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The Daily Canadian Dec 24, 1907

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 What Will You
Have With It?
u t bottled at the Springs.
Volume 2.    No. 172
Christmas in Capitals of
King, Kaiser and President Celebrate
by Family Gatherings and
Numerous Presents.
I,, nil.ui.     l>ec.     24.���The     IncreasliiR
,,���,���,.,��� 1 ,.1 unemployed win east tome
ol   11   -"hailow over Chrlstms*   in
, .1 tin- year, iboosb so tar as tin
0 ihe  population   is cone. I le.i  He
.ul. ml.- festivities will he as mil ot Joy
uml liniih as ever. The Stores havi
:.,ii packed for u week, and nearly all
business have enjoyed a good
I,ul:.lay 11.i.l*-.
,   11 in,,- and Princess ot Wales and
II 1..li. is ol the royal family li.i*.
1 KJm   l-Sdward   and   (Jii.-en   Alex
,1   Saiiiiril.Klian.   for   llle   IShriM-
mat fesUvltles,    There  will be a bus,
:,,.   ,,i. 11 wiih presents lor the chilu
:..: lie- distribution wi" he mad,
; Christmas in the person ol an
. .   .       > disguised     retainer    uf    tbo
,  .hold.    Al the end of llle week
in,,,, tli*- Christmas tree In
:,.:,.i. ,1 tnr iii.- members 01  is..- bouse
,11. tenants ami soma ot the em
ol 11,. estate win be -Uste-tm*-*
ill.   l.y Queen AJexandra.   I" ���*
.;       te iii.se little remembrances Uie
uml poo, liibuix-rs in Bandrlng
v, i.,    ,11   receive   presents   of   beet
and cu.il 1111.1  urllcles  of Clothing.
Il.-rlln. I>er. s-l'.���In excellent health
1111.1 spirits as a result uf Ihelr recent
l.uliilii)   .1I.10111I     Their     Majesties,  the
1;.   1 1 emperor Rn& empress, have ,��r
num. .1 lor a Joyous Christina*, at Pots
don, In accordance with the (Serinan
custom the chief festivities take place
in Christmas eve. Accordingly, tie
fiiin 11- Shell Hall of the Imperial pal
ace usii he aglow wiih a thousand lights
tonight whan the Kaiser snd his num
11..us liniilly gather to inspect the
Christmas trees. There will be a tree
hu- .ach member of th.- household. In
eluding lhe two tiny children of Crown
Prince William and tlu* Crown Princess
During their recent visit to England tin
emperor aud empress purchased maw
presents in London an.l these will be
distributed to tho members or their
family. The gifts usually distributed
among the members "i the Imperial
family are nol so magnificent us man*
niiidit suppose, being ottan nu less ooatlj
tlinii those received by the children of
wealthy commoners. An exception to
the rule, however, is lhe Christinas
present trom the Kaiser to his consort
This is usually some unique piece ol
expensive Jewelry made from ins
Kalsi is own design.
iiuiioiTow  ruing ibe emperor will
observe a happy ouatom lhal ims been
fell..w.-.l hy generations of Prussian BOV
erelgns. He will walk mil unattended
111 the environs of lhe palace and chal
with all brfstsrsby whom bo chances to
meet To such as appear i" be ot ths
lower ranks ���f Ufa ha will give al pan
lug a rreshly minted g"''l Pl8OT vv,'i''!
like all money tor tie emperor's person
ai use. is highly polished hy the mini
Returning to the palace he will n
>"ive deputations hy various bodies,
bringing gllis and messages of congral
illation. Among uiese gifts received bj
the emperor every Christmas is a nuge
cake presented by the Second (j***""
Washington.   Dee   88.���The   plans   "'
President Roosevelt and l'ls family i
the celebration or Christmas have been
completed and the party, which wm o
n uiet-iv on... will h- nxcluslv, I* a rami's
altair. The dav will he celebrated in ii>.
usual manner.   The first thing on ""
programme   will   be   Ihe   exchange   oi
nresenU,  for which   highly   Importan
proceeding (he children and e"1'1' ""'"'
hern of the family probably wlf. *ssoni
hi" in lhe library    Immediate!)
hreakfiiBt.   The younger one , howeW '
win probably decline to wall uniii after]
"... morning meal to insn��ot the nuiiti
tuiii* of gifts In store for them.
If tho president follows the routine
wtilol has marked eaob Christinas day
i une lie became an occupant of the
While House lie vlll attend service lu
lhe Dutch Reformed church. Min
UoiMcvoit and the children probably will
v.'.yk over to St. John's Episcopal church
Uy the morning H.rvloo.
The president Is expected to go riding
_4}e JUxil^ Carta
i   ,..,...   ���,      i    __
Will be delivered    every evening    at
your door for
FlTTT Cbnts a month
iii the afternoon,  and  in  the evening
there will tie a fauiih dinner party. It
will   OOnslSt   of   Ihe   president,   Mr.   and
Mrs. Longworth- Captain and .Mrs.
Cowles, tin; president's brotheMn-law
as ii ilster; the Roosevelt children,, aud
possibly ona or two intimate friend ot
ilie family.
Nearls ai! ihe members uf the cablnel
have arranged to spend the day at their
homes In thin city and most of them
wilt entertain friends. Practically all
of ihe emliassies and legations will hav*.
parties or Christmas trees In celehra
lion uf the day.
Christmas    Letter    From   Tom    Rankin,
Formerly  of  Nelson.
The Daily Canadian is In receipt of
a Ions letter from T. H. Rankin, who is
now residing in Tuha, Fiji. Accompan>-
Ing the letter Is a copy of the Fiji Royal
Qasette, which contains the announcement that "His Excellency, the -Governor, has heen pleased to appoint Mr.
T. II. Rankin to he I'ost master. Tuba
Hy command, Arthur MuhulTy. Colonial
Secretary." ThlH shows that even In the
Fiji Islands merit is certain tu be ie
warded  in time.
The letter in itself contains much Interesting Information. Mr. Kankin in
addition to his duties as postmaster is
managing the Fiji Saw-Milling Company
at a salary of ��40 per month aud a
quarter share in the profits, which lasi
month amounted to more than his salary. He says; I like Fiji very much
and enjoy first class health. It is very
warm, as we ate pretty close to the
equator. I am on the second largest
Island in the group, a few miles up a
very pretty river called Deeketl. Of
course, you understand. Fiji is still a
Crown Colony. We have good laws, well
administered. Our election for the Leg
islatlve Council will take place soon,
and I am sending you a circular from
one of the candidates asking lor m>
Influence and support, so ymi see that I
have not lost all interest In politics M>
crew consists of a sample from each
of the Islands in the South Seas, hut I
get on line with them, especially the
Fijian. They are a much larger race
than the inhabitants of the adjoining
islands, the average weignt of lhe men
being 100 pounds.    I have a ren   line
house and four ser\anis, t ,vo men and
two tnaramas. and life all round Is Indeed pleasant I will have to make a
trip to British ColnmblB early in the
spring, and if I can scare the time I
will visit Nelson. With regard! t., in
,airing friends. I remain, your truly, T.
II. Hankin.
London Police Relieved at Departure of
Kaiser and   King  of  Spain���Harvest for Servants.
London. I-tec. 84.���Stories concerning
royalties who have been recently visiting Kngiand arc still going ihe rounds.
The Kaiser's liberality is spoken of as
notable even fur a great monarch on a
State visit. He left $10,000 for 'tips"
tor servants at Windsor Castle, and his
generosity was everywhere nn tin* sanu
scale. The emperor's visit to Kngiand
mtibl have cost him many thousands Ot
pounds. His departure, when, by the
way, despite the absences at his own re-
Quest, he received a tar heartier greet
ing from the London public than on his
arrival, was a great relief a. the detec
tive force who had, as unobtrusively as
possible,, kept close watch on him all
tho time.
King Alfonso's departure, however,
was far more welcome lo that hard-
Mirked both. The Kaisers programme
might be strenuous] but he always ad
bared to It. hut Alfonso, who was presumably In greater need of safeguard
mg, was a great trial. lit; had no respect for programmes. He would
change his m'nd at the last minute and
dash off in a motor when something entirely different had been arranged.
One story goes lhal the Kaiser wnrn
��� d King EQdward that he viewed ton leniently the Inroads of Socialism In England, hut the King only smiled In re
Prices of Meta--..
New York. Dee. 24.���SiU'or, 52*\ic.
Copper,   l_*t_C,   lead,  $4.75.
London, Die. 24.���Silver, 21 IMmc.;
lead,   ��14,   10S.
Opening   Copper  Quotations.
Now York. Doc. 21. UK)".
(Ity McDermld & Mcllnrdy.,
-.omtntoti   Ooppei
.      i-   Copper	
8.87 hi
More  Unemployed.
Dec. 24.���Tho South Chicago
the Illinois Steel eompnny. out
,000 men,  will  he  shut  down
1 after the holidays.
Pugsley Breaks Silence
in SI. Jobn
SUnderer of  Mr.  Border   Thought
Reply  Would Be  Undignified-
Canada From Ocean to Ocean*
St.  John,  N. B.,   Dec.  24.���Hon.  Mr.
Bug., ley,   discussing   the   attacks    made
on Wm by Kemp, Conservative member
ui parliament ior Bast Toronto, said it
would have heen out ut place for him
to refer to these matters in the debate un
the reply to tne speecb irom the throne.
Kemp s Statements were not such as are
ca cuiated tu r.dse that member in the
estet 111 of the House, and h" (I'ugsley.)
did not teel called upon to reply. Other
members of the government had agreed
with him that he had adopted the proper
Winnipeg. Dec. 12.���Death yesterday
claimed one of the best knuwn commercial travellers in the west when Peter
Our man died In St. Boniface hospital.
The deceased resided lu Toronto where
his headquarters were, hut during the
past 1 _ years he had been travelling he-
ween Toronto and the west. The deceased was married and leaves a wife
and three ehildreu In Toronto.
Calgary, Dec. 24.���The city council
passed a bylaw last night ratifying an
agreement with Hie Calgary Power and
TiunKuiisston coin pany to supply the
city with elroctricity for li*-*ht and -tower
for $:10 per borse-i>ower. The agreement Is to run for live years and the
company expeel �����-* hn.*u tlie plant com
pleted ln eighteen months and ready to
generate power.
Winnipeg,  Dea  24.���tie  Wander-rsf
of Montreal proved eas.\ fur the Maplcfl
Leafs last night at the Arena, the new
team putting the Stailey cup hohkirs
on the small end of a j to li scot'e. Tine
comparison of the teahfl was much ' in
favor or the Maple Ix-als tint the opinion
of all who saw the gan.t was that  vvhe
Wanderers seemed to beholding tyTta-
selves In. .loo Hall, -vho waaTUhe
cynosure of all eyes, playel a fast, oj.c-an
effective game, the only penalty imposed
on him being for a trip which framed
more accidental than designed-" Harry
Smith, who share public Inspection with
Hall, was also n model of clean spoil,
suffering a rather hud fall and hurting
his eye, but never heeding It until he
was obliged to go to a physician.
Ottawa, Dec. 84.-���-Peter St.ntoft. a
Dane, aged 38 years, arrived here this
morning after walking Irom Lake, near
Blind River, a dlsi .ncc or 430 miles.
He slept out ln box cars. He seemed
to he in good spirits after the long
tramp.    The journey took 24 days.
Mark hum. Dec. 24.���Revised returns
give Dr. McLean. Liberal, a majority of
16 In Centre York.
Montreal. Dec 21 -According to the
statement of Deputy Postmaster Ga*
boury, never In the history or Montreal
has there been anything like such a
rush of business; at the post olllce and
tiever has lhe mass of mail in en handled
with BUOb neatness and dispatch as dur*
lug the past week or two since the
present  Christmas rush started,
Toronto, Doc. 24.���The statement was
made yesterday bv a man of authority
that Elliott 0. Stevenson, of Detroit,
supremo chief ranger of the I. O. F.. had
resigned and that Harry A. Colltns, su-
preme treasurer of tho order, had been
appointed to the vacant position. The
Change is said to have been effected at
a meeting of the executive, but I. O. F.
officials deny that any change has boon
St. John. N*. B., Doc. 24.���An onler for
the arrest of Alfred II, Clark, Opposition
candidate   In   St.  John   county   for   the
legislature, was issued yesterday at the
Instance of W. A. Qullton, who alleges
that ho had been libelled In a statement
blade hy Clnrk when accepting the nomination.
B8.000 cords were froi i Canada. The
Total export, from Canada in 100G was
74S.K72 cords. In 1900 there was exported to the United States 110,258 tons
of wood pulp valued at $2,r-03.352. This
was a decrease of 10,000 tons as com-
pa-tf d with 1906, which report indicates
that Canadian manufacturers are finding a more profitable market elsewhere
than in the United States.
Preston, Ont. Dec. 24.���John A. Clare,
Conservative member of parliament for
BQUth Waterloo, who has been suffering
from an acute 'form of indigestion, is
now  out of danger.
Ottawa, Dec. 24.���Indications at the
central post office are that an unusually
heavy Christmas mail win be dispatched
and received. The various wickets in
the money order nnd stamp departments
are thronged with wailing crowds anxious to he served.
Niagara Falls, Dec. 24.���Chas. Shen-
pard, 20 years old, son of Postmaster
Sheppard of Queenstown. Is dead as the
result of an accident on Dec. 7th, when
his right arm was shattered hy a shotgun In the hands of a companion while
walking on the street in Queenstown.
Ottawa. Dec. 24.���Two weather beaten
old tars, Chas. Doran and A. Herbert,
of the wrecked Thompson liner "K.l-
dona" off Sable Island a few days ago,
drifted into the Children's Aid society
yesterday. They are healing their way
to Vancouver from St. John, N   B.
Toronto. Dec. 24.���McMaster University, Baptist, may establish a medical
department, and It Is said negotiations
are beinc carried on with John D.
Rockefeller to secure two million dollars
to aid In the purpose.
Montreal. Dec. 24.���"Kid" Dufresne of
Le wist on, Maine, knocked out Pinky
Bvans of Albany, In the seventh round
of what was to have been a ten-round
bout at the National club house last
night. Bvans was the favorite in the
betteing at odds of 100 to 75. and those
who backed him did not expect Dufresn**
to last more than five or six rounds.
Victims    of    Darr    Mine    Catastrophic
Brought to Surface���Pathetic
Scenes at Funeral.
Toronto. Doc. 84.���In 1906 the United
States imported 490,618 more cords of
pulp than ln 1905 and of this Increase
Jacob's Creek, Pa., Dec. 24.���Searching parties at the Darr mine today
readied entry No. 27. where they found
74 bodies in a heap. With the 4ti bodies
which have already been brought to
the surface the total number recovered
today is 120. The bodies found iu No.
2 7 entry are not so badly mutilated as
sonic of the bodies previously recovered.
Today was funeral day at the mine.
Twelve Identified bodies were taken
from the temporary morgue and placed
in a long line along the trucks of the
Pittsburg and Lake Erie railroad. The
last ceremonies were conducted in the
open with hundreds of friends, relatives
and spectators. The resultant scenes
were especially pathetic, Following the
services the bodies were placed on a
train aud taken to CunneUsville, Pa., for
Poor  Chicago.
Chicago. Dec. 24.���"One thousand
saloons will have locked their doois and
gope out of business in this city by May
1st uext^" said Adam Ortseil'e'n, president of the MeAvoy Brewing company
last night, "and the scarcity of barley,
which is seriously crippling the large
breweries and the malt houses, may
mean a  probuble rise in  the  price  per
Barrel of beer withm a few weeks."
Dinners for New York's Poor.
New York, Dec. 24.���More than 125,-
0U0 wili eat Christmas dinners In New-
York tomorrow furnished by the Salvation Army. The dinners are being put
up in baskets tor families of five and
six and will be distributed on Christmas
Effect of Stringency.
New York, Dec. 24.���That the Christinas business this year will be smaller
than lt was hist year Is admitted by
most dealers in New York. The crowd?
are larger than the oldest dealer hus
ever seen hut' the people ate spending
less money. Cheaper articles are being
bought and the push cart men In the
down down st reels are doing the great
est business they ever done. Conserva
tive dealers figure that the total business duiing the Christmas rush will not
approach last year's business by 20 pel
Manufacturers Protest in
Complaint  Against Increasing Pay
of Unskilled Laborers���Erie
Reduces Salaries.
Montreal, Dec. 24.���The Canadian
.Manufactures' Association has sent a
strongly worded protest to the city council against the action of the city in
raising the wages of laborers to two
dollars a day, which the association declares, would deter men from learning
good trades and would, in fact. Interfere
with the supply of skilled mechanics.
New York, Dec. 24.���Salaries of all
clerical employees of the Erie railway
who receive more than $G0 per month
will be cut from two to ten per cent.
after Janunry 1st, according to an announcement made today. Between 1,700
and 1-300 employees will be affected by
the reduction.
Crusade   for   Extermination   Started   in
London, Dec. 24.���The great anti-rat
crusade was started last week with such
supporters as Lord Ayehury, Sir Lauder
Brunton, Dr. Crichton-Browne nnd Sir
Harry Johnston. They proclaim the
astonishing fact that the rodents cause
$sji.,0no,o<>0 worth of property damage
annually In England alone, while their
hygienic danger is still more appalling.
It is pointed out that they are chiefly
responsible for the spread of plagues
and epidemics, and trichinosis has been
traced to rats, which infect pigs and
subsequently people who eat pork. Rats
multiply at the rate of eight hundred
descendants yearly from one pnir.
Denmark has tried the experiment of
paying two cents for each dead rat, at a
cost of ��8,600. It is calculated that
these rats would have done damage to
the amount of $195,000. The English
agitators of the rat crusade advocate a
similar law in England. Friday's meet
ing, however, was a walk-over for the
rats. In that it proved a fiasco almost.
Kaiser Declines to Interfere but Recommends  Delay.
Berlin, Dec. 24.���It would appear that
Emperor William has declined to interfere In the internal quarrel which is
threatening to disrupt the naval league.
According to dispatches receiver from
.Munich the emperor has requested tho
branch of the league to ask those members who intend to resign to suspend
action until after New Years Day when
Prince Rupert ot Bavaria Is coming to
Berlin to talk over the matter with His
Majesty   at the   New  Year's   reception.
Will Meet Irish Champion.
London, Doc. 21.���Articles of agreement have been sighed for a contest between Tommy Burns, who recently defeated "Gunner" Molr before the national sports club, nnd Jim Roche,the Irish
champion. The fight, which will take
place at Dublin, probably March 17. Is
for a side bet ot $2,500 and a purse of
Governor's Carriage and  Military  Band
in Port of Spain.
Port of Spain, Trinidad, Dec. 24.���Port
of Spain is preparing to welcome the
American fleet of battleships with hos-
"itality and good fellowship. Daylight
bowed the warships anchored in four
column formation about four miles weat
from the wharf.
Admiral Evans, ncroiupanied by members of his staff, landed at 11 o'clock,
They wore met by a guard of honor
from tbe local militia. Accompanied by
a band the officers proceeded to the
government house. The admiral rode in
the governor's carriage.
Christmas in Louisiana.
New Orleans, Dec. 24.���Five men Wiled by pistol or knife In Louisiana and
Missouri during the Inst 24 hours Is the
record up to date of Christmas week
of lighting In this section.
Voluntary Dry Christmas.
Chattanooga, Tenn., Dec. 24.���For the
first time in the history of the liquor
business In Chattanooga, all the saloons
of tbe city will be closed tight on
Christmas Day. This ls neither the result of law, ordinance or public influence, the saloon men having some
weeks ago agreed to observe the day.
Cargo on- Fire.
New York, Dec. 24.���While the steamer Bulgaria, with two thousand steerage
passengers on board, was passing down
the river today outward bound for
Europe, fire was discovered among sev-
ess-l bales of cotton on deck. The flames
were quickly subdued by two fire boats
which responded to calls for assictance
aud tbe steamer proceeded with very
little delay.
Will Exhume l-culancum.
New York, Dec. 24.���A despatch from
Home to the Times says the Italian
government announces that the excavation of the buried city of Herculaneum
will begin at once. The work will be
carried out by the Italian government
with Italian funds, and the advice ot
forelg archaeologists will be gratefully
American Fiancier Dead.
Boston, Dec. 24.���Charles R. Hannah,
New England financial representative of
Swift & company, the Chicago packers,
died at his home In Brookllne today
after an illness of several months. He
started life selling popcorn and lemonade at Sunday fairs and other places.
He earned enough to cany him through
school and through Oberlin college. He
organized the Fanners' and Merchants'
Bank at Columbus, In 1881. Later he
became president of the First National
Bank of Council Bluffs, Iowa, and organized and constructed an electric
street railway line between Detroit and
Wanted a Job.
Philadelphia, Dec. 24.���Wm. Pateans,
a waiter formerly employed In Horn &.'
llundard's restaurant, entered the place
today and afler being refused a position
shot J. C. WTllichor. the manager, and
Frank Uossman, the head waiter. Both
were taken to a hospital and are said
to be In a serious condition. Pateans
also aimed two shots at his own head
In an effort to suicide but. the weapon
failed to explode. Fifty persons were
in the restaurant at the time. Pateans
was overpowered and turned over to a
Squads of  Police  Prevent Approach to
Vault���Question of Burial Soon
to Be Determined.
London,, Dec. 24.���Extraordinary precautions are being taken to prevent
tampering with the grave of T. C. Druce,
which will be opened in the course of
the next few days to prove whether or
not it contains the body of Druce or a
roll of lead.
A large force of police was sent to
Highgute cemetery this morning tnd
took up positions on all approaches to
the grave. A special cordon was drv.vn
around the vault which Is being rapnBy
shut in with a high board fence. The
structure will be covered so that no
person will have a chance to witness
the exhumation. Only officials and
those directly concern ed will be permitted to see the opening      the coffin.
Wheat Area Shrinks.
Lahore, India, Dec. 24.���There has
heen a remarkable diminution In wheat
planting in the Punjab because of the
prolonged drought. The area has
shrunk trom nine million to five million
acres. Many of the permanent canals
are running short while the Irrigation
canals are quite dry.
Memphis Bank Closed.
Hem phis. Tenn., Dec. 24.���The Memphis Savings Bank failed to open Its
doors this morning. A notice posted on
the door said that the bank had been
placed In the hands of a receiver. No
J statement has been Issued.
Germans Praise Roosevelt.
Berlin. Dec. 24.���The leading articles
which appear in the Deutaches Tages
Zeitung this morning, and which bears
as the caption, "Roosevelt aa Peace
Maker," rejoices in the president's efforts to secure peace In the South American republics. The article recognizes
that the cessation of revolutions aud
wars in these regions Is of very great
advantage to European, and especially
to German, enterprises.
American Naval Expert
on Evans' Fleet
Retired Admiral Endorses Indictment
and Blames Red Tape Methods
of Department.
New York, Dec. 24.���McClure's magazine, published today, contains a sensational article by Henry ileuterdahl, who
has an international reputation aa a
naval expert, regarding the American
navy, with particular reference to the
cruise of Admiral Evans' battleship tleet
to the Pacific.
Under the innocuous title "The Needs
of Our Navy," he finds the American
battleship's "a lot of tin cans, so to
speak." The foil -swing are among his
That open shafts tu magazines mean
lnvo.untary suicide.
That in this connection danger from
exploding shells would suggest itself
even to persons who have no kuowleJgu
of naval matters; _,
That insufficient ammunition hoists
are the laughing stock lor men who
know anything of war conditions or who
huve been through a naval light;
That the poor protection toir *;i-n
crews is not only scandalous but uoiuz-
That the lack of torpedo boats .tid
destroyers is the most glaring f i lit cf
the American fighting Motilla;
That with all these material sh incomings to fight against there is t>* t
added handicap thut most of the Hsftoers
are too old for command.
The only patriotic note of Reuterdahi's
strong indictment is that Pre^i leu*:
Roosevelt is not responsible for thee It-ring faults. The writer claims that as a
matter of fact Roosevelt for se/ertl
years has attempted to "make good" In
battleships and cruisers, out *ea tape
and "the intrigue of the most powerful
men in both branches of congress ��u,ve
pievented the United States from buying a fleet which could fight an ejual
number of vessels of any first-class
Newport, R. I., Dec. 24.���Rear-admiral Luce, the retired founder ir the
naval war college, being freer to
speak about the navy's defects than nry
other record officer, frankly ad;ui*-t'-d
that all McClure's charges are true.
"The naval men all along knew this,"
he said. "We simply have made mistakes but we will rectify them.*'
He blames tho weakness of the fact
on many heads. "The bureau system
is the curse of the navy."
Survivors of Lost Bark.
New York, Dec, 24.���With a tale of
hardship that adds another chapter to
the romance of the sea. Mate Donald
Morrison of the long lost bark Alexandria Oubis, has arrived at his home in
Southampton, L. L, In time for Christmas. The vessel was wrecked In the
Pacific near the equator and tho crew
put off In two boats. One of the boats
in which Mate Morrison, reached an uninhabited Island, where he and nine
otherB remained for five months until
they were rescued by a sloop manned
by the sailors who had put off from
the bark In the other boat and who finally reached the mainland-
Pope and Cardinals.
Rome, Dec. 24.���The Pope was present In the sacred college today for the
exchange of Christmas greetings with
th-> cardinals. Addresses wore made,
but the pontiff conversed with each
cardinal, speaking of modernism and
the revision of the vulgato.
Christmas in the Churches.
The annual services of Christmas Day
will he held in Nelson tomorrow tn the
church of the Anglican, Roman, Presbyterian communions as follows:
St. Saviours; holy communion, plain,
���8.30 a. m.; holy communion, plain, 8
a. m.; matins and holy communion,
choral, 10.30 a. m.
Besides tho special Christmas hymns
and cantlcos there will be sung at. this
service the anthem, "It Came Upon the
Midnight Clear," Sir John Stalner, and
tho communion service will he thnt of
Rev. H. H. Woodward In "D."
Church of Mary immaculate: Midnight
mass, 12 p, m. Dec. 24th, followed by
two low masses; low mass, 8. a. m.;
low mass, 8.30 a. m.; high mass. 11
a. m.; benediction, 7.30 p. m. Sermon*
���it midnight mass and high mass by
P.ev. Father Post. S. J., Spokane.
St. Paul's: Short Chris-mus service
at 11 a. m.
9  m it
. ! '
l *
Clothing*.    Gents'   Furnishings
and Boots and Shoes
Is beginning to arrive.
In about another week we will be able to offer full lines
in these goods, antl ean promise you the best value ever offered in tlie city.
In the meantime it will pay you to await their   arrival
before making your purchase.
Imperial Bank of Canada
Head Office I   Toronto.
Capital Authorized   $10,000,000    Capital Paid Up $4,860,000
_^ Rest    $4,860,000
D.*B. WILKIE. President. HOI.'. ROBERT JAKFRAY, Vice-President
Branches in British Columbia:
Interest allowed on  deposits  tn m date of deposit and credited quarterly.
.J.   M.   LAV,   lWanate&r.
The Royal Bank of Canada
Incorporated A. D.  1869.
 $3,900,000     Re.erve  Fund	
Unexcelled facilities for the transaction
of all  kind, of Hanking  Business.
davlngs Bank Department, and
-interest credited Quarterly on
Savings Bank Accounts.
on Application, in Large, Medium
or Pocket Size.
Nelson Branch, G. A. SPINK, Manager.
Published six oayi u week uy the
Baker Hi..   Nelnon, B. G
Huoseripllou ru.lt.-n, bo cent! a mouth delivered
In the city, or t'j.uo a year ll ��._ui by ma 11, when
paid lu advance.
AdvertlHiiii*; nUU 00 application.
au monlu paid in   Battlement of The Dully
���Canadian   at loinil*-,   elUtai   toi ���ObscriptlOD
advertising, taoil be receipts I foi on thi printed
lorn.** ot the Company.
Uthet receipt! art not
Tuesday,  December 24,   1907.
Tr.-* JJ&tty Canadtfii*.
Latest   Styles   at   Low   Prices.     From
$1.25 to $25.00.
It is worth your white to inspect them.
: J. J. WALKER x
��� ������������������������������������<>���������������������������������������
Best Wishes for a
Merry Christmas
To All Our Patrons
Tomorrow   throu ;houl    Christendom,
aud  iu  u   thousand   scattered  outpoi
where Europeans or their At  ci udau
lo ��� p  watob and  ��ard,  m< n  will  < - ���
brate  the  das   ol   Hi-'  Nativity  ol   the
Divine Pounder of the B*ail a,
It is nn eloquent  ��� i Lbute to tbe worth
���and ih" beauty   of   Christian doctrtm
thai as
"Tin' time draws  uear ih>-  birth  ->t
even    hearts    on    which    II    bs      a.
bold, relent  hi  their pursuit ol
objects, and are touched by the reeling
of brotherhood and kinship,   "Peace on
the earth, good w 111  to men" becomei
for a day tin* ideal of nil. and eapi clallj
to Utile children, lu ct mmemoration ol
the birth  of another  infant,  tbe  mosl
careless und indifferent experience emo
tions of kindness.
"Thu Innate goodnt..- of human us
ture," often no haul to recognize in thi
fierce strife of work-day rivalry, ftndi
expression in the general observance ol
truce from  ���strug^l''-
it ia chiefly among people nt British
blood Unit ChriKlnias. which BUpei I d<
ami ennobled their heathen festival sea
son, Yiii< tide, that tii>' birthday ol
Christ in Immemorial]') associated with
the. home, wiih ihe family hearth, an
the circle round It, broken perhapi
during the year, hui restored If posslbli
at Christmas. It Is not only ol Un
Caitb of his fathers, however strong 01
weak lis hold on iiih mind or heart ma
be, but of the hotfie Of his family, tin
Islands of his race, the thousand ai oi
lations of his life, that the UrttUhei
home or colonial horn, thlnltS as tin
twilight faiin on Christmas eve.
The Pacific province is fast becomioi
a land of homes and home makers. Tin
pioneers have made in h destrablt
places where they briug their wives uml
Children. Hut there were a few years
ago, and Mill are in the remoter corners
where the prospector or the cruiser has
mn yet been followed hy the railway "t
the steamer, lonely men to whom
Christmas is a day tor solemn thoughts.
.Seldom has the jdwil of "peace on Unearth" been more marly fulfilled than
now. Except on the frontiers of Mo*
rocco there is nowhere a state of war,
and   not   iu   many   years   have  so   tiuihy
peaceful assurances passed among representatives nl the .ureal powers whose
strife would involve the world.
Our own country enjoys unbroken
peace and comparative prosperity, in
Canada there are lew who cannot enjoj
.ulli, measure of Christmas cheer and
look forward to beginning soon anothei
year Ln hope ami confidence.
The pleasure ->i Christmas consistb
noi in gaining but in giving. The happiest man ami thi most deserving of a
met ry Christmas is the one who hah
Lven urns!, not in ostentation or with
ulterior motive,    but    in    sincere and
i i btful klndltm ss, Countless kU.s
bave been received and tent this year
by iiif people of Nelson In token of affection and friendship. .May givers and
ii i elvers i>��- SQuali)  happy,
li i. no longer aeci i sary to Minimi
ihe people of ih" Queen City that at
;iiis season the spirit oi faction and
enmity should be allowed to slumber.
iin* city Is become Indeed a conununltj
w,tii common Interests, common hup* s
ami Ideals, The interest ol one is the
Interest of ail  and ihe welfare  ot  ail
Should   be Ih"   aim   of each.     Nelson   can
afford lo la) aside care and anxiety and
njuy tomorrow.
Tin* Canadian wishes all its readers
a Merry Christmas,
law Is now paralysed. The rumor prov-
ed false, for so dear Is political consistency to the heart of the Liberal politicians that they decided to allow aRrarian
crime to run riot a little longer rather
lhan UBe the coercive weapon which they
always condemned when It was In the
hands   of the  Unionist   government.
The Irish secretary must have spoken
with his tongue in his cheek, to use an
Irishism, when he complained to a deputation of Irish landowners on Friday
that they did not co-operate with the
���Kdice in furnishing evidence against
cattle driver*-. EJe got a prompt answer,
that the graxiflrg and herdsmen dare not
Come forward because ihey firmly believe they would be murdired if they
testified against the raideris. This is
common knowledge In lhe affected districts. Yet Mr. Ulrrell affected to receive the iulormatlon with surprise.
There is small doubt that outrages
will continue on on Increasing seals
throughout Ireland, and It will be Interesting to see how long a Liberal
government will permit anarchy to continue without recourse to effective iipa-
Bun s of repn ssion.
Nn. 'i.    Post   marked   B    C.   Jagow   northwest
oo-rner,   thenee   eighty -Thai"** s uth,  thenoe
eighty chain*. Beat, thence eighty   chains   north,
theu'f eighty < ii-tinn weet to plan* ol bettluiitng
containing t'4o acre**, more or leas,  and went ami
ad H', nt to iiml-cr llr. lice No  150--J4.
Paled November 2 sl, IWT.
H   r. Ja'.ow. locator.
A. lUi'KBTT. ageut.
No -t. Poet marked T. F. Jack men southeast
corner, thenee eighty ilia In** north, thene-*
eighty ehaini weet   thence eighty chainsaouth,
thenoa eighty ohaini east to the plaee of w-
glnnlng. eon tm ul ii-- Mo aeren, more or lenn, anil
eaat and adjacent lo W.A. hn*-- No. 1 [Kttt on
Corn creek.
Dated novs���that Uafe UOY,
T F. JACKMan, locator, ,
A. HackKTT, agent
No. 4. Pott marked Torn I.avealle rant th wot
curlier p.��at thence eighty chut us north, their,,-,
eighty chatnn OBSt. thenOS eighty chalna sooth,
thenee eighty ehaini west to place of l *��� g I n t*. ��� n *���,
eontalulug Mo acre**, more or leaa. aud west hi, 1
adjaceut to timber licence N'o  \WX4.
Hated tffovamberaumtVJ.
Tom Lj.vBAl.ur., locator,
A. '.Iai kktt, agent-
Nelson Und District.  District ol West Kootenay
Take nolle*1 that 1, F   A   shaver.   Intt-nd U> a (,-
fly for a iptclal licence to cut and carry aw-sr
1 miter from 6*0 acre* of laud: Commencing a't
n poet platted on the northwtat corner market)
Y  A. Shaver, No. 1, thence eighty chains south!
thanee eighty ohaini fan, thanee eighty chaim
north, theuee eighty (halna wesl to the (dare o(
begin���log, cou ia mint; MO gores, more or leas,,
and   aboul   three mile*  west ol  the  Koolenay
Chief  Secretary  Birrcll   Reluct.int to In
voke   Crimea   Act���Trials   Have
Become a  Farce.
That iu every line of business- neat stationery is absolutely uecessary.
Is done Quickly and in an
Up-to-date Style at
hank of Hummit ereek ������*���'���������. t two and a halt
miles from Us mouth, tiienee north 40 chain*.,
ihence eaat Ittu chain*, tht-iue Houth 40 chains-,
theBOfj went iw chains
Paled IMh November. \Wl.
2. Commencing at a poat planted on an unnamed  Break  wiiuh ttows Into Summit eraak
from tht* nouth at a   point   about   two all la halt
miles eaat from tli"- u����rih fork of Summit eraak
na til i>nal bet���| placed atamt three quarter) mile
up ini'li unnamed creek aud almul '-"i let to
the east thereof, thenee east 4u chains, thenee
aoulh 1G0 ehalns, thenee West Ot chain**., I he lure
north '.'*  I'halus.
Dalud 19th November. 1907.
S. (JommeneinK at a post planted on an un-
nimiil ereek whlob tlowa iiiu> HummU etaak
from the aoulh at a spolnt about two auda half
mllea etat from tbf> north fork nf -mhihu oraek
al a point aboul three , .n- ������ :- mite up *u<'h
creek and about 6U0 test to the tasl thereof,
th*. nre aoulh Un < halu*. tttahOk west 40 ehalns,
: !,������ s, , north lnu I'halna. O ������ ��� ��� east 40 ebaltia.
Dated l��th fcii-einbcr, l**t
4. Comuientlugat a post plantod on lt��e north-
eaat side ol tbe uorth fork <if Hummit rreek
about four inlita from tin* junction of the north
fork wiib tbe *cain Hummit ereek, thenee loni i>
80 chains, thetue west m etialus, thenee north M)
rhalua, tbeuce ��f HO chains.
Dated .-���'.. No/ember,
..:���***.-.���   Wll KIl-BOS.
b   t.toaoa Yocko, Ak.iii
WhtiicMfiiu   Provlnlonit,
Uuverniinnt (.renimTy One I'ouml  Hric-ka n-r-plvwl weekly frfah from lb��
churn     For -stile by all lt*4tdinK ftrocuri
Otllce and W-NbOaSS I  Ho-oat-on Hlock,    P_0BS "���-
Josephine Street.        - -        Nelson, B. C.
Neisou Land District, District of West Kootenay
Take notice that I, 1. W Hhaver, Intend to apply for a -.special licence to cut and carry away
timber from Mo acrei of land : I 'oin me net ng at
a pout marked  I-    V*.     Hhaver,   noithweat  corner
thanoe eighty mains south, tbenoe eighty
chalna east, thene*. eighty chains north, thence
eighty chalua west to place of beginning, containing ���. c  acres, more or less, and   eaat  and ad-
Jaoant to timtKT lleenoe i-nrxi. aud also south
and adjacent to linit-er licence No UiOXit, and also
aoulh and adjacent to F A. Hhaver timber limit
No. 1.
Dated   November 21st, l.sj7.
L. W. HliAvea, locator.
A   If ai k-tt. sgent
London, Doc. 24.���Ireland Iihh beooms
���i worse thorn iu tlm Hide of tin* LdbersJ
governmenl than It wuh In that of their
I   iii Jhlst    rivals.      It    wiih    reportert   thai
Beoretar)   Mrrell  had  beooncia ntnrmed
:it    the    Rowing   lawleKHIIesH    which    Ihe
[ovi riinr m,.    present    methods    we,-,
powerless to oheok ami thai the cabinet
tUtd  decided  to  luvoko tht- Climes  Act i
iu lives of the worst count Ich, wlit-u* Uie 1
Nelson I.aud Uistrict.   Diatnet of West Kooteuay
lake notice   that W. A    Hudson, of Hpokane.
wpMhiiigiou, ( S.A.,oeoupatton timber eralier,
liilenri to hi-ply for a IMOtal tlrnbcr licence over
tin* fidiowin*/ deeerlbaa landn   Commanolnfl al
a post plnnied on (he north bunk <d (mtii creek,
ut the juueMon of the north fork of Corn oreek
with lhe main Mr-am. iihoul five miles In ii
wMerly direction from the eoqflnettoe of laid
Porn    creek   with   lhe    Kooteuay   river,   tin nee
north 40 ehaini thanoe west ISO Dbalnii tneooe
Moiih 40 ehaina, tbenca aaat 100 onaini topolui
of eninmi'iici-nient, eoulaliifng (HO acres, more ot
Tnke notice that I   F. C   litis,
for a s|***clal Heen-,' Co 'in and carry   awa
ber Irom 040 acres of land:   Commends
poal planted about four iiillcs Wesl of tli _
nay rlvr, un a -,..��� i: en -k ili-wiug from the
i-outh Into t'nrn OTeal and nboni on�� and one
half mi 11 aoulh of Corn crick aud weal and
adjacent to Umber licence No UO-Mj eotilinen
clug  al No. I *,.- '   marked   Y.  0, <>tla northeast
oorner -poet, i ba ncc eight? chalni aomh, thanoe
eighty etialna west, theuce eiuhtv chains   liorlli,
thence eighty   chains , ���>-1   to   the   plaen ol   l*o-
glnuliig. containing 040 acres, more or 1t*ss,
DstSe November U, IW).   K _ ')ti��, l<N*ator,
A  lUckKiT, igeul
Inland to apply
sy   ttm
ng at
! Rod
om  I
and i
Kxteuslon of one week within whleh to advert He gran it-1. Harry Wright, Ass't. Commissioner of Land hii'I   Works.
Nelson Lend Dlatriot, DlstrtstetWastKoetsosy
lake nollee that I, T. L. I-^igan, of Bounera
Furry, Idaho, occupation paiuter, lulend toap*
ply for a a(ieciHl iiuiher licence over the following   deitcril-eil   lauds:     Com UU nr Dig  at   a   [tost
[.lamed  hi  the   K>a|beagt   oprnsf   of itm tier
lleenoe No. IM:**, theuee easi ���� chalus, thenee
north Ho ihtilii. thonot wufl W�� chains, thnirc
a.,uth so ehaina to point of OommcUcemenl,
i oi.tHlning 040 aeres, more or less.
Dated -No*,, inber Jlsl. UOT, T. L I-^*;ai*,
<:olin hmitii, agent
Nelaon l.aml lijatrlct.   fMalrlclof Weal Kftotenay
Take   notloe   that   I, ('harlea   Unteher.  Intend
to aid*')' '"r ���*��� "special timber lloenee, to cul and
carry away timber fiom ftU* ar rea of laud     Corns
mincing ai No i poet about 12 mllei west of the
Kootenay river, on the north aide of |Honndary
Oreek' and north, and adjacent to timber licenses
I .IKK, aud on.- mile north of the International
boundary line, commencing; ata p-osl mark-*d
I'harlca Dun ht-r'a aouthweS' corner, thence K0
chalna north, -..-.- chslus eaat, thenee-HU
chain* aoiii),, tbantM HU chsins west to tl.e plaee
of beginning, .-mii ..uning ul-0 acres, more or less
Loomed porember iktii. mu7.
I HAHI.KN  I kh,  f'ocator.
No- '2- Commencing at a post market) I harlcs
Dutcher'-**- lOUtboaat corner, Ibeiicu HO (halns
nortli, tbenoe no Ohaini weat. thenee HO etiHins
aouth. IJience Hiichiilua east tti the place of he-
ginning, and weat Hud adj.ic.ni to number (Rig
timber limit, nnd contnlning MO acres, more or
furcated NovemlKT IHth, 1W07.
charmcm UtnciiKit, Umatoti
No. B. Oommenolni at a poal marked Charles
Dulcher'a uortbweat comer and altoiit 16 mllus
west td the Kootenay river on the north ride ot
lloiindnrv 07001 and nortb antl a-tjacetil to timber license 10000, theuce south HOciiains, thenee
cast HO clialnn, tiienee north H,* (halns, tiienee
west HO chains to the place of beginning, containing 0411 aeiea, more or less.
Located November IHth, 1W7.
chaki gi Duroass, Loostor,
No 4 Commencing at n (ifiHt marked Charles
Dutcher's nor thena t corner, thence south m
chalna,   Ibeucc   ueat HO chains,   theuce   north HO
obaim, thanee ca**t ho chain** to tbo plsooolbo*
ginning, coiitninliiK MO ,n-r, a, more or less
Located November IHth. 1907,
Ciiahi Km Do nut, I-oen. tor.
No. 6, uoDtnenotng at a poal marked Charles
Dulcher'a aoulhrHat corner, thenee U0 (dialns
north, Ihence HO chains West, ihi'UCe HO chains,
south, thenoa SO chains east lo the plSOg of l>e-
gliinlng, 'oiitiilning ttlii acrea, more or lesi.
Located November IHth, ��� ��".
(')iahi.kh Dtfn iikr, I-socslor.
��� o n. Commeneing at a poal market) Chsrlei
DutOheVl IOO tb weit corner, thenee norih WI
OhalOl, thenoe eaal HO etiaitia, theuce south so
. halna, tbanoa west rtn ehalns to tlie placn of beginning.   < oiniliilug 040 ic rea, more or less.
Looafad sHovamber ihui, iwi.
i'iiiki,-�� di'tchrh, Loostor,
uA'arked W.   A    Hidiion'a   H.   W.  corner,  tie
rth 40 chalus,  Iteme  eaat Uvo ehaina,   th- tic
ssii*.   chains. U*H0I   weat It's) ehalns   to the
in nt ,m-ii,,-i.i    containing MO a< res,
re or leas
Dated Nov. 2, 107. ft, A   Hcpsos.
ton I-And UlsTict. District of Weil Koolenay.
le   noli--**   that W   A.Hudson,  of Hpokmie,
-h.. C-" ';,. i!,��.ii tlm Iter crulaer. Intend*, t" ap-
..._,, lor a apei-iai utnla-r Ueetn e over ibe follow*
l"g\ deaeriU-l   Undi��:     Commencing   *��t   a   1 o**t
planted on tba aoutb itmu ,>i tin* north (om 01
Corn "reel, theuce anuib in chains, t, - Di ������ *.-,. al
lot'��� h...ni, thene-*- norih 40 ehaina. th.n >- , Kit
100 ebilVis to the point of cnim. a. , iii-ni, t ,,i,*
t_111 in-K g 10 acrea, more or lesa
UatM Nov. 6th, l��o\ W.A. ID bt-o-t
Nelson Land District.   District nl Wi at *��� ooienMy
Take  nottM  that W  A   lludv.11,  pt Bpokane,
Waah conation timber araliar. Intcpui lo ap
ply for a apc-ial timber lle*��tiee of 1 Hie J.,1 ..-w
llig    -!���������*.���-ll,..:     .,ui.la.       ��   ...  .Iii.  ir  ,'  ,.    Ht   a    poat
p; anted 011 tbe east side of the >".tn fork of the
north fork ol Corn creek, iheneo south au -hatii*,
thenee wesl wi chains, lhenoe north ho chalua.
lhenoe east wi chalna to the point of coin men,-._���
ment, containing 04*) acres, more or lets
1'ated Nov  0th. \W1. W   A. Hi D0O*
Nelson I and Diatrict.   District of Weat Koob-imy.
Take nollee lhat W.A Hudaon. of Bpokane,
Wash-. OOOnpatlon timber crnUer, lult 1 da to Hp.
ply for a apeclal timber licence fiver the follow-
Ing deseriited lwnds: t ommuncDig at h poat
plan ted about BOO laat north of tbi nor* n
fork of Corn ereek. thenee south Hu chmiia,
thence wesl RO easing, Ihence no tli no
chains, theuee cital WI Mmln* to the point of
cfiinmenccmenl, containing HO Bttrai, inure ,,r
Dated Nov. Alh, IWfl. W. A. UoItaoN.
Nelson l.iui-i District IDlslrlet g*J W\..t koolenay
Take noting thut W* a. iDuisoit, ot Bpokane,
    '-ilelids t<
You can buy ii 1 nacre Fruit  llanrli   In   tho bsst  fruit  growlnB district
In   British   Columbia   bj    payina   II 0 ,loIlar�� down i,n,l tin l*r month.
I'Sv.-n aa an Inveatmenl   this Is worth conaldvratlnn
Krult  Land It��� trablad in value within the yenr.   What ���111 It *> n.-Jt
J.   E.   ArNINABUE,
ward Biwam
unaikon tlmher ornlser, lul
t, Biit-etal tlm
.lii.i'l   land
��� up
"ii I
I District   Dlatriot of West Koo'enay
notice tbal Kotomon   Wilkinson, of  Ne)-
occiipatlon   lumberman,   lutemls  to
applv tor ��   ���r"*t*isl limber   lleeneu over   Un  foi-
lowing deacrlbed Irtndi:
1.   i miiiiio-ui ing ni n post planied on the: ortb
,-iy for a s ne'e lal timbei licence orer tbe toll
lug oetonbsd  land*;   Conmanoioe at a p,
planted atiout ���>-   leet north ol the north fork ,
Corn rreek, thenee north HO chains   thr" -
HO ehalns, thence 11101111 tsJ chalna,   Hon
chains to the point of  communceni'-iil
l'ig OM) acrea, more or less.
Dated Nov   6lh, UOT. W, A. HtbaON,
Nelson Land Dlstrlet.   District of West Koolenay
Take notice lhat.  W.A.   Hudnon,  of Bpokane,
Wash., ooonpatlon timber cruiser, Intanditp up
ply for a special timber lieeime tiver tbe lollo
Ing described lands: Commeneing at a post
planted about r-txi leet norih of Hits north fork td
Corn creek, thenee south HO chalna, I hence eaat
H0 chains, thenea north HO chains, theme weal Hu
etialus to the point of commencement, contain
ing f-10 acrea, more or less.
Dated Nov. tith, UOT, W. A. Hl'IiafjH.
Nelson Land Dlslrlct    Dlstrlet fif Went Kootenay
Tnke notice that W. A Hudson, of Spokane,
Wash., occupation timber i rulser, intends to up
ply for a special tlmbt-r licence ov. r the fo\|(IW-
Ing tsCScrltM.d lands: Commencing llt a .IUHt
planted about .������"��� feel uorlb ot the ii���nli fork of
Corn creek, thenee smith HO rhallis,   tlieutse weat
ho ohaini, tnauce nurtb ho onii-ini- thonoo east nn
chalna lo the (itilttt 0|  couiiiieiiceineut, louiuin
in;. 040 BOrOOi 1.our ur less.
lintel Nov. flth, 1U0T. W. A. BOnOOM,
Nelson Load DLtUr.fl.   District of West Kooleiuiy
Taae notice that W A. Hudson, of Hpokane,
Wash., occupation tlmlier crulaer, Intends to ap
ply for a Npecial timber lliei.ee over the following deacribed lauds: Commencing ���t a poal
plsnted nbon 1 j��i feet north uf tho north fork of
Corn creek, theiico aouth Hu ohalns, tbence aaal
HO ehalns, ih,-ti e north HO chalna. thence west HO
< halna to the point of commencement, eonlalu,-
lug M0 acrea, more or less.
Baled Nov  flth, 1007. W   A. Hcimm-is.
Nelson Land Dlstrlet.   Dlslrlct of tVggt 'OOtsnaf
Take notlco thai W. A, Hudaon, of Hpokane,
WmhIi  'n|,��iwii limber cruiser, intends in apply for a special timber linenee over lhe following described lauds: Commencing al a poat
plunu-d on the south Lank of the Liaiu Corn
crook and adjoining limber llcenc-- No. |u,..;i,
tbence smith 40 chains, thence, west loo chains,
Ihence north 40 ehulns, theuce eaat 100 chalua lo
tho point of t-omiii liuemout, containing mo
aeioa, more or less.
Dated Nov, 7th, Uu7. W. A. Uvuooo.
* ******** ************************************* *********.
X TO    EACH    AND    EVERY   ONE    WE {
-.-a-a a a ������������O'***
���***���~****~ ���-  A.   ISAAC R.  W.  HINTON^ ^w^N^*-^^
t3r*WOIi*SE���3-WS   AINI>   CtlNIMAC'rOK8
.   Mk-l"l
���Vac-pull Ing  mul  .lohbli,)-   usouuted -wltl-* P��gL_1WtoHi    ���51___ol
W����rk,   \ll..iiiu  iiiiU  Mill  .Mio.oiiHi'>.      Mitttuh-"-'   ������ ���*���"
tie** i_tit-M. iv. to.   Dontraot
New and Second Hand
Ih   lhe   place   for l.iirKnlni.     Wfl  do  up
hoistsrlnfl and oablnsi work, ami guar*
antse to please you lu prions, work- ate
A  trial win oonvlnoa you.
Turner Beoton Bloct<, 606 Vernon Street
w^'are making a spec"*1-
Engineer.  .
NELSON,    -     *��. C.
From $10 tqjg
Old Curiosity SW 1*"  I
rke t>any CanaC
Iturkeys and chickens
This is fresh-killed poultry ami will give you
every satisfaction.    ORDER NOW.
More supplies arriving later.
P. Burns & Co., Ltd.
NELSON, 13. C-
Bohemian Beer
The Nelson Brewing Co'y, Ltd.
Coal! Ice! Wood!
Phone 265
Yale Kootenay Ice, Frort,
Fuel & Poultry Co., Ltd.
N. E. co.. Baker   and   Ward   St..
p   s:r ufoonnenoeinent-<
J�� ����� nt. Bore or leaa
. th, lWT.
KxtHkli R   lOWS T*aM��R.
Y   J. S**SW'i->!i.   Agent
ilroo LanO l��utrlct. IMslriei oi N^est Kootenay
lea tiiat Fred J Seatmana, agent tor
. hallard. ot ProOtOt. occupation ram tn-r.
D li to apply Inr 1-a.rmtimtxu W LU re bane lhe
- . !���-. rib***, laudr,: Coinnit initial at a
, ',-inii'd m...iu l1 , tu Hi-* east ot w llmni cr. ek,
ne *.<iuthae-*t :���> iialtm. thenee noilhw*>*��t A"
nt,tbanoa northeaataoehalna, tneuca aoutb
A .I,-1 nn t,, thr the pi.Inl ot eommeneemeiil
���aiiuiiK to acrea, more or less,
itoil Not    ������ th. 1Wj7-
as. HiHAi-n t-tnassmi b a.*_.���.��,
A-jent Y   J   .-aMMoMS.
do Land Uistrict    Distri-'io! West Kootenay
Take notloe that W. A. Hudnon. Umbel nrul-ter,
i-kaiie.   -pokane county,  Washington, one
Dlted "-talesol Amerlra. in'.elidi to appl>
M"1 lal   timber   license  over   the lollowiOK
It- rlbad land*;   Commeneing at a p***i mar***.!
. planted DO ttie north bank oi   Com ereek,
ft tSi      ii,, lluii of  the North lork ol Com t reek
���'    tht   main  stream,  about   tive   mil.-*,   ina
-wterit oiraotlon irom i onSnanee '���( '���"i'i ',,r.".
- '.Mil, the Kootenaj river;   theuce north 4U
i tn tbenoe weal 10a obalnai theoee ���optn 40
n-aiii-*;   thenee east   160 chains to polnl ol cmui-
1* lieement, i.mtaltilii** M�� acres noire ot .< **.*..
.    iHitd   land  adjoins Umkr   limit   No "  on lhe
I wasl snd umber limit No. * on the south, as lo-
Bated by mc.
!���"�� nv.d Nuvemtxerl, l'.*i7.
William A   Ht'iwon. Locator.
j Witnoaied by 1'atnek c Hhine
!������ 1 larad and rdgncl t.y the within named w
���   HmlMtu   011   ihai'Mh day ol  ���N-iv-mncr, A   l>
.    *       '-lore  me  at  BpokanO.   IpOKane   ��� oiiiitv,
-Auhtngton.oneol the United sStateeot Amarus.
I'ATHliK 0    HHIN*.
Helton Uud District. Distn.-t ol Wt ���! Kootanay
raki 1,.,tic that Isaliella 1'iaree.   ( BiraaabUTK-
atlon married woman, Intends 10 ���-M-'IJ
lor permiHlon   to   punlia-c  the   loi lo*.*. Hit*  OM
��ti 1 lauds:   itommenolug ** a poal planted s
11.. inteteoetlon ol the norm boundary ��� ���' 1*01
Ml-**', and   the  eant   houtidary   ol   Lot    MO    HWi
thenee esr.1 ftfi chain-., more or leu*, to the north
I aaat  cornel ol   llmbu  Until   Ho   ml,  thence
���ith W. baltm, tbence went in rhalns. more Of
- i--i.----.-ast sldu ot WhatMian lake, Ihence
I Mlowmg Haute lu a **ouili.*il v and waawrl)
->n Hii  chains,   more  or   Icbh   to the inter
fw'tion with ..ui IU��, thai 84 ehaltu, more 01
���as, lollowlng eanteri)  boundary on-otsieow
i-eini ,>i eommanoament. ____
I'aU-inth HMnlwr, 1VU7. iHAHKl.l.A I'lKRi'K,
k fl. PaiKioii k*   gaa-w
Nelaun Land Di**inct.  Di-.ir.ctoi <*aei ���wom ��aj
rake   notice   that    Alexander    J      MoCOOt.   Ol
"in*. 11  is., occupation clerk,  intetldH lo a|>pi>
' pi riniHHion   to  purchase   the  toi toy
1'ied laud:    ComuieiicluK 1
tnheru bonndary
NelMin Laud District. Di��tr|ct ol Wmi Kootenav
'lake notloe that John James Cameron, ol
l'. run*, Hrri-n 'olumlila, occupation contractor, lutendH io apply ior permission tti
purchase the (otlowinu deearlbod land: t'om*
inenene   at   a   post   planted   on   tlie   noulhrrti
bonndary ol the H: 0, Boni���am right-of-way
atmut 40 *halns wefcterlv from thfiVW" corner
oi lot gj**tt. group 1, Kootenay, thence loath 00
cIihIu*. thenee eant 4o cliaiiiH. tbence north 60
chat-US to the southern boundary ol the said
righto! way, thenee westerly along said south
em boundary ol right -of-way to the polut '
coinuif tii-emeu', and con tain ing 340 acres, m on*
,,r laai
Dated NovemlH-r 9th, 1907.
 J--HH   -lAMr>   t-A*frKr,*l
Nelson LiUd blatrict lusirlelol ftOOt Koolen*,y
Take notice that John rihlell, nl Needles, B.C ,
OOenpatlon rancher, lutenda to apply fo- per-
PC���falOO to pure has** the lollowlng "deaeribed
laml: t'otann-iifing at a imst planted at the
liorthweKt corner of U>t 7av3. thence west 40
efaalna, Ihence aouth **-' chains, thetice east 40
ehalns. thenee north *w chalus lo the point nl
Doauaenoauenttand containing s-j-i-trres, more
or leaa
I ated Hlh October. 1907. !am��s Hhikix,
              F. fl. F*ryrtla, Agent-
Nelson 1 nii'i Dlstrlet    IMstrlet ot West Kootenuy
Take iiotte*-that Angus Mctiiil. ol the City of
Nelson, oecupatluti tl reman, Intends to apply lor
K���-'.;--:  ���:��� '.- ; ���.:   i ���������   the   lollowlng  d.HI rlbed
ndas    Commencing  at  a   pout  planted  at   th-
>. W.   corner   L    0,   Morrison's   ranch,    in   Fir
alley. lh��>tee north   forty   (40)  chains,  thene
ast hot) {4tij eh tine, lhenoe south   forty (40
ains, tbeuce west forty . I" i   f-hains oint o
miuenct-meni. aud nmtalulng one hundred
��� 1 -ixt*. (100) acres, more or less.
in,-,I B**pU nber 2n0.  lltOT a m;iis Milim
, |...,i pi,,.,,,*,,....
'   K,Mlll���-..i   Hall
sll   lull.'
��".u-rV,- in.,,. ,l���  nofUnraal ournat gjloisw,
sr..,ip   I.   Kmrn-iiay,    , I..*,..-.-   kOUtn   K  Dl,.��n..
'1.. I,.-,- ...... hii ,'halii.. ,1.. li.-,'   nun I, s.u-111,1,1. 10
"..nllit.,,1 Uniiiilsrji.l ����.,,   ���Kl.l��l*��s..   ll.,'.nc
*>���', Mu-lislnaslu... ssl.l ..Hi.11.-n1 ,��,..,.*,��ry ..>
1...11.1 .,1  ooDun.nSun.nl,  sn.i oontMntai w-'
u ' ns, more ���, leaa
l.al...| Ncvoinl,.', Jll.. IWl". '
Al.ss.NI.sit J    M�� . .a""
*.*-..it I.H.I., l,utrl,.,    I,,,i,..'i "i *'-*1 K....1. 1....
'.iki' niilli-i. II,n, I   P. ...ir.l.-n. n.-llliK RSIIK.'"'
'. I   11   h.ir.l.-.i.  ,.1   I'l.kl.iS,   ^   1> Illnill,.ll
.". I.s...,-,   I.,l<-���,ls  In ,.|,|ilv   I".   piTinlss,...,   I"
 has.    at...     ...II _.u.a .... . .,..   ,1       l�� 11(1   . t ,lim*
Notice. Ih hsrsby Kivon t ti Jit 11 Court
^>r Ht-vieion and Appi-ui. under tho pro
vlslooi of the AHHt'HHinont ah, rospeoi
- nn tho Aasassmoni Koii for ths yaar
��� '���������k, for dm Nt-iitfin Assassment imh
tflcl win be bald ��i tt"1 Gorarnmanl
Offlea', Ni-lsim. on Dacarabor ISth, 1907,
'���t ,o n. m.
R.   S.   LENNIE.
JihIro of Court or iti'viMiim and Apspaal,
Nolson, Docomber 2nd, 1D07.
Ferry, Waterloo, Columbia River.
In sccordanee with Chapter 78, K. LS. h. 0., IK97.
I .rm - Ail." tbe tiovernmeiil of Hritish Columbia Invites application*   for a charter lor a ferry
lo ply  between   Waterloo,  11 C , ami a point on
the opposite aide of the Columbia Klvcr.
Application*   will   be ree. ived by lhe Hon   the
Chlei Commlealonai up to and including the
:il��l day of Decern ti  r, l-.s-C
Tin*  charier   will   cover a period   expiring  ou
ih.- sith. June. i'-*u��.
The lerty shall be tiperatcd whenever ret-ulred
bet��tseu7am and 7 p.m. every day except Sunday*.
Applications shall give a description of the
seow and cable it Is proposed to use.
Application* shall state lhe tolla lt Is proposed
to ass lor;���
Bach adult passenger
Bach ehlld [nol In arms) under Lt years.
Each ht ad ot cattle, bona, mule or donkey,etc.
Kseb esD, sheep, goal or swine, etc
I-ach vehiele, with one noise and driver.
Kach   cart or   \vag*-ou,   with   one   home and
driver- loaded.
Each vehicle, with two homes and driver, unloaded.
hath vehicle, with two horses ami driver,
Ki   1, parcel til B lbs , and under
Knight per loo Um , and under, non-pertihable
Krelftht -per Imi lbs aud under, periahable ��ood��
Tbe government tti hritish Columbia Is not
neoeatertly booad to accept any application submit led
F. C. litMHLl'.
Public Works Engineer.
Luii ���- ,i'i ' Works Department-
Vi'-toria, h. G , December loth-,IflUT,
Corporation of the City of Nelson.
Motion Ih hi'ichy given that tha flfsl
Hlltln-K Of tho 0oUH  of  Kt'ViHion loi* re-
rlalna and oorrootlng <��r ths Voters' List
for tha year 1908, win t>o held tn the
Council Chamber, City Hull, Nelaon, B,
*'.. on Baturday tho i;ist day t>i Decent-
bar, Inst., ni the hour of ii) o'clock, a.
tn. W.   -,   WA.BS0N,
City Clerk,
Kelson, iv c, Hoc. 18th, i.��ot.   ���
City of Nelson License District.
Wo. tin' undartlgnad, niv.* aotlae thai
nt tl,.' next matting uf tba Board or
l-l.-eiiHt, C,.,������ilH-.li)���''r�� ���,- Int.'inl to apply ror n tranafer ot the lloenae <,r ih.-
Nn Place ln��� frimi Wm. Ookiu-11 In
N.'lson. Nnv. 1!,.  11)07.
Till.,, notice that a Oourl ol Revla-
,,., ,.r tha Votera" l.iai ���r the Olty nf
Kaat I *'" s" ��" ""' -lsl ll"-v
i,r Deo,
Gustavus  V. Opposed to  Norwegian   In-
dep.nd.nce���Admirer   of
Kaiser Wilhelm.
London, Dec. 24.���Like father, like
boh. Ib a saying that will hardly occur
to the historian in a comparison between the old and the new king of
Sweden. Of course, we have seen
princes transformed by the responsibilities of government, aud King Guslav V.
may change his point of view before
long; but at present it appars that his
accession inaugurates more than a new
reign, and that a new era Is at hand.
On mor..* than one or two occasions the
preaahl king has been regent, and Ills
lalhei's advisers were afforded some insight regarding hla character. They all
know, for example, that hail C.usluv been
klim he would have chosen war rather
than lhe peaceful separation of Norway
and Sweden. They feel sure, however,
that he would have avoided war by
crushing out Norway's aspirations for
Independence years before.
The new king is credited wilh much
force of character, despite a retreating
chin, and a manner that Tails to ln-
Bplre enthusiasm. Wise after the event,
he, like all men, can Bee that his father's
fine gifts were wasted in an effort to
placate Norway, an effort spread over
a long life. Oscar was the most venerated king in Kurope outside the one
country where he chiefly desired esteem.
The Norwegians were not mollified by
his fine character, his endless patience
and his sincere desire to further thei.-
Interests by nny concession, short of
absolute separation. Gustavus knows
that patience was wasted on a people
determined on separation; and it Is
hinted that he may dealre to try his own
si��ectnc. even now thai the whole question seems over an.l done with, lt Ib
this policy that causes statesmen to
prepare themselves for news from
li i.- generally supposed that Gustavus
will strengthen the ties between his
country and Germany. He has always
been an admirer of the Kaiser's, and
probably Is the strongest friend the German emperor has among the crowned
heads. The new king has been very
prominent in the establishment of a new
ferry service between the German coasl
aud the most southerly part of his kingdom. He hus been a frequent visitor a.
Berlin. An alliance, open or secret, between the two powers may be King
Gusiav's answer to the guarantee of
Norway's independence on Jhe part of
Ureal  Britain and llussta.
I,,,,. |..u7. ul eleven O'clock, a. ..... (loll tlmab*' "'"' continue from day to day,
If r,',i,il''"p. "' ""' ''ouncll rliambers or
t,���. citvl"' Kaslo, ll. IS.
Daieii "i-1-' ml'.lay ��r Deoember, 1907.
Clerk of the Municipality.
Choral Society Vacation.
There will be no more practices of tlw
Choral Society at leaat until after Ne\y
Turkey Shoot.
The usual Christmas Turlteyshool w'.ll
lake place tomorrow morntag ou the 9.
P, K. flats. 	
Christmas Raffle.
The Ghrlamaa raffle for turkeys at ihe
Queen's hotel last night was won by
D. Maglio wilh number If*.
Card   of  Thanks.
The Sisters of St. Joseph wish to
thank   those   who contributed   or  Bent
presents for the Christmas tree.
Raffle for Beadspread.
The bedapread made by Frank 1*101-
llps and raffled lasi night ror the ben-
ellt ��r an Indigent iniuer was won by
No. 34S1.
Lumberman's Ball.
Curds aro out t'nr the annual ball, on
Jim. imh. given by tha offloera and
members or lhe Mountain Lumber Man*
UtaCtUrera'  Association.
who enjoyed Iris hospitality last year
are certain not to be absent tonight, and
many who don't yet know what they
have missed ln the past will learn to-
uight. Those who Hnd 'possum flesh
too rich for their syste.ns will find
plenty of other delicacies, Special
tables will be set for lidy patronesses.
Guests are welcome from 6 o'clock till
Christmas morning.
Useful  Souvenir.
The Aahdown Hardware Co. has presented a handsome steel loot rule to
their customers and patrons, lt can be
carried 1��� the pocket, ami will be I'liund
useful to men in almost every line ol
Zeig's 'Possum Supper.
Wesley '/.elglcr will be the host to
nlghl at his residence. Bast Baker st.,
al his eighth annual 'possum supper
In Koolenay. Zeig's repuialion as caterer anil host is deservedly high. Those
Thanking you Tor your kind patronage
In Ihe past and hoping lhal JOY will
meet ynu al the dn.n- In Ihe future,
Roller Carnival.
The following prizes are offered by
the management of the roller rink in
connection with the masquerade carnival tomorrow night: best lady's costume, sterling silver manicure set, value
$12; 2nd prize, bottle perfume, value
$0; best gentleman's costume, 1st, pair
solid gold diamond set cuff buttons, value $10; 2nd prize, pair miltary brushes,
vaule $5; best character costume,-ady's
gold bracelet, value $8; best comic costume, watch fob. value $��. The prizes
are in W. A. Thurmau's window today.
The carnival will be followed hy a
dance beginning at 10.30 p. m.
A Blaze in Japanese Port.
Kobe. Dee. 24.���Flre has broken out
on board the American steamer Minnesota. Captain Austin, in this harbor.
Itoth the vessel' and her cargo were
damaged. The Minnesota is from Seattle ror Hong Kong.
Geo. P. Player
Office   R00-"   No.   2.   ELLIOT     BLOCK.
F. C GREEN       F. P. BURDEN        A. H. GREEN
Ovil Engineers, Dominion and British
Columbia Land Surveyors
P. 0. Boi 145    Phone 261 B.
"COMPANIES    ACT.   1897.'
of fcxehange, cheques, bonds, debentures and other negotiable Instrument,
and chosos In action and evidence of
indebtedness of all kinds, and to pay,
charge, and collect Interest thereon,
and to give and take chattel mortga-
g�� i, 1 ills of sale, and receipt notes, lien
nt ' ; hire receipts, orders for goods,
eh itii Is or money, warehouse certifl-
ca ei\, bills of lading, warehouse re-
oelpti and other securities or chattels,
machinery, goods, wares or merchandise; to Improve, cultivate, erect buildings and make other improvements onf,
or survey and subdivide any portion
of the company's lands; to lend money
and take mortgages on real and personal estate as security therefor and from
time to time to discharge the same; to
take and hold real estate in trust or
otherwise as security for such loans,
and to take and hold collateral and
other security therefor or for debts
which may become due to the company;
to collect rents, manage esta'es and
buy and sell property on commission,
and to act as vahtators, financial
agents, general and special agents, and
real estate brokers; to carry on the business of buying, selling, manufacturing,
making or otherwise acquiring or producing any or all kinds of material
used in construction, maintenance and
repairs of buildings or other structures, including lumber, stone, brick
and plumbers' supplies; to acquire, construct, equip, own, maintain and operate
warehouses, elevators, factories, miils,
saw-mills and flour-mills; of buying and
selling grains of any kind whatsoever;
of buying and selling Implements, buggies, waegons, sleighs, machinery, and
engines of any kind whatsoever; of buying and selling goods and merchandise
of any kind whatsoever, and buying and
selling safes and vaults; to contract with
individuals or corporate bodies in regard to any undertaking and to sue
and be sued in the name of the company In respect of the same and. subject to the provisions of Section OS of
the Manitoba Joint Stock Companies Act
to unite and amalgamate in whole or
in part with or purchase the business
of any other person, corporation or
private individual engaged in any of the
businesses above mentioned, and. If so
agreed, to issue therefor paid-up stock
in this company; of carrying on any
other business which seems to the company capable of being conveniently car-
vied on In connection with the above or
which may seem to the company calculated to directly or Indirectly enhance
the value of or render profitable any
of the company's properties or rights.
Joy's Gash Grocery
Cor. Josuphlne and Mills Sts.
Province of liritish Columbia.
No. 412.
This is to certily that "The Manitoba
an-1 Western Canada Land Company,
l-lmlted," i s authorised and licensed to carry on business within the Province or liritish Col-
uuiMa, and to curry out or effect all
o- any of the objects of the Company
to which the legislative authority of
.he Legislature or Hritish Columbia extends.
The head office of the Company is situate at the Town of Altona, In the Province of  Manitoba.
The amount of the capital of the
Company is sixty thousand dollars, divided Into six hundred shares of one
hundred dollars each.
The head office of the Company in
this Province is situate at Nelson, and
W. A. Macdonald. Harrlster-at-l.aw.
whose address is Nelson, B. C, is attorney for tho Company.
Given under my hand and seal of office at Victoria. Province of Hritish
Columbia, this sixteenth day of November, one thousand nine hundred and
Registrar of Joint  Stock Companies.
The  objects for which  this    Company has been established and licensed
are: ���
For the purpose and with the object
of buying or acquiring  by  Brant,  purchase or otherwise, nnd leasing, mort-
gaging or otherwise transferring or dealing with or disposing   of    real   estate,
lands,     tenements,    hereditaments     or
every   description   or   nature,   and   any
and   every  right and Interest  therein;
developing, cultivating, forming,    settling  and otherwise Improving and utilising the same, and of pledging, mortgaging,  leasing,  selling   and   otherwise
dealing with  exchnnge or disposing of
the same, and generally of carrying on
the business of a land    and    lnnd    improvement  company;   and   to carry  on
the  business of ranching,  farming and
lumbering;  of aiding an  dasslstlng  by
advances of  money  or otherwise,  with
or without    security,    settlers and    Intending settlers upon nny lands belonging In the company or In the neighborhood ot  such   lands,   and  generally  to
promote th'' settlements or land or acquiring,   holding,   selling,   mortgaging,
pledging   and  otherwise    dealing     wilh
mortgage! and charges in lands nr any
Interest therein, and of agreements for
loresi   therein,  nnd of    investing    nnd
lumbering; of   aiding and   assisting by
with   covenants     for    tbe    security of
the purchaseand sale of land nr nny Intending money upon the security of real
an.l personal 'estate, goods and chattels,
slocks,   bonds,   hllla   nf   exchange,   promissory  notes  or kinds of  security
an Individual may;  to take and re,
mortgages on real or personal eslat
other security nt such rales or Interest
as may be agreed upon; to Bell and to
assign such mortgages or mortgage tbe
same by nny Instrument In  writing or
agreement,  subject to conditions  and
with 00Venanta  rnr the security <>r the
money   advanced   thereon;    to   execute
mortgage! on any lands owned or purchased by the company;  to secure the
purchase price  or  any   part ..thereof or
any laniiH, tenement! or hereditaments
purchased by  the  company  or tor any
other   purpose   whatsoever;   to   borrow
money   at   Buch rate or  tnt'-rest   as  to
the company may  seem advisable, and
Issue   deposit    receipts,   bonds,   mortgage! or other documents to the lenders
thereof, and  to give  mortgages  or securities   upon   nil   or   any  of the   com-
pany's assets for repayment of all or
any of the money borrowed; and lo sell,
assign, mortgage and   hypothecate   or
pledge any of the ecurltles or assets
or tbe said company for tho security
ol moneys advanced Ihereon; to execute, sign, Issue, negotiate, transfer,
glvo and  take  promissory  notes,  bills
We have for rent an up-to-date house
In a good position, containing three bedrooms, dinning room, parlor, kitchen,
pantry, bathroom and stone basement,
$25.00 per month.
H. &. M. BIRD
A great many sales have been made of lota In this charming suburb
of Nelson aud only a few best   lots are left.
Don't Fog get
That Flre insurance you were going to put on this fall, or that
accident and health policy you Intended writing which covers
all accidents and 30 diseases.
Let us quote you rates on the above.     ;' .-..�����
McDermid & McHardy
1XJE7I     *_t-|-M***-_      E_       tr*. OW
C. P. R.
No 13.   West fork, Yite creek.
Nelnon Uml IMhtnet.  iMMiii-i of Went Koot'-nay
Take uotlee that I, Jon-aph PatrIrk, of Nelson,
B.C., ���" ��� ii*,*iu,mi lumberman, intt-n.1 to applv
for a spi-i-ial timber licence over the following
de-scrl-betl inn*!*-: (Jomm>ni'lnK al a post ptanu*a
aoout 6 miles" up the we-st fork ot File OWC,
ami about 10 ehainn from the bank of n*\\d went
lork, ,ui-i marke'l Jo-seph I'.tt*. i.-L's* B, S- i-orner,
thenee went M) ehainn. theure north tit) ehaini*,
thene*- eant **����� ehalns. thenee Kouth **���- i-baluH to
point of lommeueement, containing 610 ���erea,
more or less.
Dated December 6th, Idol.     JosBfii Patruk,
1 J. Luc'A, agent.
No. 14     West fork, Fife creek.
Nelson Land Ulnirict    DiBtrlcto! West Kootenay
fake notice that Joseph Patrick, of Nelson,
B 0 , occupation lumtierman, Intends to apply
for a special timber licence over the following
described lands: Commeuclng at a post planten
about two chain-- ui-tniit, aud ln an easterly
direction from location No. i;< and marked
Joseph Patrick's N. fa. corner, theuee south Hu
chainf, thence west BO chains, thence north *i
chains, thence east 80 chains to point of com
mt-ucement, containing 610 acres, more or Wm.
Dutid llvC. lnli.-i'   >Ih, 1907,       JOHEI-ll PATRICK,
1. J. Lucia. agent-
No 15.   West fork. Fife ereek.
Nelson Land District.   Distr et ol West Kootenay
'lake notice that I, Joseph   Patrick, of Nelnon,
B C , occupation lumljerman, intend to apply
foraspecirl timber licence over the following
descri-bed lands:   Commencing al. a spost plknteil
about :t.i chains  distant and in a westerly dlree-
lou from the west fork of Fifu creek and about
% miles from mouth of creek, and marKed Joseph
Patrick's s   I.   corner, theuce went 16o chain-,
theuce north 40 dial in*, theuue east 160 chain--.,
theuce south 40 chalna to point of commeuce*
ment. containing MO aeres, more oi le-a.
Dated December 6th, IWl.     Johei-h Patrick,
1. J. Loci���, agent.
No. 16.   Stpvetis creek.
Neisou Laud DiHMet.  District of West Kootenay
Ink,' in,lice  that I, Joseph   Patrick, ul Nelson,
B L\, occupation lumberman,   lutend  to upply
lor a special timber licence over  the following*
described lauds;   -t-ommcuctug at a pi-st planted
about '>-��� miles up titeveni creek  ami in a N. K.
direction   from   mouth   of   croefc, and marked
Joseph Patrick's  N   K corner, thence south 8o
chains,   thence west 80 chains,   thence north so
chains , thence east 80 chains to tno point of
commeiicemeut, coutalulug 640 aeres, tnuic or
L it tv> 1 December 3rd, 1907.      .Io.-skhi Patruk,
1. J. LoclA, agent.
No. 17.   Stevens creek.
Neisou Land Dit-trtel   District ot West kootenuy
Take uotlee   that I. Joseph   Patrick, ol Nelson,
B. C , occupation   lumberman, Intend to app.y
for h special timber licence over tne  f.lluwiiiK
described lands:   Cominvuclng at a pust planted
about 1 mile in an  easterly   direction   from   the
moutu of  SleVeUh creek,  where it empties iutn
Cariboo Lake, and marked Joseph Patrick's 8. W.
corner, thetice north ��0 chains, theuce enst HO
chains, ihence  south 80 ebalna,  theuce  west HO
chain.-, to point ot eoinnieneemeut, containing
M>i acres, more or less.
Dated December'Jud, 1907      loHFB Patrick.
1. J. I.n ia. agent.
No. 18.   Stevens crock.
Neisou Laud District.   Dlstrlctof West Kootenay.
Take notice thai 1. JOMPfc   Patrick, of Nelson,
B. C., occupation  lumberman,  intend   to apply
for a special timber  licence  over  the  followiiik
desenbed lauds:   Commencing at a post planted
about 5 miles tip -Stevens creek, ami about 40
chalus sun in  trom ihu bank of the creek, aud
marked Joseph   Patrick's N    K   corner,   thence
���muiii 80 chains,  thence  west ho chains, thciuv
nortli 80 chains, ihuuce east Ho chalus to point o<
comuietieetnenl, containing Mo acres,  more or
Dated Det ember -2nd, i*n~.    Juan'ii Patrick,
1 J. Lucia, ageut
No. 19.   Stevens creek
Nelson Laud District.   District of West Koolcuay
Take u tit leu that 1,  Joseph   Patrick, of Nelson,
B. c , occupation lumberman,  intend   to apply
ior a special timber  Licence over  iho following
icaciih-ed lands:    Commuiicltlg at a -jhinI ptautea
about 8 miles up   Stevens   creek  and iKilofnliig
Location No lb i,u n,.  -M.utji. aud marked Joseph
Patrick's N   W. corner,  vlieiu-e eaat 8o chains,
tU**���01 south   80 cli-uni,   ihence west 80 (halns.
tbence uorth 80 chains to point uf coinmeuce-
meut containing 6>o acres, more or iesH
Dated December 3ro, 1907.      Joskih r&THKK,
t. J. LnciA, aseut.
No. '20    West, fork, Fife ceek
Nelson Lniid District-   District ot West Kootenav
,ake notice that 1, Joseph  i atrick, ol Nelson,
H. C , occupation   lumtiermau,  intend lo apply
for a specisl timber   Licence  over  tlie  toliowing
described lands:   Commencing at a po*.t planted
ahoui .' imh s up thu west folk ot File ereek. and
about 'Al chains  north of the creek, and marked
Joseph   Pal tick's N. K. comer. Ihence smith n0
chains   iheuee west HO chains,  thence  north 80
Chains, ihence east HOeualus to point uf cum-
inchccmeiii, containing MO acres, mure or I**h,
Dated Deceinl-er r>lh, low.      Jomki'M Patrick,
1   J, Lucia, agent
!"0  '21      West fork, ol VlfO creek.
Nelson Land District.   District of West Kootouay
'lake notice that i, Joseph   Patrick, ol .Nelson,
B  C , oeoupatlou   lumberman,   intend   to apply
tor a special itm her  itrence  over  the   following
dcEcril'ed lauds: I'oiiiinciicliig at a post plaiito<t
aboul i miles up the wst lor* of Kite c rue k aud
planted on  ihe  north   hunk of the stream, and
marked Jo ��� .i,   -Pat-rlt-h'i N. K- corner, theme
son in 80 chains,  thence  west 80 chains, thence
north 80 chaius, ttieut'e east 80  chains -o point
ol (.nmmeucemoiit, containing 640 mm, more ot
Dated December .r'th, 1907       Jomrcii Patrick,
1. J. Lucia, ageut-
To Montreal, Toronto, and all points
west thereof in Ontario and Quebec.
Quebec, St. John, Halifax, Maritime Province rates on applanation.
Tickets on sale daily December 1st to
December 31st. Round trip First
class.   90 day limit.
Halifax, St. John or Portland and return
Salooon��� $104.50. Second���$78.25.
Sti erage���$55.00,   and  up  according  to
Ttemont House
stai-OMftn aud American FUn
-���alt 85 '.-tr.   Booma from ���* ott. to 91.
only White Hup Employed.
Belter St.. Neleon Proprtetoie
Most cotnlortsblo qusr,,-rs      Nelson
Only tb. best ���1 I.l,, intra .nd Ugais.
Grand Central Hotel
For    detailed    information,    sailings
ocean  steamers,   first   class   or   tourist
sleeper   reservations   apply     to    local
agent or
KM. P. A. .Vancouver. O p.a..Nelaou
$150.00 Lot on Carbonate St.
$200.00  Two   Lots   on  Observatory
cleared, fenced, small cabin.
$325.00 Lot on  Latimer.  (Small cabin.)
$450.00 Two  Lote on Latimer.   (Fenced
and cultivated.)
'..Real Estate Agent
315 Baker St.. Nelaon. B. C.
Thoroughly renovated and refurnished. Rooms 50 cents upward. The
dining room ls unexcelled tn the city.
House   heated    throughout   with    hot
������-��*-*��� .1   - -ak-a*���_*
J. A. KR1CKSON, Proprietor.
Telephone, 350.    Opposite Court Hoot.
and Postotflce. Nelson. B. C.
Queen's Hotel
Baker -Street, Nelson. B.C, . _
Large   and   Comfortable   Bedrooms  aud P\nl-
oUm Dining Koom.
MRS. E. C. CLARKE, Proprietreas.
Battlett   House
Best Dollir-i-Day House In Nelson.
Tb. O.r Is th. Flues,.
White B.lp Only Kml-loyod
���JosephIni* St.
Royal Hotel
CAPITAL,   $25,000.00  in  25 000   shares
of $10.00 each.
MANAGER, Crosier W. Uourke.
OFFICE, No. SiSSS! linker St. (Cronailalle
& Co.)
SEE the envr-nt Murks .lisplitye.l ln the
-Standard   Furniture   Co.'s   window.
APPLICATIONS for stock are Invited.
PARTICULARS nnd rori-is of Application may lie obtained ut the Company's olllce, or from 11. A. Stewart,
Solicitor, Nelson, 11. C.
Bates |1 and $1.60 a Day.
Special Rates to Regular Hoarder*.
���all Kinds of Heating Plants ln Stock.
Victoria St, Nr. Oosra House.     Tal. 1S1.
W.   O.   OIL-LETT
Cu.itr.ctor  and
Sol,* s.ont lo. the fort,, Hl,*o Lumber Oo��� Ltd.,
rslsll yar.ls. Kou.ti an.l >trt.->,s,l lumlisr. liirii-'
work .in.l bracki-i-*. I'.inst hi', snd shln.loa, f.ah
and doors. Cement, t.n.-k and Um. lor ..!..
Yard and f.irtory: Vernon St.. ...tolHsll.
INIil.SON.   It. C.
' '.
���': -
I   li
' i
1    j
1 i!
t ��� ,
Wxu if ally Canadian
S**m*S^**~J^***- "--������*�����*-W  ������ *���   ���   -���       ���- -    - ___-
Our Diamond Rings
are   in   demand.     Why?     Because they are beautiful, well made and of
good quality..   We  manufacture  them   ourselves,   and   guarantee   them.
We will take back any of your  diamonds for 90 per  cent,  of their
full   value   at any  time..   See  our   $25.00   rings.	
Watchmaker and Optician
.^, m. ,-i|i��~_0,���a*T
New Irish
New embroidered table
covers and centres. New
Chinese embroidered doylies and centre pieces.
These are all new goods
having just arrived this
See Us
For Good Frtiit Land
io Acre Blocks to 8oo
Acre Blocks.
Bedrock Prices.j
Easy Terms.
H. E. Croadsdaile & c��
Next Door to Hank of Commerce.
Queen Cigar  Store
Xiiuis present!   for   everybo y,
Ooxns mrJy and avoid  the roah.
BUSH  &  MATT HEW,  Props. _\
Bt*y Now
We have a Good Selection of
Cheap Houses from $750 to
$1500. Let us show you
them. Some extra snaps for
investment or for a home.
A. McDonald & Co.
Doalort, in staple and fancy (irooeries.
Hutter, Ekk**-
Oanip nnd Miners' Supplies.
A   M. Can. Be*. C. E.
Mining Work a Specialty.
Office*.   1'-. nli-y Building.    P. O. Box 434
Baker ��������_, NELSON, B. C.
The But Hard Coal on tne market
Hankhead lirl-
Tne   Beet   lloliiemic Coal.
West Transfer Co.
Corner of Stanley and Victoria Sts.
Two Blocks from Depot.
Miss F B. Johnson, Mis.-* M. Johnson,
Wardner; Hiss Okl Jagamyepa, Yokohama; C IS. Cort&n, Slocan; .). Carr,
Fernie; i!. C. Muhs. W. Manhart, Spokane; P. W. Gordon, Vancouver.
_' _���_
G   r.    V.rnon SunCI    W��t*d Str.etH
IM_.l-.fc.UiS.  ,*   *-
F. Copennan, D. Uro.li. . Lethbrldge;
S. P Nelson, Toronto; J. P. Hall, Pernle
.M Barbe, Hamilton; EL B. Herron, Procter; i) Payne, (S. Stlllwell, Silverton;
.\ns. Stevens, E. It. Hun... G. ll. Brown,
. ran I Forka; .1. II. Silts, Westle* . a.
ii. Poole, Cascade.
J.  Whitehead,    Calgaj-y;    C.  Peandle,
Cranbrook;  W. 0. Holllday, Dan. Hello*
i l.i uina.  L. I'. i Sarter, Winlaw; J.
,' ott, H    .n.l.-isnn. Slocan; 11. Mae-
keuz.e, Bandon; W, Whlteley, J. Murra*
Koch Siding;    T. Henderson, C. McDonald, il. Crowe, ll. Sutherland, La Plata;
C. McDonald, ii. F. Annable, E. Stuctd,
Taber;  A. St..!,.*���. ll,  Erlckson, Slocan;
D. i avldson, Vancouver; a... Brlckaoti,
is. Johnstone, J. Holm, Bilverton; J. E.
B, .'.in. r, Phoenix; F. McLeod, ii. Mo
Lenn a, Nakusp; A Sinclair, Qrand
i'.uk....  T. McCaugherty, Spokane.
T. C. Trethewey, J. A. Trethewey, I-.-.
Plata;   W. D. Smith, W. Chapman and
J    A.   li. nn. ii.   I'.'i'iii.  :
��� ��� ��� H & Post, Spokane; J. v. Wilson,
N. I) Darling, Vancouver; .Mrs. '���
*��� ii . Uonnlngton; Mrs, Hanlfer,
Gro. nwood; I' Linde, sp.ikui.i-: W. J,
' .����� na .mil ** lie, l-s. Jones, Winnipeg;
.!:��� I. W. Cather, U. Caley, J. Arm*
g, W. Hi .. . Mra. W. Mclntoah,
,;. Lauder, J. Lauder, Fernle;  W. P
Sorry,  Net*   fork;   C.   Prempeau, Cres-
���i-iii .  I.   I. in,:,..ii. I :..Niiin,'i..ii: ,'  Hrown
Innlpeg;     is    rtid.cn,    11.  Eledy,   W.
- .   Blooan;   .,    *s    Smiili.   A    W.
-'i.ii. .  Phoenix .   II    Deanton,  51..* i,-:  F.
���   I  r, Douglas;  W. W   Main, Bholl.
v.   BuBch,   Slocan;   A.   W.   Stubbs,   F
Hawkins, Qrand   Porks;   C.  Nicholson,
li. .1. is.nu'.il. A. Rudolph, Bpokane;
V J Hollahd, Blocan; T, W. Sawyer,
i Pel cy, C ', I'.T' *. Manitoba : C, L
'. rry, W. Cauld, .1. F. SToung, I- ,1
l.iivi:, Pboenlx; Mrs. AfcIntoBhj V. J.
',!>:. Balmo.
('.. Whin.. K. Bel ton, Silver King; (S.
���I.   Brown,  Trail;   D.  Murdook,  Grand
ork : .1. Brown, R. Douglas, Silverton;
H. Jaffiiiy. Spokane; T. J.huh. lilne
Merry   Christmas
And Happy
New Year to all
Our Friends.
Choquette Bros,
Phone 258.
THE Up-to-Date Jaker.
r^~*r+^~~~*^~*~-*s^~~i    ���    f _���V f      f      "^_T
LOCAL AND GENERAL \\ \__J __^ __-**,   Y
Turkey Shoot.
There will be a turkey ahool on the
C  I'. it. Christmas morning ai '., o'clock.
No   Issue   Tomorrow.
There will in- no laaue <.f tin* Daily
Canadian tomorrow.
Home for Christmaa.
A glance at the list of hotel arrivals
shows that ilu- miners siill regard Nelaon as honu* an.l the naiural and proper
place i" spell,i Christmas.
St.   Saviour's   Choir.
Tin- members of th, choir of SL
Saviour's church aro particularly requested to be in their places at 10.16 to
morrow morning.
Church   Decorations.
Under the auspices of the ladies ol
the Altar Guild St. Saviour's church
has been beautifully and appropriately
decorated  lor tomorrow.
Post   Office   Holiday.
Tomorrow being a statutory Dominion
holiday, the general wicket in the Nelson post office will be open only between the hours of 10 a. m. and 12 noon.
Christmas Football.
A football match, under association
rules, will be played tomorrow afternoon
on lhe recreation grounds between lhe
Nelson United and Silver KIiik teams.
The kick-off will be made at 2.30.
Year in Gaol.
K. H. Patman. who came up for sen-
tence in the city police court this morning on the eharce of theft, wus given
one year in the provincial gaol. Ou the
Dther charges sentence is suspended.
To the Letter.
On June _0th last W. G. Oillett. contractor, promised that tbe new oourl
house and provincial government buildings would be roofed In before Christmas Day. The work was finished this
Strange Animal   Forma.
The exhibits in the windows of P.
Burns & campany'a retail store this
morning attracted a lot of curious attention, and few were able to classify
and name the specimens. The turtles
are Texas Terrapins, shipped via St.
Paul, The lish are rrom Seattle and Include a halibut weighing ever 200
pound, a hull cod, askale, and, rarest
of all, a Puget Sound sea monkey.
The Selkirk.
The pupils of Kaslo High School have
undertaken the publication of a magazine called the Selkirk after the mountain range which girdles Kooteiiay
Lake. The first number, with f'hrst
mas greetings, has reached this offlce.
In matter and style It is highly cr, .In
able to the youthful journalists. The
staff consists of the following: Editor-
In-chief, Alleen Garland; Associate ed
Itors,   Electa   Power  and   Lilian   Wins-
Standard Furniture Co.
A Merry Christmas to one
and all of our
Many Customers.
Telephone 161.,
The  real   genuine English
Holly with lots of berries
All the trimmings for Xmas
Corner Silica and Josephine Sts.
F��|-|OISfcJ   7
��� ���������'
Beautiful Holiday
Comic History of England. I tola . $7.50
Comic History of Rome, 1 vol . $3.00
A  History of Canada, by Charles 11
I,  Roberta   I *..i S2Z5
History    o,    the    World.   I.\     \ ll toi
Duruv. Illustrations.and colored
maps. * roll . eloth, gill top.. $4.50
Illustrated   Hi.tory   of   the    World,
i An.-ii'iit,  Mediaeval,  Modern.)
'_'   vols.  Cloth    $5.00
Green's  History of  England,   t   \o!s
clnlh    $4.50
History   of   Civilization   in   England.
by n. T  Buckle, l vol s$2.oo
Perhaps you wonM j-^
to send you- fripgd a on-vi
History.    II so here they
History of Brit.sh India, Ceylon.
Strait. Settlements. Borneo and
Hong   Kong U0Q
Hi.tory of Scotland, lllusl rati ,|.      J1.00
Maculay's    History   of    England,  5
roll   in.i,a paper, full IMtkar, $c.oo
Hi.tory   of  the   Reformation $175
Hi.tory of the Four George., hy
.IiihiIii McCarthy, s: v,,is . India
paper,  limp leatter 12,00
Parie   in   II.   Splendor,   profiisi-lv   i|.
lustratad     and     ""gnltlrstitly
b-nmd    J5.00
Canada Drug & Book Store
We are showing a very large and
beautiful assortment of holiday boxed
stationery this year.
You don't Iibti- to pav a big price for
it either.
We have a l��x with very pretty Holly
Decoration, tilled with fabric finish note
and envelopes, at 115c a box.
We have others ill large assortment
at 45c, See. UtJc and up to J.'.ill a box.
lil.n   Olegerlch.   Gerald   W
did  Howard  Or,
W. G. Thomson
��'mS����H *nd    Nelson, B. C.
i*,,<.,,.�� e\4.
low; business manager Klizabetl, Qleg-
erich, assistant manager, Brooke B**epb
��� ns..u; editorial committee, AnnleVtae,
Uasii Palmer, Charlei Archer and liaz#l
Fl-eiu-r;     liuancia]      e'lniuiitte**.     ucs
Nelson's  Mutiny Veteran.
Last night in the capital of the l.i..
pire 700 veterans of the Great Mutlm*
sat down to an anniversay dinner undei
the presidency of Field Marshall Kar,
Roberta. There are said to be In ihel
United Kingdom about l.^uo survivors^
of that unique struggle in which a handful of Britons with bayonets held an
empire for the crown. Many more ara
scan,'led round the earth in all quarters
of the King's "Dominions over Baas.*1
Two are citizens of Nelson. Sergeant
Tin,mas Liis.ijnibe anil Christopher Sut-
eliffe. Bergeanl 1-nsconibe called at the
Canadian offloe this morning to suggest
that since It is too late to arrange for a
Christmaa ban.met thought be given In
time for provision for due celebration
on March 10th next or the 5n anniver
sary of Ihe Second Ballet of Lucki.ow
which broke the  Mutiny.
Wboli-Hle aiiil   i---.il lH-aler* in
Fresh and Salted Meats
C&mpfl lupplit-Ml on  ibfirltafl DOtflM aii-l
lowt*Ht pric-tv Not hi ni* Imt  (Mb ��uxl
w_io.----.nnit' ni'-ni- nii'l HUpplfH k*'p! in *tork
Mini orders .receive OBMfnl Rtt-j-ution.
E.  C.  TRAVES.   NUnasge*.
A I&dy'l fur WU taken hy mistake
rrom tin* high school the svczilng 'if t_a
annual Al  Home, Kriiiay. 20th Inst. Th*
limii-r   is    requested to return to Uu
Miiil-Kon h Hay store ami receive her own,
which was left.
Turkey   Raffle.
will  he a Turkey  Raffle at  the
Hotel I'hrlstmas  Kve.       .      ���
Alice Roller Rink
Bowling Alley
DEC.   _t5th
Afternoon   of  Dec.   23at.
Dance  hy  Kink   Company,  Dec.   lilHt.
Hand:    Monday, ThuTNday, and Saturday evenings,
MornhiKH,  afternoons  and   sTonlnn,
without,   haii'l,  children   lfjc   H-UultH Hue,
tnoludlng skatcB.
Kv-nliiKH with band, except Saturday
evening*, 40c, Inolnding nkateB.
Sal unlay   eveninn,   hand   and   tpOOlal
attractions! to n o'clock, 504 IniuMUnj
Kkal'-H, HpeetatorH  2T��c
Jobbing   promptly   attended   to.     Plans
und I'SsI in, ties.
Apply 415 Hall Bt. Box 385.
Filberts, AlmondH, WaltiutH, Hrazlls
.'hestnutH, Apple CtdiT. N*otiiH*rn Sp-
apples, Haldwln Apples, .lap Oranges,
aflga, large layer. California Oranges
and Malaga (.rap^-H.
A larRe assortment of Xmas go ds
Wholesale and retail prices   IwqaanUt)
S. H. Seaney
Ph-me 20a. W$M Dakei  Bt
K 1. Mfiron. of 1'ioeti i, osmt In last
nitfht und Ik at ttie Mum-v
HL F Annabif, brotln-r ol .1 K \i,
nabte, has arrived from Taber to up- nd
('hrlBtmas lu .N'elson.
P. w. tiordon. who has been on I
bnat&ess trip to the ooot, retnrned lasi
niKlit  and  Ih  ai   the   Si rat OOO-t
Oloott   Payne,  manaj'e,   iiik)   Qeorg<
SHiiwiii. hii).. rim, iMbni. of the Heeitl
mine, siiv--rton, are <lowu fur Christ*
A.  MrKarlaue, editor of th<> ltoundat\
Oreeh Times Is tn town from Oreenwood
and will remain over Christ inns. He Ih
the Kiu'Hl of Mr. It   Klliot
To   Explore   Central   Africa.
Host on,    Haas.,    Deo   14.    Alexand.
Aj-hbhIz. director aud i-uiator of lln* Mai
vard. uiiiHcnm,   will   head  an   expedition
to   Central   Afilca  wlihln   a   ihorl   time
for Ihe purpose of piirMilnn his slrSSd]
eatenalve identlflo Inveetigatlons.   The
details   of   Die   trip   have   no)   yet   linn
fully mapped out.
The Hofa cushion rallb-d \yy MIrb Maud
McCandllsh.  will   he   drawn   for   at   tin-
Victoria  billiard   rooms  tomorrow  nlghl
at 8 o'clock.
NICKER80N, the Jeweiery Manufacturer's Agent will Hell you goods from hmiii-
pies at. 2H per cent. Ichh than regulai
prioae direct  from  the Cactoriss, In  s
daya   from  order.     KverytblriR   In     the
line.    Order now.
Ioh'i - --Thin iiK.riiiiiK mi Beksr street or fu*
j    ley iii'��r Hulo-r, h Hlni-k   Leather  hkii'I  buy.
��� xntniNliiK I'llI'fi" ��ii-I n nin ot iiioiii'y.    Hieli-r
Ml!  [-I i'ii-.- Ii'��vr at ' mi i ii-It,   I "  ir n nd tioi i\t OO '��
ANTKt, -Two  Ks|K.rlsu.*.-.l Hsl,., Lsdlpa lor
the holMsya  Kn-l Imi..  .V .'���
TO  LstT
TWO KlRa*T-,;LAnS KOOMB, slusm lieaud.   Al).
PIT IMMMMK, ltd flat, k, W. U. block.
>    M.
Let Us "Sock" it to Yoo
In the latei. Pall anj Winter itrlt.<( i
Uan'i rn ii Ho . ���������> \... .re *iuekh<
up wl'h Uie lln, at H.is, ,.-,,.r Ispotag
Comlortsble and ilural.l. in ��rar ul
,-1. niuii in appearance. Too ail! a
i,iir.. the ii. ** (I.-kIkqb and pstlrn,
**.hloh ara positively pleulat " d
. ��� r ,i aad pari leular dr* *-*,*. ... i (m
r.,l-.rs. and ttaiutiitnl lo (It, ��.m:!��,
aad  v.ash,iik satisfaction.
We uniii,! like tfl �����>���*��� ai! "iir pat louscomfortable this winter and :o order to
do no we have In stock the best assorted lino of heatlnR stuvce ud eooUlg
stoves and  rajigee ever befi re on     ated to the public in Kooteur
Wo eould be pleased to Bhoe ftn our line aud before maimj yow pw-
chase kind'y nee what  we have to Offer.
J. H. Ashdown Hardware
Compinv* Limttcd.
Nelstv. inra%
~R. H.   EWERT
���__?S L��m���*. Shingles,
Ufith, AloulUiciLT**, Doors, Windows.^
Turned Work ..oil llrnckcta. Mull Orders promptly ******
\'lllJ!N', ,*v   M, ,*, I
���vm JON, ��*��� ***���
Your Xmas List
in not romplfte   unlcsH   ymi   hnve   no   it a
inur of pUppecs fof some menthat of the
faiuilv.      The   largSSl   and  Ins-it   r.uij'i* <<l
���Uppen ere have ees* ihown are tor your
Inspection thu- season, Q��ntlemen*e
honsedippers In fumy leathers     Ladii
Pn-KH hhpp- i>, I'dt Komooti niid U-diiNini
Slippers, All kind**, of -dip)n-l'h tor ,)nl
The  Royal
R.   ANDREW   o\   CO.   Proprietor..
Wc invite you to examine olir
before  pureliasiti)- Christinas pre* '
Cutlery ir. ��reat variety.
.Skates, Cast- Carvers.
Saf-ity   Razors,   Carpet
etc., etc. .
Wood- Valla Lee  Hardware


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