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The Daily Canadian Dec 30, 1907

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What Will You
Have With It?
H'l  bottled at lhe Springs.
"""^      a
Will  be delivered    every evening    at
your door for
BO   CENT8   A   1V.O-NTM
VOLUMK   2.     NO.   176
N_LSOH, B. Cs. MONDAY. DECEMBER 30   1907.
Fifty Cents a month
Session of Parliament Is
Hardly Begun
Comment at Ottawa on Gallery Play
of British Columbia's Members
���The Alleged Assurances.
Ottawa, Dec. 30.���Tho house has ad
j urned tor the Christmas holidays,
having been sitting 14 daya besides
He. day ot opening. Tht* debate on the
address occupied sight days, and some
um ma made that government
: usiaess was delayed by this discussion.
1 ut ;ts m ihe -toliowing wi'ik, ihe bud*
gi t   ispeeoh   was  uot  made,  nor  Uh*   a*
:>   information tor the diseusaloa
of He IV- in h tieaty hi might down,
and SS Lhe insurance bill was iniroduc*
ed only at lhe last Hitting ot ihe house,
and no other Importanl government
in.,i me was   introduced,   i
where the blame rest.-, tbal little
isa- been done.
i oacei ning ihe -French treaty
inn- h v*as leai lied through Qneal Ions
put bj Mr. Ames on Wednesday: The
i.. nob minimum tar.it of which Canada
i in have a beneiii on certain articles
ia already applicable in pan lo I'nlted
- ales, Uraxii, British Uidia and
Hot ui other slates. The whole
minimum tarlll of France Is enjeye.
.. countries. Including Qerma&y, aus-
lua-Uungary, Belgian* Denmark, Tm-
n-;���. SpUB, (Jreat llritain, Qreeoe, Italy, Japan* lloilaud, Russia, Houiuania.
hi i via. Sweden and Norway aud most
.._ South American republics. Theso
Ihf whole beneht ol tiie lunch low-
i tarifl while Canada under the new
���at) will get only a i>art ot It.
it ia also found Lhat the tarlll con
ssloas which Canada Is making lo
other treatise now
Argentine Republic,
Japau, Rus*
country. All the Hritish Columbia members plead that they were misled by
this declaration. Yet the papers them-
selves have never been made public,
though on one occasion Sir Wilfrid announced that he was laying them upon
the tables,
Now when Mr. Borden*; Mr. Monk and
other members ask for the text of these
assurances the Premier refuses to bring
them down, stating that they are confidential' papers, and that   while negotiations are going on  they   must  be withheld.      If   they   are   confidential   paper*
which  must  not  be shown during negotiations,  what   right    has     Sir    Wilfrid
Laurier to speak of these assurances in
debate   while negotiations  ate   proceeding ?     Eiiher   the   terms   of   that   guarantee should be known  to    the    whole
bouse or else    ministers have no right
to use It to bolster up their bad  . case
Tiny are trying by Insinuation to throw
the   Whole  blame of the  situation  upon
.lapan. practically accusing that country
of breaking a solemn engagement, and
at   the   same   time     witholding     [tapers
Which   will   show   whether  the   government  itself has deceived  the house. The
sgrowing  Impression   is  that   the  paper1;
do  not  justify  sir  Wilfrid's  assuraaofl
nf last  year to the house, and  that  the
government Is wilh-holding them in the
hope that  Mr,  Lemieux may  be able to
make an arrangement for the restriction
of  Japanese  imlgraiion.  and   that   thus
the whole matter may he quieted down.
Coffin of Thomas C. Bruce
grounds for pessimism as I feel'confident that the position of Wester Canada
Is more favorable in a business sense
than almost any other part of the
French    Criticism    of    Forbearance    of
British  to   Native   Preachers
of Sedition.
Capital Will Be Paid Up
to $150,000,000
Story oi Mock Funeral Disproved-
liaim to Portland Title and
Estates Must Fail.
Cl< ai
-i   l.j
Deadly Toy.
Stroudsburg, Pa.. Dee. 30.��� Mrs.
George lloedshilt of BCTantOC was accidentally shot and killed here yesterday
hy her eight y*-ar old son. Lewis. Mrs.
lined hilt was talkiiin over the telephone. Her son, who hnd previously
been shooting at a mark with a pistol
came Into the room and pointing the
Weapon at her, pulled tne trigger. The
bullet struck Mrs. Roedshllt in a vital
spot and she lived but a short time.
New Orleans,IVc. fto,���Edward Pra*
dos was shot and killed yesterdav by his
brother Milton over a pan of chops
which the mother of the young man was
frying for Milton. E&dward threw the
chops ont of the window. Later Mil
ton shot htm. claiming self-defence. A
knife was found in the hands of ihe
lead man.
Progress of the Trial of Editor Harden
for Libel���Expreesions  Were Often
i nnice    arc   by
thrown opao    **,
.usirla Hungary, tan���tr*-,
,ia, Spain, Bwedan ami certain    "that
l.-,.d..-���iiy    Canada is giving a
deal  and obtaining  by  this <-'*-'"'.v   *8rJ
...   _u  u, not enjoy*-'*! by  nearly all
ihe  world.
Lntish  Columbia
whom are government supporters
(..111111111-.   sirufegling^^^^^^^
aad  the  government  irom  the
Id the  batter ot  the
wUc_ authorises unltoUUm ��m��--*<�� "��
ol Japanese into this oountry.   >������
-rid  long ago statea  th* -*J" *'M *
British  Columbia   uuesilou and     slioulrt
,���  irmu with nooordtog to the
tu* members from that province.   W
ihu bouse i����i >vUl
a  permittim
Lree themaelves
Japanese ueau
hnd met the heredi-
bi_ ot  them sal in
while   ths   law   was  pa-*
immigration, and said nevei
fUe leventh mem
Usr did speak, and was aaaured by_th��
P  thai Japfa bad agreed u> k
lh(   *       M8    0_x  ���f    Q^i   Since
,...n  -. JapaneM hftweome in o
U.h coiumble and  Lhe people ol     ���
Members wno
been   ma'-
l���g  pamdonate  anli-JupuneBe    speefl
at  home,  some  of them  declaring
If the immigration Is not sloppy
may be anothv Boston Tea P-rty on the
Padflo, whleh   seems  to mean   mm   *
nmv be thn��wn ovei
00   Monday,  Bv.
who  voted  for the
���a word against u
province are Up in aims,
were   silent laat   year  have
td then
Berlin. Dec, BO.-*-The reassembling in
this city today of the court which is
hearing the Harden -Von Mollke libel
suit, attraced a small attendance. Harden appeared to be very unwell, while
Count Von Mollke was exceedingly
cheerful and keenly interested in the
proceedings. The evidence of Professor
Schw'einger. who was physician to the-
late Prince Bismarck, was read to the
(unit. The professor declared thai he
had no ill feeling against Von Moltke,
tn spite of the Coolness existing between
the count and Mrs. Sehwelnger
the  pii'ft.^snr saldj
tury Princess of Baxo-Melnlgeu twice in
his palace in the course of visits at
Si beneek. Uu one of these occasions
the Princess talked about General Count
Wilhelm von Hoheiiau und expressed
her sorrow that "-such degeneracy should
occur in high circles."
Professor Scbwelnger considered Mrs.
Vou Elbe, the divorced wife of Count
Moltke. to be mentally sound and hot
likely to suffer illness. The pml-���-*--��� >r
hnd heard rumors ot the perversity of
Prince Phillip Zu Bhtlenberg during the
life of Bismarck, but ihe name i , Von
Moltke was never mentioned in i tan-tic
lion with these matters. Mrs. W>n Bibs
told him that her former husbn ml. in
count, loved Zu Bul en berg more than he
did herself.   The state thi n ')���
^^kmmm*tt**********Oa**a   ��'hnBf(   tl
Vcs >Wlbe.
titii      'lint   Mrs.
SrUge with
London. Dec. 30.���The body of Thomas Charles Druce tn Fflghgate cemetery
otmm exhumed ibis morning, just forty-
three years to 8 day after his buiial.
The coffin was found to contain the remains of a human body thus exploding
the romantic tales told bv Robert C.
Caldwell and others who swore during
the recent hearing of the Druce perjury case that it contained a roll of lead.
The authorities' statement follows:
"The collin was Opened, and found to
contain the body of an aged man; the
plate on the colli n bore the name of
"Thomas  Charles   Druce.' "
The scene at Highgate cemetery this
mot ning w hen the vault was opened
was remarkable; constables seemed to
spring from every where; every bush
and every tree apparently hid ah officer
of the law. All the entrances to the
cemetery were surrounded by cordons
of police. Only those persons who had
passes from the home office were admitted to the sgrounds, George Hollamby
Druce, who claims he is the rightful
heir to the Portland Dukedom and its
\ast estate, tried twice to gel Into the
cemetery but was met wilh stern refusal. It was nearly half past eleven before the coffin, the contents of which
have aroused the curiosity of the whole
world, was brought np ready for opening and Inspection. The top was quick-
1> unscrewed and the fastening of lead
cut and there was no need for the dictum of the eminent surgeon Augustus
J. Pepper, who was appointed by the
home office to carry out th'e exhumation, to assure all present that human
remains lay  in the coffin.
The vault has thus given up its secret
alter ten years of legal proceedings
which have cost a considerable fortune.
A large part of this money was obtained
from servant girls and other workers
who were induced to buy shares lu a
company formed to prosecute the claims
of George H. Druce against Uie estate
of the Duke of Portland. The charge
of perjury against Herbert Druce Is
effectually disposed of.
London, Dec. 30.���A well known Paris
scholar has n notable article on the
Indian unrest in the Calcutta Review.
In his opinion, the recent trouble in the
Punjab should be ascribed to the educated class ol Bengalis and to the Congress party.    He says:
"The Congress party is insidiously
doing its best to lower the Kuglish in
the eyes of the people of this country, who have no longer That respect
for their rulers which they had until
the present generation. The work of
the BngUsh officials under these circuin
stances has become increasingly difficult Most of the educated class of
which the Congress party is made up
bear no good will wh ' to these of
ficials, or to the . generally,
because  they   thli r   for   them
they  would    be ���,,:      ra . rs of the
He deplores the i <sh party
politics on public �� >-i   a  Indie, but
praises    the    llrm, by  Mr.
Morley.     He   denou th-    policy   of
making concessions to tl led dis
contented classes of . ' i1* says:
Nearly $30,000,000 for Improvements
and Additions���Rumors oi
Expansion Denied.
.j hear Alf All.a, converted prize fighter, who had been an uounced to speak
under the auspices of the Men's Rescue
mission on "Cowards ai.d Heroes." The
speaker did not attempt oratory hut contented himself with speaking of things
within his knowledge. "I prayed God,"
he said, "that I might return to Ottawa,
where I could tell of tiie work of God
for me, and that people might see it in
my face." There were the old features,
so well known to admirers of the prize
fighter, but they were lit up with a new
light which transfigured them and all
who saw were constrained to admit that
something had greatly improved them.
"Instead of trying
by   political   concessit
touch the real people,
be much better advlsi.
ihe condition of the m.
ing to  find out what
makes this rule, wiih i
benefits,  unpopul**   u
will Hud it in the svei ii
dltiire and taxation.   Not
does not get hi&t.ixV-
*be asked, Is It  really
ting so much from h
in return so much
government at ihe
ish rule highly uii���
Finally, he say
i     'o not
.. ; into
.in'1 ��� i try-
������   while
ghly efflcl
oi making B|
However that i|.
Montreal. Dec. 30.���At a special meeting or the shareholders of the C. P. R.
ibis afternoon the directors authorized
lhe issue of lhe new stock to the amount
of $88,880,000, so as to bring it up to the
authorised capital ot the company, SlbO-**
uuu.Ouu. New stock will be issued trom
Lime to time as requirements dictate,
ine directors decided to issue 184,848,-
uuo of the new stock which will be issued to shareholders on the basis ui
twenty per cent of their holdings. Sir
Thomas Bhadgfanossy sa.d the money
Would be used lor improvements and
additions to ttie company's lines. He
BiaO denied rumors lhal the C. P. R. is
after the Boston and Chicago and Great
Western railways.
Mac Ad am, N. B., Dec. 30.���A panther
entered the house of Ed. Irvine, C. P. R.
ticket agen, Saturday night. The door
had been opened to admit air when the
animal entered and sprang at the baby.
Mrs. Irvine swooned when she saw the
beast and Irvine threw a stove poker at
its head, enraging it. He followed Up
the attack with a chair and the snarling
animal made a retreat. A posse went
in pursuit but was unable to locate the
North Battleford, Sask., Dec. 30���The
ould town of Battleford was visited by
a serious flre Saturday night when a
number of business houses in the heart
of the city were destroyed. The flre is
believed to be ipcendlary as there were
two others on Friday, all pointing to the
same cause. The total loss will be In
the neighborhood of $50,000, while the
insurance Is only some $10,000.
Order to Close Agency
Is Suspended
W. S, Riblct Instructed by Telegram
to Remain in Office Pendir j
Further Notification*
. .     i_ uid alwaye in Vu
be, the English  sho,J,m   .      ��� JUS
r.i    i,.��P their powder tl
country quietly kee- ,,,,_���, ���M
aud their rities re
governing tins de
science dictate*;
the   criticism ot
dy.    Let them go,
pendency as their J.,n.
without much hee-T
i   any   particular   *ias9.
ibove all, not depei
And let them ;
a.      ....     -V.eforms and  con
such   pt>UtiC*i*"
, ��� jod  io the  peo
as  do no feu.
New York. Dec. 30.--Robert C, Calf)
well  whose remarkable testimony  i
witness in the so-called Druce case
to the reopening Of the grave ,i,
Druce today, Is new  at the ha
daughter   at   New   Brighton,
land.     He  is  under  $&,	
svser a charge of periu
the  British authorltb/-
with  the  story  -t^	
cafte. Caldwed w *s arrested upon re-
quea| of the lV',,il*n authorities when
he :*r-ive.i her, Jfrom Kurope. December
Miner ment  was   made at
r. c.
ut  bis
Staten   Is*
bond to an
j   preferred by
in     connection
..old   In   lhe  London
-���,e,ld on
no at-- - ftrge,
but only bef��� tlie soMitfh 1Vw wbb are
far room hjfHng grateful for the ILn
The neAvsi,a.H-'r Ullli* brings the) full
t- t--he address which Lord sfot-g
of India, delivered before W*
live Council, after the PSBWBgl"f
Seditious Meeting Bill. The folhw.
perhaps, the most Important p\g.
"The government of India wuii*
be blind to shut Its eyes to the awakaL
ing wave which is sweeping over tLe
Eastern world, overwhelming old trajj.
lions, and bearing on its crest a floodLf
new ideas. We cannot cheek its Hot.
we can but endeavor to direct it iuL
such channels as may benefit the g<
eiut.ons that
press sedition
a strong hand���bnt the
new-born and advancing thought t-
cannot repress. We must be prepaiC
to meet it with help and guldane
Calgary, Dec. 30.���The United States
consular offices at Lethbrldge, Fernie
and Prank, have been closed and the
business handled by these offices will in
future pass through the hands uf the
American consul in this city.
Sault Ste. Marie, Dec. 30.-*-Fire Saturday night wiped out the entire business
section of Richards Landing, a town 33
mites below the "Soo." Flre started in
the Tweed block which was destroyed,
as also were the following business
places: Armstrong Drug Store and furniture store adjoining, Richards' lesi-
dence; Methodist parsonage; post office
and large block adjoining post offlce.
The loss is not yet known.
Ottawa, Dec. 30.���In a flre on Nelson
street Saturday night Mr. Desloges, a
printer at the government bureau, was
suffocated, aud his son Alexander, 7
years old, died Sunday morning. The
tire was caused by the upsetting of a
lump  by   Mr.   Desloges.
Toronto, Dec. 30.���Fire Saturday did
damage to the extent of $150,000 to the
building occupied by George H. llees.
Son and company, and other firms on
Bay street. The insurance is about
Naplnka. Dec. 30.���Mrs. John Yeo-
nians. wife of John Yeomans. one of
Medora's most promising young farmers, died suddenly Sunday morning from
the result of injuries received from the
explosion of a cup of coal oil. Mr. and
Mrs. Yeomans had been married about
a year and the tragedy has cast a gloom
over the whole district. The late Mrs.
Yeomans was Lizzie McKay, formerly
of Seaforth, Ont.
Toronto, Dec. 30.���A second suit for
libel has been issued against the Toronto Globe by Dr. Beattie Nesbltt, one of
the mayoralty candidates, for a statement which Nesbitt claims reflects upon
his character. Notice is also served on
the Globe asking that an injunction be
Nelson will not be deprived of the
services of an American consular agent,
at least for the present.
The petition of the Nelson business
men is on its way to Washington praying the head of the consular department
to rescind the order for the closing of
the agency, and pointing out how iin-
pjrtaut Its retention ls to American as
well as Canadian commercial interests.
There is no reason to doubt that the
petition will be strongly endorsed by
the Spokane chamber of commerce In
accordance with the request addressed to
that body from Nelson.
In the meantime the order to close the
agency on Jan. 1st, 1908, will not be
carried out.
This morning W. S. Rlblet, consular
agent, received the following telegram
from the American consul at Vancouver,
head of the service for the mainland of
British Columbia:
"Suspend the order to close the consular agency for the present."
Despatches     from    other     Canndlan
Ushlng any further articles in reference"
to him.
John   R. Cameron,  Editor of  Hamilton
Spectator, Wit, Soldier and
issued to restrain that paper from pub- I      .'<-**i>.*,*-.......     ..  .
"-" ���...-.���.���,_ .,,,i.,i���_ ,��� rofprence"! points Indicate a ceneral reduction of
auch agencies throughout the Dominion.
This is a matter of American departmental policy which Canadians have no
right to criticise, but it is pleasing-* to
learn that sufficient discretionary pnwe.
has been given to officials to prevent
the continuance of the service at so Important a point as Nelson until the situ
ation can be fully laid before the authorities at headquarters.
Former World's   Champion   Cculler   Ml
In Toronto Home.
Hamilton, Dec. 30.���John R. Cameron,
editor of the Hamilton Spectator, died
suddenly last night at his home near
are to come.   Wa may t.
,n���we will repress It wsj,
, rodoood
cargo uf Japanaie
board,    In Ow ho*""
,,i thou., man-ban
Japanese treaty in l��0C,,,l.-n..m""
immigration oUiuw o! II In '"' ''; ','��� ,
apaaob, apparent!* In th. hop. um* ��i��-
would thu.    wnar��   themM.v..   with
aoh, appKM
llil  Hum    I
ihelr oonatltuenta
tended to i
v,.m l-s ba .
Von Kr-.ii.
lloned very man:.
Ilieredll Mi
. Bwaaaan I
i���, in-i H H *-"���
. BCted dlssoluti'  ,��� Sha mo., J
details.    In;
llann it
1st., 'ind aiv-
u^.' ilrti-n,lined eSorls w.iul.l
,,,   nave   him   taken   ImeU  i,.
HSfforts  lo reach  Caldwell  ai
today were unavailing,    ill-*
.leelare.l thai he was st. ill thai
-.is phyVtolan would parmll  no one to
see him.
that lifts,
h, made
I.r.t. ion.
hW l.V
nl:  nr
On Wednesday, Mr. Borden tool
,���e diaout-don whioh wa. ">*??>��
Monk.   a�� Parllamenl had !����������
treaty bill with the immtfa������"��T
In  It',.,,  the  s.r.l"'I'"""   Ol  the   Ire..  '
that  Japan had   liven  M.uranc* t#m
no Immigration would follow, fllr^
repeatedly been aahed to hrtW
��� .,������,.,-��� containing thin gua
N,��� only IMI >'"���"��� l"'1 "," "'';,
leeaslons   thll   year.   ""'"   """
Premier an* b\-
this lapan
Countaf. Danekni':
Ctumatanoe. detrimental 1...
1-SUie, and lo Count. Von Ml.llke's en
thuataatlo admiration of bis n-ine.-e dm-
ing ihelr engagement.
Mayor of Hamilton'.
Hamilton, Dec. :to.���Mayor
i. Stewart was re-
Mr:      V. II
-elected by aci-ftiiiiiil''"'
Price, of Metan..
York.   Dei-.   SIO.���Sllv
���40.;   lead. fl.Tr..
London, Dec. Sill.���Silver, a
818, 17s., 6,1.
ipper, is;'
I tod.
Opening   Copper  Quotations.
New York, Dec. S!0, 1907.
(Hy MeDermld ���;-. MoHardy.)
must seek for lis causes. In tho liil,
.p, eel. I 11111.le ill this otlntry, 1 stuL
thai I lunked for assistance in fiirtlit.
ing   ,Hat   sense    of    security   and   rut
throughout the length and b'readth .r
India, so indlspensiblc for the devel.u
ment of her internal resources, her vlt
n.cessilles,  an.l  the   general
of her people.    Is it too  DQUC
that  the leaders    of    Indian    politico
sistance to ti.
s. her vlt*
ch to hof,
,      pollli.l.
lilil has
down   Ih
oul  of tl,
house, th.
colleague, have referred to
e.e   assurance.     Mr.   Maiding  J��?a""
that this was the basis upon WhlM I'
government nnd parllamenl anted.   Mi
Klshor had been to Japan ami wa. -Jam
to be lhe hearor of the pledge from tbat
the son or deputy
O'Brien,  was arrest.
formally charged with th.
���aid most damaging
.Urnly   revealed   "��""'��'   >""nl*'
In the lorffl of I'"' ���*
he wore the
of  a
S.ispecteri   of  Murder.
flrelna.   Dee.   B0.���A. a  climax
week's Investigation    int.*
murder al Neuli, N. IV. ,,* Fred I.eclalre.
the young railroad man, James O'llrien
il'.-cior of custom.
d   last    nigiil   and
crime,    it Is
evidence wait siul
idy clothes whleh
  night   lieelalre was beaten
,0 death and Ills body bulled under the
lco ot tho river.
Dominion   Oopper.
11. C. Copper	
. ,$76.00
..     1.87to
. .     4.UU
Best on Earth.
Winnipeg, i<ec. S10.---I believe, lnfnci
I am convinced    ihroiigh    exuerleuee."
said Ferdinand Dolardln, a Belgian oapt
talis, who wns Inletcs'.ed in Investtnenl*-
In various parts of Ihe world, "thai
Weslern Canada often be.l opportunl-
tles r..r the oapttaltlt Of anv ill Ihe will,
world. At the present tim** I ah, mere
ly paying a Hying visit to my son, hut
naturally eannol help being aware of
prevailing oonditton. throughout tin
country.    I do not think there are any.
hough!  will give that ass
government of India'.'
"I   can   aeauro my   honorable  coll,
gucs  lhat   a heavy  responsibility   re
On   the   shoulders  of   Indian   ret'..inn-
for  it  Is upon  Ihelr support   and  11]
their   Influence   with   their   fell. *   .
iryiiien     thai     l'.rltlsh     admln-'ri'
should largely  be able to rely     I
not believe  that the great bulk ol
educated community are opposed
ami   order,  and   1   do  believe  tb.l
masses ot   llle   Indian     people
loyal homage to tb.'lr Klng-I-Smi
repudiate once for all the    lusl-
thai   the Government  or  India
poSltical  reasons   favored   the  1,
of one community agalnsl  those
other. It has been lhe pride of tl
ish lit,j  to  balance  without  pr
the claims of nallonnlUles, of re
nnd of castes,   ll will continue n
and 1 am grateful for the numer.
presslons    of loyalty I    bave    r,
from the ruling chiefs."    ln con,
he said lhal. in ease  of  need, ho
mil   hMltate tO  use  the  full  pow
the Act, thought he hoped  no au
1 tlon would be necessary.
Ottawa, Dec. 30.���The cabinet has de-
cSlned to interfere in the death sentence on John Hoyd, the colored man.
who Is to hang on January 8, for the
murder of Frank Mandle, colored, restaurant   keeper, Toronto,   lust July.
St. John. N. II., Doc 30.���Cieorge Mc-
lneruey, who represented Kent, N. I:..
in the commons from 1S92 to 1900, is
seriously ill at his home here. The
doctors have give,, up hope. When taken ill Mclncrncy had been nominated
for member on the opposition ticket lot
St. John Ln the local legislature.
Ottawa. Dec. 30.���The department ol
trade and commerce has received from
Ibe grain associations ol Saskatchewan
and Alberta a request for seed grain for
a million and a half aeres In those provinces. The request will be referred to
the provincial authorities.
Ottawa, Dec. 80.���Mayor D'Arey Scoti
was elected by acclamation today for a
second term.   Th,- Hist hoard or control.
���ur,   will   be  chosen   next  Monday
eight candidates nominated today.
1 "awa, Doc. 30.-���Viscount Mldleton.
who ub Hon. St. John Itrodortck, was a
1. iiber o. the liall'our governmenl au.l
Is visiting  I'Sarl (liey, will address
ext meeting of the Canadian Club
tawa, at the luncheon January 11.
Montreal)   Dec.   80^���Madam.   1'nni
,1 the.!, mother of the  archbishop ol
1   real, died yesterdav. aged 80 years.
���berry, Dec, 30,���Fire destroyed Ih.
rln hotel here with a loss of $f,0.
W. A. Ilannlsier was the owner.
I'nwa.    Dc>*.    '16.���Hundreds    were
1 away unable to obtain entrance
at IHunQlt theatre yesterday afternoon
John Hobson Cameron was born at
Perth. Ont., April 19, 1845, and at an
early age learned the printing trade. He
Went to the front as militiaman at the
time of the Fenian raid in 1880. aud
was a member of the Red Hiver expeditionary force 1st Ontario Mines, under
Col. Wolseley.
When the force disbanded at Fort
Garry, Mr. Cameron joined the staff of
the Free Press as city editor. Old-time
new-spaper men of Manitoba remember
him as a wonder In the matter of gathering news. Indeed it was a fact that
uo matter how little waa floating about
In the way of good news, Cameron always had au Interesting local column.
He got mixed up in politics, and an election having turned out different from
What he desired, he and a few others
destroyed llle poUfaookB, It was done in
a spirit of mischief more than anything
else, bin he had to leave Winnipeg. The
others who were implicated In the poll-
h.iok matter remained in Winnipeg, aud
nothing was ever done lo them.
Mr. Cameron wus nexi heard of as
editor of the Guelph Herald. During
his conneelion with tbe Herald it gained
continental celebrity on account of the
brightness and wit of Us editorial paragraphs. The paper was .puned all over
Canada, aud in its own locality wielded
an Influence not often attained by u
county town paper. lOnrly in the '80's
the deceased was engaged by the Hamilton Spectator, and the reBult was a
paper of which the citizens of Hamilton
felt Justly proud, in 1S83 he left the
Spectator to become editor of the Mln-
m aroiis -Tribune, bul he was too old to
transplant, nnd while his ability was
esleemed at Its true value, ho never be*
came reconciled to American Insiliu
tions or American politics. He returned to lhe Spectator in the following
year and remained Its chief editor up
to the time of his death. .
The death of John  Hobson Cameron |
v. Ill cause universal sorrow.   His ability
as a writer won hint admiration, while
hls'Talthfulness as f friend was beyond
the slightest stispiclo ,.    lt may Interest
resident, of Nelson . > know that llobt.
A. Hoiiwiek gained his llrst experience
In newspaper work under John H. Gam
con.    Another    interesting    mntler   is
tbat the deee.isc'l Journalist was a nephew of ,li��. late John Hobson, for aeveral
years premier of liritish Columbia.
Toronto, Dec. 30.���Ned Hanlan, for
four years champion oarsman. Is dying
at his home on Beverley street, ln the
house given him by the city.
The serious illness of Edward Hanlan
will be deeply regretted all over the
world. He brought honor and fame to
his natlvt; city, and no one could point
to one dishonest act on the part of the
great oarsman. For years he remained
the undisputed champion sculler of the
wortd, and while he could have made
himself rich by selling any one of the
races In which he participated he rowed
to win, and Invariably won until he met
Beech, the Australian. It is worth mentioning thnt even after being once vanquished he could never get any oarsman
to meet him on his own water In To-
ronto bay. Of late years the famous <
sculler has been engaged In training
racing crews.
Factory Reopened.
Manchester, N. H��� Dec. 30--The factories of the F. M. Hoyt company, manufacturers of boots and shoes, in Bast
Manchester .which have been closed* for
several weeks, resumed operations today. Almost 750 hands, the largest force
employed In the factories since they began, were at work after the shops opened today.
Awards Announced.
Ottawa. Dec. 30.���Tho department of
labor is advised ot the doclsion of tS-a
arbllration board ot Investigation on
the wages of the metalliferous miners
of Hritish Columbia which favors three
scales of wages, covering normal, abnormally favorable, and abnormally low
conditions of the metal market. An
agreement has been reached between
coal miners nnd employers at Strath]
cina. Alberta, and recognition of union
nnd   eight   hours   a  day   pending   until
March 31st. 11)09.
Flyers Cut Out.
Winnipeg, Doc. 30.���Tho C. P. R. express train from  Winnipeg to Calgary |
wtl! be taken off January 6th.   The Soo- K
Spokane flyer la also to come off. , '
Pleads Not Guilty.
Montreal, Dec.  30.���Special    l-ondon
cables  say   Lout.   Leopold,  agent   hero |
for   the   Canadian   Manufacturers'   As- ,
���Delation, Indignantly repudiates ullega-
tlon. made against him during the commons debate at Ottawa on December 17.
lie says:   "It ls tfbBolutely untrue that I
sent a number of mechanics to Canada
for the association without having work
for them.    No men were sent from my
office without work to go to and without
definite orders engaging them  ln Canada." '
. ��� ��
T..v dally Canadian
Clothing,    Gents'   Furnishings
and Boots and Shoes
Is beginning to arrive.
In about another week we will be able to offer full lines
I  in these goods, and can promise you the best value ever offered in the city.
In the meantime it will *_ay you to await their   arrival
before making your purchase.
Imperial Bank of Canada
Head Office:   Toronto.
capital Authorized  $10,000,000    Capital Paid Up $4,860,000
H Rest    $4,860,000
D. B. W1LK1E. ITesident. HON. ROBERT JAFFBAY, Vloe-I-Vesldent
Branches in British Columbia:
Interest  allowed on  deposits  from date of deposit andcredltedquarterly.
NB1.SON bhanch J.   1V1-.   LAY,  Manager.
the Royal Bank of Canada
Incorporate  A.  D.  18C9.
 $3,900,000     Reserve Fund     e,4,390,000
Unexcelled facilities for the transaction
of all kind, of Banking  Business.
savings Bank Department, and
Interest credited Quarterly on
Savings Bank Accounts.
on Application, in Large, Medium
sr Pocket Size.
Nelson Branch, G. A. SPINK, Manager.
PublUhua in aeyi *�� ween t��y the
Baker Hi..  Nelnon, B. C
Buonerlptlnn raw*. W OMltt ���* mouth delivered
in the city, nr ��>.*Xi n year U lent hy mall, when
pal S 111 H'lvnli'**
A.lv.rtlillivf rnt.-n on i.j'Ml'Hll'.u.
All monlM ctii'l in f-ittlsmtni of The Daily
rtiun.liKii kocoanta, althei toi robnTurnout, or
���fcdverunUic, must be ncelpUd lor on ihe pnnlc-l
Icirmn of   the Company.    Other receipt*   ��re nol
Mr>nday.   December  30,   1907.
A   writer   in   S.i'.'r.l.r.    Nighl    Ims   e\
pressed the opinion Utal the next premier nt Canada should came trom the
fur west. He points out, guile correct
ly that the premiership ol Wilfrid LMi j
Lei has riven French-Canadlani s tense
of citicenshlp that thes ai ver bad bs
tore, snd he thinks thnt a premlei
from the west ol the Lakes would n
real east and s est to each other.
Tha next premli r ol i .anada .\iii be
31 i. Borden, wh. does not coma rrom
wesl ��if the lakes but who, twice during
lils seven years ol part] leadership has
travelled as tar uh the Pacific to see and
bear the wants ol the west
The idea is an attractlvt one but un
uiteh ti. bs eat , rulfllled, Tho exigencies of party politics force both parties
to choose as leaders men with strongei
personal tollowings Uum any man can
bave in the thinly populated province)
nf  the   west.      Hew lull|4   I'   will   lie  before
hatf the population of ihe Dominion is
wost nf Lake of the Woods, no one can
inieteii. At present the total population
of the four western provinces and Yukon territory  1h  about   one   million  out
of six for the whole Dominion.
a premier from the west would or
coursse know many things that will prob
ahiy never penetrate the consciousness
of sir Wiiiii'i Laurier,
The development of the whole of
Norih AJBerlcs h.e been affected by the
fact that the white settlers ull earns
from the sat   The west wm regarded
uk a hinterland, to be explored and ex
plotted for the hen ell I  of the usl, and a
plaos in send  restless young men tor
whom there wilh no scope at home in
tlie nettled ruiiniitinlties. All railroads
In Canada have heen built from east to
went. The euH( has expected aB of
right to act uk agent ror the weat Ln
jiuukeiji]--.   lie  product,   und  to  hold   a
monopoly in the markets "t ���������<���* west
i h articles manufactured or Inpoftad
Irom abrou 1.
The suddon rise of Japan has done
more than any tiling else oould have
dune to awaken Canada lo the fact that
she has on tWO of her sea boards not a
front and a back but two fronts, .lapan
has become a neighboring power, so far
fortunately, friendly, but still an industrial  and commercial competitor.
British Columbia at least fully recoii
nine* thai her front is uot the summit
of the Bookies bul the shore of the
Pacific, and it Is an irritation tbat the
lest of Canada dues not Vet under.
stand and offer* enj-tj^raesment .tM(* jln
p< dim. nt  Instead of support.
of course, British Cuhimiiia is nol en-
title l to complain. The ministers at Ottawa and the people of the easi gener
ally are entitled to judge us ������*> thi men
we have elected to represent us there
I'roni the choice we made In 1904 the
east lias b perfect right to regard us
either as Imbeciles or practical Jokers,
in a poet script to bin letters to our
contemporary,  to which reference  was
made on Saturday. Mr. Taylor deprecates the expression attributed to him,
"attempts to force," etc., and gives his
own recollection of what he did say.
As a matter Of fact neither our version
nor his Ik verbally accurate. We wure ut-
tempting to summarize briefly Mr. Taylor's explanation or why his letter was
addressed   to  the  Daily   ,\'ews.     He   was
assured that nn explanation was needed.
Under the circumstances it  would have
been discourteous lo our contemporary
for Mr. Taylor to have answered its
articles through our columns. The word
really used by Mr. Taylor wiih "rush";
wc* Substituted force." Il is only a
matter of taste in language, and a very
StnaU one. We are still unable to sea
that our language reasonably Interpreted, reflects unfavorably ou any oue.
That attempts should be made to prftss,
"force" or "rush" a nomination upon him
is entirely complimentary to Mr. Taylor
and surely not discreditable to the
authors ol luoh attempts. Still, if any
have  so   unfortunate!)    misunderstood
the expression we used, we hasten to
assure Mr. Taylor, our contemporary
and iill others concerned tbat no dfs
paraglng reflection was intended. Wc
have not, ami have never expressed, the
slightest doubt  Hi.n  Uie effort* of our
��� - ���
Plainly seen
in flitting and adjusting glasses.
un optician you want the best,
are made by  a  skilled optician
YOUB headaches  ma;
should   be  obtained at once
ary.   Neglected, the sight may
your eyes tested free.    1 will   have an   ex]
Remember the date.
that there is a great
When you need tbe ..__
Consult ua.    All our examinations
A   pain  in t he
ervlces of
> ,, >-    erg    oi     r>* ' VOl'e    ,,* - a -
be a   warning that glasses are needed.    They
then their use may be only tempor-
be    permanently    Injured.       I lav
*rt  optician   Jan.   15th.
x J. J. WALKER :
t ������������������������������������<>���������������������������������������
< ..n>en,|.praiy and those present at the
comrnlttea im-rtins Friday evening,
were made in good faith an.l were Inspired by genuine concern for lhe city's
Interest We fried to condense filr.
Taylor's statement made to us, that he
could not be a candidate for the mayor
nlty and lhat he thought It proper tor
staled reasons to convey that intimation
to the public through the columns of
our contemporary. If the result of our
effort to condense has been unfortunate.
It is due not to malicious intention, bul
to our lack of skill io the art of English
Terms of Working  Agreement Between
Redmond and O'Brien for
Next Session.
corner lwtit, ther.ee eiehty chains  nouth,  thence
eighty chains wt-M, theuee eighty ehalns  north,
thenee eighty   < 'mini eaat  to  the   plaee ot   bt*
Blnnlnit. coiitaii.iiiK M" tens, more or leaa.
Dated KuvemU-r 21, IW,     E  C. Ont, locator.
A   H-kcKETT. aj-eut
No x.   Pom [mirtrrl   B. b, Jin-ow north wesl
comer, theiu���*������ ei*-hty chalni* Bnuth, theuee
eighty i hniiift , -jl, thenue el *hty ehaina north,
thani ��� ii��hiy t -1M.H1K woat i>> blue of beginning
containing tMo tu'rea. more or lew. and weal aud
a-iJHc.-at U> tiaa'-er licence No XMXi.
Paled No\ ember 2 at, IWl
H O. Jaiiow. locator,
A. iUi aKTT, agent.
No BJ Pout it.,-a* ��� T. F. Jack man loutheam
COrOMi thenea Ijfhtv ehaina north, theuce
eigh&oe t,Hin��w,'i, tti.nee eighty chalna aouth,
������������'tuint oir-7 t'-tiaina eaat to the place o( be-
"���"I and a-i'*1"'���'���'f'4" ���"-'������'**��� mora or lesa, and
l crock -*'������"��� .,- w a, Bonn No. 1 putt on
'ated NoTiia
���*_ U.t. 1997.
~.        T P. jAiKMAN, locator,
I A. IIaikkti   agent
Dublin, Dec. 30.���The scries of confe-r-
enees which have been held with a view
to bj-aiiginu about the reconciliation of
Wm, o'.Ki.eu. NaiionaUst member of
parliament for -t-ork. and the Parliamentary party, of which -lohn E. Redmond
is chairman, has resulted lu hu agreement on certain propositions, but failed
to secure Mr. O'Brien's return to I be
party. In un official report of the meeting which was given out. doth -Mr. Ked-
iiii-tid and Mr. O'Brien say they see no
reason why Nationalists should not
unite in a pledgebound parly on the to]
lowing   principles:
il) No man or party has authoiitv
to Circumscribe the inalienable righ' of
inland to the largest measure of nation
ai   self-government   it   may   be  in   her
power   to  obtain. _
(J) Pending tlie attainment of an
Irish parliament and a responsible Irish
ministry, with full control of all  purely
Irish affairs, which in our belief can
alone be accepted in run satisfaction ot
the  national demands.  It   is the duly  of
the Nationalists, while btdyUii Incei
santly for Home Rule, to devote themselves earnestly to working Tor every
measure of amelioration   which   it   may
|l'.��l.,| S,,*',]tu'u'r\ '_*'   V >  '���*'-*
t',n I ATBAi.ig, locator,
A   ;1a�� KKM, agent.
I ..i.-'u'Iw'. '"*��� '******* K-wtsaay
ly for a *r��.-lal   lir.-m-,-A   Shaw,  nilvn.l to ap-
ibtr from'-.lu a,r-. ,., ',"...'   ��"1 rnrry  ������
J,-U,.n I-sii.l I
|r ateI sbti.it one" mile aot,i ��' -**** ���^aolaa.JT
....,,. au.l   a<l.,a.,.,ii  Blim.  "''""'  '-r���-s
le��.t and aJJai-.-nl lo llniOef-V'f  ��' ��"'��  lm.*7
a,��.i Norsmbei -'is,, mu.    '" -iit.i��jl.
,! sticsVrSl**- 'V����ot.
-Ik*,,i l.su.l ,.|��,n.i.   K,nr,.,, 1,1 W __, .. _
���i".-.���....���,..I,.,i.i. w hi,..,,.'" k,:,,u""r
J>- for a .[..-. ,��| Hears loeut in* u<'"'l t" sp
lnl..T In.m wi ������., ���I |������,i i-omr-erry ����sr
��|..,��tra��rk...l I,. �� Bh.T.r, ii���rlli.iV"" "l
feeiiw n.hiy cl,slli�� snulli. ,l,,*n.*V""." '
���lisln. >.s>,. ih.DCf-elKblr chains north, \l��''l)'
^11,1,1}- .'liitliih west lo i.la,.,- of UslunijisA'' '
Isiii,,,. .,.., .,.���... ������,���.,��� i,....���,���i ,.���-, .,'���,'���'".
���a..-.,,,..   tlinl���.r   ll,.,n,-,,   1V/JJ.  an.,   slao  Mil "I;-
""I ��'ij. "i to ,i,n,��T Ho.no. No IMS, sod ��''"'
Jj.,.1 h sii.I sdjsci-ut toF  A.8hsvi*r   tlii.be, Um",''
bated November Bat, IB07,
1.. w. shav.k. looator,
A. Ha, Km. skoui.
PzUaslon of on. * a  within whiofa to s,|.
vil im   ursnu-.t.      lisrrr   Wrlihl,   Aaa't.   Com-
nii.aloner of Lsu.I am, -Aorss.
N.-1-..ii UuM l.|-irl.T.   I.l.lrlct of Weal Kootensy
T.k.-  11..IH,, ihsl   I, T.   V.  Ixhjsii,   of Bonn,,a
rarrr, idabo. ooonpatloa painu-r. ii.ten.i t��. sp.
plj for a -|.*-im| Umb��r llo.no. over the follow-
Iiik d.upfb.d l.u.1. .'omtnen.-lnir st ��� poal
Plant. .I hi Hi., .oiitlieaat rorner of ll.iil^r
lloenee No. lf-4VI. thenee east 80 ehsljia. thetice
north -vi,-hnlt^. in.-n.-e west HOehslna, th.n0.
"'"���Hi *��' 'l'Slii�� ti, point o, Oo.nlnelieetnelit,
. oi.utnliiK t.lo ���.���,,.., no.r. or 1e.a.
Dated November SUt, ,'Urt. T. I.  I_ra,AK,
.'ol.li.    -.mm  agent.
Nelaon l.an.l IllMrPM.   Ulatrlr, of Weal Kootensy
Take   lioll.-e   Ihsl   1, Charles   Dutcher, Intcnrl
to appl) for.  Bpeolal  Umber  licence, lo OSI ami
carry swsy limber Hum r,w ..   ra. ol Isn.l     ,'om-
l���. ikihhII.Ii! iii ol.iain for Iht peupla m.nolni at No i post .boat u mllJH waat oltu
trom either ol the BngUsh parties, and 5Sk!��ia^"a?anTJ^nt^*im^S��niZ
us esprielall* arwml DAtters, tor a ,..,tl Ji^1.".��- _.1m*mS0.S,ln;' Sl^C^&i
verinitv     setilement     acceptable   to   th�� Obsrlsi   Dut��htr'i mum h went corner, thanoe SO
the   i-iimii-el'l -'-!1*!!1*  ??rln'. thanee w* ehainn  eaal,   thenoa SU
Calholicn   of   Ireland,   for
abolition <>i luudiordisni, and toi bhan
clai redress
i.'harlex   l
chain*,  north,
chain-* noi]ih,  Ihence -U chalna weat to the place
Of Mftnnlns, eoninining M0 acrea. more or leia.
Jan-catc-l Novcnil/er I��th. I_tl7.
*'HAKi>     1"   .'��� mi-i'    i.,���.,iii,|
Mr. R,-l,".,nd woulil pel urea to &*)v$l%het<^ti\&
i~ "*"" ���||i��*: ,,f' "���"i"":" '���'���'������"l",::;,^'^^!^"\v.;:^r..i;l::,!:,^..^?,l;,v,^7,'i:i.o���'..';,.,,,,',:.,."
(bin, saying that a convention would bi Kiniiiiig. and ftaatana adlaosnt wnhmbarofla
held after the government bills had hot
introduced, probably about  Ka��U-r.
Nelaon I.aiwl Platrlct.   Plalnct ol Went Kooten
Take nollee..that W. A    Uuilnon, of IpOkj
W i.-.hlngtnn, U H.A., occupation   tlint-cr
���' ��� her licr
t 'iiinm
lnteml tii applv tor a hiiccIhI limber lice
" >wlng ���leacrlbeo   lamlie
r ornic
,-[,( c ,,,
>, j,,,-1 plan ted on the north hank "I '-orn ere,
nt the Junction ol tin* north fork of Corn rf
wltli tlie main -stream, about five mllea I,,
woaterly  direction   Irom   the  conllueiim* of.,,,
font   creek   wltli   the    Koolenay   rl'
mirth -to chain**   thence   went ICO  elm
noulh 40 i-haina,   theuce t-nnt IM)  enalna to p.]j
of cuinmeueement, contaluin*,; 0*0 acre*, mor
Dated November 7th, 1907.
wii.i.iam a. Boose.
��� that I   K 0. OtU,  inn-lid   totaff.
licenae t.o cut ami carry   away ,
acrei of   laud:    ('oiiiiiieiiclng   ...
Take nolici' t
for a apeclal lie
ber from M0  mc
poat plauled about four mile
nay   river,   on a -small   creek   flowing   from':,
aouth Inlo Corn   creek   and   about oue and/,.
bull   in I Uc  Hon lb of   Corn   ereek   and   weat  ,
dug at No. 1 poit marked  K, 0. "Hi uurtl
adjacent lo timber  licence   No    i *".'i;   uomn,,
..,...-     .        ,;.,. ....._i      ._,   ,1      l.     i-    i.ii.     ���>,,,{li*1
Umber limit, tad   OontalnraS  M0 acrei, more or
treated Nove���ihi r i st ru. twi.
'haki.en udk.hkk. Loostor-
No. H. c.nnrneiM Ina nl h pott marked Charlei
Itilleher'a ii.,rthweat corner   aud   about 16 inlleH
wait of tha Kootenai river on the north itdtot
Boundary creek ami uorth ami a-tiiicetit to tlm-
I'tr llt/enve liwwo. tbence aouth no chalua, thence
eaat wi cbniriM,   thetice   norll.   ���-. in*-,   thetice
treat SP ohalna to the place of btgittalnc, oon<
IhIiiIiik Mil acrea, more or leaa,
l-ocaled November Irlth, PJ07.
Ciiakiich Oijtchkk, boettOT-
No 4.
Ixicaled November IHth, lS*r7
Ciuui-X*- hiiTCHicn, LOSatOC-
No. r.  * onuataoini at a [mat marked Qhsnsa.
DutChar'l   slOUthOUt   comer,    theiico   HO  chttllia
north,  th.nc,. m;i chalna  weat,   theiico HO chalua,
aouth,  thence HO chalni eaal to the  piano of be-
Kl.inliJK, - "1,'i.mnii- u|0 acrea. more or lei-f.
bocMleil November IHth, l��o7
OMASUM iM'TCHta, I-.n'',li,r.
No 0. ComrneuelUK ���" a poat marked ( h-rlei
pHtchei'-*. aou tli went corner, tbence tiori . m
chiilna, theuce oaal HO chalna, Ihence aou h Hy
chalna, the ii' ,��� weal hu <>halua to the plac i , be
-glMiiliiK,   coiiHlniiiK two a-rei, more or leia
J..,(-Hl.'i!   NiHiiiiin i  IHth, I'*"-
I.JU-HI.H.   I'i llllIK,   i-oi_aii,I.
itninencitiK at n poat marked Charlei
noilheaat iMirner, thmiee aouth HO
���ace weat W) chalua, thence nortli ho
uee eaat HO chalni lo the place of be*
'Utalulni* MO acrei, more or lem.
E   will   sell   the   balance   of   imr stock   of   Ladies     and
Children's Fur Collars, Muffs, Boas, etc., at 20 per cen*
Some bargains in All Woollen Goods. Fancy Notions 10
clear. Call aud secure some of these as they all must be
Nelaon Land Platrlct.    Platrlct of Weal Kit*.1*A��|
Take notice that Nuurnu   fTsUkiaton, of   Hot
ion, B   0 , ocx*upatlon   lumberman,  intenda  to
apply tor a  ipw-lal limber   ttOtttM OTtI   tbe lul-
lowmg deeaneed landi:
1. " omiiH ii'mi* at a (H'��t I'laiUci on thenorth
bank of Hummit cr-eet ntHMit two and a half
mile* from IU mouth, thence north 40 chain--..
thence eait IHO chalni, thenee aouth -to chalna,
Ihence weat 100 ebalna.
Pated _'th November, 1-W7.
2. t'ommeiicluu al a poal planted nu an null timed creek which liowa Into Hummit er��-*k
fr��,m the twin ih al a   potul   at-out  two aud a half
milea emt from tbe north fork of Summit eraak
���.abl -pftat Ih-Iiik placed about three ipiarten mile
up auch uiiname-l creek aud iiho-il ���*���*����� feet 10
the cut thereof, thenee eaal ��l chalna. thenee
a-oilh 100  chalna,   Ihence   weal -UH-haUia. then..
uorth if~ ohalna.
Dtled Htb Niiiiini-T, 15107.
,l. < iimmeiieiuK at a [��ia. pintii, I on an uu
named creek whleh Ilowa into Hummit co-ik
from the aouth at a   p��tiitt   nbont  twoanda   tialf
iniua aaat from ihe nortli fork nf Snountt eraak
at a point about three -piaitera mile up inch
Of to-I an>l about tVKt feel lo lhe 'ail thereof.
theuce south ICti chalna, ihence wtat 40 chain-.
thanoa north IHO ehaina. thene*. eiit to chalnri.
Pated HUh NovemlKT, li" 7
4. fommenelni-at a po**t planted on the north
eaat aide ot the north fork of Sum 111 It er���k
thOUl four mllei from the Junctlou ol ilie north
fork with the main Hummit trtl k, UuttOO Kttlth
wt ehaina. thetice went a* ehaina, them e north n*i
chalni, thetice eaat HO chalna.
Pated IHth, November, UB1
Hol-oaoK Wlt.��l*��.-_n?i.
b    GKOftGS Yorwu,  '',-...-
UH   of
oie or
Nelaon Laud Dl/Urld VUt-rl- tof Welt Kootenay.
Taie nolle.; ibat L W A Hu*laon. of SMkaate
W'aib , oct'upattoo Uml*-*: cruller, lul'icl l. ap
\\y tot a iMclal) timber Uptnoa over the follow-
\uti dtttrlPtd landa: <"oinmencin|[ at a p--t
pianteil on the north bank of Hummit cr, ��� 1 and
marked W A H'ldion'a I \\ . c.rm r. the nee
north to chipii, thenee eaat IUi < luii,* 11,. .��� ��� ������
���oil l h -tti Ohalna, theme weal 180 ohtlM io tba
(-"llil of cm no nc* inr ill. eotitaln llifc S#0 mm,
m*��te or leaa
Hated Nov   .>. \Wl. W. A   Hi 1 ���-,,-
Nelioti Lt���d Oialrlct.   Ulatm t ol W,-m KoOttttajT.
Take nollee ihat vt a. Bodaon. "I !|��b.ane,
Waah., occupation timl-r crulaer, Inn nd* t<> n|>.
J'l>  for a apeclal tlmU-r llcenc   ovei Um    I
ii,)- daaortuad landi: Coaunattolna tt 1 1 t
planted on tba aontb ban* of the nor'h fork oi
��� om ii.'.i, thanoa aontb IS ahaina, 1    n a m, "t
. 100 ebalna, thence  north  in .Lain*,   th, ... .���   , a*-t
160 ehaina to the j>ottil  of  commencement   con-
***.tuir.K "��40 aorta, more or leu.
1 tated Nov. Mh, VAC. W, A.  BtTDaOV,
"���** on Lead Mitrict. iMitrict ui We*t Beoteoaf
w_Sa shOMSe that W A Hudaon. Ol Hi.okane,
waan., o. -i,,���t|on llmlter eruiacr, llilendi lo ap-
pi) b>r �� M��* M-i��| umber lic'.U'. ,.Ver tht follow-
iiik oeaenio , |4qii��; ( oiuinrlicliin al a DO I
punl. d on th     eM, ���,u. u% ,h,. -n���x,th UlTk ,lf ,,M.
I'il_. .'..-I. . _.' 7" '���'���'���-' theme aouth HU ihalDf,
thence   ^'M*��i,f, utvttre   m.nh HO  chat   .
Ihanecea-t Hii dial*, .��� ,,M   p,,,,,-. (lf ,.-,���-���., ,.,.,
met.  .'."��>�����'>�����.��*'   a.-rea. more or lea
1.S..-.1 N.iv   Sll,, I-..7 W   A    I,
K.*l�����, l.su.l Ulainrt. l*--^,,,,., ,,|��e��� sS.-l-nsy
1��k...i.,,l,-i- llisl W. A. J,,���,���,��� ���, .,.,���.���,.
Wa.li ,m,-i,|,s,l<,n ,li���b,.r*f ,,, |u,,... . ,,, ��n
ply N..F.-UI ,l,���*��.,r l|..,.,���'_.. ^-'J',',,,. ,..,.,">,'
lux (U-mtIUmI Un*Is- ' "^uimam-llitf at a i....,
planlP.I slMUI ,-JH iMt ..IS "",,,, V,,. ���,', ,
for.   of  Ooru ,:r,*,-k     tbt-u.-e   ,������,..   NJ  ,,,_,���.
chalna,   tDtnt'O   eaat   no  < halm   to  lh<
..,:.).!!.'ii, "'in.-ui.   ' '"I'aliiliiK 640 air��
Haled Nov. fith, 1UU7. W.a   J^w.hi.n,
Nelaou Laud Ulitrlct |Hlilrlct ol ffk��t Ko.,,, .,'lv
Take notice lhat W. A. Hud-on, of Ht-oicaiic,
Waah.. occupallon llmlter crulaei, Intends to tip
ply for a apeclal tlinl*.:r licence over Die billow
.uk deacrlbed lamia: Commencing at a in-ii
planted altoiit WH) feel north ol the north fork ol
corn creek. O-icuce north ho ehaina thene,. woat
HO chalna, Ihence aoulh ft) chnliia, I hence ttat nu
chains Ut lhe p<iiut <d coiuiueuceiiieiit OOOtalO
i-'L- 010 airea. or leia.
Pated Nov   Olli. 1W1. W   A, Hl'i>a*.N
NeiBon I-ami Hlatrlct.   Diatrict of Weit Kooteuay
'lake notice that W A. Hudion, nf Hpokane,
Wiiah , occupation I imber criHaer, llllemla lo a p-
ply fqr a aiiecial Umber llMDOt OVOt lhe folio
Iiik deacrlbed Landa I Couoneneiut* at a post
platitol al-oul B0O feel ttorih of Uie north fork of
Coru creek, theuce south Mo chalua, thence eaal
HO chalni, 11" 'in *��� nortn HO chalna, theme weat ho
chalna to the |toint of <'omiueliceiiieut, containing '>t0 acrei, more or leu.
Dated Nov. lib, 1 ���". W. A   Hi btOM,
Nelaon L-ttd Hlalrict.   Hlatrlct of Weil Kootenay
Take notice that W. A Jludaon, of
Waah , occupation Umber cruller, Intel
ply for a ipeclai limber licence over th* following deienlted landi: Commencing nt a poat
planted uI..-111 .''Ni feel norih of the north fork of
Corn creek, theuee wtuth ho chalua, thanoa weal
ao elm ina, Lnaijcu north ho ctiain*. ih-nec eaat ho
chalna to the point of comineueeliH nl, contain*
in;- Mil acrea. more or leu.
Dated Nov. fith, UOT. VV. A.  IfonaoN
Nelion Land Diatrict    Dlitrlct of Weil Koolenay
Take notice that W A. Hudaon, of Hpokane,
Waah., occupation llmlter crulaer. lutein.*, to up
ply for a npecial limber I hence over the follow
Ing deaerfbed lamia: Commemiug al a post
planted about 200 feet north of the north folk of
OprO creek, thenee aouth HO chains, thtnet I ast
HU chalni, thence nort!. HO chalua, tin nc wi-at HO
( halnn lo the polnl of cominfncemenl, eotitalie
lug fi-40 aerea, more or less.
Dated Nov.r.th, lwiT. w a. Honso^,
Nelion Land Dlitrlct.   Dlitricl of Weal f ooi.-uay
7ako notice that   W,   A,   II
Wanh.   oreiipallou timl
pi/ for a ineclal timta.r licence over  the full _..
lug  dcacrlbud   luiida.     1 I'luiuiin lug   at  a   poat
Y<iiir ehoiet- oi H  iM-autif.ii patterns
in   Qennine   Bootefa  Tweeds      K-^y
- 00 Suits.    Sale Price %2*\
Y.,11 can buy .-�� lu,���r,   I'niii   Kimcl,   In  th>' l"*i<t   fruit  Rrowlnc district
In   British   Oeltunbla   hy   pajrtas   ,1 o dollars U'.wn mul 110 IK'r moniti.
1-Sv.ii  aa an  li,v. .-.tin. i��t  drj. is  wcrili roiiBl.lcrutton.
Krult l.am! has trebled Iii value within the year.    What will It do neit
waki. an��BBT
__3R Lambe-*, Shingles,
Lath, -VloulclinK-A, Doors, Windows.
Id ail Onler. pMinptly af*adwi an
Miii.Hor^. u. c. 	
I iirnctl Work r.Mcl llruckuta.
V8RHON lilBIIT   -  -
plant,.,) on  I,.,,  amita   tank   ..(  (It.   i.isn.   < are
it. a ���u,i a.i)..���niiK tlmbsr 11...-,1,-0 Wo. loni,
I,.... .    ...ml,   tinliHlli-.   tl..n.�� ��,-��t   ISO rliHll.h.
it,..-I.,* 11,. 111. u.. iiain*. , 1,. nr,., ant IWoaalas 1,.
tbe  l-olni   ..I    voiniii. I,,,-,,,, 1,1.    (^fiusliiliis   IVIU
n.   , -. i.i.'i.- or lena
,'a.r.l Not. Tin, 1907. W   4, llll......
No. H.    ���� tort, f���. n.M-k.
N.l.,,., 1-.H.I  HI-'nil     I.lal.I ���' .., W.-.1 K.H.I-oav
Takf tii.ii,,. n.ai I. .|,.M pi,   Hslrlrk, ol N,-I...ii.
Hi,     1I-U..U   liiinl���-i.nati.   nu, ...1   u, s(,|.l>*
for a al^r.-ul ll,���l��� i   li,,.|���,.  ,,v,.t   tlie   foil..*. Ins
d���nrlna-ad laml.   tlomm, in in. si a ,m..i ptsnt...,
HlH,nt ". *;��� ilea up ,!���.
sll.I SI....H. HI ,-hsl.i. ,,
A,   lln.laoli.  nl H]..,k���ni.,
ber rrllla,.., Iiil.'ii.l- I., ftp-
1 Kin- .-... k
_ k ..1 -���l i ���, .i
ork.an . ,���a.k,..l JoMptl I'slri. k'. ��. K oornar,
I,..,... ��S,a, M, ,'halna. tb.a�� Il.illll N. . Ii,.ina.
,l,rn,-,. .���� . S. ,.|,��i. ., it,, ,,,_. -,,,,11, ,��� ,.|,s||is I..
polnl o,        io.,,,,,, tin. m    .-,i, ,,,;,,,   ,.,���   a,T,-a.
III.I!.- of ,
l.s,���.l .      I,.,nl��.r .',,!,. 1.1.7,     Joasill I'aTHl.s.
I   i. Lt-, ... aic.nl.
..","   '*,   n,n\ [oik, KI,.. .n.k.
Nelaini la.^1 ,,lKiri,.,    ni���r,,.,���( ,v, ,i Koot.-i.av
ral,' ni.ll*   iha,  J pn   I'sulrk, ol  Si-1 son,
I* '    .   ...���'���.,[.ail.in lijii,t���Tii,aii. liitctula l>> Hpplv
lorsap.-.Jal it,,,,,,.,   i���,.���,,,.  ���,.,.,   u���   I,,!,,,, [,,-,
.1. -.-,ii..-.i landsi  t! in. in
about twfo oh. I.ism,
dlrMtlon   from    l.,ra,i���n
ins mi a j.o-i plant.
anil   ui  an   .'s.l.-il
Ji.��,-pii     ���.,,.),.   ^,J.. ,.,.,���m, th.no. south M
.- .Bll.a. Ith.no. wrx HO  ,.,,��!,ia.  Ibaho.   noiil. So
il.iiiii..    Ib.ao. east  NO i-t.aln.   to point of fl ���
"",' pe ''I. .I'lllaliiliis i.���. ��,T..., Dint.. ,,,  t,..-
I.al.'.l l��.^,.|iil���.r ,.ll,. J...7.       .IohM'II Paiiiiik,
No   I',.      a_��� |���rki fif,.,.,,-, k
Nelson, Laml lli.u,, I.    lualr.i'l ol WMI K.iol.nnv
1st., notloa Lhsll.Jos.ph 1'strlok, of n.i-..,",.
h  ,- ,   '���*,.npall���n liiiiil.rnnHO, tin..ml  ,..   apt-lv
lo, a sp. ��� Irf llmln.r   II,,., ,v���r   tb.   loll..-Ine
.. H.-ill..... lainla; I '���m,.ii'ii.-In. al .i po.l plnot...1
"I."'.I  I" I'linlna   ,|i- ������������  sn.t III ��� ,,.-.. rly .In.-.-
on llooi .1,.. ������,t |���,k ,,, up.   , ���., k   _���,(  _,���,,,
Take notl.-e   Ihsl I. Joaeph   l'san���-,�����'!"'"_;
H. ,*., ,n-,-���pa,l��..   hi.nlH-iiiisli    .nli.ii.1 1 "W
Inu.  l-l ll,i.l,,T   II. OS   OUT  H.e '���'"*!���!
dworlbad lan.la:    rol.illirlM'llIk- sls |W��I I ���� ���
.i I mil.in an hmmTj   ""ru"" ,'','?.ii,'
no.ulli  ..I   K......O.  iTr.-k.   where!   rm|."    -\
1 ar|.  lake, ami inarke.l Jo*.ph I Slri" ' '
lorn.r, Ihu   north M ch.lna, tb.
.-���.����� tb.no. -...in-*.' ohalns. ".���'";���     ������,
ohalna to point of oeaimeaeiBMBt, ottanuaw,
M    hit... mor. .���. l.-.��. ,,.._ir.
D. i LtMsmberiBd, \*n.    Jossi-h I ����'"���
I. J.  l.lH-M. StO'l.
No. 18.   Hlereus e.eek. , .   ���, ,aasaf
Nel-. u Land DUtrlot.   DUUtatol Waft����**J-"
rat tie.   II.a. I.l....pn   lalri.-k... l**����Jf'
I". C..u<*...i|.sll����   Iiiinl"-finaii.   Ilileli'l   "���'"���
lor a hjH..*l,,l llinlior   11 ���   ""''   ""'  ',' '*���,}
,1,-. I.D--I landa:    .'oin.i.e... -Iiik sl ��� I"'- - I       ,,,
sImoii  ll  miles   up Hi. vena iT.*ek. sin. ���'" "    ,
ehaina soillll   Ifolll   the  hail.   Ol UH  ���*"',���.,
���nsrke.l Joseph   I'.ilrl. k -   s    1-    ,-..,*..  <"
Watt, ��0  ehaina.   Ih, n.-e   ��e.| H e|..al 'J,  '    �����,
ti...in E obalos, tb.o a.i so. ii����>* i">"' ',���
oomm.nonn.nl, oontalnlni mu ���*"'*��� '"""
"taated DeeenkM ��a*, i'",". ^'".vT*'
Ho. 1��    Ktevena ereek iCsnUOS
Nelson I.HH.1 DUtrlOl    Dl.ll W "I ��''" **,'I, iii.
���I'ske noll.-e Ihsl 1,   J"��.pl.   Patriot, ol
oupaUOO   liiiiilM-naan.   In
for n ai.ei-lal 111.
I. mi Ibed lands
I tun Per IP . -
iliniieln IIIK Sl '
.. Jl*'!
,1 iilBUl.'.'
��..oii,��� mile, up IMnns oraajt snd '"'ij .'J
1,,,-j.ilon s,. is ,.i. the aoulh. an.l '"��r'm ,SSa,
l'..irl,-k'�� W. W, oornar, ihen..- ,��- ���1 ���,���,,
in. in., south Hi ohaint. lEiBojw��CmJ"���*
Hon,-., m.rit.su ohalna lo point of oomrnwn
in. in   roiilKllllut mu seres, more oi I'""-������,,
Hal..I   l���.ielnl,.-r KM, 1907-.     Jo-sl" I'��'
l.J. I.r.��
Al ItK'H,
��� ooll. e  Mo.. .   i
tipatlon i
,'.,"*.""_* mouth olo-Mk. sn.t marked Joseph
lain  a a   s   p.    ,.���rner.   tl,,.|i,>,>  ,vi-*l   p... elmloa,
' "'" """.   ' "I"-,   then..,,  enat   I,,ti it i��,
���I.-*"'��� aoulh   p. ohalna to point or
mem   >-.,..,s,,.,,,. ,, in ��,���.,, moreiii li
Hilled llee.-n, (K-rfttli, IUU7.       Joan-It p
No    U.     BI    V,.,.,.,,..,,     '--'���'"". "��'"l
""!  1-aO'l l.l"l,|. i .i, ��.���; West Kootensy
���pi. lalil.k, ol Nelaon.
man Inirii.t I.. ,.p|,!v
lorasi..-..|al llmli,, n, ���,. ���,.,,, ,|���. |,,|i���wllli
.I...ill,,,l lamia; !,,���, .ne|nk a| ��� p,,., p|������i,.,*|
ahoilt :,'a mil,-a up Ml. . , .. ,,,,., ami lu ��� N. K.
dlronlloii from ninulh ���l ,���,..,.., ���,M| i,,���rked
Jo., pit   I'alrl.-k'a   S    I-.   .0,11. ,,   thsnos  aoulh 80
ohalna, thonoo wMiaoobalns, th.no. noiil, w,
'ih.In, . ih.-o. i.i so ohaini i�� me i.oiu, of
eoinin,-iih-iii. nt,  eotllsllilut ",�� ae.ea.   .noi.  or
Isl.-d lleeeinher llrd, 11107,      Joasril paTHlt-K
.S'o.,7.   ���(��....���,.���.,.   '   '   l""* ����*'"'
Mujaon I.slid 111.In, I     Dislrli't 01 Weal honli .in;
No. a,     We��, L.rk, File i-ti-ek ,t,���,i,naf
N.lson Und DUtrlot    Ihalrlrl o  ��"M *���".,.���������,
lake uofp-e lhat I, Joseph I ��"�����,," ,, ,.,,,1,
II. <:., <��.,-..pslioii  iiimliennsn, lnu.no        ;;M
for a apii-1-.l lllnlier   lleelll V*t  III'    '    ,���llf,i
ilea.rll.e.l 1,10.1b:    I oinllii-li. lot "' ">".',..  au.l
al.oiil I mllai up Ilie weal folk   .1 Klli "       ,,���l
 i -I. iIi.iIiib north "I 'I" .'..',"' ""   ' ���ni��
Joaeph   I'alilik-a   N   K.  iioii.T.  IbonM  ��� ���,
.IniliiB   ihenee woat mi ehslus. """',, ,	
ohslIIB,   Ih.nee   eaal *leli��lll��   I"   I"'" ' ���r less,
mo,,,,.-, lontalnluaimi aerea, m",' "
Dated n.-,-, uii,e. ttauW.    J^'�� "Jt,',,,
��o. 11.    Weal lork, of III.- I���>.-ok K������|,,,i���
Nelaon 1*11,1 l.talrlel     DUtTlOlO   tteal k���;, 	
'lakonotl.t-tbal I,  Joseph   Casll !��� �����   "
......     ,..,..
II <: . oeeopiilloli Iniiiheruiaii. in*""**���T|o��/lli
furasnonlal llinher  llieuee over  Ih ���  I" '       ,J
dnsi-rlhoil Isnda:  .' uieiiiint ��  "',',,'.,., ami
about 1 mllea up the weal fork of HIe " ���,,
planted on Ihe norih bank of III" " ,""���.���|.
limrked Joseph l-.trlik's N.B. "',"<"[' ,.�����
...uth so chains. Ihence .v.-al H otaMa. ' ���,
nnrlh HO chslIIB. Ihence dial Sll ehsnia 'r,.���i
ol ...ii iiiccim.ot, eoiitsliilnt MOsorsB.
""iltod DooomberOth.llsJJ.j l""'^"^"!"' _m.'s�� - ,'P   ii   '  *-f*-*��f
the bally Canatki
This is fresh-killed poultry and  will give you
every satisfaction.    ORDER NOW.
More supplies arriving later.
P. Barns & Co., Ltd.
���bsIo, Rossland Bonndary
Bohemian Beer
The Nelson Brewing Co'y, Ltd.
L)^A/ij>y^f<vvvV'VVV*a*B**,.. a,.,a,��,�� a> a,, a �� �� a a * a a ��s*��*t***%a*^^^*t^^^0*t**t***
;oall Ice! Wood!
Phone 265
.ale-Kootenay Ice, Fralt,
*oel _ Poultry Co., Ltd.
N. E. co.. Bister   and   Ward   Ste.
occupation rancher, Intenda to apply io- jw-t-
Ettaafon tO perSbSSa the folio-wins deacrlbed
land; 0ommoOQUl| at a DOtH planttNl at Lhe
liorthweat corner of Un "S93, thenee weat. 40
ehaina, thence aouth ho chalua, theuce east ��)
clialna, thtltoa north Ni ebalna to the point of
eommenceinent, and containing Sfti aerea, niort;
or LtM
I ated ISth 0<Io1kt, IWl. J*M��a SllltU.,
      Y (i   FAr-yruta. Agent.
Nelaon UKOd Dlatriot Imirirt of Weat Kooteuay
Take notice that Angus* Metiill, of thf-City ol
Nalaon. o**eupallon fireman. Iuteuda to apply for
permlaalon !- purchaae the lollowlng o-acribed
landi: Commencing at a poit plauled at the
N.W. corner L 0. Morrlaon'a ranch, iu Kir
alley, tlu Ut north forty (40) chairs-., thene
aat lo-ty (*jj) ehaina, thence aouth lorly |4o
aim, thene** weat forty (IO) chalna olnt o
i'i: .���::���' iss. in     and coutalnlng   one hundred
d alxty    '���-'   acrea, more or leai.
I'ted ���Vptejiber'iiH.  IfH AHQra    Mct.itl.
i Und Diatrict.   1'tatrlcl ol Weat Kootenay
.    lhal Fred. J. Katnmona.  agent   for
i    raonar, ol   Nelaon, occupation   watch-
, isiniida to apply  for itermiaali>n to pur*
..'���aing  denTlb**<l   landa:    l-ommeii*
,*p.,.t    talanted    about  -i'i  milea  eaat ��*l
i.ic.'st. theuce ����� chalni  in an eaaterly
ihence   JO  chalna    aouth,   thetice  *.<i
ti* tn a wMvierly dlrectimi, UU���St '*��* <halua
ti la Ui.* poiutofcommeueemenl,c<iut**lning  .
;*���'. mote or leaa
led No-firth. \W1.
FHIllHll K    loHN  T*��MKR.
F. J. -HAtMoNi.  Agent
I -ini Matrlci. Dialrictot Weal Kootenay
o- notice that Fred J- Haintnona, agettt lor
t alUrd, of I'riK'lor. occupation rancher,
. 1- io apply for perinhwiou to purchaj-e the
wim* deMTlb-M lauda: CoinintTicing at a
; .anted aboull'jinib'aeaitol WtUou 'reelt,
���. --uutliweafinelialui, thenee northwoat Al
i- theiuv tiortheaaf-ii*chaina, Uti-uc**" aouth-
ai chalni to the the point oi commeuctnitut
ys ii um oi acrea, more or leia.
led Nor.90th* IWl.
Agent Y  J   ."AMito.Na.
si l and Muriel Diatrict ol Weit Kootenay
te notice that W. A. Hudaon, timber crulaer,
okane, Spokane county, Waahington. one
-   i unci hlateaof Amerira, inieilda to apply
���I���.lal   timber   UotaM  over  the lollowlug
...���������I landi:    -t-omiueiielnti at a p-**1 marked
I planted on the Uorlb balik ol torn .reek,
���      un, lion of   the North lork of Corn creek
lha main alream, about five BUlta in a
ilv directtou from continence of mid torn
>Mth the Kootenav rlvtr|   thenee north 40
II thenee weat 16o" chalim; llicnce south 40
--' ihence ca.-i Iwi i haina to polut o| com-
,'inaJil, conlnluiliK 64" acrea more or leaa.
i laud adjoins Umber limit Nol on the
and timber limit  No. H on the aoulh, ai lo*
' by me.
ated November T. IWl.
WttiiAM A. II iiwON, Locator.
leaatd by Patrick 0. Hhlno
i lared and algne-d by the within named \V
udaon on  the-iVlhday of November, A   u
1,,-lore me  at Hpokane,   rlpnkaue   < oiintv,
uiglon.oueot the fulled hlateaof America.
I_TBI('K f    SH1WB.
i l-aud Dlilrtct. DlBUttM 01 Weal Kooteuay
a notice lhat laabella 1'Urcc, f Htraaaburg.
ation married woman, ii.lcnd^ U�� ��� i>l>ly
rmlaaton to purchaae the lollowlai ata-
I landi: fouimencliig at a poat planted ul
icraeetlon of the north boundary ofJLM
ml the eaat boundary ol 1-ot No. MH\
e eant Ml chalua, more or leia. to the north-
orner of limber Limit No. 7671, thence
Mi-hall,-*, theuce wesl A- chalna, more nr
0 liir eaal aide  of   Whalanan   lake,   thenee
.ini- itma  tn  * wutbarti and  vtattrij
loQlOil ehtlnS, more or Itai io lhe inter
n wilh Lot HIV., ihenc,* :;�� ehaina, more or
ollowtug   eaaterly   boundary   of I-ot ("IN* l��
01 conuneueemout-
ed 1th October, lyo..       m*art i * I'ikuck,
F   i.. KArqi'ia-H.   - gelll.
kaonLatld Dlitricl. Dlatrielot Weal Kooleua>
pake nottOB that Alexander 3 Met loot, of
iriile. II. ('., occupiittou clerk, inlenda to apply
'niilaalou to poreh��*.e the follow li K Ml
Hand. Cotuinoiiciiig at a poal planted on
r n,ni Iktii tioninlary ol H 0 Soullierli Kail
fay right-id way, about one and a hall mil--
Wterly from lha northwest corner OtlOtRSsli
"up I. Kootenay, thence aouth no chain-,
nee caM N < halua. tlu lice   norih HO ohtlm '��'
ihern boundary of Mid right ol-wa*.. thence
i ko chalna along  aaid miutheru  boundary to
Ul   Of   eommeiKeiiiciit,    and   eoiitalnlug  ton
P ."a, more or leaa.
I Dated  November 'Jlh. lttfl.
Al.gXtNpitK .1    HOUDOL,
Ferry,  Waterloo, Columbia River.
in accordance with I'bipUi ~H. K -t, B C..1S97.
"Kerrlea Act," the Oov. mmeiit of Briliah Columbia invltea applicationi ior a charter (or a ferry
to ply between Waterloo, B. ('.. and a point on
the ..pptH.ii.' aide of the t'olumbia River
Appllcatlona wit) be reea-lved by the Hon the
Chlei t'ommlaiUtner   up to and   Including  the
Hal day or Dtotmbtr, 1907.
The charter   will  eoTer a period  expiring on
the 30th. June, l��t��.
The ferry thai! (.-��� operate-l whenever rtqaixtd
between" a.m  and" p.m.every day except Sun-
Applicationi ihall give   a   deacrlption  of the
HOW an-i cable ll ia pro-poaed to iik,
Appllcatlona ihall Hale the tolka it la propoacd
-to aik ior:���
Kach adult pai��enger
Kach clilbl (not in arma) under r> yean,
Kaeh head of cattle, hum-, mule or donkey, etc
Kach calf. *���'������ - I'    goal nr iwilie, etc
Ktob vi-hicle. with one ho-ae and driver.
Kach   cart  or   waggon,   with   oue   ho rue  aud
Irtrar, loaded.
Kach vehicle, wltli two horriea aud driver, tin-
Kach vehicle, with two horaei and driver,
Kaeh parcel of 2A Iba , aud under-
KreiKhl per ������*-' Iba , aud under, uon-perlahable
Freight -per lutlba and under, perlahablc gnor*v
The go-, eminent of hrltlah t:olumbia i- not
uec'-aaarily Imi und to accept uny application aub-
F- ('. CAMBLK,
Public Worka Engineer.
Landi and W,>rka Depurtmenl.
Yl-norla. H. f , Ite*vmber 10th. 19tn.
Madame   Vere   Goold    Demands   Public
Execution   by   Ancient   Laws
of Monaco.
Monte Carlo, Dec. ��^.���ilrnc. V.*re
Goold has pro-duced consternation ln the
principality of Monaco by exercising an
ancient right of a condemned person
and by demanding that she be executed
in the I-Maza, which is the flower and
free decorated space in front of the
Casino at Monte Carlo.
Ever since the trial of the Goolds for
tin- murder of ICiniiia L-evin the Prince
of Monaco has dreaded some such possibility as this. The persistent policy of
the ruler hus been to keep away, to
cover up everything that might frighten
the nervous sensibilities of the patrons
Of the gumbling establishments. If it
had been possible the trial would have
been quashed and the prisoners secretly
put away.
The idea of an execution in Monte
Carlo was horrifying enough���even if
it could be conducted In privau*���and
now this woman demands to be killed
In public and that the guillotine be set
up In front of the I'alace de Chance.
I loth she and her husband have appealed Bgalnst their sentences���his that
of hard labor for life and hers that of
the headsman���and in view of the woman's plea for a final public appearance
lt Is quite possible the appeal will be
Meauwtiile the Goolds are locked up
in the Monaco prison. Goold has sent
a farewell message to his friends in
Ireland and Kngiand, and will be shlp-
iHfd to Cayenne, French Guiana, if the
sentence be carried out. He has also
sent loving messages to the cell of his
wife, but she refuses to read them and
declares that she she wants nothing
more to do with  "that   lazy drunkard.''
Mine. Goold Is defiant in everything.
"I will go to the executioner," she has
aaid, "with my head high. AU the women want to see ine on my knees, but
they  wou't."
ll Lund Dlilrlcl.   n.liriciol Weal Koolenay
notice thai F. I'. Hurden, acting aa agent
i  ii Burden, ot n.kiok. n. h , ooonpatlon
' baiiie,   liitclidi   lo  applv   for   periuiaalon   lo
"itiftM the lollowlng Qeaartbed landi:   t'om-
_   -nctug al n spoNt plained on  the   eaaterly ahore
|f Arrow like "nd about  10 ��� ',"'-���  north <>i the
'   K, corner of   loi ftlSfl, theltos cum Ai chain-,
ncc north 40 chalna, more or leaa,  u�� Iba lake
'���. thenoa aou th weat eiiy along tht InkcMiore
l e point of eointuenceiiielil.   alid   Con allitni-.
���Ortl, ini'ic or loai.
fated Novonibor IHth, 1907, 3aU0M H   ��"��i,kn,
F. i'     llllHliKM,  Agcnl.
mm Land Dlitrlct.   Dlitrlct of Woat Kooienu?
ake notlco    lhal   John   Jamea   Cameron, ot
ule.   HrtiiHti  t'oluiiitilu,   icciipatloii   contnie-
inieuda     lo     apply     for    permlialon    to
f Iitiae the  following dea 'rlbed   1'tid:    t'om-
I'Clin*   ui   n   poat   planied   on   the   Houthern
iiidnry  ol   tin-   B:  t'.  Houthern   right of.way
" l 40 ehuliia weaicrlv from  the ti* v9  corner
n tawi. group  1,   Koolenay,  thence iniib 60
vhami, thahoa  eaal   40  ebalna.   thence   nnrlh tvo
plnilni  lo  the   louthern   boundary   of  tbe   aald
'     -Nli'tly  along aald   aoulh
Notice Is hereby bH.-ii that the Kinney.Mill.-r Cedar CoVua&y, im extra provincial oompany duly registered, as
.such, an.l anllu.rlzc.l to carry on business within lhe province of Hritish Columbia, ami having its bead offlce at
Creeton, In tbe said provlnoe, manufacturers,   have    by    deed    Of   assignment,
dated the iiih day of Deoember, ido".
aeetghed all lis personal property, veil
eslaio, credits, and effects, which may
ho  seiz.-il   and   sold   under execution   to
me, Charles 0. Rodiers,   of   Qreston,
iii-iiish t'olumbia. lumber manufacturer,
for llu* general benetit of Its creditors.
A meeting of the oredltori  will !�����
held  111   ibe offlce  of  ll.   M.   Macdonald.
barrister-ut-iaw. corner Baker sad Btan-
ley itreets, Nelson, B. C, ut the hour of
three o'cio.-u in the afternoon ��>n Tuesday, the ssist day of December, 1R07, for
lhe  KivltiK  of directions  with  reference,
1.1 ii-a disposal ot the estate. -1
And further taka node,, thai ull cul
tors are required ..u or before the ^'>ili
day of Deoember, 1907, to Die with in.,-.
the assignee, full particulate of theur
cliiiins duly verified, and Ihe nature* of
the security, if any. held by them.
And nollce ir hereby given that ufler
ihe SSMh day of December, ll'iiT. 1 svill
proceed to distribute the aasets amofngsl
the creditors of whose del,Is or c\ntms
1 shall then have received nollce mul I
will nol be responsible for the SSgetS,
or any pari then.of. so dlslrl-outod lo
any creditor of whose debt or claim I
shnll not then huve received BOtlOS.
Haled al Creston, 1I..I'. lll.s I lib day
of Deoember, isio7.
CHARLES   O.    Ht. in. THS
Fls'.ii.t way, thi
*t''n   Im,miliary  ul rluhl ���l wuv   lo  tlie point
''"tiiiiu.iiiisiiu.iii, nut. rontttliiliia: WH HiTiis, mor.'
ai,.,, RorembR tuii, pan
J  IIN  la
.���laoti L.111I Patriot,   Patriot Ol Weal K.H.LMiay
'las. Hum;,; u.,.1 John Uhlull, ol .Nit.iI.s. B.C.,
Geo. P. Player
Office   Room   No.   2,   ELLIOT      BLOCK.
r. r. green     f.p. bukuen     a. h. green
C'vil Engineers, Dominion and British
Columbia Land Surveyors
r.O.Boil'5   rboot J.I B. ���_
American   Corporation.   Will
About $200,000,000.
New York. Dec. StO.���It is estimated
that iM.ndholders will receive nearly
j.onoiiii.uoii within the next day or two,
the sum representing the end of the
year Interest and dividend disbursement
of the great corporations. Statistics
show that more money will he paid out
lo holders of stocks and bonds this end
of the year than ever before. Abonl
1105.01,0.000 is being paid out to holders
of bonds, while the dividend paying
stocks   will   distribute $77,000,000.
The fact thai oopper companies hav?
been forced to cut down their dividends
and many railroad and industrial concerns have been forced 10 either pay in
scrip or reduce their dividends hap
not changed the general total of dividend and interest payments. The reason for this state of affairs Is due to the
larger capitalizations and bonded obligations, all of which have been flouted
this year or In the latter part of 1906.
Head over shoulders of Industrial corporations in the matter of end of the
year coupon paymenU, the Unite*
States Steel Corporation towers. It will
pay out this week tl.C41.00ii. The Consolidated Gas Company is second, with
|1,:I79,000. The American Telephone
and Telegraph Company will distribute
tl.-85.OO0. Ill the list of dividend pay
era, the Union Pacific's disbursements
leiul with n total of t4.887.450. and
Southern raclflc Is second, with pn*
mfnta of ts!.4s7,��o".
Tho Union raclflc will pay for ts
blmds tSI.500,000. the Ore��.t Northern %"..���
U'l.oou and the Bouthela I'aclflc nearly
t_ ,11110,000. Another of the greal bond
coupon payers is the St, l,ou!s and San
Kriiiui.-..'.'. which will gay 12,649,000 and
,Tm. Canadian l'aclt& nearly tS!.000.000
t j the holders ol tt)* coupons.
T.chaikovsky Doomed.
London, DeO. HO -Friends of Nicholas
Tschaikovaky hero hold slender hopes
lhat he will escape from lhe clutches
of lhe Hussion police which ror years
till v.* been awaiting an opporllllllly to
Srresl  Dim.    They declared the evidence
against Tsohailcovsky a fonnable series
of charges, chiefly iii connection with
Importation of revolutionary literature
and arms Into llussin. The fact that he
Is ii close friend of Maxim Gorky constitutes a serious offense In the eyes of
the Russian authorities.	
"COMPANIES   ACT,   1897."
Province of liritish Columbia.
No. 412.
This Is to certify thnt    The Manitoba
ami Western Canada l.an.l Oompany,
Limited," i s authorised ami licensed to curry on business with
In tho Province of liritish Columbia, and to enrry out or effect all
or any ��r tho objects of lhe Company
to which   tbe   legislative,   authority   of
'.'���a   i p
the Legislature of British Columbia extends.
The head office of the Company iB situate at the Town of Altona, in the Province of  Manitoba.
The amount of the capital of the
Company is sixty thousand dollars, divided into six hundred hai. s of one
hundred dollars each.
The head office of the Company in
this Province Is situate at Nelson, and
W. A. Macdonald. ISarrister-at-Law,
whoBe address is Nelson, B. C, la attorney for the Company.
Given under my hand and seal of office at Victoria, Province of British
Columbia, this sixteenth day of November, one thousand nine hundred and
1.L.S.1 S. Y. WOOTTON,
Registrar of Joint Stock Companies.
The  objects  for which   this    Company has been established and licensed
For the purpose and with the object
of buying or acquiring by grant, purchase or otherwise, and leasing, mortgaging or otherwise transferring or dealing with or disposing of real estate,
lands, tenements, hereditaments of
every description or nature, and any
and every right and interest therein:
developing, cultivating, forming, settling and otherwise improving and utilising the same, and of pledging, mortgaging, leasing, selling and otherwise
dealing with exchange or disposing of
the same, and generally of carrying on
the business of a land and land improvement company, and to carry on
the business of ranching, farming and
lumbering; of aiding an dassisting by-
advances of money or otherwise, with
or without security, settlers and Intending settlers upon any lands belonging to the company or In the neighborhood of such lands, and generally to
promote the settlements of land or acquiring, holding, selling, mortgaging,
pledging and otherwise dealing with
mortgages and charges in lands or any
Interest therein, and of agreements for
terest therein, and of Investing and
lumbering; of aiding and assisting by
with covenants for the security t.f
the purchaseand sale of land or any **
lending money upon the security of r,* 1
and pergonal estate, goods and chattl* ,
stocks, bonds, bills of exchange, v.
mtssory notes or kinds of socurit'i
an Individual may: to take and re,rl
mortgages on real or personal es'.ajngr
other Becurlty at such rates of lnte/esj.t
as may be agreed upon; to sell anl t
assign such mortgages or mortgaa th
same hy any Instrument in wt!U��?
agreement, subject to conditions an
with covenants for the security ef
money advanced thereon; to sl*"
mortgages on any lands own. .1 r-
chased by the company;  to sec * -
purchase price or any  part tbe oi,
any lands, tenements or tiered.'. ents\
purchased by the compauy or I r any 1
other purpose whatsoever; to borrow!
money at such rate of lnteresi aa to'
the company may seem advlsalle, andj
Issue deposit receipts, bonds, monga-j
ges or other documents to the leaders,
thereof, and to give mortgagt* ur securities upon all or any of the com
pany's assets for repayment
any of the money borrowed
assign, mortgage an. hyp<>th��cat
pledge any of the ecurlties or a-6sets
of the said compauy for the, itecurlty
of moneys advanced thereon, to execute, sign, issue, nes-**-lttte transfer,
give and take promissory laotes, bills
of exchange, cheques, b/mds, debentures and other negotiable Instrument,
and choses in action anj evidence of
indebtedness of all kinds, and to pay,
charge, and collect Vit^rest thereon,
and to gi*e and take/chattel mortgages, bills ol sale, and itecelpt notes, lien
notes, hire receipts, /brders for goods,
chattels or money, :, n- ���liouse certificates, bills ar lading, warehouse receipts and oil -r*eeciiri**-les or chattels.
machinery, t-o,ls, ws-.res or merchan-
<_e; to Imfir '��� cultivate, erect buildings and miy ther improvements on,
or survey ct' subdivide any portion
of the com. ,y's lands; to lend money
and take nin-tgages on real and personal estate is security therefor and from
time to tln,e to discharge the same; to
and hob! real estate ln trust or
otherwtag as security for such loans,
and t. take and hold collateral and
otber heemity therefor or for debts
.'hicli may become due to the company;
tq oolleol rents, manage estates and
hmy and sell property on commission,
and to act as valuators, financial
agents, general and special agents, and
real estate brokers; to carry on the business of buying, selling, manufacturing,
making or otherwise acquiring or producing any or all kinds of material
used ln construction, maintenance and
repairs of buildings or other struc
tures. including lumber, Btone. brick
and plumbers' supplies; to acquire, construct, equip, own. maintain and operate
warehouses, elevators, factories, mills,
siiw-mllls and flour-mills; of buying and
selling gralnB of any kind whatsoever:
of buying and selling Implements, buggies, waggons, sleighs, machinery, and
engines of any kind whatsoever; of buying and selling goods and merchandise
of anv kind whatsoever, and buying and
selling safes uml vaults: to contract with
Individuals or corporate bodies In regard to any undertaking and to sue
und be sued In the name of the company In respect of the same and, subject to the provisions of Section 68 of
Ihe  Manitoba Joint Slock Companies Act
to unite ami amalgamate in whole or
Iii part with or purchase tho business
of any other person, corporation or
private individual engaged In any of the
businesses above mentioned, and. If so
agreed, to Issue therefor paid-up stock
In this company; of carrying on nny
other business which seems to the eompnny capable of being conveniently car-
led on In connection with the above or
which n.ny seem to the company calculated to directly or Indirectly enhance
lhe value of or render profitable any
of the company's properties or rights.
No. S110.
of llw  corny
.nt ft all at
,; and to sail.
.ollMcate   'or
"COMPA.N1E8   ACT.   1897."
I hereby certify thnt the "Falls Creek
Cupper Mining Company, Limited/' lr.,8
this day been  registered us an  Extra-
Provincial Company under the "Companies Act, 189-?," to carry out or effect all or any of the objects of the
Company to which the legislative authority of tbe Legislature of British Columbia extends.
The head offlce of the Company is situate at the City of Spokane, State of
Washington.  U.   S.  A.
The amount of the capital of the
Company ls one million five hundred
thousand dollars, divided Into one million five hundred thousand shareB of
one  dollar each.
The head offlce of the Company in
this Province is situate at Nelson, and
Michael C. Monaghan, Miner, whose
address is the same. Is the attorney
for the Company.
The time of the existence of this Company Is fifty years from the 15th March,
The Company is specially limited under section 5G of the above  Act..
Given under my hand and seal of office at Victoria. Province of British Columbia,   this   15th  day    of    May,    one
thousand nine hundred and seven.
[L.S.] S. Y.  WOOTON,
Registrar of Joint Stock Companies.
The objects for which the Company-
has been established and registered are
restricted to acquiring, managing, developing, working and selling mines, mineral claims and mining properties, and
the winning, getting, treating, refining
and marketing of mineral therefrom
and   are: ���
(1.) To obtain by purchase, lease,
hire, discovery, location or otherwise,
and hold within the Province of British Columbia mines, mineral claims,
mineral leases, prospects, mining lands
and mining rights of every description,
and to work, develop, operate and turn
the same to account, and to sell or
otherwise dispose of the same or any
of them, or any Interest therein^
(2.) To dig for, raise, crush,* wash,
smelt, assay, analyze, reduce, amalgamate and otherwise treat gold, silver,
copper, lead ores or deposits and other
minerals and metallic substances and
compounds of all kinds, whether belonging to the Company or not, and to render the same merchantable, and to buy,
,-ell and deal ln the same, or any of
(3.) To carry on the business of a
mining, smelting, milling and refining
company in all or any of its branches:
(4.) To acquire by purchase, lease,
hire, exchange or otherwise, such tim-
ber lands or leases, timber claims,
icences to cut timber, surface rights
and rights-of-way, water rights and privileges, mills, factories, furnaces,
for smelting and treating ores
aud refining metals, buildings, machinery, plant, and other real or personal
property as may be necessary for or
conducive to the proper carrying out
of the objects  of the Company:
(5.) To constuct, maintain, alter,
make, ^cork and operate on the property of the Company, or on property
controlled by the Company, any canals,
trails, roads, ways, tramways, bridges,
and reservoirs, dams, flumes, race and
other ways, water-course, aqueducts,
wells, wharves, piers, furnaces, sawmills, crushing works, smelting works,
concentrating works, hydraulic works,
electrical works and appliances, warehouses, buildings, machinery, plant,
stores, and other works and conveniences which may seem conducive to
any of the objpects of the Company,
and, with the oonsent of the shareholders ln general meeting, to contribute to,
subsidise or otherwise aid or take part
in any such operations though constructed and maintained by any other company or persons outside of the property
of the Company, and to buy, sell, manufacture and deal In all kinds of goods,
stores, implements, provisions, chattels
aud effects required by the Company
or Its workmen and servants:
(G.) To build, acquire, own, charter,
navigate and use steam and other vessels for the purpose of the Company:
(7.) To take, acquire, and hold as the
consideration for ores, metals or minerals sold or otherwise disposed of. or
for goods supplied or for work done
by contract or otherwise, shares, debentures, bonds or other securities of or in
any other company the objects of which
are restricted as herein aforesaid, and
to sell or otherT.ise dispose of the
(8.) To enter into any agreement for
sharing profits, union of interests or cooperation with any other person or company carrying on or about to carry on
any business or transaction which, a
company specially limited under section
56 of the "Companies Act. 1897,"of British Columbia, is authorised to carry on:
(9.) To purchase or otherwise acquire
and undertake all or any of the assets,
business, property, privileges, contracts,
rights, obligations and liabilities of any
person or company carrying on any
part of the business which a company
specially limited under Section 56 of
tho "Companies Act, 1897." of British
Columbia, is authorised to carry on, or
possessed of property suitable for the
purposes thereof:
(10.1 To borrow or raise money for
the purpose of the Company, but so
that the amount so borrowed or raised
shall not. without the sanction of a
general meeting of the Company, exceed one-quarter of the amount of the
paid-up capital for the time
being, and for the purposo of
���souring such money and Interest or for
any oiher purpose to mortgage or
charge the undertaking or all or uny
part of the properly of the Company,
present or after acquired, and to create,
issue, make .draw, accept and negotiate
perpetual or redeemable debentures or
debenture stock, promissory notes, bills
of exchange, bills of lading, warrants,
obligations, and other negotiable and
transferable Instruments:
(11.1 To distribute any of the property of the Compuny among the members
In specie:
12.1 To sell, improve, manage, d��-
velop. exchange, lease, mortgage, dispose of. turn to account or otherwise
deal with the undertaking or the whole
or any part of the property and rights
ot the Company, with power to accept
an Ihe consideration any shares, stocks
or obligations of any company thu ob-
leeta of which are restricted under
Section 56 of the "Companies Act,
1.97.' of  British Columbia:
(18*1 To do all such other things as
are lesl'idental or conducive to the attainment of the foregoing objects.
We have for rent an up-to-date house
lu a good position, containing three bedrooms, dinning room, parlor, kitchen,
pantry, bathroom and stone basement,
$25.00 per month.
H. & M. BIRD
A great many sales have been made of lots In this charming suburb
of Nelson and only a few hest   lots are lefL
If yet* want Good Land
McDermid & lYIcHardy
C. P. R.
Ttemont House
To Montreal, Toronto, and all polnta
west thereof In Ontario and Quebec.
Quebec, St. John, Halifax, Maritime Province rates on application.
Tickets on aale dally December 1st to
December 31st. Round trip First
elase.   90 day limit.
Halifax, St. John or Portland and return-
Salooon���*104.b0. Second���$78.25.
Steerage���$55.00,   and  up according to
For    detailed    Information,    Bailings
ocean  steamers,  first   class  or  tourist
sleeper   reservations   apply     to    local
agent or
A.Q. P.A..V.ncouT.r.
D P.A.. Nalaon
$150.00 Lot on Carbonate St.
$200.00  Two   Lots   on. Observatory
cleared, fenced, small cabin.
$325.00 Lot on  Latimer.  (Smalt cabin.)
$450.00 Two Lots on Latimer.   (Fenced
and cultivated.)
stnromaa aad American Plan
Mtait. sa ctt.   Boomi Irom *% ou. lo M.
ODty while Hup Smpio-rod.
B*r..*.cr St.. Nelson
Only the bent
quarters      Nelson
Most comfortable qus
o I liquors aad (.lean.
Grand Central Hotel
Thoroughly renovated and refurnished. Rooms 50 cents upward. The
dining room ls unexcelled ln the city.
House heated throughout with hot
J. A. BRIOKSON. Proprietor.
Telephone, 250.    Opposite Court R.
and Poetofflce. Nelaon. B. C.
Queen's Hotel
Baker bumL Nairn,. B. c. .*a
i,Real Estate Agent
S15 Baker St., Nelson, B. C.
���At** sad ,-omtort.ble   Bedrooms snC Flnl-
claaa Dlaln. Boom.
MRS. E. C. CLARKE, Proprietress.
Bartlett   House
Best Dottar-a-Day House in Nelson.
The Ber lt the Floeet.
White  Help Only Employed
Nelton. B.C.
Royal Hotel
CAPITAL,   $25,000.00   in   25,000   shares
of $10.00 each.
MANAGER, Crosier W. Bourko.
OFFICE. No. 322 Baker St. (Croasdallo
& Co.)
SEE the cement blockB displayed ln tho
Standard Furniture Co.'s window
APPLICATIONS for Btock are Invited
PARTICULARS  and  forms of  Appllca
tlon may be obtained at the Com
pany's offlce, or from If. A. Stewart
Solicitor, Nelson. B. C.
Rates $1 and $1.60 a Day.
���Special Rates to Regular Hoarders.
*sll Kinds nf Heating Planta In Btock.
Vletorla St., Nr.Oosra 'louse.      Tel. 181.
W.   a.   QILLETT
Contreotor*  mr**A
Hole Kgent Ior the Porto Kir*. Loint-er ro., Ltd..
retail yar-lR. Knugli mul iln**-**.-i.il luml-er, turtu**a
wnrit ami brackets., i'uh-i lath and ��� li InKlc*. var-h
ami <loori. -Curoent, hrictt and Unit- (or aale.
Automatic-ar I nder.
Yard and lactOTy: Vernon St.. t->fuitot Hall*
TNIU.Mors,   B. G*
li 1111 ue
^   I
I . f
i j
t 1
I . i
t '
'r ij
f i
,    '
i ;
1 !
-  ll
*> >
1     ^aiiy Canadio-
QurDiamond Rings
are   in   demand.     Why?    Because they are beautiful, well made and of
good quality.    We  manufacture them   ourselves,  and   guarantee  them.
We will take back any of your diamonds  for 90 per cent, of their
full   value  at any  time..   See  our   $25.00   rings.   	
Watchmaker and Optician
New Irish
New embroidered table
covers and centres. New
Chinese embroidered doylies and centre pieces.
These are all new goods
having just arrived this
Sec Us
For Good Fruit Land
io Acre Blocks to 8oo
Acre Blocks.
Bedrock Prices.
Easy Terms.
H. E. Groadsdaik & <��
Next Door to Uank of Commerce.
Call at
Queen Cigar Store
for anything wanted in
and  your troubles will
go up in smoke.
Bt*y Now
We have a Good Selection of
Cheap Houses from $750 to
$1500. Let us show you
them. Some extra snaps for
investment or for a home.
A. McDonald & Co.
Dealere. iu staple and fancy Urooeri*-)-
Butter, Eg-gH.
Camp aud Miners' .Supplies.
A. M. Can. Bee. C. E.
Mining Work a Specialty.
Office*.  Bealcy Building,    p. o   Box 4SM
Baker il.,  NtL.ON, ���. C.
The Heat Hum Coal ou tbe market.
Bankhend Briquettes
The Best liomestic Coal.
West Transfer Co.
Corner of Stanley and Victoria Sts.
Two Blocks from Depot
J Campbell, J, Macdonald, Miss <;
.Mii'*ilonal.l. Winnipeg; B. Aldii<> Angells
Comedians; T. Harris, Cranbrook; H.
Bullen, vi,-u.ri;i; C. F. Hooper. W.
Deane, Bpokane,
or.    Vernon s*,-,,.   \v*��*-ci si rest .
.v- .i-,.*,orv'.. 13. .',
i'  C   li -'..   a .i    /���   i". Llpha d
J   Panter, Ferula; A. Carney, Kaslo; It.
���  ;  en, Toronto;  Dr. C. M, Kingston,
(Stand Forks; A. Oroasan, Vancouver.
QUE!!   II
Tbos. Qoanell.    Pilot Mound;    ('. D.
Johnatone and wife, Bdznonton; Mrs. j.
E.   Walsh.   E.   O.  Windsor,  CSranlirook;
S. Taylor, Spokane; J. 1.. l-ane, Fernie;
W. C. I-aeey. Elko.
p. South worth, Harrop; V. 8ula, J. s.
Sbepard, Lethbrldge; C. Peterson. O.
Harrison, Siiarwood; J. Phillips, Queen
Mine; J Nicholson, SSnd ltelief Mine;
w. .i. Phillips, Spokane,
N. J. Holt. Swift Current; K. ll. Pitch,
Jmlr; A. 1". Canning, Kaslo; .1. EC. English, Port mil.
.!. J.  Grady.    Creston:     A.     Stewart,
North Dakota; D. Grey, Fernie;  I). Rossi,. Cranbrook;   F. Uindlor, Sandon;  J.
Allen.  Alaska.
u. Crellon, H. Dawson, P. Bailer, Burton City; J. North, Ainsworth; L. Young
Blue Hell;  It. Leslie. Kaslo.
Jobbing   promptly   atlended   to.     Plans
and Estimates.
Apply 415  Hall St.
Box 3B5.
Standard Furniture Co.
Skating   Rink.
The baud will play
al iho skating link
No   Rehearsal.
There will be no
al  society   tonight.
sting of the ehc
Council   Meeting.
The regular tortnitfhtly meeting of
the city council will be held In the oltj
hall  tonight at 8 o'clock.
To Be Raffled.
The Masonic cushion, which was to
have been raffled on Christmas Kvc, will
be raffled tonight at the Victoria billiard
Farewell   to   Miss  Johnstone.
A farewell reception for Miss [da
Johnstone will be given this evening by
Mr, ami Mrs. C. B. Miller at their residence on Silica street. Kiietuls are cor
ilially Invited.
A Few
Goods Left
We disposed of a loi of woods for
Christmas. Bul we have enough left
for your New Year's preparatlona.
FRUITS.   All   ��mds,
CANDIES.   Etc..   Etc.
Did Not Find the Tin Mine.
George Matheson returned on Fi-ida*
from a prospecting trip. He was led '<>
believe that tin ore was In evidence ln
a near-by district. He knows better
now.���Prince Rupert  Empire.
Post Office Boxes.
The boxes for the colleQ/ion of mail
in Nelson will be placed at the various
corners selected tomorrow. Citizens are
requested not to place letters in the
boxes, however, until January  1st.
New Office Block.
Green. Green & Burden, surveyors,
have purrhased the lot on Ward street
Immediately south of the K. W. C
block, and in the spring will erecl a
building for offices for themselves and
Metals and Stocks.
Bllver has gained two points on each
metal market since Saturday The l.oii
don price of lead, however, has declined
six points since the last Quotation i n
Friday. Local copper stocks are alnu.si
Inquiry Answered.
The inquiry in this column on Satui
,1a for the present whereabout of II. F.
W. Dell has resulted ln the receipt of
Information of him t-i the end of October lasi which can probably be further
continued to the present.
Corner Silica and Josephine Sts.
New Yea*
If yon purpose making any wc offer
vmu an almost endless variety to select from.
If yon want something Inexpensive wc
bave ;i very wide range of pretty and
useful articles suitable lor gills at almost any price from  20c up
If you Wlan to make a more expensive
gift, in higher priced lines too we have
.t v i large selection of the finest goods
the market affords, in the various lines
'ha:  ore carry
We are especially strong in fine lea-
ler goods. Knglisb Church Prayers and
1;. nn: and Catholic Prayer I looks in
(chest leather bindings Ladles' Hand
uks and   Purees.    Gentleman's    Wai-
(ltS,   Leather  Cases. Cigar i "uses, etc .
Come iu and take a look round. If
i don'i Bee what you Want and don'i
, we won*! reel a bit badiy.
Old and New Year  Dances
Nelson society has an opportunity tn /
maintain its reputation for gayety b> '
dancing lhe old year out and the newi
year in tomorrow night and rcpeatinu\
th** welcome Wednesday. Tomorrow i
night, a ball will be given in the Aln.
roller rink l>\ the management, pan of|
tin- proceeds of which will lie given to
tin'   union   charity   league.      Wednesday,
W. G. Thomson
BOOkBai.l.KB ill      m-l..-   ti   p
BTaTio.sKK. Nelson, ts. i.,.
fhona .....
olghl the annual ball of "H" Company,I
It.  M   R.. will  be Riven in the armory   lea
To anv   who  are  interested It   may   in-    -e^
explained that  1S.0S will be a leap year.     BJ
not the first in eight, however; 11,04 was
a leap year, 1900 was not.
A. Carney, of Kaslo, came down yes-
I.r. C. M. Kingston, of Grand Forks,
is at the Hume.
3. Campbell, of Grand Forks, arrived
In the city last night on his way borne
from Winnipeg.
N. S. Fraser, formerly chief train des-
patcher of the C. P. R. here, arrived last
nighl via Spokane from the coast where
be spent Christmas at home, and will remain in the city Tor a few days before
returning to Revelstoke.
Errant Pastor Pound.
San Francisco, Dec. 30.���The Call today publishes an interview with Rev. .1.
K. Cooke, formerly pastor of St. George's
church ai llelmstead. L. I., who, It is
alleged, left his wife some eight month-,
iwo, eloping will, a 17 year old heiress
Alice Roller Rink
Bowling Alley
Dance Dec. 31st
Hand: Monday, Thursday, and Saturday evenings.
Mornings, afternoons and evenings,
without band, children 15c adults 25c,
including skates.
Evenings with band, except, Saturday
evenings, 40o, including skates.
Saturday evening, band and ipeolal
attractions, to 11 o'clock, 50c, in iiudlng
skates, spectators 25c.
Get in your orders early for
your New Year's
Choquette Bros.
Phone 258. THE  Up-to-Dale Baker.
B. C.
named' .'tori, t ui Whaley. The couple
have he*;--' located, it is said, in a flat at
llv- Qreten Itreet In this city while a
search ha.* been going on for them all
over the COO*   I
Fair   Results.
Syracuse. pe. SO -A despatch to thi'
Herald from '.'ruxior says cracksmen
blew the safeSof Millc-i * Sons' bank
early today en&M-cared 13,000 in cash.
Nevada J-lLegislat *����� Called.
Washington,-vDec 31 -Gov. Sparks of
Nevada today oh -red President Roosevelt that he is now *]^parlng a proclamation calling the h*3ifc_'un' of Nevada
into extra session. ,Sk'ording to the
president's last cotnmttffteaUon to the
governor, troops  will  not ���*",' ordered to
remain at C
uld.i-���d i.
>r a per1
1 of thre-t
Accident to   InfantT
Ottawa, D��0. 30.���The child o*  Fred
Dlmole,   motornian.   rolled   out .<���������"   bad
last night,    its legs touched a hot Wove
jiipe   and   were
death followed.
badly   burned   thai
More Bye-Elections.
Ottawa, Dec. 80.���Writs wore issued
today for elections In Stanstead and
South Huron, rendered vacant by the
deaths respectively of H. IiOvell, Liber-
al, and B, It. <��unn. Conservative. Nominations   .January   15th,   elections   .lanu*
From $10 to $25.
Old Curiosity Shop
ThanklnK you for your kind patronage
In the past and hoping that JOY will
meet you at the door In Uk- future.
Joy's Gash Grocery
Cor. Josephines and Mills Sts.
Whou-MiH ���*���.*> ittMn.ii Dsslsn ui
Fresh and Salted Meats
Camps supplied on shortcut notice an.l
lowest price Nothing hut   fieah nnd
wholesome meats and supples kept LnatOOJ
Mail ordors receive careful attention
E.  C.  TRAVES.   Manager
Filberts, Almonds, Walnuts Mrazils.
chestnuts. Apple Cider, Northern Bp3
apples. Baldwin Apples, Jap Oranges,
Kigs, large layer. California OnngSS
and Malaga Crapes.
A large assortment of Xmaa good!
Wholesale and retail prices  per quantity
S. H. Seaney
Phono 20a. r.."-i_.  linker Hi
We have just received B ship
ment t.f Heinz Goods in following line.
ll-M.   Bottle   Sour   Mixed   Pickles
Hoi    llottle   Sweet   Mixed   Pickles
14-oj. llottle Gherkins Pickles.
Pint Bottle Ketchup.
Telophouo ltil.J
New and Second Hand
l.i the place for bargains. We do up
holstering and cabinet work, and guarantee to please you in prices, work, etc.
A trial will convince you.
Turner Beeton Block, 606 Vernon Street.
ary 2
C. ll
son o
.. de
Jl    Moor.
M.  P.,
already In
*   field
Brantford   Mayoralty.
Hranifi.nl, Dee. sin- r W Bowlby,
Reformer, and s. Whitham, Conserve
tive, were nominal ed for the mayoralty
Noted Murderers Fight.
KlnRaton.  Uec.  30.���John  Troy,   ��lx.
murdered   Angun   McLeod,   of   Naplne.
ten yearH iiko and who Is in the insiiu.
ward of tin-  penitentiary, made a murderous attack  upon Valentine  sin.ni
ihe Valleyllelil miirderi-,-. Baturday aft, I
noon as ii,..- result of an argument   -<
Iween   them       Shorlls   was   Btebbed   ll
face,   Shoulder   and   hack,   bul   16
wounds are not serious.
.* -   - Montreal'. Lighting.
* Montreal) Dee. 10.���The lire and IW
commute todlJ  decided  t,. award  th.
eontracl   for Ih.'  IIkIiiIiu; of lhe clV>  to
lo B. A. Itolie.t and associates, rivals ,.f
the   Montreal    bight,   Heal   and   Po.w.
company. V
Around World in Ten Seconds
' Washington, Dec. Sin���in accordant-
with a custom hefftln several years niti
the Naval Observatory will at. 12 o'cloc
tomorrow nl^ht send a New Year gree
in^ around  th��* world.    This is done 1.
pre -arrangement with the telegraph an
cable companies and it is estimated the
the message win complete the telegn
phic circuit of the world In about te
r.econds time.
'I h-.   plaee   where
-5 Cents Is as good as $1
���lb   1N-
Our China ware Department
Canada Drug & Book Co'y, Ltd,
WI-n-lsjsMtltj   lfrovUsl��>n��>-
SjProctue*.        -        fruit.
OoTornmont Crenmery One Pound Hn. ka rn-eiTt-d weekls ,f��._ <_.
churn     For aale l.v all l��ulinu enx-era tmm
Ollic. and warchonae i Houatou Block.   Paonn 79.
Josephine Street.        -        -        -       Nelson, B. C.
INEl_i_>OrN    1ROIN    WORKS
- ���.   A.   I8AAC
ft.   Vt.   HINTON-
IOL'M)l-k�� aXINU
WOftt.  IMInlna ���"������'  -Mill Miichtn--r) .      l��nulwrt��rS��_f
t>r*w   Curt*,   to.   to.    Conlni'.liir*.'   Cnm.
'orncr ol Hrt'l ���ni
A lady's fur was taken by mlHtaki
from the hiKh school the evening of thi
annual At. Horn.-, Friday, 201 li Inst. Th*
finder   i��    requested to retain to the
Hudson's Hay Store and receive Ii-towh
which was left.
\  \* ��� tprodtj   nf  good   th\**m~*M
ttii'li vim u Hhi��|iv No* Year, .r.d k
faal you wisa tu i|_ mow
wish fur sBOOWU-Qff el**-.', and _it k ter I
pTOTtni to you Uh I
��� xoen-onal rslusi oj obi H''inij-to-Ww|
sum, tod Ov-sraostl in material, rat-,1
Btyla,   tit   and   tinlch        ���!��������� j
tlon   sad oor sew itoek inrindtrs sons 1
i-f   'h'    \'     ��� ( I
i   .,! find Jttf I
nion��-\   will   I ���:;���  bl u�� r mrud* bvm Oat \
i-lm-wh* re
We would like to see all our patron, coinr.'rtablo this winter and I. "final
do so we have In stcck the best assort ed line of heatins Iters, sxt curtail
stoves and  ranees ever before presented to the public in Kootenay
Wo would In- pleased to show you our line and before making Jomf��|
chase kindly see what we have to offer.
J. H. Ashdown Hardvn\tt\
Company. Limited. Neisouwd\
Yotir Xmas List
Is not i-oinpl'-li' unit's*, yuii have on it n
pair of lUnpen to? some member of tli*'
family. Tim largest nnd best range of
���Uppers we have ever ���hown srs tor ymir
in-p'I'hon thla ���eason. <lentluaen'i
boosesllppttni in tenov leathers, hmiuis'
Dress ���Uppers, B_ll Eusneos and bedroom
lUppers, au kinds of ���Uppers tor ohil*
The  Royal
!r.   1NDREW    &   CO.   Proprietors.
��lv*l   Sl      ITS
NICKERSON, the Jeweiery TWanufactur
e.*'8 Agent will sell you goods from srnv.
plea at 26 per cent, lesa than regular
prices direct From the factories, In 8
days from order, Everything In Ih.
line.   Order now.
ANTED���'I'm,   btMrlraoed Hales l.adlc-B loi
th,! liolllsys Crinl lrvlni. .V llo
l-THNIBIIICt)   BOOM -llooil   location      Aililr
H   l.slly (.'aua.llsii
I WO KIH8'l-VJ-./��rH  ItliiiMH. .,_sm bust,.,*,   Ap-
t ..iv liiiusekueis i   :,i.l llal. k   W. U.liliKS.
We invite you to examine
before purcbashig Christmas V'eS   '
Cutlery in Rreat variety.
Skates, Case Carvers.
Safety    Ka/ors" Carpet  I !
etc., etc.
Wood-Variance  Hardware W
, Us    ���
. fuUisOiN;


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