. JAMM R. !**. STEWART.
Nelson Land District. District of Weat Kootenay
No. 2
Tako notice that J. R. 9, Stewart, ol Colling-
wood, tint., occupation lumberman, Intends to
apply for a apeclal timber lleence over the followlug descrilied lauds: Commencing ut a post
planted nn the south side oi a small creek due
west of iii,' Mountain Meadow mine, about 3D
chains cast ol Unuitto -reek marked J. K. F.
Stcwart'a N. i�� angle post, thenee east 2t) idialns,
thenoe south VO chains, tbence west 20 chains,
thence south Ub chains, thenco wests" chains,
thence norih 76 chains, thencu east K0 chalua,
then-o-south io chains to place of cumtnuneo-
uieiii coutalulng 6lt) acres in-nro or lesv.
July :mii, im, Jahu h F. skkwakt.
Ruaalarr   Jew    Incited    Unfortunates   to
Pilgrimage   In   Hope   of  Gain
for   Himaelf.
Winnipeg, Aus. 7.���An extraordinary
Htory waH told yesterday which sheds
quite a new light upon the exodus of
tho DotikhobcrH from Swan Kivor settlement, and Ihelr pilgrimage to the
"Promised Land." where fruit grows
wild and the necessity to till the soil no
longer exiHts. According to this gentleman, the travellers are Just the dupes
of a designing Russian Jew, who Is acting as their leader, and who latter
hopes to turn them and their troubles
to good account.
The gentleman, who Imparted the Information met the band on Bird's hill
road Tuesday, as they were making
tracks for Selkirk. He Is a fluent
speaker of the language of the Doukho-
bors, and has an intimate acquaintance
with the deluded people. When he saw
tho leader, he at once challenged him.
"You are not a Ltoukhobor." At first
the man insisted that he was, but afterwards admitted he was a Russian Jew.
He was in New York for a period of
nine years, and kept a store in that city.
Krom some cans.1, which he refused to
divulge, he "broke," and found it necessary to cross the border. No doubt this
course prevented complications, which
might  have   been   inconvenient to  him.
Of his wanderings in Canada nothing
is known, but three years ago he found
himself at Yorkton, Sask., where the
Doukhobor settlement was situated.
And working upon the credulity of the
simple-minded people, persuaded them
that he had been converted to their
tenets. Bit by bit he wheedled himself
into their confidence, and when the exodus began, probably seeing money in
the venture, persuaded them to accept
him as their leader. It may, however,
have been that he was personally responsible for their dissatisfaction and
that he persuaded them that such a land
Take notice that John Ross, of Fernle. B- C,
hotel-keeper, intends to apply for a special timber licence over the following described lands:
1. Commencing ata post planted in the Dlstrictof West Kootenay. Nelion Mining Division,
on the north fork of the aouth fork of Lostcreck,
about five miles up creek from where two foiks
meet and about six miles north of the International Boundary Line and about twenty-eight
miles went of Kootenav River, tbence east B0
chains, thence north 80 chains, thence west 80
chaina to bank of aald creek, thence down stream
lo place of commencement.
J. Roes, Locator,
2. Commencing at a pout planted at the southwest corner ot I. Roaa's No 1 location, thence
west SO chains, thence north SO chains, thence
east M0 ehalus more or leas to bank of said creek,
ihenoe down stream to place of commencement.
J. Roaa, Locator.
3. Commencing at a post planted at or near
the southweat corner of J. Roan's No. 1 locatlou,
thenoe went 80 chains, tbence aouth 80 chains,
thence �� ui-t HOchalns, moreor leaa. to said creek.
4. Commencing at a poit planted at or near
the southweat corner of J Ross's No. 1 location,
then e east 80 chains, tbence south 80 chains,
tbence west 80 chains, more or lens, to bank of
said creek, tbence up stream to place of commencement.
J. Ross, Locator.
6. Commencing at a poat planted about two
miles nouth of the southwest corner of J-Ross b
No. 1 location, on tbe norlb fork of the aouth
fork of I. <st creek, and about fonr miles up
���stream, from where the two forks meet, thence
eaat 80 chains, thence north 80 chaina, thence
west 80 chains, more or leaa, to bank of said
creek, thence dowu circa in to place of commencement.
J. Roes, Locator.
8. Commencing at a poit planted at, or near,
the southwest corner of J. Rota'a No. & location,
on Lost creea, thence west 80 chains, thence
north 80 chains, thunce 80 chaini eaat, more or
less, to bank of said creek, thence down stream
to place of commencement.
Uieated iMb June, 1907. J. Roaa, Locator.
Claim No. 1
Nelson Land District.  Dlstrictof West Kootenay
Take notice that A. L. Reading, of Arrowhead, B. Ci occupation, carpenter, intends to
apply for a special timber license over the following described lands: Commencing at a post
Slanted 4ti chains soutb of S. E corner of T. L. 7.
i'., tbonce iouth 80 chains, tbence east 80 chains*
thenee north 80 chains, thence went 80 chains ta
I'i'.u.   of commencement.
lune :mIi, 1V07.    ARTHUR Lai-rencx Rkadiku.
Claim No. |.
Nelsou Land District.   District of West Koo'enay
Take notice that A. I.. Reading, of Arrowhead, B C, occupation, carpenter,lntendi to apply for a special timber liceuce over the foi
lowiug described lauds: Commencing at r
post planted 80 chains south of A. L. Reading's
corner poat No. 1, thenco nouth So chaiui. thence
��� ii-1 80 chains, thence north 80 chains, thence
west so chains,  to point of commencement.
June 28th 1907.     A mum Lai'hkkce Rvadino.
Claim No. 8. m\       m
Nelaon Land Dlitrlct.   District of nest Kootenay
Take notice th,u A. L Reading, of Arrowhead, B. 0.i occupation, carpenter, Intends to
apply for a -special timber license over the following described lands: Commencing at a poit
planted 60 chains soutb of N.K. corner of A. L
Reading's claim No. 1, thence south 160 ehalus,
thenee easl 40 chalm, thence north 160 chains,
thence west 40 chains to point of commencement
June 28th. 1907.    Arthi'R Lavrkmck Kkaiusi;.
Claim No  4.
Nation Land DlUrlct.  District of West Kootenty
Take notice that A. L. Reading, of Arrowhead, B.C., occupation, carpenter, lntendi to
apply for a special timber license over the following described lands: Commencing at a poat
Slanted 40 chains south of N. K. corner of A. L,
eadlng's claim No 8, thence south 160 chains,
thence east 40 chaini, thence north 160 chains,
thence west 40 chains to point ot commencement.
Juuo .��th, 1907.   Arthur Laurknci Rsadikg.
Claim No. ft.
Nelson Land District.   District of West kootenay
Take notice that A L, Reading, of Arrowhead, B. C, occupation, carpenter. Intends to
apply tor a apodal timber license over the followlug described lands : Commencing at a post
Slanted 40 chains south of N.K. cornerof A. L.
mailing's claim No. 4, thence south 160 chains.
thence cast 40 chains, thence north lf-0chains,
thonce west 40 chaini to point of commence
June 29th, 1907.   Arthi'R Laurrncb RBADINO.
Claim No. 6. ...
Nelson l*nd District.   District of West Kootenay
Take notice that A. L. Reading, of Arrowhead, R. C, occupation,'carpenter, lntendi to
apply for a special timber license over the following described lands: Commenclntr at a poit
planted 40 chains south of N. X <'orner of A L
Reading's claim No. 8, thence south 160 chains,
thence cast I������ chains, thenoe north I6tfchalns,
thence west 40 chains to point of commencement.
June 29th, 1907.   a rth r it Laurknck Rkadino.
Claim l**o. 7,
Nelion Land District. DlttllOtOf Wait Kootenay.
Take notice that A. L. Reading, of Arrowhead
B. 0.| occupation, carpenter, intends toapply for
a special timber licence over the following described lands: Commencing ata post planted
70 chains nouth of N. K. cornor of A.L. Reading's
claim No. o. thenco south 80 chains thence cant
80 chains, thence north 80 chatus, thenoe weit 80
chains to polut of commencement.
June Mth, 1907.   Arthur Laurrncb kiauimo.
as they were craving for did really ex-
IbL At any rate, he became their leader, and Is directing their steps towards
tlie Bhores of the Atlantic.
According to the informant referred
to, the end and aim of the pilgrimage
Is to reach London, Kngland, where the
Russian Jew hopes to raise funds by
playing upon the sympathies of the rich
In thut great city. Failing that, It Ib
probable this leader will seek to get on
the music hall stage, and If he can further collifungle his dupes will also
make thum an exhibition. Sensations
of this character draw big crowds in
the Hritlsh Isles, and there is all sorts
of money in the business.
The leader informed his interrogator
that he hoped the rich people of England would send them to India or some
other tropical climate, where the least
manual labor was needed to obtain sufficient to live.
Questioned further, the gentleman
Informed the reporter that in his opinion, that if this Hussian-.Iew-cum-
Doukhobor were away the pilgrims
would Immediately return to their
homes at Yorkton, and that but for him
they would not have gone twenty miles.
Their knowledge of the geography of
the world is of the most elementary
character, whereas that of the leader
is pretty accurate, and his knowledge
of the world is wide. There never has
never been any intention on his part
to lead them to the United States. The
country Is too warm for him, particularly anywhere within a radius of one
hundred mllea of New York.
Those who have seen and conversed
with the leader admit there is much of
the Jew in his appearance, and that he
does not feature the remainder of the
crowd. It Is to be regretted this story
was not told sooner, that some effort
might be made to persuade the unfortunate tram pern to abandon their leader, and to expose bis true character.
Prof.   Butter's   Summary   in   "True   and
and   False   Democracy."
President Nicholas Murray Butler, in
"True and False Democracy," says: Political action on the part of the community or a state is the result of the
interplay of two forces, the propelling
and the resisting. Taken together and
increased by the religious and the
moral sentiments of the people, these
political beliefs and tendencies to act
constitute what is known as public opinion. It Is a subtle, powerful and sometimes terrible force. Like the mountain
stream which ripples softly in the sunlight, giving no sign of the foaming and
destructive torrent into which a sudden
cloudburst may transform it, so public
opinion, patient and long-suffering at
times seems even dead, is capable of being roused to fury and to resolute resistance by some flagrant abuse of
power or by some unprincipled violation
of accepted standards of action. . . .
Public opinion is not very old. It is the
child of the art of printing, of modern
education, of modern means of communication, of modern democracy. Printing
and education made it possible. Steam
and electricity have developed It enormously. Democracy has caused it to
grow through exercise. As democratic
tendencies and habits have spread, as
the circle of human Information and human interest has widened, as the means
of communication between man and the
world about him have expanded and
multiplied, the complexity of public
opinion has greatly increased; and
while the difficulty of arousing it has
diminished, the difficulty of directing it
has increased many fold.
Nelson Land District. Dlitrlct of West Kootenay
Take notice that R. 8. K Smyth, of Procter, B.
C, occupation lumberman, int udn to apply for
a special timber llcenee over the following described lands:
Nn. 1. Commencing ata poit planted near the
northeast eornerpostol Lot No 2543, on Lemon
Creek and marked K. 8 P. Smyth southwest cor-
nerpost No l. thence 40 chaini north more or
lens to about midway of the south boundary line
of timber lleeneo No. 9266, thence 80 chains east,
thenee 40 chains south, thence 40 chaini east,
thence 40 chaini south, thenee 80 chains west,
more or less to the southeast corner of aforesaid
Lot No. VMS, tbence 40 chains north, thence 40
chaini w.'-jt to the point of commencement.
Dated Mth July, 1907. R. 8. P. .Smyth,
Henry Reltchart, Agent.
Nelson Land District. District of Weat Kootenay
No. 8
Take notice that J. R. P. Stewart, of Colllng-
wood, Ont., occupation lumoerman, lutends to
-applv for a special timber licence ever the following descrlh��d lands: C<imraenclntr atap^nt
planted about ">���", chains south and 10chains west
of post No 2, marked J. R. F. Stewart's N. K corner post, thence nouth 100 chaini, thence weit 40
chains, thence north 160 chaiui, thence east 40
chains to place of commencement containing 640
acres more or less.
July V4th, i*H)7. Jambs,R. 9. Stewart.
In the matter of an application for the Issue of
a duplicate of the Certificate of Title for lot a%
and tbe west half of lot 21, block 01, in the Town
of Nelion.
Notice is hereby given that it is my Intention
to issue at thu expiration of one month after the
tint publication hereof a duplicate of the certificate of title for the above lands, lu the name of
Lydla Shields, which certificate is dated the Hint
day of December, 1900, and numbered d99t k.
"H  P. MacLeod,"
District Registrar.
In the matter of an application for tho issuo of
duplicates ot the CerltflcaUs of Title to lots 11,
12 and 13, group 1, West Kootenay District, also
known as the "Kootenay Chief," "Comfort" and
"Lutu" mineral claims respectively.
Notice is hereby Klven that It Is my intention
to issue at the expiration of one month after the
first publication hereof a duplicate of Certificate
of Title t*o. 6901a of an undivided 81-100ths in
each of the a^ove lots, issued on the 17th day of
May, A. D. 1886 in the name of John C. Ainsworth,
and also a duplicate ot Certificate of Title No.
6900a of an undivided 19-I00ths in each of the
above lots, issued on the 17th day of May, A. D
1888, in the name of George J. Ainsworth.
Laud Registry Office. Nelson, B. C. August Oth,
"H. F. MAcLroo,"
District Registrar.
r. C GREEN       F. T. BURDEN       A. H. GREEN
Civil Engineers, Dominion and British
Columbia Land Surveyors
P. 0. Box US   Phone 2(1 B.
Qtteen's Hotel
Bftker Btteet, Nelson. B. c.
Lighted by Electricity and
Heated by Hot Air
Un, snd Comfortable Bedrooms and Vint*
,:J.aamtiliitf K.midi.   tiample Booms for Commer*
-lal   M.n.
HBB.  I. c.c-I.ABKK,  Proprietress
Grand Central Hotel
Thoroughly renovated and refurnished. Rooms 50 cents upward. The
dining room Is unexcelled In the city.
Hr.ii.fi heated throughout with hot
J. A. BRICKSON, Proprietor
Telephone, 250.    Opposite Court House
and Postofflce. Nelson. B. C.
Tremont House
Baropean and American Plan
Meall tb eta.   Booms from IB eta. to 11.
Only While Help Employed.
Baker St.. Nelaon ProprUton
Bartlett   House
Best Dollar-a-Day House in Nelson.
The Bar is the Finest.
White Help Only Employed.
Joiephlne BL
Royal Hotel
Rates tl and $1.50 a Day.
Special Rates to Regular Boarders.
Host comfortable quarters In Nelson)
Only the best of Liquors and cigars.
Id the matter of en application lor the issue of
a duplicate of the Certificate of Title lor Lots
16 and 17, Block 26, Town of MeliKtn.
Notice la hereby given that it Is my intention
to isiue at the expiration of one month after the
first publication hereof a duplicate of the Certificate of Title for the above Lota in the name of
Francea U. Day, which Certificate li dated the
19th September, 1899, and numbered 2350K.
Land Reg Ik try Office, Nelion, B.C., 15th June,
1907. H. F. MacLKOD.
Dlitrlct Registrar.
Notice Is hereby given that alter the expiration
of sixty itHvs from the date hereof the Patrick
Lumber Company, Limited. Intends to submit to
the Honorable Chief Commissioner ot Lands and
Wor'-is a propoial under the provisions of the
"Rivers and Ht renin s Act" and Amending Acts,
for the ritrht to improve the Siocan river from
the mill dam of laid company (lituatc about
three milei above tbe Junction of said Hlocan
river with the Kootenay river.) to the mouth of
the Little Slocan river, and to Improve the Little
Slocan river and brancbei thereof to the northern boundary of gub lot 2, lot 7100, and inb-lot 1,
lot 7161 group one, Kootenay district, and to
Improve the tributaries of said rivers; aud remove obstructions from said riven and tributaries, and to make the (tame fit for driving,itor-
lug, lorting boomlug and ratling logs, timber,
lumber, rafts, and crafts; also for the right to
collect tolls thereon.
The landa to be affected aro the following: (a)
Lotr-i 303, 7369. &4b0, 6461, 6*5.1, S610. 6tt97, 5446, 3609,
7523, 7065, Su**), 4812, all in Group one, Kootenay
district; alio landi covered by pre-emptlous
numbered 46, 103, 116, 135, 143, 164 and 570; also
landi covered by timber liCemei numherd 5656,
���VWW. 6581, 6585, 5686, 6587, and 6668; also landi of
the crown.
Dated thli 6th day of July, 1907.
hy Its solicitor. R. W. Hanminutom*,
lake notice that an application has been made
to reitiHter Arthur Hamilton [Buchanan a��
the owner In Fee Simple, under a tax sale deed
from R. J. Slenson, Deputy Aisenorand Collect
of the Biorati Aisenment District, to Arthur
Hamilton linchanaii, bearing dato the Tth of
November, A D., 1906, of all and singular that
certain parcel, or tract, of land, and premises,
situate: lying aud being In the District of Root- -
nay, in the Province ol British Columbia, more
particularly known and described as:
Lot number nine hundred and seventy (970),
Croup one (I), in the DlKtrict of Kootenay, "tiun-
set Mineral Claim.
You and each oi vou are required to conteit the
elalm ol the tax purchaser within fourteen days
from the date of the service of this notice upon
you, and in default of a caveat, or certificates of
Its nendens being filed within inch period, you
will b ��� forever estopped and debarreii from betting up any i in in to, or in respect of the -��H
land, aud I -Imll register Arthur Hamilton
Muchanau as owner thereof.
Dated at Lend Registry Office, Nel��on, Pro
\ nice nl ������**, iiihli Columbia, tbls'i&thday of April,
A D., 1907.
H. F. MacLKOD,
District Registrar.
To Benjamin f. Davies.
The Sunset  Gold   -v   Silver   Mining Com<
pany (foreign).
In the matter of an application (or ihe ls'ue of
duplicator the certificated of lltlefoi Lots A, 7,
8, and 17, Block 2, lown of Kitchener (Map 688)
and l-ot 5l��7, Group One, in the Dlstrictof Kootenay.
Notice Is hereby given that it in my intention
to issue at tho expiration of one month after the
first publication hereof.duplicate* of Certificates
of Title of the above lots lu the name of Joseph
Walker which certificates are dated 22nd dayof
June, 1908 and numbered 2181 A and L'482A respectively*
Land Registry Office, Nolson, B. C.,V8rd. July,
"II. K. MacLeod,"
District Registrar.
Wo have had placed iu oar bands one of the prettiest best paying
Tlii�� is op for a quick Hale on account of owner's ill health. Call and get
full particnlars. If yon have $(1,000 we can make a 15000* easy deal with yon
for this property.
8.  M.  BRYDGES,
Brydges. Blakemore & Cameron, Ltd.
Lots for Sale at from $100 to $200
Prices will be raised 15 per cent, after 1st August.    Buy while they are
cheap.   Terms one-third cash, balance in six and twelve months.
We Have Fot Sale One of th* Prettiest Homes to
Nelson, Sttoated to Fairview, Cfcgt to the Car Line
Large 7-room houae. Stone foundation and first-class cellar. Complete water system. 10 lota under cultivation and planted In large, bearing fruit trees.   This Is a snap.   For particulars apply to
Choice Fruit
I Have J 0,000 Acres
of tbe
Choicest Frott Lands to
British Colombia.
Can sell any quantity from 5 acres to 2,000 in one block.
Buy now and get tbe ground floor prices.
Nelson, B. C.
Something for the practical man.
Just Investigate!���That Is All we
ask of you; and you owe that much
to yourself.
Kootenay Orchard
A. M. Can. Sec. C. E.
Mining Work a Specialty.
Office: Bealey Building.   P. O. Box 434
Baker St.. NELSON, B. C.
Notice in hereby Klven that the underil-gucd
have submitted to the Lieutenant Uovernor-ln-
Conncll a propoaa] under the provision! of the
"Rivers mill ���Mn-iii-i- Act," for cle<*rlng and re-
movlng obstruct lot. it from Gnat Klver and Meadow Creek, In the district of West Kootenay, and
for making the (tame (H for rafting and driv
Ihr thereon lugs, timber, lumber, rafts pndcraltn
and for erecting aud maintaining booms for
holding, Hoi-ting and delivering logH and timber
brought down Hftid creek and river, and for at-
tHi-hlng booms tothe shore of r*atd creek and
river for aald purposes.
The land* t" be affected br ttald work are:���
Lots :�����-��, *MH7 fiW, aud sub lots 1,11. 11. IS, 14 and
IS of Lot Vt'ii, liroup 1, Kootenay District.
The tolls proposed to be char-fed are auuh as
maybeflxod bv tho Judge of the County Court
of west Kootenay.
Dated 81st July, 1W7.
Paci fic
Summer Rxct-trsion
.... Rates East
To Winnipeg $46,20
To Port Arthur. St. Paul
Dttltith. Sioux City
Chicago K4.00 Montreal 984.00
Toronto $78.50 St. John S94.00
St. Louia 160.00 Ottawa  S82.55
New  York $100.00 Boston $85.50
Halifax $101.80
On Sale July 3, 4,5.
September 11
August 8, 9. 10.
. 12, (3.
Firs* Class Roond Trip. 90
Days Limit.
Corresponding reductions from all
Kootenay points. Tickets available for
lake route including meals and berths
on lake steamers. Through rates quoted
to any station in Ontario, Quebec or
Maritime provinces on application.
A.U.t'.A..Vancouver. D. P.A.. Nelaon
AND IN THE MATTER OF the plan of
the Townaite of Robson, part of Lot
Three Hundred and One (301,)
Group Om (1,) Kootenay, of record
In the Land Registry Office at Nelson aa "626."
Take nntire that on the 26th day ol July, A. D.
1U07, at the hour ol 10:8u o'clock in the forenoon,
at the Court House In the elty of Nelsou. In tbe
I'rovlnoe of British Columbia, application will
tw made to thu Judge of the County Court of
West Kootenay, by the Columbia and Kootenay
Hallway and Navigation Company lor an order
that tbe plan of tbe .aid Townslte of lt.ib.on, of
record at Nelson, In tbe Province of British
Columbl., aa "6 6" be cancelled, and tbat the
applicant may enjoy thu lands comprised within tbe said Town Hlte tree from any easements
or rights of any person to open any land or;
litnes, atreet or streets, square or aq��area, park'
or parka across, within on upon said landr.
Uated at the City of Nelson, in tbe t-rovluce ol
British Columbia, thls*J7th day of June, A.O.,
Ageuts tot Ix.ughecd, Bennett, Allison, Taylor
A HcLaws.   Solicitors and agents for th.
Columbia A Kootenav Hallway A Navigation Company, applicants. . ~ - '
1    '
���  *
l>o   You   Know   What  This Im    ���
It Is lhe Royal Standard Dying over ui my camp. Willi a good, ordinary pair of eyes II is plalnlj visible ir >"ii cannot Bt-o ii come down
in my iinici* an.l  gel  fitted with   proper glasses.
$15   to   $60.00.
MANl'l-'A^'I'l   Wl.-Vtl
Watchmaker and Optician
ly  inaiiultt't un-d   fr.nn   '!��-���   linosi   tObaCOO* I   n
riponeU aud iiow-hyti atoned     It'i mild, full-
(luvoruil mi'i eool.     i '.obacco yuu
Tobacconist.    Baker Street.
Coal! Ice! Wood!
Phone 265
Yale-Kootenay  Ice, Frait,
Fuel & Poultry Co., Ltd.
N. E. cor. Baker   and   Ward   Sts.
See Us
For Good Fruit Land
io Acre Blocks to 8oo
Acre Blocks.
Bedrock Prices.
Easy Terms.
H. 'E. Croadsdaile & <��
Next Door to Bank of Commerce.
Waterproof Paints
Coal Tar, Pitch,
Creosote, Oils for
Preserving Timber,
Roofing Pitch and
Boa* Buildfrfi will Bnd it to than ad-
vuiitL^* la use our Pitch.
Nelson Coke & Gas Co.
ictoria St. Property
4-Ruom house; good cella*-, fine levef fot,
verandah; $1000; $300 cash, balance
$15 per month.
5-Room house; all modern; between
Stanley and Josephine; $1,500 cash.
7-Room house; all modern; excellently
furnished; Coast fir, etc: $2,200;
4 Lots, best location in Nelson for a
pretty view;  $1,300;   good terms.
General Job Work, Chimney Sweeping, Carpet Cleaning, Fixing and Clean
Ing Stoves, etc.
1*1 East Baker St. Phone No. A114
A. McDonald & Co.
Deulers in Btuple and funoy Grocer!"*!
Butter, Ekkh.
Oamp find Minors' Supplies.
Old Curiosity Shop
If you want to buy or sol! anything,
go to the Old Curiosity Shop. A new-
line of Japaiii'tji. GoodH now on sale
All kinds of Dinnerware In stock. Patterns.
Engine er.
INE.USOIN,    -     B. G.
SOOlSKllst     l��itrt.v    III.*:*.   i*v.*rv    Friday
evening ni a p m . ... in.* ulnars' Union Hall
All ..rt* iiiviit.l; hi.. one Alli.w.'l tu lake part 111
t: ���       ���.'(.*.     T. Austin   ->'< rt'tsry.
-n.'.a   tenet Wnrd Sit rasast*.,
.-a.lil.St>.->'. H. O.
A. \\*. fanes, IS. Irwin. N'*w Denver;
.1. E. Ardell, Winnipeg; ll. H. Cowhead,
New fork; A \V. Johnston, \V. T. Cum
11,im--. Montreal; <*'. Hay, Grand Forks;
P. St. Inbeck, Milwaukee; C. A. Hood,
Kurt Swayne; J. K. Whlteacre, K. A.
linker. \\*. Crozier, I. G. Davison, Van-
couver; H. A. Spurtlngton, Fernle; J.
Copeland, St. Paul; W. D, IHirnliam.
Juvenile Bostoniana; K. Lachmund, Ar-
rowhead; .1. Iliiggart, P. Campbell, Mien*
helm; S T. Ileale. R. Beale, H. Ileale,
Brandon; II. T. Cornish. I. G. Davidson.
Vancouver; 1. Robinson, Reglna; F. P.
Burden, Erie.
Patronized by Earl Grey aod'Nobility
Hotel Strathcona
Belt Located Hotel In NeUon
AptirtiiH-nta Klugatil.    ("ulslne CnolOBSt
.'tvillly Hii.l I'U-.ulliieaa.
Under tin* 1 :..,?,���.-.-in. :it ol   i:   K. Nolile,
1.1.- ..I -I'lirorit.., ouawu an.l
Miss V. Robertson, Dr. D. K. Robertson. Toronto; Miss llureh, Winnipeg;
s I". Caron. Ottawa; S. K. Oliver, .1. It.
'���"dmonaon, Procter; A. Fowler. Winnipeg; .1. II. Vanstone, London; C. F.
Hooper, Bpokane; W. L.. Smith, Pembroke; J. Greuelle, Cascade; C. Bureaux and wife, Greenwood; Archdea-
con Ileer, Kaslo; M. Gallagher. I lath;
M. W. Elliott. Grand Forks; \V. Klll.it
and wife, Bimcoe; G. Stflwell. Sllv��.r-
ton; K. Evens, Chicago; J. Irvln, Ottawa; Mr. and Mrs. G. C. Douglas, G.
London,  Minneapolis;   W.   G.   Harrison.
c C Downing, W. Perkins. Miss Ilal-
leny, Indian Head. Sask.; A. (1. Gallup,
Mis Maekuy, Procter; Miss Mills. Ross-
lanil; S. G Gtahani. Revelstoke; \V. A.
Macdonald, Vancouver; M. W. Ellttt,
Phoenix; C. Gooch, E. ('oilier, Greenwood.
M. .Minion, Winnipeg; N. K Little.
flair; I.. P. Krawlck, Rossland; II. Castor. F. S. Lincoln, .1. Borden, Silver
KIiik: S, Walter, Princess Mine; R.
Taylor, S. S. Kuskanook; R. Callow,
II. witt Mine; C. 0. Bourke, Calgary.
P.   Culver,   Silverton;    W.   Large,   Ell*
monton;  L. B.  Boris, M. Corolla, Line
Hell;   11.  Gregory,  Trail.
w. 1*;. Dale, T McDowell, Winnipeg;
.1. 11 Beckltt, Creston; S. Btenson, Harvey, n. a. Bowers, Terra Haute; il.
Epstein, Calgary; D. K. Dye, Kokanee;
G. JeiviH, Procter; R. Legantt, Ymlr.
11 Metoalfe, Westley; g. f. Band;
Woodstock; w. McPhee, Cranbrook; T.
,1. Ctiinnilngs, ii. Morau, i*;. Parker, w.
Jennings. St. Louis: .1. Coolie. Phoenix;
W A McDonald, Vancouver; J. Qulnn.
.1. Koche & Co., Iloufte Painters, etc.
>'.���.- tne for prices. General Delivery,
Post   Office.
Ml Kinds of Heating Plants In Stock.
Victoria 8t., Nr. Opera Home.      Tel. 181.
OOLD (UAIN, between Hoover Riid Vernon
Htrct'tfl Bttjcable reward will \m |>rtir| tnr Hi
r*mrii.   M('I>t*rnil'I A* Melltinly.
A f'KAHI, NrvilfltflT PIN. Kinder reluru lo
IhiK (i(lice-Kt'WKr<l Offered.
A POCKBTBOOK r��.uL��lning a signed cheque of
Lhe Second R'.-iiuf Mining Cornpun), parabli
t<> ' . <'. Wade, mid letteri. Finder kindly
leave at No Plaoe Inn.
TWO FIR8T-t:j,ABS KOOMM, steam heated
Cl v lit-iii*.*-uf-.-i.. r   ��rd flat. K. W. 0. blofik.
A   I'AKTNKR   with   ti.OOO to    purchaae a  fruit
rttuc'h lienr Nelaon    A good upeeulallon.  Partner DeM not on actively eDCHted au ranch.
For particular* apply T O. Vliou'l hU.
The Daily Canadian
I.     O.     Fa
There will be n moating uf the Independent Outer of Kort'Hters tomorrow
evening (Thursday) in thu Odd Fellows'
hall at  b uVUn-k.
More Settlers.
K. S. Shinan. of Altoonu. Man., is ex
peoted Iu arrive hciv thiu t-VullillK il
obSaTge t>f a party of 80 fainilic-ri who an
about to settle at 1)ok Creek, threi
miles above (lit* old Brooklyn townslti
Regatta   Postponed.
Ai a special meeting of the *>xt*cutlvo
of tin* Nelson Boat club held HiIh afternoon it was decided to jHmtnoni* tho re-
uaita lor a week from tomorrow, on ac-
oounl of the unfavorable weather.
Contract Awarded.
Samuel a. Wyo, hontlag engineer, has
been awarded tho oonl ract foi ths
plumbing ami heating aiiparatun of the
new court house. The contract price is
not Kiven, hut it is understood to be
considerably over $1,000.
Sudden  Death.
A telegram has been received in Nel
son   announcing    the   death   of    Mrs
Claude Hell at Vancouver. She formerly residfd in Fairview nnd left hen
with her husband and children for Van
couver a few months ago.
Bad Bridges.
During Ihe last few days the street
sprinkler and other wagons have been
breaking through tin- planking iu the
bridges on Ward and Baker streets.
Til is matter should be attended to at
once. The planking on Water street is
also  broken  in  many places.
Preparing for Visitors.
Special efforts are being made by the
executive of tlie ^o,uuo club to compete the club olhce by the addition ot
windows and doors and by interior furnishing and decorating to make it presentable and a decent place to receive
the  visitors expected  on  Sunday.
The Nelson cricket club will send a
strong eleven to Castlegar tomorrow to
give the ranchers there a return match.
Friday evening a general meeting of the
club will be held at the secretary's residence at 8 o'clock to begin preparations  for the annual  trip  to the Coast.
Promenade Concert.
Edgar Mason, who has the programme
in preparation for the concert Tbnrs
day evening, announces that everything
will be in readiness for tiie performance
that evening. Mr. Mason is famous as
an entertainer and any entertainment
under his direction is certain to be enjoyable.
New Books.
Among the latest new hooks in the
library are: "Siingaree," by K. W.
Ilurning; "Summit House Mystery," by
L. Dougall; "Wheel uf Ufe." hy Ellen
Glasgow; 'Yarn of Old Harbor Town,"
W. Clark Russell; "Tides of llarnegat"
and "Wood Fire In No. 3," by F. H.
Smith; "Power Lot," S. P. McE. Greene
and "Second Generation*' by IJ. G. Fhfl-
Installation of Officers.
East evening Queen City Kebekah
lodge, No. 16, J. O. O. F., installed the
following officers: R N. G., Mrs. Jas.
Hulger; N G., Mrs. F. J. Squire**; V. G���
Miss Gussie Eangford; F. S., Mrs.
Watts; treasurer. Miss Jean Cameron.
At lhe close of the lodge P. N. G. Mrs.
.lames Hulger was presented with a
very handsome gold past master"s Jewel
by  the members of the lodge.
Board of Trade.
The regular monthly meeting of the
Nelson board of trade will be held in
the court house tomorrow night at 8:30
as usual. To arrange matters so that
the meeting will be short, and allow the
members to attend the smoking concert,
a meeting of the council of the board
will be held at 6 p. m. today. The chief
business to be arranged for Is the reception to the Mrltish journalists who
Will arrive in the city Saturday night.
Want Winter Service.
A delegation, composed of influential
residents of Fire Valley. Kurton City.
The Needles, Dog Creek and Ueer Park
will wait upon the C. P. R. officials next
Saturday and discuss the prospects of a
continuous winter service on the Arrow-
lakes from Arrowhead to Robson. It
will be remembered that last winter the
lake was frozen over for some weeks.
It is the desire to overcome this Inoon*
renlencs that prompts the meeting for
The Store of Quality
$2*00 pet Crate
Fregh In every morning. An
excellent chance to get your
preserving fruit at a moderate
K. W. C. Block . Phone 19.
Lwge Tins   45c
Fine For Lunch During
Hot  Weather.
C. A. aBenedici
Corner Silica and .Josephine 8t��.
We Sell
Talking Machines
On Easy
Monthly Payments
See us or write us about it.
Why forgo the pleasure and entertainment to be derived from a good Phonograph or Graphophone. when the payment of a small amount each month
will secure the IMMEDIATE POSSESSION  of one?
W. G. Thomson
^iVIo^r *n<1  Nelson, B.C.
Phon* 84-a
Mrs. Dutton, of Medicine Mat, Is vis
iting her sister, Mrs. Annable.
Mrs. A. Tregillus will leave fur
O'Neill, Neb., on a visit to relatives.
R. Lachmund, lumberman, of Arrowhead, came in last night and is at tlie
Wm. liratton, who has charge of the
Uiblet ranch, leaves tonight ou a short
visit to New  Haven, Conn.
W. BL Uurnham, advance agent of the
Juvenile Hostonians company, i entered at  the  Hume last night.
C. Ktuait-Morgan leaves tomorrow
morning on a business trip to Winnipeg
and   Montreal.
George IJarnhart, who has been in the
city on business for several days, returned to Ainsworth this morning.
J. G. Whlteacre, general agent In the
Wost for the Mason-Risch Piano company, arrived from lhe Coast last night.
"Ike" Robertson, referred to In today's despatch from Toronto referring
to the oarsmen, is I. G. Robertson, formerly of the Nelson Boot club and Nelsou
Hockey club.
Rev. D. P. McAstorker, teacher in
Gonzaga college, Spokane, Ib visiting
with relatives in Nelson. He will camp
across tlie Jake with J. O. I'atenaude
au soon as the weather clears up.
George Stilwell, superintendent of the
Hewitt, mine at Silverton, which has
lately been bonded liy Oloott Payne fur-
New York Capitalists, came down last
night and is a guest at the fltraiheona.
Presented With an Address.
Last evening the officers und mem
hers of the Nelson lire department presented W. K. Davison with un address
Sorrow was expressed at Mr. Davison's
rltermlnation to leave Nelson. The ud
dre��H was SOOompanJed with a souvenir.
Mr. Uavlson left last night for Bpokane,
where he will spend a week previous to
taking up his residence in Vancouver.
Fot Sale Cheap
Ono 60-Inch diameter, by 18ft. 8ln
long, iimlui lli-i-ii. return multl-luljulnr
boiler. In fair condition. Blghty-iwo
2^-ln. tubes, 2 1-3x2 1-6 In. steam
dome. Boiler Is good for testing to loll
lbs. per square Inch, and a working [ires
sure of 80 to 90 lbs. Mountings oonalil
of safety valve, atop valve, water
gauges, try cocks, sludge cock and
check valve, set <rf Are bars and bearers.
One 9-ln. diameter x Hla. Btroke. high
pressure, variable cut off expunslon.
valve engine with governor. Fly wheel
and belt pulley are those not originally
supplied with tho engine hut aro suit
able for ordinary requirement. Bnglne
has been used to drive electric light
at the smelter and la In good condition.
One vortical multi-tubular exhaust
steam healed fcod-water heater, 4 ft.
high, lO'/^ln. diameter with openings
for 3-ln. exhaust pipes. Corrugated cop
per tubes Inside through which tho food
water passes. Slop valvo, drain cock
and safely valve. Apply to
The Hall Mining & Smelting Co.. Ltd.
VMiolfNAlu ��ud  Krlitil Daalsis in
Fresh and Salted Meats
Otuups supplied on shortest notice and
lowest   price. Nothing hut   t r-->h  and
wholehome meats and supples kept inhtock
Mail orders receive careful attention.
E.  C.   TRAVES,   Manager.
Is Pemow/ied
.T5 5CErtEl?Y
Telephone 1(11.
Rowboats and Canoes
For Sale or Hire
AK'*nt for-Irua.otl I ami* J.,a
.ml Pel��rboto t'.noe..
Ktne.1 Lol nt  1-m.u In H. O.
W.    O.    GILLETT
Oontreetof ����mi
Betf ftK��-nl fnr Hi.- Portp Him LtOiitMT ro., Ltd..
!������'���.'. \ i. ��� !- :���������..-. Mini *:.i "-vl IllIIllxiT, tlirilUU
work ami brm *kf(��. ���*,*.-��� |��tii an<I -t. ::,*.-!. ���>. ���*.*.���.[,
hikI  iIikith.     ('���'tm-tit, brlrk   ��*i*!   lime tut  *.��.<-
\li'..[|.rrl|.    .���: fl*'!-   r
Y��rd and netttrjM Vernon Ht.. e&itof iuii
(SHI.NOIX,   13. C
P. O. Box Wt, THuphonr 17��
4S0 acn-H om Kootenay Lake, bctw,i*n
Balfour     ami     Coffee     Creek:     111.60
Geo. g. McLaren
Baker St., Opposite Queen's Hotel.
Piano  and  Singing Lessons
Given  by   Mrs.  Winter  Every  8aturdjy
Mih. Winter holds certificate from
Royal Academy for pianoforte playing
and HinKlnK- Certificate from Trinity
College, London. KnK-. for theory of rnu-
Blc. Scholarship uf tba London Conner,
vatolre of Mtiwic for alnKiriK nnd piano
playing. Address Box 796. Nelson.
Don't   M\ss
Exhibition   Boltdlng
Thursday Evening Jug. 8
Tickets  for  Promenade  25c
Scntr, 25c extra
Commences at 8 o'clock
City Band tn Attendance.    1
KODAKS And A" Access^
*    < '* rt-'sli Stock Twict a W��k
This  is the season  for taking photos of
Kootenays  unrivalled scenery.
TOURISTS,  We can supply you with
anything  in  the  Kodak  line.
Canada Drug & Book Co'y, Ltd
COR   BAKER   .ind   WARD. Phone   81
'B.   A.   ISAAC
H.   W.   HINTOIM -
IV.,,.,,I,   i.,,;    ,,,,.|   ,|
....  *MW   .....1   .l.,l...l,.u   aa.cultd wlttl  O.Npntuh.    .Hhaut M.t.
**.v..i-k,  Mining i.i.il Mill MuthlM.ry.      IMianufHulurSrl ol
Or.   c;iai-.a,   w.   IV.    Cii.tri.clori,'   Curs.
' ..mm r ..t II. I .1, I
Kronl r-lr.-a-t..
.Nfc-LSON,    E4.  C.
T(-I*rpbn|i |
io &oid
Ltimbef. Shingles.
U��th, iVAoulclinv;.-*, Doors, Window*,
Turned Work nnd HnickutN.
VHHrxoiN siui:i:i   .
Mail < T'l.-r. prtraiptlj ���liau*ki
-    .*NI*:i.Mt>"ai. H. G.
The Hall Mining and Smeltty
Company. Limited.
Purchases Lead, Copper and Dry Ores.!
Haki*r siwii;t. NBLMN.
WhoiBHiiiM  Provliilon-i,
K��rodu��3I I Hrult.
Ooviirnimint Oroomory Oi* I'linnd I'-nr-kn n^.*ln*<t wnekly tmeb from III
nkiuru.    Fur i��1p l.y nil lBBdlii(�� irrooon.
OtlliK-uml wnrfhouwi: Honmnn Klra-k,    Phone 70.
Josephine Street. Nelaon, B. C
Our shipment of these has been delayed in transit but we i,rti
them now, and in order to clear before the season is too
far advanced we are selling them at prices that
should place one in every home.    Call and
be convinced and enjoy comfort.
J. H. Ashdown H&tdvr&ti
Company, Limned. Neleon bm���11
Our raollltloB for turning out Oulvanlzod Iron Work ofi-vc" | ,
doHcrlptlon nro unvi|iiulled In Hie Koolonnys.
Eve T roughs, Conductor Pipes, Smoke
Stacks and Furnace Work, etc.
Wood-Vailance Hardware Co., Limited


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