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The Daily Canadian Sep 11, 1907

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 - ... uxvaioiivi n-_.'V
Fiptt Chnts a Montb
Europe Housed Against
Gambling State
soitu AUTHORS ins
loau Carlo Described as  Source cf
Crime-Proposal to Buy Out
Reigning   Prince.
Iuir.1,,1.. Sepl    M     D.   Hiu  tha |H.|iu-
r sunn i" the contrary, the  bunk al
II irlo ban  never   been   broken;
ii ai present   there In  evtde&oa  .if  a
in,iv. in. nt     not     to   break   tho
mi. i.r r , I. salt up the whole guinb-
buUtutlon   of   Monaco,   and    Indian, tu ��u>" out tha tiny prtncipai-
_/ ItMll.    Several   tlui. h    before   have
(tutuns ajralnsl the Casino been start-
Sir, England, but the preaant
temwit In Inaugurated with  unusual
I Bncoeas, on  account of  the
m n.iir.   of IU   . hiiiniiions   and   tho
to the gaming tables that
liwh In tbe public mind.
rsoenl   murder  charged  to  the
is. If not     directly     irueeublo   to
I. Carlo (ambling, Is attributed to
. Uiflucni-o, and tt ib known that on
svery day the QooldJ ure supposed lo
I oMD cutting up the body and plM>
; it in a trunk a young  Knglish und
lean couple   on   their   honeymoon
rUtsd Suicide  b.-i-iuihe  of  loSBes  at
Bp. sklnjj of the Goolds, a
ktri? c.l. ir   ,f  u.e   London     Times,
|iUcjnjnier the name "Indlcus," su>'b:
7*. Qoolda,  1   may observo.    Ior    1
tre-tn    though     they     were     not
isah   il mine,   arere  the  lust   pejop*e
e would have thought capable ol such
|l< ���  ni  crime    the   inun   easy-going
1 amlai.l-. hla wife clev.-r. proud, but
JM bourgeotse.     Hut   they   were
���fasti desperate by their losses, for
|*omsii 1 need to see play dally, also
and the  people wiio run or
kilt by tin tab '-.-i uie morally respon
|li- tnr Ui.-s.   crime.,  an.l   the   govern
. ot Kur,,|M- ihould slump out this
il on our ci. rh/.iitiiin."
��� I. Its. In Which tills paraph occurs .hut began the present
I all muted such powerful
!���'- U II ��� ol ttal l'eiiiberton and
V ' thu The former writ**;
���Mta Carlo i tha haunt or every ad-
Tmim-r awl adventures. In tbe world.
|l�� astounding how muny big swln-
l Mil ihefiH have been plunued at
pole Carlo. The obvious curse of the
"�� ll lhat fuels go there to ttinke
pui'X out ot the tables, and rogues ko
p D Dak. iiuiiiej OUt of the fools.
J* atmosphere is most demoralizing to
Pm* People, who Ins.- Ibelr beuds and
' ***** of the value or money.    The
Ilooritlei in Monte Carlo do their beat
pnwrve order In the rooms, bill It
r*rlictlj- ImpoMlbl. lo keep out
rots of both .axes, Wherever you
���e tinri'strlctcri gambling you will
" ���** udanl crime. The suicides al
"" ' "lo I n urinl aa only a minor
1 l" ' -I Th. .viuiisi be thousand.
; in all purls of Europe
P*" 'onl.i be ,,,���.���,, 1)il(.k |o lhe gajab.
r '"""'�� of Mom,. Carlo, i am oon*
I"*''. Hun th. .uppreaaton or Uonta
oiiM prove a nobler und more
al work for humanity than the
pan. i-m.-tit ot impo..ible propo.ltlon.
It��� aagu. Peace Confat*)*,oa.M
���U Catna declare, thai tha plana Is
���w- Plague spot.   Ha suggest. Hint
Powers should ubollsh ll |,y eombln-
boy ..ur the Prince or Mon-
."M th. n reselling the bit of terrl-
> tr, either Franoe or Italy, on whose
P"***. n n,.s.   -n,
Una slgat
Minac, but with those of its victims
who might otherwise kill theuiBelvi's
to escape the consequences of their
folly. If a man Is "broke" he can usually Met money to carry him home, tho
Ultle "grub stake" running from ,-'">
to *o r.u i. Hut the tables pay for this
generosity, as they clear for their owners $o,000,00'. a year. Ab a matter of
fact, the chunces of the tables winning
are as 9 to 1, instead of til to .10, as is
��isua ly represented. The pulley of the
--7> '''-ate Is to exaggerate every stroke
'''!- 'ling to a player, and to mini
inlze -oiltB.    Hence the stories
of Lord tv. , and the late Sam Lewis
br, aklng the bank. Hundreds of systems to beat the game have been tried.
Hardly one or them failed to win a few
rnu' ds, and not oue but played out
sooner or later. Crime and disgrace
are the only certain results of a long alliance which Irues to the I'ahlno; and at
last Europe seems to be alive to Its dun-
Hint   for   Ottawa.
Now  Yc .k.  Sept.   11.��� -Dr.  Charles  M.
Fret*n]*jn.  lint-shun., of Mary  K.   Wilkin.*,
the qpreltst. htm been  arrested In  his
borne town of Mt-tuc.u-n, N. J., on the
Ohaifj* of nlillnp and abetting a gambling don. Dr. Freeman was a candidate
for the KepubHraii nominal ion for
mayor. Tt It* charged that he hacked a
"itl/en tif the town In a game of craps
against two negroes, hla object being.
li is alleged, to influence the negroes
to vote for him. The primaries were
held yesterday nnd Dr. Freeman was
not only helplessly beaten, but his arrest on the gambling charge occurred.
Dr. Freeman denies that he was present
at the game, and does not take his arrest seriously. He was held tn $500
ball for the action of the grand Jury.
C.   P.  H.  Propoae   Complete   New   Terminal   and   Erection   of  Million
Dollar  Dock.
Fort William. Sepl. 11���Comprehensive plana for the making of Fort William the finest inland railway terminal
tn the win Id. are now under wuy by the
C. P. H. compuny. For the past two
years the enuipnny has realized ihut lt
must have more room for merchandise,
more riiotn for ciuil and more room for
steel, for every fear, there Is an increased tonnage ol steel rails going
Irom the mills of the aaat to the prairies of the west. To meet this Increasing demand for room the compuny has
had engineers ul work for a number of
mouths, devising plans whereby the entire terminal at Fort William Is to bo
rebuilt. The feature of the new plan Is
that It does not take Into consideration
u single portion now in use. On his
last trip here Sir Tllomus Sbilughuessy,
the president, stuted that the company
would soon huve to consider the erecting here of a million dollar dock.
It Is already a reulity, and plans are
now under way Ior thlB Immense addition to the terminal facilities of Fort
William. All these Change, and Im-
piovements have been brought about
by the uattlral conditions of growth.
Outside steam llncB now hand over to
the C P. H. more than half of the merchandise coming through this port and
they huve brought the strongest possible
pressure lo hear ou the C. P. R. to
muku some change that would give
thuin better facilities and quicker despatch. At the end of tills season the
C, 1". Il will huvo live steamers of Its
own plying between this port and the
east, nnd next yeur another will be ud
ded to lhe Hoot, mnklug one every diiy.
In addition to ooal docks that will
bundle one million tuns of coal In a
season, there will be the freight sheds.
with a hundred feet of tonnage, entire
now arrangement of the yards, wltliotti
any consideration of either Ihe present
.had*, the roundhouse, the power bouse
or the machine .hop., now In that end
of   the   yards.     It also  contemplates   a
huge denning alavator at ioma point on
thu tivor.
    prlnepullty    con-
srpmro mllea, and practically
''"'ire population make, a living by
prm. to foreign visitors. The whole
r"""" "r s��-**ming Montl, 0arl |m.
*"or city, and j:ki..
Paid  by  th.
|*""����..g    privilege..     Prince     Alber,
.,, , "  ""''���'!    scientist,   and    a
P l'"l..r   ,���-���,,   ,������    without   gambling
!"""" he would   nnd   ll   impossible  In
Bob McPherson Threatens To Secede
Learned Member's Belated Strenu-
ousness on Asiatic Question���
General Canadian News.
1.000 a year bMlflei
flyndloate 'that  has the
|un hu int:,, --tata
Montreal. Sept. 11.���"Hrltlsh Columbia
must remain a white ca&nffl country,"
1s a sentiment that Robert McThereon,
M. T., Vancouver, and \V\ A. Galllher,
M. T. fur Kootenay, will place before
Sir Wilfrid Laurler in Ottawa today In
a pretty strong light. Hefore leaving
for the capital last night Mr. McTherBon
gave utterance to an emphatic denouncement of-the policy which permits
Asiatics to swarm into Hritish Columbia.
"British Columb a is to be a white
man's country," said Mr. McPherson.
"The majority of the residents of the
province are utterly opposed to opening
the gates wide to Japanese and Asiatics
if they find the government does not
step in and stop this immigration, there
will be some day another little episode
like the Hoston tea party."
Hoth M. T's will urge upon the premier the gravity of the situation, and
will Insist that Hritish Columbia remain a white man's land. Hoth declare
the temper of their people is becoming
ugly, and that I hough the rioting of last
Saturday does not represent the better
feelings, at the same time ii shows
what will happen unless the government
hoeds the demands of the people. The
attention of Mr. McTherson was drawn
to his comparison with the Hostonians
on a historic occasion, and that it
meant breaking away from confederation. To that be replied he knew whal
he said was seriuus and so was the
temper of the people of Hritish Columbia.
Ottawa. Sept. 11.���The Japanese dis-
tui bailees In Vancouver have given the
government considerable anxiety. The
matter was considered at a meeting of
the council this afternoon and afterwards tho following message was sent
l��y Sir Wilfrid Laurler to the mayor or
Vancouver: "His Excellency tho governor general has -Jt-arned with deepest
regret of the indignities and cruelties
of which certain subjects of the Emperor oT Japan, a friend and ally of His
Majesty King Edward, have been tht
victims, and he hopes that peace will be
promptly restored and all the offenders
punished.     (Signed)   Wilfrid   Laurier.'
Bud It is likely that
MWent the  foHy'" of" foreigners  he
<-P��va himw-ir 0r wealth and it*
���ion     ui  "''" or Wt-'---th and
T^rtttTE we nalural,y won
���an th,.  ? Iir wgement   that
|Hy nrnin-       . ' aml  ��W  WW��M has-
\ Pm,0Bt a*ttinHt any plan to destroy
on,y Ib the syndicate liberal with
Usual   Thing.
San   Francisco,   Sept.   il,���A   serious
rlo:  took  place early today at Twenty
Kourth and  I'tah streets.    \ number of
carmen     who     were     running   of   the
United ratlroadi Into ths barn at this
point wore attacked. During the fight
live cannon wore wounded, one of them
It Is  feared, fatally.
Auto and Street Car.
Plttshurg, Sept. 11,���One woman wafi
killed and four other persons Rorlously
Injured In Allughany early today when
a largo auto bearing the party to the
c.ly, in mnklng a turn, struck the street
cur, the occupants being thrown against
Beve.nl telegraph poles. The victim!!
Were removed to St. John's general
hospital whore It was reported lhat Mls.i
Melon Williams of Alleghany, died early
Toronto, Sept. It.���"I was overcome
by an appetite for destruction, and had
a desire to see flre," said William Alex
ander Koss, of Oenlson Avenue last
nielli, confessing that he had caused
tho flre Thursday which consumed police constable Young's boat house ut the
foot of Dttffeiin Street and |S00 worth
of boards stored Inside Komb is 2S
years of ago and a baker by trade. ���
Winnipeg, Sept. 11.���Sir Charles nnd
Lady Tupper and Miss Tupper have
sai'ed from England for Canada, and
are expected to arrivo In Winnipeg
pryingjopen the side window and knocking off the combination handle of the
safe. They Inserted dynamite and blew
the fire proof door from its fastenings,
securing about $20 in silver and copper,
change that had been deposited inside
the fireproof door.
Toronto, Sept. 11.���It is proposed
again this year that the garrisons of
Toronto. Hamilton, Hrantford and St.
Caherines shall engage in tactical ex*
erlces on Thanksgiving Day. The
g round proposed for the maneouvres is
Dundas   valley, west of Hamilton.
Ham Hon, Sept. 11.���John Holmes,
one of the gang of crap shooters, who
brutally assaulted Constable May on
Sunday, was arrested today, charged
with aggiavated assault, on a police officer. May Is still confined In bed as a
result  of the   assault.
Veteran   of   Mounted   Police   Mistaken
for   Bill   Miner.
Regina, Sept. 11.���The laugh Is on the
Reglna police. A man has been in
town corresponding to the description
of Bill Miner. He wore a tough "sheriff' hat, such as is worn by cowboys
across the border; he had a black stubby moustache, although it was apparent
it had been doctored with some solution or other; he had the rings about
his eyes, and his hair was streaked
\n ith gray.
There could be no mistake about it.
This could be no other than the noted
d< sperado, whose scalp was worth at
least Ave hundred dollars. Police Constable Hoggarth thought he could already (eel the crisp bills in his pocket.
There would be promotion too.
Mystery surrounded the capture. The
police had been seen to rush up the
street in a ouggy which they took from
Dr. Weeks, and the last seen of them
was when they disappeared Into the
basement of the Lansdowne hotel. Then
the telephone bells were ringing furiously, and presently Corporal Hogg, of
the Mounted Police, rushed to the scene.
Together they went to the basement
A tew minutes afterwards the party returned, accompanied by the supposed
outlaw, without handcuffs, and laughing
Th�� man they had intended to arrest
was Sergeant "Cocky" Bird, of the
Wood Mountain detachment, who is a
veteran In the force, and has for years
been down In the Houndary country.
He has been patrolling the Wood Mountain and the Big Muddy country for
Sergt. Bird celebrated the occasion
by inviting the crowd to have a drink
at his expense.
Aoki May Succeed Him a. Ambassador
���Wanted at Home Becau.e of
Expert   Knowledge.
Berlin, Sept. 11.���Count Inoye, the
.lapam se minister to Germany, has
mken hla farewell of the Imperial chancellor Prince Von Huelow at Nordernay,
lirepara'ory to returning to Japan. His
successor has not yet been appointed,
although It Is asserted that Viscount
Aokl. the ambassador of Japan at Washington, will be transferred hare. Count
[Soya Is reported to have a thorough
kn.wlerlg- of German aims and policies
which would make htm a valuable adviser nt linme. The attribute for which
he will principally be remembered In
Gerniank Is the extreme amiability with
which h ��� h is overcome all embarrassments. His most notable diplomatic
achievement while lu Berlin probably
was that ot imbuing the foreign office
with the lileu that Japan was quite
willing that Germany should retain
Klao Chott, the territory on tho Chang
Tung peninsula leased by Germany from
t'hlnn In 1898, because from the Japan
ese stanilpuint. so long aa Germany retains territorial Interests ln the far east
.-he can b" more easily dea.lt with after
th ��� Angl -Japanese alliance expire..
Winnipeg. Sept. 11.���At midnight u
consultation was held Into the condl-
t on of Chief Justice Howell, after which
It was given out that there had been n
slight Improvement which, It was hoped, might be sustained. Th*J pulse was
stronger. Th a morning the Chief Justice was resting quietly und there hail
been no chauue- Ho ia still ln a critical condition.
Un {tut, Sept. 11.���Tlios. 3. Wallace,
oae '/ tho oldest barristers In Nova
Scotia, died today.
Nlngain Fall., Sept. 11.���A trio of safe
blowers  made  a raid nn  Ihe Chippewa
bra..eh of (be Knyu! Hank at about 2.110
1 this  mi inlng,  gaining an  entrance  by
Found an Earthquake.
New Yotk. Sept. 11.���The earthquake
repotted to have occurred ln the Aleutian Is'andi in Sept. 1, news of which
has Just reached Seattle through an
officer of the revenue cutter Rush, Is
boUovcd to lie the "lost earthquake" recorded early In the month on the seis
mosraphs at Washington, In Knglaml
nnd at Ottawa. The Washington experts
nt the time figured that lt had occurred
about 0.300 ml es from Washington
nnd fr m the data which tho Instrument furnished Ihem bolleved that It
was In the region of Alaska. Their belief is now continued by the despatches
stating .hat the eruption* were ln the
Aleutian Islands off the  Alaskan coast.
Why Intervention Became
Portion of Royal Harem Taken on
Each Campaign���Military Considerations Are Subordinate.
Blow the Expen.e.
New York, Sept. 11.���Having failed to
Induce the city officials to repave the
block opposite his home In a style to
acc-.nl with his Ideas, J. Plerpont Morgan tins determined to pay for the work
out of his own prlvnto purse. Mr. Morgan's check for $1,200, which Is the sum
tho city's paving experts have figured
out that It will cost to repave the block,
hns been sent to the city authorities
aid lt Is probable that his request will
b ��� granted, Tho city wanted to patch
the asphalt pnvoment where It needed
repair Instead of repnvlng the whole
block, as Mr, Morgan requested.
Paris. Sept. 11.���It is little wonder
the French laughed when the Moorish
Sultan, Moulai Ab del Aziz XIV.. begged
them to leave to him the chastising of
the tribesmen, outside Casablanca. For
his Shereefinn Majesty's military methods, while unquestionably magnificent, are decidedly not war.
For one thing, money has been lacking. Today all that is available for the
imperial treasury is whatever may be
left of the customs revenue after the
French have taken up 60 per cent. And
even such remnant ts In large measure
stolen by the native administration In
all the ports between Tangier and
Formerly when the Moorish Sultan
needed money he merely sent his demand, to all his Raids or provincial
governors, from the Riff coast to the
mysterious and little known Sous country In the Great Atlas. Of later years
the Sultan's tax gatherers, far from returning with a rich harvest, have beeu
grievously maltreated. Some Indeed
have never come back, and those who
followed in their footsteps were shocked to behold their head, above the great
gates of tribal castles tn the hills.
Clearly, then, the Sultan Is obliged
to go forth pretty often to chastise rebellious tribes. And since the imperial
army is a mere rabble of adventurers,
that live by looting, a call for volun
teers is the first step ln the formation
of a mahalla or expeditionary force.
Each feudal lord Ib required to furnish so many hundred horse men, and
as a result perhaps 40,000 warriors o!
all grades are assembled in a vast tent
ed camp on the hills outside the walls
of F.sz. Among them you will find
tribes that bear deadly animosity to
ward each other, yet are content for
the moment to sink private quarrels In
view of the loot to come when castles
villages and even walled cities shall be
sacked by the Lord of the World.
The strange thing Is the absence oi
hurry. "Haste Is of the devil," says
the Moorish proverb. Two years ago.
when Morocco's finances were ln a desperate state, and a swift move on the
Kahamna rebels was Imperatively necessary, Adb el Aziz waited fully two
months at Rabat to witness the arrival
from Constantinople of some Circassian
ladles he had bought for his harem at a
figure approaching *15,000.
The moral effect exerted by the mere
idea of the Sultan on tho warpath Is
supposed to strike terror Into the fierce
lawless tribes that mako up the bulk
of the troubled empire. But tho days
when this wus to have passed awuy.
Today the tribes say simply: "Wehave
no Sultan," and the mandate of the
Maghbzen, or cabinet, goes little further
than the wallB of Fez.
For this reason a serious rebellion or
intertribal fight may last for months
before the Sultan's mahalla takes the
field to restore order. That army Is
supposed to hnve a Bprlnkling of French.
Italian and Spanish officers under Kail
Sir Harry Maclean, but these are quite
helpless ln the face of the lavish hordes
nominally under their command.
Years ago batteries of qulek-flring
guns were ordered by the Sultan's Hrltlsh rommander-ln-chlef from Krupp'.-i
and Armstrong's. These weapons have
been described as now being fit only for
a museum. The small machine guns
and fifteen pounder, ure hopelessly
rusty, and their breeches Jammed. The
only object tn taking them along at all
Is that the Sultan fancies (hey add a
new nnd mysterious dignity to his mor.il
Magnificent Indeed Is the sight when
at length the thousands of tent, are
struck and packed u,.on cntnelB and
mules, and the army moves forwnrd���
by easy stages, be It understood, per-
hnps ten miles a day, with long halts
for rest and prayer. It Is the Sultan's
comfort which must be considered rath
er than the expedition's success.
Over a hundred ladles of the Imperial
harem travel with the army. When
camp Is struck tbe chief eunuchs are
seen well ahead, mounted and driving
a flock of mules, on each of which is
balanced uneasily a shapeless bundle
of snow white wool and silk. These
are the ladies of Moulai Abdel'AzIz, and
not a man of the mahalla may mount
until  they are  an hour or  two  ahead.
But if this be absurd the arrangements at the next halting place are
more so. First of all high dignitaries
seek for a likely site for the imperial
enclosure. As in the Bible, lt must be
a high place, while the rest camp In the
valley  be cw.
The hill found, the next point Is to
locate the camels and mules beating
different sections of the vast white and
crimson kouher, or imperial pavilion.
To find these beauts an unpack them
Is a matter of some lion is.
Meanwhile, dozeiis of tribla! princes
and high court officials have gathered
around, each anxious for the honor of
hauling on the tent ropes of the Sultan's temporary abode. And however
long the construction of this may take,
not a suul in the entire army may attempt to pitch ca:np until, with cries of
Joy and reverence, the big golden knob
surmounting the central pole of the
kouher Is reared on high.
The Sultan's private camp I. a village of big canvas structures, the whole
surrounded by a nine-foot wall of the
same material. And tt Is death to approach, whether through Ignorance or
mere curiosity. On a hill close by are
pitched the tents ot cabinet officers, the
secretaries, and such Europeans as
march with the army.
All settle down as though on a pleasure trip, k Even the most despairing
appeals for aid from a beleaguered city
full of loyal subjects are disregarded or
waved aside with a placid: "Walt and
see how we shall eat the dogs when
we cast our nets about them."
Valuable Paintings Lie io
Chicago Curio Shop
Domestic Tragedy Made   Collector
Eccentric���Death Reported by
Dog, His Sole Companion.
All  Report. Indicate Splendid Crop on
the Prairies���About Two Weeks
Behind Time.
Winnipeg, Sept. 11.���The first wheat
for the season Is sturting to move and
seven or eight cars of wheat have ar-
ilved tn Winnipeg. Reports show that
harvesting is pretty well over ln Manitoba, and threshing is now in progress.
The wheat is of the best. Thirteen
thousands bushels of wheat were marketed yeBterday. and 5,000 bushels of
other   grains.
From Sept. 1 to 9th 51,000 bushels of
wheat and 27,000 bushels of other grain
have been marketed. Last year on
Sept. 9th 42,900 bushels of wheat and
18,000 bushels of other grain were marketed, and from the first to the 9th 555,-
000 bushels of wheat and 93,000 bushels
of  other   grains   had   been     marketed.
The cause of this considerable falling
off is the lateness of the season, which
Is about two weekB behind.
Lethbridge. Sept. 11.���Shelton and
Jenson of Magrath, threshed one hundred bushels of winter wheat that averaged 58 bushels to the acre. The wheat
Is an excellent sample, grading No. 1
Alberta Red. The farm Is just west of
the town of Magrath. Two other farniB
are said to have even better crops.
Chicago, Sept. 11.���Surrounded by
antique furniture, rare old books, and
paintings and curios from all parts of
the world, John J. Gustave Burghofer,
an eccentric curio collector, was found
.1 ad yesterday ln a small room In the
rear of his Old Curiosity shop, 34 North
State street. His faithful old dog, Blix,
which had been his only companion
during the last fifteen years, gave the
alarm which led to the discovery of the
old man's death. The dog, which Is
more than twenty years old, ran back
and forth ln the store, whining pite-
Back of the death of Burghofer, who
was born ln Paris 64 years ago and
came to Chicago from France when ten
years old, la a story of domestic tragedy.
He was married at Omro. Wis., in 1868,
and brought his young bride to Chicago.
Three years later, after a son waa born,
his wife deserted him and took the
child with her. She is now said to be
living in Seattle.
In a dusty old satchel, tucked away
in an antique cabinet, was found Bur-
ghofer's will In a sealed envelope. The
envelope was addressed to F. C. Bnr--
hofrtr. FaJrhaven. Washington. The
address Is probably that of Burghoter*s
son whom he has not seen since the
mother took him away ln 1871.
Burghofer's shop contains one of the
most valuable collections in Chicago.
Some of the "Old Masters" there are
said to be worth from $5,000 to $18,000.
It Is said he owned considerable real
estate in various parts of the city.
Dying to Meet Taft.
Merlin, Sept. 11.���Emperor William,
lt Is stated, will make a special effort
to give the American secretary of war,
Wl.lam H. Taft, a hearty reception
aud a memorable entertainment during
his sojourn here two months hence. Already the several officials who have the
arrangements In charge are holding
conferences on the subject. The emperor will probably receive Mr. Tnft at
Potsdam castle. Laudator articles regarding Mr. Taft are appearing lu the
Capo Race,    Sept.
11.���The Cunard
1 ne steamer Lusitania, whose maiden
voyage across the Atlantic is expected
to reduce all ocean recordB, came ln
touch through the wireless telegraph
with the American continent early today. At 5.20 o'clock this morning a
message wus received from the steamer
saying that the vessel was 225 miles
southenst of Cape Rt.ce at that hour.
The Lusitanla left Liverpool Saturday
at 6 30 p.  iu.
Too Realistic.
New York, Sept. 11.���In the dtt'l
scene ln the second act of the new play
'The Christian Pilgrim," now rehearsing at the Hudson theatre, Henrietta
Crossman, failing to gunrd herself properly, was struck on the head with a
broad sword in the hands of a member
of the company. Miss Crossman got a
scalp wound hnU an Inch long. The
rehearsal was abandoned. Miss Crocs-
man was able to go unassisted to her
London  Comment  on  Alleged  German-
American Undertaking.
London, Sept 11.���The Evening Stan-
dar, commenting up on the persistent
rumor of an agreement between President Roosevelt and the Kaiser for the
protection of the eastern coast ot the
United States by the German fleet
while the American fleet is tn the Pacific ocean, says:
"Whatever independence of action
may be exerclBed by the Teutonic War
Lord lt is scarcely consonant with the
Constitution and practice of the United
States, even in the dawning of a day
of larger Imperialism, for the president
to put the national initiative ln hla
pocket and decide upon epoch-making
International conventions without asking congress so much as 'By your
"Such a step would be sheer assumption of dictatorship^ and however sympathetic Roosevelt and Wllhelm may
find each other's personality, we
scarcely expect to aee the former assume the position, ln negotiating with
him of au equally unlimited monarch."
Parker'. Charge Waa True.
New York. Sept. 11.���A statement attributed to Alton B. Parker. Democratic
candidate for the presidency In 1904, Is
published In the World today, regarding
recent newspaper exposures of campaign fund giving at the last national
election. Judge Parker ln effect says
congres should have performed the service that newspapers are now assempt-
lng to do and that no man who is both
fair minded and Intelligent can now
doubt the accuracy of his famous charge
rei-ardlng campaign funds, near the
close of his campaign. Judge Parker
also advocates imprisonment as a punishment for corporation campaign gifts.
Tokio Not Excited.
Toklo, Sept. 11.���The publication of
extended accounts concerning the
trouble at Vancouver has not developed
tiny further criticism by the press. The
public accepts the outbreak as the action of lrresponslbles who must be punished.
Early Winter.
Fort Wayne, 8opt. 11.���The first snow-
si erm, lasting five or ten minutes, occurred here yesterday.
, v :
T> li- ti
"'..; ;..
*.;���.,. -ii
f i X
* w The Daily Canadian
i ���
:!%���      '\
!   i
1 fl.
' 1 ' p
���       1   '
1  '!���!'���>
j j
We    nro    now
opening npalarge
impotent of
Limoges Elite China
These   goods   are   assorted   to that   you   can   select   any   pieces   you
prefer and make  up to your taste.
Mi*fl-it*��t  Quality at  Lowest  Prices.
A carload  of
haa Just arrived.    These goods have advanced slightly,  but we offer them
the appointment of Mr. Graham on two
grounds, that veteran members of the
party were being overlooked and that
Mr. Graham was the only available opposition leader In the Ontario legislature. The president, Mr. H. M. Mowat,
K. C, expressed regret that so man*
papers on whose support the party used
to be able to rely hud taken up independent positions. It is just possible
that the Toronto News' estimate of
only four Conservative galas in Ontario
will ba found wide of the mark.
Story   of   Encounter   Between   Siberian
and Livingstone.
Imperial Bank of Canada
Head Offices   Toronto
D. E. WILKIE  President
Capital Authorized
...     4,830,000
Capital   Paid   Up   ..
Branches io 3ritish Columbia:
Interest  allowed  on  deposits  from date of deposit and credited quarterly.
ivbuson branch -J.   iM.   LAY,   Manager.
The Royal Bank of Canada
Incorporated  A.  D.  1869.
Capital -.3,900,000     Re.erve  Fund ��4,390,000
Unexcelled facilities for the transaction
of all  kinds of  Banking   Business.
Saving. Bank Department, and
Intereat credited Quarterly on
Saving. Bank Account..
on Application, in Large, Medium
Or Pocket Size.
Nelson Branch, G. A. SPINK, Manager.
Published six oars a wee. Dy the
Baker St..   Nelsou, B. C
Buoscrlptlon rales, 50 rents a monlh delivered
m th. ell., or 16.00 a year I! sent hy mall, when
paid Id advance.
Advertising rates on application.
All  mimics  paid   In   selll.-menl ot   The Dally
Canadian   aci-ouiils, either   lu. subscriptions
adverllslu.. must he receipted lor on tba prill1
form, ol  the Company,   oilier receipts
are Bol
Francois Collard, for many years a
missionary in Africa, told an odd story
of David Livingstone, the famous explorer. Colllard was Btaying at a village ln Bechuanaland. One morning,
hearing a noise and unaccountable agitation, he ran out of his hut to find the
place infested by the Makololas. under
Sebitoane, a mighty chief. Livingstone,
who had a sjambok In his hand, felt
so indignant at the pillage that, seeing
a man crawling out of one of the huts,
he brought down several blows on his
back, which made the blood start and
raised welts. It was Sebitoane himself.
He rose, seized Livingstone in fury by
the hair and threw him to the ground.
Warrrlors ran up and their assagais
were about to pierce Livingstone, when
Sebitoane stopped them, saying, "Let
him go, he is a Btranger and a white
man." Then, looking straight at him,
he said: "You have courage, you are a
brave man. Never before has anyone
dared to strike me." Livingstone then
understood for the first time whom he
had struck. "You are strong," he said,
and peace was made. Livingstone gave
money to Sebitoane and Sebitoane gave
Livingstone five oxen.
Seven years later Livingstone and the
chief met and joked together over the
incident. "You are a strong man," said
Livingstone, "to have taken me by the
hair and thrown me down like a child."
Sebitoane showed a scar on his back
and said: "And you fire a famous warrior to have attaoked all alone Sebitoane. who has conquered so many tribes.
Look at this mark. You are tbe only
man who has ever beaten me."
Nation Land District,  District ol West Kootenay
Take notice that R. 8. r. Smyth, ol  Procter, H.
c, occupation itunbaxmut'i tnv-noi to apply for
aspecial   timber licence  over the   following Se*
miii..>. I* lull*.:
No. l. Commencing ata pout planted near tba
ii..11 lu'ifi nil iit'f-n.s.1 ui Loi mi 8648. on Lemon
Creek anil markeii K. S P. Hmyih southwest cor-
narpoat No It thence 40 ehalim north more or
lent* to about midway of the iioutti boundary line
Ol timber licence No. Wtia, thence HU ohaltM .'ant.
thence 40 chains south, tbeuee 4o chains eaat,
theuce 4(1 chains south, thence so chains wait.
mure or less to the southeast corner o( aforesaid
U)t   No  2MH, thenee   40   chains   north. thanoa U>
chaius weat to the point of commencement.
Dated *��tb July, i��07. K, 8. >' hmyth,
Henry So-chert, Agent.
Nelson Laud District,   District 0l West Kooteuay
Ho. I
Take notice that J. U.K. Stewart, ol Colling*
wood. om.. occupation lumberman, lntandi to
apply for a special timber licence aver the following described lands: Commencing at a p >st
planted about '*."��� ehaius south aud lOchalni Walt
of pout No. 2, marked J. K K. Stewart's N. B. corner post, ihence south I6u ohaina, thonoa west to
chain*:, tin-lire   nonh lfU)  chain*., thence  cast 40
chains to place of commencement con taming WO
teres more or less.
July 24th. 1907. Jamkn K. F. Stkwakt.
Nelson Land District    Dlatriot ol Wait Kooteuay.
Take notice that Henry Keichert of Nelson. B.
G , prospector, intends lo apply for a special 11-
ct uce lo eut end carry away umber from the following deaciibed lands:
No 6. Commencing at a post planted near the
northeast corner post of Umber Lloeni e Ho. wbb
aud luarktd Henry Keichert northwest corner-
post No 6, theuco 80 ehaius south, ihence HO
mains easr, thence 80 chaius nortb, tbenoa so
chaina west to place of commencement.
Dated July 26th. 1907.
No. 7 Commencing at a post planted near the
northwest coruer post of timber licence No. 9J65
and marked Henry Keichert d. west eorner post
No 7. thenee 160 chains east, thence 4tl chains
north, tbence 160 chains west, theace 40 chains
-,.'������. li to point of commeucemeut.
Daied July iWtu, 1907.
No. 8. Commencing at a post planted on Monument creek about 70 chains more or leal from
where Monument creek emptlea into Lemou
ereek and marked Henry Relchert northeast cor*
nerpost No 8 theuce 160 chaius south, thence 40
chains wet*, thence 160 ohaini north, ihence 40
chains east to place of commencement.
Dated July With, 1907.        IUnky Keichbbt,
Nelson Land District.   Dlatriot or West Kootenay
Notice is hereby ai*...-:. that to 'lays after date
I intend to apply to the Ch
Lauds  and   works   for   per
I foil
immlssioner of
ni to cut and
>lOg described
���arrv away timber  from th
No. 4 Commencing at a poal marked H.AH.
N. W corner, -W0 chains eaat of the N. K. c. rner
of lol No 812, poat marked K *��. N. ��. corner,
thenee eaat BO ehains. thcixv south 80 chains,
thenca west 80 chains, theme north 80 chains to
plaee of commencement oontalnlng 64o acres.
No 5 Commencing at tbe N. w. eorner ol H
<k ti. timber claim No. 4, theuce north 80 chains.
thence east 80 chains, tbence south 80 chaius,
theuce west 80 ehaius to place of commencement
at location post No. 5, continuing- 640 acres
I. ti. m h��.! mekh< ,.*.   locator.
'���c   Huscroft, Agent.
Dated July 8th, 1907.
Ladies' New Fall
and Winter Coats
We are showing our firs* importation of Ladies'
Coats. The very latest and nobbiest styles in cloths
etc. Now is the time to make your selection when
stock is complete. No two coats alike, we invite inspection.
Nelson Laud District.   DllUlOl of Waal Kootenay.
Take notice that George Alexander, ol Kaalo,
B   C,   lulendt   to   apply   lor   a  special   timber
licence over  the   following  daaeribed   Unas:
t-ommencliiK st a poal planted at tba northwest
corner of Section i*. owu*-htp7, Kootenay (Ua*
triet, being about one third of a mile smith of
thesouih boundary line ��'f tin- Indian resetve;
thence  smith    abOQt   ���*&   ehains   to   the easterly
bank ot Kootenay river; thence i intheaaterly
along   Kooteuav   river   back   ahout ��) chains to
the south boundary of Beet loo 13, township 7;
thenee easterly about fto Chain* to ibe northwest
corner ol Lot wl; thenee uorth ho chains along
the west tmmidsry oi Lot 81-'; thenoa west 80
ehatnt to the point oi BOmmenoement, and containing 610 acres, mora or 1 ss
Dated Julv 4. 1907. ..m.kof A.1 -t*M>m.
Nelson 1 and District    Distrt. I of Waal Kcnitenay
Take notice tha.   1- ran   Mc I.-llamt   Fraaer,
Ferule, B G . clerk, lntetd-s tuap> ly for a special
licence  over  the  following   tlaaoribad   lands-.
Commeuein,: at �� pOBt planted about seven
miles west ol the Koou uay river, and at.out one
mile north of the ine.uttl-nal I oundary line,
and about oue ami h -ia: let nortb ������*��-.l* rl)- from
the uorth east cornet .1 timber lic-.u c No. Hur.7,
thence aoulh*' eha us. tbettoa treat80 chains,
theuce north no .ha.us, tbence east 8ti chaius to
point of couiinciict uictit, aud eouiakuilig >���.,.
acres, more or less.
Unrated l'Jth, of June, 1907.
Kvan McCI.KLLaM Faasaa.
Dated thlsHih of July, 19u7.
Nelson Land District. District ol Wist Kootenay
Take notice thtt Moor*;. Kepple .1: Co , of Garland, Penn., occupation lumbermen, luteud to
apply ior a tpectal timber licence over the following described land*:    Commencing at a post
it side    '
plsnted on Mosquito creek, *-u th
Arrow lake, and about oue half mile west, of the
southwest corner of timber limit No. 4H77, thunce
south BO chains, thenre west 80 chains, thence
north 80 chains, thenee east 80 ehatnt to point of
commencement, and containing 640 acres, more
or less.
Dated i-ib July, 1907.     Moore, Ki.i:i A Co
John It. ��� a: atlft, Ageut.
Nelson Land District.   Dlstrlctof LV- ,
Take notice that JahnftUtbWTITS
British Columbia, occupttu-o.i?" ��' ����-ica
ends  to .pply   for  permits!,��� ffiSff'JP!
'"'������"     '������������crtbeo-   land:   Coat*."*-"* '^
Mid rreek to point of MmmenaaMMtTS
tainlng *m acVet, more or tg     lBI lnl
Dated Juno 5th. 1907.
Wedncaday,  September   11,  1907.
Yesterday's despatches from Seattle,
Iry way of Portland, confirmed the sua-
ptolon entertained by many that the
outbreak In Vancouver laat Saturday
night wag not the gpontaneoua outburgl
of Canadian workmen, but part of a
concerted plan, a sequel, aa it were, to
the unprovoked attack on the Hindooa
at ItelliiiKham.
It is r*gro,ttable that political achem*
ers' Influence also Js obvious. It adds
to the dimmlty ��(f B ..oslllon which WW
already full of .iifflculUeB.
Of the three claUMtt of Orlenlals to
whose entrance objaotioni are t aised, only the Chines*- ure *���]�����'<���,li�� ally excluded
or limited hy act of tin* Canadian par
liament. The lllnduoa are subjects of
the Hritish Kmpire as much as ourselves, and the Japanese are alllM ol
the Hrtilah. and that alliance has been
specifically endorsed, by the parliament
of  Canada.
The analogy of the so-called "Natal
Act," which has been so often quoted,
Is (Mcidedly misleading. Natal Is a
Belf-Kovernlng colony with DO superior
authority except the Hritish parliament
HritiBh Columbia Ib only part of a self
governing colony, and the control of
immlKiation belongs to the Dominion
not to the provincial parliaments. He-
Bides, Natal has already a native Afrl
can populat-on outnumbering the British oolonllti by more than ten to one
To permit the entrance there of alien
unskllhd laborers to compete with thi
natives who have aomethlnK like a prescriptive right, would be to Invite a
racial conflict.
For many years the legislature of
Hrltlsh Columbia has been passing acts
yearly to try tO prevent the Immigration
Of any but Kuropean races. Those act*
have never become law because successive  Hetenant-governors  have  been  In
structed by the Dominion cabinet, by
Which of course they are appointed, to
reserve their consent to such bills. This
has occurred under four different Hritish Columbia administrations. It has
always beeu intimated that such action
of the Dominion cabinet was taken at
the request of the Hritish parliament,
but lhat the Dominion cabinet did so
instruct the lieutenant-governor has
never been denied until within the last
Some of tile garrulous Liberal members of parliament from Hritish Columbia baye been very conspicuous In protest 01) the streets against Oriental immigration, but not one of them raised
a dissenting voice when parliament ratified an agreement with Japan, and not
one has withdrawn his support from
S r Wilfrid Laurler In conBequeqce.
Meanwhile they have fomented discontent in Vancouver with the obvious
purpose of embarrassing the provincial
government, which, as every Student of
the Canadian const!,ution must know,
hU no mote power to control Oriental
Immigration than has the Vancouver
c ty council. The only responsibility
on either today Is to enforce the laws
as they stand and to maintain order
within the limits of the city and the
province respectively.
The Vancouver World's remarkable
"discovery" of a conspiracy may be dismissed as absurd on its face, nor has
the impartial and luminous comment of
Mr Josspb Martin, K. C, added anything to the public's knowledge of a
complex  situation.
A well-known theatrical man who was
once ahead of a circus tells the following story of Dan Hoone, who. ln his
time, was a remarkable tamer and train
er ol" wild animals. Hoone. an eccentric
individual in many respects, was a confirmed hypochondriac, and developed
a fear of bronchitis which in time grew
to be a downright mania. He would
enter a stage of snarling lions without
the slightest fear, but the Idea of sitting in a draught nearly frightened him
to death. On one occasion after an
exhibition with the fiercest Hon of the
aggregation attached to the show
wherein Hoone formed not the least attraction, he left the cage with the following obaeryatJoR.
".John, old man, this wf|l be the
death  of me yet,"
"You're not losing your nerve, Dan?"
inquired the manager, anxiously.
���You're not afraid of the beasts, are
"Afraid of those dogs," snorted Dan,
In disgust; "I Bhould say not! Hut theBe
cages are about the worst places on
earth for draughts. Some day I'll take
cold in one of 'em and It will be the
death   of  me."
Notlee Is hereby glren that the undersigned
have submitted to the Lieutenant (JoTernor-ln-
Conueil a proposal under the provisions of the
���'klversand hi reams Act," for clearing and removing obstructions from uOSt Kiver and Meadow Creek, in the Plstrletof We it Kootenay. and
lor making the same tit for rafting and drlr
log thortjon log", timber, lumber, rafts Mid rrafts
and for erecting and maintaining booms for
holding, sorting and delivering logs and timber
brought down said creek and river, and for attaching booms to the shore of said ereek and
river for tafd purposes.
The lands m be affected br said work are:���
Lots ������������/, hltn, am, and sub lot* I, r,. ll. U, 14 and
14 of LotWv7, Orobpl. Kootenay Pittrlcl.
1 !.. tolls proposed to bti ('haFged are such as
������ ..-. i��- n*i"l by thu Judge i-f the County Court
or West KiHitonay
Paled Slat July, lien
Thk ! vi rot.*./, r I-���...*, 1. I,e shuck A Mkhiantilb Co ,
Nelaon L-tud District. District of Waal Kooteuav
Take notice that Paul Augu*l Pauls* 11, uf Kit
chener, B.C., occupation lumberman, intends
to apply foraspecial timber licence over the following described lands: Commencing at a pout
planted at the Boutbwest corner of surveye-1 lot
nu-GJ thanoa south to the bortl    n boundary
of timber licence No. 7018. ...-i. - west to tbe
norihwett corner of aald timber licence, theuce
Mouth to the northern boundary of lot US. thence
following said boundary, .!-������;���'. lot wott to the
right of-way of the HriUsh Columt.a Southein
Railway, theuce following said right-of-way lu a
north-easterly dltectlon to plaoa of commencement, aud eontaliiiug 6*0 aerea. r
Take notl.-e lhat 0.0. Clara, ol Nelson. B.C.,
saloon keeper, intends to apply for a special timber lie*, tire over the following dei-eribed land:
Commencing at n p "l pl.inted on Morulnjt
Mountain, about oue mile west of Smelter (.reef,
snd 11 ' ���':���-...��� ' Clark's location for timber
licence No 1, and about one mile south of Nelson, thenee west H) ��hilus, theuce toutlT .*0
chains, thanoa aaat SO ehatnt. theuce north SO
chains lo place of beginning.
Dated July It'.th, I��i7. C. C. Clark,
I.AViii Booth. Agent.
Dated Julv 2nd. IW?.
, more or lets
Palm. AnoOBX Paclhos.
Notice Is hereby given that GO :.. - - alter date 1
intend to apply to the Hon. Chief Commissioner
of bauds and **-orks lor permit-stun to purchase
tbe lollowiug described lands, situated In West
Kootenay district: fommeixlug al a poal marked by name as initial post of the South Fork
branch, one hundred feet from the junction uf
Lost creek with the south fork; ihence oue-
111 art--.* mile to the northwest corner p*os(, thenev
ono mile to the uortheast corner post, thence
one-quarter mile to the southeast corner post,
theuce one mile to  the pl-.ee ol commencement
June 27, 190". Located by Wm. Connolly.
Nelson Land bif.tr.ci. District 01 W��j*t Eooteuuy
Take notice that Moore, Kepple A �� o., of (iar-
land, }������[.:. , occupation lumbermen, lntandi to
apply ior a special timber licence over the following described lands: CommeiH.-iug at a DOBl
planted OH Mosquito cruek. on lhe west side ut
Arrow lake, and at*oitt ot.e half mile west of the
southwest cornerof timber limit No. 4a77, ttience
north HU cbaint. theuce west an chains, thenee
south MU chalus, tbeuee east |0 chalus to point of
��� ..im.icii- ��� iw-nt ��� and 1 nl.taming t>4u acres, mure
or lets.
Dated 1Mb, July.liioi.     Mo*.mf. K n .������ ,. \ ��',..
John R. Calkins, Agent.
Nelson Laud Dlttrlct.   District ol West Kooleuay.
Ttke notice that I. ti. V. Wallace Of Kernle,
B C, hotel-keeper, intend lo apply for a hpewial
timber licence over the following described
1. Commencing at a pott planted about lour
miles west of the Koote uu)- river and oue mile
north of the international boundary Ifne, thenca
south Hi) (halns. tbence east 80 chains, tbence
north SO chains, thence wept Bo chains to the
point of commencement, coutsviulug t-tu acre*.,
more or leai.
Dated July HM. 1907.
2. Commcncim- at a poit planted at the north
west corner ol hrcatb-u No I, thece south 80
cbaint, thence west HU chtlns. Ounce north Ho
ehaius, thence east HO chains to the point of
commencement, containing Gto acres, more or
Dated July 23rd   1907.
3. Commencing  at a post   planted at north
ett corner of  loeatlou   No. 3,   thence   north   N"
irett HO cnalns,   theuce south Hi)
ant HU   chains   to  tbe   point ol
���ntalmug m-  acres,   more or
chains,  thcU'V
chains, thenee
'l Hit.' notice that 3o ilayt alter date J Intend to
appiv to the Hon the Chirf Commissioner ol
l.nti.l- aud Workr, Victoria, for permission to
cut and carry away timber from the following
described laud, in West Kootenay:
No. 1. Cotnme.H'iug at a post planted at the
southwest corner of ' un ������������ r 1 ]<������ n-. * .1'. thence
welt HO chains, thence south HU chains, Iheuce
east 80 chains, theme uorth HO cnaina to place ol
Dated May HI, 1907.       J. T. BcnnBat, IxH*alor.
J  W   i.'olbi'rn. Agent.
No.'J Commencing at a pott planted at the
southeast corner ol application No. 1, theneeeaot
HO cnalns, thence north HO chains, thence west ho
chalm, thence south HO chalus to place of commencement
Dated May 31,1907.        I   T. BrBOWt. Locator.
J. W. COLHUMN. Ag-lit
Mr. Bourassa'g campaign in Quebec
Is attracting ony Iohb attention than
Mr. Borden's transcontinental tour. The
supported of Laurier und Oouin have
ul nndoned     their      rash      attempt     to
break    up    Mr.    Bourassa's meetings,
which     are     always     crowded. Ills
attack Is directed chiefly against the
provincial administration of Mr. Gouln,
but he never neglects or failH to show
the ultimate relations between the Dominion and prov clal Liberal organizations.
The annual meeting of the General Re
form As Dotation of Ontario was held
las! week. A resolution congratulating
SI- Wilfrid Laurler on the recent ap-
p Intmens to the cabinet was withdrawn a'tcr protests had been made to
In the matter of an application tor the Issue of
a duplicate of the Ccrilncate of Title for lot W,
an<4 thu west hall of lot 21, block 01, In the Town
of Nelson,
Notice is hereby given that it ll my intention
to Isimic at tie* expiration o( one month after the
first publication hereof a duplicate of thaoertlfl-
cate ol title for the above lands, In the name of
1.yd la Shields, which certificate It dut-d the Vlit
day of Peccmher, 1900, tnd numbered 3'i91 k
"H  T. MacLeod,"
IMsirlet Registrar.
Tha Silver ami haa opaned under naw management. White labor
only employed. The beat 35 cent
meal In the city.
80THERN   d.   JEWELL,
In the Matter of    the "Land    Regiatry
Act" and Amendmenta thereto,
In the matter of an application lor the litue ol
a duplicate of the ('erttflcate nf Title lor Lntt
aTWd, -Wl, mi'l zio:t,   Oroupl, Kootenty   Dlttrlct*
Notice it hereby given that It It my intention
to Itsue at the expiration ol one month from the
first publication hereof a duplicate CertiflialiMl
Title to tbe above described lauds, ln the name 01
JftiocN Until*rl. k Robertson which Certificate It
dated the 9th day of August, IB9B, and lt numbered 1106-k.
I-Hiid Kea-lstry Offlee. Nelson, B.C., Hilt of
Auguit, 1*77. U.K. MacLKOD,
Dlttrlct Regittrar.
Taie nonce that John Host, of Fernie, B. C,
hotel keeper, intends to apply for a special Urn-
tK*r licence over the following detcrll*ed lauds:
1. Commencing ata post planted In the Pis
trlct of West Kootenay, Nel*on MinliiK DlTialOB,
on the north fofk ol the Mimth fork Ot Lost creek,
about OVe in ilea Dp <ree|t frorp when; tv/g foiks
meet and aViut six uiibts uofth of the Interna
tloual bounilsry I.luu and about twenty eight
milei wtisi of H'.otuiiaT River, thence eatt Ho
chaim, thence north BO chains, theure wesl Ho
chains to bank ot aald creek, theuce dowu stream
to place of .'uu.:. ������ in-lit.
J. Koaa, bosator,
2. Commencing at a pott planted at the aouth
west corner ol I. Koss't N<�� I location, thsnee
wettHO ehalns, theio-e uorth B0 chains, them,.
eatt HO chalus more or lest lo bank of said creek.
thenee down stream to place of commencement.
J. Rohm, Ixx-at/ir
8. Commencing at a post planted at or near
the southwest corner ol J. Hott'*- No. I location,
thence west HO chains, tbence south m chain*,
thence east HO chains, more or leat, to said ereek,
���heiiee up stream to place of b+glii-Uug
4. Commencing ht a poii plauted tt or Dear
ihe southwest corner of J Rott't No. I location.
then'-e eaat HO chains, thence .south 80 chains,
thence wesi W) chains, more or leat, to bank of
said creek, theuce up itream to place ul com.
J. Iti.--, Locator.
5. Commencing tt a p< st planted about two
miles south of the aouth-seat corner of J. Koss s
No. 1 location, on the north (org of the south
fork of I. st creek, and about four mi,- up
stream. I-orn where the two forks meet, theme
east 80 chains, thetic-- n-.rth SO chalua, theme
west HO chains, more or leaa, to bank ol said
creek, theuce dow n stream to place of ouiumeucc.
ment, .   .,
J. Il'i-"  Looator.
ft. Commencing at a poat planted at, or near,
lhe southwest corner 0/ J. Knst'i No. & looatlOB,
on Lost Braes, thence woit so chaim, ihence
north 80 chalua, thenoe BOchalin eatt, more or
less, to bank of *ald creek, theuco down stream
to place of commencement.
Located Bib June. 1907. J. Rots. Locator.
Daie.i fnlyttrd, 1907.
4. (.'ommenclng at a post planted at the northwest corner of Nn. 1 lix-atiou, thence north HO
chains, thence east HO ehalns, Iheuce Math -'
chains, theuce treat HO chains t o the point ol
commencement, coutainlug   040 acres,  more or
bated July -ttrd, llaTT
5. Commencing al a post p|antt*d about two
miles north and m mile east of the northwest
cornerof location No. 1, thenoe south ho chains,
thence eatt io chains, thence north ao chains,
tbence west B0 chains to the polut of commence*
DM nt, rontalnlug ��� 1   >:���-.>���. more or leat.
bated July Im, 1907.
6. Commencing at a post planted at north*
weai corner of location No .'>, th"il(e south Ho
chains, thence west HO chnins. thence north ho
chains, theuce east 80 chains to the point of eoro-
mencement, containing i'>40 acres more or let*.
bated July x3rd, 1907.       ^,
7. Commencing at a post planted nt the north*
went eorner of location SO S. thence north HO
cnalns, thence -.*������' -" chains, thenee south N
��� halns, thence essi ho chains to the point of commencement, containing -. i< acres more or lett.
bated July Bird, 1907
8 CommeucltiK at a post planted at the north
went corner of location No. A. thence north m.
chtlns, thence ea*t ��**i chains, theme aoulh >*-'
chains, ttience west ho chains to the j-ointof com
mencement, containing mo acres more or less.
bated July Brd, ISOT.
9. commeucnig at a post piatite.i atKiut 2
miles west of th-northwest corner (��f location
No 5. thence aouth HO chain*, then, e east ho
chalna, thehc- north Ho chains, thi-nce west K0
chains tO tha point of eommeucerjient. aud eon
tainlng_B4o acres more or less
Nelson Land Ptitrlct. District of West K(K>tenay
Take notice that William Audrew Kost, of
Fernie. B C , hotel keeper lutendt to appiv for
a special limber liceuce over the following described lan<lt: Commencing at a pott pfanted
1 bout aiz mllea WSStS( the Kooleuay river, on
Com creek, lu the Dlttrlct ot West Kooteuay
and being about ilx mliet uorth of the Inter-
nstl"nai bouudarv line, and tituale at the
northeast corner of William Andrew Rots' No
S timber claim, thence north 80 chains, thence
weat sn chaius, thenee south 80 cbaint, thence
east Ho chains, to the point of cummencement
I .������.*������ : July BBftL 1907
Dated the Hlh of Aug    1907
William Anobew Hoes
NeUon Land DlMrlct.   Dlttrlct of West Kt>olenay
Takeuottce that I. Kvan Fraser, of Fernie, B.C.,
clerk, luteud to apply for a special timber license
over the following described landa:
1. Commencing at n post planted at the N. K
corner about IW miles north of the international boundary line ami about 11 miles west ol the
k-. ��� .. .-. river (about one mile uorth of the
uorth boundary of r. 1, No HU7.!) thence (40
che. us south, the ace no ehatnt wett, thence 8U
Ohatni norlh. theuce Hy chains east to the place
of beginning.
Dated July iltt, 1907.
2. Commencing at a pott planted at the N. K.
corner of location No 1. thenoe south B0 chaint,
theuce east HO chains, theuce aurth Ht) chains,
thence weat ho chains to the place of   beginning.
Dated July xlat, i*��C
S. Commencing at a post planted at the N K.
cii-ni'rolksCtttloa No 1, thence north B0 chains,
thenoe east t>0 cliain*. thence south 80 ehalut,
thence west HO chains to place of beginning.
Dated July 21H, 1907.
4. Commencing at the N. E corner of location
No. 1. thence north HO chalm, theuce weit BO
chains, thence south H�� chalus, thence eaai ho
chains to the ; J>.> ������ of beginning.
Dated July "21 st, 1907.
'�� Commencing at a poot -.'.anted one mile
east ol the tt, K. corner of location No. 8, thente
south HO chains, thence west 10 chains, thence
north ao ehalns, theucu eattHOchalm to the place
of beginning
Dated July Slat. 1907.
t. (ommeiiclin* ut t ;������ ������ planted at the N. K
corner ol location **n ft, then, e south HO ehalut,
thente easl W) ��� lialn-., theuce liorlb B0 ehalnt,
them e weal MO I hallo- to tbe plaoa of beginning.
Datcl July tUt. 1-J07.
7. I'mniii--ticing ��i a poat plant****, at the N K
cornet o' o.-allon No ft, then-e u.rlh SO chalna,
thenee   ��� tu.1 10 ctatns,   then  e  south   HO  ihalut,
thenea aait *0ahaloi 10 tba y.-m-- ���>{ beBtuuiug.
!�����*������     Jul)  -1st, 19if7
H. ( "tnmiii Ing at a pott plaut-tr I >��� 1 the N. V.
eornei >f location No \ theuoe uui in BU chains.
thenc< wett i-Al chains, theuce sooth BU chains,
theuce  .-ast dot bains to the   place of beginning.
Dale-i till j  ���!>.., 19o. I    FBaaaa, Locator.
J' .1*. raowN, Agent.
sluing "to acrea more o
Dated July 24th, 191/7.
10.   Oommenotaj at
at    planted
No. B   Ihem
ho 1 linlti*. thi.ucn eaat ho  ciiaius, thence south ��t
chain",   IsBCSSa   weal  HO chains to  the   point  n>
coiniiHm lament) aontalntng MO acrei, tuurv or
billet) .Inly 24th.  1901.
11 ComaeaptM at a MM plantod alxoit 1
M inlb a west '>f the Uorlhweat etirtier of loi-alloti
No 9 ami about ^ mile south thereof, thence
���onlh Bo chakha. lhenc�� eaat H/l chalua. then.,
north ho chalna, thenoe weat B0 ohairo* io i)���.
point of commencement, containing MO �� r.a,
morw ni laat.
Dated fnlySttb, iwn
It. >'ommenclng at a ptiat pi an led at the north
we��n corner of location No 11, thenee north Ho
chalna, thenee eaat HO chains, thenee toi-ih h,i
Chalna, thenee west HO ehaius to the point of
corn in en cement,  containing   fito   BSfSBi   more or
baled July 1.4lh. 1907.
18. Commencing at n *roat planted at the north-
weat corner of location S'l II, lhei.ee north HO
chalna, Ihence west Kfi chains, theuce aoulh ail
chains, thence etst mi chalm to the point of
-outlining r>40 acres,   more or
Time Pir advertt-lng  extended by the a*.i-i���i,i
Nelaon Und DfBtrlSt    Diatrict ot West Kootenay.
Take BOtlOl that Thus K. h. l-ogati. of Bon
ner's Ferry, occupation painter. Inbtrida lo apply
loraiiieelal tlmta*r licence over tOS following
dcirrlfx-d lands: ^Ctrinmenclng at a post planted
on the sou'h side of Monndtry creek, aliout lu
mile* will o�� th*- Kootenay Mver, Ihence wtsl ho
chain*, thence aotiHi Ki .Imliii. thence east ho
chains, theuce nnrlh HOrhatns to the i��olntof
cornrnetiewineui, and containing M0 acres, more
or lest,
Datad July eth, 1907.       IuomaiK. L. Looab,
I eta.
Dated July 24th. 1W7
14. Cnmmenciugata p����st planted st the north
west v(��iner nf location No. U, theny*. south ho
chalui, theu<-e west an chains, theur-v uovihHO
'-litliit, thence east BO i.halua to thu poJnt of
cnmmeucemenl, coula|uing  B4o acrea,  more or
Dated July 2\\h, 1901.
18. ('ommenclng at a post planted about two
miles north of north west cornerof location of No,
11, tioie e south Si chalna, tbeuee east mm chains,
theuce north HOchatns, thenee wett ho chain*
to the i".mi of cnmiiiuiu-emciit, conUlniiu* 1,1..
acres, more or lett-
Dated July 24th, l��r7.
IB, Commencing at a post plauteil at the northwest comer ol location No IS, thenee nor t h HO
trhalus, thence east HO chains, thenee south HO
chains, thence west HO chains to tho point of
commencement, containing 640 ucr. s, more or
Dated July 24th, 1907-
17, Commencing at a post planted at the north-
wett Corner of lo'atlon No. lft, thenco north HO
chains, thenee west HO chains, thenco south B0
chalna. thenco east HO chalna to the point of
commencement, containing MO acres, more or
Dated July 24th, 1907.
18 Commencing at a po.
norlhwf at corner tif I oca" Ion 1
HO chains thence west HO 1 hal
chains, thenco Beat HO chains 1
mencement, containing f-4"
Dated July 21th   1907. B F. Wan
pin, led   at    tht
I''. II. ,11
thanoa nonh hi
10 the point of com
���res more or lets
rw.. locator.
I*. Agent.
Nelson i .noi Dlsir.it. Dlttrlct of Wett Kootenay
Take notice that t, Kllzaheth FerRuaou, of Nelaon, British Columbia, occupation married woman, tuiend to apply for permlaalou to purchaae
the following described land : ('ommenclng at a
!���"-: planted 40 chains weat of the aoutheait cor
ner of section 22. Township OS, Kootenay, and
marked *E. FVi N K corner," thence wett ho
chains, thence south 40 chaint, thence eatt au
ehalnt, thence north 40 chain* to the place ot
commencement sud containing 'i20 acrea more
lMIl JulV. A. D. 1907.     I''.! t -4TBTH  Fltol'l <������*.
by w. A. Calder, agent.
Nelson l^nd District. District ot Wett Kootenay.
Take notice that I, David Q KurU, of Nvh.,n,
B. t;., occupation merchant, Intend to apply for
permission to purchase the following closer I bed
land: t'timuieiicing at a po\t planted at thu
���pQtbweat corner of tectton 84, township c��,
Kooteuay, *��� u \ marked "D. Ob K.'t H. W. corner,"
theuce north ho eh aim, theuce eatt 40 ehalnt,
tbenoa ���oath *\ chauis, thence west 40 tdialm
the   ("��� :.t ������( commencement aud  1 ontalnlng
:iiO a--!.', more or 1. *���-
lftth July, 1907.
Dtvin O   Kuata,
W. A. Ca;rter, ageut.
Take notiee that I, Thomas Harry Wilton, Intern] to apply lor pcrn-taslo*. lo purchaae the |<*I-
loMing descrilx-d lajid: Couinien* lug at a pott
planted at the U ��. eoruer of lot Ml ami marked
IV a. coruei, tlteuce south IB chalua, ihenci
west lot-hnlua. tbence aouth ID chaint, ihence
west 10 chaina, theuce south 10 chains, theuce
wesl It) chaint, Ihence aouth In chaina, tht in <.
went lu chains, theuce norlh 4o ehalnt, thence
aaat 40 chains to point oi commencement and
containing loo acre*-, more or less
Jutie 7, iyu7 Iiioma* llKNMV Wri.ioN.
Wll.I.UH   M.o.*./.. Miii*.    Agent.
Nelsou Laud Dlttrlct. Dlttrlct of Wett KooUaay
Take notice that I, John l-aug, ol Nekton, H.( .,
net upatlon miner Intend to apply lor permit-
slou t(�� purchase the (ollowhig, descrlta'd lamia
Cornmeiicing at a poal plattled at the N K of
LotSOM, thence eaat BJ chaint, thence aouth JO
> lo.in-. theuce west '10 chalna, thence north JO
chalna lo |>o|nt ttf (*ommi*nceinent, containing to
 r If���
August 2nd,  1907,
John LlNV.
Notice la hereby given Hint t<* <W> n allerdate, I
luteud to apply U) the Uou. C'hlef Coiantittluuur
ol Lands aud Works fo* pormlss^u to purchaae
the following diiacrLU-d laud In .S cat Kooteuay
fllatriet. on wett aU-.re of Lower Arrow lake,
"���I ...in in j- I...i No- 4948, on thv *.-uth I Iteglnuliig
at a poat marked "Harry Mi-UmmI'm N K eorner
Post aii 1 - iaitled ou the ahore of Lower Arrow
Lak ���, tl the southeast eoruei of Capt Fosinnd's
��� f'.-t, Lhcuce weit 90 chalm, thence louth 20
"ha int more or lew. to the north boundary of R.
Fullraore'a I'. K . thence /��� trhalns eatt along the
aabi boundary to lake, thenee norlh along the
lako tbore 20 chains, more or lett to point of
May 2nd, 1907. J. D. Moors,
Agent for Harry McLead.
Melees Lsnd District, butrictor w--tt Kootessy.
'I age notice that tloorgo Hufut OSrtsr of Hlrdar,
(���ecu pa lion, brtdgetnan, Inlendt to apply for per*
mladon p. pun-hase the following deierlbod
land; ('ommeii Ing at rest planted at the north-
watt cot ner ��f ll. Rosa' application to purchaae,
maiked H. W., theuce norlh 40 chalna, theuce
eaat 40 clmlna, thonce south 20 chalm to A.
< urry's pre-emption, thenee west '20 ohaini.
thence south 20 chains, thence*eaaa*-l0 ehalns to
place of oommenosment containing I'JO acres
more or less.
baled July 12, I1H/7.        riaonoa Hi ki a (UBTBH,
W. J. BcoTT, Agent.
1, the undersigned, after 10 daya intend to apply to the Hon. thu Chief < onimlaat. r of Untlt
and Workf to purchase the ftdlowlllg dotcrlta-d
and: (.ommenclUK al the N. E. ��:. of l>ot 7689
n I , thence wesi nt chains, thenco north 20
chalna, thetice east 4o chains, thence aouth 20
chtlns to point of commencement, contatnlni B0
acres more or lest.
Located March 28th, 1IW7, w. A. Mais.
Job* Pmiliht.
Take notice tbat 1. Arthur 41��z Piu*htr.M .
tend to apply lor permission m wiSBffifi
lowing described lauds:    Comni.*n.-ins .,     "'
planted at the N. K. corner of Sn 147 f',\l**
Taxe notice that I. William K. Jtrrn ir���w
to apply for permission to purcbi**. tkt Sl^
Ing described lauds: Comment-tux at ,nS
planted al the H. K corner ol Utirf aaSatS
<d   northeast
���   -, BD.l 0|-|,
corner,   thenee   **.-.��� .  rTT:'  \
Ihence south 40   chalm, ihenc-. et��i to SB
thence   north 40 chaint to  point ol taai2 '
ment. and containing HO teres nnn or i-T
Juue 7. 1907 WlLLUS KuiaiuJiira
Neltou Land District. Dutrlct af WaLBfaSSS
Take notice that Frank MaTJooald, frttaaa,
British ('o)umbla. ��<*cnpation roiorr ItSasB
apply tor permission to purchase the UktS
.!���'���. rltx-.l landa : 4'ommenctng tl a MM ��9
on the north bank of I...-1 creek an.. SSS
mile eatterly from the Junrtlon nl b��i -*-*
and -slmi.s river, in the Nelson land b3
theuce north A0 cbaint, tbence east Au ��� u-j.
theace touth BO cbaint. thence weit ��� tatSai i
potnt of comment-ement,   tod   conuialm��
Fearx gcDotiij.
acret. more or leat
Dated June 6th. 1907.
Htxty  dart after date I intend totp*>:T��at
Hon. Chief Commluloner of Lan-li ��:��� 1 i.-ti,
Victoria,   B. C ,  to purchaae tbe tolloaiu i*.
scribed land, situated lu the Wett EotMujta* I
trtct:    Cammeuclng at   a   post pita**-]   iu
weat side  of  Kootenay   lake, Bear Uliuxtta f
point,  and  marked  J. McKlunoa'i H L *>*nir
poat,  thence  weet 80   chain,   nin . : ",i .
chalui, thence eaat SO chalm more or m waa
ahore. thence along lake ihore to NlatSSat
Dated April 4. 1907, Blgncl J McKinca
Nelaon Land Dlttrlct. District ol Wt**tK-Mtav.
Take notice that Edward Fratft.of MSB
Moutaua, U. 8 A , occupation wool kcraa-
teudt to apply for permlattoB to pun-taatt
lollowlna des*-ritK''i land: Comn*or|jujlt
p<9it planted on the weet *!��..,��������� .-f I'; --��� BiaV-
stian (i an 1,00 j lake, and at the aoQtbttiirorMi
of Lot HISS, theuca weat 20 cbalm. itiamcttt
AOcBalni, thence eatt'JO chains, tbiartK.taS
chalna, tbence eait 40 chalna, moreMtBBSftS
weat shore of t'pper W httshan (t'tribec'iltBt:.
thence northerly and weaterly a.,.ii| v.. ��c
shore B0 chains, more or lett, to polnlot ��������
mencement, and conUlnlng SJU arret. *-*�������� I
Mar tftth, ian. idwaid aw
Blxty dayi after daw. ��� ictend u. up, .1 wu-.- |
Ion      ' '"'"''
daya _	
Hon    Chiel   C.-iuinla-]   ner ������( 1 at* .:.: Vsrtt
... ���   tkw follcwlai fc-
for permlttlon to pun.
scribed land in Wett Kooteaty district: ��� *-
menclna it a poat marked A. C, B'l aorlkwt*
noruer pott, running 40 chains tsafttrtj *-->t
the boundtry of Timber licence No-aft* M
toulberly 60 chalui. thence wetlerlj # rbiiat
tbence northerly '���*�� chalna alting IticCP.**
track to the place of commencement, raattUlS |
two hundred a. rea, more or leai
l-H-tkrd thlt 9th day of May, 1STT.
A C BiaK.LMtM.
Notice 11 henny given that�� danaherSSn I
Intend lo appiv to the Honorshle the ��� .IBKar
mlaaloner of La ad a and Worka lor MBM
to purchase taa following diaeribed atMdSBJI
In Wait Kuutenar dlatrlct: cotBtftw-ini .11
pott phtBU d at the wett boundary ft "S mm>
and aVotit 10 ehalut aoulh uf JteMBlfa MM
of the right -of wa. of the B. 0. BattUktTB Wj
way. and marked P. A. F'a souihi-iii tSSJ
thence weit loo chatna. thence north wUSffl
boundary of the rlghl-of way el �� i:.N.aSBI
railway, thence b-llowlng aald bottSdMf 0*9
right of way In an eaaterly dln*etk>n to lb***
boundary 0| Lol Mi 01. theuce aoulfc wp*a��"
commeaoemint, containing lit) acrrs. tu������
Dmtad thlt 14th day of Jane, l��r;.
paut. aSSSat P'titoa.
Dlttrlct td WettV-aitM-*
. .1 paaaen.j(8
ipatlon   lumberman. IdWJ
toappi* tor Dermlaalon to purchase �����>"���
1 led   landa:     Commel eing  ���� *
.,���, UalUag I
,��,..,, >,..,,.. i>.,,..... ���'i'fta'gj.jsrsBW
N,-l.i,11 lan-1 Dl.lrlc
Take laullc. that Paul Au.usl I*.
diiui-i. II   '       u,-r,i|,attoli  luaal'i-r
laaapiilT tot p��rml..l,ii, lo pUtf
In.   -I,--,, rl I,.-.!   h, ml.       ' <���']ii:>
|,|��nli-,l at   lll.Siillin   UlU.lil
way   ot   tin-   Hrltlah   I'olun
way ami a.a.tlt lit. .halua wis
.'���.' ���," s.i'l ral.wav, lh.-no* so	
iiimi n ,-lialus. lbt-in-�� soulli M rnsn,
,-asl IO 1 lia.ua. I hi-  Iiortll to III. 10a��
.r,olH,.rl��hl"lway ol ..������ lliuiij* < ""*
r.nui,,.,,,   Kallway. ihturi- vu'slvt.- an���.
sal.l rkfl.l-<>l-war ti> p.a.'C "! .-..mmrnrimfrrl.
Ikalan mis -Jii.f day o! Aii.u... .'���"���
Pan a-sTwfi *****
Nirlson l^urt Ill.trlrt  Iimrli'l"
Ws.l K��<��"
Tak. na.tl.ia tlial -alwar.l MM"J^Bl'^S
l.ll Columbia. *< patlou. mln*r. at" ����� ,i
ily lor paMsilulon  lo pufebaM."JJrjffij
'    l ���      '     Commiui.-lmi al ; l> ��� tf ,
Sly lor pa.
,-s. rll^il lanu. .   .
on lbo north li.nk o! Ix.1 aiw���;��K -*J
piU-a *asl��rly  Irom  lira. Juarlloii nr �� u
am! Halmon  rl    -   "    "     *"
Hi,-mi'   north  Ao
.risk,'alalM IMS
- 1/1.1 '"*;
crwak, tin-in . .*.'
01 cmam*ni ie.ne.it
mnn or 1,-ss
tiaici .inin- Mh. lam
li.liis.  IBUM WT
1,1SS. IS J
thanoa south m ohalns "' "r  <<���"���    ������i
I lollow.n�� sa.il g**��gl
...    .~a   ,'olltalnln| ���* **
N.laon l^nd Dlalrlrl. Dl.lrlOol Waal Ko"-"*'
T.k. BaU,-. Ih.t <!-..*����� ��'��'��.;... g
Molilalia. I! H. A., ��~"r'' ''.",,, rtisasl-*
Iru.ls to .pply for p.m.la.1 ';"'"���;������,,, Ml
lollowlng ."..KTIbart '��"''v ','","'nKir a*'1'
po.t planusil oa Ih. Wat "';'���.nhiMlw"'.
il,.11 (larlU.o) lake, an.l al *������ ,,h"���, ��,��ik
"'"1. II
Ine Wl acros' mora or loss.
Hay jaili. I'.siv.
shall l-arlla.o) la��<i, an a "> "���- -- TkaaaaWlB
o! 1 ol alW, Ih.noo w��sl Wl "J*l""i " ������rik *>
10 ..Ualn.. Ihenro ..sl *> <���**<"'��� ,'.'"1Z runUU-
I'halri. lo polnl ol cominonoeniiiui. a
�� ����!..o. that Walt"  "-^."n...uiSj
Tak    _
Montana, U.S. *
running north lHlir.nlB.
III.U.'ll   ..nam   *"'   -���** ��� - -. ��� .
nlaia. ol lommonioiimut     .__���. a.B��"w'
AuiuatU.ai.o--i ���*"���"" The Daily Canadian
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The BACON We Sell
It Gives Satisfaction, Because It Is Lean, Thoroughly
Cured and  Smoked.    Our Mams Are
Excellent  Also.    All   Are Canadian
Goods,   l'ure Lard in All Sizes.
P. Bttrns & Co., Ltd.
I Nelvin latin-i Dial
liistrict oi Weal Kootenay
\\ Lilian.   Andrew   Koas,   oi
I  ., ,!,���[     *A' ii    lrlf'l    AIl'IICW     liiu*-,     ill
.....,!,',. in!....d�� la.  apply   (or
1*55". nir lloaaoa otm th. lolluwlu. taa,
|"!,��� , '"oimm.ii'liiK a. a post planta-al abo.it
I.1' . .-, . -.1 ..I..." K,...la-nay river, on I'oria
l*",mS" ��� District "f Weal Ki...l-iiar. an.
12*?.' Li .., mile, north nl tb�� liiu-ruallam.
IbelaiaMi   ... au W(.��� ���, ���m
It-viLilaiy'.rae, an., aw.,. .   ,.,,_,���_
..i     Ihenoe   suiitli  so arlialns,
"ia-   nortti*WI i-halns.
.!,. ii. potnl i.l riimmeni.-ariiii.-nt
I boundary
��� ibeQW i'S��l  *'
I ...'rnVireor le_.
Loutui .'...' Jun"' v*"-
v. > r.���iiirii!i. rriar st a posl planted at the
I 'hi*,��� ...I".!"""1 Hoa.'No. I claim.
|?"'h* ' "''hall... IhaOB. west *> rhalns,
R' .nr/h ��i chain, thenoa east HO chains,
I r.-r.ii/.,,.���.-ment. anal cont.lnln.
MOicre.. m.-re or leai
.petit*, lftth June. 1907.
::  lag  ntapott   planiod   ehnut
i-Vmiies w.-M   "'   the   northceil   corner of \WI-
i^rvS'N'- - ilehn, U-ence south no  chaint.
riVaati"' chaini    thoOCl  north  BU chnlua.
...-!* to tbe potnt Ol commence*
u i eoBtalnlng 640 a nrea, more or leaa.
,.^i tftth Jnne, iw/J.
\��� i . ..i-ir.iMi. :��k al at a p**t planted at
itaaanliww"nier ol wuiimi A Boea* Ho.j
fciim. tn.n.. doi '-��� -��� ehelna. tbenoa weitw
^Si Utvenci math n .bams, tbanee eaat no
ttiai to the point Ol i  .inmcncemcnl,  contain*
��� M a. :��� - taon ot less.
miad lftth lane, itw7.
ommtnclna at a post   planted at the
o-���>...���. ..���::;��� I   il WilUajm A. Kosi' No 3claim.
rm saQth SO chains, thenca west bo chains,
n.-e north B chalM, thence easl B chalna to
epoint uf Bommenoi ment�� aud containing &40
fcr��,roorf orleat.
[ L-xaied 1Mb lune. lftfi.
j t-fommctictiit! ata poit planted about
I��� .-. vest ol thi northeaat corner o( Wil
ii a.** Ko ft claim, theuce south BU chains,
Mtttti to chaint, tbenoa north ao chains.
Mtvattl chaini lo tbe point eat mmmeuce-
/. ud eoDialnlna ���>*���' acres, more or lett.
ma, wtn.
,. DCina h( a post planted at the
tonbtrttt-orn.r of William A Kota' No. 4J.-la.ro,
tnorUi **. ��� iiains, thence eatt bo chains,
fc��i��*o-it!i BO ehalnt. thence west ho <*halns to
tain, ol *umm-ti "'.n- nt, and containing BIO
L- .
|lat-rat>d 15ih June. 1WJ7
Otaamenelni at �� post planted about
ldu.siH>:ith nl Uiv   northwest corner ol   Willi -. k, .. So ' . ...hi. thenee north wt ohaina,
S-D'- rati    bi  .-   thanoa wnthau chains,
aptkCsi-ut *-i rlmitia to the point of cotnmence-
a*oi, u 1 eoataJiiI "jr ''I'1 acres, more or leas.
IU'***"! :'.Ui June. 1907.
P ommi ai ing ��t u pott planted about 40
^tlaiMath nl th. northwest corner ol William
[ toai No. is claim, theuce Ninth B0 cbains,
jMMWtttS.cbaiai,   IbettCl  north   HO chtlns,
psstasitto chalna to tbe potn- ol ossuBoaos*-
lecr. ���*.���.���! ii.rii-ntiiiiK ..I.. aofeSi more or let***.
?ated lith Jane, an.
Commanclng at a poal planted alK-ut
'-mils. v��t1 ol tb�� northeast coineJ of Willi A, K.*av No v rltlm,thenoa south m chains.
�����n**�� tutS ehl Ut, tbence north wi chains.
Vat** w.-at N3 cbains to the pt int of �� onimeucc-
Jtiit. ni.! c..!il��irilui[f.|.i acres, more or leat.
������- iti  ith J1,:..-, Dxn
Is        DoDunan lug at a i��ist planted abool
Scinu;*-�� *��������.] ���| i in- uortheatl corner ol William
IImim' So. -j Claim, tbeOOB north so chains,
tcm-itaaft K) . bain*, tbence south M0 chalnn,
�����Dr*��-ett hOrisliu U> the point ot commence-
-*fctnsr..l aoiii-'tniiii'i.ii. aotea, more or leai.
"Telea lSlli June, ivtrj.
P" 1-' Oosuaenclna st n post Mauled about
J *~haina tenth nt ihe northweat corner of
���Uitm a. Eott'No   M  claim,   tbence south 10
itnot ���* m m ohalna, tbenoa Dortb mo
. chalm*   to -,*olnt of coin*
tfti.-m-tit and .���. .iitaltiing W0 ichm .more or lesa
f.w !---'(',*m"i',iiciul- Ht a post planted aboul
[rUiNi*.,;!!, oi  Ho- northwest cornerof W'll-
n a ian  Ko, to claim,  tbenoa  north to
i',;'vti'     ���*<���*.   W|  ehiilrfa,   thctice south  B0
���uu tanraeaii lOcbalm to the potnt ol torn
r",,'"i-*.u-,i 1.1.main tnK mil acre, more or tSSl?
faWUili.-.thdty o| July, 1807.
WiLl.utt AKl��a��w   Roat.
llaun Uml Putrid.   Dlttrlct of WSSt KoOtOSay
d'nr-tir,.,!,,,., ,l. U.K. HU.warl, of i.'ollln**-
^^Dl, occupation himU-rnian, intends to
KaslSKW tt?btr "���'"""������"ver the fol-
..." ibed landa; r..nuneniioK at a post
���, ���-eain h Hon,-mile   south
I,      biRlT��' "eai the head watera of Urea-
i\ in ��� 1*ri"' J K- -������ "-lewerl'i N. K. Angle
���ai'ns iV.V 1""T'' "'chaini. tboojj west ��t
���Jm     ,,,.,. Math80ohaina, thenee  weal M
C '" "'"  v"���,,,1   ���'- ��-l'��H>a. t >C t   MO
t " """*- iioril, i.', ���i.ain,. ih-nce wett JO
��� itm.inorati       ' "'���""������ti'-euient. conttinlng
uViV!^' Vm     ' ia��.wK. H  STSWAJR
P'H U.,.1 DUtriot,   iMltrlct Of Wet Kootenay
|��^n,ti1,.,,,a. .1 u. V Ht,wart,of folllng-
TOaOTa'��rl-Pi1?tl ''"'tbeimaii, Intends to
���ii't 1. ,,"',,'' lll"b,'r -loSBBS   over   the fol
>����� ."miii, ��,""' I'""1' "'"l" ����' ���"> chain.,
Baa ...in     r   ';'...".���. Ihence   ��a-sl ai chains.
P����sniiti    ���!    ,'"'""'' l.icni-e  ���a��i an cnalns,
I"1''"HaI.In. ���',,' '"   '""���"  "'  n.ncliae
l��'01  .    sn" '���"""r"*,'n��r,i.,r less.
I ""....��n. Jam. | k hh.w.kt.
^U.Hl.lMr,,, mslrliinONcKoolenar
���'���'..���.���ii 1.,'ti,',,','',',,,'"1"''. ���*"""'���'" "POltana,
,lfc,1����ia-   a    ,.    " "'"  toliowlng ,ic
l"��*..�� .ra<.r, I, ���| ii,' "''"��,l:1 " l"1"'- plauteil K.1
J,""nr.lsrv I a. .,.,,' ,r ",' "'" ""r,h ''"���"< Bo.
��� '"I'ls-illirin V��� l\\ ,    .""   .".rlhca.l corner
'".i  "l' ,-l���l,.',        '���''   w,'��l��"  chains,
nl.is.1 ,'lL        ,''",'' """' Ut chains,
!��!*'.'l .i.lll.l ili?i"���,*"  '"'hl1 "' ' inclli-c-
'ill an, psi"    """�� ''." acres, more or !,.���.
Jamks Kk.th.
Bl.r'11 I
,     "k.tl
��!""���" c I ".",,��� A',""""���"' ...Heap,,., ���!
Sl"" lli'Hl.-. ,,',"" J" ",' *"l �� <"< a i|.e<-la!
Ms; "    "UT    ��,���  l���l|������.,���K  ,,,.K,!r,|,l,,1
'   '-ninmeiiein,, ���,
,u"'"'," 'Ui leaL"!?!','""""''1   "l ""' ''""-
I?,.' ""���> llr-ii.-,,nr.i, .,, ".'" ****���  tntb Uie
:i"i. ��        ,    chains, ihuiirj. west
���fJJS """'��.nn.UK. iriintaliiliiK
����tt, 11.17.
li "m",I';."4'''.""^''"n the hank
���na,' wi     , r**fl about four miles
iiM," ','":����� "r."'    ','..^'","7""'l!'""'"
a 7  '.niliis. ih,.,,,.,        . ".'clialiis.  thaiamo
I,* '""iKhiiiliii, ,',,,���,'","' "'..''hill,,, u, i|���,
Bout*.. """"mum inn .,.���,. ������������
Iifss' ���Hlttnlo.u   ,   ''!,H   "Oohaini to the
������,y. K' (m,l,-"""K��ilOHl.ri.t,  more
A* Hat KBT1, AgBUt.
Nidton land lHatrlct. District ol Weat Kootenay
Take notice that "I'avld Henry Telford." Haa-
katoon, Katk., occupation lumberman, lnbenda
to apply for a apeotal Hfflbei licence over the fol
lowiux described landi:
No 1 ('oniiuenclng ata post planted about 8
chalua norlh or the north -rest corner of Timber
Limit M14, west brtnch of Little Hlocan river,
w.-i Kootenay, thenca west M) chains, thence
south ho chains, thence east Bu chains, thence
north -so chtlns to point ol commencement and
containing SeO acrea. more or
Hated July Bth, lw/; DaTtn Hiuky TiiroRn
No. 2. Comineiicln-* a post jdanted on tbceast
bank of Cougar creek, and on the north boun'-
ary of limber limit -ui. wett branch of Little
Hlocan   river, thenee  north   160  (rhalna,   thence
eaat 40ohaina, thsnee south iso chains, thence
���.'.���-' 1-. < ���.  i:;,- ... place of commencement, and
containing 64u aerea, more or lett.
Dated July 10th, 1907.  1>avji, Hcskv Tai.FORn.
No I, Commencing at a )H>st planted on bink
ol Kussle creek, about JO chains south of the
south boundary of timber lltnttM47, wett branch
of Little Blocun river, thenee weat ���*������ chains,
thence touth ni chain*., tb.-nce eatt no chaint,
thence north B0 chains to the point of commencement and containing 640 acres, more or
Dated July Uth, UB}, luvu- IIimiv Tblpobd
No 4. Commencing at a -...** planted about 3
chalna east frt)Ui cast bank of Kussle creek, and
on the wc��t bo,undary id limit B. thence watt **���>
ehalnt, theiit*e aouth HO chains, thenee east Bo
chalna, thenos north ho chains to point of com-
nieiii-ement. and containiua 64o acn-i, more or
Dated July Uth, 1907. David IIivhv l mi roai..
No. la. Commencing at a pott planted about
60 chains west of (loose Creek and about ill
miles from lu mouth at Kloeau Kiver, iald pott
la about 40 chalua weat from D H Telford's timber application No. 11, theuce east 40 cbaint U)
timber application No. 11, thenee north 1B0
chains, theuce west 40 chains, thence south 1B0
chains, to point oi commencement, and contain
luir 640 acres, more or le*s
Dated July Uth. I.--T DaTtO henmv Tblford.
No. 14. Commcuclng at a post planted at the
south welt corner ol No. 18, them e weat 40 ehalnt,
thence north 16n chains, theuce eaat 4o chaint,
ihence touth 160 chalna to point of commencement, aud containing 610 acret. more or lets
i ated July 17tb, 1-*J7   David IIimiv I ilford.
A   MlLToN, Agent.
Nome Is hereby given mat 60 daya after date I
Intend to apply lo ihe Ilonoranle the <-hlef Commissioner of Lands and Worka for a special
Lloenee to ' nt and carry away timber (rom tht
following ���!��� ��� .-iia'-'l lauds lu ^eat Kootenar district :
No. 1 -Commencing at a post marked William
h.. ...... -,   planted at   Kokanee Creek Hiding on
the Procter eiteutlon, on the wett side of Lot
��� ���*".' on the touth side ol the West Arm ol Kootenay lake, commencing al the N K corner post
running south 80 ehalut, weatBO chalna. north Bu
chains, east SO chains to place of beglunlug.
Located Jrd June, ltV7.
William Walmiucy. Locator,
Jamci Hi -mi* hi. asAgu'<t.
Nelaon I ���--..i District Dlstrlctof West Kootenay
'lake notice that fan] August i'aulton, ol Kitchener, B. C, occupation ninibermaii, Intends
Ui apply for a special timber licence over tbe fol
lowing described lands:   commencing at a poat
flanied at the southwest corner of surveyed hit
Bl*fJ J, thenoe eaat SO  chaina.   thence   no.lhBO
eLelna, thenoe eaat to tl e aouth eatt corner m aald
lot, thence north to the uortbesst corner ot aald
lot. theuce easl ic the went IsMindary ot pre-ump-
Hon No. W2, thence **oulh to the north boundary
of tlmlier  licence I
aabl n-irth boundary to the noi
aaid lioenoa, thenoe south to the north boundary
of Haa her licence No 7<hh thence west to a potnl
due   south  of commencement,  thence north to
point   d|   oommeneement,   and  containing   B40
acr**H, more or leu.
Dated July 9oA, UOI.    Pat'L ATJSOSV I'tt'iaoia.
.Nelson lAtid District    Dlttrlct of West Kootenay
Take notice tbat Henry Keichert, of Nelson,
B c , proapet lor, Intends to apply lor a tpecial
licence to cut and carry away timber Irom tbe
following described lands:
Nn. �� Commencing at a post planted near th*
northeast corner post of limber licence No. VJ64
and near Henry Befohert H, W. coruer post of
limber location No. 7, on main Lento ti creek and
marked Henry Keichert southeast corner post
No. B thence l*' chains north, theuce 80 chains
weat. thence ao chain*, aonth. thence BO chains
cast to the polnl W eominenOement.
Dale.l July .fl, 1B07.
No 10 Comiuenclng at a post planted about JO
chaina more or lest south from the northwest comer ol lot no .' ��� ��� ��� on malu 1.- m..n
oreefe and marsed Henry Keichert east corner
post mi 10, thence 40 chain* north more or less
tt�� about midway ol the south boundary line of
umber licence SO Ram, thence ISO chalna weat,
theuce 10 chalna aouth. thence 160 chalm eaat
io point of oommenoament.
Dated July ifWilHD
ho 11 Commencing hi a poat planted on Monument creek, about 70 chains, more or lets, south
from where Monument. reek, empty*   Into l,em-
00 creek, and near Henry Keichert northeast
corner poet ol timber location No M, and marked
"Henry lletchert northweat corner pott No 11."
Ihence l��a> chains sonth, thence 40 chains cast,
Iheuce lim chalna north, thence 40 chains welt
to the i-olnt ti- commencement
Dated July rth, 1WU7.
Henry Kikhiht, Locator.
Nelson Land District.   District of Wesl kootenay
Take nutlet- that I, Harold   N,   Kdgecombe, of
Kernle. H. 0 , Olsrk, intend to apply -��r a special
umber    licence over    the   billowing   .lescnbed
*"' "'���oininenclng at a post pltuted at the con-
llueuceof the north |i>rk ol Corn creek about
two miles from Iti conllucnce with the Main
creek thence smith 40 chains, theuce west AO
chains, thente north 40 chains, thence easl l��|
chalus Iti the plsSS "I begiu.iliig. containing 640
acres, more or lett.
l-ocaled August 17th. 1907
��, Coinmencing ��l a ptisl planted nn the bank
of the north fork ol Com creek about two miles
from its conllucnce i-lth Ihe Main creek, thenco
mull-*. B0 chalna,  thence west MO i halns, thenee
north 80 otasine. thenoa cast bu thalni to the
place of beginning, containing B40 r.erea, more
or lesa.
Uicatod August 17th, l1*"?. ,    ,      ,
3. Commencing at a po-t planted ou the bank
of the north fork of Corn crc;k aboul ���'"';>'*;"
from Ua conllucnce wllh the Main erect, thente
south Mo clmltis, thence eaat ft) chains. IhanCe
north w> chalm. thence west b-i chains lo tin-
place of beginning, containing MO acres, more or
"Located August 17th, 1007, _
ft Comment Ing at �� poat planted on -�����<>������- ���"
of the north lork of t.oni creek ebtiutB u lea
from Ita conllueiice with the Mnlu creek, the
north 40 chains, thence east flOchalns, them
south 411 chains, Ihence treat 1B0 vhaliii to he
pUecof beginning, containing 640 acres, moro
or less. ,__
Dated August 16th, iiW7.
B.   Commencing at ��� poit plantc I Oh^eb^Mk
01 the north Fork   of Corn creek atiout alx mllei
fro,    It" confluence will, the Main creek,   hence
south HO chains,  thenco easl HO chains,  the it
north MO chains,  thence west 80 chalna to the
phtciof beginning, containing ��.i0 acres, more
LoVatod August 16th, 1907.
, 7. Commencing at a post planted on the bank
of lhe north lork of Corn creek about its fjUsi
from Its continence wllh thu Main creek, he ce
Houtl, KO chaina. thence west M^M
uml i.   wi  chains, thenco   ensi Bit chnlua to we
piac^.rUgin.^ ����� -VOrSI' �����0P,
or lest. ..      .-���,
Looatad Atiguit lorn, iiNff. ,���..���.
ut a UN. BnsaoOMBS, lawator.
A. Hacain, Agent.
Progress of Inventions to Secure  More
Economic  Treatment   of  Ore
Nothing, iichai'H, intticatcR more
clearly Uu- widf'Bpr.'ad Interest in mining, and faith m it na a safe Industrial
proDoHltlon, than the conBtant Inquiry
for the biatory of old mines and Investl-
gattorj as to Iheir prohahle renewed huc-
cess under rondltloiiH of modern equipment and management. Particularly In
California Ih this the case. Mining men
of large means are coming into that
state and are searching from San Diego
county to Siskiyou for the mines hav-
Inr good past records and possessing
probahle elements of successful feju-
vention. In California there are many
such possibilities. In some counties a
number of old mines, at one time productive, have been reopened within recent years, and the greater number of
these ventures have been successful;
others are not. In the latter cases,
the Ipbb fortunate result has seemingly
not been due wholly to lack of possibility, but rather to the misdirection
of the funds available for the purpose.
It Jb not intimuted that the money was
mls-approprlateta,, but that It was expended foolishly. In one Instance it
was used to rebuild an old mill, and to
make many other surfac*- Improvements
before it had been demonstrated that
there was payable ore available ln the
mine. When it was found that all the
ore tbat had lieen developed had been
stoped, the fund of money was exhausted and consequently little prospecting
for new ore shoot a could be done, and
the* mine was closed once more.
Throughout the state from Its northern line to the Mexican border, good
opportunities exist, but these must be
selected with  discriminating    care, and
Nelson Land Dlttrlct. District of West Kootenay
Take notice that we, Archibald Hremnerand
'leorge Young, both of the city of Nelson, ln the
1'rnvVnce of Rrltlxh Columbia, lumbcrmeo, Intend to apply for special tlmner licenses orer the
following ���-' *������ 'ii ��� '��� lands:
1 ���'���uniiieii.n.k- it a posl planted about '-' '
yards westerly from the junction of the north
and main fork's of Hummlt creek, a creek flowing
into Kootenay river south of the ���outbern end ol
Kootenay lake ln the district of West Kooteuay,
which 'unction Is about IB or 20 miles from tbe
mouth of such creek, thence south *��� chains,
iheilee cast ISO chains, thenca north 40 chains,
thence west 100 chains to the potntof commencement and containing B40 acres more or lest
AH- n:.<Ai.'>   HKIMMiR.
Dated thlt Mh dav of Augutt, 1B07.
ess. �����b*j
Dated this life day of August, 1907
.1 Commencing at a po��t planted about 200 feet
north from tht bank of the main Huminlt creek,
nnd about 2 mllea westerly f.om the Junction or
lhe nortn fork and ihe malu fork of such cr-ek.
a creek flowing into Kootenay r iver south of the
tonthern end of Kootenay lake tn the district of
treat Cootonay. thence ton in bo chains, thenee
east B0 chtlns theuce north 80 chaini, iheuce
.-.-I *��. chains to the point of commencement
and containing ������!���' acres more or lets.
AC Mlll-.il'   IlHKUKKR.
Dated this Mh day of August, .������"'. -
4 Commencing al a |xitt planted  about 2 miles
p   an   unnamed   creek   (lowing   into   summit
creek from the south at ano'il 2*2 mllei from the
mouth ol Bummll creek which latter Is a creek
tlow in? into Kooleuay river ��oulh of the tonthern end of Kooleiity lake lu the district of West
Kooteuav, theuce north B0 chains, thence eatt B0
Ohalna. thence aouth BO ehatnt. thence west BO
chnlua to the point ol commencement and con
taluttig ���������in acret more or lett.
Gaoana Yoobo.
Dated this Btfe day 0l Auguat. 1W-7.
5 Commencing at a post planted two mllei up
an unnamed creek flowing Into Summit creek
from the south al atiout 99 mllei from the mouth
of Summil creek, which latter Is a creek flowiug
Into Kooteuay river south of the southern end
of Kootenay lake lu the Ub-irlct of West Kootenay, th-nee touth H-. chalus, thence east K0
cnalns. theuce north so chains, thence west 80
> halns tt) the polut of c .inmcncemcnl and containing 640 acrea more or lew
Dated this Mh day ol August, 1B07.
B Commencing al a post plauteil about one
and a hall miles up the Uorth fork of Hummlt
creek, a creek flowing into K.ioteuay river south
..f the southern end of ttoolenay lake in the dls
trlct o( West KiMiteUH)-, thence wast BO chains,
thence south i" chains, theuce eatt 40 chalus,
Ihence south 40 chains, theuce weat Bu chalna.
thonce north W chains, tlieuce west 40 chains,
theuce north 4<> chains to the point of eommenco-
ment and containing t.l��J acrea more or lesi.
Daled this Oth day tif August. 1U07.
7. Commencing at a jmisi planted about one
mile ami a half up the north fork of Hummlt
creek, a crack flowing Into Kootenay river south
of the aoulhcSli end of Kootenay Ink.., lu tbe
district ol West Kooleiity,thenee north 40chains,
thettcu west I" chants, thence north 40 chains
thence east B0 chains, Ihence aouth 40 chains,
thence east 40 eiialn-., thence south to chalm,
Iheuce west BO chains to lhe point of commenco-
ment and coulal'itut 640 acre*, more or loss.
Daled this fith day ol August, liar..
AHtllllltI.il MHtMNKIt
8. Commencing at a poal planted about a
���iiiarlcrof a mile westerly from the north fork
1.1 Hummlt creek, and about two miles and a
half up such north fork in.m Its Jiincllon with
the in..in Summit creek, a creek (lowing Into
Kootenay river, south of the southern end of
Koolenav lake in IhedlHlrlct of Weal Kootenay.
thence mirth ao chains, the.ieo cual B0 chalna,
Ihence south BO chains, iheuce west HO chains to
the point of commetr-emtint, and coutainlug mo
acres, more or less
Dated thlt Alh day of August,'1907.
m     fiaoHOB "I mi  Ni..
0 Commencing at a post planted about a
lienor of a mile westerly Irom the north fork
ol Summit oreSI Sad about three iiillot up such
norlh lork from lis innclion wllh lbo main Sunt,
ni'l creek, a creek flowing Into Koolonay river,
south of the southern end of Kootenay lake In
the district West kooleuay, thenco west BO
chains, thence north BO rhalna. thenco cast HO
chains, thenco south HO chains to the point of
commencement, and containing fi40 acrea, moro
Dated this Oth day of Aogiisl, 1907.
Ab. inn.i o Hf-gMNBH.
10. Commencing at a post planted about a
ouartcrof a mllo woslerly from tho north fork
ol Summit creek and about three nillos up such
north fork from Its Junction with the main Huminlt crock, a creek flowing Into Kootenay river,
sonth ol the southern cud of Kootenay lake, in
the district ol Wi-st kooleuay. thcticn wesl 40
chains, thence south I till chains, tht-ncu east to
chain*, theuco noilh KM) chains to tbe potnt of
commencement, and containing 0^0 acres,  more
" Dated thli flOtfe day of Auguat, U0T.
ARCIIIIIAI.h IlliniM'll-
II ('ommenclng at a post pltuted atiout half n
mile easterly from the south fork of Summit
creek aud about one mile sti itli of tho miiln
Hummlt creek, a creek flowing Into Kootenay
river south of tht,- southern end of Kootenay lako
tn the district ol West Koolenav thunc*. csst BO
chains, theuce aouth Ho chains, thence west HO
chalna,  thence   not th HO chains   to the point of
communed >t   nnd containing   '���'" acres more
or less. Arciiiiiai.ii Uhkmneu.
Paled this -.int day oi August, lUtf.
even then the result may be disappointing, but if success is achieved it Is more
than likely to be of no small proportions
Un the Mother Lode, in the East Belt
and in the high sierras, are still splendid opportunities for men with large
means���these are no poor man's propositions. Mining machinery, hoisting
machinery, mining methods, milling ma-
sblnery and milling practice are all
better than they were in former years,
and the result is cheajier mining and
milling, and a far higher saving of the
gold and silver in the ores than was
possible  in  former yearB.
At one mine which produced $2,500,-
000, a large part of which was profit,
over 100,000 tons of tailings were impounded, worth by assay $10 a ton. To
work these, expensive machinery was
Installed and an additional $4 extracted
leaving $0 still In the tailings, in recent
years these have been treated by cyan-
ldatlon, reducing the pile txi worthless
sand. Were this mine to be operated
today, the gold would be extracted by
a single series of operations, and much
would be gained by the application of
modern methods. Many thousands of
dollars would be saved by the installation of a different type of machinery.
Electricity would play an important
part in the economy of operations, with
an additional saving and, on the whole,
It Is perfectly safe to say that were this
mine���we refer to the Hits mine in
Mariposa county���to be discovered today, its net production would be at
least $1,000,000 greater than ft was under the extravagant and unwise methods which were characteristic of its
operation in the early days. This is
but a Blngle instance and they may be
multiplied many times but, of course,
with important differences due to situation and other causes.
Diamonds in the United States.
Although diamonds have been found
in at least thirty places in the I'nited
States, the only locality where they
occur In place has recently been discovered and has been investigated by
George F. Kunz, the gem expert, and
Dr. H. S. Washington, petrographer.
They occur in an ngneous rock, similar
to that of the South African mines,
which Torms a small stock near Mur-
fretsboro. Pike County, Arkansas. The
first two stones were found August 1,
1906, and since then many others have
bt'en picked up, the total number found
at last report being 130. Many are white
and of good color, others are yellow.
and some are brown. The two largest
stones weigh 6% carats, one being exceedingly fine white and the other
brown. They are found on the surface
as well as within the greenish, friable,
decomposed perldotite, a rock somewhat like the famous "blue ground" of
Klmberley. The property is being oc-
tively prospected and developed.
Nelson Land District. Dlstrlctof West Kootenay
Take uotice that Patrick Shermn, of Nelson,
H < , occupation prospector, intend! to apply
f-ir a special timber licence over the following
described lands: t.'ommenclna at a pott planted
ai the I.W. corner post of lot 6B9V2, being Patrick
Sberan's N. E. oorner post running south B0
chains, thence wett HO chaini, thenee north Bo
chains, thence east BO chaini to point ol commencement
Dated August Slat, 1907. Patrick Shikab,
Hrick Stkakd, Agent.
Nelson Land District District of West Kootenay
Claim No. 1. Take notice that Peter Lund, of
".Vsnloer, B.C . occupation lumberman, lutends
to tpply for a special timber licence over the
following dei-crlbed lands: i ommenclng at a
nont planted at the north-easterly pott oflot 812
and ion chains south of timber licence No. 7318,
rl-.- t;-.- south 100 chains, thence east 40 chaini,
theuiv north 160 chaint, thence weit 40 chaint
to the point of conimenceinent, and containing
040 acres, raor-) or lets.
Dated July Bbth, ltfu7. 1'kteh Lund.
Nelson Land IH-trlct. District of West Kootenay
ClslmNo. 2. Take notice that Peter Lund, of
W'trdner, H. C , occupation lumberman, lnteudt
to apply for a special timber licence over the
following described landi: t'ommenclog ata
pout planted on an east boundary of lot 812, lOo
chains south of timber licence 7018 and 40 chalm
we-t of location pott claim No. 1. thence north
Bo chtlns, thence east B0 ehaius, thence south 80
chains, theuce west 80 chaini to the point of
coniiueuccmeut, aud containing- 040 acres, more
Dated July HHh. 1907. Prraa Ll-kd.
Nelaon Land District.   District of Weit Koo'enay
Claim No 8. Take uotice that Paler Lund, of
Wardner, B c, occupation lumberman, intends
to apply tor a special timber licence orer the fol-
1 "v in ; descril-od lands: Commencing at a post
planted nn an east boundary of lot Mi, HO chains
north of mv location poit claim No. i, thence
north KO chain*, tlieuce east B0 chaini, thence
soulli M) ehalns, thence weat BO chains to point
ol ciiminencement. and containing filo acres,
more or less.
1'stcd August 1st, 1907. I'BTKH LCHD.
Net.on Lsnd District. Dlttrlct of Weit Kootenay
Take notice that 'amei Keeth, of Kpokane,
Wii-.li . occuiatloti, mliier, intend* to apply for a
apecisl limber llcenonovnr the follomng- de-
acrtbt-d landa I Commencing ata pott about IB
roda ti..: ��� I: of the center of ihu north ahore line ol
....nn.Ur \ 1 .����.��� ��ul at the aouth eaat conur of
Timber, idmii .No 8074, and marked jtmei
Kecih'sH w RornerpoaL ihenoe north ��o chaini,
thenee  eaat  NO chalua, thence  touth  BO chaint,
thenee  weal   80 chain- to   point   of   commence*
ment, and containing 040 acrus, more or less.
July no. iu,i7. Jambm Knrrii.
Nelson Land District.   District ol Weat Kootenay
Not lea la hereby given that 80 days after date 1,
JObB P. Hwedhcrg. miner, ol Nelsou, M.C , Intend
lo apply to the Hon th* Chief Commissioner of
Land and Works lor a apeolSl licence lo cut and
carry away timber from the following desc*-ibe<l
lauds situated on Hummlt creek, io the Wait
Kooteuay District:
So. 1 ���CommetP init at a post market J P. B'a
timber limit, north nail corner poat. located on
west fork of summit creek about Lwo mIlea from
malu cr**ek, ihence running sotith B0 chaint,
thenbe running weat 4S chains, thence running
norlh 40 chains, thenco west 40 chalm, then.-**
north W chains, ihence running eaat 40 chains,
thonce running aouth 40 chains, thence eait 40
chains to place of commencement.
Located on the P.'th day of Augutt, 1907.
hut*! P. swi-iiaaao. Locator,
per hi*, agent Paid M0D0MALO
No. 2.���Commencing at a Opal marked J P. 8's
Umber limit, northweat corner poit, located on
won! fork of Summit creek, about two miles from
muiii creek, thence running aouth So chalna
thence ruuulng east *>chaini, thenco running
north so chains, tliince running we*! HO chains
to place of commencement.
Located on the 2��.'th day of August, 1007-
John P HwaniiKRu, Locator
per bis agent Psios Modonald.
Take notice that Ira F. Taylor, ciera.of Arrowhead, 11. C , intends to apply for a special licence
to cut timber from the following deacrlbed
No, 1. Coiniiu'ii lni* at a pott planted 70ohatns
distance In an easterly direction from Cariboo
Itike marked "Ira F. Iaylor'a, W. Parklni* B W.
coiner," bounded on the south by T. L No 766B,
on tho weat by r. U ' o.7f>72, thenca north 80
chains, Iheuce cast Bo chains, thenca south B0
chalua, thenco west Bo chains to point ol commencement.
No. 2. ConimencliiK ata post planted 80 ihalni
dlstanc- and In a easterly direction from Cariboo
lako marked "W. PurUlns'. Ira K. Taylor's B. W.
corner post," bounded on the west by T, L. 7007,
aouth hyl-nF. Taylor's and W. Parklna'T. L.
No. 1, tiici.ee north 40 chains, theuco east 1*0
ciiaius, thence south 40 chains, thenoe west IH)
ohaini to point of oommeDoemeut.
Queen's Hotel
Baiter Street, Nel.on. B. O.
Lighted by Electricity and
Heated by Hot Air
Large aud Comfortable Bedroom, and Flnt*
irl.a.l.iuiu* Boom,   .sample Boom. Ior Oommer-
clal   Man.
MK8. B. C.CLARKB. Proprletrtae
Grand Central Hotel
Thoroughly renovated and refurnished. Room. 60 cents upward. The
dining room Is unexcelled ln the city.
House healed throughout with hot
J. A. EHICKSOM-, 1'r-iprietor.
Telephone, 250.    Opposite Court House
and Poatofflce. Nelson. B. C.
T?emont House
European and ajnertcan Plan
Keala 25 eta.   Booma from K eta. to ll
Only White Help Smplor#m.
Baker St., Nelaon Proprietor!
Bartlett   House
Best DolIar-a-Day House in Nelson.
The Bar la the Plneet.
White Help Only Employed.
Josephine St.
Melton. B. C.
Royal Hotel
nor ataman.
Kate. II and 11.50 a Day.
Special Bate, to Regular Boarder*
Moat comfortable quarter.      Nelaon
Only tbe beat ol Liquor, and Clgara.
^"���-60MIF.O SOON-WAir,
A Mafnificeat Prodt,ction aider Cairn*
��.SSIM N00"-      ""��� *-***oe.
M AHKH and hla Funny Donkar
UNCLE TOM and hla Ox Oartl
2 p. m., AFTERNOON, NIGHT 8 p. m
THURSDAY    \ *-*>
SEPT. 1^5
ADMISSION, 38e and SOe
All Kind, of Heating Plantn In Stock.
Victoria tt, Nr. Ooera Houaa.     Tel. 181.
r. C GREEN       F. r. BURDEN        A. H. GREEN
Civil Engineers. Dominion and British
Columbia Land Surveyors
r. 0. Bu 145   rknt 2.1 B.
 ' 1 "���**-"     '  '-'    ���"  '"- ���   ' ' -
I****-***-**-**1*'*'-' *i*i*.*.-'i*i*' ^->r-'i-'i*s*t*t*!ri'*s^s^-s*��vv*��' vvvv-sVvvvi/vv-inii*iAA;vi>
> We have had placed in onr hands one of the prettiest beat paying
Thia U np for a qnick sale on account of owner's ill health. Call and get
foil particular". If yon have *6,000 we can make a good easy deal with yon
for this property.
Brydges, Blakemore & Cameron, Ltd*
Fire, Accident, Life and Employers' Liability 1***n*")-rV*
Let us qucie you rates in the best board- companies.
Choice Fruit
I Hate 10,000 Acrea
of the
Caaoteeat Froit Landi in
British Coavmna.
Can sell any quantity from 5 acres to 2,000 in one block.
Buy now and get the ground floor prices.
Nelson. B. C.
$t500.00 CASH
And the balance en Eaay Term, will purchaae an Broomed    houaa   with   B
,              b.drooma,  in  a    good    location,do.e to  tha car Una.
PRICE $1000
H. & M. BIRD
��10 DOWN
J��10 PER jYlOfNTH
We offer you best fruit lands;
best terms; best location; best
climate. Absolute titles. You
don't have to use all of your means
ln paying for land. We want you
to put it Into development. We
also have tracts of 50 to 6000 acres,
prices and terms the best. We own
these lands and handle nothing on
If you don't Bee Frultvale you
miss the best In It. C.
Kootenay   Orchard
Ward Street, Nelaon, B. C.
For Sale
26 ft. lot on Carbonato St $175.00
60 ft. lot on Latimer St., fenced
and cultivated M60.00
Cottage,  3  room.,   electric   Unlit,
water    1750.00
6*4 acres within ono n.llo of city; suitable for market garden.  Terma given.
Real   E.tate  and  General  Agent.
315  Baker  St..  Nelaon,  B. C.
A. M. Can. 9oc. C. B.
Mining Work a Specialty.
Offlee: Bealoy Building.    P. O. Box 434
Baker St., NELSON. B. C.
In the matter of an ippltratlo.t for thi- li-ue ol
<ln plicate nf t lie rerllli.nl. ���. of Title fo: Lot", 6, 7,
h. ami 17, Block 2, lown ol Kltchercr (v*��p ��*���*>
aud l,ot 61*17, Group Out-, lu the 0 f ut of Kooteuay.
Notice li horehy (riven that lt my intention
lo iMenu* at the expiration of one month after the
Hrtit publication horeof. duplicates of Certificate!
of Title of tho above lot! lu the namo of JoMpta
Walker which oerUAofttM Km dated T2lo\ day of
Juno, Un and uumhercd 2181 A and MSB A reft pec lively.
Laud Ref-li-try Ofllot, Nel*oi\ tl. <* ,Mrd July,
"11   K. Mac.-Linii."
blaiuirl KeuuirKr.
To Winnipeg and points In
Ontario, Qatfacc, Martttme
Provinces, Central and Eastern States, Aogost 8th, 9th
and * Oth, September 11 th,
12th and 13th.
Full particular, a. to .top overs, etc.,
on application.
Splendid New Soo-Spokan. Service,
45'/2 Hour. Between St. Paul and Spokane. Catch tha Flyer at Cranbrook for
All Polnta Eaat.
Daylight service between Nelaon and
Spokane including 60 mile, on Kootenay Lake In elegant new steamer Kua-
lianook. Pare $6.60. Return (12.46.
Good for 30 days.
Scenery through Arrow Lakes and
I lucky Mountain resorts unexcelled In
the world.
K. J. OOY1.E,
An I'.A.VauirraiiTer.
D. P.A.. Nelaon
Piano and Singing Lessons
Qlv.n by Mra. Winter Every Saturday
Mrs. Winter hold, certificate from
I loyal Academy for pianoforte playing
and singing. Certificate from Trinity
College, London, Kng.. for theory of music. Scholarship of the London Conner.
vatolre of Music for singing and piano
Iilaylng.        Addraaa Box 796. Nal.on.
In the matter ol an application for th. luu. ol
ilu.pllc.tes ot lhe t'lTlllh-ataa ol Title to lot. 11,
1J aaal 13. sraaiip 1, Weai Kootenay lilalrlct, alao
known a. the ��� Kontenay Chief," "Comlort" and
"Lulu" liillra'ral claim. ral.pc.'.Wely.
Notice 1. hereby alien lhat It la my Intention
to Issue at tho expiration of oa. mouth after Ihe
first publication hureof a .lupllcate ot Certificate
ol Title !>o man�� ol an undivided al-lwih. In
each of the aNn c la.la, issued on the 17th day of
May, A ll isnil in then.meof JohnC. Ainsworth.
an.l als.. ailuplii'si). ol Certificate of Title No.
��t*n)aa>! an unallrlilco- Itlnrli, In .echo! tho
f.bj;v? '"'"' '"""'���' "" l,|a "th day of May, A. Il
issai. in the muni- o| lleorse t. Ainsworth.
I aual ItCKlslry Olllce, Nelaon, R..... Aii.ustllib.
"II. r. MacLaoD,"
Dl.lrlcl Retuirar.
: -
1   i '-
r    !    ;:
'   i- i ���
-' ���   .
:r -5 ��� t. ','
The Daily Canadian
The   Birthstoiie
for    September
Lest You forget
Take a look in Patenaude's Window  aud see those Fine
Sapphires, $2.00 to $45.00 each.
Watchmaker and Optician
It manufactured *r*>m  ine  flu����t,tobacco, i-n-
rlpened and dew-*weetened.    it't mlM, full-
flavored and cool     A tobacco you
ought to try
Tobacconist.    Baker Street.
Coal! Ice! Wood!
Phone 265
Yale-Kootenay Ice, Fruit,
Fuel & Poultry Co., Ltd.
N. E. co,. Bak.r   and   Ward   8t��.
See Us
For Good Fruit Land
io Acre Blocks to 8oo
Acre Blocks.
Bedrock Prices.
Easy Terms.
H. E* Croadsdaile & <��
Next Door to Bank of Commerce
Waterproof Paints
Coal Tar, Pitch,
Creosote, Oils lor]
Preserving Timber,
Roofing Pitch and
Boat Builders will llnd it to their advantage to use our Pitch.
Nelson Coke & Gas Co*
5-Room House and 3 Lots, Observatory street. House
well plastered and in good
shape. $1,000. Good
Ooneral Job Work, Chimney Sweep-
���ny, Carpet Cleaning, Fixing and Clean
Wig   Stove.,  ate.
1*1 Eaat Baker St. Phone No. AIM
A. McDonald & Co.
Dealer. In ataple and fancy Groceries
Butter, ERK8.
Camp and Miners' Supplies.
Best  Located  Hotel  in Nelson
I'nder the man��pemi*nt ol  K S. NoMe,
late cf Toronto. Ottawa and
Novel  Premium.
F. B. Lya has offered a ton of Gait
coal for "the youngest Nelsonite un thi>
giuund*" during the Fair.
Uncle   Tom1.   Cabin.
Tomorrow the Uncle Tom's Cabin Co.
will tiive two performances under canvas, afternoon and evening. This is one
, f McPhee's company's and Is said to
h-' the best on the road.
Fair Racea.
Great interest is being taken in the
ladies' race and the babies' race during
the Fair; the age limit on the latter Is
two years, the former is ununited to
save "the lives of the judges.
Nelson   United   F.  U.
A meeting of the Nelson United F. U.
s called for 8 o'clock Thursday night
in the basement room of the Baptist
church. All members and those interested are requested to attend.
vi - -
\v Anderson, Milwaukee'; F. A. Whit,
New Denver; .1. A. Klnes, Carberry:
H, McDonald. Louisville; A. Dolsen.
Spokane: O A Wilcox. Chatham; W
La- Gnllis. Kaslo; I.. B. Sesbrook. C.
Freely. Spokane; Mr-. Connolly. Cal-
garv; C. W. \Y. Anne. San Francisco.
Cor. Va.r-r.on  and Ward Str**ta,
A. T. Gar.and. Kaslo; F. Stiles. Seattle; Dr. liybee. R. Porter. Vancouver;
C. M. Campbell, Phoenix; J. W.Power.
Kaslo; C. M. Mai-kay. Montreal; C. C.
Brown, Vancouver; W. J. Devltt, wife
and son. Trail; R. Hall. Fort William;
L. T. P.octer, Syracuse; W. G. Parker.
Toronto; J. A. Jones, A. J. I^cknian,
A. T. Davis, 13-Mile;  E. E. Greenwood.
Prccter; C. F. Collen. Blue Bell; D. A.
Mack. nzie. Winnipeg;; \V. A. Morden,
Hamilton; W. J. McFarland. Toronto;
R. J. Lone. Creston: J. Dtinlop, Ferguson; .1. H. Campbell, Calgary; H. E.
Heck. Colorado.
H. Stevens, J. Tonkin. Granite; C. M.
Wallace, Boundary; R. Pratt. C. Smart.
Ho M Jaw; W. Clough. Slocun: J. B.
Sargent, New Westminster; M. Murphy,
Kaslo; R. J. Foley, Molly Gibson; W. H.
Smitii, Madoc.
C.   Gill.   H.   Harper,   D.   Taylor.   W.
Walton, S. Waters. Camborne; w*.Iaau.g-
land. J. Emerson, S. Osborne, S'lverton.
B. John. Rossland; H. Juxon. Silver-
J. Allan. Cranbrook; A. McOtllis.
Crawford Bay; L. W. Wood, Slocan
City; D. E. E'liott, Stillwater; M. Wyatt.
Revtlstnkc; .1. Tltnmons. E. Timmons.
R. Moore, Phoenix; C. F. Russell, Alberta.
George R. Clark and Miss Lorena Mc-
kav were married last night by Rev. R.
N Powell, at the residence of the bride's
sister at Five Mile Point. Mr. and Mrs
Clark left for Butte this morning.
Breaking  Camp.
Many of the summer residents of the
nor;h shore aie preparing to strike
camp and return to their urban residences. Such storms as that which
came suddenly down the Arm last night
make communications  uncertain.
Cup on View.
The cup presented by the Canadian
Rubb r company for competition In the
double coupling wet test among the
firemen of the Pacific coast at their convention in Nelson during the Fair, has
arrived and Is on view ln Taylor and
McQuarrie's window.
Entries for Fair.
Secretary McMorrls Is kept busy ilay
a-id nig t receiving entries for the Nel-
so-i Fair. For the convenience of intending exhibitors the office is kept
open every night until 10 o'clock. The
list closes pos tlvely and promptly at
10 p. m. Saturday, Sept. 14th.
Fair Finance..
President C. \V. Busk and Mananging
Director F. A. Starkey are busy canvassing for subscriptions for the Fair and
rep ,rt a general and very satlsfactory
tesponse. The ir work will be completed during the next few days, and tha->
expect that those not seen already will
contribute as liberally as others.
W,    G.    OILLETT
Contractor   and
Bole agent lor the Porto Kli-o Lumber Co., Ltd..
ratnll vardH. Kou��h and dre-aHud lumber, turned
work an 1 brtcksU. -'-.aft -ath and Hhlnn-lep, fanh
and door*.. Cement, bliok and lime for Bale.
Automatic Krtiider.
Yard mid factory: Vernon Pt    eaat of Hall
P   O   Bo* Wi Telephone 17k
We  have  them  in  6th   and  8   Ib   Sizes.
Quotations   giv-n on    any   Electrical
Heating Device on the Market.
Prices of Metals.
A general decline In the price of
metals seems to have begun. Copper
is down 1" cents, and silver declined
today three points on the English marker and seven In New York. The price
of American lead has declined r.0 cents
a hundred or half a cent a pound, although the London price is still nearly
��20 and In fact shows an advance today of two points over yesterday's quotation. At $4.75 American lead Is not
much above the price it maintained
while I.ondon's lead quotation was
round  ��12.
Tramway Receipta.
At Monday night's council meeting.
R. Reiliy, one of the Trades and Labor
Council d legateB, aaked Incidentally
why the receipta from the tramway 8yB-
tem were no longer published. He was
in'ormed by His Worship that their
former pubilcation was due to the courtesy of the press. One of the press representatives present further informed
Mr Rellly that publication had been dls-
c .ntlnued at the special request of
Frank Ph Hips, and his assurance that
the majority of the citizens were not
interested. However, minorities have
rights, and the returns to date are now
published for the Information of Mr
Hellly and others. The receipts for
1801 to Se;,t. 9th were $5,032.70, agalnat
$4,7h2 to the same date last year, a
gain of $850.30 for eight months and one
Old Curiosity Shop
LOST -A pair ...   l.aliK- tirown   glova-s.  batWMO
Vloia.ri.i and i-orrier of H.anla'F and Carbonate
���treat",   ita-mm to Canadian inura-.
GUI.tl CHAIN, ',,..n Hoi.vaT ati't Verni.D
Htn.-ts Hriltst.la. r"war,l will be palal lor Us
ratnrn.   Molla-rmln A Mellaril)'.
A I'.ICKKTB.H.K eontalalB. asljnieat cheque o!
Itle St��'��li<!   Reltaf Mluliiti I i.mi.an.,  parable
K.Diler  kindly
Prlc.a of Metal..
New York, Sept. 11���Sliver. 67%'
Copper. ITc;   lead. $4.76.
London. Sopt. IK���Silver, 31>4d; lead.
��19, 17b, 6.1.
WANTED..A   boy  to run  errands.  Ap
ply  Dally  Canadian.
The Store of Quality
Green   and
Purple  Plums
at their best now. Don't delay.
First class stock guaranteed.
If you want to buy or sell anything,
go to the Old CurioBlty Shop. A new
line of Japanese Goods now on sale
Ml kind, of Dlnnerware ln Hto.k. Pat-
term..  _
INEL.SOIN,    -    B. C
rwn KIKBT ri.arW K,.a>MH, .-..-an, heated     Apply hoiiaos-eel^er. .Irrt flat. K   W   C.bloek.
1th  IJ.mHl to
sain    A Rood sj
Her I.f.-l hot be aeltvely eiiBaated on ral
Kor partttmlan npi.ly T. o. I'finci Kit.
A   PAKTNKB   wllh  U.IIOU lo    Imrrhase .  fruit
raii.'l. Ilesr N.-Isr.n    A .ood BlM.a-iilall.tn.   Part-
AT UNCI;,     a MIX BOY.     Apply tho Strath-
TEACH KH   a!  Mendowa.     (CO  per  li.oDlh.
Hpralley. Sierelaty, Krlc, P o.
WANTH.-Alllrl lor llelieral BoOMWOlk. Ap
l.ly Mrs K. C. WrauKe. a-orlier Observatory and
Ward streets.
PLAHTKHKKB WAN IKU-Apply lo John Burin,
ii,,nla ul t ..uiiui-rre Building, Nelson.
Corner Silica and Josephine St..
Ram Lai Tea
Packed in the Gardens Where
It Is Grown-Can Be Bought lor
the Same Money as a Cheaper
We Stake Our Reputation on
the Quality and Reccommend
It to All Tea Drinkers as Absolutely the Best Value Offered.
50c per lb.
K. W. C. Uto.k . Phone IS
Wholesale an.)   Kelall Healers In
Fresh and Salted Meats
Camps supplied on short��Ht notice and
lowt'Ht price, NothiiiR but  fr*'f*h und
whi-'li��r*.ome meats und Hupploa kept in Mock
Mail orders receive careful attention.
E. C. TRAVES. Manage*.
We have rummaged through our stock
pretty thoroughly aud have culled out
quite a lot of odds ami ends to be got
r d of to make way fur new goods coming in. These are not old shopworn
goods that are hardly worth carrying
away, but are for the most part comparatively new goods, und as fresh as
when they were first passed into stock.
They consist mostly of articles that are
useful too, such as wall-pockets for papers, etc.. ladies' side and back combs,
framed pictures, musical instruments,
purses, brushes, combs, etc., etc.
It Is Impossible to give prices in such
a way that they would mean anything
to you. but we are putting the various
articles in our window, with prices on
them, and you can see just what we are
if prices will do it, to clear these lines
nut. and we have marked them, in manv
Take a look and see if there i8 not
something that is just what you want.
W. G. Thomson
$??tZVHr ���nd   Nelson, B. C.
A. T. Garland, of Kaslo, is in the city
J. W. Power Is a uticst at the Hume,
having  arrived   from   Kaslo last  night.
Chief of Provincial Police W. J. Dev-
Itt returned from Trail last night with
his wife and son. who will henceforth
reside in Nelson.
Professors Walker anil Parks, of Toronto University, returned from Salmo
this morning alter spending yesterday
in Sheep Creek valley.
Nat Reins, who w.ll have charge of
the comic und acrobatic attractions at
the Fair, will arrive in Nelson tonight
and will spend tomorrow arranging the
location of his tents on the Fair grounds
important Treaty.
Chicago, Sept 11.���A treaty of peace
has been declared between the Chicago
board of trade and the allied elevator
intereats ending ihe war which for buv-
eral months past has been a disturbing
element ln the grain trade. The nwnem
of tho elevators It Ib aald, have acceded
to the demands of the exchange an to
the conduct of Important feature, of
their buaini-.M. All the big concerns
made application to the board of trail,
dlrecto.a yesterday to have their re
spectlve warehouses declared regular
under lhe rule, of the exchange.
Mexican Mlrrl.t.r Favored.
Toklo, Sept. 11���Mr. Pachecho, the
newly appointed minister form Mexico
to Japan, presented his credentials tr.
the emperor who granted him an audi-
ence at which the empress was present.
Is Renowned
Its Business Energy
Plums, per basket 35c
Peaches, per lb 15c
Pears, 2 lb. for 25c
Apples, 3 lb. for 25c
Crab Apples, 3 lb. for 25c
Telephone 1 Al.
One of Nelson's Pretty Home Cottages of 2 bedrooms, sitting room, dining room, kitchen, bathroom; hot and
cold water; large basement. Nice view
of lake. $1,600, $900 down; balance on
easy terms. Certainly a snap. 3 lots
75 x 125. Apply to J. R. B . Daily
Rowboats and Canoes
For Sale or Hire
Agent for Tnmr.ilt LfcUBGhM
ami IVUTbtiro ('atirx'i.
PlDent  Lot Ol   F*...ki- In  B.C.
M.   U.   L1INDSAY
Foot of JoM|,l,Uie Ht.        Ti'l    A18
HpUM ii hereby *rlT*n that after the ���xpirttlon
OfxUt*. nay* from the -late h.-reof the Patrick
Luii.tier Company, Mm.ted. tnten.ll fi ��.��� limit to
th�� HonorableCnltf Ctontttuotoaof ol LhihIr ���ml
Wnrki- fi iTopoi-nl iitnli-r th** prfivti-lon*. of the
"RIv<t*i aii'l Htri'aiiin Atrt" ami AnifriiMiiK Arm
for tin- rltftit to tmjarnve the BlOOM) rlvir f rnm
the null   'Uin   o|   iat'1  company   (iftOfttO'aboul
tare* mllei above the junction oi -*��i<i Bioa i
river -.villi thi Kootenay river,) to the mouth of
thn Mille Hlocan river. hii-I to Improve the I.title
Mooftn rlfor and branohef thereof to tho nortb
ern houintary of mih lot 2, lot 7l��o, an<) iob*10l 1,
lot Tl'.l Krotip one, Kootenuy iimrlrt, Mint ,<-
linpn.i.. tin trlbntHriex Of **,U\ rtvem; ami re
mave ohhtriifitnni- from "al'l rlvern ami trlbn
tarim. Mii.i io make thu name lit for <irlvlns itor
inn. MorttiiK boo i ing and iki tin* ir.i,-., timber,
lumber,   rnft��. an-l   frafu;   alt-o (or the rlvhi to
co :��� ci i.iii* thereon.
i ba lamin to be atteotod *re tht foUowinsl   fa)
l-ois :*.,:( 7:��iy. mni, iH-M, M-'w, Hfilii, m\r>, ;.nt, :t^.y
-,\1A 71ft.-.. w-Vfll, Wl2t all inf.ronp.ine. Kniitetiay
'Hftrlet;   alxo   InikIm   QOTfTtd    by    pre-i*mpllon��
Dumbtred ��. 10:1. lid. IU, ua [64and wdj alao
biii.lh norerod by timber lieenm-B nam be rod r.aw
U8S, .v>h��. .va-i,Mho, tV'M7, ��nd HUj hImi landa ol
tha crown.
Datad IhlH Bth day of July, 1007.
hy IU Bollclt ��r. R. W. H anninoton
Call at our large atorerooma on
Baker Street, and sec the largeat atock
of Furniture, Carpet., Rug., Linoleums.
and the celebrated Buck Stoves. Our
Fall stock la now opened up.
During Fare week we pay freight for
50 mile, from Nel.on.
Complete  Houee  Furnishers and Undertakes.    Agents   Maeon   &  Risch  Pianos
All  the authorized Text  Books for
Public aud High Schools.
Mail orders promptly filled.
Canada Drug & Book Co'y, Ltd.
COR   BAKER  and  WARD.        Phone  81
������.  A.  ISAAC
fl.  W.   HINTON
Woi-la,   Mining  nr**i  JVtlll  MiKlilnorv.       ManulauturaraT
Ore  Cnra,   W.   W.    Contrautm-a*   Cnra.
t'ornt-r ������', Ma'l an.l
Front HtrvrU.
MANUFACTURERS    ��  dtm14iW%Ug%m     Ctkiat**Jta*a,
AND DEALERS IN    l^ttlllDet,   MlingleS,
L,ath, Mouldings, Doors, Windows,
Mail Order, prompt!* artendad to
IMBLSON, t��. c.
I'urnisil Work nnd Braekata.
VI'.HNON 8TRBBT   ���   ���
The Hall Mining and Smelting
Company. Limited.
NELSON, 13. O.
Purchases Lead, Copper and Dry Ores,
The "Bare" Wear
would lie onouRh to recommend our fl��>
looking nnd raay-fKtinp Shoes, W *--*.
U h utyliahnoHH about them and i tut-
Irnj* .shap.'lin. ss that Is iii-ikinc ':.-'i
very popular aniooK "men who ki��*"
They are made on the newest l��t*. o*
the beat leathera. and conform lo ttw
moat approved Ptyle*- In men's tool**:
Wo are ready to IU Ml fwt, hJ j
prlceB that make Bho��i loo** lUte a flit
Wholeaal* Provlalona.
(ioveniinent Oreanicrj' One Pound ltr.uk. r-axriTed weaakly fre**J from ���
.���liurn.    For wle lij all leading frrooer..
Ollli-n and warehotue; 1I.iuhi.iii Block,    Phone 79.
Josephine Street.        ...       Nelson, B. C
Our shipment of these has beeu delayed in transit but w* n*
them now, and iu order to clear before the season is too
far advanced we are selling them at prices tha'
should place one in every home.    Call and
be convinced and enjoy comfort.
J. H. Ashdown Hardware
Company. Limited. N"''on *""*
Thar. I. a lot of
and   other  artlclea  made  to  ����� ~
���nd that', all.
There are tools ami i>t'>cr "''
made to acll ami giT. ^'''^
by   their   woarlnK   cn>��t 11 t.-t*.
thufa the only kind we b*����*
Wood-Vallance Hardware Co., Ltd.


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