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The Daily Canadian Oct 13, 1906

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Array Imr I.   No. 113.
��ijc -Daily GfatutMan
Fifty CentsJa Month
Story Told by One
nf Themselves
nk Statement of Progress of
Ise Russian Colonies in the
Prairie Province.
Oct. i;:���Poter    Vrrlglit,
|| known Doukli b-f leador s,
1 tii.. program of the Douk-
If,1  their several colonies Hlneii
liiiins; in Western Canada, In nt
Ilu  Hie sisy.    Mr.  Verlgin will
ins  wosl  lull will ko direct to
II ssml IntendB Bailing In ulxiut
is Muss' for London,   From there
direct tss the land ot his birth.
Ij-r���  . tn  state of    the    Russian
Icauses him oonalderable uneas-
he  fears   Usui   his   dcstlna-
oscow, will not  he reached as
In- expects.    If he succeeds In
J111  .Moscow he  will confer with
I'l'sslsiol, who has    watched   the
of  the   DoukhobOTB  lu   West-
ida   wllh   great  Interest   and
etarnlng in the spring with a
fciirty of Immigrants.
I Verigtn  said   Inst    night:     "So
(unjust criticism hns lieen aimed
Doukhobora recently tbat a true
bt of  their doings  Is  necessary,
pust   season,  from  April   IS to
sinl  of our   number   were
'ed on railway construction work
fC ts'itnis on Ihe Qrand Trunk Pa-
Mvery man iivuiluhle whom w-o
[ spare from our holdings wan emeu construction work.
fo not think, however, we wilt do
siiuctlon   work   next  summer,
fill  concentrate  our energies  on
'lings.    The following summer,
.  we expect  to  ugaln  do coll-
��� t work, as we have found that
Ins ins-lit is satisfactory  to ull
sast summer we have erected
Hsin 11 $:tr.,000 roller flour mill,
"���>��� ol which is of solid co-
nis'iit piers.    The next two
s��f cement  blocks and  the
1 story is of tlmher and brick.
have two brick yards, ono
Wnin unsl one    at   Swan    river,
iiiiiniilacliire oilr own cement
Yorkton,   Settlers outside of
have   seen   the  satisfaction
iis-iii   blocks  have   given   and
of lis. in intend using them In fu-
itructlon'.   We have construct-
fpsii' track ourselves to the yard
is'in unsl ibis has proved a great
p  on    a 60,000-biiBhel    elevator
��� commenced  In  the  Immcdiato
which   will   In;  lu  readiness  by
have at present telephone con-
s with Swan river anil the work
aectlon of all our villages with
stein Is now In progress. Wo
tend Installing el-olrto light
In several of our Villages. Wo
tended using kerosene, hut we
���lectricity less expensive uud far
I or rifty schools are to he erect.
:tc the young or our settlements
celve an Kngllsh education.    Al-
(rive or six schools ara operating,
Intend employing lady teachers
lively,  iis   we  Ihlnk   Ihs'  Bcholat-
ime more atliicbeil  to female
Is' Instructors.     Our   schools
lly he ready for opening until
in ihe spring.   On Sundays
1 Is  will   be used  for  plnces
e will worship    in    our   own
22 villages, of which Verlgin
title, ure conneelcil by graded
I """I  by ihe Doukhobors them-
��bli lhe Swan    River,   colony,
ontalns 18 villages,   nnd    lho
ll-i'i'li   Lake colony,    which    In*
ii sen  villages.
sling has been considerably
f't liy the absence of the men on
"ii work, hut now that Ihey
blessed, farming operations will
Plied. The yield from what has
Jy been harvested bus proven
atlsfaotory, mnny of the fields
JJg .HI bushels per ncre. An nver-
W about 22 bushels, It Is expected,
Ti' reported."
Mile ipiesllon ns to the probahle
Jtlssii or dissatisfaction which once
[led, Mr. Verlgin replied he had
pr people,"  he said,    "were    for-
aiixlons In mind.    They did not
the ruture the country   had    In
J for them, and naturally were ills-
Bed. They nre so prosperous now,
Ter, und spo that the present nros-
r Is likely to continue, that I have
j fenrs of further trouble."
Verlgin will confer with tho mln-
Ihe Inl prior today on matters
lining  lo  llio  Dinikbolmrs.  should
���Es'tillpman, ns Is expected, nrrlve
" lhe West this morning.    Should
hu not, however, Mr. Verlgin will ho
unable to leave for the Hast until Monday.
lie will be accompanied Must by bis
Interpreter, Paul Bandlna,   ami   John
UachorlolT, Hu.. latier gentlen&n being
iik years old. The necessity for having
ii secretary ami Interpreter, the double
capacity of which is performed bv Ban-
illiia. will he readily understood when
II Is known that last year's accounts,
minimi I lug lu over };inn,0(iil were
handled by Verlgin,
ills Interview with Hon. Mr. Oliver
will have relation to hunts claimed by
the eoinniunllles near llorilen. Saskatchewan, but which have been occupied  by  sipiallers.
Kaslo  Contractors  Will  Operate  on a
Large Scale.
An Important deal was made hint
week, says the Kootenaian, whereby
I. W. Power and .las. Spiers of thiB
city will Immediately commune" opera,
lions on logging, telephone pjo, pile
;.; ! tallway lie csmlrncts, aggregating
In all an ev..'.iual turnover of a Hum
of money amounting to $80,000 or $35,.
000. Oiierullons are to be carried on
at MocklBiin's Landing, near llurlon
Clly, on tho Columbia river, ahout 05
miles due weHt of Kuslo. Work, under the terms of the contract, will bo
carried on until the end of the year
11107. The saw logs will be used by
the lllg Bend Lumber company, whose
mills are locuted at Arrowhead. The
price paid for Ihese will be $5 jier
thousand. The telephone poles and
railway ties will be handled by Unds-
ley Pros., a Spokane firm who make a
specialty or supplying Hie prairie market with these commodities. The timber Is to he taken rrom several thousand acres of preemption* controlled
liy the last named firm. The large timber will be used ror saw logs, smaller
slurr ror isiles and lies, so that tho
sweep will be a pretty clean one.
Prom 20 to ,'!0 men will he employed
from the start. Berl Hilton, formerly
of thc Idaho-Alamo mines starr, hns
been engaged as foreman, although
the work us a whole will be under the
supervision of Messrs. Powers &
Spiers. Moth parlies will place a
number of teams iu the woods at once
und In the course of a week or so work
will he going on merrily. The camp-
supplies will either he purchased In
Kaslo or Revelstoke. nllhough the merchants In the latter place may possibly
obtain the preference nn account of
lower freight  rates.
The contract Is Indicative of the tremendous activity prevalent In the
Kootenay lumber industry and shows
that Kaslo men nre not behind hand
In securing their share of the benefit!,
Summary    of    Engineer Prendergast's
Evidence in Fernie Fire Dam-
aget Actions.
Tho whole of today's session or thc
Supreme court was taken up with the
cros.H-exaimlnntion hy Mr. Davis of P.
S. PrenderKast, engineer in charge of
the construction of the Crow's Nest
Southern railway, from which, it ia alleged, tho fires of July, 1804- escaped.
The most Interesting feature was an
argument of Chief .Justice Hunter and
tlie witness as lo tlie necessity for
clearing operations being performed in
sum me it.
When the lumber cases were resumed this morning the cross examination
of Engineer Prendergast hy Mr. Davis
was resumed, There was some keen
fencing  between  counsel  and  witness.
The engineer was positive that there
were many other fires in (lie disiriei,
ou the West Fernie townsHo and elsewhere, some al least of which he was
sure were iu existence before .Inly 21!.
In reply to his lordship he could not
say thai ll was probable lha! such
tires had caused all Hie damage corn
plained of. hut they luul very likely
heen a  fuel or  lu  lt.
He said II was nol practicable to
pile the brush In the middle of the
right of way and save il for burning
al tlie close of Ihe dry season. Tho
cost of doing ho would render It too
In reply to long series of questions
hy Mr. Davis tin? engineer deserlhed
the sol! along tho right of way as coir
slstiug of wet blue clay. Deep digging
In It would he Impracticable.
Ho doubted the Statement of Waters
that hla offer of free labor to Quaiffe
for clearing waa refused hy Quaiffe.
Ho knew Quaiffe belter than that, lie
was quite certain that the owners of
adjacent land would not have mado
any concessions In the matter of using
even ai few feet of their land.
As to the saving of the big logs fof
burning after the close of tho dry season, he said that It would be of no value, aa the whole of the danger arose
from lhe small branches and brush.
The big logs emit very few sparks
even under a high wind.
Re-examined by Mr. Hodwell he said
clearing operations extendod at one
time proha-bly over a stretch of 10
miles. He thought the contraetora
would not have been allowed to pHo
brush at the side of the right, of way
for that distance, as   It would   have
been very close to Inflammable material ali along the line. The right of
way was at lhat point a travelled road,
used by all the contractors und by
ranchers in   the  nelghbohood.
The brush piles were ali burned at
night, and not on windy nights. There
was no safer way of clearing.
To his lordship he said clearing in
winter would be utterly Impracticable
on account of frozen ground and deep
The court���I cannot hoc why tho
railway companies cannot defer their
clearing operations until after the first
Tail rain.
The witness said lhat tbe firing was
always done after a rain or dew. He
thought it almost necessary for railway construction that, lhe whole operation of clearing should be performed
In summer.
A rather heated colloquy followed
Mr. Davis' question as to witness' rec
ollection nf the men he met near
Lever's house on July 22. He finally
said he could remember certainly who
ihey were.
To the court he sa-id the objections
lo deferring burning operations until
the fall were the delay and increased
The court then rose until Monday
War Within Classes Makes Acute  Distress Possible.
London, Oct. 13.���Acute distress
Ihis winter Is inevitable if three gigantic strikes which are now threatened
take place. A cloud hangs over the
railway world in which ���000,000 railroad
men are concfrned.
Broadly, the demands of the men aro
for shorter hours of labor and higher
wages. These are claimed on several
grounds which necessarily Involve increased expenditures on the part of
tarflway companies.
The Welsh dispute, however, Is an
uglier business than a mere demand
for higher wages. It Is a sectional
fight of workmen against workmen,
and represents the first organized attempt on so gigantic a scale of the
trade unionists to force their mates
to Join the association for which they
have no mind. The Welsh non-unlon-
Ists arc to bo driven out of the pita
and the employers are to be punished
for daring to give them work, though
their only offence Is that they do not
join the "voluntary" association,
which yearns to protect them and collect their subscriptions. This Is freedom and liberty for which, according
to enthusiastic historians, the enlightened democracy of England has
been struggling for a century past.
On the Clyde the merits of the dispute are less certain. Shipbuilding
haa been phenomenally active this
year, the record tonnage having been
The men have worked during the
boom without an Increase of pay, and
now thai orders are slackening off
the masters tell them it is too late to
complain. Had the men thrown down
their tools when the activity was at
its height enormous Inconvenience
would have been caused and the masters might have given way.
And the line of argument adopted
by the latter shows that they are fully aware of the tactical advantage
which the delay haa given them, but
tactical considerations do not affect
Ihe merits of the dispute, which turn
on the question whether the Industry
can bear the modest advance in wuges
demanded by the men. If the masters
speak truly, the yards simply cannot
afford ll now. though they have reaped big profits during the summer. On
the other hand, the workmen say they
can and must afford it. and no layman can decide. The distress resulting from the cessation of work will
spread quickly through all sections of
the community, nnd Hritish Industry
must  Inevitably suffer.
Reaching Out  Sympathetic  Hands Toward Brothers in France.
Madrid, Oct. 13,���The reactionary
party Is using wllh good effect against
Hie govern mint the popular outcry
against the new commercial treaty
which Is being negotiated with France,
whereby the duty on wines will be
raised to the prejudice of the Spanish
producers, nnd it is feared that the
Liberal ministry has been shaken In
Simultaneously Uie clericals are
showing greater boldness. Five bishops, after meeting at Burgos, have
seal a message to the government violently protesting against the antl-
Christian movement, aud declaring
their purpose not to obey the laws
which violate rights of tho church.
The prelates of Santiago have sent fe-
licltallons to the episcopals of France
in the letter appealing to Ihe clergy of
France, to be faithful and not submit
to tho church and state separation law.
Koolenay Mining Outlook
Steadily Improves
Effect of Coal Miners' Strike Not
Yet Seriously Felt-New Plans
for Development Formed.
All who nro Interested nre Invited
to attend llio regular mooting of tho
University club this evening nl. S
o'clock In tho dull parlor. The program win be tho reading nml discussion of a papor on "Tho I'lvlls of National Prosperity."
Tbo mining outlook for the week has
remained extremely favorable. The
coal miner-' Btlrke In I'Jast Kootenay,
while grave and threatening enough,
has so far not appreciably affected
the situation in metalliferous mining.
The high prices of silver, copper, lead
ami zinc have afforded great encouragement to the owners and managers.
The big camps of the iloundary and
itossland have not yet been seriously
hampered, although that effect is ouly it question of time.
The sale of the Maple Leaf mine ln
In Franklin district will probably
bring measurably nearer the active development of the camps of the North
Fork of the Kettle river.
The sale of the Krao to a strong syndicate of Hulks capitalists opens a new
chapter in the history of Alnsworth,
the oldest camp In Kootenay. Many
other deals are being negotiated and
their consummation at an early date
Is certain.
Work on the, American IJoy, noar
Sitiislsisi, has been resumed under the
direction of W. B. Zwlcky .manager of
the Kambler-Cariboo. Tlte lease of thc
mine tunnels and the proceeds of assessments have cleared liabilities and
made $15,(100 immediately available tor
ln the Ymir and Sheep Creek districts activity continues with excellent
resiilts. The long aud tedious negotiations over the Mother Lode group
seum at last ncurlng a satisfactory
The slock market for the past
week, while not so active as for the
Insi three weeks, continued very firm.
The chief feature of the tradings was
the rapid advance in all the cupper
stocks, which still show no sign of
weakening. I * ihhi Eastern exchanges
the excitement and demand in Cobalt
slocks has slightly affected the market for shares of Hritish Columbia, but
it Is expected that the stocks of this
vicinity will once more become favored on Kastern markets when the Inev-
iiable reaction sets in on the stocks
of the Cobalt district.
Dominion Copper opened at about
$5,511 and advanced rapidly to $6.75,
nml Is holding linn at this quotation,
with a probability of It going to $7.50
or $N next week.
H. C. Copper advanced from $11 to
$14.50 and though II weakened slightly. Is expected to reach $20 before becoming stationary.
Oranby advanced from $13.50 to
$15.50. but sold today at about $14.75
lo $15.
Nortii Star shows some signs of
weakening, but tills is caused liy the
neglect of Mritish Columbia stocks on
I'-istsTii exchanges, and Is affecting
the slocks offered generally.
Sullivan remains utmost unchanged,
nml. if anything, shows n little nuiro
Rambler-Cariboo Is stronger ihan
for the last two weeks, and everything
points to a sharp advance within n few
Intern 'tional Coal remains wenk. In
ni'iisoipii-nce of the strike liy the miners In that dlsirlct.
Consolidated Smelters, Canadian
Cold Fields, California and Cariboo.
iMeKlniioy remain very firm, with no
shares offered nl the present low ipio-
The following nre ihe approximate
ipiolnilons for the week ending today:
Asked.        Hid.
Alberta Coal 45 .40
American  Hoy 01 .031.
Hreck.-I.und   Coal   ...      ,66 ,62
Beatrice 26 .20
II. C. Standard 20 .15
II. C. Copper 14.50 14.26
California 07 .06
Can. Cold" Fields 08 .07
Con. Smelters    140.00 138.00
Carlboo-McKlnney . .     .04 .03
Denora Mines   ...      .07'_ .07
Diamond Vale 22 .20
Dominion Copper ..      6.75 6.50
49 Creek 06 .06
Oranby   14.75 14.50
Olant 02 .01
Inter. Coal 66 .64
Lardeau Mines 01 .no-Ti
Monte Crlsto 04 .0.1
Novelty 02 .01
North Slnr 02 .01
IlaniblerCarlboo 3.114 -32
Sullivan 101. .0!>*_
White Hear 10% .10
Western oil 20        .is
Reconstruct Buildings.
Santiago.   Chill,   Oct. 1:1.���The Chilean  congress at  Its    coming    Besslon
will discuss a project to raise a loan
of $2, 600,000, to be devoted to tho
work of reconstructing the public
buildings, etc., destroyed by tlie recent
Resignation of Empire Builder Causes
Considerable   Surprise.
London, Oct. 13.���Considerable surprise has been caused by the announcement that Sir Frederick D. Lugard,
who has been high commissioner for
Northern Nigeria Blnco I960, has resigned his post. Sir Frederick, who is
only in his forty-eighth year, has hud
a most adverturuus career. At college
he was renowned as a football player,
and had not long joined the army be*
fore he had the opportunity of seeing
fighting, first of all in the Afghanistan
under Lord Roberts, and afterwards in
the Soudan, llurma, Uganda, and East
and West Africa.
Probably the most notable of his
achievements wae his race against
time and France to secure a treaty
with the king of Nlkki. He left
England In July, 1894, four days after
a French officer had left France, and,
when the latter arrived with his treaty
for signature. Tie found that Colonel
Lugard had been there five dayB before.
Lady Lugard is almost as famous as
her empire-building husband. She was
a. iss Flora Shaw, head of the colonial
department of the "Times," and was
the only lady witness before the Jameson raid committee. She bUB travelled
on horseback through the Australian
bush, and tramped through the Klondike, and has explored wildest Africa,
Returns   of   Dominion   Copper .Company Show Increased Capacity.
(Special to The Daily Canadian.)
Grand Forks, Oct. 13.���The many
Bhareholders of the Dominion Copper
company In this district will read with
Interest the following particulars regarding that company which have just
reached here from New York. For tho
eight months ending July 31 last the
total amount of ore smelted was 133,-
084 tons, which prodced 3,220 tons of
matte, which had a total value of
$640,128.97. The total cost of operating for the eight months, Including
mining, smelting, converting and other
general expenses was $500,984.93,
which left a net profit for the eight
months of $139,144.04. The new furnace which Is now being Installed will
have a daily capacity of 800 tons,
which will make the total smelter capacity 1400 tons iter day.
F. M. Kirby, P. L. S., and a force of
five men, have gone to Franklin camp
to Burvey the C. P. R. lands in that
camp, and Ihey will likely be engaged
In the work several weeks.
W. Yolen Williams, consulting engineer Tor the Granby company, has
gone to Mexico to Inspect some properties, He will be gone about a
The Grand Forks Structural works
has installed a new lathe, which Is 20
feet Inn ; nud 40 Inches wide.
Heavy   Fog   Causes   Pilots   to    Miss
Their Way.
Kingston, Oct. 13. ��� The passenger steamer Adirondack, of the People's Line of Albany, and the steamer
Saratoga If the Clti-ene' Line of Troy,
collided near Glasgoe, 12 milea north
of this city, at 1:15 o'clock this morning. The collision occurred In a dense
fog which prevented tlte pilots of the
boats from seeing each other. Hoth, it
Is thought, missrd their bearings. The
Hurutogo sustained the greater dam-
ago. The Adirondack wae on her way
to Albany and Ihe Saratoga was en
mule lo New York. The Adirondack
lore off lhe port side of the Saratoga,
which- listed to purl, aud her boiler
went overboard and sank. Clarence
Sherman of Metros, N. Y., an oiler on
the Saratoga, was killed and George
Noiion of New York, on tho Adirondack, Is missing.
Many passengers on the Saratoga
were knocked down by the Torce of the
collision, but the crew of both boats
assisted In rescuing them and luter
they were transferred to the City of
Troy, landed at Tlvoll and sent to New
York by train.
The passengers on both boats became )ianicstiicken and only by the
coolness of the officers and crews of
tho boats was heavy loss of life prevented. The Saratoga listed to port
and was hauled to Glasgoe dock, where
she ls anchored.
Robins for Food.
London, Out., Oct. 13��� Patilos Kar-
knmpas, proprietor of tbe Olympia restaurant, was charged with a breach of
tho Insectivorous llinl Act In the police court this morning and fined $5
nnd costs. Yesterday Game Warden
Turner walked Into tho hear of the
restaurant and found some of tho employees preparing robins blackbirds
and several other birds to be cooked.
Zangwlll'a Committee  Named.
New   York, Oct.  13.���A  London despatch  to tho Times says:  "The geo
graphical commission which Israel
Zangwlll was enniowered to appoint at
the recent session of the International
Council of the Jewish Territorial organization has been completed, Mr.
Zangwlll has appointed Lnnl Rothschild, Oscar Strauss, Herr James Sl-
mon, Dr. Paul Nathan and Professor
Kendelsland. The Jewish Chronicle
says of the commission: 'No better
body of men could have been chosen
for the work. The commission combines euormous Influence with practical knowledge and power, and represents a splendid Jewish international
effort lo find some solution or palliation for a  heartbreaking difficulty.'"
Mysterious and   Shocking   Death of a
Vancouver Citlxen.
Advices from Vancouver give par*
tlculars of a shocking tragedy which
occurred ait Central Park, a suburb of
tbat city, some time during the forenoon of Thursday last.
When tbe little daughter of George
Anderson of Central Park tripped
down the path from tbe family home
yesterday at noon to see why father
had not come home to dinner at the
usual time, and followed tbe winding
trail down to the road where he had
been working, she little thought of the
horrible sight that aiwaited her on the
lonely country road. Aa she called
time and again to the father that came
not, she little imagined that his failure
to answer was the result of a terrible
When she reached the road she was
frozen with horror, for her eyes met
the sight of tbe h-rrlbly mangled body
ot her father lying on the very stump
tbat he had been blasting. She hurried back, terrified, and broke the
newB to her mother. Neighbors were
called and found the dead man In a
position that makes the accident one
of the most tragic of the many that
have resulted from blasting operations.
The body of Anderson waB found with
one foot tightly wedged In a crack ln
the stump. The head was horribly
mangled and one arm was almost com.
pletely blown from the body. Whether Anderson became entangled In the
stump and could not get away, or
whether a premature explosion caused
the tragedy will probably never be
The dead man was well known at
Central Park and In the city. He has
worked for the C. P. R. on the wharves
and at the time of his death was working on a municipal contract, clearing
the road of stumps. He leaves a wife
and four children, the oldest a young
man In business in Seattle.
Immense  Enthusiasm Over Baseball���
Aa High as $2000 Offered for Admission to Grounds.
Chicago, Oct. 13.���With the Chicago
American League club and the Chicago National League team, each winners of two games of the series of
seven games which will decide the
world's baseball championship of 1906,
the fifth game of the series scheduled
for today on the grounds of the National league brought the excitement
of the baseball enthusiasts to a high
pitch. It was expected that the win-
iter nf today's contest would practical-
ly cinch the championship.
Weather conditions today are ideal.
The sky Ib cloudless, there is little
wind and the temperature is neither
too warm nor too cool.
Chicago, Oct. 13.���At 1:45 p. m. the
gales were ordered closed. It is estimated that there are 50,000 people
011 the outside. Some of these were
altering $miii. $1000 and even $2000 ror
admission, President Murphy said
there were at least 25,000 people on
ihe grounds. The fence In front of
Ihe lefl field bleachers wan broken
down, and the crowd rushed out Into
left field. Policemen were forced to
use their clubs to clear the crowd nnd
force them back beyond tho foul line.
Just as the American League team
went on the field two live cub bears
were led out from the clubhouse across
the diamond to the bench of the Na-
tional team, who are known locally as
the Cubs. The National club's parti-
zmis went wild with delight, as seeing
the hears mascot that meant the first
victory on the home grounds of the
National leaguers.
The final Bcore wae: White Sox 8,
Cubs 6.
Pounded With Umbrella.
Niagara Falls, Ont., Oct. .2.���Samuel
Washington, colored, was arraigned bo-
fore the magistrate today on a charge
of aggravated assault on- another colored man named Daniel Little. The
assault occurred on Sunday night. Little died this morning. An attempt was
made to get a statement from him, hut
he was not conscious enough. The
most serious wound vlslhlo Ib a hoi? In
tho face passing through the nose,
which fs alleged to have been cnused
by a punch from Washington's um
Election Petitions in Saskatchewan Tangled
Judge Scott Advanced Theory That
Entire Elections of New Province Hay be Voided.
Regina, Sask., Oct. 13.���The election cases before the full territorial
court came to a close this afternoon
and judgments are to be handed out at
3 o'clock on Tuesday afternoon next.
The cases having been argued at full
length are of great interest. Prominent is the appeal on a technical point
ror tbe life of Vlnezeur Maygar, the
Hungarian condemned to death for tbe
murder of his employer, Campbell Fro*
blsher, a farmer ot Saskatchewan, by
Judge Wetmore at Oxbow. Another
Important matter is the deferred sentence of Sinclair, convicted before a
jury of stuffing ballots In the northern polls of Prince Albert district, the
judge's award being delayed pending
appeal to the full court at the present
Perhaps the decision which ts exciting keenest local Interest, however, is
the case of Strachan vs. Lamont, resting on a recent decision of Judge
Prendergast, which has resulted in the
tying up of the 16 election petitions
In a total legislative representation ot
25. A petition was brought against Hr.
Lamont, who sits for Prince Albert
city, on the usual grounds, and Mr.
Justice Prendergast dismissed It on
the ground that no provision was made
In the autonomy act for hearing such
cases, because the old territorial Controverted Blectlon Act waa not made
applicable. The case hae now to be
argued at length before the full court
P. W. O. Haultaln, leader of the opposition, appeared for the appellants
and C. P. Welch, Winnipeg, appeared
for the defence. During the course of
the healing Judge Scott advanced the
theory that If the Controverted Elections Act does not apply then It Is possible that the whole elections are null
and void.
A despatch from Toronto attributes
this theory, in the view of Premier
Scott, who is now in that city, to Mr.
Haultaln, but this Is erroneous. Judge
Scott is Ls father.
Decision of this point Is awaited
with keenest interest throughout Saskatchewan, for it is possible that In
any eventuality it will have very grave
Influence on the future trend of pointer 1 events.
Member of Bank Mess Mistook Letter
for Deadly Weapon.
A incident occurred Thursday evening which, though generally regarded
us a good joke, will, it is said, be ventilated in the police court on Monday.
While tlte members ot the bank
mess were at dinner there wae a ring
at the door. One of the members answered it. As he did so a hand was
reached forward and a voice said: "I
want you." Thinking he saw a revolver the bank clerk hastily retreated
and gave tho alarm. Several of Ihe
members sought places of concealment
and nn alarm was telephoned to the
police station.
Soon after the visitor mounted the
Btalra and handed as long envelope to
Mr. A. W. Hyndman; he had nothing
else In his hand. So far all was well,
nut a policeman arrived and the man
who had seen tho revolver insisted
thnt the visitor be searched. No
wesipon  wns found.
Now, it Is said, the visitor resents
the Indignity of being searched and
will seek redress.
Laughlln Bruce Gets Maximum Penal-
ty for Crime of Assault.
The trial of Laughlln Bruce ended
yesterday afternoon In his conviction
and sentence to three years' imprisonment, the maximum penalty for hla
crime. In Imposing the sentence
Chief Justice Hunter remarked that he
could see no reason for clemency.
The only defence that could be of.
fered by the prisoner's counsel was a
legal objection to the admissibility of
thc evidence of Constable Wilson ss to
the prisoner's statements to him after
his arrest.
Price of Metals.
New York, Oct. 13.���Silver,
copper, 19!.c:  lead, $5.75.
London,    Oct.    13.��� Silver,    32}sid.-
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WhUt it is too
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bam- of all pcdldoBJ partias, evaa ttul
of tjje i>ai-oi party atian Its leaaasi
bave am-ujj.t.-fj to Im a powaj ju iii<-
aaonoiBlr psiadoaj o_ smb. Ii *iia' dow
and ttMO a rtTODf BtSfl &#?# down !><���-
for*- SOtDS I'-mjjLatiuJi Ifl j��nva*<- Of OOfij
nu-rcial life A Caw liavt- doaa 'iii*
who baaa had M_Effstila potttfoal  tai
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matte*  was net wttboal Its merii.
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d-tferaai parts ut Cauada since
bs  awtt ajnodaiad to bis prnsimt jxkji-
oredilJLsbk  to hiuiself
and mon 1 iribut*   10   hit persooaJ
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praise oi  tha tovanuBant  wboae ���er
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l>la>  Aa huiJibJ'r and 'haukieat task vi
I   r:oiiCjhator    without     biLding thtm-
aela-ai to anything.
in iht_- i*r*.-i*vut tampar of both th��-
'oiifji-.-'in^ InUavats a1 Pontile ai haw
1 bojM 'ba* :hi-ir noninnl <jould u-
oblaiuod U�� any sU'pn being takf-c to
brfng iu sweb peaceful m-t-diation
White) th'.-K- OOttld be no barn in trying
and 'Ik- pOMttlHtp oi a politician win
Dlnf aactb lanaau as   did   Mr. ]-uij>h
Hiiiitb  rneandf ai   Nanaimo, might  be
Inviting,   th.  Ubk    or    duty, if it  be
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banflDet a- tn*. _:ioiei de WHi
Burn<ng  Question.
: Oct   U.~Tbi  BBfataut hat ite
oonvolu   j>arjiament for Octo-
wfl] acaia   .��   devoted
anc    state   BapaeaHaa
.!*��� ��� ��� m
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Con_n_-__OMf M lAUfj* ku(- Wort* Im peritL1--
ijot w Bttrrti��� mt fob-jri-oiE _ewrH>*-d mucit
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.*���'���>��� .i.k- i:ti. itim-ior nmtfa S
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than "'. ;nt Kaown   thvu4.-: j*_:j(i�� jut.* n,. aat-a
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1 bKioing ia h'-rf> iiiM-**- nr iwit
J'-iu^ ��.".-:  Ml. mt \U*%*jtoe Haacai,
J*'    I   I'/, MH'.iM. Aptm
Nc'-i'* o  bSMbjr flvea   tli*l iiilv Q��j> h!u:
r.tK 1 tBtanrd leftMiu u tiit Hon CUsl Dona 1-
ttettet o'. LMttidt tarn w(.ri.( for pt-nniwioii Uit-ur-
:._.��   *.*>,.   ;        v   m    , .*���-���   ,ttu.( ]���_ ���(..   v,,..:
KtwLentij- durtrjci     bt^minu_r bi t ptun mMritf':
bvrin-. i' *- 1 ��� :��� i. curne..' wiaiiiaiiM-d -���_
:ut t**: tfavrf o' wniiiMiiit [Cuftea] Iai... M :.*,*
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tttoe ��**���. in..: Baiwuwa Bebaiac; tbenct
warn *  -hsixu non of tern u Om duaeot tht
MUETOWl     tttOIMC Jii]lo��liif   tht   Mild short ID ft
genera   e^rthettf and ��rwurrir  din-t-iioc la*
���  '    ""���*   n   ���*--������'  h   tat pum: oi ttiuiw-uvt--
���mbi ��� natalniai MDaera moh ���-: )t��t
Qsied tiin*)ti. dny o.' On
f   L   &JJPHMD, A-e-*ut
��� M bereliy eirt-L tne: W* QnTr- nfw-r aait 1
intend io apply lo iht Hon mt riiief Commif-
' IjtkUd. aui] B/ofka lor permjBBion Ui pur*
��� ���   b_Uo��rtos   dt*-.TiL*ftl   Iau*-U   il   Wee;
Kootew dif-tri'-:     _t*_giniung ai a poui marked
HliMk'4 N   W   oofser* ano p]��mt-_ t��ii
tbt n't*. ���L.irt i-I watfiiifto [Carihooj latt. almiii
i'i_t-inur'.ii nile *Vk. "f mt nerroweel wtiaicnau
���i."   Mmm   Mi tiiftini; tnenw   eni-l+'
��� '���'  ' ��� MOM Dl .<-��* to ibt ^_ll>rt at iht Harrow*-;
lb��Maa loUowiog Dm mi id ihore la ft g-n(-r��i
DortDeiiy eni weelerli direction tSQ chaini man
or lew  io tiit* poim of I'om meuueiuei) i, contain-
Laa  . icm nore or lene
Dnted thii- biL day of Oct . UM
_, Ono ijitacH,
F  L   --A��ati.vn. Agent.
Notice jti her. by given that sixty davu afu-r date
1 inu-nd loai-j-Jy totbeHun Chief (.'o'muiihsiouer
of Laiidir Hid w-orka for i-ermiwion to jiurchafce
the loJlotviiig dt-M-ribed Jaud** in U>M Kooteuav
district- begiuniug at a juist marked ''t K'
Alden''- t* V. corner," and planted ou tin Mai
ihore ������'��� Whaunan (Oaffboo) lake, about one
mile nortii ol the southern en'l of the lake'
ttuawe ncrth ��"' chain.; ituni-t weet -fiWiaim
mon ur leia, I" thfl IhDia of WhaUihaii lake;
theiii-i lolli.wing laid ibore in a general f-ouih-
erjj aud eadeay (Ureotton JuorUaioi, moreor
:i;> p.int of com in en cement, containing
-' ��� ������ i Bum or tan
1 ���_*���,.<~d ttatt fcth day of Oct , WC
y v. Atom,
P   L.   HajOICattl, Agent
Kotiee U beretn* gutL that <k> Aans/terdsJs I
Lb-obI lo aurfr to the Hon CUetf Coati__iMl��n_tr
ol Laiifl* ainl Uortt- f'.r *-���-ru- *.   .
the J v ng th ������ ��� bu * LumIi eh not* In w tm
/.'���u*..ht.*. dlatrlcl H-gilining ai a iaf#t marked
���Ari'mf Barren - -   ��   oornei    uti'f iiiaoted on
')������ eaai tin ��� �� iiai-j.an rCartbooj (ata hIkhh
������' ������ - nonl ��'. the aarrowi oi v. , , ���
Ink*, andsttb* - P oorner ol \- Bwoiobe'a nolo pun ban ���'.*���-. .��-; si ehalni
tbenei north ao ohalna i thesoi neai ��* chaini
tnobu aooOi Bi chaloi u ������ itoi ul ��� ������: ���
��-*n:;' octal] - B-wri oi ,_��-
\>mu< \u.t tth tbi '���-''-      *-
Ssaoa �� asm i
J   L JJammom., Agent.
""'" ��� *'������������; r ���-��� t. tiifti mi ti-aa*.*- afu-r date
llMnoSto app_J tothe Hol CUefConiBianeB-
ce m Landa and M^orhi (ornncinlMkia io pur-
chaae the folkf-wlng -deaeriboo taadi ��� ���. (�����!
auot4 ji�� . (.latrut Jit��inni-ig at a poat marked
v. -_-,.���-,,- j- ...r*,.r w4 planted on Um
n   oi   ��h*-t*han [Cariboo] .fctt. about
 ,' thfl Barrowi of wi_ani_j-.ii
Infcl    thesoi   oorth W etuitna; thenei w-*��t ��*
'���balni  mon ���,. Usm v> th*' laa. nhon     ���
to kitting th-  Nnfl ihon toasen- tberii
ai-0 baeter]] dJrertioa (2P rhalni mon ��� -
���   MDMMMOJU     ���":.:...;   ftg   **��':
Uate- th,�� Mi day fid Oet . lVUt
w  Snjanni
r. h  BsImiomi, Ageni
-""������������-���' j   ��� ��� .*.  mai ��> <lai> alt'-r date
I Intend tonoph botneHoi ' i ,������* oonu
of Lan<__ ano worhi ���* * peca  --.������      pnrehaae
���    . ��� ��� ���   audi  ��� w. h Kootenai
'' H ������������������*��� et a  po��i   iiiart-ad,->i.-ni
���-'I.'' - E eoroe-j am ; anted oa Un
enatahon otth. oa-irowaot vi * tiibn.jj ('.aril****;
���"���i I tbi '.<��� n ��� ;i i' ���: aim then-1 w-aoi w
'���ham* mw. '������ ten u. ii,. Bbon ot V*hn*hai'
lake; thenee folio-wins -***'1 "i"'" m �� seBrrnl
aoufb��*rJ) ai.'i ei.- u ��� | * ������'"������������ UbtSinbu note
or 1����**, t" (���'���ini <*' ��� DMIHBMMnni ';niitalnlug
KDoeret, wort- or leaa.
DaVed thif.ii ii dsf of On Jiwt..
hei-.5iuai. tftMrn.
V, L. H-umoy*,, Ageni
Ni'-.n- i> ..- -- i* r i vi. Lha: fU' aa-.*-1* -
lliHni: n<*t>:���-'   I    ,:������   >���,���:.
'���   ^-LtiUh an:. V ��� i -
m ni  Am i   - ��� ���*���   E om
������ua> i __tri-*:    Beginnzttf at i. in*   merit*   ��� w
-    h-riuift     -   v    oprnei '  an.  plana
��� ea a   '- *e-   o *-l^��� iwjai h;.."*-      t\ nan
���hm       er bar)     .*-.*.��� .   ,        .i..
noariej mih* n a ���    -      em ��� i
utku    thansi   ��� ���
"**"- n lu. than n tbi ���
UtXt     thenai   it iii'v :m   mm   n    -
anutner;-. mtj v . ���
'    ' '
.    ������
I       -      1
I      '
��� ��� ���
._.���'.��� ��� ���   .
:���    Vt e*.    I ���������
|H-a   mi_ .
. I
ana:  i*   am
Mit-lli'   Iiin*i    i
saimo l. C, Ananat Xltti WC
Ttwau^ Aptm-
I   I ���
W ��� . B*   .  Illlll
'       ���  . ������       ���
nuaai   thi   lolinv
:  -	
.   ���
*���  ���        -      thi   -'.--���
.      .' " :.-.     ..    -
t   ���
I - I       I        I ���
aonti  u-p .,- ,-ij
'.:...'   ���     .ii m
per -LcTO-fr T   ftOBMI I
Setts) fa ben r^sjaei
. ���
���  -    *
1 ':���������.������
'    I
Ji.     -.'���:,--���        v
i. tn,      i.:      ���
���    .
'   ��� ���       I ��� ���
*-t   I ���*���   4"    bain mon
Batel un Say <M Anrjn. iBd
i*       . ��� "   .
By hn ttteett .   L ~ t ���    ���
'  ' ���   ��� ;     ���
"    ' tl ���   ������.
i * ���     ��� ... ...
I        uee S     ���:>. ba nortl
--������       ���_-'.������.-.
A_dad ;;>��� :ui ctay o.'Angaf.
i Hm i
perF   G   F_-
" I .���;���-������
'    ��� ' ��� ���
. u i j-"- mar__e I
>   .' * - l   oomei ' nnd moan ���
-     -'  ' -i   f-i'iu*.. M W:.ai-M.T. LaJki   ind
��� .,..-.,    .........
oortb    ibenee B ��ht.nj* nem    thenee tb ehnini
lUowing the iaEttilnip- . thenei Bi !*>h_in.
Ban :��� Uu :>��� tni ��� :iiii:nmg
Plate   On '.h. dn; i*; djjiiul    ���-
K  rarvnti:.
Per T B   I .��� ,' :cj. Agent
.uyf. afle: date I p*.!rp-w nia���ing K)ipii
'���allot i- :_.'. 3ioi_in;ai... *l- ,��������� ' on mil
of i-andr- ana Wortt f-.r permn^i'it to pui
me ioliowmr dtwribe-i land * ommencinr nt
l aon marked "B-P**a S. B comer.'* adjoining
L Fanquer4! apnUeatHm to pnrrhaei nmnini
ttwaei B ��� -i-airif  aortl ���-������   B ilni  ea^:
thoneeS  -hA-.v  tmxtt    \u-.n-   --   t__a_M   wtm
*.;   int ptnot of eommencemeni, eon tain uu* i-*j
Km  i   teoi ita��f
l*>ated the 31th day of Augur.. lWUu
I'ct r.a Fasanaa, ...���
BotlM i"hfret.'�� gjvt-i. mat *:j:t davf afler date
I intend to apj.!*. Eotbefioo ������.,,.-.,���.,.... .
er of I_and* and VFoacka for permlnDoa lo j.ur-
ehaai tbe loiioamg deaeribed land*. M aerea
'���ommeneiijg t: t ;. .-: ch-kt- : .'���������t.i, lev i.'ant
ed on tbe eaai *hOre of Ixiwer Arrow lake, ihool
niit mlit norti. of (-uni-hint creek, thence lortt
chaini east, thenee fortv ohnlM wiuil thenei
forty chain* we.**: them* fonv efantu BOrtl
along lakt --bore u> t��'im of commen't*ment
I>ated ttie 13tL day of oeptcEber, lSWf..
Johk Toys.
HiiiEv Qssaon, I snn i
Notice ir. hereby given tbat M daj-i alter date I
intend toapph* u. the Honf.ral.ie tbe Chief Oom-
miitfioner of Unda and Works lor perroiafijon
u. purebaae the foUowlng Deocrlbed land. Kiiuate
in Fire Valley, in the Weat Xotrtanaj dtatHct ad-
Joining �� A i aJder'f pre-emption.'nurting ai a
poet marked M. Mi</uarrie's aouthwe*-; oornei
running Wu-liamt- eo__t them-e 40 chain*-north
thonoe M-dialni iren thenoe ��� ehidni aoutfa to
poini of commencement-
Uated tbi* Uth day of September. MM.
J. E. Taylor,. Ag.:,;
Notice is bereby glren that no drm from dale I
intend ui apujy ui the Honorable iht chief Com-
miaBiourr of Lauds and Vozfcl for permiarion
topurthft-e the following deaeribed landu ait-
uate iu wwi Kootenav District: Commcncmc
at a iK.-t marked *��� E. SiewanF N W. corner
j-f��t.'r aitunted near the Junclion of U,n creek
ana 8outh Fork of Salmon, thence w-uth to
ehains. more or leaa: thence eatt ho Bhaina*
thtmc-* nortb 40 chain*, more or leaa; thence
weal &o chains to point of eommencemen I
balmo, Auguat llth, 1!Kj6.
T. H. ATKissov. Agent.
wmxaeaetllf at a twist planted on lhe west baiik
of I i.per Arrow laat- al h point ali.tii 7 mile* be-
low Naku*-p, and marked G. A. B  II , N K oorner
Notiee U hereby gl-reii that 60 ilare after date I
intend toapply to the Honorable tie Chief Com-
nuMlonu of Lands aud Works to pnrehaae the
following deaeribed landa.BO UttMi mon orlani
'oinineiielng at a pc '
of I'i.per Arrow la��'
low Nakusp, and mt	
poat;  thenee  m chains  west;   thenoe 40 ohaiaa
Ninth; thaaa ID chaini eust, more or leai to lake
���bore, thence ainng Laka sbon- to point oi bt-
Datofltbladtlj daTofSent-UOd,  Q a B.Hai.i..
6fl days after date I lutend toana)] ;.. tha Boo-
oraWe the Chid Cormmloalooei o] Unds ��n.l
worka, Vletorta,fi < , to jnr'-haM mh nc^ at
land Minale weat of Arrow lake on lhe weal tide
of whahhau *'ieek and joining lbe nortl b
try of | j Anna!.]*, application lo purehaae
'.umioenriiigat a piM marke.) K 1 E *. K ..,r
o.-rand running wes* B chains; ttcti't north *i
'���haina. Un no eaai Wchaini; thena aoutfa lo
point of romiueiiiHint-i.L
���'��������� -  '���"   -'   '      " B   .'   Kt.l.lOT.
SoiK�� ii ni -el j given thai mi dayt nftei .!nie I
intend to appl; n. im- Homimle Chief Cominja
s.nu.T o! Undfrund Worki lot pennlaslon tot.tir-
cbaae ibe foUowing deaeribed lamii -.ni-au- in
the Wwt Koi.tenay dlatrht; nariiiig from n w.m
planted at the* i. oomnrotl W. Boblnao: i
ApMiuation to parchaao, theooeBohalni -.���������
B Miami aouth. _tn -haina west, KO chains north
4" chains wi-ct ai'-bami north. 20 chniiis .-bm H
���'haiui norm to point of commenecm*.tsL Doatala-
*���:,-   I"     fef.-.
Daied Idth day of Aoguat. 1U0C
li. C. E. Robikbon,
I- ��� BnBBB ��   Kf^iNflON^Agent.
Noil'S b   bflMhy  glren  that  BUty da;i  after
date J iniend lo apply to the Boaorahh  mt
���!���'������ "imoiKsi'.!,. ��� .,��� JA!ld> and Works lor i--r-
mia-Kin   to  pun-haf-e   the   following   (lek-*��nl��..|
lani on tht waatahore of afper Arrow Lake and
Joining J. if.  Eeeney'i pre-��-mptioii:   hiiuijitii:
weat 4o chains: theme north N ehaim, ih.-t.-#
eaal -'.���Chains  v. ihe shore of ihe lake:   thesoi
aoolh lollowlng the lake shorn-to polnl ol oom-
meneement. contatntna _un acrei more or leas
i'ated August iv dm,.
IJ. F. Kju tattfi
 J. J. Kb.it, AgenI.	
Not." is hereby given that nistj* dara after
date J Inteud to apply to the Honorable the
' ; ,>' t pn.ialMd.iaer of Landi and Works for per-
mlMloa  to pondiue tha (otlowtni de^lbed
land on the wen M-ii of Loarr Arrow Lake and
joining theaouih lln. of tht Imliati KeH-nailoti;
Kuninug *e*t B cbaina; thenee mi_*i, t��i chain*.-
thenee eaat B ehalna-to tha ibore ..f the lake
'r.'i."    north   loiiowing the Jake shore to Ihe
polut of   'ofiiuienriiiitnt, OOntalnlOg  100 acres
mote or Hi
i^ated Auguai -ki, woo. w. ji. Maihuon
J. J. Kki.lv, Agent.
Koata v hereto, given Oia: ��: Unanitej i ���
. uitenc, u -to v u im sBamnmbfc ihi ������ >���'
CiuumiHKioiit"   o* uinur  aur: tt'orti hn aennM
���.;.-   tin   laTliinliii deaer ���������    -
Kltuatt :i    im  Be    KiM.teua.  tiisin*"
cing ��; i pa    marke      I Tinnai'i  I   ^   nornei
paat '   attuate    l    thi   I   E corii-* o
'-',���-������ v an   rhanai -        ������
amre-D toi I tdnUtan   iii-.w oarU
BohiSM n   ������       nn    Ebenn anats Bhami u
: nu
naim*. I "
i aaem
.... .,.,'.,
'..;s_Joii h>
J i.-   thr ������   ���..
an ��' ���> ���*.    i:. .!���������    I ���
���   ��� ��� at a po    . anteo mi
��� ��� ��� ��� rkea kin,
Lai -   v running
a -
_. .   ���   mt.
���   ll EUmun*
���    .
���   . ��� ���.,.:. ahom mn mil'
.   tbe i all   U ,��� ���>'  Armw
on*,   tu.- :
unrti   S   tdiaini   tl ena   m -; a chahu
th-OHH ea*: BottatJU la
: ..
Aurns   :��� ::    USI J. B. HrifrtL.
li- kpnii Ui tht
'���' nrka   vSuntt lo
���uirijeii-jug ai  ii
I   !____. at
Uu am   .   -i. ���..������. puKhaac
i ��� ��� a   chalna,
wet: a     uaius lo
1 .n ������ '��� ���:.  ::     .;���
l-o-jalec Bag   I'U  1M6.
A  0-aflBaS.
, .r,Kt.i.   Linattor.
4_��MI^T   WA10T&
We   have  -yuat   received a   splendid atock  of  Ladita' Shirt  kVain   Tl
Navy   and    fancy    eata*?*! ���!
Embro'flered   CasTTiere    in  Crean
ezct.  from   32 tc  42   inchea. ano   we  a*-e   aelimp  theae  at  BBDBBaaaa! 4
ly  iow pnccf white tne/ las*.. * ���
��� .   ���
Lands i
rfbe   h
'V        mem- nt un i.   t   v ���.   pb   , i,.
: v....    .. ranri
. i   .        ���'��� ������     tn      '. ���-,���,.-1 - I
Mann -
Mi conn
a  ���
J  E. MTJf��01-
�� a    ixbm   agent
bat I
Wurki     *:���*������
��� '     ��� * i     i ta tht
L near ;���   ���:  -
������: ;���    i.   :��� ���  .
-������"������    an .,���n:.   and
marked Bei Dcton'i s  L   I   y
.  m  threnn *-.-: I
< '���������  thi :,��� ��� ��� i.** |   balm te
tns   ''otiiaming a-acrw o: ianC,
���   ���
baled I -    : ' egmt BB
Ea��EY GL 1o���_ikotok
��� * | .t ��� ��� ���      ���    , .���
I >   |   . ���..-; ���: I   tlu Boa
:.<���* ol 'ii*Mtant S acta       am
���    ������'  ���   land ��!'i.
��� -t * ��� ������ ��� Boal Ktwih na-. tuxtrirx
���    a poat narki    b J.   ;.:.�����- K 1
���   *-^: t*:.t: is; ���   .  ���      ���
ahotii -��� . *���.,.
������>*���"   ���: ilna thena I
��� ��� H i ...*.-���
���:���-;��� aloni Um thta u pm'i o: - on
Auguf. itm,, iwt. n E Betas,
T. H Ammwui, Aeenu
Kottoi  i- bnaah) gtem fhii Tnrr msntna aflot
dale J Intel .   ���- . ;M Chlel
[__ndi and Worat for a !__������� of
i-        . ' land bdns tht  iure+borc a<1joii;mg Mb-
dlrHtom ]. I and . oJ Lot s��. ������n.up one (ij
Eootenoj and botng on theaoutb ahnr- i *.t.e
Ban Ann of Kf-otmaT lakt m lhe dinrici of
Kootena) :
��� Bmn-Mielm t: ��� I1**! marked *a, t Betas'
������'   poat**;  tbence ��'ciiaini went.
- ��� ��� :--  north; tbenei *&��� eham* ea*.i.
chaini pnnih lothe plant of eommeu��-
men;; the m_i_ ian_ and forwhore to be be uBed
J " ���eflrntfl] pi.rpaaea.
I>aled tha _Urt day of Auguat. IB*.
  A, E  B'atti.
Notice it ht.-etv given thai �� dan after date I
inn.nd toapiii to the HtntoraUe tht CSdefOnn-
mlaaioner of Landi and Work*, lor penniaaKm to
���Jlowtnt densrtbad land in Woi
Bontenai Piatriel a!��iut aeren milea aoutb of
BnrUin ('in rommeneing at a MS planted on
tht ear. banl 01 Tr..I.; (reek ana marked Alex
( berne'i K. W. C J*i-*i and running aoutb K>
chaini thenoe eaat *" ehaim thenoe north ��
misini eweatS chatna to post of l>eginn-
mg. oonMlning MOarrt* of land, moreor leaa.
Dau-.l ihu __nd dav of Aiignf:    ��� ���
a.xx caans
H* H Hi.aiL*mii. Agent.
-ixti thxjt aflei date.] Haemtl Mi-guame,
iniend to appiv to the Honorable tht* Chief Com-
mianonerof Landk and Works, Victoria, jj c,
I i rehan On following described land, C-m-
mencme at a post markeii M M'-yuan-i*?. on the
hank of Ixiwer Arrow lake, thene* to chains
wt-n: theneeMebalna north; thence ��> chaini
Mksl thenee ��j chain* aouth to place ol eott
meneement. ��aid to conuin lfti Hire-* more or
leai. Covering ground held by (.. B. Andcnon'i
(kted ihi. Hth day of Faptenbtt, i��w.
,,,  ,   , Mahokett MtvrAnr.it.
W. I., I'av.vk. Agent.
Notice li hereby given that I intend. 60 dara
after date to apply to the Honorable tbe Chief
���'Hmmi-w toner of I audi and Worki foi permlsaioo
to purchase tbe followlug dcK-nbeO lands in
Wen Kootena) dtatrtct at>o*_i five mn��aouth
of Bun..ii i iiy.commi in log al a post plan led on
U>a east bank of tract C ��, ans marked-*" S
Hamtltoir*. B W. C poat," and running north HO
chains, thenee eait ho chalna, thence aoutb no
chain-. :h- in. *���-: *- , ham* to pln-i of begin-
rung, containing Mo acrei of land, more or leaa.
I>an*.l th ii Baa 'lay of Augim. inofi.
W   H  HiaitTos.
Notice ti bereby given thu 60 davi after dale 1
intend to apply to ihe Honorable thief t'nmub>-
Moner ol  f-anda  and   Works  for permission  lo
pniohaai the foltovini deserlbad Unds, situate
in West Kootenay district: Conim-meme al a
|w*t marked "B Conkej's N. W.corner post " Mi-
uafce mar lhe N E comer ol land applied for by
I B. :.*,��� Tieewntilh 40 chalna, more or lesa; ihence
j*a*t ho chum*.;   lbence norlh  40 rlialtia, more or
Leu; thenei vast Bohalns to point of oonunanoo'
ni m
balmo, AiiKiiM 11, lOOfi B OOMKBT
r. tt, A-ntaaoi*, Apem
Solid i* lorhjEiTcn UiHlikidiiVs nfier datfi
intend, to Hpply to the Honorable the Chlaf Com
rnlssb bl i of Und* and Worka for penimsion to
imn liaNCthe rollowlns dsserfbed Isiidisiniaic in
Well Koiiicimv iii-irict:    i niniiieii, ii)S al h i��.*.|
marked ��� R Roat'i n w Doraat poal," ittnate
oeai ti.. s beornar ol land appiici f.��r by a,
Mci>Bii th.M, -.lini, 4��� chains, noreorlassi
IhBioe eari s-i chains; thence nortb n ehalni
in-.re or  len;  ihenee  we*I No ��� l,Hin- to point of
oomtn< boement
BAlmO.AOfDSI 11. lfaY. K  ROM,
T 11   AntiCTos, Apcnt.
N.-iiie !��� herebj siren thai usty dayi after
Intend to applv to the ttoaanbls tbe
��� hief Commissioner di Landi nnd Works toi
1- :i. iaiioii lo pun haae the foiioniiiK don rlhrd
lands slluate in Wesi KootetisT disirii'i' Coin
mebcing stapost marked "A.Uohnn'iN w
comer p'.*i."Miui,te near lhe N.K. cornet of laud
applied fnr by A. M-Ullghlnl), Iheuivi-milh -K)
I'hiilna,   more   or   less;   ihcine   ensi  N chatm]
'<���!> ��� north 40 ehatns, mora or Ian; thenoo wosl
H |m to poiui ol comrneliecnielit
BataOi Augusl 11, 1W�� A. Mc I.kan
T, H. ATKlSsov, Agent
Nome i�� hereby glren lhat oo rtaya afur date 1
in lend io luakf uppnesllon to the fioiiorablc ibe
1 hief I omtnlsdoneT of tnndi hio) Works for par'
oon to purchase ihe following deserlbod land
fituaic lti Wesi UnoieniiV ilislrlil: (oniiiicncli
at h postmarked "A. Mi.jiiiahlln's N W oontu
M-������[." sltuale near tin* N V. corner of laud applied for hj P. McArthur. lbence muili to i hains,
inoreor less; tfaSBM cast Wrhaina: ihcnif north
4" chalna, moreor leas: theme west no chains io
polnl ni eoliiliielleelliCUt.
Kalmo, August 11, VM�� a. McI.aiohi.an,
         T, H   HTItmaOB, Asent.
Notice Is hereby giren that ��V> ,iav. after dati
J Intend to apply to the Chief Commissioner of
hands ami *ork. lor tK-rinisalon lo purchase
tbs following deaiTtln-d lands, situate tn West
Koolenay dlsirlct: Commencing at a post marked J, MeArthur'a N. W.corner post," simm. nenr
the N. k corner of land applied for bj A Turner,
thenot- south 40chains mnrc or leas; th*-nc.-eaat
Wichatn*: thence north 40 chains, morp or leas:
thenee wesl tv chains ti-point of lommencemcut.
Balmo, August 11, ���".*"���..
.    J. MrABTHt-n,
T. H-ATKINiON. Agent
-�����������������������������������:����������� ����������^^} I
Imperial Bank of Canada
Head Office:   Toronto.
D K. WILKIE. Pr-snciil
-APITAL PAID CP      tlmt
IUI   ., ��� .t*.-*,ii
BriDCQc. is British Columba:
_o___k.   K_L8oa    aavaLaron    Thoi-T uml
��cv__, vi-iviKi...        T Lm<l
I>-poni!t r.-..:v.-.i and uiiemn alii-rnc w t-urrtaii ma from dm./. _ m�����i������
���.-ouut aud credited lu_*ye_rlj. oixinrtu
>,*---_��o> branch J.   M.   LA*l',  Atannj-er.
Nm:i*'. is harsh] y -��� :  ���
intend to appi> to thr J
.    l*i it At and Won
ban ��� i ,t,\~c oh '
i'i-   <�����*������  i-jde  ol  Arro" m a: a
trfco- a Mn
u   a - .*-:. -;,
rv-- bant
of (sarlbal mai
-��� f.f.y ohalni
��� tatnlneSB sen a, mon
Uabsd Beptamhar 1 i**t.
ivr ?���'   J'l U u-   At* ij*.
��� ii bomb] atvai I
mienti toap]
* "* ol Lands au'i *
��� .  ,
oa UtaaaatS-daut.Anna   ��� *���    ��� t     onftng ai
IhanorthaaM   orner i U  ���-,       ,   ���
-.'���:���   nortl   torts   i ������������.:.���   ;:.��� nm
- tifcinf   thoana soutr larfs tthe   ���
;.i ;.'is   lo pomi ':ient, ooa-
.    >.*,-..    o,.--  I - ,i ���-
I'aieC Septt-B:i^r :, T*JC      J*wt- I   MaCLaan,
ji ��� s Dooaa
ahaiahl ftsnn ttsitttkaxn .:: roateJ
apply in the Uonorahh Ll
.- . m ? of Landa aod ti orfa
pnrrhasitlM fi>:i.iinti|t doM-Tit*.      ,-.
men Ins at a poal marhnd "J. a   h * -
UC '   pUflad "U tbi ea*--:  tt   n
Inhe nl aha am th aaat oorner nl     Chrh
p.catiou Ij. I'linnaS-   r:i : ...
��� d�� I ' bsJm ���..���������:������    ;i,. -   .   a   c-hntm
jaoteof lam  acMtotb- _aao_hn*r; :*
hnrtng lake ibore to (-oini ol aosRasoi
contain Ina *aOarres mon- or le��-
IiaU-d the 3rd day o( Julv, not.
}. W. Bama
Notice  1��   herebv  jr;\eu  iiiai  _uu   itemettm
dale I Inhsnd loapplj wtbc Hon
donor Df l>andi and  Works for pamlard-si   i
miuhaai   im    Eoliowlnt   dewrit-d  land*,   in
woal konunav DisSXtel     Cj��mmenrinf ai an io
ilia! poat planted at the soinbean mrner ot Mr-
��� oj ���* pre-en.p:n.n. thana Behsiw *
u.undarr <*f hm ���  ���     ���  ��� i   MWtnc ��..,1
���"undar-*' sontb lo sontnoaai sonrm
tbenoe 10 chains west; tbence B efas
thener 3tii nams i-asi;   thenot J'cL*ir_-
aouthwest oornor at lm m, thenot b
mi bonnoan of Uit __, u. itiiua- inwi
v ;'.*n.|i*e: JI  IWf D. \>  I
per EKx-tr* ��   igno-BR
Notice is hereby given that �� davs after dti-   1
inu-nd i<�� applv Ic the Hon. Chic! Coin- .
of Lands and a orki for permiasion to ; mi
tbe iolloirrins d*aacritwd landa. sitna*..
Eail shore of U.atr Uke, al-out Ot and one
half   mile  South   of  Edsewtuxl.   h C  and ad
j'-ininr J T  Hcattie* applleaUna ��. purrhaae.
ai.d ansaawnetni att ;wxn marl* ���
son's South H'csi corner, thenrt- nonina Norti.
ttrtj ehatns, tbence Kaai lorn rban.*
South, sixty chains. Ihenc ttest  h.nt i r.a:Ds to
place   of   commencement,  and  runtamuu Hb
s/.re* mors or leas.
ftnm_n wiumk.
.... __. M. It ll,*i_!tash;s ali:.:
Paled this 25th day of September llyC
Notice i* hereby -clvt-n ihai iiiiv dav,. k;u-
��.ht* I trnvnd to apply to the Honorable the
(hlel Commiasioner ��f Unds and Worka las
iierraission to purchase tbe fol.��.��ins di*
lands rouiuii ncinit ��t a p*��*i marke-1 ��.. ri
���inatoai s i c post, ai the aoothoaai e men
oi j. o. Mc(-ra.ii's fno-anipUoa claim and
runinnc K-iii!. �� chain* to sonthwssi vmtm ������'
t.t-o. Hods,.:, s pn-i-mpiioi: f-lain:. thaaei  irestl
chains: ihsnes nnrth B (hains. thonoi t-k-i a
chains to place o| commencement, containinc -Mi,
scni of land more or leas,
Dated this Mh day of Auguat, 1��*
'.r..K<.i Tatunnna,
____��� A. A. Bnrioii, Ac. i :
���     ���    " '���*    -   r I -���      ��� ,    . .  .      ft
flaw I  intend toapply  M '���
miasMine. o* .a_tid. and   a,-ft,
ual*   in  W est Kuutensv
al   a   pm . ...
Barton i        ,
���  '   ��� ��� -I
���   '
i 3
J*��tM) (hla utt dayo;>, ;. .,
-,    _ * lhaa
          rertUuTi ��.rfcAtm
���   i-T-i-t rM.nthatatiUtifjfta-jrti
applj totbt Ho
ii :-i.,i_* ��� ������' iMbd* ar. :  W r--i.     - ., ...' ^71
port-base the Wioiriii; n. .. -   .
������: uia-t'-s'  V>.   7 ,
'    *      bi   :.- ._
'������-   ���-"      HUlrMUrf
���������"��������� Ml       ij A  .At ;;      , ..,,.,.;
I'ated mn BULL day of Aurus-. iw
tt. I'KKtlo  A^jt
1 Intend to appl) v.. :-.., Mm >��>nnis_��f
���   nt    - ���-     ^tidit, m*rm.\
*  post man.
���    am sb.-T*-,.  ....       ��� ��� ^
��� -���       -    i i ,i
- chain* usa-th  u,.*;., n rhaisasntal
Ui thnsne soutr Kloai rUiik-rts
j-'ir.i .���> mnzncnneaannt
l��ai��: :j - .. ,w
' iTKismt t_r^
ilAKST ������tet*m. ,tp-BL
Ratine b hi ������ kq tgemm Om *> iwnaw iatt I
��� pp.--. u. :b. Hon,.i, ��� * (*'i .mi.
������ Unds and *o-i
stag    - * I
oi, tbe easi aide ni ktnm iai-     I omarortBf al J
:i,- santl woal ��� -anaai h* a a- -,:
���   , ��� i aai :���*-.
chains tbeuce nonL twi*nij 'h-nns -irt-areatsl I
;. ���       ;    .- ...   ,-lJ.   [
taini-tg ar acrt�� nitre or has
Hated -���-. ptemlm i. UH       Bt* i V -r IB
per K, I'carts A|��ot
Notice ia hereby given that t*aavr after date 1
intend to make application to the honorable th��
I hief Commissioner of Unds and Wnrk* for per-
miailon   �� purchase aa. acres ol lam!  ta ihe
aistnctor neat sootcnaj, eoiiun-n.inr at a noii
plan-ed on the south side of *SoondarTcreek hu
the Iniernatloiial Utundary line, one and t, ball
milesaaat from Ihe Salmon Ural
h    Adams,   sniilhcasi   turner."   lluu.,    ��
I'hanis   ihi'ti'i' north W ihains. thenei nasi B
chains, them-c south B ohalm lo platt
nn Immeiit.
Ki.ihi   |   AlMUB, I-ncator,
VC{ ����� M. Ite-eves. as Art i :
Daied this Pih dat of Inly, ttSk
,Notice !a hereby giv, n ihat M ten HBC
!*^,J,.""iMl1- '" ���PP'y i" ib*1 Honorable thi
��Mil < .-.inniissioner ol Landl aiol Vorki
pornlntoa to punhasc the following do-
amhad landi ueosto In the Weat Rootonar
dlstricl    aiarilng   from   a post   planus!  n   lha
nonh Unk ���i ib.* North Pork at Dm enek
ihriu,.jBj,ohaini woat, �� chatna north, ftehalm
ai'ni, B ohalna north, B ohalns nasi   �� chalm
north w.���hams nest, Bchasn* north -a- ehl, ,s
cast   *JU chains mhiII,, * chalaa DMI   10 chainI
-!',;';^"""';iH"'4" -'''''^i.ol
<-,,inm.>ii,-,....ius , ..sstHsiiiiic s.iii si, i,.
mm i.mii ,\���> s,i A..irii-i. ine
K-NKS.T W  komyiKsx
Hilly ,1,1). isl-,.. ,|,���. 1 hii,.���,i i-.r,pi, ,��� lh,
HOOOI.W, IhcCbU , s ���������������.���������., ..I1,.;,,), .n-
��,st.> \l,.|,.ri��. io |.isnl,��... HO ��,���.���ll.i���i.
lis,��l���,l nn,I ,l,��,iii������| ��� (ollnwsjs Hi-tnt iiir
,"s',' . '",!','I"'"!',"' "'���'"��' l��.sil.v,,,���, ,,���1
_,,',,' '"","' ""; "������">>"" sii,��si,.|8m-ii���h
ls.sn llir,..., 1..SSSS.Ills.,sil.t mis,. Aii,1l���rll���.|
i'.���.i,.'i   f*��*_) __     ���'"">mrn..|n�� s.1 > ,��,.!
mt.r-.MJ J N.y -_ratr,��adii|uM-��.h_I-i
HtiOlUn lissrll.SMM soriss't../ Srrtkm iw-bu"
l*,i��ls,l riiiiiilmt ,��,| Wsb.ssi.. Il���i���, lo-ll hi
rsnii.. hrm. riml (11 rl���li���, i|���.���,.,. ,��� J,
rlssi  ...  11,,.,,,.,.  ���,.,  n ,���_������   ������.���
-buna touui ssi isrmn-inu.
Aiimim bit, in i,Ha lomran,
W. A. I'AStlc,, Aurni.
Siiiist u bereb;(iv i,���i,.,,i���v, ������,,, . . ,
Msn.'s,.,. il���. Mlowlni .1,.., ri|H.,i |������,|,. ,������,.
in, is.liil, ,,,���,���,., ,,���,,,,.,, .,., , ,s us. �� ,'".
Ilsr, I'.ms.-.I HI ll.i. iii>M)ii'nH ,.���rs���.r ���l Lol flam
-uunlni ��.,..h.l.i. .,,,,11,; I ���,,���,. ��,' rh.lli. ri.1
si,,.,,,,, ns .,,.,,,. ..,������,. ���,���-,.,. ���,     <;i'��  ...
miwo;1!;,, '""'"' """ '*""������' '*' "'"��
D-lad tbo -i��. stuy ni jsiiy limn,
 __���____. .'��� A. 0'Rl.it.iY
SIMy 1U| ,(,, r ,1.1, 1 li,,,.,,,, ,���    -..    .
I <sn,ml��,loi���T ol 1-is.ls ,,���l �� ,,k. fiT,,   ,
psil-. Is.�� llio arrois isl ls,ss.l..II,,,,,. ,,',,, ;,'?,,,
-.Iisllssw.: IVmiiuiisliiR.i,,^,., ,",,   ,| ,    T
m nr��r lis,- mthuM .,,������,, J_ " )"{;*<
ObMO, mi,l murks-sl -H. M A.s V ,.���,, , K-.,'',
riiii��ln�� ns.slli 10 .lialns. ili,.������.'���.���, .,,;,,, "'"'
loll  Aiiii,l,i(.-s. pnrrbM.. ll,,'  .,,,,11, ,���  ',,,'    *
m..r..,,r Ian lo   I.ko Ihore, lis. s���, ,���,.   1 ���
l����.H,or|.|opl��r,���MK.|!lllllll,B. '"'" ""
ABIUHIBlb.lMi, ll,��,��m,_
���   1.-at by tteatt BM ���-���--���   Inai
date I tnten-. ie apit - i. Om *- flail  ' J
.: Undaand "aorti I >-pnt:
:���   *  baa    .*,-   UUaartnit desrribed iaa-H
ai*' in tbe feat Ko
1 *��� m    >;*.-������.:ir **��� ��iai!
mart*d A J. ixms. N trtun-*       ;:. t west i^sr |
ui Loww Ai-NM  lain   ttasntt
bidni w*niL. tbeaa I
tbonce 40 ohnln* north -
��� ��� 1 ���
anaal a; Nelaon. t. C, thi. ttt tea ti ���**����� I
a ; la%.
fl PoLLaar; AfenV
NotKe  li  herebv anvrr  tbat slltr flayi aktt
date j intend tosjapl] lo thi BottoraMf ;h��-*t"b��* I
I ..n1:i,o��.i.,*J(- nl Unds and Works inr pi nniaK I
u> pn*    , ,   ng  .. icribed landiiltsB |
In Ui-**. t-i..it-i:*r disiriei. <".in.m--ir-l.ir ���: sp*
r.^   Koheri  1 orie:ri Bonb ��������*: ff""r|
;��� aisitai a m > v w   ���
easl .  (i.u.ij.. thonoi +��� chap s ' I
lesa to tbi K-t-iu-niiy rn- " *-'��� I
bJhmh   ;be   ki-otciisv   riv..*.   tbenn   W i baisi ���
-���   *    tto-   plane >���' i-otumen*!
i;!a.i,.:ir inp acre* Ui.'*<    '  "'
tepr*ahac jtn, iai..
Aionr M<ow,
Wilua�� Mooaa a* Agent.
Nun*-, ,* ba trJen atvaa thatB !iyasiterdst*a|
t.J.f f to it*    . ' ' "';lBI*l
��� ' Landi and  **��� ffki lot nennbwlos ��I
por hriM   thi   loQowMl   lejrrtbed laifi** m tw|
" -    K -.icii.i   dldtrlci    Beainnlni   m a J*�� I
. marked o  1. ftefi and �� '*���    ���'  ���*     ,:"rf''.l
��� *���    ��� * I
I  '-.mile Iron. 11 ' I
chamt north    thaMftBehalai real   ;,'t'nrt'"|
rhaiM-socthj theni**c*cbains easl ���       |
I      I>at��-d the iind da? pi Sepicmt- "
x Bath
' _  R. M   krrvi
L ��� ��� ���
intend lo appu t~ thi  Hon   ral " '*
. and m m��i 1 ���������
pnn-haae the lol toning ,\, ������
kootena] Watrtrl shoal Bt nUha -
: .-1 *
efeK   ��   r  l'.**i and'ilium-. s..i-    *l ���"*���)* I
11., 1, ���(,��si ho rdisina;  ihran   nortl   -  ��� i"*1'"'
tl  if. w.si m. im.in- io u- plan
..ii in BO aorei Dum   ���
nan.; thu M tej B-tagni
VC   ii   II**:  -
Notice Is beret-** L;ven BkntBdsTlatWfd***'|
Inland u>apa|i 1.. ,1,,. Hon ( blel 1 ��������� ,'I,W';7J I
ol Unds and Works Ior permlaslon '������ ��� l,l,r,lX '
-im  doacrfbed [anas  slin��ie*l "��� T
���v ���*i.iis> dbtrtcl    1 umiiicncinK at a i"^.B��rj 1
'/���'  ">M R   t   .������������n.i." plained on tb. shot* j I
Unrer Anna  lake, aboni aaa w"1 ������"l'bh2i
Hordon rrook (-lohmton eraok,) then , I
ctiaina. thonoi w, si ai rhafta, thence son      1
ohalns, tbehoe -*��si txi . hains to p ,
iiiencemeni,  cohtaininp  tw acres 11.. *���  ';f ''_*' 1
snd compnaiiie abandoned pif empin1" >"      '
Staki-d Ibis Illh .lav of A urn ft. 1��*
~��-.  >.   ��.-,. , n.ntot,
B. K  Wotrl
A. N, WoiAKT<iK, A-fTc'
-dtfllltf I
Notice li betnh] Kletm n>ai Mitvday*- fr*
1 intend IOai-.pt;  tothl  II,.11  I blOfl ��� '   '
ol Unds and W orks for )>ennisM> D
lhe  foUo-Hiiii; deaerlbod lands. Marl iiis- "���
Mtntnd ..n iti, Northwest norncroi !-���
thenoo ruimine twentv chains Booth, t
����nt) . bains Vest. Ibciu-c  loriwtM.n*.
ihcnce iw.n:*. chains teat, Ibouoetacni. <
Souih lo potftt of commencement, sii*- l*'
ine .,��, aoTB mon* or leaa.
Fi-osBKiK Bisrt]
W.J. iotu.-
l����loil lhe 1st dav of Octolier, IMU'.
Nome is her. hymvon Ihai IW days irom; ,'' .
intend to spply tothe Honorable the * M-'"0^
mivsioiirrof Undsand Works, for ih nnirf>fn.J I
nnmhase the fciiowmc described landi *��in>��*;
iniioi.lisiiict of Wesi Kootenav. adjoiinniil'
fwiilii'Mrttirmof Kootenay ltf_.*ft-���*��3 I
clnjtm 11,,. mn j-, 1  p,,M plains] at thi sum i��'
rorftcrol Lol m, thence nonh Behsln*-* i"1 "
WMI  B ehamv   ihcnce Mnth 'X chain- .then"
aaai w ntiaini <���� ihijui <>( commciiccnirni
Dat��d Aur. l.Hb, 1��X>. Jaaks l*a*"klL
,_ The Daily Canadian
Your Physique.
jn HERE aro seven
1     physique   types
of  men   in  all
the world.
Each type distinct,
each typo with tlie one
measurement of height
forever unchangeable.
If wo know your height we can place
you in your type.
Yo** can have a suit that will fit you
perfectly���with a minimum amount of
Delivered two hours afler trying on.
iemi-Ready Ward*obe
Fur l.v.'rvthiiiK (Jood
Ut Smoki'.
Ited and Domestic Cigars, Tobaccos.
�� You Know Thtirman's SpecUl Mixture?
1-KK TKNhK-HH, properly Indoiaad, will ba
[���i*i*hi*i| by the  !*��� r-l�� I up tumid In-
���iK Monday, tin* ftfteontn October naxt, fnr
foctloQ ninl iimiplf.ttiiii of a Court lliiiiao hi
in. M. 0,
ugH, ipeoifloat.oni and oondltfonsof ten-
oon tract may Ih* men al tho PobUo
Engineer1! offlce, Victoria, B,(L)andat
��� <���( tin- Government Agent, Nelion-, B.*'.,
ifter tbe llth Beptember nt-xi.
i.iiiI.t nttut '"��� aoootnpaoled with a
H  rbeqaa  l"r Hv.*  (ft)   pet cent nf Uu- 11-
oi un- ti'iniiT for tin* fait ii fui performance
mpi.tionot tin-work.
���iii*.im'n ni ansuooeesfnl tenderers win be
���������I i" Muni mi tin- execration cut the oon-.
llowett or miy tender not nee-warily to*
P. C (1AMRI.K,
PobUo Worka Snalnaer.
i Worki Department!
Ctorla, H t' ,stb Scpli-mlHT, 1906.
Victoria, lei OcIoIht, 1000.
i Intending io offer themtelvM Ht tlm
tlnation, io be ii��M this fall, for Provincial
lycra, an roquested to notify ilu- nndertlan-
imi.i in tbe event of a lufQeioni number offer
an examination  win bo arranged tor at
nmi, 11, ('., B| vrall as Ht Victoria, It 8,
K. P. TQ1.MIE,
Deputy Minister ol stlnei
Wtiftcate of Improvements
hnte No. a," "Vqvoy." "Happy Median,"
nturnsii il" and "A i.-   Fractional"  mln
UelaJma,sHnated in the Blocan oil* Minim:
yMoi, ���( west Kootonay dlitrlot,
Ion located] Norlh of Twelve Mile creek,
II Hm iiiIIck np.
Ko notloe that i. if. k. Jprand.pl Blocan, b
free Miner's i errifieale No. B7TO00. 88 agent
L.A.Colo, l*rc:> Miiicr'M'erttflcHie Ho. b-UVll.
mil, j xty dayi from tbe date hereof, to ami y
bo Miiiinit Reeonta. ror a Uertltlcateof Hn
ii of sunt tnlneiHl cIhIiiik
i'l  fnrllier hike   notlco that action, un er
*17' si lie commoncod before tho bum.
"lich (Vrhljeiilcol I mproveniciits,
iiiujiiii day ofSoplanibor, unci.
h. Ft, Jokanii.
New Stunt for "Poison Squad."
Washington, Oct K!.���When the
"poison squad" of iho Bureau of Cham;
Istry reassembles Monday it. will begin
experiments on entirely new lines. Dr.
Wiley, chief of Ihe bureau. Is anxious
to discover whether saltpetre, a preservative commonly used in meats, and
bertofore regarded    as    harmless,  is
deleterious lU Itfl effects.    In order lo
get ihe Information In the iiest possible
wny lie will set his poison eaters to
work, and by noting the general effect
Upon their health *>r a diet of corned
beef, ham. etc., prepared with generous
quantities of saltpetre be hopes to l*e
aide lo tell the world tn a short time
just what saltpetre will do to the human system. The test to Im> made with
salt pert re deals witli practically lhe
only chemical preservative or coloring
matter BOt prohibited now by the regit
The Latest Modern Appliances
now iu use at this
QOOPS   Ctl.l.KI)  POH
.\t.cl   OBI-IVBWED I'ktll,'.
Baker Street.
A, McDonald & Co.
Dealers in staple nnd fancy (JrocerieB.
Batter, KggB.
Camp nnd Miners' Supplies.
Old Curiosity Shop
If you want to buy or s"ll anything.
vtn to the Old Curiosity Shop. A new
i-no of Japanese Goods now on sale. All
Bdnds of Dlnnerware In sjock. Pit-
tin*'!- in boroby given unit, thirty day* after
'"    '   llilonil   In ii].lily   tu  lln*   linn.���nil.],' llir
'7,1, iImI r ..f l.iuni- -.u.l Works for a
lit! MiVHHOtoOUl iifulrtirry ��w��>���timber from
[f'dliwinit tlwcnbod IhikIk, hfiiuit.' in Untl K-ioU'litiydlltrloll
?! L-iicing ni it poii marked Prcd Atklbaon'n
i .insi corner pott* blsntodsboni ono mile
"'  "pner Armw  Ink., uu.i joiniim Lot BUS;
"������ '''ii1! mi ciminN thonoe mnth w chnlni.
ii'o went So ehalni, thonce north 80 ohslua to
it nf fuminonocinent
oiit this .tu day ot October. 1000.
fiiAs Km,
���ko notleo thin 80flsyt aftor date we Intend
mv appnoatlon to tho Honorable tho Ohio!
imtMlonorof tsnda and worki for a ii lal
"te to cut and carry away timber from the
���'*���*-)������   doierlbOd   land*-,;    t ���������nun. in illU   lit  it
near tin- miiiiiu'ii-tt cornet <>f the R.AB
way, Lot k_ij, miming thonce north 180
lm; thenar eaat 40 chaini) thenoo louui nk>
ni; thenoe went 40 ehalni to nofnf ol com*
���tod, Beptember 18th, 1006.   *
llANIKl. TuoMKY, Agent.
itlcoti horoby given thai B0 days after date I
nd toapph to tin- Hon, theuhlof Uommti
or nf Landi mui .Vm-iu- mm Nni-c ni licence
it ii ml furry h uy iimln-r frnm llio followlne
Hbod  UlUlli NlllHilr III   Went   KlioU-lliiVillH-
: ���''iiniiiciiciiijfiii.il post i'ii Boblnnm oreolti
QqllOrtori of tt mllu iiorthwi-Hl of Litrt'liur'i*
���tii|illini, tlu'iH-i- went HOi'haliiN, ItuMiCL- nnrlh
Illlll',  Illl-IH'C I'llNl   VI  llliitlj:.   HlOIll'C   HOlltll   Sii
ii*. to p* j f imoneeinonti
cated Jnlyjiiili, t��W.
UKO, IIi:ni'Li:.-iin, Loctitnr.
Christ's Summary of the Law of God-'
Thanksgiving  Day and  Festival  of
St. Luke���Church  Notices.
TenilurB nddretued to thoundenlgned. ut Iiik
attestn thoconrl House, in lho city of Notion,
Will bO rOOOlVcd MP IMI llu-lionrof lUi-o'i'lm-k ill
lhe-afternoon of Monday. Ootober Iftth. i'-�����'>. for
���tiif^iiri'iiHs.. of tl nim- Kvi-'i Nellie11 Mineral
���t'ltiiiu, l^��l Wt&, tvlilrli w-tn ili'i'liiri-il liirft-ltt-"l lo
Ilu-ri-iH'li ul ilu-Tux  Suli-  tit-lit  in  tin- t'lty  nt
Ni-Ihoii on Un* iith day <>f Novembor, 1008, for de-
tfnboent uwoi n|)ii)i June80th,IWB,andooits.
Inie nwol price upon the *-'H'i inincrtil ululm,
which iiioludM tin* .un..uni of iii'itmim-iit laxoe
mut ooataat iin- iimi-of forfeiture, with Intareit;
ttiM-M uhh'li have ntin*i* aoorueai ami foo fnr
crown sraiit, is tflOft, tvluoh la the lout amount
iimi will be-oonsldored up r louder,
Baoh tender muit in* ur< pan led tiy Oil tu-
ccpled cheque, payable in tin* order of the Deputy Commlnloner of lum-i*- mui Works, al imrui
Vii-torlu, B. G , lor tlm tuiiontit ti-mttn-il.
tlovcrntiH'tit A-ftoit, NcInoii, 11. (.'.
>    Utii.'.l at N'.-Iroii, B. fl , this r.*i h
day nf Betitembor. liKiii,
Tomorrow will be the eighteenth
SuiMhiy after Trinity. Thm-aday next
huu been chosen by the Dominion government as Thanksgiving day. It la
also the festival of St. Luke the evangelist, the author of the third gospel,
and also of the Acts of the Apostles,
a physician by profession, a man of
keen Intellect, and lhe fullest uml
moat careful recorder among the writ-
era or the New Testament.
The selection of a daiy for national
thanksgiving seems a strange survival
Of the Influence of religion on public
life in a country whose government
and public school system are entirely
secular. As a bqllday ordained hy thu
government it haa no such significance. The Institution has been borrowed from the Americans, with whom
it is a survival) of a cuatotn dating
back to within a few years al most
from  the landing at   Plymouth  rack.
As a public holiday it is now generally associated with autumn sports, especially hunting and football.
A religious observance has, however,
been generally transferred to Thanksgiving day from a much earlier dato.
The harvest thanksgiving service, for
the first fruits or harvest, of Lammas-
tide. August 1, has been almost generally abandoned In Canada in ravor of
a similar service on Thanksgiving day,
which accidentally, and rather roughly,
(Darks the end or the harvest  season.
The gospel for tomorrow contains
Christ's summary of the command*
ments into two, the commands to love
God and fellowmen.
The following services arc announced
for tomorrow ln the churches of Nel
Church of England���SL Saviour's,
cor. Wan! and Silica streeis; eight-
e. nth Sunday after Trinity; holy communion, 8 a. m.; morning prayer and
litany, 11 at, m.J children's service,
2:80 p. tn.; evensong, 7:30 p. m. ltev.
F. H. Graham, rector.
Roman Catholic���Church of Mary Immaculate, corner of Ward and Mill
streets: Low mass, 8 a. m.; high mass,
10:30 a. m.J evening service, 7:30 p. in
Rev. Father Althoff, priest.
Presbyterian church���St. Paul's, corner of Victoria aud Kootenay streets:
Morning service, 11 a. m : Sunday
school, 2:30 p. m.; evening service, 7:30
p. m.; Sunday school, 2:30 p. m. Rev.
J. T. Ferguson, minister.
Methodist church���Corner Silica and
Josephine streets: Morning service, 11
a. m.; evening service, 7:30 p. m.; Sunday school, 2:30 p. m. Rov. R. N.
Powell, pastor.
Baptist church���Stanley street, near
Mill: Morning service, 11 a. ni.; evening service, 7:30 p. m.; Sunday school,
2:30 p. m. Rev. E. H. Shanks, pastor.
Salvation Army���Barracks on Victoria street, west of Josephine: Special services for tomorrow. Knee drill,
9 a. m.; holiness meeting, 11 a. ni.; a
praise meeting at 3 p. m.; salvation
meeting at 8 p. m.
t'ndur nnd by virion nt the powora of lale oon*-
ft-Aii-d In tmcrltiiii mur-K'-K-.- wlilidi will M* pro-
id*ced at the time nr khu*. iiiim< win i rr.*r.'-i
���ti_* Hiili> by iml.lie Htmtfon nu Mihinluv tin- :!mli
..luv nf (n-tniii'r. I'.tif'. at the hour ot 12 o'oloek
-nomi, nt tin- Hot.*-) Ihiiiii', oomor nf Wtinlnnd
Wernon atroota, nl-Iihmi, l-t. t:., by Meaara,Charles
.*,\. Waterman <& Co., tho follow his property, rli;
thott nutnbera Rftoon (i"') nnd alxtoen po), both
till llli.ck inniilior It'll 11"), 1'i'ini; lout ..| r In- >ul.
..IIvIhIou nf t."i ti it in in- r nini'lv llx, Croup ont',
tin the district of Kootonay, British Columbia,
mini known iin (In* llmiK- addition In NoImiu,
ii. r . hi- -illlit.:  fn a miip or plan deposited In
���il,,' i,_nd Registry offloe ami nuniberod isi it.
Piion inr sni.i imni is erected �� inr.'.'Hii.i eom-
nii'.iiaiii.ilwi'lllii); liniiM' iii fl rHi-fdiiHH onlor, with
Sty water, Thin property l�� pot fnr frnm tin*,
ibualuosa jmrlinn of tlioi-uy.
Termi and oondlttona made known at the limp
<o( Ml  I* ill*   111    tilt!    lll.-lllllillH*  it|inll  'l]i|ilii<|lliiill   to
Datod al N.Ihoii Hit- ivili dny of Sopt. I'AKl,
mony took place this afternoon at
Greens Fairms, near here, where the
Uedfords have their country home. It
was a quiet affair, owing to the recent
death of the bridegroom's father.
The wedding ls the culmination of a
most interesting romance In which
Cupid enlisted the aid of the automobile to accomplish his purpose. The
bride of today Is a blonde, very pretty,
about 22 years old. Her father is Edward T. Bedford, who until recently
was prominently Identified with the
Standard OU company. His wealth
amounts to many millions and he has
honiGH in Brooklyn and Greens Farms.
In addition to his Standard Oil holdings Mr. Bedford is also president of
the Starch Trust.
Johannes Schiott, the bridegroom,
two years a*go was a first lieutenant
In the Norwegian navy. The navy is
not large and the position is not exalted nor *> especially remunerative, so
.Inlianih*s decidede to come to the
United States to see if he could not
better his i^rosjiects. He succeeded
from the start. Soon after his arrival
on this side he went to Brooklyn to
hear his brother. Christian Schiott, a
pianist, give a concert. There he met
Miss Bedford and was invited to call
upon her at. their home. Last spring,
when the Bedfords came to Conneelcut
to spend the summer, Mr. Schiott followed. That he might he near the girl
of his chofce he obtained a position as
chauffeur in the automobile department of a Bridgeport carriage company. Miss Bedford was a keen auto
enthttBlaal and an experienced driver,
but ft was noticed that her car often
needed the services of an expert chauffeur. To make the story quite up to
date an automobile elopement should
have been In order. But this romantic
climax to the courtship was quite until ressary for the father of the yount?
lady not only consented to the match
but presented the happy pair with a
magnificent home at Bea Side Park,
near here, where they will take up
their residence after the honeymoon
(rip Is over.
Lost Fifty Thousand.
New York, Oct. 13���Women and
girls to the number of 250, employed
In various tailoring shops In a five-
story brick building in the Williamsburg Beotlon of Brooklyn, escaped from
their workrooms hy means of the fire
ladders yesterday when the building
caught fire. None were Injured, but
tliey were all frightened when the
blaze, beginning on the third floor, cut
off Ihetr exit by the stairs from the
fourth and fifth floors. The upper
part of the building wns burned out
and the stage of Phillips' Lyceum theatre, adjoining, was ;mdly damaged.
The loss is estimated at $50,000.
Romantic Love Affain in Which Auto
mobile Plays Important Part.
Bridgeport, Conn., Oct. 13.���The
thirteenth day of the month Is not re
garded as unlucky by Johannes Schiott,
formerly a first lieutenant In Norway's
navy and later a chauffeur In America,
for today he led to the altar Miss
Esther Bedford, whose father's wealth
Is estimated at $15,000.000.    The cere-
We have recently secured an option
from the creditors of the J. E. R.
Munroe Pub. Co., bankrupt, of San
Framcisco, for a limited number of sets
of tlie reference works, consisting of
the "New Americanized Encyclopoedla
Britannica," "Library of Oratory, Art,
Literature, Science aud Natural History," and many of thc best English,
French and American authors, Shakespeare, Scott, Dickens, Carlyle, Macaul-
ay, etc., etc.
These are all limited, de luxe editions, hound ln substantial leather
bindings. We are In a position to offer these works at less than half the
publisher's price.
If interested, telephone B 81, and we
wilt send samples.. The tale of this
stock positively closes Saturday, October 13.
Silver King Hotel
Beet Dollar a daj house iu the Kootenays.
Boomi are well furnubed.  Table ru good u ��t>j
Id Nf-Uon.     Bar iuppll��d with good
llonora and clean.
W. E. McCANDLISH, Proprietor.
Tremont House
Kurop6.n _nd Am.rlo-n Plao
Hutu as ou. Kaonu Irom as cu. u> U
Onl- While H.lp (mplored.
Biker St.. Nelion Proprleton
P. Burns <& Co.
Bartlett   House
Best Dollar-a-Day House in Nelson.
The Ber u the FlneM.
White Help Onl, Employe-.
.oeepliine St.
Nelton. B. C.
The Big Schooner D_*_*_a I A_^
Of "HaH_nd-HaJf"   BCCr   JUCe
The only Glass of Good Beer iu Kelson,
lintel act'oiiimmlatjuii*. docoit-l to none In British Columbia. Kuti-n-fl.no i��-i .lay. Kpei-lttl rult-s
to iii.inllih tid-inliTH. (lulv liiitni- hotel fn Nelnon
Lake View Hotel
Corn-*! Hall ami Vernon,
two blocks from wharf.
Knica 11.00 per day and up.
p.o. b���-,5,.       NELSON, B.C.
Telephone lift.
Grand Central Hotel
J. A. ERICKSON, Proprietor.
Centrally Located. Open Day and Night.
Sample and Bath Rooma Free.
Opposite Court Hotise and Post Office*
Corner Ward and Vernon Streets.
The Strathcona
Nelson, B.O.
B. Tomkins, Manager.
The Leading Hotel in the
Good   Sample    Roomi.
Queen's Hotel
Beker Street, Nelion. B. O.
Lighted fey Electricity and
Heated by Hot Air
l-erge ensl Comforteble Bedroom, end Fint-
islst.ss Pilling Room. Samples Roomi lor Horn mer-
sslsll Mi is.
MRS. K. O. CLAKKK. Proprfotren
Tbe well known
Hotel. *
Onr BeerOnrden is
the Fiueet in the
J. CROW,   -   -  Proprietor
Royal Hotel
Rates fl and 11.60 a Day.
Special Rates to Regular Bcardors.
Residence for Sale.
Price $1,000
Terms * I CO cash
balance monthly payments
House and Two Lots for Sale in
Hume Addition. The house has
five rooms and a large basement
and is well situated.
H. <& M. BIRD.
Insurance!   Real Estate aod Mining
Manager for tbe Kootenay Valleys Company, Ltd.
Oldest established Real Estate
Business in Kootenay.
Nelson, B. C.
Choice Fruit
I Have 10,000 Acre*
of the
Choicest Frott Lands In
Brftlah Colombia.
Can sell any quantity from 5 acres to 2,000 in one block.
Buy now and get thc ground floor prices.
Nelson, B. C.
The Hall Mining and Smelting
Company, Limited.
Purchascs Lead, Copper and Dry Ores.
AJNHEUSER   ^ ��� original
BUSCH...       Btidweiser Beer
Order quantity before cold weather sets in.
NELSON       mo,mA&.?itiS,��rW^*,    VICTORIA
New Fall      |Jno.T. Pierce
Goods Arriving,   jetCHANT TAILOR
Importsr of f\n* I
Bnvllah aoods Balcvr St. INalson, B. C.
Wholesale and  RfUll Df-tlen* In
Fresh and Salted Meats
Bmnnh Market! i��   Rowland,   Trail;   Nolson,  Knslo,   Sandon, Throe PorkH, New
Denver and Slocan Oity.
Camps supplied on shortest notion aud
lowest prion. Nothing bnt fresh aud
wholesome mrats olid snpplns kept iu htoek
Mail orders receive, careful attention.
E. C. TRAVES,   Manage*.
Contractor anil
Bote HRi-nt for thu Pnrto KIc-o Lumber co , Ltd..
n-intl ynr-'lK. l-nimh tttnl -Iiv-mhI IiiiuIhi-. tiirncu
work nnil bracket*-. Coast intii itml HhtngieH, .*-�������h
uml iloi.rs. Comtnt, brii'k mn! Uinu for hkIo.
Yanl mi.i factory: Vernon St., oml of llull,
P. O. Itox 2S& Tolpphone ITS.
October I8tb
Orders liy until lo any branch will havo
our prompt ami rareful atlemton.
He-td Office: Nelson, B. C.
West Transfer Co.
Qcnornl TiwniHt.n-H antl Denl-rn in
Cool and Wosi ���.   ���xpn>sn and
Hiikkiik- Transfer
Office: Baker $t.
Tolephone .,!.i
P.O.'BOX 116
Fare and
For Round Trip
Tickets on Sale Oct. 16-17.18.
Good to return until'dot. Sflth.
Por tlmo tables, rato-, berth reser
ration- for boats, standard or tourist
sleepers, apply to local agents or write.
< A.a.P.���.,V-!l.ourcr. Is t'.A. Nsslssoll
Thirty sttond Annul Conrtntion
American Bankers'
St. Louis. Ho., Oct. 16-19. 1906
Kouii'l !rl|i ralij* to St. t/OlilH
and  riili-HKo  un Salt1 Oittoticr
iam to uth.
Ht, I-CtltfH $60,00
t:tit-_tij(<> .-. 64.00
.inline irnuKit limit ten tiny*,
fuim datii of Salt*. Final relurn
limit Nnv-'iniiiT :tmii, iw*;.
Round Tfip Rites lo Southern
tn effect o.*toi*r iitli, iw-ti.on
Hiii.* ihtily, llinllctl to .1 uinuttm
from date of Kale.
oh Angelo-i and Santa Barhara.   $&5.bO
I'a-'fttlOTia  So.IV
SaiilH Moiiifa  So.30
KlvtTHiiii* nml San llariiar-Jiuo tt.io
-.--illands  t9.70
For Ftirllicr Information Apply to
City PuMenger Agent.
A (I. I'. A , Ss-iittlo. T_fe Isasr  ..mn\niT
.:_ .-��� :_ _.RY
_?.'   ���-.-.""���:'
: -,vh an? -*-.:
-*-��. XJ&L
��� r_a.   i-imcta' ���.-���
��r.TC. _rn; vacer
������'"������'���-..     ���     ruirtvm     nr
��� *   *���'����'"*     ���>**_��� ���--���_��� ��� *rt* ,  _i__������*-r~. __.��__
- JL iMrrtzdc:'
i"-.' .<:   ���    :
,���       . _
r:.'.*!-?  ���_  -/
-      n-DS_*l  rua  I_a__D_I!ErrL
_���____.  tun t
-iun   __u__r
.��� ao   jownp     3rc___y
____��� Ml KL: *-1 iiiim.
- '������ ��� s..      *��� ti    s/   ���    ��� rr   t
^  w-  T*k.A\'I.
��� a   i ilTfl i ifillK */
..5S  .tllTIL-
���ffl2_____ir__.    V* T? ;**��*���*���;'���
���     -   w-__j���__.___.   : ��i* *-*_--riM_.
�����*��!.   Tf&d&lig
-���"-/>!     >i'r-;
* *.**rj>,/VI*r;   _�����&��
��s-    -an. fl_u-_ar
MJT_g- ag
wt^i    '. ittiiii* .' ���  *;m-* t-iiiiii'   5*ra*.
��c_isatt   __r?rer.
.V.ricn.   t   1
"-��� ��� ���>������'�����-��*
-i__r*fr irriL
-iTTrrrurnrUiJT '-*
u*r . - :, ,
xm ast _____ _. _Jti_r
��� ,      __-.-.-       ��     -, j.      -,,-_:     I
-*    ��-    .        -.�����.    st_t    *    M
���    ��-   :
_-_____��. Star. Sask
Don't Forget
"--   n   am  ��� ��� >.*, >e;i-ss s��u_ ��c- a.wa?i
a_ ��i~-   .i.
���    ror   imm    r   ��no��   n    c_-    11,   mrmr   mvr      '    m     KM
in     in^    ,    rim,-        -_ii, ._.
11 i.'r.��mv: oa
"'- :!'*._���.       Jr.'j:
���T^r*-     .-���      ._*�����-���_������*
. -   :
���    II      -
'     .   -
.*..�����  ^.-rt/
V_ �������� Tl*tt_____iUI
*"     _^-*r*tW*>---** *'.:_    "
H**0tt*n   -ram*mi    t*K     ^rAnmm      nn
-H-_LtJ__BBC -^JfiK
hssan himwim Ll
ti^Jt        "UnJ r��B__NNMrr.      __.     ��
_^n^   - -1. Asnnn?i Jfercrei i
���'I-f -        Fs: .���;.
2����E  WHS���-fe, ike jk,   ��. ����_-__,., -.^. _.
r   Knittm-   m  ��e,
r-*��.-ir-H___:ij*   _v-v:   ^;r��.���i.^_r-r :��*__.
--:��.--s_>__i-*-t ^v
*-MlUl     ^
VE.__.OV    E^  C
'   -
��� s. -.,���
. .   :  .  . ���;-  : _aoi  . a
MM      " --   _ nxtn: -Htti.
. -      -. ���
_'. ~v~     -.. .:. .-.    ;    _.      ss:;-
: k _?nsc- & ca
,jtJ.'t'xj-Ji w;r*
1Z'fsytff. h;nti
WMMfl    mam iaittLm:
a.     .- . ;,.
IttM     *
.     ..   ���
��� hums'      'Sm ��� ���������������
-     -
.,.-        ttOM   ���
Witt      no
-. ...     r-   tat
���.--.. ,| .... ������ ���.������:��� VV
Wc WiU Sell
"   '   . -    :
5/// mumiRZL-ma.   CasL      -       ::���:
I'l'f   TuirL:^n7m^^  <-,       _    *   .*-
McDetmii & McH___r;
vl ���      Ui..'    ���
ll    i.       I      Uiutit
' .*..-I'*tAM*eUfA* if*, it ,-j*    t*t
*>   y-MMmt* *_<     .U��
teom ',W b ten U-
���    ��_
���   ������
100**00 0*** 000mm0.
���*��-.  Ostii. -^-^ rvovi
���.���- ��� ..- ..    -  -
���   ���
' 0     ��� ���
arT   uii    s.osr;txn    mx
_*     if
s   ,     '.
���s     I     :.i-
Ts-M-     _-��'
" St..
* *3r_��   __,_i*>%   TtsT-m*.
.fast AniPd:
��� r    ��� I
...4.,,.'  ���n.,_,.:..
. Mi;sin. fe Fisd Pani Cc't. Lmrild
+-^ i*~M*0r  M,*r*~**0r   ^-^r-iSmrvr* -*"���**--*'*',.,.���
EaRIE*V.rnj5_af.    T  �� ^y.  ,        _
���nn DSi___. if-   J-'tSS-lDCt. >___r3a��l��S-,
l-arci-v. ^ciukciinc*., r��cc��~s_. \v^,^,<
Tir���.**,-*^.   l��-����:*<��r___ ,_   ,-_-__.,
Houses for Sale!
til?  UV'e__I��^ ^J.- �����*__��
#<-(*  ^_*.��>      .-��"��,-s^.        .
4 W.    '.
->vV    ii . .
Hv& % fMimmsz
I,-,. * I,-.
V/*vy **.*** *0��0**0***M**0***
*"' IKS
...       .    .
w ��*; qni
.'.'s-u* ��� ti-tast
���"-.;' K ...-Mi.* ���" .--:
Kootenay Ranges
**�����"��� *-��Ms��n��,   Tlmps
""""������*��   smv*,^- jmim,,^ �����,��,
Woo^VafljLnc^ H_wiw-_^ Co%
!���f��������� -  -.���-*���   -" -.--������."--   ���^,-aW>-^->-*l**W,W|l_|lpMll.|        I���.-~    !.!.������        |-^MI^-ff,^ll<--ypi��^W^|W��^WJ-^.^l|l<Ml.'WW-^


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