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The Daily Canadian Oct 24, 1906

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$k-tita  -ConoMcm
f\'oi.r.\iK I.   No. 121.
im Battleship Runs Over
Official Course
United Stales Adding Powerful Cruisers to Fleet-Newest Ideas in
Naval Construction.
Washington, D. C, Oct. 24.���The pre-
���mlnu .  trial of the ..litiuesuiu, one tit
-.-��� -
isiisi powerful biitlleshlps ever
for the United States navy, takes
isnisiy over the official course ln
England waters. Hot trial win be
is> ils-iennlne how well she
is, whether her machinery works
 ilily ami  approximately  what her
>��� s-sl is. 'I'he ship Is reported us fit
i .1 racehorse untl that she will meet
ml exceed the requirements of the
ss'i.iii is regarded as u eertuinty by
ss.si experts who huve closely watch-
i lier progress from the duy her keel
-is [aid down In the yards of the New-
��� i .Ns-\,s Shipbuilding company.
I'.tsus iilur interest attaches to the
uii sst sin Minnesota because it is the
i for slss- new Bhlps upon which
lt< re was ihe stipulation of an extra
I ins spt-esl of four hours' duration
,s measured course. The ship will
uletl according to the stautlurdized
���i method in accordance with the
tent practice, thut method having
'lini' given satisfactory result-.
wording of the contract for the
-iriietlon of the .Mlnnt-sota is dlf-
sss from llie wording of the con-
i- fssr ships Which have recently
their trials, the requirements bests i iln> ship shall be subjected to
i ssinl of four hours' duration.
ilii-i   li.ittlt shi|is of the same class
lln- Minnesota which will be testod
iti,- Kansas ami the Vermont
ill these Is expected lo have her
1    li- fi.ro   the end of the present
Ml three must maintain a speed
i- .- ;ist is knots nn hour.   The Ver-
ii   is-  nt   the   Uore  River  shipyard
In  Kansas nt the ynrtl of the New
- Shipbuilding   company at Cam-
N  .1.
In- Minnesota, the Kansas ami Ihe
ii   are each of 10,000 tons dls-
- racnl  ami hnve    16,500  Indicated
'���power.    Bach    Is 450    feet  long,
it--1 K) Inches base, and draws .4
'I inches of watc-. These ships
��� iwo military masts fitted for
telegraph; and three funnels,
appearanoe Is considerably dlf-
lil iium lhe battleships of the Mns-
niselts type, which Is much small-
lits- older type has a lower free-
s i. whereas the larger ships are
> ��� ii "lit nf water. The older ships
��������������� imi two funnels. The Alabama
lass resembles Ihe Minnesota more
���losely, although the funnels of that
S|ii- are two in number and are placed
']'" ' Ii will take 840 officers and
: ' i" I-' is tst man each of the new
flips, against 5S0 for a ship like thc
������ Minnesota and her sister ships
'firry an armament of four .2-Inch
"1 "lulu S-lnch breechlnnillng rifles
I'irrets, and twelve 7-Inch breech-
inline rifles in broadside batteries,
sides twenty 3-inch rapid-fire guns,
"if -pounder rapld-flrera mnl eight
"'under guns. There nre also to be
bisnrtl iwo ll-lnch field guns, six ..10-
''���'''������ -iiitnmntlc nnd two ,80-callbre
��*lm pb'ces for the use of landing
r'l'-s. This is n much more effective
1111 of guns than Hint of lhe earlier
Some Queer Jubilees.
'Iin. Out., Oct. 24.���Some Interest
l"s luhllees are recorded In Ihe Centum
f"''������' litis week, An Instance of the
'liable ferlllily of Ihe rural popu-
i In certain pacta of the empire
nisiieii by a woman named Mlmel,
|Uc 'i 'ii'. an Inmate of the workhouse
l-llschen,   who  has  Just   become  n
1'inisliiiisihei- ft,,- the doth    time    The
'to of a gulden Jubilee of another sort
"li'1   Adolph   Krone,   who   has   been
l1' '"'''il  al    Hanover    for the 50th
ins in three months' Imprisonment for
loully damaging property,   Praullsn
okurka has celebrated her diamond
l'ils-e us n member of the chorus ot
I'"- Dresden opera house,    Tho popu-
t"' "III lady, who Is 77, ls still In robust
F'alth.   Despite the time-honored Jokes
- 'he age of chorus girls Fniuleln
f'-ikiirkn  itrolinbly Is the only one In
lln- world who has passed her 77th year
|"'l Is still in the profession.
Captured the Banditti.
Mlnot, N. D��� Oct. 24.���After a chase
B1ng 110 hours, the   sheriff's   posse
81   night   captured   five  bandits  who
bbbod a Sayer, N. D��� bank early on
iiiinbiy  morning, when a battle en-
'"'���I ��iih cltltens, during which    300
pots  wire flind. the robbers getting
[*���*������"y  win, 14300.    The men wore ills-
Tvered on a farm ���,,���,. m,n,    Escape
[as attempted and In a fight  which
���".lowed  one  robber wus  wounded   in
Fifty Cents a Month
lhe   leg,    Another rati  Inn,  a   slough
wiili ��:ino lu gnlsi and bills and dr .s-sl
the money into iii,- water. Money was
nis,, Mattered on the prairie by the
bandits.   Chief or Poliee Hagen recov-
���red 18000 of the in y.   Four of lhe
captured men ate young ������d weM
dressed,  none  lisiltig over 2!i years of
age, The money was being' osrried
In bags ami was composed of gold and
bills, ull the heavy silver being thrown
Collided    With   Unknown   Schooner-
Upset Lantern Starts Fire.
New York, Oct M.���The small
freight sleamer Hastings, bound front
New York lo New Haven, was burned
ansl sunk in Long Island Sound off
Stamford, Cotm., this morning, Her
crew of II gol awuy in n lifeboat und
were picked up ami brought to New
Yoik on board the steamer .Mlddlelon
of  Un-   Hartford  &  New  York Trans-
imitation company.
The I lasi lugs is reported to have
I.e. it mud' 1 si'sh steel. About 4
o'clock this isi.ining, when off stum-
ford, lhe Hastings ctlldesl wllh an unknown schooner, and owing to the lipping of the steamer, a lantern was upset which set her on fire. When it
became evident lhal ihe sleamer could
not be saved the crew look lo lhe
lioals. - .
The steamer Hlddleton, from Hnrt-
ford, passing down tin. sound on her
way to New York, sighted the burning
steamer and wenl to Hie rescue of Ihe
crew. Before the Hlddleton proceeded
on her wny, her officers suw the Hastings sink. The Hastings was 133 feet
long, of 20S tons net, wus built In Wilmington, Del., In 1SS5. Thc extent of
the damage suffered Ity the schooner
In Ihe collision Is unknown to the crew
or the steamer, as she quickly disappeared In Iho darkness, and the crew
of the Hustings were too busy to give
any attention to her.
Not as Actors But Patrons���Pamphlets
Ordered   From  Victoria���No  Exhibit for New Zealand.
The 20.0(10 club has accepted the tender of the Colonist Printing & Publishing company for the printing of 20,000
pamphlets, no local tender having been
The enterprise of putting on grand
opera by the tuitions Koscian company, in Agricultural hull on Hallowe'en night, buy zeett endorsed liy the
cittb, all members of which are exhorted to work for its success.
Owing to unavoidable delay, and tlte
vagueness of information furnished by
lhe Dominion officials, the project of
sending a mineral exhibit to the New
Zealand exposition lias been abandoned.
The regular general meeting of lho
club was held lu the board of trade
looms Inst nlghl at s 30. In thc absence of Vice President Procter, F.
Slut-key was voted to Ihe chulr. Others
present w-ere J. ftl. Lay, M. s. Parry,
!���'. M. Chndbourn, I. I}. Nelsou, J. .1.
Walker, S. If. Ilrydges, W. II. Jones,
E. K. Meestou, H. O. Ooodeve, It. W.
llunnlnglon, L. 11. DeVeher, W. W. llaer
and A. !���*. Dixon.
AI. S. Parry reported for tho entertainment committee. He has guaranteed $200 to the manager of the
Koschtn Opera company for one night's
performance in lhe Fair building, and
had undertaken to provide for the
equipment of the building and everything except the scenery,sand also to
pay for local advertising. He estimated the expenses at about $150.
Several members urged that Mr.
Parry should he paid for his services
in promoting the enterprise. It wus
agreed that nothing definite bo done
fn the mutter until after lhe perfor-
Tho reiiort of ihe entertainment
committee wns adopted,
S. M. Ilrdygos reported that everything necessary for lhe pamphlet was
in tin- hands of Mr. Beeston,
I'l K. Beeston reported Hish all the
cuts hud been forwarded to the 11. C.
Engraving company of victoria. Proofs
are now expected nml in a few weeks
will lie In the hands uf the printers.
Mr. Beeston also roported having
sent an article with cuts to the Toronto  tllolte.
Mr. Beeston sod thnt practloally no
photographs had Ireen ottered to tho
Oommlttee. They had to bo sought for
and In some cases to be made. That
circumstance nnd the distance from
engraving und printing facilities were
responsible for the long delay.
The only tender received for printing was for $215 for 10,000 copies, or
$275 for 20,000 copies. No local tenders were received.
M. S. Parry advised that hereafter
all printing required be done locnlly If
All others agreed, with emphasis on
tit,, qualification "ir possible."
K. K. Peeslon reail a newspaper ar-
dels' on the advertisement of Vancouver In publications of the Dominion department or Immigration, it was decided that an effort ho made to secure
it similar trentment of Nelson.
The reporl of tho advertising commitlee was adopted.
F M. Chndbourn reported correspondence relative to sending n mineral
exhibit to the New Zealand exposition The next steamer sails on October 28 Much illfflcitlly had heen ex-
lierlencod   In   getting  materials.     Tho
exposition, however, would last until
next April.
ll was agreed that the matter he
f. M. Chndbourn reiiorted an ac-
count of II. li, Kwerl for $170 for the
'���lull pins and bullous. There ure now
between 1200 uml 1300 out of a total of
2000 <m hand, und there seemed to ho
""  d tnd   for  them.    All  efforts  to
ilispisss- ���f them lind failed.
The nccounl was passed and ll was
agreed that the bullous be kept in
The election of committee members
was then called for. .1. M. Lay suggested that on account of unfinished
business lhe committees should he left
as they are. The six retiring members, W. (!. Thomson, A. Lean, J. B.
Taylor. I. c. Nelson, J. .1. Walker and
II. I'!. Dottglns were re-elected and 8
M. Brdygea and .1. .1. Walker were re-
appolnted chairmen.
The treasurer reported $118.80 on
M. S. Parry made a final appeal for
general support tor the operatic enterprise. Ho highly recommended the
Tbe meeting then adjourned.
Oregon  Fruit  Expert  Will  Lecture  in
Nelson on Friday.
0. O. McLaren, secretary of tho
West Kootenay Farmers' institute, received a letter last night from .1. P.
Anderson, deputy minister of agriculture, Informing hlm that lhe services
or Professor It. B, Lake, or the Oregon
Agricultural college, have been secured ror Uie regular autumn meetings.
Tho dnles ai -ranged tor West Koot-
enay and Boundary are: Nelson, Octo-
ber 27; Knslo, October 29, uml Grand
Forks, October 31.
The executive of the local Institute
has arranged for two meetings on Friday ln the board of trade rooms, at
2:30 p. m. and 7 p. 111.
Professor Luke ls a recognized authority on fruit growing on Ihe commercial side, which will lie lhe subject
of his addresses. Many of the members will remember his enterlnnlng
and instructive lecture delivered in
Nelson two years ago.
Cathedral Consecrated.
Pittsburg, Pa., Oct. 24.���The new St.
Paul's Roman Catholic cathedral, representing a cost of $3,500,000 and over
three years' work, was dedicated today
by Mgr. Diomedo Falconio, papal delegate lo America, assisted by Cardinal
Gibbons of Ilnltlmore. Archbishops
Farley of New York and Ryan of Philadelphia and a score of other high dignitaries of the church. Ideal weather
CondlUons served to bring to the cere-
tnony n crowd which even the big ca
thcdrul would not hold.
Roosevelt Initiated.
Washington, Oct. >24.���In the Blue
Room of the White house today President Roosevelt wus Initiated as a member of the Associate Society of Films-
worth Post. G. A. R., of Mount Vernon,
N. Y., an organisation of business men
who took no part ill the war, but sympathised with tbe cause of the Union.
Gen. Horace Porter presided ut the Installation ceremony, which was attended hy ninny members of Ihe Mount
Vernon society.
The choir practice at St. Suvlour-s
church will be held tomorrow evening
Instead ot Friday. A full attendance
is requested.
The annex of the Griffin block, on
Ward street, formerly occupied by the
Oxford care, Is being rilled up Tor the
Singer  Sewing Machine  conipuny.
.1. Oliver ol Portnge lu Prairie bus
arrived will) his rutnlly und household
goods to settle on the property purchased by him some time ago ut Lancaster.
The supreme court will probably resume Its sessions iu Nelson tomorrow
morning. One oi the counsel litis telegraphed that they will return to Nelson tonight.
Miss Annie Oouriuy, who has ait
classes here, received iwo Orel prizes
at Now Westminster exhibition, one
being ror animal painting, tho other
luudscupc rrom nature In water colors.
It Is reported In Victoria Hint Premier McHrlde will return to the capital rrom tho Ottuwa conference, arriving on Friday evening, October 26. A
banquet ls being prepared for his reception.
The completed plan oi tho Agricultural hall as it will lie arranged lor
Ihe Roscluns' performance is now open
nt lho 20,000 club office. It shows
1378 seals, Including balcony and side
gnllnrles. The positions or posts and
stoves are marked so that patrons In
resorvlng seats may consult their several tastes jn the mutter or view und
Seats will be on sale for lhe per
rormance of the Rosclans under the
auspices or the 20,000 club, tomorrow
morning at Longhurst's, The honorary secretary of the club, Mr. Melville
Parry, has received a telegram from
Fernie stating that the performance of
the Rosclans is beyond criticism and
the club Is looking forward to a big
restlval when thoy play here.
Wins Big Prize For Successful Aeronautics
Confident He Will Soon Be Able to
Fly Many Kilometers With
Ease and Safety.
New York, Oct. 24.���The Herald
prirttfl lhe following Bpecial from Paris:
"M. Santos Dumont won the* Arch-
deacon cup yesterday on the field at
Bagatelle with his "Bird of Prey," a
flying machine. Not only did he succeed in covering the necessary _5
metres, hut In the opinion of every
competent witness summoned in council immediately after the flight, it wus
agreed that he left the ground well
over 50 metres from the point where
His flight was free, with sustained
balance. There was no hesitation.
The huge contrivance propelled by a
Co horsepower motor shot four or five
metres into the air and continued at
Uiis height until M. Santos Dumont cut
off the power and allowed the screw
lo stop; then the horizontal movement
was replaced by an inclined movement
ami, with a thud which smashed the
wheels and a portion of the lower
frame as well as the rudder, the "Bird
of Prey'* came to a Standstill, amid a
noise of voices.
The committee decided to ascertain
accurately the distance of the flight.
Some declared it was 100 metres and
more that had ben traversed, but the
more calm were of a mind that about
half that distance was the measure.
M. Santos Dumont said: 1 really don't
know why 1 did not go on. For au instant il seemed to me that the machine was making a sideward movement antl 1 foolishly cut off the gas.
This all arises from inexperience. After a few trials I am certain it should
be able to travel many kilometres. The
sensation was delightful. When tne
wheels left the ground- I felt Just as
though 1 were In a balloon propelled
hy some hidden force. I am absolutely confident that when I have made
a few alterations I shall be able to fly
about   wiih   comparative  ease.'
"The Dent sch-Archdeacon prize is
worth $10,000. It was promised to the
first aerial appliance which, unsiip-
ported by gas. would make a circle of
at (east one kilometre without coming
to (he ground.
Comptroller Closes Bank.
Washington. D. C, Oct. 24.���Tho
People Savings bank of this city was
closed today by order of the comptroller of the currency.
An examination hy a national bank
examiner showed the Institution to be
in an insolvent condition. John W.
Schoffeld has been appointed receiver.
The bank has been doing business here
since June, 11)05. A statement of conditions on September 4 shows total assets and liabilities of $210,368.
Accepts Portfolio.
Vienna, Oct. 24.���After a lengthy
audience with Emperor Frances Joseph this morning. Huron AebrenthaJ,
the Auslro-Hungnrlan ambassador to
Russia, definitely accepted the* foreign
ministry portfolio, In succession lo
Count Qoluchowskt, who recently rn-
Strange    Disappearance   of   a   Grand
Forks Rancher���New Pathfinder
Officers Elected.
(Spr-olal to Tin' Dully Canadian.)
Qrand Kinks, Oct. -I.���Mra. Dale,
llio wlfu of .lames A. Dale, tbe Carml
fugitive, haa arrived her- and in stay-
ing at the Windsor hotel. She has the
appearance of being an intelligent little woman and has come here to render any aid she can to her husband.
Hesldes his wife, Dale haa two young
children, whom Mra. Dale haa left with
friends at Carml. Dale's condition loday Is reported to he slightly Improved and he will likely now recover, although he will always he forced to
breathe through a silver tube. He is
roporled to have claimed that whiskey
was solely to hlaiue for his having
done the fatal shooting at Carml, as he
was on n big spree at the time.
The fifth annual meeting of the
Pathfinder Mining company wns held
litre last Saturday at 2 p, m��� when the
following officers for the ensuing year
wero elected: Prosldent, W. K. C. Manly; vice president, G. W. Rutherford;
secretary niilii treasurer, Robert Pet-
rlc; directors. W. K. C, Manly. O. W.
Rutherford, A. W. Fraser, Robert Harvey, ami.C. N. Mariliin.
Word has reached here from Carml
thai on the night thnt James A. Dale
nindo hla rBcape from lhe cabin he had
taken possession of, be coujd have
been shot by Mr. Ilubeur, a resident of
lhat place, who took aim at Dale
through the window of the cabin just
as Dale was striking a match preparatory to his leaving thc cabin, but Bu-
bear's nerve failed him and lie could
not pull Ihe trigger.
Joe llurwell, a sloiitly-bullt rancher
wllh a fair complexion, ahout 41. years
of ago, Is missing. While his wife waa
on a visit to relatives some few weekB
ago llurwell disappeared. It was at
first thought he had gone on a business trip and would shortly return,
hut upon the return of Mrs. llurwell a
few days ago an Investigation rovealed
the fact that he had sold his wagon
and some other chattel proiierty just
prior to his disappearance and had
failed to call and collect the money
due on the sale of his effects. The local police are working on the case but
as yet not the slightest clue can lie
obtained as to his whereabouts. It Is
claimed that Burwell and the late
Joseph Simpson wero great friends,
and ltls considered possible that the
sad case of Simpson's drowning might
have preyed on his mind with fatal results lo himself.
Happy Thought of Ontario Seamstress
Leads to Matrimony.
Guolph, Ont., Oct. 24.���When the
lioer war was raging lhe ladles of this
city engaged with thousands of others
throughout the Dominion ln making
articles of wearing apparel to send to
comfort Boldiers lying ln the hospitals
In South Africa. Among those performing thin charitable work was a
lady, Annie Callander, eldest daughter
of Mr. Alex: Callander, "Hlllcrest."
While ul work one day Miss Callander
was seized by a whim to place her
name and address on a nightshirt she
was making, wondering if she would
ever hear of it again. This ultimately
reached a soldier named Thomas Huby
of Sheffield, Eng., and, when convalescing In tbe hospital, he wrote to
the address given, thanking the donor
of the garment for her Interest In the
From this originated a correspondence, which culminated in the marriage of the two. Recently Mr. Huby
came over to Halifax, where he Is
now stationed, their betrothal followed, and at the home of the bride's
father yesterday the Rev. L. L. Thomas performed the ceremony which
brought to a happy denoument a romance of the South African war. Miss
Nellie Kay, Toronto, was the bridesmaid.
Formulating Program Which Has Several Surprises in Store.
Paris, Oct. 24.���The Clemenceau cabinet has begun the formulation of its
program and the indications are that
it will be very broad and that possibly
some surprises aro in store.
In well Informed circles the impression prevails that the plans of the government Include, beside the complete
carrying out of the law providing for
the 'iepa-*atlon of church and state,
leg! .s.i.sm abolishing workmen's pensions ti,.on reaching a certain age.
State purchase of the western and
some of the southwestern railroads and
the creation of a stats- monopoly of petroleum and alcohol.
The draft of the budget as presented
by the budget commission under the
Sarrlen ministry, which has been bitterly assailed, especially by M. Poln-
caro, the ex-foreign minister, as being
Improperly balanced, will probably lie
With Diplomatic Honors.
Washington. D. C, Oct. 24.���Wllh
full diplomatic honors Ihe funeral services of Senor George Munez, late minister from Guatemala to the United
States, who died in this city last Saturday, were held in St. Matthew's
cathedral church today. President
Roosevelt and several members-of the
cabinet were In attendance. Mr. Jus-
Btirand, the French ambassador attend-
oil as acting representative of the diplomatic corps. The body was escorted
from SI. Matthew's cathedral to Oak
IIIH cemetery by the Fifteenth cavalry
band, a squadron of cavalry and two
light batteries from Fort Erie. Mr.
Muncz's body will reBt temporarily In
the receiving vault of Oak Hill cemetery, but will be taken to his native
country as soon as arrangements can
he completed.
Tramway Returns.
During the week ending October 21
Ihe city tramway service nccommodat
ed 2706 passengers and earned $144.(in.
The figures for the corresponding
woek of 1905 were, respectively, 1600
nnd $87.60.
The receipts for the vear to dato
are $67.16.40, against $4068.20 for the
same period of last year, nn Increnso
of $1067.20.
���       Price of Metals.
New York, Oct. 24.���Silver, 70%c;
copper, 21?_c;  load, $5.76.
London, Oct. 24.��� Sliver, 32%d;
lend,  ��19 10s: zinc, X28.
Spain to Be Regenerated.
Madrid. Oct. 24.���The budget propo
Bnls  of   tho   government   whicli   wero
read at the opening of parliament yesterday involve sweeping field reforms,
Including tho Institution of a gold standard. The newspapers regard the legislative work ahead of parliament, especially the enactment of the law of
association and the suppression of the
Octtio Dutch (the lolls upon all goodB
entering the cities nnd towns) as the
most ImiKirtnnt undertaken for years
and ns Mri'shadnwfng the moral and
material regeneration of Spain.
Rocky  Mountains yield  Up  Skeleton*
Eight Million Years Old.
New York, Oct. 24.���Three big expeditions of the American Museum of
Natural History arrived from the
Rocky mountain region yesterday after
several months' rough work, bringing
nearly two carloads of petrified skeletons of about 100 animals, mostly
new to science and which lived on the
earth from 1,600,000 to 8,000,000 years
Among the many rare finds which
caused speculation among the scientists for the museum were two dinosaurs, new to science, one of which
was of huge proportions, hearing some
resemblance to the great creature
known as the Ivlorntops. The expeditions were conducted under Professor
Henry Fairfield Osborne, paleontologist of tbe museum and of the government offices of the United Slates
and Canada, and first vice president
of the museum.
Sir Thomas Wavering.
New York, Oct. 24.���Sir Thomas Lip.
ton, through his secretary, last night
stated that he had not announced hla
intention of again challenging for the
America cup. He would not deny that
he might challenge, but would have
nothing definite to say on the subject
before his conference with the officials
of the New York Yacht club.
Riotous Scenes of House of Commons
Repeated in London Police Court
Martyrs All.
London. Oct. 24.���Ten women suffragists who were arrested yesterday for
rioting within the precincts of the
house of commons-* we re arraigned In a
lionet* court today and were bound
over to keep the peace for six months.
Such a commonplace outcome of the
affair did not meet the view of the suf-
fragiBts, who apparently desired to assume the role of martyrs by being
committed to gaol, and when the magistrate announced his decision a great
uproar broke out in the room. Ultimately the women had to be removed
by force. Some of them were literally
thrown out among the crowds waiting
outside the building.
The shrieking women continued to
make a demonstration outside the police court i.ntil Miss Pankhurst, who
took a most prominent part in the disturbances in the ladles' gallery of the
house of commons in April was again
Arrested. When the disturbances had
somewhat subsided the police reassembled the defendants, who were Informed by the magistrate that they
must Immediately find sureties for
their good behavior or be imprisoned
for two months. The whole of the
women refused to enter into recognizances and  were  removed  to custody
Lumber Prices.
It is rejtorted from Vancouver that a
shortage of logs and another rise In
the price of lumber Is looked forward
to by loggers und millmen within a
short time. Logs are now selling at
$.).50 to J.O.BO per thousand feet, and
rough lumber Is sold at $14 n thousand.
Sawmill owners claim that the cost of
manufacturing lumber has greatly Increased during the past year, and consequently the margin between the
price of logs nnd the price of finished
lumber Is not sufficient to allow them
a reasonable profit on their operations.
Loggers, on the other hand, claim
that the rate of wages and the cost of
getting out logs has nlso increased
rapidly of late, and this, together with
the increased cost or camp supplies
and equipment, and the prospect of n
considerable log shortage during the
winter months, is urging them on to
demand a higher price for the logs.
Under sll these circumstances, another
advance in the price of lumber is looked for within a very short time.
Puts the Hartford Right.
Hartford, Conn., Oct. 24.���The suit
of the committee of nolicy holders
against the Hartford Life Insurance
company and the Security Trust company to secure an accounting of the
so-called "safety fund," is based entirely upon the alleged failure of tho
officers of these corporations, who are
named la the writ, to make a distribution of this fund. The Hartford Life
Insurance company was originally Incorporated in 1867, and though its
name waB changed from tbat under
which It was first Incorporated, it is
still doing nn active business in many
forms of insurance. The writ in the
suit does not make reference to the
present except as relating to the
"safety fund" plan. It sets forth only
that the insurance company ceased to
do business under the "safely fund"
plan and ceased to admit members to
It after March, 1899.
Devoted Captain Refused
to Desert Cargo
Tendered Assistance, Skipper Would
Accept Only Stores to Replace
Damaged Food.
New York, Oct. 24.���Somewhere far
out In the Atlantic, off the Florida
coast, half a dozen men perished on
the alter house ot tbe waterlogged
Mritish schooner Sirocco, after struggling against wind and sea to reach a
Cuban port with their almost helpless
charge. Thu plight of the men Is due
in part to the philaatnroplc devotion of
their captain, who, when help was at
hand, chose to face death rather than
to abandon his ship and her cargo of
lumber. He declined an offer ot assistance from the steamer Parima,
which ran down on him last Sunday
when she was wallowing in the seas
COO miles east of Florida. The captain
asked only that he-he given supplies
to replace those which were ruined
when his ship filled with water. When
this request was granted, the captain
and his crew settled down in their
precarious quarters on the roof of the
after bouse and announced their determination to sail the Sirocco to Cuba.
The Sirocco sailed from St John,
N. B., on September 28, with a cargo
of lumber for Cardenas. All went well
until October 5. when off the coast of
Maryland she ran Into a fearful hurricane. Pounded and battered by wind
and sea the Sirocco was thrown about
like a cork, some of her seams ripped
open and she began to fill. Before the
storm had abated her hull was filled
with water, her decks awash and the
deck houses flooded.
All the stores which were In the
houses were ruined by the water and
the men were ln a sad plight when the
Parima hove In sight. With the aid
of provisions supplied by the Parima,
however, they expressed a hope to be
able to reach Cuba ln safety.
The Sirocco Is owned by Troop ft
Sons of St. John, N. B. The New York
agents are J. W. Elwell ft Co.
War on Railway "Leeches."
Chicago. Oct. 24.���-The meeting of the
American Railway association, which
began in Chicago today Is of far more
than usual importance and lt ls expected that the deliberations and con-
clualons of the meeting will give a
severe Jolt to some of the railroads of
the country that are persistently
"mean" in their dealings with other
roads. The association proposes to
adopt measures which will put railway
"leeches" out of business, and will impose such heavy penalties on "car
thieves" as to make It profitable for
them to quit their evil ways. A "rail- .
way leech" is ai railway which persistently refuses to purchase as much
equipment as lt needs and depends for
its traffic u|>on securing enough cars
from other lines at a per diem rate,
which Is unprofitable to the owners.
A "car thief" ls a railway which gets
possession of cars belonging to other
roads, runs them away, and uses them
for Its own purposes, regardless of the
wishes of tlie owners.
Pope's Health Better.
Rome, Oct. 24.���Dr. Lapponl, notwithstanding the unsatisfactory condition of his health, insisted on visiting
the pope this morning. He found him
Improved, the pains in ltls knees nil
decteased antl bis temperature, which
yesterday was above normal, had diminished. In view of his Improvement
the pop. deelded lo receive the English  pilgrimage  tomorrow.
Oppose* Probate.
New York, Oct. 24.���Mrs. Herman
(Virions of this city today filed an objection ln court to the probate of the
will of her late husband, Herman Oel-
rlchs. The objection is based on the
ground that Mr. Oelrtchs was not a resident of New York but of California.
Mr. Oelrtchs left the bulk of his estate
to his brother and sisters.
The Day's Suicide.
Chicago, Oct. 24.���W. E. Stewart, 30
years of age, of 20 Wilcox avenue, Toronto, Ont., waB found dead in a bathroom at the Saratoga hotel last night.
It Is believed Stewart committed suicide by shooting himself through the
Way to Evade Law.
San Frauclsco, Oct. 24.���The Standard Oil company of Ohio haa trans
ferred its holdings ln California to the
Standard Oil company of California.
It is understood that the consideration contains several mines. The Daily Canadian
Cool nights are uow iu order.     They will invite
pleasaut dreams of
We iiii\-' nlnut. of them in nil iiini blue
3 1-2 Points, weighing about 10 pounds, $7.50 per pair
4 Points, wtlgWng about 12 pounds,        8.50 per pair
Thus, blankets are J
���id. hinted for their excellence.  We alone carry
tliom iti this eity.
LUMBERMAN.���Pillows, Comlorters, Gloves and Mits. Socks, Shirts and
Underclothing. 0.1 Clothing, Sweaters, Miners' and prospectors' Boots
and Shoes and Rubbers Groceries and Provisions.. Everything of the
Best quality and prices surprisingly Low.
Imperial Bank of Canada
Head Office:   Toronto.
CAPITAL   .UTHOIU/.rcn   ..$5.0-0,000. OAHTAL PAID DP,,.,$4,880,000
BEST $.,180,000,
D. K. WILKIK, President. HON. ROBERT JAITRAT, Vice-President
Branches in British Columbia:
Deposits rooMVPil nml Interest allow't-d ftt curronr, rates from dute of opening ao*
count untl eroditod lift If -yearly.
1NBUSOIN l-HANCH _J_   IVi��   LAV,   _Vl _in*_ij�� er.
T/ie ^yal 'Bank of Canada
ASSETS,  {39.771,803
Capital Paid Up $3,629,130 Reserve Fund $4,092,043
Accounts or firms antl individuals opened on the most favorable terms.
Thirteen branches in  Hritish Columbia.
Special  attention  to out of town business.
T. B. KENNY, Pi-en., Halifax,       10. L.  PEASE, QensrOl Manager,  Montreal.
Published eix iinys a meet by tba
Baker Ht., Nelson, IL 0.
riiibscriptioi. rates, &o cents h month delivered
in the city, i>r fn.00 D year il lent by mall, when
pnfd lo advance.
A.lveriisiug r-iiiis nn application,
All monlei paid in settlement of Th,- Dally
Canadian accounts, either fur Bubiorlptloni or
advertising, muit be receipted tor on the printed
luriiiM i��f tht* Company. Other receipt! are not
OCT()BI;U 2-4. I<��K>.
���_Bt ono word we are sometimes Judged to be
and by one word lomotlmei judgtii i> be
Lei UK then-lore  bo cnrelul what  wo
The more easterly of the twin sister
provinces so lately endowed with the
blessing uf autonomy has this week
Kiven evidence that nol only are tho
electoral iinahods of the grits moving
westward with startling rapidity but
the judicial methods also are becoming matters for interesting and humiliating reflection.
The "full" court as it is now called,
consisting of five judges, three of
whom are Liberals and two Conservatives, gave its decisions in two important cases which had been submitted to its jurisdiction and the history
of which will bear reviewing, the more
so. since the Liberal papers nf British
Columbia are apparently offering no
comment on the strange miscarriage of
In the rirsl of these the now notorious Sinclair, who accompanied Mober-
ly Into a lai mnth electoral district
lo conduct the election last fall aud
who, with Moberly, tailed to hold a
poll hut stuffed the ballot box whh
votes for the Liberal candidate, was
the central figure. Sinclair bad been
charged with conspiracy to defraud under a section of the criminal code of
Saskatchewan. He had been tried by
a jury and had been found guilty under the indictment. From this finding
appeal was taken to the full courl and
the finding, as stated by the Winnipeg
papers, is as unique as anything we
find fn the annals of Canadian court
The "full" court held that in order
to be guilty of conspiracy to defraud
some one must be robbed of some material things such as money or property.    That robbing a man or a nutn- |
ber of men, in this case a whole constituency of its right to vote, Is not
a crime or even a wrong under the
Sinclair therefore, though he confessed on the stand that he had held
no poll, that he had stuffed the ballot
box, lhat he had placed iu it only
votes for the grit candidate, walked
out of court a free man, carrying his
head high and is already preparing for
another job as a grit scavenger when
tin; next  elections shall take place.
The other case is even more Interesting for it does not carry so plainly
on its face the evidences of an inefficient judiciary, though to the lay mind
it is still painfully apparent that justice as Interpreted by the courts Is
often hard to understand. A petition
.setting forth the usual grounds for
protesting the election of Mr. Lamont
who sits for Prince Albert was heard.
The lawyers who appeared for Lament
pleaded that there was no law under
which an election protest could he
heard as such law had not been carried over Into the Saskatchewan constitution when the Autonomy Act was
passed. The judge (Scott) who heard
the cuse decided that in the event of
such a plea being held good there
could have been no legal election in
the new province and the whole matter was referred iu tho "full" court
which gave its decision on Monday.
Krom the despatches it would appear
that the 'lull" court dismissed the appeal against the return of Mr. Lamont
but we are not clearly informed as to
Whether the decision means lhal tho
Controverted Klections Act is intra
vires in Saskatchewan or otherwise.
One thing only appears to be certain
and that is that the seat of Mr. Lamont is safe. The technicalities of this
case will be wwtched with Interest as
upon It hang some sixteen other cases
or election protests in the new province,
Hut the most Interesting feature of
tlte case as if would seem to an outsider is the unanimity with which the
judges who are appointees of the grit
government stuck together in their decisions in both these cases and the
equally stolid front presented hy the
minority Conservative appointees. We
arc sure the confidence of the people
of Canada would he much more serene
If the alignment of these judges had
been somewhat different, say If a grit
hud heen on one side and a Conserva
tive on the other. There would then
have been some semblance of a judicial decision hut under (he present
circumstances It would appear that the
political virus for which the Liberal
parly Is now so noted had infested
even the bench.
We dare not go so tar as the Winnipeg papers and suggest to llie lull the
meaning or a "full" court nor dare wo
ask what would happened If the court
had uot been "full" but the very tact
that Prairie papers are permitted to
lake these liberties with the judiciary
Ih all loo sad a coin ment ary on the
dignity with which the judiciary should
respect its oil ice*.
Fortunately in British Columbia election protests are practically unknown
and while we hope it will be a long
day before we shall have occasion to
even suspect corruption lu our local
political campaigns we.are sure that
au election trial in ihis province would
never leave the Judiciary open to the
rude jibes ot the press aa ia the case
iu Saskatchewan.
il is not often that the Liberal or-
gans, in discussing politics, spice their
productions with tbe saving grace of
humor but readers of the local orgun
must have richly enjoyed the discussion of lhe London election scandals
In yesterday morning's paper, There
it was artfully represented that tho
fountain of corruption in the ordinary
election scandal is the betting man, or
sport, who, having put up his money
ou the result of the contest promptly
proceeds to debauch the electors lu
order to win his bets. When the organ
holds out no hope that a day will come
when elections will be conducted without bribery and corruption, and doea
not even expreas a wish that It might
be so, it betrays u familiarity with the
methods of the "sporting" element
ihat is hardly in keeping with the staid
and stolid dignity of an early morning
After warning the Globe that the
conviction of bribers and party hacks
would do but little good it proceeds
to show that the real power behind
the corrupt election Is "the dead game
sport" and it concludes its laughable
epistle by asking the Globe how "It
proposes to handle the sporting aspect
of elections?"
Since these remarks are made apropos of the London scandals we huve
new light thrown on the character of
the London people. Who would have
thought that thu little quiet, almost
model city down in the heart of Middlesex is the harbinger of a nest of
the gay, gallant and festive hallol-box
tinhorns who stake their fortune on
the turn of au election? And then just
to think of a man who has, say an
hundred dollars, up on the result of
an election gelling out and showering
his lives and tens among the poor
deluded elements in the constituency
that he may nol lose his hundred. The
"sporting element" in au election campaign is certainly a new factor. Only
the genius of a genuine sport could
have discovered it. Of course there
was really no responsibility on the
shoulders of the party leaders and the
machine politicians. They are not
sijorls. They always mean business.
Hul that large elusive element in society that constitutes the sportive
class. They are it. Yea! Verily! Wo
never knew our cotem. could he bo
The Week has a front page cartoon
showing an excellent woodcut of Premier MoBrlde and in the shadow an
outline ol Mephisto. The Week calls
the cartoon "Premier McBride as he Is
aud as he is painted by the Victoria
Times." The only excuse for the Insane rage of the Times and its vituperative treatment of the premier is
afforded in a parallel case. Once there
was a man named Hainan who had a
good Persian "graft" system In n high
state of development. He had tho
plaudits or the people and almost all
that heart could wish but "What does
all this avail me," he asked, "so long
us lhat man Mordecai sits in the king's
gate?" Let us see! That would place
the Times about 4000 years behind thu
present date, wouldn't It?
It ls not very gentlemanly ror the
grit organs to assert that lhe Conservative papers are charging them with
the failure of the premier's Journey (o
Ottawa. In the first place the premier's journey was not a failure, In
fact the very reverse. The provlnco
Is belter off under the present arrangement thnn It ever was, with an
appeal to higher authority still to
come. That Is what ls hurling tho
grit papers and, reading them from
Victoria to Cranbrook, one cannot but
feel thai In their disappointment and
rage they are nol making good cnpitt-J
for (heir cause.
You can never tell what tho silent
man knows, but it's easy to find out
what the talkative man doesn't know.
Notice Ih herehv Riven Unit iiu .lavs inter date I
Intend loapply to ihe Honorable chid i ommls-
sloiifiol Uilids ami Works for permission tn |.nr-
ohasa Hit* following desoribed landi, iltuato In
tin* West Kootenav dlitrlot, siarlliiK irom ii poit
plain.*.] hi tbeS w.<-orm<rn( Krnesl w.Robinson 'a
Ai<]ilii*Hl|oi) i�� l.irchuso, Htnl on tin- north lunik
of Dm- Worth fork of ''or creek] thence m chatm
West, Ho chains  norili, HI) chain* oiiM. lo chains
wuth, 20 ohaini treat, lOohalniiouth tolntoraec
Hon of north llnt'of Iv VV. Robinson's ..j.pliealion
io Pun-haw, thenoe 40 ehalni veil ami flo ebalna
nuth to point ��>f oommenoement, enutnining iiio
Dated 1-tllday of August, 1908,
K W RoaimoK)
per kunkstw, Roiuxhw- Agent.
Notlco i* bereby givon thai nixiy dayi niter
iliile 1 Intend to iipi.lv to (lie lloiioraliti- lhe
fhlef Commissioner Of Lands nml Work*-, for
���'crinlssloli   to  purchaio thfl lol'ow tug dcscilbe.l
landi in ihe Woii Kooteuay diitriet: Beginning
hi ii post marked ��Ja ���*<; Presort N.B.porner-''
��N-I  p anted on  (In-  east   slir.ru  of   Whaish.in
(""anl ) lake, aboul one-hall  mih* north ol
Christie er.-.-k |   theliee south Ot chains, more or
leai. to the north boundary of wTiioombe'i ap-
1'iie.iiiou to purchaiei thenee wait alone tbesalo
boundary 10 chains, mon* or less, lo lln- ihore of
the lake; theliee following Uli' Mid slime 111 M
general   northerly    iinrl   easterly   direction    B0
chalna- mere or leai to poim of commencement,
containing um) aoroii more or lea.
Oct   l'tlll, HAW JAMMG. |-I(_H|CI(.
P. I,. Hammond. Ageut
Notiee  In  herehy given   Unit llJtty dayi tftOI
the date I Intend to apply to tio- Hon. tba Chlel
Commluloner ot Landi and Worki for permission to pnrobaie the loii.muig deicrlbed inml
In the West Kootonay dlatrlct! beginning al a
pout   murked   '*K.   K, Kelt's  N.K.  rorner." and
planted on I be ibore ol whatshan (Cariboo] lake,
at the northweal eorner of Fan) lake; tbenoe M
ohaini west; thenee_0 ohaini south; ihem.. 40
. ti. iii- east: thenee 11 ehnltt*- -oiilh; theliee ens'
10 ehains, moreor le-s i��� iht- ibore of the said
lake: ihenee northerly along the said lake shore
00 ohalni. more or lea, to th- point oi commencement- oontainlng la)aorei. more or less.
Dated oet. IS, two. K. K. Kkii,,
F. 1, Hammond, Agent.
Notice In hereby given ihat 00 dari after date
1 intend toapply to thu Honorable thu Chief
Cmnmissloue- of Lamls nml Works ior pcrinl-
sion to pnrehise the followlni: deeerlbed lumls:
���'oiinn.Tii ;in- at a post planter! on tbo northeait
eorner of  Peter HcNaugbton'i application to
pure-hase, running K0 cliaina west along lhe
northern boundary of Hume; tbenoe *o ehalns
north; theme SO chain?!  east;   tbence BO ehnllis
ion ih, along the west boundary of John Klliott's
application to purchaie, to poini of commencement, oontainlng M0aorei, more or less.
Dated Oot. tti, luus. Thomas smith,
By his agent. Burger W Roniraoir.
Notiee is herein* given that00 dayi after data
1 inieml 10 appiv iodic Hon chiel Commissioner
of Lands ami Works for permission to purehase
the followiiiK deeerlbed lands in West Kootenay
Dlstrlol: B ginning al a poil marked,"Bombard Illrseh'sS. K. enrner,'" ami planleil  on   the
east shore of the narrows of Whatshan (Caril )
lak*>; Ihence n rth BO ehalns; ihetoe trail 10
ehalns more nr lens, to the shore ol Whnlshail
lake; thenee followiiiK Hid  ihoro  In  n  general
���outnerly and eaatorly direction 120 chaini more
or less, to poittt ol eonmieiieetneiil:  Oontllnfng
830 acr-rtS, more or less.
lts.fr,1 this 8th dav of Get. 1906.
Ul-.llNJIAHI-  HlHSI ��,
K. h. IlAMMoxit, A gen l
Notice Is hereby Riven lhat 'i'i i|,-ys after dale I
intend t" apply lo the Hon. 1 hief fominissh.iu r
of Lands uml Works for p��nnis.|oii lo pun-has,.
the following denrlbed lands situated in the
West Koott-iiny distriet; ... . mniiiK nl 11 post
niarked "William Kell'l N. \V. eorner," and
planted about one mile south of lhe north etui
of Whatf-han (Cariboo) lake, about twenty Chains
west of the wesl Shore Ol said iake and on the
souih boundary of K K. Hell's application to
purchase) thenoe aonth tt attains; ihence cast *jo
cbains, more or less, lo tho s.id like shore;
thenee northerly along the said ebore80ohaini,
more or  less, to thu said souih   boundarv  of
k R, Keii's application to purchase! thenot west
20chains, inon- or less to tbe point of loirnncmc-
ineiit, oontainlng 160 acres, more or leiw.
Dated Oct U', uwfl, wm.uam kkii.,
By V. L Hammo.m.. Agent.
Notice ts hen by irheii tlmt i-^idnyn after daU- 1
iniend to apply to the Honorable lhe Chief Commissioner of Unds* and Works.at Victoria, B.C.,
lor permission to purchase the followiiiK de-
ICribed lauds, situated 111 lhe West Kootenav
district, south of Forty Nine creek, oommenelng
at a posi marked "L. 11 Choqnetta'sN. W.corner,"  thenee  10 chain*, east,  ihence  HI ehnins
south, tbenoe40 ohaini west, tbenoe 40 chaini
north to the commencement post, containing IbO
acres, moreor less.
Nelson, B. 0 . Oct. 16tb, lt_->
Vf. A, Joints, AkciiI.
Sixty 'lays after dale I purpose making -application to the Bon. Chief Commissioner oi Lands
and Works for permission to pureliase lhe followiiiK described laud: Com in unci UK at a post
placed at thcsoiitliwestconicrof ll. \V. Banning-
Ion's application to purehase, marked "L. M. S.
H'B .*.. �� corner post,'1 running theliee80chaius
west; theuee 80 cbains south J thenee BQchelm
east; thenoe ho chain;' north lo point of commencement, containing 6-10 aorea, more ur lcix.
Paled the 10th day of October. 1900.
her R, felgH,, Agent,
pixy days afterdate I purpose making application to the Bon, Chief CommiMioner ol Lands
and Works for permission to purchase the followiiiK desoribed land: Commeneing at a poil
placed on the north boundary of lot no.80. ami
about two chains east of Whatshan creek, marked "M. B'l. B, W. corner," runniiiK tbence -to
chains cast; thence 40 eliains north; tlience io
ehnins wesl; tlit'lice 40 chains south, to polut ol
oommeneement) containing i*U) acres more or
Hated lhe luili day of October, lift!.
M. KlllfSM.,
I'er II. BHi-M-L, Agent.
Notice is hereby Riven that Ml davs alter dale I
intend to make application to the Honorable the
Chief CommiMioner of Lands nnd Works f,,r permission to purchnse the following described
lands: Commencing at a posl on the north
boundary ol Lot -SM and about 3 chains easl of
Whatshan ereek. runniiiK In chains cist; them-.-
HO chains norih; tbence w ohalns west; theme in
obalns south, to point of oommenoement, oontainlng brO acres more or less.
Hated October 18,1906.
By his agent- Krkwi w. Robhwhi
Notice Is hereby given thnl 60 Havs *flcr date I
intend to apply lo the Hon. Chief commissioner
of Lamls ami (vprks for Dermlulon to purchase
the following deserlbed landi situated in the
Wesl Kootenay District: Beginning at a post
marked, "Antoinette IHrchN  N. ]���'.. .orner " and
-planted on  the shoreof Whataban (Cariboo)
lake at the soullu-nst corner of the said lake*
thence lOUth 10 chains; thonoi we-l lu chnins'
moreor less, to the shun- of Whalshan creek!
thence followiiic the shore line of snld creek and
lake In a general northerly ami easterly direction KO obalns, more or less, to poini  of com-
menoement: containing im acres, more or Iui
Oct. 1:11b, |000,
_   __ AtrroiNirrra iur* h,
By f*. L. Hammonh, Agont
SUiy.inysaflcr.ialeIpurpn.se making ani.liea-
tion to the Bon. Chief Commlnloner of ilanui
ami Works (or permission to purobaM the followiiiK deserlbed land: Couiummiciiik nl n post
placed at lhe northwest corner of 1]  Dodd'snp-
bucatloo to purchaiei mm ked "K w. h'sM w
comer post," rniiniuK ihenee 80 chains north)
tin ore -io rhiiiii-  east]   thence BQ cliuinr* south;
tbenoe 80 chains wrest to point of oommenoement! eoutalnfiiK 040 acres, more or less.
Dated ihis 10th day of October. lOcfl,
U W. IIavmnuton,
per ft. BBIBLl, AKenl.
Notiee Is hereby glveu that m days atter dale I
Intend to make application lothe l'onorabl-> thu
Chic' Commissioner of I-ands mil Works for permission to purchase Die followiiiK described
lamls: Commenclnv at a posl planted on the
northeast co ner of PeterUcNsUgiltott's application to purohut, lollowlng the cast bonnoery of
lame Ho chains south; tnciiec HO chains east;
thence So chains north; llienee no chains wet to
point of oommencement) containing 640 acres
more or less.
Doted Oct. 18, lOOfi. Ai.iibkt BlAIOTT,
Hy his agent Khnkst W. Uohinson.
Notice is herebv Riven that fiixty days alter
date 1 Intend lo apply lo the Uonorahle Chief
CommlMloner Of Lands and Works for permission to purchase the following described lands:
Commenolng at a post placed on thenorthw st
corner of Albert Klliotl's application lo purchase,
running 80 ehains east ul.-inr tho northern
boundary   of  same;   ihenee   HO  ehaim   north;
thenee80ohalni wee*i thinoe 80ohalns south, to
point of oommencement, oontainlng Mo acres,
more or less.
Dated Oot. 13,1906. John Ku.iott,
By bli agent, Khnkst W. Kobinson.
Notice is hereb.
bd that 80 days alter data l
pnlj 10 the Honorable the Chief- om-
miMsioiicr uf 1 mid. and Works for permlulon to
i.urchnsothe followiiiK dcserlW-d   laud   in   ttM
Kootenay dm let about seven miles lotitb ol
Hurton city; Commencing ai a post planted ou
lhe eait bank of Trom creek ana marked Mrs,
W II. Hamilton*. H, VV. 0. I'osi nml running
north80 ohalns; ihenco ensi so chains; tbenee
.south Hll chains; tbi UC0 WOSl ho chains  lo  place
of beginning,containing040aores, moreor leu.
I'ated thUmn. day ol August, 1MB.
Mi   w, 11 Hamilton
w. 11. iiAMii.TiiN, Agont.
Noi id- is hereby given tbat 60'flays afterdate 1
lti tend toapply to tho Honorable tho Chlof Com-
mlAlonor of -Landi and Works, Victoria, 10 pur
chnse nu acres of land, iltuate aboul om* mile
east of Hurl.ui City on Ho-ensl ilde Of Arrow
lake, mnl deserlbed us follows: Commencing nt s
posl plantcil  nt   the mulhcasl corner ol Lot	
Ihcnce norlh 'J'l chains, thenei' west 41 ohalns,
tbenco sooth SDcbalui, Ihenoe eut 40 ohalns to
placu of is'itintiitiK
AiiKiist Pth, 1MB J   B, lli'sini.
Notloe is bereby given tbal 60 -lav aftor date l
Intend to appiv to tin- Hon. the Chlel Commli-
sloiici of Landl and Works for pcrtu|ss|uii to nur-
chase   followlna deierlbcd  landi m Weit
Kootonay district i   Heglnnlng al �� post marked
���'Otto  Hlrseh's   N   W   .ortiiT'" and   plmile.lon
the west shore ol Watshan (Cariboo) lake, aboul
one-fourth mile well of lhe uarmws.il Whu'stiati
lake; thenc.- south so cbalni) Ihenci- call I"
chains more or less lo lhe shore ol the N.uiow-;
theliee   following   tbo   laid   short- Hi   a   m-li.Till
northerly snd wutorlvdirection 130 chalm more
or less, t�� the polut of .ommoneomont, oontaln-
Iiik B80 acres inoi.' nr ll tl
Dated tuts Mih dayol Oct ,1906
k 1, Hammokd, Agent-
Notice Ii bereby given that ilxty days after date
1 intend to apply to the Hon. Chief CommlMloner
of Lands  and works foi  permlulon to purchase
die followinfl described hind-11. Weel Kooteuay
district: BcKinniuK ata post marked "K K
Al'ieiCs B. K comer,*' ami planted on the easi
shore of  Whatshan  (''(.rlI )  Ink.*,   abonl one
mile   imrth   of   lhe   south.-rn  end  of  the hike;
thence nortb m chains; tbenco wesl in.-liiiins,
more or   less,   to  (he shore ol   VWiaHinu lake;
thenee followiiiK "Md shore 111 a general iouth*
erly and easterly direction 100 cbalni, mnre nr
leu, io the point of commencement, containing
:i__i acres, more or less
Haled thishth day of Oct.. IOCS.
K. K   Aj.ukn.
K   I.   IUmmonji, AkciiI
Notice is herebv given that Ilxty days niter
dale I Intend lo applv tothe Hon. Chief Coinmls
sinner of Landl and Works for permission to purchase the followiiiK described lauds III the WMt
Kootenay district:    KcKiiiiiiiiK ��l a post marked
��� iiertha Hlrsoh'i N  B eorner.���' and planted on
the cast sh��re of Whalshan (Cariboo) lake, at thc
narrows of the lake, nml about otic mile south of
Arrow lake trail! (hem-.- south 80 chains; theuce
west Ho chains more or less to the shore ol the
narrows; theme followiiiK the snld shore in a
general northerly anl easterly direction ISO
chslns more  or  less to the point of coininence-
mint, en lain iiik 640 acres more or less.
Haled tills hth day of Oct , 1000
IlKltTllA   HlHSlH'
K L. Hjtj4_H.il', Agent.
Noiiee is hereby given that 60 davs aftor dale I
in und loapply to the Bonorable the Chief Commissioner of Landsand Works for permission to
Mirehasc Ihe followiiiK d'w-rlbci  land  in  West
Kootenay Dlstrlol about seven miles south ol
Burton City: Commenolng at a post planted on
the easl bank of Trout creek and marked Alex
Chevnc's  N. W. C. Post  and   riimiliiK SOUth 00
chains; thonce east Bo ehalns; thence north BO
ohalnsi thence weet 80 chains to poet of beginning, ���ontaluiUK 040 acres of laud, more or less,
Hated this und day of August, I'JOO
W. H  Hamilton, Agent
Sixty days niter date, I Margrett Mci.uarrle,
inieml to applv to [he Honorable the Chlel Commissioner of Lands mid   Works,  Victoria, It. I'.,
io purehase the follow mg deeerlbed land, Com"
mencing at e post marked M. HoQuaiTle, 011 the
bank  of   Lower  Arrow*   lake,  thence  to chains
west; thence60chains norih; thence 40 chains
east; them*.* 60 chains sontb io plaee of com
meneement. said to contain 100 acres more or
less. Covering ground held by ii, B. Anderson'b
im* emotion.
Ha ted this llth dav of -September, i-w.
W. L, 1 _yne, Agent.
Notiee ts hereby given that 1 intend, M) days
after date to apply to the Honorable lhe Chiel
Commissioner of I ands and Works for permission
to purchase the follow lug described lauds in
Wait  Koolenay  district, aboul live miles south
of Burton Ciiy, commenolng ai a post planted on
the ens' blt-lk of tract C. k.. and marked "W. H.
Hamilton's 8 W. C. post," and running north HO
ebalni, thence east W chains, thence south HO
chains, thence west sn chains to nlaoe of beginning, containing OH! acres of laml, more or Itm.
Dated thii -2nd 'lay ol August, iikw.
W 11. Hamilton.
.Sixly days after rlnte I purpose making application to the Chief Commissioner of Lauds and
Works for permlnion to purchase Ihe follow ing
described land:  Commenolng hi n posi marked
'K I*"s S K corner," and situate aboul one mile
from -Silver Tip Point, on Whatshan lake, and
near Christie creek, running tbenee BOonaini
north; ihence no chains west; ihenee ho chains
south, followiiiK the lake ihore; theuce 80 chains
eaal to tio- point of eommeucement, containing
540 aOiei more, or less.
Haled the llth day of August, l'JOf..
K. Fai ijiiiFt,
PerF,Q. Fai-qi-ikr, Agent.
Sixty days afler date I ptirp-ise making appli-
cation to the Honorable iiie chief Commissioner
of Lands and Works for permission to purchase
the following described land:   Commencing at
11 post marked ''IX P'e 8. W, eorner," adjoining
k. Fauquier's application to purchase, running
ihence m chalus north: thence so chnins easi*
llienee so chains lOUthj thence 80 (hains west
to tiie (Miiiit of eommeneement, conuinlng 040
acres, more or less,
Dated ihe J J tii day of August, UHM.
D. Ptimcft,
Per F. li. lAryriKR. Agent.
Notice Is hereby given lhat sixty days after date
I intend toapply to the Hon. Chief Commission
Br Of Lands and Works for permission to purchase the following described lauds, ISO sores,
commencing at a post marked John Toye, planted 00 lhe <*asl shore of l/iwer Arrow lake, about
one mile norlh o[ .���iimshiue creek. Ihenc lorty
chnins ensi, ih.-nce forty chains south, them-e
forty chains west, tbence forty chains norih
along lake shore In ��� olnl Of conimencellient.
Datod this uu, -lay ot Beptember, 100B,
John Toye.
     HAItliy (ilHSON, AK-M.
Noiiee fs hereby glren that 00 days after date 1
lutend toapply to the Honorable ihe chief Commissioner of Linds uud   Works f��r permission
to pun 11 use thefollowin-'disenbed laud, sltuale
lu Kire valley, in the \\ est Koot.nav dlstricl ad-
joining w. A. Calder's pre-emption, starting al a
post marked M. MeQuarrlo'a southwesi oorner,
rilliliillK HO cluilns   ensl.   llienee 10 chains north,
thence80chaini west thenoo 10 chains south io
poim Df oommencement.
Hated this llth day ofBoptembor, UKO.
Makv MctH'AiiniK,
      -I- B. TAVI.OH, Agent.
Notloe ii bereby given ihai BO days afier date 1
Intend tu npply lo lhe Honorable the Chief Commissioner of Lands ami Works to purchase the
hd lowing described la mis, .1*j acres, moreorless;
commencing at a posi planted on the wesi bank
of Coper Arrow hike al a polul ahoul 7 miles below Naknsp.ami marked (J. A. B. II., N.K. corner
post; thence hi) chains ttest; theme 40 chains
south; tbence BOcbalns east, more or less hi Ink.-
shore; then.-e along  lake shore  to  point of bu-
Haled lhis..lh davof Sent.. I'JOO.   (I.A.B.Hau.
��'-o'lays nfi.r dnle I Inlcnd loupply to (he Hou-
oral.ic lhe Chief Commissions! OI Lands and
Works, Victoria, B C,to purchase MO acres of
land situate West of Arrow lake nu the west side
Of Whalchaii creek and Joining lhe uorth boundary of S, J, Annahie application to purchase.
Commenolng at a post marked R, .1. K. fl. K. corner ainl running WSSMO chains) tbence north so
chains; thence east 80 Obainsj tbenee aouth to
poim of commencement
Beptember tho WOO. ft-J, Elliot.
Notice is hereby given that l-O.layh after dale, I
lutend toapi.lv to the Hon. Chief Commissioner
of Lands ami Works Ior permission to purehase
the IoIIom Iiik described lands In the Wett Kootenay Distrloti  Beklnnlng.atgpost marked "W.
B, Elyldge'l H W. corner," and planted aboul
one-quarier mile west of the west shore of Wimt-
Iban  (Cariboo)   lake, and about one and one*
Quarter miles north ol the southern end of the
lake; theme north ho chains; thence east 40
ebalns more or less to the shore of Ihe Whatshan
lake;  Ihenee following snid shore lu a general
southerly and westerly direction 100 chains more
or less to a point on   the  shore  due  east of the
poit of commencement! theuco west 30 ohalni
moreor less to tlie point nf commencement, containing 820 neres moreor loss.
Haled Mils Oth day ol Oct, lUOB.
W, B. Klvhxje,
F- h. HAMMiiNb, Agent
��� FRED IRVINE & Co. j
���      Jusl  ri'-ulveil, 11 -pl-ndld itook    of    SUUnpsd     Uneiib,    Ciuhta
_.    Covert., Tea Clothi, sto,    An elegant   usmirtment   for tu   work r���r
��� niiisih preaenti.
��� We are al��o ihowlng o l"i <>< new Fanoy Tape uml lti 1.1 >���.,, w���r|,
__ Ss's- our hIiow nrlooowa fdr aome novelUsa   wu have   fm    \m.M
��� trade whlob we had made in our order i>y the lu-m achoo] ���r
*% fancy work in the Montreal convent Now Ih the Um* tor v.ni i���
X make Bele-tlom.
00 1)1
the it
Notice I* hereby glTOH lhal 00days alter iin'1' '
Intend to applj to thi Honorable Cblel Oom mis-
sum.'1 ol i.nii'1-aii'i Worki lor pormli i.. our-
, has.* the lollowlnl deaerlbod la  iltuated on
the eaai side ol Arrow lake: c moneing at a
posi markeii a Mftclwxl'i looarton post, thenw
Soutb 1 rts ohalns, followlna w. I'oye'seastern
boundary} thenoo-asl sixty chains, loeu bank
of Garibaldi Cree*! thenco n-��rtb forty ebalnsi
tbenco east ilxty chsini lo point of commence
men I. eoiilainim ������:*��� 10 -res, more Ot less
Hated Bopteraboi I. 1000       KldtXA M_cu��o.
Per N Demmu, Agent.
i... 1- 1,it. 1.1 ��.-!���,. 11 11011 im .lays niter .luic I
.I to.opiy lothe Honorable the Chief Com-
unerof laml-and Work- for permission tO
laSS the follow Iiik deserlbed lands, slluatcd
��e.iit Hideo! Arrow lake:   Commenelni at
orthcast eormr of A. Anthony s purchase,
e north forty chains, lbence west I..rly
a, tbenoe wuth foftj chains, ihence easi
chains tn point of . omuiciicemeut. con
ik ini scroii more or less.
ed September I, l'J0��.     J*lfB f, IflfflJOO,
IhtN. DntllS, AkciiI.
Notiee is hereby Kiven tlial sixly day* after
ilale I Inteml toapph to the 11 on. t'hlcl I "0111111 Is-
Iloner of Lands ao.i Works f..r j.enois-.loti to
purchase   the   followlni;   described  lands,   In
Woat Kootenay Dlitrlot: Commencing at an Initial poit planted al the southeast corner of Mc
i'ov's pro emption, thenco 20chains wesl to .-ast
boundarj ol Lot (HW; them.' following said
iMinminrv south to southeast com-r ol s.ij.l lot;
tbonce  io eliulns West;   litem'.- ,0 eliiiiu- south;
thence 80 chalm ensi; thence tt cbalm north to
s.iiilhw.-t eorner ol LOI 023J ihence following
wesl b nlarv ..( l^-t til lo Initial post.
Boptembor tl, im>. I>. D. Won���,
pet Krskst w. Bobimok.
Notice [| bereby given lhat 00 -lays alter date, I
Intend to apply in lhe Hon. Chief Commissioner
of Lands and Works lor permission to purchase
the following described lamls, situate 011 the
Kust shore of Lower Ijtke, aboul (in* ami one
hall   mile   goutfa   of   EdgOWOOd.   M <'. ami  u-1
joining J.T. BeatUe'i appiicaiir-u to purehase,
and oommenofng at a post marked Hoiuihi un
son's Houth Weet corner, tbenee rnnniiu* North
suty eliains, Ihenco   Kasl forty  ehuius.  lln-nce
Bouuii sixty ohalns, tbenee Wesl forty ehaim to
place of oommenoement. and eontainiiiK ���m
acres more or leSS,
DolMsJ-n Wiuioh.
If, 11 Mi wiAKKis, Agent.
pated this 16th day of Hcpieroher. looft
Notlre  i��  hereby glTU tr��at MomoOths alter
date I Intend to anpls to lhe Honorable I'uwt
Commissioner ol Canos and Works ior permis>
hIoii to purchase frlo acres oi land, described aa
Valley,  Wi-st  K'oot'liay  dlstri I.  marked "J. tJ.
&i miro's northeait corner post"; thi nceOOchjUni
west; thenoe 80chalm wutb; thenee80ebalni
east; theuee Hti chains north lo Hie piaoS nt com
Dated nth day of Sepl mber, \\et>
J. It. Mt'NKOK,
Notice is hereby glren that Mi days after .lale I
Inteml to applv to the ii.01. Chief Commiaalom 1
of Lands ami Work- lor permission to purchase
the followiiiK described lands, situHie iti Weal
Kooteuay district: lieKtnn|iiK at a i-osl marked
������Arthur Warren'* 8. W. ,-orner," and plained on
the east shoreof Whalshaii (Cariboo) Ink.-, ntH.ut
two miles nortii of the- narrows of Whalshan
lake, and at the B K oorner of W. Beromoe's application to purchase; thenee cast 10 chains;
thenoo north to chalnsj ihence west K> chains;
thence sr.tiili  Mo chains  to  point of comitit nee-
merit; Containing !t*J��) acres mure or leis
Dated this Mb day of Oct. 1000.
AitTiirit Wauhkn,
P. i��� hamvoni*, Agent.
Notice Is hereby glYOU  that sixty  days after
date I intend to -ippiy to the Honorable the
Chief Commissioner of Lands and Works for
permission lo purehaso the following described   lauds  situate   in  ihe West Koolanay
district, Starting Irom a post planted ou the
norlh bank of the North Fork Of Hoh' ereek'
thence 211 chains west, NohllOS north, Nii-IihIiis
west, 10 chains norlh, 20 ehains west, ju chains
north, 90ohalm west, 90 chains norih, w chums
east, 20 obalns south. 20 ihains east, 40 chains
Couth, .'o 1 hmi.- east, .OchHlns south lo point of
eoinineiiceuicnt, oontainlng 010 acres.
Hated ISlh day of August, 1906
���Sixty "lays after date I inteml to applv lo in-*
Commissioner oi Landi ami Works, Victoria to
purchase 100 acres of land, situate and described
as follows: Commenolng ata post planted on the
west side of Arrow lake opposite Cariboo 1'Hy, nt
or near lhe |OUtbWOlt corner of B. Hslg purchase, and marked "(;. M. A., 9. K corner," and
running north 10 ehains. tlienoe west-10 chains
loll. Amiable's purchnse, Ihenee south W 'hains
moreor less to the lake shore, theueehIuiik Hie
"�����- shore to place of beglnnlngi
N'iMee h hereby glveii that s|
ila�� I I Intend loapply |��� tio Hi
uiissioncr of  Lauds and  Works ,,
to purchase tin- r.diowiuL' deaor
uate in Weel Kootenay HI-inn
al a i"--i marked "A. Hlrsili's h y ,','%
planted at the B. VV. oornei uf \Ati ���' ?/.
miles north of Burton City ai..i H\min\ Z '
mile westof the Ootiunhla riv.
ho chains; tbenoe wesl -to ehsln
i* m.tn j
1 to poim ��l
NO .-ban
menoement, containing do acre.
Hnic.i this 1 iih day oi Beptember, mo.
1.     _��� A   Hijumi,
 l?aryALra BbYK, AtMH
Noilce Is hereby given thai 00 ,|���V- .0..,.', '"
intend lo apply to Die Honorabl,   n'��� < QqJ
"llll ,
'dill-;  j
August 251b, 190ft,
otice is bereby kw
_.. bnl Ul days all.t .lale I
intend to apply to the Hunoriile Chlof Commissioner of Landsand Works for permission to pureliase the following described lands, situate in
the West Kootenay district; slartiiiK from 1 no*t
planted it the n, B oornerofF w. Robinson's
Appticatioii to purchase, thenoe 10 ohalna east
fio cbains south, 2U chnins wesl, id eloiiiis norlli
40 chains wesl, 20 chains north. 2D chains ensl, 40
f hains north to polntof coin meneeiiieiit.eoiiin 111-
ine ifloaoru,
Hated IHth day of August, 1900
H. C. K. ItOllINSON,
pcr_HHNKST \\. Kohinnon, Agent,
les i- hereby given mat sm;, .i,n ttet i
I inteml to apply tothe Hon..in!.;. dM-Cbitl '
o I ������-loll erof l-amlsaml Works for f�� ruilwW 1
nil-sinner ol Lands nud Works ior i��
purobase the following described lau
ir..iii a pnM marked W.T's norlhu, -: 1
loutb 40 ehnins, thenoe oust so ,i,
uot th iO chains, thenee weat KI cbalm
commeooement, oonUlning xto hit.* *,      , ;
less; adjoins oil the easl of A. Auihoiir'��.imu,.
tion tojmrehaie. "m i
Hated this 28th day of Augusl, 1800.
W.Toti,   '
N. Dsbum, A|_nt
Notice is hereby given tb-il slxtv -L-i.-��fn-r,Ui_
1 Inieml to apply to lhe Hon. < luVi 1 ���,
erof  Lands and   Work" for |aTjiii--i..ii [��� ,,��,
chaae  the following dew-rlla-d ImihI.  :-j,Jt' I
starling at a |^-t marked Cuthcrin.- 1.,,, ������,. I
plauie.Von ihe easi shore ol U.wi-r ArmeiS i
u<ar Oladitono Creek,  thenee In 1 Imin. t1U|' '
Itieliee MO chains north, ihe-ice lo . I.tioi*'n.^ita i
lake   shore,   tli.;tice  south   along   lakesln.Kttl
j-ollil of lomiiielieeui'-ni.
Hated this Lith day of B-.pd-iiii-r !'���".
1 ATHisnri Ten,   I
Haaiv OiMoK, tgeoL
Nolle- is hereby given that TO day* atter flit* I
inieml (o apply lo (lie Honorable i'i, ii,|,.|i*,#   ���
Milssioucr of Umls und Works f,,r [�� ririlMiofi w
purchase the following descnbe.i i,>u.|. ,\m^> '
oil lbe cast side of Arrow lake: Comincn .U||| ]
theaoutbweat corner of A. Anthonv* pnnh__, \
Hniu,. south twenty ehalns,  Hiene.' .-ait twratf '
obalns, tbenoe north twenty chnint iti.-in. w��t !
twentycbalni to point of .omm. in. im-iit,con-
lainiug wi acres, more priest.
Hated ."���'������pteuiber 1,1916       Hkj-sik \i Hti ait,   ]
HOT It. pJjUSK*. Aieat.
Noiiee 1-  hereby given lhat  1
dale I i   "
1 ominl*-.
to purohaae tbe following d����cnb.*.i i-unt*.nn..
ale in lhe Wi m Kootenay dlslrf.-l, mnl s,|)iiini^ 1
Paul Amlf - nrr eiiiptioii, l-artfliK st �� lot ;
marked A J. l4ing. N. f. coimr, on iKcu.-m Ou-rt
uf Lower Arrow Uke, thonce 2u .-Ii.lnt wK ]
lbence 10 chains south, theme ju ihitefiag,
tbeuce 40 ehalns north to |h)Ioi nf - .>iiinieji��. j
tutted r*( Nelson, B.C., thi* ��,tli <!���-> i<[.-v->-tn-
bei, P.t., A, J Um,   j
Wm. 1'oi.LAKn. iKi-tit.
Notice  1�� hereby  given  Hint slxlv rUyi iftg i
dale 1 intend loapply to the Hoiiornr
Coinniissloiici o| l_tudsand Work-, lol
lo pun has.* lhe foil-.v. ing <b - ;.   ���    ii
In Wihi Kootonay district: Commi 1 1
piiintcit  at   ltoU*rt  < orlett'l  nonh
post and marked a. M'b N. w. Coi
cast 411 chains; ihence 40 chains *.,.<ii
less to tbe Kooteuay river; tbence ��
along Die Kootenay river; thenre
north, more or less, to lhe pla<.- ol
ment, containing IOO acres more or Ic
N-pt-iuber llth 1900.
__^______     WiUUM Moms
Notice is hereby given that Wl-lav* ���iilenliW-n ���
intend   to apply   to theHon. llo' liirff_B_�� .
sioner ol Lands and   Works for KrraliiloO w
purehase thr following described hm 1-in tb*
West Koolenay district; Hcginniii_ nt n P_*
marked ri I). B..I1 and B Hell's S F -.riier part.
about 2mtlei .-asl of theH��liuoti riv l sielilwl
'.. mile from the I'end d'Oreille riier:  lliendf
chains north] thenee00ehalni we*'; iiiet**
it, ains south; ihence 40 ihains cast to Wr-rtil
b'rlntil g.
Dated tne 3__nd day ol Beptember, r.-os.
u n.uitu
H  llllit
 R. M. ItRKVK-. Agi in.    I
Notice is liereby given Unit nod*-.- aiienUtel i
Intend to applv to the Honorable I fie ��� i-n.-r -��*HB-
mission.'! of Lands nml Works for 1- nui-le'!tt
purehaae the following dewrlbed land m ����t ,
Kooienav Dlatrlet about six uni. s wuilli af *"{��� ,
ion rtty: comiiieneingat .1 po��l pfanlfl "�� ����������� i
east bank of Trout creek and marked i 1 F��
er's N W. 0. Tost and runnlmi wuth *i chele. 1
thenco east 80 ehains] thence north *> chaiiii; i
thence west t*i chains to the place of mmmene* :
��iiciil.eoiiiJilnlnK��40ac.r.-. nor.' 01 lew.
Haled this land day ol August, IflOtt-
1- theCbwf j
I" :!i;i��-l't
ii.tti situala ���
v_ Sit pMt ���
nit ro.'BU '
in r  thenee I
h. mnre or ���
���   ,- ��� ��-.i
10 1 lnlM 1
.immentt* I
nr Mcoit,
is Agent
Notice is herehy given ihnt sixty dais nfier
date I Inteml to apply lo the Honorable the
Chlel Commissioner of Unds and Works for permission to purchnse the following dotgrHied
Ian I on the west shoreof upper Arrow Lake and
Joining J. 11. Kceiicy's preemption. HiiuiiIiil'
west 4o chnins; ihcnce north N ehains, Ihenco
eut 40ohalna, to the shors of the lake; thenc
soulb loiiowing the lake shore lo point  ol coin
meneement, containing BJ0 acres more or less
Hated Augusl P.I, 1901..
If. K. Mst.M-oi,
 J, J. Km.i.y, Agent.
Notice Is hereby given Dial sixty dm* afler
date   I   mini,I   io  npply   lo  lhe   II rahle  llo*
Chief Commissi r of Lund*-and Works ior ner
mission to purehaae tho following described
land on tho wost side of Lower Arrow Luke nnd
Joining the souih Hue of the imllau Kcsermtion ���
..milling wesl'in chnins; theuee souih KO chains j
Ihcnce easl JO chnins, to the shore of the laki ���
Ihcme north following the lake shore lo lhe
point of commencement, .lOUtiunin] 110 acres
more or less.
Daied Auguit Uo, 1900. W. li. UlnUtOt
.  _       J. i. Ksi.i.Y, Agent.
Notleo Ik liereby given that flu .lays afu-r date I
Intend to npply io the Hon. the Chief Commls-
loner of Uiinls ami Works for permission to purchase, lhe following described lamls lu Welt
Koolenay dlsirlct, province of itritish Columbia
Commencing ata poet marked "William Toi 1111 a'
tons northwest corner posi," snid post trains
plauied  al  lbe Southwest corner of the "Queen
Mineral ciHim,-' nnd adjoining the east .fne of
Mel hail's pre-empllon. theme south twenty (at)
cm ns along saf.l Hue, theuco east fort* to
ebalna, Ihcnce north twenty m) chains lhetice
west forty (40) cbaina moro or less, to the place of
commencement. i'��*-*_oi
Haled lit 'lay of Auguit, inofl.
William Tui.mhoton,
         aS Ml agent J. E. Taylor.
tion to the Chief Commiss on..r ,,- i,,.,, u ..���,.
Works for porinfsilou to purchase   I ,. ,tt'     '
described land: Commeneing Kt n noitnia _ ,.
' 1- P'sH w, oorner." adjoining the eaal ,.n
ary of I). Pierce's appliciuion  io p,,r. h. in ,     "
nlng thenoe so ohfttni nonh; thenoo00okaini
cast: thence sn eliains south] thence-SOnhattii
&���WoWratt0nMm?,ltr Coata"CHq
Dated the llth day of August, 1000.
perF, 0. FADybiKH,'" "'
I.. KlJ-HKS    I
VV. II. llAMIl.ToN.AUetll
Kotiee II hereby given that M days alterdsts]
inteml in npplv to lhe Hon. Chief CommlMiiHIl-l
of Lnnrls an.1 Works for nermlislon topenlHM
the following deserlbed lands, moated is ttt
Kootenai dUtrlct; Cotnmenclngaiapoitinsrt-
i'.l "BRW8, K corner." planted 00 theshorert
Lower   Arrow   lake,   about       mile  �� "J
Uordon creek (Johntum creek.) iiceuorinj
ohalna, ihence west an obaina, them- wntnw
chnins,  thenco east  W chains  lo  \utMet��t*
meneement, cuntalnliig H�� ���*',������,''��� ""'r""M2J
nnd i.iniprisliig abandoned pre . hm""" >n 0|* ,
naked this aith day of Angus., itM^ ^^
A. N Woi.vgino*.   Vgenl
m rrondiU
Notice Is hereby given tlial blsl) <1a
I llllem) I. I r. I v toll, l- III.II   Chlel' '
of l.amls nml w*orks for permlulon
followlna deeerlbed lamN.
, iiorrhsM
rti h |"Mt
planted on ihe North Wosl corner 0] l-"��-JJJ
(hence  riiiinliig   iwenlv chum- South   n.*1
twonty chains Vest, tbenee kih *����� ���" Y'���.
thonco lwerily chains KhsI. ih.-ii.e 1 ����� ���<���-' 1�� ���
Ing sit ueres more or less.
Kl/iHK.v. t:Hi-M'.
W    I   I"'1   u-
,1 Uii-U
��� !��� Ml
. - ��i'
.  1 rnf
,. nerlM1*
Dated thojsl dayof Oqtojrar, iww.
Hlxty dayi after dale I puri	
cation   lo Ih.- Hon  Chief Cl nis
nud Works lor pi-imlsilou to pi
lowing desoribed laud: Comm*
placed at the southwest eorner ol
plication to purchase, iimrkol '
nor,' ruiiililiK llienee HO chslns 11
chains west] Ihence SO chains l>
ehinnsensl 10 point Of coniincli"
. porK BHiiU-   .-
Noiiee Is berth)'given that "W day* ��"���'���" ']*}',.���
intend   t;   apply   lo  lho  Honoralile  Un* '"
CommiMioner of Lands and Works f'��r.P��Jc
Hon to piirehnsfl the following describe*   '������""
lu lhe vVoil Kootenay dlstricl:   DcgM JJJ8
post marked "Kleanor lllwh'" ��   "   ("
ami i-i:,in, il on Hie wc*t shore of thc
Whalshan (Cariboo) lake, about one ai
miles south of Arrow Inketiall: their
chains; thence east 40 chalna more or ics" ������ *��� j
Ihoro of the Narrows; theuce (ollowlng w-JK
shore in 11 general southerly ami w��*-h���''-�� "'
Hon hu chains more or less to poim of foraeisw
ment, eonlaliilng mo acres more or les',.
Hated Oct. Htli.lonfl. FW*"un into**1"
F. h, Hammond. A��r"i     -
Notice Is hereiiy given thntSUty da; * ,ll,*'li',1!
Ilntondlo applvlothc Hon Chicfc nWJ
or of Landsand Works rornermlwi"" �����JtM
Qhase tho following descrlbeil lands in H''!'.^
Kootenay dlsirlct:  Beginning ��'��i"1''!", ,|u-
"W.Rcconibc'sH   K  co7ner " Snd planted 1'MJ
east shore of Whatshan, (Cariboo) l',l.kll'*"llllii
two miles north of the narrows ol "���>���"; si
lake] thence north HO cliitlns; then1'' '' n.
chains, nmre or less, to the We shore, in"",
following the snid shore lu a geiienil |-*���'*J
and easterly direction l_dohilni,morcoi iom^
the point of comnienccinenl; eonlaiMinn
acres, more or less.
Dated thii 8th day 0! Oot,, 1900,     o^ohbi,
F.L, Hammond, Agenl The Daily Canadian
���* Mln.ral  Olaltn* lor Unpaid  an-I  Delinquent TaxB�� in the lNel��on
ASMcs-smcnt District, Provinces ol l_rlti.it. Columltiu.
,,|,,KlVII 1101108 Ul.I ssli M.sO'lHy, Iiii, Illlll ,|.y <>( Niivemlior, A.l>��� I'JWi,-I ||���. I,,,,,,,,, _-<_���_ ,, ,     -
14 rew u ������- '�� '��"�����_��� -��-____ ..��� ,, 01 ���;.,:.::;.';:,.:;:,';;:,;:::::;;;:;;; ",c ,:""rt,",",
,���.,,��� lamed, for the taxes remtinlng unpaid ami dellnqoenl by laid penoni on tbe 00th day 0f Jim
itm total amount due (s not loonorpeld.
uml for i
ut, ol which cmwn
Is ami  expense*, of
,     i .1 H   I'.hns            ,
[,| .Mt.ilOK Co      	
\  lioyctle nu.I J. A. ..Minimi.
. I \. Jnlleti 	
...i-i MllllliK Co        .     .	
;    , ,., -/i-H ami J. A  IJillliiati.  	
.,    i ,-, | Mining Co        	
. ..,,:,! Mining Co.. Lid	
 hi Mining Co. LU	
i.|i| Milling I Jo 	
,. i.o.I Hose  M.'.lynu       	
Hi'iduii Treasure Oold Mining Co	
...,,-i Mining and DovelopneiHGo
..   i,|,,.   . im-. Hnnilci ��� and T Mcl'hersoii
,s       if-, and L. Mines, Ltd	
!,-j' Campbeli" 	
Mining ami Improvement Co.
Mining Co	
ii on, i  I'lainsfin. a. Kerland ami j. a Cowan.
 Id MiiiingA Ml, Ltd., N. P. L	
\    -simian mi.l I*'. Coryell..
Annie liny
Amile Yrnr
lllg Hump
Itnlly Ho*,
llrond Anil. A M
lioelt II., it,
Mln.- Ilird
. '.od
��� \t.\
ipper Queen
��� am..lino  I'aelhc
CaiiHilimi Ratio
Cnuiprcy Lien
Mmi mark	
. w.t
.. I'HIi
.  .,'W'J
-..   i cation, H. I'etori,T.S. VoPhefson
A Milling Co., Lid  	
ll-- A Milling Co.. Ltd      	
I'   Hoiim-I and H.-lph Hovcc
.hlwell, H  Thomas, J   A. Iu. ner, K. h. IfoUOfJ and It. J. Henley
il Mining-- Development Co., Ltd	
anc. J. K   M' KarlaiM ninl Andrewr-ns ad	
I'hnii tiu'd Mining a Development Co., Ltd   	
...ma L r  Mining Co . Ltd  ...    	
mn Mold Mining Co	
i:.-..n and James Admimon 	
,nh.-., Cyril A rehlbabl, Noll MeWnan, F. liradley A Mary J. Hugh.
I I ..[.u mel J. A. Muccolinld  	
���*: Biid'K. Henley	
I MiiiingCo 	
...-,,,! L.r. Mining Co., Ltd
ir Mining Co., Ltd	
' ii riold ami c.M. Itease
Id Mining Co    ...
:i imi
a 7ft
10, t,o
10 lb
11 ���*..
0 00
II  .Ml
�� n
11 Ml
07 .'sl
10 00
11 Ml
7 3A
It tt
H i'i
:i N
Qolden 'ail.         mm
.ood Hop-*	
Good Hope Krae No. I 4IHB
.ood Knoiigh         ,... ftltiti
Gibraltar 2iw
Bidden Tuenro	
Iliiiiiiiniig Mini  ���tl'-W
Henry Clay 	
Hnllaes .  .. U_7
Iron Cap	
Iron Arm  111.
Imperial Krai-. Kra.tional  ...  . :tB&
liik<-r]Tin.ii '2103
Independence 4770
Jum Int.      W75
Kootenay ��7W.
Llghl-Heari.  l*i*
Last Chance Wi
LillieFrae 4212
Lliiard 78-
I.M.Frae  MC2
U r" lUKino 6441
��� nean Trust Co .
I-I Mining Co...
-iition, administrator of cstaleol ifermHii Locker, deceased.
Kagl l.i Mining Cl)
.  Mining CO	
��� t and Copper Mng. Co,, Ltd
Mining Co., Ltd
It -vmi., Ltd
hi.!- .-i ami Oliver
.1 I Mining ami Milling Co.. Ltd , .V P. I.
I'll   Treasure (lold Mining Oo,
i le Mining Co , Ltd	
hem, c. W, Anderson and J. Malone
ll   ���..: md Milling Uo	
[ ii Mining Co., LM	
hi Mining Co.. titdi.	
', nnd Jens Olien	
Mining Co	
Henry Abbott and K   Henley
���'���k Hidden Treasure Gold Mining Co
I mug Co
Money-Market I
Mlclilgnn ft440
M.H -��1H
Martildc 387e
Monarch 2002
Neradu      ��50l
NelWUI fi-tf-
Old Hill 1��B
Ontario    Itm
Parker 1801
Pieton HUM
Cat 2190
Princess Frac, Fractional .Mtn
I'lnlot Krae S46_
Roia MOO
Itocsford 1405
ItloUramleFrac 6132
Randolph M4*
Behmulka 8H-1
BoowsUde 20*0
Salmon Htar 0042
ftanley 48*4
Summit 4220
Seattle        48W
Hnnsot -Wfl
Trout MS9
Venetta Boy 40-
VanoonTer   37W
W.J. Hryan H-4
White Pine. ....4004
7 fit)
12 7ft
12 ".'.
hi i.
6 _Jr.
h m
10 2ft
M "I
2 60
12 26
12 75
8 00
1.. 00
III 1)0
11 00
13 00
13 00
Costs nnd
I 2.00
2 00
1 00
�� Ul
2 00
2 ini
2 II)
���t m
2 Ui
2 Ut
2 U)
2 00
tit oo
12 7ft
11 71
tt 20
IB. 28
II 00
II 00
2 U)
2 00
t. 00
2 Ul
2. INI
2 00
_ Ui
2 Ul
2. no
2 (Ml
2 (Nl
II 25
14 7fi
14 70
1,. IN)
II 75
0 2ft
10 00
11 2ft
1ft. 00
11 2ft
lfi .INI
12 2ft
14 2-S
14 L'.'i
HI 2ft
10 28
11 2ft
Member of Canadian  Institute of Engineers States  Impressions.
Tho Canadian Knginuer contaliiH a
paragraph written by one of the re-
etuUy visiting mem born of the liintl-
mic and showing side hy side a photo
of an apple on exhibition and a ploco
of oro from tho Hlralhcona mine nt
Greenwood. Tho a-rtiele concludes uu
One of tbe nstoiilshlng revulatloiiH to
the Civil Engineer eraurtlbulota out
West, whh th" splendid display or fruit
nnd vegetable! which Ihey beheld nl
tbe Nelson  Kali.    We never suw Kueh
applet, pears, piumn, gooseberries, etc.,
In our lives. The apph? "Noii-hiicIi,'
iiieiiir.'ii above, wuh MrYi Inobes cir-
oumCerenoe ami iwy* ottu^os lu weight
The coloring wuh Hiiberb. We auw
gtHiHeberrlea \% InchoH long by ono
Inch diameter, Iho like of which we
have never Been outHlde of Old England. If Nelson were not famoiw
for ith mining It would be renowned
for the frull and garden produce grown
lu the peaceful valleyH .watered by the
lovely Kooteuay river. The mineral
Hhown is part of (he gold exhibit from
Ihe "Stralhmore" mine, Greenwood,
which   won   llie  first  prize.    The gold
therein wuttiti realise about %:\ot) per
Silver King Hotd
Beet Dollar a day bouse in tbe Kootonajs.
Rooms sre well furulitied.  Table u goo<l u nntj
Id NeUon.    Bar suppllod with good
li'iuom aaa clears.
W. K. MoOANOLISH, Proprietor.
Tremont Hotise
Kuropesn aod American Plan
Meals _ft ets.   Roomi (rom 'JS i:U. to H
Only White Help Implore..
The Westminster Abbey Choir.
The Westminster Abbey Choir Gleo
nnd Concert Party's coining Is being
(ugerly looked forward lo. The party
number 11 artists, including four of
the finest boy sopranos In England. It
hati been the Intention of the management, lhat concerts should be given
Erldny nud Saturday evenings, Oclober
_tl and 27, but ou account of lhe boat
Balling from Vancouver for China
Home days earlier Ihan was anticipated lt will be ncce*__ary for them to
leave Nelson on the evening train.
However, tbey will appear Saturday
afternoon In an entire change of program from the Friday evening concert.
t Kelson, H. c, thlS-th dsyot Ootober, iw.
llpjiuty Ans-Mor bihI ('ollnctor, NcIhoii AsKe*-"*meni Dixtriut.
i riv. n that00dayi niter date t
>���' 'ii'piii-Htfou m tin- UonorahJo ttit-
���liouc-r oi Umii and WorkN (ox per
|lirclllWO    till!     follow ttlff    lIl'MITlbMl
iiii'iH-uig hi ii poei -plaoed adjoining
-���tiier imgt ni Leon Wilson's ap-
ircitase, ruunlng ho ehalni uorih:
wvaf, tlience ho ehalns south;
.'in-- 1'iwt, i.i [Hiint of ootnmoooo-
iint; ;ju hiti'h moreor looii
. 1900,
Hl-Ft'll WlSTKK,
KI' agftit, ERMIST, W. Kokinson.
rt'lM glveu UiHt OOdays aflor'lst. f
tf :i|,-.]U-H||i.n to tlir IIouorHbli' thu
 -r of Lands and Works for ikt-
I'uri'hase  the  fol lowing  itiufHI*!.!
im iii lug ai n jiuki plniT.) Htmui one
��� ���'.u <'.t_L>k nnil hIhiui throe
���I WhntxIiHii lakQ, running Wi cli it Iiik
���"i.-liaiiix wi-��t; tbenoe ho itiHlnit
������ *< iiiniiiH easti --' pointoi oon*
��� ���iiiiiiiiitti;iiiuinrpn more or leas.
��� ������ r li, I30B.
1'rrKii MeNAtuitTON,
agont. Burnt W. Rohivbom
n liy given thut HiHi>rdaytaiterdate
I; io the iimi rii iff CommiMioner
"i Worki iiiri>-Tiiil'*>*-'iou to purehase
lowing  iieKcrlbea   lands In (lie West
11    Beginning ��,i�� |...m uiHrkf.i .
- W, i orner,. unit plantedabont
mil'' chhI of tin- shore of whatshan
J  I tiki*- iiu,l  iiluiiil 2 uillfx liorlli of tho
>< i lake, mui at tlm H. B- oornei
Witrron'i n|iiiiicutiou in pnrohawi
��� iieliui thonoe north Boehalns
\ d w 'iniiii-. lo ilu- mirthvitftt eornei of
���   - npplii iiii.in tu nnrchase; thonco
'    "" In pOllll "l iniiiliiriii-fiUflil, rue
''i-i in r.-s, more or ii-rw.
IWO, J. H. NtMIM'o,
v. L. IIammonh, Agent.
'*��� in-reby given that00dan ��ft*r date l
1 N|'|;ly l.i th.. M.iiiorHlilf ilu* Chief C_M*
' > " Lmii.Ik ninl Work*- fur imi iiii--mii lo
no* loiiowing deanrilnd ibd.ih tn the
""'"iin) ili-im-i: llfgiiitiiiig nt h post
vii'tamirr trnnfr'N n. W. eorner," and
��� n   Uu*  out   nlmt,'  of  tlu' imrroWNiif
" e 'nil ) Uke, nt iiu'- K.corner oi
> Hirwii'ii  H|,|,ii.'iiii<>ii   to bnrohasoi
" 10 Ohalni 1 Mi.-ii,.' -..mlli Ni, li.un-;
"���' In liiiins, more or Ivx*. to lhe Hlioro
1 ��n; ihi-m-e fnlluwiiig tin* mh Id nlmri'
,!" r,v illri'ittoii W fluiliiH, mori'or h<n��
"'in <>f I'liiiiiuiiifciiiuiit, fonialiitiig .'t^i
;nrc or Icjh.
tfotioe in hereto gitw lhal����dati niter date i
Intond io apply to the Hon. Chief Commissioner
nf uwds and works for permission to porebaee
the follouiug described iMds mi,i.h.-'I in tin-
West Kootenay distriet:   Berlnulng at a post
uiMrk.-.l "Herbert Warren'n N. K. co-tier," ami
nlaiilfil on the w Mt Klioreof Wlintitlinii (' ��rilNii)
Uke, alNtut one i|iuirter mil-* north of the southern end of the lake i thenoe west 80 chains i thence
FtiiilliNlrliHiiiH; Ihenee en*��l wi chain*, more or
Uhm, to Whatshan eroeki ibenee following
north along the creek and ink.- ihore *i chains,
moreor len, lo poini of bomroeneement,<���<>��-
titliilug frln hitch, more or lew-
Date_ thll utii day o! Ootober, 1806.
f, L. llAMHoNIt, Agcllt.
Noiiee it* bereby givon that tu' days after 'late t
Inteml to apply to lhe Hon. Chief < .immli-iiioiier
,.i I .Mi-is mnl (vorkt* for permission to purobase
the following desoribed if-mi" slWated tn the
Went Kootenay .imtrU't: Beginning ��t n pout
marked "O. V, IfaoMloklng*! K. \V. corner," ami
pleated on the wesi ihore ol Whatshan (iiiritj.-0
Use, abont throe-mil* north of the Uimer-Nar-
rowaof.hvsa.il lake and onoosltetheIsland in
tin* ih'iI lake; llienee noiilli Hll ehalni*; llieime
eait 411 clialuH, nmre or less, to the laSOSbon)
Ihcnce following the sal.l shore In a norilierly
and westerly olnetion l�� cbaloe,moroorieas,
to polul olconiiiteiifemeiil, I'onliiiutng.i-AiaercM,
m8Sl_*i!a_. o.u. _._!�����*	
By V. I. llAMMssSIs, Agent.
The Latest Modern Appliances
now in use at this
And  ORUVURt-l> l*RI_l-
Baker Street.     -     NELSON.
i.i' ���
so ehaim
. liHXI. '
hy l''. L- IIammonu, Agent.
'�� afior tlate I nnrnole making appli-
io Hon. Chief Oomminiqner ol lAndi
lor permission io paroheje the lot*
'lihci imul: Qommenefng at a post
ul till ynnli weit ol Ihu Wlialalian
Ild abotlt two mili'-H Houlh of Whal
marked "B. 0.3*01. K eorner pout,"
licnco WI eluiiiiK sonth] theuee HO
tj tlienoo 80 cbains north: thenee*)
��� to polntof oommenoement; contain-
ei, more or less
' H'llMlayof OcUihoMOUO.
II 0. HKINNfll,
I'er It. HiiiKi.t., Agent
iK niter ilitle I ptirpoRu making appli-
lie Hon. t-hiof Commissioner of Lamls
i tor permi��N|on to purchanu the ful-
Berluoci lend j (.'oinmeuclng utapoHt
lie norih chhI corner *_f B. C r'ltiinier'n
n to purehiiHC, inaikeil "II. P'i N.W
t. thenee following tho cart Itouml-
1 -Hielinin-, H ,ul!i; iheiife ninning HO
thenee EO ehaini north; theuee su
lo point o| coinmelii'eiui'llt, eolltnlll-
i more or leu
'"th day of October, iww.
II. inim,
Tor ll. Shibll, Agent.
Nislls-,.  I nliy Blv.-Il Ih.l.lllIrly.liiy. Htl.T
,i,u-. i i si i i" ii" ' "'i!"",1,1-; ""���
iiili'f CommlBloner "i Und I worki r..r ���
H,'.,.|��ll lis,-,,, ,-..t nil) ssivs.j  Iht d-nill
ff, rollowlng ,i.-.,-.ii..:,i is.ii.ls-. -Iiiiii" I" ��"
-oramouolua ui ��� pel m.rkeil Kr.-,l *,Uln��n'i
ISSIlllSSVS'hl     II,HUT     IMSNl,    OlHIItl'sl  lllllllll  S'llS'   IIIIH'
-_,! ol W ur,��� Uio mi.l lolnlnj toi-Ml
 n il m oli.ln., ini'iii ni
,|���.| u.Hl Ml ,'linlli-.. II 00 llnrlll
i,���llil���lrssiiiini'ii,'s' HI
 " """"""'���"���'"'VS'atki^in,
(Shah Khi.
-r���L.. i r tu.l.ypKlliT iimi' ��';' Hi'''"'!
mi-l,i..lsisllMll  Ho' Honor.We tho Oblol
���   ,   f. i s.-, ol i.��n'i�� ��nd Wprlej or ��i|��oi��l
'., ,,  arsde.rry iissny miiiIiit Irsiisi   lie
111,, is nn d_-rl_- i��nsl��: i:i.nsiiiisiis-iiiB al si
,.t ii"��r lbe loothoul eorner "l the R.*��
Km. is   l"it ��s�� ��' '-""�� <il.i:i�� w*i
ToSStm Us'mi' i""" '*" ''>'"'"" ','" "*"
KSi tbenee wnt*. Itooh.lo.i tbenee won
Joob.ln.to point tUrnS/M****'
|.���l,-,l Hcssts'Ill sst  Hill, WW
*"""'���     '        WATTOsi'Mil IOTIBM (VM-1NT,
IUNI.I. Tissshkv. ARl'Ilt.
IJ ,,,,.��� iss ll,T,-t,V KlVl-1 It Sll ,l��y�� ��IUT lll.ll! I
l���n is.1   . i PId.   to I Ins  lion, lbe I'hle I'oninil.
1    ,   ��� ,,( iSn-l and Worltl l.sr a sns-s-'al  lie lie
'""'1',', *, ,   i." is'��� ��������'"��" "hnln".""""'" "','"''
,,���..,.ii ,iis ii, in     (ooheln.i lheni. sss.iiiii ID
*";,'���������,    i   sV.'..i.siss-iioem,.,il,
elialnss lis V lni<j���     ,,.���
Meeted .'i"J -""'
. IIkni,-iis*ssn, l-sriitnr.
Old Curiosity Shop
ir you want to buy or anil anything,
.; lha Old Curl-ally Shop. A new
*h_ nf Janaoe-e Ooo.la now on sale. All
L'^a0  o.   Ulnnorwurn In   atook.   P,t-
Thirty-second Annual Convention
Amerian Bankers'
St. Louis, Ho., Oct. 16-19, 1906
Koiiml lrl|. rHtes to Hi. Loiiin
Ami Chicago mi Bale October
lath to isth.
HI. Louis JoO.OO
Chicago ^'^
(loiiiK tranill limit ten <Ih)*h
from date of Sale.  Pinal return
liinii NoM-mlii'i"MU, IWhi.
Round Trip Rates to Southern
in effect Ootober 8Mh, ltti". on
rkIo .hilly, HmilfHl to K moutliH
from ��Inte of Kale.
or iVn-ftilei rii'1 Santa itnrii��rB ..ss$,t>o
Paaade ua So. io
Hutitti Muiilea  So.JO
Itlverslile nml Hint Itnnmrdluo..     8<>.!Q
Binllamlii  t*J0
.    For Further Information Apply to
Cily I'aMeiiK-r Agent.
A U.P.A.._->ttle.
One Vear a Queen.
Madrid, Oct. 24.���Queen Victoria,
formerly Prlncesa Eugenie of Batten-
iberg, today celebrated her first birthday aa queen of Spain. The queen
was born Oct. 24. 1887. The anniversary waa generally obaerved as a holiday In tho capital and throughout the
B.ker Bl., Nelaon Proprietor.
Bartlett   House
Best Dollara-Dar House fo Nelson.
The Btr M the Plneit.
White Help Only KmplnyeO.
Joiephlue Ht.
The Big Schoontf ntf_., 1f\r
Or -lliH and Half"    DCCt    JUL.
The only Ulasa of Oood Hcer iu Nelson.
M-il.l 1,,'s'iisiiiiKnlisllisii-s ks-s.sisiI tolKinr-lll llrll-
l.l, l.'olutiilifH. I:���s, - .1 s.s |hT,Ihv. H|H-ClMl TH-'.
lo iniiullily iNturdi-rii. Hilly lionits liolel 111 Nsl.siii
Residence for Sale.
Price $1,000
Terms *IMi cnah
balance monthly payments
House and Two Lots for Sale in
Hume Addition. The house has
five rooms and a large basement
and is well situated.
H. d_ M. BIRD.
i*n��ui-an___   Real Estate and Mining
Manager for the Kootenay Valleys Company. Ltd.
Oldest established Real Estate
Business in Kootenay.
Nelson, B. C.
Lake View Hotel
I'l.rii-r Hall an.) Vernon,
two tilock�� from wharf.
HhIin $1.00 per day aud up.
P.O.Box 161.
Tclnpliotio MH.
tUO. ST.
Potter & Cummings
Yale-Kootenay Ice, Frott, Fuel
& Poultry Co., Ltd.
Grand Central Hotel
J. A. ERIOKSON, Proprietor.
Centrally I^,s��t,-sl. Open Day and Night,
-ample anil Bath Rooms Frae.
Opposite Court Hotise and Post Office.
Corner Ward and Vernon Struts.
T1** Sttathcona
Nation, B.O.
B. Tomkins, Manager.
Choice Fruit
I Hare 10,000 Ami
of the
Choicest Frott Lands In
British Colombia.
Can sell any quantity from 5 acres to 2,000 in one block.
Buy now and get thc ground floor prices.
J. E. ANNABLE,    -    Nelson, B. C.
The Hall Mining and Smelting
Company, Limited.
The .Leading Hotel in the
Oood   Sample    Roonu.
Dollveric- mnile ilnily tbronirliout Nrslsou
nnd its ��ilu -hn.  '       Phone 148.
Queen's Hotel
Baker Btreet, Nelaon. B. C.
Lighted by Electricity snd
Heated by Hot Air
I.ssr.-s ansl Oomlortable Bedroom, and Flrslt-
clfl.. ! ���'iiIiik Room.  Sample Boomi for -ornmer-
���RS. K. C. CLARKB, ProprletnM
*T3*^'17IJ The well known
_T_ .W V C Snbnrlnn
UAfCT        ��nr Beerttanlen is
nU X C-L        the Finest iu the
^-�����___l Kooteuny-.
Purchases Lead, Copper and Dry Ores.
New Fall
Goods Arriving
Importer of Plna
Bn-ffllah  Qooda
Jfno. T. Pierre
Baker St. INelson, B. C
J. CROW,   -   -   Propriktor
Royal Hotel
EAST from Medicine Hat
ST. PAUL, Dully.
TORONTO, Wed., Prl., Sun.
MONTREAL, Tun., Thnr., Mon.
IIOSTON,  Saturday.
Wett from Revelstoke
Daily Standard Sleep-r
Rates fl aud ft .60 a Day.
Special Rates to Begnlar Boarden.
Wbols'Hals- ���!���! Ill-lull Healer. Ill
Fresh and Salted Meats
( .mips supplier! on slinrlent luitiiT nml
lowest price. Nothing but troth ond
wholoKoniH iii.-nis nm) mippl.-n kept in slm-k
Mnil onlcrn rnocivp nirefnl attention.
BUSCH...       Budweiser Beer
Order quantity before cold weather sets in.
NELSON      *��" *_BBJSi_I_? r,t'"h    VICTORIA
P. Burns &��� Co.
E. C. TRAVES.  Manager.
Bmii-h Market* in Rowland,  Trail,  Mi Usui, Kaslo,  Snndon, Three Forko, Mew
Denver and Slocan Oity.
W.   a.   GILLETT
Coiitruutor and
Bole fiBcnt for llio Porto Kleo Lumber Co., Ltd.,
1'i'hiil vnnls. Knui-'li mnl (lrt*'nu<l luiiitii-r. liniiitl
work nml iinirki-K Coast Intii mi'l sii in-^ii--'. mihIi
mid iloora. Oeuicnt, brick and lime for Hi-tie,
AutomAtl!1, grltiilrr-
Vanl timl (iicltn-y: Vernon St.. ensl of Unit,
P. O. Hoi 23i Telephone 178.
For  DOrths, rntos or dotallcsd  Information apply to local ngnntK or write
A.O.H.4..Vancouver. O.P.A., Nelsson.
West Transfer Co.
Gonnrnl Toain-tor8 and Dealer- in
Ooal and Wood.   Express and
Baggage Transfer
���o.pii����� Office: Baker St.
Orden by mall to any branch will hare
our prompt anil earaful attention-
Head Ofllce: Nelion, B. C.
Certificate of Improvements
Municipality of the City of Wdson
"Happy Medium,'
"Air Kraelional"  niln-
"KelipM No. 2,"  "Vovey,
"liiUTimtioiirtl" and "A
cralflaims, Hltuated In tbuHlocRti City Mining
Division of WrKt Kootenay dintrlct.
Where loeatud:���North ot Twelve Mile crook,
about two mlleMip.
Take notiee that I, II. H. Jonintl, of Blocan, n.
p., Krce Miner's ��� ertlftcaW No. B78800, an aKcnt
for L. A. Cole, Free Mlner'H Certtlleate No. b#VH,
Inteud, sixty dayN from the date hereof, to app y
to tho Minimr Recorder lor a t.'ertlfleato of Im-
firo^'cmenta, lor the puriiOKD of obtaining nt'rown
Irant of Raid mineral elalirm.
And further take notice that action, un'er
Section 37, ntuttt he coinmeiu-ed before the Ibsu-
anro of audi cert ideate of I inprovementN.
Dated thfh aitli day of September, IWHI.
Any ma'e or fenmle. Uein-j a British inhject of
the full a���� of '21 yeen, who haa paid all tho
rules hihI laies Ior tho current year, and haa
eoiiiiniiuiislv resided within the municipality
flluee Die firr-i day of January, 1W16, and who In a
liiiiiM-liniiier or li"eneo holder within the munl-
clpHllly, may roKl-^ter hs a voter for the year 19u7,
If tho neceaBiiry declaration la depodted at thin
offlce on or licfoi-v Oct. 81 next. Penons qnaify**
liiK hi license holdcra, who are not property
owm.m, must Httcud lo re-flatratlon of their
nameH on the list. Ponous who have become
property owners within tho municipality siaee
l>*_c.;]|-t, liiv'i, nre nviucsted to Inform tne undo, signed ut once.
W. K. WAf ON, C. M O.
City Clerk's offlce, Nelson, tt. U., Oct. 18, WW. The Daily Canadian
Ustaotlon. Tin- styles
tow are these for prl
We have the lies! anil  guarantee il to gtv
���e carry  are the newest on tins market.   II
Vegetable  Dishes   $9.00
Pudding   Dishes    $6.00,   $7.50.   $10.00
Bread   Trays   . .  $4,  $5.50,  $6.75
Butter Dishes" $1.65, $2. $3.75. $4
Book Ahead For:
Preserving Pears:
The right  kind are scarce.   We ���
***   have a nice lot of  local Bartletts J
aud Flemish Beauties to arrive ���
Lowest marketp_l06fl guaranteed. T
.Beli Trading*.
X        Company        I
��� ���
Coal and
Telephone 265
Do you remember that
The apple you took trom,
the tree when you were a;
How uiee it tasted then.
has some just like them.
Come aud  sample some.
JOY will meet you
at the door.
| Joy's Cash Grocery!
Oor.Jwephlaeand .Miu Hm.    Phone IB
Waterproof Paints
Coal Tar, Pitch,
Creosote, Oils for
Preserving Timber,
Roofing Pitch and
Bout Bnttdan wilt Hnd ii to (heir advantage to use nur Pitch.
Nelson Coke & Gas Co,
Thorpe's Lithia
Thorpe & Co'y,
i lb. box   -   50c
1-2 lb. box-   30c
TiieRc geoda nn- et One u the more ozpomivo
kinds, tlii* Hiiiy -UffaranoQ u the package.
Pboue 2o. Baker St.
Next P. Burns ��� Co.
Cor. Vcrnnn sand Word  Streuta,
.iJ-IED BUMK. Proprietor.
C. F. Caldwell, H. A. Curacy, KuhIo:
J. Perkins, G. W. Adam-. Miss .Mclntyre, L. Camp, 1_, W. Murks, Vunconv-
er; A. K. Rowley, Montreal; G. E. Mc
Millan. W .P. Cronln und wife, Toronto; P. Madge, Rock Creek; .1. II. Prase!. A. Fraser, London; M. Koenlgs-
burg, Winnipeg: Mr. nnd Mrs. Williams, Slocan; H. A. Lincoln, Castle-
W. E. Zwicky, Kaslo; J. Squires,
Rossland; J. A. Whitlier, Sandon; H.
A. R. Drury, G. A. Hyndman, Ottawa;
R. Irving, Kaslo; It. N. Hode, St.
Louis; H. H. Davison. Toronto; P. El-
llston, Victoria; C. B. Uush, Greenwood.     ���
0. Ci'oy, Lutlgdon; C . A. Moore,
.Molilalia; Mrs. G. King, Aiusworth;
Mr. ami Mrs. Hale, Winnipeg; W. G.
Jackson, F. Ellen,, Vuucouver.
T. Gebbie, Buttleford;  J. Robertson,
.1.  Mali. Sandon;   Ii.    Geary,    (irand
Porks;      J.    Britton,   Greenwood;    F.
Joyce, Winnipeg.
.1. Lang, Grand Forks;  H. Latchliird,
Toronto;  W. E, McLaughlin, Spokane;
J. G. Graham, P. G. Mullen, Ymid;t J.
D. Hammond, Salmo.
M. .1. Keeper, L. Fordyce, Spokane;
J. K. Roberts, St. Louis.
Sol   Johns,   Rossland;   J.   Robinson,
E. Smith, Bpokane; W. Walker, Rev-
elstoke; W. ll. Anderson, Oregon; F.
Lawson, Bonnington.
.1. MoDonald, Gran-rook: li. Williams, Thirteen Mile Point; J. P. Bowman, G. ('. Bowman, Colville; W. May,
o. Mcintosh, Arrowhead; H. F. Mor-
tensen. Green Buy; J. MoMaster, Ymir;
H. C. Megglit, Rosebery.
���I.   iliiinill.   Lardo:     P.    McEaclieru,
tloniiiuBton; .1. Reid, Westly.
best.     Try a pound with
your next order.
Money  refunded if not  satisfactory.
Telephone 161,
We're particular to have only pipes
ihai we can guarantee���OBD, linn, jn
���made from the finest French briar,
curved or straight stems, amber or vulcanite mouthpieces. All sizes: ji.uo
Tobacconist.   Baker Street.
611 -MKN, III Once, 1st svnrl: ill llll' wsjsssIb.   Applv
10 W   !���:   I'ssssk,:, .ssss'lillll, Kl-llo.	
imssssI ininss- wins employer-l family.    Apply
1'ss.X \V.. Cskllslilislll ���f]t|.|>.
HISII.MKN, Mill ll���i,iis,inil U��i!lii|{l,'imlrai-li,rs,
nlssi, Bsglnwr    Wdtuburg luunoer uo,, ueitr
lrssiil,r������k. H. ('
COMPKTKNT  miHBS   UIBL.    Five   children.
Apply Usui 013.
Patrons of music and the draina will
have many attractions to select from
next  week.
The regular meeting: of the Xelson
aerie, V. O. !_., will he held in Fraternity  hall tonighl   at  S.
An important fruit land deal was
concluded at Kaslo on Monday, hut
particulars are mn obtainable,
The annual meeting ot the Nelson
Agricultural ami industrial society win
he held in the hoard of trade rooms
Thursday, November 1.
Activity in the first stages of mining, as shown by records of locators
and usHessments, Is being continued
later than  usual  this year.
Silver and lead both declined slight
ly tm today's metal markets, the former one point in both London ami
Xew York, the American quotation today being 70% cents. Lead lost five
paints on the London market, and ia
now  XI!) 10s.
"Teezy Weezy," or a trip to Coney
Island, a brilliant production in which
(he Zinn Musical Travesty company
opens here a1 Sherman's opera house
on Monday. October 20, portrays the
difficulties of two married men and
their wives, who leave home and go to
the city to have tbe proverbial good
time, unbeknown to each other. The
wives get wind of their husbands' attempt to outwit them and lay un ingenious plan to thwart their lords and
A fair house greeted the Amsden
company last evening, when the "Mas-
cotte I'p-to-Date" was presented. The
piece us it wus given laflt ovening
hears some resemblance to the opera
of the same name, many of the attractive solos and choruses being retained,
but on tbe whole it is little more than
a musical comedy. Mr. Amsden kept
the audience in laughter and the rest
of the company contributed liberally
toward the evenfng's entertainment.
Tonight concludes the engagement of
the Amsdem companv, and "The Governor'* Wife" will be the bill.
The Store of Quality
40 Cents per Pound
In order to clear nut this line
we are reducing the urine to
40c. We only have n limited
quantity so don't delay ordering if you want any.
K. W. C. Block . Phone 10
A. McDonald & Co.
Doalers in Htnple and faucy Orocorioa.
Butter, Eggn.
Camp and Miners' Supplies.
Sherman's Opera House
The Governor's Wife
Prices 50c, 75, $1.00,
Beam on Sale al Hiltlierford's
FRIDAY, October 26
and Saturday Matinee, Oct. 27th,
Westminster Abbey Choir
Seats 50c, 75c, $1.00,
Sale opens Thursday morning,
MONDAY, Oct.29th
Change or olii nightly.
Zinn Musical Travesty
and Dancing Girls.
Seats 50c, 75c $1.00.
Bale opens Saturday morning,
Fresh, Crisp aud Appetiziug.
25c per pound.
Tliis is a fine line.
Cm Am Benedict
Corner Silica and Josephine Stfl.
For Fall Planting for
Home and Garden
Numerous Designs and Low Prices
Call and Inspect.
T T  WA! KFR   Jewelerandof
)���   )���     Tf XVUV-ClIX^ Telephone..!,
Wfl havo just received a consignment
of New Records, both Cylinder nmi
Disc. This (Shipment was selected personally  and  every   record   in a choice
Disc, 10 Inch   each 65c
Cylinder each ���  35c
Cylinder, gold mounted.. .each 45c
Canada Drug & Book Go's
....Cash Stores....
W. G. Thomson
Nelsou, B. C.
Phone 34.
Mining Records.
Three locations and two certificates-:
of asKOHsmeni work were recorded in
tlie Nelson  mining office today.
Ovid Poulto recorded the Imperial,
located October IB, on the divide ho-
tween  Wild  Horse and  Mear creeks.
.1. lT. Rowley recorded the California,
located October !���>, at  the head of the
south  fork of Clearwater creek.
C.   Seaman   recorded   the   Cashmere,
located October 15, on  Lost creek.
Certificates of work were issued to
C. Seaman on the Saloma, and to Joseph  Harrison, on th*** Dandy Fraction.
Trains and  Boats.
Crow boat���One and three-ijuarter
hours late.
Slocan   train���On  time.
Coast, Boundary and Kossland train
���On time.
Hii\��'   About   Your
Guns and
Ammunition ?
We have Kley's, Kynock's, Wiu-
eheHter. and Cogswell &
Loaded Shot Shells
Kynock's, Winchester and
Rifle and Pistol Cartridges
Hunting Knives. Wading, Belts,
OoatB, Punts, etc.
Nelson Hardware Co.
Box 031       Nelson, B. C.
Talking about it will neither put a
piano into your home nor bring back
the days���valuable days���your daughter is wasting. Let us tell you how
t'usy we wit) make it for you NOW to
give your family the piano they have
wished for so long.
"Acts Not Words"
The Greatest Shotb in the History of Nelson
Auspices of the Ti��enty Thousand Club
"Double 'Bill, Grand and Comic Opera, bv the
Perfect h.-hhijk mnl Heating nt Building.    Modern blevAtad ^ihk*.
witli Aprun uml H-Hiii'lintr I',mnl*-     Finn OMD til   l-tni|,'!ni rut's 11
ii. m , Th tit-way, Oot, 28th- no hoonkk.
Reserved Seats $1.00.
General Admission 75c
officers ot the Twenty Thousand -"int. guarantee thc mmn
pu_lk- tin* m u��j-.n] irc-nt ui (li<> MAIon.
Improved Kootenay
Fruit Ranch for Sale
Money maker trom the start, continuing M aorei ur rimi cluux frull huh,
level as a floor, every Inch under cultivation; water running through the
premises; 1(I00 fruit trees planted,
Home rive years old and bearing, bul-
unce three years old aad will bear next summer; large quantities of
raspberries, strawberries and other small fruits; dwelling house;
stables; root houses; waggons; horses; tools; fully fenced. VVe
positively guarantee that then, is nol a finer ranch on Kootonay lake.
This place is situated 18 miles easl of Nelson on the shore of Kootenay lake; |s within one-quarter mile nr good steamboat landing, nml
one-quarter mile from 0. P, K. station, Price $r,,ooo.
TA VU   JEV    _n_T\        *_UIT LANDS and KEAL ESTATK
* w IJC OL V_> __/���> BAKER ST.      NELSON
'    Repairing and Jobbing a Speciabl
Bheettnetal Work, dustings, Builders' Material nud Mining anil Hill Ma/lii_��� I
Offloe and Works Foo' of Park St.
im,,.,,. -hi.
l*ulM.||,,  U.(
&/*** Kootenay Agents I
LCL       R-A.Rogers 4 Co.
VA/*>       Limited. Winnipeg,
W'lii ilt--Min_.'   I -roviniiins,
Dominion Oorernnient Oreomerr Om-Pound Hricl-s reaelTed w-Bklyfafl
from the nhorn.   For sale I.y all leed-ltg grocers.
Offloe and warehonse: Bonston Blook,   Phone TO
Nelson, B. C.
Don't Forget
la your furnace In shape to atart the winter with7    If  not, I
Is the time to have it repaired.
I. ft Ashdown Hardware Co., Lt
PLEASE NOTE���Wo will not he responsible for any furnare not Insbs
by October lBt, 190C.
���~~~*-~*'B.  A.   ISAAC R. W.  HINTON ~^~*-NA
Uscpi.lrl.iit itnd  .1.issi axsou-vd with I >_��,...I- I,.   Slscul Mft"-|
Work, Mil.Iiik ��>>.-l .Mill Muclll.1u.-y.      MsimisIii. I sirs.T�� ssl
Ore Bust, kt. kt.   Cs���,lr���a,,rs��' Cum.
c_n.KofH.a__  imelsoin, b. c.     nr���f
We Wifl Sell
500 International Coal     -      t%
10 Marconi, Canadian     -    $2.\
WOO Yale-Kootenay Ice     -  9 fi
McDermid & McHztdj
j Just Arrived!
A large consipi*
ment of
All Bbos uml Lowaat Pdata
..���ift oSi-i, ti .^.rffla (A^t^iiiw^(tS^,^<ih' zti-!-.-.
MANUFACTURERS   T 4_ c*��_i��       1  ���
AND DEALERS IN   i^iitiVOZty   _>hinglCSt
Lath, Moulding..;- Doors, Window*J
Turned Work and Bruckets. Mail Onion, promptly itH���*"!
>'KKIN<J1\ gTggM*   -   ���   -   INBUON, B. ���_���
Kootenay Ranges
Why do we handle the Famous Kootenay Range'
Because we cannot procure a better, taking in'0 <_
count design,  workmanship, cooking qualities an- P,lee
We will be pleased to show you Its good points.
Wood-Vallance Hardware Co'f
VV ll<,|V-MtllU
^^^M ���'


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