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The Daily Canadian Aug 11, 1906

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Array _fye  $ail# Ccmafcian
1MB  I.    No.  59.
Fiftv Cents a Month
avorabfe Reports From
[very Disirict
bp.rties Long Inactive Being Again
���Opened For Work���Quotaiions
on Local Stock Markets.
mining shuutioii  tor  lln-  wioii
in .1 it's-ml ni steady ami nm>-
I,,!.;,  s.ii|is, \''iii'-iit in every pari "i
,.1  st vi-rusl  years ui ootnparative
,,   iin- i.suilsiiii dlstrlol seems to
t;i   s'll   :s   LOW    It-USI-   ol   II.e.      '1 111!
. sssssi have clung i.s their bold-
,,, si: sllj  mnl  patiently are now
 i obtaining their reward.
ni ih,' Poplar f.i-tsU ore
���   doubted, uml  late flis-
demonstrated   mai   its
. come   also   from    Hie
.   rid, wliere tbe leasing
vogue.    Mini;,' properties
pt'inil   and   several   dais
. s magnitude are pending,
- smiioriuiit tk-ai announced
s. iiinjii.v is the tranter 01
I lease and  bond  on  the
::|s  lis  the   Le  Kii!   N ��.  -
Is" transfer In certain  to
in a it; tit expansion in opera
niilii Silverton.
-link market for the week end
II ihss exhibited considerable lirm
.ss in s.ii  iipwaid tendency during
bi 1 ssss days.   Trolling WHS ralliet
I 1I1.su has been the tase lor some
. sisiirt h> tit,, present  blng tbe
II nf  Uie  holiday   Heautm.    'I'liere
 1,  however,    many    Inquiries
- hi He- sp dilative element wiiiia
i" taking advantage ol lhe usual
p     r dullness. In sutlt-l|>ustlisii ol tne
que action during Hie fall.
Ihltc International t'oal weakened
���tewhai in ihe beginning ol tne
It regained Ms tii-iinu.Ks and is
rapldlj a Ivandng.
Iiambler-Caitboo also tlecllnetl a lew
hut 111 Hit- close of tiio week
llblted nt.re strength ihan lias
pn apparent iu this Htock for some
buying orders    being    received
|l"   HU   I II s.
lis hish. Monte Crlsto, (Jlant, ran
fins and Noveltj exhibited a weaB
which is accounted ror by reason
j'li' reaction alter a bin demand.
I ifluder ami Sullivan remained un
1 Slur exhibited  Kreal   mr. HKtli
oxpoeted wtu advance very
���Hy in the near ruture in cons' ->r it-   splendid .ooudlticn ol
ft If'Party. 1    *l |��1
1  kenrldge-Lund   Coal,  ami   West-
1 il asdvauced  a few  poind,, while
'ilowlug are tin- approximate quo
for ihe week coding today:
Asked.   1 nn
Standard 30 .lb
I .und Coal 75 .liti
1    11    M    &   S 1311.00      120.Ul)
bi McKlnney ...     ,0BV_      ��� "-
I"   'ii'lsllielila 07 .IMi
>       !���'   (i;ii_      .0.14
1   illll Cssu OS .ut
 I  Vale Coal   .       ._! ,_ll
'   ��  Copper in
1     'k  Receipts..,      ,60 ."������
 02 .i'U'i
'"ill 00 .01
���   '    21 .III
Isi   .Mines 21 .in
11,1   ''list 112 .111
,(':'y 11:1 .112
,''       '���"��� 08-Vi .07*-)
T ] < 'ier ut .0.
li'or-Carlboo  .  ..     .27% .211
pliivnn    u:(i(, ,oj
1 11 Ill * ,03
_ s" a  "II    15 .11
I'1" '  Dear oil .in
Interesting Labor Statistics.
I'be Canadian  Manufacturers' asso-
"' ii-i-ntiy addressed inquiries to
Hn' manufacturers of the aasoola
I" ii'kardlng tbe amount of help
'!. so that an offlclml and abso-
latomenl of the labor require-
['!l1 is Ighl ins secured. The result ot
, 1 'miry tn Interesting as showing
�����' iho.ro Is great shortage 111 lho Ca-
T. '" ,;'l'i'r market. Letters were asl
F��aei| to 1918 firms, from which 816
|l'.l. s   ��,.-���   ff-olvptj       of   ||u,ao   f|,.,n8
' "biici  tlmt tbuy  wero In neetl ol
'''   'I" sab] they w,,,.��� no(    'Hn, au6
J""  slated llni'i    tne   yrerpilrei] 8894
���vl^ '-;l women, 405 boys and 1 is:'
1 revlous to  this' inquiry   four other
circulars have been sent out giving tne
following results:
March 2, 1903, 11,104 hands were required; Jan 14, 1904, 2123 men, 385
boys and 2189 women were needed-
June 10, 1904. 2521 men, 859 boys and
It'7 ,wora()" S"<1 girls were wanted.
The Inquiry of Feb. 10, 1905, showed
hat 1.120 men, sti buys, 218 women and
U 4 girls, or^l747 lu all were required
Traffic  Between Duluth and  Lake superior  Blocked.
Duluth, .Minn., Auk. 11.���Al 1 oclock
this morning tbe steamer Tmy, a Bouu
ton ut.-<.i paokel freighter owned by
the Western Transit company, ran into iin' span of the Interstate bridge
and threw n from lha pier on which
II revolved.. Navigation to and irom
tin- upper harbor, the moil active portion of the head or the lakes, Is blocked. Street railway aud traffic between
I'ululli and  Lake Superior is also cut
The biiilK.- is owned by Ihe Ureal
Northern railway. The diaw span was
ion  feet  In  length,  oe of  lbe  lalrgct
In ih.- ei try,   Forty steamers now
are In the upper harbor, eul <>i 1 trom
returning to the lake or ibs- DulUtn
side ssi tha harbor.. Most of the coal
docks are on the upper harbor, uibu
many ol lhe grain elevators,
lbs- iiierciiiiiidi.e docks and the ship-
parus are on lbe Buperior aisle, u tiler communication wuh tins is an
-in. Tlie greater pari of tint touna.u
ol lbe lJululu-.:.upeitoi harbor originates 111 Bt Louib Pay, where lhe doews
ol the Duluth, Misahio _tN.rtb._r_i roan
are located. Therefore, many thou-
sands oi iohh of ore will be held up
.mill the cbaiine ls cleared. 1110
steamer Is badly damaged, iter bow
is stove in. It has been aucertaiueu
mai lhe bridge cannot be put 111 commission again ibis season, although
the spun now blocking the movement
of 35 steamers will be removed, probably on Monday.
Hon. Richard McBride is
Home From North
Describes Latent and Visible Weallh
With Interesting Developments
Now in Progress.
Leasing System Followed at Alnsworth
With   Good   Results��� Shipping   Silver,  Lead and Zinc.
The Whitewater mine, lhe Whitewater Deep and the tall] are aj present
timploylng between them some -" or
-'.1 nu-11. The old Whitewater mine is,
>f course, the seune or greatest activity, as ii la from here that thu ore ia
ioming to feed the mill and keep its
Hungry crushers going on their endless rumble. Logan McPhee, Who is
.n charge of the mill, in getting splendid roSults uni ot it and Hunt down
nine cars of stiver-lead concentrates
last month. In addition to the lead an
equal quantity ot zinc is being turned
>ut and this Is all piled Up outside as
produced, There aro about 300 tons
.if this zinc byproduct stacked up now.
\h tbe mill does not make an entirely
.���lean -separation of the lead and zinc.
it will be necessary Io run Ibis through
again In order to obviate any possibility of penalisation when ihe zinc as
such Is shipped to tbe smelters. As
very little lien Is Intermixed with tiio
/inc. the second run will make, a fairly
high grade product. The Whitewater
Deep ls making a very satisfactory
showing, also. Three of four cars ot
high grade ore have already been ship-
*ied and more will follow al intervals.
Mrs. A. E3 rick SOD of Whitewater Is in
���barge, of the boarding house for both
Messrs. Fowler and' Koch of Nelson
ami John L. Retailaok or Knslo are the
lariii's Interested In the operation of
lhe Whitewater under th'1 leasing sy.*-
lem. They are among the few who ure
carrying on leasing operations in the
Mnsworth mining division, on a business-like basis. They have just let a
mblease on tunnels No. 1 and part of
I to II. N'ewconieti. Andy Malcolm and
Vrchle Jardine, John Sweeney and
Mm my   Nicholson   of   this   cily.     'this
narty began operations this week and
Will doubtleSB find their speculation ns
irofttable a one as former miblwisors.
These are the only parlies who nre
working subroyalty ground at the
Whitewater mine M present, as all
former leases hnve expired.���Koote*
Steamship Arrival.
Slnscm^ett, Mass., Aug. 11.���Tne
steamer St. Paul from Southhampton
and Cherbourg for New York, was in
wireless communication with the station here when 20 miles west or the
Nantucket lightship at. I a. m today..
She wl 1 probably dock mhoul II 1). m.
New York. Ami. 11.���Arrived: Steamers Kalserine Auguste Victoria and
Itulgarian from Hamburg.
Trains and Boats.
Crow hoat���Hour and a half late.
Slocan   train���On   time.
Coast,  Itotindary nnd  Itossland train
-Fifteen minutes late.
Premier McBride, who has beeu ab-
senl for the past month visiting the
Skeena and Atlin districts, returned
last Thursday ovening hy tbe Bteamer
Princess May irom Skacwuy ami
speaks in the highest terms of what
In* has seen ia tin nmlliern portion ot
the  province.
In an interview glveu the Colonist,
among oilier Interesting news Items
the premier said:
"It may be noted along the rive.
thai settlement is gradually increasing
and no doubt, the success already attending Hie attempts that have been
made at cultivating the soil, together
with the vast forest wealth, will result
before many years in adding to the
population on the Skeena. utile is
yet known of the mineral resources
of the district, but the highly encour
Bglng Unds of mineral that have been
made In the Telqua and other portions
back of Ha2elton arc only awaiting
ihe advent of railway communication
io be opened and worked.
"At lla/.eiton the stores are busy
Supplying the wants of the prospectors
and oi the settlers going Into the
Bulkley and other parts of the interior
tributary to the town. The people are
looking forward very hopefully to uts
impetus that will follow the advent ol
the  railway.
Then- are many prospectors lu uio
Telqua and Copper river districts,
said the premier, "ami capital is being
Interested, as :. uiunber ot men h.iive
gone into the country to examine van
mis properties iu copper and silver
ver lead. Tbe l-'orrest group bas had
a good deal of development work done
on it. I understand, and thero are
many other highly promising properties thai are receiving attention. While
In Hazel ton, Boh Lines of Van Amla
brought in souk* Hue looki.it; ore., the
Bulkley valley is also attracting quite
a number of settlers and we saw pack
trains taking ih supplies and farming
machinery for that district.
"On July 20 Mr. Robertson, the pro
rincial mineralogist, and his party left
Hazellon for Iheir long trip across the
province by way of Habine, and theuee
through the Peace river country.
"Mr. Clifford left lor lhe Itnll.ley
valley' next morning, and the same
day tlte steamer took our party bacH
lu Bhistngton on the way to Atlin,
Judge Young returning at tbe same
time..    .
"The parly went on to Port Simp
son aud en route touched at Kaien is
land. Workmen have erected there a
very substantia) wharf and are now
employed in pulling up the necessary
buildings In  the  vicinity."
Being obliged lo wait al Port Simp
son for the steamer North, the pre
mier's party and Judge Young took
Advantage of the Invitation extended
by J. I-. Parker, manager of the llrown
Alaska company, to visit tbe mines at
Maple hay, SO miles up Portland
canal The trip was made in the little sleamer Vesta. Mr. Cobb, one of
tlm company's officials, having made
arrangements and accompanying the
party. At Maple bay they were mosl
hospitably treated by Mr. Morrison,
the superintendent, nud other officials.
Prom the harbor an aerial tramway ih
being erected hack to the workings, n
distance of about a mile nud a hull,
and a compressor plant is being in
stalled.. At Ihe mines the vein is un
covered at various points, fully turn
feel of development work being al
ready done since ilie operations start
Sd lasi October. There are 100 men
a( work, mid the for-'mun. Mr, McAfee, conducted the visitors through
the workings, which proved very inter
esting. When the tramway is oomplet
ed. Which will be very shortly now,
large quantities of ore enn be handled
anil  shipped  expeditiously.
"Although we bail not time to visit
other portions of Ibe canal." ^hld the
premier, "I am informed tbat in tne
Hear river district, at tbe bead of Portland canal, there are at leasl 800 men
prospecting. The (.uggenhelms have
bonded tbe American Ctrl group there
und are sending in a party there this
month to examine it. Tbe camp is
rich In silver-lead, and all that is re
quired is the looked-l'or railway trans
Atlin was reached on July HI. and it
would he hard to find a more delight
ful pleasure trip than down the wa
tors of Atlin lake on the ateamet
Scotia, the snow-topped mountains, invigorating atmosphere and shores
decked with trees and masses ot
brfght-hued fjowoVs, uniting In n scene
thJW one resident of Atlin says Is the
nearest approach to his old Swiss
home he has over soen.
Dr. Young, M. P. P., aud other prominent residents were on hand to welcome the premier, and in the afternoon the party drove about the dis
trict, vfsltlng Spruce and Pine creeKs.
On Spruce, Mr. Featherstonehaugn,
the superintendent of the Northern
Mines Limited, explained the working
of the big steam shovel plant now In
operation, taking bites weighing a ton
and a half of gravel and dumping it
Into the sluice boxes to be washed.
washed. This shovel Is at present taking out about 400 yards a day. Beside
this company and the many individual
claims now working, the Spruce Creek
Power company has a hydraulic plant
in operation.
One of the sights on Pine creeK,
above Discovery, Is the immense steam
shovel being installed by the Atlin
Consolidated, In which tho Guggen-
minis are Interested. T. 1). Harris, tne
superintendent,, explained the working
or the machinery which, by this time,
Is probably at work on a face 00 teet
wide. Tbe shovel moves on rails and
will keep three electric motors busy
hauling each a train of eight cars. Tne
cars are dumped on a grizzly that removes the boulders and the gravel
falls through to tbe sluices below. The
electric power will be supplied by the
Itritish American Dredging company,
that has an electric plant on the crecu.
The Pine Creek Power company and
the North Columbia Cold Mining company, managed by Mr. J. M. Ituffner,
have both hydrulic plants working Just
below the Atlin Consolidated, and be
sides individual claims in the district
the French Cotnpamy, (Socitle Mintere
de la Colomble Brltannlque), Mr. T.
Obalskt. manager, on Boulder Creek,
the Otter Creek Hydraulic Company
and two hydraulic plants on McKeo
cteek, known as the Hamshaw company's claims, with Mr. S. H. Plum as
manager. On Birch creek also there is
the Atlin Lake company, also hydraul-
Ing, under the management of H. P.
Pearse. This is merely a small outline of what Is being accomplished ln
the district, though time would not
permit of more than a short visit to
a few of the properties.
The Premier expresses himself as
wonderfully impressed with the progress he saw in the northern country
since his last visJt, and especially with
tbe prospects for extensive mineral development due to the recent activity
and the finds that aire now being made.
The outlook is that many more people
will be found going ,to the northern
country next spring.
ln view of tlie city water situation becoming serious, Mayor
Gillett this morning called upon
It. C. Travis and B. Isaac, man*
agers respectively of the Kootenay
Engineering works and Nelson
Ironworks, and requested them
to discontinue the use of their
motors at night. Compliance
with his worship's request was
promptly promised.
The water Is still far below
what the city engineer regards as
tbe limit of safety in the eveut
or fire.
At noon today the mayor said
that If the situation were not improved by Monday a special
meeting er tbe council would be
called to take emergency steps
to prevent waste.
It is matter ot common knowledge that the amonnt. of water
wasted every day in the city
Trom hoses and taps by the utter
folly of owners would be equal
to more than the reserve cou
tended for by the city engineer.
Calumet and  Hecla  Discoveries Better
Than  Reported���Values Are Running High,
.lank ChlBm returned from Nolson to
Poplar ui the end of lust'week nml con-
Untied his work on thu Hecla. The
rich dlsooverlei redorted In tho Issue
or two woekB ago hnve o&uaed Quite
tin excllt'iiieiii nml inuny huve visited
lhe showing ninl found thnt, ii nny-
thlng, it hns heen underestimated. The
Review mail took n drill, put It In a
hole, und look mil some ns flue sum-
pies of free gold ns the eye would
wish (o look nl. For two feet the
ipiurlz ls full of ll. nnd we feel sat-
Isfled thnt Ihe Calumet and Hecla Is
worthy or lhe investigation of any
siiilnlng mmi.
Not alone does tho two feet carry
values, hut ireross lh�� load and In Ihe
schist valuea can ho obtained which
would pity big.���Lardeau Mining He-
Census Returns.
Oalgiiry, Alta., Aug. 11.���The cause
of tho errors In the census returns ror
tho clly aro now explained. It turns
out now lhat the city clerk furnished
a map to the census department which
wns Incorrect and the department
liasod ho clly boundaries on this map.
A new census will bu taken Immediately.
Further Crookedness (In-
Earthed Yesterday
Give Worthless Securities io Exchange For Heavy  Loans-
Attend no Meetings.
Chicago, August 11.���The discovery
yesterday of new trails of crookedness
running through the mulcted Milwaukee Avenue bank led the states attorney to summon peremptorily last
night the principal directors In the ar
fairs of the Institution. They were
called upon to explain conditions which
indicate that another line of robberies
was being carried on Independently or
the gigantic swindle already disclosed.
The directors who responded to the
summons were Frank It. Crane and
A.Marius Kirby. An officer was sent
ror M. A. Labury, another director,
but he could not be located. Dlrectof
Crane was subjected to ai hot examination by Assistant States Attorney
Olsen in the presence of Inspector
Shippy and Assistant Chief of Police
Schumeler. He denied all knowledge
of the forgeries perpetuated by StnB
"Did you ever attend a meting of the
executive board?" asked Mr. Olsen or
Crane. .
"No,  sir, I never did,"  replied  tne
"Did you ever know the exeeutlve
committee to meet?"
it never met so far as I know," ad
ink ted Crane.
"Did you ever pass on loans or do
anything else to further the Interests
of the bank?" pursued the prosecutor.
"No, sir," said Crane.
The director waB shown a note tor
ilium dated April 4 last antl asked 11
the signature waB genuine. He replied
that It was. He had borrowed a total
ol 126,000 from the bank, this jpuiii
nole being the last transaction ot a
series. He is Indebted to (he bank tot
the whole amount at present. The security which Crane gave the bank ror
this $25,000 in loans consisted of hi
shares of Northwestern Street railway
stock at $2400. He was asked if as a
director of the bank he did not consider that pretty slim security for a
borrower to put up. He did not think
Director Marius Kirby was questioned on the same subjects. He was
a member of the loan committee, together with Stensland and his son. He
was supposed to pass on the loan, hut
he admitted to the states attorney that
he left the greater part of that respon
slbility to the president.
Among other papers examined last
night wab a check for $4000 which bore
no signature except one made with a
rubber stamp, no name being attached
In Its place, beaiing only the address
203 Milwaukee avenue. This had been
handed tn by President Stensland, wfto
obtained the amount of the check ln
Georgia Minstrels.
A big program of novelties is promised by Richards & Prlngle'B Georgia
minstrels. They have retained this
season such people as can change
their act and put on sometuing new.
Clarence Powell, Happy Bureguard,
.lames Crosby, Fred Simpson, tester
Mcllanlels, Frank Kirk, wh owlll run
nlsh the fun, and are the very best
that can be secured.
The olio contains Marsh Craig, tho
human enigma: Kirk & Cooper, the
musical photographers; the 3 Toneys,
remarkable acrobats; the ".lolly tiisi
Men," big song and dance Introduced
by .lames Croslty; Clarence Powell, ln
a late up-to-date monologue.
The singers are Robert Logan, Rob
ert Williams, Charles Barton, William
Denlon, John Fltzglles, Edwartl Har
The entire performance to conclude
with Clarence Powell's afterpiece,
'Mini Jackson and His Mlslus-ps." Street
parade daily.
They Sign Up..
GoliKleld, Nev., Aug. 11.���Formal articles of agreement for the llans-Nel-
���pn fight on September I! were signed
yesterday. Each posted a forfeit ot
Fish, Cut Bait, or Go Ashore.
Madrid, Aug. 11.���The government
continues to maintain a firm attitude
on tho church and slate question. A
minister today deplored that while tne
government was desirous uf avoiding a
breach with the Vatican, it had deter
mined to defend the supremacy of the
state. At the first sitting of parliament the government will Introduce
the bill making religious order samen-
able to the law controlling Industrial
corporations, and will also introduce a
bill providing that meraberB of orders
really expelled from France will be requested to become naturalized or leave
Excitement From Beirut,
tlolrut, Aug. 11.���A good deal of excitement has boon aroused In European
circles by the receipt ot an anonymous
Moslem letter threatening the lives ot
nil tho Foreign officials at Ibis point
unless they bring their Influence to
bear for the dismissal of the present
vail, Khalil Pasha, who is charged
with taking bribes and oppressing the
Steamer Burned.
Marine City, Mich., Aug. 10.���The
steamer Kohn P. Pauly, owned by Captain Charles Marcells of Mu-rine Clly,
nnd valued at $10,000, caught fire here
early today and Is a total loss, (leorge
Ross, Joseph, Minnie and John Spencer, membors of the crow, who were
asleep when the fir eltroke out, were
painfully burned.
Rabbits for a Change.
Ottawa, Aug. 11.���Canadian Agent
Ross reports from Melbourne that tne
Chicago packing house disclosures
have caused an increase in tho demand
for Australian canned meats. These
are prepared under state Inspection.
Rabbits which have beeu regarded
as pests are being turned into a pror-
it.. Mr. Larke reports that In the first
six months of the year 6,000,000 frozen
rabbits ha-ve been exported.
Price of Metals.
New York, Aug. 11.���Silver, 65 1-2o;
copper, 17 7-8c;  yead, $6.75.
London, Aug. 11.���Silver, 30 5-1-d;
zinc,  ��26 15s
Machinery   Company  Doing   Its   Best,
but  Power Plant  Euipment  Must
Again   Be  Postponed.
Alter month), of alternate patient
waiting :int] imi>ortunate requests tor
Information, Mayor Gillett has obtained the following letter, which haa
been compiled by J. O. Gillice, district manager of the Allis Chalm ts
itullock company, from letters and telegrams received hy him from the
head affice:
To the Corporation of the City or Nel
son, and His Worship Mayor Gillett:
Gentlemen: Agreeable to your repeated requests relative to the delivery of the hydro-electric unit for the
city of Nelson, we ar epleased to sun
mit the following information from
our factories:
All the electrical apparatus, with
the exception of the generator, haa
been shipped from Montreal under
date of August 6. The balance of the
shipment we expect to make hy August HO, but may be delayed a little
longer than this date.
This company has been handicapped
on account of the general molders'
strike for the past three months,
which has made it extremely difficult
to secure castings for the Nelson job
from outside parties, and at the rate
these are being delivered all shipments will be completed before the
time above specified. We have douo
everything possible under the circum*
stances to rush this work, even to
trying to turn out some of this work
with apprentices. This, however, resulted usatisfactorily, as the worK-
niauship wam not that we cared to
send out. We have done everything
possible to complete this shipment as
per agreement of August 1, but the
strike b.'lng a matter over which we
had no control. It has been Impossible
for us to do so.
The above explains Cully the efforts
rhat are being made by our company
to carry out their contract. Respect
fully submitted,
J. O. Gillice, District Mgr.
Nelson, H. C, Aug. 10, lt*06.
Mr. Gillice is au obliging aud in
vaiiably courteous gentleman. No one
will attach any blame to him for the
unfortunate state of affairs. He has
done his duty aud more than his
duty in efforts to expedite matters
and lo keep the city executive in
formed as to developments.
But no one, it Ib equally certain,
will consider the letter satisfactory.
The dato August 20 "or a little later,
is now substituted for August 1, as
the date of shipment. The only den-
ntte message tn the letter Is the plain
intimation that tho proviso for delay
cauied by sti Ikes, in the agreement
signed by W. F. Uhl, is declared to be
inoperative and nothing by way of forfeit is payable to the city.
As a matter of fact there is no
Ohaage In the situation since Mr. Ulu
blandly assured the city council, m
cxrla'nfn*;���without attempting to jus*
tit'y��� the company's failure to ship on
February 11, that the company would
do Its best.
Thr citizens mi;y nurso their disappointment at the Allis-Chalmers-lJnl*
lock company's best.
Grand Duke Nicholas Narrowly Escapes
Soldiers Fired Loaded Blanks Nearly  Bitting Human  Target-
Investigation Proceeding.
St. Petersburg, Aug. 11...���Gran-
Duke Nlcbolas Nicholeavltch, president
ol the council of national defense,
narrowly escaped aBsaHslnation yesterday afternoon at the hands of the
Imperial guards In the guard camp at
It was learned that the troops were
In extended order and engaged In voluntary maneuvers when the accident
occurred, rendering It difficult to determine the regiment from which the
bullets came..
The grand duke, surrounded by officers and aides-de-camp, was ofl on
one side, out of line of fire. The affair has created a deep impression ln
military circles and ls tbe topic ot
conversation ln the clubs, but the alts mist on the grand duke's life is not
generally known here, no word on the
subject having been published ln tbe
newspapers. The Grand Duke Nlcbolas Nichoielvitch, second cousin of tbe
emperor, was appointed president ot
the council of national defense ln
June a year ago, the then existing
council of war having proved unsatisfactory.
Tbe gritnil duke, who was born ln
St. Petersburg in 1856, Is also an
alde-tle-camp general inspector, general of cavalry and commander ot all
tbe military troops in tbe district ot
St. Petersburg and bas beon fererred
to as likely to be appointed dictator
iu the case of the revolutionary move,
ment in Russia attaining sufficient
strength to warrant the taking of
such a step.
Thus far tbe Associated Press has
been able to obtain only meager details of the affair, trom which It ap-
pears that the grand duke was per
sonally reviewing, maneuvering ana
putting troops through blank firing
practice when he suddenly was start-
led by the hiss of bullets about Ills
head. Fortunately neither himself nor
his horse waa touched. A command
to cease firing was Immediately given
and the soldiers of tbe regiment from
which the bullets came were marched
back to their quarters and an Investigation was begun ln tbe hope of as-
certalnlg which of the soldiers fired
ball cartridges.
Several arrests are understood u
have been made.. Une of tbe grand
duke's aides who, however, waa not
personally present, advaced to the Associated Press tbe tneory tbat possib:/
the bullets were fired by accident, but
be considered that beyond a doubt
there was a cold-blooded plot on tu.
part of a number of the guardiiuen,
who deliberately planned to take tbe
grand duke's life under cover of the
general blank cartridge firing, 'the
aide-de-camp added: "it was no more
an accident than was the firing ot tbe
famous charge of grape at tbe Winter
palace on the occasion of the ceremony
of the blessing ot tbe water-, of tbe
Neva, a year antl a half ago.'
The bold attempt on the grand dukes
life caused an Immediate change in
ihe plans of the emperor, who had arranged to go to Kransoyc Selt, lotlay.
St. Petersburg, Aug. U.���After the
preliminary investigation tha military
and naval prosecutors have di.idetl to
try by court martial no le3s than _'t0(!
soldiers and sailors who participated
In the Cronstadt and Svs.iwrg mutinies. The prospects, of till? however,
have been brightened by th i decision
of the emperor to appoint tw,> extraordinary commissions to investigate
the causes of these outbreaks and determine the responsibility for the demoralization. War Minister Rudiger
and Minister of Marine Blerl��rf are
said to be arriving at the same con-
elusion as- Admiral Skrydloff, the commander ot the Black sea fleet, that
officers are more to blame than the
members. The commission will inquire into the International conditions
nreva'ling in the navy and the army,
and It may result ln a very heavy
and great shakeup, Including tbe
wholesale cashiering and retirement ot
commissioned officers. A proposition
to furlough indefinitely the superfluous sailors on the Baltic ls beim; seriously considered. It Is pointed out
that there are no ships nor occupation
for them, and they are merely a source
ot demoralization.
'" ri :'~ '���
���fc' The Daily Canadian
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AUGUST   11, I****.
���* By oue word we are sometime-. Judged to be
wite aud by one word lomutlmea fudged to be
ftioiMi. let ui therefore be careful what we
The  crying need  uf Immigration  in
Canada raises another question which
in Its own way is quite as Important
aa that uf Immigration.    The question
ls the necessary,   perhaps   Imperative
need uf amendments In the laws under
which   foreigners    may    naturalize  In
Canada  and   secure  the  privileges  en-
Joyed   by  those  who  are  native   horn.
At the  present  time    the    statute  requires only a short period of residence
In   Canada   and   practically   no   educa
tional test.   The evils growing out ot
so lax a system have been the subject
of much comment and the experience
of the  republic at our  south  has  not
been   one   to  establish   confidence   ln
the present methods of naturalization.
We  observe thai   the  United  States
congress, at its last  session, took  up
tho question and passed an act  which
Is much more stringent  than the one
previously   in   Unco  there,    This   act
covers the above mentioned points nnd
makes it  Increasingly  difficult  to obtain   the status of citizenship  In   that
country.    While Canada bas sufficient
originality to devise her own laws and
the conditions may   be  slightly   different in this country, we might well, in
some  respects, lake a leaf out  of the
book that is being written by Brother
Jonathan,   The opportunities for fraud
under  the  present     syti��".i. too
much a temptation where the eircunv
itanoes ofier any Inducement to fraud,
ft Is not many years since the need or
lisbermen on the Fraser river led to
rthe naturallza-tion of a horde of Japanese under whal may be safely
termed suspicious circa instances, and
what has happened once may happen
easily again.
To have a vast Importation of undesirable aliens from any country is bad
enough to anticipate, bul to face the
danger of Iheir easy naturalization i*
B much graver one.
With the many foreigners thai are
coming into Canada, the absorption or
them Into our national life and tbe
building up of u vigorous Canadian citizenship Is, of course, a slower process
than If the immigrants were fewer.
aud the character of the political education of many, if not of most or them
prior to Their advent In Canadu. has
been such lhat a longer period of education, as to the duties ami responsibilities of citizenship, than three years
ought to be insisted upon before tun
right! of the franchise aud other obligations be Imposed upon them.
A recent account of the selection of
a jury in a case against one Alex Mc-
Keitzie for the murder of .John Stew
art, reported from Roseau. In Minnesota, goes to show what may easily
occur under the present system. J tie
report says that gre.it delay was occasioned In obtaining a Jury. One
Krick G. Monk created great amusement In the court���just Imagine great
amusement in a court fn the selection
of a jury to try a man charged With
murder���in  response to the following
(.1 Do you understand who the de
fendant is in this case?
A.   Yes. sir.
(... Who do you understand the de
fendant   to  be?
A.   One of the lawyers, I suppose.
Q, Well, have you any serious io
tcntions of convicting one of us?
A. If the witnesses say you are
guilty, I suppose I will have to.
Another juror thought that the word
bias meant "to buy somethings."
It Is further staled that the defend
ant laughed heartily over these re
marks, and all goes to show what a
farce can be made of the most solemn
tribunals when the Ignorant and illiterate citizen Is called ou to serve his
country according to the terms of hip
We believe, therefore, that tbe naturalization law should be amended al
the earliest possible session of the Do
million huuse, and that In respect ol
the period of residence the term
should he made at least five years.
We believe, too, that there should be
educational tests, at least In reading
and writing, before the applicant
should be considered eligible for nat
The act should also contain some
strenuous provision for the prevention
of the numerous classes of fraud that
are now easily possible under the
terms of the act.
Canada may reasonably expect a
large Influx of laboring classes from
al! quarters of the globe, and, in tact,
every effort will be put forth to induce
such immigration. It is imperative that
a further step be taken, and the In sti-
tutions of Uu country safeguarded by
determining the qualifications of citizenship for all foreigners before they
are permitted to ha,ve a voice In the
b ha ping of the national policy under
which we are to live. Rapid and easy
naturaliztion is a temptation to the unscrupulous politician and must not be
tolerated In this country.
The dispatches 1 our news columns
yesterday suggest that ihe people of
Continental Europe are awakening to
the fact that Anglo-Saxon civilization
aud Inventive genius, together with Inexhaustible natural resources and facilities for their transformation into
articles of commerce that exist in the
English-speaking countries win have to
be reckoned with. The editorial re-
taark of Nova Vremya to the effect
thai the time is not far distant when
the Slav, German aud Latin races of
Europe will have to combine to protect
themselves against the commercial aggressiveness of Greater Britain, Greater
America and Greater Ja*pan, indicates
that if Alexander were at present a reincarnated citlzeu of either or these
countries he need no longer weep foi
other worlds to conquer.
The ear mark, "Made In Germany,
Is about to be obliterated and a new
one take Its place, according to the
tears of the people of Greater Europe,
and probably they are not mistaken
Russia will fall far behind In the race
for Industrial and commercial supremacy, or even rivalry, because or tho
terrible unrest and revolution thai ia
rampant in her territories, and which
It will take her decades to suppress
Germany cannot long compete againsi
the advanced methods or America,
while the wealth and stability of Great
Britain will keep her, with the aid 01
her colonies, In the very front of advance and progress.
Japan has yet to discover herself as
a commercial power or an Industrial
power in the world, but whatever she
may become, her interests will be In
common with American civilization
rather than with the European
races, with which she was so recently
at war. One may dream of the Infinite
possibilities the future has iu store tor
the Anglo Saxon without his dream be
Ing in any sense a pipe dream.
The Hon. Frank Oliver is starting
for .London to investigate the affairs
of Mr, Preston's office there, says the
Ottawa citizen, just at the time when
Mr. Preston is heading lor Japan to
enter upon the exploitation of a new
field for the exercise of his peculiar
As Mr. Preston was the whole
thing in London, the custodian of tne
secrets of tbe office and the BOle repository of knowledge mi so ordinary
a point for Instance us the names of
those on the Continent to whom the
department looked for assistance lu
directing the stream of emigration
towards Canada, it is hard to see what
Mr. Oliver can be expected to find out
iu the absence of the confidential man..
The public would have more conii-
dence In the good faith of the ministerial mission ot Mr. Preston were
taken along, with the instruction from
the head of the department to which
he has been transferred that he must
render up the secrets of his old office
before being permitted to draw salar;
for lhe new.
In view uf tbe dark details ot the
Thaw-White tragedy and the recent divorce proceedings in the case of W. Ill
Corey, president of the U. S. Steel Corporation, the American critic of morals
can scarcely claim that (lie aristocracy
of wealth has any advantage over
Hritish aristocracy of birth.���Sydney
A great scheme tbat, to put a watei
meter in every house in the city. But
wouldn't it be simply perfect if they'd
give us something to run through them
when  they  are in!���Tribune.
Every number or the Kaslo Koote-
nalan shows marked improvement in
editorial matter, style and general
makeup,    Congratulations.
He's a mean man who will try to
work off a bad quarter on his better
Notice ^ imti-Ijv given that SO days after date l
Intend to anpy to ihe Chief t'omiiiiasioiH-r of
1,11 mis nml Works fur h special license to cut mnl
0 try away Umber from tbe following described
lands in west Kootenay district:
No. l.���rommenclng at a pnst marked Ole
Oberg's southwest corner post, and planted on
tin* east side id Dnnean river, abom ten tulles
northeast of Weet Fork of Duncan rlverl tbenco
BO chains iouth, ihence 8111 latins east, thenoe 80
chains north, thenoe 80chains wesl tofointol
No. 2.���Commencing at h post ma-ked oie
Oberg'i soothfast po*t and planted < n the east
ildeo Duncan river, about 11 miles ��� ortheaat ol
West Fork of Dunoan river; tbenoe 80 obalui
north, th nd hi chains east, thenoe 80 ohalns
south. Ihenco 80 ohalni weat to point of commenoement.
Nn. 8.���Commencing at a poil marked Ole
Oberg's northcasl corner post, and planted on
thf east nMi- <>f ! uncan river, about 11 miles
11 rlhrsstot Weal Fnrk of Duncan river: Ihence
to chaln<< wosl, tbence Iflo chutm norlh, thonce
40ehalnseHRt ihenue.100 chains south to point of
No. ..���Commencing at a post marked <*!�����
Oberg'i louthw st co rer post* and planted on
tin- cast stile of iMim-iin river mi,I about U 1 l
miles northeast of West Kork of Duno-iu river;
thenoe so chains nonh, thence'8"chains east;
thence80chains south, 'hence 80chains west to
polnl of commencement.
No. 6�����Commencing Ht a post marked Ole
Oberg's northeast corner post, mui planted on
the east side of Duncan river and abont 121-1
mil snortheail of Weat Fork of Dnnean river;
thenee 80 chalna westi thenee 80 chains north,
thenee BO chains east, thence80 chains south to
point of comma* cement
Nn. 6.���Commencing at �� pom marked Ole
Oberg'i northeast oorner post, mnl planted nn
thee st side of Dnncan river, mnl about hi l-i
miles northeast <>f Weat Kork ol Duncan rlvor;
Ihenee M< chains west. Ihenee BO chn n�� north,
thence hii chains east, thence to ohalns south to
point of commencement.
No. ..- Commencing at a post marked  Ole
Oberg'i lOUthwest corner post, mi'l ptmiled on
lhe easl  side  of  I hi ti nm  river nitd aboul   1:1 1 -I
mlleinortheaal ol the Wesi Fork ol Duncan river j
Ihenee no ehulns cast,  the 80 chains BOUth,
thence Hiehnlus wesi, thence wchains uorih to
point of commencement
No. s. Oommenelng at a posi marked Olo
Oberg'noutbweal corner post, nud phoiie<ion
tbo east side of hut-cmi river, and aboul nil
miles northeast'of ihe wvst Fork ol Duncan
river;   theliee Ml  chains   east,   thenee KI  dm ills
south, thenee "> chains wesi, Ihence 80 chains
north lo polnl of commencement.
So. o, -Commenolng at a post planted on lbe
easi side of Duncan riv.-rand mark m\ Olo Oberg's
lOUtbeaBi   eoriier   posl. mid   Hi I   II   l-l   miles
northeaal ��-r Wesl Fork of Duncan river; thence
Bo ehalns west, thenee ho nbaliis north, tbence Bo
chains eaat, tnence 80 ohaini south io p ini of
Np. io.���Commencing al a post marked Ole
Oberg'i southeast eoruer post and planted on
tin east side ol Dunoan river and about IS l-l
miles northeast of Weal Fork of Duncan river:
thence 80 chains west, thence BO ehulns north,
thence 80 chains east, tbenoe 80 chains south to
poim of oommeneement.
No. li.���Commencing al a post marked Ole
OIrtk's Southwest i orner  post  mnl   planted  on
the east tide ol Dnncan river and about I., i-i
miles nortlieast of West Fork of the Duncan river; thenoe 80 chains east, tbenoe80 ehains south,
theneeH.iehains west, tbence80ehalni north to
point of commencement'.
No. 13,���Commencing at a post marked Ole
Oberg'i northeaal comer poit mi.l planted on
the east aide of Dnncap river and about [fl i-i
raUes northeait ol Weal Kork pi Dunoan river;
thenoe80 chains west, thenee mi chains north,
theuce SO chains Bait, thenee WJ <*linln<- south  lo
point of commencement.
No. 13.���Commencing   at  a  post   marked   Oie
Obe-g-aiouthweat corner put and planted on
the eaut side of Duncan riv.-r about Pi 1-1 miles
norlheast ol the Weil Fork o{ the lhnict.ii river;
theuee BO chains east, ibetlOC so ehalns souih,
thenoe80Chains west, theuee Kochains norlh to
polut ui commencement.
No. Ml-Commencing at a post marked Ole
'bergs southwest eorner posi und planted on
the ea-t side of Duncan river mn] ahout 17 1-1
miles norllM-Hsi from the Wesl Fork of Piiuean
river; thenre BO chains east, Hieuee B0 chain*
south, tlience SO chain-  west, thenee 80 chains
north to point of Commencement,
No. 1ft. Commenolng at a post marked oie
Ubetg'i northeait corner post ami planted on
the eusl side of  Pllhcaii river mid  about  17 11
mllei northeait of Weti Kork ol Duncan river;
thenee 60 chains wesl, ihence Si) cbalni north,
thence 80 ehalna east, thenoe 80 chains south t��t
point of oommencement.
No. 18.���Commenolng ��t a post marked Olo
Oberg'i -.outbwent cornet post and planted on
theeastelde of Imuran ri.er and aboul im-i
mllei nortlieast of ihe West Fork of Duncan river; ihenee si chain," east, thence 80 chains sooth,
Ihetlee M . htllllS   .test, tlience SI ChalUS  Uorth to
poini of commencement.
No. n.���Commenolng at a post marked Ole
Oberg'i southwest  oornei  post  and   planted  on
the eait Bide of Duncan river ami about nt i-i
miles northeast of ihe Weat Fork ol uncau river; thenee 80 chains east tbenco BO cbalm iouth,
tbence tt chaini west, tnence 80 chains noth to
point of commencement.
Dated June 8tb 10W>.        OLE On Km,, Locator.
Solid- is hereby given that ��i dayi after date 1
intend to apply io the chief Commtntonerol
Lauds mel Works tOT a speiiul lic.ni"  too 111 mi.l
carry away timber from the follow ini* described
lands, situated in the West Kootena) alstrlet:
No. 1.   c mencing al a post  -ked 0   D,
Hoar's lOUth Weit collier post, aid plan leu .Ml the
eusl hunk ot Duncau riverand about nol I miles
northeast of "est lork ol Duncan river; tbence 80
chains  easl,  theme Ho chains  south, Ihence HO
ehains we-t. thence mi chain* norlh to point of
No. 2, Commencing at a post marked <>��� D,
Hoar's northeaal corner post. an.t planted on the
easi ilde of Duncan rlvor, nnd ahout 20 i i mllei
northeast of weal fork ol Duncan nver; thei si
chains wesi, ihenee Boohtt'iu north, Ihence 80
chains easi. theuce 80chains south lo point of
No 8,   Ci uencing at a post marked <>��� D.
Mom's *ou Ih well corner post and plauied on the
east ildu ol Pnncan river, und about .v l-i miles
norlheast of Ihe wesl fork of Dull ran rivet:
theliee   So  chains   imrlli,   them-e 80 cliullll eUSt,
thence tn chains south, thence 80 cbalni west tu
point of commencement.
No ���*. Commenclcg m u post rat ked 0, P
Heir's south wea. corner noi un t id inted on the
ensi hank of iMinean river,and anotit ji i (miles
���o'the.ist of the Wei' fnrk rf Duncan riv<* ;
thenne 80 cbalni north, thence B-i chain* eait,
thence80cbiln.south, thence80ohalni wut to
point of c mraenc ment.
No. ."> -Commencing ��t a post marked ". D,
Hoar'" souihfrtst corner pout an.I planted on the
east stduol Dunc-tn rlvor, and ul t ji ti miles
norths-ill ol we.-t folk of I'uncan river: tlience s.
chains tioih, thence hu chains out, thence Bo
cbalnsionlb, thencj Bu ehalns west to ptiiil of
No fl, < in mencing at a post mark d 0, D,
Hour's sout"iast eorner post uml planted on (he
eastslde of the Duncan river, mil abonl 't*\ i-i
mil s northeast of the west fork of Ditncanilver;
ihence 80 ��� hn ns norih. t ���cn'>e8u rhalni eait,
theme So ehuii.s t-oiitli, theuc   80 ct.alUS west to
point of eoramenoerao t.
No. 7. Commencing at a posl narked ll. D.
Hoar"- southwest comer posl an,I piaUted OU the
easl I de ol Duncan river, and about _r_! l-l in I 8
nortlieast of the west fork of  Duucan rIVer;
tbence so ehalns east, them-e bo chains lotuli,
tbenoe hu i halui west, ihenee bo cbalua nortii t.>
po nt of commencement,
No. 8,���Commencing ai a pest marker! 0, D.
Hoar's nortlieast corner post ami planted on llu_*
eusl side ��� i I'niican r ver, and ab  ��\ l-l miles
southeast of wesi forko! Dnncan river; ih nee8o
chains west, thenee ho ctni ns north, tbence Hi
chains east, thenee 80 eh Ins south to point of
P until   nceliietlt.
No, 9.���Commenolng ut a posi marked (�� D��
Hour's southweil comer poll and planted on
the eaat aide nf i uncan river and almut \M 1*4
miles northeast of the west fork of Duncan river; thence 80 chaini east, tbence 80 chains iouth,
thence 80 chains weit, thence 80 chains north to
point of commencement,
No. 10.���Commencing at a post marked O. D.
Hoar's norlheast corner pO*t and planted on the
Coil side of Duncan river uml aooii* _'_   11  miles
northeast of the we-t fork of the Duucan river]
iiieiice sj chalna, welt ihem- mi chalm north,
thence 80 ehalna east, thence 80 chalm souih to
poim of commencement.
No. 11.���Commencing al a u posi marked 0. D,
Hoar's soiithwesi comer post and planted on the
cast hide of Dlilieuil river und uhout J,'t I I miles
northeast of the west fork of the Hiineali river;
tbence SO chaius east, thenee 80 chaini south,
tbenee80ehalni west, thence80 chalm north to
poini of commencement.
No  12.���Commencing at a post marked 0. D.
Hours northeast eormr poll and planted ou the
east ilde of Duncan river an.I al.oii 28 l-l miles
northeast of the west fork of the Huiii an river;
thence so ,���hains  west, t lit nee HO ehailis  norlh,
thence 80 chalna e&it, tnence So chaini south to
poini of commencement.      \
No. 18/���Commencing at a posl marked o. D.
Hoar's southwtsteoi tor post and planted on the
eust side of the Duncan river and abont it M
miles not tht-ust of llo- West fork of the Duiienli
river; Ihenee Si eh.illis eu-t. Ihence BO Chains
south, thence80 chains we t. thenee so chnins
north to point of commencement.
No. Ll���Commencing at a post marked O. D.
Hoar's northwest corner poit uud planted on the
east side of  Dum-im rl er mid ahout W l-l miles
northeast ol the west furkoMhe Duncan river;
Ihenee Hi chairs  tve.-t, thenee Hi) chains  north,
thonce 80 chains east, thence 80 chains south to
point of oommeneement,
Dated June9th 1000,       ti, D. Hoak, Locator.
lly his Agent, OUt OliKitii.
Sixty days after dale 1 intend to applv io the
Hon. thief Commissi r of bands and Worki,
victoria, io purchase m aorei of hmd: Commencing at a post (dallied at ti.e City of Nelson's
power plant lot K B oorner posi, on Kootenay
river,  thenee 20  chains  souih,   tbence west  IS
chains, Ihence  noith  20 chains, the.iee cast _S)
chains to point of comnieiic* nietit.
Nelson, B.C., Auk. fl, 1900. B. J. t'riiKAS.
Notice is hereby given that OU dayi afterdate i
Intend tn apply to the Honorable the Chi*1*
Comm.Mtm er 01 Land ami Works for permission to Mirchas"- the f dlowing doserlbed lands,
��� filiated in the West Kootenav district, adjoining
C. L. Pearson'i on the north! about one ami one-
quarter tulles from the I'end d'Oreille river, com
inepOlng at a post marked ('. P. Caldwell's S. K
eorner post, thence ho chains north, thence lu
chaius west,  thence  si) chains south, thenee  in
chains eu-t io place of commencement
Located the 1st dav of August, Uph,
IlKKMA.V  ItKAI'KH, Ajjciit.
Notice is hereby given that IU* days after date I
Intend to apply to ihe lion, tbe Chief Commls
Nloner of Lands and Works for permission to
purchase the followiiiK described luilds in I lowest Kootenav district:  lieu-inninc at a posi
marked It. Hell's S. I_. eorner. about two miles
east of (he Salmon river, and lialf a uilie from
the Pend d'lIreille river, Ihcnce su ehalns north,
iu ehains weit, Hii cliujiissotith am) til < tinftis eust
to plaoe of beginning;
Duled '.Tth day of.Inly, WOO, It. II. RbiX.
Notice is given lhat 00 davs after date I inieml
loajijdv   lo  tlie   lloiiorahlc   Ilie  t'hiet   I'ouil.iis
sioner nt Undi and Work* tor pormlaalnu b>
purchase ihe following described lands in lhe
Wesi Kootena) Dlatrlct: Commencing at a paid
marked |T, C. Voyula hand B. B. Cornor placed
near the I'eml d'Oreille river at Boundary creek
eti-| side of Pal moil river. IheiICO cast  80 chain i
aionuthe international Boundary Lino.thence
li -rlli to chains, thenee  wesl   mi ehalns, Ihenee
south io chains to pho i commencement,
Hated thoSOth ot.Iuly lWHi. C. t*. POVHTS,
By Asdhkw AniK. Agent.
Notice is herehv iriveii tbat 00 days irom da'e I
intend to apply io the Honorable the Commli*
���Inner ol bunds ami Works for permission to
pirchase the following dpieribed lands, iltuite
in the Wesi Koot.-iiny lipurht. Marling from a
(lost marked * 111iam KTUHI Davison'* b. K, poll
ahout two in Ihs east of Heer rnrti uu tlie Arrow
Lakes Ihence III ehalns south, thenee In cluilns
weat, theliee 4.1 chains north, thence ea-t lo polut
of oom mencemont, f-uium: about tfloaoros,
Dated tbliHlh day of June, lOOti.
William Kmomt Davison,
Notice Is herein yiv'-li that two months after
date I intend to applv lo the Uonorahle fl,.-
chief Commissioner of hands and Works for
permission to purchase tlie following deicrlbed
lauds situate on the we-t arm of Kooletiav I.ukc
lu lhe Disiriei of West Kootetmy: Commencing
at u post marked "William nnerby'i N.W. poit;n
thence west twentv (90] ehains; thence south
twenty (DO) chains'; thence easl twentv (90)
chains; thence north twenty ('-ill chains  to the
point of commenoement, ooutainlng forty (ioj
acres, more or less
Dated July 7. l!is>. I. ti. NHMOS',
Notiee is hereby given that sixty days after dale
I intend to applv to the Hon chief Commission
erof Lands mid Works for permission to pur
chase the foll��uiuK described lauds In West
Kootenav District, south of the Pend d'Oreille
river, commencing al a poit marked n i: M's,,
N W. eorner. situated on lhe south hank of the
I'end d'Oreille river at Jamil N. Mackenzie's
sou I Invent eorner; theliee easl III chains, thenre
south HI  chain-, Ihence  west  40 chani--, thence
north loehi.iu- to lhe [dace of  ne lit,
foiitrluliig Ifitl acres more ur rws
Dated Urd July 1IHW,     Donai.u K   MacKRNUB,
ak'ihi'k Hoinkii'KK, Agent.
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Bubscrlptimii ror Delineator torn
year 11.00 In udvauee.
Agenl for Unite rick I'atterm
Notice 1- hereb) given that dx.) dayi aftei
dale 1 intend loannlj to the llou.t'hio.c   -
si -r of l.amK nml Works hir perinlMlnu to
i)i*rcho*Q the following described laudai'tuaU. In
Woat Kootenav district, adjoining the International boundary line, iil-ont four mile- easl of
tbo folitiiihia nver. eoinmenclny at a posl murk.
ed'-I, m K's B. W comer," iltuate on the International bonndary line, at tbo nintheoat for-
HIT of J.s;. C l-'ntser sland; tljetier. asl Ml ehains.
tbeuce nortii 60 chains, thenee weat80 chains,
thence lOUth 00 chains to UlO place ol commencement, ooutafning480 acres more or less.
Haled 26th June, l'.HMi. I-aiha M. Kraskk.
k. J.O'Kollly, Agent,
Notice is hereby given thai sixty davs from
date l intend io u'j>|.h to tlie Hon. Chief Commissioner of I.amis aiol Works for permission
io purchase ihe following duaoribed landi iltuato   iu   Wesi   Kootenav   Plttrlct, between llie
pend d'Orelllo river and the International
i ndary line abont three milea from tbo Columbia river. Uouimuuclng al a poal marked
J. B. C. P'! 8. W, corner situate on tbe interna
tional boundarj Ituo, alioutbalf ainlle ea-t of
tin- cast boundary "i ihe N. tfcF. 8. Ky, land*.:
tbence north m chalna. ihcme ea-t A) ehalni,
thenee souih 10 chains, thenco weal fti ehalni, lo
the place oh mcnrotncui.cuutalniugffiAlacrea,
mon- or less.
Dated 24th Juno, i%e>. ���'. B *'. Praibr,
V. J. O'Reilly, Agent.
Notiee is herehv given thai ilxty dayi rrom dato
i I u tend loapply to the Hull Chief C mhuionur
<d Luiidsand Woiks [or permlulon tu purchase
the  following  described   lauds  situate In West
Kootenav District, adjoining tbe International
boundary line, about llvi miles cast ol tbo Colombia river; commencing at a poal marked K
li's n. w. eoruer. ,,u the International boundary
lineal Laura M i rascr'aioutbeasi eorner, ihence
north .so chain-, thence cast iu ehains, ihence
iouth s.1 chains, thence west t,i cbalni to tin-
place of oommeneement, containing U20 acres
more or less.
Pated L'llth .lune. 1906. Ralph OlLUMPta.
Notiee Ii bereby given that ilxty dayi after
date 1 intend toapply to the (ion. Chief Lommis-
sioiiLT oi Landa and Works (or permission to
purohaae Uie following  deacrlbed    lands   tu
the Went Kootenay district, south of the I'end
d'Orelllo nver; Commencing at a post marked
C. It's s. K. corn, r,  situated   on  the   trail   near
Bear ereek about a mile from the International
bntitidarv line, thenre west mi ohalna, tlience
north hu chain- more or leai to tbe Pend d'Oreille
river*   theuce following  the south  hank of the
Peud d'Orelllo river toutheut 80 cbalni, more
or less; tbence south _u chaini, more or leaa to
the place of  commencement,  containing  fifio
acres, more or less,
Pated .".th July, MUfe, nutans BlBflgt,
F. J.O'Kielly, Agent
Notice is hereto given that ilxty dayia'ter
date l Intend to apply totho Hon. Chief Commli*
sioner of hand- nnd Works lor permission to
purchase the following described lands, in
the   West   Kootenav   District,  east  of   and  ad-
joining Jamc- s. Mackencte'i land; Commencing at a poit marked A.S'iS.K. corner, on the
sooth  hank   of   the   I'end d'Orolllo river, just
above the mouth ol the >al u river, thence
weit 80 ebalns, tbence nortb iki chains mure or
less lothe Pend d'Orelllo river, thenee following
the nouth hank ol the laid river tn aaoutheaat-
erly direction lo tin- place of oommencement,
coil tain ing 250 acres, more or less.
Kotiee li hereby given tlial sixty davs afterdate
I inieml toapply to the Hon. Chief CommlBloner
of hand" ami Work- tor permlulon i��- purebaae
tin* following described lands in West Kootenai
Dlitrlel south oi the Pend d'Oreille river, commencing at i poit marked K. T. M's. S. K. corner
on the south liHiik of the Pend d'Oreille river,
ahout a mile and a hall east of the mouth of Fish
creek    Ihcnce south  SI) ehatns, theme  weal  "O
cbalni, thenre north 40 chaini more or Jen to
the PenddO'rellle river, tlience following the
south bank of tbo said nver in a northeasterly
direction to the place ol commencement, containing Isu acre-, more or less.
Dated 2nd July I9u6,        ki.u t. Uacksmsii,
Ainnra Si IIMCII-KK. Age lit.
Kotlce is herehv given thai 60 dayi after date I
intend toapply to i lie Hon. Chief I ommiailoner
of Lands and Works for permission to purchaie
the followiiiK deacrlbed lands,iltuate iu West
Kooteuay PStrict touih id the Pend d'Oreille
river; Commeuclngal it jiost marked A. ll M'l. N.
W. corner situate at the souih hank of the Ivnd
d'( ireille river al Klla T. MacKenzie I north cast
corner pent, theme south mi chnins. thenee eaat
Sll ehains, thenee north st) chains more or less to
the Pend d'Orelllo nver, thence weal BOcliaini
lol low iiik the hank of I lie said river I<- (he place
of commencement, containing M0 acres, more
or less.
Dated 2nd July 1906. A. ti WiCKlKUB,
Ahtui'K SciixkiijKh, Agent.
Notice Is here ny given that sixty days after date
I Intend to apply totho Hon Chief commluloner ot hands ami Works for permlulon to pm
chase the following described lands situate In
We.-t   Kootenay   Pistrict,    wuth   of   the   I'eml
d'Orelllo river, commenolng at a post marked
H. I iN, B.corner, situate on the south bank
��� if the Pend d uri-ille river ai .lame-, N. Maoken*
/ic'ssouthuesi comer, Ihenee south HKlehsin-.
theuee  u e��l ��tl chain-. I lience  norlh  70 chain I,
more or lou to tbe rend p'Orelllo river: tbenee
folhmniK the souih hank of the laid river iu utt
. oatcrly ami northeasterly direction u> tbe place
ol commencement, containing M0 aores, more or
Pale .inl July, linn;, MaKOARBT HARCOUKT,
Arthur 8ebneldort Agent,
Nollcoiaheroby given tbalalxtydaysafterdate
I mtem toapph totbellou.Clilef Coi iulonor
o( Lands and \frorka for |*TmlwIou o mire aae
lhe rollowlng described land, in West
kooteuay Pistrict, .-outh ul lho I'end d'Oreille
nver.  commencing  at a posl   marked   J    N   .Ms
>.W. corner, -final , th,  ,,1H k of tlil.
Pend dim ill*, mer. opiowlte lho month ol ia
.Mile Creek;  thenco ea-t mi rhalni. theuee norlh
iu chalm more or less lo iho I'end d'Oreille river
tbeuce hdlotviiiK tbe south baukol i be -aid river
iu a ttcsterly and souih westerly direction to lhe
place oi commencement, containing 830 acrei
Paled Brd July, 1900,        JaHIH N. M ti KgHltl
Arthur Schneider, Agent
Notloe lihereby given that sixty days after dato
1 intend loapph to the lion Chief C mlulon
erof Lands and Works for permission to our
ciot-e  the following deirrlhVd  lands in Weil
Kooo-nav   Dtsiti, i. tii oi  ihe I'eud d'Mrcille
river, commencing ai i |misi marked A.P'iN. VV
__* n',11 ff "' foBMuthweit cornor of Lol
I.      I-Ill,'r'1'���''��''< M chains, thet.ee south 'KI
cm     s    thence   uests.   chains, thence north li I
Dated 29th   une, 1906, annjk Pbairb
F. J.O'lteiliy, Agent.      '
Notice is hereby given that 00 days after date
^���'oiiowiittrd rsiss'siisusiritsw". 'k1',;;(!,",,";:
sli.rlt-1, ...sstlsoftlss- l'.-n.l,l'���r,.|||,. ,!,,., ,,.",'(
H.ii crook,com ��� n. su ��� ,.���*, ���,,ri', i '..'
II'. N w i���,���eri h,,,,,,1; i,'���i",t,i .,"',' ,,,;
norilioui ttomor nt Vol Has a I  11,,..���,." ���
��J chBlnj., t , w. i,���i���. ib*. ,,',,,; "."
ohalni, tlienoo ss,-m ni cltalni t��� n���. .','    1!
';;:;������""<"' ��' nmng m ..,������'..!,,,;;,. J;
Datod 2nd lulyljon.       numw. ii.ii,���i���t
Sixty ststyss ssfiiT date I |i,i,.,i,i ,,, u,,,,.,   .,
iao_oro.olland, neiir Hurton I-, ,,.,',,' "���''���"���"
ss.l a ...nl plniil ,t   ,|���. muthoa.i',���,'...'"!","'.
N,. Alt,, ttn.i markod J. is. go.! ,���t .' '"'''"'
an.l rtiniiliiK  tiunl,   s,   ,.|,H|i,.      ...     """"'���
chains,, thonce  tb lis   i.        ' '"''' ''"" *
"'"'ii'�� I Itajlnnliig '"' *
JUI-18th, 1(00, ,.���  UiVl
a. a. Burton, Agent,
Notice i* hereby given thai 60dari after date I
| ml toapply   io   III.'    iloll    thel'hlel Coi ll
ilunerol Undi and Worki foi permlulon to imr-
rloise tho loll.mini: den*riled lands in V.-M
Kootenay dinrii-i, province ��l BrltUh Coin nib hi;
Ci neuclng ai a poal marked "William Tolilnn
um'i nortbweit oorner poat," uld poal being
phlllted    at    the    SOllIh.tcst   eortlel   t.f   lite "I jlle, ll
Mineral Claim," and adjoining theeaat ID I
UcPball'i preemption, thence rwuth twenty (J'j
chains   ahuiK   snld   line,   llienee e,i-t forty (In)
cbalm, tbence north twenty (IM) chalm, thence
west forty (if) chains more or leu, i>> the place of
Paled l-l dav of AugUlt, 1900,
William Toi likoton,
By hiiagenj -'  E. Taylor
Notice is hereby given that60 dayi after dato I
intend to apply to ilu Honorable th' Chlel ��� om-
minloner ol Lamls aod Worki forpermla*lon to
purehaw the following de-crlbed Undi iltu-
ated Pi the K-otctiay Pl-lilet. Hi*(,'iniilni-'��i a
poit planted on Uie m-rib ihoro of the bower
Arrow Uke about �� chains weit of Ibe weat
boundary dI C P. h La IMN.klarked ll  ^ W.
a R,i ier, thence wesi io chalm, tbenee north
lUcbalm, ihenco eaat�� cbalni  re or Ipu i i
lake -bore, thence in a iouth weiterly dlreetlou
along lake ibore to point of commencement, containing nm oerti more or leu,
Located Juno m. I'-Kti.
II    *. Woi.VKKToS.
A. N. WoLVtlTOK, Agent,
Notice is herehv given Hint two liioii-hs afler
dute   I   Intend   tu  apply   lo  tlie  Honorable Clllul
Commluloner ���>[ Undi and Worki Ini pcrmd
sion   tomi-chaso  six   hundred   and   forty   (040)
acrei of land, daacrlbod ai followi   '    i" m<
ni a poll planted ai the nortbweit corn*��r of l,
Uallagher'i application to purehaw In fin Val
Icy, ou   the  west lide of  Lowei  Ar OW 1-i.ke. in
Kootenay district, marked "W v Ci x ��� cot
ner"; tbenee ruuniui: cn-bty i_D; cbalm weit;
tbence eighty (W) lontlii theme eighty (*���)
������hains ea-i; theiov eighty (80) cbalm nortii to
place of commencement,
W. A. I'Al.tiKK.
Dated the 2nd day of July, 1900.
BlXty days after tlate I   intend  to apply tO the
CommluD-nerof Landi ami Works. . Ictotia, to
purchaie 100 aires of land. Commencing al a
posi planted on the weit shore ,,j arrow Uke, al
lbe iouth eaat corner of J J Chriatle'i purchaao,
running north BOchaina thence eaal ;<i chains,
thence south BOchalm, thenee weal n,�� halm to
nlaci- of commencement.
Located Uay,9tb L9DB,
A. I'AHIttK.
L. liAi.i.AoiicK, Locator.
Sixty d��ye  after date I Intend to Ipptj t-. the
Commluloner of Undi and Worki to purchase
ho acrei of land, iltuate about one mlie eaai of
Burton City, ami deaorlbed ai followi a-
mencing at h post planted on the nortbweit corner of lotBtoO aiol runlng Well 30chalna, themv
north io i-haiiis. thence can 20 chalm,tbenco
south along tot 0600 to piac- of beginning,
July 'th, looo. j. it, HuKTia,
Notice is hereby given ihai il��t) dayi after
date I intend toapply to the Hon. Chlel tkimmli
nloner of Unds and Works for permlulon to purchase ihe lollowlng deaorlbed landi ntuateln
Weil Kootenay dlatrlct; Commencing al �� poit
marked J.H, vanitone'i B.B. eormr poat, iltuate
iu the nalmon River Valley, at a poim tohtuuiug
J Meeeher'i lund at weitern boundary, thence
weit SO chalm, thence north in cbalm, ihence
east ho ehulns, tlience south  ����� chains to point of
July--lili, 1906. J. H. VAIUTOlft,
T. H. Atkinson. Agent
Notice is herehv glren lhat B0dayi afler dul.  J
Intend toapply to tbe n -ruble the Chfe i
mlutonerol Undi and Worka lor permlulon to
purebaae tho following deierlbcti lands in tba
Weil Kootenav dimrict:   Commencing at a poit
marked M- MoO. N   B corner, planle.l  Ochallll
north of then, w corner ol vv ATCalder'i preemption in lire Valley, running Itiehain- iouth,
10 cliaina weal, 40 ehalna nortb, tochitm- eaai to
place of commencement
MAi-i.t: Mct'tMui.-iM, Locator,
V    A. t'Al OKA. Agent
Juno 20th, 1900
Nolle,- Is hereby given tlial GO .lavs aflei date I
intend to make application to tbe Honorable the
Chief Commluloner ol Land-nml worki foi poi
mlulon io purohaae the following deacrlbed
lands: Commencing al a poit marked a. \\ < al-
iter n southeast corner, seeilon 13, Townihlp 09,
running east twenty chains, south forty ehalns
weil twenty chains, north forty ehalns to plaee
t> (commencement,
Dated July 8. lft*. John Baxoi
Notice is hereby given thai fin davs after .tale I
intend toaoply to the Honorable the Chief Com*
i:ilss[or -s ,i Undiiiii.l Works (or i-erniH-'ioii to
nurchaw tbe loiiowing deaorlbed lamls in the
Wai Kootenav district,- commencing Hl _ ,,.,.,
marked "Nathaniel Hclntyro'i B F; corner"
planted on the wait ilde of the Columbia ttiver,
about , miies north of Burtonfclty I no. hains
north of Ho- south west corner of Lot H78 thence
north *i chains, ihence west ho chalm, Ibenee
louth hu ehains, thence eaat W ohaini to point ol
commencement, containing 640 aorei,
Pated this 13th day of June, 1900,
Naiiiamki. VrfsTviil..
T. 0. Maklnsoii, Agi nt
Notice Is hereby given that M days after .late I
Intend toapply to tltoll irable the Chlel c -
"nl" rot Undi and Worki (nt permlulon to
purchase  the   following  described  I |B<   i ,������
lueiicttig at ii noil piaeed on llio uorth ibore ol
the We-t arm of  Kooleliav hake, at Ihe luothcast
'oitier of .John Miaiiks' pre-emption,  ihem.
Weal   lu ehalns.   re or  less,  h,  llo- loilllieaal
corner of Lol   No. 7.H',, thenco uorih lUchaidi,
Ihelle.-easl  III Chain* llloie  or  less, llienee liofl li
.0 chalm to (he point ol i imencomeni
Dated June i,.th, iuoo.
 O. B. Api-i.ktdn.
Notleo U hereby given tbal 00 dayi aftor date 1
intend toapply to the Honorable Ibu Chief Commluloner of Undi and Works fu, perm Iu Ion to
reh-M? ,|H_: f w'ni deierll Undi, iltuate
in lho Weal Knot*naydlitrlot: Commeuclna at.-
pplt marked M. Met:. 0, W, comer, planted 4ti
Chaini wen' of j, c. Mor boll's iioril.west corner
"f his crown granted lain in Kire Valley running   111 ehalns  east,  10 chains Uorih.  HI i hi-lns
weit, 40 ehalni iouth to place of commencemeni
fit, MoCAwnb'iH, Locator,
W, A. i Al.l'KH, Agent.
J 30th, 2900,
Nollee is hereby given that fill dins after date. I
Intend toapply to the Hon. Chlof Comtnlul r
"i Lands an.I n orks for nennlulotl to purchase
tbe loiiowing ducrfbod tract of land situate in
w.-si Kooteuay Dlitrlet:  Commenolng al the
southwest corner  of   IM  7,��00{  theliee  niuint:
weal to chains; thei north'JO ehalni; thonco
weit -in oh aim i tbonce nortii 20 chalnn thenco
earn 80 ohalna; thonce aonth -in chains to point
of cttiiMiieiiieiueut, containing 240 aorea, more or
Paled at Nelson, H r��� thii 33rd day of July,
''���l0'''- Majiv KCAHLaMi
^^^^ per V   f. (ireen, Agent.
Notice In hereby  given thai 00dayi alter d	
I Intend to apply fo th,. ji irablo the Chief
Commlilonoror Landiand Works for permlulon
to purchaio the following doiorlhod landi in the
Wesi Kooteiiuy District:    (' II unci lift al a pOll
marked T. |{, f>roiiehll'l l,in.t B. K. eo, tic��� ,d,ic.id
near 0,0, Poynti S. W, corner, theme east Hu
chains, tlience north ll' ehulns, llienee wesl Ni
chains, theuce south 10 chnlni U)  place  of coin
Hated 80th day of .Inly liHHl.        T. It, rittCMll.
Hy AXDUtf Ami, Agent
<��<"" I Djleinl toapply i .ii,,,,,,    :,''-
,""" ��""��� r of Land |  w��r|     .
Hou   to   pinvnam-  six   hnn.*,,,|   HI1,|  ,
acres of land, deserlla-.l as lolh.w.V,,
at a ihhi   plant. ,1 ��t   the horihaeii ,        |
I. (Inllagher - -tpplh uiiou t.. pun-li-ac ,
"D   .   M,.'ssoM..,ea��� ��� r'���;.muuu"u:;
eight) ,��") chains west; iheln e etghlj ,-
f'Ttb;   the   cl-   eight)   (1*0   cl % i h |��2
eight)   (*i) ehalns muth  Lo ih,   p|���.,. J , ^
melieement.CotiUlnlug sl\  hundred aud tat
(Otojaerca, moro or lou
Dated the -nd of July, IWO,
iv , , " * Mocwa
W    \   i  ti.m.K, .\_, ;il
Notice is hereby glveu that Mdayi��(t*r<li  I
intend t ko application totha   ononufs '
C  commluioner of Uodi and W��BfaJ9 !
!"l~; rl"   Purchme  lha   followln,
landa: t ommc dug ai a post pisab
northweil cornetol gable ��� eCandliihi'
Lion  to pnrchai ��� iu Cire Valley,
su- N   h. corner/1 running lu a
chalm - h.   I'l cha
of ���
t. -(tl i-linliitt north (���
llAKOI i-i), I.,.
W, A. t A: |,|..., iga
em. ni
K   M   Mh'amu.ish, \iwt\i
July J,id, Pur,
Nolie,-It heehy given ih.i!  60dl)llf||
Intend to applv to the Ji i,..��,ji,i. i .- ��� <
mlnlonorol hands ami Worki foi nrnk
purchase the following deacrlbed landi
in ihe Weal Kootenay dfitrltit: Cotuawgu
poal on the cast side of tallp I rrek.w
Arrow   Luke,  aud   murk.d  *'J   J   \. :dLn
enrner," the ant B0 chalm, ne-u., ,
.!..,'[,-, thi ii. e wet! HO chaini, ih tin .
chalm t" polnl of commenoement, cm
..ji acrei more or lens
Located June 18th, low J J w,
T   11   H n ��� i-.m-ov. Ae-i
Blzty davs after date I Mi!- hi toiM-J
Chlel Com ui Iulonor of  Undi and I
\"ioioriH. for je rmluion to pun to.-,���.,,-,. |
and ilxtj (lflo)aorwol hiioi.l,.. ,
ed as follows: Commencing al * dm
elghl) (so) chalm Mat of the  N  W.ew
Bulger'ipn emption and marked 'I' 1.1
eorio-r,"   and   innnliig   oaal   forty P"] ��� uv
thi n b w ith forty (Mi cbalm, tnean ���*-. I
cbalm, thi me norlh fori)' (Itl) ehalnitoplMJ
Jnlrj    *��� i' v Ciuffii
Kotli i li io reb) given thai 00 daj
intend to apply to the Hon thi *
lloner ot Laud- add W',,rk> for penuK-: :. ;.{xr
chaac ihe following deaorlbed [mnl* ie im
Koot* nny dlatrlct, province o( Briilihl i ,
Commencing al a poat marked a. a. hur^-i'i
H. W. corner, on Ihe south lido ol I iiril-mrt.
nl-out two mile- t-asi ..( Burton t'ltj tmgt,
.mi at the north Weil .orner ol Willlwlgirf
in- pre-emption claim, thenee i-a��t���Ark*.
thenee north 00 chains, tton.. antfiMK
tbence iouth flu chalm lo the plntvufktiuvi.
cotilaililiit' 240 acrei more or leu
Pated this 34th day of July, Hot
A. A. EOT* i
Kotiee i- bereby glren that twomntkiid
date I inlcnd io apply to the Uonon
Commluloner ol Undi and Worki for peri .��� .
to purebaae lbe billowing dew rlbed Ua* ���'���'
ale In Kit. Valle) on Uie weal ibleol LcnmU
row Uke, kootenay diftrnt, dountwd .*.> H
lows: Commencing at a |��ist pu,i!r.i imik
northwesi corner or W, A.taldcri pit-mpOg
marked -A. M, l.'s souih't.-sl eoriier"; ronnM
:li io. forty (in) chains east; thHirclnfirl*.
��� bains nonh; thence forty (i"i ohiltu eeM
them-e lorty (iu) chaini loutn io thi H��"��
com to erne nt, containing ou bunom ng
itxt) (100) ai i-s more or lOM.
Dated June 39, 1(100,
am,, i KCUwhui
W. A, CAli-hK, Ajti'Dl-
Notice li hereby given thai ilxty di]
date i intend  to eppty t<> the llnnoriwe �����
'hiei Commluloner o( Und-; and VvorlLi w
llUiOll   to   purehMse the  bd'ort iltl-liwrlM
I-- , mi i'"|ijii    ti >    po i ��� onse i io     " '"-   ' ,
audi commencing ��t a p..si marke**) Ueor**i ���������������
ling ton'i n. K 0. post, at the niutbeui
ol J   o.  McOnule'i   pre-emption  Hmiu ����
riiliitliit, ..mil,  it, ,.I,i,I���l  e,    ,.1,10 hu.'-<   <
lh, mc i
:!������ -'
mntilDlif *
running i
iih Wchaini i . louthweil rornrto
iioo   || uu mmi - pn emption claim: th*'''
chalna; thence nortb  m chalm, Ihi
I balm I" |-l.tee 1.1 ciOlimellcellh-Ill,
ill res of land ,,on<- o, le-.,
Da ed ihi-. HII, day id Aug',-'   1 ���"*
titoa.., TountotiWi
A. A    lliir;..u.-U-. DI
Hlxty daya aftor date I intend i PH k; ^
�� iralulonerof Lands and Worki,VictniM
pnrchaai HO acrei ol l.ainl situ ati,l.i,*Mn^
oa follow-. Commencing at a post (.Ihiui-i "��
the easi shore of Arrow Lake oppoilH Wrf*"
UndliiK   at   Ihe   souih   wesl  corner nl Jf|tii��
O'Blloy7! pn emption and marked P ������. H *
comer; t" >nce eait t\o chaini.tbence tavtt
chains, tlo-e.ee west tHl chains lo UU MM    '
theuce north along the lake ibore 10 plW* ���
June .lilh I'JDT).
w. Calpw. Locator;
N �� Is hereby given that 00 dal'i a��Wffftl
intend toipply to the Honorable the Clilelio**
mlutonerol Undi and Worki tor permW8_
purchaao the following denrlbed landi
mom Ing m n i��,si marked W H Wc t, ^���1;*j-,
planted al the N W. corner nl W A. Cabled
pre emption   m   lln- Valley, runnuu! ��������"���
iouth. 10 eh aim wesi, 80 cbalm i h, Wcww
cast to place of commencement,
V, K. Mi(MM.ii-"-l,,"''"r
W.A.CAU>KK< '-K1'1"
.Iin,.. Jin I,, !���-,,
Nun., i- hereto given Uiatalxtj (�����)���'��?' ���''.'.'
date   I   intend   to apply    ...   the   IP;"*;���'"    ',
Chief   Conimlssloiier of   Undi  I   "/'     ���
permlulon topun'hue the following ���!<���""
mo i. il hmd: iltuato at Uuceiii1 Ba) untlwJJJ
ihore of Kootonay Uke fn the Dlatrkt ol IJJ
I. ���lo.v,   Province of   Hritish   t'olunil ���
containing by admoaiureme "*1M ten* ���
.me   liinre   or   h-s,   whi-h   1""'''';   m. ,,.
pet  to IV  deser.b. ���  M|��"-   ,0W
.,o,v   Pistrl. ��� "
..   ill, (HMti, 1; Hi' -
ing tiiesouihcriv boundary of I*
xochetlis    re   or   less   lo   Ibe   lOHtll   ��''-
lie,    of   Hid   I.ol   OOM   '.. t; then..- "���''","
south   to chaini  more or  leu   to  M�� '''..,
erly boundary r.f P It. Balloch'i AppJ^WLJ
l'iireh,o.o; ih. io ,.1,-rh   loll--    io-"   "'.  ' ..
erly hound on of aid D.R. Balloeb'i -JPP'WC
to Purohaae UJM chains i '��� ..r I-"" '"  ���
Shore of tjueens' MllV 1 IhellCC following   le      ^
Mlty of the laid ihoro in a north ��� --';'".\ '
Hon 70 ehains -e nr leu lo theiiuitli wm ���
ner of aai4 Ut7080O.i; thenfo nortbcrtyio��.
lug the w.-si, ri* boundary ol said U  m^
l.dooehaini mora or lou to point oi twromei"
    pu   Ic |y desenb, - folio*     i
ttonclmrgtapo.nl on the wcatcrly heu,. �����. ,���
,.-iwuii. i Won ���*."!,,,'lu,>'..";:l.t,1'':,.!.',!!L:.*
 eeeiti '-
nateilJunelo.lOOfi, *__* ���vno^'
Notice i�� herebv given thai ilxty ���������JJ.fth
dale i lutend toapply to tliotH rabh "_'.,,���
Com ml Honor of Landa nnd Worka fo P" ia     ,
 rehase the following deseribed   ";*       '   ,,
In   West   Kootenav dlslrl.-M  Ih-gmtn U  "   *J ,,
planted ai the n.'.rilnvc-i corn roi -��'; ;;,..,
Pug Cro"k, thci.ee louih to chain-,   a*
4m tdoilns more nr len, (hence n.o h I" '�� ((,
more or less. thonCC easl lo lake >!>"" I ,u
pb,ce,:f beginning,  the  Nilltic  I-  llllell<���
brawwhafla known Hi Hanion pn P"
Dated July 0,1000 ow  'JLBfc
Notice   Is   hereby given   tllftl *^.[\ ^S'
the date I intend lo apply totho ' I" '   ' . ,	
sioner ofl.a...l-,H,.l\^.rkHyie|or.a.i r ^ ,,
sion lo purebaae thu rollowlng ""r ' , ci"
iltuate In thodlitrltn til   Wial ^."8;,^
ol, Irohl nan fr.ek: Marlli.gal A p��l ' J",, j
John  While's   B,   W,   corner,    plantC"   *rtt
chains south of j. Malonp'i i /J,..|>Hln-.
riniiiiiie north .Hi ehains. thenco ��a- V ���. i���
thenee enuth BO obalm. thqtico wart *\fnJtti
point Of eoinineiiefiiictlt. J     ,,,���al
Juno II, 1000. j.Fbahbk, Agoni'
btaMHMsnm_N The Daily Canadian
I .  , ���
[Canada Drtig and
look Co'y> Limited
Editor the Dally Canadian: Regarding the threatened water famine in
this city, you nay in your issue of yesterday: "There are three ways In
which lhe drain upon the reservoir
may be lessened, either reduce the do*
Jmestic supply, cut off lhe water motors, or else diminish the amount, that
in used hy consumers In sprinkling
their lawiiB."
There Is still a fourth way expedient
and a very effective one. It is in
the Installation of a few water meters.
They would very appreciably diminish
the quantity of water used in certain
establishments In this city and by certain large users (hereof. Or, falling their
iiisiniliitiiHi, the same result would lie
obtained, measurably at least, if one
or mon* of the employer; ol the city
in the water department would frequently and at unexpected times visit
mmi eves io fu i
cor. Ward and Silica streets: Ninth
Sunday alter Trinity; holy communion,
8 a. m.; moriiiiitf prayer and litany,
11 a. m.| children's service, 2::t0 |>. m.;
ivtmsonR, 7:30 p. in. Rev. F. H. Graham, rector.
Roman Catholic���Church of Mary Immaculate, corner of Ward and Mill
streets: Low mass, 8 a. m.; hinh mans,
10:30 a. m.; evening service, 7:30 p. m.
Rev. Father Althorf, priest.
Presbyterian church���St. Paul's, corner of Victoria and Kootenay streetB:
Morning service, 11 a. m.: Sunday
school, 2:30 p. m ; evening service, 7:30
p. m.; Sunday school, 2:30 p. m. Rev.
J. T. Ferguson, minister.
Methodist cliurch���Corner Silica and
losephine streets: Morning service. 11
a. i,i.: evening Ferric. 7:30 p. m.: Sunday school, 2:30 p. m. Morning subject. "The Many Mansions"; evening,
"David as a Fugitive." Rev. R. N.
Powell, pastor.
Baptlsl church���Stanley street, near
Mill: Morning service, U a. m.; evening service, 7:30 p. m.: Sunday schoo1,
2:30 p. m. Rev. E. H. Shanks, pastor.
Salvation   Army���Barracks  on   Vlc-
Tlie kind tliat puzzle the average opli-
li.iti arc the very ones we are after,therein- demonstrating our superior ability and
skill. Comeandsee what onr eye specilist
Wecklenberg. M* A*
dsi for you.
satisfy v>u.
charge unless
Prices Rit
iperial Bank of Canada
\xisfaction Guaranteed
Canada Drug and
k Co'y, Limited
m. paid in
. WIXKIE, President
Head Office:  Toronto.
. ,$8,000,000 BEST 18,-00,000
HON  ROBERT .1 AKKRA V, Vice-President
Branches in B itish Columbia:
|l'-i- -,'!��� received and interest allow I al current rates, frssni
land credited half-yearly
i'l.HON  BRANCH ��l -    IV!.    LAY*
slate of opening ac-
fee Hall Mining and Smelting
Company, Limited.
urchases Lead, Copper and Dry Ores.
���oai Tar, Waterproof Paints
Pitch, Creosote, Oils for PreservinR Timber,
Roofing Pitch and Paints.
Boal Builders will lind ii to I lieu-advantage t,�� ate our Pltah.
jlson Coke at cl Gas Co., Ltd.
*. Burns & Co.
' li Ui
RomIiuhI,  Tinil, Ktlnoii, ffnBlo,
DoifVor ii in i olooiin City-
Rnndnn, Thrcn Forks, Now
Silver King Hotel
Beet Dollar n day house in tbe KtmteiKt.ru.
Booms are wt-U furnished.   Table n, goosl ssss hu;
tu Net'ots.     Bar ttupnlled ttllil good
Honor, ana elsars.
W. E. McCANDLISH. Proprietor.
Ttemont House
Kurospein and American Flan
Metln 25 ctl.   Koomi from 25 cU. to 11
Only White Help (Employed.
Baker Bt., Nel non Proprietori
Bartlett   House
<;ko. w. bakti.ett,
Best Dollar-a-Day House in Nelson.
The Bar !��� the Kltie-I.
White Help Only Kmployed.
Josephine St.
As hns been previously imuonh nl through different elmnm-ln, the
maQageinent nf local s A. off-tiro bus nrrnngtd to conduct em loecream
tuid cako social lu th��if hull on Vlcfe-rifl street. Besides the bill of fare
there will :tlst�� bo peverel seltetioiu rendered by tho newly organised string
luud oonfiistiuK of mandolin violin, Shabjoes, guitar, etc. Also a number of boIob dui'tt mad r.w-it itinu-j. i adiottttotifl nn* viiry promising for a
kfood time an-*! <\ fall h ��us>, ho nil whn wish a good seat will need to hu on
hand by r:-n. |��, in, m the 1 itwt Tbo doow will be open by 7 o'olook.
Meetings held every night for the public, except Tuesdays, also all day
Sundays from 7 a. m. to li :30 p, m The above is an excellent llkonesa of
tin* Uh*u1 officers.
The Big Schooner T)aa~ 1 (\r
Or "Half-nd-Halt"    DCCl    ��VV��
Tins itnly Glass of Gostd Beer in Nelson.
llolt-l tit-fssiiimssslatioiiss tsetssi-.il tss itoitt- tn Hpit-
Uh Columbia. Raw li-OU per day. Bpeclal ratal
in monthly boardon. Only home hotel In Neuon
Lake Vieto
We have Improved and Unimproved Ranches for
Sale on the Kooteuay aud Slocan Lakes, Slocan
Valley and Nelson District.
Before purchasing call
and examiue our list.
H. & M. BIRD
l-"ir��   ���tnU   Attlilcnt
Real Estate and Mining
Manager for the Kootenay Valleys Company, Ltd.
Oldest entnlslisslietl Renl Estnte
IJuKiness in Ktastenny.
Nelson, B. C.
Hall *nd Vercon Sts.
Two liI<K-kn from
RnW $1.00 per Day
nnd np.
p. O. Box Iii. zjpj <-(~if]    D   C
Teliiptione 118. C1��A^J\JVI,   D, O.
Grand Central Hotel
.1 a. erickson, Proprietor.
rents-ally Located. Ope. Day ami Night.
Ham pie antl it, I It ICsssisk Free.
Opposite Court House and Post Office.
Comer Ward and Vernon Streets.
I have for Sale the Choicest
Fruit Lands ii this district
MoKt of it situate on the Went Arm and Main Lake,
fore yon decide to locate.
See me be-
Choice Fruit
l Have 10,000 Acres
of the
Choicest Frait Lands in
British Columbia.
Can sell auy quantity from 5 acres to 2,000 in one block.
Buy now and get thi ground floor prices.
Nelson, B. C.
T*** Strathcona
Nelson, B.O.
B. Tomkins, Manager.
The Leading Hotel in the
. Kootenays.
Hie place, referred tn and see the condition nf the water tups therein, it
IhlR were dune the visitor would learn
n good deal ns lis the cause ol the water shortage. For it la notorious that,
many "f ihese tups are allowed to run
without cessation, either from carelessness In the use of the water or he-
eiuise n washer is needed u> prevent
tlie flow of ths- water therefrom. Let
ihis simple method be well tried in
the meantime, before any other remedy Ib resorted to; anil if done effectively it is the opinion of ciarty that
no ether remedy will he required in the
premises. A. B. C.
street,  west  of Josephine:
ices for tomorrow.
11 11.
holiness meeting.
11 a.
m.;  a
s meeting at :', p. m
;   salvation
at s p. 111.
Church  Services Tomorrow.
The following services are announced
for tomorrow In the churches of Nelson:
Cliurch    of England���St.    Saviour's,
_ P
OKA I Kiri'l.Nh-.I.S, i��firko(l "TeodOT (or Timber
O Limits, w.'.nll.riv Crook,*' will bo received
by Uu imaorilgno., up to noon ol (kiturday, tho
liiiitiav .��f uuiif, 1H06< from kuj P rionuMlr-
1111:1 m'iI.uiu upoorfiltlmbpt tloenrci to eul nnd
riuiv away lin.U-r fi..iii ilu* rollowlng doerrlbed
Nidi's, itiuftto on tu- Kortli Porl; "' wo dborty
Ureok, in tin* \ln worth Mining DlvlalonorWoxt
K onto auy n itrlit:
[.���it 1. -c niun" i-init hi 11 itako planted nu Hi.*
Kortli Pork ol Woodberry Ureok. about live
mills (miu KiHitena. t-aka; 'In u e nouth 80
rhalnaj tbetteeweil BOo'halOBi thenoo north 90
chalun the ��*i* bmi Wch*tnato the point olcoui
l, t 2. I'ommenctn* ala itako p antoo mi the
Norih Pork oi ���Aondberry (Vek oboui ilx milea
Irom Kootenay Uke: tnt-nco south w obatnai
thonoe wee\ to ehalni! lbence north w chalnn;
iliiiuf eaal HI batna to lho point oi uommeuee*
f Woo-lb...
ootenay  i ifce;  tnouoer iouio  ��"
halnil thenco weit (Wchaliwi thonce north 4u
liiiln-; thenco nut Bu ohalna   iu Uie pmni ol
iimmeticcmot i.
Nil  I     r.iiiiiiu-ui-iiiu -M a Btrtke pliililril nn llo*
rib Pork -if Woo i. rrv ��� reua( aboul >'lKbt
may Ukol ihonee iouUi 80
���al S0Hia,n��; ihein-c north ��'
ll  SO  rlinlns   lu Hit*  poini nl
You can always tell when a woman
is Jealous by the way she says sue
��� Ik IstTi'tiv whs-It UsHt tvillsill t\,s, montlll
first inililii-Hlliiii hereof IU Hits Itritish
Oood   Sample    Rooms,
Queen's Hotel
B.ktsr Btreot. Stslsson. B. O.
Lighted by Klw-.triolty and
Heated I.y Hot Air
and ComlorUblo Bfdronmi aud Flrat-
Hauiplo Rooma tor Commer-
clafio TnulUK Room.
"Ul Meu.
MRS. K. O. ll-AUKK.  I'mprU-treat,
[nmi   tin
t'olniniiiii tiasetle, I Intend to apply to tlu.	
Chlol Commlaaioner nf Landi and Wnrks (nr a
ipoelal Uoonie to o��i ��ud 'arry away tlmbc. I
'nu  the fnllnvl..>, i!"si-ribi-il laiul.\ sltliH'i-il in
*-/ost kootenay:  Commenolng at a post [.Uu.tot-1 ���,
on ilu* aouth ihoro oi Trout t*ke, about .ne*bali i
mite below tin- innnth *.: Hn Mile Greek, mark*
tui "Usui- uni aoutheaat corner"I thenee weat
100 cliaina, thence uorth ii chains, thence eaai
100 chains, thenee soutb to chains to the point ol
Tho well known
Our Beer Garden is
the Finest iu tbo
id Brd Auguat, 1906.
l.K-l.n:. IllI.I..
Nntiic I** hereby girjii that BJdaya alter date
vre Intend to aowy to tbo Honorable tbe chief
I'nmin'NKioi'iT nf Lands and Works rnraapeela)
���nn,. io i-ut nmi carry away timber frotn the
: deaorlbed lamia: ��ommi'iit-iiiK nt a
wi nitirki-tl C.F i'ilihvi-11 about two nml one
lit miles!, om the Pend d'Oreille river, on tlte
isl itden! Piftoon Mile Creek., thence SO chalna
ist, tlienco mi chains south, thenoe 80 ehalns
cat, thenco 80 chalna norlh to plaee of common*
Located the Ls| day of August. 1006,
('. P. I'Al.DWKI.I.,
Herman Reaper, Agent.
J, CROW,   -   -   Propriktor
Royal Hotel
St. Pan),
P.nt Arthur
Dnluth,    Si.rax City
Kansas Citv 168.86. St. Louis *C.0.00.
Chicago *04 iio.
On sale August 7-K-ll, Supteniber 8-10
i'inai limit Oitolx<rSlst.
Toronto j}7lUi."i.   Ou sale September s 9-10
Limit Novcuiher ilOth.
t.sst :t.   I'lsiitiss.iiss-tiisr t.i tt sitsits' pUntod ISIS tt|o
.      .rk  nt ��' Mi
ssslls's (iv
Ss.rlll   I-.
��� brnnoli will btvo
Hi   ISll,.|lll,,ll
Heid Office: Nelson, B. C.
I'lmHUI tl
-liiifii-; Hi
Tin- oersnn nffotlunlhohlghua
ho, ntllletl lospool 1 llimnt-ea v
itn- ri'innviibli' lor twenty cue ��u
Karli teuder musl ho in
He! rht'nilc, nmde piyatil
iio. undersigned, fm* Uio
���n*-li bonna win
Fi-riog tho Urn*
��� Bucrossl' <��� yours.
bnanled b)*Mcyrt��*
ur in vi.i.n    ���
Mil, fliW.iM,
1  ll.���
 if tin' hoiiuH ti'ioi-i'.'ii, mi' it1.-' a oertl*
lied nhoquefnr Wflild i'nr i..hi nl ftdyertUlUH "aiu
li nil t.i.
Uoputy rommlasbmpi of Utnda aud Work
Land* fttld Work.-. I'.'Uiirtnii-iil,
Wotorla,B.U,3uly nub, iimi,
K-dlee i* hereby gtvan thai 80 days alter date
l Intent to apply to lho Honorable the Obtel
Oommtsslun'r ol Lends and Works for a speolal
llccinto to put nnd -arry away limber from the
lollowlng described lands: Oommenelng si n
itnsi inarked I'red >ili��*. lr.. it bout mn* ami one*
half milea (rout month nl ivnO d'Oreille rlvor on
ii nl side ol Kifteen MUo Creek, UionctoHp
ohalna norih, thenee *w i-hHin.x w.-st, thenee w
ohalna south, thonce 80 chains cast to place ��(
l...i*iiii*il tho 27th dayol July, imni.
1'iiKn Aim:, Jr., Locator.
Nol oo ti hereby given tbat 60 ditya after date 1
intend toapply in the Ho��< rabla tin? Obtel Oom*
mlssloner of Un** *ud Work* (or a special li-
cenae in nn mnl .arry away timber from the following described laiidai CommeuctQggl n poal
marked Herman Keeper, about wo and niu'-half
milt*-i'i.nn V nd d'Oreille river, on we east sldo
of I'lfi.'i'ii Mil.* Creek, Lbence hi ohalni westi
thenco ��9 chalna south, lbence mi i-liii'in. east,
tlieuco8Q chains north to plneo of commencement.
l*oeated tin* 1st day ol August, l'.im.
UBBHAM ItK.u-liit, l.ncwtor.
t given Mm', tttinv days afu-r
apply io tin* !i..ii,.rui-i,��� ih,'
in  of Lamls nml Works (or n
ui ami carry awilj tlmlu-r [ruin
Ibed lands, situate on U-moii
i��t n( Wosl Kootenayi  Qoin-
-!   plan od   on   bmnnti   vre k,
mm Konti-miy Lake, ailjotnliix
���8, W's n. K, corner post";
theuoe eighty (81')
d.te, i
Chlel Ci
1  inu-ml  h
ipoittal Hi*'
in   following di
I   .-.k   in  Ilu-ill
in. iti-lm;  n    a
eleven ni)nlie
I.ol   Jil.'l, murk
thenoo duty (io:
s-nUh;   iii-iii-"' (orty (40) chains easti  theiu
i-itrbtv (H'1 'hiiinn noilh io p mn of I--iiifii-t'.v-
mutii, containing throo hundred aud lweuty(8��)
aeres more nr Iohh
luted the -JiHh day ol June, A. I).. 1106.
UattCI   WlMTK
Rates $1 nnd $1.50 a Dny.
Special Rntoa to Roirnlar Bcnrdora.
A. McDonald & Co,
Dealers in staple antl fancy Groceries.
Butter, Kpiis.
Cumii and Minen' Supplies.
West Transfer Co.
Gonen.1 Teamsters ami Dt-tilers in
Coal and Woo.'.   Express antl
���   PtiKiim''1 Trunstfcr
Office: Baker St.
Telephone 81
���   O. Hoi 11B
Conteiictor  and
Sole ngetlt lor the I'orlo Ith o Lniuber Oo��� Ltd.,
retail yards. Rough and dro<scd (timber, turned
Work mnl bntikets, CitaKt ath mnl >hiiu;h'>. -a.-h
nml door*-.    Ct'iui-ii|, Infek and lime for Kale.
Automatic nrindur.
Yard >nul factory : Vernon Ht.. etint of Hall,
NUI_,80IS,   U. C*
t*     . llox OSS, Telephone 17S.
Change of Time
Effective July 22nd
will leave Nelsou at H :S0 a. m.
will arrive nt Nelaon at V :Bf> p m.
will nrrive ot Nelson at 9:10 a. m.
City PanKenger Agent.
A. U. P. A., Buttle.
m km,' i_
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Thorpe's Lithia
Thorpe & Co'y,
The Latest Modern Appliances
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Baker Stree{.    -    NELSON.
Fur Everything Good
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Imported and Dome-tic Cigars, Tobaccos.
Do Yon Kcow Tbvrmi-'s .Special Wircrc?
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' b. The Daily Canadian
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J. J. WALKER, !!$.g$_
Repairing and Jobbing. S^u
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Have You Seen it)
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The Nelson Brewing Co'y, Li
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W. G. T'h-wnsoifl v .
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Don't Forget
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L H. Ashdown Hardware Co. Itl
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NELSON.    Ei,   C
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V "��� , '���      l_ ,
A.G. LAX 1 BERT <& CO.
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?WS0   _:.   _ .\.   1...
SU\ 12,50 _n_ S151
- -  FOR SALE.
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_.,.   tfr���   .. .-.__u_bw..sm��*-


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