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The Daily Canadian Jan 11, 1908

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h*li||pialcyun Llthla Water.
^Halcyon  Llthla Ginger Ale.
^���Hala-yon Llthla Lemon tsaaur.
Hfrnin  intra. aai lii.nal. .1   llalcvon
IM^-W'al. r   \\ li.n   ...ai ..: 1, Ina 1 lala-v-
1   ^Kura-  vain eel.  It.     Sold nt   nil haa
a and .���:.:.
VOLOMK   2.     No.   l��()
Opentloii of Mint Means
Steady Loss
TlTO Soull   Samples  of   Wasteful
ExpCiditure of Public Money
by Departments.
Ottawa,    Jau
branch ot the i
clared open, foi
tutlon la  pro*, ii
toy.      Hither
money oolnel
mint at a oosi
value for all,.
on oopper can
ment supply n
ready   reDne. >
coins  naod   in
11. ��� The Canuilian
jyal.mlnt has been da*
operation.    This Initl-
g   to   In*   an   expa-nsia.
Canada has had her
i l'SiiKianti ta tin. royal
' 2 per cent, of tha- taa-.
coins anal in per cent.
, the Canadian gaavaan
tiie    mateiial. laaaiigln
I i-SllKiaual 'l'ba' -tola!
'unaaia wcra' ohtaineal
ithiaul oharse  for coin-
,T   Laat year  th.- t.u-<    vain.-  "i siiv.-r
,rcolned .It th.' ,ia>.al mint in Kii, Sainl
-for tho Panaaliun u.ia.i iiin.ui was S'.asi.-
000. Tbe cai- ,..l uialaiial, a-.ilnini; ami
transportati'.i wlii'ti tit.- _...i.is w, ra- ,|.
livered t*$Cunaala wa,-. J.'."7,.li:.. la-living
- net prt-fat i<> tin- la..iniiii..ii "i $ IS<;.i'...t
The profit* aati < - - .,.,��*���! itiimm.- w. n- *2!.
788 making .i total proilt ot a lull.-.av.-i
'-,alf  a *s_liii.>n   ii.iiiitr.*-     Tin-.-.' loins
nanalhCtnre.l    t..r   tinaailn    urn    ..I    til.
.*ama delkOmltiali*.!.   an.l   slauil���.l   III   tn.
US. Way  a     ll,...-.    ulii.li   will   l���.  ma,I.
,t Ottawa.      ' in   I'laa -    .���!   1*1* nil'.    ��� I'.-l
.-eater la*   Jl..."...'  a.n   th,-  avaia,;.-   loi
RnlnaT.   'I'     .'a'linai. ���    sh.aw   thai   tti.
.���ountfy jrlli ia.i   a' I'n--' li'i.i.'i'.ti a
���ivaar th-pa>' "" i11'"1 :|:' - v,..*,****- <.t tt.
"_nt iumI;$2".  im.-i.-.i    'in. t.-t.ii
���sott '*^-IMalrK.    I:i---i   >.'.!!���  wa--    .-:- -  than
131,00) for oi*     Jl. ."""   in  .-lla.l   ami
topper COSSn. a tiuanlita l.u lara;,-i- than
taual. Bull.', n- ami inii.-iiliiii > hava
net marly  il'iulil-- tti.   ani'iunl   Thai   Mi
���Ileldlaff e*tl!n..'.*:   wt    In-  ltitr.iiiuce.l
���_ naeaaar.    t'<>:   th.-  . *.iui-itstiui,-iat  ��>t
he mint. I-Svi.Inula Un- ami ni opera
.Ion Wall be al   least   llll*   pi-r a-, lit. great-
,r than th. minis!, i snpposa.-.l wli.-n h>-
uuiartook till.- . im-nnli-- 'I'll.' I'lai*
>ect now  ii-  nliai   n  im,:.    i>.nt  i.l   Hi.-
���rott hlth. i    .'>!.'   "li   a''.man.    will   I'"
-IXpenMt in k,..-|.lm; ii!' tn. n.-w astal.
-"lahBWat ba    -   a ml (i:i> m ���   I In- salaams ..I
I lonit Bat nt   nnporteal ..111. nan- couuecl
ad With lt
At preaen,   th.- mini  cannot usa* Can
idlan   metal   as   tlu-iv   is   no   plant   in
aadanada to  r.-tiii.- ami   |.t.-|.ai.- it.    It  is
-*--tatod thai  ii a.'tin. i-   aiii i.-   a,i.1...I t..
he   mint,    which   will    ittvall..    ini-r.'as.'
he ouila*   loi   i.l.im   ami  '>l>-riilii.il
WhaB Iiii     l-'i-li.i   stan.-.l   In:-   -nt. in
f amaui    n   .,.' ��� '->,,-,,,-.- i....>m i,..
lalntod-tli        ��� .   in .n- - in >i ii'i'inin
-ra niw-''I"" ' ���'"'       '���''    ''���'''   "!   i"'""r
OUrsalhblmhlimli!      **--���     .', ���- I .I l, . I   111-** I
*aar   by tl>-        ll'in 111 I \l       tins.
MtatS      lb'        i'...a . I in, i.  I.' .in     I'
thaOM |Kciiii'<l   anil   sold   tin in   cur.-al.
SPhe qaaatu        ..... * ,a.i:.-.i *���.
iiKiut l^Knm   and tin-  pin.-.-ails ware
it'allt.dl   ���_,'      'li    li    'In \       nn
VaS eom**ail* ���"!.      nil...    in ir,    ul  I'll..'.
luriuK tha i" i i...i "i ia--1-11,1-   iiii - u.aiii.i
Hja'tll  to ba  mn   iii.ui'  than   til.   Initial '
Hut  tho niniii   npi"ration   at   these  as
,ftblisl,n��enl     was  that   of a-iilin,;  aln.*
nanufactura i      al   a   i'.-ii..iii   a Iin, Ka-   per
' -oun.'l,   th*   miva-rnniniii    ra-cclving   tin-
-.mount aavcal   Irinu   -.lii-liiWngi-   h>   Mi
.   Flaher'S    BCll'lllllln    |ir��,<*<-MH,>s,      Tha.    fill
owing slai.'in. ni   shows   how  this husi-
ie*a workeil out In a-iu-li ol  th.. I. a-
At BrOCkilll. Um ivi-aipls irom cur
ing eharK'' an.l MHviiiv. i.l nliiiiil.ion
were |M7...-' I" ''"" "lis inueh tin'
lovernmen   pi,I,I m su|.,-i iiiii'iuh-iii s	
srvllle(��rh..s.' initials ar.' N IM *i.:l*. !���'
\noth*r nniii   win. mm!   inr sniiii-ns $1.'..
it* third':JS-'si.  i n-rl,   $ur,_.  a  nith
aKfor haul I n chnnsm iimit:.. ;. sixth
'j��, ������aairenlh ?','::.7'.'. an nii-Jilli llss ,|
��� 1*01        OO*'    boxes   Um  cost   was $:',n<l.i.l>
ikmflti   wax  1126,63.    There ware
_��.l*o-J ifuhy;. ���   for lumbar, electrlo light
and oi   Ksiipplins Inclmliim ice. hrlm;
Iiik thaliWii.l.    I.   i..  *l.s* :..
WC    hafir>tlns     liliitlii ill I     I       ill!    nl     lln
opa-ratlona "I   T11i--   i.    ..i  .-Innsn   mn
ers at Brock mil.
KnpoOdltui.  * I.SMI.7 I
Itecelpti          si ...-j
IJeHdl         I.IK'.n III
At  Cowansvllle   11,<-   show-Inn   was   a
little better, ns follows:
���Receipts    $i.-r._,_'.i
TftapenHani       i.tl:i_.ni
Dolicli         ::7ii.72
At   Bt.   Ilyacltiibi'   Um   I'lillownm   return Wa* mini'-:
Becelpis   $L'._i7.7i;
Eapauses     :i.r.:'7.ii_
Defloit       1.21 a sit;
The mosl    I'.-inarltalil..     show in,:   was
that    at,,-A\' Islin-I,     wlicl'..    tlm    a-in-lti'l
rooni. ajMR  liiiaiu-nit in.  tollown:
Efflllims    $ 7K.:w
f, IWlliii-i         SSH :,','
]      . _*Cdt      811.20
To earn tlm tf8.S8 gross, Joseph linr*
gau wus paid fan- llva- mainths at th,*
rata- of $11,1111 ii year with Ji^.sai travailing expenses, or $4.ra!t.17 in all. He had
un assistant lor four months a, $60 a
month ami $1,1 expensa-s. II** accomplished $is worth of telephoning. He
used $2.fall worth of butter color. $20.r,u
waarlh of lumber, incurred laundry hills
$7.02. Ha- required half a dozen aprons
costing $2.2X. antl "supplies" to the
vnlim  of  $M22.
It is fair, however, to s,ata> that be-
slalaas thlfl custom curing? tin- siipi-rln
tendent purchased 1.074 pounds or
chea-aa* which was oured at 'the Wood-
stock room, and would seem to hava;
made a nel profll of between ona. cent
anal aim- and a half cents a pound, say
$22 altogether, making the total a*arn-
inps of this enterprise 1100.80 imains,
$889.67 expenses. How many farmers
and oheeae makers can afTaarai taa m-i
ricli hy this process?
Worthy   Production   of   Ian   McLaren's
Story   in   Dramatic   Form���A
Talented Company.
"Ian Mclaren's" story of Lachlan
Campbell, tin.1 uncimiiiromiHii.K champion of the doctrine of furcoidination.
and bis (iaiiKliter wus well told in a
ael ics of KtaKe pictures and aniUBint;
dlatatfna at tlie opera bouse last evening. The Daily Canadian accepiB no
retainer to buo-l barnstormerH, ho thai
whai it says Ib duin- without hope of
profit or fear of loss ln a commercial
way. Judging by tbe compani Mr.
Walker has sent here iu the pa: . The
Canadian way constrained lo remark before hand tbat 'The Honnie Hriar Hush
would be worthy of patronage. This
paper can now say that its forecast was
fully JBattfted by the performance given
at Uie 0J}4Ea ho-js** last evening. "The
Bonnie Briar liush"' is noi a great play,
but it tells a very pretty story. The
drama does not follow ver;-' closely the
story of He v. Dr. Watson, but tha J is
not the fauli of lhe dramatist. There is
little plot in tin- story, su that the
dramatist had to draw on "Hazel Klrke"
for situations and plot. It so happens
that be went to the right source, and
thr result of his labors is a most acceptable stage production of a charming
story. As to the characters employed
to relate the story a great deal may be
honestly said in their favor. The leading part, Lachlan Campbell, was cnatiil
by the veteran actor, Sloddart, and
when he died it was feared tbat no ona
could be found to do it full justice.
Stoddart was a Scotchman, and he had
what is known on the stage as atmosphere, that is he knew the conditions
under which Scotch people lived, and
their national characteiistics. In J- P.
Collins a worthy successor of Stoddart
has been discovered. He may not understand the Scottish character as well.
but what he has lost in early environment he certainly has made up by art.
This is particularly tbe case with regard to accent, but he may have lost
sight of the fact lhat Um Scotchman
does not betray his emotions when In
great sorrow. He bleeds inwardly and
bis sorrow is subdued- Hut latitude is
permissable on the stage Just as In poetry, and it musl therefore hi- oontoaaad
tbal   thf  portrait   is a faithful  one  and
��� ���iititk'ii to honest endors it i-ui. .Miss
.Macdonald   played   the   pi-  i   Ol   "Klora
* ampht-ii." aud thai aha ftieaaed ovom
tb.' most exacting BootQhnuui was evl
deueed by the applause which greeted
her every tinu' aba made her appearand-   on    the   stage.      Mis.    Macdiuiil'l
must hav -United the paitv carefully
Bhe bus a splendid voice, , ml her siai:r'
spreaenoe is attractive* in "Poaty" Nal
sionites ���reoocnlaed an old theatrical
friend, WUlUun Colvin. He was bare in
L809 with ShipiiKins company, and he
wns then as he still is a clever character
ACtOr, Scotchman will say that "l-oaty"
Is a character frequently met with in
Scotland. He mav have at times failed
in holding the mirror up to nature, but
the requirements of the stage demanded
tbe aacrtfloe. Fax was the original
"i'osty," and Mr. Colvin has made it his
rule to accept as closely as possible Mr.
Fax's conception of the part. He was
on the best of terms with his audience
throughout      the      performance.        Tbe
character of Dr.  McClure is beautiful
even in the story, and it was quite as
attractive in the stage production, The
name of tbe gentleman who had this
role Is not given on thu programme, so
it is Impoaaible to give his name in
private itfe. Miss McCann made an acceptable "Margaret Howe."   Her dialect
bad the real Scutch tlavor. and her act
ing wns above adverse criticism. Much
could be said In praise nf the otheir
members of Ibe compuny, but ipaoe will
nol permit extended notice. Suffice it
to say the performance on the whole
was one of the best ever presented al
the Nelson opera house, and lhe company will leave a pleasing impression
behind them. The Scotch snugs were
a molt attractive feature of lhe even-
lug's entertainment, and the dancing of
the Kennedy children was heartily applauded. "The Honnie Hriar Hush" will
lie repented thlfl evening, and the attendance should he commensurate with
1 the high merit of tbe  performance.
Will  be delivered    every evening    at
your door for
Fiftt Cents a
Grand Ball With  Members of Mountain
Association   as   Hosts���Best
of its Kind,
The ball given in tbe Alice roller rink
last night by the Mountain L.umber
.Manufucturers' Association set a new
standard for such events in Nelson. The
management of the rink had done their
pari thoroughly. The dressing rooms,
gabei-fes, dining room and bowling alley
were made t.horougniy cieau aud com-
lonabie. uurmg mu evening many who
do not dance found diversion and exercise iu tbe alleys.
The rink proper which formed tie
bail loom hud been converted into a
magnilied drawing room. Not an iuch
oi bare wall was visible aud the eifect
ol tne softly blending colors was very
pleasing aud was the subject of admii-
ing comment by all tlie guests. The
Whole scheme of decoration which was
a t numpii of laslelui simplicity, was
designed and supervised by Alts. W. A.
The orchestra, Curtis,' was installed
on a platform suspended from tin rail
ers, and look nothing from the dancing
space. Kgrcss and ingress were hud by
a Blair let down und drawn up again in
the intervals. The music was luultless
in tune and was repealed)}  encored.
'lhe supper was not inferior in material or arrangement to any of the otuei
ly conveyed to the men that supi/t-r
kin^ was in cnarge and more than sus-
l.iiiM'd ins reputation. There was uo
crowding al any Ume. Word was quiet-
leal u re. The veteran Delville Tom-
was ready, and everyone louud a comfortable seat at a prettily decorated aud
most conveniently anaugud table. And
the faie was oi  une best..
lu spile oi rtspoiirits to many encores, aud of tbe insertion ol many extras tiie regular programme came io an
end about ;i a. in. Jubl before the last
wait! a stenloriau voice from tbe orchestra's cage announced: "After the
regular programme there will be 10
extras mole or less," an announcement
which was received with laughter and
applause  .
1'hen au immense ring was formed
and with hands locked tbe dancers sang
"Auld -Lang Syne." W. A. Macdonald
called for "Three cheers for tbe lumbermen," which were given with a will.
President P. Lund replied with "Tinee
cheers foi Nelaon," and Jos. Deschamps
led with "Ihey Are .Joily Uood fellows.
Then the "It; extras more or less" began. During an interval Messrs. P.
Lund and A. Leitch tendered tne sincere
thanks of the lumbermen to Mrs. Macdonald for ber extreme kindness tn sup-
ei intending the decoration of the ball
and lor the great assistance she gave
tiie secretary, Mr. Anstie, in organizing
tbe  hall.
Between *! and a a. m. the guests re-
lunctantly took their leave of what was
uuauimuusly voted the best ball ever
given  in   Nelson.
German-American Steamship Lines Seek
to Profit by Quarrel ol British
Liverpool. Jau 11���The Cimaril
Steamship company has made a further
reduction of $sl.5ai iii lis stecr.-Ko rates
to meet the While Star line's second cut.
The Cuuural a-oinpnii.. has also followed
the White Star line in its reduction
iu   the second  class   rates.
tl*m York, Jan. 11.���The Ilaniiiurn-
Amerlian sieaiusiiip iin.- announces
that the second ailiinil rate lor all
rooms a.n its steamer* between tins
i on ami Hamburg until May 1. c\a-ai*pt
in tin- sla'atner llautschlanil. had been
brougSfii down t" -P*- The minimum
sccamd rate In Ilia* steamers a.l tile "1* '
olasa  including tha* Pennsylvania, Pn
loria. at... hail  heen 140.    A   promise is
made thai  beginning wiih  tin- taillm
aaf Ihe Hurl WaUli'lsa'*- fraain here April
IK, th,. steamers Pannaylranla, Pretoria,
Oral Walderaae and I'utricla on easi
Iiaatmd nips, will stop at the ports of
Plymouth anal Cherbourg.
a.ooordlng m one oi the highest of-
llcials of ona- of tin' English lines, such
an entry ol the Hamburg-American Una*
Into England la "> be met by tin. en*
forcemenl or the liritish Merchant
Marin.. Act of 1906, by which a liner
entering an KSugllsh port with a caliin
passenger, who has paid less for his
trip than the amount, about equal in
Atni-ritian monej to *4S. can be classed
as an Immigrant. BUbjeot laa all tha. In-
OOnvenianoe* of a vessel so classed.
r.r.nien. Jan. ii.���The foregoing announcement Ills In with an import-ant
agreement between the North Oermnn
l.loyil anal tha' 1 ,'amliurg-American
Steamship con*|mny announced from
Bremen j^aiterday that ihe two Oerman
companies h.nl decided taa work in Unison in tin' matter nf the North Ainerl
can anal Etasl   Asiatic shipping.
Prices of Metals.
New   York.  Jan.   11.���Salver.     [SlaVic.
copper, 12V.C.: lend. $4.76.
London, .inn.  11,���Silver, _r,'.i*l��,i.
Opening   Copper   Quotations.
Na.w  Yolk. Jan.   II,  1SUIS.
(Hy McDertnld *   McHartly.)
Asked Hid
Otanhy    *!10.0n        $80.00
Dominion  Copper     1.87-V4        1.7Fi
H. C. Copper     B.H5       .   6.00
Earl Grey's Plan to Keep
Battle Fields
Premier McBride a Patron���Interest
Awakened in all Parts of
British Empire.
Hon. Hlchard McBride has consented
to act as vice patron of the plan to acquire the battlellelds near Quebec and
turn them into a grand national park.
The request came from the committee
of which Ear] Grey is the head.
The action of the Governor-General
of the Dominion bas been hailed^ by the
liritish press as exceedingly wise and
the present is viewed as the psychological moment for the enterprise. The
Anglo-Krencb entente and the good feeling which is the growth of that renders
it possible.
The proposal is dealt with at length
in the London Daily Telegraph of recent date. Speaking of it the writer
"lx>rd Grey's term of office bas marked a new epoch of national life in Canada, where the intluence of his vigor
and eloquence has been felt from sea
to sea; but the Governor-General has
never had a finer inspiration than the
project In connection with tbe third centenary of the founding of Quebec. The
scheme aims at consecrating and preserving *for ever .Uie battlefields on
tbe heights, equally commemorating the
ttiumphs. the reverses, tho heroism and
the reconciliation of two races. Lord
Grey's enterprise is a stroke of imaginative statesmanship which would
have appealed to him who murmured
the stanzas of the "Elegy" as the boats
dropped down the Si. Lawrence in
darkness the night before his victory
and death. Not less would it have moved the chivalrous soul of Montcalm.
"The whole plan is, like all great
ideas, as ambitious as brilliant. It
wuald bring British and French together in the Dominion by a finer spiritual bond than has yet existed between
them. With such emotions as ours
when we . enter Westminster Abbey
they would tread the soil of the dedicated ground in sight of tbe monument
of the Angel of Peace, meant to look
down from the summit of the rock
ui>on the flood of the great river. But
bolod though the scheme may be, it has
been inaugurated, and enjoys the King's
approval and assistance. It kindles the
enthusiasm, as well it might, of all Canadians,  without  distinction or origin.
"Sir Wilfrid Laurier is uot behind
tbe Governor-General In supporting It.
To us aud our neighbors across the
Channel it is hardly less attractive, for
In a less favorable state of our relations with France it would not have
been possible, and It will form an Incomparable memorial of the entente
oordlale, Nor is this all. I'pon the
Plains of Abraham no small part of
the destinies of the modern world has
heen determined. When we acquired
the French Colonies upon the St. Law-
ivuci' we sealed lhe fate of our dominion in our own. Had Quebec remained
French, the thirteen colonies would
have remained British. Our sea-power
alone creaied the conditions of American freedom, which no efforts of .Americans on land could otherwise bave
achieved.    No one disputes lhat now.
Choiseul. the last considerable statesman of the old regime, expressed the
truth with admirable penetration even
when yielding to the Irresistible Earl
of Chatham. lb* prophesied that the
British Colonies, relieved from French
pressure, which had hitherto done
more than anj'thlng else to keep them
loyal, would be independent in ten
years. They were independent In fifteen, largoly by French assistance. Thus
the destinies of three nations were inextricably mingled. England won. and
Canada remains under the British (lag
to this day, reminded by every episode
of ber nattonal development of Park-
mans apt words with reference to the
cause thai lost, "Never was there a
happier calamity." Bul never did the
less fortunate combatants prepare for
tbe victors a more terrible Nemesis
than that which was soon to rend our
Empire upart; and not only was the ac
count of honor so soon balanced, but a
Prime Ministei of French name and
hloud is at the head of free Canada today. Finally, no thoughtful citizen of
the United States can stand where
Wolfe and Mom calm died without remembering that their encounter was
the prologue of events which were soon
to create the United States. Of Canadian, British, French and American sui>-
port, the plan for creating "The King
Edward Park" on the site of the battlefields is equally worthy. Lord
Grey's conception will now be understood; we cannot doubt that it will in
due   course   he   realized.
"The capital of old Canada, with few
livals for situation among famous places anywhere in the world, is, among
all the cities of the American hemisphere, by far the most picturesque and
historic. Next summer it will be .500
years old. To overy visitor from the
^ireat Republic to the south, its as
pect, so utterly unlike anything that exists under the stars and stripes, seems
still to breathe antiquity and romance.
Samuel Champlain, a -pioneer equal to
any of our own, sailed, in 1*108, up tbe
river which always most attracted the
imagination of the P*rencn. r.n** j-anted
a permanent settlement on the narrow
point where the St. Charles and the St.
Lawreuce flow together at the foot of
the rock of Quebec. He was not only
tbe founder of the city, but the founder
of Canada. Fired by this leader's spirit,
explorers were sent out far and wide,
making their way across vast wildernesses to the Great Lakes and to within sight of the white peaks of the Kocky
Mountains. When the seven years' war
broke out, a century ami a half later,
the whole number of the Frenchmen
in Canada was a mere handful���some
60,000 in ail. But leadership and racial spirit compensated for the inferiority of their numbers. They had most
influence with the Indians. Not one
Englishman in a thousand* even remotely realizes how splendid was the fight
that the French race made for North
America, and how for year after year
our best efforts were baffled again and*
again. We had tho permanent superiority at sea. The population of our
own colonies was infinitely larger than
the number of our French neighbors.
While France was tied down by the
Continental war, and kept fronting towards the Rhine by the genius of
Frederick the Great, we were free to
fling the whole of our available military resources such as they were, upon
tne points to be struck at in North America. We had every advantage���except decisive statesmanship at home
and competent military leaders. We
only had the latter when we got the former. In the meantime we were beaten
at all points. Montcalm had won action
after action, and we had no one to cope
with him. At that time France had
more officers relatively to the total extent of her forces and the size of her
population thin any country ever possessed bef*"i er since. But they were
never adequately supported from home.
When our fortun*"-- rvure. in the depths
of gloom. Chatl.. u uot yet known by
that title, was recalled to office. In
six months the whole world was vibrating with his electrifying energy. He
had made up his mind lhat the war,
which involved three continents, must
bo decided in North America. And to
that region Quebec was the key. Without that the continent would remain divided. Holding that, we would hold all.
It is not our Intention even to recapitulate here the details of that immortal
story. "Engand." said Frederick,
the Great, "has been a long time in
labor, but at length she bas brought
forth a man." She had indeed. And
tho sequel was to prove the great truth
that one man makes manv. Chatham
had the supreme gift of leadership, for
he joined to his own genius for direction the art of choosing his lieutenants well, and supporting them vigorously when  he had got them.
Waterloo and the Plains of Abraham
are said to be the only battlefields
which support a permanent cab stand.
The latter scene now attracts even
more visitors than the former. Human
instinet is not astray her*-, though few
who tread the heights of Quebec are
drawn bv any reasoned view of the comparative importance of historical events.
Wolfe was one of those enthusiasts
whose apparent extravagance Is distrusted bv ordinary men. The words and
attitudes of medocrllios are general l.v
safe ami prudent, and nothing but the
test of a crisis shows them for what
they are. It Is when the big task Is
to be faced thai men judged in easy
times to be pretty much on tho level
show the full extent of their differences In capacity and character. Courtiers assured George the Second that
Wolfe was "mad." "Then." said the
shrewd old King, who had himself a
soldier's eye. "I onlv hope he will bite
some of my othor generals." How Impregnable seemed tho Iron face of tho cliffs
along tho St. Lawrence; how in defeat
and illness and loneliness, the shadow
of despondency, darkening night unto
deeper despair, settled upon tho soul of
Wolfe; how, while examining gloomily
through his telescope the natural mm
parts that defied him, a possible path
was soon; how In spite of all prophecies
that the British troops could never succeed unless they learned to fly. the
cliffs were escaladod ln the night; how-
French fortunes fell with Montcalm,
and Wolfe died in the hour of victory���
(ho whole wonderful drama of this episode is known to all of us who have
road either at school or since, anv fitting account of a struggle, one of the
most plsturesquo in scene, one of the
noblest in incident, one of tho most momentous in consequence among all tho
deeisive battles of tho world since history began. Bnt. as Ltord Grey reminds
us. the fighting did not end there, ''in
the following yeur the rallied French
returned to the attack, and on tbo
nelghborin*; battlefield of Ste. Foye.the
French  commander Levis defeated our
General Murray in a desperate action,
and would bave recaptured Quebec, but
the Brftish fleet reappeared in the St.
Lawrence In time. Lord Grey's plan
would include both battlefields. The
crowning ridge is now defaced by incongruous philistinism. Above all frowns
the ugly bulk of a huge jail���the first
object descried by the traveller approaching from the river the Gibraltar
of the New World. Lord Grey's plan
would sweep away from the battlefields
the jail, and everything that mars and
desecrates them; would acquire all the
land needed to make them a national
possession; and would include a circular road sweeping round the whole
scene from the citadel of Quebec along
the cliffs and heights above the St. Lawrence and the St. Charles. We can only
hope that the significant example of tho
King in sending a donation will be widely imitated in this country. If there are
things upon which we must differ with
respect to the idea of Imperial Union,
let us show that tsh-ere are things upon
which we know how to agree. Even in
New Zealand the school children are already doing their part towards Lord
Grey's purpose; and we can imagine no
commemorative movement which could
make a deeper or more poetic appeal to
both races in the Dominion itself, to the
two great republics with which we are
allied or akin, to every one of us at
home with any feeling for the meaning
of our own history, and to the imagination of our race throughout the Empire.
No    New    Developments���Values    Hold
Fairly   Firm���Quotations on
Stock Market.
The stock market for the past week
again showed an improvement, the market becoming firm, with tradings more
B. C. Copper continued to strengthen
with each day's trailing, selling up to
about $5.12i-_, with but Tew offerings in
evidence. Dominion Copper remained
firm throughout, showing no change until today when an advance of one-eighth
was shown. Granby strengthened slightly, selling up about $5 per share on the
week's tradings. Consolidated Smelters
showed but little change, but continued
firm with but few offerings noticeable-
Cariboo McKinney ami Canadian Gold
Fields showed but little change, remaining firm throughout. Rambler Cariboo
and Sullivan were inactive and almost
Alberta Coal and Coke and International weakened slightly, selling down
about one cent per share with few sales
recorded. Diamond Vale Coal strengthened slightly, selling up from one-halt
to one cent, with a larger demand than
has been recorded for some time. Galbraith Coal and Royal Collieries continued to attract buyers with a large
volume of business transacted.
Tbe following are the approximate
Quotations for the week ending today:
Asked. Bid.
Alberta Coal & Coke $ .35 $ .31
American   Marconi..    28.00 23.00
R. C. Copper       5.00 5.00
Breckenridgo Lund.. .51
Con.   Smelters     95.00 75.00
Cariboo   McKinney..        .04 .02
Canadian Gold Fields        .04% .03*4
Diamond Vale Coal.. .16 .13
Diamond Coal 65 .045
Dominion  Copper...       2.00 1.87*^
Granby        90.00 80.00
Galbraith  Coal 28 .26
International Coal...        .87 .83
La Plata  Mines 12
North    Star 10 06
Xicola Coal   Mines.. .04 .02
Panhandle Smelter..        .05 .03
Rambler Cariboo 22 .20
Roval Collieries 25
Sullivan   \ 06 .05
Tel-Kwa   Mines 12 .08
Western Oil 95 .60
Story of Battle Unconfirmed.
Rome, Jan. 11.���No further news has
been received of the reporter serious
trouble In Italian Somallland. which
resulted in pitched battles between the
Italian forces and the Abyssians. and
the raid on and besieging of Lugh by
tho tribesmen.
Rabbit Drive.
Spokane, .Ian. 11���Hunters and ranchers from many points will gather in this
vicinity next week to participate in a
rabbit drive that promises to be the
biggest thing of Us kind that has ever
taken place in the Northwest. Several
hundred hunters, divided into three
parties, will take part in the drive. The
three contingents will converge in the
Cowiche canyon, where tho killing will
take place. The last drive took place
several years ago. and since then the
"jacks" have mull [plied so rapidly that
they have again become a menace to the
S. F. Tolmie. V. S., arrived from the
coast last  night.
P. S. Conldroy. of the Le Roi No. 2
mine, is in the city.
W. K. Esling, of the Rossland Miner,
was In town last night.
L. A. Campbell, of Rossland, came
over yesterday morning.
W. F. Gurd. bnrrister, of Cranbrook.
was in the city yesterday.
H. G. Nichols, manager of the Ymir
mine,  is  at   the  Strnthconn.
J. S. Doschari.'" te iv town from Ross-
laud, accompat* e i  .���-���  Mrs. Deschamps.
A. G. Creelni.tii. formerly of Rossland.
now of Grand Forks, ia at the Strathcona.
Executive of Association Resolves to
*   Oppose���News   of   Canada
' From Ocean to Ocean.
Policy Holders Dislike
Insurance Bill
Toronto, Jan. 11.���The provisions of
the new insurance bill. In the opinion
of the executive committee of the policyholders' association of Canada, are not
in the best interests of policy holders.
The executive passed a resolution last
night condemning the new legislation,
and appointed a committee to wait upon
the banking and linauce committee at
Calgary. Jan. 11.���Frank MacKenzie,
50 years of age, was fount! dead. siu>ng
in a chair in the corridor of the police
station last night at 10 o'clock. MacKenzie was arrested ln the afternoon
for drunkenness and being incapable.
He was sitting around the stove with
other prisoners when they noticed he
was very quiet. They tried to arouse
him and then called the attention of the
night sergeant who telephoned the coroner. MacKenzie came here some
months ago for his health, suffering
from asthma. He leaves a wife and
family ln Port Elgin, N. B.
St. John's, N. F., Jan. 11.���The herd
of reindeer !mi>orted from Norway by
Dr. Wilfrid Grranfell, the celebrated
missionary, were landed at Cremella
harbor, Labraaior. under difficulties. Tbe
deer were placed on board the steamer
Anita at St. John's bnt on account of
numerous Ice floes the boat was unable
to get near the shore. The animals
were lowered from the steamer to a
body of Ice. When deckhajds started
to drive the deer to land it was found
that the ice was very thin and tn spite
of the efforts of the men several animals broke through and were drowned.
Ottawa. Jan. 11.���In his annual report
to parliament Dr. William Saunders,
director of experimental farms, notes a
large and constantly increasing demand
by farmers of the Dominion for publications from the experimental farms
and the readiness shown by farmers to
co-operate in new and promising varieties of cereals. He remarks that this Is
gratifying evidence of a desire for Information among this class of the community and also of the high esteem in
which the farms are held.
Ottawa, Jan. 11.���R. L. Borden gives
notice of Intention to introduce a bill
to amend the election act by providing
that bye-election be held within fixed
periods after a vacancy occurs. The
length of this period will be left blank
and decided on after discussion in the
House If the government assents to the
adoption of the   proposed  measure.
Montreal, Jan. 11.���Tho striking employees of the Grand Trunk telegraphers, who are now receiving the minimum wage, will get an increase of ten
per cent. Those receiving the maximum
will have distributed among them annually a grant of $10,000. Abnormal
Sunday work will be paid for at extra
rates. ���
London. Jan. 11.���Fifty employees of
the Grand Trunk Bhops here hnve been
laid off temiBDrariy.
Toronto. Jan. 11.���President MacKenzie. of the Canadian Northern nnd
Toronto Street rallwnys, has returm-il
fiom Kngiand. Regarding the bond Issue
or ten to Blxteen millions, which It was
reported he had arranged for In Kngiand, Mr. MacKenzie said ho did not
bring the money back with him, that
he had sent it before. He added, however, that his business had been carried
out  satisfactorily.
Naval League in Disgrace.
Berlin, Jan. 11.���An official communication issued yesterday sets forth that
Prince Henry of Prussia, brother of Em-
peror William, who represents His Majesty as patron of the navy league, has
decided to retire from this position in
the event of Major-General Kelm continuing as managing director of the
league. This decision was reached In
agreement with the iniperor. It would
appear to be the result of a recent
lengthy conference between Emperor
William and Prince Rupecht of Bavaria,
during which the prince explained that
his retirement Irom the Bavarian branch
of the league was alue to the fact that
Major-General Kolm has made use of
the resources of the association for political purposes. The attltudi* taken by
tht* emperor will undoubtedly result in
forcing  Major-Goneral  Keim   to resign.
Formal   Appointment.
Toklo. Jan. 11���It ;s officially nn-
natunca-d today that 1 tat-on Takahira has
been cbonpn amlaa isaalor to lit,. United
States to succeed Viscount Aoki. .
I ���'
��� | lux II
Clothing,    Gents'   Furnishings
and Boots and Shoes
Is besginning to arrive.
In about another week we will be able to offer full lines
iu these goods, aud can promise you the best value ever offered iu the city.
In the meantime it will pay you to await their arrival
before making your purchase.
imperial Bank of Canada
Head Office:   Toronto
Capital Authorized   $10,000,000    Capital Paid Up ...
Rest    $4,860,000
D. R. W1LKIE. President.
Branches in British Columbia:
Interest  allowed on  deposits from date of deposit and credited quarterly.
nbi-son branch ��J��   JVI��   LAY,   Manager.
The Royal Bank of Canada
Incorporated A.  D. 1869.
 $3,900,000     Reserve  Fund	
Unexcelled facilities for the transaction
of all kind, of Banking Business.
savings Bank Department, and
-interest credited Quarte'ly on
Savings Bank Accounts.
on Application, in Large, Medium
or Pocket Size.
Nelson Branch, G. A. SPINK, Manager.
Published Bix 0���71 a wee* by the
Baker Ht..   Neinou, B. C
SuoscrlptlOD rates, H oantl a month delivered
Id the city, or JS.Ou H year 11 sent by mall, when
paid lu ,t". mice.
AdvertiMiiL: rate* on application.
All raonlM paid m wttleinent ol The Daily
Canadian aocounta, either tor Mib**-eriptioun or
advisriiHiiiK, must be receipted (or on tbe printed
fornm ol   liiL' I omipacy.    Othei  teoetptl   arc not
Saturday,   January.   11,   1908.
Our contemporary's ill advised attempt
to dictate tlie peraonnel nf the city
council for 1908��� however v-< ll Intention-
ed it may have been, haa had a most
unfortunate, it has created division
and confusion.
Tha <-ity council i.s composed ot i even
mon.   To si cure harmony ami officii txt >
It  is   necessary   that   a   majority   of   tin-
.seven should In- in substantial is ��� I
ment on ih��- chief questions thai are
likely to confront them during tlu- year.
And so, between council meetings, the
executive authority is in the bands "'
the mayor, it is highly desirable that ht
ishouhi he a member of tie- majority, not
of lln* minority, if there be a division
in tin- council. I' is not enough to ensure the election of a good working
board, to select a good man for mayor.
The idea of a slate ��� ir ticket Is not particularly attractive, but it is far better
that there should be mutual understand
ins and co-operation than that everything should  ti��- Left  to hazard.
Our contemporary nominated S. S
Taylor, K. 0;, for mayor. After twice
refusing nomination Mr. Taylor gave b
conditional acoeptanoe, the chief pro
vino In which was thai it" be were to
give Up a pari of his time to ibe ctty*i
Interest, other men's whose time is aH
valuable as bin. must ilo ihe same.
Meanwhile candidates were being rup*
Rested at a series of semi-public meet
hifcB. Of a number of these our con
temporary declared that ihey could not
be taken seriously. It was also staled
that a list had been submitted to it. pol
aibly for its approval. That statement
may Im* true. In the absence of evidenci
to the contrary, we are bound to assume
that it Ib true. 13ut if so, it Ib the most
remarkable -urocedure ever recorded of
a body of nun who believed that they
1-1'. esentod public opinion.
--ur e o temporary then proceeded to
ri vise the lis*, and named a number of
gentlemen who, in its opinion, were
qualified for positions in the council.
At this juncture other citizens had the
temerity to tn- interested in the issue
and lo disagree with our contemporary.
We are informed that an effort was
made to form a council without a contest and that ,Mr. Taylor was consulted
with that  end In view.
The at i em pi failed and those who
made it, apprehensive of the possible
dangers of haphazard nomination, de-
clded that their only alternative was to
organize Independently and endeavor
tu s' cure the election of a council com*
posed of men of business and administrative experience, whose ideas in re-
paid to tlie city's problems of the pres
��� nt and Immedlte future are well known.
In lhat endeavor their choice for
mayor fell upon John A. trying who bar*,
already sacrificed much In the city'B Interest, consented to let his name go I'"
fore the . lectors.
Aid. Irving sat in the council of 1902,
and except durin*- the years 11104 and
L906, has heen a member ever since.
11 is record in the council is known to
i very citizen. Then- are probably very
lew who have not at some time disagreed with him, hut there are none.
we venture to say who will noi admit
that his attitude on every question has
Im en dictated by sincere conviction and
by Whole-hearted zeal for the city's interests.
Aid. Irving, during his long expert'
enoe at the council board-, haB been a
member of every committee and there
are very few who have so thorough a
knowledge of the necessities of each
department.    Of  his  judgment   and   ad-
1 ..s Daily Canadian
Certificate   of Improvements*
'���Bad Point*" "Vi-riiBino," ���l8r���BWOOd Fractional," "tfrMBWOod and Jack I'ot Fractional"
Mineral -"ialma, "Huate in the Nelnon Mining
Divlalon of Went Kootenay Dintrict.
Where located: On tin.:-- Creek above the
Poorman Mine.
'-.,-��� nollce thnt I, -lohn McLetehie. ot the
("Uy ot Nelioni actum eJ agent for -foua I'. Hwed-
bcrg.  Free   Mlner'a   Certificate    No    hltlb   and
os,,���r Johnson Free. Minor*! CerilJIoata No BMf,
mt-ud ��'ity day** fiom ihe date licr'-of to ap-
l-i> to the Mining Recorder lor ( ertltlcatea ot
improvements, lor ttie purpoae of obtaining
l rown (iiHiitK ol tin- above claim a.
And further take notice thnt Action, under
BeottOU -87, musl he commenced before the in*
malice of audi Certl Ilea ten ol Improvement*.
Dated ti.i*- 27th dey'uf Bepleniber, A. D., 1WJ.
iniuistrative ability his successful car
eer as a merchant is the hest evidence.
In electing Aid. Irving to preside over
the council aud give effect to its reso
lutions. all citizens will feel that they
are placing the city's affairs in perfectly safe hands.
Harry    Thaw   Doesn't    Want    Either   to
Be  Hanged or go to Asylum.
New York. Jan. 11. ���Matteawan in
sane asylum, to which Many K. Thaw
will he sent if, as the slayer of Stan
ford White, he is pronounced mentally irresponsible, is one of the largest institutions of its kind in the country and is maintained hy the state of
New York specially for the custody
and safe keeping of the criminal in
sane. Thaw dreads the possibility of
being sent to Matteawan and has several times said he would prefer to go
tti   Sing   Sing rather   than   be   shut   up
with the criminal insane.
Matteawan is to all intents and purposes a prison, although much more
liberty is granted the inmates than is
the case with criminals of sane mind,
During certain periods of the day the
male inmates are allowed to mingle in
a large hall, and here Thaw would find
himself among hundreds of maniacs,
each guilty of .some crime. The asylum
houses many noted criminals, murderers, professional robbers and thieves of
all races and classes. Many of the Inmates have been imprisoned in the
asylum for more than twenty-five years
and several as long as forty years. One
old woman has been confined there since
1850. A few years ago the institution
became so overcrowded that It was
found necessary to establish a second
asylum for the housing of the criminal
insane. This refuge for those who are
dangerous to society is located at Dan*
nemora, near the Canadian line.
A. M. Call. Bo*. C. E.
Mining Work a Specialty.
Office:   Room   10,   K.-W.-C.  Hlk.    P.   O.
Box     434.
Baker  St.,  Nelaon,   B.  C.
Geo.  P. Player
Office   Room   No.   2,   ELLIOT     BLOCK.
Notice is hora-'by Riven that all taxes
for the year lSi.8 under the Aasessm**nt
Act 11,05 anal amending acts, anal un<li*r
th,. Public Schools Act, are now due
and pavable.
Collector of Ra-venue, Nelson, 11. C.
Nelson, B. C... Sind Jan., 1908,
An extension of 10 days within whleh to oom*
mence pubheatlon granted hy mi' thin date
Deeember But. IWI, Harry WMulct. Annlitant
-'ommlailoiier of Landn aud Work**.
Weit Kootenay Land Diitriet. Diitriet of West
Take untie*.* thnt 1,-1.''. Janaen, of Hpokane,
Wri-i, , ooonpatlon tlmb91rn.Mi1 intend to apply
fOT * special timber lie-* nee over the following
described Inn in:
1 Commencing at * poet planted ��t the H. W.
corner, about 1 mile from Kv|n JohnnUm** I' | B
No. 000. pat'l j-ont being placed on the liilern*-
tlonal boundary line, thence north 40 ehainn
ihi-in-< ,-h-i Imp chain**, thence -"'Mh in chain*.,
thence went 1-f.11 chalna to point of commence-
merit. containing fit" aeren
Dated Dm mbirSrd, iwn. J. 0. Jji��o<en.
1   Oommenelnaj at a T>ont planted at the & w.
1'irioT, ahout 10 chalim north from (he H. W.
eorner of loottlon No 1., thence north 4o chaiini,
thenot 0O9\ U0 ObSlaS, theuee aouth 40 1-hain**,
theuee we**t IWi chalna u> point of comm��-Qee*
ment  coiilalnltiK .'10 acrei. J   C.Janh*k.
:i Commenelnit al a pont plalite-l nt the S, W.
i-oriii'i aliuiii -t-9 chain*, north from the H \V
corner ol locution No 2, theuee north 40 0h��tns,
IhmoSMBtUO chalna, thenee aouth 40 chain**,
thsnOS wait IW chalna to point of comini-iii-e
rn* lit.'ontalnlliK fi-i" ��crea. J   ��J.  lANf-Ks.
4 CoiDnn*ii"liiK at a pout plfttite'l at the -. *A'.
001-ST, at,<M.t 40 chalni* north fr -in Um���, W,
corner ot lo'Hlioti No :t, tbanOO north (n [hains.
thenrc eti-t ]io chalna,   Ihence   aouth  10  chalna
thence weal ISO enalna to point of oommenoe*
ment, containliiK &4(J acren. J   ('. JA^^K^'
ft. ('ommeiicin-a at a spoat plante I al the H .V.
corner, aboot 40 chain*, nortli from tba H. W.
corner of locution No 4, thence north hi chain**,
Ihence eaat h-n chalna, thence   nouth   40 chalna,
tbenoa fraeilao ehaiua to pointof oommenoa-
niein, oontamlng 840 aerea.
DeeemlH-T 1th, VMfl. J   C. Jani-kn.
��. OOBUnsnOtng at a poal planle-l lit IheH. W.
eorner aliout 10 < haiii* nortn Irom tho H. W.
corner ol location No .-,, thence north 40 clialnn,
theoee eaal 100 chains, thence nouth 4�� chnltiN,
thenee **ent LOO ehainn, to point of commencement , containin-u M0 aero*.
Decemher 4th, 1907 J   C.Jan-rn
7. I'oinmencinu at a pont planted nt the N W.
corner and ailjolnin-jc the. N. K corner of lot 28'jo,
tbenoe cant 40 chalua, theuce aouth 10 chain-'.
Lbeaoe eaat   40  chalim,   thence   nouth   00 chain**,
tbence weat80obalna, thence north inn i-hHitu*
to point ol commencement, coutainln-c cto aeren.
Decemher 4th. W   K   Huim
8. CnmmenelnK at a pont plant**'] nt the N. W
corner, about I40I a mile in a nouthweaterlv
direction from the noutli fork ot Halinon river,
ami about 7'a mllen from the mouth, thenee
aouth 160 ehaina, thence Beat40 Chalna* tboooc
nortli I*'-" ehaina, thence weat tOcimloi to point
of commencement, eontainiiiK 540 aerea.
Detemtwrftth, 1907. K. J. Kiwk.h.
Kelson Land Diitriet. Diitriet of Weat Kootenay
Take notice that W, A HikUoii, of Hpokane,
Wpahlngton, 0 H.A., ��>ceupatlon timber erulner,
liiU;iid toaeply for a apeclal timber licence over
the following ueacrlhei] laii'lt*: Commeticin-i- al
a pont planted on the norih hank ol *'om ereek,
Ht the Junction of the north fork of Corn creek
with the main alream, about five mllea in 11
wenterly direction from the confluence of tain
Corn nreek with the Kootenay river, thene
north 40 chalni theuee weitlflO chains, thence
������������������������������������������������������������4 ������������������������������������������������������������ ���������������������������������������������*-*-��
Dry  Goods,  Millinery andjj
Fancy Goods Sale Still OnU
We are selling all lines of Winter Stock irrespective of
prices or cost as our policy is not to carry over goods from
season to season.
in Infants' Wear, Children's Dresses, Flannels
and Underwear.
in Ladies' Coats, Skirts,
Waists, Underwear and
Night Robes.
A. a   a
Odds and  Ends from Each Department
af *pol
f*. *.l
stth* .
srllh tl
��R, o
iFred Irvine & Co'vl
������������������������������������������������������������������������<*-��������������������������������� ������������������������������������������������������<?
/ eentt*
*\\\S teaa,
ao   th40ehal'is,   thenee eaat 160 eualna to point
rl commencement, contaiuiUK "40 acrei, more or
l>Ate.^ Novcml>e- 7th, 1907.
William A. Hrn**o��.
Nelaon I-and Dutriet. Dintrict of Weit Kootenay
Take notice that I, I. W. rihaver, intend to appl y for a apeclal licence 'o cut and carry away
Umber from 040 acrea Ol land: ('ommencinn at
a pont marked J.. \-V Hhaver, norlhweat corner
tln-tico eltthiy f halna aouth, Ihence eighty
chalua eaal, thencr eighty chalna north, thenee
eighty ehainn went to place of beginning. 0O_*
t a filing MO acren, more or leaa, and eaat and ad-
laoenl to tlmt>er llc.-nce 1.W24 and alio aouth
and ailjneeiii to timber licence No IWia, and alao
-outh and adiaeeiit to F A Shaver timtier limit
No   I
Dated   N ivember 21at, 1*107.
L. W. hhaver, locator,
A, Hackett, agent.
Hxtennlou of one   week   within   whleh   to Sd-
verliie   granted.      Harry   Wright,   Aia't.   Com-
mianlouer of Land and  n'orka.
Nelion l>and Diatrict.   Dlitricl of Went Kootenay
Take notice that I, T. L. I-flgan, of Bonneri
Kerry, Idaho, occupation painter, intend toap
ply for a njM'clal timber licence over the following deacrlbed landn: Commencing at a poit-
planted at the aoutbeaat cornor of timber
licence No. IM04, thence eant 8P chalna, thenee
north ho chalna, tiienee weit 80 ehainn, tbRiicu
nouth HO chalna to point of oornraeucement,
containing 040 aeren, more <��r leu.
Dated November -ilit, 1907. T. L Loo**,
Colin Hhith, agent.
Nelaon Land Dintrict.   Diitriet of Weal Kootonay
Take notlco that I, Charlea Dutcher, Intend
to anply for a apeclal timber licence, to nut aud
carry away timber from W8 acrea of land Commencing at No. 1 poit about \2 mllea went of the
Kootenay river, on the north aide of|Roundary
creek- and 'lorih, and adjacent to timber llcemei
154061 ami one mile north of the International
boimdary line: commencing at a poll mark-d
Charlen Dlltoher'l noiiihwcat comer, thence HO
chalna norih, thence HO chalni eaat, thence HO
chalna aoulh, thence HO chalua welt to thu place
of '., .-in ni.H', containing t'.in acrei, more or leai.
Located November IHHi. 1907,
1 n-.Ki.K- lM'n iikii, fx>cator.
No. 2. -f-ornmenclng at a poat marked <<harlea
Dotcber'l noutheaal corner, thenee HO chalni
north, tbenoe ho chaliiH weit, thence ��0 chalna
nouth, Ihence Mi chalni eaal to the plaoe of be-
Klnnlng, ami went and adjacent to number one
timber limit, and continuing 640 acrei, more or
located November IHth, 1907.
1 iiAHi.KM Dm iikii  locator.
No. 3. Commencing at a poit marked Charlei
DuUsher'H northweit eorner and about Ift mllea
weat of the Kootenay river on the north tide ol
Houndary creek and north and adjacent to timber llceuvc ir-r-00, thenee aoulh HO ehaini, thenoe
eaat HO chalna, thunce north 8n chalni, thence
weat KOi-liainn to the place of beginning, containing r.-to acrei, more or leaa.
located November 18th, 1907.
I'MAin.K." Dutch kk. Lorn'or.
No 4 Commencing at a poit marked f'h-riea
Dutcher'i  uortheaat   corner,  thence aouu M
cbalm,  thence  weit 80 ehainn, thi-nce   north ml
chalni. ihence east00chalua lo the  place of beginning, containing 040 acrei, more or l.-na
Located Novcmlnsr IHth, 1907.
1 iiAiu r> DOTOHBB, Uxator.
No. 5. commencing at a poit mark-*d Charlea
Dutcbcr'a aontheaat corner, thenee 80 chain"
north, ihence 80 chalni weit, thence no ehaina,
muth, thenee 80 chaim eait to the place of be-
Rlnnlng, containing 840 acrea, more or lena.
1-ocaled November 18th, I'*.-:
riuHi.it. DvrU���a_1 laocator.
No 6. ('ommencing at i ponl marked t.harlei
Dutcher'i louthweit corner, thence north il
chilnu, thence eait -W chalna, thenee aouth 80
chalni, theuce weat HO chalna to the , >*��� * of be
ginulhg,   conalulng 640 u na, more or leia.
Located November 18th, >'������-
1 iuhm. Dunnus. Loo*tor.
So. 18.    Wait fork, Fire creek.
Nelmn I-_nd DUlrict.   UUtrwlOl West Ko-it��nay
Take nollce that I. Joaeph   Patrick,  of Nelaou,   |
B.C., ooetipatloii   l-umlK-rman,   inlend   to apply   ,
for a ip-i-ctal tlmlM-i licence over  ihe  following
deierlbed landa:   Commencing al a pont planted
anoutSmllei  up  the   went   fork   ol   Kit*-   creek,   1
and about 10 chalim   from thu  bank of aald weal
fork, and marked   Joaeph   I'alrlek'n H. M, comer,
thence   woat 80 chalni.   thence   north 80 chalna.   !
Ihence eait 80 chatnn. theuce  aouth 84 chalim to  1
pointof -inmmenoeinenl, containing  O-lo  acren.   1
more or leu.
Dated December filh. 19"1.     Joearii PaTBICK,
I J. UOt u, agent.
No. 14.    Weat fork, Fife creek.
Nelion !_nd Diatrict,   Diatrict of Weat Kootenay
Take notice that Joseph I'atrlck, o( Nelaon,
B tl , occupation lumberman, Intenda lo apply j
for a attecial timber licence over the following
deacrlbed landa: Commeneing at a poet planted
about two chalni dlntant, aud in an eaaterly
direction from location Nn. 1:1 and marked
Joseph Pairlck'i N. S. corner, thence aouth HO
chalna, tbence weat 80 chalna, thene*. north 80
chalna, thence rait 80 chalun to point of commencement, containing 040 aerea, more or leia.
Dated Deoember Mh, iwi.     Johki-ii I'atkkk,
1   J. Lima   agent.
Mo 15.    Weat fork. Fife creek.
Nelaou Lund Diatnet.   Dintrict ol Weat Kootenay
Take notice that I, Joaeph Patrick, of Ncl-'on,
B.C., occupation lumberman. Intend to apply
for a ipeolrl tiint*ur lleeuae over the followlng
d'nerlhed landn; CommencliiK at 11 poal planteil
about 80 chalni dlatant and lu a wcnti-rly direction from the weit fork of Fife creek anil aboul
*t mllea from mouth of creek, and inamed Joneph
1'atrlek'a H K corner, thencu weal ISO chalna,
thence north 40 ehainn, theuee eaal loo chalna.
thenea aouth 40 chalna to polnl of commencement, containing 840 acrea, more or l&n,
Dated Decemher filh, 19U7.      JonK.iH I'athkk,
I. J. Lucia, agent.
No. 16.   Hteveni creek.
Notion Land Dintrict   Diitriet of Weat Kootenay
Take notice  that I, Joaeph   Patrick, ol Nelaon,
You can Imy a 10-aor* Frail  Ranch   ln   tha- liost  fruit  growliiK  all
In   British  Columbia  b)   paylnfl  $1 0 ilollais down and $10 por ma.i
Kva-n ���h hi,  iiiva'stini-nl   UiIh Ih  wial',1, camslilaMiition.
Krult  Land Ims trebled In vulue within the- yi-ar.   What will It dn i
Lumber, Shingles*
Nel mh
_. Tak*
��� Ior J.:
l purch
of Arr
' to the
UcttM, AAouldiriK-Sa Doors, \Vlndo%vA{jjjj;
Turned Work find hrucketii. Mail Ordora promptly ac*1
It 0*i occupation lumberman, Intend to apply
for a apeclal limber licence over the followiui
deacrlbed landa:   t:ommeticlng at a poat plauieil
iboOtOM milei up Blevena creuk andlnaN.K.
direction from mouth of ereek, and marked
Joaeph f'atrick'a N K corner, tbenoe noulh BO
chalna, thence weal 80 chalim. thence norih BO
ebalna , thence eaat 80 chalna to Ihe point of
commencement, containing 640 actua, moie or
Dated December 3rd, IWl. Joibch Patrick,
1. J. Liu a, Agent.
-    1NISI-.H01N. ��. G*
No. 17.    Hlevenn creek
Nelaon Land Dtat-rtel   Dtstrlo, ol went (Coote-Sf
Take notice that 1. Joneph Patrick, Ot Ne|*on.
B. O i occupation lumberman. Intend to apply
for a apeeh,| timber licence over the t.ll.nving
duacrll-ed landa: ('otnineneltiir al a poal planted
about 1 mile In an eaaterly direction (r-iui the
mouth of Htevena creek, where It emptlea Inlo
i ���i n.i". lake, ami marked loM-ph I'litrh kn H W.
corner, thenee north HO clialnn, thence aaat00
Chalim, i hence nouth 80 chalua. Ilieiii'c weal 80
chalun io point of coiumeiiceuieuL, contiilultig
M0 acrea, more or lean.
Dated Deoember snd, mhi7.    jonkcii PatsicRi
I.l, Lccia, agent.
No. 18    Htevena ereek.
Nelaon Laud Dlatriot. Dlatriot ol Weel Kootena*
Take nollee tbat 1. Joneph Pal i tck , of Nelnon,
B.O,   oecupalion   lumberman,   Intend    to apply
lor a apeolal timber licence over the following
dencribed lamln: <'omiiienclUK Hi ���* P1--** pbuitcil
about !, mllen up Hleveiia creek, and about 10
chnliiH noutli   from   lhe  i.���i,h   of t) nek, ami
marked Joaepb  Patrick'! n   k   oorner, ihence
401111)80   I'hllltia,   theOce    went HO ehlillia,   Iheicii-
iM,11 h HO chalua, thene aaal nu ehainn to p< tin ot
Commencement, ennta ,ilug mo aerea, nioie or
Dated Decern Iter 2nd, lfio -.     .loari-H I'aihick,
I J. Lucia, iim.-ni
No. 19    Htevena crick
Nelaon Land Diatrict    Dlatrlttt of Weit Kootenay
Tnke notice that I,   Joaepb   Patrick, of Nelaou,
���* r . ot'oupaiion lumberman, Intend  to apply
for a ipecial tlmher lleelUM over tlie InllowiiiK
1'Ni ribt-d landi:   Cuminonclug at a poat plauted
abOOt0mllea np   htevena  creek  and
local Ion No It* on the aoulh. and marl
I'alrlek'n   N   W   corner.   Ihence  eaal
lb, me   nouth   HO  ehainn,   them*-wi ���'
theuce north 80 chalna lo point "f
ment, oontalnlni 0*0 acren. mon* oi u
Dated   l  ,-< -  inl.-'i   ::i,|, 1IH0.        JoaKI H
I   J. LtH'IA, ��
No. 20    Wiat fork, Fife c-eck.
Nelaon Laud l'1-irict    Dlnlrlcl of W< il
take nollee that I, .loauph PatrO k.
H.e , oooupatlon lumtwrmau. Inline
for n npci-lnl tlinImt lleenre over thr
deacrlbed landai CoinmencliiK at ��� I1'
gbont 8 mllen up tbe weat fork tl I
abonl yOebalni norih of the enck al
Joneph Pittilek'a N. ft, corner. th< 1"
chalim theuce weit W) chalni, thene
chalim, thenee i aal Hoiimiii-. lo p"i
iiiciicemenl. containing 640 acrea. ���<"'
Dated December Bin,lwT,    Joan�����
I  J.LmiA, ai
*"o. 21      Weat f- rk, of Klfe ereeli
Nelaon Land Dlat.toi  Diatrict ol wmi
'I ake notice thai l, Joieph Pftlri*������'
11 O.i oeiiipiithui linn l.etimiii, llll''11
for a apeclal tliiihi r licence over ll"
datOnbed landn: CommencliiK at n ]���������
aboul 4 in 11 ch u|> the weal fork of K)i��-
plitutcd on the inrth hank of the nit
marked .loaeidt 1'atrlek'i N. K. corin
nouth 80 chalua, thence weat N) chun
norih Wt chalna. tin nee eaal 80 obaltt
of commencement, ci ntalnlng M�� Hl ''"
ht-aa, a
Dated December Mh, 1907.    -WPRJ ���____������     in
The bally Canadian
' Yott CfkaMio. dim. am l-'ROCa I.Ki'.S every day.    We furnish the
j Staples
��,   Pork,   Mutton  and Veal
Hams* Bacon and Lard
^^^^B With all varieties of
Fresh and Smoked Fish
in the market
Mincemeat ot Finest (Quality iu glass and wood.
P�� Burns & Co., Ltd.
KasHnossl.md     INELSOIN, ��3. C- Bonndary
Bohemian Beer
The Nelson Brewing Co'y, Ltd.
NelaOB _an4 l>int si Dinirlct o! Went Kootenay
'   Take SOtloe  that Vt< *\. J . Sitiiitm-ni-,  aici-ut   For
Fred. J    Taaaer,  -.I    Neinou,   iMi-upjitlon    Wiiti-h-
meaer, Intend*-- tn ai-pij ior pc nut anion to nur-
ehaa* ibe followlui-  ,i.-mt,I..-*1   Uiul*-:    I'oniineii*
cine at a poat puntei  <,i.,,ut ���_."., mn-,--*, i-h-h of
Wllionereeft, tin :,i ���<- 4i> i-Iimhim m au eaaterly
dltecUon, tfeeii"' A* * ln-tli*< aoulh, tiienee 40
���ebatoetn a *em- 1; dlr,-.-non, theuce 'Ai chalna
aottfc !��� tbe spinnt ...1 uneti, emeu 1. eon tain llig
SSaena.na*reur u-
Dated Not.a.-ih v.**'-.
pittimii k font Tammm,
y. j BaJOfons, Agent.
Keleon Laad Platrtct.   Diatrict 01 Weat Kootenay
TakenOttee that   Kit." I J    Sammoiia.   agoiit ior
A. A ballanl, ol I'mctor. oc< upatlou rancher.
Intenda to apply tot penninnlon to -.null ant* the
following deaei:1.. s lau-ln : I !om melKing at a
poat planted at >' I1 . ml.--.ea.--l ���l -A ilwiii creek,
thenoe aoertbwe-i J ��� ��� ti., in- theme north.vest At
cbaine,tbeOCe n,,riue'i-l -."rim in-. theui'M noulh
eaat SSebaUM t" \u>- tli, punt .,1 eomraein-eiiieut
COBWialHt eO a-i, ��. mor,- or h ������*���.-.
1 No*. 'j< ui. rj-'V
^^H^ Aai.niBAi.il AfoeaaoM Bai.labi*,
Agent K   J    -ciMi.s..
Nelaon Land lM*irl- t Dintrict ot Went K<>u*t*ni*y
T0_e notloa thai VV. A. II ii'I>mi, Uml..r< TiilHi-r,
Of Spokane- Spokane I'.iuiity. Waahihgioii, oue
trf ttie -{Tatted Htatenof Aiiierira, HileiKli lo apply
tot a apeetal ti-mi-'t I h-'-ii-*** over l lie following
deOefUMd lail'l- ��� "tuiii'lii UlH at a pout marked
NO. Sf Planted on tin-  in,rib  l<nlit ,.|   Torn ereek,
at-the loaetl -���; th. -Ni-nii loiii <���( lorn ereek
With l_e main mi,-am. about llv,. mil.- in a
-������s****-\*T AttCK'U .11 (r.'lll e.ilil.uel.' - ��� o| --.nl lorn
  -Tttb tb'   K.".t. i.nv   riv-vi .    Uh-ii. t-  north   0>
lalaa; tbenci'��.-s   i-  ��� tutm-. th.-n, . -.mi, m
^E*-3X **-**-���    i-��.-*t  n-i 1 Iih 'i- i" point "t oom*
lalutug ''- ��� aoraa moru or leaa.
__olim llmtxr   limit   No. 7   nu the
____mJ_i*0' limit  So. H ou lhe aouth, aa lo-
ated"Jioveinb'T 1, v.*n,
Wilmam a. Hcn-oN, Ixn-a-lor.
Jkw Patrick t:  Hhine
Declared and ninned 1 y the within named W
. Uodapa   Oi:   lb" ."-'th da*,   of   aNi'Veuibei . A    l>
at Hptikane.   Spokane   (-oiiniv,
'aahtOSton, "!><���'-I Uu  I'nited -Ute-id Aiiu-rlrit.
row Lake, on Haeqnlto Greek) and 31 obalna 70
Unka aouth of the N W.C. of aald lot, riinn mg
thence weal m chalnn,*inence aouth 80 chain-*,
theiiee* caul -������ chalna, thence north **" cbalnn to
place of commenecment, coutaiuing MU aerea,
more or lew.
riUHi.it*. Marshall,
An"in   for   Hugo Carateni.
Haled zt December 10u7.
__��� Nelaon Land Dintrnt ln-irni oi Went Kooteuay
Taka notice H,,n Untx-llH I'Uree, f Htraanbttrg,
DOOtt atlOD married woman, intends to apply
-for petaaiaalon io jiunlm-.' the following den
orlfeled land" �� 'oium.-ut'iiiK tl a ]-*��.m planted at
the t-teieectii'i:   of   tin-   ii'irth   l-,uinlarv of  1>U
rat*, al��4 tbe ea-t boundary ot 1-M So M ���*���*>.
theneeeset���'>��� ��� inim-. m-.re ,.r i,--<-.. i,> Hi.- uoriii
eaat eorner ����i   iimii-r  l.nnu   No. 7..71. thence
north SS ehaiti- thenee went a* tiialnn, more or
le*-a, tO tbei'B-1 -I-:-- of W hatwhtili lake, theuee
lollowlng Bame in a anutherlv ami westerly
direction 1U-' ehalns, more or lena to the inter-
eeetlOh With ��� <>l HI���*-'��, thence l; chain*.. more or
leaa, follow tn if   ,'��-l��Tly   boundary   of U,t HlK.', to
>f  SOllinielieellleiit
dlth i>< u.Iht. p.niT. isAi-.Ki i.a I'tikca,
f. d. FAi't'piKR, *gent.
 Malienlan   i'i '    1 mm net ,,1 v\e>i k<>ou ..ay
m^k%%^muuMl-- that Alexander J McCool. of
'ciipiiiiou clerk. Inleudn to appiy
to pureh-ine the following den
oiumeiictug at a p-ont plained on
miii'tury 01 It f .Southern Kall-
,y, about one ami a half intlen
lie northwenl eoruer of lot 'lOHH,
leiiay. theuee ninth HO ehainn.
���halnn. tbenoa norih an chalua to
���lary of mh 1   rtglit-ofwa-,   theuce
along aald MoiKht.ru boundary to
mencement,   and eoutaiuiuK coo
lib, 1^'
f^ ANuaii   I    MoOOOL.
Nelwm IAnd ln-in, i. |i,-iiin���| We-l Ko.p.euay
Take notloe Hi'.t Y I' l.nrden, acting nn agent
lorJ-lI Burden, ,.1 Pokl-.k, .Nil, occupation
mechanic, lUten.ln to applv for penninnlon to
purobaae tbu lollowliu; iloM-rli-od landn: t-uiii*
inunclng at a i>o*.i plnnicd on the eanterly ahore
of Arrow lake and alinni n> a|,,nn- noi th o| the
U.K. cornet   ol   lot  Mil. t.   ihence  easi At  ehainn,
thenee north to chain-,   mor  le-n, to the |Hke
aboiu, tbence aoutiiwenti-ily almiK ihe lakeahore
to lb* point of en-,,Mono ni.-iil.   and   eonialiilng
SO aerea. more or leu.
iie-Wu Novt liu-ei  .>H'. ''��� -'7    Ja*.IKs||   Hirokn.
F. P    BOkOBSi Agunt.
ItelaenLand Dminct. Di-tn, t .,f Went Kooienar
Take not tee    tlml    .lolm   James   'aioer in.   of
FerOte* ���fifDi**"   < "luml'U,     -enpatton   <-,u'ihc
ior,     Inlend*      to     apply      for     permlnnton
following   de��   rlhvu   laud	
a   poat    planted   on   Iho   aou lb orn
eW*\'   hu,   H:   r.   rioiitbern   rlght-of \t iiv
abOUCfi^bltisin   iiclcilv    fl     Ilii-.S.U     eotner
'* Of lo4SMS*Ki""p   1,    lonli'iiiiv,   Ihence   h.,ii'I	
Chalni, then-,    east    lo   ,-hnln*.   I hence   tnnllil.'i
^^^^^^^Bio ami ther n   buindary  ol  the   aaid
leneo weaterly   along Haiti   an uth.
oT right iilwnv   IO  lhe   point
.,andoontalnlni MOaoreS) more
amber nth. iw��7.
,1    MM   .(AMIS  CAHfltoN.
���J Dla rici.   Dlitricl of Weat Kootenay
pe that John   Hlilell. of Nee.llen.  II ('.,
[ranelier.   Intciuia   lo   apply   for per
mlaafott   tO   purchase    i|,,.   lollowliiK     deaerlbed
land;   Coan I;  .it   a   posi   planied   at   the
north Weet Collier ,,( U,t ,*W, thelicc wesi 10
Rhalni, theiu���-��� nouth n, ehailia, thence rant 4U
Ohalna, thenee m.rlhsw ehainn lo tin- point of
commencement, and coulaluiuK San acren, more
or lean
l ated ISth October, P.KI7. .1 amf*n BttlBlX,
_  -i K. '���}. FATjqUiaa, Agent
Nelaon Uand Dlalrlet Dlatrli-t ol Went Kootenay
Take-Otic, lhat Aiik'iia MeHlll, of Ihe City of
Nelaon, pOenpntlon 11 rem an, hitciuln to applv for
permission I- p'lt eh a*.,, the lollo-.Mii.. d ner'ibed
landai Comment in-,- at a j���,m phmied at the
b. W. eorner I. i' Morrlnon'n ranch, In Kir
alley, tb.
^^  ���      forty   (Ul)   ehaina,   thene
eat tO'tf  (h��l chain*.,   Ihence   aoulh        , ity   (-In
ia, iben<
I" ncc' weal forly (*H>)  chalna
_i-*nt,   and' eon m in ing   (IDS
'aim. ���
d-  'i aw-^f* ���*��� ..r   tl
Nalaon I
NalaotiSkd Dlitrlul.   Diatrlctof Weal Kootenay
TafclS*etlce that    MisgofarnP*n...ol   Winnipeg,
Man.,, e-ocu pM Mm  pni-ii-ii-r.  mien is t,, .ipph
for  ���etmlai-ioii    to    pnichu-,-   (lie    following   de*
Hw'ug at a poat planted on   the wait
IMMatuI L. ill*, u. 1, (about ������ mil-j i from Ar-
Nelson Land Diatrict.   Diatrielol Went Koiitenay.
Take nolle,- that Tina Bergman, ot Altoua.
Man . oecupalion wlfe'f C. ftcrgman, farmer,
AHona, Man , Intend- to apply for permlaalon lo
purchase tbe following deacrlbed laud :
Commenc,ng at a pn��t planted at tbe N. E. C.
of Hugo (.'arnlelia' application to purcb"*��e aud
running thenee wtat HO chalna thenee ��� >rth i-tO
chalna, thenee eant -tOchainn. the nee >uth H
ehaini 'Xb Iinka, tbence eaat 40 c alnn hence
aoulh 71 chalun 7.S Iinka to point ol commence-
meut, containing 60. acren more or leia.
'ii *.k. �� Mais-uai :.,
Dated M December I)
Agent   for    Una   Bergman.
Nelaon Land Diitriet Diatrlctof Weat Kootenay.
Take notfec :hat U-vlCeorge Parne, of Needles,
H 0., o*ccupatlon rancher, lutenda to apply for
pcrmianion to purchaae ttie following deeorlbed
lands: Commencing al a post planted ahoMt 15
chalua weat of W'hatahau craek and 'XA '���tit chalni
aoulh of the southwest corner of 1-ot No- 8.%4'J
running thence north tsO clmiua, thenee weat HU
ehaiua, ihence noulh ! .m ���'- chains, thenee, eant
��2 '.*�� chalna. thenee aouth 67 **l, chains, ihence
.',7.119  chalna eaat  to  point  of commencement.
I n 111 g
id mii
lanuary, 1'"'**   LS~f-BO���SI Payni.
Went Koolenay Laud Diatrict. District of Goat
lake notice thai 1, George A Hunt, of Kit
eheiier, occupation tlmnermau, Intend to
apply for permlaalon to purchase the
followiug deeorlbed land: Commencing at a
post planteil about -lo chains, went ot Thompwou
marked S. W. eorner, theuce south IDJS chalua
tbeuce eaat 44 67 chalna, thence north 3l.4.r>
ehaiua, theuce west along B.C. Southern Railway to place of commencement, coutafulng 98.18
Dat'-d January Hih   I'.HiW. lii.'iHOK ��    M i NT
Corporation of the City of
Public* notice  is  hereby  given  to  the
electors of the Municipality ot the city
<if Nelson, Butt I require the presence of
tlu* laid electors at the City Hall, on
Monday, the thirteenth day of January,
190S, at VI o'clock noon, for the purpose
nf elcclhiK persons to represent them In
the Municipal Council aa Mayor ami Al-
derrnen, and on the Public School Hoard
aa Trustee-H.
Thu candidates shall be nominated in
writing; the writing shall be subscribed
hy two voters of the Municipality us
proposer and seconder, nnd shall bo delivered to the Returning Officer at nny
time between the date of this notice ami
2 p. in. of the day nf nomination, and
In the event of a poll being m-cesstiry
such poll will be opened on Thursday,
th" sixteenth day of January, 1908, between the hours of !* o'clock a. m., and
7 o'clock, p. in., in (he Oltj Hall for the
K;isl Ward, and at the OfflOS of W. IV
TIerney. No. 316tt Maker street, for the
West Ward, of which every person Is
hereby retpiired to titke notice and govern himself accordingly.
The persons qualified to be nominated
for and elected ;:: Mayor of such city
shall be such persons as nre male liritish .subjects of the full age of twenty*
one yean, snd are not disqualified under any law and have been for the six
months nexi preceding tbe day of nomination the registered owner In the land
registry office of land or real property
in the city of the assessed value, on
the last municipal assessment, roil of
one thousand dollara or more, over and
above any registered judgment or
cliiiige. and who aro otherwise duly
qualified as municipal voters.
The persons qualified to be nominated
for and elected as aldermen of such clly
shall be such persons as are male Hritish subjects of the full age of twenty*
one years, and are not disqualified under any law and have been for tlie six
months next, preceding the day of nomination the registered owner In the land
registry offico of land or real property
In the city of the assessed value On the
last municipal Assessment roll of five
hundred dollars,    or    more,    over    and
above   any   registered     Judgment    or
charge, and who are otherwise Qualified
as municipal   voters.
Thi- persons eligible to he nominated
for and elected as School Trustees of
such cliv shall be any person being a
householder In the School district, and
being a HrlHsh subject or the hill age of
twenty-one years, and otherwise qualified by the Public School Act to vote
at an election of School Tni-stoos ln
the said School  District.
(liven under my hand at tlie City of
Nelson aforesaid, the flth day of January, 1!>08.
Returning Officer.
First    Expression    of   Consciousness   of
Divinity���Services   in  City
Churches Tomorrow.
Tomorrow will be the first Sunday
after the Epiphany. No holy daya occur during tho week following.
The gospel for the day is St. Luke's
SCCOUnt of the visit of Jesus to the temple when He was a boy of tweive. It
is one of the few stories of the childhood or youth of Christ. The little else
that Is told of that period in the canonical writings is almost summed up in
the words with which St. Luke closes
the narrative: "And Jesus increased in
wisdom and stature, and in favor with
God and man."
The precocity Indicated in the circumstance of a boy of twelve debating
with men of mature intelligence and
learning is remarkable but not unique
in human history. The most important
feature of the narrative is Christ's reply to His Mother:    "Wist ye not that
I must be-about .My Father's business.''
Here Is an avowal, the earliest and perhaps the most clearly expressed or all,
of  His   Consciousness  ��f  Godhead.
The following services are announced
for the city churches for tomorrow:
Church of England���St. Saviour's,
corner Of Ward and Silica streei. First
Sunday alter Epiphany, holy communion, S a. m.;  morning prayer and litany
II a. m.; Suuduy School, II.30 p. m.
evensong, 7. SO p. m. Rev. F. H. Graham, rector.
Roman Catholic���Church of Mary Immaculate, corner of Ward and Mill
streets; Low mass, 8 a. m.; high mass,
10:80 a. in; evening service, 7:30 p. m.
Rev. Father Althoff, priest.
Presbyterian Church���St. Paul's, corner of Victoria aud Kootenay streets;
Morning service, 11 a. UL.; Sunday
school, 2::t0 p. m.; evening service, 7:30
p. m.    Rev. J. T. Ferguson, minister.
Methodist Church���Corner Silica and
Josephine streets; Morning service, 11
a. m.; evening service, 7.30 p. m.;
Sunday School, 2.30 p. m. Rev. R. N.
Powell,   pastor.
Baptist Church���Stanley street, near
Mill: Morning service, 11 a. m.; evening service, 7.30 p. m.; Sunday School,
2:30 p. m.    Rev. A. N. Frith, pastor.
Salvation Army���Rai racks on Victoria street, west of. Josephine: Special
services for tomofrrow. Knee drill, 9 a.
m.: holiness meeting. 11 a. m.; a praise
meeting at 3 p. m.; salvation meeting
at 8 p. m.
To Study Unknown Peoples.
New York. Jan. 11.���Among the passengers sailing on the Lusltania today
is George A. Dorsey, curator of the department of anthropology of the Field
Museum of Natural History of Chicago,
who will circle the globe to map out a
plan for a series of expeditions thai will
constitute one of the most comprehensive exploration- of unknown lands ever
attempted by any institution.
If you want upholstering or cabinet
work for this spring get It done now.
We have some choice quarter cut oak
and will build you a piece of furniture
to your order at the price of factor)
goods.    See us for second hand goods.
Turner Beeton Block, 606 Vernon Street.
Notice is hereby given that the Kinney-Miller Cedar Company, an extra provincial company duly registered, as
such, and authorized to carry on business within the province of Hritish Columbia, and having Us head office at
Creston, in the said province, munufar
inters, have by deed of assignment,
dated the Uth day of December, 1��07,
assigned all Its personal property, real
estate, credits, and effects, which may
be seised and sold under execution to
me,   Charles   O.   Rodgors.   of    Creston,
British Columbia-, lumber manufacturer,
for the general benefit of Its creditors.
A meeting of the creditors will be
held at the offlce of It. .M. Macdonald,
bai risterat law, corner Baker and Stanley streets. Nelson, B. 0., at the hour of
three o'clock iu the afternoon on Tuesday, the 3ist day of December, 1907, for
the giving of directions  with  reference
to the disposal of the estate.
And further take notice that all creditors are required on or before (he 'jsth
day of December.  1907. to file* with me.
the assignee,  full particulars of their
claims duly verified; and  the nature of
the security, if any. held by them.
And notice Is hereby given that after
tho 28th day of December, 1907, I will
proceed to distribute the assets amongst
fho creditors of whose debts or Claims
I shall then have received notice and 1
will uot be responsible for the assets,
or any part thereof, so distributed to
nny creditor of Whose debt or claim I
shall  not  then have received  notice.
Dated at Creston, B. C, this Uth day
of December. 1907.
"COMPANIES   ACT.   1897."
the Legislature of British Columbia extends.
The head office of the Company is situate at (he Town of Altona, in the Province  of  Manitoba.
The amount of the capital of the
Company is sixty thousand dollars, divided into six hundred shares of one
hundred dollars each.
The head office or tha Company in
this Province is situate at Nelson, and
W. A. Macdonald. Barrister-at-Law,
whoso address is Nelson, B. C, Ib attorney  for the Company.
Given under my hand and seal of office at Victoria, Province of British
Columbia, this sixteenth day of November, one thousand nine hundred and
Registrar of Joint Stock Companies.
The   objects   for w'dch   this     Company has been established and licensed
are: ���
For the purpose and with the object
of buying or acquiring by grant, purchase or otherwise, and leasing, mortgaging or otherwise transferring or dealing with or disposing of real estate,
lunds, tenements, hereditaments of
every description or nature, and any
and every right and interest therein;
developing, cultivating, forming, settling and otherwise improving and utilising the same, and of pledging, mortgaging, leasing, selling and otherwise
dealing with exchange or disposing of
the same, and generally of carrying on
the business of a land and land improvement company: and to carry on
the business of ranching, farming and
lumbering; of aiding an dassistiag by
advances of money or otherwise, with
or without security, settlers aud Intending settlers upon any lands belonging to the company or in the neighborhood of such lands, and generally to
promote the settlements of land or acquiring, holding, selling, mortgaging,
.pledging and otherwise dealing with
mortgages and charges in lands or any
interest therein, and of agreements for
terest therein, and of investing and
lumbering; of aiding and assisting by
with covenants for the security of
the purchaseand sale of land or any intending money upon tbe security of real
and personal estate, goods and chattels,
stocks, bonds, bills of exchange, promissory notes or kinds of security as
an individual may; to take and receive
mortgages on real or personal estate, or
other security at such rates of interest
as may be agreed upon; to sell and to
assign such mortgages or mortgage the
same by any Instrument in writing or
agreement, subject to conditions and
with covenants for the security of the
money advanced thereon; to execute
mortgages on any lands owned or purchased by the company; to secure the
purchase price or any part thereof of
any lands, tenements or hereditaments
purchased by the company or for any
other purpose whatsoever; to borrow
money at such rate of interest as to
the company may seem advisable, and
issue deposit receipts, bonds, mortgages or other documents to the lenders
thereof, and to give mortgages or securities upon all or any of the company's assets for repayment of all or
any of the money borrowed; and to sell,
assign, mortgage and hypothecate or
pledge any of the ecu-Titles or assets
of the said company for the security
of moneys advanced thereon; to execute, sign, issue, negotiate, transfer,
give and take promissory notes, hills
of exchange, cheques, bonds, debentures and other negotiable instrument,
and choses in action and evidence of
indebtedness of all kinds, and to pay,
charges and collect interest thereon,
and to give and take chattel mortgages, bills of sale, and receipt notes, lien
notes, hire receipts, orders for goods,
chattels or money, warehouse certificates, bills of lading, warehouse receipts and other securities or chattels,
machinery, goods, wares or merchandise; to Improve, cultivate, erect buildings and make other improvements on,
or survey and subdivide any portion
of the company's lands; to lend money
and take mortgages on real and personal estate as security therefor and from
time to time to discharge the same; to
take and hold real estate In trust or
otherwise as security for Buch loans,
and to take and hold collateral nnd
other security therefor or for debts
which may become due to the company;
to collect rents, manage estates and
buy and sell property on commission,
and to act as valuators, financial
agents, general and special agents, and
real estate brokers; to carry on the business of buying, selling, manufacturing,
making or Otherwise acquiring or producing any or all kluds of material
used in construction, maintenance and
repairs of buildings or other structures, including lumber, stone, brick
and plumbers' supplies; to acquire, construct, equip, own. maintain and operate
warehouses, elevators, factories, mills.
saw-mills and Hour-mills; of buying and
selling grains of any kind whatsoever;
of buying and selling implements, buggies, waggons, sleighs, machinery, and
engines of any kind whatsoever; of buy
lug and selling goods and merchandise
of any kind whatsoever, and buying and
selling safes and vaults; to contract with
Individuals or corporate bodies in regard to any undertaking and to stie
and be sued in tho namo of tho company in respect of the same and. subject to tho provisions of Section fiH of
the Manitoba Joint Stock Companies Act
to Unite and amalgamate in whole or
In part with or purchase the business
of any other person, corporation or
private individual engaged In any of the
businesses above mentioned, and. if so
agreed, to Issue therefor paid-up stock
In this company: of cnrrylng on any
other business which seems to the company capable of being conveniently carried on In connection with tho above or
which may seem to the eoiupan.\ calculated to directly or 'ndlroetly onlianee
the value of or render profitable any
of the Company's properties or righla.
Province of British  Columbia.
No.  412.
This is to certify that "The Manitoba
and Western Canada Land Company,
Limited/1 i C authorised and licensed to carry on business within tho Provlnoo of British Columbia, and to carry out or effect all
or any of the objects of the Company
to  which   the   legislative   authority   of
No. 310.
"COMPANIES   ACT.   1897."
I hereby certify that the "Falls Crock
Copper Mining Company, Limited," has
this day been  registered  as an  Extra-
Provincial Company under the "Companies Act, 1897," to carry out or effect all or any of the objects of the
Company to which the legislative authority of the Legislature of British Columbia extends.
The head office of the Company is situate at the City of Spokane, State of
Was! Ington, U. S. A.
" Th j amount of the capital of the
Company is one million five hundred
thousand dollars, divided into one million five hundred thousand shares of
one  dollar each.
The head offlce of the Company in
this Province ls situate at Nelson, and
Michael C. Monaghan, Minor, whose
address Is the same, Is the attorney
for the Company.
The time of the existence of this Com-
oany is fifty years from the tr��th March,
The Company is specially limited under section  5G of the above  Act.
Given under my hand and seal of office at Victoria, Province of British Columbia, this 15th day of May, one
thousand nine  hundred and seven.
[L.S.] S. Y.   WOOTON.
Registrar of Joint  Stock  Companies.
The objects for which the Company
has been established aud registered are
restricted to acquiring, managing, developing, working and selling mines, mineral claims and mining properties, and
the winning, getting, treating, refining
and marketing of mineral therefrom
and   are: ���
(1.) To obtain by purchase, lease.
hire, discovery, location or otherwise,
and hold within the Province of British Columbia mines, mineral claims.
mineral leases, prospects, mining lands
and mining rights of every description,
and to work, develop, operate and turn
the same to account, and to sell or
otherwise dispose of the same or any
of them, or any interest therein:
(2.) To dig for, raise, crush, wash.
smeR, assay, analyze, reduce, amalgamate and otherwise treat gold, silver.
copper, lead ores or deposits and other
minerals and metallic substances and
compounds of all kinds, whether belonging to the Company or not. and to render the same merchantable, and to buy,
sell and deal in the same, or any of
(3.) To carry on the business of a
mining, smelting, milling and refining
company in all or any of Its branches:
(4.) To acquire by purchase, lease,
hire, exchange or otherwise, such timber landa or leases, timber claims,
licences to cut timber, surface rights
and rights-of-way. water rights and privileges, mills, factories. furnaces,
for smelting and treating ores
and refining metals, buildings, machinery, plant, and other real or personal
property as may be necessary for or
conducive to the proper carrying out
of the objects  of the Company:
(5.) To constuct, maintain, alter,
make, work and operate on the property of the Company, or on property
controlled by the Company, any canals,
trails, roads, ways, tramways, bridges.
and reservoirs, dams, flumes, race and
other ways, water-course, aqueducts,
wells, wharves, piers, furnaces, sawmills, crushing works, smelting works,
concentrating works, hydraulic works,
electrical works and appliances, warehouses, buildings, machinery, plant,
stores, and other works and conveniences which may seem conducive to
any of the objpects of the Company,
and, with the consent of the shareholders in general meeting, to contribute to,
subsidise or otherwise aid or take part
in any such operations though construe
ted and maintained by any other company or persons outside of the property
of the Company, and to buy, sell, manufacture and deal In all kinds of goods.
stores, Implements, provisions, chattels
und effects required by the Company
or its workmen and servants:
(6.) To build, acquire, own. charter,
navigate and use steam and other vessels for the purpoae of the Company:
(7.) To take, acquire, and hold as the
consideration for ores, metals or minerals sold or otherwise disposed of, or
for goods supplied or for work done
by contract or otherwise, shares, debentures, bonds or other securities of or in
any other company tlie objects of which
are restricted as herein aforesaid, and
to sell or otherwise dispose of the
same: i
(8.) To enter into any agreement for
sharing profits, union of Interests or cooperation with any other person or company carrying on or about to carry on
any business or transaction which a
conipanv specially limited under section
.rifi or the "Companies Act. 1897,"of British Columbia, is authorised to carry on:
(9.) To purchase or otherwi.se acquire
and undertake all or any of tho assets,
business, property, privileges, contracts,
rights, obligations and liabilities of nny
person or company carrying on nny
part of the business which a company
specially limited under Section fiti of
tho "Companies Act, 1897." of British
Columbia, is authorised to carry on, or
possessed of property suitable for the
purposes thereof:
(10.) To borrow or raise money for
the purpose of the Company, but so
thai the amount so borrowed or raised
shall not, without tho sanction of a
general meeting of the Company, exceed one quarter of the amount of the
paid-up capital for the time
being, nnd for the purpose of
seeming such money and interest or for
any other purpose to mortgage or
charge the undertaking or all or any
part of the property of the Company,
present, or after acquired, and to create.
Issue, make.diaw. accent and negotiate
perpetual or redeemable dtbcmtires or
debenture stock, promissory notes, bills
of exchange, bills of lading, warrants,
obligations, nnd other negotiable aud
transferable instruments:
(11.) To distribute any of the property of tho Company among the members
In specie:
12.) To sell, improve, manage, do-
volop. exchange, lease, mortgage, dispose of. turn to account or otherwise
deal with the undertaking or the whole
or any part of the property and rights
of the Company, with power to accept
as the consideration any shares, stocks
or obligations of any company the object a of which are restricted under
Section 50 of tho "Companies Act,
lr'97," of  British  (Columbia:
(13.) To do all such othor things as
are Incidental or conducive to the attainment Of tho foregoing objects.
We have for rent the office in the
Mara Block over the Royal Hank, lately
occupied by Mr. E. A. Crease.
H. &. M. BIRD
A great many sales have been made of lots in this charming suburb
of Nelason and only a few best   lots are left.
If yoo want Good Land
McDermid & McHardv
CAPITAL,   $25,000.00  In  25,000   (hare*
of $10.00 each.
MANAGER, Crozler W. nourke.
OFFICE, No. S!22 Baker St. (Croasdalle
& Co.)
SEE the cement blocks displayed ln the
Standard   Furniture   Co.'s   window.
APPLICATIONS for stock are Invited.
PARTICULARS and forms of Application may be obtained at the Company's offlce, or from H. A. Stewart,
Solicitor. Nelson, B. C.
this winter.    Sulphur Springs  and  unexcelled  accommodations.     Rates  $2.50
per day  and up.
Ttemont House
Buror-emn and Amr-rioa- .Plan
-Saala 8i eta.   aoomi frota *% eta. lo Sl.
���only While Hup JCmplored
Btttt Bt., Nelaon Proprtatof*
Maas, comfortable quarters      Nelson
Only tbe beat of Liquor* and '.bj.ra
Grand Central Hotel
Thoroughly renovated* and refurnished. Rooms 60 cents upward. The
dining room la unexcelled In the city.
House heated throughout with hot
J   A. ERICKSON, Proprietor
Telephone. 150.    Opposite Court Bona.
and Po*tofflce, Nelaon. B. C.
Queen's Hotel
S*ker -Street, Nalaon. B. C, _SM
Correspondence invited and cbeerfu.-
ly  answered.
Call on or write
B. J. OOY_E,
AM. l*.A..Vanrmii*t-r.
D P.A.. Nolwnt.
From $10 to $25.
Lana  and   Comfortable   Badrooma and Ft ret*
ulaaa Dtaing Boom.
MRS. E. C. CLARKE, Proprietress.
Bartlett   House
Best Dollar-a-Day House in Nelson.
The Bar ta the Plneat.
White Help only -Employed
foaepblne St.
Royal Hotel
Rate* $1 and $1.B0 a Day.
Special Rate* to Regular Hoarder*.
Old Curiosity Shop
All Kind* nt Heating; Plants In Stock.
Victoria ��t., Nr. Ooera Hou.e.      Tel. 181.
VV.    a.    OILLETT
Gor-itr-aoto-r  and
Bole agent for th*- Porto Rloo Lnmbor Co., Ltd..
remit yarda Rou*. h and dremwd lumber, turned
work and brack-*)*1 Coat-t lath and ihlrigtaa, aaeb
���nd door*. ���Ca- ������nt, brlok and llmu tor tale.
Aiitcin-.ti.* urisi   er. i
Yard ��i,.i U    ory: Vernon St.. eaatof BalllJ
Ml  L-.HOIN.   Ee. O.
llltlKCe In* Daily Canadian
If  Your   Eyes  Trouble   You
We can give you perfect examintion,  glasses and  fittings at moderate
..  prices and  guarantee  satisfaction. . _ .-.-_    J '     ��S
We grind our own lenses. .
=     \
Watchmaker and Optician
.li:*.'. lil-l-liK..-.
Bargains in all lines
of Dry Goods. Millinery  and  Ladies'
|See Us
For Good Froit Land
10 Acre Blocks to 800
Acre Blocks.
Bedrock Prices."]
Easy Terms.
H. E. Ooadsdaile & c=_
Next Door to Bank of Co-nruerce.
$1.50 to $10.00.
Welcome Nugget Smoking
Queen Cigar Store
BUSH  at MATT HEW,  Props.       J
We have just received a shipment of Heinz Goods iu following line.
14-oz.   Ilottlu   Shim*   Mixed   Pickle*.
ll-iaz. Bottle Bweet  Mixed Plokle*.
14-oz. Bottle Oherkln* Pickles.
Pint Bottle R, tchup,
Telephone 1111
Corner of Stanley antl Victoria Sts.
Two lilocks from Depot.
Mr. mul Mrs. W. G. Calvin. Mr. anal
Mrs. K. II. Price, -Miss McCann, .1. Pal-
ini'i- CollinB, Winnipeg; Mrs. .1. Antler-
son, Kaslo; .1. Balrd; Miss Balrd, Winnipeg; P. S. Couldrey, .1. Leon, Rossland;
A. (S. Creelman, Vancouver; .*. Jackson,
Calgary; ll. is. Nicholas, Ymir; C. F.
Hooper, Spokane.
V^OI-.    V.ai-noi-1 and Wat-aJ   Slrtaels
li. A. Smldley, E. .1. Black, C. It.
Brown, C. l*S. l.egg, Spokane; 1.. Campbell, .1. s. Deschamps and wife. W. K.
b-sllng, Rossland; W. P. Curd, Cranbrook; .1. D. Anderson, Trail; P. II.
Burnham, Grand Forks; ts. Palrbatrn,
Silverton; S. I". Tolme, Victoria; <.'. Maj
Bdmonton; w. .1. Holloway, Winnipeg;
P. Tresham, Toronto; .1. Anderson, Kaslo; A. C. Dick, Haslet on; P. Jackson.
C. I'. Stilt, Rossland; .1. IS. Fair. Mrs.
C. Bennett, Oregon; J. ll. Campbell,
Ymir; W. Weir, Ki*la*.y; u. Kerr, .1. ll.
I.t-tma. W. II. Sheppard, Winnipeg; G.
It. Northey, Helena; G. Smith, Coryell:
J. McLeod, Phoenix; R. Goldsmith, Spo-
kane;   A.   P.  Necka-r. Qn'Appelle,  Sask.
W. Qrey and wife. Salmo; Bonnie
Briar Bush ('<>.: .1. Ruxton, Arrowhead;
G. W. Young, .1. 1,. Kan. II Smith, 12-
Mlle; li. v. Colchester, Kokanee; A.
.Montrose, 6-Mlle A. Shlrer, Spokane; A.
Olllver, il. Hingrose, Spokane.
B. Balnbridge, Lardo; A. 11. Carr, Sll*
verton; J. T. Ryan anal wife, Toronto!
.1. .1. Grady, Creston; A. Walker, vv. Mo-
l-'iiilili-li. Sanalaan; W. A. Kiilili. II. J. Kaalah
.1. Si-i'saan. C. McDonald, Kaniloops; N.
McDougal, Nakusp.
it  .1. Realr, M. B. Munro, Prultvale;
.1. Young, Ymir; E. Richardson, Parron;
is. Marshall, t. McLean, Salmon; J. it.
Mull*,  Kaslo,
L. M. Gawliy. T, Pierson, Trail; D.
Mathews, Nakusp; K. Reid, J. McOleav-
er, Slocan; .1. Harris, W. Harris, Koss-
landi  IS   Harris, A. Harris, Spokane.
F. C. GREEN        F. F. BURDEN        A. H. GREE
Cvil Engineers, Dominion and Britisli
Columbia Land Surveyors
P. 0. Baas 146     Fbont 2.1 B.
Cancellation of Re.erv...
Nt.tla-a- la ha-r.-tay ulva-ai that lha* r***rf* ovaar
a-alalli laai,la. n -.,1.111 K.i.l K.��>l,'iiay. DOtl** ail
vhl.Ji ���| voir,... 111 fa. a-, all i.l, ColUSlblSGUStt*
il I).,* 11th a.l  AiikiihL. 1- *    Hh.l bor* .late ai, Au
    19 b, leW. 1. le relay ,-aai.-.-lla..l      r,,n alaa.Yaa
in-iillf.lii-.l lnu-t- aa III t���- ���,_-ii lair liaa-atl.iaa lalaala-r
ha- l.aaii.l An a.ai .M.iai-I, BO, IWaH
I"*|aiily ' .iiiiiiii-..i,,ht r oi Laadl nna, W.irlta
'.an,I. an.l Worka
Vx-lnria, H  0.,
aunbai 11.th. 1907.
No toilet tabic Is complete without un atomiser* We Uee\i all vurioMe-a
al all juices. ft
Have vim BfiOI] unr new supply nf HOT WATER BOTTLES AND
"If it's to be had in town wo baVo It," Ib n motto we have earned by
our complete and up-to-date stunk.
Canada Drug & Book Co'y, Ltd.
Council Meeting.
A special meeting of the eity council
will be held Monday morning al in
Sleigh Driving.
Tbi' pupils of tiie Methodist Sunday
School are enjoying a sleigh drive this
Band at Roller  Rink.
'lhe band will be ut the roller rink tonight  and  skating  will  be   followed
an informal dance.
Rossland   Carnival.
Rossland's eleventh winter carnival
will open Tuesday. Feb. 4th. and will
continue  until   the   Saturday   following.
Police   Commission.
The board of police conimission<.s
met yesterday afternoon and appointed   C,  Lewis   patrolman,   vice   Harding
Methodist   Services.
The Nelson lodge. I. O. (1. T.. will
parade to tlie Methodist church tomorrow night, when a sermon on temperance will be preached b) the pastor.
KeV. R. X.  Powell.
Metals and Stocks.
Silver advanced four points today on
the New York markel and three in Ism-
dou. The only change iu copper sloe!*,
quotations is an advance of several
-points in B. C. Copper.
University  Club.
The January meeting of the liiiver
Bit} ''''di lias been postponed for a week
owing to other pressing engagements of
tlie president. Rev. F. il. Graham, who
is to provide the programme.
Unsigned Contribution.
A letter, enclosing a copy of a protest addressed to the Daily News
against an article that appeared in that
paper. Neither protest1 nor covering
letter bears any sfgnuture. The author
will understand that this is the reason
why it cannot receive further notice.
Curlers' Excursion.
For the Royal Caledonian honspiel at
Calgary, .Ian. 20th to 26th, contestants,
their wives and families in this territory, will be issued tickets on .Ian. 80th
to 2l_nd, good to return until the 27th.
on the convention plan, purchasers
taking receipt for fare paid on standard
Spokane to the   Rescue.
A special from Washington to the
Spokane Chronicle says: "Congressman
Jones, upon a suggestion from the Spokane chamber of commerce, is urging
the secretary of state to retain an
American consular agent at Nelson. It.
C. The chamber urges thai then- is
business enough at Nelson for the services of an agent and Ihat the offlce
should not he movod. Thf department
of state now has Mr. Jones' presenta
tion  of the  case under consideration"
Death   of   Mrs.  Devlin.
The death occurred yesterday afternoon of Bella Devlin, nee Watson, wife
of J. O. Devlin, of Fairview. The deceased lady was born ln Glasgow, Scot-
Ian, in 1**7T*. and was therefore in her
���iUrd year. There in 189*; she married
Mr. Devlin and accompanied him to
British Columbia, taking up their residence in Nelson In lS^i., Mr. Devlin
having lived in this district since 1886.
Four children have been born of the
marriage, two boys and two girls, the
*-hb*st 11 years old. the youngest IS
months. Mrs. Devlin's illness was brief,
beginning on the first day of the year.
Peritonitis developed and medical skill
was unavailing. In her last moments
Mrs. Devlin was attended hy her hus
band and children and her sister, Mrs.
Joseph O'Donn'dl. who has lived in Nel
son for the last seven years. Tiie funeral will take place tomorrow. Sunday,
afternoon at 2.HO from the family rest
deuce. Rev. J. T. Ferguson of Bt. Paul's
Presbyterian church, conducting the services. .Mrs. IX*vlin will be hlncerely
mourned by a large circle of frfonds.
whose most sincere sympathy is ex
tended tn the bereaved husband and
India   Welcomes   Rain.
Lahore, India. Jan. 11���-The drni.-ht.
which hfui prevailed her for the past six
months, has been broken hy OODi ns
rains throughout the Punjab and Uie
danger of an acute state of famine wlin h
Bay Now
Wc have a Good Sclcclion of
Cheap Houses from $750 to
$1500. Let us show you
them, Some extra snaps for
investment or for a home.
l��KFB   ST
Jobbing promptly attended to.    Plant
ami Ultimate*.
Apply 415 Hall St.
Box 385.
1NEL.SOIN,     -     B. C
Sweet and Juicy
Oranges are  better now  than at  any
Other  season   Of   the   year.
Appetizing,   delicious   healthy   food.
All  Prices  25c   to  60c  per
C. A. Benedict
Corner Silica and Josephine Bt*.
phoinb 7
We have just passed into stock a very
handsome  line of Jardinieres.
In a rich deep hrown. and rich tasteful decoration
7 inches   high $1.65 each
8 inches   high $2.25 each
9 inches   high $2.95 each
10  inches   high $3.90 each
12  inches  high $6.00 each
In delicate light green shades, dainty
floral decorations, raised, in white and
light  tints.
7 inches hicjh $2.25   each
8 inches high $2.95  each
9 inches high $3.90 each
10 inches high $4.95   each
Plain.   No   decoration.   Four   different
7 inches high $1.75 each
8 inches high $2.75 each
9 inches high $3.50 each*
10 inches high $4.75 each
The beauty of these Jardinieres can
only be adequately appreciated by seeing them.
They are displayed in our window for
a day or two.
We G. Thomson
SBMS" ���nd    Nelson, B. C.
Phong ���*-..
Alice Roller Rink
Bowling Alley
Hand: Monday, Thursday, and Saturday evenings.
Mornings, afternoons and evenings,
without band, children 15c adults 25c,
including skates.
Evenings with band, except Saturday
evenings, 40c, Including skates.
Saturday evening, hand and special
attractions, to 11 o'clock, 50c, in suilliu'
skates, spectators 25c.
has   caused   such   mortalities  In   recent
years has thus been  averted.
New   York's   Fire   Proof   Building  Burnt
Like   Tinder.
New York. Jan. 11.���With the flrnt
streaks of dawn this morning relays of
Bremen began the task of searching in
the ruins of the Parker building for the
bodies oT the three firemen who are
reported   missing.
Although accounted fire proof the
'-'i-cut blulding burned almost like tinder, Ihe fire In lhe upper stories gaining
great headway unchecked, as It was be
ynnd the control uf the fire department's
meat waP-r towers. Sensational rescues
were the features of the fire. Five men
who were at work on the top floor of the
building were cut ufT from reHcue from
below and sought the roof on which
they stood against the Haines which had
broken through the roof. From the lop
Of an adjoining building* several stories
lower than the blazing one, a line was
shot up from a niorlnr, and with thlH
Mne the beleaguered men drew up a
stout rope which they fastened Ut tho
chimney, reaching down to the lower
roof  In  safety.
IfJHT    a
,        l-Hll      l-tftl      HI, '1,1 _
OfncMOl RUQjon'fl Uny Htore.
Kr i'in  nt tin* Lanbfnnen'i
I'm'i- ,   pit-Ma return  io
To Whom It  May Concern:
Take notice that J. I,. Warner is not
now and has not been since the ISth
day of November last employed by or
in any way connected with Ihe llrad ey
Kngineetlng and Machinery Oo. of
Spokane, Washington,
WtlolcBAle   HI)']     K.'lHll   PcHtlTH   111
Fresh and Salted Meats
Oamp-s -supplied on shortest notice aud
lowent price.* Nothing hut   fresh and
wholesome meats and supples kept in Mock
Mail orders receive careful attention.
E.  C.   TRAVES.    -Manager.
A   NICE  LOT  OF  CHINA  CAB-      ���
FROM   $22.00  AND  UP. X
___=^====_==^=== *
-Standard Furniture Co :
Complete House  Furnishers.
Undertaker* and  Embalmers.
Coal! Ice! Wood!
Phone 265
Kootenay Ice,   Froit
Fael Co.
N. E. co.. �����ker   and   Ward   St*.
Notice is hereby given that the un
dersfgned have submitted to the I.ieu
tenant Governor In-Council a proposal
under the Rivers and Streams Act for
the clearing and removing obstructions
from the Duhamel Oreek (otherwise
known as Six .Mile Greek) in the Ids
trlet of West Kootenay, Province of
Hritish Columbia, and for making tin*
said creek fit for rafting aud driving
thereon logs, timber and lumber, and
for erecting and maintaining dams ou
the said creek, and for constructing
and maintaining booms for holding
sorting and delivering logs and Umber
thereon, and for at inch lug booms on
Kootenay Lake at the mouth of said
The lands to be affected, by such work
are Lots 7N7. 7SK, 7601, 777::, 1894. Mil
and 8419 all fn Group t��ne, Kootenaj
Uistrict, and other lands not Crown
granted, occupied  or Improved.
The tolls proposed to lie charged ate
such aa may he fixed by the Judge ol
the County Court of Wesl  Kootenay.
Dated the 2JSth  dav of October,   1907.
tiik porto Rico Lumber
Real Estate Agent
S16  Baker St.,  Nelson,  B. C.
NICKERSON, the Jewerery Manufacturer's Agent will Bell fOU goods from samples at 2G per cent, less than regular
prices direct, from the factories, In S
days from order. Kverylhlng in (Inline.    Order now.
WANTK.K   (IdoiI bur-liu'-*-.  pric-InciT.*. In wrlli-
lii-nriii      nn    Hll     Itlti'lH   of    IIVI-   rU-H'k
iiKftliinl 'tt-Htii .rnm Hiiy i'ihim' llrt'lnh A iiutI'uii
1.1-' Stock Af-ttof-latloii, Vuh.-mivft, It <_.., nr
W.J. WhIW.t, f I ,i in*   Until, N' I-.m.
ANTKO    Olll*-*-'. Hitkit   Hln-cl    f-roniKl   'loot
ssreferred*   Hox i"/i r,ui,i.ii,,,
SIX  KOOM Kb HOI'Ml:, furiil**h"<l nr nn turn lull
nl     Apply to J. Unary, rnriiiT Vermin   hikI
li,p"i|ib i n.i "ifrii.
Fl'RNIHIIKI,   U(a���M    (loaial    laal-ailli.ll.
II   lastly (Islaa.lisli
TWO riRHT-t-'I.AHH KOOMH. .v.-sin I,, ,al..,l.    Ap*
liplr bon**k**p*r, ltd n.t. II. w. v.block.
Careful Repairing
ni   .ill   WAtch.
and (il.ioliH.    ���!������,.
delicate meehanUm   win    be   i,,,nrt-
win, expert hI,iii.    .:,.���,���>   watch th*
nil.I   iv ill. Um ������   ..in-,-   in   :,   ...ln],    , pi Vf-l.
it  iii iii-i-i ,-Iiish condition,    w,  Knk.    ****���
I' I'    a*..lit     I.i     li.-    III..     IU'.'i i*H*****l
price* ar..  an in.'|. . ly   n,,.,l, .
Mail order* promptly attended i.      |X,i
J.J. walker'*
WholuwHle   l*rc��vlet|t>na��,
Produuts, - Mrult.
Uiivairnma-nt (Sri-aiuiTT  One-Pound  Hrirla- raara-lvd weakly fr���h fnm, ��,
a-liurn.    For s��1a. I,y ��11 lending m-ocen, _
                                                  Ut 1
Omoeand wanootue: iiamston Kioeit.   Paooe 78. Pff
Josephine Street.        - -        .        Nelson, B. C.   %&
z^SS-^<-i?^^ <y-
a reciprocity   <>f   ro,.i|   *!iti
wish  yam   a   ll:i|i|.y   N..ia-   V. ar, a
feel ...hi wish uh the lama
��ii*ii tor amnetbing <*iw\ and iim
ih.. ,i|i|,..rii,uit> aaf provtaj to |
exceptional fhJue* or onr Readr-ti
suiiH and 0**erooa_ In i,tal.n,
ki>I.\ fit and finish wc- iety a
Urn. anal our new staark ina-iu,!,.
"f tha- v>-i-y   ]at.._t  and mosl  EMU
fabrl, .  and  desitna.    You'll nn<
mono]   will  liny better sax-da her
The li
' 1907
I* mo,
lived a
cl of
ul pos
Tbe |
oner ,
J. A.
��� The I
da, Haa
e would like ta. Ba>e all our patrOnscomtortabla this winter an.l Id on
we have In stuiik the beat assort ed  lino of ha.ntliiK biovpb anal co.
anal   ranna.* *ver before presented to the public In Koolenay.
a would lae pleased to ahow  yaiu    our line aud before making j���
kindly see what we have to aaffa-r.
J. H. Ashdown Hardwai
Company, Limited.
Jf repi
ry to
ar'a c
in, p*
ire fo
Tbe c
tb ev
0* of
A let
ay, ��
Nel��on B*    ,ro��
er to
A  let
���wer i
St tor
led i.
A coi
i dlsi
=R. A.
st ot
r moi
A  loi
Wc  carry   everything   in  the
line of
From   40c. to $1 per Ib.
Choquette Bros.
Phone 258.
THE   Unto Dale   Bakers
Alberta Creamer)' buiter in sin,.. 7 Ib.
and II Hi. blocks at 37c pa'r pound.
For Sale at
Joy's Gash Grocery
Cm*   foMphlns and  Mills HIh
ta at
.ion e
'id ail
ud d,
.<en p
- A n
Pilherta, Almonds,  Walnut:..    I   awrei
ChaSUlUtS,    Apple   Clala-r,   Noil ll. Ill tttmt
apples,  llalalwln  Apples,  Jap    ,ir.ai.
FIks,   1,,,'Kaa   layer, California    <,rH^H
and Maltma (Irapa-s.
I**t i
A   lars*   .'ibsi.iIiiii.iiI   of   Xiii.v * ��� T*|
Wholesale and retail price*   pi-ni'i   ,;
S. H. SeaneCp-
Phone 20a. r.nsi.. r..,i   lal ec
nelson, n  c "I***
he ru
an all
lay y
In on
I Mo,
.-^a^L-usorsuti^. __a._ _'    _*rom
all your wants In
Wood-Vallance ^Hardware  Co


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