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The Nelson Canadian Jun 14, 1906

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Array ll      :i
Iftelatm Canadian
Nu. 10
fatradici Sralement as
lo High Prices
an Dealers Comment on Alleged
Iter   Terms   Secured   by
Buyers in Rossland.
nn in  rand ��� on Tuesday by
on nl citizen al a buslu       mt ��� I
and imbltshod as such in "mm r
i it. he calk il forth replies and
nn imm chiefly from the grot sry
.    v ii eii nre far from unanlmt lis
mm.  i i emphatic and
i.mii  il. ni.tl  to  frank  admission,
niatlve of The I lal ,  Can
 u   iiiiin> of the retail gro
1    - ould i��� ��� i.I this morning, an-'
���    following   s'llli'liienls:
manager of the Bell Trad
"1   ((-till  know   why    it
. so, but it In it fact that  a
part  nt   ilie  trad     from
i -  i a  Hie Arrow   lakes  goes    to
i In ,  haven't the  whole ol
��� a ni      We   have   a fait
i I) other Nelson mei
have     also.     The     liounlugion
gone to   Rossland
vie burl during tho winter   an I
.. tton bj  th.   .'   P. u
B   Millie.      It    m ���  ||    OUt
ii-  getting   freight   to  the
iow  i.ii.e Inferior iur the nm-
-ise ui Koh iland merchants.
In  itrlee i, 1  can't  say;   1  know ol
a    ii u:m   I;,,   liitti] groc. rs should
undersell iih. II  ll   is a fact
'Ml   do."
'���'   l/ood, of II I *- T.-elzel; --Th
i."in is Iruo to a large extent,   I'
'   111    '   r uf  freight   rates, either
I' i - i Hun's,  are   inn   mall
���  "i  Mm' profits,    Tli.-v ari    al
i -   ' I J    to   the   wants   of   Nol
"i" rs,  which    arc    liisi t-l.-i   ���
linve im iioiihi���In fin I, 1 know���
yon  can get  cheaper    goods    in
a l Ulan In Nelson.   But when II
ods "t equal Quality, nrici -
in- found in be about the same."
\   Irving:    "I  don't  think    thai
Is any   truth   in ilie   statement
mi   grocers   have  never com
I,  ns  the.   havi   in en   accused "I
-  to i.d " prioi s.   They have con
I   four yoara ago, never Bin.
iniike prici s uniform, and for mutual
ecllnn in other ways. Inn  never to
ke   a general   advance   In   retail
i.. Mclnnes. manager or the Nol
iranch of .1. Y. (iriinn & Co.: "This
..   delicate question for a man doing
t- as   is  both    places,    Really,   I
jti keep tin"k of retail prices; but 1
li say that there is no reason In
Ve <n   tales  or  jyholl sale   prices   wil.
I> ni I merchants' Bhould be tide to
I ell iluiM. I.' .\-...siiii.   On ihe eon
V . in the very seeijon referred to,
l I'lns or lower Airrow lake,   the
9 rates  from   Nl isun   ami   liu l
|      n -;n ctlvi I)   Kiie   a   distinct   ad-
h    ." in tin- merchants of this city.
_>���"   ne ib"   tables    of dlstrlbutlvi
I'-    for wholesalers in the two eiiies.
ing the districts to which Ihey ap-
I.Mi   Mclnnes then showed two clrcu-
iif tin- t'. P. it. company, both of
i   aie   sllll   in   effect.     Tito   Hist   iB
lied Hub .lune. 1904, anil applies mil'
"ii    ii  gives    tlie distributing
.       allowed  in wholesale dealers, In
lipping as wholesalers, in stations on
llonndary section (Granite' to Cas
'   Junction), Slocan Lake branch
J     md  branch,  Procter section, Na-
I        it Blooan s.'i'ii.iii, i ardo section
; section, North Star branch nm!
ik sei lion, ami in porta of call
li nay Lake. Troiil  Lake. S I
nnd Arrow Lake,
ocond circular, dated 20th An
'Bt,  1904, applies lo both  Nels n am'
i.i"i    wholesale   merchants,   nml
at Ins llle rales, the same for both,
"points on Boundary S"ctlnn. Castle-
ir Junction und west thereof.'1
"���ii Mclnnos further explained Hint
i only section in which Rossland
ants have any advantage is on
line rrom Itossland and Trull In
;i tlegar. ���
:   '���'��� Olgot, managor of Ihe Nelson
raiii-h of the Hudson's Bay Company,
in  put   his   lemarks In    lhe
1111 "f a letter, as follows;
I"  ih" Nelson Canadian:
1  milt im- io offer a row romnrks
'    I'    ii'tlole published In v iur i ���
' "��� and bearing lhe bead line
type, 'Nelson Loses Trade.'
"Haseil on Information furnished you
i'arv man, who, by lhe way
'mains nameless, you wilfully state
'"' 'h" Nelson retail merchants ask
slnr prices    for    goo Is    than    are
Fifty Cents a Month
charged by stores In Rossland. I use
Hi" word 'wilfully' advisedly, for on
ibis subject Ignorance, however regrettable, cannot form an ex. use
"In promulgating this ridiculous nnd
dangerous statement, you of necessity
make ii appear that j m- actuated
by ilie laudable desire to servo the besl
Interests of tbe Nelson merchants and
"i  Ihe city generally,
' i confess that In reading tin article
'"''��� ll. A i iiks ot surprise and Indignation came over me. To Und that a
paper which naturally derives o large
measure of Its support from the loial
merchants misemploys lis columns In
publishing broadcasl a statei it which
("in only hurl both the business and
Ihe business reputation of Nelson, wan
certainlj an unlooked-for feature, I
admil willingly that I am nol posted
���ui ih" prlci a charged at Rossland, nor
does thai matter In the least I am,
bow. ��� or, thoroughly convert ant with
the fad that gi bds . re old in ihis city
��� it as low prices as possible. The prof-
"���' le !-���  the retailers leave a very
small   margin   Iml I after  Ihey   pay
'in-ir hiiis md expense* and provide
i", Interest on the capital Invested.
Thi ��� positive fact makes if oud of the
'pi" itlon thai any town In the Kootenai : offers a betti r market to the pur-
chaser, he he rancher, miner, or what-
' mi   calling  he may follow.
"I "������ d competition is . x'ceedlngly
keen, and amply protects the buyer.
If you wish proof of ihis assertion, I
would ask yon to please look around
and fiiiini out all the prosperous people
who have ma ie money .In/ the grocery
oi drj goods business in ihis city. It
v. ill mil take you hum. Hard nnd in
ill,Igi m work, constant economy and
attention and eternal vigilance nre re-
quired to male even a moderate sue
cess In ihe more business. Look carefully over the business situation here
within the Inst five or six years, then
compare [hi result with the Implication
'ha! men hauls charge Loo much for
lllelr goods,  and you  will  probably  see
rour error and .l.i some thinking.
I am glad to lie aide lo stale, with.
1 tniiil.. all other business men in town.
that things nn- brightening up very
considerably, and have been for some
months. Men hauls huve now good
reasons in look forward with confidence
' i steadily Improving conditions, aud
ii makes It so much inure reprehens!
hie on the part ol anyone claiming to
have tin- interests of the city ai heart
'ii spread broadcast such injurious and
linvei'ltleii s liiomenis as contained In
ihe article in Question.
"1 claim further thai even Were your
Information correct, it would hnve been
wiser, heller, and would have Shown
more   business   tact,   as   well   as   more
consideration lor the business Interests ,.r Nelson, had yiiu first made in
quirles from those who nre In a posl-
lon io know.
"Il would he Interesting to ascertain
how many people or families are ex-
is eted in mov. mi to Huise 10,000 acres
ni the Arrow lakes within, say. the
next two months, and how many of
them have made Inquiries and ramse-
quent comparisons, between the prices
charged al Nelson and Itossland.
"li is to ii" regretted that misplaced
teal Induced you to consider your In-
foiminimi or sufficient weight lo ret*
iiniinend having the matter brought up
before the Nelson hoard of Irade and
the 80;  club.
"Why nol Include the itossland hoard
ol trade? In conclusion, may 1 be per-
mil led io say that the Btores ol Nelson, in ihe matter or being up-to-date,
d carrying excellent assortments and
large stocks of goods, und of being
. rogresi tve In over) way. will, admittedly, compare favorably with those In
niv town of twice Ilie sine In Canada.
"Par from loBlng trade, Nelson is
extending Us business steadily In all
"Thanking  you  for    your    v iluitb e
pace, fours truly, e. P- oiflDT.'
I'. Starkey: "You have stirred up a
bigger question than local competition
between Nelson and Rossland. 1 don'1
think there Is an) difference in prices
|n ii,,. iwo places, excepl perhaps in
small  details   ami   iu  very  exceptional
-I don't know in what extent now
settli is have been Inquiring for price
isis  III  Nelson.     1   know   of one  ease
v, her,- a wholesale firm, nol mine,   re
.eiveil  all order, Within the  lasi   week.
; ,,' goods amounting to about $160, if
prices were nil right As li was nol
i wholesale order in any sense, u wns
turned over to n retail firm. Prices
, re given, ami a ?'��� "ale resulted, Thai
eider was probabl) merely a oloak for
"liin apart from this trifling ques
nm, i know ihai there is dlstatisfac
tton among Battlers in Nelson district
with all ihe prices here. If they nre
loss in Rossland, ii is nol because ihey
,,,. any hotter there, bul because there
aie practlcallj no seniors outside the
city. ,   ,     ,
"The merchants of Nelson, wholesale
and retail know thill pi ices are too
high here' We have hien trying tot
years, In the board of trade and in the
wholesalers' association, to gel a readjustment of freight .ales that will enable goods to be sold ns reasonably
here ns In other parts ol Canada.
"In some directions wo bave partly
succeeded n may nol lie generally
known inn If Is a fuel, that butter nod
eggs wi iv cheaper here last winter
Hum thoy were in Winnipeg.
-ii ihe people who are complaining
of high pilcis would Join with the
hoard of Irade of Nelson In fighting for
fairer treatment by Ihe railways, they
mighi help to secure lower prices in
the only way in which Ihey can over
he secured."
II wns learned In iin course of the
several interviews Unit ihe local retail
grocers treat their rural customers
win, every consideration In the matter
of trade. One Instance given was thai
ol eggs. Ii was slated th-il ihe ranchers in mosl eases receive the full r.-mil
price, the grocers handling them without profit:
III all oilier lines of letnll trade II Is
positively stnted by several represent.
ailve merchants) that the Nelson retail
prlccB are substantially lower limn
those of Hossliind. !'. Lamonl sitys
that In drugs and hooks. Inking the
whole list, the difference In favor of
Nelson amounts to at Ions! 25 per cent.
Liverpool  Ri fuses to accept New York
New York. June 11.���Tlie secretary
of llle New York produce exchange
yesterday received a communication
from the secretary or Ihe Liverpool
Corn Trade Association refusing to
recognize ilie grain Inspection or Norfolk and Newport News, and slating
that lhe Umdon Corn Trade Association bud joined In similar action. The
slop was fnken because of "unsatisfactory shipments or certified Net 2
corn" from fhese ports.
Winston Churchill  Commends  the  Col
onial   Conference.
Speaking of the suggestion that the
colonial eonr.-rence would be barren or
results. Winston Churchill says there
are u dozen quirlions ol law. strategy.
trade coismunloatlon, education and
science which might worthily occupy
iin- attention of the delegates. The
conference would he free and unfettered, and would Include every means
of promoting ihe unity or ihe empire
and removing ev. ry possible cause of
division ami discontent
Terrific  Explosion  on   Board  a   British
Liverpool. .lune 14.���Five meu were
Instantly killed and about forty olbers
were wounded following a terrific explosion on board the British sieamer
itavreford this morning. Th" cause of
the explosion is ns yet unknown, bul
there nre rumors that it was caused
by an infernal machine. The Havre-
rord arrived here yesterday from Phlla
ib Iphia. She is owned hy Ihe Interna
tionnl  Navigation  Company.
Insurance   Commissioner  Grants   Additional Sixty Days to File
Proofs of Loss.
San Francisco, June 14.���The following Is a list of :t2 insurance companies
lhat are standing out against the proposition thai has been advanced by 60
of their associates in the underwriters'
bureau to order a cut of 25 cents right
down the line and compel policy-holders to accept 75 cents on the dollar:
Aefua Insurance Company, California:
Mercantile, of rtoston; American Central, of St. Louis; St. Paul, of Mun-
ellesler; Alias, of Lodon; lyings County, of Springfield, Mass.; New Zealand.
North British and Mercantile; Liverpool, liundon and Qlobe; Sun, ol] London; Norlhern Assurance, nl London;
I'liiieiiix. of London; I'l'Mit-nii. of New
York; Continental, of New York; l.on-
don Assurance, Now York Underwriters, Teutonia, London und Lancashire,
English American Underwriters, Orient
or Hartford, State of Liverpool, Hurt-
ford of Hertford. Citizens of SI. Louis.
Homo of New York, Connecticut of New
Hampshire, Queen or New York, Royal
of Liverpool, Industrial  Underwriters.
Of   lhe   representatives   pn sent     at
tbe recent meeting of underwriters at
Oakland, when the 75-eent proposition
came up for a vole. then, remained
only 71 companies lo be accounted for.
Of these, (il declare In fnvor of the 75-
cent compromise. While they were
nol represented nt tbe meeting, nnd so
Inr have not recorded their position In
the matter, one other Insurance company yesterday signed the stipulations
sent out by ihe state Insurance commission granting nn additional 00 days'
nine, during which policy-holders may
die their proofs ol' losses. I'lfty four
Insurance companies have now granted
the extension or time, and many more
are expected tn follow during the next
few days.
Meet Electors of Salt
Spring Island
Comparison of Methods and Achievements of Present Government
Wiih Forerunners.
Several ministers of Premier Mc-
Ilrlde's cabinel addressed large nnd
enthusiastic gatherings on Sail Spring
Island, al (hinges' Harbor aud other
places last week. In addition to the
addresses delivered by the attorney-
general, Mr. A. C. McPhllllppa and
Mr. Cllve Phlllps-Wolley, the Hon. R.
P. Green, chief commissioner of lands
nnd works, gave an account of his
stewardship to the evident satisfaction
of bis audience and the complete rout
of nil opposition criticism. As many
matters touch n) upon by Mr. Green
are of provincial Interest, we reproduce his address as reported by a correspondent who wns present at the
lu opening his remarks Mr. Green
look occasion to refer to the large attendance, afler which be stated that
his opening remarks were going to be
a comparison between the present und
past governments. While he was In
ihe opposition, he had always maintained that the ministers should visit
every dimilet. to ascertain their wnnis.
lie took occasion lo thank Ihe district
Tor the assistance they had given the
government regarding fruit growing,
especially when times were hard aud
lhe fruit growing industry only in its
Regarding the limber Industry, he
staled that It was in a better condition today than ever before, nml the
giivernment are annually getting a
much greater revenue. Tbe government deserved and took Borne credit
for these things. The timber licenses
were now well regulated, and could only be obtained in a fair mnnner, and
unless the taxes were paid the owners
could not hold their limits. The lumber industry was thriving, and there
wns not a sawmill in the province that
did not have n market for nil tbe lumber It could cut.
Party  Government a  Success.
In referring to a party government,
he'suid that it was the greatest thing
Unit had ever happened in British Columbia. He pointed out that in previous governments it was an easy matter
for a member to cross the floor of tlte
bouse to the opposition for any small
reason, or if be coul.l obtain something
for his district. But now with u party
government it was different, and a
member would not desert his party on
pique or without good cause. He wus
of the opinion that with straight party
government it was possible to get better legislation than in pasl years. Since
Ihe present government had been in
power he did not have as much money
lo expend on roads, trails and bridges.
because the former government left the
finances in such a state that it was
Impossible to obtain money to keep
up ihe work. But Ihe government had
attended to lhe business of Ihe province as ihey would their own. and al-
ile.ugh Ihey had passed some hard
legislation, the people were satisfied,
and In any hye-eleellon the electors had
shown lhal Ihey wero In sympathy
with the government He clfed the
ense In Alhernl. where an opposition
majority .vns turned into a government
Regarding wharves, he stated that
lhe provincial government had nothing
to do with bnlldlng wharves. The Dominion government bad control over
the steamship lines and Waterways,
and Ihey should attend to the wharves.
He advised the electors to lake the
question up with their representatives
at Ottawa and nsk them why they
built wharves for the east and not In
British Columbia.
A gentlemnn in tbe audience slated
thai the Dominion government were
not only constructing whnrvts In the
easl, bul had bull! one in a duck pond
lhat dries up In the summer.
"Yes." said Mr. Greon, "they will
build a wharf anywhere In fhe east,
but how about British Columbia? How
about Hint ?1 l.iino.noo they have taken
from British Columbia since confederation? Give British Columbia better
terms, and Ihe provincial government
will attend to all Hie Wharves that nre
Regarding lhe trunk ronds. he said
that the past government had paid nil
cost of maintenance of trunk roads,
whether they were in municipalities or
not, but the present government absolutely refused to pay one cent for trunk
roads In municipalities.
Regarding railways, he stated that
during the lust three weeks he had
seen men grading on Ihe Kootenay
Central railway, which the government
had been told for Ihe Inst two years
would not be constructed till the government subsidized II; but still the
const rucl ion was going on. During his
trip he had crossed tho grades for
three railways, none of them receiving
any subsidy. If Ihe railway was a necessity It would nol need a grant, and
If it was not necessary it would never
be built. Any subsidy that was given
went, to the promoter, but If the railway could not be constructed for the
trade It was to receive, It would never
be built for any 15,000 a mile.
Continuing, Mr. Green sold: "I have
been told that you want to elect your
own road boss. All I can tell you Is
that as long as I um at Ihe head of the
department I will tie responsible for
any road boss that Is appointed."
He pointed out that the road boas
was responsible to him, and his colleagues to the party, and the party to
the people.
"This is fhe condition of nlTalrs, and
If you can prove to) me that the road
boss is not competent. I will seon set
that a competent man ts appointed;
and if I allow an incompetent, man to
occupy the position, my colleagues
should ask me to quit. If he were not
capable of making the road boss do his
duty he should be kicked out.
"As long as the Conservatives of the
district make representations to us
for improvements, we will attend to
them, but we will not overlook any
recommendations of the Liberals."
He was not doing work to catch
votes, but was doing the work for the
best interests of the province of British Columbia.
In comparison to the opposition, he
declared that the government were
working for the best Interests of every
district. The opposition, on the other
hand, were working for a pull-down
policy, nnd they would rather Indulge
in small personalities and use muck
rakes to drag the government in the
slime In a vain endeavor to blacken
their characters. He slated that since
he had bad charge of the department
he had worked to the best of his knowledge, and In future he would do his
best for the Interests not only of Ihis
district, but for all the provinces.
On a question from tlte audience,
Mr. Green stated that they would ac
cept suggestions from anyone, whether
he was a Conservative or Liberal, as
long as It was In the: Interest of the
Regarding the attorney-general's de
partment. Mr. Fulton referred to the
work done in the recent train hold-up.
when the train robbers had been cap
tured and sentenced within a monUi
from the time of the hold-up. This, he
considered, was sufficient to show that
the department was well managed, and
he hoped that the Dominion authorities
would not step In and release the cul
prits as Ihey did in n recent case.
The C. P. R. Branch  Line of Railway
Nearing Completion���Coal and
Gold Prospects.
After a year's steady work on construction, the branch line of the Canadian Pacific railway in the Nicola valley will be ready for acceptance about
the 1st of July, as far as Coutlee. The
remaining miles to Nicola lake will be
constructed this year, final plans for
which are now being prepared. Freight
i3 now being carried, over the line.
The completion of this new brunch
marks another step in the policy of the
0. P. R. for the development of the
province. It will bring Coutlee within
leu hours' run ol Vancouver, obviating a 4i)-mlle stage ride to Speuce's
Bridge, the point of Junction.
Ranching has been the chief feature
of life In the, Nlcolu valley up to tbe
present, but with railway transportation an impetus will be given to mining. Large and valuable properties,
principally copper, are located along
the line, and several coal propositions
will probably be Immediately developed.
"We will welcome the advent of the
railway," remarked one of the old-
timers when asked about the new
method of transtxtrtation. "It will give
us the means to compete with other
districts, and give us access to markets. Produce will now be worth
something, .and a great difference will
be noted in Ihe valley. Besides, It will
mean the world to those who are interested In mining propositions, for
these will now be developed. Up to
lhe present it has been almost impossible to open up good prospects, as the
dislance was loo great from a railway."
Coal deposits are one of Ihe mineral
riches of tbe Nicola nnd Simflkttmcen
districts. Coal, however, Is perhaps
Ihe least of tlm mineral wealth. Ten-
mile creek Joins ihe Nico'n river at
Lower Nicola, and twelve miles up the
valley aro valuable gold propositions.
The attention of the Guggenheim syn
dicate has been directed to these, and
these noted mining capitalists have
considered the prospect so favorable
that a second expert is being sent out
by the organization to make a further
report. If these properties are taken
lu band by a company with capital sufficient to develop 'h m thoroughly. It
is said that tho operations of the
Granby company will be repented, so
extensive ami valuable Is the ore. It
ts low grade, but there is plenty of It.
Went to Shoot Pigeons, and a Riot Resulted.
Cairo, Egypt, June 14.���Captain S. C.
Bull, of the Sixth (Innlskllllng) Dragoons, was killed and four other British officers badly Injured by natives
near Tnntnb yesterday. During the
march of a detachment of British
troo|)s from Alexandria, the live officers, apparently upon Invitation of a
village chief, went to a hamlet to shoot
pigeons. The villagers surrounded the
party, deprived the officers of their
guns, and attacked them with bludgeons, with the result that Captain
Bull was killed, another had an arm
broken, and still others were badly Injured. The affair appears to be the
outcome of a recent Pan-Islandic campaign carried on during the Anglo-
Turkish dispute over tbe Tabah boundary.
Port of New York Will Equal All Ports
of the Nation.
New York, June 14.���According to
the World, Commissioner Watcherly
said yesterday that the immigration
through this port for the year ending
June 30 would reach the enormous total of one million souls. This will be
the record for the port of New York
for the year closing June 19th. Immigrants enter nil ports of the nation,
but this year promises that the great
port of New York alone will equal the
total of last year for the whole of the
XInited States.
Up to June of this year a total of
870,000 aliens had been received at
Ellis Island, and by the end of the
month enough more are expected to
bring the total to one million, perhaps
even to 1,200.000. The Immigrants are
from every country In Europe, the
Austro-Hungarians predominating.
Will   Not  Accept   a  Pardon,  but    Demands Retrial.
Guthrie, Okla., June 14.���Alfred
Harpster, who Is serving a life term
in the Kansas state penitentiary, but
who has been proven to be an innocent man by tbe dying confession of
Byron Cole, near Enidi last week, will
not accept a pardon, but will usk that
bis name be cleared of the crime by a
Socialism Makes Trouble.
A despatch In the Anaconda Standard from Denver, Colo., gives some
particulars of the trouble in the Western Federation of Miners there. There
are two factions, one favorable to socialism and one opposed to it. Or,
rather, there Is an elment opposed to
the Socialists, who apparently control
the organization. It Is stnted that
Butte MInerB' Union No. 1. 5,000 members strong, may withdraw because of
President Frank O'Copnor, William
Cunningham and other delegates bolting the general convention there.
Sergeant Plnse Acquitted.
Manila, June 14.���A courtmartlal has
acquitted Sergeant Frederick K. Pinse.
of the Thirteenth Infantry, who was
charged with killing a negro prisoner
named S. W. Macio. Macio attacked
the sergeant while on guard, and Pinse
shot him. Macio died the next day.
Plnse was charged with murder, and
after a long trial be was found not
guilty. The department commander
has npproved the verdict.
Dangerous Bromo-Soda.
London, Juno 14.���The condition of
Beale C. Wright, the tennis player who
cut his right hand on the neck of a
bromo-soda bottle on the eve of his
departure for England to play In tbe
matches for the Davis challenge cup,
has become so much worse that the
doctors fear that It will be necessary
to amputate one of his fingers.
Northwest Qrand Lodge.
Winnipeg, June 14.���The Masonic
grand lodge for Saskatchewan nnd
Manitoba is In session hero, commencing yeBterday, with 200 delegates
in attendance.
President's Uncle Dies.
Sayvllle,  L. I., June  11.���Robert   D.
Roosevelt, uncle of the president, died
here early today.   He had been ill for
several months.
Discoverer of Xloodyke
Gold Field
Bruce White Learns Story of Strange
Privilege Sold by Dominion
Government in Yukon.
Among tho picturesque characters of
tho Yukon met by Bruce White on his
recent northern tour, is Tagish Charlie,
the Indian who first found gold on
Klondike creek and rejrarted It to white
men. ;
Charlie Is one of the wealthy men
of the district, and is permitted to
enjoy his affluence In a manner forbidden In Canada to all others of his race.
In consideration of the valuable services rendered by Charlie, and of $5,000
"lawful money of Canada," he waa
granted by the Dominion government
for the rest of his natural llle the privilege of drinking as much as he desires
of any fluid. He Is practically exempted from the provisions of the law prohibiting Indians from drinking and
whites from selling liquor to them.
The privilege granted to Charlie,
though possibly not granted for that
purpose. Is resulting in the gradual
transfer of Charlie's wealth to the
Dominion treasury. He show.-* his appreciation of the government's generosity by becoming as drunk as a
white man every day. He Ib regularly
taken tn charge and lined t)26 on being
set at liberty. Aa Charlie had 1100,000
a few years ago, and, except in the
matter of beverages, has no extravagant tastes, he will be able, barring
uccldents, to continue his chosen career for seven or eight years longer.
His friend and companion, and former partner, Skookum Jim, sought to
obtain the same privilege, but was refused, though he ottered $10,000. The
refusal is a further advantage to Charlie, as Jim looks after him regularly
until he Is ripe for police interference.
Tbe last day Mr. White was In White
Horse he was present at an interview
between Skookum Jim and the solicitor who makes formal application for
Charlie's daily release. Jim was told,
after the lawyer had learned the hour
of the arrest and consulted his watch,
that -Charlie would not be ready for liberty  for another half hour.
The system Is probably unique. Charlie feels that he has been generously
rewarded by his country, while the
government Is practically certain to
gain a considerable amount to add to
the surplus.
Within the Province.
(Special to The Dally Canadian.)
Victoria, June 14.���John J. Austen,
one of Victoria's pioneers, passed away
last night at the family residence at
the ripe age or 89 years. He waa ono
of the first residents on Victoria arm,
where he took up extensive properties
14 years ago. He leaves a widow, two
sons and three daughters. His sons
are Harry Austen, deputy registrar,
and Phil Austen. His daughters are
Mrs. J. S. Yates, Mrs. H. M. Yates and
Miss M. C. A.iBten.
The grand lodge I. O. O. F. election
of officers for the ensuing year resulted aB follows: Grand muBter. F. E.
Simpson, Cranbrook; deputy grand
master. T. Embleton, Rossland; grand
warden. II. T. Fulton, Lady-smith:
grand secretary. Fred Davy, Victoria;
grand treasurer, Wallace Law, Vancouver; grand representative, D. E.
Mackey, Vancouver. The only offices
for which there was any contest were
those of grand treasurer and grand
representative. For the former office
there were four candidates, three from
this city and one from Vancouver. The
Vancouver man won. For grand representative there were two candidates,
the retiring grand master and F. Nor
land, of Vancouver, the former being
Anarchists Are Wealthy.
Madrid, June 14.���According to the
newspapers of this city, the minister
of the Interior declared yesterday mat
the sum of $100,000 was lying in tbe
Bank of Spain at the disposition of anarchists, nnd it was believed to bave
been deposited by their political supporters.
Bernhardt  Leaves America.
New York. June 14.���Madame Sarah
Bernhardt  sailed  for   Paris   today on
the steamship La Touraine. The Dally Canadian, Jane 14, J906
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Baiter Bt., Nil- on, B. c.
Subscription ratei. 60 cents a month delivered
in Urn oily, 01 tfi.OOa year if sent by mail, when
paid in advance
Advert.si nit rates on application,
All monies paid In settlement 'I The Dally
Canadian accounts, either fai subscriptions or
advertising, musl be receipted ft.r nn the printed
formi of tiif Company. Oi.ht receipts are n t
JUNB   14,   1906.
" By one word we are sometimes Judged i<�� be
wise and by one word sometimes judged u lie
fo<iliHh.   Let us  therefore   be curt-fill   wiint  we
���ay.*'���Cosm i n -.
The province ol British Columbia,
like (.'very other one In the Dominion
federation, hits had to settle the question of its governmental methods, and
bas only within ream years awakened
to the apparent indlspensabflity nf the
party system in iis administration. The
political history of British Columbia
since it entered confederation affords
many Btriklng Illustrations of Lhe facl
thai Bociety, particularly political bo-
clety, is not yet sufficiently advan< ed
to secure satisfactory administration
of iis public offices unless by part)
politics. Thai it .should fall mutually
and easily into the party divisions
which have been predominant In Canada ever since confederation is not a
As a large cumber id our readers
are among tbe more re den! n i identi
01' the provlnt e, a brief review of the
ministries which have held the reins
of power will not be out of place. Since
1872, the McCrelght, the De Cosmos
Walkem, the Elliot, tho Walkora-Bea-
ven, -the Smithe and the Davie ministries followed each other in rapid succession till 1889, when the Robson ministry came Into power. This was in
turn superceded by Lhe accession of the
Davie ministry, which existed until
1896, when it was followed by the
Turner ministry, tlie premier of which
is now the agent-general of British
Columbia in London, England. None
of these governments was called on lo
exercise more than a perfunctory responsibility, as the development of the
j province had not reall) begun, and the
lew local Issues were not of paramount
Importance. In fact, Vancouver Island
unci thr' city of Victoria considered
themselves tbe only localities iu the
province which wen- entitle.i io consideration, ami they were dealt with
according lo their egotistical opinions
of themselves. Almost without excej)-
tion the cabinet ministers up to mis
time Were residents of Victoria, and
nol without tho insular prejudices
which have so often manifested themselves In thai quarter.
The Turner ministry was dismissed
lu 1898, and was succeeded by lhe
Sam I in ministry, nml from thai time
the successive governments of BrltiBD
Columbia have afforded ihe mosl amazing spectacle oi Incompetency ami opportunism thai any of the British colonics could present, until lhe accession
of the McBride government in i 893.
The Martin, Prior nnd Dunsmulr ministries, Which succeeded each other
rapidly helween 1900 nml 1008, pave
unexampled evidence of their shiftless-
ness, and were at all times the subject
of ridicule throughout Canada and tho
British Dmplre. Not only was Ihis lhe
case, hut the commercial credit of tho
province rapidly declined, and hiink-
ruptcy stared it In the face, when   on
June i. 1903^ the lieutenant-gov. in t
dismissed ihe Prior ministry and called
on the lion. Richard McBride t<. form
a government
Mr. McBride had been fur some
time leader of the opposition in the
legislative assembly, but up to thai
time the only division in the house was
that designated government and opposition. The extremity 'if the situation
ami tin- hitherto aimless ami method-
less manner ol appeal to the electorate
decided Mr. McBride to organize the
political forces of the province on the
lines of the old-time parties, and his
fust appeal to th.' country as the head
of its government was as a Conserve
live, with the traditions nnd principles
of that honored party, leaving the opposing forces io anay themselves un
der th.- Libera] banner, it transpire-',
as had been surmised, thai tlie sudden
Introduction of these party divisions
in British Columbia would fur Borne
lime embarrass the electorate, ns they
hail bad no clearly defined political affinities previous to this occasion.
Happily, however, for the province,
th.- Conservatives triumphed. Mr. McBride was returned to power at the
bead of bis cablnel He surrounded
hun-'It uitii colleagues who have acquitted themselves with marked ability and who have discharged their onerous duties in a manner that has .von
tie' confidence of the electorate and restored the province to something of
its wonted credit in the money markets
of Mn> world.
or ihe problems which they had to
face and theli method of solving tins-'
problems we shall have something
more to Baj.
That there aie two sides to every
question is amply demonstrated hy a
recent protest agalnsl tlie adoption] of
the metric system ami nn exhaustive
argumoul Betting forth the reasons
why it would seriously incommode the
manufacturing Industries of the country and disarrange ihe pasl ami present
in a degree that would undoubtedly Inconvenience more people than seems
at Drat consideration of tlie question.
The     manufacturers     of     the     United
Siiiios. through their spokesman, Mr.
il. ll. Buploe, sei forth their side of the
case in an article in ihe Engineering
Magazine, and ihat they are entllli d
to ;i bearing would seem to 'lie beyond
controversy. in this age of rapid
transitions ami proposed reforms, it
mlghl be welt io fully consider all radical proposals for change in what are
established measurements, as well as
established methods on the American
continent. We trill permit the manufacturers to speak for themselves:
Briefly, the argument' for the metric
system may he reduced to three counts
the greater simplicity of the tables
of wolghts nnd measures; ihe precise
Interrelation of the units of length, dry
ami liquid measure, ami weight; and
the convenience of the decimal system
of notation.
The last is already practically assured hi the English-speaking countries by the general use in all engineering work of the decimal divisions of
ihe inch or tho foot; ihese units of
themselves are even more convenient
than tlie meter or the centimeter. The
second supposed advantage exists only
In the case of one medium���distilled
water at 4 degrees c.���a substance
with which no one, except possibly
tho laboratory experimenter, ever has
to do. The third may be admitted,
though   with     the    qualification    ihat
much oi tii,' Intricacy and multiplicity
of the old English Bystem <>f weights
.im: measures has aires i. dlsappeaied,
ami a further wholly practical simpll-
flcatlon might be made without uprooting 'I"1 standards upon which out gigantic Industries have been built
li must be i��� in* inh- n d thai when
France and Germany adopted the metric system, our vast growth of industries, manufactures and metal trades
gt neralij had not come Into being.
Standardization was as yet an unknown Idea, and ihere was prat tically
nothing to undo, The situation today,
however, is abeolutelj different. Industries such t's ili>' world has never
before seen h ive bi en built up in 'he
English s-.. aktng lands, and bave sent
their prodtu   ��� all m >r th;' world.
Every   Bteel    section    tolled,    every
plate turned out and every wire drawn,
evi t-j em in   and dj namo and raa< bins
,ri",  pipe ami shai'i and bolt and
nut,  is  based  upon   the Inch and    the
fool     ' -     wholly    Incommensurable
with tin1 in- trie on.s. The Bcrew-
thn ads ol England and America are
bi.m.laid all over llle world and Ihey
are wholly Inconvertible Into any metric expn sslon which could be used as
a guide or practically reproduced b) s
workman. Bvi rj pari new standardised to decimals of an Inch would have
redei gned '" commensurable
decimals of n centimeter. Then tlie
new and old would nol Interchange.
All the old machines and all the old
repair parts would become bastard.
And it would lake more than fifty
years of endless confusion and double-
standard working to clear the deplorable ami expensive wreckage out of out-
li musi be undi rstood thai there is
no direct quarrel with the metric system. Let it be adopted wherever it is
more convenient than the present Bystem oi measurement, bin allow people
to use which ever standard Is best
suited to their own business.
Since i860 the citizens of the United
States, whether holding government
positions or engaged In civil industries,
have had the privilege of using either
system legally ami freely. In no case
have tlie friends of the inch attempted
to Impose their views upon the advo-
i a tea ol the mi ter. If ihe advocates
of ihe existing standards should en-
ir 'o Influence legislation to pre-
v.>ni their neighbors from using their
beloved millimeters ami Kilograms, a
fearful howl would arise. Hut. no such
Impertinent Interfen nee is to lie dreamed of. Let tli.' advocates of the meter
be fair-minded enough to give up their
scheme "t Blacking ih<' cards; let
mere be a square deal, ami may the
best system win.
Less than a fortnight ago the Daily
N'ews shared iu the complaints of the
opposition press Lhal Messrs. McBride
���md  Green   were   Louring 'lie  country,
and insinuated that  ihis portended an*
.aily   election.      While   [he   News   did
not have tie- courage to us* the same
phraseology as some of the outside papers, which accused llif premier and
Mr. Green of making campaign trips
ai the expense of tlie conniry. il sympathized wiih ihese papers ami reprinted their slanders. Thoroughly in
harmony wiih iis past record, it now
lias another complaint, and ibis time
one of an exactly different character.
In an editorial this morning, tlie grim
humor of which must flatter the reader, it linds fault that ihe ministers con-
lined their visits to outlying districts,
ami neglected to give an account of
their stewardship in ihe centres of
population, as, for instance, in Nelson.
We presume the ministers know how
io conduct their own business, hut it
BeemB perplexing lo ihe casual reader
lhal iliey aie to be roundly rated one
week for visiting their constituencies,
and lampooned the next weed; for failing    to    do    SO.      Surely    the   0ppO8itlon
lit. ss musl be driven lo reckless straits
when   it   can   advance   lo   better   criii-
ciBm of the actions of the ministers
(ban has been so far forthcoming.
ii is several days since Tin- Dally
Canadian aBked tin- News to explain
why the linn. Mr. Templeman made
"better terms for B. ('." his election
cry In Hi,- bye-election In Vlotorla, If
ill, News' contention in ihis matter
wan correct. S-i fur the morning paper bas nm vouchsafed any reply. Perhaps f'm singular circumstance is in
For Everything (inod
to Smoke.
Imported and Domestic Ogars, Tobaccos.
Do You Know Thurman's SpetUI Mixture?
Noiiiv Ii iu'1-st.v given iiiai'��i <i��ys from date I
Intend i.wii-ply i<"> the Bono-ai !��� theChief Com-
nfulooer nf [*odi and Worts, for permPilon to
Ituri'liii.Hf the fiiiliiwiiiR detcrlbed lnn-U, situate
hi tbe mouth ol iiiuch.>��.n cree* mi the Arrow
Lakes In the Wesl kootenay Dffttlftt. ai.o.uw
teres "( iriini; oonnnnelns at �� i"1"' marked
VV. H. P. 8. W, pott, tbence no Ui to dialog, tie n-
i'e t-Rft ai I'llumt-. theaoa sooth 10 i halos, thenoe
weit 90 idiaiu.' to iMiint of coinnienci ment.
Dated tnli ��h Jay <it June iflOG.
W11.U1M H may Pbtesi
Wn i iam J. Toys  iobki
Notice li hereby given that oo dayi f'om date I
tnk'ii.t to u|i��!v in the Hon irebl tlie ' blei i om-
mtutoner ol Lioi.Ih uixt \im-k* tot permission to
purvhaM- 160 airt'i nf lnti<l at Vm riouten creek
ni tin* Armw Lakes in the West Kootensj l)ti
trli-t. Btartinp from a post mark'd A '. L N tt.
Iiost. thenco to cliHtn* cut. them ��� 10 eh* ins
ion h. thence W ��� balm west, thenee I i li .tui
ihtUi to I'.niii' f commencement
Dated this Itfa d*j ol June tw��,
Ahthub John I
Win iam .i Toye, Ageut.
Notion Is hereby giv in lhat 00 days n(iei data
we Intend to anoii to the Honorable lhe Chief
Commissioner of Mods and Worki at I'lctorlti
a C, tor pormlaiton m n a rebate u II ��� ��� m
dwerlbedlands,sltnate tn Weil K ent) district. ' mil ni' nettie nt a iiam plauled at Tooraas
krome'i N k post, ��t.d marked Peter Resell
.tint A ChoquetteN, rt'. Corner; Lhein'r SOchalns
iHNt thence 3D Hmiin routli, thenoe DO chains
west, thenee Wch ilns nortii to the commrii1 nut
post, containing i" acres more i��t leas.
Dated May .''���-
w. A.Jonks, A|ent
Notice i> hereby given tbat M days afu r laic l
in i.'ml to apply in the H irable the Chief Com
misslonerot wndi and Worki i ir permlitlon lo
purchase the following described lauds, i Una ted
In the district nf w.-si Knntcnay, adjolulug lol
700 on the West arm ot Kontena) hit.', uom*
iihmi'inn at an lulllal pott placed at the n.uili
west corner of Lot ?9o; thence m.rth W chains,
thenoe wesl 10 chalna. thonce south W ebalns,
tbonce nast 10 chaini to polnl ol eommenn ment.
Dated May 28,1008.
J i-. Fkaibb
Notice in hereby rIvvii Uihi ���*< \ i v dayi afterdate
1 In lend ii�� apply to the Hntiorildi- the I blel
Commlsalonerol Lands and Wo^ks, Victoria, for
permlsel >n in dub base the following di w rlbe I
um^ in West Kootenay. Commencing il s i".'i
marked Rdgar W. i ynei south weii cojner near
loUariict creek sn.i atioui j miles south of Mot-
oulto Qteek ami about I mile- wesl of Columbia
kivit; thence north ���**' chains, thenco east 10
chains, tbence south 80 chains, thenco wesl W
ohalni to p'ii'T <w commencement, containing
;t;tj acres, being the uune mora or lets.
Dated June 4,1��06.
Ki-.aeW. Dyne-.
v. DYmta Agent.
Notice U hen by given that 00 days after dale 1
Intend  t. uppiv to the Honorable the ( blef
I'lHiuni-aloi iTiit Uont* and Works for permission to run���iin.-e the following defer!t* d lands,
HttiiHH-ti in .-lot'an Diafrlcl. Commencing at
mrili fust eorn*r poal of 1^,1 88 0, 'hi ui t- running sooth 80 i-tiiiiis. thenoe cat! BU ihalm them e
north in ehalm, thenee wesl O chaini toC, v. ti.
rfKlit-of-way, followjnc same wuth west to a
point itifr i<ptlnK unrJh one of Lot UOO, thence
etit to point of I'fimmtnciiment, I'untaitiliiK 180
acres more or less
May.��Uh llWt'..
C. I. Gakswih
Notice Ii hereby given lhal DO days after daW I
intend to titiike upplirtttion i��. iLe Itmiorable the
Chief Commissioner ui trends and Works /or per-
million ui purchase the following described
lait'i*:  Commencing at a posl placed on tbe east
shore of   Lower Arrow Lake, ailj'tlniiiK' J- Hale!.'
pre-emption on the south wet I marked "T tf.'��
N. W, c rutT ft.jtt." 'j heme running 80 chaini
east; thenee *> ehains loolh; thence 80 chalna
more or less, weal to the lake shorei thenee following lak" xiiiire to ifoint of commencement,
nmtiitiiiig 040acrei, more or leu
Dated ihis Till -Ibv ,,f J me, I:**..
Notice ix hereby given thatftOi ays alter dato 1
intend to make application to the Honorable the
Chlel Commissioner of Land* and VVorks for permlulon  to   purchase    the   f<dlri\Ung  described
lands: Commencing at a posi placed on the
northeaal corner ol T KmihIihii's Application to
Pa rebate, mtrked '"H. i - cot ner pott." running
SO chaini eatt; thenee 80 ohalni south; tbence ou
chaini wcat; thenee lollowlng T Klnanau'ieastern boundary to polnl ot commencement, con
talnlug 640 aorei, more or leu,
II.NN ui 'iirnsn.
l��.iied thi.-7ih day of tune, two.
Notice li hereby given lhat '����� da.jn after date 1
intt'tid in make appi.. 1,1)1.11 li, i]n  Honorable the
Chief Cominlatloner of Lands and Works lot pei
mission to puiohaae ihe following described
IhiiiIk: Commencing hi h poit placed ai the in-
te-section ol tbe east boundary of J Bates' pre
omptlon and the north boundary of T Kfunhaij'-
ApplieHiw.ii to Purchase, marked"T.K.Jr'a * W.
������ti'ner poat "   Th-nre (ol towing J. Uitles'i-aHirti
boundary, 10 chains north; thenee 8ochalnieasti
thence   l.�� Ohalni to the no thern boundary of
Hannah   '' i- rney'a  Application  to   Pnrebate;
UieiHu lollnwltlK theiiorthcrh tmuoda1) ol same
mid northerly boundary of T. Kinaban's Application to Parchtie, la poirt of commencement,
containing B2U acres, more or less.
T. KlSAllAN. .ll!.
Dated thla_71h day of June, 1906,
Notice in berby given thai t Intend, 60 dayi
afterdate to apply to the Chlel Commissioner of
UndK.aini Wo'io for permission U> ptircbaaa the
lo lowing described tandiiltnate at i ire v alloy,
Kootenay district. <Uniineiieing hi h poll (niHrk-
ed George Young N.niii weit corner) plat 1 d at
the nortii weit corner of section 28 township oei
theiue east KOelmliiN to the imrlli east < orner of
said section 28; thenoe sou'h 40 ohalni. thence
wesi au chains,thence north 40 limine to the
place of beptnnlng, eMtUainjiig 8W acres and
being uk> northerly half of *uid senton jr. township t.'j.
ruled at Nelson. B. 0, June fith 1008
QBOHOB Yorsi;.
Notice is hcret'y given that I intend, 60 dayi
afterdate, to apply to the Chief Commissioner of
LniidR and Works for pennhafon to purchase
the following deaorlbed Unds, situate at nr��'
Valley,  KooleiiH)   District      Commencing  at  a
posl (market) -George Young nurtli east corner)
placed at the north ea-l i-onicr of tWCtfOD 91,
township 69; iheui-eni.mh (Hii-haliia to ihe south
east corner of saiti section 82; thei  west m
i haini, thenoe north 80 chains, .md thenco cast
40 chains to the p'ace of beginniig.conlalnina
820 acres, nnd being the easterly imif ol said section 82, tovtnshipafj.
Dated at Nfeliun, B. C. Junofith 1896.
,  Oeoboi Youhq,
Notice la hereby gtvi-u that i intend 60 dan
afterdate t��. apply to the Chief Commits loner ol
i*ndi and ��orki for permlaaion to purchase
the following oescribed laudi,situate al Kir.'
\ alley, Kootenay 'istrict.   ronmenefng ut a
post (marki-l L linliBKher siuiiii ��,-t corner)
placed at  the smith  West  corner of  section  .;i
township 69 thence north Mnhaini f. the north
weit comer of laid sei'tiou xt; thence eat) Pi
ohalni, thenco south bo ohalni to the south
boundary of said section 88, and thonce wosl v>
chains to the place nf beginning containint 120
aens and belugtho weatarly half ..( sai.i Motion 88, township W,
Dated at Nelsuii.B O.JunoS'hlWO.
 t L 0 hi AOUKIl.
Notice la hereby given that I Intend. 60 days
afterdate tgapply to the Chief Comraits 1 onei of
I iiiidNaii.) Vti.rks for pcnnlsHon to pnndutsr n,i>
following deaerlbod land|_and promises sltnata
at Fire VfU'ny, Kootenay Dlstrlcl Commenclna
ai ��� post [marked Pi ll. O'Connor north east cor.
uar) placed at tho north east corner ..f section
'��, township oo; thonce Hath 40 chains, thenco
west 40 ohalni,ibeneo north io rbalm to ihe
noriiicriy boundiryof aald section 21; and then
ee easl 40 clialns lo the piece of  hcgliiiilnu, con-
tainlhg ini acres, and being the tmrth easl one-
quarter of laid section 2i, towmblpM.
Nelson, 8. C. June r.in WWi.
H. ll, O'COHNOR,
 Okoih.k Viii-mi, Agent.
Motice la hereby given that 60 dayi from date
i intend to apply to in.- Honorable the Chief
commlsa onerol Undsaud Works for permit-
fi��8 ISKffteff.*^* [",ll"wl"K described' and!
In_the West Kootenay Dtatriof, eail tide f.f Col.
URihtt Klver.aboijlL'ijiilcv uorlhof Hun.	
tif miles norlliof Iturlon i ih-
.    meneliiK alnp.-M   marked   U>.,M  WlnierV
B w.curiuT, at tho N.W. corner ol It. H. Smith's
Proonipuofi elaim, ihence north 10 chains more
or Ii-m to (he south hf.undarj of MH.-s farndl's
preeniptn.n claim tlienoocast lij chains, Iheneo
,.,,,11, in chains more or less tn the North bound-
u?.i J /'"iih's preemption claim, thtnes
uem no ohalni to point o comnoncemenlieon<
taintng 80 ��r��i more or Jess. ""wwioon*
Dated this 2nd day of Juno, woo.
Ka1.ch Hi.yK, Agent,
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Hams and Bacon
Imperial Bank of Canada
Head Office:   Toronto.
CAPITA!, PAID UP....$8,000,000 RBST     P.mm
D. H. W1LB.IK, Prenidunt. HON. ROBEHT JAKKHAY, VlM-Pniltlaat
Branches in British Columbia:
Deposits rwoivpit nnd intrn-at allowed at enrrent nit..�� from data at ou-ninca.
count mill analted balf-yoatly.
���I.   M.   LAY,  Mtiniiger.
NBUSON mivavcm
"Premier."     p, BumS & CO.
J. Y. Griffin & Co.
I   IMI I I   I ,
A. McDonald &Co-
Di'iili-r- in st;!|ile:in<l fnnry (iror^rtps.
HutttT, Kkkh.
Oampand Uinars1 BnppUcfl.
High Grade Chocolates, Gum.
Candies and Fruit.
Thorpe's nice cool drinks.      Lunches
pal ap a specialty.
W.J. Walker,
skh.kii TBNDKR8 .m.iMm "Tenderi tot iici
Ing Block" wUI be reoelred l.v the tin.liT.tKii,..l
up to HVdork M ol Tburmlt) llm 2Ut June In-
statu, f.*r sale nf BDW slisres In tin- Bmii,.lHry
Klkli.irii MIiiImk I .,n,|.,,,ii. I.|ii,,i,.||. This Com'
paujr'i property Is sltnateal ilreenTrood, H. C.,
nn.I adjoins tlie Providence, end u hleli |rn,l,.
propcrlj    If Isasliippei no.I ilovclopmenl iv..,k
Is fifing carried xtenslveljr,   Tlie IiIcImm or
ani "< no.l I ...ml;  .f I
linli'l ai Urand Porka. B.C.,the Ulh Juin . I0M,
a ' button,
 Olllclal   s,l,oiiiiNlrMt..r.
Notloo is hereby alrao thai I Intend, to days
afterdate, to apply to thi ' i Commiislonet "I
undi snd Works lor poi ion lopurebaae the
MlnwlDgdesoilbad lauda, situate al Fin, Valley,
Koo.enay Dlsirlet. Commencing at a nt��t(mari
ed f .11. n Uonnot   nuUi east corner) | I al
the imrlli esitiorner ol seeti I, township TO;
thenco wesl lo chains, thence north no ebalns,
'"���5 ���"'< "ichalns, Ithcni imh SO chaini
in the pliii B nf beginning, i obtaining M acres,
full"! nt Ni-i B.C.June Mb looo.
p. If. Q'fONaOH
__Jl��i o^:_Y< mmo^a gout.
NotlooIs berobj given thatWdayt from date 1
intriid toapply lo [he Uoliorable the Chlel Coin-
inlKMniiiTol Lands no.I WoikM f���r pormiMilini lo
Burchasc ilie lollowlng described lands, In the
rtesi Kootenay nistrkt.   Fsud Island, in tho
��� oiiiinbbi Klvci aboul i i, lei north ol Burton
fly; hii of said island above high water, Mug
lOaorei more or Iocs.
Dated ihniat Day ol June, 1000.
I"B,NK Noinos-
I   <���   HSKIHSQW, Agool.
Hixiy doyn afterdate I iiiioiici to apply to the
Commlai sol Land! and Worki, VlcUirle t,
purehaaelM acres el land. Commcnclni al a
poit planted on the wosl shore St,arfowllkefal
ibo louth est corner nl .1 .1 Ohrljtlo's nun is*
gunning north ao.ohalns, Uicnce nasi is ,i��� ?,,'
llionoo south 80 ohalni, tbence west So chaini to
place of commencement. 	
tareated May, ytfi usio.
I.   'MII.Jl.IIKli,  |^���.���|,���
UaliM Ibu nil, day of Juno, par,.
WlU.ua Ebm:��t IIavison.
Branch Markebi In  Rossland, Tnni.   Nei-MD, Knalo,  Sandon, Tows Forte ftj
Denrer and Blboan City.
Ordorf by mnil in any brtDCh will bSTS
ooi pTutapl ��ii.i careml attenitun.
He=��d Office: Nelson, B.C.
Kootenay Agents
R. A.Rogers & Co.
Limited, Winnipeg.
WholtMal* Provlaslona,
Prod uoo,
I)oiiiiiiiiiii Government Oreamery One-Potmd Brioii reoelved wi.kiv tw*
fnmi the I'liuni.   Fur nle by nil IiwHiik grooon.
���itiii'f nml vmtehotue: HmutonBiook,  Phone T9.
Josephine Street.
Nelson, B. C.
The Hall Mining and Smelting
Company. Limited.
Purchases Lead, Copper and Dry Ores.
Coal Tar, Waterproof Paints
Pitch, Creosote, Oils for Preserving Timbrr,
Roofing Pitch and Paints.
Hunt Builders will Ilml it |��� il���.���. arlvanloK.i to urn out- Pltob.
Nelson Coke and Gas Co., Ltd. The Daily Canadian, Jane 14, 1906
MANUFACTURERS    ��   ..^t.,     QUi~~1~-
AND DEALERS IN    l^tfttlDef���   OiUllgieS,
Lath, Mouldings, Doors, Windows.
Jmcil Work HnU llt-ricket.-t. Mnil Orders promptly attended tn.
VIJK.-NON STRKI3T   -   -   .   NKLSON, B. C.
Canada Drug and
Book Co'y, Limited
JUNE 1st
Today we inaugurate our Cash System of doing
[business, and below is a list of a few of tlie changes this
j system will enable us to make. These arc not Si'Kcui.
|but regular prices:
DRUG Department
Old Price Cash Price
.25  Menncn's Tale 1'owder 20
181.00    Beef   Iron and Wine 75
.2,s      Wood  Alcohol, pts 20
.511    Wood  Alcohol, qts 40
.40 Steediuan's Teething Powders 35
..|"  Sledinaii's Teething Powder* 35
.35   Williams' Shaving Stick 25
.15       Williams' Barber's Bar 10
,75 Tanglefoot, case of  25 sheets,    60
.25 Glycerine and Rose Water, 4 oz. bottles..   .15
Stationery Department
���75       250 page Letter Books 50
[$1.25    250 page Letter Books $1.00
i-5�� 250 page Letter Books     1.25
2.00  500 page Letter Hooks   1.50
2.50  1000 page Letter Books  2.00
ij Papeterie, containing 34 sheets paper, l
.25 (ruled,) 24 Ivnvelopes, 1 penholder, !���     .15
(     1 Pen, 1 Piece Blotting  )
���25  Novels. ,.1 15c, 2 for .25
.30 and 35c Writing Tablets 25
.25        Writing  Tablets 15
.15 package, 2 for 25c, Envelopes 3 for .25
To the Members
oi the
20,000 Club.
Patronise tho B000 win. nre
here now, aud wo will
lie 11 loilg wny to-
ward our kouI.
Thorpe's Lithia
is equal to uny aperient
iiiitii'hiiininti,' will-
its bottled in
tbe United
If vim mc enough of it wo
can rapport another
family In Nehtou.
& Co., Limited.
c/1 Tip" for a
Canadian Morning.**
Kootenay Coffee
1U,NE177. . BAKER ST.
Cut sip cj tills
Wl/vfic the tin, fin 11 spirits in tit light
^t^7^:i^'... \\U\.,.
Dlt>  YOU   KNOW
ihHt tin* drlaki tarvad ��t ourSoda Fountain
hH<i tmiic propartlM betide* retrenhlajf
Wr mc only real (mil syrniw of tlm Hut'*.
quality      Fountain, counter, glaawi Mid
rocepUolu Hrt   kept wTiipuUniHiy o]mu<
Milker Hired, Nullum. B. 0,
Gait Coal
iiTiim Hj.nl  I'rinti
W. P. TffiRNEY
Telephone *K> Baker Hlreet
A full line of Cruukery,
Cllllltl    fill*.!   ��llllMHWIII'C.
AinoHccoiid HaadOoodiol Every Doicrlp*
lion,  w* have *ot thajrondBAnd nu at
Lowtft Prlcoi in Iowa.
01. lu
i\n Tickfli Ofllce,
Three.   Great   Problems   to   be   Solved
Before  It is  Made
A review of telegraphy, telephony
and wlrelskB telegraphy in 1905 is contributed to Le Nature, I'aria. While
I his review dismisses the llrst two of
theee wiih a few words, it conflnea itself chiefly to tlie last. The review
leavea the reader with tbe Impression
thai the teobnlo of wireless Is not atl-
vanoing rapidly, although ihe Sell) of
its application Is advancing rapidly.
"The use of great energy to produce
bertzlan waves produces, a result that
is always comparatively feeble. On
fhe oilier hand, the attempts to .slew
the waves made by Artoue In Italy
have given no practical result. Along
then lines there has been practically
no progress at all.
"The use of detectors enabling the
operator to read by sound bas become
general. The doteotor most employed
is the electrolytic detector, whose principle was announced In 1900 by Caplaln
Perrle. If a tiny platinum point tu.oi
millimeter in diameter) ba plunged into acidulated water, it constitutes an
imperfect contact of great sensitiveness to hertzian waves.    The    Maieoni
company always uses the magnetic de-
lector Invented by  M&ioonl    in 1902,
which gives excellent  results.
"The applications of wireless telegraphy an- continually extending, All
warships am! large liners have the apparatus; ami new stations on Ian.!, especially in Europe, are continually being erected. The necessity for international regulation becomes more and
more apparent, but the conference on
Ihe subject, which m��t for the flrit
time In llerlin iu 1908, has not reconvened, owing to the opposition of England anil Italy, which countries desire
a   Marconi  monopoly.
"Three great problems remain to ue
solved before it is freed and developed
lo its furthest extent���the 'steering'
of the waveB, the 'tuning' of transmitter to receiver, and the reform ot these
devices. So long as we cannot unite
Into a sheaf the hcrtzian waves that
are now dispersed in all directions, so
long as on Intermediate station can
intercept messages nol intended for It,
ami finally, so long as a special apparatus has not been devised to receive
and transmit these signals, wireless
telegraphy will remain Imperfect
"Telecommunication asks much from
the year 11101',."
Two  Days'  Program   Arranged   for   Dominion   Day   Meeting.
.$i'n added
.JL'II added
The following   program has been arranged for the two days' tournament
of the Nelson Gun Olub in connection
wiih the Dominion  Day celebration:
1���20 targets.,
2���20 largels..
11���20 targets..
1���20 targets..
5���20 targets..
(!���20 targets..
7���IE targets,.
s��� if, targets..
11 ���20 largels $20 added
10���20 targets $20 added
11���211 Largels $20 added
12���20 targets $20 added
No. IH���20 targets $20 added
No.   11���20 lltrgets $211 added
No. 15���15 targets....$15 added
No. 10���15 targets..
Entrance each event, $1.
Purses divided, 40, 30, 2(1
Event NO. 1.���"i'alenaude Cup" In
addition lo money. To be competed
for by British Columbia shooters only.
Event No. !).���"Aslnlown Cup" ill addition to money. To be competed for
by Itritish Columbia shooters  only.
High average trophy. "Ink & Ward
Cup." flor "British Columbia shooters
making high average shooting through
all  events.
.$15 added
id 10 per
A  Rational   Discussion    of    tbe Question.
The Columbian, In speaking on the
question of "better terms." says some
timely and forcible things on thai
question,    Here  they are:
"When so staunch a Liberal as the
premier of Nova Bootla makes a campaign cry of better terms for the smaller provinces from Ilie Dominion of Canada, It muy be taken for granted that
there Is a very substantial case on
their behalf, and lhal party polities
are not ihe Inspiration of the demand.
The issue of the movement 111 Nova
Scolia will he watched with partloular
Interest lu British Columbia, because
there is no province with so much to
gain as we have from a reconsideration of lhe terms of confederal Ion. provided Hint It Is carried on on the basis
of justice, and nol merely made the occasion for rewarding party lid; illy on
Ihe part of the appellant provinces.
"The matter should not he made
one of parly politics. In Itritish Columbia there hns been DO disposition
en the part of the Conservative ml-
ministration, of the province to    make
iwlltical capital out of It; though when
memorial after memorial had been sent
to Ottawa without any reply, it became
necessary to remind Sir Wilfrid that
the matter could not stand over Indefinitely, and that if his government
would not enter upon a discussion of
the subject, it would be necessary to
appeal to the people as a whole to
back up the demand.
"Evidently the government at Ottawa wanted to trifle with the matter, reserving action perhaps until the eve
of a new election, when more liberal
treatment may be ottered as the price
of acquiescence in perpetuation of the
period of loot."
The Columbian only voices the sentiments of the very large' constituency
of ISritlsh  Columbia.
Odonovan Ross* Returns.
New York. .lune 11.���According to
the Sun today, Odonovan Itossa, who
went to Ireland last November to he-
come secretary of the Cork common
council, came back with his family on
the steamer Caronia, which arrived
yesterday. They came off the ship
alone, and were not recognised while
Ihey waited on the pier for the baggage
to be examined.
His Busy Day.
"Ethel," he whispered, "will you
marry me?"
"I don't know, Charles," she replied
"Well, when you (1ml out," he said,
rising, "send me word, will you'.' I
shall be at Mabel Micks' until about 10
o'clock. If I don't hear from you by 10,
I'm going to ask Iter."���Ixmdon Tit-
Yale-Kootenay Ice, Frott, F��el
& Poultry Co., Ltd.
. ;l'"l.,li,!iti'.' 'll'.iliim
Deliveries mad" daily throughout Nelson
and its suburbs Phone 148.
And Builder
Sole agent for the Porto Rico Lumber
Co., Ltd., retail yards,
Bough and dressed lumber, turned work
and brackets, Coast lath and shingles,
wish and doom.
Cement, brick and lime for Bale. Automatic, grinder.
Yard and factory Vernon. St.,
cast of Hall.
Telephone 1��!    NciSOfl, B* C#
qKALKD TKNDKRB, marked, "Tender fo' Tim-
^ her I.turn, Kooteney Utah? fit," will ba re-
eelYtoi by ihe undersigned, up to noon of Saturday. nn1 ->"tii day ��>f June, lOdB, from any person
Gealriiuj i" obtain a special timber license to out
Mii.l eurrv away timber from Lot 7,881, QroUP 1.
Kootenay Pimrict. Kiuiuteil went McMellllc'ii Hiding, on toe Ui.c ��>f the Crow's Keal Pass Railway
it ml containing 413 ati*ea mora <��r leas,
The person offering the hlgheal cash bonus
will be entitled to a special license covering the
���aid lot, renewable fur twenty*ono buqqssIvq
Kuril lender must lie iii-i-'nn pun led liv it iirlf-
fled cheqne, made payable m pur in victoria to
���lie undersigned, fur the amount, 1115.00,ol the
Hint year's fees for auca special it me, and the
amount of ��he boom tendered, aud also h certified absque (or |2tw to for coal oi locating, adver*
Using and aurroylng <>f phi<i lot.
Deputy Commissioner of Lands and Works,
Lands and Works PepMtmeatj
, o.,Tth Jim
li nv. 1906.
Nftlson. B. C , June Mh, 1W6,
SKAI.'tl) TKNDEKS will bfl rfielved by the
Warden of the I'mrliicial gaob Nullum, B.C.,
moil noon JunefMh, f >r supbltea for one tear,
from July int. IBM, to June ��i>ih, l��n. Meat,
broad, groceries, hardware, booti und ihocSi
��� ���ii.ii.ii,t.. dry goods, fuel and dniRn
Forms for tender and spoolflostlonsosn be lad
at the Provincial gaol, Nelaon,
The lowest or any tender not necessarily accepted, ti.  K LfcMON,
Thirty dayn after da to I Intend making application lo lhe Honorable the Chlel ' 'omniif^i ���m-r
of I uihIn and work*, (or a special license tn rut
and earn away timber (rom the following described landa. Oommenotng to a post placed on
the southern liouutlarv of Tnuber Lteense No
W7">, and Hli-iit lo cIihIiir n-rlh ol the N. W. corner of lotsWM'. 1. Wvht Kooenav, rannlngthenes
wi-iw chains, thence mumIi mi (���huinii, thence
nistS'M'iin ns, thenoe north hu uhultts to poiut ��t
Dated 10th April IW0,
Silver King Hotel
Best Dollar a day house in the
Rooms are well furnlsbed.   Tabic as goon as any
In Nelloti.     Bar suppllerl with good
liquors Hinl rlvara.
W. E. McOANDLISH, Proprietor.
Tremont House
European and American Plan
Meals 2t> i is.   Booms from K cts. to 11
Ouir White Help Kmpios-ua.
Baker St., Nelson Proprietors
Bartlett   House
Best DoIlar-a-Day House in Nelson.
The Bar Is the Finest.
White Help Only Emplored.
Josephine Bt. ...        Nelson. B. C.
The Big Schooner
Or "Half-ind-Hill"
Beer 10c
The only OIium of Good Beer in NcIhod.
Hotel Accommodations necond to
none in British Colnuibia.
Special Rates to Monthly Boarders.
The only Home Hotel in Nelson.
Lake Vielto
Hill and Vernon Sts.
Two blocks from
Rates $1.00 per Day
and np.
No ("liin.'sr Help employed.
&S&      NELSON, B. C.
Grand Central Hotel
J. A. ER1CKSON. Proprietor.
Centrally Located. Open Day and Night.
H,nii].|e Mi.I Bath Rooms Free.
Opposite Court House and Post Office.
Corner Ward and Vernon Streets.
T^e Strathcona
Nelson, B.O.
B. Tomkins, Manager.
The Leading Hotel in the
Qoocl   Sample    Rooms.
Queen's Hotel
Baker Street, Nelson. B. 0.
Lighted by Electricity and
Heated by Hot Air
Largo and Comtortablo Bedrooms snd First.
class Timing Room. Sample Rooms for Commor-
idsl Men.
MRS. E. C. CLARKE, Proprietress
West Transfer Co.
<���ciifriil Teamsters nud Denlors in
Ooal nud Woo i.   Express and
buggttKC Transfer
Rtlftfl OS": Baker St.
Old Curiosity Shop
If you want to buy or sell an>1litng,
go to the Old Curiosity Shop. A new
line of Japanese Goods now on sale. Al)
kinds of Dlnnerware in stock. Patterns.
Choice Ftuit      $fg��
Both Pieces of Land Near Nelson
Clearing light and soil excellent.
Very easy terms on payment ran bo arranged.
Phone 24".   Ofllce next Canadian Bnnk of Commerce.   P. O. Box 686.
We have Improved and Unimproved Ranches for
Sale on the Kootenay and Slocan Lakes, Slocan
Valley and Nelson District.
Before purchasing call   JW     jft      WW/  niHTX
and examine our list.   JTl*   QC,   1Y1��    l��| mX. \ J
wsurancb!   Real Estate and Mining
Manager for the Kootenay Valleys Company, Ltd.
Oldest established Real Estate
Business in Kootenay.
Nelson, B. C.
I have for Sale the Choicest
Frait Lands In this district.
Most of it silnate on the West Arm and Main Lake.   See me before yon decide to locate.
1 ********* *****^*i*A***i*i*i^yi%v*%vrvvYy��VY^
A Speculation
300 Shares  INorthwest  Coal
Stock for $7S.OO.
McDermid & McHardy
Choice Fruit
I Have 10,000 Acres
of the
Choicest Frait Lands in
British Colombia.
Cau sell any quantity from 5 acres to 2,000 in one block.
Buy now and get the ground floor prices.     /
J. E. ANNABLE,    -    Nelson, B. C.
Wliolesnlf mill  Retell Dealers ttt
Fresh and Salted Meats
(''.mips supplied on shortest notice and
lowest pri<?e. Nothing but frosh Hud
wholesome inentsaud supples kept in htoek
Mnil orders receive careful attention.
E. C. TRAVES,  Manager.
Thompson & Douglas
Slit"  Writing a SpsKslalt} .
Wall Pupsr and Isurlup.
SS,?""��   -   NELSON
, AND....
First Class Henliug Plants ami Modern
Sanitary Appliances.
Phone 181, Opera House Blk. Box 401.
90 Day Round Trip
Edol ....
Winnipeg, Pt. Arthur,
Dulutb, St. Paul.
ThrouKh Excarsion Bates
Toronto, Montreal,
Maritime Provinces,
New York, New England
on application.
Dates of sale : June 4, 0, 7, 23, 26;
July 2, 3;   Aug. 7, 8, 9;    Sept. 8, 10;
Tickets subject to usual variations of
route and include meals and berth on
C. P. R. steamers on Great Lakes.
Full particulars from
D. P. Agent, Nelson, B. C. The Dally Canadian, June >4, (906
Our Souvenir Spoons are the
Best You Can Find.
We nave about ���v> different kinds
in Stirling iiiiil Enamel, ranging
iu price from BOota to i*-' 50 oooli, and must of them are new designs.
lu Pins. Bracelets, Knives, Trays, Paper Cotters, etc., we hav
all tin' latest Canadian ami Nelson Bonvenirs.      If .von ere
looking for a Souvenir we oanuol fail to suit you.
Hail orders reoelvo prompt and careful attention.
f    Another Import Order    i
Jast to Hand.
20 lb. I
1     Fine  Ceylon Tea, wiu.j
5 Chest $4.50. X
*     Finest   Ceylon   English |
Breakfast, 2olb. Chest $6.50.*
Our own Special Blends,*
English Breakfast 35c, 3lbs|
for fi.oo, and 25c a pound.}
These lines are fust gaining
preference ovor premium teas
at 511 cents per pound.
Bell :
| Trading |
j       Co.       j
The Latest Modern Appliances
now iu use at this
Baker Street.     -     NELSON.
Dissolution of Partnership
NOTICE M hereby given Dim tho copartner
ship liereioforu miblslliig between tbe under*
BiBticil oe Grocery inercnauts ninlcr the ti nn
Dane of Toye & Benedict, al Kelson, B.C., Iiaa
been tins iiay iiisstiivct by mutual consent. All
debta duo in Hi"' said partnership nre to be paid
to ('. a. Penadlol nt tils store, corner nf foseph-
Ine and Silica Sts, and all partnership deb's to
In- paid by him
\v. J. Toye
Kelson, B.C , Juno, BUi 1000,
I Encourage
The Children
To come to my urocory with
'mamas messages." Here they
learn to gel the besl and purest   K'JOils all   llle   lime,
it will make them discriminating buyers when they grow
up. for buying the besi is a
valuable expei lew e,
If yon sen 1 ihe little one on
a message in ihis store, you
curt depend on th*' sum i attention 10 your wanis as thougtl
yon  came  yourself.
Send  ilie  children   for some
of the following:
DATHB,   n w   ami   delicious.
2 Mis. for 260
honey i\ COMB, i square
for 2BC
JUICY OttANGBB, 45c per do/..
Kmrlisb Fruit Props, 46o per lb.
JOY'S Cash Grocery
ir.Joupbtneaod Mm an,    Phone U
Ice Cream Sodas.
The Fines! in Ihe Land.
"The Store of Sweets."
Frails, Confectionery and
Ice Cream.
Phone 36. Baker Si.
NELSON1, li 0,
WEEK of JUINE 11th
Pollard's Lilliputian
Opera Co.
"Belle of New York"
Seats mi Snleal Rnthefurd'i
Cor. Vssmon *in.i Ward sit-^^t.*.,
NBLSOIN,   |��. c.
.1   FRED HUME, Proprietor.
.1 Scott, KaBlo: W .1 Nelson, Calga-
ry: I. u Uoneh. Montreal; S A skin I,
Calgar); Miss V Connor, Ottawa; Fred
Robinson, Fernie; Miss Jessie McLeod,
Miss Mamie McLeod, I' McLaughlin,
ymir; .1 Gourlay, (lull; .1 A London,
Victoria; .1 li Brown, Greenwood; VV I
Briggs, I) li Crowle, Revelstoke; \V 'I'
Choate,  Bholt;    I1   McCallum,    Qrand
(i (I Buchanan, W E Cooke, Kaslo;
t; Fluhra, wife and child, Trail; A E
Wimiis. Vancouver; VV .1 Francis, Mrs.
RoBeboro and child, Bonnington; .! C
liiii'ii-sne, I'ilui liny; VV T Stackhouse,
Winnipeg; (' I) VV Balleny, Durham,
Hiii;.: tl E S Smith, Cornwall: VV ('
Dalgllsh, Slocan; .Mrs il E Munioe,
Miss 0 M Bryant, Kettle Falls; A C
Gordon, C l.imlsley, Spokane.
Nell McUulre, I) McColl, Moyle; .1
E McFarlnnd nml family, Mrs. Aimer
ami children, Mrs. Wealley ami chll
dren, Republic; A Staple, Procter; ,f
H Graham, Ymir: A Milton, Crawford
Hay; .1 T Fraser, E 1'earle ami family,
Bonnington; l> M Stuart, Phoenix.
S Unwell. Winnipeg; .1 Turner, Australia; N (' Clark, VV K Hamilton, New
.1  Bowen, .1 Wilson, Trail; E P Cur
ran, K liainl, Bonnington.
Mrs. Itainie. Phoenix; C O Judd,
Bonnington; .1 Anderson and wife,
Michel; T 1) Roberts ami wife, G E
Adams, Knssfnnil; C E Weeks, Bran
Angus   McMillan.   Trail:    VV   .1    linn
kins. Thrums;  .1  A   Chlsholm,   Kaslo;
It   .1   Hani's,   SI,nan   City;      R   Fisher,
Shields;   VV   Harris,   Phoenix.
vv .1  Allan. Westley;    P   Craig,   ll
Dormna, Bholt; Sam Flelshbeln, Green'
wood;  E T Higglnson, Seattle.
.1 Swansea. Hull; .1 Ryan, Moyle; J
Mcintosh, Greenwood; .1 Fltzpatrlck,
Coleman; F Edwards, Salmo; E Mobbs,
Gerrard; ll E Smith, Bonnington; vv
Neelands, Kootenay Landing.
VV   llnnlain.   Winnipeg,     A   S   Lewis,
Fresh  Dominion
Creamery Butter
30cts. per pound
Telephone 101,
There wus ho docket a1 the city police court  ihis morning.
Rev. W. T. Stackhouse, Of Winnipeg,
superintendent of Baptist missions in
western Canada, arrived from the easl
lasi night, and left for Rossland this
Dr. E. C. Arthur, district coroner,
lefi Cor Silverton this morning to bold
nn Inquest on the d sath of J. Adams,
who was killed in the Wakefield mine
j. sterday. i
All changes ror advertisements must
reach The Daily Canadian business
office not lai* r than 10 o'clock tn the
morning In order to Insure Insertion
in the issue of that day.
Dr, Rose has purchased the Ray ward
residence, corner Bdgewood avenue
and Cedar Btreel, from <>��� W. Taylor.
The consideration is understood to be
in the neighborhood of $4,200.
,\i a general meeting of the Nelson
Cricket Club hold In St Saviour's mis
slon room, last evening, A. U. Cuppen
was electi .1 captain, P. W. Roll vice-
captain, and l\ .1. Summons a member
of the club committee.
The metal markets of both London
ami \i u Vorb today wire marked by
falling prices.   Silver declined 7 points
in London and G in New York: lead 2
[minis, and zinc !> .shillings, on the
English markets,
The funeral of Lo Yne Bung look
place ihis afternoon. Mis countrymen
observed the usual ceremony of scat-
Lering thousands of squares of paper
on the line of the procession to dis-
tract the evil spirit . who must crawl
through the tiny hole in each paper.
The weekly half holiday la being well
observed today. The Rocky Mountain
Rangers are out al the rifle ranges indulging in class tiring On the recreation grounds a baseball match between
teams representing the wholesale and
p lail grocers will be followed by practices of ih" cricket am! football teams.
The committee of the University club
appointed to consider further means of
advocating the endowment of a provincial university, will meet tomorrow
at 6 p. m. in Dr, Arthur's office. At
the meeting of the chit) Saturday night
tin' report will be presented and a paper on sociology will be read by A. L
Attention is called to the additional
notice in ihe publishers' department
of this paper ihis evening to the effect
that all monies paid on accounts due
at this office must be receipted for on
the printed forms of The Canadian
Publishing Company. This applies to
both advertising and subscription ac
counts.    No other receipts are valid.
Subscribers not receiving their paper
regularly, either by mail or delivery,
are requested to notify the management. This will assist the publishers
In making prompt  delivery.
Price of Metals.
Xew York. June 11.���Silver, fi-t 1-S;
copper, is 1-8; electrolytic copper,
IS  3*8@18  5-8;   lead. $5.75.
London. June l I.���Silver, 29dj had,
E16 16s; zinc.  ,L27 fls.
Report   Heavy  Gales.
Xew      York,      June      14.���Incoming
steamers from the south arriving today
reporl  heavy  gales off Cape  Halter-as,
with high seas.
Candle   Factory   Lights   Up.
Xew York. .Inne 14.���A. Cross fe Co.'s
candle factor] In this city was destroyed   by  fire  today.
The Store of Quality
We have just opened a shipment of
the famous
eel rrntn their faotory, anil nre able
offer yon nil sizes In a slrlelly fri nit
Largo size Ji.io eaoh
Medium size on each
Small size ;if, each
t'atmiia Cream io each
Roquefort on lb.
in h necettlty in every well regulated hoiru'. Our clocks combine beady
i��f iIc.-Ikh with iiii-nliiU' accuracy at ttine*keepeni W�� \n\ Ite inspection
of ouruloeki tbeyare hero in .-runt variety of atyh p from 8 ilaj strike
ninl alarm, at t't up to tho Que imp.irir.1 onei. We also have those
(ainoui i it tit* nit. mi onei at <>ulv ?t B0.   Come m today.
Pollard   Lilliputians    Continue    to   Fill
the  Opera   House.
Two crowded houses greeted tbe Pol
lards yesterday in the afternoon and
evening. During ihe four performances
given by the Lilliputians to date stand
ing room only has been available for
late arrivals. No company playing
more ihan one nlghl iu Nelson bas
ever before caughl and held the favor
of tlie public to anything like the same
The reasons for tho company's imj
ularlty are fairly obvious. Everything
possible, or even conceivable, is done
by the management to show tin children to the best advantage. The
young performers have perfect knowledge of the roles assigned them, and
enter into them with a,/.est and verve
often lacking in the work of more mature players. The freshness of grace
or' childhood also gives a charm to the
productions which a majority of playgoers prefer to the more faultless work
ni tried and blase actors and actresses.
The hill for yesterday's matinee was
"The Lady Slavey." which was successfully presented to a large audience
composed chiefly of holies and children.
In the evening "The Geisha" was
produced, und was the besl perform
a nee of the week so far. Eva Moore,
as the Queen of the Geisha, was brilliant Teddy MoNamara, as the China-
man, fully sustained the reputation he
has made in the earlier performances,
He shows promise of rare ability as
a comedian.    The choral work  was ��-x
The   [program   has   I n   slightly   al
tered.    The  bill   for  tonight   will    be
The   Belle of Xew   York."
Military   Inspection    by    Lord   Aylmer
and  Smoker at Night.
lsord Aylmer. Inspector-general of
the military forces of Canada, and
Colonel Holmes, 1). O. C\, will arrive
from the coast tonight.
The inspection of the Nelson company, Rocky Mountain Rangers, will be
held tomorrow afternoon in the open,
It weather conditions permit, other
wise in the armory.
In writing to Captain Porln, Colonel
Holmes suggested "the city park" as
the site for the review. Since Colonel
Holmes' last visit to Nelson the phrase
has become? one of indefinite meaning.
Captain Porln will suggest the recreation   groun*
the most   convenient
Tomorrow evening an informal smo
ker will be given in the armory hy way
of entertainment of the Inspecting officers, non-commissioned officers and
men of the company.
Democratic    Party    Apparently    Deter
mined to Run Him.
Hood & Teetzel
EC, W. ('. Iiloek . Phono 10
(Manitoba Free Press, i
While it In risky to nuilte predictions
two years ahead about politics In the
United stnii'H, or in any other country,
It begins to look likely thai Mr. Bryan
will again he nominated for the presidency by the Democratic party, His
very defeats, ;ik Collier's points out,
both in liis campaigns, and especially
in the convention of 1904, hnve left him
Btronger wiih tbe middle-western voters, who have always been tbe basis
of his strength, reeling thai he has
never had a fair opportunity, thai be
had more voles than McKlnloy in) one
election, that life insurance and other
corporation money is now shown clearly to have been used in large sums io
compass his defeat, and thai the men
who dominated tbe convention of i""i
were corporation servants, the Bryan
following is looking eagerly for a eon-
test on more even terms
Soda   Fountain
iu town at the
Hazlewood Parlor
Try our Double Jersey
A Fine Assortment of Fruits,
Nuts and Confectionery.
Plume 206.
There's Been
a Change
Bui we nre still doing Grocery business.
If you are nol our customer, try us.
We will use you right. Our goods are
always fresh and bright, and  ��� service Is unexcelled.   QI1 s a trial.
Successor lo Toye k Benedict.
('inner Silica and Josephine sis.
To Insure
Is Ihe title of 11 little book Hint
should Ih. rend by everyone.
No one oan afford to do without these
Those who wish the highest Bnocesaln
life will lind in thom Hint whieh will give
vigor of body, strength of mind and v. ill,
power to control self and surrounding
circumstances, and produce a personal
magnetism tbat will enable the possessor
not only to make friends, but to In 0 a
leader among men.
Price 2S cts.
W. G. Thomson
FOR   ��AUE.
Two houses on Lake street, in Rood
repair, of r, rooms and '���' rooms, for
cash, $275. Apply to M. Bcully, Baker
One I'iiln launch, complete; two-
horse power engine; boal house anS
berth.    Apply in !���>, ,1 Irvine,
The subscription and circulation lists
of The Dally Canadian are now being
compiled. The terms are 50 cents a
month delivered in the city, or $5 a
year when paid in advance. We shall
be glad to enroll your name. We are
here to stay.
Fit-Reform Clothing
Koine Clothes look alright when on sale ,������ ������
"dress pnr.ide," |���|| w|���.��� ,���,, tl) t|���, ,,.���,
show their weakness al once.
TEST oun OLOTHBfGi I'Lkask.
Emorey & Walley
���   JUST   RECBIVBD   CAWL.OAD   OF   rHg j
1 Standard Fumitii*e Comp
Complete House Furnishers and Undertakers.
��� Mason ali-.icitPiuw, wiiipieie nouse rur
��� 'MS' 'Mil   ,1 "   Mnlir,> .
J     Qlobe Werul !���' Bool CsM C����w ��< OlSoe Kuriillnn,
����>��>*���������� ^���.���^.������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������MM,I
MAM'l Ai"l put l:s OP   III!: MIMAW I'liitl,
AEltl tl. TRAMWAY.
Repairing and Jobbing a Specialty
Sheotinotal Work, Oastlngs, Builders' Material and Miniuu and Mill Mnnbltmj
1 illi.e and Works Fool of 1'urk St.
IMiono    .211-1,
rystson, 11.
The Nelson Brewing Co'y, Ltd,
Si i-i I -  ro 11. KKI.UKKhlt .V I
Brovron nnd Bullion ���|
MsiiiiliKtim-r. ,.)
Fine Lager Beer and Porter     [  Every Known Variety Soft Drinks
And the Celebrated " Red Ribbon Beer."
TBU13PHONE  No. 24.
P. <). BOX JIM.
|i|>A��%^^^^^^M^^>A^^iiM��V><yMM��M|i<VW>��WsVi��>>��<V^ mwaaw I
l E Ashdown Hardware Co., Ltd
We would Invite yon to insp.et our lurne and variitl stock of
wui,'���!y:.nii',,u;dr;i';;;'l',f;,;;'; Hot Weather Requisites
Store open troni T nm. too p.m. every dnv exoept holidnyMitui Bnudavi,
s^v^v^^-^-^ ^ D. A.  ISAAC J. A.   HOMEVMAN^��'^^^.
Repairing nndJobblnB cvncutmi with Deentteh.  si>u-ot Mai
Work, Mlnlna und Mill Misulilnssr.v.      Mnmilncl 111 -ci-m ol
Ops Cars, u. iv.   Contractors' dins.
M.iMit-r .,[ Il,i:l nnil
I 1.11,1 Sir.-, I.
Ti MprwiK I
1 u ii.,i n
�� Don't Forget we are
M For....
WKAKlNIi '1'llKSI-; (illODS.
Ssnvlna Maehlns Nssdlss Mu is Dossrt
Bswlns Maohlna OH IBs  * ..v.. Bottls.
Maehlna ituiu ,miu eaoh.
Have yon seen the Antomatlo Dron Head New Home for unreal
146.00.   ll is u marvel of simplicity.   Perfect in Bntab.
vary Uglif rnunmg,
Hlgh-Olnai Tailors
Baker Ht.. Nalaon, H C
Wood^Valiance  Hardware
Company,  Ulmltod.
Shelf and Heavy Hardware,
Mine, Smelter and Mill Supplies, Stoves and
Ranges, Cutlery.
Near Sight
Flljllllj iirnr flttliu-.l toils)'.
Men- tomorrow.
I'rojreM of n����r ���faht li d"' "'"���'".'��
et lillna'nesi,   Th�� flrnt stjn "! "'���'.rnll
Ihotl'd net I gls-ntod     BXAM1M���'
H.'K".       Our Optllisl Hi-I'ii '<< " '
tn-,i,iii' in every ri-sni-rt.
.IBVWSLLKB      lind      (il'I'IOW*


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