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The Daily Canadian Jul 17, 1907

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Array Wtyz  -Clatly   Canadian
JUL 201907
lumb a.    No. 37.
Fiutt Cents a Mouth
rioundland Question Is
Again Acute
ts Striving to Agree on New
us   Vivendi���Reference
to Hague Suggested.
^���BhinKton, July 17.���Tha approach
^KMB first of AiiKUst, murklng the \m-
IHUtK of thi ntv. h'TiiiiK fihhiiiK s.-a-
'' ^P thft ����a8t oif Newfoundland, Is a
Ipifcr of ureal concern to the state
Al|Bbtent, for It finds The fisheries
Jrerey between America and Great
fc In k most confused and unuatls-
AMtOry shape. The Hindus Vivendi en
Into laHt year, by the terms of
Ll. BKainst the wishes of Newfound-
Amcrtcan fishermen were per-
rto ply Ihelr vocation off the
> of that Island, expired  with  the
 ��pt the  fishing  season.
^^Hns   the   expectation   of   both   the
���Vfcan and liriiish mivernnieiitH thai
UPDfV  the   oiK'iiiiiK   next   season   some
^^^^Tfcent      arrauKoment      could      be
that   would   relieve   all   future
ou  Ihia  score.    The  Newfouud-
however,   were   Insistent  upon
MT  fight    to   legislate   locally   for   the
so   long  as   they   did   not   iu
|discriminate   against   Americans,
that in so doing they were uol
tho  treaty   rights of Amerlc*
.. ., he Urillsh  government   is  appar-
���BUng driven finally to concede the
'^^jilM of this contention, or at least,
Utbeen   negotiating   through   Ani-
Keld on  that basis.
ktions  today  KM  thai \*   will   Ik��
, to reach any kind of a permati-
^_^^fcttU*tnent  of  the  trouble and the
��hot�� efTun of the negotiators is appnr-
���HMlyooneeiitrated   for   the   moment   on
t taaWt alffftfttng    of    SOIIIC    flHIM    ol    UlodllS    V1 ���
VmMM to guard against  the development
Of  fflcti.-n   on   Ihe   llshlug   shores   that
might   In   the   future   have   serious   re-
���Its.    The taei   j...  that  the occasion  is
OM that  calls   for much  mutual  couces-
' mMm.    If   there   Is   to  he   a   new   modus
ll,  nnd   the   Newfoundlanders ure
anxious   thai   there should  be  until
t have some sufficient assurance thnt
���can have a satisfactory permanent
mage in. tu  to that end. they have nag-
Mlad a reference ol the  whole subject
Hfenflicttng   and   legislative  rights   to
tt# ponitrtiK'ui   Hamie tribunal.
ter of the  bout from  hej   Pj^o^,
The Quaker  fighter  was   ..       ^I*/
the  Kugllshman, and In the fiftn
I^ewis     put     Goldswain   down   for
count three times.    Then the bout was
Is    Merely    Suffering    From    Excessive
Eating and Smoking.
r Troubles End  Existence of Many
Wildcats In Cobalt.
(Ottawa. .Inly 17. It would not Btir-
yrfcto the mining experts and geologists
fUtte if th��' present exodus of miners
from the Cobalt district is followed by
BO reflux movement. The department
-at-nilties and geology warned the puh-
tto aonie months ago tliat many of the
Ut mluca were greatly over-capital*
atnl that lu many cases there was
i guarantee or even prospect that tbe
���OS could lie profitably worked for
length of time. It has happened
^^_ tliia that when mining bOQJXU
gVe been followed hy a natural slump
,JJ0 ""wildcat" aud non-producing mines.
aftor having been protllably exploited
fejr the promotetH, have Ijeeii perma-
Mfttly closed down, "through labor
, An expert mining geologist , who
knows the Cobalt district well, staled
bOfO a few <lays ago that many of tho
mining properties in the Cobalt district
rote simply small ore ���hearing pockets
HI would peter out In a very short
The apparent apathy of some of
mine owners In respect lo settling
.present strike and the Indifference
\ which they view Iho large exodus
ulticrs seems to bear otit this stale-
It. Labor troubles will hu blamed
the closing down of (he mines. Tho
| trouble Is practically the discovery
the ore supply had vanished. This,
J course, applies only to tho mines
^R have been tried and found want*
Ik There are undoubtedly many mines
���pnd Cobalt that can be profitably
^^1^probably permanently worked, and
advices received hero by Ihe labor
litinent show (hut the managers of
i larger producing mines are endeav-
llng lo come to a satisfactory under*
Ddlng with the men. Hut In the opln-
of government officials here, who
J���-% qualified lo speak, Is that the prns-
attt strike has simply hastened the In-
���titable   weeding   out    process.
Goldswain   Defeated.
|pew York, July  17.--.lack  Gohlswnfu.
Kngland,     was   defeated   by   Harry
Is   In   u   six-round   bout   beforo  tlto
.tnnnl  Athlells  club  of  iMitlndelphht
night,   the   light   being  slopped   lu
fifth round to save C.otdswulu rrom
tag knocked out.    LcwIh had Ihe bel-
New York, .Inly 17.���The Times today
Bgya: H8o many varying roporta have
of late been printed concerning the physical condition of Harry K. Thaw that
Dr. Frank McGulre, the Tombs physician, felt called upon lo make an official statement  yesterday.
*'Dr. McGulre said Thaw's condition
did not differ from that of any man confined its Thaw is, who lives on rich food
and spends much time smoking a black
briar pipe. Dr. McGulre added: 'I have
advised Thaw io cut dowu the amount
of smoking and regulate his diet. I Intend to Inspect the food sent in to hi in
from outside the prison and will advise
what portions of It to eat and what to
reject. 1 have written a prescription
for him. which, if he takes It ought to
regulate his stomach. I have also prescribed a mild stimulant for him. I
have advised his taking less exercise in
the prison and urged-him to take more
than he does when he Is out of doors In
the afternoon.' "
Merchant Threw Bomb.
Constantinople, July 17.���A young
merchant has been arrested in connection with the bomb explosion Sunday
night In front of the summer quarters
of the American embassy at Therapla, a
suburb of  this city.
British   Court   Most   Brilliant   and   Animated   In   Europe���Work  aa
Chief Diplomat.
London, July 17.���The programme of
activities which King Kdward is undergoing this summer marks him as one of
the busiest and most hard working mon-
archs of his time.
ihe German emperor ham a popular
reputation for nctlvlty, and President
Roosevelt's name is linked with "the
strenuous life," but when it Is considered how much old'.��r the king of Kngland is. he may challenge comparison
with  either.
The visit to Ireland last week was
the last chapter of the king's work before an August vacation at Marienbad,
and  concluded  a  htrvnuous summer.
This week the king will go to New-
barket for the races, and after lhat to
the Goodwood races and to the Cowes
regatta, before bis departure for Marienbad, While abroad the king will meet
the emperor of Austria In September.
The German emperor will visit King
Kdward while the court ts in residence
at Windsor. He will meet much enter-
taiulng, reviewing of troops and formalities, but the recent announcement has
failed to excite any enthusiasm In this
country. During the two months since
the king returned from his journey to
the continent aud the Mediterranean
bis majesty has led a remarkably busy
life, devoting his time to official functions, to society and race meetings. In
two mouths he has officiated at three
levees, which impose considerable physical strain; attended every race meet
Of the Ascot week as well as the Derby;
received hundreds of officials, and disposed of quantities of routine official
work. The amount of travelling and the
change of uniforms aud civilian stilts
Involved constitute a considerable physical effort for a man GO years old.
There was much sighing In society
during the years of Queen Victoria's
widowhood for the splendors of court
life. King Kdward Is giving the court
and the country a memorable social
reign, apart from his duties as a diplomat.
King  Menellk of Abyssinia  Prepares to
Attack   Italy.
Turin, Italy, July 17.��� Despatches
from thfl Kalian colony of Krylhrea, In
Africa, state lhat It Is feared that King
Menellk, of Abyssinia, Is preparing (o
make war on Italy. He Is organizing an
army or 20.001), ostensibly for the purpose of restoring order In tbat part of
Abyssinia close to Ihe Italian border,
but as the Installment of $1.00, 000 to
the King for the care of tbe Italian prisoners of Ihe last war has been paid,
Menellk has now nothing to expect from
Italy und the paclllc expedition Is regarded   as  the   merest   pretext.
No Legislation to Prevent
Amateur* Popular.
Calgary, July 17.���A ureal amount nf
enthusiasm pi-ovalls lion* over the victory of the Culi'ilonlniiH In their Brit bnt-
lle for the People'.. Shloht, defeating
(he Thistles, uf Toronto. 2-nll. It Ib be-
llcvotl here Hint Ihe ilnal lialtle will
have Ihe stlil.e rosull. The t'tlletlonlluiB
nre very popular In Calgary. They
have never been beaten. Not only ure
they a purely ainaletir team, but lu nihil
ll.in to liming Ihelr own time, and all
are laboring men .they have lu iiioh!
eases paid their own IruvellliiR expenses. The louriiament Is open lo all
Aiisoclnliou foolbull leaniH of lhe Dominion.
Repeated Assurances of Reform Arc
Ignored���Private Motions Voted Down by Machine.
Ottawa, July 17.���The speech from
the throne al the opening of parliament
In 1906 informed the two chambers that
they would "be Invited to consider,
among other subjects," a bill to amend
the Dominion's Election Act. This
seemed to promise legislation for the
prevention of election frauds and kindred offences which have been a scandal
and a disgrace to the country. The
session passed, however, without any
government legislation to this effect.
Ilefore the opening of the last session
the Ijondon election conspiracy case and
a few other Incidents of the kind were
partially exposed. When the House met
tbe address from the throne repeated
Ihe promise of legislation "amending
the election acts." Speaking on the
address. Sir Wilfrid said that the laws
must be made more severe.
The premier went on to say: "We
have to improve the law and to make
wrongdoing as difficult as it is possible
to make it. In order to have pure election. Bribery Is had. but ballot switching Is ten times worse, and although It
Is impossible to have any sympathy
with bribery or the briber, still there
is not for them the same contempt that
there Ib for the ballot switcher, and if
the law is tn be made effective it must
be absolutely severe and provide the
severest penalty possible for anyone attempting lo lumper with the ballots.
That ia Ihe view that I think ought to
be tnken when we come to deal with
the matter."
Sir Wilfrid's opinion as to how the
House should deal with the matter
proved to have no great value, for he
never asked the House to deal with It
nt nil. Parliament was in session Ave
months after he spoke and the government lulroduceil no bill to amend the
election law cither for the punishment
of bribery or of ballot switching.
In the previous aesston Mr. Borden
and several other opposition members
hail Introduced bills for the prevention
and punishment of election offences and
these, at the request of the government,
went to a special committee. Since they
were not taken up as government measures they were crowded out by government legislation, as usually happens
with public hills Introduced by private
In the session of 1907 Mr. Borden
offered a motion setting forth very
clearly what In his opinion ought to be
done.    The following is the motion:
This House deplores the existence of
corrupt aud fraudulent practices at elections as evidenced by the disclosures
during racenl years of bribery, personation, ballot switching and other similar
frauds carried on by organized methods
and upon a very extensive scale.
This House strongly condemns the organized system of corrupt practices by
which the election of a minister of the
crown as a member for the city of Ijondon was Bocurcd In 1905.
Tills House Is of opinion that the existing electoral laws should bo amended forthwith, and thai provision should
he made.
ta)���For the more effective suppression and punishment of brlbory;
tb)���To prevent tho fraudulent mark
Ing. counting or substituting of ballots
and oilier similar frauds:
tc)���For the better regulation of the
conduction of elections on the part of
both ofllclnls and candidates:
Id)���To prevent the accumulation of
huge campaign funds and to prohibit
oonitlbullona thereto by corporations,
contractors and promoterB:
te)���To expedite the hearing of election petitions, to prevent colliiBlve ar-
rangementB for the discontinuance
thereof, to provide for thorough Investigation of corrupt practices and to simplify Iho procedure therefor;
If)���To carry out moro effectively the
law so amended.
This House regrets thai notwithstanding the pledge of lhe government oon-
lulnod In the speech from tho throne,
nnd notwithstanding the declarallonB of
members of Iho government from tltno
to time during tho past four years, no
such measure has been submlltod to
pnrllnino.it at the present session nnd
no effective steps have been taken by
the administration cither to amend the
laws  or  to  punish  Ihelr  violation.
The discussion on this motion dealt
with many recent Incidents bosldoB tho
London conspiracy case. Mr. Borden
reminded Sir Wilfrid l.nurler of the
pledge made at the beginning of tho
session, nearly five months before, nnd
i-criillcil tho premier's own course a
few years ago In shielding a notorious
gang of ballot BWltchera. All Inquiry
tun! boon begun Into the frauds hy
which the  scats  for  West   Huron  and
Brodkville had been stolen for government supporters. This Investigation by
a committee of the Commons went so
far as to prove beyond question that
bogus ballots had been used. These
were marked for Liberal candidates and
substituted for the Conservative ballots,
which had been regularly voted. The
fraud was shown by a comparison of the
poll books with the ballots and by comparing the bogus ballots with the genuine ones, which were printed on thicker
Government supporters In the committee obstructed Ihe Inquiry at every
stage so that It lingered on to the last
days of the session, when, by a vote of
the majority. It was postponed to the
next year. Among tbe witnesses summoned was a deputy returning officer
named Parr, at whose ik.I1 some of the
ballot switching occurred. Mr. Borden,
as a member of the committee, asked
for a summons for Farr and made arrangements to have it served. But the
word was conveyed quickly to the machine headquarters nt Toronto, and as
Farr afterwards swore, tbe party organizer called upon him and paid his
way out of the country.
International Gathering  at  Waahington
to  Diacusa Prevention.
Washington, July 17.���One of the
greatest and most Important congresses
of distinguished men from almost every
part of the civilized world will assemble
In Washington during the last two
weeks tn September and the first two
weeks in October, of next year, for an
exhaustive discussion of Ihe onuses of
"the great white plague."
This magnificent gathering of the
world's scientists will be organized under the title of the International Congress on Tuberculosis, and will comprise several thousand delegates, Including medical men and women, hy-
gienists, sociologists and humanitarians
During the sessions of the congress
thirty distinguished foreign delegates
will deliver public address at the national capital, among them scientists
and public men from Sweden, Norway,
Russia, China, Japan, France, India,
Australia, New Zealand. Germany.
Great Britain, Canada, Austria, Portugal
Spain and other countries. The South
American republics wit. also be well
represented. The government of the
United States Is actively Interested tn
this International congress on tuberculosis, the arrangements for which have
1 eon placed by the national association
for the study and prevention of tuber-
010 >sls In the hands of a special com-
lu '.e of tolx widely known medical men,
who are authorized to add to their numbers up to twenty members. This committee of six Includes Dr. Lawrence
Flick, of Philadelphia, chairman: Dr.
Vincent Y. Bowdltch, of Boston: Dr.
Airred Mej.r, of New York; Dr. J. J.
Walsh, of Phlladelpnia; th, l-awrence
Litchfield, of Pittsburg.
Emperor   Retires   From   Capital���Four
Pretender* Appear���People
Seoul, via Toklo, July 17.���The crisis
tn Korean affairs and the consequent
panic In court circles Is growing apaco.
It has been learned that Viscount Hayashi, foreign minister of Japnn, has
come to Seoul to untangle the knot
caused by the sending of a deputation
to Tho Hague to protest against Japan's attitude toward Korea. This latest
Intrigue, following a year's hostile obstructions to the work of Marquis Ito,
the Japanese resident general, has
weakened the Korean throne moro than
anything thnt has occurred since the
murder of the Queen. The silence of
Marquis Ito. ponding the action of the
Tokio government, hns demoralized and
caused a pnnic In the court and cnbl-
net. The hitter thought thut tho Emperor would send representutlves to
Toklo for the puniose of denying lhe
Kmneror's responsibility for the delegation at The Hague, but on July Bill, the
Emperor stopped nil communications to
himself and roll rod to a secluded country palace; there ho remains, quiet and
unaware of the nation's predlcnmcnt.
Besides Prime Pak Yun llo, who was
brought back lo Korea from oxlle
Prince YI Cheung Yong. another exile
who has boon waiting at Fiisan, Is a
protendor to the throne, which has now
four Candidates. The succession to the
Korean thii.no Is descrlboded here as
a hidden bomb. The crown prince Is regarded as incompetent, while Prince
Ewn Is considered to be a protege of
tho Japanese.
Venexuela Repudlatea Debt to Ita Bel
glan Creditor*.
Brusae's, July 17.���Venexuela hns Intimated that It will refuse to pay the
$2,000,000 debt to Its Belgian creditors.
This decision Is contrary to the finding
of The Hague tribunal, and the Belgian
government, realizing that persistence
In tho refusal would Inflict tho mosl
serious Injury to the cuuse of arbitration. Is doing Its utmost to Induce Venezuela to carry out lhe Hague verdict.
Haywood Trial Will Last
Till Saturday
Long Strain Is Telling on Nerves of
Counsel���Borah Still Easy-
State Is Confident.
Boise, July 17.���Unless the plans of
the prosecution are changed today there
is little chance of seeing the close of
the Haywood case and the commencement of argument before next Saturday
at the earliest. J. H. Hawley, leading
counsel for the state, has announced
that he has eight or ten witnesses in
reserve. One or two of these, and perhaps half a dozen, may be called. Most
of the rebuttal evidence to b.* Introduced bears on the labor situation In
Colorado In the years 19011 and 1904,
and Is intended to rebut the claim ot the
defence that there existed a condition
of peace and quietness previous to the
calling out of state troops.
The close atmosphere of the court
room and the strain of the trial, now
well in the middle of the tenth week,
ia telling on the nerves of the counsel:
Mr. Richardson is somewhat sarcastic
aud Mr. Hawley aggressive. Senator
Borah is smiling and impassive, but Mr.
Barrow, losing some of the suaveness
of his manner, no longer pours oil upon
the troubled waters. Judge Wood shows
Impatience with the continual sparring
between counsel. Objections have been
incessant during the past two day;; and
a great deal of time Is taken up In
minor argument. Judge Wood is almost
uniformly good humored, however, and
this prevents a serious clash by turn-
nig the laugh on counsel.
Oulda Not In Strait*.
Rome. July 17.���The Tribuna says the
condition of Louise De La Ramme
(Oulda), the English novelist, Is much
Improved. She refuses to be Interviewed and the Tribuna says Is greatly enraged at what she terms the exaggeration of the British newspapers concerning her health and circumstances.
Louise de la Ramee, well known
throughout the English reading world
us Oulda, has been granted a pension
by the British government. The circumstance Is not unusual. A few years ago
a similar grant was made to Justin Mo
Cartny, and many other writers and artists whose fortunes have not been considered proportionate to their merits,
huve been recipients ot pensions from
a fund placed at the diBpoaal of British
premiers for that purpose. The grant
to Mdllo. de la Ramee has given rise to
reports of her illness and poverty, reports which all her admirers will be
glad to learn are greatly exaggerated.
She Is living now in the little Italian
city of Lucca, not In wealth, but still not
in distress. Oulda, as she Is best known,
does not give her age in the brief outline of her career given to the world
through the medium of "Who's Who?",
but her best-known novel, "Under Two
Flags." was published just 40 years ago,
and she hud published three before, the
flrst In im;;'.. Altogether she has written over 40 novels, besides numerous
essays on literature and society. About
15 years ago Oulda decided to give up
writing fiction and devote herself to social science, but ber efforts in that field
were not wholly successful and she
wisely retnrnod to her own calling.
Some of her works arc bitterly satiric
and unpleasant reading, notably "The
Massnrenes." Her best work has been
done In the telling of good stories like
"Under Two Flags," when Bhe quite forgot to point a moral nnd simply adorned
the tale, Oulda Is not in the first rank
of novelists, on 11 strict classification
perhaps hardly tn tho second, but she
la Infinitely Btiperlor to the horde of
nonontlties who are no wlloodlng the
market, and tho grant of a pension to
her in her declining years is the most
creditable act yet recorded of the Camp-
boll-llnnnerman   ministry.
End   of   Telegrapher*'   Strike    In   San
Franclaoo   In   Sight.
Sun Francisco, July 17.���As a result
of a conference yesterday between Labor Commissioner Nelll and President
S. J. Small, of the Commercial Teles-
riiphoi'B' union, nn end of tho telegraphers' strike has, it Is said, been brought
In sight. It was hinted yoste.day about
Ihe telegraphers' headquarters in Oak-
land that some friendship had developed
between President Small and throe
members of the executive committee
of the National union who came West
with Commissioner Nolll, 11ml ono of
them Is said to have strongly liillmuloil
that there would be no extension of Lhe
strike In other cities, whatever might
be the outcome here. It is believed that
strong Influence will be brought to persuade the terms offered by the companies.
Lanky Bob the Chief Attraction at Elk's
Philadelphia, July 17.���Tonight, for
the first lime since he was knocked out
by Jack O'Brien in December, 1905, the
veteran Bob Pitzsimmons la to don the
padded mits and face an opponent In
the ring. As a part of the entertainment programme prepared for the visiting Elks the Washington Sporting club
has arranged for a six-round bout between the former champion and Jack
Johnson, the big colored heavy weight.
It is the first time in a year or more
that a fight between heavyweights of
known ability has been pulled off in the
east and as a consequence keen interest
is manifested In the event: The club
exp .cts a record-breaking crowd at the
The ring followers are curious to see
if Fitzsimmons is "all In" as has been
the general impresaion In sporting
circles ever since the fight with O'Brien.
If the Australian retains any considerable part of his old-time cleverness and
hitting powers It goes without saying
that Johnson will have to keep busy
during the six-round engagement. In
hla prime Kitzsinimons would have disposed of a man of Johnson's calibre in
very short order. Whether, at forty-
five years of age, he is still possessed
of sufficient vitality to turn the trick remains to be seen. Many of his old-time
admirers do not hesitate to assert their
belief that he is still more than a match
for a fighter of Johnson's clasa.
Organization   of   Board   Proposed   for
Protection    of    Dealer*,
Client* and Public.
A real estate board has become a necessity for Nelson In the opinion of the
leading dealers, and a meeting for organisation will be called at an early
da to.
The object of the board will be the
protection of its own members, of Its
clients, and of tbe public, by collective
action in obtaining and publishing reliable information, and preventing misrepresentation in advertising and dealing.
The board of trade has spent a lot
of its time lately in dealing with the
matter, and will no doubt continue to
take an Interest in the frult-lund question, as it is one ot the chief interests
of Kootenay, but the board, aa such, has
no facilities for Investigating Individual
cases and will no doubt welcome the
relief afforded by the creation ot a responsible board to deal directly with the
The movement has been suggested by
the number of matters that have needlessly been discussed before the board
of trade lately, when explanation before
a real estate board might have led to a
remedy where required in far leas time.
Another Indirect cause Is the action,
hard to discover, of individuals, who are
not actually in the real estate business,
but who occasionally secure options on
small blocks. He in wait for Investors
Introduced Into the country by other
firms, and by misrepresentation seek to
win customers tor themselves. The
usual result, it is aald, of such action
has been, as tt was In mining, that the
newcomer Is frightened by the suggestion that one land company is dishonest, fears that all are the same, and
gives up his Intention of being a purchaser.
The organization of a real estate
board will, it ts felt, be a guarantee of
good faith and will be a protection to
the members from anonymous attacks
on their credit and reputation. Its existence as a public body will also be an
assurance to Investors that they are
dealing with responsible men.
Such boards are In existence In Winnipeg and Cnlgnry, where they have
proved their value by putting an end to
fraudulent dealing, and one ts now being organized in Vancouver. T. Q. Procter and J. F. Langnn nre the authors of
the Idea locally and will confer with the
others interested.
Exhibit of Women's Work.
London, July 17.���A unique exhibition
having for lis object the encouragement
of women's work In agriculture was
hold at the Royal Botanical Gardens.
The affair was arranged by the Women's Agricultural and Horticultural International Union, which numbers many
prominent women of British nobility
among its patrons. The exhibits Included the products of the farm and
dairy, landscape gardening, home decorations, etc. Germany and France, as
well us all parts ot the United Kingdom,
were   represented  among the  exhibits.
Accident at Elevator.
Reglnn, July 17.���An accident happened early yesterday morning on the
C. N. It. near Lumsden In which three
men sustained lacerated wounds on
heads und arms. Broken rails loaded
ou a tlntear struck a projection on Hal-
feui-'fl elevator, dislodging and Involving
ihe three men.
Private Properly at Sea
Still Id Danger
Majority of Delegates for American
Proposal bat Hade Up of
Smaller Nations.
The Hague, July 17.���The vote on the
principle of the American proposition
regarding the Inviolability of private
property at sea was taken today by the
committee of the conference dealing
with the Geneva convention. Twenty-
one delegates voted favorably, 11 were
against the measure, and there was one
absentee. Great Britain, France, Russia, Japan, Spain and Portugal were in
opposition, while the Triple Alliance,
while it made no resolution, was among
the majority. Belgium presented a compromise proposal but Josepb H. Choate,
of the American delegation, refused to
accept it, saying that inasmuch as a
majority admitted the principle of Immunity, he could not consent to the
limitation ot thla idea, especially aa
Great Britain and Russia already had
declared they would not accept it in any
form. Professor De Martens, Russia,
who presided at the meeting, called attention to the fact that although the
American proposition was supported by
a majority of the votes passed, the population of the countries voting against
the principle was numerically in excess
of those favoring It.
Wireles*    Despatch    Detail.    Harmlaaa
s Collision in Channel.
London, July IT.���The following wireless despatch by way of Crookhaven,
from the Atlantic Transport Line steamer Mlnnetonka and signed "Hark
Twain," has been received by the Associated Press: "Lett the Channel Sunday at 1:30 in doubtful weather and
sighted the Scllly Islands ten miles off.
At 6 o'clock ran Into a dense fog which
broke Into patches during the night. At
6 a. m. the fog thickened and the ship
was crawling along slowly. At 6:35 a
barque suddenly loomed up and lost her
bowsprit by dragging along our side.
We received very slight damage. The
barque was coming for our broadside
but prompt action on both sides prevented a direct collision. The barque
disappeared in the fog; we saw her
twice during a three hours' hunt but
was so quickly enveloped in the fog that
we could not speak to her, so we resumed our trail.   All well.
"(Signed) MARK TWAIN."
W. H. Lever, of Sunlight Soap, Awarded
��50,000  Damage*.
Liverpool, July 17.���The attempt
made in the winter of 1906 to organise
a huge soap combine In the United
Kingdom, which rapidly came to an end
under the pressure of adverse public
opinion, had a sesatlonal sequel in
the assizes court today, when W. Hes-
keth Lever, Liberal member of parliament for the Wyrrall division of Cheshire, secured Judgment for damagea of
$260,000 and coats against the Harms-
worth newspapers, the Dally Mall and
Evening News, for libels published by
them during tbe course of the controversy that followed the attempt to bring
about the combination.
After a heariug that has lasted for
two days the defendants this morning
suddenly withdrew their plea of Justification nnd agreed to pay the amount
demanded. Mr. Lever, It is declared,
took a lending part in the efforts to establish the soap combine.
Russia Asks Extradition.
Calgary. July 17.���A Russian, named
Matthias Raszkicwtcz, Is under arrest
on a charge of murder committed in
Russia ut Martanpalski two years ago.
The ltus'iliin government communicated
with the British government, which In
turn communicated with the Canadian
government, which communicated with
tbe provincial government. Details are
lacking, but It is believed that tbe
crime Is a political one. The arrested
man will light extradition on the ground
thut not he, but his brother, George, Is
the man wanted.
Prices of Metala.
New   York, July   IT.���Sliver.   68*M,c;
copper,  11140]   lead, $5 25.
London, July 17.���Silver, Slftd:  lend,
juao. V.
The Daily Canadian
Miners' and All
Campers' Supplies
TENTS in all sizes and weights
UNDERWEAR  at  all  prices
From 8 to 12 Pound*.
SOX.   MITTS,   etc..   c'c.
HAY.   FLOUR  and   f-EED.
In all these lines we offer   excellent quality at very
r-jtsonable prices.
connection with the All-Red Route or
anything else lo distract attention for
a mom��'nt from the record of depart"
mental and electoral corruption. Hut
they can't succeed. The country is wi'I-
ing to spend a few days welcoming Sir
Wilfrid Laurler home. Afterwards a
cleansing of the stables and punish
ment of criminals will he imperatively
Imperial Bank of Canada
Head Office:   Toronto.
Capital   Paid   Up    $-1,825,000 Rest    J4.825.000
D. R. W1LKIE, President. HON. ROBEKT J AFFRAY, VioB-Prenident
Branches in British Columbia:
Deposit* received and interest allowed at highest   current rate from date of
opening of account, and compounded quarterly.
oJo,   Mm   LAY,   Alanajzer.
The Royal Bank of Canada
Incorporated a. d. 1SC9.
Capital. ..
$3,900,000     Reserve  Fund.
Unexcelled facilities for the transaction
of all  kinds of  Banking  Business.
8PECIAL ATTENTION given to the
Savings Bank Department, and
Interest credited Quarterly on
Savings Bank Accounts.
on Application, in Large, Medium
or Pocket Size.
Nelson Branch, G. A. SPINK, Manager.
Putillfehod rlxuuyh r irsal 4��y tlie
Biker Bt.. NelK'jn. B. C.
0aascription rattifi, (>0 ceuls a month O'Uverod
ID the city, or 15.00 h year il Mot at inMl, vthen
paid to sdvuuce.
AOvcrllsiliK rHtt'H on iippliORtlon.
All inutile, pnltl in hcltlcncut of The Dally
utatlluti acci.uutH, cither to. .uhhcrlptious ur
��ertl.lui{, 11)11.1 h" rc.'.iptcil for on the printed
Fins ol  the t'ompHiiy.    Other receipt* are not
Wednesday.  July   17th,   1907.
The Canadian Liberal press, ai leaal
that part of It, and iin iilinusi the whole,
which may be described aa the tiiick
and thin Blip-porter of the Ottawa .Ma
chine, has nuturally felt Impelled to
make a counter attack upon the Com ��� i
vailves for all the condemnation thai
has been poured upon the Machine rrom
all Bources, Conservative, Independent
and  even  non-political.
The Toronto Globe ban been cuiHy of
two comic absurdities In Ita efforta. To
belittle Mr. McBrlde and bis partial victory over Sir Wilfrid Laurier, it lias,
besides calling him a demagogue, argued thai the elimination of "final ami
unalterable" was a matter of coul -
From the Globe's associations 11 Is Inevitable that politician, itateaman and
datna-pogue should all seem f��.vn< ny
n.ous terms, and the Globe article ooo
taliiiiiM, tbe cheap Blander waa .rritten
before word could have reached Itt. -l
nee lhat the Liberals of Vancouver,
New Westminster and Victoria bad unl
ted with their Conservative f'ellow-clt I-
zens to honor one whom they, who
know him well, do not regard as a iliin
agoKtie, bul as a cafiublt, boneal ami
honorable statesman.
As we have pointed mil before, to Bay
that "final and unalterable" were si unl.
out as a mailer of course, beiiiK ..Ti.si.it
ed to legal enactment*, Is to accuse sir
Wilfrid Laurier and his colleagui ��� of
cither ignorance or folly.' We do not
believe the charge to be well grounded
We believe that lhe words were meant
to be highly significant and that Sir
Wilfrid Laurier considered them ol
great importance. Mr. Win ton Church-
Ill, undersecretary or state for the ool
onies, certainly thought them Import
ant. Of course, there Is the possibility
that Mr. Churchill, Sir Wilfrid Laurier
and Mr. McHrlde are all grotesquely
mistaken and  the Globe  right, but  we
humbly   elect   to   follow   the   first   authorities.
The Globe has also put forward a defence, perhaps the only one conceivable,
for the Liberal rejection of a fast Atlantic service in lKDli as contrasted with
that party's ;ireBent enthusiasm for It.
The defence is that in 1896 there was
no trade lo warrant it, and that the
psychologic moment for its Inception
struck just as Sir Wilfrid Laurler. without a moment's warning or suggestion,
launched  the   proposal   at   the  Imperial
That argument of course condemns
the earnest efforts of Sir Richard Cart-
wright In the fall of 'lit! and during the
two succeeding years to arrange for a
s't vice equal to the one he and his colleagues  had  allowed  lo   lapse.
As to the peculiar fitness of the present time to launch such a scheme, It is
only necessary lo refer to recent despatches from London and Australia.
The l-'no Trade party In Britain, who
claim all the credit lor the great Radical
victory, Ib "finally aud unalterably" opposed lo tlie giantiug of any subsidies,
and tha government of the Australian
Commonwealth has already made other
Obviously fallacious as Ihe Globe's
contention Is. it has been followed with
wholehearled obedience by the rank
and file of the Machine press. Hut the
high-water mark of silliness has been
touched by our esteemed local content'
porary, which cuys: "The Tory antagonism to the All-Red Route is at leant
understandable"! It is greatly to be
reared that in thai quarter nothing Is
t ol. r.tandable. The Tory party advo-
���nil an All-Red route In 1890, had
completed arrangements for It, have
never faltered In their advocacy, applauded Sir Wilfrid Laurler'* belated
motion, is ready lo support II now If It be
o-.sible. Mr. Uorden, lhe official leader
of the Canadian Conservatives, has formally expressed his parly's approval
and urged that similar provision be
made for a fast All-Red freight service.
We would gladly credit our contem-
porary with deliberate mlsrepresenta-
lion. It would be charitable to do so.
Hut the capacity for such Imbecility do
nonslrates Incapacity for deliberation
or consistency of any kind.
The Liberal press Is probably willing
to  commit   itself  to  any absurdity   In
The reported hostile movement of
Abyssinian troops against the Italian
colony of Brythraea recalls the fact that
the Japanese were not the first dark-
skinned nice, even In our own times, to
win a decisive victory from an Kuro-
pean power. The annihilation or the
forces of Italy under Gen. llaratleri by
the soldiers of King Menellk under Ra>
Makonnen. Is too recent to be forgotten
The report from Winnipeg as lo the
success or the Kootenay exhibit is welcome news io those who worked tor the
collection and the forwarding of It.
Kvery Kootenaian believes his district
superior to any other in Canada for
fruit-growing. All that Ib required to
demonstrate lis superority is success in
transporting and staging an exhibit.
Rivers   inlet   Catch   Good���Skeena   and
Fraser   Are   Poor.
Vancouver, July 17.���Practically a
full pack of salmon Is expected to be
made at Rivers Inlet, according to Information brought by the steamer Princess Beatrice yesterday afternoon.
Fishing is very fair, the boats averaging from sixty to seventy per day.
The different paoks up to Saturday
evening were as follows: Wadliam's
cannery. 5C0O cases: Strathcona, "l-Oft;
Goodhope, 3H00; Heaver 400: Brunswick
4700:   Klldala. 3600;  Rivers Inlet, 3.r.00.
A Japanese was drowned near the
wharf at Wadhams last Wednesday
The elusive salmon Is keeping away
rrom the Fraser, and consequently the
canners entertain visions of a greatly
reduced pack this season, unless conditions improve very quickly.
"There have not been 100 cases put
up on the Fraser so far thla Beason.
This Is several thousand cases below
the figures for the corresponding period
or last year." said Mr W. H. Harker.
general manager of the Hritlsh Columbia Packers' Association, today. "We
look for an improvement later lu the
weey. The latest advices from the
Skeena, the next river to the Fraser
In point of importance, is also disappointing. We are face to face with a
reduced pack there."
The highest catch on the Fraser last
""night was twenty sockeyes. From
Canoe Pass many of tb'1 boats made
one drift, and being unsuccessful came
ashore. The catches on the North Arm
were no better. One boat secured ten
flsh. another nine, but most ot the fish
ermeli were not even that lucky.
The propellor of the Canadian Pacific Railway tug Jollifl** R..t .44����..-n
up last night outside Point Grey with
ihe net of fishing boat K. Y. L'lfil". owned
by the Vancouver cannery. In the mix-
up the net fared the worse, the tug
making off w-Ith two hunder and tony
fathoms or the twine.
For Sale
50 ft. Lot and Cabin on Mill St., $275.00
16 ft. Lots on  Innis St. for $450.00
6-**4 Acres within mile of centre
of City, suitable for market
garden Terms given
160 Acres on Kootenay river,
good springs, first-class railway   service $3,000
F. B.  LYS
Real   Estate and  General  Agent.
Weat Baker Street. NEL80N, B. C.
For Sale Cheap
One 00-Inch diameter, by ICtt. 8ln.
long, undorflrcd, return m.iltllubuliir
boiler, In fair condition. Eighty-two
2i/4-ln. tubes, 2 1-3x2 1-6 In. steam
dome. Holler Is good for testing to ISO
lbs. per square Inch, and a working pressure of SO to 90 lbs. Mountings consist
of sarety valve, Blop valve, water
gauges, try cocks, sludge cock nnd
cheek valve, set of lire bars and bearers.
One 9 in. diameter x 141... stroke, high
pressure, variable cut off expansion,
valve engine with governor. Fly wheel
and belt pulley are those not originally
supplied with the engine but are suitable tor ordinary requirement. Engine
has been used to drive electric light
at the smeller nnd is In good condition.
One vertical multitubular exhaust
steam heated feed-water heater, 4 ft.
high. I in...in dlameter with openings
for 3-ln. exhaust pipes. Corrugated cop
per lubes Inside through which the feed
water passes. Stop valve, drain cock
and safely valve. Apply to
Tiie Hall Mining & Smelting Co.. Ltd.
Hungarian    Home-Seeker   Writes   From
Saskatchewan to  Nelson.
The following letter has been handed
to The Dally Canadian for publication.
It was received six months ago but
has lost nothing in the interval:
Esterhazy.   Jan. 8.,   1907
Postmaster, Nelson, B. C,
I Lake worry well to write to soom
Fallow thr In llrliisk Columbia hot 1
(taunt known na Fock to write to tiler
for i exspect to write to you If you will
by so klnly Host Mister and Man og
amlswere my fjou Cwexsians. ll is sum
Hamestead Land to got tor Peppel Iher
in n. C. and good land tor Farming am!
reise Fitmht and Cattle ou and soam
Timber Land and how the Land Oflce hi
In 11. C. becoase 1 lake to write to the
Land Office bot I daunt know how hi Is
Kau Man as have had Hsxnestedd here
In --ask C-iun lack oup soam Homesb ad
there In B. C. is it the same province
B- C. as Alberta Sask and Man I'liase
write back to my soan and possible It
is  verry   well   ol you.
Trully wary Yours
Esterhaxy, P. O., Sask Cann
Good New Ylare hope you Good Hay.
Take notice tbat Henerv John Johnson, I'ost-
master ot Ferule, B. 0., inteuda to spply lor m.
���pft'ini timber licence over tbe toUowlni uea-
crib-ad Undi:
Vo. 1.���Commencing at a pod planted In the
District ol Weat Kootenay, about two mllai north
of the international boundary line and at��out
one mile wen of Boundary lue adjoining and
between licences Hfi 8074 and ��m. thence aoulh
so chains, thenre went 90 chains, tnence north ��0
ihenee eaat 90 ehalus to place of commaBosmont.
Dated JuneS, 190"7.       H.J  John-on,     ���������������.tor.
anu. Backbit. Agent.
No. 2.���Commencing at a poet planted about
one mile north oi tbe northwest cornet ol H. J,
Johnson's No. 1 timber claim, thi nee aouth 80
ehnins. thence eaat 80 chain*, tl-nee north HO
L-bftina, tbence west 80 chain* to plaee of coin-
Dattd June 3, ltfu7.       II. J JonnOK Locator.
And ]Ia��*KRTT, Agent.
.No S���Commencing at a poet planted at tlie
northweat corner of H. J Johnson1* No. I limber
claim, thenee south BO chains, theuee weat 80
chaina, thence north W chain-, tneuce eaat no
ciialns to place of commencement
Dated June 3, 1907.       II   J   Johkson, locator.
And. Hai aim, Agent.
No 4.--Commencing at a poet planted at tbe
no rth eat. 1 corner of H. J. Johnson's lit*, S timber
claim, thence north 03 ehatna, thence west HO
BheilU, thenee south 80 chulua, tbeuee east w
cbalna i<> place of commencement
Dated June 3. IWt        H. J. Johnson, Locator
And. Ha. kktt. Agent.
No. S.���Corameuclug at a post planted at tbe
northwest corner ol l! J Johnson'.* No '-'timber
claim, tbence north til chains, theoce eaat 80
.-hains theuee aoulh 80 chains, ibence west 80
I'halus ta place of commencement
Dated June 3, 19U7.       II. J   Johnson, locator.
AND. Hai ��� II *. Agent
No.6.��� Commencing at a l*>st planted aboat
>me mile north of tbe northwest corner of if. J.
Johnson's No. 6 timber claim iheiK-e south 80
chains, thence east no chains, thence north 80
��� hains, tlieUee west 80 cbalna to place of com
Dated June 3, 1907.        1J.J   .lOHKfld", Locator.
And   HiTlTlfTT, Agent.
No. 7.��� Commencing at a post planted at the
northweat corner of II I. John won"�� No tijimber
claim, tbenoe south hu ehains, tbence west 8u
Oh alns, tbence north 80 chains, tbence east so
el.alns |o pince of commenoeui'iit.
Dated Juue 3, 1907.        H. J   Johnson. Locator.
AND. Ha. kictt, Ageut
No I fltfllll���IHllll ll ��� JWl planted Ht the
northeast corner Oi H J. Johnson's No 7 Umber
claim, tbeuee nor'h 80 chains, thence wesl Ki
chains, tbence soutb 80 chain", thence eait 80
.-bains to p.Mc. of commencement
Dated June ��. HOT.        H. J, JOmOM, Locator.
AND   IlAf'KKIT, Agent.
No. 9���Commencing at a post planted at the
northwest coruer Of II. J Job mum**, Ko fi timber
claim, tbeuee north 80 chains, tbence east ho
chains, tbeuee south ID chains, theuee weat 80
chains tn |*oint ol ���omniernrment
Dated Juue a. 1907.       II. J  Johnson, Locator.
No l'r-Commencing al a post planted at the
northwest corner of Umber tlOO&Oe tOti, thence
north 80 ehaius, thence east 80 chains, theno*
south HO chalua, tbeuee weit 80 chains *�� place
of commencement .   ,
Dated Junta, itan-       ��   J   J'-H^so*. Locator.
AM.   II A('KKTT,  Agent
Take notice that I'au Baker, prospector, of
KILu, B. 0 . luteuds to apply Tor a tpOOUl litiili-cr
licence over the following described lauds:
No. L��� Commencing at a post planted in the
dlatrlet of Weat Koolenay, about eight miles
west of tbe Kootenay river near the north bank
of H'Miudary creek sun one in lie DO*th of tbe lu-
teriiH'ional boundary line, which -ilaima are described as follows: Al the uorlb wesl corner ol
timber licence No. 80f.7, ihenee north 80 chains,
thence eaat H��> chains, thence south Hi) ehaius.
tbence west 80 chain* to place of commence men l.
Dated 1st June, 1907. Dan IUkkh
Nn 2.~ Commencing at a post planted at ths
southwest corner of fau Baker's No. I claim,
thence north 80 chains, thence west HO chains,
thence soutb 40 chains, ihenee eaat 80 chains to
���lace of eomriH-ncemeni.
Dated 1st June. 1907. Dan Bakkk.
No. 'I.���Commencing at a post idanted at the
northweat comer 01 I>��n Haker a 00 1 ������laim,
iheuce north 80 ..',..-1, ihenee eaat 80 chains,
iheuce south Ko chains, tbence west 80 chains to
place of commencement.
Dated lal June, 190A. Dan Bakkr.
No. 4.���Commencing at a post planted at the
northeast corner of Dan Baker's No.'/ claim,
thence norlh so chains, tbence west 80 ehalna,
ibence aouth HO chain*, tbence east cbalna lo
place of eommeucement
Dated 1st June, 1907. Dan  Hakk*.
No. ft.��� Commencing m\ ��� poat pUnted at tbe
northwest OOTOef of Umber licence No w;S9,
tbence uorlh 80 cnalns, theuee eaat 80 chains,
thence aouth 80 chains, thenee weat 80 chains to
place of eommeucement.
Dated Juncith, I��i7. Dan Bakkk.
No.��.���Commencing at a posi pUaled at the
northweat corner of I ���n Bakera Nu ft claim,
tbence north 8oriialiia thence east 80 chains,
thenre sou h *�� chains, thence weat BO ehains to
place of commencement.
Dated June lib, 191/7. DaN Bakkii.
No. 7.���Commencing at a post planted at tbe
northeast corn, r of umber licence No. 8000,
Ihenee north 80 chains, (hence weat Ho chains,
thence south 80 chain*, thence east 10 chains to
point of commence in ���-tit.
Dated June tth. 1907. Dan Bakkk.
No. 8. -Commencing at a poat planted at the
northeaal corner of Dan Bafccr1* No 7 clittm,
theme north no chain*, thence west 80 chains,
thence aoutb 80 ehains, thence east 80 chains to
place of commencemt nl.
Dated June Uli, I'sr Dan Bakkr.
Notice la hereby g)v
���bat 60 days after date I
lillend lo apnll to 'he Honorable the Chief c
infssloner of Lands and Works for a special
license lo Mil and carry awar timber from th*
lollowlng deeOTibed lauds in West Koolenay dlstrlet:
No I -Commencing al a poat marked William
Walinsley, planted at Kokanee Cieek Hiding on
the i'rocter extension, on the west side of|,ol
MM, on the south side of Ihe Wesl Ann of Kootenay lake, commencing *. r the N K cornet ,.,.*. 1
running south 80 ehalus, wesiHO chains, north BO
chains, east ho chains to place of beginning.
Located ard June, 1907.
Wiujam Wai.mhi.by, Locator,
  James Huihiahd aa Ageut
Nelson Land Dlslrici.   District of West Koolenay.
Take notice that 0*OTM Alexander, of Kaalo,
8 Om lntenda to apply for a special timber
licence over tbe I'lllowlDg descrlbad lands:
Commencing at a post planted at ihe northwest
corner of Motion LB. lownshlp 7, Koolenay district, being about onc-ihlr.1 of a mile aouth of
the south boundary line or the Indian reserve;
tbence south about V, chains to the easterly
bank of Koolenay river; thence southeasterly
along Kootenay river bank about W chains to
the aouth boundary ol Hectlon 12, Township 7;
tbeuee easterly al.niit M chaina to the northwest
corner of i^��t Kftl; ilietue north 80 chains along
the we*t bounder*} of Lot lu) thence west 80
chalua to the point of commeiieetnciil, and eon-
tttihing Oto acrra, more ol leaa
Dated July 4, 1907. Oeueos ALlXANPE*,
Bargains in
Wash Belts
100 Doz. Fancy White Wash Belts
W%L?�� 25c Each
Furniture Stock and
Premises for Sale
TENDERS win be rect-ivt'd by the
undeivimi.il up to li! o'clock mxin on
the 19th day of July, 1907 for the purchase ot tin- stock In trade of carpets,
furniture, etc**, beloustafl t<> tin* estate
of ihe late John K. Wood of KevclKtoke,
and also fur the purchase of the property Ih'< ly 1 coupled by him us a furniture store and rooming house, situated
ou lot 25. BlOCk 2 I, Plan ti::*;.\ . Revel-
st. k-- Separate tender! may be made
for ihe rto-fih In trade and for the real
estate or tenders made for the stock
aud  real  eatati    together.
The high eat or ..ny tenders will not
necessarily be accepted, stock lists
and tbe propertj to be j^'id may he **x-
Stnlned on application to the undersigned.
Revelstoke.  June  12th.   1907
GEO.   S.    McCARTER.
Official   Administrator
W.    O.    GIULETT
Contriictor   and
Hole ageut lor lhe Porta Ki<-*�� Lumber <"o.. Ltd..
ri'lHll ftMta     Ko&gfa and drenawd lumber, turned
work .tiid bracket*, ��� ,.-��� lath and -i..ui'>��, -��-ii
and doora. i.-uunt, btfOfe aud lime fur aale
Automatic criuder.
Yard and (tutor)-: Veruou Ht.   ��� ������*���*.�����: o( Hall
NHI.HON,   ��. C
P. o Bos mX Telephone in
Corporation of the City of Trail.
Apftlicatlona will be recelvi-d by tbe under-
��lg Uud lor tin- [Miiltloua of flty rlvrk. aaaeaaor.
and chief of police (rotablued), of Trail, or ap
plu-alioim will be reeelved for aaaeaaor and trio
i-lt-rk only, aud .hlef ol *.������ on It      Appll<*anti
to Btale   a��(-   ati<l   OatpOttOOOO.    All   appllcatiuu��
muet be lu Infore the ttta inataut.
City ('erk,   Anaeaaor,   Culie-rtor,   lasM-HOf of
Health and iTatnlMS. l*i<|"i '"*   .1 I ir.'in",
I'ro-rlurial loiintat.h*. Chli-f of I ..lire. vU:.
IN THE MATTER of the "Rivers and
Streams Act" and amendments
IN THE MATTER of an Application of
The Canadian Pacific Timber
Company,  Limited.
Notice !��� hereby given that CO daya after date
The 1 min iin'i I'tiifli''11 in ber-i 'ompany, Limited,
Inlands IS ������ .��� ��� ..- IO tbe Honorable ibief Com-
mUaaoner ot 1 > ���. :- and Worku a r��r DOMd under
the provloloni of Lhe "Rivera and Htreuma Art"
and amendment* thereto, for the right to improve Trout ereek aud lit trllrutarlea from lhe
���OQroei of tuah ereek and inbularlea to lhe point
����� li-re the mine flow* Into Tr.ml lake lu lb*1 I'ia-
tru'l of Weat KfMitenay, and to remove obatrue
tlODS thereltoui 11 m* niake lite aame lit (or drlv-
i:nr. atorlnv. aortlnir and booniu UMU, rafta and
eraftt, and lhe flumins of Iural.tr thereon, alao
for the right to collect tolla thereon.
I ti** :h:,'I- nff. ��� *,��� 1 are QtOO n landa and Lois
770, 1VM, 7161, 77.!, 771 fa, 162 and ISO, ail in
liroup J. Weat Koob-nay.
i>alu<1 thla IfUth day of May, 1UU7.
by ihelr m.1|, *u.r, R. M. Mardotiald
Noliewlf. bl rel.v men that after the eipiratlon
of Hlxty oaya from tbe date hereof the Catriek
Lumber CompaO] , I I ml ted. IliU-uda to aubmll to
the Honor**"..* Chief I oininlaaloiier ol lntuda aud
WUrka 11 proposal under lhe provlatom of the
"Rivera and BtreMU Act" and AineU'lIng Aria,
for the riaht to Improve the Hlocan rlvi r from
tlie mill dam ol asld f ompany (altuate about
three mile-*, above Ihe Junction ol asld rilocan
river with tlie Kootenay river,) to the mouth of
the Lltlh- -���������������-. river, aud to Improve the Llltle
Hlocan ntei -.[,,)   brMObM   thereof to the nortli-
era bouodary of sub lot 2, loi 7iwi, and aub lot 1,
hit 711.1 jfr.,ii|i one, Koolenay district, ami lo
Improve the trlbtttarlea of aald rtvera; and re
Move obstructions from aai<i riven and trlbu
Utiles, ����� f * to imtke IhehauJt' fit for driving, alor-
liiK. aortitis ������.������������ iuy and ran Ins losa, t;mi.. 1
ifta,  and   (rafta;  alao for the right 10
1 lie.
: toili ihereon.
Ho   Ihd.Ih to le- affected are the following:    (a)
'   id, ������-���
MM, MH, ov,i, Sfiiu. 6SS7, SMS, NOl,
"..':). 706a MAO, 4H12, all In liroup one. Kmilenay
diotrii'i;   alao   laud a   eoverud    by    pre-em pi Ion*
Dumbersd  h.. un, ir-. IM, M't 1V.-1 and '.7(f; alao
liiielx rove red  hy limber lieeua. n tiiiinlHirt d ���'*��,
. -        -1    ..-.'..:.��,. :..* h,, and   , ������*,  alao laud* of
lhe crown.
Hated Ibla fllb day of July, IWJ7.
by Ita aolleitor. R   W . IliNNlNutuN,
Nelaon Land IMnlrlrt. Dlatrlet of Went Kootenay
Take n illeo thai OeOEffS Ktiirrn, of HlllHiea,
MoiilHiia, 1! H, A., oeeiipktlon, niercbaut, ln-
t#Ddl to apply 'or pcrmlM-doti to purchaae the
following ileaerlbed land: Commencing at s
ji-o-kI plumed on the wcai kIioic i>f f1pp*r What-
���bsfl (1 ariboo) lutSi and at the northwealcoruer
Of'OtSin, Iheuce wuat K0 ehalna, thence ���OQtfa
40 ihiiliiK, ihenci' eaat 20 chalua, thenne north 4i>
halni to point of rommencement, and contnln-
inx**" ai ires' more or leaa.
May '.filth. "
, LOT.
NcJmhi Land Dlatrlet.   Dlatrhl of Weat Koolenay.
Take notice thai  Walter   McNeil, of BfllliiRa,
Montana, I'. H. A., occiipHlloii merchant, lntenda
to 11 ppl
sd on the wet ahoreof I'pper W ....     ,.  ,. ,
lake, ami ni lhe north went cornerof l,..i at:i(i.
theiHc -Meat .���'< ehalna, thcnr<i norlh ��o ehalna,
thence eaat 'At chaina, ihent c aoulh W) chaina to
point of commencement, and containing 1A0
aiTen, more or leaa.
Mny   "HI,. 11)07 Wil.TKK  MiNFil..
togpply for p'rinlaalns to purel-aao the follow-
Hii; di-Niribed land : < omiiieliclng at a post planted on (he -.- , ��� 1 ahore of t'pper �� ha tali an (Cariboo)
luli..     .....     ..1      11..        ..,..il.,....t     ...._..__  aa*     I   ...    Bl'ii.
I, Ih.
utideralgned. alter Oil daya intend Imp
' in. i Oetnmlssfoner of i.��nd��
ply to lb I II
and Worka to purcbiiHc the following dcacrflx'd
land: Commen. Ing nt lhe N, K. ( . of l,..i ?ra
(��. I., thence weal 40 chafim. Ihenee norlh 20
chaina, iheuce eaal io chnliif, thetiee aouth '20
chaina to polnl of eomuienci'ineat, containing SO
acrea more or losi.
Located Kiri'li JAIU, 1VU7, W. A. Mn.i#.
The Hall Mining and Smell
Company, Limited.
Purchases Lead* Copper and Dry Oresj
Hlxty dayi after date I purpoae making appli
cation to the Hon thief ComtaiaMoi-cr ul I^uda
aud Worka. for j��erml��alon to pniwaM the foi
lowing    !�����.. f 1 l*.-i land:    CommfiKlng  it ��� im>l
fllMed on the weil shore of LoVW WhaUban
ake. about a J* mile from the outlet of flute,
aud mark."I "If W'a. N.K corner oo*\.' running thence so ehatna wet I, thence no rhaina
-. ��� th*-nce no chalua etui, Iheuce io chalua
north to p-jint of commencement, rontaluiug
S4S aerea, more or leaa.
Dated the 2nd day of  Mar. IWT
(hlgne.I)H   WtniR,
ivtF t.. rsffmrtta Agent
Notice la hereby given that 00 day* alter dat*- I
luleud to ���it'l*. to lhe Hon Chief I'otuiutaalotier
<il lAiida and Worka for i^rmi-Ml. n Ut purchaae
the following '!���.�������� r it* 1 lr��. t of laud, altuate in
Wefll Kootenay diatrict ' ..iiliii. m at a pott
pi mi led on i'lacer creek, n'-ar Its Oonflumwe with
summit ereek, marked MHrgaret Mcl��uchlan'a
.N K comer' ihenee aouth uichalua, theme w-rat
no Lhalua. thence uorth V cbaiua Ihenee eaal So
> halna to plot. of voinmeni-cuicnt.
2drd May,    * ���'....,.. m   l.At < m *w.
Wll.LlAU   bAKl.'lB, Agent
��t*ty daya after date 1 Intend to apply 11 the
Hon the < hlef I omoiinloner of I.*n<U and
W'orkalo purrhaae :������.������������ )Bnd : Comii.eiK'lns
at a p(��t planted on the wen nlde o! t. Mitt- .rt-.-k
on tbe wagon ro��d ab-'iil ��'x mile* fr-on K....I
rnij lake, and markt-d Sell SrKe. t. tile * aouth-
*��ol coruer pSSt, Ihi-im- ��i-at ��* chaina. thenee
;..". **��� t halni. theme eaat *u chalua. theuee
aouth 4o chaina to place of beclnnius.
1- ��� -*��� ) IhJa XSrd day of April. \Oof
Nstl  Mi KnilKll,
R   J   Ki.iiorr. Agent
Hlxty <lay�� after date I intend to sppl
Hon    < hlef Comtnlaeloner of I^ndaan4>n
for   rM-rtnlavlon u>   purebsoe   the   foll..w:i
-   r   ���-   :   iojid   in   Weet KotKeuay dlttnet
11..-ii- ing   al a   j--*t marked A  (   b'a aorti
uorner   poat.   running 4U ehalni eaaurif
lhe bouudary of liml.. r  1;. . :.- .  N0 Mot,.
aouthrrly  60 ehalna,   thence weiierij- a t
Ihenee   northerly   .Vi chalua aloog tt. 1
tr��i l i.. ||u piSM of commencemeDt, root*
two htin>lre4 acrea, more or leaa
UK-au-tl 1 ui* ��th ilay of May. 1W!.
A. V. Bean, Low* I
���at] daya alt, r date I Intend lo appi? i
Hon 1 blel *'on iu la* loner of I.,t..1�� ��:, ��
10 pur. ham 00 ���< n-t of land (.tested shout li
a<.titheoj.l of Burton: ('oramenrlng al 1 f
ptauUfd at 11..' aoulhweal corner of Lot RH1 ul
iMtikt-d '��� A Hunter'a ooutbeaat comer, Um*iI
aorth <S efaelae, thenc* west au rhaisi. iktwl
aoutb *i cbalna.  Iheuce e��*t    JO rhsiai la***-**!
of beglnutsg.
Lamsn April juui, iau7. <��� a t\-rm I
per A   K ssLaa. '.���
I, lb.
U) the
.. -.
T. M
of Him
of  Klo
���      llltn
' --i *- ������.,.���;.. ��������� inteiKl ..-��������� -a n\ ��� Uianply
Hou tbei hlef rommlaapoier of LUMlse4M
i for |��rmlaaIon lt> purchaae the following
i""! land C.iuiineiiclng at a poat marked
4harp'a H K c . located on the wot-h'-rr
an lake, aU>ut twelve mllea front the head
can lake, thence weat 4o cbalna, tbeuee
4V ehatna. thence eaat t" . !,..n,.. thenre
along ihore o| rloeau take to polnl of
Uvl May 4th. T. M   Hhiri-.
Nelaon Land Dlatrlet. Diatrict of Wnl Koo'enay
Take DOtSSfl lhat Kdward 1'etera of Ymlr, hrtt-
iih t'oluml.ia. ��M'cupall.un. miner, tuli-uda to ap
ply for p'ririuiii.ii to purchase the following
���l. ���>< 1 .!���>������: laud: ' "nitn.nclng at a ;������ ������'. pIkiiUm!
on Ute north bans of ! ..' creek. .-.'������.' thrive
mllea eaaierly (mm the )unctbm ol l>o��i . r.-t-g
and Halmon rlvi-r, fii the -Nelaon land diatrict,
thence north 60 chalua, thence weat fr. chaini,
theuee aouth HO cbalm. more or let.*., to Loat
cieek. theoce east l ....-. .i,y --,;.: creek to |K,inl
ot . ..i.,m�� i��� . ito'itt and 11 uitsi'iit.g iMU twrvm,
more or leaa.
Date.) June Mh, IWT Kl.��4KH  I'm.*,.
Dli'.rlct of Weal Koolenay.
Take notice that William David An.brwin, of
HIidMr cH-cupatloii bridgeiusn. Intend flto apply
lor 1- tn.*. ���i"i. to purchaae the following deacribed landa: Commencing si a jton p.m.n-1 -.t the
north aide of Huintnll creek, innikct I V�� ,
thence north 20 ehalna, them-e e��>( 40 r lialm
theuee south 20 cbalna, thence w fit 4(Mbalni
to j-.,ii,i of commencement.
WiU-UM 114 Vin At4|*gsaoi��,
W   J   Hcorr. Agent
Nelaou Land Dlitrlct. Dlalrlctof Weal KooUiiay
Take BStlBfl that John I'hllbert of Nelion.
Brltlah < ohimbla, occupation, aaloon kee|>��r, lntenda 10 apply for tiermlaalon to purchaae tbe
lollowlng <1..h, ribe-i land: (otnineni ing at a
p-.il Wasted on the north bank U.n . reek, and
about two and one quarter oil lea eaiurly from
the lunttlon of I��Ht creek and Halmou river tu
the Melaon lsnd illatrlcl, thence north ui 1 halna,
tbence weit ou chalua. iheuce aoulh U ebsins,
aiore or leaa, to 1 .-t creek, iheuce eaat follow mg
aald creek to point of commencement and . ..n
laiuing 4��o acrea, more or leaa.
Dated June.'.ih, \o\ft. John J'liit.iigsT
Nelaou I-and Dlatrtct. J>l��trlct of Weal Kooteuay
Take notice that Frank McDonald, of Nelaon,
Mr 11 ih Columbia, .occupation miner, lntendi lo
applj lor 1-ernilamou lo pur. ha*.- the following
deacrlbcd liiudi: Com meliilng nl a poit plant, d
on lhe north bank of I^>at creek and about one
tulle eaaterly from the juneiioii of Iamk creek
and Halmou river. In the Nelaon land dlatrlet,
thence north AU rhaina, thence eaal fin chalua
Ihenee aouth eo chaina, thence weit po ehalna to
point of commencement, and containing ,-ttu
wrci, more or leaa^
Dated June 6th.l*rj. Kr��kk McDonalo.
Notice la hereby given thai nu daya aturr dale 1
intend toapoly to the Honorable lhe Chief Com
mUalouer of Lsnda and Wurka for pcruilaalou
to purchaae the following deacribed land, altuate
in Weal Kooteuny diwtrici; Couiincncing at a
poal plant fl at lhe weal boundary of 1...1 MOt,
and nboul lo chalm noiith ol I he ion Ih bonnditry
of thu right of whj' of the It C. Southern rail
way, and marked I*. A. I"a aou'Iieaat comer,
thenee weal loll <h aliih, thence north to the aouth
boundary of the right of way of ll c. Houihcrn
railway, Ihenee IoJIowIiik aald >��� ���<��� u- ., r v of aald
right of way lu an eaitctly dircciion lo the weat
boundary of I ..1 'M2 til, (hence aoulh to place of
couiinuuceuient, coutnluliig loo acre*, more or
Dated thla I4lh day of June, IW7.
I'aci, AtlflOBT I'AllJION.
Nelaon I-snd Dlatricl. Dlalrlctof Weat Kootenay.
Tske notice thst Kdwsrd Fraaer. of hilling*.
Moutaua, U. 8 A , occupatlou wool buyer, in
teuda to apply for iiermlaalon lo ptirih��M tin-
following described huiil ; Commencing nt a
poal plan led on the weit ihore of CppcrWhnt
lhaii (Cariboo) lake, ami at the louthcnKt comer
of  laol nt��V, ihenee weal 'JO chain*. Iheuce 11,
60 Rh��iin, tlicnce cunt jo chalua, thence aoulh Al
chalua, thunce eaa> 40 chalua, more or lea��, to the
weatahori- of Cpper Whalahan (Cariboo) Uki;
thenoe northerly snd wciterly along thu mpt
ahore R0 chain*, moru ur leaa, 10 point of commencement,  and   coutslnliig  190 acrea, moro or
Msy ktlth, 1007.
Kt'WAIth  hl*MK.
Hlxiy ilnya aftcj date I nurpone  niiiklii*.'   npi-ll-
Catlon   to the    Hon,    lhe Chief CommlSfltoner of
Landi and Worka for perffllation to pnrahass the
following tleicrlbed laild | I lonuni uclng at a
poal j. hi. 'nl at (be lo.itti. .. - t c in.r of Ii C-
&k inner'a a cpl cation to purclmau miirked
���"R H'a. N. Wcotner iKiat" ILnncc following the
can. m. bonn.hiryof aald rippHcatinn MO ehalna
aouth, thence ru lining Htt ebalua aaat, tbenoe Bo
chalua north to the aoiitheru bouiidtiry of K. W.
Hanuington> upidlciillmi to pnrobSM, ihenee HO
cbalna  we*l  hIoiis aame hi point of commetitte-
���11.-HI. colli..It  lliu I. In ii'-ii-s,   im,11. ,,.   |,    .
Dt.tc.i -jud day of Msy, 1U07.
(Hlgned) It.HMIILL,
per K.U. rsoguiBK, Agent.
Notice la hereby given tbat ��0 dayi after-lail
ini-:,.i lo apply Ui lhe Honorable ibeCtslaK*!
mlaiiouer of I*anda sod Worka for pcraksM
purchase   tbe  followlug  descrl������d irsrt vt*
iltnsie In �� ���-' K...,t. r.��j dlitrlct:   < ..��.�����:
at  a   i-.%t ptanietl on Clacer STOi k. �������/ lu *�����
tl.iene*-   with   Hommit creek,   maxbs-, WlusiP
Barbour'i   N. n . corner, thenee oonil ��� ckeal
thenee eaat  40 chaiaa.   tbence  nortb 40rWa|
ti.- io ������ Weat 40 ebalua to plaee of e
���Sd May. 1W7.
William S*ai
Notice li berebf given mat aodayt si
Istelid to *j i.lv U, tbe Hon. Chief tou:
of UimIi six) Worka for permlsaion in
the (ollowlog dearribed In. I in Weal I
dlitrlct, on weal abire of Lower A
a!r>ii.ii!g !>���* No ��H*. oo the aoutb
at a !���*���*! market) "Harry Mrl^od'a Ht tanrl
MM *'�����! i ;*!-.!...1 on tbe ahore of 1. �������� *���������
Lake, at tbe auutbesat cornat of Cspt t ��� i
I 4Vl*. thence weat So chsins, thence iooU II
chalua more or leaa lo tbe north boundarf ! e
Full more* I". H , theoce *��� cbalm eait li.-u -* ;
aald bonadarj to lake, tbeuee norih aJoii*D
Iske ahore 'lo chaina, more or leaa U> prt*-'|
May 2uti, 1S0T. J   D   v ��� -���     .
 Agent lor Hari? McUgil
hiiiy dayi after date I intend to appir ta ta|
Hon the Chief Cotemlaalimer of Laodi ��*���
Worka Vlrtorla. to pun haae 1�� acret o) kSB
b-H-aled ou the weal aide uf Arrow lake and <?tl||
dlrtn-tly north of i - ; Tirjfl: Coeimencing at *K|
planted al the N K rorner of Lot ~V.4 an<l a��t I
Od "H B B K i'i.rorr," and running oorit II
chain*, ihenee weit JO rhaina, ibence oi'Mt'H
(halua, Ibence weat SO rbsina Ihente firn '���
(halua, :: - I,- . ��� �� i SO chaina to point ������' ���(
April ard, 1W7. Hkstha IMW
J. K    \-n*b.i   Agast
*-l*tr daya a fur date I intend lo apptf^ isl
Hon thief Commlaaloner ol Landa anfJ������j
Victoria, B.C.. to purchase the follostM �����
���erlbed land, ntuated tn ihe Weet Ko��i*mM��|
i rl. t i niiuncurlng at a poat plantd oti ts ���
west aide of Kootenay lake, near Kbim***?*!
point, and markai) J. M.-K tniiMt. ��� " '��� '' *'
poii, thence weat SO chalsa. iheuce nort* ��� I
chains, Ihenee eaal SOehslus more or ��� ������ ;' "'
ahore. i be una slotig Iske ihore to point of *����� I
Dated April 4, 1WJ7. Hignt d J   MwW.|
Notice li hen Im gUeli that Hit) da>��s/l�� '"l
I Intend toapply to the Hon .Chief loinmli*!^ a
of lAiida and Worka forpermli*ioii t"|",rrill";l
Id. following deacribed tract of Und lUnaia" I
Weal K(-H.teiia) dlitrlct: Cammiii' mi m*JK I
planted alx.ul one half mile north " ������<' - '-'\
hiiinmlt creek, tuarkiMl Jean �� smeron�� a ���* |
coruer. Ih��tice eaal 40 chaltia, iheuceDof";
ohatne. thenne w.-ai 40 chalua. thence ^uin ������
chain* tn place of luinmeucemeut mmtM    l
ani May, 11107 Jsak ' iSi"<��"
Willi tn iusboi a. as*"1*
Notice u hereby glvta tbat slaty *ia���� ��
date I Intend toapply to the H��"i'��"1,lrl1
l ominlMloner of Unda and Work* tot Ml i
..............   . ..     ,   ..       ....  , ��,i,. .1 in-
thence uorlb 40   chaina lo  place of
-���trd May, i *���. JohnS. N> !���*"
William Barsois, Age
Take   notice   that   Harry   Wtlllami ��' *'!"* I
B   C , rancher, lntenda  to apply tm I"'""�����".
Ui   pur.-lia*e   the lollowlng  deacribed   I aunt '
v\e*i Kootanaj dlatrlet: _. t0m
Coinniericiug si a poat planted BoMeeej^S
aouthean comer of I*ol alx tbouoand ��,u*," ,l�� |
n d aiKl eighty five  (6ttHT��), Uroup one ID.   " '
dlatricl. theme aouth Iwenly (����) rlisih1*.  "'���
weal oue hundred and ality (ISO) chains, inra
norlh iwiuty i.H). li nlm,  tlie nre eaat ono ������    I
red and   alxty (100)  chaina lo the |m��1��i <l1 '' L I
menc4*meiil   and  containing   ��J0 acre*. ���""     |
Dated lhe IVlh day of May, HW7. ���
' llA-lSY   Willi*"'
I, ihe uiHisraigned, alter oo dsvs intend h����f
ply to the Hon  the l hlef Commlaalnner -.I i*��
SOd Worka   for   ,.. iu.i--i..u   to   purrhaae inf'
lowing   described   laud:    Commencing" *'   (
marked  N.K- 0, Ulualed   on   the wr�� ��""-"r
Hlocan lake, aUnit twenty mllea from HbHSiir-j
thence weal 40 ehalna,   tbeiieo aoulh W ''������"i.
theiiif   east  40 chalua,   thance  norlh ���'""*'
ion.- of  lake HO chains lu point of cotnmen
BKHT bu��i
Bsucg Whits, Agenl.
Hisly dSVSafter dale I purptiaa makingaPI11'"*,
Hou tu tlie Chief Cominiaidnncr of !���*��']*'.���.
Work* for iH-riiilaslon lo purchaae the loii����M
de*crllM>d land : Coiumenclns at a lM'*"1. ���?,.���,*
al lhe uorthwc*! cornerof lot 4H4HC1 and    '��
ed"i' McO'aBK oernt r poet," rnaniaaWJfB i
hikIimIiin north iheuce HO chains weat, ""', .,���(
chain* Miiiih, theuee HO chalua eaat, tu I ,' r
coiiiinciiceuiclil,   . nil t Sill Dig   040  seres,   I����"
Looated May tth.
DatSd IhltOth day of M
per D   A. McCtLL
,-:  'n-atfi-Sii Mi;.;w.r"'
. An* "I
Hlxty ilnys ��IIit d��U I IiiIuikI to ��PP'/ *?.[,
II oi. fhlnl .'miiiiiU.li.uci ol Ijuid. ��"��� "���i
In iMirrlms.. 'MO m-ifs of Unil, sltlist;' "���' L"!LS,|
k|.|.. ���i Ari-.-w n,k,...il���,iii >wotnll"s Iron. ��""��� ,
CoiullM'.li'lllK II. s P0��l Pls.lU'il *t u*s <*��� ���' ' i
ol I. IIM7. iiii.l ,���.,L,.,i N. T H'S N. W. >���'<*>"' }'
i nni.inn   vasl  ��n ilmlli., ll.vlU', .o'lll' ��� J J" ,,
.b*tlGS WMI   411  ilmliis.   II OS   ���"."tl"  "..m.ii
llivinc wu| in i I,.,in., tlit.uraj l.orlli M SB*.""
I-1 4. ��� I    Of  In  UlllllO, _    .,...
Burwu, XprUDSM,NOT. N*..!..*1   ' ""'
A. A.Hustoii.AsijiJ'i n/K<
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NELSON, ��3.0
Land District.   Dlatrlet of Weat Kootenay
^Bsnotice that tieorge  Alexander, of  Kanlo,
IJfc.Occupation  mine inHttan^f, UiUiiuia to ap-
"f)Or a apvclsl timber licence over the follow-
KTlhcd    land;       Coinim-lic-lug   at   a   twist
I  at   the    nortbeaat    corner  of   Lot   1W16.
1,   Kootenay   l'1-.trlct,    thence    weal   00
thence  aouth   4U chaina,   thenoe  eaat (XI
, thence  north  40 chains  to  the polut of
tlicemeut, and cuutaiulnK .MO a'-rea, more
I June V7, 1VU7. QSttaSS  a ;.t *.-���:, .
Laud Dlatrlet.   Diatrict ot Wbat Kooteuay
rge  Alexander, of K.i-i<>.
manatcer, lntenda lo up
lor a apeclal timber Uoanoe oroi  the follow*'
^eacrlU'.-l   lauds:      ( ommeucltis  at  a t��.Ht
"    al   the   aoulheant   corner of   Lot   ioob.
p   1, Kootenay    Dlatrlet,   thelice   north   Ml
*1, thence treat M) chains,   thenoe   south no
I tbence east tat chalua  to point of coiu-
snd cuutaiulnc 640 acres, more or
^���S notice that
^Vy|OCcll[ilitt>>M    Ililtl'-   f.ti-.a-.'
1 June Ti, 1W7.
UlllKUI   A,.H��MitK.
hi Laud District. District of Weit Kootenay
te foil i . thai ��� " "tv Alexander, o| Kaslo,
"lecupatlmi mine manager., intends to ap-
a ���pecial timber licence over the follow-
_jscril*.l land* CommencliiK al a jM.ht
���Sd at the Southeast coruer of I-m lU0-'i,
", Koou-nay lUstrlct, theuco uorlh no
_ U..1M. eaat BO chain-, thence aoulh SO
i, tin n. v we��t Go cbnluii to the point ol
Fluent, and   colitninins 4*t acre*, more
June 21, IW7.
OltiRi.K  ALSX*M>KS.
Land District.   Dltlrlcl of Wi-nt KooU'imy
Oa notice that '.eori/r   Alcxandei,  of   Kot.lo,
jfOecupnii.'U mi*-*   inniiaic r,   intends   t.-np
IS tOt a *!������ .'.al i in. I--i . i.'.n. ��� "-I ll.'1   l" l--*���*���������
--|   4ssirlM .1    luii-1- :     ��� omno u> ing    al    n   (��.��t
Bled    at    It.-    ii.iitli. a��i    coin, r    ol    1...1   l0"-4.
|ro��P    ��.    Kot��teii.i��      I 'let i i- I.    tl.- to -     west    40
-*--zTe, thenee   aouth 1 Go  chalnn,  thence  cast 40
��, th. i.  .   north Ito  chains   to  tbe point ot
aun-i.il ;.:   uud   ��-uliuinitig 04C acres, more
Juue tl. 1VWT.
MOMmO Uu-I  l'i-tr .* I     1'i.ti i'*l <<1  We t-t  K..oti-ii ii >
fhiM'&o'i  -���  tl.nl  ' "���������'(.���������   \ i.-ian-t. r, "I   K ..*.!...
"���.C.sapcupi.ri-.*. mm.   iniitmtrv!.   ;nt- n 1-   !..  up
aliTea a n>   twi tm.ui  in .nee      -r tin
M MBCnl.<*'l Uii.i" t ..inn., lo'iinu- ��t h p.-i
-*--v��-a st ihe Miuthwest corner of Section U.
tip". K(Kitenay DUtrlct. thenoe noith-l-J
Ito the a.'iiil. tmi.ndari ol ihe Imlisn
i- !.��� �������� csal shout ft' chsins to the
onwrOfoald Indian Kcserie, thence
motth4*> ' hit in- tliir-..-. . . -t stiout 7c chuiti* to
fhawsst houn-'-iiiv "t i oi hi:, ii,.-n.*c iKiuth so
SlMUae, Hu m ��� w-i ���" ��� i.(tin- t" tt:. iM.ml "1
nent, and   cotitalnlUK MttaSrSSt more
sd Juiiv n, nun
liEORi.l   A    H.M-H..
fTaiattn I-*u.l I'.HrWl lHHrifl nl Wrsi Koolenay
T��ke notic lhat tieorge Alexander, of Kaslc,
IC^ori -iifMUoii mint' uiHtiaK* r. in lends to ap
���IT (or s ��� %*���> lal UihUt ll. t n- .- ovr the follow
fig dcacrilM 1 land* lommeiiclns ��l a pout
=HBated at the HitiTseftlo'i ol tin- north .lot of
OU i\. Tovnsblp ". KiKitenay DiMn.-i, aid
>at line ol the Indian Keocrve, thenoe aoulh
halna, ibence phsi shout 70 chains to the west
hOar-i of N't *���'���'. theme north M> chains.
�� Brest shout 70 chains to the polnl of com
���mini, end containing bw acrss. more or
Ued Juue tl, lwfl-
��� inoaos AhsXAMUBH.
i Lund District    District of West Kootenay
���D Land District    Histrict ol West Kootenu>
Bsfae notice   Hint   de-urge   Alexander, of Kaslo.
"LC^uccupailou mine iniiiioKt-r.   intends  to ap-
Tfcr s iihhMsI UinlM-r lli'eiH-f   over   the follow
, daat rlbed   lauds:      ComiutU'lug   nt   a pohl
Sled at the  intrrwcllon   of lhe mhiUi   Hue ol
n 2t*. 'lownnhip 7 Kootcio.y  DKtrist, end
si line of ihe Indian Beeerre, tbsnee e��ai
atTOvhaltii* t" the went tamtnlary ol Lot SI J,
��north a> chains to the south hank of
river, thence wei-terly Ml�� ehnins along
���Ih bank of t.oal rlrer to the wet line ot said
���ion 2!>, Ihenee south K.. ehains to txiint of
Smencement and  containing Mj acres, more
Dao-i June ::. m*7
Take OOUeS that Walter Kdwards, of FeryiiaoD,
ll. ('. of-cupatloti cook, inteuda to apply tor a
special tlmlK.r UeeneS over ihe lnllowmg described lands: Cmnineiictng at s post ptautod
l1, mtli-H up a croek -.:.*...,��� Into lhe head of
Cariboo hike, on tlie CnM side ol ���> rihoo lake
and marked "WalU-i Kdward'a northwt-st corner," thence south SO chatus' thence east HO
ehalus. thence notth m chains, thence weat 80
chaina to point of commenceiucut. and coutainlug C40 acrea. more or less.
Dated April 27th, HH7 Waltbr Ki.wari>s,
by his event W, <'. Manama*
Nelaou Land histrict    District of West Koolenay
Take notice lhat W��lt��r Bdwarde, of LiTdtisun,
it O .occupallou  C(Hik,  inteuda   io apply   lor a
���j"-:.i. ;.:;it-.-r   licence orer   the  f-Hllo-aing  dea-
drlbed  lands:   Coamuelns ��'��� ���*��� i"*-i     .  niu--a
up Htevena creek  and a  ',  mile east irom  A.
Kvan'*  corner  post No. 8. aud   marked   "Walter
Kdwards s noriuHest corner pott," theuee eaat
40 chains, thence aouth 160 chains,   tl.t-n  ���-   west
HI chains,   iheuce  uorlh   Kit'  chaina   to   point of
commencement, and containing 640 acres, more
or leaa.
Dated May 30th. : ��� ".. Waltbr K!>u*ahks.
hy hli agent F C. Manmnu.
Silaoo lAud District.   Diatrict of West Kootenay
Take n.'tlee thai Walter Kdwards, of Ferguson,
B. C, occupation  cook,   intends  lo apply   fore
apeclal Umber Uesnea over ihe foliowiug des-
critifl lauds: I'ommenciug ul a poet plauU-d
k'.ihii a mile from the head at Carlhoo lake snd
one mile es��i of aald Ufce, and marked "Waller
KtUfmrd'is southwest corner." Uience Uorth MO
chains, thenee cast H0ch*>tus. thence fcoiilh 80
chalua, thence went ny ehalni to potnt of com-
incucemeui, snd couialniug  0-lu acrea.   moie or
hated Mt) .K>th, :'��.'. Wai.tkk KnwABim.
by hl�� agent F. C. Mannino.
Nelson Lund Dlnlrict.   Histrict of West Koolenay
Taxe notice that  Arthur K. Kvans. of   Keaton.
ll. t'., occupation cruiaer, intend" toapply lor ���
spe<*lal  I,ui her  llitnee   over   the  followiug   dea-
. ni.ed  lands:    uotnmenelns at a post piauu-.l
sboal 1 mllea nn Stevens ereek running mm tbe
easl side ol t*ari>����o lake   marked "A.  r.   svan'a
aoathweet eeabar poet,*' thence uorth 80 chains,
thenee   eaebSB chales,   tbence   aouth 80 chains,
ihenee   west Nil  ehalus   to   point   of commencement, a Lid i -ntaiuiug 840 acre**, more or lesa.
hated Mny SOth, 1**(7. ARTIIL'K ��. tVANS.
by In   agent F. C. Mannino.
Notice la berehy given that Ihlrly dsy* afU*r
date 1 intend to��pply tothe lion ilo ' hi.-t 1^>m-
DKlaeSoneT al  Un.l- and   Wt.rits  (or  a aixM'tal Ih
oenee to oat aad curry   M��ay timber from the
foli..wing ili-rni.iil land* in West Koolenay
dlsinci i ommelielug al a posl plauted on the
mrili hank ol Ten Mile croek. about one mile
and a half Irom Hlocan lake, marked il. II Pitta'
northwest  OOrnei   post,   thence  east 110 chains,
thenee eoutk 10 ebelne, tbence vast u*> chaina,
thence uorth  4U chalua  to placo of coinmenoe'
D.ud this *%lh day of June, 1907.
H. H   Pitts, IxM-stor,
A. W. mi .-ii -. Agent
:���������!:���.- Is hereby given that thirty daya afU>l
dat* 1 Intend to appU u�� the. If .mors hie
Cbtel   ' *"!|i* ���* ��� :   (d   i '.'id*   sua   Worka    st
Victoria. B.i ., for s Ipeolel hcanae lo cut aud
carry away tlmlasr from the following deaOribed
lauds lu West Koownay di-trlel: Uonunsnolns
at a p.-'.   punted   on  the wesl   batik   of  Hin��dter
ereek, abonl one mile sonth of the city of Nelaou,
lliencv Mnitiihii  eiiMlna,   thence  west 8o  ehalus,
llieii  e   north W (hains,  Ihenee t'ast no cbaiua to
plaee ol coiiiiik invintnt.
Daied this llth day of June, li-07.
0. o. ii.ass, Looatnr.
h. H ... n  Ageut.
MsIkhi l-tnd Dial IK l     hi-til- IhIWi-m Kootenay.
���'    fake noliee   tliHt   L.-orge   A lexnlider of  Kaslo,
���������<'���. oeeiipatin.   nun.   msnagi r, intciid*. to ap
'.Shorn tor a * pet-i ��il   Umber   licence over the follow
hi   deacribed    lands:      t'ommenclng   at a  post
Sainted at lha southwest coiner ot Ud !>20, (iroiip
rKuotcii,,..   .H-I--1.1.   thence   soulh   loo chains,
jHtsnce east   ���'���<.)  chains to the nnrlhcast eoruer ol
^���S Indian reacrve:  Ihenee north ahotil Jaichaltot
-fi (miki   river;   iheuce  westerly along lhe aoulh
^���kk of <ioat river alMtnt lb chaina to the aouth-
fit corner of Lot 4HI; Iheuce uurlh about '<0
lnatothn north%ve*t corner of said I-ol 4V1;
nee ca��l about 7i chains to the soulhwcst
nerof Lot awl; ihenee north nboul W chain a
���tba southeast corner ol l-"l MB] thenee west 40
etna lo the point of commencement, and cou-
ming i'O acte*. more or leas.
>sied June -r,, tan hsonos ai.kiani.kr
. Mo 1. Notice b Hereby kIwii that SOdSTI
nlt��r date I intend to api-h to the Chief Coin
isloncr, ot I.mil an i -tN.-iki-, lor n apeclal
liae lo ent and carry Umber Irom WI follow-
deacribed lands, sftualed on the aoiilhea��l
f Halmon river, lu the dlslrici of Weet
nay . t'ommenclng al a post placed hImmiI
ds wer.1 ol Hose l-caf ereek marked "It M
,..A*a northweat cornar," Ihcn e ho ehalus
th, thence H0 ehains chsI. theiiecwi ehains
lb. Ihenee wi chalua WOSt to phice ol coin-
SSeneeni. nl.
*Tocalvl on the litis day of June, PJ07.
K   M. Kbrvks, Utcalor.
HMn. 2. Notice In betel.y Riven lhat :n> days
���ki dale I luleud lo ��pl>ly to Ihe t'Uwt I'oiu-
jBhasioner. ol Lands and Works, (,ir it special
> lo cut atid carry Umbel from the pillow-
scribed lands situated on the southeBai
the Halmon river, in lhe district Ol Weet
iaj : I'nnimeiielng lit a post phieed nboul
ds west id Hose U>iif creek, marked "B M.
i'b No. I southwest coiner. * theuee 10
norlh, thence 80 chaina east. Ihenee Htl
aoulh, thenre SO chains west to place of
..'lifcinc ul
ated ou tbe 10th day of June, INT.
k. m. hksvrh. Losator,
Helsoti hand Dlatr.ct.   District nl West Kootenay.
%M Notice Ik hereby given   Unit  thirlv days  alter
EU- I, J   P. Hwedbcru,  ol   Nelson,   H. 0 , miner,
tend to apply   to   the   Hon    the Chief < ..uiinis.
mer of   I.kii.'i-  and  Works, at   Victoria,  for   a
���Medal   license  lo cut and   carry a<-ay   timber
from   the  follow Ing .1. nerihei' Uuds, sltiinted on
#niMini* creek, In the West Kuoteuiiy district:
H No. I omineticlng   at h post maikcd J. V. H'a
tltnI-"'  iin.it, nortneael ooruerpost,located on
Qtssi  lork   of Hummlt creek, shout 2 miles from
Rain creek, ihenee running soulh Hi) cthslttB,
ence running west 40 chalua, thcucc runiiiiig
Motth40 chains, Ihenee wet.1 40 chiilnt, ibence
Uorth HO chains, thetiee ruiiulnu en-t 40 ehnins,
���bence runiilng  soulli  40 chains, tlicnce cast 40
eh.nMK I,, pine,, ill commencement.
��� Dated thls.Mh day of .Mine, 1U07.
J   P. 0WI iniRim, ] ocalor
u N ���   2.    Commencing   nt a post mm ked J. K H'a
|lmt>Pi 11 tn 11, iiorlhwcal  cotinr posl, locnlcd ou
at fork of Hummll ctcck, aboul two in Hen (mm
cieek,   iheii.c   running   soutli   HO  chains,
running eaal   Ho cIimIuh, (hence luiinlng
hnlus, thence running west ho chains
-. , ... coinmcnccuiciit
Dated the..il. day of .Mine, 11HI7.
J. Pi U-aSldlBRU, LlK'Rtor
Sensational   Case   of   Young    Professor
Accused   of   Kilting   Wealthy
Knrlsruhe, Germany, July 17���Karl
Hau, the yotniK itrofe-saor formerly attached to George WaHhlngton Unlver
Bliy, WaKhlng ton, D. C, was placed on
trial here today for the alleged murder
of hla mother-in-law, Frau Moiitor. The
former high standing of the accuaed,
the mystery surrounding the alleged
Clime and the recent suicide of Prof.
Han's young wife have combined to attract widespread attention to the case
and the trial will doubtless attract
great attention throughout Kurope and
in America. Notwithstanding the fact
that he has been formally examined and
pronounced sane by experta, it Is probable that, mental irresponsibility will
play a part in the defense of Prof.
Han. He is represented by eminent
counsel and it  Is  evident that  a hard
Nelaon Land DUtrlct.   Dlalrlctol Weat Kootenay.
Take notice lhat William Andrew Koea, of
Ferule, B. L'., hotel keeper, lntenda to apply for
a special timber licence over the following dee
crtbed landa:
No. 1 ���Commencing at a post plan tad about
three ml'ea north of tea international ooandary
Hue. aud about eight miles weat of the Kootenay
river, and about two miles north of the northwest corner of limber licence No. OPS", thence
north 80 chains, thence eeat 80 chains, tbence
south 80 cbalna, tbenca weat 8u cbalna to point
of commencement, and 'Containing M0 acres,
more or leaa.
Lo. Mi-fd 12tb June 1907.
No. 2���Commencing at a poat planted at the
aoulh. aat coruer of William A Itooa'e Ko. 1 claim
and about two mile* north oi tbe N. W corner
of Umber liceuce No 805", tbence north 80
chain*, tbence weat SO chains, tbence aoutb 80
chaina. theuee east 80 chains to tbe point ol eommeucement, and containing M0 acrea, more or
Located 12th June, 1907.
No. 8.���Commencing at a post planted near
Hridga creek, about one mile eaat of tbe northeast cornerof William A. Roas'a No. 1 claim,
and about five miles north of tbe International
boundary line, thence north 80 cbalna, tbence
will 88 chains, il.. 1.. < soutb 80 chains, tbence
caht hu chains to the [.'im of com in-an cement,
and contaiuing 64-j imm more or leaa.
Located litb June, liuT.
No. 4 i oiiiinem *!,i- at a p.tst planted near
bridge croek at tne ami theaat corner of William
A. Moss* No 3 claim, tbence norlb 80 chaina,
thenoe easl 80 chain*, tbeuee aoutb 80 chains,
iheuce west Ml cbalna lo the point of commencement, and containing 6t0 acres, more or lesa.
Located 12th June, 1907.
No, 5 Commencing at a post planted near
Htridire creek, at tbe aoutneaat corner of William
A. Ross* No. I claim, tlicnce aoutb 80 cbaiua,
tbence west 80 chaina, thence uorlb 80 cbalna,
theuee eaat ao chalua to th<j point of eommeucement. anj containing f.m acres, more or lesa.
Located 12th June, 1907.
No. C -Comuieoctug at a post planted near
Bridge creek, at tbe aoutheast corner of William
A. Koaa' No. .�� claim, theuee aoutb 00 chains,
theme ea��t 80 chains, tbence n rti, 80 chain**,
theuee west 80 cbulua to tti- point of commencement, aud containing 640 acres, more or less.
Located Lib June, m/7.
No. 7. -t'ommenclng at a post planted about
one mile aouth of the southeast cornerof William
A Koss' So & claim and about two mile* north
of tbe international boundary line, tbenoe north
-> ��� ehalus, lhance west R0 chains, thence aoutb SO
chains, thence east mo chains to the polut of
commencement, aud containing 640 acres, more
or leaa.
Located the 12th of June, 1W7.
No. h, ��� ..n.iii, in -mi** at a post planted at tbe
aoutheast corner of William A. Koas' No. 7 claim,
thence uorth so cbaiua, tbence eait NO chalua,
iht uoe south HO chains, tbenoe weat 80 chalua to
poiut ol . I'liiuii ncci.ieiit, aud containing M0
acres, more or less.
Located lh# 12th day of June. 1907.
Dated this :��tb day of July, 1907.
William am.hkw Koaa
Nelson I .aud Dutrl.t. Diatrict of West KooU-liay
lake notice that Jobs I'hllbert, of Nelaon.
llniiah Columbia, falcon keep, r, Intends to
apply for a special timber li.ciiee over lhe fol-
lowlu desnbed lauds: L'oinui cueing at a post
pi.hi ed about thice mtlc��. up the Aral right
band branch of t,o-.t creek and Bbnut five mllea
distance ami in a -.,; i,...-���. 11 v dlreetlou from
the Junction of said \a\H creek and the aoulh
f.11 k ol halmon river tu the Nelson land dlslrici,
tbenoe nonlxKi chains, thence east So ehalna,
thenee south 80 chains, thenee west 8u chains lo
punt of eoinmciiceineut, and coutalulng MO
acres, more or lesa.
Dated Juue l.'th, IVU7. John 1'Hll.liKRT.
Nelson I-and Dlnlrlct. District of West Koolenay
Take notice Ih.t John Dhlll-erl. of Nelaon,
Hiltlr-di ColumbU, saloon Keeper, Intends lo
��i.i��i> for a apeclal Umber license over the following deeortbed laodi:   Oommenelnc at a Met
plat.i.d on the DOrti "Ule of Ix.-t creek al��>Ul
six miles di��laut and lu au easterly direction
from the junction id I-ost creek and the south
lork ol Smooin river in the Nelson laud district,
ihenee west w> chains, the nee south ��o cbalna,
tin tne enst ho chains, tluucc uurlh HO chains
to (Hiltil <.( eomiiii i.i i-tiielit, and containing M0
aOjee, more or lean
Dated #an�� law, 1907, JOHN 1'hii.iibrt.
Helton band DlHUot District of West Koolenay
TalM notice lhat John PhUbtrt of Nelson,
Hrlllsh Columbia, saloon keeper, Intends to
apply for a ��1'i <*lnl IIihImt license over lhe follow lug deseiU.i .1 landa! Commencing ..' a i.o-t
pliiiile.l on Ihe north side of l/iit creek at.out
lour 111 lien dlhlant mid lu an easterly direction
from lhe lUOettoa o) mid C^i ctcck and the
south im. of Halmon river lu the Nebou landdla-
triol tbenoe wi atlDobalna, thenoe south ID ehatna
thenoe < mi *' ehalna, thenoe north ho chaina to
point ol commencement, and containing MO
aoreB, more or h'sit.
Dated June llth,WIT, John  I'ltihBKltT.
Nebou Land Dbltlcl.   Dlatricl oi Weat Koolenay
Take aatlot <'.ai John Pbtlbet-t, of Nelson,
Hriii-h coliiini ... saloon keeper, int.-ii.i- to
apply tot o ���peoul timber tloeBef over the 'ol-
lowtiig deeorlbed inndi i   Commenotni ai a ti��m
iti...u one mid ouc-half miles up lhe llr-l right
band branch of i^mt creek, and abonl four miles
11 "tun l nnd In 11 southeast, tl' d I tec tlon from the
jiiiiellou of Mild lout c cck ..11 I the xoulh fork of
HhIuioii river lu lhe NeUon lsnd district, thcucc
iiottii soebalna, ihenee east hu ohatna, iheuce
south HO cbalna. Iheuce   west 80 chains   lo point
of commencement   and    containing M0 acres,
more or less,
Dated .lutic 12th, l.K'7. John I'miiiikht.
Nelsou Land Dbttici. Diatricini Wesi Kootenay
Take noliee that lohn I'llhc-rt, of Nelsoli,
Hrlii-di Columbia, saloon keeper, intends to
apply fur ii special limber license over the following describe.I laud*: Commencing nt ii poat
j.in.it.'I about two tuib's up th" right Laud
brunch of IrfM ereek gnd about (OUT miles dls-
Lint and in a MUithciix;c!ly direction from Ihe
jiinetiiii ol km Dl l,oM eieck and tho south fork
of  Hiilni'.ii   river  lu   lhe   Nelson    laud   district,
theme iouth ho ciiiiiiis, thenea enst ho chains.
thelice norlh ��o chains, thou* c west HO chains lo
point   of comment ctnctit,    and   coutalulng 010
goree- nore or leu
Dal. d  III lie 121 ll, 1007, John 1'HIl.nEHT.
Nelson Land DlMti-lct,   District or Weat Koo'onay
Take notice lhat John IMi'llw t of Nelson,
lltllbb Columbia, saloon kce|H'r, Intends to up
ply fot a apeclal Umber licence over the following described lauds: Com luetic Inn at a
pot,! plumed on lhe uorth al-'cof Loll creek and
ii I.out four iiiHch distant and lu an easterly
.11 .'clli.ti bom Ibc Jniiclion id mid l^isl creek
a d Ihe iouth b>ik of Halmon river iu the n*N<
sou Iiilld dislrb I. Uicnce rnvl   KO  chains,   Ihenee
Houih h 11 imiiiH   thenoe wcni ho ahauui ihenee
norlh Hli ehiiltiH to it.e point ol commencement
and containing IMS goree, more or leaa.
D.u. 'I .1 one i.*t)i, I'M. . John I*hii.h�� in
Nelaou Laud Dlatrlet    DUtriotot Weat Kootenay.
Iske notice that William Andrew Koaa, of
Fertile, B 0 , hotel kcej-er, lutends to apply lor
a special limber Uoe ore over lhe following described lands:
No. 1 -Coinmenclug at a post planted about
five miles weal of lhe Kooteuay river, on Corn
creek, in the Diatrict of Weat Kootenay, aud
lielng about six miles uo u of tbe International
t.ouudary line, and at. mi. two miles west of lim
ber licence NO. 0M6, Iheuce aoutb 80 chains,
thence eaat W chains, thence north 80 chains,
tbence west ho cbalna lo point ol commencement
and contaiuing fito aires, more or Kaa.
Located I'.it. June. 1907.
Nn i --Commencing at a poat planted at the
northweat oornerol wtmam a Itoaa'No. 1 claim,
theuee south HO chalua, theuee west HO chair.--',
ihenee north 80 chains, tbence eaat 80 chains,
to the point of commencement, and coutalulug
M0 acres, more or leas.
Ux'atcd 1Mb June, 1907.
No, ;i ���Commencing at a poat planted about
two mllea west of the northeast corner of William Hois' No 2 vialm, tbenoe south 80 chaina,
thence cant H0 chains, .thence nor:h 80 chains,
ibence west BO chaina to tbe point of commence
meut, and coutalulng 640 acrea, more or less.
Eoeated iSe ���'��n��'' l��07-
No. 4. ���Commencing at at a poet planted at
tha northwest corner of William A ltoos' No. 8
claim, theucu norlb 80 chaina, thence west ho
( hains tlicnce south 80 cbaiua, ibfuce eaat 80
chains to the polut of eommeucement. containing M0 acres, more or leaa.
Located mh June, 1907
No .. i ommviu ing at a post planted at the
northweat corner of William A. Ross* No S claim,
thence soulli 80 chains, ihenee went tvi chains,
thetiee norlh 80 chains, lliouce cast o chalua to
the polnl of commencement, and containing C40
acres, more or leaa.
Located Ira ' u 11.. i v* ���
No 0.- -Commencing at a pntf. .-'-anted about
two jillca west ot the noriheaat coruer of Wll
Mam A. boas' No S claim. Iheuce aoutb 80 chains,
thelice east 80 chain*, thence north 80 chaina.
thence weat hi chains to tbe point nf commencement, and contaiuing MO acre*, more or lea*.
Loealcd 1Mb June, 1907
No 7.-Commencing al a post plauted at the
northweat corner of William A, Ross' No.6clalm,
thence north KO ehalus, thencr eaat 80 ehalna,
thence south 80 ehalus, theuee west 80 chains to
IKitnl of commencement, and containing MO
acres, more or lesa.
LooaUd 1Mb June, 1907
No h Commencing at a post planted ah.hit
40 chains south of tb" northwest comer of William A Hoxs'No t claim, thence north HI chains,
thence wesl HO chains, thcucc aoulh HO chaina,
Iheuce cast 80 chains to the point of commencement, and containing Mo acrea, more or leas.
Located 1Mb June,1907.
No 9 ���Commencing at a posl planted about 40
chains aoulh of the northwest corner ol William
A Koaa' No. 8 < bum, tbeuee south 80 chaina,
thence wi st 8>i cbalna, theuci north 80 chains,
thence easl Bo (halna to lhe polic of com in e no��-
meut, and containing M0 acrea, more or less.
Loealod lMh June, 1907
No lo Commencing al a pott planted about
two mill's west of tho noriheaat cornoi of Willi, nn A boss' No. 9 claim, thence south m chains,
thence eaat HO chums, thence norlb Hj cbalna,
thence weat NO cbalna to thu point of commence-
ii,em. und contalnlngMO acrea, more or leaa.
located Huh Juno. 1907.
No. II -Commencing at a post planted about
two iu I lew weat of tbe nortbeaat corner of William
A Koaa' No. 9 els in. thence north NO chaina,
tin ii. i -past HO chains, thence aouth 80 cbalna,
thcucc west ho cbalna to the point of commencement and couialniug 010 acres, more or leaa.
Loealcd 1Mb June. 1907.
No 12. Commencing at a poal planted about
'20 chains south ol tlie northwest coruer of
Wlllbim A. Koaa'No 10 cliilin, tbence aoutb No
chains, thenco w* st NO chains, tbence north HO
ehnins, theuco cast HO chains to point of commencement and containing M0acrea, more or leaa
Located 15tn Julie, l��n,
*'o in -Commencing at a post planted about
20 chains south ol the northwest corner of William A ltoos' No. 10 claim, (Hence north 80
chains, iheuce weal NO chains, tlicnce aouth 80
chains, thcucc cast HO cbalna to the point of OOIK
meiiccmi nt and coutalulug B40 acrea more or less,'
Dated this Mb day ol July, 1907.
WlLbUM ANhliicw   Ho-��',.
fight will be made to save him from
Frau Moiitor was tho widow of the
medical councillor, Dr. Moiitor of Ba��eo-
liuden. On the morning of Nov. 5 last
she was called to the telephone in her
home at Baden-Baden and received a
request to go to the postofflce and get
a parcel that was there for her. She
started at once. When passing through
a quiet street a shot was tired from behind her, and Frau Moiitor fell dead.
The man who fired the shot was seen,
but he escaped. It is stated that Frau
Moiitor bad been long threatened, and
that cunning plots were laid against
her. The motive of the alleged crime
appears to have greed for money. Frau
Moiitor, who was wealthy, it is .--.aid.
refused many times to comply with
llau's request for money, having given
her daughter a considerable dowry, and
arranged that she should inherit part of
her fortune.
Karl Hau, the accused man, is not
yet 30 years of age. He is tall and slender, well educated and of refined a]>-
pearance. He was just 20 when he
married Miss Moiitor. It was an elopement, and the young people began a
restless, roving life. Hau had begun
to study law at the University of Frie-
burg, but discontinued his studies.
While the marriage Itself, contracted
against the mother's will, carried all the
elements calculated to disturb the relations between the mother and her
children, the continuous applications
for money also did not contribute toward improving her relatione with her
son-in-law. Nevertheless she received
the couple Into her house upon their
visits to Baden-Baden, and she sent
them money during their travels.
The sums sent, however, were not so
large as Hau demanded. Hence the life
of the family was always a distressing
story. It Is probable too that Frau
Molitor's harshness contributed toward
increasing the disagreements In the
Hau family. At any rate she sometimes
made trouble for him, even abroad, by
denouncing him as an anarchist to the
Hau was arrested in London a few-
weeks after the alleged murder. At
the time of his. arrest he denied all connection with the crime and has ever
since stuck to his story, though It Is
said that he has made several damaging
admissions. At his preliminary examination he admitted that be had been at
Baden-Baden up to the time when the
murder occurred. It has been ascertained, moreover, that he wore a false
beard in travelling from Baden-Baden
to England. Frau Molitor's servant-
girl who answered the telephone on the
fatal day asserted positively after the
murder that she recognized Hau's voice
In the telephone.
One of the pathetic features of the
case was the suicide of Prof, Hau's
young wife. On June S she was seen
to swim far out into a lake near Pfae-
flkon, Switzerland, and then deliberately sank beneath the waters. Two
days previously she had paid a visit to
her husband In prison here. She left
the prison In a state of the utmost depression and went back to Pfaeffikon
A long farewell letter was found in her
clothing after her suicide, in which she
declared that It was impossible for her
to any longer bear the sorrow of living
apart from her husband, notwithstanding the charge brought against him. The
governor of the prison informed Prof.
Hau or his wife's suicide and a story
was circulated at that time that the
nccuned man had then confessed to the
murder of his mother-ln-Iaw. The story
wubsequ-pntly was found to be without
Although greatly nttortod by his
troubles and particularly by the loss ot
his wife, the accused man has continued
to bear up well. He has received every
reasonable consideration from the authorities and the prison officials. When
arrested he had a large sum of money
In his possession and this he was allowed to retain and spend as he wished.
In prison he has occupied a room by
himself and has been permitted to have
his meals sent from a nearby hotel. He
Ik a Roman Catholic and has been comforted by frequent visits from priests
of lhat faith. He enjoys unlimited reading matter, and his only deprivation has
been tobacco. ___
Take notice that O. C. Clark, ol NeUon. B. C,
saloon ke -per, lutends to apply for a special limber licence over tbe following described land:
('ouitnenclug al a post planted on Morning
Mountain, about one mile west of Sm-slter creek,
and adjoining C C Clark's louatlou for Umber
licence No 1, and about one mile aoutb of Nelaon, thenre weat ho chains, thence aouth NO
chains, thenoe east 80 chains, tbence north NO
ehains to place of beginning.
Dated July loth, 1907 C. C. Clark,
Iuvii. Booth, Agent.
Nolle- Is hereby given that &i days after date 1
int. -ud toapply to the Holl. Chief Commlaaloner
of Land* and w(>rks for permission to pur. base
ihr following described lands, situated In West
Koolenay district: Commencing at a post marked by name sh initial post of the Houlh Fork
branch, one hundred feet from tbe Junction of
Lost creek with the aoutb fork: tbenoe one-
quarter mile lo ihe nortbwesl corner poat, thencu
one mile to ""' norlbeait corner poat, thence
om- .jiiartrr mile to the aoutheast corner posl,
Iheuce one mile tO the place of commencement
June'27, 1907 Luoated by WM   (onmh.iv
Nelson Land District.   District ol West Kootoner
Take notice tbat William Andrew Poss, of
Pernle, B C, hotel keeper, Intends to apply lor a
special limber liceuce over tbe lollowlng described lands:
Nu. 1.���t'ommenclng al a post plauted about
NO ehains ciiKt of the northeaxt comer of timber
licence No H07H, and about HO ciialns north of lhe
northern boundary of timber llcenno No H07X,
and about U miles west uf tke Kootenay river,
and about two and ft half miles north of the ;iu-
lernaiiotit-.: boundary line, lu the District of
Weal Koolenay, thence south HOchaius, thence
west NO chains, thence north ho ehnins, iheuce
cast (W chains to the point of commencement,
containing MO acres, more or leas.
Located Mth Jane, 1W7.
Nn, 2. -Commencing at a post planted at lhe
northeast corner of William A. Ross's No 1 claim
and about otic mile north of Ihe northern boundary of limber licence No. 8072, thence south HO
ehalus, ibence east SO cbalna, thenco north NO
chains, thence west M0 obalns to tbe point of
coinmcucemeut. and conUing 610 acres, more or
Located Mth of June, 1907.
wo.MAM Ammt-H* KOHR.
-   Dated tbls Mb of July, ivtn.
Nclfs.'ii land Dlntriot.  District of West Kootenny.
Take notice that BVU McClulland Fraser, of
Fernle, B. V , clerk, Intends te applv for a special
licence   over   the   lollowlng    described   lands:
Commencing al a post planted about seven
miles wesl of tlie Koolenay river, and about one
mile nor1 b of I be in cinat i'.iinl boiindnrv line,
and about one and a quarter north-easterly from
the no tb easl corner of timber licence No. HOiVJ,
theuee iouth HO chains, thence west HO chains,
tbeuee north (W chains, tbenc- enm so chains to
point of commencement, uud cnntiiliiliig i-ln
acres, more or leas.
Located lath, of June, W07.
H\ AN MrCl.KLI.41S   1'HASKK.
Dated this Nib of July, 1907.
Qtieen's Hotel
Baker SttMt, Kelson. B. 0.
Lighted by Electricity and
Heated by Hot Air
Large aad Comfortable Bedrooms and First-
li.....Inula Homo    Sample Rooms (or Commercial   M4-n
MBS. K. (- (M.AkKK. Proprietress
Grand Central Hotel
Thoroughly renovated and refurnished. Rooms 50 cents upward. The
dining room Is unexcelled In the city.
House heated throughout with hot
J. A. ERICKSON, Proprietor
Telephone, 250.    Opposite Court House
and Postoffice. Nelson, B. C.
T*emont House
���"European and American Finn
Heals 2b ct*.   Rooms from 36 cts. to fl.
Only White Help Employed.
Baker St., Kelson Proprlatort
Bar tlett   House
Best Doliar-a-Day House in Nelson.
Tbe Bar ii tbe V meat.
White Help Only Kn-pioyed.
Joaephlne Bt.
Nelion. B. C.
Royal Hotel
Rate* |1 and ��l.r>0 a Day.
Special Rates to Regular Boarder*.
Most comfortable quarters lu Nelson!
Only the beat of Liquors and Cigar*.
A. McDonald& Co.
Dealers in staple and fancy Groceries
Butter, Egga
Camp and Miners' Supplies.
Notice to Delinquent Co Owner.
To Charles G. Slmpeon, or any other person
to whom be may have transteired bit interest In
the "Mav blossom" inlneril olaim, situated on
Urown Mountalu, two and a half miles south-
wefit of Yiui'. in the Nelson Mining "Dlvlrlon, of
West Ki-oit'iuij- District, and recorded In tbe
Recorder's -, llloe, for tbe NeUon Division.
You and t<uch of you are hereby uottfled that
1 hare expended two hundred and five dollars
[SUMO] In labour ni..i lmprovementj upon the
above mineral claim In order to hold tbe same
under the provisions ol tbe Mineral Act. and If
with ni nlnetv days from tbe date of this in.tic
you fall or refuse to contribute your portion of
the expenditure, (which Is one hundred and two
t) ft j* dollars (liui.-jd} tor tbe two years ending
Sth May. I.'1",) together with ah costs of adver
tlMtng, vour Interest In tba said elatm will become the proi-friv of the undersigned under
Sec. 4 of an Act entitled: "An Act to Amend tbe
Mineral Acl, 1900."
bated at Ymir, B. C . 16th May, 1907.
Notice is hereby given tbat tbe Wattsburg
lumber company has applied to His Honor the
l.lcutenaiit (iovcrnor in council, tinder the provisions of the "Klvrrs and Htreama Act," for the
right to Impruvc HyktTts creek, in the district of
Wt-st k.h.i. tmy, British Columbia, by removing
the obftiructions therefrom and straightening
the banks thereof, and to construct ditms, booms,
slides and chutes, and makoiuch otker Improvements as may i.i' neoesHtry for the driving and
rafting nf loirs ami the Hunting of limber thereon
The lauds tube affected are goverment lands and
Lots ZM and Wi, Uroup 1, koobiuay district, and
tbe lolls thai are ptopoaed to be charged. If auy,
are such a<t m��y be llxed by a Judgsol tbe euuuly
court of West koolenay.
Dated Ihls mil day of March, A. D. 1BU7.
lu the matter of an application lor lhe Instic of
a duplicate or the t'ertillcate of Title lor Lots
10 aud 17, block .r>, Town of Nelson.
Notice Is hereby given that it is my Intention
to issue at the expiration of one month after the
iir-i publication hereof a duplicate ol tho Certificate of Title for i'e above lints lu the u��me of
Kmrces ft bay, which Certificate Is dated the
lilth t-->|itcmber, IMf, and numbered HKUC.
Land Kegbtry Office, Nelsou, B.(\, 16th Jun��,
1W7. II. F. MacLKOD,
IHstrl 't Hogiatrsr
Coal! Ice! Wood!
Phone 265!
Yale-Kootenay Ice, Fruit,
Fuel A Poultry Co., Ltd.
N. E. cor. Bak*r   and   Ward   8t*.
We H we Been Most Successful  17<M<tf^   f  ^M/f��.
Recently la Selling Out rron   1-aHOS
We sell only good selected lands���and at reasonable price*.
3.  M.   BRYDGES,
Brydges, Blakemore & Cameron* Ltd*
Lots for Sale at from $100 to $200
Prices will be raised 15 per cent, after 1st August.    Buy while they are
cheap.   Terms one-third cash, balance in six and twelve month*.
Choice Fruit
I Have 10,000 Acres
of tiie
Choicest Frutt Lands in
British Colombia.
Can sell any quantity from 5 acres to 2,000 in one block.
Buy now and get the ground floor prices.
Nelson. B. C.
We Have For Sale One of tiie Prettiest Homes In
Nelson, Situated in Fairview, Cfawe to the Car Line
Large 7-room house. Stone foundation and first-claw cellar. Complete water ay��tem. 10 lots under cultivation and planted In large, bearing fruit tree*.   Thi* I* a snap.   For particulars apply to
Something for the practical man.
Just Investigate!���That is All we
ask of you; and you owe that much
to yourself.
Kootenay Orchard
on   1600   acres,   south   of  Burton   city,
for sale.    Apply to
The M. & W. land Co., limited,
Summer Excursion
.... Rates East
To Winnipeg $46*20
To Port Arthur. St Pad,
Dolath. Sioux City
Chicago W4.00 Montreal IS4.00
Toronto $78.50 St. John $04.00
St. Loula $00.00 Ottawa  $82.55
New York $100.00 Boaton $85.50
Halifax $101.80
On Sale July 3. 4. 5.   August 8, 9, 10.
September II, 12. 13.
First Clam Roond Trip, 90
Dayi Limit.
Corresponding reductions from all
Kootenay point*. Ticket* available for
lake route Including meals and berth*
on lake steamer*. Through rate* quoted
to any station In Ontario, Quebec or
Maritime province* on application.
AH I'. *.. ViairuuTcr. U P. A.. Nelson
A. M. Can. Sec. C. B.
Mining Work a Spsctalty.
Office:  Ilealey Building.   P. O. Box 434
Baker St., NELSON, B. C.
F. C. GREER       F. F. BURDEN        A. H. GREEN
Civil Engineers, Dominion and British
Columbia Land Surveyors
V. 0. Hoi 145   Pkese 2(1 B.
AND IN THE MATTER OF th* plan of
th* Townslte of Robson, part of Lot
Three Hundred and One (301.)
Group Ok* (1,) Kootenay, of record
In the Land Ragt*try Office at Nelaon aa "626."
like niitlre (list on tbo 2Mh i.*r ol Jul;, A. Ii.
l'.*"*", st llin liour of 10:91 o'elivck io Hie roranoiiu,
hi the Court Houso lu tho eft* of Nelson. In the
Province ol Hritlsh Oltimhl., .pi>l!i>.tlnu will
Ui m.ile to tbe Jui.ro of the ''minty Court of
Wost Kooten.y, by tbe Columbi. and Koolensr
It.llwsr end Ssvff stlon Companf for an order
i list tbe plan of tbe smld Townslte of Bubson, ot
record .1 Nel'on, In the ProTlLtCe of British
I'oluinbls, ss "��� 6" be OAnoelled, end tb.t tbe
spplli'MUt msy cnloy the land. pomprlMd Wilkin lii' s*ld 1 own Hlto free from ear Clements
or rights ot .ny person to open anf lend or
lanes, al root or streets, iu.ii.re or nnsre., P*rk
O' purlcs itcross. wltliln or upon s.lu lands.
listed nt the city of Ntlmio. In the Irovluri' ol
ltrltl.li Columbia, thlsinth day of Juue, A.D.,
AKCIits for l^niKheed, Bennett,   Allison. Taylor
A Mt'Laws.   Solicitors and agent, for lb*
Columbia A Koot.-nay Hallway a Navlfe-
lloii Company, applti-.n.s.
To It   lll'.l.l, A COMPANY. v
The Daily Canadian
Do  VOU   Know  Wl-iot This  Is     ���
It Is the Royal Standard IIvIiik uver at my camp. With a Rood, or-
dlnarr pair of eyes It is plainly visible. If you cannot see It come down
to my office ami  set  fitted  with   proper glasses.
$15   to  $60.00.
Watchmaker and Optician
>0ur Stock is Complete
* Here are t^o Soap Specials: '
��� 25   3lb.   BARS   HOMESTEAD   $4.50 '
>12 BARS GOLDEN  WEST for $2.75 '
|Bell Trading Co.
�� This Btoro will be Closed Kvan Thursday j
.      Afternoon In Jan*. July and AiiriikI        *
PHUNlNw ANI. URAFTINll carefully attend
to. Apply
Silver Klntr Hoti'l.
Old Curiosity Shop
If you want to b">* or sell anything,
Bo to the Old Curiosity Shop. A new
line of Japanese Goods now on sale.
All kinds of Dinner-ware In stock. Pattern*.
See Us
For Good Fruit Land
io Acre Blocks to Soo
Acre Blocks.
iBedrock Trices.
Easy Terms.
1'       H* E. Croadsdaile & &
"      . KIhtI    T"sj-wii-   tit   I'-i'il.-    i\t   Pnntnr.priii
Next Door to Hank of Commerce.
AH Kinds of Heating   I'litnts  In  Stock.
Victoria St., Nr. Ooera Home.      Tel. 181.
Waterproof Paints
Coal Tar, Pitch,
Creosote, Oils for
Preserving Timber,
Roofing Pitch and
Boat Builders will flint It to their advantage to use our Pitch.
Nelson Coke & Gas Co.
General Job Work, Chimney Sweeping, Carpet Cleaning, Fixing and Clean
Ing  Stove*, ate.
1t1 E**t Baker St. Phone Nu. ATM
il Tnt\niifH'*tui>"l   'r��rn   "in-  l\non\   tObMOO. miii-
tlpoaeft ninl di-M �����.'.'��� ir rl.     H'a n.: 'i, f'.N
flavored and coo],   A tobftOOO you
oiiglil to try.
fotaaonijt.   Baker Street.
Soelesllst   i-nrtv  meet* everj   Frldas
I--. nir.K ut �� |i in., in i.'if Miner.' Union Hull
ah are Invited; nny om- allow, ,1 to Like part in
Hit- debate*.   T. Austin. Booretary.
Cor, Vornnn   and Ward Streets.
m:i.s'i>.. h. c.
W. A. Garden and wife, Calgary; E.
F. Taylor, Cranbrook; Miss A. H. Hull.
Pineher Creek; J. W. Johnson, Leth-
brldge; R. E. Phyfe, Han lord; G. R.
Kennedy. Medicine Hat; A. S. Keeler,
II. Hill, P. W. Tiesham, Toronto; G. H.
Martin, 0. I.. Matthews, Spokane; J. W.
Boott, R. A. I'owe, C. K. Mellish, Vancouver; Mrs. A. Conway, Hellingham:
D. V. Kane, Kaslo; II. L. Knappen, T.
W. Storey, Winnipeg; 0. E. Wlllard,
Spokane; J. P. Saeppard, C. Moor, J.
Blair, Brandon; J. S. Carter. Spokane;
L. E. Clark, St. Paul; Mrs. A. K. Root,
Miss L. A. Root, Alton: C. A. Ferris.
Victoria: J. H. Mann. Vlrden; .1. Mulligan, Phoenix; Mrs. W. Johnson. Greenwood: II. Denby. J. Nlcol, A. 0. Hurritl.
Winnipeg; A. Uurgess. Toronto; II. M.
Pink, Coleman: A. E. Milton: Dakota:
J. S. Drake. New York; Mrs. W. B,
Towns-end, Greenwood: Miss It. and
Miss B. Cornish, Revelstoke; F. C. Finn-
lain, Salmo; L Graney, Spokane; J. G.
Duck. C. S. Ayer, Milwaukee; Rev. nas
kervillf.  Madison.
Patronized by Earl Grey and Nobility
Hotel Strathcona
Best Located Hotel In Nelson
Apartments Elegant.   ITnliln* tlholn**!
t'lvlllly hihI .'leaulllieHS.
Bupervlaed* i��y proprietor and wife.
W. Q. I.a: colics. Rossland; J. Keen,
Kaslo; .1. C. Dufresne, Blue Hell; F. S.
Vorak, Arrowhead; A. H. Gracey. Camborne: \V. Irle, Portland; J. A. Jess,
Springfield; F. W. Rolt, Edmonton; D.
('.   Newton.   Ottawa.
e. .1. Fox,   Toronto;    \v. Hamilton,
Pilot Hay; A. C. Stevenson. Kilmarnock; T. Kay and wife. Scotland; A. O.
Thomson, Greenwood; A. S. Williamson. .1. Ollason, Fernle: E. H. Lethgent
and wife. Kaslo; E. N. Hopkins and
wile. M. Hopkins, Mis. \V. D. Mclutyie.
Moose Jaw.
J.  J.   McNeill,  New   Westminster;   II.
Steel, Procter; G. M. Reiss, Greenwood;
J. w. Greer. .1. Blaney, Cranhrookfll j,
Jackson, H. Jackson, J. Diiioll. Phoenix:
N. Mcllnrg. G. Millard, Fernle; II Him-
Blow, Kimberly; E. P. Southworth, Har-
rop; W. A. IJamlltun, F. Williams,
8. Osborne, J. White, E. Norlh, Alns
worth;  H. Langard. Hayonno.
R.   P.  Brown.   Ileasley;   J.   K.   Jones.
Spokane;  S. McNalr, Vancouver;   II. K
lvalues,  'i'hriims;   T.  Nicholson,  A.   Mac-
k.iy. Shields;  C. W. Ilourke. i:i-Mlle.
I,. A. Pallet, IHCreek: A Lnngford.
Catnliorne; C,. Matthews. Kaslo; W.
Kennedy. Sundon: J. GeKii... Iloran's
1'iirv; B. Can-, Salmo; F. Edwards,
50 acres In the Crawford Bay Settlement. A pari of Ihe old locations and
one of the best,   JG5.U0 per acre. Terms
Baker 8t., Opposite Queen'* Hotel.
INELSOIN,     -     B. C.
HAIR OK IiAHK BI.l'K (IOCK11.KH. on n.i, ,si
Will ||ti,i,.r pl��**e I**v* ihpm at the Hudson's
liny .torn nnd roci'lve $���> reward.
SMART rOUft.3 MAN lor ultra. One with know-
lodn of sUinoit'Hptiy Kiel typewriting; prefer-
rod.   WoodVallnti.'e Hardware (Jo . Ltd.
mini employed .Mrs. R. s. Lennle, Hoover HI.,
helween y a. in   and 1 p.m.
TWO KIRBI'..:ijao3 hOOMH, st. ��m boated,
ply housekeeper. 3rd (1st. X. W. C. block.
20,000 Club  Excursion.
Th.* entertainment commit tec of the
80,000 Club hai decided to hold a moonlight excursion to Procter on July ~&th.
A cricket match between the elevens
of Nelson and CastloKar is the chief
attraction announced for the weekly
hai!-holiday tomorrow.
Sale  of   Fruit   Lands
.1. K. Ajmahlc has disposed of two
blocks of fruit land near Burton City.
One of ihe buyers ta J. Keiuccker and
the other K. T. Bohnell.
Boat Club Smoker.
The members of the Nelson Boat Club
will celebrate the victory of their crew
iu tin- Junior Fours by a Btnoking concert in tin' club house tonight at !'
Sale of Suburban Land.
S. M. HryilKes closed a sale this
morning of three and one-half acres of
land in addition A , adjoining the city
limits, from It. S. Lennie to W. J. Towe
lor $1,000.
Lindsey   vs.   Brydges.
In the case of Lindsey vs. Brydges
for commission on real estate deals, the
examination for discovery of W. II.
Fisher of the Ftsher-Hamllton com
pany, took place in the registrar's office this morning.
Garden   Party.
This afternoon and evening the ladies
of ihe Altar Guild of St. Saviour's
church will be at home on the lawn o!
\V. Irvine's residence. Silica street
west. The grounds have been piettily
decorated, a musical programme of vocal numbers as well as of selections by
the band has been arranged, and refresh ment a will  be serve(J.
R.   M.   R.   Inspection.
No. 2 company, R. M. R., was inspected in its armory last night by Col. J. T.
Holmes, 1). U. C, and Capt. Hughes,
R. C. E. Capt. Lornc Stewart, Lieutenants Carrie, Partington, Odium, Nick-
ersun, Anderson and McKenzie, Quartermaster Sergeant Steel, Col. Serg.
Marks, four sergeants,, four corporals,
a bugler, and 31 privates were present,
4'J in all. A corporal and six privates
were absent, two without leave. The
inspecting officer complimented the men
on their appearance and efficiency, but
Capt. Stewart is dissatisfied. He thinks
that the efficiency of the company could
be greatly increased hy more regular attendance at drill. Much has been done
for the comfort and convenience of the
men, and new riffle ranges are promised.
Col. Holmes and Capt. Hughes are inspecting the Kaslo company today.
Capt. Hughes will return tomorrow and
visit the rifle range site with Capt.
John Keen, of Kaslo, arrived last
night, and is at the Strathcona.
Miss K. Winters, of Kamloops, is visiting her aunt, Mrs. D. C. McMorris.
F. \V. Rolt arrived in Nelson last
night from Kdmonton and leaves tonight  for  Kossland  and Trail.
A. H. firacey, manager of the Kva
mine, came down from Camborne last
night, and Is at the Strathcona.
John Itlaney, formerly a resident of
Nelson but now of ���Cranbrool*;, Is In the
city  renewing old acquaintances.
John G. li. Blaney, who left here to
join the Baden-Powell mounted police
in South Africa, is now an engineer for
Sir John Willoughby in Rhodesia.
Capt. D. C. Newton, A. D. C, nnd
com roller of the household to Ills Excellency the governor general. Is at the
Strathcona. He will visit Karl Grey's
ranch  at  Boswcll.
J. S. Carter, U I*. A. of the C. I* It.
company, returned to Spokane last evening ou the midnight train. He will be
In;re next Sunday to take his family
over to  their new  home.
Capt. Thomson, steamboat Inspector,
spent all last night at Procter, which
was Ihe only way he could inspect the
tugs without Interrupting tralllc. He
goes to  Kaslo  tomorrow  morning.
The Store of Quality
$2*00 pet Crate
Fresh In every morning. An
excellent chance to get your
preserving fruit at a moderate
Rob. M. Hood & Co.
K. W. C. Bloek . Phone 10
Piano  and Singing Lessons
Given  by  Mr*.  Winter  Every Saturday
Mm. Winter holda certificate from
Itoyal Academy for pianoforte plnylng
unil : liiKini' Ortlftcato from Trinity
OollegS, London, Bug., for lliiory of mil-
hIc. Bcl.olnrf.liip of Hie London ConHcr.
vatoiro of Mimic for AlnglnK und pluno
playing.        Addr*** Box 796, Nelton.
We have the nicest
assortment of
in town.
25c per lb.
C. A. Benedict
Comer Silica  ami  Josephine 8ta.
Owing to delayed shipments our lines
have been low for some time but
we are again able to show a complete
line of the IJoxes and Tablets that have
earned for themselves such well merited popularity, viz.:
Fabric finish, per box 35c
In cream, pearl grey and Swiss
blue    50c
Fabric finish,  cream   arrd  tints,   65c
Fabric  finish 65c
We have also a very beautiful line of
Children's Hoxed Stationery at BOc and
$5c a box.
W�� G. Thomson
SrTS'i'r ""���   Nelson, B. C.
Phon. .14.
Morroccan    Tribesmen    Recover    From
Panic and Good  Intention*.
Tangiers, July 17���Alarmed at the
news of Ihe elaborate military prapattt-
lion of the Morroccan otficlalu, tlie Klk-
mes tribesmen were on tho point of
handing over to the Imperial authorities Brigand Ralsull and Sir Harry Mac-
Lean, whom he is hold.-*" "> Bondage,
when ih.y nnn.iy decided to refer the
caae to Ulemas renowned for their wisdom. The two lagaa happened to be
friends of Haisull, and advised Ihe
tribesmen to do nothing, but leave the
matter In the hands of "Time and Ood."
which the tribesmen decided to do.
Canoe Men'* Meeting.
Ilrockvllle, July 17.���Arrangements
are rapidly nearing completion for the
annnal meet of the American Canoe As
soclatlon, to be held next month at
Bngar Island, In the St Lawrence river,
which Is owned by the National Canoe
ists' Association. The usual programme
of races will be given, tieorge V. Doug
iaas, of New York. Is commodore of the
association; Will lain A. Furman, of
Trenton, N. J., is secretary, and Frederick O. Mather, of Stamford, Conn., Is
treasurer The assoclailon has a large
membership lu the lOnstern and New
Kngland stales ami In the eastern prov
luces of Canada.
Change in 8*ytem.
It Ih probable thnt the present system
or Issuing Umber licenses will be uhol
ished nt the next ���aulon of the leglsla
ture, nnd that UconaM will be granliil
on condition that a mill la creeled, or
they may he put up lo the highest hid
dor. This year lliero are als.ut 150
mills running In the province, and the
yield of lumber will huvo a money vulin-
of about  Ji::.'million.
�� '1.,1-i.hi, .ml Satan fftaUti tn
Fresh and Salted Meats
Camps Hupplied on Hhortcflt notice and
lowertt price. Nothing but   freHb and
wholesome uientt-uuid t-tupplcfl kept in stock
Mail order* receive careful attention.
E.   C.   TRAVES     Manager.
Is Pemow/ied
It5Bu5IME55 Energy
3 to Consider
24 LOTS, an excellent block. $500.
Easy  terms.
5 ROOM HOUSE. Hoover St., splendid
garden, fruit trees, etc. $1,500; one-
half cash, balance $15 per month,
6 per cent.
6-ROOM HOUSE, verandah, garden, one
and a half blocks from car line.
$8 50; $375 cash, balance easy.      ���*
Rowboats and Canoes
For Sale or Hire
Agent for Trntn'ott iMMBOhOM
mi'i Patarborp flantm.
Flnent ii of   i*. �����- in H  0.
i)l of JOOOphtOM M.
Telephone 161.
Irrigation   Convention.
Calgary, July 17.���The flr��t Irrlnailon
convention tar the province* of Hrlllsh
Colombia. Saskatchewan ami Allierta
openiii bare luHny with a lurce altenil
atiee of ili'limile'a.
Tin- work of the convention hcKlnn to-
morrow. A InrKo number of prominent
WeiUrnori will be present. Lieut, (lov.
Forget, of Saskatchewan, will preside.
Hon. Mi Ctublng anil lion. Mr Kultim,
of  llililsh ('iilui.il)la, are preaent.
"Tuxedo," lhe new march anil two
step, will he playe.l by Irwin's orclics
I ni nl the ilance al Procter tomorrow
evening. Copies of Die popular hit are
fpr Hiiie at   W. U. Thomso<>'a bookstore
prloa WI neiita.
W"P��''l"ii slnd .....il.l.iu .sacuttid With l>**pattih.
... -(  syiliilrigj mill JVIIII Ali,uhhi4-r.v.      ivif.ri.ir
4J..I.. rts'wt f.rss'
-    N .14.4.1 ro.lnl
 itittir.i-. of
NELSON,    B. C.
Trlcphons 60
KO. H'��i >��V��
andudealeK Lumbef, Shingles,
UatH, A^ouldlnsrs, Doors, Windows.  -
Turnad Work und Bracket**.
VUKINOIN  MIHI!l!l     .    .
Mail Order* promptly att.-nilnd to.
-   lNI3l.ttON. I��. c.
KODAKS And A11 Accessories!
- (Presb Stock Twice a Week)
This is the season for taking photos of
Kooteuay s unrivalled scenery.
TOURISTS,  We can supply you with
anything in the  Kodak line.
Canada Drug & Book Co'y, Ltd,
COR  BAKER  and   WARD. Phone 81
155 Acres
Good Fruit Land
Railroad runs through the property. (fl? ^t\
For quick sales we offer these small parcels at     vfaA4A
Per Acre���on Terms.
If you want something good and cheap this is your chance
Brydges, Blakemore & Cameron, Ltd. I
whoicMiim Provtglong,
Produce, - Hrult.
OoTernment timrnn ry One Ponnil Itrlck. n>-.-.v.-.l weekly trash from the
chum.    Y.rt mUe liy rJl liiulinn grocer*.
Offloe and w��n'houBe: Hounton Hlock,    Phone 7��.
Josephine Street.
Nelson, B. C.
Spring l��g Here
We have prepared for this season by passing into stock nil tli��
requisites for the rancher, gardener or householder.   Spades,
Shovels, Rakes, Hoes, Spading Folks, Tree Primers,
Tree Sprayers, Small Garden Tools, Etc.
Prompt ���Mention paid to latter order*.
J. H. Ashdown Hardware
Company, Limited.
Galvanised Iron
Our facllltlc* for turning out Onlvnnlxod Iron Work of every
<lcscrl|illon arc .in<'.|i��illcd In the K.wtcnnya.
Eve Troughs, Conductor Pipes, Smoke
Stacks and Furnace Work. etc.
Wood-Vallance Hardware Co., Limited
INI ;i .���HON


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