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The Daily Canadian Jun 6, 1907

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Array V
IH 2.   No. 3.
|sk Public Opinion
Turning Tory
mibm?       "M 9dT
trm itmintaaaaitamtewaiafattraem * mi sent
ledoo  Election's Chief Issue
las Preference���Irish Bill's
Failure Fatal.
ion, June C.���The Ktory of the rec-
Dbledon elecilon In England Ih
.. is; Interest to bo told here. Of
m06t of the Liberal papers have
thc mailer, which la ln coneo-
|*��.tls  Uielr  usual policy of sup-
ipleaBant truth.    Wimbledon,
)-, is an luiporUint metropolitan
:,is   with about 22,000 voters.
... Laurier, Uotliu and Campbell-
rian   were   coucertedly uud de-
dolng ail they could lo render
1. rial Cunference as abortive as
*!sis Wimbledon election came
s sandidatea were of equal soli���tin Klght Hon. Henry Chap
rutsti, uud  the Hon.  Uertram
'l-;b-*ial>. Hussell espoused the
ftdical fad, female frunchise, uud
���   1 slide; Chaplin went for lm
'. si.-raiiou aud au Imperial pre!
The  result   was  that Chapilu
a majority of close  ou  y.uu-u
Thi Hussell party asserted that
d nearly  1,000   volunteer  lady
rs, ss ins |seBtered the electors to
1'. sn Air. Hussell," aud this re-
a pull oi .:.7'jj.   Chaplin made
tight   s.-ssiie of Preferential Trade,
pl.td 12,263.   Naturally, thc gov
���ns   feels  very   bad about  the   tm
Ind lhe ssuss-rumenl papers are try-
pi i ts, turn uu ignominious defeat
usurai victory."   It is absurd at*
.��. 1 > . 7, ..ssn away the meunlng
. hu election.   The programme ol
satin was unmistakable, and the
: ii.s clictsirute was equally so.
h no duulsi that tarltf reform will
July If  placed  on  a   plain  and
luue before the brltlah people,
inyone rises to remark that tar
u>.-> ms'uus protection, he is quite
10 admit that  lt   Is  quite  ttue
Is-" ysaara ago the BritlBh people re
i tsj Free Trade because they con
F'l it   would  pay  them to do so;
ahlle it did puy them.   Now they
to believe thut conditions huve
nil that protection will pay them
aud lu each Instance they will
I time quite right.
are a few utterunces worth con*
|hss*. addressed to au immense gath-
1. cumpissed of leading merchants ol
Iity of London. Tho assemblage
at the Haltlc Coffee House. Dr
sssjii said:
'hen   1   listened   lo Mr.  Asqulth's
. aisle, lawyer-like sentences laying
ths- law, which  Is Immutable, of
1 'is sssii., 1 could not help thinking
J t!,at klud ot localism aud Insular
|imm Is.ad to the production of the
type of citizens who caused the
I uf the Dutch Umpire a couple of
fir.es ago."
Deakln, like Dr. Jameson, was re
Jd with ringing cheers on riBlng to
Ik   He said:
���lu not ask the people of the
|n*r;aud to accept a theory, but to
V Uii' lacis. Thi- immutable law ol
'AsquiUl Is immutable only In this
''.*���*���    Every foreign  country  with
���exception, Ignores It, and every one
"'* colonies���men of English blood.
i'ii   In   the   English economic doc
(es���ignnrcB It also."
I. mis in government paper said
J other day; "We are rather tired of
Imperii] Conference, and all this
"limit   Imperial    Federation."   No
�����'   Ihey   are;   aud   they   will  have
10 be much more tired of It be-
1 long.
Its' rejection by tho Dublin convnn-
��f the Irish Hill Is without doubt
I'nr Ih" most severe blow the Camp-
TBannerman ministry hus received
t* il lias been In ofllce. The next
_i' we may look for Is an open rttp-
*' between the Irish party and the
BUsli Liberals. Tho connection hns
ays been a false because a forced
11 Is also probable there will be a
'instruction or the ministry, and then
1 appeal to lhe country at nn early
is very significant lhat what
���ceded the overthrow of the Glad-
J"" government is occurring now���a
pii'nil nervousness and fear in all the
Eamiul Interests Ihroughoul England;
sols are lower than they have been
nail a century.    In fact, last Tucs-
consuls were quoted at 84Vi, the
"i��i price since 1848. Railway shares.
��___* '"w yars buck were considered
puooerately m>i investment at 4 and
I10** cent., are now only bringing
about 3 per cent. There Is nothing bo
sensitive as money, and with a reckless
government In offlce all securities must
inevitably shrink. Thus���in quite a dlf-
brent sense to that In which the phrase
ls oiten used���we cau truly say tbat
"money talks."
Assassins of Ex-President Barillas Con
vlcted and Sentenced.
Mexico, Clly, June C���Florence O.
Morale anil Bernardo Mora were found
guilty last night of murdering Genera)
Manuel Ilarlllas, former president of tbe
republic lf Guatemala, ln this city on
tie night of April 7th, last. The Jury
which returned the verdict was out one
hour and 40 minutes. Upon the announcement of the verdict, the two defenders of tlie assassins pleaded for
clemency, citing Ihe provision for 20
years' imprisonment. The court took
the mailer under advisement and In DO
minutes returned, producing the death
sentence. The prisoners evinced no
emotion when their doom was pro
nounced. No date has been set for execution aB yet.
Improve* With Age.
London, June 6.���Mr. Goldwin Smith
in the course of a letter to the Manchester Guardian on Canada and the
Colonial Conference, sayB: "I abhor the
name annexation, as it Implies submission. I heartily deprecate anything vfo-
lent, precipitate or injurious to the Interest or honor of our Mother Country."
Newfoundland Premier on Union With
Canada���Greetinge From
London, June 6.���The West India
Club gave a dinner last night at the
Hotel Cecil ln honor of Sir Robert Bond,
the ptemier of Newfoundland. Joseph
Chamberlain Bent a letter expressing his
hope ror thw uiiiuitui* union ol Newfoundland with Canada, as most conducive to the welfare of Newfoundland.
Sir Robert, In reply to a toast to his
health, said he would not challenge the
correctness ol Mr. Chamberlain's Btate-
meut, but such a union ut preseut was
ne.ther desirable nor practicable. Relet ring to the recent meetiugs of tbe
Imperial Conference, Sir Robert said he
had told the government that a repetition of its action of lasl year would not
only be regarded as humiliating to the
colony, but would lead to a total disregard of all constitutional authority
within It. He was not without hope
that before ho returned something satisfactory could be arrived at regarding
the matters in which Newfoundland was
snterested. 81r Robert said it was his
pleasure to admit, reports lo the culinary notwithstanding that he had received the most courteous treatment
from His Majesty's ministers in all the
negotiations with them.
German Transatlantic  Lines  Ready to
Berlin, June 6.���Dr. Wiegand, director of the North German Lloyd Steam
ship company, when questioned today
concerning the rumors of a rate war
arising from recent developments in tho
Transatlantic trade, said tbat his company had not the slightest inclination lo
enter Into a contest with the Cunard or
auy other company, either on tbe Atlantic or other routes. All the existing
dilllculiles with the Cunard line could
be removed by negotiation If both sides
were willing to make concessions. Tbe
German companies are certainly willing, but tf there is no Blgu or concession from tlie other side they are pre
pared for a conflict.
New Moderator.
Montreal, June C���Rov. Mr. Campbell, of St. Gabriels church, has been
elected moderator of tho general assembly ot the Presbyterian Church of
(llev. Rob. Campbell, who has Just
been elected moderator ol thc General
Svnod or the Presbyterian Church ol
Canada, was born in Drummond township, county of Lanark, Ont., about 80
years ago, of a family which bas given
many distinguished preachers to Canadian Presbylerlanlstn. Ho bus occupied
the pulpit of St. Gabriel's church, Montreal, lor nearly 30 yeurs. He has hold
In succession all the olllces in the Pres
byterlan  cliurch ln  Canada.���ED.)
Vlelt to Pontiff.
Rome, June C���The Pope today re
celvod In private ttudlenco Sir Wilfrid
Laurler, Canadian premier, and L. P.
Brodeur, the Canadian minister or marine and fisheries, and their families
The pontiff Informed his visitors tha
he followed wllh affectionate interest
the progress made by the Dominion.
Fifty Cbnts a Month
Press and Public Excited
Against America
Count Oleoma, Leader of Opposition,
Pressing Goreromeat to
sTake Action.
Toklo, June C���Tbe Nlchl-Nicht, commenting on Japanese and American relations, today says: "Even traditional
friendship will not escape a rupture
should incidents like those tbat have occurred in 8an Francisco be repeated.
Whether the sufferers are school children or restaurant keepers, or the scene
or persecution be limited to California,
it does not altor the fact that our compatriots are victims of anti-Japanese
"Japanese go there under treaty prelection. Presidents Roosevelt's enlightened message to the last Congress was
received with eminent satisfaction, but
actual developments since are a total
"What we want are not so many expressions of civilized sentiments bul one
uct of efficient protection of the treaty
rights of Japan.
"The waste paper box Ib no destination for a treaty between Japan and
lhe   United  States."
The geueral tone of the Japanese
press is becondng outspoken and unless
an -,������..,.,.,,,,, ,. Home form is mail,, tn
insure the safety of Japanese in San
Francisco, It Is feared that the friendly
relations between both the nations will
be onHnncer^dL tSfima*  nissis...  ' ^[llat of
the Progressives, is outspoken as usuul,
but It should be remembered that while
deserving of consideration his being oul
of offl-oe permits him a Iree expression
of his opinions.
Count Okuma generally occupies the
position of critic. Even when in power
hla cabinet lived only a few months.
The leading papers here, whose opinions are worth quoting, are absolutely
silent on the question of proceeding to
extremes in the settlement of the San
Francisco affair. Common sense people
only exepect reparation ln tbe form of
damages tor the losses suffered by the
Japanese residents and the punishment
of the assailants. It is believed that the
government ol Japan is taking proper
steps ln the matter, and while the public
Is irritated at the tardiness displayed ln
effecting a solution ot the difficulty, lta
opinions have not yet reached a stage
or advocating an appeal to hlstlle de
monstration In any form.
Londun, June 6.���Daron Takemo
Ohawa, vice president of the Japanese
Red Cross society, who arrived here
from New York on May 2Gtti, to attend
the Red Cross conference, which is to
open here June 10th, throws cold water
on tbe sensational reports of the Ill-
treatment of Japanese ln America, to
which some of the most staid English
papers are devoting mn *lt attention.
ln an Interview he said: "Naturally,
as a member of the House of Peers and
a politician, I was anxious to see to
what extent anti-Japanese feeling ex-
lsted In the United States. I must Bay
that the San Francisco affair is much
more local than I thought it was when
I was ln Japan. The result of my Investigations In the United Slates enables me to declare that the feelings of
Americans towards my country are most
cordial. No where did I And the least
s!g" ot unfriendliness, with the exception of San FrancBlco. We In Japin
wish the situation between the two
countries to become more harmonious;
hence the desire that no such Jar as
occurred tn Snn Francisco, although a
purely local oue, should be repeated.
New York, June 6.���Count Okuma,
former leader of the Progressives, tho
opposition party in Japan, In response
to a requeBt by the New York World,
cabled that paper the following opinion
regarding the Incidents in San Francisco In which Japanese were involved:
"1 deeply regret that atitt-JapaneBO
outrages are being repeated lu San
Francisco. We aB a nation were not
satisfied with the settlement ot tho last
(school) Incident, which resulted In unjust discrimination against, and the annul expulsion of, Japanese Immigrants.
We patiently hoped (hat thc principles
laid out in the enlightened message of
President Roosevelt would prevail and
that every unjust discrimination against
the Japanese would be stopped. Repetition of injustice against the Japanese
will seriously hurt our warm feeling toward America, and our traditional
friendship will be weakened thereby.
Fair and Just treatment ls essential to
maintain friendship. Repeated outrages
will not only damage American interests but also discredit American civilization.
"For the sake ustice and humanity, I sincerely a sl to the American
public to stop I r-like outrages and
unfair discrimin n against Japanese,
and pray that W Ington's farewell address be not 1 ;otten by American
Count Okuma has been finance minister, also foreigu minister, also premier
of Japan. He is now the head of Wuseda
university, which he founded and endowed  largely.
Fewer Lawsuits Than for Many Years-
Divorce   Statistics.
London, June 6.���The latest llrlllsh
civil Judicial statistics, those of 1095,
have just been issued. They show the
first decrease since 1899 ln legal proceedings, the decline being from 1.018,-
527 cases in 1904, to 1,473,919.
Among the most interesting features
of the report Is the section dealing
with matrimonial suits of which there
were 921. There were 752 petitions for
divorce, which, -although 32 more than
ln 1904, were considerably /ewer than
in the preceeding years. Husbands' petitions reached a total of 429 and wives'
Of the marriages dissolved 33.23 per
cent, had lasted from Ove to ten years,
30.43 per cent, had lasted from 10 to
20 years, while 10.89 per cent, had existed for at least it) yjars.
Another feature of the statistics Is
the steady growth of Imprisonment for
debt, 11,427 debtors having been committed, the highest number for 10 years
Ex-Mayer ef San Francisco and Ruef
Charged With Extortion.
San Francisco, June ��.���The opening
address for the prosecution by Assistant
n'��rir.t Attorney Henry, the partial examination fit enfe. o. t,i*.-.: *r        '   **
sioner Thomas Reagan, the introduction
as evidence of much data from tbe minute books of the police commission for
the years 1904 and 1905, and the questioning in relation thereto of the secretary of the commission, Officer Charles
F. Skully, were the proceedings yesterday ln the first day of tbe trial of Mayor Schmltz for alleged extortion of
money from keeper ot French restaurants. Attorney Henry In his statement to the jury charged the mayor and
Abraham Ruef, ' jointly indicted with
Schmltz on this charge, with plotting
to "carry on a systematic scheme of
blackmail," through the police commission.
Plan   of   Entertainment   of   Japaneee
Prince In Canada���Niagara and
Thousand Isles.
Political Not
Employment of Native or Chinese
Workmen Ro Loss te
White Hen.
Montreal, June 6.���At a meeting of
the Civic Reception committee arrangements were completed for the reception
of Prince Fushlmi on his visit to
Montreal on June 8. He will arrive at
Quebec on the C. P. R. steamer Empress of Ireland, from Liverpool, and
the lollowlng day he will travel to
Montreal. He will be met at tbe Bona,
venture station by Mayor Ekcrs and a
delegation of aldermen. Tbe party will
then proceed to the city hall, and ln the
council chamber an Illuminated address
will be presented on behalf of the city
to the prince, who will reply In Japanese, his remarks being interpreted into
English by a member of his suite.
Prince Fushlral will remain ln the city
until Monday morning, the guest of Sir
Montagu and Lady Allan, at "Haven-
The tour of Prince Fushlmi through
Ontario will be over the Orand Trunk
Hallway system. The present pro-
gramme of the route brings the Imperial
party to Montreal on Saturday, June 8,
and on Monday, June 10, they will leave
Banaventure station at 10 a. m. for Ottawa. The departure from Ottawa will
be made on the morning of June 11, for
Brockville, via Coteau Junction, Brockville will be reached about 1:30 p. in.,
when the party will board the Richelieu
& Ontario Navigation company's new
steamer Rapids King for a trip through
the Thousands Islands, thence to Kingston, where the special train will he
watting to carry the prince and his
suite to Niagara Falls. Wednesday
morning will be spent at tbe Falls, leaving there at 12:30 p. m. for Toronto. The
party will leave Toronto on Thursday,
June 13, over the northern division of
the Qrand Trunk en route to the Pacific
London, June 6.���In a recent contribution on the subject of labor for the
Hand, in the London Mining Journal,
G. A. Denny, who has spent years on the
Rand, writes the following:
"The position respecting white labor
on the Rand Ib a difficult one to gauge
from the press cables which have ap-
pered. Full color ls given to the views
of the particular correspondent from
whom the information issues, and these
views, being more or less contradictory,
are difficult to reconcile. The question
at Issue as between the mines and the
white men centres round a detail of extending the miner's supervision from
two machine drills, which heretofore
has been the average under one man,
to three or perhaps four machines,
which the companies claim should fall
within the scope of one man's attention.
The larger question involved, however,
relates to the possibility of Increasing
the efficiency of the white man: in other
words the companies feel that they labor
under tbe disadvantage, aa compared
with other fields of industry, that for a
high day's wage a fair day's work ls
not forthcoming.
"The Immediate agitation ln connection with rock-drill miners is by no
means without precedent on the Rand.
Time and again efforts have heen made
by various individual companies to
place one miner In charge of three or
four rock-drills, but without continuous
success. At the same time, perhaps
there is no mine on the Rand which bas
UOi,���*i-Cecum of. one man having been
machines in stoping operations. 1 ue
men do not deny tbat It is possible for
one man when favorably placed in a
etope, easily to supervise four machines,
but lt would appear that they have the
fear that in taking on extra machines
they thereby oust their fellow-workmen.
Similar ideas, one -slight say, have been
prevalent ln all countries and in all industries in which mechanical means
have been introduced in substitution for
hand labor, and therefore that phase of
It can be readily appreciated. The
miners, again, urge that the work on
which they are employed comes within
the class of dangerous trades, and that
they won'd further shorten their already
short careera were they to agree to the
extension of supervision required by the
"It may be profitable to consider for
a moment what ls the actual work of
a rock-driller engaged in stoping on the
Rand. Hla agreement tor work consists
of a contract under -which' he is paid
at a given rate to mine" oro from the
stopes. He brings to the contract nothing but his own labor. The company
supplies the machine drills and complete equipment, lays the air mains, and
provides colored laborers, lllumlnants,
and explosives. For these the miner ls
charged by tbe company, at cost price
or thereabouts, for the last three requirements. He ls not charged, as in
seme other countries, with the up-keek
of his machine, which amounts to an
average of perhaps ��5 per month, nor
for the sharpening or loss of drill steel,
also a considerable item, but.varying
largely in different mines, He employs
for each machine two colored laborers,
and a portion of the services of a third
one who iB the drill carrier. The white
man usually does the major portion of
the rigging of the machine ln position,
and setting the bole, and the colored
laborers practically run the machines,
with a casual supervision of tho white
man. Indeed, It is not at all unusual to
find that experienced Kaffirs or Chinese
do not wait for their employer, but do
the rigging up, and every subsequent
operation, on their own responsibility.
It will be understood, therefore, that the
white rock-driller in a Rand mine la
quite differently situated from the one
working ln America or Australia, In
which countries tbe white man himself
performs every portion of the work."
The situation is an unusual one, existing, bo far as we are aware, only on
the Hand. The idea of one man attending several rock-drills has not been attempted In America except In one or
two Instances where one man has bad
charge of two drills ln shaft sinking,
Under all ordinary conditions, a machine-drill runner has about all he can
attend to ln running one drill properly
while accomplishing the ��� maximum
amount of work. Unfortunately a great
many machine miners have little know,
ledge or Ihe drill, and can only employ
lt in a perfunctory manner, wltb no idea
of the best possible use thnt may ho
made ot it.
In fact, machine drilling Ib done systematically, as a rule, without the same
regard to particular results that murks
tho work of the experienced huhd-drlll
The fear of the white miners on the
Rand seeuiB to be that tbe natives or
Chinese will become proficient miners
and displace white man entirely. This
Is certainly a narrow and mistaken view
to take of the situation for the blacks
could never be entrusted with the work.
White men will always be required theer,
and tbe cheaper work can be done under
white supervision the greater will be
the demand for the services of experienced white bosses.
Try to  Undermine  Loyalty  of  British
Army  by  Seditious Appeal.
London, June 6.���"You are Pariahs,
bereft of the rlghtB of citizens." "Trial
by court martial is a mere farce and
mockery." Military law Is rotten."
These are among the phrases ln a circular headed: "An Appeal to Soldiers,"
which was distributed at Aldershot yesterday ty the Social Democratic Federation, it urges the soldiers to be dissatisfied with their lot and demand the
abolition, root and branch, ot the national army as at present organized.
Sicllans   Enraged   at   Denunciation  of
Rome, June C.���The people of the village of Giardinl, Sicily, attempted yeaterday to lynch Abbe Braaln. In the
course of a sermon he denounced Garibaldi as a spurious hero. Tbe abbe had
to appeal to the protection of the carabineers to escape from the mob.
Estimated   Year's   Production   Greater
Than Ever^-Expected Reaction
Ha* -Net Come.
Pittsburg, June 6.���Despite rumors in
the iron and steel world abroad as well
as in this country, a canvass of tbe in-
dustry warrants the statement that the
laat half of 1907 and the first half ot
1908 will witness the greatest production and capacity in the history of Canada and the United States, lt la estimated that lead furnace construction
will add at least 2,000,000 tons to the |
correspobtnu*B-*��nii��.jsS, th* oountry. A
be given the iron trade Inasmuch aa it
is estimated that the new pig Iron furnace capacity will consume the product
of betweeu 6,000 and 7,000 -coke ovens.
It is stated that the Information, which
is derived from official sources, should
have a reassuring effect upon business
men who have had reasonable doubts as
lo tbe maintenance of tbe wonderful degree ot prosperity which charcteriaed
the Industry last year.
"The cause of the shutting down of
furnaces at a Ume of actual famine in
pig Iron," said an expert, "Is a caae of
necessity, superinduced by a little lack
of confidence last year."
There were comparatively tew per
Bona who had faith in a continuance of
last year's activity ln their own market. During the closing months ot 1900
nearly everybody was willing to wager
there would be a reaction ln 1907. Producers ot pig iron therefore booked orders for this year's delivery under the
impression that current demand would
fall off, and rushed the product with
the Idea that there would be plenty of
leisure this spring and summer for long-
delayed repairs. The lull in current demand did not occur, and aa a consequence of over crowding furnaces all
last year, needed repairs are now Imperative. The list of new furnaces, ei-
their under construction or for which
work has been begun include: Perry
Iron company, Erie, Pa., one furnace ot
which will be ready Sept. 1, 1S07; Hamilton Steel & Iron Co., Hamilton, Ont.,
one furnace of which will be ready not
later than-October 10; New York State
Steel Co., one furnace to be completed
within the next 10 months. The companies having plans tor new work, but
not yet having begun construction. Include Wlckwlre, Bros., Buffalo, one furnace, and tbe Algoma Steel Co., one
furnace, at the Soo.
Hear, Heart
London, June 6.���According to the
Catholic Herald the archbishop of Glasgow, who is in Rome, brought to the attention ot the Pope the denunciation ot
the New Theology and its apostle, the
Rev. Dr. R. J. Campbell, pastor of the
City Temple, London, by Canon Mackintosh, ln which the canon referred to
Campbell as "a Billy blasphemer."
The Pope directed that his congratulations Bhould be conveyed to Canon
nun story
Chief Wines' Narrative
Personality of Self-Confessed lard-
em WiU Be lain line
of Trial.
Boise, June 6.���Harry Orchard, lhe
man who aays his true name la Albert
Horsely, who assassinated former Governor Frank Steuenberg at Caldwell on
the night of December 30th, 1905, resumed his gruesome sury as a witness
agalnat Wm. D. Haywood, secretary-
treasurer of the Western Federation of
Miners, ln the district court this morning. The fearsome relation ot five yeara
of crime bas not been finished. The
climax Is to come today, if Indeed there
can be a climax more terrible than the
one already reached in the narrative
told by the witness. The story of the
crime with which Haywood la charged
is a revelation to the people of this
country, If the story told by Orchard la
true. In his confession on the stand
yesterday, Orchard, or Horsely, without
telling any of the earlier history of hla
life, without revealing the reasons that
caused him to change hla name, without
a word of the wife whom he is known
to have deserted, or of father and mother
and grandmother back in the old daya
ln Canada, plunged at once into the narration of what he has done stnee early
in 1880, when as a worker in the Coenr
d'AleneB, he first joined the Western
Federation of Miners. It ls not to be
supposed that his mis-doings commenced
with the lighting of the fuse that blew
up the Bunker Hill at Wardner and
hurled two men to death, but today he
Mng'he it "a" ififmfilfiM lUlMfeSa
Steunenberg ts his death within sight
of hia children and within the heating
of hla *wHe. ^	
Orand Duke's Escape.
St. Petersburg, June 6.���There have
been no many alleged attempts lately
upon the Uvea of members of the Imperial house of Russia that scarcely a
day passes without adding to the number. The latest, according to the Novoe-
Vremya, was a deliberate design on the
life of Grand Duke Michael Alexandro-
vitch, a younger brother ot Emperor
Nicholas. In any event a serious accident was narrowly averted. Tbe
scene waa at the Gatchlna road leading
to Tsarakoe Selo, and tbe time yesterday afternoon. Piles of atones completely blocking the highway were discovered just before the passage of an automobile bearing the Orand Duke. They
were hurriedly carried away and the
Emperor's brother passed ln safety.
Sudden Death.
Belleville, Ont., June (.���Mrs. Beamish, wife of Rural Dean Beamish, rector of St. Thomas' church ln thla city,
died suddenly from heart failure. Deceased had been unwell for daya, but
her conditions waa by no means considered serious. In addition to the husband, two children���a -son and daughter
of tender years survive. Hn. Beamish
Is a slater of Dr. R. R. Robinson, of
Found Drowned.
New York, June 6.���The body of a
girl, which the police believe may be
that of Florctta Whaloy, who eloped
from Hempsted, Long Island, with Jerry J. Cooke, a former minister In that
town, oh April 30th, was found In the
Harlem River today. The body had
been In the water about 10 daya. Tlie
police of Hempsted have been asked to
come hero and view the body.
Mere Emlgranta Sail,
London, June 6.���Three hundred and
fifty emigrants to Canada, aent out by
the Eaat End Charity Organisation, Society, have nailed per the Dominion.
There were alao 100 Salvation Army
emigrants on the same steamer. The
Allan liner Tunisian also sailed, carrying a number of emigrants.
Blake Recovering.
London, June (.���Hon. Edward Blake,
M. P. for South Longford, who Is suffering from a slight stroke of paralysis,
Is progressing aB favorably as can possibly be expected under the circumstances. The physicians in attendance
have assured Mrs. Blake that 'hero la
no cause for Immediate anxiety.
Conservative Elected.
Toronto, June 6.���Dr. Forbes Godfrey,
Conservative, has been elected to the
legislature for West York by a majority
of about 2.500 over Esten Williams, Independent, and F. J. Peel, Socialist.
Prteee ef Metals.
New York, June 0.���Silver, K%e.;
.copper, 22%c.; lead, |6.
London, June 6.���Silver, 30 ISS-IM.;
lead, ��20.
;*il !
,  ' ill      :
, ���������.
. ������-- an
rjmatz xt\ .mv-   i iiiHwmngf vxzrz- aaaa   taxxt.     carmK-   ��*.      .    isnui
ievWMA am* tii- I HMK1. I '���HI *���l       ��� I      i.
I error: r. azi�� tmaBtaugaantit. -waaaa
CE' ru-    .:   '  MUM������!
���ju*~ Btf.ciHTfi; . a          i            joi
la Jt*i    IMH taamM |        Im  raaec
anu.                   ir.v         . nor    jmpmmlt     ��M          l
���"   arms**'' tat*  ��#���* . ccssmci.*-  a&f-   comet.          ���
!���     n i-**'   Ik    i'.CTT -v-ftt  11 111��� i" ;���: u-
ill:    .    pmttmn
"������ofcc paa��-   LaoKU        Ito   mee***   h -**   -aM-n-
ct iu* ocnr' taamv .tttaz vamxmani w Mtt ocs Prospectors
Who Want a Good Arcticle Will Buy
ie BACON We Sell
} Gives Satisfaction, Because It Is Lean, Thoroughly
Cured and Smoked.   Our Hams Arc
Excellent  Also.   All  Are Canadian
Goods.  Pure Lard in All Sizes.
\ Burns & Co., Ltd.
i fjy . * . ��� ii uml -HDdiTl titer ilnt**' I
, ti, Hir Honorable the Cnlet Com-
UijiIb hihI Worku fnr s ipt-ctal
mii-1 i urn awny timber (rom the
ribod Uu��i�� 1" '''t*hi Kooteuay ilU-
Ciimmuiiclnff at a po*t planted
Lank of Bl teberry creek, about
i-rufk (rom railway track,
mi* eaat, tbenoa to chalna aoutb,
m witti tliutice 40 chaiui north,
,. wt*ni, thenco 40 cbaini norlb to
i u cement
i     i������: i��*iii-1iik nt tpwl planted
.-orner of LoWUOII ���s" 1. Un*'"''-
Iheuce w chalm  north,  thence
ih. oce-W chaiui aouth, thence HO
s uee 4u chalnn aoulh Ui polut of
Commencing al apoit plauted
il mirtheuil corner of I/w;atlon
>,i>itiH aoulh, Iheuce lfli cUmim
ialm north, Ihcnce 40 chblni
sinr*. aoulh    Iheuce N chaiua
��� ii-. 1) content.
bm w. hobikiwji*.
by Kiven lhat au daya atter date I
.   to thc Honorable lbe (.'blef
,,i Undi and Worki, Victoria,
lo rut and  carry   away Umber
-miik   deicrlbed  landa, In Weal
i-mlng at a pott planted on lhe
. r  of Mirvcycd  lot   No. 72il (il,
nalni,  ii' ���* north 80 chalna,
:���.* mutbeul coruerof aald lot,
tho m>rth��ait corner of aald lot,
.< weat boundary ol j>re emption
*... ith to the nortb boundary ol
Su ��� i" theuee weat along tbe
���.. tlie northwcit cornea of aaid
aoulh to the norlh boundary of
N >   TiUA.  thence weat t���� a polut
��� ��� :.* ��� itneut,  ih.-inf north to
ii'inent, eontainiug wo acre*,
P, A   I'it'UOH, locator.
J   A. si i i.ivas. Agent.
iik atapikal planted at the
..!   purveyed   lol No. Tilitit,
northern iKiundaryof tlm-
i, ihenoe weil tn tbe norm-
timber licenae, thence iouth
iiilary of lot No. 82, theuce
, lary of laid lot weat lo lhe
ie ll. C   fttuthern Hallway,
1 right-of w��y in a north
n i'lRce of conimcucemeut.
i* A  Pai'lhon. Locator.
J. A. .-i i.l,n *N. Aji*eut.
(irea lhal thirty dayi Mler
i :*���!.. the Honorable the Cblel
indi and Worka, Victoria, lor
mnl carry away timber Iron
I bed lauda: Commenciug al
> l,K, Klonx, and plauted at
ier of leiMMC.P K Meek,
of Ketlle river, Yale dlitrlel.
Ing MO chalui eail, 80 chaina
it, BQcbfttSI north to point ol
���i' Ing at the northca'-t corner ol
-.lining eait 80 chaini.   thence
tbenoe weit 80 chaini, iheuce
tn jiolnt ol commencement.
:. I9U7.
enclng at a point about one hall
the northeait cornerolC P. R.
ilicnce running uortb to chaini,
' iinlni, thence Fpulh HO chatni,
hum* to point of commencement.
.uli, 1907
iin lug at the northeaat corner
running uorth 80 chaini, thence
thence iouth 80 chalui, U.ence
i point of comnniuccmeni.
Bib, iwn
enclng at a poat planted norlh of
. near went line of ti. V.. Et. Block
ninning weit HO chalm, iheuce
. tbenoe eait 80 chaiui, tbence
lo point of commencement.
i, i - ������ K. Hioi'S, 1-ocator.
i-��iln?R.nS.lR,t at t *?* plMW on tbe north
bank of 10 Mile creek, about one mile and a half
fromwiocan lake, marked K Htraud'i northwcit
corner poat, theuce eait 1G0 chaiua. tbenee iouth
Webklua, thonce weit 1C0 chalna, thence north
wcbalua to point of coin meneement.
Dated IhU iinl day of March, 1JW7.
K. BruND, Locator.
The Daily Canadian
(Timber Limit 1*0.!!)
reby given >nat 60 dayi after date I
���I       '  Honorable the Chief Com-
I Undi and Worki for a ipeclal
ui aud carry away tlmher from Iba
-< rlbed land, iltuated on Kooakanax
*���: Kootenay dlatrlct:
Inn m a poit plautel at the mirth -
ol limber Limit No 10247, aud roark-
��- Miuiliwcil comer poat, thence
mm-, thonoe eait 80 chalna, theuce
iiui, tnence weit 80chalna io polntof
$'���>��������� ���. as, 1907.      Bi D. Liu, Locator.
(Timber Kotiee No H)
l��K hi rt post plauied at thc noiltheaRt
-limit, and at the northweal col ner
IfcniB No. MUM, thence norlb 160
'i * eftHt 40 chalna to weat Hue ol
iw* No loro, following line ol No.
'144, Ifiii chaina. thence follow Iuk line
irenw No. 10246 40 chaini to point of
|>!*i. 38,1907.      11. D.Lra, Locator.
(limber Notice No. 4.)
li' reby Kiven that 60 daya after date I
I'I'ly U) the Hon. Cblel Commlaaioner
'il '���"'iirka for a apeclal license to cut
away timber from the lollowlng de-
1*1-, iltuated 00 Kooakanax creek 10
en��J <lblrict, and about live mllei
t \rmw lake;
clng ai a pnit p'autcd on the north
Je* it tul Hbout half a mllo from oreek,
m<\ H- D, U*a'i eoutheaat corner poit,
��i':. ho eiiHino, thence weat 80 chalui,
bains, thonce eaat 80 chalna to
��,, -cement,
���Urefa ill, 1W7.      H D Lea. Locator.
(Umber Notice No. 5.)
Mug ut a iMtat marked II. D. Lea'i
��� corner poet, ihenco north 80 chaina,
���tb,* ,.|lst iine 0f fjg ^ Uicatlon, thence
T1"'** thenee aouth 80 chalna, tbeuce
���in* tu point of commencement.
|M��r.h 81, PJ07.      H. D. l.ea, locator.
(Timber Limit No. 6.)
Hereby Kiven tbat alxty daya alter
"���I to applv to thc Honorable tbe
laiionor of Unda and Worki for a
ii**'* to out and carry away Umber
|"owing denrlbed land, iltuated abont
I irom  lhe I Wr Arrow lake on Kooa-
��� "i Woit Kooienav dla rlct:
ng nl ii pout planted and marked H.
invi'��l comer poat, thence east 80
""��� -onth BO chitiuH. theuce west 80
no nurth bl) chaina Ui polntof com-
[Mft>ci, in, lw?.     H. d. Uu, Locator,
{Timber Limit No. 7)
.*����� "t �� post planted and marked H.
I* ft'l corner post, thence iouth 80
��� hi     i      ' m'H "no ��' N3-ft llmlt>
'hii.V !    IK' the***oe north 80 chnlni,
""iiis to polntof commencement.
^rentl.lQW.     H.D.LlA, Locator.
hiiWwl f}vv}\ "'ntyidayi from (late
ii ii W, IL t "��" ^'iW Commissioner
,, ,' *,ir eipeclal license to eut
KlnlKKw' lr��*tb** following de-
Mu WMt*KootenaydUtrloti
Notice li hereby given that 30 daya alter dale 1
lulend to applv to the Hon. the Chief Commli.
���loner of Laudi and Worki, at Victoria, for a
ipeclal lleenie to cut aud carry a>ay timber
from the following deicrlbed laudi lu Yale ills-
No. I.-Commencing at a post planted about 10
chalm eait of main Kettle river end ftbout oue
mile more or leu north ol C.V It. Hlock No.
VM7, aud marked Boundarr Lumber (Vi H. K
corner posl No. 1, iheuce 80 chaini n rth, ihence
HO chaiua weil, theuce 88ehalna iouth, theuce -so
��� -linlti- eaat to thc ito'nt of commencement.
Dated Mar b 22n-l, I'M.
N*.2.~''ommenelugata poat planted about 10
chalm eait ol main Keltle river about HO chalna
north of Boundary Lumber Co'i Loealloii No. 1,
and maried Boundary Lumber Co'a H. h. corner
poat No. 2, theuce 80 chalna north, thence 80
chaini west, thence 80 chain* iouth, thence 80
chalm eaat lo tha point ol com me rice men I.
Dated 22ua March, 1007.
No. 3.���Commencing at a noit planted about 30
chalm eaat of main Kettle river aud about 80
chalui north of Boundary Lumber Co'i location
poit No 2, and maiked Boundarj I.timber Co's
H. K. eorner poit No. 8, thence 80 chaini north,
thence Hll chains -west, thence 80 chsini iouth,
ihence 80 chains east to tbe point of commence*
Dated Marcb 22nd, IM.
No. 4. ���Commencing st a poat planted about
10 chains east of the malu Kettle river and about
80 chsini north of Boundsrv Lumber Co'i location poit No. 8, and marked Boundary Lumber
Co'i H. K corner poit No 4, thence 80 chaini
north, thence 80 chaini weit, thence 80 cbalni
aoutb, thence 80 cbaini eail lo the point of commencement.
Dated March 22nd. 1*907.
No 6.���Commencing at a poit planted about
r> chaiua east ol main Keltle riverand about
two mllei north, mure or leu, of Boundary Lumber o'a Location No. 4, and marked Boundary
Lumber Co's H K. eoruer post No 6, Ibenee ft)
chaiua north, tbeuce 80 chaina weil, theuce 80
chaini iouth. theuce 80 chaiui eait lo tbe point
ol commencement.
Dattd Manh .Mnl, I'M.
No. 6.���Commencing al a poil planted aboul 25
chalna eait of malu Kettle rlrer ou 0 V. K. line
bloci No. 2714, aud about 80 chalm nortb of
Boundary Lumlier i'o's locution ['"M .">(���. ���'>, and
marked Boundary Lumber Co'a ri. K. comer poat
No. 6, thenct- 80 cbaina north, following C. P. R.
line block No 2714. lbence 8Dehaim weal, thence
80 chaini loulh. tbence 80 chaini east to lhe
point ol commencement.
Dated March ZSrd. I'M.
No. 7.-Commencing al a poit planted abont
U cbaini west ol the main Kettle river on C I'.K.
line bl>ck No 2714, and about 80 chaini north of
Boundary Lumber Co'i location poal No. tl, aud
maiked Boundary Lumber <VaH K. corner post
No. 7, thencu 160 chaina uorth, followlug C. V. R.
line block No. 2714, theuce 40chalm west, thence
160 vhalm iouth, thence 40 chaini eait to tbe
polntof commenoement.
Dated March 28rd, ItOl.
No. 8.~Commencintt at a post plauted about
20 cbalni west from river bank ami about S mllei
south, more or leu, of the laat eaet branch of tbe
ea-t fork of the main Kettle river or about 13
ml'ea north, more or leas, of C. 1'. It. Block No.
2714, ou east fork of Kettle river, marked Boundary Lumber Co'a N. W. corner poat No 8, thence
80 chaiua cast, thence W> chnlna aoulh, tlience 80
chaiua weit, th nee 80 chalna north to the point
of commencement.
Dated Man-h 25th, I'M.
No. 9.���Commencing ata post planted about
20 chaini weil trom river bank, on the eaBt fork
of Kettle nver. and aboul 80 ohalni iouth of
Boundary Lumber Co'a location uoat No 8, and
marked Douudary lumber Co'i N. W. corner
poat No 9, thence 80 cbalni eaai. thene SOchalni
aouth, tbonce 80 chalna weit, thenee 80 i balua
north to the point of commeucemcut.
Dated i'areh 2Mb, 1W7.
No. 10��� Commencing at a poit planted about
auchaiuiweit from river bank on the eaat fork
ol Kettle river, and uboui 80 chalus ��iutU ol
Boundary LumberCo'i location poat No. 9, aud
markeii Bouudary Lumber Co'a N. W. eorner
poal No. 10, tbeuce 80 chaini eaal, thence 80
cliaina iouth, tlu uee 80 chalui weat, Ihence 80
chalna north to the polntof commencement.
Dated March ttth, I'M.
No. 11.-Commencing at a poit planted about
l.'i ehalni weat from mor bank on the eait fork
of Kettle river, and about 80 chalm south ol
Boundary Lumber Co'a location poit No. 10, and
marled Boundary LuinhcrCo'i N. W. comer post
No 11, thence 8(1 chalna cuat, thence Ho chains
south, thence 86 chalna west, thenca 80 chains
north to the point ol commencement.
Daied March 25th, 1907.
No 12.-('ommencing at a poal planted abont 12
chalna west from river bank sn the eail fork of
Kettle river, and about 8�� chains soutb of
Boundary Lumber Co'a location post No. 11, and
maiked Houndary Lumber Co'a N. W. corner
pwt No. 12, theuco 80 chaini cast, Ihcnce 80
chalna anuth. theuce 80 chaina weal, ihenco 80
north to the point of commencement.
Dated March 8Mb, WOT.
No lS.-Coinmeneing at a post planted about
12 chnlna weat from river bank on tbc east fork
of Kettle river, and aboul 80 chaini south of
Boundary Lumber Co'a loealion poll No. 12, and
marked Boundary Lumber Co's N W corner
Dial No, 18, thenco 80 chaiui east, theuce 80
ehalni aoutb, tbciu-c Hi) chaini west, thence 80
chaiua uorih to the point of commencement.
Dated March 2Mb, 1907-
No 14-Commencing ftl n post plan tod about
10 chains w.it from river bank on the eait fort
of  Ke   lo  river, and   about 80 chalna south ol
���,i.rk,.si Boundary MiiDborOO-i n w.Qoriisi psissi
i?.! ii  tie  "jos chaini mil, UisncsjoolalM
UaUscI March astli.Uf.
v.. m ���Oommcnalai at a pnst planted about
point ol isomnisiiiri'iiii'ii'-
I alosl Marish ffltls, IWI.
No i6.-i:omm<snctng at a jolt Bljntjd Jtant
nortu I" th" V"'M <" ni'i"""*'"''""'"'1*
Daussl Marcli 39th, IOT. ���
.ILmmoncIng at a p.^-l Pl��te?.��teaJ
���     ���'   ' ���" " Halann     t> fi
Much   Developmtnt  Work   Planned  In
Boundary Mining Campt���
Copper Finds.
Grand Forks, June 6.���James Burr,
one of lho lucky owners of the Queen
Victoria property ut Nelson, is again
lucky, having just Btruck It rich on his
coppar property on Pass Creek where he
Is now carrying on a systematic form of
development work having at the present
lime over one hundred tonB of'high
grade copper ore on the dump ready
fur shipment. Following the report of
Mr. Burr's success on this property
conies the word today thut the Quebeo
Hold Mining Compuny, of St. Paul,
which owns tbe Strawberry property,
nlso in Puss Greek Camp, ls muklng arrangements to renew development work
on that well known claim at once. The
Strawberry clulm ever since the origin
of mining In the North Fork cump has
heen noted for Its high grade uro. This
properly, unlike other claims, needed
very little development to expose a lea 1
of very high grade ore between two well
defined wallB. From pret snt appea--
ancis Pass Creek camp will during tho
next few months, by the time the KeU'o
Valley Line railwuy is reaJy to haul Ihe
ore, produce aevor.il shipping mines.
It Is-reported toduy Ihstt the Mtll
known Humming Bird property has been
lt-ased with u privilege of purchasing
on a bond to a local syndicate composed
of prominent railway official and contactors. The Humming Bird is situ-
nted some len mllCB up the North Pork
rive and has already shipped several
hundred tons of high grade ore to Ihe
Granby Smelter.
Today there will be six furnaces run-
nlng at the Granby Bmelter und by Monday next the full blast of eight furnaces
will be lu commission when a total
treating capacity of 3,200 tons per day
will be made, and five hundred men will
receive steady employment at the smelter. All differences between the employees and the management of the
amelter have been amicably settled.
A. M. Can. Sec. C. E.
Mining Work a Specialty.
Offlce: Bealey Building.   P. O. Box 434
���aker 81., NELSON, B. C.
F. C GREEN      F. P. BURDEN       A. H. GREEN
Civil Engineers, Dominion and British
Colombia Land Surveyors
P. 0. Box US   Fbooe 26! B.
Notice t- bereby given tbti 80 dnys after date I
inteud to tpply to thc Houortbln the Vbiet Horn-
iniMlouer of Unds and Works, Victoria, for a
ipecial llceni" to cut and tarn away timber
from lbe lollowlng deaeribed land ln the district
of Went Kootenay:
Coin in enclng at a post about seven milei from
the moutb Of Wummlt GINK, In a westerly direc
Hon, marked ('��� il Benny's northeast corner
posl, then* 80 cbains wesl, thence 40 chains
nouth, theuce 40 chains weal, thenc* 40 chains
south, tlience HO chain* cast, thence 4o chains
north, theuve 40 chains east, tbence 40 chains
north to point of commencement.
U. M Benny, Locator,
Auoi'S Ot'KRli, Agent.
No. 17.-
��� batik on tbe cunt fork
Dntcil Munsli ��th, Wl. ,
���| Kettlo ��W��*)'Wli|MW No. 17
���floiiniliiry .iiinli", ' " "���,,���''�� K w. corner
a���,i mart��d Boundarr ��'"''', '������, ,,���.,���.�� 811
port Ns.. is. ihence 60 <*���"" ���*��{ ,,���.������ ��,
clisili.s. aouth, lhe use *,'."", ooiiccmeiit.
Ihalnauortt to llio W11.1 ol wfJ^Sfflj,
Dated Mareh 2Mb, �� Bound,rT lnnb.l Co-
Experiment, to Be Conducted a. Guide
to Future iik of Explosives
Nelion Unsl lUilrlct. DUtriclo! Weal Kootenay.
No. 1���Ute notice that Ueome A. Uorle, ol
Ureaton, B 0., lumberman. lnteuslH loapply for
a -special timber licence o*er tbe following described land.: ''  . ���
Commcoclng at a poat planted about one mile
iouth ol the Lick cablu, on too Lick cabin trail,
nn Inonakl in creek, thence north 80 chalna,
thence eaat 80 chalm, thence iouth 80 chains,
tnence weat 80 chatm 10 the point ol commencement and containing UH' acres, more or leaa.
May lit, 19CT. Uio A. Lauan.
Nelson Und Dlatrlot. Diitrict oi Weit Kootenay.
No. 2 ���Take notice tbat (leorge A Uurlo, 01
Creiton, B. 0., lumberman, lutend to applv tor a
special timber licence over the following described lauds:
Commencing at a poat planted about sine mile
south of the Lick cabin, on the Lick eabln trail,
on lnouaklin creek, tbence south 80 chains,
thence eaat 80 chaina, thence norlh 80 chalm,
thenoe weit HOchalui to the point ot commencement and oisnuiulng 610 acres, more or leaa.
Msy 1st, 1907. 0��0. A. 1.snail.
Nelson Und Dlitrlet   Dlatrlct ol Weat Kootenay.
No a -Take notiee that W. H. Page, ol Kire
Valley, B. 0., crulaer, Intonda to apply for a
ipeclal timber licence over the lollowlng deioribed lamls: .    . .   .    . ���
Commencing at a post planted about one mile
south of the Lick cabin, on the Lick cabin trail,
on Inonaklin srssek, tlience aouth 80 chalm,
thence weit 80 chains, thenco north 80 chains,
tbenoe east 80 chains to the point of commencement anil containing MO acres, more or leas.
May 1st. 1107. W. 11. Pao��, Locator.
uio. A. I.Aiisia, Agent.
Nelion Und DUtrlct. Dlatrlotol Weat Kootenay.
No.��.-Tako notloe lhat W. H. l'age.ot Flre
Valley, B.C., cruller, lntendi to apnly lor a apocta
timber  licence over   the   lollowlng deacrlbed
'commenelni at a post pl.*<twl shout one ml*.
ssssstli ol the Lick cabin, on the Lick cabin trail,
ssn Inonaklin creek, thence norlh 80 chalui,
thenco wost 80 chains, thence south 80 chalna,
llionco cast80chaini io the point ol commence-
mcut and containing HID sen a, more or lesa.
May lal, 1SW7. W. H. Paul, Locator.
' Uio. A Lauhii, Agent.
Nelion Und Dlitrlel. Dlatrlotol Weet Kootenay.
No. 5 -Take notice thst Oeorie A. Unrle, ol
Creslou, B. 01 lumbormen, lntendi to spply tor s
special timber license over tbe lollowlng dea-
i-rlbed landi: , '*���    .   .    *
Comineuclng at s post plsnted about one mile
south and ono mile wost, of the Lick ���cabin, on
lhe Lick Cablu trail, on luonaklln crock, thenoe
weal 80chains, Ihence nortii 80chatni, tbence
east Dsscbalns, thenco south HOchalui lo tho point
ol commencement and containing M0 acrei, moro
orMay'm.U0*L OM. A. UURII.
Nelion Und District. Dlstriclo|WeatKoot��nsy.
No.6.���Take notice that (leorge A. Laurie, ol
Creston, 11. C lumberman, luteuda lo apply for
a ssscsslal timher liceme over the following dee-
' comnieiic'liig at a poit plsnted about one mile
south and one mile woit of tho Lick csDIp, on
the Lick Cabin trail, on luonaklln creek, thence
��cst 80 chains, thonco iouth 80 ebalm, thenoe
cast 80 i'halns, thenco north 80 chains, to the
point ot commencement snd contslnlng M0
siiTce. more or lesa.
May 1st, 1901. OIO. A. UuSII.
Nelson laud Dlitrlot. Dlitrlot ol Weat Kootonay.
No. 7.-Takc notico that Ocorge A. Uurle, of
Creston, B. Cluiuhcrman, intends toapply for
a siss's'lal timber lls-onio over the following del-
orlbed istuli: ,       .  L. .
Cismmcnolng al a post planted about one
niiarler otn mllo iu an easterly direction Irom
Lick cablu, on lnonisklin crook, theuce south ��
,'Iinius. thellt'c cast 180 chalui, thonco north 40
chains thenco wnt WO chaini to the point ol
I'ssniinooccmcnl nml containing M0 scroi, more
1 "(rJiniM, oeo.A. U0.il.
Tho United States Geological Survey
within a few weeks will establish, probably in the Pittsburg district, an experiment station for the purpoae of testing
explosives used In coal mining, the ultimate object being, if possible, a reduction in the number of mine disasters
resulting from gas and coal dust explosions. Miners' safety lamps will also
be tested at this station. Explosion investigations will be conducted both in
thc laboratory and In the mines.
Tho station will consist of an explosive gallery, rescue room, observatory
house, lamp testing rooms and explosives laboratory. The gallery ls to be
made of boiler plate, and will he In the
form of a cylinder, 100 feet long and 6
feet In diameter. A series of Bafety
valves on hinges will be arranged alon��
the top to allow the escape of gas following an explosion. Port holes along
the sides, covered with half-Inch plate
glass will allow those in the observation
house to see whether an explosion has
taken place ln the gallery during the
tests. The cylinder will be filled wltb
firedamp and air, or coal dust and air,
und the explosives will be hurled into
the gallery by means of a steel mortar
lired by electricity from an observation
house 60 feet away. The firedamp and
air will be thoroughly mixed by au electrical fan.
Tests will be made with various explosives, and the maximum quantity of
each explosive that can safely be used
ln the mines will be published under the
head of "permissible explosives." Ex-
p.oslves known as "safety explosives,"
in which the temperature at the point
ot detonation iB low and the flame of
short duration, will have a higher "limit
charge" than the less safe explosives,
'ihe rescue room will resemble tbe Interior of a mine, and during tests will
be filled with smoke. The efficiency ot
all apparatus for sustaining life will be
determined by a series of tests. Miners
will be shown how to rescue their fellow
All explosives will be first tested by
the Pendulum test and the Trauzl test,
to arrive at the quantity to be used in
making experiments in order to get the
same disruptive force. In the Pendulum or English test, a large pendulum
weighing several tons swings backward
when the force of an explosion is exerted upon Its face. The distance of
the swing is indicated by a delicate sliding rule. Tbe explosive is fired from a
mortar and the force of the explosion is
played against tbe face of the pendulum. The Trauzi test uses a cylindrical
lead block 20 c. ni. high and 20 c. m. in
diameter. The weighed explosive is
placed ln this central cavity and tamped
with a known quantity of sand and
moist clay. After the charge haa been
exploded the pear-shaped expansion of
the bore is measured by filling lt with
distilled water at 16 degrees G.
A pressure gauge will be used for
measuring the actual pressure in square
inch developed by the detonation of
various explosives. The analysis pi the
products of combustion will also be
made. The heat nf decomposition of all
explosives In terms of calories will be
ascertained by detonating large quantities in a bomb. The explosives will be
lired from the mortar at night, and the
lenth of tho flame will be determined by
photography. The time of the flame
will also be determined by an electrical
apparatus. The rate of detonation will
be determined by an electrical rotary
recording drum.
Actual experiments will be made in
mines to lessen (he waste of fuel in
mining operations. Different methods of
using explosives in mines will be Investigated with special reference to Increasing safety and efficiency.
The. experiments will be under the
direction of Joseph A. Holmes, chief of
lhe technologic branch of the Geological
Survey. Dr. Charles E. Munroe has technical supervision of the tests which
will be conducted at the station. Clarence Hall, explosives expert for the
Geological Survey, assisted by W. O.
Snelling, will have immediate charge of
the experiments. Mr. Hall has recently
returned from Europe, where he made
a study of the foreign government testing stations,-���Iron Age.	
Notice (8 hereby given that George Bourgeoli
haa made application under the provision* of
the "Mtiuor Ucemo Act, 1900," for a hotel licence
for the premises which he proposed to erect at
Credent Valley, about two miles nortbweit o|
Slocan Junction.
The application will be considered at the regular meetlnn of the Board of Licence commissioners, at the Court House, at Nelson, on the 16th
day of June, 1907, at lhe hour of eleron o'clock ln
tho forenoon.    w> H_ PULL0CK.WEB8TEBi
Slst Mny, 1907. Chief Licence Inspector.
Io the matter of sn application lor the Issue of
aslupllcate ol the Certlflcatea ol Title iorLoUll
snd 12, Block Si. Town of BUverton (MapMl);
the aouth X ot Lota, Block.',, Town ol New Den-
ver-snd Lot 1, Block 11 snsi lot 8, Block Se,
Me-ailllvrsy'a Aslilltlon to New Denver (Hap Uny,
Notice la hereb; given mat it ts my Intention
to Issue st tbe expiration ol one month from ths
tho flrat publication hereol duplicates of the
Certlflcatea ol Tltlo to the above deeerlbed lends
tn the nsme of Henry Shersu snd Hsrry Hhersn,
which Certlflcatea are dsted the nth lune, 1899,
the Ith ol October, 18M, the -Brd Julf, IMS, snd
the mtb January, 18W, respectively, slid sre
numbered 2U21K, 10II7A, 1BC snd ttllt, reapeo-
"'"'' H. r. MacUtOU,
Dlatrlct Registrar
Und Registry Offlce, Nelaon, B.O *
Nelaon, B.O.
Reg. Geo. Webb, Prop.
The Leading Hotel in the
Oood   Sample    Rooma.
Queen's Hotel
���aker ttrest, Nelaon. B. 0.
Lighted *by Electrioity and
Heated br Hot Air
Largs snd Comlortsble Bedrooms snd first.
olsssDlulng Boom.  Sample Booma for Commercial  Moa
MRB. X. C.OLARKE. Proprietress
Grand Central Hotel
Thoroughly renovated and refurnished. Rooms 50 cents upward. The
dining room Is unexcelled la tbe city.
House healed throughout with bot
J. A. KKICKSON, Proprietor
Telephone, 150.   Opposite Court House
and Postoffice. Nelson. B. G.
Tf emont Hotise
European snd American Plan
Meala a eta.  Boomi from �� cu. lo U.
Only Waits Hslp Implored.
Inker It., Nelson ProprUtora
Bartlett   House
Best Dollar-a-Diy House ia Nelson.
The Bar la Ihe nneat.
Whit* Help Only Employed.
Josephine Bt.
Royal Hotel
Rates fl and fl.SO a Day.
Bpecial Rates to Regular Boarders.
Moet comtoruble querters ln Nelson
Only the beat of Liquora snd Cigars.
A. McDonald & Co.
Dealers iu staple and fancy Groceries
Batter, Eggs.
Oamp and Miners' Supplies.
Tenders Wanted for the Purchase of a
Mineral Claim.
Tenden addre-wed to the nnderatgned. at hit
ofllce. Id the Court House, Id the City of Neluon,
will be received up to the hour of five o'clock,
tn the afternoon, of Friday, Jane 28th, 1907, for
the put chaae ot the "Tamarae Mineral Claim,"
Lot WW, Group 1, Kootenay district, which ts
declared to be forfeited to the Crown, at the lax
���ale, held ln the city of Neluon, on the 6th day of
November, 1905, for delinquent taxes up till
June Both. 1906, and coals.
The upaet price upon the aald mineral claim,
which includea the amount of delinquent taxes
and costs at the time of forfeiture, with interest,
taxei which have slnoe accrued, costs of adver*
Using, and fee for Crown Urant <t*>.00> li |U0.90,
which is the least amount tbat will be consider-
ed as a tender.
Xach tender must be accompanied by an accepted cheque lor the full amount of the tender,
payable to the order of tbe Deputy Commissioner of Unds and Works, at Victoria, B. C, at par
Pated at Nelson, B. C, this 29th day of May,
Government Agent. Nelsou, B.O.
Notice is hereby given that tbe Wattsburg
Lumber company nas applied to His Honor the
Lieutenant Uovernor ln council, under the provisions of tho "Klver* and Streams Act," for the
right to Improve KykertB oreek. ln tbe district o(
Weat Kootenay, British Columbia, by removing
the obstructions therefrom aud straightening
the hanks thereof, and to construct dams, booms,
slides and cnutec, and make such other improvement as may be necessary for the driving and
rafting of Iohi and the Hum lug of limber thereon
Tbc lauds tobeaffeoted are govarment lands and
Lots 'ihi and 262, uroup 1, Kootonay district, and
tbe tolls tliat arc proposed to be charged, if any,
are sueh as maybeflxedbya Judgaof thc county
court of West Kootenay.
Datod this 27th day of March, A, D. 1907.
I have Just returned to Nelton and
hav* opened up at tha eame old stand,
and now ready to do all kinda of
KALSOMINING. Shop rear of Bartlett
We Have Two Very Desirable
Victoria Street Residences
Por Sale
Brydges, Blakernore & Cameron* Ltd*
TWO LOTS AND 8-ROOMED HOUSE, 40x22, basement and flrat
story brick and atone. Hume Addition. Price 12,500. Terma
one-third cash, balance on tint*.   Apply
Choice Fruit
I Have 10,000 Acres
Choicest Fwtt Lands la
Can sell any quantity from 5 acres to 2,000 in one block.
Buy now and get the ground floor prices.
Nelson, B. C.
We Have Por Sale Oae of ths Prettiest Homes la
Nelson, Situated la Fairvlew, Close to the Car Line
Large 7-room houae. Stone foundation and flrat-claas cellar. Complete water eyetem. 10 lota under cultivation and planted in largo, bearing fruit trees.   This Is a anap.   For particular* apply to
Secure Your Own Home
We have for sale a 5-Roomed House, bathroom, shed,
etc., Robson St., near car line. Small fruits, bearing
fruit trees. Cash $850.00, balance reasonable terms.
Good Business Block, Ward St., at an inside figure.
Furnished House to let, Hoover St.
Kootenay Land & Investment Co.
Phum 147.       P. O. Box 443
���AN JOIN THK MATTER of the Issuance of an
indefeasible Title to F. W. Howay
and R. L. Reld to Lota 2 and 3,
in Block 12, Clty of Nelson.
Whereas the -Jos'iimenti hereiDalter mentioned
���re not io the poueulon of the ���loraald Howt;
snd Bald;
And whereai production of them U required
undar the "Land Registry Act";
Take notico that all or any penona ha-flnt
theae dot-amenta in their poaieaaion or haTlng
any inlereat in the aame are required to produce
the aame to the Dlitrlet Keglstrar of Und Tltlea
at NeUon, B. C, on or before the 16th day ot July,
Conveyance ln Fee, from A. Barrette to Alexander
Carney, dated 39th October, 1891.
Mnrtaage In Fee, taom A. Carney and A. Barrette
to tt. Melnuea ud P. Burnl, dated the ath
of November, 1893.
Conveyance, ln Fee under power  of  Bale in
Mortgage from Malcolm Mctnniaand P. Burna
loA.il. Buchanan, dated 17th of November,
Conveyance In Fee, A. H. Bncbanan to the Bank
of Montreal, dated the 3<th of Auguit, UM.
Conveyance in Fee, Bank ot Montreal, to Ron
Mary Heathcote   and Joaeph  Ueatberlngton
bowea, dated llth November, 1896.
Conveyance ln Fee, of an undivided one-qnartcr
from Koie Mary Heathcote to Paul Joamon,
dated the 39th of December, ISH.
Dated thla Mth day ot May, A. I)., 1907.
B. F. MacLKOD,
Dlatrlet Reglitrar ot Land Titlei.
IN THE MATTER of tha "Rivera and
Streama Act" and amandmenta
IN THE MATTER of an Application of
Tha Canadian Pacific Timber
Company, Limited.
Notice li hereby given that 60 daya after data
Thc Canadian Paclflc limber Company, Limited,
iotendato lubmit to tbe Honorable chief Com-
uitrMOner of Lauda and Worka a pr"poaal under
the provlilom of tbe "Rivera and Streama Act"
and amendment! thereto, for the right to lm*
prove Trout creek aud lti trlbutariee trom the
aourcea of mob creak and trlbutariee to tbe point
where tho fame flown Iuto Trout lake ln the Dlatrlct of Weet Kootenay, and to remove obatruc
tlons therefrom and make the aame lit lor drlv-
IDg, atoriog, sssrtlnir and boomiDg logs, rafts and
crallss, and thc flisming ot lumber thereon, alao
for the right lo colleottolli thereon.     .
Thc land* alfoctel an Crown landa and Lota
770, 7960, 7951, 773. 771 769, 763 and 190, all In
Group I, Weit Kootonay.
Dated thu luth day os Aay, 1907.
by their solicitor, K. M. Macdonald.
Summer Excursion
.... Rates East
From Nelson $52.50
To Winnipeg, Port Arthur,
St. Pint Moth, ,S��oax City
Chicago IM.00 Montreal W4.00
Toronto 170.50 8t John $94.00
St. Louie M0JM Ottawa M2.55
New York 0100.00 Boaton MOJO
Halifax 0101.80
On Sale Jont 6th, 7th. 8th.
First Claw Rotrad Trip, 90
D��Y> Limit.
Corresponding reductions from all
Kootenay polnta. Tickets available tor
lake route Including meals and bertha
on lake steamers. Through rates quoted
to any station ln Ontario, Quebeo or
Maritime provinces on applic%tlq��.v
A.O.P. ^.Vancouver. D. F.A., Nelaon
W.   Q.   aiL,L,ETT
Solo agent tor the Porln r.is-o Lumber Co., Ltd.,
retail yarsla. Rough alssl stressed lumbar, turned
work and brackets, Coast lath and ahlngba, r-aek
and dnora. f emont, brick suid lima Jar aala.
Automatic grinder. _
Yard and factory: VaraoaM.. aaat of Hall
P. o. Box 333. Telaetee-e 111
j      6;   ���
n M
I i
The Ds*a>-Can*��aa
n*^wi5biNG*F" ; Ge^j���U YES. HONEY! *^LW^AY   .jor summer <%eabS_
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I'fTiiU-r sat; 0-crc-a.T
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a Vt. KS.^V
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.tut*   meatitt rttfm.
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n Vr>**m sm. vv. | ...        .-icuar-l* tttr
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JtMMH   via   %   zar+iaat   *\   !��*��." v   fcnMfa.
">t�� atxjr- ii an Tu.va-.Aai-?* ata*H
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Cj^toaa Vic R.-�� Sxtn
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w-'F'-f'-K   li-i**- ..-,....   M   t^w tmt
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GLt&ma Wfe Raw B^arr
C A Benedict
r^TT-ar Silca aau  .'int"-mia�� sita.
P"f��.--|>JE   *
E.  C.   . *_0 -i^.   0LM3Jkg*s
THE H J. *'"��?. 5D?I
Ham a   Ijktc-   Te-Kcr  -f -^ |^
���Omea-e 1- s-aix.    SFam OaaafMaa SAmm
a  Tlss  Tlurt Art  i-V-aa**,:. L,    *,-,
25c ��acA.
5<j_ -v '-.:'!"_. of Standard mAuthors l,_
Canada Drug & Book Co'y,
.'nt. ir   Ul  t >.    K. l:
Lk... ..    �� . .
��� ~. Ts-Tiy  at
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i ns   aiii Msn** |-
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S�� Us
For Good Fr^ Laci
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Ran Ihimrm.    *.  Bmh
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TV*i* JrA^^i.  2cjmiSc ��cr^.
s��n_?   3* *a~s.   -at -sc
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���WiviSOTf*   ^toi!   ;*-s.   :*���-..  rife
EL-ains!    Bargains!    Bargain
C-s? F Aarr Vrsta^* Kast Be Sott
Tirs   H-OE-.b   RrgajmOom  ci Coe
��� IU   *^��T   1U'��    �� MTT    I t��-iT��ja   *ir*   f * JB.    WIT^t   H.W.
��. ..^r--t.      mm
���mmmmmm.i, , ��� sss, WWWW
Sxsmnxei Clothing******
$7.50 to $11
.:-ai:  khz Sto^m^ LraBms
i**��TT   j��   th���*   a nres-   r-*��r-*   Vgrttf-rs
W. G. Thomswi
"^Iw    u��4.   .t--:      ������--...   -
.    ���   i>   xu\   cw*-i.      *v      v tm*i>.*
���   : rs "~L^m.--i�� "vur kv
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Io>vw   Mk&s-tsxLY  ar  mouftneaft Hw^sie
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Spring Is Here
I -aum .
I    rar-'-m-ii. iitf  ^aao  ma-lMG
aa* a ae ��tr *��Ben��r
Lipton's Teas
T. : .-: Li:;    ,-.:-    .;���:   "i Is; :,; -    r;.-. ;-.;.-  .s- i,;s;j^:    . :t:    5p
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'���'IJIIlil    KTBsff.CST    -M��t    tl     IKta
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Storr   n  --ta  *cr=3unts.
%rv ?  L.  t^Uaigaur m,\\  tmm man
-,-�� nurainx or > air >uii ii LiuaJ
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>g!!  rf a-KsnoKS.     *t 'ain-agr�� -��rss  as-    in
*r.-^*��p��i atsrmw Timt 1&7 it  tht retail tt j
J. H. Ashdown Hardwa
sf.  3����maa.t,   tinr    i.  i  Jm;'.   s5>    *.">���. ni ats ��ae nan ip w ����r
UCS-sJ-frnW   Tiirnsssy
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.^s: .'saart- u iab.ijg ^i .^msn��r*^
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k.1 i'o-sia a  Hewnw   "aass  a  JCaak
ROR S.a.��_E
.J'.b    s9i   K2ZZ '--���
Geo. G- .McLARES
~*C"��a 3a��aw. OTrw: t aw io-
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