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The Daily Canadian Oct 2, 1906

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Array _lje ��UtUy Canatoan
Volume I.   No. 103.
Fifty Cents a Month
Rales for City Power Not
Yet Settled.
Council Meeting Attended by Large
Delegation���Third Reading of
Bylaw 172 Defeated.
Last night's council meeting lasted
two bout, and a hair, but no part of
it wus wasted. Most of It was dovol-
issi to 11 dismission of rates to be
charged ror power, and generally of
the policy to ho adopted by tho city
towards customers of tbe power plant.
The council met a few minutes after
S with ull present except Alderman An-
iliilsle. Tins niillllles of llle last meeting were road and adopted. The report of the finance committee was received ami adopted.
A report from Ur. Arthur, city medical health officer, on 1'. Hums & Co.'s
slaughter house, stated thut the
changes proposed hy the company
would make it fur less objectionable
ihan ut present, hut, he thought, any
slaughter house on tho present site
would Inevitably be offensive to the
employees of the (J. 1*. It. machine
shops. The report waB referred to
the hoard of health.
Chief Deusy reported for September
two alarms, uo losses, three drills und
many inspections, llo referred to the
very small loss from fires���tl 10���
dining his tenure of office. Ho ugain
urged the prohibition of ashes being
deposited near luflunimable material.
He also strongly recommended an up-
town fire hall, with adequate equipment, to avoid the delay Inevitable under present circumstances In taking
apparatus up the hill. The report was
referred  to  the  fire,  water  aud   light
A letter from the manager of thc
Niisini Iron works asked for Information as to Ihe future policy of tlie
council on the supply of power, especially details as to time, coBt and
method of charging, by metre or otherwise, lie also wished lo know if the
eity would continue to sell water
The eity engineer, In reply to the
mayor, said thut installation would
take place in from HO days to six
vv. p, Dickson suggested that Information he obtained ai once as to the
demand for power from each consumer. ,
11 wus agreed, on the suggestion of
Mr. Dickson, that December 1 he set
as tlie probable date for beginning of
operation of the plant.
As to the question of metres Mr.
Dickson and Mr. McCulloch IkiIIi recommended a minimum rate for power
asked for,' and charge liy metro for
the power actually consumed.
The question In the letter asking if
the city would continue to sell water
power after electrlo power is available,
revived the old question,
The mayor���If we pass the bylaw
Introduced last meeting no one can uf-
ford to use water power.
Alderman Selous���It will he |ionr
business policy tor the owners of an
electric power plum to continue selling water power at a lower rate In
competition. No sane man win buy
electrlo power when he can get waler
power for a third of the cost.
Many motor users were present and
spoke  by  invitation.
R. W. Hinton���We ure anxious for
curly Information, afl we fear long delay in geitlng motors and transformers, which cannot be ordered until
these questions are settled. The method or charging, too, vitally affects us.
lr wo are charged a flat rate for our
maximum use, any other form of [lower will be cheaper. Any increase of
cost to ns might also cost us our outside Irade, which Is of real and considerable benefit to the city.
II. 0. Travis���I entirely endorse
what Mr. Hinton had said.
���I W. Holmes���We noed'cheap power If we are lo stay in business. We
can't afford lo pay the rates rixed by
the bylaw. Wo Hko the water power
but  we want moro.
An informal discussion followed,
which resolved Itself Into a discussion between Alderman Selous and the
visitors. Alderman Selous said that
the city's waler pipes would not carry
any more water than ut present. Many
motor users ure asking for more power. More water power cannot be
given. Tliey must use some other
form of power. He assured tlieni that
the bylaw would nol necessarily be-
conio operative on its third reading,
uud that nothing would he done lo
bumper motor users.
Ill tills lie wus strongly supported
liy Aidermftn Irving.
Aldermuii Selous to Mr. Hinton���
We are trying to assure you that you
will not be Interfered witii until we
are lu a position to supply you with
electric power and every facility for
using it.
W, Shackleion, addressing Aldermuii Selous, suld ihat tho proposed
rates would muku Nelson power dearer than lhat or any other city and
would drive uianuluctuera away Instead of attracting them.       ,
A dialogue followed. Alderman Selous slated thut tlie grunt of the right
to use water motors had robbed owners of lawns of water they were entitled to, and had enormously lucreus-
ed the city's hill to the West Koolenay   Power  _   Light  company.
The muyor questioned tho statement, but W. P. Dickson endorsed it,
though he could not say to whut extent.
Alderman Selous���Our pipe system
Is designed only for domestic service.
V\'e ure supplying molur users now.
Other! are certain to apply. Shall we
try to give it?,
J. W. Holmes���New upplicants have-
no  plants or vested  rights.
Alderman Irving���Vou are in a
worse position under iho present law.
li. C. Travis���No one pays at the
present rato.
It. W. Hinton���They couldn't. IS'o
one has money enough.
Mr. .Magic���You needn't fear new
applications at these rates.
W. P. Dickson���There Bhould be a
fixed charge for power, whether water
or electric, probably lower than the
one  pro]iosed.
T. J. Scanlon thought that the real
trouble was that no motor user got
tho power he was supisosed to get on
account of Insufficient volume.
W. P. Dickson explained that everything depended on the adjustment of
the rates according to the hours for
which it wub used. A rate of $3.50
per horsepower would amount only to
about fsl.50 for 10 hours' use.
It was then agreed lhat sMr. Isaac's
letter be answered, hy fixing the dute
or operations as probably December
1; that rales would be charged by
metre, and that no motor user would
be emharrassel  by sudden change.
A. K. Watter t��> 1 i i i. .ri, < 1 for a street
light on the comer of Park and Ver-
non streets. It was referred to the
city superintendent of electric lights.
Au Invitation to join the union ot
municipalities and be represented at
the annual meeting to bo held this
year at Kamloops, was read and ac-
llon deferred to the next meeting. The
mayor mentioned a movement for
such a union among the larger cities.
Letters rrom R. A. Renwlck slated
that the courthouse building would lie
given to tho city on condition that the
city remove It from Its present site,
and put It in repair for use until the
new building Is ready. The mayor
salsl lhal no site hnd yel been seenred.
lie thought It could be moved n block
for uboui $5(111. It wus resolved to accept  llie ofrer.
A loiter from A. D. Munro offering
the she at the corner ot Ward and
Lake streets, a half lot, for $1600, was
A lei Ier from lhe clly solicitor Btat-
ed that the hylaw governing rates for
wilier and light, In or out of the clly,
mlghl be amended hy the council
wllh the assent of the electors.
A. T. Walley applied to purchase a
lot from the city's purchase near Ihe
dumping ground not required by tlie
Alderman Selous decided not to
press bylaw No. 172 at present.
A resolution was passed authorizing
a transaction with the Hank of Montreal, ponding Uio receipt of tho proceeds of tho last debentures.
Tho mayor reported having let a
contract lo .1. McDonald for lho erection of the pole line In the dtp.
A. L. McCulloch remarked tluit it
would take some time to educate peo
pie to metro rates for water, as waste
Is general.
The council then adjourned to Wednesday night to consider the power
rales again. ,
Most Dramatic Exposure of Political Corruption Ever Disgracing Canada
Revealed at London Last Week���Statement Contains List of
Paid Vtoers���Offender Declines Election.
The Vancouver News Advertiser publllbefl special despatches revealing political corruption of a sensational
nature fn the by-elections of 1905 in (he city of London. Ont. The arrest of one of the guilty parties took
place on Saturday and the story of the conspiracy  fs interesting in the extreme.    It says:       ,
The arrest of John C. o'Gormun in
the first step in the exposure of the
conspiracy that purchased London for
Hon. C, S. ilyman In the by-election of
.905. Mr. "Hilly" Gray, who fought
London un Ihe National Schools issue
has ben on the trail of lion. C. S. Hy-
man ever since. Jerry Collins, a hotel keeper in London West, revealed
part of the .Ilyman plan of campaign,
and the Ontario government put Inspector Kogers on the case and the
���arrei-tt /of .(J'Uormau this afternoon
is regarded as the first move In one
of the most dramatic and complete exposures of iwlitical corruption ln the
history of Canada's party warfare.
O'Uoi'nan t/ttt a well-known and trusted Liberal in London.    Recently   he
has beeu living in Streetsville. The
crown agreed to adjourn till Monday
after hearing one witness. Collins and
O'Gorman are now under arrest, pending the production of flOOO ball.
Jeremiah Collins, returning officer
in political subdivision 82,-city of London, during the by-election of June,
.9.5, when Mr. Ilyman defeated William Gray, Conservative, has made
complaint of corrupt practice on the
part of John O'Gorman, and other Liberal workers unknown, _yid of wholesale bribery.   Collins was examined on
Saturday, and said that he had been
given $800 to buy votes In his subdivision. William Mulloy, who worked
in London West for Mr. Hyman,
would put the money in an envelope
and iu the presence of' a voter would
hand the envelope to Collins to hold.
A list was kept and when a man was
to have the regular price, $10, his
name was simply marked and If he
was Ut get a different sum, say $5,
the mint was marked. Two hundred
and forty-nine votes were polled ln
the Eighth division, including 104
bought by Mr. Hyman. The vote was,
ilyman, 1*14; Gray,, 105. In the Seventh division of Ward VIII.. Kd Sifton
and Tom Lewis appeared to carry on
thc same work as Mulloy and Collins
did In thc Eighth division. Lewis told
Collins that No. 7 division cost about
$1100 or $1200. Sifton went and got
the money from O'Gorman. On the
day following the polling Mulloy handed Collins a sum of money which he
sajn was the amount required to pay
the voters bought and Collins began
paying all who came for whom he was
holder, both in the Seventh and Eighth
divisions. Dan Wiley, a clerk in the
customs, was pitsont, and took receipts. When Collins found that he
was short $120 he told    Mulloy,   and
Wiley said he would secure the money from George Reid. He returned in
half an hour with that sum. Collins
says that at the last election there
would be two inside scrutineers for
Mr. Hyman. One of them would do
the ordinary scrutineering and have
a list as marked by tne canvassers.
The other would have a clean, un-
murked list of voters and would mark
with "X" eaeh voter's name whose
ballot was put In the box with the
right hand, and with an "O" the names
of those who put In votes with the
left hand. Thus tliey would have a
record of each vote.
Collins' statement Is accompanied
by a list of paid voters In the division
of which he was returning officer. As
a' fact, at the polls, Collins did not
fold the ballots as suggested by O'Gorman.
O'Gorman declined to elect when arraigned before Magistrate Denison.
Mr. Rohlnette objected to the proceedings being held ln Toronto, but Mr.
Duvernet held that such procedure
wars necessary In order to establish
O'Gorman's connection with the charges having application to their jurisdiction. The Investigation has been adjourned until Tuesday.
Collins says he was promised a government job but he did not get it
Non-Resident Pupils May Attend Without   Paying   Fees���Department's
Offer Approved.
A special meeting of the board of
school trustees was held yesterday afternoon at 4 o'clock in the office of
Dr. E. C. Arthur, secretary. There
were present A. D. Emory, chairman,
Dr. Arthur, Dr. Hall and K .J. Steel.
The letter from A. Robinson, superintendent of eUuctuiou, published in
yesterday's issue, offering to reimburse the city for the cost of education of pupils not resident within the
city limits, was read and diseussed.
Ou motion of Dr. Hall the offer wus
A. Sullivan, principal of the public
school, was present. He had a list of
22 non-resident pupils attending, who
hati paid various amounts to date. He
was instructed to return all money
collected aud enroll all non-resident
pupils who applied, who complied with
other requirements.
The board, however, have accepted
the department's comprotnise only for
the current half year, it's further acceptance will depend upon tin1 board
of 1807. Owing to the crowded state
of nit the junior class rooms a new division will become imperative in .luminary, and tin- presence of tiny considerable number of outside pupils may
cause further requirement's iu the way
0( class rooms.
Mr. Sullivan asked for Instructions
In the case of three children applying
to enter. They hnve attended the
school of the Sisters of St. Joseph
since the beginning of the present
term. All are beginners and fit only
for the primary department, which fs
already  overcrowded.
It was resolved that the rule adopt
ed by the board allowing only a fortnight at the beginning of each term
for the enrollment of new pupils be
enforced  In this case as In others.
Mr. Sullvan suggested that authority
be sought to open the schools at 9 n.
m. through the winter mouths Instead
of 0:80, and close half nn hour earlier
In the afternoon. Tho secretary wna
Instructed to tnke up the matter with
llie department and. If possible, secure
authority for tho change.
Connect With Honolulu.
Vallejo, Cal., Oct. 2��� Chief Electrician George Hansom of the Mare
island navy yard has returned from
the Kurrnlones with his force of men,
where a wireless plant 10 times more
powerful than the old one has been
installed. Great hopes are entertained
of getting connection with Honolulu.
Man  With   Matrimonial  Adventures  Is
Brought to Book.
Calgary, Alta., Oct. 2.���A meeting of
alt tlm theatre managers throughout
Saskatchewan and Alberta Is summoned at Calgary some time this mouth
to attempt to place the thearical business upon a better basis.
Nine of the Italians who were
brought down here Inst night for taking part in a riot at Cochrane on Saturday were fined from $5 and costs to
$25 and costs. All paid the fines. Two
Italians, who were concerned in wounding ure still in jail. The wounded men
are still hovering between life and
August Wollerman was placed under
arrest here charged with embezzlement. The story is that Wollerman
a couple of years ago deserted his
wife In Germany, went to Colorado
and there fell in wiih a rich widow.
He moved with her to Tacoma. There
he eloped with the wife of a hotel man
named Manor. It is said he took $5000
belonging to the widow with him. The
couple came to Calgary last March and
have been living here ever since under the name of Garroch. Mauer located his wife a few weeks ago und today arrived
Wanted for Forgery.
Regina. Sask., Oct. 2.���George Robinson, nn Englishman about 21 years
of age, is wanted by Ilu- police upon
at least five charges of forgery at Regina lust week. Robinson was employed us timekeeper by Smith HroB.
& Wilson, contractors. The police
have the matter In hand. The total
amount Involved is not large, being
only slightly in excess of $100, Robinson came to Itegina a little over a
month ago from Wolseley, Sask. It
is understood that> he comes from a
well connected family In England,
where his people are engaged In the
manufacturing line.
Will  Eat Yellow Sugar.
New York. Oct. 2.���The Tribune today says: "Unless the United States
pure food commission changes its
mind the people of the United States
will soon be using granulated and other sugars that have a distinctly yellowish tinge. The commission hus decreed that no mineral substance be
used In blenching. Sugar refiners nnd
their chemists arc much disturbed.
Sugar chemists say they use four
pounds of a mineral blueing substance
to every 1,000,000 pounds of sugar for
blenching purposes. This sugar, thu
chemists sny, Is not adulterated. The
pure food commission cannot see it In
that light and Insist that the whiting
process lie abandoned. If thnt Is done
the result will hn that all sugar refined under the commission's new directions will be of a distinctly -,'ellow-
Ish shade.
Chief Justice Sees   No   Escape   From
Reasonable Doubt, and Directs
Jury to Acquit.
Laughlln Uruce was acquitted of the
murder of Hugh McGarvey, by the direction of Chief Justice Hunter, because no modlcal witness could swear,
ho-.e/er firmly he believed, that the
1 s.n.iiouia of which Hugh McGarvey
ss..-si ..as caused by the1 blows Inflicted
by n.uc.
T!i) first day of the assizes was a
bus. oie. All petit jurymen are already uncharged. The grand jury
will meet again tomorrow at 2 p. m.
Before tho hour set for the opening
of the court the case of Pierre vs.
Pierre for divorce, A. M. Johnson for
the plaintiff, John T. Pierre, was added to the list, und mil ice of motion
for judgment in the case of Taylor
and O'Shea vs. the Kaslo and Slocan
Mining aud Financial corporation was
At 11:110 o'clock the chief justice entered the court and the assizes begun.
Tlie members of the grand jury were
already ln their places.
The grand jury ls composed of R.
R. Hedley, VV. W.  Beer, F. M. Illack,
A. II. Kelley, R. M. llird, W. Irvine. H.
Amas, J. Johnstone, J. H. Wallace, A.
I,. McKillop, R. W. Grlgor of Rossland, and W. V. Uradshaw or Kaslo.
The petit jury list ls: William Mach-
elor, Thomas Binnle. Thomas Brown.
11. It. Caldwell, Hurry Cane, J. O. Devlin, A. J. Dill, II. D, Douglas, J. Kirby
Douglas, Thomas Draper, George
Fleming, J. II. Pox. J. W. Gallagher.
T. G. Gibson, J. C. Gordon, R. W. liln
Ion, Joseph .Inckson, A. G. Lambert,
.lames Lilly, .1. M. l.mlwlg, IT. McCaus-
land, D. .1. McKIm, 0. G. McLaren. D.
('. MoHorril, M. it. McQmirrle, W. T.
Oliver, John Patterson, II. II. Pills, G.
B. Rovell. \V. N. Rolfe, W. L. Spry.
Gilbert Stanley. William Stublis. Samuel Thofus, A. II. Tuttle, A. K. Wattle.
.1. H. Wilkinson, D. C. Wilson, A. N.
The grand jury chose W. W. Beer
as foreman and the fembers were then
His Lordship���It speaks well for the
law abiding character of the people of
this country that the docket Is a very
short one. There Is but one case, but
that Is a very serious one, of murder.
His lordship then briefly summarized the depositions ln the Bruce case
and reminded tho grand jury that
Iheir function wns not to try the case,
but to decide whether or not there
was n case for trial. He also told
them of their statutory prerogatives of
visit and presentment, and referred to
Ihe promises of a new courthouse a!
an early date.
The grand jury then retired and the
court adjourned until 2 p. m.
The court resumed at 2 p. m.; a
few minutes later the grand Jury returned nnd reported tt true bill In the
caso of Ilex xs. Bruce, and that they
wished  before    being    discharged    to
make a prcscutniea:.   Tiicy wero LUes
Laughlln Uruce mi tii.u b:.-_-t 1-
aud conducted to t.j i/tt*ou-:'i -_._.
In answer to tiic .-.._..... ._.__,
question    the    pils._.r    i>.-____    _..
guilty, and 8. S. rl*_,>lur, .- (-., ---. >v.
A. Macdonald, K. C, uppearui :.->.-.-
Ivelp tor the detenu- and i-.- -:..._..
The petit jury was UU11 ..-.i,;. --J
all uusweresl tu la... Ofttats. .-e pt&tl
was then proceeded v..t_ aud zvnoit-d
in the selectlun v. ._u following;
J. M. Luilwig, J. U. \.ll_:_.._, II.
Cane, M. It. McQuarr.., -,. C Mu&ior.
ris, G. Stanley, J, v.. __ilag_.-r, Q, G.
McLaren, J. G. Devlin, A. Came, A,
J. Dill, A. G. La-iucrl. Mr. ���._._u__a._
challenged four uud Mr. Tayior six.
Captain McMorris ,,-a ciioetn iureu.au
aud the formal l__i_.-___t waa read to
tho Jury.
W. A. Macdonald, K. C. then ojeued
the casse for the crown, lie _ea.r.__d
Ihe deceased, Hush -icGarvey a,3 a
C. P. It. night watchman, a _.a:i between li- and 70 yeara of age, small
and slender, wci.li.a. bulwceii 140 aad
145 pounds. Ou tho evening of .ts,,-
tember 4 Brucj slept in MoGurvey's
shack. The fcllowia. morning he assaulted McGarvey. Tbo next day McGarvey walked tu Creston and laid Information against B.-uue for as-au.t.
Bruce was arrested by Constable J.
Wilson and comniLtod for trial ou
that charge by 1*. D. Hope, J. P. Later, Dr. Green of Ctaubrcoi wa. called
for McGarvey, who developed acute
pneumonia. Ur. Green found tho case
already lsopelc33 anl McGarvey died.
Dr. Green pr.noua.td tbe c-u.c of
death pneumonia due to the blows.
Before Ua death Hugh iicGarvcy
made a statement which would be
submitted If held by the court to admissible.
Tho death of McGarvey determined
the crown authorities to hold the accused for murder Instead of assault.
ine first wltaus- called was Dr.
J. H .King. Meanwhile, tho court ex
cuscd all other Jurors until and unless
they should be notified to attend.
Dr. King depesid that he was a
phyicf-sn. resident in Cranbrook, hav
lug practised for 11 years. On September li he was called to attend Hugh
McGarvey at Creston. He had not
known McGarvey before. Ho was a
man of about 65, about 5 feet 9 Inches in height, weight -b.ut 145 pounds,
of poor physique. Ho loun. him suffering from pneumonia with both
luns.s affected ansl seven] ribs broken. His temperature we. 102. pulse
120. He roma'nnd w:t'.i hl3 patient until noon tho following da". McGarvey
Improved slightly tho night of the Eth.
but was worse the next raornlnj, Wa
case hopeless from tin firs'. He told
witness that he was dying. WItn ���
at the time knew nothing ef tho crigla
of his injuries.
He judged that tho pneumonia yna
due to Injuries reed-.el and waa still
of that opinion.
To the eout���Mc3arvoy pi Severn'
occasions on the 6th and 6'h of September expressed tbo opinion tint he
would die.
Cross- examined by M". Ta-loi^"'"
first saw McGarvey en tho HX sln:r*-
ly after noon. He was -he. ln b-d
He examined at rnco and fru--l b-ti-
lungs affected in the lower !obo3, aa.
the dlseas eprogrcsslirr.
The symptoms at that Bme r-wi
bled those of the early sts--s of rni-u-
mnnla. The ext?rn.l rajar!**l wer-
slight; no abrasion, f"> irr'ilon. __d
only slight bruise'. One -*". en the
left side was broken, possibly others
on both sides.
He had concluded frit' the mum-
monla was caused hv th- b'o-v -rhlch
broke the rib or rib.. Ho 0d_ld not
swear positively t-�� tis- ccr-"-._i-SS cf
his diagnosis, but b-liOYOd It.
To the court���Thorcs were ctVr risibilities. Pneumonia m'sht havo de
veloped Independently.
At this point tho grand Jury returned   and   mad:   their   prs-s^ntment
They had visited the gaol and fotnd
good conditions. They recommend"d
separate quarters for persons awaiting trial, who -hoold not have to associate with convicts.
Tbey also oxpr:ss--d graii'ic.ts'cn ot
the prospect of a new courthouse.
His lordship prom'sed to forward
their recommendations to tho proper
quarter and excusol thom until tomorrow at 2 p. m.
Dr. King, lo Mr. Taylor���Pneti-tonla
Is difficult to diagnrre. especially In
alcoholic cases. Ho did not know McGarvey lo be ad'lcted to alcohol. It
wns also moro dangerous] to the old
thnn to the young.       ,
The court���Isa't that truo of auy
Mr. Taylor���But pneumrsnla Is peculiarly so. It Is B.-oltea of as "the old
man's frieusi"?
Witnoss���Yi's: but not moro ao than
several other dlsca3es.
The wltnesu had never seen, ln his
own practice, a case of pneumonia _o
caused, but s.tc'i cr.30s aro well know i
to tho profession.
Mr. Taylor produced a copy of Dr.
William Osier's lusok on Medical Practice, but tbe witless cou'd not imnij-
diately flu'! refereaoa to It.
Coutlnulns.', tho witness said ho had
attended many casos of broken ribs In
his practice ami isi stiidont clays lu the
hosplsnls of Montreal and Xew York.
At this point Mr. Macdonald found
reference fn Dr. Oftlsr. work.
(Ibe lesi of tho report Is crowded
out of this issue.)
Th.; Jury, without bnvlng the court,
returned a verdict of not guilty.
His lordship declined to discharge
lilin and his further ui-p'isltlon was
reserved until tomiirrow, his lordship
holding thnt ociulltal for murder did
not uffect tho char.e of aggravated assault.
'ihe peilt jcry wns then discharged
and the court adjourqod tlii 11 a. m.
House was Mine of Hidden Treasure.
Unexpected Discovery of Old Coins
Leads to Litigation���Female
Miser's Testament.
Xew York, Oct. 2.���A Hudson, N. *f_
despatch to the Herald says that pots
of .old filled with cuius dating back
to tho reign of George .III., bearing the
Uate 1770, and bills tied ln knots
stuffed In vases and cups were found
yesterday in the most unexpected
places of the Robinson homestead at
liudson, where four weeks ago neigh- jj
bors found tlie body of .Miss Prances
Caroline Kobinson. Until the bidden
money was found it was supposed that !
Miss Kobinson left no more than $.0001
but with the finding of the coin and
treasures the estate ls brought up to
more than $50,000. The finding of the
hidden treasure will, lt Is thought,
cause a contest of tbe will that Miss
Robinson left.
The next of kin will probably take
the matter Into the surrogate court
ln the ground that Miss Robinson
was of unsound mind, although she
was always regarded tis alert in business transactions. The will divides
the estate Into four eHual parts, one
to the American Seaman's Friendly
society, one to tbe American Bible society, a thirl part to the American
Tract 80cies> and the fourth portion
to tho Hudson Homo for the Aged.
Already lasvyers have been engaged
by both sides for the will, contest.
-llss Kobinsoa was au odd character.
it) years eld, and a recluse, but known-
ti every oue of pror.ilnonci ln the
-ty. Her father was one of the old
am. clipper captains, whose boast wu
toe number cf trips he had
-round the world. Tho curios
-aptoJ* Kobinson pie.ed up ln
.mis-., were maay. Among these
���_e Utorge 111. coins that formed part
ol the treasure found y<-_tcrday.
It was not believed that Miss Rob-
nsoa had any money, so tbat when
-he was found dead there was no special activity among the next of kin
>ut!::d.' cf having an Inventory taken.
It s.-i while this iuventory was being
.ado that the first jar of coins was
u.so.vored. These coins were all ut
Uie bottom of a jar and the rest ol
the -. a-r wub stuffed with spools and
,uos> threuds. A systematic search
v.ai tiiun made. Pitchers filled with
~-iu3 were fouud behind doors, cov-
-red with rags and sacking. Under
cirpcts were found bills tied up and
_i:rj coins. More money was found
ovir the copings and in the garret
Thore was hardly a room in the
Iiouso that did not conceal money. All
.ho property had been turned over to
tho public administrators.
No Race Next Year.
i>ew York, Oct. 2.���There will be no
race for tho America cup in 1907, according to the Times, which today
���Whatever may be Ihe ultimate out-
c-mo or Sir Thomas Llpton'8 negotiations for another America cup race, lt
can be Btated tbat there will be no
r^c next year. Assurances are said
ti have been positively given that un-
d-r no conditions would the New York
Yaciit club consider a race In 1907.
What might be done in the lolL-wtng
year or what action may b,i inke'i on
���h.. question of rules to govern nny
match thai is arranged Is absolutely
Automobiles In Thibet.
Xew York, Oct. 2.���A special' despatch front London stales that oue
sequel to tho British Intrusion In the
forbidden land of Thibet, from which
long custom excluded Western inventions, will be the Immediate introduction of automobiles by Captiln O Connor, British trade agent at Lhnssa
ot Tashl Lsunipo. The incongruity Is
Increased by the fact that neltlur
cart roads or enrts are known iu the
neighborhood of Lhassn nnd the automobiles will be the first of the motors
tlie natives hnve seen. Tbo lama will
havo a road made fro.n Lm monustciy
to Oyantse, where there ls a new
British road.
Explosion of Gas Tank.
Insliinapoils. Ind., let. 2.���While 20
Reimblksnn precinqt leaders of Han-,
cick county were holding a caucus In
t,io town bail last night at ,\ew Palestine, the gas tank exploded, killing one
man and Inlurisn; eight others. The
?as to light ihe ball wns Stored In the
tank. The building was almost'completely wrecked. The Daily Canadian
Cool nights are now iu  order.     Tliey will invite
pleasant dreams of
Wr bavo plenty of them in red and bins'.
3 1-2 Points, weighing about 10 pounds, $7.50 per pair
4 Points, weighing about 12 pounds,   -   8.50 per pair
Those blankets tire justly celebrated ror their excellence. We alone carry
tiieni In this city.
LUMBERMEN��� Pillow,. Comforters, Gloves and Mits, Socks, Shirts and
Underclothing, Oil Clotlisng, Sweaters. Miners' and prospectors' Boots
and Shoes and R_b-e,s.. Groceries and Provisions.. Everything of the
Best quality and  prices  surprisingly Low.
Published fix days k ween by tiic
Baker St., Nelson, B.C.
Subscription rales, so cent! a month delivered
iu tiio city, or ts.oo ��i year U lent by mail, when
paid in advance.
Advertising rates on application.
All monies paid In ratUomenl nf The Dally
Canadian account*, either toi inbicrlptloni or
advertising, must Im receipted (or on the printed
tor-inn ol tne Company. Other receipt! are nol
OCTOBER 2* .906.
���' By one won! wu are sometimes lodged lo be
wlM and by one word sometime! judged to be
fbolish.   I*t nt therefore   be careful what  we
Tn? phenomenal growth of Canada
is nothing ir not surprising. During
the last decade the country has made
startling advances and is now attracting the attention of the whole
world. This is not because the country is adopting measures to bring itself to the notice of the world, but because the goods are here and all the
country has to do is to deliver them.
The local Liberal press delights to
speak of the '"wise Immigration policy" of the Laurier administration as
though thai policy makes the success
of Canada, while Canada, because of
her natural resources and the advertising she is receiving at the hands of
private individuals, or corporations, is
winning her laurels in the eyes of the
It is Impossible in these days of
competition and inquiry to keep long
secret the resources of a country like
Canada. While capital and labor are
both vieing with one another to find
new fields to conquer, it can scarcely
be supposed that Canada could hide
her resources under a bushel. The immense riches for which the country
is now becoming famous can no longer
be disguised and like the United
States of a quarter of a century ago.
the facts must become patent to all
*'ho would know them. So it has
|me to pass, that Canada has filleted the eyes of the world and is
, perhaps the one country which
Is receiving the attention of both cap-
Hal and labor the whole world over.
What will be the outcome of this
attention it is not difficult to forecast.
The United States, facetiously called
America, has indirectly done much to
advertise this country and as it has
now reached almost the limit ol its
expansion, what it has done to make
itself known will redound lo the advantage of Canada. Expansion across
the bordet has almost reached iis limit untl what is to come in the way of
development will be much more to
the advantage of this country than to
lhat of the United States.
The prairie provinces will enjoy
their share of the prospective advancement but British Columbia is
yet young iu the field of contention
for her rights. That she will avail
herself of her opportunities and rise
to the occasion need not be doubted,
With her mineral and horticultural
possibilities, she wilt take her place
among the provinces of the Dominion
and a rapid expansion may be looked
tor. The world is after all, a small
sphere, and the opportunities existing
here for investment in many promising ways is too pronounced to be
overlooked. And just as the province
comes into its own in the matter of
public attention, so will the Kootenay
districts attract the attention of the
world at large. While mines, farms
and fruit growing areas are being
sought, the Kootenay    will   be among
the winners. The signs of the limes
nre improving and there is a general
feeling of encouragement, the expression of the "stand patter" being that
good times are ahead. The general
revival of confidence means much to
every kind of business undertaking
and that the people of the Kootenays
believe in the future of the country
is  evidenced  every  day.
There is no place in the Kootenays
for knockers and they are consequently finding life more and more troublesome. Optimism, healthy optimism is
the reigning and dominant spirit Iu
the interior and while in itself a hopeful spirit the developments of the
country are such as give it every excuse for existence,
The Opposition press In Itritish Columbia has had a good deal to say
aboul the sale of the Kaien island railway lands and the responsibility of
the AIcBridc administration in tbat
case. Tin* Canadian again desires to
call attention to the fact that what is
light at Ottawa cannot he wrong at
Victoria. In a recent speech Mr. H.
L. Horden called attention to the fact
that a deal had been made at Moncton
which bote all the earmarks of a deliberately arranged advantage taken
of inside information respecting a deal
in lands which ultimately passed into
the hands of a railway company. Here
are his words, and they cannot be rein ted:
"Extravagance has not been confined to the department of marine and
fisheries. A friendly partizan who had
good reason to believe that certain
land at Moncton would be taken over
by the government purchased it for
$5075 and sold it within a few weeks
to the Intercolonial railway for $13,-
8S0 just a few days before a general
election. The sum of $300 was paid to
a lawyer for conducting the negotiations with the owner of the land. The
friendly middleman pocketed the balance, thus receiving a clear profit of
$85*05. This transaction was thoroughly approved by the government and
their siij>[M_rters who voted unanimously against a resolution protesting the
payment to the partisan middleman of
this enormous profit."
While there Is no similarity between
this deal and the sale of the Kaien
island lands ii is up to the Liberal
press to explain what is tin1 matter
with lho Ottawa authorities, or in other words, while the Laurier government makes deals which are on their
race, openly in violation of business
honor, how can ihe Vietoria government In* condemned for deals which
are not  at  all  in the same class?
The story ul political and moral turpitude exhibited in the revelations
connected wiih the election of Hon. 0.
S. Ilyman in Loudon during 1905
shoulil arouse indignation throughout
all Canada. The motto of the Liberal
party seems now to he power and
place at any cost. With the disclosures in Nova Scotia repealing themselves in Ontario there seems to be
no longer any la-ck of material for political scandals in the eastern provinces.
Of course It is too early to predict
the sum total of the revelations that
will follow iu the Hyman case. Al the
bottom of the scandal there seems to
be a disappointed place seeker, one
who it Is alleged was promised some
gift from the party which his superiors
failed to deliver.    This inay, to some
tent modify the allegations, but that
ere    was    an    understanding   seems
be already well proved. The pnss-
i of money in large sums seems al-
ady established  and  that  fact   alone
sufficient to bring disgrace to the
rty whose agents corruptly  handled
Never was there a more timely plea
an   that   of   Hon.  II.   L.   Horden   for
rity  in  elections and in  the admin-
ration of  public affairs.
The Globe says editorially: "The
transfer of Mr. Justice Duff of Hritish
Columbia to a Beat on the supreme
court bench of the Dominion will be
heartily approved by public opinion.
Though comparatively young In years,
he has already earned a good reputation as a jurist, partly by his ability
as an advocate and partly by his decisions during his still brief term on the
Hritish Columbia bench. Mr. Dttfr Is
a native uf this province, and he was
educated here, having distinguished
himself in the University of Toronto
as a mathematician. The best wishes
of his former fellow students, with
whom ho was highly popular, will go
with him to Ottawa, where a long career of usefulness and distinction
seems opening  up  for  him.
Take notice ihat I in end to apply to the Honorable tin- Chlof * ommlaaioner of Lninls mnl
Works fnr a special UceDEO to out and curry
hwhv timber from the [ollowlng deicrlbed landa
iltuate on the north fork of Kettle River in tin*
nistrh't oi Yah*: Commencing hi h iii.it marked
���D.c. Barbrlck's southwest corner poil," planted ni Agnes Kernel I'i northweat corner post."
thence80Cbalni imrth; thence so chains eait;
thence 80 chatm iouth; tbence 80 chatn-i weal t<>
place of commencement, coumining 640 acres,
moreor It"**.
Dated this IStb day of August. H>00.
(has. Farhill, Agent.
Take noUee tbal I Intend io apply to the Honorable tlit* chief Commluloner of Landi and
Wnrks for h special license to cut and carry nway
timber from the following describe! lan'ds ill-
uate OU tbe North Kork of Keltic river in the
District of Yale:���
Commeneing ut a poit mnr*_il MOeorgo
Young's loutheait oornei poit." planted along
ilde tne poit marked " J. McDonald'��� northwest
corner post No. 1;" Ihcnce west mi chains; thence
north 80 chains; thenee cast 80 chains;   thenee
iouth 80 chaini to the place of beginning, containing MO acres, more or less.
Dated Ihis 18th dav of August, 190fi.
(iBO. YotJHO
Chas, ka knell, Agent.
Take Notice tbat I iniend to apply to lhe Uonorahle the Chief (..'ommlssloner of Landi ami
Works Inr a special license to out ninl carrv bwiv
timber from the (ollowlng described landi, situate pn the Nortii I'nrk nf Keltic rtver, in the district of YHle:���
Commencing ��t a post marked "J. .McDonalds
northeait corner poit No 2;" planted 00 chains
norlh   from   the   pout   marked  "I.  0.   Nelson's
northwest corner posi No. 1;" thenee to ehalni
weat; theliee so chains south;   thence Mi chains
east; tbence80 chains north to the plnee of commencement, containing mo acres, more or less
Dated this IStfa day of August, IB06 .
J Mr Dona i.n
('has, I-'aknkll, Agenl.
Tenders will Ih* received up to October 10, Pm.
for the continuation Ol tin* Highlander tunnel
ai Alnsworth, British Columbia, /or a distance
ofl.OOOfeei. lunneltO bea crosscut and seven
antl one lialf by live and one half feet in Unclear. The tunnel Is now in*_,MK) fast Pipe and
rails will be furnished by the company. Air
power with 7."< lbs. pressure Hvailable Contractors bidding must give satisfactory assurances
of the completion of contract, Bids may be for
either hand or machine work. Full particulars
upon application, The lowest or any tender not
necessarily accepted. Ground may be inspected.
1. H. Btevenson, Manager.
Ainsworlli, B. (\ 1-10
TAKK NOTICE tint an application has been
mHde to register It. (i. McLeod as the owner ln
Pee Simple, under a ''ax Bale Deed from ft, J.
Btenson, deputy assessor and collector of the
siocan Assessment District, to R. u. McLeod,
bearing date the 26th day of Augusl, A. D. 1906,
of all and singular that certain parcel or tract of
land and premises sltuaU*. lying and being in the
District Ot Kootenay, in the Province of British
Columbia, more particularly known and described as -all minerals, precious and base, (save
Ooal and petroleum) under Lot -km, Group 1, in
the District ol Kootenav, "Burnet" mineral
You ant] each Ol you are required to contest
the claim nf the tax purchaser within fourteen
days from lhe date of lhe service of this notice
upon you.and in default oi a caveator certificate
of lis pendens being Bled within such pe-iod,
you will be forever estopped and debarred from
s.'lling up anv claim to or in respect of the snid
bind, and  I  shall register it. G. McLeod as Ihe
owner thereof.
Dated Ht Land Registry Offloe, Nelson, Province of Rriilsh I'olumiila, this .Mli day of Febru-
ary, A, D. Pm,
H. V. MaiLKOD,
District Registrar,
To Riclinrd Sceinaii.
Dndcrand by virtue of the powers of sale contained In n certain mortgage which will be pro
duoed at tbe time of sale, there win i fiercd
fnr sale by public auction ,,u HhIupIhv the Alb
day of October. I'.tuft, at the hour of VI o'clock
noon, nl tlie Hole]  Mimic, corner ot Ward and
Ver i streets. Nelson, 11   t; , bv Me-sr-. Charles
A    Waterman A Co., the f-Mowing proKrty, Vll!
Lots numben fifteen (lfi) Hnd sixteen to.), hoih
In Block number len ill.), being part "f the sub
division of un number ninety-six, <;roup one,
In the dlltrlOt Ol Kootenay, British Col urn bin,
and  known ss lhe Hume addition to Nelson,
B. c. according to a map or plan deposited in
the Land Registry office Hint numbered *_*.. B.
Upon ihe nud land li erected s large snd oon*
modlooidwelling bouse in Drst-class order, wllh
city water.  This property i�� not inr trom the
business portion of the city.
Terms and Conditions made known at the lime
of sale or in  tlie meantime upon application to
Mortgagee's Solicitor.
Dated HI Nelson the nth day of Sept. MOD,
Slxtv days after date 1 intend to apply to the
Hon. Chlel Commissioner of Lands ami Worn
Vietoria, tO purchase *10 acres of bind: Commencing at a post plauied al tt.e City nf Nelson's
power plant lot H. K comer posl, on Koolenay
river, thence 30 chains south, thchce wesl 90
chains, Ihence norlh  90 chains, llienee east JO
chains to point of oommencement.
Nelson, B.C., Aug. tt, 100C. E. J. ClRKAN.
Notice is bereby given that m days from dale I
inteml to apply to the Honorable the Chief Commissioner of Lands and Works for permission
to purchase the following described lands situate in West Kootenay District:  Oommenelng
at a posl marked *' K. Stewart's N W. corner
post,''Situated near the Junction of Lost creek
and South Kork of Salmon, Ihcnce south 40
Obalns, more or less; tlience cast SO chains;
thenc- uorth 40 chains, more or less; thenee
west Ko chains to pniut of cnmmeiiceuicnl.
Balmo, August llth, IMS.
K. Hth wart
T. H. Atkinson. Agent.
Notice ti bereby given ihat B0dan after date 1
intend toapply lo thc Hunorable lhe Chief Commissioner of Lauds and Worki to purchase lln-
following described lands, 8i.il neres, more or less;
commencing at a post plauied ou Ihe wesl bunk
of I'pper Arrow lata* at a point about 7 miles be
low Nakusp, and marked Q, A. B. H . N.K. comer
post]   thence ao chains  west;   thenoe 40 chains
*c 80 c
ains ens
t, mor*.
���ss t
IS  alo
g   lake
(i p
il be-
.f ihis
Bth da
Of Ht'Dt
J. A
fit) days afler dale I intend to apply to the Eton-
orable the Chief Commissioner ol Lands and
Works, Victoria, B. 0 , to purchnse 640 acres ol
laml situnle wesl nf Armw lake on the west ilde
of WhatOhan creek and Joining the nortb houndarv of S. J. Annable application to purchase,
Commencing at a pnst marked K. J, R, B. K. corner and running wes" ni chains; tbenoe north so
chains; thence east 80 ohalns, ihenee iouth to
poini of commencement.
Beptember 2nd looe. It, j. Elliot.
Notice is herebv given that 00 days after date I
Intend to apply to the Bonorale Chief Commissioner of Latins nml \\ orks [or permission to pur
chase the following described lands,situate In
the West Kooteuay distriet; starling frnm a post
planted at lbe N. B, corner of F. ��7. Robinson's
Application   lo  purchase,  thence 40 chains east,
80 chaini south, 'ki chains west, so ohalns north,
40 chains west, 'JOcnaihs north, 90 ehalni cast, 40
chains nnrih to point of commencement, containing 160 acres.
Dated 18th dav of August, 1006
D. P.. E. Rom N son,
per Krnkst \\. RoBlMON, Agent.
Notice Is hereby given that sixty davs Hftcr
date I iniend lo apply lo the Hou. Chief ('ommlssloner of Lands and Works for permission
to purehase the following described lands sit-
uate In West Kootenay District, Commencing
hi   a   post   murked "A. Hirsch's  H. R, Corner"
planted nl the B. W. corner ol f-ni 818, about 7
miles north of  Burton  Cily  mut   ul t  \ of a
mile west ,,f thc Columbia river, ihenee north
B0ehalns: thenee west 40 chslns   theuce south
WI chains; thence east 40 cluilns to point of comment lent, containing 830aeres,
Dated this 14th day of Beptemnor, WM.
A. HlRHf-H,
Per Rawh si.vat Agent.
Notice Is herebv given ihat Sixty davs afler
date 1 intend to applv to lhe Honorable the
Chief Commissioner of Landsand Wllrks for per-
mis-don to purchase lhe following desoribed
bin i 00 the west shore of upper Arrow Lake and
joining J. ll. Peeney's pre-emption:   Running
west 4o chains; thence north 90 Chains* theuce
east 40eliains, to Ihe shore of the  bike;   lhetice
soutli following the lake shore to point of commencement, containing .'Mi acres more or less,
Dated August tit, lyoo.
H. P.Maclkod
J. J. Kki.i.v, Agent.
Noiiee is herebv given   thai  sixty  ilavs after
dale 1 Intend to apph* to ihe Honorable ihe
Chief Commissioner of Lands and Works (or per
mission lo purchase lhe following described
laml ou the west side id  Lower Arrow   Luke and
joining the Mmih Hue of ihe Indian Reservation:
Running west 30 chains; tlience south BO chains;
theliee cast'Ji chains, tn llie shore of Ilie lake;
theuce norih following the lake shore to the
point  of  commencementi containing  ltiO Acres
more or Ion.
Daied August 90, 1808. W. B. Macleod
J. J. Kit.i.v, Agent.
Notice is hereby given that ) Intend,60 days
after date to apply to the Honorable the Chief
Commissioner of Landsand Works for permission
to purchase the following described lands In
West Kooteuay district) about five miles south
of Burton City, commencing Ht a post planted on
the east bank of tract C. R.. ami marked ��W, H.
Hamilton's 8. W. C. post," nml tunning uorth so
Chains, thenee east 80 chains, thence south s>i
chains, tlience west 80 Chains toplace of beg Iiinins;. containing M0 acres of land, more or lets.
Dated thll 22nd day of Augusl, 1'JOC.
W 11   Hamilton,
Notice Is hereby given that BO dayi after dale 1
intend to npplv to the Honorable Chief Commissioner of Lands and Works for -permission to
purchase the following described lands, situate
In West Kootenay district: Commeneing at a
poll marked "B.Coukey's N. W, corner post," situate near lhe N K. corner ol laud applied for liy
R.R., tlience souih 40 chains, more or less; lbence
east 80 chains; theuce north 40 chains, more or
lets! thence west 80 chains tn point of eommeucement.
Balmo, August 11, 1806. B. Conkey,
T. H. Atkinson, Agent.
Notice Is herby given that Go days after date 1
intend, loapply to the Honorable the Chief Commissioner of Ln ii'i- and Works for permission io
purchase the following described lands situate in
West Koolena v disiriei: Commencing ata post
marked "R. Ross's N. W corner posl," situate
near the N. E. corner of land applied for by A.
McLean, theuce south 40 chains, moreorless;
thenoe cast 80 chains; thence north 40 chaius,
more or less;  thence west 80chains to point of
Halmo, August 11, 1900. R. Ross,
T. H. Atkinson, Acetit.
Notice ls hereby given that Sixty ilavs after
date 1 intend to apply to the Honorable the
Chief  Commissioner  Of   Lands and   Works  for
permission to purchase the following deaorlbed
[ands situate in West Kootenay district: Commeneing ata post marked "A. McLean's N w.
corner post," situate near the N.K. corner of land
applied for by A. UcLaughlan, thence south 40
chains, more or less; theme east 80 chaius;
ihenee north 40 chains, moreorless; thenee west
so chains io point of oommencement
Salmo, August 11,1906 A. McLean,
Notice Is hereby given that fio dayi after dale I
Intend to make application to Ihe Honorable the
Chief Commissioner of Landsand Works for per-
mlsson to purchase the following described lands,
situate In wesl Kootenay district: Commencing
at a post marked "A. McLaughlin's N. W corner
pn-t," situate near the N h. corner of land applied for by P. .McArthur. thence south 40 chains,
more or less; thence east m chains; ihence north
40 chains, more or less; thenee west ni chains to
polut oi commencement.
Balmo, August 11, 1808. A. McLAn.iu.AN,
T. H. Atkinson. Ageut.
Notice Is hereby given thai B0 "lays after date
I intend toapply ��thO Chief ('ommlssloner of
Lands ami Works for permission to purchase
the following deserftied lands, situate tn West
Kootenay dlstrlol: Commeneing at a post marked J. McArthur'a N.W. corner post," situate near
the N. B corner ol land applied for by A.Turner,
tbenoe south 40 ehalni more or less; thence east
60 chains; thence north 40 chains, more or less;
them-e went so chains to point of commencement.
Salmo, August 11, 1806.
J. McAbtim a,
T M   Atkinbon, Agenl
Notice is herebv given that 60 days after date
I intend, to apply to the Honorable tbe Chief
Commissioner    f 1-amts  ami Works for jHTinls-
Mon to purohaae the following deserlbed lands,
situate in the Weil Kootenay district; Commeii-
Blng nt a post marked "A. Turner'- N.W. corner
post," situated at the ft. B. corner oi land applied for tiy B. Stewart. Ihenoe south 4o obalns,
nmre or less tin nee eust 8ochains; thence north
tu cbHins. more or l< SB!   Ihence west m cli Kins lo
|M.tnt of commencement
Salmo, B.C , August 11. 190b. A.Tiknrh,
T   II   ATKINSON, Agent.
Notice is hereby given lhat 00 days after date f
intend io appiv to thc Honorable tin- chief Commissioner of Lands ami Works lor permission to
mirehase tbe following described land iu West
Kootenai   District  ab'iiil seven  miles  south  of
iturton ctty;  Commencing at a post planted on
the east bank ol Trout creek mid marked Mrs.
W H. Hamilton's H. W. C pent and running
north 80 chains; tbence cast ho chnins; theuce
south 80 chains; thenee west BO chains to place
of beginning, containing Olo acres, more or less.
Dated lliis Z.nd day of Augusl. 1900.
MSs, W. H. Ham 11 ton
W. II. Hamilton, Agent.
Notice is hereby given that ut days after dale I
inteud to Hpply to the Hon. the Chief Commissioner of Lands and Works for permission to
purchase the following described lands In the
West Koot win v district: Beginning st it post
marked B. UeiVs h. K, comer, about two miles
east of the Balmon river, and hull a mile from
the I'end d'Oreille river, Ihcnce 80 cluilns north,
40 ehalns west, 80 Ohalni soutli and lo < hnitis east
to plaee of beginning.
Hated 27th day of July, IWO. R. B. l.m.j..
Sixty days afterdate I Intend to apply tothe
Commissi _er 0. Lands and Wnrks, victoria, to
purehase 160 acres of laud. Commeuelng at a
post pi ii ii led on thc west shore of Arrow* Lake, nt
thc south east corner Of J. J ChrtsUc's pun base,
running norlh 80 chains, thence cast SB chains,
theuce soutli 80 chains, thence west 8o chalus to
Win-." ol commencement.
Located Hay, ��h 1906,
L. (iALLAOHia, Locator.
Notice is hereby given tlini two months after
date l intend to apply to ibe Honorable chief
Commissioner of lianas and Works for permission to purchase 040 acres of land* described as
follows: Commenolng at a post planted al ihe
southwest of i.. '. Mortison'l raii-Ti In Fire
Valley,  West  KooUna\   dlitrlot,  marked ".I. O.
Monro's northeail oorner post"; thenoeSOchalns
west; tbence SO ehalna iouth) thenee80 ehains
cast; theuce BOohalns north to the piace of commencement
Dated nth .lav of Sept 'inber, IWK.
I. II. Bftmaoi,
W. A. C.it.KH, Agent.
Nntice [| bereby given thai 00 dayi alter dale I
Inieml toapply tn the Hom.rable the chief Commissioner of Landi and Works (or permission to
purchase the [ollowlng deaeribed lands tn the
West Kootenay district, near Burton City; com*
mencing at��im-t planted at the southeast oorner
of George Hudion'i pre-emption claim, and
marked flurry 0. Tolling ton'I N. K. C. post, and
running south 10 chains, thenoe west80ohalns,
thenee north  IO chain**, thence ���-���i*-'. .'iii'li-iiii- Io
place of beginning-, containing K0 acres of land,
more or less.
Dated thll SOU] day ol August, 1906,
.Kkrv "i. TOLUHOTOtf-
Nolle.* ts hereby given that 60days alter dale I
intend to make application to the Honorable Ihe
Chief Coininlsslouer of landsand Works for permission lo purcliHse abniii 3no acres of laud situ
ated on the Salmon river, Weat Kootenav district,
commenolng at a post marked B R. Rutter'i N K.
Corner, plauied on the west bank of lhe river,
about 4\ miles norlh of the international IsMiud-
ary, tbenoe west 60 chains, theuce ail chains
soutli, thenee east about Jo chaini lo ihe river,
ihcnce northerly along lhe river lo place of eommeneement.
August 18th, 1W0. fl. R. RlTTKR,
T. II. Atkinson, Agent,
Nollee is hereby given that two mouths after
dale I inteml to Hpply tothe Honorable the Chief
Commissioner of Lilt ids and Works for a Lease of
all thai laml being the foreshore adjoining sub-
dlvi-lons 1. :t ami 4'of Lot 80S, (.roup one (1)
Kooteiiuy. and being on the south shore of the
Wesl Ana of Kootenay take, in the district of
Commencing at a post marked "A. K. Walls'
southeast corner post"; ihence 60 chains west,
theme Ll) chain* north: thence 00 chains east;
thence 30Ohalni south lothe place of commencement; the satd laml and foreshore to be be used
for sawmill purposes.
Dated this '.1st day of August, PMC.
A. K. Watts.
Notice is hereby given that 60days after date I
intend to apply io the llouorable the Chief Commissioner uf Lands and Works for permission to
purchase the following describee] laud in West
Kootenay District about seven miles south of
Hurton City: Commencing at a post plauied on
tlie east bunk ot Trout Creek and marked Alex
Chevne's N, W. C. Post and running south HO
chaius; thencfl east H<| chains; thence north W
chains; thwi'c west SO chains to post of beginning.-, containing mo acres of land, more or less.
Dated thll .ttnd day of August, liWfi
W. II   Hamilton, Agent.
Notice is hereby given that sixty days alter
date   I   Intend   to apply  to  tiie  Honorable  the
chief Commissioner of Lands and Works, for
Tier mis-ton to purchase the following described
lauds commencing at a post marked George Toi-
lingtoii's N, K. C. post, at the southeast corner
ol J. O. He-Grade's pre-emption claim and
running south lOchalus io southwest  corner of
Geo. Hudson's pre-emption claim) thenee westDO
chains;  thenee north  40 chains,  lhetice east 20
chains to place of eommenoement, containing so
acres of land more or less.
Dated lliis Hth day oi August, 1906.
A. A. Hurton, Agent.
Notice ls herebv given that sixty days after
dnle I intend tO apply to tin* Hou. Chief Commissioner of Landl and Works for permission to purchase the  following described  lauds  siluale in
West Kootenay dlstricti Commenolng Ht a post
marked J. H. \ Hti-tonc's S.K  corner post, situate
iu the Balmon River Valley, Ht a point adjoining
J. Meechcr's lund at western boundary, thence
west HO chains, thence north 40 chains, thence
east B0Chains, Ihence south tO chuiiiH to point of
July _Mth, 1906. J- H. Vanstone,
T. II. Atkinson. Agent.
Sixty davs niter date, I, Murgrelt Me'.uarrie.
inteml loupply to thc Honorable thc Chief Commissioner of Undsand Works. Victoria.B.a.
to purchase the following described land,   O in
mencing at a posl marked M. lieQuarrlt, on the
bank of Lower Arrow lake, tlience lo ehalns
west;thepco00chains norih: thenee to chains
easti thence tt ohalns south lo place of com
meneement,said to contain 160 ueres more or
less.    Covering ground bold by <���. B. Anderson's
Dated this utii dav of Beptember, pmw.
Mahi'Iiktt HoQOA-UUI,
W. L. I'avnk. Agent.
Notice i�� bereby given thatilxty davs after
date I intend to apply to Uu Honorable the Cblel
Com mlssloner of Liuds and Works for perm ISSlOO
to purehase the following described lamls sltuatw
m Wesl Kootenaydlstrlot: Commencing at�� post
planted at Robert Corlell's norlh east eoruer
post and marked A. M's N. W. Corner thenco
eu-t HU'halns; tlience iuchains south, more or
le>8 to the Knoieiiay river; tlience 40 chnins went
along the Koolenay river; lbence 10 eliains
north, more or less, to the place of commencement, containing lot) acres more or lesr*.
BepMmber Hth i'J0��.
Annik Mi-ou..,
Wii,i.iam Mookk as Ageut.
Notice ts hereby given that sixty days after
date 1 intend to apply to the Honorable the
Chiel Commissioner nf Lands and Works (or
-permission to purchase the following described lands situate in the West Kootenay
district. Marling from a posl planted on the
north bank of The Norlh Fork of Dog creekl
thenee 20 ehalns west, to ehalns north, 60 eliains
west, 40 ehains north, 3Q chains west, 80 chains
north, JO chains west, ���'" eimiiis north, HO chains
east, _�� chains soutli, W chains east, .0 ehatns
south, k) chains east, in chains south to polul of
commencement) oontainlng mo acres.
Dated 1Mb day of August, 100T,.
Kknkst W. Roiunson
Notice ls bereby given that 00 days after date 1
intend to make appl Icatlon tothe Honorable thc
Chief Commissioner of Lands and Works Inr permission   to   purchase H-I'i acres of laud   Hi  tho
district of West Kooiwiny, commenting at a post
plau'ed on the south side of Houndarv creek oil
lhe International boundary line, oue mid a half
mdes east from lln* Salmon river, markeii "KMhu
K, Admits, SOUtheaal corner," thence west tit
chains, tbence north W chains, tlience east HO
ebalni, theuce south HO chalus to place of commencement.
El.im:  B,  A I.AM", Lor ����� tor,
pei It. irL Reeves, as Agent.
Dated this _ih day of July, its*.
Sixty days after date I Inteml to apply lo the
Honorable the Chief Com mis-loner id Land*- and
Worts, Victoria, to purchase MO acres of land,
located   and   deicrlbed   as   follOWS!    Being the
northeast quarter of Bectlon twenty*two, and
the Mm Mi half of the northwest quarter Motion
twenty three, Township sixty-nine.  And further
described as follows: Commeuelng at a post
marked J J, N. W, corner, and planted lti chalus
east of the northwest coiner of Heel ion twenty-
two and running easl 40 * halus, theuce souih B
chains, lhetice east 40 chains, (hence iouth ki
chains, theuce west to chslns, theuce north U
chains to place of begtutilug.
August -'1st, r-oi. Jamks Johnsionk,
W. A. ('aider. Agent.
Notice Is hcreijjr given that 60 days nfier dnle I
intend toapply lo thc Honorable the Chiel Commissioner of Lands and Works for permission
to purchase the foliowltlgdeMrlU-d laud, siluate
iti Fire Valley, in Hu* West Koolena) district, adjoining W. A. (alder's pre emption. Marling al a
post   marked  M. Mot|uarrie's southwest corner,
running-mi chains cast, thence 40ebalns nortb,
thence DO chains west, theuce 40 chains souih to
point of commencement-
Dated this mh day of Bop tern ber, wok.
MAKT   Mit't'AllHIK,
J. K. Tayi-ok, Agenl.
Notiee is hereby given thnt Ul dnys niter Hate I
Intend lo apply to the Hon. lhe Chief Commissioner of Lands ami Works for permission to purchnse lhe following described lauds In West
Ko- tenay district, province of UrilMi Columbia.
Couiineucliig  at a  posi  marked   A. A. Hurton'*
B. w. corner, on the south side of Cariboo creek,
about iwo miles easl Of Hurton City lowusilc,
and at the northwest corner ol William McDcv-
itt's pre-emplloii claim, lbence east 40 i tialns,
Ihence north CO chains, theme west 40 chains,
thence soutli 00 chains to lhe plai-cof begiuniug,
Oontainlng MO acres more or less,
Daied this Mtb day of July, 1906,
a. a. Btmratr,
Notice is berebf given thai fio dnvs alter date I
In lend toapply to the Honorable Chief Com in is
Slonir of l.'insl- nml Works for permission to put ���
chase the following desoribed lands, situate In
the West Kootenav district, starling from a p>.-.i
p'antedattheH.W.corncrof Kriicst W.J.obm-on's
Application to Purchase, and on the north bank
of the North Fork of Hog ereuk; thence 40 chains
���west, Ho chains north, 100 chains easl, 40 chains
south, '20 chains west, tlOchalnssouth to intersection of north Mneof K. w. Boblnsou'sApplication
to PUTOhase, theuce 40 chains wesl mid 90 chains
south 10 {mint of oommencement, oontainlng60
Haled 18lb day of August, J1*-".
K w. Kobinson,
per Krniwt W. BOBOtfOV, Agenl.
Notice is herehy given that flO days after date I
intend toapply to the Hon. the Chief Commissioner of I .nn. I- mid Works for [Mrmisslon to nur-
cIihsc the following described lauds In West
Koot-eliay district, province of Hritish Columbia;
Commenolng atajwist marked "William Tolling-
ton's northwest corner post." said POSt being
planted at lhe southwest corner of the "t.ueen
Mineral Claim," and adjoining the east line of
McPhall'i pre-empllon, thence south twenty (JI)
chains along snid line, thenc- east forty (40)
ohalns, theuee north twenty 1.20) chains, thence
west forty (40) chaitismore or less, to the place of
Dated 1st <Imj* of Auguit, IWf,.
WILLIAM Toi.i.inoton,
By hii agent J. K. Taylor.
Notiee is hereby given thnt sixty dnvs niter
date I intend to applv tothe Hou, Chief Commissioner of Landl and Works for permission to
purchase the following described lands, lu
Wesl Koolenay District: Commencing at an initial post planted at Ihe southeast comer of Me-
cov'i pre-emption, thence 30 ohalns west to oasi
iKiiiudary  of   l...t   6190;   tlience  following   sHid
boundary souih to southeast comer of said lot;
thenee 10 ebalns wesl; theuee 50 chains south;
thence :t0 chains east; thence JO ehalns norlh to
southwest corner of l>it 333) thence following
west bonndary of Lot SSS to initial post.
September 21, 1'JGK. ��. '����� W oi.KK,
.     per Krnest W. Bohinson.
Notice is hereby given that sixty days after date
I Iniend to apply to lhe Hon. Chief Commission
erof Lands and Works for permission to purchase the following described lands, 100 acres,
commencing at a post marked John Toye, planted on th.cast shore of Lower Arrow lake, about
one mile north of Hiinshlm* creek. Ihence forty
chains east, tlienco forty chains south, Ihcme
forty chains west, thenefl forty chains norlh
along lake shore lo point of coiiinicucwnelil.
Dated this Lith day oi -September, 1906,
John Tuvk,
Haiihv QIBSOX, Agent.
Notice Is hereby given that 60 days af Ier dale.)
Illlcml to apply to tin- Hon. Chief Commissioner
of Lands ana works (or permlnion to purchase
the following descrlls-d tract of land slliuilc in
WOSl Kootenay Disiriei: Commencing at thc
southwest corner   of   I��t IMP.  thence  runlng
west to chains; tiiwice north kt ohalni; thence
wesl 40 chain*-, thenee north ���_-! chains; ihcnce
easl  HO chains;  thence souih 40 chains to point
of commencement, oontainlng Mf acres-, note or
Dated at Nelson, D. 0., this '_-lrd day of Julv,
1006, MaHV  NAN1.AN,
per F. ('. (ireen, Agent.
Nollee Is hereby given that On dnvs after dale I
intend toapply to the Honorable the chlel Commissioner of Lands and Works for permission lo
pureliuse the following described lands situate
In West Kootenav District: Commenwig hi a
post marked "P. McArthur'.. N. W. corner post
situate near Hie N. K. comer oi land applied lor
by H. McArthur Ihenee south 40 chnins, more or
less; thonco east ho chains; thenee north 40
Ohalns, mora or less; Ihenco wesl HO ehnins lo
poini oi commenoement.
Halmo, 11. c, August llth. 1900.
T. 11. Atkinson, Agent.
Hlxly days after date I Intend to apply to the
Commissioner of Lands and Works, \ [purla, to
purchase 160 acres of laud, situnle and described
as followi: Commeuelng ata post planted on the
west side of Arrow lake opposite Cariboo city, nt
or near the southwest comer of B, Haig purchase, nnd marked "a. M. A.,H. K. corner," and
running north 40 chains, llienee weft 40 chains
lo 11. Annable's purchase, tbence souih 10 chnins
moreor less to the lake shore, tbenee along the
lake shore lo place uf beginning,
Aligns! 'Iiiiii. V.tot. U. M. ANNAIII.K.
Notice ia herehy glven'thnt 00 days afler date I
intern! to apply to the Honorable tlie Chief Commissioner of Lands and Works, Victoria, to purchase ko acres of Imul, situate about ilie mile
easl of Burton Olty on tha cast sldeol Arrow
lake, and described us follows: Commencing nt a
post planted at the northeast corner of UOlOlnO-
Iheiiee north '20 chains, thence went 41 chalus,
theuce south 90 chains, theuce cast 40 chnins to
place of beginning
August mh, itm J. It, Hunter.
Nollee is hereby given that BOOSTS Klterdttc I
inteud i*. npi-it- to the Hoiiomhle the chief
Conftalsslooer of Landi and Works (or permission Ui purchnse the following described lamls
id one
I. Pearaon'i on the north, aboul ���
quarter miles irom the J'cnd d'Orwlh
mwiciug nt a posl marked C, F. CaldwelT'irB. H
corner post, theuce Ho chains north, thence 40
chnins wesi, menu Nt chains south, lbence 40
clonus ensl |o pb.ee of comiiicncem.-iit
Located the Ut day of Anauat, 1006.
Hkhman Kkai'kh, Agent.
Notice is bereby given that oo days alter date i
intend toapply tothe Honorable the Chief Commissioner uf I.Hiids nnd Works (or permission lo
purchase the following described land in Wosl
Kooteuay District about B|\ miles south of Hurton''My:    i.mencing ala post plniilcd ���n  the
oasi hank of Trout creek ami marked C, L I- i-i,
er's N w.O. Post and running south an ehains;
tbonce cutso chains; Lho  north B0 chains;
thence wesl 80 chains to the place of commence
ment,containing 640aorea, moreorless.
Dated IhtlttUd dny ol Augusl, lSOO,
('. L. KlMHKR
w, ii, iuhii.ion. Agent.
Notlco is hereby givwi Ihnt 60 dan afler date I
Intend toapply to the Hon.-ruble tin- OttlOi Com-
mlssloner of Landsand Works tor i-n, ',i,
purchase the following descrila-d lnmis; Com-
mencing nl a post marked "J. W It's H. W. corner." placed on thu easl shore of l^.wer Arrow
Uke at the northwest corner of J. Christie's Application to Purchase, running thenoe U ohalns
east, thenee to chains north; thence to Wmius
moreor lass, west to tho lake shore; tbenoe fol
lowing lake shore  to  point  ol commencement
containing MO acres mure or less.
Dated tlie Bid day Of July, 1808.
J. W. Batss.
Notice is hereby given Ihnt 60 days slier dale I
intend lo apply to the Honorable lhe Chief Commissioner ol Landsand Works For permission to
purchase the following deaeribed lands, situated
on thfl east side of Arrow like;   Cnuiineming at
the northeast oorner of A. Anthonys purchase,
thence   norlh   forty  chains,   thenoe wen forty
cbHins,  theme  south   forty  'hains, Mictice easl
forty chains to point of commencement, containing 160 aores, more or less.
Dated September i, tflOS.    Iajom 9, Maci.kop,
peril, Dkmkks, Agenl.
Notice is hereby given that 00 davs aller dale I
iniend to appiv io ih.- Hon chief Commissioner
of Ijinds nml Works  lor jtcnnlssloii to purelon-r
the followlug described lends, sinmu-d in the
Kootonay district: commencing at a posl mark
ad "HltW B, K. corner." planlcfon the -hor.* ol
LOWar   Arrow    lake,   about   one   mile  souih   ol
Gordon ereek (Johnston oraek,) thenoa north so
chains, theuce west SO chains, thence south SO
chnins. thenOB cast B chaius to point of commencement. coiitHiuing li-n acrea moreorless,
and comprising abandoned preemption No. 070.
Staked llils'illh dayof August, 1900.
A. N, Wol.vKRTOH, Agent.
Notice Is hereby given Mint 00 dnvs niter date I
intern! to npplv Io Hie Honorable Chief Comnii-
stom-rof lj.fol- and Works for permission to pur
chase tin* following deaeribed lands, situated ou
the ensi side of Arrow lake: Commencing al ��
post marked A. Macleod's location posl, Ihence
south firty chains, followlug W. Toye'S eastern
boundary! thenOS cast Sixty chains, to east hank
of Qarlbaidl Dnek) thenee north forty chalnst
thwice east slily chillis to point of commence-
ment, continuing .'..-o acres, more or less.
Dated September 1, 1906,        Ai.kxa HAOUtOP.
Per n. Duma, Agent.
Notice is hereby given that 00 days after dl 'e I
Intend lo apply to the Honorable tlie Chief ( . m-
inlssloner of Lands aud Works for permission lo
purchase the following described hinds, si-trting
(rom a post marked w.T's northwest post, thenoe
south 40 ehnins, thenee east ho chains, thenoe
north 40 cbnlns. Ihence west ao chains to p..Inl of
oommeneement, containing ;t*o ueres, more or
less; adjoins on the easl of A. Anlhoiiy's appllca
Hon to purchnse.
Dated lliis 28th day of August, 1006.
W. Toyr.
N, DWBI- Ageni.
Notice Is hereby given thai slxtv days after dale
] iniend lo apply to the Hon. Chi'cf Commission
erof Landl and Works for permission lo purchase ihe loiiowing described lands, ISS acres,
���'tuning nt n post marked Catherine ToyOi and
plauied on the eaat shore of l-ower Arrow lake.
near  QladatOttO Creek,   thence SO   chains  east.
thence80ebalni north, ihcnce to ehnins west to
lake   shore,   thence soutli  along   lake shore to
point of commencement.
Dated itns l.'ilh dav of September-, 1808
cathxrimb Ton,
IIaiikv i;iiismn, Agent.
Notice is horeby glren that 00days alter date f
intend toapply to thc Honorable the chici Commissioner of Landsand Works lor permission lo
purchase lhe lollowlng described lands situated
on the cast side of Arrow lake: Commencing al
ihe southwest comer of A. Anthony's purchase,
thence sou ih twentv ohalni, thence east twenty
chains, thonOO north twenty chains, thence WOSl
twenty ohalni to point of <- mouoomedt, oon
tninlng no acres, more or less,
Haled September 1, 1U00        It.--it: M.Htcaiit,
per n. Dumbs, Agent.
Noiiee is hereby given thai ilxty days aftei
.Into I intend toapply to lhe Hunorable the Chid
Com mlssloner of Lands and Works lor permission
lo purchase lhe following described Intlds, sl'll-
iii. in lhe Wesl Koolenay distriet, nud adjoining
Paul Andre's preemption, starling at a i-1-'
murked A.J.l-ong.N K. comer, on the west-Im""1'
of Lower Arrow lake, Ihence 80 chains Wit*,
Ihcnce 10 chains south, tbenee 20 chain*CM'*
thence 10 chains north to point of eoiuuieii-1''
naicd at Nelsou, B.C., this nth day of September, 1806 A..L I-oN-b
Wm. Poi.Uiui, Agent.
Notice is hereby given lhat 00 davs irom dale I
iniend to apply lo the Honorable the Chief Com
mlssloner of Lands nnd Works, for permission to
purchase the following deicrlbed lands, lltuatfl
In tne district of Wesl Kooteuay, adjoining Lot
700 on the west arm of Koolenay lake, comiiieii
clng at llieinlllnl   posl placed al lhe southwest
comer of Lot 700, lbence north -k) eliains, thonce
wesl kt chains,  llienee  souih ��) chalus, thenco
ni"* 'JO chains 'o point of commencement.
Dated Aug. 15th, 1806. Jakks Kkaxkk.
Noiiee is hereby given thai 00 days alter date I
Illlcml toapply lo tlie Honorable the Chief Com
lulssionerol Lands ami Works for permission to
purchase tha1 following described lands: Commencing al a post marked "J. A. Ol R* H. W. corner." pinned al the northeast comer of Lot 8801
rujii.lngHOchnltis north; thonce ��0 chnins cast;
theme M0 chslns south; thence HO chains west to
point ui commencement, coulsluitig om acrei
more or less.
Dated Ihu '-'1st day of July 1<J06.
J. A. O'BIILLY The Daily Canadian
For Unpaid Delinquent Tiixcm In the Nelson A.*_e����m��nt District, Province
of British Columbia.
I Hereby t\VQ notUU that on Friday-, the twelfth day Ol October) A. IL, UM, nt the hour of twelve o'clock noon, nt the Court House, Nelson,
II 0    I (ditill offer for sale by public auction the lands hereinafter sel out of the perioiis lti said list hereilinflir set out, for the dclim-iienl taxes  unpaid
by iaid persons u on tho thirty-first day of December, ltoft, and for interest, costs end e<ponse*j including cost of advertising said sate, if the total
.moonl due Is nol sooner paid:
Chestnut, K'I	
carlmn. L. n	
Malhimlalnc, Kd	
quelle, Thoe    	
KruebcrK,   Hello	
Johnson, F. W	
Benny. Qlen M	
LePaae, Louisa..	
Burrough. Rachel M    	
WriL'ht, Hnrrv      	
ffolr, Conrad & Devault, j. v.
Blng, Kee       	
Roams, Henry	
Anderson, Oscar	
Cad rat, chnrlcs	
Bldorada Mines, Limited
American Eagle 0. at. Oo	
McArthur. Win 	
Kid.irado Mines, Limited    .
Alhabaaes -Venus Bo	
Hu-i-rolt. Hot	
He.*. Arthur	
Iltck, Arthur 	
Chlpniari, J	
Kellv, A   H 	
10 aeroi in Block Ml, Lot HI*, (LI	
Illork 1, Lot Mill, <i. L, tOacni	
Blocks iT, 38, tJ, I-c��t��ls, <L I.,lnlaen>s	
Itbxk 7, Lot Hal. U   I ,'2nerei	
Block U, I-"l 101, 0. t., to acres	
Block II. Lol 888, <i. P, (l.ioncrcs	
Hl-xk I'J, Lot t'ii, li. l,..0iicres	
BO acres In Boo-H knd M, TpTlla. and Bee Sl.Tp.iaa, Ul 1W),0 i
1 acre In Hection t, Tp ll, Lot 1237, (I. I	
1)3-89 aeres in Beeton 18, Tn. N, Lot vm ti.l	
..acres In Section H, Tp. 00. Vol lttt,Q, I ���	
1.01 acres iti BeOtiOO 7, Tp. 17, \a>1 iitl.U. I  	
49.76 acres in H--**ij*m ���/?, *2M. 88,84, T. n, Lot 19*3,0.1	
���t07Micres1n Hectlon O.Ti.. 17. Lol l_M_\ li. I	
8 J0 acres hi Hoctlnn ki. Tp. 17, Ia.i V2f2 	
id om acres In Section 8(. Tp 11, Lol 1218,0.1	
47 .'Hi acres in BeeMou82Tp. 81, Lot 1948,0, I	
97.96aorei in Section io,Tp �����'. Lot 1941, CM	
88 JO acres Inflection ll'and 90, To  to, Lot 1844,0. I	
-ji 43 acres in Beotlon Btt,Tp 81. Lot 8881,0 I	
70 acres in l-nt 104, 0.1	
.-.neres iu Lot W0. <i. 1    	
Hl-trk l>, Lot 819, (1   I -, .fi acrei	
Lot 9919,0   I  . 131 acres 	
Part LotMdO, Q   I., 80 neres	
'->_ acrei lu Lot 883.0.1	
Duled at Nelsou, B. 0., thll Oth day of September, UK**.
Costs nud
1    7ft
*    ii:,
f 8.80
H 00
PI 40
to ni
���i m
88 DO
���i do
���I 60
4 00
ft 00
���i (HI
ft I..
t 80
0 40
���2 UO
. 70
���l WI
4 ��0
���2 no
8 .'w
3 00
a vi
:t no
8 uo
fi Ift
t u.'.
*_ 00
8 75
;i HO
1 00
0 70
fl H0
���J Oil
ft. Ift
1�� ftft
li IS)
t .to
OollOOtor, Nelson Asiessmeni Hlstrlet.
No Bank Failures In China.
"It Is 900 years since the failure of
a bank fn China," said a hank exam
(ner. "More than 900 hundred yeara
a^o, in thc reign of Hi Hung, a bank
failed. HI Hung had the failure Investigated, and to bis Indignation found
it had been due to reckless and shady
conduct on lhe part of the directors
and the president Ht Hung at once
Issued an edict thnt the next time a
hank failed the heads of its president
and directors were to he cut off. This
edict, which has never bttfcn repealed,
hus Diode China's hanking institutions
tbo sufest In the world."
Tho late Irade and labor congress
held at Victoria ignored tho socialist
delegates In attendance and decided
to launch a new party upon the troubled sea of Canadian politics. This
party does not bid fair for some time
at least to become much of a factor
111 this country, and If it does not die
in the horning it will he more fortunate than many others formed under
like circumstances.���HIalrmore Times.
Uneasy lies the head that wears a
crown, perhaps, but it is merely hearsay with the majority of us.
Carry s complete stock ol Foreign wines, Boar Liquors
and Urjnonrs, nud Oanulon Wines ��ud wblskms.
��� Vou chu Iniy ONK bottlS fort, Hhi-rry, Claret, Briwuly, liln, Kntn, Bye, faftsh,
Ale Or Stout, Or nuy IncroaSM <|UHijUljr you desire.     Kor family uta* tryuur
6PHONB 300.
P. O. HOX   H ��-_-<>
P. Burns & Co.
Take noilce tlitt I Intend lo raf>|-ly I
treble the Ohlef CommMloner ot .
tin* II,,U
Undfi mut
WorkN for * npeclnl UnotUM to cut and carry
away llnil.er from Uie following 'tcMcrltied land**
nltuale en tlie north fori or Kettle Hiver In  the
District of Vale:  Commenolng hi n poil morlced
"J.   McIIoiikIiI'h  nortbWSSt corner   post  No. 1,"
jilanicd 88bhelns north fr-rni the post marked
"1. o   Nelson's northwest corner pom No. I;"
Ihence HU chalUN  BOOthj thence WI ejiatlii caul;
thenoeUchains north; thenoe80ohalns wesl to
the place of commenoement, oontainlng NO
acres more or less
Patcri tin- nth day of AliKUil, 1808.
J. Mi I*-.i.n .u.l.
Cnah. Fasnell, Agent.
I int'-rid to ��]i;<iy to (tic Holi-
< Chief   i"..jjuni-*-ioii.n   of   Lit ml.   and
Tnkc notice that
orahle thi
Works for a Hpeclal 1 i-
tiiuhci from the followlna  deserlhed In ri
ate on ihu North Kork Ol Kettle rlfer, in the district of Vale:-
Commeuelng at a imni niarked "I. n. Nelson's
northwest corner pdSt No it," iMdnc m - .mliix
norlh from the j,*i*-i marked "J SlcOouald'n
northwest enrner post No. 1." theuee aouth SO
chains] thenco cant WdmliiH; theuce north 80
i li-iiio-; thenoo went tO challih Io the place of he-
.iniiiiiK. coulaiuing ti**i acre* ssore or lem.
liiticl ihi- Llth day of Auguxt, 19U6.
L 0. Nelson,
(-has   Karnell, Ageut.
Imperial Bank of Canada
Head Offlce:  Toronto.
CAPITAL AUTHORIZED... .1^,000,000. CAPITAL PAID UP... .$1,280,000
BEST H,3S0,000.
D. B. W1LKIE, Prtwid-nt. HON. BOBERT JAFFRAY, Vioe-Preradent
Bunches in British Colombia:
Deposit* nwjcivod aud intertx-st allowed at current rates from date of opening account aud credited half-yearly.
isBU-OfN branch ��J��  JVf*  LAY, -Ylanaffer.
Branch Mariteta in   Rooalflnd,  Trail,  Nelson, Kaslo,   Sandon, Three Forks,  New
Denver and Slocan Otty.
Ordsri hy mall to any liranch will hare
our prompt ami OSTOtUl atleniton.
He-id Office: Nelson, B. C.
New Fall
Goods Arriving
ImpoKwr t>f   I'lue
I Irtgll-Bll   < tiMul-t
Jno. T. Pierre
Huk.r St.
Nelaon, B. C.
Budweiser Beer
Order quantity before cold weather sets in.
NELSON      *- AaSKfAJa?rtttah    VICTORIA
OKai.kii tknukhh, proper))' tndor-Md, trill u-
V-5    received   bv   thfl   linderflKlie<l ii|i lo Hud 111-
��in.tun; m I .* . tin- niiccuth Ootobariioxt, fnr
tin* erection uml cniitiiletlou of 11 Oonrt Hounc Ht
Nelion, B. v.
HiHwiuKs Mpeeinoationi and comtitiouM of tender nml contrM.i nmy be seen al the PUbllO
WorkN Bnglneofi offlce, Vlotorla, B. C, ninl at
the offlCO Ol llie liuVcruuiclH A|_.'iil, Nel soli, B.C.,
ou ii ud niter the Mill Beptember liexi-
Kadi under unit bo accompanied wllh r
mn rked cheque for live (.'>) oar oonL of tlie a-
mount of the tender for the fHtltilul iierforumnce
nml compleUou of ih<> work.
ThochoquM of unineoovful tonderori will be
reluriic'I lollicin on  lhe execution of the con-
'cestiiirily ne
The  Inffi'M   or  HUV  tender I
I'ut.iic Worki Bug I near,
i.iitci** mi'l Worki Department.
vietoriH. B C, 8th Seplombar, 1006,
Certificate of Improvements
Qlnntlo, Qlant,  Pifii ahanos, ChKhalili, nud
Twenty Mile Kmcllmi mineral cIrIiiih, hllu-
ute iu the Nelaon Mining DlvlalonofWett
Kuril* li pi v district
Where located : On IMindceinoiliittiln, lietweoti
Wild Hone and BearOreoki,
Take notice that I, John HOLatOhlO, of lhe clly
(ifNelPnii, MctliiR n.-jiiKcni for loaephpturgoou,
free  Mliier's  Cerllllcale  No.MM, Intend,llaty
dny�� from the date hereof, to apply tothe Mining
Recorder for Uerllflcatea of improyoinenfa. for
the ptirpbat of obtaining Ctown Cfrantaoitne
above olaltni
And further take notice that iietlon.umler hcc-
tiou 37, muit t��e commenced before um Issuance
nl -in li i crllflcHlc of ImnrovemculH
Hated ihis IIImI dny of July, A. D. ItHKl.
.I'UIN Ml I.Al. hik.
Teuderx mldressed to the nndsrilgned, nt Ull
Ofllc.' In the Court llniir-e, 111 the City ol Nt'lson,
will Im* receive I un till (he hour of live o'clock In
(hf-Hflcriinon of Monday, October 10th, Pm, for
tho purchase of the "Blue Kyed Nellie" Mineral
Claim, Lot 3880, Which W*�� deelared ftirfelted to
die crown at (he Tax Sale lieltl in the ('Uv of
Nclmin on tbeAih dav of November, i��w, for delinquent laxeK up till June ���������t\U. 1900, am] costs.
Tho upset price Upon the Maid mim-ml cluim.
which IneiUflCri the amount of delfnitueiif taxes
and ooeti at (lie time of forfeiture, with intcrcNl;
taxes which have .*-1in-.- accrued; mi'l h*' for
erown graiit, Ik t'i20!>. which U ill*- leMl aiii"iiut
ihai will '"��� oonildered asa tender.
Kach tender muil in* accompanied by an ao-
oepted ohftqUe, payable lo lhe order of the Pepu-
t* tinmtnlaaloner of i,ami��anii Workf*. itparal
\ Ictorla, II. c . for (he an nt lendeivd.
QovernmentAgent, s.i-.ui, B.C.
Dale') at Nel M. C , ihfn l.'th
day of Heiitemhcr. I'.HMi.
Certificate of Improvements
'Kellpse  No. 2,"   "Vevcy,"   "Happy  Medium,"
"inieriiuiioiiai" uml "A in fractional In
eral clitlmh, situalcil lu the Hloetiti City Mliilnii
Division of Wosl Kooienay district.
Where I led:- North Of 'JWOlVfl Mile creek,
nhout two miles up.
Take nollee tlial I, II. It. .lorillid, of Slocan, ��.
*'-, Krce Miner's   ertiNeHte No. B78U00, uagent
for I,. A.Cole. Krce Miner's Cernilcatc No. blBM,
Inieml, sixty iliiyHfrom lhe date hereof, to anp y
tothe Mlnfni; Recorder for il Certlllcilte of Ini-
jiroveuieiitH, for lhe purii.HeofobtaluiiiK al'rown
firaiitufauM inlueralelsltiiN
And further inl. ���   notice that action, uu er
section fl, must bo nommanood before the i*hu-
mice of Mich Cerllllcnte of Imiuoveiiienti*.
Dated (IiIh wth day of Hepleiiihor, 1900.
11. K. .loltAMl,
Under ami hy virtue ol lhe power of i&la eon-
lntlicd In a certain Imlciitureof UortgagS, which
will he produced nt the limeof Hale, there will he
old on Friday, Ootober bth, Ptn\, hi 18o,elocli
noon, by ch,iM, a. Waterman A Op., auoUoneeis,
ut Hlriilhcoua Hotel. In the clly of Nelson, In the
Province ol Hrlti-.ii Coluinhia, thc followiiiK
lauds and premise*-,, iiaiili*' '!
bus I, ll). 81, 22. ami a-, iu Block 9, Atldttioti
"A," lu thcKiindlvistonof Disirfclhot l-t),(iroun
], Weit Division ol the Koolenay District, accord'
1 iiK t<> '> map or plan of the shuI Suhillvlsloii de-
posited lu the Laud Registry Ofllce and uuuilicr-
ed -MB,
Dot -I is vacant.   On Lots 9018 there ll said to
he a (wo-slory t-'ramc Dwelling, also a Kntnie
Terms and eomlltloim of nalc will he   made
known at lhe time of sale.
For further parliculam apply to
Vendor's HoUciiors, 1(iisIIiik�� -^t..
Vancouver, B. 0.
Dated thin With day of September, 1900.
Old Curiosity Shop
If you want lo buy or m'll anything!
go to thn Olii Curlo-lly Shoji. A now
lino of Japanese (IooiIb now on sale. All
kind- of liinni'i wiin' lu stock, fat-
NottCQ in hereby fflven thut Ihe Annual (Jeiieral
Mod lux of ThcKvaiiohl Mines, Limited, wHI ho
hold In thcofll f the com I'd li v, K. W. ('.block,
Nelson, It. ll,, on Tuesday, Hnd October, i.n hi, al 11
O'clock, p, m. By order,
W.C. BAYLY, Becrolery.
NI.I.SON,   H. C.
Silver King Hotel
Baet Dollar a daj house in the Eootenayi.
Koonii are well furnished.  Table an good as an?
Ui Nelion.    Baraupplled with good
liquors aod clears.
W. K. McCANDLISH, Proprietor.
Tremont House
European and Amerloao Plan
Meals V cn.   Booms from a cu. to ll
Only White Help Employed
Baker Rt., Nelson Proprietors
Bartlett   House
Best Dollar -a-Day House in Nelson.
The Bar Is the Finest.
White Help Ouly Employed.
Joseph tne Ht.
The Big Schooner n���    |A
Or "Hill ..nd Half"    DCCI     1 UL,
The only Glass of Oood Beer iu Nelson.
ll.slrl ,si's'i,tiiisss'slistlssiiss sii'sisisil to ii<>ti,' In llrlt-
ISSll (SlllllllllllH.    llsss,.. $1.1.1 |,.i.lisv.   K)s.ss>lHl raUsH
lis monthly bMraen. Only borne hot-ilu Nei��on
Lake View Hotel
('iirii'T Hall aod Vernou,
two blocks from wbHrf.
Kates 11.00 per day and up.
KPK.     N.ZLSON, b. c.
We have Improved and Unimproved Ranches for
Sale on the Kootenay and Slocan Lakes, Slocan
Valley and Nelson District.
Before purchasing call
and examine our list.
H. & M. BIRD
���insurance.   Real Estate and Mining
Manager for the Kootenay Valleys Company, Ltd.
Oldest established Real Estate
Business in Kootenay.
Nelson, B. C.
Grand Central Hotel
J. A. ER1CKSON, Proprietor.
Centrally -oest--. Open Day and Night.
Hample and Bath Boom. Free,
Opposite Court House and Post Office.
Conn Ward ui Voaoo Sheets.
Th�� Strathcona
Nelson, B.O.
B. Tonikins, Manager.
Choice Fruit
I Have 10,000 Acres
of tbe
Choicest Frott Lands fa
British Colombia.
Can sell any quantity from 5 acres to 2,000 in one block.
Buy now and get the ground floor prices.
Nelson, B. C.
The Hall Mining and Smelting
Company, Limited.
Purchases Lead, Copper and Dry Ores.
The Leading Hotel in the
Oood   Sample   Rooms.
Queen's Hotel
Bs_er Street, HelMD. B. C.
Lighted by Electricity and
Heated by Hot Air
In,.") ansl Comfortable Bedroom, aad Flrat-
1 s-.�� I'-'ilntf Boom,  Sample Room, for -ommer*
ll.sl   SslcU.
MRS. X. C. CLARKE, Proprletrea.
The well known
Onr Boer Garden ia
the Finest in the
J. CROW,  -   -  Proprietor
Royal Hotel
Ratea |1 and |1.���0 a Day.
Special Ratea to il��K-lar Boardera.
British Columbia
New Westminster
New Westminster or Vancouver
$ J 6.55
On Bale September 38th October 3rd
Inclusive.   Return Oct llth.
WbollWftlc Bill)   Ki'tHll Di'Hll'f.i  ln
Fresh and Salted Meats
('iiinji*-! ttupplio.. nn shnrtast notice and
lowtmt price. Nothing but fresh nud
\v In tl esni im mi-nts nnd Kiipphw kept in stock
Muil orders receive direful attention.
The Musical Treat of the Season!
The Chicago
1 Concert and
I Orchestra Co.
October 12th
Under the Auspices of Nelson's 20,000 Gub
E. C. TRAVES,  Manager.
W.   O.   aiL.L,ETT
Gontrnwtor and
. Bole ��K��'iit tor thu i'orf.o Hlco Lumber Co., Mil..
retail yard*, kongli hiii] tire*ted lniiiU*r, turiH'a
wnrk iiii'1 lirm'kt'ts, Cornel l*Oi nml shinuli'.-. *ush
ami ilours. Cement, tirit-k und ilim- {or suit*.
Ail toindtli.erl mlcr.
Yard nml iiictiiry : Vernon St.. Mlt 0| Untl,
Ni:i_st>rs, M. c
P. O. Box ttt. Teli!phone 17..
For full particulars and berth reservations apply to local agents or write
A.H.P.A., Vancouver.
D.f.A.. Nelxon
A. McDonald & Co.
lJoiilisrs in staple and fancy GrocerioB.
Butte., Kkk-i-
Camp nml Mlnen' Supplies.
Spokane Interstate
September 24th to October 6th. 1906
Going Sept. 34th, one day only,
return fare will be
Going September _S.'.f>-2li-27-3fc
28-80 nud October 1-2-3 fore will be
All tickets limited to Oct. tth.
Each ticket has one admission
coapon to fair.
fESf-1 OCT. 2-6
Exhibition,   ���������
New Westminster $16.55 .
On sale ftiptemlxir 28th to Octo.
ber 2nd.   Limited October 11 th.
Only one night ou the road.
('Ity I'n.-neii��er Agent.
A U. P. A., Be-tllo.
West Transfer Co.
GE0R_- F. MOTION, ftuuftr.
General TeinisterH and Dealers in
(iimi aud Wiih s.   Express and
bagguue Transfer
P.lSfst*H Office: Baker St.
Thorpe _ Lithia
Thorpe & Co'y,
The Latest Modern Appliances
now in use at this
Baker Street.    -    NELSON.
For Everything Good
to Smoke.
Imported an. Domestic Cigars, Tobaccos.
D�� Ton Iin*- Tkomu's SpecUl Rfart-rc?
BAKER ST. The Daily Canadian
Precious Stones. It you want to make a good Investment put your
money Into a Diamond. Now Is the time before the price gets higher.
Our selection of stones is the best.
*                                              *
r     ..f^
Mvjiy m
1 1
ill \
j\       [sipsXiUiSV.
Book Ahead Fori
Preserving Pears:
The rjght kind ore scarce.   Wo ���
0  havo u nice lot of  looul Burt lot ts +
aud Flemish Beauties iu arrive. J
Lowest market prioes guaranteed, f
Bell Trading |
Company        ���
Gait Coal
Termii Hpot liMh
Telephone Mfi
MALT and
75 cts. per Gallon;
Wo Want Fresh Eggs.  Will give the
Highest Market Price.
Sjoy'sCash Grocery!
(.or.JoscphliifRtM! Mill Sti.
Waterproof Paints
Coal Tar, Pitch,
Creosote, Oils {or
Preserving Timber,
'    'Roofing Pitch and
Boat Builders will find it to their advantage to use our Pitch.
Nelson Coke & Gas Co.
"Maple Leaf" Brand.
I'M FORM BI'UNINU   ll   Iiu*   moll   lin-
portuut (actor when   blutlng on a Irtkc
Male.    M Maple   Loaf"   brnntl   [| clatnm!
superior in thll respect,
('ompRrisoiib with other tn-aktM tnvlted.
Sole A_.nt. INelMon, B.C.
'The Store of Sweets.
Fruits, Confectionery and
Ice Cream.
Phone SS, Baker St.
Cur. Vernon and Ward  Sir-set..,
NEI-SOIN-.   B. C.
J FRED HUME. Propriejor.
W. 0. Taylor and wife. La Plata; W.
H. Ross, i. Mollongald mnl daughter, G.
13. Bonlton M. MoFarlane aud wife, E,
Tnttlc, C. Brlotaon, P. MoDougall, J. O.
drowning., 11. Dopont, E, Payment, II.
Oameron, Mr. nud Mrs, Reese, Mrs. J'ul-
liu, T. Plonte, A. 1). I'ruiiiiiniud, Kermis;
A. K. Lpits-h, T. Patterson, Miss Leitch,
Oronbrooki F. Davld-on, T. H. Donnelly,
O. S. Dnthie, Vancouver; A. Lucus, Kaslo; J. K. Mi'Nuught, Hamilton! II. H.
Ayland. Ni'w Denver; (I. D. Clark,
(iranil Porks; \V. A. Lawson, Victoria.
F. .1. O'Keilly, Victoria; Miss S. Tow-
gsxKl, Sandon j Mr. and Mrs E. P. Davis,
Vanoouver! J, Slnolalrand wife, Winuipeg; T. Trothoway, La Plata; C. Olmsted, New York; U. Bredon, Sandon ; H.
K. Forriss, Victoria
F. Barker. Toroulo; R. Patter, Vancouver; R. j. Miphill and wife, P. H.
Murphy, Euderhv; P. Uenelle, R. T. Olson, Seattle; A. Nngreu, Spokane; P.P.
Godewath, Victuiiu; P. T. Williams,
Cascade; O. B. Appleton, 8-Mile,
R. S. Kay, J. Aitks'iiH, Bonnington; D.
H. Snedden. Smelter Junction ; P. Wailo,
SIih'hii .lunetissn ; P. Mott and wife, Minneapolis; P. Wheadou, Y. Olson, Arrowhead.
R. Ms't'oaeh,   Bonnington; P.  Levine,
S. II. Hill, L. Godeau,  Spokane;  J. Mc-
Onulilri'y, Ymir; A. Dickson, Kuskanook.
R. Lawrence, Ohaunam; D. .1. Green-
liaugli anil wife, Maplo Creek; H. Thorp,
D. A Young, McLeod; E. GilTrey, E.
Cole, Brandon; E. Baroolongb, Sheffield;
W Wilson, Donfield; E Lund, A. Leht-
men, J. Frisk, Phoenix; V. Cornelius,
P. H. Walton, Slooan ; C. Fuller, C. Le-
goult, Mrs. J, S, Gibson, Greenwood; 8.
Horace. St. Paul; P. A. McDonald, Nan-
aimo: C. Pigler, Calgary; W. Jennings.
Kaslo; F. L. Orr, Montreal.
P. J. Sherrau, W. A. Woolls, Spokane;
.1. Armstrong, Bonnington.
Cue sip if thii
Wllitfo lhidiri/>my spirits in delight
^ ^
that Ui*1 OrlnlcN titrvptl HUmr Hodn Fountain
IjH'I tOSiC pritperllci Iic-kIiIob ro.rublilnn?
Wu u��r?/inly r**��l frull r-yrupfi ul tho finest
limllty Foiiniiiln, cniinlur, kIhnhi-r hikI
n*_ep.ai*lei   nri:   kept   MpUpUlOUlly clt-Rii.
B-ki-s .-[net, Nt-l.uu, B. C.
60 -MKN, HI ones, toi MOft III tlsss wiiisslss.   A|sisly
in W. B. Cooke, mirmlll, Katie.
Ohiuf Justice Hunter arrived from Victoria luBt night, nud has taken private
rooms in the city.
LADY BTENOORAPHEB for |m)h1I1oii In rounlrv.
(lornt home with Bmploy.f'1 family. Apply
nox W., ('Hninlian offloe.	
HI SUM K.N,.Mill Hnii'iMiinlI_)Kj;iti|f CotilrH-'lorn.
alio Bonneer    Watubnrg Luintnr Co., Hour
rriuihrook, B. C	
HII-KD ilKM' for In
itm on f>l��i
Family ol two: no ohUdren; oa
if pn-ierr-'l.   Apply Mm Ifiirt.
��� rvnlory RtfMt.
i nU-l'P at Imn..'
Queen. Hotel.
BOARD AND ROOM for one or tw
doori eaal of Club Hotel.
s'OMI'KTKNT   NIKS!.   01 EL.    Five   child mi.
Apply Ihix 618.
8TAMF PHOTOS at thc tent on Hliinley street,
next Koyal hotel.   60 eetiU per dozen.
Tlie hotels are crowded with litigants,
witnesses and oonnsel attending tho au-
tnmn session of the court.
0. Olmsted, owner of the Columbian
Mines in Sheep Creek Valley, hat) re
turned from a business trip to Seattle.
Mr. mid Mrs W. W, Beer returned
last evening from Spokane, where they
hud lieen attending the Interstate Fair.
Tho adjourned meeting of tho City
Council will be held to-morrow night at
H o'clock, and will be followed by D meeting of the board of health.
(leorge Fleming, the Fairview politician
and rancher, will have his windmill in
operation in a few days, and the problem
of irrigating small fruit ranches will soon
bo solved.
A large number of Nelson people are in
Spokane this week attending the Interstate Fair. While the exhibition is considered very good, the horse races seem
to attract most attention.
The Mines Department advertises that
if a BOffloient number of candidates are
offering there will be an examination for
Provincial assayers held in Nelson this
autumn as well as at Victoria.
Suburban fruit-growers are greatly interested tn an apple tree growing in the
garden of Mr. .Tiskowiez, in Fairview,
which is so heavily loaded with fruit that
twenty-four strips of boards are required
to keep the branches from breaking
Tlie court stenographers were obliged
to work all last night on the evidence
given in the preliminary examination of
Brooe, charged with murder. Thc type*
written copy of the evidence was not in
the hands of the Chief Justice until late
this forenoon.
The owners of water motors are deeply
nterested in the discussion now going on
as to the probability of electricity being
substituted for water in the various
manufacturing industries in the city It
was believed that electricity would be
cheaper power than the water, but after
the discussion at the council meeting last
evening the impression prevails that under new conditions the cost of engaging
in manufacturing enterprises will be
greatly increased.
The performance given last evening by
the Sutton company at Sherman's Opera
Honae, was well attended and gave universal satisfaction. The play itself, "The
Church Aerosa the Way," is of tho meloj
drama type, but it Is well '-oustrunted
and affords ample scope to bring out the
histrionic talents of the company. The
specialties were exceptionally good, particularly the performance of the Mnllaley
sisters. The bill for this evening is "My
Uncle from New York," with an entire
change of specialties
The Store of Quality
40 Cents per Pound
Iu order to clear out this line
we are reducing the price to
400. We ouly have n limited
quantity sn don't delay ordering if you want any.
K. W. C. Block . Phone 10.
One Week
Commencing Monday, Oct. I
Sutton's Big Show
30 People
Tsictsilay-"My Unclu Krom New Vssrk."
HtrsM'l pursuits .1..lly.
PrlMI -��''. ���'���"'' ansl 76s1.    Sfisiss ssn sssilu Saturday
at Kiitln'rlssssl'st.
German Dill, per quart 25c
Sweet Gherkins " 50c
Giant Olives, per pint 40c
Have just received a new shipment of Swiss Cheese and
Cm Am Benedict
Corner Silica and Josephine Sts.
We carry In stock a large  number of
Technical and
Scientific Books
Fruit Growing, Etc.
If you-.can't call In person drop us a
card and We will be glad to Bend .von
a list.
We can secure for you any book not
In stock at publisher's price plus cost
of Importing.
W. G. Thomson
ffiGSSHff* "d Nelsou, B.C.
Phono ,!-��,
Cream    THE
Put up in 21b. Tins
35 cents.
Telephone Hll.
TENDERS are invited up to noon
of Monday, Oct. 1st, for the printing
and binding complete of 10,000 or 30t-
000 copies of folder; half tones and
letter press. Stock must be enamelled
book paper, 80 lbs. to the ream, and
enamelled covers of suitable weight
Workmanship must he first-class and
contract finished within six weeks
from delivery of copy and engravings
to the contractor. Engravings will be
furnished by the club. Dummy and
further particulars may be obtained at
the office of the secretary of Nelson
20,000 club.
P.   M.  OHADBOTJRNBJ, Secretary.
Nelson, Sept 2Gth, looo.
Trains and Boats.
Crow boat���Four hours' lato.
Slocan  train���On time.
Coast, Boundary and Itossland train
-On time.
For Fall Planting for
Home and Garden
Canada Drug & Book Go's
....Cash Stores....
Yale-Kootenay Ice, Frott, Fuel
& Poultry Co., Ltd.
Deliveries made daily throughout Nelson
and its suburbs. Phono UM.
How   About   Your
Guns and
We have Eley's, Kynock's, Winchester, and Cogswell &
Loaded Shot Shells
Kynock's, Winchester and
Rifle and Pistol Cartridges
Hunting Knives, Wading, Belt-,
Oimta, Punt-, etc.
Nelson Hardware Co.
Box  r>31       Nelson, Ii. C.
VictorU, im Ootober, 1906.
PersonR Intending i" offer tbemielvei ai the
(-.xtiiiilimtloii, to In- In-lit th It* full, fur i'rovitti'lHl
Aeteyert, are ttqnetted to notify the undersigned-, ami in the event ot u sniiii-icnt number offer-*
im...   mi   i*-HTiini.i     will   hu ��rni!it;r.l   lor nt
Nu1ni.ii, ii. 0., h�� wi'ii hn hi VictorU, it. 0,
B. F. Ttll.MIK,
Deputy miTii-i.T of Milieu
WANTED���Dining   room   girl  at  once.
Apply at Silver King  hotel.
Our Piano Timer,
Mt. James R. Muir,
Is in Town
Mason & Risch Piano Co'y, Limited
Watches! Watchesl
Wo are Hoailqiinrters for the Beat
American Watches manufactured. Wo
are making every effort to meet the
requirements of railroad  men..
Two Cottftgi-H ou Mill Htreot, coniplotoly furniahod.   Ton minutoH poHtolllco.
Price complete $1,100.
Cottage on (Silica Htreot, cIoho in, ull modern convonimicoB.     Price $900.00.
Easy terms.
Oottfttfo nn Mill Htreot, line location.    Everything about the place is strictly
up-to-date.   Fruit trees.   Ooal shed.   Price $1800.   Cau give tonus.
!i4 ��ood city lots for sale.    Price per lot $114.00.
TOYE & co., sss:
J. J. WALKER, 1*���%���:��H����
Repairing and Jobbing a Specialty
Sheotmetal Work, Castings, Builders' Material unsl Miiiiiix and Mill Machinery.
M.....O   2.14.
Offlce nnd Works Foot of Park St.
MANAOER. IV��.lfu>n,  |l. c.
Kootenay   Agents
R. A. Rogers
Limited, Winnipeg.
Whole-iom Provision*),
Dominion Government Creamery Oihs-PouikI Brlokl E-Oet-red weekly fns.h
from the ehnru.   _ or Hale hy all leailin^ KrooorH.
Olllce ami warehouse: Houston Bloek,   Phone 711.
Josephine Street. Nelson, B. C.
Don't Forget
Ii your furnace In shape to start the winter with?    If   not,   NOW
Is the time to have It repaired.
J. H. Ashdown Hardware Co., Ltd.
PLEASE NOTE���We will not be re.uonsl.Io for any furnace not In Hhape.
by October 1st, 1906.
I4wp..lrl.i|{ und ��lf��t)hlr>|( eneuutwl wltll l>��tt.pfitcti.   *4tie*��t Mwtftl
Work, Mining untl .MUI Muchlnwry.      Mmiuleul urvrM ����'
Ore Ceri,  I.. IV.   Conlruut.srH' dir_.
We Wm Sell
500 International Coal
10 Marconi, Canadian
1000 Yale-Kootenay ke
9 I-2c
McDermid & McHardy
Just Arrived!
A large consign-
lneut of
All Sizes nnil Lowest Prices
MANUFACTURERS   1 ~~_tA-i    CL. _.-.*._-
AND DEALERS IN   Llt-X-Mtf  .MUtlgleS,
L,ath, Mouldings, Doors, Windows.
Turned Work and Brackets. Mail Orders promptly attend"!'"
VERNON STRBET   .  -   .   1NISI.HOIN. li. O.
Onr stock of HAND  SAWS is   very   coin. lots'.
including Kraiies to suit all requirement).
If you wish u low prlcod saw we can supply you.   We
also oarry the best qualities made by
Wood-Vallance Hardware Co'y, Ltd


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