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The Daily Canadian Aug 25, 1906

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Array ���Jtatltj Canabian
I.   No. 71.
Fifty Cents a Month
gnisls Are Workout 3 Plan
[president Roosevelt to Send
Icommission to Guarantee
Fail Play.
,���.,    aui     --'   Today's   mil..
1 . n  I'nisii   del   iti.'  Indicate
,    .sine of  the  1 xpi'i-leil  bat-
.... .nnil.-in    troops    ninl
uiidol    Finn   Ilu.-nu   Is
ih.111   II Illeiuls   al
in     willing   lo  ash,ill    Ilu
I,,..,...  1 10    have    ii< arlj  o.
n who can be depended
.   1. ported tss in- well
di   .inns ami ammunition
. .1  iii.u   iiie  Insurgent
withdraw    trom    Haa
isiiin was a ruse to ut--
I iceni troops from their
del   Uio.     A   sudden
l .mir    del    Itln    In  the
I;:.      ma's troops iio not tUHU
.   1 -1 v l     would     surprise
I well   inform -il.     The
., than   l'����'  annul  deten-
strength ol   the civilian
tloubL    So far lie ie has
Inns dissatisfaction  In  the
, inn in ihe siurroundlni districts
Ik.-  |ss.i|ile   are   Is-ss   In   touch
Jlli-  ..111. lain lhe  Situation  >n  far
1   Is   learned  Is not  reassuring
fnnu-nl   agents   are   sailing  Isiihty
I niii-il   Blales    10    pun baae
is Vurk, Aui; IB.���The following
dispatch imni Havana is primed
ed reticence of ihe gov-
11s  Justifies alarm  of  the  slum-
Senator  Lorna Calpos  Miiniii'i.u
;ii wii... in summing up the revo-
ffllBl    1.1 1 , in au Interview itl the
(fralfu   aald he hus uu ilmihi  thai
ssl    have   lulls   formed   u   plan
is ui.)  win gradually work out
thai honest elections must be
"t sis tin- government    The reii-
fighting  for a cause and nm
ie mini    The*,  an- willing to ac-
n   good man as president If he
nulls elected, even Bstrada Palnu
���   senator is willing to    add    his
'" Un   list  of .un Cuban bust-
in-11 hi Xew  York who purpose
Hresldenl Roosovglt in send :i
.ssissiisii tu see thai a convention
���i'l  and   that   the   mall  elected   Is
factory-.      lie    does    nol     desire
ilcan intervention,  because If the
rlcans    come    from    (lod      know
"���<���  movement will end. He be-
lhal   the  rebels   will   lay   down
���inns    if    President    Ftoosevell
,s iss ss'mi a nonpartltaii commle-
investlgate the elections,
dependent senator, while coin
ntlng "ii the above statement, said
appointment of such a commission
I'r sldenl   Roosevelt Is impoeslble,
1   would    wound    Cuban    InAopen-
The   imriles  must  settle   this
"'ea  themselves.    The sending of
;>- here would be no solution  of
1 rouble.
an Querra has slated his grlov-
aiii 1 now ihe government shouhl
i' lis reply. The government ls
nipping four coast wise steamers as
nliiiais in carry troops with Kims
'I nmmunitlon In ull coast points.
1 will he landed at night ami the
"I1 ��lll lltlenipl to surprise tile
Hsvnria, Aug. 25.���A detachment of
lulled cavalry and provincial pn-
lu'oceeded to Arroya Naranin
"iis morning a.-ui the insurgents
hi had occupied th" place scattered
Government  force appeared.
Havana, Aug. 25.���An American,
farrlblng lhe mule of the govern-
1 '" r emits near nines, province of
lavana, yesterday, says    thai    no or-
"��� were given after ihe govern-
ins  r.irce encountered    lhe    rebels.
was i-vi'i-v man for himself and the
11 ' " ������line In reality a race for lln-
Pay as You Go.
Aug.    2fs.���Thousands    of
'' ;i 'I Immigrants' agents through
' Hi" wosl will be deprived of pass-
"" Western railroads by the provl-
��ns of the    new  rate  law,  as    the
Ji ssii-i.;   Interpreted    the    statute   na
"' Bn'n�� Hiat the issuance   nr   trans-
'""'I1..:' In the agents Is dlBcrinilnnt-
il"-     Th"  Wisconsin    Central.  Oreal
"ail     .    "1"1  MI'iiK'apolis & Bt. l.onlii
11 ������ ������} - already have announced that
! ��lll suspend tbo pusses and Oth
er railroads win t,,i���. th, ���.,������. ,l(.tllin
Kvery Wo-tem road ims been accus-
I 111 "il 10 carry frnm (00 to 5000 laud
ag-.-ntB on its book.. The beneficial--
es are scattered from Canada to Mexico.
Head  of  Roitland    Police    Approval
Suggestion for Organization.
Tom Long, chief of pollen of Ross-
Iniiii. WSJ in llie city last night wllh
11 prisoner named "Silver" Bkuledt, to
si rve lour months for lliefi in tin- Nelson guni.   Another, Oliver Paul, win
Home over as sunn 01 his In-allli permits, tor supplying gin in ��� "Blwash-
���d" man.
rhief i.i.ng is enthusiastic tor the
01 pulsation ni Kootenav police oiii
eiiiib advocated by Chief Jarvis or Nelson,     lie   Is   i-siiiflileiil   lhal   co-opern-
iion iii running down criminals and
warning away tramps would greatly
ii'dii e the work oi police all over
Kootenay and reduce the cosl oi' main
tabling law ami order, Ih- promises
ills own hearty support in the scheme.
Rowland's chief also reports Unit
lie- liiiiii-n City, 11k" Ns'isini. is cursed
wiih a number of depraved ami degenerate children with a mania for st.-al
ing ami destroying property. He
thinks 11 In a mistaken kindness on
ihe  pari  nf polios ami  newspsipi-rs  t.s
1 ress ih" names of such children,
siiisl lhal where the parents are nolo
riously unable to control such >mitiis
'in- only remedy is publicity and s>-
vere cnriMiral punishment, followed 11
necc -ssary hy  Imprisonment.
Chief Long returned to itossland
litis morning.
Harvard's Prospects of Victory.
I. inlii'i.  Aug.  25.���The unexpectedly
good   performance   yesterday    of     the
Harvard   university   crew    at     I'ulney
.ipi'i-nrs in ittve shaken the confidence
it ih,- backers of Uu- Cambridge eight
Borne of ihe morning papers today n>i
mil Ihai Cambridge is likely to have
a hurd 11111 to crack, while Ih" Sports-
uis.n comments upon the fact thai all
tin' Harvard oarsmen sit in Un- boat
ill pre iss-ly llle same ll. igllt. Iheir
���hwldgB being perfectly level, wllh
the result IhuY'VffWffTriliidos dip wllh
Hi" same angle, lln- winds- producing
. iii.'iehiii -like motion, whereas differ
eni heights would produce a different
angli- ami splash, anil eonsi'ipii-nl loss
or power. The Bportsman considers
for this reason thai Harvard has an
ideal   crew   and   are  noi   unlikely   to
Ore  Believed to Be of Same Body as
8llver Cup���Depth and  Richness
of Ore   Is  Proved.
A strike was made on   the   Yuin
mineral claim lasi week, says the
Lardeau Mining Review, which does
more to prove the value or the Trout
lake division than probably any 01 her
made  lor years.
The full! claim is one Of a group ol
four owned by Hugh Ross and George
Yulll and has been staked since 1S91.
The owners have always been firm In
iheir belief that the Silver Cup ledge
ran through their property, but owing to tlie heavy wash miming be
twi-en 10 and HO feet it was a big un
dartaking to locate It. Having confidence In their Judgment they stuck at
It year in and year out ami Ihis week's
work demonstrated that their stick-toll policy won oul.
The strike made Is about S000 feet
below the Silver Cup and its impor-
lame lies In lhe fuel lhal II demon
���.rates the continuity or the lead and
also lhe fuel lhal llle ore goes down
11 also demonstrates the Immense value of Ih" on- deposits in tile Silver
Cun al depth. Whir,' uncovered the
ledge Is two feet wide nnd curries
considerable shipping ore.
The wall, formation and ore is exactly similar to the Cup. so Hint there
can be no doubt as to Us being tho
same ledge.
Hugh Uoss. who has had charge or
Ih" work, will continue and during the
open weather uncover as much ns pen
gillie of the ledge.
The Only Pebble.
New York. Aug. 25.���Locked up al
police headquarters Is a romantic person, one Louis Mochorbsky, a young
man charged with the larceny of $501111
worth of diamonds. Several months
ago Mochorosky afforded the police
or many slates Of the country a vain
chnso and then went to Kurope. It
was only for the love of n girl I" Denver thai he ventured hack to the
slates to see.
Trains and Boats.
Crow   boat���Throe  hours   Into.
Slocan train���Half hour late.
Coast, Boundary and Uosslatiil train
-tin  time.
Canada's Best Customer
is Unjustly Treated
British Imports Increase While American Markti For Canada's
Goods Decreases.
Ottawa, Aug. 26.���(Special.)��� Tho
trade returns or the Dominion tor the
Usual year ending .luiu- 30, 1000, show
d large Increase in Canadian commerce. Hm there are some features
sn Uu- business of lhe yeas which one
ssssinii iii,    in se,' different.
The 1 'i .'. trade shows a substantial
in I, ase in Imni exports and Imports,
rhai 1 an agreeable feature, II would
bi .till moro satlsfaatory if the In
creased Imports were chiefly from thu
country which hsiyis the most from
Oanada. Iiui thai Is not what lap-
Britain  Is Oui   Best Customer.
We siishl Canadian merchandise 10
the value of $2I4,:ISI,.S2. 01 Ihis Ureal
Britain took Jl-7.4ilii.til. and the
United States only (83,146,406, or 11
gooil deal inure Ihsn twice us much.
While we undertake 10.give Great
Hriiain a preference li may be noticed
thai tin- bill ot free goods   from   the
United stales increases   much   1 -
rapidly than the similar class of gsssnis
from Oreal Britain. Nis doubt Ihis Is
,|u In pari to lie- clinraetiT of the
goods; lheras-r.es, bul the discrepancy
in unite remarkable. Our Imports oi
rres- goods from Greal Hrttaln were
Insi year valued ai 316,678,363, anil
Uiu*.' trom ihs- railed states at tt>6,<
331.296, or about five times thai
But   We   Arc   Customers  of   U.   S.
Comparing lasi year wiih the >>ar
before ws- iimi iii round Hgun's an increase of 836,000,000 in our total exports of Canadian merchandise. Tha
United States t.... 313,000,000 moro
than a year b lore. There was 11 considerable falling off In exports to (lermany and some other countries.
Hut while our sales to Oreal Britain
increased much more than our sales
10 the United States, Canadian pur
Chases trom the United Slates in-
creased much men' Ihan those from
Oreal Britain. The Increase of our
Imports for consumption from Great
Britain was less Ihan $n.rio(i,000 ami
lhal from the United Stales mors- than
11 is evident ihai there Is something
vt  tO he dine In  the  way  of liiYirov-
ing our purchasing relations with outmost customers. For as they go ou
buying more and more from us wc
continue to buy more and more from
Ih" I'nited Stale?.
Mr.   Fielding's   Mistake  of   Last  Year.
Mr. Bti Ming made his budget speeub
on May 2'2 01* Ihis year, lie had to
confess that in his statement tor 1906
he had heen a gnoil way out 111 his
estimates. In thai year he made his
budget statement altar the fiscal
year closed but some time before all
the accounts were settled. His estl-
mato ssf fas- revenue to lis- received
that year was an over-estimate. His
estimate of the current expenditure
was 162,260.000, which was more than
Sl.uisfl.Ofin below the correct figure. He
oxneoted ihs- capital expenditure to be
312.600,000, whereas 11 turned oul to
Is" 116,000,000. He sunposed that there
wisitld he only a $1,260,000 Increase In
Ih'- debt during the year then jusl
pasis-d and tin' actual Increase was
Repeated. This  Year.
Having mad" ihese oonfessious Mr,
molding produced his statement tor
the year ending June ��0, 1000. in
now appears thai he has committed
Ihu same error that he made last
year, The accounts will not lie clos-d
unlll Hie eusl of August but the figures as revised to nis' end or July
hnve ii en printed. They go to show
tbal .Mr. [fielding did not overestimate hie revenue, lie expeoted $T;i.-
000,000 and hy lhe end of July had re-
e-'Vs-sl $7.l.0h7.S23. Judging from previous year records he will gel $lliu.'
oii'i or more ia deferred payments,
Bul his estimate of ourrenl expenditure is ' vidsiitly away helow the
mark. Ho expected a current outlay
sil 366 6h0,r00, which ls 32,180,000 moro
than the previous year, hu! he aln sidy
reports payments 10 the "\tent of
360.0241868, which Is 33,904,622 mere
Ihan at the same date last vein-. So
that   he     Is  prottv    sure     10  go  some
$20111,11011 beyond his own estimate.
Thi- Finance min'si"!* expected tn
spend 111 caeital ace >m.I (16000,000
He   has   already   acknowledged   pay-
ui nis ol' |13,7S7,293, or within $1,500,-
000 ot the total estimated figure. Hast
year he spent $3,600,000 after the July
returns wcr^ In. It Ib pretty clear
that the 1U0C estimate ls $2,000,000
;;hort ln the capital  account.
Away Out In His Debt Figures.
From the figures which Mr. Field-
In; gave he worked out a prospective
Increase ot ouly $800,000 In the debt
duilng tbo year. He even hoped to do
better. "I am hopeful." he said, "thnt
ihe I', suit will be more favorable ond
thai ws- may close the year hy miliar-
lug llle iii'i-siimis, lhal our receipts
will cover ail Oxpt iiilltines of all
class.-s and we shall add nothing whatever lo His' public debt." He went on
to say: "However, il la well to he In
thut i-espec'l const ivlillvo, especially
ass my eat i mates lusl year were somewhat disappointing and I prefer to
have lheni under a conservative busts.
Fr.ui' ills' figures thai I have given
there may he a possible udditimi to
th.' net ih'hl at lhe cliiso ot tlie year
ssl ahoul $s<ui.iltiii." Now II appears
lhal Mr. Fielding's estimate of ex|icn-
diiiirc was some $1,000,000 loo low.
nud his predicted revenue not more
than $2110.11011 10.1 high. He will have
next  vein- to admit    an   increase   of
debt, nol  or fun 10,  Out  or between
34,000.000 and $0,000,000.
Arc Still Revolutioninij.
Warsaw. Aug. 24.���Revolutionists
lusl night attacked the railroad station tit Otweck, liilis-d an employe and
escaped wllh $1000. The troops or-
rested 11 suspects but today when the
train carrying lhe prisoners approach
s'sl Wiirsaw. Tin armed men stopiied It.
Ten soldiers fired on the highwaymen
killing one and wounding one. and nr
lested another. The others fled to a
neighboring fort.
The editor of The Canadian
telegraphed the managing editor
of the Colonist yesterday as lol
"Wire statement emphatically
denying reputed sale of the Colonist to Chinese if it is inconect.
We shall publish any thing you
In reply to the above the following  telegram  was received:
"The report that Chinese have
purchased the Colonist is a ma
licious lie. A. J. C. G.ilktlcy,
manager of the Bank of Montreal
and J. S. Gibb, manager of the
Imperial bank, both of Victoria,
are the only persons in the province who know the purchaser
and arc both prepared to make
affidavit to that effect. They
can also prove that the owner Is
a loyal British subject and is not
of Chinese extraction or origin.
Any person alleging that ft Is
owned or controlled, in whole or
in part, by Chinese will be charged with libel and prosecuted to
the full extent of the law." The
telegram quoted above was signed by J. S. H. Matson. managing
director of the Colonist Publish
Ing company.
Pretended  Victim of   Mine   Explosion
Given an  Hour to  Leave.
In the city psilice court this morning
two offenders appeared and wero mercifully dealt with by Magistrate Se
A veteran of Kelson who wns in
the city tn 1889 nnd the hero of many
episodes, tragic and comic, of early
slays, appeared 011 a charge of drunkenness, lie was strongly advised to
go to work.
The other prisoner claimed to he
Patrick O'Connell, hut had neither
ihe appearance, lanTuage or ability to
substantiate his claim. The following letter which he presented ln
many business bouses, constituted his
"Having been Inlered tn a mine explosion and being unable to do man
nil labor 1 am competed to ask the
public, tor a.-slstens I nm trying to
raise a little'money so I can purl-
chase a few small ardtokles to sell to
Isable me to make a small but honi'st
living on my way   home to my uncle.
Any asslslens you wish to give will
hi' cheerfully received.
Yours  respectfully
He wan given, one hour to leave
t nvn, Other fall visitors or the sum"
class may In- expected soon.
Price   of   Metals.
New York, Aug. 25.���silver C0%c;
caliper.  ISO!   lead. $5.75.
London. Aug. 25.-Silver, ��0 15-Hld:
Kin-.  ��27.
Now Flowing Rapidly Into
Property Destroyed Probably Great*
er Than at San Francisco-
Many Condolences.
Valparaiso,  Aug.  26.���The  minister
of the Interior has sent the rolluwiug
dispatch to  I'lesnleiii   ltiesco:
"Business is being resumed bore.
All classes are tasking part iu Uiu
work ot repairing the damage. II
fresh meat runs short It will causo
frozen meal from tlie Magdalents lo
lie sold. Many of the homeless people
need clothiug. 1'rovtBlons are mulling low al lquhiue because tbe sup-
lilies have been retained here."
President Kiesco is continuing to
receive telegrams of condolence from
foreign governments. The newspaper
buildings are not so badly damaged as
at first supposed. That of the Mer-
curouj ls intact. All tile newspapers
will reappear tomorrow. There were
some slight shocks ut 8:15 p. m. yes-
It rday, but no further damage was
Santiago, Chile, Aug. 25.���A consev-
valo estimate places Ihe property loss
at Valparaiso as a result of the eai'th-
Uuake and flies at |_O0,000,O00. The
luiss in the rural districts will be Immense, as not only tbe residences ot
the landed proprietors but tlie huts of
laborers have been completely destroyed and in many places the bridges,
telegraph aud telephone poles have
been Ihrown down.
It is insisted here that the effects
ol' lbe disaster are probably greater
Ihan was the case in San Krancis.-o.
Valparaiso was the great seaport of
the republic and its commerce exceed-
- d thai of any Pacific port except San
Francisco. The entire lower part of
the city ts completely destroyed and
lhe loss of life ls felt throughout Chili'
because all parts or lhe country were
Heavy rains arc still falling at Valparaiso, making Ihe misery still gr.-at-
er. Glfls for the relief of the sufferers are arriving here from all parts
of the world. A man rode on horseback from Valparaiso -to Santiago, a
distance of 80 miles, and could nol obtain food or drink for himself nor his
horse during th" entire distance, owing to the destitution  prevailing.
Salt Spring  Island  Man Drops Out of
.1. Hlttancourt brings a wlerd story
from Salt Spring island, says lhe Nanaimo Free Press. Tbo fate of the
man Kelly, missing now for suveral
months, still remains a mystery. Persistent search has failed to reveal any
elue 10 Kelly's fate. He lived, it ap-
peurs. alone on a solitary ranch on the
slopes of Maxwell's mountain and was
iu the habit of crossing the lake at
frequent Intervals in a little boat for
the purpose of prospecting for mineral ln the woods of the adjoining
slopes. On the last occasion that be
made this journey it was evidently
wiih Ihe Intention of an Immediate re-
I urn. as he left n butch of bread In
e mrse of preparation.
Everything In his cabin remains In
Hie usual order and the ouly feature
lu Ihe case which appears to throw
any light ou the subjeci is tlie disappearance slmultaneounly or some :io
slicks of dynamite recently acquired
from tlie owner. R .1. Hlttancourt. This
tact leads to the supposition that by
some accident or full the dynamite
Which lie may have been carrying
may have exploded and blown the man
to atoms, notwithstanding that the
senrcli has been diligently conducted
for such a length of time by 15 or HI
p-'i pie not the slightest trace of nny
ilesclptlo-.i can  he found.
A  Nova Scotia  Mystery.
(line Huv. N. S.. Aug 25.���Two In
rants disappeared mysteriously rrom
Hera on Tuesday and their mother, a
woman named MoKensle, whose bus-
band Is in purls unknown, said they
bail dlod when she had taken them
with her 011 a berry picking excur-
son. The chief ol' police Investigated
and the woman confessed to having
hurled her children near Long lleaeh,
Port Morien.
Accompanied by the officers she in-
sllciilod tho place and a warrant for
disinterment being issued the remains
were taken up und a Jury was empan
elled. .Mediual examination as to
whether they had mel with a violent
death or not ls somewhat Inconclusive. Blood bad flowed from tho nostrils of one. The children were 3 and
4 years old.
Important Discovery In    Cobalt   May
Rsvsal  Undreamt Wealth.
According to Mr. Hamilton B. Wells
or Toronto an Important discovery Is
reported from Cobalt which may be
ouly a preamble to the finding that
Hie filllles limit Is a far more valu
able property than even tlie govern
ment anticipated,    ln land contiguous
10 It hus been found soms' free milling
gold which, il is sahi, ussuys at $18'.';
to tile ton. The owners of this property only made tlie discovery lasi
Friday at a depth or 12 feel feet, but
tbey have already exposed a clearly
defined U-lnch vein rur 25U feet, and
have arranged for a day and nlghl
shift to dig the precious metal. The
value or the find will he realized when
11 is understood thai tlie cost of initi
lug unit milling Is only $10 a ton.
The formation of the ground Is Identical with that of large sections ot
tne Gillies limit, and experts predlcl
that gold may he looked for there In
equal It not more abundant quautllles
With regard to cobalt, which has
been reported found in large quantl
lies in Nortii Carolina, information
used by American speculators to depress the value of Ontario mines, a
New York assayer states that the
North Carolina mines' assay is only
2 per cent, against 20 to 25 per cent
average for Ontario.
Blew the Safe.
Illdgaway, Ont., Aug. 25.���Burglars
last night forced an entrance to the
postoffice here, blew Ihe safe and scoured about $200 worth of stomps and
about $90 in cash. Postmaster Pound
also missed his horse and buggy and
communicated with the police at
Port Krle, Tin- horse, and buggy
were found there. The burglars are
supposed In have driven In Port Erie
���ami  arosMd over to  Buffalo.
We May Lose Langtry.
New York. Aug. 25.���(tips.; . diq^
dispatches to the American panel's
from London say: "Mrs. I-ingtry, the
actress, has suffered an entire loss of
voice which is due to nervous shock,
il is uncertain when she will again
b' able to appear on tbe stage."
F. Cellner Tells of Wonderful Results
Following Application of Electricity to Soil.
Frank Cellner of Fifteen Mile Point,
whose horticultural operations by tbe
aid of the Geo-Mugiiifier were the
subject of an article in The Canadian
ou August 16 called at this office this
morning lo procure some extra copies.
IJufortunatoly none remained but the
file copies. Any subscribers who have
copies of tbe issue or that date will
confer a favor by returning them.
Mr. Cellner states that lhe Inaccuracy In the report ls the statement
that strawberries will inaurr- ln two
weeks from the planting. He is doubtful If that can be claimed as a general
So far Mr. Cellner has ouly half au
acre under electric cultivation, but the
results, he says, are marvelous. Compared with the electrified trees the
others In their natural condition appear dead.
But the application Ol the system requires greal care and detailed study
as the electricity doesn't affect all
plants in the sane' v.uy. Those thai
use little potash for their growth seem
ts be raiher Injured than improved by
Mr. Cellner Is steadily clearing the
bilauce of Ills ten acs-es and will
gradually rxleud his electric circuit
over tlie whole of it.
Sensational Report.
St. Petersburg. Aug. 25.���An explosion occurred at the residence of Premier Stolypln while a reception was
b.'lug held there. The premier was
al first reported to have heen killed,
hut later It was learned he was safe.
Vany persons were killed or wouuded
ai lbe time of tlie explosion, the son
ol the premier hs'ing among 111.
Took Too Much Risk.
Niagara Falls. N. Y., Aug. 25.���
Mail-tin Dale and H. McGrath, while
boating In the gorge today, wore
taught by lhe current and carried
t'irough th" whirlpool rapids. Dale
win di'sswned but JicGrath managed to
s vim lo shore.
Amalgamation of Properties In Boundary
Good Progress Reported Everywhere
ia Kootenay-- Latest Stock
.1. H. Green, principal of the Nelson
public school in 1SH7 and 1S9S. Is In
tile city on a visit.
Tho week in mining In Kooteuay
bas not exhibited any sensational features. At the end of the week It ls
reported from Itossland that arrangements have been made for the re-
sipenlng ot Ihu Norfliport smelter and
a merger In the Boundary affecting
many copper mines iu Phoenix camp
is announced. The new company is
the Amalgamated Copper Mines. Ltd.
In the Le Hoi sinking has begun be
low the IU5U foot level and already
good results are reported.
In Ymir, Slocan, Saindon, Alnsworth
aud Lardeau districts, while steady
work ou development and equipment
is being pursued there have been uo
new strikes.
The stock market for the week ending today was very active as a result
of the close of the holiday season, and
ihe couaequent increased tradings
again indicates a banner season for
the mining shares of this district
With but few exceptions the stockB
a)J advanced a few points and It is
thought will regain their proper values
within a short time.
Tbe rUe and fasll of Rambler-Carl-
bsio was perhaps the feature of the
week's tradings. This stock opened
strong with a large demand, but has
since d. dined with each day's busi-
n ss, until at its close It iB being offered at only a fair advance on Its
quotation of a  fortnight ago.
Noiili star continues to advance
and exhibits considerable strength
with no sign of abatement, but on the
contrary promises on increase for
some time and is considered a good
buy nt Uie present quotation. Sullivan has advanced a few points, which
Is thoughl to be only tn consequence
or the general regaining strength of
the market.
Coppers still continue to exhibit an
upward tendency with but few shares
Forty-Nine Creek. Virginia. Riant.
Denora Mines, Pathfinder and Hunter
V. remain unchanged, with no interest
being manifested is these securities.
Fsillowlng are approximate quotations for the week ending today:
Asked.       Bid.
Alberta Coal 45 .40
American Boy 02 .0114
B. C. Standard 20 .16
Belcher  ..   .. ' 60 .40
Breck.-Lund   Coal    68 .64
California 03 .02
Con.  M.  & S  1.35       1.29
Deer   Trail   Con 02 .01 (
D.'ForeBt pfd    6.75       6.00
DeForest com     2.25      1.75
Denora Mines    07 .06
49   Creek   receipts     .06 ;04   ������
Monte   Crlsto    04 .02
Giant (Ross)    02 .01.
International Coal 67 .64
North Star 13**      .12
Olalla Copper    96 .85
Pathfinder    04%      .03
Rambler-Cariboo 38 .35
Sullivan    0414      -0314
Virginia  04        .03
White Bear 10 .08%
For Last Open   Air   Dance   of   Season
Next Thursday. Night.
A meeting of tlie enterlaininest
committee of the 20.000 club was held
lu lhe SUjiluid Furniture coiui.iny'?
ofl'icj. All the members were present:
It was resolved that a better cai
service he secured fur the final pavll-
loi dance next Thursday evening;
that two ears si.oi:Tsi b_ retcy to leave
tor tbe city at tile cud of the dance,
and that a eaten 1 be secured to provide a light supper for patrons.
The queslluii of dances during; the
winter was discussed. The scheme
was approved und arrangements will
b.' made later.
At 3:30 this afternoon Chairman .1.
I'i. Taylor announced that three prisf.es
Will be given by Messrs. Ewort, Walk-
ei and Patenaudc for the best lady
dancers, as judged hy proficiency ln
the .waltz, two-step and schottischc.
They will bo on exhibition next week
Is Taylor & McQuarie's window.
- X'
t i> ,
The antics of a stubborn automobile nre enough to make a horse
m 1
f r
The Daily Canadian
te ' "" ��� --S���
._ STORES =	
Crown Gem Jars, Pints per doz., $ 1.00
Crown Gem Jars, Quarts per do*., 1.25
Crown Gem Jars, Ha.fGai.perdo-.., 1.50
Our stock bas just arrived. Secure
yiir requirements at these low prices
before they are all none.
Publl.he.l .1. day. H s-eek I.y the
Baker St.. Nelson, B. C,
.aba-notion rat... -as osntl a month delivered
In tlie .ur, orOM. year it sent l,y mall. When
|.-:4 m ��'..-..
AB..rti.ln�� rite* on aj.pl fallen.
All ussmlwi pal-l Us aetUemenl Ol Ih.-1'i.lly
s"aaa<llan icooUDU. sillier l.u .obH-riptiona or
advertorial, moil l- receipted lot on the printed
(arm. oi llie s siinpany. Ulber res ��� Ipll aro nol
AL11LST 3*1. Mui.
��� Bj one won! wv are sometimes. ,it,iA-.'l 10 be
prus sad ny one worn aometlm.a Judged [a lie
loollaB.   l-i ui tncrfcltsre   U; carelal  srnal we
lay."���foil DCItri
A rs-|sort was published in the Nelson Dally News yesterday morning
to lhe effect that tie- Victoria Colon*
i.i bad bsen par-based by prominent
Chinese in the city of Victoria, anil
the names of the alleged purchfl
were given as Loo Gee Wins: ami Lee
Muiig Cow. The Item further stated
that the sale of the Colouist to these
parties was a part of a general schema
on the pan of tne Chinese throughout
Canada to purchase leading dallies
ond secure iheir influence in bringing
about a repeal of the $600 b-ati lax on
The Daily News was culpable only
In that it published as dispatebes
from Victoria and Vancouver whal
were reallj reprint", s.f BenaaUonal
announcements in ihe Victoria and
Vancouver papers The Item dated
riuni Victoria was the production ssf
lhe 'times, ami thai frssm Vancouvei
appeared iwu days ago in that phi
nominally scurrilous sheet, the World
The reported sale of the Colonist ti
Chinese was also telegraphed Iron
Victoria io ihe Eastern paiiers and ap
pears, under dubious headlines, in iii
chief Liberal organs nf Winnipeg
and we believe when the Toronto exchanges come to hand. It will also ap
pear ln the Globe ami other Liberal
organs there.
Tbe announcement was discredited
upon lis very face and bore the earmarks ot the same political fabricator
who got IJ. W. Higgins of the World
editorial Btaff Into I rouble over the
Pendray deal. There is the same ev
aneseent reluctance aboul the lasi
Item, the same hesitancy, Hu- satin- In-
uendo, and It may be milled, finally
lhe same malicious lie.
The editor of the Canadian tele
graphed the managing director of the
Colonist   yesterday   as   follows:
"Wire statement emphatically deny
lag reputed sale of ill" Colonist to
Chinese If It Is Incorrect. We shall
publish anything you send.''
Id reply to the above tin- following
telegram was received:
"The report thai Chinese have pur
chased Ihe Colonist Is a malicious lis-
A. J. C. Galletls-y. manager nf ihe hank
of Montreal, and .1. S. Olbb. manage!
of the Imperial bank, both of Victoria,
are the only persons In lhe province
who know ih.- purchaser, and both nr.
prepared to make affidavit in that effect. Th-y can also prove thai tho
owner Is a loyal British subject ansl Is
not of Chinese extraction or origin.
Any person alleging thnt ii Is owned
oi controlled, in whole or in part, by
Chinese, will be charged with libel
and prosecuted to the full extent of
the law."
The telegram quoted above was
signed by J: S. H. Matson. managing
director of the Colonist Publishing
It will be observed that the hank
managers whose names are given nre
prepared to make affidavit lhal the
repotted sale to Chinese is a malicious
He. It c nseituently becomes allowable tn malce some speculations upon
tbe    possible    reasons,    for    excuses
then are none, ihat such falsehoods
have been pul in circulation,
Tie' Tim-s. The Wssrlsl and III''
X ws have ssf late been ke-plng up a
policy of persistent slander such as
ha.'| never been equalled In British
Columbia, and can be duplicated nowhere but In ihe columns of such
American publications as are known
t.s have abandoned all sense of self-
r - eel. Th.' three papers mentioned
above have always worked in unison.
What "in- says ihe other repeats
Sometimes they take turn ahout in
InlUaUng their campaigns of malice,
bui they are triplets in their pollUcal
methods and whoever their mother
may be there Is no question as to
win. Is iheir lather. The object in
vi. ����� win appear laier. but It Is worth
while in ibis connection to review
ih. ss-sies ssf events which have reuch
ed their climax in the present fuls.
hood iinisss indeed another one has
aires ly been Incubated. We can
scarcely believe the latter possible foi
the teeming brain that Invents thesi
malicious canards is known tn in* toe
llow iss work overtime.
���       ��������*���
It was the same fabricator who In-
rented the rumor" that his honor
Lieut nant Governor Dunsmuir had.
on laking his oath of office, scarcely
reover-d hfs breath before demanding lhe immediate di.nii.sal of [he
:.i-1 commissioner of land* and
works from the provincial cabinet
That 'rumor was first published by
the Ine" papers in qu. stlon. It was
the same malevolent child of .Saian
who gol llictsins into trouble over the
Pendray land sal s. ami it is no Idle
di. am of tin- imagination in Buggest
thai Hn- refusal .i Hlgglns lo ilisi-l,,s.-
!ii- name was bargained for at the
price nf tin- producUon ssf more political   fals IlOssdS.
Tin- last report, that of lho sale of
sit inl'nisi, is the proudest achieve
m,.nr nf the low-lived scandallzer win.
estimated by all those who know
him as one of the most debased
wretches In the employ of the Liberal
pariy. So much for tbe overworked
.Now as to the reasons for Ihe conduct of the Liberal papers in ques
lion, we have an easier task. Not
only are thei growing desperate al
their ..peaied faifures to discredit
th.- Mciiride administration snd tbe
members of ilm executive; nol on!)
have they been whipped so often that,
si :. aai in thi case of ihe local pa.
per, a graceful, hut none the less humiliating bacS down followed, but the
Liberal press have a more difficult
problem on their hands at the present
�� ��� A . . .
Canada, imni ocean to ocean, Is crying om because ssf the impossibility
ns i srrylng on her Importanl Industries from shortage ol help. The development of lhe country has been so
iapid lhal Immigration has not been
able io overtake ihe needs of the
country. The cry has gone up for
ib ' abolition of the bead ius ou Chinese. This is a problem over which
DO Cms native poi tieian need worry.
There are things lo lie said on hull!
sides, iiu! the difficulty is u Liberal
difficulty and the question must be
seitled by the Liberals. Thai parly
Is on the horns of a dilemma. On the
oil" hand, if they repeal the head tax
on CTiin s ��� the labor element in Canada to which lhat  party has so often
an.    so    dislu stly    truokled,    will
Uinist them int.i oblivion. On the
other hand, If Ihey do not do something radical in alleviate ihe distress
of lhe fanning and employing classes
Ihey In   lh'>lr turn will  tell a tale nt
.h, balloi boxes Hint will startle the
Liberal parly. Lacking Initiation, Iml-
ia' n in its successful features the
p 'ic> oi rije la'e Conservative governmenl Incapable ot originating a policy that will meet the rapidly advancing conditions in Canada, they ar in
a frenzy of desperation. And the
���ham-less cuss win, has helped them
so often before nan had another hid-
'ous nightmare the result of which Is
tsi as.-ert that ih'- Conservative organs
have heen baught up hy the Chinese.
Th? frightful imhroirllo In which they
haw involved th mselves is wr cklng
their reason and their only hope of
lUOSeH, a vain hope, indeed, ls to in-
nlv e'he Conservative party tn their
own distress.
Will 'h y ssicn cd? Nut at all. Their
lying policy musl full now. as it lias
always rale I. an! il will y.-i l,e proven ihnt ih,. Conservative) party win
has'.- io sli p into tlie breach and gave
Tu- country from tho distress Into
which it ban b sen brought bj lhe Lib-
oral ailiii' ri isi ration.
The communication appearing In
Tin- Canadian yesterday signed "Pro
gress" deals with a matter which in.i.s
vei> properly engage tin- attention ol
Hn- iliizeiis nl Nelson. Tin- suggestion  regarding  the conversion  of the
sslii  -i   bull lisi" intis a  public  insti
lutinii is on,- not ai alt Impossible ol
realisation. We believe tbat ihe gov-
- riiine'it woujd consider nny reasonable offer th" city mis-ill make for the
purobase of the building and lis a lap
latinii fnr such uses ns our correspon
dent suggests cssiiid he easll arranged.
In this connection |t mlghl not be
impossible to muks' available the "i
fer of .Mr. Carnegie as reported bj
the library  board early In the year.
We understand ihat the cornei "'
Ward and Victoria streets has been
c nsldered  a  suitable site  for such a
premises   and     Un-     whole     que.,!	
bould in- taken up ar an . arly date
wiih a view lo making tin- must favorable bargain  possible from all sides.
Oae Week, Commencing
August 27th
"The Pringle Co'y"
in a select ri-|isirtnire.
Opening Monday. Angmtt 87th in
"The  Convict's  Daughter."
Prices 60c and 76c, Children J"'.
Seat*, ut Rutherford's
TAhiy. stti'n b [Iii] ni: ippllcfttton '�����-������ baan
IDS It !... Jc-i-lit Inr Iff kilning i'inii|.Htn lis lhe
���JWtitT   ill    Ki.    -ii: : ii       - inj, r   t ,\ n   m-v:ikJ  'U\
gale tkeeat tram H   '   KI��*|iw.h, Mr|mij a -. -
r-ii'l<'.,i*.-.iw nf tlm -;...��,. a--.���-mi tn pfstrlri
li. Thi iff Mining Vomptny, I'l-inni* Unit- tin.' .'tit,
(I*) .,i Annul, A it. I i ill ftti.i linguU.
:l ��� '���'���ruin i'..ri' I-   r un i- ,<i *_,���,.I mnl i��rem
.-���-���-.-.i.-. int..- an.i being in Hi- Dlstrlol ol
k.'.-T- ���:, ,t , in ni.- I'muii .��� ..I   linit-.li i nl nm |,ift,
mure i'ltm ii.-iTiv known mnl dest-rlbod ���.*��� I ��� i-
5AS and V'.. i.fi.ii;. !. I'l-tri'i ..! Kootenay,
"Miarer" and '���Uohtall" mi in-ml  latins.
Von mnl .-a.h ������! juu nn* required to i - ���-'
tberlain of iU< in\ purchaser trttliln rourlreu
dayi froui Un- cUte ol the Berriec ul Mi noilce
dim.n yon. hii.1 ln-lif nil hi tit-rUt-Mlnr ivr(itf<m<'
..; Iii wsndeni being Died ��itinii it* It ���
yoa ��i!t I-- lorerei e��topi*ed ��ni| debarred from
letting up mn . Imiii to or In reaoeet of the -hhI
Land, mi.) I - *iui i register Tariff Mtnnitf t'ompanj
a- owner tbereol
Dated ��i Land K.-i::str\ offli-.- Nelson, ff\ \nee
linii-ii ni Rntl'b Columbia, this IUh ilu*. ���.(
.MiKii>!, a. I). 1908
Dlatrlcl Beglstrar.
Tt. KiNjtsfiiay MiniriL' Company (foreign
BBafer U*��Id mnl Blfrer Mining Company
(f��.r>*li*li )
TAKK M'Tii I-   imi an anp}|^tlon lm- been
ma 11" ni'i-i-'f i Uri-inr linnmiii u. lip owner
in Ki-��-miii|iIi*. iiiiili.-r ii  i���- -ni,- j-..,.,* fron, j{-..(_
H'i'ii    depiH.   H���.-s.-nr itn.I n Hciinr ,,(   ||u.
Hl.MKti .\--.*-Mrii in lij-'tiii-i.tiii isniii'- IhtrniHit
bear inn <i#'e i ��� ji-i day of jn|y a  h. m*.   i.ini;
H'i'l   siii.-iif-ir  iht.1   n-ri-iiri   |tgfrp|  ..( Imtil   hih|
prem mm -iinmi-. lyltiK an1' 'wlbg iti Tin- Dlatrlcl
Of Koolcngy, It Mm* l'r..\ iii.-f nl British Columbia,  n* i-.iriii-uli.sTlv kii.'iMi mnl dpsi-rfbed n>
I.oi 7J|. i;r��np i, |-i-hi. i,.�� Kpoianay, ������Hnir*.'-
mineral rlmm
Vhii mnl i'mi-Ii uf pu mn n-i.uin-il i,, rpn|a*1
the (iniiii wf tin* (rti   l-iirrloi-i-r   t>iltilll   Iniirli-ini
daya from tba dgt��nt tlte wrvleit ��1 n,i- rmtUtj
npon mmi mnl iinl< im.u ���t po-avpiii ..r cert HI.
eaie nr iu rwtidem boing tiled wltbln iimh por
lod, you vrlll be totovet pilop)>od nud didmrred
(mm letting mi Bin '*lnlui lu ur In raip��f| nl th<-
m:iLl Imni, Hini j -hull regUlet riHri-ine iu-riimn
a- owner thereof.
Dated al Land Revlatrv Offlca Nelson, Province of British Columbia, Mill 17ih dij --i Anguci.
A. I)   IWO
H. I-. Ma. I.Kdli,
District KeKi-lrnr.
Pu (ifnrgf Henry Hurniftii,
Wilbur A. Ilenrlrjx.
Notlco I- heroby given Hmt ilxty  dnyn Hfl r
diiln  I   (mend   10   -pplv   In  lln-   Motn��-.l.le   the
Chief Cot isHiiinci  i.i Undo  i   .Voile  f. r
pa-mtiulon tn purvhaau thu ihIIouHil' dt-
..���rlt.i'ii   Iniiidh  ilitiHlc   in  iln< Wisi Kooteuay
ilUHitl. kimliiK! fruin ii jiusi plmii.il ���u tlie
north Imiih ot the North l'o k uf poa uroelf
tlii'iii'e 2*1 clu. i ii-. went, UOfllmini mo Di, rati. ho int.
wait, in clinlii*! north, an i-iiiiitt. west, t ehnjus
north. 'JHel.nl ii*- Mint, Jieli-iln- n ��� ��� rt li. sn i-ft-nina
oast, Mei'iiiii" aonth, *i pnalm .*it��.t, to runta*
iouth, aopTiftliiBOfut, in ei. inasouibtopolm ol
eommencoment. containing 8*10 n^���^^��.
Dated isih day *��( A"gmt, ili"i
t-te   w, It iivsoN
No l-e 1�� liei.-l-   given (Iih I OOd-iVl lifter .tute 1
Intend loapply to tho Houorniiie Chief t'ninioiM-
Hiim r of Lands and Worki prperinlMlonionur*
eliH.H- iio- roll wing deaerlbe.1 lands, altuato In
the ft'osl Kootena) _1��trlut, ntn-ting from �� dobI
planted at thou W.oornerol l��rncii >v.Roblnaotri
Apnlloatlon to i urehaiO, mnl on the norih i>Hnk
of the Nnrth Fork nf    qb ereek; lbence W chalna
treat. h*i . ���iuiii<�� north, In chains easl i.'HimIiin
nouth. 30 clt a I in went. Wcbain ith lointeracc
tion of north line of K, \v. Kobliison'sAppliotUon
I.. Purrbaa  thi nee 40
polul of ' - ���"
nl*  ��� ���
I'kted iMh da** .1  llHI II
t. \*.  I.
is.- Kasnn H   H     ssa>   ��k
Notice i- ne ebj -��� 1  .    - -    .    :
mt.-in) i" appl] to ii..- i> ���
��� Landsand IVork* ������   n t.i[itir
bhase th��- following de*   *
the tt'osl K.nt nay dtstrh t; ��� ���
plHii'i-d st *lo- N k eorm     : '   ���'*   ���'��� I in.** m ���
Aj.j. ieatlon t < pan ha-u, ,    - ���   ���
m < lm in* iouth. -v i balni ����� -
i ���    ���    ���-.*.. -t lo  batni rn : ". ki i halm
��� hain" north top<
log 1*80 aorea
jiftte-i Itxh day of Aoguat, I "
D. i   B  Roi *������
porttumtW B aun s%Agent.
Not fee Is hereby given tb*: lUt) f.- aftei
date I iutetni to applr to tl:- ii ?*'-.������ '��� ���<���
Chief L'ommiMioDer of Land? and Worki for wr-
mis-ton to purchase the following dettrlbed
land on the weit ibore of tipi>tr Arrow Lobs an'.
joining J H. Feeney'i prc-enptioti: Kunr.tng
weit 4o chsim; thence north iw coains. tbtnM
*a��t-Ochniiir*. to the ihore of the Uke: thetcv
nouth following the lake ibore to point of oom*
meiii't-iueni, containing 3.v acrei u.ort
I'nte I AugUl! Itf. 1WH.
II   f  MA.LKon
       J  I   Kktxi   tg ���
Notiee i* hereby given tbal * * ���
*I��ie I ftuond in apply to the Honoral
Chief Cnmmiiaionoi of Landsand Worki for pet
mission '���* pun haae ibe foi lu wing di
land "ii the weat aide u| I <o*. r wr.n*. Uskeaod
olnlng tin*-mi ih line nf tbe indiHu Keaerratlon
Kunnfng wesi 30ehalns; tin nc�� wuth wcbalni;
them ceaai _Ui hains, Ui tbe nIio tbi    ski
tbence north following tba lake ibore in ih--
poini ni commence ut, rotilatuing IflO acres
more m leai
Dated AUgtlsl BU, 10*.
U    It   Uii    Ki I-
���l   I  KHJ.Y,  .geui
N.iiee i- hereby given that two month**after
.ini-* l Intend to apply lo the Honorable the ' blel
Commissi! nci ol Und-Hiid Worki for n l-Diue id
h|| lhal land being the fon-shoreadjoining inb*
dlvhioni I. ;��� ami i ol loi SW, Uroup one(l)
Kooteuay. mi.l being on the south ihore of the
Weal vim 11 km,i, uh\ lake, in tbodlstrlci ol
Kootenay I
Commencing al a poal marked a b. Watu'
southern cornei p>it"; ihenee 60 chalm west,
tbence 3D cbalni north; lln-nif i-i chainicasi;
tbencf .* xIiumi- mui th in tii- plaee ol com mi uo
in. nt; iii.- Mtni land and foreshore to be be u**t]
for Mwrolll purposes
1'Mif.i in j- itiii liny oi .uguii I**
A    B    W .TCT
Notice is hereby given that I intend, CO dayi
Hftei date to apply tu tbellonorabh thi i
* ommlsalonerol audi and Worki for permission
io purebaae the [ollowlng describeu Imni- In
Weal Kootenay district, aboul five miles south
��� >( BiiMi.n City, commencing al i poal plante : on
iheeaa bank of ttaotO. K., ami marked "* H.
���{amUton'i *> W. C. post," mot runniti.: north nj
chalna, lbence east w.t chains, ihencei .: -���
ebalna, tbenoe ireii ni -ebalns io place of bnln*
nlogtOon'ainlog 810 acres ol land, more oi leai
Huted t hii 22nd day of Angus I  1901
w ii Hamilton
Kotiee 1- here'y given tbal 60 dayi si't.-r date i
iiti-tni to apply to tbe Horn ����� euhief��ommta-
doner of Landi mid Worki '������: permltaloo t"
purchase tbe foilnwiug described ands. situate
In Weil nntenay diiinct i ��� mm nelng ��t ��
p "-t mark.**! '*B. Conke. 'a > '��� eoruer post, lit*
uate near tbe n B. corner i I Ian I ipplui bj
i: li. thenre ��outh 10chalm,i ��� oi l- -*: tbeuce
east so chain*; tben e norih +i cbalni, more or
ii ->; tlj.-me west Miclmlnti to [Kiint of eouiinein e-
Balmo, Auguil n, 190S.
H   ('OKKBT,
 TjH   \ tgenl
Notiee :* berbygiven tin a   livi afterdate]
intent', to apply lo the H. ���*.-���-.. .- ihe l hief Commluloner oi ljind** sud >-.- ki loi permlaalon to
purehase the following d>*icrlbed Isndi* situate in
wait Ki.oten \ dlitrlet; Commencing at i posi
marked *K Rom*i b B roei Poat," ��ituate
near the N K. eorner of Iin ! applied for by A.
Mil an   iheu"e south 40 cbalni or leai
tii 'ine east ao riiait:-: tbeti - i-t *.h 10 chains,
more or le**i; tbence weal a chalm to point oi
Ultimo, Aug tut It, l**tl K. Ho.���,
T   11   ATKINSON, Afetll
Notice i�� hereby giu-u tbal ilxty dayi after
��� late  I   intend   to appl}    tn  tin-  HmiorabU-   the
Chief C'ommtnlonei o] Landi md Worki Iui
permlHlon to purchase tbe following deacrlbed
lands siiua'e m Weil K it*nay dlitrlet; Com-
nettefng nu jmjhi marked \ Me Lean'i ������ W,
eorner po*t,"*iitoah neai the N K. < ornei of lain!
applied lor by A MeLaughlan, Lbence soutb H)
ii..un., more nr , ���-. ibenn . ,-i BD ebalna;
thence nortb W chains, more or leea; tbence weal
ii chains to point oi eommeucement
Balmo, August 11, iscfi A. Mi i.kan,
 T. H. ATKi.-.-"*.-, Agent
Notiee ie bereby given tbal W ���'��>�� aft-r dale I
in tend to make nj.;..:   .* :--i: to the Houorahlt* the
Chief lomiuis.'iouerof Landi and Worki for per
tnbnon to purchase i ;��� lowingdeacrlbet landi
situate in Weil Kooteua] dlitrlet: Commencing
at a poat mark I' \ ". Lauvhllq's N. W comei
port," iltuate nepr ihe .n  k. CQrnerofJandap*
pll.it (or I.y t  Milithiir  l hence niUthW ehaln>,
more or len  ij        ��� nt ���*> chalna) tbenee north
piehani-i. tnoreor leas] tin pee wwt ���> cbalni to
po|m ������ ��� ��� .   .-n. ��� nieiiL
ItalmOi Aug Ull 11. |*MI. A. Mr!.ah.huv,
I   H   Alhi.\M..s. \^.-..t.
Notiiv la hereby given tbal 80 dayi after date
I intend toapply to tbe citlef Commlaaioner of
Un.U and * or Itn for iivnii-*mu in purchase
tlie foil..wing eworthed lamls, situate in West
Kootenai dlitrlet i ' otnmonclog ai �� poll mark
ed J UcArtbur's N. W.corner puft," situate near
llio n f*: corner of Und applied f.-rl-y A hirni r,
tbence uiuib Hi cbalm more orle ��; thenc* eail
Miebalnaj theuce nortb 40ebalna, more or less;
ibenee ve*t^o ehalni to point of comment ement.
ftolmo, August II, 1M6.
I    MC \fTIII b,
T. II   ATKIKBOl*, Ageut.
Notice in hcTeiiv given ilini BO dayi after date
I intend. In apj.ly tn tin- Sonorablu thi llinl
i oiiimli'sioner ol  Land"  aui Work* for pet mil
don to urcbaie tbe following dearrlbeo lands,
situate In be We I Kootenay dlftiiet: t'ommen*
otng ��t a poii marked "A. ��� ti ner*s N. v\ eorner
poii." situated at tbe N K.corne*of land spoiled  fnr  i.y  I.  -liwuri, tbeti ����� -.nth -lOabalOl,
more or less; tbence eail Boebilni; thenc-* nortb
���wetoii.-, ui.,r  orlowi tbence well lOcbaini tn
pi.ii.i nf eommeucement.
Balmo, H ( , lugu-t n IW6i A, itrnkr,
l  II ATBtsaoy. Agent
Notice li h reby given that do dayi after date !
intfti i tn a(ipu- to the Uonorahle ue < Men um-
mi.si.uici ��(| I und.- nti-1   fforkl fnr |i.'N:ii-i-iii I,,
purchaie the following deje-ibed land in Wpii
K otepay |it fct aMput tey n mile- south oj
Hurt.in ��� It): Cummeiic{tig al >i ptisl planted on
Ihu east bapk pf TroUl creek and mmke,i Uni,
W I! Haii.ijton'fl H W ' i'n-i i.n.l iiiMuin*
itortfi*iehalps; thepee eail W .limns; tbence
toiilli jjo < iniiii-., [len... we-t *i  elm n-   In   place
of beginu)ng, poulalulng t.|o..rr.--, more or lem.
htit.-d ihi- J2nd iin) i.i August, MMI.
M,._    U     l|    IIOiHT.iN
Mil ll .Mii.Ttiv. Ageni.
Not|e- |s hereby given IhgtflD daya after date i
Intend toapply I,. <n, I funora bio lhe Chief mn
minloner of I*nds��nd Work, for permlaslon lo
ur-liase the follnw lug dwnl.ed   land   In   Weal
Koolenay Plitrlct about IU mllei south of Hnr-
tonCltyi oommenolugatamni planted o*�� the
eu-t hank of J mui, reck and tniirkcl ' . I.. Pish*
���r'*. N  W .'"-l'o��l aiol runniiiK mnitli ho chains;
thenco eait >0 chaini! tbenee north *j cbilnsi
thence wen fl)cbalni to tlie place of commence'
uieiii. containing fl<0 aoriu, more or ten,
Dated thii istnd day of a gust. Itat.
r. I,. Kt-nii!
W ll n.iMii.Tos, Agent.
Notice li bereby given that 80 dayi af I r date l
in lend toap ly tn the Honorable the Chief Com-
minloner of I*nds and Worki foi permlulon to
purebaae the following d icrlbad land in \\,-m
Kootenay tristrlc about leven mllei south of
Unrii.ii t Hy; Commencing at h post j.i.i u-ii on
tbe east bank of Trout creek and marked Alex
Cheyne'i \. W, U. l'..-t and rtmnliig soiilti -o
chains; theme east Ho cbatnii (nenee north an
obilnit tbence weet 80chnlni to post of beginning, containing MO acres id land, more oi len,
1'ated this ���mt dav nf August, lWJfl
\V. ii    llAMN.ru*..   Vci'llt
Nntice is hereby given that(qdayi aftor dgte I
Intend toapply to the Honorable iheghlel Commluloner nl Undi ami Worku for p'-rmisciou W
purchaie the following deaorlbed land- iltuate
in wen Kootenay Dtifleti counneiieng m a
posl insrked ���- McArtiitni N.W.corner post
hliuaiu near the K, K- corner of land applied f���r
OJ B, MeArthur Ihence smith 40 chalio-, more or
luil tlience east en chaini) tbence north i.
eloi-n-. nioe or leu; thenoe vttl tt) chalm to
pnini nf tommencemeni
Saltnn. Ii  C, Augusl Uth. lt��r>.
P. >f. AiiTtn n
T. H   \ti;iv-on, Ageni
Notice i- hereby given thai '*> davs fmm date f
inieml toapph lothe ll .raWe lhe Chief Com-
I'lissli r of Lands ami  Work- for permission
topurchl e the lollowlng described lands situate in weat Kootenay Dlitrlet:  Commonaing
���       -   THSTt'
N   W
ol Ui
It a j
: Salmon, Uteaoe
chains    I u*w "     tb��WI   ea-t   >
theoe.* nortl   a     tatm
.   - . ..���mmencriuen:
|   -ItWiRT
,    II    VTkls-o*-    v
\. . .     -. tbat ilxty itat   ���
Iai   ( Bon.Chief"
lionet ol Landi   -      Worki for pei    ���
icribed lamti i'i tab In
Weal  Kootenaj district, adjoining the Interna
:���        nib ��� i **: ol
ng at a post marked *-|    M   ft 6   ���-    n r:n r,    -imate on the In
ternattons, bonndar.  line, at the aoutheasi
���   -        -      i raser'tland: lheni i ��� *-���; Bchains,
thence north ���    balni thence weet80 chains,
ihenoe south ft) chains to the place of commence-
���::���������     ntalntngtt ** :e�� more or leai.
; ��:c ��� . ��� ��� :*���-..���'! rtu-ii
F J. 0 Kf.ilv, Agent
Notlre li herebv given that r.xtydari from
date I intend to an .v to the Hon. Chief commluloner of Lnndi and worki for oermiuion
to purchaie the (oUnvlng deicrlbed landi iltuate in Weal K - t, Wt-'ceu the
I'end d'Oreille rlTM anl tbe international
boundari ne.i . - the Col-
unilus ii-- ��� eg at a poal marked
.1. - t. i - - on tbe Intern**-
boundary line, about half a mil* er*-; nl
tbi eaal bot ndary ��� I thi K._kl - Rj landi
tbence north *��� nt *_
..-:-' cbalni. I'-
the pja<. . -nt. oontainlng iMaer*. *.
more or leaa.
itai.d .'4tli Jnn       I I. fl C  nuiU,
f  I. o Kellly, Igent
Notln   -.hereby i     u lhal sixty dayi rrom date
I Intend pispph !���> ti..- linn chlafCoi Inionei
of Lauds and Works foi permlanun tu purebaae
the folb ������  ng  desei       : at-   In Weet
Kooteuay District, i rnatioual
boundari hoc about llvi mllraeaatol tbe Col
.in iMii rivci commencing at a tNial marked K
U'aH. W cornei luiernatioual boundary
lineal Laura \| Kra* r iiontheasi corner, theuee
north ni chains, tbence eaai to rhalni. Ibenee
-nuii .-��� ehalna, tbeuce ae��l lo cbalni to Ibe
place id commencement, containing    to acrei
n.i. )����� <-ii i tent
or lei
Daied 9Sth Juue, 1906
Notice - ��� n by given tbal ilxty -la*.��� after
dale I inteud to applj b ihi Hon < hief t'ommu*
-inner   Ol   I,nud-   Hlci    Unfk-   (Of   pcrmlMlOn   I"
purchase tbe following deicrlbed und-* in
ibe Wesi Kootenaj district, wuth ol tbe Pend
��� river; Commencing at a post marked
c. Bl ti E corner, iltuated on tbe trail near
Bear creek about a mile from lbe international
boundary hue. lbence ��---.t -o ebalna, tbence
nortii HO ehalns uioreoi lesa to the I'eml d Oreille
river- tbenee following tbe iouth bank ot the
I". ;i.    I'Uretlle river  theaat tt ebalna, more
or leaa; thenoo south _D ehalni, more or leai ui
the place oi  commencement,  cmitttiuing  -'****i
acres, more nr len,
Dated Hb July, IflOb, CUanL��� BiMBL
���?. J. O'RIelly, Agent.
Kotiee i" bereby given mat ilxty day* s.'u-r
date i intend to apply io tio- iimi. Chief Commie*
���loner of Landi and Works fer permlnion lo
purchase tbe following deicrlbed lands, In
Lbe Wesl Kootenaj District, eaal ol and ad-
loinlng Jemei b'. Macken*ie*i land; Commencing at a post marked A.S's 8. K. corner, on the
south Lank ol the Pend d'Oreille river, just
shove the mouth ol ibe Baboon river, thenee
west tt chatm, tbence north 00 ebalni more or
leas to tbe ft ��� -I -i urellle river, them-,- following
the-south haul oi ihe aald river fu a ���ontbenit'
erly direction tu the place oi oommeneement,
oontainlng _6U acres, nmre i>r leas,
Paled Ith   f n iv IWO AKTHfR 8fH.1glDIg.
Notice Ii bereby given Utnt ilnty dayi afterdate
I intend toapph to the Hon. Chief Commluloner
of Land- ami ".."rk*' for permlnion t" purchase
tbe following described lands in Weal gootanay
Diatrfi i wuth ol tbe Pend d'nreille river. Com
mencing it t post marked E.T. 11*1. N B eorner
on tbe south bank of the Pendd'OreiUe river,
at*.'it a mile and a half eait of the mouth nf Fish
ereek lbence smith mi ehain*. thenee wesl -o
ebalna. tbence north 40 cbalni nmre nr tan to
the Peud dO'retlle river, thenee folio-* ing tbe
���outh bank ol tne-aid river In a northeasterly
direction t" tbe place of commencement, eon
tain tug t-i acrei, more nr ten
Pared 2nd July I9U6. Kli.a T. Maikkmik.
AHTHl'l ft HHBrnKJt, Agv-nt.
Nolo.- i- herebv given tbat 80 dataller date i
intend tn a|ibl\ to the Hull, i hief I ommllSlonei
oi Landi and ��nrk- f..r permlnion t.> purebaae
the following described lands,Iltuate tu West
Kootenay Dlitrlet tooth of the pend d'Oreille
rleerj Commencing al a postmarked a. b M v N
U. enrner situate m the ���.outh bank of llo- I'end
d'Oreille river ai Klla i. MacKemle'i north eait
oorner poit, thenee *��oith ��u ehulim. thence eail
-4i chains, ihence north ni ehains more or len t"
the Pend d'Oreille river, tbenoe west huelnhn-.
following tf"* bank of too said river to the place
nf commencement, containing Mo acres, more
or leas.
Dated 2nd July 1*906. A. H Mai KJBOtC
AhTtlCH S- HSKIIiEH, Agent
N'otlceii bereny given tbat sixty dan aftor date
i intend io apply to the Hon Chief Commissioner of Ijtud-nnd Worku for i-cniiitision to purchase lbe following deaorlbed lauds iltuate lu
���Ve-i Knoteuaj District, -.outb of tbe Pend
d'Oreille river, commencing at a pnst marked
M.H'aN. K, corner, situate on the son tb bank
ul the Pond d'Oreille river nt Jamei N. Mackeu
sle's Kuithwcsi corner, tbenoe iouth loo chalm,
iii** ��� weal "ii chalna, thenee nnrth 70 chalm,
more or len lo the Pend p'Orellle rher; thence
Following tin- south bank ��>f the said river in uu
easterly and northeasterly direction to the (dace
"f commencement, containing t.vi acre*, nmre or
DateSrd July. 1008,      MaKOAJtrr HaicouaT,
Arthur Bcliuelder, Agent.
Notice fa hereby given tbatsUtj dayaafterdate
I In ten*" t'>a|.|.u lo tbe Hon. Chief Commiarioner
of Landi ami Works for permfnlou to nnrebsae
tb.- foil..uint: described lauds in Weat
Kootenay District, wuth of the Pend d'Oreille
river, commencing at a j-osl marked j nm*
B, w. comer, iltuated on the smith bank of the
Pend d'Oreili*. river, opposite the mouth nf 16
Mile ('reck: tbence ea-t A ehaiii'. theuce north
('"���limns umreiir U-- tnlbc Peud d'nreille rher,
theuce following the wuth Lahkm ttie said river
in a vvi���t.-rlv mid MUthweslerly direction to the
1'iai i oommeneement, containing :tji aera
more or len.
Pated Brd July. P.<����.        JAJfn H. Maikkv^if,
Arthur Scbtieidcr, Agent-
Notloe is hereby gtveq (bal sixty dnyi afterdate
I intend tu applv to the Iimi Chief Com million-
erof Land- and Work*- for ncnnliiniou lo pur-
chaw lbe following dole rlbed lamf�� in Went
Koplcqay Piatrfct. aottUi ol the Pend d'Oreille
rlvor, commencing m a po��t marked a Ftft, w
corner, Htuaii-d at tbo sootbwnt eorner of Lol
44M.(l. I , thence eaal aocbwui*. ihenee nouth so
cbalni, Ihcnce ureal m cbalm, ihence north tn
chaini io Ihe idai-eof oommencement. eontaln<
ing4MU acres, more or leaa.
I un i -i jQih  um [oofl, AmngFtuamt,
V. J.O'ltellly, Agenl.
Nniiei- i- iioreby given that 00 dayi after data
I Intend t<>ai.[.h b. the Hon thief Commlnfontr
nf l,mo|.-mid W'urki* for pcniiist.ii.nio purchase
the f wing described laud- in Weil Kootenay
district, south ol the Pend d'Oreille river, eaal nf
I'Ub oreek,commenotiw at a poil marked V. W,
ii - v \v corner, ainmi half auiiici-a>t of the
northeaal comer ol Lol ��_,(), I., thenee aouth
io chain-, ihenee eaat 80 < hain-.. thence imrth . i
Chalm,   tbence   WUt   Nl  Chaini   lu   the place of
commenoement, romaming am acrn, nmre or
Paled 2nd fuly tW- l-HF.u W. HAftCOVRT
Arthi'k HrnNKingn, Agent
Blxti Mnv- mor data I Intend toapply to tbe
Commluloner ol Lands and Worki to purebaae
160 acrei i.f land, near iiurtmi City, oommenelng
��t a poil i-ianici] m the mutheasi corner nf Lot
No. HN, and marked J, i>. Uo'i wuth wesi corner
and running north +> ohalni, thenee cast m
eh ai im. tbenee -"nth m ebalna, thenoe wnt tn
chalna to plan of beginning.
July 18tb, 1000. J. P   McCOLLOCB,
A. A   Hurton. Airent.
Notice 1- hereby glVfp lhat M days after dale I
intend toapply to the Honorable ibe Chief Com-
minloner <>f l.��udsiiud VVorki for |H<riNt*ktou to
purchaie lbe foiiowinK described landa: i om.
ment-lOK at ti |Ni*l nurkcd "J, 4.0 It'N.W ror-
n-r." p I At the c,i ihcssl corner of  Ut IHI 1
run' in if a>, ebuiok nnrth] l heme B chalm Utl
thence kuoh-'Inii'Utbl thonoe to chaini trait to
P* in of coinine evment, eont iniiiv ftio acr��i
no.re orleni
Pal d tbeSUt day of Ju'v Um
J A. O-Kin.i.V.
Noiiee Is hereby given that 60 .luyi. n(t..r ,iatc J
Intend tO applv lq [hi Honorable llo- Cole) C. rn
mlniinerol Undi ind Worki for permlnion to
purchijue lhe following dcHcrIlM-rl Undi' 'nm-
mcui'lng nt a pom m.rked  "J. W  It'n  -  W  ,��� ,r
per," placed oa tba out -h re ,,i i.���w r At ,.w
Lake at tne rortb wnt comer of J. ctiriitje'* *i^
plication to Purchase, running thenee to cha ni
eat; tbonce SO chalm nortb; tbence to ehalni
moreor le��i, wnt to tie lake* bo e; thenee ol-
irmi g lakcshoie to point of eommencetneni
eonlaliilng ttntfitet mor ��� or Ian
Paled tbe 3rd diy of July, IWjfl,
J. W. Hates
Notice t�� herebv given lhal Wlilsy* afler dnle I
intend to applj to tba Hon tbe Uiief Comml**
. uner "f 1-mol- and Works Inr permi--mu Ul pur-
chase the following described lands in Went
Kootenay district, province of British Columbia]
Commencing al �� i-1*-' marked "William Tntling-
ton'i nortbwnl miner pout," said post Mug
plan tod at the -mi t Invest oornrrol the "Queen
Mineral Claim," and adjoining the easi Hue of
\l. I'liail* pre emption. theme south twenty (JO
rhalni along said line, them I fortv (tu)
. halm, Lbence nortb twenty no) ehalni, ihcnce
aest forty (40) chalm more or less, to tbe nfaoe oi
i ommenccmenl
lUted 1st dav nt AugUlL 1'JUfi
W 11.1.IAN    Inl I IM.H'N,
Hy hi* agent J. K. Taylor.
Notice is inn-by given that ttdan after date I
intend to applv lo the Honorable the Chief <'ora*
mi.slmier nf I.sm'*> ai-d Worki for p,-Mnls.loii to
purchaie the following de-cribed Landi iltuated li the Kooienny PlU'iet. Beginning nt a
piit pla tiled on the north shore of the LOWgf
Arrow Uke about 40 ehalni weit Of the weit
boundary of C 1' K Lot -WW, Marked H a W.
.*> E. corner, thence wen 4*J ehalni, theme north
60 chalm, thence eail 80 chaini more nr leu in
lake shore, thenre In a iouth wciterly direct loo
along lake ihore to point of commencement, confining-too set * more or leu.
Located June ffl, IWfl.
A   N  WoI.vkhTon, Ageni-
Kotlca ir- herebv given [bat IWO mon*hi after
date l inteud to apply to the llouorable Chic/
��� oiaminlonar ol landi and Works lor pennli-
���ion ii. pu*. im--- iti hundred ami   forty (44o)
io res ..f land, denrlbed u followi i C menolng
��� i a poal pun ii*d at the noribwnst oorner of I..
tlallagher'i application tn pun base in Kin- Val
\f\. mi tin- well ilde of l^iwei ar*oa Lake, in
Kooteuay tllatrlei, marked "W. A. Ul N. K. corner"; tbenoe runninK eighty (80j chalm wnti
tbence  eigbty  i*��) south;   tbence eighty (ho)
��� hains caii. Ihenci eight)! (W) cbalni north tn
plaee of > ommenoenient.
W. A. i'ai i>K��.
Dated the .'ml day of Jul)   HU
Blit) dayi afterdate l intend lo applj lotbe
< ommlnloner of Lands ami Works, Victoria, to
pin ha.c bin acres of lami Commencing at a
poet planted mi tin- wasl bbnre ���<* Arrow Lake, at
tb.- -i. oth ea-t ...rner nf. I J i brlitli - bun ban,
running nortb BOcbilni. tbeuce cant ab ebalns,
thence loutfa 10chalm, Lbenoi wesi no, haiim to
place of commencement
l-M ��teii Hay, tth 1908.
A     I'ARKIg.
t. <!��i i until, Locator
-nl--    lay-   alter dale I intend to   applv to the
1 om minloner id Landi met Worki to pun ban
M) a. rn ol late I. iituata aboul one ml e eaal of
Hurton Clly, and deicrlbed u followi: Commem Ing at a poal planted .<n iin- northweil' or
le I s.i i.it flUQ hU'1 riltiliiK ITWt JO ehains, Ihcnce
north I1* ebalns, thence eail 30 cbalni, iheuoe
south along lot MM to plai e ol beginning
July blh. 1000, J, K. Hi mm-.
Nolle,,  (j  herehy given   that  -Ixlv  .lays alter
date I intend t..applv lolhe Hon. Cblel Commissioner of fjtnds ami Wm it * im permission to pur
Cbise the   lollowlng  described  lauds  situate in
Went Kootenay district; Commencing al �� port
marked S, H . amtone'i - K cornet poat, iltuate
in the Salmon River Valley, al ��� polnl adjoining
J Heeeber'sland at weitarn boundary, thenoe
weit 80 ehalna, ihence nortb M chains, thence
cant ���" ebalns, theliee Nouth   "' i ballis to (mini of
JnlyMtb, 1906. .ill Vawitohb,
T, H Atkinson, AganL
Wolb a i- haraby given tbal 00days afterdate I
intend to app'y |o tb* Uonorabli thi Chief Commissioner of Lands and Worki i..r iK-rminsioii to
purchaie   lhe   foilowlng  deMribod  lands In the
weil Koolenay dlitrlot:  Commencing at a post
marked m M.c n k oorner, piauti-.i i'>chaini
imrth of tbeS. W comer of W a. raider's pre
empiiiiii lu lire Vallev. running tOchall
tOchsim west. 4ot ImUis north. 10Cbalni eait to
plane of oommancement
Mai-I-K MiCandI-Ibh, Uieator.
W   A. I'Al.l.ltfc, Ageni
Jim- 3'tll, IWK
Notice is hereby given thai SO dayi aftei date I
intend in make application tn tto- Honorable the
chief Coatmlnloner of utndi and worki tor i-1
minion to pun-bane (be folbi-alng Jeacrioei]
lands: Commenolng ata post marked A W Cal
iler'i southeast corner, aectlon  fi, Town-lup tt,
running ��-ast twenty ebalus, toutb forty chain**.
west twenty ohalns, nortfi fort) chains lo place
o icoiuuieti oement
Dated July a. nan. iohk Banna
Nntice i- given Hiai BO dayi after data l intend
toapply  tn the  llouorable  the Chief Comuls-
doner of Lands and Works for panalnlon to
tirehaaa the following de-tcrHx-d '
Wut Kootenay Dlitrlet: Commenciaa ai a poal
marked r. c. l*oj-ut* Land B. K Corner placed
near the Pend d'nreille river ai Boundari creak
eastwlde of Salmon river, tbenee easl mi chaini
almigthe International  HmnnUry Line, tbence
n rtb tn chains, tbeuce weit hm chain- tbenee
south #i chaini to plane oi oonunencemeut,
I'ated the -luh nljiily HWi, C. C. POTim.
 By Asnaaw Ann. Agent.
Notloe la hereby given that two montbi after
date   1   intend   to  apply   to  the   Hounrable   tbe
Cblel Commissioner ol Landi ami Work* inr
permission In purohaae the following described
[slid-* situate On the well arm of Kootonaj Lake
in the Dlitrlel nf Weal Kootena):  Commencing
at a poll marked *u iiifaui Kuerby'i N u postr
tbenee weal twenty uu cbalm) tbence smith
twenty    iai)   chain*;    Ibenee   Mil   tw.-ntv    (JI)
cbalm; thenoe nortb twenty iju chalm lo lha
|��'ini of commencement, containing  forty (Mn
arms, more or lesa.
Haled July 7. iwrfi. I (;. NHJKW.
KoUpi is hereby given tbat 80 dayi niter date I
intend tn apply lotbe H ruble tbe Chi< ffom
misalonerof Landsand Works fbr permission to
purchase the following deicrlbed landi, ntuatc
in the West Kootenay dlitrlet: Commencing at a
poat marked M MeC. m. W, comer, plante.l to
chains went of L C, Mon lion-s northwest corner
o[  hii  crown granted  laml in  Kire Valley  run
"iiik *�� chalm imt, tt ehaim do rth, iii chains
weit, Ml ebalns south to place ol i oiiimcticctneiil.
m. IfoCAXnLtiH, Locator.
W. A. (sI.UKR, Agent.
Notice || hereby glu-ti that '���Oiia\-aItm date, I
Intend to apply to the Hon. chief Commissioner
nf Lami-and Works lor permissimi |,, puri-ha-.e
ihe following deacrlbed tract of land situate In
Waal Kootenay iii-uriei: Commencing at the
MMiihuuitt corner of i,oi 7JM0] tbence runlna
weat #> chalm; tbence north so cbalnij lbence
weal tt chaini; tbence north tf) ohalnai thenoe
east  nu  chains;   tbence souih  U) ebalus In point
��� '  menoiment,conulnlnga��iacres, moreor
Hated at Nelson, II  0��� tbll ��in\ day of Julv,
,1'u,'��� .Mahv mini ih,
per V c linen, Agent,
Kotiee U hereby given that tt days alter date
I intend    to  appl)    to   the   Hi ralile   ||,e   I  hief
Connnlslouero) Landiand Worki inr permlnion
to purchaie tbe following ib icribed Iai the
weal kooieua v Dlitrlet: Commenclna at a noil
marked T. ft. Prenche's I.nud S K corner placed
near < i . Poynti S, W. corner, tbenee eaal au
ohafna, tbence north tt chains, thenee weal n
ehain-. theliee iouth 40 chain, tn   i,|aee   ni   r	
hated tttb day of July I0DO.        T  R   ftOWt H
By Awpaaw Ann, Agent
Nollee la hereby given thai tt Hays after date I
Inteud trt apply to the Uonorahle the Chief Com.
mlssloner of Undi and Wmk�� foi permlnion   o
pUre|l..M*  the   followlug   il.-r|l��d   lat|.|-  l���  tl.e
Weil Kootenay dlatrlcl. mar Burloo City; com.
meuclngatanoal planted at ihe southeait eorner
'I    __f_    '    ,,MJ!,'m   P��*��0>Ptlon   claim,    and
marked HarryG.Totltnilon'iN.K C d* nud
running icmih 10 obalm. thancaacitncbaiui
iIimim. north tt chalm, thtneecasi 3D chaini to
m"S m iSf"      ' '"IU*"""K M "�����,,f ,'111"-
Hated this-JUIb dayol * ugiut, lUnfl,
HvHHY i. TomngroM
Notice t-bereby given   bat W day* after date I
nten-   to make application to ihi Hminraol     he
* bief < ommtnlooerof Landiand Wo'ki for ner"
mi-iion to pur'ha.e aboul 8m aeroi of an I sit,
aid on tba Nalmon river, Wail Koolenayditrlcl
'���oiumem-iii, m a post mark,.,) g K Bottar1* N fe
turner, planted on the wen bank ol the river
about4% miies north of the intcrnatlo wlbouniI
ary. thabea we��t aa chalm, boni������ > I i ,
south Umhmui. ��� ttobJlniiotta fiver
!iV.^'.,.;.!,,'.'/!l,4'r,y "^"f "'" P|W '" place of cm
g. R. HfTTKK,
i   H  Aikltiiton, Agenl,
-l*ty  dar��  af er  ,lHt,. | 1,,!,.���,j .,..,. ... .,"",
asStfflfKj'j���_�� .SS��BS,-S
Augutit l��th, ttt>,
Auguil _������-���   iff,
W, A. Calder, Ageut.
���or mI.i,,i. .",".,',:. Vi"':'1,',"'1 "5 SnT"
p��.po.| 1.1.......1!,.,.'; ;;-''.��'���
��� .. Iinlli. inr't ��|,|,li,���i       ,""".���Wsi3
"I'*. ���-'"-.���'......Mi.im'    ,:,II��'te2
I)��U-,I ll��� Jii.l ���| j,,,,.  |8M 1
���         ��'  ' ' 'u.i.yV.^
���"��� M- lovimm,,i_..
July insi, im
.Villi-.-1, he'i'lit- j|v,.|, ii,., m ,
llilen.llo.,,,,!,-i!,1!,,,'    ��� ". "J '">.:>��� J
inl.��l,.!i.'r.,ll.���,���|, ,���,, �����'t   ,"hl'"��
i'��"His- ii..-1 iii���.i.'..,ii.������'":��>��,
In lln- W.M Ko in,, ,|], .,,.       ' '-"'Is.iiJ
��� ���..riiiT." Iliiiu,. ,.������ .��� ,.!,��� ; , "��l 'f.li
sIlMllIN,    t||,'II,','     ���,.,     ���,    ,l,M|t|,',|,    '"'"Wllj
s'ls^in, I,. |,..i���s ���i ,.,��� ,���,,;,' """'��i|
S'.l ......  ... I  "' 1.'.1,_
,-r,-. Usui,' ,,r I
UwAtcdJun. ihtii. is,.;.
1 M �� ��-,.  *'L
-l-l,    !!��)'.   Bllr,   ,|���|,.| ll||,.,���l ,���������., 1
.'i.i.-i r i i ���i u,���; '  *?*,
Villi.,ii���. l���r|���n ,���i���.i '
������..I.ui)iioui.en a, i,.;.
."I   a.   l..ll..��.:   r���������,���'���, ������ M,gJa
���ls.-l.ls |��1) I'll. I ���| ||,7. s �� ' ;,'���"<*
Hi.Ik.t-- ,.r.- .-in|,Ii,,iis,ii.i 1,,-rL..1 < 'ic,>S
ii.ruii.' iimi riiiililii, 1-n.i (���M, ,,��� V^
Ilium* �� Is issru iiui I'limn, i_��� '"���
.���lil.lll..ll..'lli-.-li.,rll. I,���i, ,m, I,.,, ,���*��
Uriillillil, i��iii.��,*,j
KollM U herelsj rn..-.. u.-i... .i_,..ri��__.,
���loner ol La nd I ��,.,.-1,��� ,.,,���.',,*������
'i   i ��� ...     ..'.      .    }J
K..,,i.'i,���, d|,tri.l. prOTInreolBrllUliCiia
i ..iiiiii.ii, lm .1 , |..-i ���lhll,.| , , "��J
H. rt.s-ofii.r, on II,,  -...iili.i ���,u���J_f
'<-''" wo ' ��� '"�� ol iii..i..i..',,ZS
siss.l ��i Uss- north*-.! cornerol ��siliisL,_S
I ��PM I".".. II.'is"  IUIs3
'���- ii!''.-ii��iii-.i.'. ui. ��� i.i..-.'.;,i"i^Ja
i "iitHliiiii. .'1.1 in ri - in,in- ,,i Im j
IUli-il llll. .'.Ill .I.y nl July, IM,
a a. im,;
Si.lli'i- [a  litri'liy Khin Hi,i [!,���_,
��� l��n-1 Intend i" ��is|sly tutii, HononM
1 s.-l-'iii-risf Uml*.ii.I \%'t,r_��l..ri
u, |ssir,'!in.,- lln- I,i1:,,wisik ,1,'. nu-! '
.Is- III  Fin- VHlIty mi Ini' WW -I'l, . ���
rn\��  i_.k_, Kootouy dlitrlel daierl
I.,n- r"iiitiit<iii in. hi is i-.i 1.1..
iinrtliwi-.t S'liriii-r n! \V a CuduVn
...rt rk,-.! "A. Msl.'. MIOtbWMI . r, rr,.-.
Ills-Ill',' fnrly (IHJ rh.lli. i-h.i; Ih.:,.
ilisilll. llsirsli.' Ilssssi'i- Inns (|i,j ,|
Ui.'lli'i-  l.irly  (HI) iluli,.  loOli  is   ������
��� ..iiilii-n,,iii,-iil. L-iint-lnlll, nils; hu
.l.ly (I'.s) urn', wort' nr i, -���
ll.U-il Jssii,- -tl. IW.. Amis , Mil.
W. A i'aii,,. tftt
Stuli-v I. lu-ri-tiy iclvi-ii Dint ,1m
dfttfl I lint-tiil In -p|> y to ihe ll.'t
s'ls's-' CunnilM-lstinT ,���! Uu,], ,nj
ii.ri_l.ina ,u [,iirils.,p ill- fs,r���.,''
ls.Sl-1. < I'SISISS'-SSI 111. S.1 I. pu.1 lll.lftnl
lltlKlnir,  N. K. C. p,..l.  .1 til,- K'..l_.
,,t   J    II    UeOnd..    |.r��- . in[���!s..i:
riiiiiiini! ..isiili loi-liiilti, in ...usl,.-.
i-i,, IIii.l.i,n'. |iri-i-ni|.ils.ii 11,1.1 iIiimim
chain.; ihenee nortii m iis.itn,.      -�����!
1 Iml li. ta l-lsiis' of .'olllliiflls rliii-ltl,' MHMM
Hs-n-K of I.liil mora or I,-...
Ha s,l tin. mIi ,lnj,., AiiKis.i, IM
l,.:,,|tis. Tsiuoxi-r,.
A. A Burlaw Ipu.
Kolle. I- hereb, elren Usui s.sil.s,,!s.iUkl
III., n.I lo ��ppl, lo llo- Hoio.r.l.!, ::,'' i^1.
iuI..|i,iiit ol l.itli'1. s.ii'1 Work, fnr|sr_HM
port-hue ttss- followiiiK si.-sMiiti.--i ;.n.ui
nun. Ins, nl a po.1 iimrk.'.l IV K Ur I lm
pistil!.-.! at tin- N �� i-orii.r s.f �� .1 *��
pn- .million In Hn- Valloy. niniim, ��_l
north, uii'liHlts. wi-.t. Uchain,Mat.._a
i-a.t In (,|��ri- Ol I'oliillii'lH .-in.
W. R. MiiaM'II.k l.n��
W. A.l'.l.l'f.. Aril
���Isms. _nti, inon.	
Sotli-e I, hiTCDV ulvi-ri Ilia! M sl.n .lirital
li.u-li.l to makp appl nation u. tin- Ilonorari.-. .1
s'lsl.-l 'om tn iMlssiii-r sif I., lis], .u.l Wisi.i h.�� I
inlwlo 11   lis   pnn'haM- .+' Hin. ssf l.n'l uill
si .iris.. s,i w.-.t Rootenar,.,.i'nu.'S..-iii��nam I
piairi-.i on the "'ntli .Ide ol BeuodujmrM
Ilu- tnl.-nialloiial lsnliti.lnrs Ins...-.,- .sH,l_!
in Inai-a.l fnuii tin- Halinoii nvi-r. ssinsls-I'D*.
8. Ailiui... woiiln-avl corner." Ihem. ��*���
ohalna, ihonc north ni chaini,
'���ISHIIIN.   lll.'t|.|.|.SSII||l   IV .'IsBill. I" I"" ""I"*
tunc - Ai"��- '������''���"���
pei I!  H   l:,,-s,...>A(.sil
Dated llll'911. .lay ..I Jssh    IM
suiy dan ad.-r date I intend tanppUrJ*J|
Hon Chlel i'on_mia.loner ol i.an.i.��n-i w���in.
Victoria, in piiri'loi-.- in a"., ol I*'"',,, ,
menclna at a ih,-i j.Uiii..| isi il.CIItoI*��_1
|..si.-r plain lol rl. I corn.. Po.1  k.-'"*t
rls.i. Hour,' V ihalli- RinUl, IIii'Iist W" ��
i-linln.. Ins-mi- imrlli �� .Iihiii-. tln'm*-.��'���
chalna to polnl of comment.
Ni-l-.in, B.C., Aui.��, I"*-        K J. ss.ua
Kotiee in hereby (lean thai .nil ";',.*!
data l Inland to appl?  ii���ii..r��lilrir..|��;
' in i.s. r of Land, and ��'ort,torpM��'"l
1 sri In,- III.' foil,,,, iii. ,|,.. HIh.I t'.r'-'""
III   Weal   K siiay illnlrlil: rl.'iillinlli* >' "**���
[.linn..1 ai lln- northwo. rn.roluiiwnj
lio��� i reek, ihenoe i *''ll"l"\l.,r, ,_
us chalna im.r.' nr leaa, thence nmU.*�������
more or i.'.s.. thentie .'.i '"������M_l!i_,
place Ol l.s-ixllllltlll!. th.' s-asisv s. siili'ii'l.
fsras^ ivlsssl ta known.. III,. 11.n-"is I'"
Ft ll'Hlt..
July .'., lMtsfi.
  .- herebj _!ven si 'SMfil.
an- I I sisl In apply lolhe ' I'M' '; T,
I Land.and H'ork- flcinrl., i-"t-"S
���lou to purohaae tha Ii.ii.ssiiiik df*.!* *���;
altuate In i Ilatrletol Wei KooOTiJjW
of llrnlirnanCreek: startliutat �� l11"'" .***,,,.
J  ��lili.,ss s. ��'. corner,  planIM ���"��1
elialn. nuth ..I J   Malone'a �����������""������''KH
riiniiiiiit north .'.ich.iiia. in '"'"���',"',, ,i
thenee aouth �� ohalna, thence i.r.1 *' �����""
polntol siiiii-ni-i-iiii-iii. Job. ����"'���
JoDOll.lBnsf! .1 I'a.MR. A.eist ___
Nssllsi- In hart In Blvi'll lhal U ���!������ Ilr"'",*''
lllli-il.l lo applv In lln. Ilnlinrall.'lliis'oa-I.���
mlnlonar ..i Ian,I. aud Worka. loi P'Wt"''��� "
plliehaaa the followln, darcrlbeil l��..-i-. -"',���.,
ill lli.-'llMrli'l nl H.-.l  K mi)   .1'    ���
;i��iim il.,- ��iai arm oi Kooienaj "...'��� ";"��� ,
sss-.t -jii ilialii., II i-i- .
oaal jn chatna so polnl nl ���'
I'ssts'.l Asi^'  I'.lls. I1..1
lis-. Ili'ir*
" j.a-i r����'
,li.r (Ul
Notion la harebell* ii.n"'!">'���- -, ���;
inland m apply lo lha Boi.pr.wa ����� JH
UommlMlonero.Uud.aad Work. I-���' t " |,
Him li, i.iiri'lia.e tho Mlowlii. ���Il'"'""" , "ilW
-I'stal.' Is- ��,.., K naydl.lrli'1."'   ���
C. I. Pearaoo'aoatl nh. "I""1'"",1',	
.|iiarl,-r mile. Ir  Uu I'.-n.l,r',"''.',',:..]����� ft. K.
inouolna nt a poal marked C K '. .iss.il-';,.
dprner po.1, thenei) N' chain, norm
'���hain. svi-.t, tlss-ns'i, R_ ohaini - '
chalna oaal to pin. I rominencenicn'
l.malc.1 Ilu-I.I ,Uy of Aniiii��l.l;��|.|'
TaUlih, ,*���**
Notiee I. herebrf iron iiiai '-;;i��f;i ','���,���,.
I I  In npply m His-Hon   In'""l   V_ la
.1 r ol Landa and Worka  or |.   " .,s-
purehaw Ihe lollowlng deacr J  '"' ���'" ,,
U.-s,   K ,',���,)���   sll.trls'l:   ll,-s,'lisiU'.�� ��   "Jn,,
lluirki-il II. Il.-ll'ss 8. K  I'onti'r. alii-' ' r   ., ������,
i-HHt nf tin- St. 1 (i  rlsi'r I h",  , ,, . iinills.
the Pend .1'nn-llle rlvs-r, Ihs'iss.".".'"        ,,,i
Iti.-lssslii. sss-.l. mi ehaluaa li and """"'
i.s place of bealnuint.     .   , ,, n itisn-
lliih-d -JTIIi.liiy ill Jnly, U.K. " "
Null,-.- i��hs-ri'lsv.lv.-lillial��l��lf''"!,""',!|'|..'li'lt
1 Inlt-ii.l In apply m Ihi' I1"11 ' ll"' ' ��� i,i filter.if Landa .-m.l Worka mr i"'"' ; ;"���, il>t
1'ha.o llie fiilliiivlnn ilcM'rlffd J ",,-,ir.Jlf-
Kootena) Dlatrlcl, aouth o lho m|q-"B >yi
river, coinnionoln,��tapoa   marM "
N  W, i-nrner. Bllllille.lnll tho ��01lll
Pend d'Orolllo river at Jamoiin
'oulhwwlppraori thoncoM��t����;,j;    ,.
-...si I, lls s-liiilil". tlieliee is
iinrJIi iiieliHlns. in tin' plw
KsinleiiBt    lilsiriel.s-issisii "    ;--.  ., I( j,,..
river, eosisssselli'lii. ill is P'."l  *"?&, ,, ei U*
N  W, eorner. Hllnnleil ssn llle Bonui j,s
Pel 'Orolllo river ai .1 �������;*,',,.��aac>
,f e,iiniuell��. '���
I'ssiitrlllHm lim aeress luore nr 1'""- awl*
Hated iin! July IIW1.    I"""'1.'."���'���---
AKTlltta BOttMIM*
, Agsllll. The Daily Canadian
20 Pfcces Brussels, Velvets
and Tapestry Less than Half
Regular Prices
From 10 to 23 Yard Ends
^        ;u cr- *
ipetiai Bank of Canada
[AL i'^111 l'1'
Ull,Kli:, Prealdant
Head Office
The    Two    Prayers���Anniveraariea   of
8t.  John  the   Baptist   and   St.  August.n���Services  Tomorrow.
northwest rorner about fourteen mile*. Irom
Kootenay l*Jw and about fouriaan miles irom
slocan river, on Lemon cteoki iin-nie ruiiiiiiiK
B0 ehains soutb, tbettua 8�� chains eaat, thenoe 8D
ehaim uorih. thenee so c.IikIhh eott to nu point
ul ootnmeneement.
Dated July Iflth, WCe.       Jackson EUn i.ikpk.
Kotlea Is hereby aivi
mi)   Lhe  Jlret   pulilli
Sven thnt within two months
Branches in Briish Columbia:
[i,i, pi. - received and Lnterwt nlloweii ut otuteut ratea I'mm date of opening nc-
,'liniliieil half-yearly
Ii.hon BRANCH _���   IV1.   LAY,   /YAnrmtfwr.
ie Hall Mining and Smelting
Company, Limited.
lirchases Lead, Copper and Dry Ores.
foal Tar, Waterproof Paints
Pitch, Creosote, Oils lor Preserving Timber,
Roofing Pitch and Paints.
Boal Builder, will ilml it to their advantage to use our Pitch.
(elson Coke and Gas Co., Ltd.
'. Burns & Co.
iiirli Market!
Roealand, Trail,  Nelaon, Knslo,  Bondon, Three Forks, New
Denver and Slocan City.
Tomorrow win b<; tlm eleventh Sunday after Trinity, Tutuday com mum*
orates St. Auyustin, bishop, the tlra't
papal legate to England, the head of
thu first Italian million. Of the per-
bunallty of St. Augusta, little ls recorded but his conversion of King
Ethalb.rt uf Kent opL-nud the door for
thu spread of ChrlsUHnfiy over England, ue was undoubtedly nn eloquent
and forceful man or be could not have
indue, il   llie   niuniini   of   the   original
British ohuroh, which had extitad
during the B&xoa invailoni In Angle*
Bey nmi Man, to aoe pi iiis authority ���
and acknowledge Uie ieo of Canter'
bury as the lenlor bishopric of I.n..*
Tuesday comtnoraoratoi the murder
Df Bt, John Mi<< i'.iipi 1st, ih.* herald oi
Ihe Messiah, in his 111'.-, teaching and
tragic death Uie type of all greal re-
Tin- gospel for the eleventh Bunday
after Trinity contains the parable ol
the Phartaee and the publican, with
iiuii* contrasted prayers; "God, I
thank   Thee   that   I   am   not   ur  other
men are/' and "God, be merciful i<��
me, a sinner."
li is significant that In all Christ's
preaching, with ills exhortations to
love, nh dlence and self-sacrifice, al
most the only wordi of d nunclatlon
are directed agalnBl the Pharisees,
thi'ir Belf-rljjhieousnesi and bypoo
The I'liaiisees were not a race or
a tribe, but a seel of the Hebrews,
who emphasised the efficacy of cere-
mania! compliance with the ancient
The name Pharisee, however, haa
become a synonym for hypocrite. The
type is apparently eternal. The spirit
of the Pharisee Is manifested not only
In religion nor In spheres connected
with religion. It survives lu all those
whose Belt-imposed mission to teach
Others proceeds on the assumption Ol
their own infallibility, and the most
hopeless period in the life of nations
or of any institutions is that in which
tlie successor! of the Pharisee! are
The following services nre announced
for tomorrow in the churches of Nel
Church of England���St. Saviour's,
cor. Ward   and   Silica streets;   eleventh
���Sunday after Trinity; holy communion,
8    a.    m.;     morning    prayer    and
litany, 11 a, ni.; children's service,
2:80 p. m.; evensong, 7:30 p. m. Rev.
P. H. Graham, rector.
Roman Catholic���Church of Mnry Immaculate, corner of Ward and Mill
streets: Low muss. 8 a. m.; high mass,
10:.1U a, m.; evening service, 7:80 p. m
llev. Father AUhott, priest.
Presbyterian church���Rt. Paul's, corner of Victoria and Kootenay streets:
Morning service. 11 a. in.: Sunday
school, ^:::u p. m : evening service, 7:30
p. tu.; Sunday school, lte!u p. m. Rev.
J. T. Ferguson, minister.
Methodist church - Corner Silica and
Josephine Streets*. Morning service. 11
n, m.: evening service. ":'.\0 p, m.: Snn
day school, 8:80 p. in. ltev. U. N. Powell, pat r.
Baptlsl church���Stanley street, near
Mill: Morning service, 11 a. m.; evening service, 7}30 p. in.: Sunday school,
2:.l0 p. m. Rev. E. H. Shanks, pastor.
Snlvtatlon Army���liar racks on Victoria street, west of Josephine: Special services for tomorrow. Knee drill,
!�� a. m.: holiness meeting. 11 a. m.: a
praise  meeting  at   8  p,  m.l   salvation
meeting at s p. m.
 i intend to apply to the Hon.
Chief Com&tlUioner 'if LhwU mnl Worku tor ��
���oeoUl lloanu to out and Larry awuy timber
from tli<* followiiiK dem-ribed lands, nlniate<l ln
Weit kootenay;  Commsnoing ata poit planted
OH tlie iouth shore of Trout Lake. Mput one-half
mile bvlov. tin* mouth of riv. MUu ('reek, marked "Lullfl IHU tollthttkt corner"; thence weht
lnn chain--., thanee north 40 chains, thence east
ItjO ilialiif, thenoe -.outh 40 chain* to the point uf
Dated 8rd AugOft, l��xi. Leslie Hill.
Nolle* in hereby glv ;ii that tl6ett after date
we lntcii'1 to aODly to the Honorable the Chief
Comm sMoi't-r nf Lninls nn-1 Works for a special
licfiist' to cut aud carry away timber from the
Pillowtnt. ilewrtbcl Itlpakl Cpnoumclng at a
post marke-l C. V CaldWeU   at>out two an<l one
half imli-s irniii the Pendd'Oreille river, on the
eari Btdeol Fifteen Mile Creek, Uieoee80 phami
eait, theme i*i rlmlnc iouth < tbenee 80 chaini
weed theuee ^n-iintm uorih to plaee of oommeneement.
Located tho lit dsj of aiikuhi, 1006.
('. K. OifOWlLL,
Herman Reaper, Agent.
Hotlee is bereby given that K) dansiler date
I Inteni toapply to Hit- Honorable the Ohiot
Oomtntwlftuer oi Lande and wOrka for a apeplal
lii-eitM* ii> eut iiiul carry hwhv timber (mm tin*
lull.iwtOL'   ili-serlbei)   landl!   Colt II'-Iuk   ���l   it
poil ni'irki'i ir.il Adle, ir, n i r one and one-
hall mile- m.i xitii nf fund d'Oreille river on
thi-  edit   Ilde  of   I'lfl.'eti   Mile   Creek,  theme KU
ebalni nnrth, tbenee n> HutUi* went, tbeneeM
rhalni souih.  thence su ehalns ensl Lo plaee ol
Uenleil tin- JTtb <iav of .Inly. IWJfl.
iiiKii Ants, Jr., Locator,
Notice is bereDjf glVSn thHt BQ -im - afler dale 1
intend loapbly Lo ibe HA^-r-ible the Chief Oom-
uilssloiief of l.iiinI-  and Worku  for ii-pt-elul li
ifiiM- i.i eni and carry tvroi timber from the following deeerlbed tan.is: Commencing ata poii
marked Herman Beaper, abotlt two ana one-hall
mile-, irom iv ml d'Oreille river, on tbeeutilde
of  fifteen   Mile  Creek.  Ilu-m-e Nl ehain-   west,
th.i  xo ehains lonth, thenee 10 ehalni eaat,
tbenee 80 chain* norlh to place ol commenoement-
i neii the isi day of anguit, twic.
llKJ'.��us BunB, Locator.
Silver King Hotel
Bust Dollar a day house in the Kootenays.
Roomi are well furnished-   Table ih good ai any
lb Nelson.     Bar luppllod with good
Uauori ana oiican.
W. E. McCANDLISH, Proprietor.
Tremont House
SuTopean and American Flan
Hula 26 CU.   Rooma Insm �� eta. to tl
Only White Halp Kmplnyca.
Baker Bt, Nelaon Proprietor!
Bartlett   Hotise
Best Dollar-a-Day House ia Nelson.
Tbe Bar li the Flneit.
White Help Only Employed.
We have Improved and Unimproved Ranches for
Sale on the Kootenay and Slocan Lake's, Slocan
Valley and Nelson District.
Before purchasing call
and examine our list.
H. & M. BIRD
l--|r��  mi.I  Auclilent
Real Estate and Mining
inirphlae Ht.
The Big Schooner D_ _ * I C\r
Or "Half and Half    DCCl    X UL*
The only Glass of Oood Beer in Nelson.
Hotel ac-i'otnmiHlatlonB ���6800(1 W> DOM It) BrJt*
ish Columbia. Bates tl.oa.perday, Bpeclal rates
to monthly boarden. Only home hotel in Neuon
Ni'iirt- i*- hereby given tbat, thirty daya after
��� Uli*.   I   llll. nd   hi   a|>|>l>   tu   the   H..ii..i.il>|.- the
chief Cm Inloner ol Landa and Work* (or a
pneclel llCenie to *U1 mid curry away lltntier Irom
ii,e following deaorlbed landa. Mtuau* on Lemon
ereek in fttediatrlet nt Yfett Kootenay: Commencing at a punt Jilmi ed OU Lemon ere It.
eleven (il) mtiei fnnn Koi>u-iihv i.nk--. HdjoinliiK
Lot 3548, marked **B. W't N. B, eoruer pont";
lbence lorty (40)chalm went; ihenee eighty (80)
..oniii; ihence forty (to) cualna east; thenoe
eighty (8oi ebaini north to point oieommenQO*
ment, oontainlng three hundred and twenty (820)
acres, mora or lean
Dated tbeiOth day of.I lint*, A.l>.. 1W6.
BRrci White
Corporation of the City of Nelson
BY-LAW No. tit.
A By-Law to raise $50,000 for the completion of the Electric Light and
Power Plant of the City of Nelson,
Lake View Hotel
CornBr Hall and Vernon,
two hloekK from wharf.
GKOK-E HARRISON, Proprietor.
Hut. s .1 oO per day and up
P. O. Box IM.
Telephone 118.
Grand Central Hotel
J  A. ERICKSON, Proprietor.
Manager for the Kootenay Valleys Company, Ltd.
OldfiM estnlilishorl Heiil Kntrite
Buniiiens in Km.tisuuy.
Nelson, B. C.
���^MM*^M*W*yVMMVM^A��M**,^t*i^^^^MA*^*^^*^AA^A<^^y^^^ ,
I hare for Sale the Choicest
Fruit Lands in this district
Most of it siinate on the Went Aim and Main Lake.   See me before yon decide to locate.
S. M. BRYDGES, mpEg__*J,K
Centrally Lonated. Open Day and Night.
Sample and B th Room. Free.
Opposite Court House and Post Office.
Corner Ward ud Vernon Streets.
Mnil l��i nnv branch will have
i and oain-ul ftttenilnn.
He%d Office: Nelson, B. C.
Budweiser Beer
DISTILLERS, 12 and 20 years old.
w hnleaala uml Retail Dealer! In
fresh and Salted Meats
,1,rPfl supplied on shortest notloe nml
'"i pHoo, Nothing but frwh and
'I,so'he meats tmd supples kept llibtook
"'' "rtlors receive onrefnl attention,
C TRAVES,  Manager.
MirslsKAI.   ACT
Certificate of Improvements
iiimiiiii,-. 1.1   Firm Change, ChahalaU, an.
'I'svi-iilv Mile Frsn-il tilueriil s-lsilm., i ui-
iiiis in'ilu. Kclaon Mlniim Pivialon ol Weal
Kootenai sis.iriL-t 	
U'liero issi-uis-sl: On hundeetnountaliii botwocu
Willi loree mnl Hiiir Ilreeia. . ,
Tuko nol ' I. J"1"1 Ms-Ilil.-lilo. "I I'"' '">
ol Nelaon, acting ai agent (or Jpaopli Btntgeon,
in-, "iiii,-". r.-inii.-iiii' No.BMn, rntond.alftj
rlaja Irom llie-ate horeol, to apjlly to tba Mining
lls-'s-ssrsls-r Issi  IVrlKI'
Ai leaal ilu- mtalstar wlm rehearses
his si'i-niims cannot be ni-cnscil nf fulling  to   practice  wlint  ho  prea-heg.���
If  11  iiiim   Is  too lazy   to   work   lie
scis himself up ns :i phllo.o.hy ills-
Not ire tt hereby gtwn that 80 Aeyt from date
1 Intend V apply "�� tho Honorable tha Chjol
OommlMlonerot Landiand Worku roraapoclal
lii-ciise in t-ut mnl rarry ami* tlmlwr from the
lollowlng lands, iltuated In Weal Kootenay dl��*
mi. t 'Commenolng at �� poalolantod on tin*
nortboail cornor about s* milea rrom Kootonay
lake on su Mile ereek, thenee running K) ohalni
weat.thou e 100 <*li�� ni ionthi tbenee lOebatm
e.iHt.niemv ltm ehulns north, toa point of com-
Dated July lBth(l��0tt. B. B. Mwhtok,
"  per Jaokion Radollfff, Agent,
No. 3. Commencing ata noil planted on tho
Houthehit cornor aboul eight mllei from Koot-
daj uke ou six Mile break, thenoe running 40
ehalni west, tlu ih'c nil elm in* northi theme 10
rait, thenee 1(10 Ohalltl lOUth lo thf point o' e.-lii-
inenceinenf* ,   ��� ,.
ItAlid July l-iib.ltt*.. B, R. MniitTos,
porJaekion Itadollfle, 'gout,
No, a-Commonolug al a post planted on the
northeaat eorner iiimut 1:1 mllei from Ko t-
etiv   lake   nnd   18   Illlca   Iropi   Blocan   river,
on Comon crook, tlu nee runnlnK*K'halui weit.
thoueo sn ohaini i-nth, tticno-* 80 eimin?. mat,
thenee BQ ehiiliiw north \o the polntof Commonee*
l>im*d.Inly I'.'th, lflOO, I*. B. Miohton,
per Jnckion ftadc Iffo, Agont.
WHEKKAS 11 petition h n Iwen presented to
tbe Munlotpal foanetl p! the Corporation of tbe
i lly o[ Nelnon llanto hy the owueri of tU leuat
mi -truth of ihe VHlne of the real property In tbe
natd illy nh Nhowo by the Utit revised n-si'-sineiu
roll, raqueidng th<> ��Aid Conoell to tntrodnee
a By-Lew to r*Jae |M,0 0.00 for tbe pnrpoie of
completing the construction ol theS ootrloLlcht
mnl Power I'lmit no** b**lng conitrtiotad by the
��� 'tty of Nelion nt tin- Upper Bonnington i-'&lif,
Koolenay Klver, ltriu��h Columbia.
AND WHKKPAB It i�� deemed expedient to
complete tbe Heot-le Light and Power plant.
AND WHKIt-AS  for the pur pones Hlorenald It
will be Qecoacajy to borrow the rom of Kilty
I tiou.nii'l I i��i�� ..i.MM.iHi). mi.l in 1 in* flebett*
Hires of the City of Nelnoii for the purpoieol
r-llllilC said amount-
AND WHKKKAS tht whole amount of tlie ratable land of the said eily, according to the
last revised Auenment Roll, 1h one mtliion two
hundred an<l ilxty*threollioui<ind eight hundred
aud lorty dollars ($I,IOT3��)
AND WHBfJKAB It will be rcqiiitd e to rein
annually by rata the sum ol Knur Thousand One
Hundred ami Seventy Nine Dallam (IJ.lTOOO^or
paying tbe aald debt and mierett.
Now therefore the U no lol pal Counell ol the
''nriiomtiou of the t'ltv of Neldou euaetn an
1 -It shall and may in- lawful for the Mayor of
the t'orporatlon of the City oi Nelion to borrow
up in ihe credit ol Ihe wild Corporal lou, by way
m the deteiiiur.s hereinafter mentioned, from
huv persiiii orporeona, body or bodies corporate,
vvti'.i nu,y Ik- w 11Ll.>]_: lo ii<ivaiiet* tlie -.an"* h- 11
loan. 11 sum ei money nut exceeding in (he whole
the sum of Fifty Thousand DolUr.MV-U.lXWUl),)
Hill lo 111 use til! suib sumo do mined or received
1 > he paid into llie hands of the Treasurer of tbe
said ' or|ioratlon   for  lhe  ourpose and wllh the
object hereinbefore rented
-'.   It shall lie lawful (or the Mayor of the said
Corpora Ion to cause uuv number ol debenture!
to 1. ��� made, executed and issued for such sum or
Humi ��s may be required for the onrpoaaand
obluct aforoialdt nol exceodIng howev-r. the mm
Ol Fifty Thousand Dollars (&O.U00.00), each ofjtho
su itl debenture! bilnt*. of the denomination of
OueThonaand Dollars ffl.OOO^b) and all such de*
|*ntuna shall be scaled with the seal of the Corporation and -tuned bj the Mayor thereof.
:i -Tho said debenture! shall bear.late the 1st
dav  of OctO-Wi  I'."'���. mnl shull he tim.lr iiHjiihh*
in tttenty yean from the i-ai-i date in lawful
inouc*. id Canada at ihcottlct-of the Bank of
Mo'ilfral in KellOU aforesaid, which said place
of payment siu,:i he designated by the said debentures, ami shall have attached to them coupons for the piymeul ol interest, and lhe tdgim-
EurQl to the tntt'irsi onttROni may he either
wiitien, stumped. pr*nted or lithographed.
4    The snld debenture! shall hear interest at
the rate ol ������ per cent. Irom the date thereof,
**hleh i merest shall lie payable s-miannually at
said office of the Hank ol Montreal iu Nclflon
.ifnivsnid, In lawful money of Canada, on the
Hist daj of April ami iirsi day of October respectively In eaoh year during the currency thereof;
mnl it shall be expreticd iii said debenture* and
COUpOni to he so p'Valih*
B.-Itshall be lawful for the Mayor of said Corporation to UcKoliale mnl set: the said dehen-
luresorany ol lliein lor less than par, but lu no
ca��e -Iml! lhe said itcticnlures or any ol them he
negotiated or sold for {*���������* than ninety live ja*r
centum of Uielr value including tbe cost ol ue-
,-l.iiu 1 nn: mi 1 sale, hrotcragc mid all other Ind
dental expenses.
ll. -There shall he raised and levied lu each year
during tin- currency ol said debentures the  sum
nt Twenty-five Hundred Dollars ftH,B00) fot* pay-
mem in" luU'iesi ami lln* sum of r*t.\lceti Hundred and He eniy-nliie Hollars (��1,079,011) for pay
mentof the said debentnrai by rate suiheicnt
therelore on all  the ratable laud   in tin- uald
7,-It shall be lawful for the said Municipal
Counell to re - purchase any of tlu* said debentures upon stieh terms as may be agreed Upon
With    the   legal   holder   or   holders  thereof or
any part thereof, either at tbe time ol sale or
any lUbaoqUOU tlmcnr times,und all dehetitureN
HO re-purchased sliall fori li with be cancelled and
destroyod and no re-Issue ot debentnrai M repurchased siiaii bo made in ooniequenoo <>( such
n. Thll Bv Law shall take effect on nr after
the&th day of Sepicmhcr nn.fi,
!>. Thii By-Law may he cited lor all purposes
as tbe i'ltv of Nelson Ktcctric Light Loan Hy-Law
No. 171, PJblt.
Done aud passed In Council AsNcmhled this
��� v_ septembot IflOfl.
The Strathcona
Nelson, B.C.
B. Tomkins, Manager.
Choice Fruit
I Have 10,000 Acres
of the
Choicest Froit Lands in
British Colombia.
Can sell any quantity from 5 acres to 2,000 in one block.
Buy now and get the ground floor prices.
Nelson, B. C.
The Leading Hotel in the
Oood   Sample    Rooma.
Queen's Hotel
Raker Btreet, Nelaon, B. C.
Lighted by Electricity aud
limited by Hot Air
Large ansl Cumlortallle Bedrooina aud Klrat*
clan. IMulUK Room, tiample Rsjotna lor Commercial Men.
MRB. K. C. rl.AKKK. 1'roprlutreaa
St. Paul,     Duluth,
Port Arthur
Sioux City
The well known
Our Beer Garden ia
the Finest in the
J. CROW,   -   -   Proprietor
Royal Hotel
Kimsns City $08.25. St. Louis 160.00.
Chicego ��84 00.
On side AukiisI 7-H-li, Septenilier 8-10
Final limit Oi-tolK-r 81st.
Toronto $7n.il5.   On sale September 8 0-10
Limit November 80th.
MUwnukee 163.20    On sale AiiRust 7-8-0.
Limit Ontober lllst.
Rates $1 and |1.50 a Day.
Special Rates tn Regular Hoarders.
A. McDonald & Co.
Denli'i-s in slnpli- ami fancy Qrooerien,
Butter, Kkrs.
Camp and Miner.' Supplies.
ilu- purpo.
above cln'
,,! uliinliilnii I'mivii
, lor
lUol the
Anil linilii-r la��o notlM that notion, undojw
nun :i;, inns,! lie s ini-i I l'"'.ir.- lho laaiiBin.
sil pUOll IVrllll �����!.- Ol lililiriin-llli-lll..
Kotloe is beroby evrttt ihM to Aett (mm data 1
tntoiiii loapply to iiu- Houqrftblatno UMef Cora*
mlHHloncr uf Uml*' mnl Works for a ipeolftl
ilcehfu in cut itml ctirrv hwhv timber from thf
following di-Bi'rtbed lnpd��i situated In the Weil
Kooiviwiy iMltrlCtl
No t Commending nt n poit plented, on lhe
uorihi'ii*-! corner; iiiHiut tlilneen mllei from
Kootonay lako. and fqitrloon uijlea from Hocan
rlvor, on I-etnmi tirMlc: iln-nccrinmniK wicIihIiir
mititli,  th-lift* m  I'luiiiis  woil, Hi.���]!!!��� oi imiri'.
north, thenouaa ohalni oast to tho point of oom-
Dato.l July liuli, iHOfi.      .1a< khin Hatimkfk.
No St.���Cmnmout'lnK at �� poit )<lHnti'il on the
Contrnclof   and
Build* r.
Bole iiKi'iit for the I'orto Rico Lumbor Co . Mit..
retail yardi Roughaitudre led lumbor. turned
work ninl bracketBi Coaet >ittli atxl -.iiin^ii-. pann
nml doqn. Cement, brick nml lime fur tale
Automatic grinder.
Vara and fm*toiy; vernou wt.. eul ol Hall,
NBU8CN,   B. C.
V 0, Box Mt, Telephone ITS.
Take notice thai the above ih a true copy of the
iiiii''i.-r<i H\ I.hh ��Miiui which llie vote nf tIio
i\Iniilei|>iilitv will bo taken Ht tbe City of Nolnon
on Tiu-siiiiv tin1 tilt iltiy of September, next, between the lionrsofli o'clock h,in. and 7 o'clock
p.m., for tho Raul Wiird at tbe t'onueil Chamber
��l tlie corner of Victoria ami Josephine NtrcetB,
timl for the West Ward at the Hoard of Trade
HooniHiit ibe corner of VlotorU and Koolenay
n I reels.
W. E. WA88()N
city Clerk.
Nelson, 11. 0, Annum Vlst 11W6.
West Transfer Co.
(ieiiuriil Tennisters and Dealers in
Ooal aud Woo .   Express anil
I amiaiie Trans Ier
-��W��� Office: Baker St.
Through rates all stations���Ontnrin,
yuebee, New York, New England, Maritime Provinces on application.
��.. J. OOYLE,
,T. S. CAR1EB,
, D. P. A..Nelaon.
Yale-Kootenay Ice, Ft cit, Fuel
& Poo-try Co., Ltd.
Deliveries mnrie daily tliniunlimit Nelson
and its Suburbs. Phone 148
��� ���
Thorpe's Lithia
Thorpe & Co'y,
The Last of Eastern
On Sale September 8- i 0
Winnipeg I
91-Paul { ��a3,_o
Duluth I
Port Arthur      J
Chicago 104.00
Bt. Louis ��00.00
Final limit October lllst.
On side,September 8-0-10 to Tor:'
onto *;ii lift.
Limit November 80th.
Hull's to all other eastern points
on application.
(.lly lVseuiit* Agent.
A U.l'. A., Bcnttto.
The Latest Modern Appliance*,
uow in use at this   ������  '''-
Laundry.       "
Aral  DBL.IVE.W-_D l-'HEK
Baker Street.     -     NELSON.
For Everything Good
to Smoke.
Imported and Domestic Cigars, Tobaccos.
Do You Know Thurnun. Special Mixture?
���   I
���sf-'.-'-l The Daily Canadian
We are offering exceptional
value in Cut Glass.
For a pair of Cut Glass Salt
aud Pepper shakers. Sterling
Silver Mounted.
- \  lo:al and provincial     Lest  Ye rorget I
v.  Aifrnan  left  fur  Easl   Kootena"*.
mis   aioVni;ig   tu  distribute   u:lYt*rtistv
ments for tht* Nelson fair.
************************* <<The store of sWeets/'
35 Cents a Bottle:
The finest uou-alcobolic   *
FtuHst Conftiibntty and
he Cream*
At the eveaing Eunice tomorrow in
ihi* Methodlttl church Miss McBride
will sintr a solo entitled "His Loving
In the Window of Captain Me Morris' office Is a collection of black currants of unusually large size from C.
\V. Busk'fl orchard.
Baker St.
beverage aud  stimulant
Bell Trading^
Company        ���
44 cA Tip" for a
44Canadian Morning."
Kootenay Coffee
Old Curiosity Shop
If you  want to buy or -
go to the Old Curiosity Bhop    I   ;,--
line of JapaiiPKH Goods bow on sale. All I
klndB of Dinner ware In stock, pat- j
Need Any *^
Fftiit Jars ~
We have the NEW Mason Scaler
with ihe All GUss Top.
Nt> mi-iiil in i/s-t slirtv its.I oorroded.
Tho must uji-tn-dale -t-il.-r on the
ustirket     in pint ami quart s.iy.t-H.
Pints per Dozen $1.25
Quarts per Dozen   1.50
We   llli.il   ililVs-   III"    .  |i, in    Jul'.;   in
piuts., .(turfs nml lull ,..,tl],,ii
JI.SI.25 and JI.50 per dozen
! Joy _ Cash Grocery j
s'ssi. Joswphlurniiil Mill Hla.      I'lis.iii. U
.���r, V.rnon unsl W'surd Ijlreeti*,
,1 HIED HL'-lJv. Fruyn.tur
E J Smith. I'linenis; P It llaintall.
Trail: B W Johnson, J M Stewart anil
Wife, Vancouver; W L Macple, Pembroke; W H Armstrong, North Buy;
D Boyle, V I) Wadsworili and wife. .1
C Phillip-, Toronto; C .1 N Bethune,
Ottawa; A York and wife, Edmonton;
i; .; S I.I.ids-y and "/Ite. Penile; S J
\is-.\ia-iivs. Woodland; A li McGaffey,
F ll Armstrong n-id wife. New Mexico;
I! I-; F.sx. wife ami daughter, W R
Klpp, Spokane; K 8 Baron and wife,
Cranbrcok; Miss Ooddard, Minn Ward.
T M Lamb, C H Vernon, Qreenwood;
B N Oiilm ue. T 11 Long, Rossland.
T T Robinson, rli. Paul: .1 J Kennedy, Wtsoonsln; W V Case. North-
port; J A Knns. Revelstoke; M D
I'iiii.sl.-. Qrand Porks; H s Wallace,
Rossland; .1 McRae, Phoenix; Miss
Fraser. New Westminster; Mr am!
M.ss Slipp, St. John,
W J Lawson, Moyie;  II Everett, Seattle; J I! Qreen and wife, Mouse Janv;
.1 J Stuart, Revelstoke;  E Read, Vie
t.sria; J  I.  Watson, Qreenwood,
l. Harrington, Cranbrook;    <;   Monroe, .1 Cblsm Poplar.
It n Copleo, A il Dorman, Spokane;
0 North, Winnipeg; l{ .1 Foley, ArgenJ
la;  P W Murphy, K It Coleman, Bonnington;   c    J    Johnson,    Procter;  T
Henderson,   Revelsioke;   J   ll   Hewitt,
r :x
T   Meier,   P  McGowao,  Arrowhead;
A Wilson, Vancouver.
T o Robinson. 3t Paul; T A Webster,   I. M   Davis   New   Westminster;
K 1! Dixon, Hiss Eraser. Grand Porks.
!-    Itti,   Ymir;    j    Brown,    Van
D   H   Sw d Um,  Smelter  Junction;
S  Betswi oh  and  wife, S Smith. Win
nlpeg;  H Graham Bpokane.
V Johansen, Coleman; P Mott,
Erie: J ii Jennings, Kimberley; W
Tennant, Vmir: Q Moorhonse, S VV
UsilK'ria.'in. Westley.
Tne bud.v ol James Bundook will be
��ent tast in his home lit Shii.viiiuaii
Falls, Que, His brothel* in expected
to arrive in Nelion tonight
Miss   stUrnier Smith  f-tilrfli i  I i
Uie i-i um in.i niu-iil after two months
nh em-- nnil will r sume ber da! - En
Isiaiisi and theory  on S.'Pl  mber  1.
Rev.     I) an     .Mi-lislin-     Of     I'i.:. Is. :
Creek, AHa. will occupy the BAptlsl
pulpil tomorrow. Tbi Bible ol.,... v i |
in i al 1": IB, During ill.- w.-.-i, iii ���
:  -si.ar  church   meetings   will   be  re
sum, d.
ii N. Oulmette- manager of tlie Rer,
erendum mins-. was lu the cty last
light and went uni to the property Uiis
morning. The machinery for the
stamp mill has been conveyed in iIj*���
mine and Is being Installed
"Th- Convict's Daughter" possesses
a charm that years cannot dim, and
when il is produced is such a lavish
and complete manner ns in the pro-
slnetion iriven by the Pringle company
li b-coraes an artistic treat which nn
sine can afford to miss si- ing. A!
Sherman's opera house on Monday
Thompson & Douglas
tn*., Writing ii Spcuiuity.'
Wall Puper sinil liurtiip.
JHOPOMW4����      m      N��LSON
II!!-:   K\s l.l-IVK  prlvllBJO ���t K.-IIIHK  n-lr.-.l.
meats till ilu- anclet-'af round.duHns the Kssll
i;'"-.;! ..l..-r iw-u _l.   NoapU-llnollallqimra
nil..si,-.l    riiehlgliB.ioraoj lender nol lux-ea-
,11'lly  iiii-i.|,i..,l     A  , isrllll,.,! ,|,.Mi,���   |,,r   f���||
amount lo aeoon_|Mny s-us-is Um__r.  addreaa
i' C, Ms MiiHisis.. SeoretarT,
Ns.|-,,ii Agricultural nn.I liiclii.irn.! Association,
NiImiII, 1! r   Aiimi.t ��, Isisjii
Il"l -I    -is   room. "'"I I.hiIi;   liiriilalied i-run-
i.ii i-: isis,.i,ri. '���"iM-s-iiii-ni-,-..  por termaapplv
llssAI    An."ssl r.,��iiiKi-i,ii���,.. J|u,.,l wit|, s���i] Bl���|
li, is   ,.iir-        Pot   imrlli-nlara  apply   In  II.   W.
Palpoo.r, Canadian ,-m.-,..
Gait Coal
T��r(D�� bp����i f.'tnh
li.leplii.-se laU
Ks��.s-r Hire^l
. ii":. : i.i:- hkmiai. pbopkrty mi snu-a
���si-s-s-i; I...SIH roonu; ssl: Improveiaonta. T.rma
apply lo P. i . winkl- r. owner.
SMI I II l-HI-.M 1 KI! TVI'KWIIIIKUIs.r i,lil,,r.,,l,.
Appl) 'Niiiii I ln-tr Si,,n-. W. II, Slum,.
ROOMS Til I.KT Nlii-lv liiriils.|ss-.l anil cleanly
kepi nisi,,. f,,r .1,-h.Is i;iiii.is ssr Irans-is-iits. Ap.
i,i v Mr.. UrL��asliI!n, over Pierre-tailor abop,
laln-i -li.-l
���'.I VIA, nl siiis-i-. !,,r wiirl. In lln- miiislk.   A|,|i!v
in w. B.Cooke, uwmill, i..n.
LADY SI KM ill I'.A I'll Hit i.��� pn.iili.n liii-,,iiiiirv.
ll.,,,,! Isiissi.- ullli I'liipli.yi-r's. liiinily. A|i|ify
t>���x W., i Mii���.ii���ii ,.11,,.-
Rev. T. G. Barlow, who with his
family has hen ihe guest of IiIh brother-in-law, W. Rutherford, will occupj
the pulpit in the Methodist church on
Sunday evening, Mr. Harlow has spent
some y ars as a Methodisl minister
In Ontario, and Is now on his way tn
the (ortsH to Join 'he ranks of lhe mill
isteis of Hi-- British Columbia confer
Children   Living     Beyond    City   Limits
Pay to Attend School.
Parents residing nulslile the city
limits who wish to Rend th. Ir children
to the .Nelson puhlle schools, aie re
minded iimi feesi will le- charged hereafter.
The r. e for the fall term haa lie n
fixed at $0 and is payable Isi the prln-
c'pal on enrollment.
The board of trustees is not trying
its m.i e iirnfit nut of non-residents but
i> chargolng the actual eost per pupil
tn ihe city ratepayers of ihe maintenance of  the  public schools.
Mining  Records.
Six locations, six cer.lfiroies of as-
sessme-ii wssrk and two transfers were
record si in life Nelson mining offies-
E. R. Blochbergar- and VV- W. Keech
reoorded ills- Tlin-sa. Maria. Elfreldo
and Emilia, nil situated at tii,- head
nr Hull ereek, and all located August
J. ll. Rowley recorded ih" Vcnluvo
and lbe l*,.rK Metallic, located Augusl
lis.  !w-s Ive  nisls-s   up Midge  erf-ek.
Certificates of work were granted
isi 8. I.. Myers nn the Cooper anil
Early Morning; tu K. K. Laib, on the
Twll'gh'. Twillghl No. 1 and Twilight
No. 2, and tn F. W. .Inrs'ls on Ihe liat
tun. situated  on   Tisad  mountain.
M. S Dewys recorded a bill nf sale
from G. R. G. O'Drlscoll in himself,
daied Novembtr 21, 1804, of a two-
ihirds Interest In ihe Sylvia, located
18**6, in the summit of Jim Crow
('. E. Wilson transferred to J. Her-
nard. consideration nominal, a sixth Interesi in th.- Bcerro Verde
Th? Store of Quality
We want to clear it out aa we haven't
room for a large shipment coming In,
and to do so we will sell it at
$M5 Per Sack
Every tack guaranteed or money refunded.
Hood & Teetzel
K. W. C. Block . Phone  10
Our Pure Maple
Syrup Is Going Fast
It is bottled tight anil will keep.   Lay In
a supply before its ton late.
Quart Jars   -   70c
1-2 Gal. Jars $1.35
Leave Your Order With He For
Cherries and
Now. as Ihe seasini is closing, and I will
see lhat your order is filled with the
best fruit to be had at the lowest market price.
Hatlewood Ice Cream
C. A* Benedict c u ccAmpy
fiirm-r Silirri  nml  Jnsi'iihiiie  Sis *J * k X* -_7-L-.-Til "J���.  JL
CnrtisT Bilira and Josephine Sts
W. G. Thomson
^'tISS'1 '""  Nelson, B. C.
Phone .!-*.
(".;.��� ..'[//iis
Wiiini/i Iftidmpm,/ spirit: ill itrlight
j8y:/ii///it blttuJttKniin-ik taariilstti
lia)  ttuiii* iir-ipt_*riie* in-aiiK.  refrethingT
Wt-ii .��� i, nt j* r,--il froit h>rupi of Ih-Ilu->-t
���iimlity      FoanulD, counter, glum nn.i
reoeptacl i   Mft-   kept   scrupHimisly i-lean
We are
Receiving daily
Pitfms, Peaches
Pears.. f*
Crab Apples,
Ah it is near pnwrvin^ time we would
Odvine yon to leave your orii��*r
with Uh.
Telephone 181.
Members    of    Canadian    Society    Will
Tour   West   and   Visit   Nelson.
The Canadian Society of Civil Kn
gincers Is to make a Western tour in
September, leaving Montreal on tne
Iih In a Bpeclal train nl' four Pullman
On iheir return trip Ihey will leave
Vancouver on September 1- ami ar-
rivu in Nelson the night of the 20th
They propose Inspecting the new power plants on Kootenay river, of the
.-Hy nf Nelson, aad of lhe Wesl Kssssi
may Power & Light company. The)
will aisn visli ihe Boundary.
The members of the association res
Ident In Nelson rJUtrlct a'-e:  A. I,. Mr
ullnch. Nilson; W. .1. Francis. Hon-
ningtoni W. s. Drewry, N'ew�� Deifvpr;
and Chief Engineer Moss of the Koo!
s'liay division of the C, p. It.
a. i.. MoCulIoQh is endeavoring to
arrange for a fiitinir. reoeption and en
tertsjnmenl for the visitor, in Nelaon.
We're riKht in line wills a full stnek.    We
have a special ssttVr t.s make on LKA-
English Grain i|' Wit
,   ��,.      n 12 Inch 75c
Leather Bags 113 inch soc
Tbeee imps will  ontweor the  orilinary
?split leather imfr many timet over,
and cost bat very little more.
Pencil sharp-oners ;if M o,
\bc and 86c nach.
Phone 20b.
$10 Down
$10 Per Month
will purchase io aires of
splendid fruit laud which
will double iu value iu a
few months.
Are j-oii grasping the
present opportunities?
Mountain Wild
Flowers of
By Julia W. Hensha'to
"A simple and i��|iular guide tn the
names and descriptions of the flowers thai  bloom above the clouds."
A hnnk r.n every ts-ut-her, school and
Private library, and every lover of
mir wild  flowers.
Price $2.75
Canada Drug fi Book Co's
...Cast) Stores....
Get  F0R Sept
Busy    First
Select Your Requirements early for Grouse
See Our Window
Nelson Hardware Co.
Sportsmen's lliiiilsiunrters,
PHONB IS.      MKL8QH, n. 0.
Every niun haa his price, hut In
nine cases out of ten he Isn't worth
3500 New Members
Aie added to the MASON
ft RISOH PIANO family
enoh year.
We want ytra to Join the family.
ne will neccpt you on easy terms, and guarantee you will never he son*
t'nr bavins joined un.
Call and p>t particulars of mir easy payment system,
Mason & Risch Piano Co., Ltd,
One Eye at a Tin
ulnss which mil, on,, s, ���    '" S'��L
��i telvUiC^'Cj
\\ e  use  iiHHii-rn  ... V 1
p-w ��..����� *Mtjp **r
wnulii hurt your eyes
>Bd mir bo
1 e'ephone j33
J. J. WALKER, nrntud
M.ISl'FAnt'KKK.S OF TIIK I'llAWniKIl P--.I.I-- ,-J   t LLi
AKRIAI. 1KAMWAY. KCpalrlDg 311.  JODDltlg * lutuK
Shi'i'tinetnl Wnrk, OaStlngS, Uulldem' Material tuul Mining snd __ j) .,
Oflli-e and Works r'ls.r nf Park St.
l'lt..n_    .114.
M AX Al II :i..
��� H.C.
L0.,        J*-A.Roger, ic*
^v**        Lirntted. Winnlw
Whol���alg  I'roviMioi-iM,
Dominion Qovernrnenl Dreamery One Pound Brinks received meldyW
fnnn tin- i*huris.   Por sale hy all leading ^riseers.
Offlce and warehouse: Bonston Blank,   Phone TO,
Josephine Street. -       Nelson. B. C,
Don't Forget
Is your furnace In shape to start the winter with?    If  not I
is the time to have it repaired.
I. He Ashdown Hardware Co., U|
I'l.RASK NOTE���We will not he rettomtb-l for nny furnace not iiiUnj
by October 1st, lnilf;.
l"OU^I>I.K.�� A1NI>
B.  A.   ISAAC
MwpHirlnir and dobbins ....uiuu *.iiii Ii��mi.iiIs_h.  .sisci Msl9
Work,   MlMii.n i.m.I  Mill  M,._l,iMtr . .      Mi,iH'li,clssi.'s.ssl
iirv  Ci.i-m.   I-.   W.   Cssisli-iKlisrs,'   CnrM.
INELSOIN,   B.  C. l-'tesn
ust Arrived!
A large shipment I
Hart, Schaffier & Marx's I j
Lat.>t I'att.-nui, Lnleiit Styles, mid All lliaids tJunnintei
AND DEALERS IN   LtltllDef *  ShttlglilSf
Lath, Mouldingrs, Doors, Window*
liirned Work anU l.ruckets. Mail Orders promptly sllenW*
^    VBHNON ���TRBBT  -  -  -  MII.SON, ll. C.
FOR SALE.... j
SMALL COTTAGE on two lots, on Qoie tkt4
(liird.n in excellent shape and planted witht^
tables. For quick sale will dispose of SaBW '"'I
$700.00, part cast, balance on easy terms.
McDermid & McHar-iy
Our ���took  nf HAND  SAW'S il  very eiinP11"''
Inolndlng gradoa in rail nil requirements.
If yon wl��h n low prieeil saw wo cnu suiiply .v"u
also eiirry the In*!, qnallties nuuio by
Wood-VaUance Hardware Co'y* IU


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