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The Daily Canadian Dec 19, 1906

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 __ ^^RJA, B. C
Fifty Cents a Month
nis 1 Campbell Will
Ste Nelson Through
right fool. The would-be assassins
iiiirls-il a bomis Ixiii-Htii i,js carriage
uml opened fire with revolvers inn
did nut MCOmplhta this-ir object
t'-rnstltsts (-soups i|
fritaJly Conference Between Council
| ai MitiAger of Power Company
With Good Results.
I ��  nnil   citizens   generally
tJ .    . it resl .,-��� regard .
, light problem.    N.-iilis-i   placet  ol
ir pi   ills   rs nis iii-s-s will bu
Itokurt *i*lll!'-' the Cbrlstmai boll-
_..,,..     ,   sl tho power tilant
ib! ud trill not return    until    late
i tnolng    Aa thorough  a teBt ua
ifiicticssUs ai presenl il being made
dis ami 11 will  be  known definitely
Hitiii 21  bs whi n   the   new
lu:. Nelson's chl< 1   municipal  i-nter-
[or actual uud OOH-
Hal in ills- meantime promise of re*
i_ has cuius from another quarter. In
s 1< Iter of Monday
-.:..:. did nut, sis unfortunately re-
nrts-sl. costalu .s threat of retaliation
-Uu- \ Camphi ii, manager of tho
....   I'owi i   4:  Light  com-
-   red in lhe clly yesterday ut
Hi   conferred   with  the   mayor,
meeting  <sf  the  city
I, i-i insi   evening,     The
is.tis-, the press not
, ii ,s miss, felt that puii-
IW:j at t imt stage waa iisjt deKlralile.
been learned thut the uti-
pntud oj      i' I.- 'I   with   Mr.   Camp-
i_i, si is,i iras present at the nios-tlng,
lendneatlj saitafaotory to ull mom-
t-       ii council.
|        plained    fully    and
Wiy thai bis company had miftl-
*��i demand ror all Its present avail-
power in make a coiitlttuunco of
.* tu ihe city undealrable frum
' lfi polnl   of  view.
| Miss    In    would   lie   most
'��� di prlve si community Uke
ftm of Ilgbl al this season of the
Hi He assured tho council tbni his
i ��� ild ni verythlng imssliilu
r reason io sii|s|siy the actual re-
pwslninl-i of lho city in respect of
ft" ansl i..... i iniiii ths- mimlcl|ial
t'   '    read)  i.,i operation.
: ' see   was   gratefully re-
*""i '>> i "iiiKii, all the members
Irtl* at insi realise tltut Mr. Camp-
J'11 ls nol, sm I has never been, the
Mifllve in, ���| Seltoa Hint he has
"fi'ion been represented to be.
llayssr Qlllei undertook on liehnlf nf
**���inril tl . | waste uf light anil
���"�� wosii.i I,,- prevented as far ub
*��� anii thai the company would
' irnlsh only what is ac-
���"J requin d,
'��� ��'i'll known to all citizens of
��"�� *lto have hail recent expert-
f��otother citie, thai nowhere else
" *'��� luch prodigal waste of light
j* "e'ona and Vancouver, for In-
*T��-�� is uie Invariable custom in
intsii.    lm,..., .
'��   niiii.,...    ,,vi,n     w|���.n.     othpr
���" Monomles  nre   Ignored,   always
"���'nit IlKhtB In unoccupied rooniB
hNiv"',,,'"?','"'" v*r*te. ''"���
"���Her system is the
it ,i *'" ^"w an appeal is made
-v*������,,""''"' ���i,lrt' "f *'"-' P��ople "f
lau ' ''''-'' Uo- sains' care ns a
"���sail rs- nn,  ..... ii
I** ssi ,i    i    '   '  ''  IW1WOIU  entices
���        '"��� mn power oompany.
' umls.
���mail, ;||SI
|��Wii,i '
stood thnt a promise was
*' power to continue the
'��������� would siill   be   fur
Iks;..,') ;.' ." '!'* '" tunny quarters nnd
liaiiii.), , "l:" 'he concordat now es-
Iwii-r 2 '"''v rc8u11 ln il"-* removal ol
Ilk. e). """Is "< OOntenUon between
llo but'."'"' ""' ''"mutiny, nnil leasl
I tint,-,, r( """"ul  relations  lo  the  ad*
Tr-_edy at Whlteflsh.
J"ls ��a
I*1 It..
I *Bg1nei
"ec.   18.���A  horrlblo  trag-
��� 'iiasi.-ii at Whlterish, a little
vllluS i a branch of the C.
I hai i'S "'"'" weBt of Suill",r'*-   An
I     "woman, whoso husband  is an
I    J'' *'"' ""' c"i,i,cr cllff Mining
l_iTh,.' fud*enly  became demented
I'iniiii, '"'-   ' nl8ht*   Sne look ,"'1' lw"
Iimi,! , * il"i'ii  3  and s  respectively,
Ilk, I,,,"'1, j'l"1 carrying them outside
I "nl i su i'i'        ""'"' ln l1"' ''''''l' *'""*
^'ii'ir Ihroata wllh a knife. She
I "rn.* her weapon on herself, out-
'"mnl ii Tn ""'""'I- Her husband
l��� "li bodies, One child was
""*-* bui   died verv  soon  after.
Terrorists' Bold Work.
*-i Dec.  io.~An attempt  tn  ns-
��i,,k"'"" chl*.   ��f Police  Cheshano-
tic,.r "''," ma,,e here today but the Of-
<-i'l��'il wllh slight  injury to hlB
Psooperlty for Vtstsls on Inland Seas
Chicago, Dec. 1!).���Never before waa
'more money paid for carrying trelgbl
In lake vessels than during the season
jusi cIi.h- d " itiiiiKh estimate, place II
at 101,01)0,000 for coal, Iron, ore, grain
and lumber. The profits of tbs res
Bcls were probably the largest in ihe
history ol the lakes. Careful cnmim-
tailons based upon the earnings of typ.
leal steamers show u net profit on
steel ships of about 14 per cent.
On  wooden Bhips  of between  9	
und .15110 tottB capacity the profits have
ranged as liinii as 10 per cent., wills an
average of more than 2i, per cent ou
Iheir insurance valuation. The causes
11 th ���; (iresit. prosperity was the de
tiiaiul of tin- i mn ry for iron ami steel.
The total movement of Iron ore for
tin- season was !7,01��,589 tons, an In-
crease of l,iil(i.i;s:', tons over mor,.
drain from Duluth moved ut larger
volume iiiim ever before. Tl. re was
shipped from the whole of Lake tin-
lserlsir, 10,680,1  bushels, as compared
wiih 69,878,000 liiisbs-ls In  U05.
Va ins rule ol
ol  thi sss   occasions,
Trouble Over Succession Tax.
Ottawa, Dec. 19.���The trustees of
tio- K. II. Kddy estate recently sent a
cheque for 176,000 la Ihe I'm-in'c gov-
ernms'ut in payment of the succession
dutl- s claimed by the province. Tho
trustees in doing so claimed that ibfa
was all thai waB ilui' the province.
Th'-y have now received a communication fioin Quebec crediting them with
676^)00 on acci.uni." and notifying
them thai the province adheres to it-*
Original cunts nitnn that the sum
Is |2i'i4.(  s,i- In nlhs-r words, thai  ll
will  Inks- IITG.iliill mure In square
Ireland Refuses to Make Disclosures in
Roostvelt-Storer    Controversy-
Sketch of Noted Career.
St. Paul, Minn., Dec 19.���Placed in a
most painful posliion. the Innocent victim of his over-zealous frli'tuls. Archbishop Ireland has consistently declined to be interviewed uu the subject
of the Koosevelt .storer controversy.
ThOSS closely urquainlci! With the
great prelate  know    bow    useless    It
would be to attempl lo gel "���" opinion
trom him on such tt sugject. Ordinarily
he Is exceiitiannlly free, frank nml Informal In bis lalln '"r l"'''l"'���',���'"'
But the controversy that hns been so
much dlscusss'il during the past week
touches upon �� subject In regard to
which the archbishop always refuses
to speak. In the liast dozen years ur
so reporters hsive gone to hint a dozen
times with a story that he was ahout
fo be named a cardinal. To all these
inquiries be merely said he had heard
nothing frnm tha Vatican, bul refused
discuss probabilities   or   posslblU-
Hearing his
ties. ,    ,
Archbishop Ireland    Is
seventieth birthday, but both mento
and physically he appears to bs In the
'"..rchbUnp Ireland OM oame into
national prs.inlnence through his strung
wnrk In th.* mterwl ��r ''''"i"'"1'10'/
Aiier several years of Inceas*... work
in his church in Minnesota and the or-
gaLaiiuu  nr  many  total  abstinence
.octettes l"* l"'""*'""s ""' " '"s, ! .,5
.������, siellveled leclures In the l> "��� *H'- '
Sue. ol America, Bngl��nd and Iral> "i
In church matters Arohblshop Ire-
lal���i |S a Uberal. A little ovc-16 yea s
.���.��� i���. conceived the plsn of bavin),
ue pubUc and in.rs.cl.iai schools mew
������ ,,������ Protestant and caUini.e teach-
en being employed and the B**ool
moneys divided. This was what Is
known on Minnesota ns the a
biiult plan.* and was pul iu OP" "
under tm* direction of the an*b***��P*
it was tried iss.ii. ai Faribault and SU11-
water    Al Btlllwater a large parochial
SS_   was given  to the  City,  1""   ttj
Sisters were cnntiuiii'ii in charge ul li
u teachers, a similar "'���������""-'l'm;;"1
wns made at Faribault The plan worked lalrlv well for ii llmo, bul there was
Protestants objected In
2 children In the
Ns-xi the trouble
llible,   the   Onlbulles
wanting to use 11 I" 1""'' " �� g*
bonk, and ll"* Protestants "f'"*/ '
it be read only al tbe beginning of the
day nr abolished altogeth��)r.
troversy grew In bitterness
pnrllcs lo it were Kind I
going back to the old regime
While he seldom mixes In political
lite in ihe sense of dtdlvering address-
es and making plans for one party ��
Se other. Arohblshop Ireland ��*���-������
or pronounced opinions on all state
and national topics, and exerotas Is
innuenoe in his own ��'''>���',""",
caslons have* been few on which he felt
sonn friction,
teachers Instructing
garb or any church..
came over the
The con
until holh
shelve it by
it Ilia duty to b:
U rfersnoa.    uus
���UU well remembered, came In the fali
oi an. *lhe campaign between Mc-
hin.ey and Hryan had only alioiit thrcs-
*l" ���*���" "' nt", and 20 of the leading
business men ol St. i*aui acut him a
* tter asking that he give tu ths pub-
w iii ins ou-ii is a;, ins wews regard.
lug llie great question! Ihen before
the citizens of ihe republic. On Oe-
tober i: oi iimi yea. is,, sanl to the
country what was llieu regarded as oue
oi lhe gteat uduivsss-s ol the contest,
in which he declared unequivocally
agasnat the free silver theory.
un a number ol occasisms Archbishop Ireland has bsen called to Rome to
acquaint the holy see with the exact
condition of ecclesiastical affairs In
the United Stales. Two years ago,
when the great war now raging between church aud slate In France first
reached an acute stage, the St, Paul
prelate was summoned to Paris to discuss tlie Bltuation with the French
archbishops anil bishops and to explain
how the church lu America managed
in remain on such friendly terms with
the government, in is:m the archbishop accepted au invitation to deliver
the principal address at the Joan of
Arc celebration In the old trench town
of OrleatiB.
ln 1870 he went to Rome as the accredited representative of bishop
Grace at the Vatican council. In February. DsTo, he was i hnsen to succeed
Bishop. U (��oi man or Nebraska, but
iiiiissigh tin' efforts of Bishop Grace the
appointment was cancelled and he was
ihen nominated coadjtor bishop of Bt
Paul unsl consecrated December *2i,
1&75.   In 1688 in- was maile archbishop.
Contractors Are Handicapped for Want
of Laborers.
Grand Forks, D.-c. 10.���There is n
gr, ai scarcity of loggers anil all kiiuls
of limbenneii nl present throughout
the Boundary district Contractor
George Taylor, who Is working on a
8,00O,000*foot log contract, says that bo
is completely handicapped in his work
lor want of men, and all the other
timber contractors working in the
Boundary are experiencing the same
difficulty. The wuges paid to loggers
are from ?2.50 to t'.',M per duy. with
a deduction or 70 cents per dny for
board. There is ready work now* in
the Boundary district fur several hundred loggers.
Mr. Beardsley, formerly manager of
the Mount Lyell copper mine In Tasmania, will loday take over Ihe management uf the Uritish Columbia Co|s-
per company, while J. K. McAllister,
the regular manager, gnos on nn extended visit to New York for bin
Practises  Ghoulish   Deception.
Philadelphia, Dec. 19.���By tin- arrest
today of Chas. Albertus, who together
witli his Wife nnd child were reported
drowned In the Thoroughfare accident
at Atlantic City on October 22, the Blip
posed disappearance of the three bodies has been cleared up. Albertus, it
Is alleged, had caused a telegram to
lie sent tu his parents in Mniiislun,
Pa., saying that he nnd his wile and
Child huil lost their lives In tho terrible accident In which over 60 people
perished. Albertus, who has been
slopping nt a hotel here under the
name of John Miller, was arrested on
the charge of passing counterfeit $10
and |J0 bills, lie snlil his fillhs-r had
turned bin. out or his home and tluil
he had the telegram sent sss to make
the elder Albertus feel hud. He snld
he dnes not know tlte Whereabouts of
his wife and child.
Bar Chinese Coolies.
Washington, Dec. 16.���Preparations
aro being made In the house for another attempt io get lho Foster bill,
modifying lhe Chinese exclusion' net,
out of the house oommlttee on for-
sign affalrsi Usl year the CaUfornla
delegation was successful In prevent
ing a favorable report on the measure
and the CaUfornlahs are again Uned
up this year preparatory to renewing
Iheir riglii ugai.ist any change in the
bill excluding Chinese laborers rrom
this country. Some modifications may
be made Iti the bill before it is again
brought lo tho atlentlun of the house
committee, bul tn ihe main it will
stand us at present The purpose ol
the revisionists is to change the acl
so 11 will admit all Chinese excepting
The Daily Crash.
Hutchinson, Kan., Dec. 19.���A Chicago, Kock Island & Pacific passenger
strain wns derailed at Cullingaoa, Just
south of Hutchinson, early today. Tho
whole train left the Irack and nil bul
the engine turned over. At least
persons wero Injured, some of
Thc wreck Is believed to hnve been
caused by the spreading of rails. The
Injured  were    brought    to  a ho
Prices of Metals. .
Now York, One. 19��� Silver, G8 B-8c|
copper, 22 1-1c;  lend, 80.
London, Uee. 19-Sllver, 31 1*l-1Gd:
lead,   LIU  17s Gil.
Whole Provinces Laid
Waste by Floods
Crops Submerged, Cottages Immersed. Roads Washed Away aad
Every Escape Cut Off.
Nanking, Dec. li*.���The fanilne-
blrfcktm ivriiKees from the Yaug Tee
Klang district are coUectlttg ia large
numbers uutside the cities. About
.u.uuu or them are encamped near
here and there aro some 800,00_ near
Hang Khow.
Washington, l>c. li).���Official advices received here regarding the famine in the province of Kwang Su.
China, confirm the stories of sutfering
and wanl in that section. Th*- crops
are reported as being almost a total
failure in Tao Yang. In Anlong and
Fung the crops are practically a total
failure. The country everywluiru Is
under water and lhe people are compelled to wade waist deep and in some
places up to thei�� necks.
Immediately west of the Tain Cau,
formerly a fertile plantation, is a vast
Lake extending 30 miles at the narrowest point and stretching for over IU
miles toward  the southwest.
"Here and there," the ptefect says.
"ar'1 thr groups of COtt&geB which arise
above the sheet of water and can only
be reached by boats. The people are
in a state of absolute destitution. Not
only their crop but also their roads,
which constitute the only avenues of
escape, aro being destroyed by the
Hoods. An urgent appeal is made for
aid for the stricken people."
His Holiness Deeply Grieved,
Home, Dee. l'.��. -No steps have been
taken by the Vatican to entrust any
European power with the protection of
the archives of the papal nunciature
at Paris. The altitude of tbe Vatican
toward the new French government
bill, amending the separation law of
lltl*5 lu regard to the conducting of
public worship, is said by the papal
authorities to be "distrustful," the latter bi ing convinced of the necessity of
continuing in the way they have already taken in order to obtain al
least Tolerable conditions for the
church in France. The pope and the
papal Secretin j of state. Cardinal
Merry del Val. agree regarding the policy Which is being followed, In conversation today the pope Bald the situation In France cause,] him the deepest grief he hnd felt since he entered
>he priesthood.
Weds Admiral's Daughter.
Washington, D. C, Dec, 19.���A wedding or interest, in naval circles today
was that of Miss Addle 1'lgman, daughter of Hear Admiral and Mrs. George
W. PIgman, and Mr. Charles Robert
To'lard of Arkansas City, Kan. The
ceremony was performed at the home
of the bride's parents lu Calvert street
and'was attended by many relatives
aud friends of the couple.
Only  Six  Bottles  of Champagne  Consumed at Fete Enjoyed by Famine  Franchise Agitators.
London, Dec. 19.���II thu sutfiut'ctti-s
who wore recently Imprisoned In llol-
lowuy guol lor creating u illsuirbutice
achieved nothing else, thoy cun at
IcuBt bourn of having won it flue dinner ut the Suvoy hotel, where their ad-
nilrum gave a dinner in their honor.
With the exception of a Biirinkliug
of strong-minded, desperately earnest
leiiilnlB'tR, tlle Company were as gay,
gorgeously apparelled and bejewelled
us any In a West Und drawing room,
unsl the consciousness of their charuiB
wus as apparenl.
Tho president, the learned poUUoal
economist, Mrs. Kaweett, whom the
loastniltster described as "Madam, the
chairman," sparkled with rubles and
diamonds. In the course of iter speech
she declared tlle sull'iilgettes hud done
nosh.ns; sensational, adding, sho understood the newspapermen al ttteir
meetings grumbled at this, saying that
IJ thoy would only stand on their
hoatls they would have something to
write ahout. She thought tho result of
ihe agitation could be summed up in
the words of a lady who said to her:
"I was lukewarm before.   I am boiling
now.    What can 1 do?"
Blitabetb Kobins toasted the ex-prisoners in an excellent speech, the kernel of which was that it was better
that the words Bhould be spoken than
stand still. The parliamentary vote,
she said, was the wurkingmeu's best
weapon, and is2 per cent, of the women
of Great llrltaln were working women.
They had looked at the world long
enough from man's viewpoint, a soft,
low voice might he au excellent thing
in woman, but if you are drowning
and call for help in a low voioe you
are foolish.
It ls noteworthy that the whole assemblage consumed only six bottles
of champagne.
Jeffries  Will   Have  Chance  to  Knock
Out Two in One Day.
New York, Dec. 19.���According to
the Herald today, Tex Kickards, the
Nevadau fight promoter, announced
last night his willingness to give a
?5U,0UU purse for a Boniewhat novel
battle, with James J. Jeffries, champion of the world, as the central figure. Kickards wants Jeffries to fight
1'iiiladeiphia Jack O'Brien and Tommy
Burn* to a finish In one ring un the
same day, the events to take place at
tioldlielsls, Nev., early in May.
"From what 1 have been able to
gather on my trip through the Kast
and West," said Kickards, "the Bport-
Ing public is quite satisfied that Hunts
or O'Brien has no chance individually
against Jeffries. They believe, however, that buth uf them wuuld cause
the big fellow to expend himself in one
day, so I have decided to try and give
the public what it wants."
"1 will hang up a purse of $50,000
Tor Uie event and the fighters can divide It as tliey see fit. Now it's up to
Jeff., O'Brien and Burns to meet aud
sign articles of agreement. It do not
think Jerfrles can have much cause
for complaint. He is a big, powerful
man and ai- the champl-ju 1 don't see
how lie can refuse the offer if Burns
nnd O'Biien are willing."
A despatch Trom Los Angeles says
.letTries Is away ou a hunting trip, bul
this report declares It is extremely un
likely that he will accept Richard's
The  Daily Blaze.
Boston. Dec. 19��� A serious fire
broke out today at 110 Tremont street,
a large four-siorey stone building, and
threatened to spread to the Orpheum
theatre, adjoining. The firemen are
hampered by the intense cold.
The fire broke out on the lower
floor of the Kldridge &. Peabody furniture store, in the studio building, and
swept up through six floori of the
structure. The roof fell in aud tlte
fire jumped across a narrow alley to
llie roof of the Orpheutn theatre, and
to Ilu, top of the building occupied by
th ��� 'I'lilbsst Clothing company, 395 to
4ti;i Washington street. The Bremen
had to work lu the narrow alley on Ice-
conie.I l.itiders and fire escapes, with
clothing encased in tee. The loss is
about *lf>u,000. Several artists, architects, dentists and other occupants of
the studio building were  burned  out.
Woman Educators Honored.
Minneapolis, Minn., Dec. 19.���Miss
Maria L. Sanford, professor ot rhetoric
and elocution ut lhe University of Min-
nesuta, was honored loday ou the uc-
casiuit ul her seventieth birthday. The
tribute to Miss Sanford took the form
of a reception in Iter honor in Alice
Slievliu hall, which was attended by
members of the faculty, the student
body, alumni and others. Miss Sanford, who ls probably the foremost
woman educator iu the Northwest, was
born in Old Siiybrook, Conn,, December 19, 1836. Arter graduating from
the stale normal school at New Hritain,
Conn., she began her career of teaching lu 18B7. For nine years she was
professor or hIStCly at Swarihniore
co.lege, which Institution she left iu
ltsso to come lo tlte University of Minnesota.
Commissioner Neatly Caught.
San Francisco, Dec. 19.���A fine of
fiooo was yesterday imposed on Ute
Nippon Maru, which brought five passengers from Honolulu, il being contrary to the law for a bout of foreign
register to carry passengers between
American ikirtu. The passengers had
to pay the fine In addition to tho passage money. Among lheni was Frank
li. Snrgeni, commissioner of-Immigration. It Is snld, however, that IiIb pay-
m-irt will bo remitted when he reach
es  Washington.
A Strong Candidate.
Vlctorln, II. C. Dec. 19.���A. D.
MoPhllllps, K. 6,1 has bent nominated as the Conservative candldale at
the next election. The convention was
held Inst Friday evening at Norll;
Saaulch, and In opposition to thc onl;
olher nominee, Spencer Perclval, road
foreman of Pender Island, he received
a vote of lfi to 4 cast for Mr. Perclval.
The nomination was then made unanimous.
Survey Party Narrowly Escapes Death
in Storm.
A remarkably close call ls recorded
from Cowlehan lake, where O. Kenneth
Gillespie, John Hirs-h, P. L. S., and a
party were engaged In surveying the
islands in that expanse of water. Until Wednesday last the surveyors were
housed in a little log house at the head
of the lake, hut on that day Mr. Hirsch
gave orders that tlte men were to go
under canvas at a point which was
considerably nearer to the Bcene of
their work.
After some demur at the change
these orders were- executed and the
tents reared In a different location,
lhe same night the big storm which
caused so much damage throughout
the Island came on, and hundreds of
trees were blown down near the lake
shore. The party, encamped near the
head of the lake, did not spend the
night In great comfort, and there was
a (general )expresslc*n of dissajtlsfao
tion at the turn of events which had
made them exchange the solid shelter
of the log hut for thc less substantial
tents. Next murning these feelings
underwent a revulsion, for it was discovered that a large tree had fallen
on the recently deserted log hut and
had entirely demolished It. Every
member of the party felt Indirectly
thankful to Mr. Hirsch and looked upon their escape as most fortunate.
From Brains and Pen.
Anna Hegan T.lco, the creator of
"Mrs. Wlggs" and "Lt-vey Ann" has
drawn neatly J100.0CO ln royalties from
ibeBe two s'o.ks and the play, 'Mrs.
Wlggs of the Cabbase P_t:h," founded
upon them.
Members cf No. 2 Company, R. M. R.,
Take   Duties   Serlo.sly   and -Demand Adequate Facilities.
The members of So. J> Company of
ihe Hock;.* Mountain Rangers have definite piauu for next year. They are not
lilaying at "tin soldier," but take their
obligations as militiamen seriously.
However remote may be the probability ot their being called upon to figln
in defence of Canada or to volunteer
lo fight In the quarrels of tbe empire,
Ihey are determined to fit themselves
lor either task.
The gymnasium equipment of the armories piay improve their physique
and carriage; such evolutions as are
possible within a building may produce smartness and precision on parade, but all military authorities,
from Lords Wolseley and Roberts
down, are agreed that the determining
factor In modern war is skill with the
Foe the acquirement of such skill,
and for the study of the bearing on
strategics of the physical conformation
of ground, for acquiring familiarity
with such elementary matters as taking cover, the members of the Nelson
company have at present actually uo
Formerly tho company had the use
of a site beside the C. P. R. right of
way, east of Fairview, but two years
ago the right of use was wlthdrawu by
the railway company. -The ground was
uelther extensive, nor level, nor
Practically the only available site
for parade ground and rifle ranges Is
a level tract on the west hauk of Cottonwood creek, the eastern boundary
of which would be the Hue of thc city's
water main. The land is owned partly
by the C. P. R. company and partly by
private Individuals, and is held at
fairly high rigutes.
Lieutenant Lome Stewart, now ln
command of No. 2 Company, aald today In conversation with a representative of The Canadian, that tf the com-
'patty were to continue Its existence,
rifle ranges were a necessity, and that
if tho owners were not public-spirited
enough to sell or lease It on reasonable terms, an attempt would be made
to hnve lt acquired at a price to he
fixed hy arbllratlon.
Hull Fire St II Burns,
llalirax. N. S., D?c. 19.���Yesterday
brought prac.lcnlly no change In the
Hull colliery fire. Water is flowing
Into tho mine and the management
liopee to havo the pit flooded up to
the level of the sea by Sunday. The
'���nvcrins ovor the mouth of the shaft
s'lll ths-n lie removed and if is found
that tho workings above sea level aro
still on fire, It will b} necessary to
dam up tho level through which the
ocean Is now running lu and pump
ctiou-'h water ln to drown the fire out.
Easy Money Reaped by
Oliver's Friends
Immense Tracts of  Fertile Land
Alienated With Nothing to
Pay For Four Years.
Ottawa, Dec. lit.���A good deal has
been said about the latest land deal, by
which 380,573 acres of rich farm land
in Alberta has been sold to some
friends of the government, who In
their turn are transferring them to an
English company. The prospectus of
the last mentioned company shows
that the nominal price received by the
government Is $3 an acre. But this
is subject to a deduction If the cost
of irrigation works Up to |2 an acre,
so that the actual amount paid Is only
$1 an acre. The first payment ou this
|1 ls not to be made until July, 1S10,
and It is intended that tbc land will
he sold to farmers at from jr, to $25
an acre long before that time.
The prospectus states on the authority of J. B. SaunderB, lately ln the em-
p'oy of the Dominion government, that
the land is first claBS. with heavy
black loam, producing luxuriant grasses, and the company claims lhat the
land is suitable for wheat, fodder
crops, vegetables and small fruits, and
particularly calculated for the growth
of sugar beets. Mr. Saunders reports
that the company may reasonauly expect to sell the irrigated lands for $20
to tv, an acre, aud tlie non-irrigable
land lu tract A at flO to $15, and in
tract B at $5 to JIO. They expect to
receive an average price of $23 an acre
lor s5,tuio acres, $20 an acre for 50,000
acres, $12.50 for 59,000 acres, and $5
aa acre for 186,000 acres. Altogether
they look for over - $5,000,000, wwhile
the cost to them will be after the land.
is irrigated, less than $3,000,000.
What happens seems to be this: The
Grand Forks Cattle company, which
includes Mr. Hitchcock, who long ago
got on the right side of Mr. Sifton,
und J. D. McOregor, formerly a campaign worker in Brandou, afterward a
government official in the Yokon, and
more recently the recipient of valuable leases. This company got 10,000
acres along with IU grazing lease for
$1 an acre. It claims to have spent
$300,000 on the ranch property and has
turned over the assets for $615,000, by
which tt appears that $376,000 was obtained for what cost $10,000 a year before. Then in June of this year Mr.
Hitchcock organized a company called
the Robins irrigation company, which
seems to be seven-ninths Hitchcock
and two-ninths McOregor. It was this
concern that bought from the government the 380,573 acres at $1 per acre
net, aud nothing to pay for four years.
This purchase was made on June 26
and on September 16 the benefit of
the contract was sold to the promoters
of Ihe English company for ��100.000
sterling, or $496,01)0, without Mr. Hitchcock or Mr. McOregor having spent
one scent ln thuj transaction beyond
promotion expenses.
lt would appear, therefore, that Mr.
Hitchcock. Mr. McOregor and any other persons who may be associated
won them but whose names arc kept
out of sight, have made $861,000 within a little over a year by simply obtaining two grants and a lease from
thc Dominion government and selling
them out. After this Is done the com-
I any to which they have heen sold and
of which they ure directors expects to
make 100 per cent, on Its outlay. The
people of Canada from whom the land
was taken at $1 an acre, many of
whom will buy it back at 10 to 20
t'mes that price, ought to come tn
Must Pay the Price.
Philadelphia. Dec. 19.���The Pennsylvania Railroad company has notified
its employees lhat after January 1 next
the company, which owns many mines,
will not sell coal to them at the rate
which regular shippers pay. As a con-
seiiu-nce, all employees will be compelled to patronise retail dealers.
About 60.0110 of the 190,000 employees
are housekeepers, lt is estimated that
tlie annual saving to those who bought
llielr coal from the company was
Bishop McCabe Expires.
Now York, Dec. 19.���Bishop Charles
McCnbo of the Methodist Episcopal
church died in the New York hospital
at 6:20 a. m. today. Death was due to
apoplexy with which lhe bishop was
stricken on December 11.
1      ll
' ������
The Daily Canadian
= STORES ^=^
Cool nights are now in  order.     They will invite
pleasant dreams of
We huve plenty of them in red and blue.
3 1-2 Points, weighing about 10 pounds, $7.50 per pair
4 Points, weighing about 12 pounds,   -   8.50 per pair
These blankets -are Justly celebrated for their excellence. We alone carry
them in this city.
LUMBERMEN.���Pillows, Comforters, Gloves and Mitsr Socks, Shirts and
Underclothing. Oil Clothing, Sweaters, Miners' and prospectors' Boots
and Shoes and Rubbers.. Groceries and Provisions.. Everything of the
Best quality and  prices surprisingly Low.
Imperial Bank of Canada
Head Office:   Toronto.
OAPITAL PAID UP.,. .14,600,000 REST $4,s*s00,000.
D. R. W1LKIIC, President. HON. ROBERT JAFFRAY, Vicc-Prenident
Branches in British Columbia:
Deposits received and Interest allowed current rates from dute of opening of
account, and compounded half yearly.
J.   M.   LAY,  Manager.
lNBL,80r.   BRANCH
The Royal Bank of Canada
.$3,734,311)    Reserve
Total  Assets
Accounts or firms and individuals opened on the most favorable terms.
Thirteen   brunches  in   Hritish   Columbia.
Special   attention   to out of town business.
T. E. KENNY, Pres., Halifax.       BL h.  PEASE, General Manager, Montreal.
G. A. SPINK, Manager Nelson Branch.
Publlihed nu dayi a weat hy the
Buk.r St., Nelson. B, O.
-._hHrripU-.ni rates, mi cenu h innutii delivered
iu ihu unj, or 18,00 0 yuar if lent by mall- when
paid lu advancu.
Advertising ntlci ou application.
All ii-iuiiIm paid in lettlement ot The Dally
i rtumiiuii accounts, either (01 lubicrlptlona or
-J���Using, must bo receipted for on the printed
o( ilm Oompany.  Other receipts ar*. oot
"By one word we aro sometimes Judged to he
wlie and by olio word sometimes jlhIklmI tn l-fl
lm.lish. J .ft us therefore ho careful whal wo
Under the weighty pressure "f recent circumstances tbe Ottawa government bas at laat awakened to the
Imperative necessity for such legislation as will proteel the public in case
of disputes between employers and
coal minerB on questions affecting
Iheir respective interests. The announcement has been made thai late
lust week Hon. Rodolphe bemieux
gavq no ice of bis intention to Introduce a bill which shall have for iis object the prevention of strikes and lock
outs in coal mines* The Introduction
of such a bill al (his late hour is a
���tribute rather to ihe persistence of
those who are fully seized of the Importance "I having some legal protection for the interests of the public than
to the readiness of the Laurier government to bring into effect legislation which lutein al some time embarrass their political friends, Tho recent strike at Fernie. whicli not only
thaatened but actually projected a fuel
famine trom which (he homes of the
Country have not yet recovered, and
whicli dove the smelter companies to
tm far afield for (he supply of coke
necessary to the carrying on of their
Industries, made no impression whatever ujhjii the Ottawa authorities. Nor
do the serious losses suffered by both
lhe company and the miners in thai
unfortunate and unnecessary incident
s_em to be present as a factor in the
arguments now being   used   to impel
the governmenl to enact legislation
which will preclude the possibility of n
recurrence of such affairs.    The Inter
ests of lirltlsh Columbia are as com-
pletly cut off from the sympathies of
the Ottawa administration as the chain
of mountains separates this province
from the eastern section of the -Dominion.
When the prairies are touched, however, the seriousness of the situation
strikes home. The Eastern papers are
full of the matter and the leading political journals have editorials yards
long in which they learnedly set forth
the duties of the government in matters so serious as the famine and suffering threatening the prairie population, And when the solid contingent
of prairie members knock ominously
ut the door of the house of commons
we find a tardy disposition to give
some consideration to the righteous demands of the people. Thus the unhappy inference must be drawn that until
voles are in danger and the Liberal
majority of the house is in jeopardy
the rights of Ihe people are a small
thing in the estimate of the government.
Even now, with the prospect of tho
introduction of some sort of legislative measure To meet, or perhaps to
shelve, the case. It Is interesting to
note the successive steps in evasion
which have delayed the matter for so
long, The people uf the prairies
through deputations and various representations to the house of commons,
prayed the government of Kir Wilfrid
to take some steps to end the unfortunate Btrlke at Lethbrldge, To all of
these appeals* Sir Wilfrid replied that,
It was none of his affair. It was not,
according to Sir Wilfrid, the function
of a government to interfere in labor
disputes. When the house met, however, and Mr. John Herron, the member for Alberta, Interrogated the government and urged thai steps be taken
to obviate a recurrence of such difficulties, Sir Wilfrid's ministers replied
that the chief difficulty was through
luck of transportation. The railways
were to blame. The conflict between
fhe opposing forces of organized labor
and stubborn capital were not reco-
Dlzed as u factor in the country's
I am ine.
Now thai W. L. Mackenzie King,
deputy minister of labor, an appointee
of the government, has heen over tho
field and hns become seized of tho
problems that confront the country, he
has ventured to make certain recommendations, the result of which will he
the introduction of the hill promised
by Mr. Lemieux. No pressure put upon the government could he effective,
no marshalling of the evidence of tbe
country's danger and suffering could
arouse any Interest. Nut until a deputy minister of the government wns
ready to recommend some active Interference between man and masters,
and the government profess tu act upon its own inlative could it see matters
in true light. Even Mr. Kings recommendations are extremely non-committal, and if they may be taken as any
Indication of the nature of thc bill to
be introduced the proposed legislation
will be weak and Ineffective.    He says:
"It would appear that if legislation
can be devised which, without encroaching upon the recognized rights
of employers und employees, will at
tlie same time protect the public, tbe
slate would be justified In enacting
any measure which will make a strike
or a lockout in coal mines impossible,
Such au end It would appear might be
achieved, at least in part, were provision made whereby, as in the case of
the railway labor disputes act, all
Questions in dispute might be referred
to a board empowered to conduct an
investigation, under oath, with additional features perhaps that such rof-
fi rence should not be optional, bill, obligatory, and pending investigation and
until the board has issued its finding
the parties would he restrained on pain
Of heavy penalty from declaring a lockout or strike."
Whatever may be the nature of the
new bill, it cannot but be a step in the
right direction. Any law which will
enable the government to exert pressure upon contending parties by right
of law and without the voluntary consent necessary under the present provisions, will at least open the door for
authorized mediation. Driven thus to
heed the voice of the country we shall
watch with interest to see how far the
government of Sir Wilfrid will go in
such legislation as will infringe the alleged or fancied rights of its tenacious
friends the coal barons.
The violent conduct of the suffragettes in London, their invasion of the
precincts of the house of commons aud
tbelr persistence iu committing breaches of tbe peace, with the resultant
sentence to the common gaol, are all
so many humiliating features of a crusade which in one age or another has
engaged the sympathies of the best of
both     sexes. Whatever     may     he
woman's claim to a share in lhe exercise of the franchise which determines the character of a nation's laws,
these masculine antics of gentle
womanhood will scarcely hasten the
day when men will feel constrained to
Commit the sacred privilege to those
wbo love a spectacular demonstration
Of Iheir readiness to defy the law. It
will be admitted, we suppose, that
these notoriety-hunting adventuresses
represent the advance guard of tlie
woman suffrage advocates, possessing,
as they do, the iron will, the vanity
aud egotism which have ever been the
distinguishing characteristics of the
would-be martyr iu a cheap cause.
Does it not occur lhal these advanced
representatives of the suffrage movement are but betraying what their
conduct would be in the event of a
miscarriage in the effect of their ballots? In other words, would they���in
the event of any measure for which
the female suffrage party marshalled
their whole array, failing to become
law���any more peace-loving and law-
abiding Ihan tbey are now? We trow
not. What woman will do to express
ber disgust at the refusal of tho ballot woman will do to express her dls-
fgUSt at the result of the ballot in case
thut result should he against either
her convictions or her  foibles.
While it must be admitted that many
desirable measures would become law
in the event or the granting of the
ballot to womankind, such as more
drastic temperance legislation and other measures that are theoretically in
the Interest of the public, we should
only discover the more quickly that
when legislation travels too far ahead
of public BOnttmenl the results nro evil
and not good. Besides, the Intemperance of these women and their utter
defiance of the laws of tho country,
as well of those of feminine propriety,
ts ut best a poor recommendation to
the tender mercies of the gentle sex.
While there Is much to go said in favor of granting the franchise to women
tbe example or Ihese misguided heroines will scarcely Increase the enthusiasm of (hose who labor to this end-
These self-Imprisoned martyrs will eat
their Christmas puddings In the quiet
corridors of tho gaols buoyed up probably by their vanity, but the flippant
world as well as the serious world will
scarce give them a thought. Not oven
the fact lhat most of them are well
bred and have plenty of money will
redeem their actions from the contempt In which for the moat purt these
will bo held.
The information as to grazing leases
which was elicited yesterday in the
house of commons under Ilu* interpellation of Mr. Ames will startle even
the ardent defenders of Oliver's administration, The provisions bu* cancellation of these leases, as secured under
government statute, seems tu have
been utterly ignored. The purpose of
Sifion's temporary repeal uf the saving .clause is now doubly apparent
and a more shameless betrayal of public rights has probably never been witnessed in Canada. The Laurier admin
lstfation Is proving itself to be hopelessly  rotten nnd corrupt.
The government of British Columbia
did not sell Kaien island for ten thousand dollars, as is affirmed by the
snuggling and gasping morning organ.
Kaien island was sold for $U),(HIU plus
one-fourth the speculative, Intrinsic or
commercial value it may now or at
any future time possess through the
exploitation by the G, T. P. if Uu*
island is worth many millions, then
the province owns one-quarter of the
millions. Any attempt to make it appear otherwise is puerile nnd childish
and  will fool no one.
We have carefully examined the in-
trenehments of the government after
the furious bombardment hy our violent cotem. of Vernon street, aud confess that we can detect no evidences
of disintegration anywhere. All shots
are at too long a range, badly aimed
and creating more smoke than havoc.
Now that criticism ol lie government's
tecord Is reduced lo discussion of caucuses about which statements are
mere hazards, the threatened danger
has   become  insignificant.
Dibs, have fixed dates for the election again. In the meantime, "How
many days will elapse, etc." Guess
early, often and hard,
The editor of The Canadian acknowledges everything excepting receipt of
books loaned from his library.
Accommodating Experts.
"Do you want a favorable report, an
unfavorable report or an honest report?" This was the question asked
of a local financial house which desired a mining engineer to examine a Cobalt property. The iuterence was that
an "expert" could be got who would,
for a consideration, furnish any estimate of the property tbat might be demanded, The firm might desire a favorable report on which to sell the
claim, an unfavorable report on which
to buy It, or they might require a true
estimate of the actual worth of the
property. They could obtain any one
of the three. The engineer could visit
the property and discover data to suit
any one of the three propositions.���Toronto NewB.
00 dayi after date I Intend to apply to the Hon.
Chief Commluloner of Landiand works to pur*
chase 3_M aores of and I orr* ted lu Fire Valley being part oi Section* .*��� nnd in Townabip M,snd
described as followi*:    r-itmiiioiicitiK at a poit
marked F. W J.h. e. corner and planted nt the
northwest oorner of Wm. Williams' purohaae;
thenee west in chains; tlunce norlh tso chains;
thonco easl to chains; ihenco south 80 ebalni to
plaee of beginning.
November'JSrd IWlft.
J. K. ANNAhi.it. Agent.
Notice Ih hereby given tbat BD dan from date i
Intend to ���-���-��� .i.i> to the Hoimr-shle tlie Chief C'..in-
miuloner of Lands, and Worka to purebaae (MO
aorei of laud deaeribed in followi: 1 ommenclng
at a post planted ou the mirth tmnk of (lie LlUic
Moyle rlycr, about 200 yards from mouth, and
marked    "K,    Mel ..in'a   S,    VV,    corner   posl,"
thonoe eaat BO cbaina, thonce uorth mi chains,
tbenee weat B0 ebalni, thenoe south BO chain*) to
place of coromencementt and containing A_)acrei
more or lens.
Located 80th day Oot., 1����.     Horn*. McLkan.
Sixty davs after date I Intend to applv to the
Hon. Chief Commissioner of Land* uu.i Worki,
Victoria, io purohau 40 aorei of laud, iltuated
on the west side oi Arrow hake, about s��f miles
belOW Hurton, and deserlbed as follows: l nm-
mciicjng at a post planted at the northeii*-!
eorner of Lot 7870, mid running north 20 ehnins;
theuee west W chains, thence south 00 chains,
thonce east 20 chaius to place ot beginning.
Nov. llth, 1908, II   K. Dill,
sixty days after dale I Intend lo apply hi lhe
Hon Chief Commissioner of LanOl ami Works,
Vietoria, to purchase IA0 acres of land ahout two
miles b'low burton oity, west Kooteuay, com-
mencing at a post marked "J. A. Irving'! call
comer post," said post being on ihe easterly end
of an island west of Lot0647,and claiming all lhe
land contained in said island, being about one
mile in an eaiterly and weiterly direction and
ahout 20 chains from norih to south.
November litb, woe. j. a. tavwo,
J K. AnNaih.k. AKeut.
sixty days aller dale i intend to apply to ths
Uonorahle the Chief Commissioner of Lnnds und
Works, Victoria, to purchase IflO acres of land,
located in Kire Valley ami deaorlbed as lollowii
Ci m mend ng at a post marked Q, II. .Mi* Ms N.W.
corner, mid planted at the southwest comer ot
I ot 7H1*-, and running south *" chains, thence
east 2i) Ohalttl, thence north 80 chains, thence
west 20 chains to place of beginning,
Nov. 18th, 1900, 7jro. B. .McMillan,
J. I*:, annahlk, Agent,
to lhe
   ���...ds and
Worka lor permission to purehaso tho following
described lands in Knotensv district: Commencing at a post marked J. 1). Aunahlc'a north-
BMt corner pnst, said post being on the south
Bide of  the Lower Arrow lake, about Iwo mllei
below Burton Cityi thence south 3o chains;
thence weat 20 chains; thence souih 90 chains;
theuco west an ehulns; theneo north BS chaini
��� nd 20 links, more or less to the Inke shore;
thenee easterly along lake 40ebalni, more or less,
to tbe place ol beginning, containing lw aorea.
more or leas.
Dated this Btb day of Kovomber, i'joc.
J. 1). Annahlk,
per IC. L Hi-HNKT, Agjnl,
Notloe ll hereby given that do days alter date!
Inteud tonpply tothe Hoiiorahle tlie chlel Commissioner of Lands and Works for permission to
purchaie the following deioribed lands iltuato
about 10 miles east of the City Of Nelson, on the
south shore of tho West Arm of Kootenav lake,
tun! commeueuK "' " post placed ahoul ill chains
south of theiQuthoBit corner of Lot HHi, marked
"H TbotnaaT, w   corner,," thenee south do
chAins, theuco east 20 chains, tbenee north 80
ehalns, thence west 90 cliaina to point ol com
Dated this fith day of Nov., 1000.    B, Thomab.
Hlxty days after date I Intend  to apply to i
Honorable IheChief Commissioner ol Unds a
Notice ll herehy given that 00 -lays alter dale I
lutein! toupnlv to the Hoiiorahle the Chiel Com-
mlssloner oi -SMI and Worki for permission
lo purchase SSOaorei of land, sit uate on ihe I,it lie
Moyle nver nhout 1 mile from International
Boundarv ami ahout 1 mile from Spokane Inter
national Ry.: Commencing at a poal marked
|i. Grant's B, B. corner posl, thence west 10
chnins; ihence north  40 chains; theliee east  N
chaini; tbence north 20 chains; thenee east iiu
cbalni; tbence south 00 obalm to place of commencement, eonla'iitiig'J*! acres ol land.
Located Oet. 80tb IWO,
Daniki. QBAtIT,
Noiiee is bereoy givon lhat60dayi afterdate I
Intend toapply to the Honorable chief Commls-
sioner ol  l.amih ami   Works  for  permission  lo
purchaie tbc lollowlng described lands, In West
Kootenav: Commencing at a post plautetl at
thc northeast corner ol mh 430fi) fl, I., markeii ��
Fletcher'! northwest eoruer, ihence south no
chains; thence easl io chains, more or leu, to
the  Western houmlary  of  Lol 800, ii. 1; thence
north 80 obaina to Kootenay nver, theuee west
lollowlng said river to polnl of commencementi
containing B0 acrei more or less.
������Will October, l'JOfi.
Prank ITlbti iikb.
BlltJ davs alter date 1 Intend lo apply lo the
Hon Chief CommlMloner ol Undi nud Works,
Vietoria, io purchase IflO acres oi land, located on
the wesl ildeol Arrow lake.aboul live miles below Burton 'Hv. ami deacrlbed as follows: Commencing at a posl marked "F fl R's southeast
comer,"and being 10cbalnii astol thcm-rUiwtsBt
oorner ol Lol 2719; thonce north 10 chains; thenoe
v..*-*. io chains; ihenee souih 10chatm; ihence
east U) chalm to the place oi beginning,
November Uth, 1906. V. i;. Bur,
per .1. E. AHKABLi,
60dayi after date 1 Intend toapply lothe Hon.
Chief ConTmlBflioner ol l-auds and' Works, Victoria, to purchase -'in aires nf land located In
Fire Vallev and being a portion of ���* eel loin ifl
and 16 In Township OS and described ai followi:
Commencing al a posl planted sl the louthwost
corner of thc southeast quarter ol section 16
Township ii'-' ami markeii I i,. g, -j... comer,
thenoe uorth 40 chalm; theme west oo chains;
thence south 40 chain*.; thence east 60 chatm to
place id beginning.
November B8rd 1906.
Iobbph Qiosoh,
J. B, ANNuu.k, AKeut.
��� ���-___! J
���     New Styles in Long Coats for Ladiw    \
��� The Latest New York Shapes.       Best man-tailored |
J finish, in light tweeds and plain cloths. 4
��� Prices from $10 to $25 each j
Sixty days after date I Intend to apply (o lhe
Chief Commissioner of Lands ���nd World for
permlnion to purehase the following deaeribed
lands in Kooienav District, about three-quarters
of mile from Thrum's siding   Commencing at a
post placed at lhe S. W. corner ol  I   6893, group
i, west Kootenav Dlitrlet; Ihence westerly
following the norih boundarv ol L46B8, B
chaiua; thenoe north io ohalus; tbenee east 10
chains,  moreor   less,  tothe    N.   W    cornel  of
L0898j ihence iouth following the wesl boundary
of L6B08   lu chains, more or less, to place of commencement, containing 40 acres- mon* or leaa
Pitted this f.th dav of December, wm.
ll. H. I'MTH, Locator.
Snow ig Here
STaSu" A Speeder Sled or Cotter
Wo HAVS Tlium nl AH Ih-ke.s.
Standard Ftirnitute Company
Complete House Furnishers
Undertakers,    Embalmers
Mason _ lUseh Planoa.
Ogtcruioor Matlressea.
Qlobe Wernicke Monk Case
Sixtv davs after tlate 1 intend to applv lo the
Hon thc Chief CommK .uncr-of Landsand Works
to purchase340 aorei ol landi Commencing ai n
post  murked "N.T. B's southeast corner poit."
tald poit ticiuK at tho northeaat corner of Qeo.
Hudson'*, pre-emption claim, about two miles
���OUtheast of  llunon City, theliee weat M chains,
south 20 Chains, wesl tu chains, north -io chai iih,
east so chains, south 20 ohaini to place of commencement, containing .Mo acres.
LooateuStb dayof NOV. 1906,   NbttikT. Bekb.
BlXty dava afterdate I intend to apply lo lhe
Hon Chief Commluloner of Landi and Works,
Victoria. tO purchase 120 aoTMOl land located
on ihe WOlt Sloe Of Arrow lake anl lying directly
north of Lot 7976: Commencing *t a post planted
at the N K, corner of Lol JB76 and markeii **u. it.
S. K corner," and running north 90 chains.
thenee west 20 ehalns, thenee north '20 chains,
theme west '20 chains, thence south 40 chains.
Ihence cast VI chaius, to place of boglnnlUg.
Nov. Hth, 1906, IlKRTHA  Hraiu-ky,
J. E. Annahlk Agent.
Notice is hereby Riven that 60 days after date I
intend toapply lo the Honorable the Chief Commissioner of Lands and Works, at Vietoria. B.C.,
for permission to purchase the following dc-
lOrffied lauds,   sliuatfd   In   the  Wesl Kootenay
district, iouth of Forty Nine creek, commencing
at a post marked "I.. II Cboquette's N. Vi, eor-
ner,"  thence  10 chains easl,  thenoe th chalus
south, thence40 ohalni west, then m chains
north to Un* commencement post, eontainint* UO
acm, more or less.
Nelson, B, O, Oct. Uth, I960
W. A. Josks, ARent.
Sixty days afler dale I purpose unking application to the Hon. Chief Commissioner of Lands
and Works fnr permission to purchase the following described land: Commencing at a post
placed at thcsouthweM eorner oi K W, llannliiK*
ton's application to purchase, markeii "L. M. H.
lis - K. corner post,'1 running thence (���*' chains
west; theuee m chains south; tbenee 80ohalni
easl; theliee HO   eliains  norih to point of commencement, lontiiiiiinn 640 acres, more or less-
Pated the 10th day of Ootober, 1906,
L. M. S. Hanvinuton,
pei K. Bimki.l, Agent.
ffjl.xy 'lavs after date I purpoie making application to tlie Hon. Chief Commissioner of Lauds
and Works for permlaalon to purchase ihe following described land: Commencing at a post
placed ou the norlh houmlary of lot No. HM and
about two chains cast of Whatshan creek, marked "M. B'l. B. Vi. eoruer," running thence -10
chains cast; thence 40 chains  nnrth;  thenee 40
ehalni west; thence in ehalni south, to point of
eommencemen*. containing ifio acres more or
Hated lhe loth day nf October, 1906.
m. Bautb,
i'er It. BHIX-L, Agent.
Hlxty days after date I Intend to apply to the
Uonorahle lhe Chief Commissioner of LandllOd
Works to purehase 640 acres of land, located ln
Tire Valley, nil west side of A now lake: Com*
inenelng at a posl planted 111 cluilns weit of the
Boutbwert corner of J. BobluiOU'l pre-empllon
and marked J. Wl B. Iv eorner, and running
north KO chains, thence west ���*���" chains, thence
south 80chaini, ihence ensi m chains to place of
Nov. 18th, 1006, Jan. Wim.iahs,
J. K. AmMBLB, Agent.
Notice is herehy given that 60 days niter date I
Intend to apply to the Hoiiorahle the Cniel (!oni-
inlsshuier of Lauds and Works for permission lo
purchase the following described lamls; Com-
niMi' mc ata |.n-t piaeed '20 chains West of Ihe
southeast corner of Lot 1642, marked "It. A. Hell's
northwest enrner." theuco .south Ho ehalns,
thenoe east 20 chains,   theuce   north  90 chains,
thenee wesi nobalni to point oi oommencement,
oontafnlng 40acrei, more or less
Located this fit h day of Nov , 1006.   II. A. Hai-L.
Blxty dayi alter date I Purpoae making application to the Hon. Chief C mlssloner of Lands
and Works foi permission to purchase the followlni,' described land: Commencing al a post
placed al Ihe uorih OUt comer of H. C Hkluiier's
application to purchase, marked "11. H's N. W
comer post," theuce following  Ihe  easl   hound-
ary of aame 80 ohalni south; Eheooe running BO
chains easi; llo-ncc Ml chains north: Ihence Nl)
chains west lo point 01 commencement, eonlaliilng 640 a-res more or lea*
Dated ihe mih -lay of October-1906,,
11. DODt>,
I'er K. BHTtU-4 Agent.
Blxty days after date I Inteml lo apply to the
Hon. Chief Commlnloner of Unds and Works,
Victoria, to purchase 460 acres of laud, In Kite
Valley, West Kooteiiuy; Commencing at ft i...���������
planlcd 60 chains WB|( Of  the 8, W, corner of J,
Roblnion'i pre-emption, and marked w.W'i n.
K. corner, and running west 60 chains, thene,.
south Wi chains, thence easl ltu ehaiiiK, thenee
norlh hu chains to place of heginniug
Nov. IHth, 1906. Wiu.iAW Williams,
J. K. ANNAiii.a, Agent.
Sixty dayi after dlte J purpose making application lotm-jinn Chief Commissioner ol unds
and Wo kA for permission lo purchase the following described lands; "mpm *io im; Ht the
northwest corner of IC. A. Crease's application to
purchase, marked "W. (J. (i's, H VV corner,"
running thence HO chains norlh; ihenco Wl
chHiiis easl; ihence HO chains souih; ihenee Wl
chains west to point of oommenoement, containing 640 acres, more or* l,.*,*,.
Haled the i.ih day of October, HM!.
W. ll.riiM.i-TT,
I'er J Himki.i.. Agent.
Klxty days after dale 1 purpose making application lo the Hon. Chlel Commissioner nf Landl
and Works for pO-TOll-Wlon to purchase thu following deserlhed lands: Comiiieneliig at llie
nor Mi west conic- ol I). Dodd's sppiloatlon lo
purchase, marked "II F's H. W. corner," running
theuee Wiehalus noi'h; theneo Wl chains, more
or less, to lhe wcM -.hope of Whntshftii lake, fol-
lowing tame Mi chaius soutli; thenee wi chains,
more or less, east to the point of cnmnienicuiciit
eon i tt i ii (tic i. in in 'es, moreor leal,
Duled the Uth day of Oetober, IW**..
por J. Suikll, Agent.
Bohemian Beer;
The Nelson Brewing Co., Ltd.
**************************** t^0^t0w^0w%04t1^0^^^^^^^^
Notloe u bereby given that sixty dayi after
date I Intend lo applv tothe lion. Chlel Com mis-
sioner of land*-, and -Works for permission to
purchase the following deaeribed lands, lu
West Kootenay Dlitrlot: Commenolng at uu initial poat planted at the southcasl eormr of McCoy's pre-emption, them i* 90 chain.*, west to eaat
boundary of Lot 0199; thence following said
boundary wuth to nn theaat enrner of said lot;
Ihenee   ]0  eliHUo-   WBlt]   tlu'lue 60 chains south I
ihcnce BO ehain.*- eait; thenee ao chains north to
loutbwsst corner of l/it 033; tboooe following
west houndarv of Lot tT2 to initial post.
Beptember -i, nwo. n. i>, Wotrt,
per Krsfst W. It (IHINSON,
Notice is liereby given that OD davs aller date I
Intend to apply to the Hoiiorahle the Chief Com-
mlnloner of Landi ami works, Victoria, B.C,
lor permission to purchase thc following deserlhed land, situated iu the WcM Kootenav district,
oil III* west side of I uhauiel (or Six Mile) ereek,
on  upper side  of  WlfOO   road,  about J', mil. ���*-
fro ji West Arm of Ko.iciiav lake: Commencing
at a post marked Mrs Hatl'le Dock's is, K corner, running-Hi chain*- wesi; tbenoe 90 ohalni
south; ihence -H) chains ca.it; thence Jn ihains
nnrlh, to the Mint of commencement, containing H_ acres of laud, more or less.
Dated ihe 17th November 1*-",
Mrs   Ha tik Dl ��� K,
John K   TayI-oh, Agenl
Hlxty days after date I purpose making application to lhe Hon. Chief ( ommlfiouer of Land,
ami Works for permp*Ion to purchase the following deserlhed land: Comtnem iug al a post
placed al tin-southwest comer of M. shiell's application to purchase, marked "V. K'i S. B.cor
ner," running thence MO chains uorih; thenee ��
chains weit] thence H0 chains south; theuce 41
chains east to point of commencement, con laming B30 acres more or less.
Dated the 10th day of Ocloher, 1900,
F. FAt'Qt'lXR,
  per H. Hiiiill
Notire is he/cby given that fio days afterdate, 1
Intend to npply to ihe Hon. chief Coununlonei
of Lauds ami Works fur permission to purchase
the following described laud lu Weit Rootenay
dlstricl: Commencing at a post marked Mrs V
A. Wilson's corner post, planted at tlm northeast
eorner of .Section Hi Towns!te7, running souih
40 ehalni, thenoe west V) chains. Ihcnce north 40
chalus, theuee chsI 40 ehulns lo place of commencement, containing 150 acres, moreor less
Daied Nov. 2-, 1900. Mlts. V. A. WlUOK,
J. WrusoN. Agent.
Hlxty days afterdate! purpose making application to the Hon. Chief Commissioner ol Latins
aod Works for permission to purchase the following deserlhed land: ('oinincuelng at a i ���>������!
piaeed nt the northwest corner of ll Dodd's application,   to  purchase, marked "K  Vi. B'l8. Vt.
oorner poit,   running theuce ho chains north;
thenco Ho chains  easL   thenee Ko chain*, south;
thenco 80 ehulns wftt tn point of commencement, containing M0 aeru, more or less.
Dated tills 10th day of Octohcr. 1008.
It W. Manninoton,
Hhik;.!-. Agent.
IV) days after date I Intend io applv to the Uonorahle lhe Chief Commissioner of Lauds and
Works, to purehase ifil) aeres of land: Commencing at a Hit marked 0, W. 8. H. K. cornet
iM.st and planted on the west shore of Arrow
lake tdjolnlng Lot :I7H on the south side of iald
Lot, thenre west Wi chains along the southern
houndarv of Im 078; ihence south 40.00 eliains;
tbonce eaat 80 ehalni more or leas to lake shore;
thence norlh along lake shore lo place of  beginning.
Dated 30th day of Nov. 11*00.
QgO, Vi. Stkkl,
J. K. ANNaiiI.K, Agent.
Nollee l�� herehy given thai'" Inr*aflerdit��
Intend Ul apply to the Hon. Chll I < ctiirntoiuDi
of Lands Uld Works for  *���*���. rmi��*-i.t!i topatrtu
the full,.-,-, ing described landi miuuimI in u
Weil   K may  district:     IfeKimilnc sl iu
marked -o. D. IslaollielUni'i �� _'.eorurlnti
planted on the west shoreof u imi>iiati o tribo
lake, ,il>, mt three mt! s nor Hi ol Ih'* CbpetlS
rows of thc said lake  and opDOSlte lblls___1
the aatd lake; ihenee south 00 chaloi; tliHK
east 40 chains, moreor leas, to Ho* Ukftlinr.
linnet* following the -.aid shore In a northcrl
ami westerly direction t_\ cbalni Donw_j
to point of coin meneement. roOUtalDf B_n
more or leu.
Uct. 13. 1W0. O 0 MkXmiw,
fly V  L HllUOKD.ifUt
Notice is hereby given thai mty days alts
date 1 intend to maxe application lotba II...
aide Cblel Commissioner oj Lands SM *��rkil
Vieioria, h. (,.for pennisiloti to pun bsntkiH
lowing deserfbod land, situate tn Km- Viiiej
wvsi Kootenay dlitrlet: comineiiiiuftsups
planted ai tin* southwest eornei cd J<i��huifU
Inaon's pre-emption, marked it. i k'*���*. .*���*��� _.*.-..��
post, Ihence 40 ebalns west, thence I  ���'���������.���������
north. Ihcnce 40chain*eaal toJMhOSSebtSMI
north weil corner, tbenee soutli liohalmto '
of eommeucement, containing l��*iarret, timne
Dated this Brd day ol Nov., IW,
it i. Kmtoot
Notiee Is hereby given that fiodiijs after date I
Inteml lo applv to the Hou. the (htef Commix
sioner of Lauds and Works for permission to purchase the following described lauds in west
Koolenay disiriei. province id llrlllsh Columbia I
Commencing at a post marked "William Tolling'
Ion's northwcfct corner post." said posl being
planted at lhe southwest corner Of lhe "Wueen
Mineral Claim," and adjoining tbe easl line of
Mel'hail's pre emption, thence souih tweniy 120)
chains along said hue, Ihence cast forty (-10)
chains, Ihcnce north twenty tM) chnins, Ihence
West forty (|U) chalus more or \_f_t to thu place of
Duled Isi day of August, ItKtfi.
William Toi.unotos,
Dy tils agent J. K. Taylor.
Notice Is herehy given that Oil dajH alter dale 1
Inieml to apnlv lo ihe Hon. Chief Commissioner
ol Lauds and (\nrk.s tor permission to purchase
the  followlug deserlhed  lauds situated  lu  lhe
West Kootenay dlitrlot;   Berjnntng at a post
marked "William Keil's N. Vi. comer," and
plantcil about one mile south of lhe north cud
of Whalslu-.il (Carlhoo) lake, about twenty chains
west of the west shore of satd lake and on the
somh boundary oi k k. Kell'i application to
purchue] thenee mint b unchains; thenoe east SO
chains, more or less, to ibe said lake sbon*;
ihence northerly along the said shore HO chains,
more or less, lo the said souih houndarv of
K It. Kell'i application to pureliase; Ihenee west
'20 ehnins, more or less to the polnl of coinuiciicQ-
incnl, con tainiug ISO acres, more or less.
Dated Oct. u, 1*900. William Kkil,
lly F. L Hammond, Agent.
Sixty days nfler d.ite I inteml toapply to lho
Hon. the Chief Commissioner of Landsand Works
to purchase ISO acres of land :   Commencing at u
poit planted on the wesi aide or8tx mfle crooi,
on wagon road, ahout two and one half miles
from Kootenay lake, nnd mark.id "Nell Me-
Kechnle'H H. West corner post," ihcnce east 40
chains,  thence  north   10 chains, Ihcnce west 40
(hains, thence south in ehntiiH, to phu.our oom*
Located this loth dny oi November, 190(1.
Hlxty days after date 1 Intend 10 apply Is
Uonorahle ihe Chief Commissioner nl I-an.li
Works,  Victoria,  lo  purchase _D0aem of I   .
located and deeerlbed aa follows:   t'emmi-arUl
ai a poat planted ai the sonth wut corner tf|
Koldiison's prc-emplltiiiiii Pin Vntlev,sn<ltl��e]
five miles from Kdward Land inf. wrMO!*
Arrow lake, and marked K "'*. N f i .-r:ittt
running weit fiO ehalni, thence toutb 10 cfcOl
Ihence east IV chains, thenee M.uth 20 chsm
thence cast 40 ehalns, Ihence north tuihiioil
plaee id heginniug
Nov IHtb, iwo. Fume OuaH
 J. B.  ANNAIllf., Afg-elll	
Notice |h hereby given that m da*.-. Hio.-r.lit.
Inteml loapply to iTielL.ii.ChiefC.miialMltiiiffl
Undsand works. Victoria, for \- n luiooWfl
Cha*) (he following descritied Inlet, -Uiisle-H
the West Koolenay district, on lbewntlldei
Dnhamel (or HU Mile) ereek. n.,.r *A-t*-.>r< r.-ii
about three miles from Koot. nat Uio*: rm
inenelng al a post marked ���Jaine*- J Purk'H5
post," running SO chains east, thence an rl'*
norlh. thence U chains wen, tbeniT _0eh_J
south,  to  the DOlntOi commem emeiit.MitW]
ing to aorei of landi more or i-*-*..
Duled llth November, 11100. .
Looated hv.iAvwJ.lw_
per John K   Tavi.oh, Agenl-
Sixty davs after Onto 1 Inteml to apply mt*
Hoiiorahle thu Chief Coiniui-|. n, r of I-smlis*
Works for permlhsloti lo pureha-e ilu* IelMB|
described lands Hi Kootenay dl-lrld ('"mm"
OtUl al a posl marked "A. J. I'lU't snals���
rorner post," said  poit  ladug mi Hie inTlbsW
erly shore .d the Lower Arrow lake andIIIH
due east, ou ihe norlheast corner ol ��>,l3
Group 1; iheiue north 00 Ohalm; easl BclMj
souih 111 chains, more or L-sh, l��> the laknbcft
thence following said shore In a Mmibwn***"!
direction ,'-. ohalni, more or less to tbepUOJJ
beginning, oontalmng U0 acres, mon or if,n
Dated thll,.||i day olNovemher. IflOO
 -THT K   L. BCTWIT, All >"     _
Nolle. |k hereby given lhat W dHy��slwJIJ
1 Intend, to apply lo the llom-ralile thfl���
rominissloner of lands and Work, fur Pfiw*
���lon to purobase the foiinwiiigdc-eriisiiiiw*
Kooteuay dlsirlct: Commem nm sl ��� P"J
marked 'J. II   Wallace's northweitWTM/PS
said post hcing on the easterly -id.-��i w1^
Arrow lake, ami al the MUthWMl
Portor'l prc-em lit ton claim; llielii' I'Sl
thence iouth �� chains, thenee trr-si
Ihenee Kolllb U chains, Ihclice WOSl
mnrc or less to the Arrow lake, Ih. in ���
easterly direction on chains, moreor
ii| ii re of beginning, eontainiug 140 sen
Dated this -'.Ub duy of October, IBuO.
 By bis agent, KkknktiiV- HniMir.
1.,h Iiiiil.
tt) i haial
.,.[������ iu
Hixty dayi after date i purpo��
'   ���*    "        .hlefl-iiiiml
*. f*1
bane I
Cation tO lhe lion. (Shift wuiuuji-i-
and Works for pet million lo purch���- -  .
lowing  denrlbed   landsi   OomntnttttX
post   placed   al   lhe   northwiM   ' "M,���r J'-.d
A.  Clease's   application   to    porob"S, *����� _,
"K.R's H, K. comer," running thei
north,  thenee BO CAilDI Wl, thence ��'  ��-
SOUth, tbence SO chains east to point en""
Cement, containing MO acres, more or il*w-
Dated the Uth day of 0<-tober, ffimtK0_i
  per J HiijKi.i.. Aje��t___,
Hlxty days after dato I Intend **? *JE!7 ��j3
Boh. Chtei Commissioner of Landi ��"'(-,��
tupuri'liHSn IH7 acres of hmd, eoiniiu'"\���L\ti
postmarked It. H'* u v ""-""���" ����**��� l"fillT
  J's N. B.
the N. W. eoruer of <). W -
west Hide of Arrow lake, ubout I
Hurton eity, tbence west40elr**"
iturton euy, inence wesi ���*������ v ���'"������" ���;,���,.,., nnrn
���Ifi.W chains, thence east Ot chains, nu        (1)r
10..V2 ehains tc plnee of beginning, c���iiimni��s
acres, more or less. __      _ nnM0H>
Dated Uth day of Nov , line.   Ilv'"'s ' o
.1. B, ANNAHI"*  'I*"'111     _
 ---- -tin.* hpp"'
Sixty davs aft r date I purpose -""V f umU
ORtion lo lhe lion. Chief OommUslcneroi (0,
and Works for por mission to purci" ' '(. |lfi,t
lowing described  lands:   Oommem   u*     |M|(,f
placea about half a mile weal oi no '?.!,c,_-��r."j
Whalshan  lake, mafked  "D-
running theneo80 ohainnoitti
east; Ihence HO chains north;
wesl lo point of cnmmoiiceme
acres, more or less. .
Datod lbe l_lb day Ol October, IW*  J( ���,��������,
-. i-i**'*1'
JniW ,;l�� We are in readiness with a choice lot of
'Xmas goods. Onr Stock of Irish Linen
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HANDKtHtsiitt-s   I"'   eliiliireu ut 6c, or 6 tor *���*.<���.
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|:,nic\   LlnisiiB""A  Complete  Stock
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DISTILLERS, 12 and 20 years old.
nelson     �����*"��� A-s&&|&i.r,ttoh  victoria
. Burns & Co.
���eh M..rw, t- in  Rowland, Trail,  Nelson, Kimlii,  Bandon, Three Forin, New
Uonvor aud Hltx-an Oity.
Head Office: Nelson, B. C.
-**"'irhli.r u
���w *i ih.-1,
rnvnini th
?f'��   UH*   Ml,
_  '**���������.
l**U*iri 1	
���_F*r," ni.*,.
*to Hn   11
"l Hill  W    , L
I htid
1 porpon making appn-
* < omnlMtotmoi l*nds
���I i" pnraluM Um HA*
In mil:    I <mi t tia-f i<"l ri|f nt a post
itthtvt.fil niriirr Of J. Hlili'll'l ap
Harked ' K. B'| M. K. Cor-
'���>������'��� ��u chaini ih.nil, tbenoen
���*   *i ehalni soutli. then-no 80
'*������ '���'  roiiiiiicin -rn-ni. 1 .-ntiiiii
* I October, L9M.
R. HHIRi.l.,
Iht J. KniEi.l., Agent.
i parpoM making nppll-
1     1 I < "mmlKKloner of UikIm
riniuioo to pnrebiM tho WI-
landa: 1 otniin-iii'liitf it h poul
i."rtli(*HKl torner of It. Bblell'i
������hue, merited "M. K O'iB.B.
���iienoe 80 obeini nortb lo tlie
"i T, l am, thonoi ����> ohalni
'li-   "until,   Hnn,,- --i 1-1,1.111--
unont'-vntpiit, containing ivtu
��y ni October, UOB,
II,   K. tlRIKI KI.],.
ptT J HlllKI.I,. Agent.
���into 1 purpoee making npplli
1  "i,. Clilei Commissioner "I
t��t |-er mission tO purchase tbfl
"������i Uml:   commencing ut ���
1 Hi.*  Junction  ot   lluiii,*    ninl
 leant  nl   U. .1, Elliott7! OP
Irnwi. marked "W. N   I"h. H. Vi
1 iH-iifi. hu cimius nortb; thonw
���11-ffttuheini south; tbenooSO
111 "I liiinnii'iici'iiiciit; i'uiiIhIii-
"i- lav,
I "< loner, 100ft.
W.N. PoOUi
Por .1. Hhiki.i., Agent.
' 'i' i purpoM making nppll
tin' ('huif Ooamlnfoner i.
' it iKTinludm to puroboH lb_
1 fundi*:     im iniiii ut a
������"'ilii-4Kii.nriH.rol M.k.Urcu-
i�� purchMSi marked "V. D'i,
n*.' thenoee. chalna nortii;
��� Si i*iiniiiH out) thence wi
"���<"sn cholni wait, to point ol
nuteinhig 040 wm, UON it
���**���) of October, 190ft,
v Dodo
i'er J. Bhlolli Agent,
Htxtr don ��fi'i dolo i porpoeeiiitklnfWpH'
ration Ui tlit* lion, chief I .HjiinUainiier ofl-anda
mi.l Worki ior pennhBrtoo topnwnww U���� m-
hiwltur ik'KiriU*.! Un.U: Ctinimuiictjig ��t hi'
northeut cornor oi C I* Hennlnfton*i RppHoo-
MOO to P��f.-I.**..in.rk.Nl "��.. A. rU^orner^
ruuiiliiK iio ii* *���
wcitt, tnonoa -S
��� iini t.i point ut
*_S3?RS__ijot...���i.-i.-t.�� (.B_Ag,
|Mir 3. Siiiii.L. A|{i'ut.
���  t.HMI*-
uth. tiH>imi BO ehelni
input, rolllftintnn -MO
i'* ��� PUrpOH uinkliitf HppM
 "hi ��� um mlHHiuiiiM* cf ulndl
? ,i,.M, ' pef'nlMion to purrliami the ful-
_ -em ,.,���.," i��iji��� ik : Gammenolni at the
���U^'tw in. ���i"1."' v* Dodd_ ipplt-pfttlon to
ilH ih,',,,,1'' ,k,M, "C L. IL*. N. K.Voriii'r," run
ini .l    /' '''"ins n.uth, Utonoo80obalm
��� ��� 'ijRini imrlli, thonoo80cbafni
*jl"ir,,k-ii''*ri'','i ' imftnotmont,containing
���    C. L. llANNINUTON,
r^-���_ p-itJ Hhiki.i.. Agent
Ol       ' '* Is linh  i ��� ���
IS'"lll'siss,',i', ?' f,lv'*" tlliltMKUvil .tti-rslHli- 1
' "'llf Hon, I lilt-t (*isiiiliil>��iislii-r
n�� Ins in-snilisslssii ts, Isiirsstliis-s-
-'���rilss-st IuihIk Hllimusil In till-
iMstil: Hs-uliiiihiK nl a psss.1
Is- lllrs-li'i> N.li. (-ssriu-r,"iiiisl
"llnre nt WIssilHliiin (fnrllKin)
''ssssl ussriiisr til tin, sssi.l tali,-;
'"ttll.l   lllu    WSSIst  40  S-llHtllSs.
J" s-issris ���f wlmlHliin l-n-i-k:
"ss-sslsssrs'Muss ,s[ until ssrui-k ansl
n.    'Huiiis    ���     "1"rl>* "'"J o����tuTly illri-s--
.'"'"ii-iii- ,.,;, ","' "r ,'*"��. '" point ot oom-
"���Utii, ilu-''""11! IM u-rra, more or Ii-ssk
Hv  .���   ,    .. ANTIUfUCTTIt 1I1HSSI IS,
"1  'h. lllVHUMD, AgUUl.
The Dally Canadian
N.,Uiv i�� herein flven tisai 10 sini" MM) J��te I
i���l.-i      . .   , y imu,, I  ililsl l*..iniiil"-l"li.T
nl undi 3a Worki lor pern 1 t" !����*"���
"ii. i,ii�����inii a....nt-.i i��n.i�� nw__ 'ii ""���*
Wit K.���,l,�����)- UUtrloll llsfsssiillm ��t kWA
in-rk.-,l ������ H.-rU-n ffirron*. N. h. s-omht, ��is,
?_?__ ������ tb. ��.m ���for.ol ��*iuii.i..i. (<*.rI -'"I
Ll,. _|,.,ui ,,sss- -ismrli't mils- iissrlls ssl tlis- .isiitls-
���Ml ,-Os lol 110 Ink"* lis'*!'"* svs-.ISsisl.alOi.: UlMM
/oil m I ��ls. " IIs.-ii.-.- .a.l 10 rlialnss, mi.ro ssr
1 ",    W  aula.    W��Sl    tl"-*'"'* I""!'"'"'!!
Sk al���ii.   to- i*r.'.-k ansl laks- ahore m sl.atiis
mono, low, i�� i'-h" "' '*"'�� noonont,oon-
lam,ssi! W0 as-n-H. sslisn- ssr Is-..
I"'""1 ""j",,'0rt"1l'!;i��-i.��ni,
f. U H.KSoMs. Am-llt.
Hiity ,lav�� alter ilaio i iiiii-ioi isssimsiy ;o tin;
Work., Vh-lorla. lo l.sin-ia��c "����*"������'' " '���
los-��t,',l on llss- nil s-l-ls-ssl Arrssss laks-. ss.lj sill UK
I",. Sua .usi ,i.-..-ni��-.i i" i"��"��'' "i"?:";1,1," "S
al�� I fl��lil.��l "tl  lh.*,��'*��tu"i"''}\'.['',,
WIS about90 i-lialisanisrllis.tlls.-*' W.OOrMI
.al.   lot   llolls-s- sssssl 10 . Isssln.. Hi'*"'*'* '"I"1' _
s-haii.   iso o_t B0 oliklm 10 the wotlero
K& no" prr^puon Ho^til, tionoe norlB
t_-��i,-,l on. i; ISO. _ . K[ umr j_._t
Tm, .lay, ssll.-r slalo I mtoiiil lo iipWI;'l'��*
Ron. lllsls-l i*..siiini.s.ion,-r,sl Ui ol�� imi  ��   rk I,
fTlSrJ'kiS'h^r^V  _ft
th.-iii'-e *.il   -liaiiia -""ll'. lf*��M -*" '���""" '*"" ���
.,-. iii ohilni i-s'iitli. ih.-iiivai.iaii;;��������!,
Hlsty sl.v. utter .lau- I |.iirp[��' *��*VJ;f *"'!!;
ration In i'i' Hon. llio Uhlel Commisaloner ul
ii ,1a ami Works lor i.s-rnilaaloii lo pnr.-lioa.- h
,1 liwlii* sls-.s-rilss-sl lansl: l*iiiiiiuin' "B at a
o' .. svsl ahout hall * 11 mllj ���� ol Ilsiriu-a
,', k  an I ali sss .- mile ""till "' Ills; iiussith ssf
iVJm"" ���".rk',i --J. ��*��. B w. oorrtor," rttnjln,
"��rrhr.!:!hr:i:v.^..oher. i��*
Blsily llaysnlls-rslssi
eallosi lo the Hon. I "
an.l Works lor wrmll.
hiwliia sh-as'il I li""
IllaOW ahssssl ll�� yai'i
lake trail and ahuul ''
alusn Inki'.niarkeil H.
riilillllil! llienee ��> i;
ohalna ue��lilheiies;��
1-hnlllBi-ust, Inliulnlol
HiK ism aerea, more ssr I;
flatosl the Will day ol
. I iisirissssoiistnslili; ��l'|sll-
,.|louiiiiiaalsslierssl Lsilula
sioss In liurs-liisas- Iho lul-
��� |-iss���iiss-ln-llllt al a oust
well ol lhe W IBISlian
��� sillies s.ssslh ul What
r s's N K I'uriicr pnat,
iBlns suuth; lheni-0 HO
s'huins nnrth; IhSUCB 80
(���nmiiu'iuvnii'ilt". euiitalli
I'er II. 8H11U, Agent.
^000 Club Plans Energetic Campaign
for Next Year-More Active Working Members Wanted.
When tbe yoar*a report of the work
"' the .20,000 club is presented tu this
I",,|i',' "��� Nelson, as 11 win be wiihin
J fortnight, its few working members
'���"i"' thai ii win bo Justify ihu club's
exlsienoe tbat tbe Beooud year will
sea ;i greatly Increased membership
Hat ami even better results obtained,
'iin- hist general meeting of 1906
was held last nlghl to olose outstanding accounts,
Tba meeting waa called by Presldenl
Procter al 8:80. There wuh u very
small attendance. At tin* request of
Mr. Procter, who haa B very tmd cold,
,i. M. La) acted as president, and hIhi-
ed the object of tbe meeting to be tha
presentation to tha public of u record
"i the club's activity during the year.
The minutes ol tbe ima meeting
were read ami approved.
Treasurer .1. M. Lay reported total
receipts ror the year, IJJ08.76; disbursements, $1906.85, and no liabilities
exoept tbe folder now being prepared.
Tbe accounts were passed und thu
report received and adopted.
The chairman asked that arrangements be made for the annual meet'
Ing and ror an energetic canvaBS Tor
membera Immediately alter.
A. Lean advocated a Ktnokitif. concert early In tbe year, "properly conducted," at whicli sucb a canvass
could be effectively made and ,a con-
b derable revenue *��� cured at once.
Tbe suggestion was warmly approved by T, tl. Procter and J. M. Lay.
It wns th��n resolved that the annual
meeting of the club be held in the
board ot trade room the evening of
'iuisday, Jan. s. it was also resolved
tbal a j-moker "on the most liberal
prlnotplea" be held later the same evening In the opera house, at wblch a
genera] statement might be made from
the platform.
K. K. Heeston and Secretary Chadbourn were appointed a committee lo
prepare the annua] general statement.
.1. M Lay suggested thut there wero
many things the club might attempt
next year in the way of advocating
progressive moves on thp city government. He thoughl the street car service to the railway station should certainly  be   restored.
Kor the purpoae or arranging for the
smoking concert, M. s. Parry, A. M.
Johnson and I-Mgar Mason ware added
to the entertainmanl committee, ihe
other members or which were reelected,
���Secretary Chadbourn reported for .1.
J.  Walker, chairman of the entertain
ment committee, who was unavoidably
absent, that arrangements are already
made for the club ball on January 11.
The opera house hus been secured and
Irwin's orchestra engaged.
J. 1*.. Taylor added further arrangements could easily he completed Immediately  after  New  Year.
The secretary read a letter from the
secretary of the Vancouver Tourist association, announcing the forwarding
of advertising literature and generally
assuring the Nelson club of Vancouver's willingness to co-operate.
A letter from the business manager
of the Toronto (llobe offered, ln reply
lo the club's inquiry, a two-page advertisement of Nelson for ?150.
Several members thought It imprac-
ll.abb* at piesent. bul 10. K. Meeslon
thought it should be accepted as soon
ao possible. The .secretary was Instructed to reply, asking that the offer
he held for a month.
K. K. Beeston reported the pamphlet
complete except for the views of the
power plant, which the mayor desires
Should not be laken until the work is
finished and  the plant In  operation.
Silver King Hotel
Best Dollar a day house in the Kootenays.
Rooms are well furnished.  Table ru good u any
In Nelson.     Bar supplied with good
Uauori ana clean.
W. K  McCANDLISH, Proprietor.
Tremont Hotise
Knropean and American Plan
Meals tt ou.  Boomi from 25 cts. to 11
Only White Help Imployed.
Baker st. Nelson P-cprletort
Notice la bereby kivcii iimi go uhvh uiu-r daw t
Intend to -apply to iin* Hminrttbic tne Chief Com*
iuir-.ii.ii'-r  nl l.iiN-1**  nml   Wnrk*,  fur a llceni
It for i-iiiiI mi'l pftniluum over tbe lull-.*.*.
[ngfuid: Hituiiu-il tu mil.- aorth ol Uie inter
iihHoiiuI bonndary line nnd *-n*i uf thu KiBtbund
river* beginning Ht a p6it tanked w. k. Cooki*-'*
N. E. rorner po-st, tbenoe tin limltm r-toiith, tlienre
no chains whh*, thence B0 obalns north, lbence 80
ebtlni enst to iKtliit ol eoinmciicement.
Dated Nov. 13, 1906. W. E CfmKl.
Notl<;e Is hereby given thnt sixty days after
dnte I Intend to npply to the Honorable the
Cblel Coromieeloner ol unds nnd Works for
a license In prospect for OOal and petrnleiira over
the loiiowing land: Situated 10 tulles norlh ot
the International homnUry inn- mi'l .'itsi ni iin-
Flatbeed river, beginning nt a noil marked B.H.
Cooke's N. Vi. eorner i��imi, thence HO chalas
Booth, Ihence HO chains cast, thenee Kii ehains
north, thence UO chains west to point ot commencement.
Dated Nor. 18, IMS. K, II. Coos*
Notice Is* bereby given that n court of Revision
an.l Appeal, under the pnivlrnlons of tlie "As-css-
iiient Act," WaB," snd Amending Acti, and the
"Public-School! Act" will In* held in the court
b0UHi in the t'lty of Nelson, mi'I'hiirsitay, De.
eember nth, UOB, at the hour nl m o'clock in the
forenoon, for tlie Nelson .\��r**iii<:ii  iMii'i, ami
the Htune Scb-OOl District, Vmlr Stlhool Dlsirlct.
Salmo bcbool Disiriei, and Oreaton Beboo] Db>
trict,euiitaincd therein.
Jinlge of Court of RevhUOU and Appeal
Daii-.l al Nelson. B. C,
this 4th dav of Deceml-cr, __.	
Notice Is hereby given that sixty days afterdate
I Intend toapply to tbc Hon. Chief Commissioner of bands and Works lor e, UoSHM to proipeCt
Ior cosl and peiroleum over the followiiiK land :
situated 10 miles north of thc inu-niailoual
bound-try line and east of the Klathead river,
l>ci{iniiiiig ata post marked ('.Cook's H. Vi.corner
post, t. ence Ho chains north, thence HO chains
east, thenre HO chains south, tbence BO chains
west to polntof commencement.
Dated Nov. 13, 1900. 0. Cookb.
Bartlett   Hotise
Best Dollar-a-Day House in Nelson.
Tbe B.r Ii tbe Fluent.
Wlille Help Onl; Kmplo.esl.
Building Lots fot Sale
H.  &  M.  BIRD.
Josephine SU
Lake View Hotel
Corner Hall and Vernon,
two blocks from wharf.
Rates fl 00 per day and up.
P.O. Box IM.
Telephone 118.
Grand Central Hotel
J. A. ERICKSON, Proprietor.
Centrally Located. Open Hay and Night.
Bample and ll.lls Rooma Free.
NOTICE is hereby Kl--ii tlmt the Court of He-
vision lo correct ami revise the Voters' List for
the year 1907, lor tin* Mid Citv ol Handoli. as prepared hv thfl Clerk tO thfl Council, will meet In
Ilu* c.oi'ncll Chamber, On* Hall. Samloli- B. 0 .
on PrtdtT, December diet, 1006, at 8 o'clock, p. m.
Dutfld .it Faudon.H. C, l-ecemlier 10th, 1UM
0. K. !.YMN-��,�� .M.C.
TAKK NOI ICK that a Court of Revision ol the
Voters' l.isl "I the Cily of Kaslo will Mt on the
JIM da*? ol December, U06, ��l eleven O'clock,
a in., (local time),nml conlliiue from.lay today.
If reqUtlltCi at the Council ChamlHTH of the t ity
ol KflllO. D. *'���
Duled ttiis 10th day of December. 1900.
Clerk ofthe Miinietpftlily-
TAKK KOTtOI tl.nt �� fussrt ���f Rpyissloli ol
tin- Viils-ris* 1.1 nl Hi,' <*Uy "I isssmlirsssik �����111 III
,,ll Ills'���"��! sissy ssl  |li-i-i-llll��-r, IBM,  sit 11 O'OlOM
(1,,,-hI tss.ss-1. hsisI continue Irom dajr to ,iny, ll
nquialu, ��i iiii-i'ssiiiii-ii riiiuniis-rs. i nnbrcok,
1 Daied Usi- f-ili -iny ssl Hs-s-s-inisor, 1906.
 l-l.-rk ,.[ tis.- Misiils-nuUly.
Notice Ik herehy Riven that Hixty days alter
dale I Inieml to -apply to the Honorable Chief
Cmnun i--i.*ii' r of IjindH and Worka for a lieeiifie
to pros'pee I [or coal ami petroleum over the followiiiK Und: Situated nine miles north of lhe
liitcriiKtlona) I,.mn.buy line and eant of the
Kliilheml river, la-fiinmiiK at a |ioh' nmrked II.
Ernag r's N. W- corner post, thenee 80 chains
south, thenee 80 ebalna east, thence 80 chains
uortli, tlience 80 ehaliiH west lo point of eom-
Dated Nov. 18, 1900 H. KRURiKB
Notiee Ifl hereby ({Iven that sixty days after dale
1 Intend to applv to the Hon. (.hief ('onimlsstoii
erof bands and Works lor a lie*, use to prospect
for coal aud peiroleum over tlie the followinK
Imul: situated nine miles north of lhe international boundary line aud east of (he Klathead
river, beginning at e poit marked V. Kniciter's
tt. B. corner poM, Ihcnce HOclial'is lOUth, thence
iiu chain*** west, thence )t0 chains north, tlu-nce so
chains eaHt to point of comiueuei'nteut.
Dated Nov. l.Ilh, 1006. 0, KltuEoElt.
Notice Is hereby given that 60 days after date 1
Inteml to apply io the Honorable the Chief Commissioner ol [.nii'K and Works for a license I.i
profpect for coal and petroleum over thc following land;  Situated two miles not b of Ihe t .ier-
n-tii"iml boundary line and west of the Hatheal
rive, bek'lhn iik al ft pnst marked S ( .illius* 8, E.
'   theuee ���*���'! cbains north, thence Ht)
tbenee ��o clulfai south, theuee ho
chains east io point of eninnieue. ment.
Dined Nov. Mi l'JOC. 8. Coi.uns
Hotloe ts benny given that 80 davs alter date I
inlcnd to apply to thfl Honorable Chlel Commissioner ol Lamls and Works (or a license to pros-
pout for Coal nnd petroleum over tlie following
lund: Situated tun miles north of the Interna*
ttoual"boundary line and west of the Klathead
river, l-t.-.'iuniiii: al a poll marked J . rllnis'
N. K. corner post, thence SO chains ninth, thence
H�� chairs we&t, thenee 00 chains north, thenee-HO
eliains easi to point or commencement.
Dated Nov   11, 1��*. J   CI.l.INM.
���v hereby given that 80 ilayn alter date I
Notice ti ...
Intend to apply to thfl Honorabl" thc Chief Com*
mlssloner of ljinds and Worki* for a license to
prospect (or coal and petroleum over the following land: Bttuntfld two miles north of tlie International boundary line and west of the Klathead
river. Beginning nt ii post marked ���**���*���*. LeOaUale'
N. W. corner post thenee 80eliains south, Ihcnce
So (halus cast, thence HO chains north, tlience HO
cbalni west io point ol commencement.
Dated Nov. It. 1'JOO. W. l.RtiAl.I.AIS.
Opposite Court House and Post Office.
Corner Ward and Vernon Streets.
T*fc Strathcona
Nelson, B.O.
B. Tomkins, Manager,
Has every class of Real Estate and Buildings in Nelson
for sale, from Business Blocks and Warehouses
to Market Gardens.
The Leading Hotel in the
Qood   Sample   Roonu,
Queen's Hotel
Baker 8treel, Nelaon. B.O.
Lighted liy Electricity and
Heated by Hot Air
Large and Comfortable Bedrooma and Firtt-
ciani 1)iuitik Room. Bample Roomi for Commercial Ken
HR8. K. C. CLARKE, Frnprlutreia
Royal Hotel
Rates $1 and $1.60 a Day.
Special Rates to Regular Boarders.
Notice In bereby given that 80 ilayjt after dale I
inteud toapply lo tlie Hon. Oblel ConimlttsUiner
of [_anda ana ���' OtUe bir a license to prowpeet for
coal uud petroiiMim over tho followiiiK land:
Smutti'd two nulf-*- norlh of the Int.rnatlonal
hotiudary line and  weal of Ute KlHthctut river.
lU'Ktiiiiing nt it post marked <'. u. Blborua' n k.
oorner pot-t, thence so oUatni wmib, thenee to
cliH'.ns wt'Ht, tlience wi ebatiiH north, thenoe 80
obalm cad u> point of commencement.
Dalcd Nov. II. liton 0 0 Bjiiuruh.
���ehy Klvcii that BQ dny** afu>r date 1
t application to the Bonorable the
Notice In hi
intend makingappi���---_-- w ,..,_���
Chlel OommUiIoner of Landiand WotknforH
ineoTal neenu to cut nnd remove tluitier inmi
tin* (Ollowlng dcHcrlhed lands, Iltnated on the
Skazel river: ... ..       ,   .i
rii-inim-m-lns at>'��"l  W  chatm   north   of  the
mntheut oorner ol Lot 3.3, Vale diitrlo-ti ii><;i"'<;
ru nn In l'cistd-riv dl') elm Iiik; Koiltli one Iui ml red
u    Hutv Eini Bhalaii wart tojtt (40) chain*. ���
SSnb oiie hundred und sixty (iio)
plaoe of eoininciiceineni.
Itnteil UctcluT l&th. l""ti*
I>. II.
IllllUK,   to
NOTICB in iH-ri'lsy BlM-ii Mini an iilipMi'iil on
will Iss- liinslo lis lho l.s-i!l��lutlv�� A����s sssl.ly s.f [lit-
��� "vls.s's- s.l Hrlllsli Columbia ill U m-xl iwjalini
i���r sm .ssi anthorUlng ihe l'airis-k uomwr i
������iiv. i.iiniicii, in plaoe,oonitru
s ,1,,'sii ssi .linn., Iss'ssniK, plssris, ssllsls-
worki ni misi iists.ss. iho Kssssi.-sssiy river aio,
li,-i,r TlimiilH Slnlli.il (isli'.ssl ��].|��.hIlo S h- l 1\ .
1 1..H -Iss'.m, isr.iiils 1, Kisuloliay illntrh-t); ami li
andacron lho l.lllle Blooan rlvor; sssssl In ssml
t.iss-sIIIsi- Bloean rlvorMtwtntof polnl; ta
���" iho inon 1 lho l.lllloSl.so.11 rlvor; ur I Is.
,���sr|,..sss-s,l.lrhiUK,rsi(llli|l,��"rllUB 1iis1sI.ur.siii'
lho Fiirtsiso ssl lln- sssslsl rlveri svlss-ro lit
is! I.s.lllilsiiu
    , ; iiliironal.l; to olour. Improve, nml
rom, v'.sissirsss ���ii.uii. rrom ih- ""i'l rive" tor lor
sirivinsi indiiio. mui booming purpoeeii to levv
,,    ,' o. ol lit- Wi *���">*�� Oil Issos. uu. .or nus
Isiiilsr is! isorsoliss Oilng s.i   proTltlUB by nui-h
',!i, ,. 1,'ar 'sss ,,r linuruv.���molll.l tss s-lllor 11 poll
WtirKS, C1CH1 ls_K oi   inil .      ,i ililiiim
and expropriate landi  and do all ��fherininga
iVccc-nrv.  Incidental  er conducive lo lhe eier-
,-iH'of Biiyol the ilt.ove powers.
Dated thalOtbdayofPeoomDor.llwi.
Solicitor lor tbe Applicant
Notloe i- herehy given thut On 11��ys alter date I
Intni.1 to npplv to tlie Uonorahle the (-hief ('om-
minloner ol Lands and Worki lor a line use to
prt'ipect (or coal ninl petroleum over the following (mid: Hitualed iwo utiles north of the international boundary lino ami west of the Flathead
river. Beginning ut a pott marked UB Moland-
er'n N. V.. corm-r po-t, llienee (tu chains south,
Ihenee BO ehalna easti ihence ho ohalns north,
thenoa so chains west to poln t ol commencement.
Dated Sovi H-1-**- '*��� ���** Moi.ani>xh.
Notice is bereb* given that Wi dayi atler date 1
intend toapply ���" the HonoaWeOhtelComintt'
���iou-r oi Lauds ami Works for a Uonnie to prospect (or coal and petroleum over the following
lmid: Situated two miles norlh of the international bonndary line und  weslofthe Fliilliead
river   Beginning st a post marked w. Tinker's
S. Vi. corner post, ilieiuu 80 chains north, Ihenee
M Cha'M eaiti lhetice B3 Oh^ns south, thenee so
chains west to point ol oomraenceraent.
Hilled Nov. Mi tm. W TlNKia.
Notice Is  hereby  glVOD   that sUly days utter
date i intend to apply to the Honorable tha Ohlal
Commlnloner Ol Lnnds and Works (or a license
to proipOOt f r ooal nud petroleum over the follow Inn hunt:   Situated li miles north of the lit-
tcruiiiio-iiii boundary line attdehstol the Hat-
head river- Itt'i'iniiiiii: at a post marked It. S.
I'arker's N. W corner post, theiice BO chains
south, lhetice HO ehalim eaat, theneo 80 ehalns
north, theme BO ehalns west 10 polnl of cr.in-
Haled Nov. Ifl, I'M). K. 8. TaRRKB.
Notice Ib hereby given hat 60 days alter dato I
Intend lo applv to iho Honorable the Chief Commissioner of Lauds and Works for a lleenie lo
proipeol for cobI and p.trolcum over thc follow-
ine laml: Mitualed 7 miles north of the international boundary line aud east of the Flathead
rivcr beginning at a poit marked J. Dribble's
s K corner poit, thenee 80 chains north, theuee
80 chains we**t, ihence SO chains south, theneo 80
ehulns enst lo polul of commencement.
Dated Nov 10,1WW. J- ���nitinni.K.
Notice Ih herebv giVcu that GO days alter dato 1
intend lo npplv lo tlie lion Chief ( ummissloiier
Ol Lands mnl Works for a license lo prospect for
coal and petroleum over Uio (ollowlng laud:
Bl tna ted six miles north of tlie International
boundary line ami easi of thu Klathead rlvor
beginning at a posl marked A. Hunt's S. Vi
corner post, thence sn chains north, Ihcme few
chains east, thence so eliains south, thence 80
chains Wi sl to point ol commencement.
1 >a ted NnvJMWjL *. Ilu an.
Notice Is hereby Riven that 60 days alter dato I
Intend to apply to Ihu rfon. t-blel uommtssioner
of Lauds ami Works for a Heenso to pro��pcct for
ci.nl and petroleum over lhe following land:
Kitu-ted six miles norlh of the International
houtidiirv Hue and eail of the Fiathend rltor.
Bealnulng al ii pnsl marked E. II. Hiird'-i N. \\
eo uer post, thenee SO chain* south, thenco HO
ohalm east, thonoe 80 chains nortii. thenee80
chains wesl to point ol commencement
Dated Nov. 10,190B- K. II. llUBD.
Must oomlurtahlo siuarlors In Nelmin.
Only the bout ul I.lqtiuni and clttars.
Waterproof Paints
Coal Tar, Pitch,
Creosote, Oils for
Preserving Timber,
Roofing Pitch and
Boat Buildera will find it to their advantage to use oor Pitoh.
Nelson Coke & Gas Co.
Wholesale and Uct ail Dealers ln
Fresh and Salted Meats
Oanipe supplied on shortest untine and
lowest price. Nothing but fresh and
wholesome ments and supples kept iu !>took
Mail orders receive oaroful uttniition.
E. C. TRAVES   Manager.
Cuntroutor and
Hole uncut (or the Porto Ittco Lumber Co., Ltd.,
retail yards. l.nii-_-h and drcs-jd tuinhcr, turned
work und brack els, CoHt lal h nnd shingles, canh
and dottrs. Cement, brick and lime fur sale
Yard itinl factory: Vernon Ht,. east ot Hall,
P. O. Box '___. Telephone 178.
Choice Fruit
I Have 10,000 Acrei
Choicest Frott Lands in
British Colombia.
Can sell any quantity from 5 acres to 2,000 in one block.
Buy now and get the ground floor prices.
Nelson, B. C.
The Hall Mining and Smelting
(Company. Limited.
Purchases Lead, Copper and Dry Ores*
New Year
Tii-Ms on tialo nt all Cnnndinii Pacific
Railway OfllceH, Port Arthur to Vancouver, and all intermediate branch line
point', December 21. 22, 23, 24, 25; also
December 28, 2��, 30, 31, and January 1.
Good Returni g Until January 3. 1907.
A.0.P. ���*., Vancouver. It. P. A., NWnon
Certificate of Improvements
"Haltou" mineral claim, aUnalwl in tlie Neloon
MlnliiK Division ot Vital Kootenay district.
Where located:���On Toad mountain.
Take Notice thai I, John McLatchio acting an
agent for t ;���.*����� rui* A. (-ampOell, Free Mi hit's* Certificate No. Ja.tiTT. intend, sixty dnvs from the
dale hereof, to app v to the Minlnrc Recorder for
a Certificate of Improvement!, forthepuriHiRO of
obtalniiiK a Crown Uraiil of the above claim.
And further ink" notice that action, iin-'or
Hcctlon A must Im*- commenced before the Ihsu-
ance of audi Certi Hcale of Improvement*.
Dated this 17th day ol November, IDOtt.
John- McI.ATt:iMK.
Certificate of Improvements
"SpyulasK" and "O.nto" mineral claim*, Minute
in Trout Lake Mining PivUion.
1-of-nted on Poplar ereek.
Tiidc Notice that I, Rruee White, acting as
UK. nl for the Hpyglatm Mining * o., Kree Miners'
Cerlllieitte No B 0*26, Intend, 60 days from thc
date hereof, to applv to tho Mining Recorder for
a Certificate ol Improvement* for the purpose of
obtaining a Crown Grant of the above claim*.
And further take notice that action, under
Section W, must be commenced before the Issuance of such Certificate of tmprovemcuts.
Dated '26th October, lit*. BftOCP Wit itb.
PKUN1NU AND UKAFTlNU carefully attended to. Apply
HARRY W1U.IAM8,     _
Silver King Hotel.
Excursions to
Eastern Canada
Oriental Limited
With through tourists car to
To Toronto, Montreal
and points west
Corresponding low ratea to
points east of Montreal.
Tickets on sale Nov. 24th to
Dec. 31st. Oood for three months
with privilege of extending limit
Oolng via Sault Ste Marie
stopovers allowed east of St.
Paul and Duluth.
Going via Chicago stopovers
allowed east ot Detroit and
Port Huron.
For   further  Information call
on or address
City Passenger Agent.
A 11. P. A., Kt-Htlli-.
Dealers in staple and fancy Groceries.
Butter, Eggs.
Camp and Miuers' Supplies.
Old Curiosity Shop
If you want to buy or sell anything,
go to the Old Curiosity Shop. A new
line of Japanese Goods now on sale. All
kinds  of   Dinnerware in   stock.   P-t-
A. M. Can. Soc. C. K.
Mining Work a Specialty.
Office: Henley liulldlng.   P. (). Box 434
Baker St., NELSON, B. C.
n _����fV
15 i
. rl !
The Daily Canadian
New Lines - -  Jttst Opened
SILVER   DEPOSIT WARE,   sis    I sss Sets, Hollies, Flasks. Ulassi-s. Toll.'!
iiottiis. vases.
JEWEL CASES, in Uuhi anil  Silver.
FANCY   BACK  AND SIDE COMBS. In Ihe newest designs.
FINE   LEATHER   BAGS   AND   HLHSES.   in  styles   that   cannot   lis-   resisted.   The store Is open every evening.
Taks2 Old Santa's Advice and Buy
Your Xmas Groceries Here.
Our  Latest Arrivals  Are:
Harry Webb's Genuine English
Plum Pudding
1  lb., 40c; 2 lb.. 75c;  3 lb., ��1.1U,
Just Like Mother Makes.
CHOCOLATES.  35c  per  Ib.
'     1-lb. Fancy Boxes, 50c and /5c.
MEAT,  1-lb.  Jar,  20c;   2-lb.
I Tin,  35c;   5-lb. Tin,  75c.
i Bell Trading Co.!
Coal and
Telephone 265
$1.75 per Box
| Joy's Cash Grocery j
[ Josephine and Mill sib.     Phone ifl
-Vv   Miivu   ��.   Spuuifillv
sl*i.*.cilJ Stock tif
for  Xmt**m Tl fide.
Stoneware. Crocks. Beu Fots, Tea Pols. Ek.
Munroe & Nelson
Order Your
Fruit Cakes
We make them in all sizes
and designs
Choquette Bros*
l lb. box   -   50c
J-2 lb. box-   30c
Theee.ftoodi hit hn fine ��* Lbe moreexpensive
kin<Ik llie only -.liflcri'iicc i.s tlie j'Krknt'-'.
Phoue 25. Baker St.
Next P. Burns & Oo.
Cor. Varnon ond Wars] Stm��ta
,T.*FRED HUME, Proprietor.
'I*. Cunningham, A. W. Scott, Win. Mc-
Dougkll, -I .1. Whalen, Vancouver; .1.
A. Ilulsky, MiiiilH'tlt-; II. J. liirnc,
Grand Forks; J. A. Macdonald, Ross-
li-.iisl; s. P. Tolmie, Victoria; C. P,
Caldwell, Kaais.; j��� B. Reynolds, Trail.
L. A. Campbell, Rossland; H. Irving,
Kaslo: Donald MoLennan, Toronto; J.
Alton, Winnipeg; W. .1. RoblnBon, Ed-
inoiitoti; T. A. McKowun and wife,
tt, I. Klrkwood, Slocan; .1. A. lien-
snn. .1. Woldbln, Salmo; lt. H. Smith,
Rossland; t*. it. Edict], Winnipeg; P.
Koulds, Calgary; ll. \v. Hulbert, it. E.
Ilillli.-il, .1. Wells, Ilaltls-loid.
.1. M. JFarrell, Blocan; Geo. Schu-
bi-rt. I'oisrnian ininc: T. Morgan, .lacoli
McKay, Cranbrook; E. Taylor, Souris;
I-;. Buttern, !���'. Manna, Toronto; .1. Con-
tin. J. Ordsbead, Calgary.
Wilson Kendal, Manchester; G. Harbour, Vancouver: It. E. Lanyon, Procter; T. Small, Revelstoke; W. Jones.
Toronto; \\*. Banner, Denver; A.
Smith, Woodstock.
Alsx  Leiicb,  Scotland;    x.    Smith,
N'ova  Scotia;   W.  Sales, Rossland.
David Kkelly, Sandon.
,i. Holsls. Edmonton; G. Pala, .1. Morrison, c. Pavochlnl, Bonnington; A.
.McDonald, Revelstoke; J. c. Newman,
Moose Jaw; I-'. Saskresan, M. Haglund,
C. Siiskresan,  Kaslo.
I'. Wastson, Saskatoon;   A. Verender,
Bonnington;   \v.  Laurie, Nakusp;   W.
Savage, A. Simmons, Phoenix; e. Han-
ley. Greenwood.
Pure Ontario Honey
5 Poand Cans     90c
10 Poand Cans $1.75
Telephone nil
iin and attar December int my beetlng mnl
plumbing butlneM win u* looated In my ne*
ibopi two doora eait ol oiK-m lioiim*, on Victor!*
Tel. 181.      S. A. WYE
TIIK RETOR.. lor th With "liill l.nok*-liorrowcil
liy p-ii[.ii't��{ Kolion fn.m tbe library dl Walter
v. Baer, Canadian offloe
lH;i-; SMAK1S'.    ANU   REWJSi;    Mr*-.    hvriUti
Wei b- aDQTfl Kouii iinnk of Oanada.
.���>0 MKN, al once, lor work In thfl wowIk,   Apply
lo W   K  I nok��*. fiiwiiill). Knvin
LADY BTBNOQRAPHBB fur position in country.
Good borne with employer'! family.    Apply
UOX  Vi., t'hllHillllIl OflU'P.
BUSHMEN, Mill HtiniihHii'l I/iKgliiRCnntraclorti,
alio Bnrlnoor    Wdtw.urn lumber Co., nenr
TWO PJR8-'*CLAB_ BOOKS, imam life led.
ply houwltei-ptT. Urd Hat, K Vi. C, block.
S. K. Tolmie, V. S., Of Victoria, provincial veterinary inspector, Is at Uio
Manager Dubois of the Arlington
inim*, Slocan, is in the cily, B guest
at Lbe Hume.
Ut'oige Barnhart is in lown from
Alnaworth. He reports work going
alKad quietly anil  effectively.
Thomas Cunningham, provincial
it mt inspector, arrived from Vancuu-
ver  last  nlghl and   Is  at  the Hume.
K. j. McPhee, manager of the Ottawa mine, Blooan, arrived in the city
ihis morning. After b few daya in
Nelson lie will probably proceed to
Bpokane to spend Christmas with his
Dr. Arthur, secretary of the board
ol school trustees, has received letters of acceptance from ihe two new
appointeea to the public school staff,
Mrs. l'tarcy aud Miss Lena Aber-
The Morris A* Douglas circuit has
been formed with headquarters al
Winnipeg and will give a performance
in lhe opera house in this City one
evening each week for the rest of The
season, with a change of bill each
week, The first engagement is for Lhe
evening of January 2.
The opera house was again filled lasi
night to witness the changed program
In the performance of McEwen the
magician. Florence McEwen as a soloist eclipsed herself, and rendered her
selections very sweetly, while Joe Aller brought out roars of laugh*-?, with
Ires h jokes. In the sleight of hand
performances McEwen was not less
mystifying ihan on the previous evening, and his versatility as a conjurer
is astonishing. The two social features of the program were the great
Asiatic transformation scene and the
hypnotic exhibition, which closed the
program. This evening a class of well
known citizens is arranging to go on
the stage and submit to the professor's hypnotic power. Mr. McKwen
usually closes his series of entertainments with an exhibit of this kind, and
II usually proves to b'e the mosl humorous feature of the whole show,
Comp'ete  change   of   program   tonight
Trains and Boats.
Crow  boat���On time.
Coast and Slocan train���On time.
Boundary train���On  time.
Kossland  train���On  time.
The Store of Quality
X ._____. _nL
40 Cents per Pound
In order to clenr ont this line
we are reducing tlie price to
40c. "We only have a limited
quantity so don't delay ordering if you want any.
K. W. C. Block . Phone 10.
Coal! Ice! Wood!
Phone 265
i Yale-Kootenay Ice, Frait,
Fuel & Poultry Co., Ltd.
N. E. cor. Baker   and   Ward   SU.
Ship Your Christmas Presents
by Dominion Express Company
Cheapest, safest and quickest means
of forwarding packages of merchandise, valuables aud jewelry lo ull parts
of the world.
It is strongly recommended that
shipments be sent so as to arrive at
destination some days in advance,
thus avoiding the rush and ensuring
most careful handling. Arrangements
can be made for delivery the day before Chrtstmans when desired.
Special attention given to shipments
for Great Hritain and Europe.
For further information apply to
company's office on Bator street.
Phone 113.        O.  E. FORD, Agent,
General Job Work, Chimney Sweeping, Carpet Cleaning, Fixing and Cleaning  Stovec,  etc.
121 Eatt Baker St. Phone No. A114
Order 'Xmas Goods
We have all the trimmings fur
'Xmas trees.
'Xmas Stockings,
'Xmas Crackers,
Fruits, Nuts,
Candy, E!c, Etc.
iu abundance.
C* A* .Benedict
Corner Silica ausl Josephine Sts.
A Good Book
As a Gift
Especially when it is beautifully gotten
up with
Our stock is replete with just sucu
Rich Leather Bindings at $1.00, (1.50,
S2.00 and up to S4.O0.
A Full List of the Poets in Cloth
Bindings at 85c and 90c.
profusely illustrated with photos or
well-known actors and actresses in the
various Shakesperian roles. Cloth.
$2.75;   leather, $5.0C and $4.50.
India Paper Edition of Shakespere,
in  limp  leather binding. $5.00.
We have.also a long list of Standards, including SCOTT, DICKENS.
READE, etc., in leather bound India
paper, Pocket Editions, at 90c to $1.25.
These are especially suitable for Gift
Books.    Then there are
in dainty ooze calf bindings, $1.50 each.
Wagner, Verdi, Handel, Rossini, Bach,
Chopin, Mozart, Gounod, Mendelssohn,
Sullivan, richly bound in leather, $1.00
W. G. Thomson
���ISS* "d Nelson, B. C.
Phont -34.
Silver and lead both declined Blight*
ly on today's metaj  markets.
The next musical treat in store for
Nelson is the appearance of the deservedly famous Polmatler Sisters on
New Year's eve. Their performance
will be given in the armoury under
the auspices of the local com pan v of
the K. M. K., and will be followed by
the company's annual bail. Press notices of tbe Polmatler Sistera are invariably favorable, but they are already known in Nelson, having played
to an (appreciative audience here *_i
year ago. The five sisters, Helerie,
Phyllis, lna, Pauline and Uisebu, are
all instrumental artists, as well as ao-
oompUahed vocalists. They art- easily
superior lo any similar organisation on
the continent.
Death's Harvest.
Winnipeg, Dec. i:*.���While returning
from the polla, after voting in the municipal elections in tin- rural municipality of Kildonan, .Mrs. J, R. Spencer,
sister of Archdeacon Pair, was stricken with paralysis which resulted in
tally a few minutes after sin- had been
tak n to her home at Seven Oaks. Mi.
Bpenoer waa the widow of the late ,i.
it. spencer, of th.* Hudson's Hay oompany.
Winnipeg, Dec. 18.���Mrs, CanilT nf
Wavey Bank, .Man., a sisier or Sir
Mackenzie Howell, died here tonight,
aged 7!*.
Boys' Coasting Sleds.
Spring Runners, 90c,
$J.25 and $1.50.
Dolls, Toys, Games
All  in"   goods uml priosa low,
Kodacks, iZm���.
Albums, Stamp and Post
Card Albums.
All tin- New BookB are hero���
luniks for lie young in even
oonceivable Btyle -tui'i it<,<>kK.
Beautiful Books In binding aim
letterpress. All the new tilings
In iiclion.
Canada Drug & Book Co's
....Cash Stores....
Mo -V   Ahout   Vour
Guns and
Ws- bave Eley'e, Kynock's, Win-
cheater, aod * kwswelJ &
Harrison i
Loaded Shot Shells
Kynock's, Winchester and
Rifle and Pistol Cartridges
Hunting Knives, Wading, Belts,
Goats, Pants, etc.
Nelson Hardware Co.
Box 631       Nelson, B. C.
Sherman's Opera House
Commencing   Monday,
December 17,
The Great McEwen
And  his Company
Prlrt-H���T5c,   Ts'lc,   25c.
Seats al Hutherftird's Saturday.
West Transfer Co.
Qenerol Teamsters and Dealurs in
Ooul aud Wood,   Expruiw uud
Baggage Transfer
pf^-SS'ul  Office: liaker St.
A collection of all the Latest
Shapes and Sizes.    A free
smoking and most satisfactory pipe.
Tobacconist.   Baker Street.
Men's and Women's Fancy Slippers.
Men's and Women's Bedroom Slippers.
Children's Slippei-E in Great Variety.
When on your round of shopping drop
in to see us.
R.  ANDREW  &  CO.
Fifty Cent Hand Bagsl|
They are beauties at the price.
Telephone .*,.!.��.
Starkey & Co., %$tr&
Wholewue Pruvlalonti,
Dominion Government ('reiiniery One-Pound BriekH received wecklj IrtsHh
from tbe '-hum.   Kor wUe by all lmidiiiK grooen
OfflOO and warehouse : HbQItOB Block,   Phone T'.i.
Josephine Street.
Nelson, B.C.
Repairing and Jobbing a Specials'
Sheetmetal Work, C'aatin��n, Buildem* Muterinl anil Mining nnd Mil] Miusliinssri/ j]
Office and Works Koo' of Park 8t.
I'h.nn!    2tiA.
.NiHMnn, Bi C.
A Word to the Wis
Ibif ynir we Imvt' BppCeolAtod Ih'1 wwitH of ourn
hmnni und nave jwikb*.! into stock tin*
Good Cheer Art Base Burner
Tiiih stove tt adapted fnr hard ooal onlj, endbi
nut***-*<i In Rive RutiMfmtion.
J. H. Ashdown Hardwan
Company, Limited.
R.  W.  HINTON '
l'c|SHlrlssK nnd .lol.lslny tfx*sscut����j with l)��sfap,��t tM.    Sli*��t Mettll I
Work,  "lini,iu and MUI Msstlsinvr..      Miiiisili,.l���is.-s>-|s'
Or*   Cars,   W.   ti.    Cut i-ii_l oi-h'   Cssrs,.
NELSON,    B. C.
Ti-li-lslii'isi-�� ���
IMI. B.S1 *���*���
Bualnuita m.n,                             ri.JTt.iin*.  ling  Ihat   the   in
Working men,                                                Jf___ -j. pjom. ,m, tint pn
Men In -Jre-Mct Mttlrw.
Sporting: m*rt|                                                                  ~    "   *
HundMome men.                                   My luM full kIijjitih'III hal jnst
Men tiiHt'n full of fire               tht'in and ___t��TOUTordt-r ciirlv
JOHN T. PIERRE, Artistic T
[Hsrtntlisli- r
per tliini:
arrived   **
ssr .Vina* mii��
i|s*!��j. sjsY; jsSl
All Sizes 35 to 44
Now in the time
to I ui v v"ui'
Winter OvBKWl
All Prices from $10 to $30
J. A. giLker
i^i!MM_liii*l^��ililiM_l_iaiI*lglI^ k &
L,ath, Mouldings, Doors, Window*
Turned Work and Brackets. Mail Orslnrn ptomptlj ���''���'��*���'���
I ���==
Kootenay Ranges
Why do we handle the F.moui Kootenay RanB*'
Became we cannot procure a better, taking In���
count  design, workmanahlp, cooking qualltlei ana p
We will be pleased to ahow you Its good point*
Wood-Vallance Hardware 0>


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