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The Daily Canadian Feb 28, 1907

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Array U'M
B I.   No. 228.
gtoiltj  (ftanafoicra
.tofua*. ��;
tyers Fencing Over
the Thaw Case
|nce Expects Conclude Its Cast
This Week���Alienists In
Yssrk,  Feb.   28.���When      court
cii iiiiii morning for the trial of
K. Thaw, charged with tho niur-
Stanford While, the usual crowd
{missing,  only  comparatively   few
hiiss; fssr admission.
sliillt'si slay of the Thaw trial wuh
.I today whs'ii Dlitrlel Attorns;
,- continued his crosH-exnmnlntion
llrltton and Dr. Kvans, alienists
s- defence. The morning waa taken
fitli question! concerning details, of
of Thaw's  letter)  which  have
admitted In evidence.   Mr. Jerome
id several of hla questions man]
s before seonrlng a ileiinlte answer,
���, ml lis*. Brans waa convinced the
s sv.is insune at the lime of writ-
Hut nol Insane iu lhe sense that
fssiilsl always  remain  insane,"  Ute
s added,
���re were only half .1 hundred spec.
in ihe courtroom when the pro-
1. s lis'Kiin today and half of these
|vH lis   ilie  tint,, luncheon  recess
rdered.     The   long,   druwn-out
 sinatlon    of    Ur.   Kvuns evt-
precludes the possibility of the
concluding lita tuae this week.
York, Feb. 28.���The Immediate
in   the   Thaw   trial   promises
; Isiit expat testimony.   Dr. tlrlt-
R)    KvallS,    :-sl|s. rillts-sssls'llt    of    lln
f;.. ut Moi-rls l'l.,Ins. N. .1., resumed
1 today and District Attorney
ssiiiiuued the searching cross-
tinatlou which took up practically
yeaterdky'l session.    Today  Dr.
i nslil   what signs of  melancholy
piniil in Harry Thaws letters and
will and codicil thereto, which
I sis.* slate of April 4, 1905, the day
Irblcb   Thaw   and   Kvelyn   Nesbitt
J married.
bIi.siia the moat interested man in
ii'ii'troom yesterday waB Dr. C. 0.
ier, superintendent of the Insane
tal in Ulughnmton, N. Y��� whose
examination will follow that of Dr.
I. IU' occupied a seat close to thc
pnul listened Intently to every quca.
mnl answer.    Behind Mr. Jerome,
p, the cross-examination, aat Dr.
' Macdonald, Dr. Austin Flint and
IniIIIiiiii Maben.   They made vuluin.
ssts'S of iho testimony nnil Mr
conferred with them constantly.
Isl that all three of these alien-
|��ill no on  the stand In rebuttal,
the district attorney hns Btated
lis* will call Dr. Allen Hamilton lo
Itni'Bs aland, It is probable that
rul ��� of physician of patient will be
|l"il  by the defence.      Dr.  llamll-
��as retained by  lhe defence soon
His* killing of White and saw Thaw
'��� Tomb! at the request of Thaw's
nm    When he examined Thnw It
as a physician In Thaw's employ,
s  Is Hub. chance thai tin* defonoo
now allow hlm to testify for tin*
��� ���union   Without  a  speolSc  waiver
lie ihhi of ihe defence.   Mr. Delmas
hi   yesterday   lhat  ho   expected   to
lb  tins   defence's   direct   case   this
Is. tin' sixth of the trial,    If this
ne It  Is likely that the caae will
* the Jury within two weeks.
ffivani was recalleil and hla cniBs-
Initiation   resumed   by   Mr. Jerome.
evening   Dr.   Hvuiih   wub   given
|es of TIiuw'b leller, will und codl-
so that lie might lie prepared for
examination   on   hla  theory  that
le documents contain evidences of
liuassuud mind,   lie read them again
s'i'iii  Mils; morning.
I litter written with a lead pencil by
|w lo Evelyn NeBbltt he eald showed
T of sense of proprieties, a "Iobb of
asi'tlcs   sense"   and   showed   tho
ier was one of unsound mind In view
Vs usual environment of wealth.
f-Vould this fncl," aaked Mr. Jerome,
fit  tins  writer   has   been   travelling
���Ugh Kurnpo with the young woman
Juan and wife, though not married,
���eaay effect upon your opinion?"
���jo," replied Dr. BvanB. "For a man
Ier   these   circumstances may love
I woman Just as much as though she
wero joined to him by holler ties." Dr
���.vans dually admitted that the letter
token alone would nui ��i,ow a patho-
logical condition of the mind and !,..
Ota red that, generally speaking, t was a
diseased eondiUon or the brain. Dr
i*,vaiiB was explaining the .ff,.ct ���r
mental medicine" when Dlatrlct Attorney Jerome interrupted. **i win be
abort,* sain t|���. ������,���,-, ,.��� w_ ___
get anything shorl." said the district
attorney, "go ahead."
Intemperance in France.
Paris, Feb. 28-The rapidly Increasing consumption of alcohol In France
Is attracting the attention of statesmen,
who. following the example of Belgian
and Swiss legislators, are devoting
earnest efforts lo restrict the spread of
the evil In both chambers Important
groups have been formed whose members are ends-uvorlng to effect the enforcement of existing enactments and
the promotion of fresh legislation with
the view of limiting the number of saloons, of strengthening the hands of the
authorities so as to Improve their sup-
i nlsion und eventually to forbid the
sale of absinth.* as being the most de-
leterlous of alcoholic liquors.
Stop the Succession,
llerlln, Feb. 28.���Chancellor Von Hue-
low presided today ut a meeting of the
li'ils-ral council, at which it waB decided ununlinously thul under the pres
<-nt circumstances, uo member of the
house of Cumberland will be allowed to
succeed to the throne of the duchy ol
Price of Metals.
New York, Feb. 28.���Silver, 0914c;
copper, S4Ho;  lead, $6.
London, Feb. 23 ��� Silver, 32Vf,d; lead,
��19, 10a.
Investigation  Shows   How   Joliet   and
Chicago Road Saved Trouble by
Capitalizing Debts.
New York, Feb. 28���When the Interstate commission resumed its tnveslga-
tion of the Harriman lines today It was
with the understanding that a few hours
would conclude the hearing. It was
Bald by counsel of the government today that no Bteps had been taken to
place before the courts the questions
rulsed by Harriman and Otto H. Kahn
to anBwer certain enqulrlea relating to
its livlilual holdings of stocks. Mr. Kellogg, of government counsel, said that
he was not prepared to state what action would be taken in thiB matter. Before the hearing began it was said, con-
trary to expectation, Wm. G. Rockefeller would not be called to teslfy regarding thc alleged aale to him by Mr. Harriman of 300,000 shares of I'unlon Pa
ciflc at thc time of the so-called Keene
raid In 1903.
Samuel Felton, president of Chicago
& Alton railroad since 1899, was called
to show that about 11,000,000 from income as agalnBt proceeds from the
sale of securities, was Included In the
statement that showed that $22,000,000
had been expended on Improvements.
Tbe $22,000,000 also Included $2,780,000
expended Blnce last June and paid for
by trust certificates. This reduced the
expenditures for sale of securities In
the Alton to between $18,000,000 and
New York, Feb. 28���Chas. W. Hll-
Inrd, controller of the Chicago* Alton,
who was on the stand when the hearing adjourned lust evening, was Ihen
recalled. Mr. Kellogg dieted n slate-
nn nl of the Chicago & Alton nssels and
liabilities In IS'.IS, berore Mr. Ilanlnian
entered lhe properly and that at the
present time Ihu llgures were takn from
annual reports showing that before 1898
Its oapltaltaatlon was tSB.000,000 aa
against $122,802,520 on June Inst.. Mr.
Kellogg endeavored to show that ibe
Ilanlnian management ot the Chicago
ft Alton had capitalised all the debts
of the old Jollel ft Chicago road prior
to 1863, bul Mr. Htlllard suid be was
Unable to make any statement concerning lhat.. It was elided, however, that
there had nevor been n foreclosure of
the Chicago ft Alton railroad or railway
while lho old Jollel ft Chicago bad be. ii
foreclosed. Tho witness salsl that SlsV
0110 000, which il Is claimed the llnrrl-
man party added to the capital of the
Alton because thai the amounl hail been
expended on Improvementa or lost by
the former shareholders, had been
paid. Mr. Hllllard would not admit that
certain operating expenses had boen
oapatallnd by the Alton. Certain con-
striictlon exponsea had boon so credited
and the discount on the bonds had been
.0 charged, that while the books disclosed It, the annual report would tend
to confuse the public In regard to Oils
Proposed American Withdrawal Causes Alarm
Defeat oi Senator Culberson's Bill
Causes Breach Between Filipinos and U. S.
Manila, Feb. 28.���Thero is general
surprise here amongst the Filipinos at
the recenl action in tbe United States
senate ln defeating the amendment offered by Senator Culberson to an act eB-
lablishing an Agricultural bank in the
i'liilippim-B, declaring the intention of
Ihe United States to abandon the
islands aa soon as a stable currency be
established. The ProgresBlvista express satisfaction with the sentiment of
the amendment, but deplore the time
selected, tn view uf tbe Japanese war
talk, which has caused excltemet ln the
provinces surrounding Manila.
ln Bonie Instances the inhabitants
left the towns and hid in the mouu.
tains. One town was depopulated recently by the exchange of salutes between warships, which caused the idea
lo spread tbat the Japanese were entering the bay. The commission is do-
doing its best to allay the alarm. Com
siiissiiiiii'is Tavern und Legurda made
special tours of the provinces explaining the Japanese situation and quietness is almost restored. The people
were, however, still tq an excited condition when the news; of the action ou
the Culberson amendment came.
The native newspapers regard the action as inappropriate because the war
talk was bringing the Filipinos closer
to the Americans. The effect of tbe notion was to cause a breach. One of the
leading newspapers, seeking to minimise the importance of the defeat of
the Culberson amendment. Interprets
the action that congress does not consider the question of American withdrawal unappropriate at this time and
hence voted the amendment down.
General Nodzu Doubts Their Ability to
Manage Retreat.
Chicago, Feb. 28.���A special Toklo despatch to the Record-Herald says: ���
"Three prominent Japanese officers
have been interviewed concerning Gen.
Kuropatkln's book on the Russo-Japa-
nese war, a synopsis of which was publishes! yesterday.
"General Oku was scathing In his
denunciation of General Kuropntkin
and doubled Ihe authenticity of thc
work, which, ho declared, was not a history, but merely n defence of Kuropatkin himself. It wub also an unconscious
self-Impeachment, showing that the author waa lacking in the first essentials
of a commander, In that, while recognising the errors of Ills subordinates, he
neither punished them nor removed
thom from their positions so as topre-
vcni further mischief. Tho only epithets to apply to the published denunciations were brazen faced and shame-
Icbs, General Oku, said, lie could not
believe ihnt General Kuropatkin could
have written so foolishly.
"Oenerul NogK true to his reputation
for taciturnity, merely made tho com-
ment that It was strange that the compilation of bucIi n volume wns permitted. *
"General Nodzu said he sympathized
wllh General Kuropatkin, who met
wllh the greatest di rachitics. He considered the Russian comiunnder-ln-chlcf
lo be a master ln the art of retreat, us
shown at l.lao-Yuiig and Mukden,
where lie exhibited the mosl concum-
mnte skill. General Nodzu said lie
llollbled H tlie Japanese were able to
manage a retreat woll."
Marine Phenomenon.
New York, Feb. 28.���Hundreds of
waterspouts wero counted In the vicinity of Nantucket shonls yesterday by
tho officers of the steamer Maine, which
arrived today from I.ondon. So far as
known no damage was done. The wind
was strong northwest, but far up In
the bay tho clouds were spreading ln
all directions, Suddenly waterspouts
began to form nnd aoon scores of
watery pillars were to be seen on all
sides of the steamer. In many cases
ihe spouts collapsed before the forma
tion was completed end the sea at their
bases was churned' inns foam as they
fell. The spouts continued to form and
spread until late In the evening.
Through  Train Service to Oroville In
Two Weeks.
(Special to Tbe Daily Canadian.)
Grand Forks, Feb. 28.���The big converter plant at tbe Granby smelter bss
been closed down for several days and
is undergoing some important repairs.
While only three of the^full blast of
eight furnaces at the Granby smelter
have been In 'commission for some
weeks past, the Idle furnaces, as well
as the entire worjs, have been receiv-
ln a general overhauling which will enable the big plant to run continuously
without a hitch as soon as a good supply of coke Ib available.
Word has reached here today from
Hedley City that the laying of steels
on the Great Northern Is being rushed
on. A bridge over 100 feet high over thc
Simiikameen river has just been completed. Tho ballasting crew are working
In the neighborhood of Oroville, Wash,
and It Is expected that a train service
through to Oroville will be inaugurated
within the next two weeks.
The Dally Blaze.
Cleveland, Ohio, Feb. 28.���In a fire
believed to have been of Incendiary origin, the Waldhelm company furniture
house, a five-story brick structure on
Ontario street, was destroyed last night
John Shatter, who was asleep ln a rooming house adjoining, was suffocated.
The police are searching for a man said
to have been seen in the Waldhelm
building before the Are.
District President of United Miners E��
pects No Trouble In Arranging
Stable Conditions at Lethbrldge.
Calgary, Feb. 28.���District President
Sherman, of the United Mine Workers,
arrived ln the city from the south today
accompanied by ten prominent members of the United Miners and they expect more tomorrow. They are here
with a view of meeting the operators
and the first meeting will take
place at 2 p. m. tomrrow. Mr. Sherman
expressed a belief that they would be
able to complete all business with the
operators in two or three days If nothing turns up to cause friction.
Accompanying Mr. Sherman are D.
B. M. of British Columbia, John Sullivan from Michel, W. Graham, member
of tbe Crows Nest subsection, D. M.
Miller, member for Lethbrldge district
and others. Tomorrow International
Vice President Lewis and District Member Thomas Burke of Illinois, are expected. Mr. Mitchell, president of the
organization, was expected, but was unable to come owing to the serious 111
neas of his father-In-law.
Calgary, Feb B8���John Hurley died
ln the hospital last night from blood
poisoning.. About three monthsh ago
Hurley and a man named Sloan fought
ln a livery Btsble. Burley's hand was
badly bitten and he died as a result of
It. Sloan is still at large. A warrant
Is Issued for his arrest.
Banquet at Slocan City in Honor of ths
Conservative Member for this
(Speclnl to Tho Dally Canadian.)
William Hunter, M, L, A., for Slocnn
riding, wns lhe gueBt of honor at n banquet given In the Mnddcn hotel, Slocnn
City, lust night.
II. D. Curtis was chairman and Louis
Pratt tonBtniaBter. The attendance was
largo, representing all Iiarts ot the riding and all political parties. Telegrams
of logrct for absence wero rend from
King Kdward, Kaiser Wllhelm and Csnr
Nicholas, the authenticity of which was
The fare wus thc best thnt Kootenay
affords and good cheer flowed steadily
llll 4 o'clock this morning.
Many speeches were mnde, all con
gratulattng the guest of honor, who replied III a brief and modest speech made
in very happy style, breathing that confidence ln the future of thc Slocan of
which his career tor the lust 15 years
has been ample evidence.
Several mine managers who spoke
digressed briefly to express the hope
(bat the Lord's Day Observance Act
would not be enforced In the mining
districts of British Columbia.
Nelson was represented by R. M.
Macdonald and R. W. Hannington, who
both replied tors the legal profession and
for tha city of Nelwn.
Ry Poison Administered
Wiih Loving Hand
Public Opion Justifys New York
Woman for Practising
New York, Feb. 28.���Were Mrs.
Binge's days of torturing Invalidism
shortened by poison administered by a
sympathetic hand���an act of mercy that
the patient daily begged from daughter,
doctor and friend?
This is the question tbat has fastened
suspicion on Mrs. Binge's lovingly devoted daughter, Mrs. Lottie Wallau, and
placed before her the prospect of a trial
for murder. This question, involving
tbe oft-discussed theory of euthanasia.
appears to be the only motive for the
alleged crime that can be advanced.
While tbe dead woman possessed
wealth estimated at several million dollars the authorities admit tbat mercenary motives for a murder are lacking.
The peculiar circumstances and facts
sunoundiug tbe case promise to make
lt one of lbe moat celebrated with which
the courts of New York have had lo
deal ln a long time. While it lacks the
sensational features to rivet the attention of the public at large, the developments up to the presenl time would indicate that it contains elements that
will be closely wached by tbe legal and
medical professions throughout the
The Wallau and Binge families are
related to several of New York's well-
known families. Julius Binge, the husband of Mrs. Binge, died about elk
yeara ago. He was a broker In the New
York Customs House, as well as a lawyer. He was an expert on customs
dduties and filed many claims for overcharges, it Is said that these overcharges on customs amounted to nearly
11,000,000, and that he received $1,000-
000 for his service. His chief case was
on the Importation of hat bands. Tbe
government held that they were manufactured articles, wh'.le Mr. Binge suc-
c b;sfully maintained that they be admitted as ribbons, upon which a much
lower duty was collectable.
Mrs. Lottie Wallau, daughter of the
dead woman, Is the wife of Leopold
Wallau, a well-known Importer of
bronses. The family, Including Mrs.
Hinge and tbe 20-year-old son of Mr. and
Mrs. Wallau, lived In a handsome home
at 68 east 80th street.
Mrs. Binge died on Feb. Cth, three
weeks after she had undergone an operation for cancer. Suspicion fell upon
Mrs. Wallau and following the receipt
of an analysts of the contents of the
desd woman's stomach, Coroner Acri-
teli directed her arrest. On Feb. 17,
Mrs. Wallau was arraigned before the
coroner, charged with murder in the
first degree In having caused the death
of her mother by the use of poison.
Chemists who had examined the kidneys and liver of Mrs. Binge reported
that they had found considerable quantities of bichlorldo of mercury present.
Mrs. Wallau was consequently held
without ball to uwalt the result of the
Inquest, which was held on Wednesday
of last week. At the Inquest Miss Do.
vino, a trained nurse who (Irst called
tho district attorney's attention to the
case, tealilod thnt she had suspected
poison and that she had found some
poisonous tablets secreted under papers
In thc patient's room. Other testimony
tended to show that the poison might
hnve b.'en ndmlnlstered o MrB. Binge
in champagne.
' The theory of euthanasia la the only
n.otlvo so far ndvanced In coanecilon
with the alleged crime. It was only a
Tew months ago that a prominent philanthropist advocated tho passage of n
law giving people authority to cut short
the life of a person who was suffering
from a painful and mortal disease or
Injury. From a humanitarian standpoint, the proposition was generally en.
domed. Almost the sole objection to lt
was raised on the ground thut It would
be abused and a Jury of medical experts
would have to be summoned In each
Did Mrs. Wallau. who was always
I spoken ot as a loving   and   devoted
daughter, resort to euthanasia to end
the misery of her mother, who hourly
prayed for death? Experts say that If
there ever was a case where euthanasia
was Juslfied It was MrB. Binge's. A
cancerouB growth was literally eating
through her whole system. And, further
than tills, several of New York's ablest
physicians, tncludlr.it Dr. Abraham
Jacobi and Dr. William T. Bull, had
passed upon the case, and had declared
that lt was only - matter of days before
the patient would die.
If tbe gatherings ot lawyers and physicians, witnesses and jurors, who have
attended the preliminary hearings are
any crltetrlon of New York's sentiment,
public sympathy Is almost entirely wltb
Mrs. Wallau. If the prisoner shortened
her mother's days of frightful pain, public opinion seems already to have excused her, and, In a great many Individual Instances, goes so far as to actually Justify her.
Crew Contracts Typhoid.
New York, Feb. 28.���The battleship
Connecticut, of whose crew a large
number contracted typhoid fever while
cruising in West Indian waters, arrrlved
here today. It bas been reported that
Ca men of the crew were stricken with
the disease and of these 15 were In a
critical condition. All of tbe sick men
will be landed at the navy yard today
and transferred to the Navy hospital
where preparations bave beeu made to
receive them.
Washington, Feb. 28.���The seriousness of the typhoid epidemic aboard the
battleship Connecticut which arrived
at New York today, is stated, ln a wireless message from Captain Swift, ber
commander. He stated that of the 35
cases 32 are in a critical condition. He
added that no new cases had developed
since Monday last and tbat all tbe -cases
are among tbe enlisted.
Hochelaga    School    Ignited    by    Boy
Throwing Lighted Match Down
Montreal, Feb. 28.���The cause of tha
school fire has been discovered.. It appears that a wooden chute extended
from the top flat to the basement, and
lt ls supposed that one of the boys
threw down a lighted match. Tha
furnace theory waa found to be unfounded. Twelve ot the victims, as far
as known at preaent, will be buried
from St. Mary's church on Friday afternoon. It is quite possible that all 16
children will be buried at tbe same
time, but all that is known with certainty is that all children who were
scholars ln 8t. Mary's school will be
burled at the same time.
Montreal, Feb. 18.���Today's scenes,
following the holacaust of Tuesday,
where 16 children lost their Uvea and
Sarah Maxwell, principal of Hochelaga
public school, perished in an attempt
to save them, have been full of Intereat.
Chief ot Provincial Dectectlves K. P.
McKoskell appeared at the morgue and
watched the opening ot Inquest. He admitted tbat he had been Instructed by
the attorney general to watch proceedings from beginning to end.
Coroner McMahon opened the inquest
and a dozen wltnessesa, fathers and
mothers swore to the Identity of their
children, as did Rev. Dr. Jeklllln, of
whose Sunday school 11 of the victims
were members. Ho admitted that he
had thought of danger by fire ln the
school which was burned and said he
bad never brought it to the attention of
the authorities. There were In the
neighborhood of 500 people In the crush
trying to gain admittance to see the
Rumors of C.P.R. Plus
Line from Gerrard to Arrowhead
lay Be Built Before Long Bot
Hot Decided Upoa Row.
A report waa heard last night that
an important modification of the C. P.
R. service In the very near future waa
contemplated by the management of the
road. The change suggested was the
building of a line from Gerrard to Arrowhead and the substitution of Kootenay lake for the Arrow and Slocan
lakes aa the connecting waterway.
J. 8. Lawrence, divisional superintendent, was asked today lt the report
were  correct.    He said:
"Well, lt haa been contemplated tor
about five yean, and will almost certainly be built -some day. But there has
been no decision on the subject
"What Is wanted ultimately la, of
course, aa alt-rail connection between
the main line and the Crow's Neat
branch, and the line of Arrowhead to
Qerrard would be a link ln the -chain.
"No, I don't think It would affect Nelson at all. Thla wonld still the port
for onr steamers and traffic passenger
traffic at leaat from one line to the
other and from either to Rossland,
Boundary or Spokane, wonld still come
"We have a charter for the link yon
mention, we having have had lt lor a
kwg Ume.
"Bot as I say nothing haa heen done
about It lately."
Incidentally Mr. Lawrence stated that
the passenger train service to Procter
would be discontinued as soon aa practicable and the steamers wonld resume
their trips to and from Nelaon.
The line from Gerrard to Arrowhead
���could And very easy grades, aad wonld
present no engineering difficulties at all.
The change would mean that MMtMmut
service on the Slocan aad Arrow lakes
wonld become purely aad permanently
Volcanic Dust Storm.
Berlin, Feb. 28.���A strange occur
rence Ib reported from Lower Silsla,
where tho rigors of u hard winter are
prevailing. A quantity of yellowish-
brown volcanic dust fell during a storm
in tho Lolgultz district and covered
the frozen roads and Bheeis of water
so thickly that sleighing and skating
was impossible. The event Is causing
the German scientists considerable per
plexlty. Such nn occurrence ls most
unusual at this season of the year, and
then Is no record of any recent vol-
c.inlc eruption In Europe.
Warships Sail.
Toklo, Feb. 28.���The Japanese cruisers Shltoso and Tsukuba, under command of Vice Admiral Ijuln, assistant
chief of stall of the navy, sailed today
for Hampton Roads to Uke part In the
nuvol review In honor of the Inauguration of the Jamestown exposition. The
Japanese newspapers heartily approve
of the mission ot Admiral Ijuln.
A woman who wants to marry a
man to reform him should try taking ln
washing and see how she likes it.
The average woman commences to
think seriously when other women say
nice things about her husband.
Today   Devotional
Conference Tonight.
At yesterday's sessions of Kootonay
Presbytery Grand Forks was Snd aa
the next plaoe of meeting. Tha mod-
erator reported on church llf* aad work.
expressing gratification for what had
been accomplished. Tha report waa
discussed at length, attention being
given to the drinking and social evtla.
The committee on church union had
little to report but the subject waa discussed, the Idea of union being generally favored. The general assembly
will be asked to permit R. A. McConnell, of Wardner, to qualify tor the ministry by a course in Manitoba college.
Today's sessions were taken up wllh
the striking of standing committee*
and the apportionment of grants to
home missions.
The meeting of the Presbytery will
end tonight ln a devotional conference.
Broke Butter
Fond duLac. Wis., Feb. St.���In a play
test a Solesteln Frleslen cow, owned by
W. J. Gillett, haa broken the world's
butter record by 40 pounds of butter.
Tbo cow gave birth to a oalf Dee. 19th,
and tlie test was commenced oo the Sth
day of her lactation.. The test was continued ������� days, during which period
every milking was watched, the quantity of milk weighed and aamplea
taken and tested. The phenomlnal
yield waa auch that two separata teats
were ordered. The Brat 14 houm and
the second 48 houm, during which tlm*
an additional representative waa sent
for the expert's return. The cow waa
under constant supervision day and
night The best day In milking was IS
pounds, the best day ln butter 6.74
Train* and Boat*.
Crow boat���Oa tlm*.
Coaat  and   Sloean   train���Half-boor
Boundary train���On time.
Rossland train���On time.
Kaslo connection���On tlm*.
Cuatom* Receipt's.
The collections at th* Nelson* customs house tor February amounted to
111,101.91. The Daily Canadian
m j
.,;���':   *
| s Hi
i. '!
Imperial Bank of Canada
Head Office:   Toronto.
CAPITAL PAID UP....ti.500,000 KE8T ��4,6O0,0W.
D. R. WILKIE, President. HON. ROBERT JAFFRAY, Vioe-Piwldent
Branches in British Columbia:
Deposits reoelved and interest allowed current rates from date of opening of
aootmnt, and compounded balf yearly.
J��   M.   LAY, Manager.
The Royal Bank of Canada
CatitUl tni Rcseit*-
TotAl Assets
Deposits of Jl.uu uml upwards rnci
i)afd Quarterly Instead u! Beml-annuaUy,
ved at highest current rate and interest
as heretofore.
Nelson Branch, G. A. SPINK, Manager.
PuhllHhed Hi day* a wtek by the
Baker Ht.. Nelson, B. 0.
DuuttcripUuu ratea. f��o oenti r mouth delivered
���"**~ iisliy. or *V>-UO a year II aunt by mall, when
iik rules on application.
____.... va paid in settlement of The Daily
Stittdlaii accounta, either lm MihncripUnus ur
ad Tort laing. muil bt* receipted (or on tlu* printed
forms ul Ilu* Company. Other receipts ure mil
PBBRUARY 3H, 1907.
" By oue wurd wc are lometUnei judged tu he
vise and hy one wurd aonieilnitii judged to be
hndlah- Lot un therefore be earelul ivnat we
The proposal to establish juvenile
courts iu Mritish Columbia it? a move
in the right direction. Tbe method at
present in vogue ot mixing indiscriminately criminals Of all classes and bord-
ing together in the same demolition corridors the youth, wbo are perbups for
the first, time indicted tor some petty
oftenee, which is still sufficiently serious to merit tlie reprimand of the law,
hus worked incalulable burm to the rising generation. It has been claimed,
uud not Without some degree of Justice,
tbat this hus been responsible lor the
wiung-goiug of more youths than the
temptation of the open street. Thore
Is in the mind or every youth an admiration for livvry deed of gall&ntrj and
for every undertaking thai has in It
the eleim nt of risk. Tbe youth is unable, or perhaps, not eager to distinguish ttie moral quality of au act, ami so
long uh ii poHHesa the element ol hero-
isia, it appeals to him as lomethlng
worthy   ol   emulation.    'I'he herding  of
youths witli hardened Bcapegraoes has
doubtless tired many a lad with a de-
u imilialiou to surprise the natives by
do.mi something startling when he gets
���Similarly,   the   presence   of   these
youths in court while the horrible und
revolting details of vice are being recounted, the possibilities of adventure
suggested Lu listening to au ordinary
court prosecution, as they must appeal
to the Juvenile mind, cannot but be
The movement to establish juvenile
courts Ih not new though It is gradually
gathering emphacts. Recently iu Tc
nmio u strong deputation watted upon
the mayor and asked for a liberal appropriation for the establishment of
such a court in that city. The -ad
dresses with which they presented their
case will bear repetition us setting forth
tlie aims and objects to be achieved
and tlie methods by which these are to
be accomplished.
Inspector Hughes, who, as is well
known, has had a long experience in
dealing with youths in the public
schools  said:
��� "These courts have been tested iu
the States and Europe, und found eminently satisfactory." He said "the
idea is not to punish so much aB to
save the boys and girls .
"I say with great emphacis and am
speaking for every member of our deputation, that we huve no complaint to
make of Col. Denlson. We believe he
Is one of the best police magistrates in
the world, but he has 100 much other
work, and the juvenile court would take
up the entire time of one man."
Mr. Hughes pointed out that such a
court would deal not only with the children, but the parents and all others
who might be Considered as tributary to
the crime. The Dominion parliament
had before it now u bill tbat provided
punshment for all such.
The judge would have to Investigate
nil the particulars of the case, ami es-
tablish conditions for leading the child
OUt  Into the proper light.
"Not only must the judge supervise
tlie child in lhe borne, but arrange with
Industrial Institutions to have the boys
placed there under direct control, if
they could not be controlled in their
own homes.
"The Ontario government is qulti-
ready to appoint u Judge for the Juven
���le court. We ask you to grunt the
money, which will be lu the end a lib;
saving to tbe city."
Warden Gilmour of the Central prison
also said'" he viewed the court in the
light, not of an additional expense, but
of an Investment for the city.
"We are asking for machinery to
keep children out or prison ,for prison
life is contaminating under the best
circumstances.. A man mum give his
whole lime to the work, and must be
a lover of children that the sanctity of
compassion may temper the severity
of judgment
"If you saw all the boys under 21
years of age in the Central prison who
are there, simply as a result of neglected childhood, you would understand
more clearly."
The problem is a less serious and less
costly one for Rriiish Columbia he.
cause population is not so (lenBe nor ure
the youths subjected to the hot beds of
temptations us In the older and more
thcikiy settled centres. Evey sanction
should be given to the movement for
in the saving of youth as in most other
things the old proverb holds good and a
stitch In time saves nine.
The appalling loss of life at sea
which seems to be increasing with each
month is fearful to contemplate. A few-
years ago a steamship journey was considered as safe as an ordinary trip by
laud but the increasing perils of navigation ure becoming oppressive. While
statistics are not available to show the
exact extent of the mortality of seagoing travellers, the ligures must mount
up to somethtlng high in the scale
among comparative risks as to Uie methods of moving from place to place.
We have the recent statistics of railway accident fatalities aud terrifying
as tliey are yet they full below the loss
of life from disasters at sea. From
August litOG, to February 1807, there
were on the American continent 4.�� railway wrecks involving the loss of 351
persons killed and 474 injured. Only-
one of these occurred In Canada, which
may afford some comfort to Canadians
and, in view of the relative mileage,
furnish some ground for congratulation
as between Canada and the United
States. Railway accidents are almost
Invariably traceable to the negligence
or incompetency of some employee of
the road, such as the failure to give
orders or tbe failure to obey them. In
the case of accidents at sea the elements have to be reckoned as a factor
in the fatalities but even so large a proportion of tlie collisions, over-running
and wrecks must be attributed to
causes similar to those which make railway travel alike perilous. liy the mistaking of lights iu the dark or missing
them in the fog, by the deflection of a
point in the compass, ships get out of
their course with results too often to
be always excusable. Whether in
our mad desire to make time aud
thus beat our rival companies we are
not taking chances which unnecessarily
involve the risk of life need not be discussed as It is too patent to admit of
discussion. In our swift age, In order
to excel our fellows, we take chances
which in the end cause bitter repent-'
ance, lf indeed, men have lime to
The Clallam, Valencia and other disasters on our own coast waters are so
recent as to be fresh in everyone's
memory' while the news which comes
from tile great lakes aud the Atlantic
wuters as well as that which comes
across tbe ocean, all proclaim tliat in
every vocation men are becoming more
reckless, for such dariug is not
By comparison with other countries
It is gratifying to kuow that Canada is
most rigorous in the enforcement of
marine laws and after due investigation in visiting penalties upon the negligent or the mistaken official whose in-
caution results in accident. The recent
Chehalis caBe at Vancouver is an instance of this. We believe that if the
same measures ware adopted in all
countries the riskB taken and the consequences involved would greatly reduce the disasters and minimize the
loss of life
At people of all nations travel on
each others ships there should be an international code in seafaring matters
and the most exacting rulps should lie
enforced without fear or favor. While
government are turning their attention lo beef trusts and grain monopolies
with other gigantic corporation corruptions it might be well if equal attention
were given to matters which involve
the risk of life, which is after all, more
Important than the loss of pelf.
The city council is to be commended
for ordering estimates to be submitted
aa to the cost of a proposed extension
of the street railway to form loop lines
and traverse the "hill." While it would
be out of place for a newspaper to discuss matters so palpably within the
Jurisdiction of the civiv authorities It
must appear to everyone that such au
extension of tlie line would greally increase its income aud earning power.
Tlie earning power of the Hue must, of
course, be the factor to determine the
feasibility of the scheme, but the convenience and comfort of the citizens
ii. also worthy of consideration. With
prospective influx of population some
provision must be made by which the
hilly portion of the townsite may Income desirable as a residential portion
of the city and wt> know of no other
way than by affording trumwuy facilities. It Is too early to dlBiicss the matter In detail or to boom the project till
the estimates are before the council, but
we hope that when they are submitted,
some way will lie found to make the ascent less difficult that at the present
Those who have watched the movements in the world struggle between
capital und labor for 30 or 40 years,
in view of the present awakened aud
quickened public conscience, clearly dis
cern the dawning of an era nf a near
and nearer approach to righteousness���
egual rights lo all and special privileges
to none���when there will not lie ono
law for the poor and another���or none
���for tlie unscrupulous wealthy.���Phoenix Poineer.
The only way to keep the Hritish suffragists out of politics is to give them
votes. Then their interest in tlie franchise Will become so languid thai they
will not turn out on election day, Whereas now they are demonstrating every
lew  weeks.
Personalities In parliament are to be
deprecated. So an* lb" attempts thai
are made outside of pratiament to discolor the reputations nf public men
One form is as bad U the ether, and
neither should  be Indulged In.
A   woman   admires   her   husband's
Judgment���when he agrees with ber
Bi_.lv davs afler date 1 Intend I- ftPPJy }" *���
Chief CommlMlOUM  ef  hand.-   ��nd��0KI   HW
permission topurchaafl ihe following neMNDoa
land: bituatua on the eaat aide ol Arrow mm
fn the Weet Kootenay dlatrlct, aboul 6 rniiei
above Uuituii Clly, commencing a! h p<��M putin
e.l ni tin* norlhweat cornei*  nf  C    Iiu- lu*r >  l'"'-
ehaw, thenei eul m obaina, tbence u nli i
chaiua tlience weal SM ohalna, tbence iouth ��
ohiuni in i"Min of eommenoement and oonuun-
in* wi acre* moru or leas.
January 18, 1901.
1 Wl.l.UAM Hll IKK.
Hixtv dayi afterdate! intend toapply tothe
Hon. Ohm Commissioner of Lands uud Worka
in purchase IW acres nt imul, commencing at ��
post marked B, B'i N. tt, oorner poat, planted m
the N, w. curiier of 0. W, Bteele*i i lalm uu ihe
weat side of Arrow inkc.ni.nm tour milea abora
Burma citv, thence woat40ob&tna, theuceeouth
40.62 chalna, thence eut in ohalni, ibenee north
4fUH ebalna to place ol beginning. < nuiaining loi
acrea, more oi leai
Dati*��� l 99th day ol Not , 1906.   BTBOH Ui.'Rtun.
J. K, ANNABUt, a cent
*   IPES
A collection of all tbe Latest
Shapesaud Sizes.    A free
smoking and most satisfactory pipe.
Tobacconist.   Baker Street.
25 Feet Frontage
on Baker Street
5 Roomed Building
Price R000.00
a E Croadsifaile &<��
Next Door to Bank of Commerce.
Notloe la hereby given tutu two montbi aftei
date we Intend toapply u* tin* Chiel Cora rati-
Hinner nf Undi and Wm-k* for a leaae of ail timt
laud balni tbe forwhore adjoining the ('anaiiun
Pacific Railway HI Ipyard on the weal, pari nt
Lot 6fiA, group Land being on the aontb Mion-
of thewHtarmot Kootenay Lake in the dh>
rl ( Ku..i.*!n.v:  Commencing al tin* aoothei
ij oorner ol WTOM. group >; thenoe ai"ii(t tlu-
aoutb weatorb bounder) ofIot70U *xu>\ thi ex-
tenalou thereof, m u north weaterlj direction, a
dlatance of til) feet! tbenoe at righl anelai t<>
said i.nundury in a aohth weiterly direction   n
distance of ntieet, mnrc   nr   leu,   lO   Hie  Iiurtli
eaaterl] boundary of the Oity Park, continued;
thenoe parallel in Mini weiterly boundary id lot
7064, lo a iouth eaaterly direction, a dlitaooo id
1 BOO feet, more nr leu, to tbe northerly boundarv
nf Ini ,'kha; thence following tbe nortberlj boundary itf lol &m in a nnrth eaaterly direction to tbe
polnl of eommencement��  tbe area in*tug <i.m
acred, more nr less.
Dated Huh Till dav nf January, A.D., IUU7.
OOdajr-i after date I Intend to appiv to the Bon,
Chief Commluloner Of Landu and \Vnrkis in pnr-
cliane 82(1 ae-rci- uf and located in Kire   Valley   I,,*--
Ing part nf Beotloniti tiin! tu Townihlp *-1.*, mnl
described   a*��  follow*-:    Commencing  at a  punt
marked F. W, J. 8. K corner aud planted at the
northweat corner of Wm, Wiiiiainc' nurohUBi
theuee weet40 ohalnii ihenoe north w ehalnai
thence cant 40 Bhalnti theuee anuth HI) chalnn to
place of beKiuniUK.
November SBrd woo.
J. E. ANNAIII.K, Agent.
60 dayi afterdate I Intend to apply to tbe Houorahle the chiel Commlulonar ol Landi aud
Worklj to pnrobaie 870 acre* of lain!: Commencing at �� pnst nmrked Q. W.fl N.B. corner
poll and   plaulcil on  the  west  nhure Of Arrow
lake adjoining ..m 878 on the math ilde nr said
Lot, thence weitW cbalni along the louthara
boundary of l.ni 878; ihcnce aouth 48.68 ehalim;
theuee eaat Ho chains uu.re or len�� lo lake shore;
thence north along lake shore to plate uf begiuniug.
Dated Mth day of Nov. 11HJ6.
Obo. w   HTML,
J. K. Annahi.k. Agent.
"Companies Act, 1897."
Province ok iiuni.su Columbia, i
No 878.
THIS IS TO QHBTIFY thai the "NfUtUlp Fruit
Land*-. Limited," li authorised andUocnied to
tra rvt.n DlUUneM withiu tin- province nf Lint.sb
Columbia, -nd to OUT) olitur effect all or any of
the ��� bjecti of the comp ny to which the legislative authority al the Leg t Hla tine ol i rimh Columbia extendi.
The Iientl office Of the company Ih -situate at the
City of WlnnlpM, Pn vlnce tif Manitoba.
The amount ol iheeapilul of the company le live
hundred   UtOUMUld   uo Im'h,   divided   into   t\v��
thounnd five hundred sbuei of ten per oent
preference itOOk Of the par value of one hundred
dollarh each, ami twenty five hundred lharei Ol
common atook ol the par value of one hundred
dollars each
The bead office of the compuny in this province
Is Bitunte at the C ty of Nelaou, and Unl.cn \\ el
nmre Hannington, barrister, who e addreu U
the lame, li tbe attorney for the oompany,
Given under mv hand nud seal <���! office. Victoria. Province of Brltlah Columbia, tins li'.Lli
ray of February, one thousand nine hundred
and seven.
Kegintra- of Joint stuck Cfimpanleh,
The object* for which the company ban been
eatabllhhed and licciineti are: -
(a.)   Buying, selling, leasing or dioposlng rf
coul mlnei.ooal antl wtani lauds, farming,graslng
and fruit landl, and timber limits untl lu worn
and develop the same:
<b.) To carry on the business of immigration
and ooloniietlon   agenta,  make advance* to
asulHt   Settlers    on   lands    purchased   from   tlu*
company and to secure the repayment of inch
advance! with  interest on audi termi aud In
audi manner by way of mortgage or agreement
us may be niuLuully agreed upon.
(e.) To oarry on mc business of ranching,
breeding, selling nut) dealing tu cattle, hoist**,
iheepand other live stock;
(d.J   To  purchase, Sell   ami   deal   In   lumber,
wood, coal, mlnerali,grain, provliloni,clothing
and geueriil -i.[���plies;
(e ) To curry ou trade uh general merclniiiLs
nud forwarder's;
(f.) To issue   in   payment of auy  property
acquired by the cnmpniiy, ihftreioftho Capital
���took of the company ai fully paid up uud non-
alienable or otherwise:
(g.) To carry on the bii'incss of manufacturer!
uud dealera ln power generator! ami umturH uf
every description, lu cunnnict und operate all
clatses uf vehicles, ugrici: Ilu nil Implement!)
uiachlticrv. lamls, Htcuuicrs,  bnrgih  antl   lirrvs
in which the (tald motors are nna; tu construct
antl uperale buut lines Hud In carry on lhe business ��d curriers, cartage uml parcel deliveries,
to own and operate Qjuuibui Ifnei and rehlclri
and boat! for hire; lo sell, lyase ami m.ppjy
elecirielly; I" fovn hiii!  operate eleetile  pi,sins,
and generally to carry on any of the business
Incidental tn tbc aforeaatd purpoiei and objecii
of the oompany;
(ii.) To purchase, take on lease, exohangeor
otnerwlie aoqulro oi dlipoia of uny real or
personal properly, untl uny right!nr privilege!
w hudi the com puny mny comlder DOCuaiarf
lor the purp'.sus nf Lheli operaifOOKj
ami In sell uml QllpOte of any lumls nr olher real
estate and personal property at anv time owned
or controlled by the company or dny part rboreof,
or any control therein, or olaltn thereon, and gen
orally lodu ail men thfngiaiareinoldontal to
or conducive to the carrying out of the object!
of the com pan);
(I)   To become shareholders tu any exist I n*..- ol
propoied company, an11 in promote and usMst in
promotion any eompanj oarrrlng on a bnilneH
pertaining to tin nbfeouforwniah nus oompani
Is Iticoiponiicd   uml which   luuv prove useful to
ihis >* pany, ami to acquire, take over and op*
crate the bualnoM ot any such company or conv
puuies nmi lo enter into an agreement fnr shar
mg uf pruiits. union id Intereitai reciprocal coo-
ootffiloni or utherwlsc, with uny person or cum
puny and  lake nr otherwise acquire or bold
Hharesatid HOUritlei cd stieli croinpunv nr crnui
(J) To acquire and hub' lnnds hv gift or pnr
ehiisc or as mortgBgooi ot olhiTwise us fulh mid
freely U private  lnclividuiils,  ami lOIOlLlOHIfl,
mortgage or otherwlie alienate the su , and in
exercise all  the  powers set out  tu the several
Nntice Is hereby given that on clays afler 'lute 1
intend to apply to the lion, the Chief c( |s-
aioiiur c-f  Lands and   WurkH Victoria,  B.C., fur
litiruilHHloU In purchase the   fallowing described
lundH in  weif Kootenay dlitrlot:  Commenolng
at a post planted at the -south-weal comer of'ot
77llt, group 1, unci mnulu ���Jtichaliism the aouth
eaat enrner of lol 77D0, group 1, then lu an Oaitar-
ly direction 90 Ohalni, then norlh 20 chains,
titen went ��0 chain- lo jKdni uf coiiiiiieiicciiu'iit,
eonlaliilng 10 aen ��� more nr Ichk.
Located Kebruury Uth, 1IHI7.
I'm;.ii* Wai-K, l.ucuiur.
Sixty tlavh ult.r dute 1 lutenil tti apply to ihe
Hon. child Commluloner of Landi and Worki-
Victoria, to pureliuse Kin acres of laud Inealed in
Kire Vallev, being part of BeotiOOJ Three aud
Four, Township ttt, and di-ierita-d as followi:
Commenolng at a pnt planted at VMiliam
Wilhanis' NT W,corner, and marked "B I, trt
N. E. eoruer," and running tt Ohalni weat,
thenee  20 chains south,  thenee 80cbalni eaat,
thenee it chatm south, thenoe 90cbaltu eait,
thenee fib ahalni mirth to plaee of beginning.
November -inl, I'M. Itosit E wiu.iahi,
j. K. annabi.i. Agent,
Notiee is herehy given mat flo days atler dale I
Intend to apply IO the Houorahle tlie Cnlel Com-
inlaslitiier (���( Lands nnd Works fur permlMlon to
purahaeetha following described lauds: Com-
miiietng al a post placed '20 mains west uf the
Boulhea-t rurner of Lot M4S, marked "K. A Bell's
nortbweit COrnerj" thence aoulh ��> ehalna,
thei nit M thaliiH, thenee nurth V l IihIub.
thenoe weet -t' ehains to point of commencement,
containing 40 aeres, more or lesa.
Located th la 61 h dayof N"\  ,1WI6.    K. A.BlI.L.
Hixty days after date 1 Intend to applv to ine
Hull- Chief CommlMloner id Landl uml Works,
Victoria. tO purchase 4W) acres ol land, in lire
Valley. Wed! Knolenay: Cnmiueiiclng nl a post
planted  IX) chains west td  the H. W  corner of J
Boblnion'i pre*emptfon, and marked W. W'i N
K. corner, ami runliing weat 60 chains, thenei-
hotllh P*i ehalUH, Ihence east (HI chaiua,  theuce
north *ai chaius to place of beginning
Nov. isih, IWli. William William*,
J. E. Annahi.k, Agent.
Hixty  days  after cbite I intend tu apply tu '
lion.thei blef CommlMloner Of Landsand Wu
to purchaie 180 acres of land: Commencing at a
poit planted on tbi weet ilde of Bit mile creeti
on wagon roadi about two and one half milea
frnm Kootenay lake, and marked "Neil Mr-
Kediuie's  B. WWt  corner post,"  theuce  east 40
cliaina, thence north -io chaini, thenoi wett40
chnins, thenee aouth W chaiua, lo place of coin-
Located this 10th dny of November. IWfi.
 Naif McKkthwik
81xty days after dale 1 purpoae making application ui the Honorable the chief Commlialoner
of Landiand Worki for permlulon to pun-baie
the follow um deserlhed lami;   Commencing at
a pOlt blared it the B. W corner uf Lot 8900 aud
markeii **K. (i. F.V N W. ctiriier, tbenee (ollowlng tin- southern bonndary Lot 8000. to chains
mom or leu east tO thfl west lauimlary uf I_nt
6901, thenoe following same- south Ho chains to
lhe nt>rth boundary uf Uit B009i thence aboul 70
ehnins  west along said boundary tt> the lake
shnre; thenoe north 80 cbalni mure ur Um ua
Inw'lng the la-He ahore to point of commencement, coiilaltiiiig 817 ucrca more or leaa.
Paled Deoembei nth, iwr7.
F. (i FAligt'lBa.
Notice i�� hereby given that ilxty uaya arter
date I   intend to   apply to the Hun, the chief
ConunlMlonor of Landi and Worki for permis
Hlnii tu purchnse the fnllnwiiig deserH*ri laud
situuted in the West Kootonaf dlatrloti Commencing at a pnsi planted al th.i "N. K corner
of L. I'nrtera'a pre-emption," and running
thenoe east tt chains; thenee suuth 40 chains;
thence west 4u chalna; thenee nurth tt cluilns,
tn place td commencement, containing 160 genii
inure nr |e*a.
December 20,190(1.
Hahby Pffnuu, Locatar,
M, ft    Mi ijVAHtur., Agent
Noilce   la  hereby  given  that aixiy  days diier
dnle   I   lutelitl   tu npplv  lo  the   Hutu-ruble*   ihe
Chief  CommlMlOUer n(  I*iids  and   Wurks,  (nr
normlialon t<�� purcbaie tbc following dMcrlbed
luiiils Hituuled  in tin*  West  Kootenay dlatrlcl:
Commencing ��< a pnat murked "ii   h   Houth
WOlt eorner, and north of A fi, I.ucieva, juir
chase i'l "Iin, on haicl OrceKI theuee norlh 40
ohalU'i Ihenee   east   'JO ehnllis; theuce  snulh   10
ohalni; thenoo so ohaini weat- to point of oom-
metie.-ment, roniHiiiing IU acres, mure nr leaa.
Deoember 90, iwt;.
Hkmiv BATDIir,
M    It   MdOPAJtBUt, Agelil.
BUty days  after date I lutend tu apply tn the
Chief CommlMloner of Lamls and worki to pur
��� in.M i io ncrc* ui laud, located in Lower Arrow
lake, West Kootenay: Commonojng ai n pnat
planted at the "N.w. cornor of Ar-nw \M__,.
Indiun Reserve": thenoe iouth w chains; theme
weat 80 ohalni, tnence nurth BD ohalnii thence
easl Mb abalMi tc. place uf beginning.
Lie .lieu SJBlfa ilay nf HecemU'r, wait,
C   Hawri.i,.
BlXtV davs aller date I .niciid luapjily to thf
Hon the Chief C.imuiissinueiuf Lands and w (,rka
lo purchase ���Jin acres nf hmd:   Commencing at a
poii marked "N.T B'liouthoaat corner post"
-aid post b* ing at the northeait oornor of Oea.
lludsun's  pre-ttuiptlon  chilm,  ahum   two  miles
nouth eail td Unrinn City, tbenoe weil tt c halus,
south ao chalna. Will tt ehulns, nnrth *> chains,
colt 80 chains, smith so ohaini to plus of oom'
nicjiccnieiii, containing94oaorei,
I_ooateii Hth dayof Nov. imn}.    Nkttik T. B��K,
Hlxty duys after 'hm I Intend toapply to the
Uon. Obldf Commluloner of Landi ana Worki,
Victoria, to purchnse in acrei of land, iltuated
un the weat side nf Arrow Luk
below  Hurton      "      '
____________________^.^^^^_r - follows;  Com-
nt'lug   ttt   u  post   planted   ul   (he northeaat
 rol Lot 7117(1, ami running north W chnlna;
���     nlh KOcdinlna,
thence   weal ifl)
tbenoe oul 211 ei
Nov. llth, IWMJ
 -Vv  Am       ��� ____M
J. K Annahlk, Agent.
NutlOi- Is hereby given thai luys uller date 1
 ,"'   "I"'"*  Ol  tl���.��*,.MAr���!,���IK,,u;  _  '_..
' " Tl   is ,������  N    w     '"""���*���"'  '**' "HI, i.iHrkssd
n   jtioiiiii-    r*.   >\    enrner       theliee   >i,uii    -hi
U��l��U tin, tth d��, ol No,,, UU.     8. THOMii.
ANHEUSER    <-** ��� origin���
BUSCH...    Budweiser
DISTILLERS, 12 and 20 years old
Hole AuvntM I11 MrltlMli
The Hall Mining and Smelt
Company, Limited.
Purchases Lead, Copper and Dry Ore
Full Stocks
B. C. Salmon
Atlantic Haddies
Manitoba Whitefish
BEEF, PORK and MUTTON of Finest QoaHty.
P. Burns & Co., Ltd.
Ordura by mull tn any branch w
out prompt nn<l careful atletilbi
HetdOfiice: Nelion.&l
Notice i- hereby given that BQ Oafl "Iter .late 1
lutemi tc **ptilv tn the Honorable tne l hlel ��� om-
inlhslnner  ul Lamlic  ami Worka, Vuluria,  B  < -,
lor wrniiwinn to pnrebaac tin- followlni deacrib*
ed fuud, aituau-'d in the Weat Kootenaj tiiatrhit,
t��n thw weal utile of 1 uhaincl (orBil Mllejcroek,
nu ui> -t'r aide of wagon ruatl, abont il_ mile*
fro j) V'eat Anc of Kooieiiny Lakt:  Commenelni
al a jMiat marked Mr* Hattie l>m*k'a p* K ct>r
ner. running iii ehalna weat; theuce &i chnlna
auutli*. thtilicc 40 chaiua eaat; tht-nte .-������ t Imlua
north) tOUi DOlnt of eummeniemeUl, eonlaliilng f*H acrea of laud, nmre nr Iom.
Datod the l'lh Novemlrer Ift*
Ma*   Hattik HPt:��,
John E Tiruia, Agunt
sutv tiava arter tlate l intend to appl] lo lhe
Hnn Chief Commlaaioner o! l^mia nnd Worka,
Victoria, in purehaae ll*1 m rat nf Inml ahuul tHO
mile* h* low liurlotl t lly, Weal Koofa nay, * mn
menotfal a'- a MH markeii *J A Irvin*.r> cant
euruer boat." aald post he In ft c>u !hc OUMrlT end
of au iRluml weat nf Lut <>M7.and claiming all the
land contained  In aald inland, l-eitig ubntil one
uiiieiuan eaaterly ami waautrly unotlooand
abuui'Ju chalti* from norlh tu suuth.
November llth, UK*. J. *. Ih*. ino,
J  E. Annahlk. Ageni
Hlxty day* afti-r date 1 inU'lid tO apply (O the
Hon. Chief Couimlaalfiour of Landa anil Worki,
Victoria, to purehaae lAiaerenof land hu-ated
ou the weat aide of Armw lake anu j< iuk directly
north ol I/u 71(76: (ouimcticliig al a |h>h plantafl
at the N. K. rurner uf Lot 7976 and marked "llll
B K jorner," and running tmrth W chain*,
tlience wt'hi *_>i thaiua. thence nnrlh nobama,
thMMWHt 'iti chain*, llianoa aontb *���'�� chatna,
thence aaai tt chalna, to plaoe ot beginning.
Nm* Mtb, liwc. Bkktiu I.KAI.I.CV.
J. K. AJfXABU  Agent
Nntice I* herehy gmti thai 00 day* aller Mate, I
intvii'l to apply tn tin* Bon, ''Lief < .iijuiiaaiuner
��� ���f i.ih'i- ud Work* foi psrmlaalon to purobaM
tbe following deaoribed lami in Woat Kootena/
dlatrlcl: Commencing at a poat marked Sir*-. V
A VVllmin'* corner poat, planted at the iinrllu-anl
corner uf Beouon 17, Townilte7, running *outh
4u chain*, tben-M w eat Id chalna, Ihem c iiurili 1(1
chalna, tlu-nce eaat 10 chain* lu plnee nl com
meuieuiciit, eontainiug I fin acre*, mure or leai
Dated Nov  _9>, lUUti. Mat  V   A. Wiuiok
J   W IUOM, Ageni.
Notice ia bereby given that Mdayi attei date i
Intend tuaptily (O the Honorable Ihe Chief ' triu-
miaaioner to Lauda ami  Wnrk* fm permlulon
tn punhaae 2HU acre* of land, alt uale on the 1.11 lie
Moyle rher ahoul 1 mile from Inietnatlnua]
Boundary and AMUt 1 mile Iron Kpnkalic- Inter
national By.: Oonunenoing ai a pnat maraed
Ij   Orant'i h. e   oornei  pom. thonoe weel *���
t'luilna: ihcnce  north  U chain*; thenOB  uaal  Mi
ohalnii thenoe north 30 chain*: thence aaai 'U*
ohalni; tbence aoutb On cnaini to plnee id torn
im-m-cmi'tit, i niila'ulug 'iW acre* ol  lund.
Looated Oot, ;��uh nwii.
Dainu itiuNT
Hixty dny* after Bfttl I Inieml to applj lu Ilu*
Honorable tin* chlel inmmi** r <>: i.���mb md
Worka, Vlcturla.lt. purchase [OUacm ul land,
located In   Klrr Vnllef and described u lollowil
0< uimeiiiiiig ��i ft poil marked 0. H Mi*m* n.w,
corner, ami planted  al   tbi  lOUthwul euruer nf
:*���   1r\\ti,  and   rniiiilug  m.iiIIi ho ehalna, thenei
eaat 'Hi Ohalna,  lbence Uorth  hu chnlna,  thciici
weat 'JU chain* In place uf beginning
Nov. iiih. lm*. '.ko. H. McMillan,
J. K. ANNAHLK, A-[cut.
BlXtj  daya  alter  dale I  Inieml tO apj.lv lo thi-
Worki in purehaa- WOaorwoMand,located In
Klrc \Hllev.nn Wert aide   t.f   Armw   lnk,.     	
ineiiciiigai n poii planted ttohalni we i oi tha
ac.ulhwe.i corner uf J. Koblnion'l nre-emt.lloii
and marked J W'l I- B enrner, and ru . J
north HU chnlna thenee ��eal al. cnaln* tl,,.,,'.?
aoulh Mb cha ill a. theme eaat HU chnin* to niacin of
CTOUinilMleCllieilt '
Nov, IHth, I0M, ��An WttLUM
J. E. annahi.k. Agent,    '
Hlxty day* after dale I inteud in applj   to iho
Uhlef CpmmlMlonpr ..f Lumls aud U..rk* f���r
permlulon topurohue Ute following doaprthad
land* in Kootenay Dlatrlct, about th,,-,*,,,,,it .1
tdmllefr.umThriim'aaitling: t ommeoXi Yl ��
j>o*l placed hi lhe H W ,,inier nl I BOB #roi!
I.  w<*hi   Koolenay   Dlatrloti   tbenoe   wutoriS
following    the    norlh     hm ,irv   nf  I.IMm   111
ohalni) thene.* nurth in chain..; tbenoe mattf
cliaina.  nmre ur   lea*,  (0 the    N    \\     nnrniip    f
UlHlKI; thence aonlh lutlnwlt.g the well bo ,�����
of L6893   in ehalna. mote or fbw ,., ���| , !     ',* >
menoement, contain ing do aorea mora _�� hm
DaftdthUfltb dayol Decern bor [**x
ff ii. I'lria, Locator.
Hniiotable the Chief 'Ji'inmlwieueroTU.
Work* fnr peruilMioo u> pun Lm UuML
deaorlbed landa in  Kooieut dtnntt j
i:i-ii* ing at a )�����*! marked J H A*_ni'.��lfd
eaal cornet pnat. tald p.-' ��� -;-,,- .: J
<���:���'.������ .,'. ib** Lower Arrow lake,uoniH
twlow Hurtnii city: tbenea ���*���.'' i*
LhenMWCei K chalna; itn:.** - i..ls*
thi'iiif weat *_)n ehalna; themr oortlli.
and .f link*, nmre or leaa lo.tbtaM
iheuci* cunierlT along lakeiuclnini mat*
loth* plaoe of  t-vgluulng, eunial��l|M
nore or reel
I>aied ilil* Mh day of Nnvcmber.M     _
* ��tf��|
per K. L Hraan.ltft
Nolle** l* herehy glveu that ��i-mi$|
dat* I inteud tu mai. uj.|*.,* ��::"i ,-*'-j*IJ
able Chlel f'oinuilaaluner of Und* *l*.'��
��� iciorla, ft. ( ., ior p.: ii: !������;../, tv pan tarn
lowing deaorlbed lam), iltuili Id ftil
Weti Kootenay dlitrlot:  ('umtin*ii��*t��af
l lanti .1 ai the aoulhwcal corner ol J-jU*
m-nii* pre-emption, marke-i K. I Kifli
poit, ihenoe tii chain* rxtat, then�� *��
DC rth, Ihenoe ��' ehain* ea��t liiJul"
northweal enrner, them-e ��� .: i��� : ���*. A
!���' nom menoement. cun tain ing it<irra,ar
Hated thla Bird day ol Nov., IM
K. I twa
On dayi afterdate I intend toipplrWH
chief OommJaatotur of Landi ih _m
tor in. tn i.urchaae "2*1 acre*  uf   and Vw^
Ktre Vallev  and being a  portion H '���"
ami 10 In Town*hlp��it ami de*erii*d utl
t t'tumeiiclug at a p<.al planlcd nl tbc
eurm-r   of   the  aouthcoat cjiiarier o(
Townabip #"and~ marked J
thenue north iu chain*; thenoi
tl ��� nee *.mth N ehalna; thciiet
place ol begiuniug
I K*
it'll * *
NoTeinneJ iflird rmfl.
Joaim 6:
J. K  A��MW,-Wl
nonce i* lu-rebv given itiai *i*'ci��ih.v--j
Intend lu apply to the Hom.rahh' (lifts'"!
ini*alonrt   of Lauda and  ttork�� le i****
acrei ol land deeefioef oa Eollowi: tooa
Hlxty dava after date j i,lllM1(1 loapply lu thfl
Hon. Ohlafl pmrniulaner ol Undi umi w ,rkM
\ ietorhi, to purehaae I tlu Roroi ,,| | |, [ocat(Sfon
lhe weat aidi- nf Arrow In1,
w Hnrton cily, ami d.
fbodMlollowii 0om��
'  '    '; 11'^uuihr.ftHt
' in northweal
-_��� .rt) .-ii.-ii,...,..
eurner of Lnt mil): theuce nortl
weat 10 chalna; llienee anuth 1�� chViiin,"*'iT''
oaat Hi ehalna lothe place ol bealnnlnfr
Novembor llth, HWC. ���TJ u.r
J��f JK. ANN*ni,n
m ii'.- in uiiKi ,1,'MTlUOii  iu unit. tf.   '"---jf
al * poll planted un the tmrlli U'HolW*
HOyll river, about _Wfl yard* Irom m��<_
marked    "K     MoUairn   B.    W.   ���">''j?
theaat eaal �����' chain*, tbence n��MiiP��
theliee VMt B ehaiiia, thclie' WOUj *}**__
place uf tuniincnccmcut.aieleiiiiiallilM^
more or lew. UJ|
Looated Kith day Oct., um.     Hon ta
Hlxly daya aflur dale 1 Intend 1" ��P^*J
Honorable the 'hlel CommlMlOHIf�� U*J1
Wurka, Victoria, lo purctia*.��� ���.��' ��('rrt *B
located and deteribedai followi:   __W
.ii a poel planted   ��t  the aontha��t l'uTav3
���HoblOIOn l pre einpllnii In lire ValkT.I
live  mile*   fnnn  Kdward   Lamllng. *rt
Armw take, and in-tkcd Y   O'lB  M
ruiinlng vreal  (Ut chalim, thenMHnUI
tbenoe eaal ��< chain*, theme """'v-mb
Ihenc.* eaal �� chain*, theme norlli ���*'��������
platW nf beginning. h|
Nov mth.iiMi khan;��!p
J   K   ANNAIU.I.AI"*1
Notice i* hereby given lhal WdefllKL
InUMigioanplytotlficlInn <hi.(i emm ��J!
LHml*nmlVorkK, Victoria, lo.l-'f"'!'"^
.���ba..* tbe following deioribed i��i"'-��"JJJr
tbeWwl Kooteuay dlitrlot, oo "'-""''g
Du! .,1 (or UxlUle) oroeli  r T�� 5
alaiiil three iiillt!�� frum KooleOl! "'.ft
mencing at h pnal markeii "Jamoi ' ''U;?.J
poit." Miniiing �� ohalni eait, tln-m-'JIJI
linrlh,   thence   W  Chain*   weil. Il��:li�� *3
aouth.  tO   lhe polul ol  f.rin in em-TlI.00^1
ln^ 1li aerea nf land, limre or leM
thiieti i.'in November, tum.
Located hi J**- ���
per John K. TArwMWJ|
Hlxty dwyaafUT  dale  1   liil-n.l h'lPjjfl
Honorable the OhieiCoi -aionirgnj
Worki (or pormiMlon to purcbaie ����� BM
deaeribed  Iiiuda in Ko nay ttltUVf      V3
elng al  a   poll   marked   "A. J  I' ��;    f)j|l
corner poal." aald   |h.*t  la-ing OD UM*����3F
erly ah..ic of the Lower Armw IM ' ���" ^
QUI eaat,  ott   the   northeaat c-urncr'"^
Oroup i: thenoo north oo ohalnii �����",^51
anuth in chalna, more oi tell, lo WKjfc
tlience fulluwlng aald ahore In w.*' .,���,nWll
dtrceiinii M chalna   mme wleH��oHWBB
beglnnlug, oontiUtilug U�� acrei. ��"r     |
Paled thlaf.th day uf Nuvcnili'Ti ''";j.DOfcB
pcrK Ulinwir-AK^1
Notil-C- IH lltTI'Isj-KlVI'll H'""''\["uCml^i
I llsli'lsil l<s it I.,. ] > I.s Ills- lis.II   ' 111"   '.. vf_
eroTUndi and Woffa lor thi  '    .'ii
s-lillisi'   Ills'   follovUlg   sIssssTll.. sl   "l"(,t,��
menoinR al is i.n*, nmrk.-.i "-*'���.,.��� ,,,-mi
llss' K ���.���l S. blss.'ls, Nis BUS, ranniw ,���,
ssiiiiiiis.; r I'lii-.',mi Is l.Ortl W'.J""vjui��J
Uss- c.l* ii. line, Ihenoe ��"��i ''' ,. .sii.."
,in,.sv i.���k,*: ilsi'is.' norlli m'vz,m*\
tha ihon ol lho Arrow I.nks*'" "" '
loalioaroool . ,__
DaloO I Isl. mh day nl Kol.ruarj, J";,*���art
j. ii. 6uooi��i 'u* The Drily Canadian
[otice to Fuel Consumers
All orders now standing on W. P. Tierney s
nr our books for any amount or description of
coal must be settled for, otherwise delivery will
nut be made.
Dated February 18, 1907.
Yale-Kootenay Ice, Fruit. Fuel and Poultry
Company, Limited.
h Carry
strLk6f Fine Eiderdown Quilts
From $6.00 to $35.00.
Ste Our VttHwty of -300 I'luturea l-'rtimud Ui th*
U��t��*t Htylma.
itandard Ftifoitute Company
Mil'.NTS i
) ,1: Klneh f'lauos.
uiutfr MattrusattH
mil Hanilary Mattresses,
Complete House Furnishers
Undertakers,    Embalmers
ate* Bottle Sale
2 Quart Water Bottle 11.00
3 Quart Water Bottle $1.25
2 Quart Water Bottle and Syringe $1.25
3 Quart Water Bottle and Syringe $1.50
[anada Drug ��& Book Co.
liereby *jriveu that -Sudsy* *Oat flat! I
ppl) in tin* Hnn tin* ' hi'*] i iiininit.
-*.:i*l- untl WurlLi, vlelorla. (or pet*
put aod tarry a* ay tlm Iht from Um
li'iuribed latiiin in Weat KootoMjr:
ii'tU'ini at a pool plautetl about eivllty
.1 lbe moulh ol enreki ereuk, where
ito tinmen Onek. aucl ou the north
nim ereek, anl marked ������>. A. Lamles
uroor i*'-:, thenoe wu��t eixb y ubaius,
th eiglily abiUUi tbenoe cut elfbty
BllC     ���������*:. I.  tli:lll\   ijirtlllh  lo p-ollit of
i. j*Ui. ivtr.   u a. Lii'Bie, Loofttar,
ic nuln| m a i* *-i planted eait of anil
_ ��� A Uurle'i. Ita-ailou [codt No. 1, and
|l n   A   Uurto's KoiithweNl eorner post of
i* nm, tbenoe c-a*��t eighty chains, thenoe
hi) ehatns, the tn* went umlity ehains.
nn eighty ehalni to point oi oonunen*
I Jan   ��th, W07,   tl. A. Lai^kib, Locator.
mtuencing al n iMfliiUule'l about el* lily
���t.ulli of bureka .reek where 11 0.0*1 mto
crook, aod marked Q A. Laurie's nouih-
   r poat, on loeatiou "o   3, thenee Mlt
ik, ibeuoe nortb elghly cbaina. tnwet
i-'hBtni,  Ihence Mouth eighty Mhalim
'imi uionoement,
f 1 Jan. .'.'.th, UWT,   ii. A. LaiKir. Loralnr.
ending at a post plan tnd aouth of
tig i. A Laurie'* loeatiou No. it, and
A aiirin'o northwest OO'ttSI pout.
, su chatna, thonoe muth *> chain..,
t m ohalni) thenoe north eo chain**
fc> ***i uommonoement,
Wl .l.tn. Jftth, 1Wi7,   ti. A. Lai'KIK, l .of ft tor
btnmenolng    at   a   poat    plau'ed   eighty
aland lortv ohaini. nouth ol loeatiou
..  i, aud marked w   ii. t*e_ett mnthweet
I I'o-i ui |,��� atioti No 6, thenee eaat eighty
��� theuee nortii iighty ehaiiot, theliee Weit
u'halot,   ih.-uee   aouth  eighty  ehalim lo
II oituneooement
l Jau Jftth.lWT,    Vi it. r*ui, Loontor,
iintnenolng al a poit planted Month ol
Joining loialiou ho .'>, and marked Vi. II.
luirtbweil corner poetoJ loeatiou No B,
iaH iiKbl) ehalim, Ihenee n.ntii eighty
Iheiieu well flglnj tlialuh, theuce north
rhalni l.i point ol eommeiu'ciiuiut.
i Jan. ittthi linn.    w. H. r*uK, Locator.
���raraenotOI nl B poat planted elghly
call and twenty cliailiM noiitli of lotallou
> i.anil murked U. A. l.aurke> M.ulhwenl
pistol loi-ation No 7. tbeuoe eut eighty
thanee mirth elghlv .ham-, theiuv W0II
chaiua,   thenoo  aonth   olgi.ly   ehalim to
an. la tb. mi".
A. LAUhiK, l-oi'utnr.
"��� inlng   fti a |h>hi   planted  eigbty
"fi hihI elghly .-lift.tin hi.ulh  ol lot*.lull
1 ..ami markedU a Laurie'ieoutbweel
IHiil of location No. ti, 'hem cant
< Uti.H, theuce north eighty chain*., thonce
il ht! chaini, thonoe nduiIi elghly chalm
il "t fi'iniiH'Ui'.cniunt.
i Jau Mtb| iwn, ��... A. 1 Afitin. Looator.
utntnoaolUg at a poat platilod elgbtl
���usi antl eighty chalutc HiMili. of loealloii
'���mi uiftrked U A. Lautte'a HUlitllwiwl
ol location Nt). t), thoueo oiiat IW) ObaUUt
"orih iti obalm, thonoe woit IWowunii
t'd Jan   iiitb, linn.   Q A. Laiibik, Loealor.
mencing ata pout iilautod about ulx
down  Haruoa ereek   from   the  moulh of
crook whore it flowi Into barnei eruck
ih eaaterly cilroclhui, and marked ti. A.
*��� MuithweM corner poat of location No
co out eighty ohalni, theuce north eighty
theuee Weil elghly chalna, thODH lOUtD
haiiiH to polut ol ooinmeucouionl.
Jan,38th, IWI7.    II. A. LAt'Bm, Loealor.
|Gatnmenoln| at a  poat   bLantad eighty
���"���������uu iif location No lo, ami marked Q, A.
*oiiuiwont corner poii ol looatlon wo u,
�����' BUI eighty chaiua, llioueo norlh eighty
p. Jhoiicc weat eighty ohalna, Ihonoe anuth
���V ehalim it. point of tminuiauueuiont.
ed Jan.88th, iwi. ti. a, Lai'hik, Locator,
lCommonolngat a pout planted aouth of aud
���Ting local ion  No, ll, ami marked VV. 11.
iiortbweil comer ptml of location No. Vi,
c.iai eighty onaiua, thonco xoiith eighty
i I'lcine wuat eighty chaliiH, thonce north
itaini lo poim of ooniuionoemunt.
ud Jan. Hth, iwn.      W. II. Haiik, Lu ator.
lporojhanplng at a poat plaiuod olglily
lr,'"'v1tl"de gh y^liaiiiB lOUth ol location
tiu l1} I"t,rk,"l 0, A. Laurie'i nortb weet
hi oi locmiou No. 18, tlienoe eut eighty
chalna, thence iouth eighty ebalna. tb' MM weat
��� ixht' chains, theuce north elghly chalna to
poiot of i-ouitnoucemeut
bated Jan Mtb, 1W7.  t\. a. Latstki Looator,
It.���rommeneing at a poat planfd north of
and adjoining loeatiou No. U, and 1 alng marked
i.,. A. Leu riv'a ami lti well eorner pour of looatlon
No 14. thence eaal eighty ohalna, theuee norlh
eigbty obaina. thenet* weat eighty chatm, Ihenee
���OUtb eighty ehalim to pQtntOl  eommeneemeut.
Ootid -'an. Kth, 1VU7.   (.��. A. LADUI, Locator.
IA -Commencing at a iHiit planted eight j*
chains north of location No. 14 and merged w.
11, I'aae'a aouthweat corner pnit Ot location No
U, ihenee a-t eighty chaini, llienee nortb
eighty chalna. ihence wiat eighty < liatna. thenoe
aouth eighty chalna to p*Mnl of 00DJRU ncemeni.
Dated Jan. r9th, XaTi.     W. H. Paul, Locator.
lft.-Coninieuclog at a poat planted eighty
ch luaeailof locaiion No. 1ft, and markrd O,,A,
Lanrle'i eoothwut corner pnttol roconon No.
16,   thence  eaal  eighty   ehainc,   tbence   north
eighty chalna, thenee weat BUhtf chaiua, thence
ttoiitli eighty chat im ti point of eommeueeuient.
Un-aled Jan. Ni 1W7.     ti. A. LaOJUI, Ixmalor.
n.-CommenelUK at a poit plauted 'outh of
and adjoining location No. 10, and marked tc, A.
Uurie'ii noribwe��t corner poat of loeatiou ��� o.
1", thonoi eaat eighty DbUtU. thenee iouth
elghtv ohalna, thence weal eighty chalna, ihence
north elghly ehaiiiK l" point of commencement.
Dated Jan. Utb, HWU,   (i. A. I.Aimil, Locator.
18.-Commonclng al a poal plauied eighty
OhilM aouth of looatlon No n, and marked w.
H Plie'l northweal corner poal of loeatiou No.
IH, tlietic>oa��telghiyeha!nK. h ueeaoulh eighty
ohaii'K, thence weil eighty chalim, thenee north
ciifhy ehalna to point Ol commeiieeuoent.
Looated Jan. Wi UOT.      W H. 1'aoe. Locator.
IP ���Commencing "t a poal planted nighty
chalna nouth of location No. IS, and marked (i.
A. Laurie'h north a out corner poet of loeatiou No.
IM ihence cant elithty ohalna theuce aoutb
eighty chains, thence wont eighty chalm, thenet
north eighty chalim lo point ol ooiuuicnteninnt.
Dated Jan 38th, 190!,   Q.A  Lai'MI, Uioalor.
ai.-ttotnmencing at a poat plauied ahoul
eighty Ohaini eaat of the mouth of High! Mlic
ereek where 11 empties lute, inonoakln ereek,
and on tbi souih hank Ol Inonoakln creek, and
marked i.. A Laurie'i- northeaat corner posl of
location No 80, thenoe souih hin chalna, llionco
wot 40 ehalns. tbeuoe norlh 100 chalna, thence
nasi in ehulns to point ol conimem-oiueui.
Dated I'oh Soft, 1907,   (L A. LaQBH, U.calor.
���i\. -Coiumonelng   at   a   Hit  planted   forly
ohalni weit and tight] ohalni iouth oj looatlon
No. 'in. t ud markeii   W. II. I'age's liorlieiisl our
Uer  post  ol  location No  il, th o weal elghly
ebalus. Ihen.e south  eighty chains, llieiire Mil
elghly chaum, ihence   north   elghly chains to
polulol eoiiimeuccmcul.
Dated Fob, 2nd, IW!.      W. H. I'aui, Uioalor.
aa^Gomnteoolni��'�� pool pUniod eu| of and
lul.otniiig loealloii No,��, and marked ll. A.
Uurle'i norlhweat corner poet of loot lon Mo.
E thonce south l��l chains, ihelieeeH I ID chalim,
Ihetuif north nm chains, iheliec west W chains to
polul ol commencement.
Datod Koh.'ind.iwn.    tl. A.Ut'Hlg, Locator.
IB.-Comiiioiioiug at a poil piloted foi'lvchniim
���MtoMooatlon Ko.Oand mitked ff. H.luo'i
northWDlt corner post 01 location  No. BS, tlu-ico
south 160 chains, tlience out forty Rhalni, Ihenco
north  UHi cha'ns, thonoe weat forty chnins to
point Of ctiiiimencemenl,
Dated Keb. and, IIK.*;.      W   H. I'auk, U-ftlor.
j. i ���Commencing at i posi planted iorty obalne
easl md eighty .���Inline loUtt ul Ic.n.ilon Nu.��,
aud   marked i>    A. Ciurlo'l northwest corner
mmi ol i.Mition No M, thonoe iouth olghtt
chnins ihence ensl elghtv  ehnllis, llictuc  north
elf b iy dial in, i honco well el| bl y chains to polui
Datod Fib. 4th iw>7-   8- *���' Lai'hik, Looator,
M-Oomminoiltg ut a post i.lanteii elghly
obaiiiH eaat of looatlon No.'^1, nml marked Q A.
Uurle'i norlhweat corner poat of location *>o
S , thenoe WUtll eigbty chaiua, them-e eaal
eighty, Hienco north eighty ehalna, thence west
eighty ohalui to polul of couunencemeul.
Dated Feb, ith, 1WJ7.     G. A Laibii, Locator,
^.-Commencing al a post plw'ed RboUl four
and one-hall miles .lown Utoitoaklo �� �� ^ �� '
tho mouth of Klght Mile creek ahUtU (Iowa Lota Inonoakln creek and 00 the'OUt RBf. ��
lnummklu crook, and marked Q ^J*gj."
norlhweat eornor post, thenc wot elgbtj
obaina, thence oaat eighty ���ahilni. them ���
eighty ebalna, theticj west elglUJ OhOlM to point
of com mctiu'tnont.
Dated Fob. 4th, WOT.     U. A. UWlU, Locator.
Go,  winter!   Go   thy   ways!   We   want
The twitter of the blue bird and the
Leaves ever greener growing; and the
Of aummer'H sun���not thine.
Thy  Bun,   which mocks   our  need   of
warmth and love
And    all    the    hearknlng    fervencies
Ii scarce hath heat enow to warm our
Pathetic yearnings In.
Go,  get  thee   from   us!   We are   cold
God wot,
Kven an thou art,We remember not
How blithe we hailed thy coming���That
waH, O, too long���too long ago!
Get from HI ulierly!   Mo!Rummer then
Shall   spread  her grasses   where   thy
snows have been,
Thy last fey footprint melt and mould
In ber first marigold.
British    House    Discusses    Rights    of
London, Feb. 27.���In the commons
Winston Churchill stated that It was
proposed to discuss the fisheries question fully when the premier of New-
foundland arrives. Prior to the resumption of the discussion on the preference amendment to the address, Mr.
Asquith stated that the debate, In view
of the government position, was not of
a very practical character. There were
no sufficient grounds to ask the house
to Bit uji late, although the llo'clock
rule would be suspended.
Hon. Mr. Halfour, continuing the debate, alluded to the fact that the government, after six hours, had put up the
under secretary for the colonies on the
Take notice thai I intend, thir'y daya afler
date to applv to tbe Honorable the Chief Commissioner oi Lands and Works Ior u apeclal
licence to cut and carry away timber from tho
followlug described lands, situated on Baudy
Creek, iu Weat Kootenav district: Couiuienctni;
Kt h post planted on the west side, of said creek,
aud inarkel "J. P, H's" northwest corner; tbence
ninning anuth eighty chaiua; tnence east eighty
chains, tbence nortb eighty chains; thence west
eighty chains to place of commencement.
i. p. omuraso,
Dated this Utb day of Febmaiy, 1W07.
Take notice lhal thirty days aft��r date I intend to apply to the Chief CommiMioner of
Lands and Works at Victoria for permission to
cut and carrv away timber from the following
descritied lands In West Kootanay:���
No L���Commencing at a poat plauted at the
���nuthwest corner of timber licence No. "Wl;
thanee east lorty cbains; theuce north eighty
chains; ihence easl la) chains, thence south to
northern boundary ol timber license a*t48;thence
west along snld northern boundary to
the north-west corner of aald llceuse;
then south to the northern boundary
of Umber licenae 7018; thenee went to
�� point due south ofthe polntof emntneucment;
tbeuce uorth to the polui of eommeneemeut.
January 15th, 1*1.
No. 2 ���Commencing at tbe norlhweat corner
of timber llceuse 7tUl: theuce south to the northern boundary of timber licenae .018; theuce west
to the uorlh-weat eorner o( aald timber ...eiiM
ihence sou'h to the northern boundary of Lot
sl-: tbenee following said boundarv of said
lot west to the righl of way of the B. C Southern Kullway; tbence followiiiK aald right of way
ln a north easterly direction lo tbe place of commencement. . __
Jauuary 15th, 1907.
No. 3.���Commencing at a aoutheast cornor of
timber license No. 7821, about tlfty chalna soutli
of the right oi way of thc B C. Houthern Itail-
way;theuee cnat 161) chaiua; ihence north forty
chalus; lbence west lbo chains; thence south
forty chains to place Ol commencement.
January 16th, 1SU7.
��*o. 4 ��� Commencing at a post plauted at the
I n tersest lou of the southern boundary ofthe
right ol wnv of tbe B. C. Southern Hallway, and
the eastern boundary of LokfllHl thence south
to tlm northern boundary or license application
No 8; thonce tasl l��o chains; thence nrrtb to tbc
southern bouudary of timber Llceuae Mi 719,*.:
theuce following the southern boundary of said
UooOBfl westerly about sixty chaiua, more or les��
to an eaaleru boundary ol said license; tbeuce
���ou'h forty QhaiQS! thenoe west eighty chains;
then north to tbe right ol way of tlie B.C.
Southern Railway, thence following said right
of Way in �� Houth-wenicrly direction to tbe place
of bug'luultiK-
January 15th, 1W.
No 6.--' oiumenclng at a poat planted at the
southwest corner of timber licenae Wto: thonce
west sixty chalna more or Icm- to a point due
south of the tonthSMt oornor of license application No. 8; theuce north sixtv chains more or
lea* to the souih boundary of licenae application
No 4; Ihence easl to the aoutheast corner
of said licenae application of No. 4; thence
north to tbe nortlieast eoruer of aald license
application No 4; thence cast to thc southeast corner of timber license 719.r<: theuce
north lorty ehains more or leas to a point due
w.-i ,���! tiii* um Hi wm r(>' Mr ni Umber license
0086; ibeiiceetiat to lbe northwest corner of said
timber licenae No MUtt; tbence south 160 chains
10 the polul of commencement
January 15th, 1W7.
No. o -Commencing al a poat planted at the
southeast coruerof timber license 6635; tlience
west to lhe Noiilhweitt corner of license application No 5; ihence uorth lo aouthern boundary
of license application No. K; tlu*uee wuat lo the
northeast corner ol license application No. 1;
tbeuce south lo tbe northern boundary of
timber llt-cimc *>���*�����**���. thence east to tlie northeaat
corner of limber llieuae 8,548; Ihcnce nouUi
thirty cliRfus; thence eusl to (he wesl boundary
ol limber IIiyiikc 8M__) thenee uorth lo the place
of bi-gliiliiUK-
January 15th, 1907.
No, 7. Commencing al a poat planted at the
northeaal corner ol timber license -a.il*-*; tlience
miuiL, fortv ebalns more or less to tbe north
bountlarv of tinilier licenae 8.W.; tbeuce eftltUQ
ohalns I thence north forty chains moreor loss to
a polnl dueeaat of tbe Houllieaal comer ol ilm
ber licenae 8548; theuce west 16H cbaltu to ibu
place of begiuniug.
January 15th, UOT.
No. li ���Commencing at a poat plauted al tbe
nt.rlheaal eoruer of Umber license No. 8546;
thence south eighty chains; tlience eaat eighty
chains; tbenee north elk'Iity chain*: thence wuat
���'it'll! v chaiua to place of couiuit-ucemuut.
January linh, 1907.
No IV-Commencing ot a post planted at the
���ontheaat eoruer of limber license 81-47; llienee
muni i*it;tii\ cliiii!!-; tbence eaat elghly chains;
thenoe nortii l_vcli��lns more or less to thu north
ensi i orner ol license application No- 7; thencu
west to southeaal corner of limber licenae No.
UM; tbenoe north lo the aouthern boundary of
licenae application No. 6; tliunce eaat lo
the wcsl bouudary of Umber licenae No.
BM2| tlience sontb to the south west corner of Umber license 8,������!'.'; lhemic west
loth northwest corner of limber llceuae No.
SM-; thence south to the northeast corner of
Umber llceuae No SHftt Ihence west eighty
chatna; theuce south to a point due east of the
���oulbcaat eornur olliinber Itcensu 8547; thenco
wosl to plaoe Oi commencement.
Janjary 15tfc, IU07
No 10.--Commenclngat ��� post planted al tbe
southeast oorner ni timber llcou��e 8519; thenoe
south eighty chatna; tbeuce woat to the cast
boundary of Lot 812; ihenc north to ihe southern boundary of timber license No, 7i)i8; thonoe
���aai In the southeast eornur or Umber license
1018; thence north to tho south boundary of timber Uee use a.iv; theuce east to plaue of com-
Jauuary 15th, 1907.
I'. Lund, Locator,
Dan McDougall, Agent
previous night to reply with an electioneering speech. The motion was one
the Importance of which was not denied in any part of the house. He said
the growing need for external markets
was the inevitable result of the abolition of the corn laws of 1846, the true
consequence of which was that Britain
must openly proclaim herself a country
which had lived by Its manufactures.
To him the fact that the colonics persistently expressed a desire for preference was most vital. Remarking that
an imperial council or imperial zollver-
ein as a method of union of the colonies
and mother country was barred, he said
we could only turn to mutual serylces
to be profoundly dlBBEtlsfied with the
government refusal to discuss the question with the colonial premiers. He declared that the time would come when
the basis of taxation must be broadened
lor the purpose of Increasing command
of foreign markets and the closer commercial cementing of the colonies.
Gilbert Parker asked the bouse to consider whether a small preference could
not ba given the colonies. A shilling
preference on corn would satisfy
Canada and Australia.
Mr. Lloyd George said that if Canada could get rid of duties altogether
business between the two countries
would Increase Btill more. He was
not sure that the gain in trade in
Canada in the last few years was due
to preference. Re ferrlng to sources of
corn supply he said: "Lost year we
sold to Argentina 70,000,000 pounds of
goods more than to Canada. We had
greater financial interest ln Argentina
than in Canada, better prospects of
trade there than in Canada, and if we
taxed her commodities, how long
should we retain the custom of Argentina? The United -States could also retaliate hy hitting our shipping very'
Austin Chamberlain declared that
Lloyd George had shown a want of
knowledge of colonial opinion and sentiment. The colonies did not demand
a preference, but offered to strike a
bargain.. The most that could be involved was redistribution of taxation
on the poor. If a sacrifice be made it
should be made by those who could better afford it.
The division resulted: For the amendment, 98; agalnBt, 353; majority against
Unique   Location   of   a   Bullett   While
Eating Meal.
Lord Kitchener, to whom has just
happend his third accident in Indian, has
met with many hair-breath escapes during his marvellous military career. He
has, says T. P. O., been wounded four
or five times in battle, he has been twice
shot at by BedouinB, and once had a
narrow escape of being hanged as a
spy. After the conflict at Omdurmau,
the Sirdar and hia staff only escaped
death by the merest luck, for they had
hurried into the town before the order
to cease firing had been given. In con-
sequence, for several minutes shells
were bursting all around the place
where the general and his party had
taken up their position.
During the campaign In 1888 Major
Kitchener���aB he then was���was hit in
the side of the face by a bullett during
a skirmish near Suakin. He was taken
down the Nile to the hospital at Cairo,
where, despite all the efforts of the
surgeonB, the bullett could not be located, the X-rays being then unknown.
The wound was o healthy one, and very
soon healed. The medical officers came
to the conclusion that the bullet hnd
worked its way out without being noticed on the passage down the Nile.
One day, however, a tiisty breakfast was
served to the patient, which he had no
sooner attacked than he put his hand
to his throat, exclaiming to the attendant, "If there Is no bone in this steak,
I've swallowed the bullet; I felt it go
down."   This proved to be the case.
Coal! Ice! Wood!
Phone 265
Yale-Kootenay Ice, Frott,
Fuel A Poultry Co., Ltd.
N. E. oor. Baker  and  Ward  Sta.
Notiee ii bereby given tnnt at e ineetiuy of the
liimril iif Lice sm* ('uniiHlMlouiiri, tu Lie held nfler
the expiration uf Hi) aeyii 1 lii'end to ttpp-y (or e
trftimfer o( mv hutel UtieeiiM for the Drove hotel,
at r-lrview, io K. 0 BONOS
Notice lo hereby glveu that 60 days niter deto I
inteud to apply tu thu Honorable the Chiei Oom-
mlBfiiotier of Lamb* and Worts* lure liceine to
pronpeet (ur uon) mnl peiroleum over the (ollowlng lend: Bltunlotl two miles uorth of tlie International boundary Une end west o[ the Klathead
river, fevlnulng at a poHt murked w. LeUellati'
N. W. eoruer pust tlmtu'e Wtrliaiuw lonth, thenee
wirbniim east, iiieiicu mi chalnn north, theuce 80
chaini went to point o[ commeueomont.
1 ated Nov. It, 11106- W. Lr'Iau.ain.
Notice in herohy given that ��i days ader dete I
inteud tu npplv to the * on. Chief Commifmioner
uf Landi* and Work* (nr a leemo to proapect (or
eoal and petroleum over thc followlug land:
Kini-teil Hlx milea north of tho inleruatloual
boundary line and caul o( the Flathead river.
Beginning at a pout marked K. H Kurd's N. Vi
co-ner pu*t, theuce M) uhalm south, thence M>
chain*-** east, thence 80 chains north, thenee SO
chains west tn point of coinmeuuumont
Dated Nov. 16, IWO ��, H. HOftD.
T*���� Strathcona
Nelion, B.O.
B. Tomkins, Manager.
The Leading Hotel in the
Qood    Sample    Rooma.
Queen's Hotel
Bake, Blraet, Ncltou. B. O.
Lighted by Klectricitj sand
Heated by Hot Air
Lata* and OomlorUble Bedroomt and Fli-it-
olaMDiDia-f Koom. tan pit. Kswm. lor Donate!*
olal   M��n
MRU. E. C.CLARKE, FroprletmM
Lake View Hotel
Cornor Hall and Vernon,
two blocks Irom wharf.
Kates |l-00*p��r day and up.
P. O. Box IM.
Telephone 118.
Grand Central Hotel
Tnis hotel has been completely renovated and
newly furnished with all modern equipment*.
Hot water heating throughout.
&ATEB : Rooms, 60c.  upwards ; meals   25c. ;
special rates by the week.
J. A. ERICKSON, Proprietor.
Telephone, 250.   Opposite Court House
and Postoffice. Nelson. B. C.
Tremont House
European and American Flan
Muli M eta.   Booma Irom �� ot,. to 11.
Only While Balp Employed.
Baker Bt.. Nelion Propiletoa
Bartlett   House
Best DoIlar-a-Day Hotise in Nelson*
The Bar 1* the Finest.
White Help Only Employed.
Josephine Bt.
Royal Hotel
Rates fl and 11.60 a Day.
Special Rates to Regular Boarder*.
Mosst comtortable quarteri In Nelion
Only tbe best uf LisjSsssrH and UKara.
Pacific Coast
Leave Nislson 7:30 n. m.
Arrive Vancouver 11:50 noon.
Arrive Victoria 5:46 p. m.
S. S. Princess Victoria
S. S. Princess May
Berths $1.00.   Can be occupied nt Nel
son Union Depot at D p. ra.
For rates, folders and tickets apply to
local agent or to
A.a.H.��. .Vancouver. D.P.A.. N��i��ou
W.   a.   OILLETT
Contractor and
Suit! agont tor the Porto Rico Lumber Co., Ltd.,
retail yards. Hough ami (tn*-��u<l lumber, turned
work and brackets, Coast lath aud afeiiigles, cash
and doors. Cement, brick aud Ume lor sale.
Automatic grimier.
Yard and factory: Vernon St.. eaat of Hall
NtiLHON,   B. G.
P. O. Box 382. Telephone 118
Building Lots for Sale
H.  &   M.  BIRD.
Has every class ol Real Estate and Buildings in Nelsou
for sale, from Business Blocks and Warehouses
to Market Gardens.
Choice Fruit
I Have 10,000 Acres
Choicest Frott Lands in
British Cohmbmjl.
Can sell any quantity from 5 acres to -2,000 in one block.
Buy now and get the ground floor prices.
Nelson, B. C.
NOTICE ia hereby given that an application
will be made to tbe Lee Illative Aeaembly of the
Province of British Columbia at lta next session
for au act authorising ibe Patrick Lumber Company, Limited, to irtate, construct. * nd maintain,
a dam or dams, booms, piers, slides, and-other
works ln and across the Kootenay river stor
near Thrums Station (about opposite Rub lot IV.
of Lot torn, Group 1, Kootenay dlitrlet): and in
nnd across the Little Blocan river; and In and
auroes the Slocan river at a polut or points below the mouth of the Little tilooan river; for the
purpose of driving, rafting, sorting holding.and
manufacturing law-loga and timber; to occupy
the surface of tbe said rivers where necessary for
lho purposes aforesaid; to clear, improve, AMI
remove obstructions from the said rivers for Pg -
driving, rafting, and booming purposes; to levy
and collect tolls and dues on logs timber im
lumber of persons nslng or profiting by even
worki, clearing or improvemenu; to enter upon
and expropriate lands; and do all other things
nwiKsary, Incidental or conducive to tbe flier-
else of any of the above powers.
Dated the 10th day of December, 1900.
HolfHor for the Applicant
In the m��tter of an application for the Issue of
a duplicate of thc Certificate of Title for an
undivided 1-8 of Lots 2, and 8, Block 1:, Town of
Notire is hereby given th 1 Ht is my Intention
to issue at thc expiration of one month from
thc first publication hereof a duplicate of the
Certificate of Title to the above lands tn the
name of Florence M. Hodglns which Certificate
Is dated the 'JSth day of December, IBM, and
numbered 1-661K.
District Kegistrar.
Land Registry office, Nelsou, B C
January iBHh.lWI. -.
Koike sg hereby given that on UondaT, Feb-
rssttrv i'stls. ussn, that tbe Court of Herlilon for
the Mstuiflptsshty of the City of aiown will he
Sssiil in tbe City liai] od above date, at 2 p m ,
[or the purpose of revising the Ataeaament Roll
ssf the City of Hloean. Thoae making complalnta
ssstsslsssst their aaacumeut are required to have
their protest* In tho hands of tbe City Clerk ten
slays previous to the first sitting ot the Court of
bated ut Slocan, Jauuary Mth 190*7.
 ' C.M.rs.
Certificate of Improvements
"Empress,** "Climax," "Horseshoe," "Queen,*
"Unlou Jack," situated in Nelion Mtulu,
l.ocaUssI on forcuptne creek.
T-ake Notice that 1, Frank Fletcher, agent Ior
the Asstive Gold Mlnlr-g Company, Free Miner's
Certificate No. Ra-JS-rf listens!, 60 days from date
hereof, toapply to the Mfnlug Recorder tor a
Certificate of Improvements for the purpose ol
obtaloing a crown Grant of the above claims.
Aud fssrther take notice that action, under
Setstlon 37, must ise commenced before the laau-
ance of such Certltlssateof Improvementi,
Dated Nelson, mth Dec., Hue.
FRANK Hi n-cHaa.
Tenders Wanted foe tbc Purchue of a
Mineral Claim.
Tenden -addressed to the underalsrnad, at his
oilce In t-e court house, In Uie City of Nelaon.
will be received up tl 1 the hour of fi o'clock ln
the afternoon of Monday, March Uth, lffn, fo*
the Diirohaae of the "Garfield" mineral claim
Lot ������� roup 1, Kootenay Dlatrlct, which wea
declared to be forfeited to the Crown et the
lax aale held In tbe City ol Nelson on the Ith day
of November, IW. lor delinquent taxes np till
Jnne nth, 1906. and coats.
The npeet pries upon the aald mineral claim,
which Includes the amount of delinquent taxes
and coats at the time ol forfeiture, with Inlereat
taxes whlf-h bave since accru'd, coats fadver
Using, and fee for crown grant (HMO) t, hj 70
which la tbe least amount that wili be considered
aa a tender
Each tender muat be accompanied byanae
copied obeque for the full amount of the tender.
���able to tbe order of the Deputy ' ommlaal-oeT
Jsnndaand Works.at Vlelorla, 1 Cat pat.
Dnted at Nelson, B c��� this Hth day ot February, HOT.
Government Agent. Nelaon,��. C.
Tenders Wanted for the Purchase of a
Mineral Claim.
Tenders addrenaed to the undersigned, at -.Is
office ln tbe Court Honae. ln the Ciiy of Melftpn,
will be received np till the hour of flreo'cloek
in tbe afternoon of Monday. March lllh, VMn,_t*t
the purchase ol the "No. 2" mineral elalm, -lot
mto. Oroup 1, Koolenay Dlatrlct, which weave-
s-lared to be forfeited lo the Crown at the tax tele
held In the cltr ol Nelson on the Ith day ol-Ho-
vcmber, 1*106, for delinquent taxee up all Jnne
30th, U06, and roe Is.
The upeet price upon tbe aald mineral eletat,
which tnelsidce the amount of delinquent tasea
and costs at tbe time of forfeiture, with Interest
tatee wblch bave since accrued, coata of adfer-
llilna, and fee tor Crown Grant tN6 00,) la I1M.*0.
which la the least amount that will he considered
as a tinder.
Eacn tender most be accompanied hy an no-
copied cheque for the full amount of tbe tender,
payable to the order of the Deputy Commlaaioner
ssf 1 .and aud Works, at Victoria. B C , at par.'
Dated at Nelson, B c, thla Ulh day of February, 1107.
Governm- nt Agent. Nelson, B*. C.
Certificate of Improvements
"Argo" mineral claim, situated In the Slocan
Citv   Mining   Division   of   West   Kootenay
Where lo ated: On Springer Creek near the
Arltn. ton Sawmill
Tssk.* Notice tbat 1, Frank C, Grean, acting aa
agent for the Arllnatou Mines, limited' Free
Miner's Certificate No. B4fioe. inteud, sixty davs
from date hereof, to apply to t -e Mining Recorder
tor a Cerllllcate of linpnsvementa, tor lbe pur-
i���ss,-,,( ssl,!ssUsiis< ss cs-.swn Grant of the above
And further take notice that action, under
sesstlon ttt, must bo common ed before the
lt.ssss.ns-s' uf such Cerllllcate of Improvements.
Dated this mn nay of December, 1106
F. C Guna. Nelson. B. C.
PRUNING AND GRAFTING Carefully attend-
ed to. Apply
 Wlver jjjjg Hotel.
r. c green    r. r. burden    a. h. greer
Civil Engineers, Dominion and British
Columbia Land Sorreyors
J\0.BoiM5   PkoMMlB.
Certificate of IniproTfgi-fntSi
"May," * B.C.," "Btrathroy," "Joy," "Joy Fractional," and "John D Mabley" Mineral Claims,
situated In tha glocaa City Mining Dlvlalon ol
the Weat Koolenay Dlatrlct.
Where located :-North of Twelve Mile Onek
ahout one and a half milea np.
Take nolle. that I, H. R. Jorand of Blocai. k.u.
Free Miner's ceHMeate Mo. BTHn, aa egrut lor
Horace u Van Tuyl, Free Miner a certificate Mb.
BMU, intend, alxty dayi from tbe date hereof,
to apply to the Mining Recorder for a Certlfleete
uf Improvements, tor tlie purpose of obtaining a
Crown Grant of tha said mineral elalma.
And lurther take notice Ihnt nation under
Decttou tt, musl ne commenced eeftm the tmu-
ance ot such Certificates of Improvements.
Doled thla bd Day of January, un.
Gmrtlfleatm ��n Isnp
Rio Tente, Orinoco, Queen Victoria Fractional
and Ornoeo Fractional Mineral Claims, annate
ln tbe Nelson Mining Dlvlalon ssf Weat Kootenay
Located on Queen Vietoria Mountain, near
Beasley siding.
Taka Notice that 1, Frank C. Oreen, aetiu na
agent lor Michael Ignn, Free Miner's CertUMto
No. Bfiie.lntend, alxty days from ths dnle hereof,
to apply to the Mining Reoorder for Certttealw
ot Improvements, tor the purpose of obtaining
Crown Grants of the above claims.
And further take notleo that action, under
aoctlon tl, mttat he commenced before tk*
laaueooe of auch Certificates of Improvementi.
Doled thuMk dny ot January, IWI.
F.c. Gnnn��, Naurai.B.C.
Certificate of Impforemeats
"Portia," "Amos," "laat Bide Mo.l" and "Bel-
tine Fractional" mineral eletml, situated ln
ths aiocon City Mining Dlvlalon ol Wait Kootenay Dlatrlet
Where located: At heed of Springer Creek, new
the Arlington mine.
Take Notiee thet I, Frank O. Oraen, acting m
ageut for tha Arlington mines, Limited, Flee
iflner's Certificate No. B_W, Intend, alxty days
Irom the dale hereof, to apply M lha Mining Be
corder lore Certlleateof lmprovemen��.lorthe
purpoee ol obtaining n C row n Omni el Ike above
And! urther take notice that MHen, nnder
eeetloM!, muit he commenced bets-re the hn
ance of auch Certificate of Improvement!.
Dated thll ltlk day <**>' December, UM.
F.C.U-skill, Nelaoa. B.O.
������ V &
The Daily Canadian
Clocks a ���
See Our Fine Display of
Clocks-All Ntw. All the Best
thc Market Offers.
Alarm Clocks, each (1.50 and $2.50
Mission Clocks, each   $6.00
Oak Clocks, each   $12.00
Bedroom Clocka, each   $4.00
Chime Clocks, each  ...$20.00 to $35.00
Now 1, lisp sisne when s<sn 'leesl ft KOsssl CMBRE1.LA.    Osir Hock ia nesv and ssp lo-
siuteansl every Umbrella is sissarautoed.
Of tbe   dlffereuoi
between 1st
J Canned   Goods |
We carry only 4
One trial of our ���
[Tartan   Brand!
���       will convince yon   that we J
I       enrrv it full stock ���
��� Table  Fruit
t        Vejretnblts
* Pie    Fruit
��� Maple Syrup ���
����� ��� *
��� Sam�� Price as Inferior J
��� Qoods J
Old Curiosity Shop
If you want to buy or sell anything,
go lo the Old Curiosity Shop. A new
One ol Japanese Gooils now on sale.
Wl kinds of Dinncrware In stock. Patterns.
\During Lent,
Some People Eat Fish.
Some Do. Some Don't.
For those who don't
can sell them some of
! Shift's Bacon and\
And JOY Will Meet You
At the Door.
J Joy's Cash Grocery
Cor Jnsephlne find Mill SU.      Phone 19
We Have  11   Specially
Selected Stock of
for Xiiimh Trade.
Stoneware Crocks, Bean Pots, Tea Pots, Etc.
Munroe & Nelson!:
General Job Work, Chimney Sweeping, Carpet Cleaning, Fixing and Clean
Ing Stovea, ate.
121 Eaat Baker St. Phone No. A114
For Hot Tomato
Tea and Coffee.
Beef Tea.
-Cor. Varnon rand Ward 8tru��tsH,
.���NELSON,   13. C.
FKED J. HUME, Proprietor.
M. Justice Clement, J. E. McNaugh-
ton. W. A. Austie, Grand Forks; C. H.
Keller. St. Paul; II. L. Waddell, G. A.
Mclntyre, E. A. Wilson, Vancouver; A.
Vaughan, Victoria; G. P. Paxton, Moos..
Jaw; S. J. Harlow, Nakusp; \V. Murphy.
Toronto; H. R. Kirkpatrick, Montreal;
P. J. Gleazer, Ymir.
W. J. Holmes, Kaslo; C. M. Cllna-
gh.-sn. Letbbrldge; F. Eagen, Saskatoon;
B H.orsley, K. ti, Burnet, R. G. Wagner,
R. II. liavilz, K. 11. Giird, Vancouver;
B. A. Isaac and wife. England; A. Mc
Queen, Kamloops; J. H. Schofleld,
Trail;  G.  Morrison, Fort  William.
F. W. PsMise.Toronto; J. W. ���nenriett.
Creston; T. D. Woodcock. J. C. Car-
ruthers. Slocan; J. J. Gates, London;
J. C. Valent and wife, Urandon; J, Mclnnes, Phoenix; F. Horn, C. Swanson,
T. Matthews. W. Murch, Bonnington;
.1. H. Waiie. Kaslo.
R.    Catlow,    Silverton;    T.    Mallon,
H. Stevens, Knslo; J. Drown, Lethbrldge; E. A. Sanilgaih. Macleod; A.
Morris. J. J. Dougan. Fernie; T. II.
Shatford and wife. Calgary; G .Nichol,
Slocan;   R. J. Foley, Koch  Siding.
J. R. Cook, Medclne Hat J. Brown,
Winnipeg; C. P. Conway, Fire Valley;
G. Midway. D. Nlckl, J. A. Donald, M.
Moran, T. Slosky. Eholt.
R.,McLeod. Medclne Hat; H. E.
Saunders, W. E. McLoughlln, C. Neville,
Creston; C. T. lllenkhorn. F. Wensley,
Nakusp; H. N's-srris. Calgary; N. A.
Turner,  Colville.
E. Dayner. D. Ducelle, Spokane; H.
Collins, A. Reibling, H. Mason, Slocan;
R. F.Honlsthorne. Revelstoke; F.
Orange, M. Cresswell, Edgewood; M.
Morrison, Shields; C. Morgan, Cascade,
G. Smith, Ymir; R. McNeill, Creston.
We have just unloaded a car of
Ptifity Flotir
Made from high grade Manitoba Hard Wheat. Without a
doubt lt is the best flour on
the market. Money refunded
lf not satisfactory.
Telephone 161.
A. McDonald &Co.
1). ssIt-r- in fltnplo and fancy Grocerit*.
Butter, Eggs.
Camp and Miners' Supplies.
All Kinds of Heating Plants in Stock.
Victoria St., Nr. Opera Houae.     Tel. 181.
WOMAN 8EC0��I) COOK, M0.00   Wsltrcu *li.00
At owe    W. I'ttrker.
TIKI FIRST I-I.AKS HOOMB, Ite_m hnled.   Ay.
-    ^- -*. CblookJ
plT lssssssss-k's-i-s-s. :ir<l flat. K. W. <
A BOY'S S KIGH, near -om-r Ceslar and Front
��� irs-s-i.. ,,s.nsi s ss ���*,... k Fri lay evening 'tie
person tlii) p'ekesi It up will ploaae tclepl.oie
'    Bo. .JB
So change is recorded today on either
metal market
W. a   Macdonald.   k. c,   returned
from tho Houmlary hist night.
Mrs. W, Jameson, of Winnipeg, sister
of W. A. and George Thurman, left for
tbe coast (his morning.
Harry Denoh, who lias been aciing
agent for the C. P. R. at Eholt, has resigned to accept a position in the Great
Northern telegraph offlce here.
Mrs. Harry Wright left for Spokane
ihis morning in response to a wire informing her that her mother, Mrs McLeod, is dangerously 111 at her home in
that city.
Through Ihe interest of J. H. Schofleld. M. L. A., a further grant has been
Hume school trustees for the purpose
of having the floors oiled. Consequently
the opening of the new building is again
Daniel M. Sinclair, who has heen In
the Mice station since Monday night,
has been declared insane by Doctors
Arthur and Hawkey. He will probably
bo taken to New Westminster tomorrow
Mr. Justice Clements heard the registrar's report of his taking of accounts
in the case of Curran vs. Gosnell this
morning. After hearing arguments he
ordered that judgment be entered for
the plaintiff, who is entitled to a reconveyance to him by the defendant of two
lots, and to costs in the case. The
case of Ferguson vs. Crozesky will he
heard tomorrow morning at 10:30.
An agreement was recorded in the
Nelson mining offlce yesterday by which
the Yosemlte, Casedna, Sultana. Illo
Tin to and Rio Tinto Fraction, all In thc
Salmo district, and owned by Agnes
Hillings, M. L. Fennell, T. Bennett arid
F. P. Drummond, are sold to R. 11. Hell.
G. D. Bell and M. C. Donaldson for $74,-
000, the payments extending over several years. The agreement contains
36u0 words and provides for all conceivable contingencies.
A meeting of the Nelson branch of
the Anti-Tuberculosis society will be
held in the city hall tomorrow, Friday
evening, at 8 o'clock. The meeting has
been postponed again and again on account of other engagements���often
trivial if not frivolous��� of the people
who should attend. It is not very creditable to .Nelson that, while a fair attendance can be had at any time for a
dance or a skating party, there Is so
little response to appeals for support
to a definite philanthropic scheme.
The Store of Quality
It you like nice, clean, crisp
BlBcnits we recommend you to
try the
20th Century Package
Per Package.
Graham Wafera 10c
Lemon Cream  10c
Vanilla Wafera     10c
Society Tea  10c
New England Ginger Snap 10c
Krlapo Ginger Wafera  10c
Butter���Thin  10c
Milk Toaat  10c
Dainty City Soda (Salted) 15c
Saratoga Flakea (Salted)   15c
Put up In packages and thus
ever fresh. It costs little to
give them a trial, and tbey
prove themselves worth lt.
K. W. C. Block . Phone to.
Notice of Sale
Under and by virtue of tbo powers
of sale contained In a certain mortgage, which will bo produced at the
time of the sale, thore will be offered
for sale by public auction on Friday
the 1st day of March, 1907, at the hour
of 2::|0 o'clock In the afternoon, at lhe
office of the undersigned, by C. A. Waterman & Co., Auctioneers, tbe equity
of redemption In the following property, namely: Lots 23 and 24. Illock 44A,
Nelson City, and the frame residence
thereon situate.
TERMS: Ten per cent, of the purchase money to be paid down at the
time of sale, balance to be paid in 20
For information as to prior incumbrance, and for further particulars and
conditions apply to
Maker St., Nelson, B. C.
Solicitors for the Mortgagee.
Dated at Nelson, B. C, this 7th day
of February. 1907
A Few Tubs at
27ds per Lb*
Cm Am Benedict
Corner Silica and Josephine Sta.
For JOc
We have a large accummulatlon of
pictures-���Both colored and in black and
wblie. Many of them, when suitably
framed will make really nice pictures.
They are nice too for cbildren to fix nj>
according lis tbelr Ingenuity, ansl brighten the walls of tbeir issssns with. We
wish to clear Ihem isiit, und put them
all In at 10c a piece.
W. G. Thomson
K^ ���A Nelson, B. C.
Phone .14.
Hall Street. Near Silica.
DaiiKh'.er anil pupil of Dr. Turrtiigtoo, director
Tnrouto Ciillenc of Mur. ii\ ill'slres a limited
number of pupils la
Apply tt residence or hy mail.      Box 1109.
The local company of the ttockey
Mountain Rangers celebrated the anniversary of Faardebers last night by one
of the most enjoyable smokers ever
given in Xelson. The soldiers are splendid hosts on any occasion and the citizens who accepted their hospitality last
night had about three hours of unalloyed pleasure. The musical programme
was contributed by F\ W. Swannell, A.
W. Dyer, P. Cleary, H. J. Marks, A.
Sullivan. Sergt. Shanks, , V. T. Evans,
S. A. Wye, H. S. Hodmer and Corp. G.
M. Gunn. Sergt. Sutciiffe told some of
his experiences in the Indian mutiny
and sang an old song. The gymnastic
exercises were splendidly done, and two
boxing matches, between the Mclaughlin brothers, and between Corp. Ferguson, late of the Gordon Highlanders, and
T. Desbrisay, of Nelson, were clean and
pretty, the latter especially being a
fine exhibition and greatly enjoyed.
Wholt'salo ami Retail DmIWI i��
Fresh and Salted Meats
Camps supplied ssn shortest notioe and
lowest price. Nothing but fresh imd
wholesome meats and snpplss k<-j>t In ttooi
Mnil ordesrs rswive curs'ful attention.
E. C. TRAVES,   Manager.
A. M. Can. Soc. C. K.
Mining Work a Specialty.
Office: Ilealey HulldluR.   P. (). He-
Baker St., NELSON. B. C.
Waterproof Paints
Coal Tar, Pitch,
Creosote, Oils for
Preserving Timber,
Roofing Pitch and
Boat Buildera will find it tss their advantage tss use our Pitoh.
Nelson Coke & Gas Co,
The city hotels, restaurants
and boarding house keepers
hereby give notice that ou and
after Friday next, March ist,
single meals will cost not less
than 35 cents, and meal tickets,
���21 meals, $6.
Nelson, Feb. 25, 1907.
Red Cross Drug Store
for your Prescriptions, Family Recipes,
Hair Tonics, and all kinds of
Note the Address:
Haker St., near Josephine. Nelson, 1). C.
In the County Court oi West Kootenay,
Holden at Nelson.
TAKK NOTI *Etlnt Bunuel Parks Tank, offl.
s-istl Rsliiiiiitsstratsir fssr ilu- Nt-lsson tti'l Vmlr
Electoral DUtrloli s.i nntis.h Columbia. is��is been
appointed AsltnisslrHtssr of Use Kltateol Mssls-s.lsss
llsstlisslse, Isy order ssf Hist Hssssssr Juslsr. Fssrin.
dat.-sl Ihs; Tils slttjs s,f Pub. A. II. 190*7.
Aissi farther iva isuiis-,- u��at _u sndlton oi
Use Haisi sesstHte iissisjt fssrllsssslls tiass'l lis Ihs-lr
claims tss Use s,(llilal a,lsisiisl.tritlor.
bates! at Nil. ssss^lilsiMh slay ssl Kels.. A. I). 1907.
Messre. Garnet Flynn and Frank
Burns, of the C, P. 11. freight ofllce. returned lust night after spending the
past wes-k in Spokane.
The Marshall Sanitary Mattress $24.00
The Ostermoor Sanitary Mattress  15-00
The Elastic Felt Sanitary Mattress  13.00
The Ostermoor, fitted two sides,  8.00
The Jumbo, a good two side Mattress  6.00
The Common Wool Top Mattress  4.00
Cheap Mattresses   3.00
T>. J. "Robertson & Co.
3SQ doz. Linen Collars To Be Sold at
$1.50 per doz.
't V_^___\__'i^^_i__\
Fifty Cent Hand Ba
They arc beauties at the price.
Telephone -333.
&Co., eSeI
Whole-Mine Provisions,
Product;, ��� Pruit.
Dominion Gorarnmaol dreamery One-Pound Brinks reosWsd WMUrl
from tbe i-burn.    Fssr sale by nil lcwling Kroeeni.
Offloe md warehouse: Houston Block,   Phono 79.
Josephine Street. -       -       Nelson, B.C I
Bohemian Beei
The Nelson Brewing Co., Lt
We nre
.lust in Reoe&pl nf b Carload <>f
Th6M ure thf tim-Mt grade of nn- Sacks in tin1
market it11rl our pri'***H nn* rij-jht. If }'OU an- in
uit'it lei uk hear from you.
]. H. Ashdown Hardwj
Company, Limited.
R.  W.   HINTON-
Rwpulss-lnff nsul .lobtilnu sssssslisIl-s) with I >0flpaUh.   Sh��-IMri|
Work. Mining nnd Mill Mnchliiur) .      Miii-mfncl umr��<y |
Or�� Cara.  tt.  K.   Uiintravlora'  Cars.
UNITK nnd sinjr (hat  the inip-ruwl
John T. Pierni nro tin* prupTthiM
My lust full iMpmant him jnft fur*"^!
them nnd place your order cnrly fur XmM
JOHN T. PIERRE, Artistic Tailor)
lUiMincHM men,
Working mun,
.Men In tlrcus cittlru.
Sporting mun,
Handflomc mon.
Men thnt'M full (tf fire
Subject   to  Confirmation
We Will Buy
We Will Sell
10.000 Rambler-Cariboo   27%
r.,000 Sullivan   07
10,000 n. c. Amalgamated Ooal..Otter
100 Sullivan Honda ...
6,000 American Hoy ....
1,000 liiti'rnatlnnnl Coal
B. B. Mighton <& C(
Drawor 1082
NEL80N, B. C.
PhoM I
KKS L��mbe��, Shingle*
Lath, Mouldings, Doors, Window**
Turned Work and Bracketa. Mail Onlors promptly t��
VUHNON STRBBT   -   -   .   NBL.SON. B. C.
Our stock of Skates Is complete ana v��rM*-|
Including  the  popular
BOKER'S   BEAUTY  and  CHARM (Ladlei.)
Wood-Xallance Hardware C��|


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