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The Daily Canadian Jul 11, 1906

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Array 5k*U# CcmaMan
I.   No. 32-
Fifty Cents a Month
ol Great Northern
Railway Men
[Yaks Discssues Ways and
dns of Attracting Tourists
to Kootenay.
visited  laal  nlnbi  by a
i ..i s'nrtliom Railway Com-
uiio arrlveil rrom   Spoil Hi, evening in their pri-
.,,, i. i. lurnlng, I. ft  tho citj
.,   u   o'clOOK,
incluileil A. I- Craig, the
. i  truffle manager of the
.nil    headquarters    al    Si.
i;   v'erkea, nl Seattle, assist-
engor agent: Max Mass.
m mi immigration agent.
: Spokane, travelling [ia*
mnl  1*.  II.  llnrnliain,   of
illutrlcl pawenger agent.
..I   ilie trip Ih to enable
i.iiiilllailze himself   with
ii   ilie    road.    Thi'    only
led la iin- Kaslo -Sandon
_   ulm began bin railway <-a-
Ki-rvlce of the Ureal North-
, - n lor  many  years In tbe
-   llarrlman system.    He
iiosltlon of general pas-
nl ih.- o. u. & N. railway
��� avlng H  lo succeed P. R.
| the  service ot the   (Ireuf
I imlj   recently taken over
and is aim unfamiliar
' onilitlotia ami Interest! of
null lini    and ihe dlitrlota they
Mr   t'ralg  asked   lo  lie  excused
im-    jiiilillcailon.    Mr.
��� i.  t:i anted  a  short   In-
II.   .-.u.l
I.   the  iriii  has   no object   be-
Mr   Craig an opporiu
... i  iin- properly.
I - grievance! or questions
ni in ihii. lerritoiy of any kind.
on the best of terms with our
:;n 1 wiih mil- alleged rivals.
.ii.- doing everything po*
vert  lourisl travel Into Knsil-
Wi   havo been doing so for   a
it is hardly In my depart
i . iiiuoi speak with authorial ii mui in- that the attractions
-nil   In-   more   vigorously
��� .n tho future than in   the
\v,- thoroughly    appreciate the
Inn iin- Kootenay lakes are not ex
In .ni\   ami attractiveness by
other .. .ii. > on the oontinent
im ii is nm as easy as some people
i i.i iissiiu io divert tourist travel.
1 I pie start out for summer trips
usually have Iheir route mapped
nil iheir tickets, with nil stopping
arranged for.   Occasionally they
Ride nips, inn ibe great majority
\   the old regular tourlsl routes.
alk is the best  advertiser,   Gel
to come here, treat  them well.
ihey will go home and tell their
Then  you  will  have tourists
- my.
time to Influence    people    in
choice of direction   for  summer
is   ill   llle   i ally   spring,   when
ire beginning to think and plan.
railway companies are always
'" sell tickets   to any desttna-
'   ihai  lln-   travelling   public   de-
Mssion   to   Inquire   into   "Pendray
Deal" Will  Sit at Once.
' ��� .inl io The Dally Canadian.)
iin, July ii.   Tin- announcement
ile here yesterday evening thai
.imiiii government bud named
era, K, r . as commissioner tor
1 iiobo ssf holding an official   In-
mo ihe charges preferred by lhe
i World respecting ibe admin-
m of ihe affairs of iin. lands uml
iiaiiiui nt. nml particularly In-
��� "iiion ilint ihe figure of Ibe
''"'   "'i' certain hind In .lames Bay,
ubmltted by Moaars Pendray
Son    had been dlsolosed lo outside
11     by uiiii-inis of the department
I recalled that the Vancouver
'mod Bpeolflcally that li bad in-
 "'" io the effect thai the "Pen-
>  deal"  bad  been  inntllpulalcd   by
''"���' larll.'s, who had boon supplied
II "lo" Information, and the Col-
"'"���< the position thai In Ibe face
1 charges the government could
""am silent, but alinuld bold  uu
"' 'I'eters, ibe commissioner who
,, ',"'" """led by the governmenl in
1 "t. was communicated with by
'���"<"*<   lasi   evening,  and  asked
l','! ""��� Ural uieeilng ���r the court
'"   . �����>�� d be bold.    He said  lu
.."."f l""1 "ot the fun tejS of
nn. vv, ,,i,i ,"", l""""'1 '" him. hut no
""' be luai m summoning   Iho
first session,   it is presumed ihat in
the ordinary course of events subpoenas
will be Issued for 1). w. Biggins, edilor
of lln- Vancouver World, and all those
whom fin- latter named as having information In Iheir possession respecting
the so-called "Pendray deal."
Tramway  System  Earning  Profits���Re.
ceipts Steadily  Increase.
The Nelson electric tramway system
under chy management is threatening
in become a source of revenue to ihe
city instead of a channel of expenditure.
Lasi week's operations resulted In a
profii oi more than Jsn, with receipts
over Jinn better than those of a year
ago. Tbs' sale of advertising space in-
slib- and oiilslile the cars promises further Iii Increase the credit balance.
Beeelpta for the week ending July sib
were ttMM, by far lhe highest in the
history of ibe service, an Increase of
1112.-10 over lhe returns for the our,.
apondlng week of Itinr,, which were
1142.25. Returns for the current year
Iss date are $2,7-18.65. against $2,760.41!
for last year. Receipts from advertising more than make up the balance,
and   show   an   equal   total   in   spite  of
marly two months of enforced idleness
la lbs' wilder and sluing.
As lhe weekly cosi of operation, including everything, Is about jits, ami
present advertising contracts net $:;."i a
nioiilh. very lit tie figuring will show
tbal at present rates of revenue, the
city's b'use or the system is u very
profitable undertaking.
Interesting News Items Reporting Rap-
Id Developments in Smelting
and Mining Centers.
(Special  to The  Dally  Canadian.)
Qrand Forks, July 11.���It bas now
been ascertained that the cloudburst
which caused so much damage near
Gilpin's ranch early lasi Saturday morn-
Ing extended for a distance of some six
mill's from (lupin's Siding lo a point
about two miles the olher side of CaB-
cade. Beyond lhat iwint no rain fell
lo speak of. Besides the railway tracks
��f the c P, R. and Oreal Northern und
the telephone Hoe, gnat damage was
done to tbe government road, which
was washed out ln some places for
hundreds of feet li will take many
hundreds or dollars to repair this sec-
llon Of the road damaged, The damage
done lo the C. P. R- Irack Is also more
than was nl lirsl considered. In many
places the track Is suspended in lhe
air, ull the dump underneath being
washed out Laborers are strung along
ine Irack for miles repairing, and. although trains are running regularly, ll
will bo several days yet before the
track Ib In good condition.
The new spur connecting the ('. 1*. R.
with the Great Northern tracks at Oro
Denoro mine Is now completed anil In
There win be u joint Installation of
officers of ihe Greenwood, Phoenix and
Qrand Forks odd Fellows lodges in
ilrans! Forks In Gateway lodge room.
No. 46, tomorrow night.
An adjourned silling of the county
court was held here yesterday, wiih
his honor Judge Clement presiding,
when the following cases were disposed
of: Rex Vs. J. W. .Innes, being an appeal from the decision of the police
magistrate, who convicted the defendant for an infraction of the oustoms
act On application of counsel for respondent, the hearing of ibis case was
postponed llll August (ith next.
Brooks vs. Knntz was an action for
, ,,i due under an agreement. The defendant claimed iimi tor unlawful conversion of defendant's goods, Judgment was given for plainlllt for aniounl
I,. A. Snyder, llle well-known livery-
in aiiof Nelson, hns arrived here today
Willi  tWO carloads of heavy since and
pack horses, and will pul on another
singe line and park train to franklin
lamp. The business up the North Fork
has sis greatly Increased during tho lasi
taw weeks thai II will lake several
slags- lines fo handle lbs' multlinde of
travellers to Franklin camp this summer.
News from Greenwood.
(Special to The Dolly Canadian.)
Greenwood, .inly 11.���Tho pi Is of
Qreenwood who are Interested In the
lleaverdell country; on the West Fork,
nre very much gratified with the results of their development now In progress I hero.
The Duncan claim, adjoining the Bally, bas a line lot of ore on the dump,
from which a car presumed to run 1800
to Ibe ton Is now being shipped to
Trail.   No further shipments wil    be
made from  this  properly unlll   winter,
the freightage by wagon over rough
roads for 10 miles being expensive.
On Iho Sally work Is being steadily
prosecuted. The last enr lol of ore
from ihis property recently shipped to
Trail netted over |1S7 lo llle Ion.
Tlie belief thai work will be resumed
on lhe Midway & Vernon railway Into
Ibis dlalrlcl at nn early dale Is encouraging to those who have waited so lung
fur this means or transportation.   The
road olU'e assured, lleaverdell and lhe
We��t Fork lire bound lo boom.
Important Strike Made on
Eagle Creek
New Vein Carrying High Grade Gold
Ore���Assayed $200 a Ton-
Development in Progress
Very encouraging reports :\ recoming
from ilie Central mine, about 12 miles
from Nelson, to the westward.
The property consists of the Central
;iik1 Central Fraction claims, staked b>
Oscar Johnson ami Nels Lowenrlng, respectively. Both were acquired last
year by Rodolphe Legault ami associates, the bonding price reported being
Kiom the beginning of active opera
lions last fall good results were obtained, the average values found in the
ledge then worked being in tlie neigh
borhood uf $40 to the ton.
About a month ago a new vein waa
struck at greater depth, and steps wero
taken at ou.ee to open it up.
The owners are loo keenly interested
and too busy to come tu the city frequently.: but they make uo secret of
tlieeir good fortune to casual visitors.
it is said thai assays from the new
vein have run to $2<i<i a ton, and that
ihe average values, while not quite np
to that figure, are far better than an;
found on the property before.
ihe mines are situated two and a
half miles up Eagle creek.
Race Suicide in Ontario.
Owen Sound, Ont., July 11.���Maggie
Murphy, a young girl employed al the
Albion hotel here, threw her infant
child from the window of a rushing
train last Monday. She had been, absent from home lor several weeks and
while away gave birth to an Illegitimate child. On her way home the tragedy took plaee. Bafore she threw the
enild from the window she administered a dose of carbolic acid, from the
effects of which the infant died. She
admits the manner of disposing of the
child, but denies that she administered
the acid. The police are convinced of
her guilt, ami she will be tried at the
fall  assizes.
New   Light  on  Tragedy   Shows  Thaw
Was Driven to Desperation by
White's Brutality.
Pittsburg, July U.-VWhen Evelyn
Nesbitt Thaw whispered ihe news to
her liusbaml. Hurry Kendall Thaw,
that the stork wns soon to pay n visll
m iheir home, it made a changed man
of fhe young rake who has done so
much to disgrace the name he bore
and to break the heart of the mother
who has so idolized him.
Uut when she also told liiiu n short
lime ago lhal the man who had first
led her from the oaths of rectitude was
pursuing her, the brain of the young
man marly gave way. That, it is declared, was Ibe real "pause of the tragedy at Madison Square Garden,
i''or the last couple of months Harry
Thaw bud been a much changed man.
The drinking boms down town wen'
abandoned. He announced to his
friends thai he was done wllh Ihe old
life, nud he wus going to settle down
und make something of himself, lie
.lid nol tell why, but the secret leaked
out, and his wife fold her friends whal
she hoped for. and society���even thai
portion which bus been turning Us
sooty nose ill the air���was much Interested iu Ihe coming of an heir to the
Thaw millions.
Then tho persecution by White is
said lo have begun, or rather to have
Increased. Friends of lhe couple here
allege there has scarcely been a time
since their marriage tbal While was
not making overtures to the girl lo
huve her leave her husband nnd join
him again. In her condition she wus
distressed, and aHected much more seriously thai) she wus before. She saw
no way out, aud lluully appealed lo her
husband, anil then came the tragedy.
Shot In Self-Defence.
Montreal, July 11.���The jury who Investigated Ihe death of Forest Howard,
who wns shot by Mrs. Edward Tracy nt
llrome. Quebec, lust week, found thai
he came to his death "by a rifle bullet
bred by Evn Ilaird, wife of Edward Trie
cey, while she was acting in self-defence."
Howard had gone lo Ihe Tracey home
und asked where Mr. Tracey was.   Be
ing told lhal bo was attending a meeting of the county council. Howard attempted to assault Mrs. Tracey. She
wrenched herself from his grasp, seized
a rltie and shot him dead. She Ihen
called in her neighbors and told whal
she had done.
Two    Excursions   on    Kuskanook    Arranged   by 20,000  Club.
The Kuskanook directly, und all other steamers lo a less extent, will be in
the service of the Twenty Thousand
Club tomorrow. By the exceptionally
generous terms granted by the company, the club's excursion tickets will be
good on ull the company's steamers for
the dny. Thus anyone can go to Procter on the Kokanee in the morning and
return on Ihe Kuskanook at G: 15 p. m.
The hours of sailing of Ihe Kuskanook will be 1:30 and 7 p. m. The city
band and orchestra will accompany
both, and will parade the streets between 6:J6 and 7 p. m.
In Ibe evening there will he dancing
in the dining hull of the Outlet hotel,
Proctor, and. weather permitiing, also
on the lawn.
A thoroughly representative Nelson
crowd is assured for both events, und
those who do not attend will miss tbe
time of the season.
Tickets may lie obtained at the Canada Drug and Book Company and Hudson's Hay stores, at the C. P. It. ticket
office and at the wharf.
W.   M.   Perry,  One   of   Leasees,   Down
With Sample of Ore���Claims Owners Are  Busy  Developing.
\V. M. Perry is down from the north
with a splendid sample of free milling
gold ore from the Hecla Fractional, on
Itapid creek, east of Poplar.
The property includes also the Calu-
ment and Hecla, and is near, and in
the same belt with, t��e- celebrated
Swede mine.
The specimen brought down by Mr.
Perry weighs seven pounds, and is
sprinkled all over with free gold.
In conversation with a representative
oi The Daily Canadian, Mr. Perry said:
"No, I haven't had this piece assayed.
There is no use. It would run into
thousands. But I have had a scratch
sample assayed showing $88 a ton
right across the face of a 22-foot ledge.
"Samples as rich as this can be
picked up from ali over the two claims.
This one is from a depth of 40 feet, the
bottom of the present shaft. The ledge
I have spoken of runs straight across
both claims.
"Jack Chisholm is the locator. Ed.
Brown and I h ve a bond and lease on
it for a year from the Isl of June.
"We have three men there now on
development work, and will keep on all
the year.
"There is a lot of development work
going on now in the Poplar Creek district. Tlie mines are all right, but capital is scarce. The work is being done
generally in a small way by the owners
or lessees.
"We are going to open up the Hecla
as fast us we can. There Is enough
paying rock already in sight to keep
us going for the term of our bond."
Loot In Russia.
London, July 11.���A despatch from
Rl. Petersburg to a news agency says
thai three young men in students' uniform shot and wounded a paymaster
nnd two watchmen Ihis afternoon in the
ofllce of the paymaster of the admiralty
and decamped with a team with $12,000.
Resolution on  Preferential Tariffs Carried Enthusiastically at Yesterday's Session.
London, July 11���The resolution in
favor of preferential treatment on n
reciprocal basis Introduced In behalf of
the Montreal board of Irade ot the opening of the session of congress of the
chamber of comiueree of the empire
was carried at today's session amid a
remarkable scene of enthusiasm. The
vote was preceded by a further animated discussion for and against the
resolution. The Australian delegates
considered it to lie Impracticable, and
wnile the Madras representatives approved of It. Ihe British delegations
appeared to bo divided, but when an
expression of opinion waB called for, a
foresi of hands went up ln favor of the
resolution and ouly a dozen voted
against It.
The Canadians Ihen rose In a body,
and the hall re-echoed with their
cheers, while Ihe audience lustily sang
"Hod Save the King."
Condemned Man Wants
Head Chopped Off
Stubborn Determination of Criminal May Lead to Change
in Legislation.
New York, July 11.���A cable despatch
to a morning paper from Paris says: "I
want to be guillotined. They condemned me lo death, nnd they shall execute
me. I'll have none of iheir pardons.
There is no reason for n revision of
my sentence. Paris has not seen an execution in ten years, and I am going to
give them the sight first."
This Is the declaration made by
Pierre Adams to the police authorities
and lawyers who were trying to persuade him to appeal for commutation
of his death sentence for murder. He
has resisted their persuasions persistently for three weekB, and clamors to
have his head cut off.
The authorities do not intend to comply with his wishes. The situation is
an uncomfortable one. The law prescribes that executions shall be public,
but since the guillotine was removed
some years ago from the notorious
Place de la Roquette, the local officials
everywhere have successfully resisted
the attempts to secure a new site, and
the axe has lain idle in a shed, the officers of justice not venturing to offend
any part of the city by insisting upon
its erection. They have consequently
persuaded persons condemned to death
to'appeal for the commutation, which
has been forthwith granted. Adams'
unprecedented refusal creates a difficulty. A public execution invariably
leads to a disgusting carouse and misbehavior by the scum of the city, and
the establishment of the guillotine anywhere without the assent of the authorities representing the respectable citizens would inevitably arouse anger.
Hence the reluctance to carry out
death sentences. Bills are under discussion alternately legalizing private
executions and abolishing capital punishment, and Adams' novel attitude
may lead to the passing of one or the
Does More to Advertise Attractions of
Nelson than All Other Schemes
Reports of comment 'on the Nelson
Boat Club and the regatta made at last
night's meeting of the Twenty Thousand Club have led to a lot of discussion on the streets today. It is pointed
out that the request of the club for assistance in entertaining visitors to the
regatta Is not at all unreasonable or un
Whatever it may have been many
years ago, the Nelson Boat Club Is now
a thoroughly popular organization.
Membership In it is open lo all, and
through it every young man and hoy
In the city is offered opportunity for
maaly, healthy and enjoyable sport.
The only revenue of the club is the
membership tees, its contests ami ex
hibitlons are all open to lhe public. It
would be Impossible to collect admission fees If the committee desired to
do so.
The club Is at a heavy annual ex
peiuliture for equipment and for the
expense.of sending crews to represent
Nelson at the regattas at Ihe coasl.
The expense of the regatta ln home waters, where it Is held once every four
years, is about $1,500.
The question of public support for
the boat club and the regatta is: Is it
worth the city's while to enable the
club io maintain its membership in tlte
N. P. A. A. O. with crews from the
larger and wealthier cities of Victoria,
Vancouver and Portland?
To that question, it is generally felt,
there can be but one answer. Permanent residents of Nelson may be held
here by wealth of mines, by interest in
timber or fruit lands, or In other business enterprises, but the tourists from
whom the city hopes so much are at
Iracled solely by the beautiful stretches
of navigable water, the scenery of Iheir
shores and the refreshing breezes they
Millions of advertising pamphlets
would not be half so effective In attracting attention to Kootenay lake as
is lhe annual appearance ot trained
crews of the Nelson Boat Club ou the
waters of ocean ports.
Apart altogether from the desirabil
ity of encouraging clean sport and increasing the pleasures of the people of
Nelson, as a mere advertising institution the Nelson Boat Club and the regatta Is cheaper in proportion to its
results than any other conceivable
Last Week He Waa Only a Poor Mixer
of Paints.
Seattle, July 11.���Investigations made
by the German Society of this city
show, the society claims, that August
Rosenberg, a former resident of Seattle,
now under arrest in Germany on suspicion of being an anarchist with designs upon the life of Emperor William, was a plain everyday mining man.
It has also been shown that the chemicals found in his former residence
were such as those used by assayers.
The anonymous letter on which he
was arrested in Germany Is supposed
to have been written by a relative with
whom he had had trouble.
Vice-Admiral Wounded.
Sehastopol, July 11.���An attempt waa
made at 1 o'clock this afternoon to assassinate VIce-Admlral Chouknin, commander of Ihe Black Sea fleet. The
admiral was wounded and taken to a
hospital. VIce-Admlral Chouknin has
heen blamed for his severity, and It
was to the treatment of the crews ot
the ships under his command that the
mutiny on board the battleship Knlaz
Potemklne In June and July last year
was attributed.
Annual General Meeting of Shareholders���Revenue Equal to Expectations-��� Officers Elected.
The long deferred annual general
meeting of the Nelson Exhibition Pavilion, Limited, was held in the board
of trade rooms last night at 8 o'clock.
In the absence of President James
Johnstone and Vice-President S. S. Taylor, W. W. Beer was elected to the
chair. Others present were: T. O.
Procter, J. M. Lay, J. E. Annable, J. H.
Wallace, H. C. Selous, J. A. Turner and
W. G. Gillett.
After the reading of the minutes, J.
H. Wallace presented the treasurer's
report, as follows:
Stock paid up $2,650.00
Rent from Agricultural Society,
1904      200.00
Donation, J. Watson         2.50
Rent, C. A. Waterman         5.00
Rent, from Agricultural Society, 1905      200.00
Rent, from Curling Club, 1905.     200.00
Rent, from Curling Club, 1906.     200.00
Total receipts! $3,457.50
Disbursements on Building.
Paid W. G. Gillett 12.797.25
Architect      154.00
Total J2.951.25
Additional  Disbursement*.
J. H. Ringrose, wires $  169.50
Hebden & Co.. plumbing       31.55
S. S. Taylor. Incorporation       41.00
Additional building      100.00
Exchange         125
C. D. B. Co         8.25
Printing         6.00
Total additional $  358.15
Grand total 3,309.40
Insurance, two years       90.00
Balance *    5S.10
The treasurer explained that the revenue would have heen sufficient to
warrant a dividend, but on account of
the default of several promised subscribers, some of It had to be used for
capital expedlture.
The report was received and ordered
to be audited. An account of $2.20 for
notices wus passed.
The eleclion of officers resulted:
President, T. G. Procter; vice-president, W. W. Reer; secretary, J. E. Annable: treasurer, J. H. Wallace; auditor. H. Bird; directors, \V. G. Gillett,
J. M. Lay, P. Lamont.
The meeting then adjourned.
New York Central Tied Up and Dock
Laborer* Quit Work.
Buffalo, N. Y.. July 11���A general
strike of freight handlers has been declared at this port for an Increase in
wages from 17 to 20 cents per hour. The
trouble had lis Inception yesterday
when lhe freight handlers at the New
York Central freight house quit work,
alleging that an agreement whereby
they were to receive their pay from the
1st of July had not been carried out.
When work was resumed at tho docks
this morning It wus supposed that tho
strike would be limited to certain handlers, but the transportation companies
were disappointed, for a general strike
wns declared affecting all companies
where freight handlers are employed.
Bombs Found in he Imperial Gardens
Heterogeneus Assembly Too Divided in Personnel to Agree
on Constitution.
St. Petersburg, July 11.���One of the
curious features of the debate ln the
upper house of parliament yesterday on
the bill of the lower house providing
for the abolition of the death penalty
was a speech made by Father Bulla-
vlch, the priest elected by the orthodox clergy, in which he seriously defended the death penalty on the ground
that It was justified both by God and
Christ, citing the laws of Moses and
Christ's statement before Pilate as recognitions of the right to Impose capital
The Riche today declares that the
tone of the debate In the upper house
leaves little hope that this assembly of
bureaucrats, land and commercial magnates and representatives of the reactionary nobility and clergy, with a
small leaven of liberals, will ever be
able to work in harmony with the- progressive ideas represented in parliament.
The Novoe Vremya, on the contrary,
defends the conservative spirit of the
upper house, and appeals to the emperor to entrust power to the constitutional democrats of the lower house, who,
the paper Insists, "are augmenting the
danger of an explosion by their cowardly refusal to clasp hands with the
right or break wltb the left."
New York, July 11.���According to a
St. Petersburg despatch to the World,
there was a wild consternation at the
Imperial palace at Peterhof yesterday
following the discovery in the garden
of that palace of several bombs filled
with dynamite. The excitement and
dread were Indescribable. It was obvious that the bombs must have been
placed there by some one connected
with the palace, either as officer, guard
or servant, and every one equally waa
under suspicion.
General Trepoff, the commandant,
immediately put in motion all the machinery of his office to discover the culprit, but thus far without result. In
the meantime the person of the czar Is
being more rigidly guarded than ever
If Increase of precaution is possible.
Sheep Creek Mine Taken Up by Outside Capitalist���Other  Records.
The mining records today Include six
locations and two transfers, one of the
latter an Important one dealing with
the Nevada group in Sheep Creek valley, the consideration being $16,000
and a block of stock In a company to
be formed.
James Crawford recorded the Little
Magog and the Kootenay, adjoining tbe
Little Magog on the south, located June
28th, both situated three miles up the
east fork of Duck creek.
Samuel Marshall recorded the Minerva, Willy Blais the Mabella, and Frank
Ducharme the M. B. M., all situated between the main and north forks of
Wild Horse creek, and all located on
July 7th.
J. E. Read recorded the Lookout
Fractional on Donaldson mountain, on
the north fork of the Salmon river, located June 22nd.
Fred Adie, of Waneta, has given a
bond for $16,000 to Charles Seaman, of
Washington, on the Nevada group, between Lost and Sheep creeks, about 12
miles from Salmo, to be paid as follows: $1,400 by August 1st. $2,000 by
November 1st, $2,500 by February 1st,
1907; $2,600 by May 1st, 1907; $2,500
by August 1st, 1907; $2,600 by November 1st, 1907; $2,600 by February 1st,
1908, and 80,000 shares of stock in a
company whose capital Is not to exceed $1,000,000. Four men at least are
to be kept constantly at work on the
Pete Peterson, of Ymir, gives an option to G. A. Almstrom and R. P.
Brlggs, of Northport, on his placer
claim on the Salmon river, five miles
from Ymir; consideration nominal.
Price of Metals.
New York, July 11.���Silver, 65 1-8;
copper, 17 7-8; electrolytic copper stock,
18 1 i(��� IS 3-8; lead, $6.75.
london. July 11.���Sliver, 30 l-8d;
lea.-, ��16 6s 3d; sine, ��26 17s Oil.
Wm*\       Steamship Arrival.
Liverpool, July 11.���The steamer
Lake Champlaln has arrived from Montreal. The Daily Canadian
Crown Gem Jars, Pints per doz., $ 1.00
CrOWn Gem JarS, Quarts per doz.,     1.25
Crown Gem Jars, Half Gai. per doz., 1.50
Our slock lias jusl arrived. Secure
yotir requirements at these low prices
before they arc all gone.
Published six daya a week by Lho
Baker St., Nelson, B, C,
Subscription rates. 50 cents a month delivered
iu tiio city, or (6.00 a year if sent by man, when
paiii in advance.
Advertising rates on application.
All mouies paid ln  Buttlemonl of The Dally
Ciinailian  necoiiuls, cither  for subscriptions or
advertising, must bo receipted for on Uio prli i
forms nf tho Company,  utber receipts are tint
dULV   II.  I90G.
���' By one wont we are sometimes Jlldg ii lo bo
wise and by one word sometimes Judged ft be
foolish. t..'i iis therefore be careful wiiat we
Htty." -Coskdoipb.
The Daily Newa of yesterday, In Ita
article on the Kaien Island sales, makes
practically ;i recantation of Its former
charges agalnsl  the governmenl in re*
spect to theBe things,    Passing up Its
appeal to the public for more liberal
support, In which 11 Is nol our business
to Interfere or even to sympathize, the
News has nothing to say thai In anj way
Incriminates the members of the government, nor in any way reflects upon
Its business capacity,   faced with tlie
plain truth the News will Iimi that iis
persist en i  policy  of  misrepresentation
In the matter of this deal will be right
ly estimated by the people,   and    the
consequences  of iis  perversion of  tii ���
truth will have iis merited reward.  The
News has lieen unfair iu all its references to this matter, beginning  with Its
reports of  tho sessions  of  the  house
and of the Investigation    which    was
bold by a commission of the legislature.     The   reports   published   in   thttl
paper���and for which ii took so muth
credit at the time���were nothing more
than political comments on the speeches of the members of the bouse.   They
were laudations of everything that was
said by members of the opposition and
Bifabismussed  observations of  all  the
actions of members of the government
EDven the evidence before tbe commission   was perverted   in   the   News'   reports, ami yet it lias lieen consistently
harping upon the affair, as though its
own report was author!tatrve.    When
the   stenographic    report of that commission  is  issued  it   will  only   require
ibe publication of paralcll columns In
show  tbe public how Impossible it  is
for the morning paper to be lair when
dealing with  political opponents.
Afler   reading   the    devious    article
with  which,  in    yesterday's    paper  ii
seeks to justify itself, we find it has reduced  its  complain!   to  the  following
paragraph, which   we  propose  to dls
Tlie News says:
('Having boon accorded special privll-
es, having been placed in a position
"lo negotiate lhe sale of public lands in
which they had no more legitimate interesi  than any of the readers of this
paper, for instance, they wen- enabled
lo carry out their adventure successfully; that is to say Mr. Bodwell was able
to got the ear of the Qrand Trunk Pacific Railway Company with a view io
future retainers or o solicltorahlp, bis
client Larson was enabled to approach
the company on a friendly basis wllh a
view lo const rucl ion contracts and -Mr.
Bod well's other client. Anderson, was
enabled to dejKisii  to bis credit  in the
bank  several   thousand   dollars  end   to
secure from the company a promise to
pay an additional sum ol' $40,000."
There Is nothing outside tin* columns
of the morning paper to show thai
Messrs. Bodwell and Larson obtained
any "special privileges" from lhe provincial government. The use of the
phrase Is as unfair as it is untrue, ami
the statement is as untrue n�� it i�� unfair. Any duly accredited representative of the G. T. P. could have negotiated the Kimo sale with the members
of the government   for  the same pur
pose, or for any other legitimate use of
Hie lands lhat would inure to tbe bene
m or ibe province. Tlie government
(which ihe News says was "through
weakness, inability to resist the persuasions of real estate speculators" and
���inability to negotiate the sale of public lands direct," etc.), had successfully
resisted the attempt of the G. T. V. to
bold up the province for six million
acres. These Diets were well known
to every real eslate speculator In Victoria, and that Bodwell et al. were ou
the ground wiih a new proposal, name
ly, lo buy the lands al regulation values and pay for ihem In good coin of
the realm, Is simply to pay a compliment to the wfde-awakeness of these
"speculators" or "band of adventurers,"
as the News is pleased to call them.
Bul  lei us look at lhe remuneration
Ihese ".speculators"  received  for  negotiating a deal.   Mr. Bodwell, according
i.i tbe morning paper, "was able to gel
the ear of lhe (J. T. P.   with   a view to
future retainers."    We ask, who would
pay   these   future retainers?    Not   the
province, not the tax-payers, but the G.
T.  I\, in case they should employ Mr.
Bodwell.    Mr.  Larsen "was enabled to
approach   the  company   on   a   friendly
basis with a view to construction con-
traeis."    May  we ask  who would  pay
for this "future" work to lie done by
Larsen?   Not the province, nor iis taxpayers.    The last man, Anderson, "was
enabled to deposit in the bank several
thousand  dollars."    Did  the    province
pay Ibis?    The News knows, or ought
to know, lhat   the  "several    thousand
dollars was Larsen's honest repayment
of Anderson's legitimate outlay in  Investigating  terminal   sites and   reporting upon the same, together with such
honorarium as I.arsen though! be mlghl
honestly be entitled to.   Not one cent
oi this money came from the proceeds
of tbe sale of this land, nor from the
public funds in any way. The News further  says Anderson   was  enabled   "to
secure the promise of the company lo
pay an additional sum of $40,000."    It
is true that  there seems to have been
some misunderstanding between Anderson aud the G. T. P. iu which a question of $-10,000 was involved; hut if Hie
News is aware of the facts in lhe case,
it should  in common  honesty  tell    iis
readers what they were and allow them
io form    their   own   conclusions,   ii
should in any case tell its readers tbal
the company repudiated this promise,
oi denied ever having made It, and tints
the money was never paid, tint! that it
was agreed  by  Anderson that  it need
nol be paid.
riie careful concealment of lhe facts
by   Ihe  morning   paper  is  explainable
only ou the assumption that that paper
is seeking to create the impression that
there was some unwarranted advantage
secured by ibe "band of adventurers,"
ami   tbat   there  was  a   "rake-on"    for
some one iu the deal.    There Is not  a
little of evidence to support  ihis suspicion, and there never was.   Tbat was
just where tbe leader of the opposition
fell down.   He slarted off on that scent,
and alter (he fullest investigation discovered   nothing    more    than   that     a
.Straight and business-like deal bad been
negotiated by ihe government with the
duly accredited  representatives of tbe
<i. T. P.    The government did not sell
lis   lands  to  Bodwell  and   Larsen;    it
sold them to the G. T. P., and the G. T.
J',  pays for ihem;   and,    furthermore,
there is no evidence In existence that
anyone profited to lhe extent of a single centime on the  transaction.
rations for ihe observance of Labor
Day, and both by securing cheap excursion rates and providing an attractive
program is giving thai enterprising
city a boom after iis own kind. The
declaration of lhe Dominion governmenl a few years ago tbal a given day
should lie set apart as a legal holiday
ou which ihe people who toil could arrange for such entertainment, conven
lions and public assemblages as would
further their cause, was one of lhe wise
things which that government has done.
Ever since lhat time labor leaders and
labor organizations have made a special
feature of the holiday, and tbe occasion
has been used to create a public Bontl-
ment and arouse public feeling upon
the political and economic questions
affecting ibe righis of the laboring
The recognition of the producing sir-
nietu in society by such events has
brought about a much better feeling between what lhe proletarian call \ Ihe
masses aud ibe classes, although WC do
not like Ibe terms, as iu Ihis and .;!'
other democratic eon ut ides the difter-
ence is more in name than in reality'
The opportunity fur public spe\ he�� by
representatives id' the people, both in
legislative and labor circles, will do
much iu bring aboul  harmonious loin
lions   and   tlie  ahuliliou     nf     ohlSo con
scions feeling, while ihe gay mingling
iu spurts and pnatlmos by all clasm-s
will show thai at heart tbe peopl who
constitute a community have and maintain cumnion relationships and sin-.,.
for a common cud.
it is right, too, ihat ihese occasions
should lie divided up and passed about
from place to place, so lhat the segregated communities may have opportunity to share in each others' celebrations. The management of an affair
ot such magnitude involves labor ami
pains on the part of promoters, and
each cily should have Us own reward.
We wish tbat Cranbrook may have in
combination the climatic, social and
festal conditions that will make Labor
Day a unique occasion.
Fur By, rvtliin;; li 1
lu Smoke.
Imported and Domestic Cigars, Tobaccos.
Do You Know Thurnun's Srcii.il Mixture?
And Builder
Sole agent for the Porto Rico Lumber
00.) Ltd., retail ynrds.
Hough anil dressed lumber, turned work
and brackets, ('east lath ami shingles,
HOSh ami doors.
Cement, brick and lime for sale Automatic grimier.
Bargains    MILLINERY   Bargains
We will sell off our entire stock of Summer
Millinery at Less
Than Cost Prices.
Ladies' ready-to-wear Btraw Hata, worth ��Uo, $2,511 mm �����
Hals worth (3.50, $4.5(1 and 15.00 I'm  $^.r,o. "  ''"'"��� h<~k.
Trimmed Pattern Huts worth $5.00, fii.uii nml $7.00 f1M. J:.-���
Imported Pattern lints worth ��8.00, $111.1111 and 115.00 for $600
Bargains in Children's Btraw nml .Muslin Hats and Infam.'' ,',
Th.s,. inns on exhibition it, our store, and will i���. ������',,.   ,",""""
All INc-tv Goods unci this
Scasoji's .St\lc.M.
Fred Irvine <sTca
in. in 1
._ _,,  11..
��� nf  Units 1111.1   Win
ll"     111.'    lull,.�� 111,.   .1,
w. -1   K 11,11    In-
inik...I nullum Erne
tin. miles eul "I ii.
Ml.'I!    Illllll,   ...1
chains 1
��|.1.. Hi,, i'	
[or  porlsllJsslt.il
il.nl lninls. ..in
t. Starting Inn
'ni fsnn'l H K 1
I-nik In. An.ni
. Ill,'111
I Illllll
Lnki    ....
west, thenco iurhm ns nnrtli, tlienco easl top 1
of eiiinini'iK'omcuti rahlaluliiii abouf IS) aeres.
Hill,.it llils Mli ,1,1) nf .1 , tin,'..
WM.II.1M   KlINKMT  llAVIs-.s'.
Yard ttnd factory  Vernon, St.,
east of Hall.
I'. 0. Box sua
vii',,i!i.'ih. m. Nelson, B. C.
Thirty days after dale > Inl ml making appll-
mien in iho Honorable tho Chlel CoramiMionof
of Lauds and work*, for ft specifil license lo nut
and frirr'. away Umber from lhe following described hinds. Comntcnclug nt �� posl placed nu
the southern boundary of t'lrober License No.
M7S, and pi'out in rhaitiH 11 nil of lhe N. vv. corner of lot 528 *>.!. West Kooenar, running thence
wen mi ohalns, ihence Bomb 80 chains, thence
east Booba on, tbance north ho chains to point ol
Dated DUh April 1906,
A prominet resident of tbe prairie
metropolis recently returned from an
extended tour of England and the Continent, and after an Interview with the
Winnipeg Telegram thai paper moralises on lho opportunities of Canada.
Il says:
"He was astonished at the number of
enquiries thai were made of him concerning Canada. The British people
have undoubtedly a keener Interesi in
Canadian opportunities for Investraenl
than they ever had before. The question is, are we realizing tbe full value
of this popular interest. Publicity is
what Canada needs abroad. Give Ihe
Dominion's opportunities ihe rlghl kind
of publicity in Europe and in so far as
the most desirable settlers aro concerned Immigration will take care of
itself. Canada has paid too much attention to the question of moving emigrants and loo little attention to lhe
question of Interesting them. The result is that we have paid out. large
sums of money lo bring Europeans to
this country when with an enlightened
campaign of publicity there would have
come of there own accord thousands of
more desirable people.
Publicity is tho essence of Canada's
immigration problem today. We have
reached the point when we can rely
largely on our merits in the matter of
investment, and settlement and it remains for the Immigration department
to advertise these merits abroad. Canada for the present has gone far enough
In the direction of bringing oul Europeans who can't bring themselves. Lei
u.. improve the golden occasion of Canada's jump Into the eves of the world
to publish systematically our advantages among a class of people who only
need to ho told what Canada hns to
offer to come withoul aid or persuasion.
Thirty days after date I intend toapply to the
Cora mlssloner <>f Lands mid Works, victoria, for
a special license to cut and carry away umber
from ih,- following described lands �� nmmenc-
UiB at ii post marked J. K. a., p. VV, corner, plumed on the wesl hunk of CayoiiFc I'rei k where die
crock Intersect* Ihu easl boundary of lot '817 and
rudnlng nortii 100 chains, Uic -- casi in chains,
thence south 100 chains, theiicu west lo point of
Juno 9th 1906.
J, K. Avvaiiii:.
Notice is hereby given that, thirty days alter
dale, I intend to npplv i.> ihe Honorable the
Chlel Commissioner ol Urals and Works for a
special licei.Be to eni and carry away itmiVr (nun
the following described lninls, Minute m Union
creek in the district of West Kootenay: Commencing at a post pinned on Lemon ere k,
eleven (ii) miies from Kootenay Lake, adjoining
Lot UMS, marked "H. W's v K. corner posf'j
thence forty (40) chalus wen; thence eighty ts j
s��mh; I hence forty fi") chains east; thence
elgbty (801 chains north to point of commencement) coninininc three hundred nnd twenty (320)
Dated the Wth day of June, a.P., woo.
n ������ i- hereby given lhal Mi dayi aftei date I
...lend toapply in lhe Hi wbln the Chief Commissioner ..i Unds an I Works for permission lo
piirehnsi- the followllig described  lands in ihe
wesl Knolcnai district; com nclnsval a posl
marked "NullumId  Mclntyre'* B. R, enrner,"
ph il on the wesl Bide ol ibcColumblH River,
ahoui 7 miles nonh of thut 'iiv.aini DO chains
i h of the south wesl enrner nf Ul STil, Hie -
north 80 chains, thence wesl BU chains, thenee
-s oi ih BO chains, i hi m - easl HO chains to point ol
commencement, contain lug (Viu acres.
Dated Mils i.'ih day of June. I��W,
N.uu IKIRI, McIstyiik.
T. C Makluson, Agent,
Notice is hereby give at 00 days after date I
Inleud in npplv io iiir ll nihil ihe Chlof Commissioner ul Unds and Works (or perral n to
purchase the following described lands: Coin-
mencing al u post placed on the north shore of
tlie wesi iimi of Koolenay Uke, al the northeast
corner of John fctralists' pre-emption, theuce
West Hi chains, more or less, lo the southeast
corner of Lot No. 7405, Ihcnce norlh 10 chains,
tbence cast in chains more nr less, theuce north
40 chains to the polnl ot commencement
Dated J ii ii ��� - iMli, l uoj.
O. R. Ani.KTiiN.
Imperial Bank of Can3
ri        ���   a��. .  **fl
Head Office:   Toronto.
OAPITAl PAH) OP,...$8,000,000 KKST
I). K vvii.kii:. Praddant       Hon. BOBHRT .IAKKUw vi "ol''
Branches in British Colombia :
AKUtiWllKAIi,      nOLDKN.     NK1.SON      BBVBMTrtm.      .���,
OBA N Hill li ,K.   v A N, H III Vl'ii    VICTORIA.        " U
J. M.  LAY, M��
Bruce Wiiith
TAKE NOTICE lhal I intend to apply m ihe
next sittings nf Ihe Hoard of Licencing Commissioners ior therm- of Nelson, for a transfer io
George Harrison ol Ne son, M il. of my License
tosett farmei I and spirituous liquors on ihe
premises known as the l.nke View Hotel, Vciiinti
HI reel, Nelson. It. C.
Dated the iih day of July, 1000.
AUGUST Thomas.
40 Acre Farm
Notice is hereby Riven that M iIbj-b from date I
intend to apply to ihe IfonojaMa the Chief Commissioner of Lamls mnl Work*, for pcrml'SloD tn
purchiisc the [oiifiwitig deicrihc'i lands,situate
at the month of   Hntehi -nil en it on   the  Arrow
Lakes In the West Kootenay District A boat 80
aeres of land; oommfneing at a post marked
W. H, P. B, vv. post, thonoe no*th 40 chains, thence en*t 20 chahiH, thence south to chains, thence
weat 20 chains to point of commencement.
Dated thi* *th day of June 1006.
w'n.i.iAM Harry Prtbrs.
Notiee ll hereby given that 60 days from 'late 1
inn nil to apply to the Honniabl the Cblel Com-
mlssloner nl Lands and norka. for permission to
purchase JflO acres of land ai Van tion ten creek
In lho Arrow Lakes in lhe West Kootcliav District. Starting from n pom inark'd a. i. l n. \v.
post, thence 10 chains east, Ihencfl H) chains
Eou'n, tbence 40 chalus west, thence lo chalna
north to pomt < [commencement
Dated tula 4th day of June 1006,
Arthur John Lom
William J Tovk, Arpui.
Notice is hereby given thai GO days nfier dale I
undid loapply to the Honorable the Chief Com-
mlssloner of Landsand Works ror permission to
purchase the following described lamls tn the
Wesi Kootenay district: Commencing nt u posl
marked af.McC.N.E corner, |ihuiie<l 40chaini
north of tho 8. W corner of w a. Cahler'i pro-
emptlon in I ire Valley, running40chnlnssouth,
10 chaini west, in chains norih. 40 ohalna cast io
place of commencement
Maui.k Mrt'ANiJt.isii, Locator.
w a. Cauikr, Agent
Notice li heroby given lhal I intend \0 days
afterdate to apply to the Chief C mlssloner ol
Lands and ^orks fur permission lo purchase
ilie following rJeseribcd lauds,situate at Fire
Valley, Koolenay ''(strict I'oJinienelng at a
posi (miuke i L Ual.egher���south west corner)
placed at the south west corner of section ffl,
township6fl   thence nortii Hlehaliin tn the north
west comer of ta'd section 88; thence east 4o
chains, thence south hii chains to the south
boundary of said section ffl, and ihence west 4"
chains to the place ol beginning containing 830
acres, ani being the westerly half of mipi see.
tion 83, township09,
Dated at Nelson, �� 0. June mii 1900.
Notice is hereby given ihat 00 days after date I
int. ml io npplv iu the Honorable the chief Commissioner of Unds and Works for permission to
purchase the following described lands, siimitv
in the Wesi Kool nay district: Commencing ai a
wilt marked M McC. A W corner, planted m
chains wesi of L C. Uonlson's north-vot corner
of hii emu ii granted land in Fire Valley, running io chains east, 10 chaini north, m ��� ham*
weat, 4ochains smith to place ol commencement.
M. MoCutnuiR, Locator,
w. a. t ai.dkh, Agent.
June aOtb. ^Ofl
Notice  Ih   herhv  given   that I Intend, 00  davs
aiier date to apply to ihe Chlel Commissioner of
I.and' a in I Works for permission to purchase tbe
following d< scrll ��� t lands situate al Fin; Valley,
Kootenay district Commencing al a posl (marked Ocorgo Vonng- v0rth wesi corner) placed at
lhe north west corner of section 'i* township DO:
Ihence east 80 chains to the nortii BOS I ' urner oi
said lection 28; theuce sou'h t��> chains, thonce
west 80 chains, thenco north 40 chains to lhe
pom-  of  beFinniog.  Contain ing 880 acres   and
bettig the northerly half of said aectfon 88, township tw.
I ated fft Nelson, B. C. June 5th \'> fi
P. Burns <& Co
Branch .Markets in  Roaaland,  Trail,  N* Imhj, Knsio,  Bandon, Thnwfti
Denver and Slooon Olty.
Orders hy mall to anv branch will have
our pi j��t ami carefuj attention.
June 20th, I9M,	
Nolle,- is hereby givon that DO days afler dale I
Intend to make application in the Honorable ihe
chief Commissi,.iur of Lands and works f,.r permission to purchase the following described
hinds: Commencing al a poal marked A. W. Cat-
dor's southeast coiner,.section 12,Township 00,
running oast twenty chains, th forty chains,
west twenty chains, noith forty chains to plane
ot commencement
liateil July a, I'Jmi. Jolts BiNOfi
Noi ice is hereby given ihntalxty (60) days after
date l intend to applv  10 ihe Honorable tic
Chief Commissioner of Lands mid Works Impel mission lo purchase ihe r.-ihuvinir described
trot! of land : Minnie at Q11 CO IIS1 itav on lhe WDSl
shore of Koolenay Lake m ihe District of Wesi
Kootenay, Province of Hritish Columbia alnl
containing by admeasurement 104.180 acres he
ihe same noire or less, which parcel may he
more particularly ilescrlbad as follows. Com.
mencing nl n point on the westerly honndar
L. 7080 0. i West Kontcnav District, being
K> nay   H
of h W.lfll .���,,.
"flicrly hoiindary of L.
Otir e:iRtorn  neighbor,    the city    of
Cranbrook, Ib making elaborate prepa- i
A valuable farm for s;ile, situated In
lhe heart of tho frull growing country.
���io acres, ���'! acres well cleared and aboul
7" frull trees planted, nre bearing some
thin year. A good cabin, root house and
stable on the property* also a nice
Spring. The Innd Ih of tbo very besl
quality, nnd can be nil worked, it ta
beautifully Bltuated on Howser lake,
West Kootenay, one mile from post office and Btore ami two miles from 0. P.
R, branch to Troul Lake. Splendid
fa nn for pot a toes. There have been
four crops in succession without manure, ami tbe last crop whh iih good as
the first.
$800 Cash Takes It
(irand Forks, H. 0,
Or to Win. Simpson, Howsen.
nor of said Lot"o8W 0, tl thonce astronomic
south nt chain- more nr less to the northerly I ndi.rv f.f 1). H. DoUoflll's  Applh allot)   to
Purchase; thenee oosterly followin�� ihe northerly boundary of Mid n. U. Balloch's Application
to Purchase 2X.87S cIihIiin more or less to the
shore nf Queens' Pay; tlienco following thcslnn
nsltynf Iho said shore lun north ens Ic rly dire,
f Ic
I iii Ih<
ner of Mil Lol 7080 0.1; thence northerly following tho westerly boundary of -aid Lot TO80 o. t,
I.ODB chains moro or less to polnl of commence-
men l.
Paled June l."i, 1'JOB. H. M. BBVPOgS.
Siitlic  i-  lorehv  rIvimi   lhat ��l\lv  dav- nfier
date I ititcml lonj'plvto lhe ff rahlc |hc('|,|,.f
Com ml Hioiterof I Is and Worki for perm i Blot!
in purchase tho following dcserlbed trset of lanii
in West Kootonay districti Beginning at a post
planted nt ihe northwest corner of Lot Vd", mi
Iiok Creek,  thence smith  10 chains, Ihcnce wesl
-io chains more or lesB, Diet 'Mih Wchains
more or less, thenco east to take shore, and to
ii'nce of beginning, the same Is Intended to em
brae.-* what iu known as the Hanson pre-emption.
Notice is hereby glvjn Hint (todays after date
nre Intend to aimlv to ihe Honorable the chief
Commissioner ol Lands and Works at Victoria,
B C. for permission t�� purdmse the MIowihh
dweribea lands, situate In Wwt Kootenay district. e,itiiiii' nclna at a post planted at Tnomai
Jerome's N  B. post, and  tourkeil   Peter   Ocscll
and a Choquette N W, Comer: tbonce20chains
cast thenco fl) chains s,mih, Ihence W chnins
wesi, thence lii oh ilos nortii to tho commencing
post. Containing in acres more or lens.
Dated May 26.
W, A. Jonks, Agtut
Notice is hereby given that sixty days after dato
i Intend toapply to the Honorable lha Chief
Commluloner of Lands and Works, Victoria, lor
permission in purchase the following described
lands in West Koolenay. Commenolng at n post
marked Kdgar w. i ynes south west cojner near
to darnel creak mo) about i miles sonth ot Mosquito cteek and fthmit I miles wesl of I olnmhis
Klver;   Ihence  north  BO Chains, ihence cast  40
chains, thence south 80 chains, thence west id
chains lo place of commencement, containing
120 acres, being the same more or less.
Paled.I line 4, IW��.
Brain w, Dymti.
v. dywm Agent.
Notice is bereby glren ihat oodeys afterdate t
intern! lo lnnkc applies Hon to ihe Hmioralde the
thief <��� mission.rot Landsand Works for permission to purchase   tbe following described
lands:  Commencing ai a post placed on ll asl
shore ol Lower Arrow Lake, adjoining J. Hates'
pre-emption on the sottthy/est marked "T k/i
N. W. e nier posi."   Their e running B0 chains
cast; thence Bo chains sonth; tbenco so chains
moro or less, wesl to the lake shore; ihenco following h,k. shore to point of commencement,
cont mlng Mo acres, more or less
Dated this 7th d*��of June, IWO,
Notleo h hereby given thai ou days aft r date I
inii'ii'i to make application to lhe Honorable the
chiei CommissiouTof Uncisiimi w,,ikh for pi r-
mlislon to purchase tbe following described
irtiois:   Commenolng at a posl placed on ihu
noitllOOSl i orner of  I'   K ilotliuii's ,\ ppljl nl |oi| In
Purchase,morked "H. 't sco ner post." ronnlng
80 chains eait; theneo W chains south; thenci mi
chains west; thenee following 1 Klnahan's easts'
cmi hoiindii.v lo point of cmnmencciiH til, cou-
lainlng 040 aeres, inotc or less.
Hannah Tikrnsy,
Dated tills 7lh day of Tunc, I'flfl. 	
Noi ne ti hereby given ihat 00 daw afterdate I
Intend t,. make appl1 cation to tho Honorable tho
Chlaf (*omml��rfnn��-^( L; ii.Is atnl Works for ner
Notice is hen byglTtn ih*t ooflays tfferdato I
inland n upuly to the Honor-hie the Chief
I'ommlMlonerof Unds and Works foi perm Is
sion to purchase the following described lands,
situated in wioran Piwfiiei. Commencing at
norih east oorner poel ot bit :t* 0, 'hence rnnn-
i i�� son i h ID eh, ins. tbence easl WJchains, tbsnee
norlh Hi chain*, Ihcnce WOSl  lo ��� Jinlii" to l1   V. H.
right-of-way, following Mine south wast to a
]H,ini Inteirepltng notth one of Loi 1820, tht m s
east to polnl of commencement, containing 180
acres more nr less
May BOth 1900,
('. I.. QAKSNI1
Notice is hereby given that <���<' days after date I
intend tn apply to tiio M rablo ihe chief i*om-
mlsMoiier ol Lun.Is m .1  Wmks fo- p, 'ml-'lmi io
purcliOM thr following dccrlbed Lands situated in the Kootenay Distiict,   Beginningatn
postplai ion the north shore of the Lower
Arrow  (jiki-at i  i" chains west nf lhe weal
boundary ot C.P.M lot u��. Marked ll k w
h K. corner, thence west 10chains, thenoe north
BO chains, thence eMt 80 chains mor.- or.lfss to
lako shore, ihence in h south westerly direction
along lako shore to polnl of commencement, containing I"" nens more or less.
Localed JuneKS, 1006.
A. n. Woj.iKST'iN, AgenL
Notice is hereby given ihat two mon'hs after
date J Intend to apply to the Honorable Chief
Commissioner of Linus Mint Works for permission to purchase six hundred and forty (640)
lores <if land, described as follows'. Commencing
at n post plained ai ihe northwest corner of C
tlallagher's application to purehsM in Plre \'ii)
ley, on   the  west side of  U.wci   \r ow Ijike.ln
Kootenay district, moxkod " w. A, C's n k. ,.,(
ner"; thence runiiitiK eighty (90) chains West;
thence eighty (80) sonth! ihence eighty (*>j
chains eaat; thence eighty (>*>) chains north lo
place of commencement.
W. a.i-aiih:h.
Dated the 2nd day ot April, lOQfl,
Notloe Is bereby given tbal I Intend, 00 days
afier daie to apply to ihe Chief Commluloner or
l andi aud Worn for permission i" purchase tho
following described lands snd premises, situate
at Kir,- Volley, Kooieimy District   Commencing
nl n post (marked P. II. U'ConnOf norih east curlier) placed at tho north east corner of section
U, township00; thenco south -to ehalns, thonce
west iu chains,thenee north M chains to ihe
northerly bound try <>( said section 21; nnil then
CO east in chains tn the ploCO of  beginning, "Ui
talnlng IM acres, and being the norih easl one-
quarter of said section 21, township60.
Nelson, a. O.June 6th i��i��-
P.H. O'Connor,
QaooaB Yui'Mi, Agent.
He^d Office: Nelson, 1
SollM i. btreb; mi. I, nm inw
,!'���   I   tisl.ss.l  Hi ���|,,,h    ,,, ,1... ||,������in
ntnmlsgfmier <i( Unds sinl w.irs,,,
"SI   III   |llinl.ll��|.  sl<    I,im,I,, .I ���|,| I
nil ol Und, dewnlsed u
"   POSI   lilnlil.il   :,;   ll,..  I,,.,,],��,.,
��� nHiiirin-r. ni.iif
I    ...ll.iiilir, , ni.,,11. ���ii,,��� !., purebsss
I      *    M,i,   . .,,,,l|���.���.i  , ,,n���.r!���; rimilln
' Wilt) (10) chains west; llui i(ln,|,
ii.tiIi:  1I1..1,,,. . Ijblj (v,| cbslni sul
��� ignt) (n,j ehalns souUi in ti^ pfv,
'"',' menl, eonulnlni s,i iniii,in.|.
c-i") acrea, m..r, or loas
1 ������> t- -1 llnni.l ofAprtl, l"
11 .1 Milt
W   A   ' i  I.IK. At-
jtnllfa Is bereb) mini tbat tUiisps*
���"'���i akeappllcauo hi  .�������
' ''I'''' o laaloncr ol IjiihI. nint sTsrtt
SnUllOli   I,,   |,iii,|     I,,,.   I,,!],,,,,,, ,|
lansla:  Commencing nt a post alatt
iorllivro,l comer ol liable Mil sad ,��� ���
11. ,11   in  |,iirili,i,|.  In Klre Vallt 1, in.:!-
���i'1   N    K. rniiiir," niiiu,,,..  i" .��� ���
N oul
annl?"i',!','! I.1",',1'" ���'W '"im data
i In
iisb ;it ii noil placed al lho ff.
' f,S,,;,,;r'!:.''-y'"-"-M,.-v'r"MV
. law
0��o, I'. Hniri:
Slsly ,|���y, ���,,,.,. ,,,.,.. ,",���,,.,,., In apply lull,,.
ommhaionor ol Ul wd'Work, "t
JlilV 7, li
N. CllRIHTlI,       I
boundary, in chains north- iheiVnon. V'S,,'"M'r"
theuce/ochginato ti,    , ' ,     *   :"r""H,;
11 ����'    'l-riiey's   Applici     ," ,"".*   "fy "'
'''ence following the nor hoi I i,,, ,��� 'ir ���'""*'���:
"'id norlhory boundary of !j Kin!i��Hyi��L>*(?e
'""on to Punhsue, lo polM of .- ''" M A',,,||���
containing :uo acres, more or lets        ��c��nent,
I intend io iipply to the Honorable (he Chief
Commissioner ol Land.-ami Works for permission to purchase tho following described lands,
in iho West Kootenay District, easl side of Columbia River,aboni I miles ih of Morion City,
Commencing at a post   market   Leo M   Winter's
h W. corner, at tho h.W.wratrol K. ll.Hmiih's
preemption claim, tbenco nortii t<> 'iiains  re
or less to the south Imtiudiin  of Miles  I armll's
preemption cihim. theuce east M chains, uu a
son iii in chut ns more or less to ihe North boundary ��>f it. ii   -iniiirs preemption claim, thenoe
west so chains io point ot commencemenli containing 80 (teres moro or less,
Dated this 2nd day of June, 1900.
Ralph hi.vk, Arcm.
Notice Is herohv given that I Inlcnd, mi ���'������>-
after dato, to apply w tbo Clilof Commhu
I andl hikI Works for pcimisshm to i urel	
following doscUbod lauds, slim u Hrc Vnl
'" ai n post (mint
chaini sooth,  10 ohalni eaJTi   ibej J|
pine,- ,,f niuiineiieeimnl
�� K. M. M- I   IKDl   ���
W. ,\   i  LUlll.AMt
July Und, two,
Notice u heiebr given that ��i . - ��� M
iiiund touppiy to [he HonorableteiCHm
mlsslouerof I^nds nml Worki fnr penslsBsw
purehnse   the followfns -!.     :    . ��
iii ihe Wesl Kootenay dlsti lei  I'orot  i sij
post  on   the east side of Tulip frwl   alsj
���\now Lake, mid marked "J  I 1L        ,l
corner," thence enst ni ehslns, thi -   ��� m
chains, thenee wesl mi cbslni, thr isq
chains to iwlnl of commencement, ��xttH
aSO acni- m,ii,  ,,r |en.
(���oeatedJuno 18th, lOOfi J.J.ft'iua
T ll  Wn isiAsnoji ties]
BUtjr days after date I Intern! to appivin*
Commissioner of Landsand Works to psflsj
��' acres of land, situate ataiut one nlttHO
Burton City, ami descrlbeil oi fotloirs: m
iiu-ni*iiiK ni a post planted on ihonortbnrtl
ner of lot 6600 and runlngwesi ��ehsloi, �����
"���"M ihalos, thence ���
south along lol OQfiO io piac
July-Mh, low.
j. k Ih-iiml
Blxty days nfier date I Intend tesptHTU]
Commissioner of binds mui Works, vwi ��J
purchase three liund'cd ami twenty (kkliMfl
iiuni ncai ''uu,ui City, and dese ll*ls��W"i
Cnmmenclngni m posl nlauted nl ihesonnl
oorner ol D..\|.| BuIl-ci'-. nre enipij.-iisn'htw;
od "A. a. it's. ti. w Cornnr." iiiiarcniMiiTijI8
..i.......  ,i      ._..   .._;..  -������-,iii��, ibtM
ihnins, thence south forty (i"J >
east forts <iii> chains, tlienco  ni v��
ohalns, ihence west eighty ptt) chslni,tifj
���ntiih twenty (30) chains la place oi t-v^t
July 6th looo, a: A. Hesiq
mihs sflj
Notice in horoby given thai m
date i intend loapply to the Houonnn�� ���
CommlMl irof Lands nml Worksforiw
to purchase Ihe f���||iiwliiK ilescrlbed ��fi^M
���"������in Flra Valley on the wesl -id. oi l*s��l
Lake. Koolonav district, ,le����'rihr. ���''H
,,] .-I ��t_i"
lows:  Cummcni lug m h r��osi pi
iiorlhwi-si enrner m W, A.f     '
���narked "A. McL'i ion tlm
hence forty (io> < hm
iii-iie,- forty (-in) chains easl; n ���efortfl
chnins north;  ihence forty (W) eiisiB* "JJ
tbonce Io ly (-10) chain I�� m ''���   M
commence nt, con tain ing one liiiii.M'"
j (100) acres more or le-
Dated .limit'.m, looo, A Mi
i HrtarevUsg.
ei of
Koo enay Dlsti 	
ei r. II o' ('on    soiiui enst oorner) placed ai
the nonh cast lorm-rof seotloh W, township OtlJ
llionco wesl 1" chains, tlienco nonh kd chains,
Ihenoo cast 40ohalni,and ihen,.,. south w chains
iu the place of heninniim, containing BW aores,
Datod at Nelson, R. 0, June 6tll 1900.
v. H, O'CoNHon,
HROK0R Yoinij, AgQtil
Iih!!,1,1!'.' 'N 1"'lr,,*-V K1VPII  UltttOOdft
Dated tlila7tb day of J
Notice is li
Notice \h heroVy eivnn n,���> i. .
f'tot date, .ii- to it, i-ii, , ,""1";1, ��l days
*Ud. anil  Work. f���r So,   ,,',   '""I'll"'!. r���f
lhe riiiinwiiiir iii-MTii...,   ,.   , '"   '" Purohaae
 iwiiii! iii-mni,..,   i,        "!', '" Purohaae
v y, Kootonay Uisitrlci J?"JUiH**" ��l n
psist (marked   Heomo Y ":	
-������tl ut lln
linvii.hlp ll'l; t|���
or i
ininonclng is,
.1 HIT)"
' Illllll,, tlll'll, t ������,,.. ,
I"'Illllll, til tin.   p',|,.���
KB aoroa, iimi bofna it
ll.iiiiu. tii.nslnpiiii.
'���ated in Molaon, ��. (.'.Jnneriih,,.
;:;;:*'^."iii-'is, ,���������..���.���
.r ���"'"' "u"iio eaat
or bwnn'nt. conlalniinf
'""ttorly ball of mid au-
Wl^Sa'y'tef/'f 7  P'.t'",il
Columbialilvor ahoul, ,���n     ' ,'"""1' '" Ilie
''llyialliif siiliii,,      ,'       'r.'1","1' nl "iin.ii,
lOaofMinoroorlcM. "I!l1 ""���', bom,
Dttad thi. lat Day'ol Jnao, lebo.
m.n   ��� I^HANK KORTON
 t ������ Maxtoh,, iijnt
Kimy day, nltord i uu	
Ooinm ������.,,��� I.,,... ,' '.'''/' "lll'iv Ut Ibe
purebaae 100 acreaoflsssS0      rk"' "���������. in
!v��i Ms'ii mi it,..,,. i'������ T.m;ncls���� ��
Ibe s.snt ,i .,������.,  i il.   ,Ur"w Wko, ni
ninulna nonh fioh.in. it. Sr,,Me.''""' ''��������
tbonnoanuih hii, i��� ,";���,, ���'"���', ������ an chain.
I'lHi-n.ir imoiioom"nVth,,"��" """' ����h��lui io
 W, a. L.......... ���    .
Notlco 1, Isiircliy Blyon tli.it m 1 ';'"'!!
inti'iiii toapply w iho Hsjnora 'i"'"1,"'',,^
iiiis��imin ���i f.,,,,1,,,,,,1 Works Int pen ���','
purobsse the followingdetorlbi"! Iaiiils,i"��l
in Ihadlstrlctol ih Knotensy.sdjolnlnlj
7��0oniho Wi-.t Him ���f Ki i-i i"'1' '.;:.
mem inK ,u ������ imn,. i placed al Iks ' *
WMtooruarol Lol JWliSeneo nortb * '�����*
!'"""' ��"���! lOohali iodco sonH ���' ' �� ,
'belie ,i ioi,|iiiii���i���p���i���i,i|.i.iiiiiii'��|,'i'""
Ussloit Mayva, lutst. ,
Slxly days all��r dalit I intollil
 Isslnnsjrnl l.ninl, mnl   IV.
pilri'liaa.. iMiiarri's ul l.,nil slluii ,   , ,,,
as fulliui,   i'���i ���|.|���i. ni n pn.i l1!1'111^^
'"���';'"������ replArrov/lSkosip ll-����
*o Iui hi  tin. sulilb  H'osl corner of '!"���
O'Blloy's pro-o on aq3 inarkuil P. I-��;|
; tin
liillus, III, l���
>  rbillll
,. lull'
Ideated May, .���h m
OattaOMH, l^u,'"'"'
Hi along tlie lnki
ain't 1906,
ihoro I" I'1""*
p. I.i��"
w. ru.i.ni. I nt'"'  -
ii" "" ���'">" ".'ffi's'!*1
Nutici. i, hurchyKivci iiimiinyi ��)'''
Si'o appl)  II..mnil ili.il*'
miaaonorol i.iiii,i,,ui.i (Vorks torpcnnwi
l'iiri'lui.|. tbo fiilluiiiui; dcscrlU'.l IMi.la
ni' nolnc ui a pu,! markoil ��' u Mi', ".'v. i
p.. nt., I,,! life N W. corner nl "���'���JpIJ
.ne r.  w, comer m " "���
mptlon In rir,. Valley, r.sr.istiw��;:;,���
"'"���" ilmlnawoal, 80ohalnssuiillii ""h"
eaal lo place ol nmei nont.
W. It. .MrCiMiM-ll.'-i",""1''
VV, A. OaUiWi W''
June aoib, 1900, !PP"
Canada Drug and
ook Co'y> Limited
Another  of the  $150,000 Novels
The Man' Between"
Post Paid, Cloth, 90c.
A shipment of
| Royal Vienna Hand Painted China
Pieces from 65c t<> $15.00.
The Very Latest in Ladies' Hand Bags
*a.5��, *.V.Sn, *7-5o.
500 New Linen Papeteries
"India Lawn," regular 35c line, at 25c
"Sylvamiia," "       40c    "    at 30c
"Tudisco,"    -      "      50c   "   at 40c
.f the BARGAIN HAND RAGS left.   Selling
at the Rctl need price. ���
Canada Drug and
Book Co'y, Limited
>44444444+44X' ������������������������������������������
&/* Kootenay   Agents
I   (\ R. A.Rogers & Co.
W*t        Limited, Winnipeg.
WholuMule P(-OVl��lon��,
���11 Qovorumonl dreamery On ��� Pound Brioln received weakly fr.sh
from thi' churn.   For u le liy nil leading gr re,
iMllii'nml warehouse: IlomtonBlock,   Phone 79,
Josephine Street.
Nelson, B. C.
lie Hall Mining and Smelting
Company.; Limited.
Purchases Lead, Copper and Dry Ores.
Coal Tar, Waterproof Paints
Pitch, Creosote, Oils for Preserving Timber,
Roofing Pitch and Paints.
Hi'tit Bunders will iimi it to their advantage t�� one ont Pitch.
Ison Coke and Gas Co., Ltd*
1'liws rientlug l'liuiiB nml Modem
Snuitsuy Appliances.
ph��M 181, Oper. House Blk. Box 401
The Daily Canadian
SOME   MEMBERS    OF     20,000   CLUB
Working  Directors' Meeting���Plans for
Excursions���Rewards to  Both
Popularity Candidates.
The work of the Twenty Thousand
Club is meeting with sonic hindrance
from lhe lack of interest shown by u
few who necept office und neglect to
perforin the duties. The chief dlsciiB-
sion at hiKt night's meeting of the executive committee of lhe club arose from
tlie fact lhat the advertising commit-
cte as at present constituted has noi
held a single meeting, although several
urgent matters have been referred to It.
Satisfactory arrangements for the
two excursions on the Kunkanook under club auspices on Thursday were
reported and approved,
Miss McCandllsh, the winner of the
club's popularity contest, is to receive
a. ticket to the coast cities and return
and $76 for expenses. Miss Cameron
receives a present of $60, Both receive
Ihe hearty thanks of the club for their
successful efforts to raise funds.
The club smoker will he given at
last, and for the benefit of the boat club
to assist them in meeting the expenses
oi the regalia. While the club was
eager to aid the oarsmen, It was felt
tbat a vote of money might establish a
dangerous precedent.
The meeting convened at 8:30. Those
present were: T. <J. Procter, vice-president, in the chair; F. M. Chadbourn,
M. S. Parry. J. M. Lay, I. O. Nelson, A.
i^ean, W. H. Jones, i. E. Taylor, W. G.
I. O. Nelson, for the entertainment
committee, reported arrangements for
excursions Thursday afternoon aud
evening. Tickets are fixed at $1, of
which the club receives half. Dancing
will be arranged for in the dining room
anil on the lawn of the Outlet hotel. It
ifc also provided that people may go on
the Kokanee in the morning and return at G p. in. The band and orchestra
accompany both excursions and play
for the dancers. Refreshments are arranged for, and all excursionists will
be well entertained.
M. S. Parry added that picked coal
had been secured, and a record trip
would be made. The Kuskanook takes
her regular trip on Saturday, and wil!
not be available for excursions or pic* j
nics again this year.
S. M. Llrydges. convener of the advertising committee, was not present,
ami there was no report. J. E. Taylor,
one of the new tn nibefj, complained
that no meeting had ue m held yet, and
that an active convener s'lOUId be appointed. The secretary was Instructed
to communicate with Mr. Urydges.
The secretary read a letter from the
general manager of the Winnipeg fait
asking for Information, which had not
been considered because the advertising  committee had  not  met.
T. Ci. Procter urged that the committee meet its soon as possible and arrange for immediate co-operation wiih
the Fruit Growers' Association.
A letter from K. M. Palmer, secretary of the provincial bureau of information, asked for pamphlets, folders and
views for display at western fairs.
A letter from P. M. Black, president,
communicated a suggestion from G. E.
Brown, of the Hraekman-Ker company,
that the Spokesman-Review of Spokane
be asked to include the N. P. A. A. O.
regatta and the Nelson fair in its list of
coming events. The secretary was instructed to do R".
The secretary reported further replies from papers to the mining reports
sent out by the club.
M. S. Parry stated that V. Hyde P>a-
ker, of Cranbrook, would loan *an exhibit of furs and Indian relics, if ii
were carefully handled, guarded and
The secretary was instructed to order
600 buttons of the club in Nelson colors for sale at the fair.
The secretary reported the proceeds
of the popularity contest at $1,088, with
expenses of about $25, It was resolved
that Miss McCandllsh receive a return
tiekel to the coast nnd $7fi for expenses, and Miss Cameron $-r>o, nnd that
the thanks of the club be extended to
.1. M. Lay presented a request from
the boat club for co-operation in making the regatta a success, lie thought
that the regatta was a splendid advertisement for the city, and should he assisted.
The chairman approved the suggestion, but others thought tbat lhe boat
club should be advised to canvass the
T. G. Procter pointed out that the regatta Is hold iu Nelson only once in
four years, nnd is one of Nelson's best
advertisements and attractions.
A suggestion that a smoker be held
by lhe club and the proceeds he given
to the boat club was approved and
An account of fin a month for office
rent from April 1st was passed, and the
meeting then adjourned.
Notice Id lienob)" kIvcii that B0 <lnya niter diilC 1
lnC'inl to nnp'y tn tlie Chief ""ninmlasioner ul
Uml" and Work* for a Rpvinl lloeUM to cut nml
etrrr hwhv Umber from Ibe following described
lands in Weit Kootenny illstrie'.:
No. I.���''oirimiMieliig nt a post marked "le
Oberf*! southwest cornet post, and piloted on
tlie east fMc of Duncan river, uboiu ten miles
DortbFut of West Pork ol Imncao river; tbence
Hochuhi'- lonth, thenoe80 ciinim. cast, tbanca wi
chaini nortii. thence B0 chaini weit toTolntoi
No. 2. Cotntnenelng flt a poit markfil 'Mi'
Oberg'i Boothaaat po-m mid planted nn the etit
.-i,ii-o Dnncan river,about ii miles oortheaatol
Wont Fork of Duncan river; ihence w�� ohalni
norlh, lli-lic' Ml chains east, thenee 80 chains
south,  thenee 80 chains  went to  potu' of coin-
No. 8,���Commencing at a poit marked Ole
Oberg'i northeast enrner pot, and planted OU
lhe east M'H'  of  Muiicin  river, about  11 miles
ii-.riheaHi oi w.-m fork of Duncan river; thenee
���tOcbatni wesl,  thence  WO chains north, thence
���JOcbatnitait. tbenco|X00cbalm south to polnl ol
No. 4. -Commencing at �� post marked Ole
Oberg'i louthw'st cofnei post, nnd planted on
the  cant side  of   Duncan   river mnl about 121-1
miles northeast ol Weil ror! ol Dunesn river;
theme m chains norih, tbence 80chains east]
tbonce WN-hnlim south, 'hence 80 chain* west lo
point of commenoement.
No. 6.���Commencing at a post marked Ole
Oberg'i northeast comer post, and planted on
the cast side of Duncan river and aboul 12 1-4
miles northeast Ol West fforfcol Duncan river;
thenee 80 chains west, thence m cbalm north,
thence 80 chains east,  IheiieeStl ehalns south to
point of commencement.
No. 8.���Commencing at a post marked Ole
obern's northeast comer past, and plnnUM on
lhe e .st side ol Duncan river, and about 181-4
miles northeast of West Fork of Duncan river;
thence BO chains west, thence 8U cha'ns norlh,
thence 8<) chains oust, thenee 80 chains south lo
point of commencement.
No. 7,���Conunenolng at a post marked (Ue
i(berg's southwest corner posl, and planted on
lhe easl side of Duncan river and about 18 I-I
miles northeast of the West Fork nf Duncan river;
ihcm-e 8'i chains east, thence 8o chains south,
IhCQCe BO Chalm wesl, Ihence Hu chalna north to
point of commence ment
No. 8.���Commencing at a post marked Ole
Oberg's southwest corner posl, and planted on
lhe east side of Duncan river, and about 14 M
miles northeast of the West Fork of Duncan
river; Ihence 80 (bains cast, thenee HO chains
WUtll,  theuce 80 chains west,  thence HO chains
north io point of commencement.
No. ii.��� Commencing at a post planted on the
east Bide at Duncan rtveriuid inart.'d Ole Oberg'i
southeast corner post, and about 14 1-4 miles
northeast of West Fork of Duncan river; Ihence
h> chains west, thence BO chains north, thenoe 80
chains cast, thence HU ehalns south  to point id
No. hi.���Commending at a post marked Ole
Oberg'i southeast corner post and planted on
the east side of Duncan river aud about 15 1-4
miles northeast of West Fork of Duncan river;
theuce 80 chalna west, thenee 80 chalna north,
thence 80 chains east, thence 80 ehalns south to
point of commencement.
No. 11.���Commencing at a post marked Ole
Oberg'i Southwest corner post and planted on
the east Side ol Duncan river nnd about 15 1-4
miles northeast of West Fork of the Duncan river; thence ho chains east, thenee 80 chains south,
thence Hu chains west, Ihence HO chains nortb to
point of commencement.
No. 12.-Commencing at a post marked Ole
Oberg'i northeast corner posl and planted on
the east side of Duncan river and about hi 1-4
miles northeast of West Fork ot Duncan river;
thence BO chains west, thence no chnins north,
tbence 80 chains east, thence 80 chains south to
poiut of commencement.
No. 18.���Commencing at a pOlt marked Ole
OU- g'sROUthWMt corner  post and  planted  oti
tl asl side of  Duncan river about   iii 1-1 miles
northeast of the West Fork of (he Duncan river;
thence BO chains east, thenee ho chains ��ooth,
Ihence Hi) chains wesl, thence B0Chalm north to
point of commencements
No. ii.  Commencing at a post marked Ob)
Oberg'Ssouthwest corner post and planted on
the east side of Duncan river and about 17 1-1
miles northeast from, the west Fork of Duncan
river; theuce H'l chains easl, thenee HO chains
south, thonce ho chalm wesi, ihcnce HO chains
north to point of Commenoement.
No, 14.���Commencing at a post marked Ole
Obctg's northeast comer post and planted on
the east site of Duncan river ami about 17 1-4
miles northeast Ol West Fork of Duncan river;
thence Hi chains nest.lheuic HO chains north,
thence 8jchainseasti thence 80 ahalns south to
point of commencement.
No 18. - Commencing at a post marked Ole
Oberg'i southwest comer post and. planted on
lhe east side of  Duncan   river and  about  18 1-4
miles northeast ol the West Fork of Duncan riven them-e 80 chnins east, thenee 80 chains south,
thence Hi chains west, thenoe HO chains norlh to
point ol commencement.
No. 17.���Commencing at a post marked Ole
0berg*ssouthwest sorner post ami planted on
tbe east tide ol Dnncan river and about 10 l-i
miles northern) of the West rork of Duncan river; ihence Ho chains east, thence 80 chains south,
theme HO chains  west, thence 80 chains  until  to
point of commencement,
Dated June stii 1908.       Ou: Obbro, Locator.
Silver King Hotel
Best Dollar a day bouse in the
Kosims am Willi tiirnlslsetl.   Talile hs gootl us m*
In Nelson.    Bar supplied with kimhI
Manors ant. ilitars.
W. E. McCANDLISH, Proprietor.
Tremont House
European anil American Plan
Meals 26 cU.   Booms from 25 eta. to 11
only White Help Employed.
Baker St., Nelson
Bartlett   House
Best Dollar-a-Day Rouse in Nelson.
The Bar Is the Fluest.
White Help Only Employed.
Josephine Bt.
The Big Schooner D--. 1ft-
Or "H��l! and Hull"    DCCl    \ \)\.*
Tho only Glass of Good Beer in Nelson.
Hotel Accommodations second to
none in British Columbia.
Special Rates to Monthly Boardors.
The only Home Hotel iu Nelsou.
We have Improved and Unimproved Ranches for
Sale on the Kootenay aud Slocan Lakes, Slocan
Valley and Nelson District.
Before purchasing call
and examine our list.
H. & M. BIRD
I'lre   and  Accident
Real Estate and Mining
Manager for the Kootenay Valleys Company, Ltd.
Oldest established Real Estate
Business In Kootenay.
Nelson, B. C.
I have for Sale the Choicest
Frait Lands in this district.
Most of it situate on the West Ann nnd Main Lake.   See me before you decide to locate.
Lake Vieto
Hall and Vernon Sts.
Two block! from
Bates ifl.110 per Day
and up.
P. O. Bnx IM.
Telephone 11s.
Grand Central Hotel
J  A. EBICKSON, Proprietor.
Centrally touted. open Day and Night.
Sample aod Bath Rooms Free
Opposite Court House and Post Office,
Corner Ward and Vernon Streets.
The Latest Modern Appliances
now in use at this
Baker Street.    -    NIvLSON.
Steeple Climber Drops.
Chicago, July tl.���After 20 yours' ox-
porienoe as n steeple climber, James
H. Glenn's time came yesterday. The
rigging to which he wns holding nn top
of n smokestack gave way, and he foil
to his death.
A man approached a stand upon which
some puostionahlo-looktng fowls wero
Offered for sale. "What will yon sell
them for?" ho asked of u shrewd, gray-
boarded farmer, "I sell them for profits," answered that individual,  "'is that
so?" answered the customer in feigned
surprise. "I'm glad to know Ihey aro
prophets.   I took them for patriarchs."
Notice la hereby given that 80 dayi after date I
Intend to apply to tbe Chief Commissioner of
Lends Hinl Worki (or h Bpeclal lleenie to cut ati<i
mrrv hwhv timber from the following described
landl, situated In the West Kootenay district:
No. L��� Commencing Mt a post marked O l>,
Soar*! MUthwett comer poet, nm! planted on the
eaat bank of Duncan river ami abont p* i-i mUea
northeast "f west fork of Duncan river; thence80
chains east, thence 8�� ohalni south, thenee no
chains west, thence fiO chains norlh to point ol
No. s.���Commencing t��t a post marked o. i>.
Hoar's northeast corner post, ,iiul planted on the
east side of Dnncan river, and about io 1-4 miles
northeast of west fork of Duncan river; thence80
chains west, theuce floiditi'ns north, thenee 80
ohalni east, tbence 80 cbalm south to point of
No 8.���Commencing at h post marked O. I).
Hour's southwest corner DOSt and planted on the
eait side of Duncan river, and about 90 1-1 miles
northeast of the west fork of Duncan mor;
thenee H'J chains nortii, thence B0 chains easti
thenre 8.1 chains south, thenee 80 chains west to
Ixdnt of commencement-
No 4. ���Commoncittg at a post marked 0. D,
Roar's southwest corner i>os> and planted on the
past bunk of Duncan river, and snout 'JI 1-1 tulles
��� o.theast of the west fork ol Duuenii rive-;
tbence <*> chain* north, theme Xu idimns east,
itieme HO chains south, theuce HU chains west to
point of c,->iuiucncf>meut.
No. r> ���Commencing at a post marled o. l>.
Boar'i southeast corner post and planted on the
east tide <>t Duuciu river, and about !U l-i miles
northeait of west fork of Duncan river; thenco.80
chains norih, th.tice HO chains cast, tin-net so
chains south, thence 80 chains west to polio of
No 6.���I ommenclng at a post marked O. D.
Hoar's southeast corner post and planted on the
easl side of the Duncan river, and about 231-4
mil s northeast uf tbe weal fork pf Duncan river;
tbenOQ hu chains north, thence 80 chains east,
theme HO chains south, thuucj HO ciialns west lo
point of commencement
No. 1, 'Commencing at a post marked 0. D.
Hoar's roUthwest corner post and planted ou the
cast s de of Duncan river, and about 'Hi 1-J in11 - s
northeast of the tte-vl fork of Duncan river;
thonce BO chains casi, thence  80 ohalni south,
thence 80 chains west, thenoe 80 ohalni north to
point of commencements
No. 8.���Commenting at a post marked 0. D.
Hoar's northeait corner post and planted on (he
easl side of Duncan river, and about 21 11 miles
southeast ol west totkof Duncan river; thence8o
chains west, thence HO cha'ns north, theuce 80
chains east,   lhen<:e 80 HMus south  lo point of
No. 5,���Commenting at a post marked O. D.
Hoar's southwest corner post and nlunied ou
the oast Side of Ulincan river and abont 22 H
miles northeast nf the west fork of Duncan rtv-
ei ; thenee HU chains east, thence 80 chains south,
thence Hi) chains west, thenee Htl chains north to
point nf commencement.
No. io.���Commencing "t a post marked o. n.
Hoar's northeasi corner poit and planted on the
oust side (i| Duncan river and about 33 1-4 miles
northeast of lhe west fork nf the Duncan river;
theiiccHO chains, wesl   thenee no chains norlh,
ihence 80 chains oast. thOnee 80 chains south to
point of commencement.
No. 11.--Commencing At u a poit marked O. D.
Boar's southwest corner pool and planted on the
enstlldOof Duncan river and about 21114 miles
northeast of the west fork of the Duncan river;
thence 80 chains east, thenee 80 ehafus south,
ihence 80 chains wesl, Ihence 80 ehalns nortb to
point of Commenoement.
No 13.���Commencing nl a post marked O. I).
Hoar's northeast corner pout nnd planted ou the
Cast Side Of Dnnuin river and about 331-1 miles
u M'lhca'i of ihe west fork of the Duncan river;
Ihence 8J tlm I in west, ihcnce HJ chains north,
theuce 80obelus easti thenee 80 chains south to
point of commencement
The Strathcona
Kelson, B.C.
B. Tomkins, Manager.
We Wffl Sell
20 Marconi-Canadian for $60*oo.
McDermid & McHardy
Choice Fruit
I Have 10,000 Acres
of the
Choicest Froit Lands in
British Colombia.
Can sell any quantity from 5 acres to 2,000 in one block.
Buy now and get the ground floor prices.
Nelson, B. C.
The Leading Hotel in the
Clood   Sample    Rooms.
Queen's Hotel
Baker Btreot. Nelson. B. 0.
Lighted by Eltwtrioity and
Heated by Hot Air
Urrs anil Cnmtnrtatsle Bedrooms and First.
class TMiitiiit Ronra. Sample Ronms lor Commer*
clal Hen.
MRS. K. 0, IH.ARKK. Proprietress
The well known
Onr BeorGardon i8
tho Finest in the
Winnipeg Exhibition
From Cranbrook, B. C.
Round Trip.
On Sale Jnly 80th to 27th.   (Joori to ro-
turn until Angust 2nd.
West Transfer Co.
General Teamsters and Dealers in
Coal and Woo-i.   Express aud
HaKKngo Transfer
S  Office: Baker St.
P.O. Boi lie
No. i.i.���Conueepelag eta poit merited o. v.
Hoar'!1 iouthwcil t*nniwr poit una plehted mi the
<nM Mill- nf tiio 1'iinmn  rlvcr mi<l tilmiit 34 1-1
miles aorUieiatolrbe weal fork ol tin- Danein
river; lliciue Hi) chains eHKt, thonce 80 i-lmtns
south, thenee!!) ohalni wet, thenco no clialm.
iinrtli tn point nf I'ltiiimenccmont.
No. 14.���CoinmtM.dmr al ft print nmrkrd 0, I).
Hoar's uurthwt'Nt comer pOI| and i>tuii(c<l oil tin'
������HM aide n( Duncan rl*or ami about -u l-i inii<>s
northoaitof ihu west fork nf the Dnncaiv riven
iiuMuedo nbaioi wwt.thenoo ho ohaltw north,
Hhmut BOchaltia east, thoneeM) chatim s.miii to
point of "Vomiiurtieeniriil.
Ditto! June Dili 1W0, U. I>. IloAH, I.i'.-Mnr.
Hy hix Agijut,Oi,e OlUIKJ.
Next Selling
August 7-8-9, September 8-/0
St. Paul Chicago
Ontario yuebco
Maritime Provices.
90 day Eastern Summer
Good going Aug. 7, 8, 9,
Sept. 8, 10.
Stop-overs   allowed  west
Missouri River.
For risls'K, berth reservation nud detailed
iuforniation apply to local agent or write
A.S.IM., Viinrnnver. P.P.A.. Ni'lsun.
WIhiIobhIu nml Hctatl Dealers in
Fresh and Salted Meats
Gamps supplied on shortest notice and
lowest price. Nothing lint fresh and
wholesome meats and supples kept in stock
Mnil orders receive careful attention.
E. C. TRAVES, Manager.
Bt. Paul
Port William
Kansas City
Chicago    MOO
St. Lnnis    60.00
Toronto 88.80
Montreal 100.00
Ottawa 100.00
New York  100.00
For rates to all other
points apply
City pRMunger Agent.
A il. P. A., Seattle.
A. McDonald & Co.
Dealers in staple and fancy Groceries.
Batter, Eggs.
Onmpand Miner*' Supplies.
Si t ;���
The Daily Canadian
The finest stock we have yet shown.    It includes some
special  pieces iu  new   and   beautiful   designs.     In
smaller pieces the prices are quite as attractive.
Finely cut Nappie aud Bou-B.on Dishes at
$3.00 aud #5.00 are our leaders.
Three Big Leaders]
:     For Hot      I
��� Monseratt Lime Juice:
��� ���
Cooling :uiil Befreshiii
Welch's Grape juice  ���
To ntie quart sweetened lemon- X
Mile mlil  mir   1 s.1.-1- Grape*
,1 nice, nml yon have a dolieionBT
beverage. I
Morton's Raspberry   |
Tho only Reitoine.     We have*
Others but those tire the season's T
Bell Trading]
Company        ���
'cA Tip* for a
'Canadian Morning.*
Kootenay Coffee
[Joy's Cash Grocery!
If yon don't Ilka stale
Seal where tbo trade [fl bo brisk tlial 1
fresh supplies tiro received
every dny,
Some of the Nice Things
Today are:
Homo Cooked  Boiled  Hum,  1
pound B5o.
Cross.- &   Blnokwell'fl Potted Fish (
and Meats.
Sardines- Sportstneil, Sing Oscar,
and liassett.
Fresh Strawberries nnd Tomatoes,
Jcllo ice ("ream 1'nwders nnil Crosse ,
& Blaokwell's Rennet Tablets,   Also ,
Liouid   Kennel t   for  making curds
aud whey.
JOY will meet you at
the door.
^or. Josephine and Mill His,      I'lionc 19
Bargains In
"The Store of Sweets.'
Fruits, Confectionery nnd
Ice Cream.
Phono 85, Bnker SI.
C fv. Vemiin nml Wns'd jSlro*��t.M
m;i.son, u. .u.
.1  PBKD HUME, Proprietor.
1) P Kane, Alex Lucas. A 13 Stewart,
Kaslo; .1 (lilfsin, s N Birrey and wife,
Toronto; K Mallandalne, Oranbrook; W
iit'iiiitn and wife, Washington; T H En-
iln'iiti. Tacoma; W s Spalding, .1 K
Devlin, Victoria; J 11 Morris, Mum real;
E .1 ilasson, H A Roberts and wife,
Spokane; ll Wright, Vancouver.
11 Carey and wife, Colville; Q F In
graham, Spokane; .1 (J Billings, Nakusp; 1) A Beniis, J M RoberUon, Toronto; M Travers, Rossland; D Brown
ami wil'i'. Vancouver.
.1 A McParlane, Pllol Hay: II (I Mac
donald, Moyle; B Miller, Halcyon; .Miss
M Siiuuk, Truro; Miss Irwin, Colling-
wood;  11 Tannallill, Hope.
.1 l.anilur, Castlegar; n Sheriffs, Bonnington; c Richardson, J Herrle, T J
Llpp, (' l.ipp, Mrs, Llfifi ami children,
A Kletzel, E Kletzel, Frank; (' J John-
sun, Brie; A McMillan, .1 Hammond,
Salmo; C Froder, Missoula; F Crowe,
Klmberley; A Mayhaver, W Cole, Na-
II Main. A Durmit, Greenwood; F
Playter, Rossland.
A Chlsholm. Ymir; .1 Kerr, Bummlt.
.1 Frank, New Denver; T Moore, Col-
llngwood; W Claffey, Salmo,
I) Morrison, Cranbrook; L Anderson,
W 10 Duller. Bonninglon;  A Bufflo,
Poplar; W Siaiiles. Rossland,
.1  Pettyplece,    Kaslo;    I) Campbell,
Bonner's  Ferry;     li o  l.eary.    Qrand
Forks;   M   McOuIre,  Comapllx;   T    N
Qninn,  Lisbon;    F  F  Fullmer,    Cam
borne; I. A Cutting, Pincher Creek: ll
Taylor, Sandon; ll Maxfleld, slocan.
We arc receiving strawberries
direct from the racliers. Place
your order for preserving
at once as they won't
last much longer.
Telephone nu.
Thompson & Douglas
slum Welti,,ir ������ Spaolalty.
Wall Psspssr nnd Burlap,
Slllll' IIN HARD
A full lino of Crockery,
Glilna and tllii(*nware.
AUoRecniiil Hand (tooili of Kverf DeMTlp-
tlnn.   W<< Imvf pot tlii'KnrnlHnn'1 Bull at
L0W6-*t I'ricea hi Town.
Buker Bt.| next to f'.KK Ticket Office.
P. 0. Bin MO).
T. Q, Procter hail three meetings In
attend lasi nlghl between S ami B, ami
attended them all.
The only eases in Ihe city police
com-! ihis morning were those nl a few
professional offenders, who paid    the
usual lines.
Sliver gained one polnl on each mel
al market today, oilier quotations are
unchanged, 'the copper market is reported dull ami Inactive.
T. II. May has ih vol,,pel lhe wander-
spirit, ami will leave again in a few
days lor another long trip His flrsl
objective will lie Liverpool.
T. (!. Procter, presldenl of ine Nelson
Kvliiliitinn Pnvlllon, Limited, announces
a meeting of the directors ror Tuesdaj
evening, .Inly I7tb, in llio board of
trade rooms al 8 o'cloi k,
The regulnr inoollng of Xelson Aerie
No. -i'l. V. O. M.. will lie held in lln
lodge room ihis ovening al 8 o'clock
As Beveral imniirs of Importance arc
up for discussion, a lull ntlendancp is
specially requested.
A meellng of all (hose who are Inter
esleil in liasehall will lie belli Ihis even
ine ni ^ o'clock in A. Fife's barbor Bhop
lo eon ;iili-r Ibe aih isahilify of entering
a   ham  in    a  league    with    Rossland,
'frail.   N'linhpoll   an,I   Colville.
Miss .!'��� 'am,'ion. of lhe iillico slalT
nf  Iho  Dally   News,   leaves lonlgbl   bj
Ihe C. I'. II. lor llle coast. She will visit Vieioria, Vancouver, Bcattlo, Tacomn
ami Portland, ami return in aboul a
fortnight I'J   way of Spokane,
Miss Mabel McCandllsh, tlm winner
ol the Twenty Thousand Club popular
iiy contest, has decided In lake her trip
in the coast in September, when she
will visit tin, provincial exhibition at
New Westminster and take in flic Spokane lair nn her return trip.
"Doctor" Kam Yon had a Morris
chair stnlpn from his offlce smiie days
ago. Chief .larvis located it under sawdust in Archie Reld's ice house, ami
arrested lien Davis, a former employee
of tii,. "doctor's." Davis admits taking
the chair, ami will appear in the city
police court tomorrow morning.
II I- Drury, M. \'.. A. for Victoria,
ami Mrs. Drury are in the cily todaj
on iheir wnv home from a trip to Ottawa. Mr. Drury says ihat they have
enjoyed their trip splendidly, anil have
seen evidences of prosperity ever\'
where throughout Canada. His trip io
Ottawa, he adds, was withoul political
With line weather, which seems as
siired, ihe ladies of ihe MeUiodlsl
cliurch expect a large attendance nl
their annual strawberry social which
will he held ihis evening nn the church
ami parsonage grounds, beginning at 8
o'clock. The city hand will he in attendance and render a suitable concert
program. The ladies have mad,, elaborate preparations, ami will treat all
guests well.
A meeting of tlm Agricultural Society
directors was called for last night at 8
o'clock ln the city hall. Only T. 0.
Procter, ll. C. Sdmis. Captain MoMor-
lis and two newspaper men arrived. As
Managing Director Starkey was nut of
lnwn. and ihe prize lisis were not quite
ready, ii was agreed that a meeting
should he held in a few days. Mr.
Procter suggests thai in ihe meantime
all chairmen "f committees should com-
filele iheir wnrk and prepare us full re
perls as possible.
The Store of Quality
of a good cup of tea are always satisfied with
Tiny say il has a llavnr nf its own
rarefy round in ten al ilm mice. Ami
why Bhouldn'l It? In our blend is a lea
which alone sells ai one dollar a pound,
ami which gives lhe lea a delicious
Tlie best proof of tlie quality nf Impel inl Tea is the fact lhal many buy it
and nothing else rrom us.
Try a  Pound and See.
���Veil Uabel 5()c
Blue Isabel ."ifJc
Hood & Teetzel
K. W. C, Mlnck . Phone io
Yale-Kootenay Ice, Fmft, Feci
& Poultry Co., Ltd.
;T   IS home   "^h    kfN
T   ftlE Mi MfiN3    i_r
Deliveries made daily tliroutfhont NelBon
mnl iin suburbs. Phone 148.
Pure Maple
'Direct from our oivn Su.hir Bush.
It's Inn uonil lo pal  up in fins.    I've
unt it shipped in bulk, and I bottle If
Imperial Quart Jirs - - 70c
Imperial Half Gallon - $1.35
Special prices for 5 gallon cans
Conic in and sample il.
C* A* Benedict
Oorner Blllca nml Josephine sih,
is not complete without n jtihhI
We have a fall line of them nf prices to
suit TOUT parse.    Also Wash Boards,
Tubs,  Clothed Pius, Clothes
Lines, Pulleys, Bto.
Nelson Hardware Co.
We have paid special attention, this
year, to providing for the ever increasing summer demand for Souvenirs.. As
a result of our efforts, we have a range
of Souvenirs which for
Variety, Beauty and
Moderateness in Prices
is not excelled anywhere.. They consist
mostly, too, of articles that are useful
as well as pretty,. Our
35c Line of Souvenir Chinaware
decorated wiih local views Is particularly dainty and pretty.
W. G. Thomson
B011KSKU.KH *������    Ne]soU)  B   Q
I "!,.,,,���= .14.
Hotel girl.   Apply nl Ciuh Hotel.    10.
J. Curran.
A bartender.   Address Box 102, Nelson, II. G.
A email purse (lady's).    Owner can
ohlain  .'lame by application al  Ihis office.
Trains and  Steamers.
Crow hoal���On lime.
Slocan train���On time.
Spokane train���On time.
Coast, Boundary and Rossland train
���On lime.
Harry Wrighl, M. I.. A., will leave
tomorrow morning for lleaion Ont,, lo
visit his parents, lie will return to
Kelson about the end of August.
Mr. Mil Fitzgerald, of Spokane, who
has rare ability as a cartoonist, Is in
flic city, and has placed on exhibition
fnr  Ihe  Twelll.i   Thousand   Cl'lh    some
good specimens uf the chalk-tnlkor's
rapid work, In the window of flu:
Standard Furniture Company there is
nne speaking and suggestive, representing "The Twenty Thousand Club
Invites Miss Nelson for nn excursion."
in ihe next window is portrayed ihe
gallanl olnb escorting ilm fair lady in
the wharves. Willi the steamer In the
distance, (inml work, hnl sorry they
came so late in the day.
Leave Your Order With Me For
Cherries and
Now, as His- season is closing, and I will
see thai your order is filled wiih tho
besl I'ruii to lie had at tlie lowest inar
kel  price.
Haslewood Ice Cream
Phone 2i'(>.
To the Members
of the
20,000 Gob.
Falroni/.e lhe 5000 who arc
here now, and we w ill
be a lom.' wny toward onr goal.
Thorpe's Lithia
is equal to any aperient
miti-rli'-imiiifii- witters bottled in
the United
tf you us*1 enough of it wo
can support another
family in Nelson.
& Co., Limited.
Ont sifl cf Otis
Villi!', Hi Hi dntiititj Spirits ill ilt/in/it
[>ll>  YOU   KNOW
thut the a rink, Served fttinir Boda fountain
Inel liillli' prol'iTllt'H lii'SMrs r,'lri',litii,[ T
We sec only real fruit lyrupi nf lhe Iin,-,i
qunllly       Fountain, i ntir, stIhmi.cs uis.1
receptacles nn   kept scrupulously clean
Baker Stmt, Nelson, B. 0.
High Grade Chocolates, Gum,
Candies and Fruit.
Thorpe's nice cool drinks.      Lunches
put np a specialty,
W.J. Walker,   SS
masi>k.��i"ii'hki;s OF nil'. I'liAwmni.
'""    Repairing and Jobbing a SpccUft,
si (metal Work, Castings, BuDderj' Mntcrinl and Minnie, and Mm m ...
Illliee ami Winks foot Of I'lll'k St.
Phone  j. i-��.
Nu""", ll.c
The Nelson Brewing Co'y, Ui]
I., li   IIUHTKUI'.U A li
Brewers "fl Boltls i> el
Fine Lager Beer .ind Porter
MslSlllM, 1������.,.���|
Every Known V.iricly Soil Driitt,
And lhe Celebrated "Red Ribbon Beer." ~"
TICI.I il'IIO.NI :   >,,.   14.
I -. , ..  I 11 l\   2,14,
WM. GOSNELL, Manag,, l
���A .Vis����\VV\*fVW*N>V����^ VV'VN'VsrNAA ,VW>A*/��\**^S*iVVSA,vvi/iyVyvJ I
Gait Coal
Torn��� Hpnt ('tuh
Telephone cm Baker Hircci
Old Curiosity Shop
If you wnnt lo buy or sell anything,
go tn ihe Old Curiosity Bhop, A new
lino of Japanese IJiioiIh now on sale. All
liinds of Dimiorwaro ln stock. Patterns,
If you want to place your feci in luxurious quarters tako n look at our
Fancy Cottons at 25c and 35c.
Lislcs at 50c to 75c.
Cashmeres, 25c, 35c and 50c.
Bee mir window fnr Underwear Valuei.   Bal-
iTiKinuis (ruin oiio tu 11.00,  Natural Wool from
11,00 ssp
I. H. Ashdown Hardware Co., Lti|
We would Invite y��n\ in irmiHW onr Inrnc mnl varied sti*- k uf
^"^XniTk^C Hot Weather Requisite!
Stors' open from 7 a.m. to (i p.m. every ilnv except holiday) ami Similars.
���v~v~~�� B. A.  ISAAC J. A.  HONEYMAN~~1~Vy\/.w^r
Mupulrliifi nnd Jolihlnu uxccuttd wtili I >��-��������� p.. i *. it.   gh����t Metal I
Wtn-k, Mining niui Mill IVl��ieHln*f*y��    Manufaotur��raol
(>i*�� Dar��, u. i*.   Contraatora1 Car*.
1 Don't Forget we are SEMI-READY      j
����� Headquarters
1 J. A. gTuker
AND DEALERS IN   Lutohztf  SHlllgleS,
Uath, Mouldings, Doors, Windows,
Turned Work antl I triscketM. Mnil Orslern promptly utlniiMHj
VBRNOIN 8THBBT  -  -  -  Mil.SD.N, l��. e.
have demonstrated to us, and if yon will let us make you
out: suit we'll convince you that the clothes we
make arc superior to all other makes
in every detail of
Ilii-'liOlaKH Tailors
Bnker Si., Nelaon, B 0.
Watches! Watchesl|
'I he best ,':rusle�� in Amii-ienn iniivcnnnts   FW
fo eonipeio wiih Btutarn Uooboh. Finn fful*
repnidug ami option our ipooinRy,
Caypet Sweepeg
A,-�� As;ks��i^,|��,||,uu  lo  be  Without  ��  Ul-"''
V\'B Hall Thorn.
Wood-Valiance Hardware Co'y, 1^
NELSON ""'""


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