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The Daily Canadian Apr 12, 1907

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 4%\)z Jktiltj  ��cmafcwm
Volume I.   No. 262.
NELSON, B. C. FRIDAY, APRIL ��2, 1907.
Fifty Cbnts a Month
Thaw Murder Trial Ends
as Expected
I After 80 Days Hearing and Strain on
All Parties No Conclusion Reached���Probable Sequel.
New Yssrk. April 12.���The trial of
Harry K. Thaw for the murder of Stan-
,sril White, which began on Jan. 23rd
Inml has lasted 80 days, ended thla after-
uiisi'.i In a  disagreement of  the  Jury,
and  their report  of  that   fact  to  the
Thaw will return to the Tombs pend-
lint a new I rial which cannot take place
until nexl fall.   Presumably application
inr ball will be made and granted aa ln
Ithe case of Nan Patterson.
New York. April 12���Another long,
frointartlcss night was passed at the
lijllual courts building by the 12 men
lu whom ilie question of Harry Thaw's
1 gulll nr innocence lias been committed,
ausl this morning found them all but
worn out by their protracted wrestling
wiili the grim problem. The room lu
which ihey were confined ls small and
0 Mains only a long table and some
chairs. This, of course, meant added
ilieplesBtics and fatigue. Now and then
tin* doors were unlocked by the guards
to allow one or another of Ihe Jurymen
iu take some exercise In the hallway,
but this was all the relief from the bur-
sk n of deciding for or against the prls-
ssiisji'a life. A most hopeful sign Is tho
Isn't shut ilie jury has made no mention
ul a hiijicls'ss disagreement. That there
h a deadlock, Is certain, but from the
lasi that the jury has not reported It or
ask* si to Iss- sllschnrged on that ground,
coiiis's the Inference that they must
have some hope of coming together or
thai tin'; arc determined to light It out
until physical enslurance is exhausted.
Rumors were  rife  again   during Ihe
night as lo the probable result of the
| jury's deliberation!, but ns was the case
j yesterday, all were merely guesses.
As (ur Hairy Thaw, his good spirits.
ds-sislie the nerve racking suspense,
were considered not far short of mar-
vellous. He sat In the prisoner's pen
for many hours, bul as the night went
on ami no word came from the jury, he
did not lose any of the sanguine air
which characterized IiIb demeanor almost frssm the time the jury began Its
deliberations. It was he who comforted
his wife and mother, although ostensibly, It was they who were by his side
is help him bear the anxiety. Thoy
stayed with him until midnight, when
thera was no further hope of a verdict,
notwithstanding they had suffered a
weary day as llie rosult of the anxiety
ol waiting, anil the bolsterousness of
the crowd thai had thronged In the
streets about the court house.
After being out for 38 hours the 12
i nun who have In their hands the fate
of Harry K. Thaw, went to bronkfast
shortly after 7 o'clock this morning.
Throughout the night their discussions
"ere oontlnued, but still an ugroemont
was not reached. In splto of their long
confluemenl the jury showed llttlo ovl-
dence of u,,. Btra|- thoy have sounder, save for red eyes nnd unshaven
"'"*    Al1 of thorn  seemed  to he in
|W>���� iplrlts wh,m they returned to the
���urt building al ;i o'clock and re-en-
���*d tin- Jury-room to resume tholr do-
oror Pink, wtll) wa��� m  j,e8(-rduy,
lZ''"') "" "Proved  this  morning.
'lu,-,   ,s"r8 *'"'"' "��� inl"' night accord-
"�� ����� the court miiccrs who have them
'������'"*l.*e.   but   continued  their argu-
'_"'"'    "'if    balloting  until   breakfast
'      "'"I   there   Is   no   sign   of an
si I'liii'iii ;��������� th_ ,__,!_���, Umt ��� VPr.
s nm,      ".'!V(''' bo reached ls growing
1 m'"i-''i' the longer the Jury remains
Want,t|C8^UferM announced when he
,1    '*   o bis homo at 11:40  last night
. j      " would not return  until  10:30
Th"   ""'ultig unless he was sent for.
wi in ,7; ,,arly *P*ty. gave no sign or
warning to see him.
to        ^^^^^^
criminal courtB build-
st,���'.','!;Vlll beRnn   t0  assemblo   ln   the
ln��f_?__5.ut ,h0 or"mnal courts build
'!���'    lnm,lreu8 8;3�� ��'Cl��Ck ���ay' 8eV
persons Rained an on-
alona th L f����5 "��> vantage points
innkh,' ithr?e tlora of loonies over-
SSure*       erlor court of ,ho blK
hJhtnW,*2? h,.B wny from th0 To����1m.
uu�� to pan ai01lg tho Mezzanine gal
lery, and It wus tlie hope of catching a
glimpae of him or seeing members of
hlti family that attracted most of the
curious. 4\n
Dlatrlct Attorney Jerome said today
that the longest period of confinement
he had i-ver known a Jury to endure ln
this Jurisdiction waa 4S hours. The
court of appeal approved th*-. course of
the court ln that Instance because there
was uo attempt to coerce the jury.
It was persistently reported this
morning I hat the members uf the jury
are dlvidnd !i to 3, but just what
groundl the division Is based on could
not be determined. Some said nine
were for conviction of nmnnlnuKhter.
wllh throe for acquittal, while others
declared It was three for conviction and
nine for acquittal on the grounds of Insanity.
This report aa to 9 to '. division was
lent a certain degree of color by the
statement of persons who had watched
thn Juryroom window early this morning. They said the Jufy was arranged
for discussion In three groups, with one
man In the centre of each shaking his
head and refusing to concur ln the ex-
presaed opinions of the others. The
utoriea went bo far as to name the
Ihree Jurors who would not be moved
by the arguments of their fellows.
Justice Fitzgerald, It developed today,
had a long conference last Tuesday
night with Messrs. David McClure and
Peter B. Olney, who were members of
.he commission fn lunacy which examined Thaw and declared him Insane. It
was said the judge probably wanted to
consult with the commissioners' as to
their views as to whether they would
consider It wise to relaBe Thaw In the
event of a verdict of acquittal on the
grounds of Insanity. The court room
waB thrown open to the newspapers at
10:30 today. Justice Fitzgerald
reached the court house at 10:30.
The Thaw family arrived shortly before the court room was opened and
entered the consultation room adjoining. Again hundreds of perBona on thc
streets crowded around the doors In nn
nttempt to get a close view of the women ln the case.
New York. April 12. 3:30 p. m.���The
Jury In the Thaw case reported a hope-
lesB disagreement.
Honduras'  President  Is  Said to   Have
Surrendered���Reported Hope
of Intervention.
Washington, April 12���That all ofthe
Central American republics are looking
to the present state of warfare between
Nicaragua antl Honduras to result In
an agreement for permanent peace ln
Central America, waa developed today
by general discussion at the state department.
With that end In view, the negotla.
tlons looking to a cessation of hostilities
will not go so far aa to take up the
subject of permanent peace, but will
leave this broad question to a confer-
ence to be held in Washington or lhe
City of Mexico In which all Ihe countries Immediately Interested may take
part. The United States and Mexico
are to occupy the Important posttons of
New Orleans, April 12.���According to
a cablegram received by the officials of
the Fruit Despatch company here, President Manuel llonllla, of Honduras, has
surrendered to the Nicaragua forces.
The cablegram came from Managua,
Nicaragua, and was signed by President
Jos. 8. Zelayn. No details were given
olher than that thc Bonllla surrendered
yesterday. Other advices received,
however, were to tho effect that Honllla
had been "bottled up" In Iho port ot
Amapala ever since be made his sense
tional flight from Choluteca.
Increased Fare.
The street railway company has returned to the old 10 cent Blngle fare
tyhen tickets aro not purchased. This
was the rule several yeurs ago, but was
nol strictly observed by Ihe conductors. Aa u result of again inaugurating
Ihe 10" cent faro there are mnny complaints amongst those who have been
aceuBtomed to paying five cents when-
eevr they travelled or. Ihe curs, lly
some it Is believed that a mistake hns
been mado hy returning to the old
rule, and thai Instead of Increasing the
revenue, quite tho reverse will be the
Flower Dispute.
O. C. Hodge and other regular exhibitors at Ihe Nelson Fair will hold a meeting to protest to tho directors ngnlnsl
tho chtyigos ln the mnnncr of exhibiting
adopted on motion of H. Selous, chair
mnn of the floral committee, which Ib
a reversion lo the old method from the
one Introduced last year by Mr. Hodge,
who was then cnatrman. Mr. Hodge Is
convinced, not.only thnt his way la absolutely correct, but that It meets wllh
Ihe approval of tho greni majority of
the exhibitors, nnd he hopes to demonstrate that fact to (he directors.
Want Full Investigation
Of Coal Famine
Long List of Important Matters Up
Last Right���Comic Defence by
Fruit Land Agent.
Trains and Boats.
Knslo boat���On  time.
Crow boat���Ono hour late,
Const and Slocan train���On
Boundary train���On time.
Itossland train���On time,
The Nelson board of trade has seldom
had a better meeting than that of last
night It was well attended and a long
programme of Important matters was
expeditiously dealt with. These Included the report of tbe delegates to
the convention of the Associated
Hoards/methods of preventing misrepresentation in advertisement of land, petitioning for letter boxes for collection
of mall in Nelson, urging the completion of government roads through the
district, and this acceptance by the
board of a room for meeting In the
court house, offered gratis by the provincial government and the city, and
the endorsement of the resolutions
adopted by the Game Protective Assocl
The board met about 8:45, with F. A.
Starkey in the chair, others present
being W. O. Qlllett, F. M. Black, D. C.
McMorris, T. Morely, J. M. Lay, S, A.
Kelly, W. F. Mawdsley, H. O. Goodeve,
C. W.Busk, J. L. Buchan, L. B. DeVeber, J. J. Campbell, G. C. Hodge, M. H.
Farrer, A. W. Dyer, S. M. Brydges, H.
Byers, I. G. Nelson, H. E. Douglas.
The minutes of the last meeting were
read and approved.
C. B. Miller, F. L. Hammond W. B.
Gosnell and the Nelson Iron Works
were proposed for membership and accepted.
A letter from thc secretary of the
Railway Commission stated that an
order of the commission In 1904 authorised the usu of certain forms and
that representations on the subject are
Invited before May 1st. The letter was
referred Io the Wholesalers' Association.
A letter from Winnipeg asked endorsement of a special system of telephone apparatus. The secretary was
instructed to acknowledge.
A letter from the Viciorla board
asked Nelson's support for a petition
to the Dominion government for aid
to the Alaska-Yukon Exposition.
A letter from London invited aid for
the   Franco-British Exposition.
Ab both matters were dealth with by
the Associated Board, no other action
was taken.
The Fort Steele board wired endorsement of Nelson's action re the lead
Another letter from the board of
trade asked for views on the quostion
of the scarcity of labor and possible
remedies. J. .1. Campbell suggested
that copies of Ihe Inquiry forms be distributed for answers, to members of the
the board and other employers of labor,
the Kootenay Fruit Growers' Association, Lumbermen's Association, and
others.   The suggestion was ador'ed.
A letter from Jamaica on foreign
sugar bounties was not read.
Tho report on tho meeting of the Associated Hoards of Trado by R. K. Hedley was then read. The proceedings
of the convention have previously been
fully reported In The Dally Canadian.
Tlle resolution dcullng wllh Ihe Bhort-
ugo of coal and coke was thc only one
not previously dealt with by the NelBon board. The president suggested a
committee to collect data to be furnished to the executive of tho Associated Boards.
On motion of F. M. Black the secre-
tary wns Instructed to communicate
with largo consumers nnil dealurs and
forward replies to the executive of Ihe
Associated Boards.
The report of the delegates to the
convention was then adopted.
The question of the advertising of
fruit land was then brought up by J. J.
Campbell, who had given notice at a
foi mer meeting. He disclaimed personal knowledge but knew that there
was a general bollof that some of tho
advertising amounted to misrepresentation.
Tho prnaldont remnrked that tbo for
mer very brief discussion hnd elicted
first a telegram nnd Ihon a leUer from
Winnipeg,    explaining some exaggera
tions and promising amendment of life.
The reading of the let-fir caused
great amusement; lt cloned with an accusation that tlie objection had been
raised liy_rlv_l land agents
W. G. Gillett then moved, according
to notice, that the postmaster general
be petitioned! to have letter boxes
placed In the outlying and suburban
portions of the city. He stated that the
poBt office Inspector of the district had
stnted lhat such a request was justified
and would crtainly be granted.
G. C. Hodge asked why the street
could uot be utilized for the purpose.
The mayor replied that the postal au-
thorlties would not accept such au ar-
A committee, consisting of W. G. Gillett, D. C. McMorris and I. fl. Nelson,
waa then appointed to secure signatures
to such a iietltlon.
T. Morley reported that the late commissioner, R. A. Renwick. hud promised early attention to the roads In the
Nelson district.
After some general discussion W. G.
Gillett stated that Mr. Renwick, since
his appointment as deputy commissioner, hud assured him that the roads to
Balfour, and to the city power plant,
would be completed thla year.
A committee waa then appointed to
prepare a resolution urging the provincial government to complete the
nsads In the Nelson district, the committee consisting of J. J. Campbell, C.
W. Busk and F. M. Black.
The president then announced that
the board had received from the government and the city the privilege of
meeting in the court house, free of
rent Notice of leaving on April 30th
had already been given to the board's
landlord.   The offer was accepted.
C. W. Busk, for the Oame Protective
Association, then asked permission for
W. F. Mawdsley to read the resolution for which endorsement was asked,
and which have already previously been
On motion of G. C. Hodge the resolutions were endorsed.
F. tt. Black drew attention to the approaching visit of representatives of
American magazines under the auspices
of the Western Canada Immigration Association. He hoped that they might
be Induced to visit Nelson, and suggested that arrangements be made for
their reception and entertainment. It
waB so resolved.
G. C. Hodge remarked that the saw-
dust nuisance had recurred. The mayor
stated that steps had already been
taken to stop lt.
W. G. Gillett raised the question of
excessive rates for fire insurance. He
thought a united effort should be mado
by the board and the city council to
secure a reduction. The suggestion
was approved and W. 0. OHIetf, H.
Bird. J. M. Lay, D. C. McMorris and
F. M. Black were appointed a committee on the subject to report at the next
The board then adjourned.
Cases of Emmerson and
Took Very Informal Denial in First
Instance���Ignores Host Solemn
Protestations in Second-
Leu Work and More Pay.
Dubuque, April 12.���Fifteen hundred
workers went on strike here today.
They ask for a nine-hour day and Increased wages.
Authority   on   Grain   Production   and
Handling   Declares   It  Only
Solution of Difficulty.
Calgary, April 12.���In addressing the
farmers of the Cardston Agricultural
district, under the auspices of the
A. P. A. Matthew Snow, deputy warehouse commissioner, Winnipeg, pointed
out that the great trouble with shipping
grain to the west was found in the fact
that the buyer was compelled to take
the weights of the seller. Asked If the
terminal at Vancouver (proposed by the
Central organization over one year ago)
would not overcome that difficulty, he
stated that he did not think that It
would, owing to the fact that much of
the grain was converted Into flour this
side of the mountains. ��
Mr. Snow stated that a receiving elevator at Calgary would be the best remedy for the situation. It must be remembered that thero is scarcely likely
to be any satisfaction between the farmers until the proper government weighing Bcnles are made available for shipments west. The shipments east are
well care for In this regnrd with the
terminals at Port Arthur and Fort
William. It was shown by Mr. Snow,
one of the best authorities on grain in
tbe Dominion, that from now on British
Columbia was going to make big and
repeated calls for Ihe grain of Southern
Alherln. Something then Bhould be
done and no lime lost.
The building of the receiving elevator at Calgary should be thoroughly discussed by the board of trade, and the
Warehouse and Royal Grain Commissions petitioned in regard to the same.
The unsolicited statement of Mr. Snow
should be a great Incentive towards the
proper steps being taken to locate the
the elevator here.
This would not In the least deter
from locating a terminal at Vancouver,
as suggested by the Alberta Farmers'
Association. The receiving elevator at
Calgary has another mlsBlon to perform
and another sphere to fill. The meeting In question was held by Mr. Snow
nt Cardston on Wednesday last and tho
farmers of Cardston district were out
to listen to his able address on elevators and the Manitoba Grain Act.
Ottawa, April 12.���Hon. H. R. Bin-
meison, minister of railways has disappeared from the ministry in consequence of personal charges of reports
following the "wine, women and graft"
episode. He tendered his resignation
on Monday, April 1st, and it was accepted by the premier the same day.
The circumstances Immediately leading
to this event are as follows: Last week
Mr. Bourassa In moving for a committee of inquiry Into charges against ministers and members, referred to the suggestion that ministers had been "put
out of hotels and public places of amusement where they had been guilty of mis-
conduct with women." Mr. Fowler had
not mentioned any such incident but
several government journals, notably
the St. John organ of Mr. Emmerson,
demanded that Mr. Fowler should prove
a case agalnat some minister or be
branded as a slanderer. Much violent
language of that sort was used, which
finally brought out the response from
the "Fredericton Gleaner," that the minister of railways was the person Intended by the hotel reference.
So the matter stood till the House
met on Tuesday after the Easter holiday. Mr. Emmerson had authorized a
contradiction of the report and announced that at the first sitting of the
House he would arise to a question of
personal privilege, declare the story untrue and announce that he had taken
action against the Journals which had
published it It was not so well known
In advance that Mr. Emmerson would
resign his offlce, and it was not suspected that the premier would so promptly
accept It But when the House met
Sir Wilfrid was the first to speak and
made the announcement that Mr. Emmerson w��b no longer his colleague.
Sir Wilfrid read the letter of resignation In which he declared that the newspaper reference concerning him was
"false on its face," that he was taking
proceedings against the papers and was
conscious that he was "in a position to
be exonerated in the eyes of the country and yourself." Mr. Emmerson went
on to offer his resignation, explaining
that he did not wish to be an obstacle
in the premier's departure for the colonial conference.
Six days before this Sir Wilfrid had
told the House what he had done when
statements came to him concerning thc
moral conduct o. Mr. Hyman. He sent
a mutual friend to the accused minister
to bring back from Mr. Hyman a state!-
ment as to the truth of the reports. Mr.
Hyman sent word that the statements
were not true and he remains to this
day a member of the ministry, though
he offered to resign.
In Mr. Emmerson's case the premier
had Mr. Emmerson's contradiction at
flrst hand, both verbally and by letter.
He had his statements that he was going Inlo tlte courts to vindicate his character, and that he would declare to
the House that the reports were false
Yet In this case Sir Wilfrid at once ac
cepted the resignation, sent It to the
governor general, and In his reply to
Mr. Emmerson did not even formally
accept the statement that the charges
were untrue.
In the Houso Mr. Emmerson asked
for the suspension of judgment and
lliis will be accorded him even by his
opponents, whether his leader has given
it or not. Much allowance ls mad-> for
tt public man placed aB Mr. Emmerson
was, and his appeal was heard with
courtesy and kindness. But Mr. Km
merson made one statement which was
not allowed to drop. Ho said that "lf
political warfare Is to be carried on
with weaponB from the gutter of slander and personal gossip  those on
this side will not alone suffer," adding
that "thore Is evidence In existence
against others, evidence that has not
been purchased, evidence that will be
strong,   powerful,    cogent     It is
within the grasp of this House." Mr.
Emmerson was not ln his place the
next day nor on that evening, nor has
hd been there since, but as soon as the
official report of that statement was In
Mr. Borden's hands he brought it to the
attention of tho  House.    The opposi
tion leaders declared -amid applause
thut Mr. Eiuuierson had said too much
or too little. He must go farther or retract. If he knew or could prove anything against the honor of anyone of
the opposition members Mr. Borden demanded that he should produce his statement and offer his proofs. If he would
do so, the opposition leader declared
that he would give him every possible
assistance to probe the matter to the
end. He proposed to renew this demand
the first time he saw Mr. Emmerson in
tbe chamber.
Once niere the premier Interposed
with his points of order. Sir Wilfrid
held thnt ns no one had moved at the
Utne when Mr. Bmmvrson sjioke to
have IiIb words "taken down' 'reference
could not be made to them afterward.
Against this contention Mr. Borden protested, lie showed that this ancient
and obsolete rule belonged to a country and a time which had no official report of the debates. It was absolutely
necessary In the absence of an official
reporter fo have someone take the
words down as they were spoken so
they could not be disputed afterward.
Bnt the Canadian House of Commons
bas. a Hansard staff, and the words of
memberB are printed the next days and
submitted ln proof to the members
themselves, so that after revision they
cannot repudiate their language. In
this case there was no possible doubt
that Mr. Emmerson used the words attributed to him. It Is the regular custom to accept the official report In auch
casta. Sir Wilfrid's point of order Is
a mere quibble and ls one more effort
to evade issues and shut out investigations.
Ice Cathedral.
New York, April 12.���Four hugh Icebergs, on of which resembled a church
In general appearance, with a lofty
steeple-like pinnacle towering 300 feel
above the surface of the sea, were
sighted hy the steamer Vaderland off
the Grand Banks of Newfoundland. The
Vaderland arrived here today from Antwerp and Dover after a rough passage
High seas and stormy weather prevailed throughout the voyage until yester
Urgent   Appeal for Aid From Famine
Stricken China���Millions In
Distress and Danger.
Endowment BID Passe.
Was Obstructed by Liberals at Every
Stage���Government Insisted
on Granting Royalties.
Shanghai, April 12���Telegrams received here from 20 points In the famine district report that the conditions
are growing worse. The Chinese government and people up to data have
contributed over 14,000,000 for famine
relief and the sums received from for
clgn sources total 1600,000 Including
the supplies on their way here trom
America. The Chinese viceroy and
.���governor telegraphed today to the
American consul, Mr. Rogers, their
thanks for the relief Bent, saying that
ls ls dispelling the anti-foreign sentiment which formerly animated the
The EO misslonarlea with their classes of Chinese are engaged ln overseeing the relief distribution, Confucians,
Catholics and Protestants working together. The telegraph officials are
carrying free all messages to and from
the relief workers, and the steamship
companies are furnishing free transportation for supplies of food, ect, Intended for the victims; 20,000 famine
sufferers are employed, ln building
dams and canals to prevent a recur
rence of the floods. The relief committee here Ib promptly sending supplies
to the front, but the funds are near-
Ins; exhaustion. All the relief measures up to date are inadequate.
Ten million persons are suffering
from Inadequate supplies ot food and
3,000,000 are nearing starvation. The
members of the committee at the front
report that they And the bodies of the
sufferers bloated and that their faces
turn green or black aa the result of
starvation. The people are pulling up
thc growing crops for food. Whole fam-
lles have been found dead In their
houses and corpses are seen lying by
thc roadside. Probably 5,000 persons
are dying dally from starvation. A few
rases of rioting for food have occurred
and cannibalism is beginning to be resorted to. Newly made graves have
been rifled nf the bodies, and parents
are exhuming their children to be eaten.
A dollar, the committee reports, will
save one life until harvest, June 27. and
$1,000,000 Is needed. The whole amount
cannot be raised In China. The situation Is desperate and Americans are
urged to give (3,000,000 ln the next
three weeks, not for Christianity, but
for humanity. It is suggested that It
wou'd be best to cable money to the
American consul here, .lames Rngera.
ns supplies can be purchased in
(Special to The Dally Canadian.)
Victoria, April 12.���The bUI entitled:
"An act to aid the University of Brltlah
Columbia by a grant ot provincial
landa," or aa amended, "University Endowment Act, 1907," paused through
the committee stage ln the provincial
legislature yesterday afternoon. This
measure had been debated for several
days. There were amendments forthcoming from the opposition aide of the
house on every clause, but finally, tbe
enactment proposing to reaerve 2,0-90,-
000 acres of public lands for the pnr
pose of endowing a provincial university, haa been carded through lta most
critical stage despite strenuous oppsl-
tlon, and la now well on lta way towards becoming a law.
The remainder of the Ume of yester
da#'s Bitting was occupied with the da-
bate on Finance Minister TaUow's
budget speech, delivered a week ago.
Today It ls expected thla dlacusslon
will be resumed by Macdonald, leader
of the oppoelUoa.
Members *t American Hierarchy Meat
ta Dlacuaa Schools*.
Washington, April 12.���A number of
Important mattera of interest to tha
Catholic clergy wero considered and
dlspoeed of at tbe concluding session
laat night of the Catholic Hierarchy ot
America at Om Catholic University of
America here.
Cardinal Gibbons presided. A committee consisting Archbishops Ireland,
Keane, Meaaner and Olennon, waa appointed to act with the census officer to
obtain a more accurate estimate of the
Catholics in thla country. A peUUon
was received trom representative* of
the conference of Catholic achool* and
semlnariea. The most important request
ot which waa to bring abont a unification of college curricula ao aa to bring
into cloaer association the pariah and
Catholic school* with the Catholic university.
A committee, consisting of Archbishops Farley, Messner and Blenken,
will be appointed to meet a similar committee from the various Catholic colleges and seminaries to dlacuaa the
question of bringing about a closer union between them, An urgent plea waa
made for a more liberal contribution
on the part of Catholic* towards the
Peter's Pence fund for the Vatican, and
It waa decided that contributions should
be aa ample aa posalble.
To' Minimi**   Expert   Evidence���Opinion* Bought and Said.
Albany, April 12���A bUI timed
agalnat the abuse of expert testimony
In murder trials where lnaanity la
pleaded for defence waa Introduced ln
tbe assembly today by majority leader,
Morland. The bill would prevent hypothetical questions being asked in any
criminal case where insanity I* the defence. Mr. Morland says the idea Is to
do away with the experts who, he said,
received large fees for professional
evidence favoring the aide which retain*
Price* ef Metals.
New York, April 12.���Silver, 65%c;
copper, 21Hc; lead, $6.
London, April 12.���Silver, 30 B-16d.:
lead, ��19, Ills.. 3d.
. Owl Car.
A late car will hereafter be run on
Saturday nights, leaving the hill and
and Fairvlew termini respectively at
11 and 11:20 p. m.
Oolng Eaat.
Mrs. H. E. Macdoneil will leave Sunday morning ror a visit to friend* at
Waterloo, Ont.
Belgian Cabinet Resign*.
Brussels, April 12.���It waa learned
last night that Inasmuch aa the ministry can And no other sodutlon of its
difficulty, It will announce Its resignation tn the chamber today through the
Not B. C. Salmon.
Denver, Colo., April 12.���John A. Keb-
Ier, manager of the coal operaUng department ot the Colorado Fuel and Iron
Co., died today at Trinidad of ptomaine
poisoning from eaUng canned salmon
King* Meet at Malta.
Rome, April 12.���It la reported that
King Edward and King Victor Emmanuel, who have respectively left tho
Balearic Islands and/ Greece will meet
at Valetta, Island of1 Malta. The Daily Canadian
Miners' and All
Campers' Supplies
TENTS in all sizes and weights
UNDERWEAR  at  all  orices
From 8 to 12 pounds.
SOX.  MITTS,  etc.,  etc.
Iu all these Hues we offer  excellent quality at very
reasonable prices.
Imperial Batik of Canada
Head Office:   Toronto.
CAPITAL PAID UP....ki,780,000 REST ��4,780,0OO.
D. K. WILKIE, President. HON. ROBERT JAFFRAY, Vioe-President
Branches io British Colombia:
DepoeitB received nnd interest allowed nt highest  current rate from date of
opening ol suscouut, nnd compounded quarterly
iNBi.sotv branch ��J.   M.   LAY,   Manager.
The Royal Bank of Canada
Paid up Capital.
 ?3,900,OOO    Reserve Fund	
15 Branches in British Columbia.
A General Banking Business Transacted.
Deposits of $1,00 and upwards received. Interest allowed thereon at highest cun ent rate, and credited quarterly. Depositors are subject to no delay
whatevi r In the withdrawal of the whole or any part of their deposits.
 Nelson Branch, G. A. SPINK, Manager.
Published Hi -lays a wees by tbe
t Ht., Nelsou. B. O.
*}*-. '���" ee'its a, mouth delivered
0 a year lf sen: by mall, when
mt rates on application.
 JBOiikB paid In   s-ettlement ol Thp Pally
CeoedlHii accounts, either fur imbscrlptfoM or
tdrertlslilg, mtint Ik; receipted for on lhe printed
lorma of thu Cotnpanv.   Other receipts are not
Al'iva. 12. IV07.
It may be some time yet before any
report is made to parliament or to the
government by the commission investigating Uie allegations of a "combine"
among British Columbia lumber manufacturers.
But the mere hearing or evidence on
the subject has been a great relief to
thc lumbermen of this province.
The inquiry was ordered on account
of general complaints from tbe prairie
provinces that exorbitant prices were
charged for lumber, and that a "combine" existed  to maintain such  prices.
lt is an undoubted fact that the prices
of lumber have risen. When the influx
into Manitoba and the new provinces
began several years ago, plenty of lumber for building was available at very
low prices. This condition wan due to
several causes, chief of which was thc
competition of Washington mills which
were selling their products in Canada
at slaughter prices.
The change in conditions is also due
to seven1! causes, most of which are obvious. Washington lumber is now not
available, the prices obialnable in the
Umttd States having nearly doubled.
Thc cutting and manufacture of lumber
in Biltiuh Columbia are now much more
expensive than before, the timber nearest to the mills being almost exhausted,
and the cost of wages, equipment and
supplies having increased about 50 per
Consequently the prices ruling a few
years ago, which even then represented
only the cost of production, would now
involve ruinous loss to the mill men of
British Columbia.
Under the circumstances an advance
In price was imperative. The evidence
given before the commission showed
conclusively that even now the profits
of the mill men are very small in proportion to the amount of money invested in the industry.
While something like uniformity of
prices has probably been secured it was
shown that there has been no agreement In restraint of trade, and that
therefore there is no ground for government interference.
The representatives of the British Columbia lumber manufacturers also
plainly showed to the members of the
commission that another advance in
prices would be forced upon them in
the very near future.
But a feature of the case of which explanations are certain to be demanded
by the people of British Columbia, is
the absence and utter silence of their
seven representatives in the House of
Commons. Not one act or word of assistance was given to the men representing one of the chief industries of
tlie province, in presenting their case
before the commission, a cnse of exceptional difficulty as conditions in British Columbia are little understood in
the East.
Here was no question of party politics. It was a conflict of interest between British Columbia and the prairies. Both were entitled to a hearing
and to sympathetic consideration. The
compainants received every assistance
from their representatives, but the
British Columbin men were left to bear
tho burden of their fight alone. The
Sordid Seven have peculiar ideas of
their duties as representatives.
The resolution of the Associated
B::ards of Trade, endorsed last night
by the Nelson board, calling upon the
provincial government to invstigate the
causes of recurring coal and coke famines, is one of great imi>ortance. A
genuine Investigation would open up
many questions, and results could hardly be predicted. Coal companies, of
course, have the same property rights
as other corporations or Individuals.
But their right must be modified by the
effect of their enjoyment and exercise
of it on the public welfare. Coal is a
necessity and might, with more propriety than most other commodities, be
plnced under natioual control as regards its production and .distribution
But such a step will not be necessary
If the companies can be taught, by
force if necessary, that their properties
are public trusts. It is intolerable
that Canadian coal should continue to
be exported to a foreign country, when
the scarcity of it at home is causing
delay of trains and steamers, restriction of industry, closing of public buildings, and general inconvenience and In
some cases suffering. Government
must claim and exercise the right to
prevent auch occurrences.
It will be the unanimous judgment of
the citizens that Mayor Gillett has done
well to fill the vacant position of city
engineer as soon as possible. Although
the heavy task which kept Mr. McCulloch In office against his private interests, is completed, there ls always work
to be done which requires an engineer.
The laying of a six-inch main through
Fairvlew to the C. P. R. shipyards ls of
itself a big enough enterprise to warrant a temporay appointment. Fortunately for the city at this juncture
the new appointee happens to he an
architect and his services as such will
be most valuable in the preliminary
work, at least, required for the new
school building. In her two engineers
Nelson has been fortunate. Much of the
work of the last three years could nut
have been done by an engineer who was
not also a surveyor.
Mr. Borden's protest in the House of
Commons and the way it has been ignored show how low that body has
fallen. Sir Wilfrid Laurier declaimed
against the cruelty of exposing the private and personal affairs of members by
parliamentary inquisition. Mr. Borden
reminded the House that the government's insurance commission had already done worse, it had so collected
its evidence that suggestions of dishonesty had been made against a number of members under circumstances
that precluded the possibility of a reply
or explanation. But they were Conservative members. Obviously Sir Wilfrid's chief consideration is the old
one:  "Whose ox is gored?"
J. A. Macdonald's analytical mind Is
utterly exhausted as a political asset.
Mr. Macdonald has neither the wit to
construct a policy nor the courage to
advocate. So long as the Liberals are
in a hopeless minority and have no aim
or purpose but obstruction he will do
as well as any other. But when they
recover from the last contest sufficiently to hope again, Mr. Macdonald will
have to go.
With all respect to all his -predecessors, we doubt if any mayor of Nelson has given more service, or more
valuable, to the city than Mayor Gillett.
He is ever on the alert for possibilities
and op port un Ues, and those who occasionally make suggestions almost invariably find that the mayor has already
thought of  and  Investigated   them.
The suggestion for the organization
of a Canadian Club in Nelson has met
with very general favor. All that is
necessary now to launch it into being
is a call for a meeting and a few public-
spirited citizens who have the necessary experience, and the equally necessary leisure, to undertake the work of
American  Trainmen  Will  Try to Win
Another Victory.
Chicago, April 12.���Flushed with their
victory in the west officials of the various trainmen's organizations will continue the fight ��or higher wages in the
east to benefit 150,000 men employed
between Chicago and the Atlantic seaboard. A general increase of 10 per
cent is to be demanded. The actual demands probably will not be made until
the latter part of the present year, but
when they are filed every class of labor
will be represented with the possible
exception of the switchmen, who succeeded in getting an increase in pay
from the roads last fall. Leaders of the
railway men's unions believe their
wage demands will not be strenuously
opposed ln the east because of the ac-
Coal! Ice! Wood!
Phone 265
Yale-Kootenay. Ice, Frait,
Fuel & Poultry Co., Ltd.
N. E. cor. Baker  and   Ward   Sts.
Old Curiosity Shop
If you want to buy or sell anything,
go to the Old Curiosity Shop. A new
Une of Japanese Goods now on sale.
All kinds of Dinnerware In stock. Patterns.
t'HCNINw AND GRAFTING csreh.Hr attend
ed to. Applr
Silver King Hotel.
tion of the western roads in granting
them a substantial advance in pay.
Chief iMurrisey, of the trainmen's organization, said general satisfaction
was felt by his men over the concessions obtained from the roads. "I have
been doing a little estimating," he said,
"and I believe the average advance in
wages will be more than 11 per cent.
Some classes of employees will get as
high as 18 per Dent These are conductors otl.work trains."
Regarding the efficacy of government
mediation under the little used "Erd-
mann" law, Mr. Morrisey said he approved highly of the Idea.
Made in Germany.
Munich, April VI.���lt is announced
that Felix Mottl has received a very
templing offer fiom Heinrich Gonreid
to conduct thc orchestra of the Metro
polian opera house, Xew York.
B. C
ff ra?*-w $1.50
A collection oi all the Latest
Shapes and Sizes.    A free
smoking and most satisfactory pipe.
Tobacconist.   Baker Street.
w.  a.   QILUETT
Cuntrnctor  and
Hull der.
Bole aRfnt lor the Porto Rico Lumber Co.i Ltd.,
retail yards. Kough mnl droned lumber, turned
work mnl brackets, ("oh-*-! lath and ihingles, "ash
ami doors, Comonti brick nml lima for sale.
Automatic grinder.
Yard anil factory: Vernon .St.. eut Ol Hall
P   O. Knx 232. Telephone 17H
A. McDonald & Co.
Dealers in staple and fancy Groceri'i-i
Batter, Egps.
Oamp and Miners' Supplios.
F. C GREEN      F. P. BURDEN      A. H. GREEN
Civil Engineers, Dominion and British
Columbia Land Surveyors
P.O. Box 145   Piont 261 B.
Notice in herebv given t Ij Fit at a meeting ol the
Board of License Commissioners, to be held afler
the expiration of 80 dayt, 1 Intend to app y for a
transfer of my hotel lhicen.se for tlie QroTB hotel,
at Kairvlew, to ��.. G Burden
Notice li hereby given that I will apply at the
next meeting ��>f the Lleeaee Commissioners for
the Citv of Nelson lo have ibe lienor licence of the
Strathcona Hotel transferred from myself to
Reginald Qeorge Webb of the City ol Nelson.
Dated thll '.'tii day of March, Ad),, 1907
Certificate of Improvements
"Ariro" mineral elalm, situated In the Hloean
Clty   Mining    Division    of   West   kootenay
Where located: On Springer Creek near thc
Arlington Sawmill
Take Notiee that I, Frank C, Green, n'-tinjt as
amntfof the Arlington Mines, Limited' Pree
Miner'! Certificate So B4B00, Intend, ilxty devi
from date hereof, to apply to t-e Mining Recorder
for a Certificate ol Improvement!*., for the purpose of obtaining a Grown Grant of the above
And further take notice that action, under
section 37. must be enmmen ed before the
issuance of inch Certificate ol Improvements.
Dated this luth nay of Deoember, 1806
F. C. Guam, Nelson, It. C.
Certificate   of  ImprovutnentH
Rio Tento, Orinoco, Queen Victoria t fictional
and Ornoco Fractional Mineral Claims, situate
In the Nelson Mining Division of Weit Kootenav
Located on Queen Victoria Mounln'n, nrnr
Beasley Hiding.
Take Notice tliat [.Frank 0 Cirecn acting hs
wentf01 Michael EgBii.Free Miner's Certificate
No. B818,lntend, sixty dayi from the date hereof,
loapply to the Mining Recorder lor Certificate!
of improvement, for the  purpose of obltiiullig
Crown Grants ol the above claims.
Aud further take notice that action, under
sec lon 87. must, be commenced before the
Issuance of such Certificates of Improvements.
Dated thii Both dav of January, i!W7.
F. C. liKKKK, Nelson, B. C
Certificate of Improvements
"I'ortla," "Amos,' "Kast Bide No. S!" and "Bet-
tiua Fractional" mineral claims, Mluated ln
tht* BloCM) City Mining Division of West Kootenay DUtrlct
Where located: At head ol Springer Creek, near
tlie Arlington mine-
Take Notice thatl, Frank C, (ireen, acting aa
agent for thc Arlington mines, Limited, Free
Miner's (.'ertiflcate No, BtfM< iniend, sixty days
from the date hereof, lo app y to the Mining Re
corder fora Certificate of Improvements, for the
purpoie of obtaining a Crown Grant of the above
Andf urther take notice that action, under
lection il, must be commenced before the linn
ance of auch Cerillieale of Improvement*.
Dated hia l��th day nf December, 19IW.
9. C. Uaiijt, Nelson, B. r
Easter Millinery
We have just received another shipment oMftmcrican Pattern Hats which were too
late for our display but arc uow ready for inspection.
we invite inspection     FVed Irvine & Co'y
I, tlie Undersigned, ifter OU days intend tn applv to the Hon. theCbiei Commissioner ol Landi
anil Works to purchase tlie following deicrlbed
land: Commencing at the N. K. O. ol Lot 7589
(i. 1., tbence west 40 ehalni, tlience north '20
chalui, ihenee east 4o chains, thenee south 'to
chains to point of commencement, containing 80
acres mere or lees.
Located March Bth, 1907. ff, A. MiLU-
Take notice that sixty tlays after data
I intend to apply to tht Honorable the Chlet
Commissioner OI Lands anil Works for permis
sion to pureliase the following deacrlbed laud
altuated in the Weit Kootenay rl int rift: Commencing   at   a   posl planted at   tbe   aoutheast
eorner qt Lot 199, on the wuth ilde of the Wait
Arm ol Kootenay inke, tlience M chslns west to
coiithwtsi eorqer ol uld lot, thenea30ehalni
south, tlience w chains east, them-* 90 chain-
north to place of commencement, containing lt*J
April 2nd, I'-OT. Chaki.es Kohkhtcok,
per KBXBH W. Hoiiinson, Agent.
Notiee is henby given that BO dan alter date I
lutend to apply to the Hoiiorahle the Chief Commissioner oi Lnnds und Works for permission
to purehase ahout 17,. acrei of land, situate near
the I'end d'Oreille river, West Kootenay district,
and deeerlbed tit followi:  Commencing at a
post marked O, K. 'Jhoin-on's N. W. corner post.
sttua'oO on the iouth boundary and 30cbalni
Irom 8. W post of Lot 7194, thenee south about "0
eliains, thence eait about SB ChUDI to a point on
the hit li.iundary and iio chaini from S. W. post
o! Lot 7711, theuce north 70 chalnt. and theuee
WOlt Jt-'i chains to the plaee of beginning.
38th March, 1%7. ii. K Tuombok,
A. li. Lanu, Agent.
Sixty days alter date I inteud to apply lo the
Hon. Chlel Commissioner of Lamls and Works,
Victoria, B. C, to purchase the following described laud, situated lu lhe West Kooteuay district: Commeuelng at a post plautetl on the
west side ol Koolenay lake, near Rhinoceros
pclot, uud marked J. McKinnou's 8. E. corner
post, thence west 1*0 chains, thence uorth 40
chains, thence east M) chains more or less to lake
shore, lht-i.ee along lake ihore to pniut of commencement.
Signet) J   MiKlNNON.
Sixty dayi alter date I Intend to *ppi> tothe
Bon. the Chief Comnifusiouer of Lands and
Works, Victoria, for permission to purchase 100
acres, more or less, situated in West Koolenay
district: ('ommenclng at a post planted midway
ou the north boundary of Lot 7011 and adjoining
H.W coruerof Lot 9068, thence north 16 chalna,
theuce west 40 chains, thence south 40 chaini,
thenc eeust '2ti chains, thenoe uortb 24 chains,
thenre east '20 chains to point of commencement
Located March 2<Jth, 1907. 1. 3. Bcaklah.
Sixty days after date 1 intend to apply to the
Hon. the Chief Commissioner of Lands ami
Works to purchase the following deacrlbed
lauds:   Commencing at a post  planted on the
eeat ttOt ot Lemon (Seek Ht the mouth ofthe first
north fork ami marked "K.Cooper's southeast
form r," running ���!����� chains west, north 40chains,
lati BO chain:*, and south 40 ehalni to plaee of
Dated March 20th, 1937, K Cooi-kk,
J. T. Ttri-lNO, Agent.
Sixty days after dale 1 in'etid to apply to the
Hon. the Chief Commissioner of Lands and
Worki to purchase the following deioribed
lamls: Commencing at a post marked "L A.
Tipping**! southwest corner post" and planted
near H. I). Curtls's land, about half mile from
Slocan City, running north 4o chains, east '20
chains, south 40 chains, west 20 chains to place
of commencement
Dated March Hth, 1901 L. A. TtTPIKO,
J. T. TtmiW, Agent.
Sixty 'lays alter date I intend to app;y to the
Htm. the Chief Commissioner of Lands and
Works to purchase the following deicrlbed land
located lu Plre Valley district ol Weit Kooteuay:
Commencing at a post planted at the B. w eorner
of John Bang" pic-i-mption, thence CO chaius
south, thence 40 chalus wesl, thence 60 chalui
north, llienee 40 chains east to place ol beginning.
RlOHABD Kam.. Locator.
J.J. Kklly, Agent.
Notice Is hereby given thai (Vi tlays alter date 1
Intend to make application to the 1 onorable tbe
Chlel Commissioner of standi and Works, al Victoria Ior permission to purchase the following
descibetl landi: Commencing at a post planted
at the southeast corner of lot 3'.**., group I, thence
south 2fi chains, thence cast do chains, thenee
north ;M chains, thence went bn chains to point
of commencement, containing 15i acres, more or
Nelson, March 27th, 1907.        Ann IK L. Wapi.
P. Wide, Agent.
Notice is herebv given tliat 60 days alter date I
intend to apply to the Hon. the Chief Commie*
sionbr ol Lands and Works, Victoria, for permission to ptirchsFt the fol lu wing dene rlbed
laHd; Commenciug at a post al the Intersection
of thc south boundary of lot {���.'������:;, ami eait
boundary of "Qolden Queen" mineral claim,
tin nee east I'J.ti/i ehalim, mor-or ten, to southeast eorner poit oi lol M&t, thence norih 20
chains, moie or less, to northeaat oorner poet of
lot53*8, tbenoe east-10 chaini to the southeast
corner poit of lot -"hk. tlience nouth 40 chaloi,
ihcnce west tvt chaiua, more or leas lothe east
houmlary ot thc "Golden <(ueeti" mineral claim,
thence along east boundary "Golden Qaeett"
mineral claim to point of commencement, 10
chalus, more or lefca,
Nelson, B.C , Mareh 12.1907.
Jon*; Charlton,
I'er Wm   Ioli.inoton, Agent.
east to pont of eommeneement, a relocation
the abandoned pre-emption 728 ol w. o. Kna
and I* 'lie eaat  half of  Die  northwest oUart'
Sixty days after date I Intend lo apply to the
Hon Chiel ('ommlssloner of Lands and Worka
for permission to purchase the following de-
10 iht-*   properly  al a post market  "(i.M..S,E.
corner,' thence40cbafni north, tnence40chaini
wait, ihence >o ebalni south, thence 40 chalna
it, a relocation of
'���ait quarter,
.nd 'hi WOlt half Ol the northeaat ouarter ol
ICCtlon 7. township70 Wesl Kootenay distriet, on
the wist ahop-' of the lower \rrow lakes, containing lOo acres, more or less.
MaHh lat, 1907. QlORGi Milton,
M. R. Mc-QUAARii, Agent.
Sixty dava afler d-Ue I intend lit apply to the
Hon. the Chief Commissioner of Landiand Works
Vls'lorla, R 0 , to purchase 180 acres of land
situate in Kire Valley. West Koolenay. ann de-
BOrlbed aa follows; ���"ommenclng at the northeast
corner of Lot791ft, *��� 1 ninning north 60 chaini,
thenco cast 20 Ohaiu*. ihcnce roitth w chuliis,
thence west 20 chains to place of begtnnina.
March 4th, MOT, W W, HhtPLIT,
J. K. ASNAiiLE, Agenl,
Hlxly dayi after date I Intend lo applv to the
Hon. chief Commlnloner ol Landi and worki,
Victoria, to purchase 830 acres of land lu Weat
t;.......,,,...  deeoribod us follows:  Commencing
 ss' H W.
corner, thence nort* Wi clieins, theuee 40 ehaim-
east, thenee Ru chains smith, thenee ttOnalni
west lo place nf beginning
Feb. 16th, 1907. K. Crosh.
3.L ANNAUi.k, Atftut-
The HaU Mining and Smelting
Company, Limited.
Purchases Lead, Copper and Dry Ores,
Hixt> days after date I lulend to appiv to the
Hon. Chief Commiasioner oi Landl ami Works,
Victoria, B. C��� to purchase M0 acres of land, in
Kire Valley, dthcribed U lOltOWi:   Commencing
at a post planted to ebalni ireet of Walter Bull's
N. tt. corner and marked J W Holme*-' Jr. K. K.
corner p at, and running soutli 40 chains, thence
west W chains, thence north 40 chains, tbenee
east Ml chalna W plac? of beginning, and be lug a
portion of Bectlon 3&. Townihlp 71, West Koolenay.
March Mh. ]i>07. J. W. Holmbh, Jh.
J. E. AmtAUB, AtilNT.
Hlxty days after date 1 Iniend lo applr to the
Hon. Chief Commissioner of l-ni.l- ainl ttorkt
to purehase 3A> aerea of laud in lire Valley, WCBl
Kootenay dlatrlot and deaorlbed af [otlowt:
Commeneing at a  poht marked J. R's B, K
corner, ami running north no chains, tbenee
wesl 40 chaltis, thenee south ao chnlna, Ihenoe
eait 40chains to place of beginning, and being
the west one-half ol the H. K. one-ijuarter anil
thf east one-half of the H. W. one-vuartti, and
the west one-half of the N. K one-quarter, and
lhe tast ene-half tif the N. W. oinconarier of
Section 31, Township 71, <i. I.
March ;toth, 11W7 John Knnmt.
Hixty davs after dr.te I Intend to applv to th
Hon Chief Commissioner ol lands and Works t
purchase the following described  land   localed
In Flre rulley dutrlot tif Weet Kootanay:  comment ing at a pogt plantad at the y, >; eorner of
John Bangs' pre-empt ton, thenee souih Wi ehalna,
thence west 40 chains, theme north no chains,
thence east 40 chaini to place of btglnulng, coii-
I .oca led Mareh 14th, U07
I��. A. Mrl'iiEc, Locator.
3. 3 Kklly. Agent.
Buty dayi alter date 1 Intend to apply to the
II onorable the Chief CommlMloner of Lands and
W'orks for permlaslon to purchase the following
descrllK-d lauds In Kootenay district: Commencing at a post marked J B. Annable's northeast corner post, said post being on the south
���Ide of the Lower Arrow take, about tiro milei
below Hurton City; thence south 30 chains;
thenoe WMt SO chains; tbenoe Moth 'to chains;
thence west 30 chains; '.hence mirth B chalm
and 20 iii,fcs. more or lew to. the lake shore;
theme easterly along lake 40chaini, more or leai,
io (lie place of beginning, cuutalulug 106 acrea,
more or leu.
Dated tbi��6tb day of November, UH,
per K. L. Burnbt. Ag.-nt.
Blxty dayi after dale I Intend to apply to the
Hon lhe Chief 'orntniitotomT of I-Hnds arid
Works, Victoria, to port hase HO acres of land in
ttest Kootenay,deeerlbed as followa! Common-
ing at a post planlcd  about eight milea  up
itjiiito creek and Joining K. Cross' application
J  narked C.  M's H K. corner,
io purehase, aud mai
thence north BO chains, thence west BO ehaim
thence south B0 chains, thence east so chains to
place of beginning.
Keh. 16th, 1907. ('. Mabirall,
60 day* after date I intend to apply io tin* Hon.
Chief Commissioner of I^nds and Works, Victoria to purchase IfiO acres of land in Kire Valley,
West Kootenay district, and denrlned as follows:
Commeueiiig at a postmarked W H Wright's
B. ��.. corner, ami running north BO chalui, tbence
weal'JO chaini. thenee touth SO chains, thence
east'20 chains to place of beginning, and being
the west one-hall ol the N. K. quarter of BeOtlOO
'26, ami the west half of the s. g, one-quarter of
Bectlon N In Township 71 G. I.
March nth, 11*17. W. H. Whmiit.
Notice Is hereby given l hal sixty days after date
Ilntendto apply tothe Hon ChiefCouimlsalon-
cr of Lauds anil Works for the rii lit to purchase the following described lands: (.ommenclng at a post marked "M. J Cameron's
n W. corner jkisi" planted at the H.W. corner of
tin- K ami b. block. No. -HfU, running east ISO
ehalus; tlience sou h l,0��o feel, moreor less to
the C.l'E. line, "thence vest _L20 chains to the
Arrow Lake; thene north 1000 feet loiiowing
lhe shore of the Arrow Lake to the polut of coin
Uated this lllh day of February, 1907.
M    J. l-AMKROt,
J. M. CAMRroN, Agent.
Sixty days after dale I Intend to apply to the
Chief Commissioner of Lmul*. antl Works for
permission to purehase thc following described
lands in Kootenay District, aboul three-quarters
of mile from Thrum's siding: Commencing at a
post placed at the B. IV, cornor of L 681)8, group
1, West Kootenay District; Ihcnce westerly
following the uortb boundarv of L 4-.!*��>, 4ii
chains; theuce uorth 10 chaius; tlience east 40
chains, moreor less, tothe N. W. oorner nf
LBMjl theme south following the west boundary
tif LeeM 10 ehaim. more or less, to place of commencement, containing 4n aeres, muru or le��s.
Dated this Gib day uf December, 11)06.
H. II. Perm. Looator,
Notice ts hereby given that 60 days after tlate I
Intend to apply to thu Hon. the Chief Commissioner ol Lamls nnd W'orks Victoria, B.C., for
permission to purchase (he following described
lands in West Kontenay district: Commencing
at a post planted at the south*,-est coiner nf'ot
7701, group Land runul&J W chains to the southeast corner of lot7709, group 1, then In an easterly direction 20 chaiua, then north '20 chains,
then woal L*o chains to point of commencement,
containing -to acrea more or leas,
Looated February llth, 1W7.
I'HiLie waijk, Locator,
Sixly days after dale I intend lo apply to the
Hon Cblel Commissioner of Land! and Works,
Vietoria, to purohaae -IHO acres ol Und, In Fire
valley, Weit Kootenay.and described n����ollnws*
Commencing at a post planted at Walter Hull's
north went comer antl marke I A. H's S, K corner
and running no'lh 60 ehnins, theuce west ftl
{hains   ihence lohth 80 chains, thenee east wi
chaloi to plate ot beginning, and being part of
Sections 34 ami 8'. In Township 71 and a portion
ol BOotloni 1 and I iu Township 8ft, Qioan I
March Sth, 11*07. A.gipki,
J. K, Anhaiii.k, Agent.
Notice is hereby given that 60 davs alter dale I
iniend to apnlv to the Hon. Chii f Commissioner
01 Lands and Works for permission to Dttrchau
the following deeoribod lands, il to eta^n^VeSt
Kootenav district: Commencing m ��� posi maiked ,1. L. I'orter> H. W. corner, Mun.*-. m.uiIi 60
chains, following the eaitern boundary of ll
selous appiiction to purchase) thence eail 4��
cha nil ihenoe north W chaini; thenco west io
chain-, to point of eommencemenc, oontainlng
IN acres uioie or less. B
Delta this Iith day ot March, 1907,
J. L. I'UR.KK,
rto days after date I intend loapply to the Hns
Chief CommiMioner of Unds and Works, Vie-
torla, to purchase tin aeres of land located la
Flre \-illey and being a portion of FeotlQOI U
and If, In Township08 am) described aa followi*
Commencing at a post planted at the touthwest
corner of tbe southeast uuarter of icction li
Township ���.'.> and marked J. ti. H. h. corner
theuce north 40 chaln��.; thence weil W ehalni;
thenee tooth webainsi theuce eaat 60 chains to
place of beginning.
* :r;*3rdlr
JodEPH (ilBSOJt,
J. K. ANNARLE, Ageut.
Sixty daya afterdate 1 intend to apply to thi
Honorable the chief Commlaaioner of Umls and
Works. Victoria, to pqwheee NO acres of land,
���"tasted on Lhe waatllCe of Arrow lake, ami de
���enoeg a�� follows: Commencing at a post mark
ed J. H s.S. K eormr aud placed at the louth-
west corner nf LotTOtt, droop I, West KootCJW
and running wesl B chains, thence lOOtha.
chains, thence ea��t ho chains to the <ake *huie.
thence uorth along the lake to place of beginning
March ^th, 1W7. j Haiuhi,
J, K  Annauis, Agent.
Hlxty days aftti date 1 t nie ml tn apply lo tm
Houorahle the Chief Commissioner tif Unds and
ttorks. \ ictoria to purchase 120 aerea of land
In West Kootenay, aud described as followi*
Commencing at a post planted tm the east tide
of Arrow Use at the southwest corner of I.76W
an.l  marked  "J. a.  K'i NW. corner," thence
east��ohalns, theme south 40 chains, tbenei
eaat 10chains, theme south 'to chains to Hoio*
hclmer'�� pre eruption, theuce west 3t chains tc
(���auqiiliT s application to pun-hue, tbence north
4ochains thence we*! to chains lo lake ihore,
lher.ee north aloug ihe lake shore to place oi
March Iith, 11)07. J. A. KlLI-T.
Sixty days afterdate I intend Lo apply to Ihe
Hon the Chief CommlMloner of Unds and
tt'orks. Victoria to purchaie tbe following de-
���orlbed land: ('umnii uclng at a posr marked
M lis s VV. corner, and planted near the northwest corner of ) ot Wi, about one mile west of
Slocan river, and running east 40 cbains to Lot
'���M thence norh 40chains, thence west 40ebalni,
ihence south 40 chains to place of beglnniug.
March 9th, 1907. Mll.pi llir.i,
Pit'i. H*rt k. Ageut.
Hlxty days alter dale 1 Intend to apply to tbe
Honorable the Chief Commissioner of l*nds and
Works, v ictoria, to purchase lbe following
deeoribod lands In West Kootenav dlatrlct:
Commencing ai a poit planted at tbe **��� K coiner
of Wm Love U's purchaie L7CV6 aud maiked
"K. M.H's N.E corner," and ruuning south M
chains, thenee west 40 chalna. theuce north M
chains, tbenoe east 40 chains to place of beginning aud containing 240 acres.
March IMb. 1907. E. M. Biuw.
J, K. ASNAm.s. Agent
Sixty days after tlate I intend to apply t.> the
Hon the Chief Commissioner of Undsand Worki
Victoria, to jitirebaseWO acres ol land In Wett
Kootenay district: Commencing at a post
plantcil about tituiies (rom the month of Moi-
rj.i.'o ii.. k and about one mile west of ihe said
creek and murked "II. II. H's H.W corner." and
running north SO chalus, thence east KO chains,
theuee south 81 chains, theuce west 80 chalm to
place of begiuniug. *���
March Hith, 1907. H. H. Kerns,
J. K. AKKARLS, Agi it.
Blxty day* alter tlate I Intend tn apply to tbe
Hon. the ch if Commissioner oi Lands and
Works, Victoria, to purehase X20 acres of laud, in
West Kootenay, described as follows: Commencing at a post planted about 8 mllei up
Mnstjuito Cms fnnn Ihe mouth ami marked
"AU." N W. corner, ihenco south 80 chains,
thence easl 40 chains, thenee north 80 chains,
thence 4n chain* west to place of beginning
February 16th, 1907. A. OiuhaM,
J. E. Annaule. Agent.
Hlxty days afler da'e I intend to applv to the
Hon 'he Chief Commissioner of Lands and
Works, Vietoria, to pureliase 640 acres of land, i&
West Kootenay, describe 1 aa follows: Commencing at a post marked "H. B." N.K. corner,
and being at lhe N.W. coruerof A> (iraham'*
application to purchase which Is about 8 mllei
np Mosquito Creek irom the month and ran-
Dins -Ho chains smilh, thence  80 chains we��t.
tbenoe 80 ohalns north, tbenoe ���� eheloieestto
placeof beginning.
February 16th, 1907. D. Bvktos,
J. E. Annsalk, Agent-
Sixty days after date] intend to apply tothe
Qpnorabla ihe' hief Commls-lonerof Lands s in!
tt'orkn, Victoria, to purchase 80 acres ol Is"'1
located tin the wesl side oi Arrow lake and de
decribid aa follows: Commencing at a post
market! P. A's N. K. corner, and plauied 40 chalnt
north ol the souihwest coruerof Lot 7104,����roup
1. Wort Koo'enay. aud running south 40 chains,
theuce west to chains, theuce norlh 40ehaint���
ihence east A) chains lo place of beginning
March llth. 1907 P. JUOUBt*,
3. K A��nablb, Agent.
PtXtydayi alter dale I Intend to applv ��o tlte
Honorable tlie chief Commissioner of Eodiand
Work; for permission tO purchase the following
deeerlbed land in West Koolenay: Ctnauicueiwe
nl a potit about one uud aqua iter miles (I1*) from
Uavonne Landing, and marke.LHella Bradley*
S. K. corner, thence norlh 'Jo chains, Ihence wsn
^lehains, thence south 'JO chains, theuce east A*
eliains to polnl of commencement.
March Bnd, I9��7.     (Signed) 111*l.i,a Hrt.U'i i'v,
Robot Komkbox, .vgent.
Sixty rtnyK afler tLtte I intend to Spply i��,,1*i
Honorable the Chief Commissioiier of Lands ami
Works for permission lo purchase tho following
deserlbed land in West Kootenay: Commencing
st a Post planted on ihe ftorut bank of Banirali
creek, ubout three tiu��rtersof a mile from month
of creek, and marked Kva  Cull's H E. corner.
ihence north 80 chains, thence west 40ehsin��
thenoe SQUth 30 obalns, tnence eatt 40 chain9 to  |
polntof commencement.
March -"ind, 19(17, (Signed) Eva CvlU
BoflIRT Kohiwhw, Agenl.
Sixty dayt* liter date I Intend toapply to "'J
Hon the Chief Commissioner ol Lands ami
Work* for peroii'sinn to purchase the following
deicrlbed land In Weil Kootenay: Commenfim.
at a post plant, d ou the iouth bank of Su'"1'11.1
' reek, a1 nit ne mile from mouth of creek, ami
marked "R. itohlnson'a N W. oorner," Ihenee
anuth 8o chairs, (hence cast 40 chsini, then"
north Wi ehatns, thence west40 chaini lo pointm*
March iimi, 1007. M
(digued) Koaiat ROItfM*
��s ���--���-"-- Special for Camp and Hotel Use
Heavy Hams
The Very Best of Canadian Goods
P. Bums & Co., Ltd.
Nelson, Kaslo, Rossland and Boundary.
. that ilnrty dap an*r dale ] tn-
1,1,1V lutiie lion Chief Commiasioner of
Undi and Works al Victoria. B. C , for a special
land  carrv  awny  li(nl*r  Irom thc
iiik described landi In AlMwortb dirisbmi
meocing mi a posl markodOhas. ��. Walms-
. .,.   poit,  theuee   north W>  chains,
l. ,   _t   ���\ ehains.  theuce  south HOchains,
Lj,-,!    west BOchalni to polnlnf commencement,
he aid i md belnc iltuated on the east sitle of
ucdeereeh  abonl *% miles south of tne Lar-
[ Located ICarch Utb, 1*1. ���
chas. f WAuauf. Looator,
Y  Khuun, Agent.
2- Commenelni at a post   marked   Chns. V
rth wesi   poit,   tbenee south so
isln 1, thence eul W chains, thenei' north BO
lUih- ihence well *o eliaum tn pniut ol com-
,-ui-in   ih- ���f-'d in'sd l"ing situate on lbe
in-t lids nl Csscsde 1 reek, abtiut \i% miles south
Ii Lardeau rr*er
Located Manh l.'ih, 1W7
(has ��.WSXMtmmVf, locator,
I'. BHBSAVt Agent.
3 -Commencing  at   t\  post   marked Cha*. F
aliiiilev's   ��oiilli��eM    poit,   Ihence   suuth   80
itlus, them* easl BO chains, theuce north 81
���ami thenee weil (tn chains to polntof com-
ement, the aald land ite ing iltuate on tin
ilde ol Cascade creek, abont 4)s miles south
J Ui , , , river.
[Located Mareh Uth, Itttl
(HAS  V. WALMH.IY. locator,
1* -hikan, Aicent.	
���Malice is hereby siren lhat thirty tlays after
V      nteml tonpply lothe Hon. the Chief Cmn-
llllloner id    Undo   anl   Works,   at   Victoria,
. erjal llceiJ   ��� '���   ���       ind tarry   away tlm-
jer from the following dcM-rlbed landl tn  West
(������im*., ihat Ii i" say:   Commencing    at a
Minted 4" ��� ham* eait of the   northeast
**' of block   111,   [poit marked Hit K   K.)
lbence running eeat 80 cnelm, thence south so
is, Ihence wen no chains,  thence  north SU
11 10 looatlon p">*i Ko. 1, containing MO
"i .aii'l, mote nr lcs��
Dated at Creiton, I C , IbliSad .lay ot March.
CKo. BtMBOrfi
 J. c. BcHasJsianoaii.
Tnke notiee thai I iniend, thirty days after
Jdate to spply to the Honorable the chief Com-
I-    iionei  oi Lands and worka tor a special
I . ��� to cut and carry away Umber from the
I:      rlo| deeerlbed   lands, situmed on Handy
II reek, in West Kootenay distriet:  Commeneing
lo* a |Hist planlcd mi the weit ilde, of said creek,
tau 1 market "J I'. B'e*" DortbWOSI corner, thence
lr ,M:iiig south eitrh'y chains; tlience east eighty
Ichajiia, thence north eighty ehatns; thence west
eighty chnins to place of Dommeneement.
J. y. owinuM,
���' '. *   i- ivth day of February, r.��r..
lake notice that Iff days after date I intend to
apply lotbe Hou   thi Cbl-f Commlutonar at
Uinu and Work., Vict* rla. (or �� sperU) licence
to cut and carry away tlmher from the following
dOSOr bt d laud, lu West Koot ns v: 1 ouimeiiclng
at a pom planlcd at Kokanee tfiding, on Kami
Point, on iouth >idt Weil Arm of Kootenay
river about la miles esst of NeiBl,n, Il 0 .marked
"C-1 Walmslev's N.K.corner post," theuce to
chains anuth, tin nee SO chains west, theuce Su
chain* uorih, thenc- 80 chains to point of com.
menoement, containing Wi acres, mare or less.
Located March 16lh, 1907.
Chas. r  Walhklsy,
1*. BUUJf. Agent.
Take notiee that 1 Intend thlrtydays after date
Jo apply 1 1 the Hon. the Chief Commlaaioner of
Laud* aud Woiks for a special Uoeose to cut an-*
cam KWg* timber Irom thu following deserlbed
lauds. Mluated east ���.( l��og creek, ln the district
01 West Kotiiena): 'Commeueiiig at a put marked 'Tht; Houmlary Lumber Company's northwest
corner post " plauted about a mile east of the
Columbia and Western railroad, and about three
milea wmth ��� f the.Big Tunnel, thence 4f. chains
south, tbeuce GO chains east, thence 4o ehalns
south, thence IU) chains east, tbeuce 4') chalna
north, thenoe 80 chains west, ihence 40 chains
north, tbence 80 chains west to polntof com-
Dated 4th March, UN. J Qmrjui.
Agent Ior The Boundary Lumber Co.
Kotloe is ln-reby given that .10 daFS afler date
ll intend toni-ply to tbe Honorable the Chief
���CommlMloner of Lands and Works, Victoria, for
T -;       >.i Dl    In cut  and  carry  away  limber
J following deeerlbed puoe of land in
��� ���'.������; Kootenai district:   Commenting at a post
I chsini from the east sno.e of I'pper
��ot '.uke and adjoining block :(��e no the south
1 marked   "Chas. Mil's" northwest   corner,
II ���������������-��� ith n chains, theu-e east Bo chatm,
(thence north KI ebalns, tlu-nce west 80 chaius to
polntof commencement.
DatedIbettt, ��1ay of March. 1W7.
���"���'������ li hereb} glveu that thirty dayi after
latel nieud lo make application io the Honor-
���;������������   ��������� f > ���*ii.i;,i--ii,iier of 1,-aud* anil Works at
p Ictoria   B.C., f���r a special  license bunt and
|*rryaw*j Umber from the following de-crltod
f'V.v.- ia tVeit Kootenay district:
1 t ninmenclnc at a poil planted about two mllei
���a a  luartei np 1 louthern tributary of the
*.t*   -*,._-.-,   ,,���:, nn   tbe  ereek   commonly
... '   '"t. and a quarter of a mile
|om th* Fork., KD.i marked  a, L Btewarfi
1      -""cornei lost, thenoo uorthBO chains.
I   ;'''���'*��� �� ehaim   thenee south Hn chains,
In.,   1 ���'*'"' ("hams to place ot commencement.
I ���Jh1"1 ul day of April, 1907.
a I. sts wast, Locator.
I jiniin- li bereoi ri.en mat to davs aitor~d7te~I
��'..'.'...,'_BI,l',-r,to V,p "onorable the Culel Cnm-
Unds md   Works for a   special
I,    V,     1      ?."'. ',flrr>' "*"_. "mberlrotn ihe
frictr       dMCrtbed l">dlln Wtsat Koolenay dis-
'last notMB tbat 1 lutend thirty day* alter dale
to apply to the Hon the Chief Commissioner of
Undsand Works for asrecial llfense to eul and
carrv a.vav timber from the followlni described
lands, situated on   Dog creel, in West Koolenay
distriet: qommonemi at a put planted on the
eatt aide of lhe Columbia ami Western railroad,
oo or about ten chains neat, and marked 'The
Houndary Lumber company's post." and about
a mile aud a half south of the Hig Tunnel, the
mrthwest eoruer, thence running south 160
claim, ihence easl 4u chains, theuee uorth 1U0
ehalus, tbeuce west *o chains to place of com-
Dated March 4th. 1W7. J Qikilli.
Take notiee tbat 1 inlcnd, thtrt' days afler
date to anply to thc Hon the chiel Commission-
erof Lauds and Works loraspwial license locut
an-* earry away limber Lorn the following described lands, situated on Sandy creek, in Weat
Kontenay dlstricl: Commencing at a post planted on th-.* west side of Sandy creek and called
J. P. S'l aouthwest corner post, thence ruoniug
east 8.1 chalus. theuce uorth 40 chains, theuce
west 40 chains, theuce norlh 8W chalus, thence
Weel 40 chains, thence until laicbalut lo place
t��f eommeneement.
Dated this 9th day of Marrh, HW7
J. P. 8waED��Esu, Locator.
Notice Is bereby given that Wl days atler nate I
Intend lo apply tn lhe Honorable ine Chief Commissioner of Unds ami Works for a special
license locut and carry away timber from the
following described lands situated on the weal
Mile of Big Sheep Creek Valley: Commencing
altout three and a hall miles north of the international boundary line and about one and a
half miles west of ihe Nelson and Fort Sheppard
Balmy company's laud gram in lhe district of
WW Kootenay:
No. 1���Commencing al a post planted (wo
miles west tif Big Sheep ereek, known as the
muthweit corner post. Joining J. R. Cranstoo'i
umber claim No. 1, claiming w chaini north,
theuce Ml chains easl, ihence 80 chains south,
tbence HO chai ns west to point uf eommeiiceinent.
Ironed March 21st, 1907.
No a-Commencing at a post planted at tho
aouthwest eoruer of location No. J, known as the
northwest corner postol location No. 2, claiming
B0 chains south, Ihence B chain* east, theme 80
chains north, thence 80 chains west to point of
Located Man-h 21st, 1W7.
No. 3 -Commencing at a pnit placed half a
mile west of location No 'i, known as the south
cast corner, clHlmtiiL' bo chalm. norlh. thence 80
Chains watt, thence 811 chains souih, thence 80
chains east lo polut tif commencement.
Nn. 4 ���Commencing at a pn��i planted at the
southeast corner of location No 3, knmvn as the
northeast corner, claiming 1(H) chains south,
ihence 40 chains went, theuee 60 chalus north,
thence4li ehalus east to point of eommeucement.
Locoted Mareh 21at, I'A)7.
J. P. swbdbsro, Locator.
K. T. Knoki.sk.ikv, Agent.
[ Loiniiieiicln
a at a prur planted al-nut two and
luarier milei up �� southern tributary oi the
er,   on   the   creek   commonly
Jiille si,
feVV '*" .' m~wk> ��a ��bwla��S3wa
V    h...     ""''���"r^- end marked a I. Stewart's
!   ��-s.;1*,H.r pogt, ihoaoo wuth 160obalns,
e ,s ,l,4l,,;h��ln'. thence north ISO rhalni,
���1.., 1 it)4' \u*"1' \" plM? 0l commencement.
J��wd thu lit dayol April, lwr.
v L stkwast, Ixcator.
iiN"!:.".,!'J1;",,': 'l*��''',��"M:t.j,ia^.ft"rr��iatol
.    apply 10 im. Honorable the chief Com-
1',.;: .I; Hudl B��" Work! lor a special
���in- -wl i 1 1 "'7rr>" tlmlK-r (mm tbe f.dlow-
I Uh T,tU",U' Mueta* in the valley of
Ih" 1 ,,..'     "''*"'""'" :i'Hi| 3}^ miles north of
Tm*     ';" ;'s """":,irJ' liiit'- J��lnlu��( tl1"
Nnlleo l, hs-rt-by Riven th.t in (lay. rruinsl.to
I inlviisl tu.p|ilv iss tbe Mon Chief Coinmlsssloiser
of Latisl. .nd \\ ork, for a .|���*c,h1 license to ent
���nsl ,-arry t.s.Hf tllssber from tlse [ssllsswfng sle-
���crltH-sl Unsl. lu Went Kooten.y dlatrlct:
Commencing at a poit plantesl isn tbe north
bank of Its Mile creek, abont one mile and a balf
from Nlossan lake, marked K Stransl*. northwesst
corner poat, thence east 160 cbaina thence aouth
.*' cliHlna, thence weal 1-fiO chain,, thence north
4ss, tiF��nsK to jsolnt of commencement.
U.u-d thla sllsst day of March, 1907,
E. Ntkasss. I.scator.
,���.��� "<"'!��� W shaln,, llsc.icc ,���.�� 11X1
-.sss.'s""*-*"". Is 411 chall
ainito point of com
tn. lies- east  ,11
l-��*ssis'il vi .,,;"'" nsticement.
'���sliis, >, ",'"!'."���" ���"I��"l�� pssist plantcl ssl lho
 Iisrv I j.... * '. "' '"'sili'sti So. 1 on the "H��t
��l""s.-'lsV ,,'*; '*.,' *?���������'( pre-empllssts,
TUneofl i, , ! '"'''."'""Ullsecuit bnund-
'���Isssiis,,.,,, ��� ,r,'"'*"," " pre i-mpilnii, thence
'"'���'-s...,,1';,^'1,''''"""' K'"' sl"*l>P*"--t
lain,.,*:t*,','!I        ���' chain,, north, thenco 40
' "**��"**l M.r,*h ���!nl; [���"����"��'u��nt.
  t____.*trtaaug. locator
|i!s"",',lls!,':',' "H'jydayiaflor dans I Intend
' "inI Wis.."1,''"-' 'i"*l'' Cisiiimliiilssiier ssl
'* Iss i s t .���*,' X 1''u"1"- "* ''������ I" �� 'IH-s-lal
Allowing ,], .',,*" ] "rry sssn, limber from Ihe
I''"*���, ss.i,,,'',"' '"" '*��� I" We.t Ksssstclissy:
P His* iss,ril������.,' '"'*l P'intosi W chain, west
|""ln��il com',, "!:r "' lo1 "'-��� ausl at the
P's'i'i.. then-e . ,",i "I *���. Il's'uce east 'Ai
.. si,.,,..,, ,," ' *" s'lsiilna, thens-e i-Hsst ,0
-lls'iis,. ,    ,,   .'" rh"l"��, tbence cis'lW)
i. us,-,,,:,,; ,'.';, ���".���Wu tin*"'*!* *��������� uo
���in.-rit ,��� ,������. , '  '" '*l'��ln�� lu place ul com-
.' ""'i'"''-n.!'io'a,i',,ilt. y**'", "',':1 "1,r,>* "�����" ��""'
t'.sss.nl,.,,,,,"   "I I'lv in Hiss Honorable tlie Chief
kermis... '"   I'llllOs un.l U',.-b_   ��......._,_   *	
r"?t����'in   ,,    ��� '""'""'"l Works, Victoria, for
Jliirict-    * a8tol���UntfiinWoinCootona>
L^^smilS^JH^tA* ! P"'1 three-
F,""*r ]��,vi , lul',,l Wllllain Walmsley's rt h
b'^ I' h"Er,. U'.' '���"?����"��� wes" Since I
r1lB,n''" 'itlu&SSt 15 ******** ��"t. Ihcnce -tu
William Wai.msi.xy, Locator.
M:nlt  Nn   9    n S"��"AN, Agent.
r^snartini^aW^lHt fi'mf. ��������* "hout
I, ll!l,t,n ^slSslev'rW^ rlvt'r' ,"'1- murked
1* "l,lMV��l. Uii, in-." in'..V_,,'"r""r I��oHt, thenco 1th)
WMWoa-t Hid in��i""hains south, thences IW
VlsinliiK     ',U1,! ',l,'-l��UnH north iu nulutm   ,,.
��afed Mareh Sfh.lRn
William Waln��i.xy, locator.
Y. MUKAN, Agent.
Null.*.* Is hereby gtren that -30 days alter dato 1
luiend to applr to the Honorable the Chief Commissioner of Lnnds and Works, Victoria, for a
ipOOlal llceuse to cut ami c��'rv awav limber
from the (ollowlngdescribed land ln West Koolenay :
Commcnclnc at a po.il planted about eleht
milea from the mouth of QoSt creek, and where
it t'fitts luto the Hloean river and about six
chains from the creek upon the -nulL bank, and
Joining C. it. Illltle's location on the wesl Hue
end markud V Hatle'a southeast corner poat,
thence west 100 chains, theuce uorth *) chains,
them e >���* t lllll chains, lbence south 4u chalus lo
polnl tif commencement.
Located March 28th, 1��H-
Jsrr. Baty, Locatos.
pert: Ii. HlTTLK, Agent.
Notice Is hereby given that So days alter date 1
iniend In npplv to the lioiiornble the Chief Coiu-
iiiIski-.ji't ni Lands nnil Works, Vn-toriii. lore
special license to nt and curry uwuy timber from
the following described Uml lu West Kooteuay:
< iniiiiiri.cine at n pout planted about six miles
from the mouth of Out creek and where It Hows
Into Slocan river, and ��v'oni li.clutns.from the
crook, upon lhe south bunk and nutmed C II.
Hltlle's sontheaat corner post, lhetice west IN)
chain*, tbence north -W chnins, them-e east 180
chains, tbeuoe ��outh 40 cbHins to point oi com
Dated Mnrch Mth,M*7.
t*. B. Hitlk, Locator.
Notice Is fimeby given that thirty tlays after
date 1 Intend lo apply to the lion tho Cblef
OoinmUstouer of 1-nnd* nnd Works* at VlOtorw,
Ior asnaoliUiloensetoontand earry away tlm uer
trom the following described I audit in Wen
Koolenay, thai Is lo sayt ��� ommenclug at
Rusoroftl antl Mehcrmerhorn's post No *,
running thenco ensi to chains. Ihenee south St'
chains, thence wesl 80 chnlna, theme nortii ft
chnlna to point of commencement post No. 3,
containing nio ucros of land, more or less,
Dated ut Creston, B.C., this'.Mud dayol March,
A.D., 1907.
Notleo Is hereby given that thirty days niter
date I intend tn apply lothe Hon. thc Chief Com-
mlsKlnner of Lands and Works, nt Viciorla,
lor a special licenwtonil nnd curry nway timber
from the following describe' lamls in Wesl
Kootonay, thai Is to say: commencing tit n
point SO chains oast ofthe northwest eoruer ol
lliiHcro'tand M.-hennerborn'a post No. l. run-
nlng Mint It -111 cl:aiii'- lo nos! No t, Ihenee
eiiHl. 80 chains, thence norlh Wl chnins, Ihence
wett HUohiiins, ihenee south Wi chains to Place of
commencement post No. 'i, coutaiuing 640 acres,
Dated ftt Creston, B.C., this Wml flay of March,
A.D., P.HI7
The Daily Canadian
Advantage* to Rancher* and Public of
Mixed   Farming���Potato
Growing  In  Maine.
The profils of fruit growing have bo
far c-ngrussc-d the attention of most of
the ranchers of Kootenay. Mut as more
hind is olearad, and the local demand
grown larger there ls no douht that general farming will hetome popular. Several ol the districts of Kootenay, especially Flre Valley, fend d'Oreille and
Hawser lake, are particularly sulied for
railing the vegetable crops. At present
nearly all the vegetblen consumed ln
Koolenay are Imported.
In Maine, where ihey grow TV. hush-
els to the acre, some knowledge of Ihe
methods employed will he welcome to
the farmers of Kontenay.
Aroostook county, Maine, Is Ihe seat
of ii very flourishing potato Industry,
says a wrlier In the Drovers' Journal.
Last year the production was ahout
20,000,000 bushels. Growers there secure on the average 100 barrels, or 275
bushels, per acre. The average cost
of production���for seed, labor and fertilizer���ls about MS per acre, and the
average gross returns $100 per acre.
Under the system adopted hy the
Aroostook couuty fanners the fertility of the land has been maintained or
even increased, land values have steadily risen, until now good potato lands
are rated at J75 to $100 per acre; witch
or quack grass and potatoes bugs have
been practically exterminated and the
farmers are prosperous and growing
The potato crop Is fertilized with
from 1000 to 1600 lbs. per acre of a
high grade of oomraerdal fertilizer, analyzing from 8 lo 4 per cent nitrogen,
6 to 7 per cent phoaphorlc acid and 9
to 10 per cent potash. By the use of
the 500 lbs. in addition to the original
K'OO lbs. some growers get au increase
ln crop yield sufficient to pay for the
whole 1500 lbs of fertilizer used. The
fertilizer costs from $32 to $35 per ton
ln carload lots. The comparatively
large amount of potash UBed is not only
bencficlal to the potato crop, but greatly stlmulatsss the growth and increases
the yield of the clover following. Maine
farmers object to the use of the barnyard manure, ashes or lime on [jolatoes,
fearing it may Induce scab. On this account they keep but little other than
work stock and sell off. most of the
clover hay and oats.
Spraying the potatoes with Bordeaux
mixture to control blight is practised
by at least 90 per cent of the Aroostook |K��tato growers. This is one of
iho practices in the industry that has
insured to Maine growers uniform success. Formerly one or two applications
of the Paris green were made, with the
Bordeaux to keep down the beetles.
The beetles, however, have been so reduced that now many growers omit the
paris green entirely, finding the Bordeaux mixture alone sufficient to control both blight and beetles. Spraying
begins about the first of July and continues until tlte middle of August. The
number of sprayings given depends on
Ihe weather���the aim is to keep Bordeaux on the vines constantly.
For the most part Maine growers
plant their potatoes with a planter in
rows three feet apart and 12 to 15 inches distant In the rows; a week after
planting cultivation begins with the
horse hoe going between the rows and
slightly hilling them. This Is followed
by the two-hor3e cultivator about the
time the potatoes break the ground.
Cultivating is continued about once a
week thereafter, alternating the horse
hoe with the cultivator and giving in all
five to seven cultivations. The rows
are hilled slightly and what quack or
witch grass there is develops on the
ridge, but is entirely removed when the
tubers are plowed out In the fall with
potato digger. Thus handled the grass
has been practically extemlnated.
Kistlw Is. hereby -riven that 811 sinyi after sl��te 1
Intend to upnly is, (be Hon Chief s,<stnmls-sloner
ssl I.s.1,si, and Worfcl, al Victoria for . special
lirsuise tss s-sil an,' carry awayslintser frssns the
followlnc I-MOTiM landa in We.l kootenay:
ConiinenistnK hi a post jdantoa nn the outline
of ],ot Sl'-*, two nsllo-s assisth of the southern
boundan ssl mv Tim ber UeenN No. lo. thenoe
esiiiuo chains., liorlls ��0 Ohalni, weft 4} onalM,
north HO chains, sv-st*0 eliains, soutsi J-sO chains,
easHOchalns, ssssslli .10 s-lssiins lo place of eommeneement. containing 64; aerei, inure or ,esi.
April 8th. 1907. p- Ll'1">-
Notice ta herebv given that 80 slays after dale 1
Intend I" applv is- the ���fin. t'hiel commissioner
sst hansls and Wor):s for a special llssenae toeut
ninl carrv away timher from the following de-
serllsed landi. situates! "U Corn Creek I'i the
tinat crc-1: slivfs.on In .Llouthwesl Kootenty, Bc.
������A"���Uonuaot.qtoB sst pc*st "a*.'plentedabout
IM eliains vvsss' from southeast orner of Block
No loor,, and murked " - . I- Beekwlth by 1 J.
I.ns'la, Bgent. -,oritii*ussl cornet post." about Iwo
eliains nssrlb of the strs-i ,m, then west lfio chains,
then 40eba!iis sou'h. th 'ta east 160 chains, then
40 chains nssrlh lo post u I ec mmelis-emeut.
Datcil March Hill. 1907. W. U BICKW1TH,
by 1. .1. Lucia, Agent,
"B"���Commeneing sit poet"B" planted on the
aouth fsstk of Com ers ask, ubout (io ehalus from
where tho stream ompti ea Into tho Main atream,
marked "W. t. IteekwCh by I ���* Lucia, agent,
ussrlhcasl eorner post,'' about three ebalna east
of Ktrciim, th.-n l��i chairs- eOUth, then 40 ehalni
wast, then ttsl' -hains ns .rth. ihen 40 chains east
to point of essmi'ieucsimet-Vt. .  ���
Dated March 7th, 1907 W. t, Fiokwith,
by 1. J. l.lictA, Agont,
,s(v���Commencing at post "0" plantesl m
ehalns ssiiisls s,f isssrlhvs eat corner ssf Bloejjgfc
marked "W I, llesskwlt h by *.J. I.UOla, as;sJa-L
norlheast ciirns-r post.'* about ten chains west of
stream northeut comes , then 160 ohalni loutn,
then lo chaltis welts li.e a 1��0 ehnins north, thon
40 chains essl lo psssl of romraeneement.
Pated Jlarch t&, MOT. W. L. BBoiwlTU,
by   1-1. I.l*lA. Agent.
Today's metal markets showed considerable fluctuation. Silver, which
has been weak, recovered four points in
New Vork and three in London. The
London quotation of lead is two polnta
Death of F. G. Erb.
Dr. Arthur returned last night from
Silverton where he went to investigate
the circumstances attending the death
of F, G. Erb, C. 1>. R. agenl, who shot
himself there on Wednesday. Dr. Arthur decided that no Inquest was necessary and gave orders for burial.
Street Nuiaance,
Residents of Stanley street from
Silica to Carbonate are annoyed at the
condition of the road, which is strewn
with paper from the bill board on Ihe
Congregational church ground. Some
disposal should undoubtedly be mode of
it other than throwing It iir the public
way to be scattered by the wlnda.
Baptlat Church.
The Baptist choir Is preparing special
music for next. Sunday evening qp
' Reminlscenes of Childhood." An after
Bervice will be held, presided over by
the pastor. Several speeches will be
delivered and boIob and duetta. The
pastor will tell the story of his mother's
remarkable life, which will furnish the
baslB of his sermon.
San Joae Scale.
O. G. McLaren, secretary of the West
Kootenay Farmer's Institute, has received from the provincial department
of agriculture a branch about ten
Inches long from an apple tree, which
ta covered from end to end with San
Jose Scale. All fruit growers are invited to call at Mr. McLaren's office
and inspect It, and learn lo detect the
pest ou its first appearance.
The Special Order Department   of  the
Big Montreal Concern.
"Semi-ready" physique, type proportions are not a cure-all. They will meet
every requirement that comes within
the sphere of normal aud disproportionate man. They are so arranged to provide
for unequal heights of shoulders and
unequal lengths of leg. In fact, there
Is no man who can he fitted with
clothes who cannot be fitted at a Seml-
reody tailoring store. For the Special Order Department of the Semi-ready steps
In when the odd man in a thousand falls
to find his fond pattern. Semi-ready made
a pair of trouserB for a Sherbrooke man
who weighed 450 pounds. In two
months they filled twelve special measurement orders from the Yukon.
Mikado and Admiral.
Toklo,     April     12.���Rear     Admiral
Brownson.  U.  S.  N.,   was- received  in
audience today by the emperor.
Brand New Art Bell Piano
John T. Pierre, Baker St.
I have just returned to Nelaon and
have opened up at the aame old atand,
and now ready to do all klnda of
KALSOMINING. Shop rear of Bartlett
Tender* at u nominal A pure are desired by the
Arrlcultarfcl and Jndustilal association for the
priming of the prite Hat tor the fruit fair this
autumn. Tenderers must print according to the
ape ���locations which are with the secretary of
lhe association, must giTt' a bond to complete
the work by -inly 15 next, the advertising rates
oeiiiij at the discretion of the tenderer All tendon must Imi wnt In sealed and will be opened
on Tuesday next at noon at the ofllce of the
D. C. McMORRIS, Serreury.
A. M. Can. Soc. C. B.
Mining Work a Specially.
���Office: Bealey Building.   P. O. Bor
Baker St.. NELSON. B. C.
Notice in hereby gtren that the Wtttsburg
"Lumber couvpiiny has applied to His Honor the
Meutena"I<*��>*�� ernor lu council, under the pro-
viRlous oi the " Riven and Streams Act," for the
riiilit to Imp-row Kykerts ereek, In the district of
West Koowswy. British Columbia, by removing
the obstruction* -.herefrom and straightening
the bankn theivol1, tind to eonitrnrt dams, booms,
���tides and nhufttf. ��nd mskvHlich other imp-OTe-
mentHasmav he rect'dsary for the driving and
rafting oHim�� tod tlie Hunting ol Umber thereon
Tlie lands |nb=����i!��*��ted ��re govcrment lands and
Lots '.'Mand '&% or oupl, kootenay district, and
the tolls that i-re pioposed to bo charged, if any,
arenuehaimajMxi^edbyaJudgL'Ol the county
oourt of West Koo. auty. 	
Dated this nth d *r"' March, A. 1>. 1907.
Tfc Stfatbeona
Nelaon, B.O.
Reg. Geo. Webb, Prop.
The Leading Hotel in the
Oood   Sample    Rooma.
Queen's Hotel
Baker Btreet, Nelson. B. O.
Lighted by Electricity and
Heated by Hot Air
Large and Comfortable Bodroome and First-
cl-ana uiu iuk Room,   ���-���in !���)������ Hr>oms for Comuci*
ems   H��n
MRP. K. C.CLARKK. Proprietress
Grand Central Hotel
Tnis hotel has been completely rcnovuted and
newly furniHhed with al) modern equipments.
Hot water heating throughout.
RATKS : Rooms, 50e. upwards ; meals 25c. ;
special rates by the week.
J. A. EBICESON, Proprietor
Telephone, 250.   Opposite Court House
and Postoffice. Nelson. B. C.
Tremont House
European and American Kan
all 9 cts.   Rooms trom 'tt cts. to 11
Only White Help Employed.
Baker St., Nelson Fropmton
Bartlett   Hotise
Best Dollara-Day House in Nelson.
The Oar is the Finest.
White Help Only Employed
Josephine Bt.
Royal Hotel
Ratea tl and $1.60 a Day.
Special Batea to Regular Bonnier*
Moat comlorUblts quarters In Nelaon
Onlj tbe beat ol Liquors and ..Igara.
Reduced Rates
Atlantic Seaboard
Kootenay Points
Effective for Trans-Atlantic patsen-
gere arriving on or eubaequetrt to April
100 down and easy payments
for balance buys a very nice Residence. Offer open for 5 days only
S. M. BRYDGES,    Imperial Bank Block
rUJ\ JRLCa river front properties
Two of the Best Improved Ranches
Willi bearing orclmrtl�� nnd ninning witier on each property.    These properties i-nn be purchs-sed on renw.unble terms if sold at onoe.
Choice Fruit
I Have J0.000 Acres
of die
Choicest Frait Lands in
British Columbia.
Can sell any quantity from 5 acres to 2,000 in one blocir.
Buy now and get the ground floor prices.
J. E. ANNABLE,    -    Nelson, B. C
For Quick Sale ��.
House! $.2,400
On Chatham SL Fine location. Cloae
ear line.   Houm built ef brick flrot
atorey.    Nicely furniehed.
and Two Lots
$700.00 caah,   balance  on  eaay terma.
Certificate of the Registration of Aa
Extra-Provincial Company.
"Companies Act, 1M7."
from polnta In Ontario, Quebec, Marl-
time provlncei, St. Paul, Chicago, and
United Statea.
Send For Your Friends
Full  particulars   on    amplication  to
local agent or write
A.(l.P.>..V��nnsraviir. '     D. P.A..*rln<in
Wholesale and Retail Dealera In
Fresh and Salted Meats
Clumps anppliod on Rhort-sst notice and
lowest price. Nothing but freeli nnd
wholesome meats and supples kept in stock
Mail orders receivo careful attention.
E. C. TRAVES, Manager.
I HKhEBY CERTIFY that tbe "Kr��o Mirer
Lead Mmlug Company, Limited," haa tha day
been resiBturetl a�� au Ultra-Provincial Company
under tne '-Coinpintea s -*ct, IW," to earry out
ur effect aU or auy ot the obJeeU of theootnp-ny
tu .vl.i*.-li tbe legitiUUTe authority nf th* Legis-
Utuie ol - ruisti Columbia extends.
Tbe head office of the company ii situate at
Phoenix, Territory of Arizona, U. 8. A.
The amount of the capital of the company ia
three million dollars, divided into six hundred
thousand shares of five dollars each.
Tbe head office of the' company in this province
is situate at Kaalo, and w. K. Zwkky, mining
i'Dgloeer. whose address is Kaalo, B- C, is tbe at
toruey for tbe company.
The time of the existence of the company Is
twenty-live years from tbe eighteenth day of
October, ltfCC.
i be company la limited.
Given undor my band and seal of ofllce, Victoria, Province of British Columbia, this ttnd
cay of March, one thousand nine hundred and
seven. t
[L.s.] B. Y.WOOTTON,
Registrtr of Joint Stock Comoanlea.
The purpOKS for which thll corporation is
f r:i.*.-d ure io buy, hold, leste. sell, work, explore, develop auo operate mines anl mining
elaims, and all kinds of mining property; to lo-
eaieand procure pat nti for mining claims; to
buy, erect, construct, or otherwise acquire and
M.*n mills, s-neltera, concentrators or other reduction plants, and to run and operate tbe same
in the reduction of ali kinds of ore, and the extraction of miu i ral therefrom; to acquire ln any
manner all kinds of real estate ueiwsarv for the
economical and expeditious operation of its mining and ameliinfc and reduction busmeas, and
otber business Incident thereto; to buy ami sell
and otherwise acqulie aud dispose of any and
all kinds of personal property, u��ctiine:y, tool*
tiiid mort'handfse, for the convenient and prac-
t cal operation ol its business in any branch
thereof, and to tbat end to establish and conduct
stores and merchandising establishments, fortht
purchase and sal ot all kindt, of oods and merchandise; to acquire ln any lawful manner telephone and telegraph lines and rights of way; to
operate and conduct *-u :h lines in any manner
nt'fc'-sjtry or convenient for the operation of Its
mining and emelMng and reduction business or
any branch Incident thereto; to build, construct,
equip, operate aud conduct railway and tram
Hues wbe.ever necessary an convenient, to the
proper operation of is said lines of buslQPBa; to
uny and ncll or otherwise acquire and dispose of
the stock of other corporations which nny in its
jn Izmeitt contribute to the success oi its operations, or which in its Judgment may be for the
benefit of its stockholders, to acquire tn any
manner and to dispose of water rights, ditches,
il intii"-. pipe lines or otber  aqueducts,  which
"CompanlM Act. 1897."
Province or British Columbia. \
No. 87ft.
THIS IS TO CERTIFY that the "Columbia
Valley Land Company." is authorised and licensed to carry on business within the province cl
British Columbia, and to carry out ox effect all
or any o! the objecti df the Company to which
tbe legislative authority ol the Legislature oft
Hritish Columbia extendi.
The head office of the Company u altuate at
tbe City of Winnipeg, province ol Manitoba.
The amount of tne caplt>lot the said company
is one hnndred thousand dollars, divided into
one Uiousand shares of one hundred dollars each
The head office of the company ln this province is iltuate at the City of Nelson, and Robert
Wetmore Hannington, barrister, whose address
ts Nelson, B. Ci, ii the attorney tot the company.
(liven under my hand and seal of office at
Victoria. Province of brltKh Columbia, this 8th
day of February, one thousand nine hundred
and seven.
[l. a., 8. Y. WO0TTON,
Registrar of Joint Stock Companies.
The objects for which this compauv hai been
established aud licensed are:
cosl mlnea. coal and wood landi, farming, grax-
lug and fruit land* and tlmb.-r limits, and to
nniv be ueeessarv or convenient for supplying
water to th" various plants of the compauv, and
to acquire In any manner and to establish and
operate plants aud lines for operating, heating
orllgtuing the [>r >perty or plants of the company, and to iivijuin* In any lawful manner, and
lo dispose of townsitcs, or auy portion thereof,
and to held, operate, tell, and di��pnso of waler,
lignt and heat for thc purpose of llghilng, neat-
li% or furnishing water to said townsite or
towniltes, and eaeh anil every portion thereof,
and generally to do tiny aud all tilings and to acquire and hold and (li*q>otc of ati kl ds of prop-
urlv, audio mu un ���*���-*, operate aud conduct any
and ill kinds of plants and bttslneuwhich in the
oplniou of the ai>ectora und stockholders may
he necessary ior tho convcnleu-eand successful
rjperatioii of its business as a mining snd smelt
Ing and redm tion company.
In the matter of an amplication tor the issue of
a duplicate of ilie t in iti.ale of Title of Lots J and
4, Block'J:l, Lnt��, Mock S* and Lot Vi. Hioek 60,
Nelson City (Mnpa-J'iti and 3��* )
Notice i*f hereby given mat, it ls my intention
fo issue a duplicate of thc Certificate ot Title for
t he 11 'live lots ui tbw expiration of one month after
tbe first publication hereof iu the name of Franx
Jaccby and fmil Pohli which ��� ertiflcate of Title
is dale ' the 4th day of January, 1J07, and numbered 4 *7 A.
H. F, MacLEOD,
District Registrar.
Ui d Registry Office, NcIrod.Bc
(a)   Buying, selling, haling or disposinc ol
���,  ----- ._���  --id ttm-
work and develop the a	
(b.) To carry on the bu*inesa ol emigration
and colonisation agents, make'tavanees to assist
s tilers on lauds purchased from the company,
and secure repayment of sucfe advances, with
lntere-t,on suuh urins and in such manner by
way cf mortgage or agreement as may be mutually sgreud upon
(c.) To carry ou the business of ranching,
breeding and selling and dealing In cattle,
horses, nheep and other live stock;^V
(d.) To purehaso, sell and deal tn lumber
wood, coal, mineral, grain, provision*, clothing
and general supplies:
(e.) To carry on the trade as general march-
antv and forwarders:
(t) To Issue ln -payment of any property acquired by tbe company shares of the capital
stock of the company as fully paid up and non
a&scbsable or otherwise:
(g ) To carry on the business of manufacturers
anu dealers in power generator! and motors ol
every detcriniion, to construct and operate alt
clashes of vehicles, agricultural implements, machinery, boau, steamers, barges and ferries In
which the said motors aro used; lo construct and
ouetate boat lines, and to carry on the business
oi carriers, cartage and parcel delivery; to own
and operate omnibus lines and vehicles and
boau for hire; to Mil, lca*e aud supply rower,
and to generate ann sell, lease, and supply electricity; to own and operate electric plants and generally to carry on any business incidental to the
aforestld purposes and objects of the con.penv :
(h ) To purchase, take or lease, exchange or
otherwise acquire and dispose of any real or
personal property and auy rights and privileges
wblch tbe company may c insider necessary for
the purpo* >��� of their operations, and to sell aud
dispone of any lauds or otber resl estate aud personal property at any time owned ur controlled
by tbe company, or any part thereof, or any eon*
trot therein or claims thereon, snd genetsdly to
do all such things a* arc Incideutal or conducive
to the carrying out of the objecu of the company
(1.) To become ahareholders tn any ousting
or proposed company and to promote and aiodsl
in promoting any coinpauy carrying on a business pertaining to the objects for which this
company it incorporated and wbtcb may prove
useful tn this company, and to acquire, taae over
aud operate tbe busmen of any such company
or companies, and to enter lnt<i engage ments for
Miuring proflu, union ot interesi, joint adventures, reciprocal concesdona or otnewise with
any person or company, and Uke or otherwise
acquire and hold rhares and securities of mch
Nollee Is herebv given that Jas. H Good enough
has made application under the provisions of
the'*Uii nor Licence Act, Wl," for a hotel licence
a meeting of the Board ol Licence Commissioners,
of the Alnsworth Licence lstrlct, will be held
hi courlder tueh application, at the Kaslo Hotel
at kudo, on Tuesday, the l��th April, WW, al ihe
huu of eight o'clock in theaiternoon.
Chlel Ltecnet Inapotlot
Nelson, B.C., Mth March, IW. 'til i
The Daily Canadian
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r.i<orF.l^lF.S   ���
| Our Stock is Complete
Here are two Soap Specials: ���
tii   31b.   BARS   HOMESTEAD   $4.5C f
J72 BARS GOLDEN WEST for $2.75 J
; Bell Trading Co. |
Ornamented Chocolate Eggs.
Blue Bird  Eggs.    Cuckoo  Eggi.
Robins'   Eggs.   Stuffed   Ducks   and
Chicks all sizes.
Make  your selections  while the  stock
ia complete.
S.   H.   SEANEY
Phone 206.
first-class repair; one block from car
Price $1,400
$500 down, $100 in six months, balance on mortgage.
H. E. Croadsdaile & _��_
Next Door to Bank of Commerce.
Bs of Heating riants In Stock.
Victoria St., Nr. Opera House.     Tel. 181.
Waterproof Paints
Coal Tar, Pitch,
Creosote, Oils for
Preserving Timber,
Roofing Pitch and
Boat Kuiliiers will find it to their -advantage to use our Pitch.
Nelson Coke & Gas Co,
General Job Work, Chimney Sweeping, Carpet Cleaning, Fixing and Cleaning Stoves, ate.
121 Eaat Baker St. Phone No. A114
For Hot Tomato
Tea and Coffee.
Beef Tea.
Soolaltmt   iJiit-ty mi.fis, tvs-rj  Friday
ev.-nlllK sst H is   lis . lu   Its,.-  s In,.,.*  ; nl,.[,  Hull
All ssn- Issvlu-sl; siny s,isi- Hllsssvs-il Isi taki- part lis
tha debates,   t. Austin, Secretary,
lira's   ..*!, .'���:_; "T^a
Mrs. It. S. McKililss-n, Rossland; Mrs.
H. E. Hunter, Bonnington; A. Cheyne.
Winnipeg; H. Twigg, New Denver.
nkuson. ij. c.
J. FI-tKD HUME, Pronrietor.
Mrs. G. Conk, Kaslo; El, L. Burden,
Toronto; I.. Jacobs, is'ew York; J
Cronln, W. P. Ilettdersun, Spokane; J
A Kinney. C'astlegar; (i. E. Frith, c. L
Reeve, W. H. Parrott, Vancouver; J. W.
P.owman, K. II. Atkinson, Russell; J
It. Brown. Qreenwood; B. \*. Danger-
field, Calgary; S. II. Reynolds, Winn!
peg; D. Grant, Silverton; I'. H. Burn
ham, Grand Porks,
A. MeN'air. Creston; J. Rundley, O. B
Appletssn, Slocan.
It.   M.   Llssyd,  Slocan;     Geo.   Clark,
R. 1). Johnson, Rossland; E. K. Roys-
ton, Trail; J. R. Mcintosh, Slocan.
A. F. Peters, Walla Walla; H. Crowe,
Erie; A. Cogn and wife, Cranbrook; T
Henderson, Ynilr ; C. Ganser, Willow
S. Johnson, Seattle; 11. Smith, Erie;
W. P. iMcWilliams, Rosebery; D. S
Husband and family. Savward; H. Harris, R. M. Telford, Creston; J. English,
P. Barquler, Y. Bielen, G. Zogorter, G
Tikorus, Regina.
For Sale...
In Fairview, 2 Lots, a corner and
adjoining lot. Enclosed and cultivated.              $350  caah.
Eggs for Hatching
Pure bred 8. C. Buff Orphingtons,
Buff Leghorns, and White Wyandottes.
$2.00 per setting. Nine chicks guaranteed or order refilled at half price.
D. WADDS, Crawford Bay.
W. Baker St.
t'l'OK-Hotel, fW. Waitrt-MS |.To;utonce   Phone
Von e mun with good offloe experience eteki a
position    Apply Box IMB, Neiaon, B.O,
A POSITION A- I.KKK. I.y h bnok-ke. per who
is quirk tiiil KCCUrntO u* flguri-***. AiUlr->B Sydney ��   Hun, box ft6:i, Kei; ua,Ha��k.
WOMAN she*   D �� OOK. H0.1W   WailreHH ��30.00
At o&CQ.    Vt, 1'iirk' r.
TWO KlRHT-��;L.Art9 KwOMd, steam heated,
plv h on ro keener. Srrt flat. K, \V. 0, block.
t*        FOR 8ALE
��.r,c,B M'lTI.IED from the leading varieties of
Part Hr��*l Poultry, BUarAiilee*. trnc to Dam'*,
Apply J '- I'ixon liox 170, Vaneouvcr-Hpi'y,
of the Vancouver Poultry and P   Association.
TW<) POOL TABLES and one Combination BU-
liur<l und Pool Table. KverytbiiiK complete
Htid lu i'*-. 1 condition, h. J. Mlghton, Tobac-
o-.i-i <vHm.rr��olr  �� r.
Finder return to thll ofllce and receive reward
\     LOCAL AND GENERAL      \
In Nelson, on April  llth. to the wife
of Alexander Thompson, a daughter.
Home   From  the  Coast-.
M. S. Davys returned last evening
after a four weeks' visit to the coasl,
purely on business.
County Court.
His Honor Judge Forin has announced
that the next session of the county
court will be held on May 80th, Judge
Forin has been holding court In the
Boundary to dispose of some cases in
wblch Judge Brown was Interested he-
fore his appointment to the bench,
Six   Months.
Hen Davis, employed in D. Amot's
store, was convicted In the police court
this morning of stealing goods from his
employer, and was sentenced to slst
months' imprisonment In lhe Nelson
gaol. Mr, Davis will he remembered
as the creditor of "Doctor" Kam Yow.
who tried to collect rent by seizing the
"doctors" operating chair.
Mrs.  Squire   III.
Mrs. Miriam Squire, the oldest woman in Xelson, had the misfortune to
swallow a portion of an egg shell, yesterday, which caused her serious inconvenience. A doctor was called in,
and relieved her somewhat, although
the laceration has heen of such a nature as to interfere with swallowintr.
The old lady is now In the neighborhood of S2 years of age, and growing
very feeble.
The Private  Secretary.
The next attraction at Sherman's
opera house will be "Tho Private Secretary." which will be presented next
Thursday evening by the Nelson Ante-
teur Dramatic Society. It will be a
pleasure for Nelaon theatre-goers to be
again favored with the efforts of home
talent. Judging by the smoothness of
the rehearsals, Ihe performance should
be equal to the best of the atneteur per-
lormances of the past.
Bad Building.
The front stone wall of the new
building which is to accommodate the
Nelson branch of the Hank of Commerce, has been rejected and ordered
down by the bank's building Inspector,
who arrived early in the week from
Vancouver where he is supervising the
erection of a building for the bank
there. The inspector declared that the
work on the wall was far from being
first-class and could not be accepted.
The work of demolition has already
University Club. /
The April meeting of the University
Club of Nelson will be held in the club-
room tomorrow night at 8 o'clock. The
literary part of the programme will be
furnished by Dr. Petersky lu a paper on
"Democracy as It is In Great Britain
and In the United States." The University committee will present a report
of action taken since the last meeting
of the club. All members are requested to attend, and all others who are
interested in the purposes and discus*
sion of the club are cordially invited.
The Store of Quality
If you like nice, clean, crisp
Biscuits we recommend you to
try the
20th Century Package
Per Package.
Graham Wafers  10c
Lemon Cream   10c
Vanilla Wafer.     10c
Society Tea  10c
New England Ginger Snap 10c
Krispo Ginger Wafera  10c
Butter���Thin 10o
Milk Toast   10c
Dainty City Soda (Salted) 15c
Saratoga Flakes (Salted)    15c
Put up In packages and* thus
ever fresh. It costs little to
give them a trial, and they
prove themselves worth lt.
K. W. C. Block . Phone 10.
Dissolutoinof Partnership
Notice is hereby given that the partnership heretofore subsisting between
US, the undersigned, as dry goods merchants, in the City of Nelson, has been
this duy dissolved by mutual consent.
All debts owing to the said partnership
are to be paid to Meagher & Co. at
Nelson aforesaid, and all claims against
the said partnership are to be presented
to the aald Meagher & Co., by whom
the same will be settled.
Dated at Nelson this 9th day of April,
A. D. 1907.
Witness;   E. A. Crease,
Garden and Flower
All fresh seeds and guaranteed
to do the business.
Cm Am Benedict
Corner Silica and Josephine Sta.
A fresh consignment just received.  We
have a very complete range of
Lunch Baskets,
Shopp-tag Baskets,
lis .--ststs'hs'l Style,
Travelling Baskets,
In Olub, Gladstone unsl telescope
All sizes in Chip, Bamboo, Cane and
Chip Lunch Baskets at 20c, 25c and 45c
Bamboo Lunch Baskets. This makes a
very strong, serviceable basket, 50c,
75c, $1.25.
Cane   Lunch   Baskets  70c, $1.20,   $1.90.
Wicker Lunch Baskets. A very handsome basket, and durable, 85c, $1.15
$2.00,  $2.25.
Satchel Shopping Basket (or hand bag)
35c, 40c, 50c, 65c, 70c and 80c.
Club Bag Style (for shopping or traveling) 25c, 40c, 60c, 30c and $1.00.
Telescope Basket (for lunch or travelling,)   75c.  $1.00, $1.50, $2.00,  $2.50.
Gladstone Travelling Basket, 90c, $1.35,
$1.75, $2.25 and $2:65.
W. G. Thomson
HSf "Dd Nelson, B. C.
Phone .14.
I. O. O. F. Meeting.
Nelson Encampment, I. O. O. F., will
hold their regular meeting this evening
for thc transaction of routine business.
Arrow   Lake   Fruit Lands.
J. E. Annable has spent the past two
or three days looking over his fruit
lands on the Arrow lakes. Me will return this evening.
New City Engineer.
R. Lawrence, wbo will, be appointed
city engineer, will enter on his active
duties next Monday. Me haB had a successful experience both as engineer and
architect in England.
Real Estate in Demand.
Nelson real estate is growing in demand. Stubbs & Pitts, real estate
agents .announce the transfer of the
property owned by Dr. Rose on Edge-
wood avenue to Dr. Shorman, of Chicago. Dr. Shorman is interested in the
lumber business, and will take up his
residence in Nelson.
Care of Brother.
The members of Nelson lodge of the
Sons of England have contributed the
balance of funds necessary to semi F.
Breeze to his home In England. He
Is an incurable invalid from Blight's
diBea.se, and return to England was the
only hope of prolonging life. He leaves
tomorrow morning by way of tho Crow
Court  House.
The Interior of the court house building Is being cal.somined and Gleaned
and generally put in order. Tho work
on the foundation and exterior lilting is
making good progress. Mayor Qlllett
will recommend the painting of the
outside at the city's expense. The work
woudl bo necessary within u year in
any event and painting now will save
extra expense. Within a few weeks at
the mosl. the court house will present
a creditable appearance.
Fruit Growers.
The meeting of the Kootenay Fruit
Growers' Association to he held tobor-
row afternoon at 2 o'clock In tho board
of trade rooms, will be one of exceptional interest. Action will bo taken on
James Johnstone's motion for co-operation aniong all Hritish Columbia fruit
growers in marketing their product.
Tin* question of scarcity of labor which
provided material for three animated
meetings of the association lant summer, will also come up on reference
from tho board of trade. II. 13. Croasdaile will be missed from the debate.
The Full Measure
Style and Value!
Y<m have a perfect right t���> lusisi
upon a perfeot 111 nnd ported stylo
when yssu are paying from $15 to
$25 for a suit.
20th Century Brand
win fulfill ysssir highest expectation!
nnd yonr most exacting demands.
Thoy are tho nearest approach tss
perfection that we lind ln the tailoring world. We can prove these
facts to yon if yon will but give us
the opport unity.
$18.00 Style and Value for...$13.00
$20.00 Style and Value for...$15.00
Boys'   Suits  at  $2,  $3,  $4  and $5
Important Sale of Men's
and Boys' Shoes
Men's   regular  $4.00   Box   Calf
Shoes  for $3.00
Boys' regular $2.50 Box Calf
Shoes   for. $2.00
Clearance Sale of Mens' Underwear at $1, $1.50 and $2 per Suit.
Men's Cashmere and Wool Socki
at 25c a pair or 5 pairs for $1.00.
Fo* Quick Sale
A splendid little cottage, 4 rooms, big
hall, and frost proof cellar.. Verandah
on two sides. Excellent garden with 8
bearing fruit trees and small fruit. Close
to car line.    Owner leaving town.
Price $1600, $700 Cash, balance terms
Sherman's Opera House
Thursday, April 18
The  Nelson Amateur Dramatic
Society will present
"The Private Secretary'*
Prices 50c, 75c, $1.00.
Plan nt Rutherford's Monday,
Slight   Injury.
Porter's delivery wapon yesterday
upset at (he cornor of Cedar and Latimer streets, causing a slight Injury to
the driver.
Lost. ���" W
A pair of eye-glasses were lost somewhere between lho Strathcona and The
Daily Canadian office. Tho finder is
requested to return them to The Canadian office.
Methodist Chair.
A special meeting of the choir of the
Methodist church is called for tonight
at S: 16. Every member is earnestly requested to attend.
Assize List.
The cases of McMillan vs Wheeler,
foi commission on the sale of the Krao
mine, and the Maryland Casualty In
Kurance Co. vs Highland Mining Co.,
bave already beet set down for trial at
tbo spring  assizes here.
Seed Potatoes
We have unloaded
a car of
Early Rose Potatoes
Imported expressly
for Seed.
Tcluphono 1(11.
Sulphur and
An Excellent Spring Purifying Mixture
A specific for boils. Tonic for the liver and a valuable
medicine for indigestion :ind general debility from a disordered stomach.    For sale by
Canada Drug & Book Co'y, Ltd.
Wholesale Provisional,
(lovorimient Creamery Oiw Ponml ItrickK reeoivtsd weekly fresh from the
ehnrn.   For snip, by nil V.s'lin*.' (troeere.
Office and wiuvhonnn: Honi-ston Blcxsk,   Phono 79.
Josephine Street.       - Nelson,
2��<> dew.. Linen Collar* To He Sold at
$1.50 per doz.
Spring is Here
We have prepared for this season by passing into stock all the
requisites for the rancher, gardener or householder.  Spades,
Shovels, Rakes, Hoes, Spading Forks, Tree Pruners,
Tree Sprayers, Small Garden Tools, Etc.
Prompt attention  paid to  letter orders.
J. H. Ashdown Hardware
m Company, Limited.
Repairing nnd Jobbing ttxuuutnd -with Deitpatvh.   Kh����t Mvtal
Work, Mlnlnir miii Mill Aluwtilrmry.     Manutecturtr* ol
Ore Cora,  tt*  R.   Cnntractor*'  dim.
Spring Stock lust Opened Up!
Carload Linoleums and Carpets
From (iliwuow, Scotland.
Best Qualities at l_ow Prises.
Standard Furniture Company
MuM.ii A\ lUxch Pianos.
On ter in oor Maltremiea.
Mimhall Hnnlliiry Ma Ureases,
Complete House Furnishers
Undertakers*    Embalmers
MANUFACTURERS    T 44^_t*iMm    iQUimmmit^M,
AND DEALERS IN    ^XimDZtf  ODXtlglktSf
L_,ath, Mouldings, Doors, Windows.
Turned Work nnd llrnukutH.
Moll Orders promptly attended t��
���   NELSON. B. C
Launch and Boat
We always carry In stock and will be pleased to supply y"r
wants In
Such ns
G upline
White WRNle
Mixed I'HtntH
Horry Hios.' Boats Vftrnlsli
Ktc, otc.
Albany Grease
*rcile Cup drew*
ViOOmn Mai-Im Motor O"1
(In one gallon caul.)
Wood-Vallance Hardware Co*, Limited
 _.���. .__ ._-._.


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