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The Daily Canadian Feb 15, 1907

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Array IMla
ME I.     NO.   217.
mcial Interests Join
IiIh French Clergy
t to Overthrow Grovcrnmcnt on
Reparation Mil��� Religions
Question Unadvanccd.
Feb. 16.���It is LnOTSUliigly eri*
at the Onanolal inn-renta luttiud
1 a lust ditch fight against the
,1 income tax^tneantra- and tbare
plcloni Lhat they are trytriK to
bout lhe downfall of the cabinet
1 in accomplish their purpoM.
lexpeutedly adverse vote In the
last night fulluwiug Uie debaLe
tbe lupplementary separation,
iu^ld   1 uactmeut  uf  wblcti   ate
by  the   govern ment,  but   which
laiors, by a vote vt 168  to  128,
il   buck   10   the   committee   for
|r consideration, wsb Inspired more
opposition   to   the   Income  tax
disapproval of the government'!*
pinch provided lor the suppression
aratton ol intentions to hold pub
Income  tux   bill,  especially   Its
lorial  features,  continues  to be
|bje<i uf the most violent criticism
press, wuh the exception of the
Socialistic   papers   and   Eclair
primed a serial of articles In-
nt; lax payen how to evade the
[Ali ilu* newspapers opi>osing the
tax an* making much of the dis-
is in the cabinet, but lu principle,
some tax seem.-, to have popular
rt,  and Uie  present   campagu to
nil"   ibe   cabinet   ls   considered
llkelj to strengthen than to wreck
I'ernment'i position In parliament.
by loyal marines, the others escaping.
The Hod^in-Jah Is now here. Everything ls peaceful aboard her. She
IflUdBd 17 men who were wounded In
tb' outlrak.
Pedigreed  Exhibits of Interest to Dog
New York, Feb. 15.���Warren Remedy,
Rutherford's smooth fox terrier bitch,
was declared yeBterday by the Judges
to be the best dog in the show of the
Westminister Kennel club at Madison
Square Garden of any breed, age or sex.
It was a triumph for Mr. Rutherford,
who bred the winner at his home In
Alluniachy, N. J. Among those defeated
were Squire of Titon, the unbeaten
collie for which Samuel Untermyer paid
over I&000, Doily Gray, the champion
old English sheep dog. aud Doodora
Pilnce, thfl English setter.
Tlm bull terrier made a brave showing In the ring and while there were a
number of promising newcomers no one
approached the Hay Market Blazer in
the special class for the best bull terrier In the show. Tbe plebubl Dachshund. Hurdy. M., a rarity in the breed,
won In the winners class for dogs. Dr.
Molsehenhacker of ihis cily, while
Liza rpaha Vou Vollenberg, an imported dog with a name as long and
sinuouB aR her body, won the blue In
the same class for bitches.
afternoon at 2:30 from his late rest
dence, corner of Stanley street and Hall
Mines Road.
Discovery    by    Sir    William
Exorcises Famine.
Testimony of Officers of Other Ships
S��y McVey Was Not Negligent-
Identified 56.
London, Feb. 15.���No announcement
of a scientific discovery in a number of
years has created more public interest
that tlie newB that the experiments Inaugurated by the distinguished scientist. Sir William Crooks, to obtain nitric
acid from the atmosphere had been
crowned with success. The discovery
means the assurance of daily bread for
generations yet unborn.
Wheat, the chief source of the staple
food of man, requires that it muy grow
abundantly, nitrogen in the soil. . If
Uie nitrogen is used up It muBt be replaced or the wheatcrop fails. Hitherto
the sod a-nitrate deposits of South
America have been the principal
sources of the replenishing agent. They
are. however, not quite adequate for
the world's needs, and in nother quarter
of a century will be completely exhausted. If tbe nitrogenous fertilizer
lulled, no increase in the area of wheat-
growing lauds could siuve off eventual
starvation. But with the discovery of
Sir William Crookes thut concentrated
nitric acid can be made from the nitrogen in the air on a commercial scale
the prospect of the soda-nitrate deposits becoming exausted Ib no longer a
cause for alarm.
Laurier Refused to Accept
the Resignation
i, Feb. IS.���The    agreement   be-
Education  Minister  Hrland  and
. .ivli  authorities  which  were ln
rm oi contracts for the lease of
tsiirches  of   Purls   to   the  parish
will,   if   reached,  only   become
Islndlng on the prefects of the
s i!i isurtmcntB.    While it Is rerun Wi per cent, of the mayors and
ipal    councils    will    accept    the
lis form to be Introduced, they can-
egally be constrained by the fed
s*  municipal council of Pons,  de-
iis-iii  or  the  Charenteiferleure,  of
a ex-Premier Coombes is president,
already  decided to  abide   lis*   the
ol the law of Feburary 2.  1907,
Ih pluces the Catholic churchea in
Idlspositlon  of the  Catholic clergy
in the parish priests.    The mem-
sst the household of the archbisop
iris. Cardinal Rlcard, takes excepts the Idea that an agreement re-
������ in the rhurches will In any sense
Itute  a solution   of the   religious
thll ronneetlon. a prelate, who Is
lo lhe archbishop said: "We
���sl. primarily, to save public wor-
isiiiii shipwreck, and n|ion lhat
we sire succedlnR. bul beyond that
i*!lgloui question has not advanced
Gillice Retlgnt District Managership to Manag * Gold  Mlnea.
'i (llllice, who has recently re-
'���'I from an extended trop to the
i is leaving the Bervice of the Allis-
Imsrs-llullock company to assume
management of the SouUbyvllle
si's, (.'ulirorna, operated by the Bag-
I I'liuse Gold Mining company.
|l'* will be succeeded temporarily in
nunagement of the Nelson district
Inch by Mr. Zavltx of the company's
lti ut Winnipeg.
r. Clllllce, who is to nssume his new
lies  on   Miirdli   lit,   will be  greatly
���il In Nelson, In social as well as In
iMiiess circles.
p. K. Hurl, M. A. I. M. E., late of the
est Kootenay Power & Light colony's staff, has entered the service of
i Allla Chalmers-Bullock compuny ln
* construction department, and Is
lining Instructions here.
Providence, R. 1., Feb. 15���by the
Identification last night of the body of
Bernard Holdlngsworth of Jamaica, a
colored waiter, the number of Identified
dead in the Larchmont horror number
65. Wheu the morgue opened today
It waB thronged with anxious friends
and relatives of missing passengers and
crew. The death last night of 8am La-
combe, of Manchester, N. H., one of the
19 persons who reached the shore after
the Larchmont went down, brought the
list of survivors down to 18.
New York, Feb. 15.���Stories of mis
treatment and desertion of passengers
on the ill-fated steamer Larchmont by
officers and crew were vigorously denied by the officers of the Bteamer Kentucky, which was sent to Block Island
to convey theBurvivors and the bodies
lo Provoideiwie and which arrived here
today. Purser Ed w. Ward, one of the
rescued passengers, was loud in praise
of Caplain McVey's conduct al the time
of the dlsaBtor. He said that one of the
women passengers said the captain did
everything he possibly could have done
under the circumstances. She ex-
plaine dto him, the purser said, that the
reason the captain's boai waB (he first
lo leave the Larchtnonl was because
the steamer had listed so badly that
unless the boat had left at the lime it
did It would have been swamped.
Captain Noble of the Joy line, iBBued
a statement strongly defending Captain
MvVey, and expressing his confidence
in the captain's ability and faithfulness
to duty.
Trustees  of   Province   Unanimously   In
Favor of All-Round Increase.
Among tlie a:ts of the Provincial Ab-
���0; Iui ion of School Trustees pei formed
In thc lust hour of their convention yalc
yesterday afiernoon, by far the moat important, was the adoption by unanimous
vote of two reBoiitlonB presented by V.
W. Odium, of the Vancouver board, declaring that those engaged In education
from superintendent and Inspectors to
teachers of small rural schools were altogether inadequately  paid.
New Westminister waB chosen SB the
next meeting place.
P. Peebles and A. L. Coote were appointed by the chair to thc executive
P. PeebloB, A. L. Coote antl H. W.
Hodgson were appointed by the chlar a
committee to bring Ihe resolutions
adopted to the attention of Ih provincial
Queen Robbed of Jewels.
Vienna, Feb. 15.���A despatch from
Aiheiis says a great sensation has been
created In that city by the robbery of
t:u.hod ln jewels belonging to Queen
Olga of Greece. A maid servant haB
been arrested and confessed that on
various occasions Bhe took precious
stones and valuable medals. These she
gave to a German goldsmith who was
her sweetheart, and he replaced them
uy counterfeits to delay the discovery
of the thefts. All efforts to find the
goldBinlth have so far been fruitless
and it is believed by the authorities
that he has made good his escape to
Correspondence Between Premier and
Minister Shows How Liberal
Wheels Go Round.
The Daily Blaxe.
Cape Charles. Va., Feb. 15.���Fire,
which broke out In the Livery stable of
B, W. Coulborn early this morning, destroyed the stable aud three houses adjoining before it was finally! gotten
under control. For a time it was
thought the whole town would be de
strayed and assistance was asked from
other cities. Tbe loss will only amount
to about ��15,000.
Another Body Found.
Ashcroft. I*. C. Feb. 15.���The body of
E. A. Elthridge., another victim of the
recent bridge accident, was found late
yesterday afternoon a few yards from
where the body of Leonard McMillan
was recovered on Wednesday .
Oitawa, Feb. 14.���The minister ot
public wonss bus withdrawn Iiis resignation as member of llie government and
expects to resume charge of the public
works department iu the course of a few
The resignation of Hon. Charles S.
Hyman of bis seat in Loudon has now
beeu properly attested and tbe seat ior
luai constituency is uow vacant. The
by-election will take place within the
next tew weekK This, in effect, is the
gist of the important announcements
made by the first minister and acting
speaker. The following correspondence
received today by the premier explains
the Bltuation:    ',
London, Nov. 19, 1906.
"Sir Wilfrid Laurler,���In view of the
disclosures at Toronto in connection
with the by-election of June 13, 1*05, 1
have just regretfully reached the conclusion that while 1 am neither personally charged with, nor responsible lor
acta referred to, I cannot continue under the circumstances to longer Berve
us representative of the constituency of
London, and I have therefore forwarded
my resignation as member for that electorate district in the house of commons.
As the resignation of my seat involves
my withdrawal from the government, 1
lieg most respectfully to tender my
resignation as minister of public works.
I find lt difil-Sult to express my regret
at the breaking ��f the ties which have
existed for nearly three yeara between
my colleagues and myself, but I cannot part from them without an expres
sion of heartfelt appreciation of their
great klndneBB and never failing courtesy.    From you, Bir, the severance of
Desperate Mutineers.
York, Feb. 16.���A despatch from
ez says a mutiny on the Turkish man
|war-trnnBport, Hodelndah, while pass-
through the canal to the sea ended
800    soldiers   jumping   overboard
(llle going through the Bitter Lakes.
In of them were drowned or shot dead
Death of William Ball.
William Ball, whoBe Illness was reporter several days ago. died about 4
o'clock this morning..   He was attacked
by  consumption and Us progress was
rapid. , .. ,
Deceased has been a resident of Nelson for many years, having come MM
from Blenheim, Ont., He followed his
trade of plumber in the employ of the
ABhdown Hardware company.
He was 44 years of age and JjWJJ
also employed by the
and  Milton,  aged
Found Unhurt.
Manila. Feb. 15.���W. K. Beachelder
and W. J. Ise, two American teachers,
who. it was feared, had been killed in
an a'tack by Pulajanes ln Occidental
Negros, have been found unhurt.
Henry Snow Will Receive J2250 for Lou
of Arm���End of Supreme Court
The civil sittings of the supreme
court came lo an end nt noon loday.
The jury ln the cnse of Snow vs. C. N
P. C. company reported shortly after 11
o'clock. Thear findings: thnt the accident was due to negligence of the defendant company, that the plaintiff was
not guilly of any contributory negligence, and that lie was entitled to $2250
The case of Curran vs. Gosnell wub
called, S. S. Taylor, K. C, and H. A.
Slewart appearing respectively for
plaintiff and defendant. After the examination and croBB-examinatlon of the
plaltlff. the accounts were referred to
the registrar, to be heard by His Lord
ship later.
Fe-guBon -vb. Prozesky and Highland
Mining Co., Ltd.. vs. Maryland Casually
Co. go over to the next sittings.
In Morgan vb. Providence Mining Co.,
His Honor Judge Brown was appointed
arbitrator; and ln Putosky va. C. P. R.
His Honor Judge Forln waB appointed
Mr. Justice Clements will return on
March 1st to ciose the base or Curran
vs. Gosnell and to near other matters.
two sons, Ray
Ashdown   company
I 'The' funeral will take place Sunday
Trains and Boata.
Crow train���Forty-five minutes late.
CoaBt    and    Slocan    Train���Several
hours late.
Rossland train���On time.
Kaslo connection���On time.
Boundary train���On time.
e��y.      i-,������,   z���,   	
official relations Is keenly painful since
I value at this moment more than ever
the Bynipathlr consideration that you
have always shown me. and 1 pray that
you may long be spared to your country's service ln the exaulted position of
premier of the Dominion. May 1 add
that 1 leave the government in full ac-
cord with its measures and general
policy. Faithfully yours,
The premier replied as follows:
'Ottnwa, C. S. Hyman, London: ���
"My Dear Hyman, 1 have your letter
of the 18th instant, whereby you inform
me that ln view of the disclosures at
Toronto ln connection with the election
of June 19. you have come to the conclusion that    you    cannot continue to
longerserve as the representative of the
constituency of London and that you
have forwarded your resignation to tbe
siieaker.   To this determination on your
part under the existing clrcumBtances 1
cannot take any exception.   1 am not
prepared, however, to admit your conclusion thnt the resignation of your seat
should  evolve as a consequence your
withdrawal from the government.   Yon
sny very truly ln the opening sentence
of your letter, that you are not personally charged with nor responsible for
lhe acts whicli have taken pplace ln the
election.    A strict sense of honor may
Induce you to relinquish the seat, the
election to which may have been tainted, but your true course would Beem to
be to submit your action to your electors and Invite them to pronounce upon
It.   This Is thc view entertained by all
your colleagues.    I  will  not  therefore
Immediately place your resignation In
the hands   of    His    Excellency, but I
earnestly wlBh you to reconsider your
determination and to accept the view 1
have Just   Indicated.     Believe   me as
ever, my Dear Hyman,
Yours very Blncerely,
Sir Wilfrid Laurler  continuing said
be received no communication to this
letter until the other day, when hn received the following telegram:
"Coronado. Calir., February 2, 1907,
Sir Wilfrid Laurier, Ottawa���Improved
in health and the assurance that a few
weeks rest will find me about to resume work of department permits mc
to comply with your request to withdraw my resignation as minister of public works.     (Signed!   C. S. Hyman."
Mr. Borden pointed out that Mr. Hyman had tendered his resignation ln Irregular form two months ago.
The speaker informed the house that
Ihe document was Imperfect from
November to February. Mr. Hyman remained after that a member. The explanation given by the premier was that
Mr. Hyman was uuable to read letters.
Yet lt was common report that Mr. Hyman, during this time was all the time
ablo to attend places of amusement and
entertainment, though he was unable to
prepare so simple a document as a res-
Ignallon. Moveover, it waB announced
last week ln the Liberal club in London
that Mr. Hyman was about to resign bis
seat and that he would appeal to the
constituency for re-election withiu a
Tbe announcement was withheld
from parliament and made in a party
caucus by one of Hyman's campaign
managers, indicated that tbe whole affair waB managed with due regard to
political exigencies. He would like Sir
Wilfrid Laurier to say when he learned
tbat Mr. Hyman had reached his present conclusion.
Sir Wilfrid said he had Mr. Hyman'B
dispatch only las'. Saturday.
Mr. Foster said all members sympathized with Mr. Hyman in his illness.
The premier had admitted that most
consideration bad been shown the minister of public works in the circumstances, but parliament had to deal wllh a
public man and the time had come to
discuss this aspect of the question. The
department of public works was one repairing a roost vigilant and energetic
head. The expenditure In that department had reached ten million dollars.
That department had been without a
head for three months and was going
to lose.
Mr. Foster would like to know whether it was tbe intention of the premier
to leave it now ln charge of an Invalid
whose mental and physical health was
Turning to Mr. Hyman's political position, Mr. FoBter read from Mr. Ayles-
worth's speech In North Bruce by-
election when tbe minister of justice
denounced "Irresponsible persons who
clamored for Hyman's resignation."
Mr. Aylesworth there disclosed that
there was no moral necessity for Mr.
Hyman to resign and that no one had
a right to -call for lt. Mr. Foster congratulated Sir Wilfrid for taking the
opposite view in hia letter to Mr. Hyman. It was tbe right one. It was not
the first time that Mr. Aylesworth had
been repudiated by his colleagues and
this time he had been properly repud-
Sir Wilfrid said Mr. Aylesworth'B
view expressed la North Bruce was
technically t::d legally right No one
had a right to demand Mr. Hyman's
j-signatlon of the seat for London since
nothing bad been disclosed reflecting
upon Mr. Hyman'B Integrity, but. added
Sir Wilfrid, the cabinet desired that
members should be like Caesar's wife,
above suspicion.
Mr. Borden���But Caesar's wife was
not above suspicion. That was the
reason Caesar put her way. (Laughter.)
The nremler went on to Bay that he
had advised Mr. Hyman to appeal again
to the London electorate. He wonld
stand by that for good or ill, right or
wrong. The questlso of Mr. Hyman's
hsalth was another affair. Should it
prove that his heal'b was permanently
shattered it might be nec��ssary to replace him. But so long as he was able
to perform bis dutleB no such action
w-uld lie taken. The subject then
after. The filing ot mechanics liens
waB a mere matter of form to protect
the company during the process of reconstruction and the taking over of the
management by Mr. Nlcholls.
E. M. Hand is in the city conferring
with Mr. Nlcholls and will remain for
several days.
Appearances In-dicate Boers Will
Majority  in   House.
Arrives In America
Johannesburg, Transvaal, Feb. 14.���
The first elections to parliament under
the new Transvaal constitution will be
held on Feb. 20, with every prospect of
the Boers obtaining a working majority
in the house of representatives. The
nominations for 69 seats occurred on
Feb. 9th, and today 10 Helvolk (Dutch
party) candidates were declared elected
unopposed. These Include ex-Prealdent
Shalkburger and Generals Delarey and
Erasmus. The campaign bas been a
heated, straight fight between the Progressive (British party) and the Helvolk. The latter secured the support
of a number of British labor men and
mine workers who are opposed to Chinese labor, while the Progressives were
largely under the leadership of the mine
owners. Sir Richard Solomon, former
lieutenant governor of the Transvaal,
has joined the Helvolk, and probably
will be the first premier.
United States Cannot Dictate Educational Policy of Separate State**-���
Japaneae    Imbroglio.
Washington, Feb. 16.���It la reported
by a friend of the administration that
the president's plan for a final settlement of the coolie problem Involves the
issuance of an Imperial edict by the
mikado forbidding emigration to the
United States. This edict will be based
on the theory that those propsing to
emigraLe are more needed at home than
a'jtoad. This will be followed by the
negotiation of a codicil to the existing
comm r.lal treaty, dealing only wllh the
exclusion of Japanese cooiies from this
country and the barring oi* American
wc rkmen from Japan.
The remainder of the treaty will be
left und.Bsurlied.    No attempt will be
s ade io arrange a convention..   It wae
mad*.* evident by the president's u tel
a e-es this a ternoo.i that he d -ns n
b 11 ve an thing can be accomp ishe
y 1 g slatl n loose ng to ,a an*-se e
He thinks that a long period will br
rerjuired for the passage of a bin
th- u h congrrBs.. He a'so believ *
i'at it vould be att nded hv tb" Mi.
lv Ty or Inrir-rnm-tiry B:-e-chef
r nli-"- this cuirs dang rosss. i*.
���' " a tr* a y fie only prpot osb
For Constitutional Government lost
Be Granted or World's Greatest
Strike Will Follow.
New York, Feb. 15.���Alexia Aladvln,
leader of tbe peasant party ln the Rua-
sisn douma, arrived here today on the
sleamer Majestic. Mr. Aladyln proposes to make a tour of the country delivering lectures in the cause of freedom in hla native land. He already haa
been Invited to speak at Harvard and
Mr. Aladyn aald upon hla arrival today that he would not be astonished it
the new douma la never organised.. "It
U now too late to atop the progress of
Liberty ln Russia, aald he. "The Uberal
sentiment of Socialists waa ao general
uroughout Rusait that lt will come to
ihe irout in spile of ail the government
opposition. Its progress ia -assured.
Aithougn born a peaaant, Aiaydyn
oiuuied In the University of Kazan, iroui
���hich ne waa cXpehea ior toimiig i*be*-
_l _pi_.oaa. i.e uiui o._,ani_��s-u a u antiunion in the vlcluitj ot islistn iur wtucu
ue was aiieatsd. tie waa sonuauea im
uui* years imprisonment, to be iol o*ea
uy e.g��t years of exile lu e>orJa uU-aiu.
ne escap.d to Qeimuny uui rotu.ut.->
when uie czar's manuesio waa iaeueu.
iio was e.eue*j a depu,y to a i*oun.a
_n_ f-iuiued the r*easa_._a' _nd Lab_r
.arty. ..e is aa .xp<ti;.u-- *. -ea_. .*
a , ouh n. was pr v__..e_ i     h   _v
-issll  ll.   JS1-  b_.u_  .._ _._-
Alberni Land Boom.
Nanaimo, Feb. 15,���A considerable demand for lands ln Albenl is reported
Owners of the land in that district state
'hat a boom has commenced, probably
due to the announcement that the C
P. R. bas been having surveys made
ln that direction.
. U_U1-.
Oakland Police in Search of Clever For
ger Who Hat Escaped to Celestial Kingdom.
A private detective agency and the
police department of Oakland and San
Francisco are endeavoring to locate in
China an Ameriran-b>rn Mongolian,
Wboo Ang, who recently raised a draft
from IS to *|8000, secured a bill of exchange for the latter sum from an Oakland bank, aallod inrosa the Pacific and
cashed the draft In Hongkong. The police there state the Chinese worked with
a confederate ln the person of a man
named WoodB,
The job began ln the Btate ot Kentucky, where Woods bought a draft for
tS on the Hanover National bank of New
York. The draft was transferred to
Whoo and from ail appearances,
whether Woods or the Chinese did the
ta's'ng, is not known.
But Whoo cashed the bill of exchange
In Hongkong before the fraud was dlB
covered and beyond the fact that he Is
in China the deter-tives have no clue to
his whereabouts.
New  Manager,  H. G.  Nichols,  Arrives
and Work Will Begin at Once.
Horace G. Nlcholls, the new manager
cf the Ymir mines, ln succession to E.
M. Hand, arrived from London with
iamlly last nlgbt, and ia at the Hume.
Se?n today Mr. Nlcholls said that the
reconstruction of the company had been
ucconipilshed satisfactorily, and that
the operation of the mines will be resumed by March ltt or very  shortly
hid cf s* Mln? the qu st on
Tills a-- ument will conititsit- 6ne r
h's "t oig ro'nts In pr^sen'ln*: ht*> cas
to *h�� San Francisco delegation. H" wil!
a s ire Its nrmb*-rs, it ts said, thtit the
California de'evatlon in c-ngress cannot render any assistance by urging ex
elusion legislation, but tbat he alo-r-
can procure relief through the medium
of an imperial edict and cod'cll to the
imp-r'al treaty now In operation.
If .Tapa-i can be Induced to recognize
the Inability of the United States to
coerce a state in the management of its
educat'onal system, lt Is proposed that
tl*e United States shall reclirorately ac-
k ow'edg^ the rlrht of Ja-a-ieae prov-
'nces to deal with the children of foreigners as tbey see fit, even to the extent of excluding American children
from Japanese schools.
According to Information obtained at
tbe capital the president and secretary
Root are anxious to avoid direct reference to the school question In any treaty
that may be negotiate. They hope to
reach an understanding providing for
the reciprocal recognition of the right
of each country to determine Its own
policy toward aliens and their
The president, lt Is said, hopes to con-
vlnoe the San Francisco school authorities that treaty arrangements can be
made which will at least tacitly observe
the right of a state to control Its own
H R. Jurand, barrister, ot Slocan City,
a rived tn the city this morning.
The C. P. R. will run a special train
i.      a_y._ ������;  ;
. .h. po_r r c.a-s.- in *.._*.*   it us-. -
er_ie..   H- sie.l ,u.. ieisss   ,
h n a 1,000,000,000 people will -A* ln
hat  country   during  the  n-xt three
ont-s irom s.arvation.
r A adyu said thai unless the coi -
i  utfosiul rights d-Miiands-d by the Ru--
an   sseo .     b     Imm dintely   grautel
there will ba one of tbe greatest labtr
rl :iis   he **or d ha3 ev r had, and be
1   lares 1- will b*   quickly followed by
.,   ;'fil_liig army.
to Rossland tomorrow afternoon at 2
o'clock.    The final hockey match will
be played tomorrow night   ~"
will be $2.50 for the round trip.
The fare
A wire to hand, from Brigadier
Smeeton of Vancouver, provincial commander tor the Salvation Army in British Columbia and Yukon, states that be
will reach Nelson tomorrow night, and
will, bi'stdes doing Inspection duty, alto
duet tomorrow nlhgt's servies and the
11 a. m., 3 and 8 p. m��� Sunday services. At the 3 o'clock service Sunday,
the brigadier win commission the
bandsmen and local officers of the Nelton Salvation Army corpa. There will
be nlen'y of music and tinging, and a
good time Is anticipated. On next Thursday the local corps will have a Coffee
and Cake social, particulars of which
will be glevn later.
Prater River Farmer Takea Hla Own
New W si.mlnlat.-r, Feb 15���Mr. Johi
Whine, a German, formerly ot Vancouver and Stattle, committed suicide tt
Whonno-k on Sunday or Monday, by
shooting hims If through the heed Mr.
Whine having saved np some money
took a trip to Germany. He returned
about three menths ago and after spending a shotr time here went up to Whon-
nock, where he purchased a amall trait
ranch for which he paid cash to tha
amount of $1800.. The plaoe is within
sight of Whlnnock station and on lt Is
a decent house. Mr. Whine hnd some
-cattle sand chickens. He wns last seen
at 10 o'clock on Saturday nlgbt.
He was not about Sunday, and Monday Mr. Huge Stelle called at his house
and getting no answer to his knocks
vent ln and found Mr. Whine dead. Hit
head waa on the floor nnd part ot his
body waa leaning against the bed,. In
his right hand wna still clutched ��� ra-
volver and the left hand was clasped
around the ngnt wrist as If lt had heen
used to press the revolver agalnat tha
temple ln whioh waa a bullet wound.
The district coroner was notited on
Wednesday and a pury impanelled. Tlit
evfdence waa that Mr. Whine had appeared melancholic for some time and
had been expressing a ridiculous fear
of wolves for which he said he kept a
gun and revolver always loaded. Tha
verdict was that he had died by Ms own
hand while in a state ot despondency.
Thaw Insured ky Lloyda.
New fork, Feb. IS.���A -despatch from
London saya: Lloyda had added to it*
many odd Insurances, one on Thaw's
life, agreeing to pay a total loss it th*
prisoner it executed. The premium is
30 guineas per cent. The amount underwritten la not divulged.
Mo* *f 1	
N*w   York,   Feb.   15.���Silver
copper, J4-V4C* lend, t*.
London.  Feb.   15.���Silver.  3115-ltd;
lead, ��11, 10*. 'ft
The Daily Canadian
. . Just  Arrived .  .
English Cured Meats
Irish Roll Bacon
Ayrshire Roll Bacon
Wiltshire Hams and Bacon
Yorkshire: Hams and Bacon.
PRICE 21 l-2c PER LB.
Pr-c-Cssraxie On-v a:
jh .nuu-wii ua.: t~:. .-Tin .j.**; v*...���*. ���*.-
h 'i*���:���-::��� :>' Ue niuULtUt. v
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:i' un jiiugu* taif U*i ii.ii:i;.fs��: i."-v:
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(imu   n in*    :'���ii >��� i-:*  u:   ::u:: :   ,"iti��t>*_f
:      "iu  :V u.:_ -kiiwC-j-iL.
Imperial Bank of Canada
Hcai Otacfi   Tcsramo.
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rt��n i__ii**��rti: imrTton now  trim   uiut rf  rattu^uf :i
The Royal Bank of Canada
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G. A. SPIXK. Maca^*? Ke&wc BraseL
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. >
25 Feet Frontage
or. Bake- St-ee:
5 Roomed Building
H. L Croadsdafe k t
1 11
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���it.;- (
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 V   I.   h '.-.ii t   fc^wa:
DISTILLERS, 12 and 20 years old.
R. P. RITHET & CO., Ll
H-.l��  Aa��nU Im HHCinti
The Hall Mining and Smelt
Company, Limited.
Purchases Lead, Copper and Dry
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tenth   Rossland *����M
Winter   Carnival
Frve   Days
Feb. *2, 13, 14, 15 and li
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... .--.i..    i.7       OfrCUMOKta*   Itl   ft   J,i*t-  MSmmSUat
���1 -     1    -   '        ���  ������   .. . -   .
��� <    ���   .���:*- met si
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'���   ��!< Wttt-
1   :   htW-MiKHf.     .
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1 ���      .   i     ; l     :  . s .        .
IIU     J     ' I 1    - ��� - ;.���    -.   ���   ���     ���- ,    : .
V'i. ;i   ��� . 1 :�����.������.    ,.-;;
>�����.����   iWH. ,t     '    .,    ���,
t.. LAIMJlAU, Xfttt
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" -i .1 V ���-:    ri| ���!���( ���     ?.     .      ��� ;.;,.; ���.,*���   ,;���-.;,;       .,
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.���:�����������!     ��� ���    ������ ���������    -.      , ,   . .        . . ,
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Mill. I _:   -i     ���
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-:     . '       i  l     .    ..   1 . - . '
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fif at SL.-nMHi.il* *     * ���      1 > 1   - .
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ttal M    ti . *��� :���*    IM      ���   .1 *    1      1     ., -   .
uww  *j.t.i.'*' am 1 *..  ���* i.t .j. v^f; i...L,, ,i-'.
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ii*tii.ittm<ia., tuiiii ,1  i.i n  t   -..,  n ..-    ,. ^
->k,Hti UJI IU.  l.k'   I  n ;,. ���      ii,,.
: S1.V.I-- "'���'**!^iaJ
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���   r . tmiM inr*-.,!. ��i i>i-i. :���'
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��� v 1.1 Milt win.-; ��� ����������� .;:���#������
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.   .* ].. nthmt BB . ���������*.      . ,,,'..
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*���  * uk  ' i.n:  imnif ."l *.:.i .i.t ���,>.,,   ,\    ,    .. .'��� ,,
���t,.-j,t- rf       SUI        ,'��������� j...- ��� ji ��� j ,  ,, .
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1.     1 :-     -     ��,.*.���*.     s-:.   Wi!
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tte v.   "��� I'd) *   **��
i.*     Im ui    w" '     '
l-f ���,]    *������  ,     .j-   a rn v  ..ti * '     '   *
BflHUid .,�����'
-��i.��� .1 Lk,: tt NtHHI *r;'^^A The Daily Canadian
To Consumers of Coal
and Wood
The nuclei-signed beg to notify the public that:
Ou aud after the ist February, 1907, orders for Coal
and Wood will only be executed when accompanied bv
CASH- This course has been rendered imperative owing
to thc largely increasing list of our customers and the
fact that we pay IN ADVANCE for all fuel (including
freight).    We   find we  must either adopt the  CASH
[SYSTEM or RAISE the price of fuel���the latter course
Iwe arc* reluctant to pursue.
Thanking our patrons for past favors and trusting
Ifor continuance of friendly relations,
We are, yours obediently,
yale-kootEnay ICE, FRUIT
iNelson, B.C., 31st January 1907.
iurges.L_.of Fine Eiderdown Quilts
From $6.00 to $35.00.
����_��� Our Vnrlaty ol ..Oo -pluturan I , ���,,i-.l In tho
l.ntwMt   SlylttH.
Standard Furniture Company
Mason .t Ktwh PimioM.
OstemioOr Maltresses-
������:-.*-f.n.i Sanitary Mattresses
Complete House Furnishers
Undertakers,    Embalmers
Ladies' and Chlldre'n Club Snow Shoes,   $1.75 pfr pair
A NEW BOOK by a well known Canadian Journallat, "The Camarona
of Bruct," by R. L. Rlchardaon    $1.25; pottage 10c
(iur Mail Order Department Is at your aerrlce.
Canada Drug & Book Co.
Local Board of Trade Diacutaea Many
Reaolutiona to be Preaented at Annual Convention.
Tlie contribution of tho Nelson board
of trade to the programme for the annual convention of the associated
boards will be fairly extensive and varied. At a fairly-attended meeting held
last evening in the buard rooms, notice
was given of many .resolutions, which
will first be considered at a spe-cial
meeting of the Nelson board to be held
at tbe call of tbe chair. Notlco was
glveu of the following:
lly T. Morley und J. J. Campbell���
"That the provincial government be
urged to complete the public highway
Uuriug the present year (rom llalfour to
a point opposite the city or NelBon, on
the uorth shore of the WeBt Arm of
Kootenay Lake in order to open up a
permanent uit-ans of communication between the settlers of this important
Iruit growing district."
Hy T. Morley���"That owing to the
divergent cuudltlons existing iu the soils
and ellmallc influences of the Kootenay
aud itoundary districts, as compared
with those of other parts of British Columbia, or thu Domilou of Canada, it
Is expedient in the interests of the rapid
development of the fruit growing Industry that an experimental farm be established lu a suitable locution in some
portion of the Kootenay or Boundary
districts, and that tho Dominion government be petitioned to take means to
carry out this object.
"That the Dominion government be
asked to appoint a fruit inspector under
Uie Fruit Marks Act to be permanently
resident ln the interior ot British Columbia, as oirtng lo the recent changes
in the Fruit MarkB Act Increased vigilance will be absolutely necessary to
carry out the provisions of the act"
Hy A. W. Dyer���"Whereas, there can
bj no better means of strengthening the
links of union between the various partB
of the empire Uiau by the freest possible dissemination of news: and whereas, the present Canadian press bureau
in London is not managed on newspaper principles, and is therefore neglected by the principal Canadian newspaper of all shadeB of political opinion;
be it therefore resolved, that the Dominion government be urged to place
thu Canadian press bureau In London
Every expert examining these Fields have declared
they are the coming Richest Oil Field in the  World
******** ***********************
Millions   of   Dollars   in Alberta   Oil Fields
I ******************************************************************************
The Canadian Northwest OU Company holds nearly 2,000 acres
in the centre of the Known Oil Belt. At the present rate of development prices of shares will advance rapidly, and within a short
time will be selling for many times the present prices. The Stock
is uow being bought in Toronto and other Eastern centres���Spokane is also buying. We want the people of this district to share in .
the good things of this rich Western Canada of ours. To pour her
rich reasures into the lap of those who seek, we now offer a limited
amount of shares for developement ouly at 50c. per share to be
paid in four instalments���35 per cent to be paid with application,
25 per cent in thirty days, 25 per cent in sixty days, the reniaiuiug
25 per cent in three months.
**************************���******************'���****���****'*********************** ���
Send Applications to 1
Not more than 5,000 or less than \ 00 will be sold to     ���
any one person* ^
on a more cf.'lelent footing and to
further help the Canadian newspapers
In their desire that news from London
for Canada by way of New York, and be
In that manner tinged with undesirable
United States coloring."
By. D. C. McMorris.���"Whereas, there
has lis.- n a movement on foot for some
time past in the eastern provinces and
in Manitoba with a view to the public
ownerBhip of 'telephones on the ground
of public advantage and on the ground
of the abuse of the franclses granted
to private companies; and .whereas, the
board of trade of Nelson ls in sympathy
with this movement because of the
manifest advantages to this city; be lt
therefore resolved, that the provincial
government be petitioned with a view
of establishing such public ownership
as rapidly as possible, consistent with
the preservation of the vested rights."
G. P. Weils gave verbal notice of motion of a resolution asking for a greater
Bupply of labor for this province at the
hands of the provincial government.
J. E. Annable gave notive of motion
regarding the effect on navigation of
thi. flooding of the landB on the Weat
Arm ami on Kootenay river.
By F. M. Black���"That thc government at Ottawa be memorialized to conduct a thorough Investigation Into the
shortage of fuel supplies througout the
West, exnerlenced during the winter of
190(1-7, ami to adopt such measures as
may appear desirable, either by railroad
regulation, coal mine operation of com-
pu'sory strike arbitration, or fluch other
means as may be desirable."
Parcel post, the Eight Hour law for
smelters, disposition of C. P. R. lands
and other matters were discussed and
laid over for further consideration.
On the report of the committee on
the Alaska-Yukon exposition the following resolution waB adopted:
"That the provincial government lie
asked to make suitable arrangements
for an exhibit at the Alaska-Yukon fair,
to make an appropriation for the same
and to give proper representation to
the up country districts."
Fuller information was asked as to a
request from the Vaucouver board that
the Dominion government build a grain
elevator at that port
Waterproof Paints
Coal Tar, Pitch,
Creosote, Oils for
Preserving Timber,
Roofing Pitch and
Boat Builders will find it to their advantage to use our Pitch.
Nelson Coke & Gas Co.
A collection of all the Latest
Shapes and Sizes.   A free
smoking aud most satisfactory pipe.
Tobacconist.   Baku Strut.
Coal! Ice! Wood!
Phone 265
Yale-Kootenay Ice, Frott,
Fuel &, Poultry Co., Ltd.
N. E. eor. Baker and  Ward SU.
A, McDonald &Co.
Dealers in staple and fancy Qrooeriuf
Butter, Eggs.
Gamp aud Miners' Supplies.
Notice ts hereby given lhat 60 dava atter date 1
intend to apply to Uiu Hunorable the Chief Commissioner of I.n mis nnd Works for a license to
riroapect for conl and petroleum over the follow-
ng Und: Hltuntcd two miles north of tho International boundary lino and west of the Flathead
river. *eglnnlng nt a post marked VV. LeGalUis'
N. W. corner post- thenoe to chains aonth, thenre
80 ehatns east, thenee 80 ohaltiB north, thenoe 80
obalns west to point of commenoement.
Dated Not. H. 1906. W, LbGa.lla.is.
Notice Is hereby given that 60 days aftor date I
lntond to applv to the Hon. Chlet Commissioner
ot Lands ana Works for a license to prospert tor
eoal and petroleum over tho followlug land:
Situated six miles north of the international
boundary Hue and east of the Flathead rlrer.
Beglnuing at �� post marked K. H Kurd's N.W
eorner po��t, theneo 80 ehalns south, thonce w>
ehalns cast, thenoe 80 chains north, theneo 80
ehalus went to point of eommeneement
Dated Nor. 16, IW6. ��. U. Hurd.
The Strathcona
Nelson, B.O.
B. Tomkins, Manager.
The Leading Hotel in the
Qood   Sample   Roomi.
Queen's Hotel
BsUet Btreet. N-slssson. B. O,
Lighted bjr Eleotiicitj -and
Heated by Hot Air
Lane -lud ComforUble Bedroom, end Flrtt-
ol-ui inisiu�� Room.  Hampl-a Koomi lor Cummer-
UlAl   Mt-n
MRS.  I.  J.OLABKK,  Pro-pMatrMl
Lake View Hotel
Corner Hall and Vernon,
two blocks from wharf.
batei II uufrer day and up.
P. O. Box Ul.
Telephone 118.
Grand Central Hotel
Tnls hotel has been completely renovated and
newly furnished with all modern equipments.
Hot water heating th-oughout.
RATKS : Rooms, 50c.  upwards ; meals   25c.;
special rates by the week.
J. A. ERICKSON, Proprietor.
Telephone, 250.   Opposite Court House
and Postoffice. Nelson. B. C.
Tf emont Hotise
Bnropean and American Flan
Heali tt ou.  Booms from �� ou. to H.
Only White Htlp Employed.
Baker St.. Nelion Proprietor!
Bartlett   House
Best Dollar-a-Day Hotise in Nelson.
Tbe Bar la the Finest.
White Belp Only Employed.
Josephine St.
Royal Hotel
Bates tl and 11.80 a Day.
Special Bates to Regular Bear-dew.
Most comfortable quarters in Nelson
Only the best of Liquors and -cigars.
Excursion Rate
Rossland Winter
For the Round Trip
Trains leave Nelaon 9 a. tn. and 6:35
p. tn. Returning, leave Rossland 8:15
and 6 p. m.
For detailed Information apply to local
A.O.P.A..Vs��noouT6r. D.P.A... Nelson
Btiilding Lots for Sale
H. <& m7 bird.
Has every class of Real Estate and Buildings in Nelsou
for sale, from Business Blocks and Warehouses
to Market Gardens.
W.   O.   aiL,L,ETT
Contractor and
Sole agent (or tbe Porto Rico Lumber Co., Ltd.,
retail yards. Rough and dressed lumber, turned
work and bracket!, Coast lath and shingles, rash
and doors. Cement, brick aid lime (or sale.
Automatic grinder.
Yard and factory: Vernon ftt., eul of HaU
F. 0. Box 182. Telephone 178
Choke Fruit
I Hare f 0,000 Acres
of tbe
Choicest Frott Lands ia
uiiusn i��oiBflMfs-
Can sell any quantity from 5 acres to 2,000 in one bloc*
Buy now and get the ground floor prices.
Nelson, B. C
Full Stocks
B. C. Salmon
Atlantic Had* s
Manitoba Whi
Po Burns & Co., Ltd.
Orders hj mall to anv branch will hare
om prompt and careful attention.
He'dOfifce: Nelson, B. C.
NOTICE ls herebv given that an application
will be made to the Legislative AMtmbly of tbe
Province of Brltlah Columbia at its next session
for an act authorising tbe Patrick Lumber Com
pan v. Limited, to place,construct, -nd maintain.
a dam or dams, booms, piers, slides, and other
works ln and across the Kootenay river at or
near Thrums Station (about opposite Sub-lot IV
of Lot 4598, Groun 1, Kootenay district); and in
and across the Little Blocan river; and in and
across tbe Slocan river at a point or points below tbe mouth of the Little Sloean river; for thr
purpose of driving, r��f tin*-, sorting holding, and
manufacturing saw-logs aud timber; to occupy
tbe surface of The said rivers where necessary for
tbe purposes aforesaid; to clear. Improve, and
remove obstructions from thc satd rivors for log*
driving, raftiug. and booming purposes; to levy
and collect tolls and dues on logs timber nnd
lumber ol persons usiug or profiting by suoh
works, clearing or Improvements; to enter upon
uud expropriate lands; and do all other things
necessary, Incidental or conducive to the eser-
olse of any of the above powers.
Dated tba 10th day of -December, 1906.
Solicitor for tbe Applicant.
In tho mtt tor ol an application for the issue of
a duplicate ol the Certificate of Title for an
undivided 1-8 of Lots 2, and 3, Block 12, Town of
Notice is hereby given U.e Ut is my Intention
to Issue at tbe expiration uf one month from
the first publication hereof a duplicate of thu
Certificate of Title to the above lands in tbe
name of Florence M. Ho.lgtns which Certificate
is dated the 28th day of December, IWO. and
numbered I66IK.
District Beglstrar.
utnd Registry Ofllce, Nelson, B C
January 28th, l��n.
Certificate of Improvements.
"May," 'B.C.," "Strath roy." "Joy." "Joy fta
Monal," and "John D Mab'ev"Mineralclatn*
situated <n the Sloean Citv Mining Division nl
the West Kootenay Distriet
Where located:���North of twelve Nile Creoir
about ono and a half milea up.
Take notie> ih-v 1.11. ft. Jorand of Slocau ��.>
Free Miner's oeuirtoate No. B7M00, as ag nt tm
Horace tf Van Tuyl, Free Miner ��� certificate N.i
BI621, intend, bimv days from thed*t>; hereof
to apply to the Mining Reoorder for a \ crttflcati
of Improvements, for ttie puroose ol oMb.ulng s
Crown Grant of tbe said mineral claims.
And further take notloe that aetlon under
Section 87, must do commenced before the Issu
ance ol suoh Certificates of Improvements.
Dated this 3rd Day of January, 19OT.
Certificate of ImiwoTe ments
"Empress," "Climax." "Horseshoe," "Queen,"
"Union  Jack." situated ln Nelion Miaing
Located on Porcupine creek.
Take Notice that 1, Frank Fletcher, agent tor
the AcUvo Gold Mining Company, Vim��1iw.'i
hereof, to apply to the Mining Reoorder lor a
Certificate of Improvements lor the purpoee ol
obtaining a Crown Grant o| tho above claims.
Notice Ib hereby givon that on Monday, Feb-
rinirv-Stb, 1907, that the Court of Revision for
the Siuuiclpality ol the City of tilocan will be
held In thu City 1UU on above date, at 2 p.m ,
for tbo purpose o( revising tbe Assessment Roll
of thoCiiy of Hlocnn. Those making complaints
ucaiust their assessment are required to have
their proiuats In tho bauds of the Citv Clerk ten
days previous to the first sitting of the Court of
linted at tilocau, Jauuary Mtb-1607.
Certificate of Improvements
"Argo" mineral claim, iltuated ln the Blocan
City   Mining   Division   of   West   -ootenay
Where lo ated: On Springer Creek near the
Arlington Sawmill
Take Notice that I.Frank C, Groan, acting aa
agent (or thc Arlington Mines', limited** Free
Miner's Certificate No. H-W06, intend, slaty davs
from date hereof, toapply to t'-o Mining Recorder
for a Certificate of Improvements, for the purpose of obtaining a Crown Gront of the above
And further take notice that action, under
section 87, must be common ed before tbe
Issuance of snob Certificate of Improvements.
Dated this 19th nay of December, lfttt
F. C. Oabbn, -*elson, B. C.
And further take notleo that action, under
Section 87, must be comae need before the lm*
ance of such Certificate ol improvements.
Dated Nelson, llth Doe., UH.
Fnam tiwttmaa.
Cortlflomt*  of Impravamenta
Rio Tento, Orinooo, Qneen Victoria Fractional
and Ornoco Fractional Mineral Claims, iltuato
in tbe Nelson Mining Division ol Wnt Kootonay
Located on Queen Victoria Mountain, Mor
Beasley Siding.
Take Notice that 1, Frank c Green, acting as
went lor Michael Igan, Free Miner's UertliooM
No. B5l6,lntend, sixty days from the -dote hereof,
to spply to the Mining Recorder for Certificate*
of improvement, for the purpose ol obtaining
Crown Grants ol the above claims.
And further uke notiee thnt action, under
section 87, must be commenced before the
issuance ol such Certificates ol Improvementi.
Issuance ol such Certificates ol Improven
Dated this 26th day of January, itm
Certificate of ImproTcmtnts
"Portia," " *mos," "Kast Side No. 8" and "Bet-
tlua Fractional" mineral 0 alms, situated ln
th    toooo City Mining Division of West Kootenay District
Where located: v bead of Springer Creek, ntar
the Arlington mine
Take Notloe that  , Frank C. Green, acting oo
Miner's Certificate No B4806, Intend, sixty 4a.ee
from the date hereof, to nop y to the Mining Be
corder for a Certificate of Improvements,forthe
purpose ol obtaining a Crown Groat ol tho ntove
And! urther toko notice that ootioo. na or
seoHoMf, moot bo oommenood Moro tne tout*
anee of such Certificate of improvements.
Doted thumb day' December, VMM.
F. C. Gsiin, Neleon, B.
.! Ei
HL ?.(
The Dafly Canadian
�������>���>�������������� ��������������������*.�� ����������*.�����*���
Of tt     dir ri ���       a r
I ��� ' -     . - I     .       -     LT
Canned   Goods
One trill of oor
Tartan  Brand
w_I  - -_v-._ ,- t -   t_a: we
L*ornr a fell ?.<:���-_
Tablj   Fruit
Pie    Pruit
Maple Syrup
Same  Price *a-s Inferior
IM Trading Co.
*.r  'i.Tir
... jjtsmk.
&^'<;m'**a ._il fr*-'!?**-
! ��Ki
?f "*i*�� ^!^
Old Curiosity Shop
If yon want *.o bay or s '.'. -_:.-._is_g
go Ws the OH Curiosity Shop. A new
Use of Japanese Goods now oa sale.
All kinds of Dtrmanran in st-ci Pit-
\ Now My Friend \
Wouldn't you like son:*.'._::.*:
these cold mornings; something
that would send the blood through
your reins and fill your heart
with joy?
Now. tell your wife to buy a
pound of ihat good coffee that Joy
sells, and serve -some, good -ind
hot, for breakfast. After drinking some of that coffee, things
will look rosy all the day, and
\��foy tisil! meet you at the door I
Cor. Version end W-.-rU  Straafl,
>El_SO>.   B. C.
FRED J. HUME. Proprietor.
J   M.  Wrlgik. T. C. F.eming. A.  W.
B :-:   :-���   Cmlli,  J.  Oppenheimer.
.   ..er: A. Mcintosh. Toronto: H S.
Bi ���hmi     a   Coiiins.   J.  W.
Fs.wer. Kaslo: E Wei-senfl-ar, Spok-ine:
J   C arkson. Ymir:   H. 0. KtehaBa and
P. <*.. May. Loata; EL EL Sewell,
-  Landing.
J. Coarsen. Seattle; Miss Ford. Spokane: The Sscariet Mys'eries. London;
B S P S:::yth. Quebec; A. C. D.
-ri. .V E. Hunter. Bonnington;
0. Hallet and wife. 13-Mile: F. S. York,
De.r Part; F. Kefler. Greenwood.
T. Atkinson. Trail; T. J. John. Michel;
T. J. Graham. Grand Forks.
F  Bmuum, R-Dssland: R. K. Wright.
L. Parent. Vancouver; J. McAskell.
W. J Crook, Hiillard; W T
E m, Winlaw: H. H. Bronsan. W. B
S:z.i h and wife, F. Martin and wife. G
S aley Kaslo; S J. Hen-ierson. Roes-
land: W, F. Hassell. Nesbitt: G. H, Mel
Xesin. Procter; J. G. Dewar. Ymir; G.
Shi tMt,   W.  Beaton.   Lardo.
H. Botstiaan. G. H. Waite. Creston.
*   i-i   E_.-t _   Man.
i   A   ~i     -   7-   .-  Lake;  F. Veren-
:-:   S;.:i_._e   y.:-. A   Br-een. Westley:
A McKay. S   S   Fraser. Procter.
H. Dade. T. Douglas. J. Smith. Mirror
'���-.'i~      A.  Casa.    Coieman:   A.  Grar.
'���' knee: C. Taciir.. Eagle -Creek: J. D.
Al :��� rson. Sain..:.
We have jus: ��L'.:&le<i a car of
Purity Flouf
Made from high grade Mani-
"soba Hard Wheat. Without a
doubt it ls the best floor oo
the market Money refmded
if not satisfactory.
Joy's Cash Grocery  j. a. IRVING & CO.
Cor Joioplilauand Mill 3ti.      Phone 19
Telephone 191.
We Have a Specially
tsleiecteU Stock of
for XnniN Trade.
Stoneware. Gxka. fiean Pots. Tea Pots, Etc.
Munroe & Nelson
PECKING AXD UUfUM cni^iij _ii__.i.
fd to. Appl,
F. C GREEK      P. P. HrOB      A. B. GIZES
Qvil Engineers, Dominion ind British
Columbia Land Surveyors
COR.VinORU *> ��00. BAT STS.. 5ELSC5. tc
r. 0. Box 145   Plssse Ul I
General Job Work, Chimney Sweeping, Carpet Cleaning, Fixing and Cleaning Stoves, etc.
121 Eatt Baker St Phone No. A114
For Hot Tomato
Tea and Coffee.
Beef Tea.
The adjourned annual meeting of the
Kcotenay Fruit Growers' A-uocia.ion
wi:i be held in the Board of Trade
rooms at 2:30 p. m��� Friday, Febmas-/
22. to receive the auditor's report on
the accounts of 190$.
D. C. McMORRIS. Secretas-y.
Ni,tfc�� Ij h^retr rl-ren tt*i *t* meUaf of tb*
Imtmnl ttt LUf*.** C<��atnl*wton��n, u> be MM liur
the expir��tlnn of 3) ttxja. I Ifiten4 to *~Aj tot a,
tmaifcr of mj b'<l*l !ia<r��t_je for th*<jrore iiowl
mTeXntmr,loI. fl Borten
cha*. PVUMsUT.
W'MAM nco*U COOK. MMI   Wiliren HJI
tlM onr*     V,   I ***te* r.	
Ri:i"AHlt at Witutwi Ui:),
: C , i .    Bofchaea  ��(  Protttr
0"**r f. fin brook.
Wftttibarf. EC.
!   TWO riSfrr-TLAM M>Qmm\__t_Wa_ bMm_ta__   Ap-
1    l.j boueJtecMr im Iru. t* w. C. hilocAJ
3or_i in N��Isoa. Feb. 13:h. ;o ite wife
of J. G. L-kwrie. of QtattttffmT, a son.
Siirer advanced one potai oa each
me'il market today. Other quotations
���*h-:w co change.
W J. Elmendorf. late consulting engineer at the Reliance tnmes. arrived
fr:m Spokane last night.
J D G.I.ii. .n=pt?*:tor of public
schools for Kootenay and the Boundary.
h -.1s:ting the Ncisc-n schools today.
Court Kootenay Bell, No. 723. C O F
will h.'ld their regular meeting In the
K. of P. hall tonight, at which all members are urgently re-quested to be
In the final round of the Senior
Championship Hockey tournament at
Eoss.ani last night the home team won
from Nelson in a verj' close -game by the
Acore --2.
The train via Slocan. bringing passengers and mails from the coast, due
at 7:45 last night, arrived in the city
at 9 a. m. today. The delay was encountered on the Slocan branch.
The re turn engagam<?nt of the Scarlet Mysteries -company in the opera
house ia?t night was attended by a large
and appreciative audience. A member
of the company stated that with the exception of Toronto, Nelson had given
then ther Lest houses, nut numerical!}
bat In Intel ihence and appreciation.
Theannual convention of the school
trustees of the province ended pleasantly last night with an At Home in the
K. of P. hall. Dr. Arthur presided and
ai excellent programme was rendered,
censisting of songs by Mrs. Brig-cs, Mrs.
Shacks. Messrs. Evans and Sullivan
and piano solos by Mrs. Baer. and addresses by the chairman. Rev. J. T.
Ferguson and Rev. R. N. Powell. Afterwards refresments were served and a
very pleasant evening was spent. Most
cf the city trustees and their wiv_*s, and
the members of the Nelson machine
staff were present.
The Store of Quality
If you like nice, clean, crisp
Biscuits we recommend you to
try the
20th Century Package
Per Package
Grahjm Wafera  10c
Lemon  Cream   10c
Vanilla Wafera      10c
Society Tea   10c
New England Ginger Snap 10c
Kriipo  Girrger Wafera    10c
Butter���Thin   10c
Milk  Toastt    10c
Dainty City Soda  (Salted   15c
Saratoga  Flakes  (Salted)    1-Sc
Put up ia packag*?s and thus
e*ver fresh. It costs little to
give them a trial, and they
prove themselves worth it.
Rob* Me Hood & Co.
K. W. C. Block . Phone 10.
To&rs Wioted for tbc PvduK of a
Mineral Claim.
ftotai eaateeeat to theund*nigtiH. tt hii
ctD*:* .i".-* roan toai*, to the City o. Nei-wn.
w.'.', ���>�� ���- - ���-1 op till tlie hour of 5 o'oloek In
:fc* iftorawn of Monlty. Jf��rcb 18ib. 1W7. for
l&�� ���.���-,."_.��.n- of the ���*(iarfi��ld" minerml citlm,
ti.\ *jfti. '-roapl. Kooienk-f Diftricl. which wu
4e��*:iAr**��- io b* forfeited to the Crown Kt thp
Ui uie held in the City of Helton oa the 6th .'*,y
ot $o*r*mh*r, I>j6. for delloqu��nt tiiei up till
." ��� -.   Sth. lfcjs. aad eomXM.
Tmemtmtt*. prire r:poo the i��i-i mineral -���.���r-.irn.
whxh loif.livi**. the amount of delinquent taxei
ac I *^j��u��t the time of forteitnre. wiih iutereat.
Ut** wai#h hate Hnee accrued, roet-s of tmfeees
::>.-.z and f�� for crown jrrant QBUQ ) :s IKJ TO
wzsl :* the .*a*t amoont that will be considered
u i -���*_���>.���
-twh wader mcit t* a^trom-pantH by an ac-
'���epU'i ���.fce-i-ja* for the full amount of the tenJer,
' * t. ��� to the order of the Deputy <'omtnlsiioner
r>'. Land* aad Warkt. at Victoria, B  '     a: ?���**.-
:*������*���'. ���.-:>*.���-:. B <;.. thi) Hth iay of February, tvft.
Government Agent. N��l*on. B- C.
Tciicrs Wanted for tb�� Purchase of a
Mineral Claim-
Taaaan *.: :*������ .-��*.i ���  :-.*>��� -;r:.-���.,.���:��� .  at : :���
oJB'* in the Co-art Honae, in th-1'Hy i.f VeiW)U.
wi 1 be reeclred op till the hour of rtre o'el'jck
m the alterno.n of Monday. March 19th. 1907, foi
th# [rtjrchaw of tbe "So V mineral claim, l.t-t
:'.**��� : .; _ foournajr DUtrict. which wai c.e-
ciarei u, be iorfviied to the Crown at tbe tax rale
..- . in th* CitT ol aeteaa on the *ith <taj* of Ko*
T��mber. :%.'��� for 'letliKjnent taxet> up till Jane
tub, mt, t:. _    .!�����
T..- .---.;-: . apoo the tatd mineral claim,
whieb :l- \- . the amoant of delinquent Uxei
and co-it* at tti> time of ' r.-::ri ���*.- with iotereit,
UT-*t��-:'h hare tince aeerned, coati of #<*T��r-
:*.*���. and .'^forCrowo urant I- '-"-) I* '134 v.
wm .-. ;i *.b�� :--��-it amoant that will be.untldere.'-
a* ��� tender
fjJtn :-_.:*: ranjil be -accompanied by an ac
M!_,-~, c-.t-f^o* for tbe full ��reo'in:of tbe lender.
;*.���:������ to theorter of the :-:������.������ Cocsmiaxiouer
of i an*4 and Worki, atVlelorfa. B   C , at par.
Dated at Nelton, B C, thii 14b day of February, 150*7.
OortraUHAt Agent, Nehon, B. C.
ReUli l**a.���*-*���-' '���-
Fresh and Salted Meats
Camps supplied on sborw*t BOtfOi end
lowest price. Nothing but fresh and
m_ . m '���2'.'* meat* and suppl�� kept in ��ta.i
Mail ordrrs neaiVC careful attenf.on
C* A* Benedict
Comer Silica aad Josephine Sta.
PMO.-St:  7.
E.  C.  TRAVES.   Manager.
We Have Just Received
1000 Bumf Leather
Posi Cards.,,.
That makes a pretry big uaartsaeat
to choose from.
Thero   is a great   iifferenca   in the
quality of leather Post Cords. Many to-
ca'led burnt it-ather card= are not burnt
at all. Tbey ar-c only printed, and when
compared with a really good leather
card they have a distlacl air of cheapness about them. The line we handle
are al! hand burnt. They are well finished, and there is an evM rice of quality about them that is at once apparent.
W. G. Thomson
8TATIONKE. -SelSOU,   U. (_..
Phone �������-��.
Notice of Sale
Under and by virtue of the [sowers
of sale contained in a certain mortgage, which will be produced at the
time of the sale, there will be offered
for sale by public auction on Friday
the 1st day of March. 1907. at the hour
of 2:30 o'clock ;a the afternoon, at the
office of the undersigned, by C. A. Waterman & Co. Auctioneers, the equity
of redemption in the following property, namely: u,ts 23 and 21. Block 4*A.
Nelson City, and the frame residence
thereon situate.
TERMS: Ten per cent, of the purchase money to be paid down at the
time of saie. balance to be paid In JO
For information as to prior incumbrance, and for further pa-ticulars and
conditions apply to
Baker St.. NeJaon. B, C.
Solicitors for the Mortgagee.
Dated at Nelson. B. C- this 7th dayof February. 1907
An old bachelor wants to know v.h-v
life without love is if It isn't married  life.
The Full Measure
Style and Value!
You ha ��� right to insist
ind poi :��� ci -> ;<���
paying from 115 to
JJ". tor a suit.
20th Centtffy Brand
will fulfill your highest expectations
and your most exacting demands.
They are the nearest approach to
perfection that we find in the tailoring world. We can prove these
facts to you if you will but give us
the opportunity.
Prices for This Month:
$18.00 Style and value for. .. .$13.00
$20.00 Style and value for... .$15.00
Boys' Suits at $2.   $3.   $4   and   $5
Importanl Sale  of Mens'
and Boys' Shoes
Mens" regular $4.00 Box Calf
Shoes for $3.00
Boys' regular $2.50  Box Calf
Shoes   for $2.00
Clearance Sale of Mens' Underwear at $1. $1.50 and $2 per Suit.
Men's Cashmere and Wool Socks
at 25c a pair or 5 pairs for $1.00.
Fed Cross Dreg Store
for your Prescriptions. Family Recipes,
Hair Tonics, ami all kinds of
Note the Address:
Baker St., near Josephine, Nelson, B. C
The Marshall Sanitary Mattress $24.00
The Ostermoor Sanitary Mattress  15.00
The Elastic Felt Sanitary Mattress  13.00
The Ostermoor, fitted two sides,  8.00
The Jnmbo, a good two side Mattress  6.00
The Common Wool Top Mattress  4,00
Cheap Mattresses   3,00
V. J. "Robertson & Co.
Semi-Ready Clothing
Por 1*007 Is now to huncl
Fifty Cent Hand Bags
They are beauties at the price.
Tulwphone .J.H.
&Co., f3syi
**���   ^v^       Limited. WtanC!
\V'hol��fM��ie Provisions,
Product.-, - Pruit.
Dominion QoTMUUMDl Qnwun Om Ponurl Ilncts reocivs-<l vwil, ___
from tbe churn    For khI-h by all leading (Oix-t-m. I
Office and wiirehounc: Honston Block,   Phone id.
Josephine Street.       -       - Nelaon, B.C
Bohemian Beer
The Nelson Brewing Co., Lti
A Wo*d to the WM
This rear wc have Hjij>rvHflt**~d Iho wantt��Voi
tomeni nud have pmutt*d into utock Uu
Good Cheer Art Base
This stove is ftdaptt**! for hanl conl only, aodifi
���ntMd to (five satisfaction.
}* H. Ashdown Hardu
Company, Limited.
R.  W.  HINTON '
w---iTsi.is.il ,.,,,1 .1,,!,!,,,,_ _x..utu.i with 1 Mapateh.   dim!Mil
Work, Mlr-tlng nt-stl Mill .Muvhinurv.      Moritifi.wl ssrssm ssf
Or�� CtirM.  U.  tt.   Ciitt-i.vti.rM*  Cara-
""""���""""*"    NELSON,   B. C.        Yi'ulk
I-UiuIm*.-�����* muit,
Wtirkltiii men,
Mun In JrufM uttlrw,
Spurtlitff iiK-n,
Hiiiii'-Hiinit) i-nwn.
M��fi thnt'N full of fire
i'MTK mnl _\am that   the  lmpartotiflfl
John T. HiHm.' tn the pfOpB thi* [
My last fall whipui<"nt ha�� just arrivt-i .
tin -ni and place your order early forXniMH
JOHN T. PIERRE, Artistic Tailor
Subject  to  Confirmation!
We Will Buy
W��s Will S��-*ll
10.000 Raniblt-r-Carlboo    27t,
T..000 Sullivan   07
10,000 B. C.  Amalgamated Coal..Offer
100 Sullivan Honda ...
&.000 American Boy ....
1,"00 International Coal
B. B. Mighton <& C(
Drawer 1082
and dealers in Lumber, ShiDgl^s,
Lath, Mouldings, Doors, "Wlndovvftl
Turned Work and Brauketn, Mail Onlem uroml'tlv ����<��*'|
A*R��NO.>- STRBEn- . . .  NOLSON, li. C.
Our ttoek of Skatei ll complet* ana varle*
Including the  popular
BOKER'S   BEAUTY   and   CHARM   (Lldlel.)
Wood-Vallance Hardware Co1


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