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The Daily Canadian Aug 10, 1906

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Array gtotlig Ctmabicm
No. 58.
Fifty Cents a Month
-Residenl Pupils Musi
Pay Iii Attend
13n Trustees' Reply to Refusal ci
Education Department to Concede Anything.
t,-r  the  children  nf aon*resi*
who wish to attend the
,-iumlH "i Nelaon innat pay tons
���        ,  .,i $1 r.u per month.
(I,, , ,ni ui iii<  last term no fees
��� i nnd ao questions asked
ui  rest donee ol  nny
tented tUmiolf  ror  en-
mi. ���-.��
��� 1, ui,- |i , -ni hoard nf school
t-nted  their estimates ot
tho ourrenl yi ar to the
, February Last, the coon.
1' Hn- anisiinii asked. Ar-
;s conference wns ih-im
I lea from tin- council anil
1 Several possible redno-
[lOBed   1111   Ischisll   nf   the
L ;��� ���rninn   BelOW.     All   Islll
| withdrawn,
fed iimi tin- board should
1 v  to thf  provincial  edu-
��� ui. nnil ask inr a spe-
���sunt its rosped tsf III.' i.'iliiclilltiiinl
rded   to  ntin-rcsiilciil   pu-
t ssjis accordingly made by
it. Arthur, and promptly
ilm department   Bomo nn-
��� ���sislt-iic-   hint   StDOe   piissf.t
1 ;. i's-iitiiiii from residents
\ t" iin- provincial govern-
rnvtston for their children
1   city schools, tn which no
been received, ..tlu-r (linn
s iiiiin tin- superintendent
ihai the boundaries or the
<ii sclit.nl district should be
include nil suburban iiis-
snlalned In tin- llmne addl-
.-ii.l 1
1'ii>   meeUng  the board  01
���1   Instructed  Dr. Arthur to estt-
ihe |ier capita cost ol education
���His- NsImisi public sohoolS nml make
iin' charge fnr the admission 01
osldent pupils,
\1il111r completed  his  tank   Ihis
mi' nn;! fixe:, the amount at ji.t.u
 M>. whlcn win amount lo si..
11. us. un. average cost per pupil
���   ciiy dlreolly, exclusive of iii.-
from the government
"i us in ihs- conditions of pay-
mi. Dr. Arthur   replied   thut    they
i'1' I. ��� fixed by the board, presum-
111 hi tor each term al tbe bo-
-'��� for the fall term nnd *'���> inr
'iis term.
situation created is n peculiar
'ne" the IubI amendment to the
acl the ensi of school malnten-
'���' thrown directly tin tins cousin-
Kxoepl the residents of t-'atr-
""iii' nt the residents of Nelson's
ithurban sections are organised
nuiclpalltles  for  nny   purposes.
I cannot   levy  school   rules  IT  they
111 do su.
���"' iieltiK within the limits of the
ni' addition school tllstrln nor rate-
In 11, tlie are nol entitled to
nl "I'lr clhltlieti there, There Is, In
' im Bchool to which they can claim
1 "
! '   still within ihe powers or the
J' cinl government, iii Its capacity
���' ""hish ol public Instruction, with
linnl   Ilie Consent   of tho   Nelson
' Hiicil ssi Bchool board, tn alter
t '��� ���  lend Hi., boundaries of the Nel-
1     iv si isssssi dlstrlol sis as to Include
��       - 1. iiilnl  areas tn  the  neighbor-
1    n course which ii hns been stai-
I        " officially, Is mil at an unlikely
'��' followed.   The children of non-
'   would, then be entitled ts> at
'' 'ic ciiy schools, and all ratepay.
Ijatont districts would be taxed
m      '."l purposes on lhe basis of as-
l""'"1 value nf property, the rates lie-
1"   '".i!'"i...i _y the governmenl oiir-
Will Be Godfathers.
"' ''Hi'.  Auk.  10.���The  king or  Eng-
mnl  emperors of Germany  ami
in ��ni in, godfathers to Emperor
1,11111ams rraidson, whose christening
���     Postponed from August 12 to
miniis! 2:1.
Nelson-Gans Glove Contest,
i.tloldlleld,  n0Vm  Aug   10.���.loo  Clans
"lily Nolan, manager for Battling
' 1   s;,;;ni,|| articles lasi night tor a
I       '  '"'' is Unlit In this city mi Labor
J'      tla:i_ agreed to accept $111,1100 as
1     Miat-o 0f the purse umler lhe ftillnw-
11 ���rii-ini'iil:     Straight Marquis  ot
gii.eiisiiui) ruia, to a finish,   Weight
:!kM':" ,"l  '33 iiiiuiiiIk. weigh in at
��� ntiudt, puriiB to I,,- cm s��� tluu Nel-
son win get 1.0,000, wi��� 0r lose, 0-ans to
gel llii.iinii, wi��� or |���������. ,..,,,��� ���,,���, Nci|.
snn each  In poll  with u  8,  Cook  ���-
Ooj, bankers of Qoldfleld. the sum Ol
16000 i.i, slgnng arttolea of agreen t
nl Utildtlclil August  lu, at 2 p. in.
San  Francisco  Fire  Losers Are Determined  to  Collect  Policies.
New Ynrk,   Aug.   10.���Attachments
were levied yesterday ssn  llie  property
nr ilie Trans-Atlantic Fire Insurance
company or Hamburg, ii.-i.i by ine
trustees in this clly as well us on llinl
in the possession or iho state suiior-
Ini leiit's nrrice.     This   action   was
taken by the attorneys retained by tho
Hun Francisco policy-holders, ami was
WWWllifflfdwnlladn lini brd brdahm
thus to the refusal nr the company to
pay claims lu fire hisses al Man Pratt-
clsoo, mi the ground that the destruction by (Ire was an act uf Providence,
excepted In tbe form ur their pulley.
Musi ..f the trust funds of the coni-
liany are In New York state.
Tins policy-holder, decide ..no bring
llle   action    here.      The    state    stlpei'lll-
.l.-i.t .if Insurance bus uu deposit with
tiiin I68..000 sit tin' company, money.
An ..ttaehineiit was served un him yesterday fur that amount Considering
himself In a position similar tu Hint ut
a receiver ui a corporation, however,
lie will take tin action In lhe matter
personally, as the amnunt uf the claim,
Is uver ISOO.IIDU. Attachments will lie
is'vb'si un ail property hold by the
trustees lu this city.
Vice President of C.  P.  R. States His
Views  on   Chinese   Labor  Question���Advocates Immigration.
(Special to the Dally Canadian.)
Victoria, Aug. Hi.���William Whyle,
secunti vice president uf the C P, K.,
Is In Victoria, In uu interview had
wllh him by the Colonist he dwelt nt
length upon all the imlnls uf the labor
sines! lull, which, both regards agricultural ami domestic service is uiiicli
more acute lu the East than In tne
West. Touching upon tlie matter ot
Chinese labor be deprecated the altitude or the labor organisations as m-
colnalstent nud Ill-advised, as it was
originally through the attitude nr mo
artisans lhat Chinese labor had lieen
rirst Imported, ami at the present Juncture ii would nut Interfere with the labor Interest. The liiTlux ut' Japanese
has been checked by the course of Japan's enterprise being diverted tu Manchuria and Korea, ami provided that
the removal or the poll tax with a view
lu lhe admission nr Chinese labor,
juined wiih strict Instructions limiting
Iheir sphere nl activity to agriculture,
market gardening and laundry wnrk
only, he thoughl such a step could nm
be other than beneficial to the country,
lis- trusted that when this tact was unit grasped by ihe men, their opposition
would in- voluntarily withdrawn. The
step suggested would nut constitute any
menace to their legitimate iIkIiib ur
conflict wllh their vested interests.
Royalty on Board.
Cuwes, Auk. !��.���King Bdward and
the Prince of Wales wer eactive participants in today's racing, being
among those on board Vlsoount Iveagh's
Uateona In the contest or schooners
nver the queen's course. Tlie other en-
Hies  were   Emperor  William's   Meteor.
Sunshine, Clarai nml Adela,
In the nice for cutters nml yawls the
darters were Nnvnhoo, Karalda, White-
heather, Merry Maid and Nyrla. The
weather on this, the last day of the
Cowes regal in-, continued bright, with
a  guild  Itree/.e blowing.
Cowes, Aug. 111.���The Adela wun by
I second on time allowance. As a
itrong coincidence the Nyriat which
was third to cross Ihe line in the race
ror cullers ami yawls, was alsn declared a winner i.y i second on time
Sufferagetcs Movement.
Copenhagen, Aug, 10.���The conference or the International League ot
Women Stifrraglsls tuilny decided to
huhl tho next conference In Holland in
i...is. in connection with this conference there will be mass meetings nt
Amsterdam, The Hague ami Rotterdam,
The conference also decreed to publish an official paper lu English in the
Interest of the sutfraglBl movement
Mayors Will Discuss.
Dos Moines, lown. Aug. 10.���The program fur lbe annual meeting of the
Amerloan League or Municipalities, to
is., held in Chloaio on September -. includes an open dlsousston of munlolpai
ownership lu which Mayors Coauworth
nl' Toronto, Dunn ssf Ohioagp, Adams ol
litiliuilo. and oihor speakers will take
Ottawa Letter Contains .erbalum Report of Lord Stratticona's Protest���A
Strange Story of Ballot Box Stuffing in Rabbitskin Bistrict.
Ottawa, August 5���This is an off time in politics at the Capital. The Ministers are all
away but two or three and these are confining themselves pretty closely to departmental details.
Still the machinery has been sufficiently active to make a few appointments and to consider
others. For example Mr. Savard, former Liberal member for Chicoutimi, has beeu comfortably
provided for with an $1,800 office in the Transcontinental Railway Commission.
At hist accounts the Mounted police officers, supposed to have been sent in hot haste to
bring back to Prince Albert H. P. Moberley, who was engaged to work with the census staff,
have not yet reported their man. It must not be forgotten that Mr. Moberley is an expeit
election manager. He was sent last year with two or three others to the country far north of
Prince Albert to hold a provincial poll. After going a day's journey into the wilderness they
held a poll all by themselves, inventing names of electors, filling the ballot box with ballots, and
the poll book with the names which they had created. It was a unanimous election party, and
they brought back a return of over two hundred votes for the Government candidate and none
at all for the Opposition. The favorite name forged by the returning officers was Rabbitskin.
Abont fifteen votes for the government were polled by the Rabbitskin family. ��*
At first the scheme worked very well. The government cauditate had been defeated in the
town aud neighboring settlements. Only the Rabbitskin votes saved him. But after he was
declared elected and the truth came out, he thought it well to resign. Mr. Moberly and his
colleagues were prosecuted. Though they had the assistance of the local agent of the Department of Justice to defend them were convicted.
Mr. Oliver has gone with his family to Europe to re-organize the immigration business.
Having unloaded Mr. Preston ou Sir Richard Cartright, and given the North Atlantic Trading
Company notice that their bonus will ��e discontinued it becomes Mr. Oliver's duty to make
other arrangements. First of ail he ought to have an understanding with Lord Strathcona.
The High Commissioner certainly has good ground to demand a large assortment of appologies
from the Minister of Interior for the slanderous statement made in 1905 and this year that he
was responsible for the North Atlantic Trading Company contract.
One year ago Mr. Foster was condemning this contract in the House and mentioned Mr.
Preston as the man who made it. Mr. Oliver interrupted saying "I beg the honorable gentleman's pardon. If he would change the name to Lord Strathcona.". And Sir Wilfred Laurier,
speaking on the same day, July 13, 1905, "I now come to the practical side of this question. It
was first introduced by Lord Strathcona and was then continued by Mr. Preston on the terms
agreed to by Lord Strathcona."
Writing this year to Sir Wilfrid Laurier Lord Strathcona states that the proposal accepted
by Mr. Preston has been informally made to him ou previous occasions and had not been enter
tained. His Lordship adds: "It is only proper to add that the suggestions never commended
themselves to my better judgment but it was urged upon me so strongly that a trial might be
given to the scheme aud it was received with so much favor with the Department of the Interior,
that I did not feel justified in the circumstauces iu withholding such assistance as I could properly give to carry into effect the declared policy of the Department."
Again, Lord Strathcona says: "While personally I could not approve of the proposed
arrangements, I felt it incumbent ou me, under the circumstances, to carry out the policy of the
Government, but at the same time 1 wish most distinctly to disclaim the direct responsibility
attributed to me in the matter."
Iu another letter Lord Stralhccua gave some of the reasons he bad for not favoring the contract. He said that the coutractors would get the advautage "without any great expense or effort to themselves of the movement which was bouud shortly to take place as the result of our
continuous educational work with the various agencies of the continent."
Today Lord Strathcona expresses the opinion "that the immigration which has taken place
would have been at least as large under ordinary circumstance under the arrangements prior to
Waltzing Contest   Decided,   bul   Prize
Was Missing���Approaches to
Park Too Dark.
The Twenty Thousand club dance nt
ihe Pavilion last night attracted nearly all Nelson to the park. Frssm early
in the evening tint il nearly ten the outward bound oars were crowded to the
liinii. The rear platform uf the hiK car
carried 14 111011 on une trip.
The ootnmtttee might arrange fssr a
few more lights between the car terminal and the park, The ground is
rough and walking uncertain In the
dark. Chinese lantern lit up the iiiirK
but many had burned out before the
evening wns over.
The beaoh was lined with lauch.es,
hoata and canoes, and the park was
fairly crowded.
Only n few or the mure enterprising
.ttli muled to dance, but lhe rest en-
Joyed looking mi or strolling on the
The wait-lug contest resulted ln a
victory lor i\liss E. Withrow nnd O.
Stevens. Then It ttiruod out that the
prize, the handsome belt, waB missing.
It had been handed by one or J. J.
Walker's employes to H. E. Douglas,
of the eiitertttlment committee, who In
turn handed It to ,1. .lackson, caretaker
ul the pavilion.
When tbo prise was awarded and It
became the duty ul the mayor or Captain Gore to place It aroud the waist
of the victress I twas not forthcoming.
It is reported to have heen loud 10-
Tho dunces are evidently meeting
a genuine want, and are incidentally
supplying the Twenty Thuusad club
witli the sinews ol war. A small Investment for more light would undoubtedly  he pruritable.
Leading Statesmen Forward Document
to  Emperor Extolling  Russian
Government Organ Insists That Proper
Course Has Been Taken.
SI. Petersburg, Aug. 10.���The Rossla
today protests energetically against the
charge or Insincerity against the government because tt has taken measures to stop the agitation of those
whose real purpose was to seize the
reins ol power. Tho paper Insists that
the government intends to Introduce
rerorms and says its only change ot
policy is the abandonment ot its former passive attitude, claiming that It
la ontitled, as a party to the right, to
make an active campaign In support
ur ItB views.
Vorooyansk, Aug. 10.���A roving band
or Circassians rode into the railroad
staitlon here yesterday and robbed the
cashier ot $47,500.
Moscow, Aug. 10.���A band of mon on
bicycles are systematically robbing village churches in this vicinity, avowedly with the Intention to secure funds
tor the revolutionists.
London, Aug. 10.��� The Evening
Standard today announced that Inquiries were being made on behalf 01
the Russian government among llrlttsn
shipbuilders with reference to the construction of more battleships.
Paris, Aug. 10.���The leading senators,
deputies, former cabinet ministers and
members of the academy have united
in 1111 tidilresa extolling the outlawed
Russian parliament as tho bulwark on
which Russian hopes are dependent.
The address says: "History teaches us
that a representative government and
Individual liberty form the only certain
means ou which a- nation can found
progress and prosperity. As the friends
of Russia we watched with profound
interest the cessation of the Russian
parliament after Its heroic struggle tor
existence. Tho triumph of liberty in
Russia, which we hope ls near, will
permit the Russian and French people
loyally to support the Fratico-Russian
alliance on the basis ot common ideals
nnd interests. The Ibtoslnn parliament
Is dead. Long live thdniusslan parliament.
Senator P B.erthelot, ex-minister ot
loreign aftalrs, forwarded the address
to Professor Mouromsteff, who was
president of tbe lower house ot the
It ussiit n 1 sss i-i ittiiioui.
Pulajanes Still Active.
Manila,   Aug. 10.���First   Lieutenant
John F. James and two privates ot the
Eighth Infantry, with Contract Burgeon
Calvin Snyder and IntcrnaUonal  Rev-
enue Collector Williams, were killed
yesterday ariernuon In a hand-to-hand
right with a force of Pat-Janes al Junta, island of Leytu. The detachment
which consisted or ten men, was greatly outnumbered, hu: made a gallant
right. The l-iitajanes caplurs-tl three
pistols, rotir I.rag-.lurgeiisen rifles nnd
::ihi rounds of ummuiiltutn.
Grand Lodge la Formed for New Province and Elects Officers.
Regina, Sask.. Aug. 10.���The Mason"
uf this pruvluce gathered In Regina today In great strength rur lhe purpose
of forming a Saskatchewan grand lodge,
A. K. & A. M. The number of delegates
In attendance far exceeds all expectations. No lesB than 2_ lodges are represented out of a total of 28 In tho
province. Representatives are hero
from almost every province In the Dominion, Including tiro. Brand of New
Westminster, Right Worthy Bro. Morris of Prince Edward Island, Most
Worthy BroB. McKechnle and Jas. A.
Uvas of Manitoba, and others.
Great Interest and enthusiasm Is being Bhowu in the proceedings. This
evening the visiting delegates were entertained by the local Masons at an
elaborate smoking concert, which
proved In every way a success as great
ass the earlier proceedings.
latest Revealations Make
Things Worse
Steamer Grounded.
Ponla del Gada, Azure iBlands, Aug.
10.���The Zotti line Bteamer Brooklyn,
rrom Marseilles AugUBt 4 via St. Michaels, Azore Islands, for New York,
with 300 Immigrants on board, grounded while entering port today. Etforts
are being made to float her, hut they
are meeting with great difficulties.
Many Citizens Will  Accompany  Local
Players to  Victoria to  Witness
Coast Tournament.
Mayor Gillett, F. A. Starkey and T.
Morley are canvassing for members 01
the board ot trade or others who will
Join in the special excursion to tho
coast, it ls now assured that enough
will go to secure a special car ana
single fare.
The excursion will leave Nelson on
the 17th Instant, arriving in Victoria
the afternoon of Sunday the 19th. Tne
cricket tournament will begin the following  morning.
Edgar Mason has found it Impossible
to go and Mr. Gregg has not yet been
heard from definitely, but nine of tne
11 cricketers who are goiug have bowled before and are capable of doing
A. W. Dyer, secretary of the Nelson
Cricket club, has had a letter from J.
C. Barnacle of the Victoria Cricket
club, announcing that definite arrangements for the tournament will be
made and communicated promptly.
Cricket has been unuBually popular
on the coast this summer and it Is
fortunate for Nelson that a local team
is ready and willing to Journey to tbe
capital and sustain the credit of the
Building Kootenay Central.
Work ls still progressing steadily on
the construction south from Golden ot
the Kootenay Central railway. Tbe
grading already done will be connected
with tbe town and main line by driving piling across Phantom lake and
filling the trestlework in by means ot
work trains. A nne new onnge is to
be built across the Kicking Horse river
a little east of the present bridge, and
It is reported the rallawy station will be
moved to the Junction at that point. As
soon as the trestlework ls Oiled in a
start will be made with laying the ties
and rails.���Revelstoke Mall-Heradl.
Anglo-Chinese Convention.
London, Aug. 10.���The text of the
Anglo-Chinese convention respecting
Thibet, which was signed at Pekln on
April 24th. was Issued last night and
confirms the explanation given in the
House of Lords on Mny 1st by LortT
Fitzmaurlce, under secretary for foreign
affairs, that the convention did not alter
the arrangement constituted by the Au-
glin-Thlbetan treaty.
Swinging Scaffold Falls.
Calggary, Alta., Aug. 10.���A swinging
scaffold on the public school building
fell today, with four men upon it, a
distance or 4'0 reet. J. R. Brlstowe, a
stonemasou, bit his head against a
sill, fracturing his skull, and died In a
few hourB. J. .McDonald sustained a
fracture of the spine and wilt probably
die. The others got off with light injuries.
Standard Oil Indicted.
Jamestown, N. Y��� Aug. 10.���The red-
era! grand jury for the western district ol New York thts afternoon returned indictments against tlie Standard Oil company of New York for
grunting rebates to the Panama Railroad company, and the Vacuum Oil
company of Rochester, ln the violation
of the Interstate  commerce  law.
Explains How Systematic Forgery
Was Conducted With His
Chicago, Aug. 10.���In addition to tbe
discovery of a private ledger kept by
President Paul O. Stensland or tne
wrecked Milwaukee Avenue State bank,
In which was concealed a record ot
?191,000 of savings bank deposits, another sensational book came to light
during tho examination of Cashier Herring by Assistant States Attorney ui-
seu at the bank last night. This book
showed that the misuser was a heavy
plunger on the races. It contained
memoranda of the campaigns on the
turf. One day Stensland and some
companions bet ?75,000 to win JtiO.000
on a certain horse, and tbe animal won.
There were lots ot losings, however,
shown hy tbe book. The authorities
are chary ot reposing Implicit confidence in Herring's statement tbat ne
did not forge the names on certain
notes, and by Implication insinuating
that Stensland did.
The actual securing of money on bad
paper was always put through at noon,
when the paying teller was at luncb.
Then Herring would enter his cage,
take the money and leave a debit sup
on the hook. This is what happened
on July 28. Herring admits that he
took $1000 from the paying teller's
drawer, put the money ln his pocket'
and put on the spindle a slip charging
the sum to a mythical "Umbach." in
tbe case of tbe money borrowed by
Stensland from the bank Herring said
s that Stensland had Instructed him to
make between $700,000 and $900,000 In
forged notes signed with the names of
prominent patrons of the bank. Also
at Stensland's dictation be cared for
these notes and credited interest on
ihem from time to time, and waa ct-
rected by Stensland to keep them carefully away from tlie eyes, of the note
teller In order that notice should not
be sent to bank patrons whose names
had been forged.
Heavy Forest Fires Are Raging Round
the City���New Water Mains.
(Special to The Dally Canadian.)
Greenwood, B. C��� Aug. 10.���The funeral of Mary Eleanor, youngest child
of G. B. Taylor, city clerk, took place
from the family residence on Klmber-
ley avenue yesterday morning. Tne
servIceB were conducted by the Rev.
J. Leech-Porter and the remains Interred ln the Church of England cemetery. The city council attended tn a
Miss Marie Hodge of London, Eng.,
arrived ln Oreenwood by Wednesday's
Canadian Pacific train and is visiting
with her brother, L. B. Hodge, local
manager of the British Columbia Telephone company. Miss Hodge Is tbe
secretary of the Women's Institute, a
bureau of information with wide adulations. The object of the institute ls
'the advancement of women's Interests
generally, and Miss Hodge is inquiring
into conditions prevalent ln Canada.
A rather heavy forost fire ls raglug
iu Kimebrley camp, north of Greenwood, and the air is quite heavily
smokeladen. Fortunately no fires are
near the city, nor near any mining
plants. The summer has been very dry,
but tho vigilance of the provincial officers has thus far prevented any damage.
The city ls having a water main
from the Twin Creek reservoir to the
corner of Copper and Deadwood streets,
with the intent of supplying water tor
street sprinkling and Burns & Co., and
the Boundary Creek Times' motors
therefrom, shut preventing D'fSFcmfsn
'therefrom, thus preserving the land
Creek supply for domestic purposes.
The Lind Creek water is remarkably
pure, while the Twin Creek supply Is
extremely doubtful.
Sultan Is Really III.
Constantinople,     Aug.      10. ��� Tne
reports that Sultan Abdul Hamid II. ls
ill  ure confirmed  by  private advices.
A slight but annoying accident to tbe
machinery ln the Canadian office bas
delayed the paper this evening and also
reduced our usual quota of news. Tne
paper will appear as usual tomorrow.
I The Daily Canadian
Crown Gem Jars, Pints per doz., $1.00
CrOWn Gem JarS, Quarts per doz.,     1.25
Crown Gem Jars, Half Gai. per doz., 1.50
Our stock has just arrived. Secure
your requirements at these low prices
before they are all gone.
Published al- .i j* �� week by lhe
Biker St., Nelson, B.C.
fcubwripiinu rales, to iwiitd tt uiiiiiiii iletlverctl
rn tii*- tu., ur (6.0Un >f. i ii Kill by mtll, wiu-n
paid lu aiiviuiiv
AdvvrtiMuit rates on -application.
AU monies jmltl in settlemeut ol The Daily
idiiuiiiHii accounts, either (ut subscriptions or
advertlillw, moil be receipted (or on the printed
Icprinn nf tin- C pany.  other recelpti are ool
IO, I9O0.
'.I ;
-By uiiu ��ord we are -.- in.uui'h J
w lie end ny out word hometimei judged l> bi
iitoiiih.   letu. therefore be caretuI wimi w-
���ay "- L'OM-Tt mm
Ia lhe city of Nelson to have a water
.amine Is the question that Is being ask
edtul since lhe publication 111 tho Canadian yesterday of the Information thai
the warning gong al the fire ball baa
sounded a signal from tbo reservoir.
The answer to the question depends
solely upon what action the city council
may lake to prevent such a possible cm
amity In time. Water problems are u it
new in British Columbia, or anywbeie
else toy that mutter, us nearly every city
In Canada has at ono time or auothei
had to lace a crisis In solving the problem of ample water supply. Just now
both Winnipeg and Toronto have their
difficulties after years of experimentation, while Victoria and Vancouver art
nut without serious apprehension as to
wnul the future may have In store, ii-
these larger cities the problem assumes
serious aspects, but for a compact little
town Uke Nelson there should be no dutifully in obviating the last vestige oi
danger or even Inconvenience.
As was pointed out lu our netvs aril
de, theie an* three ways in which tne
drain upon ihe reservoir may be lessened, either reduce the domestic supply,
cut oil tlie water motors, or else reduce
ihe amount thai is used hy consumers
in sprinkling their lawns.
Tbe first and second of these are
oul of the question Tne re is Uu wanton
waste of water used for domestic purposes aud the cutting off ol motor power would cripple ever, important in-
dustiy in Nelsou. There would seem,
therefore, to be but one way to avoid
lowering the reservoir BUpplj below the
point uf safety In anticipation of cm
narrations which might occur. Oul.
yesterday the city of Calgary had v.
serious fire loss In the burning of an
Immense Industry because the water
mains were not yet laid in close prox-
imiiy to the new factory. While we ai>*
prebend no real danger from fire iu
Nelson through a shortage of water,
any such possible danger can be obviated only by the council adopting stern
measures to discontinue tbe reckless
waste of the precious fluid lu many
parts of the city.
��� ������������*
So far as we can call to mind Nelson
in the only city in the province that
permits the unrestricted use ot water
for the purpose of Irrigating lawns and
gardens. The freedom that Is taken
because of this liberty Is one which is
amazing to anyone who has ever lived
lu a city that has proper regulations
respecting the use of waler for this
purpose. While tlje appearance of the
many fine lawns In the city has been
the subject of frequent and admiring
oomment and is a matter of pride, both
to the owners ami to the city, which
claims a general Interest in such assets. It is now beginning to be discovered that this beauty is being purchased
at a prlc ��� thut may some day prove
too great for the city to assume. It is
not exaggerating to say that many gardens and lawns are kepi sprinkled night
ami day and that the hose���often more
than one-is kept running at full delivery every hour iu the awentyfotir. A
clever mathematician could easily estimate the probable consumption of water and consequent drain upon the reservoir supply if furnished with the
number Of lawn owners who offend iu
this way. It would be found If such
were done that the most serious difficulty against which the city has to
contend is the wanton if not criminal
waste of its water supply iii this way.
ii any demonstration of the truth oi
this proposition Is needed, let the use
ol water for irrigation purposes b^ prohibited tor three days, or even one day,
an let the reservoir be measured, and
ii will be found that therein lies lhe
solution ot lhe problem. Most people
water their lawns too freely, aud it Is
now well understood by horticultural
and agricultural authorities thut grass
takes deeper root and keeps a greener
surface 11 It is sprinkled freely for a
couple oi hours about three times a
weeK. There are some lawns in Nelson where streams run, literally pour
tug over the surface of the lawn Into
the Btreet gutter, doing no goml and
probably much harm.
���       ����������������
If the civic* fathers will do as other
cities which have learned their lesson,
���Jtteii ai great cosl, that is, pass a law
limiting the use of water to certain
hours of the day, and then strictly enforce the law, beginning with the city
lathers and civic officials themselves,
they will rind an ample supply in the
reservoir and no danger from thai
source as far as fires or other drains
upon Lhe water system win demand. It is largely a question of back*
bone on the part of the council. No
doubt such action would cause an outcry from the untutored, but it will be
better to have ihat now than to be told
when too late that it should have been
done long ago.
We believe, however, that the citizens
-if Nelson, of all classes, are sufficiently law-loving and law-abiding to obey
any civic ordinance that may he enacted, and we are confident that they will
Buffer little inconvenience from doing
The question of electric power and
light supply is not the only one the city
has to face If It is to become tbe Mecca
or tourists and the pride of the Kootenays. The water question, as we intimate in another article, is easy ot
solution, bul features that make the
city so refreshing In scenic and climatic attraction are so easily marred
by other things that some attention
must be paid to the tout ensemble IT ws
are to realize all we are struggling for.
We have iu mind as a proper subject
for criticism the condition of the sewer
which empties Into the river at the foot
of Ward street, just behind the provincial gaol. The Canadian office, probably because this is an evening paper,
Is a rendezvous for tourists aud travelers who visit Nelsou, and while, as
we said a few days ago, ajl these are
Umd in the expressions of appreciation
��jf the little city among the hills, they
often take the liberty to speak freely
oi what ought not to be.
As is well known, the sewer iu question drains an Important part or the
city, and it so happens���if such things
ever just happen���that it Is not carried
sufficiently far out Into the stream to
catch the current and thus rapidly disperse in the waters of the Kootenay.
Anyone who looks can see that at certain levels of the water in the stream
there is a back eddy at the point where
the sewer empties, and    tbe    sewage
which should be rapidly carried away is
held Iu solution iu the murky pond
thai exists at the point In question.
While the effluvium is not Bopffehsive
In cool weuther, there are limes In the
hot season when the stench which is
given off is positively offensive to uio
hotel guests, and on hot evenings it
floats higher and higher, until il becomes nauseating to the permanent residents upon the Upper levels of Uie city
One of the Canadian's Informants described a common experience when he
said that lhe street car passengers
passing a certain point are obliged to
"hold their noses" till they round the
ciirvo ai the cornei' of Ward and Water
While tlu' Canadian is nol a knocker
and can stand this sort or thing as well
as auy of lhe citizens, it is simply a
question as to whether we bad better
clean up our city door yard and water
lioni before we press upon strangers
lo some and see us. only to have iliein
tell us how we are nut doing ihings.
The Twenty Thousand club is making
a heroic campaign of advertising ami
spreading abroad lhe attractions Of Hie
city, ami it would be a pity lu have
their efforts succeed if it will ouly re
Bull in our friends calling us names
when ihey come.
Toronto has a similar trouble ou its
hands, and its newspapers give Die
ity council nu rest, nor do they Intend
lu do so. until lhe nuisance is removed
Whoever Is responsible for the present
circumstance is nu matter, inn it does
matter lhat lhe situation he handled
Immediately and the nuisance overcome.
Lemons   in   British   Columbia.
Lemons grown in Itritish Columbia
are a very rare occurrence indeed, but
they may be seen in Nanaimo, says
lhe Colonist. The owner of ihe lemon
tree, lhat is actually hearing fruit, is
Mrs. Thomas Kltchin of Mewcastl
townsite. ;n Nanaimo, and she lakes a
very natural pride in showing this tree
lu visitors, for she planted It and cared
for it herself, until now. The fruit is
developed to the size of a large egg.
and though .green, shows promise ut
ripening Into choice lemons uf the best
quality, Mrs. Kltchin claims that this
is the only lemon tree in Hritish Columbia that bears fruit,
Mrs. Kit chin is mistaken, as Rev.
Q, W. (1. Fortune of Cranbrook makes
a similar boast���Ed. Canadian.i
R. and  P.  Minstrels.
The number of people who really
live is small compared wiih the vast
number that merely exist. Some people
seem to think it they go to one mln
Btrel show that they have seen them
all ami stop right there. Those are the
people lhat jusl exist, nothing more.
In the larger cities li is common to
meet the heads of families who In rig*
urliig on their weekly ur monthly ex-
nenses. figure that the theater is a
necessary expense and a visit each
week must be figured ou. These peo-
ple really live and it is a noticeable
fact that the same habit is spreading
into the interior.
Go and see them all if you can afford H: if not. pick out those that have
the mark of age in their favor, those
that have been before the public long
enough to know jusl What you are get-
ling. Richards & I'ringle's Famous
Georgia minstrels lhal come to Sherman's opora bouse on Tuesday next
will come near filling your expectations,
C;u sip f/ ffl$
Mtffafie Ihedmpiny spines in delight
thai UiiMlrii.lt>-M-rveit at our-"miu Fount it tii
Iik.i   lona   prnpertJpp t ilm  r-jfrMdi-nff.
Vv n coil1 j real fruit ayrup* of th ��� fin*-*)
quality FoiiiiHin, I'.mntiT, glaaiea ami
receptacles art   kepi  acrupuloual; clean
lis-iurm. is, purohnae lis ai rei ->i 1,1,1,1 ��� Cora-
tnencln. ,st n ;.,,.t planted nl tho City ol Nelson',
S. h. S'..r s-r l-.-t. on  Kootenay rlv.^r. llt,.|���.,. HI
chain, iouth, the treat 3d ehalni, the num.
SO chain,, theneeeaal JO chaini to point of com-
siss-tti', ment.
N.-1'on. B.I'.. Alltf. n. I9SV,. K j  f,,iniv
Notice la hen by icl-i-n lists nn,i���v�� .st |,,u, |
Intend r> apply lo the Honorable the chlel
Gommlwinnerof U11.S- end Work, r���r ns-rms.,
��iisn to purebaae the Inllowlite si mi  \. ,.
.Hunted in the Weal Koolenay dutrlct idlolnin.
1 . I.. Pearson ion lis.- is,sit 1,. ���i���,���, one and -_.?
 i"" mllei Irom the ivn.i d'Oreille river, .-ism.
mencing sst 11 poal marki-il r ~. Caldwell. 8 K
eorner prat, thenee ��n chalna north, the 1 1',.
ehalni s.s-si   thenee ni eh , .,,,,,1,. ,|���.;���,,. ,���
clssslss. eaat tss piece "f col n.-.-.r.,-ii.
I-ss.sti-sl thelatda>-or AuKtiat, (��_.
 Hkrmax Kk.si'kii, Agent.
Nutlet- lis bereb" givon tins- 00dayi niter date 1
Intend t.s apply to theUon. ihei.ief Cnmmi,.
ss st ..I Until,  i.n.l   Wore.  !���i   ,���...., , ���, ,,,'"���
purohaae lbs- I wine deecrlbo.)  and��� In the
Weit Kootena; dlatrlct: Beglnnlne ��� ,!,,,,,
lii��rk,-.l 11. Bell. s. K. cornc? .bout 1 -,, ��� I,
.���nsi ���l tbs- Baltnon rlvor, end I1..1��� ���    ,. r
sj,ta���.rffis��ni_j. "" '"'""" "��
Dated ���Sith iIhv of July, 1006. |{. )(. BHU.
Notice it glyoq that 00 day* after date I Inland
toapply to the Honorable tin* cble Comffi
���loner of Lauu��� nud Works for permllllOD to
purohaae the following ilc-.Tii" ���! lands in the
\\t-t Kootenay Dlatrlct:  C mew Imi ��' �� poal
iiuirk.'d C.C, Poynti Uml .- ���   < urner place-J
ii.'Hr the Pend d'Orelllo river ai BoiiDaorj preen
t'H.-t ilde ,,f Salmon river. tit--i ��-' Nl cbaiw
Hit i ue Ho- InnTiiHiioiiHi Bound it r) Line, ibenee
11 irth 40 ehalni, thence weet su cbalni, tbenee
south 40 HitdiiH lo i.lar.* ol coniint'iit'i-UKiiI.
iiHti.i iheaoth or July nx*      ��  <   poynt*.
By AsiiRsM   IDII. <-��� iii.
Notiee t�� herebv givon tbntilxtydavi after
data i Intend toapply to th.* H"ii i hief omral*
sion.*. ��'f Undi nml Work* '"r permlialoo to
purohaae the IoUowlngdeserilH'>l htmiis'tuateln
Weal Kootenay 'listrirt. adjoining Hm* International boundary line, aooiii four mllcieaitol
tin* <\i|uiiitiiti nver. oommenelng hi h l*"-t murk-
ad "1. M. ft s. vv. oorner," situate on tbo In-
tornatlonaJ bonndary line, hi tbeaoutheoat corner of J.B.C, Praaeri landi thence eaat DO cbalni,
tbence north 00 ehalni, tnence weet 80 obaina,
thenee smith 80 chains to thepli i commencement, containing4Snaorea more or lesa.
Dated 86th June, liwti. I. a��\ M  I'h.w.i.-.
p.J. O'Bellly, Agent.
Notiee is hereby ��lven thai ilxty dayi from
date l Intend to apply u> the Hon. Chief Coin
minloner of Landi and VVorkn [or iJepuiasluii
to pnrebaie the following denerihe.l la win nil
mite iii Weil Kootenay blitriri, lw*twocti the
ivnti d'Oreille river aini tbe liiieriiatfointl
boundari lino, abont threo mllei from the ��� ������>
mn inn nver. Commencing ni �� |��ni marked
J, B. C. P*a s. W. oorner altuate on Die luiernn-
iioiihi boundary line, about half a mile ca��i ol
thr eail boundary nl the N. A K. 8. Ity. landi:
thenee noriii in nhatni, theuce cam Bo ohalna,
thence wuth WJ elm in*. Lnonco ��-'-i tn cbalm, to
the plaee of commencement iilaliiingiOO acrei,
more or len,
linietl Jllii .lune, I8Q6. J, S <'. PRAIXR,
K. J, O'ltetlly, Agent,
VI-  1,
r. I
>. glveu thai ��l ttj d
. - :; -
I into
��� Mon
to tbe Hon Chief r
Of   I.H
.is HII
1 W
urki lor pormlnloi
to pnrel
ii -e
the f.
Hum i
tt.'   '
pier 1 bed landi nil
llih'    III    \
rt. adjoining tho 1
I i i'l IUI 11.
HH    1
about ilvt leiea
i nl tin'
;   r
'i eneing al a po
i market
. uu me internatioi
Hi  l��	
line it
La ii-
mer, iin
uo el
.   thenre tu-t   III el
II Ills,   Illf
. tbenco weal  in <
mill-   [..
r less
tl 111
iieeiiii'iu,  imini
ig   SM rn
e, 1900.          Kvii'ii
Notlco is hereby glveu thnt Mlitj dayi after
dato I Intend toapply to the Hon. < blel > ouuuli-
lloner ot I,amis nml Work- inr | - ��� 111 j j ��� ���. - r ��� In
pnrchaaa ilie follow I dm deaerlla*d landi m
inr Weal Kootenay dlitrlel, wnilh <<f tbe I'eiui
d'Oreille river; Commenolng itl n pool marked
C. fi'i 8. ��. corner, ���iluatod on the trail uear
Bear ereek aboul a mile irom the luteiyiatloual
bouudary line, tbence weal su clmlm, tbence
norih 80 ehalna more or leaa to the Pend d'Oreille
river' thenco luiioHinj,' tbo south i.ank ul ilu*
Pend d'Oreille river aouthcaii so chains, i �����
or less;  tbenee wuth 20 chalm, more or lew to
tbe place ol   commencement,  oontalnlnti    ������
acres, more or ten,
Dated -"'ih Julv. laoti. CHAni.Es Uiksi i
F.J. (PKIelly. AgtMiJ
Solie,- is bereby given thai sixty dayil.'ter
date I Intend toapply to tbe Hon. Chief Commli-
-iouer of Landa ami Work- foi permiuioii tu
purchaae the following described landa, in
tbe Wesi Kootenav Dlitrlet, eaal "I aud ml-
Joining Jamea n. .Mackenzie's land; Com me	
ing at a poet marked A.S'bh E. corner, ou the
���outh hank of the Pend d'Oreille river, juii
above tho mouth ol the Salmon river, thence
ureit 80 ebalni. tbenee north flu cbalm more or
leaa to the Pend d'Oreille river, thence rollowlng
lbe iouth hunk ol tho utld rlvei lu h aoutboui
erly direction to the pl��< I eoramencemeut,
containing MO acrea, more or |p*w
Dated lili July i'**> ARTHt'R Hi ;r-rn,Kii.
Notice Ii hereby given that six t) days afterdate
l Intend to apply to the Hon. < inefCoinmluloner
��� ���i Landi an,i Works for perit.is-.ion to purebaae
tbe following deacrlbed landi in Weil aouteua)
Dlitrlet iouth of the Pend d'Oreille nver. Com-
nieiieinir at h poil marked E. I. M-. H. k. corner
im the iouth hank of the Pend d'Oreille river,
nl t a mile ami a halt eail ol the mouth of Fish
.reek    theliee  south m eham-. tbenee W��| sy
chalna, tbenee tn-rih 4u clialui more or leaa io
tbe Pend dO'reilie river, thenee following tbe
south hank of the said riwr in a nortneaaterl)
direction to the plaee of commencement, containing Iv acrea, more or leaa.
l>at.ti jntl July 191)6, I i.i -, T. M.\. kknzu:.
AHTMUB .-i iinkhiIk. Agent.
Notiee Ii hereby given Hihi du daya alter date 1
Intend to apply to the Hon. "hief < omm labium r
ni Landa and Works f.,r per mini on to purchase
tbe following deaerlbe.1 landa,altuate in Weat
Kooteuay Dlitrlet muiiii of th,- Pend d'Oreille
river; Commeodngal a postmarked A.U M'a,N.
VV, corner situate at lbe iouth tmiik of the Pend
d'Oreille nver at K1U r MacKenile'a north eaai
eoruer poat, thence nouth 80 ehalni, tbenco t*a_d
su 'hains, thenee norlh mi cbalni more or leai tu
the Pend d'Oreille river, theme weat SOcbulm
following the hank of tne said river to the place
of oommencement, containing M0 acre*, more
or less.
pated I'm! July 1900. A. II Mac kknzij-:.
AKTIlt'K S< ItNEII.EK, Agfllt.
Notiee is her.-oy -iven that sixty days afterdate
I intend to apply to the lion Chief Oomniiialun-
er of Landiand Work- For permlaeion to purebaae the following deacrlbed Units iltuate ln
v\>*st Kootenay Dlitrlet, -outh ol the Pend
d dreiiie river, commencing at a post marked
U.H'iN.E. corner, iltuate on the tooth bank
of tbe Pend d'Oreille river at Jamea ft. Macken
lie a niiuthwest corner, thenee south 100chains,
thenee   well  VJ ehaitls, ihenee   north   70 ehiiin-
moreor leaa to the Pend p'orellle ri\<*r: thence
billow ini: t lie son Hi hank of the said river iu ,-m
eaiterly ami nortbeaiterly direction to ihe place
of commencement, containing (MO Hen-, hot. ..r
DateSrdJnly, 1900.      MAgoaurt H.ikoi ht.
Arthur Schneider, Agent,
Notiee li hereby glveu thai ilxty daya after date
I intent* to applv to tbe Hou. Chlel Commluloner
"f Landi and Works f,.r permlulon to purebaae
the follow hik deicrlbed lauds iu Wait
Kootenay Dlatrlct, sooth of tbe Pend d'Oreille
river, oommenelng at a poat marked j N. M'i
8, \S e.-rner. utoated on tbe wotb bank ol tbe
rend d'Oreille river, oppoalte tbe inuuih of lfi
Mile i'reek; thence out A obaina, thenee north
tt chaini more or [en to the Pend d'Oreille m.-r
theuee follow i in; thi ith bank of tbe laid river
in a we-'ieriy him! soothwea -tIv dlrectloi to the
place oi commeneemen., eoiiiaiutiikr 820 a   ��������
more or I.--. V
Dated Brd July. 1908,      Junst s. Mackjwiik.
Arthur Bchneloi i, Agenl
Notiee li ..en-hy given tbetilxh dayaafterdate
I intend toapply totho Hon Chief Commiaalon
erol Landi and Worka for permlulon to purohaae the .unfitting de.-entreti landi iu w.-t
Kootena j Dlatrlct. aouth ol the Pend d'Oreille
nver, commencing hi m poat marked a , l - N u
corner, iltualed at the muthweat corner of Lot
��_,G, I., thence eaai BD cbalm, lbence nouth on
ehalna, ihence weal Bn chalna, tbenee north Ci
i -hm lis   to th.- |i]aee of   eoiumein t-trt.-iil. eon lain
ing W0 acre* re or leaa.
Dated 29th   line, 1900, AH_.11 Fi:.t.-i:i:,
K.J.O'Reilly, Agent.
Notic.- is hereby given thai no daya after date
I intend to apply to the Hon Chief Commfaafontr
ol Land- anil Worka fur permlulon to pnrchase
the rollowlng deacrlbed landi in Weei Kotib uat
dUtrlct, wuth uf the Pondd'OrulIIeriver, oaal nl
nab creek,commencing at n posi uiark-.-d i. v
II s N w oorner, aboul half a mile ea<t of the
northeast corner ot [ait us,, u. |��� thence south
I'i ehalna. thence eait HO ohalni, tbonce north n
cbalni, tbence weat bo ohaini to the place ot
oommeneement, containing fan m-re-. uiore or
Dated3nd July 1.D8,        kjiki.w. HaiteotntT,
ahtihi; BcHKainaa, Aaent
Nollco li bereb] given that afxty dayi after date
I intend to apply to th. II.,n chief t oiuiui-sion
erof Lands and Works for permlwon to mir
chaw the following deaorlbed landa In \l.-t
Kootenay Dlitrlet, south of the I'end d'Orelllo
river, commencing at a poat marked i�� it M's.,
v v corner. Htnated on the aonth bank of the
Pend d'Oreille river hi Jame- N. tfackenilc*H
iouth weal eorner: thence eaat tt cbalni, thenoo
south ill  I'hiiiu.. Uienev   west -III elmin-. Hone,.
north tu.-iiaiu-tu the piHtr oi commencement
contrlnlng 10b aorea mon-or leaa
Dated Brd July 1900.    i��j.\.\lii it Hackm-wi
 ABTIH'li .-VHSKIhKK. Agent.
FRED   IRVINE  ��&   CO.
Midsummer Bargains in Prints, Muslins and Ladies' Ready-
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LADIES'   DRESS   SKIRTS,   worth   $4.75    lor	
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..in date 1
|l !,. r. hy RlVPn
oupply i   i
il r oi l.iuols and Worki loi  permlNlou lo
punh-iM. tlo- (olhoMi.i: tlewrlhetl landl, riluata
In tlie Weil Koolciiaj Dlatrlct. HUrtlna from a
poal marked <Atlilam Briieel Daviaon'iH. K i-*-i
abnul iwo mlUecHatnf ilecr nut on lhe Arrow
l-nVes ih.'ii." :o, lone- -outh, theuce  lu rbalui
weal, Un net- lu chalnn north, tlu uccca��l to i i
ol ntncnretni tit, cuulalulnii uboui lOOaerei,
i>   ni thii Bth da) ol June, I9ui.
V ii il w Krnwi DaviaoN,
N i' i- in������.. m Riven thin 00itaraaftei date 1
in nud loapply to lhe honorahle ifw t'htcf Commluloner id Lnii.is iiu.i Work* ror pcrmlMloii to
IMirrl  iho  followlug   ilCM-rlbeil   Intol- in  th,'
.Veal Kootenay dlitrlet; c nieticln* .it - poal
marked   "Nathaniel   Uclntyr-*'*  d  K   corner,"
planted on the west aide of the t'ol bia River,
ii 1,1 >ut 7 m th-s north of Hurton t'lly, and mi chalna
north oi iii.' nouth weal comer of I*ol 173, tl i
nnrlh *u chalna, Uom.- weal _U eliafni', tbence
-niiiii Bucbdlna, Lbeucp faat W ehalua to point ol
commencement, contaluluo 8-10 ><< r, a.
Dated thla i.-ih day of June, 1900.
\ tin imi:i   M< I'.t.uk
T. f. Maklnaon, \i	
Notice is bereby given Lhal 00 daya aftei date I
mt,nd toapply '���' ilia Honorable tlte Chief Com-
miaelonci oi Uuda mot Works for permlaalou lo
pnrchaau ihe lollowlng deacrlbed landa: i om
mencing el n ptml placed >>u the north shore ot
the wi ii arm ol K nay Lake, al Uie utirihcasl
comer ���./ John btranka' pre-emption, theneo
west 10 ehalns, more or leas, to the aoutheasi
oorner ol l-'i N'o. 7-ttR, ihence north 40 chains,
tbenee oasi 10 ehalna more or h u, thenee north
10chalna to the point of commencement
K-itp.l Juii- 16th, 1906,
ih hereby
nfier date to apply t�� lha Chlet Commlaaioner ot
Lands nnd orks tor i>e'iiii*i*)eti to purchase
the following rescribed Lands,altuate Bt Fir-
V'alley, Kootenay lstrict. ��� onmenulni at h
pestfrnarkei I, i'al sgher���south west turner)
placed ��t ii,-- wuth wen: eorner of lection tt,
township 09 tbence north no ohalna to the north
we-t corner nl >nM leotloo 3;i; ihence e**t 4u
ohalns, thenee south tw ehalns to the aoutb
bonndary of aald section n,and ibenee weat -w
chains to tba Place ul o- .-..-.ni-^ containing t30
Hc-re-t till,I being lhe westerly half nf tald Motion BS, townshipS6.
ii-Aied tt Seison, h c June tth m��..
L. (iAl.l.At.lltK.
Notice ih bereby given tiiat 10 days after date I
Intend to apply to the Honortihie tin- Chief Commlaaioner "J l unds mid Works (or permlaslon to
purchase Uie hdlowing described lands, altuale
in the w.-si Kont. im> dlatrlcl: Comment log wt f
poal marked U. Met', s.. v. oorner, pi&und in
ehalna wea) "f L C. WorMson'a nortbweal ��� orner
of  his  tiowli i ranted laud li, Hn- Vallev, run
iiiik- in ehalna eaat, 10 chains north, luihHini
west, 401 bains muth lo place ���*! commencement,
m. UcCaxDLiaH, Locator,
\v. a. i au>kh, Agent,
June ntb, 2900,
Notice l�� herby given tlmt 1 Intend, 0U dayi
ufter -iat.- to apply to ih,- cblel Commissioner of
Landa mid Wo k- lot permission i��* purchase the
followingd��*scrlbed taudasitnateal Ure -alley,
Kootenay district. < ommenclng hi a poal (marked Qeorge Younc vortb treat corner* placed at
the north west corner ���>( notion im tuwnahip N:
thenee east B0 chains to the north caul eorner nf
aahi section 28; tbenoe ion h 10 chains, thenee
West *M> ehaitm. thein-e  Uorih  tu iIihIur  to  lhe
place of IrttciiiiHiiK   inntairiing :tiO auras   and
being the rmilhirly half of -aid lection tt, town-
i ated at Kelson, B. (-'. Juueath !*>*.
QBOMI Vol mi.
Nollee is hereby given that 60dara after date, I
Intend to hpi-Ij i.i the Hon, Chief Commissioner
nf Landi and Work- lor pormlaslon lo pnrrhase
lln- lolho.iii!' d. -. rih-d traet of land sitoitte in
Wesl Kooteuay Dlatrlct:   Con mclng at the
 thwesi corner ol  Lol 7JU0; ihenee run I us
wesl m chain*; tbenconorth 80 chains; thence
weal i" chalna; tbenee north 20 ebalni; tbenoe
eaal BO rhalni; theiiceaouth 10 chains to point
Df commencement, containing M0 acres, more <.r
Dated at Kelson, It <\, this Brd day of Julr,
1*��. MAC.V  SCANI.AN,
per f. C, Qreen, Agent,
Notice li
1 Intend to
<- nlston
Sixty daya after date I Intend to apply to tbe
Cummtaalonerof Landiand Worka to piirehaio
100acrea of land, near Murion city norami ncing
BI it post plauied ul   Ihe southeast comer of Lot
No. m, anil marked J. D. Sln'a southwest eorner
ami running north -in obaina, thenee oasi in
ehains, thenee south *o chalna, tbence wost in
ohalns to place of beginning.
July 18th, WOO. .1. |i   M.fii.Kiru
A. A   Murtmi, Auent,
Notiee is hereby given that tit"   rnniilbti after
date 1 intend in Kpi.lv to ihe Honorable the
Chief Commissioner ol Landa and Work- for
permlaslon to purchase lhe fnllnu inn desi rlbed
iHml.shltuaieoii i|m- wesl arm of Kootenav  Uke
in tin* District of Weal Kootenay; Commencing
at a post marked "William Ruerby'i N.W post;"
thenee wui twenty Oi chains; thenee ���mmi,
twenty (_si) chain..; tbence cam twenty (Jm
chains; thence north twenty f**") ehains to th,.
point of nommencemont) oonialiilng forty (��m
acres, more nr lees
Dated July 7, lynfl. ], G, NBUON.
������by  given that i^ldavs after date
iply to the Honorable the Chief
>f Land- and Work- for permlaslon
to purchase Ibe following described Unds in the
Wosl Kooteiiuy District; Commencing at a poal
marked T, K. rrencbe'i Lnmi s k. eormr placed
near C, C, 1'oynt/ ,- "' <������ cm-r. r��
eham- tin-,.-- .,-��� ... *��� -*ii�� ��� ���.'..
"'IHU,-.      'lo-''   onth '���       ���'���    ���    '��� .
���.���.-������v... men)     ���' v �����
^t.. -.  .w.'i .ia> k*i    '    ,  , �����.. .. k. tAUfCtl,
Hy Am n.:w An��, Agettl
Notice i�� betel,y glren hal w dav* after data I
inieml to make application to 'he Honorable the
Chief > nmmbaloner "t Utndsano Worki for permlulon to pnrrhaae tbe tnlbiwing described
Umls: Commencing at a post placed on 'be eu*t
shore of Lower Arrow Uke, Adjoining .t Kales1
nre-cmptlou on tbo southwest markeil *_ ,'i
N.W.o niei pvt." lbence ntnnli.g *\ cbalni
east; thenco ���*> I'liaius i h: tion,.- an chalna
nmrenr le-H. W.��t lothe la-,- ahorei tlo-nee following  lhk-atinre  Ut polnl  Of i-oiniietie. no-ni.
com Inlng Wu tvntee, more or leas
Twos   KlNAII.V.
Dated this -th dav of June, IW��.
Wollee in hereby given ihai 00 ��� av�� aft r date I
Intend to make application to the Honorable Hie
Chief 'ommlKKiom r of binaisud Works for ter
uns>ioii to pnrobaae the Nlowing described
imids: Commencing at a post placed on the
north eail orner nl r Kinaii'iu'- Appll _tloa to
nirchaae.mi rke.i "|i. i ��� rn nor posi " mnnlng
mehaius��a-t; tbeneeBOcbalnaaouth) lheno--n
tuulns west; thenee fnllitwlng i  Klnahan'seaat-
efti l.-..iii|.|���  y  to   point  o|  e,,.i,mem-em- lit, COH-
taiulm* '>iii ten *, mor. or less,
IUsxaii TlTHNKY.
haled tl��is 7th day of 'une, 1 IK'.
Notloe 1- herci-y given th tt 00 avi aft-r dgto I
Inteud tn mak< appi eaiion to tin Honorable Uie
���< bii-f i ommlsr>lonerot Undsand vv..ika fore, i-
utailon to puicbase tba rollowlng itescrII. -i
lamin: ( ommenclng at a post planed at ihe In-
lenarttlon ol the eaat boundary^)! J Bates' preemption ami ibeuorlbbonniaryofT Klnahan's
application to �� nrnbase, marked "T, K, .ir'K - v
Oorner posl "  'fh nee following J. Bates' oaalain
boundary, in 'hnlns north; Ibcncaftlobalnacaati
theme  -lo ehalns lo  Ihe  no lheni hmimlarv of
Hannah 'i-ni-y*s Application m Purchase;
thence following the northeil- bounds r of same
ind northerly boundary "1 I- Klnahan's Annli.
cation 't> Purchase, to pot t ,.f eommencemcut
enntatning (On acres, mme or leu.
Dated tills Tlh day of .lune, l*m;.   ,SAI,AV* Jk-
Notiee Ih  beie  y  Ktv.-i]  thai I Intend, On daya
filer date, to apply to the Chief CommtssJonntii!
Landa ami Rorks for pormi��alon to ourebaM
the   followi,.,-  de.erib-1   landl, ���UU��te> tt     He
\aJley, Kooteuay Dutrict Cummeuoing al ���
poit (tnirkwl  "eorgo Vonng norlh easl bornerl
placed al the nonh east corner ><t  tm. <���
lowuiblp(*���*.��; ib- me bomIi hu ehalni to the _a'u S
east oorner nl Mid section 12; thenee w. i t,
chains, thenoe nortb 80 ebalns, and tbence net
WCbains 10 thfl p'aee  of  begun ne cnnff.ln.n_.
M\VStf_[tik ���**^^��3SSWS
Dated at Neloon. B. 0. June 6th l'.mo.
Noiln la hereby given that 00 days after ilaM I
Inlcnd to appl j   In ihe  lion   lhe t lilM ' 'oinmla
-i i ul Und* mil Worki foi i" nulaslnn lo pui
, hast   Hi-   roll iwlng   ib icrlbetl   landi In   Weal
Kooteuay dlatrlcl, pmvli I British Columbia!
t inenntng si a poal marked "W llllatu Toll lug
ton's North weil cornei  post," aald i* isl  being
plantcil ai ii..'  ihwesl ronierol lbe "yueen
Mineral Claim," aud adjoining the east line ol
y, ni-nr- pn empll nee wm th twenty cJi)
elo    along   -md    Illo.   Ilu ne.    eaal  tort) (Id)
ehains. thence north twentj t'JO) chalna, thi nee
wea I) (40) ohalns more or less, lo the placet i
i ..iniio'tlrenit-Ill
I '-I 1-1 da) Ol   tUgUSL 11>-'-
U il : i \M   i'O i IJfOTOH,
B) hi   ageni i  I   Taylor
Notice i- h. reb) given lhal OOdaya after rlaln I
liiieud to apply to im Honorable the l hn-i * om
in la alone r ol Landa si d Worka for pe<nils< to
pun-base the follow!U| de crlbed l_nda altu
ni,,l In tbe Koi.nav Dlat-lcL Beginning et a
pnat planted on lbe northaahnri nl Ibe Lowei
.\rro�� Ukeabool i" cbalm weal nl ihe wesi
boundarj u| c r K lot i ". Market! ll   *.  vv
M k corner, thence west-Wchalna thenci  ih
00 chains, Ihence east aochaini mon   oi  l-*aa t..
lakeahore, tlynoe in a south wcalerl)  dli	
ni ��� lake ihore lo point ol unenoement, con
lalnlng t1"1 acri 1 more <o leaa
Located Jum- -*. tooo
11   \ WoLTinrojr,
A. N. VOn IITOM, Agent,
NiiUn la hereby given that two. ,���,
���'���"te I   lllteu l  pph   1,. tin  11,..,    ,
i ummi*-alolii r of Un,l�� and V
sion to pun*na -��� Mi  Imn ���
'" res'd Isiul.dc - 1 ,    |,
Notice in bereby given tioti two mon*hs aii>r
ditti- l Intend toapply bi the Honorable Cblel
C mlssloner ol Landi ind Worka fnrpcnnli
ilon to nu*chase six hundiwl  aud  forty  ('���*�����)
acrea of land, deacrlbed u followi   t'*<mm<
at a posi planted at the northwest con
Uallagber'i application lo purebsse In Fire
ley, on the west side of Lowei  \i ue Uke, m
Kootenay district, marked "W A.C'sN. s cot
iter"; thenee ruuMiig stghti (BOj chains srost:
lbence eighty  (*') iouth;  thence eight) (wo
t halm-, east;  llienee eighty  .**-��; I ln.ni- north to
place of oommeneement,
V  A. Cal DIB.
Datod tbs And day ol July WO
Notice is hereby giren tbat 00 days from date
I intend   lo   apply   to   the   HODOrablfl   the   ��  blel
i'omu.iau!oner of Landa and Works f"r ptrmls-
Mon tu mm has,- th,- following di .rfit..d lands,
In the West Kootenay Olatrtst, Mil ilde ol ��� ������:
uni Ida Bivi-r. about i> mi'.-�� north n| Burton ("it v.
I'nmmeliellig nt a |a>n( marked hn \l Wloter I
H  W. corner, at the V W. eorner id B   H. HinUh'a
preemption ejalm, lbence nortii to cbalm more
orless to tha south boundarj ol Mil.- tarroU'i
preemption claim tbence easl n chains, tbenco
���onih .oeiiHiiiN more or leas to the North boundary of K it f-inttb'N preemption oUlm, thenee
weil ;���" obaina to point of ouamoucomeui; containing 1' m're* mut., 01 leaa
Dated thi* 2nd dny of June, WO,
Lao M   Winter.
Kai.ch Si.yk. Agent,
i'-t"i 1,  leaa
Daied the snd ol 1 ,[.. :..
V    \, (\uiill    1
Notice 1- hereby given thai Hiii
mi,-mi in m.tki- iip,.ii' iiii-.i, I,, ii,,
nile'i'oi 1 10-1 .,. Ui,
iiiU-nm    to   l-iinhu-i    il,,    , ,n, [
hind- ���   1 oiniio '     ������     .,i   ���   ,,. 1   ���
norlhwi--1 ion er-if -In   l,
* i"   pun bu        11 I in   V ,:;, -   , '   ,,    ', ,
Wi   N    l>   eoriier,"  i.iinnis.   ,     '
' loiill-   -..nth.    In WinUi
pi'o.- oi 1 ommem eroee
I   U Mn 11
Jul) ind, im
Notie-htii ,
'1,1,'is.l l,sn|,|,ls  lusts.   Il,.s,..n,|,|. |t���.,kw
I- I,,-. Is, ,.,,.|. tlt.l
.ss n|,|,ly Ul tl,.. I
s.ils.s.iiis.f ..I ljt.l-1.
I, 11   In.
Ill III < Wp��| K.i
lilt     !.. II. .Stll.L-     |s
 sn->-   tn.   s'liiiis, IISU-    si-i.li.,.1     .[���, __,
ssi II,    rti.l K���. I.ss.i
l��    Ill-  -I--I '!���(������ "I   I'sslii, 1 ���
\fS,,.S     Ltltf,   Btl'l    lls.llk. l|        I i
��� ..IIS.  I.   '   IllS-ll.'t-       .1-1   ^     ��� t   .   ;
i.i, _��� _*,_       II,..,,....    U'...,     _j.    .  1 *H
..   wt-.l  HI Ht,
psolnl "'  tins
N.stti,. 1. li.rslij un'-" llss.1 I nili-iiil.i.s .:��,.
��� It. r.UI... I,, t*|s|,lv t,s lis, 1 hl.t I ..iiiisi..i,,s���.r ,.[
Usui. 1.1s I Work, l.sf |��:.sil..l,,u Itl. liflistw lis,-
followlili il.-sss-iu-i iMtfis., .iiishi,' ut Kit.. Valler,
Ko_l_n_] Iss.tfls t    I nm DI sssn nl u |N..t liisx'k
ed P. U tf. ooDoi .until ,���.i ...ti,. 1 pi,,.. .1 ���i
lis- nsirtls e_ll s,,rtt.-r i.l .,-, linn (.' uiwuehln -���':
II,,lt,',. wt-.l Its .-IikIii.. tlii-ii.-.'  1,..rtt,  tss .Issstii..
Ihence imi w . i.ntns. mi.I tbenee i. i��n Iihih.
[������ it,.- plnoo ssi i��.,itiiiinic, ttonulnlni M um,
llsilftl nt Nelson, B. I'. Jsiiit- "ills it....
i- B.O'Comon.
l.rilHUK YltSM,.  Acs-nt.
N'titics- li Itert-lsy Kivtsn thntflOden trsssn ,|rtt,- I
lutrttsi t,ts,|sj,iy t,s th,- Uouonlttle tni 01 lei Com*
iiiii.iistitT ��� r land, hu'1 Works lor penn.ailon lo
isisrsisH^'tlss-ts,ii���wiiik deserlbed Istn-i,. in tbe
wee! Kiissu-ttBy Hi.trls l i-aml l,is.ts,l. tn th,
Columbia.Hirersbont4 miit-st tn<nii .'. Burton
i ny: ,11 sti ..i.i Limn! abore isi.it Mmier, belni
lis acrei inotts ,,r is-ss*.
Dated ibt, i,i Day ssl June, IM,
K,.tNK  N-ilsT'i.N
T. C M.kinmss, Ait, 1st
sixty ttstys. afterdate I Intend lo apply to tbe
l'iililli!l!..l���lif. <��! Ijiu.l. mut W,,rk.. victoria, to
pnrchaselflo ecres of lssnsi.  Comntonclne hi ��
|iu-l islrtlils'il on Hi-- w.-.t s,ls"r,-.il A.r.stf Lake, sit
the sonth eesl eorner ofJ J Christie's purchase,
ritiisiliiit isiittli its'ih.tits, tl,,.,,,,   ,���., ji chaini,
thenoe south -Debalne, tbenoe *.-ssi��.��. is.iits. t.s
Pla f i'<s||]SSSS*l|l'CSIIf!lt.
-orated M���y,-.'iii 1909,
A. r*i.tii.:.
1.. (iAi.s..tt;iiEH. Locator.
Sixty slay.  nft.T sUtts I loteDd I., tuss.ly |., the
Commli er nl U and Worki to purchaae
n ststs-.. nf lists,i, iltuate ain.ui mlieresi ol
"'irlisti im. Hii'l   ,i,..iti1���.i]   ,,.
tlts-iis's' s-H.t .,s chains, tii. ...
'.sisili alssisrf lol 8U0 In |ils.'s- ,.l iH'jtlistsii.i.'
Jnlyilli, 1906. J. li. lis miss.
.Notice i> i..-r.i.y dven lhal -s.is tlarsaftci
���I Inland i...s|.|.is i.iiiu; it,,i, . i,iei i ssuiitil.
���Inner ol Undo anil Worki lot permlslii
���be Issllowlni dcecrtbcil landi -nu.,,, in
.-I  K
.   ommenctnit sit ss |s-..s
...���.ii.-.i.  II. \ anitonc'i UK  -iter  titualc
n the Halm,.!, Klver Valltr-.al �� |nlm ���.lj���,���,,,k-
1 s ' i.'-i - land :tt ercstern boundari   :i,,���,,���,.
ss.-s v.,-iinin., ihence north m chalm, lbence
cast sss chalna, thence ,onth m chain, t  r, i ..f
July Jlilt.l!,,)                         .1. ||  viv.,,,vl
r II   Atklu.tii,,  \k	
,.?"li��� ' ,r,bl ��i"-n His." s.s .iss\, ir late I
InUudioappl, to Ihe Hono-ar-H ihe Chlel i" rn-
"""���! I Un.i. ssn,i 'A,,ritsi lor perml.sinn to
!',",,;���| "''' ,0"_"��"_t >n fan.ii,innate
ji the mnuthol ll KI ouoreokon tl,.   A.rs.w
Late, In the Weil hootons, o.-i.i.-t.   , n8u
K rt V. J*��- : ' "i"'1"1"" hi is post marked
..-.���i.  I A i l,��l,���. ,!������,,. .,,���.,, ���, ,.,��� ���,     ���
s.s-s.1 jn. isiit,, to |.ss;iti ofoommei ment.
Il��lu.l  Usl. Ill, slay ii[ J,,,,,. Igos,
Wi.ujji Ir.. ,iiiv PBmas,
W ll.I.I sti J. Tori     sst:\r
Ni.tt,., i, herebr t-ivut. that to tlar, s om liate i
'" I'" spplxl Bon tabl fi Chlel Oom'
im,.,,,,,,,,, U,,,i. ���,,,,�� ,,u rorparnlnlDuTo
nitr-baae IMI a.-r.-> nl Ihii-1 �����  l/an ��� suilisi s   ,., ,
In th-An.... Lekoslntbe ��-,.., Kootenar Di,"
ttiii. Buirttni from a poet mark-d A I's \\
poit. iiss-ss.-,. in nhatn, s-hm. tbenoe 40 slum,'
wa s.ii,.i,sr.|��� chain, --.-i. t?.,.���,.,.   ,, . ,,)'"
imrih i��� point, f,. oenceminl 	
Dated Usl, lilt day ol Jone i����s.
Ainni It Jnttv i,|V���
Wll.l.tAM .1   Imn, A.,.til
Kotlde Ii hereby ilrcn lhal oi ilay, aftor .Ins.-1
c&X'��te:..:XrScl ;��, '^
*��� ni
-'une *Wh, 1908
U*mm MoOaHDtitH, Locator.
"   *  rAi.i,i:n, &gen(
niiiiiliiic i*m��t iwi-uiy Qhsl ,
Dated Julys, ;>,..
I s-lisit
tn pit
lOHN IU-.,,.
Itaiu       it ns
.l.iilll    to   |��.s.,    ...   -
.Lis Msr.. more nr leu
Located June laUi, i ������������.
'I   II   Slir.i,-   .
-ixsy .I,., after slate I Int. n .
Cblel  mlssloner <<f Uml,   it
\ IUI.ills.. Issl |Hi;ii|..1.,n t. pun i, ��� .
ami .1x1; |lfti| ,���,���,,.,.; lm
s-sl  n.  follows:   I'*.,ii,..,-,.. suit hi 4 f.-:aa
elihlj (ai)chaln. . -.1 ul ihe �� '
sttulgerl pre-emption hii.I marks . .
corner." hi��i rannfua s
St., Ill .    MUlll  l-.sts    . l-i    I
chains, thenee sn.ttii fort, (40). is.in.ktte,
Jin,:. i^ss-, r I
Kotiee II I" l-l'1 tils.'Is Hint ki ,|,s,,
Intend to apply io thi Hou ihi I
Bloner of l.i'il- nml Work. I," |- rs....
chest, ibe lolluwlna ilswrlbsnl i���.ti
K  II it .Is-tsS. I. |.r..s ll...'..I HrKufc
' "iliiiu in nit,' iti n iHi.s marked i I
H ii corner tin ..mi. titleol OmI
hIhuiI   I.n   mill. .H.I   nl   llissl..is i   .m_��
���sls'l nt llss   iii.illit,. .s s-nrtii-r.,'  II
III -   pi.- .'liililinli   i-Ulnt.   II	
'I. ii--   ttottli i^i i-liHin-   ll.. ts..- snaliKW.
IS sis .... Iinlli. I., tin-{.!..-.  tWnt,_|.
��� untalitln, .-iss acre, more ..r l.-..
Dated un. :,lli s!h> ,.l Jiils. IM ,
,, i_Btml
-S..1I"- i. hereby ststs-n tbal l
.Ut,- 1 ItlU-utl I" .sl'l'lv I..Hi. Ilm I
' .-tn iii i.. loner ol landiand li.ni,i...i.s-��el|
In (.sin I...... sis.    I..Hut, In, ill B '.'- 1
ni.- in I in- Valley -.it the ss. .s ti&t
i..ss  usvs-, K....t.t,H> dlitrlet. torn
l".s- :     < lis Slit;    Ht    H   |HI.|   |...
linrthn m.-r ol W   l ' abler, |
msrked "A .Mil.', anutit��rr*t wroe
Ibenee f.srlv  (Hi) t-haln, t-n-l: - |
s iistti, north!  Ihenee forty ;i"i cii.ie, nt,
ihenee i"'i> tn1) chain is '" sis. *""���
commencement, contalnlni ..1,*- hnnjred sua
,uty (is,i| aeru more nr lo.
liRtcsl Jnsss-.-.-, !'��.. Ami ��� MrUrtsru..
w  1 i .un, -
sss-nrit,- TolUn.ton'i si. 1 - - -:i
Hits-r date 1 intend it. ipnlj le usp ll-., in
s I'til 1 iHluuer ssf Land, >.
torta, II i'. for permlaslon lo p
l..i,lin,.|i..,.|ii.,.,l lamI in ��,.sk'-'-   .
in-iir Mission tils ; i-uiuini ss, 111, >-'
rnrnerotj 11. M.-i.r.ssl,-'- i-n- ��� -s,.; 1
risjiniiit,. ...mi, eOehalni i- ��� flud,
ss- -I   S, Id. In.  ��,.i Di    ilia,
lis lisslit.; then, ss.t:-..
si.' iji-i'in.'iil iitnlisiti, Uacr.-* "'
li -
Dated l-liM_ dai ol ..11.11,1,  ���
1       \      I",    !-   '       Iffl
-1-'. daya after data 1 Intond 10 .i-i1' '"''
commluloner of l-ssisi. snd w..ii- vi ' -'���;
purchaM .'PiH-T.'s-of Land altuate ���
ss-   I..I1.IH,    rssiuini-tn ills: is' 11 I--1 I'l.'ils-''"
the eail -Inns-of  trs..�� Laks npr, '
Ull.Ill,.[   sst   (Ins   s-osslli   tss-s .-..rllt-r nl J*""
O'Blley. preemption ind ourlieil I'l- f.l
.-.���rls.-r; lli.-n ,- eaal eo ��� hi  1 ��� ���'
el ,, Us in-,  tn - 1  m
ll.s-ls.'.'ttostls HloiSfi   Un' I'slo-   ihOfl  I" l'',,r,<
I- l.s.fil-
ff. I'll ins:, i -........
Notice I, Itcn-liy .ll.'li Hint i.'.lsss-��
lll'i'Ss.l U- apply tolls.- Ilnlnnsil'l. III. ' '
im-i.'ii- 1 ..I Inn.lssHiul ��'..rls
purehaso   I win, .Irscrlbrd '���"���I* J=5_i
iiii-.i. tin; Un |H.��I llnsrk.-.l ��   ll  IL   - I
 Ilosl  ..I   II,,.   N   11     1 ��    I���'
pn   11.i-i,mi in I'm   Valli >- riinniiuj��f��H
1 It,   n, weal, wi.-l.nln li. '
t-Hs-t to pins.' .if oommencement.
��'. It. HoCakpijih.U)'*1'*
IV. A.i-.ll.ni.Ait'-l"
N -,-,- Itcritlsi s:ss-si ilni'isn;'-
���I.I'     Il.l   In   sipplv    In   Hn-   "���""
I Itl. I   I .'Siii.ss.-s   sol   oi    I..III.I.   "i"1    ",'     ssj
I-uni.-i..n 1,1 nnrslisi.s- lln   l-l'.     '      i'1" . .
��� rn. I "il-sii-l   .nsiiili- 111 ijiifiis.' II"' ���" .;���.:
ilmrcttl K011I.. 11k In   Ots-iri I -   ��
I- ....I. Il,.v.   Cl���'.'li I   llrlll.ll   '       I'
rniitalnlni is adms ��iun mci	
Hi.- same inn1   I'���, sv'ili .
ns-.- par l.'Silnsh   ���: '��� I " ,,'",,
tut-ili-lttc .11 a 1 -  ti-1
I.. 7-��l s.   I tt'c.l   '   .... ns.)   Dl.11   -     ���     ,
 llu-.-l cornei -I 1   isif-'i "",'       ���'
loll.���mil Hi utli.-i-'s  I...IISI---SI' -'i '
Hn chalna   lilor-  or   l.-aa   I"  Us ""
imi- s.f ,al,l   Uu  twin  ti. I; llss- '
-..ml.   10 1-hs.l1 - or 1.-  I" '
erly boundary   I I. It. Hallm-h',  'I'l'"'
Pnrel : thencesnwterly tolI..wli,�� ;'
-is boundary of md I., li H���ll.-1. ��� -ii-i'i';"-.
lo hirchase ��.m chaini ""���" '" '"��� ',,
.l...s..���ft,���..,.���,-|s���s:il���-ii.'.-I'.n ne hcW
""iii -uf ib.-ani.i .1 in �� north cai lent" ���
lion 70chalm more01 li ',   ,..,.
si.-i ofnl< LoITHSOH ll lbence msr lis-rli I""'
Iur the wcaicrls boundary nl >eid '������' -    ,
l.dWc ns mom 01 lea* ui 1 '	
Dated '
Notice I,
1.1. Il��ll'. ?;���_���."."'
,l,s  s:ts.-si thai
.,......-    |i    Hunts]     K<" <>    ������"������      ���      I 1,, iln.tlllll
dale I Inieml loapply to Ilu- HoimniUi I" ' w
r..lllllll    -Llll.-lof  I.llll   'S-Sltl'l   lIl'-IS-'."   I"     '    , |,;;,|
in pitniltaac 1 In. following described '""'',���,.
in tt'.'M Kootonay dlilrlcl; Bcuiitiii '��V,V���
pisiiiifii at Hi rlliweitcorn rni " ������ ,���,
Dm i'ix..-k-, then nib  hilim.   'Jhhis.
in 0 m more or Ion, ,i,.-...-,"���"��'',,.,!T
more or Inn, Hu ������ .������ K'SJ,*
ii'iu-iiof ii-niiiii , nn- -sssi'i.; 1- "'",,,,,,	
i'l.ss-isiiat le known ������ the Hnnmn i"'  '.',
_ Datod inly tt, luofl  '
Noilce I, herohy tilvcii tlial -'>.". '���?;,'.,*l!i,1.'
Uiodnie 1 intftiii nply wnic  "';',,,	
Klsins r of l.au.la sssssl Worki * l.-lsirla.  ''    |(,���l
-   Ini.ur.-ha",-ll,.- I s\h|n ll'.''"''.'������  ,-���-'
allliato In 0.0 .llslrl.-l ..I   ����t K��,li1 mill.
ji'tiShm��iiTfo.irrsurlln����l �� l""j1 Si I
John tVhlto'l s. IV. corner,   plauii-       ���,:,
I'lllllliss  lOlitll   Of   J,   MHls,l|l-'��  Hull! I"I' ' ���.
riiiiiiiint imrlli :lOt-luiliiH. H ���'��� ",���,.,, is,
11,. 11, ,��� ...nil, w ,'isssiiiH. thenco m-- ���"���.,���.
pnlutiifi-uiiiiiu'ncctiu-lU. , ���   -i Aeanl
Jsiiittll, liwo. j.l-KAZkn, A(im. The Daily Canadian
Canada Drug and
look Co'y* Limited
.The editor Is    not   responsible Tor
ipinioiiK i'X|ircKserl by correspondents.)
The kind thai puz le the average optician are the very ones we arc after, thereby demonstrating onr superior ability and
skill. Come and see what our eye specilist
AS Mecklenberg, M* A*
.11 do for you.     No charge unless  we
tail satisfy you. Prices Ri-'ht.
\*>.**��<. *��-<>�����; >*���*������+���������������������
itoerial Bank of Canada
itisfaction Guaranteed
Canada ,)tt*g and
Book Co'y, Limited
Head Offic-:   Toronto.
1.1' \1, I- ,l,i i P.,..18,900,000 BB8T ��:t.!H��i,000
VYILltlK, Prestidont HON   HOPK11T .JAl-TUAY. Vi��� President
in E
.lish Columbia:
loWHKAD       30LDK-T,     ��
'.'.     RKVKI.STOKK,
1' '   -;n reoelTed null isit.-r.-nt
1 nl tsurri-iif rsttt-H frssn
sltltt' Of olM'Illllg ne-
t un.1. credited Imlf vi.-irlv
"' sun  BRANCH
. rvi. LAY,
Salmo, 11. C, Aug. 9.���Editor of tbe
Dally Canadian: I see lu your issue ot
August 2 u preacher uamer McKae got
himself interviewed and put on record
lor Chinese labor, and said he was glad
tbe fruit growers' union had courage
to do the same. It lakes brave men
to do that, but we have people who
don't appreciate that kind of a hero.
Who wants this country filled up with
a swarm of opium smoking slaves. 1
have taken a pre-emption In the Salmon
river valley and win employ white men,
who live aud spend iheir money in this
Country, Mr, Wilson bus a fruit farm
plose to Kilt- aud he let a contract to
have some land cleared nol long ago,
mid wuh asked If be could not liavo
;;ot it done cheaper, 11<* said ".en,
but u man con Id nol -work for less
than %'.', a day here and nave auy money." it Ih needless _o say that Mr.
Wilson did not Spend |6Q on a I rip tu
Nelson, with those windy labor agitators of the Fruit Growers' association
and howl for coolie labor and high
prices for their frull. We have a Frull
Growers' association and lots of Chinamen in California. A great many ol
the large fruit growers rent their places
to Cbitianieu, go to some big city and
slay there; their families spend their
money on monkey parties and fancy
clothes. The Chinamen live like hogs
and send most of Iheir m ui.*\ lo China.
There are some fruit growers who do
not like the Chinese for neighbors.
The) si ll out cheap und some of us
move to British Columbia. Mr. Mcitae
says Hi- labor unions are frightened
by a shadow If they oppose Tree
Chinese !a_V-
I read iu thi; Daily Canadian August
2 thut Bishop Hartwell has j.isi arrived from Africa, and states there are
CO.lMIO Chinamen employed in mines,
and they are learning tho work. The
Boors did not care fur lhat kind or labor and the mine owners had tlie courage to force Ki .gland into a war so the
Capitalists could run the country to suit
themselves. Those mine owners are
interested in mines and smelters here
With tne Chinese labor ,what will prevent them from shipping 60,000 Chinamen hen- from Africa after they have
barned the work, put them In a smelter wiih a high wall around, a search-
light and Calling guns on top, with a
Sherman Bell who will say: "To h���i
with labor onions; we will give them
postmortems'*; or government officials
bought with corporation gold, to kidnap the union oitici rs in tbe dark hour
of midnight, run them by a special
train into another provincef keep Ihem
ill gaol without a trial until Ihey die
of old age. No. Mr. Mcllae. the working man can see what makes a shallow
as well a-; the pmlessors. Business
men here do not complain of the laborers getting ton much money tu pay
their hills with. II times stay pood
Hritish Columbia will get the reputation
oi being a* white man's country. We
will gel an emigration of White men,
and then, if the Tailed States millionaires who harve accumulated (JO per
cent of the wealth in that country by
the exploitation of cheap labor, scud
soldiers tn annex Canada they win
find men here and not a few yellow
er.mnhxli tied, dyspeptic non-pro incurs,
with their friends the rat-eating, slix
biltee one day. velly good Chinamen.
1 1 "
'lie Hall Mini .g and Smelting
Company, Limited.
urchases Lead, Copper and Dry Ores.
M Tar, Waterproof Paints
Pitch, Creosot?, Oils or Preserving; Timber,
Roofing Pitt h and Paints.
Ilssiti Builder, will Uml it lo I Itt-ir advantage to use tint- Pitt-It.
K.   _
elson Coke and Gas Co., Ltd.
'. Burns & Co,
Swiftwater   Bill   Wants   Divorce   From
Fourth Wife to Try Luck Again.
Seattle,   Aug.   10.���Swift water   nut
(latea, hero of more sensational marital eaoapadaa probably than any other
man on the American continent, is once
more In Ilie limelight of the divorce
courts. The man who has made halt
a dozen Fortunes in Alaska ansl Yukon
territory, who has hud four wives in
Hit- short space of seven years, lias
brought suit analust his last wife. Kitty Bardon (lutes.
The papers have not yet lieen fileil
r>_tfS_si_r?  _.
ln the courts, but have been served.
Gates charges his wife, who ls said to
In- but 20 years of age and to be related to the Alaska Don Juan by marriage, with a statutory offense. Two
t-is-respondents are named.
I-'red H. Lyons, attorney for Mrs.
dates, today applied to Judge Griffin
in the superior1 court for an order cit-
Ing Gates to pay $3000 Into the registry
of the court, to be applied as follows:
Ono thousand dollars for temporary
tnalnUmanoo, an e-.ual amount for suit
money, and 11000 more for attorneys
fees. Judge Griffin entered an order
citing Gates to appear I-'rlday of next
week and show cause why he should
not pay Ihis money to his wife.
The story is told by Gates' friends
ihut he has already picked a fourtn
..pons'- in the wife ssr a Fairbanks merchant, win. Is said to be now living in
this city. This is (he first time that
Gates has appeared as plaintiff ln the
divorce courts. William Wray, Gates
attorney, admits that the hero of many
a thrilling ride down the Yukon river,
from which Swiftwater Hill earned his
sobriquet, Is now In Seattle. Gales is
represented as living tpilelly In a down
town hotel, which seclusion Is broken
only hy an occasional dash to Al-Ki
I'ssiiit and other nearby resorts lo see
his latest Inamorata.
This lady's name Gates and his at-
(orneys are keeping very quiet, as it Is
said she has not yet secured her legal
freedom from the man she Is said to
have abandoned in Fairbanks io follow
the sinuous trail of Swiftwater 11111.
Swiftwater Hill Is rated as worth between $.00,000 and $,,000,000. Hi's wife
wains her share of (hat sum, It Is said,
and Ihs court proceedings will be In-
The present Mrs. Gates Is said to be
ill nt a hospital, aud ii Is claimed her
spouse has not furnished her money
with which to live aud pay her physicians, to say noriilng of her attorneys.
A Pointer for Nelson.
Dr. Hawke look a drive up the river
the other day for the purpose of capturing a rattlesnake. He found a nine
rattle one, and, removing the poison
sac, brought it Into use in experimenting. A doomed dog was secured from
the pound and, after two grains of the
poison had been Injected, It lived Just
22 seconds. The unreclaimed dogs ln
the pound will take Oils short cut to
the happy bunting grounds.���Medicine
Hat News.
Silver King Hotel
Bent Dollar a daj house in the Kooteiiayu.
Room! are well .urnlrihef..   Tabic na go'id -i* nm?
In Nelaon.     Barrmpplled with good
llauom nml i iirnrn.
W. E. McCANDLISH, Proprietor.
Tremont House
European and American Plan
Mcali 26 cu.   Roonu from 7b eta. to 11
Only White Help Employed.
Baker Bt., Nelion Proprietors
Bartlett   House
Best Dollat-a-Day House in Nelson.
The Bar 1, lhe Kitten.
Whit. Help Only Kmplo-eil.
The Big Schooner n | A
Or "Hall ami Hall"    DCCl    I UL*
Thf only Glass of Good Beer in Nc-lson.
Until Hi'i-nniiiKi'tHiKiii'si r_eeond in none in Hrlt-
iihColumbia,  B*ImH.aoperday, Bpseui rates
to tnoDlbfy hoarders   Only home hotel in Nelson
Lake Vie^
Hall and Vernon Sts.
Two Ui���J from
Rates $1,110 per Daj
and tip.
P. <>. Bos 151.
Telephone UR.
MitflcBM in  KoBsliuirt,  Tm.il,  Nolson, Resin,  Sandon, Throe Forks, New
Denver and Blooan City.
i su,.,1?, !na'llo n"y i.riiiich will lnvo
I     '"I'l "Hi s'isli-liilHlti-llltiili.
Head Office: Nelson, B. C.
CBAl Rt��TBNDKR8,tnart��l "rondorfofTImbei
r* Mmltoi Woiniii-rrv Urook," will in received
hy th - uuauntgned up in uooti of Bator-Jay, tho
mil iinv nf nnil-', iflofl, from any p 'raon iloilr-
mx toobtain MHviui thui it lloencaa toqnt -.ml
earn n��nv timlwr imni the followingdewrlbed
litiila, iHuato on the Nortii Pork of Wo rtbbrry
Creek, in the Mti*worUi Mining [ilvUtonol Wwl
Kootenay Diitrim:
i ni i   r liinu" i'Iiir hi ii itako planhm nn Un*
Nnrih Pork ����i Wowlborry Un-ak, abonl  Ave
K enay Uke; then pa sonth Bo
nilli'K  fi��m   Ko
��� nli BO
aaai BOohtlnato the point of com-
���Iinlli-: lhe
I, ,t J. I'omtnenctni ut n itako p'antod un the
North Pnrk ol iVoonberry Orcok aboul lis mllei
imni Kootenay l_ako: tnence iouth HO uhatnii
iheneewwl BOchalnti ihonca nnrih ft) cbalni!
iiicuri- oasi W - halm to tha point oi oommenoe*
l^d 8, Coinineni'lna hi h h>hku }iiium��l mi tin-
North Pork nc Wo-H|borrs Greek, hImhu wren
mill's from Knotunny i.hIo*; thenoe muth BQ
rliiiin.-: thenre wet\80ehaliiii thenee north 40
rliiun*; thence ��-nct 80 ebalni  lo ilu* point of
Lot 1   Cnuitaunelng il b itako planted ow ilu*
North Kork of Woo h-rrv * renit, ahout elglli
inlh'M   Imni   Im oh-miy   Lako!   theoeo  iouth   BO
fha<n��| thanee well wchatnii iheneonnrtu w
I'liuin ; ihenoe eail 80 ohaini to Die point of
The pi'rfi'ii u(ffiin�� thi* hit!lu-sl rnsli hnlins will
hooiilltled toBpeeUT llcencci covering tho lira*
Hn* rein*wulile for UVriity-nne iUOOOMhu yeiiis,
Baeli tenner mum be accompanied hy " eertt*
Uni cheque, tnade p yablo ��t pur in ViQterio tn
theuudenlKUed, fnr tho ni nu, H00.OQ, of tin*
lir-it vi ;ir'�� feou for sucli tpiTlnl ll��-etn-��*_*, nml the
HiuiM.nl of 1 he h huh tenth-mi, Hi 1 r*lw�� �� eurli
fleil eht-qlie lor f to Un for eont of tutvertlninn sahl
Nl.ll, K. MACKAY,
1 eputy I'mnmlnHtiiiierof hiituls nu,I Works.
Landiand Work* Dentirtnietit,        .
Victoria, B.C, Jttly 19th, l��u0.
Notiee ts nerebv given thm ;w ilays utter date l
intetut tn nop v to the Chief Commlnlnner of
Unrii hii<I worai for a ipeolal llcenae to eut and
i* rt*y awjy timber from tbo following deicrfbea
landi In ffeat Kooteuay dlitrlet;
No. 1.- niiinieniiiig ui h poil marked Ole
Oberg'v eontliwei. cornor poit. and pUntod on
the cnKl Ilde nf Duni-iiu riv.r, about t'U niileK
norlh'Hm of Went Fork nf  nunca.ll ilver: thenif
���M . iinin- sont'i. thenee BOchalm eait. thenee 80
ebalni imrih, thence Mohatni weal to point of
e immenosment
No. j Commencing ��t a i>ost nuuked Ole
Oberg'i mtiUiiael poil ami itltttit_.il on the cam
ildeu Duncan river. uPoiit it tulles eprtheftat nf
Weil  Fnrk  of  lunieaii  river;  thenee  !*" ehailif
north, th'nc-* Mi elmtnn vnnt. tbenee 80 ehalna
ftniith. tlience BO citaiui weal to poln< of eoiu
No. .1 Conuntmelng at a real marked Ole
iberg'a northeait eorner post, and planted nn
the oaal M<le of I'lim-Hii river, iili.uit 11 mlleti
northeaal ol Weat Fork of Dnnean river: thenoe
(0 cbalni weiti thenee 100 ehalni north, tbenee
ilebalnieaat) thenoe;l00 ohalni aonth tn pnintof
No. L���CnnimcneliiK at a   post   marked   Ol*
Oberg'i ���ontbwi'itt eo ner poet, and planted on
;'u. eail ilde of Dnnean river and abont Wl-I
mllei uortheaal of Weal rork oi Dnnean river;
llienee BU ohalni norih. Ihcnce 81 ohalna emu;
tbenee BQ chaini couth, hence B0 uhejni west to
point ol commenoement.
No. Ei,���Commencing at a post marked Ole
ithcrg's northeast enmer post, ami planted on
the  BUI  side of  Duncan river ami about 1-J1 4
mllei northeait of Weal Pork of Dnnean river;
tin-no.- *) chains west, thence tt chains nnrth.
ihenee 80 chains eaat, thenee80 ohaini south to
polul of enininioecincnt.
No. fl.-���Commencing al a pnst marked Ola
Oberg'i northeait eorner pnst, and planted on
tin-1- st aide of Duncan river, and ahout 181-4
miles  nnrihcam nf West Fork of Duncan river;
thenoe mi ehains weit. theme80cha ni norih,
tbenee Bo ehalni eait, thenee 80 ehains aonth te
point nf commencement,
No. T_- Commencing at n post marked tile
Ohcrn's southwest eorner pnst, and planted on
the  easl  side nf l>uiicnn river ami about  13 1 -4
milea northeail of the West Fork of Duncan nver;
thenee Ni ehtilus cast, thenee Km chains south,
thenee 9] chain- weit, thence B0ohalni nortii io
point nf commencement
No. 8^���Commencing at a post marked tile
Oberg'i iouth well eorner post, ami planted nu
theeaitilde of Duncan river,end about 141-1
miles northeait of the Wfat Fork nt Duncan
river; Ihence B0 i hains cast, thenoe 80 chains
mui th, thence mi ehains west, thence 80 chains
nnrth to point of commencement,
No. B.���Commencing at a noil planted nn the
easi ildeoi Dnncan riverand raarkjd Ole Oberg'i
���Outbeait  corner  post, and  about   U   M  miles
northeast ol West Fork of Duncan river*, theuce
s.i chains weat, thenee 80ebalni nonh, thenee80
ehalni eait. ihcnce 80-*ebatni south in p.dm ol
No. 10,���Commencing   at a  ]Mist   marked   (Me
��� HnSf-'s Bontheaal eoruer post and planted pn
tin-easl side of Duneail river .itn! ahout IS II
milea nortboaal of Weal Fnrk of Duncan river;
thence B0 ehalni weet, thence su eiialm north,
lbence 80 chalna easts thence 80 chains south to
point of commencement.
No. ll. -Commencing at a poat marked Olfl
Oberg'i Southwell corner post and planted on
the east side of iMim-an river ami ahoul lfi 1-4
miles mulheiist of Weil Fork nf lhe Duncan river; thence ��u chains eait. thonco tt eltilni south,
ihence So chaini ��esi. thenee ,80 ehalni north to
point of commencement.
No. I*J.- I'oliiuieliciug at a post marked Olfl
Oberg'i northeait eoruer posl ami planted un
tbe eait aide o! Di an river ami abonl Ut l-l
miles northern! of Went Fork of Dnnean river;
theme s.i chillis wo-t. theuce mi chains nnrth,
thenee B0 ehatns east, iliuneett ehalni Auuth to
point Dicouiiiicliceinciit. , *
No. 18,���-Coinmenclng ai a post marked oi
OIh-kS Miuthwcst oprucr posl and planted on
the oast ilde of Duucau river about iiu-i miles
northeail of the West Pork of tin* Duftcnu riven
theliee W> chaltll east, thence W ehatns souih,
theuce 80Chains west, thence HU chains nnrth to
point of oommeneement
No. M.- CommoDcing nt a post marked ole
oiieiij's aouthweit corner post and plHiitci mi
the eaal side of Duncan river nml ahnut n l-I
miles northeast from tlie West Fork of Duncan
river; tlience *a�� chains east,  theuee 80 chains
smith, tlience **-' chain- westi tlience SO chaius
north to point oi Commencement
Nn. if��.- Communglng ��t a post marked Oie
01iet��"s nortlieast eorm*v pusl ami plaiiled on
the cast side  uf Duncan river and  ahout  17 l-l
milesJioriheastof West Pork oi Duncan river;
thenoo ni chaini west, thence m chains north.
tticLiec Si ehains east, tlience S!l chains south  to
point of commencement
No. lfl.-Comtnehulug at a post marked Ole
Oherg's southwest enrner posl and planted oil
the easl side  of  Duncan  ri er ami  itlinut  IK 1-4
uni.- northeaal oi the West Fnrk of Duncan river; thence B0 chains cost, ihenee HO chains soilli,
thence81 chains west, thonoeM chains imrth to
point of common-lumen t.
ho.. 17.���ContmonOlng nt a post marked Old
OIiitr'h southwest .mmer post and planted ul)
the eaal Hide of Duncan river and ��hout lit l-i
miles norlheast of the West Fork of unenn river) thenee HO clmitis cast, thence St) chnins soiilli,
thence HO chains wv-t, theuce HO chains m.i ti tu
poiui of uomiueuofinont,
Dated June Hiii 1'JlHi. Cl.K OBRHO, tociiior.
Grand Central Hotel
J. A. ERICKSON, Proprietor.
We have Improved and Unimproved Ranches (or
Sale on the Kootenay aud Slocan Lakes, Slocan
Valley and Nelson District.
Before purchasing call
and examine our list.
H. & M. BIRD
Centrally Located. Open Day and Night.
Sample and Bith Kooms Free.
Opposite Court House and Post Office.
Corner Ward and Vernon Streets.
Th�� Strathcona
Nelwra, B.O.
B. Tomkins, Manager.
The Leading Hotel in the
Good   Sample    Rooms.
Queen _ Hotel
Bfcker Btreet. NelHOD. B. G.
Lighted by Electricity antl
Heated by Hot Ait
Lane Vast ComiorUbte Be.lri.niii, stml Flnt*
clan. Intuitu Room, .ample Room, lor t'tstisin.-i
s-lal Hen.
MRS. K. C. t'l.ARKE, Proprletreu
The well known
"��**""%*�����'pjT       Onr Bee. Garden is
the Finest in the
Royal Hotel
Rates fl and *l.rsi n Day.
Special Rates to Regular Boarders.
A. McDonald & Co.
Dealers in Bfetptooud fimcy QrqperieB*
Bnttor, Kj:j:s.
Oomp nnd Mluers' SnppHeR.
West Transfer Co.
(leneral Tesnitsters aud DealerR in
Ooal aud Wtsf .    Kxprt-ss nml
'.sngi-iii:s- Tninsfs-r
P.O. llox UU
W.   a.   GILLETT
Contructor unci
Bul Mor-.
Solo agent for the Porto Klin Lmnhor Co., Dttt,
r.'Uiil yunls. Kough ami ilriMQil hnnluT, liuni'')
work antl hnn-kcts, Count Ath nnd dlutlgm, Panh
ninl tloors. Ci'iiifiil, hrlfk and lime (or sale.
Yard iiinl (at'toiy: Vitiioh St.. oiint nf Hall,
F O, Box 'jat* Telephone 178.
Durance!   Real Estate and Mining;
Manajer for the Kootenay Valleys Company, Ltd.
Nelson, B. C.
�����v- v* *\a< ^vyvs^^v^M*'
I have for Sale, the Choicest
Frait Lands in this district.
Most of itsiinate ou the West Ann end -Main Lake.
fore yon decisle tt, locate.
See me be-
Choice Fruit
I Have 10,000 Acres
of the
Choicest Frait Lands in
British Columbia.
Can sell any quautity from 5 acres to 2,000 in one block.
Buy now and get tho ground floor prices.
Nelson, B. C.
Winnipeg Port Arthur
St. Panl,    Dulnth,    Sionx City
Kau��ns City I5.S.25.        . St. Louis 160.00.
OhiraiKii *(H 00.
On sale Aucnnt 7-S-d, September 8-10
Final limit October 81st.
Toronto $71.(15.   On sale Septemlier R.9-10
Limit Novemlier HOth.
Milwaukee tfs3.-.'il    On wde A unust 7-8-0.
Limit Octolnsr itlst.
Through rates all tlatinns���Outurio,
Quebc., New York, New England, Maritime Provinces on application.
A.U.l'. ,.,VHiii-ollv.*r. l.J'.A.. Nt-lsoli.
Yale-Kootenay Ice, Froit, Foe!
St, Poultry Co., Ltd.
It1"   l
Change of Time
Effective July 22nd
will leave Nelaon at 8:30 a. m.
will arrive at Nelaon at 7:35 p m.
will leave for Kaslo at 6 ;46 p. tu.
will arrive at Nelson t.t ll :10 n. in.
;.' 'i��y?y''?Tramil|'��li|ii!li'sii
���^     WHAT   .���_   itOMlMii     MS I
L.J*f  WIThOUT T��t ICE MAN��n_-T
Deliveries in.kUs daily thronghont Noleop
aud up suburbs, V*h<mH H-S.
Thorpe's Lithia
Thorpe & Co'y,
The Latest Modern Appliance.,
now in use at this   :
UOOD8 UAI.IJil) TOR   '-
Baker Street.    -    NELSON..
For Everything Good
to Smoke.
Imported an. Domestic Cigars, Tobaccos.,
Do You Know .hamuli's Special Nlxturtl     ���:
W. cA. THURMjmN, I
fl i
���v' .:��� _���_-
*_t ;i
The Daily Canadian
We are offering exceptional
value in Cut Glass.
For a pair of Cut Glass Salt
aud Pepper shakers. Sterling
Silver Mounted.
Okanagan     !
"The Store of Sweets/
Peach Plums
Fruits, Confectionery and
Ice Cream.
* Musk-Melons
Watermelons     ���
Phone ..*.. Baker St.
Will be coining in
regular shipments
from local aud Okanagan   Shippers.
Bell Trading |
Company       ���
'c4 Tip" for a
'Canadian Morning*
Kootenay Coffee
PHONE 177.
Old Curiosity Shop
If you want to buy- or s'-li anything,
go to the Old Curiosity Shop. A new
line of Japanese Goods now nn sale. All
kinds of Dinncrware Id stock. Patterns
Need Any *0
Fftilt Jars ���
W. have the NEW Mason Sealer
with the Al! Glass Top.
No nti-tal tn gel dirty ami eorrod-d.
The most tip-tn slats-  sealer,  sm the
market,   lu pint ami s|iuirt sizes.
Pint, per Dozen $1.25
Quarts per Dozen 1.50
We also have the  drown   .lars  in (
pints, quarts and hall gallon
$i, $1.25 and $1.50 per dozen
[ Joy's Cash Grocery)
Cor. Josephine sud Mill Sti.      I* ho tie 19
Got*. V#rnon unit  \\'-��r.l   Strutfts,
fNt.l_.SON,   fc*. C
.1. FKBD HUME, Proprietor,
K. 1'. Willi.'iuiM, W. Priest and nu-ui-
bers Rop&ltuid Lacrosse team, Rossland;
t't Myers New totk; O. 0, Jnet-wn B. P,
Pidilingtou, C N. TuyJor mid wife. Tor-
ontu; it. A. Chupumu, Perth; A. H.
si>Hirrr. PittsburK; ti. B. Brown, Cranbrook; (J. W. Dickson, Pt'iiil.roke; R. V.
Clement, KiihIo; u. H Banoroft, Spkaue;
W. A lugHs, M. A. Wilson, Montreal,
Miss Dennely, H. P. Dennely, Oalgary;
A. 7anghan, Victoria.
H. A. Oookla and wife, W K. Zwickey,
Knslo; H. L Adolph, Brandon; A, 0.
Blanohaid, Bonnington; P, H. Songster
K N. Ben* e and wife, Spoknne ; W.Anderson. Cascade; M, J. Lloyd, Vancouver.
R. D. Ooplen, M. O'Neill, Spokane; D.
Wmld'. A. t' Houghton, Crawford boy
J. Luch, iievelstoke; >V, R. Hume, Kaui-
loopp; K. and L Atkinson, New Westminster; J. Wat_K.li J Watson, J. Little-
S. H. Kooke, Ymir; W. Karr, T. Johnston, Sandon.
.1  A  Kaslo; 0. L. Clarke, Listowel; D.
Wlntefurd, A. Greenwood, Greenwood.
J. Thompson, Rossland; I). McCarthy,
Cranbrook; T. Maittand, Vancouver.
A. G'arduer, J. Grey, Victoria; D. Wilson, Phoenix.
Fanny  '/,.   Munro,  Bpokaue;   Mr.  and
Mrs. G. Cortwri^rht. Creston; J. H, Nile,
New Mexico; n. s Oolemah, Ryan,
W. Lee, Cobalt; W. S. Stainshv, Ymir;
G. B. White, Over Park.
IVholmlo and Komi Design in
Fresh and_Salted Meats
Camps supplied on shortest notice ami
lowesl price. Nothing t,ur fresh nml
wholesome meats and supples kept in .took
Mail orders receive careful attention.
E. C. TRAVES,  Manager.
iiik Kxn.isivK privilege ���i .ailing r,-ir	
'i' - "" " iisiy�� ground, during the K��� 11
I stir. September li'-si.l.  Kotplrltu li,ni,.r-
allowed Tl���- Itlglits.t ���r ,,i,v i.tiil,., ii,ii nsst-sx-
�����iiiy ��.-.���.���,.,.., \ certified cheque lm lull
amount toaccomptny eacli tender,  addran
II. C. Ms Mokhiss, StllTl'llSS l ,
NiJmiii Agricultural a ll. I Illllll. trial AsHOCl-tlOD.
Nelion, B.c, AttgitM a, lwie.
Gait Coal
Termi Spot Cub
Telephone M Baker Street
i OTTAUE ol il. iiiiiin.. beautifully iltuatad on
double comer; nice lawq an,l tome fruit; |.rieii
caab, balance a. n-tit. Corner Stanley as,,i in,
MTvalsiry streeu.
IIIK su KI, K SALOON, Baker Mr.sl. Apply I,
rlisrk A Tl, ��������� " ���
""AT    Agsassl rs.tt Iiik rat  Iltlc-sl will, -nil ami
new oars.     J-.ir parlloiilar, apply to ll. w,
Falooner, Canadian oIBm.
There were no offenders to Ik* dealt
with in the city jKiliet* court today.
London lend advanced four points t��-
dtiy. Silver gained two points in London
and onr in New York.
The Nelson junior baseball team wus
victorious in Trail yesterday afternoon,
wiuulng hy 7 runs to 4.
Tin* ivL'ul.ir meeting ijt the board ��>f
trade wan called for last uight bul no
noLiceR Jmd been sent nut and no quorum
resulted Those present were E. A. Star-
key, S. M. Brydges, E Phillips, H <>���
Ooodeve and N. t Mclnnes.
[u accordance witli a promise uiad�� on
tin- iKTiisiou of his visit to th-' Nelson
Fair last full. Sir Thomas Bhaughnessy
lias offered a sterling silver cup as a prise
in the fruii and vegetable department
ThecnpwiUbu amde ol silver produced
in British Columbia,
K. E Teelssel. br ther of A. L. Teetse
of h-kkI a Teetzel, with bis bride is here
from Vancouver ou his boneymoou trip
Mr. Teetzel is one of Vancouver's prosperous real estate brokers. This in his
tirst visit to Nelsou and be expresses surprise both nt tin- size, beaut) snd enterprise of Kelson Tin- bride ami groom an
guests of A   L Teetzel.
Mining   Records.
Six locations and nine certificates ot
assessment work ware entered in "iu
Nelson  recorder's office  today.
C. ('. French recorded the Shifton, at
(lie head of Cultus creek, located July
Angus Curry recorded the Sunshine,
on the north fork of Summit creek, located July 21.
The Alice Hroughum Mining company
recorded the John Joroeks, in (Joat
mountain, located August 4.
.1. Fritsch recorded the Canada, on
Arrow creek, three miles east of Duck
creek, located August 1.
II. F. Sinclair recorded the Blue liird.
on tin* east fork of Duck creek, located August 1, and. as agent for \\.
B. Thews, the Idaho, in the same locality, on August 7,
Certificates were granted to : Joseph
Campbell, for two years, on the Great
Western, on the Stronghold and Topsy;
to Joseph Harrison, for two years, on
the Reha; to D. J. Steele, on the J. V.
P.; to Angus Curry, on the Sunset; to
Guy Lowenberg, on the Hat; to Fedro
Cherbo, on the Kubio; to Alex Long,
on the Free Gold.
The Store of Quality
We have just opened up a shipment oi
tin* celebrated
H. J. Heine's
in bulk and packages.   The list includes
Chilli Sauce
Tomato Chutney
Mandalay Sauce
India Re-Ush
Tomato Soup
Pork  and  Beans
Tomato Ketchup
Apple Butter
as well as a number of olher specialties.
Call iu and sample them.
Hood & Teetzel
K. W. C. Rlork . Phssne 10
ON1-; MiillT ONLY
Tuesday, August 14
A (Uglily MlnglltiRol tin. Min.iivi Mm,, I.'
Richards & Pringle's Famous
Georgia Minstrels.
Tsis-lltl-s-lKlilh Atllttiisl Tour.
iii  iiiij-sTisu I'siii Mstksri   iii.
We have the remedy. Our
expert optician is giving satisfaction. We guarantee to satisfy you, if you give us a trial.
Consultation Free.   A Visit Solicited
Leave Your Order With Me For
Cherries and
Have You Seen It ?
Makes work easy.    Ask to see
tliein.    25c each.
C* A* Benedict
Curni-r Silica anil Josephine Sts.
Now, as ihe season is t-lsssini;. anil I will
nee lhal ymir order is (Iliad with the
best frull in be bad al tbe lowe��l mar
kel   price.
H...1. wood Ice Cream
Repairing and Jotting a$J
Bheebnetal Work, OostiiiKs, Bollder.' Mult-rial nnil Minitifi in,,! j,,,,.
________ -*!;SS'!li_,
Ofllce nntt Works Fool nf l'ark St.
IMS.,,,.     _<)).
!lK"". II. J
The Nelson Brewing Co'y, Ltd
iKsts-isiK T" 11   KKKllJlkK ll III
Brewer, ssss.l II n nl
Fine Ljger Beer and Porter
Every Known VarietySoltliri,*-!
And the Celebrated " Red Ribbon Beer."
TBUBPHONB  >."���  .1.
P. , ..  It.,\    _..,.
WM. GOSNELL, Managdl
I'llime  206.
Red markiug Peiicik - for Co
Blue marUng Pencdla 3 for 60
Bine aud n-d marking Pencil*     8 for 60
Black Lead Pencils���Johann Fabera
and Tupaz, rfKiilin Jik- pencils for oc
Tbfse art* "ends" of lines we have oeattd
to carry and which we wish to
clear out.
W. G. Thomson
SESSHE" "'"' Nelson, B. C.
Pin Hit; .^4.
Thompson & Douglas
SIffn Wrltlna " ftp��o!alty.
Willi I'liin-nunl l.urlnp.
HHOP OH v ���.R"
Kootenay  Ap
&fm ivooienay  Agculil
*-Vt        Limited, WinnipiJ
Who|tBa_ll�� I'roviwIiinM,
I 'roduec.
I 'rulta
This is the season for
Watermelons. We
have them in all sizes
and prices.
'"dY1 ...Tails
This is the minnow season.   We
have a full stock of
Pails at $1.00. $1,50, $1.75
and $2.00 each.
We have the greatest variety of Spinners
ever shnwu in any twkle store.   Drop
in mid look around, and see for
Dominion Government Dreamery One-Found Brinks received WM-kirfrsil
from the rtEurn.   For sale hy all leading grocers.
Office and warehouse; Houston i.h��*k.   Phone
Josephine Street.
Nelson. B. C
Don't Forget
li your furnace in shape to  start  the  winter with?    If not. I
It the time to have it repaired.
]* R Ashdown Hardware Co., U|
I'i.RASE MOTB���We will nol ba r_apon��lbl_ fur any run���, null
by October ut, i.oo.
Nelson Hardware Co.
NELSON, B. ���'.
Tt-lephouo 181.
Certificate of Improvements
A full lln.  of Crockery,
Chin** and  GIOMWarv-.
Alio Heron.i Hand OoodfOl Kvi*ry DetCflp*
Hon.  Wa have _wt tbe goods end cell at
Lowest Prloet ft Town,
Baker Ht., next L.i f'.I'.K Ticket OfflOB.
P.O.BOX !iW.
Gigantic, 'iiHtii, Kirai Obance, I'liahatHio, and
Twenty Mile Fraction mineral eiaiinti, -.ini-
ale in the Helton M inIii^ 1'hhimi of Weit
Kii-'ti-nay dlitrlet
Where located; on nundeemountain, botweeo
wild Hone and BearUreeki.
Take notice thai I. John MeUtohte, nf Hn* city
of Mellon, acting i^H|r<'itt fnr Joaeph 8turgeon,
Pree Miner's Certificate No Bfiln, lutend. ilxty
���lay- from tho date hereof, t,. k[.i,jv t-> tin- Mining
Kecorder for Cerllflcatei o( rmprovementi, for
ihe porpoie oi niiiiiitiiiiK Crown Qrantiol the
above clalmi
an.i further 'uke notice that acUon(under ieo-
tion .it, inti.-i. in* commenced twfore tin* Iwuanee
of Midi iiitjii hi. <>r ImprovemeutJi
Dated Mil* Slit day of July, A. I�� IB 8,
Trains and  Boata.
Crow boat���Two hours late,
Slocan   train���On   time,
Coast, Boundary and Flos slant] train
I ���On time
$10, (2.50 and $15
Kwptilrli-itf mui .loltiWou uxueuted witli I>-AMpiitcti.   Sheei M��t��l I
Work. -Minlnj: anil .Mill .Muchlnwry.      Miiimliici iirwrM of
Or��  Cih-m,   IV.  W.   Contrnutoi-M*   Cnra.
' ��������������������������-��-**    INEUSOfN,   B.  C.        JOTi
Just Arrived!
A large shipment of
Hart, Schaffier & Ma��'�� 11
CUOTHINO ��8?��2Xao
I.ilt-nl l'ltlt.-nm,  LAtasI Suits, nnd All (l.soils (liiiinnii''"'
ROOM���Front bedroom in nice eottege, on Mill
���treet, near Joiepblne,  Suitable for two gentlemen! referuieei required, Apply Canadian
oul Be.
itoo.M   Large front room: alloonrenlenon, a<i.
drew Dally Canadian,
DO MK.V, at on e, fitr work In Die woodn.   Apply
io W. B. Cooke, sawmill, Rulo,
LADY 8TKNOGRAPIIKR for position in .ountrv.
Oood home with employer's family. Apply
box W., Canadian offlce.
BINO - one large pei*l centre with diamond olns
ter,between Ji��lisi.und Uke Ida park.   He-
wanl offered,    Itetllin to I'atisdlan office.
Usual prices. Beats mi tale Monday st Ruths
And Builder
Rough nml dressed lumlser, turned work
and brackets, Const lath und uliiiiKles,
niis-h uiitl doom.
dement, biu-k nud lime fur sale, Auto-
mutits i.riudt'r.
Yzrd nnd facliry Vernon. St.,
east of Hill,
Telephone 1T8.'    Nelson, B. C.
Our LONELY Sale only
occurs once a year, and is
now in full swillg. These
suits are
All Fit-Reform Gords,
lhe best clothing on the
market, made hy high-class
workmen. Come in aud
take a look.
I Fit-Reform
'���'���: i I
MANUFACTURERS   f ���^\\-__    QUi**.rvf/>C
AND DEALERS IN   Ltittlltet,  dlllflgieSf
Lath, Moulding**, Doors, Window*
l'urntd Work nno Braeksta. Mall-Orders promptlj nit'i"1"111]
SMALL COTTAGE on two lots, on Gorestrti
CJarden in excellent shape and planted with Vl|*|
tallies. For quick sale will dispose of same I
$700.00, part cast, balance on easy terms.
McDermid & McHatfty
(Iur  ItoAll   of HAND   SAW-* Isi   v.-rv  'in'"*"
im huliiiK grades to su! nil reqo-rements. ,
If you wlnh ii low prlct'il IBW W- i'��" ""I'I'1'' ���*'"''
nl��ti tsiirry tin-Im-hI qnalltlas lr hy
Wood-Vallance Hardware Co'y, tf


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