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The Daily Canadian Aug 28, 1907

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Array L:..,..,*..���e ^
SEP 3. 1907
V?CrORIA, B-9^
\%\)z  Jktiljj   ��ana&fcm
iLI'MH   2.      NO.   73.
Fiftt Cunts a Month
Premier of Newfoudland
|adoa Opinion Considers Reference
to Hague Best Way Oot of
Unhappy Tangle.
million, Alt'****. 2.S.���The conclusion  to
fcmit tin- N-wluuudlaud  fisheries dla-
to arbitration  ul  The   Hague  und
T negotiations pending with the view
Ireucwiiu! the modus vivendl to cover
.-ear's fishing  season,  have  called
th little comment here, except In the
L-re opposed    tu    the     government.
H1I1 attempts to make political capl-
uut ol the question, alleging that the
lernuii'iit Is prepared to sacrifice the
\n.u uf the colony to maintain the
dwlll of thu United Slates.
���ran  these   papers,   however,   admit
t the wbmiaelon of the question to
Hague  Is   the  best   solution   avail*
ut   the     wearisome   controversy,"
I that aotne temporary  arrangement
It be made    until     tbe   arbitrators
lh a di-clitun.   The other pupera, ap-
���ntiy, ar.   awaiting some announce-
|t fmm Foreign Secretary Grey, who
1 tar has declined to be drawn out
1 Tubers   ul   Parliament,   confining
fell to thi* same reply to all ques-
uii the subject, namely, "the ne-
atiuus an* prut-ceding."
officials of the Foreign Offlce
IroiiHilcni that an arrangement ac-
kble tn all parties will shortly be
lludecl. The Newfoundland pre-
Slr Robert Bond already has
u a more conciliatory attitude
|rd the proiKialtlon to renew the
Vivendi wllh modifications,
lh tlie Associated Press Is inflrmed
��� not uf a radical nature. The For-
j Offlce Is now awaiting Sir Robert's
lite proposals, which will be silb-
fil to Si-cretary of State Koot im-
llati'ly   attar  their  arrival.
|arjah of   Bikaner   Dlaposes of  Tale
' Sympathy with Discontent and
expense of the princes for the defence
of the Empire. On more than one occasion Bince, these troops proved their
prowess, Bhouldor to shoulder with His
Majesty's white soldiers.
In the paBt few years, large additional
contributions to Imperial defence have
been made by the Indian princes. What
self-interest prompted these gifts? Did
the princes expect large grants of territory, knowing that the Indian government has land to give? Did thoBe native
rulers who. from one cause or another,
were unable to Join ln the contributions
suffer at the hands of a grasping and
lorcigu government? Ten yeum ago,
wheu there was trouble on the Indian
frontier, and the Tlrah campaign was
fought, the Maharajah of 1'atiala. the
Maharajah Rona, of Dholpur. risked
their lives on the field. In addition,
the trrjops of the Uwallor, Jahpur, Jaipur. I'atlala, Nabha, Kapurthala, Nahun
and others states had their fair share
of the fighting. In 1900 the Maharajah
Sclndla, of Gwallor, sent out a magnificent hospital ship to China, at a cost of
about $700,000, and In the Chinese campaign many other native chiefs gave
signal proofs of their devotion to the
llrltlBh crown.
The grief of the Indian empire at the
death of Queen Victoria, tbe enthusiasm with which an all-Indian memorial
was raised to her memory, the anxiety
ever King Edwards illneBs bo soon after
his accession to the throne, and the Joy
with which tidings of his recovery were
hailed in India, are all facts tbat Indicate a very strong feeling of loyalty to
the Royal person and House. Indeed.
It is the fashion of the native to devote
himself to theae rather than to less
personal forms, such as as the government, the empire, the constitution, etc.
But the most striking argument ln favor
of the Maharajah's contention is the attitude of the princes and rajahs, aa a
class, at tbe time of the great Mutiny.
With a few exceptions the royal families of India remained staunch supporters of the British government, an
example of gallant loyalty that should
never be forgotten.
That there ia room for Improvement
and reform in some of the relations
of the British government with the
Indian empire is admitted by the
Maharajah, but he ls confident that Mr.
Morley and Lord Mlnto are trying to
lessen friction and Improve In may ways
the existing machinery. But the existence of cause for minor grievances Is,
in the opinion of the Maharajah, no
reason for supposing the Indian population and particularly the native princes
to be disloyal, and to be planning a
regime ln which the English shall have
no part. He Bays: "There can never
be any workable independent federation of native States, satisfactory to all
concerned. If ever a federation came
Into being, lt could only work under
the helping hand of the BritlBh government." As far as the Indian chiefs
and princes are concerned, they are to
be reckoned aa the firmest champions
of British supremacy in the Indian Empire.
"A Thlavea' Supper."
British Socialist's Description of Hague
the  past    few   months   much   has
i In-art! of the unrest  In India, and
���mpraailon  has been made that the
Indian  I-lmplre  was tn a serious
uf unrest,   waiting  only   a  leader
*  against uhe British government.
(Writer    i���     Blackwood's    mngnzine
Id   tills   view,   and   expressed   the
^l"U   that,   u   u   luidy.   the   native
****** were chafing under the llrltlsh
that only si'lMnlcrost made them
n.' It sn Ionic, and that they were,
art. In sympathy with the Iobb dls-
Hu hi* charges n powerful, and ���toll refutation Ih made by the Mahar-
I ul lllkaner.  In  the  London  Times.
Maharajah   denounces   the   Black-
fl article as libellous und nilschlev-
;iiul  then   proceeds  lo  show   from
17 how erroiHKius or malicious are
|<*"iiHuslonH.    He points out that at
Present  time,   when   tho   people   of
llanii   are   beginning   to   take   more
f1*01"  In   Indlnn  affairs,   lt   Ib  highly
"nut that they ahnulil not be mis-
He then goes on to say that the
���Hon In tha i>���njal> Is confined to a
' s'liilodiicnted persons, and that the
��� vi's ut   large  have   no   share  ln  lt.
J for lhe princes, their only regret Is
������ they have not the patriotic task of
Toping it out.
fume of tho Incidents mentioned by
Maharajah to disprove the charge
���' the disloyalty of the chiefs, where
lis not fiction. Ib Inspired wholly
i si'lf-luterest, are worth hearing In
���"-1* At the tlmo of the Panjdct
��",' wh''** " m-noured that war with
��� was Imminent, widespread ns
P'""'" fr"n* 'he native princes ln the
AW of soldiers and money poured In
l, ���mP'"*.*��l aulhorllloB, and, though
I'"""1 l>ns��ed away, it waa respon-
V "r ih,, spontaneous contribution
I     Mg�� body or magnificently equip-
l��l "avalhi'l?""'-:" fr,,m the beBt ">tt*
Ns-n 1. V,h.*' ���mPB'-ial Service
"'     ��'"J maintained nt Ihe peraonnl
Highwayman Gets Seven
Kenneth Murray  Pays Dearly for
"Hold Up"���Two House Breakers Get 23 Months.
Stuttgart, Aug. 28.���-The police thla
evening ordered a Brltlah delegate to
the International Socialistic Congreas.
name Quelch, to leave Wurtemburg
within ten houra. At yesterday's meeting of the congresB Quelch referred to
the peace conference at The Hague aB
"a thieves' supper." at which the governments were arranging how to carry
on murder and exploitation all over the
world as cheaply as possible.
Tho documents ordering Quelch*a expulsion said that his explanation of the
objectionable remark waB not satisfactory, quelch decided to comply with
Ihe order without resistance, bo as not
to bring the conference In conlllct with
the authorities. If he defied the order
he would be expelled forcibly, and If
he afterwards returned he would be
liable to six weekB' Imprisonment.
The British delegation had Invited
their comrades to a social gathering
this evening and occasion was setjort
upon to give an ovation to Quelch. who
wus the hero of the moment. Hon*
Hebel. the well known Oerman Socialist, expressed regret to the British dele
gnleB for the expulsion or Quelch. Bay
Ing that although the incident was un
precedentcd In Wurtemburg, similar oc
currenceB were only loo frequent In Germany. He hoped that noise day they
would all meet  In a  free Germany.
Quelch la editor of Justice, an  English Socialist Journal.
Earthquakes In Martinique.
Fort Do Franco. Island of Martinique.
Aug.   88.���A  strong   oarthquake   shock
was folt hero at 12.15 P. m. yesterday.
No damage has neon reported.
Explosion on  Battleship.
Lisben, Aug. 28.���An explosion of
gas occurred today on board the Portugese battleship Vaaco da Gama. Sevoral
sailors were injured but no Iobb of lifo
has heen reported.
" '.
Kalaer'f Horse Slipped.
Hanovpr, Prussia, Aug. 28.���As Emperor ���Wllltom waa saluting the veterans at the review held here yesterday,
hlB horaa slipped and fell throwing His
Majosty to the ground. He urose immediately without asBlstance und unhurt, mounted another horse and continued tho rovlew.
Magistrate Crease had serious offen-
ses to deal with in the city police court
this morning and he dealt with them
John Boyd and Frank I^iwrence were
charged with having broken into H.
Stongater's room in the No Place, breaking open a trunk and stealing a gramophone which they afterwards sold.
Uoyd pleaded guilty, and I^awrence's
attempt at delence was short lived.
Each was sentenced to 23 months in
gaol with hard labor.
Kenneth Murray, aged about 30, was
charged with having on tbe night ot
Aug. 19th with another "held up" an
Italian named Curninlki. Tbe case has
afforded occupation to the city police
for a week. Curntnikl told his story to
Sergt. Wightman shortly after the robbery occurred. But he was excited and
hla English ls Imperfect. He could give
no description of any of his assailants.
His chief loss was a cheque on the
Bank of Montreal which he bad already
Murray waa npprehended at the time
but he had no cheque, ttor had it been
presented for payment. Curnlnlkl's
story was Incoherent and uncorroborated, while Mr. Sturgeon, of the Club
hotel, was sure that Murray was in his
room at the time of the alleged robbery
which occurred near the court house.
Consequently the sergeant released his
Shortly after the cheque was presented at the bank and cashed hy a clerk
who had been warned of the circumstances but had forgotten. With very-
little to work on Sergeant Wightman
began his hunt which ended with the
capture In Spokane yesterday, and his
return here this morning.
Murray pleaded guilty and was sen
fenced to seven years In the provincial
On hearing his Benlenre Murray broke
down and sobbed. Later he became
violent, fought agalnat returning to hlf
cell and made attempts on his own life
Manacles and ankle, chains were placed
on him und a guars' maintained.
president, may honestly think that the
further the government Ib removed from
the jieople. the better It will be, but a
.leffersonian Democrat does not cherish
any such delusion. Even Ihe Hamilton-
Ian Republican ought to hesitate to
trust congress with any more power
while the United States senatoi-B are ���
elected by legislatures."
W.    J.     Bryan    Criticizes    Centralizing
Policy of Roosevelt Especially on
Railway   Regulation.
Lincoln. Neb.. Aug. 28���William J
Dryan. commenting ou the president!
last speech, said:
The president has nl last disclosed
Ms scheme for centralization al which
he has hinted In former speeches. In
hlB Provlncotown. Mass., address he
proposes the nationalization of railroads
and other corporations engaged In interstate commerce. Here Is the secret,
it ls out at Inst.
"StateB are denouncing the corpora
tlonB, and the corporations demand Fed
eral protection. The president thinks
action is most pressing as regards those
corporations which, because they are
common curriers, exercise a qunsl public function. Tho States have been enacting two-cent fare laws nnd laws reducing freight rales, nnd the railroad
managers demand lhat they shall be
relieved from further fear or such login
latlon. The president's liamlltonlnn
Ideas make him nn easy victim and lie
yields to the entreaties of tho railroads,
"If It was the public he sought to
protect, ho would recommend Federal
remedies which would not Interfere with
state remedies���but It Is the railroads,
not the public, that demands the removal of authority to Washington. Tho
Democrats can be depended upon to
oppose with all their might this movement towards centralization. If any
Democrat wavorB, his constituents
should look Into his business relntlons
nnd see whether he ls under obligations
to the railroads.
"A Humlltimiun  Republican, like the
Unfortunate  Fanatics'  Pilgrimage  Ends
at Kenora.
Kenora, Aug. 28���Another chapter in
the Doukholwrs' life began this afternoon. After their day's labor at blueberry picking yesterday a conclave was
held among them at night, when the
question of moving their quarters was
discussed, being Intermingled with
sungB for guidance. Their then, but
now no longer guide, endeavored to dissuade them from making the Journey
eastward by the railway track, advising
the taking and paying for a short
journey, and afterwards footing it. His
advice was unheeded, and appearances
indicated that another meeting took
place without his aid.
The abdication of the town took
place early In the morning, and the
besieging army of Douks, after traversing the precincts, obtained iiossession
of the line of railway march about three
miles off.
Telegraphic communication to the
station acquainted the authorities with
this fact about noon, when preporations
were at once made to bring the brigade
of reserves consisting of Chief of Police
Dalgeish and Deputy Chown. Resident
Engineer Ogllvie, of the C. P. R., together with a few of their selected and
trusted corporals to checkmate the
movement by arresting them for wilful
The last party departed for the scene
of action about 3.30 In a special armored
train, and after throwing out scouts
the enemy were sighted at a place called Margach. To the apparent disgust
of the attackers the brave Douks laid
down their bundles, and surrendered
after offering up prayer for the souls of
the victors. They were brought to
Kenora ln a freight car, and are now
locked up. The charge against them
will be heard at the police court In the
morning. Aa anticipated, their so-called
yulde was non-est, and he is believed to
have quit the town, with possibly the
United States May Attack Harrlman by
Civil Action.
Washington, Aug. 28.���E. H. Harrlman and his railroad deals are still the
objects of department of Justice atten
tlon. and there is no certainty that prosecution will be escaped on the finding
of the recent Interstate commerce commission investigation, ln Attorney Gen
eral Bonaparte's conference with Spec
lal Counsel F. B. Kellogg of St. Paul,
it was learned that Harrlman ls by no
means out of the woods, Attorney Gen
eral Bonaparte stating that the report
of the interstate commerce commission
regarding Harrlman and hla Palflc roads
Is still under serious consideration.
The attorney general will neither ad
mlt nor deny that ho|ie has been aban
doned of getting action criminally
against Harrlman. There ia tho possl
blllty that the results of compelling Mr.
Harrlman to answer questions he refused to answer when before the Inter
slate commerce commission tnuy lead
to developments lhat. will suggest line.-.
of action heretofore obscured.
In connection with the possibility of
Instituting receivership proceedings
ugulnst the Harrlman lines of the fai
west, a queBtlon that ls now being con
sldered Is the equitable Interest that
the government tnuy have In the Pacific railroads. The roads have been subject to such peculiar leglBlatlon that tho
government nuiy find itself able to
move, as tnlghl nny stockholder who
felt that his Interests were Jeopardized,
lt was atated lhat this phase of the
matter was being studied with care at
Broken Down Artist.
New York, Aug. 28.���George Heln-
kcnahlosz, once an artist of merit and
whose pictures are Bald to adorn many
local drawing rooms, was picked up
from Iho gutter of u street leading from
the Bowery last night wllh a fractured
skull that is likely to cause hla death.
Helnkenshlosz, now an old man, had In
latter yoars become known aa the "Bowery artist." Reverses aud dissipation
havo driven blni to the Bowery and he
has been earning a bare living by making crayon drawings and selling them
whenever he could.
McQulgan Seriously III.
New York, Aug. 2K.- -A despatch from
Portland, Maine, states that F. H. Me*
(lu'gan, who resigned his position us
vice president of the Great Northorn
railroad because of difficulties with .1.
J. Hill, is seriously III with intestinal
British Parliament Has
No Rest for Ministers���Work Begins
at Once for Next Session���
Will Fight the Lords.
London, Aug. 28.���With picturesque
old time ceremonial the British parliament was prorogued today, thus ending
one of the longest and most arduous
sessions, during which the royal assent
was given to over sixty hills which the
two houses passed. The members of
the house of commons assembled at
noon and shortly after they were summoned to the House of Lords where the
king's speech was read. The statements
made were of the usual character, referring to the recent royal visit and the
friendly relations existing between
Great Britain and the other powers, the
conclusion of the agreement with Spain
and the conference at The Hague, concluding with a review of the most important bills passed during the session.
While the prorogation enables the private members of parliament to proceed
to the enjoyment of their holidays, the
ministers have prepared a long programme for themselves. The president
of the board of trade, Mr. Lloyd George,
and the president of the local government board, Mr. Burns, are going to
Germany where they will study trade
developments and social reforms with
a view to the Introduction in Great
Britain of some of the German methods.
The under secretary of the colonies,
Winston Spencer Churchill, is starting
for Uganda, returning by the Nile.
For the campaign for the reform of
the House of Lords all of them will re
assemble in London during the month
of November to place the work of the
next session, which, if the promises are
carried out, will be busier than the one
Just closed and bring nearer to a climax
the conflict between the House of Commons and the House of Lords.
Sweeping reforms will be introduced,
chief of which will be the licensing and
education bills and the proposed housing reform and regeneration of the port
of London. These measures are ready
to be introduced into parliament when
it reassembles early In the next year.
As soon as one bill is passed another
will be presented, thus avoiding the
criticisms levelled at the chief measures
of the past session that the legislation
was hastily prepared and that the Lords
were not given time to fully consider
the hills brought before the upper house.
Uncertainty   at    Dawson    Has   Caused
Neglect to Lay In Usual Store
of Supplies.
after Import their own supplies. In the
past they have been the biggest consumers in the territory, and the withdrawal
of their patronage ' from the local merchants will make no little difference in
the size of the orders for future consumption.
During /^.summer the shipments of
freight hav '*V��,t for the most part
conlinod to co ^/*ion material, and
barely sufficient t *6?* to keep the
camp going, scarcely "*��?> f the merchants taking advantage % - '*\�� commodity rate for midsummer ->nts
to get in their staples that cotj; aave
been lorwarded then just as well as
two months later.
Within the past few days some very
large orders have been wired out, but
if the river continues to fall at the
rate it is going down now there may be
difficulty in getting in everything that
is expected. A '97 famine in 1907 would
be an oddity, but it is not impossible,
thou-h highly improbable.
Never in the ten year's history of the
navigation of the upper Yukon has the
water been at as low a stage as it is
at the present time, considering the
time of the year, and that is yet over
two months before the close of the river.
And what is worse the river is still falling at the rate of an inch and a half a
day, and the skippers of the White Pass
fleet are wondering what is going to
come next.
They cannot account for the low
water except that there has been litle
or no rain during the summer, and the
side streams are consequently dwindling down to mere rivulets. The landing barges at the city docks are bent
farther out in the water than they generally are at the last of September.
All the steamers are now coining
down the river with but half a cargo
and yet every one of them drags the
bottom at Kirkman, Hellgate and Five
Fingers. The Selkirk, on her last trip,
had but 180 tons, and she should have
carried 280. The barges are also carrying less than they would if the water
were deeper.
Dawson. Aug. 28.���Local dealers who
keep themselves In touch with the markets and the supply of various commodities in sight and known to be en
route, are somewhat worried at the tardiness of the forwarding of the ordera
for winter consumption, and fear that
unless mutters In that direction are
greatly expedited, nnd that very quickly, Dawson will find herself short on
more articles than merely cream and
butter, us was the case In the spring
Just after tho opening of navigation.
"Do you know," snld one of the principal wholesalers yesterday, "we have
been living from hand to mouth all summer, and the camp today is in but lltt.e
better condition as to having a surplus
00 hand than it was before the river
opened In the spring? It Is a fact, and
unless some big rush orders are sent
in soon there will be all kinds of a
scramble for certain lines before the
winter is over.*'
Asked the reason for such a condition, the reply was made that the camp
being In a period of transition, no one
srems to know just to what extent to
order. Then, too, there is a matter of
credit that has worried quite a few,
the outside wholesalers appearing to
fear tho risk was Increasing a�� the
richer creeks became worked out, and
so much of the country fell Into the
hands of the few.
Another mutter that has delayed the
placing of winter orders Is the roport
that the Consolidated people will here
Moroccan   Coast   Quiet   but   Tribes  at
War in  Mountains.
Casablanca, Aug. 28.���(Tuesday) ���
General Drude, the French commander,
has decided to despatch a portion of
his army about five miles south of
Casablanca to a position near Taddert,
where he will endeavor to draw the
Moors into a trap.
The police officials here today opened
the preliminary trial of fifty-three prisoners, charged with assassination, robbery, pillage or connivance with the
hostile Moors.
Tangier, Aug. 28.���Advices received'
here today from Fez say the Zerahana
tribe recently attacked and defeated a
column of the Sultan's troops sent to
collect tribute from the tribesmen.
Twenty of the Sultan's soldiers were
killed during the fighting.
Frnit Farm Acquired by
London Editor
J. T. Bealby Purchases Property of
F. M. Black for Permanent
Kinfauns, the big fruit ranch three
miles east of Nelson on the shore of the
West Arm, owned for the last three
yars by F. M. Black, has been acquired
"by J. T. Bealby, late of London, Eng.
The Kinfauns propeerty is about 122
acres In extent, part of which, however,
is rocky mountain side. About 20 acres
has been under fruit for many years,
and at least 20 acres more arecapable
of cultivation. The products of Kinfauns have always been excellent and
have formed an Important part of every
fruit exhibit sent from Nelson.
Mr. Bealby will be an acquisition to
Nelson. He was editor of llarmswurth's
Encyclopedia, and was also connected
with A. and C. Black, publishers, of
Edinburgh. Fruit growing has always
been a hobby with him and he has Indulged in it for years successfully. It
was the sight of the Kootenay fruit exhibit ln Lonodon that finally decided
bim to come to British Columbia and
make his hobby his profession. He arrived in Nelson last March and purchased a tract of land near Bonningtcn. But
���he soon decided that he would prefer
a developed property where his knowledge of fruit growing would be of service, to a tract which must take years
to clear and plant. The agreement for
the sale was concluded about six weeks
Mr. Bealby takes possession on Oct.
1st. Mr. Black reserves the right to
build and maintain for his own use a
summer cottage on the beach in front
of the property. The terms of the sale
are not published but the price to be
paid is a very moderate one and affords
the purchaser every opportunity to get
a handsome return for his Investment.
It is Mr. Bealby's Intention to reside
permanently on the property and to add
substantially to the many Improvements
already made by Mr. Black. He will extend the present hot house accommodations and go ln extensively for raising
Liberal  Government   Forced  to   Punish
Seditious Speeches.
Longford, Ireland, Aug. 28.���Mr. Mc*
Kenna. the Irish Nationalist candidal.,
for election to parliament for South
Longford, and 17 of his supporters .were
arrested today on charges similar to
those on which James P. Farrell, Irish
Nationalist members for North Longford, and forty others, were arrested
yosterday and committed for trial,
namely "participation In an unlawful assembly likely to cause a riot." The persons taken Into custody today were also
committed for trial after Mr. McKenna
had protested that the iwllcy ot the
government did not make for peace,
ami asserted thnt It would cause a revu-
tlon in the situation In South Longford
where an election will be held next
week to fill the vacancy caused by the
resignation of Edward Blake on account
of ill-health. The speakers at the political meetings are advising the people
to drive off the cattle from the grazlni;
Grover Cleveland  III.
New York, Aug. 28.���Attention Imfe
aualn been attracted to ex-President
Grover Cleveland by the announcement
from Princeton. N.J., that he had given
up all hope of Ieaving*��hts home there
for his customary summer vacation in
New Hampshire, because of the j state
of his health. Mr. Cleveland has been
troubled with attacks of acute Indigestion for a number of years and each attacks has been more severe than the
one previous. The. present attack came
ns lie was ahout to leave for his summer home. Mr. Cleveland now denies
himself to visitors. Mrs. Cleveland,
who has been in New Hampshire with
the children, returned to Princeton, yis-
Saratoga for Sale.
Saratoga, Aug. 28.���Signs have been
posted li fore lllchard. Cranfield's Sai x-
togn club house and on his famous
Italian garden and park surroundh-g
the house, announcing that the place is
for sale. This is the sensation of the
season here. Alleged disgruntlemc:U
against the authorities for restricting
gambling Is supposed to be the reason
fir the silo.
British,  American  and German  Steamship Companies Engage in Battle
Over Passenger Rates.
Now York. Aug. 28.���Shipping men
are watching with Interest the trans-
Atlantic steamship war which continues
to grow. Every day has its developments now, as une line after another
cuts the tate. If the conflict keeps up
much longer, bargain hunters will get
a chance to go to Europe on shopping
expeditions at cheap rates: The Bteer-
age rate war which brought the trouble
to a head Is the direct result of the refusal uf ono of the continental line.-t to
permit the Russian Voluteer fleet to enter the stenmship conference, and thus
have access to the conference for
ugensy and g"norrtl business.
The so-calted conference was estah-
l'shed by agreement among the lines
for the purpose ot sciili.u their differences, distributing business and maintaining rateB. It has now collapsed.
' Another alleged cause for the fight Is
the entrance of the new Cunardor, Lus-
Itania. Into the competition and trjuble
which started months ago over a ?r.>
test by the German linjs against the
White Star lines' minimum rate for
steamers of the Arabic and Baltic class,
boats that draw the finest class of
tourists, but for which the company demands all the other lines at differ en-
tlal on account of tho slower speed of
these steamers.
Johu Lee, vice-president of the International Mercantile Marine Company, speaking of the trouble aald:
"There hns been an understanding
among the North Atlantic companies,
but there was nothing binding, nothing
to prevent them from doing what they
are doing now. What the end will be
ls not difficult to forecast. After every
company has lost about as much money
as It feels it can afford, there will be
more meetings and concessions and
agrrments   without   end."
���M:    \:
r? -:;
���4"tW'   :
��� i*��� * i
' ��� X'f ":
i J i"
! ; * ���
���i i' i.i
i  |* ���!-
fi   \
\ I'  ^
1 XX
Hi :
i   ���
The Daily Canadian
Wo   are   now
op-ouing op* large
shipment of
Limoges Elite China
These   goods   are   assorted   so that   you  can   select any  pieces   you
Drefer and  make up to your taste.
t-Uffheast Quality nt lUoweat fJr*n;e��.
A carload  of
hat Just arrived.    These gcods have advanced  slightly,  but we offer them
in Ottawa n.n��l Ltbarftl officials in
Queen's Para doing their work capably
ami promptly, undeterred hy their politic, ii beliefs. It does Heem idle to con-
tl, mn ih-* Brltlah system uf civil service
administration <j�� such meagre evidence
Aged Russian Philosopher Forms Circle
of   Peasant   Children   to
Study with   Him
Imperial Bank of Canada
Capital Authorized
Capital   Paid   Up   . .
Head Office
D R  WILKIE  President. HOI*. ROBEKTJJAFFRAY, Vic-President
Branches in British Columbia:
merest  allowed on  deposits  from date of deposit and credited quarterly
ai.   M.    L-.A.Y,   Manager.
The Royal Bank of Canada
NeUon l.an.t lM*irict. Mstriet .��f West Kootenay
Take notice that K.W. riniith. Prank Klana
pan, Kti-i A B, ki.U r. ol 8pol ana. w ash   oecupa
Hon   ranehera,  Intend to  appiv ior ��� -i I
timber   llcenee   over   the    lol low inn   Am
lends:    I'omnu* acinic ui a post planted *
southwest oorner.. about tight mtlei Irom Lhe
Kootenav river, on the we��( side, and aboul
three miles north of the intern*!tonal boundarj
im.*. ..M th.- vreel hank of Hri.ii; creek, on the
north fork. Ihenee north 80chaini (bence eaal
B0 riinine, thenee nouth Uchatni tbenet west 80
chaini to polot ol oommenoement. an I containing o4u ucres, mo,c or lent*
bated July latb. 1SJU7. K   W  Smith.
V r k s k   I . * v �����<*-���.
\. -   hi oth,
K w. Smith, Ascot,
Incorporated   A.   D.  1869.
 $3,900,000     Reserve  Fund	
Unexcelled facilities for the transaction
of all  kinds of  Banking  Business.
Savings Bank Department, and
Interest credited Quarterly on
Savings Bank Account!.
on Application, in Large, Medium
or Pocket Size.
Nelson Branch, G. A. SPINK, Manager.
Published six days a wees by the
Baker St.-   NeUon, B. C
Buoecrlptton rates. 50 cents a month delivered
io tbe cut, or V>.VJ a year if sent by mail, when
paid in aarauee.
AdTertiBin�� rates oo application.
All monies paid in M.-tt.*raent of Tbe Dall>
Canadian accounts, either for subscriptions or
advertising, muBt be receipted for on the printed
formi of the Company. other receipts are not
place the civil service where it
should be, outside of and above the influence of party politics be will be rendering   an  inestimable   service.
ll is strange lo have lo record thai
even the spoilt* system bas found some
defenders. To an objection raised to
Mr. Borden's appeal for reform, the Toronto News says:
Wednesday,  August  28,  1907.
Next lo bis declaration for clean and
unbotisht flections tbe most striking
tiling in Mr. Borden's programme is the
advocacy of taking tb.* civil service
out of politics. Like purity in I It
tions lt is an old cry; it wan a plank
In the Liberal platform of 1890, bul
but like several more it was there lor
ornament only and meant nothing. The
Canadian civil service was aevei be
fore so utterly partisan ai it is today.
A remarkable addition to the old pat-
ronage list, made by Sir Wilfrid Laurler, is the judiciary. The braofai i ol
the supreme courts of the Dominion
and of all the provinces are now occupied by Liberal lawyers, many of whom
have no qualification lor the bench but
party  service.     In   Hritlsh   Columbia   it
isn't  Decenary to  point  to examples
They   occur  Instantly   to everyone.
The civil service will never be efficient until It affords some prosped ol
permanent tenure independent of the
fortunes of elections and a rational
system of promotion, on lh.-? bitis ol
seniority when there is also fi' UHfl tor
higher office. Hundreds of bard worki ig
and capable subordinates in the a* ii
service today know perfectly well that
no record of performance of duty can
win them any further advance. Tht
positions above them are considered
"plums" to be held as rewards for a service of a different kind.
That system Is pernicious to all concerned. It destroys the hope, and with
the hope the zeal, of the civil servant,
lt places on the shoulders of members
of parliament burdens and responsibilities, that cannot assist them in their
legislative duties, and the squabbles
and Intrigues of patronage committees
are often enough lo disgust one with
the whole business of politics.
If Mr.  Borden  can  devise  any  way
'���Lvils might come in the train of
Civil Service Reform. This is the fear
of an over-cautious contemporary. it
admits the disadvantages in a service
filled from the ranks oi tbe political
workers, bul hesitates to gel rid of
them tor f*.ar of more serious troubles.
Like Hamlei it prefers to "bear the ills
we bave than fly to others we know noi
ut." ii seems thai a writer In the Na-
lion bus u< ���ru.T d the chiefs ot the I'm
ti-ii civil departments with coldness towards the Campbeil-Baunennan Admin-
i traUon it ih said they bave been u<
customed for so long to work with
Tory minlstei i thai the Liberals And
them immovable and Ineffective in
working oui the details of proposed re
forms, Tins fills our contemporary
with alarm lest an Ottawa deput) might
i>e immovable and tneffectivi Ln earn
Ing "in a Liberal Minister's policy.
Tn- ministers might be manach d by
cold and mathematical processei ol
promotion by seniority in th** Civil Ber*
vice. This argument is extraordinary,
h is putting a light in a pumpkin in order to frighten oneself with it. Take the
ca ol Lord Randolph Churchill. When
he became Ohanoellor of the Exchequer
there waa no love lost between him ami
the treasury officials.    On several OCCaS-
alone previously he had attacked them.
tie bad said ai a semi-public gathering
thai the treasury officials were "a knot
Of damned Gladstonlans." He was
known to be a radical, and it was feared that, as chancellor he would violate
all the traditions of the office. Yet within a month, says the biographer, every
official was working enthusiastically in
ills service Lord Welby. writing of
him In ls-itc, said: "Lord Randolph was
a minister of the type tbat civil servants appreciate, lit- hut I a mind, and
made it up; a policy and enforced it.
he ruled as well as reigned." Jt is not
certain yet tliat ihe "immovable and
Ineffective" civil servants concerning
whom the Nation complains haVS bad
"movable" and effective ministers to
Work under.    Nor Is lt quite just, for our
doubting contemporary to condemn ho
calmly the whole system of a rational
civil service, free from the bedevlltnenta
of patronage on the flimsy evidence of
an (English partisan paper searching for
an excuse for certain failures of tbe new
(;overnjnent. Any minister who knows
what he wants ami possesses any fact
���and none can attain to high political
preferment without some tact���win find
cordial support and assistance from bis
subordinates. He gets it now under the
existing forms of civil service appoint*
ment.    There are Conservative official j
Stephen Bousel, a Chicago writer,
thus describes the closing hour of a
visit to Tolstoi at his Russian home:
We were standing under the beggar's
tree, from which now all beggars, rejoicing In the good count's largesse,
had departed���some to the mountains
and shrines that line the great highway
of Kief, the sacred city, some, as 1 saw
later, to the nearest government dramshops. Out of the valley by the willow fringed lake, from the little village
of mufl and ihatch in which Tolstoi
tmnants have lived for generations,
the came a flock of peasant children
all clothed in their best���scarlet tunics
and   high   boots  reeking  with   tallow.
"It is my Bible class." said the count
in answer to my look of inquiry.
"With them I close the day; with them
1 spend lhe happiest moments, nor is
it, I think an idle pleasure. Each one
of these children is collaborating with
me upDn a book which will be, I doubt
not, my last attempt to combat the
ht-resies of the day. When evening
conies they hurry up here from the
village and I read them the scripture
K-sson of the day, of which at flrst. it
being In the almost unused language
of our Slavic gospels, they understood
but little. 1 explain it as well as I
can, and answer all their questions.
Then on the following day I take pencil and pad in band and one after another I ask the children to recite to
me the lesson of the day before, while
I write down what they say as they read
it. As the result, I am indeed amazed
It s ems to me that for the first time
I am hearing the word of God unde-
filed, as it falls from the lips of an innocent child.
"God give me strength to finish the
task. May I under His guidance, live
to complete it. It will be my test!mon>
io the light which has been given to me
to see."
While the good count talked a sudden
shyness came over his scholars, who
had advanced toward the beggar's
tree wiih such frank joyousness before
they caught slghi of the embarrassed
stranger who stood there out of his element talking to their kind shepherd.
They kept their distance now, standing
stock still and staring with open eyed
amazement at the stranger who dared
to enter their fold. I rose to go, and
the count accompanied me a few steps
to where my troika was waiting. The
little children now rushed forward and
Clustered around the great tree, each
In its accustomed station.
"Except ye become as little children
ye shall in no wise enter the kingdom of
heaven," said the count, and with a
warm pressure of the hand we parted.
The black horses darted forward, and
soon they were rushing through th
streams out on the great highway which
leads from the home of the sage, "the
pleasant clearing in the woods," back
to Lula and  the  living  world.
lt is interesting to hear from a St.
Pet ei shu rg despatch to Loudon, that
the title of the children's book referred
tt. by Count Tolstoi, Ih entitled The
it. ading Circle."
In an interview with a newspaper cor-
respondenl the count said; "I am teach
ing the children, and ai the satin- time
learning myseU* to write truthfully and
simply." Be said be had oompleted several worki which be did not wish published until after his death, the mar ap
proacb Of whieh he Observed, must
make ft impossible for him to bring all
tiis many plans to fruition.
Nelson Land Dlstrlet. Histrict of West Kootena
Take nolle* that R. 8. ir. Bmyth, ol * rocter, B.
0., occupation lumbermen, ini udi  to ipply foi
a apodal umber licence over the following described Unilv.
,n < i ' Sommc n el a ir at ti post planted near the
northeast turner post ui Uotho to43 on Lemon
Creek mid marked k. s P. Smyth soutbwt -t cor-
nerposl No l. thenee 40 chaini north mon
leu to ��t>"Ut mtdwev nf the w>utb boun Isi * ne
nt umber licence No. WW, thence bo chaini east,
thence 40 chains south, tbence 4a ��� .* di esst,
tbenoe-40 chains sonth*! thence W chains west,
mure or lt^s to the southeast corner ��� >[ sfon said
Lot No 2MS, thenoa -to chaini * ������"-��� thence \0
uhalns west to the point of commencement
Haled-Slh July, 1W7 K   -   1'   -MYTH.
Henry K-* lebert, Ascot.
Nelson Laud Diatrict. District ol West Kootenay
Take noUoe tbat J. H. F. Stewart, ol tolling*
wood, Ont., occupation lumoerman, Intends to
applv for a special timber licence ever tbe following dee-crib d lauds: Commencing at a p ist
planted about 6*5 chain** Bouth an 1 10< bains weet
of po��t No 2, marked J K 9, Btewarl - S E. corner post, thence south 1<W chains, th* nee wast 40
chain*, thenee north 160 chains, thenct cast 40
chain** to place of commence un at i ontalnlngStt
acres more or lew.
July Sith, 1907. Jake*- I:   9. StIWAST,
Nelson Land District Dintrl* I ol �� ��� -' Kootenay.
Take notice that Henry Ke,- i..!-: ' Nelson, B.
C . prospect, r. intends iu ��.; ��� ' ��� a speetaj li-
Genoa to cut and carry away t mix i from the following described lands:
No 6 Commencing at a p it ated near the
northeast comer post of i Imtx r Lit ent e t*o MM
and marked Henry Raricheri uorthwest corner-
post No 6. thence Su chaiui -.-nth, thence HO
k-nains eas", tbence Wuhan,* north* thence so
chain** west lo place of commencement.
Dated July J6lh, I90T.
No. 7 Commeucing at a post ; (anted near the
northwest corner post ol llmbei llcenoe No \**ob
and marked Henry Belcheri - '������������'"���������! corner post
No '. thence 160 chain* easl thence 4n chains
north, thence lfio chain* wesi tbenoe40 chains
-south to point of comroeuiem* nt.
Dated Jujy 26th, 1����7.
N������. B, ("ommencing at a post planted on Monument creek about 70 chain- more or Lett from
v*. here Monument Break em l I les into l^emon
creek and marked Henry Rett nert northeastcor-
nerjiost No. s thence l*uchs n-i -ouih, thence 40
<halni wesi. thence 160 chain* north, thence 40
chains esst to place of commeii- ement.
Datei July jfclb, 1��J7 Hesky Kkichsrt,
Ladies' New Fall
and Winter Coats
We are showing our firs* importation A Ladies'
Coats. The very latest au' nobbiest styles in cloths
etc.    Now is the time to make your selection when
stock is complete.   No two coats alike, we invite inspection.
Nelson Land District.   District ol West Kn.it.-nay.
Hake notice that George Alexander, ol Kaclo,
Nelson I-and District.   District 01 West Kootenay
Notice is hereby given that SO daya after date
I intend to apply to the <-'hiet t'nuimia'sioner oi
Lands and Works for *[>ermfusion to cut aud
���arry away timber from the following described
No. 4 Commencing at a poet marked H. A &
S. W. corner, AM chains ea��t of the N E eorner
ol lot Sn 812. post marked K. H. N K. crner.
thence east So chains, thence south HI chains,
thenco west k, ehalna, thence north M < hains to
place of eommfucement containing to-v scree.
No. ft Commencing at the N W corner of H
AH timber claim No 4. theuee nortb 80 chains,
thence eaat So chains, thence sooth ho cbalus.
thence west 80 ehnins to place ,.i oommenaamanl
at location post So  S, containing Mm seres
I   U. Pchkrmkbhorm, Locator.
���beo   Hiisi.-roft, Agent.
Dated July Sth. 1W7.
ye.son Lund District District of Went Kooteiii*
Take notice shat I'aul August Paul*-: n. of Kit*
��� betier, B.C. occupation lumberman, intends
���n apply for a special timl-*r licence over the lol-
; owing desert tj-ed lands: Commencing at spool
planted at the southwest comer of surveyed lot
7Z21-G 1 tbenoe couth to the northern boundary
of tlmlier licence No. "0|h, thence west to the
norihwest corner of said timber   licence, :i,. nee
������outh to t lie i, ortio-in boundary of lot 813. thence
following cald boundary, of sstd lot wen to the
right of-wav of the Hriil*h ColumtU Southern
Hallway, thenoe following said rt^ht-of-way in a
north-easterly dire.'Ion lo place of commencement, and containing 6111 acren. more or leas
Dated Julv 2nd. l'Xfi.    fAVh Arot.aT Paui.hoN.
Notice ts hereby given that OH -flays alter date 1
intend Ui apply to the Hon. "'hlef Commthslouer
oi Lands and Works tor permtsidnn to pun hase
���he following described lands, cltuate.t in West
Kootenay district: 1 ommencing at a p-nst marked by name as initial post of the South Fork
branch, one hundred feet from the iuuclion of
Lost creek with the south fork; tnence one-
quarter mile to tbe norlhwest corner post, thence
one  mile   to  the  northeast   QOriW pout, thence
one-<iuarter utile to the lontbeaatoorner post,
thenee one mile to  tbe place of commencement
June 27,19y7.        Located by wm  conmolly.
B l*. intends to apply lor ,1 special umber
licence over the loll.-wing described l��n ia:
Commencing nt s post planted ��������. the nor *��� it
corner of >e. tiioi U. ownsblpl. K ot.-. ay district, being aimut one-third ofamilesouth of
thesouth boun.Ury line of tbe Indian reserve;
thence s uth about 35 chainn to th" easterly
bank of Kootenay river; ihenee southeasterly
alon* Kootenay river b��nk at-out (H)chains to
the south boundary ol floe Ion i-'. rownshiplj
thence easterly sbout60 chain* t<* the northwest
corner .d Lot iM *.      . ot.- north 10 obelus ��1����B
the   WmfAt   tHiuiidnrx   ..f   Lot   hl'J:   thenee   west Hii
chains to the point ol com mencement, and containing c>io aerea, m< re *.r i�� --
Dated Julv 4. IflW UKOBOS A'Mam'BR.
Belaon 1 and Dlsui t   i iat 111   ol ��� est Kootenay*
Take notlee tha   Bvan  Me< lellai 1  Praeer, of
Pernle, B t'.cl tk.ua- ���.* tu i.pply for a speoial
li.' ace  over   the   foi nwlnn    described   lands:
Oommendng at a post plsnted about seven
miles west of the Kia> ennv river, aod abont one
mile nor*>h of the in ernattonaJ boundary line.
and about one and sqoartej north-e*ateriy Irom
the nor ti oaat coi u -r ol tlmbeT hoe nee Mo. 8067,
tbenee soutb 80 ��� bs ns thei ce west "i chains,
ihenee nortbet>chains, tbenet --i-iso chains to
point of commencement, and oontalninf fvitj
acres, more or less.
Ixx-ated Vilh, of June, 1907.
K\*A*N Mt'*t'l.KU.AN   Kkiseh.
Dated this Hth of July, 1907.
Take notice that 0.0. Clark, ot NeUon. B. C,
saloon keeper* intends to apply for a special titn
ber licence over the following described land.
Commencing at a p~*i   p*��n��ed   on   Morning
Mountain, about one mile w*^��t of Bmt Iter 1 n ������-
mid >i !;*.;m':i.* ' ' ria-k's location for limber
licence Bo I, and ni-out one mile south ol Nel*
-mi .   thence    west   nt   ehnins,   theuee   south   M
chains, thence east W cbalna. thenc* north 80
hains 10 plKcc of U-irinning.
Dated July l'-ih. 1*7. C   ���' ('Lark,
luvn, Booth. Agent
NeUon Und Dutrict.  Dtstrtotof West 1
Take notice that  William   Andrew
Fernle, B  C . hotel keeper mte:
,Ppl, i*.
a special timber licence over the   following   de
crlbed   binds:    t'ommenclng   at   a po-t   plsnted
sbout six miles west ol the Kootensy  rtver.on
( ..ni creek,   in the District of West  K	
and being  about six   miles   noith   ol   th-    InU
uHtl*>n��i boundary line, Hnd iltuste st tbs
bortheast r >rner of Wiuiam Andrew Ho*-' **���>
8 timber claim, tbenoe nortb ho ohalns. thenc.!
westSBcbeins, thenee wtftblo obains, ihenoe
easl so ehain-. to tio* potn 1 of commencement
Looated July-Ord, ivir,
Dsted tbe ��ti. ol Aug   PJ07.
Wii.i.i am Aniirrw Ht.i-
Kelson Land District,   Dlstrictof Wesi Kootenay
Take notice that I, Elisabeth Pergnson. ol Nci-
hiii, British   < olumlda, necuputloti    mttrrled WO*
man, Intend to applv (*.r p rmlMton topnrebese
the follow mg described laud : Commenetng ai a
pout planted -io chains weal of the southeast corner oi  section Ti, Township fiy, Kootenay, and
marked1 B   K's   N    K    corner," Ibence    wesl    ft
obstns thenoe south 40 ebalns, thenes eattGd
ebalns, thenc north SO ehains to tbe plaoe ol
Oommi UCenn >>t and   containing  -IIJO  acres  more
1Mb Julv, A    l��   l'*7.    I 1 IZ4TRTH Krwirt mt.
by W. a . rnbh-r. ��gent.
Heieon Land District.  Dlstrlet of W��t I
Take notice   that  John
Hrtti-ti Columbia, oceiipKti
John Phllbert oF22
tends to .ppiy tor permbailintopenE'S
f.diowing described Und: ComJSSTJ<
post planted on the north bank ESTS&ti
about two and oue quarter mil��.s emiSt****
the iuii.uoii of Loot ereek and BalSmTslL!
the Kelson land duuioi, thencsnSSSSTaSS
thenoa weet80chains, tbenee wShi|2J
r less, to Lost ereek, thesesessta*-*.
^g.P.y.L*?,>��*��tof ooiqmenceaent i'Wm;
talnlng 4*�� acres, more ,,r Lesi
Dated June 5th. 1907.
���I"��>l PHILSttl
Take notice that I. Arthur Alex. PifhMtT
lend toapply tor permission to purrtisse th-'w.
lowing deenrlbed tends: t oinmVnetnFst.i
planted ��t the B. K. eornei of Loi IfSEsSiS
ed B. K.norner, tbenee north tocbaim otL
I- 1 nu-
I uud
Nelson Land DUtrlct-   Districto'�� Wust Kootenay
Take notlc*e   that   I. S    K.   Wallace,   ol   lernie
. hotel-keeper, intend to apply for a spevii
to 1 lowing   described
In the matter of an application for tin; LssUS ol
a duplicate ol ihe Ccriifleate of Title for lol W,
mid ihe west half of lot i\, block (fl. in the Town
0l Nelson.
Notice is h'Teby given lhat it is my Intention
to lerue at lhe expiration of one month after thu
llr-hl publication bereol a duplicate of the (tertltl-
' ate of   ti'U foi   the above lands, in the   name of
Lydia Khleldi, whh-h eertifleate is dated tbe ai��t
���lay ul December, 1IW0. and numtiered :*��WI k.
���II. Y   Mai:I,koi��."
District Kegistrar.
Notice Is hereby given that BU davs after 'la'e 1
Intend to make sppllcstlon to the Honorable the
Chief Commissioner ol I^uids and Works,  vio-
toria, B. C, f.^r a lpe( lal Ibence to cut timber on
the following des'rlb.-i| lands in  West Kootenay
district: (iommen' ing at a post situated on
Blueb'-rry creek, about four miles from its mouth
and adjoining tt.e N. W corner of my application No. 1, thenee south to chains, thenee west
mi chains, thence north 80 'hains, thenee east HU
ciialns to point ot commencement.
Dated May I tth, ''.������:. K. .W Robinson.
Nelson Land District    District ot West Kootenay
Take nottoe thai Moore, gypplo A t o��� of Oar
land, I'enn . or. I) pat Ion  lumbermen,   iniends to
apply tor.aspecisi limber licence orer the following described isnds:   Coanenelng ai h posl
Planted on Mosnulio "reek.on the west aide of
Arrow Ink*-, and about -one half mil"- went of the
stiu'liwest coi ncr of tun ot-r limit No 4H77. thenoe
north a<l di ni 11-.  ibfti.i'   west   HU chains,   tlotie
soutli 80 chslni thenee east ni chains to point ol
commencement, tnd rontaining M0 eerea  more
or less.
Dated l.'ith. July. VAH.      MfttiO*  Ksfl-l.K .V Co.
John K. i'Ai.Klws. Agcm.
1.    ('ommencing at a poet  i>lantci   about   loni
miles west of theKootena*] river mid one mile
nortb of the tuternationitl boundary line, tbenee
..outh So ehains. thenc- east HO chains, thence
Uortfa H"  chain-,   tbenee   west   An  chains   to   the
j.Mint  ol commencement, containing ivto sores,
more or less.
Dated July Mrd, i��n.
2- t'ommenclng it a jwist planted at lhe north-
West   corior   of   locution    No   1,   the ice   south*)
-bains, tbenoe west SO chains, tbenee nortb K)
chains, thence east so chains to the polnl ol
commencement, containing 0111 acres, more or
Dated July BBrd, 1907.
8.   Commencing et a post  planted at nortb
west cornerof location No. 3, tlience north no
chains, thence wesl so cnalns, tbenoe south no
i hains, thenee east ho ebelns to the point of
commencement,  containing mo acres,   more  or
Dated July tttrd. UOl,
4. 1 mnmenelng nt a po��t plantad at tin- northwest corner of No 1 location, iheio-e north Hi
Chains* tbence   east 80  chains,   thence  south  00
ohalna.tbenoe w,st ho chains t o the point of
commencement, containing   G40  acres,   more  or
1 n.
Dated July -Jilrd, iwn
8     ''ommencing   at a [xist   planted   nlMiut   two
miles north and 'a mile nasi of the nortbwesl
corner of location No. I, thence south Hi chains,
thenee   east Mo chain*-,   tbenoe   north   Ho  ebalns,
thenoe west socbairi- to tbe point ol oommenoe-
in-lit, containing 040 SOree, more or leas.
Dated July iwrd, 1901.
fS.    Commencing nt a   post  planted   at   north
west corner ol location N0.0, tbenos sonth an
ohalns, thenes west ho ebalns. thanos north to
chains, tbenee easl M 1 hKins to the point ol com
menoement) - onii��ir.iu*< iiio acres more or lee*.
Dated July Wrd, 1Wj7.
7.   com in enci nn ata post planted at tbs north*
wist corner   of   i-.'-Mtion    No. b, thence   north   Mi
cnaliiN, tben-i west 80 ebalns, tbenoe south so
eh ains, thenes esst bo cbains te tbs point of com-
in- iiceinent, coin mi 1,1 tin *Ho n> ten mole or less.
Dated July 2>rd  1901
s    Contmeuelng M " i>*��-t plante-i at the north
waat comer ol location Ko.fi, thenes north so
Chains, tbeO ISUII   hi)   chains,    thenee   south   KI
ebalns. tti- nee wesl ho chains to the point ol commencement, ������oiitalnlng t'A/o acres more or less.
Dab 'i July ��rd, inn.
tti is ������ Land District,   Distrtetol Veal Kootenay.
Take notice that 1, David ��i Kurt/, of Kelson,
It. 1 , ooenpattoe merchant. Intend toapply loi
: ..-in, to purchase the foiiowinu dew rlbed
Commenelng at .�� p(-^i plsnted at tnu
southweat -orner of section -w. township 8��.
Kootenay, and marked  *ii o. K.'s Bk W, eorner.1'
thenee   north   80 chrnius.   tbenee   east   4*i chains.
ibence south 80 chsins, thence west 40 ch~atus
to ihr point of oommenoement and containing
:m) acres more or less
l&th July, I'JOl- lUYin ti   Kt ht/,
v> .  A. fabler, agent.
Take uotlc�� that I. Thomas Harry Wilson, inland to spply f"t permission to purchase tbe u>\*
lowtnK described lane: �� ommendog ����' �� |w>��t
planted ��t the 8 k. eorner ol lotTOgiaud marked
-N.   tt.   Oorner. thenes   south    in   chaini**..   thence
west 10chains, thenee south iu chain*, thenos
wesi '" chatni. thenee south 1'1 chains, tbenet
west ��� ��� ebalua. thence south 10ebalns, thence
west 10 ebalns, thenes nortb at ebalns, thanos
east i* ebalns to point of oommenoement and
containing 100 scree, more or less
June?. Bul ihomas unrai wh.-o-n.
Wn.iht kieomm ICsuj, -Kent
Nelson Laud District, Distrtetol West Kootenay
Take notice thai 1. John EJSStg, of Nelson. H. ��'..
oecupetlon miner intend to apply for permission to purchaae the Eolloirlng oeserlbed lands:
Commenelng at a p->-t planted at tbe n. k of
b>taj��. thenee east Al  chain*, thence  south  20
chains, thence weet '.���" chains, thenoe north a>
chains to point of commencement, eonlalnlng t'J
acres, more or less.
August-ind, 1907, John LAM
Notice Is hereby given that 00 days altcrdate, 1
Intend to apply to lhe Hon. I'hlel CoianiH'��loner
ol Laii-1-  an-l Work- for   pcrtnl��sloii u> purchaae
the foiio�� ing desent-d land In Wast Kootenay
district, on west -1, tt,. ..f Lower Arrow l-aae.
adjoin ma Ia,i NO, i��ih. on thesouth: Hck Inn lug
t a poet marked -Marry MeLeod'I tt R corner
-tand 1 lanted on tne shore o| Lower Arrow
. hi tbs southeast eornei ol Cspi i-ndun-rs
- 1MB,   theme   west 80  chains,   tbenee   south   Ji
chains more or lesi to tbe north boundary el R
Kullmon   s p. K , thenoe tfl chains east aloioi the
���aid  boundary to bike, tbenoe north along ths
n-  U Ohalns,   mure or  leas  to potut <if
1 north Mcftshu, B
'; ��� '*' '    soutb   40   Chsiiu   ItHM
.    int 01 commencmnit. %ai
.-oiitalnittg mh acres, more or les*. w
June 7, l��r7 Akthi-s aikx  I'iiciioi
Hl-LLiaH AJ-OHroMlUs. A9tAl
lass noilcr that I. William K JamT^iS
to apply for permit*Ion to purchase the iaUn.
Ing described lands: Coinm-iKinr it.M
plsnted mt tbe fl k corner ol lotl��n.sMall,
.--i   iiortbca-i    corner,   therm-   west ��t��la
tbenoe sonth 4-1 ebalns. theoce east 4 59
thane north t" chain- to point of o,c.e^
m- ut. an-l containing li'n> acres more or Im
Wtl.IUM  KKTil
i -   ^
west 20 chain
aasl J' chains to  p
7. 1����7. WI1.IUM KK-nni^Ji-tm
William a:  no Milu. Aubl
il 1,
is hereby givni thatsutydsniAnd
"" oaielM
1 Intend toepply to ihelloiithieUo'inajaS I
* '.ends and   Work* for permission to mrS
follow trig dew rlbed tract �����! lanil <nuilel
\\ .-si KiK��tenay district: Commcodni uu
planted ai-uit one half mile north f^-n ':irn*rf
���^uiiiinll ereek, marked Jean \.amen>a'iL1
corner, tbeuee east 40 chain*, thrno Bortlg
rhalns. thenee west 40 chsins. thea-**��-KnU8
chains to place of wnennswsDI.
���JSttl May, 1907 Jkav-"tins
William Hisiioi *. A^eaL
Nelson Land District.   District of Ws*t Ksotm
Take notlee that Frank   Mct'ODald, <f>fSSk
PrllUh t'olumbla. fr-ccupallun miner, ii.as*s
apply for *|>ermi>slon to pur- -liase lbs fi flilia 1
dea-c rlbed Landa:    fomim-u. mn at a ***������ ;*as I
��� oi (he north bank of Lo-t  creek an-1, itwstal I
min- i-n-.ti.rlv   from   the Junction ol U��: tnO ,
and Salmon river, lh  the   Nelson las 1 t'j&l !
thence  north 00 ehains, tbence eut *; (Mia
thence south 60 chains, ���'.. ���,.���*,.������*.   -.nil 1 i
point   of commencement,   and   conuiatijd
scree, more or lesa
Dated June Mh, 1*J7. Fsan HeOesiA
Lomm��i a, mt.
Mny and, hmt
Not.ee Is hereby ul veil lb at after the expiration
of Klxiy clays from the date hereof the Patrick
Lumber Company, Limited, liib-nds to submit to
the Houo'ablc Chief ('oiuuiisMoiier ot Lands an-l
Worki a proposal under the provisions of the
���'Klvors an-l blreams Act" ami Amending Acts,
ror the riirht to Improve the Hlocan river from
the mill tlaui of aald company (situate about
three mile! shove the Junction ot aaid Hlocan
river witn the Kooteiic.y river.) to the mouth of
the Little Hlucan river and to Improve the Little
Hlocan river ami breUObes tbt-ieof to the northern boundary of nub lot 2, lot 71WJ, and sub-lot 1,
lot "ltd group one, Koolenay district, and to
Improve U>e tributaries of said riven; and ra-
���ixive obstructions from said rivers and trlbu-
tarlcs. 1 ml to make the same fit for driving, stor-
iii)/, -������ni*'*.: bou-r Dig aud rai<lii|( logs, timber,
lumbert rafts, and trafts; also for the right to
collect tolls thereon.
The imjdH 10 be sff-cted are the following:    (��)
i^.is bos. ttop, 6480, C4.m , gi.v, afiiu, ttVt, M'��". toot,
7088, 7hfi.'i, IM30, 4al2, nil lu Group one, Kootenay
district!    also   lau-ls    io*.-r-"l    by    preemptions
numbered 4fi, iok, llA, lie, Ma 164 aim .'��70; also
lands eovere t by timber licens- s numbered .Wsl,
,".*si, ���'..'. 11,;Win!}, btjho, bl H7, and bTiHH; also lands of
the crown.
Dated IhlsCth .lay of .1 nly, 191)7.
by Its solicitor. H. W. junhim.tom
Take notice tbst 80 daf| alter date 1 intend to
apply tothe Hon the t'hlrf Contlblseloner ol
hobos and Works, Victoria, for permission to
ent and curry away timber from tht; folio-a lit*
descr.b.-d laud, in West Koofnay:
No. 1.   Commencing at a poet planted at ttie
poutbw'sl eornei of tlmoer license HVPt. Uieic*.
west m rti nm- thenoe south ���� chains, theme
east Hi) ebeiDS, tlicnce north IH) chains to piece ol
Dated Mh>   II, liW7.        J. T. BtHMissc. Loc.uor
J   W   (MytMOMM, Agent.
No. '2     ���"oinrneneltiK   al   a post Planted at the
southeast corner of application no. I, thence east
1*0 cnalns, thenos nortli no chains, thence west wi
chains,   thence ��outh W) chains to place ol coin
Dated May .M, PW7.       J  T. BOBOISS, L-K'ntor,
j. w <;oi.bvkn, Agent
Selapn Lend District Dlalrlctof West Kootenay
lake notice that I'aul August Paulson, of Kitchener, B.C., occupation lumberman, lntendi
lo apply for a special timber licence over the following described lands: * omtncnc-ioK at �� i.oh*
planted ��i ths southwest corner ol survi yed lot
-ygSl'O.l, thenos estt40 chainn, thenos north Ki)
ei.alns, thenceesstto f e southeast cor n-r o| ia|r]
lot, thenee norlh to the iiortheiist corner of t,.ib!
lot. Ihenc. .-Hht le the west boundary of pr.   ������m|,
Mon No 802, thenos --outh to tbe north boundary
of timb. r   licence   No.   h.'**4H,   thence   wesl   >il<ni,'
sabi n .rth boundary tothe northwest corner01
said ll-cii.e thence south tothe north boundary
of timber licence No "oik thence west to ������ point
due   soutti  of  com 11 cement,   tlo-i   1 h lo
point id nommenoementi  and oontalnlng o-tu
acren,  more or less
DatM July 8udi l*r7.    Dart. Aimntrr I'aiijion.
ommencing  at 1
a- kt of   th�� nortli
no a   ti -���  iouth *"
chains, thenoe north *
ibalni u ibs polnl ol
[���n-t pi anted abonl l
root corner of location
obaltiSi thenos east B1
���-bains, tbenoe west Ho
���in mencement, and 1 on
Nelson Land District Distrlcl of West Koolenay
Take notice that MOOrt. Ki:pple .v Co . of Garland, I'enn , occupation lumbermen, Intend to
apply lor a special timber licence over the fob
Lowing described lands: Commencing atapost
].I��mi. I on M. ,-r,, i��� , r-'.'k. ri the wesl hPIi'of
Arrow lake, 11:1 I nboul one half mile WSSt, or tbe
SOUthwesI corner of limber limit No. 4H77, tbenee
Soutb Mlchnllis,   thenos   west   Wlclinltis,   tlience
north m oh sins, thence enst ho chains to point of
commencement.  t   containing '>I0 acres, more
or less.
Dated 16th July, 10U7.      MookR, V fi 1 1 a .'. Co.
John k. L'alkws, Agent.
tainiriir '.i" seres more or 1.
Dated July Mth, iwn.
10   Commenetoi at a  post  {danted   ����  the
n-irthw-oi corner of locution No. 8. thenoe  Lh
no < toil ns, tbenoe *-hsi do ohalns. thenoe south 80
chains, tbenee wen hi chains tn tbe polnl ol
encament, containing mo seres, mors 01
Datad Joly Mtb. vnn.
ii    Commenelni at  a post planted  sbout 1
1 , miles west of the norlhwest comer ol location
No 8 and about', mil-' south thereof, thehos
���OUth 80 chains, tncii��*e cast gl) chain*-. theUCS
north Hit  chHllis,   (hence w- st    WI   chin- |    In   ihe
polnl ot comrnenceineiit, containing ���.iii acres,
more or leaa,
Dated July '24th. I��u7
it.   Commenelng at a|-*>st planted si the north
���rta-.it corner of location No 11. thSOCS norlb 80
chains, tbe&Oe e*M 80 chains, Ihenc- south 80
ehalus.   thenee   west Ht)   chains to   the   polnl   ol
oommenoement! oontalnlng 110 eoresi more or
Dated July 21th, 1W7.
is. Commenelng at ��� posl planted al the northwest eorner of location Wo  ll, thencs north ho
eliHtns, thenee wesl *" chains, tbence -ou b HU
'IihIiis,   ibence east "" clmins to the   point of
nommenoementi containing (iii) teres, mote or
Dated July yith, iwn
14. Commencing st a post planted st t he north -
wostoornerol location  No. 11, them mth ho
Chains,   tnence   west Mo chains,   tbence   norlh ko
iti alns, tbenee gut w�� ehains to the point of
' ''iuiii'-ik euii.-iit,   con tain in k   (iPi   ucres.   more or
Dated Jttly Mtb,  1��7
15, Commencing at a post planted about two
miles norlh of nor! b WCsl cornerof location of No.
ll, Ibencs south Ho chains, tbence east no chains,
iheuce   north HO chains,   tin-ntie  west  M'l  chain*
to ths point of commencement) oontalnlng Mb
seres, mors or less.
Dated July Utb, 1W7.
in, Commencing st a post piano-d ai the oortfi-*
west corner of location Ko LB, thenee north 80
ohalns, thenoa east80 ebalns, thenee south w
ehains, tbence west su ohalni to the |aiim ol
commencement, coutalulng mo jhtlm, mors or
Dated Juiy 'JDI,, rjtn
17. Oommenalog at a posl planted at tbe dor th-
weal oorner of location No LA, thenee north 80
chains, thei   west  Mb chulus.   thetiee   south   Hi
1 huiii!*.. thenes sssi sn obaltii to the point oi
'omm.ncement,  eomHlii!htr  idO adc*. moru tir
Dated inly Mth, WW,
Commencing at a   pott plantad  at  the
ir of lore ion No le.tbancesouth
e west ao chains, t-.ene,. north Hu
list H" chain* to the i-uii-t of (-,���������<-
onia.uliiK 1140acres mon- or less
J. D. Moors,
ARrnt for Harry MeL.-od.
Nelson i-and Dlstrlot, District of Waat Kootenay.
1 ><��� ��� ootli e thm George Kn fur-Carter of sirdar,
oocupal Ion, brldgeman, intends 10 ��ppl> f'*r per
mission   to purchase   the following   described
land 1 onlineu< 1 UK at pout planted at the northwest corner of h. Ross' application to purchase,
mark..I    H   \\ X.   thOOOe   north   10  chains, lh-to c
������'-, *������ chains, thenee aouth ai chains ;,. a.
1 nrry's pre emptlon. tio-uee west 20 chains.
th- ie - -outh *.ih bains, thence went no dial us lo
pla ��� ol oommenoemenl coiimitnt.x ijn seres
more or !�������...
Delt 1 July IS, 1907. tiRoRos Hrrt's ('ahis��,
w.j. Boon, Agenl
Nelson Land District.    Dtstrietof Wee1 K��-deu��y-
Taks   ti ,i|,.,-   that  tieorge   Hturin,   of  MlllOga,
Montana, r b. a., oooupatlon, merchant. lntendi t., apply tor permission topurebaas the
loib.winv: described land: Commencing ai a
post planted on the weet shore o|  Upper Wbal
���"hen (i aril > bike, and at tbs northweeteorner
of 1 ot aiw, thenos weal 80 onatne. thenoe south
1 hains, thencs sast 30 chaini, then* s north to
1 han,. to poini ..f oommenoement, ami oontain-
ma m. -acres' more ur less.
May rJtlt. 1*17. | IgOhOa ,-TraM.
NeUon Lan-I Dlslild    District of Went Koolenay.
Take notice that Vfeltei   He Neil, ol Billings.
Molilalia. I'  H  A.,OOUOpa lerehaDt,  llileml-
loapplj    lor   permission  to purei.ase the following doecrlbedland: < 'ommeiicinK Ht a p-*st plant-
in the weet shore ol Uppei WhaUhanff aril ���
tbenee eas
point   of
sores, mor
May J'Jt.li
��� I   K  cbalus,   Ho
20 (bains, then
or leaa.
- north
of   Li
a lilt.
1 ��� bains,
south mo chains to
ud  containing l-fto
Wai.ikh McNrn..
northwest 1
wi ehnins tl
chains, tin 1
Dated Jujy 2410, 1W7. K Y. Wai.lack. I	
Jomh BitowN, Agent
1. the undersigned*, after au day-- intend to ap-
ply to the Hon. [lie Chief Commissi rol La mis
and Wotks to purchase the foiiowm* described
land: Commencing at the N.K v.ol i.ot 7.ww
'.    I ,   thence   wisi  4-1 chains,   Douce   north  '20
chains, thenee cast lo chains, thence south 'At
chains to polnl of eorumeiieeiiient, ci,mainline ao
acren more , r le.av
Locate ' March iHth, 1W7. W. A. KOtt-
Notice In hereby given that oo -lays afler dale I
intend   toapply tothe Don   Chief! -on mlSSlonei
ol Lands an.l Work-* for permission to purchase
the following described tracl of land, situate i���
weal Kootenay district: Commenelng at
nl a n ted tin I'laoer creek, m-ar Itaooulluem
Hummlt oreek, marked Martrnr.-t M.i ,mi.
N    K. corner' ihenee mhiUi  |li. Imili-   then.
a*i chiDns, tiiou.e ijortit 40 chalm  Iheuce
��� h.MTi- to place of commencement
3lrd May, JW/7. UAROAUn W| Lac. iii.an,
William hAiuioiR, Agent.
Nelsou Land District    District of Weit Koolenay
Tune Dotleethat Kdward Peteraol Tmlr, th-
ish Coiutiiiik, ucoupatlon, miner, inn rids to ao*
ply for permission to purchase ibe foil Owing
deeetlBea land i  ^oinin-nciiijr ,,t a -..,-- piauied
on  the   north   bank   of   Loni   creek, aboul Ihr.*.*
mllea easterly irom ibo junction of Uitorosk
snd Salmon rivor, in the nhsoii laud distrlcl,
tbenoe norih ft chains, ibence west no chains
tbence south bo ohalns, moo- or  lees, to UsJ
cie, M . thenee , ��� .| tollOWlOg Said Orook to polnl
 intueiic.1,1. in,   and   oontalnlng   iHO   acres,
l p<
si  Htl
moru or less
Daled .Inn
ftth, 1*J07
KnwARii Piffias
���Hxty  dayslufier dab* 1 Arlhut   Allen   11	
rancher, ol Burton city   intend to apply to tbs
Chlel Commissioner ol Im.-u and Worgg,  V|c
in!, ?'   ..     .' '" ''""''"""' n'" lollowlng deiorlbed
m mlSSS^a1 luru,tl    ��ommenoingat.a
i��l,  T    ',      M    *    "   "Otlthwesl   coruer'rHii-t
punted ui the>   ��   oorner of loi m-ti <-   Land
runoiiiK nrrthfl'ichains, thei 1st iu ohalns
August 1st, 1907. AsTiiua a. Bumom.
Hlxty days after -late I lutend tnipsl*rtaa
lion rhlef *> ommissiouer ol l*n-i> ��:'. *��a
Victoria, B.C., to purchaae the folWii*A.,i
scribed land, situated In the w..��t liotAmiA
trlct: t'ommenciug at a p-nt pl*isdadl
weat side of Kootenay lake. Dear Uwcmt
point, and marked J. McKinnon'i i Ittxm
\tuAl, tlience west SO chains, thenrswr**
chains. Iheuce easl Wiehalns umreor Iwtekto
shore. Ihenoe aloug lake ihore to poiaiobsa
m. io ement.
Dated A pril 4, 1907. Hlgned J Vttltm.
Nelson Uii'l District. Dlstrictof W��tlouse* I
Take DOttOe that Kdward Fraser. pf Bffl�� |
Montana. IS A . occupation wool \t<f*.* I
tends to apply for peri!i|-��n*n lo p*.irM*SI I
(oll-nwlng dearritwd b.-.-i. �� imnn'SoM *�� I
[mhu planted on the a -' ���' �����reol 1'ppM"I* I
shan (Cariboo) lake, at t at i-- ���oSlBr��*i'��W I
of  Lot SIM. theuci-wi ��� aim, lhrK*>* I
tvi chBhis. thence cmsl /n chains, ibi-or* wal I
chains, then-r ��a*' 40 chains, mors or l��i.i���� |
wmt short-   of   l'|��per   Whatshsn [I'srtbcwlL
tfaenes northerly and wcsb-ny slots tuot 1
���borg Wl chains, more or less, to polnl** I
mencement.   and  contalolriK 3D "TW. sets ���
le%* ^ J  I
May Wth. 1W7. FDwupFues J
KlXty days all
Hon    Chief Cos
for permlsfii
aerloed laud
te 1 intend P> af-piM��
Inner ol Ui)ti��sn*Tl
iter date 1
minlsslone,  ��� ���
rti.u-ion to purchase the Mlssttl^
���1 laud   in   West Kootensy <����trlrtj*|
menotm    al a   post marked  A  <'  "'������w^j
uorner post, runtime -w chsius *fw��j)f J2|
the bouiid-ry ol Ttmtier llcenoe No ����� ���
southerly N) chains, tbsnoswsstsn.~j ���
thence northerly bt* chainn al.-JiK H��*l '**
tracl to the place of -���ounneiiceraaiil.cooaM
t��-. hundred acres, more or 1-ss.
I^ncatod Hits Mh day of May, VAJl.
A C Hrm.I**1*
Notice is nereity siren that no dsji ����";(^i
ntorid toapply lo the Hnnorahlp lbs ' �����'��� ���
nlssloner   M f.ands  and    Works *��' ^J^SI
to purchase the followliiK des.-nl>��J \*av*
lu Wut Koolenay district: fommesn
r��*st (.lant..1 at the   west b-uindsry of w
au-i aboul 10 chan ith ol these] *��������"
of   the   right of WH*.   of  the   11   '    -���'���������**��������
wliy   an?marked*('   a   ;����� ;;������.   -'t5l
Nolle*, is hereby giveu   thst   si*'J J'lf(��gl
d  1 mtend i" -itiv "���' ';;!K,��i*l
�� ommissiouer of Lands and   ".''.,nM^I
���Ion to purohasc the f mlris-h'        ^     #1
land, Slloated in Went Koot; ns? '�� "'��� fir
menelng  at a poil planted o" ""S s(#
aboul one half little norths   -' l'"m ,. m,-U*
t'.IJ.H   Mrl.'iN   K.ciiriicr, thelice ����*��'h-ti
thenoa south  10 chains, thence -s�����    ^mi
north -to
Brd May, 1007.
'lake   nollei
ll   t:.. ran- be
.halus to plate ol t
Jomn H.S.I-*"*
Wll.lUH   H*KSOl'H. A('��
������������ '*l
. that Harry ��Ul��
r, inti-udn lo HH'-J.!
the lollowlng
-Ami Kootenay district: , ..ii-nDtw*!
Sommenelng ��. - post Pi��n >������ 1 ���  "n1n,h-^|
Wit* turner of l-.M|��t>        ^ ,1> ��� -jl
t el- S3*""*   51
alrn*l, lh.*nc
ty-IU*.* (Mtl.
���,-l,���,.* lil,ii,lr..,OH"l.li'*""    .;;���,*,,,!,���*
    -...,  ........11, 111*  ^^'��'1"
��� y (
,*tn..|it   ami
i Ht...l Hit. loth (l.y
Nolle" I. iHTt-by Kl*
lnl. 11.1 Ift H|i|.l>* I'
mlMlODOf "f l.all'l
purchua ih,. loliowlai '>������**'
alt,ml.* Ill WMl K...if n.il '"-1
lit a |���.at |,lanl.*.l ..11 rl��.-.-''
Hu,-ini*   wllh  Hiiiniiill IT'*' ��.
Barbour a N. W. eotnet, tn"
tlii'll ����t   40   ilmllia.   '.J'' !,',
llnlii'i* VV..aOll,'liiili'��l"l'1'";,
I'.lr.l Mny run
���ll..li..r��W*-,lh* ,��l��H��!l
lla*.l in"
--���   nSt
tat* ia
.1 rani'i" 'Seam
Ni'la.ni Un.l IHalll
Tiikr nOtlM tIn.- I'"1'.1 '""!""���,
Tiikr ti,illi*i* II ini   ��"? " ���,,������� ' j,rl
.-In  B. tl . i.,*.*ii|*iiu.. 1  '    ,,.|,���. IU "".jt
way and about ;ift ehains wesi    .^ ,, ,���,. �� #��
69 on aald rail-a The Daily Canadian
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he BACON We Sell
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P. Burns & Co., Ltd.
k I s-otlre li hereby given that 90 dayi
K a*u\ I intend to apply to the Chief Com-
lr ,}t ,,f I and and Worki. lor a Special
I'    ��� an ��� -aro timber from the   bdlnw-
! v. - b-d lands, situated on the sou then t
l^flTaslmon   river,  in   the    dUtrlct  Ol  Wsel
ISstT t5��mmsnclng et a post pUagU ������
R. ���- w.-t uf Knue I*a creek marked "R. M.
iy"Vr r*- well corner." thence ao chalm
���urtheeoeW chains east, thence 80 chain"
���JfimeeW cbains west to place ol eoia-
M,,,rhd��y of June, 1907.
K   "-'*   Knrvsh, Locator-
fc -   Kotlcs U hereby given   that an days
|r data i intend to spohr U> the Chlel Com-
IlionVr, of Landi tnd Wort* lor a spjsda]
Kieii. rut snd carry timber from the follow-
W ,    ,   iandl  situated on   the   southeast
1 Salmon river, in the duiri.t ol Weet
���toasi I ommencing at a post piM-wl about
t��r-1*��'weit of Rose l,ea!ireek, marke-1 "K M.
Ir-rt's No ���' ���""dhweit eorner," Iheuce 80
Am north, theoce W chains eaat. thence m
Eos south, theiue 80 chains wesl to place ol
*%ssn< -���ment _ tmtm
tatclon thelOth dsy of June, 1**7.
K. M. R-aavas, I-ocator.
LonUud Dlstrlet. lnimctot tt'eii Kmdenay
hke not)''* that William Andrew Koas. of
bV K c houl keeper, Intends to apply for
Las! timber Ueeneeover the following dea-
r-1 Un-ls*
'uniin-ptic!tin at * T**ntt planted about
Bliss weit of ihe Koolenay river, on Corn
lhe Muriel of West Kootenay. and
.��'stout sti mllei north of the international
adsry line, and alxeit two miles wi;st ol tlm-
Ilhenri No fiWA, thelice south <W> chains,
MSssst tn rlialui, thence north BO chaini.
;f **,..*, i'��� |,�����:!!��� I,* i*olnt ol cummencement
ontaiDtuf Mo at rei, more or less.
ited r*th Juue, van.
-Unamendng at a poit planted at the
if William a Roai* Nu. i claim,
Uns, iheuce weit SO chalm.
.. _orth 80 rhalni, thence eail *> chains.
I point ol pomaisneemeati and couiainlnK
km, more or lesi.
���ate-l 1Mb June. 1901.
fl���Commeneliig at a poat planted about
JnlJcs west -if li,e northeast corner of Wll-
|Kot*'Ne 2 tliltu. thence south no ehaius,
east m ibilns. thence north hu chains,
��.-:- ��� tiatim to the polut of comineiiet*-
1, ami eontaltiing mu acres, more or lets.
bated 1Mb June. IW1.
l*t���Conunsndng *t at a post planted at
��ortfawestcornet of wtniam  a. ito**' No. a
, tbence  north   BO  chains,   thence   weat W
fas tbenoe soum *> chains,  thence east *0
pi tn thi- |��*mt of - om mencement, contalu-
0 ftcres. more or less.
ed Uth /nne,U0T.
i' ��� ::��� in-eii"Wih at a post planted at the
km n eorner ol William a Roes' No a claim,
rath go chains, thence west 80 chains,
rth BO - tulns, thence eaal HO chalm to
��� if ���-immcnrcwenl, and coutalulng M0
ir ur leal.
��ted 1Mb I una IM.
|ia���Ceinmenelng at a i>ost planted alamt
���aiUi waat of lbs   northeast comer of  Wtl
lb..�� Ko 6claim, thence south W chaini.
esil nchains, thenoe north ho rhaius.
��-��i nchalm !-��� the pointof ooesmeaoe*
nl coti talu I in; M'l acren, more or lest,
e-i 1Mb June, iwn
'<:���'���    UiflUnenoUU ata poet   plantcfl  at   lhe
|i��--* -..nor ol William A   Hu**' No. 6 i latin ,
i north M -hains.   thence east  NO ohalus,
nmtli to chains, theuee w.-st HOchalns to
iiiiiiiii-iK-eiUfiit,   and    contaiuing om
'' nr leu.
pi.-.J 1Mb June, 1807
t'oinrrn nchiK at a   |w>st   planted   about
Qi south of ths  northwest iiorner nf   Wll-
It        So t .claim, thence north Wi ehalus,
went mo chain*, tbenee  inulbM) chains.
i-s*l ho -'bains io ihe point of commence-
\.m, i oontalnlng M" acres, more or less
tiled lMh June, 19tn.
M -Oommenolng at a post planted about 40
south of the northwest eorner "( William
r N<>. 6 elalm,  thence south 80 chains.
weM wi champ,   thelice  north   W  chains,
'���s-i "-,,- halm in the pnln* of ctimmi'iiw-
i ar.d contalntne HO acrei. more or lees.
|r��l. | rth June. 1W7.
[" ^ninmenctng at a (toil planted alxml
lies west of the northeast comeJ ol Wll-
I A li���.��' No *J elalm, thenc*-south ��w chains,
*��� east "0 chains, thence tio-th HU chains,
swell 80 rhalni to the p. lnl of coinmence-
sti-1 i oi.taiiiinK Mu acres, more or lesi.
("led | ,i|t June. P.W7.
I U Commenelng at a poet planted about
i'*s �����>!.!( ihr northeast cornerof William
p v claim, thence north Hi chains,
1 M -halni, thencu south W> chains.
i' Mo-"haliis to the point of commenru-
������ */"; ',"li;",l"i'i*< ' I" acres, more or leas.
TfstiHl 1Mb JllllPi nun
pa ni
"iiitnem-ttitf at * pont planted about
the    liorlhw
in claim, thenoa south W|
'set hu chains, ihen.-c north mi
aai -i ohalni t.. point ol optn-
nialnliiK i.i ! ���. |,-. more or less
e, iwn.
km imii j
������ I'-   i'oiiimenrinK at a post planted about
������ south oi the northwest oorner of Wii<
no**   h���,   io   ,-laim.   tneuce   uorth   ho
o-tiee  ��,-M   ho  .-halus,   thctict* south 80
ttmHatlP��* J"1*)ehalni lO the point of com
���hj u tV"n ,l""uil-,l��g ���*' m-ret more or loaa*
9        lils-th day o| Jufy, Iwn.
Wu.i.u-m Anhssw iin.*.
f" Un<1 '""trlct.   IHllrlci of WSSt KiH.tenay
notice thai   J. K, F. Htewart,   ot  Colllllg-
y for���'��� ,M'''*1Paiinii lumberman! intends En
-BriK I,.   ',"." I1   Hwhsr  ll"enceiiver  thy   foi-
edon ,n,,,'l11*1"'";  Dqmmeoetna atatM>st
In ...hi! ut stream about oue mile aonth
r��� ,*I��JJ hOOt ihe head waieieol tlran-
I- l.e'l. , m m,J aH' ''' M,"*��rr�� N. K. Angle
In* U ,���""rUl *' '�����iel����. thence west 40
I"" "��*'HhlKI chains, thel.ee   west   fit
������>�� t ��� 1 l?! li' ��'1,,*l,>��. Iheooe east KO
���us t,tnt* IIOJlh M "''*��lnn. thenre west '20
���"���-���". moreor |,.R'n,nmtJn,,*,mont' rni,t*ll,l,,K
|y-i(r.l,lutn. JamrhR. F. Htiwari
8 Un<l WttHdli  DUtrlOt 01 Won Kootenay
^SCSgnui, .K.h'  ,Ht"w��--'.��' < ollinse
y for a  ��,���.,.IV.iV1   '""''���"tmati,   Intends   to
SgdeserfiSl u!"b"r "*,",l,,,! *��v"r ihotol
ll,"l on i|���. .',* "l",:, <"��"nmem-|uK at a po*t
' ��' the Moii.Viii,1!M��,��"����mall creek due
'�� east nl i *'." M,'*dow mine, about SO
trl'.N   K  aoir1"1"   "ri'"k    marked .1.  It. F.
"'" ion h mi R " ,u"' }ilvnv*' "��"�� *> '���halm,
"'��� "���'������- S.. "'��� ,nl��'�� weal A. chains.
J1'" north " ;," 'tl Vi"Mlw w,'"t M' "'"l">"*
I1'''so���u,.,,' W"] >heieo east m onalns,
���ly 21111, ignr res mayg ,ir less.
I ',wri- JamrsR  f Hkswaht.
Notice i�� hereby given thai thirty dayn after
date 1 intend toapply tothe Hon. the Chief Commissioner of l.niei-. and Works for a sneclal licence to cut and carry away Umber from the
following ���!' -��� : iti.-.j lands lu West Knotenay
dlstrlet: Commenelng at a pout planted on the
nertli bank ol ten Mile cretk, about-one mile
and a half from Blocan lake, marked H. II IMlla"
northwest corner jmhI, Ibence eaat lbO chain*-,
thence south Mt chains, thenre weit 160 chains,
thence uorth 40 chaini to place ol commencement.
Hated this 20th day of Juue. 1907.
EL If   Pitt*. Locator,
A. W   Stub wt, Agent.
Notice ls hereby given that thirty days after
dale I intend to apply to the Honorable
Chief CommUilouer of Landi and Worki at
Victoria, B.i ., tor a ipeclal license to rut and
carry awav timber from the following described
lauds ln V-f'est Kootenav district: Commencing
at a jxnt planted ou tlie wesl bank of -������-'���.*
crees, about oue milefctuth of the I'll y of Nelaou,
theace south M0 chains, thence west HO chains,
no*,', north HO chains, thenee eait HO chaiui to
place of commencement.
l>at��d this llth day of June, I9OT.
0, 0, t'l-Aaa, r^icator.
il Bean, Agent.
"'-������orth so eh,,,,,: ,.*""" wuai nu eiinins,
f** "Otlth 80 cba.,1 ". ' " ���" ,''"'1 "" ehalus,
Uand nnntai iini uu1' po11" ��' ������"'nmenoe'
��)f Ho, nvj      "",llu *t,ro��* mpre or i������
JlHIl   U  ������*���
Jahbi Kbbtii.
Nelson I*:. i Iditrlct. 1'iitrietof West Koolenay
Take OOttOS thal*"l>avld Henry Telford," Sag*
kafxtn. Sank ., ��HH.upatlon lumberman, Intends
to apply for a special tirnlK-r licence over the foi
lowing deecrlbed lauds:
Ko 1 Commencing ata post planted about 8
chaini north of the northwest ei met of limber
Limit 'Ul west briuch of Little Hlocan river,
Weel Koolenay, them-v well HO chalm, the net-
---uih to chains, tbenee e��st K' chains, thence
��� 1 ������*** ii - ��� i...,..-'.. ;"!'!' ������'. commencement an-l
containing 64*i acres, more or less
hated July 9th, 1907     DaTU) Hwkv Tst fokii.
No. 2. t'ommenciiiB a p<>-��t plaule-1 on the east
bank of t'ougsr ereek, and nu the north boundary of limber limit h!44, west branch of Little
Slocan river, thenee north JH0 chains, thence
eaat 40 chains, thence nouth lno chain*, thence
west AOchaim to place of comiueiiceinent, and
eontainlnK 640 acres, mure or le��.
i-.ib -I July 10th, 1907. 1'avii. Hekkv Tblpord.
No ti CommencltiR at a |a?st planted on bank
of Kuiile creek, about 20 chains south of the
south boundary of timber ltmilKl47. weit branch
of Little -'.�����!���-��� ii rlvt-r. theitoe weit n> ohalna.
thenee south Ht ehalni. thence eaat **"��� chains,
theucv north SO chains to the point of i\im-
uieu--emcnt and   coiitaliilng 640  acres,   more  or
Dated July llth. UOT, I>AVti> Bm TBt.roRD.
No 4. CommeucltiR at a poit planted atiotit i
chalm east from east batik of Kusile creek, and
on the wc*t tKiutidary of llmil :t. thencw weit mo
chains, thence aouth ho chains, tbenea east ho
chains, thenee north Ho chains to point of com-
mcnremenl, and con tain lue  '���*    acres,   more or
Dated July mh, 1907. Data Boon Cmmbd.
No. 1.1. Commeuclux at a poet planted about
60 chains wail of (iouie (>eeB an 1 about six
mile- from Its mouth at Slocan Ktver, aald post
li attout 40 chains west from l> H Telford'e timber application No. II. thence eaat 40 chains to
timber application No. ll, thence uorlh 1��0
ehalus, thenee west 40 chaini. tbence iouth lflo
chains, to point ot commencement, aud contain
lnr 640 acres, more or less
Dated July lithe 1W7. David h^kv Tai.nmn.
No. 14. Commencing at a post planted at tho
southwest corner ol No tt. then I west lo ehalni,
thence north 160 chains. Ihvtire east 40 cbains,
thence soulh 160 chains to point of commencement, and cotitalnlus t>Ui acres, more or leas
l ated July 17th, 19tr:   1>a\ in Hfnbv 1 ai.Foan.
A   Milton. Agent.
Notice in hereby given mat 60 days after dale J
intend to applv to ihe Houoranle the > hid ''ommissiouer of Lands and Works for a special
llcenee to ��� tit and carry away timber from the
lollowlng deacribed lands in West Kootenay dls-
No. I. -Commencing at a post marked William
Walinslcy, planted at Kokanee Creek Siding on
the Procter extension, on the weit side of Ixit
onvi, on the iouth ilde of the West Arm ot Kootenay lake, commencing at the N K corner poit
run ni ng south HO chalm, west NO chains, north SO
chalm. east Ho chalm to place of bef inning.
Located Srd June. 1907.
William Waumslbt, I^M-ator,
Jahbn HnSHAKl' ae Age*U.
NelsonXand District. (HttrlOl of West Kootenay
Take notice lhal 'nines Keith, of Spokane,
Weih., occupation, miner, Intends to apply for a
special timber llceti-*- over the following de
wribc.llan.li: Commencing al a pest about If
rodi uorlh ol the ceuler ol tha north shore Hue oi
Uoiin-larv Use and at the southeast coruer of
Timber Limit No twit, md marked Jamea
Keel h's h W. Corncrpo-t. Ibence north So chains,
thence east HO chains, thence south HO chillis,
iheuce west Ho ehainx to i-.ltit ���'[ commence
ment. and couinlufng **> acres, njorv or leaa.
July HO. tMf. JanBm IHU,
Neleon 1-aud Plilrl. i    Histrict ol W eel koolenay
Take notice   lhat   Henry   Kelchert. Ol   Neleon.
B C , prospector, intend* io apply   for a special
(tognoe to cut and oarrr away umbel from tbe
lollowlng described laud*:
No 9 Commencing al ft pOSl planted near the
northeast cornet poll of lfiiil��-r Iben-e No 'iW
and near Henry Kelchert H. V>. eornei pont of
llmtK-r liM-alloii No. 7. mi tnsiti Uin-'U creek and
mark-l Henry Kelchert southeast corner posl
No 9, thence SO chains Uorlb. Ihenee M chains
wenl thence HO chain** -mth. thelice MO chain*
eant lo the point of comnieil0��melit.
Hated Jul) J7.1W07.
Nu 10 Oommenolng at a POSl planted about 20
cbalus more or lens south Irom the northwest   corner  of   lot   no    2M.I    nam   l^-moti
creek an.l marsid Henry Kelchert eaat comer
poit no lu, ihenee to chains north uion-orlesr-
EoaboUt midway Ol tbS  lOUlh   boundary line  of
111 r   licence No    ��AM, thenee    ���hains well.
thence  40 chains  nouth, thelice  1W ehains  eail
to i-oini of imenosmenl
Dated July '27th, linn
no ii Oommenolng ai a posl planted on Monument crees. about "odinm*. more nr lens, south
trom wliero Monument ' reck, empty- Into Lemon creek, and near llenrv Itelclicrt norlheail
corner post of Hiiilier location No H, and marked
"llcn-y Kelchert norlhwest comet post wo 11.
thelice 160 chalos nouth. Ihenee 40 chalm cast.
thence 16" chains north,   thence  4i ehnins  wust
to the point o< eprnmeneement
Haled July tf7tli, VAn.
iiBcnv Bareaaar, Looator.
Nelson J^n-l ImtrH'i. District o| Weet Kootensy
Take notice that Frank KlamigHii, A H Klder.
and K W. Smith, ol Hpokane, Wnnh., occupation
ranchers, intend U; apply for a apsjial flmWr
licence   over   the   following    .leicrib,..!    lauds
BS^meneloi al a poel plentrf a. tl... ���M-flaHl
comer, about six miles from he k.Hi . nay r v r,
on the west side, thence north HOchalns, thence
west HO chains, theme south HOdialns. hence
east Hu chains to pdnt of commencement, an-l
couiatnlng ttlo acres, more or h*sn.
mu3 Hu MS, n��n.      -^^-^Suffi
K   W. HallTII, Ak.*III for A 1>|>II' Mil..
N.*|..im lani.l bl.tnct.   Ill.lrlitol We.t >��'"'��'*l,��*'
Ink.* null.*., mat  Kr.iik ll.n.ii.n. A  H  Bdlir.
��� inIK    W     Hmllll.   Spokiin.*.   Waah ,   o,-i-ii|i.ll..���
?i ,*h.* ". i.A".,,.i i..1;.,.,.!>��� tori .i;.-.-i.J ii.;;;;-
ii ,.    ���ver      he    ftd'owlug    di*scrlb��d    lanuH.
!':,;:;,;,,:,';,;.,.,.,..; i.ia���u ....,��� ��.i��"��-,��;
nii.l ,.li** mil.. Mil I.I |h��i No 1, whlrll 1' ���' "
IgSni.lx mil,., from ll..* K..���t,.|,��y rl.rr.n 1��;
��..,t .I.I.-. I ,* noriii "il i-lll-lni.    .""'���',' "���   J
K. W. hmith, Ahi.iii lor Applii-��nu.
Discussion   of   Equity   of   Standard   Oil
Company's   Penalty���Unlikely   to
be   paid  at  all.
(Now York Journal I
Tlm Standard OU Trust was fined
twenty-nini' millions It bMn't paid
tin* fine, and ns we before remarked
It won"!  pay it.
If you ask why It won't pay It the answer Is simple. The Standard Oil is
going to take this tine and drag it
thouch all the courts in sight, slowly
and deliberately< Someewhere on the
road a weak spot will be found. That
fine won't be paid, at least, unless the
pi ople shall keep their minds on the
inattpr. and that la the most unlikely
of all things.
The twenty-nine million dollar fine
has fired the imagination of all America. We have the biggest rivers, the
biggest waterfall, the biggest fortunes,
the biggest farce In the way of govern
ment by the people, for it Is really gov-
61 nment by trusts, and now we have the
But is that fine of twenty-nine million
dollars Inflicted on th Standard OU so
very  great ?
Vou know what the fine amounts to���
loss, than thfee P*ir cent of Mr. Rockefeller's own Individual fortune.
It amounts to less than one-twentieth
pari of the net cash that the Standard
OU has taken out of the nople in the
last few years.
If  you   want   to   hear   about   a   really
Time lor advertising  extended by the AasUtant
Nelion Lend mitrict.   District ot Wert Kootenay
Tako notice lhat Tho*. E. L. Logan, ol Bon
ner's Ferry, occupation painter inteuds to apply
ior a sji-eeial timber hence over the (ollowlna
-fleeertDed lands: ronJm..nclUK at a post planted
on thesouth side of I oundary ereek, about 10
miles west of the Kootenay liver, thence west PR
chains, thence south HO ehaius. thence eaat��)
chains, thence north unchaln-a to the point of
commencement, and containing 110 acres,  more
or [en,
Daled July Mh, l��r7. Thomah E. L. LogaS.
Take notice that John Kow, of Fernle. B. 0.,
hotel-keeper, intend-, to apply for a special timber licence over tbe folio-wine described lands:
1. Commenelng ata post planted ln the Dti-
trict of West KoolL-iiay. Nel*ou Mining Plvlnlon.
on the north fork of the nouth fork of Lost creek,
about five miles up creek from when- two toifcs
meet aud aboul six miles north of the International Boundary Line and about twenty-eight
miles west of Kootenav Klver. thence oast Wi
chains, thetue north W chains, thence west HO
chains 10 bank of said crock, tlience down stream
to place of commencement.
J. Eons. I-ocator,
2. Commencing at a poet fdanteti at Ibe southwest corner of '. lUms's No 1 ligation, thence
west HO chain*, tht-uc- north so chains, thence
cast HO (halus more or less to bauk of said creek,
thetiee down stream to place of commencement.
J. Koas, Locator.
8. Commencing ��t a post planted ator near
���he southwest corner ol J. Koss's No. 1 location,
thence west HO chains, thelice aouth tt) cbsius,
i hcuce easl Mt chains, more or less, to said creek,
'benee up stream lo place of b<ginning
J. Koaa. Locator.
4. Commencing at a posl plauted st or near
ihe southwest coruir of J Boss's No. 1 location,
then e eaat Ho chains, iheuce south tt) chains,
tbeuee west tti chain-*, more or less, to bank of
������ntd ereek, thence up stream to place of commencement. ,    ���
J. hu--. Locator.
6. CommenclUK ��t a pout planted about two
miles south of the southwest corner ot J. Koss s
No 1 location, on the uorth fork of the south
fork of List creek, and about four miles up
tdrenm, from where the two forks meet, thenee
cast tt) chains, thence north HU ehaius, thence
west Ml chains, more or less, to bank o( aald
creek, thence dowu stream to place of commence-
ment. ,   ���
J. Kosh. Locator.
��. Commencing at a post planted at, or near,
lhe southwest orner of J. Koss's No, 5 local!..n,
on Lost one*, ihenee west tt) chains, tlicnce
north tt) chains, tbaiicu Hi chains east, more or
less, to bank of said creek, thence down stream
to place ol commencement.
Located .Slh June, HOT, J. Ross. Locator.
ClHim No. 1- _,
Nelson l^and IHslrlct. Pistrlct of West Kootensy
Take uotlce that A. L. Heading, ol Arrow-
bead, B t\, occupation, carpenter, intends tti
apply lnr a special Umber license over the following described lands: ('ommencing at a post
pUnted 40 ehalus noiiUj or H. K corner ot T. L. 7, -
MS theme s..,mii no chains, thence east 80 chains"
ibence north tt) chains, theucu west 80 chains to
point   n( commencement.
Ihii.' .'-in,  l*'"-       ARTHl'i: Lai UKNcK RKAOINil.
Mtds-.nl.end Dlatrlet   DUtrlOl of West Koo-euav
Tako   notice  tbat   A.   L.   v.. .elm*:,   of    Arrowhead D 0 . occupation, carpenter, intends to ap
ply for a special tiiultrr licence over the |..|
lowing described Ian-Is: Commencing *l *
post planted Hi ciialns south of A I. Beading's
corner post No. 1, thence south *> chains, thent-f
east   ���<���!   chains, tlience   north   tti   - In. in-, thence
weat 10 chains, to point of eommenoement,
.lune iHiti i\*n.    AneHt-it Lat HaHca KiAniMi.
Claim No. 8. , ���,       _��
Nelson Und Distrlcl-   Olstrlcl Ol West Kootenay
Take notice lh-t A. 1��� Keadlug. of Arrow-
head, B C . occupation, (ai pciiler, Inleints to
iipply fOf a special Umbel license over the following described lands: Commencing at a post
plained ho chains south ol N K. cornerof A. L
Heading's claim No 1, thence south Itio chains,
thenee eaal 40 chains, thence north IM chains,
ih.-nce west 40chalusto |>oltit of commencement.
June Bill, I*'".     AllTltl K LACItkNiII ItKAPINO.
Claim No   4.
Nelson 1-and Pistrlct.   Pistrlct of West Kootenay
Take   notice   that  A.   I..   Bending, ol   Arrowhead,   Bi 0 ,  iM-cupHlioli,  carpciitci     Intoiids   to
apply for e special timber lloenaa over tho fob
lowing tlescrllicd   lands:    Comtneuctug al a post
Rlaliled 40 chains south of N. K. corner of A. L.
calling's claim No H, thence south If-u chains,
Uicnce (last 40 tdialun, Ihcncc norih 1K0 chains,
thence west 40chalns to point ol eoinniencetncnt.
/nnivthi tw?.  a in m n uunuwoi ftnamite,
cihIui No. b.
Nelson Lantl Pistrlct.   Plstrb-t of West Wont*nay
Tako notice tV.at A L Kcadlna, of Arrowhead, B, C , occupation, carpenter, intends to
applv lor a special Umber lloeoae over the following dcNcrthcd iHli.ts: C.imi.ieiicliiii u> a post
planted -10 chains south of N. K. corner of ��� X.
Heading's claim No 4, iheuce soulh HKI cimlns.
Iheuce east 4tl challih, Uicnce north IftiehHlns,
ihenee west 10 chains to point of com uicnce
June Will, 1U07.    A ni in 11 Lai-HKNCK KnAOINu.
I laim No. 8.
Nelson Und District. District of Welt Kootenay
Take notice thai A. L Heading, of Arrowhead, H C, occupation, enrpenter, Intentls to
apply for a special timber license over the fol-
owlnr described  lands:    t'oininenclng nt a post
���,|,i 1 to chains south of N   K Corner of  A   l.
Beading's claim No. ^, thence south WO chains,
thence cr.��t i" ohalni, thenoa north Iflo.ohalna,
ibence  wesl   40 chains to point of commencement.
June2ttth, ISul.    ABthih Laphknik Ukmun...
Plata Fo.7.
Nelson Land Pistrlct. Dlstilet of West Kootenay.
Take notice that A L. KeildltiK, of Arrowhead
H. C., occiipstlou, carpenter, intends toapply for
ii special limber licence over tbe following described lands: Commencing nl a post planted
7i> ebalns south of N K corner Of A I*. Heading's
claim No U, thence soii'h tt) chulus thence east
Hi chains, thence north wi chains, tbence went 80
chains to polnl of ������"in m cm- i.i
Jiuie'Atli, t*n.   Artih     LaimaNt-ic hkaimno
big fine, a fine that was of ridiculous
size, and out all proportion, just read
about Mr. F. W. Bates, of Quincy, Illinois.
Mr. Hates had various things. He had
an appetite, but that would not have
made  him  commit  a  crime.
He liked money like any Standard
Oil magnate, but that would not have
driven him to crime. He had a sick
young wife, but that made a criminal of
HUnd of all the leHBons of trust
mnnagmeut, Mr. Hates stole twenty
centu' worth of milk and took it home
to his wife, who drank It
They  caught  him and  arreested  him.
And they lined him J12.90.
Now that is what you can really call
a big fine.
When you take a man who has a sick
wife, and leas than nothing in the way
of property* and when you fine him
twelve hundred and ninety cents, you
are really showing what majestic law
can do when It gets excited.
The Standard Oil was fined less than
five per cent, of itB recent profits.
Hates, of Quincy, Illinois, was fined
twelve hundred and ninety times as
much money as he had���and more too,
ior he didn't even have a cent.
Whether Hates will pay his fine or
hot we do not know, but we dare say
he will pay It before the Standard Oil
pays Its fine.
When the judge who fined him ten
dollars and the costs amounting to two
dollars and ninety cents heard Hates'
story, he was inclined to be lenient.
It semed that Hates aud his sick wife
were expecting an important family ar-
��� rival, and the doctor said that the
anaemic wife  must have  fresh milk.
Hates built a comical sort of bicycle
out or old odds and ends that the boys
had given him. He tried to sell it. Hut
he couldn't get anything for lt. lt was
good, however, to ride on for a little
while. He rode out to the prosperous
quarter, and saw twenty cents' worth of
milk standing in an areaway.
The judge gave him until September to raise the fine, which was very
kind; he might have sent him to jail.
This will seem comical some day,
when really intelligent men of the future read our history.
We fine one man less than three per
cent, of what he has, and we all understand that he won't pay it���although tlie
crimes of his corporation have been serious, n drain upon every pocket in the
And every day we take thousands of
men and fine them more than the total amount of their possessions, and
lock them up promptly if they don't pay.
All this must mean complicated book-
kepfng for the Angel  Gabriel.
Queen's Hotel
Bftfctr Btreel, Nelion. B. G.
Lighted by Electrioltr aaA
Heated by Hot Air
L*ig�� and -Comfortable Bedroome and Klr.t-
t:la.aiiiulu. Room.   Bample Booma for Commercial   M.n.
MSB.  B. C.CLARKE, frocnetreaa
Grand Central Hotel
Thoroughly renovated and refurnished. Rooms BO cents upward. The
dining room is unexcelled ln tbe city.
House heated throughout with hot
J. A. EBICKSON, Proprietor
Telephone, 250.    Opposite Court House
and PoBtoffice. Nelson. B. C.
Tremont House
European and American Flan
If eail 26 ota.   Booma from 26 eta. to 11
Onlr White Help Emplored.
Baker Bt., Kelaon Proprietor,
Battlett   House
Best DoIUr-a-Day House in Nelson.
Th* Bar if the Flneat.
White Betp Onlr Employed.
T-Ekt*. notice that Ir* F. Taylor, clera. of Arrow-
ii.-ii-i, B. <'., IntemlH to apply tor a ��peclal lirence
to   cut   timber   trom   tin-    following   described
No. 1. Com men jIii a atapost planted 70chalne
n-tan.-c in nn eaaierly direction from Cariboo
lake marked "Ira F iaylor's, W. Parkin**' H. W.
coruer.���' ttoiinded on the south by T, L No 1666,
on the weit by P. I,, o o. "672, thenee north 80
chaliiR, tlicnce eant HO chaln-p, thence *outh HO
chains, theuee went W) ehains to polut ot commencement
No. 2. r.iuimi'iu-iiittiita pout pliiutcd 8-1 ebalns
��� ii-tt*n- - and ln aeasterlydlrectlon from Cariboo
ake marked "W Parkins'. Ira F. Taylor's 8. w.
coruer post," houuded on the west by T. L. 7667,
nouth by Ira F. Taylor's and W. Parkin*'T. L.
So. 1, thence north 40 chains, thence east n-u
i-haiux, thence south 40 chains, thence west 160
chaitm to polut ot commencement.
Nel��ou 1 nn i UlHtrict Diitrict of West Kootenay
lake notice that K. W. Hmlth, Frank Flanagan, and A. ��. Klder. of Spokane, Wimb , occu
patlon pinchers, intend to apply for a special
limber licence over the follow Inn deicrlbed
lands: Commencing ata post planted at the
���outtiCKBt corner, aoout eight miles from the
Kooteuay river, on the weat side, and about
three miles north of the International boundary
lino, on lhe west hank nf Brldg creek, on the
north fork, tlieinv north W) chains, thenee west
Ko - im in*., ttience ---uih 80 chains, (hence east HO
attain* to point of commencement, and contaln-
iiik '�����<> toTi *. more or lea*.
Dated July Win. 1907. K. W. am���,
Frank Fi.anauan,
A.   S     ���kl.I.KK.
K. W. smith, Agent.
In the matter <>( a�� ���ppltcallqu for the li ue of
duplicate of the c�� rti float** of Title for Lot* 6, 7.
I, and 17, Block'J, iown of Kitchener (tfapflNj
and Uit dim droup One, In the U r ct of Koutenay
Notice Is here" y kItcii that It my intention
���o In ��u it- at the ex in rnl lotl of one no mth afler the
flrnl iiubltcrttioti licn-of. duplicates of Certificates
orTlileof tin- above lots lu the name of Joneph
Walker which certificate* are dated 'I2nr\ dayof
June, If* lit and ���, ���, w. '��������������� ���������! '2181 A and 24H2A respectively.
Quid Registry I >m 'e. Nelson, B. C.Wrd July,
"H. F. MAchaon,"
Dlitrlct KeglHtrar.
Joiephlne St.
Nelson. B. O.
Royal Hotel
Bates |1 and (1.60 a Day.
Special Bates to RejpUiir Boarder*.
Moat comfortable quarter, ln Nelson;
Only tbe beat of Liquors and llgara.
In the matter of an application lor the Issue of
a duplicate of the Certificate of Title tor Lot*
10 and 17, Block 20, Town of Nelson.
Notice is hereby aWen that it is my Intention
to isiue at the expiration of one month after the
first publication hereof a duplicate of the Certtfl-
oate pf Title for the above Lots in the name of
Prances m 1'av, which Certificate li dated the
I'.��ih September, 1W9, and numbered AibOK.
Land KegiMry Office, Nelson, B.C.. 16th June,
VAn. kl. 9. MacLKOD,
District Registrar.
In the matter of -,u Application for tho issue of
��� hipii.-iiie-. -.I tin i - nm.-lit. sot Title to lots 11,
Vi and la, croup 1, Wait Kooteuay Dlitrlct. also
known as the ' Kootenay chief," 'Comfort'* and
"Lulu" mineral claim* respectively.
Notice Is herebv kIvcii that it Is my Intention
lo issue at tha expiration of one month a(t*>rthu
tlrsl publication hereof a duplicate of Certificate
of i n I. ... ii-.*'!.. ..I an undivided ftl-Uioths In
each of the n' OVo loUi issued ou thu 17th day ol
May, A D, IBM In I ht Ds me of John ('. Ainuworth,
anil also a duplicate of Certificate of Title No.
*'nni an tin.h--. ni. d lUltiuihsln each of the
above lot-*, livued on the 17th day of May, A. D
1WW, tn the name of QaOTM J. Ainsworth.
Laud Heg.Mtry Olllce, N��.lsoii,B. (j.. AuHust6lh,
1007. ���
������II. K. MacLkoo,"
District Iteglstrar.
One of Nel,on'. Pretty Home Cottage, of 2 bedrooms, (Ittlng room, dining room, kitchen, bathroom; hot and
cold water; large basement. Nice view
of lake. $1,600, $900 down; balance on
easy terms. Certainly a snap. 3 lots
75 x 125. Apply to J. R. B., Dally
All Mines Working-Few Miners Remain
Unemployed  in  Camp.
Cobalt, Aug. 28.���More than six weeks
have elapsi'd since the Cobalt miners'
union first called their men out on
strike, and since that time there has
been a marked change in the appearance of things in and about Cobalt
district. During the first week hundreds of men were seen loitering about
the square, but today not more than
a dozen or two were to be seeu. There
!s no doubt whatever but that many
Of the strikers and citizens of the camp
visited the circus at Halleybury. which
partly accounts for the apparent lull
In business today. However, buslnets
Is picking up rapidly In the camp, .'.ue
to tho fact that nearly all the mines
are o|ieriiting. The step taken by the
Silver Leaf In resuming work by contract has meant the employmejt ol :.
number of union men about the cu'iip
who are quite ready to go to work. Another feature that marks a renewal of
activity anil interest In the camp is th.*
number of visitors that are daily coming
in. This Is quite notlcenble by gl-i icing
at the hotel registers, as the arrival of
every train means a great demand tot
A visit to the Kerr Lake dlBtrlct today showed that nearly all the mines
were working. Those operating are
tho Foster, Cobalt Central. Nova Scotia. Jacob's Silver Leaf. King Edward
nnd Drunimond. All these mines are
working with good slued stalTs. The
Cobalt Central today had their now
crusher shipped from the station out to
the mine.
The Jacob's of Kerr Lake, today started working their new air compressor
and drills, and steady shipments from
this mine are expected. It was learned
on tht. way out that the O'Hrlcn people
were employing about 180 men.
Mr. Dan Weeks and a number of
other mining men who have been spending a few days ln the Al.ltOil dlslrici
returned to tho camp today aud report
good showings of gold ln that section,
while Mr. Neil Macdonald has just returned from the Larder Lake fecllnn
quite convinced that tho norlh country
contains mineral wealth.
We have had placed in our hands one of the prettiest bent paying
This is up for a quick sale on account of owner's ill health. Call and get
full particulars. If you have 'fti.OOO we can make a good easy deal with yaa.
tot this property.
Brydges, Blakemore & Cameron, Ltd.
Fire, Accident, Life and Employers' Liability Insurance
Let us quote you rates in the best board companies.
We Have For Sale One  of the Prettiest Homes to
Nelaon, Sttaated to Fairvfrw, Close to the Car Line
Large 7-room house. Stone foundation and first-class cellar. Complete water system. 10 lots under cultivation and planted in large, bearing fruit trees.   This Is a snap.   For particulars apply to
Choice Fruit
I Have J 0,000 Acres
of the
Choicest Frott Lands te
British Colombia.
Can sell any quantity from 5 acres to 2,000 in one block.
Buy now and get the ground floor prices.
Nelson, B. C.
The house eontnius two bedrooms nnd hall upstnirs, dining room, parlor, kitchen, pnutry and hall downstairs, hot and cold water. Electric light in all rooms.
Two lots In a good position.
PRICED $1900.       Terms can b�� arranged.
x ��� I
$10 Cash
$J0 per Month
We offer you something practical���something that will make a
real home���something that will
yield an income. Every tract surveyed. Every tract near the town-
site. Daily train*: serviceable
roads; absolutely good soil,���and
.ill these In a community, not In a
Kootenay Orchard
WARD ST.   -   NELSON, B. C.
Notice ti hereby given thnt the unasnlvned
have submitted 10 the Lieutunaut Uovuriior-lu-
Councit k propoMl nndet tho pr-vlilom i>( ths
���'KlvtTM ninl strt'miiN Aet." fnr ele-rlim mi'l !�����
in..V miu 1.1.M : u.'iinti-. from'>��M Rlytr >*u.\ M. ...
ilow Oreek, In the btatrtotof West Kooteusy, *nd A
f-irmnklMK tbesftaiSflt fnr rrtftliiK hikI ilrlv
iiik ttu'r-wnn It i(i it, tlintwr, 111 in Wt, mfiHi' ml emits
SOa fnr eift'ttCIK ii'l'l t 1 -. mu,. * 111 ::*,: I. <.tn- fur
!i-.*!'..llK, r-nl (lilt; Mini  **l--11\t 'Till*;   logs H ll<l   ItllltXT
lirnimht ttnwii Haiti creek ami   Meer. nml   fur at-
1 .-..���hint;   liu-iin-   tothe  iihnii'nf  said  ereek   ami
1 iver fnr tnio) iitirpope*
The  laml*-   m tin  HftViU'd   hy *��til work nn*
I ..t-   ���������". .-1st. *i.,i'   .,ii*i - n'- :.*     '   ������  ii   irt, 11 and
tfiaj boi-tnil,Groupl. Kootsnsy Dlstrlot,
Thf t'dio proposed to beobsrsed srs moh *-
mav Im Hied hy the Judge ot thf County Court
of Wtml Kootenay.
Dated RUt July, 11*17.
F. C GREEN       F. F. bURDEN        A. H. GREEN
Civil Engineers. Dominion and British
Columbia Land Surveyors
r. 0. Box 143    Phouc 261 B.
To Winnipeg and points in
Ontario, Quebec, Maritime
Provinces, Central and Eastern States, August 8th, 9th
and i0th, September i tth,
i 2th and J 3th.
Full iHirtlculnrs as to stop overs, etc.,
* ii application.
Splendid New Soo Spokane Service,
���'**.' .. Hours Between St. Paul and Spokane. Catch the Flyer at Cranbrook for
All Points East.
Daylight servico butweon Nelson and
Bpoksns Including 50 miles on Koote-
nny Luke Iti oleKant new steamer Kus-
1 aiionk. I'aii. 16.60. Hoturn $12.45.
Qood for :'.ij daya,
Scenery througta Arrow Lakes and
Rook} Mountain resorts unexcelled in
Ibe world.
F, J 00TLB, J. MOK,
A il l'.A..V.D<*��u��or. D. P.A.. Nelaon
A. M. Onn. Soc. C. K.
Mining WorK a Specialty,
Offlco: Beoley Building*.    V. O. Ron 434
Baker St., NELSON, B. C
���>    * .
!   i
il I i
The Daily Canadian
is the new style we are showing in
Among the new articles just
opened up are: Bread Trays. Nut
Bowls and Candle sticks, besides
Jugs. Bowls and Nappies.
Don't fail to get our prices on
these  goods.
Watchmaker and Optician
il manulai'turi-d  Irom  me nnasl   tobacco. Ban-
rltK.Dt*.l uud dew-eweetensa.    tt t xal.a. lo���-
flavored and .-..ul     A lobaooa you
ouglil to try
tobacconist.   Baker Street.
Coal! Ice! Wood!
Phone 265
Yale-Kootenay  Ice, Frott,
Fuel A Poultry Co., Ltd.
N. E. eoi. Baker   and   Ward   Sts.
See Us
For Good Fruit Land
io Acre Blocks to 8oo
Acre Blocks.
Bedrock Prices.
Easy Terms.
Socialist   Party   ra ���  even   *r\i.j
ev.-n.ng at *. t* m., ln tot* Miners' t nion Hall
AU art* IDYIIM* ai:v on, allow I to tsk�� part lu
the debates.   "I. Austin. -aa-LTetary.
Oor. Vernon   nracj Ward Street...
M3I.SOV. li. O.
C.   V.   Jones    P.   W    Qordon,   A.   C
Graham. H. M liurritt. Vancouver; R.
F. Tolme, M. Stevenson and dau-zhter.
Victoria; Miss Sleeves, Koch Siding;
V W. M.ickinnon. G. W. Orchard. Spo
kane; W. D. Milner. V. S. Shepard, M.
A. Cook, W. U. Harris. .1 M. Hoyd and
wife Calsary: G. B. Garrett, Slocan; R
Brownlee, A B. Cameron. Montreal; E.
.1 Blagner, Hrandon. Q. H.-a'-ii. Spi kan*
\V. S. Miller. Vancouver; S Mnirhead.
iNkamks; EL S. Ni.nhwav. Arrowhead;
i R Waldo, Winnipeg: Dr. C M. Kingston, Grand Fbrks; Col BHosaop, Et A
S. Morris. Vernon; It. 11.11. Salmo; J.
II. Raw-ley, I'.ayonne; M. S. Roselant.
Tc Say  Farewell.
\  Bpeoial  meeting of Nelson's Queen
; dg<    S  0. K. is called for S o'clock u>*
n Miners' Union hall lo say fare-
*.*,*.. 10 Bro. T. Morley.
Adjourned   Meeting.
The adjourned meeting of lhe Nelson
Ubtral Conservative Association will be
held in Lcnuie si Wragge's office tomorrow   i Thursday I  nigbi  at 8 o'clock.
Ha Ea froadsdaile &
Next Door to Bank of Commerce
Waterproof Paints
Coal Tar, Pitch,
Creosote, Oils tor
Preserving Timber,
Roofing Pitch and
Boat Buildors will liud it to their advantage to utse our Pitch.
Nelson Coke & Gas Co.
Fatronized by Earl Grey and Nobility
Hotel Strathcona
Best Located Hotel n. Nelson
Apartment! Kin-cnnt-   Galaine < TiotreBt
Civility Hiid -t'leatilitmBK.
I'ttuer ibe imuiHRt'im'iii uf   K. K. feobla,
inu* of Toronto, utiu*** mid
5-Room House and 3 Lots, Observatory street. House
well plastered and in gocd
shape. $1,000. Good
General Job Work, Chi-nney Sweeping, Carpet Cleaning, Fixing and Clean
Ing  Btovee,  ate.
1t1  EMt Baker St. Phone  No. A114
A. McDonald & Co.
Doulers in staple and fancy Grocerl**
Butter, EgffB.
Oamp and MUiera' Supplies.
Old Curiosity Shop
If you waul to huy or sell anything,
go to the Old Curiosity Shop. A new
line of Japanese Gnode now on Bale
All klnda of Dlunerware In stock. Pat-
INEL-SOIN,     -     B. G.
\V. F. Ouc'.irane and wife, humUm*. A.
W. Murkiiimm. Spokane; C. J. Whitteii.
\V. Simpson, A. Hastings, \v. Watson,
.1. Jones, Winnipeg; A. Aide, L, Aide,
B, D. F. Lorech, Miss T. l.��orHch, Mlsa
J. J. Kings-mill, Toronto; S. Wright,
Swan River; S, K. OUiev, Procter; F. K.
Blrnle   and   wife,     Tabor:      .J.   Tipuw,
Btrathoona; P. Benson, St. I'aul; F.
Cramp, Cedar Rapid*; a. huiii-i*, Victoria; W. J. Procter and Wife nml children. Greenwood; K. S. Weal, J. E. Miller, Seattle.
M. Haimei-K, S. Denner, J. Laurie. W.
Blddall, Miss C. A. White. Miss E. Urad-
Hhaw, Bpokane; W. Brlaton, Balmo; Q.
11. McKean, Procter; G. Stoll. Slocan;
M. KnicU. C. T. Trudeinun, T. .1. Hip-
pncii nnd wife, Seattle; Q, R-foKay, D.
R. McKay, H. Sutherland, Bonnlnffton;
W. W. Johnson, J. Grant, n. ISrickson,
Creston; J. Ferry, Deer Park; G. B.
White, Shields; C. McDonald. Ymlr;
Mrs. McLennan, Pilol Hay.
F. luiimau, Blocan; P. Hubert, Ban
don; J. Vnchulenko, Roeebury; F. Bul-
niiin, Blocan City; M. McLean, Balmo;
It. Reynolds, Nakusp,
H. B Lindsey, D. R Burton, Slocan;
11. R. Turtle. Pernle,
J. K. Marshall. W. Cooper. Willow
Polnl. ML U i" a gall} Pernle; J Lamb,
A. Cook, .1 McCarthy, Wlnlaw P M��dl
gan, M' yie. J, By mm, Boo; w n Lunn,
Procter; L. a Hudson, Bpokane, J. Mar
an, Vmfr
J. McG!lMvra\. KamlOOp T K Need
ham.      Miss   .McArthur.      L    D.   Helsby,
Revelstoke;   C.   Gooch,  Vancouver;   K
w. cintiidier. Winnipeg; A <; Blaine,
Cranbrook; Mrs. BJ. r Crawford
Golden;   Mrs. K. Bcott, Trout Lake
SOLD chain, between  Ho��?�� snd  Vernon
MreetH      Huitnble r��W*Td will   \te |<M : loi 111
rt-ttirii.    Mi:l��*L*rio)'l A Miiiranly.
A POCKKTBOOK cMianlniuir fc ���iBii��*,t ohaqna
tbl   -.ii i.inl   Kcllel   MliilUK   itiuiftntiy,   v*,y*\
ui i . r. Wad.*,., hmi  .,*-.���.*     Pi Oder  kind
ttUtVi nt N<i 1'lKi-f lui.
TWO  PJRHT-t;i.Art-* HtjiisAr*, ptm*m h(>atbd
Mt iM.uiK-ktM-iwr. ��r4 flat. K.W    C. oXoOA.
A   1'AKTNKR    with   tXfiOt   U
I   UOOA N*-Ik'-U     A   iffrffd i
OfhOMO a  Irult
rii.H-l'.Ii      1'KTl-
Bei D-Md U'lt In- ��ctlv��:lT fUraau'l (in rftlich.
(.))-t a/FBot i ki.
Po* tihrticuLiirt npf'1
ABKLL  BOY      ArrjtlTlhL  9t*aXh
tarmfi   where   hi  con   Uutrtiugi....
bUHliu'"*-       Al ftn-w-iit in tf\ontptm   hut   woi>li
-    Aflatom h. it . WotTf *;��n��^ifc*Q.
t young Kngiittatnu.n, jtih with fruit
ou-rhiy loon,  ��� I.-
time Ht >>i>.
TBACHER   AX  M*ftdowi      VAi  |r*r   motttk.
BpratU'T. ��*������ rotary   Y.tu . i'Xt.
POE BALE���gtt-roomod  oottag*. BtaDlt;
n��ar    Mill       M(mI'tti    Lmpvov��num*tft.     PtSOS
Term-Riven     Apply Mh  kmmn.
KOLL   TOP   OPFICK   UK-K   aud   OBlc*  Cbair
Apply yaator BhahkA.
Left   on   a   Trip.
Father AltiioiT left this mu ruing fur a
trip to Edm-outoa and the Northwest.
Previous to his departure- a tew uf his
parish!) uers presented ihe reyereod
father with a well tilled purse.
Hack  Fare.
An animated discussion took place
in a city hotel last evening over the
prop sed regulation of cab fares by 'he
city council. John Linebaugh. who convinced his hearers that his charges are
justified by me capital he has invested.
the long hours he has to work and wait,
and the general excellence uf the service he gives.
Gift to 20,000 Club.
C. Burt, district representative of
Fither and Lt iser, of Victoria, some
time ago offered, on behalf of his firm.
to give |100 to the 20,000 fund, if a
similar amount were contributed hy
local merchants. He is satisfied that
the condition has been fulfilled and gave
,-ecretary Ebbutt a cheque for that
amount this evening.
New Wholesale Agency.
A car of rubber footwear, the first
that ever came tu Nelson, has arrived,
consigned to G. P. Downey, district
agent and manager for the Canadian
Rubber company. Mr. Downey will
make his permanent headquarters In
Nelson which has heen selected as the
c mpany's distributing point for the interior of British Columbia.     >-
Aided by Spokane Police.
Sergeant Wightman, who "brought
back Kennr. h Murray from Bpokane
alter a chase rhat put his Intelligence
and -perseverance to a severe test. Is
lull of gratitude to the Spokane police
for their courtesy and their zeal to help
him. While Sergeant Wightman found
and arrested his man himself It was no
fault of the local police, ten of whom
had been detailed to help. The catch
Lng of Murray was a fine performance
20.000 Club.
The general meeting of the 10,000
club, held in the court house last night.
was attended by T. G. Procter. P. O
Ebbutt, T. Deasy, K. K. Heeston, .1. M
Lav, L. B. DeVeber, F. L. Hammond,
A. Lean, R. G. Joy, I. G. Nelson, A. W.
Dyer. W. Cutler, F. .1 Deane, E. W. Wid
dowsOD and A. N. Wolverton, Sr. The
financial report showed assets of $1.-
234.64 and liabilities of $1^87.10. The
president estimated that about $fi0M additional was required to carry the club's
work on to the end of the year. He
favored an appeal to the council for
$600, General disappointment was felt
at the persistent refusal of some merchants to subscribe although they admit benefitting hy the club's advertising
The justification attempted by others
that the funds have been in is managed
is noi considered sincere. R. C. Webb,
II. Wright, 1. G. Nelson and D. C. McMorris, who have automatically resigned Irom the executive committee by
non-attendance at meetings, were replaced by G. P. Wells, f. L. Hammond,
R.   E    Noble and   A.   N.   Wolverton.  Sr
Dr. Shorman's family will leave tonight for Spokane, where they will reside  permanently.
Dr. C. M. Kingston of Grand Forks,
arrived from the Houndary last night
atnl is tit  the Hume.
It I\ Tolmle will return from Kaslo
to night and leave for East Kootenay
tomorrow  morning.
L. W. Winchester will take up his
residence in Spokane. His family will
leave tonight  for that  city.
W F. QOdhtane and Mrs. Cochrane
bave returned from a prolonged visit to
Kngland and are at the Strathcona.
R W Hannlngton will leave for the
east tomorow morning, to he absent nix
or Heven weeks He will visit all the
Important   eastern cities  during  his  ah
Prices of Metals.
New V'.ik Aug. 2R.���Silver, CKc; cop
per.   IT'.c;   lead, $5.25.
London, Aug. 28.���Silver, ?.\ lHOd,
h-ad, ��19.
The Store of Quality
Ram Lal Tea
Packed in the Gardens Where
It Is Grown~Can Be Bought for
the Same Money as a Cheaper
We Stake Our Reputation on
the Quality and Reccommend
It to All Tea Drinkers as Absolutely the Best Value Offered.
50c per lb.
K. W. O. BlMk . FkOM 1*.
is n in
Baking Powder
Jelly Powder
Wholmiile and   KeUll iH-nler* In
Fresh and Salted Meats
C. Aa Benedict
Corner Silica and Josephine 8ta.
RMO>E   7
Camp*" supplied on Khortent notice and
lowest price. Nothing but   tre-eh uud
wholesome meatrsand supplem kept in Mock
Mail orders receive careful attention.
E.   C.   TRAVES.   ManaRer.
A Considerable
Advance in Price
On All Edison
goes   into   effect   SeDtember   16th.     Secure one now while they may be
obtained  at present prices.
OwinK to increased cost ol manufac
ture and also to an Incn aae in the rate
of duty, it has become necessary to advance th**? prices, and after the above
date (Sept. 16th.) all Kdisen dealers will
be required to put the new schedule of
prices into effect, and it will not then
he possible to buy Edison machines at
present prices. So again we say. secure
the Edison Phonograph NOW, before
the advance goes into effect.
Gem, $15,00;   Records 40 cents each.
STANDARD,  $25;   Flower   Horns.  $3.50
to $4.75.
HOME,     $35.00;     Support    for     Flower
Horns,   12.75.
W. G. Thomson
���KSaSg" ""   Nelson, B.C.
PHone 0*.
Rowboats and Canoes
For Sale or Hire
Audit for Truneott LsQnobSI
au<l PutcThoro Cbiidch.
Fiu��;*(t Lot of H(,atn in B. 0.
Foot of JonepMnt* Ht.       Tel   A18
G.   C.   Hodge   Mistaken  for   Bill   Miner
by   Amateur   Detectives.
Five ntudcntK of a corroipoTidemoe
Kchool for amateur dactectlvaa cam<-
within an ace of .urning undying famt*
at Port Moody towards the end of the
present week. A clean shaven, cIobo
crojaped Individual, with an appetite corresponding to that of Bill Miner, was
lighted attempting to conceal himself
among a mass of telephone wires strung
on a high pole. The first Sherlock
Holmes who made tin* sensational discovery quaked with fear at the sight,
and appealed to frlendl for asBlstunce
in five mlnut.'s as many men were at
the Toot of the pole, calling upon tho
high  peroher to surrender.
It was not until the arrival of tha
remainder of tin* telephone gang that
Superintendent   of    Const ruction   Work
Q. C.  Hodge, of   tl,.   H. ('.Telephone Com
pany was able to prove his identity
and secure his releaHe from the hands
of the reward  seekers.
Mr. Hodge announces that he will
cultivate hirsute adornments until the
Hill Miner et al scare is over. He objects to he taken lor a convict.��� New-
Westminster  Ncwb.
Funeral of T. H. D. Jerome.
The funeral of the late Thomas If Ii
Jerome took place this afternoon from
the residence to St. Saviour's church
where tlie servlc.* was read by Kev. I'll. Graham, and thence to the oemeten
The pall bearers were W. Cutler. .1.
Kras<T. P F I'oulton. K. Weir. A. Leslie
and P. Phillips.
-til Kinds of Heating Plants ln   Stork
Victoria St.. Nr. Ooera House.       Tel. 181.
W.   O.    QILLETT
C'M'it i-Mctrnr   nnd
Hole agent f'.r tho !'',rtf, tUaO Liitntx-r '�����,., I.i fl.
rfetfc.] ynT'ln hhOOMh ����'l aromott lnintuT, tunx-fl
work *���:'���, b|��Ck��U< ' ''��������" l��'ti ari'1 *\, nut!������*���, *n*h
��U'l 'it/on. < t-m'til, hrlf.k ami I Ini* for nat*'
A u torn a l le trimtur.
Yard ann fa/tor*)-: Vernon Ht    +n*t ot Hall
%III-K<��^,   It. C.
r. U. Bog ��ti. Itltpl'oni- 178
FOR       V
T5BusiriE5s Energy
All   the authorized Text  Books for
Public and High Schools.
Mail orders promptly  filled.
Canada Drug & Book Co'y, Ltd.
COR   BAKER   and   WARD. Phone  81
Plums, per basket 35c
Peaches, per lb 15c
Pears, 2 lb. for   25c
Apples, 3 lb. for 25c
Crab Apples, 3 lb. for 25c
Telephone 101.
For Sale
COTTAGE���Il rooms, water and t'loctrlc
light, wootjtibt'd, chicken houses, fruit
trees, % block from car lino For
quick   sale.     Terms  given.     %1'ttJ 00.
b% acres within mile of city. Suitable
for market garden.    Terms given.
LAND on Kooteuay and Arrow lakes,
Slocan, Knotenay and Salmon rtv-VTS,
etc.    From $1" to $15 per acre.
F. B.  LYS
Real   Estate   and   General   Agent.
West Baker Street. NELSON. B. C.
Piano  and  Singing Lessons
Given  by   Mrs.  Winter   Every  Saturday
Mrs. Winter holds* certificate from
Royul A(*u*l<*my for pianoforte plnyln-c
and sliiKini; Ortlllcute from Tn mt \
Oollflga, London, l-*riK-, for llienry of run
sic. SchnltirHlilp of the Loudon CooMT.
vatnlri- of MuhIc for sltiKlim and plum*
playing Address Box 796. N.laon.
Huy and Timber Laud-���About 4u
acres of hay and t��o aer-M of timber,
right beHlde a K. It. siding and on 13 ;i
short    distunce     from    Nelson     $2C 00
Baker St., Opposite Queen's Hotel.
The 6ilver Grill has opened under new management. White labor
only employed. The beet 36 cent
meal  In the city.
80THERN   4.   JEWELL,
Tsks nottSS '.hfct nn anplIn
to   regiSttt    Artlmr     Ih. n,;,'..j,
ion Iiiih btSS mmi*,'
MiKlttiiiitn    ie
ftwiM-r ;n Vt-e wtmp\a, under ntaxisls 6m \
from R. .i. Bit'tipidii, Deputy Am.i.nn*fir Hiid Colleel
of the Htitfan AnsSltQOIlt DtNtrlfl, tO Arthur
Hiimilinn   l*>ij"haii��n,   in-KrliiK   "late   Lhi-  7tli   or
Kovembsr-iA D.,lflOB,ol nil and ���iniolsi thot
'���'-lUiin i-arccl, i��r  traf-t,  uflanrt.   urn)   pratntMl,
clMititc: lyiritt ati'l turliifr In tin- lUKlrict f.f K< (it**-
nay, In tl..-I'rDvlni'i-<��l HrtttBh   Cnlumbla,  more
J'lirUi-iihirly k nr>wti uml dewrlbsd iin:
Lot tiutritici nine lMl*w,rril   hid)   seventy  (1170)
Group one fl) in the hlctrict ol KootSBaj, "Buu
nel Mineral  Clalni.
Von hu'i t-ach m vou nn- rraolrsd Innnnlssl ths
flu Iih ol lln- tti portibew -r wltjilii fi.nrtci-n &��*���
from tin- -Int.  ..i U)t   H.rvl'c of ihlr. hoik.,.   ���[,,,���
you, and tn default of n asreat, oi oei iifii-mcf ��.i
IN fiet-dMio iKMnit flhd within hucIi ihthhI, you
will b* f-,r.-v��'r etiiopi n<i utel debarred from pit,
i liiR up uny   ��� 1 -. ��� io   In. or   In   reilpeel of tb��  Mid
l-HHl     hikI    I    ���.hull    reallter   Arthui    llainllton
Km huuaii nn owimt tbareof.
bated ai usnd ttcyiitr) OfDes, Kalton   Pre
rtfj*rl*tt*tl OOlUmbU, thl*Z,th.li.y of A pill
A Ii., 1907.
To Ui. ���   ������ ������������������   Y
'th ��� Min����t
pany (foreign).
H.  V   MaM.KOJ*,
v afi       i,lhU"'1 ^KMrnr.
Id  tv  Hiivur  Mining Com-
'���.   A.   ISAAC
R.   W.   HINTON ���
Wcpni '-i mi  oiui ��)< .r-.t-.ii i u SKSOIltOd *v*ltli OMapatuh.    .Hliaci M��t*��i
Work,  Mining nnd  .Mill .Mm*. l��in*r-> .      MBnufu*.turer��Tj(
Or��   CarM,   tat.   K.    Contractom'   0*B*r��. ^^
Corner of Hal and
From ftri-t'ta.
1NEW-SOIN,    B. C.
Telf(��h<iD* tt
f.n tot m
MANUFACTURERS    T  JjmlA.      CLi^^f..
and dealers in Lcmbef, Mangles,
Lath, TVlouldinKS, Doors, Windows,
I urned >V'orW unU HrHckctM.
VHKNOM STHiiurr  -
Mail (^rdfrs promptly stt-auMs.
*nhij*o>. w. c.
The Hall Mining and Smelting
Company. Limited.
Purchases Lead, Copper and Dry Ores.
2 PIECE sum
iiaki.u srRHBT, nrnaitrn
MoTwnnitiDt OraHiiK-rv Oni. Ftinnil I'.n.k. r��-i.iv.<l wiK'klj frosb trom i*
chnru     Kur sale l.y nil IcjuliiiK ^frtx-iirs.
OBot liurt wnrchciusi" | Honstcin I'.]<�� k.    Phonf TH.
Josephine Street.        ...        Nelson, B. C
Our shipment of these lias been delayed in transit but we 1" I
tlani now, and in order to clear beiore the season is t����
far advanced we  are  selling tbeiu at prices tlw'
sbould place one iu every home.    Call aud
be convinced and enjoy comfort.
J. H. Ashdown Hardvatt
Company, Limited.
Gons and !
If yon nrn thinkiii-j! of lmyinK n Hiflc or Qua ll"" -*"10*""
nnd Inipsxji iiur itook.
Wi* ulmi curry nil llic bHt mnkoB uf Amiimnit"1". ""'
ICDomtnion,     Eley,      Kynoch,     U.M.C-
and Winchester.
Wood-Vallance Hardware Co., Limited
������  a.,.,.     ���^*.~ *#**


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