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The Daily Canadian Nov 17, 1906

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tl# -Canadian
,.;   I.     NO.   141.
is Wonderful in
selson Business
hoDit'iial Demand For All Pro-
Iduci. of  Kootenay--Rapid
Growth is Predicted.
son as tss freight nils 3
|l . ..11 started liy tho Whole-
I solution  bas ��iiruvnki'il  eon-
It,   comment      throughout    thu
in iin- new conditions nnw pre-
iit Knoli-nay  anil  ooUMQuentlj
nn.   Safer was the city report-
fit. 1 conditio!) than ii in
the    Improvement Ih
.,1  in  siiiniherlesB  ways,  by   the
wl   r.-tall   sales,   by   the  belter
I, lnsili.-il   by   the  wliulL'.ali'in,
n-as'liing nut  nl  native  Indus
1 sitlii'i   islacos, such  as the ex-
ni  the  Nelson  Iron  worka In-
iiississiiI.  anil   by  such  a  trivial
. sis,- sale ot  ruller top desks.
Is,  taken for granted that roll-
sii-bksi are  not  Hold  except to
nlil taislss or to  go  Into new
Tss 1 i-i  siss-e,. a ys.��ar waa con-
is lair Hale.    Two or three a
- its,  new condition of affairs,
si   in   a   nioHt   maiked   manner
���miirins'ineiit   lu   local   bu_lneases
���ih,  stall sit  new    otficeB.     Just
I Bcarcely  an office  unlet
sin   nor  a   store   unoccupied,
stats- s.. everywhere rfalng and
In ansl   buildings  ure   worth   tons 1" in :.". per cent, more than
j 'su ago.
\       iBes of all  this are not
1 I    Taking the Htaple Indus-
' I'untry���mining���hardly In
sl   1111111  haa copper com-
I.ilIist price;  lead Ih much
is ii has been for years and
bilins: ;s readier market.    Silver ia
thins is lias been for a decade.
lst'i|iii nn   sli'- mines are  getting
Tn 11  properties  are  working
nl  there waa    one    at this
I Capita] is sending its
prutativs-a  inin theae  districts  to
uss opportunity   of   investing  un-
���tils-  i-rs'sent   favorable   conditions,
fi iniiiisiL: iiien are everywhere in
Hi-' smelters have  been Inline   ih.-ir    capacity    everywhere
ill Itave to increase in mini
tn meet the swelling vnl-
ln iiii'tiis.     These    reduction
illed labor and nre will
11 it.   In the lumber Indus-
��� everywhere pending for
I ���   'if more  timber limits
In ii lily il''iiiaiiil for tlmher and
esiTvesi in,' everywhere low. New
an-starling up almost every
Tlii'i want labor, alao. The
Imi'i are rising In price almost
11* II 1- Hu- bet let- realized the
iric-s that can bo demanded for
f-tias Kiisuii rrult. Over 100,01111
l,f fun' lands hnve changed hands
ili'iiianil ,sf the mines and mills
iirhliH rs- anil supplies    ia    attch
|lli'  Knstern firms are hardly able
**'|i I'iisi. with the wants of their
Tin'  wholesalers are buy-
liii's-'i'ls   nn,. reporting GO per cent.
I   liiisltii'tss iinrlttg the past month
'li*   corresponding  month   nf
'sii; wages paid out to the
i"  returned   forthwith   to'
'Hall merchants  ami  contractors.
Jj's ""   li[ Ing   hunt, enlarged or
��"'"   It "vi'il   all  over the  oity
'';    1    iiiiiis- money being made
'  '" in circulation ihan thore
vet   heen in   the  history  of  the
1,111 ;' Vur the rrultlon of Ihe on-
/"*"*��� "ill have attracted universal
���"""  I   Xelson   will   ni'llher   lie
"' "' 'iii'iial nor nf labor, for la-
ano , ,,,1,1,1  wM,  no_k  ,���   w|tl|n���,
anxious   to  shore  In  tho
'lint are going.
|'i*�� Elected for the Ensuing Year
'resident Appeals for Support.
Inisliiess    transacted    at    last
*   adjourned    meeting   of     the
"ali'i-s'     association      amountd
'" il"' election of officers nnil
l",,,l by ilu- president for united
' '"mi tin' members ui* the u��-
��� ""tl  Hie  pitlsllc generally  ln
*���"* ihnt was being Inaugurated
'.l"'' '"-Ighl rates Inlo tho Koot-
1 i'i" we,-,, present E. K. Hues-
���-,1- "rydges, r;. Gilchrist, 11. O.
���li.'.t -11      "'""1* *'* A' ivviiig, .1,
;   '!""��� -i. A. Montgomery, 1. G.
*.',"���*' Nunn  and  V.  Stnrkey,
' !"'ll'i: in the chair.
l*l'*i��� _xX____) :-.!).(���_. p,���>
Fifty Cents a Month
son, secretary; 11. o. Ooodeve George
Nunn and .1. A. McDunuld, freight ratu
oommlttee, and J. a. Irving, p. Lamont
and I. O, Nelson,' finance committee
Il was explained that th.- report un
freis'iii rates would be brought down
at the ns'xt regular meeting of the as-
soclatlon, whlob would take place mi
Friday, December it.
Great Northern Railway Arrangements
(Special lo The Ually Canadian.)
Grand Forks, Nov. 17.���Word has
reached Motion that considerable dissatisfaction la being expressed, us
since the Great Northern railway trom
Midway to Molson imn been opened
for passenger tralflc It hus been learned thut the Great Northern has only
built  railway depots at   points on the
Canadian side of the railway, because
the Canadian railway laws require it,
but ut points where the truck pusses
through      Washington, | where     there
I i   hi'   statliiiis   built    there    are
none, becaui. t th i laws of Washington
sin not require the railway oompany to
build  stations.
Some what elaborate preparations
are being made for the Grand Forks
labor union smoker to he held here on
lhe .nth Instant. The program will
consist of songs, recitations and dancing, while a novel feature on Ihe program will be n three-round boxing exhibition between N. \V. Hunting and
II. Mullen. It is expected that the entire Boundary district will be represented on this occasion.
There la great rejoicing here now at
the settlement of the Fernie coal
strike, as It was affecting the city considerably. Great numbers of smelter
employees were thrown oul of work
and a general depression lately prevailing has now banished and everything
Ih prissperniis unce more.
Bank Buys Gold.
London, Nov. 17.���The Hank of Eng.
gland today secured ln the open market a New York consignment of .1.
TfiO.000 in American eagles. It was expected that they came from Paris.
Linton Sails.
New  York, Nov.    17.���Sir    Thomas
Llpton   sailed   for home  today on  tho
steamer Carmanla.
11,1  I*'-  Starkey
was    ttnnnl-
Is'li',!!,''''1. l,ro"Went Oenrge Nunn
1 'lcf president, I, G. Net
American Government  Statistics Show
Race is not Vanishing���Increase of
14,000 in Last Decade.
It seems thai after all we have neither pillaged nor destroyed a noble
race of men. The acting Indian Com
mlssloner has published figures which
show that there are more Indiana ln
the United Stutea today than there
were when  Columbus landed.
That the redlnen who have survived,
as the loaves and fishes survived, three
or four centuries of war with a civilised
race are better off in this worlds
goods than were their ancestors gi a
Without Haying. The Indians, as numerous aa they are. o.vn ample real estate to provide for their needs.
The OangeB are the richest nation
of the earth, and the Klowas, Coman-
cites, Sioux and the hundred other
tribes on and orf reservations in Ihe
west are well provided for and manage
to get along without work, while their
conquerors have to get up with the
chickens and hustle for it living Itl the
bind the) have wrenched from the red-
Sentimentalists always picture tho
Indiana as a vanishing race. Hut cold
BtaStlOS show that there are 2K4.000
Indians now living, and that there has
lieen an Inorease of 14,000 In the last
decade, it is estimated thai there
were hut .'1,000 In what la now the
I'nited Slatea when Ihe country was
Indians whose forefathers, albeit they
enjoyed larger game preserves, slept
upon the ground, and often went linn-
giv   ar w   living   in  good   houses,
riding in automobiles, buying pianos,
sewing machines and phonographs and
sending their sons anil daughters to
All of this prosperity Ihey enjoy
without  toll anil WlthOUl worry.
Although the while man has appropriated nearly lhe entire continent.and
although he has plugged away nt the
Indliin with every weapon that has been
in popular use from the time of tie
blunderbuss tn that of the Mauser rifle
nnd the rapid-fire gun, the Indian bus
worried along withoul Buffering a de-
crease in his numerical strength to f lid
hlmseir a landlord and a capitalist
after a commercial race has striven
for neveral  centuries to get the best
�� The" sttlBtlcs otnpel admiration ror
ihe Indian as a fighting ma�� " ""' ��*���
a financier, and If he st I ^ertthm
the iordly contempt for lhe paleface
the resultB of the longesl war of his-
oy seen, to warrant It- I l�� consnl-
ing   however, to ktmw ll""  '���"' w,   p
"an has convert.',! aMWnmMa
the greatest country of 'he world with
out robbing or destroying the original
The Reai~H����o��.
The real reason Britain has nol hnd
comnint'B until new is because she Is
no Commercially slow that her merchants sdopl both what Is good and
bad commercially several decades lifter their rivals. It Is to be hoped Hint
this Innate cunscrvatlsm. as Ihey are
pleased to call it. will noi causa the
mother country to postpone adopting
protection until serious loss or trade
absolutely foroes it upon her���Ex.
Democratic  Gains   Awaken   Plutocrats
to  Danger.
Chicago, Nov. 17.���The Pennsylvania
Railroad company, which recently an-
nounoad an Increase in wages for its
166,000 employees, to become effective
December 1, la not the only large corporation that has found it necessary,
or ut least advisable, to take such action. The unBcatlng of some of the old
Republicans In Congress and the Demo-
cratlc gains made In that body by the
late election has awakened the big corporations to Ihe Industrial unrest all
over the country. The result will be
that many of the trusts ure preparing
to raise wageH and thus avoid strikes
on the part of tli*-ir. men.
The Standard Oil company has decided to in crease the wages of its (10,-
000 employees in different parts of the
United States. Another of the big combines to take similar action is the Amalgamated Cupper company, generally
known as the Copper Trust, which has
proposed a ten per cent wage Increase
to the 15,000 men lt employs In its
mines in Montana. The I'nited States
Stee! Corporation, the world's greatest
trust, Is, according to word received
trom New York, considering the quea-
tion of a wage Increase for Its army of
175,000 employees.
Railroads which have either made
concessions to their men or have taken
the matter under consideration include
the New York Central, the Lackawanna, the Philadelphia and Reading, the
Northwestern, the Chicago, Milwaukee
and St. Paul, the Rock Island, and the
St. Louis and San Francisco system.
Deserted Spouse  Pursues Errant  Hus-
band 7000 Miles. ^
Fiichbin-g, Mass., Nov. 17.���^rhe case
of Jacob Bloomberg, whose wife tra-
veled 7000 miles to find him and prosecute him for bigamy, was called for
trial loday. A score of years ago
Bloomberg married u beautiful girl iu
Roiimauia. Tbey emigrated tu Hucnos
Ayres, where they lived a number of
years. Six children were born to them.
Bul after a time the woman's beauty
faded and Hloomberg's business, that
of a baker, did not pay. The man became discouraged. He talked the matter over Willi Ills wife and It wus decided that he should come to New
York. When he had secured a position he was to send ror her and the
children. The plan was carried out���
up to the point where Bloomberg was
to send for his family. He paid no attention to them alter arriving In New
York. Mrs. Bloomberg became tired ot
waiting, burrowed money and set sail
tor New York, leaving her children
With neighbors, 7000 miles behind her.
When she leached the metropolis the
Jewish societies aided her. Tbey found
that Bloomberg had married his mistress after being in New York a short
time. The wile traced the couple lo
Fitchhurg. When siie located them
she first hud her husbund placed ln
jail and then hunted up a good lawyer
to prosecute hlm.
The  now schedule of Hie C.  P.  B.
goes Into etfect    tomorrow    morntng,
saving neurly 12 hours lu lhe trip to
the coast.
Manager Hand of the Ymir mine says
thut the Ynilr district Is looking very
well and that some Important mining
deals are pending in that neighborhood which If successfully carried out
ought to have an Influence fur the betterment ut lho district.
T. ft. Procter returned ItiHt evening
rrom u trip through Fast Kootenay.
Business was pood everywhere he visited and activity In the lumber business Is particularly noticeable. The
Haker sawmill at Crow's Nest landing
will be ninning ln a week or two, an.l
will be une ot the best sawmills In
Hritish Columbia.
R. J. Klrkwood, the Slocan milling
man, is in the city. There is some improvement In Hie mining situation
throughout the district, but Mr. Klrkwood Inclines to the belief that permanent advancement will only come
when a smelter Ih built Itl the Slocan.
Ho believes that an effort In this direction should be made n't once.
Shipments have stopped rrom Hie
Ottawu ror the present during the transition period In the roads. If the
weather continues such ns It la wheeling may probably again lie started or
If snow Tails sleighing will bo In order.
Just now the roads are ftt ror neither
the one means of locomotion nor the
other. Stoping and development are
going on JtiHt ns usual.
W. Irvine, grand chancellor nf the
Knights of Pythlns, relurned Inst evening from Trail, where he had been
attending the banquet given to Supreme M. of A. Noble Hlnns un Thursday evening. The banquet was a grand
success. A special train ennveyed a
number of Rossland guests.   Mr. Hlnns
TTiis just retiinieii mini New linearis,
where he had attended the meeting of
the supreme lodge of the order.
Fowler's Loss Through Not
Having a Pull
Laurier Governmenl Discharges Innocent Postmasters and Allows
Officials to Electioneer.
Ottawa, No.v 17.���lit the insurance
Investigation, continue*] last week here,
Mr. Shepley, counsel for the government, thoughl It proper to inquire
olosely into the purchase by George
Fowler, M. P., and Kufiis Pope, ex-
M. P., of 200,000 acres of land from the
C. P. R. company. Mr. Shepley labored hard to make It appear that these
buyers and their associates bought on
favored terms and that the land was
worth a good deal more than they
paid for it. If that were so il would
be better for the Union Trust company
and so for the Foresters, who afterward became interested in the property. But tt was shown by the evidence ot C. P. R. Land Agent Griffin
that tbe price received was the best
that his company had been able to
obtain for similar blocks of land up
lo that time. The price advanced afterward, and ihe subsequept owners
made money out of the transaction as
did all other purchasers of Western
lands. Mr. Griffin < awore positively
thnt he was not Instructed to favor
these purchasers over others and that
no special advantage was given them.
If Mr. Pope, Mr. Fowler and their
associates had been government supporters in parliament or government
leaders ont of parliament, or had been
relatives or silent partners of Liberal
members or ministers it would not
have been necessary for them to go
to the C. P. R. and buy land at the
market price. Instead of paying $700,-
000 for 800,000 acres, selected out of
226,000 acres, some of the land remote from projected railway lines,
ihey would havo gone lo the government and got tho same quantity, with
the privilege of picking it up in small
lots any time within the next six years
out of 750,000 acres, along proposed
railway routes, paying $200,000 Instead
of $700,000. Instead of paying $20,000
when the option was taken and $11(1,-
666 as a first payment when the sale
was completed, they could have saved
their money, as they would not have
been asked to pay for the lands uutil
they took them, or to take them until
they had boon sold to the settlers.
Moreover, they need have paid no ca��h
but could have settled with scrip costing about 25 cents on tlie dollar. As
they were Conservatives without a
government pull, Ihe Pope and Fowler
syndicate was aide lo make only $1 an
ncre, or $200,000 on their Investment
and risk. Had Ihey boon Adamsona or
connections of the Turlff family, or intimates of Ihe minister of the interior,
their gains would hnve been $7 or $8
an acre with no cash investment and
no risk.
According to Sir Wilfrid Laurier Mr.
Fielding has been a party to a grave
election scandal. Sir Wilfrid in July,
1005, assented to a resolution adopted
by lhe house sotting forth that "no official should be permitted lo engage
in partisan work oT any description
in the election of a representative to
parliament." The premier declared:
"I have no hesitation at all in saying
that I am ready on the part of the
govornm.nl to accept this resolution."
In the same speech Sir Wilfrid said:
"The official   who  lakes  an offensive
pnrt, in election datnpalgss ma-fees himself and his iiarty a scandal." Sir Wilfrid Laurler showed his had faith not
long after when he allowed his minister of Ihe Interior to eng'nge a government officer at Fdmonton to take
part in the autonomy election light,
to distribute campaign hinds, to arrange for Iho purchase of barrels of
beer for tbe Gallclun voters as nn Inducement for (hem to attend political
meetings, and generally to make himself as offensive a partizan could be.
Perhaps noHung better could be expected from an official who had been
twice sentenced to jail for stealing,
and was charged while in office with
several other acts of then and embezzlement. The minister who secured an
Increase of pay for the official while
so accused, and who replaced him in
office at double his former salary after his Iwo terms In jail, would nnt-
urally expect campaign service from
Mr. Fielding's case is perhaps more
surprising. He was a* party to Sir
Wilfrid's declaration. Me hns just
been unseated for violation of tbe law
by his agent nnd had a narrow escape
from person n I dlsfiualificnllon. His
attention would therefore bo directed
to these matters aim he made a great
pretence to be conducting a fair election.
Yet the documents are urlnled _______
TngTfint nt one poll In Queens county
Mr. Fielding's -agents, nnpolnted by
himself, having his certificate person
ally signed, were both of them government officials. John O. Campbell
of Port Mouton, lighthouse keeper, who
according lo the auditor general's report is drawing a salary of $:P.I0 a year,
was one of these campaign representatives. The olher was J. L. Hain uf
Liverpool, who in 1905 received a salary und  expenses of  $1*71   as  fishery
A few years ago the government had
Inquisitors all over the country Investigating charges against postmasters,
some of them receiving not more than
$10 a year salary accused of attending
political conventions or silling on u
platform at a politic.*! meeting or expressing a partizan opinion at a* crossroads conversation. Now ministers
themselves to call out regular salaried
officials to do their campaign work in
direct opposition to their own pledges
and to a resolution of parliament which
they supported.
Dr.   Fagan,  Provincial   Health Officer,
Addresses a Public Meeting.
A sparsely attended public meeting
was held last evening in the court
house in the Interests of the Anti-Tuberculosis Boclety, Mayor Gillett being
In tbe chair. The poor attendance
may have been accounted for by the
fact of the strong rival attractions at
the opera house. Dr. Fagan addressed
the meeting at some length, explain
ing that there was a danger of consumption spreading in this city. There
were 12,000 deaths annually in Canada
and 200 in this province. Consumption
could be entirely prevented if the patients could be treated In a special
hospital. It was neither hereditary nor
contagious if proper precautions were
taken. Rut if a patient weht abroad
he was most likely spreading the contagion everywnere. substantial funds
had already been promised for a hospital and the doctor hoped that Nelson
would also contribute.
Dr. Arthur stated that there had
beeu two deaths from consumption
here and he knew of about 20 people
who were threatened with the same
A resolution was passed that the
city council, board of trade and city
churches at once make arrangements
to appoint a committee for the collection of funds for the proposed sanitarium. Mayor Oillett promised to call
a public meeting along these lines at
an early date.
Breaks All  Records In  Running Time
Between Coasts.
Quebec, Nov. 17.���The C. P. R. Overseas Limited, carrying the China mail,
arrived here this afternoon at 3:39
o'clock, having made the record trip
across the continent. The actual run-
nlnj time between Vancouver and
Qndb e, 3008 miles, was 79 hours and
59 minutes. The train left Vancouver
at 9:40 -Monday, having been delayed
S.hcu.s a-td 40 minutes owing to the
non-arrival of the Empress of China,
which had encountered rough weather,
aud then was further delayed six hours
in the mountains, but notwithstanding this heavy handicap Quebec was
reached 21 minutes ahead of schedule
There were several notable runs on
the different divisions. The run over
the four ranges of mountains were
made at the rate of over 28 miles an
hour, and across the 840 miles of
prairies between Calgary and Winnipeg at a rate of speed of 46% mile,
an hour. Between Winnipeg and Fort
William, when the running was impeded by the wreck of double tracking, 42
miles an hour was attained, and the
time from coast to const, was made at
rate of over 38 miles an hour. For
a long distance run or over 3000 miles
this Is something to the credit of the
Canadian  Pacific railway.
Tradition Friendship Remains.
Toklo, Nov. 17.���Viscount Hayashi,
Japanese minister of foreign affairs,
who was interviewed today by delegates from the progresslonal and progressive parties In reference to the
trouble with the school board of San
Francisco, explained that the views of
the American authorities at Washington and of the government of Japan
were in perfect accord on the subject. He trusted that a satisfactory
settlement would be made in time approving article 6 of the constitution of
the United States. He assured the delegates that there was no danger of any
controversy arising over the affair
which would injure the traditional
friendship of both countries.
Waters Are Receding.
Spokane, Wash., Nov. 17.���A .special
to the Chronicle from North Yakima
states that Ihe waters of the Yakima
river are recoding slightly this morning. It Is raining nnd grave fears are
entertained last tho rivoru nr/-.-**- "'-n
Five bridges in this county havo gone
out. The Indians of the low lands
have been driven from their wigwams
and many have reached Toppenish
hungry and penniless. A number of
while families along the Toppenish
river are now surrounded and cannot
be reached, as there are no boats. Cattle in tho low land pastures that had
been fenced w"h barbed wire wero
caught like rats In a trap . Coffin
l-tros. of this city lost 3000 sheep.
Steady Progress in Work    of    Mineral
(Special to The Dally Canadian.)
Greenwood, Nov. 17.���The Tip Top
claim iu Skylark camp, just east of
town, has been bonded to Spokane parties for $15,000. The Tip Top adjoins
tbe Mavis and is.not far from the Bay
and E. P. U. On these three claims
active development is going on and
all are looking well. The Tip Top waa
bonded by Spokane parties, who are
identified with the ownership of the
The Hall Mines people have become
interested In Central camp and are
preparing to do some work on the Oro
claim, not far from the No. 7, owned
by interests allied with the R. C. Copper oompany. It is understood that
Frederick Kepfer of the B. C. Copper
company will take time from a very
busy life to superintend the work on
the Oro for the non-resident parties
The Wallace Mountain Mining company has decided on active development work on the Duncan and Bounty
Fraction claims at Beaverdell. The
tunnel is now in on the Duncan a distance of 100 feet. At the face of the
tunnel a winze has been sunk 60 feet.
At the bottom of the winze there is an
18-Inch head of high grade ore. The
present plans of the company are to
make an upraise from the tunnel 50
feet to the surface and use said upraise and winze for a main working
shaft. A syndicate east is underwriting a block of stock sufficient to keep
the treasury fn good condition.
Marked for Death.
Moscow, Nov, 17.���The social revolutionists todasy issued a proclamation
saying Ihey regretted the failure of
the attempt on the life of General
Rheinbot, prefect of police of Moscow
on November 12, at whom a bomb was
thrown by a revolutionist and announcing that the efforts would be persisted
In until successful.
More  Interest  It  Being  Taken In  AM
Kootenay Stocks���Shares Are  Advancing Rapidly.
The stock market for the past week
has again shown increased activity,
and during the last few days particularly the volume of business has been
much greater. The main feature of
the week's trading hjis been In International Coal. This stock advanced
rapidly but has again declined, which
caused a large number of shares to
be thrown on thc market, with a result of still further bearing the stock.
Parties professing to know predict a
further drop and then a rapid advance
to prices not yet reached at any previous time.
Denora Mines, too, was a feature of
the trading. This stock advanced sev
f-ral i-i-nis with no shares offered. A
circular has been issued by this company giving the basis of the Bale' ol
a portion of their pioperty to the.B.
C. Coppnr company, which now places
a value on the stock which is still
above the bid price and very little
business Is expected until tbe quotation reaches a figure of about the val
ue of this stock.
Canadian Smelters and Canadian
Oold Fields advanced several points
with a demand from East to West.
These shares are expected to reach
their quotations of a month ago and
even advance beyond.
American Boy was slightly firmer
than for several w. eks. with Indies
linns of again becoming active.
Nicola Coal Mines are again in demand with large blocks of stock chanff
ing hands freely.
Dominion Copper, Sullivan and North
Star continue to decline with more offers than bids.
Following are the approximate quo
latlons for the week ending today:
Asked.        Bid.
American Boy 03Mi -02%
Alberta Coal     1.00        .76
Breck.-Lund Coal 65 .60
Beatrice 25 .20
B. C. Copper 15.00     14.25
California 07 .06
Cariboo-McKlnney   .   .      .(>'���,.      .04 ft
Canad. Smelters ..   ..140.00   137.00
Canad. Qold Fields  ..      .08!.     .07
Denora Mines 13 .11
Diamond Vale 20 .18
Dominion Copper..   ..    6.25      6.75
Forty-Nine Creek 06 .05
Giant 02 .01
International Coal   ...      .66 .64
Lardeau Minos 01|.      .01
Nicalo  Coal  Mines .07 .06!$
North   Star 20 .17
Pathfinder 02 .02
Ramblur-Carlboo 32 .30
Rocky  Mtn.  Develop..      .60 .40
S-L-.'I'.Van r-s^ rt 7TTTT-: . il'lV. . 0. V
Telkwa Mines 25        20
White Bear (9!.i- pd)      .05 .04
Western Oil 20        .17
velopmenls in Canada
Tics of StoUmcnt Alone Cannot
Bold Canada's Allegiance
to the Empire.
London, Nov. 17.���Today's theme ln
Canadian circles in London Is the first
of a series of articles which the London Standard publishes In leading type
on "The Americanization of Canada."
The article is by Mr. W. Richmond
Smith, a' well-known Canadian journalist, and lt describes what the Writer
calls sensational developments quietly
taking place in Canada which he says,
unless checked by a definite move on
the part of the British government,
may, within a comparatively few years
result in commercial reciprocity between Canada and the United States,
and the gradual absorption of Canada
by the American republic. The writer
declares that it Is obvious that ties of
sentiment only will not and cannot
hold Canada to her allegiance to the
empire. If the Dominion is to remain
part of the empire for any length of
time the people of Canada and the people of Great Britain must, without delay, get into closer relations with each
In the opinion of Mr. Richmond
Smith, the first step to be taken to
prevent the alienation of the Dominion
Is the establishment of a close and.
sympathetic interchange of news designed to make the two peoples better
acquainted, and the general condition
in the two oountrles better known.
The creation of a community of commercial and financial Interest between
Canada and the mother country sufficient to check the present influence
or tho United States would follow aa
a natural consequence.
The snme��*at alarmist tone of Mr.
Richmond Smith's article ln regard to
the state of affairs In Canada comes
as as surprise to most thinking people
In Great Britain, hut urgency generally aB to the British position in relation
to both Australia and Canada, Is being
more and more realized. Even If the
Canadian ministers were indisposed to
raise the question at the colonial conference In April, the question must
come up for discussion upon the British ministry's reservation for royal assent of Australia's preferential measure with its "restriction preference"
to British shipping.
Duncan Rots Sized Up by the Hedley
In the courBe of a caustic article
concerning the recent visit of Duncan Ross, M. P., to the Simiikameen
and Okanagan ridings, the Hedley Gazette remarks.
"He had captured the Penticton
Socialistic butterfly und left his hat
over it to keep It there until he
brought .1. A. Macdonald there to see
it. The leader came there recently
to inspect, but no expert testimony has
yet been given nut by him aB to the
value placed on it. Mr. Rosa is particularly anxious to down Price Ellison
in the Okanagan and he hopes the Socialistic candidate of Logie, of Penticton, will contribute to that end. Not
that he has any wish for Logic's success; but because he Is a recruit rrom
tho ranks or torylsm it will alford
pleasure tn sacrifice him. Mr. Ross is
broggliig as usual aboul whnt Is to
be done with all tho Conservative candidates, just as he was over three
years ago. when he had the Times saying that Price Ellison was a gone coon
in Okanagan, and W. J. Snodgrass was
going to annihilate L. W. Shatford in
Simiikameen. As a political prophet
Mr. Ross wasnt a success. He ranks
as Ihe madhi of British Columbia political grltlsm, and the only ranlfln
political prophecy that he can now attain to, no matter how much he may
rerorm, Is that of Cassandra."
Forced a Oetour.
Colon, Nov. 17.���Owing to the recent
reavy ralnB a slide occurred between
here aud Panama, compelling President Roosevelt's train to make a detour, but It Is now approaching Cristobal on schedule time.
Captured the Raiders.
Cape Town, Nov. 17.���Ferrlor, the
lender of thc Boer raid from German
Southwest Africa Into the northern
party of Cape Colony, and all his followers were captured today by colonial
Mail uiu.
���H I
The Daily Canadian
_== STORES =
Cool nights are now in order.     The}* will invite
pleasant dreams of
Wi hare p-tanty of thnn In red mid blue.
3 1-2 Points, weighing about 10 pounds, $7,50 per pair
4 Points, weighing about 12 pounds,   -   8.50 per pair
These blankets are justly celebrated for their excellence. We alone carry
them in this city.
LUMBERMEN.���Pillows. Comforters. Gloves and Mits. Socks. Shirts and
Underclothing. Oil Cloth-ng, Sweaters. Miners' and prospectors' Boots
and Shoes and Rubbers., Groceries and Provisions.. Everything of the
Beat   quality  and   prices   surprisingly  Low.
Imperial Bank of Canada
Head Office:   Toronto.
CAPITAL AI-THORIZKD....-?-.'���- ,000. CAPITA!. PAID DP....���.,880.000
REST ��4,2M),0OO.
D. R. WILsKIE. President. HON. ROBERT JAFFRAY, Vice-President
Branches in British Columbia:
Deposits received and interest allowed a'
count and credited half-yenrly
currant rate
from diite of opening ac-
J.   M_   LAV,   Manager.
The %)yial 'Bank of Canada
ASSETS. $39,771,803
Capital Paid Up $3,629,130 Reserve Fund $4,092,043
Accounts of firms anil individuals opened on the
^^^^^^^^^^^^^        most favorable terms.
Thirteen  branches iu  British  Columbia.
Bpeclal   attention   to out  of town business.
Pres., Halifax.       E. I.    PEASE, General
Manags-r, Montreal.
Published fix a**ys a week by the
Biker St.. NcUun. B. 0.
BttbwrfpUon rates, 60 cents a mouin delivered
ln ihe city, nr Vr>.0O a year If lent by mail, when
paid iii advance
A tl vert Isl n g rates on application.
All monlei paf<l in settlement of The Daily
Canadian accounta, either (oi subscriptions or
advertising, must be receipt! I [oi on the printed
forms ol tntj Company. Othei receipt! aie nol
INOVBMBER 17. i_mh>.
���'By one word we are sometimes Judged to be
wise and by one word tuiuetimes judged to be
loolish. Let us therefore be careful what we
The alarming Increase in crimes of
violence both against one's own person and the persons und lives of others is becoming a matter of serious
concern to those who have time to
view calmly the occurrences in society
which give these early years of the
twentieth century their character. The
daily press is becoming a chronicle of
crime to an extent previous!) unrecorded in history. Nor do the papers
print all ur nearly all the sanguinary
occurrences thai are repoi led ovt i
the wires. To do so would be -simply
tn make the n< _ spaper ;i vehli li for
tht publication of ihe most ghasl ly
Whole communities -suddenly become
the hotbed of suicide and num.- r and
these epidemics travel -Mill the ve-
lucity of typhoons over continents.
Life Is held so Cheaply that a tew dollars are made the incentive to deadly
deeds, while u serious embftrra
of one kind or another i.s regarded as
a sufficient excuse for self-execution.
The efforts of police and of the guardians of public safety are powerless In
the face of stealth and even open
crime is becoming so frequent that in
many communities one can never foresee the moment of attack.
It may not be easy to explain this
Midden and increasing carnival of
crime, but whatever may be the incidental occasion there can be no doubt
that it has Its base In the relaxing of
the moral apprehensions and principles
of the people. It is also a singular coincident   that   with    the    increase    in
. To defraud or rob is still a crime, according lo the code,    but   the   whole
genius of a certain class seems to be
, concentrated on the effort to evade or
escape justice.
There is some disposition on the
part of students of modern social
economy to plaoe the blame for the decline in morals and increase in crime
on the religious Institutions of the
country, whicli it is asserted are rapidly becoming moribund. We have uo
sympathy with either the allegation or
the conclusion, which we believe is
drawn from false premises. The
preaching of today is perhaps less fer-
vently evangelical than it was a cert*
tur;. or even half a century ago. There
is no doubt ihat a considerable departure from the puritanical doctrines
Of the last century has been efiected
aud that the stern aad rigorous thej-
ties oi penalty for Immorality are not
proclaimed with the same weight as
then. There has been evolved a more
rational Interpretation of the fundamental doctrine.-) of morality and religion, and We are not sure that . the
change is to be deplored.
But there has been more than a cor-
responding departure from the puritanical practises of the earlier days and
this ts certainly to be regretied. with
some the question Is whether the
change tn the manner of interpreting
tin   scriptures and   the  Influence  of
what   is   best  known   as  rationalistic
thi light   has   been   lbe   cause  of   tll>*   1<*
taxing of the moral Ideals ol the pGO-
pie. We do not think so, ior the reason that religious doctrines can only
be effective among intelligent people
When they have the sanction of reason and when the instinctive authority
of truth is felt to be behind them.
In one sense only can there be said
to be* an exception to this affirmation
and that is with respect to the doc
trine of immortality and of a future
pi natty for immoral acts. The doc-
. trine of immortality is not as clearly
j demonstrable as is a moral axiom, and
tht refore docs not now carry the same
weight as it did when people were
more swayed by superstition. This
may account to a large extent for the
increase in suicides. It may be that
no longer an* nun afflicted with the
same dread as that to which Hamlet
pa ve   expression, jiu. !_-b_- ''������"' "r'rtf���aa--
Bear the ills we hav,- than fly to those
We  know not of."
The troubles which drive to suicide
are real troubles and they are present
onee. Thoy are keenly felt, while the
possibilities of those that lie beyond
ait* to most minds only speculative.
They have never made the same appeals to tie* sensations and experiences of the suffering a-? those in this
hie. They are creatures of the [mag*
[nation rather than realtitos aud the
moral force incident to their existence
does not -appeal with the same effect.
It is not, therefore, to B revival of
the old notions of future punishment
that we must bave recourse, bul to ibe
development  of  wholesome and  sane
ideal-   of   life   Itself,   whether   here   or
ii : .i'ii p. And we believe thai the environment of individuals, the moral ni-
mosphere ot the community or nation
Is a more potent factor in the formation or deformation of moral ideals
than the merely doctrinaire influences
that are exerted.
The moral atmosphere of many communities Is d'-plorably unhealthy. It
Is laden with the germs of vice and
permeated with the microbes uf crime.
Only those who are innocent can hope-
to live in it and not become Infected,
The Strong and vigorous moral physique that has bounding moral lite.
alone can pass uncontaminated, and
even that by familiarity is apt to lose
its immunity.
The reason for this Is obvious and
the explanation points out the way
that must be trodden by society jf
there is to be a* return to the conditions of immunity from crime. The
law���that is, human law���has largely
ceased to be a deterring factor among
tempted or determined men for the
leasou that the strict intention of the
code has been lost sight of. While
the code exists as a guide toward
proper conduct aud an authority for
the conviction Of what has been decreed to be Immoral or illegal, the
code has long since ceased to be treated as such. It has been perverted till
its chief function now in the courts of
justice seems to be to furnish evidence of its elacticity and io prove
that it can be stretched till its terms
exclude conviction for an obvious offence. No sooner is a man indicted
for an alleged malfeasance or crime
than the genius of the bast aud most
talented minds is taxed to lind some
clause in the code under which Immunity trom proper penalty can b.
granted and the offender permitted to
escape irom. the natural and proper
consequences of his crime. This feature of modern judicial procedure has
become so striking that a criminal's
I list ihotight ou arrest is as to his
chances of evading punishment, and
his last on the enormity of his sin.
Even before, the crime is committed
he has often carefully figured out how
his ease can be made to look in court.
The power of money, not necessarily to corrupt the judiciary, but to engage the brightest minds to confuse
the evidence aud secure acquittal is
one of the evils of our limes. The
prevalence of this procedure lias
wrecked the moral distinctions which
are inherent iu every mind and which
have been more or less developed iu
all civilized society.
The reformation of society must
come not so much by a new style of
preaching or a new interpretation of
religion but a closer application of the
idea of justice in tne administration
of the laws of the land. We have
reached an age when human laws only .
have terror for the wicked and when
these are no longer feared the influence of essentially moral laws is
weakened. In tbe dark ages men had
the quickest consciences, and when
human laws. Iniquitous and bloody as
were their results, were the most
strictly enforced, was the time when
men the most feared to do any kind
of wrong.
Not more laws nor better laws are
what wc need, but the proper enforcement of those we have. It will then be
found that deeds of violence will speedily decrease and crimes againtl Life
be greatly  reduced.
whom he tried to deal would not deliver the spoils. VVe -shall continue to
force the morning paper i" pul Itself
right with the people.
A few weeks ago an experl orilm nee
officer of the American army Figured
out that the guns in the United States
coast fortifications would endure onl.
about two hem- stead) firing, and al
tin- . splration of that time would be
until for furthei use*. By the time thai
Invading ships got well within range
the gnna would have outlived or out
fired thetr usefulness, their aim become unreliable and their battery Ineffective. Tb. Importance of thi
cowry will explain the seriousness
with which its announcement was received.
There is a parallel case, carried to
an actual demonstration, In tbe suddenness with which the batten of
smooth-bore guns of the opposition organs in British Columbia have been silenced in the matter of better terms
No serious attack was made upon the
batteries, but simply from the reason
that the guns have played oul aft' r
a few Ineffective rounds there is no
longer any smoke arising from the
carefully built siege works of Lhe opposition. The besieging op-
were all right, but the guns were no
It is not from any shortage of ammunition that the f usi lade bas ceased.
These smooth-bore artillery pieo
would fire anything fnnn lawful ammunition, coarse p-sjbbles- Improvised
canister on down to baked clay, and
such ammunition never plays out. No,
it is the guns that have become useless. The heaviest charges went wide
of the mark and the bombs shot with
such insistent fury screamed their
way high over the heads of the intended victims, landing sizsllng in the waters of a broad and unruffled ocean.
The biggest gun gave out when the
leader of the opposition dlschai ged
himself of a first round. The charging had been carelessly and faultily
done, with con-sequences more damaging to those who stood near than to
those far away. When the rapid-fire-
ing small-calibre batteries saw the
self-wrecking single explosion of the
big howitzer the retreat was sounded,
the dead and wounded were counted,
and th<^ injured removed for treatment
to the political hospitals of bis
majesty's loyal opposition. Hence the
strange silence on the better terms
question. It is, therefore, no longer
necessary to carry a flag of truce and
cry, "Don't shoot!"
Not. ��� v- il
Intend to make appli.-. ti to Hoi
t hit I i ommlssloner ol ___.nO_.aii_ Wi
million  ta  ; irchasc the followlni ���' -
Landi:   i ������!���:���:������������-! ing al * poal placed id
the aoutl ������ er poel oi I ��� on Wan     ��� *i
[hence i-1 iwesi; I
then* i* Ifl chaini eaat, to point "f poi
mom or li ii
j, -   ��� ., * .
W     Itl  : :v- *-
lutend I '     | Uon tbe Chlel i
I Lai A'orks tor permlaslon lo pur-
i in West
K ������ u ni ��� r at a poal
"Otto tilnch'i N   W   corner    and pla
if Watsuen (Cariboo) laki
-���ii mite weal ofthe narr iw*< I tt
lake;   Ihei   ��� 80 i balni; tbenn   ��� iai i
*- nrr   *.*.-.
[lowing tb
i ml wesl ���  :
puis I
Ortt   Hin.-n.
F  1.   :U__onii  Agent,
���    lajra after data
l Intend to apply to the Hoi i ilssiunvi
n( l.ainl-4 hiiI Work* I
��� :     . ������
dlatrlet:   Beginning al  l poal  marked *-k   K
1  '     ���  k i orner," and plan
ihon  * ��� Whatahan [< ti - ���    abonl one
miu- north  ol  th    tout) nd of tba lake;
thence north U i ha I I
more or loaa, to I ���   ol tt hatahen lake;
thenee following said shore io a general southerly an-i eaaU rly - more Dr
loaa, to the p ilni of ��� ��� i intelnlng
820 a .... mon oi
Dated thfl Bth (lav ofOct . 1914
K   K
K I. Hammond, Ageni
M itl ������ i- ben bj   gli       tbal  ������
Uate l Intend toapph to the Hi n. Chief i
iloner of Lends and worki I I m to pur-
chaae the following deaeribed lands In I     neat
Kootenay dlatrlct:   Beginning al i postmarked
��� it- rtha Ulrsch's N  E. corner," and planted on
tbe ��� -i-i ibore of Whataban [Cat I
narrowaof the lake, and    * ith of
ake trail) thorn e wuth s   hains; thene*
weal BO chaini more or leaa
narrow*; thenoe following tbe
general  northerly and  eaati rly tion 12
.,,..*;- j tore or leai to thi   r
ment, containing M0 aen > mon *
Dated tblaSth daj oi Ocl . ' ������
Bsanu Hll* h'
K   I,   Hamm"M      .
- i--. dayi alter date, i ICargri ���- M   .
Intend to applj to tbe Honorabli tl   i
���;��� - m( Landi an-t Worka, VIcti r
'..> purebaae the [ollowlng deacrlbed land   *
mencing m k im-i tnarsed >i UcQuariii
trAti-k ol bower Arrow  lak-. thenee I
weat; tbenee _0chalna north; thenc*   U
eaat; tbenoe W ohalni south to plaee of coi
meneement, aald t" con tat d ;������������ aeru more or
lea,   Covering ground held by O. B, Andenoi
i'Mit-i thi- llth dav i.f .'���VptemU-r. IM.
ftuaaasn M'<jfAHmi,
w. t. Patks, Agenl
Sixty daya after date I purpose making application id the Chiel ��� ommlaaioner ol l andi and
Worka for permlulon to pnrehaae the following
di -i 11 bed ta id; I on mefli Ing at a pott i
'�����*. i*"- - i*. .*.-.*-!i' r," and iltuati abonl
from Blhrci tip Point, on Whatahan lake, and
ne-ar Christie creek running thenee 90 cbalni
tinrtli; thenee S3 cbaina weat; thence 80 chaini
couth. foiiiiwiiiK the lake ihore; thence BO i halm
tH-i to the polnl ol commencement, routatmug
SU ���!'  tn more oi li u
pated the Utfa day of Auguat, 1908.
k  PAoqcnta,
 PerF '���  Pauqpih,Agenl
Notice is hereby given that ���/' dare after ilale
I intend loapply to 'he Honorable tbe ("hlel
for io
work for
* ���
Just  received, a -splendid  stock    of    -Stamped
r. ;i cloths, etc.   An oiu����nt   ittortment
Xmas present!.
We ure also showing a lot  of now Fancy Tuik*
See our show windows for tome  DOValttee    we
trade,  which   we had made  to our ordor  by    the
fancy  work  In the Montreal convent.    Now  fg  tj1(
make selections.
ind Ribbon ffm
have   ���������.,,,   ��r*
ha__        _   Xlna��
U,M    school
:�� bereb] giren that *��iit>- <iay* alter
date I Intend to applr to the Hon. Cblel Commls-
: Landi and Worki for permlaalon to
pure) ui   the a Ii -.   di icribed Und**,  In
Wait Kootenay Dlatrlct: Commeneing ki mi loll -i , ��� plauted ni the aoulbeaat cornet ol m��**
1        I ; ���   d, tbence 3D ebalna wast to eaat
boundary of Lol 81W; ihence inl lowing aald
boundarj - * to tontheaal corner ol Hid lot;
thence 10 chi ni weat; Ihence AO chalnaeoulfaj
      tbenee 201 halm nortb to
weal corner ol Lol .'.'.'. thenee followlni
went boundan i f Loi 133 to initial poat,
- pteml  - .    ��� ���* D. I' Wotpr,
per krnext w. Boeimon..
Kotiee li I ��� | ������ ti.Hi DO dari ufi* r -JLata. i
intend ��������� k| ph to tn.* Bon. Chlel CoLimiaalonet
of Landi ana Worka for pemiailon to purebaae
the (olli'win-j deacrlbed landa, iltuate sn tha
reol Lower i_*k��-, aiieni one and one
half mile South ol Kdgewood, B.C. snd ad
lolning -I.T. Beattle*i appllratlnn to purehaae,
xiii) ci'iiimt-ni UK tiUi poul marked LhmaJd WU
eun'i Sooth u ������-��� ��� ��� thenee running Nortb
-:itv cbaina, thenc* Baal f.*rt> chains thenee
Booth, al.ity cbaina, thi net Weat (ortf rhalna to
i *,.. ol eommeneement, and conislnlng M0
ai rea mi ra oi li --
DoVAfin ��'iuo?t.
M. K. McMOAXS.t, Agent.
Dated thii JMb Uy ,.f September. lflOB.
U hereby glren that U dan after dstsl
Intend t" anply to the Horn rsb ��� I blel Commla-
ol ijiu'ir* an.) Worki for permlaalon to
; .     uethe following deaeribed landa. In Weet
aootenaTi   Commcneuig at a peat planted at
the northeaat oornei ol - ot i D . ������ L, marked F
Fletcber'i Dorthweal eorner, tbence aouth mj
chaini; thence east iu shainj, more or teaa, to
attern tn-nndary of i��t tOB, Q I,; thenee
ttalna to Kootonay river; thenee veal
og tatd rlrer to point of eommeneemsnt,
���..��� -��� *.' ������- niun- ..r I* -
���Jfith i-M-tnber, 1908.
Nun,.* ii bereb) giren that eoday* ait-*r -Ut** i
id to make _pi'iiiati.iii to the Honorable th��
i immiaatonei of Ijui-i- and Worka for per*
���   ������* purehaae  the- [ollowlng deaeribed
landa:  Commenelni at n poat planted on tba
���������*-���* -- ner of Peter IfcHaagnton'i ej_plti
Iku    tkt.    f_.ll. "���*���   |IJ[   ���
Notice ..
dat�� 1 int.
in I *--,*<,mr o     ___ 	
to purebaae the toltowjn.. _____JJ__JI!��
nata in Wnt Ko,.,,1)B,"^1;7'H;i
SI   a   poel   murked '��_l H_ra___V_11
pUnteaai tha .. w.,,.,',','i
mea north of Bnrt.m in   ?J*J5SS,
gtl�� weatof the Columbia r   ' '
fcehalim; thenc,  ,��.,  *, ���;
nenoemsnt, eoouin ng . ,-,.;    '       I
listed thla Hth da, ((f ,-TpSffi ,     ,
__Per BAtrn Ri |
Notiee ia hereby given that Flitydan
i. rlif.f 4
��te Iimi., aJ
- nL,ili- �����
onolry ..f
tion to purcbai , following Um eait boo .._,_.
rame so ii]aiii�� tooth; tbenee "l chsini '.*,-;.
enoel * ��� ia rth tl am ��� -��� ��� isini weal to
p-iitii ol <���'���-* meneement, containimc -MOscrsii
more oi li h
Doted OH. It, 1!��6. JUNUR Km IOIT,
By Mi ajtetit Esitsn w Boaii
Unii- and Worki for permla-
* - following deaorlbed landa;
The Herald editor never accepted a
cent for his vote or his influence.���
Cranbrook Herald.
Nobody ever offers to huv anything
for which he has no immediate or future use.
Many  shady  reputations are
the castiiiK of reflections.
the relaxation of the people in the ordinary commercial transactions of life
liloqy: ^^_________....^^^^
"The  dread  of  something  afler  death
Troubles the will and
A certain ill-advised, section of the
Libera, press is being driven to the
necessity of squaring itself with the
reading public and is doing bo with
ill grace. For three years the public
have been led to believe ihat the McBride administration were guilty of
sonic awful crime iu connection with
Kootenay oil lands, but the organ confesses this morning that it is not so.
The blame is now placed on tlberts.
who is represented as a veritable monster of political vagabondism. The
evidence is available to any one who
cares to go through It and learn bow
much reliance Is to be placed upon
the word of the organ.
In one other matter the records
have been falsified by the local organ.
It represents that It was Wells who
saved  the  country  by  refusing to de-
Some  men  work  overtime  ttying to
quench a burning thirst.
Notice is hereby given thai 60dan alter dat* 1
Intend IO apply to the Hunorable the Chief Com-
mlaaionei "I Landi and Worka. Victoria, to purehaae the following deaeribed lund, iltuated ln
the Weat Kootenay dlatrlct, on the weal itdi
Dubamel for Six Mile) creek, near wagon road,
about thnt miles from Kootenay iak.* Commencing at h p'-s* marke-d ' Jame.* J IiU'-k's H W.
post." ninning 20 ehaim east, thence '31 chalna
north, thenoe HO r-hain* weat, -tbence 20ehains
south, i" th*.-point of commencement,containing .0 aerea of land, m -r<* or le--***
bated i*th November laofl
Located by Jamiw J. VOCt
Sixty dan after 'late* 1 intend toapply to the
Hon ��'ine( Commlaaioner of [Audi nti.i Worka,
Vietoria, t" puplia.-* IM neres of land about two
mil-.-  h-h \;   U-jrtnii   Mty. '���-*���' ���: K-    ���...���*:
mencing at it i-'-'t marked "J A.Irrlng'i eaal
-���orner po-t." i-aid po-t being on 'An- easterly t-nd
of an i.-ian-l wesl of Lot'--Vi", and claiming all the
land contained in laid [aland* being about one
mile tn an eaaterly and weaterly direction snd
about 20chaini from north to south.
Noremberlllh, tflOS. J. -t. Isvnco,
J k A.v.v.uit j*:, Agent
sixty day- after date I intend to apply to tbe
Hoi.ChiefCommiailoncrof I-endi and Work-.
Victoria, to pm ���   ��� ; land, ; ��� a:* d   d
the treat ilde ol Arrow lake, about tiv.- n ���
lou Hurton i uy. and ii-*- rlbed aa/oUowa; Com
mi n< in*.' ��t �� poal marked ' P ������ B'i ".uthcam
corner."snd befngtOchalnaeaatol thenorthweii
oorner ol Lot BU; tbenee notth W halm; thence
areat 10 cbaina; tbenee wotli M cbalm; thence
������11 ������1 i'i cbain**1 to ttic place of beginning
No.cmb< t Uth I*-* y ��. Bsss,
l*r J. ��.. Av\.ii;i.i:
Wstjp dan after date I Intend to apply to the
Hon. Chiel Comm Inl nerol Land* and Worka,
Victoria, to pnrehaae k) acrea of land,
on the weat aide of Arron I-nkc. abom
belos Barton, and deicrlbed aa followi: Commencing at a j��i*t planted at the northeaat
corner of I ol Wt. an*! running north 30 cl aim;
thenoe weal K chalna, tbtnee aonth -JO chalu,
thenc tieast Jo chai na to place of l-i-^iunf uk.
Nov. Uth, 1'W.
Commlaaioner oi   	
don to pnrebaie the* following ne
1 .,m mencing at a posl planted 1 n the north	
eorner ol Peter SlcKaashton'i application to
purehaae, rgnnlng SO cheim weal ��� ng the
northern boundary oi ��ame; thence 80 chaini
uorth; thence80 cbalm ea-t. tbence U cha'm
iouth, along the wesi bonndary cl ��� n Elllott'i
application to purcbaie, t" point of commence*
ment, L-ontainiiig '*ri acre-, mi.r'* or le*!.
Hated Oct 18, Iae6. TliOJUl SsiTH,
By le*- agent, Baster W BoawnBr.
Kotiee tl hen by given that 00 dayi after date 1
intend to apply to the Honorable the t.'hie' Com-
miaafoner Ol I^an-U and Worka. at Victoria. B. Cm
fur pennlulon to purehaae the following <ie*
rerloed landi, iltuated rn the Weal Kootenay
dlatrlct, wuth of Forty Nun* creek, commeneing
at a poat marked "UU Choquette'a N. W. corner," thenee -tu chaini eaat, thence 40 ebalni
ion.b�� thence-IO cbalni weat, thence 40 chaini
nortii to thei ommeneement post, containing it��o
a- rea, more or leas.
Nelson,B.C ,Oct i��ith. 190S.
I. it. Choqqkits,
\v. a. Sont, Agent
Sixty dayi alter date I purp-.��e msking application io the Hon. Chid Commissioner ot Condi
and Worki for permlaalon to purehaae the follow*
Ing deacrlbed land: Commencing at a post
placed at theaottthweat corner of H. w. Hanning*
toir- application to ptireiiase, marked *'L M s.
il - -1 B ��� orner poal " running thcmx-i-jchaloi
iresti thence EO ehalna aonth j thence 80 ehaim
���*.i-*. ���:.���������.'������ ~< ihains north to point of com-
: tl  *��� ntalnlng '>to aerea, more or leis.
Dated tbe luth day of 0. toUr, 1906.
L. II, B. H*VM.VGT05.
 per B. Shi ell. Agent.
oixf dayaafterdate] purpose making application tn the Hon. Chief CommlMloner of Ijhi-N
aud Works for permlaalon to pun-haw the foi-
lowing deacrlbed laud: ' omine-ncfng at a post
placed on tht- imrth boundary of lot No. 864 and
about two chain- eaal of \\ hat-han creek, marked -M. S'l B, W. corner," running ihence 40
chains eaM: thence 40 chains north; thence 40
chains ��'-t; theme 40 chains nouth, to point of
commencement, containing 100 acres more or
bated the loth day of October, 1��<��"*.
M. Siiieu,
i'er R. BHIStL, Agent.
Notice i> hereby girsn thst two monthi after
date I Intend to apply to tbe Uonorab
laiioner ol Ganda and Worki for permia*
fion to purehaaa SM ssrea of land, deacrlbed ea
followi Commeneing al a p 11 planted at tin-
.. ii i.f 1 1 Voriiion'i ram >��� m lire
Valley. Weet Kootena.) dlatrlet, marked "J u.
kunro'i northeaat corner poat"; tbeni e80chaini
weat; thene 10chalm toutb; thenceBOehsim
aaat; ihenee 80 chalna north to tbe plaoe "ft ommeneement
battd nth day ..f Beptember, IIH
J. B. Mrates,
W, A. ClIsOSS, Agrnt.
Notiee 1- berebt glyen that bo dayaaitex date 1
Intend to Apply u> the Hon. Chiel( oran ���
uf Lands and .Vorkx for p- rtni--inn m jiurcliaw*
tbe following deaoribed lands, annate In Weat
Kootenay dlatrlet; Beginning at a :*���>, marked
"Arthur Warren'i fl H oornei and planted on
the east ihore of Whatahan (' aril--��) lake, abonl
two miles north of the narrow- ol Whatahan
lake, and nt the B B corner ol w. Becombe'i sp-
plication to pprchsnj tbence '-a-t u
tbencenorth ���^ichalu'-; thenc- w-t-m to ,-nain":
tbence aoutl I * I ali - to point ol oommenoement; < otiuiuiug .lA'arres more or Jets.
Dated tliJiBtb -i��v of tn-t. nwfi.
Arthik WabBBTi
 Y^t. Pawiosp, Agent.
Notice la hereby given tliati-lity day- alter date
1 intend to apply to thc Hon. Chief Coinmiailon
erof Lund* and VVorksfor permlaaton to pnrehaae the following deaeribed lands, 180 aertt
commeneing at a post marked John Toye, planted oil iii* eaat Shore ol  Lower Arrow lake, about
��� north of Sunshine creek, thenei lorty
eliains east  tb-ine  forty chains south, thence
forty chain*-   areat  thence   forty   chains   north
along la*.* -hore* t.. point of commencement,
bated lhIn 1 ���-.'.   [1 her, VJOi.
John Tots,
IlaithV Qibsos, Agent
Notice l> hereby given that 60 dari alter date I
Intel ��� npply to the Honorable tne Cnlcl Com-
mlasl nerol Landsand Work* for nermluiou to
pnrehaae tbe following described landf: Com-
mtnclng at a i'��*-t placed 20 eosin* west ol the
southeaal cornei of Lot 8H2, marked -H. a. Hell's
resl   co.rner,"  thence-   sonth   ��< chains,
en eaal W chains, thenee north *ju chains,
thena wesl nchains to [wiint of commenccmetit,
1 ontafnlng Ml tu ��� -. more or leu
Locatl d thi   Bth dsyof Nov , 1-S06.
1: a.Hei.i..
bhttj dan after date I purpoae making appli
cation fiio Hon Chief Commlaaioner 01 Lsndi
aii'i Worki foi permlaalon to purchase the following described land:  Commeneing
,.        -Dg.
J. E. Annable, Agent.
Sixty days slier *i-.ic 1 Intend lo apply t^ the
Hon. the c hi-fi ommlssloner of Landsand Works
10 purchaao 160 acres ol land: Commeneing nt >i
p-iM it-tented on the west aide of Six mile creee,
on   wagon  road,  about  two and oue half miles
I"**-    and marked   "Neil   Mc
from  Kootenay d-k
Kccbntc's s. Vt   -
1    .  . ���   ���    rnei  i-os*,*'   tij.-tn'���  ..���,.,! jfl
chalm, thenee north 40 cSsfng, thetS
����������[  lu
Located ^lilOthdayof^orember.UOo.
  Mil. MiKF. liMK,
is  half a   truth.     Wells did   refuse  to
deliver the grants, hut the reason why
makes us rather | ho did so was because the people with
Notice is hereby given tbat fin days
;tend to apniy t��� the Hen. Chief .01
Lands snd Works for perm"
ft-1 date 1
m mission tr
  ��� pc, Mimfoi, to purehaae
lollowlng deacrlbed lands situated in the
West Kootenay district:    Beginning a* a noat
marked "O. D, UaeHleking'i N. W
lante'd on ihe weal -1
rner/' hw\
of Whatshan (Cariboo)
lake, ai-^iittbrev mil-s norlh of the Unoer Sir
the M'd lake; thenre sooth SO chaC.ia: ihenw
eaM    1 1   ��� ts.s   * -     .-,- .  ��� 	
 *  "I a |H.*.t
__ north eaat comer of H. C skiuncr'H
Don to pnrehaae, murked "ll. D's N. W
 poat," tbence following the eaal boond-
��� aim - inthj thence running ni
ehafnaeast; thence M chsini north; thenee BO
einius wesi to polnl 01 commencement, containing t'do acres more or j---**
Dated the* lutlt day ol October, 1908,
11 Donn,
I'er B. SHIEI.I-, Agent.
BtZty day* after -late* I putpow making application to the Hon chiel Commissioner ol Lands
ati-i Work* lor permlaalon tn porch an* the following described land: Commencing at a 1 ���-���*:
placed at the northwest eornei ol it l>>-dd'*Bp-
plp-atlon to purehaae, marked -K W H'sfl W,
oorner post,** running thanee BO ehalna northi
theuce MOrhaius east; thence B0 ebalni
ihence wi chaini west to t��>int nf commenoement. rontulnlng G40 acres, more' or I.**.*..
Dated thfi luth dav <>f October, IIM-i.
k w. a_syistmnr,
per K. BBIStX, Agent.
Notice  t*  hereby  given  thatHXty <ln\-  alter
date I inteml to apply to ihe Bonorable tha
Chief CommiMioner of I_uid*�� anl Works, for
iKTiniBSinii lo pureliase the foUowlngdeaCTfbed
laiidc In the West Kootenay d^irht:   Be-ginmng
at >. pout marked "JameaO Praast'1 K._toorner,
and panted OQ the east sh.irc of WhatMian
(f'aribo-i) lake, about one-half mile liorlh of
Christie creek; thence south 10chains, more or
ie".s, Io the north boundary of W. Beeomhs'l appl ii-it I on to purchase;  thence n,-M 111' Uig the Mild
boundary 40 chain*, more or leaa, to the whore Of
the lake;   thence following  I .'��� ial>) shore in a
general   northerly    and   easterly   direction   W
Ohalns, more or leas, to point Ol commencement,
containing IfD aero, more or leas.
Oct  13th. 19U6. JAMt-ii. Kka-eh,
            F. L Hammomi. Agent-
Notice Is  herebv Riven  that llXty dayr.  after
the date 1 Intend t"  Spply tothe Hoo. the! hief
���rof   land-   an-i    Works!
chaae  the following described l_a_7_
���JsrtjM  at  a   poat Uked -_tflSt_i
&h^is;Br^ ��� ���
point ol   ..irsm.iisn,,,.,,, * "',*
Dtud iu, i.n,.., oi.,,,,,,,_, IKk
I!,. ���
Nsstlle 1. Iss-ri-l.y kss'si ts... .
d.teiinN.ndt.ialuMU,,1'!.,:,:    ^
t ommlsaloDer of Unds an I Wurki i 413
topuiehaa, the following dw
luVtvai K'Kitenaydlstrl
planted at   Robert   rorletl'i r,   th 1'
post  and   markol   A. N
cast ID chains; tli.-ii-e t  rhalni sootfc J
'������" the Kootenaj- ri\-
the KooUna,   rlvei !
mure or leaa, to thi   | 13
Rieiii.critHlliliiK I*.-*   * .     .   "��
- pi mbar Uth im.
William Mi.-eh.a-mTJ
HoUcslsbsrebrgivenii n_ ^-T^Z
Intend to apply i��� t,,- II, *. ihar
itoner ol Landa and Worki i..r j<miMj
purehaae Um follow ins  :.. ������,*.-,/u.,iT��
U"    ^-leliay   di.ii, . (l
marked",   I). Bell and \:  i ���
about ! mile--..,., D| tbe Balmon i.v.-rID.i
'. uiitr from the I ��� D I ���! Or     ���
chains norih; thenee I.
chains south; the_wetoch.ini easl v.^\
Datod we 22nd day ol Bepb ubei uut
  R    M '
BUty days alter date I purpose m
cation l.i tlie Honorabl*  '
of IjiimIs ano Works fol |������
the following deacrlbed Und   c i
n poat marked ' D, l"- B v eotet_,   ,
K  ^uquler'a application to p-.r--ii��tr.riBfl
theno b ehali i nortb; * -
thenoe go ehalns soutb; it,-::* ����������hum a
to ihe (--Ini oi commencement,eo&uu__S
acrea, mors or leaa.
Dated the lllb day of __|
I' l:mj
Per F.  .. Kawnis, imtT
Blxty day* after date I Intend to Mt.'O-kJ
Bonorable tbfl ChlslCommi��**ioD.r-it u.i-i
Wo-Ssfor l^rmlssinn  U> pun ha* tht fell
draa^ribed  lauds lu   Kootetuy   .Utrtrt:
uipncingat a peist marked-;  ii Afiillrii
eaal corner post, aald posl bdai
side ol thfl Lowei Arron
belos   Hurton   citv;   tbi l   ���        ���'��� I
thenee waat ao chains; thence leutfcfh.
thenee wsat J. chstna; tbenee north u <
and  W   link**,  more or leai to thetakei
* aster ly along lakpfji'listnt, nom
to the j-!b'*'* <-f l)egintii!..'   ��� ������:���-��� ;��� :-*. ���'
more or leaa.
Dated this ,th day of Korember,!����.___
per K. L BtJIStr, Ag.-n
Intend t<> ippi'Sl
Btsty daya after date I im. n-i imppirtti
Honorable thfl Chiel Comm        ^^^^
W,,rks for penniMion to pun lias, th-e HM
escribed lauds in Koolenay district: far
or iwk to the lb OK of the said
lake, tbenoe northerly nhmu Ihe said lake shore
**wj chains, inr-re or less, to td, p-itrit of commett-
cement   -vttit*li��*����� am
Dated Oct. 12,1
r Iflfli
���60 days after dnte I intend to apply lo the Hon-
onblfl the Chief Cttininissioiier of Unds and
Works Victoria, Ii C , to jurclia^e frit) acres of
land situate Weat ol Arrow lake oil thfl west Hide
of Vi hatch an ere- -k and joining tbfl north Imu ndary td h. J Amiable application to purchase.
Commencing at a p-*st niarked It J. K. H, K. inf.
nor and running m t' Wl ��� balua; thence north no
chalna; tbenceesat ^Miiains; thenee south to
poim of commencement.
September 2nd 19U6. R.J. Ki.mot.
Not In
K. K. Kkii..
��  I.   II immond, Agent.
Notice i- bereby given ihat Oodayi afterdate]
Intend to apply to ilu- Hon Chlel ' ommlmloner
uf i-aii-is and Worki Po- permlaalon to nurobse-i
the  following deacrlbed  landi  sflimted   in   the
Went Kootenay dlatrlet: h,* inning at a post
marked "William Kell'l N. W. corner," and
planted ataiiit one mile south of the nnrth end
of w hat shaii (Carlsboo) lake at-mi iwenty ebalni
Mi-nt of the weat shore ol isldlakeand on tbo
south boundary of H K Katt'a applicadoii to
purehaae; thence souih ho �� hslns! tbeni o easl -'������
chain-, mon* or leaa, IO the ^nl Uke shore-;
thenefl nnrlherly along the said -hor.- ki cloiiu-.
nn.re   ir   le*--.  t..  Mi-   i-aid south   bonndary   01
K i: Kell'i application to purchase; thenoe west
'20 chains, more or loaa to the poini of i "inmeiiic*
ntnliilng ISO acres, mure or leM.
n" '" li-v��. wui.tAM Kkii.,
By F. L Hamjom*. Agent.
eing at a j-^ist mark,-.! "A", i. Dill, ws*
Corner poat," said po-t beloi  n *���
erly shore of the Lower  Arr.m lake sod SI
due east, on   lhe north--an ��� .-rne-r of L
Oroup i; tbence north W chaloi; east ti
south in ehain-.  nn.re or  .-���.-. I--the!���*���*���
thence following laid shore in s snuiliM '
directum   ii ehalni. nn���������
beginning, containing IN acres, iu.>n* oi
Dated th Is Mb dav of >,v   v.'r :.�����
per K L. BuSSflT.AeS*
Nolh-e le hereby given thut f���� daysafter**
I intend, to apply  lo the ll'-r-nrabletheQ
Commissioner of Lands an 1 Worki for*
non to rurehsae tlie following ������-���'���
Kiwiteiiay    di-strlct:       CommeodB|   U ��
marked -J. H   Wallace'- no '    ���
mid poat u-ing on ihe eaib
Arrow   lake,   uud   at lhe  iou'li��.-w��rt
Porter's pre-emption claim; ������ ���;-������������     '*���
'���-I uth  jo chains, ihiu e        \ __M
thence south  _W chain . ilu-nc-- *t*twet_m
mors or leas to tbfl -krroe lal
(-H-��terly direction 60 mains. :,
place of bafffnnjnffi contalnlni
Dated thla-Slh day of Octobei ...   __
} ). II ffiU__|
By his agenl, KgSKiTH 1   Brrstr^
Notice la hereby given thai mt] laj��W|
Ifm.ii.l tuHi.plylolhelloii i li.ifC'imial
of Unds a,���1 Works (or permlaalon i" f
 ng deacrlbed '��
"  rth W
planted  __   ..
tbenee nnmi-
twenty chains
thence- twenty
Booth to point ol comnicn
Ing n acres mors or leaa,
illU, 1M<
\\,-.l tin-in-.'- f.silvrh.lMljr
Isastis Ks.s.1, til
iisss.si ihs- It, day of October,: rod
SixlJ   il��y�� ��Ii,t,Iii1.-1 l-sisl- -'""'"S,1!
ration  l.i ilu- Hun. Cblet<*.iinmWI"����r��.*!
... I !l,-lf-|
meat, i
rated isss [j*
lisu'!!,lM,.'"..lI*sr.':b.,'..l,!T.cn .,.,,��1 tt At:
M titer rim.-1
.  .~ ..-..IIIIST USSSS- I
intend to apply iss Uss- Ron. the chief Coramli-
.is.ssit iii Lusl i- ssss-l w.srkss tut permlMlon i" ['iii"-
rhmi Hns issiiiisiiisi! deeerlbed imni�� in wort
Kc.s.i.isssv dlitrfcti prorlnoe s-f Uriti-h ColnmbtA;
Commem issn sil ss poel marki-il "Wllllnsss TsiMIiik-
tssn*. nisrlliss'i.t inssssr p'ss.1."  mij'1  isu.i  I..-..."
Iii.tssI CI.1,
Mi-i'lsall's. |,���..
���outhmtt Comoro. i'l'.'.'*"i!'sn...ii
���nd a-JJolnlngtheoMtlfnodf
���iiptimi, ti,,.,���, .������i, ,���.,,;; !*a'i
tbence ���.t tertv  to)
wi-nty (2uj iiinins, tfienoe
ehstni, tbenoe imrth  ... .�� 	
ivs-ssi f.sriv (in) cbainimon ssr K-ss*. tss lbe plsoe ol
Halsssl Jisl'lByssf Anions!. Hs��l.
wii.i.um Tounoroir,
By hlBajirnl J. K. Taylor.
-;\is deyeeftei slate I purponmaklnf appli
tion \" ilsi' s ists-f Commlaaioner <>f l,an-i
Worki lor j*""'-----	
nsl Hurls, f���t r��.,ns|..l.ii
iowtna deooriboil lan-l    s .
islsss-s-il sii lln- aolithwoel eon
isiii-aiiisii is, pnrehaaa, himr
nvr.*'rnnislisL-lln ins mss-lsa ,. _,-
olialui weit, tbenoe w> cbiln. - in'**2S
- its. is- eaal i" i-s.it.t of commonn
I'm :i-*sl is. rs-.- ii.ns. ..I ]. --
Dated lhe imh .lay ul October 'y-iiwai
I- r li -   -       I
Notice U lu-riliy Klv.-ii llial "' '!��-��� ���']"f_l
Intend lo apply to the Honori.li,<f__t
CommlMloner of Und. and Work, ii"iH,
���ion toi,sin-liHi.ollsi-lislli,svliis! ���'���""""''ri
in the h'oal K.. iydl.irl.-i:  >'-'"'���'Sa_
poll .n.irk.-1 "JUeanor lllrirls'i II �� ;'ii
an.l i-lisiititlssii the ���,..| ihore ol '����� ""'Zii
Wbatehan (Cariboo)lake, al ; "l"1   ,il
mil nli nl irro�� lake Hall   I ' " .,.#
"���Issslnp; thmco .-.int iss rlnilii- nsnn ssl - A
shore of the Nsrrows; thence |��{i;��'aflj
shore in ii Bsneral southorlj sni ;*'���"-���.*
thdi Ni Hi,.tu-. more or leu lopojnl "' f>^"~m
mentirontalnlni 180 son - mon
I-tied Uct. .nth, I!** ������|1,'
f. i. n s m -i * *"
and w
t�� point of
more or les.-*.
Oct. 13. I'jot.
 ... -hore In a northerly
!��� rl y direction 1_0 chains, more or lew,
metie-eine-iit, contalnlni -i--*1 ecn -,
Bj F. L. BSKMOVD, Agent.
-.;s;,.":;.ns,r';::::.,.,;..'^:;r;,fi!;*';',''��v^ r;tV"';:'"';';|'""!'',i^:E;i!,'M;;..,,!;r' �����������"���""'��'-'^ ��������� "���"" ��'"';;^"'^
���  ton ���.';,J'.),,'.     ��':*;',���""[ W.'��ai""'!  '������������n....-.i.- ,,�����V.i .../ ,'���.k ,.    '*���"*' ���Ho��� "t "baubdnl >%M
i ��� ���  SSwISSa-SS S:;;::;''^ aii:iTi:i^far~*^^"�� *��^ ^f^M
y     -::���:...,.������-,: ���  swstt -^aaasra Z'psKhz.z&w'S 1
r, i.. auoraro, Ag.m
1 'alcl lln- llll, ,|���v
y of Ansmti H"��.
-_.._,        I    I'lKKtl,
perK. U. Khh,i'i��r,
Not Ice- lis lsersiss plsi-ii Hiss
I Isils-iislisi ns,s.lv isstlii' Hisss s sss-'; ������'���;-,. p
cr ..I Undaand Worki (oriwn  -�����",  '
obaae tbo followlna deicrlhc" lam"".1;
"  sins ill.lrlsl:   lli-jlis
��� 'llii"�� I
- w.;ag
i ni'i'-ji
iValwi'ibli'lllh dayof Ocl .I'""1 w fs,,�����, I
F. L lUa������". *�����**'* The Daily Canadian
LANHEUSER    -a*0 the original
IBUSCH...    Bud weiser Beer
DISTILLERS, 12 aod 20 years old.
NELSON       """ A^.Tu^?.liJ,.,.1���-,t,",���    VICTORIA
urns __ Co,
\ .-���- in   lirwhland,   Tmil,   NcIhou,  KahIo,   Sandon, Three Korku, New
Denver and fflmtui ottar.
1 an t branefa will liare
i'i,i n ni c-ireful attention.
Head Office: Nelson, B. C.
iici   inn 1 purposemaklneappli-
* hlnf I omiii i>-i.,iur nl 1-imd*-
|.��� ������ ..i--i..]i to porcbue the lol*
1 nn Ui    1 omiocnefne Ht u poet
���   -...utlmesi nirin! of.) BhieU'i n|i-
,���, '1. piiri-httse, marked * B.ff-'ifl K. cur-
niiiiiiK iln'in ������ hii 1 hsI im north, Lbence BO
.  -1 ehalna nuth, tbenoa *t
r��l coumaneanienta contain-
. .I* [en
;���*, of October, HOI
ft, HHiai.i.,
per J shiki.i., Agent.
h.u* i i'i ria �����.-���  iimkln-u' Hppll-
u 1 i.-. 1 CommiMioner of [��ndi
mission to pun-ha**.*- ihe* loi
unds: Commanctog _i h p***.t
northcasl 1 orner of It Hlileli'**
liase, iiisrkeit *'M. K tTtkX K
tin im*.1**! haliiH north Io tha
1.1 1.1. BOM, ihenee- Hn ehalna
riiaius south, thanoendbetus
mimeneemant, <*"iitaiiitiiK oto
��� -.
ij nl "< lobar, 1108.
m B Qautratx,
per J Sll I KM,. AkciiI
��� ��� ilate I purnoflS inakini; appli*
ll ni   ihe Chlel (oiiimihuhiner ol
lor 1 *��� irmlttloa to porn-isiM tbe
I  iimi:   Conuneoelni nt a
nl th-* junction of Harm*** nnd
and ettst of  It. J. Kllioif- hi-
-.*,������   narked -v. s P* s. \..
��� 1. nee wiehnln* north; thenee
'   ,:-.��.-, baliu Mnth J thenee HO
��*���' t" I*.Hill I'l eoinmcneenicllt; coil thi 11-
��� ir i.*--.
I ol October, 1806,
W.N. I'ooi.K,
IVr J. Smn.i., Agent.
Iat< i purpnea making appli-
the Chiel Gomu-_uooer ol
"��� 1. rmltalon 10 pnrehaM the
I * ���'.  lund-:    1 oinnieneliiK ul a,
Mnitheaal corner ol m. ft-Oren*
pdrchate, murked "V. ivr-*,
luulns ihenee HO cliaiim north:
-ji chain* enrol;  Hieiioc m
������ -lehHilm   WWt, to I-ol III   of
ontalnlni WO aeres,  more or
In   of October, 1MB,
v. DoDD
I'er J. Bhit-ll, Agent
kIven timt to dan aftardate I
I* !��� .sM'i'i io the llonorahle the
ufi ' ! Landi ��iid Works fur net-
'<-<     lln*    li in .ull, i*    de-enl>ed
'"iiiinencing nt  h |��im   on the   north
1 and nin-ut 3ohaini eaal of
-   1 unnlng tOeheliii eaitj thenoe
tin m ������ to ohalni waflti thenoe40
poim oi commencementi oon-
*    more or iew>.
i.p.on WanWi
' l    til, ..XM-n W. KllBINSON.
Notiee-is hereby riven thnt BO dan nfter date 1
Intend Io apply to the llonomhle* the "hief Com-
miMiiiiii-r i.r Uods mi-1 Work- for permlMlon to
pnrchue im-h,iinaiiig deeerlbed lands in the
"est Kootenay district; Beginning al a poll
marked "Alexander Pruer'i 8. w. eorner," snd
Planted on lhe eaal thon* of lhe liHrre-wnol
���AlmlfhHn (i mih....,  laki-. hI Ihe-H. K. corner ol
Btfnhard Blraeh'i appin-ndoi- io purchase;
thenee fruit -rn ebalns; thenee sonth ao chains;
thenoe weat4. ehahu, more or leas, to the ibore
of the narrowi.; th--nee followiiiK the-"Hid chore
In n northerly dlncttoo m ehulns, more or lew
to thfl |Miliii of eoniin-neetnent. eotilHinlng 130
aen***.. mon or len,
Oct   Uth.UOft. Ai_tX_J____l  KRANKH,
by F. h. Hammoni>, Agent
���sixty day* niter data IjmrpoM making appli'
eatloii to the Hon. Chlel < ommisBloiier of Landl
and Worka for |�� ���:.*���-. .*, tOpUtibflafl the following  desenk-il   Unds:    CommenciJiK   nl the
nortbeaal anrner of C. L Bennington*! appUoa-
Hon to purehaae, murked ��������,. A. {;__���. K. eorner,"
running thenee Nl ehnins north, thenee HO chains
wesl.  lbence so ehains lonth. theuee-HU ehains
eul to point of oonunenoemant, aontalntng ihu
neres, more or lew.
Muled the Uth dny of October, l'JOfi.
I-    A. t'HXANK,
per J sniki.i. Agmt.
Noiiee ii bereby gl.en that 80 days alter date
Intend to apply to the lion Chief (oinmUHioner
of Lands and works (or permlulon to pmcbaao
folIoHincdi-scriU'd Uud-. tn W
Dlitrlet:   it (Inning hi a post mark*	
hard Mirsehs S  K. enrner," nnd planted on  the
ofutihin of the narrowi of Vbauhan (i^iriiroo)
lake; -thenefl n rth SO ehains; theme west tu
ohalni more or leu, to. tbe shore ol IVhatiban
lake: thaneefollowtofi said shore m �� gaoeral
southerly nnd ensterly direction [30chllni more
.>r les*. to p'tiiit  of comiiienccme-nt:  OOtttalnlOg
;tju aeres, more or less.
Dated Ihis Hth day of Oct. UOB.
F. I,. Hammomi, \ ���_������ m
Sixty davs afler dnte I purpoM  inakliiK  nppli
enlion t<> t-e Hon. the (huf Commissioner of
1-nnii*-- in-i Wnrks for pennluton to purohau tlie
billowing deaeribed Landi Commeneing nt a
post plecm ibonl imir n niiie west of Barnei
creek, mid ahout one mile north of the mouth of
the stuns, marked "J. Vt. H H corner," running
tbeni e **o ehnllis norlh; thenee 10 chnins easl;
ihence m chains south to thfl north boundary Ol
w. N. Poole.apptleetlo. to pnrohawi thenee w
elinios iv est t" [Nilnl o( (tiinmtueenieiit; contnlu-
1 it if 6|0 acre-, more or lens.
Dated vhe 13th dav of Oetober, IWO.
J. SlllRI.1..
I��>s after date i purpoae matting appli"
1 htef Commlaaioner of Lauds
- ��� mission to purohau tbe lolls i laud:  Commencing ata poal
yards  west  of  the  Whalshnii
���      '  tWO  miles  SOUth  of  What-
u I    B'l N   K comer post."
"���in.-  mi   chains   south;    thenee   Nl
' ������ BO ohalni uorih; tbenee to
ntoi oommenoement; contain-
ore <ir lesn
of Ootobert 1906.
H <'. skinmk,
i'er K. siiiki.i., Agent
I dnle 1 intend lo apply lo the
ibieihe i imi Commlnloner ol utndi and
��� victoria,  tn   pureliHse  1H�� neres ol land,
n ��� -id.*.>( Arrow lake.adjoining
"anddeacrlbedu follows: Commencing
���I I'lnnted  on  tbe  west  boundary ol I-ol
i: " i hains uorth of the 8. V.. oorner ol
��� '! ���>��� "est :iy eliains, thenee Miulh 60
���   east  :td eimlns to the western
i mptlrn No.m, them-e norlh
ni m |.i���,-,-,,( beilnntng,
IWfl M   K. Wai.I.icv,
K J. Kt.l.ieirr, Agent.
> iv. n Hint ik),lays alter dr. le 1
indication tothe Honorable the
,"  -loner of Laudl and Worki fir peril hip iho loiiowiiiK ducrlbed
'   '"' * '"-uii! Ml n post plneed nli.-iil  one
I   Whalaban   ereek and   nlM.iil   Ihree
"""it. imts han mke i i, n ii i in* Bo ehains
' '"' Wi-haloi  west!  Ihenee Hi) , hnlns
'   "'l 'halus ensl,  lo pilut of mm*
1   iHnlliltlu i-in m-res more or 1QM.
���lu, I,,(���.,- |.;i iflrjg;
���  ., riTKii UcKadohtoh.
nj his agent, Khnkst w. Kouinmon
��� Honorable the Chief Cu��i-
1 I "'ids and  Works to l-urelmse 0t0
' wrlbcil nv follows;   (-oniinelieiu-.;
'"���;l "" the north bnnk ol the Little
ahoul -UU yards from inonih, nud
'McLean's  B   w.   corner  posi,"
" ['Imlua,  thence  north B0 chains.
**��� "miiis, tbenee souih W) chillis, lo
l"',',ll,,|��i "tnl eon Ini nlliK 040 neres
'"' "" -?.*\       ItOBT. McUiK.
.      - ; ijivr dale 1nurpou maklngappll
k-rk- ,,..   "    l',e'Commlulonero _*ndi
I ,:,.,'.'; l*"nb��Ion to purehase U.e fol.
" lR''".��: foinuiene-iiR al the
�� V I'odd's npplieulioll to
��� ��� ��� I- II s N, b, corner," run
I'tlni south, tbenee BO ehalns
"aim norlh, ihenee H��) (hnlns
\\ ^'"'"i!! fmuni ninlnliiK
October, 1006,
C   I,. HANSINilTtlN,
por J Shibu, Agont
i',.',i���",,|l',r'1,",".' ' I'H'I'om- m akin ir inii.li-
BlXt) dan (iff r date 1 purpose making application to the Hon. thief rommissii ner of Lands
and -Works for pennlarton  to purehane the fol-
lowtai deurlbed landi: Commeneing al n pcil
pi Heed nhout half a mllfl west of the lower end of
Whatshan lake, marked *H. !>'" N. W corner,"
ruiinitiic Ihenee KO ehains mui th; theuee Mi chains
easl; theuee HO chains north; thence Hi) ehnins
wui to poini of eomiiu/iieeiiieiit, oontainlng wo
aeres, more or IflU
Daied the 121 h day (rf Oetobe-r, 1906.
I>. Domi,
Per J. BKUOX, Agent.
S xty dayi nfter date I DUrpOU inaklnr appli-
enlion to the Hon  Chief ('mniiilssioiier of UUtdl
and WnkhfiiriMTinisBioii to pnrchaw thi lol-
lnwitifT   dcseriln-d   lands:    i oinmciicitiK  at the
northwwt corner of B, a. Croau'i application to
pnrobaie, marked "W. Q, <;>. B \V eorner,"
running tbenee HO ehalns north; thence BO
chain, eut; thenos BQ ehalni south; thence 80
chains west lo point of eoinnieueemeiit. eonlnlti-
itiK 640 acres, more or less.
Dnted lhe 12th dny ol October, IBtifi.
W. U.titl.l.KTT,
I'er J. KinKi.t.. Agent
Sixty dnys nfler dnte 1 purpose making application to ihe Hon. Chief CuminlKBloiier of Lamia
nud Works bir permisuloti to pnreha _* the fol-
loevinir deserlhed lninls; CommcueinK nt the
northwest  corner of  D.  Dodd's application   to
pnrebaie, marked "II, P"i a, w. corner," running
tbenee Bo ehalni north! theuee ho ohalm, more
or less, to the t* 'It shore of Whalshan Inke, [ol>
lowing-UnoNcnalniwuth) ihence B0 ebalni,
more or Ion, east lo the point of com inen-eiiieli t,
containingo-tOaotu, moreor less.
Dated the 121b day of Ootober, Wt.
M. Kai yi-ii-.il,
per.I. Siiiki.i., Agent.
���s Uth day
���i-'*-'7iii..7''...'l'in '" Powbiu Uio fol
'���" *" 'iniiii.
" l��li day ol
mi i iniiii.
mi s'liiiliiis
111 III l-|ll|]||IS'll
r, isi-.l
K   ItOUHtKltf,
Per J. Hmau, Ageni.
NsslliT In Iss-Iisbv Itveo lli��l IUt> 'li;!/ atttt
data i miiii'i i" applj iss lha llonorablo I blel
Commlulonei s.s Undi >n.i ��.,rk�� Rn-mrali-
.lull In lissr.liis.s- Hii-f.-llsssilliB sli-.i-rllss-il lssli.l��:
Commonelng m h poal plaee- on tna nortnw ,i
s-s.sii.rs.iAii.si Kiii..ir..si'i.iisssii.iii t. rehaao,
riniiiliii! mi i-luilli" nm ab.na Uio norllu-rn
boundarj ..( eamoi thenoe mi chain, northi
thenoe Mohaiiu iroe'l lis nea��oooalni��uth, i"
point nl s-siiiiim .-iii.-iii. s'ssiiin'iiiiii! i-t" aafcii
iiiim- cr leaa.
DattdOot, II.19M. J'""*' Ki.i.iisn.
lly Isl. sineiil. Khnkst W. ROBtWOIl.
N.siii-s''. hereby given that!
iIhv. sslls-r 'Iss
|_tt��n'dto"appl7toU'aHon7ohlel.oi leilonor
..| i.hii'Ik an. ffort, [or pormlialon to ��nrah��e
His- loiiowing doeor bed landi iltuated In the
-Wil���  ia? autrloti  ,ih-riiiiihk '"".i"'*
marked �� Horberl tv;arten*ii��. B-oo nor,' and
nl .isl.'il nil till' SV  nl .llssls'S.   \\ llHts-llllll (I SSrilMl s)
B&WulOllKUUlSr m.Ml.oHheM,.,lb;
trnend .UhelaKoi ihcnecwesis.ivha.tis; the
J.   il, Knchaiii-- theuce ensl W cbalnf. more ol
Noll I ll ESI I liaill*-,   mi ii"      ' n,,,,,..,.   ',,'],,.. nn-
K. I.. llAjiasssn, Agent.
taWo-aWofh. u .rj^xffi g
niurki'i . "Antoinette mrrn      (Curl nm)
!'ll,"",';l,>""   SthJut oorner ol the eald lakol
l.sks-Ht Ills' mil Hilaal "'    ..,. ���...,  in |.|,aln>,
llll I
tanrtor low- lo I
tbenoe f..ii.>..-i,.k "'i'-!
JJy V. I.. H-lUiluM!, Agon's.   -
Approaching the Cloae of the  Eecleai-
aatical Year���End of Trinity Season.
Tomorrow is the twenty-third Sunday uftt-i' Trinity, the twenty-fourth after Penteooat, after tba Roman reck-
(MiliiK Tlii' Sunday following Is the
last ul th,. Benson and uu the Sum y
whicli follows Advent will have hee:i
smi'lt-d all over Christendom except
where, aa lu Itussla, Hie old calendar
is sun maintained uud the eool-claitl-
eal leaaoni ure thus so much the later. Ror one hair ur the year the
churches mark the various evellls in
Uu- life or ihe ,\iu..ier. beginning with
Advent, or preparation for the coming
in Chrlatmaa, and ending with thi day
oi Penteooat, WhiteiuM.de, us It ia
known iu the Anglican church. The
other half of the year Is taken up hy
the inculcations or ihe teachings of
the Christian faith.
The followiiiK ss.'ivlces are nnnounc
ed at the various churches for tomorrow:
Church of Englanu���St. Saviour's,
cor. Ward and Silica streets; twenty-
third Sunday afler Trlnliy; holy communion, 8 a. in.; morning prayer and
holy communion, 11 a. m.; Sunday
school, 2:3U p. m.; evensong. 7;^0 p.
in.    Rev. F.  H. Graham,  rector.
Homan Catholic���Church of Mary Immaculate, corner of Ward and Mill
streets: Low masa, 8 a. m.; high mass,
1 <i:rio n. m.; evening service, 7:30 p. ra
Rev. Father Althoff, priest.
Presbyterian church���St. Taul's, corner of Victoria aud Kootenay streeis:
Morning service, 11 a. m.; Sunday
school, 2:30 p. m.; evening service, 7:30
p. m.; Sunday school, 2:3h p. m. Hev.
J. T. Ferguson, minister.
Methodist church���Corner Silica anil
Josephine streets: Morulug service, 11
a. m.; evening service, 7:30 p. m.; Sunday school, 2:30 p in. Rev. It N.
Powell,  pastor.
Baptist church���Stanley street, near
Mill: Morning service, 11 a. m.; even
ing service, 7:20 p. m.; Sunday school,
2:30 p. m. Rev. E. H. Shanks, pastor.
Rev. 0. Padley will preach both morn-
ant! evening. The choir will render
*Our Cod Is Near'* al the evening
Salvation Army���Barracks on Victoria street, wesl of Josephine: Special services for tomorrow. Knee drill,
9 a. m.; holiness meeting, 11 a. m.; a
praise meeting at 3 p. m.; salvation
meeting at 8 p. m.
Thirtv ��Ihts after date I Intend lo apply li. ihe
lion, (,'hi.if Commlnloner ol [_uidii_.il Worki,
Vielorla, (or a special UOen*e to cut ami cn-iv
away ilmls-r from Ihe following tract of lund*
Minuted on Ihe N. A: ti. railway, tn tin- Uem
���t'ooteuay dlHtriet: I'omnienclnj? at ft POftpl nt-
ed near lbe N, K corner of a. K. Plngtftnd'l
tiiiiherrlai.il, thence weM-SOchaitm, thenee norlh
Hii chains, tbence fl It SU chains, thenee Koutb 80
cliaina tu point of euinnieiieeineiit.
Nov.fith. V.W. P.J.QAlUktmte.
Nollt-c in herehy given that Sn davs after date I
Intend to applv tothe Honorable the Chief Com-
inlwioiicr of l.imi- and Uml.- for a KpceiHl
ileenae to eut and carry away  Umber  from lhe
Followttu ducribed lands:   Commenelni ftt e
poti inarkftl 'T J. ** anlan't! norlliea.st corner."
planted ftbont ii mile west from Hear creek, aud
about four miles from ilu month, which i' nix
mllM went fttnn Nelson; Ihenee weit BtfehftlM,
Ihence  south  HO chains,  tbenee eust HO chains,
theme north ho chaini rfo the initial point.
i-mnt'ii Oetober end, iwo      t. j. Pcaxlak.
Notice is herebv tflTen that BQ dftjl ftftor date I
intend to appl, to the Hon, the Chlel nmi in Ik
iloner of uu.01 and Works for a spn-i-nl licence
limit and carry a-ay limber from the following
deicrlbed lamls: Commencing ai a post marked
"T. 2. Si'airan'wsiiiitheast corner," plnnied aboul
five milcslip'ironiHii ereek, wiileb empliee about
one mile iMJm Of Nelson;  tbenee west tOchftlnij
thenos north U0 chains; ihence estl-ioohftlnii
tlience sontti IM chains to point of cominenee-
Haled Ocl  80,1906. T. J.ffANUD,
VV. J. MeKiHM, Agent
Certificate of Improvements
"SpTOlftn" and "(ilohe" mineral eliiitns, silunlc
iu Front l.tik,* Mining Division.
I-tMHletl on Poplar creek.
Tade Notice that I, Bruce White, aellng ��*-
agent for the Bpfglftll Mining o., Free Miners'
Cerilticalc No B tlltt, intent], CO davs from the
date hereof, to applv lo the Mining Recorder for
a iVrtlticale of Improvements for lhe purpose of
tii.iMiiiiiiL' a Crown Grant "' 'be above clalniK.
And   further  take notice (hat  action, under
Section ���<!, musi be oonuneneed before the lun-
ftnOfl of lOOb Certificate of Improvements.
Daied 2 tb Oetober, ttm.        Buna wimtk.
Certificate of Improvements
-Kelipse No. 'J," "Vevey," "Happy Medium,"
���'International" and "A ta Kraciioual" mineral claims, situated lu the slocan City Mining
Division of Weal Koolenay dlitrlet.
Where located!������North ��f Twelve Mileerwk,
alHiul two miles up.
Take notice lhat I, II. R. Jorand, of Hlocnn, B,
C , Free Miner's erilflcale No. B78800, as iiueiil
for I-- A.Cole. I'm- Miner's Cerl-fieate No. MOM,
inieml, sixty days from the date hereof, *,, a|>]- y
lotbe Miuiiig Recorder for a GortlOoate of im-
iinml nf said mineral claims
And liinhcr lake notice lhat nelion, un er
BOCtlon 87, mill! I*** commenced before Hie Issuance of such Cerillieale of Improvements.
Dated ibis joih day of September-, iwhi.
H. R.JoRAim,
Richest  Baby  in the  World Celebrates
London, Nov. 16.���Edward George
Hugh Grosvenor is thc name of thu
rlchuBt baby In the world and today
was bis second birthday. He is tlte
heir of tbe second duke ol Westminster
and King Kdward is bis godfather. It
is safe to assert thai, compared with
this baby's prospective wealth, the fortune of Utile John Nicholas Brown,
'"the richest baby in America," is but
a bagatelle.
.His father's yearly Income is ll.bbU,*
000, which will double itself in 35
years ami be greatly increased by the
time he gets the fortune. He will have
Hire*. Splendid homes. Two are country estates that cover 80,000 acres,
and 000 acres more in London, His
home in I��ndon will be Grosvenor
house, as Ihis haa long been tho ancestral home. It ls one of the most
splendid houses in London and Is wonderfully spacious. The roomH are all
spacious, decorated handsomely and
embellished with rare objects of art
brought from many parts of the world.
This house has a great ballroom, where
the king, queen and greatest lords and
ladies of England are entertained frequently.
Just now this third duke of Westminster Is a healthy, happy baby, wiih
golden hair and bleu eyes, ell is perfectly unconscious of bis great chests
filled with enough fine clothes and
baby outfits to clothe half a dozen infants, and smiles quite as contentedly
when his English nurse forgets the
gold beads and baby pins set with diamonds and other precious stones.
The duke's little sister Is a few years
older than he, and is more capable of
appreciating the splendor she enjoys
Littln Lady Ursula Mary Olivia Ores
venor is a quaint little girl, and for
four years, until the stork brought to
her parents an heir and to her a bab>
brother, she ruled tbe bouse alone,
She is fond of him and does not feel
that tbe arriva-1 of a boy and heir dethroned her from the queenship that
was hers as fhe first baby,
Sixty dsyi "her dale I intend to npplv lo the
Moo ibe UnlefGoinmwtfonerof f*sndi and * orki
to pnrebue Mo aorei of land: Oommonolng ��" ���*>
piwl   markeii "N.T  H'aaontlieisi corner  poat"
laid posi b*lng at the northeait oorner ol Geo.
Qudion'i pre-emption claim, abotn two mllei
���OUtbeilt of  Burton City, Ihenee wesl -til chain*-,
s, -iiili .'" I'll mil* well i" chain*, north Id chain-i,
cast HU chains, south 80 chains to place of eoni-
nieneciiicnt, containing Mo acrei.
Located clli dayof Nov. l!Wti.    NETTIK T. BlKB.
N, it ice is herebv fil vent hat idxly days afler dale
I hi lend to apply-to theHon. Chief Commtufonot
of J.andi and Works fur permlulon to purchase
lhe following described lands iu lhe Wesl
Kooienav district: UegtllOlng at a not-1 niarked
"J H. Hhnliieo'H H. \V. corner," and planted ahoul
utic-hiilf mile cant of lhe ahore or Wbatihau
(I'arlhoo) lake and about '2 miles north of the
narrows of the Mid lake, auil at IbeS. K corner
of] Arthur warren'i anpltoatloh Lo purchase;
tbeuce easl hii chiiiim; theuee north ���*+) chain";
theliee wesl Sll ebalus  to the iiorthea*d eurner of
Arthur Warren'I application to purchase; thenoo
Himih so ohalni to pomi or commencement-, oon-
tnininit IHO acres, moreor letw.
Oct. 18th, ItMi. J.8. PiniMco,
K. h. Hammomi. *getit.
Notice Is hereby pivi'li lhal IVl davs afler dak' I
in lend lo applv (Q thfl Hoiiornble Ihe chief Com-
mllltoner of Utldl and   Works for perm Mon to
purehase the following deicrlbed andi situate
about 10 mllei out ottne Cltyol Nelson, on the
non Ih shore of the Wcsl Ann of Ku.h.nuy^kc
souih of ihe Honiheast eor rJ Lol aMi, ma/Hed
"H   Tlioman' V. Vi   eorner,"   tlieiiec  south  lit
chains, thence easi -i) chaius, tbenoe north ��
chains, Ihence WOlt _0 chains lo point ol coin
meiiceiueilt. , __,
Puled thii 6tli day Of Nov., lWHi.     -S. Thomas.
Are Shown in the Book Just Published
in   Montreal.
"Manners nnd Modes for Men" is the
title bt the book published by the
Setnl-ready Company in Montreal.
Copii-s may be had free from the manager of Ibe Semi-ready Wardrobe here.
ln the hook, the president of the
Semi-ready Company, who is a recognized authority on men's dress, gives a
series of effective pictures showing the
distinctive character of dress for various pursuits and purposes. While it
Is Impossible to picture that touch of
warmth and brightness in the new
cloths, the Sftnf-ready styles cling
closely to the-subdued and unobtrusive
finer cloths whicli assure distinctive
elegance and forbid that luo bold effect
which is displeasing.
The forecast made some months ago
by the author of this book has turned
out correct in the tone, the shape and
the color most desired by gentlemen.
The new sack coat for the fall and
winter of 1906 will have neither centre
or sitie vents. This hns given place to
"the close waist and flowing hip and
the easy fitting sack. Both styles are
The newest winter overcoat is called
the French Chesterfield. It is a modification of the fashions first shown.
.1. A. Gilker. (he pioneer merchant
of Nelson, has secured the agency for
the incomparable Semi-ready tailoring.
Low Excursion Rates to Eastern Canada and the Old  Country.
The Canadian Pacific Railway company announce a low round trip excursion rate, first class, from Kootenay
to Montreal and all Eastern Canadian
points, except points north of Graven-
hurst and west of Pembroke. Kates
from Nelson to Montreal and points
west is $78.25; to Halifax: In connection with ocean passage, $89.26, with
corresponding rates from all Kootenay
stations to all Blasterp points. Tickets
will be on sale from November 24 to
December 81, inclusive, with transit
limit of 10 days going and 15 days returning, with final limit of three
months from date of issue, and good
to stop over within limits east of Port
Arthur. Routes, all rail through Winnipeg am] Port Arthur or Soo Pacific,
via Portal, St. Paul aud Sault Ste.
Marie; or go one route, return the
other. For complete information, tickets, tourist car or standard sleeper
berth reservations, etc,, apply to your
local agent or write .1. S. Carter, district  passenger agent, Nelson,  Ii. C.
A. McDonald& Co-
Dealers in staple and foucy Groceries.
Butter, Eggs.
Camp nnd Miners' Supplies.
House for Sale
"Hi4.0ft    - BliOOKB I'll. >M BAKER
.pi-tVU* STREET.
Silver King Hotel
BoEt Dollar a day house in the Kootenays.
Rnotui arc well furnished.   Tulilt ai good aa any
la Nulaon.    Bar aupplled with good
Iiu uon. aud i-1i_i.ru.
W. B. McCANDLISH, Proprietor.
Tremont House
Kuropean and Amt-rican Plan
Meal* 2ft cti.   Boomi from 2. eta. to n
Only Willi*. Help Kmpk-yM
Bakar Ht., Nolaon Propri.tor*
Bartlett   Hotise
Best Dollar-a-Day House io Nelson.
Thu Bar la tbe Plne-at.
White Help Only Employed.
Joaeptilne Bt.
Lake View Hotel
t'urii'T Hall am) Vernon,
two blocks from wbarl.
Katea 11.00 per day and up.
Tel-Tlioiie i'lfl. ^��___0-_//>>   B*  Cm
Grand Central Hotel
J   A. ER1CKSON, Proprietor.
For Sale....
^oS'^SLA Modern Residence
and part of three lots in a good position on Josephine street.
These terms only hold for a short time.
h. <& mTbird.
One of the Best Improved Ranches on
Kootenay Outlet for Sale....
About 400 Fruit Bearing Trees; also Small Fruit, House and
Outbuildings, Hay Shed, and 20 Tons of Timothy Hay. Nice
Hay Meadow, Spring Water and Fine Lake Frontage. For
piirilciilnrs apply   to
< .-iii rally Um-ated. Opeii Day and Ntglit.
Sample and Bath Khodir Free.
Opposite Court House and Post Office.
Corner Ward aod Vernon Streets.
The Strathcona
Nelson, B.O.
B. Tomkins, Manager.
The Leading Hotel in the
Oood    Sample    Rooms.
Baker Street, Nel.on. B. C.
Lighted by Electricity and
Heated by Hot Air
tarte mnl C.itnfnruhle Bedrooms anil Pint-
etui Tsiniiii: Room. Sample Room, lor rummer-
clal Men.
MRS. X. a rl.AKKK, Proprielren
The well known
XiIf\*T*T!t        Our BeerGarden is
AA\J i. CL        the Finest iu the
ggggg��� Kootenays.
J. CROW,   -   -   Proprietor
Royal Hotel
Rates $1 and $1.60 a Day.
Special Rates to Regular Boarders.
YVholenale and Retail Dealers In
Fresh and Salted Meats
Camps supplied on shortest notice and
lowest price. Nothing bnt fresh and
wholesome meats and supples kept in htock
Mail orders receive carefol attention.
E. C. TRAVES, Maoaggr.
w. a. oiluett
Oorttrtt-ctor  ii'itl
Hull der.
Bold agent tor tin* Porto Rloo Lumber0_ . Ltd.,
rt-tHil ynr*ln. HniiKh mut .tru'tnul lumber, turnc-il
work mnl 1.1-tn-kcl*-, Co-Ut litil" nml *-hiii*_-'1 >. mi-.1i
nml doort. tViiii'iit, tirii-k and Hint' lor rwlo.
AiMoiuhM-* unnil'i-
Yhnl Hii-I fRi-ltiry: Wiiion St.. cast of Hull,
INK1.SON,   B. C
p o. Box 982, Talephone t7H.
West Transfer Co.
Qoneral Te-inistfirs nnd l_alisrn in
Oi-nl and Woo..   Express nnd
HnnKftKe Transfer
.c'_p:;::.V��� Offic*: Baker St.
J. II. Klokorsotl ami J. II. IltiwHitli have- thiH
" t:iiivrvd lulu r.i.*t>Hrliic*-ry|ii| '
TlianlcliiK my OtutomoM lor palronogo In tin-
\t,\-i ami I*.oiilng j^r n con I liumnee ot thu game to
tlie new linn. Yours truly,
Choice Fruit
I Have 10,000 Aores
Choicest Frait Lands In
British Colombia.
Can sell au.   quantity from 5 acres to 2,000 in one block.
Buy now and get the ground floor prices.
Nelson, B. C.
We Will Sell
1000 Yale-Kootenay Ice  9 l-2c
Insurance, Fruit Lands, Real Estate. ���
McDermid & McHardy
The Hall Mining; and Smelting
Company, Limited.
Purchases Lead, Copper and Dry Ores,
Time Schedule
Effective Sonday 18th.
arrive     NELSON, B. C.      luv.
7 45 p.m.        Slot-tut Hint Main Une        7.30 n in.
Hall)* via Kloi*an Oity Pally
Hmniiiary- K-wxlmul 9.00 a. m
IiiliTini'illiil.*   poinU Kx.Knn.
RoksUq-1 LOOtl
���VM ji m. Itosflaii'l-Tnitl
Hun. only        Intt'rnicdtRt. [inini**
l.in p.in.
sio.rn t'lty l.i'inl
BJ6 i> in-
1.15 )> in
���I .I-'*- p in.    B. S  Knkiiin-.- fir Kooli*n��y    KtiOa in.
T , T., Sat. -UM polttta Sx. Snn.
ft.:' i imu    From am) In k'aalo only Tnvn
U  \V. Krl       and Sat, via iir��y'a creek.
Mon., Wed., Krl to ami Irom
l,i.r*I.n and Troilt Ijikt*.
;i i��i pm s s. KiiHkanook 7.IK) * in.
Dally ( rowV Ni-ft Konle. Daily
niniti lint' ronnet'tloim
Leave Neleon 7:30 a. m., arrive at
Vancouver at 12 noon.
One night en route. Standard Sleeper
dally, Arrowhead to Vancouver.
lUflrj. I P-.r-.M-n   '*r Ai-,iil. N* l-otl.
Notloe i�� hereto given iliat the purtm-rKlilp
hciciolort** Kii|iKt*.tlnR lictwivn no, tlit' U i-iun
id, us hotel k.-i*p. rs in tlir town or Kbolt, llrltlsh
s'Mliiniliia, htl this day tivi-n ili-snlv .I Uy mntnal
���i niun lit.
Datod thii H7th dny nf OotoMr, 1MB.
.UMK8 (t. M'tiRADK,
WttnoMi  Al��. siL'HMrt. p-hillp r. UcCallotn
Old Curiosity Shop
It you want to buy or s��ll anything.
go to the Old Curloalty Shop. A now
lino ot Japanese Goods now on sale. All
kinds of Dlnnerwure In slock. Pit
Thirty -second Annul Convention
American Bankers'
St. Louis, Ho., Oct. 1.-19.190.
Itomnl trip rated to St. Umls
ami Clilcagu on Sain Orlobor
12th to IHth.
Bt,U__l t*o,
Chlonpo m.
fJoln-r traunit limit ten dnya
from dat rol Half. Kliiel r.-tiifn
limit NoM-iijlirr-���iiiiii, nmc.
Round Ttip Rates to Southern
in.ff.-ii Oetober 9Sth.me,on
���alt- dalljs Umliwl io :t mon tlm
frniu iltili'ol -ul.-.
Dl Angela* and Santn llarlmra    $S5.t#
1'u-sH.loiia   Uti0
Hanta Monica.. ... 86.JO
ItivtTMdi' mid Han Kitrnarnltio 8* 10
hcdlandrt  *MtK
For Furtlmr Information Apply to
t'lty l-rt^i-tuci'i Afiotil.
A tl. P. A., Snattls.
A collection of all the Latest
Shapes aiTd Sizes.   A free
 BtnoU-JTitr nnH mn��t- cot-.	
isfactory pipe.
ToIuccobJsI.   Baku Street.
ii * *. __e
Vi The Daily Canadian
* t
* . ___    . *
Made in Cinada
I Ib. box
1-2 lb. box
T__MgOOdl  sir.- ass fl no a> llss- more ixrs.-n.is
kinstsi, the only .lifft-rilis s- s. the package.
Cannot Be Beaten for Quality  ���
Cocoa,   per   tin    15c  and   30c X
Parisian   Chocolate,   per   bar..10c ���
Chocolate Cream Bar. per bar,   5c J j
e *
Diamond   Chocolate,   per   bar.10c 4 :
Chocolate  G'nger.  per  box....25c ���
Milk   Chocolate,   per   pkg   dc J j
Assorted   Iceings    2   for  25c ��� |
Phoue 35. Baker St.
Next P. Burns A Co.
Bell Trading:
Coal and
Telephone 265
Some Wise Body-
Has Said:
In    Bngiand    ihey    raise   fine
hordes.     In   Scollant!   they   raise ]
fine men.
In England they food their oats ���,
to horses.   In Scotland they feed
their oats to men.
Feed yourselves    and    children '
B. & IC Rolled Oats
and then -watch the results.
B & K. Boiled Onto in Mb, 901b and *
401b Backs for sole nt
! Joy's Cash Grocery!
r0r foeephtnsend mih bu.    Phnnp u
Cor. V��rnon and Ward   Street*,
J. I'RED HUME. Proprietor.
C J. Fagan, C. H. Pollen, Victoria;
J. V. Kerr, Thirteen Mile Point; H. .1.
McPhee, R. I. Klrkwood, Blocan; J. W-
ColUs, ti- Clark. W. Ii. Vass, Vancou
ver; U. McCallum, Bonnington; A. K.
Booth, F. Clark. Montreal; P. Locfce
Winnipeg; D. A. McKay, J, W u ion,
Qreenwood; c. P. Eastman, New West
minster; a. F. Dudgeon and wifj Re.
li. C. Bullis, Cincinnati; E. A See
berg, London; E, M. Hand. M. D. Ham
lets, F. U Wells, i'mir; A. V Star
bird; F. L. Hammond, San FraUcisco;
K. 11. Stewart, Moyie; VV. T, Stack
house. Winnipeg; H. H, Verge, Greenwood; H. J. Ulaspell, Peneianguisheno;
S. H. Smith, Spokane.
T. D. Woodcock, Slocan;  A. N. Win-
law,  Wlnlaw;    H.    A.    Pepin, Three
Forks;   C.  C.   lfrov.11,  J.  Leyhuid,   Vic
It is understood ilui a new sawmill
s lo be put iu at Thrums.
A big timber deal, involving a couple of hundred thousand dollars, is
now pending.
Many ranchers have determined
to do without mulchinif this tail, trust-
lug to an expected heavy fall of snow.
Anthony  Turner and wile and  Mrs.
W. B. Townsend leave next Thursduj
tor Bngiand, where they will reside
permanently   in  future.
A coupling broke on the Slocan train
yesterday, but a losing chain soon
remedied the defect and the train was
nearly on time alter all.
The fniversity club meeting will be
held this evening in the club parlor at
fe o"clo_k and C. McL. Fraser will read
a paper on    Co education."
"Jerry From Kerry" will be produced at the opera house next Monday
night. The company has been here
before and was well roceived.
Mra, W. A. Thurman and her three
sons returned last evening from B*f.
Paul after a visit of two mouths to relatives  in   the  Minnesota   capital.
J. Fred Hume, W. Seattle and party
got back from a successful hunting
trip through the mountains east of
Kootenay   lake yesterday  evening.
W. Irapey, of the Nelson shipyards,
was married this afternoon by the Hev.
Newton Powell at the home of the
bride to Miss Martha Helen Hulda Ko-
The examination of George McMillan for discovery in the Krao mine
eaat- -was continued over until this
morning from yesterday, and did not
finish until noon.
A.   P.  Mclntyre,    li.   Waite,    Green
wood:  W. Galbraith, Kaslo.
J.   L.   Brown,  R.  Latron,   Kamloops;
R. Sheedy, Spokane;  W. Burrell, Koch
Siding;  .1. W. Crowther, H. F. McCas*
Iin,   Regina;   J.   Itillbard,  T.   Sleeman*
Moose Jaw;   s. T. Mcintosh, Holman
S.   S-ayley.   W.  Hadfield,   Winnipeg;
J. C Newman. Moose    Jaw;    J. Adie,
rtloc.in;  C. Cole, J. McCallum, Ymir.
J. Cameron,  Ymir;   C.  Murray, Deer
Park;   E.   Sheldon.   Forty-Nine   Creek;
T. Gordon. Greenwood;  M. McNeill. R
McNeill,  Unchville.
W.    Hull.    Fire    Valley;    E.    Three.
Waterproof Paints
Coal Tar, Pitch,
Creosote, Oils for
Preserving Timber,
Roofing Pitch and
Bout Builili-m will finil it to their nd-
Tintag. t���� um' s.ur Pitch
Nelson Coke & Gas Co.
-P9tt-f &-C____aifigs -
Pure Ontario Honey
5 Pound Cans     90c
10 Pound Cans $1.75
Telephone 161.
TRI'SINfi ANN OfMFTIHG .ireiullv attend*
ed to. Appiv
__^_____ Sllvt-r Kin/ HoUI.
H����*>K KKBPBR Bxpttfenc-d I��-ly (took keeper
��uii!' pwnunenl petition. Addten k l.,
Dally Canadian Offlce
:*i MEN. nt miu-. (i.r u.irL In '.lit w-mhJji.   Apply
to W, K. Cooke, Hvalll, K*-.li>
LAI>V S'lKNo-.!' M'HKi: [or p.��s|Iiou in country.
' '   -i.-nt*  witli .mpUoer'i familj-.     Applr
ooi W..ranaillannffii-H
HI K11MKN. Mill llHitd^aiKl I-ojf*jriii(f rmitraclor*,
al**i KtiftiiH-iT W��Lttabarg Lumber Co.. near
rranbrook. B. ('
COMPBTENT   NCKS4    -ISL.    Fi-..   cbildren.
Apply bOX611.
ino HhM CLtXBi BOOMS  it��u_ib-Mtod.   Ap
piy honi-fkwpcr. :tr 1 tlat. K   VV. i V M-tJ.
PARCEL -from  DuttfoJon  Ksprea Co*M*atMf*t
mfoOj *Bddran <l IoMIm B.T&ob, from Henry
Wii'tiii--, f,   Btnrd fur n turn Ui Kxprf"*
IMU' CEDAK LCX-i*. forrtoatt. Applv to Tremont
The zinc men have been in confer-
ence all day as to the exact nature
of the instructions which are to be
given to their representative who is
going to Ottawa.
R. J. McPhee reports that he has
started work upon the third level of
the Reliance mine. About 500 feet
have lo be driven to reach the back
vein and the work will take about five
nurnths to accomplish.
Rev. and Mrs. Shanks have pone to
Grand Forks to attend the opening of
the Baptist church. Mr. Shanks preaches the reopening sermon tomorrow
night. Mrs. Shanks will assist with
the musical program.
At the Methodist church tomorrow
the pastor will preach, both morning
and evening. The morning subject
will be. "Watch" Young people's service in the evening; subject of the sermon, "What Shall I Do With My Life?"
The Baptist church of Grand  Forks
have removed their church building
from the old site at Columbia to a fine
location in Grand Forks. The building has been completely overhauled
and beautifully furnished. It will he
reopened tomorrow when Pastor
Shanks will preach tbe re-dedication
sermon. Special services are arranged
and in addition to a special musical
program the Ministerial association of
the Kootenays commences on Tuesday
The best house that has yet welcomed the Nelson-Bruce company attended their production of "The Merchant of Venice" last night. Harold
Nelson is always welcome In his
Shakesp-'-'rian roles, the more especially as the Koo.enay does not see a
Shakespearian play except once in a
great while. ' A good play will always
draw a good house in Xelson as elsewhere because it attracts alike all
classes whereas the romantic drama,
the problem play and the farce without
plot, spiced with vulgarity, rant and
niose. can only attract sections of the
public. Hence they can only succeed
in big cities for in small towns the
whole of the public must be attracted
if any money is to be made. This is the
reason of Harold- Xelson's success and
he has been more welcome on this oc
ci-sion on that account. Tonight will
be produced "Facing the Music." and
this afternoon "The Virginian" is being
played as a matinee as The Canadian
is going to press.
The Store of Quality
40 Cents per Pound
In order to clear out this line
we are reducing the price to
40c. We only hnve a limited
quautity so don't delay ordering if yon want any.
K. W. C. Block . Phone 10
So ice I* bereby then that at a meeting of tbfl
Bimnl ot  ___t  j ..,*nmt*i>''��nt:r'.    In  If hfld In.
��. nn-f ' <u)''r*r,.i. . ,-n;i-... at .Nei*->n, riii i..:h li-.i-eni ���
ber. 19.*, I inttn'l t - apply for a torn***, er ol my
hotel lU-eow /or the 1'alacv hotel, at  Yn-lr, to
These   are   the finest  potatoes
ou tlie market.
Price $1.75 per cwt.
Cm A* Benedict
Corner Silica and Josephine Sts.
We Have Added tlie Following  Works On
Mining ANDMechanics
to Our Stock wf Technical and Scientific
Edward's   Etxaminatloo   Questions
and Answers for Engineers and
Firemen,   Stationary   unsl    Murine    ���' -5- ������"
Wannan's      Marine      Engineers'
Guide t.2S
Locomotive Catechism. Qrlmshaw 2.50
Poster  Blec.  Eng.  Pocketbook... 5.60
The Field Enidneer. Shank   8.76
Practical   Mathematics,   Knotl   fi ���
Mackay  1-76
Saw piling. Qrlmshaw 1.86
Kidder's Architect's and Builder's
Pocketliook  6.50
Prospecting for Gold and Silver.
Lakes   1.60
Anderson's Prospectors* Handbook    1.86
Mine Examiners' and Prospectors-
Companion     ''-'i
How About  Visup
Guns find
We bnvs- Bley's, Kynook's, Winchester, llllil ('"K-swt'U it
Loaded Shot Shells
Kynook's, Winche-tar and
Rifle and Pistol Cartridges
Hunting Knives, Wading, Bella,
boats, Punts, 11<\
Nelson Hardware Co.
Box <*.1l      INc-lMon, B. C.
W. G. Thomson
Bggggggta ..*-. Nelsoll] b. C.
Phone ..4.
Sherman's Opera House
'Facing the Music'
Prices,  50c, 75c and  $1.00.
Plan   opens   at   Rutherford's   Friday
Monday, Nov. 19th
"Jerry From Kerry"
The Funniest Show Since Time Began.
Waich for the Street Parade.
Prices���50c, Toe, $1.00.
Plan opens at Rutherford's Saturday
Holiday Gifts
There  is  nothing  more suitable  for
"Christmas giving*' than a nice edition
of ii good hook.
In plain and cheap bindings as well .
in neat, tasty nnd de luxe bindings.
The leading fiction of the past season
in cloth bindings at prices ranging from
50 cents to 11.50.
Canada Drug & Book Co's
....Cash Stores....
Kotiee l-K hereby given that ut a meeti-U ol the
Buard of l.icens. Cooi]a_MloO'*n, to U* held tn
tin* ftiitf *('oustiMe s'lfllce, Nelson, on the l.'ith
iK'rpmbvr, 1906, 1 Intend t-iftm-ilrfn- a tranafiT of
my ItoeuM for theOrove Hotel, f_.irvt_w.t>r_l*--oii,
to C, P, WttlniBiev.
Hatf'1 Utfa Nov., 19116. WM. -OBSK1.I,.
Yale-Kootenay Ice, Fruit, Foel
& Poultry Co., Ltd.
Early in the summer a "Windy
Arm" syndicate was gut up for the purpose of exploiting that district and a
representative was Bent from this city.
Nothing of moment was discovered in
Windy Arm but in the White Horse
range close by the railway a copper
mine has been discovered with a v.-in
over lUG feet wide, running in all values from $'-',2 to J7_ a ton, the gold
and silver contents being small. As
copper is at a premium just now the
Windy Arm syndicate seem likely to
make money. Several thousand dor
lars are in the treasury for tin* purpose of more fully proving the propertj
next peason.
Deliveries made daily throughout
and itn sabnrbs Phone 1
Trains and Boats.
Crow's Neat boat���On time.
Blocan train���One hour late.
Boundary train���On time.
Talking about it will ni-lthor put a
piano Inlo your homo nor Iu-Iuk hark
the days���valuable days���your daughter is wasting. Lot us loll yon how
easy ve will maku It for you NOW to
Rive your family (he piano tbey have
wished for so long.
"Acts Not Words"
Mason & Risch Piano Co'y, Limited
A-   '..s...: A Dtru
Mh November, 1906.
The Prettiest anil Daintiest Dri-i. Slippers are to be found ut our store.   Whethdr
it lie in a Patent Leather ssr Plain Leather we are
..un  i.s ptBBH you.
The Royal.       R. Amdrcw & Co.
Christmas Stock
Arriving Daily,
Watches, Clocks, Jewelry, Silverware, Cm f,^
uml Novelties    Our stock ���f Manlou-j S-!."*
is sun* to illtei-est you.
Witcbmak.r Jtw.ler -j.^
Starkey & Co., Q��g
WholeMMle l3rovi-��ic>nM,
Dominion Governmenl Creamery One -Found Brii-ks received weekh fn-nh
from the churn.    For sale by all leailim/ graoers.
Oflii'i* and warehouse: Houston Ulock,   Phone T!i
Josephine Street.       -       -       -      Nelson, B. C.
Repairing and Jobbing a Specialty
Shs-s-tmi-tal Work, CastitiKs, Huiltiers' Material ami Mining and Mill Miu-hintry
Office anil Works Foot of Park St.
l-ts.,ss_     -114.
Nelson, h. c.
A Word to the Wise
This ycjir we have appreciated the wants of omrtt,
tojiHTs ami have paj**s��-d into *.t<xk th*1
Good Cheer Art Base Burner
This store is adapted ff��r hard ooal only, aadlfffl
and .*fl to give witi.-ifin linn
). H. Ashdown Hardware
Company, Limited.
l_opnii iitjf find .lohhliilt uxvcuteil -with I >cMp_it ch.    Shcol Metal
Work, Mining ��M��i Mill .Mii(_:tiin��9ry.      Miinutactur>irfii>'
Orm  C.ii-h,   W.   W.   Cor.tru_-.torM*  Carn.
r���,���e,.���,���������*i_���,i    M2LSQM,    B. C. RSffi
Front Btf-Mtl
New Fall
Goods Arriving
Inipurtcr of   l'l oc
Klltfli-.il     lilMKls
Jno. T. Pierre
linker St.
NelMon, B.C.
Just Arrived!
A large consijpi*
ni en I of
All ffiafll and Lowi-Bt l>rieen
fss^?IK^s��5S^s��*5aKsaf:_af^^ "" c-fflt
""" Lambe,, Shingles,
Lath, Mouldings, Doors, Windovv*
Turned Work and I Iroekot��. Mail Orden iironiptlr ����<*
 VHRNOIN STRKBT   -   .   -   NBUSOIN, B. tj-
Kootenay Ranges
Why do we  handle the Famoui Kootenay R.i"St7
Becauee we cannot procure a  better, taking '"t0,
count design,  workmanship, cooking qualities andpr
We will  be pleased to show you Its good points.
Wood-Vallance Hardware Cfil


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