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The Daily Canadian Nov 15, 1907

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Array ASK FOH-
i.uhiu Watar.
i .'...ii
.    Inn
i   pure
iili-il    Hal
(������ ..I. ii
Bold it
all hot.
..    '
��Ije ��ailtj <_<*
���a���ssiw���> 'rrnsffiiiiisai
Voltjmb 2.   No. 139
(Telephone Company's Offer May Be Accepted
.Regular Meeting ol Beard of Trade-
Ask   for   Parcel   Delivery
to City Limits.
Tbe question   Upborn.- commune
I atweon  tbe  oltj   anil   Hi,    real
I h.   Bborea ,,i  Ui>' Arm  im mill
I        |ed    Prom tha discussion nt laat
1 1     11 .earn, probable thai
|i-.  flnai  r,   ull  "ill  l"'  aoceptaane  ol
I. 1. .. phone oompany'a offer ol
I .-.   ,   Qve telephone, do each
I minimum revenue ol ti4n pat
,t I. n.iiiiiiiiiiii ooai io ,'in'li Mil,
I oi |* pei month.
icenunbj ,,1   Hi,'  lnt,.  Mcratan
bavi 1 n straightened b) Hi*
to   ti..    hoard     of     111,'   il,.licit
cretai > at the laal meet
 f W. \V. Hi.rr u <-_ re
th.    Dominion   Bxprae.
...iniiitir   ,    ..,,-11,1 lit.  parcel  datlvei^
city limits.
The im. ,1..  waa culled al 8*.0 will.
1   A   Starke)    prealdant,  in  Un-   abate,
lng .1.  A.   Irving. '1'. C,
1 st,   V  li   Kinory. ti. C.
nan, .1. It,  Lay. A.  W
i". ���   I' ,;  Ebbutt, W. w. Beer,  ll   Q
n>t..li,-,   S.   A     K.��� 111v.
F. W  Swunnell. S. M. Dixlgos,
���    . H  i:  Douglaa, .1. J   I amp
"i   tha laat   in.. I nit
��� an,i adopted
' v. Hunk reported for tha tetopboa.
i mlttee, thai Fuller inreetlgatian hud
s"i. made and coniarenoea held wuh
nagei c, c ii,nine. il,.
���Ull thought iii.ii ia,' beat oonrae of tin
lioual) Midicaii'U was oonatruo
lion l.y an Independent   oompanj     Of.
,. .lull,.,I li\   lhe coin
��� nntlnuanaa oi the precast ai*
onl)   _.".  bad  in on  eeaurad.
���> '  inn.;  and las. Johnatona alao ra
ihe effort, made hy tha com
1  i.  Procter though! thai many mm
'���"I'm inn.i owner, might tn   ootmtad
upon who had nol >��-i been approached,
J  i Campbell aafced ir tha n C Tali
impanj  would aaoapl tha aamc
���'" " "i in,,ii,���>  irom a amallar ntun
'���i "i customers nt n higher mi,'
'���  ''   Hodge replied thai  ba had an
foubl thai ih,. , pany would aaoapl
ii.! thai Hi,' oompaai ��aa aol
talWIns  cheap   lines   and   Hun   If   on,'
ll an,l Bleating properly don.
wen    would     la-     very      lew      ,.i  .tl    ..I
!"��� im,sill,'in naked if that Included
lr'"1  from Hi,- "boaalng" noticed on
' I.l .in-,,   lines.
M' Hodge replied thai Uie funli la]
,,u,  "i,   tranapoaltlona  on   ihe  atty'.
l: ''"��� ml    i'.ii    hue        line  ,,l   lhe city's
"""''     I'll, r.sslve      ele," rlclllllH.      K.      A.
Bmltb had admitted It, bul nothing bad
1 lone,
���'��� J  Campbell moved thai ii further
Wltvaw    In-     mad,,  ami   the   minimum
"'""'nn a,, .'inaiiie   I,,   no-   oompany.
'"'   I.,   ralaad.    .ins   Johnatona   sec
'""' a general discussion, which, oon
���Wed largelj of Inquiring aa to possible
''"'ii" reduction, below |4  par month,
1,1 ��� ii Mr   ii,Mine bed "in  nn hope,
"" resolution was adopted.
'����� Jolvnaton. Bnppoae i lay my
'"'" ""hi.I, I.ink after 11, anil lo,,k after
'"��� "��" iiii", what win you charge me!
*��� '    Hodge   Fifty cenis a month
1   D   I'locter���Mr. Johnatona'. Baa*
��H Next.
"'"    i mill', o     v   ..    com Inn,al   In
'Hi.' secretary reported receipt nl MB
' s ..I   Brydge. together wiih satis
'" '"'v explanation*., ana* reootntoended
,"" "i" auditor1! report, an amended,
ll" lln, !
*��� W. Swannell, auditor, added n brief
emanation of tha discrepancies in the
""int.,   ilnl|    between tha  reported
''"' uf furniture and its aelltng value.
l.oratary'. report waa adopted.
h'"'''i'.,iiiiei.ee was then read, Whioh
������""i"11 "u Invitation to have .pace for
km...  .      ��J 'he Dominion Pair nt rn'
League of Vancouver. reipicstlng the
board   to   join   In   requettlng   Hon.   Mr.
McBride to reatgn, was aied   K,.n-
eial laughter,
A lei ter from the Association of Chamber, or Commerce of Great Britain asking for cooperation for commercial edu-
euiion and examinations.
One member suggested . reference to
the University Club, another to the
school board.   The letter wus tiled.
iiiii.r correspondence the secretary
bad already answered. One letter from
an Aerial dull asked Information a. lo
the Deal point from which to photograph
the city,
T. G. Procter���From the .moke slack
of Ihe zinc plant.
A tetter from tha Vancouver board
of trade re Imperial new. conneotlona
was answered by Instruction to the aeo*
ratal-) lo forward a copy of the board*.
resolution on tli.. same .ubject
Aceniiiits for ihe tni'iith were paaaed,
W. W. Iteer raised tlie Queation of
parcel delivery In lhe clly. of whioh he
saiil one oompany now had a monopoly.
He moved lhat that company, il" Do*
niinuin Kxpress c.iiupuny. he asked lo
extend their southerly ami easterly limit, from Mill to Itobson and from .lose-
phln" to I'urk.
.1   m   l.av suggested  thai   the com
pany he asked to exlend delivery to the
clly  HmllB.
M r. Beer*, motion, amended lo meet
llle Suggestion, was second*',! hy W. (1
I'.lll.'lt and adopted, and applied lo th*'
('��. N  it. company alao.
ll ID. Dongla. promlaad oompiuutce
on behalf ,if the Q. v  h company.
The  hoard then adjourned.
Death Sentence for Carliat.
llarcelona. Nov. 15.��� A court mania!
Hitting here yesterday passed the death
s. nleiice iiiii.n the Caiiisl lienera",
Moore und hla Ron. These two men
were captured near Barcelona on Dec
Ith of last year In lhe act of leading an
armed upTUdng in Catalonia.   Blxother
men were sent to lhe chain iraim for
lite for taking an active part in the
Navy for Salvation Army.
London. Nov lil ���Official** of the Sul-
vntlon Army immigration department
conllrm the iinnouncemeiii ot the "Shi|i-
ptng Oazetlc" that a r?alvaiiou Army
Navy la projected. Mr l.amh. chiel of
Ihe deliarlmellt. says Uelieral llnolh tin:
lonR looked forward to the army", owning its Whole Immigration machinery.
The slea.ly flow of Immigration under
Salvation Army auspice, would already
make the maintenance ol ai least one
ab aiuei profitable ami there would he
no  hesitation  in  Inoreaalng  tin-  Heel
na traffic increased. One of lhe chief
features of th. scheme is Hint every
slop will he manned throughout h>
member. *,f th. Army
Young Girl  Poisoned  Herself With Car
bolic Acid���No Reason Known
to Parents.
Brandon, Hoi 15. *Mia�� Bv. Jeffer
son. a youni >itanographer, committed
suicide laat night  l.y drinking carbolic
Brandon, Nov. It   -A sad suicide .,<���
, Hired last evening when  Miss  Kva .lot
feraon, a well known sla"iographer In
Hi. law office ��r I'hlllii ami KIlKour.
swallowed fully hair an ounce ol car-
hollo acid ami died in a (���*" mlnutea.
Bha yvas M years ot ag. ami of " qulel
diapoaltlon. Mitral thraa weeks aim she
complained ol mn feeling well, ami waa
i,,l,i t,, no home and take a real tor a
lew   day,,.     After  two   weeks'   holidays.
ah. returned to the ofBoe. yeatarday aC-
ternoon, ami hator I Mr. tfilgour that
���he wl.hed to resign her poaltloo as sh>.
,ii,i nol aapeol to return to work again
im   her   way    bomi    from   Hie  olllce  she
entered Kennedys drug .tore ami pur-
chaaed tha drug, the bottle being label
led       Attar   supper   aln'   rellred   lo   her
bedroom, ami ��< 7|:' ''i1"1" i'un��"n.'
down .tain im,i '"i'i '"'i mother,father,
iwu .latere   ami    a    brother aha had
l,.,i.'.,.ne,l herself ami al almo.l lhe saim-
nine collapaad on the iin,"'.   Tlie family
n,shell I'm ii doctor No cause Is known
so far H la Blll.l .he bad heen worried
over a  letter ah.  received.
"' -'iih lo .Inly !Uh,  1808, which
Solved io nccopt.
killer from the Aulutlc  OXOlUBlon
Chicago's Disgrace.
Ohlcago, Nov. ir,���ciiai'Kes thai Ohl
cago i�� the olaarlng house centra of ���
white .lava traffic whlnb covers not
only the United Slates bul which sells
unfortunate girl, to  Panama aim  Hie
luii ems of Turkey ami ttgypt were made
lust night by Mi1"1 H"w Johnaon, "
London rescue worker, al a mass meet
law hdii in ii"' Central v. Id. 0. a. Fred
i pake chairman ,,i the meeting, told
of numerou. Inatanoe. where ii had up
peared thai a while .lav. .yndloatawa.
doing bualnea. in Obloago.
Nova Scotia Mill Men
Can't Operate
State's Caee In.
Washington, Nov. 15. -Tlie prosecution concluded Its presentation in ihe
trial of Mra. EU-adley, churned wiih lln*
murder of ex r. H. Senator Brown, at
12.10 o'clock today. .
New Brunswick Camps Will Also Be
Idle���General News of Canada
From Ocean to Ocean.
Halifax, Nov If,.���According to a
prominent lumber operator, not one
lumber mill will lie in operation thla
winter iu Nova Scotia and probably the
same condition will exiHt in New Hruns-
wick. la-sides this, there will be practically no ratting oi' lows in the woods
this seuson. Money stringency is given
us the cause.
Quebec, Nov. If,.���The world's chum-
piouship Hltowshoe race and B hig snow-
shoe convention will he held In Quebec
llie end ol nexi .lunuary. U.cal snow-
shoe men are already at work.
Quebec. Nov. IS.���News of a fatal
���hooting aceideni comes from Sayabec.
.1 Polio��� tired at a piece of wood to
test his marksmanship but the shot
mined the point und struck Gorman
Qauthler, foreman lor Henderson & Co..
kir.lnn him Instantly.
Suskatoon. Nov. 15���Curl Winters, u
ymum man in years of age, wus almost
instantly killed in suskutoon b] a runaway team, while eudeuvoring to check
their mad career. The teum was left
���tanding in fronl of u store and becoming frightened uiude u dush fur liberty.
Winters, who was standing ueui. reul-
ized lhal snu.e person might be killed
if the horses  were  nol slopped, bravely
ruabsd into the street to slot, them and
instead of seizing them Horn lhe side
run in front of them aud grubbed the
bridle  of euch.
llurmey, Nov 15���A serious tire took
place in'Paynes confectionery .tore
lusl night and as u result Mr. Payne
may die The lire stalled hy a lamp
upaettlhg irom a shell upon Mrs Payne,
who wus soon ull ablaze.    She  wua  so
badly burned a is not expucted she will
aud erne
, wus
lhe   ac
Ked Dei. Nov. IBr���George
proprietor of the Alberta bote!
of the best known men in Alherta
Instantly killed yesterday by
cldeiltal discharge ul his shotgun. Mr.
Seattle came weat wiih the Wol.elej expedition in lhe seventies and bus heen
in ii.-.i Heer and the neighborhood about
seventeen years
Hopewell cape. N. it-. Nov. ir,.-Thos.
.',.llins was hanged Ibis morning lor the
murder of Mary Ann McAuley, niece
und house keeper ol Kather McAuley.
The niiirdei was a peculiarly cold-
l.loodcd one.
Montreal. Nov. ir. -chief Bennett of
the nre department wants Bremen ma
ilone.l iu all theatre, in th" city during
performances. Theatre malingers have
bean allowed to have their own men.
but   Ihls  does  mil   give  sallsruction.
Ottawa. Nov. 15 ���II. Draper. Dominion sccrelliry of lhe Labor Congress,
says the executive of the allied trade,
and labor councils of Canada will see
thai   iill   lees necessary   ior bringing  to
Hull witnesses ior ihe dafenae or the
six ItucMiighaili men on Iiiul in conn,-
Hon Willi riots al lhat  place
coming.     Thla   ad loll   of   111.
is taken baoauae tbe crown ha. refused
to   luriilsh   costs  for witnesses
coin ivo
lor   the
city on the next train, leaving hla two
companion, here. The police are look
Ing for them. /'
London, Nov. 15.���Mrs. Addie Robin
���on, widow or the lute John Robinson,
u German who died of injuries sustain
ed in the recent locomotive boiler explosion ut Newbury, ute potted chicken
al six o'clock lusl night and was deud
un hour luter from appurent poisoning.
Medical assistance was summoned but
wus or no avail.
Toronto. Nov. 15���Rev. Arthur Hrown.
un alleged minister und pastor of
Christ's church in this city, was today
found guilty of niurrying people without having a legal right to do so. He
claimed lo have been ordained by Rev.
Mr. Salmon The latter had no author
Uy lo ordain hlni. The judge censured
Hrown for sending an impertinent letter
to the crown's attorney. Brown was remanded for sentence.
Toronto. Nov. 16.���The town of Essex
wants the $25.00 fine that was imposed
hy Mr. Justice Riddell on the Michigan
Central railway for carelessness iu
handling of dynamite, the explosion of
which caused loss of life and great dnm-
age io property. A deputation from
thut town waited on Attorney-General
Foy with thut object In view.
Hamilton. Nov. 15.���James Mcll-
wruith, motorman of the street car that
collided with the Bide of a freight train
a Tew evenings ago. appeured belore a
magistrate this morning on a charge of
criminal negligence. The company
claims he did not have proper control
or Hi, car and was responsible. He waa
committed for trial. The collision resulted in injury to seven persons.
Wants Her Mother*. Jewels.
P-russells. Nov. 15.���Princess Louise
of Belgium, eldent daughter of King
Leopold, ottered her creditors $40,000 to
prevent the sale of tbe jewels and personal effects belonging to her mother,
the late Queen Henrietta, but they refused the offer, and the sale has been
fixed for November 22nd.
Toronto, Nov. 15.���A. W. Donley,
Canadian trade commssloner to Mexico,
addressed the board of trade yesterday
nftcrnoon on the subject of Mexico. He
pointed out new- opix.rtunities for increasing Canadian trade in that republic.
Toronto. Nov. 15.���Hon. Dr. Reaume,
minister of public -works for Ontario,
underwent a second operation lu Detroit hospital for an affected mouth that
has heen Irotheiing him for some time.
Toronto. Nov. 15.���As a result of the
scarcity of fodder throughout the county
of Middlesex, cattle nre being sold at
ulmost sacrifice prices by farmers who
are unxious to dispose of their stock before winter comes on.
Toronto. Nov. 15.���Hon. L. P. Bro-
deur uddressed the Empire Club yester-
duy on the subject of the recent Imperial Conference.
White Men for B. C.
Government's Revenue Is
Boast of Prosperity and Apology for
Stringency���Political Gossip
of the Capital.
M.-riiWh--   Mul.
his ���..���iniiturt' f��>r
Finlaj  wuh Interi
tlir etiy ooxinoll, l
culture Boolety, wii
ih., propMttion ot tht* eBtabllaumenl
a  tai'iu  here  for experimenting along
the lines ol 4ry farming, an laid _
hy profttHor CnmpbeU.
mton Hon. w*
i hy member* of
ni trade mul unri-
plaoed before him
Hamilton,   Nov.   in.���a   woman  who
wuh al lln- railway mathm with her two
children ye_t*rday, told a strange Htory
tu Constable Cameron,   who said  nil--
hail jUBl arrived Irom England with thr
man she married three yearn ago, and
thai bin* Intended to no to Toronto to
,|,-H.*rt htm.    The mimm K*vt-n wuh thut
tin her wny out un hoard ship ��hc discovered that the husband was ln League
with u K��nK of Hharks und swindlers,
two of whom traiiio to this cliv with him
They olalmed to hive HOO.OOO and said
���hs believed if her husntad gol any
money he would have ao more use for
her.     They   hud   threatened   to   kill   her
if she BQuealed on him and hit- gang,
The woman went to Toronto, and a few
minutes later    ihe   hnshund appeared,
and. Bnding his wife had ehecked the
trunk:; to Toronto, followed her to that
Toronto. Nov. U>.���The Salvation
Army in InaasHtaAins a gigantic
campaign    for   which ten ooean
UnerB have heen already chartered.   *
The firm  hatch, numbering 1.000, ���
leave  Liverpool    on    the    special1
c.   p.  it.  Bteaaaar Kensington  of
the  Dominion   Htie,  und are  to  be
taken ou arrival at Halifax direct
. to British Columbia in two speoial
trahiH in oharge of apecta] Army
oflleern. The coiiHlKiunent Ih being sent to Hrtusli Colunihia ou
account     of     the   winter   weather
making it inadvisable to plane
them in Ontario or the Northweut.
Pari*   Excited   Over  Rumor   That   J.
Morgan Is Seeking Gold for American War Fund.
Paris, Nov. IT,.���Dhttorted rumoru con
oernlng the character of the tieKotia
thniH conducted hy .1. Pler|iout Morgan
and the Hank of Krance with the view
to obtain ISOJJOOjOOO and f4o.tioo.ouu in
gold for direct Hhlpnient to New York,
whleh after having heen lu |irt>Krt��n
alt ice lltHl Week were <|e|lnl|ely hroken
off yi'Hlei'duy, have leaked out here and
the newspapers today are printing the
mod ridiculous reports, on the subject.
One of the news agencies tries to
make ll appear that the United Bt���tOS
government wiih seeking gold for the
purpose of lltlinu Uh war cheat in au
ttcl|iatl'.n of hostilities with Japan. Thin
sgenoy  announoed    thut    the    Dnited
Statea government wau abort, war Wiih
Imminent  aud that .Hipun hud protested
against Its admission to tin* Paris
bourse,    believing    that    the    u tiered
dearth of Kohl lu the United Statea ia a
bluff, and that the crisis w**,b deliberate
ly premeditated In order to permit
tmeriea to build np Ltg war treasury.
it in aimoHt needless to say that the
reports circulated hero to the effect
thut the United States had applied for
permission to lint a loan on the bourse.
und that the Japanese authorities had
protested, Ih without foundation.
Ottawa, Nov. 15.���It Is announced in
correspondence sent out from Ottawa
to the government press throughout the
country that in the coming session Opposition members will not he allowed
to "slander" their opponents as they did
last year. Mr. Foster. Mr. Fowler and
others are mentioned as members to be
suppressed. About a year ago similar
threats were made apparently with tin-
idea or intimidating opposition members and preventing criticism and exposure. Hut the criticism and exposure
went on and the country knows what
happen*-d to certain imposing public
men In consequence. There may he an
attempt ln the coming session to gag
members in the house and to choke off
inquiry in the committees. No doubt
there are ministers and members who
would dearly love to discover some process by which the light could be kept
from their transactions, lu the past
they have been partially successful by
their control or the machinery of the
house and by their power of voting
down motions Tor inquiry. That they
have not successfully succeeded in preventing exposure, the long list of proved scandals testifies. They have not
been in the least degree successful in
frightening any opposition member
from the pedformance of his duty and
the attempt will be equally vain in tht
session of 1907-08.
Mr. Fielding has explained to the
preSS that the principal cause of the
financial stringency in this country is
the fact that businesa has increased
more than available capital. A cause
which he did not mention is that fed
eral taxation has doubled. While private pert.ons who spend too much have
difficulty in obtuiniug money, the *;ov-
ernment which spends too much is able
by increased taxation to obtain the
means tu continue its extravagance.
Mr. Fielding has taken $150,000,000
more out of the ppjductive industries
of the country in eleven years than he
would have taken if he had not increas
ed the amount of taxation per head
paid by the people of Canada. The ex
cess now reaches $80,000,000 a year,
which ls In UseU sufficient to produce
a financial stringency. In fact the one
place where no stringency is noticed is
the spot where the Dominion Government transacts business. While trad
era. manufacturers and farmers find
that money comes in slowly tlie department of finance make Its boast that the
income of the government will this year
be $10,000,000 a month. Hut the government is not producing much to show
loi- It.
it is not tottg since Sir Wilfrid l.uur
ler was quoting lhe high prices of Canadian storks, describing the feeling of
confidence and ttuanclal security that
prevailed, and telling of the abundance
or  money  and   credit   available   Tor all
Canadian purposes. The premier boasted tlien that these conditions were
proof  Lhat  Providence  and  prosperity
were on the side of the Government
"We do not need to argue that Canada
Is  prosperous   under   our  government,'
the    premier  said,  "(.'anuilians   know   tt
themselves."   Now here is this finance
minister trying to explain linnncia*
stringencies, the low price of stocks.
the curiailtneni or credit ami the evident reeling of anxiety that exists In
financial circles. lias Providence
changed sldoB?
One of the principal district engineers of the government section of the
truuHcontinetftul ruilwuy has heeu asked to resign. Major Hodgins. who served with distinction in South Africa, and
has been regarded aB a superior engineer Is disappearing from the service
under elrcuniBtances which the Transcontinental Hallway Commissioners do
not clearly explain. Chairman Parent
denies thut the officer was dismissed
baOaUBS be refused to certify to earth
excavation as rock cutting. Hut it io
known that  his dismissal    la    due    to
trouble in relation to the treat ���
lent of contractors and the public will
await with some anxiety information on
this subject. It may be hoped that this
case will not follow the precedent of
last session, when the Public Accouuts
Committee discovered that the papers
relating to payments of money claims
against the government had been destroyed, while the officers who had the
fullest information on the subject sailed Tor Kurope at the time they were
f-ummoned to give evidence. The people of Canada are advancing more than
$100,000,000 for the G. T. P. enterprise
at a time when money is scarce, and
the expenditure demands the closest,
It is interesting to note that just at
the time when Sir Fred. Horden announces that he is instituting libel proceedings against the Nineteenth Century we hear the last of Mr. Emmer-
son's libel prosecution of Editor Crocket
of the Fredericton Gleaner. Mr. Emmet-son first took action for damages
against three journals and dropped
them ail. Then he started a criminal
prosecution which he carried on to the
point where tbe accused put in a plea
of justification. Mr. Pqgsley, wh-j now
has Mr. Emmerson's place in the cabinet, appealed to tlie full bench, or de-
��lared he would appeal, against the admission of the plea. The Supreme
Court met the other day and there was
no sign of appeal. The matter has been
dropped and the rat- iiayerB of the
OOttnty of York are now called upon to
pay the expenses of the prosecution
including the fees of witnesses who
were brought from long distances but
were not allowed to testify. It is a
queer coincidence that this collapse
should be announced at the same time
that Sir Fred Borden begins his libel
suit with the same announcement that
Mr, Emmerson made of an intention to
���'fight to the bitter eud."
Mr. Pugsley's organ In New Brunswick suggests that if Mr. Horden will
cease from his campaign in favor of
electoral purity there need be nothing
more said about the charges made by
Mr. Pugsley concerning opposition expenditures in 1904. Mr. Pugsley will
not be allowed to escape In that way.
The leader of the opposition will continue his campaign, aud when parliament meets Mr. Pugsley will be asked
to   "make   good."
The answer is about to be given to
the report that the London conspiracy
prosecution will be abandoned in consideration of the fact that tlie Liberals
did not put up a candidate in Loudon
against Major Heattie. In a few days
the trial of the conspirators will come
Ernest  Thompson    Seton    Now Telling
New Yorkers of Wonders of
Canadian North.
Told by Witness in Trial
of Rioters
Charge That One of the Leaders
Threatened Death to Mill Owner.
Detectives and ill Non-Strikers.
Ottawa, Nov. 15.���A aensatlonal statement waa made by a witness for the
crown in the Buckingham strikers' trial
at Hull yesterday. Walter MacLaren,
Hour and feed merchant ol Buckingham,
tesiiiied that Croteau, one of the strikers, told him that the men were going
to stop logs from moving at any cOBt,
nnd that they would kill every mother's
son of them, meaning Marl.arin. the
detectives and employees. He alBo said
that Croteau staled that they would
blow up the MacLaren mill and houses.
On cross-examination, however, the witness said he could not remember the
date he was told, although he had heard
the same statement twice.
Alleged That Detective McPartland la a
Nova Scotian.
New York, Nov. 15.���Ernest Thompson Seton, who has returned to the
UHttssd States from his eiiiloraUou trip
of seven months through Northwest
Cumulu. into the great plains of the
Arctic region, is enthusiastic over thut
part of Canada below the Arctic BOB*,
culling il the "While man's last opportunity." Settlers by the thousands, he
said are DOUlIng into the enormous ureu
of high class agricultural luud which
hud been lying idle for so many years
und the rupiility with which It is now
being developed, he suld, ls niurvelluus.
Mr. Seton cunoed iu this und lhe Arctic
region two tbousun.l miles during ills
seven muni lis trip, having one narrow
escape from losing not only his diaries
and ull hit. druwiugs und tuups. hut his
own life, when his canoe upset in tba
Athubusca river.
He bus brought buck with him many
rui,' hotunicii! und /.irtlogieul specimens
of the country he truvrised. He also
discovered u number of takes mul
rivers in the Arctic region which he Is
now naming In connection with the
gcogruphlfal survey of Ctinuilii. Among
the uulumls- whbii lie sliuli.-ii especial
ly liming his trip mul obtained [datura.
of were tlie Barren (Iround cnilhoo. the
lynx, the musk.ix. wolverine,white wolf.
Arctic fox und wild buffulo.
Spokane, Nov. 15.���"The true name
of the man known a. James McPartland is is fact George J. B. Garvey, who
was born in an obscure town lu Nova
This is the statement made by a man
working in a railroad cump of the
Idaho, Washington & Northern railroad.
The assertion la made despite the fact
That Edward L,. McPartland appeared
in the defense for Haywood at Boise
und swore he waa a brother of the noted
detective, James McPartland.
The Idaho man says he knew McPartland us a boy, knew him when the
great detective was a small man in that
business, and further states be regret,
having ever met McPartland. He statea
thut his knowledge of the true name of
the detective haa been given to the defense in the Steve Adams caae.
McPartland, it Is claimed, traveled
with the railroad man for a year or bo
in the southern states. The railroader
asserts that he saved McPartland from
ilniwning while boating ut Porto Rico.
This seems to have been one of the regrets of the man's life.
He says McPartland Is a cold-blooded
man. who was uot even moved by the
news or his mother's death. He does
not stale why Curvey chuuKed bis name
to McPartland. hut claims to have
known the detective by both names und
also us McKnrlun.
Country Take.   Little   Interest   in   Proceedings of Oouma.
SI. Petersburg, Nov. IB.���Neither of
lhe houses of puiitumcnt was In session
today, pending the uudlence which
President KhotnyukotT Is to have of Km-
i>. ror Nicholas.
The next session will be held November 18.
The opening of the third pnrllument
yesterdny attracted comparatively little
attention in lhe country and Ihe comment of the St Petersburg papers today
has little weight, being confined to Indiscriminate praise on the part of the
Novo Vreniyu und other Conservative
hutrnals for ihe "truly Russian note
struck by lhe president of the lower
Large Beque.t Added to  Fund Left by
American Philanthropist.
London, Nov. 15.���In the absence of
the Duke of Devonshire, the regular
chairman or tlie board of governora of
lhe I'eubody fund. Whiteluw Held, the
Amerlcuu umbuasudor, presided ut the
meeting yesterduy. lu uccordanc* with
u ranaetloa "f IB* Data or Devonshire,
Wuldorf Astor was elected to All a va-
cuncy In the board of governors, and
cnnlrue's were approved tor the erection or sixty-four cottages on the Home
Hill aetata to be completed In Octolsnr,
I'.tiiK. The hoard ulso Huthoriied tho
purchase of eight blocks or land now
covered wilh slum cottuges nt llethn.l
c.veen will, tbe money, $ 150,0.10. Irom
the first outside bequest to the fund
whl.ii was left by u duughlnr i.r the
lute Henry Pox, and which Is now available.
The Penbo.ly lund Is tor Ihe improvement ol Ihe cntullllon of the poor of
London It was rounded by the lute
George Peubody, the American merch-
ant und bunker, who wus born at South
Dunvers, MasB.. lu 17��5. and who died
In London In 1KH9, and whose body wa.
taken to the United States on a British
warship aud buried in his native towp,
now called Peabody. The fund, originally {2.500.000, has been used tor building lodging houses for the London isior.
Norfolk. Vn., Nov. 15.���The director,
of the Jamestown exposition last night
In committee passed a resolution in
tuvor of keeling the exposition open
next year p-ovlded $-00,000 can be. rale-
ed by popular subscription.
��� \:
���   ' ���;
��� if
! ���
;i ;.���-��� ��� ii the Daily Canadian
t !
i t
. \ \
[��� 1 *
ii i
if  .flV    r
Clothing.    Gents'   Furnishings
and Boots and Shoes
Is beginning to arrive.
Iu about another week we will be able to offer full lines
in these goods, and can promise you the best value ever offered in the city.
In the meantime it will pay you to await their   arrival
before making your purchase.
Imperial Bank of Canada
Head Office:   Toronto
Capital Authorized   *10,000,000Capital Paid Up ....
P Rest    $4,860,000
D. R. WILKIE. President.
. . .$4,860,000
Branches in British Columbia:
ARROWHEAD        aOLDEN,       Na���SON,      REVELSTOKE,       CRANBROOK,
Interest  allowed on  deposits  fr.m date of deposit and credited quarterly.
nblson bhaisch     ��->��   IVi.   LAV.   Manager.
��i^���ms*,^.���f   ������ ii  - --s^sssasvli'i ,-       ..TS,
The Royal Bank of Canada
Incorporated A. D.  1869.
Capital $3,900,000     Reserve  Fund	
aXIAL ATTENTION given to the
Savings Bank Department, and
Interest    credited    Quarterly    on
Unexcelled facilities for the transaction
of all kinds of Banking Business.
HOME   SAVINGS   BANKS   Furnished
on Application, In Large, Medium
Savings Bank Accounts.
or Pocket Size.
Nelson Branch, G. A. SPINK, Manager.
Published bix days a weeB by the
Baker til..  Nelson, B. C
s_MML,lptton rate**., 50 cent*' a month delivered
dm lhe city, or ' ��� ���" a year if t**_*ni hy mall, when
paid ln advance.
A.lv.'ri.-inn rates on application.
AU monies paid in Mttfemeni of The Dally
Cauadian scoounu, either for rotwortptlooj 01
-.dvertiMni-f, unint he receipted for on the printed
forms ot the Company. Other receipts are nol
Friday,  November 15,  1907.
It  ft    -   .rul  years .sine,.-  tlu-  Coni-ii
vativt-s ol British Columbia taay<
a port} convention! ami there is el
present no provincial organisation. Tin'
part] hai gone through three campaigns, one Dominion and two provin
cial without organisation. The present
tinu* i.-s peculiarly favorable rar th)
holfllng i>i such u convention, and Mr.
Borden's suggestion that hi* supporters
in this province should prepare tor
concerted action was timelj and wise
During the Last years of the last non
party administration in British Columbia oonventions wen* held by three
imrtu-s, Conservatives.; Liberal! and
Socialists. There was a i trange reeem
blance among the three, and it was re
marked at the time, not altogether un
justly, tiiut there was nothing 'li i i.'
tiveiy Conservative, Libera] or Socialist about any one of the three plat
forms adopted.
Ak a matter of fact, at that time the
Unas of demarcation between the tw.
chief jiar ties in i lie Dominion lie Id
were strangely blurred. The Liberal!
had adopted the Conservative tariff
policy and the tariff was out of politics.
Both parties were in favor of the build
Iiik of the Grand Trunk  Pacific railway
which was already projected. The new
province^ of Saskatchewan ami Alberta
had not been created and the Issues
raised by the vicious features of ihe
autonomy billH had not arisen. Tlie
rearrangement of provincial subsidies
had not been attempted ami though
liritish Columbia's caise had been frequently urged there was no division on
the subject  in   British   Columbia.
Under jjur.h Otrcumstancea it was not
unnatural thai all provincial parties
should preBent somewhat similar pro
j-'ikuJ)..    AD could declare generally  in
favor of economic administration and
efforts to improve the financial pos-
Ition of tlie province. All were in favor of a policy of development consistent with such economy. There was
little lor the electorate to decide upon
except tlie characters and abilities of
the several parties" candidates, and at
ihe lirst opportunity they chose the
Hut in tlie years that have followed
many new questions have arisen and definite issues are now presented in both
Dominion  and   provincial   fields.
First    perhaps   crimes   the     issue     o!
fairer terms for British Columbia in
the allotment of provincial subsidies,
which is certain to be strongly reasserted by thi  Conservatives.   Here tbe
part)    is   on   especially   strong   ground.
.\ii McBrid- s demand is tor a fair Investigation of the  special  drcumstan-
c, s and conditions on which the spec
iai claim.-, oi liritish Columbia ate based Mr Borden has declared himseil
perfectly    willing   to    grant    thai       The
Liberals on ihe other hand are in a
perfectly    Indefensible    position,    si i
Wilfrid Laurier has given a point blank
refusal oi either concession or Investigation lhe British Columbia Liberal
representatives have silently accepted
that refusal, and the party iti tht- pro
.iiice  is driven  into   a  dilemma.      It
dai.     nol    openly    oppose    lhe    p|o\ nice s
claim, and It dare not declare against
sit   Wilfrid   Laurier.
An   issue   i.s   presented   also   hy   the
breach ol the promise made on behall
oi il.. govemmi nt that building of the
Grand Trunk Pacific would be begun at
the Pacific coast terminus at the same
lime   as   the   construction  across   the
prairies, Liberals have no excuse for
the   promises they  made  and  have been
unable to fulfil.
In provincial politics especially Conservatives have been given several ad*
vantages mainly by the ineptitude of
i heir opponents. It can only have been
pinch of poverty lu material for opposition that drove J. A. Macdonald to
oppose the Public School Act and demand that Ihe whole cost of public and
high school education should be borne
hy  ihe    provincial   government    The
adoption of his suggestion would not.
of course, affect the cost. The main
ten a nee   of   the  schools   would   cost   the
same, the expense of collection ami ail
ministration of school funds would bs
just as great. The only question ls
whether the education ayatem should be
���       _ _^     ���
In I,uying Diamonds tho purcbaser must exercise the greatest discretion. To a great degree the buyer is at the mercy of the
dealer. A dishonest dealer can dupe the purchaser in a hundred
different ways, lt is therefore desirable that you have confidence
in the man with whom you deal.
The Jewelry Store of J. J. Walker has won an enviable reputation for square dealing. The purchaser can always feel thai he
is getting his money's worth. Diamonds sold In this store are
guaranteed. They are without flaw, and are worth their weight
ln any diamond store ln the world.
We have Diamonds in all sizes. You can buy nny fraction of a
karat, and as much larger as you can afford.
An Inspection of goods Is cordially invited.
managed by the people locally or by a
government bureau in Victoria, in other
words, whether In respect of education
there shall be local sell-government or
bureaucratic government. Mr. Macdonald. followed of course by his party, declares against local self-government.
In so doing he not only advocates a
system which does not exist anywhere
on earth, but he has condemned and
renounced a principle the struggle for
which was the very ralson d'etre of
Canadian  Liberalism.
The Conservatives of British Columbia can go into convention with the
consciousness that there is no element of Inconsistency in the party'.
policies in Dominion and provincial
spheres. Their opponents are embarrassed hy many glaring contradictions,
on the question of iletter Terms, on the
question of Asiatic immigration, on the
relations between the Dominion government and the Grand Trunk I'aclflc railway and the treatment of this province by the latter.
The Conservatives of every riding iu
ilie province should send their best
exponents to the convention. The party
has nothing to fear hut much to gain
fi,,in ihe fullest and frankest discussion
of all the Issues.
President    Roosevelt    and    Ambassador
Bryce   Attend   Opening  of
Howard University.
Washington, Nov. 15. ��� President
Roosevelt, Ambassador Bryce, Secretary Garfield and a number of other
DOtablei were tin- speakers this afternoon at the Installation of Rev. Dr.
Wilbur Patterson Thirkieid as presl*
<i. nt of Howard University. The cere-
monles were held In Itankln Memorial
Cbapel and were presided over by Justice   liiirnard  of   the   supreme   court  of
:h,. district of Columbia.
Included In lhe attendance nt the ceremonies w.-re distinguished educators
from all parts of the country, the following Institutions being among those
represented:     University of  Michigan.
ll.ii v a i.l I'nlverslty. Georgetown till-
v.isliy, Indian I'nlverslty, Oberlln University,   Tnskegee    Normal   uml    Inii'iK-
Tenders Wanted.
In pursuance of the order of the Hon.
Mr. Justice .Morrison, dated the 15th
October, A. I). 1907, tenders will be received by the undersigned for the purchase of lota 594, GDD, 717, 1H-18, 1849,
2848, and 698, known aH the "Mine .lay,'"
'���Starlight No. :.," "Last Chance," "Silver
cord," "BUssant" "Little widow."
"Starlight Fraction," and "Galena"
minerals claims respectively; ont! hun
dred tons more or Icsb of sine ore,
whereof sixty tons are now lying at
Kaslo. and forty tons at the mines; and
all other the asset*- of tbe Last Chance
Mining company. Limited.
Such tenders to be made In writing
to me ou or before the 1st day of December, A. I). 11*07.
The highest or any tender will not
necessurlly be accepted. Further particulars of the property will be furnished on application.
Dated the 17th day of October, A. D.
Official Liquidator,
The l.asd ('banco Mining Company, Limited. Sandon, liritish Columbia.
trial Institute, State University of Oklahoma, Iceland Stanford University.
Florida State Normal School, Ohio
Weslcyan University, Shaw University,
and   Holy  Cross College.
This evening in the First Congregational church, a notable celebration Is
to be held In honor of the completion
of the nr.st forty years of the university's existence. The anniversary address will be delivered l.y Rev. Dr. Cornelius Patton of Boston, secretary of the
American Hoard of Commissioners of
Foreign Missions and son of the late
President W. \V. Patton, who for a number of years was at the head of the university.
Howard I'nlverslty is the highest institution for the education of the colored
race in the world. U takes iu name
from General O. O. Howard, who war-
one of the founders, being at the time
superintendent of thefreednienstiur.au
at Washington. The institution began
Its career the lath November. 1867
Since that date its progress and growth
have been continuous and healthful.
During the last college year forty one
slates and foreign countries were represented. There were sixty seven students from the liritish West Indies,
seven from Hritlsh Guiana, four from
Africa, four from i'orto Hie o, throe
from Canada, two from the republic of
Panama and one each from Santo Domingo, Haiti and Booth America.
The new president, Dr. Thirkieid, Is
a native of Ohio and a graduate or Ohio
Wesley an University. After preaching
in Cincinnati for two years he accepted
the Invitation to take up the very important work of organising an institution in Atlanta tor the training of young
Colored men foi the ministry. He commenced tli-- task with himself as the
entire faculty and only two students In
an hum hie, unfinished building. Sixteen years later he left the Institution,
after having educated more than BOO
Methodist ministers
lu l**1'' lu Thirkieid was chosen KG
rotary of the Bpworth League, with
headquarter.- ;it Chicago. In 1900 be
was elected to itioceed Bishop Hamilton
as secretar) of the ITreedmen's Aid ami
Southern Educational Society, in charge
of forty three ichools lu the south, with
800 teachers nnd an average attendant
or 9-800, which  was Increased  to  U.OOO
during the six pears of his administration.
liaison i.Htii bi-iriii. Pi-strict of West KoOtShS-J
Tn If i' notloa thnl ('lui-lft* Q, keeder, nf t*o���-
kane. in lln* ->!rUi. of Wuhftsgton, " H. A , tin
aii'lKl iiKt-i.l, ini.-inl*. to amdy for a *ij>eeial tlm
tier licence I,-������ r tin* fo,lowing- described Itttiil*-..
(1) CoininrfirliiK  nl   h poi-t   planted  at.on'   BOO
bet out of tin wi*m fork of M in-dun creek, ont
half mill* nnnli of lln* International boundaiv
line.   Hliout  ten   in den  6*St of   Itykerl**.   B   Id  .
thsnea Mm.it -in chains,  to  lbs iniernatioiiMi
boundary Una, iheine went HO chalni, thenee
north io I'lmlHo,   thsttOS eimt   Itki chain*  to  tin*
point  ol oommancoiasnti  nnd  oontalnlas MO
SCfSS, more or It-Mi.
United thi 930d October. A I> , 1907
(  HAR1.KB-.. KKKItltlt.
(2) Conunsnolni nt �� ih>hl utiont half a indicant of ihe wi-M fork of Mission Steele, snoot one
sad a half in lie* north of thu IhtcriiiiilMiui J
boundary Hn.*. Hbont un mile- SSStof Kyiccrl**.
H G . tin-in'.- wi-ht m ehn.il-, thence north SO
BbStni, thence S-.SI ho chain-,, thenee Houth so
Obslni to th'* point of commencement, and cou-
lalnliiK r,4o nercH. more or I.-���*-,.
boeaieii theSSnd dsy si Oetoner, A.n. vxn.
��� MM-: y������ '-.  Kit.r-.i-:--..
f*<)   Commencing al a nor-l on tho InteriiHtlon
al boomlary line one mile iiet.it the  fi��rk o-
MIhhIoii creek about li> miles. <?nft <>t Itykert*-.
It 0 , t-QUct cum to cliiiinr-, thetice north lvo
chtiliiH,   thsnoo 80 dial tin went,   thonce 40 chain**
sontb, tbsnos40 sbslni ssst, thsnos ho ohslm
���outh tn tbe point of commencement and con-
tailil(ij( f,a> Herd, more or le****.
Looslsd taoHSrd day of Ootobsr, a .D . itm.  .
  ' HABfcSSq  KKBIiBR.
Notice In hereby kivc-ii lhat no nay" alter date I
intend to apply to the Hon. Oblsf Coinminrdotier
<if I-, i. :   and <~orks for pcunlssion to purchase
Ihr- folioWlnf tleneribed lai-iln, altuated in Went
Kootenay dlntrtcl : ('ommencliiK ��l R IM���^', ">'irk-
Sd t>y mime SI Initial post ot UBS HoutJi Kork
braneii, one hnmlreil feet from the iiinetbui oi
iaont creek with tin* hnuMi fork; thenee one-
��� i '.rn t.-j mile to the nnrtliweitoorner por-Mhencii
"iii* mile to the iiurthuait oorner i��>��i, theuu*
We .ire now showing specially a splendid stock of Stamped Linens in 5 o'clock
Tea Covers, Tray Cloths, Sideboard
Covers, Tea Cosies. Dresser Covers and
Cushion   Tops.
These stamped goods we are now selling with 'cords and art silks to match.
Prices  are  very   low  while  they   last.
Ask to see our stock of Drawn Linens
ar.d  finished  work.
You can buy a 10-acre Fruit Ranch  in  the licst   fruit-growiiiK district
in British   Columbia by paying   *Jio down aud $10 per   month.
Even as an investment this is worth consideration.
Fruit Land has trebled in value within on year.  What will it do next year?
one-piarter   mile   lo   UtS BOUthSSBt BOs-ST pOSt,
thftUM one mile lo  the pUce of eonitnem enu-n I
iwaotl.iattf, Loostsd by  Wm   1 o.snolly.
NeUon I-s.n-1 htatrict Pi-met o! Went :K.��>t.iiay
Tsks DOtlOS that I. 1 bulSS Sidney U-ary. ol
Bnrton City, B. C , oreupatmn farmer, liii.iid to
apply for permlaaion to purehat-e ttu- (ollowlni
deaerlbed luid: Oonunsnoini ��i �� p-i'-i pl_ntsd
alMiut live nill'*�� northwet-t from the month of
MOSqUttOOTCS��� and marked "C, B 1**1 nnrlbea-i
corner." thenee wnUi Bo BhSlttS, thane* .< * ^ ���>
rlialtm. thetice north *i ctialim. UlSttM SMt Bfl
chain*- to  point of commeiicemeiit, containing
Hupt.7th, 1907. OK���SUM J?H��1"BY   I.BAMY
Nelson l.��n*l Inmrlet, District o( Went KootSBSy
Take notlSS ibal It Wllliamn, Ottofapstton rancher; U **>. BjMtinSS,fMeupailon ele.triiir.ii; snd
U H. I'. SiujlU. iH-eupatloU InmlH-rniHii; all of
PrOOtSr, B- "'., Intend IO apply for a IMGUI timber llOS-OS over the- followiiiK .1.*-' rll- 1 innd-i.
Commeneing ata pont about thret* mile*, t-*,*-! of
WllsonCrssi oo aoulh ahoreof   Kooteimv   !..*.*..���
thsnot wtttb B0 ohslns, thsnoa ssatSO ohslns,
theu.'enorlh  B0 ehaini. thence   wt*-l an e(lRni*t to
point  of eommetje.'inent,  containing Oto seres,
m��ire or LSSS.
Kcptember -ah. llW7. H. Wm.i.iam-.
K. H. Hi IT I Hun,
ll  s. P. Nny-iii.
Nelaon Land District.   I'mtrictol Weal K-iol. o.i> .
lake   notice   thnt I, John   Jamie-   I'anien.n, nl
Kernti*. B   (..   OOOU patton   conlraetor,   iiiu*nd to
apply for S -petal timber   1I0SDSS   OTSI   lie*   to)
ii.i*. 11 l_ dasnnbed lauds:
No. T. ('ninnielielns at a pout planied about
thr.e mile* from thS w-*ni limp ..( Un* il 0.
Southern Ity , on ''arroll creek, auM adjnliilnu
A I M. H. W. rnrti-Tpoat No 1 claim, maiiod
"J. J. (J. N W. cornet poat," them e .���������! ���*>
chain**, thence nouth W) ehaina, lln:iire w'*.t no
ohslns. thence oorth nu elm inn to the plSSS of
commencement   i-ontnllilliK   -'IO   ��'���"�����,   more   or
I'..!.-.I October 38th, IWI7.
No. 2. Oommsnoinj sin pont planted about
two nnd a halt mile" from tin* went loop of the
B. C. Honthcrn Ky oti a khihII Htrcniu emptvlni-
Into Cnrroll Cniknlid m��rkeil ".I.J Q.jf \\~
coiner poet," thtMice notilll MO ilinlu**, ih'llce
SMt B0 chain-., theuce north HO chain*., thenee
Weil NO chain*, lo the |xilu( of com ui ���lieemcut,
coniainiiiK Bin acre**, mors <��r leaa.
hated October 'Jf-th, mn.
No 81 I 'omnielieiiig nl n pout plHiilcd >il-oul
one half mile from the went loop of the It C
Southern Ky., on �� arroll creek marked-'J J. ('.
N. w. corner poat, thence aouth B0Chains, ihence
SSlt BOobSlns, thsnOS mutli HO ehalii**, thenee
ITOStSO ehaina lo lhe place of comiiieiiieineiit
contlJnlng 840 sorss, more or loan.
haled October V!Hlh, lWff.
.f��HN JAMB* OA���SSOir, L icator.
;   ���A*_sisv.��v VjV'.^-?-jr.4-.-,f'n-    ,'^l
OAIINTY SLIPPERS   ,^^:;'Z,^Zl'Jn^' i
��� lety   mn      WSTS   lllVpSTl   ami   pomp*   a*,   .hoi.*,*   ami d,r.liit> SI ����OTST I���""?'*   _
worn,     *-llpp.*r- no  ti,.. houoe   or ���lip|H-rn for   the Imll roOIB       All pliOSI ��������' **li IBSUB '     f
|    THE   ROYAL
l��r,��prl��l.��^** .
.*** ************************************* ���������������������-*,
Nelnon I-and DlHtriet. DlStrlOtOl Wast Kootenay.
Take notice that I, Alexander JoSSpD McCool.
of Kernie, ll 0.,occupation, hotel keeper. Inteinl
to apply for ii dpeeial limber licence over the
'oIIowIiik deacribed Ihii'Ih:
No i. Dommenoiai sts post planted sbout
thrasmllss frotn ths B <:. Houthsrn Ky. wvki
loop on Carroll creek, mnrked "A. J M. H. K.
corner pout," thence north Ho cIihIiip, thence
went ho eliHirm. thence a-itith HO chains, Ihence
Btul ho ehslni to ths place oi commencemeiit,
uontsilnlng 840 sorss, more or tSSS.
Dated Oeiob. r _��ih, law.
No. 2 Oominsnotns St S p >nl planted about
one and a half mile   from   lhe   went   loop  of the
it c. Boutbora hy on a Minnii ptrssm runqlhg
IntnCnrroll Creek nnd marked "A.J M N.W.
OOrnsf post, thenee SOUth BO phSlOS, thenee cant
HOchaiiiK thsnOS north KO chiiiii*-, theuce went
BOOhSins to tlie plnce of eommeneeillent coll-
tnlidtiu '���'" '*'���" '    ""���"  or l> "������
hauit Optohsrafith, UNO
No H CommunciiiK at n pont plantAd about
tWO milea from the went loop ot I.Jie B. t: Houth-
erh Kv. on Carroll prSSJC, marked "A. J. M ri.K.
corner poat." thence weat HO idinlim, thsnos
norih HO cliatUN, thence ....-.( Wi ehalliH. thi*uee
aouth HU Lhalua c.onta1uin-< 840 acrea, more or
Ualed October JMth, 10ir7.
A-iXAfJUBS Jo��srH MeiJo-'i., Locator.
We  curry   the IIhohi   IS&M "f     Kancy
Worsteds,  Cheviots.  Venetians, Bootch
nnd IiImIi TwcimIk In the went.
i-.ver.v garment ih nmrintssul. t<> bs i��
lU<'   most   correet   fnnhlon.
******** *************************************** ������*������
Notlee Ib hereby niv>?�� thut tin* na-
derslsTned have submitted to the i.lon-
Miiiuii Ciivi'iiiut* in -Council n proposal
iiiiii.'r the Rivers and Streams Act fur
th,. cleartns) ii.i.1 raino'vli)*- obstruotlons
irutn ths Diiiiiiiii.-i crcrk (otberwise
known ua Blx-Mlle Greek) In the DIs-
lint nf West Koiitt.-ntiy, Province of
British Columbia, ami for makIi.k tin*
Hni.i creek in. for raftinK snd driving
ihereon Ioks, tlniher and lumber, ami
for treating and maintaining duns on
the   Halt!   creek,    nnd   for   cotml rni'tlliK
and maintaining Iiooii.h for folding,
sorting ami delivering Iokk and timber
thereon,  und  for  attaching  booms on
Kootenay   Lake   at   the   mouth   of   KUld
The lands to he   afleoted    hy    auoh
work urn 1/itH 71*7. 7S8, 711(11, 777:). 43114,
84 11 nnd 84111 all In Ciro.ip One, Koote
nay District, and other landa not Crown
diluted, occupied  or  Improved.
The toiiH proposed to be charged are
such nn muy be fixed hy Ihe .Indue of
the   County   Court   of   Wotit   Kootenuy.
Dated the 28th day of October, 1907.
NOtlM   1"   l.r-rel.y ���*>���*", "i,��l, '!''' ,,;,',';'",,,'!".��'l"
hsvv Mil.n.lllf   ll..'  I.U.iil.1'""' '""     ���| n,r
COUUOll �� ..r.,|���,.sl llll.l.T    In' |T;.>'"I"'1 ",,���.
"KtT.rs si..I itittuni A.-t.  lor i'.',,",'*������i Mr.
 k obstrui���ii.uis Iron ������"" ,"'.','���'���.,,,,.o.i
dow i wit,In the Dlslrlotol ��**' **��_J',im
t���r m.fctns Hi- sHi.i.-iii for rsitu.�� ",ll'l.r��i,.
lSl?h^nI��,um%r,lom**>r, <&'$��?ta
uml (���r anolin, ��". �������''��"",','.Jt.,,..i m''1','
I...I.IU.K. lorttn, sii.i .i.-ii**     <   ��" nH,���i t,.r��i
Ur,.UKl.lU.,wli ssl.l  <���*������.���' ��"   ,."',;   ,r,,k ."'1
lii.lilHK   I..I..I1IS  loth. ,lii.r*'"l i"11"
rlvvr loi snl.l purprtsi-,. ,     ,rk ,*.���
Tl..j  tun,Is   let,,, i'"'"'","1,   ,r,  ,   11   |,1, H an,l
l.nts Mi f.l��V. *-'.��. soil "Ull le* ''"Istrlol
U ���f Is,  tf-M iln.up I. K .us)      *" , ���������.��� u
Tin, lolls   |,r 1*1 )"    '-'��"f,     ���,���  U)' ''"��rL
BlIHllM   by lh.Jntff.Ol   IU0...I""
,,t \Vhsi Kootan.)
li,u...i��i��t .inly, n*,'7 , m��b, ��srii.��,'��-
"COMPANIES  ACT,  1897*"
Nollce I. hereby given "",lt .^'JlU'Iu-r-
Miller, of tho town of ( rem'��>. ���,.
man,  haH  been  appointed vm_ ��� ,dar
tnrney    of    "Tho    Klntny Miller >-
8. v. WOOTTON,
Reglatrar of Joint Stock �����^^
Victoria, l.ritl.h Columbia, October j
1907. ���  -*"""" ���       , i, i I,,.,��!,,.������ .VW
the Bally Canadian
ii ��� is v.
Ii you knew you could buy
,11R,st  quality stamped "Canada Approved"  by Government
Inspection on every package, would   you trouble making it, particularly when it will Cost You Less.
We have it   iu all   sizes to suit   families, boarding  houses
hotels, 7, 14 and 2S lb. pails; 60 lb. tubs.
P. Burns & Co., Ltd.
Rossland Boundary
WlitiiuMiuc Provlalona,
Government Creamery One Pound lirieks received weekly fresh from the
iniri.     For sale by all leading grocer..
Ollioe and warehouse: Houston Block,   Phone 79.
Josephine Street.        -        - Nelson, B. C.
Subdivision ut* Appleton I-rothers"  tract.
! C...1 at once.
Improvements  on every  block.
fenders Wanted lor the Purchase of _
Mineral Claim.
I        -  ���:.:-������ ������> the undersign�����**., at hit
.-. . in ths 'uy of HsIsoa.
ir  hour of & o'clova. in
1 ���!.��� tie- ���    ��� ��� t 1 Ida] .  November   IMh. 1WB,
-    the    "iTenldeut"   Mineral
Loi  '���������    Uroup   1,   Kootnnay     District,
wui'   late i 1 . Em f..rietu*d U> the  irowu
I nl<      .1   u ihe enr ol NVl.v.n, on the
t..r    lelini'uent   tales up
"  June   ������ Hid    ei-ata.     The   upset
Ulnsrsj t latin, which lu-
I ileliqUent   t4itn   and   cost
"���l time ol   (orielturs.  with   lolereft.  taXSS
��� r'i.,i. ooats ot a-ivertUlns.
I*.', is., |. tV-it iS, which
tthftt   will   bS eoiiMdcred at* 9>
,  '.Mil.-r   in ,-���    bt   accompanied    by   an
���r th. lull  amount ot the  u-n-
�����*.' ��� to the order of thv h.putv Con>���
} and Works, al Victoria, ll   0,
Si 1MB  BC . thiiUlhda\ of Ott.ltWL
iiaHkY wklQHT,
Uoverniiicnt Ageut.
piers Wanted for the Purchase of a
Mineral Claim.
���** �����! i r. -v..,t to tbe undst-ns-sd sthls
n .- .... ,i, ui- iii, ol Holaon,
he   ii.iiir  ot Bo'olOCK,  in
Friday, Not. imp.  IMR, [or the
0      Ai.- ���   Min.ral   claim.   I*.I
lift]    iMolrtct,   *-*. hi   li   WSI   de
lord |u d   io  He-   i town at   ini   t��*
ff*M>\ in thi  '  It]  .*l   ^'Im.ii, on lhe Olh lis] 0|
T        ��� Lutiuent  laxen   op tl.l   Juno
I i j..- io>.,*i    prlOS   'MH.n  the
l ' lalm, whtrh  includeM lhe siin-uin
I * and   00*1   at tlie lime  ot lor
��� -���,   ��v. i m b.l< i.  bare itnos
, ���.���ofa-ivnrtUlnti and rssforCrown
I *    ���    *
Certificate  of Improvements
Hit ll o .I   U iileini.
I ���       m ml   bs
,-lllC.      HI    I      |1-V-    llll    "..V��� ..
*���. Iii' h l- ihS LeSSt amount
BPSAlsd     by    Mti
��� amount ol the tell
I .���    ordf-i of  ihe   t'cpuiy foin-
CtaVU" "' L*��������� *"'- Works, al Victoria, 11.I *,
1 '"*��� *������' S  Iwn, B.C. tl.l--I lib day ol o-*t..lW..
���ioverniiietit AgftOt-
lenders Wanted for the Purchase of a
Mineral Chim.
-**-e.| iu thu   under��ln*neil   at   lit"
n  Houfl-*, in ths City of Nslson,
��� up llll tin- hour of A o'clock,  in
-���I Friday, Not,  1Mb, iwn, lor the
"B�� l-fsr*-   Mliural  ClftlU,   W>l
1 i   nay   hb.lrb-1,   which   WSl dl
fj*- forfeited  to the Grown  at thu Ux
���"'���11'* Hi-  cur of Nidiioii, on   lhe  ''���*li   .lay
��� dttiinqusni Hive-, upiiii June
-��� ���*.   i be npsst prl< I'ou ths
' lalm, whleh Im -Hides   iheiunouui
laxeti sndoostsst ths tints ol lor*
���*����������� HI.   Im, rent,   t.i\.*n   which   have   -in. e
jitta',;.,''''-1- "i stdvertlBlni, ''���"- ������������ -,,r Crown
|thr,i...[!u,) '" *s| ���**, Whtofi I" the leant mnoiint
-   '���*���*-��� ��� utisitdart-d .is ii tender.
" '"H'lei miiMt |a* i.ceonipHiited by an
1 ' In Hie (ot the full amount of the ten
2�����' " i'�� the or.ler of the Deputy I'.mii-
,'"r "I Und*- ituil Works, St Victoria, BO ,
. h 0. thin lllhday of <��ct., I.KI7
Hauuv �� RIGHT,
lioverlimenl (VgOSt.
"ttnlon���'Mineral tlaim situate ln the Nelaon
Mining Division, of tlie West Kootenay District.
Where located: '>u Toad Mount*, u I wo and a
hall mile" troin Kelson, B   C
lake notice that 1. w. a. Ma'--hmald, actins as
���Kent for Htitfh Sutherland, Free Miner'* Cer-
titi.aie No. Blf..Ji*9, Intend 60 .lays from the dr.ro
hereof, to apply to the Minins Recorder for a
Oertlfloats ol improvements, for the nurpoM* of
obtalnlns a ('rown (irant of the above elaim-
Anil further taae nwtlee that acUou, under
Sertiou :-TJ, must he coniruenceil before the Is-
���Uanee of turh Certllleate of Imprnvfrneutn.
Dated IhlB Hid day ol September, a. D , 1907
Certificate  of Improvements.
���*HiS Hope Frai-tion ' Mineral Claim, situate
in the Trout l.aHe UlnUlJ Dlv^ion, ol West
Kootettay District, U>cale>, on I'oplar creek,
IN .id a r
Take notice thst I, *'. I'adh-y Free Mines
C'ertifleate No. B*a.**r.��, luh'tul ��i ttavH from the
date hereof to apply to the Mining Recorder for
a CsrUfloatS Ol UnprOTS���tSQIa (or the purpose of
obtaining a Crown dram nf the above Claim.
And   further  take   noitue   that   notion   under
Beotlon  :~. must  be oommeaeed   bsfors   the
i-tsuauee of such I'eri It'eale of lln provernenU.
Dated thin Mh day of October. IWfi.
0   1'ADLKY.
In Ihe matter of an applbatton for Ihe issue of
a dUfilostS ��"��� rlilli-ale ol I lib lor part (I'I ICTM)
<ti laot 811, Qroup one. hi the District of Kootenay.
MoilOS Ll herebv trlven thnt It Is my Inleiitton
lo |MQS "I thS expiration Of one month from the
6rr.t publication hereof a duplicate of tuo Cer-
llflrati* ol ' tile tor lhe SOOTS lands In Ihe name
Of Andrew Morn-en, whleh Certltleate of Title
Ir. dated lhe Mh .Ih>' ot March, mm, and num.-
Ifer-d _.I'JK.
i-.H'i Et-arlstry OfBoSi Nelson, B, C.,Hepteint��er
ISth, UOI.
������ii f. HioLson,"
District Basistr&r.
|T*Httrs Wanted for ihe Purchase oi a
Mineral Claim.
,*��� "'l'!,",."'','.'""!'1 l"   "l"   lllH".<TS|mi<..l    St    LIS
I'I   ....",    ",m ""'is... in Hi" I'llv ,.l N.I-,.11.
I;*   t.-n '    '"'.'.'1' "" Hi" In.nr .,(.'. ii'1-l...k in
ll ���  ��.,...i'"���"On.i.y, Rot. imii, ivn.lorth.
I i '..nun   V"' "Selkirk" miiuthI Oium, Lot
I ''*.'   u, t     .""''''in,*   lil.lrlct.  whl.-h whs .1.-
I.   i. ., "r,,,lu''i  "' Hi*'  llr..��n i.l Ihr   t��s
ii,,","' "Urol Nrlsmi, ,.ii Hi.' I'.ih ,liiy
���      ���iii', .,',���,"- ''''llii.iuiilil  li,x.-s n|, till, Jin.*'
IS vi I.>��,',"?"'   T'"' "i""'1 I" 1P..IIU..-
" liiiii..,,, , '"'"|. "'ili'l. Iii.'lii.l.'s Hi.' H,....mii
''   '    ,    ,,'"*"" "I"I n.sl",it thu tlm. ol tnr-
In Iti.' iiislt.'r ..I nn s|.i.|t<-��M���n l.tr the Issue ot
.liii.ll St.-..I It rlllic-st. -  .1  Till. W  lots 11,
I'i Hli.l 111. tfr.uii. t, W.-sl K....;..|1M> I..-., 1,-1. Hi-.,
Ic.uiwii ss Ihe ������ Kf*.*t,.,i"-v fit,.-!." "Uomiort" sh.l
"..IHU" mtll'TSl tlsims ....i..-rtiv..!>
Null.,. Is liir.l., film III"! II  I*   BJ Inli.lilh.li
tnissm. si it,, .zplmloD ol on. mouth ^l��r to.
I. r-l publlMlloS li.T,..it��.lill.ll.'Hl.'i.HVrllli.��l.-
,,1   till KlUOl   nil   lill.ll.l.le.l   ��l llSHIls   I"
,..,!. ,,f Hi. ,i ,,v,. I���ls, lssuv.1 oil 111.' nil. 'Isy ol
May, A. li. Is.-*, in th,. nsin.-..f I..hut'. Aitisw.irth.
��� n.l si.., silnpll.-sn. ol ivrlill.iit** ol   llll.;  No-
unosol nn iin.tivi.i.*.! m n"ii.-rn  . n.'ii oi ih*'
..l...\,' I..Is. Is* J on llio  nth .lily ot   Mny, A. li
IRSfi.lu Ih.- lis.,.,- Ol UOOr.1   I. A.liswor.ll.
l.iiu.l ILnlslry Ulli..,', Ntlso.l. B. I'.. AilKllsl f.lh
,��"'' II.K.M.,1.-,.."
Ulslrlot Koslslrsr.
Certificate   of   Improvements
INO'll ��� Il
���H..'.'?. I",'''i"sl,  i.i..,  whl.-h
B(lKiaVri,,1.'?'lv*r,,,1',��, ,l,l'l lo�� <"' i rown
i wi i ,��� ' i* ,110 M, whh'li istli,. loiisltiiiioiini
*.''l. t,o.,,'""H1,,"r'"l U " tenner.
"."-'.��������� *l ,-....      "."���'"   ''*'   "' ...psnli'd   b��    so
lM��sI,l,"',1"".1'" "'" '"II   "in..mil 01 the ten
** Wli.uo, ���    " ","'  ""'''I-  "I   Ihe   ".put,   I 	
��J��,   "'"' '-""I- nil.) Woiks.sl VI.I.TI.., B.O,
��'Ni1��ou, B.C., tins Hth.lnvotl.el mn.
UAiiiiY v. Knurr,
'Hivei niiii'lil A.elil.
������Montresl" su.l "'Jii.'ls Ml.1,1.11 I'I.tnl. sit,,.
���H*    III    lhe    "elsoll    MhllllK    Hivlslo...  Ol   West
KC!l..'SJ:l,��'''l hrnneli   "I north fork ol
hhIiiioii river,  on  1'r.ilK   Mouimiln,  h1h.ii!   nine
"teinSlS ih." I'.Altre-l Kr���esl'Islliipe. Free
Ml'.-r's rerlllleiile  No. Hum. I.ileh.l. .Ill); 'Isys
I,.     ..I.i.'  hersof, iosi.pl* i" ii"' Hlplnj
...'.o'l.-r lor ii   I'ertill.i.l.' ol   l.nprovetnoiil-, lor
lliepitrp -s    ol  ohlHlnliiK  Crown  llniiils Ol the
"'a'o,'! ' orllier   Ink''  nollee  thst sellon.  Illl.ler
seel..11 SI   lil"-l  ....iin.'lie.'.l   helore Ihe  Hsu-
nnee ol silt'tl (Vrlllle.it.. til I liiliroveinellts.
il....,l ii.l. I'.ll,.lHyolH.pleil.l.er. 11X11.
Qen.r.l Job Work, Chimney Sweeping, Carpet Clo.nlng, Fixing and Cleaning St.ive., etc
111 K.at Vak.r St. Phone No. A114
Confefssion   of   Two   Murders   put   in   as
Evidence   for  S'<.aie   In   Trial
at Rathdrum.
Rathdrum, Nov. 15.���Steve Adams'
OOnfoSfllftfl was read In eiturt. In part
It ls a�� follows: In Jlrect refcrt:uce to
the Tyler caas AdaniH nays:
"1 weni from WaUacS U> Warduer on
the 4th of July and on the nl^ht of the
4tll went hack to Wallace, where I met
KlmpkliiH. Sinii'klns and 1 went down
to Harrison, then to the head of navigation and from there over the trail to
Simp kins' ranch. There were nome
claim Jtunpefs in there and It neenied
as though tht-y were trying lo take the
settler*' claims, and Simpkins said If I
would help get rid of those fellows he
would give me |800. That was said personally to me. 1 said I would go up And
see what could be done, ln carrying
out this agreement two men were
killed. Newt Glover, Jack SimpkitiK
and myself did the killing. Mason and
tHover were with me when the first
man was killed, hut Mason did none of
the killing. The first man killed was
Tyler. He was killed with a shot from
a Winchester l!ii-:i5. Simpkins was at
Wardner at that time. Tyler was on
SimpkIns' claim. We went In on*? night.
Newt Glover. Albert Mason and myself,
to Simpkins' eabiti, made some cofTee
and had breakfast and In the morning
we went over to try and catch Tyler at
his cabin on Jack Simpkins' claim, but
he was gone, so we laid there till
about sundown, but he never returned.
*'Then we started to a spring, and
while we were drinking we heard some
one coming. I said. All right, I am
glad of It.' I got my Winchester and.
Standing beside the trail, never moved.
I saw It was Tyler coming. He had a
big gun buckled on him. We disarmed
him and took him to Simpkins' cabin
and stopped there till morning, had
breakfast there, took him three miles
out in the timber and I killed him. The
three of us were together all the time.
The body was left lylag between two
logs, Tyler did not tell me where he
came from. 1 asked him who placed
him on the claim and 1 think he said it
was a banker named Lewis of Spokane.
I can not say for sure.
"I then went down to meet Simpkins
at Harrison and told him what I had
done, that he did not have any jumper
on his claim. Simpkins' said, 'Well,
when we rest a little we will go back
and get those other fellows on other
"About a week or two after that we
Nel sou I_nd DUlriri. Districted WsSt Kootenay
Tako notice lhat Isnbclla IM��rce, f BtraBsbunr,
occti alion married woman, intends to apply
for permission to purchase the follow iu-; aat-
cribed landa: t'ommeueins at a poat planted at
the intersection or the nortb boundary of t��t
81HS. and the eaat houndary Ol Lot No. 8185,
thence eaat r>6 chains, more or leas, to the northeast corner ot Timber Limit No. 7611, thenee
north 80 ehaina, thence wesl 20 chains, more or
I.*--. i<> the eaat hide uf What>han lake, thence
follow ins same in t. Routherlv and westerly
direction 100 chains, more or less to the Intersection with Lot 8185. thenee BB ehaina, more or
lews, following easterly boundary of Lot 81815 to
point of commencement.
Dmtod 7th October; 1907        Isasw U Pikkck,
!���'   <). ! AC'i'iBK.  -.gent.
Nel-on [-mad Dtstnot District of West Kootenay
Take notice that John rthleli, ol Needle*,, BC .
oeeupatloii rancher, intends to apply tor per*
mh-slon to purchase the following describe.!
land; Commeneing at a pot*t planted at the
northwest corner of Loi 7893, thenee weat 40
chains, lhenoe smith BO chalna, thence east 40
Ohslns. theuce norih 80 chalna to the point of
cmiusiL'licemcnt. ami containing nDsOfSS, more
"liated 18ih October. 1907. Jamis BHXXLL,
I'.. i'*,V':i :hk, Agent.
Nelaon Land District. District ol Weat Kootenay
Take notice that 1, John l-aug, ot Nelson, B. <".,
occupation miner Intend to apply for permission tO purchase the following described lands:
romiiieiieing at a post planted at the N. K. of
Lot mwj. thenee east Ji) chains, LbSDOS south 20
chains, thenee vSSt 90 chains, thenee north 90
ehalns to point <.f commencement, containing -to
���re*, mori   ���
,        >>r less.
August lad, i'"..
John l.AN'i.
Nelson Land District    District ot West Koolenay
Take notice that Annus Mc'.ill, ol the City of
Nelson, occupation ll reman, intends to apply for
permission to pureha-e lhe   following .lcaci lived
lands;    l oinmeucltig  at  a   posi  planted   al   th ���
N   W. corner  L.  0.   Morrison's ranch, tn   Kir
alley, tin Tee north   forty   (SO) chains,   the tic
��� st   he*y  (40) chains,  ihence   aouth    forty   NO
aln**, thence west forty (40) ehaina nliiio
mineiieement,   and containing   one   hundred
d lists (!��.') SOrSS, more ���r less.
Died Hepte nber liud. UOT,       AN'.TH StOQl-L
Nelson Land District. Dlstrlftof Weat Kootenay
Take notice lhat 1'hillp Hrooksbank, of Nelaon,
B (' . occnpntloti rancher, inb-uds to applv tor
permission to pun base the following described
land: Commencing at a post phiuted on the
west shore of tpper Whatshtui (Cariboo) lake, at
the ft. K. corner of loi 81'19, thenee West ^10 chains,
ihence south 80 chains, thonco cast 20 chains,
more or less, to the shore of tho lake, thonco
northerly along the suld iborsM chalna, more
or leas, lo point at commencement, containing
1W acres, more or less.
Dated Hept. iHlti, 1W7.    PHILLIP llHoOKiiiAHK.
Nelson I And Dlstrlet. District of Wost Kootenay
Tako notice that Hugo t'oatetis, of Alti.ua,
Manitoba, farmer, liuciids to apply for
permission to purchase the following dcacribed
liiad: Commencing at a post plautod about
seven miles from the mouth ot Mosuultto creek,
ut northeast corner of this application and
marked "ft- <* N. K. corner," nud miming aouth
HO chains, theuce west Ho chains, Ihence uorth 80
chains, thenee east SO chain*, to point ol 0om-
meiieeineiit, containing 040 acres.
Dated .loth day of August, 1907.
EthOO Costs:BS,
Artiu'K A. Bi'HTOH, Ageut.
Nelson Land Dlstrlet. District of West Kootenay
Take notice that Crank F. Hleman, of
AI tuna, Manitoba, broker, intends to apply
lor permission to purcbaae the following described laml: Commencing at a post planted at
the southeaat corner ot land applied tor, about
live miles from the mouth of Mosqultto craek
marked F I- ���*��� s K.coiner," and running thence
north HO chains, theuce west HO chains, thence
south Kl) chains, theuce east 80 chains to point of
commencement, containing 040acres.
Dalod 30th day of August, DKH.
!��� hank F. HlKMAN.
Annum A, Bunion, Agent
$10 DOWN
We offer you best trult lands;
beBt terms; best location; best
climate. Absolute titles. You
don't have to use all of your means
ln paying for land. We want you
to put lt Into development We
also have tracts of 50 to 6000 acres,
prices and terms the best. We own
these lands and handle nothing on
If you don't see Fruitvale you
miss the best in B. C.
Kootenay   Orchard
Ward Street, Nelson, B. C.
Coal! Ice! Wood!
Phone 265
Yale-Kootenay Ice, Fratt,
Fuel ��_ Poaltry Co., Ltd.
N.E. eo>. Baker   and   Ward  Sts.
went back up in there and met a fellow
named Boole and another man coming
wown the trail near Simpkins' cabin.
We opened fire on them, killing lloule.
Then Simpkins and I and Newt Glover
���there was another man with us at the
time whose name I do not know. The
other man met us on the trail as we
went In. Simpkins and Glover seemed
to know him. Mason was not with us
a; that time. We then went back down
to the river to near Glover's ranch, and
Simpkins went down to Mason's. The
other man left us on the way. We walked out to the St. Joe river and got a
canoe and went down the river. I stayed there at Glover's ranch till the sheriff came down and made an investigation of the killing ot these men, snd
then we went back in and blew up the
jumpers' cabins. Hlowed up three, I
think. The sheriff did not find both of
these bodies. He found Boule's body
which was right by Simpkins' cabin. I
did not see the sheriff, but Simpkins
did. I did not get tbo J300 from Simpkins. He said all the settlers agreed
to pay, but they did not come in with
tlie money. Mason gave me $100 and
Simpkins gave me $20 when I left."
The balance of the confession deals
particularly about the killing of Governor Steuncnberg. The confession was
made in the state prison at Boise on
February 27 and was signed by Steve
Adams, witnessed by E. L. Whitney and
sworn to before George O. Heubner, notary public, on March G, 190G.
Old Curlo_lty Shop
It you want to buy or sell anything,
go to the Old Curiosity Shop. A new
line of Japanese Goods now on sale.
\ll kinds of Dlnnerware ln stoek. Patterns.
Wharf 6 a. ni. dully for Kootenay Landing and till points east. Close connections for Snoknti.. !(..turning arrl.es
City Wharf 7 p. m. i    .'
TRAIN NO. 45 for Rossland and nil
Const points, connecting with Steamer
Kiiskiin.x.k leaves C. 1". H. Depot 7.15 p,
m.   Wharf 7.40 p. m. dally.
TRAIN NO. 43 for Slocan, Rosehcrry
leaves depot dully except Sunday 6
a. m. Returning arrives 6 p. m. daily
except Sunday.
T-emont House
Knrooean and American Plan
Uo*\it 30 tn.   ttoomi from it ata. to tl.
uniy Wbite Heip .Employed.
Baitr St., Nelaon Proprietors
Moat comtorlat,!,, cinsrlers      Nelson*
Only tbe best nf Liquors an.I .Jlgars.
Grand Central Hotel
Thoroughly renovated and refurnished. Rooms 50 cents upward. The
dining rworn is unexcelled ln the city.
House heated throughout with hot
J. A. ERICKSON, Proprietor.
Telephone, 450.    Opposite Court Houb��
and Poetoffice. Nelson. B. C.
Queen's Hotel
Baker Street, Nelson. B. 0.
Lighted by- Electricity and
Heated by Hot Air
Lars, .nd Comfortable Bedrooms and First-
clauUlnlu. Boom.   rJsmple Rooms lor uommer-
elal   M.a
MRS.  E. H.CI.AKKE, Proprietress
Battlett   House
Best DolUr-a-Day House in Nelson*
The Bar U tbe Fluent.
White Help Only Smployed.
Josephine St.
Nelnon, B.C.
Royal Hotel
Rates |1 and $1.50 a Day.
Special Rates to Regular Boarders
The Silver Grill has opened under new management. White labor
only employed. The best 35 cent
meal In the city.
Geo. P. Player
Office  Room No. 2,  ELLIOT    BLOCK.
Notice is hereby given that at the
next meeting of the Board of License
Commissioners for the District of Yinir
to he held after the expiration of thirty
days. I intend to apply for a transfer of
the   License   for   lhe   QrOVe   Hotel   Trolll
myself io wiilium Qosnell,
Ernest G. Borden,
By his attorney, Win. Qoanell.
Dated this   ISth  day   of   November,
F. C. GREEN       F. T. BURDEH       A. H. GREEN
Civil Engineers, Dominion and British
Columbia Land Surveyors
F. 0. Box 145   rbiin, 2.1 B.
TRAIN NO. 41 for Hosslnnd-Boundary
leaves Depot daily except Sunday 0.45
a m. Returning urrives Nelson 10.30
p. m.
dally except Sunday, leaves City Wharf
7 a. m. Lardo days: Mondays Wednesdays and Fridays.
For further particulars call or write
K. J. OOYLE, 3. MOB,
A.U.P.A���VsucouTor, D J*.A., Helton
We have for sale six of the finest building lots   in  the  city,  Bltuated at
the corner of Josephine and Hoover streets. These lots are  cleared    and
fenced  and    command    a magnificent  view. Pries,  $2,000   for  the six or
will be sold separately is desired.
H. _ M. BIRD
A great many sales have been made of lots in this charming suburb   '
of Nelson and only a few best lots are left.
Office Rooms For Rent
Suite (2 rooms) ot Office Rooms in Alan
Block, facing Baker St. Particularly good
location. ,
McDermid & McHardy
r\ir?i    _-l*t*���_     tt     -r> ���'
Valuable Household Furniture
Owing to the removal of Mr. R. Col lie.C. P. R. Engineer, he has instructed
us to sell by public auction without re serve his entire lot of high grade household furniture on
The Ball of the Season 1
Will   be   held  on
Friday. Nov. i5tb, 1907
���IN  THE���
(Corner of Baker and Falls Streets.)
Tickets can be had from any member
of the Executive or from the Secretary
of the 20,000 Club.
GENTLEMEN,  $2.00.      LADIES,   B1.00.
Public Meeting of
A Public Meeting of Liberal-Conservatives will be beld in
Miners'   Union   Hall,   Baker  Street,  on
Saturday, November 16
At 8.30 p. m.
For the purpose of Electing Ten Delegates to the Provincial
Convention of the Conservative Party to be held in Vancouver, on the 21 ud and 23rd November, iust. All Liberal-Conservatives   are   cordially iuvited to attend whether members of
the local Association or not.
Presideut Nelson Liberal-Conservative Association.
160 ACRE8���About eight miles rrom
Nelson. Kreqiu-nt. trnlnH, enbtn.
springs. Owner would subdivide if
necessary $20 to $25 per acre.
25 ACRES Near Nelson- -tl.H.d. n.ud.
Water rights. Small house. Stable.
Krult   Irei'S.   bushes   etc $4.11110.
Also land    on    Kootenay and    Arrow
hikes. Slncnn and Salmon rivers, etc.
ON      WHO
Real Estate Agent
315 Baker St.,  Nelson.  B. C.
Sherman's Opera House
C. P. Walker offers the beautiful romantic     comedy
IWr. David _.. dally
And   an   exception*]   company.
An    ..'ulinrai.'   costume    and   scenic
PRICE8: $1.00, 75c and 50c.
If some stores were to advertise to
sell regular bang-up r,0-cent tea for 40
cents what would you Bay? If you hap
lienod to rend tbe add at all you would
say: "That's a fake.'' And In a good
tunny cases you wonl.1 be right, lt Isn't
what is said in nn add that makes it
true���It's who says lt.
When Joy says that for the balance of
the week you can come here and buy
a pound of regular DOcent Tea for 40c.
you can depend on It being so. So come
for this Tea. Joy will meet you at the
door at .
Joy's Gash Grocery
Cur. Josephine & Latimer Sts.
Tel. 19. NELSON, B. C. P. O. Box 637.
In tho Mattor of    tho "Land    Roglatry
Act" and Amendments thereto,
nn application lor <h�� ltuue of
t'.-rlin-'ate ol Tllle lor Lntt
. '.ritupi Kootenay Di-triel.
given that tt in my lntcmilon
(ration of oii�� month from the
.'i.'nf a dnpllcatfl (ortlfl* alo ol
ilt-Rcrlbe-1 liiu-U, in tho name of
oiM-rtnon whioh ..u-.iil.--.if it
of AugtiKt,   149ft, ami Ik nutt-
untrt*,  r-elion, B.C.,  ftiit ol
H. F. MacLKOU,
District Meglstref.
In lhe mutter ot
n .luplli'iit-' of  Uii'
_n>l, aatw, an I -'-tt'.i
Notice I" burohy
lo if-iu* at the <'M'
il im publication h
Tllle to thu above
hum's Ki-rierlt'st K
���tai.-.i tu.* -.nu day
bered UOtVV.
I.im.l    K-jtwtry
AukuhI, 19U7.
! i
. 41 i i
��� Tne Dally Canadian
-- ���  -7^_r-*_SiM_
r i '
���'    .      ���    S
' ���' r 1
.'���I 1
Long Winter Evenings
Should v.m be troubled with your eyes or have  difficulty  In  Bee
Ingflne prim al night, glasses will again give you the power >..n en
��We nave all the facilities on tho premises to dn this worli perfect-
ly and promptly.
Watchmaker and Optician
An ideal winter garment
made of heavy quality English Moreen. Pleated
flouuce, good wide skirt.
"Colors, black, navy and
myrtle.   Each
$2,00, Sa and $3,00
Sec Us
For Good Fruit Land
io Acre Blocks to 800J
Acre Blocks.
Bedrock Prices.
Easy Terms.
H. E. Croadsdaiie & <_
Next Door to Bank of Commerce.
Waterproof Paints
Coal Tar, Pitch.
Creosote, Oils for
Preserving Timber,
Roofing Pitch and
Bost Builders will find it to their advantage to use our Pitch.
Nelson Coke & Gas Co.
i j-.lit _��j.
BUSH  &  MATT HEW, Props.
Phone   9.
P.   O.   Box   672.
A. McDonald & Co.
Dealers in Itttpla nnd fanny Grotieriu1,
I3utter. I ������/,'���
Oamp and Mint-nT Huppli(��8.
A. M. Can. Bee. C. B.
Mining Work a Specialty.
Offloe-.   Henley Building.    P. O. Box 434
Baker ��U NELSON, B. C.
The Best Ilsr.l ,'osl on tie market.
Bnnkheud Briquettes
The Best  I'ome-lic ,'oal.
West Transfer Co.
- V -'  J
Corner of Stanley and Victoria Sts.
Tno Blocks from Depot.
A. Bradshaw, Cranbrook; B. S. Men-
zles, It..-si.mil; 11. WeStCOtt, W. Clark.
Manitoba; A. Marvin. Ymir: K. S. 11.
Winn, EtoBsland; P. W. Gordon and wife,
Nova  Scotia;   F.  C.   Shoel'ey.   Montreal
rw J-. it .-fiMitC. *
Gor. Vs.r*���^-.-      *   .*,..-.. -st reel -,,
rstjusors. b. c.
W. A. Winter, Colvllle; P. Orosvenor
i.ii.l wife, Mrs, C, Paddon, Crawford Hay
I. A. Campbell, Russian.I; I). Winter,
Trail; B. I'. Btrauthers, K. It. Agnew,
.1 C. Vivian, Winnipeg; C. W. Giiflin.
Hamilton; J. I). Wltton, tl. W. Adams.
Vancouver; J. K. Buckley and wife,
Montreal; a. W. Anderson, A. F. Dud-
geon, Revelstoke; (I. Winchester, Spoil, llll.'.
lt. Burns, Vahk; T. Smith, T. Callls-
t.i, A. Clark, Rossland; .1. .1. Frlesen,
li.is.-ni'. ii ; J. I.. Brown, Komloops; It.
Taygne, l.a Prance; N. M. Mclnnis,
Cranbrook; Mrs. D. M. Payne, Moose
Jaw; E. B. Wortley, Winnipeg; w. .j.
lii.iili,.. Battleford: ll. Stallard, B.
Bchurman, D. Hoken, Bpokane; .1. B.
Russell mul wife, Vancouver; .1. Gourd,
slocan; w. King, Prultvale.
w.  Wlssen,    Pernio;   J,  C.   Bngllsb,
1'ort   Hill;   A.   MtGiiire,   Kdmonton;   G.
Ellis,   Wan. ia.
K. K. PI. Iding,  I rail; T, It. Bunulde,
Rossland;   n    McKenzie, B.  II.  Forby,
I.   Teller, O.  Porzaka,  Bonnlngton;   l).
Helmuth, iv Carrnthers, Phoenix; A. w.
Bmltb    nn.I    Wife,    \.    A.    Smith.   1.,-ih
bridge; B Brnbale, I). McKlnnon, Slocan; Q W, Shi,I. hi, llinh River, Alia ;
P. II. 1 ills. liii. in. (li ...nun...I; A. H.
Kieler, w W. _ck, Prultvale; H. K|is-
i.-in, Vancouver.
j. Berthol, ii Cberwln, Kaslo'; D K.
Whi Iton, Q Purby, ll Klllan, Phoenix;
O. Hon.'.. Vancouver; J. White, I). It.
While n White, Silver King; P. Curtis,
r Btevena, J. Harrod, 9-Mile; J.Prlngle,
.1. Stevens, Movie; It. Bennett, Sturgeon Palls; T. M. Johnston, Ymir.
ll. Hodgeeon, ffidmonton; P. BJ. Clem*
.���ins. \'i...(ii'i;i; .1. Beaumont, Bngland;
G. SiilTolil. Beaver Siding.
Hnirk nr
Klrinif.   i
in in |l
���11   ������
a 'u.
m   ti,
1   Kivi-
liin her
||   tO
't 'ItlN
><��� Fl
, Tatn-
In tb��
WANTED   Bltuatlon bv Young Bootaman (mar
rlod) vrilllos (,. m-kii* MiiythitiK, a-porlenood
in ttrtn-cry,  wine   mi'l   unlril   tnult*.     AlIdrSM
D. D., Dully Gsnsdian Offlot.
A   PARTNKB   With  txjn*) to   purchase a  Iriill
fKiK'li rii'nr NcIkdii    A  fOOCl ipOOttlatlOD.   1'art-
ncr new) in.i in* actively Fngaced on raoota.
For parllciilar** apply T   (i. I'KOC'I KK.
Born in Nelson, Nov. 14th, to the vifr
Of _UgQne  Brown, Mall street, a son.
C.  O.   F.
The     regular     meeting  of   the   local
lodgi- of tht*  Canadian   Order nl   For. -s
ten will  be held in the K   of p   lodge
rooms tonight.
UMT    \ I.ADV" DlfBaVX-A wlthfOW rli.iin.Ml
hHtnlli     lift   Ht   K     P    Hull,  oil   nlf-lit of 2HIU
Bapt    Pindar plaaaa return to Parser's Km-
jiIiiyiim-iii Aftanoy an.i reoelva rewani.
4   f-Orefortabla Hoiuv |oi a fOTUg Lady, would
A \ rail i-jili. r lobool  ifiudi.T, or youiiK Lady In
builnaailn   tbeoity.    Ad���fen K. (;. Daily
R.  M.   R.
Tho   second   Nelson   company   of the
Itocky Mountain Hangers will be enrolled at the armory tonight. There
are said to be between 35 and 4" candidates.
Fire  Drill.
A  fire   department   drill   will   be   held
this evening at the Latimer street substation.     The   firemen   are  occupied   in
testing the hose and hydrants and pre-
arlng for  winter.
Church   Service   at   Burton.
The Venerable Archdeacon Beer, of
Kaslo, intends holding service at Burton City Sunday. Nov. iTfh. at 8 p m
The settlers are looking forward to this
with much pleasure.
"We   Are   King."
C. P. Walker will present David B.
Galley in the delightful romantic-drama.
"We Are Kins," at the opera boose,
November 16. This play has been
meeting with the greatest success
throughout Western Canada and is
proving one of the most popular of Mr.
Walker's offerings.
20. 000 Club Ball.
The first ball in the new roller skating rink will be held there this evening
under the auspices of the 20,000 club.
The rink will be closed to skaters at 5
p. m. and before 9 p. m. the floor will be
in perfect condition for dancing, and it
Is believed to be the best in the city.
Kv< :y possible arrangement has been
made for the convenience, comfort and
enjoyment of guests and a record
crowd is expected.
Firemen   Insured.
The city council insured the firemen
of this city in the imperial Guarantee
and Accident Company of Canada.
Should any of the men receive injuries
they will receive $10 weekly Indemnity
and. in case of death, the company will
pay the sum of |600. A year ago the
firemen organized a sick and death
benefit society, to which each man on
the roll subscribes monthly. The an
uual meeting Will be held in December
Since organization several donations
have been made by parties who appreciated the efforts of the firemen and the
fund is growing steadily.
TWO riBS-T-___S8 K.-uMri, sHmNB heaU*d
plr house-cup, i  .;���-.. flat, k  w. c. block.
First Cable Operator Dead.
New York, Nov. 15.���William F.
Shiebler, who received the first mes
sage over the Atlantic cable, sent to
President Buchanan by Queen Victoria.
died Wednesday in Brooklyn. It was
while acting as expert telegrapher In
Washington that he received the cable
message. He delivered it to the president and sent the president's reply to
the queen. He also received the message announcing the fall of Richmond
at the close of the civil war. He had
charge of the first military telegraph
station. Since 1S6S Mr. Shiebler had
been In  the jewelry   business in Japan.
Explosion and Fire.
Pittsburg, Pa., .Nov. 15.���About 25
persons were Injured today, two fatally,
and a dwelling house was torn to pieces
by an explosion of natural nas, which
occurred on Sim street, this city. In
the fire which followed two firemen
were severely burned. The fatally Injured are Mrs. Sarah Classman ami
Jacob Trogerman, About fourteen
others in the neighborhood were slight
ly injured.
Of electrical work finished and charged
For from  this shop  will show you how
squarely and honorably wo conduct our
Those who employ us need not worry
about, our charges and as to workman
Ship they know It. ls  the best.
Repairs to machinery, telephones, etc.
promptly  attended   to.
P, O. Hox 155. Phone 227 A
We will have a fresh stock
of these regularly during cold
weather.       Fresh  every  week.
Corner Sillcs and Josephine Sts.
We   have  just   passed   into   stock   the
finest  line of kid dolls  we have  ever
had.    If you are going (o
You  should  be  sure  and  see  our  Dolls.
We also suggest thai you buy no*
while there is a full range to select
from. You would also haw* the advantage ol being able to get them dressed
early and avoid being over-rushed when
it gets near Xmaa.
Description   and   prices   of   the   different
11   in.  long each   $  .46
14 in.  long each       60
K�� in. long each   i 00
18  in.  long each     1 B0
ltP/fc In. long, jointed knee and hip
 each    2.m<
lS-?<2 In. long, jointed knee and hip
 each    2.50
2UMt in. long, jointed knee and hip
 each    3.25
88 in.   long, jointed   knee  and   hip
 each   ���'���'���>'>
li iu. long, jointed  knee. Mp. elbow and shoulder each    2���6
lit  in.   long,  jointed   knee,  hip. elbow and shoulder each     ' 96
Jl   in.   long.  Jointed   hip. knee, elbow and shoulder each    4.26
27 in. long, jointed hip, elbow and
shoulder eacfa    fl 60
26-t-i In long, full jointed each    B.60
W. G. Thomson
ggg&SS" ""<   Nelson, B. C.
I'honu ..-,.
Itev. FatlH-r Jeaootts: has been vlnii-
injr a few days in  Nelson.
W. II. Aldridge arrived rrom Trail
last night and took lhe train for Spokane.
E. S. II. Winn, or Macdonald & Winn.
barristers, Rowland, is at the Btrathoona,
Mr. and Mrs:. 1'. \V. (lordoti arrived
from the east last nlKhi and are at tbe
lion. K. Orosvenor and Mrs. Qroavenoi
and Mrs ('. II Paddon arrived from
Crawford Hay last night and are ai the
Hay. Mr Firth and family have ar
rived In the .Hy Irom Smith's Kalis.
Out. Mr. Smith will become pastor ol
the Baptist church lu tills clly. He is
a Kiiist ,,r Mr. and Mrs. J. Patrick. Hob
son street.
Couldn't Stand It.
New York. Nov. 16.���Thai 0, I.
Barney, the financier and society man
who killed himself yesterday, was by no
rn.ans ruined financially appears to
have been proven by statements as to
his business affairs which wen- made
public following ills tniBic death. II
ih largely to his Inability i�� en.lure thi
blot upon his business reputation which
be feared would re; uli from suspension
of   tile   Knickerbocker   Trusl   oompany,
ami  grief   over i the    knowledge  thai
many of his friends hud been carried
down to ruin In the collapse of his enterprises that Ills closest friends al
tribute  his rash ael.
Set Back   for  Marconi.
Nantilcket, Mara., Nov. 15.���The Mar
Con! wireless station at Slascnnsett was
destroyed  by  III... today.    The  loss will
be severely felt as operations win be
Interrupted for several weeks.
New  Moving  Pictures.
There will  be a complete change of
moving pictures toulKht ut Mall street.
Mallnees   tomorrow   at   il   and   'I   p.   m
Admission to ull 10 cents.
Wiml.'r-ftl-r* Hint   K.ImII Penli rn tn
Fresh and Salted Meats
Camps supplied on shortest ootioe and
lowest price. Nothing but   fresh and
wholesome meats and supples kept in StOOl
Mail orders receive careful attention.
E.   C   TRAVES.    IvTanag'-r
Is Renowned *
AMD   V/
$1.00 per Gallon
JTelephone 181.
Cleared,    cultivated,    planted
with   8o   trees,  j^ood   water,
first rate location, $700.
_OiVlIi   ANU   SlilZ.
U] Kinds of  Heating  Plants  In  Stock
Victoria St., Nr. Ooers House.       Tel. 181.
NELSON, - I-.. C.
*_ ��� Jtitr-.wt.tr     null
���ols HK��nt tor tba Porta hum Uainbsr Co., Ltd..
r**lH|l yur.lr*      KoiikIi iiiul Att HHJ lumber. Iumh-.I
work Htm brsokeU, *"i>*m i-oh t.nd ���btugiu, tuta
iin-i doors, ' i in- nt, brisk sna llms tor uli,
tVatomstla rrlador,
vnr<i fimi notary] Vernon It. -������.-i <��( itnii
INH1.(4()1N.   l\. G.
P. ii nm 23*-*. Tslsphons I7h
Germany    Obstructs.
Paris.    Nov.    IB.���The    Matin    thin
morning declares thai the reply of Germany <o tin-  sp.ii.i.-.ii Kr-incu note proposing .'in  Internationa] commission  to
examine  Into  tbe claims  for damagi
arising from the bombardmenl ol Cu
I .binra   by    French   nnd    Spanish    war
ships* similar to the Alexandria co-mml
slon of ish_. in most unfavorable, ll
presents obstacles to the speed) settle
ment of the Question, and demand In
addition a separate German commie
slon to settle the claims or derman
Street Railway Strike.
_OulSVllle. Ky., Nov. L6,���The union
men employed by the Louisville Btreel
Railway company went on strike today
for mi Inorease In wages and the re
Instatement of several discharged men.
The company employs about 1,100 men,
of whom ItOii are m-inhcrs ol' Die amal
gamated association or street railway
employes, A tew can were loaded with
police. This ih the second street cm-
strike Louisville has experienced In
seven mouths. The hi tike has suspended all suburban service.
Do as the Wise ���( hies have
done seleet ymir Xmas Gifts
during out bargain sale of
Chinaware. We will store it
for you till Xmas.
Canada Drug & Book Co'y, Ltd.
COR   BAKER   and   WARD.
Phone  81
���m.   A.   I8AAC
R.   W.   HINTON
U   f.i...  .!��,.,l.i.,U  BSSOUtSd ^ftttl  Dsspstch.    *lh����t Mm...
,.   *..,,,.,..-  ...,.t Mill MasetllnOTy     M..��uf��,Ktur.r��7,<
Or. Barm, to. to.   Oonfi'ttutos*��V csrs.
,.l Ms I s.,,1
NELSON,    li. G*
iii ir-^Ti,,
if:   ' , /
that is fashionable and durable can be
bought now at a price that i�� ���re to
tempt you. Winter styles art being
shown. Come quick and get the pldt,
Shirts, Collars and Cuffs galore. Med
IUin and Heavy Wetght Pajamai and
Night Shirts at proper prices.. Particular people will be pleased with our offering--.    .
We mould Ilk. t.. s<-.- nil our iialronHcomr.irtnble this winter snd In onfrrto
do so wu hnve In slock tho best nssorled line or hiailns; stoves .ml cooklnt
sti.v.s  i.ii.l   nUL|M  .v.-r  before presented to the public ln Kootenay.
We wniild be pi. used to show you our line and before making your psT-
chai*.- kindly see what we have to offer.
J. H. Ashdown Hardware
Company, Limited.
Nelton Branch.
Place, to have your prescriptions filled.
But to have them properly and carefully
compounded    a.    your   phy.icUn   pre-
scr bes, brinrj them    to the     Popular    Store.
Poole-Longhurst Co., Ltd.
linker mid Josephine Sis.
Lumber. Shingle*
Uath, ivioulclinHr��, Doors, Window^
Turned Work ..nil llruckuts. Mnll Orders promptly stten '
V I IW1NI >"*.' MTMI :l IT
iniii.moin. M- t:-
We have a full  stnek of the
Limc-Saiphcr Salt  Winter Spray
Iu 50-lb. and 1 gal. tins.
The Brackman-Ker  Milling CoJ^:
We carry ��� large ��'ock of ^"l
Cooker., Kettles, 8..* ""�� S'"��
Pans, Fry Pans, Tea and Coffee
Pot.,  etc.,  etc.
Wood-Vallance Hardware Co., Ltd'


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