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The Daily Canadian Sep 27, 1907

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NELSON, B. C.   FRIDAY, SEPT)7_MBER 27,  1907.
led Clever Move Has
it Been
Knows Nothing of Reported
fcision���Hindu- Appeal ior
Immigrant Office.
Sept  27     A   pr
.,ai lhe Dominion
iti.in  agentb   have   notified   all
.!   iransportation com
|ih;it no more Japanese will  be
wlthoui   having   u passport
I .pan to Canada.    In this way the
tlon from the Hawaiian Island..
- fhe state department
tho passports.    On belnK
(,1 the secretary of state said
I knew of  Do BUCh  arranut-tn'-nt
the powers.    The InfornmUun
| wai   the   first  he  had
[ it. Hon. Frank Oliver, minister
for, is In the west, His deputy.
Cory, being interviewed said
no "i der going to the
Vancouver rrom the imru.Kra-
Jpartmenf. It waa ascertained
pel ;i BUgg_tfUoi_ of this
made, bul  nothing came out
> r     The .superlntemi'-nt  of
. n. W   Scott,    is    on    the
j] ��� ��� ���' ������ whole subject of
J tdon nnil It may be that
p mch a change as out-
f tbe report     Bu1 ln-Toro It could
:.'    would   have   to  ob-
u  of   the   Ki>v.*t nment.
ti- possible that he  Is in common wiiii the tnlnftter, Mr. OH-
dlffe'rtmt opinions as to
r such a step ag *niggtated would
iii not Interfere with the treaty
I tmsul i'l'-m-ral Nosse. be-
snriewed, said he had no txifor-
tipon th" BuUfect* Without such
lan.ilng with Japan it is not llke-
|sn order of this klml would be
i force. ���
living togfther and thus endangering
lhe health of this city. W�� sincerely
hopi> thnt the city authorities will act
with you and take some definite action
at once for the betterment of these ex-
iKtiriK conditions, and foel confident that
you will take a warm Interest In this
for thi.' cause of humanity.
Very   respectfully,
lu his letter to Mr. McPherson, Mr.
DM sayB, In  part:
"Fortunately we have Mr. W. I).
Scott, one of the highest officials in the
immigration departent of the Dominion
government. In the city at the present
time, and I believe that If he is ap-
proaed in regard to the matter the result will be that a building will be built
which will provide the accommodation
which is so very necessary to the good
health of the Immigrants arriving here.
Mr. Scott can realize the true situation
if he personally sees the conditions
under which the Hindus are obliged to
live, and I sincerely hope that the city
authorities will approach him so that
he may Investigate the matter thoroughly, and take some definite action at
once for the betterment of existing
conditions. I hope you will be good
enough to take a warm Interest In this
for the cause of humanity."
Absurd Jubilation Over
Mr. Pufsley's Cheap  Defiance to
Bring Libel Suit���Guarded Slanders Will Be Chalk'-ged.
rvir, Bept  I!*.���ActhiR  on  both.. Hindustani   Association  of
. tie secretary, Mr. T. Uas. has
.1 letter tn Mr. R. Q. McPherson,
anal Mi   W. D. Scott, superlntcn-
Domlnlon   Immigration,  asking
urge the  governi���ant  lo take
am steps to provide au immlgru-
led In this city.    Mr. Uas slates
k ol proper accommodalion for
ants arriving lu the city haa been
ilbla   ror   many   deaths in the
nd that tli.-y  under  terribly   (or
I iiroper accommodation. The
u Mr. Scott Is us follows:
yoU'have have nlrcndy perhaps
.oi.ti.<l. .i large number of Hrltlsh
i IMO Hindus), recently arrived
port, nnd they  had   "10,000  In
Hi them, according Co the state-
uf the li.-nil      .   ih.    immigration
pent of iii.. Dominion govern*
' this port, but they suffered teat   aaruil    of   proper   __**������U_0���--
l.rrsr    year    some    twenty live
.11.il  i.f   cold   und   for  want   of
t'   accommodation.      1    recently
1' "in the city health officer that
in- white Immigrant- are obliged
in the 0, I". It. station for want
.'i* accommodations.
tn calling your attention to thla
|��ly mi behalf or the Hindus, but
behalf of  the  immigrants  In
anil I believe that It Is very es-
|1 Unit Hi.,  dominion  government
ovlde  nn   immigrant   shed  at
ft-***, such  us   we  llnd at  evory
a the Atlantl? ooart, both In this
ami the     United    States, in
,IJ give tin.  Immigrant-  shelter
weeks,   until   they   may   be
f" fhul work and a suitable place
I'Knrri  n  ],s  u.,.y fortunate Into have Vaiiir Honor present In thla
' "'is time, and would respectfully
F ���������nt- you be kind enough to per
IT huptet  ami  visit the   quarters
ln** oooupiaa by the Hindu lm-
M�� recently arrived at. this port.
c "Ure thai if you personally view
"-"".miriilnllo,.,,  lmw   occupied  by
"���"We, you win concur with us
"tote that their present dwell.
Ml only unsuitable, .insanitary,
dangertfOi to the good health
Venerable  Head of Salvation Army on
Final  Inspection of American
lloston, MasB., Sept. 27.���Gen. William iiooth, the venerable founder of the
Salvation Army, will arrive ln Boston
tonight to begin what ln all probability
will be his last visit to the United
States. Official honors await him such
as are accorded only to the most distinguished visitors. He comes direct from
Nova Scotia and will be rajcelved at the
railway station by Mayor Fitzgerald
and a committee of the most prominent
citizens of lloston. The Mayor will deliver an address of welcome, to which
Gen. Ilooth will respond. After the
civic courtesies Gen. Booth will be taken to the Parker House, which will be
his headquarters while in the city.
Gen. Booth will remain in Boston
three days. He will address three public meetings, but the moat of his time
will he spent tn business relating to the
affairs of the Salvation Army In Boston
and vicinity. He haa arranged to hold
a conference with George Kllby of Chicago, the chief officer of the western
division: Commissioner Thomas Coombs
of Canada and Col. I-*mb who is at the
head of Ihe Salvation Army immigration department in Ixwdon. The subject of the conference will be the great
scheme of emigration to Canada, ln
which the British Government and the
Dominion Government are co-operating
wllh the Salvation Army.
After leaving Boston Oen. Booth will
start on a tour of Insiiectlon through
the Atlantic Coast States and the middle west The following cities will be
visited In the order named: Utica,
Utlca, Rochester. Chicago.
Des Moines. Minneapolis
Cleveland. Columbus
Ington. Baltimore.
New  York.
St.    Louis.
Pittsburg. Wash-
Philadelphia     and
-l  the
J. .1. Swain leaves for Vancouver this
a veiling.
J. A. Irving will leave for tho coast
thla evening.
George Barnhnrt Is In town tiday
from Ainsworth.
Dr. Hugh Watts, of Fort Steele. Is a
guest at the Hume.
Mrs. Aahcroft, Silica street, has returned from a three weeks visit lo tee
C. W. Busk left for the coast last
night to attend the provincial fair at
New Westminster.
Ealwell, of the W. K. P. and I
r       plant   at  Bennington,  's
city thlB afternoon.
F.   11.   Blochberger,
well  known  mining man.
land  yesterday  en route to Camborne
where he has extensive interests,
P. H. Burnham, goneral agent of the
Spokane Falls and Northern railway.
arrived from Grand Forks last night
and Ih ut the Hume.
U. Roberts and fnmlly have come in
from Kholt and ntk.iu up their resld .nee
on Carbonate street. Ml*- Robert- Is
a daughter of the late 0. Jftftttut of
D. O. Thomas, accountant of the
Canada Drug and Book company, returned last night from a sl* weeks vacation. Mr. Thomas has brought back a
bride from England.
will  leave  for  the
of  Portland,   the
was ln Ross
is.   C. Arthur
oast tomorrow
Dr.   B.   C.   n nu ui   _...   ._
xirrow night to preside at the
meetings of Inn Provincial School True-
-*-.-_ __ ta  nresl
toes' Association, of which ho Is presl
dent.    The convention "   "* '"
������ Will  be held  In
New Westminster    0,    �����*. 3��th Bn<'
Oct. 1st and 2nd.	
Sir Thomas Coming
holders  of  the   *-*-*4*^J2__*   RB"
way ott
nesa, with  - Pa''tv , _ __
mZ for lhe west in ordertomake an
of    director**.,  wl"
le lar
Be number of  those   peoplo
leave   ....    	
extensive tour of the whole system
special train    will    convey a party of
directors and tho pra-slili/M  will be nc
eompanled    by   several of tin- leading
directors and shareholder! of tbe road-
Ottawa,   Sept. 27.���Conservatives    of
Mt John and   Brockvllle have allowed the
two  new   ministers   to  be   returned   by
acclamation.     Frleuds   of   Mr.   Graham
in  Uraja-kville   urged   that this  courtesy
waa due to the minister of railways in
return for a similar concession on the
part of Liberals when the Hon. John F.
Wood   took   office   In   the  Conservative
government.    The   plea   made   by   Mr.
Pugsley and his friends in St. John waa
addressed  uot only  to the courtesy  of
his  opponents,   bul  their local  patriotism.   It was urged that Mr. Pugsley had
taken  office  at   a   critical   time ln  the
history   of   the   port,   that   he   waa   so
busying himself with the Improvement
of the harbor as to make lt important
that he should not be called off to fight
an election, and that ln the  particular
circumstances it was the patriotic duty
of the constituency  to drop party considerations for the moment and give the
minister all   possible  assistance  in his
great  undertaking  for  the community,
it was pointed out that there would be
opportunity in a few  months to  muke
the party   fight and  the  Conservatives
would   have  won   the  gratitude of  the
business community  by temporary forbearance.
The result Is what experienced party-
men expected. The moment the election la over tbe government press from
the Atlantic to the Pacific sounds a
note of party triumph, representing the
elections as a vote of confidence ln the
government and a disapproval of Mr.
Borden and his platform. There is no
acknowledgment of courtesies rendered, no suggestion that the elections are
without party significance. But there
are boastings over a seat gained, as if
the Conservatives had been fought and
beaten or had surrendered from weakness and fear. All of which goes to
show that lt Is not wise to take advice
from political opponents or to yield to
their entreaties.
In one of his St. John speeches the
minister of public works, after he found
thut he waa not to be opposed, declared
that half a million dollars was contributed to the Conservative election
fund in the laat campaign, and that to
his knowledge *2f>,000 was subscribed
for the opposition contest in a New
Brunswick county which he Indicates
as Westmorland. Mr. Pugsley does not
say  who contributed these sums.
does he  connect  Mr.   Bo  "     	
matter in any way. Yet ho coolly challenges the opposition leader to bring a
libel action against him to disclose the
facts. One would think that Mr.
Pugsley had had his fill of libel actions
this year, after the unfortunate experience of hiB distinguished client whom
Mr. Pugsley succeeds in the cabinet,
and whose return to the cabinet Is Indefinitely postponed in Mr. Pugsley's
favor on account of the result of that
action. Mr. PugBley knows, ns everyone else knows, that Mr. Borden could
not proceed against him on statements
that make no charge against Mr.
Borden and do not name a single Individual but Mr. Pugsley himself. The
minister also kflftw when he spoke thai
Mr. Borden wa* west of lake Superior
on his way to llilllsh Columbia, and
had dates arranged for public meetings
In the west for for several weeks ahead.
His     proclamation     fa     therefore    the
cheapest kind of bluff,
But parliament will meet in a few
weeks and Mr. PugBley and Mr. Borden
will both be there, and so w||l Mr.
Aylesworth of whom Mr. Pugsley has
mad* himself a sort of understudy. That
will be tits time for Mr- Pugsley Ut tell
all he knowB. If he has pergonal information of large contributions to the
Conservative campaign fund by any corporation or Individual he will need no
libel sun |�� rpakS ft public. Nobody
will check his disulo-mre i-ulus-i II I. ���
his own friends, and a curious public
w||| pay very close attention to Mr.
Pugsley's remlnlscenoeg.    Nor will Mr.
Pugsle.- need to volunteer his disclosures, lie will not be in the House many
hourB lia.fore he will receive u a-hallenge
to mai.ar public all the facts which he
has in bis possession. Not only will
he he asked to make his charges, but
so far as the opposition Is concerned
he will be given full opportunity to
prove them. He will have the machinery of the House at his command and a
majority of the House and Its committees behind him. Therefore It is not
necessary for the minister to beg for a
libel BUit which he does not want, and
which he could probably cause to be
postponed Indiflnltely as he did the
Crockett prosecution. He will be able
to go right ahead and establish before
Christmas all the tacts that he can
Mr. Pugsley speaks of Westmorland
as the county for which a Conservative
fund of 125,000 was coutributed to.defeat Mr. Emmerson in 1904, and says
that outside contributors assisted In
furnishing the money. This atatement
lias been made before and the name of
an "outsider" has been frequently mentioned In that connection by the Government press. Mr. Pugsley can in-
lorm parliament whether the press wns
rightly informed. He can explain also
whether this gentleman is the one who
devised and carried through the famous Caledonia Springs banquet for Mr.
PugBley himself; whether this same
benevolent individual was not a strong
advocate of Mr. Pugsley's appointment
to the position of Minister of Railways
in place of Mr. Emmerson: and whether
it would not have been part o* his
programme ln case Mr. Emmerson had
been defeated and tbe Govemm'-nt sustained that Mr. Pugsley should have ruc-
ceeded Mr. Emmerson in tbe Cabin, t,
as he now does. Mr. P igslev mlgnt
also explain also wheth ar in case **e
Government had been def? ��'ed the
same influence which be seems to understand so well would not have been
used tn the attempt to obtain for Mr.
Pugsley as a Conservative, a position
In Mr. Borden's Cabinet.
The statement of the Minister of Public Works that half a million dollars
was contributed towards the Conservative fund. Is perhaps borrowed from
the suggestion in a Halifax despatch
to the government that Mr. Mackenzie
and Mr. Mann had made notes for nearly that sum as an election gift. Mr.
Pugsley will be invited to give Parliament any information he has on this
point also.
Favorably Known All Over
the West
J. F. Langaa Tells Result oi Tour
of Western Canada���Publicity
Has Good Results.
with  the
,      And while he is about it
he might explain more closely Ills own
relations as politic���L... lawyer and financier, with these capitalists. Incidentally Mr. Pugsley might make it
known whether he received compensation for professional services from the
gentlemen named or their railway company, during tbe year including the period ln which as Attorney-General or
Premier of New Brunswick he was carrying on negotiations with them for a
Provincial guarantee for an extension
of their railway Into New Brunswick.
If these various disclosures make lt appear that money was Illegally expended or Improperly contributed In the
Conservative campaign of 1904 there
will be the mors necessity for legislation against election contribution by
corporations. If also some light shal'
be thrown upon political manipulations affecting the personnel of the
Laurler Government in the last four
years the Information may be useful to
the  party.
Between   American   Publishers and the
Manufacturers of White Paper-
Prices Are Rising.
New York, Sept. 27.���Members of the
American Newspaper Publishers' Asso
station wa,lch met recdntly at ijWal
dorf-Astorla appointed a committee and
Instructed lt to call the attention of
President Roosevelt to what the Association asserts is an unlawful combination of paper manuractureers to keep
up the price of while paper and to demand relief from what they consider an
oppressive burden. The action Is the
subject of numerous opinions here from
both sides, In the form of interviews.
Herman Rider. President of the American Newspaper Publishers' Association and pub'lsher of the Staats-Zel-
tung says: "This Is a fight ln the common Interest. Tho printing and newspaper industry is the third largest business In tho Unlied States. Its future
cannot be left to tho mercy of a few
manufacturers who hide behind the tar
Iff wall and 'hold it up.' Paper Is our
raw material.
"In 'striking at the tariff we are dolm*
the newspaper industry a kindness. Wo
are making It safe for them to extend
their business into Canada without fear
of a tariff war, which would otherwise
make  such  an  investment  unsafe."
O. P. Underwood, of the International
Paper Company, Bald: "The conditions
of the paper trgde are such aa to necessitate higher prices for paper. Production is twice as expensive as it was a
short while ago. The cost of labor has
lncreused fifty per cent., wood has advanced $2 a oord. and other articles
used in tllB manufacture of paper have
Increased from fifty per Oent, to una
hunderd per cent, in cost. Very few paper manufacturers are making money
under the present conditions. In some
eases they have beeu supplying orders
on old contracts at a loss. Any new
contracts must be made on a higher
Nelsonites have only to travel to find
out how well off their city Is, and how
highly it is esteemed.
J. F. Langan, of the firm of Hansel.
Langan and Knappen. returned to the
city after several months absence Wednesday night. An emergency call took
him away again yesterday as far as
Kootenay Landing, whence he returned
laat night. Seen this morning Mr.
Langan gave a brief account of his
travels and their results as far as they
may be of public interest. He said:
"I have visited practically all points
between Winnipeg and Victoria and
spent considerable time at the C. P. R.
mountain summer resorts.
"We passed through the prairies when
the crop outlook was uncertain and excitement was high. It was just before
the snow storms which visited Alberta
and Western Saskatchewan. The out-
took for a large crop was even then not'
so encouraging as In some former years,
but lt is turning out much better than
was anticipated. The danger from the
the storms, which was at first estimated
at from 40 to 50 per cent., Is now stated
on good authority will not be more than
30 per cent, perhaps not more than 20.
With frozen wheat commanding 55
cents a bushel, and Alberta Red winter
wheat selling at over f 1.00 a bushel, the
average reward of the farmers will be
greater than ever.
"There are inquiries made everywhere about British Columbia. When a
man says he is from this province he
has to become an Intelligence bureau
at once. 1 believe that as fast as conditions permit there will be an exodus
on a large scale from Manitoba, Sas
katchewan and Northern Alberta tc
Kootenay, Okanagan, the Lower Mainland and Vancouver Island. Kootenay
is well known to experts to be the best
adapted of all our districts for tbe staple
fruits, apples, pears, plums and prunes,
but it Is still not so well known to the
general public as Okanagan and Vancouver Island.
"One respect in which Canada has
improved immensely within the last few-
years is hotel accommodation. The
palatial King Edward ln Toronto, the
Royal Alexandra in Winnipeg, Braemar
Lodge In Calgary, the King In Reglna.
the Hume and the Strathcona in Ne)
son, and the Vancouver in Vancouver,
compare more than favorably with any
on the continent In cities of the same
respective size. To those will soon be
added the remodelled Alberta ln Calgary, and the hotel of hotels, the Empress ln Victoria. A Chicago man
whom I met in Calgary described Braemar Lodge as a white rose. It is really
"The publicity which Nelson Is receiving abroad is having a splendid effect. As soon as I am known to be
from Nelson I hear: 'That Is one of the
coming towns of British Columbia."
"The Western Immigration Association of Chicago and Winnipeg, which
has done so much for the colonization
of the prairie provinces will send a delegation headed by its secretary. Herberi
Vanderhoof, to see Premier McBride
before the next session of the leglsln
ture and urge an appropriation to assist
the work, as has been made by Manitoba. Saskatchewan and Alberta provincial governments and by Uie boards of
trade of all their chief cities and towns.
Such an appropriation would be a splendid investment In the public Interest."
Mr. Langan Is now home to stay fo.-
an indefinite period,.
Repayment of  Loan     on   Pacific Cable
Charged to Year's Accounts.
Ottawa. Sept. 21.���An Australian report to the trade and commerce department saya: "The Pacific coble deficit Is really only a nominal one, as
far as the working of the cable Is concerned, because when in 1902 ��2,000,000
of capital was raised by the British
Government, the money was secured on
the condition tbat it be paid In fifty
annual instalments. Wben accounts are
made up the Pacific Cable Board has
be debited not merely witb expenses
and inter-:-, t, but with loan repayment
annuity for 1906-7, amounting to ��77,-
645, so that, apart from this item the
Pacific Cable earned a profit of ��8,-
The net deficit of ��69.000 for 1906-7
Is, moreover, an Improvement on the
net deficit of 1905-6, which was ��72.-
The cable's revenue from messages
was also an Improvement on tbat for
the previous year, being ��102,000, as
against   ��94.456 ln   1905.
Australia's share of tbe past year's
deficit totals about ��23,000. It was
over ��30,000 when tbe cable completed
the first year's operations."
International Compy's
H. N.   Galer   Describes   Recently
Opened Property���Object Is to
Ensure Cheap Foel Supply*
Unskilled Labor Must Be Cheap to Permit of Operation���Rights af
Chinese and Negroes.
The labor problem In the Transvaal
mines Is the biggest question in that
country. It has already been an laaue
ln political campaigns In Great Britain
as well as in South Africa.
At the present time one-third of the
unskilled labor Is Chinese, one-third
negroe.. imported from Portuguese territory, one-third negroes accumulated
from British Colonies, extending over a
distance of 1,700 miles. All this unskilled labor has to be fairly dealt with
and properly controlled ln order to properly carry on a large Industrial enterprise such as is being conducted at
Johannesburg. The natives, as * rule,
prefer to stay on their land, or work
in stores or houses to working ln the
It Is significant tbat under the present
working conditions 66 per cent, of the
working  costs  are paid  out for labor
and tbat nearly three-fifths ot this is for
white labor.   About 11 per cent, of the
working costs go for explosives and 8
per cent, for coal.    The remaining 26
per cent goes for stores and maintenance.    The average gold output ot the
Transvaal  mines ln  1906 was $10,000,-
000 per month and tbe average value of
tbe ore treated was $8.50 per ton. Some
of the richest mines, aucb as the Robinson, produce ore up to $15 per ton.
Underground mining costs run from $2
per ton up to $3.50 per ton depending
on   thickness   of ledge,   angle  ot   dip,
depth  of    working,  water, etc.    Veins
worked vary from 1 Inch to 16 feet ln
thickness.    Milling the ore costs from
50 cents to 75 cents per ton.    Cyanide
and  slimes    treatment costs    from  60
cents to 75 cents per ton-   Stoplng ore
is contracted for at prices varying from
$10  to  $16 per    fathom.    Drives    and
cross-cuts, 5 ft. x 7ft.. ln quartxite, are
driven by contractors at the rate of $7
to $8 per lineal foot.    Out of this they
have to pay tbe company 75 cents per
day for the natives  they    employ,  30
cents per pound for gelatine, $3.25 per
box  for candles,  10  cents  per coil for
fuse, 75 cents per box for caps, and 3
cents per point for each drill sharpened.
It probably takes about 3 to 6 pounds of
dynamite for each  ton of ore blasted
in driving and    cross-cutting.    Ten   to
eighteen pounds per foot sunk is used
for shaft sinking and for the total tons
of ore mined 1*. to 2 pounds, the larger
i portion  of the    rock being    quartxite.
| Each ton of ooal mined takes about 300
pounds of coal.
New President Installed.
Toronto, Sept, HT. ��� Rev. Robeit
Paliuinur, It. D��� was formally Installed
as president of Toronto University yesterday at noon. Among those present
at the ceremony were Sir Wilfrid
Laurler, Sir Wm. Mortimer Clar.:.
Premier Whitney. Dr. John Hoskln an 1
Sir Wm. Meredith.
Cruelty to Sailor Boy.
Bonaventure, Sept. 27.���Capt. Chris -
Miiison. of the Norwegian barque, was
fined $100, and the first mate nf the
same vessel was fined $100 and sentenced to one month's lmpmn i uen. frr
oruelty to a young Go-nun boy t.n
board the barque. Tho boy was lonnd
one morning tied to n It; bolt on the
Conservative Meeting.
All arrangements are now completed
for the miss meeting In the opera house
tomorrow night to be addressed by R. L.
Borden, Hon. R. McBride, Mr. Bergeron
and Dr. Reid. They will arrive In tho
city tomorrow night at 8 o'clock by
special train from Slocan, will be met
at the station by a reception committee,
and escorted to the opera house, which
will be specially decorated for the occasion. The meeting will begin at
8.30. Requests have come from Rossland, Trail, Kaslo and Slocan for the
reservation of seats, which indicate that
about 125 men will be In attendance
from outside points. Seats will alBO be
reserved for ladles who are cordially
invited to attend.
Vancouver, Sept. 27.���Mr. A. C. Flum-
erfelt, of Victoria, and Mr. H. N. Galer,
of Coleman. Alberta, have started on
what ts to Alberta a highly Important
coal mining enterprise, tbe third to be
developed by them ln Alberta. Mr.
Flumerfelt Is president and Mr. Galer
vice-president of the International Coal
and Coke company of Lundbreck. Their
third departure consists ot a large area
of coal lands near Letbbridge, which
they recently acquired and which promises to become one of the most valuable In the province. They are now
beginning the development of this property and are now putting down a bore
hole to determine the best location for
the permanent shaft and operating plant
The plans for the latter have been prepared and the plant ordered, and lt is
the expectation that the property will
become an Important shipper ln considerably less than a year's time. Mr.
Galer is very enthusiastic over the prop-
perty, and says he considers lt the best
he and his associates have ever taken
"We purchased the Barnes mine and
7,000 acres of coal lands adjoining lt."
said Mr. Galer ln speaking of the property. "The Barnes mine has seen operated ln a very small way, but It is
developed sufficiently to prove that we
have an excellent coal seam, similar to
that or tha Alberta Railway ft Irrigation company, ln tact there la not the
slightest doubt that it la tba same seam.
It la about four and a Mtt feet thick,
lying flat, absolutely clean, very hard
and couarae, and ia oaa of the best domestic fuels ia fhe country- The coal
crops oat among the river banks a distance of between four and five mllea on
our property, and It la therefore not
a difficult matter to judge of Ita extent.
"It la our Intention to push development work and Install an up-to-date
operating plant with all possible expedition. We are now producing from the
Barnes mine, and we have a boring
machine at work to determine the best
location for our permanent operating
plant. We have also Just completed the
survey for a railway spur to connect
with the C. P. R. which will be about
five milea ln length, extending from a
point ln the railway near Letbbridge to
the mine, which is about four miles
north ot Letbbridge, on the right bank
of the Pelly river, directly across trom
the Diamond mine.
"I believe this Is the best ooal proposition we have yet taken up, and that
It will prove a most profitable one. Tbe
coal sells at present at from $3.60 to
$3.75 a ton. f. o. b. cars, and we hope to
have the mine producing a large tonnage by next fall.
"I look for an ever Increasing market
for the class of coal tn the provinces of
Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba and
British Columbia, and there Is no doubt
a large market can be developed tn the
states of Washington and Idaho. The
domestic mines now producing In Alberta do not produce any more than
enough to supply the annual Canadian
market, and with an annual Immigration Into these provinces of over 200,000,
one can readily see tbe demand there
will be for domestic coal.
"It Ib our Intention to form a stock
company called the Royal Colleries,
Limited, and to offer a small block of
treasury shares for sale, which money
will be used in equipping the mine with
a first class plant and also ln developing the mine. There will be no stock
sold except treasury stock, and all the
revenue received from the sale of the
stock will be used, as I said. In developing the mine and Installing an up-
to-date coal producing plant, having for
its object the cheap production ot coal."
Assizes an Tuesday.
The fall assizes for criminal and efvfl
jury list will open In Nelson iSaesitay
morning, with Mr. Justice Morrison oik
the bench. Both grand aad B*fttt Juror*
have been summoned.
* ���      i; *��� -I
L'   1 ���?
1 ���*,      it   .!;
r     .
p. ;*:j The Daily Canadian
*.  .
1   \  |
Will close at 1 p. m. on the
Wednesday and Thursday, but
Saskatchewan or the dictation
of their public school policy.
Ol" course the convenience to Ottawa
nf the new syste_] is rjlrvlons. To disallow nn act pas: .-.I _nanlmously by a
provincial legislature may antagonise
thai province. To kill ii through Ihe
instrument-lit}, of u Ueutenant-gov.
I.   less conspicuous.
Nn..'. no one knows this better than
Joseph Martin. We should even expect
some of the Libera] editors apprehend
it dimly. The pretence of holding Mr.
McBride responsible for the reservation
ot tin- lieutenant-governor's assi ni is
attributable either to gToss Ignorance
or to flagrant dishonesty. The Liberal
prei ha subsided Into what vn i
tablj trust le Bhamed Bllenoe. Thi -
tertng of Mr. Robert McPhi rson and
some other members of pat Ham. nl l��
in Hi. same class as the Vancouver
World's    conspiracy     storj d
and a.b* tously silly.
������ l ���
Imperial Bank of Canada
Head Offices   Toronto
 $10,000,000    Capita
D. R. WILKIE. President.
Capital Authorized
Paid   Up   	
Branches in i.i'ish Columbia:
Interest  allowed on  deposits   from date of deposit and credited quarterly.
J.   M.   LAY,   Manager.
The Royal Bank of Canada
Incorporated  A.  D.  1869.
Capital $3,900,000     Reserve Fund *4.390,OOC
Unexcelled facilities for the transaction
of all kinds of  tanking  Business.
Tin- shout of triumphs over the
i.-irles"   in   St.   John  and   Brockvl
characteristic of iha- Liberal | n
the Conservatives of cith..- constlt uencj
opposed the return of a new  mini   ��� i
there  would  have  been  Indignant   pro
test against vexatious tactios. of putting
constituencies    io    the    expense    and
trouble of bye-elections   when   general
elections are only a few months away.
it is almost unprecedented In Canada
In  1899, when the expulsion  of Joseph
Martin from the Bemlin cabinet lefl the
pnsiiion    of    attorney-general
Alexander    Henderson,    the    rei
from the Turner  party, took the portfolio  and   was   return '1   unopposed   In
New  Westminster  where  he  had  then
hardly a friend.   We do not admire the
practice.      Ii   is  due  to  a   lamentable
weakness in the Canadian electorate, the
desire to be on the winning side for the
sake of small advantage, the weakness
that Duncan Ross   calculated  on
curing the postponement of his election
inYaleCaribo  until    after    the   gem ral
election     NMhwithstanding all this we
extend   congratulations   to   our   1.is. ral
friends on their glorious victories.
Helton Land Dlatriot. Dlstrtet of Wei
1 ���>���-������ ECotiOB llirti (;. ri. . . ,-niyi li. ol
('.. occupation niiiiiK-rmi.il. lot li'll '
h Ipeclfti luu ber lli.-eu-.-e over lhe fo
acrlbed lauda:
No. l. * ommenoing aiu poal  plei
northeaal ooroerpootol Lot  *u   .  ���    ou temou
i (.-���-_ and tuaxSeO K. t_   r. timj i
uerpoet No i. theuoo 40 ��num.- uorth   mora  or
Ll  ���-   |   .  .li'.'   tt   Illl-l'S M..   .11   I l.r  >���>...���
��� ������ Hu >er iiri'iiif No. WHS then     aoehaini out,
Iheuec.U  chuHis  Miuili, lh -���-,���   ���   10
theuce �����<��� chains aoutb, Uie *'
_D ' ���   --r leaa to the suit LbcHU i .1 ���  . ��� ��� .i i
Un  No -MI. tbenoa M chalui  ��� ���
i-ti tu in> *t**i to tha point ol comi
Dated _��th July, it-to*;. iv  -  i   -viviH.
Bi rt, Agent
Nelson Land District   Dietrli I ol Wt *l --������
No. I
raJta notice ihmJ. i:  F   Bi wart, ol Collins
w. .   I, I >iu,, OOQUbOtlon    I ill
Kppl} mr m special  tlmbei er thi     ���
Low in-, il---.. rlbed inn i- .   I kltpMl
I LDte i aba M ���& chalna south an*J I ilm ������*��� -t
ni poet N" 2, mark' I J ! ���-...���.:���- N * cor-
uei poat, thonce Mntb too i hi then * wt il W
-. th- Dee nortb Ito eh
to plaoa ol conuneai - uu nt i un tainlng 040
acrea mora or i> -*..
July Mth, wn. .' ��� ;   i    9l I R LBT.
Nelaon Land District1    DUtrlct ol Weet Kootenay.
Take notloe thai n. ���
ivviu 1-kiCi SIU  ILI) OUR TRAD!
JUST  RECEIVED:     A  spli-ndM  lol  of l-tulliV LOftf -.'out* und Ki-a-.y-tn-Wi-ir
Skins,   v. i-  lati     euti and materials.    A gwaU lot of A___tartcai_ PatUrnHati
\:v Laf   ��� ityli    and ahad*M.    We Invite  Inspection of our stock  as wall as
our prices    Ml w ������  goods at lowest Caah prices.
Wc   Hnvu   Nothing   ol
Quaatlonabta <^>iniiit>*
Mad! Urdcr�� l*r<,���,pt|v
'Xttui-uJucl    I o
Ml ply 1U1   .. -1 . ' r.'l   lifts inn' - >i
Savings Bank Department, and
Interest credited Quarterly on
Savings Bank Accounts.
on Application, in Large, Medium
or Pocket Size.
Nelson Branch, G. A, SPINK, Manager.
Published 6ix days a weea ty the
Bakei St..   Nelaon, B. C
Huoeertptlon rate., N oenta a month flellvered
in the city, or 15.00 a year 1! Bent by mall, whtii
paid ln advance.
Advert-aing raten on application.
All monlaa paid tn Pettlemeut ol The Dally
Canadian aeeountu, either lor aubM-rlptlona or
advertlilne. must be receipted lor on the printed
form- of the Company. Other receipt* are not
Talld. _^ ...
Friday.   September   27,   1907.
Sir Wilfrid Laurier estiniat-d tba
total coat to Canada of the Grand Trunk
Pacific at $14,000,000,    tiie    lata A   <'.
i'.lair   at   $100, >,   000,   Mr.   l*<Jr��l* ti   Bl
$125,000,1    to   $150,000,000.       W.
now   informed   from   Ottawa   thai   th<
Winnipeg to Uoncton section alon-- will
cost   the national  treasury  $136,000,	
Sir Wilfrid always waa an o\>\'r.
prospect r, lntandi
i   :.��� ..��� ti- rui and 0*M ������..
loWin( daaCJ ibetl ji-.l; :- .
No o  Oommanaing al u  :��� near tbe
:t. i ibi ut oornei poai ol i'i   I ���--'���
ami   luarl_-.d   lleiny 1 i -.  oorner*
post   N"   (j. tbanoa  B lbenee 80
i naitia eaat, tbanoa BOchi 80
.��� Bat Lo pltti-t ol (sotum. ni em. nt.
i-..i- d July aid, 1907.
No. i Oonunandni at a poit i anted near tba
norm weet sornar poat of *   "���      *-  I
end   marked Henry Bel irnei   poal
:���-.' t. theuce it*) ebalni ���- tbence i-1 ohalna
north, tbenoa MO cbaina weat. tuemae 40 ohalna
south io poiut of oontmeni ement.
Dated July Mth, 1S07.
Nr*. b. t'oinmenciu-* al �� poal ; anted nn Mouu-
ment -reek atiout 7�� cbatur more .<��� laaa Iron
wiieie Moniimetit creek ��� : .,* ��� into U'luuii
.'.-._ and, mark- -1 Heni aortbaaurt oor*
ner poi< t No b thane* Iw chain* lonib, Un i-i .'���
i-httius   ��i'i.,, th*in < Tin. theuee 4U
iijauuB aaat to place ul nt,
Dated July Wth, IW7 iiKSfev Kckhert,
Nelaon Land IHatrtct  i>i-i ui ot Wi it Kootenajr-
Tnke notU-e that Ge.trje Alexai ol Kaalo,
B  c.,   lntandi   to  apul timber
lloanoe  o��ci   ih*-    tuDowloi   di       * ��� i   lanoa:
Oommanclnaj at a poal  planted ���   "���   northwaat
e-.n-.-r ..! -. -li--.i  1-.      OWOShlp7,    K   oU   lAf dla*
triet. baina abont ons-thlrd of a mill aoutb <���'
ihe -south iH-uii'ts-trv line "l the Indian rata  -���
thenoe a>utb   about  to ehalna to the easterly
bank   of   K  na.    rl -��� r* .-.���l-ny
alon.: Ko"i. i _���   rlrei *        halna to
tba aonth  La>u_i la ry ol Hi               1 otrnahlp 7j
thenoa aa iterlj el        - rtbwi -t
corner of Lot nl doa along
the wiwi  hou     -'      r Lot _ 10a aaal to
ehalna to th    | mm  . ( - mi :i.. in ��� in.ni, and vou-
tMiulnf- f��i" ���������  . *   in  re ui lean
Date.) -i._..���* 4, i������" oaoi Ai BXAvnaa,
Ketaon I-ond Dtfftrict.  LUitri i oi Weat -Cootonay
Li ��� is hereby gl\ ��� In] i  after date
I   - 'Mum.salon*
n  to .-in and
.���-_; de-RTlheil
The silence of the Liberal press upon
the Bubject of the Vancouver Worlu's
exploded sensation may be taken as an
admission that they recognize its falsity. The question may be allowed to
drop hut first it is rifiht that we should
point out the whole significance of the
attempt to impeach Hon. Klchard McHride
The childishly silly story of Mr. McHride trying to strike a bargain with
the venerable and negligible SenatOI
Scott without the knowledge of Sir Wilfrid Laurier needs hardly any referent'*
Jt was distinctly \Vorld-!y. No intelligent man took lhat story seriously for
one inomenl.
Hut the suggestion of Mr. Joseph
Martin, K. C, that Mr. McHride should
have resigned when Lieutenant-Governor Dunsmuir withheld his assent from
the last bill to regulate Oriental immigration, was of a ���lightly different kind.
Joseph Martin is not au imbecile. His
suggestions are seldom obviously ab
surd. There was just enough truth and
soundness in his contention to deceive
the ill-informed and superficial.
Theoretically the lieutenant-governor represents the crown and "can do
no wrong." He Is never responsible to
tbe people. He acts alwaya on the ad
vice of his responsible ministers who.
still in theory, must accept responsibility  for   his   actB.
Theoretically the act of Lieutenant
Governor Dunsmuir la the act of Pre
tnier McHride and, constructively, It
was Premier McHride who reserved aF
sent from lhe bill in question.
Hut everyone knows that theory and
practice in this matter are now fai
apart. It did not need Mr. McHride":
simple denial of tbe story to teach
thnL      The    late    Lieuteuant-Goveruo*
Sir Henri Joly was a perfectly constitutional governor. He annually reserved assent from bills of the same kind
and intention passed during the regimes of Premiers Dunsmuir. Prior ami
McHride. His reservation did not. and
was not expected to, cause the resignation of any of them. That circumstance occurred of course to every well-
informed and thoughtful student of -politics, but unfortunately all electors are
neither well-informed nor thoughtful.
The suggestion that Mr. McHride should
resign might mislead a considerable
number for a time, and the attempt was
characteristic of Joseph  Martin.
There was a time In Canada win n
theory and practice in respect of the
position! of lieutenant-governors wen;
identical. Then tlie only way in which
provincial legislation could be thwarted
was by resolution of the Dominion parliament to disallow It. Hut Sir Wilfrid
Laurier. or "soma one of bin colleague,
lias found an easier way.
A new constitution*, doctrine has
been silently establisbed. The Ueuten*
aiii governor is no longer regarded si
the representative of the crown. Ha Is
now the servant of the Dominion government and acta on their instructions
regardless of the wishes of his responsible ministers. The present Dominion
cabinet is wholly responsible for the
change. Its first exemplification was In
connection with an Oriental Kxclusion
Act which the Hritish Columbia legislature attempted to pass In 1808. Assent was withheld under Instruction
from the Ottawa cabinet which Intimated that Buch instructions were issued at
the request of the Hritish Colonial office.
The bill might of course been disal-
owed hy the Dominion parliament on
the ground that any act to control or
regulate Immigration was ultra vires of
a provincial legislature. Hut the Liberal
party used to shriek for provincial
rights and oppose the exercise of the
Dominion right to disallowance under
all circumstances. It occurred to pomi
ustute Dominion minister, probably not.
Sir Wilfrid Laurier, that it was a far
less conspicuous violation of their cod'
to kill Buch bills through their servants
the lieutenant-governors.
The new interpretation of lieutenant-
governors' relations to their own ministers, it need hardly he pointed out, const itutes a more serious invasion of provincial rights than even the spoliation
of  tbe  public  domain   of  Alberta  and
Notice in hereby given, lor tha iiEformatlun Ol
inti-ii'lln-f i-uttler*. hii'J o'liers. that BOleetlon I
**een made of the 3,bou,ooo a'-rei- id lauil situated
In tbe Peace River Valley. Province ol Krttiah
Columbia, (framed to tbe Dominion Qovernme**.
under 'he prorlslona of iSwcti'-n i of**Ar. act
relating U> lhe In and Patlwav, the <��� ravine
Doclt and Kailwav 1-aU-l*  of ihe Province*"   ami
rach land le not optu to entry under the land
Law. nl the provlnoe
rbi block aelectod Ir deacrlbed aa followa:���
('-iiiimwj'-iiip ni a point :���>''���_ inllec -"-Nth nl the
Pea ������ River on the L-Dth Ueiidian. being the
eaatern bonndaryol tba provlnoe, thena an ���:
76mUaaend naiohalna, thanoe ooith72 miles
niL,i :t"i o.' chalne. tnenoe eaat"6 inUea and N.a-I
cbaina, tbanee aontb to tho point o( commenee-
inent following the laath Meridian and containing -.pproximately "'.���JO'i 0>H arret..
Noii'-w 1* alM> given that, with a view to
faeiiitaMiig tetUemonl ln the vaJleri oi the
Peace, Paranlp and Pack Rivera- the b-llowiujr
belt o', land It) mllea Is width and extending
20 mllei-on each nd** of the Peaoa, I'arMiJp ana
I'aek RjTon hi- bei a roaorvad fi��r aetuat hettJerf
to ba K'-'j utred hv pra-emptloa only ondar t tie
J and Aet, mc_ land no; t��-iui! open lor nale,
lea*e, lictii'-** or other alienm-un under the aald
'.������j . i epi by i1*-'-' topi Ion :
f'oniineiH-ing at the inten<ertloti of the western
boundary of ihe trio k of land ���elected ��>y lhe
i omlnion ���overnmanl with the Peace river,
theace tollowlnf the Peaoa uiver an-j har-nip
River to their eonfluanoa wph the Park River
and thenoa Io'Iowink ihr park river tn the
point; where said Park River toavOa HeLood
|*eke,aod extending ffir a dlatanoeol go miles
on eanh aide Oi -aid Rivers and approximately
lTu mllea la length.
All Jauds ouifHe the boundaries of tbe Ho
rnlninn   Ofiverninent    ''rsril    and   *tlie   rsaerva
above daaeribed are opan lor looatlon under the
luws of the Province.
W. J. B'>W-KK,
Acting OblafCommlaalonor ol Landa and Worku
l.Hudu and Wmi- Department.
Victoria, September IMth, HOT.
I intend io appiv to the
l_*nd-   end    Worki-   In    p
carry away timber  [rom   ..
So. 4   fommeiicii.i-   at >��� poal   marked   11. -i ti.
N. w   corner,gOOcbi . I the N. t. <������ rnei
of lot No   six, poet ma -��� i  K  *-..N.t.. oorner,
tbence east 10 chaini ���   i   ith ��j cha inn,
thonoa waat SO abalm then ��� north M cham-i to
plaee of coxB-naaoam ngMoaroaa.
No   ���'��   Conimeui-iii'.' el the   >    W. corner of H
di B   ttmbor citniju ho   l, thence north 8U BhiUna,
Lb) m .    . aat   g   ��� '    t-outh   BO  cm..!.*
ihenoe weat SO ehalut u ,... ��� oi oommenoament
it to  .-i-!i post Jto tnibg eao aerea.
i o. e(iich-icKii'-i-N. Looator.
,    boo   BuaCrolt, Agent.
Dated July 6th. IjuT
Nelaon Land Diatrict   Diatrict of Waat Kootenav
faJte notice that Paul August Paula n.oiKll
��� heiier, B.C., cecnpetion  inmbermaii. iiiteiidB
loappiy (oraipeciaJ timber lioeooe over the tol-
luwiiiK deM.-nt" -     i om menclng ��iai-'-t
punted at the louthweet corn it ol aurveyi -
'.jji-o i thanoe aouth to the northern boundary
ol timber lloenoa -���*���-"       *   I      toe west to the
norihuer-t corner of aaid timhet tioence, thence
auuth to the noriheru boundary oil  tS-2, thenoe
following ^ald tMMliidar.-- .   i 1 *    ������'   lol   We��t tO thi
right tn-v-ay oi the onuab _*olnmL_a Soathain
Railway, tnenoe following aald right-of-way in a
north-easterly  direction   to " ��� I -   -ii.ni'n-e-
:in'n:. and i on tain Ing ���"" acrea, mora oi Laaa
Dated Julv Sad, UM.    fAXSL Ai oi -*t Pai
Notiee la hereby given tht.t "*i dara alter data 1
intend to apply to the Hon. t hwf Commlee-onei
uf I-and*. ami 'orlU lor permlsaloo to ptm haae
the lollowlng described .���#���"*-��� aitnutod In "Ae-it
Kooteuay dlatrlct: commencmg ni a poal mark*
ed b7 name aa initial post of tba Booth i������ *k
i>raii. h, one bundrod laart Erom me juintnm oi
UMl creek With the houtb fork; tneut-e one*
t-uarier mile to the northweatoon er j*->--i. tbanea
one mile to the nortboaet ropecu poat, thanea
one-ouartar mile to ti>'-- aouiheaatoornei p
u i   ��� fine mile to ihe place of i ii ni nn nosmei I
Ju_i-.T, 1907. l-ocaled by  Wm. t. '  *. U__LT,
Nelson Land Diftrli t.   Diatrict oi Weat Kootenay
Take Iioiici- that   Moore.   Kepple & t. o., of Oar*
laud. Penn, occupation lumberman, intend* to
apply ior a i-peeiai limner lloenoa OVOt ihe fol*
lowing deaenbod landa:   Commencing at apoai
planted on Alos-quito creek, on me went Hide of
-i now lake, and al-out one half tulle Weet uf tbe
aouthwaat cornerof timoer lliult No. ��TJ. thanoe
i. -rib BO ohalns, thenca went s-j enaina, tbanoa
���outh BO cliairih, them-.- eSat80chalna to point ol
- "i;.:;.i-!i>-. tu��� :.! titi-1 cuulainiiig '���.'��� acre., more
or leaa.
Dated Ibih, July, ltf*. Mooar, Keii-i i; d- <*o.
JoilK R. i .���.*.���. i >-.. Ageut.
Balaontandl ������ -' K'H)teuay.
Take nnln e * ha Mm _f< lij'and Fraaer, ol
Parnia, Et. C-.cRtk, ::��� 'or a fi��eeiai
lie oce   over   thi urine      ������   rlbed   land--:
r<immeiiciiig ai a |<-j��( plante<1 about a res
mllee wet t of tb�� Kooieua) r.vrr, and about Ota
mile nor<h of the in e:_.tll nal t-ouu-ian line.
and aboui o-te an*l aqvarte tei
tbe nortb eaai ooi ler ���
thenoe m.utt: Bv' i_ha aa,    i. ���. ���   n    t_0 cl
��� north BO rha .t.��  -��. i ribalna to
potnt  of ooaamenoumen .  and   uni atning  Ma
B   :   .*    tnOfl   ���  '
IxM-ated lith, of June. 1S07
hVANMii'MLUN  Iki-ra
Hated this Mb of Jul;.     9
Take notice that C. C. Clark, ol Nel->n. B (*.,
aalo- ��� ti-* pi ; tub d4i bo apply for a apaola] tim-
bei lio.     ���   over the toiloa i ��� land:
a at a ] -.���.-.. r,B tgornltu
If oun tain, about one mtli ��������� IS tar ereea,
��� nd   a !jolnli g C. <     I'lark'n local! io f"r  ttml-er
v-.* i   and aboul one mile i    *-1 ol *������
aou,   tin i...-   ���.,. r|   go  . halna,  tbei
i to chain*,   thi
chalna i" ���,      e of 1   rlnning.
Dated .1 .      Uth, ISW C   C   Ct-UOt,
Davts Booth, a.-i di
ing al a post
weat aide of
��� laud IHatrtct.   District nf W.-l K'W-riay
Taltenotfoa thai Moon, Kepple & Co*, of Oar-
land, Peon*, occupation inmbarmon, inu-nd to
apply tr ii-p-i-tui timber licence over tbe fol-
lowing dovanbad lauds: Commetieing al a
p anted on Mosquito creek. - ti tlie
��� " m laita, ana about oaa half mlla waat, of the
aoutb weal oornor of timber limit no. 4tKh, tbt aoe
aoutb 80 chalna, ihenr,- weat ko chains, thence
halna, thanea aaal _0 chaina to point of
< < merit, and   coiitaluine **>*o acrea, more
OI    ���   -
'      ��� d lib July, ISB)       Mooaa, Kari-i.a A Co
John t*. i-i.aiss. Agent
���: laud I'li-triet    Io-;ri. tol Weal Kootenay
1   ������   DOtlOg   lhat   William    Audrrw    Hn��,   of
���������-������ ti c . botel-kaepei inlanda to appiv for
a ai la limber Utwnoe over tha bdlowina daa>
riibed landa: Oommanclng at a pom planted
about all mllea weet of tbe Kootenay rlvor, on
1 "Mi i       I DlStlid   o. Weal   Kimteiiajr
and being   about sir   miles   north   of   the   Intei
usll   rial    l-omidarr    line,    nm'.    slluate   at  the
DOrtbeast corner of William   Andrew   liow-'   No
th SO  ebalna.   lh* in���<���
im chalua, thanoa aouth Bo cbalm, theuco
���f ifmini-io-eiiieut
in ��� : m i ha "us, to the imtni i
Located July zSr-l. l\*l
Dated ihe Mb of Aug   1V0T
w n.i.tAM Axtmaw Ron
Nelaon l-a-i i Dlvtrlot l'latrietot Weal Cooteay.
.   ,.��� }
appll   for a -
ni"** [ng   de*
Taltenotice thai I. ft, f. w��in . ol Peruta.
Hi. hotni kt epaii intend to appll for a uperlal
timber   lioenoi    ovoi    the   following deacrlbed
landt- -
!.   Comment ing a: i
mile* -A-'-: ��� f *!..   Ko
north of the luternatn
��� outh -*�������� ' halna, them
north HO  <rhi
T-mt plant.-.]   atxiut  lour
-  end one B-iia
lary Una. thence
80 i halua, tbence
west  Ho  ehalnn   to   tbe
Si   M>n I-and Dlatrlct.   Distrh-t of Weat K^.Unar
*      lOtlOe that 1. Kvan Praaer. ol Fernie, tif..
clerk, Intend to apply lor a -<peril-1 uinWr lit-etia��
following daaeribed landa;
l    Commonotng at a *>-"i p;aiitc-<l at the K. K
���    ��� ahout 1'3 miles north of the International la*y   hii** aud ahout 11 mtle-i   west ot lhe
nay   river  tt-tmui one mile  north of the
l.iiili.darv    nf    r     t    No     H012)    thenee   HO
ehalna aouth, tbaaea BO chain* went, thence ao
chalna nortb. thanea SOohalni ca-��t to the place
ol l-etiiuiiinr..
Datad July -lit, iwf.
2.   I'ommeni Ing at a poat   plsuti-! at ihe If. K,
corner of h-eation No   1. thenee  south HU    "
Nelson Laud Diftriot.
l barle* !
pat i .1. !,.���;. .*
TU*\e.twlV!**4 '���'"-^���'iii.--
jo ' ity. B.< .ooanpatloa Earn
��� Ppl) lorj-'rmi-.inii to piin-li���.,. ,
doecrlbed land; i*..mmenehii_,..
aboul five mil-.   i,���rthwe��  fr���m
Hoaquito areek aad mart -i ���.   :
'orner," then.-e aoutb *����� i ba,m   t
���halns,   thOBOa north **i .haiii. '��
*- to point of <-ointn*.nu:i_e_
chains .
mh aorea.
Kepl. 7tb, I��T.
''IIAHIX*. 8H��S|T
iht-iu-e aaal w-
thenre north  -*> <hwtn��, I ft)
Nelson Land District    Idi-mct ol W^-T^J
Take notlc* that  Anrua H����tU  ��* -        "
Nelaon, ia-cupallou liretoaii  lati-n-li
permlaalon to pup-ha*.- Uu laUaet
lands:   Oosunanelng at a it.-' >.,
N.  W.   corner   L    r.'Mnmioni ui
% alley, thanoa   north  forty (��_i Ck
eaat forty (40) ohaina, i| i -. -  .
chain", ihi oca waat f->rtj (��j) ebala
eotniuenermatit,   and  cotiialolni i
and htatydcoj acrea. more or leat.
Dated BaptOjabai -'ml. 1907.      ft*
��lxty   dav*.  aro-r  date 1 \uin,' b,|-rgta\|
Hon   Chief < uiumUiiouer ol Uui. iLSl
���"���"��� -v.   B   ���      to purchaae tlie Mk��tl_l_
aeribed land, aituateil tu ��� *���- *- ��� ������ r t]'7i J
trlct:    ( am menclng at   a   [Kist p_����SiH
weel   aide  of   Kootenav   lake, t.t-ar Kt-jT
point, a.id  marked J   Mi Kinbua'i * i
|Kwt.   thence.weat K  chalet, ttiein ���
Bhalna. thence east UD chalm mon- or iaafl
shore, tbenoe along lake itiore lopotatg
Dated April 4, 1907. f-igoe-l; k _jia I
Nelaon l_and DlstrPt- Duirtctot Wk:Ii^,.|
Take uoilee lhat Kdwtr-I Fraw-f.oi ____l|
Montana, U. B A . iMi-upatiua ���__* |��u
tonda to apply for pertiiiMion w pudailM
ffillowlng desirihv. laud: Inaa.��-*_�� ajjOf.
poat plant���1 <>u it,., west thnttat Cfietan
shan (( ariboo*) lake, and at r
of   Ixn ai;tv. Ih
Suite notloe tbat SO daya alter date 1 intend to
apply to the lion the (..lu-i Comml-ttdinior of
Landa and Worka, Victoria, for i��_rmisaIou to
cut and carry away lijnt-er from lhe following
daaeribed land, ln ".".est Kooteuay :
No l. Commencing at a t-oat planted at the
aouthweat corner ol timner ,ictn**i- 8640, thence
waat80obaina. theuce aouth Ko chaina, thence
eaai ho chain-, thenea north no ohaina lo pUk * ol
bated May Bl, PJ07.        J.T. HriuiBKH, Lticalor.
J   W. (Joubir.*'. Agent.
No. 2 Commencing ul a po-d planted at the
hou meant corner of application ao. t, thanoe aaat
to cnaina, thence nor in to cbalua. theme ����� al BO
chalna, tbanee aoutb HO chains IO place of eom-
Dau-,1 May 11, W07.      J T. BcBQEaa, Locator,
J.  W. <*Ul.HVttN, Ag.-llt.
In tin* in filler of an a ppl bat ion "or tin laeua ttt
adiiplleateof   the drt ifl'-ate  o*   Title for   lotlO,
ang the weal hall of lot Jl, hloek til. in the Town
of Kelaon.
Notloe la hereby clvan ihat it i" my ltit.-ntion
to laaue at the ex pi ration of one inotith nfu-i tba
Oral publication hereof u duplicate nf tbeoertlfl*
cate of   title for the ahovc landw, in the   name of
bydla f-hieids, which n.rtificate t>- d;,i. -I  D,.   ,i*i
day of December, IWiU. and nuiiihered wni v..
'*H   K- Ma'Ia.'-i.."
Dialrlet ItcKiatrar
vigii ed
Notice i- hereby given thHt ibe nnd
have submiiti'l ui the l.'outeiiant (io\.
Council a firopoi*al under the pri��via|oua of lhe
"Hivers and Btn ama Act," (or clearing and re*
moving obstrncllona from Ooal Kiver and Mca-
dow i r.'i-k, in |hi- DiMiii-tof Weal Kootemry, and
formaklug tbeaameflt for raftluK and driv
uik thereon loga, timber, lumbar, raftai'ndcrafta
nn! Ior erecting and iniiiutuluinK bnonm for
lioldlnt', acrUng and delivering log-- nnd timla-r
bronicbt tinu ii Ktit-1 creek and river, and for attaching boomi to tbe ahore of nahi creek ami
rivet tor aald ntn poaer
'lhe land-* to be afieetod braaldwork an-:
Lots '�����_, 5187, 4&02, nod - ul, Iota 1, li. 11   in, 11 and
16 of Lot 4002, ".roup ], Kootenay Dlatrlct.
The t'lh   proposed to   he Cbtttgad   are  mob ftl
mur be li-xi-d   DTtbeJudgeol   the County Court
of West Kemu-nay
DaUi'ISlat July, ]'.*���'.
THP- IimtKl'-.TM-iN-l. l.l-HCKl: il*  M RIU'ANTII.E  CO ,
iu tba mailer of an application for the lfteua of
a duplicate i erllfb-ale ol   Tillf for part (In acres)
f��f Lot -08. Qroup one, m the Diatriet of aoott nay.
Notice j-- hereby given that it la my Intention
to laaue at the eaplrnthm of one month fr
llrat ).uh iciilioii hereof   ii dupllci
mi tin
plioata of tiie Car-
nb ��ve landi- in lh- name
\'hii-b OartDloate nt Title
irMarih.lia.il, mid   iiiiui-
tifli-aie ol * IU. for U
of Andrew   Morriv��i
la dated Ho' f��lh  d
berud awnc,
Lund   Eagistry Offloe, KcIsop, B. C.Stptember
18th, 1H07,
'���II. F. MacLrod,"
Dlatrlct Keglalrar.
'lake nonce that John Koaa, of Parole, B, C,
hotel'keapar, iuteudB to app.y for a apeclal limber Lloenoa OTH the lollowinc dcM-rih.-d lauda:
i Uommenotng ata poat planted in the Dis-
tiictof Weat Kootenay. Nul'on MluliiK lMvlal',11,
on me nortb fork <-f tna M.uth lork of Loati ro k,
ahout flvi milea up creek irom where two foika
moot and abont aia miles north of ihe Interna,
tlonai  Boundarj Una and ahout  twant   i
milea weat of Kooteuav Kiver, tbence eaai ho
chUna, thi-n.-e north m<�� chain-., thenc- we-t ho
Chalna LO bank m "aid i-roek, Ihenoe dowui-treum
io plaoa t.i i���oji.mi-M'-.iucui.
J. Koaa, Locator,
*_. ( oinic.eniliiK al a poid planted at the south-
weal oornei of ���'. Koaa'a No. i location, thenoe
weat wo < haiii*, theuce north a-t ohalna, thenci
east tvi ( l,ii ma more or leaa to bauk ol said i-reek,
thanoe doa n Mrt.iii to place of oammani ement
J. Koaa, Looator.
B. Oommanclng   at  a poat   planied   nt or   neat
the southwest corner oi   J. Koaa'a No. 1 loeatlou,
thonoa v-.i-.iho ohaina, thonoa aouth hu cbaina,
l hence cum so ihaiua, more fir leaa, to find i r,.k
*heiiee up atreaui to place of beKinnlii*-
J, Kohh. Loci-tor.
4. CominiMii-lng  at  a poat planted   nt   oi   n��ai
ibe aouthweat eornar of J KosaV No. i location,
than a e__*i hij cIiuioh, thcu-.c aouth ho i-iiaiu-,,
thenoe weat 80 attaint, more or lean, to bauk of
���Uld   oroefc,   iheuce   up at re am   to   plAoeofoom-
mencemaut* .   ,
J .  BOBI. 1-oculor.
6. Commencing at a poal plauted about two
miles i uth ul the aoaUiwast oornor of J. Koai a
No, 1 location, on 'he north tork of the south
lork   oi   L  m   cieik,   nnd   aboul    four   mU  i   i,p
atream Dom where the two fori.a meet, thenoe
eaat 80 chalna, Lbeuoe north tio chnins, tbence
hi*'  ho  i ii-irjji.-.,   more  or   leas,   tu   hunt   ol  h��ld
ore' k, thonoa down at ream lo pi ai e ol oommenoo-
J. EtOU, Locator.
fi. Commencing at a poat planted at, or near,
the aontnweai corner ox J. Koaa'a No & location,
on Los: urees- thence weat to chalua, thenoe
north 8o chalna, thtnoaBOchaiu eaat, more or
Ian. to '..Tui: id aald eruek. Ebanou down atream
to place ol .oitiMciic-meul.
Looatad _MUi .nine, iH.7. J. Kosh, Locator.
Time for ftdvortlatng axtendod by the Aaalatant
Nelnou Land Dlatriot. Dlstriol ol West Kootenay.
Ti.ke   notice   that   Thus    tt,   L. LOgSO, ol   Hon
ner't* Furry,occupation painter Intend! to apply
ior a up ���'���I'll I'mher licence over  the foiiowiiiK
den'Til.1   ��� .' ii-I-*:    i ommi-iicliiK h l it post planted
ontbeaouib vide of Mounduiy creak, about 10
mllea weal ot the Kooteuay ilver, thence weal B i
ohaina, thenoe auuth 80 nhalna, theuoe uaatBQ
ubaioa, Ibt-nce north wjchaina to tba polntof
enmmenoament, aud cuntaiumg om oorea, mora
or  ti- s.
_.'unta July liib, lWi.        XSfWASE L. Loo an
potnl t,f oommaaoemaut, containing oiu aacaa,
more or U ���-
Dated July Zird.  1907.
2.    OOSUmaneSlU at a jaist planu-1 at tbe ii'Tth-
���-���������* ���*'��� -i .'-.iti.mi Ho i. tha*90a aouth80
c-halna, thenoa wen So chains, tin me north an
ihnlni*. tbanee ea_*l W ehains to the laoni of
i'iimnirrii'1-nif-iit. (ontaiuin-f OVJ aCTM mon- >���<
Dated July 23rd, 19(n.
OoOUaaoaing at a -vnit planted at northwest eorner of   loealion   No. 8,   tbanoa   norlli   B0
chaina, thonoa *'   I *   rnalna, thanoa M.uth w
rhalna, thence  eaM   Ho   ehaiOa   10   the   polUI   "f
-'���.-:.!.. n, .nu-iit, oonlaining oao aoroa, mora u
Data 1 July Ifflrd. 1��U7,
4. Commencing at a p'-at planied at th*- north*
oal oorner of no   i  looatton, thanoe north SO
' i;nt:_��, theut-c eaat 80 chaina, ihence south nu
thenoa ���������. -*i BO Bhalnato tba point of
coinmeneement. containing Oto acre*, more or
Dated July _Hrd, 1!��17
b. CominencliiE at a p->st planted about two
unlet north und ���_ mUl east of the northweel
corner ol loeation Ko. i, thonoa t-outh ao < halna,
thonoa eaat Bo chaina, thanoo north BO chalna,
tbanoa weat ho ehalna to tba point of comment *-
ment, coutatuitiR Wu ai. rea, more or leaa.
Daled July JC'rd, 1907.
G.    Commenelrij' at n   jKiat  planted   at   north
������..���-i oomat of location  No a, tnoaoa aouth BO
r-biiiua,   thence   weal   80 ct-alna. tbenoo north Ni
chaina. tbence eaat ���#' chutna to the point of rnni-
mi'ii- i-n, nt, i oiitaiiiin-* ow acres more or teas,
-uly 23rd, 1907.
7.    CommonClng at a -x.st planle-1 at tlie north
weet oornor ol  location  Mo B. tbanoa nonh bo
cnailih,    tin-nee   wi-st Ho  . iiain*. t :.������;��� .   s-.uth   ho
cbaina. thence ' ��n B0 chalna to tha polnl -: * om<
m< ncement, contHinin-* mo aoroa more or lean.
1-ated July 28rd, 1WU7.
Commencing at �� rw)"t planted _,t the north-
weal oornor ��f location No. 0, toon a north BQ
cbaina. tbence Baal >��� i obaina, tbanoa -outh ��*i
cii a ins, thenee .-.est ho chains to tha polntof oommenoament, i-otilalnliig 040 acres more or leas.
Datod .'ui* _:.:.;. 1807.
���.*   Commencing at a pom  planted  aboul  -
miloa weat ol thi northwest oorner of looatlon
no        thenoe   aoutb W   chains, thence  ea-*t  to
tbenoe north 80 ohalna. thanoa ��������-��� B0
chain- io tht point Of   com meuciiiient. ami 000-
taii.iiiK B40 eorea nmre or leaf.
Dab d July MUl, i'JV7.
10 Commonelng at a poat planted at t��..
northweat cornel of location No. 9, thi-uci notth
ki i hnlus. thenoe eaai ho ciiuius, tb. nca ���
chaina, tbanoa wo*. Bo ohaina to the point ol
oommanoomont, coutaiuiuK *-"-*-" ao^aa,man oi
Dated .h.it Uth, IBOf.
11 Commonelng   at    a   post planted   al-out   1
u milea weal oi the northwaat oornor o| looatlon
No 9 ani aboul j j Dalle aoutb tiieri'.if, tbenoe
aoutb 80 obaina, tbanoa eaat ho obaina, thenoe
ii*-riu V. i-loili's, ihenu-- wr;at Hit chines to ba
point of ciii.imelie-jmitiit, eoutaluiUK '-lo acres,
more or lo**.
Daled luly24lh. 1907.
]-_', Commencing at a pom planted ai toa north
weat corner of location No ii,   thence nortb 80
chains, thenee ca*.t Mj cbaina. ih.-nii aoutb BO
cbaina. thence weat 8o ehalna to the polnl ol
eoininenceineut, eoniBlnlug Mo acrei,  more or
Datod July Mth, mn.
13. Com men- Ing ata i������t planted ni the Uorthweat corner of location .*��. lit thenoa uorih k"
ehalna, thenoa weal ho chalna, thenc* kouth wi
chains,   thenee   �� o^'   ho  i-hailis   lo  ll.e   point   of
oommanoomonti oontalnlng 040 acrea, more or
Dated Jtlly 34th. 1907
14. Oommenolng ata post planted ai the northweat oornor of looatlon No.ll, tbanoa M.uth so
ohalna, thenoe weal Bo obaina. thence north 80
-halns, tbenoa easl K0 chains to the point ..f
i- rniiii'iicement-  eouLuinln-j  BOO acrea, more er
I luted July '.Mill, 1907.
ir. Commendingatapoai planted shoal two
mnea north of nortb weal oornei '-f location of Ha
11, thence 100th Ho < linins, then..- OMt w* i-hatub
thenco nortb B0cbaina, thanoa wesi hu chaini
to tba point ol comineu'iemiut,  coiitalulnf- C4*j
acres, more <>t laaa.
Dated July MUl, l'.i'-7.
lfi, < ommenciriKUt a pott olaoted ntlhe north-
weat oorner of location No. lh, thanoo north 80
chaina, thanoa cn_i hu eh-iitm. tbanoa aoutb so
ohaini   thenea waat BO chnins to iti*- point of
Dated Juiy Mthi I9ir7.
it. Commonelng at a poatplantod attbanccrth*
weat corner oi io atioo No. lfi, tbanee north no
obaina, thonoa wosl ho t-hnii^. thence south to
chaina thenoe eaai hu ebalna to the point of
oommanoomont, containing 040 enrea, more or
Jialed July 24th, 19U7.
ih Oomtoenclng at a post planted ai tba
northweat oorner of loco ion No 18, thenco aouth
Hue iiiliis  thenc- weal ho chain-, thenee north an
"halna, n> a aaa so cbalua to the i-oiutof ooin-
uanoemqnt, Qpntainiug 000 m raa more or le-m
Dated July Sftb  I'-Kn h r, WAiiri loc,a"r
Join. Jin.,.....', Agoui,
lbenee weal *f i-bain*- u> the place of t-ogiuning.
DaU-l July SUt, 1901.
Commencing at a post planted at the N. K.
oornor of location No Utbonoa north Ho.hains,
tbenoi aaal so chalna, ibanee -outh to obaina,
tbanoa waat SO ebalna to plaoa of beginning
Dated July Jlst, lit-7.
I      ' ..inmen, uik at the N   Y  eorner of loeation
No. 1. thena north >���> chains, tbanee west m
cbatna, thenee aoatb So ohalna, tbanoa eaat ho
obaina to tba ��� 1. ��� ��� f 1h-k inning.
Dated July tJmt, I9U7.
Ceouionetttg  at a  p��*-t  plant��-d  fine mile
tba -���*. B   comer   of Im-ation No  3, tbeOCO
aoulh W  '-baina,   thenre   aesi ao ilialna,   tbOOOa
Dortb 10 Chalna, thenee eaait��chalni�� to the plait-
of he-rinnini-
Dated July um, wn.
'���     'omiti. i,,ii  * .,- a r*"it   ol.uted  al the N.K.
corner oi looattou ���*�� ".. ih >. ��� aoutb so chaina,
Ibenoaoaal BDrhatna, tbenoa m lib m ebalna,
Llieiit e wett hO -     ,. ������..  lu tin   pla- ���   of I>t-gluning.
Dated Jul; i   i   m :
7-    OOB - a l*-.*!   plant. J   ..t the N   K
forn.r of n       .      ih HO chaina.
theace I to ebalni ihi a - uth to chaini,
tbenoc    eel    icbalua to tbi   p; o- ot iH-gtuning.
Data   Jul-   -IM
B,   I ��� Buaani ;ok a. a p ni  i laote l ai Um n  k.
come-   >f locati   ���   No        ���'..������ to chains,
ibeum v ��� -i "��� * ��� !. una, thonoa aoutb _D chalna,
thence    aat 8" - haiii- t.> to    i.lace of iM-Kiumug.
Da-M-d Inly Jl*.t. 1VJ7 KhAsaa. Locator.
Ji*in   'aowV, Ag.-nt.
Un ai'tv. tua-m ���- weat J> ifaaitw lafwdl
'"���In*, thMr east At ��� tiaim. l_-ai___nd
a Ins. ibeniVtaai 40 ehulL-, Hjyf* ������ m _kl
-i ihort*  of  I'ppv-   WhaUtisD(Cu_ag3l
Nt Loom Land Di-;.-.. i Dlatriot ol WaM Kooteuay
Take notice thai I, Kljrabelb Ferguaon, of Nelion Blitiafa ''..luiiihU, occupation marrh-d woman, Intend to appiv for p-rmlaalon to purchaae
the lollowlng <:��� icritatd land: < oinmen.ina at a
p Hi j Lantod lu cbalua wmt ol tbe 100-00801 colli, r ol eectlou 22. Township 69, Kootenitv, and
marked -K K.'s N L eon-er." tbence west ao
cbaina, tbenoa aouth 40 ehalm. lbenee east HO
chains, lbenee north ao chains to tbe plai*e of
I commencement aud  containing 3-h aoroa mots
lftth JoIt, a. d. wn.
Kt.ir.4TrrH FiaoiLotf.
by W. A. Calder, ��K'-nl
Ni Ison Land District.    Iio-lriet ol Wesl Kootenay.
Taki- nonce that I, David (i    Kurta.of   Nelion,
H.i ��� occupation  mi-rebaut, Intend   to apply for
penntaaiun to purebaaa the following doaerlbad
land: Commonelng at a post planted at the
���**. corner of nelion M. lownsliip 09.
Kootenay, and marked "DO. K '�� ti. W, corner."
thenca north *���, hains. thenoe east 4Aohalna,
*. BO chalna, thenca  weal 4" chaina
to tin-   pointof  cominulicement and   eontalnlng
840 acrea more or leaa.
l.'nh July, loo?. Davio 1;   Krrre.
W. A. Calder. agent.
'-������*-' 1    thai I    1 '.��� mas  Harry Wilson, In
tel ��� apply for pormiaaloa lo parohaaa the n>i-
Iowing doaanbed land j Uommenoing ai a pout
planted ul tbe 8 t. oorner of lot TUSand marked
n. h. oorner, tbenoa aonth 10 chalna, theuoo
weat 10 chains* taonoo auuii iu chaina. thenoe
���*������!   l'i   cl,alii��, tbeuee aoutli   in  rtialna. Ihence
weai  in chaini, tbenoa M.uth 10 chaina, thenee
wist lo chalna, theuee north 40 chalua. lliem-e
i-nal 40  chains   to   point  of  commencement aud
oontalnlng UN) eoree, mora or lea*
Julie 7, 19U7 'IlloMAS llKKRV Wit'liN,
William Alunzo Millh, igetil
NolSOa Land DigtriOt.  District of Weat Kooleuay
TskO nollce that I, John LaiiK. of Nelaou. 11. C-,
'���-  upatlon   miner   Intend   lo apply for   perinia-
alon  to pnrohaaa tba lollowlng deamibod landa:
' omrai -oelng nt   a   poal   planted at   the   N.K. of
i^.t hu/.; tbenoo aaal BO chains, tbenoa mmhIi '20
ohalna,thenoe wesl 20 obaina, tbanoa north *_u
chalna to point of oommenoament, oontalnlng 4u
acrea, more or leaa.
AognftOnd,   1907, JoHW laAtia..
Notice ia hereby given thai ��) dayH alter date.l
Intend to apply to the Hon. chief Coi-nniaalouer
'if Land- and Works for permission to purchaae
the following dthcribed laud in West Kooleuay
district, on west nhtre of I/iwer Arrow Lake,
adjoiiilug I-ot No. 1111*1. on tlieantitb I Beginning
it a post marked 'Harry   Mcl-cod'a   N.K    comer
po-n and rlanted ou the ahore of Lower Arrow
Lnk ;, at the *oi.1 heio-t corn.-i of cHpi Ko**lund,a
1 491!*. LUODOg west N 1 hnliiM, lbenee aniith 90
lis,to more or leaa to the north boundary of R.
FuILiuoie-'aiP. K , thence *J" .-hallia eaat along the
Haid buundury to lake, thenoe north along the
lake shore BD ehiitUK, more or  leaa to polnl of
Mnyuud. 1901. J. D. Mo-ore,
Ahoiil for llnriy McLeod.
Nelion Laud Dlatrlct,   Dlatrlctof Weat Kootenay.
ink* notloe thai 'ieorgw Rufua Garter ofwrdar,
oocnpatlon, bridgemas, tntonai to apply for ��� ,.r-
mil Ion 10 pnrohaaa the following deacrlbed
land : Qommeni'lug at poal planted at the north
-ffOet oornor Of   D. Ron-.'application  IO  [Miri'l ,
marked  B. W��� tbenoe nonh 40 ohaina, thonoa
i.K.1   40   Qhalni.   th.-nee   south   20  chaina   to   A.
Lprrya pre-emption, iheuce weat *_*u abalna,
toence aoutb go -baina, tlicnce west no ohaini to
olaee of   eomu    uoomanl   containing   l_*i 001*08
more or leas.
Dated July i_, wrj.       filOSM Hokih CAtiTga,
W. J. H-jott, Agent.
'���![-������' ""'"ersinned, lifter 00 dnva intend .0 apply tn lhe Mo,,. |.,.. chief Commissioner of I Alula
and Works to purchaae the lollowlng described
and: ( ommem-lng at Jb" N. E. 1. of Lot 75��9
..  I.,   tlieiici.   weal  40  cb.nn*.   Ilicuco   north   20
��� in na   thanea out to Shslni, ihence loath n
iRins to point of eommcucemuut, containing 80
acroa more fir lean
Locate" March i-btb, 1907 W. _i, MiLhi,
iheuet)   northerly  and   wwierly an
��� bore HO ctialni.  more or lust. U>ft	
ijieticfment, and  coctalnltii U- .can t-tfl
May rvth, 1907 I, .,_? rn_a |
Hlxty daya after date 1 ial��D_ w ���
Hon Chief Commlaaluner of Ut
for permission lo purr-baa* th* I __
aerlla-'t land in Wi-��| Km-iea.* iaina I
meticiug at a i*o��i market] A C cm*
lioriier pusi. runuiug 4c rbaiw i*e--rji
tbe t-oundary of Ilmi.�� r llct-ni-t St.MO
aoutherly bto chalui.. tbence ***������*.���..��
thi'i.n- northerly ���*> chalD�� aa>ttt tfC.T.l I
track 10 Ho- place of eoameDcvt-Mta-MHI
two hundre-f acres, more or 1*m
Located this vth day of May. IK
A C aa.U-ai.
Notice la neraby giveu mat a atnuwai
luu-nd loappiy to the Honorabi- it* U-Ccel
taiaaloner of Landi and ��(���?������ !-��� "**Ji*l
to purchase the following deaiTiU", AJ-.*aal
in Weat Kooleuay dUtrlct: i'**���*Ol**m
isoit plain* d at the weal !-��� UD'U-T ''---"l
and about 10 chain* aoulh ..(thi-actioaiJI
of the right of war of tbe B ��-:.Wt_-��S__i
way, and marked Y A Vf WWH
ttience waat li*i cbatna. theD.-e*i(rrt_i-wi
boundary of the rlgbt-'.f wit <>t B l-W-J-
rallway, thence following MM t-w*ri��n��SI|
ritcbt-ol-wat in an eat- rij r^-tk'E��"*���!���
boundary o*f Lot 302 ��;i tl ��� >_aaft����gagj
i-omnicuen-meiii. eoiiii ...uu ���/ifro. ���*tB
Daled thll 14th day of Jun*. 1��--
PAOt AWfit f*a* I
Nelson Und Dlalrlei. lM*��l--t a'����^<��JS|
Take notice tbat I'aul Aurii-t pK*a��.��l
chener. B. C . otvupatlon Iuaii-*n"fi- -"*���
toappU for peruilasiKii to porm**-*-*-�� **r|
ina .!ea.Tlln-d lands. CinuBei���� ����W-
plantiilal the aouth boun<la*7 ��_B*JL .
way ot the BrltUh roluntria -����������
way and elmiit."�� cbatna w-aUrlTlwa
62 on aald railway, theuee wilt- a'**"*.
eaat -2o rhalna, thenee aoulh X cm
eaat to ebalna. iheuce north -o��J*J,l
ary of the right-of-way of the l-rl,"B_i-��
Hoi-then. Railway, ihanw��� w��w.i u��"J
aald right-of-way to place of i-iuitn'-*--***
Dated thla 2nd day of AOgiut. WJL
I'kVL Ai-ai^1 '*'
Nelaon Und Dlatrlct.   DiHrlcicJ *'��lKJJJJ
Take   lutlce   thai OaoaM ���'""''���jj,"
kootena, 0   i. a., aeaapauaa, wji
U-ndi  to apply   loi prrwlMiu-- --'1 i___T_il
following   ileaeril-ad   Ian Bi    (l
imsl planted ou  the  w.-st ib��n- '    ^L,-^
Shan {< ariU��o) lake, ami a. tb.' ^^a
ofiotsi-r-*. thenea weal ��<^���'���"JJigaBl
40 1 tuiUia, thence can -���*' chaiw. 'rffifHwl
Chain- to pOlnl Ol eommemroaui. -w^ ���
Ing 80 aerea' more or lea** ,;_ni_i***ltB I
flay BOth, wn. ZZ-Z~i
Pintrlctof Waftaaajl
Walter   M^-'J^SI
girupation maixb��tfl��
issiou toi.H��*��'��*��ilra
H !.
Nelaou Und DUtrlct.
Take nollce thi
Montana, U.S.A.
to appiv   .'or  rn'rnili"*!'
Ing deacrlbed land : ( -nuiieii
ad ��n ib. woataboreol 1 ppar
lake, and  at  tbe   imrihai-ai 1
tbenoe weal �� ohalna, thon_��*oonji
thenoa eaai -i" ehalna, the :"'������;,
point  of oommonoamont, and ^1
acrea, more 01 lar
May Wlh. liar.
"   hlxty   dayaafl-i   -UW T;A rt''^ *'^aOJ
ranob-r, ..1 Burton raw. '���ffiJSBB
Chl.-f   loinnilro-lonrrnl I am ���  "'^...^MflSl
torts, B  U . tu ourobssstfcslouaj
lands situate rasl 01 BuTtMb J
poat  marked   -A    A    B   ��u"lw*S ggf
iiinn-aiKi the a  w  rTMluJu" ����*
running north ou cbatna. IbOB ��� .
th.nc sou halna. thence wet
place of coi.tmcu"eiucUt     _���.MI.B a I
Auguat lat. !���� ___^!_���-���
DUtrtot of wsfl
Manitoba,   termer,    4"^jji(
purcl.Bai' the  ('
to** w
ner '
Nelaon Und Dlatrlct.
Take   notice   that   BagO
nermiaabiti l<
laud :    Cnnimi
lll'lllg    Ht
icve'ii miles from th* """[^ ��jJ!J��ttM
at norlhoaal corner "' "V.V,d ru��1B,B__l
ranrbed "H. C   N. K-corner.   *",\IlrtltD*��
chalua.   them aal Hi��e 1*. "��� *    ^
Date.l BtS 'biy fl Augu���<�����..{*.��� ,-ggfl^
Nelaou Und DiltrlOt
Take    notice  that
piatriot 0'v
H nn-i p-tsi
"������'������������ ��� ����������_ii5-_-?��WjB_'ai
f ll
crlbfd land: Com""
ii... aoutbeaat corn
Ave miles from Hv
marked FFHH h
north HI) chains, tl
aoulh Hll ehalna. tl.
commencement. '''"*.'"'���'
Datod 80th day '>' A,"r'
l'i*"-.. u__ ,
 *^ztt --%;&
Nels.,11 l.unal lllslrlat   I'll''1'*' "���,.�������*,
'������ti..r:"---''-��...:,'..',",',;�� ki ��i;"."���pJ,-��*
erlbed inn.i:   Coiuro
rrKiik r. H.-.11I111U >"������;
������(:. B. ��   K .-..rri.T.   ��"
,���,.������. ���������l, ��:..|..ll   ���-������,
- to   i!lttfU__. ,��'",
'"-":,", .'"rift
..���.- *aw-__ai
1" qtili
iro, ill la"''- '""''."Iiin" i:uK��',-,''"artllt
ii��wd ��r.i '>'-;i;'IJi,�� a ft**'* Prospectors
Who Want a Good Arcticle Will Buy
he BACON We Sell
It Gives Satisfaction, Because It Is Lean, Thoroughly
Cured and   Smoked.    Our  Hums  Are
Excellent   Also.    All   Are Canadian
Goods.   Pure Lard in AU Sizes.
P. Burns & Co., Ltd.
I no mi-net. DiatrlstolWaotKooleBsg
thai  j,.tr;ta   -Inrun. nf   Nelaon,
pi ..   ��� - tor,  Intend-. t.i npply
. ii   .    -.*.. ,  Un-   f..It-mine
., |.    i ommenoing at a post platiu-d
���l ol lot flam, l.-itiK I'atrlck
l   . ,:N. :  -.���.*���   ronnlng aootb to
i . -��� - i - hHin��,   ihciK-i-   norlh ���*-.
��� -   ettalni in *w>.i*t oi cow*
itgliLlOtn. lATBKK HllBKAPI,
Kaicg Htkanp, Agent.
met. District or Wast Kootonaj
in St. i    Take notice thai  Polar bund, of
| .-���m.'Hiu hiinlM-rmriti. inlcnda
. ,.   timber Uooaoa uTer the
H  ��� ;���..'<',   lands*    t umnii-m-in-*   at   a
,     ml    i.--r:ii i-n't.-rly   |K-_t (if I'M Rf_
liairbaleti couth of Umber Dooaoello ".I'll*.
:.r.inn,   tbence put 411 cbalup".
na,   tbOOOa  wei-. 40 chalna
[ ��� cm up nt, and aontatolJig
"I . ' ���-
���'-���7. J'rraa Unm.
f . l'n'.rlrt of Went Ki.t-U imy
i   . Tail   aotloa  tbat  Peter Lund, <-i
Ipatloo  lumhcrman, 'iiU-ii'I-.
_Pi ,. timber lleonoa over the
: landa:    Conimuurini' ata
n -ti eaat   Imundarv   "I lut 81'.*. 1U0
r lioenee AMI and 40 cbalun
claim   No. 1. thence   nortb
, ut 80 ehainSi them-e nouth au
,. reel to i-hntnn  to  lhe  polnl   "f
(suai-nceineut, aud conuiuing OM acret, more
t] SOth. 1907. I'lrrra Lind.
i��� -   Dlatriot of Wosl Kos^snsg
a__j   8        rake notloe that Peter Lund, of
i ipettun lumberman, intend-.
���  *'il,. r ll'-eure over tu** fob
I* bed landa:   ('ommem-lng at a poat   ,
- oundary ol lot Ntt, Hdchaln--
d poal i-iaim No z, tbenoo
tbenoe aaat S3 chain", thence  ���
��� m v' --ham-  to petal
���     Kill (iiulalnlug 640 acrea,  j
pit or lesa.
i ��� ��� ���.. ifltn. font umo
m Y. Taylor, clerk, ol Arrow-  i
H. i    Intend! to apply lor �� ��pet'al Uoosjco
bei    Irom    the    lollowiug   dcacrlbed   j
taenuittg at spo-it planted 70ehalna   I
��� aateny direottfui from <-ariboo j
arti        iri Y. Iaylor'a, W. Parkins'   I   VV.
���r' bounded on the aqou by T.L Ho 7fi*6,
i- wett by I"- L.   r- o. 1G12. tbence   north HO
eaat   80   "Imina, tbenoa   south HO
weet -i<- ������hains to polut ol  c-oiu-
*. in ��� nelngata t*"*i ptab-Sd ho ehalna
bu-. ... i iu a i ft��terly direflti-n from t'ariboo
���vmarkwi-'A 1--.rk.niT, Ira F Taylor's H. W.
r ���       led   on  the west bv T. L 7flfi7,
kith bylral     J-,���;..���'���   ud   W. Parklna'T.L.
. DOrtb 00 (hains, then.-.- east lr-0
k .. ���.������ith Hi ehalns.   thenee   weat I Mi
'���    ���      point ol "iinm-ni emen*.
Ut lu.-trii t of West KooU-nay
hereby (riven that so daya after date J,
|bl -���-.��� :r-r���. miner,ol Nelaon. b.��" . intend
the Hon th'- ��� bu-f I'oiumtasioner of
bu--, ��i,d Vk'orkl loi a -i>��.( ial licence u> eut and
y.} awaj limb- r from tbe tolloWing deai-ribe"!
bqailtnated "ii sumn.il creek, in the West
���! ith ni'ini. ni a po��-t marked -I   P. H'l
. aal ...rner  j-ont,   loeated   on
tfork ofsui mit ereafc  nt-out two milea from
��� * itui'iif  south  HO chalus.
' ,   -..   ���  10 ,-iinius, thence   ruiiullin
f thenoe   west 40 ehains,   thenca
r .   10a   ruiinlug eaai 40 chain*.
I' ui aouth i" ebalna, thence east w
af ���-..;, aiinmi-ueement.
I Lay .'1 Autuht. 1907.
I OH a p   -wii.naaii, i^M-ntor.
per hi- H|_em Pan a Mflf-ofiTT
-ii. at 11 i-.'-i marked J   P. ��'���
bum limit, northweat oorner post. iiM-ated on
��� ������' - immn 1 reek. abota to 0 mllea Inns
��il creek, tbenoe running aouth 80 chains.
wnee nitintiiE e��al Ktii-halus.  thence  runulng
I-1*' ehalim    thenee  ruunlUK  weslKOchalns
1'.   '���    ���' eommeneemenL
I ��� 'it tin* ��th day of Auaust. 1907.
J oh a [��� gwanaaao, u��eator.
pei btl aKem Paicr MclK-KALO.
felaon Und IMstrict.  lHttrlel ol West Kootenay
lima notloe thai J H. F. su-wart, oi Coiling-
'in . 011 M-iHtl.tn   I um her mull, lntenda  in
loraapeola] ttmher lleeneeovei the fol*
���'��� Hi.i-    Commenatng at a pool
anted ot-,. -ms.il it ream abont one mile south
""nnhm Rivet near tbe h.-nd watetaol iirau-
araed J. K. V. Hi_.Wart'a N. E. Angle
north  tu i-hsms, tbenoo  west 40
1 thenee  M.tiih an ehalna. tbenoc   west an
���   aouth   4'. .-hains, thenee   cast  M0
������ni".then*   north W nhalna. tbeuee weat-��
���*** "��� I'.u'-i' ol oommeneement, enntatnlng
���*����� tuore .11 Leaa.
v       '   -8W. lAKM H. K  StkwaKt
jM-OO Ua I Dlatriot.   District of Weal Kootenay
'w".."'."1" !llHl ���' K  ''   ��tcwart. .d OaUlag-
S111 i.       **"'* "i-ati'tn lumhermaii, lntenda to
"iii,.. 1 M "lH ',"1 "">ber llnenoa over tbe fol-
nlnti       ���'- '��� -    Oommeoeing at a poet
Z    t ';       -.'","h   -Waoi   a small  ereek  ��lue
��j 01 the Houatelo  Meadow mine, aboul 80
..����'..���"r1!.*1  .'"   '"���'""'    Week    markeil J.  R. K.
ei.r..        1 aiigia poat- tbaaea east *��� ehains,
b �� cbalua, thenoa weat'_�� ehnina,
i-n.-' 1    v ::,'1"""-. tbenoa west hi chaina.
eat. u. 11L n  ��*-alns�� tbenoo ua**i ho enains,
ani ,..!!!' .  .'u ,ll"1,is ��*��� plaoa of commence
";    Hlinu-t mi. in,,, ,���..,.. ..rifss.
T',u,-,!,,r: .Iambs It   K. Hriwart.
r'r'!"..'" I''""' ,-lk*r--'i-   Diatrict of Weat Kootenuy
��� H C ,
Hint   I.  AlexHUder   (JllU-iple. of
'lOTh, intend to en-ply  for a aj.eelal
a   over   tiie following deaorined
iietii-,. , 1 ������'"'"I- "' H l.oat planted at the coti-
'nluir.,,.- ,.""nh t<,rK O'CorO cr.-ck Willi tbe
'���H'liHiii*.    ,1 *' ,1"*'l,l ���*" i-halns, thenee WOat
��� phi 1
���nt*-. 4tl chnins.   theliee   enat
ol bcKluulUK,   eoiltalnlliK
������\ uiore or ha,
l"i Augu-. i: t __. mi7.
north n2?B I" ? ���>'"i| I11'"'"''! "ii tl"' bank
' '..in ereek about four mites
with the Main enck, then,-.
F-'-'ii anfiHSr "-���noe woa< wiebuius. tbenoo
P'-We oT\bSVuJ     ll"nl',���   "Wl   Hl   ehalna to   the
Krlaai. u,l>*,in-bgi oontalnlng ott acres, mors
ri ilu'tidr1 h (V. u !'' " """-pltnted on the bunk
���r��un us (.-,,.��� ,..,,,' ' Vr_? I"?*0-. "iKint four intlci
horth ho.!1.1'"���'�����������'-��� With the aMuln creek, Ihence
"""'i Hi' i-li,.,' '.'!'""'   ���*'���"������   wi ehalna,  tbence
01 '"-Kiuiiim
thenea aaal nu
gi containing H4U aciea, moie
***** Augu-it Kith, llHn.
ALaxANi��Enoii,i,KKrik, Locator.
...._ a iii*. am-, agent
T_JeiSn111!.tno1' -'UiirioToi"WeirKooteiTay
P- '*.���...:. ."'".'bat   Henry   Reicbcrt, of  Nelaou
��� l'lo-iii'.'i / /"'ury lleleliert, of Nelaou,
,'"" l" e.11,',.;, II1L;,",-HU' apply for a apeclal
[J0*^gd^^^J*wil timber  iron,  the
7'iiii'im, h,,  ,,*���������"" """iu, uieiiec m onaini
1   ll,""l*i'Ii ,lll,w"llh' thence HO   chaina
Dated jufy fry SlfMm m* neamsSt.
No 10 Ooumoootag at a post planted about f8
obaina more or leaa aoutb from tbe northweat corner of 1-ot wo KM on main Lemon
ereek aud marked Henry BetShetl eaat coruer
IHiat no. 10. ill,:.-. 40 cbaln�� north more or leaa
to about midway ol the aoulh boundarv line ol
timber net-nee Ko *&*<, theuce lWl chalna weat,
theu.-e 40 ehaina aoutb, tbem-e 160 chalna caal
to point of eommenoement.
Dated July a7th,i_-j7
ho. 11 Coinmencing at a poat planted on Monument orest* 1 about 7u chains, more or leaa, south
from where Monument creek, empty a into Lain-
ou creek, and near Henry Keichert northeast
corner j--*! ol limber location ao H, and marked
"Henry Belflbart northweat corner i-oat fo 11,"
lbenee 100 chains aouth, iheuce 40 chaina east.
thenc. it*-) clmius north, theuce 4o eiialna wuat
to tba point o* oomiueucemeut
Da-ten July 'zixh, yjoi.
llr.Mv Kkichkbt, Lucator.
Nelson Laud Diatriet.   Diatrict of Weat Kootenay
Tak? notice tbat I, Harold N. Edgecombe, of
Fertile, r- ' clerk. Intend to apply lor a ape-clal
Umber licence over the lollowlng deacrlbed
a.    Commencing at a |i*.at planted at the con-
lOOeeoftba north fork nf Corn creek atiout
imo mllea from Its ronflucnce with the Main
creek tbence south 40 chains, ihence weat loo
cbaina, theuce north 40 chalua, theuce eaat lfiO
> balm to the plaee of beglunlUK. containing 640
acres, more or leaa.
Located Augual 17tb. 1907
9. Commencing at a pout planted on the bank
of the nortb fork of Corn creek about two milea
from ita eonOuenee with tin- Main ereek, tbence
it.':! *.. i' chaini. lbenee weit 80 chalua, tbence
north Ho chalna. thence eaai 80 chalua to the
place of beginning, coutaluiug (140 acrea. more
or lesa.
Located August 17th, P-07.
3. Commencing al a post planted on tbe bauk
of the nortt, fork ol Corn creek about four milea
from lt> eoullueuee with tbe Main crei-a, tbence
aoutb to chaina, lbenee eaat 80 cbains. thence
north HO chalna.   theuce  weat 80 cbalua  lo the
[ilace of beginning, eon lain lug 040 acrea, more or
L���������all"! Auguat 17th. 1907.
6 Commencing at n |.*>���>t planted on the bank
of the BOTH** fork of Coru creek about fi milea
In.m ita confluence with lhe Main creek, theuee
nonh 40 cbalua, then--* eaat 160 cbalua, ihence
south 40 cbalua, thenoe weat 160 chalua tu the
plice of beglnulug. containing M0 acrea, mora
or .��� �����.
fated August lath. )W.
6. romint-nclug at a poat planted on the bank
of lhe north fork of "Torn ereek about alx mllea
from its confluence ��ith the Main creek, tbeuee
south ao cbatna. thence eaat 80 chalna. theuce
DOrib HU rhalna, tbence weat 80 chains lo tba
place of beginning, containing 040 acrea, more
i.r '<���--
Located August 10th, 1V07.
7. Commeuelug at a poat plauted on the bank
of ihe north fork of Corn creek about alx milea
from its continence with the Main creek, tbOOOa
south HO cbalua, theuce weat 80 chalna, tbeuee
north to I'tialns. ibein-e eaai to chalna to tbe
place of beginning, containing 640 acrea, more
or less
Located Auguat 161 li, WH.
H. N. KnoacoMBK, Ix-catur.
A. HAcaarr- Agent.
Nelson Laad IHatrict. IMatrn-i of Weal Kootenay
Take 000108 tbat we, A rchlbald Brem tier and
(ieorge Vouui, tadli of the city of Nelaou. in the
Province of British Columbia lumbermen. Intend to apply Ior special tlmner llceuae* over the
following deacrlbea landa:
1 Commencing al a poat planted about 2&0
varda westerly Trom the Junctloti of the uorih
and main forks of Summit creek, a creek flowing
into Koolenav river aouth of tbe aouthern end ul
Kuon-uay lake In the diatrict of "At-at Kooteuay.
which Junction ia about 18 or ao mllea Irom the
inouth of auch creek, theuce aouth 40 chains,
thence eaat 1*0 chains, ihence north 10 chains,
thence wot loo chaina 10 tha point of commenee-
iiil-q, aud containing 040 acrea more or lean.
All' MT��Al.l.   Hi-.iinik.
Dated thii Mb dav of Auguit. 1W7.
1 Commencing at a poat planted about 350
yards westerly from the main aud north forka of
Mimmit creek, a creek flowing into Kooteuay
river aoulh of the aouthern end of Kootenay lake
in tlie dlatrlct of Weal Kooleuay, tbeuee aoulh 80
chalua, theuce weat 40 chalna, thence aouth 40
chains thenee weat 40 cbaina. thence norlh 80
chains, lbenee east _Q ehalna, thence north 40
ehaina. tbence eaat 4o chalua to th* poiul of commencement and  containing 610 acrea  more or
Dated tbla "ith day of Augual, ltWJ.
S Comineucing at a pOVt planted about HO feet
uurih from the bank of the main Hummlt creek,
aud about a mllea westerly from1 the junction ol
ihe norm fork aud lbo main fork ol au��-h creek,
a creek flowlug luto Kooteuay river south of the
���OUtbera end ��.f   Kootenai lake in the dislrlel of
Weal Kootoaar, tbenoa aouth SO obaina, thanoa
cast HO chains, thence north 80 cbaina, thence
acativi chalua to the point ol commencement
and containing M0 acre- "SS-SBE-BISm.
Daled Ibis Mh day of Auguat, 1V07.
4 Commencing at a post Planted about a mllea
up an unnamed creek flowing into hummlt
creek (rom tbe aouth at atarit B mllea from the
mottthoi summit ereakarbioh latter it a creek
ilowtng into Kootenay river Kouth, of the aouCh-
.-rn end of Kootenay lake In the dlatrl-t ol "neat
Kool.-nav. thence nollhSOi-halna. thence eaat HU
,-hali.-. theuce aouth HO chatua. thenoe weal HO
chains to ibe polut ot eommeuceinenl aud con
latnlOg M0 acre, more or leaa.   ^^ ^^
Dated this .Mb day id Auguat, 1W7.
t, CommencttiR at a pool le^W4��waJgd-JJ up
aniinuamed creek flowing inloHummti creek
bflT-hV-OOthlVt aboul 22 milea fnun the mouth
iVhummil . reef winch latter is a creek flowing
1,to K.... enav river south of the aouthern end
n'kmiteiiav lake tn tbeutsirlctof Weat Koote-
mv * h.ni aoulh H6 chain., thenoe eaat g
���Imina. thenee north HO chain-., theuce a eat 80
chains lo the point of commeucemeut and eoutaining M0 acrea more or ^.^ ^^
Datedtbi8Kb day of August, 11*07.
BComuHd.eiUB    atapo"-!   plabtaj   ffV^Jg
and a half   mllea up the   north   fork of   Hummlt
-k   �� creek flowing Into Kootenay fiverlOttth
oMhc'southern eiol of Kooleuay lake   il. tl^dU-
ment and eontan.tng 840 acre. -Jgjag leaa.
Hated thla Oth �������>' of Auguat, IVW7.
1    riimniPiicliiK   111 <��� POSt planted about oue
Hioa.        hil    "t. tbe uorih   fork  of Hummlt
|'-'  ��"        ���V*'.'.     '.--Ultn Kooteuay river aoutb
. 1 n��.,^ 1 i   Hi   cis ns,  o riiii   "I" -*���* ��� _ .���
I',;;;''-;,;,;;,,'...���*,..-.'��������"""������.��- --*----��*-** >M
,.   Caimuiuucing M ��� I��>l P'*-"*-   *lx""' ���
The Daily Canadian
How   British   Admiralty    Instructs   and
Equips  its Corpa^���Telephone
Lines to Ships.
The Admiralty tralnH divers, and
every Hrltlsh warship carries at leant
one reyreuentative of the craft and frequently more. There are training
HChoolH  at  Davenport,   I'ortamouth  and
One or the difficulties with which divers have to contend Ib probably not
realized hy a landsman, namely, that
lhe greater the depth the greater is the
pressure of water on the man's body
and the greater the labor and exhaustion of working. The naval authorities
limit their men to a depth uf 120 feet.
The greatest depth to which a man has
descended Is said hy Siehe to have been
204 feet, and the pressure at that depth
wan extraordinary, namely, feS1^ pounds
to the square inch. One wonders how
any human being could stand it.
Twelve fat-homs, or about seventy feet,
would be enough for most men. The
ears and nose would probably begin to
bleed and the pressnre on the head
would be very tterlous. A practised diver can, of course, descend much deeper
without   such   unpleasant   sensations.
His dress costs more than a hundred
pounds, It is tanned twill and rubber
and made in one piece, with a big opening at the neck. The helmeni is of
copper and screws on to tbe shoulders
so tightly that the water cannot penetrate the point. Air is pumped down
to him by a pipe made of canvas and
rubber and outlet valves, which only
open outwardly, are placed at convenient places to permit the vitiated air
to escape. These valves are extremely
important, as by thera the diver can
regulate his supply of air.
ln addition to this pipe the diver has
a life line enabling him to communicate
with his assistants above water. This
was formerly done by a series of concerted tugs or Jerks on the line, but the
method is being superseded as a means
of communication by the telephone, the
wires being conveyed hy the lifeline
He therefore touches the button and
talks as if he were in the city.
Another great improvement is the use
of the electric lamp, though in some
West Indian waters a diver can 808
clearly for some distance. In other
waters   again   the   darkness   Is   intense
Nelaon 1-and Platrlet Iiutnct of Weat Kootenay
Take notice that Clyde* K McClure, of BliavlUc,
Waah . occupation barber, lntenda to apply for
a apeclal timber licence over ihe following <1ea-
crlbed landa' On the eaat aide of 1'rlcat river,
two and a. half milea north of the mU-rnational
houndary Hoc : Commencing al a poat rlanted
two and a half mllea north of tbe international
boundary line, thenee eaat 80 chaina, thence
aouth HO ��� balm, thence weat HO chalna, thence
north so cbatna to the poiut ot commencement
and containing 840 acrea, more or leaa.
Paled Sept. Uth. 1807. ciyi.i E. M.t'l.i an.
K. W* Smith, Agent.
Nelaou Land Pir-triel. District of Weal Kootenay.
Take notice that Jay Bovee, of Ritivllle, Waah ,
occupation butcher, inteuda to apply for a special
tlml-er licence over the following deacrlbed
landa; on the eaat aide o| Frleat river: Commencing at a poat planted one and a hull mllea
Uorth of international boundarv line, thenee
eaat 80 ehaina, thence aoutb HO chalna, tbeticc
v*eat 80 chalna, theuce north to ehalna to tbe
point of commencement, containing 640 acres,
more or leaa.
Paled Hept. 14th, 1007. JaY Bovu,
K   W. Smith, Agent
Nelaon Land District. Diatrict of West Kootenay
Take notice the' Wealey Bovee. ol Kiirvllle,
Waah , occupation butcher, lntenda to apply for
a apeclal timber licence over tbe lollowiug deacrlbed landa; 011 the eait aide of I'rleat river:
Commencing at a poat planted one and a half
milea north ut the International boundary line,
theuee weal 80 chalna, tbanee aouth Wi chains,
thenoe eaat 80 cbaina, thenoe north **0 cbaina to
I".nu of comiuem-emRiit, containing 640 acres,
more or leas.
Dated Sept. 14tb, 1V07. Wkhi.iy Hovaa,
K. W.Bmith, Agent
Nelaon I-aud Dlatrlct.   Dlatrlct of Weat Kooleuay
Take notice that Simon P. Schlitel, of NaHer,
Idaho, occupation lumberman, Inteuda lo apply
for a Ipaotal limber licence over lhe following
deacrthed landa; on tbe eaat aide of I'rlest river:
Commencing at a post planted  on the east aide
of iti."-] river, two and a half mil. - north of ibe
international boundary line,   tbence north W)
cbaina, tbruue eaat 80 chains,  thence aouth 00
chains, thence went HO chains   to point of coin-
mcnecineut. containing 040 acrm, more or less
Datod Sept 14th, HWi.          Simoh 1*. Schikkkl,
K. W  SMITH. >gcut
   . *
uarter of a mile westerly from tbe north fork
of Summit creek and about three miles up auch
north fork from Ha Junction with the main Hum,
mtt crock, a creek flowlug into Kootenay river
���-outb of the aouthern end of Kooteuay lake lu
ibe diatrict Weat Kooleuay, thenco wuat 80
chalna, thence north 80 cbains, theuce eaat 80
chains, theuce aouth 80 chaina to the point of
commencement, and containing 040 acres, more
or leaa. .._
Daled this 6th day of August, 19J7.
AacHiHAUi Bremnkk.
10 Commencing at a post planied about a
.���uarter of a mile weaterly from the norlh fork
ot Summit creek and ahout three milea up such
north fork from Ha junction with ibeinatn Summit cruek, a cruek flowing Into Kooteuay river,
south ot tbe southern eud of Kootenay lake, lu
lhe diatrict o( Wrat Kootenay. tbence went 40
chains, theuce south ISO Ohalna, thence east-10
chalus, thence not lh 160 chains to ihu point of
commencement, and conlainlng 640 acre*., more
or leaa.
Dated thla 20th day of August. 1907.
All.   MM; .I ;.|.  Bl'.VMNKK*
11 ('ommeticine at a post plauted ahout half a
mile easterlv from tlie aoulh fork of Summit
creak and about one mile ao'-th of tbe main
Summit creek, a creek flowing into Kootenay
rivcr aoulh of the aouthern sad of Kootenay lake
iu the diatrict of Weal Kootenay, thuuee east 80
chains, thenco south 811 chains, thence weat HO
chaina, tbence north 80 chains to ibe polut of
conimgneemcut and containing wn acres more
.,,  h'SS AKCIIInAl.li bl-KMNgR.
Datod this "2lat day of August. 100..
In the matter ol au application for the Issue of
duplicates ol the Certificate of Title tn lota 11,
lj and 18, group 1, Weat Kootenay District, alao
known as the "Kootenay Chief," "Comfort" and
"Lulu" mtueral claims rospeetWely.
Nollce Is hereby giveu that it Is my intention
lo lasue at the expiration of one inouth after the
flral publication hereof a duplicate of Cerlltlcate
of Title ���" t'liolin.r an undivided 81-100tba lu
each of the a**M)vu lota, lasued on the 17lh day of
Mav. A D. IftMi In thu uame of John C. Ainsworth,
and also a duplicate ol Certificate of Title No.
ft-MK)H of an mull--id- d tv n-oihs tu each nf the
above lota, ia-ued on tbe 17th day of May, A. D
lHHG.tu the natuo of George J. Ainsworth.
I.aud Heglstry Offlee, N.laon, B.C.. Auguat 6th
"H. F. MAii.gOb,"
Dlatrlct Ueg.strar.
��� H isii-i' 1 1 1 |
The "Bare" Wear Only
would he enough to recommend our fine-
looking and easj-fltOng Shoes, but there
Is a stylishness about them and a lasting shupi'liness that is making them
very jiopular among "mi-n who know."
They are made on the newest lasts, of
the best leathers, and conform to the
most approved BtyleB in men's footwear.
We are ready to Ot all feet, and at
prlceB that make Shoes look like a gift.
twenty or thirty feet down. The weight
of the dress is extraordinary and ia necessary to enable the diver to maintain
his stability. His helmet weighs considerably over a quarter of a hundredweight, and his bootn, taken together,
about as much, while if these be not
sufficient he claps lead upon his shoulders.���London News.
Best  Located  Hotel in Nelson
Under the management of  H K. Noble,
lute of Toronto, Ottawa and
M. E. Gibbs and trite, Spokau. , w.
Curckle. Chatham; J. E. Dege, New
Yoik; G. F. Dolson, Norwood; W. C.
Watson, J. Notman. Winnipeg; D. R.
McCombs and wife. Calgary; C. M. Mc-
Carr-i*. Montreal; E. Mike. Toronto*. C.
W. Dully, London; G. O. Taylor, Greenwood; G. J. Booth, Vancouver.
Cor. Varnon   and **V_ir*d Streeta,
NBLSON. li- ��__���-
W. G. Kennedy, Erie; F. Hilby. J. D
Caverhill, F. Gordon. Vancouver; E.
Tenner. Whiiefish; X. A. Hill, Montreal
G. A. Oleson, G. A. Saunders. Chicago;
P. H. Buruham. Grand Forks; C. R.
Brown. Spokane; J. R. Waldo, R. H.
Tamblyn. Winnipeg; R. B. Herron. New
Llskeard; Mrs. A. Jennings. Moyie; Dr.
H. Watts, Fort Steele; V. A. Buerson,
Mrs. Poritt. J. H. McBean, Rossland:
T. Mills. C. Gooch, Vancouver; A. T.
Davis. _->Mile: F. S. Chandler and wife,
Lardo;M. R. Powers, Grand Forks; R.
Macdonald, New Denver; A. V, Maurer,
J. Sanderson, \V. H. T. Peaks. R. R.
Holt, Winnipeg; J. T. Barnard, Minneapolis.
A. J. Foucher, Erie; C. Schmitz. W.
B. Hill and wife. R. Sherran,-J. F. Sher-
ran. Ainsworth; F. J. Gadsden. Mrs. S.
Hamilton, J. Wallace. W. Short, T.
Miller. V. Smith. Medicine Hat; J. R.
.Johnson, Grand Forks; J, L. Fleming.
Minneapolis; B. Robertson, Winnipeg.
A. A. Taylor, Kaslo;  R. GiUivit, Bra��
don;   J.  H.  Jackson,  Kaslo;   B.   Pebliu,
Erie; F. Williams. Ainsworth.
R. B. Tretherton, Burton; L. H.
Brown. Rossland; D. R. Kilby, Ymlr;
H. R. Lmhie, Revelstoke; J. English.
Trout Lake; R. Cummings, Cranbrook;
A. R, McCausley, Seattle.
W. H. Lunn. D. Lloyd. A. Baxter.
Procter: J. Diothe. Sllverton: J. Kerr.
Slocan; J. Cascadden. D. Booner, Kaslo;
D. Guanod, Greenwood; T. Tennant,
Ymir; C. Wheeler, Revelstoke; W. J.
Seargeant. Perry's Siding, W. Liugard.
Nova Scotia.
Certificate  of Improvements.
���-Union'' Mineral <'iatm situate in the Nelson
Mining niviciou. of the Weat KooU-nay Pimrlct
Where looatad '���On Toad Mountain two aud a
halt mllea irom Heleon, B. c.
Tafcu- Dotlna thai I. w. a. lUodonald, acting br
agent for Hu-ili Sutherland, "Free Miner'-* i't-r-
l ilcate No. BiO-BO, Intend W> daya from tb�� date
hereof, to apply to the Miulii*- Keeorder for a
lertlfleau-of improvements, for the uurr-o_e of
obtaining a orowo Qrent of the above -latin
Aod further lake uotice that action, under
Section 87, must be commenced before the hv
auauce of f-uch Certificate of improvement*-.
Hated tnlaSSrd 'lay of September, a   I) . tflOT.
W. A    MAl'DOSAM).
Certificate   of   Improvements
"Montreal * aud "i-JiieU'c" Mineral ('lain-a situate iu tbe Nelaon Mining Division, Ol Weat
Kooteuav  PiHtrlet.
Where located:    Wen branch   of north fork ol
Baknonriver, 00 ��"raiK Mountain* about nine
miles trom h-le. K. <J.
Take notloe that I. Alfred -"meat <inllupe, Free
Mlnar'a Certiilcaie No. bc.9. intend, aixty d-wa
from the data hereof, to appiv to tbe Mining
Koconler for 11 Certificate ot Improvements, for
the pur pox ot obtaining Crown ("-rants of the
above .'aims.
Aud further lake notice that H-Uon, uuder
section IT, muat be commenced before the t-su-
auee ofsnob Certificate ot Improvement*.
Dated (nil 12th day ot September, 1007.
In the Matter of    the "Land    Registry
Act" and  Amendmenta thereto,
In tho matter of an application lor tbe Issue ��� f
a duplicate ol the Certificate of THU- lor I*o n
.301. BOO, and WW,    Qroup 1   Kooteutty   Di-trl-
Notice li hereby given that it la niy lutentbui
to Issue at the (s\nirnttou of one month from the
Ural publication hereof �� duplicate CertlQi ate ol
Title to tho above dc-.crtl.ed Imids, In tbeuaineof
Jamch Itoderick KobiTtson. which ("ertitleate Is
dated tin*'.ull liiu- of Auguat, lh',18, and Is numbered HOfVk.
Land Reflrtn Office, Nelaou, tit:,, Stat of
August, 1007. U. Y. MACLSOU.
Diatriet Hogtatrar.
Tremont House
European and AttOKtCfta Flan
Veala 2b cut.   Kooma iTnm ah cu. to Sl
Only White Help -.mployeO.
B*    r EL, :*ei)iin Proprietora
Most ca-mforlable aii]*rtena      Nelson]
.Inly tbe best of Llqaiors hii.1 .. leara.
Grand Central Hotel
Thoroughly renovated and refurnished. Rooms SO cents upward. The
dining room Ib unexcelled ln the city.
House heated throughout with hot
J. A. EBICKSON, l-roprietor.
Telephone, 250.    Opposite Court HouBe
and PoBtoffice. Nelson, B. C.
Queen's Hotel
B_kar Btraet, Nelaon. B. G,
Liighted bv Electricity and
Heated by" Hot Air
1���tve anal ..'oroforl���ble Bedrooms and First-
rlaaslJlDlUtf Ka.r.rn.    Hample Rooms for Commer-
:lal   H-n.
MKH   K. C.CLABEE. Proprlctrea.
Battlett   House
Best Dollar-a-Day House in Nelson.
The Bar ia the Plneat.
White Help Only Km ployed.
��etaon. R 0
Royal Hotel
Hutci- $1 and $1.60 a Day.
Spwiid Ratal to Reg-alar B(iaTti��ra
Rates to
The Coast
Greatest Chance of the Season.
See the Coast
at Its Best.
Return tickets $16.55.    On sale Sept.
27th  to  Oct. 2nd.    Good   until  October   10th.
Tickets for Westminster Pair may be
rlestint'd Vancouver If desired.
23  to   OCT.   5.
Round trip only $8.80.    Tickets on sale
Daily Sept. 23 to Oct. 2, inclusive.
For one day only, Sept. 30, Round Trip
for Single  Fare, $6.60.   .Final limit
of all tickets Oct. 7th.
For further particulars  call or write
A OH. A..Vancouver. D. PA., Nelson
Piano  and Singing Lessons
Given by Mrs. Winter Every Saturday
Mrs. Winter holds certificate from
ll.ijnl Academy for pianoforte playing
and singing. Certificate from Trinity
College, London. Eng., for theory of m.i-
uic. Scholarship of the London Conser.
vatolre of Music for singing and piano
playing.        Address Box 796. Nelson.
Is now ready to execute  all
orders for Job Printing" on
shortest notice.
The Job Department is up-to-
dc.be in every respect and a
full line of stationery will be
kept in stock.
All orders entrusted to our
care will receive prompt and
careful attention.
':t 1
314 Baker St.
TeL 324.
'���1     flfj. *'���    I      f'a
���        '     ���       *.      J.,1
Cranbrook Conservative Association
Under the auspices of the Cranbrook Conservative  Association  wil be  held
at the
New Opera House, Cranbrook, on JTues-
day, 1st October*,  1907,
AT  THE   HOUR  OF  8  O'CLOCK,  P.   M.,     To     Welcome     the     presence
amongst    us   of
R. L. BORDEN, M. P.,
Hon. RicHard McBride,
This great meeting will be addles sed t>y  Mr. R. L.  Borden,  M.  P., The
Premier and others.
All are cordially invited to attend.    Specially   reserved   Beats  for    ladies.
By order of the Executive.
JOSEPH RYAN, Secretary.
i m
Fire, Accident, Life and Employers' Liability Insurance
Let us quote you rates in the best board companies.
f ^MMmmMMLwmmKmam
���\ if    **
Choice Fruit
I Hxr* 10,000 Acres
of the
Choicest Fruit Lands ta
British Colombia.
Can sell any quantity from 5 acres to 2,000 in one block.
Buy now and get the ground floor prices.
Nelson, B. C.
$1000 Cash and the balance on extended jiavulent..will buy a slx-
roO_Ved bonn*. nnil live lots; good
location,   price $2,500
$000 cash and the b�� lance on ex-
ti-ndi'd fartymarnts wlii buy an elght-
rooiiicrl house and lot *4 block
from the car line, price... .$1,900.
$500 cash and the balance monthly
payments will buy a six-roomed
house and lot ou Silica street,
price $1300.
$600 cash and $25 per month will
buy a seven-roomed house and lot
on Victoria street, price $1800.
H. & M. BIRD
m ���nr
I? i
S   !
1     !
! i . S
lh *��� .
1' ' *  I
:.:t i
I fa
The Daily Canadian
Our Alarms will never let you
oversleep. $1.50 and ��..50. Tlie
very best.
in _n_,nufu(-t-iri.*-t from   it- Qnest tobsccoi sun-
ripened nii't tU-vv-.v. ric-ue-i      It's nil1<), lull-
iiav.jr-.il snd uuoL   a lobseoo yon
oaght tu try
fobicconist.   Baker Street.
Coal! Ice! Wood!
Phone 265
Yale-Kootenay  Ice, Fruit,
Foel & Poultry Co., Ltd.
N. E.coi. Baker   and   Ward   8U.
See Us
For Good Fruit Land
10 Acre Blocks to 800 *
Acre Blocks.
Bedrock Prices.
Easy Terms.
H. L Croadsdaile & _��:
Next Door to Bank of Commerce.
Waterproof Paints
Coal Tar, Pitch,
Creosote, Oils lor
Preserving Timber,
Roofing Pitch and
Boat Builders will find it to their advantage to use our Pitch.
Nelson Coke & Gas Co*
FOR SALE���A Qood Ch*-er Kanj,e, 6 UdS, iu fOOd
repair.    Applj- VV. a. Thurman.
LOST���A pn,-r  of   long, brown   Rloves,   between
Vie-nrir- aii'l coruer of Stanley and Carbonate
streets.   Betura toCsnsdlsn office.
'.old  CHAIN,   between   Doo-rer  and   Vernon
Street!*       Suitable reward  will   be paid  f-.r ll-
return.   Mr. Derm Id A Mi-Hardy.
A POCK   TBOUK containing a signed cheque of
tneSeoond Relief kilning Compuij, payable
to 1 .  C.   Wade,  and   tetters.     Finder   kindly
TWO FIRST-CLaBS ROOmS, uteftin heated     Ap
Plv bouttekeener. Srd flat. K. W. c. block.
WANTKI> Situation by Young Bootsmsn (mar
ru-d) ulllluK to ti-ckb' HUyttilug, ex-H-rieuei-'
10 yroccry,   wine   ami   *-plrit   trade.      Add ItM
I). i>, Daily 0��nadlan Office. -_.._,_ ^.
WANTK"- A   Keliah!.- Qirl  or   Young  Lsdy for
Uenernl Housework. Ap*>ly Hex 1*>, ( raiibrook.
with  J-,*
(00 to   purchaae  a  fruit
Nelnon    A
good fcpecv
ilatlon    Part-
ner ne
L-.l no
t be active
ly engaged
on ranch.
For pa
r tie nl
arc apply
���all Kind* of Heating Plants In  Stock.
Victoria St., Nr. Ooera Houae.      Tel. 181.
We  have  them  in   6Tb   and  8   tb   Sizes.
Quotations   given on    any   Electrical
Heating Device on the Market.
F. C. GREEN       F. P. BURDEN        A. B*. GREEN
Civil Engineers, Dominion and British
Columbia Land Surveyors
F. 0. Box 145   Phone 2.1 B.
7-Rooms. All Modem, on Victoria St.
with two Shacks on rear renting $4
each. House good for $25 per
month.     Owner   going   to   Coast.
Only $1,800.      Good Terms.
General Job Work, Chimney Sweeping, Carpet Cleaning, Fixing and Clean
Ing Stoves, ate.
111 East Baker St. Phone No. A114
A. M. Can. Sec. C. E.
Mining Work a Specialty.
Office:  nealey Building.    P. O. Box 434
Baker  St.,   NELSON,   B.  C.
I.   E.  Users of  Electrical   Sad  Irons
The City Council has fixed a Hat rat
uf 50 oentl per month for each  Klectri
iron  used  in   private botttei  and  $2.50
per  month   for each  Klectric Iron  used
for commercial   piirpOBuB.
And notice Is hereby given to all
those using Klectric Irons to make application at the City Hall (if they have
not already done so) fur power required.
AN YON ED found using Klectric Irons
or other heating device without first
making application for power will he
prosecuted   without further notice.
By  Order. W.  K   WAHSON,
City Clerk.
Nelson. 13. C, Sept. 25th; 1907.
A. McDonald & Co.
De���lera iu Btaple anal fancy Groceri- 6
Butter, Errs-
Camp and Miners' Supplied.
Old Curiosity Shop
If you want to buy or Bell anything
go to the Old Curiosity Shop. A nev.
line of Japanese Goods now on sale
Ull kinds of Dlunerware In stock. Part
INELSOIN,     -     B. C.
$10 DOWN
We offer you heat fruit lands;
best terms; best location; best
climate. Absolute    titles.      You
don't have to use all of your means
In paying for land. Wo want you
to put it into development. We
also have tracts of 50 to C000 acres.
prices and terms the best. We own
these lands and handle nothing on
If you don't see Fruitvale you
miss tho best ln H. C.
Kootenay   Orchard
Ward Street, Nelson. B. C.
Repairing  the   Wharf.
The bit)   wharf    is    now  undergoing
much Deeded repairs, and not any too
New   Hydrants.
Six DOW lire hydrants arrived recently
���md Will bfl installed iu various parts of
the city.
Real Estate Sale.
W. Manson lias disposed ul txil house
at 71-1 Mill street The purchaser is L
Lii'dhald, of  Hosslaud.
Police Commission.
The board of police commissioners
will meet pursuant to agreement of last
night, some time this evening.
Police Court.
After a brief period of strenuous living the city police magistrate had a real
from duty iu that offloe today.
Firemen's  Journal.
One of the results of the 11. C. Firemen's formation will be the publication
of a monthly journal devoted tu the
lire service.
Improving the   Roads.
Workmen are engaged repairing the
roads in Fairview. Several bridges are
being built at places where they were
badly needed.
Superintendent Tour.
Alexander Robihaon, B. A . BUpeiin
tendent of education, left the capital
laM night for an extended tour of the
mainland. He lntenda tu personally
visit and inspect each of the high
schools of the province.
Charity   Balls.
A meeting wil] be called in a few
days to fix a date and make final arrangements for the public ball to be
given in aid of the anti-tuberculosis
society fund. It will probably be held
about the middle of October.
C. A. Arnott, C. P. II. agent at Phoenix, and Miss Jean Cameron, late of the
business staff of the Daily News, were
married In Qrand Fork* yesterday by
Rev. Mr. McLeod. Miss Cameron baa
lived In Nelson for five years and was
a general favorite.
Interest  in  Lacrosse.
Patrons of lacrosse in Nelson are
awaiting with keen interest the outcome of the contests between the
Tecumsehs of Toronto and New Westminster next week. The Tecurmx-ns.
who ran Shamrocks very closely for the
eastern championship, have Drought
their best men. and will give a lair
demonstration of the merits of eastern
Death  of  Shirley   Irvine.
The death of William Shirley Irvine,
aged three years, son of William Irvine,
occurred shortly after midnight last
night. The little fellow had passed the
crisis of his attack of diptheria but his
constitution was not strong enough to
carry him through. The funeral took
place privately this afternoon. General
and sincere sympathy will be felt for
the bereaved parents.
Railroad   Extension1.
The Greenwood Ledge is authority for
the statement that a survey party is doing work near Nicola ln connection
with the completion of the railroad to
other points. It is said that if a suitable
route can be found via Douglass lake,
that the C. P. R. will build through to
Join the Midway and Vernon In the
Okanagan. Reports seem to point to the
early construction of the railroad from
Midway to Penticton.
Vancouver Blaze.
Sixty thousand dollars' damage was
done Wednesday night in a fire in the
west end residence district of Vancouver. The blaze started in a laundry,
which was burned, as was also a woodworking factory, a dye works and the
Palace livery stables. Only with great
difficulty were fifty horses saved from
the burning building.    More or less dani-
Rowboats and Canoes
For Sale or Hire
A.g��nt fiirTnmcntt I.Mincht'B
and Psterborp Osnosii
Fincpt Lot of  Bo*ti In B.C.
I-I.  !_,.  LINDSAY
K....1 i.I Jos.-],Inr,a-Ht.       Tel. A1S
The Store of Quality
Ram Lai Tea
Packed in the Gardens Where
It Is Grown-Can Be Bought for
the Same Money as a Cheaper
We Stake Our Reputation on
the Quality and Reccommend
It to All Tea Drinkers as Absolutely the Best Value Offered.
50c per lb.
K. W. C. Block . Phone 10
If not you can purchase one.
Are    Prize   Winners.      Price
Saturday $1.90.
Corner Silica and Joaephlne St*.
Comfort and
In Your
depends very largely on the quality of
your typewriter supplies, the RIBBON.
CARBON PAPER Etc.. that you use.
For genuine thorough comfort in the
using, and satisfaction in the results
obtained our.
simply cannot be excelled, (live them a
"IDEAL" CARBON comes In three
different grades to suit different requirements, so that no matter what your
particular requirements may tie, we can
suit you.    The three grades are:
"PROFESSIONAL," u medium weight
paper, hard coated, designed to gVn
crisp, clean-cut copies which can hardly
lie distinguished from original writing.
Per box $3.75.
���GOSSAMER,'* a special light weight
paper for doing lit to 20 copies at a
writing.    Per box $3.90.
"COMMERCIAL,"   a   medium   weigh!
paper of heavier aud softer coating than
Professional,"    and    will    lasL   longer.
Per box $3.75.
All   Absolutely   Non-Smutting.
We will hare something aboul "Ideal*1
Ribbons and our Typewriter Papers in
our next advertisement.
W. G. Thomson
ESS����?""   Nelson, B.C.
,  For Sale
Ground Floor���Hall, library, parlor
{open flre place), dining room, conservatory and  kitchen.
Upper Floor���Five bedrooms and
bath -room.
50 ft. Lot���Good garden with Trult
trees, WOOdshed and chicken house.
The house is well situated and a short
distance from P. O.
Terms and prices on application.
f. bTlys
Real   Estate  and  General  Agent.
315  Baker St.,  Nelson,  B. C.
Whole-tali- -.nil   ���'������ 'all DtSlSll In
Fresh and Salted Meats
Camp* supplied on shortest notice and
lowest price. Nothing but   fresh and
wholesome meats and supples kept in Itodh
Mail orders receive careful attention.
E.   C.  TRAVES.   Manager.
age was  done  to  plate  glass  fronts  of
several nearby  brick buildings.
Is  Miner the  Robber?
Sheriff William O'.'onne), of KalUpell
county, Montana, In which the robbery
of the Great orthern train at He-.fore.
OCOUTTed a few weeks ago, takes Hie
theory that Hill Miner, the famous outlaw who escaped a few months ago from
the penitentiary at New Westminster,
was concerned ln the holdup, and be
engineered the scheme. Miner was seen
in Kalispell two days previous to the
robbery, the sheriff asserts. The sheriff
suspects that, the robbers are In hiding
in the forest reserve across the Kootenay. They are equipped with provisions, he states, having purchased large
quantities in Rexford previous to the
Its Business Energy
Plums, per basket 35c
Peaches, per lb  15c
Pears, 2 lb. for   25c
Apples, 3 lb. for 25c
Crab Apples, 3 lb. for 25c
Telephone 181.
One of Nelson's Pretty Home Cot
tages of 2 bedrooms, sitting room, dining room, kitchen, bathroom; hot and
cold water; large basement. Nice view
of lake. $1,600, $900 down; balance on
easy terms. Certainly a snap. 3 lots
75 x 125. Apply to J. R. D . Dally
W.    a.    GILLETT
Contrtictrir   nnd
Bole Agent for the I'orto Kl.-o Lumber Co., Ltd..
ret-iti yard*.   Hough ami drsssed Lumber, tarned
work mill brisket*. -''n-M lath and rthfiikIi-h, *ash
and -loom. Cement, b'.--_. and lime [or tiale.
Automatic .-nn 1' r.
Yard and factory : Vernon tit., eut of Hall
1NEL80N,   It. C
P. O. Box __U Telephone L7I
The Silver Grill has opened under new management. White labor
only employed. The best 35 cent
meal  In the city.
JEWELL   <__    HOARE,
Corporation of  the City of  Nelson,
Application! for tbe poeitioDj of Patrolmen nu the Nelson Police Force will be
received by the unden-igned up until ;.
O'clock p. m., Sept B0| next.
Applicant!*   will   apply  in   their   own
handwriting stating age, height, weight
nnd experience. They shonld be accompanied by at least  three recent   le-dimem-il.-*.
City Clerk.
Transform your kitchen into a cheery dwelling house by installing
Thnt In a factor you must keep In mind, nnd tho new comer to British
Columbia wanU a Htovo that Hiiltn ull purposes. Burns any fuel; brig���tens
the kitchen; nmkeH cooklnt; easy an.l economical, llu.rk'H Merit. Rang-,
the best for all cooking or heating; the strongest, the handiest, most dependable ami KreateHt fuel-saver. . _   . _*_���_(_*SiSill
Standard Furniture Co.
Complete Houm Furnliher. and Under-takers.
Agents  Masor   _.  Rltch Pianos
We are Local Dealers for the Renowned
M-mtifni lured l.y tba
Remington Typewriter Company
Remtico Paragon Ribbons
��� in all colors and for
all makes of typewriters.
Remtico Paragon, Red Seal
and Billing Carbons���of
different weights suited
for all classes of work.
All Remtico Typewriter
Supplies are known as
the Highest Grade
Goods Manufactured.
Mail Orders Promptly Attended To.   Phone 81
Canada Drug & Book Co., Limited
������.   A.   ISAAC
R.   VV.   HINTOIM ���
IJa-|��. I .1 < ._   ......   .��a >.>.>!,,_���  arascaita-al as Ith   I >��. ��� pntuh.    Mh*��t M.t.l
Work,  .Ml..I.._i anaal  .Mill Ma-ihln.ry.      Mn n_1_M . a.i-urs ..!
. .1-0   -���.,,- ��� .   W.   I*.    OofltnUt.sr���.*   t���.��a-_.
Telephone H /
P.O. But MM '.
The Hall Mining and Smelting
Company. Limited.!
Purchases Lead, Copper and Dry Ores,
Lumber, Shingles,
L_*ilh, AloulcJlriKS, Doors, Windows.
Turned Work n.-itl hraeketa. Mail Orders promptly at*_-_-��l�����-
VUMINOIN 8TRBBT   ...    NUUtON, B. ��*.
Wholesale Provlalona,
Oov.iriiui.int Oro-mnry One-Pound Hric.s received weekly Irmh Irom th'
churn.    For sale by all leading -TOoero.
Ollice nnd warehouse: llonslon Block,    Phone 70. .
Josephine Street.       ...        Nelson, B. C.    \
Wo would like to see all our iiatron-ieomrortublo thla winter *ml ��� *"*''''
do bo we have In stork the best aam.rt od  lino of ______ _*���"������ a"'1 c"��
stores and  runnis i-v.r  before preHentod to the pubUo In Kanii.ua>'-
V**�� would  ba*  plsased to nlmw  you    our line anil lwlwe miiklnK -'u"r
ChaM kindly nee what wo liuvir to offer. ,
J. H. Ashdown Hat-clwa.-
Company, Limited.
tot All
We Garry an Aasortment of Uu*""1"
KxteusiveiiosH and Vai'ii'ly
Tools, Builders' Hardware,
Ranchers' Supplies, Stoves,
Ranges, etc.
Wood-Vallance Hardware Co., Ltd- i


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