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 �����ftje gfctilg OJanaMan
DLUMB I.     NO.   287.
sst Session Strengthens
Dservative Party at Ottawa More
i United aod Harmonious Than
Ever Since 1896.
va, May 11.���The cloae of the
|t<l Besfllon of iiurliameiit Unda the
lervatlve opposition united, Btrong
|Mn!" ill*' government has grown
,1- tlx; result of thin Busgiuu thu
ogltlon has giilued In power, In con-
mi-, in iiBgri'Hsivent'BB, and cohe-
i Mr. Horden Iiub made no iu1b<
is find Iiik party ha�� loyally and vlg-
|uhI> supported him. He haB heen
illy (rank with his supporterB In
I House, tukiUK thum fully into hlb
mv and receiving like contldence
Ui'iii. It Is not to he expected
v members of any party would
.. ail (iih'UtlouB that arise, and
trden has not undertaken lo inter
li viitl! individual freedom of action
Itubjucta ouUlde the range of party
Nor for that matter baa he
\sii required to exercise authority
iin party lines.
n ev. :> motion on which .Mr. Borden
divided Hit' Houm!, he ban had the
Ild Buppori uf his party, given freely
I heartily,
��� part)  In opposition lu the history
iDuniinlon politics, or In tbe record uf
pvinclal legislatures baa given a bet-
example of loyal support to  party
ici| i *, to the parly leader or by the
::v." i   lo .ach other than the federal
IlwBltiun   in   the   Hession   that   baa
iiriiss: Miss nei :,isni tbc opposition lias
usl oul Blrongly  for  publicity lu all
Iblir matters.   So tar as wus possible
hns. Investigated Iho public expendl-
li tins moved for iiuisiiry Inlo dls-
questlons of iwllcy respecting lair troubles,  railway   passenger   fares
Id freight rates and cumblnallons lu
ptralm  *( trade,   lt bas demanded in-
tatlun  Into  matters  affecting  tbo
r s.s member* of parliament on both
uf ihe huuso.    It has divided the
I In [irotoHt against the refusal of
IMic officers   to oxplaln   government
kuuctliins.    It has made public pro-
pi against election frauds and corrop-
demanded legislation against thorn
N   ili>-   euforcomenl of the criminal
against election conspirators bribers,
���Hot B��itchera and other criminals of
a si.    ll has divided tbe house
l.i.:. ���  Diss _cu|8 u-n_  meals of public
lulls' in U.e West, and ngnlnsl deals and
fkcitls ii, the purchase of lands by
government  ln   the East.    It has
tested in the same way against the
^gradation    of    the    public    service,
lalnst     condoning     and     rewarding
Bbezziementa   and   fraud   by   agenta
P'l officers of the government.    It has
i|i for righteousness and honor
lisl deconcy In public life.
| During the sesBlon the Conservative
lins swept tho provinces of Brlt-
Ih Columbia and Manitoba In provln-
lal elections.   It has shown ln Ontario
Iiiai nn honorable and capable admlnis-
atlon   by   its   party   can accomplish
"nt rust to a preceding so-called Lib-
|r;'l administration,   lt has carried on
aggressive  provincial campaign ln
Eastern provinces, hns made some
|iivniis-.. in Quebec in by-clectlons, and
along tbe line has prepared the way
|ir luri;i>r conquests.
bringing about closer rotations between
them und the United States. The visit
has begun to bear fruit In the genuine
friendship established, In a belter
understanding and In the frank relatione existing between Argentina ond
Iho United Slates and the linn desire of
bolli republics to promote their mutual
The president also referred to The
Hague peace conference saying tliat
even though no questions directly afflicting tho national interests of Argentina were to be discussed the republic was proud of being nlile to Justify
the privilege accorded her of taking
pari in Uie discission of the world'K
a (fairs.
Premier of Denmark Gives Official Denial to Rumor.
Copenhagen, May 11.���In consequence
of the relterutlon by Influential public
men that a secret treaty exists or Is
about to be concluded between Denmark and Oermany concerning the disposition of the Danish army and navy
in case of war. Premier ChriHteusen has
issued an emphatic denial.
He adds that Denmark's pulley Is
neutrality, and she will make no alliances.
Jusident's Address to Cortes Telle of
Peace and Progress.
Hiienos Ayres, May 11 .���President Al-
��rta In opening congress today In permi delivered a lengthy nddrcss setting
���"Hi the position of tho republic.   He
laid It so demount rates progressive ex-
JniiMnn and economic and Industrial ad-
ances and vitality  as to justify  the
Inosi optomlstio anticipations especial-
i there was a corresponding moral
"id material development of the country which waB equally satisfactory. Con-
Uniting tho president remarked:
"The nioBt notable diplomatic ovent
���" tie mist year was the visit of Mr.
|��'i to  his nnil othor Latin republics,
,.',.   ""Silent statesman  brought  mos-
*m*�� of cordiality and friendship from
��n������,s        l'"" people and mado stale-
���** ���  i" "", " .'"'y PO"lMe occasion which
T ��'ti  .snly hnve Ihe effect of assisting
w���   tne   progress of the republics and
Prices of Metali.
New York,   May  11.���Silver,  65%c.;
copper. 24c: lead, $l>.
London, May 11.���Silver. 30'^d.
Hampered by  Coal  Shortage  and  Bad
Weather���Quotations on Stock
The week In mining hai been feature-
loss and rather confused. The restoration of peace in tho coal fields and the
prospect of a continuous supply ssf cu_l
have removed one threatening difficulty,
but labor troubles ln the Houndary have
more than offset the gain so far as that
district is concerned.
Negotiations for Sheep Creek and Lardeau properties have been in progress
for some tlmo but none are yet completed.
The stock market for lhe paat week
though showing no great advances or
declines was very steady and active.
The settlement of Uie labor trouble
caused the llrltlsh Columbia and Alberta securities listed on the Spokane
exchange to be In great demand with
Blight advances lu nearly every stock.
With the waning of tho Cobalt boom.
Western stocks are again becoming favorites on Eastern exchanges.
Of the coal stocks Alberta and llreck-
enrldge & Lund, while showing no greal
advance, were firmer and ln more demand. International on the other hand
gained 3 to 4 cents with every probability of a greater advance next week.
Western Oil Con. again became a favor
Ite, being in demand at from 15 to 20
cents advance over last week's prices,
and with every Indication of a greater
advance In the near future.
Dominion Copper was steady throughout and gained about $1 per share at
the cloBe. n. C. Copper was erratic, advancing one day and dropping tbe next,
and during the week changing but
Cariboo McKinney reacted with but
little demand. Consolidated Smelters
were offered freely at low and attrac-
llce prices. Rambler Cariboo and Sullivan remained quite unchanged.
Following are the approximate quotations for the week ending today:
Bid.       Asked.
American Roy  t     ���������   t    -t>t%
Alberta Coal 29tf       .32%
llreck & Lund 60
D. C. Copper         7.76        8.12%
Con.  Smelters     110.00     125.00
California    06
Cariboo McKinney   ..       .03 .04%
Can. Gold Fields 05%
Diamond Vale Coal ..       .24 .26%
Dora. Copper         7.37%     7.62%
Denora  Mines 07%
Furnace Creek       1.12%     UB..
Oranby  "o.oo    145.00
Olant  "2 _l
International Coal ...       04 .06
La Plata Mines �����
Nicola Coal Mines  ..       .05 .05%
Rambjer Cariboo 32%       34%
Sullivan    nR __*,.
Stewart ��\t*       "'n
Telkwa Mines ���">
���Western Oil Con.  ...     1.78
White Bear 	
���flfale* Kootenay Ice .
08 -08-V4
Germany Wili Not Discuss Disarmament
Hostility to Britain Likely to Destroy
Possible Usefulness of Hague
London, May 11.���Germany's flat refusal to discuss any proposal for the
limitation uf armaments hue deprived
The Hague conference of Its chief Im-
poriaiicsi. lt will now, of course, be Impossible to accomplish auy practical result In this direction, and it Is doubted
in diplomatic circles if the subject will
even be raised for academic discussion.
The German authorities bave faced
squarely ihe reproach that their atUlude
will earn llie,11 the reputation for disturbing tbe noble word peace from
sheer love of war or from military ambition or other self-seeking motives.
Chancellor von Luclow says ln lhe
clearest language: "There are in England, France, Italy and American plenty
ot friends ot peace and civilization wbo
believe they will best promote peace lf
tbey allow no illusions to arise, and if,
while pursuring ideal alms, they do not
lose sight of realities. I lately had tbe
satisfaction ot finding an utterance in
this sense even ln a Social Democratic
Journal, lienor lute Ihan never. It is
impossible to subject Germany lo pressure .even to moral pressure."
lt was a maladroit move on the part
of the premier, Sir Henry Campbell-
llaiiiieiiiinii, to announce the Hritish
views on this subject in a partisan publication a month ago Instead of submitting tbem to tbe conference itself.
He accomplished nothing, except to
arouse German suspicion and give
Prince von Huelow an opportunity to
velo In advance a proposal which would
have carried a far greater weight lf only
submitted by a majority of the powers.
Moreover, he succeeded in focusing
upon Great Hritain ail tbe German
anger and resentment, with the result
that Anglophobia has been fanned to a
whiter beat in the Kaiser's dominions
than ever before. Even Herr RasBer-
iuan, the leader of the German Liberals,
has declared thut Germany would accept no dictation In regard to armaments, and be advised England to make
a note of it. Herr Wiener, the leading
Radical In the Reichstag, described the
proposal to limit armaments as a diplomatic means of weakening the position
of Germany.
An Act of Benevolence.
E. F. Gigot has received from the
manager of the Hudson's Bay stores at
Victoria a donation of $25 for the woman ln Nelson who has been left ln Indigent circumstances. The name of tbe
"donor ls not given. Tbe letter accompanying the donation simply states that
thc money was handed to the Victoria
manager by some one who had read of
tbe woman's unfortunate condition.
Rome Congratulates.
Rome, May ll.-The   pope  and  his
papal secretary of state, Merry Del Val
both    expressed   themselves   as    very
pleased  that  the lata* ttomte  ft.
Sratip K^-3-- *
King Alfonso nnd hlB win-
Swindler'e Career Ended.
"Now York, May ll.-A despatch from
Ashov.lki, N. C says: Sidney Lnsce les,
comment.vat* who OP   Mtdjm *��. _
name of Loid ��i�� .
doxen other alleles, Is dean.
Lacrotae Match.
The lacrosse match here next Tuesday between Nelson and Grand Forks
should attract a large crowd. The
Grand Forks team has beeu practising
for some time and will put a strong aggregation ln the Held on this occasion.
Nelson will also have a good team. Scot-
ty Williams and Harry Jamieson will be
seen tn the line-up, which Ib a guarantee that the match will be a good one.
Shortage of Coal.
The railroads aud smelters still complain of a shortage ot coal. While the
strike has been settled, the output Ib
not as great as it was before the strike.
This Is caused by a Bborlage of miners,
many of whom left as soon as the strike
was declared, and It has been found
Impossible to All their places.
Slocan Mining Notes,
About 60 men will bo put to work
on the Reco In another month.
Placer mining on the rich gold Bur-
face showings around Poplar will shortly commence.
It Is rumored that the French company owning the Cork will shortly com-
inonco developing the Florida, a promising property adjoining the Jackson.
The ore shipments billed through
Kaslo for lhe month of April were:
Lnst Chance, 62 tons; Slocan Sovereign,
22 Ions; Whitewater. 18 tons; Whitewater Deep, 19 tons; Sunset, 20 tons;
American Hoy, 20 tons.   Total 163 tons.
Reports from the Blkhorn are to the
effect that the lucky owners are working on an �� foot body of galena ore.
This is a new shipping property located
near Sandon, which ie looked upon aa
a big mine of the future.���Kaalo Kootenaian.
Praise   British. Diplomacy���But   Fear
German Resentment.
Paris, May 11.���The French press received with general satisfaction the announcement lhat negotiations are in
progress between .France and Japan,
looking to an undei standing guaranteeing the political and commercial interests of the two powers In the Far Eaet,
aa relieving Fran;* of the danger of
the loss of Indo China and as serving
all the nations with Interests In the Far
East. Tbe papers also recognize in the
approaching understanding a triumph
for British diplomacy. Tbe Petit Pari-
sien says it considers tbat the entente
involves "Japan's renunciation of the
new Munroe doctrine of Asia for the
Asiatics," and tbe Gil Blaa, while maintaining that the agreement Is not directed against any particular country,
contends that It constitutes "a warning
for the power wbleh Is excluded."
The Gaulola ia exercised lest the entente "create Inquietude fn America and
facilitate an American-German rapprochement," while tbe Eclaire says It
fears that "the new combination against
Germany will not serve the cause of
To Join  In  Hungarian Celebration of
Francis Joseph's Coronation.
Berlin, May IL���It la understood that
It ls the intention of the Hungarian government to Invite a species of world'!
parliament of Journalists from Great
Britain, the United States and tbe Continent to take part in the festivities at
Budapest ln September ln celebration of
the 40th anniversary of the coronation
of Francis Joseph as King of Hungary
The festivities will consist not only of
banquet.*!, but of historical and ethnological processions In ihe various towns,
showing the social, military and eco
nomlc development of the people.
Volcanoe and Earthquake.
Messina, Sicily, May 11.���Mount Vesuvius and the Stromboll volcano both
continued In active eruption yesterday.
The situation is rendered more alarming by frequent earthquakes.
Still Interested.
Havana, May 11.���The birth of a son
to the King and Queen of  Spain has
been    the    occasion of great rejoicing
among the Spanish residents ot Cuba.
New London County Council Tackling
Problems of Financial Reform
���Heavy Burdena.
London, May 11.���Reform of the local
government of London is already bearing fruit. Tbe new county council has
already affected such economies that a
reduction in the rate ot taxation is announced. One of the chief scandals of
the municipal ownership administration
waB in connection with the worka department, which was wasteful beyond
words. The new council has decided to
obtain private estimates on all important works, and if their own engineers
figured a higher cost, then to award the
Job to the private contractor. This action was taken in regard to a sewer,
which Is to cost $1,600,000.
The reform members of the new council met yesterday to decide what to do
about the great electric scheme, Involving an expenditure of ��26,000,000,
which was adopted by the old council.
This contemplated a municipal monoply
ot all electric supplies under municipal
management. It was decided to promote a scheme for the consolidation of
all London electric enterprises, Including the erection of four great generating stations. Tbe council is to have
power to lease the undertaking to tbe
Consolidated companies, under proper
safeguards. Including a limit of cost of
two cents per unit of power. It was
agreed that under no circumstances
would the council consent to operate
the undertaking.
Roome Scarce.
The scarcity of dwelling accommodation has become so great that the
parlor of the old Wavorly hotel, which
has been used by the Unlversly Club for
Its monthly meetings, has been rented.
As announced elsewhere, tonight's
meeting will be held ln the hall ot St.
Paul's church.
Methodlet Church.
Tomorrow will be children's day at
the Methodist church, tn the morning
there will be a "chalk talk" on "Bricks:
How Made and Bought." In the evening
there will be a sermon to young men
on "A Committee of Investigation."
Roosevelt Says
Decision Fioal
Testimonials of National Esteem Hay
Help to Secure Continuation of His Policy.
Washington, May 11. ��� President
Roosevelt cisuractertzes as "absolute
nonsence ie talk of nominating and
electing blm for a third term.
Mr. Ro aevelt has talked freely with
several oi the callers at the While
House on this subject. He made lt
plain, however, that he will not come
out In any formal statement on the
subject of a third term. He considers
that what be said immediately following tbe election In lbu-i, and wb-.i be
said subsequently, should suffice. He
thinks he should be taken at hla word
and let lt go at that.
In any way, the agitation for a third
term Ib of considerable advantage to
him at the present time as a political
asset and will aid him in keeping control of his campaign to force the adoption of hla policies sat the next con-
tion. It will also continue to keep blm
as the dominating influence ln tbe Republican party and give blm a strong
leverage in naming his successor and
dictating the next party platform.
Those who were present yesterday
when be talked about the "third term"
sentiment and stated that from his
standpoint It would be "absolute nonsense" for him to give lt any encouragement, were convinced tbat be meant
every word he eald, and that he would
refuse the nomination if it were tendered him by the national convention.
The president practically concedes
that be Ib playing a big game to force
the adoption of his policies by tbe next
Republican national convention. To
bring this about, the third term furore
is not proving a hindrance. Wltb a
widespread demand for his re-nomtna-
tion, he will be in an excellent position
10 reject the office, but insist tbat a man
be named wbom he considers will carry
out the ideas be stands for. For this
reason he will not object to being kept
in the forefront as the favorite of the
United Statea for a time as a means of
blocking the plans of other candidates
In whom he ls not interested.
The president regards most ot these
candidates aa having been put forward
to assure the selection of delegations
from the states that will not Insist on
waiting for the next national convention.
The third term boom he believes Is
also of Inestimable value as a rallying
cry for all his supporters or the supporters of his policies and so he ls
willing to let lt go ahead without any
further formal Btatement or denial on
his part.
As a matter of tact the president ls
laughing quietly tn hla sleeve at the
assurances he is constantly receiving
from senators and members of tbe
house that they want him for the next
Republican candidate. He does not go
so far as to impeach the sincerity of
their motives ln telling him that their
states and districts want him to run
again, but he generally knows how near
the senator ln question is up for reelection, and with the members of the
house, they have to face their constituents every two years, and he thinks
that explains a lot of telegrams.
When the president makes bis speech
at Indianapolis on Decoration Day he
will take occasion to outline his policies
all over again. It ls understood tbat Income and Inheritance taxes and the federal regulation of corporations, to prevent over-capltallaatlon, will be a leading feature.
* New Machinery.
The Kootenay Marble Works has
added a new planer to thetr plant on
Front street. This piece of machinery
will save a great deal of labor and will
turn out better work than was done by
the old method. It ls now being placed
ln position and will be In operation
within a few days.
American  Naval   Manoeuvres  Showing
Valuable Results.
Newport, R. I.. May 11.���All American records for quick diving were
broken yesterday when the submarine
Octopus went through a series of extraordinary testa In the Covington Cove
ln a nasty ses with a thick fog and a
wind that blew at a rate of 40 miles an
hour. The principal thing was to determine whether the Octopus would be
able to be submerged quickly should an
enemy be sighted running at tull speed
on the surface propelled by gasoline engines. The Octopus received the signal,
Immediately the engines were stopped
and power waa furnished by storage
batteries. The submarine sank to a
depth of 20 feet so that the deck was
at a depth of 16 feet. All thle was accomplished In four and a half Inmutes.
A Becond test reduced the time to four
Sir WliTiam Ramsay's Chemical Work
Scientifically Interesting.
London, Hay 11���Sir William Ramsay, of Cambridge university, wbo ls reported to have succeeded In accomplishing what no other chemist has been
able to do, the production of copper by
the synthetic, or combination process,
from the elements sodium, lltlum and
potassium, was questioned yesterday,
but he declined to either affirm or deny
the report.
From another source lt was learned
that Sir William, who has been carrying on experiments for months past, has
produced interesting and valuable scientific results by treating copper with the
emanations of radium. It Is declared,
however, that these discoveries have no
commercial :alue.
Only Waiting fer Coke Supply���Labor
Troubles Not Serious���Other
Boundary Newa.
Grand Forks, May 10.���It ls unofficially stated today that, the Granby smelter
will resume operations again and be
running in full blast before the end of
the present month. The plant will, It
is understood, not start up again until
a sufficient supply of coke has been secured to warrant a steady run of the
eight furnaces. No serious difficulties
are anticipated from any existing differences regarding wages between the
company and ita employees aa lt ls
understood that things will be settled
satisfactorily all round. A mining
man arriving here from Greenwood today is authority for the statement that
nearly all the high-grade properties In
that camp are- being forced to greatly
reduce their force until the present labor difficulties are ended; he also states
that a systematic form of prospecting
the Strathmore property would now be
carried on by means of diamond drills,
It being proposed to bore a -series of
holes 1,500 feet deep at various places
on the property. In spite of the fact
that the price of lumber has advanced
aa well as the workmen's wuges, a great
deal of building will be carried on here
this summer, already several doxen
handsome buildings have been contracted for and It is fully expected that several business blocks will be erected during the next tew months.
Both forks ot the Kettle, river are now
booming and trom the preeent indications the high water this year will fully
equal that ot 1898. All the low lands in
the valley are being flooded and there
ls considerable hustling among the residents ot these sections to move their
families to places of safety. Great volumes of water���are coming over the
smelter dam and both rivera are tull of
floating driftwood.
New Match for Burns.
New York, May 11.���A despatch from
Los Angeles says Bill Squires, of Australia, and Tommy Burns were matched
there yesterday to box at Colma for the
world's championship on May 30th.
James W. Coffroth, the San Francisco
promoter, arranged the event at a conference with the parties interested at a
local sporting resort. Squires' end was
looked after by hla manager, Barney
Reynolds. The bout Is expected to go
45 rounds.
Anarchist Arrested.
Bucharest, May 11.���An anarchist
named Galdoff, charged with complicity
in a plot against the life ot King
Charles, was arrested here yesterday.
He refused absolutely to reveal the real
names of his associates or impart details of tbe conspiracy.
Floor Collapsed.
Chicago, May l'l.���One man .was
killed, and a dosen other persons injured last night by the collapse of part
ot tbe fourth floor of the McCormlck
branch of the International Harvester
company's worka. The machinery
crashed through the four floor and
wrecked that part of the building.
Little Hope.
New York, May 11.���Arbitration la being broached In the longshoremen's
strike but there Is little hope as yet of
any negotiations being entered upon by
the parties to the controversy.
Mexico is Patient Wltb
Minister of Foreign Relations Talks
of Situation aad Hopes
lor Settlem-pit.
Mexico City, May 11.���Mexico will not
go to war with Guatemala over the
question of the extradition of General
Jose Maria Lima, charged with complicity ln tbe assassination of General
Manuel Lasandrio Barillas, formerly
president of Guatemala, who was killed
ln the City of Mexico. This tact waa
today officially communicated to the Associated Press by Minister of Foreign
Relations Marlscala. This decision of the
government is Irrevocable. Minister
Marlscala modified his statement to say
that any overt act or direct Insult by
the Cabrera government would completely change the attitude of the Mexican government. He added that no such
contingency was expected to arise.
For the third time Mexico has addressed Guatemala In regard to the affair* In the latest note the government
pointed out the extreme patience wltb
which lt had acted and wanted President Cabrera of the light in which he
would be placed before the world In
case of his refusal to acquiesce ln Mexico's request. Until a reply ot this ls
received no cabinet m-aetings will be
held. What will happen ln the event
tbat the reply to this latest and most
urgent note. If unfavorable to the government, la a matter which the state
department refuses to discuss la detail.
Minister Marlscala stated that relations
between the two countries might be
broken off, but even this, he satd, would
not be construed as a proposal for war.
This was as tar as Minister Marlscala
cared to be quoted, but trom an official
source aa high as thst of the head of
the state department It was learned that
tbe decision of the Mexican government
unravelled one thread ot the tangle In
which the Guatemalan affair ls bound.
President Estrada Cabrada of Guatemala played his last card when he sent
a note to the Mexican government demanding the extradition of Dr. Emlle
Leon, Colonel Francisco Orla. snd Dr.
Louis Felipe O'Brien. It was charged
that he had positive proof, in the communication, that those three men were
Implicated ln the recent attempts to assassinate him.
Mexico regards this movement of
Cabrera as an undignified political trick..
Deputstlon Protest* Against Changs In
Postal Ratea.
Ottawa, May 11.���A delegation from
the Canadian Press Association is here
today and will meet Postmaster Gen.
Lemieux to present this afternoon resolutions passed at a meeting of the executive of the association at Toronto, In reference to the new postal convention between Canada and the United States,
which went into operation today. The
resolutions asked for delay in putting
the -convention into effect. This, however, cannot be granted as the United
States would not consent to any delay,
the resolution also asked that the department give publishers stamped wrappers for single newspapers by paying
for the cost of the stamp and also for
certain reductions In domestic rates on
newspapers. The delegation comprises
J. T. Clarke of Saturday Night, J. F.
Mackay ot the Toronto Qlobe, H. B.
Donley of the Slmcoe Reformer and C.
W. Young of the Cornwall Freeholder.
It is understood that Mr. Lemieux ls
willing to do whatever he possible can
to meet the views of the delegates In
regard to local matters, but the convention cannot be Interfered with.
Botha Still Popular.
London, May 11.���General Botha, premier of the Transvaal, who has been the
lion of the colonial premiers, left Southampton for South Africa today. Enormous crowds of people bade him farewell at the railroad station here.
Not Encouraging.
New York, May 11.���A resolution endorsing Govei-nc* Husieg for the Republican nomination for president,
which was offered by former Governor
O'Dell at today's session of the Republican state committee, was laid on the
table by a vote of 32 to 4. .-Kill
J1*; *
i tn .
The Daily Canadian
- STORES ���     "   -
Miners*' and All
Campers Supplies
TENTS In all slzeB and weights
UNDERWEAR at all priceB
From 8 to 12 Pounds.
SOX, MITTS,  etc.,  etc.
Iu all these liues we offer  excellent quality at very
reasonable prices.
Imperial Bank of Canada
Head Office:   Toronto.
CAPITAL PAID UP... .$4,700,000 REST |4,78O,00O.
D. R. WILKIE, President. HON. ROBERT JAFFRAY, Vice-President
Branches in British Columbia:
Deposits received and interest allowed fit highest   current rate from date of
opening of *o count, aud compounded quarterly
NBLSON  BRANCH J*    ML    LAY,   Alonttjftr.
The Royal Bank of Canada
Paid up Capital $3,900,000    Reserve Fund	
15 Branches in British Columbia.
A General Banking Business Transacted.
Deposits of |1.00 nnd upwards received. Interest allowed thereon at highest current rate, and credited quarterly. Depositors are subject to no delay
whatever in the withdrawal of the whole or any part of their dopoaits.
Nelson Branch, G. A. SPINK, Manager.
Published ilx days- a week by the
Baker St., Nelson, B. 0,
���uoicrlptlon rated, 5U s s*ns- a stimuli delivered
la tha city, or fd.uo a year 11 Bent by mall, -when
Mill to advance.
Advertising rales ou application.
All monies palsl ln settlement ol Tlie Ually
Caassllass accounts, either Issr ssubsssriptiolls or
advertising, must be recelpUsl [ssr ssn Use prliltsd
torns ol the (.'ompuny. Uther receipts are uol
MAV II. I��H>7.
pne   -week   from   next   Monday   tlie
biierty owners nf Nelson will volo on
a bylaw authorizing tbe issuo of city
debentures to the extent of ���$110,0011 to
provide Hciiool uccoltiniuduUou.
There Is little argument about the
matter. Those who believe in public education, und ulsu believe In Neluon, take
for grant-ad that nil others have the
same faith, nnd ciiiiiiofctniceive of on-
position. Those who de.s|iino popular
education or doubt of the future of Nelsou, naturally refrain from expressing
opinions tliey know would be unpopular.
The advocates of the school cannot nf
ford to lake things for granted. They
huve two -enemies to contend with. They
have ihe resolute, though comparatively
silent, opposition of a few who have no
sympathy with free education, eienien
tary. BOCOndary or university, and con
sider money spent for il us wasted; anil
they have the indifference of a class
probably larger, who have no children
of school age, who believe in education
in a general wa,-, but lake little Interest in lt, and who in the present circumstances think chiefly of Increased
It should be unnecessary tu remind
all qualified voters that it requires
three-fifths of the vote polled to curry
a money bylaw. If the vote is very
light, a small number of opponents may
defeat the bylaw and do irreparable
damage to Nelson.
It iB to the credit of the citizens that
they are ashamed of the public school
buildings. They are not shown to
strangers and no views of them are Included in advertiBlns matter. Descriptions of them avoid mention ot the
buildings and praise the staff.
No one will seriously deny that such
��� state of affair* is damaging as well
as discreditable to the city. Every effort is being made by local organizations to promote the progress of Nelson by Improving the city uud by attracting settlers. Nelson hus long been
the most attractive residential city in
the interior of Hritish Columbia. Surely it is the desire of all that that position should be maintained. The residents wanted for Nelson are families of
a good cIusb. To the heads of all such
families the first consideration invariably, in muking choice of location, is
the facilities for the educutiou of their
Nelson cannot afford to offer facilities Inferior to those of every other
city in the province and that is her present  position.
Pretences of dispute as to whether
the city should vote $50,000 or $110,000
may be ignored. Nine out of twelve-
men elected by the city believe that
the larger sum is required. The choke
is not between $50,00(1 and $60,000. It
is between $00,000 aud nothing.
We are confident thut lf the vote on
the bylaw is anywhere nearly representative, the bylaw will he carried by o
decisive majority.
The Dally Canadian bus frequently
been tuken to task liy Liberal or nondescript papers for failure to duly admire the grcutness of Sir Wilfrid Laurier and J. A, Macdonald,
For the sake of argument we have
conceded thnt Sir Wilfrid is a graceful
and charming speaker nnd as an ornamental     representative     without    a
We would glady have continued to
believe so, but some, two especially, of
Sir Wilfrid's latest speeches have been
rather a shock. Probably it ls impossible for thc style not to Buffer from the
poverty of the matter.
At the -Guildhall, on April 16th, when
the colonial premiers were given the
freedom of the city of London, thore
was an opportunity for comparison. Sir
Wilfrid wns thc only speaker of the
day who even ln his own country had
lieen acclaimed as an orator. His speech
on that occasion was below the level of
all the others. It was full of absolutely
meaningless repetition and unsuccessful
straining after rhetorical effect.
His latest speech at the luncheon In
Westminister Hall, which our contemporary quotes ln full, is even worse.
The first two sentences begin "In these
modern days." ln his reference to the
scene he say: "this hull ,thls old historic building." That Is not happy, It is
not particularly euphonious, and it is
commonplace. Lord Maoaulay exhausted the rhetorical possibilities of Westminister Hull In his introduction lo the
trial of Hastings. "Masters of craft
und eloquence" in not a very happy epithet for the great statesmen or Britain.
The only thing iu the speech thul conveys any meaning, thai Is nol Utterly
commonplace is the closing phrase "Imperial amity bused upon local
Observe "amity"; Sir Wilfrid won't
even say "unity." The "cheers," "loud
aud prolonged cheers," bear eloquent
testimony to the generosity uud polite-
ness of Uritish members of parliament
The birth of an heir to the Spanish
throne is rightly u mutter for rejoicing
not only to Spain bul to all friends of
the peace of Europe and the world. The
monarchy is more popular In Spain now
thun for many decades before, and
Spuin's relations with all her neighbors
are excellent. The popularity of Queen
Victoria will cement the traditional
friendship "f Spain and Hritain born of
Spanish gratitude for Urltisb aid against
.Napoleon, lt may also be hoped thai
the British Influence of a half-English
ruler some day will lead Spain a little
faster aloug tlie path of industrial
Like the case of Harry Thaw, the
trial of the Western Federation of Miners officials Is evidently to be the occasion for a vast auiouut of Irrelevant
gossip. Stories aboul prisoners, witnesses and counsel, rumors of ohanges
of jiliin and the like. The Daily Canadian will as far as possible eliminate
such stuff from its reports. As the
case now stunds the tedious tusk of selecting the jury will probably not be
completed till near the end of next
week, and not till then can any evidence
be offered.
Ex-President Koosevelt .the title he is
determined to enjoy soon, will be a remarkable figure. His influence is personal und almost independent of his
office. It seems a defect in the American constitution that the services of u
man ln the prime of life, in whose ability and integrity the whole nation believes, should be available only a limited
time. Britain and her colonies enjoy
the life service of their greatest.
Wbat Is the appropriate term for the
local anti-C. P. R. ebullitions���dementia
juurnallsticana, or common hysteria?
Boxers' Fiery Cross.
London, May 10���The Tien-Tsin correspondent of the Standard sayB that
the doors of houses in the native quarter have been smeared with blood, afs
was done on the eve of the last Boxer
The jieople are greatly alarmed. The
native newspapers warn the authorities
that there Is great danger of a revival
of Boxerism if the smearing is allowed
to continue.
B. C.
Brand New Art Bell Piano
John T. Pierre, Baker St.
Blxty dayi altar data 1 purpose miking appliM;
iimi its ihs- Chief CommlMloner ssi Landiand
Wssrk- mt permlnion i" purchaie iiis- r..ii.-v* tutt
denrlbed land:  Comm Ins al a poal places!
at tin- lissrlhwisl I'ssrnssr ssl IssUSHun sslisl inaik-
ad"P McC'aSB sssirmr ississt." running thenoe
sos-isssius, iicrtls ihenee80ohalni west, thenceSO
���iiisitsiiaouth,Uu ����� mit-iiHiiiH eaal, in isssiisissi
(sussiissii'-s-iiis'ist, containing M0 aorei, more ssr
Sated llll- I'stli ilny I'l ����)*. UO".    ,
(.Slgnesl) I'KIKH Msri'l.I.Ossll.
per 11. -V. Mil."i'l.Lsssll. Agent.
Latimer, near Stanley $ 325
Cedar, near Baker  300
Carbonate, near Park,  175
Park, near Vernon,(2 lots)  525
Vancouver and Slocan, 16 lots for 450
Victoria, near Kootenay,  2,250
Cedar, near Victoria  3,000
Silica,  near Park  2,500
Mill $1,600 and 2,000
King Road, $500 cash and balance easy
terms wilt purchase plot about aeven
acres, part cultivated.
Near King Road, 50 aores. part cultivated.   Inspection Invited.
Kootenay River, 100 acres, $16 per acre.
Also   land  on   Kootenay   lake,   near
Creston, Plre Valley and Burton City.
sixty dayi after date l purpoM making appli-
cation tn tlm Hon. Chief ('i��iuini**Miu��'r ut bandi
aod Wotka, for permlMlon to purehaaa tbfl following ti''i-n*nbu'i land: Commencing atapoit
pUeedonthe wait ihora ��( Lowei Winiiaiitin
lake, about a-W mile from thfl outlet ot aautc,
Kiid marked "a. Wi. n.k. oornei post,'* niu-
ntni tlience Hn chaini went, thenoe hu ciminh
���outiii tbenoe 80 i-imfim eait, tbenoa 80 cimtus
nuriii tu ii >int of oommonoementi containing
inn torein mora or \tM.
Dated tbe 2nd dayof Way. Wfl
feigned] n. Wtaaw,
p-tr _. 0. Faiwikk. A-gBiit.
Sixty dayi aftei date I mirpou making application to tbo if rin. tbe Chlof CommlMloner ol
Lnnds mui Worki iur pennluton o> pu��ha�� thfl
following denrlbed land: Commencing ata
mmi plaoed at tho northeaal oorner nt a <-'���
winner*! applfeatioD to purohau marked
"H 8's. N. w. oorner poit" tbence following the
uasuni boundary of iald application 60ohaini
���small, thenee running80 chaiui eaat, tbenoe80
chaloi north to the iou thorn boundary i>i a. tt.
Bannlngton'i application to purobaio, theneo-so
ohalm worn along lame to point of commencementi oontainlng MO "Ten. more or lesi
Dated Snd dey erf Mky, lift.
> (HIkiumI) K.Khieil.
         ptrF.'i   KACHflEtt, Agftit.
Notiee Is hereby given that 00 ilavs alter dnte, I
itend tn apply to the lUiu. Chief CoumiBSioner
of Landi ami Worku (ur permiiilon to nurohaifl
...ii   in.,.i   ,..   \i .... t;......
the following deioribed land In WeitKootenay
dlitrlot, un weat ihore of Lower Arrow Luke.
adjoining Lot .vi. uis, on the iouth: Beginning
Ht a post markeii "Hurry MOLaod'l N.K   eornur
poit and planted un tin* unor**-. of Lower Arrow
Lue, at the loutheait oornei of (apt Poolvnd'i
lAttt, thence west W chnins, thencu smith 'it)
ehalni mon* or lew to tho north boundary of Et,
Fnllmore'H I'. It , tbenoe20 ohaini east along the
salil  houndary to lake,  thence north along the
lake ihora 80 <Iik1iib. more or less to point of
May Uud, UW7. J. t>. Moor*,
  Agent for Harry McLeod.
Blxty dayi after date 1 intend to apply tothe
Bonorable the Chief Gommimoner of 1-andB and
Work*-for ]*ormiHHioii lo purchase the following
dBserihed landB Iii Wait Kooteuny district: I'om-,
meOOlng at a pout pluiKed on the xouth shore of
Kootenay lake, and adjoining 0. P. it- block No.
10. and marked "Torn Uordun n nortMvc-st corner
pout," thence south 40 chains, thence i ast 40
chains, thonce north _S) chains, more or It**, to
Lake .Shore, theme west 41) eliains to point of
Dated this auih of April, 1907.
To�� QoaPOK.
Blxty dayi afler date I intend to apply to tne
Hon. the Chief (.'ommlssiouur of Land*' and
Works, Victoria, B l',., to purchase 4o acres of
land: Commeneing at a post plauted at the t'lty
of Nelson's .S E. corner pud, ou Koolenay river,
tbenoe 'A) chains south, thenee west 'Ai chains,
theuce north 'A) cbalu-k., thenee east 'iO chains to
polut of commencement
Nelson, B. C. April H. 18H7 E. J, Ci-hbaW.
thxty dayi after uatt* 1 intend to apply to Hon.
the Chief Commissioner of Lands ami Works for
permission to purchase the following described
lauds in Kootenay district: Commeneing at a
post marked Bruce White's N w. corner post,
situated at the uortheact eoruer of P. K 30 ahoul
a mile east of Slocan river, theuce south 2u
chalus, thence west 2a chains, ihence south 60
chains, theuce east *.> chaius, tbenee uorth 40
chains, thence east 4i* chains, ihence north <o
chains, tbenee weat BO chains to point of corn*
v.i:-.. ���������:��������� :v. containing 440 acres, more or less.
Loeated March istb. lata.       -aaat want.
1, the undersigned, atter 60 days Intend to ap-
Lly to lbe Honorable the Chief Commissioner ol
ands and Works for permission to purchase the
fo.lowinf land: Commencing at a post marked
A. t C of Lot LT>3 tbence west to chains, thenoe
south At chums, tbence west A) chaini. tbenee
south JO ehatns, tbence west 4-u chalna, thence
iouth 40 eba_-U, tbence east Rl chains, tbence
north tto chaini io point of commencement.
Located March Hth. Vttt.     M  fi. McNaeght,
 N.F MgKAPgjg, Agent
ply i
1, tbe undersigned, after Go days Intend to ap-
ly to the Honorable the Chief Commissioner of
Undsand Works to purchase tbe following described land: Commeuelng at a posl marked
N. E C , situate ac lbe mouth of Cove creek ou
the weat shore of -.-,������ lake, tbence west 'JO
chalus. thence soutb 20 chalus, tbence west 20
chains, tbence south .*" chalus, thence west 40
chains, theuce south 40 chains, Ihence eatt Ht'
chains, thenue north bo chains to point of eem-
Located March 27th. 1907.      N   F McNawHT.
Sixty days after date I Intend to apply lo the
Chief Commissioner uf Lands Aid Works for
permission to purehaae the following described
lands In Kooteuay Inntrlct, about three-quarters
of mile from Thrum's siding:   Commenciug at a
rut placed at the ti. W. corner of L 6893, group
. West Kontenay 1'lslrlot; theuce westerly
following the north boundary of L45_*>, 40
chains; tbonce north 10 chains; thence eaat40
chains, moreor less, tothe N. W corner of
[4898; thence soutli loiiowing the went boundary
of IM'Jd, 10 chains, more or less, to place of commencement, containing 4i* acres, moru or less.
Uated this 6lh day of December, 1W6.
 H, H. fiT-ra. Locator.
Hixty davs afler date I purpose making Application tothe Chief Commissioner of Lauds and
Works for permission to purchase the following
deaorlbed fund: Commencing at a post placed
at the southeast corner of P W li Hatiltain's
application to purehaae, marked "K. F'b. H.W.
corner," running thence 80 chains norh. theuee
80 chains east, tbence HO cnalns soutb, iheuce 80
ehains west to poiut of commencement, contain-
lag MO acres, more or less.
Daied tbe tfth day of April, 1907.
 I'er F-_li. Fau.jOJKh, Agent,
Hixty days after date I intend to apply to the
Honorable the Chief Commissioner of Lands and
Works. Victoria, to purehaae 120 acres of land
in West Kootenay, aud described as follows:
Commencing at a post planted on tbe east side
of Arrow Lale at the southwest corner of 1.7604
and marked "J. A. K's NW. cornjr," thence
east 24 chains, thence south 40 chains, thence
east 80 clialnt, llienee south 2>) chains to Mote
heimer's pre-emption, thence west ;t4 chains to
rauquler'l application to purchase, thence north
40 chains, thence west 20 chains to lake shore,
tbenoe north aloug the lake shore to place of
J. A   KEJ.I.V,
Hlxty days after date I purpose making application to the Honorable the Chief Commisaloner
of Lauds and Work- [or permission to ptirvhasc
lhe lollowlng deserlhed land: Commencing at
Oltplaced about one and  half miles eatt of
i poit mi
Hilver Tip Point, OD Whatshan Lake, n^ar ('bristle ereek marked "P. W.O,B'l. B.B comer," rnu-
nlng thenea U ohalni wait to Join land located
by F L Hammond, as agent, thenei* 80 chains
north, thence WJ chains east, thence BU cliaina
south  to point of commencement,  containing
64o acres, moreor less,
baled the mh day ol April, 1B07.
F.  W.  0.  llAUJ.TAlU,
 I'er F O. FAumiiRB, Agent
WMt Baker etreot.        NEL90N, B. C.
Hlxty days after date I intend toapply lo the
Hon the Chief CommissionerolLatidN and Works
Viciorla, to purchaie MO acres of land In Weat
Kootenay district: Commencing at a post
plauied about dmiics from thc mouth of Hos-
qultp a-atea and about ono mile west of the aald
creek and marked "H.H. K's H.W corner," and
running north wi chaius, thence east 80 chains,
thence south 80 chains, thence west 80 chains to
place of beginning.
March I6th, 1007. H.H. itoes,
 J. E, Anhablk. Agcet.
New Dress, Muslins, Ginghams and Ladies' Ready-to-Wear
Skirts, Costumes and Blouses.
We Are StiH Selling Ladles' Undermuslins at Reduced Prices.
Fred Irvine <& Co'y
Notice ts beroby Riven that 60 days alter date I
Intend to apply to the Hon. Chief Comnilssloiietiof
Undsand Works, Victoria, for permission topui-
chase tbe following described land: Oommenelng
ul a post plauted on the wesl side ol Sloean lake
nml about two miles north ol l".vau*- creek ami
marked <i. H ti �� mhiiIiimhi eoruer ?ost, theliee
north follow iuk shore of lake US) chains, thence
WOlt DO chains, theuee south LOO chains, thotice
cast 60 ehalus to point ol eoniuiuueumoul, BOO
acres more or less.
Looated April w, [UT.
Oio B (iARRlTT, Lorator,
Wb.CLOI'QH. Ageut.
���Hixn days after date 1 Intend toappiy to the
Hon. chief Commissioner of lyimii ami Works,
Vlctorln. B. C,, to pureliase MO acres of land, in
Kire Valley, described as loliows: Commencing
ata post plauied 20 chains west of Walter Hull's
N. Vt. corner and marked J. W Holmci' Jr. N. E.
corner pnat, and running loath 40 chains, thenco
west 60 chains, ihence nortii 40 chalnn, thence
eaat 00 chains to place of beglnulug. and being a
portion of Section 3*r>, Townsliip71, West Koot-
J. W. Holmes, Jn.
J. E. ANNAIU.lt, AilKNT.
, Sixty days after date 1 Intend to apply to tha
Hon. Chief Commissioner of Lands and Worki,
Victoria, to purchase WA) acres of laud In Weit
Kootenay, dnerlbod as follows*, commencing
in ii pn i plintcd up Mosquito creek, about eight
mllet- from the moulh and marked E. CrOM' H W.
corner, thenee north 80 chains, thence 40 chaini
eaat, thence 8o ohalni south, thence 40 chaina
west to nbtofl of beginning-
Feb.lotb,lW7. K.Oaoii.
J.E. Amhaiui, Agent.
BUty days after date I intend U' apply to the
Hon the Chief Commissioner of Unds aud
Worka, Victoria, lo purchase 640 acres of land lu
West Kooteuny, described as follows: Commencing at a post planted about el|;ht miles up
Mosnuiio creek and Joining K. Cross' application
lo purobaM, and marked C. M's H E. corner,
Iheuce uorth BO chains, iheuce west 80 chains,
Ihence south BO chains, thenca east 80 chains lo
placeof beginning.
Keb. 16th, 1W7.
C. Mahkhau.,
J. V   A'-s-i...(���:
buty days alter uate J inteud le apply to the
HonChieiCommissioiiei ol Undsand Works to
purobaM the following dewtlbed land located
tu Kire valley dlatrlct of WMt Kootenay : Commencing at a post planted at the 8. E. corner of
John Banns' p.e-einpiiou, thenee south 80 chains,
tbeuce west 40 chalnn, theme north UO chalnn,
theuce east i" chuins to plaee ol bt-gluulug, eou-
talnlng 810 aorea.
Located March Uth, IW,.
I). A. McPine, Locator.
J.J  KKLI.Y, Ageut.
Take uotice that 60 davs alter date I intend to
apply to the Hon. Chief Commisiiu,ier of Lands
and Works, for permission to purehaae tbe following described lands: CommenelnK at tbv
loutheaat oorner of lot 6806, ibenee west 10
chains, tbeuce soutb 20 chains, thence east 20
chains, thenct north KI chains, theuce west lo
chains to point of eommeucement, containing
41) acres, more or lass
Dated April 16th, 1907 P   J. IIbaih.iv,
W. W. JiRAiiLir, Ageut.
1, the undersigned, after 10 days Intend toap
ply to the Hon. the Chief ( ommlaaioner of Unds
aud ttorks to purchase the followlug described
land; Commencing at lhe N K >' of Lol TUB
Ci. L, theuce wesl 4U chains, thenoe uorth _c
chalus, tbence east 4o chains, tbence aoulh 'A>
chaius to polut of commencement, uuntaLulu*? 80
acres more or less.
Located March mtb, 1907. *V. A. Mills.
Take notice that sixty daya after data
1 inteud to apply to the Honorable tbe Chiel
Commisaloner oi Lands and Worka for permission to purehaae the following described land
situated in the West Kootenay 4fc��trlcl: Commencing at a poat plauted at tbe southeast
corner of Lot 123, un the south side of tbe West
Arm of Koetenay lake, thence Ml cbaina west to
southwest corner of aald lot, tbence 30 chains
south, thence to chains eaat, tbeuce 2U cbalni
north to place of commencement, containing 160
April 2nd, 190*7. CiiAaLaa Robbrtsok,
per tssetn W, KuBiNsoi). Agent.
Slxtv days after date I intend toappiy to the
Hon. Chief Commissioner of Lands aud Works,
Victoria, B. C, to purehaae the following de
scribed land, situated lu ibe West Kootonay district; Commencing at a poat planted on the
west side of Koolenay lake, near Rhinoceros
polut, aud marked J. McKlnnon'a 8. E. corner
post, thence wesl 80 chaltis, tbence north 40
chains, theuce easl -HO chains more or less to lake
shore, theuce along lake ihore to point of commencement.
Signed J McKinnon.
Sixty days after date 1 Intend to apply to the
Hon. the Chief Commissioner of l_ands aud
Works, Victoria, for permission to purehaae 100
acres, more or less, situated in West Kootenay
dlatrlct: Commencing at a poat plented midway
on the uorih boundary of Lot 7611 and adjoining
S.W coruerof Lot BOM. thence north 16 cbains,
thence west 40 ehalns, thenoe south 40 chains,
thenc eeaitSO chains, tbence north 24 chains,
theuce east 'A) chaius to polntof commenveaent.
LoMted Marob .-Mth, lMfl. T . J. UcanlaN.
Sixty days after date 1 Intend to apply to the
Hon. lbe Chief Commissioner of Lauds and
WorkH io purchase the following described
lauds; Commencing at a uohI planted on the
east side of Lemon Creek at the mouth of tbe first
north fork and marked "K. Cooper's southeast
corner," running 80 chains west, north 40chains,
east 80 ehalns, aud south 40 ebalus to place of
Dated March :20th, 190*7. R Cooi-r.a,
J. T. Timao, Agent.
Sixty days after date 1 Intend to apply to the
Hon. the Chief Commlisioner ot Lands and
Works to purchase the following described
lamls: Commenciug at a poat niaravd **I. A.
Tlpping's southwest comer post" and planted
n-var H. l>. Curtls's laud, nbout balf mile from
Hloean City, running north 40 chains, aaat W
'���imni:- nouth 40 chains, welt -�� chalus to place
of commencement
Dated March-14th, 1907. L, A. Tippiho,
v J. T. TlfPlKO, Agent.
Sixty days atter date I intend to app.y to Ihe
Hon. the Chief Commissioner of Lands antl
Works to purchase thc following described land
located in Flre Valley dlslrlsl of Wost Kootenav:
Commencing at a post planted at the H.W. corner
of John Bang' pjc-rrunpthm, ihence 60 chaini
soutli, thence 40 chains west, thence 60 chalna
north, thence 40 chaius easi lo place of beginning.
KiciiAiin Kim, Locator.
/        J. J. Kklly, Agent.
Notice Is hereby given lhat 60 days alter date I
intend lo make application to the H onorable the
Chlo' Commlssiouur of Lauds and Works, at Victoria lor iiennlaslon to purchase the following
dMO lbcil,)andK I CommcncliiK at a post plan ted
at the southeaal corner of lot 8t��5, group 1, thenue
south 'iO chains, thence east 00 ebalns, thunee
north 'iii chains, thenee west 60 chains lo poini
ol commencement, containing lb,, acres, more oi
Nelson, March 27th, 19o7. Ankir L, Waoi.
 P. Wadk, Ageut.
Sixty days after dale I Intend to apply to the
Hon. the Cblel CommiMioner of Lands and
Works. Victoria to purchatc the following described land: <ommi noing H_ n patt marked
M H'sH W. corner, and plnnted near the northwest corner of lot fWl'i, about one mile west of
Hloean river, and running east 40 chains to Lol
38i thenoanorth40ohalni, tiienocwest4i)chains,
thenco south 40 chains to place of beginning.
March Oth, 1B07. MiLiu Hauck,
I'aim, Hatch, Agent.
Hlxty days after date 1 intend to apply to tho
Hon. the Chief Commissioner of Undsand Works
Victoria, B.C, to purchaie 1_M acres of laud
slluate in Flre Valley. West Koolenay, ami described as loliows: Commencing at tbu northeast
corner of Lot 781.., tad running north 60 chains
thenco east 20 chalus, thonce muth 60 chains'
tbence west 90 chains to place of beginning
March 4th, 1W7. W. W. Baaiu.it,
   J. K. Akhablb, Agont.
-Sixty days aftor dote I intend to apply te lhe
Hon. Chief Commissioner of Lauda and Works
to purchase NO acres of land ln Flre Valley, West
Kootenay district and described af follows:
Commencing at a post marked J. K's S K
w/IVn* ?n? ru?"lnK north w chains, thence
cast 40 cbalni to place of beginning, and being
the west one-hef o the 6. K. one-quarter ami
the east one-balf of the H. W. rniu-guartor, and
the wes nne-hal   of the N, K. one-quarter, and
e^qmAft *���w- ���&.����&; ol
'in*   vnni   vuv'UHU   Ol   mo  XI
Section 8*. Townihlp 71, O, l
March WthilOT,
For Further Information Apply to
��� IL FI 1 1 J, NELSON,
The Hall Mining and Smelt
Company, Limited.
Purchases Lead, Copper and Dry
Whoieanie Provl��lon��,
Produce, - Pruit.
Qorernment Oroamcry Ouo Pound Bricks received weekly fre��h fmn ll
chum.   Kor sulu by all lending grocera.
Office nnd wnrehonae: Honston Block,   Phone 79.
Josephine Street. Nelson, B.C.
Sixty sissy, fttler slftte I Inland tis applr In tlm
Honorable the Chlel I'oramlsinloiier ssl Luiul. .���,,!
Worki, Vietoria, tss nsircliaae Uss- [islliiwillK
ileacrlbeil laisslss lis Well Kootew, slliitrli'l:
ISommcuelliK at a pssHl islsiiits-sl al His- H.K s-oiner
ol Wm. LoYott'is pnreheM L7806 ami marked
"K. M.B'si N.E essriltsr," ami s suiisliiii ssssutli HO
chalu,, thenee went 10 ehftliiss, tlseiise norm 60
ehalna. thenee ssasst 4(1 s'lsalliis lis plas-e of lse��ln-
ulug and eonwnlng mil aeres.
March 6th. 1IWI. ,; ,\i  huass,
J. K. Ankahij-s, Asss-sst.
Notiee li lienor given that 81) darn alter date 1
lutend to apply lo the Honorable the I'lilofCom-
mlilloner ol Land, and Worki for ps-rmUnlon
to pnrsshaae alsssul nis aerei ssf lansl. iltuate near
the I'end d'Oreille river. West Kootenay sliatrlcl,
and tfeierlhed ai follows: Comnistiisiise at a
post markeii H. K. 1 liomion's N.W. oornei post,
situated on the south bounslary and BO i'halns
from 8. W post ssf UH711H, thenee ssssith absssitTO
chaini, thenee east abisin *_s ehsims to a ,,,,,, (,n
the well bounslary alls! 4> chains Irons H. W. posl
of Lot 7741, theuce uorth 71) ehalns and Iheuce
wen KS chains lo the place of beglnnlne.
Mill March, lm. 6. K Tss on box,
  A. II. Lami, Agent.
Slxtr dayi niter date l Intensl toapply lis the
Hoiiorahle the Chief Commissioner ssf Unds and
Worki, Victoria, to purssliase Muassres of land,
situated on the wesl slsle ssl Arrow lake, ausl sle
scrlK'd as follows.* Comnenolni al a psssl mark
csl i, ______H. I. enrner and  plassed al llie south-
west corner of Lut 7W2, tlrssup 1 West Kssssu-iioj.
and risussisiii west si] ehalns. Ihence south So
chatm, thence easl nil eliains n, l__* inks- slime,
thence nortii alonK Use lako lo place of beiiliinliiK
March Hth, imn. J 11,111111,
 J. K. AnnaiiLii. Agent.
6(1 day, aftor dale 1 Intend to apply to the Hon.
(blel Commissioner of I,biii|b and Works, Victoria to purchase 160 acres ssf laml In Kire Valloy,
�� est Kooteuay sllslris-l, and deserlhed as fssllssws *
I ismmelicliiK al a posl markesl W -II Wright's
8 '-('""iisr.ainl riiuiiiug nssrlh Hll chnins, tl��� use
well l�� chains, llss u ninth Ho chains. Ihence
nasi ai.shallisl,, p|��,,. ���! beginning, __,,,_ ____���
tlm weal onehall ol the N. K. quarter ol Heclloli
w, ami the wesi hall ���l ihe B. It. o.i..,|������i,��� __
Bcellsiii3.'s In low nsiiip 71 u. ],
March 80th, imn w. 11. WniiuiT.
Nsstlce Is horebr given lhal 60 d.fi at
Intend lo apply to the Hou. lln- QlWl
���loner of Landi ami Wssrks. vscloiu^l
mission to purehaae   the   lollowlM *
land;   Commeneing at a post si lis. Isl.
ol the south   houndary  of lot 1&7 11
hssiiisslary ssf   "(Isslslen Queen"   nslntrtll
thi nsse east mfs/i chalm. mor,* or lr�� l'l
eaai oorner  poll of loi BMS, tbiiwi m*
chains, more or lon, to northeailtomM
lol ^���_>t;t. theuee esut 40 chains lis lh��*T
corner psist of lol 'thVS, thens-s* rsssln ��������
Ibenee Weston chains, more or left" wfl
I istary ssi the "Holden t|iiecn"mlotllo|
thenoe along cast bounslary "(lolslcsJT
nslui'ral s-lalm 10 point ssf i-onD-msnc*^
chains, more or loss
Nelson, U.e..March ]*_. 190U.
Per ��'���  Toi.li��iito!I,��
Slaty dan afterdate 1 inteml lu apply tn the
Hon. Chief Commissioner of Lamls and Works,
Victoria, to 1 .rsshase th ts.llowlug slesssrll.eii
lands adjoliiliig the Arrow lakes 111 Vest Kssot-
cliav:   Colnmetlisliiji al a posl plBiitesl   at  llie
* a TVil."'. *.'��� " I'orl'sr's preemption, nml
marked K. �� *, �� W oorner I...SI, llseii.'cJllssualiss
north along lake shore, theliee auclmlns eail
thence Ifll chains south, tlicm-,. as s-lsnlns west to
flJM "' heginniug, eoiilaliilng 40 acres, more or
April 18,1007, Kvai.vn WAT.OK.
Notice!, herehy given thai nil slays atler iltto 1
Intend to apisly to the I  Ohlol I mln���nor
of Land, ami Works fssr iieriiilssloii to    ir, base
Use following deserlhss.l 'lansl, ".V !m !*'I,  wTsl
il?.   L YssrlTr' ��'n 'it'"" '"* '" " >'""' <""*���
mS...'.. iSVtSflf. N-,,w-��'t'ier, Ihenoe south SO
ehalni, lollowlng the eastern holsliil���ry of H.
eh."i,.-aPl''i,';l,U:"1   IS'J"".'ll,'��i.-. tllisui.eci.sl 411
chalm;  thenue north asishaliis; Iheuce west 411
����VmJ��,rfi.<!0mi '����*"". ��">Wnln.
Hated thll llth day ol March, 1007.
J. L. I'sslCSKK
vi."-.ii. c��'��m,1""1""" ol Lisusls ind Work,,
vi ���^"\iei0.{"'";1"""' *"" '"'"'" "I lend. I" H*lre
n"''2'WeitKonlonay.aiisl desoribed as olloivs:
.ommenclng at a poll p anted at Waller Ill's
norlhWMl corner an.l marked a.��'�� BK corner
ami running notlE 00 ohaini "hono. wis wi
chalm, thense south to ohaltl, lis l-Z 1 an
ehalni to nlas-c ol begin _ ,    ,' K   'Lt"""1l ?,'
J, K. *i"��,��ui, Agent.    '   I
Hlxty d,ys afler dale I tntoml to 'W
Hon.   tbe Ch ef   Commissi tf el u _.
Works, Vlctorl,, lo purchase ttt ii'l-Ml"
West Koolenay, deicrlhed as Issllow'..
meiiclng at a po,t plauted alsosil \M
Muiqiilui Creok Irssm the month MJ '
"A.(i." N W. comer, Iheis.-e mnll��l
thenoe enit 411 ohalni, thenoe iwrin ��"
theuce 40 chains well to plane Ol MM
Kebruary lOlh.mn. _\
1. I. AJHUB*��
BUl'j dayi.lierda'ellllleli.l 1" '&"
Hon *he Chief Commlsslsini-r ssf l*n"
Wssrks, Vli'iorla, lo piiri'liiiss-'sl'H'','"*1" i
West KooUsllay, doierlbc I a" l?,,lJ,',
mencing at a pssit marked "11. II    ;v*
ami being nl Ihe N.W. cor    *    "
epplli'sitlsin to purchaie win.,. ��� ���- ,
ui. Msisqiills, Creek  Irom the m""";'!,,
ssiiss: so 'iiisiiis south. Ihenoe B ��KJ|
ihence nil ehalni ussrih, thence *> eM""
place of Iscgiiitiing.
Kebruary lath, lwl.
J. E, Ainmt***WB
HUly dayi alter date I Intend Is* iPI
Hisnofuhle llir Chlel Coniliilssl.iii''"" ���
Works, Viciorla, to piin'liuir ��' ���"?
Incnlml on lho wesl lido ol Arrow H"
de nrllml al lollowi: Cnmnieueinl li
marks ,1 I'. A'l N. K.corner,ansl plssss '.'"
uorih of ihe loiiibwesi eornei ol i-s'"���;
1, Won koolenay, anil running """,-,"��
tbenco well M chains, tlience nol 10"
Ihenee east 20 ohalm to plaee Ol oe|l��"'
March lllh, IWI. ,.',,,
J. K   AWKAISl-l- Al'
Bixty days aller dato I Intend miW
llollornhii'lheClilisIl isiiiiisI����I""1''", ,
Works lor permission lo isiin-liisM* I la
described land III West K.ss.ti'lisil*. < ��''.,,
al a posl about i andai|iiHrls-r"i " t
llavoune Undliig, anil markeii, W'",
B. k. eornur. thenee norlh a* chalii ��� '��'"-
JO ohalni, thoueo south 10 ohalni, im�����
chains to point of s-iiuiiii'sni-riii'-'i ���    _.u_i
Mnrch kJlllI, 10SS7.      (Hlgllesi) ��' *'-'""���
lisslltBT  KOIIIl<SO^��^_
Hlxty days aftordnlc I mlc ��*/ffid
Uonorahle the Chief Coinmlsi-iolier ui M
Works for l.crnilssloli lojisireliim*
desisrllHsd land In West aooloner. van
at a pint planted on the _\t>^*_SS!Z_M
creek, aboul three qusrlersol is ��|" I , ���
of sTeok, ausl marked vet ' uli* .0i
Ihoucc north 30 chains, IhenoeVl_ta
thence iouth 30 ehulns. inoiis-f etst'
point oljsoiiiniencenienl.       ,-���,dl��W?
March 33ml, 1��17. _ _____? ,rll
RomaT Rim'WIV���
"bTiIj- dnys afler date 1 In""''1 ''/ffi'Li
Hon iho Chlof Commlulonei eLJ-jJM
Wssrks lor purnilnslisii I" pisr'-I'"" __OS
ilcsi'ribed land In Wcsl KonleJi��t* . glHf
at a pint planted on lhe """', ,, iirssi'i
' WO-, about ue mile fiom "!""'. '.r." ttfi
marked "It. Iloblusons N �� ' ,,',���,, _T
iouth Hll chains, theneo eail -f' '"���, pM
nnrlh Mmhalm, thence wcll��"111""
ciiisilisciicenii'iil. __���
���a-j-UUM. Special for Camp and Hotel Use
The Daily Canadian
?he Very Best of Canadian Goods
P. Burns & Co., Ltd.
Nelson, Kaslo, Rossland and Boundary.
police tbat thirty thr* nUvr date   I  in-
H1i[i[v tn tlie Him Chief CommiulonK pf
anil WorkH nt Vietoria, B. <:., Iur ti HiHtflal
in nit mid tnrrv hwhv mnt-xT (rum utl
ne deicrlbed lnnds in A In* worth division:
aenctog ut a pout marked Ghai H. WalniN*
��uthweft \mA, tbenoe north to chalim,
ent BO ehelni. thenee iouth w chains,
we ��� sochftlnitopolniotonnunwiosintnt
1 Inml lieliiK tllUHteil im thu east aide <���!
��� creek, about if1,, mllei Month ut tbe Lar-
itted Uirob Uth, 1901,
OUAt, V  wAi.Mti.Kv. Locator.
P. Hhkrak. Agent.
���-Commendda at a punt  marked  Chas.  V
���miley'i   QortBweel   post,   thenee  tciiitli   SO
tbence earn no ohalttl. ihence nurth to
tbence  went Mt chaiui  lo point Of corn-
(cement,  the nald Und liwlug aitutte on lhe
ilde of Cucadc cre��k. about tftmutt aoulh
_de��U rner.
-���ted March Wth, 1W7.
Chai t. Wa-lmliy, Locator,
P. HHRR4N, Agent-
i onimeiiiiiiit at a post marked Chaa. t.
uley'i ���������.': v..--'. post, thence aouth 80
i>. tbeooe earn to cualna, tbence north 90
ii tbenoe went Ho HikIjia to polntof tom-
uncQt, theiaid IaihI Im-iiir altuate on tbe
.:!. of I R'cade creak, about 4l/_ mllen aoutb
ated March Uth, IM.
< i*a-  F. VY.uiii.xy. Locator,
P   HUMAN, A|(fnt.
ii,-. li hereby given that So daya after dale I
' in Hpply iu the Hon  ('htef i-onimlMlmier
idi aud  Worki, al  Victoria  lor a i��peotal
���lu cut and  carry away timber from the
mit di'icrlljttl  landi   In  Weal   Koolenay:
hii tug at a pom  (tlatited on tbe eaat line
Hi    IWO   mtlen mtiilh   of   the   MOUtheru
���tv dI  my Tlmher I.lccmc No. 10. thencv
cbaina,  north MO cba'm, wuat 40 cbaina,
I'  *t cbalni, weat i<> chain*, aouth ho chain*,
, iouth KU cbaina lo place of com-
KiitaitiliiK '*'' ei-rea,  more or leai,
|*[irliwin  yen, f, Lvnu.
������ i�� bereb} Riven that K flari alter date 1
iiHI)]))}* to the Honorable the Chief Comet ul ���' .i:.rl* and Worki for a apeclal
i<* incut and carry away Umber from the
mug defteribed landi altuated ou the weat
of li ik Bheep Creek Valley: Commencing
t tbree aud a half mllei north of the inter
���>nr*l boundary Hue and a hour one and a
|f mllei weal ol the Nelaon and Fort Hiicppord
mpany'l land graut lu the district ol
|��i K< otenay:
l ('otmnenolni at a poat planted two
treat nf Ktx Hhecp creek, known m tbe
iweel corner poil, Joining J. K. Cranaton'i
si claim Nu 1, claiming Wi chains north,
-eaucbaioi eaat. theuce 8U chaiua aoutb,
-cfUi liHim went to polntof commencement.
ated Much Jiat lwn.
. I iHtiinciicing at a poat planted at the
iwi it ornei Ol lucatlon No. 1, koown aa tbe
iwell rorner po*tnI location No. 2, claiming
aim mmi tb, tbence *-" chatm eaat. then *c 80
um nurth, theuce bo chaini weat to point of
tuul- qi amant
I Man-h'ilat, 1M7.
' <ii..:nenclng at a poat placed  half a
���*' l<>< atlon No 2, kuown ai the ���outh-
er .** iiini: Hu chalna north, theuce KO
thence ho chalna amah, theuce HO
ud to \, 'in< of commencement.
ommenetni at a pont planted at the
II 'ftier of location No. 3, known h* thc
comer,   rlalmlng   100  chains  aoulh,
lchalm went, Ihcnce '60 chaini north,
' liaiui eait to poiul of commencement.
I March ���Jlal.lWT.
J. I*. IWamUti Locator.
K   T   KNdll.KK.IK*. Agrnt
i- hereby givon that HO dayi after dale
i<> apply t�� the Hon. Chief Commission-
nln and Worka for a apeclal llceuae to
|t-U'l earn   away  tlmbor  from the lollowlng
ed laud* iltnated on the weit aide ol Big
reek Vallay, commencing about *}i mllei
>f the international boundary line, aud
one inile we*t ol  Big Hheep creek In the
ol Weat ���'notetiay*.
-Commanotni nt a nost planted about
le went of  Hig Kheep creek, known a*, the
I comer poit, claiming tio chaini aouth,
 ehaim woat, thence Hi) chalm norm,
ehains eaat to polnl of commencement
W_Vo 2. -i ummenctng at a poit "lanled at the
eurner ol location Ho 1, known a* the
��� orner poit, claiming hu chalna north,
'���halua eaal,  tbeuce ��i chain-* iouth,
���MM n chaini weil to point of commencement.
itmmenelnK at a putt planted at the
enrner of location No *_ known ai the
'timer pout, claiming K0 ehaim north,
ohalna weit, thence ho ubalna aouth,
_ -halm eait to polnl of eommeucement.
��� located April lMh.lKn.
J. P, HWRURKRO, ' .ocalor,
g.T KKOKiaKiKH. Agent.
. (Timber Limit No. 2)
| Nntl'-e i*. hereby given Unit 60 dayn after date 1
lind to apnlv io the Honorable the Chief Com-
iMloner n( Landl ami Worka lor a apeclal
���ewe to i ut and carry away timber from the
IIiikiiik deaoribed luud.iltuaUdon Kooakanax
Nk, tn Wen Kootenay dlatrlet:
Commenelni at a post pluntc I atthcuorth-
w eoriier ol Timber Limit No l'B47, end mark-
I H l��- Lea'i aouth went corner poat, thence
>:tli m chaina, thunee eaal 80 chaina, Ihence
Hth wi elialiiN, tnence weit 80 chalna lo polntof
located March tt.mn.      H. I), Laa, Locator.
_ (Timber Notice No. 8 )
'"inmeneliiR atu post planted at theaoulheaat
|;���:������ * ��� : No i limit, and ut Uienorthweatcoiuer
t innitt-T licuuiu No. liutt, tbonce  norih   160
ii-   tlience east  40  chalm to  weat Une ol
J*r lleeiiBe  No  lt��46,  lollowlng  line ol No.
ami n��44, inn chaina. thonce following tine
Dimr lleenie No  ntm; 4u ohalna to point ol
T Unated March 'it, l��n.       H. D.LCA, Locator.
i . (timber Notice No. 4.)
I ft ot lee in bereby given thai H dayi after dale 1
|niiiid to apply to Um Hon. Chlol Commlaalouor
���'HtidB and w'orka lor a apeclal  llconie lo cut
,���. l,irry way timber Irom the following dc-
jneed landi, iltuated on  Kooakauux creek In
t Kootonay dblrlct, and about   live milea
1 l'pper Arrow lake:
muieuciiig nt a pom p'anted on the norlh
oi ereek.and about hall a mile Irom creek,
marked ll. |). Lea's Boutheaat corner poat,
'<���<' north ho chatna, thonce weit 80 cbaina,
ce iouth 80 chaina, theuce eaat B0 chatm to
ii oi oonuneuceniaht
���cated March 81, tm.     H I) La*, Locator.
(limber Notice No.fi.)
"iimcnohiR   at   ft pint marked  ll,  D. Lea'a
���f,,n ,.^.    .!'"rilur J,l,hlt  tbence north 80 chatm,
B. ui.wing the east line of No 4 loealion, thenoe
MaitanS' tbenee anuth 80 chain", theuce
i. \Zuui*ilniH'W*,nto'��>mmenoBmen.,
'���ojated Mnrch 81, imn.     h. it Lea, Locator.
��� Notion i. .O'lmber Limit No. ���.)
Mai? i Ji OT**" *iym 'oft* 8ixty dllrB **fu,r
Khlaf C   ., V1 ,t0 iWfl7   to th�� Honorable the
��� 'i    o mniHMtonor of Undi and Worka for a
ikc io out aud  carry away timber
"'owing deaeribed land, altuated about
kaiiaxcreaii  S ,,-      A,pt'r A"��w lake un Kooa-
C rn,i��.iH.i.lu Vwt K(����lotiftv dlrrlct:
Ih. iZ'i ,.���\!i M K P��Bt Pl*"te.l aud marked H,
lehuinR, t. - ,!W_'H  ,?,r"or P('Ht' thonco eaat 80
lebaim ii��� , l.h SP '���huliia. thonce mat M
InsnMmonL th Wfl>����mn topolntof oom-
woatedMatch 81, MWi
Notice In hereby given that Sli ilayi (roudale
I lutein to at.pl v lothe Hon Chlel Cummiailoner
ul Undi and WOrU for a ipeclal lU-enau to out
and earry awny limber from tbe following de-
���erlbad landi In Weit Koolenay dlitrlet:
Commencing at a pout planted on the north
bank of 10 Mile creek, about oun mile aud a balf
(rum Hloean lake, niarked E Htrand'i norlhweat
corner poat, thence eait 160 cbaina. thonce aoutb
40 Ohalna, thenn mil UO ebalm, Iheuce north
40 cbalm to point of com menoement.
Dated thii Um day of March, 1907.
B. BTaaKo, Locator,
Notice ii hereby given that 80 dayi after date 1
Intend in appl * lo the Hon the Chief Commlaaioner o( l-amU aud Worki, at Victoria, lor a
ipeclal liceme to cut and carrv away timber
from the loiiowing duicrlbed land* in Vale district :
No. 1.--Commencing ata pmt planted about 10
chalm earn ol main Kettle river and about oue
nine more or let* uorth of C. Y It. Block No.
,K>:*i, and marked Boundary Lumber Co'i B. K.
eoruer poai No. 1, thence *> chalm n^rth, thence
80 ehaim weit, theuce 80 chalm iouth, thenoe B0
chalm eaat lo the point of commencement.
Hated Mar h --ml, !���>���:
Na.2.���*' ommenclng at a poit planted about 10
ebnini- eaat of main Kettle river about 80 chains
norlh of Boundary Lumber Oo'i Location No. 1,
and maraed Boundary Lumber Co'a -h. K. eorner
post No. 2, thence 80 cbalm north, thence 80
chalui weat, thence 80 chaini iouth, thenee W
chalm eaat to the point of com meneement.
Dated &!nd March. 1007.
No. 3.���Commencing at a poit planted ahout 10
chalm eait of main Kullle riverand about 80
chalm north Of Boundary Lumber Co'i looatlon
poat No .'.and markeii Boundary Lumber Co'a
e. If., eoruer poat No. 8, theuce 80 chalm north,
theuce 80 cIihIui weit, tbenoe 80 cbalm iouth.
thencu 80 chalm eaat to the point ol commence-
Dated March Und, 1IW7.
No. 4 ���Commencing at a poit plauted about
10 chalui eait of the main Kettle river and about
aochalm north of Boundarv Lumber Co'a location poat No. 8, aud marked Boundary Lumber
Co'i B. ��. corner poat No 4, th#uoe 80 ehalna
north, thence 80 chalm weil, thence 80 chaiua
aoutb, thenee 80 cbaina eaat lu the point of commencement.
Dated March Und, 1907.
No fi.���Commencing at a poit planted about
lfi rbalna eaal uf main Kettle rlvor and about
two mllei north, more or leai, of Bonndary Lumber o'a Location No. 4, and marked Boundary
Lumber ('o'i B K. corner poel No fi, tbeuce 80
chaiui north, thence 10 chaina weat, thenee 80
chatm iouth. tbence 8u cbalm eaal lo tbe polnl
ol i-unilnetieeiitelit.
Dated March X8rd, I9OT.
No. 6.���Commencing at a poat planted about Sfi
chaini eaal of main Kettle river on C 1'. It. line
bin. * No. '.ru, and about 80 chaini north Of
Boundary Lumber Co'i location poal No. 6, and
marked Boundary Lumber Co'i B. R. corner poit
No. 6, thence 80 chatm north, following C. P R.
Hue block No 2714, thence aorhalns weat, thence
80 cbalm aoulh thuuee 80 cbains cit to the
point til commencement.
Dated March Jfflrd. 1BU7.
No. 7.���Commencing al a poat planted abont
lfi chalm weit ol the main Kettle river on C P.K.
line bl -rk No. 2714. and about 80 chaina north of
Boundary Lumber Co'i location poat No. 6, and
maiked Boundary Lumber Co'i fl E corner p it
No.., theoce 160 chalm no-th, lollowlng C. P. R.
line block No. '.TIC theuco 40chatus weit, thence
too nhatm muth. tbence 40 ehaim nil to the
polnl ol commencement.
Dated March 28rd, 1907.
No. 8 ���Commencing at a poit planted about
90 challU weat (rom river bank aud about 3 milea
aoutb, more or leas, ol tho lait east branch of the
eaat lork of the mato Kettle river or about IS
miles north, more or leaa, ol C P. IL Hlotik No.
2714, on eail fork ol Kettle river, marled Boundary Lumber Co'a N. W. comer post No 8, thence
80 ehaim east, tbence 80 chatm south, tbence to
chalm weat, th nee 80 chalm north to tbe point
of commencement.
Dated March 'ifith, 1907.
No. 9.���Commencing ata post planted about
20 chains weat Irom river bank, ou lhe east fork
of Kettle river, and about ID ehaim iouth of
Boundary Lumber IV�� location poal No 8, and
marked Houndary lumber Co'a N. w. corner
nosl No 9, thence Bti chaimeaal, thenc Wl ehaim
south, thence 80 chains weat, theiee *0 chaius
uorth to the point of commencement.
Dated March Bth,HOT.
���Commencing at a poit planted about
30 chains weat from  river	
No. 10 -
 _. bank on the eaat fork
of Kettle river,   and   aboul 80 ohalns,aoutb o[
Boundary LumberCo'i location poet No 8, and
marked Houndarv Lumbar Co'a N. W. corner
ont No io, Ihence 80 chatm eait, thonce 80
chaina aouth, thence 80 chaiua weat, thauoe 80
chain1* norlh to the point ol commencement.
Dated March 2Blh. 1907.
Teaching of the Nature and Function of
the Holy Ghoat���Services Announced for Tomorrow.
To morrow will be the Sunday afler
Aactmiiluu Duy. No holy days occur
during the following week.
Ascensiontide und the following week
Is the Beason chosen In Canada by nearly all the religious bodies for making
aiipi-uls for support of Home Missions.
In the history of the openlug up of
Canada, far more than In that of the
United States, of Australia, South Africa or any other of the new nations, the
riimtler preacher and missionary haB
lieen an Important (lRiiri'. It Is often
referred to as a disgrace lo Canada
that liiiuiii-iai assistance for Us religious
bodies Bhould be sought in the old country where tlie average of prosperity is
lower than In Canada. Hut no othor
counlry has had anything like Canada's
problems to solve and, on the whole the
effort has been successful. There ls no
doubt that the maintenance of law and
public morality, in whicli Canada has
undoubtedly excelled all other countries
ln their pioneer periods, has been greatly assisted by the frontier preachers.
The influence on the Kootenay, for example, of the life and work of men like
the late Rev Henry Irvine and Rev.
Father Coccola, can hardly be exaggerated.
The gospel for tomorrow contains
Christ'B teaching to the disciples of the
comlug of the Holy Ghost, and of the
time of trial and adversity through
which the early church was to go.
The following services are announced
for tomorrow ln the churches of Nel
Church of England���St. Saviour's,
corner Ward and Silica streets. Sunday
after Ascension Day; holy communion
S a. m.; morning prayer and litany
11 a. in.; Sunday achool, 2:30 p. m.;
evensong. 7:30 p. m. Kev F. H. Graham,
Roman Catholic���Church of Mary Immaculate, corner of Ward and Mill
streets: Low mass, 8 a. m.; high mass,
10:30 a. m.; evening Bervice, 7:30 p. m
Rev. Father Althoff. priest.
Presbyterian church���St. Paul's, cor
ner of Victoria and Kootenay streets:
Morning service, 11 a. m.; Sunday
school, 2:30 p. m.; evening service, 7:30
p. m.   Rev. J. T. Ferguson, minister.
Methodist church���Corner Silica and
Josephine streets: Morning service, 11
a. m.; evening service, 7:30 p. m.: Sun
day school, 2:30 p m. Rev. R N
Powell, pastor.
Baptist church���Stanley street, near
Mill: Morning service, 11 a. m.; even
Ing service, 7:30 p. m.: Sunday school,
2:30 p. m   Rev. E. H. Shanks, pastor
Salvation Army���Barracks on Victoria street, west of Josephine: Special services for tomorrow. Knee drill,
9 a. m.; holiness meeting, 11 a. m; a
praise meeting at 8 p. m.; salvation
meeting at 8 p. m.
Reported That Sir Hector Macdonald Is
Alive  In  China.
London, May 11.���A singular story
that has both astonished and amused
England and Scotland was published In
the Manchester Sunday Chronicle. It
relates to the late renowned soldier Major General Sir Hector Macdonald.
The general, it will he remembered,
was reported to have committed suicide In an oliBCure ParlB hotel, March
IlraiiX"X-'-'' '"' "'"���
No. H.-ConnncnclBS it �� ]�����' planted Ibout
It rhalni wen Bom "*" b""' ��n lh" ���***���" !?,k
ssl Kettle river, mil itinul W ohalni ioulb of
llssuiislary Lumber Oo- location jnwt No 10, aail
iiisirki'il Boundary Umber Oo'i H.W. eorner roil
Nss 11, tbenue 80 chains eaul, thence Wl chain,
���outb, tnence He chain* went, tbonce a) ohalm
nssrlh to the polnl ol commencement.
Dated Mann ath, im,
No 12.-CommcncinR al a pit planted about 12
chalm wen Irom river bank in (he eail fork of
Ke'lle rlii'r. and uboui IW chaini iouth of
llossii.lory Lumber Co'i location mt Ho- ��. and
mu kcsl Holiliilary Umber Co*i N. . eorner
iso.l No. Ik theuce 80 chalm eait, tlience ��0
s'liYliiV iissslli, Ihcnce IM ehaim we.t, thence SO
nortii to the polnl ot csimmeucemint,
Daied March nilll. IMI-
No. la-Commencing at a noil pUiiled aboul
12 ohalni worn from river bank ssu lhe UitJWC
n, Ke le river, aud ahoul *> chalm ""l"1 ��!
llimi < il Lumber I**! loealloii poll No. 12, anil
, L kc," Liinilery Lumber llo'i N W. corner
Sit No I llscus'ss 80 Ohalni eait, thence ��'
Jhalm oiilh. Ibel"*" IW dialm well, Iheuoe 80
.balni nortl. to lhe l��>Snt of commelicemem.
{iiy.J^r-ommencl'r.lalm-i P'��*'"-*<> ��*����
10 ohalni w il frssm river hank on tbe eait ork
of as l" river, aud about im chaini ���>>""�����*'
ilounibin* Lumber fao'l l.scallssll Jsissil No. IS, and
, tssssslliiy Lumber (:���*�� I,' �� . OprBM pB
Nu 11 Ihenoe 8 rhaim earn, tlniu-e 80 chalnn
South hi-m-c I" ebalna wen. tbence 80 chalm
norlh to tin* I"""' "' commencement.
KTOSS&CTumi |",��",e,, ?,,,ml���.,
111,-a in ueit iniiii river bauk on the coil fork
���,1 K.IHe river, ainl ahout 80 chalna loulh o
Bomislirl* I umla-r i*o*�� poll No U, and jmsirkesl
8JSSS -Tchlir." �����-���"��"�� S �� Saw"��""��
point o{ comnuMicuiiu'iU'
Un, dan��� l.i mlierlM'i liss'allssll poat �� o. 15. and
mak e,l -Hi, nd��.y Lumber I *s.*. f. -J'��jg>*��IJg
No Hi. tlseiiec 80 chain. JMt. h|J��� 8 *_*__
iouth. tbence ��i cbalm woit. Iheuce 80 eliaini
north to lbe noiiil of eommencomenl.
Boundary Lumber t,*o*. W_M % l,*;,r*���"l,.
�����,d iliiuiidari*, J*��^Sa_S "���.,l, iiie,,,'. wi
Coal! Ice! Wood!
Phone 265
Yale-Kootenay Ice, Frott,
Fuel th Poultry Co., Ltd.
N. C. eor. Baker and Ward  Sta.
26th, 1903, while en route from Ceylon,
where he had been ln command. He
fought with distinction in Afghanistan,
in the Boer war of 1881 aud also In the
recent Boer War, in which lie commanded the Highland Brigade, and he also
figured consplciously in the fighting
against Arab! Pasha in Egypt and the
Mahdi ln the Sudan.
The publication in the Machester paper Ib to the effect that "Fighting Mac,"
as Sir Hector was known ln military
and Scottish circles, is still very much
alive, and is now organizing a powerful
army for China.
The most circumstantial story bearing on Sir Hector's alleged survival
emanates from Johannesburg from a
man who recently arrived there from
the Far East. He asserts tbat he saw
"Fighting Mac" at Nanking, China, last
year, putting his astonishing declaration
In the following form:
"I knew Hector Macdonald very well,
hoth ln Egypt and South Africa. 1 was
In Nanking in December last. I saw a
battalion of Chinese soldiers being
drilled in European style on a space in
the centre of the city, and, feeling curious, 1 walked up to where three officers
were standing. One of them was Sir
Hector Macdonald. He was clean-shaven
but otherwise he had altered very little
since the occasion of my last meeting
him in Pretoria.
"I was almoBt breathless with astonishment. I was about to speak to htm
when his eyes met mine. He turned
rapidly round to one of the other officers and said something quickly in
"The officer, almost springing at me,
shouted: 'Leave this ground at once, or
we will put you where your friends
won't find you in a hurry.' I left Nanking that night for Shanghai, and I
found that the fact that Sir Hector Macdonald was In that country was believed by a great many English people."
Ab strengthening the story, it Is pointed out that no inquest was held on the
body alleged to he that of Sir Hector
Macdonald; but in official and other
quarters little attention has been paid
to the matter. The paper's Johannesburg Informant, officials believe, waB
mistaken in his man.
Corporation of the City of Nelson
BY-LAW INo. 1*7*7
A by-law to raise *60,000.00 for the
construction of a Public School In the
City of Nelson, and the improvement of
the grounds and appurtenances in connection therewith.
Tbe Stfathcona
Nelson, B.O.
Reg. Geo. Webb, Prop.
The Leading Hotel in the
Oood    Sample    Rooms.
Queen's Hotel
Baker Btreet. Nelion. B. 0.
Lighted by Eleotrioity and
Heated by Hot Air
Lain and Comfortable Bedroomi and Flnt*
claiiliinlns Boom.  Bample Koomi for Oommer-
eul  Mun
UB8. I. C.CLABEE, Proprieties!
Grand Central Hotel
Tnis hotel hai been Loiupiutely renovated and
newly furnished with all modern equipment!.
Hot water heating throughout.
RATKR : Booma, 60c. upward! ; meali 25c.;
ipeclal ratei by the week.
J. A. ERIOKSON, Proprietor
Telephone, 250.   Opposite Court House
and Postoffice. Nelson. B. G.
Tremont Hotise
 . I snd American Flan
���hu S eta  Boomi from *> cti. to ll
Onlj White Balp Implored.
BsUet It., Holm Froprtatm
Bartlett   Hotise
Best Dollar-a-Day Hotise in Nelson.
The Bar u the Fln-eit.
While Help Only Implored.
Joeephlne It-
Royal Hotel
, ''(nnn
U.I>. I.��a, locator,
i    11,, (Hml)iir Limit Nn . l
1" ��� SI -...'.'l. ��'** """' l'i��t.*".l ei.il ni.rkeil II.
I'l'iilm lo  os,,?. ,!'",u"f Pint, tlsiiuise imiilli 811
I htansutao ���!>.  ."' "���"""M n"rth " "''���,""���
.... .. ..U'toiui ot eoiliineiiisonient.
Hll. Ui, Locator,
iVnh'to"'iiie polnl "I ramnienceiis.-i.t.
��������� wBaaini to n
olisiluis north to the lss'im " ''""'.'",,,___���__
fij Marel, Mh, fc Km^tV*m\*t Co.
Notloe Is bereby given that thirty davi after
date I Iniou I to apply to the Board ol Llcenue
Oonimliiloucn lor tbo vmir dimwit lor a tram*
fur of tht licence held by me lor tae Fort Shop-
panl hotel to f, Adle. '    ��� ���
*^ (Signed) A M.BHlELt*.
Wanota, B C , May lit, Wt,
Notice li hereby kItoo tbat �� dayi altor dato 1
intend toapply tothe -'on. Cblel Uunmlwloner
of Landl unTWorki loraipcclnl liceuie to cut
tuul carry away timber irom thc [ollowlng dc-
Hortbod landi, iltuated on Com Crook in the
Goal oreek dlvtilon lu Bmilhwoit Kooteuay, B C.
"A"���Commencing at poit "A" planted about
UO Ohalni wem from lotithjait owner of Block
No lUOfi, and markeii " �����. L. Beekwlth by I J
Lucia airem, northenil corner poit." about two
chaini north ol the itrtiam, then went 160 chain",
then 40 chaini lou'h, than eaat 160 ohalui, then
40 chai tut north to poil of commencement.
Dated Match 6th, 1WJ. VV. L. Bwiwith,
bv L J Locia, Agent,
��B"���Commencing at pont "B" plauted on the
���ontb fork of Corn creak, about 60 chulm trom
whet* the stream empties Into the Main stream,
mnrked "W. L. Bcckwith by 1 I Lucia, ageut,
northeaat corner poat," about three ohalni eait
of ilroani, then 160 chalui iouth, then 40 chalna
wont, then 160 chaini north, thou 40 obalm eait
to itnlnt ol commencement. _   _,
I ated March Uh, IW.      .   W. L Bickwith,
byl. J.Lucu.Agent.
oC'-Commenclng   at   poal   "C" .planted JO
chains wuth ol northwest corner of Binuk   B
marked ��W u Bookwith by l.J- Lucia, agent,
northout oorm r poll," about ten chains weat ol
itream nortbeul cornor, then MO chains soutli,
thou 40 Ohalni weat. w.eu 160 chalm north, tben
4(i chains east to post of commencement.
l)H March Htu, WOT.      ,   W. L. BiciwiTH,
by l.J. Looia, Agent.
Whereas the Board ot Bchool Trustees of the
City of Nelson bai prepared and laid before the
Municipal Couuncll of tbe City of Nelion an estimate -showing tbat such Board requires -J60.-
000.00 to meet an extraordinary expenditure for
the purpose of constructing a pub lc school In
tbe City of Nelson and the improvement of the
grounds and appurtenancea lo connection therewith.
And whereas such estimate has been duly con
ildered and finally approved of by the iald
And whereas far the pnrpoee aforeiald It will
lie necessary to borrow the sum ol 160,000.00 and
to issue debentures of the City of Nelion for the
purpose of raising iald amount.'
And whereas thc whole amount of the rateable
land of tbe iald city, according to the laat revised assessment roll, lionemlllion two hundred
and ilxty aeven thousand tevea hundred and
twenty five dollars i|t,_vn,7^.J
And whereat it will be requisite to raise annually by rata the sum of five tbouaand two hundred
and thirty two dollars and sixty rents (to.2tt ��*)
tor paying the said debt and interest.
Now, therefore, the Municipal' ouncil of the
Corporation of the City of Nelton enacts ai follows :���
1. It shall and may be lawful for the Mayor of
the Corporation of tbe city of Nelaon to borrow
upon the credit of the said Corporation, by way
of tbe debentures hereinafter mentioned, from
any person or persona, body or bodies corporate,
wr.n may be willing to advance the same aa a
loan, a sum of money not exceeding ln thc whole
the sura of Blxty Thousand Dollars (I -ti.ixiO 00,)
and to cause all sucb sums io raised or received
to be paid into the bands of the traaiurer of the
said Corporation for the purpose and with the
object herein before recited.
2. lt shall be lawful for he Mayor of the aald
Corporation to cause any number of debenture!
to be made, executed and Issued for lucb sum or
sumi ai may be re Hired for the purpoie and object aforesaid, uot exceeding, however, the sum
of Blxty Thousand Dollars (IflO.OOQ.OO) each of the
said debentures being of thc denomination of
One Ihousand Hollars (11,000), and such debenture! shall be sealed wltb tbe seal of the Corporation and si ued by the Mayor thereof.
3. The said debentures shall bear date tbe
lint day of July, WOT, and shall be made payable
In twenty years from the said date, ln lawful
money of Canada, at the offlce of the Bank of
Montreal in Nelson aforjrald, which said place
of payment shall oe designated by the iald debentures, and shall bave attached to them coupons for the payment of Inlereat and the ate natures to the interest coupons may be either
written, stamped, print ,*d or lithographed.
4. Tbe said debentures sha'l bear interest at
the rate of five per cent (A per cent) from the
date thereof, which interest shall be payable
semi-annually Ht the iald office of the Bank of
Montreal In Nelson aforesaid, lu lawful money
of Canada on tbc first day of July and the first
day January respectively In each year during
the currency thereof; and li shall he expressed
in said debentures aud coupons to be so payable.
f. It ahall be lawful for the Mayor of the iald
Corporation to negotiate and sell the said debenture* or any oi them for leai than par, but in do
ease shall tne debentures or any one of tbem be
negotiated or sold for leu than ninety five per-
centum (95 por cent) of their value includtuii
the coat of negotiating and ��ale, brokerage and
all other incidental expenses
��. There shall be railed and levied each year
during the ourrencv of said debentures the sum
three thousand dollars (18,000) for payment of
Interest and thc sum of two thousand two hundred ��ikI thirty two dollars and sixty cents
Ifl.'iSi 60) for payment of the said debenture!
by rate lufRefent therefor on all tbe rateable
land ln the said Municipality.
7. It shall be lawful for the said Municipal
Council to repurchase any of the said do bun
lures upon such terms as may be agreed upon
with the legal holder or holden thereof or any
part thereof, either at the time of sale or any
subsequent ti ne nr times, and all debentures so
rc-purchssod shall forthwith bo cancelled and
destroyed and no re-issue of dtbentxres so repurchased shall be made In consequence of such
8. Thll Bylaw nln.ll takeeffoot on, or aftor, tbe
1st day of June, 1907
V. Thll Bylaw may bo cited for all purposes
ai the "City of Nelson Public School Loan Hylaw
Done and pissed tn Council assembled thii
 r..day of wot.
Kates $1 and $1.60 a Day.
Special Bateg to Regular Boarderu.
Most cottlorUble quArtera in Nelson
It of Liquor, and cigar,.
A. McDonald & Co.
Dealers in staple nnd I wiry Groceries
Butter, Eggs.
Oamp and Miners' Supplies.
We have for Sale one ofthe best
Residences in Nelson.    Close in
Call and see ns for price and terms.
Brydges, Blakernore & Cameron, Ltd*
rUIV OmWLCm river front PROPERTIES
Two of the Best Improved Ranches
With bearing orchards and running water on eaeh property.    Then properties can be purchased on reiisonable terms If sold at once.
Examination for Assayers for Licence to
Practice in British Colombia.
An Examination for Auaven will be held in
Victoria on the 27th Uey ��nd following days.
Entrance for any examination muit be made
in writing to tbi Secretary of the Board of Ex-
amlnen, at least ten days before the date set lor
beginning of examination, and must be accompanied by the prescribed fee (115)
Any additional information dssired may be
obtained from Herbert Carmichael, secretary,
board of examiners. Victoria
Minister of Mines.
Department of Mines,
Victoria, B. C, )6th April, K07.
Take notice that the above is a true copy of
thc proposed Bylaw, upon which the vote ofthe
municipality will be taken at the City of Nelaon,
ou Monday the Uth day of May. next, between
the bourn of 9 o'clock a.m. and 7 o'clock p.m.,
fur the Eaat Ward, at the Council Chamber, at
tho corner of Victoria aad Jonphene BtrceU,
and forthc Weat Wan, ftt the Korud of Trade
Rooms, at thu corner of Victoria and Kootenay
Nelwn B. t\, May the 7th. W07.
Oily Clerk.
Notice li hereby given that the WatUburg
Lumber company ban applied to His Honor the
Lieu'enant Governor In council, uudcr the pro*
vision* of the "Rivers and 8treams Act," for tbe
right to improve Rvkerts creek, in tbe district of
West Kootonay, British Columbia, by removing
the obstructions therefrom and straightening
the banks thereof, and to construct dams, booms,
slides and chutes, and make such other Improvementa as may be necessary for the driving and
rafting of toe* and the fl tuning of timber thereon
Tbe lands to be affected are goverment lands and
Lots 251 and *252, Group 1, K ooteney district, and
the tolls that are proposed to be charged, if any,
are such as may be fixed by a Judga of the county
court of West Kootenay.
Dated this Wth day of March, A, D. 1907.
I have Just returned to Nelton and
have opened up at the aame old stand,
and now ready to do all klnda of
KALSOMINING. Shop rear of Bartlett
Choice Frnit
l Ham (0,000 Acta
Choicest Frott Lands la
Bcttlih Colsaibttu
Can sell any quantity irom 5 acres to 2,000 in one block.
Bay now ana get the ground floor prices.
Nelson, B. C.
40 Acms First-class Fruit
Land on Kootenay Lake I
Within yt mil* af Earl Gray'a Ranch.
Va mile lake frontage. Free from rock.
Plenty water,   att par acre, en terma.
rtxtiti LANDS
Tenders Wanted for the furdusc of a
Mineral CUim.
Tenders addressed to the undersigned, at his
offlce ln the Court House, in tha City of Nelaon,
will be received up till the hour of five o'clock,
in the afternoon, of Friday, May Slst, MOT, Ior
the purchase of the "SUrer Champion Mineral
Claim," Lot S438*. Oroup 1, Kootenay District,
which was declared to be forfeited to the Crown
at tbe tax sale held in the City of Nelson, on the
6th day of November, 1906, for delinquent taxes
up till June SOth, 1906, and costs.
The upset price upon the said mineral claim,
which includes the amount of delinquent taxes
and costs at the time of forfeiture, with Intereit,
taxes which have since accrued, costs of advertising and fee for Crown Grant (f��>oo,j Is $��..��.
which is the least amount tbat will be considered
as a tender.
Kaon tender must be accompanied by an accepted cheque for the full amount of tbe tender,
payable to the order uf the Deputy Commissioner
of Land and Works, at Victoria, B  C, at par.
Dated at Nelson, B. C, this SOth dayof April,
Government Agent, Nelson, fi. C
Tenders Wanted for the Purchase of a
Mineral Claim,
Tenders addressed to tbe underalgned, at bis
office in tbe Court House, lu the City of Nelaon,
will be received up till the hour of flveo'eloek in
the afternoon, of Friday, Hay Slst, 1907, tor the
purchase ol the "Bryan Mineral Claim," Lot
16M, Oroup 1, Kootenay Pistrict, which was
declared to be forfeited to tbe Crown at the tax
sale held in the City of Nelson, on the 6th day
of November, 1906* for delinquent taxes np till
June SOUi, 1905, and costs.
The upset price upon the said mineral claim,
which Includes the amount of delinquent taxes
and costs at tbe time of forfeiture, with Interest,
taxes which have since accrued, cost of adver*
tlatne, and fee for Crown ��rant (125.00,) isKW.31,
which ls the least amount that will be considered
as a tender
Bach tender must be accompanied by an ae*
cepted cheque for the full amount of the tender,
pe yablc tu the order at the Deputy Commissioner
of Lands aud Works, at Victoria, B, C, at par.
Dated at Nelson, B.C., thll 80th day of April,
Government Agent. Nelaon, B. 0
Laad Registry Act
Take notice that an application hae been made
to register Hugh Boss Llnklater as the owner ln
Fee mmple, under a Tax Bale Deed from Robert
A. Benwiek, Deputy Assessor of the Nelson Aa*
sessment district, to Hugh Ross Llnklater, bearing date the 7th day of August, A. D. l��o6, of all
and singular that certain parcel or tract of land
and premises situate, lying and being in the
Town of balmo, ln the Provlnoe of British
Columbia, more particularly known and described as Lot IS, Block 'D". Town of Salmo,
(Hap 6."2), being a sub-division of Lot We, Oroup
1, Kootenay dlitrlot.
You and each of yon are required to contest
the claim of the tax purchaser within fourteen
days from thc date of the service of this notice
upon you, and in default of a caveat nreertlflca'e
of Us pendens being tiled within such period,
vmi will be forever estopped and debarred from
setting up any claim to or in respect of the said
land, aud 1 shall register Hugh Boss Llnklater
ss owner thereof.
Dated at land registry office, Nelion .Province
ol British Columbia, ibis 21st day of February,
A. D. 1907.
H. F. MacLEOD,
Distriet Registrar.
To Hurdook A. Henderson.	
TtTttrist Sleeper
St. rtol_ Dally!
Toronto. Sunday, Wednesday, Friday.
Montreal, Monday, Tueaday, Thursday
Boston, Satarday.
Dally to Vanisouver.
Daily to Seattle.
-For berth reservations apply to
Jt J. OOYLE,           J. 8. OARTKE,
A.Q.P.4���Vs��ncoiiTer, D. P.A., Halma
w. a. aiuuETT
-Contractor and
���Ma .(ent lor the Porto Sleo Lumber Co., Ltd.,
nu-ajard.. Rough mil dremd lumW. Iurr.4
work and bracket., Coaat lath ud .hlmlea, Mih
saad 4oon. Cement, brick ud Ua* lor ada.
Aatoaatlc grinder.
Yard and factor?: Vernon St..-Mat of Ball
T. v. Bm m Telephone in
In the matter of an application for the lane of
a duisltcaliso! the CertlBealeof Title of LoUUensl
., Block 211, Loi 9, Block M anil Lot 12. Block Ml,
Neliou Clly (Maps 2611 and IMA )
Notice lis hereby given that It 1. my Intention
to ianue a duplicate of the Certificate of Title for
the above lots at the expiration of one month atter
the tl nt publication hereof In the name of Frane
Jacob; anil em 11 Hohll. which Certificate of Title
li tlate-l thc Uli day of Jainmry. 1*107, and numb,
eresl ����J*.
H. r, M-CI.KOD,
DUtrlct Beglltrar.
land Registry offloe, Nelion, B.C
���iiii, April, imn.
F.CGREEH      F.r.MlltKH      A.H.6UEH
Oril Enitoe-as, Panto-tea *nd British
Colombia Land Sstrernt
r.O. loi 145   Thaw Ml A
In the matter of an iippllcallon lor the laue of
a duplicate of the Certificate of Title lor u undivided i j of lot -ttm. group t, ln the dlitrlet ot
Koolenay (except pail u Vac-re. thenot.)
Notice U hereby given that 11 u my Inuatlon
to luue at the expiration of one month after tha
Bnt publication hereol a duplicate of Uu Certlt -
' ate of TlUe for Ike above mentioned land., In
the name ot Malcolm UcCormtck, whleb Certificate I. dated the IMh September, 1KB, and numbered 764A.
land Begiitry OfBce, Nelion, B.C., April Old,
i��n. u. r. maoLsOd,
DUtrlct haglitrar
���otice li horeby glveu that 1 will apply at lha
next iiss-s'tlug ol the License CommlMloner.,
Inr the city of Nelion, lo have tbe liquor liienw
of the Silver King Hotel traaaferred from my.
sell to Robert ila ilei, ol tbe City ol Nalaon.
Dated thi. 7th day of Key, Ml.
K. M. McCANDUSH. , i-.i*
The Daily Canadian
until  it is too late.    The
your service here at moderate prices,
It is of the utmost ir: port a nee that
you should attend to your eyes, and
have them properly examined and fitted.
Delays are dangerous.. Don't wait
very best, and experienced expert is at
ilBW" i' i**"-* ���
Watchmaker and Opticiat
*M***********MMMMM *MM-M***<
Our Stock is Complete
Here are two Soap Specials: i
2S   31b.   BARS   HOMESTEAD   tkJSt J
72 BARS GOLDEN WEST for J2.7b |
jBcfl Trading Co. j
PEr.VIXB ANU GRAFTlS'i canfallj ��� tlend
��d to. Apply
HABHY ailllM,
���A,*.., k'lni Hfst*l.
Old Curiosity Shop
II you want lo buy or sel! anything,
go to the Old Curiosity Shop A ne*
line of Japanese Goods iisj-s* on sale.
All kinds of Dlnnerware ln stock. Patterns.
on 2 lots. $350.00 cash. $500.00 on mortgage, balance $25.00 per month.
WILL BUY 5-ROOM HOUSE on 3 lots.
���$400.00 cash. $200.00 in six months, balance on mortgage, 3 years.
H. E. Croadsdaile & Sfc
Next Door to Bank ef Commerce.
Kinds of Heating Plants ln Stock.
Victoria St., Nr. Opera Home.     Tel. 181.
Waterproof Paints
Coal far, Pitch,
Creosote, Oils for
Preserving Timber,
Roofing Pitch and
Boat Builders -will find it to tholr ad-
vintage to use our Pitch.
Nelson Coke & Gas Co.
General Job Work, Chimney Sweep
Ing, Carpet Cleaning, Fixing and Clean
Ing 8tovee, ate.
Itl Eaat Baiter St Phone No. A114
Three Show Cases
and Two Counters
fobicconbt  Biker Street.
Portv  mwU  ever*j   FrM*T
-'-���r.-\e a: - p
All ����1ht.u 1
m . in tae Miner?" .. uion Half
ur |    :.-. tUanrad :ouke p*rt in
'.he* -*leb��i**��.   f
Laatta, ^ecrttsry.
W. ~. Csine. Kaslo; J. Wilson. Vancouver: P- Vf, Chesterton. Indian Head;
J. D. Campbell, Grand F.irks; J. E. Hlggins. Butte: L. Pratt. Sandon: A.
Wright. E. Kelly. Spokane; J. Falkner.
Ottawa; H. M. Tory, Montreal: F. S.
York. Arrow Lake.
Cor. Vernon ��rtu Ward Ulromtm,
.*M-_l_SO.*V.   B. C.
J. IKED HUilE, Proprietor.
Geo. Wljiie. Trail; W. Haig Smellie,
Proctor, D. Walker, New Westminster;
H. M. Burritt, V. Davidson. H. J. Lies-
sch, H. Wright, G. 5. Lmthrie, Vancouver; W. R. Baird, J. Watson, P. McBride
Winnipeg; W. J. Thompson. Calgary;
VV. W. Armstrong, J.A.Vance, Toronto;
J. W. Parker, Greenwood; '. J. J.ones,
Victoria; B. R. McDonald. Rossland; A.
F. John-son, Revelstoke; M. Burrell,
Grand Forks: Vi. B. Kerdson, R. J. McPhee, Slocan; F. B. Torrey, Butte; P.
H. Walsh, Kaslo.
C. Gooch, Trail; c. A. Witton. Craw-
lord Bay; R. I,. Morris. Medicine Hat;
R. A. Hilton, Spokane; Mrs. J. C. Johnson, Seattle; S. Blumberger, Toronlo;
Rev. T. G. McLeod, Grand Forks; J. A.
Beard and wife, New Denver; H. B.
Landis, Waterloo.
A. Williams, T. Johnson, Cranbrook;
B. Evans, Spokane.
J. H. Reid. Miss M. Foulds, Vancouver
T. Misker, E. W. King, Fernie; S. Hays,
J.  T.   Fraser.  Bonnington  J.  F. McClure.    F.  Hoffman,    A.  Young, O. T.
Carmund. Seattle; R. R. Caldwell, Spokane; C. C. Poyntz, Kaslo.
Vi Card. Cranbrook; II. Epstem, Vancouver; J. Callagban, J. C. Potter, J. R.
-Marshall. Koch's Siding: G. W. Hyads.
Blue Bell; J. Dlotte, Kaslo.
A  M  Can. Soc. C. E.
Mining Work a Specialty.
Offlce:  Bealey Building.   P. O. Box IM
Baker St., NELSON, B. C.
Alberta Farm Land
160 acre improved farm in Alberta,
will exchange for Nelson residential
property or Kootenay fruit land.
Baker St., Nelton.
A MINE TOOK lor * Braall (jang.   Good wages to
Hits rlKlit man.   Apply Hasstiiiga (B. C ) Bratfl-
calls. Nfclinp,
COOK-Hotel, no. Waltreii 135; at once. Phone
Yissi-g man with ko(���1 offlea ef peilence *eeka a
pss.lslsill.    Apply Hot MSI, Ni-i.s.n, B.C.
TWO FIKflT-CLAHS BOOH&MMB healed    Apply houaekeener. ."Irsl flat, K, w. 0, block.
ED'IKHMAN and a Setter /of mill at Mfsrle
Apply at Mill, or our office Nelaon, yutto lilw
Lumper i'o.
HfNCH or keys.   Return io Thai. Lona-
hsirsst, ^
BltAIIS  COKNET, Two Bhanki b and ., Wuh
gin,    For l-rlcc, Apply M. J. Ii. Box mil.
2 SETTERS, �� Ed.ensseii, I Tallynien and
flradera, 1 Foreman (ninlil.) circular Hairyer,
I'ssgaen, Knglnef-rB, Boom-man, and mill help ot
all -Inoi. Apply Geo. P. Weill, Box lun,
Nelwn, li. C,
Silver advanced two points today on
both British and American metal
Beginning to Float.
B. Isaac, residing at One Mile point
on the north shore, found his wharf
smashed this morning by a floating
shack full uf good lumber.
Roland Bourke, who was injured in
the dynamite explosion at 13*MHe Point,
is progressing favorably at the Kaslo
hospital. It is expected that his injuries
will not prove serious nor permanent.
Welcome   Rain.
The rain of the past few days has
had a beneficial effect on the iruit trees
In and around Nelson. The growth hsas
been phenomenal during the latter part
of the week and the prospects for a
bountiful .fruit crop are good.
A Good Paper.
The Greenwood Ledge is rapidly developing into a first-class weekly newspaper. Under Mr. Greer tbe Ledge Is
bound to become an influential factor in
aitrac.ing attention to the resources of
the district in which it is published.
University  Club.
The regular monthly meeting of the
t'niversity Club of Nelson will be held
in Sl Paul's church hall tonight. A paper
on "Federal Tendencies in the British
Empire" will be read by Judge Forin.
and discussed. All interested are invited.
Baptist  Services.
An illustrated sermon, "The Christian's Hand," will be the pastors subject at the Baptist church tomorrow
omrning. In the evening, "The Parable of the Ten Virgins," will be the
theme and the choir will render "'Tis
Midnight," by Williams.
Lack of Amusements.
This is the dull season in the theatrical line ,at least so far as Nelson is concerned. There has been nothing at the
opera house for some time, and there
is nothing coming before the first of
June. On that date "Peck's Bad Boy"
will be seen for one night.
Visiting Nelson.
A. Wright, for several years a resident of Nelson, but now of Washington
State, came in last night. Mr. Wrighi
has many friends in Nelson who were
pleased to see him. His work in connection with amateur opera productions
In this city will not soon be forgotten.
New Lateral  Rights.
Another lateral rights case is promised from Sandon camp, the litigants being the Last Chance and Noble Five
mining companies, which have finally
failed to agree on a basis of settlement.
Louis Pratt, manager of the Last
Chance, arrived from Victoria and Is at
the Strathcona.
The First Paper Mill.
The first paper mill to be established
in British Columbia will, it is expected,
soon be under way. The Canadian Pacific Sulphite company, which operates
at Swanson bay, will very shortly call
for tenders for its mechanical equipment, and in this connection J. K. Mac-
kinnon, the manager of the company,
is to leave in a few days for New York.
Tenders for five boilers for the company's works are now being called, and
a large amount of machinery is being
shipped to Swanson bay.
The Store of Quality
Genuine Ripe Mango
for dessert,  75c per bottle
Superior Mango Preserve
60c per bottle
Genuine Mango Pickle
40c per bottle
Something entirely  new  and
only a small stock left.
K. W. O. Block . Phone 10.
For Immediate
Sale Only
Exceptional opportunity to acquire house sftuated on two of the
finest residental lots in Nelson.
Easy of access and on level grade
from btisiness centre. Residence
contains hall, Bitting, dining and
bedrooms, bath and kitchen pantry.
Large coal and wood shed. Electric
light, water and sewer.
Wait Baker Strut        NELSON, B. C.
Mince Meat
2 lbs for a 25c.
This Is Good  Truck.    Try a
Couple of Pounds With
Next   Order.
Cm Am Benedict
Comer Silica ami Josephine Sta.
For Souvenirs and
Picture Postcards
are  heartily  invited to  visit our  store.
In fact ws? invite you to make our
store a "port of call" during your stay
in Xelson.   Our store is
because It Is so well stocked with such
a beautiful variety of pretty and useful
articles and bright novelties. Just such
things aB you will like to carry away
with you as a souvenir of your visit.
In Picture Postcards
We have a complete series of local
view cards, and there is an hour's good
entertainment in looking over our stock
of Comic and Art Post Cards.
Consider yourself perfectly welcome
to come in at auy time, and as often as
you feel like it aud look around, regardless of whether you wish to buy or not.
W. G. Thomson
-frSLKLEEBMa Nelson, B.C.
Phon* 3-4.
J. Falkner, of Ottawa, ls registered at
the Strathcona.
Louis Pratt, of Sandon, was in the
city  last evening.
Thomas Morrow, of Montreal, Is registered at the Hume.
Geo. Tlerney came over from Grand
Forks last evening.
Mrs. Cleve Hall and daughter have
left ou a visit to Kevelstoke.
Martin Burrell, the Grand Forks Nurseryman, was in the city last evening.
Rev. T. G. MacLeod, of Grand Forks,
was registered at the Queens last evening.
Mr. Barton, who was suffering from
an attack of measles, is now convalescent.
Nell F. McKay, M. L. A., passed
through the city last evening on his
way borne to Kaslo.
Rev. A. G. Clarke, curate-in-charge of
the parish church of Battersea, London,
Eng., will preach at the evening service
In St. Saviour's tomorrow
J. E. Annable returned from Burton
City last evening. He has astounding
tales to tell of his adventures by land
and water during his absence.
Rev. J. T. Ferguson returned last
night from the Coast, where he attended the sessions of the Presbyterian
synod of British Columbia and Alberta.
He will take both services In St. Paul's
Baptist Ladies' Aid.
The Ladies' Aid of the Baptist church
will meet Monday afternoou at 3 o'clock
at the home of Mrs. Maurer, Fairview.
B. R. Macdonald, collector of customs for the port of Rossland, has been
appointed collector of eusl urns at Prince
Rupert, the place selected as the Pacific
coast terminus for the Grand Trunk Pacific railway, and left for there last
night. The notification of his appnin-
ment came in thc shape of a telegram
from the customs department at Ottawa
on Thursday. There has been a custom
house there for some time, but a permanent collector had not been named
till the place was given to Mr. McDonald.
Wholesale ��ud Retail Dealer* Id
Fresh and Salted Meats
Camps Bupplis-d on shortest notice and
lowest price. Nothing but fresh and
wholesome meats and supple* kept in stock
Mail orders receive careful attention.
E. C. TRAVES.   Manager.
Dominion Dairy
Caibick & McDonald, proprietors of
ihe Dominion Dairy, having dissolved
partnership by mutual consent the business will ln future be carried on by
VV. Calblck.
Thanking our patrons for past favors
I hope to merit a continuance of their
Corporation of the City of Nelson
A mah to do work for the Scavenging
department of the City of Nelson
Application will be received by the undersigned np until noon of the i.'stli lost,
May Sth, 1907. City Clerk.
An Easy Way....
To own ��� fine house, instead of paying  rent and owning  nothing.
FINE 6-ROOM HOUSE on Stanley
St.   All modern and bsst location.
$1600, $250 Cash
and balance $35 per  month.
Victoria Day
The citizens of Kaslo are makinK unusual preparations for the celebration
of Victoria Day. George Alexander,
manager of the Kootenay Klectrlct Co..
has offered lo festoon the streets with
lights for Illumination. This will give
the city a pleasing appearance and the
offer is greatly appreciated by the officials.
Always Wrong,
As usual, the Dally News was away
off In its calculations with regard to the
Interesting event that occurred ln
Madrid yesterday. The Newa would
persist in placing the date three weeks
later, but The Canadian maintained an
ominous silence, and announced Ihe
event at tho time (irlglnally settled
upon. And this paper was right, as lt
Is always.
Trains and  Boats.
Crow boat���On time.
Coast and Slocan, train���No report.
Boundary train���On time.
Itossland train���On time.
Kaslo boat���On time.
Seed Potatoes
We have unloaded
a car of
Early Rose Potatoes
Imported expressly
for Seed.
Telephone 101.
Men's $3.50 Shoes
Don't get the idea that all our
mena fine shoes are $5.00 and
$6.00 a pair. We can supply
you with a genuine Goodyear
Welt at $3.50. Smooth Insoles
and pliable to the foot. Made
in Vicl Kid and Box Calf.
royal  I Andrew & Co.
Our East End Branch Store Is Qj
Pending Changes, and Customers oHJ
Branch Will Be Attended to at OurjJ
Store, K. W. C. Block.
Canada Drug & Book Co'y, Ii
Bargains!    Bargains!    Bargain^
Oor Fancy Vesting* Molt Be Sold
This  Month  Regardless   of  Cost.
You can buy Wash Vestings for $1.00, worth $3.00.
Handsome Vests, double and single breasted, for $3.00. worth Vt__
See them and buy now while the selection  Is good.
. A- * ManFa.'eEr.BERG' Baker St., Nebon, B. C.
New Spring Goods Arriving Daily]
A complete line of up-to-date Soft and Hard Hats In Stock.
Also a full range of Boots and Shoes.   "WALKOVER" our
Spring is Here
We have prepared for this season by passing into stock all j
requisites for the rancher, gardener or householder. Spada
Shovels, Rakes, Hoes, Spading l-'oiks, Tree Pruners,
Tree Sprayers, Small Garden Tools, Etc.
Prompt attention paid to letter order*.
J. H. Ashdown Hardw<
Company, Limited-
*���>���. A. ISAAC R. W. HINTON'
R*pJs*_lrln." ���"���� Jobbing ciecutxl with IKapalch.   Hh..tM*
Work, Mining i.ntl Mill Machinery.     N-Zunuletslurari ot
Or* Cars.  H.  H.   Contnicturs'  Car*.
Corner of Hall tod
Front StreeU.
Spring Stock lust Opened Upl|
Carload Llnoleuma and Carpets
From Qlaagow, Scotland.
Best Qualities at Low Prices.
Standard Furniture Company!
Manon A Rln.*h PUnon.
Ontermoor Muttrennrii
Mamhall HunURry M��tirt'iie��.
Complete House Furnishers
Undertakers,    Embalmers
and dealers in Lumberf Shingles,
L,ath, Moulding/a, Doors, Wlndo*w*l
Turned Work and Brackets. Mnil Ordora promptly attt***}
VERNON STHIJin-  .  .   .   NBI SON. B. C.
Launch and Boat
We alwaya carry In atock and will ba pleated to ���up>l>'
wanta In
Sll-wll  UH
�� Ins,- Wssssl,.
Mixi-.i puma
"errj ��io��.' noun Vamllk
Kit'., cite.
Albany ""''!',,,
Aran-1 up1;,,'
(in ono jBil'sn est.*
Wood-Valiance Hardware Co., Limitrf
SSgsm**^-:-' ""ft1**-**^;'^***^


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