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The Daily Canadian Nov 19, 1906

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 wiMMffii iif':
JUtiliw ��anaMan
vity0- I4
Fifty Cents a Month
ihi; in Puget Sound
Willi Fatal Result
lire Transport Strikes Flyer Sinking
Ship and Many Passengers in
Moment of Time.
..;s is. Nov. 111.���The steam-
lm   i nplaln  I'ls-s'i i>.ni,  humid  fro.n
i  Port   Kliiki-li-y   with  pttsm-n-
rs. sank two mllei    north   of   Alkl
,j���i | imrtl) after 7 o'clock Ihhi ninlit,
��;. i-olllded    with    the    sti-uiiier
I Captain I*'.  II.  Mason, of Hus
llas-k asl company. Korty-ono pas-
siuil  members of the crew of
...   missing, and 111) were sav-
II riu-   Ux  la :i  total   wreck.    The
| was nut  lnjurei)  in  the leant.
s  nl ilm Dix was sated,
lis,   tislllsiisii    occurred    while    the
juinl svas utmost an mnixith an a mill-
^ ifter    the    boats    had been
mini     ssiiliin   sight   of  each   other
a quarter uf an hour.   The Jeannle
ng  when   she   collided   with
}i    Uix   and  the   impact   w-as  slight.
.  ]ii\ nasi struck abaft of amldshltm
..; :n 1,1 nl side.   She listed heav-
_ in |iorl  Iur u brief period, righted
and  then    sank    stern    first.
was hardly time to launch light
in   lioala before she  was almost
Ulrel;    'iisinerged.
. -   -  Jumped   from   the  decks
n ilie waler. women  screamed  and
ud men called    orders    that
uld hardly be heard above the din.
i     engers    from the    Dix    who
Li swim made   their   way to   the
|ili Jeannle and were dragged
Tin- .ls-aunie  wan not moved
Uii .i"��� r all who had    reached   her
|d In        lisisiieil    aboard;    then she
..- -! about, picking up several who
mailed tss slay above water.   II waa
er I" ss'clsick before the Jeannle left
��� sf   the   catastrophe   and
(���aiisusl  tsi   the   Virginia   street   dock
:* survivors,
Ji iiiisis-,   of   the  Alaska   CoaBt
tnisuny, hail finished unloading at the
sal  Northern  docks at   Smith  Cove
sl liiul   started   for   Tacoma   shortly
o'clock,   JiiBt nbout the same
Hit  left thc Flyer dock for
iikeley.    There   were   no   pas,
-I    ui Uu- Jeannle,   The Dix was
lsi.it nip of tlie night ainl
s- will lills-sl with passengers.  When
iimi nm miles north of Alkl  Point
���   twu  ,-essels  were  within a  short
.sssil,,  ,,i , ���,.|, 0iber, steaming along
lines.    The captain of the
!!<"   nays In- signalled for the DlX
��� s     1 mil that his whistle was
��*'i-d. llie Dix was then within
ratlin; distance of the Jeannle and
l!l- i"i side ot her. Suddenly Male
i-iii-ssu. win, was at the wheol of the
'���lun her hard over to starboard,
11 tu cross In front, of the Jeannle,
il'is'iis   Mason   of  the  Jeannle,   who
  Hi''  bridge, saw lhat nil accl-
nt was Inevitable and, calling out a
iinin.'  i.s the man  at  the  wheel  of
'* I'iv gave tho signal lo reverse his
ici,  ami    his  sleamer    was
1 cklns away    when    the two
"ii   together with only u slight crash.
,< moment all  was still, then a
Mowed,    When  the  l)lx  begun
I'd    -is ru   first,  some   passengers
iiii-inbers nf the crew leaped  into
Hssiind.   other passengers huddled
Ktiuips sm the   deck   or   knelt    In
>'"i      The   women,   who   had   little
su    in,  their lives, stayed wllh the
;' steamer and  were drowned as
nl awuy mini Bmtlh Cove a lit
is-1 in 7 o'clock and laid a course
coma," said Captain Mason.    '1
"*l im passengers aboard.   I saw Ihe
I1- li ailed for Port lllakeley and Big-
['''I hi her.   Sinsn she cume In astern
"'   nml started   direct    across my
'    I signalled lo Ihe engineer! for
aps-cd   astern,   but   we   could   not
[; ' " '���! Uss. way lu time. Tlie Jeannle
- hacking a little when   we struck
��� "*'ll ahall    of    amidships.      Tho
slid mil seem enough lo have In
11   un  ordinary  launch.    The  Oil
ai'" Heavily to starboard, righted her-
j i .mil then s.,���k| Bt-_- f|.8t..
��� iiiatn Pleermbn, muster of the
"'l'l lhe story 0f lho collision af-
��� wi i ". '" ac��tlle. He was shall-
I """ [ho c.ihi, nnd his eyes still
,c 8" wlth 'he horror or his experl-
' <t<>iO know how K happened," he
' n����9s Denniiop, mate of the
loin '," !" ,""' wheel,    We were Just
" miles north of    Alkl    Point
������������ "TTHtitu speed, it was
Ik i- 'I'm iVi"" "[kM "nil the waler was
*     "Mpiiiid.   j ,,���,, S0(,_ thn ���_,,,���
'"nor on our starboard  quar
ter some lime before, but had not paid
any attention to them. There were 70
pa-nengera and It was quite n lask lo
get all the lares. I had been on that
inn for 1:1 years ami knew everybody
aboard.    When  I  was  in  ii,,- la >���
cabin I heard the bell signal in stop
I knew something musl be wrong ami
hurried fnrward. Just as 1 gut on
di ck 1 saw the befw of a vessel looming up on the starboard side and almost Instantly she struck ub The
Jlbbooni crashed through the Ulx Just
lift or amidships and hurled her over
like a top. She lay there for a minute or two w-lih the water rushing ln
und all over. I was 'thrown against
lhe deckhouse for an instant, the
breath knocked out of me, and I was
almost paralyzed. The steamer luv on
her port beam for whal seemed'like
two minutes and then heeled back to
sliirbssarsl. There was another rush of
water, cries and screams of men
women and children. From below
came awful soundB."
".Many of Ihe passengers were pen-
neil there and could not possibly escape. The bow of the Dix began to
lln und her stern went slowly down
until the bow was standing Straight
hnir mn nr the water; Kor an instant l
c uu ; to th ��� railing. The sight rilled
ma with ten . Lights were still
burning anil I could see people inside
the cabin. The expressions ou tiulr
fuees were of .iudi-Bcribable despair,
They fought desperately to gain (he
sleek, and Iheir shouting aud cries were
iiwful. People on deck slid off into
the water und went down shrieking
aud desperately clutching at tlu-water
toward the Jeannle, which still loomed
only a lew yards away.
"Some of the passengers who had
been on deck at the lime of Uie col
llslon jumped to the rigging of Ihe
.liannie's bowsprit, and in in.i way
clambered  up to safety.
"When tlie Dix begun to go down I
leaped Into the water and managed to
keep myseir afloat. All around me
were floating heads, and we watched
Ihe Jeannle as she slowly came up to
us and dropped boats, which moved
here and there [sicking up men In every direetinn. Finally a boat came to
me. I had been fn the water for about
In minutes. When we were taken jn
(board the Jeannle 1 found that 110 of
our "9 passengers and crew had been
saved.    The rest were drevned.
"There was no sign of my little
steamer. She was gone completely und
before we left there was ao: even 9
ripple on the surface to mark the place
Where the tragedy had occurred. 1
don't think she was very busily damaged by the collision. It was the Reeling ovs-r on hs-r port beam ihat caused
her loss. She filled w-ith water at s>on
as she went over and that took her
As to tlie cause of the accident, ]
cannot say. I was not on deck and
dnnT know or understand how li nap
pined. This Is the first accltlonl that
has happened on any ship of mine
since I have been running on Puget
Captain Pleerninn is a well known
navigator and has the reputation of be
Ing one of the ablest Sound pilots leav
Ing Seattle.
The Dix sank in 100 fathoms of water. The Jeannle, the government
launch Scotia and several tugs have
gone to the scene of the wreck te
search  for bodies.
Fiends Blow Up Hotel    at    Niagara-
Two  Dead and Many Wounded���
Demons at Large.
(Special  lo The  Dally  Canadian.)
Grand Forks. II. C. Nov. 19.���Thc
greatest outrage ever perpetrated ln
the Boundary district happened aboul
3 o'clock this morning when unknown
persons blew up the Canadian hotel al
Niagara with dynamite, killing a girl
named L'oulse King, aged IS, and an
Italian whose name has not been ascertained, nnd wounded nine other
Three boxes nf dynamite wero used
for the explosion. The dynamite was
obtained by breaking into the storo
room of Contractor Tlerney.
Dr. \V. II. Dickson went lo Niagara.
���even miles up lhe North Fork of Ihe
river, early this morning nnd brought
the woist wounded men to Ihe local
The perpetrators of the nulrage nre
Bt 'III at large.
Civil Service  Reform.
New Haven. Conn.. Nov. 19.���Many
public men of prominence were present
today at the formal opening of the
twenty-sixth annual meeting of the
National Civil Service Reform League.
During the quurter ol* a century since
It was rounded Ilu* league has seen
civil service rules supplant the "spoils"
svstem In numerous departments of
federal, state and municipal governments, the success of lhe movement
being due ill tin small measure to the
earnest work and continuous efforts of
the league.
The programme or the present meet-
|���g covers two days and  provides for
addresses by Presenl Daniel Coll OIL
��� ". tn* c*��������XLHa%
the navy llisnapurte. Secretary Hona-
parle Is one of the pioneer members of
ihe   league,   and    Is   also    Presldenl
Royal Visitors' Reception on First Official  Visit.
rS'falS-  secretary of
Berlin, Nov. 19.���King Frederick and
Queen Louise of Denmark arrived here
today Irom Copenhagen, paying their
firm official visit alter their ascension
to the throne. They were welcomed
al tbe railroad station by Emperor
William and Princess Augusta Victoria.
Tbe streets through which the royal
party passed were guarded by the
whole of the garrison of Berlin, a special act of courtesy on Uie part of Uie
The burgomaster welcomed the visiters at the Hrandenburf. gate, the
king replying to the civic address with
a speech of over five minutes. The
carriages of the royal procession contained the Danish minister for foreign
affairs. Count Haden Levetzan, and
Countess Levetzau, formerly Miss
Moullon of Boston, who carried her
right ar min a sling. The bones of
her arm were broken when she was
thrown from her horse in a riding accident al Copenhagen. The countess
was especially included In the emperor's Invitation. The Danish king and
queen will leave Berlin 'on Tuesday
Earthquake in Australia.
Perth, West Australia, Nov. 19.���An
earthquake occurred at 3:20 o'clock
this afternoon along the whole coast
from Albany to Shark's bay. The dis
tuibance whs very severe at Perth,
Gcialdion and Margla.
Only one day's mail arrived over the
Great Northern last night. Five day's
coast mails are still held up between
Bpokane and Seattle.
The outbreak of glanders in the Lardeau is not so serious as first reported, lt i's believed the disease bas been
completely checked.
Fred Smith, travelling agent of the
Dominion Express company, returned
to the city last night from a trip
through the Slocan Lake district.
Messrs. Bishop and Douglas, the new
lessees of the skating rink, contemplate making many desired improvements fn that popular place of amusement.
The proposal of the R. M. R. to hold
a series of subscription dances at the
armory this winter will be greeted
with pleasure. The first one will be
held next Friday evening.
A local merchant makes the prediction that the forthcoming holiday trade
will be the largest in the history of
Nelson. He is backing up his prophecy
by putting In an unusually heavy stock
W. W. Bradley received a telegram
from his wife this morning stating that
she would arrive In Nelson the latter
end of the week. Mrs. Bradley and
her little daughter have been visiting
relatives at Thornbury, Out., for sev-
eial months.
\V. A. Thurman has a curiosity in his
���rtore In the shape of a* piece of pottery, upon which grass po"<1 has been
sprinkled. The pottety is in th > form
at a head, and Mr. Thurman claims
that by keeping the inside moist nn
abundant growth of grass will spring
On information from Cranbrook an
habitual frequenter of disorderly
houses wns arrested in Nelson yesterday, and appeared iu the city police
court this morning. He was ordered
to leave the city at once, and will 'bo
detained until he can make necessary
arrangement:' . The new association
of interior police affords facilities for
dealing with such undesirables.
' Wm. Tolllnpton, of Winnipeg, who
has been In lhe city for several weeks,
left for home this morning. Mr. Toi*
llnjjton, during bis visit here, marked
his faith iu the future of the Kootenays by purchasing several hundred
acres of fruit land. In future he will
direct tbe attention of inlendtng fruitgrowers to the vast possibilities ofthe
Kootenays as a fruit producing territory,
The postponed November meeting
of the Nelson University club was held
In the club parlors Saturday evening
with n good ai tendance. The program
was uipplled ��y C. M. Fraser In a paper on "Co-education." In which he expressed entire approval of the system
of uniform curricula for the sexes an'd
common clnsses. The club includes
several members who nre opposed to
the system, but as they yore not present the discussion that followed lacked
the stimulus of opposition.
The pillow exhibited In the window
of Kerr & Co. has attracted many admirers of fancy needlework and ninny
chances have heen taken on it. It will
be raffled at the sale on Wednesday
next. Patrons of the Ladles* Aid nre
ensured n good lunch nnd dinner, with
many other attractions. A cordial invitation is extended to all. It will be
held in tho  premises  vacated  by  the
New York Pastor Revises
Scripture Maxim
Dignified Comr/tition With Sunday
Theatres the Latest Metropolitan hxperiment.
Queen's studio, nenr Dominion Express
office and Standard Furniture company's store.
New York, Nov. _!��.���The -.Herald
says: Vaudeville lurns as an adjunct
to religious service have been Introduced by the Rev. Dr. Frank M. Good-
child, pastor of the Central Baptist
church, in West Forty-second street,
and last night tlie congregation listened with what were apparently feeling-? of mingled interest and surprise
while a woman whistler warbled three
tunes in the intervals between the
reading of the Word and the' sermon.
The members of pr. Goodchild's congregation were prepared for something
unusual when they assembled last
evening. They saw a grand piano on
the rostrum undei J,he choir loft, and
in a front pew a young woman whom
they recognized from here lithographs
which hung in the lobby of the church,
as Miss Ethel M. Palmer, "artistic
Miss Palmer had her own accompanist, and when it came time to do her
first turn she stepjred briskly to the
rostrum. A moment later birdlike
tones interpreting the "Manzanillo,"
by Robyn, were chasing each other
through the building. There was no
doubt of the artistic rendering of the
number, but the privilege of applauding which ls accorded a theatre was
denied the congregation, so the "turn"
was received in sli^mce.
Miss Palmer's second number was the
intermezzo from "Cavalleria Rusti-
cana," and this was followed by To-
bani's "Hearts and Flowers," so familiar tn all students of semi-class music. There was a little stir among Dr.
Goodcbild's hearers after the whistler
retired, and it was noticed that many
settled back in their seats, their faces
bearing an expression of relief.
After the sermon Dr. Goodchlld consented to give his views regarding
vaudeville as an accessory to religion.
He said:
"My object in making this departure
from conventional lines Is to see if
by introducing a little musical novelty
we could not fill the whole church on
Sunday night. The conditions under
which we hnve to labor are not equalled in nny other city In the world. The
Central Baptist church Is In the middle of a block in which there are seven theatres. We have not a half dozen families in the congregation who
live within a mile of the church. We
must draw on the floating church attendants, and It with this in mind that
the departure from regular lines was
"While I do not wholly approve of
the introduction of any thing that will
mar the sneredness of church worship,
1 believe in using the best means of
nss-mbling the people. I believe with
Dr. Duff, that eminent preacher, who
once sa'd. 'I would be willing to knock
two old shoes together If ft would draw
a crowd to whom I might preach Jesus
"Personally. I would prefer a plain,
ordinary service, but to reach the people T Intend to compete In as dignified
a way as possible with the attractions
with  which  llif* church Is surrounded.
"Next Sundnv night we will listen
to Charles Wold play sacred and classical melodies on his musienl glasses."
notables last year set a standard of
social brilliance that will naturally react u|x>n the exhibition this year. From
the viewpoint of the lover of fine
horseflesh, however, the present show-
has never been equalled. The entries
comprise nearly 2000 of the choice
American stables and stock farms.
Neighboring states are represented
and In the competitions are steeds
which have heen brought from the Pacific coast, from Canada and the
Rare Exhibition   of    Horseflesh From
United States and Canada Occupies
Madison Square Gardens.
New York, Nov. 19.���Mndisou Square
Garden, festooned in orange and black,
presented the usual bright and animated appearance today at the opening
of the twenty-second annual exhibition
of the New York Horse Show association. In the social position and wealth
of its clientele, Ita large public attendance nnd ln the number and value of
Its entries, the show this year is up to
the high standard already established.
Viewed as the opening event of the
social season In the metroiioHs the
show may fall i. little under expectations. Thero are surface indications
that such may be the case, though the
opening day Is a poor one to Judge dc^
cTsrvely on tins point. But""the" presence of Prince Henry of Battenburg,
Miss Alice  Roosevelt  and  may  other
Prince Rupert Not Ready for Influx of
Prince Rupert is no place for the
working man at the present time���in
fact, he Is not wanted there by the
Grand Trunk Pacific officials, according to statements made today by Mr.
P. J. Hlckey, a pioneer steamboatman
on the Stikine river and other northern waters.
"Because of an interview published
hy Mr. J. M. Collinson in a Victoria
paper nnent work in progress at Prince
Rupert, I am constrained to warn
working men nat to go there at this
season of the year," said Mr. Hlckey
as he was leaving for Victoria. "I arrived from the North on the last trip
of the steamer Camosun, and I know
from something that took place when
we called at Prince Rupert that there
is no employment for men there.
"Three or four men left the Camosun
at Prince Rupert. They had not got
off the wharf when they were approached by Engineer Pillsbury of the
Grand Trunk Pacific and asked what
they wanted. They told him that they
intended to stay there and wanted
work. He told them there was no
work there for them, no accommodation, and they could not remain, as it
was private property. Now, It Is not
right that working men should derive
from the newspapers an idea that there
fs work at Prince Rupert, and spend
their money to get there only to be
thrown out.
"Prince Rupert will undoubtedly be
a good place for work, as those holding have to make It pay, but that time
has not arrived yet."
Recaltricants    Now    Number   Several
Breslau, Prussia, Nov. 19.���One hundred aud sixty prosecutions resulting
from the Polish school strikes a*re
pending in the courts of Posel, Llssa,
Ostrowa, Bromberg and Gnesen. The
controversy has been more embittered
hy the authorities dismissing all Poles
from the honorary school boards. The
official report now gives the number
of recalcitrants at 4600.
It has been officially said that the
pope will receive King George of
Greecj on Sunday next. The pontiff
this morning received Cardinal Cou-
linl, archtdshop of Lyons, and three
Frenc'i bishops and conferred lengthily
with the.) regarding the situation in
France, giving the impression that he
is gathering the information for an allocation of the conflict between the
Vatican and France to be delivered at
Ihe consistory in Drcember.
Protestant  Episcopal   Divine  Punished
for Heresy.
Buffalo, Nov. 19.���Rev. Algernon S.
Crapsey, D. D., of St. Andrews Episcopal cliurch, is condemned to suspension from tho church as a result of
the decision of the Protestant Episcopal court of review just made public
here. The court of review sustains the
decision of the lower court and the
decision of tho lower court was that
Dr. Crapsey should be suspended for
alleged heretical teaching.
The nnnouncement of the decision
was mnde as follows:
"The court* of review has affirmed
unanimously the decision of the lower
court In the case of Rev. Algernon S
Crapsey,  D.  D."
Dropped Their Booty.
Wrarsaw, Nov. 19.���A daring terrorist attack was made in the streets today on a collector of the government
alcohol stores, who was escorted by
two soldiers. The terrorists killed one
soldier, wounded tho collector and
seized a bag containing $10,000. The
remaining Boldi.-l fired wildly, killing
a passerby and wounding another,
whereupon the terrorists dropped their
booty and escaped. The two lenders
of the band of revolutionists and 20
others Implicated fn the train robbery
at Rogow November 8, by which the
revolutionists secured a sum of money
snld to amount to 1650,000, have heen
arrested. They all belong to the
Polish Socialistic party.
in the city, was burned to the ground
early this morning. Two guests were
fatally burned. Sixty-five guests wero
in the hotel.
-The Daily Bia*_.
Winnipeg,      Man.,    Nov.     19,���The
Windsor hotel, nt Regina, the largest
Important Real   Estate   Transfers and
Irrigation Proposals.
(Special to The Daily Canadian.)
Grand Forks, Nov. 19.���The largest
and most Important real estate deal
closed here for several years has just
been made by Lorn Campbell, general
manager of the West Kootenay Power
& Light company, he having purchased the well-known Topp ranch of 57
acres from Mrs. Perkins, the owner,
for $7000 cash, and also the ranch owned by M. Miller, of 160 acres, for $10,-
000 cash. The Topp ranch has been
bought for W. M. Doull, a son of the
president of the power company, while
the Miller ranch will be held by Mr.
Campbell himself. It is the Intention
to install a most modern irrigation
system on these newly acquired properties in the early spring, when the
land all over the valley can be irrigated. The residents of this entire
valley are fairly jubilant over the closing of these deals, as it means the supplying of a long-felt want in the form
of an  irrigation  system.
The Boundary Iron Works foundry
in tae west end of the city Is now completed and running in full blast. The
furnace building Is 80x40 feet, while
the pattern shop Is 30x40 feet. The
entire cost of the plant is $25,000.
(Special to The Dull Canadian.)
Pernle, Nov. 19.���Since the arrangement of the matters tn dispute between the Crow's Nest
Pass Coal company and the locals
of the U. M. W. A., rumors have
been In circulation to the effect
that the settlement would not be
recognised by John Mitchell, and
there was considerable unrest
both among the miners and the
public In consequence.
All doubts upon tho subject
have been set at rest. The representations made by Thomas
Burke to President Mitchell have
resulted In the lattur sanctioning '
the agreement made between the
company and the delegate. Superintendent of Provincial Police
P. S. Hussey, who has been on
the ground at Pernle for some
time, received the following telegram from Mr. Mitchell yesterday:
Minneapolis, Minn.,
Nov. 18, 1906.
To F. S. Hussey. Superintendent
Provincial Police, Fernie, B. C.
Agreement made by Burke recognized   by   International Union
and men will return to work.
There should be an end of the
matter now as far as the status
of the U. M. W. A. is involved,
and there Is little doubt that work
will be resumed at once and in
full force.
Alleges Illegal Restraint.
Providence, R. I., Nov. 19.���Considerable Interest Is being manifested In the
ense of Simon O. Croswcll, of Cambridge, Mass., who was before the
supreme court today with a petition,
presented by hlmBelf, seeking a writ
of habeas corpus. Croswell is a Harvard graduate and the sou of a distinguished legal authority. He alleges
that he Is Illegally restrained at the
Hutler hospital for the InRnne here,
and he charges abduction from Mnssa-
OhUMttS llii was sent to 'he asylum
iu April of intrt year, hit, reln-tlve stating that he suffered from hallucinations, the result of mental overwork.
Croswell claims that the certificate of
commitment eontnins no statement thnt
he is Insane and needs restraint. ' He
says Hint Ue hns been under close
guard and that he was prevented from
wilting to his friends.
Capital Sentences.
Winnipeg, Nov. 19.���Chief Justice
Howell sentenced Hytk, guilty of manslaughter, to IB years In the penitentiary, anil Mnrcarl, guilty of murder,
to nuns January 15.
Chamber Session.
His honor Judge Forln, In chambers
this morning granted an application
for the delivery of Interrogatories In
thc ease of the Highland (Kootenay)
Mining company against the Maryland
Casualty company. The application
was made by II. C. Hall for the defendants, A. M. Johnson for the plaintiffs, consenting.
Price* of Metals.
Nejr York, Nov. 19.���Silver, 71 18r:
copper. TO-8c:T lead,~f5~76.
tondon, Nov. 19.���Silver, 33d; lead,
��19 6a.
Rugby Cbamplonship Goes
Eastern Football Season Ends in Victory For Ontario Team���Talk
of All-Canadian Union.
(Special to The Dally Canadian.)
Hamilton, Ont., Nov. 17, 6 p. m.���
The famous Tigers, unbeaten for four
years, champions of the Ontario Rugby
union, defeated Montreal, champions
of the Quebec union, 11 points to 6, for
the championship of Canada.
The game was played here this afternoon and waa very keenly contested,
one of the closest and best matches
for the Dominion championship In
many years.
For the laat four years the Hamilton Tigers bave been easily first
among the teams of the Ontario Rugby
union, while the Montreal A. A. A.
team haa been for nearly as long a
time undisputed leaders in the Quebec
organization. Consequent!>. the game
attracted a great deal of attention and
Interest from followers ot the game
throughout  the  two provinces.
There is still a possibility of a challenge for the championship being received from the Inter-collegiate Rugby
union on behalf of Varsity, this year's
The Collegiate union Includes Varsity, Queen's, Ottawa and McGUI, all
of which were formerly formidable
factors in the provincial unions, and
all of which have won the championship repeatedly ln former years.
There ls as growing feeling in favor
of broadening the Canadian Rugby
union, to Include the organisations of
the maritime provinces and the West.
There are slight differences ln the
constitutions of the teams, In the rules
of play and of the systems of scoring,
but these, lt Is felt, would not prevent
any Insuperable difficulties, while tha
advanta.ei of uniformity and the stimulus to the best of autumn games from
the Institution of a genuine Canadian
championship, are undoubted. It fs
believed that definite efforts to that
end will be made before next season.
Issuer of Worthless Cheques Allowed
Time to Escape.
The folly of concealing frauds from
the police ln tbe hope of securing settlement from the offender has received another illustration in Nelson. An
Issuer of worthless cheques was given
48 hours In which to make his escape
before Information was given to the
authorities. Had a complaint been
made promptly the criminal could easily have been captured.
Henry L. Hartforsl, alias Harry L.
Palmer, wns sent to the provincial gaol
several months ago from East Kootenay for obtaining money under false
Artet- serving his term he remained
In Nelson. On November 14 ho Issued
two cheques for small amounts and
hail them cashed by tho proprietor of
tho Lakovlew hotel. The latter learned
on the IGth that there were no funds
In Iho bank nnd that tho cheques he
hs-ld were worthless.
Unfortunately, Istcnd of Immediately
reporting to the police, he endeavored
to find hln man himself. Late Saturday night he informed the police. An
officer at once Investigated and found
thnt Palmer had left for Spokane Saturday morning. It Is unlikely thnt. he
will be brought hack. aB the cost of
extradition would be heavy.
20,000 Club Notes.
Secretary F- M. Chadbourn has received word from the B. C. Engraving company at Victoria that the cuts
for the club's new advertising folders,
are on the way. As soon as they are
received a "dummy" folder will be
prepared for the Information and convenience of the advertising patrons.
So far, only one reply has been re
celved to the circular letters address
ed to the ranchers of the district asking for detailed information on the cost
��* clearing, sw_?ss of different var!
etles and other matters whlclfis want
ed for the pamphlets being prepared by
the C. P. R. company.
iv r:
-Ar The Daily Canadian
., *
: = STORES ~
Cool nights are now in order.     Tliey will invite
pleasant dreams of
We hav. plenty of them ln red and Une.
3 1-2 Point:-, weighing about 10 pounds, $7.50 per pair
4 Points, weighing about 12 pounds,   -   3.50 per pair
The--c blankets are justly
celebrated tor their excellence.  We alone carry
them In this city.
LUMBERMEN.���Pillows, Comforters, Gloves and Mitt, Socks. Shirts and
Underclothing. 0' Clothing, Sweaters, Miners' and prospectors' Boots
and Shoes nnd Rubbers Groceries and Provisions.. Everything of the
Best quality and prices surprisingly Low.
Imperiai Bank of Canada
Head OSicc:   Toronto.
CAPITAL PAID OP... (4,000,
D. R. WILKIE. President.
'XI REST  (M,li* 0,000.
Branches in British Columbia:
Deposits received aud Interest allowed at current rates from date of open.up account and compounded half-yearly.
m.uso.n BRANCH ��� ���_!���   iVl#   LAY,  Manager.
The ^oyal 'Bank of Canada
ASSETS, $39,771,803
Capital Paid Up $3,629,130 Reserve Fund $4,092,043
Accounts ot firms and Individuals opened on the most favorable terms.
Thirteen  branches  In  Hritish Columbia,
Special  attention   to out of town business.
T. E. KENNY, Pies., Halifax.       B, 1.   PEASE. Genera] Manager. Montreal.
Pislsll.tis.-1 sl\ sis,)-, si Weft by Ilie
Baku St., Nelion, B. i*.
sub.rriptissii mt.-!!, 60 fi-iit.s a misiiUi delivered
lu ilie L-ity, nr itVuii a year II lent by mall, wlii-u
patil lu aslvanss-
A-vertttlOR retei mi application.
All  inssssit-s. pal.l  in   settlement ss[  Tin. Ually
Canadian aooo-nta, eltber foi mbeerlpUoni -.r
a-lvcrii-isiL'. mis.i iss. receipted lor on the prli n-sl
forms, ol llss.- Company. Other receipt! are mil
NOVI.Ma.2R !���'. IWK..
���' By one word We are ssssssellmess Indued to tie
wine and nxoneword .ssisjeitmes ju.lnc.1 to i.e
foolish, Let ssss therefore be carefol whai we
Tbai ihe Liberal patty Intends to
spriiiK something in the nature of n
surprise upon llie pestpls' during tbe
next session of tlie Dominion parliament, whicli meets in tbe course of a
week or two, niay be easily Inferred
from the recent deliverances of the
Toronto Globe, the recognized mouthpiece of that parly. East wesk Mr. .1.
.1. Hill made a Bpeech tu Chicago in
which he dealth largely with ths- question of reciprocity, and we have olflo
been Informed by n Mr. Bede, who con-
ducted u campaign for bis party in tbe
northern states thai tlie whole Northwest is I'ollsl fssr tariff revision along
reciprocity lines.
Simultaneously with these deliverances    w have   speakers, states u
mui Journalists in England endeavoring in arouse 'tis- people s��t thai country in tin- fact tbat ibe commercial
Integrity of the empire Is being jeopardized ami thai iis-s or sentiment win
no longer bssid Canada in tbe mother
Tin- utterances of ibe Qlobe are
singularly Inconsistent, for In one Issue It tells us ihnt Ihe presenl is no
time for extensive or Important revision of the larlff and in Ihe next it
speaks significantly of tlie \vlss!<s>n ..I
Canada conducting Its own isus-imss
withoul much reference to the feelings
or Influence of the mother country.
A single quotation from that paper
will convince-our readers of tlie enr-
r. rins-ss of ihis assertion, and we furnish it. as follows:
"When any Canadian publicist writes
to a   I.rltlsji    newspaper    asking    the
British people lo 'wake up' to the dan-
i        _p*r*(,f the Americanizing of Canada il
-?���**aTA*3fr*,!ti ay-feat ba iss. Ignorant oi
ths- real feelings of his own countrymen. Canadians ure giving no thoughl
to lhe political destiny of Canada. They
simply lake for granted that as Ihe
larger part of it bus been British since
lfiTu. a considerable proportion of it
since 1718, and most of the remainder
since 17(13, il will remain Hritish Indefinitely. What Canadians in goner-
nl really wanl is as much freedom
from Downing street Intermeddling as
is compatible with remaining In the
empire, and lhe recognition of iheir
right to make their own agreements
witli tb,- rnited States."
There can he no longer any doubt
lhat lhe Liberal party Is In dire snails
lor an Issue with which to go before
Hie people in the next Dominion election which, by the efflux of time, is
drawing nearer every day. The Liberals acceded to power on two cries,
ihe first one, "Turn ihe rascals out"
and the latter, "Free trade as tbey
have il in England.'* The former had
reference to lhe alleged corruption of
the Conservative party, and there is
no doubt that In some Instances a case
ssf sufficient magnitude and Importance
was made against the Conservative administration. The Liberal party,however, can no longer cry out against
corruption In elections, for the records ssf thnt parly dining the len years
it bus been in power lias lies-n one of
i-i "wins; disgrace, and lbe brazen iinii'-
slse of lbe most glaring acts of corruption and debauchery. Never in the history oi ib.- Conservative party could
such crimes agalnsl decency in- pin
��� 'i us in,- being brought to iigin under
th- l.iinili'i regime, li would be trans-
parently farcical, therefore, for tlm
Liberal party to go before the people
wllh a cry such as thai which helped
them  Inlo   power  in   18HG.
Nor dare tbey gss before ihe i pie
again with any pretence or tariff ad-
Jusinient, such as will Implement the
promises they made ten or twelve
years ago. The country has prospered
unprecedi'iiily under the Conservative
policy of protection and the attempt
10 throw down ihe tariff walls which
have built up tbc Industrial conditions
of which Canada Is so proud would
soon hurl lhe Liberals from power.
Sir Wilfrid Is wise enough to know
Ihis, and trusting to lhe short memories of the people he hns neglected
'n carry out ibe pledges with which he
bribed them when he won his way to
power. Silenced, therefore, on the
question of electoral corruption, and
not dining in raise a straight tariff jg,
mie, Ii is nol singular lo find lhe Lib
era!  party scanning tlie horizon for a
new* election cry.
This has apparently been found in a
revival of the old Liberal expediei cy-
reciprocity with the I'nited Stales.
We shall not here discuss lhe economic feature of such au issue, ll is
plain that ths1 thinking classes in England are alarmed over the apparently
dang-emus aspect of tho case that is
being pn seined by the present political situation in Canada. The Englishman sees only one danger, and lhal
Is the danger te tin- integrity of the
empire. Not many years ago England
was unaware���or apparently so���ofthe
iTiipssiiiinee .sl ilie political and commercial loyalty ssf Canada, Now she
has been awakened to its Importance
iilisl a very large section of llie English men of influence are taking such
measures as are neoesaary to arouse
the entire population of the mother
country to the Imperative necessity of
Ihe integrity of the Britlsb empire.
To lind the men iu the United Slates
who have immense influence and unlimited capital endeavoring to Interest
ibe statesmen of thai country iu a
reciprocity proposal is io say the least
ominous, while lo have a slateiuan
openly avow lhat the whole Northwest
is- committed lu such a measure is
To have on this side of the line a
large and Influential section of llie
press speaking approvingly of these
proposals is none the less a matter
for serious consideration. When the
Qlobe suggests tbat ihe thing Canadians most desire is the recognition of
our rights to make our agreement)
with tlie I'nited States it sounds the
keynote of the battlecry of the Liberals. That is apparently the plea*
that will be put forward as an argument for lhe retention of the Liberal
administration in power. The signs
are ominous and it will be well for
Canadians who realize that wu have
reached a place among nations where
we can uot only hold our own but he
of Immense Importance in preserving
the Integrity of the empire and maintain llrlllsh territory for Hritish people to consider what we shall have to
vote upssn when tlie next Dominion
election is at hand. Reciprocity win
mean discrimination, anil for thai
Britain will never stand. It is, therefore, for the people to say whether we
shall remain British or Whether we
shall sell ourselves to the United
States. There is no doubt that the Issue will be clearly defined during the
ensuing year.
'I'he recent decision of the Saskatchewan courts in the case of the Controverted Elections act has not failed
to arouse a large section of the press
to the dangers tbat threaten Canada
under the present administration. That
there should be no machinery in one
of our provinces by which political
corruption cau be investigated aud
punished is a serious reflection upon
tlie ministers responsible for ihe non-
isience of such law, and in llie end it
must come home io the party which
is in power and under whose authority
the case is as It is.
Tile Toronto News, an independent
paper which Is winning its way Into
the confidence of the people by its
moderate, fearless and outspoken condemnation of all that is crooked In the
politics of every party iu Canada, has
this to say upon llie situation:
"A recent article in The News on
lhe relations of thc bench to politics
has brought down upon our head much
admonition and a good deal of denunciation. Hut we believe the word
needed to be said aud possibly good
will result, if the judgment of the
Regina court is sound what has Sir
Wilfrid Laurier lo say of the extraordinary omission from the Autonomy
Act of the provision for trial of election petitions? Has nol the country
also the right to demand an explanation from the acute politician who now
sits as chief Justice of Canada? Nothing i'i.-,' scs'iiis to have been omitted,
The discovery or Ibis omission was
peculiarly timely and useful. Was il
an oversight or n deliberate party artifice? The whole autonomy legislation was conceived nnd develop., in
darkness ami fystery. Ths- country
was deceived, The premier of tin- territories was humbugged. The csiisii-
intlon of iin- country wus subordinated to parly exigencies. Is ii unreasonable to think that lbs-re was also a
deliberate plot to seaure Immunity fssr
political corruptlonlBts in the elections
In which the attitude of the West toward   tbe new   provincial  constitutions
would be determined. In our Judg in
il wns only by a very deification of
legal technicalities Hint tin- courl nt
Regina w-as able to reach lis recenl
Judgment If this Is not true there
was gross and scandalous negligence
ni Ottawa, or a deliberate plot to give
Immunity for political offences in the
territories. What do Sir Wilfrid Laurler nnd Ihe chief Justice of the supreme
court think about It?"
possible, if not ibe only prudent tiling
when he retired from ilu* conference
that had previously di'sid'-sl ;i_iinsi
him- This being the popular feeling,
newspapers which exist tss reflect public opinion naturally conclude ihat tbe
zinc Industry 14 a more Interesting
topic than that of better terms.
We are convinced that the more ihe
electorate of Southeast Kootenay study
ibe methods ssf .1. a. Macdonald, tbe
leader of the opposition, ths' more thi >
will be surprised, if nm disgusted,
with these methods, ills recenl visit
to Fernie, his conference with the
Coal oompany, and his iu-usshs regard
ing the strike situation, nn evident in
duration to make polltloal capital sun
of the misfortune of Ihe coal miners,,
all show that Mr. Macdonald baa made
another blundering attempt at Inter
ference which will he warmly resented
ui ths' proper time.���The Prospector,
The next short sessissu of tin- United stales congress is to engage almost
exclusively In ihe discussion of reciprocity witli Canada, .says Mr. llede,
and lhe next short session of Ibe Dominion parliament is called for the express purpose of discussing the vexed
question of tariff revision. Tin' congress is committed to reciprocal measures ami ihe parliament is committed
to tariff revision. Nothing singular In
the coincidence. Wonder what Jnines
J. Hill is going to Ottawa for?
With revenue soaring and prosperity
general there is no likelihood of ex-
tensive ssr widely unsettling changes
In lhe customs tariff.���Toronto Qlobe.
Yale-Kootenay Ice, Froit, Fuel
& Poultry Co., Ltd.
Deliveries made daily throughout Nelsou
nnd its suburbs Phone 148.
Tlu* discussion of the possibilities of
the zinc Industry is a much more
agreeable topic In the Kootenays just
now than the discussion of the premier's firm stand on the question of
better terms.   There Is a prowinp f. el-
���ing    thrnitP*hnii>    '��������    r-���m? ."���'���Hrrri���itit'
premier did the best and wisest thing
Not le _ In hereby given that BO -lav* alter -lute I
Intend to apply to (he Honorable the Chlel <om-
mlutoner <if lands and Worku, Victoria, B.C,
for permlulon to pnrehaae tbe following deserlbed Uud, situated In thfl (.eft Kootena) district,
on the treat aide ol i uhamei (or Six Ufie) creek
-ni nn-pr Midi* of wagon road, about Sm milea
tm n weal Arm nf Ko -tanay lake: Commencing
at it _>osjjnftr___L. _lxi.._____Uc- Jjju-_v *.. _i--.r_
ner. running-to chain*, weat; thence -_ chalna
south; theuce-lu chain.*, east; theme SM chains
norih, io thu poim of commencement, contain-
Ine h.H.Ti*. ol laud, more or lew.
Dated the nth November 19.*-;.
Mrs. IIattie Dock,
Jons E Tayujh, Agent
Notice Is he re liy given thaM'-O-l-ty-* iii.er date I
intend to npply to the Honorable the Chlel Commlnloner of lands and Works for permlaalon
to purohaae wo acres of land,altuate on tlie hit tie
Moyle river ahout 1 mile from International
Boundary anil ahout 1 mile from Spokane International   Ity.:   Commencing at a  post  marked
D, -rant's he. corner poet, thenee treat 40
chains; thence north io chains; thence easl _���_
chains; thenee north 30 cbaina; tbeuce eaat 60
chatna; thence aouth 60 chtlns to place of com-
meneement, containing 280 acre*, of land.
Located Oot. :tOth line,
Damei. (.RANT
Notice is hereby given that 00 .lavs alter date I
Intend toappiy to tlie Hon Chief CommlaUooer of
Landiand Worka, Victoria, for permlnion to purchase the following described land, moated In
tbe West Kootenay dlatrlct, on the weit aide of
iiuham-1 (or BIi Mile) ereek, near wagon road.
about thrte miles from Kootenav lake; Com-
mencing ai a postmarked "Jamea J. Dock's fi W.
pn..*\ running -Jo chains cast, ihenco 20 chaini
Dortb, thence U ohalni  wea*, thence 20 cbains
souih, to the point of commencement, contain
ing lu acres nf bind, mon- or less
Dated IStfa November, LOOO
Located by James j. Duck.
per John E. Taylor, Agent.
Sixty daw after date I intend toapply to the
Hon. < blef ( Dm ml ���.-inner of Uiuls and Works
. Ictorla, to purehaae IM acrei of i���i,.| a\,���m tw���
mllei I. low Barton City, West Kootenty, commencing a- a poii marked ��J A. Irving'i eaat
corner poat. ' ��aM j��wt being on the eaaterly end
of an Uland treat ol Lot __.7, and eiaiming all the
land contain,-,| in said i-land, being aboul on-
mile in un eaaterly and ireaterly direction and
abont 2o ebalni from norlh to aonth
November nth, MOO, j. *., [Brora,
J. E. AmraBLg, Agent
>i*t; days after dale i laleml toappiy to the
iio i Chief Commlnloner of Landi and Worki
Victoria, to purcbaei 160 acrei of land, loi ated i a
he weil ride oi Arrow lake, aboul fl.n mllei bo-
low Hurton i ity. itn<) deacrlbed ai followi: Com
menclna at a poii marked ��� K Cl B'e aontheaei
corner, and being M cbalm eutof the northweal
norncr of Lot 2n��; thonce north �� balm ihenci
west w .-bams; thenc. lout) ,haina; thence
eul i'i cbalni to the place ol u-ginning
November llth k...   Bl_l
_  ,'*'r ' K AJOUnLE,
_,8ixt�� davs after date I Intend to apply to the
ion. Chief Commlnloner ol Undi  ind Worki
' Ictorla, to pore >��� to acres ol land.all iai d
gntheweitifdeol Arm Uke, abom   *   ���
below Kurt .n. and described tm followi; . ,,-���.
mcnellig   at   a  pmt   nlant.-,|   ,i[   n���.   n.-r'ui-i
Mtrnei ol i '17970, nnd i inning north n.bafi -*
thonce weit H chalna, iht nee iouth W chaini!
lheni leail Zochaini to place oflx-Kinuintr
Nov.Utb.U0S, ii  k 1,IU
J. E. Aiihabu, Agent,
BUty dayi afti t date I intend to apph ro the
Hon.the) blef) ommlnl meroi Undiand Worki
lo purchaie WO acr | land \  Commenclne at h
poit planted on tbi weal il leofBIa inilecreea,
on wagon road, about two and one half mllei
from Kootenav Uke, nnd marke-i "Neil Me
Keohnie'a B. Weal corner poit," ihcnce eul U)
cha Inn.  thenee north   10 ,1,,,,,,, ���,���..,,,. -v(,_, w
chains, theme-outh 40 chalna, to place ol <���,.���,.
Located this loth day ol November, low.
Nii_lf- Kbchnii.
Notice is hereby given that 00 daya after date I
Intend!to apnlvto The Hon. Chief Coram In fonLr
of urn sand Works for permlulon to purebaae
tbe following described landi iltuated in the
Rea Koolenay .Jlsirl't: Berliiiifnit ��* a POI I
marked "O.      UacMlCklng'l N, W. corner," and
planted on the w��i ibore ol Whataban (Cariboo)
lake, about three mil ����� north of Lhe Upper Nar*
rowi of the laid lake an_ onwiaJte the Ulajid in
the said lake: thenee iouth 80 cbainij tbenee
eaat 40 ebalna, moreor ten, to the lake ihoro;
thence following the laid shore In a northerly
andwoitorly direction I'_0 chatna, moro or leu
to point of commenwraem, '-���������n,i*-t--*_-w '-..j..;. .'
"o'ct. 13. IWO, o. r MacMuki.vo,
By V. L. EUXMONDi Agent,
Notiee li herehv given that00 dav- aftei date i
intend to mak,* application to the Iloiioruble the
Chiel Commlnloner of Und*. and Work- foi i ���
mlulon  to purcbaie the fallowing described
land**:   Oommenelng ��i * post placed adjoining
lb- lOUth wesl cnuer poil ol  I-e-.n   WaUon'l Ap
plication to Purchaie, running *> cbafni uortb;
thence 40chalna weat; thence ���"*��� ebalni wuth;
thi    e in chmn- east, to point ol commencement, containing i�� lerei more or leu,
Dated Oetober
I -   UlMKK,
Bj hii agi tit, s-rkest, w  Ri bu ��� *
Kotiee Ei her. by given thai -'������, dayi ath i dah I
intend to apply Eo tbe Hon, the Chief Commie-
sioner of Und.-and Worki for permlnion to i-ur*
, ..-,-, the following rieacribe_ landi In WnJ
Ko. tenay dlatriei i Beglnntug at a post marked
"Otto Hlnch'i N w corner11' and planted on
tbe well ibore of Wat-han ii'arit.o..) lake, aboul
one-fourth mile weit o! the narrowi oi Whataban
lake; thi * * - th W i halnii Ihence <>ia tt
, hAlni mott oi li -��� ra tbc ihore <>l the Narrowi;
e In a general
northerly md -   - '��� laochalni more
or lei   tothe p dot ��� ��� r  imcncement, contain-
.. - . ���   . ���.    ��� . i.
Dated thii8tfa dayol Oei
just reoeived, a splendid stock or Bt^mpsd Unsoi ciwhi
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fancy work In tbe Montreal convent.    Now fo tho dm.- f0r ..    '"
���'!���'��� lilK*. R,
K   I.   .UmnoSD, Agent.
Notice l�� herebj given thai ilxty daya afwi lap
t intend to apply to the Hon. Chief I i in mi--loner
of i,an-i- ami Works ior permlnion la purehaae
the rollowlng deacrlbed land* in Wwl R
dlatrlct:   IteutnnniK al a poll marked "I   K
Alden'a 8 K comer," an-i planted on tbi eaal
shore of Wbauhan Can' ; lake, ahout one
mile   north   o[   tbe   southern  end   ol   the lake;
thence north *���" chaini; thena weal to ehalni,
more or leu, to the ihore oi Whatihan lake;
tbenco following uld ihoro lo a general iouth-
erly and eaaterly direction too chaini i
ten, to tbe polnl of commencement, containing
...'" 11   :. s, lilofi* or less
Dated tblagtb tfav ofOol   I ���*
K   K   ALDDC,
II     II >'*-!��� NH   Ajieltt
Notice in hereby given thai ilxty dayi after
date I Intend toapply to the Hon. < blei CommUt-
���sliMier of Landi ii'i'i Works for pcrmliaion topur-
chaae the followln  deacrlbed landi ln the weal
Koolenay disiriei .    lteglnnliiK Ht a poll marked
"Bertha Htraeh'i N* BT eorner," and planp I an
the enit shore of Whataban [Cariboo] lake, at the
narrowi of the lake, and ahout one mile aouth of
Arrow lake trail; thence south w cbafni; thenee
weal ho eham- more or leu to thi ihoreoi tbe
narrows;  thence following  the said ihon   In a
general northerly nnd eaiterl)   direction 120
chaini nmre  or  leu  to the polntof & :..
no nt. containing 040acrei more or .*  *
I'ated this hth day of Oct - 1900
BKBTHi   H :���.- !!'
I-"  1.  Hammowu, Vgl ;.:
Sixty daya afterdate,] Margrett llcQuarrle,
intend toHpplv to the Honorable tbo 1 hief Com*
mission.-rof l la and Worka, Victoria, B c���
to purchue the roUowlng described land, I ��� m
mem Ing at a poal markea M. Me(jaarrle, on tbe
bank oi Lower Arrovi lake, thence -to chalm
wut; theuce00cbaina north; thence -hi chaini
east; tbence BO chmn- wuth lo place of com
meneement. Mid to contain too acrei more or
leu. Covering ground held by 0. H. Anderson's
Dated thii Hth day of -September, U06,
\\. L, Pavyg, Agenl
BUty davs after date  I purpose maKlng n[>[li-
cation to tha Chlel Commlnloner of Landi and
Work- ior permlnion to purebaae the following
deacrlbed (and : Commencing at a poat markea
"K i'- *^ i*. ..rner," mid iltuate about one mile
from Bilnr Tip Point, on Whatshan lake, and
near Chrlitle creek, running thence BOi
north; thence SO cbalm w��tj thenoe OO chaini
couth, follow-intj the lake ihore; Ihence 80 ebalni
eaat to the point of commencement, -.-"iitHiuiug
B40aeiei mote or leu
Dated tbe Jiih day of Auguit, 1800,
K   Fu wi IIH,
t  1'erF. ii   IitytiaB, Agent
Noti.e la hereby given that BO dora after date
I Intend toapply to ihe HonorAble the ('Uief
Commi-olouer ot  Land-  mid  Works for i.eniii-
sion to purcbue the following deacrlbed landa;
Commencing at a poat planted on the northeut
corner of   Peter ueKaushton'i application  to
purchase, running sn ehaim west along the
northern boundary of same: them-,. 80 chains
north: theuce ho chains eut; tbence 80 chaini
aonth, along the west houndarv .d-iohn Elliott.
njiplh ation ��, purchaie, to i-oint (d commence-
ment, containing M0 aem, more or leaa,
natct Oct is, ace. Thoku -smith,
Bj hii agent, Behet w Bobiiojow.
Notice is hereby given that OOilaya after date I
intend toapply to the Honorable the thief f'otn*
mlaatonerofXondaand Worka,at Victoria, B.C.,
for prrmlfHtou f purchase the following de-
M-ribed lauds, situated in the West Kootenav
district, south of Korty Nine ereek, commencing
_*i_*_i^1 marked "L. H t.hoT"*f***'a f W. mt-
ii. r,' tneneo 411 chalnn east, thence 40 chains
south, th'-mv+i chains west, tbenee ���!" ehalns
north to the < onnncnrcnient poat, containing U0
in re-, mor- of :������-*���.
Nelson, B.C , Oet. 16th, 1905.
L. II, CnotjrrTTB,
_   A Jones, Agent.
Hixly days afterdate 1 iHirponemsklug "ppjlea-
tioti to lhe Hon ('hief <'i-mirl.s-.-i-.iie: of LmirlB
and Work- for permlulon to purchase the follow-
Ing deacrlbed  land:   Commencing at a pout
placed at the south west corner of It. W. Banning-
ton's application to pur. hue, marked "L. M B.
II an h corner post.'1 running tlience Hi chaini
w.-si: thence -SOT chalna aoutfa; Ihenco 80 chalna
east; ihcnce 80 chains north to point of mm-
mi ncement, containing 640 acres, more or less
Hated the luth day of Oetober, 1900.
L. M. B. llASSlNfiTrj.v,
       per H BH1KH, Agent.
pixy day-aft.-r date I purpose making application to the Hon. Chief Commluloner ol Landi
and Work-. r,,r permlaalon to purehaae the following deacrlbed land: rommeni in�� at a po<t
placed on tbe north boundary of lot No W-.   and
about two chain-east of Whataban ereek, mark-
ed "M. .*-��. 8, v, corner," running thenee -10
chains east; thence 40 chains north; thence 40
obolni weit; tbence 40 cbalni south, to point of
commencement, containing ]f*i acres more or
Hated the loth day of October, 19o6.
M, Shiei.i.,
^^^^ Per B.8HIBI-L, Agent.
Notice is bereby given that ilxti daya aftoi
date i intend t.iapi'h tothe Hoa.t blef Commia-
���loner ol Landi and Worki lor permlulon to
purchaie ti ������ following deacrlbed lands, in
U, it Kooti na] Dlatrlct: Commeneing at an Initial poel planted at tbeaoutheui -orner ol He-
Coy'i pr.* en ption, ihen. ������ 301 balm wui to eul
boundary of Lol 8IW: thence following aald
boundarv wuth ��������� loulneaat oorner of said lot!
tlience 10 rhalni wut; ihenee 10 chalmaouthi
Ihence301 halni enit; tbi nee 90cbalni norih to
southwest  eormr  oi  Lol   .'-*J:  then-- following
wui t ndarj dI Lot BB to Initial poat,
r-eptemher _l,190fi. 1>.J>- WOLFF,
per Kknkht W, Bobinkui.
Notice la bereb] given that 00dan afterdate, I
iniend to apnlv lo tbe Hon. chief Coumtnionei
of Lands and Worki lor permlaalon to purcbau
the  Inllriwing  deicrlbed   lit mln, situate  oil   the
Boat ibon "i Lower Uke, almut one undone
half mile Soutb "l Edgewood. H C. an-i ad
j.*ining J.T. Beattle'i application to pun-base,
and oommenelng ��i ���> poal marked Honald wn
-.-ns South Wut corner, tbence running Nonh
suty cbaina, tbence But forty cbaina, tbenee
south, sixty ebalna, them,- Wut fort) chains to
place of oommencement, and containing _uu
acres more or lew.
Dovai n Wtum,
M   B   .Mi*W''AI'.RIK, Agent.
Dated this 29th day ol Bepteml er. lout.
Notll e is bereby uiveti that OOdoyi after date I
Intend toapply to tne Uonorahle Chief Oommla-
lloner  of  Ijtn.ln atnl   Works   for  iH*rml*>Mon   io
turchaaethe following deicrlbed lands, in Woat
OOtenay.1    I'oinineiiclng   at  n   poat   plante.l   at
the northeast corner of I ol 4891., 0   I . mark- d K.
I i -  Dortbwul coi ner,  thence south oo
chain*-; tbenee cast  IO chains, more  or  leaa, to
tin- weetern bonndary ot i."i ���-"<"'. O.L;tbence
rtl   B0 chalna to Koottnay   river; thenee  west
(ollowiog tald nver to point of eommenoement,
containing BD acres more i>r ll ss.
96th October, isofi.
Frank Fi.bt. ufk.
Notiee ll hereby given tbat 60 itavs alter date I
l*j'. inl lo make application to tbe Houorahlr the
i hn ' ''oiumi-sioncr of l.and* and Works for per-
minion to purchase the following ducrlbed
Landi; Commencing at a post plantcil on the
northi aat eo uer of Peter UcNaoghton*��� application lo [inr. hu- <*, following the east boundary of
nme BO ehalni south; thenee wi chains eaat;
thence So cbaina northi tbeuce *-o eham- weal to
p..int of commencement, containing hu acres,
more or leu,
Doted Oct, M. 1906. Al.liKRT BU40TT,
By his agent Khvist Vi. Koju-faoN.
Notleo is hereby given that alzty daya after data
I intend to applv tothe Bon. Chlof Commtaalon
end Unds and Works for permlaalon to pur-
chau the following deacrlbed landa, 160 acrei
commeneing al a ppat marked John Tove, plant-
ed 00 th�� eail shoreof  I-.��wrr Arrow lake, about
one mlli* north of Buuihlne crenk. th. ne�� forty
chain.- ea-i, ihence forty chains south, tbonce
forty chains wc .. th.-nce  forty  chalm-   north
along lake ibore to point of commencement
Dated this LStfa day of-Septi mber, 1900,
John Tovi.
Iurkv QifltOH, AgenL
Notice ts hereby given that no dayi otter date I
intend tn apply to the Honorable the Cnlel Com-
um--. nor ot Landaand Work*, for p-nninion to
purchaio tbe following deicrlbed lands:  com-
miiuitig at a poii pi,! 120 cbalni weti of tba
io itheait corner of Loi UM3, marked "it. a th-iv*.
nortbWUt    corner."   thenee    south    fi  chaini,
tbence eait 30 t-halui, thenre nonh 90 chalna,
tnence wui Wi hain*- to point of oommencement,
oontainlng 10 acrea, more or leaa
Located thii flth dayof Nov ,1W.  Ua Uku..
^*x' ^ dari after date fpurpoM making apnlt-
,'"*11"" wine Ifon.Cbieftommfnionerol Landa
and  Work-for permiskiiiii in  i,urchasc  tio*  fol-
lowing deacrlbed landj Commencing at a poal
plaeeda tio* nonh eut corner of B. fi RklnneFi
application to purcl  marked "II. D'i n  w
cornor poit,''thonce following the eaal bound-
��� ime-Ochalm - .uth; thence running ni
ch-anaeaat; thenc. n chalna nonh; thoneS ����
!.,   *_o """''" ',"l,,, _' ''"'"""cneenicnt, containing 040 acre- more or lea*..
Datod ihe luth .lay of October, ItW).
_       Per It. BHIILb, Agent.
Mdamtftey-dateJ intend to apply to the Hon-
on ie the I blef Commlaaioner of Lands and
WOnte, Vicrorla, H < , to purchase (Uo aeres of
laml situate west of Arrow lake orf Mic West Hide
of ���Abatebau creek and Joining the north boundary of b, .1 Annable appib'Hiion to pnrehaae.
Commencing at a poat marked B. J, B.B e corner and rutintt.g we---.so chains; l>>eui*o north 80
cbaltu; tbence eut 80 chaltuj thenee smith to
poiut nl commencement
Beptember and too.. u, j, txuttn,
Notl-e i, hereby given that Mday* after date. I
Intend to aprdy to the Hon. Chief .onuui-sioner
of I emi. nnd Uorks for permission lo purchase
the following ducrlbed lands in the V. est Koot-
cnay DUtrlrl:    It<;ginniugat a post marked ��W.
a etviagoaB \\ corner," and planted about
one-quarter mile west of u,,* west shore of What-
shan   (tnnhoo)   lake,  and about ono and  one-
quartermiloinorth of tt]0 louthernend of the
lake; thenre north mt chains; thence ea-t -io
chains more or less to the ibore of lhe Whatshan
lake; thence following said ihoreln a goneraJ
southerly ���ndu,-ter,vdirectin��� ioo ohalna more
or leu toe point on the shore dm- eaat of thll
pout of commencement; theme w.-t aoehalni
I.iorenr I,... to the point Of com.-ie,**...,,,,.,,, r.;"
*"; ���;'--   -T^'-TTTTo-'-.TieTs- "
Hated tliis'Jtb day of Oct., UOfl
��� ,   ���      w. B, ELvwua,
F, L. IfAHNogD, Agent.
Notice  is  herehy given that two moiilbs after
date  I  Intend toapply  to th.- Hotmrahlc i hief
Commlnloner of tendi and Works for iwrmis.
(Hon to purchase ttt acres of laud, deaeribed U
follows: Comaen_tng at a |��*-t planted hi tlie
southwest  of   l..   i.   Morrison's   r.n  e   :n   Fire
Valley, West Kootenay diafri��t1 marked "J, n.
Mmini's norlheast rorner post"; tbonce00obaina
west; thenee HO ebalns louth J tbence nj chains
east; thence ft) ehalns north tO the place of iniii-
Dated llth day of Beptember, UM,
3. II. Mi-mci,
W. A. (ai.oicr. Agent.
Notice is hereby given thai HO .lavs afler date I
Intend toapply to the Hon. Chief Commlnloner
of Lands and Works for permission to purchase
the following described lands, situate iu West
Kootenay dlatrlet; Hegmmng at a ixi-t marked
"Arthur Warren's H w   i.otwj-ty'.M.iid. J4**.-*-:-. ���j
tne cast -dion-nf Wbal-ban (''anhooj falte, nis nit
two  mile��   north of the narrows of Whatshan
lake, and at the s k comer of w. 8eeombe'a application to purebaae; thenoe east io chains;
tbenee nortb lo ehalna; tbeuce weal 10 ehalna i
thence toutb Bo chaini to polntof oommenoement; Containing Jou acres more or :.*.-
Hated thii hth dayof Oct, 1900,
-\RTIIfIl Warhkn,
 F. I. Hammomi, Ageni.
Sixty days nfter date I purpose making application to the Hmi thief OominiMloiier of  Lands
and Morks for permlnion to purcbau tbe following deacrlbed land: Commencim; nt a tmst
placed nl the iiorlhttcst corner of II   Dodd'i ap-
plication to purebaae, markeii "K w ir��s w.
corm-r post,*' running thenc* HO chains north;
thence80ebalna eut; thence ho ehains iouth;
ihcnce (vi chains wut to point of commencement, containing ttO aerea, more or less.
Hated thll 10tb day of October 1000.
 *  __ iht R, Hhiki L. Agent.
Notice  Is  herehy  given  that sixty days  alter
date I intend to apply to the Honorable the
(hief CommlB-loner o{ Una. ami Work.., for
permlnion i.. pnrchowthe followlngjlucrlbed
lands In the West Kootenav district: Beginning
at a post marked "James<- Eraser's N.K coruer,n
and panted ort the east shore of Whatshun
(| arlh(Kt) like,  about one half   mile   norlh  of
Chrlitle creek; thenee wuth Wchalni, more or
less, tn the north  houndarv of W. S---o.nhc'a aii-
niieition to purchase; tbenoewwtalong tbe said
boundary 40 chains, more or less, to tbe shoreof
the lake; thence following the said ahore in a
general northerly and easterly dire-imn BO
Chalna, more or Hug, tn point of commencement,
OontOlnlng 100 aire-, more or less.
Oot laih, Iftsi jajik. <i. num.
.  V. I.. Hammom.. Agent.
Notice  Is  herehy given  that sixty davs after
the date I iniend to anply to the Hon. tlie thief
Commlaaioner of Landa and Work- for permle-
sion topureha.- tbe following deaorlbed land
In lhe We-t Kootenay district:    Ilcgitmlng ata
pom marked *-k. R, Eell'a n. k  eonwr" and
planted on Hie shore of Whatshan (< arihoo) lake
at the northweal corner ol uld lake; lbence 8o
Obalm wut; ihenee to chains smith; thence 10
ehains cast: ibci.ee 10 cbaina aouth; tbence eu<
tu chains, moreor less t��� the shore of il���* Mlid
lak.Mhi.ncennrtherhalon, tl ,id laki iboW
hi chains, mon* or less, to ih * point uf eommenoement, containing ISO aeru, more or i< *���.
DatedOou 13,1000. k. k. kkil,
.  ������!.  Hammom), Agenl.
Nntice i- hcr.-hy given thai no days after date I
I'l'-niiiosppivtoiheiion Chief Commlnloner
of Landi and ftorki for permlaalon to purehase
the following described land- iltuated Hi the
Wui Kontenay distriet: He limine al a *___!
marked   "William   Kell'l   N.   W.'  orner."   n id
P anted ahot.i one mil ,h of lbe north "d
if H hatahan (Cariboo) lake.al Iwentychalna
ihore oi -aid lake ana on tba
Kell'i application to
Id  Inke
d   Ih
south booni
purehaae; tbence aouth 80 chalm
chains,   mora   or   less,   t<
thenee northerly along th
more or uss. ,,, ,[l(. uld untA banndary'ol
h I. Kell'aappllcatlon to purabaae: ibonoawea
���20 ebalns, more or less ,,,,,,,. ,���,,���, ,l(,, l
ment, containing ICO acrei moreorleuT
Hated iht.V2.ViA-, WlLUtM Ktlt,
'' "AMMOND, Agent.
Noilce is hereby given u,M ,|ltf
dute  I  intend toappiy ,��� t(l,. SpEtn
missionerof UttJa    ' " "
Hut:   - I,',
.1.-1 ��iM��..Mu_a
um.-  Ill  W.'��l K ��,   In. ,���""���'
��l   ss   [kim   m.rkr.1 -.1   lis,        'i"'"-
|.l��,.l,-.l���l  Us,. �������.,������"
io Im north ol Bun,,,, ,���, ,���,,',":,"-
is.ils-   W-ltol   Hi- I'.,li,snl,l�� ,',    "
���Bohtlin; ilssi,.-,. ���,..i io ch.ln. , .
BOi-h.ln.1 ih.nco M.l.i^.ln.toSSf.'jg
III. II, .-lil.-Ill. ...l.tHlC.I lljf ni    '  'p"��i��JI
I'snu'l Hiiu Hits daj olBvpUmtMr,Uot.
l*-r t* .,.,,. -l^.^^-i
N'otiecNhcrchyglvciit|li.,.|X|V,I   ;   "���-
���rol Undi iiili S-orkiiorMml��ZrfS
,i,k- ,i���. (ollowlji, .i.-ni.'.i'i.!';M0to"_
Klsslllllil  ill  s,   ,,���M murk,..! I�����,(,.. .   I
planter on Us,- r��M ihore ol Lowe   , , 9
is.sir i.i-,m.,���, r���.,.k, ������.���,.,. ,��� ,.;,;;Jjl
thUMaoiilMUu north, tboisce m,i������_Sl
'"V,*';""������ "'""��� "'* "'���""f '���'Sil
point of eommeneement, I
Hated thin lath dayof September, MM
' *thiiiiitdJ
Harh\ uiwoa.Amt   *
Notice   1"   hereby   given   lhal ilm *���._M
date 1 intend toapply to tbe Ho-,.,.bmmi��--**31
i ouim i*-Moijer id Undaand W,.rk. (..rp.-JSI
to purebH-e lbe l��l .iwliiml  i.i , ,.,,** ���
l""'-t K enny dihtrlct: i-ouinnti,.,.,.��� !J^B
planted ��i K.dM-n fbrleti'i m.riii .*ut (J2I
post and marked A. M's N. VV. Corna ibrZI
cast-to chains; tbenee 10Chllni Mtufa mmiM
llll to thc Kooleimy river; thnn    I ,,*l
.tiling  ihe Kootenay  river; theur* n _m\
north, more or leaa, to tbe plan <d .-������-..���21
ment, eontriiiiing nu aer. - mon ���������: .t        ���
Beptember nth vjoo.
asme Meoa 1
Hiii.iim MoomulSJ
Su? !!o*'!::. S 45P" Mflhi ihenee NUcimlV.H
".V.'.....;   . 'diHinji wn tn i. th-jnty an *��*v"'
e.neiii,  containing Bti
Pated the mh di
��y of Auguat, looo
I. l'lHHCI,
perF, O. Fauquim,
Notice ts hereby given Hint -i '., ��� I
intend to apply to tbe Hon. the Chief '������_i��l
Iloner of bunds nud Works fnr t-nnWWifcl
purehon   the   following  de-Til-*.! Iftmti        '
"i-i Kootenajr di��tr|ei: iwimiuiK n
marked <��� Ii. Hell and It BelPi S.I I
about 2 ui ilex eaat of theSal a rivi-'.nii.yi
'., mile from the Pend d'On ii e river; iVwij
chain- imrth; tbenoeticbalni ��wt; \bmn
ebalna aoutb; tbenee ti ebalni eait in pliefl
Ifgltl tif   g.
Haled tneittBd dayof Sepl'inUr, 1'Dfi.
'i HBU-I
K Hill,
R. M.Hrrvr.. A-;-.
Sixty dav* after date I purnoM uiakfuf iffgl
cation to ib" Houorai.il* thc < 11 f "i nimlaieim
of tanda and Works /or permiinton te purthi
UiC lollowlng detierlbed lund: ' ���������:*.:. r*ii�� r_ I
a  post  marked  "D. P*l B. W. corntr,"'!$_���
k Kanquier*a application to j. i-i.m. :^sj(I
ihenee SO ebalna uorth; lbence il - j .���_.: r.* *. |
ibenee 80 ebalni -Mmth; thenee tt cluiM
to the point of eomnienctiiuiit.nmtiiDlnilrt
ner.-, more or leu.
Hated the Uth day of August, IMA
P. I .net j
I'er F. fi. Faooettt, .ip-nt.
BUty day*, afler date I Intend 10 ipfif to* 1
Honorable tbe ('hief CominlMlouer of Und'rati
Work* for iK-rml.-i.ioi) to pun tm-.* tin? follofl(|
de-tcriU'd lnuda in Konteinv dlftriri: .*��J
mencing at r pout marked J. 11 ..iiriatli-'tom*!
_^_9t-__ur__��U---t_��9iT-taJ-l   jus;'  tjrilU. =TS tu'-"Um M
side of the I-ower Arrow inke. nUnii tto��iila|
below Purtoti city; thenee uulli "** <���
thence went 20 efauoi] tbenn wa__th
tbenee west 20 ehains; thence nortii fl
ond j) links, more or lew. to Ilu .*.*-
thenc,- eaaterlr nlotiK Uke-tO chains. iBi-rr
to tbe place of beginning, eontalii:ii(t U
more or leaa.
Hated thi-i ��th day of November. ����
J b.An
per K  I. Hi km:t, Aix
Si sty days after dnte I Intend foaMiyflfl
Uonorahle lbe Chief CommU��liiii.*r id UBtiwl
Worku tor permission to pun h��..-tin Klo��tg|
tb icribed landi in Kootenay dliirirt: t'ome*i
eitig at a pott marked "A. J. Dill'* toutkWH
corner po��t," *��aid post l-einc <-i ihi-tinrthf*|
erly ahore of the Lower Am*--* inke an-t j^iiwtl
due eaat, on the nortbeut corner of lot^H
Group]; thence nortb 60chaini; * ui I    --J
south *u ehains. more or less, in iht- 1st. iW*j
thenee following said --bore In a .ontlit��WI|
direction U ehulns   more or leM tothllwiJW
tn'Kiiiiiing, eoiitainiiig wo acrei, mota ,Pt l*l
Hated this .-ith day o? Novetiib.-r. l*J ���
par K L. BtHMT. A(ent-	
Notice Is hereby glveil thnt ftt diynlfrtill
I Intend, to apply to the llmiorsM. llif'wl
Commissioner ol Uud* and \v,.rs�� InrienwJ
lion to tn rebate tbe following i|e.rribe_i��*l
Kitoteiiay dlftiiet: Oommeocln| tt t m
marked f,i. H WalJace'a north wut coreM p* .
snid post being on the canterly -si'le "I ""2I
Arroe ink-, and Ht the nuthweat ���^���l
Portor'i pre-empttoneloimjUienra-^t-BO*"! I
thenei -outii ad ohalna, theme ��.m aywjfl
Ihenee -outb 30 cbaina, tbence arstarWe]
more or len to the Arrow iake,tiieii'vini��**��|
eaaterly  direetinn OO ehains. more-n lenwwj
place ol begiuniiiK, eontaiiiiiiK 1-Wiorei.fl*"!
Hated this -Mih day of Oetoher. I. A
By hla agent, Cimnmi i- twit	
Notloe li herebj giren that ilxty dayi freajj .
I Intend to apply to tbe Hon chief i umiDW>ju|
rn Landa andSvorki for pen Ion >" i";r'JJl
the billowing de*.eril>ed landi,starting��JH^
planted ou  tin* North Wc-l rornerol ifl ��
Ibenee  nninHig   twenly  Chains *>'-���'' 'JEt-i
twenty cbalni Wut, Utenee (orti rbitninM
thenc twenty ehains Rut, tbeneetwentygM
--outh i it of eommeneement,and c<w~_\
Ing su aorea more (,r leu, d,...,l
Vt. J, 1inl,.*Pft J
Hated the 1st day of October, (006-
Hlxty dan  MflerdBtel purp.-*.emakhilijj
'*at  to the Hon. Chief t-ommlMloi ' u ;
end Worka lor permhuion to i ilN   ,!,��
lowing deserlhed   laud:    Co ""'"Jf-tAil
plaoKTatl ithweelMMerolM.ftjU'JB
pllcatl  purehaae, marked   i    '.   ���a
ner." riinuing ihenc* Nl ehalns nortti ��"3B
ebalns W(.si; thenc- 80 chnin- poulla; iMflSH
ehalna eail to point o! commencement, ������������
Ing800aeru moreor leu.
Dated the mih day of Ootober, ''"'V^-o, I
Notice Is ber, hy given thai todaM alter<[?*,
intend   to  apply   tu ibe Hoiiiir��ble H�� Lj,
Commlaaioner of teuodaand works ���'".',ttu\
���ton to purohaae tho following I,''"'r' ,',.,, .n
lu the Wesl Kooi.nav dlatrlet: lli^','n r,,."
post marked "Kloanor Hlnch'i " " ^1
and pbint.il on the v.ct shore of tu   ' ��� ���,,,>!
Whatahan [Cariboo] lake, aboul w"n__3i
miles south iif Arrow lakelnui: Mint"  ^
chill ns; tbeuce ensl Ol chiilns ninreoTaa*  j
shoreof lbe Niirrows; tbenee (0 I- ���' W ��||fff.
shore lu n general uniitherly nn1' v" "', *,m.[ir(-
tioti mi ehalna moreor leu W polnl oi��m"
ment.eontainiug 100 acrei more or les.;���.   tfH
Dated Oct, 8th! 1000 riKAsnn i ��*
K. t.  HAatMOVO. Agenj
',    .     i.,.Hf,lT'l*1"
Noilcnlibg-Ob-fgiven tbatilxty'iyr" twion* i
linleiidto apph-lothe Hon t In* " ."';", ,,Br*
or of Lands and' Works for nerin'" ' " . J,D\
I'lmse the follow Ing described lamls 11        ^
Kootenav district:   Begin nil
"W.Hccuinhe'aH   K
isl m��".
1 I'" '_       ilsilt
"W.Booombe'aS   K   corner-   aim i"��������*   .,^1
east   shun-   of  Wlmttdiaii (CarH �� 'wiii^'i
two mllen north of the norrowa."JLfUlJ
lake';   thenre  north   M olialnij <"'"   . ,]���.����
ohaini. moro or leu. to tbe lakci-n-i    ^j,
following ihe v,bi wi.-o .* i.''^'���"<;'H'-.'V"
���talulna ���
__m^raiitnruTrVi-iuiu i-.n-i.inj
the   (Hillil   of   coinineiieeuient,   "imn
acres, more or less.
Dated thla Hth day of Oot . ''���K,H- ff -pctOflA
F. L. iUmNfo A��,ut
m.^0 tt~*^~^
IUSCH...    Bud weiser Beer
DISTILLERS, 12 aud 20 years old.
The Daily Canadian
NELSON       �����" A-��..i,_t..,l;?..,.,Ht"*"    VICTORIA
Burns __ Co.
in   Rosalind,   Trail,   NpIhou,  Kaslo,   Sandon, Thrw ftnfes, Now
Denver pu-l Slixww (.ity.
ul *. wny branch trail have
11 I 1 -.rclul atleiillnn.
Head Office: Nelson, B. C.
; dale. I purpoae nuking appli.
. 1 hlel' [immlialoner of Utodi
*i to purebaae lbe foi-
lati I-     ' oiiiiiicticiujr uli poet
��� ��� ��� 1 comer nf J. shtHr-. ap-
haae, marked ' K. B'lB, K. cor-
-1 cbalni north, tbenoe00
.   HO obalm lOUth- ibenee *J
>l cum menoement, oontetn-
- .. m
Uj Dl October, UM.
K Hhiki.i.,
per J.Hlllll.l., AkciiI.
���  ���  ���
ilate 1 purpaee maicinir appli-
��� h el nommtailoner ol l^uii**.
tuiMton io purebaae the tot-
nida:   Commenolng at a p>tut
nnil beast corner 0/ It ������"���hlcli's
baae, marked "M. K Wa S. K
Hi.thi MH. Iih Inn nnrlh to the
il 11. MBL tbenee wi rhaim
tialUI  ROUtOi tbenee HI) ehalns
*ra menoement, oontainlng BOO
���s.-i :th day of October, mmi.
m. k. qbwbix-
pCfJ HHiILl,. Agent.
date 1 purpoae making appli'
11 the Chief Oommfjaionef ol
������������> permlialnn lo purehase the
bed land; Commencing at a
] inctlon of Barnea and
mij.I cunt of it. J. Klllou's ap
.* , marked "VV. S I"., g. .v.
��� nee BO chatm north; thenee
��� nee tt-iehaiii* iouth; theuee ho
ini of commencement; contain-
r leaa.
��� : October, UO0,
I'er J. B11111.1., Agent.
ii*- t  tilif-p-o
I bul
aklna appii
oniniissioncr nl
mi lo pureha-��c the
anda:   Commencing at a
itl eaat corner ol M. K.Oren-
it Ion  to pUrebaie,   marked  "V. Wa,
1 'running thence80 ebalna north:
��0 ChallUi eaul; thenee Ml
in. On 1 hains weat, tO point Ol
containing i*-tn acres, more or
���  ol October-1900.
v. Dons
PerJ._hlell, Agent
Bl.en thai Mdaia afterdate I
<-��� application lo the Honnrahle the
f I audi and Work'*i (or per**
-    (ho   following  described
inn ai ii poal on the north
tl about 3 ohalni earn of
Ine in chains eait; thenee
I" chaloi weat: thence pi
in '���* (Kifni of commencement eon-
��� OI leaa.
i oe.
Leon Watson,
��� ti Kkvk-t Vi. BOBIVaOM
inn ui purohaae ihe fob
('oinmeueiliK   at the
Notice u bereby ��iven that 00 dayi Bit. r date 1
ini.nd to applv to the Uonorahle the Chief rom-
mfaaionerol Undi and Worka for permlMlon to
Purehaae hefollowing deeerlbed land- in the
neet Koof-euj dlitrlot;   Beglnnioi at *. | >..���-���.
marked "A tea and er hr-.��er's s. Vi. corner?' and
Planted ou tie- eaat Miore of the iiari-own-if
Uhntshan (I'arlhoo) Inke, nt tbe S. K corner Ol
B-rnhard Hlnch'i application to purebaae;
won apt -m obaina; tbenee aonth n ehalna;
thence w-sl -l-M-h-uii-, more or less, to the shore
of the narrows;  thenee followlni*; tbe said shore
In a northerly direction ho cbains, moreor ieBn
tothe point of euinnuiiceineni, coutainiui' U20
���ere*, more or lean.
Oet I.-th, WU6. A__XA��_-B KrasKR,
by F. l. Bajutom, Agent
Hlxty davs aftei date I pnrpoee making aPPll-
cation 10 theHon. 1 hief (^mm .winner of Lands
and   Worka  for
lowing deaorlbi
northeaat e-irnc
Hon to |iurcbiu.e, marled *'K. A. frs S.K. corner,
��� .:.i:, in* thenee Hi) chains north, theliee 80 ehaliin
w.st, thenee mt ehalni nuth, Utenoa09ehalna
enit to point of eoiiimeiicemeiit, eolitallillii! 040
acres, more or less.
Hated the Uth day of October, 1906.
I*.   A. CREASE,
p. i- I. HlliEl.L. Af-rent.
Notice Is herehy k I veil that GO days afler date
1 Intend toai'pl*. lotbe Hon t blef fommlhsioner
oflAndeand worka for penulaalon to pnrehaae
the folhiMiiiK desrril-ed lands in West Kootenay
liistnc: l( KiiinliiK at n post marked, "Hern-
hard Ulrai lis g, K. comer," nud planted on the
cast shnre of tlie narrows of Whatuhau (Cariboo)
lake; thenee mrth hu chains; thenee weit -to
ehaim more or less, to the ihore of Whatshan
lake; tbenoe following said shore tn a general
HUtherty nnd easterly direction 130Ohelni -more
or Im, to point of commencement; containing
KB f rea, more or less.
Dated this 8th day of Oet. 1900.
 fiEHMIARtt HlRSi H,
T. ... IIiHsr.5r��, Ajfcnt'"
Sixty days after itaie 1 purpos"  making anidi-
eatlon to t*"<* Hon. tbe Chief commissiontlF of
Landl and WOTkl for permission to purchase the
following dciu-ribed laud: Commend hi; at a
(M.st placed ahout halt 11 mile west of flames
ereek, and about one mile north of the innUth of
the rsaina, marked "J- Ws. S  VV, eorner," running
thenoe80chalm north; tbenee ft) cbaina eaat;
thanee 00 chalna aonth to the north boundary ol
Vi. N. Poole's application to purchaie; thence W
chains west to point uf commencement; containing (<Ui acres more or less.
Dated the iuh dav of October, 1906.
J, SltlKLI..
������Intel purpoae mating appli**
till I 1 oitimissloiier td l-ailils
I Ion to  purchase  the  fol-
land;   t'oinmeneiiiK aen post
rardi west of the Wbataban
";" "* 1 two miles south id What
.mnrkt.] "B. C.fl'iM  g corner poit."
**"  chains   south;    thenee   HU
���1 chatna norih) tbence m
* i" I'-'iui of commenoement! eontaln-
*���**. mere or tens.
��� '"'U. hi j..(October, Vm.
IVr K. Siiiki.i., Agent
late 1 Intend to apply to the
11 ommlailoner of Lands nud
���  purelmse  IHU neres. of land,
sfdeol Arrow lake.adjoining
���*l a- follows;    CommeiielnK
'  Uo- wesi boundary of Lot
1- north of the ft W, corner of
I -' 0 chain 1,'Ihenoe aonth w
t'      '     "I   W ehHiua to (be western
"ri cmpiien No. ITS, ihenco north
 1 begin n in-*
'WO U   K. Wai.-i.av,
u J. ki.i.kvtt, Agent
���  i-'v-n lhat r-idiivs aftei .lit.* I
"I'i'ilcatlon iodic ftonarable the
���''I'rof l.iimls mid Works for per
'���'<���' the fotlowiiiL- de-erlbe.l
���  ������ IIIK Ht 11 post placed about one
'iiauhan croek and about three
MiaUhatl lake, i'iiiininl'H.icbiiilis
"""'HNS  woit;   Ihenee HU ehain-.
N; I'halm oait, io polntof cum-
',l,";|iiii'.In acres moreor less.
1 hi, hm,
Vtntt McNaiuhton,
agent, I.R.-MT W, Bobimoom
''';> giTen that00da��from date I
"ilu- Honorable llie Chief Com-
"ll"s and Horki to mi rebate 'WO
,   I ' ',' H;" follows:   fninliicneliiK
' ',,' '' r,h l*'"k ofthe Little
'"I /no yards front inoiilb. and
1 1...11 s   8    Vi.   corner   poat"
;��". thuice nonh bo ohalna,
"���'is, ihenee aouth 80 ohaini, in
 -' ��� iwo.     Root. McLiak.
"* 'iillif l'!;1!''' )"""l'ose making appli
. ,,,',; ^'"om.nissh ,*oi Unids
��erLtim.l5flon \�� vorehete thefol-
'"""'d ���'(��� 1 irJ'i." "Iddimtloi. to
������'������ ho elm in. .    ..h- ,K- oorner," run-
 wi,I"1 'V;,'"1 !���   ������''������'������ *> ohalna
1 1 --  'a'"' ?0"b, thenoe 80 rhaffli
iiu-ri.oi |cl���mmono��ntent oontainlng
'" l2,lMl'0 ut Oetober, lOOO,
, 0 L. IIanninoton,
)"'J Sitnu,,Agent
Ih** lion eu '.pUfpONi' making appli-
\* '*'f irerm"u, ,,,,l,M|lssloncrof Ulida
Icaciibt.)    .,    1   ' '" I'""'baHe   lhe  fol-
'���i in iho �����,'*, commencing  m a
v     .HDlln.ll n0rtbW0��(    COIIU'r     Of    *'U*
.r.ier'.V0",^,  Purohaae, mirkS
,VI' ii!.ii,.,,.,\'.l,"TT^uf:rrRi' chitHis
",i""i| w  ,cr1,l,:p<,'nt0 wminen.
"'-Hid  vol   1,     , m""''����� Ichh.
"��j oruotobor, looo
  ,  ���      K, KoHKMtiDN,
Sixty davs aft r.Utel  purpose miking appll-
oation io the Hon. Chief Conunlaah ner of binds
and Worka for permlaalon to purchase the lol-
lowing deacrlbed lands: CoiiimelieiliK at a poat
placed ahout half a mile west of the bnver end nf
Whatshan lake, marked "It. Ws. N, W eorner,"
rutiiiiliK thenit'iSO chains south; thenee Nl ehalns
eaati thenoe80 chains north: theiure HU ehains
nest lo point of coinuitiiicemeut, coataililiiK M"
a��-res, more or less
Dated tbe i2ih day of October, luoti.
1). DODD,
Per J. Shiei.i., Agent.
H.xty day�� after date I purpose making application to the Hon chief Commuiioner0/ i._*._���_������_���-
and Wi. ks for permlnion to purchase the following deserlhed lauds: 1 ommenclng at thc
imrtliweat corner of K. A. Crease's application to
purchase, marked "Vi. 1;. ti'*. 8 VV. corner,"
running thenco ��0 chains north; thenee BO
chains east; theuee HU chains rsoiilh; thenee tH>
ehains west to point ol eommeiiceiuelit, coiitntu-
iiiti 640 acres, more or less.
Hated the U'lh dav of October, HW..
W. fl.t-illJ.rrT,
Fer J- Siiikij.. Agent
Sixty days afterdate 1 purpose making application l��i tbO Hon. Chiel Domtnlaiioner Ol Lands
and Works for permission to purchaie the f��d-
lowiiiK   described   latids:    Commencing al  the
nortbweit comer of D. Dodil'i applfoatlon to
purchase, markeii "M. F'a s. W, comer," running
thenee80ebalni north; tbence hu chalm, more
01 less, to the went shore of  Wbatshnti lake, fol-
Lowing tame 10 ohalna nulb 1 Ihenee B0 ohalni,
moreor le-s, east to the [a.in l of commeiiiement.
containing M0 acrea, more *ir less.
Hntc.i the 1-'iu day of Oetober, i*' >���
pi-r J, SlltKLl,. Aaeiil.
Notice Is herehv given tbat sixty 'lavs alter
dnle I intend to apply lo tbe Honorable t'tilef
Commissioner ol Lands and Works for permission t-. pun nase the following deaeribed binds:
Commeneing at a poal placed on the northw<-m
comer of Albeit LIU, .it's Ipplloal ion topurclniM-,
runniiiK Bo chains   cast along lhe  northern
boundarv   of  same;   Iheuce,   M  cbalm   north*,
lbence HO elm ins wes ; tin nee BU cnalna south. 10
point of commencement oontainlng o�� aoroa,
moreor leaa.
Dated Oot 18, v.m. John Ki.i.iott,
Hy his agent Ktmm W KoatmoK.
Notice Is hereby glVBH thai 00 diiyn niter date I
itn.'mi toapply tothe Hon. Chief Commlnloner
ni i.ainls nn 1 Works for pOrmlUlop W !��.rcl.a-c
lbe  followiiiK deicrlbed  lauds situated  In  the
West boot, nny distriet:   Beginning al a poll
marked " Herbert Warren's N. B.*00'Mr,' ��W
planlcd on the w sl shored WhaNhan ( arilai )
lake, about one i|liarter mile north of the south*
cm elld ol the lake; llieliec M est Niehallis, then.
r-oiitb hu ehatns; tbenee easl ni i I|H,,IS*'!!"[''"'
less,    to    Whalshan   ereek:    l}��IIW��JJI
north along Ihe ereek and lake shore ni chaini,
more 01   less,  lo  point of commencement mm-
tatning Mo acroa- moreorless
W*1 ���*""J"":i'.i,Sr WU...
1.1. llAMHQHD, Agent,	
Nulll-l- Is. lllTi-l.y Bivs-ll IlinllWsIsi). ,lli-r.luli- I
I..";...��. ��;.i..v t,..i..-1....... t.i.-. <*. -I . s,
lake m tlm Bisiiili.-ss.'i oorner
,   ISilo       1- tlMOrSU l.ss.sl-  -ilssssl.sl  ill  111.*
MS '''">v:i:,!'''*!-;,'Kl',s,r',','r''**��,M
moreor Imi, m tho ihoro ol ""   ','",, .',,,,
Isslsis in H i(,-iii'iiiTmsinis-s rr --;     ���;;,,',, s ,s(r���i".
II..:. Nl iin ns.srs- sss  Ion, I" I"1   '  "' ".""
onumlng 11*1 tenn, mow ��r io����
Provincial    Official    Spots All Infested
The flrsl shipment of Japanese
oranges for the season anil cousisilng
"f 63.8 boxes arrived at Vancouver by
the last Kinpress of China. After all
hail been landed Inspector Cunning
ham. who had previously notified the
0. P. K. company to hold the fruit for
ln.pe.tio_, examined several sample
boxes und found them rather worse Infected than last year. As many ns five
different species of scale and a good
deal of fungus are In evidence.
The Importer! of the fruit were
present at Inspection and nfier having
seen the infection very candidly admitted lhat the fruit could not be sold
in our llrltlsh Columbia markeis.
There was neither protest nor com-
Plaint on the part of the merchants,
although they must suffer a good deal
of inconvenience and miss some trade
In consequence of the condemnation.
When Interviewed by a representative of the News-Advertiser the Inspector stated that he could nol lake any
risks lu the matter of permitting the
fruit to go on the market. The oranges
had been shipped by ihe Japanese
houses In Japan who knew of the Infestation before lhe fruit was shipped;
ihe inspector has the evidence to prove
this point, and regards lt as being a
mailer of considerable Importance.
When living, breathing San Jose
scale were found on Japanese oranges
last year Ihe facts were published all
over the province. All lhe oranges
In stock nnd afloat were seized and
fumigated with hydrocyanic acid gas
as n measure of precaution of a temporary nature only. The circumstances
were so peculiar that this concession
was due to the men who had Innocently Invested their money in the fruit,
lilit such conditions do not now exist-
there Is no longer any excuse for fumigation. "Were I lo admit the principle," said Hip Inspector, "every man
who    Imports    n  car or less  quantity
Thirty dafl alter date ' intend to apply to Ihe
Hon. Cblel Conunlaatoner ol Unds and Worka.
-.Jctorla,  for h  Ipeclal   llceii-e to cut tnd CHTy
away timber from ibe following tract of land,
Hlunled on the N. .. H. railwav, in the Went
KooletiH.v diMrici: CrimmenciiiK At a met Oil tiled o.ar the N. K  comer of a. K. ftngland'l
Umber claim, thenoe weatOOebalna. thenee north
Wi chain*, thence *''��( HO chains, theuee south Hi
ehatns to point of commencement.
NOT.fill), 1900. P. J. (lAILAOHER.
Notice is liereby given that 80 rggn after tlate 1
intend to apnlv to the Honorable the Chief Commlaaioner of Landa and Worki for a special
lleenae to ont and eairg away Umber from the
following dtscribed lands:   Commencing at a
ppet marked -t J.Bcanlan'i northeaal corner,"
planted about a mile west from Bear ereek, Bnd
aluiut Jour mile*' from Ht *__>"���<._>. wfeieb 1^ Fix
miles west from Selson; thence -.vest _0c_ta.ua,
thence Komh 80 chains, thence cast 80 chains,
Ihence north SO chains to the initial point.
Located October Nnd, 190��'>.       T, J. Bcani.an.
Notice Is hereby given tlial 30 davs after date I
intend to appl* to the lion, the ('hief Commls
sioner of Lands and Workg for a IMO'a] licence
tn cut and carry a*ay timber from the following
deeerlbed lands: Oommenelng at a post markeii
"T. J. Seaiilan'scoiitheast corner," planlcd about
five miles up tiroma 11 ereek, which empties about
one mile West cf Nelson;  thenee west til eliains,
tbenee north 100 ehalni j thence eaat 40 ehalna i
thence loutn  ltiU chains  to point of commencement.
Haled Oct 80,1906. T. J. (tani-AN,
\v. j. McKimm. Agent
Certificate of Improvements
"SpTglaea" ami "Globe" mineral elalma, altuate
hi front Lake MfuiUK Idvisloii.
Located on Poplar creek.
Tade Notiee that I, Bruce While. aetlOg as
ggenl for lhe Sj.v-u'Ihss Mining o., Free MlDers'
CertitlcHtc No ft 0476, Intend, 00 days from the
date hereof) to applv to the Mining Iteoorder for
a Certificate pf Improvements for the purpose of
obtainltiK a CrOWO Oranl of the iilmve claims.
And further take notice lhat aelion, utnler
BeoUon87, muil bO commenced before the issuance of IUob Certificate of Improvements
Dated 9 th Oetober, iwg.        Baoce Whus.
Certificate of Improvemtnts
������Kelipse No. 2,"  "Vevey,"  "Ilappy Medium,"
''international" and "A ia motional" mineral ciitiius, siiunted in the Blocan (Mv m t
lHvfslou ol West Koolenay district.
Where located:-Nortii of Twelve Mile creek,
hIhkH tun miles up.
Take notice that I. II. K. J.irniid, of Sloean. B.
C, Free Miner's ertillcatc No. 878000, aa agent
for L. a. Cole, free Miner'aCertificate No. b-ttKM,
inlcnd, ifzly davs from lhe dnle hereof, lo epp y
lothe kilning fieoorderfor a CerUflealoolim-
proveuieiiis, For tho purnMeof obtaining aCrown
1 Irani of snid mineral claims
And  further take   nollee thai, a.lloli, un  er
BecUon 17, moal be eammenoed before tnelalu<
ance tif such Certificate ol [mnrovementa.
paied iiiiN'jitti day of September, I90B,
**. R. JOHAKIf,
Oct. 1:1th, 1000.
By F. L. UltUaVttOi -AgOllfc
Sixty da*N nfler date! intend 10 npplv to tluil,,11 the (liicl ('0111u1issl011cr.il Ijinds mnl ���.*. orks
to purohaae M0 aorei of land j uommenolng al a
post marked "N.T B's southeast corner post"
mid post hHjnK Ht the nortlieast corner of lico.
Hudson's pre-empUon ilalin, aboul two mllei
southeast uf lliir ' nv, thetlt-c west -10 ehiiliif,
aouth90ehalna, weal to chains, rmrth 10 chains,
east SO chains, ,-oiitli 20 ehulns to place td commencement, oontainlng 340 aores.
I.ncnte.irtlh dayof Nov. I'.tiNi.   NkttikT. IlRKH.
S.iticc is hereby cl yen that sixty tlays after dale
I intend toappiy to the Hon. Cblei Commiasioner
t.f 1 uml-- and Works for permission to purchase
lhe    fnllov-JiiK   described   lauds   in   lhe   West
Kootenay district 1  Beginning ai spoil murked
"J, S. Himilien's H. Vi. corner," and planlcd about
one-hall mile eust of the shore .il Whatshan
(Cariboo) lake nnd about '2 miles north of the
narrows of the saUl lake, and at Ihu B. B eoruer
off Arthur Wafren*a application to nurehnie]
Ihcnce ensl Hi) chains: thciicu north mit-hafn>:
theme west so chains to lhe northeaal comer of
Arthur Warren'sapplleatioii to purchase; Ihcnce
souih ho chains to point of eommenoement- oontainlng 040 acre**, more or less.
Oot. 18th, iwt>. J* B. Bnrntao,
P. L, Hammiini*. Agent.
Notloe Is liereby given lhat 00 days alter date I
Intend toapply lothe Honorable the chief Coin-
���uif-.-i.iii- 1 id Landsand Works for peruilssiou to
purchase the following described  lauds sltuale
about 10 mllei east ofthe Qnfot Nelsou, on the
swiiili shore of thc West Arm of koolenay lake,
and oommoncng at a post placed about W ehulns
south of the southeast corner of I-ot '2.'di, marked
""TT" 'rtlUlirsr -��.~Vt T.inin-r' ���Hum '���nuuiii-Bti-
chalns, theiiro east 90 chains, thenee nortii 90
chnins, theuco west 2-i chalna to point of com
Hated ihu Oth day Of Nov., 1900,    8. Thomas.
of Bcale-Infected apples from Waoh-
ingtou and Oregon could consistently
claim the right to have such fruit
fumlKatcd. 1 have never yet been convinced that fumigation is au absolute
protection against ihe scale; all the
tests that 1 have made have tended
only to make me more sceptical. In
view of lhe Immense development of
the fruit industry in this province I'll
take DO chuncen whatever. During the
present week I have deiwrted two cars
of as beautiful apples as were ever imported Into litis market. 1 have never
Keen better fruit, but the fruit scale
was so pronounced us to leave uo other
couise OpflO, although an American inspector hud certified to iheir freedom
irom pests. No, sir; wtj accept no
man's certificate. It is our business
to ward off disease as far as poistbh)
and this we shall do.
"Only this day we received some
nmsery stuck from Oregon that was
absolutely smothered witii San Jose
scale, although the stock carried a certificate of lieedom Irom that and other pesfs. We have found so much of
this sort of thing that a loud American
certificate ol cleanliness We regard as
a danger signal and proceed accordingly.
"I'he latest danger that we shall
have to meet is the potato worm (Ge-
iichia operculelluj, which is now so destructive in Calofirniu as to destroy 25
per cent, of the entire |K>tato crop in
oalina.s valley alone; .0,d0(i sacks were
destroyed Inst season. In the larval
stajze the insect attacks the stems, burrows downward and enters the tuber.
'Ih**; infection'spreads rapidly in stored
potatoes. It is also found that the
moth oviposits on the tubers when
they are permitted to remain exposed
on the ground for amy considerable
length of lime.
"As we ImiHirt early potatoes from
California In large quantities we must
lie exceedingly careful lest we Import
thls pest I'p to the present this valuable article of diet has been remarkably free from disease. How long we
may -enjoy this immunity wil! depend
largely upon the precautious that may
be observed. '
"Regarding tha importation of nursery stock," the Inspector slated, "from
all appearances we shall have fo handle
another million of trees this season.
Although we destroyed over 17,000
trees last year we are still receiving
about the same proportion of Infected
trees. We have condemned some 3000
since October 20. and still they come.
Our only hope lies in Ihe development
of our own British Columbia nurseries.
1 Inspected Tees yesterday that no
nurseryman fn this province would
permit to grow on his premises. They
were bought Cheaply but are sure to
prove a very cosily Investment in the
ittd. Bargain day in an American nursery fs au unfortunate day for the British Columbia fruitgrower who may be
looking for a snap."���News-Advertiser.
____T_.t_R|cba*r__ _______Seee-Jn- _h_-N*W-
London, Nov. 19.���Richard Jebb
lectured on "Imperial Organization" be-
for the Royal Colonial Institute. He
said (he question could only by a process of evolution be conceived. He emphasized the supreme Importance of
preferential trade as a means of making the empire a reality to its people
and denied that England was being
asked to sacrifice national Interests on
the Imperial altar, Home tariff reformers should make the question a
domestic one. Regarding defence, his
conception of au imperial alliance would
he fulfilled when each partner or state
gave its young men rudimentary military instruction and entrusted the
home defence to an efficient citizen
army and supplied contingents to an
imperial striking force stationed perhaps in South Africa and furnished a
squadron to (he imperial navy. Under
these conditions there would be all-
round ability to fight.
Secretary Root to Speak.
Kansas Clly, Nov. 19.���Secretary
Root, who is here fD attend the meeting of the Trams-Mississippi Commercial Congress, has accepted an Invitation to deliver the principal address at
the twelfth annual banquet tonight of
the Kansas City Commercial Club.com-
merating the 112th anniversary or the
John Jay treaty between fhe United
States and Oreal Britain. Another
notable guest at the banquet Is to he
John Jay Schleffelfn, a grand-son of
John Jay. first chief Justice of Ihe
United Stales, who prepared ihe treaty
between this country and Btogland.
A. McDonald & Co.
Dimlom in stuplo ami fnncy Groceries.
Butter, K_'(,'s.
Oiunp aud Miuurn' Supplier.
House for Sale
Silver King Hotel
Best Dollar a day house in the Kootenays.
Ron-mi ire well furnlihed.   Ttble tu gocxl u edt
Id Nelion.     Rtr nu-nplled with food
11auon ana iiairi.
W  E. McCANDLISH, Proprietor.
Tiremont House
Kuropetn md Amerlcun Pita
MmIi K cU.   Roomi Iron J5 cti. to 11
Only White Htlp Employed.
Biker HI., Nelnon ProprUtort
Bartlett   House
Best Do!Iar-a-Day Hotise in Nelson.
The Btr li tbe Flneit.
White Help Only Employed.
JoeephfQc St.
Lake View Hotel
Corner H��n nm) Vernon,
two Mocks from wharf.
RHteB {1 00 per day tiu-1 tip.
Telephone uh. NELSON,  B, Cm
Grand Central Hotel
J. A. ERICKSON, Proprietor.
Centrally Lu-alo-l. Open limy and Night.
Sample aud Bath Room 1 Free.
Opposite Court House aod Post Office*
Corner Ward and Vernoo Streets.
Th�� Strathcona
f      Nelson, B.O.
B. Tomkins, Manager.
The Leading Hotel in the
Good    Sample    Roomi.
Queen's Hotel
Baker Btreet, Nelion. B. C,
Lighted by Electricity ud
Heated by Hot Air
i-l... Timing Boom.   Hausjsle Room, (or Hommer-
cul Mud.
MRS. E. C. CLARKE, Proprhstren
The well known
XJt*\' I ' D T        Onr Beer Garden is
Al\J 1 DL        the Finest in the
Royal Hotel
Rates $1 nnd $1.50 a Day.
Special Hates to Regular Boarders.
Wholenale anti Retail Dealers fn
Fresh and Salted Meats
Oamps supplied on shortest notion and
ldtPest price. Nothing but fresh and
wholesome meats and supples kept iu _tock
Mnil orders receive careful attention.
E. C. TRAVES. Manager.
Bale iiKini for the Portq Rim Lumber Co., u��l.,
ri'lHll yards. Rough ami tlr_"*:.uil IiiihI.it. ttinu'il
work nml l.nii i;.*!-, CoOSt latti ami Khhifcl.'., .* u* li
ami ilitnrs. t'ciiit-iit, hrii'k ami lini.* fur nalo.
Vanl sua fiu-tory: V<>rmm St.. t>n*nt of Hall,
p 0. Box aw. Telopboufl I7K.
West Transfer Co.
(lisni-rfll Ti-uinstiTK and Dealer* in
Oi.-iil nnd Wood.   Expretw nnd
HiiUKimi' Transfer
ftEtStt Office: Baker St.
$700 down, balance to suit.
J. II. Nii-kvrBiMt ami J. II. Howarlli have thll
-lay eflfOKK. into ru-paillieri-lilli to enrry DO tlie
Jeviol')' mi-.) n|iii'-*-i .Hi-vim-ssiu NclmHi, tithier tliu
tl mi iiHinoof Nlotterton >. llowartli.
Dated tlu* lUlli .luv nl OOtObtr, l'JOG.
ThnnkiiiK my OtUlotrt.n l-*>r pAtr-inaRe In (lie
paHt ami Impliij. fnr u coiiliniiHm'e of tliu nunn* tn
Ilm new firm, YuiirN trtiiy,
For Sale....
^St^hLA Modern Residence
and part of three lots in a good position on Josephine street.
These terms only hold for a short time.
H. <5_ mTbIRD.
One of the Best Improved Ranches on
Kootenay Outlet for Sale....
About .00 Fruit Hearing Trees; also Small Fruit. House and
Outbuildings. Hay Shed, and 20 Tons of Timothy Hay. Nice
Hay Meadow, Spring Water and Fine Lalte Frontage. For
parllculars apply to
Choice Fruit
I Have 10,000 Aem
Choicest Frait Lands ia
British Colombia.
Can sell any quantity from 5 acres to 2,000 in one block.
Buy now and get the ground floor prices.
J. E. ANNABLE,    -    Nelson, B. C.
We Will Sell
1000 Yaie-iKootenas, Ice  9 t-2c
Insurance, Froit Lands, Real Estate.
McDermid & McHardy
The HaU Mining and Smelting
Company, Limited.	
Purchases Lead, Copper and Dry Ores.
Time Schedule
Effective Sunday 18th.
7 __ ji.m.
Hlocan and Main l.i in-
via Shii-Hii City
9,10 p.m.
Ex. Sun.
Hon inliiry-UhmsIihh!
Intcrm-v-Uate |Hilnta
9.0n a. in
Ex. Hun.
11.35 a.m.
K\ Hun.
llOHHland L.O--.I
tM p ni.
6.90 p.in.
Hun. only
K<-��fclaii. Trail
InUTUiciliatt' point*
l.iO p.m.
Nin-IH*. l[[y l.tu-nl
l.lft p.tn
:t !.'���)< in.   I
S. KoklttM for Kooli-nay    Hitta m.
I.nwr |n.inl.- KS. iiiiii.
S B6 n in    From ami tn Kaulo -miy TQM
H. W. Krl       an. Hut, via (tray'i* creek.
Mm*, , Wi'il., Krl. to and Irom
Ir-Hldl*. llll-l TfOlU  l.ilLr
6.011 p.m. B t*. MiiMkaiiook TiUn.m.
Dally Croir'tK-Mt Kmit., Dally
main lltn* riiniifclfnuH
Leave Nelson 7:30 a. m., arrive at
Vancouver at 12 noon.
One night en route. Standard Sleeper
daily, Arrowhead to Vancouver.
DiNlrkt PasMUjOr Ajfolil, Ni Iron.
Ni.fi"*  I.  hiTi'liy  Ktvcii   llmt   the parllit>rHlilp
beretofotfl .nbalitftii bclweou u��, tii��*> nndt wtsn-
i*d. as Imtfl k<*.*p. c in tii.' l.-rtii ,,f Kliolt, Hrimli
l'o| inn Iila, Imm Hi is day hvvv. d lv.il vi'd by 111 II tlm)
(roil sent.
Dated tills -JTili day of OclolHir, VM.
Wltm-MC   AlOS. Kicivart, 1'lilllp 1'. MH'ullum
Old Curiosity Shop
If you wmnt to buy or nnil anything..
go to tnoTJiffCurTdsify Shop. A new
lino nt Japanese Gooila now on sale. All
kinds ol Dlnnerware in stock. Pi t
Thirty second Annul ConTtilioo
American Bankers'
St. Loots, Mo.. Oct. 16-19* 1906
Kmiml trip raits lo St. Louis
nnd t-hfiMifu oa Kalr October
1-th to I .lti.
Ht. Irtilli   SbO.OO
Chicago  64,01}
Ool nur transit limit ten day-*
..nm title nf Hale, Kins) return
limit Nuvcmtwr :*X)th, 1��*.
Round Trip Rates to Southern
in effect OotobSf Wth, lax;, on
mh dm:.-, llmltrd (ti :s months
(rom ilatc of rttus,
os Angeles ami Pallia lijirlmiit    S85.t<0
I'ttMi'li'iia         5��t./0
Hanta Montca  . jfl._jo
UlvtTNliltt uiut San Hurnar,itito..,. 89J0
ht'dlaiula  _^jq
Kor Further Information Apply to
City I'aHMengcr Axi*ut.
A U. t. A., Srsltl...
A collection of all the Latest
Shapes aud Sizes.   A free
smoking and most sat-
 isfactory pipe.	
TotaccoaJit.  UUtltta***
rv-i* I
m y
The Dafly Canadian
WHY NOT        :
Made in Cam;.
Cannot B. Beater, [or Quality
J lb. box   -   50c
J-2 lb. box -   30c
-   _- .-���   ���_* fine _.�� the more ex pen Five
lareBN It the package.
**._,_-*, |. Longhurst's
Phoofl -"j. Bak-er St.
N .xt P. Barn. _e Oo.
Cocoa, per tin    15c and 30c
Paris an Chocolate, per bar..*Oc
Chocolate Cream Bar. per bar. 5c
Diamond Chocolate, per bar.10c
Chocolate  Ginger,   per  box       25c
Milk   Chocolate,   per   pkg    5c
Assorted   Iceings    2  for  25c
Company        :
Goal and
Telephone 265
Some Wise Body-
Has Said:
In England they raise fine
horses. In Scotland they raise
fine men.
Iu England they feed their oats *
to horses.    In Scotland tliey feed
their oats to men.
Feed yourselves    and    children '
B. & K. Rolled Oats
tuul then watoh thi* results.
B & K. Ballad Oats in Mh, BOlb and '
40ll> BQOka fat salt1 at
���Joy's Cash Grocery!
Cor. Vernon  and Wapil  SlrsisetH,
MiLSON.   ��. C
A. C. Siraih.ee, Seaitlt-; c. J. Fa-
ga-i. Victoria: E. W. P.aw&on, W. V.
Kdtb. Vanoouver; A inn-.-s and wife.
S : : :.. C. l> licTavish, Calgary; A
T. Cushlng, Edmonton; J. A. Harvey.
Cranbrook; R. J. McPhee, Rossland:
P. Ixiwning. Chicago
C. Olmsted, New York; \V. S. Cane,
Ba; City; C. D. Robinson, Walla Walla; M. A. Wiley, c. C. Yancey, J. W.
Y'eomaiss. Spokane; .1 I; ESberhart,
Ctiicago; R. H. Gurd. R. Fisher, Vancouver; D. G. Browne, C. M. WevJster.
Montana; R. C Fenner. Greenwood;
G. W. Reid, Lasliburn; H. O. Fisher.
New Denver.
Thirteen members of Jerry From
Kerry Co.; W. Wood. L. M-DotlgaU,
Cranbrook; A. Gowiug, Trout Lake; J.
K. Annus. K. W. Hulbert, E. Farr,
Nortb  Iiattieford.
W. H. Garrol, Sandon;   1.. Marshall,
li. Crowe, Crowe; A. Morrison. Arrowhead; M. S. Hughes, Denver; D. J.
Caldwell. Vancouver; T. Dwyer. Kain-
loopi; H. Sohroena, R, Jones. Slocan;
J. Robinson. Nanton; M. Tait, Ymir:
F. P. Drummond, Salmo.
J.   II.   Fail.  A.   Woodward.   Honuing-
J. R. Muir. Toronto.
T.   I.ov.11, C.  Jackson,  Rossland.  II.
Callow, silverton.
V_^V/,|*N/X<*'*,**s/\^**-i^/s*-/^n.*^^ '
Heal estate dealers report many im
���riant sales for the .--as. week.
David Wadds will leave for the coast
lomorrow, to be absent a couple of
R. J. McPhee return*d from Kossland
la.-: DiftU and left for Slocan thii
Horn, in Nelson on N'ovvni1*-.- IT, to
the Witt} of J. W. Sinclair. Kalis itrMt-
��� dmught-er,
L. Godboit, formerly proprietor of
th Ku.al ifaoe stoic, is iu the cit> fn
1 , Et__nee_i trip.
Dale, who is now held at the provin
ciai gaol charged with murder, is rap-
Ed ':��� raOUT-tftUg from bis self inflict ed
J A. (Hiker*! new residence on Victoria street is neariug completion. It
will be ready for occupancy about the
first of December.
The poles for the extension ot the
electric light to Fairvtew. have been
delivered and will be placed in position in a few days.
Dr. C. J. Fagan, secretary of the
provincial board of health, and of the
HM dica! council, arrived from East
Koo ��� nay last evening and left for the
Boundary tliis morning.
There will be a moving picture
���how at the opera house Tuesday and
Wednesday. The pictures shown will
be scenes in the late Japanese war and
tht lecturer will be Mrs. Yamamota.
The  Pringle  Dramatic -company will
play a return engagement at the Sherman opera house beginning next Monday evening and continuing every evening with the exception ot Wednesday.
Mitt Pauline Annable has taken
chaTge of the Hume school in the absence of Miss Bates, who was called
home to Cumberland Friday on account of the sudden death of her
Pure Ontario Honey
5 Potmd Cans     90c
JO Pound Cans $1.75
Waterproof Paints
Coal Tar, Pitch,
Creosote, Oils for
Preserving Timber.,
Roofing Pitch aud
Bout Builili-n. will lind il to tht-ir nd-
vuimiiii- to 086 our Pitch
Nelson Coke & Gas Co.
TVlfphoiie IU.
p - v ' ��� -��� b] ir ���*.���-.' thai at a RH-iMinR nt thi*
Bo ��� 11* *ii-< ��� nmrnlMlonerg' ii> )*��� iieM in
Ublrf ���   : fflcc.af Kelson,onUib Peoom-
- * " Intend tn nj-r-ly (ur e. tniueler of my
bow iic-uv for Mn Vulto't- tu'U-1. at Ymir. to
ttt I & Uarli
���Kb Kon MIT' HKI.I. TAIT.
BOOK-KBEP1 R Bxpnrieneed lady book-kwper
perm-tneni poCUIoa. Address K L..
1 nadlan unw,.
-j. MEN, at on<*e: for work In the WO
in W.K. t oobc lav ti,.;: Ka-i..
a 1'ply
Potter & Cummings
LADY BnEHOaKAFBJUl for position In country.
.mod ham. with employer, bun My. Apply
urn Vi.. Canadian office.
BCBHM IN Ull) Hn mi--Mini Uhek ins Contractors,
alw> Knglneei WittLstitirf. Luijibtr Co-, near
< tmnbrooki B- C
Apply box ��1S.
til hi.    Five   children.
TWO miOT.CLA83 ROOMS, steam boated-   Att-
;��lv :ioiisc1;.-i*|ht. :ir.l tlm. K   \V  C  t.lofk
PARC IL���Irom  Dominion  Kipren Com|wi]r*i
����K.m. addrt-ss d 1-iMiss B.Tiioin, from Uenrv
Bro_.( Winniptf.  iti-ward (or ri'tiirn loJBxpteH
DBT QlOAfi L081 [or float*. Apnlv ...Tremoiii
Hotel.  '    ^.m^���to
"Jerry From Kerry** will be seen al
the ojiera hotue tonight- It will be remembered that this company was' here
about a year ago aud gave a clever
entertainment The baud is one of the
best ever heard in Nelaon.
Geo. P. Foutuier, fornifily of Ains*
worth, but latterly of Crawford Bay,
was   examined   this   morning   and   de-
by the magistrate he will be sent to
the insane asylum at New Westminster.
The Home hospital changed hands
this morning. No information will be
given at present as to the identity of
the purchaser or purchasers, or as to
the terms of the transfer. There will
be no change, it is announced, iu the
management or in the staff.
Rev. B. Goodfield. 11. A., of Cranbrook, and Rev. H. L. Kempton, ol
Fernie, are expected to arrive by the
Crow boat this evening, eu route for
Grand Forks, to attend the Baptist
Ministerial meeting to be held there
tomorrow   afternoon   and  evening.
The Harold Nelson company concluded a week's engagement at the
opera house last Saturday evening. The
play was 'Facing the Music," a really
laughable comfdy. Those present wero
kept in continuous roars of laughter
and there were frequent curtain calls.
Th��* company may play a return engagement in Nelson a month hence.
The Store of Quality
40 Cents per Pound
In order to clear ont ihi- Hm*
we are reducing tbti price to
40c. We only have a limited
quantity so don't deluy ordering if yon want any.
K. W. C. Block . Phone 10
PRUNING ami UKAFTINiS am-fully aili-isd.
id to. Applv
__*._....   ��� *_w��j8!6
Tliest;   arc   lhe tincst potuk
uu the market.
Price $1.75 per cwt.
Cm A* Benedict
Corner Silica and Josephine Sts.
W�� Have Added th�� l-*nl-
lowlniE   Worku  i.n
Mining ^d Mechanics
Mom   About  Vour
Guns find
Wi kun Eley - Kyi-oak'-. Win-
oh-Mti:. and Oosiwail __
* toot
Loaded Shot Shells
Bj oot i.'-  W -. ���  tU i tod
I ' '!,1"U
Rifle and Pistol Cartridges
Banting Kim, - *.v .
I'lSSlt.-.   l'.slsS-    ��� *���
Nelson Hardware Co.
Box 0-..1      Nelson, M. C
to  Our   -Stock Of   I _;ch-
nicnl and  -Scientific
Kd ward's Examination Questions
and Answers for Engineer.! aud
Firemen, Stationary and Marine   $_���'
Wannaii s      Marine      Engineers'
Guide 4.1
Locomotive Catechism, Grimsbaw 2.1
Poster  Elec.  Eng.  Pocketbook... 5.J
The Field Engineer. Shank   8.1
Practica]   Mathematics,   Knott   t
Mackay 1..
Saw Piling, Grimshaw 1
Kidder's Architect's and Builder's
Pocketbook    5
Prospectinij   for Gold  and   Silver.
Lakes   1
Anderson's Prospectors' . land-
book   1
Mine Examiners' and Prospectors'
Companion "
W. G. Thomson
.-Pr^i.* ""��� Nelson, B. C.
Phone ��_-4.
Sherman's Opera House
Monday, Nov. 19th
"Jerry From Kerry"
The Funnit-Bt Show Sine-.- Tins!.- Ik-gun.
Wsiscls  tor  Uit Street __nt_c	
Holiday Gifts
Th**!-'* is nothing more suitable
"Christmas BiTing" than b nice edii
of a good book.
In plain and Oheap binding.-, u well i
In neat, tasty and de luxe bindings.
Tha U adtng Action of the past season
in cloth bindings at prices ranging from
50 cents to IL60,
Prices���BOc, Tf.c, $1.00.
Plan opens at Rutherford's Saturday
Tuttdav and    November 20, 21
Wednesday,     ______=_=_==________=________
Latest Moving Pictures
Russian and Japanese War
70���Different War  Scenes���70
12,000 Feet  of Films.
Pricfs���50c and 25c.
The firemen will hold their weekly
drill this evening.
The first regular train of the season
from the coast by way of Slocan lake
arrived on time lasi night at 7:45.
Trains on the main line have been
slightly irregular lately, yesterday's
westbound express was cancelled ow-
ing to a snow blockade near Moose
Jaw, The traffic on the main line and
in Kontenay is unusually heavy for
this   eason.
Canada Drug & Book Go's
....Cash Stores....
Notts ��� s- hereby given Ih.t it t nm-titic 0/ Use
Bsmr'i oi is.. 1,-.  _onunJMtoni.n, to bo*beld. In
uteMe 1 s-ffu-e. Heleon. on the l'-Us
1 1906 t intend to epnlr Ior etnxuferol
my lis.-iss-L Is,1 iln.-i,rsm-HiiL'I. Fsssirview. Nelson.
loC, t. Welmiler.
IIDetei)Utii Not-im. J �� . 1 HOW,
|st-r WM. G09NKI.1., Alls.ru.IT.
Charles  Walmeslaji   has  taken over
J. W. Crow's lease ln the Grove hotel.
The Ks,ot'-nay lake sawmill is under-
going repairs this week.
H. E. V-.-rrinder is in from Wlnlaw.
The great demand for lumber has rc-
>ii!n-il in proaperoiu timeB for Wlnlaw
auil vicinity.
Mining  Record!.
Two iocatiiins. both in the Sheep
Creek vullsy. were recorded In the
Nelaon mining office on Saturday.
W. Kennedy recorded the Fanny and
the Gold nil, on Shop creek abom -'������
miles frssm ih,. Queen  mine, both l'>-
cssls-il   NuVs-|��!���.|    r,.
Trains and  Boati.
Crow  iKiat���On  time.
Coaal isnsi sisscius iraiji���On time.
Rossland train���(in time.
Hiiunilary train���On tint''.
Talking alimit It will neither put a
plum, Into yi'iir borne nor bring back
the days���valuable day*���your daughter is wasting. Let us tell ; ssn hew
eaaj we will make it for ynu NOW tu
glTS >nur family ih.- jiinn.. th.-y hav.-
wished for so long.
"Acts Not Words"
Mason & Risch Piano Co'y, Limited
The Prettiest and Da-ntieat Draai BSppenarntotiefoimd at our store.
it be 111 a Pafjnt L..atiier nr Plain Leather we are
sure to please you.
The Royal.       R. Andrew & Co.
Christmas Stock
Arriving Daily
Wutilies, Clocks, Jewelry. HUrerw
and Nuvi-ltii-s    Our stink .,1 \\.m,
is sure in Intaren -on,
��������"��� OatGlesj
issue &u
W.tcbmik.r Jeweler ru.
Starkey & Co.,
Whoietifile ProviatlonN,
Kootenay A��_tJ
R. A. Rogers 4 Co.
Limited. WtaJy
Dominion Qoremmenl Craamarj One Pound Bricks reoehod w _lv in* I
from the churn.   For aide by nil leading giwi-p. f
Offloaand Vatvhooaai Houston Block,   Pliniic T'.s
Josephine Street.       -       -        -       Nelson, B. C.
Repairing and Jobbing a!
Sheetmet-J Work, Castings. Builders' Material and Mining and Vnl MsubinajJ
Offloe ansl W.srks Foo' of Park St.
Phone    _M ��-* .
MA>A( }t-ZU.
A Wotd to the Wl
_'hi.', yciir wo Imv.* Hppn-x-int*''I tin* waul!- of �����
toiiH-rs mid have ���jxaw-d int- - itook tht
Good Cheer Art Base Bund
Thi> ���ton tl adapted for hard DOa) only, audit
ituluod to give satirifinti'iu
J. H. Ashdown Hardwn
Company, Limited.
R.  W.  HINTON*'
Wepnirinir und JnliHlt-iu executed with L>��Hpntwh.   Slie-nt Me
W -��rk. Mini nit niitl Mill Machinery.      Miiriulin.t urvra ol
Ore  Chi-m.   U.  U.   Uontructom'  Cara.
Corner of H�� I and
Frolit BtrwU.
NELSON',    B.  C.
New Fall
Goods Arriving
Importer ttt  f'lne
I .nKli.-tli    t jcmxJm
Jno. T. PH
linker Kt.
rsclHnn. Bj
All Sizes 35(044]
Now li the'""'
to hav issnr
Winter sivs-mai
All Prices from $ 10 to $30
| J. A. GfLKERl
1   -1 ,   , "**
______ Ltwnbe*, Shingles,
Lath, Mouldings, Boors, \VindoW��j
Turned Work and HraektiU. MaU Ordi'rs prompt. ��tl(1*'
    VBRNON STRHliT  -  .  .   -si ii.Nf >>. 1��- C
Kootenay Ranges
Why do we handle the Famoua Kootenay M*
Becaute we cannot procure a better, taking'   ,,r|d|
count design, workmanihlp, cooking qualities >
We will  be pleased to show you Its good P"11"''
Wood-Vallance Hardware Co]


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