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The Daily Canadian Nov 26, 1906

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 01.1 MK I.
brier Tells Story of
iiii! Conference
���vine, is No Beggar or Suppliant
Bul Will Not B. Content
Under Injustice.
McUride n Idtossoil a iiuliMr
Itsu- al     \Vc8tlulHatei'    ou     l'liuay
in.: i.i   last  week.    A  partial  re-
appears Iss-low.     My    comparison
it,,   interviews  or tho loader  ot
���[i|,ii liiou  ii   will nut ho difficult
i-ct conclaslooj ns lo who
|.i ui       the   question   of   better
i    pr< inior's deliverance ii|siu  tho
.,-ts forth    some   Interesting
| in,is..i mnl  funis.
resume ssf the pretnlor'B speech
om iii-' Columbian, which says:
magnirioent and  inspiring
liiiissi tis;;! ilu- people of New West-
|trr Friday evening gave    to    tho
', Klchnnl McHrlde, premier of the
ll is- safe to say that never,
mservative standpoint, has a
|r.i! rainpalgn In  this clly opened
Mirls lavurable   and    promising
-stances.    Cunningham hall  was
with   a  'thoroughly   represeuta-
[liinii-1,--. including   many    men
nol    previously    identified
>  with    political   campaigns.
ss   i-.sli hy Mr. Thos. Clifford,
'., -mil siiine llHroiluetory plcas-
the question   of  better terms
Ilis-ii launched Into hy the premier.
was s.iiil In papers that crttlclz-
luct as to what he did not
I in;.ssss. i.r what he did do and
|iiini.-. Inn ihese articles were not
i li sissi-k ln as they were so
isl nml Isiaseil that they did not
i to Un- true llrlllsher ami true
|ii.iii who loves fair play. Ho
- "i iss Ottawa on tho Invlta-
ol Sir Wilfrid Laurler, and his
���ailiuih in the redoral capita*
lol Hi.- must cordial kind. lie
p-i-ii showii every hospitality and
I Ottawa on tho mosl friendly
I ��ltli everj  one   ho   met there.
I1 1 1 better terms fur llrlt-
Itimliln ��as a largo and serious
sn all tin- huslness Iransnct-
I ilu- conference there wns serious
f"  I study gives lo llie needs
province.   He did not hi-sMuto
"no  II  il  had  uot   been  for the
'    fssr    llrltlsh    Columbia
��� mi' would have ended
ii! Uiai II convened. If the
I1'" had not its own peculiar and
fiio plnlnt in make to the pow-
Ihe    whole    business    ol
' in'   would hnve heen over
Ive o'clock.    llrltlsh   Co-
>���   became a prominent
luislneaa, nnd he did not
present the case as he
mid be done. He took
���M"ii'li" Hll Saturday anil then
nferencr. rose one hour after he
'ill lhal was possible waa done,
���formation was put In a clear,
mclse t,.iin so ns to be readily
1,1 And when the confer
''"' I" give one million dot
ireail mer rc-n years II must he
'*'i ilini some attention was paid
Unties,    in  ihe oanferenoe
1 i  appalling  Ignorance  of
Columbia     They    could   Hot
1,1   'lis    MlsilneBB   of   llle   t.rl'l-
"'  luovlnce,   When  ihi
ll   s
Kdward    Island  wns
" "'    1'is'Uni mild lie lusl  111
"le lakes here in- |���. burled un-
"| one nr tin, mountains
I'l'lli'Ve thai  you  spoke
lln* premiers from the
"��'��  In   lhe oasi   had  the
"���*����. sis'  Hi,.j   hail   never  been
""' "���'ii     io     dlsouislng
I the provinces, Hon. Mr.
),.. 1,?nB't '"   'he   allegation
;  '���"'���'inl  I'-'l s thnt he, Mc
Presenting Ihe case of lii-lt-
""";;'���  "us neither  frank  Hot
"hltney denied lho statu-
"'"''''I lo him and said that
'������' I *uo. It had found
press from iho lips
Iniis ii,',
'''���"spnnslblo political hire
. "* liromlors of ilu, ���ew prov
ft Saskatchewan
I Willis
 -'i.n.sn   and   Alberta,
���w liriiisi, Coliinihln firm
ror better    tonus    worn
",,lll|li*g for botier terms ror
left i,���, i  ,     ho    considered  a
.,', "Hl"'l  com ueni  to  Sir
*��"  his colleagues,
r mh,','!'','"""���   w'   together,
sli������i    ,'   "'""*   "t   llrlllsh   00-
""""hl  be  lakon
up    hy  Iho
"ml   discussed   In   u
I'fivate manner, in cau
cus, as It were. The reply to lliis was
thai  ihey were not mere to settle the
troubles of British Columbia. The
resolutions passed at the conference
In Quebec In mil** were then confirmed, but the right was reserved for hlm
to present a special cusu for this
province. He had refused to consent
unless     this    privilege    was  granted.
Then iiu. premiers nel the federal
representatives, ami discussed matters
in an unofficial way. He suw ihat the
business issiniii not pe conducted In
iimi way ami produce satisfactory results for llrlllsh Cekimbla, and so
Mr, McBride suid he demanded that
the business should be done In an of-
liclal way. As long us the other members of lhe conference maintain secrecy us lu what was so discussed, he
said be would also do ao. Then after
the case or British Columbia was presented io Sir Wilfrid Laurler and the
federal ministers, Sir Wilfrid told the
premiers to ko bank and settle, tho
mailer among themselves, rive days
wen- used, with Ihe result lhat tho
premiers passed Judgment by giving
$100,0110 for ten yeHrs. A greet deal,
Hon. sMr. MoBrlde suid, had been
s'ld ns to his attitude at Ihe close ol
Un- conferen is, and some thought he
had mnde a mistake In withdrawing.
He had remained with the conference
ull the time during Ihe week, and
when Saturday came the premiers
had decided in disband. He pleaded
wllh his colleagues to show every pa-
tlnii'i' in connection with lhe case,
and II was nul until they said forma.-
ly 'Ibis Is nil you can have" did ho
leave. This, he said, was llie only
way to make ihe case emphatic and lo
slusw disapproval Of lbe treatment thc
provlnoe was getting. He did not Intend to sit there nnd be a parly to
that judgment. He had argued that
the proper way wns lo have a commission, Imperial, federal and provincial, to study Ihe whole conditions,
llrltlsh Columbia had walled so long
thai It cssuld wait a few months longer. He was willing to let the matler
go to an Impartial tribune or board
of arbitrators. The federal ministers
opposed the agitation for arbitration
and n commission, and It was snowed
under. But the only way the case
could be properly taken up was by
means of an Impartial tribunal that
would fully Investigate. He did not
ask any favor. He did not go lo Ottawa as a beggar or suppliant asking
something Ihe province wns not entitled to, hut asking her rights, nothing more, nothing less. "And we will
never be content Ull we get them."
(To Be Continued.)
A.  Aberli  Joins  Allis-Chalmers-Bullock
Construction Staff���End of Work
Is Now In Sight.
Three engineers of the Allis-Cbnlm-
irs-Bullock company are now engaged
ut the Nelson city power plant.
II. C. Ilullis. electrical engineer, hae
begun work al lhe substation in connection with the transformers and wlr
ing. That part of the work will not
take very long.
J. .Nezas. hydraulic erection engi-
mor, is still engaged at the plant Itself, where the hydraulic machinery
Is rapidly being put together.
A. Aberli, head of tho hydraulic de-
purl ment of tho company's Montreal
workB, and consulting engineer of the
Milwaukee works, arrived last night.
Mr. Aberli was making u Western trip
when J. 0. (illlice, disiriei manager
prevailed ou hiiu lo visit Nelson.
This morning Messrs. Aberli anil
ounce visited the plant, accompanied
by Mayor Gillett This afternoon Mr.
Aberli anil City Engineer McCulloch
are conferring ou the details of the insinuation.
Mr. Gllllce declines lo fix a date
for the completion, bul Is confident
tluil II will be nl least us soon us nn
tlcliuueil by  Mayor (illicit.
Insurance Officers on Trial.
.New York. Nov. ill���Tlie cases of
l-'n derlck A. lliirnhani. president of
the Mutual Reserve Ute Insurance
oompany! George llurnhnm, Jr., and
Qeorge D, Bldrtdge, vice presldenl of
the Mutual Reserve, were called for
Irlul loday In the criminal branch of
the supi ie courl.    The  accused  are
charged with violating ilu* Insurance
laws nnd their Indictment nnd arrest
followed the legislative probe into the
affairs of the big insurance companies
two years ago.
Murder Trial In Federal Court.
Topeka, Kan., Nov. _6.���A murder
iilul will be a feature or tho session
of tho United States circuit court
which convened In Topeka today. The
case is thnt of Robert Tellies, former.
|, ��� negro soldier at Fori H"<-y. Tel*
lies Is accused of the murder or his
sweetheart, Martha Mf���.**' *!."
wae employed as.. sen*,,.. the fort
The killing occurred on IJ�� ��,' '
ment reservation and const*n���� *��� '��
federal court Is the court of Jurlsdl-
Severely Sentenced,
Nov on���a   flrst-olass
stoker named Moody, one
lenders of the naval
of lhe rlng-
ul break here on
November 4, was sentenced by court
martial today to five years' penal servitude im ihe charge of participating
In u mutinous assembly and inciting
Others to participate lu It.
Buckingham Officials Indicted for filing to  Suppress Riot.
Montreal, Nov. 26,���The arrest of
Mayor Vallee, Coroner Rodriguez and
six strikers late on Saturday night Is
the latest development In the recent
llucklngham strike. The charge
against the mayor and coroner, both
of whom is magistrate ex officio, is
thut they neglected their duty and
failed to use the proper methods for
the repression of the strike. The
strikers arrested are H. Hamlin, II. C.
Ilaivtto, I.. Landry, J. K. Clement, C.
liesllen aud George Kobinson.
Kennelh P. McCaskill, chief of provincial police, made the arrests. The
accused were Immediately taken before Judge Choquette, who allowed
bail. They are to again come up before him today. Considerable excite
ment has been revived in the town
over the affair.
To Prepare River and Harbor Bill.
Washington, I). C, Nov. 26.���There
was a feeling of satisfaction apparenl
among the members of the house river and hurbor committee, who assembled in Washington today in response
to a call of Representative Burton of
Ohio, who is chairman of ihe committee. Tho committee meets to prepar-j
a river and harbor hill for presentation to the approaching sessio 1 of congress, and there Is every reason lo
believe that the measure will go
through. Assurances have been received from Speaker Cannon and other Republican leaders that a reasonable measure will he allowed to pass.
It Is impossible to say yet what river
projects will be favored by tlie committee and by congress, hut it is a
safe forecast to indicate that there
will be generous appropriations for
the Ohio and Mississippi river projects.
The demand for the Improvement of
the Missouri t,he Tennessee and other
great waterways will be taken under
consideration by Ihe committee in
framing the bill.
Admiral Endicott Retires.
Washington, D: C., Nov. 2C���The
name of Rear Admiral Mordecai T.
Kndicott was placed on the retired
list of the navy today by operation of
the age limit. Admiral Kndicott is oue
of the best known officers of the navy,
lu addition to serving as chief of the
bureau of yards and docks he is a
member of the isthmian cnual commission and is now at Panama in connection with his duties as canal commissioner. As soon as a successor is determined upon, Admiral Kndicott will
relinquish his position as chief of the
bureau of yards and docks, but will
probably continue on the canal commission. Commander Robert K. Peary,
the Arcllc explorer, is prominently
mentioned in connection, with ihe bureau chiefs asinship.
Canadian Club's Guests.
Boston, Mass., Nov. 211.���At the an-
nuul dinner the Canadian club tonight
the chief guests are to lie Hon. D. C.
Fritsor, lieutenant governor of Nova
Scotia, and Hon. A. II. Morine, ex-fi-
nance minister of Newfoundland. The
address of Mr. Morine Is awaited with
considerable Interest, as It Is under
s.ood that the cx-flnaiice minister will
deal wllh the llsherlcs dispute between Newfoundland nnd American
Settled at Last.
Rome, Nov. 2(1.���After many contradictory reports ll was finally decided
Ihis morning thai King George of
Greece will visit the pope this afternoon. Ills majesty will first go to the
llrltlsh embassy, where his daughter,
lhe Grand DUoheBS Mlchuelovllch of
Russia, Imu been staying, und together
ihe king und grand duchess will drive
(o the viiticun. King George will leave
Italy tomorrow for Greene.
Fire Burns School Ship.
Toulon, France, Nov. 26.���The flro
ss lilsli broke out on board Ihe torpedo
school ship Alencldns lust night burned Itself out this motnlng and resulted In tho ulmost complete destruction
ol* tho vessel, which was a wooden
battleship built ln 1885. The origin of
Ihe flro has not been definitely ascertained. Three sailors wero burned lo
death, six were Injured and eight fire
men wore more or loss seriously Iu
Denlson Suppresses Riots.
Hamilton, Nov. 26.��� Street cars
wore running last night and thore
were no disturbances, Colonel Denlson
having threatened to clear the street
on tho least sign of disturbance.
Preferred   slocks   cease to be such
when the dividends are deforred.
On fhe Strike Leader (o
Leave Canada
Hamilton Official Will Deport Fay-
International (..mplications
May Arise.
Chicago, Nov. 26.���The United
States government has been aeked (o
furnish protection for a labor leader
engaged In conducting a strike in an
other country.
The appeal came yesterday from
Frederick Fay, who is leading the
street car strike in Hamilton, Ont.
After lhe serious riot last Saturday
night in Hamilton, In which many per
sons were i'njured, the Canadian au-
thor.ties ordered Fay ��� to leave the
country at once. Fay declined to go
and Instead sent a telegram to Chicago aski'ng for aid. The message
was received by President Wm. D.
Malum, head of the street car men's
union in the United Slates, who immediately sent the following reply to
Fay: ''Demand protection of United
States consul at Hamilton and stay
where you are."
Mr. .Malum last night said efforts
would be made today to have the matter taken up at Washington, and an
international qtiestton made of.the situation, which is without parallel so
far as ls known. It is slated that Fay
will he lustructed to insist on his
rights as a citizen of the United States.
The chief of police of Hamilton and
Sheriff Middletoii, it is stated, have
both served notice on tAe a.rike leaded
and 24 hours will be given htm to step
over the border. If tlie order is met
with refusal the authorities threaten
to throw Fay In jail. Mr. Mahon himself will leave tonight for Hamilton,
and it Is stated will place hlmseir
practically iu the same position as
Fay, since he is the head of the street
car men's organization. Before he
leaves Mahon wil'l confer with Samuel
Gompers, head of the Federation of
Labor, respecting the International
rights of labor leaders.
B.   C.   Copper    Company     Employers
Will Agree.
(Special to The Dally Canadian.)
Greenwood, 11. C, Nov. 26.���The negotiations between the employees of
the smeller company and the company's officers have been carried on
peacably yesterday aud this morning,
several committees having met and
conferred. At this hour (J:S0) all the
Indications are favorable to un early
settlement of the strike.   .
Providence in It.
Brockville, Ont., Nov. 26.���The family of I). J. McDonald narrowly escup-
ed asphyxiation with coal gus today.
An alarm clock, which went off.at au
early hour, nwukened Mr. McDonald,
who dlscovi red his own condition in
time to avert latal results, ills three
children were very III aud Mrs. McDonald was unconscious. She Is still
unable to leave hor room, but Is out
of danger.
Revolutionists Captured.
Washington, D. 0��� Nov. 88s���Secretary of War Tart received Ihe following despatch today from Governor
Alugoon at Havana under yesterday's
date: "A bund from Cienfuegos wus
overhauled by a detachment of rural
guards under command of Captain
Landa. They were taken into custody
and disarmed wllh difficulty and an)
now being brought to Cienfuegos, The
hand was composed of eight men."
Do Not Like Service.
Washington, D. C, Nov. 26.���Desor-
llon from thc United States army Is Increasing. The annual report from military circles shows that the year ended June 110 Ihore were 62fi8 desertions
or 7.4 for every 100 soldiers in the
anny. In the year 1905 the rate of desertion wae only 6.8, and for three
yours previous to that date the rate of
il.'sei'slssii wus only 6.1.
Caruso, the Italian opera singer who
was found guilty in thc municipal
court of annoying women fn the monkey house at Central park and fined
ten dollars.
Appeal    Made     by    Womens     Social
London, Nov. 26.���The following
manifesto has been issued hy the
Women's Social aud  1'ulitlcul union.
"Women and men of tbe United
Kingdom! How much longer will you
tolerate a house of commons which
refuses to obey your will? How much
longer will you tolerate women being
sent to prison for demanding political
"Men! are you satisfied with tbe
laws your representatives have made?
You are not. Vou know that your
aged workers have to end their lives
In the workhouse. You know that industrious workers, women as well as
men, are unemployed; that sweated
women labor for a penny an hour; that
women In despair are selling their
bodies on the streets; that these
things are because women are refused
Iheir rights as citizens.
"Women; forget party politics and
unite In demanding the vote. Women
shissild have no political party until
they are citizens. Join our union and
work with us for freedom.
"Eleven women are now in prison
for two months each for your sake.
They suffer In HoIIoway jail the fullest rigor of prison discipline because
they went to the house of commons to
demand your citizenship, and because
they refused to remain silent.
"They fight for you. Will you fight
for them and for yourselves? Every
day women are joining our union, but
we shall not rest content till we have
every woman in the land In our ranks.
To stay outside Is to be a traitor to
our sex."
Wall  Street Journal  Denounces Speculative Boom.
f        ������
The old Horsefly Hydraulic mine of
British Columbia is to be sold by auction in Vancouver on December 3.
Under the caption "A Danger Spot,"
the Wall Street Journal observes:
Eighteen new mining stocks appeared
on the "curb" one day last week. The
par value of the mining stocks authorized in the United States and Canada
this year has been estimated as high
as 1800,000,000. Inasmuch as the vast
majority of these mining propositions
are mere prospects, at the best exploration schemes, the character of this
speculation Ib disclosed. It would be
remarkable, indeed, if 5 per cent of
these stocks should turn out paying
Investments. It ls using too dignified
a word to speak of this boom as spec-
uiatlv... It is a pure gamble, and the
biigst gamble that has developed in
Wall street ln years. It will hurt the
rre-.t mining Industry, which has a
spler'lld legitimate side, which has
called into play/ much heroic enterprise, and which Is adding Immensely
lo the wealth of the country.
"Old Glory" Horse Sale.
New York. Nov. 26.���The "Old
Glory" horse sale, which each year follows the big horse show, opened today
In Madison Square Garden with an attendance of horsemen and buyers
representing many parts of the world.
More thnn 1100 animals were catalogued for the sale, which already
promises to be a record-breaker In
many respects. The Individual stars
of the sale are Sweet Marie and Hal
Direct, consigned by Dave McClary.
Another lot that* Is bound to attract
attention Is Thomas W. I.awson's consignment from his Drcamwold stock
(ftrm, Including n number of animals
that havo won fame on the tanbark.
New Jersey's Final Trip.
Boston. Mass., Nov. 26.���The 14,918
ton battleship New Jersey, built at
lhe Fore river yards at Qulncy. has
Its final acceptance trial loday over
Ihe official New England course. On
her last trip some trouble was export
enced with hoi bearings and Iho
hoard of Inspection recommended another trial.
Caruso Appeals.
Now York,  Nov. 26.���Judge  O'Sulli-
van ln  Iho court of general  sessions
today    signed    an    order granting a
right to appeal In the caso of Enrich
Inhuman Monster.
New York, Nov. 26.���Mrs. Nellie
Munson, a brldo of six months, wns
chloroformed and bound hand and
foot In her home at Harlem early today hy o robber. The thief secured a
small amount of money and some Jewelry nnd fled, leaving thc woman help
less. A small dog In her apartments
was found chloroformed.
McGill Won.
Toronto,   Nov.   26.���McGIII   won   Ihe
Inleijssollc-'liilil  footbnll  championship
Saturday by defeating Varsity 18 to 17.
Hard on Canada.
London, Nov.  26.���"Good Old  Yorkshire," writing from  Montreal to the
Yorkshire Post. Ib out with a sledge
hammer for Canadians nnd their man
ners because of dally attacks made
upon Englishmen by the "1-cent yellow
paper published here." He Bays the
"expectoration bablt meets you everywhere, politeness fs unknown in restaurants and dining halls, and the use
of the knife to the mouth Is universal.
Ab for sport, all amateurs are roped
in with presents. Jack Canuck has
got a swollen head. If asked your
opinion about sports, and manners,
nnd you differ with hlm. you are asked, not isilltely. 'Why did you come
out here?'"
Golden Wedding of the Oarys.
Baltimore, Md., Nov. 26.���Former
Postmaster General and Mrs. James
A. Gary of this city have Issued Invitations for a unique celebration of
their golden wedding anniversary. The
C.Iebration takes the form of a dinner
tonight and a recepllon tomorrow evening. Thirty-two members of the family are to be present at the dinner, the
seven daughters appearing in their
wedding gowns.
Rioting in China.
Canton, China, Nov. 26.���There has
been a renewal of tbe hostile demonstrations against missionaries in the
Nan Chow district, where the rioting
occurred about a year ago. Some
church property has been pillaged and
tbe American consul has asked the
viceroy to insist upon the protection
of the missionaries and their property
Prices of Metals.
New York, Nov.    26.���Silver,   70c;
copper, 21 l-2c; lead, (5.75.
London,  Nov.  26.���Silver,  32  B-16d;
lead, ��19 7s 6d.
R. H. Pope, ex-M. P. for Slier-
lirooke.  Que.,  will  arrive  in  the I
city from the coast tonight and ,
address a meeting ln Fraternity
ball at 8:30.
Mr. Pope is returning to Quebec after a business trip to tbe
West. Advantage has been taken of his presence by the Conservatives of British Columbia to
have him speak to members ot ,
the party on the issues of the
Mr. Pope is a pleasing speaker
and haa been for many years one
of the leaders In the councils of
the party ln the province of Quebec. His exposition of the principles of the Conservative party
will be of special Interest to
British Columbians at the present time.
It ia expected that the meeting
will be addressed also by seyeral
local speakers.
C.  P.  McHardy  Finds  Good  Shooting
OR Hie Fruit Ranch.
The possibilities of fruit ranching in
Kootenay are unlimited. An orchard
of any size may do duty in lie winter
season as a private game preserve.
C. F. McHardy spent Saturday at
Crescent Valley, the property ln the
Slocan river valley owned by E. B.
McDermid and himself. While, strolling over the ground in tho early morning he saw tbe head of a deer just
over tbo brow of a hill In front of
hi.n. .Fortunately he had his rifle
with him and he promptly fired. His
bullet shattered thc spinal column of
his quarry, which turned out to be a
fine buck.
The animal Ib now at P. Burns &
Co.'b Nelson branch. Mr. McHardy
will have tho head, which Is an excep
tlonally fine one, mounted.
Early Morning Blaze.
This morning ul 4 55 a lodger In the
Luke View hotel woke nnd found his
room full of smoke. He called the
liorter nnd   Ihey turned  In an  alarm.
They found woodwork In the basement on fire about six Inches from the
furnace pipe, and the flames creeping toward the floor.
A couple of buckets of water were
dashed on the blaze and when the
brigade arrived they found very little
to be done. The damage will not exceed 110.
Only one application was heard by
Judge Forln In chambers this morning. In Buchanan vs. II. C Mills an
order was granted to the plaintiff for
directions for the Issue of proceed'
Such applications for directions for
Ihe formal statements, of claim, of de.
fence, counter-claim, and joinder of Issue, are new to British Columbia practice. They are made In accordance
with the new English procedure.
Fifty Cents a Month
Rock Island Train Robber
Caught at Last
Identified as Same Man Who Robbed Sleeper at Same Place
Last Week.
Kansas City, Mo., Nov. 26.���A moat
daring train robbery was committed
100 miles east of Kansas City early
today between Slater and Armstrong,
Mo., a distance of 21 miles. A masked man, single handed, robber 20 passengers in tbe cars of the fast east-
bound combination Chesapeake, Alton
and Burlington & Qulncy passenger
train. After half an hour's work he
secured approximately $2000, beside
several watches and other pieces of
The man was finally overpowered by
Conduceor Heywood, who knocked a
revolver from tbe hobber's hand and
forced him to the car floor. The robber waa bound and made to disgorge
and four hours after the robbery was
committed be was placed In jail.
The robber, who said his name waa
Trueheart and that he came from
Florida, waa recognized by the engineer as the same man who last week,
iu an exactly similar manner and at
the same place on the road, went
through the rear sleeper of an express
bound east, the Rock Island passenger
overland limited, which on this division runs over the Alton track. True-
heart, who refused to give his full
name or tell what town he came trom,
said that it was his brother who held
up the Rock Island train.
The train robbed was No. 24, which,
left Kansas City at 9 oclock Sunday
night. From Kansas City, Mo., the
train Ib run over Rock Island tracks;
at Mexico it is cut In two, the Alton
portion continuing to Chicago and the
Burlington portion going to St. Louis.
The train reached Slater at midnight, and when it started out of tbat
place five minutes later Trueheart
boarded the smoking car. The upper
part of his face was covered with a
mask. Levelling a revolver at two
passengers in the seat nearest the
door he ordered them to pass over
their money and valuables quickly
The men complied, when Trueheart
placed the stuff beneath his belt and
proceeded to give his commands in a
loud voice to a man in the next seat
forward. The car wae full of passengers, who were thoroughly alarmed
and ready to comply. When the robber had systematically relieved tbo
passengers of their belongings he passed to the door, keeping It under cover. It was a 25-mlnnte run from Slat-
tr to Glasgow and ho awaited tbe arrival at the latter place.
As the train stopped at Glasgow he
swung off and boarded the chair car
as it rushed by a moment later. The
robber went through Ihe chair car, repeating his tactics. Next he entered
a sleeper and began again his commands to the luckless passengers to
surrender their valuables.
Conductor Heywood appeared on
the scene here, and Trueheart, with a
command, "Throw up your hands,"
pointed his revolver at the conductor's
beast. Instead of complying the conductor knocked up the weapon, threw
himself upon the mnn and bore him to
Ihe car floor. The men passengers ln
the car came to tbe conductor's aid
and the robber was securely bound.
When Armstrong was reached, at
12:50 a. ni.. a marshal boarded the
train and Trueheart, tied hand and
Toot, was taken Into the station. He
refused to talk, except to berate the
paSBengers for cowardice and to de-
c'are that Heywood was the only
nervy one among them.    .
The money amd jewelry was taken
to Glasgow on the next westbound
train and at .1:50 this morning, not
quite four hours from the time he
bearded the eastbound train at Slater,
Ihe robber wns placed ln jail. He ap-
nears to be nbout 22 years of age and
his desrrtntlon tallies with that of the
Rock Island robber, and the engineer
of last nleht's robbed train positively
identified him as the same man.
There Is at least one redeeming feature -about our. air castlea; we don't
have to pay taxes on them.
A man without n wife ts a baloon
wilhont an anchor.
|.-f*. ���
1 he Daily Canadian
S I'-OKl S
v >���  *lu* >  "l!1 *'U1'*
,,.,.���,, -    ���-���    I      ' **    t* '
{ tv.     -    .,    ,      . Mr. J* M
\    \ . -   -���    - -     .s
v .       , .     .        .
'-'...,.'     j
\\A;.., \  \ St-,*       I __v.����v
--   -  *I^^B^^^^
\.   ..  ���*>.   -        ��� *
 I   - - ' "    iss-"M   i���"   be  ,'s,i,ss,���.|i
-- "  I'ss-u   meoewfAU)   MfAWl   ;"
>l's    s ,s.sss,m        \mi    lllll   ll   W   HltHI.'sl
.      Its,.,      S-     IS,'     -t ->' ���    ���	
��� " 	
���    - , .
- sl
. .   ..
.... ...
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���     .,lv.
.... ... .
������    ���
..   ��� ���   ��� -���
SS    III.'    S'llll'llll     Illlll'    s'l     sssSIISl'k    OU     S'l
Ilu-   miiviu   U'   psevsl'l
t'li.   \s-sii  ,-l   Huns-   \i    '���������������������     M    f
^Slvl    ISS-     siLIll'--       S"       :��� '        '���
I,' III. I'. ���-."������,.    ���
U\M   is.' ���.
������������..      ,.   '
-  t\i   Ml    tV|v
��� .      .
IV.I    \eu    .  .     .   j
M   >Yv*> t* \     ���
..        ��... itftuu biaw   ���        -
V\ V     .   .   . ... \
(isjIUv s-lss'S
L]     si
USS,'.. '������".
���t.s  <Sss'Sl l'Sl.1 <*'���'-���
u.ss." s'l UsssU usssl ttsTk. Is'
,'�� |M    ,1s -'
.���    ss . .
un NUMB.
.   ... .
lmtvtt.il Banket CiiiAvi*-
...     ��� ��* " ��� ���
*���      I*
. . .
,..  -   -
���  N
- ���
V      -
.   -
NVN      \v     V .   *     l*V       V.-   \
**> i     i.    V\ 4   ' I -    ^,��
��� The L_te,-t New York Shapes. !-.--.     ,-..__   .- | j
x -v.-':-.   -.-. '.:��:::: :w*_-ecs and p_.:n ���..-.'-.- ��� !
m) Pr.:-i :.-cr S'.O '.o 525 ll�� T
Snow i__; Here
��� v^:.:r A Spee<iet Sled ot Crtto
Standard Ftxrnitttfe Company
Aos-i * a
Caap-n. rum. .-Tmr-c:
Caieraici.    rr__u__-
.    -   ��!'i- "
- ..r.    .i
:-���������,      ���  .
'-_t -* -met
���_.    _-.. :
'�� pMkO.1 -tt
TfeJ&^flMA W C***i
;**���*_.._) v uw.
���  .
������ *     !Mh.
��� um --Mt a_*_fflTar�� aiem.
. ���  ���
-        - -
mm M-M
-.:.:-     is -��� ,.-'������    ru
���^ -1
��      .
n <   s<-;v ��� ��� ^
* ,  ,     v   s
* ��    *.  h    -
m Milt iaVi ^
������^����-...; **���>������������ �������������*������'.
- '
't     . -.:'      .. ���
._**.*. _���*-*-*�����*
-   'Witt 	
���    *
i .- _���)
MM -   1
ml   *    injo.    i.im
.���  ���    -
utt'*'     ;      ���-t; : "- '
arnrt    it   ������������ ^^^
.1��U��U  __U "
..   .
.11.If  lit���
slll.-l.       '*
��    I Mm
IM   .l-Ktt
*���  .1.      i      '-.
���:i.:i" M   I!.
���. _*IK��f*iJ.      _U"IH-
In     _r.lt-
*_��,���(. Ittl
������   ���
Jut-  *<��.  1
.      :..   m
prfp- K -. ���**
liinim     I-  mn <
urntMM   if
���OMtrteni " -   Fi   tVtuimt
*mUO   1HHH   -1B1IU
�����;i       sin
tmm*    mill
mmi   .   ,_��   i
w-trtr*    AIM
,     - ���  .ii.
iii' -jjnti tar ���' ��� |
,*l.,-nrr   itutlim
rtamth Rl   -v.i*,
;iH. '���tm-iTf* mtin   -
' 1**MfM&r-'4 '
:..        _ ...  ,-
Srt_��UMj,   M-."
Wff-*f   ll,  _lU'.-��Sfc,
__���*** I 1:4    '
The Daily Canadian
S.HEUSER    -AND THE original
IBUSCH...    Budweiser Beer
DISTILLERS, 12 aud 20 years old.
.���Holt AiretitH In ItrltlMh
Burns __ Co.
rkHtH iti   Rowland,  Tniil,   Nfllapn, Kiwlo,  BnnflQfi, ThfW Fofltt, Now
Denver And Blown t_lty.
in miy
il nltt'iitloii.
Head Office: Nelson, B. C.
���im-* 1 parpoM nuJtiss ��ppn-
ti.t'lu linn. I'hl-'f I'liliiiiiUNlmii-rnf LhikI-
urk* (or permlulon to pn-nuau the tth
1] laadi:   Commonctiuj ��t n post
,i ii, NilHhwett corner of J. Ihlfil'l ��!������
im l-i [111 rebate, umrki-l ��� R. S'hH E. OOP
iiiiiltiK Ihi ii ��� wi rlulun north, them** W
wt-il lln-iieu rt" chains south, thenee K
��������.���-. point nf eomatiUotDisnticontain-
acrea > on or less.
I the 18th day ofOotob-r, 1908,
It. Hi.iEM.,
pur J. -HiriEJ.L. Agent.
dat*  i PDtpOM miking appl I-
*  - ll.in  1 Iiii I CommlMlonai ol UUtdl
s-rk- for [K>rmlltttoO to purrlm*.* Un*  fol-
���   1.imi-:    Commeneing hi i poit
ih ;   in.  uorUieut corner of It *-.iMr*
11 liruw, merited "ll. H O'.H. K.
uiiitiiiiK thenco M < balni norih t<. tbo
. -   I    |. '.'.IHI.   tin-in-.. *i i-halus
-.< chatm uaiii, thonoe SO ebalni
���mini ul ��� I'Nii.n'iK t-ni.iil, ('mill*, mln* Oto
1    Iai of October, IW>.
 y. :: r.Kixxin,
per J.BEttXLL- Ageni
* ufti-i datu I pnrpoca making ippU
lis.n ih.- Chief Uommitftoner of
rk> Inr permfttlon 10 pun*)!-**.*-***- (he
[���������rribei! land:   Commencing at a
��� lof Hi- jmiclioii  of  jlHrni-K  and
���    I .-Ml of  K, J. Rlllotfl  ��(���
mnrkt d *'\\. N   |"-   3. rt,
��� ���.: tlienoo ftii'liain- north; tbenee
.-���  ini __jcb__ti��MUth! iiieur-fshii
���.*������ point of commencement! contain**
ore -ir Ifu.
luv ui October, tww.
Per J- Hhiki.i.. Agent.
eking appl'
��� 1 purpMo
t-in�� ut a
11 1 11 mutlioait oorner of M.K.Uren-
11-:nm to pitn'liHK*, marked "V. H'h,
r inning theneeSO chaliiF north;
thenee ni ihains east;  thonce BO
���is. On cbalni west, to point of
i'in-111. containing 610 arre*., more or
ii I ith day of Oetober, i9or..
v. Dodo
i hi reby given that -90den alter date I
- ' i*ke tippln-alloii in the IlmioraMe tbe
i iiiii-vhiiirr n[ Land** and Worku for per-
ui pnr.ii.i-* no* following de-onbod
lomineucing at a pout on (he north
;. m[  Ui ftvi nmi  ��Ik>iiI *J chain*, aeit of
��ni*ri'ek, running 40 ebalni eait j thenei*
��� imrth; thence 4oehalnn weal: Ihenee to
���ouih.io point of commonotmenti eon-
rea : lore or less.
��� ��� i MOOS.
I.kon Watson,
By in- agent, BxXttt w. Kobinhon.
Imi I piirpor-e inaKlnjr appll-
ntkt lion thiefConunlMlooerol Uinls
'**!���   I'tTiiiihulon m   purehaM*   the  tot-
'I'-iriin*.! land:   Commenolng ata poet
iIxjiiI h.i yards went of the \V liatsiiaii
i: iiiM ailj.iiti two nil Ion KHllh of Whai
l-i-. mirkud "B. C.B'iM K. corner poit."
! Ihenee Sli chains muth; Ihenee SO
��-M; tliencoHHflbaln.1 norlh; thenee ftt)
ut, in point of oommenoementi contain-
���sere*, more or lew.
II  V. KK1NNK11,
Per K. Siiiki.l, Igent
Notice lo benby itlvn that 60 .ayf afler date 1
Intend to apply to Die Honorable tho chief Com-
tnlfiipnero. Undi nnd Work*-* for perm im lou to
nnronui the following deeerlbed landi in the
Wem Kootenay dlatrlet: HeiOuniiiK at a pom
niHrk.il 'Al.iiBuder fTiiM-r'.- N, W. corner," and
|>liiiU-l on lh<> caul Ibon of the UUrroWIOl
Wbfltlban (Cariboo)  lake, at WieR B, corner of
B-rnbard Btrfeb'i application to purehnH.;
theinc earn 4o cliaina; thence nouth SO ebalni;
tbtbOe WOll *i> Cbalni, nion* or leno, to the ahore
�����! Mi- imiiiiv, ��� it,- :,-���<��� followiiiK the Haiti filiore
In a northerly direction 10 ebafni, more or Imo,
tothe |mi!ii! of comni'iicemeut, eoutalnliiK ;Lt.
acre*, nmre or lefs.
���Del  UtbtUOft. AI.KxamjKk Kba-ikr,
by T. L Hammonij, Agent.
Slily day*, raftai date I purpose making application [���< lie* fiuii. Cblel ���*��� '-ini-11*,*������>.m.*i of Lull-land Worku for permlaalon to purcbaie the following demriheil landi: (.'ommenclng al the
tiorthea'-M corner o( C. 1. HaunJUKlou'11 application lo purebaae, marked "K. A. C5 B.K. corner,"
i omit in; tbenee ��n i-halnx north, thence 80 ehakiiH
treat, tnence ho chalnn iouth. thenee Bnehain--
eail li> point of commencement, eoutalnliiK Mn
acre**-, more or l>*t**>. l
Dated the irth day of October, lflCHi.
K A. CaiAiE,
per J Hhiii.i,. Agent.
Notice In hereby fclven that (to davn after date
I Intend loaiiplv t.i the Hon Chief t'omiiilssioner
ol Iwinds am! Work-, tor |H*rmlH>.iiiu lo purcbaiw
the followlni deeerlbed landi In West -kootenay
Dislrlc: H ginning al a poit marki-d. "Hern-
har.i tllmoba 8. K. comer," and planted on the
earn iIiti* of the inn:...'.- of W'hatihan (i'nrlt��>o)
lake; Uienee n-rth ���*�� ehalii��; thence west 4U
ebaJunioreor icw, n�� tbe shore of WhaL*haii
lake: tbenee following haid nhon* in a general
xoutlicrly and easterly direction .Jo ehains more
orlenttopoint of commencement: containing
_fi0 acre*-, more or lenn,
Dated Hiii sth dayol Oct ww.
ItKltMIARtl HltOK'lt,
F. I.. IUmh-jMi, Agent
* _^.��_
rty -pp.!
isHioner of
iicing at a
nf  (tames
ii monUi of
." running
cation l�� t'.c II
l^Uld- and Works for ���"���rr.:--]*u, to p
following  deienbed   laud:    Comini
pout placed ahoul  half a mtle WW
ereek, and aliout one mile north of t
the sani_. marked "J.-S's. B W   come
tlience ��" chains north; thenee 8*i c
thenceB0cbainaloutll tothetmrlh houndarv ol
Vi. N. I'oolc's application to purchaie; thenee 80
chains wett 10 point of eommeneement; containing 510 aem more or leai.
DatO- lhe Iltl! dav of October, 190fi.
}- nf'er dale 1 intend toapply lo the
1 "ie I'hlel Comml-ffdonei of Landi and
''"Mil. to purchaie Ino acres of land,
weil ildool Arroiv hike.adjoining
i'i I'-iTthed ai followi:  Commencing
l��nicl on tin* treat houndarv of 1-ot
�����' chaini north of the B. Vi. corner of
���' e west 30 chalna, thenee muth 80
""'  cut  !W cluilns to the wcitern
"' IT.-einniliii No, 37��, thence north
" piaeo of beginning,
" has,IIH, M K. Wai-i.av,
It J. Ei-i-iOTT, Agent.
lierehj given tbat 00 days after data I
���*���*��� -���ippiicatioti lotbe Honorable tbe
mlsslonei of hands and Works for per-
PUieliaic   the   following   doai-rlhed
'"'; in lug nt a poit plneeil alanil one
"'   -'iiHt-hiiii  creek  aud  ahoill   Ihree
> ' ����liiitshan take runutiig vn Iniin-
" M>ehalni  wett;  theuce -HU chalnr.
''��� *> ehalni easi, io polntof com*
|  eontahiina 010 acrei mnre or le*-*.
ttoUir 18, IND,
���     . 1'KTKIl  MrNACOIITON,
'*'*   lii-rtgciu, Krnkkt Vi. Hon IN HUN
i'i" i-li.Tvtiy given Ihnt (klilaVH from date I
1 in'���,"'?- '" "" """--rablu the Chief Com-
yr oi Liandi nnd  Wnrks to tnireluue (MO
laiio Jcaorlbod as followi;   Coniinenclng
'" ""id oil lhe norlh bank of tbO Utile
��� ' ���   about '2nn yards from moulh, nnd
���   UoLean'a  H   Vi.   corner poit,*'
���,,    ^   jli'Hns, ihenee north N ehalni.
n-,,L"*c��aini, tbenoeeoutb 80cbalni, i��
,,r i,"1 ""���'"'(���men l, and containing rt 10 acres
^���"l^lli.luv (.<-,.. VMWi.        UoRT. Md.KAK.
tlii 'li   r ''1U'' ' I'-'rpon*- making appli
'������  non. ( hitd (ommiisioncr oi Unds
,     "'���   pennlhsioti lo purchase the (ol-
l"1'11 landi;   Common g ai ihe
'"r"�� ol v. nodd'i nppiieatioii to
, '"''^d ��c.i,. M's N.K. comer," run-
1     ���cnalOl south, Ihenee Wi el afiiH
] ��� ebalni north, thence 80 chnins
'"��� oi lomnionoemant,containing
���' '">' or ietis.
uw "in day of October, IBM,
per J Siiiki.i,, Agent
- mi'i-Vi1''1''I'f.'v' P-cposi' making apnii-
��    nm. t i,u r Oommliiloner of hands
i'-'- illVi1' i"1 '" P��rohiie the fol-
u'Lii ni Ti lui"ls:   Commenolng  nt a
��' �� Jho norlhweat corner of "K.
H V :,,', n.,,nl1 '" I'tirehaie, marked
(|(   (    'I'i,    running thence m ehalni
;il      "' 'hums west, thenoo wi ohaini
!��� |. ,"'i,.,1^ eait to point ol rom men
,1,,.""'   "��'*>"'icres. moreorless,
IJl|i day of October. 1000
per i.bmiu, Agent.
Slxlv dan after date! purpose making appli
cat toe to the lion chlof Commiulrnerol i.nn*l-
aiii) Works for permission  to purchase  the  fol
lowing deaeribed lamls I  Commencing at a poal
placed uhoiil half a mile went of tin* hnvereiid ol
Whalshan lake, maiked "D. D_u N. W corner,"
running thenee So ebalna smith; thence hu chains
east; thence so chains north; thence 80 chains
well to poini of coiuiii-iiccuieiit. containing 640
acres, more or less
Dated tho -tth (lay of October, 1800
n. Dotm,
Fer J. Hit lieu, Agenl.
Bxty dan after date 1 nurpOM making application tothe Hon chief CommlMloner ol handa
and WO kl for permlMlon to purchase the following descrll��d lands: '���ommeiicliig at lhe
norlhweat comer of K- A. Creaie'i application to
purchaie, marked "W. ti. <i'a. H W. comer,"
running tlience -HO chains norlh; thence so
chaini east; thence Sl) chaini souih; tliemv SU
chains west lo point of cnmnieiiceiiient, eontainiug rt+i Urea- more or less.
Dated the Uth day of October, 1000.
w. u.oiurrr,
I'er J. Siiiru, Agent.
Hlxty days nfler dale 1 purpose making application lolhe Hon. Chief Commlnloner Q] Unds
aud Works for permlMlon to purchaao the following described lands; Commencing at the
nortbweit corner of 1>. Dodil'a application to
purchaw, marked "M- l"s B. W. comer," running
thencuSochaiiis north; Ihence S'l halm, more
or leM, to the WOlt shore ol Wbalabati lake, following wnif SU chains south; tlience su chatm,
moreor less, easl to [liepollll of comineinenient,
containingM0aOtOli mnrc or lew.
Hated lbe Klb dny of October, IP II.
M. FAi-QriKit.
per J- Siiiki.i,, Agent.
Nolhv is herehy given  thai   slxiy davs after
date I intend to apply to ihe Honorable  blel
Commlaaioner or Landa and Works torpermli-
sion to purchase the following describe 1 hinds:
Commencing at a pO��l placed on the llorihivt sl
Mm. rof Albeit KlliotCsnpollcaliontoPurcb..se,
running SO chnins eaal along the northern
boundary Ol same; Ihcnce So CbalM Mrtfaj
thenoo WOhalni WMt i th nee so chains ��_th, t"
point of coiiimeiiecmciit. raulalnliig ��" acrea,
moreor less.
Dated Oot. U. 10M, John hi.i.Krrr,
Bj his agent. Khnfst W. Kobihson.
Notice is herehv given lhal fin day* aller data 1
tnte    It- apply to the Hon. Chief c-oi.iinissioiier
J, Sfndaa_w Worka ror permiMjon to norehaae
U el    owing Vlcscribed'binds sltnaled  in  the
yist Koo.cniiv dUBlOl I Afl", ^
,. , il ii ,r ri venrrcii s **** r., co'iier, alio
T,',',." , , IZ *' I s-l* l" "l Hlsssi.-lssli, fOMibOO)
fit ,., to .'V lirl-r ...il.' ...TU. .'I ll"''...HI.-
,. in, I 1 s'lssks" sJsi'ls.'ss.s"sim.llilllls|tlHIlCO
., ,I, m  l sm"   il'si-iis',' eml mi clssiliisi. ms.ri- or
"S^S^SX"SoftimS __^___$_��i
iisiit-i'.ir less-. 1" P'.i'"   ',...'
wmiiw o*i MtM. more**r KJJ, ,,������,
,���i,,,i mis. ��ii,.l.,y..ro.'i..i.j'-. im _,_���,___
N.slil'l' il ll.Ti'Lv iivon ll.sll w "J>I�� "'"*,r i1"'*'
HOIIW   W '" ���   *       ....   | J,|,.      'itlllllllSMs'lls'S
hiion.iinni>piy *'.'"��� ',.���,," ,,��� i��� Mm-iini..-
..II..1..;*...."1 "!'    - I    -iis   'I-   - H.'sl   Ms   Us.'
,s tlisi mil'!  istksi;
tiienca west *' Hintim,
,t   WlsJllftll'lI.   ITI'SlkS
CSo'eVthe lo-Ueml eor
IhenoeMUtli-It ,,,.  .
 Wot Is's.'. I" '       ���"       |im,���[��iil,HTs'l'ls mill
fiance I..H iwlu. , ,MU,fly dlree-
ls.k.'lllilK''Si.''.sl ..  "   ' ' .-        ,��� rmlnl ol I'OIil-
n,���, ft *�� n��.imow-"   ��� ���,,���]���������,��� or leu
liss'llOs'Sili'lll: s'olllilinissi-
OCI. Illlll, 1000' ANT111NKTTK HIHIH1I,
Uy B*< 1-- llAHMONO, AgWt.
Secretary Taft  Urged  to  Prohibit  Importation of Electricity.
Washington, U. C, Nov. 2li.���Secretary Taft today listened to arguments
on iiotli sides of tbe niuch-diBcussed
iiuesllon as to tlie transmission of also-
tricliy from tho Canadian aide of Niagara- Falls to tho United Btatcs. It
Is probable that a decision iu tlie mutter wlli be handed down ut un early
dat-, unless u further hearing Is deem
ed uecessury.
'i'he act passed hy congress authorizing the si'creta.y of war to Ilx the
amount of power certain conipunies
inuy transmit from Cunada to thu
United SiaieH also empowered bin to
problbll the admlulon of nny electricity from Canada, and greal pressure
hiiu been brought to boar upon Secretary Tail  to head off   ull    electricity
generated In Canada on   tlu.   ground
that the extension of such concession
will further reduce the flow Of watet
over Niagara Kalis. The American
Civic society is heading tho opposi
The government of llrlllsh Columbia hereby offers a reward of
J1000 for Information leading to
the arrest and conviction of one
'���'rank Cedio. alias Frank Agalio
Palmlilanc. who on the 18th Inst,
at the Canada hotel at Niagara,
B. C, murdered Louise King hy
means of dynamite or olher explosive.
Description of Frank Cedio,
alias Frank Agalio I'aimbianc:
Italian, age about 38 years;
height, about 5 feet i% inches;
weight, about 150 pounds; brown
hair, light brown moustache;
may be clean shaven now; eyes
light hlm-. thin face, small thin
nose; slight scar on one cheek,
exiending downwards from eye
to corner of mouth.
When last seen wore dark grey
milt With black stripes, pluld pat-
torn and tanned high top laced
Wire   or  otherwise   report   Immediately any information to Mr.
I.  A.   Densmoro.   Provincial   Con-
stable .Grand Forks.
By order,
Stipt.  Provincial   Pollco.
Thirty 'Iny* afler tlate ' Intend to ��ppl>* to tin*
Hon.Cblel Commlnloner ol Uuiiis&nii Works,
Vit-torla, for a ipeclal lieeti'e lo cut ainl earn-
.���'t-iity llinher from the following trai-t oi laml,
sltuiitfit od the K. A 8. railway, in tlie Woit
-\ootcnay iiiiirlct: Oommenelng at ujMwtpUnt-
ed  neir  the  N,   K   eorner of a.  B,  (.nfland'l
Umber elnlm, thence weetMeluJne, tbenee north
*-". hHlii-, tbenee e-xt -K) eh a Iui. :.J, ti. t hoiiUi KO
*3>_iifei io point of oommeneement
Nov. 6th, UtiH. V. :. "iLlAOHKB.
Nollee Im Ik reby Rt-reO tlial ?.0i|ayi alter dale I
intend toapply to tht Uonorahle the Chief Com*
rnlailuncr of Ln mln atul Workx for a ipt-etal
lloeneo to out end carry away timber frmn thc
foiiowiiiK dtsoiibed litfdi: Commeneing at a
put marked "T J.Soenlan'i iiorihei.it eurner,"
jii'HHi *i about a mile west from Bi>ar i*ri..*b, ami
ahout four miles from iti mouth, which Is six
miles west from NelNon; thene*' well S3 chaloi*|
thenoe ttouth HO t-haitiR, lliente eut Mlchaltii,
Utenoa uorih hd ehelni to the initial )��uui.
Looeted (i''ioi>er Htnd, I9fti.      T. J. pcasi.an.
Nollee 1| herehv given tliat BO den after date I
intend to appl* to the Hon. the chief Commli
���toiler of l-auds mil Works for a spce'al llienee
to (ml and oarry a'ay tlmher froin the followiue
deeerlbed tenoe: Commencing ai a post inarked
"T. J. sBemn.an'iaoQtheutcorner," planted abonl
live miles up liroman creek, which em pile*, iiln.nl
one mile west of Neleon| ihenee weti Mebalnii
IhenOOnorthM0 chains; theuee eait-Oohiltti;
thenee ninth  100 ehaliiN in point of eoiiimence-
Dated Oet 80,1906, T. J. foahlak,
W. J. Mi k imm. AkciiI
Nollee In hereliT i: l v.*n that .111 .inv- alter date I
tnieii'l toapply to tlie Uonorahle Chief Commit*
ifnii��ro[ Landl and Works lor a special license to
eul and carry away  timber from ihe lollowlng
deeerlbed landi: Commeneing ata post markeii
M c. MonaKhtin's southweit comer, -pliuted
ul-oillamile weit from Bear i*ri*ek, and abonl
four mile* trom it." mouth, which ll Ilx mllei
weit fnnn Nelson; Ihenee north BO chalm, thence
east HU Oalili, theuee south IUI ehains, thence
weKt Hu chains to the initial point.
booated Had October. IfiOB, II. O. Mdnaohan.
Nollen Is hereby given that "'���< davs after date 1
Intend to applv lo ih-* Hon. Chief CnminlRsioner
of l-auds ami Work* for a special  lleenie  lo cut
and carry away timber irom tin* following de
lerlbed 'amis: Commenolng ai a post marked
��� ���_���'. T. Morrison's poulheast enrner," rilaiileil
abonl H mile west from Hear creek, nnd about
four miles from Its mouth, which is six mllei
west from Nelson; thenee west SU elinlus, theuee
tKirlh mi chains, Ihence easl S'l ehalns. theliee
iouth 8u chains tothe Initial post.
Located Octdnex Undi IBM    P. t, Woiuuioh-
Sixty days alter date 1 Intend to apply to the
Honorable lhe Chief Commissioner ol Lauds and
Works. Vietoria, to pureliase Km acres of land,
1 oca ted i u Kire Valley ami deeerlbed as follows:
0 minenciiiK at a post markeii (1. It. McM's N.W,
corner, and planted al the soiilhwcst corner of
lot 781.ri, and ruiiiiiUK south Hi ohalni, thene.*
easi '20 chains, thence mirth W ehulns, thenee
wesl BO ehalns to plaee ot beginning
Nov. IMIh, LOO0, (iKo. H. MoMltJJUf-
J. I*:. Ann..in.*-:. Agent.
UHty day* after date 1 lutend to apply to tlie
Hon Chief Comtnlsiloiiur of I>amli and Works,
Victoria, to purchaie 400 acres of land, in Kire
Vail' v, Wcsl Kontenay : CommencluK at a poit
nlDiited io chalm went of the ti. W. corner of J.
Roblnion'i pre emption, aud marked Vi. Vi'a N.
V.. rorner, aud runniiiK wust tV) chains, Ihcnce
south ni chalDS, thence easl ft) chains, thenei-
north HU ehains to place of beginning
Nov. mih, i-.uki William Williahi,
J. E. ANNAHLK, Akchi.
Experts    Say    Flying    Machines    Will
Play Important Part.
Now York, Nov. 2(1.���The Herald
has the following cable despatb from
London: ln the course of ft lecture to
tho Uoyal United Service Engineon.
today Colonel J. D. Fuller ton of the
Royal Engineers said. "There ls no
doubt whatever that, aerial ships will
play an Important part in future wars.
H ls consequently most desirable that
this country should at once take steps
in [nature a suitable aerial force before
being ready when the time for the
struggle arrives, and I suggest that, a
royal commission Ite appointed to report, afler careful inquiry, as to
whether  there  is  now    a    reasonable
chance   ui solving   the   problem   of
Sir Hiram Maxim, who opened thc
discussion, said: "lu my experiments
I have fouud the lifting ptrwer of the
aeroplane at high speed to be much
greater than has ever heen suspected.
My own experience tells me there cannot be any question of the future of
the flying machine. It Is coining,
whether we like it or not.
"Other nations are spending large
sums of money in making exptrimeuts.
and wu must do the same, otherwise
we will be left out in the cold. Our
knowledge can only come from practical experiment In some of my tests
I have fotmd the power of the wind
on Uie machine to be many times
greater than   had   been   supposed."
Major Baden Powell remarked that
every nation was now studying ballooning. The French had ai long start
in the attention they had paid to the
subject, but the Germans were not far
behind them with Count Zeppelin. In
fact, so far advanced were both these
nations with these machines that he
thoughl tliey might consider them a
new instrument of war with which
they would have to reckon in the* future.
He emphasized the great importance
of ballooning. The Itritish public did
not realize whaL a great question It
must be. in half a dozen years he believed it was quite possible, and in
another ten years' time they might
have machines flying through the air
w'liich would l>e absolutely under tho
control and of great practical use.
Directly that had been done every
govern ment would obtain them and
their navies would then be practically
useless as their first line of defence.
The dirigible balloon of the future
would be a powerful factor in war, for
Iheir ships could not fight them with
guns of the present day .while the occupants of an airship could drop projectiles on the decks of ships when-
over they wished to do so.
.Major Haden Powell continued:
"This may appear like a dream of tho
future, It is cue ihat may be realised
and we must prepare against such a
contingency by paying so much attention to the subject that we In England
whl banre our airships with which to
fight our battles. We should consider
this prospect carefully while there is
yet time, and wo must not neglect
these, warnings of what may happen
in future. It is our duty to be pre
Notice in hereby given that _uilay��a,ler dale 1
inteml tn make application tothe Honorable tlu*
ClilP' f'ommlRslouer of Lands ami Worku for permission to pnrehanc* thc folhiwllijt (lenc-iheil
hi in I**;: ( .iinuiciiciiii! at a nost plaiileil on the
iifirtheasi euner of Peter HoNattgntOH1! amillca-
tioti In iiiireluiH . lollowlng the east bnuu'lnry ol
saute h*i chaini .-.mih;  (1 ee Hn chains east;
thenee Ho chain*-*- north; themvHo chains wcsl to
���point ftt eiiniuicneeii��ri!t, coiiialtilitK MO acres,
more or less.
Pdteil Oet. 18, IMS. Al.tiKKT Kl.MOlT,
By hieegeul Khnkst w. Rojummm.
Sixty davs alter date I inteml to apply to the
lion tnoOntetOommlulonerottandftann t-orks
to iiurehuHe Mil hitch of land: ( .inHuenelng at a
pout markeii "N.T H's southeast corner post,"
���aid posl bt-lUK at the uorlhetisl euruer of Qeo,
Huilson'H preemption elaiin, ahout two iiiIIch
non thrust of Burton City, theme weet 40 ehalns,
south 20 chain-*, west 10 chains, norih .Dehaln.,
oast Wi ehalns, souih 90 chains to place or commencement, oontainlng 34o eoreii
Located Sth day of Nov. 1000,   Nkttik Ti Bikk.
A, McDonald &Co.
Dealers in stnplo aud tnttv.y Groceries.
Butter, Errs.
Camp and Miuers' Supplies.
Yak-Kootenay Ice, Frait, Fuel
& Poultry Co., Ltd.
Deliveries mnde daily throughout Nelson
nnd itp puburlw Phone 148.
Certificate of Improvements
"Spvulass" ami ''Globe" mineral claims, sllimle
in Trout Lake Mm iiik Division.
Lowtodon I'opiar ereok.
Tt.dc Notice timl I, Uruce White acting as
age*u( for thc Spyglass Mining ' o-, Krce Miners'
Certificate No It. Ul'.'li, Inletld, fO day*, from the
date hereof, to apply to tho Mining ltecordcr for
a Certificate of Improvement-, for the p'trpose of
obtiilniiig n Crown iIrani of the abovo claims.
Aud further take notlco that action, under
Pccllon :17, must be commenced hefore the Issn-
fiiH't- of such Ccrtllloale of Improvements.
Dated 2*th Oetober, 1H_6. B*UC_ Wimtk.
Silver King Hotel
Bent Dollar a day house in the Kootenays.
Koomii arc well furnished.   Tabic as good as any
lu Nelson.     Bar supplied with good
Honors and chrari.
W. E. McCANDLISH, Proprietor.
Certificate of Improvements
"Kcltpfc No. %" "Vcvcy," "Happy Medium,"
"hiti i nut,..mil" and "Aita Fraet'"ini!" mineral claims. Kitmiled in the Slocan Clly Mining
Dlvlllon oi Weet Kootenay district,
Where located:-NnrHi of Twelve Mile creek,
about two mllen up.
Take notice that I, 11. K. -'ornml, of Hlo.au, %
O.,Fr��0 AMner'H ��� ortiflcate No. B7*Wt), aa agent
fur L. A. Cole, Free Miner .-.Certificate So. M4031I.
inteml, sixty dayn from Iho dale hereof, t<iapi> y
tothe Mining Kccorder for a Ccrllflcfttoof lui-
prnvcmcutB, for thc piiriioKeof obtaining a Crown
(Irani of uaiii mineral cIdIiiih.
And further lake noilce thnt action, un'cr
Seel ion 37, muni tie commciiued before the is.su-
hiici* of mieh Certificate of Improvement*--].
Dated ihis -,11th iluyof Sepleiillier, It.Ki.
Tremont Hot. se
Koropean and American Plan
Meala 25 cU.   Boomi (rom _u Cta. to U
Ouly Wnito Help Implored.
Baker St., Nelaon Proprietora
Bartlett   Hotise
iiko. w. BAiiTi.rrr,
But Dollat-a-Day House in Nelson.
Tbc Bar I. lln; Flneil.
wisiiss Help Onl; Implored.
Joeephlno HI.
Lake View Hotel
Corii'r Hall aud Vernon,
two block . from wharf.
Rules 11 00 |>er day and up.
Telephone 118. NELSOU, B* C*
Grand Central Hotel
J. A. ERICKSON, Propriotor.
Centrally Located. Open Day and Nlgbt-
tiampleatul Bath Boouii Free.
Opposite Court House and Post Office.
Corner Ward and Vernon Street..
Th* Strathcona
Melaon, B.O.
B. Tomkins, Manager.
The Leading Hotel in the
Oood   Sample    Roomi.
Queen's Hotel
Btker Blrecl, Nelaon. B C.
Lighted by Electricity and
Heated by Hot Air
Large tiisl ComforUble Bedroom, end Flint-
cle,l I'lului- Room. Bample Koolrs .'sir Commer-
rlel Wen
MRS. E. 0, CLARKE. ProprletreH
Royal Hotel
Bates fl and $l.f" *. Day.
S --ini Rates to Resgnlar llcardere.
Wholesalu and Retail Dealers In
Fresh and Salted Meats
OampH supplied on shortest notice nnd
lowest price. Nothing but fresh and
wholesouio im*iitk and supples kept in stock
Mnil orders receive careful attention.
E. C. TRAVES.   Manager.
W.   O.   QIL,UETT
Contractor and
Hssle a^s'iit for this I'orlo Itli-is Lsimber do., Lid.,
ri'tstll yni'ls. Rough anil drts-ised Issisilss'i, tlli'iieil
work anil brackets. Coast latli and aliiniiles, s-iials
and dosira. Cement, bri.sk anil lime (or sale.
Antomalli! grinder.
Yard and factory: Vernon St.. s'ssstssf II nil,
P 0. Boi IBB. Teli'i'lis.ii,. 178.
West Transfer Co.
GE0K.E F, MOTION, Biur-i.
Gonoral Teamsters and Dealers in
Coal and Woo *.   Express and
Baggairo Transfer
ftBfS_i  Office: Baker St.
Noi tt*.* ih herehy given that- at h ntuetlnK of tho
Boa nl of lih'eiwe i:omnilmiloiicr8, to be ne'il In
tin* Ohlef Coii'tible'Kofllee, NelHon, on the 161b
Pei'-rniljer, llhti, I lutviitl toapuly lo a iranitfer of
my licence for the drove Hotel, Fairvhw, Nelnort,
to 0 K. WalniBloy.
Dntcil 15th Nov., 1906. J \V CROW,
per Wm. G03NK-.-I-, Attorney.
No'lM \* herehy stven Unit, nl n nieetlitK ol the
Hoard of Mre-nse rninmlm-ouern, to he lichl hi
Chlel ruti.**iaLili*'i- i-tiii**.. at Neleon. on l.>_h PiHwin-
li'.'i. 1900, l Intend lo apply for a tmtiHfer of my
hotel IfeeiiBc t'ur the I'liiaee hotel, al Ymir, to
Archibald it Davis
tttb November, luuti. MITCHELL TAIT.
$750 Cash and $15 per Month
Will Purchase a Modern Honse
containing three bedrooms, Dining room, parlor, kitchen and
bathroom ; gas and electric light.     The house is in a
good position ou Mill street and
must be sold.
Price $1300.00.
H. & M. BIRD.
MT .        jf <y��,  ��� TO   TAKK   OUT   AtV	
MOW IS the lime Accident InsurancePoHcy
esent The Railway Passengers' Com
The Old--*. Company Doing Builneu In This Line.
I Represent The Railway Passengers' Company
The Oldest Company Doing Business In This Line.
Choice Fruit
I Have 10,000 Acres
Choicest Frait Lands la
British Colombia,
Can sell any quantity from 5 acres to 2,000 in one block.
Buy now and get the ground floor prices.
Nelson, B. C.
We Will Sell
1000 Yale-Kootenay Ice   9 t-2c
Insurance, Fruit Lands, Real Estate.
McDermid & McHardy
The Hall Mining and Smelting
Company, Limited.
Purchases Lead, Copper and Dry Ores.
Winter Excursions
Nelson * �� Montreal, Toronto
And AH Pofnk West Thereof
in OaUrio and Quebec.
Quebec. St. John Halifax, and Maritime Provinces ratea on application.
Tickets on sale dally,
Round Trip, First-Class. Three Months'
Limi', Old Country Rates
$89.25 Return
Halifax or St. John.
Saloon, $95; Second, $76; Steerage,$54
And up, according to steamer.
For detailed information, sailings,
ocean ateamers, first class or tourist
aleeper reservations, apply to local
agent or write
A.I.U*.*...Vanoouver.  I -rf*     D.P.A., Nelssoa
Old Curiosity Shop
If you want to buy or sell anything,
go to the Old Curiosity Shop. -A now
lino of Japanese Uoods now on sale. All
kinds of Dlnnerware In stock. PM
Nollco Ib herehy given that the partnership
heretofore sutwlaung between us, the mult.-rsljrn-
cd, as hotel keepers in the tnvrn ol Klit-lt, llrlllsh
Columbia, has MiIhiIhv been tllasolYO-l by mutuil
con lent.
D___-l this 27th tiny of October, 1W��.
JAM IS i >. Mff.KA ]>!<:,
Witue-H:   Alex. .Stewart. Philip 1'. Hei'allum
Excursions to
Eastern Canada
Oriental Limited
With through tourists car to
To Toronto, Montreal
and points west
8- $78.25
Corresponding low rates to
points oast of Montreal.
Tickets on sale Nov. 24th to
Due. 31st. Good for three months
witli p'.ivil.'Rts of extending limit
Going via Sault Ste Mario
Btopovara allowed east of St.
Paul and Duluth.
Going via Chicago stopovers
allowed cast of Detroit and
Port Huron.
For   further  Information  call
on or address
Clly Passenger Agent.
A O. P. A., 8es��lU..
A collection of all the Latest
Shapes and Sizes.   A free
smoking and most satisfactory pipe.
Tobacconist.  Baker Street.
-. t
���t-1 ;
'4*1 The Daily Canadian
- STORES ���
Cool nights are now in order.     They will invite
pleasant dreams of
We havs- plenty of tl.i-m i" red nml lslue.
3 1-2 Points, weighing about 10 pounds, $7.50 per pair
4 Points, weighing aboul 12 pounds,   -   8.50 per pair
Those blankets are Justly cek-lirateil fnr their excellence. We alone carry
tbeni In this city.
LUMBERMEN.���Pillows. Comforters, Gloves and Mlts, Socks, Shirts and
Underclothing. Oil Clothing, Sweaters, Miners' and prospectors Boots
and 8hoea and Rubbers.. Groceries and Provisions.. Everything of the
Beat quality and prices surprisingly Low.
Imperial Bank of Canada
Head Office:   Toronto.
CAPITAL PAID OP.... 14,000,000 BEST
D. R. WILK1E, President.
Branches in British Columbia:
Deposits received and interest allowed at current rates from date of opening ac-
'     '* ���riv.
J.   M.   LAY,  Manager.
ministration should not be endorsed
has not been successfully argued li);
the opposition,   Nor will It be argued
because there Ik no stable argument
The opposition can urge no Stronger
plea for election than their desire for
power and their hunger lo sll by Iho
flesh pots.
while this is a laudable ambition
and one for which due credit may well
be given it will scarcely appeal to tho
electors as a valid reason for the reaction of n capable administration
and the election of an untried om*.
Out of these condlUons has grown the
determination of which we speak, on
the part of many Liberals, lbe purpose
to let well enough alone, to Introduce
no new disturbance In the political
aienii or the provlnoe: to permit thu
pr. sent administration to carry out
the plans which It lias outlined for
the advancement of the country and
to worthily support It ln that determination.
Party affiliations arc well considered when they are issues of a party
diameter before the people, but in
this province, where the affairs of the
country have been running so smoothly, there will be at the next election
a prevalent disposition to endorse thc
as the official  time of turning ""  ol
the current lo prevail.
The visit of Rufus it, Pope, M. P..
and his address In Fraternity hall
this evening Is an eveni, of Interest
to the people of this city. It is a pity
that no largor building was available
for the meeting, but the best must be
made of that inconvenience. The discussion of political issues by Mr. Pope
will  afford   the  citizens  a rare  treat.
Did you see anything ln the local
organ of the opposition that llufiis
tt. Pope Is to speak in Nelson tonight?
If you did we must liHve overlooked It.
When Me.Mncdonalil comes to Nelson
to speak The Dully Canadian will announce the fact. It is nol afraid that
the people should hear Ihe opposition
count and compounded half-yearly
^he ^yal "Bank of Canada
ASSETS, $39,771,803
Capital Paid Up $3,629,130 Reserve Fund $4,092,043
Accounts of firms anil Individuals opened on the most favorable terms.
Thirteen branches iu  British  Columbia.
Special  attention   to out of town business.
T. E. KENNY, Pres., Halifax.       0. L.  PEAS10, General Manager, Montreal.
Pllbllnli.il Ilx liny* a we* Isy the
Baker St.. Nelson, B, 0.
Subscription ratssB, 50 i-enis a month delivered
lu the city, ur 15.00 a year II st-sit Isy insil], when
paid In sssls-sssis...
Advertising raws on applls-allon.
All monlesi palsl In Battlement ssl lbe Dally
Canadian accoimls, sillier Itn BUbacrlptlonfl sti
advertising, must be receipted fs.r ssn ills- printed
forms ol tlie Company.   Utlser receipt! sire usst
1NOVKMBBR -Jr.. 1906.
" By oue wonl sve aro aometlmea Ju-litosl lis bo
wise and by oue word sisinuiiincs jsssineil to be
foolish.   Let us therefore  he careful What  Wfl
The organization of provincial politics on party' lines when the McUride
administration assumed power wna
the one recent step In Hritish Columbia's political affairs that has appreciably resulted ln redeeming the prov.
Inco from political chaos. The rapid
succession of administrations through
these stormy ami Irresponsible years
when Semiin, Martin, Dunsmuir and
Prior were premiers, and during which
tlie cabinets were coalition cabinets,
showed the futility ot successfully
governing a province by these methodB. Party government affords facilities for ihe pursuance of u definite
policy, to which each member of the
party is pledged which is not possible
under coalition methods.
The alignment of the electorate on
parly principles does not, howevt r,
preclude or preBUppose thai party affiliations will be put before or above
the question of good government The
business men of the province who have
large fortunes invested In the development of the country's resources, tho
mining corporations and millmen, together with the manufacturing industries that are beginning to be of some
account ln the industrial affairs ol
the country, prefer political peace and
a settled condition of affairs far more
than they prefer the rule of this or
the other  political  party.
In so far as party governmenl has
conduced to bring about these conditions It Is appreciated and recognised
by the financial Interests of the conn
try as being a good thing, but the
prosperity of the province ls the foremost consideration with these men.
It was considerations of this sort
that moved many Liberals ln the prov
ince to say when the present government assumed tho reins thut it should
be afforded every opportunity to disclose its ability as an administration
to bring order om of confusion. Many
whose inclinations in Dominion politics are toward the Liberal party havo
maintained a watchful but unsuspicious aud cordial attitude toward tlie
Conservative government of the province. Wc affirm without any hesitation that there Is a large number of
Liberals In British Columbia whoso
party attachment has been naturally
weakened by the success with which
the McBride administration has transacted lhe public affairs. This ability
to rise above the narrow confines of
Iiarty spirit and recognize a businesslike administration is one of the hopeful sipns of lhe times. There can be
no doubt that the premier's clear and
forceful presentation of his better
terms case made an Impression upon
the Liberals in Victoria anil elsewhere
on Vancouver island. There are evi
ileuses of this 111 'the formation of numerous inter-party organizations at
various coast points, and a considerable number of life-long Liberals have
openly avowed their purpose to support Uie present government. The
city of Victoria will probably return
n solid Conservative contingent to tho
support of Premier McHrlde, while
several of the olher coast constituencies will undoubtedly be wrested from
the hands of the opposition.
This effect upon lhe attitude of tho
fair-minded Liberals has been brought
about by the capable administration
under whose direction llle country has
been served. It has been accentuated
by the failure of the opposition to besmirch the record of the government'
It has been still further increased by
lhe shameless attempts "that have heen
made lo Blander ministers and impeach public men, all of which havo
resulted in miserable flascoes. To
add still more fuel to the consuming
fire of Liberal wrath the absolute Inability ot the leader of the opposition
to make good In his better terms contention has been an Important factor.
The criticisms of the opposition
have all been destructive wilhout destroying anything excepting their own
claims to the possession of statesmanlike abilities. No issue lias been placid before the people which has made
them even think about any necessity
tor a  change.    Why  the  present ad-
The old adage that it ls inadvisable
to swap horses while crossing a stream
is apparently about to be amended
by the opposition, and a new motto
adopted which will read, "Swap
horses before you get to the stream.'*
llie rumor that there is to be a
change of leadership in the opposition
party will not down, and only feeble
attempts have beeu made to deny it.
These denials have been made in such
a way that they do not carry much
The News Advertiser, which first
commented on the proposal, returns
lo it discussion of the Bubject aud
���Our remarks about the proposal to
shelve Mr. .Macdonald as the leader of
the provincial Liberal party seem to
have caused extraordinary reseulment
In the opposition press. While no direct denial of the statement is attempted���which would be futile, aa
lhe information as to the suggestion
was derived from a gentleman high in
tlie councils of the party���we aro
charged wllh having made an attack
on Mr. Mncdonald. A perusal of our
remarks will show that they contained nothing of the kind. From the day
on which Mr. Macdonald was appointed to his honorable but, under the circumstances, very onerous position, we
have never hesitated to express our
honest regard for him and appreciation of his ability. The fact thai he
has a very difficult if not an impossible task laid upon him. the defeat
of the present government, does not
lessen our respect for him, although
it does make heavy drafts on our sympathy, since the spectacle of a good
man struggling with adversity ls a
sight for the gods. We can only hope
in the interests of the Liberals that
Mr. Macdonald may be spared to lead
them through the opposition desert for
another four years, although for his
own happiness and comfort he might
well desire translation to the Elysiau
fields of the supreme court bench."
The plan, so far as it has been m��
tured, appears to depend somewhat
for its fulfillment on the willingness
of Hon. W. W. B. Mclnnes to resign
the governorship of the Yukon to lead
the local party. Hero again the opposition is reckoning without Its hos*
Anyone who knows Hon. W. W. 11. Mc
Innes con scarcely stretch hlm imagination far enough to suppose that the
comfortable and honorable billet of
Yukon governor will be forsaken fol
the doubtful results of a local cam
pulgn. Even It there were anything
In the situation to appeal to Mr. Mclnnes, two years from now will do him
as well as today. An eagle In tho
hand is worth two or three wrens in
the bush, and we opine thai the loglo
of Ihe situation will appeal to VV. W.
D. Just about In that way.
Since The Canadian has a guess
coining it will say that there is nn
Immediate prospect of a change. Mr.
Mclnnes will nol take it, and hostile
Mr. J. A. Macdonald the opposition
have no one else to whom they will
entrust the difficult tusk of piloting
the chartless ship.
Slxtv slays) isft.-r date I Intend to apply to thfl
Hssn. Chief I'oinmlsssissner ssf Lands ansl Works.
Vli-lssrla, lo purohaae '-10 as-ress ssl lansl in Fire
Valley! Commenolng at a post planted Wt ohalni
west ssl the northwest snssier of J. KisbliiMiu's
pre-emption ami marked W, w, B's lontbout
esirsier, tbeiii'i- weal _l s-hallis, lbesss-s- lis.rlh 10
ehalns, thens-e west 30 s-haisss, thesscs- nisrili lis
s-hains. Ilietis-ss s-sssl   III i-hislns, thenoe ssssslh WS
ehains to islas f IseKinliltit!
Nov. 18th, law's. W. W. Hhaisi.kv,
J. B.ABMASLB, Agent,
N.sllcs. is bs-ielsv alven llissl W sluvs ss'ls-l slssls- I
llltssinl Is- apply Iss llle H rulsls- the Chlel Com-
inlsslssiier of Landl ami Works, Vielssila, B.C.,
(or perinlsHlisn to purohau the fislliisviiiK OflflCrlb'
s-sl lansl, Hllssssted lu the Wesi Kissstsinsy slislrls-t,
ssss tho weat aisle of I lihauiel In, Six Mils-) ereek,
nu sspser side of w.ftssn r,,ssd, about '2'., mllu
fns si Ws-st Arm of Ko-sts-nisv lisks-s Commencing
al a post markeii Mrs Hattie Iiuek's N.K i-ssr-
lier. ruiiiiliiK 411 ehnllis wesl; llss-ssee 20 ,-hsslis-
ssssilh; theni-etO i-lnlllss ensl; thenefl 90 s-hsstns
norlh, Its the point of eisiinsieni sent, containing Sil aorfll ssf land, inssre sir less.
bated tha 17th tsoveinber lyvsi
Mils   11 ATT IK Ill's K,
John E. Taylor, Agenl
Notii's- i- hereby given Unit 00
Inland lako application mt
��i Landiand Worka loi
p,,st placed adji'
iETlottthWOIt sssnie'r p.ssl ssf  Leon  WlUon
plli-ailnii Is. Purchaio, rniinlnii ssl ohalni '���
thonco 10 ohaini woitl thonco m cha -
ihence '<> .liuin- eut, m i��d,n "   l*""""
1 1. coutalnlne Ms sss-res more or less.
Iliili'.li'otslter 18,1000,
By his nils-
HlTI'lS WlNTKlt,
I, I.IIMS.ST, W. lilslllSsssS
N.ssii's- is beroby given Must 00 days ssiis-r dan-
n^nlinlV^Wy i.^Hit- H.,n .hi- ri.iW ;.,nmi.
Honor -.11.1,11.1- ..ii*i Worki fnr wnniulon towt
ehaso iii. following dewr-bed landi m wes
Kooleney district; Beginning at apoii noiri.--.
"Otto .."li-rli'it N W enmcr" mid l'*"i-i*.i ����'
" bi -.Imn- "f Wai-hau ,riirll.ii'ij We, aboil
iu* wesl of the narrows oiwbatshw
iouth ni chains! thane, aaat *.��
,f tlM-NllNnV-,-
r Ic
thence fnih.--.wii
norther!) andw
or low, to the pc
Dated this Mil dayol
V   1
Notice Is hereby given Um
snid ihc.
. rl; dlrei lion IMehatn
ni' commencementi tu
of Lands
till- foil.
thereby sire
o apply to tb;
t , r*n'.
Hammond, Agent,
xtydaya after dati
Sixty days after date i Intend to apply to the
Honorable the Chief Commissioner ot Lands and
Works to purchase 040 aores of land, located in
Fire valley, on wett aide of Armw lake: Commencing ut a pout planted 40ehalns we i of the
t-outhwe-t -orner <>f J. Robinson's pre-emption
ami marked J. Wl H. B. corner, nnd running
north SO Obalns, thence went ��u chalna, tbence
south 80 ehalns, thence east 80 ohalni to place of
com ui-nce incut
Nov. IHth, 1906, Jank William*.,
J. E. ASNAitl.R. Agent.
Sixty duys after date I Intend t" wpnly to tlie
Honorable the Chlel Commissioner ol undsand
Worki, Vietoria, to pnrobaie900ae��l of land
located an.l described uk follows: Commencing
at a posi |iiuim*ii at ths southwest corner of X
Roblnion'i pre-emption in Fire Valley, uml about
five mllen from Edward Landing. ertet ilde <>f
Arrow lake, und milked K O's N K. corner ami
rnnnlng wesl 60 chains, thenee BOUtb 80 chains,
thenee.. usi ."i ebalni) theme k��>hth '2o ebaluii
tlience east 40 chains, tbence north -tu ohalni lo
pluce of beginning.
Nov  lHth.VJQG. Khask Orasue,
J, K. A.s'saiiLF., Agent
.simi tt. i_.nrcl.a--
,ltt_ deicrlbed landi In WeetKootaaH
���   Beginning al ��> poit mark*-.'-    ���*. k
8 k corner," and planted on Hie mut
shore'61 Wbatiban (Carll ) lake, about one
mile noiiii m the -southern end Ol tlie lake,
thence north 80 chalna; thenoo wait ��chains,
more or leii. to the shore of fthatiban laae,
thenco following said ibore in a gem-mi southerly an.l easterly direction 100 chaini, more or
Ism, io tho poini ol commenoement, contalnlni
830 aorei, more or less
Dated thll Sth day ol Oct.. IWO,
B   K   AilEN.
V   I.   Hammomi. Agent
Notice Is hereby  giv* u   lhal   -ilxtj   'lays ufi. r
dat.* I intend loapply to the Hon. Chief Commli-
iioner of hands and Worki tor permli-ion topur-
cha.se tho foUowlng deicrlbed landi in the fteit
Kootonay dlitrlot: Beginning at �� postmarked
-lu-niia Hin-ch's N  E7corner,"and planted on
the easl shore of WhutM.an (Cariboo) lake, at the
narrowiof tbe lake, and about one mile south ot
Armw lake trail; thenc* lOUtfa BOchalUU thence
west hn ehains more or les.-- to lbe shnre of the
narrows; thenee following the suid shore In a
general northerly and easterly direction W0
Qhiins more or less to the point of commencement, containing 040acres mure i>r Less.
Dated this nth day of Oct , 1006
K. h, HaMYOKO, Agent
Notice ls herehv given that Onituvs niter date I
intend toapply to the Iloiioruble the chief Commissioner of Laml- and Works [or perinl.-sion to
purchase tbe following described lands situate
about 10 miles east of the C-tv of Nelson, on the
���south shore of the West Arm oj Kontenay lake,
ami eoinineneng at a post placed about ifl' chains
south of the .uiitheaflt euruer of Lot 3541, marked
"H Thomas''N. W corner," them-e soutli 30
chalnn, thence eaut '-"O chains, ihence north 30
cbains, thence west 20 chains to point ol com
Hated this Sth day of Nov., 1W,.     H. Tiiomah.
Notice ls berBby given that fio flays alter dale I
inteud toapply to the Honorable lhe Chief Commissioner oi I.- in in and Works for permission
to purchase 2i*(l aereB of land, situate on the Little
Moyie river about 1 mile from International
Boumlary and about I mile from Spokane international Ky.: Commencing at a post marke.1
I). Urant's _. K. corner cost, thence west lit
chains', theuce north 4ti ehnins; thence easl 2ti
chains; tbence north '20 chains; tbenoe east Ci)
ohalni; thence iouth 60 chains to place of com-
.icnccment, contain'
Located Oct. Nth 1
Damrl QRAXT,
SLtu dayi after date I Intend toapply to the
Hm, ChiWC.mimls-.i-iner of Und* nnd Wnrk-.
Vietoria, to pureliuse l��i acres ol land, located DC
the west aide of Arrow take, about five miles below liurion City, and described us followi: I om
mencing at n pnst marked "jr. G. B's southern
corner," ami being -^i ehains eaat of the northwest
euruer ..f Lol -Tl'.*; llieme norlh .ichains; the	
west -10 ehnins; (hence souih 40 chains; thence
Celt In ehnins I*, tbe place of beginning.
November lllh, iMO, K. ti. Rm;,
per J. K. Anna in e
Sixty daj*> after dale 1 purpose matting application to the Chief Commlnloner ol Lands nnd
Works for permlulon to purohaae the foiinwing
described land: Commencing ata post inark.-d
������k K'ss B corner," and iltuate about one mile
from Bitot* Tip Point, on Whatahan lako, ami
near Christie ereek, running ihence 80chains
north; thence 80ohaini we.t; thence80 chains
south, (nil.'wing the iakeiborei thence80chains
eait to the point of commoncemont, containing
640 ac es more, or lenn.
Dated the lllh ilay ol August, 1006,
  PerF <; FaoquiBii,Agent.
Noil'e is liereby giv.-n that fo dars after dati
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Uuon A Riecb PUnoi.
Ottertoooi m..mn-*"��
Qlobe Wernicke Hook Cue*
I intend to apply it. the Honortbl
uommlMloner ol l-amt
Hon to purchue tb
Commencing ai a��
eoruer of   Peter H
purchase, ruuninn .i t i
northern boundary of I
northi thenee tto ehalns i
south, iil.ing the west hou
-Application to purcbue,
ment, containing f-inaere
Datod Oot 18, i   '
and Worki f..r perm
nlowlng described laml
planted on tne nortbei
'    ai'l'li'-ntjoi:
tn  we
a l.i
lit; thenee so rha'ns
darrof John RlUott'i
��� point of commence-
more or lew.
Notice is hereby Riven that six tvdays afterdate
I intend to apply to the Hon. Chief Commissioner of Lands and Works for permission to purchase the following described lamls, M0 acres,
martini,' at a post marked Catherine Toye. and
planted on the east shoreof Lower Arrow lake,
near UlsdBtone Creek, tbenee 40 chain'* east,
thence SO chains north, thenee 40 ohalni west to
lake shore, thence south along lake shore to
point of eommeneement.
Dated this 13th day of September, 1006,
Harky Gib-sok, Agent,
.Sixty days afler date I Intend to apply to the
Bon, the chief Comm issiouer of Landiand Works
to purchase K. acres of laml; Commenolng at a
post planted on the west side of Six mile ereea,
on wagon road, about two and one half miles
from Kootenay lake, ami marked "Nell Me-
Kechnte's S. West eoriier post," theme east if)
chains,  thence north   10 chains, Ihenee west-10
chains, thence south 40 chains, to plate of commencement
Located this 10th day of November, 1906,
Nru. McKai iime.
intend toapply to tne Uonorahle chief Commit
I to app
of  La:
Notice ls hereby Klven that 00 .ays after dale 1
"lly to the Hoiio
sioner of Landa and Works (or permlulon to
purchase the following deeerlbed lands, ln West
Kootenav: Commencing at a post planted at
the northeast corner of tot 4.tlJ.*>, Q, 1., marked K.
Fletcher's northwest corner, thenee south HO
Chaini; thonce east 10 ehalns, more or leu, to
the western boundary of Lot :.0*>, O.l.{thenoe
north80 ohalni to Kootenay river; thenee west
following tald river to point of commencement,
containing 80 acres more or less.
aOtb October, 1906.
FKASK  Fl.ETillEll.
Notice is hereby given that DO dayi alter dute
ppiyto we Hon. Chief Commissioner
Landsand Works, Victoria, for |i
inteml toap
The Dally Canadian expressed its
resret that It had misrepresented the
facts of a visit to Fernie by the opposition leader. The Cranbrook Herald, without doubt the leading Liberal
paper of the interior, has refused to
apologize for publishing the falsehood
that Hon. J. P. Whitney had said "Mc-
Bride was neither frahk nor candid,"
though it was officially denied by Mr.
Whitney. There is a difference between the methods of these two papers
and it Is that which gives The Canadian a distinction.
Kaslo has got in on The Canadian's
guessing contest.    Hero is the query:
"How many days will elapse between tho next provincial elections
and QlO date on which Nel hou will
have its own electric light current?"
Either event may fall first. The hour
of the opening of the polls and the
hour decided by the Mayor of Nelson
...... purehase the following described bind, .lunUd in
the West Kootenay  district, 00 the WOSl side of
Dubamel (or six Mile) creek, near wagon road,
about three miles from Kooteiiuy bike: Com.
meneliiB at A posl marked -James J. Puck's S \V.
post,-' tunning 20 chains ear-., thence 30 eliains
north, thenee '.0 chain, wesi, tbenco 20ehalni
south, to the point of eommeneement, containing 10 acres of land, mnrc nr less.
Billed 12th November, 19ufi.
Located by .Iambs J. Ih'ck.
per John I;. Tayj.ou, Agenl
sixty days after date I intend to apply to the
Hon. chief Commluloner of Lands ami Works
Victoria, to purchase MO acres of hind aboul two
miles b"low Hurton City, West Kootenay, commencing at a post murked "J. A. firing's east
corner post," said post being on the i
of an Island wesl of bu U-Y.7. mid clnl
land contained In said Island, being abont one
mile in an easterly and westerly Direction and
ahout 20Qhalni from liorlh to south.
November llth, iuoo. j. a. Ibvwo
      J- K. Annahlk, Apenl.
i sic rly
ilng all thi
Sixty days after dale I intend toapply to tin
Hon. Chief Commissioner of Lands and Works
Victoria, to purchase 10 aeres of laud, situated
on the west side ol Arrow Luke, abont SW miles
below Hurt-in. and denrlbed as follows: Commencing at a post planted ai the northeail
corner of Lot .oro, and running north 30 chains:
theuee west W) ehulns, tlunee smith SO chains'
thence east'-'ichai ns t*. place of beginning,        '
Nov. lllh, 1906. H   K.Illl.l.,
  ___                 _   J. E. Annaiii.k, Agenl.
Notiee is herehy given thai sixty days after dale
1 Inteud toapply lo the Hon. Chief Oommhslnuer
of hands and works lor permission toporobaso
the following described lands In lhe Wesi
Kootenay district: Beginning at ano-*. miirkcil
"J. H. Hlmlneo's H. W. corner," aud planted about
oue-lmlf mile east of tin; shore of Whalshan
(Cariboo) lake nnd about _ miles norlh ol lhe
narrows of the sal.1 lake, and ut the f>. K corner
ofj Arthur Warren's application lo purchase*
theuce east hO chains; llieneo ninth 80ohaini:
thence west ��0 chains to the northeaal comer of
Arthur Warren's applieai ion to purchase; ihcnce
south so ehnins to poini of commencement, con-
tHinlng MO acres, more or less.
Oct. lath, nm. j. -a. Smitnto,
F. L. Hammoni,, Agent.
By his agent. Kksk.t W  Rouissox.
Notice Is hen hv given that 80days after date I
iniend to apply to the Honorable the Cblel Commissioner of Lnnds and Works, at Victoria, 11. C.,
lor perml*slou to purchase the following de-
Fcrlbed lauds, situated In the West Kootenay
dlitrlot, BOUtb of Forty Nine ereek, commencing
at u post marked "I,. H Chm-uelle'--. N. Vi, corner," Ihenc-! -ll) chains east, thence 40 chains
south, lbence 40 chains west, them-e 4o chains
north to the commencement pOlt,ContainingTbO
acrea, more or less,
Nelson, B. C , Oot, 16th, 1905.
L h. CBoqtncm,
  W. A. Joints, Agent
Slxlv days after date I purpose unking "pplica
tion to the Hon. Chief Commissioner of umls
and Work- for permission to purchase the following described land:   Commeneing at g poat
place J ni tin* (-mi lb-west corner nf It. W, Hannlng-
ton's application to nnrehase, marked "L.H.B,
H'S-. K. corner post,    running  thence HO chains
west; thence 80 chains south: thence wi chains
easi; thenee M) chains norih to point of commencement, containing   to acres, more or less.
Dated the Kith day of October, 1006.
L. M. B, HanningtoN,
 wr R. Khiki.I., Agont
pixy days after dale I purpose making application to ihe Hon. chief Commissioner of Lands
nnd Works for permission to purobase tbo following described land:  Commencing ai n post
placed on the north boundary of lot No. xfi-l and
about tWO Ohalns enst of Whatshan creek, marked "M. B'S. S. W. rorner," running tbenee 40
ChainsCBSti thence40 chains north; thence 40
chain** west; thence 10 ehalns south, to polnl of
Commencement, containing UO acres more or
haled th��- luth dny of Oetober, 190fl.
M. Suiei.i.,
Per H. t_��iKi.i., Agent.
Notice Is hereby gneii iltat **lxty daj-taller
date I Intend .-��� applv Mt he Hon. Chief Commissioner oi Lands and Works for permission to
purchase    the    followlug    described   landn.   lu
West Kontenay District: Commencing at nu in
itial im,.| planted al lbe Southeast corner of HO"
i -n ���- pre emption, theme _ochains wesl M east
boundary of Lot 61W; tbence following snld
hnindary south tOSOUUlCMl rorner of said lol;
thenco 10 Chains we-t; thenc* .0 ehains soulb;
Hi. ne- BO chains OUt! theuee 20Ohaini nnrth lo
lOUth WPS t corner of  !.*.t  222;  then.-e following
wcsl boundary nf l^.t r:2 w Initial post
Beptember it* 1008, D. D. woiw,
per Ka.sKHT Vi. KoiuNso.s.
Kotiee is berebl given that 00dan afterdate, 1
intend M apply lo llie Hon. Chief CoiJltnisr.|nner
��� d Lands and Work., for permUMi.n to purchase
the lollowlng duorlbed lands, sltuale on Ihe
Last shoreof Lower Lake, about one and one
half mile South of Kdgewood. B. C. and ad
joining J.T. Health*-'* application M purchaao,
and commencing al it post marked Donald Ull
ton's Bouth West corner,  thence miming North
-.nt*, chains,tbence Kasi forty chalna, thenoe
South, ��Uty chain-. thenCC Wesl   forty chains to
place of eommeneement. and containing 240
acres more oi less
U, H. MO^OABftlB. Ageut.
Dated ihisi'.iii day of September, itw
Notice is hereby given thai two months after
date 1 intend to apply to the Honorable Chief
Commissioner of lianas and w.-tL-1*.*- \�� nni.-
slon io pm. i.aw.- 640 acr>*s oi land, deeerlbed as
followi: Commencing at a post planted at the
soiilhwcst of 1. ��. Morrison's r.u n in Fire
Valley, Weal Kootenay dlstrit. marked "J. B,
Monro s northeast corner post"; ihenee ��oi hnlns
west; thence W) chains south; thenee 80chains
ea-t; thence gfj chains north to the pISM ol com-
Dated lith day of Beptember, iw��.
j. B. mukboi,
W. A- CAi.nCH, agent
Notice is hereby given tbat 50 da) * after dale I
Inteml to apnlv to the Hon. Chief ( uilsnloner
of Lnnds ami Works for permission io purchase
the following described lauds, situate in West
Koolenay dlsirlct: Ib-ginuing al a nest marked
"Arthur Warren'* fl  W  corner," and planted on
the east shore of whac-han (Cariboo) lake, about
two miles norlh of the narrows of WhatMian
lake, and at the S K corn, r of W BeOOmbe. ftp
plieatlon to purchase; Ihence *'���.*���' 10 chftins]
thence uorth nO chains;  thenOO  wesl   lo  ihains;
tbenoe sontb no chains to polntof eommenoo*
meul; Containing NO acres moreorless
Dated this Mh day of Oot iww.
Aiirut-K Wahukn,
P, L. UAUOKD, Agent.
Notiee is hereby given tliat"VJ.iimi|-.ta
Iniend to apidv to ,he Hc,M'ln,M.l2!a
i.f Undsand Works or |,-n���i ..,���.,.., *J
the following deaeribed landi ritouSa
alstrlct:    Iwimnhh iiu
t  K
plaoted on the west shoreol \Vhat��lian(r
lake, aboul tlm-e inll.-s u-orth of ih. r,i
lbe aald lake;  then. ith ttcfaajwii
east 40 chains,  nmre or leas, to tfaeUbfl
thence hdlowlng the -aid shoreIbus9
ami westerly direction 1_Q t-__\et BMHifl
to p.,im of commencement,contalnioittii
more or leas.
Oct. 13. woo. or iiKHiaa
By i.i. 1Ia_(ii*jm,.A(_i
Notlci* is herebyciren iiiatooiUyutttiejH
intend   Ul apply  to the Hmi. lln* 1 |,i.lifl
sioner ol Landa and Works lor jf*r-����n
purehase the following d,- rlM.Unliai
"est KiMiletiay dlitrhl- H-ginnlsc at a J
marked';   D. Bell aud K  H-ll'iS g.^j
about 2 miles cant of tbs Balmno rirtfiiM
C mil,* from lhe I'.-iel .!..-. .1 - ;.,.  ���*.��,
cbains norih; tbenoe40chaini vM;d3
ehains south: theuee Ki ehalni (**��! t, ik|i
begtnnl   g-
Itated the -t-'iid day ol H, pt.-ml*-7,1Ml
I. Ht.
R. M RlSTC l|
.-daysafter date
ei Commission
Notice Is herebv given tbatSlXt
I Intend to applv to the Hon. Cb
or of Lands and  Works for permission to purchase the following deaorlbed lands, 190aores,
commenolng al a post marked John Toye, planted on th- east shoreof Lower Arrow lake, about
one mile north of Sunshine creek, thenc. forty
chains east, Ihenee forty chains soulb, theme
forty Chains west, thence forly chnins north
along lake shore to polnl of commencement.
Dated this Llth day of September, It*)..
John Toys.
llAHHV -.MISON, Agent
Notice Is hereby given that 00 days alter date 1
intend to apply to the Bonorable the Golei Commissioner ol Landsand Works for permission to
pnrehaae the following described landa: torn-
mincing at n post placed 30 chains west of the
southeast corner of Coi B43, marked "K. a Bell's
northwest   corner,"   them-e    south    W  chains,
thence east ai (hums, thenre north 90 ohalns,
thonoe west so cbains i<> point of oommencement
Oontainlng 40 acres, more or less
Located thisflth day of Nov ,i<jo��.  it. a Bri.l.
Sixty days afler date I purpose making application to the lion, cbici Commissioner of Lands
ml Works fo' pcrmlssl,
lowing described land:
pleoed at the north eaat
application tO  purchase
ir post - ���
purchase lhe fol
oniineticlng ,11 a poi)
rner Of B, C ������tinner's
narked "H. D'l N. Vi
'ing ihe east bOl
sixty days after date 1 pnrpOSC making application to the  Bon. Chief Commlcslouer of   Lands
and Works lor permission to pnrehaae tbe following described land: Commencing Rt n jM��st
pi need allbe northwest comer of 11 Dodd's application   to  purchase, marked "K  Vi. H's K. W,
corner post." running lbence K) ihaln-i north;
thenee A chains east; thenee B0 chains south;
tlience  ho chains west lo point ol commencement, eontainiug MO acres, more or leas.
Dated this 10th day of October, lftft.
ll Vi. IUnmmitoh,
per K. Bhiki.1., Agent.
Notice ls hereby given Unit sixiy ilayn alter
dale I intend to apply to Ihe Honorable the
Chief  Commissioner  of   Laud**  and   Works.  f,,r
permlsalon to pnrehaae the following described
lands lu the West Kootenay district:   Beginning
at a post marked "JamftsO Kniser's N.K conn r,'
anted on the east shore of Whatshan
ne half   mite   north of
outh 40 chains, more or
���ss, 10 ine north   boundary of W. Beeombe'l ftp-
Heation topunbaM ; thence west along the said
oundary lo chain**., more or less, to ihe shore of
he lake;   ihence fol owing  the said shore In a
eneral northerly   and easterly direction  ho
hams, more or less, to |���,int of commencement,
oniaiiiliig 100 acres, more or less.
Oet utn.UOB. jaiiho, pbabdi,
K. L. Hammom,. Ageut.
(Cariboo) lake, about
Christie creek; thenc.
Notice Is benby given that slxtv days aller
the date I Intend to apply lo lhe Hon. the Chief
Commissioner of Lands and Works lor permission   lo purchase  the following described   land
in the West Kootenay district:   Heginniug ata
post in��rked -v.. R, Kefl's N.I*:  corner.11 snd
planted on Hie shore of Whalshan (C���r!l Hake,
al lhe northwest comer of said lake; Ihenee ho
chilli- west; ihenee 10 chains south; thenOfl 40
chains east: thenee WChains SOUth] theliee ea-"
hain . moreor less to lhe shore ol  the said
ary of same80chains south: [hence running ko
chnins east; ihence 80 chains norlh;  thence BO
chains wesi to point ot commencement, containing I'.H) acres more or lesi
Daied the loth day of October, 190(1.
11. Pomi,
Per it. Siiiki.i, Agent.
60days after dnte T intend to apply to the Honorable the Chief Commissioner ot Lands and
Works. Victoria, B. 0 , to purchase 640 acres of
land situate west of Arrow lake on Hie west side
of WhatOhan creek and joining lbe north boundary of 8, J. Annable application to purchase
Commenolng at a post marked ft. J. K. H. K corner and running wis" Wl chnins; thence north HO
obalui thenee eut 80 chains) thence south to
polul of eommeneement.
���September 2nd Hmo. It. J. K1.1.10T.
Notice Is Ik reby gh en lhat 00days afler dale I
Intend to appl?;to the Hon. Chief Commissioner
of Lands and Works for permission to purchase
the fo lowing described lands In lhe w'ost Ko.it
euay Dlstrlol \ Beginning nt a post murked "W
fl Mvidgcs s \\ corner," nnd planted abont
one-quarter mile west of the west ihore of Whatshan [Cariboo) lake, and aboul one and one
Himrler miles norih of the southern end ot ihe
lake; thenre norih so chains; theuco east 40
(hnlns more or leas to the shore of the Whatshu*.
lake; thene,- following said shore in a eo
southerly and westerly direction 100 chains
orleSStOJB pojnj ()II  u,t   shore due east oTttai
Dost of commencement! thence west 20 chain.
mor- or less to the polnl of commencement   .,
taiiilng:i20 neres more ,r less '  ""
Dated this Oth day af Oflt., 1006.
,     F. L. Hawmowi), Agent.
���nee norther Is along the laid hike thore
', men-or less, to th,. point df common-
containing Ino aerea, more or less.
00Lia,WW, E. K. Kkii.,
F. I.  Hamhonu. Agent.
Ih hereby given thai OOdayS afler dale I
..........i�� api.ly lolhe Hon  Chief fi0l Issloner
Of Lauds Hiid Works for permission to purchase
he  followiiig described   lands lltuatod   lu   the
Weit KootenM district:   Be/Inning at a post
.narked -'William Keil's N. W. corner." and
planted about ��,iic mile smith of the norlh end
S5"-Wff��<CMl Jlakc^aioullwcn.-chains
west of -we weet ihon ol laid lake and on tho
iouth boundarj of K B. Keil's application to
purchnH,.; ibenee-.milhW. chains; iS.cu.e east .0
ill,, ^,,n,:T,'' ,or   eM' \�� we islcflake ghoroj
thenee no Iherly alon*. ihe snld shore Wl chain-.
kT tr, .t.N"H' !'/ U"'  hl*"l south   boundarv   of
h,     hen lapplicatlon lo purohaae; tbenoe woat
20 chains, more or less lo lhe point of comiiiciice-
menl, containing IMI acres, more or less
Hated Oct. V2, LW, WlLLUM KlIL,
By F. L If
AMMOM., Agent.
lnuold'To' Itw'l ��lTun *__���� w! rteje after date
iloner of lands
dftfl al
the   ion. tho Chief Commli*
I Works for permission lo pnr-
following  described   lands in   Weal
Cn^MVFJ*^ixlA,iii PWWOe of British Columbia;
i-11 i '. .1|l*' ''"'I' '"''��� ll"*��''* ".sssiil iwi-nty (*2lll
v..   ti��� s " "' 'm'"tf (��) I'lssslns. llH-lll-o
H,���m,,:;,V,,,(,!!.),1'l1'"l"�� ""'"'��� "r '���-���������� "* ou pibob ���i
llulu.l Isi .I.y nl AllKllsl I'm.
 Hy IiIr ngent J. E. T.ylor.
llssll   us   llM. |-
��',srks fur Mr.
deurlbed l.ui.1
'1. !".�� W ,���rii,.r
Aty iilli. I'li-ri-u-s '
���sssil, th.nco ���, ,,,,���
'""I; n oe ws s-iu
WW lsi|.s,liil���|,	
, "'I I"'r, iiiikliiK.pi.lli-ii-
Coranilulonor nt 1,hii.i�� 1,11.1
Issu In psiri-hMi- llio fislliiwlnu
isiiiini'iisliiKHt a ps.Kt nmrke.l
T.    llslJssSlUnK  tho l-HSl Isssllllsl.
isii,iiis-siiiiiii ti, |siiri:hiisi\ran.
i.iiis nnrth; thenee ao uKtlni
���nn sssiith; thoneeaoolitlni
moncoraent 11..mii.K mn
1 llli'sl lliis lllh il,iy 0f AllKii.t, HHIfi.
Hlxty 1l.ysHll0r.ini. I |-iir|.*. ns.l!s,fb
eetlofl Iss llss- ll<>n<irHl>]<- lln-' li is I'. S...M,
nl 1.ssti,Ik nsiiI Wi.isv- !,.r |*ns,|.-l���u ��� ; -.
tho fs'llowlnn ,le.s rslrt'l land: 1,,1110^,1
A i���.,\ iitnikl',1 "Is. I*'. H W s.im-s: ""
K Fsil'inlt-r's u|,)sl)s atii.is 1��� pssr-h
Ih.-lii-o Wi-hHlns iinrili; ih.-ni-.- ��� __������
Ul-'IIS-I- SIS ihHlll.   rsSSSttl,   ll,!-!,,-,.  .1 itllM,
li, thc  pisllst s,l iiilnssi'lssi iii.Ist. .-0DU_saf
.i-ros, Inssn- nr k-s*.
llHlesl ths- llll, ,l���J-,,! .1 ilKil.t. 1*6.
ll ta.
Tor F. I,. K.tiinit.lpe
Hsiinsr.hlo ths- CbstelCe-unlMlourd
Wntkslnr iM-rml..lssii tnisssrs-hss. lb.
deaeribed Lints in Kooleot, sintiki.
InrliclliK at . psssl lissrktsl .1 B. At.iltbit'll
onst s-nnuir tsost. s.1'1 1-ss.t bt-ln. ssn Ik,
still-  nl  Uio Uswor Arrow Inks.-, sbsssillf,
below lHirinii Clly; il a south IM
Ibenee wail '.*o oheliui iiss-iirsi wuthaa
thanoa weal 'Ji .-Iihiii.; thene, nonh a.
sinl TO links, innro <n I.-- Iathaw|
ths-ni-o o.storlTsls'iin IskeWislislm, asm*
l,s thi-pl.s-i- nl iH-iilistissisr. s-onls.*isl!!,iar*
moro sir less,
D.k��l this5lh sl.) isi Nsisombor.ia*
j H. Am*
,H-r K. I. lisisn li*
Bixtr den Attar si.n- i miinii issihM
Bonorable th.- i'isis-i s-,.i1ii,ii.,iiianoiijja
Wssrks (nr 1st-rnslssli'ii t,, pssrils.wlb. m
slosorlh.il Ihii.Is in Knilinsy ilwitn: M
.In. .1 �� p.ssl inork.l -A. J. Will 3
o.srnor pi-sl." s.lsl p.,-1 l.-iuilsililli.MJ
crlvshssr. sitlho U��-.-r Ais.ssr l>I��>��5
slsso o.si, on  Hi rlhss.t sisliietwW
onsup 1; thence m>nii eo chilnii <ui 'M
snsiiii tssoiiHiti-. mora m i,-.,, is,iM,*na
thenee followlni s��m ihori \n,mm
sllro.ll..11 BO chains, mere ,,il��.l��l��lfl
betlnnlng, minuimnit UO .""��� J*"
Ilaloil tl,Is :>lli .l.iv ot Nov.-inbrr, 1��
porK L. Bissr.Ai*
Notice Is herohy given that w wmL
I llilonn*. ts. apply is. Hn- Il��������%3
Cminlsslssnor ol Undi ami ��'����;_\
sl.,11 totnrehaae lhe lisllnwlniilnenwa
Kootenay   dlatrlct:    ''""""''"""'iL,
marks-si -J. H   Walla,-,'. ii..rllss"��IJ'*{
siihl  nssst holin nn Ihs- sssMirls- m- ��
Arrn��    lake,  an.l   ssl the  KitM _\
Porter', pre-empllon s-iain.; Ht"<_f_\
th,-,,,-,- s'1,11. rfe  ���.;.�������� ��'*.;'!
thanoa aonth �� chains, hente'.'"
more or len to the Arrow latalMMH
oasierly direction 00 chaini, "',"',Jr.,
nla.-o or bagtniuni, contalnlni mokw
loss. ...
llaU-.l Ihis ffllh slay nl Octolser.m __J
By Islsssitolil. Ki:vs���� '���"*_*
���!H_S_.^xte.bio \l��mtSS*_U
ill lninls ansl Ws.rs- S'-r     -"'. .,,.,��!
plantoil on the Ni.tHi��i-l'"j;,|il
llsonoo rsiniilnij twenty ni. '��� ��� . IB|
iwonly ohalns W.-sl.i;.scs"��;/'   '''���,,
ijlance twenty chain. Eut U��a����"
Ss.nihtss point ol nmencemmi
lint W) iioros iiinrs'sir
Ilat.!.l this 1st slay ..Ml, n-l-r. I*":-   __.
pltoallnii tn purchaie m��i"' rlh;ik
l,er.**rnn.,l,.a Ihenco ��;; ,    *    'u;**
ohajnawaatlftenca �� _SSSS*4
obaina anal lopolntoi
111. :i* as-rs- rt nr 1." lfl.
flato.l Ihe 10th day ol 0'iWOeri'WM
I11I-111I to apply I" '*' ' ",,l>l��.(
CinnniUslouor..( Un;l �� * '"maM
slon to purchase tho lol owiaj, ���,,,���*
lntb.*lve.tKool.-..��y*l*,'   *,,��4
I. l'l.ink,
porr. u.FAUituiaa,
Nsillivlslssis'isvi:!'*'1   '"'.|,I,.p'��K
fate '^'jm
������w.s. inbe'i B.�� cor   ',.���ii.k'I *fti
Ink,.;  llioi  north J  '   . i,t,!����">
challiH. moro ssr 1,0"; ";���",��� ��iienraJS
[ollowln. the,aald 'nm -i,umSSm
ffSSwSS-S -"^
,,t,*im*��* NHEUSER        "<AND THE ORIGINAL
iUSCH...    Budweiser Beer
DISTILLERS, 12 nud 20 years old.
The Daily Canadian
NELSON       �����'��� *&3��(0��r,tM'    VICTORIA
Burns __ Co.
M .ricts in   KnsHlnnd,   Trail,   NoIhqii,  Knslo,   Snndon, Thi*** Fork", Now
Denver nnd aiown I .ty.
1 tnall to nuy branch .rill nave
pi mil careful atleutlou.
Head Office: Nelson, B.C.
afler dab- 1 purpose making ap|>ll<
r lion, chi.'f Commlaloner ol i-*niis
ur permlMlon to purchase the lol-
..] lands: Couiiue(ic|iiK at a post
uithwest corner oU. ishlell's ap-
pnrebate, marked * 8.BT8 K.cor-
11 Hint llienee 80 ehalna north, theme MO
w-.it. ilotiie tin chains south, thence ho
.a-i inpoinioi oommeneement, edntaln-
icrei : on or less.
Illo* 131b day of October, 1906.
R. HHIIl.l.,
pt-r J. Hhiki.i., Ajfeiit.
* davi after date I purpise making appli-
the Hon  ChNf Cm uiissloiier of L_Q_S
Mission In purcha-ie lhe  fol-
alltls:    Coiiimelo'liiK al a post
in*  northeast 1 orner of It Kblell's
Um, 1.. j. .*- line,   mark.-d "M, K li's H. K
������ 'uiitiiiii* ibonce SO chains uorth to the
nl r I. 0M8, thenoe su ,-haius
-. .hnlns south, thencertUchaiua
1 min 1 oi commencement, oontainlng W"
unit' .ti ten,
l tlie llth day of Ootobftr. 1!W��.
H. B. Oetsrttt,
ikt j nmrci.i., Agent,
us afler dab* I purj��>se  piakltiK appli-
lb ii   llo-  Chief  t'omml^lolier  of
*.- for permission to purchase the
[mc i|.*-'*n*"'.l   Und:    Contiiieiu-inn at a
��f thu junction of Barnes and
ian rm*ks, and east of  It. J. Klliotl's np
.11 b> purehase, tjinrkt <1 "\V. N  l"a. S. ...
" ruimius mi,-nee BOcbalns north; thenre
tin ucefticbalqa south: thenre (to
a,**) lo t'.'iiil of ciiniiueneemeiii; eontaln-
acn ��� mon- or h-v.
ll.ti, day oH-viober, ICOfi.
W. N.l'ooi.ic,
Per J. Bantu* Agent.
> Ue*  Hon   Hie Chief CommisAioiier of
nl *���*���   rk* (or permleslon to purchase the
ik ���*,.��.Tib.-d lauds:   Commenelni at a
 lai iio* -ontheail oornerolM, B.Oren-
U-plicaiion io pnroha*e, marked "V. H's,
I innlnjl IbeueeW chains north:
-   thenre m chains cafit; thenco ho
it thonc-j 80 chains westi to point 61
mm in. contalniiiK Mo acres, more or
lUli day of October, 1900,
Per J. Shlell, Agent
rphy KtTen that 80 'la**s alter dale I
ipplii anon to tin- Honorable the
tuiMloner of Lands aud Works for per-
ln  In  purchase   the   followiiiK   described
 menring at  a poal   on the  Dortb
-.I  but .-..( nod  about'.'chatiis east of
Ihan ereek, runniiiK pi ehnins eut] thence
m.nli; Ihence i" obalns west: thence 40
nh 1.' point of commenoement, eon*
;*' '���*��� re or less.
�� lober 1:;, p.sni.
I.KoN Watson,
H   li - ui*. nt, Kk.-JWT W. HomsaoN
���Uyi-Mtor dato 1 purpose miming appll-
n fie Hon  1'lilff Coinmlssioiier of Unds
rks im la-rmisston to purebi_e iho foi-
li-crilicd  land:   Coniineii''liltt Ht �� poat
ifMiiit  IU0 yards west of  Ihe Whatshan
1 Mid al 1 iwo miles souih of What-
*-��� iii!.rl*.:.| 'B. C. S'a N K. nini_ post,"
: llunec so obaliiH aouth; thenee NO
tf, ihence-80 chains norUi; thence M
.> point oieommenoement] contain-
or le.
f October, 1806.
H  0, SK1NNKH,
i'er u. Hhiki.i., Agent
itf'er date I Intend tonppljr to thc
���hlel Couiuils.loticr of Lauds and
m. to purehaae 1*80 neres of land,
wesl sideof Arrow lake.adjoining
sni 1, acribed as follows: Commencing
��� I'laiilfd ou ilie west boundary of LOl
,u\���*' cl>Hins north of the H. W. corner of
��� hence west ;�� ehnlna, thenre toutb 60
iiifitce ,.���.; _q Qbgtns io the western
���) "i pre-empUtn No. 378, lbence north
11hi place ol bet tubing,
'*" I*-'���'. 1��-. M  K. Wai.i.sv,
k j. Elliott- Agent
'.   --'i*1*..  iriven ibai llo days after dnle 1
"iake i.ppllcalion to the Bpnorabla the
"iniMi-Mooft of Lands and Works for per-
" b�� iiuiehue  the (ollowlng described
'"'"���"'���mnngitg post placed iil-out oil.*
��� Ll'1 ,\."ll'(l��" eroek nnd about three
"li "I Wliittshnn lake, in 11 uinu HochalUH
""'"reSOehRlns  west;   (hence BD chains
ii'ioc ni ehnins east,  t<> polul of nun-
''*'  ' "iii.iiniiim illo acres more or less.
t-toborlH, \gggt
UK" ni, Khnkmt Vi. Kohinkon
1 herohy gWon that BO davs from dnte I
"It > totho Iloiioruble tdu Chlel Com-
" [*mU and Works to piireliare M0
in .lcroriood as follows: Commencing
""'ii.-.l on the north bnbtt ol tho Little
'' ��� aooul 200 yards fnnn month, aud
���      .cLean's   S    W.    corner   post,"
��tw chains, thenee north fo ohalns,
-1 ^cluilns, theuee souih MchalllS, Iii
""nGncemont, and oontainlng M0acres
Row, MiLkan.
Notice li hereby given mat BQ tiny-** nfter date I
Intend to npply to the JloiHuiihlt*- the Chief Commissioner of Lends and Works for permfMion lo
purchase the following described lands in tbe
west Koolanay distriet: Beginning at a po��t
marked "Alexander eraser's n. ff. oorner," nnd
planted ou the eaai shore of tbe narrows of
Whatshan (Cariboo) lake, at the B.K. corner of
Itrnliard Hlrnch'i appllcutloii to purehiis*.*;
thenoe easl 4U chain*.; thenee sonth D chains;
Ihenee wesl 4-1 chains, more or less, lo tbe shore
of lhe narrows; thenee following the said shore
in a northerly direction  B0 chains, more or leaa
tothe poim of oommenoement, oontainlng MO
acres, more or left,
Del Utb.UOB, AutxsNbRK Fraskr,
by V. L. HAUHONI,. A|fent.
Hlity dnvs aflei date I purpose making application lo the Hon. Chief Commissioner oi Unds
and Works for permission lo purchase the followlug deeorfbeo lands:   Commeneing nt the
northeast corner of c. L Hanulnglou's tippllen-
II,,ii to purchase, marked "B. A. c _ 8. B. corner,"
i-in ni ni: thenc* B0- hnlns norlh, thence 80 chnins
West thence 80 cbains SOUth, theuee BO chains
east to point of commenoement, containing M0
acres, more or less. .
Dated (he 1 -ih day of October, VMM'.
K A. CKE.isi:,
tier J Shisi.l. Agent.
Notb-e is hereby liven  lhat M dnys nfler dale
i Intend loapply to theHon Chlel Commissioner
��� ���; i -.ii'i- rn**i u orks for permission to nnrehase
the followltiK deeerlbed lauds in West Koolenny
Dlstrim: B'glnnlng bi a post marked, "Bern-
hard Htn-ch'*.... K. corner." and plnuted on the
ensi shnre of the narrows of What*tun (Cariboo)
lake; tbenoe n- rlh m' ehains; theuce wesl 40
chains more or lesj, to the shore of Whalshan
lake; theuee (ollowiiiK snid shore In n gecernl
Southerly and easterly direction UD chains more
or less, io point of eommenoement: coutsiiiing
:*H0 seres, n. ire or leas.
Dated this Mb day of Oct. HX��.
IlEKMIAHIi  llll:-. II.
F. L. Hammomi, a^-.-hi
Hlxly d��vs afler title I purpose making appli
cation io t'e lion, the chief Commluloner <if
Lends and Works for permission to purehase the
following deseifbed land: Commenetng at a
ia��m piaeed ahoul half n mile west of Barnes
creek, nnd about one mile north of the mouth of
the sum a, marked "J. S's. H Vi- corner." ruiinlnK
thonce ��<�� ehalns north; thenee go chains eut]
thence ni chnins south lo the uorth houudnry of
Vi. S. Poole's application ti> purchase; theuce ��0
chains west to point of commencement; containing r.10 aeres more or less,
fluted tlie mil day of October, 1906.
Hv hi
' day
iih .lav (let , i-M
-   llll,
- -luic i purpose making appli
���''��������� hief (.uninltulnnoi of Unds
1 Permlssiuu to purchnse the (ot
l(,d lands: Commenolng nt the
ner o| v, J'odd'a application to
l...��d "C.l��� H'hN. K. corner," run-
'Jains south, thence (W chains
"   ncuHO chaiiiH
   ���    nn.-.it, coulalniiiK
'""���'--���"���dayo- Oetoltor. P.��0.
0, i, IIjutNinoTOff,
iht j BiiiKu.. Agent
111..- im i I.n" l0Uth. thence
Illo ���i, Rl'ft|n�� ""rth, thence
I'-  ii, r        i   """'"''"'-'tnclit, c
sixty dars aftT iinte i parpon making application to the Hon. Chief Coinmlsslcner of Leu.!*-
and Works for permlaalon to purchase the fol-
inwing deeerlbed lands: Oommenelng at a posl
plncc'l ubout half a mile west of the lower end of
Whalshan lake, mat ked "H. H's. N. W .corner,"
runniUK ihence SO chains south; thence HO chains
east; Ihenee W) chains north; theuee SO chalna
west to point id commencement containing 010
neres, more or less
Dated thc i_.li day of October, 1000.
H xty day. nfler date I nuriiose mnklng appli
cation to the Hon Chief Coiiinilssioner ol l4tnds
and Wo ks for permission (o purehase Ihe followlna; described lands: Commeuelng at the
northwest corner of IS. A. Crease's application to
purchaie, markeii "W. ii. Q.|. B \V. eorner."
running theuee SO chains north; thenee SO
chains east; thence m chains south; thence SO
chains wesi to point of commencement, coiitaln-
snu *M0aeres, more or less.
Dated the Uth day of OotOhgf, lft*L
W. (I. (ill,LETT,
Per J. shiki.i.. Axeut.
Hixty'lays after date 1 purpose making application io the Hon. chief commissioner of Lands
and Works for permission to purehaso the following deeerlbed lauds: Commencing at thc
northwest corner of IL Dodd'i application to
purchase, marked "M. FsS.W. comer," running
thenee Ho chains north; lbence SO chains, more
or less, to the WOSl shore of Whatslniu lake, following saine 80 chnins aoulh; llienee SO chalm,
moreor les-. ensl to the point of coinineiiieiiieilt,
containingOtOaOtOa, moreor less.
Pated the I2lb -lay of Ootober, 10"��.
M. Faiqi-ikh.
per i- KuiKl.b, Agcul.
Notiee is hereby given that sixty days alter
data 1 intend to spply to the Bonorable Chief
Con.mlssloner of Lands and Works for permission to purchase the following deserlbed lands:
Commencing at a posi placed on the north wist
com. rof Albeit Elliott's application tofturehese,
running B0 Chains eust along lho iiorlhern
boundary   ol  same;   theme   B.  chalm  north;
thanee Nchains wolij th nee so cuius south, to
point "f oommeneement, containing 540 acres,
more or less.
Dated t)ei. is. 1006. ,,, Ipjw ki.i.k>tt,
By his agent, Khnkst W. Kobinson.
Notie* is hereby given thai W dayi slier date 1
Intend m apply lu tho Hon. ('hief Commissioner
n,,anils an-   Works for p.-rm salon to porehase
ti,e following deeerlbed landi iljuated in the
West Koolenay dlsirlct: Mcglnning al ft post
...  .l.-.i  " ilfrhiTt  Warreo ** "   L, co'iier,   nuti
Xnud ,.., 11 �� al aBoreol WhaUhan (Oarlboo
i,   ���.,  i, ��"iii��n,-r ...M.* nortb ot the iouth-
... ;.n.i i ii s inks'- Uis-iis-s- weatnohalna thonro
. ��� ii, i I iin"   i s"i'-I* ���"���>"' ���-��'l'11"1""* '"""> "r
i.S   to   IVh ihan   oreekl   thanoo lollowlng
s'l, sSon. lho. is'i-k and laki rt- no ohalna,
tBlning G-t" neres, more or less
'"IMiiii,��... .!,.>��� a o.*'"',*]-*s ���.,������,,
K. 1��. Hammono. Agent.
purpose uiakiu*-- ili��� -j111
1 hi, f Commissioner of Lnnth
""Msion to purehftift tho fol**
"iiidsi CoinineiKdng at a
'"' northwest cornor ol *-K.
'"���n lo purchase, marked
��� ' '"{\ running ihence so chains
 v,,   ,''";,I|,H ff��t Ihenee 80 chains
"-su*[ Bf��MSrote *
i.iiuiiijr ni Ootobor, JBOa
K. llollKUTsiiN,
sslls-s. h Iss
tilt!   llslll.SVllll.
Waal Kootom
markad, "Anl
plant-**. ">.
Kkoat lha m
thenoa aouth 40
.|,v Kiv..|illi��l��."l��
-. tjs sis,, lion
I Co
s stfti-r sluts' 1
Secretary Taft Urged to Prohibit  Importation of Electricity.
Washington, D. C, Nov. 26.���Secretary Tall today listened to arguments
on both Bides ot the much-discussed
.uestloii as to tho transmission of electricity from the Canadian side of Niagara Fulls to tho United StaleB. It
Is probable that a decision iu the matter wil] be liundcd down at an early
dati-, unless a further hearing ls deemed necessary.
The art passed by congress authorizing the hi-crcUiry of war to fix tho
amount of power certain comiiunlos
may transmit frnm Canada to tho
united siutes also empowered him io
lirohllili tin- admlailon of any ek-etrlc-
ItJ from Oanada, und great pressure
has lieen brought to bear upon Secretary Taft lo head ofr all electricity
generated In Canada on the ground
that the extension of such concession
will further reduce the flow of watel
over Nliigara Falls. Thc American
Civic society is heading the opposl
aooo ���
The government of Hritish Columbia hereby offers a reward of
ItOOO for Information leading to
the art-eat and conviction of one
Frank Cedio. alias Frank Agalio
Paimblanc. who on the 18th Inst,
at the Cnn;nla hotel at Niagara,
B. 0., murdered Louise KIiik by
means of dynamite or other explosive.
Description of Frank Cedio,
alias Frank Agalio Paimblanc:
Italian, age about 38 years;
height, about 5 feet 6V4 IncheB;
weight, atiout 150 pounds; brown
hair, light brown moustache;
may be clean shaven now; eyes
light blue, thin face, small thin
noHe; slipht scar on one cheek,
extending downwards from eye
to corner of mouth.
When last seen wore dark grey
suit with black stripes, plaid pattern and tanned hlKli top laced
Wire   or   otherwise   report   im-
ms-diately any information to Mr.
I.  A.   Densmoi-e.   Provincial   Constable .Grand  Forks.
13y order,
Sttpt.   Provincial   Pollen.
Thirty days alter tlate ! tnieiul tn apply In the
Hon.t'hUf <'oin in is**, mier ol l.nii.i-mnl Work .
Viclnrla, for a special lloeO'e t�� eut ami earn-
away llmher from Hit* .ollowing tract of lautl,
situated OD the N. ���_ 8. railway, In the Wcbt
Kootenay district: Commencing at anost nl-nt-
ed near the N. B corner nf a. R. PJngfu)_'l
timber claim, thence weat 80chahifi, ihcnce north
so chain*, thence e*lt HO chains, thence south HO
chains to point of cnmuiencemenl.
NOT, 6th, 1906, P. J. '..ALLAOHKH.
Notice is hi reby fflven that ..OdAys alter date I
intend to apnlv to the Honorable the Chief COM-
tnlHBloner of Uiutls ami Works for a apeclal
HcctiKc lo cut and carry away tin, l>,r from lhe
following .1* ���*'TiiM-d lamlN: Commeiicfuk' nt a
post market) "T J.Scaulan's northeast corner,"
plaikletl al>out a mile west from Hear creek, and
about four mllen from Its mouth, which is six
miles'went frum Nelson; thenc. west&1 chaios,
theuce south 80 chains, theme east 80 chains,
thence north HO chain- to the initial point.
Loetted Oetober Und. U0S.     T. J. PeliftAjr.
Notloe in hereby civen that ��o days after dute I
intend to appU to the Bon. the chief Commie
���loner of l.nn-l- and Works for a Npec'al licence
lo eul and carry a * uy tlmher from the followine
descrihed lauds:   Commencing al a post marked
"T. J. scan'an'it southeaal corner," planted ahout
five milei up (iromaiicntek. which empties atiout
one milt*-west of Nelson; tlience wcaMO chains,
theuce north 160 chains; thence eut -to chains;
theuee south 160 chains to point of cominenee-
D&ted Oct 80, iao6. T. J. Pcawuit,
W. J, McKimm , Agent
Notice is herebv given that 30 days alter dato 1
intend loapply to the Honorable Chief commit*
slmi'T of Lauds and Works for a special lli'tuise to
rut and carry away timber from the followiiiK
tlescrila-d laml��: CommenfitiK ata post ninrkeil
M. 0, MonaRlian's southwest corner, pluited
ubout a mile west from Hour creek, and about
four milea trom lis mouth, which Ih six miles
west from Nelson; theuee north HOchains, theuce
east HO chains, theuce south HOchains, thence
west HO chains lo the initial point.
(Mated Und October, 1900.   M.C. MOIUOHAK.
Notlco In hereby given that -'-t days after ilttlc 1
lutend to applv io ih** Hon. Chief Cnmmlssloner
of l-auds and Works for a special llcenee toeut
anil carry away timber IroW lhe- following dc
eerlbed 'ends: Commeuolug at n post marked
' K. T. Morrison's soiilheast comer," -planted
about a mile west from Hear creek, nnd nbniit
four miles from Its mouth, which ItntX milei
wesl from Nelson; theticu Weit80ehelni* theuce
north 80 chains, theuce east HOchains, ihcucc
south 80 chains to the initial post.
I-ocatcd October Wild, 1900     K. T. MonitisoN.
.- Mln
'",rlU���|^itnds sllliatud  in  l.
Dlrtrlrt:   Beginning at a poll
���n-li's N. B, comer," and
[ whalshan (Oerlboo)
-uer of Ilm snld lake;
hence west -in chains,
n(  Wl.atah  __
(suit) creek nnd
Sixty days alter date 1 Inteud to apply to the
Honorable the Chlel CuiiiuilKaloner of Lands ami
Works, Victoria, to purchase Kit) acres ol land,
located In Ktre Valley and descrlbeil as follows:
C nimuneliig at a post marked (1. It. McM's N.W.
corner, ami plautetl nt lbe southwest corner ol
lot .Sift, nud ruunln-jt south ttt chalus. thenee
cant 20 chalus, theuce north HO ehnins, thence
weat '20 chains to place of beginning
Nov. Itiih, woo, lino. B. McMillan,
J. K. Annahlk, Agent.
���Sixty days afler dato I lutend to apply to too
Hon Utile. OotOmlMlOner of Lauds aud Works,
Victoria, to purchase 480 acres of land, in Kire
Valb y, Wcsl Koolenay: Commeueiiig at a poBt
id ii n ted fio chain* west of the 8. W. eorner of J.
Koblnsou's pre omptlon, and marked Vi. W'n N.
K. corner, aud runulug wost 00 chains, thence
south 80 chains, thence ensl 00 chains, Ihenco
north 80 chains to place ol begiuniug
Nov. I8ih, looo, William Williamr,
J. E. Annahlk, AkciiI.
Notlco Is hereby given lhat 60 dayo alter (into I
Intend to make application tothe Honorable the
Chle' Commissioner of Lands and Worka for in)r-
mlMloii to purchase the following dese fbed
lands: Commending at a post plauied ou the
northeast eo tier of I'eter McNaugtiton's application lo pnrchuH , lollowlng thc cast houuunry ol
tame Ho chains nouth; tlience 80 chains easl;
thence 8o chains north; theuce 80 chains west to
point of couiinencenlrvul, containing (HO acres,
more or less.
'4ttt*w .!iiir*'t*i:'l- '������ IW'' AlfllMT Ki.J.Joit,
uicmcfo,,,,,   ��"���:-"-. ,,(  Whatsliiin creel
more or less, to I      ���    '   ���     p, Mlll, orM"J- ������
ssAsgM-*^ �������
, I"08' ANTOiNirra uiiwcn,
Uy F. L. IIaumonp, Agent.
��� a iig*
Hixty dms alter date I intend to apply ta tbe
Hon the Chiel Commissioner of Lands aud w orka
to purchnse UO acres of bind : Commencing at a
post marked "N.T H's southeast corner prist,"
���aid post being at the northeast corner of Ueo.
Hudson's pre-emption claim, about two miles
southeast of Barton City, thence west 40 chains,
���oulli'20 chains, west 40 chains, uorih to chains,
eaai eo chains, hoiith 30 chain1 In rbi*.' of commencement, containing 'l In acres.
Lncutcihlh davol Nov. UHM'..   MKtTll T. 11IKK,
Experts    Say    Flying    Machine-j
Play Important Part.
New York, Nov. 26.���The Herald
has the following cable despath from
Loci'luii: In thc course of a lecture to
the Royal United Service Engineers
today Colonel J, D. Fullerton of thc
Royal Engineers said. "There ls no
doubt whatever that aerial ihlpfl will
play un lniponant part In future wars.
It ls consequently must desirable that
this country should al once lake steps
to Insure a -suitable atrial force before
being ready when tlie tlnro for the
Straggle arrives, and I suggest that a
royal commission be appointed to report, after careful inquiry, au to
whether theffl is uow a reasonable
chance    of solving    tbe    problem    of
Sir Hiram Maxim, who opened the
discussion, said: "In my experiments.
I have fouud the lifting power of the
aero*,km**- at high speed to be much
greater than has ever been suspected,
My own experience tells me there cannot be any question of the future of
the flying machine. It Is coming,
whether we like it or not.
"Other nations are spending largo
sums of money in making experiments,
aud we must do the same, otherwise
wc will be left out in the cold. Our
knowledge can only come from practical experiment. In some of my tests
I have found the power of the wind
on the machine to be many times
greater than  had   been  supposed."
Major Haden Powell remarked that
every nation was now studying ballooning. The French had a long start
in the attention they had paid to the
subject, but the Germans were not far
behind them with Count Zeppelin. In
f:tct, so far advanced were both these
nations with these machines that he
thoughl. they might consider them a
new instrument of war witli which
they would have to reckon in the future.
He emphasized the great importance
or ballooning. The Hritish public did
not realize what a great question It
must be. In half a dozen years he believed it was quite possible, and in
another ten years' time they might
have machines flying through the air
w'hich would he absolutely under the
control and of great practical use.
Directly that bad been doue every
government would obtain them and
their navies would then be practically
useless as their first line of defence.
The dirigible balloon of the future
would be a powerful factor in war, for
(heir shins could not fight them with
guns of the present day .while the occupants of an airship could drop projectiles on the decks of ships whenever Ihey wished to do so.
Major Haden Powell continued:
"This may appear like a dream of the
future. It Is one that may be realized
and we must prepare against such a
contingency by paying so much attention to the subject that we in England
will have our airships with which to
fight our battles. We should consider
this prospect carefully while there is
yet time, and we must not neglect
these warnings of what may happen
in future. It is our duty to he pre
A. McDonald &Co-
Dcnlera in atnplo nud fancy Groceries.
Hulli-r, Errs.
Canipnnd Minors' Supplies.
Yale-Kootenay Ice, Frait, Fuel
& Poultry Co., Ltd.
Deli verier-* mnde daily throughout Nelson
ond ifR nibarbfl Phono 148.
Certificate of Improvements
-"SpygljM" mel ''Globe" miti��t*l fllalmi, iltuato
in Trout bake MlniiiK Division.
Looatodon Poplar creek.
Tide Noiic�� Mint i, Brace While acting ��*
agent tor tiio Hnytflass Mining j o., Free Mlaern'
Qertrooat-a No ft. ih.'ii, intend, rt day* from the
(lulu hereof! to upplv to tlie Mining Hueonlvr for
a (tort I Urate ol Improvements for llie p'irnose ol
oblniiihii- ii Grown i iruiit of the -Above rlfttnm.
And furthor lake notice thnt urtion, under
Section :t7, must be eonimcnreil before thc issuance of uncli Certificate of Improvement's.
Dated :Mh October, i��oe.        Bfcucti Wihtk.
Certificate of Improvements
"KcllpKp No. _;," "Vevoy," "Happy Medium."
"hilt i iiininiiitl" and "A ta Fractional" mln-
t-riil cIhIiiik, Nlliialed iu the H!oi*nii City Mining
Dt .Wotl ol West Kooteuay district.
Where located;���North of Twelve Mllcereelt,
about two miles up.
Take notice that I, II. H. .loraiid, of Hloi-an, W
O., Free Miner's - ortiffcatc No. BftflQO, aa agviit
for I,. A. Cole, Free Miner's Certificate No. B-tol,
Intend-, tilxty days from ibe dale hereof, to a_pp y
lo the Minimi Recorder for a Certificate of Improvement,., for t he pnriiOH. of obtaining a Crown
(Irani of suid mineral claims.
And further ink�� notice that action, unJer
Keellou :J7, must be eommcuued before the lstni-
hi of audi Certificate ol Improvement**!.
Dated tins atlh day ol Mepteiubor, luub.
H, K. J OKAN 11.
Silver King Hotel
Best Dollar a day house in the Kootenays.
Rooma .re well fnrislsslsi-sl.  Title u good u .07
lo NeUon.    ti.t Bupplled wiih good
llo uon aod clxtn.
W. K. MctlANDLI8H, Proprietor.
Tremont House
Karopean end American Plan
Meali 25 cti.  Booma (rem 26 eta. to tl
Only While Help Employed.
Baker Hi., Nelaon Proprietor*-!
Bartlett   Hotise
Best Dollar-a-Day House in Nelson.
The Bar la the Plnett.
White Help Only Employed.
Lake View Hotel
Corner Hall and V-ornon,
two blocks from wharf.
Kale. $1 00 per day and up.
telephone 118.
Grand Central Hotel
J. A. ERICKSON, Proprietor.
neutrally Locales). Open Day and NlgbL
Sample anil Bath Room. Free.
Opposite Court House and Post Office
Comer Ward iai Vernon Stmts.
The Strathcona
Nelson, B.O.
B. Tomkins, Manager.
The Leading Hotel in the
Oood   Sample    Room*.
Queen's Hotel
Baker Street, NelBon. B. O.
Lighted by Elec.tricitj and
Bested by Hot Air
Large and Comfortable Bedroom, and Flrat-
olalB lilulog Room. Sample Room, [or tlommer-
rial Men
MRS. K. 0, CLABKK, ProprletnH
Royal Hotel
moral fTaasB.
Rate* tl and 11.60 a Day.
S inl Rates to Regular Boarders.
Wholesale and Retail Dealeri In
Fresh and Salted Meats
Oamps supplied on shortest notice aud
lowest price. Nothing but fresh and
whol. uome meats and supples kept iu _tock
Mail orders receive careful attention.
E. C. TRAVES.  Manager.
W.  a.   OIUUETT
Contractor and
Hole HK��iii lor tin. Porto Rico Linnber Co., Ltd.,
retail yanln. Rough and 'In- suit linnhi-r, turned
work and brackets. Coast latli and sli ingles, .-uMi]
nml doors. Cement, brick and llmu for sate.
Automatic, grinder.
Yard and factory: Vernon Si., east.o. Hall,
P 0. Box 2S2. Telephone ITB.
West Transfer Co.
GEORGE F, MOTION, -bluffer.
General Teamsters nnd Dealers in
Oonl and Woo i.   Express aud
Baggage Transfer
FASTiS  Office: Baker St.
Notice In hereby given that at a meeting of the
Botru of Lii-enae Commissioners, to be ned In
the Chief Con* tible'ti ofllce. Nelson, on the ift th
Dw-mber, liK-H, I Intend lo apiilr fo*�� transfer ol
my license for tliedrove Jlotef, Fairvl:w, Nelson,
to 0 P. Waliunley.
Dated Kith Nov., 1MB. _  W CROW,
per WM.G08NKL.., Attorney.
Board of License Commiaa ouers, to be neld in
Cli id Constable's office, at Neleon, on 1-'<_Ji Dccem-
ln'i. iw.Mi, 1 intend to apply for a transfer o( my
hotel 1 leonine for the Pal nee hold, at Yialr. to
Archibald A Davis
9th November, U__. MITCHHLL TAIT.
$750 Cash and $15 per Month
Will Purchase a Modern House
containing three bedrooms, Dining room, parlor, kitchen and
bathroom ; gas and electric light.     The house is in a
good position on Mill street and
must be sold.
Price $1300.00.
H. & M. BIRD.
Ml ��      Lt        "T"  TO   TAKE OUT   AN���	
NOW IS the Time Accident Insurance PoKcy
I Represent The Railway Passengers' Company
The Old.it Company Doing  Buiin.u In Thlt Line.
Choice Fruit
I Hare 10,000 Aorea
Choicest Frott Lands In
British Colombia.
Can sell any quantity from 5 acres to 2,000 in one block.
Buy now and get the ground floor prices.
J. E. ANNABLE,    -    Nelson, B. C.
We Will Sell
1000 Yale-Kootenay Ice   9 t-2c
Insurance* Fruit Lands, Real Estate.
McDermid & McHardy
The Hall Mining and Smelting
Company, Limited.
Purchases Lead, Copper and Dry Ores.
Winter Excursions
Nelson T�� Montreal, Toronto
, And All Points Wat Thereof
in Ontario and Quebec.
Quebec, St. John Halifax, and Maritime Provinces ratea on application.
Tickets on sale dally,
Round Trip, Fir;t-Class. Three Months'
Liml', Old Country Rates
$89.25 Return
Halifax nr St John.
Saloon, $95; Second, $76; Steerage,$54
And up, according to steamer.
For detailed information, sailings,
ocean steamers, first class or tourist
Bleeper reservations, app'.y to local
agent or write
K. J. OOYLE, J. 8. OAR.ER,
A.G.P.*.,Vancouver,  s .**      D. P.A.. Neliion
Old Curiosity Shop
If you want to buy or sell anything,
go to tbe Old Curiosity Shop. "A new
line of Japanese Goods now on sale. All
kinds   of   Dinnerware in   stock.   Pit
Notice Is hnreliy glvi-n Unit tlie partnership
heretofore nuI)kI..i1iik between nn, thr uinkTslRn-
ed, nn hot.l luvprrH m the town o| Kholt, Hrlllah
Columbia, has thlHtlray been ,ll��solve_ bv mutual
eon imn t.
Pated this 27th tiny ol Oetober, I'.nii.
Wltiiesa:  Alex. Stewart, I'litli*,. P. MeCallum
Excursions to
Eastern Canada
Oriental Limited
With through tourists car to
To Toronto, Montreal
and points west
?*7*- $78.25
Corresponding low rates to
points east of Montreal.
Tickets on sale Nov. 24th to
Dec. 31st. Oood for three mouths
with tfrlvllege of extending limit
Going via Sault Ste Marie
stopovers allowi.il eaat of St.
Paul and Duluth.
Going via Chicago stopovers
allowed east of Detroit and
Port Huron.
For   further  Information  call
on or address
City Passenger-Agent.
A Cl. P. A., fi. .111,..
 il ���L"J UPWARDS
A collection of all the Latest
Shapes and Sizes.   A free
smoking and most satisfactory pipe.
Tobacconist.   Biker Street.
M*, w
The Daily Canadian
We have had an opportunity to buy a lot of excellent values In
Diamonds which we are selling at very close prices.. Our leaders are
fine little stones, mounted in our own factory into dainty little rings at
$6.50, $7.00, $8.00, $9.00, $10.00. $12.00.     Just the thing for Xmas Gifts.
]f_W     : ^_i_^.
JOIN    THE   LADIES    AMD    SEE ���
j New Xmas Fruits.
f __���
Seeded Raisins,
��� ���
Fine, clean, juicy stuck. A trial _
ordtT will csmvince you that tlu* T
stock is thc best. *
Bell Trading Co j
Coal and
Potter & Cummings
I lb. box
J -2 lb. box
Tbeio goodi are u One u the more expeoilvfl
kinds, lhe only illfTerenee la tlie package.
Phone 26. Baker St.
Next P. Hums He Oo.
Cor. V��rnon and \\ ..s-s.1  Stmtfts,
INKI.SON.   t>. C.
J, FRED HUME, Proprietor.
W. Halg-SmolliO, Procter; A. T.
Garland, Kuslo; \V. A. Robb, Picton;
C. (.'. French, Cloverdale; It. Clark-
son, P. C. Clarkson, Toronto; H, J.
Lislirnsh, Koschery; E. A. Van Sickle
nud wife, Calgary; Mrs. Herhumc, J.
II. Taylor, W. G. Ross, Vancouver; F.
L. Tuft. Spokane; II. .1. Lleisch, Winnipeg.
E. M. Hand. Ymir; C. S. l.iniisley
and wife, Bpokane; E. M. Sanililanils,
Bandon;   J.  Fleishman,  Vancouver.
A. u. Leonard, Winnipeg; C. Mori,
Allierla;   D,   Keefe,   Greenwood;   part
of Priimle company.
II.  Unwell, Bonnington; J. P, Ingle-
Held, Spokane.
T. a. Williams, Bandon; J. H.White-
well,  Phoenix;   ll.   Harrington,   Silver-
P,  Genelle, Vancouver;     M.    Dolan,
A.   McC'askiil,   U'estley;    C.   LeRoy,
'Spokane;  D, Bresnaban, Calgary;  T.
J. GiTi'iln. ll. l.ainoni. Vancouver.
II.  I).  Bolsover,   A.    McDo.gall, J.
Barker, Spokane.
II. 0. Llvesey, Burke; J. Hevenor,
.1. Ground, Slocan; A. Strongman, \V.
Kinraile, S. Taylor. Ymir; S. Course
Silverton; O. L, Richardson, Grand
Pure Ontario Honey
5 Pot_d Cans     90c
tO Pound Cans $1.75
Telephone 181.
DM BMAKINCl   ami  SEWING-Mrs.   Berthi
tVeleh, above Royal Bank ol Canada.
ssss mkn, ,si once, int work tn tho woods,  Awsiy
in W. S. Cooke, lawmlll, Kulu.
I.AHV STKNs >'. l;.\ I'll lilt r,,r |s���MII���ss 111 i-issilllry.
Uood  Is e ssltl lplisyer'w ftusslly.     Ais|ify
isssj ��*.. 1'ana.llali ssfllsV.
HI > 11.MKN. Mill llilllslKiuiitl^sKulliijCoUlrai-ttils,
alio -nglneor   Wattsburg bumbor Co., nem
COMPETENT   XIHSK.   UIKL.    Five   Children,
Apply IssixOlS.
two first clash ROOMS, isicain heated. Ap.
ply honjokeeper. Brd Hai. K \v. r. blocs
HUV TEllAII I.Ofls hirlloata Applv In Tremont
l'UI'NINO AMI liltAFTINIi ..rufullj- allellil-
ssl lis. Apply
Silver Klnsr Hotel
Corporation of the City of Nelson
BftiUod Tendon will l>_ rooBlvsd by tlicunder-
Higneil uii tn 8 o'clock, |>. ni-, un Monday the '20th
ilny nf ..oveinl- r, 19 fi, for tho removal of the
COUrt lion*.-.* tmililiiig.
:-|j<*<*iJii-ntI'.nr- for -nun* run lie neen al the eity
BnglnMr'i ofllce, City Hull.   By Order,
W.E.WA880N, City Clerk.
Nelson, Nov. 1!), lflOfi.
One ilriiuk appeared in the city police court this morning and pnld Uio
usual contribution.
The regular fortnightly meeting ot
tlie city council will be held In tho
Clly hull tonight at 8 o'clock.
The Poliniitier Sisters will appear in
Nelson on .New Year's eve under ihu
uiisi>iees of No. 2 Company, K. M. It.
The Churchmen's club of St. Saviour's chinch will give n social ami
whist party iu the mission room on
Thursday evening.
II. S. Lennie returned last evening
front the coast, where ho attended thu
sittings of the full court ou the ap
peal in Star vs. White.
Silver declined two points today on
both melal markets. Lead has risen
two points on the London market sincu
Friday. Copper has gained one point
since Saturday.
The executive of the Nelson Lacrosse association will meet lu the office of the president, G. P. Wells, this
evening at 8 o'clock, to wind up tht*
season's business.
Mrs. Jane Crlchton Orr, aged 72
years, died tills morning in Fairview
at the resldince of her daughter. Mrs.
J. H. RIngrose, whom she was visiting.
Funeral arrangements will be announced later.
Captain Johnstone of the local Salvation Army corps will leave for tho
coast Thursday morning. He will accompany Commissioner Coombs ln
Victoria, Vancouver and New Westminster, returning to .\elson Thursday. December 6.
The members of Nelson lodge, K.
of P., are arranging for a roll call or
all its members at Its regular meeting
Tuesday night. Tlie uniform rank will
be organized and the rank of knight
conferred upon several candidates.
Refreshments will be served.
A sikh visitor got into an altercation with Archie Reid on Haker street
this afternoon. The stranger became
noisy and Chief .Iarvis took him In
charge, requisitioned a sleigh and took
him to the station, in spite of the
pleading of himself and compatriots.
The monthly general meeting of the
20,000 club will be held in the board
of irade rooms tomorrow night at 8:311.
Secretary Chadbourn has received replies from Kamloops and Moose Jaw
to the correspondence he was Instructed to initiate with otner organizations
of similar aims.
The musical attraction of the week
Will be the appearance of the Edward
Parlovitz Concert company in tbe opera house Wednesday evening under
the auspices of St. Saviour's choir.
The company includes Aiys liateinan,
soprano soloist, and Miss Grace Merry,
of Toronto, entertainer.
Tlie Christmas treat for the children
of the Uaptist church is now being
prepared. It will be held on Monday,
December 24. "The Old Chimney,*
now being written by Rev. K. H.
Shanks, will be presented. The program will include musical selections
by the choir, solos by Mrs. Shanks and
others, recitations by the children, and
Mr. Clifford Lane Druce was taken
111 on Thursday at Kamloops, and as
his condition promised to become serious he was taken to the Royal Inland
hospital, where ho now lies, a victim
of appendicitis. He was, of course,
unable to take his part In the "Virginians." The play was billed by tbe
Nelson-Ilrucq company for TJhursday
evening, and Mr. Nelson had to jump
Into harness at short notice.
The Store of Quality
40 Cents per Pound
In order to clear out t Ins lino
wo nro reducing the price to
40c. We only have a limited
���quantity so don't delay ordering if yon want any.
Rob. M. Hood &Cc.
K. W. C. Block . Phone 10.
Don't Overlook
Tea Sets, Pudding Dishes, Butter
Dishes, Meat Forks. Pickle Cruets,
Knives, Forks, Simons, etc., alt of the
best material possible to be hail. All
musl  be siilil by Xmas, so come early.
Cm Am Benedict
Corner Silica and Josephine Sts.
With the arrival of Xniae goods we
find tho necessity for clearing out
some lines which we cannoi find space
to display. For this reason we have
decided to offer onr entire line of
Side and Back Combs
SETS���Back and Two Side Combs-
Regular   50c,   for 35c
Regular   75c,   for 45c
Regular   90c,   fur 60c
Regular  $1.10,  for 75c
Regular   jl.25,  for 80c
Regular  $1.40,  fur 90c
Regular $350, for $2.75
Regular $3.75, for $2.95
Regular $4.00, for $3.10
Regular $4.50, for $3.25
Regular SOc.  reduced  to 5Sc
Regular $1.00, reduced to 65c
Regular $1.75,  reduced  lo $1.25
W. G. Thomson
.3__��S__* "n" Nelsou, B. C.
Phone ��--*.
Order Your
Fruit Cakes
We make them in all sizes
and designs
Choquette Bros*
Commissioner Coombs' Visit.
Captain Johnstone received a wire
yesterday from territorial- headquar
ters statin-*, that Commissioner
Coombs wishes early door tickets to
be sold for his famous service, entitled, "Shadows of the Cross." At his
services in St. Johns, N. F., Lindsay,
Ont., and the Massey hall, Toronto,
thousands were turned- away long before the opening of the service, hence
this precaution, so none shall be disappointed who wish to attend. Tickets
will be on sale at It. M. Hood & Co.'s,
the Canada Drug & liook Co., and also
at Choquett.'s bakery from December
3 to December 8.
The public is also advised to take
advantage of Canada's Salvation Army
commissioner's visit to Nelson. lie
will conduct a holiness meeting in the
Salvation Army citadel at 11 a. ni.,
give the lecture, "Past, Present and
Future of the Salvation Army," in the
afternoon and "Shadows of the Cross"
at night. The last two services will
he given fn the opera house. His honor Mayor Gillett will occupy the chair
at these meetings, assisted by several
leading citizens of Nelson. Lieutenant
Colonel Pugmire (chief officer for Salvation Army prison work in Canada),
Jirigadier Smeaton and several other
Salvation Army officers will assist
the commissioners on this occasion.
There will be a silver collection at the
door at the morning and afternoon
The commissioner's visit will bo
made the occasion of the biggest Salvation Army demonstration ever held
in Nelson. His train will be met by
the local corps, and he will be escorted from the station to the barracks.
How   About   Your
Guns and
We have Bley'fl. Kynock's, Win-
clu'-sttT, and Oogaw-sll St
Loaded Shot Shells
Eynook's* Wtnoheater and
Rifle and Pistol Cartridges
Hunting Knives, Wading- Belts,
Coats, 1'ants, etc.
Nelson Hardware Co.
Box o31      NulMon, B. C.
By Mail $1.35
Canada Drug & Book Co's
....Cash Stores....
Sherman's Opera House
Monday, Nov. 26th,
(Exception���Wednesday 28th.)
The Pringle Company
In a Select Repertoire, opening Monday
evening  In
" Trapped by a Woman."
Prices, 75c, 50c;  children, 25c.
Plan at Itutlierford's Saturday.
Hi Wednesday, Nov. 28
Engagement   Extraordinary.     The  Ed-
uard Parlovltz Concert  Party,
The Eminent English Soprano of Cry..
tal  Palace and  Royal  Albert  Hall,
London,   England.
Milliard    Parlovltz,    I'lanlHt;      Miss
Giac.i Merry Entertulner.
Price., $1.50, |1, 75c, 50c.
Plan nt Rutherford's Monday  morn-
Ing for holders of   tickets;    Tuesday
morning for general public.
Mining Records.
One loealloo wns recorded In the
Nelaon mining office today, the West
Loop, adjoining tbe Copper (ilnnce, a
mile and a half west of Kitchener, located Nov. 17 hy W. H. Rlgnall.
Trains and Boats.
Crow boat���On time.
Coast nnd Slocan train���On time.
Boundary train���On time.
Rossland  train���On  time.
1 ho Prettiest and Daintiest Dross Slippers aro to be fouud nt onr storo.   Whother
it bo in a Patent, Lenther or Plain Leather wo aro
sure to please you.
The Royal.       R. Andrew & Co.
Something    Nethersole Bracelets
For the Baby ===^"
$1.00 Each
Telephone 333.
Starkey & Co., ggRsg
Wholesale Provisions*,
Dominion Government Creamery One Pound Rricks received weekly fri*h
from the churn.   For sale by all leadiiiK grocers.
Office and warehouse* Houston Blook,  Phone 70,
Josephine Street.
Repairing and Jobbing a Specially
Sheeimetal Work, CnstinKH, linilders' Main inl nml Mining and Mill Mm-liim-i-.
Ofllce and Works Koot of Park St.
I'hissso    Jill.
NelHssn, II. c.
A Word to the Wise
Thii year we have apptoolflteti tho wants nf ourcm-
stamen uml hare passed into sin-i- tin-
Good Cheer Art Base Burner
Thii stove is adapted for hard coal only, and i�� paw-
tint*.'(J to ���v.'iv-' tuUiitfiictioi).
]. W* Ashdown Hardware
Company, Limited.
l._p,.l,-l,,_ nnd .lol>l>l,,K .icuulad with I lunnlch.   Shoot Melal I
Work, Minlnif mid Mill Machinery.     Monufavturor-M of
Oro Curo,  u.  U.   Contractor!*'  Cars.
''""���" ",""1"1"1     INELrSOIN,    B.C. l"!:f!r"-y
From Btneta,
The Parlovitz Concert on Wednesday Eveuiug is
is the propor tliiui; and JOHN T. PI KKH.K is tho man to ninkii them nr proM vssur
old ono up.     Pnt on n front if you would mako the 110,000 mark.
JOHN T. PIERRE, Artistic Tailor
All Sizes 35 to 44
Now is the time
tn buy your
Winter Ovwooet
All Prices from $10 to $30
AND DEALERS IN   LtllUDef a  Shlflgl-Sf
Lath, Mouldings, Doors, Windows.
Turned Work and Brackets. Mall Ordors promptly al W ���**���
  VggWON STRIilfl    .   .   .   IMI-I.SOIN. B. U. _.
Kootenay Ranges
Why do we handle the Famoui Kootenay Range?
Because we cannot procure a better, taking Into account  design,  workmanship, cooking qualities .ind P"��
We will be pleased to show you its good points.
Woodt-Vallance Hardware Co'y


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