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The Daily Canadian Feb 27, 1907

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 ,IE I.   No. 227.
gtoiljj  Cttnofcimv :
rrr-f Cents a Mouth
irertising of Mines io
the Last
l.ivai;.int Claims and Gross Mis-
feutcments���Matters for the
Boards of Trade.
i*:3crfber bus  forwarded  to The
Canadian a copy of tlte Phlladel-
[Dqulrer of Feb. 17th, containing a
lisptay advertisement of the Hritish
issu   Copper Mines   and  Smelter
company owns the Eclipse, Mam-
. Rainbow, 1-akeside, Wolverine,
��� , Paragon No. 1, Purugon No. 2,
, No. 1. Golden No. li, Cascade
ansl Cascade No.2. the whole com-
:s tract of C4U ueres.
.sslvt-i'Usenient state ln head Hues
s.   properties are located iu "the
copper  district  in tbe  world,"
m .soup of sissisiss. is situated lu
ilden division ot East Kooteuay
: Dlatrict, province of llrltlsh
bla The property lies between
ii unsl Wells creekB, tributaries of
; si - Sssrk of the Spilliniacheeu
i slistrlct which contains the most
. copper mines in Hritish Colum-
smple ssf the means of persuusion
b*s.rs Is:
ts> mlnea in Hritish Columbia and
er -������! tsssus of ibis coutry ure puy-
lilons iu dividends tu their stock.
- tm low grade ore.   The famous
s'. a near    neighbor    to ours In
Colombia, Is paying 24 per cent
��� is, a capitalization of  $16,000,-
TIs.  Granby ore body averages
fh.si. iwo per cent, copper.      We
tut tiad some assays made by tbe
inwn firm of Crow-all & Peck, of
sinl. and we reproduce    one    of
*��� - bere to show the enormous
valuea on some of these claims
lf ihi' Granby cau pay 24 per
ti a capitalization of 115.000,000,
than 'J ps-r cent., what can our
s*   slss' British-American, pay on
'alltatlon  of  I5.ooo.ooo with 21
. ns   csspper?"
.-piny line is: "To begin shipping
1 "   Utter ln Binall type is a list
opoaed    lmiirovements which in-
I." driving of tunnels as well as
sisi'.ng of a smelter.
iisiitts-r of fact, the BhlptnentB of
thole group to date, have not pro-
$6000 gross.
lil-  liss;ir,|S t,f trade are discussing
stitallon   In   fruit  land adver-
tlit".   possibly   a   little   attention
I"* given to the matter referred
Ire li Is a business which happily
o much In evidence In Kooto-
: ring the last five years.
n  'Elected   and   Preparation  for
Annual Gathering Made.
sslsiiss ii of Nelson will celebrale
iitilck's Day this year simply bul
lately, The liunnuet given by the
during    the   last   throe  years
| is,si  heen excelled by any In tlie
of the city  for  mirth and de-
(���nioyinent.    Hut  the  orgunl/.u-
is  formal banquet  InvolvoR con-
**   labor and  expense, anil  has
jelled other societies ln Nelson to
���Ide their own ranks for support.
>'  Irishmen   are  unwilling to do
he)  have agreed this year to en-
siiiss'lvcH In a lens elaborate way.
iay penult tbelr observance to be
purely Irish than before.
adjourned  annual   meellng  was
lis  Hie city hall  last  night.    The
en or otlleors resulted ns follows:
pent, U. ,1. Clark;  vice presidents,
Meagher, D, M. Carley, T. Deasy;
soy-treasurer, Pr,'d Smith; execu.
"innilitee, T. .1. Bosnian, I. Praser,
fnahan, Dr. Arthur, T. Madden. J.J.
i(*. J. A. Irving. W.  Ebba, W. .1.
'' some Informal discussion lbe
'Ing committee waB appointed to
charge of  arrangements   for  the
bnillon:    T.  Densv, T. .1. Scanlan.
Peer, Dr. Arthur, T. Madden, D. M.
Admiral  Ijuln  Gets  8endoff.
kin. 1'Yh. 27.���The American mlnls-
a luncheon today In honor of
Admiral Ijuln,  asBlBtaut chlcr of
eneral staff of the navy, and cornier ol' tlle Japanese squadron, con-
fK of the cruisers Tsukub and Chl-
|WblQh starts tomorrow for Hnmp-
oads. Va., In order to take part in
[nival review on the occaaslon of
ppi'ulttg of the Jameatown expoel-
tlon on April 26lh    Among those pre-
cnt   were Admiral  T���g���, _hief or',"_
ooS t^u   '" th" "av*v*    T"* ��<��l
?h,*��� e"ns "revu!letl ami Admiral
endolt B    " " rat"" -"'huxluKtlo
High Official. Punilng to Solve  Intricate Problemi  Involved.
Winnipeg, Feb. 27.-Just what effect
the Dominion Lord'a Day acl, which
passed the commons aud Benate at the
last seBslon of the federal house, will
have on tbe railruadB of the WeBt is
uow a matter of much conjecture
among local railway men. This act
goes Into effect on March Isl, and the
higher oIlicialB or the varloUB railroads
are uow giving a good deal ot time to
the cuneidcrallon of the intricacieB ol
thla most Imiwrtant piece or legislation.
lhe acl devotes considerable attention to railroads, particularly as regards
working hours ot trainmen and other
employees, and to adhere to lt will
dOUbtl-SH need considerable preparation as well as an Increase in the number of erupiojeos. As regards the running of freight traliiB certain rectric-
tlons are also laid down which may at
first caiiBe a good deal of Inconvenience, especially when a heavy traffic
movement prevails. With a vksw to de.
Hiding what action ls to be taken by
the Canadian Pacific railway in regard
to the act coming Into force, Mr. William Whyte. second vice presldet, and
Mr. G. J. Bury, general superintendent,
are now holding a conference.
Hawalln Sensation.
Honolulu, Feb. IH.���via. Sun Francisco, Feb. 27.���Nothing that has happened
for a long time in Hawaii has created
the same widespread lists n ss as Governor Carter's announcement in an Interview that he had beeu willing that
his daughter should marry a Japanese.
The newspapers are bombarded with
communications condemning it.
Tacoma Enforces Sunday Law Far Mora
Strict than Canada Contemplates
���Possible    Motives.
New Westminister, Feb. 27���There is
a strict Sunday observance law across
Lhe line, but it appears to have been
practically a dead letter.
Now It Ib to be enforced up to the
hilt lu Tacoma: Seatttle has bad a
taste ol It for Borne weeks.
A despatch from Tacoma says that
tho mayor Is going to give that city beginning yesterday, the whole length of
the law, except only tbat lighting plants
will be allowed to run. Newspapers
may uot issue; street cars may not run;
teUphones may not ring; none may
work for hire, Bave ministers of the
gospel. Even paid organists uf the
churches come under the ban.
lt appears, however, that the enforcement or the law ls by the way ol "making them sick of It"���at least that is
the view taken by the despatch which
"The trouble began a few weeks ago.
The council passed au ordinance cutting
uut cloued boxes in saloons and restaur-
auiB. Purtltions were Ui bu limited lo
live feet ln height Then It passed another law raising saloon licenses from
$000 to  $MIH.
"Mn*>or Wright vetoed both. The
council refused to be squelched, lt
passed them again. They were vetoed
"Then two more councllmen were
elected. The ordinances were passed
over the mayor's veto.
"Then Mayor Wrighl determined to
give Tacotuu returni In plenty, Last
Sunday he guvo the city the first taste
or Its 'medicine. Saloons and cigar
stands were closed tight. A man had
to go to Seattle lo get a 5-cent cigar.
He ooulta't cool a parched and aching
threat In the Intfr city, for Mayor
Moore had had a stnllar "hunch" and
Heatlle was almost aa dry as Tacoma.
Later In tbe week some hundreds of dollar's worth of slot machines were
dumped ln the bay.
"Then the prosecuting attorney step-
lied In. He announced thnt saloons In
every town In lbe county must close on
Sunday, and this move la apt to have
been Mayor Wright's little game nil
"lt bas been generally believed that
the mayor's puritanical Inline of m nil
would last no longer thu" "n'H ' *>*
spring elections, when It would be pos-
Ribl-. for the onen-'own forces, Willi
which In* is rs'al'.v allied, lo eleoi a row*
more councllmen, und the mayor would
agnln give his Mends their way. 1 "
with the county officers on guard It mas
not be easv In Ihe spring to remove the
lid so tightly fastened down. The reform movement seems to be genuinely
under way and It may be hard to
Women Oppose Women.
Ixmdon. Feb. 27.-A movement has
been startod by women In Lichfield
to combat the woman suttrage cam-
pnlgn. The promoters do not Intend to
parade the atreets, Bght the police or
even hold meetings. They will fight by
petitions to parliament and by using
private influence. Their llrst petition
and protest will be ready when Mr.
Dickinson's bill comes up for lta Becond
reading In the house of commons. Aliss
LoriBdale, tbe prime mover, writes that,
"while fully realizing the Importance
and value of woman's work In national
life, especially ln education and the
care of the poor, we protest against parliamentary suffrage being granted to
women, believing tbat it would destroy
rather than add to their real influences
In their own sphere of work in the
Boston  Does Honor to Anniversary of
Adopted Son.
Boston, Mass., Feb. 27.���This city and
vicinity, in which Henry Wadawurtb-
Longfellow Bpent most of his long aud
useful life, today fittingly commemorated the 100th anniversary of the great
poet. The celebration was ol unusual
magnitude, as all tbe public schools,
many churches, societies and institutions united in observing Lontellow's
natal day.
In Cambridge, where the poet lived
ror many years, Interesting exercises
were held upder the auBpiceB ol the
Cambridge Historical society. The public exercises were held fn Sanders
Theatre. The programme included au
original poem by Thomas Uailey Aid-
rich and aureases *oy President Eliot ol
Harvard, Professor Charles Eliot Norton and Colonel Thomas WentworfHtg-
At the Hotel BrunBWick in this city
tonight, the Uowdin Alumni association
will give a dinner in commemoration of
the poet, who was one of the most famous graduates or the Maine college.
PreBident Hyde or Howdoin, is to be
present and speak, and among the other
speakers will be ProtesBor Barrett
Wendell or Harvard, Professor Henry
L. Chapman or Bowdoin, and Hon.
Charles T. Libby of Portland.
Brief Sketch of the Poet.
Henry W. Longfellow, whose centenary Is commemorated throughout the
country today, waa born ln Portland,
Me., Feh. 27, 1807. He was a graduate
of Howdoin college and was prominent
(or his ability in modern languages
and for the publishing of a book, of
poems, among which was "Hymn to the
Moravian Nuns." In 1826 he accepted
the professorship of modern languages
at Bowdln college, with opportuntly to
study ahead three years.
In 1833 he published a volume of
translation irom "Coplas de Marlque,"
with an essay on the "Moral and Devotional Poetry of Spain." His "Outre
Mer" apiwared ln 1835���a volume of
prose sketches���and. the same year
after he was elected to the chair of
modern languages and literature ln Harvard college. After spending another
year ln Euroi>e studying Scandinavian
languages and literature, he entered on
his professorship ln 1836.
In 1839 "Hyperion" was published,
a "Romance" nnd "Voices of the Night,"
a aeries of poems and a small volume of
'Poems on Slavory" appeared In 1842.
The "Spanish Student," a drama In
three acts, appeared ln 1843; the "Belfry of Bruges"' in 1846. Evangeline" in
1S47. the "Poets nnd Poetry of Europe."
csintalning translations by himself and
others from about 360 authors, Danish
Swedish Dutch. Gorman. Italian. Spanish Portuguese, Anglo-Saxon, nnd Icelandic; in 1840 "Kavanagh," a tale ln
idvllis proBe; in 1850 the "Seaside and
the Fireside"; in 1851 the "Golden
Legend," ln 1855 "Hiawatha," ln 1858
tlu- "Courtship of Miles Standish," in
1851 "Tales of a Wayside Inn," in 1866
"Flower de Luce," ln 1867-70 excellent
poetic translations of Dante, In 1869
"New England Tragedies," in 1874 "The
Hanging of the Crane," In 1S75 "Morl-
tttre Salutaniis" and the "Masque of
Pandoron," and in 1878 "Keramor."
In 1854 Lonfellow resigned from the
Harvard chair and travelled nil over
Europe, receiving the degrees of LL. 0.
arid D. C. L. from the universities of
Cambridge and Oxrord. He (lied March
24th. 1R82. HIr birthplace ln Portland
and the hotiRe In which he lived In Cambridge are still standing nnd are preserved as memorials ot the poet.
Smothered by Ammonia.
New York, Feb. 27.���Two firemen
were killed and 11 others rendered un-
Oonaoloni by ammonia fumes at a flro
thla morning In the basement or a market In Eighth avenue. Oue or the men
who wub made unconscious mny die,
while the condition or two others is
serious. But for tho heroic work of
tho rescuers the death list would have
been larger. Dannn and llaker, who are
dead, had carried u pipe through the
basement und Into an opening leading
to a sub-cellar where they called for
water pressure. However, when othpr
(Irsinen reached the hole to assist
them in playing the hose upon the
hose upon tine blaze, Dnmm and Parker
were not to be seen. Ammonia fumes
poured through the hole and filled the
basement. The flames had melted the
coupling of one or the ammonia pipes
connecting with the cold storage plant
ol the market. The financial loss was
ubout $2,000.
Price of Metals.
New York. Feh. 27.���Silver, 6914c:
copper. 24t_c: lead, $6.
London, Feb. 27.--Sliver, 32%d; lead,
��19, 10s.
Alienists Give Evidence
on Stand Today
Attorney Jeront fcdcaTors to Lay
Trap as to Credibility oi
New York, Fe%. 27.���Five minutes before court opened for today's session of
the trial of Harry K. Thaw for the
murder of Stanford White, Evelyn Nesbitt Thaw entered the court room, ac
companied by D. M. Delmas, of counsel for tbe delence and took a seat at
the end of the table occupied by the de-
t'cudaui s -counsel, next to tbe chair occupied by her husband. While waiting
for the trial to go on Bhe chatted with
Dr. Hammond, ti*- defence's alienist,
and wltb Mra. KJ, Caines, who sat
near her. , _
Evelyn Neabit't *lbaw was recalled by
consent thla moraaig to answer a few
more questions by District Attorney
New York, Feb. |7.���When the Thaw
trial waa opened today Dlatrlct Attorney Jerome began the cross-examination of Dr. Hritton D. Evans, or the
Insane hospital of Morris Plains. N. J.
Dr. Evans is the principal insanity expert for the defence, and not only
proved an excellent witness on his direct examination, but while on the
stand during yesterday used the English language with a number of such
expressions aa "brain stoma," "grave
mental fulminatlon" and "phyachlc explosions."
Dr. Evans will be followed on the
stand hy Dr. Charles a Wagner, superintendent of the lnaane Hospital at
Binghamton. N. Y., who haa also testified to examining Thaw Beveral times
In the Tombs. He will come in for his
share of the cross-examination. The
two experts will be followed by Drs.
Deemar and Bingaman, who, lt Ib asserted, will testify as to the strains of
insanity in Mrs. Thaw's family.
Mrs. William Thaw will go on the
Btand to tell of the young days ot her
son, and lt is expected that May Mackenzie, the chorus girl, friend ot Evelyn Neabltt Thaw will testify as to conversations she is said to have had with
Stanford White and repeated to Thaw,
in wMch It is claimed White laughed
at lie love of Thaw for hi* wife and
said lt wouid not be long until she returned to him.
Evelyn Nesbitt Thaw left the stand
yesterday with her story practically unbroken. To be sure, Mr. Jerome brought
out a number of facts which do not rebound to her credit and which may even
be said to reflect on her credibility,
but aside from making her admit that
the facta hardly Justified the Inference
that she was drugged at the time she
says White ruined her, her story remains ln all its essential detallB Just as
she originally told it. Whether her
credibility has been sufficiently attacked to create doubt in the minds of
the jury as to her telling the Btory to
Thaw that ls said to have unhinged his
mind Is a matter that only the verdict can
decide. The verdict also can ouly decide whether the relations which existed between Thaw and Evelyn Nesbitt
arter she had told him her story were
such as to raise a question regarding
the sincerity of his feelings for her and
create e doubt as to the claim that his
act was lhe result of constant brooding
ou her wrongs.
"Evidence that Stanford White was
not In the Mth street studio on thc
night Evelyn Nesbitt Thaw declares he
drugged and mistreated her Ib In the
possession of District Attorney Jerome,"
says the Evening World today. This
evidence, it Ib asserted, Ib based upon
Information given by White's friends,
who declare that he spent nearly the
whole of the night In question enter-
mining a party or friends In thc Madi
son Square tower.
"ThiB." saya the World," will undoubtedly be the surprise the prosecution had ln store for the defence. But
although It might offset testimony given
bv Evelyn Neabltt Thaw, lt cannot be
given to tho jury, aB lt doeB not disprove that Evelyn Nesbitt told her hns
band thp story she says she did."
Immediately after court convened
Lawyer Daniel O'Klclly led Mrs. Thaw
and Mrs. Calue from the room. MrB.
Thaw did not get a chance to speak to
her husband. Mr. Jerome stated that
he had overlooked one point ln his
cross-examination of. Mrs. Thaw, and
asked that she be returned for a ques
tion, stating that It waB not merely a
matter effecting the credibility of Iho
witness, but a matter which he might
wish to attempt to controvert on re'
hutal and he wished to lav a foundation for auch action hy calling her attention to the matter. Mra. Thaw was
therefore recalled.
By his first queation Mr. Jerome indi
cated that he intends to call Howard
Nesbitt to the witness statu) to contradict his slser. The district attorney
Is allowed to contradict traverslble or
material iacts, but cannot controvert
collateral facta.
"Did you see your brother at Marion,
Mass., on your return from Europe in
19037" aaked the district attorney.
"I did not," replied Mr3. Thaw.
"Where did you see him?"
"In New York."
"Did you not tell him In substance
that while you were abroad you had
been brutally abused by Thaw, who had
tried to Induce you to tell lies against
White to the effect that White had
drugged and seduced you, which statements you then and there told your
brother were false?"
"I did not"
"Didn't you tell your hrother that
Thaw, at a pistol's point, had compelled
you to make false Btatements against
"I did not"
"Did he not ask you If you feared violence and you said you did and he said
you should arm yourself for protection."
"I remember no Buch conversation.*'
"Did he not say you should have a
revolver?" '
"Did he buy you a revolver?"
"He did not."
"Didn't you give him money to buy
you a revolver?"
"I did not."
"That Is all." Mr. Jerome and Mrs.
Thaw left the room.
Dr. Charles E. Bingaman, of Pittsburg, the Thaw family physician was
then sworn. He told Mr. Delmas of see.
Ing Thaw on Nov. 16th, 1903, at which
time he was nervous and melancholy.
He was Bleeping and eating little and
seemed much changed from his former
condition. He said he knew Thaw from
childhood and the latter was formerly
ot a bright nature. On Augst 17th,
1904, he called on Thaw In the Tombs
and saw him again on Sept. llth.
New York, Feb. 27.���Mr. Delmas today said that the defence would con
elude lta case this week.
New York, Feh. 27���Mr. Delmas objected to Dr. Bingaman, who was called
to the witness stand when Mrs. Thaw
was excused, being examined as an ex-
pert and was sustained. Mr. Jerome
then said he would call Mr. Bingaman
as a witness for the state in rebuttal
next week.
Development on  Strathcona  and   Fremont Mineral Claims.
(Special to The Dally Canadian.)
Grand Forks, Feb. 27. ���Mr. F. H.
Knight, manager of the Bertha Consolidated Gold Mining company, has just
returned from Greenwood, his mission
there being to Inspect the Sirathmore
and Fremont mines in the Interest of
Spokane and Chicago capitalists. In
an interview today Mr. Knight said:
"On my visit to the Strathmore mine
I found that Harry Shafer, the superintendent of the Strathmore min.e has
done a vast amount of development
work on the property since my last
visit. He is now raising ore the best
I bave yet Been taken out of the mine
and he will now commence to make regular shipments to the Trail Btnelter
as that plant is now ready to receive
the ore. Mr. Shafer reserves great
credit for the systematic manner In
which he has handled this mine up to
the present time. He ls a man of long
experience In mining and has well-
shuwn his ability. I am sure that when
the directors of the company visit tlie
property in the early spring ttmt they
will be more than pleased with the
management of this property.
Mr. Knight further stated that he met
Mr. R. F. Poe, superintendent ot the
Fremont mine, this gentleman having
heen In charge of this property since
the 1st of January last, and has been
doing development work for the Spokane ownerB. Mr. Poe started to drift
no the ore at the bottom of the 40-foot
shaft and drifted north ahout 60 feet
In quartz of good value and at the end
of the drift where he Is working at the
present time the pay ore Is fully 16
Inohes wide, Identical with the Providence ore. Mr. Poo has also got the
ore In place at the hottom of the shaft
and he Is anxious to have the machinery
Installed as early as possible, as he
wants to continue sinking on the lead
nt the bottom of the shaft which look'
sn promising. Mr. Knight further
stated that he felt aura that when the
Spokane owners visited the property
they will be well nleased with Mr. Poe's
management of the mine.
Cure for Meningitis.
Silt Lake, Utah, Fob. 27.���That ordinary air Is nn effective remedy for
cerebri) spinal meningitis ls tbe Rttls-
stance of a statement mnde before the
Salt Lolv;> County Medical society yesterday at a meeting called to dls-uss
the epidemic whicli has raged here
since the beginning of the year. Tho
treatment indicated )ias beeu successfully employed by Dr. Harry N. Mayo
lu a number of cases. It Ib haBed on
the knowledge that oxygen ls fatal to
the bacteria which causes meningitis.
The activity of batcerla ls confined to
the spinal column.
Dr. Mayo as soon aa possible after
diagnosis Inserts a hypodermic needle
Into the lumbar region of the spinal
cavity at the top ot the ilium and ex-
trnrtR ten cubic centlmetera of the cerebral fluid, he then injects three-fourths
of a grain or cocaine to relieve the pain.
The injection of three cable centlmetera
of air completes the treatment. Where
the conditions have all been favorable,
this treatment has been followed by
rapid improvement although a long
Pi riod of rest la necessary to complete
the cure.
First Vice  President  of C.  P.   R.  Delivers Hla Judgment.
Montreal, Feb. 27.���"I haven't much
money, but what little I have I would
not care to Invest ln a Hudaon's Bay
Thus spoke D. McNichell, MM
president of the C. P. R. In answer to
the question of what he thought of
the proposed line to Fort Churchill,
which the premier seemed to have (ore-
shadowed iu his speech in the houae
on Friday night
"How many months in the year Ib
the Hudson Bay open? Let me Bee;
from June or July to September. How
much freight would be got in these few
months? and what whgat could be secured ln September, and would you
have hundreds of Boats lying frozen ln
for the whole year? And what would
the farmer in the Northwest, who ia already grumbling at delay, say to the
" I have not gone into the question
tully and perhaps the experiment may
be made.   Let it be made."
"Do you mean, that being bo prosperous, we need not mind experiments however costly they may be?"
"Well," amillngly, "if you want to
test things, you muat come to the point
of dicision."
"The C. P. R., Mr. McNlcoll, would
not be jealous of such an undertaking?"
"Rubbish. We would be only too glad
lf such an experimert came to anything
and relieved the pressure. I would
have doubts as to the commercial success. At the same time I do not feel
free to discuss what will be likely, according to the remarks of Sir Wilfrid
Lauriar in the house, be a government
Opened en Site of Old Newgate Prison
by King Edward��� Hla Majesty's
London, Feb. 27.���The new criminal
court erected on the site of the historical old Newgate prison, commonly
known as "Old Bailey," was opened today by King Edward, who waa accompanied by Queen Alexandra.
The function was a Btate affair. The
streets traversed by the royal visitors
were decorated with banting and lined
with large crowda.
The Lord Mayor and the sheriffs, In
the order ot state, met their majesties
at Temple barracks where the Lord
Mayor presented the King with the
city sword.
In a pavilion In front of the new aea
sion house an address waa presented to
tbe King, who replied and declared the
building open. Their majesties subsequently inspected the interior of the
courthouse, the cornerstone of which
was laid in 1902. The King ln reply to
the address referred to the "barbarous
penal code" administered within the
walls ot the old building and aald he rejoiced at the fact lhat this waa being
replaced in the progress towarda the
noble purposes of reforming crmlnals
by showing mercy to most ot the offenders, which often proves the means of
repairing their Uvea.
Saya He Will Build New House From
Bones of Enemies.
New York. Feb. 27.��� A despatch
from Tangier says: Raisull says he Intends, eventually, to rebuild hla houae
at Zlnat with the bodies and bone! ot
thu soldiers and tribesmen who destroyed It. He remains ln the mountains about a day's Journey from here
and ls treated with great respect by
llie tribesmen.
He Bays his only danger arises from
thu amount of money he has with him
as aome one might murder hi mln order
to obtain possession of his wealth. He
does uot bother his head about the saltan's threats.
He Is aware of the financial straits of
the ninghzen and knows that the Sher-
I ran army will vunlah as all Moorish
armies do owing to desertions by sol-
dlers whose pay Ib always In arrears
He expressed his opinion of the sultan
und the maghzen but lt Is unprintable.
Russian-Siberian Strike.
St. Petersburg, Feb. 27.���Disorders
have broken out among the convicts at
the Alktul silver mines In southern SI-
berla because of the atrlct discipline.
One hundred and fifty of the political
offenders have been placed in chains
and many. Including Mile. Maria Chlr-
donaove, who killed Chief of Secret Police Luzhenoffsky at Tambou, and other
women have been removed to prisons
Under \
HIliH flimm METHBiS
Wttne��Jc��TeB of Deals fai taJhror
Stocb and Bfc Coop*
New York, F��b. 27.���In the Hantaan
trial today Mr. Harriman testified thnt
the Union Pacific had purchased the 8t
Joe ud Orand Island for $2,022,000
since last year. The witness had owned
the property and sold It to the Union
Pacific Objection was made to questions aa to when he bought the stock
and what he paid far It, and the witneaa
declined to answer. The commission
ruled that he must and there waa the
usual formal refusal. The witneaa aald
that the St. Joe ft Orand Island was not
a parelell or competing line. Hr. Kellogg aaked Mr. Harriman' of whom
tbe New York Central stocks acquired
by the Union Pacific were bought. Mr.
Harriman said they wen bought in the
open market
"Were you or any of your aaaoclates
interested In the sal* at tbe Hae of the
Union Pacific purchase?" Mtt. Mill* objected and Mr. Harriman declined to answer.
Mr. Kellogg aaked tbe witness it It
was not a fact that of the 122,022,000
staated to have been spent on th* Chicago ft Alton 12,174,000 waa made of
put trust certificates and (1,000,000
alone from Kuhn, Loeb ft Co., so that
the expenditures on the Use, out ot the
securities sold, were only aeo-at ��U.-
���00.000? Mr. Harriman aald that possibly the figures were comet Ha
scarcely knew that $22,000,000 had been
apent on the line. The witneaa waa
then excused and Otto Kahn, nt Kahn,
Loeb ft Co., took the ataad.
Mr. Severance examined Mr. Kahn
and led him back to the reorganisation
of the Union Pacific. The firm of Kahn,
Loeb ft Co. were bankers to the reorganisation oommlttee and Mr. Severance naked abont the (took insurance,
lightening and general handling ot tha
old Union Pacific and that leaned by
the reorganisation. Mr. Kahn replied
from printed reports.
Mr. Kahn said hla firm had purchased
the Southern Pacific under control
which afterwards paaaed to the Union
Pacific, bnt he would not admit that
they bought lt with the understanding
that the U. P. would take It, the
only understanding being that tt was to
be offered to the Union Pacific. Mr.
Harriman, he thought, favored tbe purchase, bat his firm took a big risk ln
buying the Southern Pacific, aa the remainder of the board might not approve
lta pnrchase.
Fire In Montreal School Scene of Awful Fatalities.
Montreal, Feb. 27.���Fire broke oat In
the Hochelaga Protestant achool on Pre-
rontaine street yesterday afternoon.
The bodies of five children have been
taken from the burning building and lt
Is feared that 20 more, together with
the lady principal an Imprisoned, and
will be dead before the firemen can
reach the mthrough the seething flames.
Montreal, Feb. 27���Up to 4 o'clock
yeaterday afternoon 24 bodies wen
taken from the burning Hochelaga Protestant school. These Include Hi children and Miaa Maxwell, lady principal,
who loat her life ln attempting to rescue the Kindergarten scholars on an
upper floor.
Defiant Doukhobors.
Yorkton, Sask., Feb. 27.���Mr. Soott,
aa bailiff for local Improvement district.
No. 15, south of Invermay, seised on
the goods and chattels of 191 Douliho-
bora for taxes due on as many home-
Meads, amounting to $S0O0. It la reported that Scott and Us deputies
seised abont 100 heal) of cattle and
other chattels and wen attacked by the'
Doukhobors and overpowered, and the
chattels wen retaken. Scott secured
the assistance ot 20 more deputies and
recovered the stock. Ths Doukhobors
assisted by a horde of their woman,
drove off the officers and recovered
tholr goods. The mounted polio* have
been oalled'la. In
The Daily Canadian
= STORES ���
Imperial Bank of Canada
Head Office:   Toronto.
CAPITAL PAID UP....M,500,000 BEST ��4,-5o0,0O0.
D. R. WILIUE, President. HON. ROBERT JAFFRAY, Vice-President
Branches in British Columbia:
Deposits nTeivwi and interest allowed current ratea from data of opening of
���esonnt, aud compounded half yearly.
J.   M.   LAY, Manager.
The Royal Bank of Canada
CapiUI AnJ PcsVt*
$8, 290,000
Tout Assets
Deposits of $1,00 and upwards reoi
paid quarterly instead of semi-annually
ved at highest current rate and interest
as heretofore.
Nelson Branch, G. A. SPINK, Manager.
Published ru days a we ex by tbe
Baker St.. Nelson. B. C.
duoaerlpt'.on ratea, 50 ceuta a month delivered
Id the eity, or (6.00 a year if sent hy maU, when
paid In advance.
Advertlalng Tale* on application.
All moniei paid In lettlemeut 0! Tbe Daily
Canadian account*, either foi subscription* or
advertising, most be receipted (or on the printed
forma of the Company, utter rtcelpu are not
PEBRtAHY 37. 1907.
"By one word we are aomeiiinti judged to b���
wtte and by one word *ome:imci judged to be
fcwilieh. tet ui therefore be careful what ttt
We revert again to the question of
the a*tempted alienation of the lands
on the Tsim;8iuan peninsula by the
Dominion government to the Grand
Trunk Pacific, not only to commend the
promptitude of the provincial government in taking steps to assert provincial rights but because there haa been
an attempt made by a local paper to belittle the significance of the action of
the Ottawa government it h. not necessary at thiB Ume "> dlseosa the legal
aspect! Of the question or to go exhaustively into the qui stion of provincial rights. The case briefly stated i-i
that the Grand Trunk Pacific Hallway
company was desirous of securing 18,*
000 acres ot land on the above named
peninsula which is contiguous to or adjoining the Kaleu Island which has been
purchased as a site for their terminus.
That the acquisition of these 'and�� was
desirable, even necessary for the purposes of the O. T. P, may be unheal-
latiugly admitted. Only a portion of
the ten thousand acres secured on Kaien
Island fs suitable for terminal or town-
site purposes. While for the pr.sent
and perhaps for srrae years the land
acquire would be ample, the G. T. P.
looks to the future. Besides, if lands
adjoining Kuien island could he secured
the quarter in'erest reserved by the
provincial government In the sale of
Kaien island coul J be considerably reduced in value. At least It would be
easy to obviate Its Increase by using
only su much of the terminal site us
would he actually necessary for terminal purposes and putting the townsite
somewhere near.
It was doubteless with these motives
that the G. T. P. through an intermediary approached the Indians with
the unpronouncabie name, and arranged
with the Indians for the purchase of
thirteen thousand acres at $7.50 per
They afterwards approached the Dominion government, whose wards the
Indians are, and asked for a ratification of the bargain. The Ottawa government clearly recognizing the provincial reversionary rights In the case approached the MoBrlde administration
and sought consent to the transfer.
The Daily Canadian holds that the Ottawa government by approaching the
province for the rellngulshment
of its claim recognized unqualifiedly the rights of the province to a reversionary interest
in the lands in question. The provincial government, however, did not see
fit to favor this deal for reasons that
must be obvious. TO give away lands
ad,owning tne Kaien island terminus
would be to largely frustrate the very
objects and discredit the considerations which induced them to sell Kaien
Island at so low a figure for terminal
purposes, If these additional lands
Were required for the purposes of the
G. T. P. then the province should have
something to say as to the terms uud
conditions under which they should be
Notwithstanding the refusal of the
provincial government to consent to the
transfer of the Tslmpshan lands to the
railway corporation the Dominion governmenl Openly defies precedent and
ratines the Qttast-rlghta of the railway,
subject of course lo any rights which
the province may assert. This leaves
the matter to be fought out or amicably settled between the province and
the railway corporation. It gives the
railway the advantage of a clear title
so far as both Indians and the Dominion are cmcerned. It shows plainly
how far the Ottawa government is prepared to go ln furthering the schemes
of its pet oompany, and more than tills
how iar it is willing to go In embarrassing the course of the local government
That the provincial government will
rel;:qush one item of Its rights In the
question is not supposed. Already
steps have been taken to settle once
and forever t. e question of these reversionary rights and all questions
technical,    legal,    constitutional    and
otherwise that may be involved. As
announced in The Daily Canadian yesterday, a minute of the council is forwarded te Ottawa claiming provincial
rghn In all Indian reserves. Since
Ottawa has within the last few years
so frequently exhibited designs upon
the rights of this province, and since
it is almost the only province left In
f< deration that Is not wholly subservient to Ottawa dictation it is well that
the tocsin of defiance be sounded and
all these Issues in question be settled.
The province hns a clear case. Unless
It Is prepared to despise the terms under which it entered Into confederation
and other definite arrangements subsequently made between the Dominion
and provincial government its c'alms
are irrefutable . We shall therefore
expect to ste the matter sifted to Its
finish and We have no doubt that the
rights of th*-1 province will be unalterably established.
A valued subscriber has handed a
communication to the Daily Canadian
in which he criticizes a recent editorial
in this paper on the question of Church
and State. We regret that the letter is
too long for insertion in our columns
as we desire always to please our subscribers by assisting to place their
views before the public.
The single sentence which our correspondent criticizes as statfd by him
is as follows "The ideals of the founder
of the Christian church were as far divorced from union of church and state
as can well be conceived." lie answers
this with the categorial statement that
"Nothing could be farther from the
truth." After defining the church as
'Saints���the holy people of God" and
state as "kings, parliaments, magistrates, &c," he then argues elaborately
from both the old and new testaments
to show that kings aid priests have similar functions. The pith of the letter
la probably found in the following sentence "Had the kings of the cities of
the plain united religion with their
kingly functions they would have been
saved, but they adopted the voluntary
principle, hence the consequence, lt is
not republicanism nor any other form
of government that gives freedom but
pure religion," after which a reference
Is made to the necessity of introducing
more religion into the civic life of Nelson by our city fathers.
With the methuphysical arguments of
our subscriber as to what constitutes
the "Church' 'or even as to what is the
duty of the state In matters of religion
The Daily Canadian has no disposition
to interfere. Since, in discussing the
separation of church and state in
France we penned the sentence which is
criticized, and used the term " church"
entirely In its hierarchical Bense we
cannot see that the criticism applies.
As it is a question in which the public
as a whole has little interest we must
decline to pursue It further, but if we
were disposed to establish the position
taken in our recent editorial we should
simply quote the words of the founder
of the Christian church who said ".My
kingdom is not of this world, &c.
Now that Evelyn Nesbitt Thaw has
been grilled to the apparent satisfaction of Attorney General Jerome it may
be pertinent to remark that the object
of his harrowing cross examination is
not easily descernible by the lay mind.
What possible good could come by
forcing the girl to make the humiliating disclosures of her past life does not
appear upon the surface. At first it
was thought that his efforts were directed to show that Thaw knew all about
her relations with White and was by
reason of this knowledge a consenting
party, his killing of White being because of this the more unjustifiable.
The sudden termination of the cross
examination without a hint of this
would seem to signify either thnt lhat
was not his object or that his efforts
bad signally failed. We hesitate lo believe of Jerome that he had not some
worthy object but so far It would appear
that we must await disclosures before
concluding what that worthy object
waa. The evidence is probably nearly
all ln and thy public will await with
bated breath the address of counsel as
In ihis part of the li lal will lie Its chief
Interest   Speculation as to the fate of
Thaw  Is us uncertain as  belting on a
horse race.
The Victoria Week takes a differ"
ent view of the authorty of the attorney general in the matter of the enforcement of the Lord's Day Act from
that generally held. The impression
has been fostered that the act cannot
come Into force in the province with-
out the consent of the attorney general. The Week, however, proclaims
that all the attorney general can do is
to prevent "reckless or vindicative setting in motion of the act by ovorxefl.ons
or unscrupulous informers," The ait
having the imprimatur of the Dominion
government is binding upon all the
provinces and the Week's opinion ts all
the attorney general can do is to see
that it is not mr.de a wi apon of prosecution.   We incline 10 the opinion thai the
Week is right iu its contention.
Tho petition for tho reduction of tho
Chinese head tax now being signed in
Victoria was placed tn a prominent
stationery store and within two or
three hours had received ISO signatures. The rush to sinn is chiefly by
ladies who desire domestic help so that
it Is at once apparent from whence
comes thL* chief agitation for the ro-
p al. A pttiifon signed under such cir-
enmstanoes Will not carry much weight
with those who have ln hand the settle-
uiwut of so weighty a matter.
it seem ta be taken tor granted that
Ralph  Smith.   M.  P.. Is to sue* .1   W.
W. B. Mclnnes as governor of Yukon.
Shoud this take plaee Nanaimo or more
property Vancouver, Mr. smith's constituency will open, und well founded
rumor has il thnt Mr. Mclnnes is to
BUQGeed Mr. Smith. Now why could not
any dumb rhead have foreseen this
shuffle in case W. \V. li. Mel. should
suffer defeat in the 11. C. elections.'
We have lost the prophet vision
An individual signing himself "A. B.
C." Is sending communications regularly to this offlce dealing with the Chinese
head tax question, and advocating the
lowering of the tax. The correspondent
neglects, however; to send bis name to
the publishers. The letters are printed
and are eridenlly a part of an organized
movement going on in the province to
have this tax abolished or lowered, a
movement with which this paper has no
The latest, and by the way one of the
brightest, woeltfy publications to arrive at the desk of The Daily Canadian
is Tne Fraser Advance, published in
Chilliwack. It is a neatly printed five
column eight page paper replete with
country news and original matter. J.
Hurt Morgan is the editor and proprietor. We welcome the Advance to our
list of Exchanges.
Victoria is to have apartment houses
modelled alter the I'nited States style.
Thus are we rapidly becoming Americanized.
"Companies Act, 1897.'
Pkovinck ok British Coiajuha, \
No. 878.
THIS IB 10 ('KKTIFY that tho "Nakusp Fruit
Lands, l.imitfd." li suthorjisd tad licensed to
dairy en buslneea within the province of British
Columbia, and to carrv uui ur effect all or any of
the ul>}i;t*t-i of Uiu uoiup-itiv to which th.- leguls
live authority oi the U*gUliiluie Oi British Colombia extends.
The head office ol the company U situate at the
City ul Winnipeg, Pn Vines of .Manltolm.
The am ou tit Ol ti.e capital 0/the company is five
hundred thousai.il ao lam, divided into two
thousand eve hundred share!' ot ten percent
preference suck ofthe par value of one hundred
dollars each, and twenty-five hundred share* Ol
Common stock of the par value of one hundred
dollars each
The head office of the company In this province
is pit utile at tne Q tj* ol Nelson, and Robert Wet
more Hannington, hammer, who e add res* is
the sume. lathe attorney for the company.
(liven under mv hand and ��eal of office, Victoria, Province Ol brltish Columbia, thii 1Mb
oay of February, one thousand nine hundred
and seven.
[L.8.J 8, Y. WOOTTON,
Registrar of Joint stuck 1 ompitnies.
The objects for which the company ha* been
established anl licenced are:- -
(a.)   Buying, Helling, leaning or ���'���'- po Ing <t
coal mines, coal and wood .mi*;-. [ai:..:..-..    ���
and fruit lamls, and timber limits, anu to mot*
��� nd develop the same:
(b.) Tocairron the business of immigration
and colonisation agents, make advances to
assist settlers on lands purehased from thfl
OompUiy and to secure the repayment of such
advaices with interest 011 null terms and in
suc.1 manner by way oJ mortgage or agreement
as may be mnttlllly agree! upon.
(c.) To tarry on tne bOsinsSS of ranching,
breeding, selling and dealing iu cattle, homes,
sheep and other live mum. k ;
(d.) To purchase, sell and deal In lumber,
wood, coal, minerals, grain, provisions, clothing
and general supplies;
(e.) To carry on trade as geueral merchants
and forwarders;
(f.) To Issue in payment 'if nny property
acquired by thii company, shares of thc oapttal
slock of the company a>* fully pant up and DOtt-
asseb-ahie or otiierwlfe;
(g.) 'loi-ar.y 00 lhe bu*inesso( manufacturer*
and dealers in power generator-* and Btoton Of
every description. 10 construct and operate all
daises of vehicles, agricultural impleinc:)'*.
machinery, boats, steamers, barge* an>) leiiy*-
in which the (said tootori are u*e 1; tn construct
and operate boat lines snd to cam on the liusi-
ness of carriers, certain* and  panel deliveries,
to ova sod operate omnibus lines snd vehicle*
and boats for hire; to sell, Ivnnc and supply
electricity; t�� own an-i  operate el..[t|e  plums,
sod generally to carry on any of the business
incidental to the alojv*iid purpose* and objects
of ihe company;
(h.) To I urebfts..*, take on lesie, BXObUlgl 01
otuerwise aOQUlre *Of dispose of any real Of
I*���r*on��l properly, mid any rights or privileges
which  the compauv   may Donsldef bsoeMarj
for the pprpoSM of their operations;
and to nil SDd dNpti'i- of any lauds or olher real
estate and personal propertj at any time owned
of con t rolled by ih.* company or any part'hereof,
or any control therein, or claim tht null, and gen
erally todo all Mich things as arc incidental i<-
or conducive tothe carrying out of tbe objects
��f tbs oompany;
(i) To lecoinc shareholders in any existing or
proposed company, snn to promote and sss Isl In
promoting soy company carrying on a business
p-eruiuitig to the objot ip ior wiih li tbU oosapany
Is locorporeii l and ivhich may prove Useful to
ibis company, and loaoqulrs, take over aad np
erste tbe business of say snob company or com
panic*, nnd to finer into an agreement for sh-ir
ng of profits, union of interests, reelprocsl coo
cessions or otherwise, with any person or com
pa'iy an*' lake or olherwise SCqalre or hold
Shares end securities of such company or coin-
pa tiles;
(j) TO acquire and hold lunds by gift or purchase or a* mortgagees or otherwise w�� lully ninl
freely as private Individuals, and lo s.-ll. !.-���������.
inorlgige or other wipe alienate the same, and to
tXSrcbe  all  the  powers  set  OUt  ill the several
Notice is hereby given thai (50 day* after date I
Intend to apply to the Hon. tlie Chiel Commissioner of Und* and Works Victoria, }l C , for
permission topnrchssethfl following descrlV-*.!
lands in Weat Kootenay district: Commeneing
at a post planted at the dotilowcst oorner of'ot
7701, group J, and runuin. 'Jfichalnst-t tlie southeast corner of ,.,'. T700, group I. then in tin eaxlet-
It direction 91 chains, then north >n chain*,
tnen west to chain* to point tif commencement,
containing 40 acrex more or less.
bOOStW February llth, 1907.
1'HiLir Wads, Locstor.
Hixty days after date! intend to spplj'I    ��"
Chief Commissioner of Und-   snd �����.��5
permission to purchase the following    ������      -
Lui-l:   Bl iul,Ion the sail ild.
l��� u���. West Kootenay dlglrlH  -       ,\mJ,'
above Burton Cily, commencing sti
fHiat lhe northwest corner ..I I
cha-.  Lhe ��� east 28 ehain-. tl ���- '   ���' r   ' JJ
chain-, thenei west -*" ebalna, I 1 ���* ������������"^"*,
obalm to polnl ofconunenosmeni sn 1 eontsin-
ing wiacrc more or less.
fcn��r, u, urn. _...���,��� ���___
sixtv i1h)*> niter date 1 Inund to ippl] _><l"
Don. Chl��Commluloner "I Uml. ind ��"'�����
to pnrolUM 181 ,s*t, - nl Inml. I'liiniis!'!!' �����' ��t ��
pmitiiiHrki.il 11 B's �� B. cornor mm. P"""**'
Uu N W.oorner ol a, iv Btoels - ��� -.sss ..n the
svs'sl m'Ii' iif Amiss Inke, isls,,si: l,,nr si,..''* .I*"*
Burton 'isy, Ihence trett 10cbalni, tbeneeeooin
MA] chaini, Ihence ��������-! *' s*ls��ln��, tin-sis-.- nur in
��.M chalm tss place ol Untuning, sssnuinlug is?
t.s-ri*.. more ssr s.s. ��� ____
Dated Bth 'Us ol So, . UM    Bvno-. urn-rax.
J   K. AXS.B1.1. A(,*nt
KoUot ll bereby given tn.t iw<> nwnlhe .'t*r
dato we Intend to appl; t" tin- Chlel ' ����������-
nloner ol Undi nnd fforki lor a leaae 11 ��" [bat
laml belni il���- lornhon adjolnim lhe t'nnnJun
I'Hs'tils* K.ilsv.v Shipyard ou the *������*������ I'*rt ol
I^st.'sBA.Kniini'l. his-I belofon tls��- ���ooth ���lis".'
ssl thi"-i'��t arm ���l Kootenaj Uk-   In thi      ���
riot of Koot*          on at the tonlher-
ly corner ol loi IOM, snoop I; ihenee .lonj tbe
���onth WMtarly troundnry ol lot TOW and Mew
t, ss.ss.is tii.-i,,.(. in a north weaterly din
dlnUnoeo(_2fi leet! slisiss*,' at r!��tit .ns:lr. lo
aai,l i.s,sin,tary lu n loutb weaterlj   lireeuon   .
��� li. t eolSISIeet, more or ���-.��. to tbc north
enaterly boundary ol lbe City l'��rk. rol
tliclti*��- pnra:issl lo.���nl weaterlj l���>uml<,ry ssl lot
TOM. In n nouth onaterly direction, a dlauoce ol
BOO leet,moro or lew, to tbi northerly t-.ist,'.��rT
nl los UAlthens elouowloi Ihe nortberlj
iivssi lotto* In h north s-H-sts-rlv 'iir,-- tlon tothe
Mmi ssf ,-,,ifss-isis, ,-iis, nl. Mt- arssH t-iiir IM
across, mors.* or less.
Dated thin 1th dav ssf Jannarj, A.U., Wl.
ANHEUSER    ~*��� *"* or,gb
BUSCH...    Budweiser
DISTILLERS, 12 and 20 years old.
Molu Agenta fn lirltlf-ih
l_< >Uitiil tin.
60 ilav* after tlate I lnten-1 to applj- Ul the Hon.
Chief t ommlmloner oi UiM* ami Works to pnr-
eha.te3*JUat'reM.f an-1 hwaleil in Kire Vallej* being pnrt of Sections'-���> ami in Township iti snn
ilescrlbetl an follows: itimmenclug at a jioat
marked F. W,J. B.K. corner ud plsntu at the
northueit corner of Wm. William*1 pOiChSSSi
thencu west *10chain>; thence north m) chaini;
thenoe cast 40 chslns; thence nouth su chaiua to
place ol beginning.
.November 23r*J 19wi.
f. W. Jonvkn,
J. K. AmtlBLI, Aitent.
60 tltiys after tlnte I Intend UT spply U> the Uonorahle the Chlel Commlsstonei of Laud* and
WorltS, to piirchivM* no acrei of Und: Commencing al U post msrked Q.W.S N.K oornsi
jHist a:nl plauuil on tbfl wml ihore ol Arrow
lake adjoining LotK3 on lhaSOtttfa lldfl of said
tot, thenoe west80 * halm alonn the iouthern
tiountlary of I-tJt 871; theuce iouth MJ9 chaiua;
thence east w chain* moreor \es�� to lake ibore;
theuce north aloug hike shore to plaie uf b-eKlu-
Dated wih day ol Nov. 1906.
Gao. Vi  riTlKL,
J, E- ANNAbir. Anenl.
Sixty dap after date i intend t<i
Hon. chief Commissionero4 ij��nd
Victoria, to purnbass IW acres of Iai
Kire Valley. Ij-Mnjt part of Bectlon
Four, Township C'.*. and dewnbed
(.'���ummcui Iiii; ��l a [Hiit plautetl
William-' N. Vi. corner, and marie-
N. K. corner," mid running *W' c
thence 'Hi chain;' wnith. thenos XI
thence 40 chalm south, thence Jo
thence fjo chains noith to place of Ik;
N'ovem iKT'JSrd. 190G. BOSS E
J. K. ANV A m.i.
npplv lo the
I and Works.
id located in
I Threv anil
as follows:
at Milium
1 *K E. W>
hains weit,
chaini eaat,
chains eaat.
���V.      iw..
Notice i.i hereby riven that 60 days alter date I
Intend to apply to the Honorable the Cnlet Com.
Ullaslonerof Lands nnd Worki for it nnlutou to
purchase the tollowlng dsscrlbsd uudi:  Com-
mtuclrig al a  post place! ."J chaini weil of the
southeast corner t.f Lot IM2, marked *'h. A Bell's
north west enrner,'* thence wuth ��i chains,
thenee essl 90 ihains, thanee north 'Jo chslns.
thenoe west K)ehalns to point of commencement,
containiru 40 acres, more or leas.
[���seated thisf.tb dayof Hot., 1901  R. a.Bsll.
Sixty days afler tlate I lulend to apply lo the
Hon. Cblel Commissioner of Lands and Worki,
Victoria, to purchase 4��0 acres of land, in Fire
Valley, West KooleiiBy: Commencing it a post
id an ted 60 chains uwl of the H. W. eoruer of J.
Roblnstin's pre-emption, aud marked W. Wi N
K. corner, ami running west W chaini. thenoe
���onth 80 chains, thence east ft) chaini, thence
north 80 chaint. to place of betrlnulng
Nov. 18th. 1W6. WIU.UM  WlIMiMg,
 J. E. AlfflA.pl*. A genu
Suty  <1ays  after tlate I mlend to apply to the
Hon. tna Chief Commissioner ol Landsand Worki
to purehaae l^)a.*res of land:   Commencing al a
post planted on the wast tMt ot six mils cress,
On whiii'ii road, about t��<i and one hall mllei
Irom Knolenay lake, aud niarked "Kail Mc-
Kechnie'B ���*���. Weit oBrttSE noil," thf-uce east *l
chalm, thence north 40 chnlni, thence west 40
Chains, theuce *>otiih 40 chains, to place of eommeucement
Looated this loth day of Norember, 19MS.
  NOT McKs-hnis
Sixty days after dHtf 1 purptiic maklnic appli-
cation to the Houorahle the Chief Commisaloner
of Lands and Works for permission to pttrehsfS
the fullowiiig deacrilajd land: CommeueiiiK nt
a post piaeed at thcS. W corner ol Lol tfJU) and
marked "K. (1. t.V N. W. corner, tlicnee follow-
Iur the southern boundary Ut 6SW0. 65 chains
more or leas ensl to the weit boundary of Lot
6901, lh"nee following same south 30 chalus to
the north boundary of IxitfiaOi; theuee iIhmiI 7ti
chain- west alonu said Iwnindary to the lake
shore; thenee north :��.��� chains more or leu following the lake ihore to point ol commencement, containing SIT acres more or leai.
Haled -December 17th, 1W7.
  F. <J FiL-uriis.
Notice U hereby given that ilxty uavs after
dale I iniend t�� apt.lv to the Hon. the'hief
Commissioner of Lan-Ji and Works for permission to piinhaM- the following described land
iltuated ln the West Koolena}- dUtrlct; Commencing at a (,..si planted at the "X. B. corner
of L. Porters*! pre-enjptlou," and miming
theuce east   40 ehains; thence south 40 'bains;
thenoe west ��0 chslns; thenee north 40 chains,
to place nf commencement, containing ICO acrei,
more or lew.
December 90,11W6.
lUttnv PTOSS, theater.
 M. R   WcljfASBia. Agent,
Notice Is hereby given that Billy dayi alter
date I intend to upp v to the Honorable the
Chief Commissioner of   Und* and  Works, for
permission to pnrchaaethe loUowing described
Iftli'ls situated lu the West Kootenay district'
Commencing at a post marked 'H H wuth
we��i corner," and norlh of A H. I.uravs, pnr
��� lins.* I'l-im. on Ban<1 CresJti thanes north vt
Cbalnai thenee east an chains; theocs south 40
cbains; tbenoe 90 ehalns weat   to point of com-
meneement, c.uitainiint 4o acrei, more or leaa.
Deoember90, twin.
Ilr-Mtv llkvur.v,
| M   K. Mc  t'AHBir.. Agent.
BUty days  after .late 1 Intend to apply to tho
Chief Commissioner ol I * nds and Works to pur*
obsse940 acres of land, looated in Lowsr Arrow
Luke,   West   KitiiU'.nv:    COmmanclttS   at   n tx.��t
nlsntad nt ih.- '*.\.w. corner ol arrow uiu
Imlinii Hc��t*rve"; ihtneenouih Hcbstns; thence
wsstSOebaln*; thenos north w> chnins; tbenoe
cast SU chain*.. In ptsCS of In (tlnnililf.
Ixjcatetl JHth duy of HecemUf. iM,
C   BSf/SLb
tlxtt dars after dale 1 intend to spplv to tbs
Hon the Chief Com mhnlonsr of Landi and ^oriri
lo i*iin Li"-* .'ni acres of Inml: I'l.i.imrnclng at a
^���st marked "N.T IfssoUthesst <i>nfT post."
���aid po-t t-f-Mng sl lhe northeait pontiroi	
HndHh'l  preemption (!aim, al i  two  miles
���outbeast of Burton Cltjr, lbence west to ohalm
souih'JO chains. WfSl 4o cbalni, north -to chains'
east HO chain-,-outh 90 chain* to place Of com'
meneement, BOOtalnlngSHO acres,
Locateoatb dayof Nov I**-,   wtrniT. Rtsn.
Hlxty  days  after dale ] Intend Ul apply t<i the
Hon. Chief Commissioner of Undi and Works"
Victoria, it. purchsse 10 acres of land, situate.
on the uc.iM.ico/ Arrow Uke, Bhont&alC
below m.rton. an-t deicrlbed u fouSis? SSS
"'"i"1"*, rt,"_r,:rt ,,',M",(''1 ���*�� ���*��� nortbeul
SSS mm   i"'V r'V:"t!IK :'���"I1, ����ba*MJ
tnence  nest  w elmlni,  tht nee south *-<j i-halm
lbence east a, vhnUx* to place of betinnlng.
Nov. llth, 1006. H   e. D,LLi
���*��� E AmUBtSi Agent.
Notleo is hereby iriven tbat flo days atlar data]
intend to apply t., fl���. HonorabU the chief Com-
mlssloner of Unds nml Work* for iwritil��*|.,n to
Hi ��iii,ri' ,si HnWotAnnolKoolinirltl
Bsssl s-simiisi.-i'i'i,!,- ^: ���	
Nel.on, on th-e
"'ll   Tl L 1,';".T"l��IUl """"*���" '*' '"��� *+'��� "'��'*>"'l
DtadtbttMbdi]rotSor��UM,   anoiiu.
The Hall Mining and Smelt
Company, Limited.
Purchases Lead, Copper and Dry G]
Full Stocks
B. C. Salmon
Atlantic Haddies
Manitoba Whitcfisb
BEEF, PORK and MUTTON of Finest Qn%|
P. Burns & Co., Ltd,
Orders by mall to any branch will bare
OUt prompt and cartful attaMSBSk
HeadO&lcc: Ncltoe,!
Notiee li heretT w\x*:a tr.ai ���*' :�����*.��� ��:t.-r date I
Intend to api-lj* U> the ItomrsMs the < hit f < ..:n*
mlssloner of l_andi and Vorts, Victoria, B.C.,
lor permlMlon to purchaw the fcliowtng deaeribed land, illuated ln tbe Wt*i Kootenay district,
ou tha well ilde of i uhamel (or Ml Mile) en-ek,
nu uD-er iitie r.f wtgon road, abonl -'3 nllai
froj. West Arm nf Kootenay laaS! < ouimenrlm;
at a poil marked Un. Hattie buck'i ^ E corner. runniiiK *) chatm weit; thence 3d ehains
south; theuce 40 chains eaat; thence 20 chalm
north, Ut tbe point of commencement, containing W acres of land, more or leaa.
Haled the 17th -November - * ���
mm H*TTie Dock,
Jobi* E  Tavuir, Aitent
BlxtT days after date I iniiud to apply to the
Hon rinef ('ommtiiloner of Land* and Woiks.
Victoria, to purehaae UO m re�� of Uml al>unt two
mllei b"low Burton CUT, West Kootenav, vmn-
liieneltiit ai a poal marked *'J A Irv;:l| - ���
corner tt>��i," iald [>osi beinu on the asstaril end
of an l.ilantl west of I>i|tV>47.and tlaiiniiijt s.i the
laud contained In aald Island, hein* al,..ui one
mile In au eaaterly aud 'Westerly direction aud
aboul 'it- (hains from north to iouth.
November lllh, JK*. J. A. Irving.
J ��. AyvAHLK. Agent
Hlxty dayi afterdate 1 intend to apply lo the
Htm. Chiel Commissioner of Lauda and Worka.
Victoria, to purchase IJ0 acre* ol land located
00 the went side of Arrow lake *n* [elm -11 r* ��� :!y
north of Un 7V78; Commencing tt a pout planted
at tbe N E. eoruer of l-oi TfTI and marked "B. B.
S E ���orner." aud running north ��) chalna,
thence west 21) chains, thenee north Kchains,
thence weit 'M chains, ihence iouth n) ehalni.
thence enst VI chaini, to place of l-vluning.
NOT.MthtHOO. Hcstha BaanutT,
J. E. AM-UBI.K   Agent
Notice la hereby given that 6G days alterdate, I
intend to applv to the Hon. i'hief CoumtSSionflt
of 1-ands snd Works for permlulon to purchase
the following deicrlbed land in West Kootenay
district: Commencing at a poit marked Mrv V
A Wilson's corner imhi, planted at the northeast
corner nf Bastion IT, Towusitc7, rnnnlna rontb
40 chains, thanos weti *u ehalni, thence north �����
chaiua, theuce east 4ti ehraina to place of com*
meneement, conialtiiUK 1W aerea, moreor leai
Dated Nov. 29, 1906. Mm, V. A, Wiuon.
J. Wn_KtH. Ageut.
Notice ��i hereby given that 60 daya alter dnle I
intend loapnlr io the Honorable the Chief Con*
minloner of Unds aud W'orks for permission
lo purehase *2H(i aerei of Imul, altuate o.i the Utile
Mojle river about 1 mile from International
Boundary and t'oui 1 mile Irom Spokane In-.t
national Ky.: Cotiimeri< Inr at a poat marked
U- Uraui'i H h. corner post, theuce weal 40
chatna; thenee north Vt chaiua; theme eaat JO
cl nim; ihiine north 'Jy cbalm; thenee eaat 60
cl aina; lhetice south ftt chain* to plaoe of co0>
Baooemeot, i onta'nlng 3B0 acros ol land.
uoontea oet, wth Wa,
fJIxty daya  alter date J Iniend to Hpply lo Ihe
Honorable the t huf ��'ommlaiioner of UnAi and
Worka, VMnria, to purchase lOOscres of land
IpeaUdlO Fire Valley and de^erll^d as fo||,,w*.-
C'.minenciiig at a (.oat marked >i It. Melf'l N W
comer, and plained at ths wothwest corner of
Lot 7IW, and  runuin^ aootb a*, chain* thenos
easl 3i eham-. thanes north m chains, thenoi
wesl ��i chains i.i place of beginning
Nov IHth. 1900. (tgo. B MOW ILU*.
J. E. AWNAHLt, Ageut.
Hiny tlays after tlate 1 mt��	
Honorable the Chief t'oamlNUoattif
Worki for permtsslou tONMfes
di-M-rjN-d lauds lu Kootenai
men'ingat a p.>al marketi J I J
east corner poat. aald poit ������������j-ij
���*ide of the Lower Arrow lakt, moSSl
I*-low Hurton City; theme ireO ll
thsoossMBl jo cbalm; theorv wrtd
thence west V> chatna; iheoce notl)
and 20 links, more or teas trtltil
tIn-in .* raaterir alonglake��)rfaaiia,ia_
u> the place ol tjcginnlng, ��� ���.:���. :,^li
BIOTS Of leaa.
I'ated thla Mh day of Noreicber.il
I- r K. L Bi-am,jHJ
Nonce la hereby given tint ititffc-
dete i Intend to make appiKiu'**-*--ami
able *'lil*f Commlnloner of Undjullf
-V'lctoHs  H t.., (or (term i��*ton io pert
���_���������.:���������.   land, altuate U ml
Weil Koineuay district: QtaaaaWa
riant* d ai ibe aouthwesl corner ��! Ml
in��nn's pre-emption, market! H.I K.lll
poat. (hence w chaini weat. UMsetlfl
north, lbence 40 chaini eaat w Jwhoah^
northweal corner, tbeuce ���Krutr-tfriiS"
of tommenrement, containlni IStuta^
,. ��� ���
l��a;.*-l this _ard day of Nov.,IM.
Hlxly .layi after date I Intend to apply to the
Hononbte the Chief * ommlssloiie- of I andi ud
JJt.rki to pnn-ha.se 610 acr��*a of land. l>a-Mied In
Ure Valley, on we-l side of Artow lake: Com*
mencing at a post planted 40chain* wt-t of llie
smitiiwei corner ..f J. Hoblnsoii'i pri-ernptlon
and   marked  J  W's B,   K   comer, and  riintilnK
north *iehaim thence west no chsini  theneo
south hocliaina, theme east HO chain* to place ol
Nov. mth, pjofi. iam wtu um*
J. E. Aknaiile. Agenl.
&' day* after date I intend to app:f��|i
chlet COB misiiooer of iJinda isd WW
torla. to porohaas 'J40 acre* of atAw
Fire Vallev and being a portion tl**
and If. In Town*hlp*�� and .iwnteJ till
Comtneuelne sl a pttst planted at bttr
corner of (Tie aoutheast nuirterMl
Township m and market) j.l
Hi-nre north #) ehalna; thenca __
theuce iouth 40 chaini; th*n�� can**
place of begiuniug
.NovciiiUt . ': i 1906.
J. Y.   AXXiWl
Notice la bereby given tnatHiinB
Intend lo apply to lbe Honorablet��a
mlsslonet oi Unda and Worki am
acres nl land deecribwl aa folloac C4S
at a it.ist plautetl on the ti'Tth t'*a**21
M..yie river, al^>ut 2WJ yardi frooiajf
marked    ��k    McUon'i   B    "��� ^fl
Ihsnsjs cast 80 chaini, thenre "'""'jS
tin*in e treat fwcheini, iheu,^*oiit'i"��H
plnre of commencement.aiid-wnwol^
more or teas. -j.
Loi ated Juth day (��ct��� 1I0&     Ro" ^
Hlxtv day* afterdate I inteml u> *f)
ilnii.itat.le lhe' hief Tunn:: l">-�� ���" *���' ^m
W'orka, Victoria, lo purchase A*��*7V1
located aud  iltacrlhed aa fulloai: lWJ|
*t a pnat plantc-l al tha wBWWOB*^"
Kol.UiBon'i pre emption hi Fire \��1I'?J
Ave milea from Edward Umlinr *��"
Arniw lake, and m*iked F Ot* tt -
finning weit 6S chains, thenc* w��,BJa
thence eait  SJ chalm,  th-n* ___\___\f
thence eait 40 ehalna, Uitii" BBTilf ���
place of iteginnlm. t.,��rOtfl
Nov   18th, l��j( ftir\_tt
Hixty dsja afler dale I intend lo apply  t(, ||lti
Chief Commisaloner   of  !,and* ami   (v.irkt  for
txTiniailon lo purehaae  t h��r fallow Ins doaerlbed  t
lands fu Kootenay DlStrlfit, al��nil three iiiiartera
of mile Irom Thrnm'a aiding :   Comment ine st a
rl Id seed at lhe B ,W, corner nf I. B8M noun
West Kwitenav iMilrlel; tbeoce wester! v
following tlie north b.niudarv of LtfM ��
chalna; Ihence liorlh 10 chains; thoncs SSS140
rhnim, moreor leia, tothe N W cornai ,,[
lA-'jfl; thence aouth follow tne the wesl bonndsnr
of IMtt 10 chain*, mort or less, to place _t ,������,.;
meneement. eonlaliilng 4oacrt-a, more or lesa
I'ated thla nth day of liecemu-r l����,
If. II. Pitts. Locator.
Hist j daya after date I intend loapply to tho
Boa. /���htefcommuiiohcr of Undi sod Worfil
Victoria, to purehaae 1���� acrea of Und    ocsfa ,i , ,,'
the weat side of Arrow laVc, about dv 'tni., .
low Burton city, and deserlbod a- follows* Con!
ow Burton City, and deecrfbod Sa Ml "
mencing at a pttst marked    V i.  B'l
corner."aud lM-lngit)cbaln��ea,tnf ,)���.,,,        ,
corner of Lot 2719; then, o north * al  i*    ' ,   ,
weat 40 chains; thanee south  Wchslns:ihJS2
east 40 chalna to the plaee (l( betlnnlniT
Noretuber Hth, 1006. y .,  ���,..���
P��rJ,K.ANK*BU      '
Notice In herehy given that ���>��*�������
intend toannly to llie lion *^ri'um,nJ7
Undi and Works, VlctorU, for penwq
Dbaaa the ftdiowing described ��"'JM
tbs Wosl Koolenay dlatrlct, 0* *****
Duhantel (or Hii Mile) creek. nral��FI
aboul three mllei from ki*-i-"��$ "JJ
iin-nclng al a poal markeii "Jl"n , --��#
posl," ruuning '*! chaini .'������!��� I,;'"���|?
north, thence ai chains a-eat. il^njj
iouth, lo tne polnl "i oomistw*11'
ing fiacres of land, in re or leM.
ftateil llth November, Wt).      ..-it
Iter Jolts K   lk\wt.ue^t
KUty .lays after date 1 intend t.tirjj]
llouorable lhe Chlol Comi "������,"""'',, \J*\
Worki for permlaalon U> pi'ri',J'*'',
desoribed lands in Kootenaj-dl"i
dug al a pos-. n.arkcd'A* ���';,,,,>-
rorner posl." aaltl posl lf'��s " ' ;, _jM
cily shoreof the  lOWOI  A'��*!S?!M
dna east, on the norlbssst tan*n
(iroupl; thence north -to chalm. ��*>
aoulh 40 chains, moro or less, to '(    ^
theuee following said shore I"\2_Tm_\
direction ftO chains   more or Icm* wu
bafflnolngi oontalolns i��''"',,,*��� ,��*_ _
Hated ail* 5th day oVvovcinl"T-l!,A,,pi
���crK  UWO***A
1 Intend io apply ttt Hn* Hon ' ".j^iH
er 01 Unds an.l Works for* "Jj
chase the following de�� H IhJ '. (y
men.dug at a   \*��t  WflH    ��'gjl,"���
.'i,���u,.;i*..iii* s i, um* ttt'���J'SBeF
iiu- ci* H. ilm*. iin'iii'i* �����;"'  * wi���
Airsssv Uk, :  llsi'lsi'    nulls ,   ,,���. .���iil��*
ilm thonoi tba Atrron UM��"" '
iiii'iit'eiiii-iii ,.. , ���,.r,,l��l-
Ualtssl lllll lllh .IB) "I K'l.rsssirj' . m
l.H.Cl*'""!^ I Tha tttSfy ttnaOtn
fotice to Fuel Consumers
All orders now standing ou W. P. Tierney s
or our books for any amount or description of
coal must be settled for, otherwise delivery will
not be made.
Dated February 18, 1907.
|Yale-Kootenay Ice, Fruit, Fuel and Poultry
Company, Limited.
Carry a
SLkd Fine Eiderdown Quilts
From $6.00 to $35.00.
s���� Our Vi.rloty uf .Km Ploturaa Pramwd In the
l.ttlent  Stylo*.
Standard Furniture G>mpauy
n A_ Klaeti Pla do*.
imiyr Mallream-a
hull r-Hintiiry Mattreaaea.
Complete House Furnishers
Undertakers,    Embalmers
ate* Bottle Sale
2 Quart Water Bottle 11.00
3 Quart Water Battle 11.25
2 Quart Water Bottle and Syringe $1.25
3 Quart Water Bottle and Syringe $1.50
inada Drug: & Book Co.
Kuropatkin Telia the Story of the Spirit
of the Fight.
Oenoral Kuropatkin lias published
tbiae bulky volumes of explanation aa
lo why the army or Russia was beaten
in Manchuria. He blames lhe Inefficiency of bis subordinates, their lack of skill
in handling tho troops, the lack of cooperation between the different divisions, the failure of the Siberian rail-
way tu keep up the supplies; but the
real reason for his failure seems to be
contained in one sentence ""the Insufficient warlike Bplrit of our own troops
in consequence of the obscurity surrounding the objectB and causes of lhe
Apart from thc fact lhat lhe Japanese
wer. magnificently organized and
splendidly handled by their generals
and Individually were more than a
match in dash and endurance for the
Kussian soldiers, the whole difficulty
was that the heart of the Kussian soldier was not in the war. So far aB Russia was concerned it was a war based
on bad laith towards another naUon,
an attempt to secure and hold by foul
means what could not be accomplished
in fair and honest manner.. Russia had
taken advantage of the supiness of the
other powers to establish herself iu
Manchuria and to ignore her treaty
obligations. To Japan it was of vital
Importance that Russia should not be
allowed to do this, though the other
powers, through a selfish lack of interest In the situation, tacitly acquiesed in
Russia's action.. The Japanese soldier
was fighting for the life of his country.
The Russian soldier waB fighting to rapport an act of treacherous aggression.
The heart of the latter was not In his
Take notire that I Iniend, thirty rtayi alter
ilale to apply to the Honorable the Chlel Commlaaioner ol Landa aud Works Ior a apeclal
UoanM to cut antl (tarry away timber Irom the
following described land*, idtualed on Bandy
Greek. In West Kootenay dlatrlct: Commencing
at a poat plauied an tbe weit Hide, ol said creek,
antl marke 1 "J, P. 8V* norlhweat corner; tbence
running iouth eighty chaini; luence eut eighty
chalm, thenre norih eighty cbalm; tbence west
eighty cbaina to place ol commencement.
t, v. bwa&Bnd,
Dated thla l��th day ol February, 1907.
work. And there la the keynote to all
future warn between great nations. The
da>J oil small professional armies in
past. When one nation arrays itself
against another it Ib practically a case
of a levy en masse. When battle lines
are 100 miles long victory is going to
be to lhe masB whose hearts are in the
fight. They may be marshalled to the
front but if the hundreds of thousands
of men who are called upon to face
death do not believe that they have
right and justice on their side, that side
is going lo be beaten. This is what oc-
COrred in Manchuria.. General Kuropatkln's history charges that brigades,
divisions and even army corps retired
from the field of battle without good
reason, but simply because they were
not imbued with the spirit of patriotism
which leads men to risk their lives ln
a great cause. It may be that his subordinates were inefficient, that the supplies were irregular and that he could
not succeed in having Mb strategy executed, but the real reason of the Russian debacle was that the reason for the
war did not appeal to the private soldier and that he had no Inspiration to
encourage him to sacrifice himself on
behalf of his country.���Ottawa Citizen.
- '.,*��� Kiven that Sti daya alter dale 1
ppl) in the Hon. tbe Chief I'ommla
aada anil Wurka, victoria, for p*r
it ano t*arry aaav Umber from tbe
eat rlbed lauda In Weat Kootenay J
��� in ing at a poit planted about eighty
ol Uu- mouth of r.ureka creek, where
ii> Hani>- creek, and on tbe nortb
reka creek, and marked <>. A. Laurie'i
Hi-r pout, lbence well elgh y cbaina,
!i i-lghty chains, UUDM eaat eighty
in huuib eighty rhalni lo j��>'tii ol
nen l.
i ->th. 1'JO.    U. A. Ln*ail. Locator.
am-ncing at a jHiat planted east of and
I ���> a Laurie'i location poat No. 1, and
��� A Laurie'i louthweit corner post ol
.in, theuce eaat eigbty chaiua, tbeuce
btj chaloi, tbeiite weal eighty chalna,
uu '!_*,!;. ohalni lo polnl of com im* ii-
ftti  -'Ui, 190..   Q, A. Laikik, Locator.
mencing at a |.*.-i planted about eighty
ath "f tureka .r��ek where tt tlowa luto
eek aod marked (J A. Laurie's aoulh-
���* t poat, oo locution Ho a, thenee east
��.���.���. iti.nce north eighty cbaina, thence
ij chalna, Ihonoo aouth eighty rhaim
I i "lutiH-nremcnt.
un. .'Mh, ):��������;    (j, A. Lai'lUK. Locator.
menciQi at a MMI planted aoulh ol
���in K U   A   Laurie'-* location No. :t, and
��� A. surie'a northwest corner poit,
���180 chaiua, l lit net* aouth 80 chains,
��l Hi cliHlna, thence north Ho cbaina
1' oiiuKvuccmetii.
io. tttb, l-AT. li. a. LarRio, Locator*
menolni at a poat planted eighty
aland forty cbaina aoutb of location
mi'I marked v\ 11. Cage's aiMithweal
-*��� ul locatloll No. tt, theuee eaat eighty
��� n< ������ north t ighty chliim, ttietite welt
laloi, tht-ncc south eighty chains to
an Jfiih.iyin.     W  11. 1'aui, Locator.
i-"iii'iiig ata pnat planted aoutb of
D1D| lo mi,ui n,,. :-,, Htid marked W. Hi
rthwosl curlier post ol location No t,
i'i mkIiiv chaiua, thence muth eighty
ii n<��������� wut eighty chains, ihence north
mil., tj point ol I'oiumcnt'ouieut.
an, ;t,th, IUU7.      W. 11.1'auk, l-ocator.
menolni   at   a   pnat   planted   eighty
II and twenty chain* smith ol loeatiou
��nd murked ii. A. Laurie's aoulh weat
l"t   loi at mn No. 7, lbence eusl eighty
it Quo north eighiv chalna, thenca weal
aim,   IbeatM   south   eighty   cbaina to
"mui.'Hivim. nt.
'iii.-i'.tb.iw;.   ii  A. Lavrii, lAK-ntor.
 tiling   at   a   posl    pliuifrd   eighty
at.i and olfbl! chaiua south of location
J'.and  in a i audi.  A  Laurto'l MUthWMt
���gp'-i   uf   location    Wo.   a,   iheucc   Bail
lha, ihf'iceiioi ib eighty chains, Ibeuee
y i tiiiins, theliee ttouih   eighty chalna
i oommeneement.
in a6lh, nan.   u. A. Lai'hik, locator.
menolni  at   a   pnat   planted    eighty
-I au<l eighty ehalns aoutb oi  location
"1   markeii Q    A.   I.huii. -   aouthweat
location No. *.', thonoe cut ihuchaiua,
���i'l. lu ehalna, theni-e weat liai chaius,
nh liichalhKlnpoliilorcomuicueemcul
in .Tiib, mn.  ti a. LAtiuK,Looator*
iiiienclng at n poll pliinte.l nhout six
p��ii Bariiea ereek from the tnotlth of
fr.ek whete ll Hows Into Murium creek
UHorly direction, and market) tl, A,
ithweal eorner posl ol location No,
isl eighty chains, ihence north eighty
nee weat eighty chalna. thence houth
���hains lo point ol commencement.
���<iau.-jHiii.lwi7.   ti. K* Laurik, Locator.
|uiinenclng  at  a   poat   planted  eighty
U*t ol looatlon No. 10, and marked u. a,
 luhwest corner post of looatlon No 11,
���eighty chains, tbence north eigbty
_ ���nee weal eighty chains, ihence aouth
���UHliis to  point ol commencement.
van,ssth, imn. u. a.lauru, Locator
ttmenolngat a poil planted louibol and
k [boa'ion No. li, and marked w. H.
���rtiiwesl corner post ot location  No. Ill,
i eighty 00*1 nt, tlience south eighty
Mice west eighty chains, thence norlh
mis to point ol commencement.
aSth.lWT.      W. H.I'aok. Lo ator.
chains, thence iouth elrbty cbalm, thence vreit
eight? cbains, tbence nortb eighty cbains  to
polnl of eommeucement.
1'atedJan 2Slh,lW7.   O, A. Laurii. 1-ocator.
lie���t'ommenring at a poat planted north of
aud adjoining location No. 13, and being marked
li. A. Laurie'i aoutbweit corner poal of location
No lf tbence east eighty chaini, thence north
eighty chalm. theuce west eighty cbaina, tbence
���outh eighty chains to polnl ol commencement. I
Dated Jan. 28th. 11107.   G, A. Lai'-ui. Locator.
15 ���Commencing at a poll planted eighty
cbalm north of location No. 14 and BUM W.
H. Pace's aouthweat corner post ot location No
it, thence .an eighty cbalm, thence north
eighty chalna. thenee weat eighty chalm. tbence
south eighty chains to point of commtnecment
Dated Jan. Wlh, lft/7.     W. H. Pam, Locator.
16.-Com mencing at a poat planted eighty
Oh 1ns eaal of loratlon No 15, -in.1 marked <.. A.
Laurie'i aouthweit corner post of location No.
16. titeboe eait eighty chains, thence north
eighty cbaina, ihenee west eighty rhaifi, thence
south eighty cbalm to point ol coiumeucem^ut.
Located Jan. �����. 1007.    li. A. La nut. Locator.
17.-Commencing at a jmis! planted aouth of
and adjoining location No. II, and marked G. A.
Laurie a nortbweat corner poit of location fo.*
17. ihcnce east eighty cbalm, thence iouth
elghtv chain*. Ihence well eighty chains, thence
north eighty chains to point of oommencement.
Dated Jan. 88th, IW.   I). A. Laurie, Locator.
18.-Commenclng at a post planted eighty
chalus south of location No 17, and marked W.
H. 1'age's  northwest corner poat of location No.
18. thenc eaat eighty chalm, ib'ucciouth eighty
chains, theuce west eighty chains, theuce north
eighty chains to point ol eommcueem'-nl.
Ideated Jau. ft, 1907.      W. H. I'aok, Locator.
10���Commencing al a poat planted eighty
chains south of location No. 18, and marked ��������
A. Laurie's northwest corner poll of location No.
18, thence east eighty chains theuce south
eighty chains, thence west eighty chains, thence
north e ghly chains to polut of commencement.
Haled Jan.-"Jib, 1WI7.   Q.A  Laurie, locator.
aO.-Oommeoetng at a post plantetl about
eighty chains easl of the mouth of hlghl Mile
creek where it empties jato Inonoakln creek.
and on the south bank of inonoakln creek, aud
marked ii. A Laurie's northeaal oorner post ol
location No. BQ, thence south 1��> chalna, ihem c
west 40 chalna, thence north UO ehaim, tbenee
ea��t 4(1 chalna lo point of eommeneement.
Dated Feb. '2nd, 1007.    li. A. Lai-rir, IxwatOr,
-JI. - ('ommcnrtng
chalus west aud eight] chains sontn of I oca'
No. W, i ml marked W. II. I'nge's northeast
lier pnat   ol  location HO. 21, thenee weal cig
Hieing at a nost plained eigbty
'fian.legh y ehalus south of location
and marked (1. A. Uurle'i northwcit
y*t ol loeailou No. 18, thenee eaat eighty
poet  planted   forly
f location
it cor-
iMiat   ol  location No. 21, thenee wi-ai eighty
hains, lhetice iouth  eighlv chains, thenee east
Ighty chains,  theuee   north   eighty cbaina lo
polut ol cmijieiicciiicut.
Dated I'eb. 2nd. 1907.      W. H. Paoi, lx*ator.
tt, rommeneing al a jaul planted easl of and
iidjolnlug location No, B, nnd marked ll A.
Laurie's northwest comer post of i.H*atlon No.
BJ thenee south Iftl chalna, th.-neeea-1 U> ctutus,
Ihenci. norlh 100 cbains. tbence west 40 chains to
[i.iini of commencement,
DgUd Keb.2iid,lWJ7.    ti. A. I avkir, Ucalor.
���it.-Commencing at a poet planted lorwohilni
east oMqpatiOQ No. T2 and marked V,. M. I age i
northweal comer poal of location No -it, thenee
south KM chains, tlit-nee eaai forty chain*-, ihenee
north Hkl ehulns. Ihcnce weat tort? chaiua to
point of comuieiicemciil.
Duled 1'eh. Slid, I'Jo*.       W, II. PA0��i LoOOtor.
���J4 lommeticlng at a poat planted lorly rhiiina
eaal and eighty ehalna louth of location No _.!,
an.l   murked  ,1   A,  l.a.nk'a norU.��eat corner
post oi location No 34, theneo south eight;
chnins ihenn cast eighty chelne, thence north
eighty Ohalm, thence weal eighty chalna to polul
of roiiiiiienccmeni.
Dated Keb. 41b 1W)7.    0. a. LapaiE, LOOOtOt.
��-Commencing nt a port tdnntcu eighty
rhaim eaat ol location No. 24, ami marked U A.
Uutlo'l northwest corner post of twaUon W0.
���2-, thence aouth eighty chains, JMBMMS
elirhty, thence north BifffitT chaiua, Ihenee weal
eighty chalm to point of commencement.
Dated Keb. 4lb, 1WI7.    0. A. Lai'HIE, I-ocator.
at-Oommenclni at a poat phrntad fchout lour
and one-half miles ..own InopodUO ��flgyj?g
the mouth of Klght Mile crock ahtnjt flows i
to Inonoakln creek, mid on thei OMt ba ;i
Inonoakln creek, and marked G A. Lair ��
northwcit comer post, ihenee f��^��K{J
chains, ihence east eighty M^i!9^*iS_jS
eighty .'hiiim. lbence woetclgbty chalm lo point
of commencement.
Dated Feb. 4th, 1807.    0, A. Lachie, Locator.
Take notice that thirty daya after date I iniend Ut apply to lhe Chief Commlaaioner of
Laudi and Worki at Victoria for permlaelnn to
cut and carrv away timber from the following
deacrlbed landi In Weit Koolanay:-
No l.-Commencing ata poit planted at the
���outhwest corner of timber licence No. 7821;
thenee eait lorty cbalni; tbence north eighty
chalm; tbence east IA) chalm. thence south to
northern boundary of Umber licenae BBttlttwnOB
weat along laid northern boundary to
the north-west corner of laid license;
then amiih to the northern boundary
ol limber license 701B; theuce weat to
anoint due iouth ofthe point oleommencmeot;
theuce north to tbe point ol commencement.
January 1Mb, 1907
jj0, 2���Commencing at the nortbweat corner
of timber license 7821; thence loutb to the northern boundary nl tlmher license 7018; Ihence writ
to tbe north-west corner of tald timber license
thenoe lOUth to lhe northern boundary of Lot
812; thence following said boundary of said
lot west to tbe right of way of the B. Q. Southern Railway; thenoe following uld right of way
ln a north eaaterly direction to tbe plaoe of commencement.
January 16th, 19P7.
No-8���Commencing at a southeast cornar of
timber license No. 7821. aboul fifty chains south
of the right ol way of tbe it C, Southern Hail-
way;tbence east 160 chalm; thence north fortr
cbalm; tbence well 16" chains; thence eouth
forty cbalm to place of commencement.
January 15th, 1907.
v0.4 ���Commencing at a poet planted at the
Iiiicraectlon of the southern boundary ofthe
right ol way of the B. C. Southern Railway, and
the eastern boundarv of Lot 6U7] thence iouth
to thc northern boundary of llceuae application
No 3; theuce tast 160 chains; tbence nrrth to the
louthern boundary of timber license No. 7185;
thenee following the bouthern boundary of iald
license weiterly about sixty chaini, more or leu
to an casteru boundary of iald llcemu; tbenee
south forty chalus; thenee weit eighty chaini;
then north to the rkht of way of the B.C.
Southern Hallway, tbence following said right
of way in a south-westerly direction to the place
of begluulng.
January l&tb, 1907.
No 6.���'ommenclng at a post planted at the
southwest coruerof timber license 6635*. thenee
west sixty cbains more or leu to a point due
south of the aoutheast corner of license application No. 3; thence norlh sixfr chains more or
less to the i->utb boundary of license application
No 4: theuce east to tbe aoutheast corner
of said license application of No. 4; ihcnce
norlh io tbe northeast corner of iald license
application No 4; theuce east to tbe southeast corner of timber license 71fti; Ihence
norlh forty chains more or less to a point due
Met of Uio uorth-west corner ol timber l(cense
B8tt| thence east to the northweal cornor ol said
timber license So 6G&; theme suuth 160 chains
lo lbe polut of eommeneement.
January 1Mb, 1907.
No. 6���Commencing at a post planted ut lhe-
southeast corner of timber licenae ti&iii; thence
writ to the southwest corner of licenae application No. 6; theuce uorth lo southern bouudary
of license application No. it; thence west lo the
norlheast corner ol licenae application No. 1;
Ihenee south to the northern boundary of
tlmher license KMH; thence east to the northeast
corner of timber license 854K; thence south
thirty chains; tbence cart lo the west boundary
ol timber lice nre ��,42; theuce north to the placu
of beginning.
* January 16th, 1807.
No. 7.���('ommenclng at a post plauied at the
northeast corner of timber license IM8| thence
soulb forly chaiua more or less to  the  north
boundary of timber License M4A| thonce eait In
cliaina; thenee uorth forty ehalus moreor leis to
h point due east of the southeast corner of timber license 8MB; theuce west 160 chnlni lo iho
place of beginning.
* January lf.ih.19U7.
No. 8.--Commencing at ft post planted ai thu
northeaal corner of timber license No. SM6;
thencu Hhuth clfrhtv chains; theuce eastelghly
chnins: ihcnce north eighty chains; theuce weal
eighty chains to place of commeiiccineut.
8    ' January lfith.ItW.
No 9,-Commencing at n i>oat plautetl at the
loutheftrt eoruer of timber license HM7; tlience
north eighty chains; theuce east eighty chains;
tlience north I'JO ch��lm more or less to lhe nnrlh
OUl I orner of license application No. 7; tlience
west to aiHilheart corner of timber liceme No.
U4B| theuce north to lhe southern boundary of
license application No. 6; tbence east to
lhe west boundary ol timber lleenie No.
H'.i.'; ihence aouth to the southwest corner of timber license 1MB] theuce weit
to th northwest eorner of timber license No.
km.i; thenre ioulb to the northeait corner of
timber license No. 8541; theuce west eighty
chains; tbeuce nouth to a polnl due east of the
���outheast corner ol limber liceme 8547; thence
weal to pi uee ol commencement.
K January 15th, 1807
No 10.-Commenclngat a poit planted at tbe
loutheaat eoruer ol Umber licenae a. 19: thonoe
south eighty ehatns; thence weit to the eait
houndary of ixit BIS] thenc* north to the iouth-
em boundary ol Umber lleenie No. 7018; thence
east to the southeast corner ol timber license
701K; thence uorih lo tbe south boundary of Umber lleenie 8648; ihenco eait to place of eommeucement.
January 15th, 1907.
V. Lun ii, Locator,
Dav MUXh'uall, Agent
English "Tom Thumb" Dead,
L-ondon, Feb. 27.���Richard OarnBey,
known aB "Field Marshal Tom Thumb,"
and who created a great sensation at
the Egyptian hall, London, BO years ago.
by his diminutive stature, is dead at his
home in Somerset, at the age of 74
years. When he appeared in London
half a century ago be followed close on
ihe much-boomed appearance of the
American Tom Thumb, causing an even
greater sensation that that midget had
caused. Afterwards, Garnsey travelled
all over Europe, his perfecly formed figure being examined by doctorB everywhere.. After giving up exhibiting him.
self in public he commenced farming,
enjoying splendid health until a short
Ume before his death. He had smoked
nearly all his life. He was just three
feet tn height.
Jacks���Townley is an exceedingly
cautious man, don't you think?
Jonhs���Cautious! Why, he wouldn't
pay a compliment without getting a re-
reipt for lt.
Some men are unable to save money
because they haven't any to practice on.
A collection of all the Latest
Shapes and Sizes.   A free
smoking and most satisfactory pipe.
Tobacconist.   Baker Strut.
25 Feet Frontage
on Baker .Street
5 Roomed Building
Price &000.00
H. E. Croadsdaile & <��
Next Door to Bank of Commerce.
Coal! Ice! Wood!
Phone 265
Yale-Kootenay Ice, Frait,
Fuel ic. Poultry Co., Ltd.
N. E. cor. B��k.r  md  Ward  Sta.
The Stfathcona
Nelaon, B.O.
B. Tomkins, Manager.
The Leading Hotel in the
Qood    Sample    Rooma.
Queen's Hotel
Btktr MiMt, Nelion. B. O.
Lighted by Electricity and
Heated by Hot Air
lArf* and Comfortable Bedroom! and Flnt*
cksss.. s.iuiijk Koum.   ojunule sjUk.su. lor UuMoar*
elal  M��n
MRU. E. R.CLARKE. ProprlitnM
Lake View Hotel
Comer Ball mid Vernon,
two blocki from whirl.
Kates ll.oujjHfr day and up.
P. O. Boi 151.
Telephone 11��.
Grand Central Hotel
Tnls hotel has been completely renovated and
newly fnrnlibed with all modern equipment*
Hot water beating throughout.
RATES : Kooms,  50c.   upward* ; meal ft   25c. ;
ipeclal rates by the week.
J. A. ERICKSON, Proprietor.
Telephone, 250.   Opposite Court House
and Postoffice. Nelson. B. C.
Tremont House
European aad Anertoan Plan
���eail �� cm.   Roomi Irom 1 OH. to V.
Only Whlla Help Employed.
laker St., Neleon ProprHlon
Bartlett   Hotise
Best DoIlar-a-Diy House in Nelson.
The Bar U the Finest.
White Help Only Employed.
Jotepblne Bt
Royal Hotel
Bates tl ana (1.60 R Day.
Spacial Ratea to Regular Board-eta.
If oet comfortable quertere ln Neleon
Only tbe best of LIquore and (.lgerf.
Nollee Is hereby given that al a meeting ol the
Hoard ol Lleease ^otmnlulotierx, to be held alter
the expiration of Mi days, I Imend to apply for a
trannler ol my bote'. Hnrunne lor Ihe drove hotel,
at fairview, to K. Q  Borden
Notice in hereby Riven that 00 dari alter date 1
Intend to apply to the Honorable the Chief Commissioner of Lands and Works for a license to
firospeet for coal and petroleum over the follow-
iik land: Bttuated two miles north of the international boundary line and west of the Flathead
river. tteRlnnluf at a post marked W. LeUallaU'
N. W. eorner post, tbence Mehatns south, thenee
SO chains east, thence 80 chains nortb, thence t��
chaini west to polut of eommenoement.
Dated Nov. 14. 19U6. W, LilULLiis.
Notloe li hereby given that M dayi after date I
Intend to apply tothe Hon. Chief Commluloner
ol Lands and Works for a Icanie to prospect for
coal and petroleum over the following land:
Situated ilx mllei north of the International
boundary line and eait of the Flathead river
Beginning at a poit marked K. H. Kurd's N. W
eorner poii, thenoe 80 obalpi wrnth, thenee 80
cbalni eait, tbenee 80 ehalni north, thence 80
Pacific Coast
Leave Nelison 7:30 a. m.
Arrive Vancouver 11:50 noon.
Arrive Victoria 6:45 p. m.
Building Lots for Sale
H.  &  M.  BIRD.
Has every class oi Real Estate and Buildings in Nelsou
for sale, from Business Blocks and Warehouses
to Market Gardens.
S. S. Princess Victoria
S* S* Princess May
Horths |1.00.   Cun be occupied at Nel
son Union Depot al.9 p. m.
Choice Fruit
I Have 10,000 Acta
Choicest Fftrft ]
Bfttisl& Cokttnbnu
Can sell any quantity from 5 acres to 2,000 in one block.
Buy now and get the ground floor prices.
J. E. ANNABLE,    ���    Nelson, B. C.
NOTICE is hereby given that an application
will be made to the Utlilatlve Auemiily of the
Province ol British Columbia at tu next Kaiion
for an act authorizing tbe Patrick Lumber Company. Limited, to place, construct, nnd maintain,
adamordami, booma, pier*, iliden, and other
worki in and acrose the Kootenay river ator
near Thrumi Station (about oppoftte Bob-lot IV.
of Lot 4598, Group 1, Kootenay dlatrlct): and in
and acrow the Little Blocan river; and in and
across the Blocan river at a point or polnu below tbe month of the Little Blocan river; Ior the
purpoee of driving, rafting, ���orting. holding, and
manufacturing Mw-lofi and timber; to occupy
the eurface of tbe eald rfvert where necoMtry for
the purpoeei aforeiald; to clear. Improve, and
remove obstruction! from the eald riven for log-
driving, rafting, and booming purpoeei; to levy
and collect tons and duee on lon Umber and
lumber of personi using or profiting by inch
���worki, clearing or improvemenu; to enter npon
and expropriate landi; and Jo all other lhlnfi
nec-sflsary, incidental or conducive totheexer-
clie of any of the above power*.
Dated the 10th day of Deoember, 1*06.
Solicitor for the Applicant
In the m.tter ol s_n appllcttlon for the luue ol
. dnpllemte of the t'ertlHutc ol Title lor ��n
undivided 1-8 ol Lot, *.', end s, Block 12, Tow nol
Notice it hereby given th i sit 1, my Intention
���o lsssue et the expiration ol one month from
the flnt publication hereof a duplicate ol the
Certificate of Title to the above landa ln the
name of Florence M. Hnd-jim which rertlHeate
it dated the 28th day ol December, IN*, and
numbered W6IK. 	
H. K. UaoLEOD,
Diitrict Eeflttrar.
_and Bealttry Offloe, Melton, B C
January ath, IW.
Tenden Wanted for tbe toefcue af a
Tenden eddrened to the underflfned, at hla
o*Bce ln ttt court bouae, In tbe City of Nelaon.
will ba reoelved up till the hour oil o'clock t*
the afternoon ol Monday, March 1Mb, MUI, Mtt
tbe purcbaie of tbe "GstiHeld" mineral clals.
Lot -an. '��� roup 1, Koolenay Dlttrtct, wkleb waa
declared to ba forfeited to tb* Cran at tbe
mi tale held la tbe Cityol Neleon on tba-Mb day
of November, IMI, let delinquent tune up tin
June loth, IW. and cotta.
The npaet prloe upon tbo aald mlne-ial elalm,
which Ineludee tbe amount of delinquent taxee
suid eoett at the time of lorieitnre, with inlereat,
taxee whleb have llnce aoeraed, -Mata "f adeser-
tiling, and fee for crown arent-IIX.00 ) le IM It,
which la tba leant amount that will hn oootldered
an a lander.
Inch tender muit be -tccoapanlad by aa accepted cheque for tba lull -amount of tba tender,
peyeble to the order ol the Deputy CommkalsMwr
of Landi -and Worka, al Vtrte-rla, % C., at par.
Dnted et Nelton, B C, thll lttk dey ef febrn-
uy, IMI.
Government Agent, Nelaon, B. 0.
Tenders Wanted fw tte Ptnciaje tf a
���HKM1 uaioit
Tenden addreeted to tht undanlaned, at hla
office In tbe Court Hnnee, In the -City of Nalaon,
wl'l be received up till the hour of flveo'elaek
ln the afternoon of Monday. March 1Mb, UOT, IM
tbe purch-ue of the "No. t' mineral elala, UM
���81��, Oroup 1, rootenay Dlitrlet, whleb waa de
clared to lie forfeited to the Crown el Ibe tu tale
held In the City of Neleon on tbe Mb dny ol Bo.
rember. MB, for delinquent taxee up till in*
Kotiee'i hereby given that on Monday, Feb-
ruarv'JSth, W07, that tbe Court of Revlifon for
tho Municipality of the City of Blocan will be
held ln ihe City HaU on above data, at 2 nm ,
Iur the purpoie of revising the Aneeiment Roll
of ihecity of Hlocan. Thoeemaking complaint!
against their aueument are required to have
their protest* In the handi of the City Clerk ten
davs previous to the tint iltting of the Court of
Dated at Blocan, Jauuary 24th. IW.
Q_M.fi,    .
Certificate of Improrement*
"Kmpreei," "Climax," "Honeihoe," "Queen,*
"Union Jack," situated in Nelion Mlntn.
Div Uio D
Looated on Porcupine creek.
Take Notice that I, Prank Fletcher, agent for
tbe Active <iold Miaifg Company, KreeHlner'i
Certificate No WWiSti intend, *) dayi from date
hereof, to apply to tbe Mining Recorder fori
Certificate of Improvement* for the purpoae of
obtaining a Crown tirant of tbe above clalmi.
And further take notice that action, under
Suction 17, must be raxumenced before the lenience of audi Certificate of Improvementi.
Dated Nelion, 18th Pee., 19M.
PiuWk KiwrcHia.
Mth, IK*, and roiU,
Tbe npaet price opon the Mid mineral elarm,
which inclndei the amount of delinquent taxaa
and eoiti at the time of forfeltnre. witli lntoreet.
taiei whleb have llnce aecrued. coat* of advor-
tlslng, and fee for Crown Grant r��25 00.) li fUMD.
which li tha leait amount that will be eonaldorod
aa a tender.
Each tender muit be accompanied by an ae-
copied cheque for tha full ��� mount ol tha tender,
parable to the order of tho Deputy CommlMtoaer
of Land aad Worki. at Vietoria, B Cat par.
Dated at Nelion, B  0., thla 14th day of Febru
ary, 1907.
Govern��' nt Agent, Nalaon, B. C.
ohaini weit to point of
Dated Nov. ll. 1W6.
X. H. Hoed.
For rates, folders and tickets apply to
local agent or to
A.O.P.-V. Vancouver. D.P.A., Nelson
W.   O.   aiL,L,ETT
���Contractor and
Bole agent for tbe I'orto Rico Lumber Co., Ltd..
retell yardi. Uossgh tissl sire-ssesl lumber, turned
work and braefcett. t'oatt lath and tbingtei, taib
and doon. Cement, brlok and Ume for tale.
Automatic irinslcr.
Yard and kutory: Vernon St.. eait of Hall
F. 0. Box MM Telephone 111
Certificate of Improvements
"Areo" mineral claim, iltuated In the Moeen
city   MiiniiK   Pivltion   of   Weti  Rootenay
Where lo ated: Oo Springer Creek neer the
ArllUKlou Sawmill
Take Notlco that I, Frank c, Ureen, acting ae
aeent lot Use ArllUKlou Mine.-, limited* Free
Mlner'i Certificate No. UWM. iuleud, ilxty dayt
f r..n. slate hereof, to apply to l*e Mining Recorder
fur a Certificate of Improvementi, for the purpose ol obtaining a cr swn Qrant ol the above
Aud further take notice that action, under
auction 87, mutt be commen ed before tbe
ItHutuce oi luch Certificate of Improvemenu.
Dated thll 1910 nay of Deoember, MM.
 F. C. Qnann, Melaon, B. C.
PRUNING AND GRAFTINO oarefully attended to. Apply
 "liver King HoteL
CM1 Engineers, DsoliiloB and British
Columbia Land Sorrerors
r.aB�� 145  ttamUlV
Certificate of Impro*
"Bay,".' ���,C," "iirathroy," "Joy," "Joy Frne
tloual." and 'JohnUMabeT"MineralClalmt.
iltuated In the Blocan Cite Mining iMvlHon ol
tha Weel KoaHnay DUtrkt.
Where located :-North of Twelve Mil* Creak
about one and a halt mllee tth.
Take nolle, that I, H. >. Jorand of iloeal. h.u.
Free Mlner'i oorttfioate Mo. MntBt, u -went far
Horace 0. Van Tuyl, Free Minor ��� oertlncsete M*.
BMil, intend, alxty daya Irom the data harnaf,
to apply tn the Mining Reoorder for a tlertllente
ot Improvementi. lor tbe purnoaa nf ontunlnc n
Crown Qrant ol tha laid mineral elalma.
And further take notice that nation under
Section tt, mntt ne commenced hafai* lha tare-
ance of auch Certlfleetetof Iatptommenla.
Dated thu Ird Dsty ol Jaanary. Ml.
I --s���'-n**'*^'���
Oa-rtlfliaat* of Improv ��irf litm
Rio Tente, Orinoeo, Qneen Victoria Fraetl_nal
and Ornooo Fractional Mineral Claims	
in tha Nelaon Mining DlvUlon ol Wm Kootonay
Located on Queen Victoria Mountain, Mnl
Reaaley Biding.
Take Notloe that 1, Frank c. Green, acting at
aeeel for MKbael tgen. Pree Mlner*t tertUeata
No. Rtll.laund, ilaly dayi In* Ihe data hereof,
to apply lo tha Mining Reoorder Inr OartlRantea
ol Improvemenu, for the purnaee 04 obtaining
Crown oranu ol the above claunt.
And further Uke notloe thnt notion, under
���ectlon 17, muat he commenced before tha
lwoanoe of inoh Certiflcatet of ImprwveaMnhl.
Dated thu Mth day of January. IM.
T. 0. Onnw, NiiaoK. 1. O.
M^ ��� -_-L-Jf-t _L ���      ���-f    W_____________m___________m___^___.
uauiun oi innKoTwiwim
������Portia," "Amoa," "laat Md* Mo. I" nnd "int-
Una Fractional" mineral elalma. altnalad la
tht lloean city Mining DtvUlon of Went Koolanay Dlitrlet
Where located: At headol Springer Creek, neer
the Arlington mine.
Take Notloe that I, Frank C. Green, acting ae
ageut lor tha Arlington mlnea, Limited, free
Mlner'i Certlloete No. Ban. iniend, etaty dun
cSrder for a'cerJlenu ar* impraveaaaala, Uxttt.
purpoee ol obtaining a Crown Orant of lha nnnm
And! orther uke naUee l^u stetlan, nnnat
r,c.o.M*M,*ti-m,*.o. M
^ > ?:,
The Daily Canadian
1       lArlrC Alarm clocks* each ....tl'SO and $2.50
V^ASj-WlXlS     ���  *        Mission Clocks, each   (6.00
���        Oak Clocks, eaoh  $12.00
Sec Our Fine Display of Bedroom Clocks, each   $4.00
Clocks���Al! N.w. All Ihe lie:l Chime Clocks, each  .. .$20.00 to $35.00
the Market Offers.
Now Iss Use Iimt' svlspn josi licesl B po.nl UMBRGU.A.     Our Itock Is new ausl iip-to-
titite ansl every L'sistsrelL la sissarautt'ed.
��� Of ths-   difference  there is 5
��� between  1st. unsl -.'niss. in ���
����� Canned   Goods J
��� t
�� We curry only J
��� *
��� Ono truil nf our ���
���Tartan  6rand|
��� will convince you   thnt we
carry n fnll stock
��� Table Fruit t
X Vegetables ��
i              Pie   Fruit ��
��� Maple Syrup ���
(Same Price as Inferlot
f Qoods
Old Curiosity Shop
If you want to buy or sell anything,
go to the Old Curiosity Shop. A new
line of Japanese Goods now on sale.
All kinds of Dinnerware in stock. Patterns.
\During Lent\
Some People Eat Fish.
Some Do. Some Don't.
For those who don't
can sell them some of
\ Shift's Bacon and\
And JOY Will Meet You
At the Door.
j Joy's Cash Grocery
Cor. Jom j.li iii" u:i<! Mill Bin.      Phone 19
We   Move   tt   Specially
Hckctcd Stuck   of
for  \n*..is Ti itdo.
Stoneware. Crocks, Bean Pots, Tea Pots, Etc.
Munroe & Nelson
General Job Work, Chimney Sweeping, Carpet Cleaning, Fixing and Clean.
Ing Stoves, etc.
121 Eatt Baker St. Phone No. A114
For Hot Tomato
Tea and Coffee.
Beef Tea.
^Wm_\%\{ _____
'    V^M-   J
Cur. Vernon and Wurd Str����ts��,
FKED J. HUME. Proprietor.
G. H. Chapman. J. W. Simpson, J. A.
Harvey, Cranbrook; J. H. Small, J. Op
penhelm'er, R. A. Scott, E. C. Burkley,
II. A. Small, W. A. Robertson, Vancouver; G. L. Clayton, Seattle; Mrs.
Fo'kard, Kaslo; J. Mack,, A. J. Dlrrett.
Montreal; C. Paddon, Crawford Eay; A.
F. Krappll, Elko; N. B. Mclnnes, Re-
Rina; ,1. T. I.awrle. CastleRar; J. S.
Lochead, W. Hugey, Deloraine; L. L.
Merrifleld, Toronto; A. E. Cox. Pincher
Creek; A. G. Erlckson, Mrs. Williams,
New Denver; Ii. Kellingborger Ohio.
R. S. Smyth Procter; G. Urquart H.
Henslerson, F. W. Pretty, S. H. Frith,
Rossland; J. Fluhrer, L. R. Tllley,
Trail; O. T. Stone. Mrs. W. U. H.
Holmes. Mrs. J. Anderson. Kaslo; A. E.
Watts, Waltsburg; J. C. Dufresne, Blue
Bell mine; P. R. Corson, F. W. Pense,
Toronto; J. Walt, Lytton; E. Horsley,
Mrs. F. C. Green. H. M. Springer. Vancouver; V. R. Ross, Spokane; R. W.
Timmins, Vernon.
H. E. Birtch. Calgary; T. J. Robinson. Rossland; II Hamilton, Granltet;
W J Bell, Greenwood; .1 Broley, Fernie;
Miss Chessell, Winnipeg; Mrs Fournier,
Crawford Bay; A. Goldsmidt and wife,
Kaslo; B, C. Rt. Clair, Cranbrook; J. H.
Hill, California.
C. A. Peck, P. C. Lindsay, E. Richardson, Farron.
J. Taylor, Kaslo; T. Halloa, E. Howard, Spokane.
A. W. Allen. Rossland;  T. Hamilton.
W. Adams, T. Verner, Cranbrook.
R. McLeod, Medicine Hat; K. Knowl-
ton, J. Cleary, J. Colllsher, Fernie; A.
McLean, A. Blighter, Cranbrook; W. B.
Strathearn, Trail; W. T. Muggins. Powder Point; D. McPhall, Eholt; H. Howell, Bonnington; 3. M. Farwell, Slocan.
A. K. McDonald, Medclne Hat; A. M.
McPhall, M. McPhall, Farron; S. Dunn.
,1. Frame, William's Siding.
L. Vltton, G. Oberto, Moyie; C. Cooke,
B, Vitton, W. Patterson, Eureka; A. S.
Gary, Kokanee; F. W. Middleton, W.
Edmond, H. Hugos, W. Harris, H. Jones,
I'ontson's  camp.
We have just unloaded a car of
Putity Flout
Made from high grade Manitoba Hard Wheat. Without a
doubt it is the best flour on
the market. Money refunded
If not satisfactory.
Telephone 161.
A, McDonald & Co.
Dealers in staple and fanoy Groceri'i-
Butter, Eggs.
Oamp and Miners' Supplies.
All Kinds of Heating Hants in Stock.
Victoria St., Nr. Opera House.     Tel. 181.
WOMAN 8KCOOD COOK, M0.00   Wlltrel! 1*1.00
Al oiisse.   Vi. I'isrk' r.
TWO FIRST-CLAM ROOMS, .team bMted. Applv Isi.isM'lr s-.s,.-s :ir,l flat. K. W. C. Islsss-k J
A BOY'S B1 EliiH, near comer CeiUr ansl Front
������Ireeti, about 6 o'clock Friday eveulnr*.. Tho
-iiTisisn who picked lt up will pleaae telephone
or lls&li.
Nelaon, hive, L. O. T. M., will moot
tonight   at   S o'clock.
A big, asbestos-Uned, glass-front gas
light sign fs being installed in front of
the Silver King Hotel.
Nelson aerie, F. O. E., meets in the
lodge room tonight at B o'clock. A
full   attendance is   requested.
Silver has apparently begun another
advance. It gained three points on the
New York market and two tn London
There wit) be a meeting of the executive of the Liberal-Conservative association of Nelson in the offices of the secretary tomorrow (Thursday) afternoon
at 5 o'clock.
Notices have been issued by the
branches of the Royal Hank of Canada
that hereafter interest on savings hank
accounts Will be paid quarterly instead
of semi annually.
The monthly business meeting of the
liaptist church will be held this evening in connection with the regular
prayer meeting service. There will be
reports of committees and reception of
new members.
The local company of the Rocky
Mountain Rangers will celebrate the anniversary of the battle of Faardeberg
by a smoker tonight. Paardeberg was
the first battle in which representatives
of all the sections of the Hritish Empire participated.
Mr. Justice Clements will return to
Nelson tomorrow night and hold a session of the supreme court on Friday to
dispose of matters left over from his
last session including Curran vs. Gosnell, Ferguson vs. Prozesky, and several ex parte applications.
Rev. W. T. Stackhouse, of Winnipeg,
superintendent of Baptist missions for
Manitoba, Saskatchewan aud British
Columbia passed through the city yesterday on his way East from the coast.
The day was spent is looking over the
field of work here. Mr. Stackhouse reports the condition of the denomination
to be better than ever before and plans
for larger work are being made.
Contractor John Hums wonders why
he has been singled out of a host for
censure. He admits the possibility of a
man hopelessly drunk falling off the
sidewalk in front of the site of the new-
Hank of Commerce building, but the
same danger exists for more than half
the length of the north side of Baker
street, notably east of the Queen's
hotel and west of China hall, both within the business district. The foundation work, he explains, must wait until
the frost, is out of the ground.
The Store of Quality
If you like nice, clean, crisp
Biscuits we recommend you to
try the
20th Century Package
Per Package.
Graham Wafer!  10c
Lemon  Cream  10c
Vanilla Wafera     10c
Society Tea  10c
New England Ginger Snap 10c
Krispo Ginger Wafera   10c
Butter���Thin 10c
Milk Toaat  10c
Dainty City Soda (Salted) 15c
Saratoga Flakes (Salted)    15c
Put up In packages and thus
ever fresh. It costs little to
give them a trial, and they
prove themselves worth It.
K. W. O. Block , Phone 10
Notice of Sale
Under and by virtue of the powers
of sale contained In a ceituln mortgage, which will be produced at ths?
time of the sale, there will be offered
for sale by public auction on Krlilny
thc 1st day of March, 1907, at the hour
of 2:110 o'clock in the afternoon, ill the
office of the undersigned, by C. A. Waterman & Co., Auctioneers, the equity
of redemption tn the following property, namoly: Lota 23 and 24, Illock 44A,
Nelson City, and the frame residence
thereon annate.
TERMS: Ten per cent, of the purchase money to be paid down at the
time of sale, balance to bo paid ln 20
For Information as to prior Incumbrance, and for further pa.-tlcularB and
conditions apply to
Baker St., Nelson, B. C.
Solicitors for the Mortgagee.
Dated at Nelson, B. C, thiB 7th day
of February, 1907
A Few Tubs at
27ct.% per Lb*
C A* Benedict
Corner Silica anil Josephine Sts.
SONG  BOOK  of its kind is the "Scot
tish Students' Song Book." It contains
a very Urge collection of the very best
and most popular college songs, including all the old favorites.
Price $2.25
W. G. Thomson
B8SS&�� ""' Nelsou. B. C.
PtlOIIU yt-t.
WholflUla >inii BsUU Dcaleri In
Fresh and Salted Meats
Oampa supplied on ihortoel ootloeand
lowest pris-e. Nothing bnt (wall and
wholesome meats and aupploa k<*pt in btook
Mnil orders receive oaiefnl attention,
E. C. TRAVES.   Manager.
A. M. Can. Soe. C. D,
Mining Work a Specialty.
Office: Bealey Building.   P. 0, Boi
Baker St.,  NELSON,   B. C.
Waterproof Paints
Coal Tar, Pitch,
Creosote, Oils for
Preserving Timber,
Roofing Pitch and
Boat Builders will find it to their nd-
vantage tss use our Piteh.
Nelson Coke & Gas Co.
1 -in liteU.
Weekly Paper for Three Western Prov
inces   Approved���Generally   Sat
isfactory   Reports.
At last evening's session of the Koot
unay Presbytery two addresses were delivered. Rev. Ur. Herdinan described
the mission work in Cariboo, un the
west coast and the islands, and Id Alberta. He reported special success
among the Mormons and Oalicians. Ho
asked all to pray regularly and earnest
ly for the success of the work.
Rev. W. G. lirown spoke on the importance of forgetting self and devoting
one's life to the service of mankind.
The addresses were followed by a
musical programme and refreshments
served by the.ladles.
The Presbytery resumed its session
at io o'clock, a proposal to recommend
au assistant to Dr. Herd num. superintendent of missions fnr Alberta and
Hritish Columbia, was adopted.
"A motion that an effort be made to
publish a Presbyterian weekly paper
Tor circulation in S askatchewan, Al
berta and Mritish Columbia, if financially practicable, was leased,
The moderator reported on the Pres-
The city hotels, restaurants
and boarding house keepers
hereby give notice that on and
after Friday next, March ist,
single meals will cost not less
than 35 cents, and meal tickets,
li meals, $6.
Nelson, Feb. 25, 1907.
Red Cross Drug Store
for your Prescriptions, Family Recipes,
Hair Tonics, and all kinds of
Note the Address:
llaker St., near Josephine, Nelson, B. C.
bytery and  Synod  fund, collections for
which  were fairly satisfactory.
I'.leciions of representatives to the
general synod resulted:ministers, W. G.
llrown and W. T. Hamilton; Elders, \V\
G, Graham, Greenwood; Professor Kii-
patrlok, Toronto; with authority to the
clerk to nominate another minister and
another elder.
Trains and Boats.
Crow boai���On time.
Coast   and   Slocan   train���One
Boundary train���On time.
Itossland train���On time.
Kaslo  connection���On  time.
The Marshall Sanitary Mattress $24.00
The Ostermoor Sanitary Mattress  15,00
The Elastic Felt Sanitary Mattress  13,00
The Ostermoor, fitted two sides,  8.00
The Jumbo, a good two side Mattress  6.00
The Common Wool Top Mattress  4.00
Cheap Mattresses   3.00
V. J. "Robertson & Co.
IMAJ iSMBMBS w_*9 5> !i9 m\U' H *9*MMSMSP&B9B89M9MMA0M>9lyBfUffUJIfeBaBiBAUUaa
2K<> doz. Linen Collars To Be Sold ut
$1.50 per doz.
Fifty Cent Hand Bags|
They are beauties at the price.
Telephone <33...
Kootenay A
R. A.Rogffi
Limited, Win
WhnleMfile I->rovl_siion��il
Products, * Pruit.
Dominion Qorarmnant Oreamerr Ona-Ponnd Brioki rooivs'd *e.ki,
from tlu* I'lmrn.    ffor ��il<> tar all IsndiiiK srooen.
Olllcc ninl WHthonMI Houston Block,   Phono 79.
Josephine Street.
Nelson, B.C
Bohemian Beei
The Nelson Brewing Co., Ll
\V��* arc
Jut In Receipt of a Carload of
Then ��ro tin* finest grade nf ore Sacks in tin*
market and onr prioei an- right,     if you are ia
need let iin hear from jrnu.
J. H. Ashdown Harchta
Company, Limited.
Kvpulrlnif stissl .lot,I,Issu t-xiscutiitl with l>w*spfttcli.   jShc.tM4
Wnrk, Mlnli-ttf tin.l .Mill Mn��jt,liiurv.     .Miii.iilKciisr.s.i'|
Oro timrrn.   It.   tt.   OontTAOtOPS*  Wtir-K.
NELSON,    B. C.
HuMirtUHM mun,
VVfirklnfci men,
M**ii In dreHM iittlru.
Sport Iuk men.
MiindMome invu,
JVIuti tlwit'M full of flrw
DK1TK ainl Mi��K that   the imi^rtitrtl
John T. Pierre iur the prop*!�����
My lust full ihipment baijtul aniwil
tilt-in and plar'c your order wirly for Xnaw
JOHN T. PIERRE, Artistic Tailofl
Subject  to  Confirmation!
W�� Will Buy
W�� Will Sel'
10.000 Rambler-Cariboo    27%
5,000 Sullivan   07
10,000 ii. c. Amalgamated Coal., Of for
100 Sullivan Honda ���������
6,000 Amnrlean Hoy ������������
I.ooo International Coal
B. B. Mighton & Cc
Drawer 1082
SMS Lumber, Shingles,
Lath, Mouldings, Doors, Window*
Tumuii Work unci lli-m.k<_|._,. Mall Onium |sr<mil>lly ��""*
Our stock of Skatei It complete ��n�� v'r"d'
Including the  popular
BOKER'S  BEAUTY  and  CHARM (Ladlei)
Wood-Vallance Hardware 0


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