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The Daily Canadian Oct 15, 1906

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 Iumr I.   No. 114.
__J)e -Bailiu (ftcmaMan
Fifty Cents a Month
m of Freight Rates
liaised Again
les.ikrs Association  jWill En-
orse Resolutions of the
Board of Trade.
lot 11;
ll adt
I   QdO|
{ill'I   '
tr,  I
meeting   of   the    WIs-.h
ussociatitju b.iH tit-uii  -<*u-
iiiw oveninfl nt s 'Mi in the
le rooms. The mooting is
JI) to cutiBldur uml, if
siiiiif, to endorse, the re��
ini at (tio lust meeting of
trade relative to the fllfr
against Nelson In favor of
���sale centers, especially
n uie matter   of   freight
question derives increased in-
at present rrom lhe fact that tlie
pianiu of Vancouver are now earn a Vigorous protest ufculnat
���minatlon   hy   tne   railway   eompa-
f against them In favor ot Eastern
[the Aral sesBlon of the Dominion
oommtsslon  in   Nelson    about
,rs Rgo, the chairman, Hon. A.
(lair, stated that (he commission's
���xiended  to  interference  if  ue-
with the whole system of pref-
|il.il freight rales.
thai time tlie NelsOU wholeaalors
H}een in communication    with the
||8 of ilu* freight department of Uie
p. l(. company, and   hnd   received
lifie    promises    of    better    terms
bunhoiit the district they considered
Jr own,  especially  (he  line of the
fw's Nest branch.
hese  promises,   I hey    clui m,    have
���er  been fulfilled.      They    rurlher
|m thai the freight schedules nvail-
prove conclusively that not ouly
I there    a    general    discrimination
western in  favor    of    eastern
hut  u    Bpeeial    discrimination
Nelson in favor of other west-
inis, especially  Vancouver,
t  is held,  the cost of living fn
Columbia,    and    especially   In
ay,  Is  nol   justified hy  natural
una obtaining fn this  province,
���B due directly (o arbitrary freight
(discrimination by tho transports-
[Btarkey, president of lhe Whole*
association, said  this morning:
JwaM to make the Question broad-
a fight   for equal  terms  with
er     I   wnnl  to see a general
trous protest  against  the high
flit rales    Into    Nelson    from    all
curing belter rates out of Nelson
|ther Koolenay points Is of special
'���i 10 wholesalers, hut the whole
on, as it directly affeels the cost
living, is of inlereat In everyone.
[peaking ror myself, ami. I think,
J nil the others, I would any that
(mie. whether a member of the oh-
jntlon or not. who hns any siikcr-
to make, will be welcome nl the
feting tomorrow night and will ho
lied to."
ond  Marriage    Causes    Attempt to
Break  Into Sixty Millions.
Jhlladelphiu,  Oct.   IB.���The    contest
nurated   to   have   declared   Invalid
[win of William Weigthman, who
leaving   ahoul    180,000,000, was
tor  a    heating    before    Judge
'.'in   in   tbi-  orphan     court.       Mr.
|gliiiiKia   was  the   founder    of    (he
of power & Weigh tiban of Chi-
w llo, since his dealh, have be-
tho I'iiwer-Weigblman-lhisengale
|pany. -tinder the terms of bis
as offered for probate, nearly all
���iis fortune was bequeathed to Mr.
Ightman's daughter, Mrs. Anno
Ightmaii Walker.
he suit  to set  aside  the will was
uted  by   Mrs.  Jones  Wisler,  who
;i daughter-in-law of Mr. Weight-
hut who remarried at the death
t husband, John Wtlghtuian. Mrs.
(Her, on behalf of her minor (laugh-
���Martha Welghtman, seeks to prove
Weightman left a codicil   In   his
ll limply providing for    his    grand*
Tighter and other heirs to the estate.
m.  Walker  denies    lhat    anv   such
ph'il exists.    If the will    is   broken
granddaughters and a grandson of
|* Welghtman will be benefitted.
Two Steamers Ashore.
Eureka, Cal., Oct. 15.���The steamers
|aiioke and Scotia are aground Inside
entrance to Iho bar at Humboldt
Neither vessel Is danger un-
Is tho weather becomes rough, In
Veh event they are likely to bo
teeked. The passengers could be
pen off In safety. The lire-saving
pw in iis boats Is now lying along*
A  federal  gasoline launch also
is there. A tug has a line fast to the
Roanoke, and it is expected she win
be hauled back to deep waler loday
No difficulty In expected in floating
the Scotia, as she is of light draft
Enflllsh   Miners  to  the   Number  of  80
Are Entombed.
Durham, Bng., Oct. IB.���An explosion occurred lu the Wlngatc colliery
near hero at ahout midnight, resulting
In some 200 men being entombed.
About 10 of these are believed to be
safe in a lower part of the mine, but
there were between 0(1 and 80 men In
the seam where Ihe disaster occurred.
Up to 10 o'clock 10 bodies had been
recovered and every offorl was being
made lo ascertain the fate or the remainder  of  the  endangered   miners.
Durham, Oct. lfi.���Twenty-five men
have been brought OUt alive fnnn one
portion of the colliery, while 14 were
lilt ri'sd from another. It Is expected
iii.ii me l8_! -ne ,, which It is now announced are -....uined In a lower main,
will he safely brought out before tonight. They have signalled tbat they
are nil right and are nol considered in
danger.   The total nttmber or deaths
from (he explosion, which was apparently caused hy fire damp, Is 27t.
Burton Goes to Jail.
Washington, Oct. IB.���The secretary
of the United Slates supreme court today denied ihe petition of former
I'nited Stales Senator Hurton of Kansas for a rehearing of lhe case in
which he ls under sentence of imprisonment nnd fine on the charge of accepting an attorney's fee In a case in
which the governmenl was interested,
while he was serving as a senator.
The effect of tbe decision will he tbe
immediate imprisonment of Hurton
unless his attorneys devise some other
means of i��)s(|n:nilng the execution of
the sentence.
Applications    for    Reserved    Case for
Bruce   Refused���Expert   Witnesses
on Right of Way.
When court resumed this morning,
bofore tho case of the Fertile Lumber
cmiitiuiiy wub resumed, S. 8. Taylor,
K. C��� counsel for Laughlln Bruce,
convicted of assault last Friday, rose
lo submit a case In accordance with
thc permission given by the chief Justice nt the close of tho trial.
He submitted a number of questions
which he asked should be reserved
for consideration by the fall court.
They all bore on the admissibility as
evidence of Constable Joseph Wilson's
testimony as lo statements made to
hlm or quest ions asked of hlm by
Uruce aflei- his arrest.
Mr. Taylor contended Hint there was
a slniiitory duty on a policeman to
camion every prisoner at. the lime of
his arrest against making statements
to his own prejudice. Constable Wilson had not done so. He further ar
giied that some of the remarks made
to Iho prisoner by the eonsiable, especially: "I have mi sympathy with a
mini who would kick and bile nn old
man like lhat thai,'' In response to
Bruce'a request lo be released from the
handouffs, iiiiii bis lull tion  later lo
Bruce Hint Alet'.arvoy was dying, wore
equivalent to questions and formed the
strongest kind of Inducement to hlm
io iniike statements against which ho
should hnve been warned.
Mr. Mnedoiiiild, for the crown, opposed tins application, arguing lhat ibe
constable's neglect lo warn did not
safeguard tbe primmer from tin- consequences of his own acts; Hint no questions had been asked by llle constablei
dint iiii ilie prisoner's statements and
qu..rles hnd been quite voluntary, and
were therefore admissible ns evidence.
His lordship agreed with .Mr. Mi c-
donnld-s views ami finally refused the
When the bearing of the ci,-.] ca.e
was resumed, n. W. Warrlngtiu.chief
engineer on tbe construction or the
Kettle Valley railroad, was called as an
export wllness by tbe defence.
Mr. Warrington desorlhed what he
considered to he the proper precautions In clearing a rlghl or way. He
snld Unit winter clearing was Impracticable in Kootenay; that olojilng was
safer In July thnn later In the yenr,
even after the beglnnnlng of fall ruins,
because the grass and foliage of the
trees was then green nud I,-.,1 Inflammable than later. He snld there should
be barrels of water always full along
(he line of clearing; that there shoulil
be n good supply of buckets for apiil.s
Ing Ihe waler ai the first sign of dan
get* of fire escaping, nnd an ad t.ttate
force of men Immediately avallabl-.
In his cross-examination by Mr. Davis he said that if proper precautious
were taken flro would not cscajie from
a right of way during clearing operations, and admitted Hint if It were
proved that fire did escape from a
right of way, II would argue lint proper precautions were not taken by the
contractor In charge.
The croBS-exninlnatlon wns prolonged by the putting of many hypothetical questions by Mr. Davis, to nil of
which witness returned carefully qual-
iried answers.
T. Q. Hastle, chief engineer of the
Bpokane division of the Oreat Northern railway, also gave expert testimony, which did not. differ in any re-
ss.cct   from  that of  the  previous  wit-
Civil  Ceremony    on    Saturday���Relig-
glous Sacrament Today.
llerlln, Oct. 16.���The woddlng ot
Miss llertha Krupp, eldest daughter or
the lute Herr Krupp, the great gun-
maker and wealthiest man In Germany,
and (iiistuvus von llolilen-Hulbnck, a
young member of tho Herman diplomatic service, look place today at
llle Krupp villa ul llllegel.'a few miles
from Essen, The presence of representatives of the Imperial family und of
numerous other guests of note gave
brilliance to the function, which otherwise was characierizeil by tlie greatest
simplicity, and this notwithstanding
the fact that the bride is Hie riches!
young Woman In the world. The wedding look place In a chapel which hud
been erected in the villa grounds especially for the oeeusion. The bride's
only attendant was her younger sister.
Miss Barbara Krupp, who herself Is lo
Ins married a few months hence.
The greal Krupp works In Bssen
were closed and the thouiiHuuds of
workmen given a holiday In honor of
the wedding. The clly council of Ks-
sen proclaimed u holiday, and houses
and business places were decorated,
A deputation of (be Krupp employees
attended the wedding by special invitation and the First Burgomaster
headed a municipal delegation representing the clly of Bssen.
The bride of today is undoubtedly
the richest heiress In the world. Hy
the will of her father, who died Nov.
>S, 1II0-, the works at Kssen Kiel,
Madgeburg, Oherhaiisen and elsewhere,
the lotal value of which exceeds $50,-
000.000, were converted into a limited
liability company with 18,200,000 capital. The eldest daughter holds 169.99G
sliures iu lhe company, and her mother
and younger sister, Barbara, are otherwise provided for. The laal dividend
was of $2,400,000. nearly all or which
was paid lo Bertha as the largest
The bridegroom, Herr Gustavue von
llohlen-Halback, Is 30 years old and
born ait The Hague where his father
was minister of the grand duchy of
Haden. The family has extensive
estates In Haden and also large Interests In tho United Slates. Aftor studying law at Heidelberg University he
travelled extensively in America. Returning to Europe ln 1897, he was appointed to a post In the foreign irfflee
at Berlin. The young diplomat went
again to America ln 1S99, thiB time as
secretary of the German embassy at
Washington. His abilities were soon
recognised, and in 1900 ho accompanied Count .Muinm von Scliwar-enateln
to Pekln as secretary of lhe legation,
and was secretary of the International
conference to arrange terms of peace
with China. His next appointment was
that of rirst secretary to the Prussian
legation to the Holy See, which he hns
filled since 190:!.
Record Wheat Shipments.
Winnipeg, Ocl. 15.���Twenty million
bushels of wheat have been delivered
at points along the track of the Canadian Pacific railway already lliis
year, which establishes a new record
in this line, tlie total amount received
in any previous year up lo the corresponding period being millions less
thnn Ilu- large total received this season. The lollil for wheal Mils year Is
fi.OOn.OOn In excess of last year, tlie
season of 1905 having been also greatly  In excess of  1901.
Manager Trethewey of La Plata MineB
Discusses Effect of Coal Strike���
Four Months' Results.
"The strike at the coal mines will
probably force us lo slop work. No, we
nre' not Buffering from a shorluge of
coal al present, but the smelters are.
They have notified us that they can't
I uke any more ore nt presenl. If wo
can'l ship there Is no object In mining."
Such is the summary of the situation given this morning by Captain
Trethewey, manager of the Li Plata
Asked ns to general conditions nt the
La I'laia mines he snld:
"Everything else Is perfectly salis-
fitctory. The concentrator Is working
well. The roads ure In very bad condition, but they are not Impassnble.
We have four .-horse teams at work
hauling ore. In the last four months
we have shipped 770 Ions and we have
(iPO tons more ready for shipment
"Ilul for Ihese strikes nnd their Of;
feel on the smelters we would probably mulniiiiii lliiil rate. As It is there
Is nothing to do but atop."
Vicious Housekeeper.
(Special lo The Dally Canadian,)
Greenwood, II. 0��� Oct. 15.���Word
has just been received here that Jas.
A. Dnle, the keeper of the boarding
house at Cai-ml, had killed two men
and wounded a third. No particulars
or the probable murder beyond these
statements are available. Coroner
Black left Immediately for lhe scene
of the tragody.
British Government to
Nationalize Railways.
Private Enterprise Cannot Provide
Sufficient Transportation and
Ireland is Hindered.
New York, Oct lfi.���"The report current in America lhat Premier Camp-
Ih .l-IJaimt-rmim ami his at-isociatcB are
considering a Hchenit* of government
ownership of British railways is true
to some extent," says a I/mdon cable
despatch to the Times. "Ttte government has no Idea whatever ef bringing
in a bit! for tiio nationalization of a11>
other railways than those in Ireland.
'I'he Irish roads, the government are
inclined to think, should be taken over
by the nation in order to advance the
welfare of Ireland, aud this especially
in order to furnish fhe facilities required for the highest development of
her agricultural interests. Ireland
needs better railroad facilities than
private enterprise Is likely to give her
01' could afford to give her.
"It has not yet been decided that the
government shall ask parliament for
authority to take over the Irish lines
with a view to Improving and extending them, but supposedly well informed persons expect that the government
will    presently      determine   on    that
Tells of Situation on the Coast���Plenty
of Timber Still Available.
(From Sunday's Daily News.)
"VV. Marriott, representing the Pacific Coast Lumber company. Is on a
visit to the Interior. SiAiaking yesterday to ai representative of The Dally
News, with reference to Uie lumber
situation at the coast be said that in
his opinion conditions were better than
Ihey were. There was no longer, as
far as the provincial lauds were concerned, any possibility of crown granting timber limits and so keeping such
districts tied up for years. This might
yet be done with the Dominion lands,
but with those he was not as closely
lu touch. According to the new provincial laws timber might be leased
for 21 years aud during that time the
loggers' license had to be renewed annually. The license would only be issued on a section as the lowest unit,
and on each acre in that section, 640,
at 22 cents an acre, a* >-ear, is charged
by the provincial government. Whether
the land Is logged or not the rental of
22 cents per acre over the whole block
Is charged just the same, and If, because a portion of the section is logged out. the lessee drops his payments,
his lease is vacated immediately and
the land reverts to the government
with whatever timber Is still left uncut
on nny  portion of the section.
"Mr. Marriott suggested that this
charge prevented the wholesale holding of lands for speculation. While
$1.-10 per annum was not an extreme
tax to pay on any ono section, yet
when the limit contained many sections, say 100,000 acres, the annual tax
amounted to $22,000, and unless it was
kept up year by year that limit would
lapse, .lust as Boon as timber beglnS
to be logged, however, there would be
an additional tax in the form of 50
cents stum page per thousand feet on
(he logs got oul.
"Land had recently been taken up In
large quantities by many people, but
there is still plenty left, according to
Mr. Marriott. Not only Is there existing a vast reserve of Umber on Vancouver Island, but timber still is to be
found In great quantities for nt least
150 miles up the const, along the
Skeena and elsewhere. The bulk of
the supply of timber of British Columbia, Mr. Marriott thought, is still to be
found nt the coast, and the coast was
unrivalled when it came to tho finer
The Day's Killing.
Kingston. N. Y., Oct. 16;���During a
fight between two brjekyards employees nl East Kingston yesterday, Antonio TrapspA was shot and killed.
.John Rich- who is alleged to have
done tbe killing, had not. been apprehended last night.
Thaw Trial Long Way Off.
New York, Oct. 15,���This was the
date originally set for the beginning of
Harry's Thaw's trial for the murder of
Architect. Stanford White, but so far as
can l)e learned there Is not likely to
bo anything doing In the case of thc
young millionaire for some time to
come.   Opinion is gaining ground that
all concerned will agree to have the
accused young man taken to the Mat-
teawan asylum for the criminal Insane
and the publicity of a sensational
court trial therby avoided.
Recent    Happenings    In   and   Around
Grand Forks.
(Special to The Dally Canadian.)
Grand Forks, B. C, Oct. 12. ���
What might have been a fata) accident by being gored to death by a
young cow occurred here during the
sitting of tlie county court which has
just closed, the victim being none other than the police magistrate of Greenwood, Mr. 1. II. Hallett. it seems that
young Fred Harrlgan was leading his
2-year-old heifer across Bridge street
just when Mr. Ifallet was iu the act
of crossing the street and the police
magistrate, thinking that the animal
was about to charge him, at once endeavored to administer a terrific kick
at the cow, but tn doing so he had applied more force than he had calculated on, for the force of the kick- missed
the cow and completely turned the
magistrate around, precipitating him
at full length on the street. It was
then that the young cow would have
got In her deadly work if she had not
been prevented by a number of bystanders, who ran at once to the aid
of the police magistrate, which fact
doubtless prevented Mr. llallet from
being seriously injured. As it was he
regained his feet, badly shaken up but
otherwise none the worse for the event.
A bold attempt at burglary occurred
some time during last night, the object of the burglary being the cigar
store of ... H. Rainey on Bridge street.
It appears that the robbers tried to
gain an entrance from tbe read end of
the store, which is built on posts and
raised fully 10 feet from the ground.
They succeeded by the aid of a ladder in breaking through the window
and tried to support themselves by
grabbing hold of the curtain pole.
which, however, proved to be a veritable .lonah to them, for It gave way
at once, when the robber fell backwards and fell to the ground, a distance of over 10 feet Doubtless the
fall materially assisted him in deciding to abandon any further attempt to
enter the store. As yet not the slightest clue can be obtained as to tho Identity of the burglar, although several
suspicious characters are being watched by the police.
Paul Pataski. section foreman on the
C. P. R. at Ferrari station, at the
summit, was the victim of a very serious accident Saturday morning, whereby he has lost one leg. It appears
that'Mr. Pataski was engaged in Muting some rock on his section when the
shot struck him, lacerating his right
leg terribly. He was brought to Grand
Forks yesterday and placed in the
Cittage hospital, where Dr. Kingston
amputated his limb just above the
knee. He will now recover. It ls reported as a< miraculous occurrence that
In   was not literally blown to atoms.
Full Power to- Enquire.
Buffalo, N. Y., Oct. 15.���The royal
commission appointed by the Canadian
pnvut-iment to investigate matters concerning the Canadian grain trade is
now In Buffalo to examine Into the
lut-liKKjs of handling tbe Canadian
grain at tils port. The commission
has been apjiofnted owing to complaints having been made by the wheat
producers of the West as to tlie manner In which their grain Is handled
iu reference to grading, prices, elevator charges, etc., and has full power
to investigate all mat ters connected
with the trade in Canada, the United
States and England.
Ymir Mill Operations Again Increased
���Novel  Result of Coal  Strike���
"It's an III Wind."
Last week The Ciiniiiliiiii reported on
the authority of Manager B. M. Ilaiisl
that 40 slumps at tho Vmir mill were
In operation Instead of the 20 with
which the work ha<l been done since
mill work was resumed.
Mr. Hand, who arrived in ihe city
last night, stated this morning that before the end of the week there would
bis 50 stamps iu operation. The necessary shoes ami dies Have arrived for
their equipment. The mill has a total capacity of SO stamps, ami the
whole of Ihem will be gradually restored to working order. -
Asked as to the effect on the Ymir
of tho strike In East Kootenay, Mr.
Hand laughted and explained:
' it Inconvenienced us a little at first.
It made ub turn from the use of coal
to the use of wood. But since then It
bus rather helped us. For the first
time since I have been lu charge we
have now plenty of labor, except of
skilled machine men. I nm able to
keep a big gang In the woods cutting
conlwood. Thai disposes for the
present, at least, of one of my
New York to Mexico.
Now York, Oct. IB.���This week there
Is to he Inaugurated a new rail and
water route between this city and the
City of Mexico, which Is promised lo
be ono day faster than lhe rail and
water route by way of Vera Cruz. The
new route is to he via the Mnllory line
from New York to Galveston and
thence by    way    of the Santa Pe to
Houston, the Aransas Pass to San
Antonio, the International and Great
Northern to Laredo, and thence to the
capital over the Mexican National
Richard Croker and Magazine Publishers Come to Terms.
London, Oct. 16.���The lawyers representing the Amalgamated Press publisher of the London Magazine,
against which Richard Croker brought
suit for damages on the ground of defamatory statements, made In an article headed "Tammany In England,"
ln which Mr. Croker was charged
with having used bis office as chief of
Tammany Hall for the purposes of financial profit, informed the Associated Press today that the case had been
amicably settled out of court. It was
added that counsel were not at liberty
to announce thc terms of settlement.
The suit brought by Richard Croker
against the London Magazine was formally opened In Dublin in October,
Mining Congress to Meet.
Denver, Colo., Oct. 15.���Everything
is in readiness for the opening tomorrow of the annual meeting of the
American Mining congress. Four governors will be present at the opening,
in addition lo mine owners, experts
and others representing all the prominent mining regions of America. A
glance at the program shows the representative character of the meeting.
Governor Pardee of California will dlB-
cuss the prevention of mining frauds
by state legislation. Joseph T. Corn-
forth of Seattle will tell of mining ln
Alaska, and Horace J. Stevens of
Houghton, M-!ch., will speak on the
subject of copper and copper mining.
The copper deposits of Washington
will be discussed by A. W. Mclntyre
of Everett. Wash., and other experts
will tell of the mineral resources of
Utah, Nevada, Colorado, Missouri and
other places.
Sam P. Jones Drops Inanimate on Railway Journey���Brief Sketch of Remarkable and Famous Career.
Memphis, Tenn., Oct.. 15. ��� Sam
Junes, the noted evangelist, dropped
dead this morning iu an Oklahoma,
Chotow * Gulf train near tittle Rock,
Ark. Mr. Jones' home was at Carlera-
vllle, Ga.
Mr. Jones was travelling from some
point west or Little Rock, aud bis destination was Memphis. The body wae
found iu his berth lu the sleeping car
and was taken off the train at Little
[Samuel Porter Jones, clergyman,
was born in Chambers county, Ala., ou
October 16, 1847. His early studies
gave promise of great brilliance, but
he was unable to complete his collegiate courses on account of feeble health.
He was admitted to lbe bar in 1869
but his private and professional life
were unsuccessful because of his Inordinate passion for drink.
After his father's death, which occurred in 1872, he made a profession
of religion, and one week after this he
preached his first sermon. The startling originality of both bis themes
and his method of treating them gave
him almost immediate prominence and
he joined the North Georgia conference of the M. E. Church South the
same year. His peculiar aptitude as
an evangelist caused a wide demand
for his services, and during several
years he preached over 400 sermons
a year. In 1881 he was appointed secretary and agent of the Decatur Orphans' Home, a position which he held
for many years and to which he devoted untold sums of the money he
was paid for Ills lectures and sermons.
He travelled over every portion of
the United Slates and In Eastern
Canada and was familiarly known as
���'Sam" Jones. The terseness of his remarks and the fearlessness of his exposures of shams and hypocrisy were
marvellous to listen to, but his slangy
style often mnrreil the force and eloquence of his remarks. Of late years
he was almost forgotten in the passing events of history but n few months
ago he again sprang Into some prominence and took up his former evangelistic work.���Ed. Canadian.]
Smellers Are Forced fo
Cease Operations.
Admiralty    Say�� It Has   No    Further
Need of Anchorage.
Victoria, Oct. 15.���The British admiralty has given notice of its abandonment of nil anchorage rights in the
harbor of Esquimau., Vancouver island.
This can mean nothing else than that
the ndmlralty has decided never to reestablish Esquimau ns a naval station
on this coast.
The anchorage at Esquimau, formerly reserved strictly for the use of
the navy, will now bo open to merchant marine.
Strike of Coal Miners in Eut Kcot-
cnay Causes Suspension of Work
Acconnt of Fuel Shortage.
Price of Metals.
(Special to The Dally Canadian.)
Trail. B. C, Oct. 15.���The last two furnaces will close down tonight on account of the shortage of coke. The
smelter company is making every endeavor to secure sufficient to tide
them over. They will retain nearly all
the men for making large improvements. The refinery will be run full
blast, and with the addition Just completed, will produce lead on a larger
scale than ever.
The above despatch was received
this afternoon ln response to an Iquiry
as to the truth of a report that tbe
Trail smelter was closing down today.
The management of the Hall Mines
smelter has issued a circular to the
managers of shipping mines, advising
them that pending a settlement of the
coal miners' strike they cannot accept
any more ore at present for treatment.
Hindoo Invasion Causes Terminal City
to Take Immediate Action.
Vancouver, Oct. 15.���From reports
received from the Orient large numbers of Hindoos are still preparing to
leave Hongkong for Brltlah Columbia,
and all of the steamers are bringing In
large consignments of these brown
meu. Just what they will do upon ar
rival Is difficult to say. Hundreds an
now In the city without work-and the
situation Is becoming serious. A public meeting will be held ln tbe city hall
on Wedneslsy evening to discuss the
labor question and allied Immigration
The authorities at Ottawa have been
appealed to, but nothing has yet been
done to stop the invasion. However,
thiB can be done according to the law
of Canada respecting immigrants, copies of which have been sent to Dr.
Munro by Mr. W. D. Scott, superintendent of Immigration. Section 28 of this
law says that no Immigrant shall be
permitted to land in Canada who Is a
pauper, or destitute, a professional
beggar, or vagrant, or who is likely to
become a public charge; and any person landed in Canada who, within two
years thereafter, has become a charge
upon the public funds, whether municipal, provincial or federal, or an inmate
of or a charge upon any charitable institution, may be deported and returned to the port or place whence such
Immigrant came or sailed for Canada.
Section 30 says that the governor In
council may, hy proclamation or order,
whenever he considers it necessary or
expedient, prohibit the landing in Canada of any specified class of Immigrants, of which due notice shall be
given to the transportation companies.
This law covers the question In every respect, and at the public meeting
to be held on Wednesday resolutions
protesting against the landing In Canada of the Hindoos will probably be
passed and copies forwarded to Ihe authorities at Ottawa.
New York, Oct 15.���Sliver, G9--*4c;
copper, 20%c;  lead, 95.75.
London, Oct. 15. 16���Silver, 32)4d:
lead,  ��19 15s; sine, ��28.
American  League Team  Becomes the
World's Champion Club.
Chicago. Oct. 15.���The attendance at
yesterday's game for the championship
between the Chicago Americans and
the Chicago Nationals baseball 'teams
was 19,249, making a total attendance
tor the series 99.945. The receipts
yesterday were $20,361, aud the total
for the six games was $105,540. Of
this amount the players' share is $33,-
401. The American league, with 21*
men, will receive # $26,061. The Nationals' share for 19 meu ls $9456. The
receipts for Inst year's championship
series were $68,-105, and for last: year's
American   Nationals'    series,    $26,764.
The Chicago American leugue team
yesterday defeated the Chicago National league team by a score of 8 to
3. The American league team thereby
becomes tho world's champion baseball
Trains and Boats.
Crow boat���Ono hour late.
Slocan train���On time.
Coast, Boundary and Rossland train
���On time. The Daily Canadian
Cool nights are now in order.     They will invite
pleasant dreams of
Wa bftvi  .'h'td;������ (if tln-in in red and bine.
3 1-2 Pointy wdgjiiflg abort 10 pounds, $7.50 per pair
4 Points, weighing ab^ut 12 pounds,   -   8.50 per pair
Those blankets arc Juctlj
r- lebr&ted for their excellence.  We alone carry
(Iwffl in this city.
LUMBERMEN��� Pillows Cnn. forte rs. Gloves and Mits, Socks. Shirts and
Underclothing Od Clrth'ng. Sweaters, Miners' and prospectors' Boots
and Shoes an:! R_'b->er_ - Groceries and Provisions.. Everything of the
Best quality and  prices sunrisingly Low.
Published six dt,yt a wee* by lhe
Baker Pi., Nelsou, B.C.
tiubseriptlou rates, fxi cent, a month delivered
in -he eity, or $...uO a feet it sent by mail, when
paid :o MTSHOB.
Adve.-'tsing rates on application.
All rn... Im paid in settlement ol Tb* Dally
Canadian _ .onntS, ���itlit-r toi lobscrlptions or
advertising, mi ti he receipted for oo lha printed
forms ol tie ( *jji.'*nny. other receipts are not
OCTOBI.W Iff. I906.
"Bj oue word we are sometiinei Judged to be
wise ind by one word auuietiinei judged to be
iooltsh. Let us therefore be careful whet tn
Ujr."OoxrtX-loi ���
What appeared, hut a very few years
ago, to be a menace to existing economic condition*-, was the seeming determination of laboring men to fall
into sympathy with the attempt to
create a "class qoubcIoub" organisation, to embrace all who work at manual labor and whose hand should he
against every man excepting those of
their own class. Socialism was rampant and while a large section of loyal
Trades Unionists listened respectfully
to the arguments of the Socialist orator or demagogue, and a minority of
them deserted the ranks oi Trades
Unionism and joined thc Socialists, a
far larger proportion maintained their
allegiance to the principles and party
ot Trades Unionism.
The distinction between these two
culls is fundamental. The Trades
Unionist stands for the organization
of labor in order that by this means
he may be in a jKisiiion to secure lor
himself and his fellows the same advantages ot organization as his employers and ilu* employing class iu the
various trades combinations organized
by them. He does noi ask for the
abolition or the "capitalistic" system;
he asks only for his rights. Be asks
that with the increasing prosperity of
the country he shall share in its progress to the same relative degree as
the operator or employer. The Trades
Unionist, while once fiery uud denunciatory in his remarks about the existent relations between employer and
employed, has considerably mellowed
as Ik- has studied economic questions
and, perhaps equally, because he has
won substantial victories for his class.
The Socialist, on the oilier hand, is
^never anything but a disturber. Me
au see no goal ahead that will satisfy
iis ambitions, other than the complete
ubolitiou of a system, which is as old
as the world and as difficult of adjustment as selfishness and greed,
when Opposing each other in two rep
resentative classes, can make ft. What
will lie beyond the "abolition ol the
capitalistic system" he has never told
us with any degree of comprehension
that appeals tc the man of ordinary
intelligence, ills economic system���-or
lack ol system���has yet to be evolved.
With characteristic sanguineness be
tells us to ring in the era of Socialism
and things will take care of themselves."
With these two classes in the field,
both class conscious bul wiih such
widely differing ideals and alms, it
must be clear thai time could not long
elapse before strife and division would
result from the contradictions of tbe
case. And ft has come much soonei
than could have been expected. No
longer are Trades Unionism and Socialism a unit in their efforts to secure necessary changes in economic
and industrial conditions. Beginning
with Canada We have a striking Illustration of this in the decision of the
recent Trades    aud    Labor   congress,
which decided to stay hy its Trades
Union principles and reject Socialistic
In the United States the division ls
equally clear but the feeling of an-
taganlsm between these two wings of
labor reformers ls much more intense
than in Canada. Two separate strong
organizations exist on the American
side, which while not calling them-
selves by these names, are in effect
the same in their characteristics as
the  two existent  parties in Canada.
In England the fifiht is on between
John Burns, that staunch Labor Libera] and Trades Unionist and Keir
Hardy, the leader of the Socialist wing.
There as elsewhere the Socialistic
domination is apparently on the wane
and the principles of Trades Unionism
are winning out.
Now comes the intelligence that in
France an overwhelming majority vote
rejected the Socialistic program and
reverts to thf. former measures. A
Pole so large fn fact as to appear finally decisive as to the power of Socialism in France. By 830 to 8 tbe
Trades Union council of France decided to turn down Socialism and stay
out of politics,
Germany has often been cited as the
Dne country where Socialism is in the
ascendant but it may be pointed out
that it is not ihe Socialism of the
evanescent kind that we know In America which Is In the ascendant there.
Uismarcklan Socialism which is widely
lu favor in Germany is practically the
same thing as Trades Unionism Iu
America and it has been frequently
pointed out by Socialistic demagogues
that, if they would be Willin? to accept
ii, they could have that any ( -v. They
are however unwilling to do so and it
may be seriously doubted if the Socialistic propaganda as we understand it
here is really winning its way in Germany any faster than in this country.
The moral of all this is that the
country is safe. Apart Trom a few
temporary and annoying as well as
costly disturbances the day of Social'
ism is over aud the decline of its domination of men's minds is apparent.
Laboring men as a whole are very intelligent and while the plausible theories of the Socialistic cult were good
bail for a time, the hard headed wage
earner has evidently thought all round
the question and, all over the world, is
rapidly coming to the conclusion that
the principles of Trades Unionism
when properly applied and extended
are good enough for him.
The Boundary Creek TimeB, Mr.
Duncan Roas' paper, in an elaborate
defence or Mr Robs' relation to certain
railway lines before last and previous
sessions of the Dominion parliament.
includes  tbe following gem:
"The truth Is, that railway legislation at Ottawa is more or less of a
farce and im unmitigated nuisance.
There is no good reason why a general
railway act should not be passed, and
any one or company of men desirous
ol doing so should be allowed to Nhild
a railway iu accordance with the gen*
Oral railway act and without going to
ib��* expense of securing legislation
which always conforms lo a model
railway acl."
Query���Why did not Mr. Hoss point
this oul in the house at the time he
fathered the bills?
II is a standing rule of Tln> Canadian never to print anything which has
previously appeared iu its morning
contemporary. We make a.i exception
today, however, and reproduce���with
full credit���an interview with Mr. W.
Marriott of the Pacific Coast Lumber
company, which appeared In thc News'
oolumns on Sunday morning. We do
this simply because what Mr, Marriott
says in the interview is almost wholly
a flat contradiction of what has appeared editorially on tbe lumber situation in  British Columbia.
The Province has a forecast of the
political situation in view of the forthcoming provincial elections, and gives
the Liberal slate, fn which appears
the following:
"Dr. Hall of Kelson has already been
nominated by the Liberals for that
seat, and will almost certainly be elect1
ed having the support of the Houston
Conservatives an well as his own
AhenU Ahem! Wonder if all the
resl of the slate fs as trustworthy?
Bdftor Deane's name is not mentioned
on  the slate.
West Transfer Co.
General _9B__4tot_ uml Deolets in
Coal and WmV,   E-pri-i* and
Bu|.-K_s- Transfer
?���?____ i5 Office: Baker St.
Notice it hereby given that-sixty _ayF wet
daU-* I intend tu applv to the- Honorable the
Chlei Commissioner dl Laii'.*-*- and Works, fur
permlulon to purchMothe hd'ownm described
[audi Id thf Weet Kootenay district: Beginning
hi �� poet marked "���fames _ Fraser1! N.K.corner*.
And p anted on tlit' easl ibore <>f WbaUhaU
Cariboo) lake, about uiu*-hull mile nortii <>f
Christie creek; thence soutli -tochains, more or
leu, to the nortb boundary of vv. Keconib** _ ap
bl let tion 10 purchase; Ihenoe weet along tht* said
boundary 40 ('bains, more or less, to lbe sbon-ol
the Ink--; thence fol owing I e said short- lti a
general northerly and easterly direction no
chain., more or tetii to point ot commencement,
(.-.���nulT.ing 1W) acrei, moreor lets,
Oct Wib, 19ttc jamenG. KiupKb,
 F. h. Hammom-, Agent.
Notice is hereby given that sixty daw after date
1 intend UJSpplT to the Boo. Chief Comnalssloner
uf Unds uud Workrf fur pej-ini'-siou to purchase
lbe loUowing dettribed lauds in ihe West
Kootenay district: Beginning at a post marked
"J. B. BLmlneo'l B. W. corner,"' and planted about
one-half wile eait -.of the shore ol Whatshan
(Cariboo) lake and a twin 2 mllei north of the
narrow, ol ibe said lake, and al tbeS. E. corner
of Arthnr Warren'i application to purchase;
thence easl so chains] tnence nortii a. chains:
thenoe west ao chains lo the northeast eorner of
Arthur Warren's application to purchase! thenee
lonth B0 chains to poini of commencement, containing t>W sores, more or Jess.
Oct Hth, 1806. J. 8. BuflMDO,
 j*". I.. Ha.mmo.vi*, Ageut.
Notice is herebj' given ttiat W .av* after date I
intend lo apply to the Honorable tne Chief commissioner of Unds and Works for permission lo
purchase ihe following descril-ed lands ln the
Wen Kootenay district: Beginning at a post
marked "Alexander fteeeft R, w. corner," and
planted on thc east shore of lhe narrows of
Whii.shaji (Cariboo* lake, nt the ti E corner of
Bern hard Hirsch "i application to purehaae;
ihence ea��t 40 chains; thenee sonth Wchains;
th'm*e weet to chains, more or less, to the shore
of tbe narrows: tbence following lhe said shore
in a northerly direction MO chains, moreor less
tothe point of commencement- containing 3_o
acres, more or less.
Oct. Uth. laoc. At-tjumm Fbauss.
 by F. L. Hammokd. Agent.
Notice is hereby given that Ilxtj davs alter
the date 1 intend to apply tu the Hon. tlie chief
Commissioner of Lands and Works for permission to purchase tbe following described land
in the West Kootenay district: Beginning ata
post   murked  * E.  R, Kell's  N.K,  comer,    end
planted on >he shore of Whataban (Cariboo) latest Tbe northwe*. corner of said lake; thence to
chains wesi; -hence 4u ebalns soutb; thenee 40
chains easi: thenee 4'j chains -.outh; thence ea**'
4U chain'*, moreor leas to tbe ibore of the said
lake; theuce northcriv alone the said lake shore
��U chains, more or leas, to tb_ polntof cum men*
Dement. containing 480acres, more or leai.
Dated Oct, 1-', 1901',. K. K. Kan.,
F. L. Hammond, Agent.
Notice is hereby given tbat B0 darn after date I
Intend io make application lo the Honorable the
Chief Commissioner of Lands and Works for permission to purchase the following described
lauds: Commencing at a pout on tlie north
boundary of Lot BM and abcut *_ ehalna east of
Whatshan creek, running 10chains east; thence
10 chains north; tbence 40 eliains went: theuce 40
chains soutb, to point of corn meneement, containing L80 acres more Ot less.
Bated October It, 1806.
t-BOg Wat--on,
By hi- agent, Kknest W. Kobimo...
Nollee is hereby given tbat B0 days after date I
intend to make application to the llouorable the
Chiel Commissioner of Unds und Works for permission to purchase the following described
lauds: Commencing at a post placed adjoiniug
the southwest corner post of Leah Watson's Application to I'urcbase, running ���*������ chains uorth;
thence tt ehalni west; tbence ao rhalni" south;
tbence 40 chains east, to point of commencement, containing ���:���& acres more or less.
Daied October LS, 1000,
Bona W--.TKH,
By ins agent, Bbvmt, w, i.obinson
Notice is herehy given tbat ik) days after date 1
Intend to make application lo the Honorable the
Chief Commissioner of Landi and Works for per
mission   to   purchase  the  following  deaeribed
lands: Commencing at a post placed abont oue
mile east of Whuu-han creek aud ahout three
miles iouth of W'batsbau Jake, ruanine to ehaim
SOUth; tbenoe00chains west; tbence B0 chalna
north; tbenee ��> chains east, to point of eommeucement, containing till) acres more or less.
Dated Octo ber IS, b-w.
By his agent, Fknbht W. Bobinhon
Notice Is hereby given that 60 days alter date I
inteud tu make application to the Honorable ihu
Chief Commissioner of I_SJt_dl and Works fur permission to purchase tbe following deacrlbed
lands: Commencinc at a post planted on the
norlheast corner of Peier ���McNaughtoti's appllca-
Uou to pureliuse, lollowlng the east houndarv of
same Mj chains south; thence HO chains eust;
thence so chains north; ihcnce st) chains west to
point of commencement, containing 640 acres,
more or lesn.
Boted Oct. 18, lour*. Albert Elliott,
By his agent EBMBBT W. BOBtfflOV,
Notice in bereby given that W days alter date
I intend toapply to the Honorable tbe Cn|.*i
Commissioner of Lauds am! Works .'or permi*.
ni.(n to purobase the following described lands;
c(,iiiin. tiring at anoel planted on the northeait
oornei of  Peter HcKaugbtoo's application to
purchase,   ru tilling   KO chaini   west   along   tbe
northern boiiudurv of s���m(.; tbence 00 chains
nortii; ihence ao chains east; thence m chains
soutli, along the we-t boundurv of John KUlott'l
gppllcation 10 purchase, to point of commence
mem, eon tin 11 lug MO acres, moreor less.
Hated Oct. id, IW.-G. Thomas .-.iitij,
By his1 agent, KiiNgsT W  KoitJKMW.
Notiee ls hereby given lhat slxtv dav after
date J intend to applv to the Honorable Chief
f.ouimisslotier Ol Lands and Works for tn-rnil��-
siou to purchase tlie following described lands:
Commencing at a post placed on the northwest
oornerol Albert KIHotfsapplleatiou to purchase,
running ho chains east along the northern
bonndary oi same; thence 00 Chains north;
thenee 00 ehalni west; thenee fwctiaiiis south, to
poini of commencement, containing 040 acres,
more or less,
Dated Oct i;t. 1'joo. John Baton*,
Br his agent. KUKSfT W Uojunson.
Noikc (��� hereby given that 00 dayi after date
1 Intend to apply to toe Bon chief Commissioner
of Landsand Works for permission to purchase
tin* following deacrlbed lands In Wesl Kootenav
District! B ginning at a post marked, "Ucrn'-
bard HiriMb'N rt. K. eoitier," and |ilanted on the
mat shore of tbe narrowi oi Wbauhan (Cariboo)
lake; Ihence mrlh ho chains; thence west lu
niaina more ot less, to the shore of Whatshan
lake; theuce lollowlng  said  shore  In  a genera!
.nd easterly direction l-ocliaitir- more
tiniieiieemeni: containing
or less, to j
H'kl acres, n
Haled th
>re or let
��lh day ol Oct, YMX1,
BkiiNHaHIj Hibx.k,
K. L. IliMMoNit, Agent..
Notice Is hereby-glren that B0 dan afterdate, 1
intend to nj i v to the Hon. Chief <'ouiuilssiouer
of I .Buds n*-.f Works for permission to [nirchaae
the following described lands in the W'e-l Kootenay District.   Beginning at a post ma 1 ted "W
S Klvidge's B W comer," and planted aboul
one-quarter mile west of the west ��hort- of Whatshan (Cariboo) lake, and about one and one-
quarter miles norih of thc southern end of thc
lake; thence north mi chains; thence eul 4i'
ehains more or less lo the shore of the Whataban
lake; thence following eaid ihore m a genera]
southerly and weaterly direction 100cbalni more
or lean to a poini on tbe shore due cast of the
post of commencement; theme west K chains
more or les*. to the point of commcnct-_neiil, containing BDaerw moreor less
Hated this Bib day of Oct.. Htu0
W. S Bi.vinua.
F I.  Ham.woni*, Agent
Notice is bereby given that 0o days after date i
iniend toapply lo ihe Honorable tneoblef Commissioner of Landsand Works for permission lo
purchase the foiioM tug described Unds situate
In  West -Tootenay Duti-iot:  Commenting u ���
post mnrkod ���C McArthur'*. V W corner post
slluate near the N. K. corner of land applied   for
by 8, McArthur thence south to ehalns, mon- or
lassi thence east 00 ebalns;  thence nortii tt
eliains, more  or  las; thenee  west  Ml chains  to
point of commencement
Salmo. B. C, Auguil 1Mb, liWf*.
J' Mi ANTHt'li
T. H. Atkinson, Agent.
Noiu-e is herebv given that 00 (tars alter data i
intend loapply to the Honorable duel Commls-
Bion**! id l-aiids aiol Works for permission to purchase tbe following described lands, situate in
the West Koolenay district, starting from �� jx.-i
planted at tb.**- W.cornerof Krnest W.Robinson's
Application tit 1'nrchase. and ou the north bank
Of the Norlh Kork of ' og creek, tlience 4ii chains
west. Su chains north, U.V chains east, ju ( hains
south, 90 chains west, so chains south to intersection of norih Hoe of ft, W. BobUUon'l Ipnlloatlon
to Purohaae, thence 40 chains west and 00chains
soutb lo point oi commeiiceinent, containing f*40
Dated 18th day ol August, l��tf.
per Ernest W, Kobinson, Agent.
Notice is herebv given lhat 00 davs. after date I
Intend to apply to the Hon. the chief Commls-
iloner <>f Landi and Worka for permission to purehase the following described binds in wesl
Kootenay district, province of British Columbia;
Commeii' log ui M poet marked ������William Toillng-
ton'i northwest corner post." said posi being
ola tt ted  at  the  southwest corner of the "Queen
Mineral daim," and adjoining the east line ol
IfePhaQ'i pre-emption, thenee soutli twenty fjij
chains along  said   line,  them-e east forti [40}
ehalns, thenoe north twenty raj) chain*-, tbenoe
west forty (40) ebalns more or less, to thc place of
Hated 1st ''ay of August, lyofi
William Toi. ling ton,
By bis agent J K Taylor.
Sixty days after dale 1 purpose making application  to the Chief CommlMloner ol Unas and
Works fnr permission to purchase the following
described land: Commencing at a post marked
'���I ]"s H W. corner," adjoin Ing the easl bound-
ary of u Piei-ee'i application to purchase, running thenoe fc(l chains north; thence K-) chains
east; thenoe BO cbalni south; thence hu chains
west t" poim of commencement, containing (do
aeres mo e or less
Dated the llth day of August, 1006
per F Q   FiUQUltt,
near Christie creek, running thence 80chaini
north; thenee ho ebalni west; tbence 80 chains
south, following the lake shore; thenoe80cbajUS
east to the j-olut of commencement, containing
04" acres more, or less
Hated the Uth day Of August, 1000
K   K.t'yrjBit,
POT P. G   Kaivikb, Agent
Sixty davs niter date I purpose making application to the Honorable the Chlel >'ommissioner
of Lands and Works for permJs-jon to purchase
the following deaeribed land Commeuelng at
a post marked "D. I'\ ri. W. eorner," adjoining
K- laiif-ult-r's application to purchase, running
theuce ��i ehalni north; thence ho chains ea*-i
thenoe80cbalni south: thenee so chains weat
lo the point of commencement, containing (-40
acres, more or leas.
Hated the llth day of August, PtOfi.
'       __ I). Pi Kara.
Per F. (;. FargriEa. Agent.
Notice is hereby given that tiltrdan after date
I intend to applv to the Hon. chief Commiaslon
er ol Lands and Works for permission to purchase the foUowlng described lands, 100aeres
Oommenelng al a poil marked John Tove, planted on ihe eaul shore of Lower Arrow lake, about
one mile north of Sunshine creek, thenc" forty
chains east, thence fortv chains soutli, them-e
forty chains west, theuce forty chains north
along lake shore to point of commencement
Hated this 13th day of Beptember, un*.
John Toys.
Makkv Binso-f, Agent
Notiee Ib hereby given that00 daya alter date I
Intend to applv lo the Honorable the Chief Commissioner of Lands and Works for permission
to purchase the following described bind, situate
in rlre Valley, in the West Kooleiiav district, adjoining W. a. ( alder'-* pre-emption, starting at a
post marked M. MctHiarrie's southwest corner
running MO chains easl, thence 40 chains north
thence 80 chains west thenee 40 ehains south to
point of commencement.
Hated this llth day of Beptember. HW.
J- K. Taylor. Agent.
Notice Is hereby given that N days from date I
Intend toapply to the Honorable the Chief Commissioner of Lands and Works for permission
to po rebate the following described lands situate in West Kootenat District;  Commenctus:
at a posl marked ' K. Stewart's N W. eorner
pOSt,"situated near the Junction of Lost creek
and Booth Fork of .Salmon, thence south 40
chains, more or less; thenee east Ho chains*
thene. north 40 Chains, more or less;   thence
west Ho (-hains to point of commencement.
Balmo, August Uth, HMi.
���    . E. Stewart
                           T, H. Atkinson, Ageut.
Notice li hereby given thai 60 days after date 1
intend toapply to the Honorable the Chief Commissioner of Lands and Works to purehaae the
fol lowing deseriUd lands. 82(1 acres, more or less*
commencing ut a post planted on the wesl bank
of Coper Arrow lake at a polut about 7 miles below Nakusp, and marked u. A, li. H., N E oorner
post; thenee HO chains west; thence 40 chaini
aouth; thence BD chains east, more or less to lake
shore; then'**, along lake shore to point of beginning.
I'ated this Jth dav of Sent..]'.Wi.   (,, A.B.HaI.L.
B0 days after date i inteml toapply to tb** Hun-
orable the Chief Commissioner of Lands and
Works. Victoria. H C , to purchase M(J acres of
land siluaie west of Arrow lake on lhe west side
of Wbatchaii ere. k and joining lhe north bound-
ary of & j. Annable application to pnrehaae
Commencing at a post marked B. J. K H K -orner and running wea' ��o chains; tbenoe north w
chains; thence east wi chains; ihence south  to
poiut of oommencement
September _od low R, j. Ki.i.iot.
tOO days aflei dale I
i-by glveu tb... , 	
intend to applj lo Hie Horn-rale chief Commls-
Doner of Landsand Works for permisMou tonur-
dhasetha following described landi. altuate in
the Wesl Koolenay dlsirlct; starling from a posl
planted at the _f. E corner of f, W.BObfnsoTl
Application to purchase, Ihence 4<f<hal!iB east
��) eliains south. 90 chains west, hi chains north,
40 chains west, ai cliHius north, 'Al chains east, 40
cbains north to point of commencement, containing 100 acres.
Hated lbth day of August, 1006
P. C. E. Kobinson,
    pet LltNEHI W. ItoniNMJN, Agent.
Notice is hereby given that sixty days after
date I inteud to apply to the Honorable the
Chief CommissiOOeX Of Landl and Works for permission to purchase the following desoribed
Ian I on the weti shore of opper Arrow Lake and
joining J. il Feeney-s pre-emption:  Bun nim
west 40 cbains; lbence north BD ehains, thence
east 40chains, to lbe shore of lhe lake; tlience
soulb following the lake shore to point of commencement, con iai n mg Bti acres more or less.
Dated August in, im.
H. K. Ma( i.bod
  J. J. Kelly, Agent.
Notice Is hereby given tbat BlXty davs alter
date 1 Intend to applv to lbe Honorable the
Chief ('ommfasioiier of Lands and Works for per*
mission to purehaae the following descrlbeil
land on the west side of  UOWef Arrow  Hake und
Joining the aouth line of the Indian Reservation:
Bu lining west 20 chains; thenee sou til HU chains;
thence mat UO chalus. to lhe shore tif lhe lake;
ihenee   north   following lhe lake shore to the
point of commencement) containing 100 acres
more or leas.
Hated AttgUSt 90, 1000, W. B, IfACUOh
J.J, Kbj.i.y, Ageut.
Notice i." hereby given that 00 days afler date
1 intend, U) apply lo lhe Honorable the CM. '
Commissioner oi Lands and Works for [aruus
i-loii to r on hnse thc following described lands,
situate fn'in tVott Kootenay district: Commen-
cJng at a post marked "A.'Jurner's N.W. corner
post," situated al the N. E. corner of land applied for by r. Stewart, tbenee soutb to ihains.
more or leuj Ibi nee easl ��ochains; ihence north
tOcbalnf, more or less; Ihence west 80 cbalni to
point oi commencement
Salmo, IH'. Auguit li 1900. A. TtfJtXgB,
T 11   AntmUtf, Agent.
Noiiee ls hereby given lhat M days alt*ll data I
intend to apply to the Honorable tne Chief I om-
missioner of 1-aiid*- mid Works for permis-ioii to
purchase the following described land in West
Kootenav Hli-.trid about seven miles soutli of
Hurton < Hy: Commencing at a post planted on
llie cast batik of 'Irotit creek and marked Mrs,
W II. Hamilton's B. W, c. Posl and running
north 80 cbains; thenoe east BO chains; ihence
southaocbalcs; thence westOO chains to place
of beginning, containing 010 acres, more oi   less
f'aied thlS-f-Od day of AagnsL iw��-
Mks w, H Hamiiton
W  ll  H.kn ton, Agent.
Notloe is bi reby glren ihat 00days aitei dan I
intend Io applv to the Honorable the Chief Com-
mlsslonei oi Candt and Worts, Victoria, to pur-
Cbass 80 acres of lund, situate about one mile
easl of Hurton City on lbe east tide ol Arrow
lake, and ��� I escribed as follows: Cominelielne nt a
post planted at the northeast eorner of Lot OSOO,
thence north oo chains- ihenoe west 4Qchains,
ihenoe sonth B chains- Ihenoe east to chaini to
place of beKinniiiK
August 3 th, VJOt J. R. H.-NTIR.
.Notice is benby given that t��0 days after date I
intend to apply lo tbe Hon. (he Chief Commissioner of Hands and Works for permission to purchase the following descrlbea lands in West
Kootenay dlstricti Beginning ai a post marked
"Otto ffirbcbS N W conn r" and planted on
the west gboreol Wataban (Cariboo) lake, about
om* fourth mih- west of the narrows of Whatshan
lake: thence south HO chains; tbence cast M
Chains more <��r lea. ti) the Ibore nf the Narrows;
ihenc- following the said shore in a genera]
northerly and wctcrlv direction 180Chains more
or less, to the Jailtlt of commencement, ( oijtain
ine930acres more or lesi
Hated Iblss-th day (d "el . iyo<S
Ono HiRMH,
F 1. SAHJtOMD- Agent,
Notice is hereby gtren that sixty days afterdate
i iniend toapph to tbe Hon. Chief Commissioner
of Lands and Works for permission to purchase
the following described lands in Wot Kootenay
district: Heginnlug at a post markdl -f K
Aldeii's B K i-orner," and planted on tin- east
shore of   .Vhauhau (C��ril )  lake,   about one
mile north  of the southern end of the lake;
thenee north HO chains; tlience west 40 chains
more or leas, to the shore of Whatshan lake:
thence following -aid shore in a general south
erly and easterly direction too chalna, more or
lesa, to tin* point of commencement, lonlaiulng
3*J0 acres, more or less
Haled thi-8th day of Oct , 19ff.
E   K    Al.OKN.
F   L   H���>imom*. Agent
Notice is bereby given that oo aays after date i
intend toapply to lhe Horn.rable the Chief Com-
mlssloner of Hand* and Works for periniBSioii lo
purchase ibe following described lands in the
West Kootenay dlatrlet, near Bnrton City; com*
mem Ing at a post piauit-dat the southi a-'t corner
of '-'eorge Hudfion's preemption claim, and
marked Harrv G. TolliiigUm'i N. K. C. post, and
running south 40 chains, thence west 2" < halus,
tbenee north 40 chains, tbence east an chain* to
place ol itcgiuning, conialning Ho acres of Jaud,
more or lets.
Hated tills 20 th dayof August, litoC.
Hahhv ii, Toi UNOTO*-.-.
Notice in bereby given that sixty days after
datel Iniend toapply tothe Hon ( hief t otninls.
���loner of Unds and Works for permission to purchase the following describe'! lands In till Wesl
Kootena. district:    Heginiilng at a postmarked
������Hertha Hlrscb's r-  K7corner,"and planted on
the east shore of W'hatslian (Cariboo) fake, at the
narrows of ibe lake, and abont one mile aouth of
Arrow lake trail; thence sontb Ho chains; tlu-nee
west fin chains more or Jess to the shore of the
narrows;  ibenee following  tio-  snld shore in a
general northerly and easterly direction 120
cb* ins more  or  less  tO the polntof eommeucement containing 540acrei more or less
Hated Ihis Hth dayof Oet . WM
Bttnu iiiaecii'
F 1, Hijiaoso, Agent
notice fs hereby given that two months alter
dale I intend to apply to the Honorable the t'hlef
Commissioner of Lands and Works for a Hease of
all that ialid being tbe foreshore adjoining subdivisions I, | and 4 of Lot $W, Croup oue (1)
Kooteuay, and being on lhe south shore of the
Wesl   Arm  oi  Kootenay lake.  In lhe district of
Commencing at a post marked "A. K. Watts'
southeast corner pnst"; thence 00 chains west,
tbence30 Chalm north; thence 00 chains east;
thence ki chaius south tothe place of commencement; the said land and foreshore to be be need
for sawmill purposes.
Hated this .1st day of August, 1��j6.
A. E. Wins.
Notiee Is hereby given that 6o dm | after dale I
intend to aptly to the Honorable lhe (hief Commissioner of Landa and Works for perraisalon to
purchase tbe following described land in West
Knot.-nay Iiistrict about seven miles aouth of
Burton (ity: Commencing ata post planted ou
tbe east bank of Trout creek and marked Alex
{ hevne's N. W. (.'. post and running south 80
chains; lbence east iio chains; thence north HO
chains; thenoe west80chains to poat of t-eginn-
ing. containing 040 acres of land, more or less.
Hated this i_nd day of August, 1906
Alex chkvni
W, S Hamilton, AgenL
.Sixtv days after date, I. Margretl McQuerrie,
intend toapply tothe Honorable tbe Chief Commissioner oi Landsand Works. Victoria, B C
to purcba.se the following described land,   Ccm-
mencing at a post marked M, MoQuaiTie, on fhe
bank of  Lower Arrow   lake, tbenoe tO chalna
weat; thence00ohaini north; tbence to ohalm
east; lbence oo ehalni south to place of com
meneement, said to contain 10o acres more or
'"  50*?"0! froondneldhy 0. B. Andezeon's
day of September, Moo.
... ,  . Ma-Winn UnQnAuuii
W, I., PavjfE, Agent.
Notice is hereby given that 1 intend, (W dari
afur daU' to apply to the Honorable the Chief
Commissioner of Landsand Works for permission
Ut purchase lhe following descrilH*-. lands in
Weil  kootenay district, about t\\r miles south
of pnrton ' ity, oommenelng at a post planted on
he east bank of tract C. K,, ud marked '����� . H
Hamilton s .- W. C. posl," and running north HO
ehains,  thence easl HO chains,  ihence soutb HO
chains, thence west ho - hams to place of begin-
ning, eonlaliilng (M0 acres of land, more or less.
Haled tiiis fSno day of AnguM, IWMi,
W  II   Hamilton.
Notice lsbeiebygiven that OOdayi after dale 1
intend to apply to the Honorable Chief Commisaloner of Landl and Works (or permission to
purchase the following dcscrlb-d lands, altuate
in Wesl kootenay district: ComineneiiiK at a
posl marked "H. < pokey's tf. W. corner post " sll-
mil,' mar ibe N K. corner of hmd applied for by
KM., Ihence soutb 40 chains, more or lesi; thence
castHticbhiiis; tbence north 40 cbaliii, more or
leis; thenoe west HO chains to point of commence-
Balmoi August 11, uno, b, CovxsTi
T. EL Atkinson, Agenl.
Notice is herby given that 60 days alter date J
intend, to apply to theHonorabletlie chief Com-
mlssloner of I ands and Works for poiinlhslou to
pun base tio-loUowing described landssituate lu
Wes Kootenay district: Commencing at ��� post
parked �� g. /loss's N. W corner poat," ailiate
near Ibe V h. corner of Jand applied for by A.
McLean tbence south 40 chains, moreorless;
lli-nce east HO chains; thence north 40 chains,
more or less; theuce wesl 80 chains to point of
Halmo, August 11, 13011                            R. |toHB,
 T. H. Atkinson, a rent.	
Notice ls hereby given tbat sixty days afU*r
date I intend to apply to thc Honorable the
Chief Commissioner of Landl and Works for
permJssioii to purchnse the following described
lands sltuale in West Kootenay dlstricl; Com-
mcuelug ata post marked "A, McLean's N W.
corner posl,"situate near llie N.K. corner of land
applied for by A. McUughlan, Ihcnce south 40
chains, more or less; thence east W rhaifm;
thence nortii 40chains, moreorless; tbence weil
80 ehalni to point of oommencement
Balmo, Augusl 11, IBOfl A. McLkan,
T. a. Atkinson, Agent
Notice is horeby given thai 00 dHyiuftrr dale I
intend to make application to ihe Honorable the
Chief Commissioner of Lands and Works for per-
mlHsou to purchase lhe following described lands,
litUate in Wga| Kootenay district: Commeuelng
at a post marked "A. McLaughlin's K. W corner
l>o-l," situnle near Uo* N. )���:. corner of laud applied for by I* McArthur, tbence south 40 chains,
more orISSS) thenee easl HO chains; theupe norlh
4i)cbattiN, more or less; lbence west 80 chains lo
point of commencemeiit.
Salmo, Auguit 11, IWO. A. Mi Laiciii.an,
X. H. Atkinson, Agent.
We have just received a splendid stock of Ladies' Shirt Wain Embroidered Cashmere in Cream, N_vy and fancy colors-
sizes from 32 to 42 Inches, and we are selling these at exce-n' .
ly low prices while they last. "'"fr
Notice Is herebv ki\hi thnt 60dan alter date I
iniend to appiv to ihs Honorable Oblel ''ommis-
���loncr ol 1*nds aud Work*, for permission U> purchase the Pdlowliis described land-., situated on
the ea*t side  of Arrow lake: < oinmcnciiiK at a
post narked a. Macleod* location post, tnanos
aouth frtv ehains, [oiioMtug V Toye's eastern
boundary; tbenoe easi sixty chain*., to cast bank
of 'ia'Ibaldl (reek; tbi*iiei* lr rib forty r hains;
tbeuce easi sixty chains to point of comnieiice-
ment. BonUinlne-_-0 acres, more or les��
Dated Beptember 1, 1806.      ai.ua IeUc. aoo.
Per f*- DnngBs, At-cnt.
Notice Is 111 rebv clv.-f, itmt l-tlilaVN niter .late I
Intend to applj to the Honorable lbs L'blef Com-
pilsalonei "i Lsndsand Worki for permission lo
pnrobaafl lha rollo�� ing de* rlbed lands, situated
on the esst side of Arrow like: Commencing at
Uie northeast corner oi A-Attthonjri purchaM,
theuce north fort] chains, thsnos west forty
chains, thence toutb fortj chains, thenos east
forty chains to polnl ol oommenoemant, oon*
tniniiiK it<" ,!������'���-��� more or less.
Dated Beptember i, 1906. Jinn P, IfsouMO,
j- rif. Dntna, &g#nt
Notice is ton by glren that '-'dari after date I
Intend toapply to lhe Honorable toe Coll I Com
mlssloner Ol Landsand Works for permlMlori lo
porebsse wa following described Unds:  i ont-
lueui in,' at a pott marked "J. W U's 0. tV corner/* placed ou tlte east sii-re ol Lower Arrow
Uke at the nprthwast oorner of J. t:brlstlu'i Ap-
Idn Hiioi, to Purchase. rniiiilnj( Ihem B 10 ebalus
east; thenoeWchains nortb; tbence lo chains
more i.r less, west to tbe bite Uio e; lheni ��� fol
lowing lake shore lo point of eommeneement
coiii'iiuiiiK :irfi acrea mon or less.
Dated the Brd day of July, jaotl.
J. W. Batm.
Kotiee is bereb; given ihat sixty days after
dale I miend io appl v to the Hon. Chief Commissioner "f  bunds and  Work-  for  |��*rmisMo!i to
purchase tbe following desoribed lands, in
West Ko-.teiiay nistrict: Commencing at an initial posi planted at the southeast Ooroi I 01 McCoy's pre-emption, tbence .n ehelni wesl to east
boundary oi Lol 61��j ihenoe following sslo
boundary south to sontneast oorner ol Mid lot]
thenee iu ehalni west; ibenee Go ehaimsodthj
tbence .ao ebalni east; tbence 20 chains nortii to
MO tb wesl corner Of Ud 221; ilu-iic*- following
west iM.ntidarv of Lol t23 !������ initial post
���September ii, idob. d. ii. tfotwt,
per Cbxcst W, SoanOMt,
KotlOS is hereby glVSO that 00 day I alter'talc, i
intend to apply lothe Hon. Chlel missioner
oi Lamls and worka for permission to purchase
tba [ollowlng deaorlbed lands, sltnate on the
Baal ihore of Lower Lake, ebool one nii-ione
half mile South ol Bdgewood, il C. and ad
joiuiDK J.T- Bealtie's apidicatlon to pun base,
and OOmmeoelng at a pOSI marke! liojinM Wil
son's Mouth West corner, thence runnlni: North
Sixty chains, tbence Kasl forty chaini. thence
Booth, sixty chains, thence W.'i fortv chains to
place of commencement, and containing MO
acres more or less.
Ik��ui.d U'iukjk.
M   II. -Mcyt AKkit, Agtnt.
Hated this 26th day ol Beptember. lawi.
Notice Is hereby Riven thai tvomoothl aft. r
date  I  Iniend to apply  to the Honorable I'bl.-l
Commissioner of Eenas and works for pern Is-
���ion lo punhaae MOaoresoi land, described as
iollowt: nommenctiiE at a i��.st planted n\ the
southwest ol U c Morrison's ranch m Kire
Valo-y. WOSl Kootenay diMri t. marked "j n
Monro's northeait corner rs-si"; ihence *-i<hr*in��
net; thenee to ohalm Miuth; thenoe BOcbalns
east; lhetice V) chains nortii lo tlie plaee oft om-
Hated iith day of September, itor.
J. h. Ktnraoi.
'��� ^^ v.. a.CAinn, Agent
Notice is hereby given that Oo days after date I
intend to apply to the Hon. Chief Commissioner
of Unds and  Works for permission to purchase
the following deserlbed lands, situate m Weel
Kootonay distriet:  Beginning at a post tnaited
"Arthur Barren's B W. corner," and planted on
lhe east shore of Whatshan (Tarit.oo) U\ke al��.ui
two miles north of ibe iiarro*.-.*, of VMitf-han
lake, and al the EL K corner of *R Bewmbe'l an
plication to purehaae; thence east 40 chains;
thence north BO chains; thence west W ohalnsl
thence south no chains to |m,1ui oi commeiic.-
ment; Containing BO asm more or leis
Hated this Btfadayof Oct. 1000,
Ahthcr Waiii-px,
  P. 1- Hammonu, Agent.
Notice is hereby given that sixty dari after
SSH##Uortn4. '" ��PP,lr l" tht Honorable the
Chief Commihsioner ol Lands and Works Ior
permission to purchase the lollowtnir dc-
seribed lands sltuaU- In the West Kootenay
district, starting Irom a post planted mi lhe
nortii bank of the Norlh Kork of Das* creek'
thence'A chains vest, ao chains north, S> chains
woat, 40 chains norlh, 10 chains west. 2o chains
north, 90 chains west, 20 chains north. 80 ohalns
eaat ki chain*, south, _o chains . ���st tf ehalns
south, _�� chains east, 40 eh��� In 4 .south to POlnl ol
comiinrieemciit, eon ui n UU Moai-rt**.
Haled lath day of August. HUT..
Kknkht W. KoHiumft
81ity days alter date J Intend to apply to the
Honorable the Chief ComUlMlOttOr of Lands and
floras, Victoria, to purehaae MO acres of lalol
located and dcicribcd as follows; beiiie the
northcasl (jtiarler of Hectlon twenty-two, ami
the south half of tin* uortbwesl -juarter t*e-ciio*_
twentv three, Township six ly-ninc.   And tnrlh'-i
deaorlbed as follows:  Oo_on.eiie.ng ai a noai
marked J J. N. W. corner, nnd planted in chains
daatol the uortbwesl corner of Beotlon Iwcntt-
two and niniiitiK east 4'it hains, Ihcnce until fa
chains, them* east 40 chains, thenee south 20
cbalni. thenc* west ft) chains, thene-- north 4o
chains to place of beginning,
August '-lit, IWU. Jamw Joiikhioni,
Wi A. ('alder. Agent
Notice is hereby given Dial GU days i^fle, ,',lh- |
'-"u'"l I 'I'lJ to lbe Honorable lhe Chief Com-
miss oner of Landsand frorlm f v p*nniMjon to
purebaae tho tollowtng lo��jrit>eo ,. ������ ��� com.
mencing at a post marked "J. a o. H' ���      wr
ner." placed ai the nortbcist corner of I ru Bul
nmnliig ho chains nnrth; thence 80 Chaini l   sti
tbenoe ���><tbalns south; thencenehalni treat to
pom', of commciccmeilt, coiil-ilniiiK W0 acres
more or leis.
Datld the Jlst day of July ItfOfi,
J A. 0'Ksn.i.r
HJxty days after date I Intend to apply to tne
Commissioner of Unds ami woris, victoria to
purchase 180 acres of bind, silualc mid described
as follows: Couimcncirijr m ,, jllhH| pUnted on tbe
west side of Arrow bike Opposite Cariboo City at
or near Hie BOptbWOSt corner of B. gib i���ir.
chase, and marked "��. M. A., S  | corner " and
runniiift north 40 ahalns, thenoe west 40 obalns
to ll.Ant.ables purchase, thenc soulb J.,. S"
moreor less to the like sbon-. thencebIoiik lho
lake shore to place of beginning K Ult
Aiigust2Ath, lfloft. <}. m Annaih.ie,
Notice ls hereby given that 00 daysafu-r date I
inteud to make application U. the llooonibl      ,,.
t-hief' ommissioiier of Undaand Works K
miision to purchase aboul Mi aores of and aim
atedon tbe Salmon rlrer, Wast KSna��di_tr.P-
opmmenelng at a postmarked % h. Bntwl h v
Corner, planted on the wesl bank of the river"
about 4*4 inijes norih of ihe International bound
ary, thence west eo chains, thenoe 80 ehaJni
south, thence east nb.,���l aO chains to Lha rl *, ,
miXmcnt   '   3' Hl��"K "" ri���l" ���"** of ,:,,U1
August Uth, IDOO. _ ��. tt. BliTTRK,
       __j     T* "��� Atkinson, Agent,
Notice is hereby KlTl-ii Unit IW) -layi* after date
Unds and   *orks for oermUsl^r'fo' purcbue
ihe follow ng dasorfbed lands iWii/i-rSa
Koolenay district: Commcnci fg,   "" L  n.S?
. ;. "'*���""��� ' "��� n-wian post," ��� iti.i.i, ,,,,,,-
the N. K, corner of land applie.i f0, |,v �� ������.._',/
Ih-ucc south 40 chains more ��� le.s��� tlo.,,. u ,'
��C1 is;   Ihenc i,orlU4(icbah���, mo c   7l**
theuce wen PO ohaini to poim of .���,,���,��� ",;.'��� �����
Balmo, Aognit n, itwo.   . "HiKuneni.
..  .        ������ VoAnnmi
T. H. Atkihsom, Ageut.
Nollct-  Is hereby kIvcij tbat ���
date I   Inteud hi apply t��� nM. ii..'".'^^
mlssloner of Undi an.1 Works f       ^
to j.urchaac ihe folloaini* dl mh rlln_t____i
uate iu Wwt Kootenay RiXt  iMP
S    a   (nisi   marked ��A.H|ncb'. 8 T^
planted ���,   the B. W. romer n   L'ttSB
mi .*�� north of furtou im m-j J|B,;;,T,_!l
""I" westol ihe Columbia ri"er iffiM
gebane-thoneowest-ttebsir.-' hJSf
BOcbalns;tbenweast-ioehainsio M__f!_l
meneement, oontainlng 120 acres *
Hated ihis Uth ���Myo__epi*ni_er,l��gi
NMic is h-n-by given that00dan 1
U>b od to apply to ihe Honorable tm-SJ
mlssmnarol Undsand Work.u��-mSM
inirrbaac U.e following den-ri!-.i  Jn.fSji
Iron, a po-l marked \\. T'mioiiIiih .i um, !_\
soulb  VI ebalns,  them-e east  mi ,1,1^7,
north Wcheins, thenoe west BO ebatMtaJ
comme_jjen_att,1 cunuining 3��t HVtvt L^-m
ess; id Joins OT the east oil An.h,,n/iSl
lion to purchase. '     '"'��
Dated thu ttnu day of Aognit, int.
���*��� PiniWa, A,MMX~
Noiiceisiicr"byKhei,ihBi.i.i1 i Iii n aAftMl
erol iHud. anft Works fori*!
Cl,a��e    thc   (.,How iui;  di -er*!- ,
starttng  al  n   pOSI mark.-I <  , . ,,
plauied on lbe i-k.| ihOrtol Liwei trt___L_
nesu Utadstnns CrotA, [bene*  h  .Uh,.*!1
'' ��� DOS mi Rhalni north, the-,,,   ������ , u-u'JJS
bike ihore, theoos aouii. ��!.,,,. ,��k.- ,r,flH
p-.mt of commenosuu-nt fl
Hated thu Uth da;, nf September. UK
' AiueaiMi.nl
Hakkv UlBSun, -.fin.    I
Noil.,- || hereby given thai -v, (I(1V_ kn���__M
inieml to apply to the Hooorabli if,. rhWbS
missioner of Unds aod Worki lul i--n.cMio.il
Purcha-M tb-  following ,1... .*.! ,,"
on the -mi ilde of Arrow Ink.     - ,\m
theaonthweal corner of A. Anthony. ������ * iam
tbenoe south twentv chain I
chalna, thenoe nnrth twenty rbaiui ���   ���   ,'jI
twentychalui  to point o| couhd I
Uiu lug ftiai-rwi  more or lesi P
HaiedK'pb.mberl,]_tfi       B_niB_l tixiw,\
 pcrN  Drmkm   Ut-ii;
Nolle,   i.   Hereby riven  ihat   -  Uy   .��;, ,_,!
date I intend toapply to Hie If,, ,1
''ommlasloncrof Unds ami W..fi->ff,-p,.mi_-_J
tO pnn ham- tbe   following ���!��� *��� rlbed IfSdl ���"_���
ai- in ibe Wept Kootenay dlatrlet *<tei��'^<3*gl
itiul Andre'*'   fre t-mption,   starling si i
marked A J. Long, M ���.eotnev     mevoti
of   Lower    \rr-.w   lake,   tlu-lc    .*   -___����� i
thenos tt ehnins Mtnlw ibenos -uriiaiDi-a-,1
thence 40 chains norlh to point <*f coaim****-1
ment. j
i-alcd at Nelaou, B.C., thi- Mb dav of ImtM
'��������� ������ ""- A. J. Hut r
 Wu. po : in
Notl.r i��  hereby given that Hx(r 4sntM,
date I int, iid to apply ni thc H-.in.niW. tht-fbttf ���
CommiMioner ol Undsand Worki 'hr tetaiattaW
lopur__hase the following des- 'ib��i;iii_f xiual
ill West Kootenay tl!*.| rlel: rofiUIHJiilIlf if a poet
planted al Hobcrt t orlett'i D.'Mii i*��t < .inert
P*-l   and  inarfct'I  A. M'a N. �� Cms IhSS
aaai to ohalns j ihcnce ttehsini ��uth, -.."tr
bis to the Ko^.teoay nv*?r; ilii-!:��*fc��-|iaiii����cstl
along   llie   Kooienav   ri��cr,   tbeBCl S__fl
not in. more or lea", io the place ef n)nini(w*|
in* lit. ((intnliiiiig Ot) acres more or lew.
cwptsmtn-r Hth 1W6.
..K<or. M-eu, j
/ Wjllhh Moosi a* Agist.
Notice i. ber.iby gtvt n that00 I lyisttsflshtt
Intend to apply wtiteBoo the CbWCawsB
aloner ol Umls and frorfcl tot j--iin*--'i_ ��l
nunhasc the following deKTlta f lands Is�����
West Kootenay dlstricl: Bcgitmliip n ��*tm
marked!, it. I1HI and H, Ib-iPn - I on"><|
ai-oui I miles eaat of the Balmon nvi-ran.*_U*|
'-s mile from th�� I'end d'Oreille nver; tbeifttl
ehains north; Ihence tOrhain** "est; threal I
chains soiilh; ihence -10 chains cast lo I'lWl \
Mfflnnl g.
Hated the ��!u_ day o( Bt-pumbi-r. H ���
'���  ILBB
K KBl,
R   M, KSEVK-, *frtlL
Notice is herebv given that tt Jaj
intend to appiv ton��Honorable in
missioncrof Lands and Works fn    ���
purchaM-iiu following desoribed -
Kirttt, nay Dlstrlol about six mli'f "
ton Clly : couiiDt .lclnc at a post pli
ea-t bank of Trout creek and umtk.
er's N W c p,,��i a,id running lou I
thenee east tt chains: theme norl
Ihcnce west uti (hains bi the (ita- ��� "
ment. containing mo aeres, moreor
Hated thii tvnd day of Augusi. ''
W. H. Hamnhs
Noilce is hereby given lhal (*' ilsri
Intend to apnr H Bus Hon Chief ''oi
of Unds end Works for petmissian
the foUowlng deserlbrd lands, liim
Vootenay district: CommetiejiiK ��' ���
ad ���bkw g, b Corner." planted on t
I-iwer Arrow lake, about one mil
Oordon enck (Johnston rm-k,; tl" '
t'iiafns, thenoe west 2D chains, I!"'
chain--,  theuce east  W) chains to  J
meneement, oontnlnlng i���� acrei n
and comprising abandoned preempl
Slaked this /111, day of Auguri, r"
H. It  Wi
A. N. Wol.viKToV.
Chlel W
I. Ft-H"  I
��� atlerdsJclfl
in ���*>��_*.* I
ualw luW_
'1 mart- \
'i -��� '������
��� south oi I
-,. B,.nlit I
,  ��,,ll!liS I
ire -iri��|
._ Nl A I
Notice is hereby given that BlXt] i
1 intend to apply to tbe Hon Cbb "
of Landi and Works ior permisiloi
th" foUowlng deacrlbed landi, itai
-'���"itf.1 on the North Wesi rarm
rsfroii'W I
i i-ii'i"'
,, jiuirW-
���i H.t;**l
III!.   It"*
i . roll* |
l-SKU.      ���
��� i.. AT* I
thence  running   twenty chain*
twenty chains West, theliee forn i ! i
thence twenty chain- 11^,1. thcoi*-l��'*i
Souih lo point of uunmioneoinent, an
ing Ml K'-i'tnt more or leas.
Habd t lie Isl diy of October, 190U.
Notice is bun Ly given that rtl davs ir
intend lo apply to the Uonorahle the ��
mlssloner of Und* ano Works, for i��*n
purchaao the lollowlng described !��'"'
in IncdlMrict of  Wesl  Kootenav, ii I
7M on the west arm of Kootenay lake,
elng at the initial poat placed at ii"*-
corner of Lot 780, tbenee uorih 80 cha i
WBtl 90 eliains, tbence souih ttrhali
east Lit chains -��� |(0|���( ol coininellccc" '
Hated Ann. i.:,ih. m*;. Jams*
Noilce is hereby given that tt days li
intend to spplr to the nonorsbu- t
commissioner of tnaas and Works toi
sloj U> purchase the loiiowing descrli"
in the w.-st Kootenay district: Bcgm
i��ost marked "Kleanor iftrsrii'w B vv
and planted on the *#e*d shore of tin- <>
Whatshan (Cariboo) lake.nboulolicini
miles south of Arrow lake Hail; Ikcm'i
''hains; tbence east -III chnins more or I
shore of tho Harrows; (hence follow J m
sbon  in g general southerly and wc-le
tton Bu ebalns more or lesa to polnl of ''���
iiienl, containing u_0 acres more or less.
Dated UOt, 8111,11116. KI.KANOK
F. L  IUmmokh, Agi i"
Notiee la hereby glren lhat alutyday-'nl'-j'j*"
liuteudto apply A tfaa Hon r��fetfum>ml��J
er ol Landhiiud Works for pcrmisHon !������ V"
Mase the following described lands in il" H ,
Koob-ioiy .liMrlci;   Beginning Hla poll ","Mol(
''W.fleeombe'sB.K corner," Snd p1h��il-"H.
�����si shore of Wiinlsban (Cariboo) i��k*\tH���
two miles n.irlh of lhe narrows ol Whai-I""
i��n. ihence north m chains; then'-'' ***Z
cbama, moreor less, to the lake shore Ih����|
loiiowing ||���. S|lt)1 HhnreliiagenorMlHxiNii^
and easterly dlroetton ISO cbains, Dime '" h"���"C
the   point  of conimeiicemeiil;   raUlaf"""' 4W
^l�����1r��,', "re ��.r h-a*
Datod Ihis Hth day of on , 1000,
F, L   llAMHONU, Age"'
IMU'll I" I
j. jtitnaH I
iilli��H I
he  '"[���''I
-,] l��ridi. 1
,���,���. Iiiiil
.',!������ said
rl) 'I'"''
UiiinolK*' ' 7   -
The Dafly Canadian
wo -v
_sl   *.
Berni-Ready Sack Suits, Double Breasted, style as photographed above, in the
famous Bltinoz Serge, blue or black, for	
ni can  always tell the difference when you try on a .Semi-Ready garment.
liuctive style of good tailoring is supplemented by fine British cloths. ***
Look for the Semi-Ready Label on every suit you buy-��� ���
for this silk label, sewn on the inside pocket, plainly #
stamps the real Semi-Ready garment. ^
^j* Semi-Ready Wardrobe ���
silken seal of merit. J. A. GILKER, NELSON, B* C ���
r nnd by virtue of the powers of a
in il cerinin icorl^uj.'s-  w iiicli �� ill I
��t ihe time of sale. Uicre will bei
* by  public Hiietton on .Vatiirdav H
Ootober, I'XK*. al llie ho
nl  the   II..WI   Hume.  CiN-ll
KietreoM, KolaOn, 11. 0., by Messrs. Char!
.ierm.ni., Co., the follow! tti property, Vie;
number, flftoeu fill) and sixteen tttf, imiii
iek onuber ten ivi), being i��an of ibt* sub
of lyoi iiuniiH-r ninety six- Qroup out;
[diHtrid ol Kootenay, BriUib Colninbia,
nn  nn  the  IImux- addition   lo Nel-c-ji,
._    ordlng tn ������ nine oi plan deposited In
fnd Beflalry nfflceand numbered tM H,
i said land Is erected a large and com-
welling bouse m firM-Hnts-ir-ii-r, vriUi
Ihter.   This properly  is nol   fur I nun llie
m |M>riiHii of tho eity,
n* und oondltlona made known at tho Line
* in tin* meantime upon application tu
UortgagAc's Bollrltor.
*i Nelson the 17lb day Of Kept, I 00,
For Everything Cfood
*<1 Slllllllll.
w���� a'�����,.   Imported and Domestic Cigars, Tobaccos.
Do You Know Thurnun's SpfcUl Mixture?
'������ Ir herebv uiveii that, thirty days after
I   Iniend lu apply lo lhe Honorable Uie
' "inmlMlnner ot 1 ts and Worki for a
' lueiuieto cm mid carry nw-n limber Irom
���u-.wiii-f described lands, nltuttte in ibe
 nay district:
""in iiik ni a posl marked Pre- Atkinson'��
vt>-\ corner post nlantod about ono mile
i ��� b|��*r Arrow hike nnd JolUiJiR Uit*M|
chi-i m chains, tbonce .smith no chai ox,
Weal 80Chains, ihcnce north MehalM te
"i eoinmcncemoiit
d ihiKlih -lay of (.Kioher. IDOB.
I'uki) Atkinson,
Ciia.-i Kill..
notleo that 80 days after date we iniend
|Iok application in  th" Honorable the t'hb'l
"ilitaiunerof Hmids and Works tor aspooltt)
o to out and oarry awuy timber from the
itm dcneribeii binds;   Commencing al n
near lhe SOillbcilst comer of llle K _TB
By,   Iao   820.    I'lllinllii*;   theuee    nor;h    ll'rtl
a; thenoe oast 40 ehatns; ihence souih ir.o
-; thence woat 40ohtUna to point ol com-
wl, September Uth. MQ8
WaTTNUCIIO   bl'MllRIt  ('   M   -NV,
ice in hereby given Hint Hit dins aftei dute I
dlo iipp]*, to the llqil. thernM ������(iiuihIk
rol Lands add Works for ii f-pee nt lid-uce
: mid curry a   av timber fron the Icllowiur
Ibod lumls, iltnato Hi w.-t Kootenay dls-
Uomuentung nt u p. st i u dolllnspu creek,
-i|iiHrierH of n mill northwest of UircherV
fc i inI'lh,n, theliee wesl SUcbiilus. thence no-lb
fhnlii", theuee ensl Dorhnlns, tlience wuth ho
o p  Liitof commencement,
Uieatcd July 26th, HWO.
Uko. HknDs-iihon, Locutor.
A. McDonald & Co*
Hi ���..lew in staple nml fiuic.v (.iriK'nrion.
Butter, Kmst.
Cmnpnnd Miners' Supplies.
Old Curiosity Shop
If you want to lm. or s"!l snythlng,
ko to the Old C-rlnsily Shop, A new
line of tTapft-tfi-6 (looils muv on salo. All
kintlB of blnnerwui-u In sio-k. P.-1-
Street Railway Men Meet.
Columbus, O., Oct. 16.���The annual
convention of the Ami'rlcan Street am]
Iiilci-iirtiiiii Itnilway assodiiflon is at
hand ansl Columbus Is filled to _*�����*>
flowing wiih tin1 traction men from a
score of stiueH. The association proper slssi'ss not Iss'Kin its business until
Wednesday, but the railway claim
agents' association, one of (be uffiiiat-
esi bodies, began lis annual meeting
Topics of unusual interest to street
railway and traction men are to be discussed daring tbe week. The most Interesting or these will have to do with
compensation fur carrying United
States niun, standardization of equip,
ment, promotion of traffic, and Insurance. Miiny of the members of Ihe
association are arriving lu their special
iiiieiiiihaii carl from points as far distant as Indianapolis. Toledo and
Meaning of Public Corruption in Canada Discussed by Members of Nelson University  Club.
With charges of diahoneaty and corruption aguinut statesmen and li- ads ol
business corporai-Ious of almost daily
occurrence, it le uot uuuaiural that
thoughtful Canadians --should begin lo
inquire Ihe trend of Lheir national lifo
a* indicated   by   the exposures.
Such an inquiry iu.nn.-i lhe subject
uf an animated (Uveauloo Uy the members ol the l'niver_iLy club of Nelson
ai their regular meeting lust Saturday
There waa a goo-U attendance of
member*. The university oommlttee
reported further eolumuncatluns from
m In T organizations and assurauces
uf eu-operaiiun in keeping the proposal
fur (hu establishment of a provincial
university before the government aud
thu public.
A paper was then read on "The
Evils of National Prosperity*" pointing
out the fate of former lowers after attaining wealth by conquest, aud applying a comparison of them with the
Mritish race at the present time.
The following aro extractB from Ihe
"Such reflections naturally provoke
Ihe thoughtful query: 'Is the process
universal and Inevitable, or may a> \mo-
pie prosper In material things and yet
rem&ll) vigorous and virtuous7' The
question is of vilal importance to Canadians ut the present lime, while Uie
attention or practically the whole
world of finance is attracted lo the development of the Canadian West.
"Great llrltaln Is naturally the
standard by which we judge ourselves.
The fear of deterioration Is ever present to the statesman and jmets of the
"Itui probably the development of
another of the new nations, sprung iu
some degree from the same Hioek as
nu rsclves���lhe Americans���may be
even more instrucllve, because more
marly analogous with our own case.
"The most obtrusive of all the phenomena of American history for the
laat decade hus been thc long series
of exposures of corruption, political���
ihat is, federal, state and municipal���
industrial and commercial. The ex-
plaiuilioii commonly offered by Americans is that In lhe rapid development
following the close of their Civil war,
tbey were too busy opening up tbe
country to bother with poHUca, which
therefore were allowed to fall Into the
conirol of the worst elements.
"Mut the question for us now Is: To
what extent is the same thing happening In Canada?'
*'It maiy be said, and with some
truth, lhat in Canada we have always
had political corruption, and it may
even be added lhat it Is uo worse now
than formerly.
"Hut here Is a distinction���a very
importanl distinction��� between the
man who is dishonest that he may attain or retain power and the man who
seeks power that he may have greater
Opportunities for dishonesty.
"Ib it not a fact that the second class
Is becoming ever more prominent in
the parliament and legislature of
"Hut professional iiolltlcians are,
after all, not a very large class in a
community. It may happen that honesty and purity may survive in a people whoso rulers are hopelessly corrupt. It was so iu England in the
eighteenth century. It is so, we are
assured, in  Russia today.
But Canada is a democracy. We are
guilty of the acts of our rulers whom
WO have chosen. Are we content with
them? Do we even condemn their notorious dishonesty?
"Is it not, on tbO contrary, accepted
ap a sufficient defence to charges of
wholesale stealing, to point to the
great and growing prosperity of the
"Do we, ns a nation, care at all
ahout honesty, or ouly about wealth?
Who are our national, heroes of the
present? Are they not the heads of
hanking, railway and other corporations?
"Mammon worship is our national religion. We teach It In our schools.
Manual training and technical Instruction are rapidly displacing culture subjects In all our curricula. We have
apparently decided thai, morals and
manner:: are of little worth, and the
true ideal of national character Is efficiency, that Is. skill as producers of
material wealth."
In the discussion that followed dissentient opinions were generally on
matters of detail, or as to the degree
of the evil. There was practical unanimity that the materialism and corruption purl rayed are already conspicuous
among Hritish jteoples and especially
tn Canada.
The only remedy suggested wag con-
taifned in the paper: That BO-called useful subjects be banished or reduced on
the school curricula, and their place
taken by studies more adapted to tbe
formation of character and presentation of ideals.
C. M. Praaer will prepare a paper for
the November meeting of the club.
O'Keefe Thompson Bout Off.
Mutte, Oct. 15.���The fight between
Jack O'Keefe aaid Maurice Thompson,
which was to have lieen pulled off here
tonight, hiiH been declared off because
of the refusal of the authorities to
grant a permit.
Certificate of Improvements
"Boll pi
llmllt !'
No. 8," "Vovey," "lta-ppy Uadmin,"
itlaual" nnd "A ih lMm*lli.ii��l" mln-
Iiis, HiHintc-1 iii thefllOMUl Clt_ MIliiiiK
i of Won Kootonay district,
VoriIt ul Twrhi* Mill? creek.
tiiat I, 11. K. .Inruii'I, of HU
c. Free Ulpar'i Bmflcato No, D7&1O0- u.i hih-ih
fur I.. A.Colo, KriM- Mluor'l .',.|||fi.*iil<> N'.t. hmi,
Intend, ilxty day* frnm Uie <iaii- berwif, tn m>]> >���
10 tfio  Minims  "���..'���.������.Her fnr B (Vrllll-'iUu uf Inr
proromouti,rorUia purpose of obtaining aCcou n
Gran) uf Haiti hhmi-iaI ������! i mi-
Ami fitrtlter hike notiee Uml tv-Uini, un er
Ki-ellmi Jt7, miiNl In-pommciiri't l��*lure the Ikkh-
ailOO ul hilili rertlllentenf I iii|mivi'liteiltH.
Dated iiiif-'joili (t*r of September, imm.
���N*_*_,__ON,   B. C.
Silver King Hotel
Bum Dollar a day boaae in thu Kootena}..
Koomi nre well furntibcd.   Table u goosl u any
lo Nelson.    Bar supplied with good
llauoraaDa clears.
W. B. McCANDLISH, Proprietor.
Tremont House
Knropean aod Annrtcan Plan
Meala 36 ct_.   Boomi from 'A eta. to It
Only White Htlp Employed.
Residence for Sale.
Price $1,000
Baker Bt.. Nelion Proprietor*
Bartlett   House
obo, w. BABTLrrr,
Best DoIlar-a-Day House in Nelson.
The Bar la Lhe Fineat.
White Help Only Employed.
JoMpblne Bt.
Nelaoo. B. C.
The K* Schooner p^       J A
Or "Half-ud-BasU"   DCCl   1 UL*
Tbe only (.limn ot Good Boer iu Nelaon.
II..sil ,,.-'-.,. (.....Hi,., I, .iih M-i'on.) to none In Hrii
lull I'sslumlsln. ItaU-ss ��l.mi|s.TsUy. K|ws-lal raU'8
tss sisiiinlsls l.cisstils-r.s Only 1,,-Iss. lintel In Ni-Imiu
Lake View Hotel
��'uriipr Hill mil VeruoQ,
two blocks from wharf,
Ritei $1.00 per day md up.
P.O.Box 151.
Teleplioue Ut.
Grand Central Hotel
J. A. ERIOKSON, Proprietor.
Centrally I_e_ted. Open Day and Night.
Bample and Bath Rooms Free.
Opposite Court House and Post Office,
Corner Ward ud Vernon Streets.
T*1* Stfathcona
Nelson, B.O.
R. Tomkins, Manager.
The Leading Hotel in the
Oood   Sample    Roonu.
Queen's Hotel
Raker Btreet, Nelson. B. O,
Lighted by Electricity and
Heated by Hot Air
IsarfO and -omfortanle Bedrooms and First*
das. TlliiiiiK Room, -ample Rooma for Cummer-
clal Men.
MRB. r.  ��. rl.AKKK, ProprietreM
TiTiim ��� 1 .r.f) ins-h
balauco iiioulhly payment-
House and Two Lots for Sale in
Hume Addition. The house has
five rooms and a large basement
and is well situated.
H. <& M. BIRD.
Rlr-s ana Ae_ld*nt
Real Estate aad Mining
Manager for tbe Kootenay Valleys Company, Ltd.
Old-Bt established Real Estate
BuHini-HH in Kootenay.
Nelson, B. C.
The well known
U/^f *|J��        Our Beer Garden is
IIU 1 Clrf        tbe I-incBt iu tbe
Royal Hotel
Baton |1 and ��I.W) a Day.
Special KatftB to Regular B-ardeni.
Choice Fruit
I Have 10,000 Acms
oi the
Choicest Frett Lands io
British Colombia.
Can sell any quantity from 5 acres to 2,000 in one block.
Buy uow and get the ground floor prices.
Nelson, B. C.
The Hall Mining and Smelting
Company, Limited.
Purchases Lead, Copper and Dry Ores.
busch...       Budwciser Beer
Order quantity before cold weather sets in.
���"'���A__r_r_!&..ir,tl-H    VICTORIA
P. Burns &Co*
Branch Markets in  Rowland,  Trail,   Ni Imu, Kaslo,  Sandon, Three Forks, New
Denver and Sloean Oity.
Orderi hy mail to any bram-h will hare
our prompt ami _araful attention-
Head Office: Nelson, B. C.
Wholeaal- ami ic-mil Dunlura In
Fresh and Salted Meats
Camps supplied on shortest notice and
lowest price. Nothing but fnwh and
wholesome meats aud supples kept in fatook
Hail orders receive careful attention.
E. C. TRAVES,  Manager.
New Fall
Goods Arriving
Importer of Rln*
tllltlllMll   aootlM
Jno_ T. Pierre
Baktr St.
N*l_M>n, B. C
Imperial Bank of Canada
Head Offlce:  Toronto.
CAPITAL AUTHORIZED... .��f.,IIOO,000. CAPITAL PAID UP... .11,280,0-0
KKST fl,.K0,00O.
D. B. WILKIE, Pnaident.        MON. IIOHKBT JAF.KBAY, Tioe-Praddent
Branches fat British Colombia:
Deposits rooeivort and iutoi-nst allow .kI at onrreut rate* frnm date of opening account and credited half-yearly.
nbuoin branch *J* IVI,  UAY, JVIanagar. V
The Daily Canadian
We are in a position to fill Jewelry orders and give the best satisfaction at the lowest prices.
OUR NECK CHAINS in solid Gold run from S2.25 up to $6.00 and
$7.00.    Long Gold Chains from $8.00  up to  $30.00.
We are always showing something new.
___ir_7A-T-HIiro JEHKI.IJIK
I Book Ahead For
: Preserving Pears
I lb. box   -   50c
J-2 lb. box -   30c
.* i   S  Hr-  U  (Jne tt-   thc inii'r i cpe&llTfl
I toda, nj.- (.iiiy _USoreno_ i- tbe pad_-ge.
Tin" a BOX
Pbane W. Baker St.
Next P, Barm <_: Co.
��� Thfl rif_.it kind are warre. We ���
�� have a uiof* lot of local Kartk'ttt J
4 and Finnish Beauties v> arrive        y
��� Lowest market prjrfh */uiinintei*fl
X ��� X
IBell Trading*
I        Company
Coal and
Telephone 265
Do you remember that
The apple you took from,
the tree when you were a;
How nice it tasted tlieu.
has some just like them.
Come and  sample some.
JOY will meet yon
at the door.
! Joy's Cash Grocery]
Oor.J_sopti_a.nd Mm Ru.    Runs n
Waterproof Paints
Joal Tar, Pitch,
Creosote, Oils for
'reserving Tim tier,
Roofing Pitch and
Bunt BolMan will (Iml it in their iid-
vaiitiiKe to use our Pilch.
Nelson Coke & Gas Co.
"Maple Leal" Brand.
1'NJKOKM BI'KNIN'J i* thc moot important factor When blutlOf mi a linye
���mil*.*. "Map!** Leaf" brHii. li clHlincd
���mipcrior la tlilK ntpecU
��� nM|inriKiii' With oilier makuh Invited-
Sola AKa>.-. Nelson, B.C.
CSOC*.  Vcrssisti Isnil Word   Streets,
N-HJBOM,   li. C
.1. >"KKD HUME. Proprietor.
L. Uaiiua. Kaslo; i!. i\ I'urnliara, J.
li. Klinn. Qrand Forks; ll. C. Wands,
Toronto; D. McCallum, Slocan; P, W.
Sisis'y. Vancouver; .\lr_. \V. J. Shannon, Grand Forks; S. U. Curry, Bois-
scvaiis; (; G. Ness. J. Shelly, Kcn-
iii"i- . S. Patterson, Rossland; J. EL
Qreenfield, J, Adair, Vanoouver; F. W.
Warren, Trail; J. Kirkup. Rossland;
F. II. Russell, K. O. Lewis, Toronto;
Mis. J. McDonald, Miss .McDonald,
Lindsay; T. G. Hastie, Colville; H. W.
Warrington, Grand Forks: D. F. Fish-
er, Quebec
A H Larsen, Kossland; A. B, W.
Hodges, Grand Forks; K. S. Dawson,
V. Yibert. Lethbridge; L.
Brlckei Berlin; Mrs. J. H. Kelly. Duncau T. H. Trethewey, La Plata; E.
M Hans] Vmir: .1. P.. Burrow, wire aud
son. Topeka; J. D Robertaon, Kansas
Cs.s. ji .'sluthison and wife. Greenwood; Mrs. G. Turns'i and child. Phoenix: Mrs. Turner, New Westminster;
H. i; Neoulle, H. H. Holrnan. W. S.
Usui' i Vanoouver; D. C. McGregor. C.
W. Woodland. Toronto; A. Sharp,
Rossland; H. Hartin. Kaslo;; Miss It.
Oouziiis, Chatham; P. J. Lund, Ward-
ner: J IJ Westenhaver, Detroit; F. .1.
S-aik. Montreal; G. E. McCraney and
wife. Rosthern; J. E. McAllister,
It. Alfreds a.-id wife. F. D. Morrison,
J. Th.ironossrl. Sjsokane; \V. Young-
man. I). C. Montgomery, Winnl|ieg; F.
B. .Marks and vi if.-. Miss A. Smith, A.
Lawson, D. Smith, Itossland; li. .1.
McCrum, Regina: F. B. Shafer. Greenwood; K. Hell. Salmo; G. 1). Wheeler,
Seattle; N. Qesteyer, Pittsburg,
K. Knowllon, N. Pasquet, Granite;
F. M. Farr.ll, Slocan; E. H. Slants.
Calgary; D. Dale, A. D. McDonald,
Spokane; .1. B. Fair, llonnington; C.
Tipping, Greenwood; O. G. Wlnstead,
W.   Peters,   Procter;   .1.   Miles,   liou-
nington; A. M, Jones, Salmo.
.1. Armstrong, li. L. Tripp, Bonnington;  .1.  Price, Sydney;  ii. Carpenter,
Copper Cliff; J. Master, T. Boyle, W.
Cook, Trail;  11. McAskiil, Vmlr.
ii. v. Hermanter, Belllngbam: P. B,
McRae, Grand Forks; a Olsen, ymir;
W. B. Smith, Kri"; E. 11. McCnuley, W.
Cooper, Golden; w. Galbraith, E.
smiih. London.
W. Osborne, Procter; C. Insiey, li.
I.. Gerrlsh, New Brunswick; K. John-
s-iin. Grand Forks; w. Fancber, Denver; w, p. Lemon, Bpokane; (i. .\ill-
ler, i.'is.iviiie; ii. t. wiiiiiims. Quebec;
i M, Cameron, li. Baxter, Westley;
���l. E. Ainlssiis, M. c. Lnwici', Comapllx;
ii Pearce, Edmonton; .1. _, Hood, I..
Hood, Spokane; .1. Smith, .1. Lewis,
A. J.Lalroletto, Granite; N. McCal-
In p, .i lis mi. isssn. u. Kent, Bonnington, T. Hoik. Grohman; .1. I). Irby, A.
M Smith. Bpokane; C. Murray,' W.
il, ndersoil. Creston; G, Gordon, It.
MoDougsJI, Rossland; H. Kolib, Pic-
ion: w. McGarrol, Grand Forks; T.
Edwards, (Vaverle)
T. I.. Bloomer, Csstlegar; a. Ucbel-
lenie, Comapllx; D ii Smedden, Hs.ss-
land; F. li. Jackson, F. H Qnin, Hon-
nlngton; M Gorman, San Francisco|
i' Johnson, Boundary; D. c. Healii,
v. Blood, Spokane; P. F. Coulton,
60 JtKN, at ones for so,si lis Use H,*srJ���. Anplv
isi W t Cooke uwmlll,Ksslo.
l.AlsV -TKMssSIHI'llKKls.r |s,,.iii���i, Is,, o n 111 r v.
UfKM lisssssi' Hltls s-iii|s]ssyer'. l-iiiliy. A.,t,fy
s���i�� K . i��ii.,|I��i, s.ffll*
B.SHMKK, Mill llhii'l'ssii'l LogylnrC-Olractora,
isl.ss KiiKlns-s'i n'-it.l,sir|i l.ssiisVr i.e., insur
Cimnbrook, ll C
IIIMI-K-IINT M US! HIKI.. lis,- slsllslri is.
Apply Ih.sx IJ13.
I'OAI. HTOVK, In koosI ciinditlisu.   Apply H. H.
I lurk, JssliepliliniHmet.
All the botele iu U.e city were cruvvcj
ed io the limit again last night.
The regular fortuightJy meeting of
the city council will be held in the ciiy
hall   tonight   at   _>  o clock.
T. S. McPherson j--turned Saturday
night from a trip to the coast, taking
in  the  -New   Westminster lair.
Airs. A. J. Miller and family desire
to express jheir sincere thanks for the
very kind sympathy extended to them
in their recent bereavement.
Silver continues its rapid advance.
It gained two points today, reaching
69--X ocnls. Copper also made a big
K_in, Zinc is unchanged at ��2$. Tbe
London price of lead has declined two
jtofuts since Friday, bur  is still high.
Tbe funeral of tbe late A. J. Miller
took place yesterday afternoon and
was very largely attended. The ai-
rangem-aota were in charge of Rook-nay lodge; I. O. O. F. The funeral services were read at St. Savious's by
Kev. F. H. Graham, rector.
Tbe emertainm* nt committee of the
20,000 club met this morning at 1d
o'clock. J, E. Taylor, chairman, reported tbat the net profits to the Club
from the Philharmonic company concert amounted to $81.60, It was agreed
that the proposal for a series of weekly dances be dropped for the present.
The next event under the committee's
auspices will be a conversazione, to
be held probably in the opera house-
about  the middle of November.
A private letter from Butte describes
the excitement caused there by the display in a bank window of the ore
Trom tht- Kruo. It is said tbat within
balf an hour offers to subscribe for
stock had been received to the amount
of over $500,000. It Is conceded to be
the richest ore ever exhibited in Butte.
The writer of the letter adds that Interest in British Columbia mines Is
very keen, and capital would now be
easily raiHed in Butte for any likely-
looking enterprise.
Negotiations between tbe entertainment committee of the 20,000 club and
\V. G. Cranston, manager of the Ros-
cian Opera company were concluded
this afternoon, by which the company
will appear in Nelson under the auspices of the club. The negotiations
were begun In consequence of the difficulty experienced in getting a suitable date at Sherman's opera house.
The company will perform in the Exhibition building, which will be properly equipped and heated. Tbey will
Hpp^ar for on*1 night only. October 31,
in Cavalleria Busticana, followed by a
short cast of Pinafore.
We have recently secured an option
from the creditors of the 'j. E. R.
Munroe Pub. Co., bankrupt, of San
Francisco, for a limited number of sets
of the reference works, consisting of
the "New Americanized Encyclopoedia
Hritannica,'' "Library of Oratory, Art,
1-iterature, Science and Natural History," and many of tbe best English,
French and American authors, Shakespeare, Scott, Dickens, Carlyle, Macaul-
ay, etc., etc.
These are all limited, de h'yr editions, bound in substantial leather
bindings. We are In a position to offer these works at less than half the
publisher's price.
If interested, telephone B 81, and we
will send samples.. The sale of this
stock positively closes Saturday, October 13.
The Store of Quality
40 Cents per Pound
in order to islenr nut tins line
we are reduolsg the prine lo
Allc. We only have n limited
quantity so don'I delay ordering if .vou want nny.
Rob. M. Hood & Co.
K. W. C. Block . Phone 10.
Yale-Kootenay Ice, Frott, Foel
& Poultry Co., Ltd.
Delivnrioii made daily throughout Nnlnon
aud iti subnrlju. Pbonc 148.
Here's a Snap on
2 Dozen in Case at
$2.00 per Case.
Only a limited quantity.     If you wunt to
pet in ordor early.
Cm A* Benedict
Corner Silica and Josephine Sts.
l��HO,\K   7.
Thorpe's Lithia
Thorpe & Co'y,
For Fall Planting for
Home and Garden
Canada Drug & Book Co's
....Cast) Stores....
The  Best  of the
Thnt huve  been i_*_ue-l
far tl-iis Full
"Tlie Invasion of 1810," by Wm.
Le Queux;  cloth    $1.5U
"Puck of Pook's Hill,' by Kipling 1.60
"The Awakening of Helena Hiteli-
ie." by Margaret Delnud; cloth. 1.50
Huclianan's    Wife,"    by    Justus
Miles Korman; cloth   1.50
"In the Heart of   the   Canadian
Rookies,*'  by    James    Outrani;
��� Moon   Face,"   by Jack London
"Tlie Sliver   Maple," by    Marian
Keith; cloth 1.35
"By the Eternal," by Ople Read;
cloth 1.50
'The Treasure    of    Heaven," by
Marie Corelli;  cloth 1.35
���The Fighting Chance." by Hnbt.
W. Chambers;  cloth   1.35
"The Call of the Blood," by Robt.
Hickens: cloth    1.25
' Whispering Smith." by Frank II.
Spearman;  paper 75
We buy only a careful, conservative
selection of the new books as they
come out, and while the best of Imssks
will not please everybody we recommend all of the above list as good.
W. G. Thomson
BOOKSKI.l.-R nnd
Nelson, B. C.
Phone .14.
The Latest Modern Appliances
now in use at this
ooops CAI.LBI)  POR
And  Di-MVi-Pr-IJ I't.1.1.
Baker Street.     -    NELSON.
HOW   -AtioLit    Your
Guns and
Ammunition ?
Ws- have Slay's, Kynock's, Winchester, and Cogswell &
Harri son's
Loaded Shot Shells
Kyu(x*k'f*s Wincboslcr and
Rifle and Pistol Cartridges
Hunting Knives Wading, Belts,
Omits, Patits, etc.
Nelson Hardware Co.
Box 631       Nelson, B. C-
Ciintnictnr   find
-nii> agent for the l'*>ri<i kih> Lumber Co., Lid..
ratal] fettle, Htiumh mnl -innem! I amber, inriic-l
���w-.rk uu-t i*ra.*k''K Coail itiih and ���lifngfat, ratb
Mini fiimrs.   Cement) brtok and linn* for tale,
i. II (Mill H til* KTltlil-T.
Vfiri hihI factory! Vernon St.. eait of ijhII,
P. 0. Jlo* 381 J'.'l.-pJ.oiM- 17M.
best.     Try a pound with
your next order.
Money refunded if not  satisfactory.
Telephone 181.
Potter & Cummings
Talking aboul It will neither nut n
piano into your home nor bring back
ihe days���valuable da.������your daughter in wasting, Let im tell vou how
eis.iy ��'s> win make it for .vou now to
glva your family the piano they huve
Wished for ho long.
"Acts Not Words"
Mason & Risch Piano Co'y, Limited
Houses for Sale!
Can sell you oue at a very low price, if you buy quickly,
Come and see us about these.
'T^Af\\tTT!    fi-    A**>Af\        PBU1T LANDS A
������Villa VAJ*t BAKER ST.
Phone 3B-4.
Box SI.
Watches! Watche$||
We are Headquarters for the li�����
American Watches manufactured w,
are making every effort to meet njl
requirements of railroad men..
J. J. WALKER, )EWE__?P*^.0^|
A Kill A I. "1 KAM WAY.
Repairing and Jobbing a Specialty
Slii-ntniistid Work, Castings, Builders' Mati-rinl nnd Mining and Mill iSmhium
Office nml Works Eoo* of Park St.
IMl.lIU:     _(M.
[Suit-mil, M. g,
Starkey & Co., SrS
Wholt*Mjilt; --"1-ovijiloi.M,
Dominion Qorernmenl Oreamarr One-Ptmnd Hrieks reo-tred veetdj tmi
from tin- churn.   Kor snls- by nil I'tiiling Kroncrd.
Offloe and wars house: Houston Jiloek,   Phone 71).
Josephine Street. -       -      Nelson, B. C.
Don't Forget
la your furnace In shape to start th�� winter with?    If  not, NOW|
Is the time to have It repaired.
fe E Ashdown Hardware Co., H|
PLEASE NOTE���We will not be responsible for any furnace not Imhitse
by October 1st, 190G.
A.  ISAAC R. W. HINTON -*-%~-Srt*-^^M
Repairing and Jobbing aMoutad with DaanaU'li   Hi.c.t Metal
w"rk, MI.....U -sm Mm MaoHlnary.    m,..,.,i,._i,.,--.i...(
Oru C-ra,   W.   M.   Contns-lsirs'   Cars.
Knli's'lsi't",:."*""    INELSOIN,   B.  C. Ils't",',"
Wc WiM Sell
500 International Coat     -      6h\
10 Marconi, Canadian    -    $2.1 A
1000 Yale-Kootenay Ice     -   9 J-2c\
McDermid & McHafdyl
Just Arrived!        A ����������*wn6i^
-��� incut of
AU Sizes ami Lowest '-Tires ':i
j. a. gTukerJ
MANUFACTURERS   f 4 a ,       4
AND DEALERS IN   JLtllllDe*,   *3nffl��ieSf
Lath, Moulding**, Doors, Windows.
Turn.d Workand Bracket..          Mail Orders promptly attended l��
VBHNON STRHBT  ���  ���   .   NB__ON, H. C. 	
Kootenay Ranges
Why do we handle the Famous Kootenay Range?
�����,l'.tT,W'"!"1'"lt procur�� ��� ���>-*��������*. .**l<lno Into account design, workmanship, cooking qualities and price
We will be pleased to show you Its good points.
WoocJ-Vallance Hardware Co'y


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