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The Nelson Canadian Jun 25, 1906

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Array &f)e  iltelfion Cttttaoian
I.   Nn. 19-
: Supremacy in South
is Threatened
i n  ARilalion  Inspired arid
dized by Native Christians���
Outbreak in Natal.
i, iii.   i, pons tlt.it roach tho
i-uilil nre leu nml nieiiwre. the
it  in  Niiinl  and Zululand  mill
,, iimi is nixing fo Hie titiiioHi
,.i  ihe local  nu I In iri lie*.
nil., line-- is In the fart
.   |ii(,l,;il,U   not   line   III     H|M'(llll
,.,,   lull   Is  III'-  lirst   result   id  ll
ni   i luii    is   threatening    the
isiiiiiliiilon, British, Dutch,
,li I   I',,till illese,   in   South   Af-
i,,ni,!oii  Times'   corrospondent,
. miles:
in Natal   is by   no
1,-i-eitt   ,i< ielo|ilttent.     It     lias
iu ing  in exit-tit  und In
1 ,   leasl  lour years,    lis
_ iiudoubtedly,    humepousj
Ii nil  Mill In- found  whal
fi Ethiopian   Ilioveinelll.
h ��� s-orthy    and  lettiiiinnie
toi in. ui tn;i>, have lieen in    lis
.oi.Is lodai  revealed as n
_,,        nil organisation  will.  "Alii \i ii aits" il. e., Africa foi
11 lhe  exclusion of all
li      i-   motto.   The adherents
 ni   (whether beloagtiig
_.        i in    Meilmiiisf    Bplsoopal
m     Me    African   Congregational
/.iilnlanil     I'reHlit'tetlaii
i  th,-   /.uiniaii'l   Congregational
i   oi io tiny oilier ol the tinnier
.im!:"    have be, ti. and are sttll.
lie i uuntry wllh lhe one ob-
Ing   nu   llle   linlivi'H  IlKaitlKt
liio       \i  ilie present moment a
:   -.I   tills   Kthiopian   clinreli   fto
ii nn which will Include all the
i In serving the rebel chief
' itnplain to the forces."
In-  ulio  supplements  tlte wtich-
uf ihe heiithen  Kaffir with gome
i-inicepiion   of tin-   Christian's
in nrtlcr in inflame still  more
11    '.' Lu ll   il   Is   Ills  IlilJlTt   to
In  rebels.   Tlie "doctoring"
Iii Impression of a mark upon
all iin- paraphernalia that
'li-   -'nn id;.I of Kndir tuperstl-
sucli circumstances,  receive at
lands  nf  ihis  Moses  Mlihele    mi
"���'I significance.   Meanwhile ool-
��� carrying    on    the    work
mlies ihai have not yel thrown
with iin- rebels.   So-called
_ ...  ur,   held   ni  which
{('���(ruction "I whites' Is openly ad-
I and llMinliaaln Is cited its n he-
i   only iwo years ago since this
i m   Brsl  made  lis  way  to    the
i: in- lnwn. which has recently
1:   '��i' 'iii notoriety by flu- mur-
[l!   a   Bull ill   peel,il-   nnil   Iroopcr   of
1 police    Until that time the
��� nn* of ihe kraal had been qulel
���nniissiiinlng;  whatever nollee ihey
I ive  nllrncted   in   lhe  neighbor-
���'��� '1'ie io iheir creditable behav-
with the aiiveiu of Ethloplanlsm,
��� i ver iin- kraal, and its
innrnl  mile was lowered.    Two
"i  less sufficed lo bring) lhe nn-
' ' 'in- sine,, of armed defiance nf
II and in kindle tho torch of re-
ihtoiighoul  Natal.    In  this  In-
Hie Ethiopian movement manu-
1 'I'"' si; in others It has mere-
"'I fo disseminate II and to keep
' unrest, however, is by no
"lll!''i"i io ihis portion or South
;' may !��� ..aid in permeate the
Kaffir population, whh the  one
111 exception of Kliatnn and his
I" a I'-"' words 1 shall enilenv-
"ininnrlse ihe situation acoord-
* im appears to In- the most
��� hj Information on the subject.
"������ been supposed thai the pos-
'"  u general  uprising  among
i    vn  ulatlon of Bouth Africa
*'nys remain romote, owing to
;mI Jealousies. If one tribe or
'""'ed io kick over ih,. traces It
,    " " alleged Ihftl two or three
i   l"1'1  always    be nt   hand    lo
I-1"" offenders to Iheir senses. To-
'"    ls an  exploded   theory.    The
.,""" has coin,, over the native
'���' ''in is Hie work of tt very   few
1 synchronises with the rise of
""lsni.   and one hits little lies-
'". ' ting It,  wholly  or   In
1,"'is movement. Whatever the
."''.' fuel remains thai tribes
'   "iw years Imrk  were bitterly
! "" 'Other hnve of    ret-enl
'""Bed   t rleslus   and   keep
I       '"' communication.   There is
���     '" I'reve   iimi a continuous
 ssengers along specified
1,1   northwest    to southeast
_ 'I' iin; tribes In touch wiih
I r while in certain Iniervitls
I ,;,'"",s 'mm the more Im-
,,,   " 'P"�� meet at n prearranged
Tin- headquarters of all this activity
is Zululand. Blnoo bjs restoration from
exile. Iilnlzuln, aocordlng to our official
notion, Ik the chief ���r a small portion
oi Zululand, ami the Zulu race is now
spill   up   among  tin-,-,-  ,,r  foi,,-   chiefs
nominally ol equal Importance. The
unlive mini] knows nothing of ihis lie
Hon. Throughout Bouth Afrion Dlnl-
zuln Is regarded as tin. head of the
great Zulu nation, and on him rests nil
the glamor due to n successor of Tsaka
and Cetewayo, Whatever the source
of Information, the unreal now disturbing the natives of Solilh Allien Is always   eonneeteil   with   DinllUlU's  nmne.
Unfortunately there is nol much reason
io believe thai any Injustice is thereby
done to niniziiiii. n win be readily
 lerstood iimi ii is exceedingly (Unit-nil to arrive at Hie inner history of
tins subject if the information I have
lieen able to obtain would not satisfy
a coiirt or law. It is at leasl sufficiently
trustworthy to put lhe white population
on lis guard, and to serve as a warning
io tho British public thai the native
problem in Bouth Africa is both real
and serious. This Information, then, is
to ilie effect that n general rising was
contemplated for Oils year, provided
Ihe organisation was complete. Whal
was lo complete Ihe organisation wo
tin not know, li is most likely lhal the'
Zulus would not net without the llasit-
tos; and Ilie answer of ihe Ilnstiios Is
known to hnve been that they lind no
quarrel with the whiles, provided ihey
did not attempt to disarm them or to
Interfere with their country,   Withoul
lhe Muslims llle Zulus hesitated lo taku
the plunge; lor Zulus, Baautos nnd
Bwasies are the only peoples who
"count" In lite native mind. The test
of tin; native population, Comprising as
ii does weak iimi seam-red tribes, may
lie relied uikju to do as Ihey are told,
Inn their support Is not rated very highly. The general risinu. therefore, hung
lire. The premature outbreak in Natal,
which was undoubtedly "unauthorised,"
further complicated matters, for it put
the colonial governments on their
Two   Men   Killed   Through   Strand    of
Rope Giving Way���Other
Revelstoke, .lune 2:1.���The clly wns
shocked on l-'rlday afternoon by Ihe
news of another bridge disaster on the
('. I'. U. main line, this time at the
Loop, where the 11. C. Contract Company hnve a contract 10 build a Bteel
bridge for the 0. P. It. This bridge is
elevated inn feel alcive (he bed of Hie
stream. A span Tn feel long was heing
lowered into position tiliout 11:80 a. m.,
when the tackle gave way and iho
spun was precipitated some feet below.
In lis crash It killed iwo men. named
Mnyloart and Rich, who wero members
of .1. C. Kraser's bridge gang. It ap
pears that the contractors were short
of men, and got .Mr. Kraser's gang 10
help. A man named Sohults was In
charge of the work for the construction
On lhe news reaching (own. n wrecking train, with Superintendent Kilpat-
rick. Drs. Sutherland and Graham,
started tor the scene of the disaster.
Two men named Lockle ami Moduli-
vrny were slightly Injured.
The east-bound train was waiting to
cross the hrldge when lhe accident
happened, nnd the dining car wns sent
out to feed the passengers.
Beyond lhe loss of life, the damage
done was nol so serious as wits nl flrsl
supposed, 11 appears flint the two and
a halt-Inch rope used for lowering Hit)
span Into position broke at an unexpected place, and one end of Ihe girder
slipped two feel, falling on the Iwo
men who were killed and crushing iheir
lives out. The rope had been used to
lower the other spans withoul n sign
of  wealuiess.
Mr. LejMh, engineer for the contract-
ore, had 11 narrow escape, as he was
standing right   alongside   ihe   girder
when  il   fell.
The girder was gol Into position,
and ilie bridge was available for intlllc
within 17 hours of tin- aocident, and
regular traffic was resumed,
Single Performance of Frank mahara's
Big Novelty Company.
Prank Mahara's big minstrel oarnl-
vnl, announced for Mils evening, comes
lo Nelson Ihis season bigger nnd better
than ever, and will Undoubtedly receive
a packed house, for Manager Prank
Mahiiru lias always given a good show
before, nnd, this time he promises us
more than ever before. This season's
Miihnni Minstrels carry six hlg novelty
nets, besides lhe funny comedians,
sweet Ringers and clever dnneers. This
season tlie company is headed by skinner Harris, who Is wllhotil douhl tho
greatest colored comedian in the world,
and whose unparalleled Individuality
has made millions laugh. The minstrel
show will never grow old. for ll gives
each nnd every member of the coniptt-
NELSON, B. C, MONDAY, JUNE 25, 1906.
Fifty Cents a Month
ny an equal ohanca to show his or her
ability, Manager Prank Mahara realizes lull w.-ll ihai Hi,, public soon llres
of Hie same thing over again, therefore
Ids performance fills season is entirely
dlffen in rrom anything lie has had In
Hie past.
Sermon  to Nelson  Masons   Last  Night
at St.  Saviour's.
Kelson lodge, A. F. and A. M.. about
���in Hlrong. attended service' at St. Saviour's church Insi night The musical
part of Hie service was sidled In lhe
Ideas of brotherhood  nnd   charily     lor
which the oldeal order on earth standi,
!''i'  Hi'' text, "Lay Your Foundations Well," from Bsra, Rev. p, n. tint-
I  preached a tl ghtful ami practical sermon. He welcomed the Masons
personally as members of a great so
cieiy, ami as exponents of the Christian sentiment ami conduct,
He dwell on llle cardinal Masonic
principles of brotherly love, of the re-
lief of distress prompted by It, ami do-
voiioii ii) truth nnd righteousness,
Tbe general attendance al the church
was  very large, and  lhe service    wiih
highly praised  hy visiting  Masons.
$22,000 DOLLARS.
That Much of Uncle Sam's Money Came
to Canada.
Washington, June 25.���It cost the
government $100,000 to extradite
Greene and Oaynor and bring ihem to
irial. Tills statement is contained in
a letter written by Attorney-Qeneral
Moody io Chairman Tawney, explain
Ing a request for u deficiency appropriation. Of Ihis sum. he says, $211,000 is
to be paid Io foreign counsel In this
case. "Their services." he said, "he-
gall several .years ago. and were completed during fhe current fiscal year by
Hie return of Greene and Gaynor to Sa
vaimali for I rial."
The   Longworths     Find     Nothing   Too
Tame for Diversion.
Kiel, Oermaay, June 2.r>.���EBmperor
William Invited Congressman and Mrs..
Longworth to take tea with him on
hoard his American built schooner-
yacht Meieor this afternoon, .Mrs
Longworth said thai one of the objects
Of lhe visit (if her husband and herself
lo Kiel was to see the yacht she had
christened on February 22, l!ni2, at
Shooters' [eland, New  York.
Unconfirmed Rumor.
Toronto, .lune 211.���The World publishes a sensational report front Niagara camp to the effect that a member
of tlte 44th regiment jabbed it member
of mo ;i7tlt regiment with a bayonet
wllh fatal effect The story lacks oon-
Looters Escape With Stolen Goods Un
der Muzzle of U. S. Gunboat
and the City  Police.
San Francisco. .lune 35.���Or. A. IS,
Realty, an American missionary who
arrived here yesterday from China on
the steamer Siberia, had nn experience
wiih Chinese robbers shortly before lie
left Canton, where he has been stationed for years. Or. Realty's residence
was In the heart of the clly. nnd ant-bored in tlie river within less titan
2iil�� yards from his house was the
United stales monitor Monadnook. I'a-
trolling ihe streets were naiive policemen, who frequently passed ihe house.
One nighi Ilr. Ileally, his wife, children
and servants were suddenly awakened
to Iimi lhe house In possession of city
robbers. Mvery member of Ihe family
was gagged and lied lo it bedpost. Tbe
burglars then stripped tlte house of everything of value. Despite llie fact
that it United States warship was lying
so close to Ihe bouse and thai police
patrols were passing ni frequent Intervals, ihe robbers, heavily burdened
wltlt Iheir loot, made their escape. Tho
Chinese governmenl promised reparation, bill up lo Hie lime Hull he left
('anion Dr. Ileatly had received nothing
Inn apologies.
Price of Metals.
New York, .lune 86.���Silver, OS; copper, IS IS; electrolyllc copper slock,
IS  1-2018 W|   lead,  *S.7D.
London, .lone 25.���Silver, IIU l-l(id;
lead,  CHI 12s tid: zinc C27 7s Od.
Trains and Boats.
Crow boat���One hour late,
Slocan train���On time.
Cnasi. Boundary nnd Rossland train
���On lime.
Prince Rupert the New
Western Metropolis
Grand  Trunk Terminus Will
Most Beautiful City in
Victoria, .hine lir>.���Cnnndn*s newest
city���that Is yd to be���Prince Rupert,
i:t exported t<> be the mom perfectly
laid out and mosl beautiful city of the
DomlQlOl). It Ik Miik laid out under
condition* that are practically im|H>s
Bible with the ordinary city, which
shirts with u few helerotfoncoiis bdltd-
Inge and grows on. Prince Rupert Is
foreordained to be a western metropolis before a foundation is laid, and Its
whole site is at present owned by the
(Jrand Trunk Pacific. They have not
been slow to see tho opportunities offered to make it the Washington of
Canada, and are1 proceeding accordingly. Not only are expert surveyors now
at work, planning the streets and
parka and oilier features of Ihe city,
hut expert landscape gardeners have
been engaged who will he sent out to
see that it wili he a city beautiful in
its general outline, as well us one with
broad streets and all (he requirements
or a modern  metropolis.
Since the destruction of San Francisco the future of Prince Rupert is
even more assured, as the best Informed of those who have since visited the
former city are positive that since the
great earthquake and its recurrent
shocks lhe city of the Golden Gate has
been dealt a blow that it will nol recover from in generations���and the
trade that San Francisco has and will
lose must go to other of the coast cities, of which Prince Rupert, as the terminus of one of the greatest railroad
systems of the continent, will undoubtedly rank high within the lifetime of
the present generation. Already the
Grand Trunk Pacific representatives
have received enquiries from all over
this continent, from people anxious to
purchase property there, and desirous
of securing information as to how to
go aboul  settling there.
During the present year, after the
surveys are completed, the details of
the company's plans for starting tho
new city on its way will be perfected,
nnd by next spring the lots and building sites will probably be ready for
sale. The town will probably be well
under way long before the G. T. P.
is finished, as it is situated along the
line of coast traffic, in the midst of
some of the most wonderful scenery
in America; there will also be a rapid
growth of trade caused by the settlement along the line of the road, and
ihe immeuse amount of men and supplies used on iis construction, which
will have lo pass through the terminal
city. The G. T. P. officials expect that
Prince Rupert will not only he a great
hading city, but will speedily become
a headquarters for tourists.
Activity is being shown all along the
line of the G. T. P. between Prince Rupert and the mountains. Survey parties are exploring Ihe interior of Hritish Columbia to locate the exact route
of Iho road. Four parlies have meen
sent out by way of Ashcroft over tho
Cariboo road, working in a northeasterly direction. Two other parlies are
working west from Edmonton to lhe
Wealth in Cobalt.
Edison's renewed announcement of
an impending revolution in tho; use of
storage batteries may chronicle tho
final success of a long search which
the great inventor has lieen engaged
upon for a number of years past. Tho
Chief trouble with the present storage
battery Is Its great weight and costliness. Some time ago Kdison perfected
a new accumulator, for which he claimed great superiority over the lead cell.
It. was not only much lighter, but longer lived and more powerful. Actual
tests made In an automobile were reported to have substantiated all these
claims, hut for some reason, apparently
connected with high first eost or excessive operating expense, tho new bat
tery has not come into use. The discovery of extensive deposits of cobalt
in North Carolina will, ll is said, enable
the new cell finally to take possession
of the storage battery Held and reduce
the cost of city transportation at least
RO per cent.
Another Criticism.
It is to be hoped lhat tho appointment, by Hon. Sydney Fisher, of the
chief of the markets division of (he
department of agriculture to make nn
Inspection of all meat-packing houses
iu the Dominion, is not intended to sat
isfy the popular desire for a thorough
supervision of these industries. If it Is,
It will fall signally to engage public approval. What is required in a matter
Of this importance, In the interests of
the people of Canada, to reassure them
In regard to the wholesomeni ss of
their food supply and lo build up the
trade nf the country, Is that a commission composed of men In whom absolute confidence can be placed, should
be appointed aud should possess power
to enforce proper regulations. To devolve apOfl a departmental ufficlal such
an extensive duty would be to open the
way to all manner of evasion by the
manufacturers���Provinci   (Ind.).
Indians of  East  Kootenay   Have  Been
Warned  by Authorities.
Vancouver, .June 25.���Indians in Bast
Koolenay are having a hard time getting a living now that the provincial
government refuses to permit) them to
break Ihe game laws In respect to the
killing of deer. Rev. A. K. Green, inspector of Indian schools, returned
from Fast Kootenay recently, and stated
lhat Just before he reached Cranbrook
officials of the provincial government
hail interviewed the Indians and informed them that they must stop breaking the gome laws.
On their part the Indians declare
that they should be exempt from the
laws for the reason that there are no
fish for them to live on, and unless they
take deer they cannot live. In the
event of the laws being enforced
against them, the Indians may petition
the federal government to make some
provision for them in the way of rations.
Gompers to  Arrange    for    a  Gigantic
Chicago, .June 25.���President Samuel
Gompers, of the American Federation
of Labor, sent representatives to Chicago yesterday to arrange for a "union
exposition." The object of the fair Is
to celebrate the achievements of organized labor throughout the world,
and especially in the United States.
Tins exposition will probably take
place next November in Minneapolis
during the convention of the national
labor body in that city.
Steamship Arrivals.
Montreal* June 25.���The Empress of
.lapan arrived at Yokohama at 8 a. m.
today from Vancouver.
New York, June 25.���The steamer
Vaderland arrived today from Antwerp,
the Sicilian Prince from Naples, the
Teresa from Triste. and the Neue Amsterdam from Rotterdam.
Siasconset t, Mass., June 25.���The
steamer Minnehaha, from London, was
in wireless communication with lhe
station here when Ih) miles east of Nantucket lightship at G:30 a. m. She wil]
probably dock about 7:30 a. m. Tuesday.
Found Relatives and Friends Unaltered
and May Repeat Trip���Climate
Inferior to Kootenay's.
Thomas B. May is in Nelson again
greeting his host of friends, who aro
delighted to see the. pioneer back.
Mr. May has had an eventful trip.
He left Nelson near the end of April
with no definite objective, but resolved
lo enjoy himself in leisurely travel. It
occurred to him that he ought to visit
his old home in England, which lie left
forty years ago and hadn't seen since.
Accordingly he went to Liverpool,
and from there to his native village of
Rochdale, eleven miles from Manchester. He found the old place little
changed, except in the personnel of the
inhabitants. The names were the same,
but it was a new generation.
He searched diligently for his two
sisters, but for a long time could learn
nothing of them. Finally he remembered that a cousin of his had been employed at a bottling works. He went
there, and an elderly man whom he met
at the door directed him to the office.
On inquiry for his cousin, he was referred back to the elderly man, whom
he had not recognised. The cousins
talked over old times nnd old people,
and Mr. May learned that many of the
friends of his boyhood were still living.
His sisters, aged St) ami 72, were delighted to see him. They had thought
he was dead years ago. At their home
he met many old friends.
Mr. May found the cost of living In
England unchanged. He paid the English equivalent of $1.75 a week for a
good room und about 50 cents a day
for board at an inn, living well for little
over $5 a week.
Early in June a period of rain began,
wh'ch Mr. May found affected his
health, and he decided to return to Nelson, which he declares has the finest
climate on earth.
But among the old acquaintances re
hewed was that of a lady whom he remembered as :v little girl, now a very
wealthy widow. Asked if he had any
Idea of returning to Rochdale, Mr. May
admitted with a smile of pleased reflection that such a course was not improbable.
21   KILLED  IN  50  DAYS.
Terrible   Indictment   of   the   Chicago
Traction Companies.
Chicago, June 25.���The Record-Herald  today says:
"fndlctment of the presidents and
leading officials of the various Chicago
traction companies will he sought by
Mayor Dunne If immediate and satisfactory explanations nre not given him
concerning the recent fntalities laid at
Ihe door of the street railway coriwra-
tlons. The mayor announced last night
that ho would write nn open letter to
the traction officials today and present
to them the report of Dr. Doty, superintendent of the street car service, who
has notified the cily executive that
within fifty days 21 persons have been
killed by cars In Chicago. Mayor
Dunne will ask the companies to explain the charges made hy Dr. Doty.
"If their replies and explanations aro
not satisfactory, he will at once submit
the cases to State's Attorney Healy and
ask that the grand jury return true-
bills against the presidents and other
officers of all the important surface
lines in Chicago."
An Army Wedding.
London. June 25.���Commander Booth-
Tucker was married today to Miss Minnie Reed at the Salvation Army's citadel In South Tottenham. General Booth
officiated. Only relatives and high officials of the Salvation Army were present.
Conspiracy to Defraud Public by Offer
Ing Worthless  Mining
London, June 25���At the opening of
the prosecution today in behalf of the
treasurer at the Guild hall police court
in the case of Mark Anthony Young
and Harry .Tunas. local managers of
the American Mining, Milling and
Smelting Syndicate, who were arrested
June isth on the charge of conspiracy
to defraud the public by valueless
shares, R. D. Mulr, counsel for the
treasury, said the evidence in hand indicated that aerious frauds had been
committed. Since January the country
had been flooded with advertisements
of the American Mining, Milling and
Smelting Company, purporting to own
mines in Alaska, California, Montana,
tUah, Colorado and Mexico, which paid
1S5 per cent, interest.
Silver hns declined two points since
Saturday. Today's American price Is
05. Lend has fallen one point in London since Friday. Copper and zinc quotations aro unchanged..
The residence of M. R. McQuarrie, on
Vernon street, was entered Saturday
night and several articles were stolen.
A lady walking on Vernon street at
10:30 Saturday night saw a stranger
prowling around, but, as it was dark,
she can give no description.
Miss M. L. Horton, teacher of the
public school of Salmo, and a former
pupil of Nelson high school. Is one of
four out of sixty normal school students who passed with honors. The
normal school examinations were unusually difficult this year, only i\ little
more than 50 per cent, of the students
being successful.
John Dean, ex-mayor of Rossland. Is
in the city today on his return from a
visit to his home In England, from
which he had been absent 211 years. Mr
Dean is severing his business connection with Rossland, and will make Vic
toria his headquarters. He thinks Robs-
land is Improving steadily, but sees no
Immediate prospect of a revival of activity  in real  estate.
Yesterday was a bad day for Kootenay lake trout. Hundreds of them were
beguiled by the seductive flies of the
local Waltonltes. One fisherman at
Procter, a tenderfoot, by the way, after
patiently holding his rod for three
hours, discovered that while his artificial minnows made most attractive
bait, he had forgotten to attach any
boo l;s.
C. H. Captain, of the Bombay civil
service, arrived in Nelson Saturday
night on his way home to England on
leave. He has spent many years in In
dla, and has decided views on Ihe merits of the recent controversy between
the military nnd civil powers, represented hy Lord Kitchener of Khartoum
and Ix)fd Curzon of Keddleston, respectively, which led to the hitter's resignation. As a civil servant he cannot
allow his views to be published.
Japanese Army is Kept
Ready For War
Scenery Inferior to Canada's���Found
Knowledge of English General-
Impressions of Country.
With the grpatpst war In nearly a
century just concluded, their arms victorious and their interests secured, it
might be expected that the people of
Japan would devote themselves exclusively to Ihe peaceful development of
their country's resources. But the preparations for wan are going on still on
even a greater scale than before.
Q. C. Hodge, district manager of the
B. C. Telephone Company, returned
last night from a holiday trip. Seen
this afternoon, he said:
"As a place for. sight-seers Japan Is
not of much account. The Inland Sea
Is beautiful, but the Canadian St. Lawrence, with its Thousand Islands, is far
ahead. The whole country looks like
a toy land after Canada.
"I was all over the country, though
I was there only 25 days. I went and
returned on the Empress of China.
"The temples of Nlkko are aujierb.
They are now almost complete^ restored. The work has been going on
for four years. But the other temples,
of which the country Is full, are not
particularly worth seeing.
"It is nol an expensive country to
see; the hotel rate for travellers is
about $5 per day. There is no difficulty about the languagei All the young
men can speak English very fairly.
"Business is away behind. Tbe telephones are a government monopoly. Io
Toklo they are seven years behind���
10,000 orders waiting to be ailed.
"Yes, I saw something of the army.
The soldiers look very dirty, but they
are drilling hard and constantly, infantry, cavalry and artillery. There Is
no let up to It. They are, I believe. Increasing all branches, too. I didn't discuss the matter with anyone. The Japanese are neither boasting nor prohpe-
sylng, but they are working like fiends."
Brief    Session    This    Morning���Threo
Cases Settled���Two  Left.
The quarterly session of the county
court of West Kootenay occupied only
a few hours this morning.
Six aliens, whose names were published on Friday, were granted the
rights of British subjects.
The case of Oenelle vs. Devlin had
been settled out ot court.
Two cases, Sostrad vs. Mcl.eod Mining Syndicate, and Whitely vs. C. P. R.,
stand over to the next session.
Clayton vs. Buggins was an action
for recovery of the value of a pin, loaned and not returned. Judgment was
entered for $50 and costs.
J. W. Gibson vs. the Canadian Metal
Company was a suit for balance of
wages, SI 43 having been paid into
court. Judgment was entered for an
additional $50 and costs.
Postmaster-General    of    New   Zealand
Will Enlist Canadian Support.
Liverpool, June 25.���The steamer Majestic, which sails hence June 27th for
New York, will take among her pas-
sengi'i-s Sir Joseph George Ward, post-
muster-general of New Zeuland, who
hopes to enlist Cnnudlnn support of
the proposition to establish a universal
two-cent postage rate.
New York Sausages-
New York, June 25.���Within the last
two weeks it Is learned that about, 50
manufacturers of sausages have been
culled before tho board of health and
warned that they will be prosecuted to
Ihe full extent of tho law If they do not
al once comply with the provisions of
the sanitary code and label their product with n description of any preservatives used. Investigations made by inspectors and unalysla made by the department chemists have shown that
practically all Ihe sausage manufacturers  use preservatives.
The annual convention of the provincial teachers' institute opens In Victoria tomorrow morning.
The band of Mahara's minstrels paraded at noon today. They play well,
and look to experienced eyes like the
genuine plantation darkles, who are
born minstrels. The Daily Canadian, Tone 25, J906
Tents, Blankets,
Overalls, Boots,
Mackinaw Clothing.
Everything* for the camper, prospector, hunter and
Published il�� i��y-�� ��'���'* hy Uio
Boltor St., Nelson, n. 0.
Subscript on rates, W ceoisa month delivered
111 Mil- city, or t'i.00 n roar If sclil by until, when
paid lu advance.
Advertising rates mi application.
All monies paid in settlement ot Tlm Daily
Canadian accoanta, elthor foi subscriptions nr
advertising, must !><��� receipted for on tlte printed
f..rail-, nf the r.ilui'itln     nlfiei  rccefjlls  ale Ii.il
JUNE   -2K, I906.
"By one word wn are sometimes Judged to be
nrlse and by ono word sometimes linigut] t-j be
lnnll-ll.    lei 11.   Unlet,ir   eareinl   wllal   We
s��y."-< OUPl'Ctllfl,
It Is tn Hie wise Immigration policy
nf tlm Dominion govertnnenl lhal Canada oweh Ita presenl period ot unox
atnfili'il prosperity. Al li ast, wo have
been repeatedly told so, nml we fepro
duco tlte statement here fur the purpose
of analysing li '" lhe llghl of reoenl
history nnil of historic accuracy. Ii
inns! in- understood lhal when il"
above Btatemenl is made, ll refers almost exclusively lo tlte developmenl ol
ihe Northwesl and tho two new prov-
incea which huve recently been granted autonomy under lhe Liberal reg	
What, then, litis this wis.' Immigration policy brought us thai bas s.i miraculously Intervened Jusl in ih" ulch
or linic in sat.' ih. country i nm ruin?
li has hrottghl us ;i prepouderanl elc
iiii'tii ni Mormon population, a Beclion
nl' tlie si'Hlirs tlitil is nn ilinilil ,i
branch nf lhe great and confessedly
mischievous hierarchy ol Utah, who
will seeli m do in Canada whal Ihey
have done in the United States���lhal
itt, found a Mormon colony, with fin1
usual understanding Mtal lhe tenols nf
that church are flrsl in iin minds ami
hearts of the people, with the couse
tiiit'iu proselytising methods nf these
Indefatigable religious bigots, They
may tint be Blroug enough to openly
practice their chief heresy, polygamy,
fur some years, Ian we know lhal Ilie
spirit nf .Mnrmimism is unchanged nml
unalterable, and lhal when tlm opportunity arises ii will declare Itself In
Canada lo tho tleflnnco of ihe powers
nf tlm state, jusl ns ii has done in the
spubllt in our soitlh. The subversion
tlm family ami the home, together
lib lhe school, is inn high a price lo
pay tor iho settlement ol evon large
iiitus ni [and in nm' Canadian west
inn wise Immigration, policy of Iho
Dominion government lias brought us
Roveral consignments nf Qalliclans ami
Doukhobora   wiih    fanatical    religious
tenets uml utterly I lorable re Igloits
pilgrimages, necessitating Ihe expenditure nf largo sums nf money in provide
agalnsl the actual starvation nf Borne
nt ihese people.
Thr whole history nf Canada's state-
aided Immigration hns been nn.' to
compel ih" blush al lhe Incompetency
which has permitted these costly experiments in in. made. Not until the
onergetlc, oapable ami experienced
people nl ihe northern stales, dlscov-
et'iiig for themselves tlm Immenso advantages offered in the natural resources ni ilm Canadian west, iliii we
begin in hnve an immigration nf which
we might reasonably feel proud, ami
to whom we might reasonably look for
Rome aasurance nf the prosperous development of the country.
The emigration from Bngland nf a
colony seleoted by lite Salvation Army
Is one of Ihe few promising features
of ihe situation. Whatever tlm Salvation Army has done in colonization, In
rescue and  relief work,  it  hns    done
well, ami there need probably he Utile
four thai lhe members of the party recently ombarklng for Canada under
their direction will he n disappointment.
Fur seviriil years the North Atlantic
Trailing Company hits been carrying on
an Immigration scheme in which���If
one may lei Imagination have a little
play���Il is only fair lo assume some of
Urn crowned heads nf Europe have been
interested. Not until the contracts or
agreements under which this company
was chartered were made public did
the public leurn thai il hud been turned
Into a vasl system nf gruff, ami to saddle the responsibility for this nn the
proper Bhoulders has been made imjus-
siine hy tlm conspiracy of ooncealment
which has Involved Ihe heads nl the
Liberal government al Ottawa, Yel we
have been regaled week after week
wiih high-sounding praise of the administration nf ilm Liberal party in
ihis respect. To show how unreliable
these representations have been, we
have only in note thai Lord Strathcona
is aboul in sail for Canada to confer
wiili Sir Wilfrid Laurler about ilm
changes It is necessary to make both
in Canada ami in England in ihe administration of this department.
in Anglo-Canadian circles the an
nniiimfmem tlutt Lord Stratlieona is
going out to confer with Sir Wilfrid
Laurler as in the reorganisation of Hm
emigration department in London is
regarded with satisfaction. Since its
severance from the high commissioner's ofllce uml lis removal tn Charing
Cross, Dm Canadian emigration ofllce
has nol bad quite the same effect
There was alum! ii more than a suspicion in' iho "hustling" policy of ilm
emigration tout, nml ihis did tun In-
Bplre ihat Implicil confidence iu the
public mind thai a governmenl department should have.
There is no doubl thai the scheme
which the high commlsBlonor will stib-
mii in ilm Canadian governmenl will
result in ilm establishment of ilm Loudon emigration ofllce under the more
Immediate control of the high commissioner. Then emigrants will ho more
assured of absolutely reliable advice,
ami there will, to say ilm least, lie more
ni ilm appearance nf disinterestedness
ami dignity nf a governmenl milee iu
ilm condttcl nf ilm Importanl business
of emigration.
Dm' may easily lake his choice bo
twi-ii ilm laudation nf the Liberal
l"'.-s and ilm lat-ls us Ihey nre being
dovelopod by eurreni events,
Clll'ltCII   INION.
I'nr several years the Presbyterian,
Congregational and Methodisl roll-
gtous bodies In Canada have been agl<
lining ilm question of a corporate union of these organisations, Scarcely
an Importanl religious convention has
lieen held in Canada for u year ami a
half in whloh the question Iuih nol
been discussed and resolutions more
or less favorable to the suggestion
have been passed,   li is true thai the
Inst   sessions  of   the   Hritish   Columbia
conference of the Methodisl chnroh allowed ilm occasion to pass withoul expression of sentiment upon the subject,
and, Indeed, withoul discussing it This
is the more remarkable because in the
eastern provinces ihe most aggressive
advocates of union hnve been Methodists, und so far had they carried Ibis
propaganda thai ai a recent meeting
of the Presbyterian general assembly
held at London Iho general assembly
nf ilm Presbyterian church passed a
resolution advising deliberation and delay, uml recommending thai ihe whole
matter be discussed with tbo rank and
llle ot church membership, so that no
mnvcmt'iii of the kltnl committing ilm
cliuroh in corporate union would lake
place withoul ilm fullest sanction of
Hm people as distinct from iheir lead
'flm Baptlsl church has. we under
stand, declared Itself Ineligible I'm'
membership in ilm proposetl union owing to some doctrinal features for which
li siainls. No one, however, looked
upon ilm Church of England as ul all
likely in consider ihe quest It i fusion wiili ih" other religious bodies in
a favorable light The attitude of ilm
Church of England in Canada has inn
often I n offensive lo tho dissenting
bodies because of differences which
arose in ilm early orgaulsatlon of the
sects nr denominations over bucIi nims-
tlona as ilm historic episcopate, ami
such III." ones,   Tlm existence nl n "an
nil. Inn. wllii'll prohibits null "i 'lll'oi tiling mlulBlors from Inking pari In rell
gious Borvlces in ISngllsh churcho . and
ilm gnni'i'.il roftisnl nt EngllBh church
clergy n lo lake pari In religious sor-
vices iu ih" buildings of ilm denominational bodies, has linen an open emit o
ni nn i iirisiiaii feolfng in many  phu es,
Thero are, of course, notable oxcop-
linns in all iims" cases, as, for Instanco,
in ti tiii'iii meeting of Ihe Anglican
si nml of ilm Kootenays, which con
vonctl in iliis rity, wlmn a prominent
clergyman of Ihe church gave expres
sion to ill" vine, nn an eilni-atiiuial i|ims-
linn lhal "Hm church had very Utile
in common wllh other religious bodies," etc, he was promptly ('ailed to
task by another clerical member of ilm
synod. The action of the bishop of
Huron al s meeting ul tho synod "i
Huron, held In London last week, in
stating plainly the terms upon which
ilm Anglican church would be willing
to enter Into negotiations looking for n
union wiih Mm other churches, makes
ilm delay urged by tlm Presbyterians
a wise iiim, Th" announcement made
by Bishop Williams wil] open a new
possibility nl' negotiation.    Here ii  is;
"Bishop Williams made a frank ami
full statement of the basis upon which
ilm Anglican church would lie prepared
io unite with ilm other Christian bodies. The conditions are four in number, as follows:
"l. Tlm acceptance of ilm Scripture
as ibe revelation nf God and ihe wnr-
ritnl for faith and conduct
"2. The acceptance of ilm Ntoineand
Apostles' Creed.
".'.. Tlm acceptance nf ilm two sacraments ordained hy Christ.
"I. Tlm acceptance of ilm historic
We wonder only how far Bishop Williams spoke inr ih" Anglican church
in Canada.
Tlm Cranbrook Herald says: "Willing syndicate editorials may he easy
work. Inn limy do mil always meel file
ease." ur words in ihai effect, Tlm
people of Cranbrook musl have been
rubbing ii Into Brother E. F. Simpson
ihese days. Never mind: if Dr. King
gits ton busy tn run iu ilm nexi elections, probably iho editor of ihe Herald
might be Induced In offer himself in
ilm opposition cause. In ihat .as.' we
Should  see whal   we  should see.
Th" Victoria Times says: "The Liberals huve inen in power iu Nova Seo-
lia I'nr eighteen years During nil thai
lime they have given the province a
clean administration nf affairs."
Il Is a greai pity Hm Liberals of Nova
Scotia cannot he transferred to Ottawa.
Canada's Douma will soon, go home,
and what is Im 'a loss will be Ottawa's gain.���Toronto Telegram.
The man who thinks himself inferior
lo his fellows deservt s in be, and generally is.
Hams and Bacon
J. Y. Griffin & Co.
A, McDonald &Co,
Dealers in staple and fnueyGrooories,
Butter, Kggs.
Damp nnd Miners' Supplies.
N.Hi.'.' i* Hereby given iimi ij> diiri rrom date 1
mi.'ii,i io apply t..iii��- HoiiojutiH iii.'chin Uom-
miMloQer of Uodi md wnrk*. for perrai'��lon to
tturchaiu Hu- folio Winn dwerlbwl landi, situate
hi iliiMimuthiif llnii in-,.it crook on the Arr...v
Ukoa in tlio Woit Koolcimy Dlitrlrl About80
iihv*. i��f IhthI : com men ring nt n posl nmrkoil
vv. ll. i1. B.W, poit. thenre uo ih IU -luum.,Uion-
oo ea��t 20 cbatoi, llieuou mhiIIi h> i-liulu*. thenee
wist 30ohalni )������ point olcommencement.
Dated ttila uii day ot Juno iDuo.
Will i ,m IIaiiiiv I'RTKM.
Wil HOI J.  Pol K    WJgJfl
Notion i�� hereby given thai M dayi from date I
inmml io Hi'idv to I he llotaoiaM tho Chief Coin-
inUilnuer of LhihIn and Work*, lor permlulon in
purchase IflO aorea'Df land al Van Houtonereek
in iii-> Arrow Lake* lit the .Veil Kootouaj Dlitrlet.   Si.iriliicfr ft poit mark'il A   Ul K  VV.
poll, thonco io .-miii* eait, thence m t-lwlui
mui ti, thonce 4U chalm weitt theuce hi ilmitm
imrili in point etoommeucemcul
Datod thmthUiyo/Juuo iffM.
Ahtim ii John i.��>
Ll mm  I   loir. AgODt.
Ni.ih'o is inTt-by kiv ii tlmi BO dayi aflei date
tro Intend lo niiniv io the Honorablo the chief
Uommluloper of undi nv<\ Worki ui Victoria.
B.C. fnrpunuhulou to pnrchain the roll owl up,
dMcriiiril landi,ififtHti- iu Woal Koolenay dli<
trli-L i diiiiiii nelug al n poil planted ni Thomai
Jerome'i N k poit, ami marked fetor Dcioli
>t inl a ciii^in-tii-N vv. Cornor; thonce JO obalm
owl, Lhotioo vhi ehalni louth, thenee w ohalni
wi hi. iheiiro2oeh 'lu* iu>rili t<
��� Osl.l'Olll.lltll
Datod May.
��� 10 rtfiroi wore or li u.
I'l'il'i: l��i-r
A.CltOOJ I r
w. A.Jonrr, Agenl
Notice ii Itorony given thai 60 dayi aflei date i
Intend lo apply lo the llonorahle Hu-riii.i Com-
mlMlonerof Undi nml Work-, f ir porml to
piirohaiu Hu- following dMorlhcd land*, iitnated
in thfldutrlclnl Woal Koolenay, adjoining lol
TPOonthe WiM mm oi Kootonay i.nk<-   Hom-
inonolng ui mi imiixi poil placed al [ho p u
weit corner of Ih>i 70t��; thenco nortb HO chniui,
thonco wail 10 clmlni, thonco south no chaini.
thonce oast in chaini to polnl ol <��� mono  ut.
Pitted May 28, iimi.
.1 \-. TltA/.l'll
I'll lol
Notieolihoroby Riven thai alxty dayi afti
i iiiirini lo apply in tin- Honorable iin-
CommiMlouorol Landa and Worki, V rla, ror
nermraalon to purohnao the following deicrlbed
lainis in Weit Kootonay. Comment log al n po"t
marked Kdgar W. hynoi lonlh wo*i cojuer near
io darnel eroek and aboul i mlloi louth nt Mox-
nuito i' k aud about i milei iveai of ��� ol urn bin
Kivcr; thenoe north 80 ohalui, thence oail -io
ohalni. fieneoiouUi ho chains, thenco weil 40
ohalni in place of commencement, containing
WO aerei, being tbe lame more oi Ion.
Dated June 4, um.
KhOAB vv. Dykm,
v, i ^ f��M Agent.
Nnlifi- Is li,Tt by given that <���" tliiv-. nf:i't <|ato I
Intend to apply io the Moiiorni.it' tbe thief
Commliiionerol bandiand Worki for pormli*
���Ion to purchase the following di - rlbed landi,
iltuated in bloean Di-fiin Commencing at
north eait oorner poal of Lol 88.o, ihence running louth 80 cbalm, tbence ��� oil soi baini, thenco
north 40 ohalni, thenee wesl JOcnaini toC. P. H.
riKlit-ni-way, following name muth wail in a
point intercepting m.ith aao ��f Lol Bftao. theuce
can it. point nf i-oinuh n,' iiit-rii. contalulng i;tn
acres more or tell
May 80th 1800
V. I- OASaym
Notice is hereby given ihai eoiiHyi ifu-r date I
Intoud to make application i , ibonnnorablotho
Thief Lommliilouer of' audsand Worki for per-
million to purcbaifl the following deicrtbed
lands:  Commencing ai a posl placed oo Ihe eaii
���horo nf  Lower Arrow Lake, ailjntlilm; J. Hales1
pre-emption on the aouthwcit marked "T L'.'-
K. W. corner poit." Ihence runnlog 80 eiianm
eait; thence So chalm south; ihence HOehaim
more orleii, west m the lake shore; thence following inkj shore tn point ol commencement,
containing WO acres more or leu
Tmn Kinaiun.
Dated this 7th davofJune, law.
Notice ih hereby given that 00 dayi aft -rduto I
Intend io makenpinii-itii.ii in iin. Honorable the
Chief Commlialoner of Landiand Worki fui permlulon to purchase the following deicrlbed
Undi; Commencing at �� post placed nu the
northeast corner ni i Kianhau'a Application to
Purchase.mirkod "". i ��� cornor pon." running
so.'hains easi; thence BOchalnnontbi tbeucosu
chains weit;theoce following T Klualian'aeaii
em boundary to polnl of commenoement, containing 640 acres, more or less.
Hannah Tikrnby.
]>nted tliif 7tb day of June, |WM,
Notice is hereby given that 60 dayi after date I
Intend to make application to tbe /i.niorai.ie the
Chief Commluloner of Lands mid Works fur permlulon to purchase the following deicrfbed
lands: Commencing at a poil placed m Iho lute soctlon of tlie cum boundary of J Bates' preemption and (be north boundary ofT Klnahan's
Application to Pnrebaie, marked "T. K. Jr's 8 vv
comer post" Tbence following ���'. Batcs'oaitern
boundary, 10chains north; tbenceSOchalnseait;
thence to chain- to lhe  uo tlo-ru bnumlary ol
Hannah Harney's Application m Purchase;
llieneo folhiwlngthoiiorlberlt Imuud.iv of lame
and northerly boundary of T. Klnahan's Appli-
cation to Pnrebaie, to poii-i nf commencement,
containing 8Al acres, mure or Ion,
T. KlMH.lN, .l||.
Paled tills Tlh day of .June. V.W.
Notice fi herby given that 1 Intend. 00 days
after dale lo apply to the Chief Commissioner ol
Lauds aud Works lor permission to pnrebaie the
following described laudiiltuate ��i Fire valley,
Kootenay dlitrlet. Commencing at a poit (innrk-
ed Qeono roung Nortii weit corner) placed at
the north weal corner of wetlon 28 townihlp 89]
thenco easl ho chains to tin- north easl corner of
Nuiii section 28; tbence somii 40 chains thenee
weil B0 chaini, tbence north 40 chains to tbe
place nf l.ei'lnuinj;. containing 880 acres    and
being the northerly half of taid section 88, imvn-
' filed at Nelson, B. 0, June. 6th 1900
QKOROH  VtilNti,
Notice is hereby givon tbnt I intend, 00 days
afterdate, to apply lo tbe Chief Commissioner oi
Uii'is mui Woiks fur permlulon to purchase
the following doierltrtd landa, iltuato at Kire
Valley,   Koolenay  I)|��lriel      Commencing  al   a
unst (marked (leorgo Voung north can corner)
placed ol the north east corner of section 88,
townihlp 00; ihence aonth w cha lie- i,. iho sou ih
east enrnci   of  811 Id   Section   82;   Ihence  WCll   40
i hnlns, thenee north hUi Jmjui-, and thenco east
10 chains to tho p'aco nf begmn ng contalnlna
020aeroi,and befng thoeisterly haii of aaW ioo-
Dated atNclsun, B.C. June6th looo.
liKoaiii: ypuNO.
Notlea Ii hereby given thai I luietul 00 days
after date tu apply io the ( hief Comraiaiioner '..f
Unds mid v'orki fnr ponnlwlon tn purchase
the fulinwinu doieriufld lauds, iltuato nl Klre
v.'.iiev, Kooi.-nav district. Cojiinem
pjllt (marke.i   I. Caliaylu-r -Hoiith  Wei
hlncod at ihe south wesl corner nf s<	
lowuihtpOO thence north 60 ohaim to tho north
weal corner of >at.i icction 88; ihcnce ohm 40
ohalni, ihence south 80 ehalns to ihe ^mti,
boundary of aald icction 88, and Ihonoo wen  i"
Ohalni to lhe Mi f bCgiUnlng  eoniu'nlni; S.'l)
aer.-s, ami being the wc��erly half of mid section 88, inwiisliipiig.
DatOd at Nelson, B 0, June .VJi isoo,
  L- Oa1.1,AOHBB.
Notice li hereby given thai I intend,00 dori
alter dale to apply to the OMof Ooramlulonei nl
i amis iiti-i Works fin pormliilon to purehaie the
following d Die r I hod lumls ami premliei, siuiato
at Hire Valley. Kootonay Dlitrlcl Uommonrlmj
in a poit {marked P. il. u'Connoi icwih east corner) placed nt the uorth mist corner of icction
21, township6Ui thonco mniiii 40 chalm, theuce
wesi 40 ohalni, thenee noith 40 rhalm to tho
northerly honmhiy of sai-l Section 21] and then-
peeiit 10 chains io the piece <-f begluulng. con-
Mining tro acres, and being the north oil-'   ma-
qtiarturnf aald section -ji, towushipM,
Nol ion, B, O.June fith inon.
P. H. O'COHNOtt,
 QgQBog Youwn, Agent.
UK   ill   n
Notice i- hereby given that 00 days Iron, dale
Unload to apply to tbO  Hminmhle the Chief
Lomnjiii'onerof Landiand Worki for pormii-
Bfon io purchase the following dcierlhed lanrli
inl.eVjv,lKool,.,,ayll���.rJ''l,eas,   side '��� "f.    !
uioiiia River,sbotii Bmllei north of Burton city
Commencing at a ppil marked LeoM Winter1!
B w. oorner, at it,.- u. w. oorner of it. n. Smith's
prcemptfofi claim, tbence north 40 cbainsmofo
or leu lolheioutli bonndarj nf Miles Carroll's
preemption claim, thence cist DO chnlni tboneo
���ntilli KIclialtiH more or lesn lo [he North I i,,|.
R7nfB.II Pmllh'i preemption olaim  SSSh
Weil l'i�� I'lo.iu- io point of com non.'in,, nt; com
laiiiing BO aeris mora or leu,
Datod ibis 2nd day of June, IBOfl.
Lbo M, Win'ikh.
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Suburlptloiu Liken lor Delineator tut fi-tm ol
1 tiioiillm 2',.. one yc.tr $1.00.
Fred Irvine k Co'y
Notice li hereby given thil I Intend, 00 diy>
after dftte. la apply lo tlte Uhfel Commluloner of
l undi and Works for peiiiilmlon '���> ptirobue the
following deicrlbed lindi,altniiii at Fire Valley.
Kootenay Dlitrli t. Commenetng at a posl (mark
ed P. H. u' Connor Muth eul cornet] placed at
Hie nortii eul torner of n i lion 82, township 89;
thenco weil m chalm, ihence north ��) ohalni,
ihence easl Wi haini.aud ihence sonth 80chains
to thi place of bejluninif, containing ssOaerei,
Dated at Nel ion, H c. June   th 1900.
Uiooor Yoi v.., Agent
Notice i- hereby given that 00 days from date I
Intend to apply lo the Ilanorablo the Chief Com-
.. r ol Landi and Works fnr permission to
punhn��f tbe following descrlbeil lau.N, m tbe
Weil Kootenay District Nud liland, in the
Colombia Klver abouH miles nortb ot Burton
City, al! --i nab I Island slwve high water, bi ing
id aerei- more nr l> ll.
Dated tin- III Day of Juno, 1008.
Kbank Norton
T. r Uakikiun, Agent.
Blxty days after date I intend to apply to the
CommiMlnner ol l-aiul- mui Worki, vi�� lorla, lo
pnn io.*. ii-' acrci ol land.  I tenclng ai a
poll i>lanii-fl ..u the well UmrQOl Arrow Lake, at
lhe -i.mil eul corner of J.J Chrfitlc'i pun liaie,
running north Wchilns, thenee >'��m a) ehalni,
thence uuth so chains, thonce Well Bdi hains lo
place of co
Located May. Dth 1000,
A. t'AttlitK.
I. (iAI.I.AlillKH, Isocalor.
Notice i* hereby givon tion 60 days from dun-1
intend to apply to tho  HniMratdi-  the t'nmmlk
ilaner uf Landn atol Works for permlulon to
pnrebaie tbe {..ii.-uhiK deicribod lands, sltnatc
in the Weil Kootenay Dlitrlet. ritnrtintr (nun a
post marked ffiiiiinit Brnest Davison'sK K. |��..t
about two mil. - Bill Of Deer park ..n the Arrow
Lakes thence 40 chains south, tbence In chaini
weit, thenre 10 ehalns north,thenceeail to point
of commencement, containing about iso acres.
Dated thli Hth day of June, 1908,
���yii.i.iam Bmrm DArnow,
Notice i�� hereby givon iimi 60days after 'late I
Intend lo apply to the Honorable the Chief Com*
minioncr ol Lan-ls and Works fnr permlulon to
pure hone the following described landi In the
U.M   Koi.teioiv tll'tilei;   eomtneti. lliir  at a  |...it
marked "Nathaniel ttclnlyro'i s. R corner,''
planted on tho weit ildo of tbe Columbia River,
almiii 7 miles imrlli of Milrtnn I'llv.nn.l Wehnlln
north of the south weil cornor .iYi-u 878, thenco
nnriii m chains, thence weil SO chnini, thence
bouth 80 chaini, thenco caitSO chains to point ol
commencement, eoniHinitiK 040 acres.
Doled this l-'lh day of June, 1908.
T. r. Mqklnson, Agent,
Notice \f hereby given tbat 60 days after dale l
imi'ml to apply to Hie Honorable the Chief Com-
mi-inner ..f Undi and Works for permission t..
purchase tho following described lauds: Coin
menelng   poit placed nu tlie north ibore ol
th.' west at ( Koolenay Uke, at the nnrthoail
cornor ol John titranki' pre-emption, thence
wesl iu chnlni. none oi less, to the lonihcail
corner "f i.oi No.74M, ihcnce mmi, tOoluilui
ihcnce easl io chains moro or less, thonce norlh
lo chains to tho point of commencement
Dated June loth, 1006.
(i J) A rri.Kmv.
Not ifr is hereby given thatilxty [601 dayi after
��� hue I   ntond in apply to the li.moral.!.- the
Chief I'm imloncr ol Lands and  Worki for
portnlulon to purchase tho following described
Lrncl of land: il  at Queens* Bay on the wesl
ahora nt Kootenay Uke In tbo DlMriet nf Weil
K eimy, Province of   Hritish   Col la    (
'���nntainiiu: i>y admcniurcmcnl 194.180 acres l.e
tho lame more or low, which parcel may Iw
moro par Imlarly ilcwrlbcd as followi. rom*
monclugatn tailul on tbo westerly boundary of
D. 7080 0. i \\0t\ Kootenay Dlitrlet, being the
south easl iiirner of L wmi. I; tbence weslerlt
following llio southerly I ndar\ of LCfHIti I
��Jchains mor.- ..r |i>ks lo ihe south wesl cor-
n-i  nf said  l.oi 5801 ti. ||  ,���-,. utnmomlr
s b   l"  eh.iin-   non    leu   (o   ihe   north-
'<h\ n ynf D.H.nillwli1  Application In
I'lirchaso; thencecaitcrh lollnwim; the imith
l't|v';V,V;,,,,r-v,,;.ft-r',,,,i,[  '"WAppllcailon
to riiri-im.,. i-ji.i Rhnlns m.-r.' i��� less to tr,,-
shoreo(UiiMns'("ity; tlu'ttw following	
���'""���V:' '";* "litre In n nortii pttsllrly dlr	
Il'ili .llrllnlll..  r.-nr less In llto sotltll lVl.Btt.nl
nm nlul.1 l.i.i TiiniH.i; nrc northerly follow.
mrtbowesterly l ..clary ol snltl h.i Turn O. I.
1.008 clmfns more hi leu to Mini ..I con meo
Dated June IB, 1006.
B, si. PBrixms,
Thirty tlays niter flute I nil Itonnnly toil,,.
i otninlssionorol Units nml Works. vMrUi, lor
f'PCOlnl  I llf.'l.inil nii.l  Tv  ilw.iv  lli,il���.r
t<  ' wing ik'serlhoil lninls.  I'l,,,,,,,,. ���
lint ui n post iiiniki.l J.UTA.,8, W.cornor nlnni
nl on the weal Imnlt nt rnyotlso ttrooll where tho
creoli Intcrsoels Hi onmlnry of lot l��17 nnri
fl "k ""till KB elinlna. thenco east 10 chains
llionco s 10 chains, lltci wesl t.      ,i
Jnno '.nit Loon.
Blity dnysnlterdntpllnlontlto snnlv tn tlm
1 imlisl ml hands and Works V1V1...1.,
ptirt'liaso ��0 aerosol l.,,n.l .|n���,i,. ���,'���    ,:;',,, ,'t
'" ' in   Commencing nl i no,   , 1   , . ''
'li "shore of Arrow iTolte onS.%'1,.'"!"
Uniting nt ilm , i,  wesl '������������,    ,'r   " '
p'HItey's nre-ontptton and ,,,���,��"",., Jj5T
oprnori thonco oust 00 chains, ihonoo Joulli   ii
fhalne, lliei wesl 00 chnlns 1., 11... i,,k, I,,.,;.
I1"'1,'"","'"'!' "long the lake In . ,,,, . " (
beginning. ""    "���
JunoSOtlt lint...
I'. Lamokt.
"ni'ii. I lor.
Iltilnl Blrl.   Apply m Club llolol    R
.1. Cuirnii.
Imperial Bank of Canac
Head Office:   Toronto.
OAPETAL PAID OT....$8,900,000 HKST...
1). il. Wll-Kli;, I'ri-M,l,-iit. iidn. EOBBBT .lAI'THAV. Vn. Ii.-im
Bunches in British Columbia:
,'o���n, KlSffl.^ """"'���" '" '���"'T'���," m*"K fr"'" "V "
.1. M.  L.AY, M,,
P. Burns & Co
Hrnnrh Uarketa iu  Rowland, Tmil,  Ndgon, k��sI..,  fa n, Thiw PWi Ns
Denver mui Slocan Uiiy.
Or.l.TN by mall innuv bnmrli wiu tiaro
oar prompt ami careful adriition.
He^d Office: Nelson, B.C
&f* Kootenay  Agents
L(Xt        R.A.Rogm&Co.
Limited. Winnip*)!.
Wholwalt Provisions,
Produce, l?ruit.
Dominion aovBrntnaiil tprounan One Pmmd Brioka tsoali w,',klr M
from iiiiiiiiii,,,   for oUe by all leading frraoera.
Offlconnd wnrehonio: FtamtonBlock,  Phone70,
Josephine Street.       -       .       .       Nelson, B. C.
The Hall Mining and SmeltiflJ
Company, Limited.
Purchases Lead, Copper and Dry Ores-
Coal Tart Waterproof Paints
Pitch, Creosote, Oils for Preserving Timb",
Roofing Pitch and Paints.
1!'"" l!uil 'H win ""'I H to ll.iir titlv���ntat;i' In ��m ��� Pitch.
Nelson Coke and Gas Co., Ltd. ���4> <��>������������*������������*���������������������������������������
The Dally Canadian, June 25, 1906
Canada Drug and
aok Co'y. Limited
H4- /ia2*e a fefti) SlolD Goods and Odd
Lines of stock that we wish to move
nut this TDeek. Cost does not come
into the prices %>e are selling them at.
: SLAT HAMMOCKS, just the thing for a
shady nook, ruin won't hurl them, Original price $2.35, clearing at       each    50c
., LUNCH  BASKETS, the regular 45c, 35c
and 25c kinds, clearing at      each    20c
. RAI3Y   HAMMOCKS,   regular price $1.50,
clearing nt  each    75c
regular $7.5'), clearing at each$4.75
10 LACROSSE STICKS, regular $3.00, clearing al ...   cadi $ J.00
7; (liic Pound rackets (.\)... quires) Cream Laid
Sin (Ictavo Notepapcr, worth 15c per quire.
Clearing at      a packet    20c
Square or Oblong Envelopes to match, a packet 5c
1 Twelve Inch Hand Bag $3.00, for      $1.5o
1 fourteen Inch Hand Hag $3.50, for       J.75
2 Sixteen Inch Hand Bags $3.75, for         2.oo
j Eighteen Inch Hand Bags 54.25, for  2.Jo
2 Suit Cases #3.50 each, for  i.lo
2 Suit Cases $4.35 each, for  2.oo
1  Suit Case $5.00, for         2.25
Canada Drug and
Book Co'y> Limited
u *-. **+���*���������������:������������������.>���������������������
The Nelson Brewing Co'y, Ltd.
-i" a u th ll. ItKItfTHBKR A CO.
n . ���" 1- mil Rottlcn ol
Fine Laj*er Beer and Porter
MnnnfitrlimT'. ol
Every Known Variety Soft Drinks
And lhe Celebrated " Red Ribbon Beer."
Ti a .1 a'i t. >,>,,-: rs,.. j^
i*. o. 1 It >\  ��t 11.
WM. GOSNELL, Manager
W��>M^t��<f>^^^^^s^>��^sv��s^s<ivvv'***'WVV����V*��VM��V��VV'*l* '
dominion Day
Base Ball
> Ci.lvili,.vi Nolsnn Soutor Bossloud vs. Nolson, July 8nd
j Caledonian Sports     j Rock Drilling
j Foot Ball
Colraiinii v�� Nelson
I BaSe Ml . .   D
Trail vs. Kola fmitora l LaifflCfl iQCCS
Gun Club Tournament
Log .md chopping contests
Music by Nelson City Band
Special Rates on All Railways
aly 2nd and 3rd
elson, B. C.
A Conflict Between the C. P. R. and V..
V. & e. Will Delay Construction of Latter Road.
(Special id The  Daily  Canadian.)
Grand Forks, June 25.���Word baa
reached here From Medley City, in tbe
Blmllkameen district, thai the construo
tion oi nn- v., v. a- d, railway through
thai Motion is belna greatly retarded
tor warn -if laborers; no much so, in
[act, i hut the mil way company have
been forced to sand a ipacial agent to
Europe to got men for the work. Thin
fact lniH also demonstrated thai it will
be utterly Impossible tor iIUh railway to
be completed by the time heretofore
specified. There in mill another and
really more serious problem confront*
in�� iIk* speedy construction of railway
work through that district, which is
tbe conflicting of the v., V. & K. with
the 0, P, it. survey, it appears ihat
Mime seven yearn ago the C. P. R. surveyed a line through thai section, and
now the new route of the V.. V. & IS.
conflicts with the old C. P. It Burvey;
and an the C. P. It, filed the j.lnns far
this original survey, they have priority
of right. Thin survey entanglement
may rennll In. a tie-up of that particular section of the line unless the v., V.
ft K. selects another Independent route.
The disputed point In tho route In in
tbe vicinity of  Medley City.
Miles Barrett, foreman at tho Oranby
smelter, who was Boiiotisly burned
some weeks ago by the explosion of
..in- of the "settlers," in rapidly recovering. It was found necessary to grafl
considerable skin, which was furnished
by a smelter employee named James
Williams, commonly known as "Happy
Hooligan." it is expected that Mr. Barret! will be uhle to leave the hospital
n�� xt week.
Word reached here yesterday from
Beaverdell, the centre of the West Pork
mining district, that great activity ex-
Ints in that camp at the Carmt mine,
a new cyanide plant being Installed.
When thin in done, the mine will he run
io iu full capacity. Tin' Prince Henry
mine is also putting In a lot or modern
machinery preparatory to aggressive
development work thin summer, li is
also staled lhat a new nlriko of great
importance io the camp has lieen made
a few days ago at lhe Sally mine, where
a body of ore was struck which assays
$105 la gold and copper.
Extensive     Schemes    Planned   to   Get
Water Power.
Urgent degands are being made upon
the Dominion governmenl for assistance in expensive schemes of transport
Ing water many miles in pipes to Uo-
nati/.a and Hunker creeks hi order to
work hydraulicly the auriferous bench
gravels found   in   tho banks  of    these
These water propositions are all "in
the millions," and groat acre will be required to tent their feasibility and value before the country is committed to
graining them aid.
The minister of lhe interior, who visited the Yukon last summer, talien
great Interest iu this matter, and iu order to arrive at a proper understanding
of the problem, is sending out a strong
party from the geological survey wil li
instructions to make as close an estimate as possible of the volume and
value of the gold-bearing high level
gravels remaining In tho banks of the
Mr. R. fl, McConnell, who has had
several years' experience in Klondike,
will be In charge of the parly, and will
be assisted by Messrs. Joseph Keele.
F\ ll. Maclaren and O'Parrell. They
will make accurate surveys of ihe
banks by cross-sections and by digging
test pita and drifts at close interval?
along the sides of the valleys; in this
manner, assisted by record claims now
being worked, they will collect information sufficient to arrive at a clone
approximation of the cubic contents of
the  gravels remaining in  the benches.
The valuation will be determined
from the data already afforded by worked and working claims, supplemented
by panning of the dirt from lest holes
ami trenches.
Mining engineers who have visited
the district claim that from b to s cents
per cubic yard would give a payable
return, and, hi comparison to tbe small
returns���sometimes only 2 and .1 cents
���that are made profitable in the failed
Stales and New Zealand, those llgures
seem reasonable enough. Much, however, depends on the cost of transporting the water, and the frozen nature
of the ground; the catchment basin is
GO miles from the area to be treated,
the cost of pipes, dams ami flumes will
be immense, and until Mr. McConnell
furbishes his report, it would ho unwise to hike a figure on which oatl-
maies could be based,
Staff   Correspondent  of  Leading  Paper
A staff correspondent of a prominent
American newspaper, writing from the
spot under Ihe caption, "San Kraneiseo
Catching Her Breath," tells n fascinating Story of lhe heroic and successful
efforts made Ihen' to house the home-
lens and feed lhe famishing. In his
concluding paragraph he Slima Up in
ibis way: "The big-hearled. generous
response of the people of the United
States to San Francisco's needs is too
well known to require description. The
finance committee has received over
six millions of dollars, and I have hoard
* + * of neatly as milch more * * *
available, but not yet delivered to the
committee, in this unprecedented
emergency ihe people of the Halted
Stales and of San Kraiiclneo, and lhe
people lo whose lol ii fell to administer
the funds, have all made good."
The American people can bo very
generous both with Iheir means, credit,
ami praise when Ihey are built that
way. But there Is not one word in the
whole article to which we refer that
gives credit to anyone outside of the
United States for any humanitarian In-
stinetn or practices. Canada probably
contributed, according io ber population, j��s much or more per capita than
any slate in the t'nioii, and yet there
is not a hint of such help being given.
When tbe special correspondent of the
American newspaper is built that way,
be can,  for  unqualified, contemptible
and btgh-smelling meanness, take Ibe
To the Members
of the
20,000 Ciob.
Patronize lhe .'idOO who nre
hero now, uml wo will
be n long way toward our goal.
'Thorpe's Lithia
is equal to tiny aperient
antt-rheumatic waters lHiltted  ill
the United
If yon use enough of it we
can supiKirt another
family in Nelson.
& Co., Limited.
Yale-Kootenay Ice, Froit, Foe!
& Poultry Co., Ltd.
Deliveries made daily throughout Nelson
and its suburbs. Phone UK.
Gait Coal
Term* Spot *'wih
W. P. TffiRNEY
Teleplioup 'J6^
QH.W.KD TKNMKKS, marked, "Tender [0i- Tim-
^ ber Muni. Kooloimy Duurtot," will Ih- received by the undersigned, np to noon of Wniur-
���litv. thoSOtli day of Jnne, 19uB, from any person
dORtrmg to obtain a apodal Ufnber lleenie to cm
mui carry away timber from Lol 7,221, Group I,
Kootonay District, .situated near MoNclllte'a Hiding, on tlie line of the Crow's Nt'.sl l'asn Railway
nml I'lHiiiiininn 118 Korea more or lose.
The person offering tiio highest rush bonus
will iict-iitnkd lo a spools! license covering Uio
said  lot, renewable* for twenty-one succsslve
Each tender must be accompanied by u ecru-
Bod cheque, matlo payable at pur in victoria to
Hie undersigned, for tno amount, fil.'.im, m ih,
II.o,   ...... r<*.  r...,c  i..r   suit.I.   lAarrial        .....I   II..
flrsl yea
���till Victoria
 fll.voo, ol I..
,.. .   ������,-�������� for such special license, and iin
amount of die bonus tendered,ami alsnaoertb
lied Cheque lor (301.70 for coil ol locating, n.lver-
Ullng and BUrVoylng 0( Mitt I lot-
Deputy Commissioner o( Landi and Works.
Landiand Works Popart men I,
Victoria. M. Os, 7th .lune, 1900.
Nelson, B. tl, June Mh, 1900
SKAldCD TBNDEK8 will be received by the
Warden of the Provincial gaol, NelMHl, It. O ,
iiiti ii noon Juno 8Mb, tor wpnUu for one Tear,
from July 1st, lUCO, to Judo WUi, 1!��I7. Meat,
brand, groceries, linnlwuro, tiooli and shoes,
i1.ilium:, dry goods, (nel and drugs
Forms for lender and Hpcftllenlioufl can bo l.iid
at Hit* Provincial gaol, Nolson,
'lhe lowest or any lender not necessarily accepted. K   K  LKMON,
Thirty days afterdate I intend making appli-
i nu -ii lo ilie Honorable tho Chief OooimisNlotier
(d lands ami worki, lor a apeelal 1 teen ho io cut
nml cam away timber irom tlie following described lands. Commencing at a poit placed on
the southern houttdsry of Timber License No.
iV.7,>, and about to chains ft' rlh nf the N. W. cor-
ticrof lot .I'-H i., I. Wesl Kooi'liav. llinnllig llieiiee
wi-'t Sit chains, tlienco smiili hi) iIihiiih, theuce
easl s,i i'Iih ns, thence north sticlialns to polnl ot
Dated I .Ml. April WOO.
Danikl Tuomky.
Silver King Hotel
Best Dollar a day house in the
Hoinns are will furnished.   Table ss good as SDsj
111 Nel,<m.     Hur .ni.|.H.-.f wltli K"'nl
llrjiinrs still rlears.
W. K. MfOANDLlSH, Proprietor.
Tstemont Hotise
Kiiropeau and American I'liui
Meals S> cts.   Rooms from '& eta. to $1
Only White Help Kmployed.
Baker St., Nelson Proprietors
Bartlett   House
Best DoIlar-a-Day House io Nelson.
Tin' Bat Is tin' Finest.
White Help OnlT Kinployed.
Jn.i'J.lillli. Ht.
Nelson. B. 0.
The Big Schooner 1V^       J A
Or ���-Half jnd Hall"   DCtf   X V/L��
Tlte only (llnnit of Good Beor ill Nelson.
Hotel At'i'tiiiunnilitliiuis hitoihI to
none in l'ntisli Oolninbia.
Sptyiiitl Kitten to Monthly limtnlers.
The only Home Hotel in Nelson.
Lake Viet*
Hall and Vernon Sts.
Two blocks from   .
Bates $1.00 per Dny
anil up.
No Chinese Help employed.
bStjiS.%      NELSON, B. C.
Grand Central Hotel
J  A. BBIOESOK, Proprietor.
Centrally I.ochIc.I. open Day and Night.
Hiimplc iiicl H.)tli Kooms Free.
Opposite Court House and Post Office*
Corner Ward and Vernon Streets.
The Strathcona
Nelson, B.C.
B. Tonikins, Manager.
The Leading Hotel in the
Ootid   Sample    Rooms.
een s
Baker Htroet, Nolson. H. U.
Lighted hy Kleetitoity and
Heated by Hot Air
Largo ni.il Cinntertablc Hi'ilnioms and First-
elans TiiiiluK It.mm Sariipto Kooms for ffontnier*
-l.it Men.
MRS. K. V. ttf.AKKK, Proprietress
The well known
Ottr BooH.ni'deii is
tho Finest in the
West Transfer Co.
(ieneml Te-unBtern nud Denlers in
(lunl ntiil Woo .   Exprutw nud
PnggnKe Trnnster
K'tr.?,-  Office: Baker St.
Choice Frtiit
58 Acres and
50 Acres.
������������ Both Pleas of Land Nor Nelson
Olonriim light nntl will excellent.
Very easy terms on payment tan be arrnnned.
Phono 247.   OHIce next Canadian Bank of Oommerre.   P. O. Box 896.
We have Improved and Unimproved Ranches for   .
Sale ou the Kootenay and Slocan Lakes, Slocan
Valley and Nelson District.
Before purchasing call
and examine our list.
H. & M. BIRD
iNsuHANca   Real Estate and Mining
Manager for the Kootenay Valleys Company, Ltd.
DMi'Rt e.��tniilit.lted Real Kslnti-
Btisines-H in Knotenny.
Nelson, B. C.
. ��*�������"����*�� '>**A***'**lMl^^^VllV^vrvv^^vyvvvyvlA)VlAA<>iVlnuuc^^
I have for Sale the Choicest
Frait Lands in this district.
Must of it silent.' on the West Ann nnd Main Lake,
foro yon decide to locate.
See me be-
S. M. BRYDGES, inpe��ockbank
We Will sSefl.
20 Marconi-Canadian for $60.oo.
McDetmid & McHardy
Choice Fruit
I Have (0,000 Acres
of the
Choicest Frait Lands in
British Columbia.
Can sell any quantity from 5 acres to 2,000 in one block.
Buy now and get the ground floor prices.
J. E. ANNABLE,    -    Nelson, B. C.
Wholesale snd Retail Dealers in
Fresh and Salted Meats
G(imp8 supplied on shortcut notice and
lowest priee. Nothing but fresh nnd
wholesome peats and supples kept in stock
Mnil orders receive ciirefi.1 attention.
E. C. TRAVES,  Manager.
Thompson & Douglas
i*Aiivrt:i*�� nnd
Hlun  Wrltl.is ts Speclnlty.
Wssll l>i.per uml liurlitp.
Vint OIiish Hi'titiiiK Pliuttti uml Modern
Stittttttry ApplittiiceK.
Phone 181, Opera House Bile. Box 401
90 Day Round Tri*
Judo l ****
Winnipeg, Pt. Arthur,
Duluth, St. Paul.
Through Exotireion Bates
Toronto, Montreal,
Maritime Provinces,
New York, New England
on application.
Datpa of sale : June 4, 6, 7, 23, 25;
July 2, 3;   Aug. 7, 8, 9;    Sept. 8. 10.
Tickets subject to usual variations ot
route and Include meals and berth on
C. P. It. steamers on Oreat Lakes.
Full particulars from
D. P. Agent, Nelson, B. C. The Daily Canadian, Jane 25, 1906
Our Souvenir Spoons are the
Best You Can Find,
,.r   ,    **~      We have about 80 different kinds,
mmMmmmm-��-1.  - --     jy ;g[j|.jjUg .tIMi Kumiii'i, ranging
in price from (JOeta t6 *'.' 50 oooh, and most of ihem nre new designs.
J11 Pins, Brneulets, Knives, Tmys, Pnper Gutters, etc , we have
all the latest Canadian and Nolson Sunvonlrs.      If you are
looking for n Sonvenir we cannot fail to suit you.
Mail orders receive prompt and careful atteutiou.
M \N! I'Ai TI'ttlN
��� ��������������������������������*��* �����������!.�� **<���*'��� �������������
Three Big Leaders!
For Hot
"The Store of Sweets."
Fruits, Confetttonery and
Ice Cream.
llitkir St.
NIOl.SUV, J)  0,
! Monseratt Lime Juice!
Cooling nml licl'tvliiiii.'
Welch's Grape Juice |
To nne i|ii!irt Hweeteiipil lemon* X
arte add one tumbler (I rape ���
.Tuieo, and you have a dolfoions?
beverage, ' 1
Morton's Raspberry   :
Vinegar j
The only genuine We havej
others huttnesearethesi ason'e t
favourites. *
Bell Trading|
"cA <Tip" for a
" Canadian Mo rn ing.**
Kootenay Coffee
| Joy's Cash Grocery
14 Pound Boxes 23c per pound
2S Pound Boxes 27c per pound
JOY'S Cash Grocery
Oor.Jotephlneaod mui Bti.     I bone 10
Ice Cream Sodas.
The Fines! in the Land.
<^..,r. v��t*non .....I Ward struwt.*.,
.1  PBED HUME, Proprlotor.
A W Goodenough, il Qlegerich, Kaslo; A C Lockhead, (i P Cathrea, P P
Wilson. Vancouver; .1 A Gordon, K s
Day, G II Brown, Victoria; A 11 sin-
uttit. Montreal; T x.-.-vin. P Green, To
ronto; C II Captain, Bombay; 1) B
Potbertngbam, Spokane; 1. J Juber,
Victoria; P Adle, Waneta; .1 M Miller,
Trout Uke; K J McLaughlin, Dulutb;
T A Hollenrake, Toronto; T HoIIen-
rake, Brantford,
I I. Retallack, Knslo; I) Wilson, P I,
Undsay, Winnipeg; t: Bronnell, t; l<
Until. New Rocbford; B (i WaUon,
Spokane; Dr. w N Gunning, Rossland;
.1 l> Anderson, II C Cornish, t: A Ken-
nington and wife, Trail; (l o Buoban,
mi, Kaslo; s Pblpps, Revelstoke; .1
Dean, Victoria; S Murray and wife,
Midway: P I. Hammond, Lethbrldge;
li P Strobeck, T Hooker,, Spokane; T
il EBndloott, Tacuma.
A E Stewart, M Murphy, Kaslo; .1 W
Bennett, Y"ahk; Miss N. Strachan, Gala'
Bbielg; i; Spencer, Edinburgh; -I ll
Blgelow, Bay City; Mrs. nml Miss Morgan, Philadelphia; II It Trevelyan,
Rossland; C Kins;, Vancouver; T M
Shortrldgo, Chicago; t) A Sutherland,
n \ Peate, .1 li bayeux, Ottawa; t: F
Barton, Toronto; Mrs. Leese, bholt;
Miss a Smith, Eholt; w t; Small, Cran
hrook; I. Keete, Yiulr.
i n Wilson, ii M Gates, Vancouver;
r a Reed, Bonnington; Mis. T Garvey,
llnsworlh; 11 McHiail, Moyle; ll \'v
Panel!, Slocan: 'I' Melrose, Grand
Torts; .] a Gibson, Bonnington; i; t;
Williams nnil sou. Pernio.
C Smith, A Helme, Cranbrook; I)
Weldln, Phoenix;  I) Henderson, Rosa.
F si. John, Kaslo; (' I. Johnson, Brio;
T Tipping, Koch Siding; -1 J Worth,
Calgary; C I. Johnson, Brie; .1 W De-
aney, Cttla; 11 Dewar, Sirdar; G \
Blake, Calgary.
John Williams, Montreal;  T Puree,
0 II Snrvoy, Toronto; T M May London; W M Gllmore, Wostley; I' [l
Miii lull. .1 Eddy, Calumet.
R Murphy, II Mason, Trail: ll Row
!��� y, ll Scott, Revelstoke; .1 Sutherland,
Brandon; S Howard, Spokane; II Bron-
"ni.  Winnipeg.
It    Tullmore,    Bdgewood;    .1  Nelll,
irlo;   K c Jones, I.   .1 Jones,   SHcnn
Junction;   ll  P  Hammond, Colvllle; ('
PI  Spenco.  Boundary;    T  Rock, Clin
vlllo; E Pecord, Poorman mine.
It E Troubrldge,    .1 Boyd,   Sproulo
Creek:  .1 Nicholson. Kaslo;  W A  Cal-
dor, Edgewood;  11 Williams, Thirteen
'li'"  T"i"':  w A Mead, Bholt,	
Bos wanted Immediately, aged 16;
Dermani ul Job, to work on steam launch
and do chores in garden, etc. Further
iiartlculars from \v. j). Busk, rixini Nn.
I, K. W. C. block, between the hours of
1 nnil ���: p. ui. 1'xrepi Saturday.
Born  Sundaj   tiiKhi   to Ihe  wife    of
Wiittam Johnston, Mill street, n son.
The only case In tho city police court
this morning waa thai of n "piano player," who waa fined tho usual $i"i   and
a letter received from tho registrar
of Toronto llnivorslty stales that It. K
Wallace, of Nelson high school, standa
Becond in the lis) of Bccond-vonr stu
dents al tin* university.
The regular general mooting of the
80,000 club will be held in the board
ni' trade rooms tomorrow night al S;30
I. (;. Nelson, of tho entertainment commit ti e, will I'Qjiori on tho arrangements I'H the cxi urslon on Thursday
by iin- Btnamer Kaslo. A lively debate
is promlsi il on - uggostlona for future
action by tho club, h Is felt by many
members thai while the work undertaken so far hns been well don . olhei
tne I lea should bo adopted during, the
mi nl ha ut' travel,
For ono wt'i'i; ending Juno 28th Kir
iih'ss ladles In costume can have Hii
tings  I'M-  photographs  froe of  clinrge,
Dili'Miinl nl' lhe sum realized from "I'll.Ts from those sittings will bo given
io the Ifbrnrj fund,
Wo have Jusl received n shipment ol
ShlrrlfT's Jolly Powder in the following
N%'Sic! Cherry
Pine Apple
Telephone 101.
For Everything Good
tn Smoke.
Imported and Domestic Cigars, Tobaccos.
Do Yon Know Thuriiuii'.s Special Mixture?
Tlie Latest Modem Appliances
now in use at this
Baker Street.     -     NELSON.
Monday, June 25th
Maharas' Mammoth Minstrel
25 Colored Stores 2S
Pn-M-iitiiiK tin- olevereaf featnrosof
Minstrelsy, Opera and Vantlevllle.
Mnlium's Ohallenge Band and Orohostra,
Watoh for 1% Street Parndo.
Usnal in-iii's.   Seats ou Saloat Ktithtr-
ford's Siiitii'diiv.
Household Fcrnitare
TUESDAY, JUNE 26th, at 1 P. m.
Aciing under instructions front Byron 15. Sharp, we will on tile abovodato
sell in auction all ol his valuable house,
hold furniture tn bis residonce on Mill
street, between Hondry* and Cedar.
Complete Furniture fur a 5-roometl
cottngo, 2 bedroonis, drawing room,
dining room and  kllehpn.
Goods on view morning of ihr Bale.
C A, Waterman & Co,
The Store of Quality
The Good Old
Summer Time
ir you want to keep cool the best way
to do so is to Im; some of our
Hot Weather Drinks
Our stock is complete and you enn
find almost anything you wanl here.
Lime Juice
Champagne Older
Crape Juice
Lemon Squash
Raspberry Vinegar
Thorpe's Aerated Waters
Mason's Lemonade Crystals
Mason's Herb 11. or
K. w. c. Block . Phone 10
We have jum opened up ;i Btocli ol
Princess   Enamelled   Ware
Imported Direct*
We have Tea and Coffee Pols, Cream Pitchers, Cups, Saucers and  Plntei   In
all laiit-y ami delicate shades lhal resemble s tie C'h iittwaio     lusl
lhe Ihlug for camping.    Won'l   break
si:i: our window
(NEL.SON, it. C
Hot Weather Drinks
Morton's Raspberry
Quart Bottles   -   65c
Pure Grape Juice
Quarts   -   -   -    70c
Lime Juice
Quarts   -   -   -   50c
C* A* Benedict
Corner Silica and Josephlno 8ts.
Soda  Fountain
in town at the
Hazlewood Parlor
Try our Double Jersey
A Fine Assortment of Fruits,
Nuts and Confectionery.
Phone 206.
Surrounded ���>,>��� Books
Help* mightily io pass vacation days
pleasantly.    It is easy to gel
by patronizing this Btore. The cream
ni' the new books as the) come out are
to be found on our shelves.
We have jusl receivei! flny Thome's
new book, "Made in Hfs [mage," Cloth.
$1.50. We win procure for you any
hook you  want.
W. G. Thomson
y^vaT  Nelson, I!. C.
Phone .n.
A futi line of Crockery,
Clitn.i and lil/i.sswtiru.
A!'tt Bf�� i u\ Hiiiitl '-tif.lv 0f Kvtrv DeM,Mp<
tion.  V"   11 ,. p ii tin R<i rtiand ietl %\
i.i.Mfi I'rfrei In Town,
BtkerPI . i cxi to - r H Ticket Ofllce.
And Builder
Sulo npi'tit for the Porto Rico Lmmbor
Uo., Ltd., rt'tnil yurtls.
Rough ntnl dri'ssi'il Inmbor, t uriinl work
mid taaokote, Oonsl huh and Rhiuglos,
sash ,'ttiil (ltmrs.
Ci'ttu'itt, litirk tttiil limp for Bftie.   Auin-
iniitiii j.'i'iiuh r.
Cm -i/i i/ti.ii
'i,.     ' ;   :'���'.,/spiritsindtlight
BipJtk il,:.-./,.'.'!,,.Vv-/}i kiX',���,/lim.
[SQ1).\ g:      3\yAi^:R j
it.Hi the drlnkiFervedRtom Boda PounUln
ha i tonic propertlen boiMci rein ihln�� ���
We uteotilj n ui trutl ijrupi nf the flnfit
quftJIty ppuuiHin.counter, glutei mil
receptaclei ��r.- k.-,.i icrnpalouily ole��n
Yard and factory Vcnon. St..
east of Hall.
P. I) llnx 889
Ti'li'iihi.np 178.
Nelson, B, C.
Thn regular fortnightly mooting nr
the liiy counoll will he held In the city
hall tomorrow nlghl tit s o'clock,
Old Curiosity Shop
If you wanl to buy or bi ii anything
Co to the Old Curiosity Shop.  A  new
Hi i Japanese Goods now on sale All
Minis   nr   Dlnnerwtire in   stock.   Pat-
High Grade Chocolates, Gum,
Candies and Fruit.
Thorpe's ni��� cool drinks       rmnohai
put up ti specinlty.
W.J. Walker,   Sft
Comfortable Shirts
n shin Is comfortable, hm n   takes tn, exnorl .��� ,,
".���-v""i ,"''*,'' l"'"1 ind thoroughly
Zt��T Ky" (;1 s """  "ill
Our Sta-Zon Will Suit You
.1KWKU.KK     and     OPTIOIAM
Is ,i neoeMIti hi every well regulatH bonis. Our clock., c.m 1.1 ������.. i......
nfdoslgu .hi!; >i,s,iiiit.' hi " nt,.' v u ilm. keaners.   "'.. i,,,,,,.     ,""'"i
nlottrfi k.  iii.vin.-  lus'to trlctyol.lrlo,  umt���",f
\y> Hii'i uiiirni. .,1 ti ni ��� nun n..i ones.    w,. ���, .; ,,r ���;��� ,,
^ IsmuuilittleHitin !.����� m milt it r.i.  Comslt htj              Ml
  ' |
**���***���****���*********���*+���+****��*****.*���***>****.��� 4     ~ I
 :i)   CARLOAD   (
��� .ii ST   RECEIVED   OAWI.OAI)   op   rmjl
��� MOST UTTDMTTTTnr               il
:   I
: Standard Ftstnitiste Companyjl
��� uum* RiwhTisnaj Ct'iiipklc House Furnishers .ind Dndotikoj  il
��� i��sl run...i ��� Msltri ������ II
��� i    .1. ����� ."I kr B..-.1   i .  i. ' ...,> ,,ii.l nit,.,' I'lirtiiinii' J|
********.***************** ****** 4>**����******,,,t tut.. jl
stUNDMCTDRKRU Or  111K . i;aw pailll
Repairing and Jobbing a Specialty
Sheotatotal Work, i lutings, Builders' Material uml Mining nml Hill MscUm
oilii'f .'mil Wmk- Pool "f Part st.
Phone    Jl I I,
Nets. ���,. It. g.
I He Ashdown Hardware Co., L|
Wi' wimlil inviti- vim tn Intpeol iittr lnr��i. nud varied ito k nf
N ed tn Mifl'.'t' from beat if jron
uill only run and art i
�����% Hot Weather Requisite
Storo cijh'ii fmni T n.in. tod p
im. every .|:iy exoop, Imliilarx innl Bonds
~"-~~~ B. A.  ISAAC J. A.  HONEVMAN"~>^aav
i.'etv.i, ins mid Jobbing Macutwt with i MMpatoh. Sh.ol Me
>\...k. rVflntntrand Mill Meiuhliiapy.     Mssnutautursirssol
.jfu Uor��, u. iv.   Contrnutora* Carts.
| Don't Forget we are SEMI - READY        j
J Haters       Qothing
MANUFACTURERS   T <. C4 *       1
AND DEALERS IN    LtimDCf,   billtiglCSf
Loth, Mouldlngrs, Doors. Windows.
I urncd \V,,rk nnd li.-,.ck��t��. MMJi (,���,,.��� ���r f.th nil ml��� ���<���'
VBRNON 8TRBBT  ���  -  .  Nl IUSON, 1��. C.
Iiave demonstrated to ns, and if yon will let ua make yea
one sun we'll convince yon that the clothes wc
make are superior to fill other makes
in ivory detail of
Hii.li-lltiiLu T...1...... ^
High-Ohuu lallora,
Bakor St., Noliott, H H
Carpet Sweepers
A.-o Aoknowl��UirsKi  t,, i,e without  n Hlvnl'
\>i: son  ii.li.1.
Wood-Vallance Hardware CbY ^'


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