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The Daily Canadian Mar 14, 1908

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Array ASK
rhc   monarch   of
nr  all  the  time..
bottled  art
^       MAR 17 1908
Vt'croR^, ttS
bLllMH   2.     NO.   245
JtotliJ &ana��Man
tbh dauJvTk
Will be delivered    every evening    at
your door for
��0   G51NTJS  A  1MOIVTH
Fifty Cbnts a month
pary of Report on
Public Schools
ilage of Successful Pupils Is
low, Material for Teachers
Poor, Cost Growing.
whu are deeply Interested ln
|i nti.il  ti |s.rl ol   the  public schools
ivlnce, have requested Ihut uu
lible digest  be  prepared.    Prluci-
Sullivaa,  ol   tliu   public   school,
luinislied   a  copy,
report   Ihut  has   lately  come   to
lor the year ending June UOth,
It shows   the  grand  tulul  of  pu-
;ii,u.;:i,  which  is an Increase
i .it   ol   1,517  or  a  little  ovei
,i    cent     The   total   attendance
|ntl>  tit-creased  but the actual alia  greater,    showing an    Im-
[ni'iii In   regularity.     Ot   ihe total
.slightly      outnumbered      the
! jIkjiiI   In    the   proportion   of   61
number of touchers is given as
| ii,inks a big increase.
report on high schools is Insti-uc-
Al   the end   ot   1H00   there   were
|l,i,li   .-.minis    with    12   teachers:
liiul   there   were   ID   with  42
I In- total ol  high scrTool  pu-
1,356, tin- girls outnumbering the
about .; to J.    Nelson High School
second  iii   regularity   ol   attend-
Kaslo   bring   fnsi.
total   cost   ol   education   to   the
������    .>as  $XU4,77l.ll, of  which  the
iiuenl iiaid  ��47t.bos.ll. the  muui-
-   ��.ib0,lU3.     This   represents   a
. .  i-ioase over the figures ol the
.   .car, wheu the tolal was .Vtiss,-
Ihe Increase is due to the pro-
ul    more   and    belter   buildings.
!���    aae   of  salaries.
..   i   mass   oi   linancial   statistics
tus  lo  be gieaned of chief local
are that Vancouver  was easil>
.    ilal expenditure  and in gcuer-
-t payment to principals at least:
���    'in  stood   lilth In  expenditure,
 , us well as Vancouver, Vic-
and New Westminster ranking
"i her, and that Nelson wus even
on Hie list In the matter of sulai-
i:..�� lasl feature has been partly
.'������: since  tlie  compilation  of  the
i' purls of inspectors and returns
niiuatlona are still to some extern
ifaclory. Of 1230 candidates for
it e tu high schools only tii2, less
tin', were successlui. The in-
ii, who have consolidated school
in their Inspectorates, are
' in.ii the union of rurul inunicl-
o a decided success, und otic ouud fur hopes of better results.
Inspector* are also agreed in
rved praise'ol the high standing
-on i- schools, tlie enterprise and
- ol   its  school   board,  und,  par-
.   -  .illy,   of   the   hospitality   ol
- "nil teacher* to the visitors to
|l.i.-i  i, sellers'  convention.
luquislturlul   reports   on   indlvl-
I'tu In is   huve   been   discontinued
|" ' xcept  Inspector Wilson.
'Ir is general expression o! regret
uaaalng or the male teacher, and,
Inspector stevftirt especially, at. the
pin,' ui  the country    bred    female
I'1"      lie ascribes the latter to the
asiiig cost of preparation for the
I1 ��nd   th,.   advantage   held   by   city
Hrli   who live in high school cen
Hi- is of opinion Unit they are as
1,1 leaa in sympathy with the life of
[turiil community'  and  consequently
���title tn Inlluence  It.
c|rcular,   embodied   in   Ihe   report,
uncos lhat pupil! now in their see-
>'-'t   In   high   schools   will   be   ox-
r'1   'I In   Inly,  1908 on  tho old currl-
r��t .vent- pupils on  Ihe new  pre
>   course,    anil    that  fi-om  and
Pr July. 1909, the Junior grade work
'"  divided into preliminary and nil
r?Cl|l courses, particulars of the latter
Published In August, 1908.
T fntendent    Robinson   refers   to
"KH  lite   profession   has   sustained
I "' Heath wllhln one year of  F. II.
�����"   -I   C. Shaw and A. Ollchrlst.
'".,"1�� whol�� tho report Is probably
lril " t'\er presented by the depart-
11   '��   neither   posBlblc   uor   de
sirable thai Inspectors or superintendents should ever express perfect sat
Islucllun with the working or a sys-
tt'in. Discontent wilh impel feci ion Is
both proper and wholesome. Hut tin-
remarks or Inapeotors oauas disquieting
reflections on whether the system itseir
Is nut the source or some i.r the evils
complained or. Tl,,. facts alleged by
the Inapeotors an-: thai men continue
to abandon tin- profession ur teaching,
that country tired girls are also withdrawing, thm the percentage ol sue
t-essrul pupils In painfully low. Principal Burns, of the Normal School, in
his brief and lucid report, implies nn
apology fur the material turned out,
complains of ihe lack of accurate
scholarship oi' candidates ami reminds
them and Ihe public that It Is little
attar all that a normal .school can do,
that teachers "are born, not made "
Duly the Ural or these conditions Is
matter ol common knowledge and experience. Tlie gradual elTacement of
the male teacher Is a North American
phenomenon. The reasons are not far
to seek lint they are not peculiar to
Hrltlsh Columbia. 'Ihe other evils, the
general ill success ol pupils���lelleved
by the example ol Nelson and a tow
other conspicuous exceptions, the gradual monopolising 0r the profession by
city girls, nnd. lu the Judgment or Principal Barns, not ihe most capable of
them���these offer local problems which
tin heads or the system should not be
eonlti ��� to stute. It Is their duty to
find  the   dilution.
Now   Reported  that  King   Edward  Sent
News  to   Times   of   Kaiser'a
Latest Blunder.
Herlin, March 14.���A lively correspondence has been in progress between
members of the Knglish and German
courts since the fact became known
that Kmperor William sent a personal
letter to Lord Tweedmouth, Hist lord of
Ihe British admiralty, supposedly concerning the llritish  naval estimates.
Through this channel news bus reached Ihe German court that It was King
Kdward himself who permitted the information about Kmperor William's
letter to be communicated to the London Times. Unwillingness to publish
ills Mujestj's communication and 1-ord
Twecdinouth's reply lo it was expressed
on the Knglish side because, as was anticipated at the time, it might embarrass Lord Tweedmouth. Fur this reason
the emperor did not give his consent to
publication. Copies of the letters in
question, however, have been shown to
various persons who are able to say as
a result uf ihelr own reading that the
letter of Kmperor William contained
nothing that could be, construed lulo
interference with tht* nuval plans of
Great  lirltuin.
R. S. 1'rancis, of Procter, Is at the
N. J. Cavanaugh will return tonight
trom Spokane.
A. G. Creelman came in Trom the coast
last night and  is al the Hume.
Oscar White und Mrs. White arrived
in the city last night and are at the
M. J. Morgan, who is associated with
W. B. Pool ln the Nugget mine, is In
from Salmo.
���I. W. Whlteley returned from Sandon
lust night where he had been visiting
the Orange  lodge.
Miss Ida Klliott has returned from
Arrowhead, B. 0.. where she was visiting her*brother. Or. Klliott.
.1. A. Macdonald. provincial Liberal
leader, came down the Arrow Lakes
yesterday on his way home to Itossland  from Victoria.
It. C. Brock. Ihe new manager ol the
Kootenay Fruit Growers' Association,
Is en route to Nelson on the delayed
train rroni Spokane.
B. K. Beeston will leave Monday
morning Tor a business trip to Winnipeg and Fort William. He win return
to  Nelson   in   a   fortnight.
Or. Arthur, who went to the Pend
d'Orellle valley Wednesday morning, to
investigate Ihe finding of ihe body of
a man, will return tonight.
Blake Wilson has Just got back from
a trip through tha Boundary.    While
there he observed many things that
led him to believe business will improve
In Ihe near ritture. Tho people lire all
hopeful  of   tin'   coming   summer.
Sail   With   Secret  Orders.
Hongkong. March 14.���Information
has been received here rroni Fonnosn
thai the Aral Japanese naval squadron
will sail today on secret, service. The
cruisers Yiikonia. Akltsiishlmn. Asa-
nin nnd a flotilla ol smaller vessels
have been coaled ready to sail at n
minute's notice, since March 7. The
Tatsu affair bus caused a sensallon iu
the navy nnd some nctlon ln this department   Is   surmised.
Intercolonial Losses Are
Minister's  Report on   Government
Line Severely Criticized���Obstructive Tactics Still Followed.
Ottawa, March 14.���The minister of
railways has made his first annual
statement which did not convey much
Information. No policy respecting the
Georglun Bay Canal was made, though
u private company is demanding authority to construct it while public ownership Is strongly advocated. Neither
did Mr. Graham explain the government intention respecting the Quebec
bridge. He announced that the Q. T.
P. route from Kdmonton to the Pa-
ciilc has been located and that this
section would cost ,142,000,000, which
is Just $21,000,000 more than the Premier stated When he Introduced the
measure. As to tho Intercolonial returns for this year. Mr. Graham had
no mini in..tn.ii later than November,
though tne Grand Trunk and C. P. R.
furnish weekly statements down to a
few days belore publication. But the
minister admits that the showing this
year will not be as good as tlie last.
In the New Brunswick election Mr.
Pugsley and Mr. Kiumerson had a programme lor the purchase of branch
railways and engaged Mr. Burns, MP.
P. (since defeated) to prepare a report
on these lines. This report Mr. Graham
treated contemptuously, declaring in
his budget speech that while he might
take over a paying road, he would not
bother with others, and would not
touch any of them on the rejiort that
he had from outsiders. He bluntly declared that all thi -eports he wanted
he would get from I u> own olllcers.
Mr. Pugsley uccepted this jiu-pr without
resentment, thankful that Mr. Graham
postponed it until  after the election.
The minister's statement and the
railway department were sharply criticized by Mr. llaggart and Dr. Reld.
The former referred to Mr. Graham's
lack of information, especially In regard to tlie prospective cost of the
transcontinental, showed that the Intercolonial was run at an actual loss
of more than $1,000,000 a year, denounced the deception in the branch
line programme, and estimated that
Grand Trunk Pacific extension would
put the I. C. R. largely out of business. He proved that the cost of ojr
eiatitig the Intercolonial was large out
of all proportion to the revenues or
the work accomplished. Dr. Reld explained the failure or the government
olevator policy which the minister had
admitted. He recalled the government
statement when the Drummond line
was acquired, that this transaction
would change tho deficit of JGO.000 into an immediate surplus or (310.000 a
year, which would go on Increasing.
In the ten years since admitted net
deficit was $2,600,000, while, besides
the price of purchased brnnches the
128,000,000 had been ndded to the cost
of Ihe railway. This arldltlonal'capltal
is hugely cost of niuinlenunce and replacements belonging to working expenses. The department admits working
expenses lasl year were 97 per cent,
of earnings, and the recent average Is
more than 100 per cent, while on all
Ihe Canadian railroads the average is
less than 71 per cent., on the C. P.
R. less thnn 04 and the Grand Trunk
69. Dr. Reld showed thut if the working expenses of the Intercolonial were
on the same business basis as the average Canadian railway or the other
trunk lines, the saving would be .'10
per cent, of the revenue or $2,400,000
a  year.
Obstructionists in public accounts
committee huve again succeeded In
heading off the sub-target contract revelations. Having voted out of order
questions relating to the law suits between the promoter of tho company
and the minister of militia and about
the election drafts paid by this promoter, the majority also voted down Mr.
Foster's motion lo report Ihe matter to
the House tor instructions. The obstructionists consent to report to the
house when Mr. Foster shall state that
his  case  Is  closed.    That Is  they   are
willing to say that the inquiry shall
proceed when Mr. Foster promises that
it shall not proceed.
Mr. Bluin quietly punctured one plea
that Sir Frederick Morden and his supporters iiave put forward In defence of
the contract to pay $260 each for machines which the contractor farmed
out at $114. The minister repeatedly
stated that the price was the same as
the Conservative government of Ontario was paying for the same machine.
Mr. Biain produced the provincial contract, showing that it was not made by
the Whitney government but by the
Koss ministry almost on the eve of its
defeat. To those who know tbe ghastly
record of the Ross administration, the
plea of Sir Frederick that his department is no worse would be amusing if
it were not pathetic.
K.  F. G. A.
The Kootenay Fruit Groivcis association will have two meetings next week,
directors' Tuesday evening and the general meeting Friday night, both in the
city hall at tl o'clock.
Irish  At   Home.
The Irish dinner and evening party
to be given ln tbe opera house next
Tuesday evening will be a very enjoyable event. The���dinner will be of the
finest, and an excellent musical programme has been prepared for the
Methodist Services.
In the Methodist church (Congregational church building) tomorrow the
morning service will be for children.
The pastor will give a blackboard talk
on "The Children Without the Saviour."
In the evening there will be a sermon
for young men on "Bad Language."
Council   Meeting.
The regular meeting of the city council well be held in the city hall Monday
evening at 8 o'clock. There will be a
report of progress on power plant reconstruction, further consideration of
the suggestion for a frontage tax bylaw, and possibly a definite reply from
Aemllins Jut-vis & Co., of Toronto, on
the subject of the city's school debentures.
B.   C.   Views.
The provincial government has made
arrangements with one of the big cine-
metograph companies of London to
setta a representative to this province
during the coming summer to obtain
views of timber, scenery, agricultural
lands, etc., with the intention of supplying copies of these slides to lecturers ln other countries. A Victoria photographer has been retained to take
pictures of events of interest as they
transpire  tor  the  name   purpose.
Bowling Tournament.
The standing of the teams in the
bowling tournanient up to noon today-
was as follows, with teams, games won,
games lost and aggregate scores:
Wells, 6. 9, 7626; Moe, 4, 8, 6044; Sharp,
6, 8, 6785; Falconer, 10, 5, 7912; Oui-
mette, 2, 10, 6971; Boyer, 16, 9, 12,367;
Williamson, 10, 5, 8487; Brown, 9, 9,
9679; Thomas, 6, 4, 6068; Campbell. 12.
12, 12,985; Patrick, 3, 6, 4712; Danger-
field, 7, 6. 6211. The fixtures for tonight at 7.30 are: Wells vs. Patrick,
and Falconer vs. Boyer.
Home  From the Capital. '
Dr. G. A. B. Hall. M. L. A., arrived
in the city on the late train from the
coast last night. The doctor is In good
health and spirits and has enjoyed the
session which has just closed. He will
remain In Nelson about three weeks
then leave for the old country. He will
spend the summer ln post-graduate
work in London and Edinburgh. As to
the work of the session the doctor said
it had been businesslike and not unduly protracted. He thought the people
of Nelson knew the results fairly well
and he had no comment to offer.
The death occurred laBt night at her
father's residence. Carbonate street, of
Delia, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. H. M.
Shepherd. Miss Shepherd was borrf at
Queenston. Ont., and was ln her 28th
year. She has been resident In Nelson
a little less than a year, having come
here with her parents last spring. Always delicate, she developed rapid consumption. The last sacraments of the
church were administered by Rev.
Father Althoff yesterday afternoon.
Miss Shepherd had been an invalid during the whole time of her residence ln
Nelson, und had made few acquaintances, but by the few she will be deeply
mourned. The body will be taken to
Niagara ror Interment, leaving Nelson
Monday or Tuesday morning.
Col. Talbot Offended by
Dr. Sproule
Militant Liberal Left Chamber in a
Rage���News of Canada from
Ocean to Ocean.
Ottawa, March 14.���There was a violent scene lu tbe commons late last
night. Col. Talbot, member for Bel-
chasse, made a violent attack on Dr.
Sproule, reading from a speech the
doctor was reported to have made at
the Orange Grand Lodge meeting at
Mount Forest, concerning the province
of Quebec. Talbot bitterly assailed
Sproule and declared he had no words
available in which to express his contempt.
Sproule retorted that If Talbot had
no words available he might suggest
some tbat Talbot had used in private
Talbot, excitedly, "I challenge you,
I dare you to probe Into my past life.'
He then left the chamber.
The executive of the Ottawa Liberal
association, which has much to do with
patronage and local appointments to
government positions, has passed a
resolution recommending curtailment oi
the appointment of women to the civil
On his return from England W. Mackenzie King, deputy minister of labor,
will be sent to Vancouver by the government as royur commissioner to adjudicate and settle the claims of Chinese residents there for damages in
connection with the anti-Oriental riot
last summer.
MacPherson, M. P., of Vancouver, will
introduce a bill to amend the railway
act by striking out the clause relative
to prosecution and punishment of railway employees for causing wrecks
through tailing to observe orders, etc.,
thus leaving the question of prosecution to come under the provisions of the
criminal code as in the case of all other
offenders. This is along the lines of a
request of the railway men's union.
Toronto, March 14.���Discharged from
employment for abstracting $5 from the
purse of a lady, Louis Fried tried to
commit suicide by taking antiseptic
tablets. Prompt measures at a hospital
saved Frled's life. He has a wife and
three children.
Toronto, March 14.���James Crow,
who came to this city from Lindsay recently, was found dead ln bed yesterday. A bottle was found in his room
which had contained laudanum.
Whether the man took an overdose or
not Is not known.
Toronto, March 14.���A true bill has
been found against Mrs. Minnie Turner
for performing a criminal operation.
Welland, Ont., March'14.���Welland
Conservatives have- nominated E. E.
Fraser, M. P. P., candidate in the next
provincial elections.
Toronto, March 14.���General Manager
Jemmett says the story that the Sovereign Bank of Canada held two notes
totalling $62,000, the maker and endorser of which could not be found, is a
fairy tale.
Montreal, March 14.���The Empress
ot Ireland arrived at Liverpool Saturday  at  6  a.   m.
Llat   of   Quotations    of    Kootenay   and
Coeur d'Alene  Stocks.
Hereafter    dally     quotations will be
published on the most active mining
stocks in local markets. Today's quotations are as follows.
Bid Asked
AlbertaCoal   &   Coke $      .15    $ .30
B.  C.  Copper       4.62J4 4.87����
Can.  Con.   Smelters..    66.00 72.00
Copper King     03is 03M
Dominion  Copper   ...      2.18'/i 2.5SV4
Galbralth Coal    ���.        .20 .30
Granby        80.00 95.00
International  C.  &  C.        .75' .81
Panhandle       ....        .04Vi .04%
Rambler Cariboo         .26% .27%
Snowshoo    10 .11 \i
Snowstorm           1.65 1.70
Sullivan    01 % .01%
Sullivan  Bonds        67.50
Motorists Disagree.
New York, March 14.���Following the
split between the Auto Club of America,
the premier motor organization on this
continent, and the America Automobile
Association, which occurred through
the withdrawal of the Auto club from
the New York state organization's meeting ln Buffalo Thursday, formal an-
Inouncement of the withdrawal was
made from the Auto club offices here
Although W. II. llotchkoss, president
of the A. A. A., gave out a statement
ln which he said tbe national organization welcomed the New York's withdrawal. Aiitomiibilists who are ln
touch with the auto situation expect
the effect to be far reaching in bo far
as legislative touring and racing affairs
are concerned. The immediate effect
of the withdrawal will be the disruption of the various boards of the A. A,
A., particularly the racing board of
which Jefferson Demont Thomson, the
chairman, W. K. Vanderbllt, Jr., David
Morris and S. W. Butler are members
by virtue of membership In the Auto
club. Should any of these men desire
to be reappointed to tbe racing board,
It will be necessary for them to enroll as individual members of the association. The effect most far reaching
in nature is expected by atitomobillts
to be a fight for supremacy in legislative racing and touring fields.
Last Survivor of Six Falls in Attempt
and Tells in Hospital Pitiful
Tale of Hardships.
New York, March 14.���A startling
story of how five girls who came to
New York from St. Paul a year ago
took their own lives was told today by
seventeen year old Helen Baxter, after
she had made a vain effort to commit
suicide also. Helen said she was one
of the party of six girls who came to
New York to make their fortunes, after
serving a course of training ln the business school ln the Minnesota city. She
turned on the gas in her furnished room
in 4:jid street last night, but was resuscitated. This morning when asked
why she had tried to end her life, the
girl replied:
"Why should I not be allowed to die?
My live girl friends who left St. Paul
with me a yea*- ago after we left school,
have all committed suicide. I want to
die as they died and Join them." "Was
it a suicide pact?" she. was asked.
"My five friends are'all dead and they
dled as they chose," was her reply.
Consular Service Changes.
Washington, March 14.���-The house
commiitee on foreign affairs today
agreed to report favorably the Cullom
bill, already passed by the senate, providing for the reorganization of the
consular service of the United States..
Twenty-eight consular offices will be
closed, seventeen established, seven
transferred, a number changed in grade,
and there will be several increases in
salary. The changes w:ll give a small
net saving annually. The offices to be
closed Include: Belleville, Ont., Coatl-
cook. Que., Three Rivers, Que., Windsor, N. S., and Woodstock, N. B. The
officer at Winnipeg Is changed from
consul to consul-general. The changes
Include the transfer of the office of
Colllngwood, Ont., to Owensound.
Dined   German   Royalty.
Berlin, March 14.���Emperor William
and Empress Alberta Victoria dined last
night with Charles Mayne Tower, the
American ambassador and Mrs. Tower
Baltic Arrived.
New York, March 14.���The steamer
Baltic has arrived from Liverpool and
Miners Want Conference.
Indianapolis, March 14.���The United
Mine Workers ot Amorica, realizing the
gravity of a suspension of work on
April 1, throwing thousand of men out
of work, have decided to give the operators another opportunity to discuss
the question of a wage scale in the
hope of averting a strike. The operators of the central competitive district
have been invited to meet the miners
of the district In another conference
on March 24. Late yesterday telegrams
were sent to all the leading operators
in the central district by the scale committee of the miners' organization.
Gotch  Will  Speak  Next.
New York, March 14.���Expressing
himself as not to be misunderstood by
the American public Geo. Hackensch-
mldt. the champion wrestler of the
world, who arrived here yesterday from
Europe, proclnlaied confidence ln his
ability to defeat Frank Gotch, the
American champion, whom he will meet
ln Chicago ou April 3.
"1 would like to have It understood,
however." he said, "that whatever may
bo the outcome of the match between
Gotch and myself it will be an absolutely square contest in which the best man
will win."
Still Hackenschmidt feels that be Is
not quite in the best wrestling condition. "I have been working for the past
year and have had little time ln which
to train but I know that with two weeks
training I will be In perfect shape."
When told that Gotch was a great
wrestler he said: "I am glad to hear It.
If he is as good as report says our
bout should be a good one."
Orders for Fruit Already
Equal Supply
Growers' Associations Now All in
One Body���Demand Will Be
Greater Than Erer.
The outlook for fruit ajrowers In
Kootenay and ln all British Columbia
was never better than It is now. The
fruit season ot 1908 Is certain, unless
unexpected and Inconceivable disaster
occurs, to far eclipse any previous
Aa was anticipated by lu promoters
the organization of the Central Fruit
Exchange haa bad the Immediate effect
of enabling the management ot the dlatrtct associations, by whose affiliation
It Is formed, to deal directly and on
far more favorable terms than before,
with the dealers ln the Northwest, British Columbia's nearest and best market-
James Johnstone has received word
tnat the Vernon Fruit Growers' Association, whose holding aloof was the chief
regret of those Interested, haa signified
its intention of Joining the exchange.
The result la that practically all the
Important organisations of fruit growers in the whole province are now
united, and from the headquarters at
Revelstoke will collect and market tha
whole product.
Mr. Johnstone further states that orders have already been received from
responsible dealers in the northwestern
centres, sufficient In amount to handle
the whole output of the province, calculated from the production of any year
to date,
Nothing could be more satisfactory. All
the growers have to do Is to raise and
harvest the fruit and ship It to Revelstoke. The exchange will do the rest,
and all proceeds will be distributed.
It is practically certain, also, that the
local markets in the province will be
much better this year than formerly,
especially on Vancouver Island, where
there will be many large construction
camps. There will also be the new
market at Prince Rupert, which will
have a large and steady demand, and
which ought to be supplied from the
older, settled parts of the province.
If the expectations of Mr. Johnstone
and tbe other promoters of the exchange are realized this year, It cannot
fall to result In such a stimulus to tha
settlement and cultivation of land tn
British Columbia as will make even the
growth of the last few years look Insignificant
Chief   Forester  of  United   Statea   Wilt
Supply Scouts.
New York, March 14.���Declaring It
Is only from the forest rangers ln tha
service of tut "ilted States that scouts
can be recruited 'or 3ervice In the
"great war that in coming," Glffard
Plnchot, chief forester of the department of agriculture, startled hia hearers at a dinner of the Camp Fire Club
of America at the Cafe des Beaux Arts
last r>lght, by discussing the war aa If
a conflict were unavoidable.
"In the great war which this country
will tight, but which I hope with all my
heart it will not have to fight soon," Mr.
Plnchot said, "the only quarter to-
which this government could look for
scouts, whose service in war Is so essential, Is to the bureau of forestry.
There and there only are men being
trained In such a fashion that they
would be of service. It la Important
that we preserve the forests and the
game to be ln condition to furnish for
service in that war the material out of
which good scouts can be mude. The
forest rangers make up this material."
Missing Mall Located.
London, March 14.���A cable ln reply
to the Inquiry to Japan has elicited the
Information that fifteen registered mall
packages which disappeared ln January, supposedly In transit on the steamer Celtic between Liverpool and New
York, have turned up at Yokohama
and have been transferred to the
United States.
Life Sentence for Assault.
Chicago, March 14.���Imprisonment
for life was the verdict of the jury yesterday that tried Howard Steele, colored, convicted of attacking Mabel Miller,
17 years of age, near her home last
December. Steele was Identified by the
girl, who stated that be struck her and
left her unconscious in the anow.
-;-. 1 .ie Dally Canadian
Clothing.    Gents'   Furnishings
and Boots and Shoes
Is beginning to arrive.
In about auotber week we will be able to offer full lines
in these goods, and can promise you the best value ever offered in the city.
In the meantime it will pay you to await their arrival
before making your purchase.
Imperial Bank of Canada
Head Office:   Toronto.
CaplUI Authorized $10,000,000    Capital Paid Up $4,860,000
Reat   $4,860,000
D. R. WtLKIE. President.
Branches in British Colombia:
abrowhead,     golden,     nelson,    revelstoke,     cranbrook,
vancouver,  victoria.
Interest allowed on deposits  from date of deposit and credited quarterly.
nblso.% BWAiNCii ��J��   lVf.   LAY,  Manager.
The Royal Bank of Canada
Incorporated  A.   D.   1869.
Capital $3,900,000     Reaerve Fund ,44,390,000
Unexcelled facilities for the transaction
of all  kinds of Banking  Buaineaa.
8PECIAL ATTENTION given to the
jnvings Bank Department, and
Interest credited Quarterly on
Savinga Bank Accounta.
on Application, In Large. Medium
or Pocket Size.
Nelson Branch, G. A. SPINK, Manager.
Published six aays a week r.-y tbe
Baaer St..  Nelson, B. C
Subscription rates, 5(1 cents s month delivered
in tbe ii:.. or SJ.Ou s rear it senl by mill, when
paid ln advance.
Advertising rales on application.
All monies paid ln settlement ol Ihe Dally
Canadian accounts, either lor subscriptions or
adreilistug, must be receipted for ou the printed
forms of the Company. Other receipts are not
Saturday, March 14. 1908.
Twenty.nine years ago Sir John A.
Macdonald introduced into the house of
commons of Canada the bill which established the system of tariff protection
In Canada, substantially as it remains
In 18CC Ihe Elgin reciprocity treaty
lapsed, notice of abrogation having
been given by the American government ten years earlier, when the treaty
had been Id force Just two years. From
that time to tlie present the history of
the United Stales larltT, against Canada
as against the rest of the world, has
been the history of a steadily rising
hostile  barrier.
The effect was not felt in Canada at
once. During the American Civil War
and the resulting disturbing of commerce and Industry in the republic
Canadian products of all kinds had
found a profitable market south of the
border. With the abrogation of the
treaty of reciprocity, and the period of
tremendous development that followed
the close of the war, our neighbors
soon were able to supply their own
wants and our markets were deluged
with American products turned out ln
enormous quantities, ready and able to
undersell Canadian goods in Canadian
markets.. Then came the world panic
of 1873, Soon Canadian industries were
out of business, artlzans were Idle and
penniless, and the farmers found none
to buy, or at least to pay for, their produce.
It was the misfortune of Alexander
McKenzie to be premier of Canada during the five least prosperous years of
Its history.
Sir John Macdonald saw that only
by an effective protective tariff against
American products could the industries and business be built up in Canada and prosperity restored. He swept
the country with his .National Policy in
the autumn of 1878, and on March 14th
of the following year put it into effect
by act of parliament.
The history of the tariff question In
Canadian politics since then is one of
the most peculiar phenomena in the
history of Canada. The National
Policy was at once attacked by the
Liberal party, led then by Alexander
McKenzie and Edward Hlake. Protection was denounced as robbery of the
farmer for the benefit of a few manufacturers. It was also asserted that a
Liberal administration could secure a
renewal of reciprocity with the United
In eighteen years that cry did duty
in the five general campaigns, thOHe of
'78, '82, '87, '!)1 and '%. The Liberal
tariff policy appeared under the various
aliases of Free Trade, Unrestricted
Reciprocity, Commercial Union, Tariff
for Revenue Only, and Free Trade as
They  Have  it ln  England.
To the very last It was the chief
plank of the Liberal platform. In the
campaign of '96 Sir Wilfrid Laurler declared again and again with passionate
eloquence that he "would never rest
till he had wiped out the last vestige
of the inlquitious system of protection."
It v.-uld be charitable to his heart, but
an Insult to his head, to believe that he
understood and meant what hiB words
With the victory of the Liberals In
1896 the tariff as a political issue died
a natural death. No sane Canadian
dreams of attacking the National Policy
now any more than he dreams of
abolishing responsible government, or
dissolving Confederation, or taking up
the rails of the Canadian Pacific railway.
The chief merit of Sir Wilfrid Laur-
ier in the eyes of future historians of
Canada will be that, though he made
no public recantation, he made no pretence of fulfilling his crazy pledge to
"wipe out the last vestige of the iniquitous   system   of   protection."
The defeat of a Socialist bill in the
British house of Commons marks the
beginning of the end for the present
government. It Is true that the Liberals
nominally have a majority over Conservatives. Nationalists and Socialists
all togeteher. But many of the Liberals
in the campaign had accepted the
Socialist pledges and were elected by
Socialist votes. It may be that Britain
will be freed from the Incubus of free
imports ln the manner suggested by
Lord Itosebery, the making of a desperate choice between protection and
socialism. Acceptance of Socialist
dogman and practice is almost
almost Impossible to Anglo-Saxons
or Celts, but a positive policy Is
demanded and the tariff reformers are
the only other party offering it. It is.
perhaps worth noting lhat Lord Rose-
bery has overstated the case. Mr. Balfour has not declared for protection as
It Is understood in Germany, the United
States or Canada. He has asked only
that British ministers be given the
means of replying to obviously hostile
The fact that the American navy is
to make a tour of the world id time of
peace is the best possible evidence that
the American government has no apprehension of war.
British Proposal Approved.
St. Petersburg, March 14���The British note sent to the powers by Sir
Kdward Grey, secretary for foreign affairs, proposing virtually the appointment of a permanent governor of Macedonia, has been received here and is
being carefully considered. While the
foreign office is not willing to state In
advance what its response will be It is
understood that Russia will announce
her willingness to support the proposition of Great Britain. Grave doubts
are entertained, however, of the possibility of inducing the Porte to accept
the proposal.
Columbia Cabinet Changes.
Bogota. March 14.���General Marre-
lano Vargas has been given the portfolio of minister of government, and F.
J. Urrutia that of foreign affairs, in the
cabinet of President Royes.
Cancellation of Reserve.
Notice Is hereby Riven tbat the reserve OTer
certain lands in soulh-Kast Kootenay. notice of
which apyeareii lu the British Columbia Gazelle
of the 14th of August, :- r and bore date of August 12th, l&yu, is hereby cancelled. The above
mentioned lauds will be open for location under
the Land Act on March 30, 1908.
Deputy Commissioner of Lands and Works
Lands and Works Department,
Victoria. B C, December 16tb, 1807.
One-Way Colonist
Rates to Alberta and
British Colombia
LONDON ��46.05
KING8TON   50.10
OTTAWA    51.40
OTTAWA via Chicago 52.45
QUEBEC  66.00
Tickets on sale Feb. 29th, April 29th,
1908. Corresponding low rates trom Intermediate points.
For further Information as regards to
rates,  etc.,  apply  to
c. e. Mcpherson,      j. moe,
G.P.A., Wlnnlpsa. OKA., Nelson
CI' A., M��)M��, B.C.
Tremont House
Knropean and American Flan
Meals IS rts.   Boomi from .;'.���'.' U.
ouiy White Help Employed.
Baker St.. Nelson Proprlelorl
Most comfortable quarters      Nelaon
Only the bee. o f Liquors and Cigars.
Grand Central Hotel
Thoroughly renovated and refurnished. Rooms 50 cents upward. The
dining room Is unexcelled In the city.
House heated throughout with hot
J. A. ERICKSON, Proprietor.
Telephone, ISO.    Opposite Court Rous*
and Postofflce. Nelson. B. C.
Queen's Hotel
Baker Street, Nelson. B. C
large   snd   Comfortable   Bedroom    and First*
class Dialog Boom.
MRS.  E. C. CLARKE, Proprietress.
Bartlett   House
But DoIlar-a-Day House in Nelson.
The Bar la the Finest.
White Help Only Implored
Josephine St.
Nelson. B. 8.
Royal Hotel
moral rraass.
Rates fl and $1.50 a Day.
Special Rates to Regular Boarders
Corporation of  the City of  Nelson.
The Board of Health of the City ot
Nelson deem it advisable that as a
measure of precaution all citizens should
be vaccinated, and notice is hereby
given to those desiring to be vaccinated
and who are not ln a position to incur
the expense thereof, that the MedlcaJ
Health Officer will be in the Courfcil
Chamber, City Hall, on Thursday, tbe
6th day of February, between the hours
of 4 and 5 o'clock p. m., and on each
succeeding week day as required at the
name time and place, for the purpose of
vuccinatlng those who may present
W.  E. WA8SON,
City Clerk.
February 5th, 1908.
���lion I mi Dlatrlct. Dlatrlct of Weit Kootenny
Tike notice that I. L. W Hhaver, Intend to apply for a apeclil licence to cut and carry away
timber from 640 acrea of land : Commencfnft ��'-
a poat marked L. vv Sharer, northweat corner
thenee eighty chain* aoutb. thence eighty
chalna eaat, thence eighty chalna north, theuce
elrhty chalna weat to place of beginning, containing 640 acrea. more or leaa, and ea*t and adjacent to timber licence 1&024. and alao aouth
and adjacent lo timber licence No ItWaS, and alao
aouth and adjacent to V A. Shaver Umber limit
No. 1.
Dated  riorember 21at, 1907.
L. W. Hhav*r, locator.
A. H*. nm, agent.
Nelioa Land Dlatrlct. Dlstrlctof Weal Kootenay
Take notice that I, Charlei Dutcher. Intend
to apply for k apeclal timber licence, to cut and
carry away timber from 64�� acrea of land Commencing at No i poat about 12 mllea weat of tbe
Kootenay river, on the north aide of|Boundary
creek' and nerth.and adjacent to timber Hcenaei
l&Me, and one mile north of the international
boundary line: commencing at a poit marked
l.'harlea Dutcher'a aouthweat oorner, thence ��0
chalna north, UUBM 90 chalni eaat, thence 80
chalna aouth, thence 80 chalna weit to the place
ol beginning, containing 640 acrea, more or leaa
Located November 18tb. 1907.
Csamuu Dutchke, Locator.
No. 2. Commencing at a poat marked t.hartea
Dutcher'a aoutheaat corner, thence 80 chalna
north, tbence 80 chalni weit, thence 80 chaina
aouth, thence 80 chalna eaat to tbe place of be-
f Inning, and weat and adjacent to number one
Imber limit, and containing M0 acrea, more or
Located November 18th, 1907.
i haki.cs Duichick. Locator.
No. S. Commencing at a p t marked Charlei
Dutcher'i northweat corner and about 16 mllea
weat of tbe Kootenay river on the north fide ol
Boundary creek and north and adjacent to timber lloenwe 16660, thence aoutb 80chaina, thence
eaat 80 chalna, tbence north |Q chalna, theuce
weit 80 chalna to the place of beginning, containing 640 acrei, more or leu.
Locaiad November 18th, 1907.
CHABLXa Dutchkr, Locator.
Nn. 4. Commencing at a poit marked Charlei
Dutcher'i uortbeait corner, thence louth 80
chaina, thence weat 80 chalni, thence north 80
chalni. thence eaat 80 ehalna to the place of beginning, containing 640 acrea, more or leaa
Located November 18th, 1907.
CBAHI.H Dutchbb, Locator.
No. 6. commencing at a poit marked Charlei
Dutcher'a aoutheaat corner, tbence 80 chain*
north, thence HO chalne weat, thence 80 chaina,
aouth. thence 80 chalni eaat to the place of beginning, containing 810 acrea, more or leaa
Located November 18tb, 1907.
(,'HAKnta Ddtchbr, Lacator.
No. 6. Commencing at a poat marked Charlea
Dutoher'a aouthweat oorner, thnnoo north f*u
chalni, thenoa eaat fO chalni, thenee south 80
mm t*���m*mwY��k*i99 to tag nl��c��of b��.
Special Rtin Sale of New La-
ces, Embroideries and Muslins
A fine stock to
These lines are now on sale at exceedingly low   prices,
select from.
Embroideries from 5c to $1.50 per yard.
Laces from 25c per dozen up.
New Dress Muslins from 15c to 75c per yard.
1 *"
313 Cordova Street. Vancouver, B. C.
We have established the townslto of P'irl Motion on Howe Sound, 26 mllea from Vancouver, and secured the water rights of ICalny River, which Is capable of developing from 2000 to 6000 horae-powcr. for ths ��>
cation of our mammoth plant for tbe manufacture of nawapsspar, building paper, wrapping paper, etc, tie
plant to have a capacity of 450 tons of finished paper per week; the company hopt 'o have the pulp plant In
operation by Nov. 1,  1908.
We now offer for subscription the balance of our first allotment of Preferred Stock In blocks of 100
shares  at   $1.00   per   ahare;   each  100 aharea entitled to a bonua of 25   shares of Preferred.
The preferred stock Is entitled to a dividend of 7 per cent, commencing November 1, 1908. The 7 V*
cent, dividend Is due and payable before any dividend Is paid upon the common stock. After 7 per cent nsl
been paid upon preferred both stricks thereafter participate equally. There la no good reason why the preferred should not pay from 25 to 50 per cent, dividends.
The books of the corporation are open at any time for tile Inspection of the general public. There li ��
watered stock, no Inflated values, no ground floor plan, or huge promoters' profits in the enterprise. Uiillto
most corporations. Instead of allowing 15 to 25 per cent for advertising and sale of stock, the entire commission, literature, newspuper advertising, brokerage, office expenses, etc . Is limited to 10 per cent.
The public are cordially Invited to visit our demonstrating plant, 313 Cordova atrcet, and wltnesi
the manufacture of pulp and paper from refuse material, such as slabs, discarded shingle bolU, etc., that U
now   being  burnt  at tbe  local mills.
Captain H. A. Mellon, J. P., American
Lloyds Agent, etc.
W. H. R. Collister, Manager Albion
Iron Works, Vancouver.
Francis J. P. Gibson, British Columbia Trust Corporation.
J. C. W. Stanley, formerly General
Manager West Loudon Paper Mills.
London. England.
Col. T. H. Tracey, M.C., Soc. C E., P.
L. 8., D. L. 8.. Con., Eng., former City
Kngineer of Vancouver,
Fred Smith, member of Smith,
Wright I Davidson, Wholesale Paper
Co., Vancouver, B. C.
II. M. Burrltt, Western Manager Cor-
tlcelll giik Co., Vancouver, B. C.
Kustace II. Jenns, Barrister, etc., Vancouver, B. C.
Geo. K Catos, Catea Shipbuilding
Co.,  Vancouver, B.  C.
Ureoly .Kolis.formerly General Man
ager Pacific Coast Coda Co.
KlimliiK.   eonalnlng M0 ��  ['���-, more or less
Located Nov.-nil ei 1 <i ti, I9o7
Chaslks DrTCHga, Locator.
West Kootenay Land District. District ot West
Take notfce lhat I, I. C. Jalisco, of Spolranc,
Wash., occllpstlon tlrnberniah, Intend to apply
for a special timber licence over the following
descrlbcd lands:
1 Commencing at a post planted at the H. W.
corner, about 1 mile from Kvln Johnstons P | K
No. 6G6, said |��ost being placed on the Interna,
tlonal boundary line, thence north 40 chslns,
thence east 160 chains, tnence south 4U chains,
thence west 160 chalus to point of commence,
ment. containing 640 acres.
listed Pec mbirfrd, 1907. j. c. Japskn.
'I. Commcnvlng at a post planted at theH W.
corner, about 40 chains noith lrom tba 8. W.
corner of location No I., tbence north 40 chalus,
tbaooj ����ni<* chains, thene. south 40 cb��m��,
S?5?.��*, T."\ fS '''I""1" '"Point of commence,
ment. containing 040 acres. J  c  Javsrn
.1. Commencing at a post planted at the �� W.
Z��r?,i:l ",!""'.ft ,'';��l,l�� north from the 8. W
uESLlL''.";;),"", N."' *' ,hoace north 40 chains,
thence east 160 chains, theneo south 40 chains
thence west 100 chalus to point of com 11 -i e
ment. containing ino .ere. ' I C   lariat"
,.���4...,.,i;o'D.n'-',.,"l.!l��' f' * P""1 Planted at the 8. W.
%225,'J """i,4" ':"""�� north lrom tho 8 VV
ihenc.. Si! iJ, '"" ?* ''��� OntM north 40 chains.
���eSc w?..,^ ,���',"'J","' "'"������'"-'o """>' ���� chains
In��� ,.,,?, ., !H 'V.?,'"" "' P��lnt ��< commencement, containing Motors*. j. oi Jan-bun
,.o,������V""im"!".',',u"'. "' ��� P""1 Planted at tho H W.
cor I i"'. , '!""'.4,0 chains north from tho 8. W.
ti,..n,... ���.,",'!. '"" N"4' "'once norlh 40 chains,
11,0,. ���?". r2,.';,,,l""' """'����� ""Uth 40 chain.,
iSSH'tZiSMSK, "fiSri1 to Point of oommeuce-
ment, containing 640 acres
f *0o?-Sir 41h; "����� tO. JAKiS.
��.  < owmeaclng .1. ym pj.,^ .1 >kap. ��/,
corner about 40 chains nortli ,r''''h(orbi��
corner of location No. 6, t*"���� "JS-stW
theaceeasl 180 chains, thence �� 1 ""5���ni����
thence west ISO chains, 10 polnl 01 w j
mem, containing MO acres , c /js��W
December 4th.If*"
De.-ember 4th
Commencing at a post D ;"*i0utl.��,,fi
���r, about </.ot a �������'�����; gjntioo'jfi
lion from ino south fork of ��   ,   ,h��J
oorue .
and about 7U
south 160 chains,  ineuuo '"","111 ahs
north l��o chains, thonco *���'.' w ���
��# M.��nuMint. nnnialnlUV '''  ,
ileTfYom  ����"ffift iijijj I
thence c.st�� ����'���  ,���M I
fS&m*% n*4
���    .: The Daily Canadian
J&EmZ oV^n^Uon. ��WUer8 ��f "����d frUU 'and ,D the Kooten^ �����'"*. BriU��n C��lumbIa- on dlrect
5820 Acres at Fosthall Valley   Arrow  Lake.
1291 Acres at Nakusp   Arrow  Lake.
14113 Acrea at The Narrows   Arrow  Lake.
2149 Acres at Whalshan Lake   Arrow  Lake.
1G0 Acres at Cinnamon Creek    Arrow  Lake.
300 Acres at Mlchaud Creek   Arrow   Lake.
194 Acres at Van llouten Creek   Arrow  Lake.
120 Acres nt Hutchinson Creek Arrow  Lake.
305 Acres at Bowman Creek Arrow  Luke.
899 Acrea at Utile Deer Park Arrow  Lake
657 Acres at Brooklyn   Arrow  Lake.
All of the above have aplendid lake frontage.
860 Acres between Salrtio and Erie on G. N. Ry.
673 Acres 4 miles north of Frultvale on   G.  N.   Ry.
223 Acres 2 miles north of Frultvale on G. N. Ry.
The three tracts laat named  are 40 mllea aouth of Nelaon  In the famous  Frultvale  district.
At  Frultvale  and on the  Arrow  Lakea with  all  the  conveniencea  and comforts of civilization.
School, Poat Office, Storea, etc.
Soil, Location, Prices and Terms cannot be beaten.
Plana, Mapa, Blue Prints, Prlcea, Etc., on Application.
Please apeclfy tract when writing for  In'ormation.
Kootenay Orchard Assodation
British Columbia
\u cannot dine on FROG LEGS every clay.    We furnish the
>ef,   Porky   Mutton and Veal
Hams, Bacon and hard
With all varieties of
Fresh and Smoked Fish
in the market
Mincemeat of Finest Quality in glass and wood.
P. Burns & Co., Ltd.
slo  Rossland     1NEU.SOIN,  ��3. G- Boundary
. Und District.  Dl.ur.ct of Weit Kootenay
��� notice lhat  Harry   Bird, of Nelson, occu-
real  estate Ment. intends to Apply for
���ion to purchase the   following  dewrlbed
��� oraintiii'ing  at a   posl  planted   at   the
��sl   corner   M   Lot   878,   tbence   running
��i> chains,   thenee  weat'JU  ehalna,   thence
J" ��� halna,  more  or   leaa. lo the   northerly
nry    of   tot  *~>*>  theuce   following;   north
-.Jar]   U>t ins to point ot commencement,
r-        a- 44i acrea. more or M.
1      ' r. t.ruary 1Mb. INK. H*MT Bl��D,
F. 0. Ok��n, Agent
Und Dlitrlct. Dlatrlct ot Weal Kootenay
notice that Kred. J btmmoni, agent lor
tanner, of Nelaon, occupation walcb-
intends lo apply for permission lo pur-
-. .hi- following described lauda: Commen-
; - ; -! ri mi ted about *\*4 nillea eaat ;>f
��n creek, M,.-iii e 40 chaina in an eaat��rly
���u.   the lira  '.�� chains   aouih, iheuce 40
 In a westerly direction, thence U�� chains
[if. to the poini of commencement, containing
���ire*, umre or leaa
ated Nov .Jutb, WW. , _,	
KHIURK ��    'OH*   1 ANNKlt.
K, J  Hammonb, Agent.
fiti Land Dlitrlct.   District ol Weal kooleuay
���:������' that Fred J    bammons. agent tor
,-    ral.ard,  of   Proctor, occupation   rancher,
pod* l�� apply for perinlaalou to purchaae the
I' ������     .    ill -. hIm'.i   landa:     Commencing at a
I Wauled aboiillS mllea eaat of W llaon creek,
���iiihweat** chalna, Ihenee northwest**)
betUM uortheait20chaina, tneure south-
��� :.- to the tho p..nit oi commeneemeut
nit 40 acres, more or leaa.
���sit-d Nov  it'th, 1W07.
AHt ItlBliI'   AKDBIUON   lUUiRI',
AgWUt   V     J      HARMONS.
P" i> inn l Dimrlot.   Dlatncl ol Weft Kootenay
QotloeUUbl W. A. Hudsou.ttiiibcr cruiser,
ana, (Spokane county, Washington, one
tilled Hiftu>aof America, lutnida to apply
'-' lal   timber  license  over   the following-
1 1 landa:   Commencing at a poat marked
Is u ted on the north bank of Corn creek,
Mimiidii ol  the Norlh lork of Corn creek
[,!   tna main atream, about   Ave   milea  in n
rlv iiirei Hon from confluence of aaid Corn
wi'li the Kootenay river;  theuce norlh 40
i;   ���..:,��������� went  160 chains; theuce aoulh 4t)
��� ! tbenoaaajit lflo chains to point of eoin-
Mnunt, i���in .uk MO acrea more or leaf.
iHtid  adjolna timber limit No 7  on the
""�� timbi-r limit No. g on the aouth, aa lo-
'���> me.
f*<'att!'l .November 7, 1907.
William A. Hudson. Locator.
wJ by Patrick C. Bhluo
ftcjared nixi Higned by the within named W
Mson  on   thu mil day of November, A   ft.
iM-lure  me  at Hpokaue,   Hpokaue   County,
''"-.' "i.i.iiitui tbe United Htatenof America.
I'.Tiin K C. HHIHB.
riot.   District ol Weat Kootouey
"n married  woman,  intends  to apply
followlng  del
F��k(! i:
U   Hi;   _ _
iftrpl��lOll  to purchaae 'tho  iw>> *  ���������-
11��. '": t'omnwuuliig at a poat planted at
mi oraectlon of the north boundary of Lot
1 the cust boundary ot Lot No. Bli*ft.
am m chalna, moro or leaa, lo the north
rthiMi"Vr ��' Umbor Limit No. 7671, thenee
r��oao chalni, tlienee weat 20 chalna, more or
ream side of WhaUhan lake, thence
���una in a aouthurlv and westerl)
,,, ''Hi olialua, more or leaa tothelutur
r ��ui win, ,,,,1 sirVi, ihcnoo 85 chalna. more or
"��� ""lowing eaaterly boundary of Lot 1*186 u>
���Wl .111   OCtObtr. IU07. ISABELLA   I'lBKf'K,
jL. f. ft. Fattquibb, "gent.
���'"��l Hinl Dintriut. Dlatriulof Weal Kooleuay
��nn!. U0!!''" lhat Alexander J, McCool, of
iMn-ri. . ' "������'���'���.���muni clerk, lnteuda to apply
fibed WW"ilou  '" Purchase the following ilea
way rlgbl-til-way, about nue and a half mlief
wcnierly from the northweat corner of lot HUKS,
group 1, Kootenay, theuce foutb -> t-haiua,
thence eaat 80 chalui. thence north MOchalnBto
houthern boundary of aald rlghl-ofwa>, theuce
weat 80 chains along nald tfouthern boundary to
point of commencement, aud containing 600
acrcf, more or leaa.
Dated  November ��tb, 1907
Nela-m I.rtn-i Dlitrlct.   District ol Weat KiMttenay
Take notice lhat F. P. Hurden, acting af agent
for J. H   Burdeti,  of   Pokiok,   N.B.,  occupation
mechanic,   Inteudi  lo  apply  for  permlfii-ion   to
purchaae the lollowing dcft-rlbed   lands:    Commencing at a poat planted on tlie  easterly ahore
ut Arrow lake and about 10 chalua north of the
N. E. corner  of  lot SUM, Ihenee eaat 20 chains.
IheiM-e uorth 40 chaltiH, more or leas, to the lake
thoie, thence southwesterly along the lakeabore
to the point of commvneemeut,   and   containing
So acres, more or lei*,.
1 ated November 18th, 1907. James H   Hckkki*-,
V   i'    MiniiKN. Agenl.
NeUon I^and Dlatrlct. Diistrtct of West Kootenar
Take uutlru that John James Cameron, of
Kerule, British Columbia, occupation contractor, intends lo apply lor permlaalon to
purchaae the following described land: Commencing al a poit planted on the southern
boundary of tbe B: O. .Southern rlghtof way
about 40 chalus westerlv from the N. W corner
ol lotlMS, itroiip I, Kooleuay, thence ��� ���mth TO
chalna, Ihenee oait 41) chains, thene**- north 60
chalus to the southern boundary ol the said
right-of-way, thenee westerly along aald south
cm boundary of right of-way to the polut
commencement, and containing 240 acre*, more
or less
Dated November 9th, 1907.
 John Jamm CAMgaOi��.
Nelson Laud District. Dlstrletol West Kootenay
Ta ko notice that John Hhlrll. of Needles, B C.,
occupation raucher. inleuds to apply for permission 10 purchase the lollowing described
laud; Commencing at a post planted al the
northweat coruer ... Lot 7898, thence west 40
chains, thence aouth Ho chalna, theuce east 40
chains, iheuce north HO chalna to the point ol
commencement, and containing 8K0 acres, more
"Vated tllh October, 1907. Jam���� HiliBLL,
F. '���- FAt'gitlKR. Agent.
Nelson Land Dlitrlct    Dlatrlct ol Weat Kooleuay
Take notice that  Angus  WUOUX, of IheCllyof
Nelson, iK-cupalion fireman, luteuda to apply for
permission tit purchaae the  following deicrtbed
lands:    Commencing  at a   po*t planted  at  the
.s   W    coiner   L    C.   Morrhiou s   ranch,   tu   Fir
alloy, tin quo  north   forty  (40) chalni, theuo
ait foMy (40) chalna, ihenee south    ,.ily NO
alna, theuce west forty |4ii) chalna OUlto
m ineiicement,   and lontainlng   one hundred
d alxty (160) acrea. more or leaa. ._  m
DUd 8epteJihor2nd. 1907.       AMUiia   Mit.Ml.
Nelson Lftttd Dlatrlct.  District of Weal Kootenay
Take notice thai  Hugo Caratena, of Winnipeg,
Man..   iMtiunailon  publisher,  Intend* to apply
lor permlstlon  to   purchaae the   lollowlug de-
atTlbed land:
Commeuolng at a post planted on   Ihe west
nundary of L. 4*271., <J. 1. (about 5 miles from Ar
row Ukn< on   Mosquito  Creek) and 21  chains 7:��
Uuks south of  theN.W.C. of  aald   lot, running
thence west 80 chains, thence south 80 chiiins,
thence eaat 80 chains, thenre uorth 80 chains lo
place of commencement, containing 640 acres,
more or law.
chari.kh Marshall,
Alient for Hugo Carstena.
Dated 2fl Dcnambor 1B07.
Nelaon Land District.   District ot Weat Kootenay.
Take notice that Tina Bergman, of Altona,
Man , oeeupallou wife of 0. Bergman, farmer.
Altona, Mail , Intends to apply for permission to
purchase the following described land:
Commencing at a post planted at the N. K. C.
of Hugo Carstens' application to purchaae and
running tbence weat 80 chains thence norlh 80
chains, thence east 40 chains, thence south 8
chains 25 hnka, thence east 40 Grains, thenee
south 71 chains 7*> links to point ol commencement, containing 607 acres more or less.
Charles Marshall,
Agent   for   Tina   Bergman.
Dated 23 December 1907.
West Kootenay Land District. District of Goat
Take notice that 1, George A. Hunt, of Kit.
chener, occupation tlmoerman, intend to
apply for permission to purchase the
following described land: Commencing at a
post planted about 40 chains, west ol ThomiKion
marked N. W. corner, theuce south 10 3* chains
thence east 44.67 chains, Ihenee north S1.46
chains, thence weat along B.C. Houthern Kail-
way to place of commencement, containing 96.18
Dated January 8th. 1908.        Ckobge H. Hint
Nelson ImihI District District nt Wust Kontsnay.
Take notice thai lASvltloorao 1'ayne, of Needles,
B tl., occupation raurlier, Inlcnna to apply lor
permission lo purchase the inilowlug described
taints: t'nmuicnclnK at a post planted about f,
chains west ul tt luiishau creek and Usui, chains
south ol tho southwest cornor 01 Lot No' KMH
rniinlna thence north m chains, thence west HU
c atus thence south U Ota chains, Ihenee eaat
u MS chains, Ihetn-e south 67 H4s chains, Ihenee
e7 ,111 chains east lo point ol commencement,
oonlslntna Ml seres, now .urvursil aa lot HIM.
^iJaSift Jasuar;, WM. CsTiUaosas ff��ai.
Nelaon l.an-1 District. District of We��t Kootenay
Take notice thai I, Frederick Adle. of Waneta,
B. C., occupation merchant, intend to apply for
permit.sli>n to purchase the following described
laud: Commencing at a poat planted about 10
chains west of the N E. cmnerof lot 8622, thence
uorth 2o chains, ihenee east 80 chains, thence
south 20 chains, thenre west 80 chains to point
ol commencement, containing 160 acres, more or
Dated January 21st, 1908.       Frederick Ame.
Nelson Land District. District of West Kootenay
Take notice that Marion Isabella Crease, of the
City of .Nelson, in the Province of British Columbia, occupation spinster, Intends to apply for
jiermlsaiou to purchaae the lollowing described
land: Commencing; at a post planted at the
hign water mark of the Halmon river distant
about IK miles in a southerly direction from
halmo, B C, thence north 40 chains, thence east
40 chains, thence south 40 chains, more or h--^.
to the high water mark of the Halmon river,
thence west 40 chains, more or lets, along said
high watermark to the point of commencement,
ami coutaiulng 160 acres, more or leaa.
Located on the 1st day ol February, 1908.
Dated 10th Februarv. 1908
Marion Iiabiixa Crkask,
Kdward Manly Petbrs, Agent.
Nelson Land District. Dlstrlctof West Kootenay
Take notice tbat James William Gallagher, of
the City ot Nelson, in tbe Province of llritish
��� olumbla, occupation merchant, intends to apply lor permDaion to purchaae the following
described land : Commencing at a post planted
at the high water mark of tbe Halmon river distant aoout 12 mllea ln a southerly direction from
Halmo, B- 0m thence north 40 chains, thence
west 40 chains, thence south 40 chains, more or
less, to the high water mark of the Halmon river,
thence east 40 chains, more or less, along the
aald huh water mark to the place ot beginning,
containing 168 acres, more or lest,
i^ocaled on the 1st day of February, 1908.
Dated 14th February, 1908.
Jamkh William *.ai mohir,
Kdward Mani.iv I'ktkks, Agent.
Nelson Land District.   District of Welt K ootena
Take notice that I John Arthur Pcott, of Mono
Cuitre, Out, oouupatlon farmer. Intend to apply for permission to purchase the following deacrlbed land at the mouth of Hummlt creek:
Commencing at a post planted at the southeast ci riirr ot lot 8788 marked N. K , thence
south .i) chains, thence west 20 chains, thence
north -to chains, tbence east 20 chalni to place of
commencement containing 80 acres,
John Arthur Hcott.
W. J. Hcott, Agent.
Dated Feb. lSth, 1908.
Nelson Land District. Dlitrlct of Weft Kootenay
Take notice that 1 Christie Scott, of Mono
Center, Ont, occupation married woman, Intend
to apply for permission to purchase tho following described land near Hummlt creek :
commeuclng at a post planted at the southeast coruer of lot 8780 marked 8. W , thence
north 80 chalna, tbence east 20 chains, thence
south 20 chains, thence west 20 chalni tu place
of commencement containing 40 acres
Chribtir Scott.
W.J. Scott, Agent.
Dated Feb IS, 1908.
In the matter of an application for the Issue of
��� duplicate Certificate ot Title for loU 4,6, U, 11,
19, .'.', and 82, of lot 891, Group One, ln tbe
DlMrlctof Kooteuav (Map 898)
Notice Is hereb;* given that It If my Intention
to Issue at the expiration nf one month after the
first publication hereof adupllcate of the Certificate of > ltle for the above mentioned lots in
the name of Klchard Hetme, which Certificate nf
Title Is dated the 24th day of November, 1906,
and   numbered 68IOA.
Land Registry Cilice, Nelson, B. C, January
17th, 1908. -    __ ���    .,
District Kagistrgr.
Left for  England.
Bishop Perrin and his wife left victoria last Thursday for England, where
the Bishop will attend tve eighth great
Pan-Anglican conference.
Lowery a   (Jacne.
British Columbia will soon be one of
the great orchards of the world, and
we do not even own a gooseberry bush.
However, we have a million tons of
wild oats cached in the barn.���Greenwood   I^edgt*.
Lumber  Mills  Starting.
The Royal City Lumber Mills, New
Westminster have started after remaining idle for three months. This
means the employment of 300 men. It
also points to a revival in the lumbering and milling Industry which has
shown anything but a roseate hue during  the  past few  months.
Promising  ground.
John Houston has received word
from Goldfleld, Nevada, that two old-
timers In British Columbia, T. C. Collins and Charles Locason, have ground
in San Bernardino county, California,
that looks as If it might place them ln
comfortable circumstances. It is located near Silver Lake, a station on Borax Smith's branch of the Same Fe railway. The ore Is copper with values
in gold.
Salvation Army Immigrant!.
Five cars of Salvation Army immigrants arrived at Vernon last Monday
forenoon in charge of Staff-Capt. Patterson and Capt. Johnstone. They were
met at the station by the local corps
with jts band, and given a cordial
welcome to the Okanagan. The cars
contained about 175 immigrants, a fair
sprinkling being married men with
their wives. Vernon and the surround-,
Ing district received 132 of these; 12
got off at Enderby, and 14 at Armstrong; while the remainder proceeded
on to points down the lake. Capt.
Johnstone states tbat he has already
received applications for over a hundred more of this class, who will reach
Vernon In the next contingent which is
expected to arrive about the middle of
A Nelaon Invention.
One of the most perplexing problems
grocers have had Do solve from time to
time is the safest and most convenient
methods of storing coal oil and other
liquids. Particularly has the storage
of coal oil been a source of great inconvenience, the odor arising endangering the preservation In good condition
of other goods. To obviate this difficulty George Fleming, the Fairvlew grocer has invented a device for measuring liquids, Which is at once ingenious
and usegul. By iti use, the grocer will
be enabled to h: .*e bia liquids constantly on tap, and it will not be necessary to travel after dark to an outbuilding when a small measure of coal
oil is to be procured for a customer. As
a patent has been applied for, Mr.
Fleming does not  feel  disposed to en
ter into any lengthy description of hhl
Invention, but promises to supply the
desired information to the Daily Canadian  when the. right  time comes.
St.   Paul'a   Appeal   for   Temperance   In
All  Things Still  Applicable���
Cfiurch   Services.
Tomorrow will be the Second Sunday In Lent. The only holy day that
occurs during the following week Is
St. Patrick's Day, Tuesday. St. Patrick is easily the best known of the
Seven Saints of Christendom, the
champions and patrons of the four nations of Britain, and of France, Spain
and Italy. He is also the only one
about wbose life and work there is no
doubt. He was not the founder of the
church ln Ireland, but he was Its greatest prelate and did more than any
other to lay the foundation of that
civilization ln the western Island which
made It for several centuries renowned throughout Europe for learning and
piety, until It fell at last before the
successive inroads of the Danes and
A nglo-Normans.
The epistle for the day is from St.
Paul's epistle to the Thessalonians,
which is an exhortation to temperance
in its broadest sense, to self-control
and abstinence from evil habits and
yielding to temptations of the flesh.
It Is an appeal for the cultivation of
the virtues which it is the purpose of
the Lenten season to foster, self-discipline and the moulding of the whole
man to obedience to the higher Impulses of his nature and conquest of the
lower  desires.
The following services are announced
for the city churches for tomorrow:
Church of England���St. Saviour's,
corner Ward and Silica Sts., Second
Sunday in Lent, holy communion, 8 a.
m.; morning prayer and holy communion, 11 a. m.; Sunday School, 2.30 p. m.;
evensong. 7.30 p. m. Rev. F. H. Graham, pastor.
Roman Catholic���Church of Mary Immaculate, corner of Ward and Mill
streets; Low mass, S a. m.; high mass,
10:30 a. m; evening service, 7:30 p. m.
Rev. Father Althoff, priest
Presbyterian Church���St. Paul's, corner of Victoria and Kootenay streets;
Morning service, 11 a. m.; Sunday
school, 2:30 p. m.; evening service, 7:30
p. m.    Rbt. J. T. Ferguson, minister.
Methodist Church���Corner Silica and
Josephine streets; Morning service, 11
a. m.; evening service, 7.30 p. m.;
Sunday School, 2.30 p. m. Rev. R. N.
Powell,   pastor.
BaptlsT church���Stanley Btreet, near
Mill: Morning service, 11 a. m.; evening service, 7.30 p. m.; Sunday School,
2:30 p. m.   Rev. A. N. Frith, pastor.
Salvation Army���Barracks on Victoria street, west of Josephine: Special
services for tomorrow. Knee drill, 9 a.
m.; holiness meeting, 11 a. m.; a praise
meeting at 3 p. m.; salvation meeting
at 8 p. m.
Christian Sclence^���Reading room on
corner of Stanley and Victoria Streets,
open daily from 3 to 5 p. m.
Is now ready to execute  all
orders for Job Printing on
shortest notice.
The Job Department is up-to-
date in every respect and a
full line of stationery 'will be
kept in stock.
All orders entrusted to our
care will receive prompt and
careful attention.
314 Baker St.
Tel. 324.
Lots   in  Addition    A"
We are agents for most of the lots
in the above addition, being agents for
F. C. Innls, Coats & Co., and the Nelson
Electric Tramway Co.
For full particulars as to prices,
terms, etc., apply to
H.   &   M,   BIRD
One of
In Fruit Landa now offering.    157 acrea
of choice land situated on Hovvser Lake.
sjjBSBfjsj aaasav *20.00 per acre, eaaily cleared..  Muat be
Tho Best ������"-��������"�����
For  full   particulars  apply
If you want Good Land
McDermid & McHardy
T   J5X ?"�� 5 10acre F���1* Ranch In tte*oest fruit growing district
In British Columbia by paying $10 dollars down and $10 per month,
Even as an investment this Is worth consideration.      ~.��T
Fruit Land bas trebled ln value within the year.   What will it do next
S       NBL.SON
MANUFACTURERS    T   rfM1l r. ���     CL*L    t
AND DEALERS IN    J^tttllDef t   OHlsflgleS,
Lath, Mouldings, Doors, Windows
Turned Work and Bracket*.
Mail Orders promptly attended
Certificate  of Improvements.
������Red Point," "VernMno," ''Greenwood Fractional." "-Teenwood and Ja����k Pot Fractional"
Mineral ('lalnm, situate in tbe Nelaon Mining
Division of Weat Kootenay District.
Where located:���On Kagte Creek above tbo
Poorman Mine.
Tace notice 'tin! I, John McLatcble of the
Cii> ot Nelson, acting as Ment (or Jons P Rwed-
berg. Free Miner's Certificate No B747S and
Oscar Johnson Free Miner's ''ertlflcmte No B623
intend sixty days from the date hereof to ap
ply to the Mining Recorder for Certificates o
Improvement*. lor the purp> ae of obtaining
Crowu < > ru ii is of the above clalma.
And further take notice that action, under
Sectlou 37, must be commenced before the is.
sua: ce of ahch Certificates of Improvements.
Dated this 27th day of September, \  D , 1907.
Certificate of Improvements.
���April Fool" No. 2 Mineral 'Maim, situate
In tbe Nel>on Mining Division of Weat Kooteuav
Where located: Between Eacle and Sandy
creeks, and about one half mile from the I oor-
man Mill.
'Ilike n >ii<-v that I, F 0. Green, acting as agent
ror J. P. Swedberg, Free Miners Certificate No.
H7475, intend, sixty days from the date hereof,
to apply to the .Mining Recorder for* Certificate
of Improvements, for the purpose of obtaining a
Crown Grant of tne above claim.
And further take notice that action under
section 87, must be commenced before the Issuance of such Certificate of Improvements
Dated thu 28th day ot Jauuary. A. D , 1M7
Nelson. B. 0.
Taao notice that Alfred Kdward Wattn, of
Wattsburg, British Columbia, lumberman, ln
tends to apply for permission to lease the following described laud, situate near Procter on
the south shore of tbe west arm of Kootenay
Lake, more particularly described as follnwt,:
Commencing at the northwest corner of Lot 4
of Lot V09, Gioup t. West Kootenay District,
thence 1A80 feet (96 46 chains) west irly along the
south shore line of the west arm of Kootenay
Lake ami being the north boundary of Lot 4 of
Lot .(09 to the northwest corner ot Lot 4 of Lot
309, thence 2280 feet (34&&chalns)a]ong the south
shore line of the west arm of Kootenay Lake aud
being the north boundary of Lot 19 oi Lot 1106,
Group l. West Kootenay District; thence north
132 feet <2 chains); thence eaaterly 8980 feet
(AU 00 chains) and parallel with the south shore
tine of the west arm of Kootenay Lake; tbence
Mouth 182 feet (2 chalus) to point of cemmenue-
ment, and containing 120 acres, more or less
Dated this 12th day of February, A. K. 1908.
A. ���.  WATTS.
Take notice that we will at the next
meeting of the Llcenae Commissioners
apply for a transfer ot the liquor license for the No Place Inn on Josephine street, Nelson, from Pollard and
Wade to H. H. Moore.
Duted at Nelson, this 9th day of
March 1908.
VV.   a.   GILLETT
Contractor and
Dole agent tor the Porto Blco Lumber Co.. Ltd..
retail yards. Rough and dressed lumber, turned
work and brackets, Coast lath and shingles, saab
and doors. Cement, brick and lime for sal*
Automatic grinder.
Yard and factory: Vernon St.. eaat of Hall
M3LSON,   B. C
P. O  Box 282 T..fr,h���n. ITT
We have one English miliar, one
American Billiard and one Pool Table
We carry the best lines of Cigars and
I n the matter ol an application lor rhe issue of
a duplicate of the Certificate of Title to Lota
t. a. and 6. Block t. Nelson ' Ity, subdivision ol
par of Lot lis. Group ne, Dl trl.i of Kootenay
l Map 186).
'-utire Is hereby siren lhat It la my Intention
to iss.ie at the expiration of one month altar the
nrst publication hereof a duplicate ol theCertll-
tateo Title to t- e above mentioned iota In tha
name of Pattle Rhodes which Certificate la dated
the Uth day ol at ay Ms*, and numbered IMT-k
Land Registry omoe. Nelson, B.C., January
-��h, 1900. a. F ItACLtOD,
nt.tHM Kaarl.t.ar.
In the matter of an application for a duplicate
Certificate of Title of an undivided one-quarter
interest in Lot 87, (.roup One, Kootenay Dlatrlct,
known as "Let. Her Oo Gallagher' Mineral
Notice Is hereby KiTsn that It Is my Intention
after tbe expiration of one month from the first
publication hereof, to Issue a duplicate Certificate of I ltle on the above described one qua/tor
interest in the name ot John P. Htevens, which
t'truncate of Title is dated the 6th April. 1W0,
and numbered ma��K.
Land  Hegistry office, Nelaon, B. C, March I,
H. F. MacUud,"
Dlstrlot Rearlstrar.
Notice Is hereby given that the Great
West Railway Company will apply to
the Parliament of Canada, at the present session thereof, for an act amending
tbe said Company's Acta of Incorporation by striking out the names of those
persons who, by Sections 1 and 1 of
Chapter 167 of the Statutes ot 1903, are
created Incorporators and provisional
directors of the Company and inserting
In lieu thereof the names of certain
other Individuals as such Incorporators
nnd provisional directors; changing tbe
head office of the Company from Nelson,
n 0.i to Fort Arthur, Ontario, and extending the respective times for the
commencement and completion of the
various lines of railway which the Company is empowered to construot.
Dated Ottawa, 31st January, 1908.
���ollottors tor the ApplioauU,
A p-
Tne Daily Canadian
FOR    1906.
We are busy on them now. Rings and
Brooches   are   particularly   attractive.
Have you seen our Monogram Combs?
We have them to order for $2.50.
Watchmaker and Optician
Btity Now
We have a Good Selection of
Cheap Houses from $750 to
$1500. Let us show you
them. Some extra snaps for
investment or for a home.
Building Lots
Carbonate   St.   (25  ft.) $175
Observatory   St.   (50   ft.) $200
Latimer St.   (50 ft. I $750
Also excellent sites, close in, for au-
partment houses, residences, factory
sites, etc, ���
NOTE.���An an inducement to build
up Nelson the city levies on Improvements a tax of $1 in the thousand only.
Real  Estate Agent
$15  Baker St..  Nelaon.  B. C.
Fire Insurance
Insure your house and* furuiture in
Do not put. it off. Delays are dangerous. Call at 322 Baker street, or If you
have not time to call drop a line to
General  Agent for the Kootenays.
Agents wanted in all  Kootenay towns.
P. O.  Box  534.
SOO  iYIEIN   to  buy
Cigars and pipes.
Rich,  Strong and   Delicious
Telephone 161.
All Kin.la of Heating Plants in Btock.
Victoria SL, Nr. Onera House.      Tel. 181.
Corner of Stanley and Victoria Sts.
Two Blocks from D^pot
H. M. Clark, Toronto; A. Williams.
Winnipeg; Miss M. Holt. Montreal; R.
S. Francis, Procter; W. K. Allen, Cranbrook; C. J. Leggatt and wife, A Watson. Vancouver; E. T. Thompson.
ler, J.
C.   W.
>r*Mori ,,nu Waru Mr.tts
MiLSO.N. u.^;,
Smeaton, Bonnington; G. M. Mil-
Dabberley, K. Jones, Vancouver;
Busk. C. Burgess, Kokauee; O.
V. White and wife, Sandon; W. H.
Pinchbeck, Slocan; D. Hrquhart, Montreal; .1. C. Hoffman, H. R. Cornish,
Winnipeg; s. itoss, M, J. Morgan, Salmo; G. Huscroft, C. Foss, Creston; R.
Winn, R. S. Day, N\ Richardson, Victoria: J. A. Kinney. Castlegar; O. Mr
Donald, Miss McDonald, Winnipeg.
J. Olson. Lardo; 11. DeUng, Kenil-
worth; D. Kennedy. W. Turner and wife
C. B. Thorpe, 11. S. Goodwin, Crawford
Bay: E. Smith, Miss A. Mct'orniiek.
Miss M. Mccormick, Cranbrook; C.
.lames and  wife, \V. Randies,  Winlaw;
B. w. Walter, C. MoOongall, A. J.
Cookson. Boston; D. R. Ballock, Pred-
rlc-ton; A. Davidson. Vancouver.
.1. H. Qoodenottgb and family, Whitewater: II. Guille, T. Gough, Granite; A.
Manson, Cranbrook; Miss E. M. Scott,
England; Mrs. .1. M. Bell, Pincher;
Mrs. Settle, Chicago; A. E. Jackson
and wife. Bdmonton; R. Lawrence,
Rossland: J. W. Bannett, Revelstoke.
F. Edwards, Salmo.
Miss \ Gray, Winnipeg; .1. W. Craig.
Rlondel* C. Maltland, Slocan; .1. McLeod, Kaslo; C. Cann. Salmo; G. C.Mo-
D.maid. Spokane; .1. Peacock, Phoenix;
.1. Ferrell. Mose Jaw; M. D. Charters. J.
Jonnasson. Vancouver.
II. Baylies, C   Sterry, Ainsworth:  G.
Melton, Sandon;  G. R. Saxon, Ynilr.
.1.   Milne.   I.   Davies,   San   Francisco:
C. Hoslack, W. [rwln, D. McKany, W.
Wilson, Bonnington; W. F Larson, Salmo:  F. Strandell. Cascade.
If you want upholstering or cabinet
work for this spring get it done now.
We have some choice quarter out oak
and will build yon a piece of furuiture to
order at tie- price of factory gotKls. See
us for second hand goods.
Turner Beeton Block. 606 Vernon Street.
A   M. Can. Soa. C. E.
Mining Work a Specialty.
Olllce:   Room   10.   K.-W.-C.  Blk.    P.   O.
Box     434.
Baker  St..   Nelson,   B.   C.
]J*0B HAI.K at a liara-sln or sxebaaga far? Vancouver property an almost new, Tn<slcrti In
.���very rafpsot 1^ roomed raaldcaos. Knil base-
man.with laresdan auJltbla lor i.illiani room.
Dp to date stable anil eafliaVfS house Two nlOS
lots la ths finest resident i��"rtlnn of Spokane.
Tin- owners business interests have been truns-
h rre'l to the coast.    For tnrtber patleulars write
l'. 0. Boj ijsi, Vanooursr, B. 0.
We are now receiving our new stock of Wall Papers, Burlaps and Sanitary Papers. Patterns and designs are entirely new and elegant. A half
hour with our sample books will be time well spent.
Canada Drug & Book Co'y, Ltd.
Boru in Nelson yesterday. March 13,
to the wife of Robert Ades, Hoover St.,
a daughter
A practice of the Rebekah degree
team will be held in the lodge room
tonight at S o'clock.
The   Weather   Prophet.
This is the date set by the Winnipeg
prophet for the big stortu that Is to
rage from the Atlantic to the Pacific,
hut   more  severe  on  the  Atlantic  side.
Kaslo   Wants   Amateur   Shows.
The Kootenaiau is anxious for the development of local dramatic talent and
suggests that the local artists "be turned loose and give a show every month
or so."
Empire  Day.
Tbe citizens of Kaslo are already
making preparations for the celebration of Empire Day. It is proposed to
abandon the annual lacrosse match this
year and hold instead a football match.
On   Exhibition.
The Daily News challenge cup, won
by tin. Mountain hockey team of Nelson, is now on exhibition in the window
of J. O. Patenaude. It stands 38 inches
high, on a base of ebony, which Is well
adapted for a great number of Shields.
University Club.
The regular monthly meeting of tbe
Nelson I'niversity Club will be held in
the public school building tonight at
is.30. All who care to do so are cordially Invited to attend. The programme
will cousist of a paper on "Imperialism
and Oriental Exclusion" by John Fraser
S. F. and N. Train.
Tbe north bound train from Spokane,
due here at 7.30 last night, was delayed
by a big mud slide just north of .Marcus. It was finally cancelled this morning. The track has been cleared, however, and a train will arrive on time
tonight bringing two days' passengers
and mail.
Change   in   Hume   Staff.
M. F. Gesuer who has been night
clerk at the Hume hotel for several
months left last night for Kamloops
to accept a similar position there.
Frank P. Walsh will return to the
Hume  at   the   beginning of  April.
Fruit Canning.
Very often the suggestion is made
that fruit canning could be carried on
profitably in the interior. Undoubtedly
the fruit is here and it Is strange, ln
view of the interest in fruit canning in
other^parts of the province, that something of this sort has not been attempted ln Nelson. The Westminster Fruit
Tannery plant is to be sold to a Chilll-
wack company, which proposes establishing a cannery in the new Fraser
River Valley city. Kamloops people
are also interested in the establishment of a fruit preserving Industry ln
the Inland capital.
'Tis True, 'TIs Pity.
The Cranbrook Herald makes the following true statement of prevailing conditions in some newspaper offices: "It
is a deplorable fact that a few tickets
or a 11-inch advertisement from any
barnstorming show will fix the average
western newspaper so far as notices
go. Most of the attractions on the road
today In this part of the country realize
that the Herald is not built that way.
Hence the trouble." It Is pleasing to
note, however, that since The Daily
'anadian closed down on this Indiscriminate   puffing    of    barnstormers   a
From $10 to $25.
Old Curiosity Shop
Whether used at a regular meal or
for a pleasing refreshment at an odd
time, you will find that It Is all that
it should be.      Costa  60c per pound.
For Sale at
Only  the  very  beat  grades  of  Hams.
Bacon,  Lard,  Butter, Cheese  and  Eggs.
Moderate prices.
Corner Blllea and Josephine Sts.
Here Is the Book
Opportunity of a
A large number of the most popular
standard titles  to choose from.
ALSO   FOR   45c   EACH
We put out a large number of 75c to
$1.50 editions of standard and recent
This opportunity will be open for only a few days more. Seize it while It
Is  yours.
See  the  Books  In  Our  Window.
W. G. Thomson
BOOEBELLKB and       M-1 ���,-.,,    Vt   f*
8TATIONKB. iNelSOn, D. L,.
T*Mortal 34.
number of other papers have followed
Its lead. The Vernon News is another
paper that cannot be bribed with a two-
inch advertisement and ln its issue this
week speaks freely of the demerits of
a show that is booked to appear In
Nelson before long.
Joy's Cash Grocery
Cor. Josephine and Mills Sts.
Phone  19.
Fair Directors.
An important meeting of the directors of the Nelson Agricultural and Industrial Association was held in the
city hall last evening. Those present
were: C. W. Busk, president. D. C. McMorris, secretary, James Johnstone, W.
S. Pearcy, A. D. Emory. H. Selous. J.
A. Irving. J. J. Malone, W. W. Beer, J.
A. Kltkpatrlek, and J. T. Bealby. The
various subcommittees reported their
recommendations for changes In prize
lists. They were adopted and it was
decided to ask the city press to publish
them in Installments for the guidance
of intending exhihitors. R. C. Brock
was added to the fruit committee. The
secretary was instructed' to write Sir
Thomas Shaughnessy asking him to define the purpose of his cup and the
terms of its award. Through W. S.
Pearcy, Chiel Deaay offered to take
down the flags and bunting and clean
and press them. The offer was gratefully accepted.
Work  on   Granite   Creek.
The Slmilkameen Star says the old
historic mining town of Granite will
be the scene of considerable mining
activity this summer. An examination
of the creek for the purpose of ascertaining the possibilities of saving tbe
gold in tbe creek by dredging has been
made, and the results have been so
satisfactory that a Spokane mining
company will shortly construct a
dredge at a cost of $10,000 to carry on
the work. One half mile of the ground
has been staked on the Tulameen river from Granite creek down the river. During the big gold excitement
and Btampede to Granite creek during
1885-1886. this same ground was held
and operated by the Mainland Placer
Mining Co., which, during the year or
so it was worked, yielded handsome returns. Platinum was also found, hut
at tbat time no one seemed to know
anything about the metal, and It was
not sought for. The placer diggings
giving out, the property was abandoned
and later on taken up by the Boston
Mining Co. This company endeavored
to work It by a bedrock flume, but
they were swept out of business by
the water after spending considerable
money without avail. It Is generally
understood lhat this property contains
enormously rich  potholes.
Winter Alpining.
Yesterday one of the mountain climbers whose camp fire on the peak startled  the people  of Nelson on two  sue-
Wholesale and   Keiall Daalars ln
Fresh and Salted Meats
Camps supplied on shortest notice and
lowest price. Nothing hut   fresh uiul
wholesome meats aud sopples kept iu stock
Mail orders receive careful atteution.
E.  C.  TRAVES.   ManaKef.
Defective eyes stunt  tin- mind. Can   you  expect   fair  progress In
in    ucoesa In business If so handicapped.    Examination uf cluidr 'Cl"*'
glasses  is  a special  feature of our optical  department ""   "*
Coal! Ice! Wood!
Phone 265
Kootenay Ice and Foel Co.
N. E.coi. Baker   and   Ward   Sta.
J.  J.   WALKER.  Jewele,
W'liolttinc   I'rovlitlonH,
Produce, - F'rult.
Government Creamery One Pound Bricks received weekly fresh from tia
i hum     J>'or wile by all lending grocers
Office and warehouse : Houston Block,    Pnone 79.
Josephine Street.       -        - Nelson, B. C.
Hollow Concrete
Blocks For Sale
All shapes and facings.
These, blocks art- absolutely the best
material to be had for building purposes, foundations, retaining walls, etc.,
being cheaper than brick or stone.
Tenders given on all kinds of building
work.    Stock on hand.
Head Office:  Baker Street, Nelson, B.C.
I.]-   .'��� ���!���,'*:: ��� <iovt?fiior.
Kdward the Seventh, by the (irate of Oodi of the
Cnlted   Kjufdoin of OlMl hritnin, aim   Ireland, and the Hrit.-h Innnlnionii beyond the
Hear- Kins,  Dek-D'iVr ol   the   Faith, Emwror
of India.
To all to whom these j.n-nenis shall come, -
W. J. Rowhbr, Attorn, y '.t-neral
Wherrafl by Section 6 of the "oame Protection
Act, W'Jh," an re eriat t��d by Sectlun IV ot tbe
"<��am��; Protection At. Aiii.-n-liji.-iit Ait, PKtt,"
It li ������:,��������! that it (.hall t��- lawful for the Lleu-
t��tiaat-'iovernor to OOfinetl, by Proclamation to
be published in two raonttlrtltttlM <��/ the British Columbia f.azettc. to declare a close season
for geese In any part of the Province lor aiir
period of time, and
Whereas our said Lieutenant-Governor, by and
with ihe advice of hi*. Kxeeutlve Council, bas
been pleated to direct, by an Order Id Council
In that behall.a close season for �����*���*�������� wtlhlu
the County of Kootenay, until un>1 linludl ig
the flat day of August, one thousand nine hundred and ftght-
Now Know Ye therefore, that In pursuance
thereof, we do hereby proclaim a oloM season
for geese within the County of Kootenay, until
and Including tbl Km4 day of August, one thousand nine hundred and eight
In testimony whereof, we have caused these
our letters to be made patent and the QrMI BmU
of the l'rovin-e to b- hereunto iffljud,
Witness, His Honor James Pun-mulr, Lit rati riant Governor of our said Province of British
Columbia, in our i ity of Victoria, in our said
Province, this J'Jth day of February, in the year
of our Lord one thousand Dine hundred and
eight, aud in the eighth year ol our reign
By command,
Provincial Secretary.
lIrANTKI> Man and worrisn J0Ofctf who can
11 handle 100 men, the highest wa^es paid
and steady employment, must be fl r��d flat.*, ���,��
none other will do. Apply at once lo tout office
Box 617, Arrowhead, B C
cesslve nights, called at tin- offlor) of
the Dally Canadian lo explain, Hi* and
his companion are both Canadians.
They have been In ihe employ of .1.
T. Bealby for some time, and, as both
Intettdttd to leave today, this week  wnn
their  iitHt opportunity  for  making  bo
asei-nt they had set their heariH upon
Thep started Tuesday morning and
.earned the flrsi peak nTter eight hours
of hard climbing. There they enrnped
for the night. They dug a hole for
themselves about three feet in the bard
snow, stretched a sheet of canvas ar
ross the top and were comfort aide
Hut they had alBO lit a fire of spruce
bark and limbs of tree. When ihey
woke    Wednesday    morning   their   fire
waa Htiii ���mouldering but n bad burn-
ed its way flown tn ,|���, fffottttd
through  twelve feet  of snow. That   day.
��� Wednesday, they crossed the intervening valley and ascended the farther
and higher peafk, where they repeated
Tuesday  night's    experience.      There
they   found  the  not   fifteen   feet   deep.
They made the deeoenl without mishap
on Thursday. On neither occasion did
it enter ths mind of either that the
light of their camp fire would attract
attention In Nelson. Their only objeol
was to enjoy the climb and the view
and they could not wait for more suitable weather.
First Spring Shipments of
Are now to hand.     Wc invite inspection.
This ii  the season of ths year when you devote your attention to ���
household duty, We are prepared to meet your requirements with a full Jut rf ���
Ready   Mixed   Paint a,   all   colon, Vamiehea,   Stains.   Enameli,
Alabastine.    Ivluralo.
Everything   neceasarv   for   the   renovation   of   your   houae.
J. H. Ashdown Hardware
Company, Limited.
Nelson Br����*
���������������������������������������������������������������*>*<A>A>+++A>*+**9*** ******** ���**���******��
Fruit   Trees
Homo urown fruit nnd shade
trt'es, curranla, KoosHicrnrfl, Krnpe
vines, etc., etc. One of our specialties Is our Inrse field grown rosea.
These ��i:i hlooin the first year.
Bond for our descriptive cats-
logos Snd price list, and give us a
trial order. Tlie largest growers
In   II.  C.
The Riverside Nurseries
��, GRAND   FORKS,. ���
������������������������>��>��>��>^��>��>*����>��>��>����>a>a>��>��>a>��>. �����.���.>�� ****** ****** ***********
Pure and Cheat
We have 10<��o pounda of
which we will sell at a bargain
5 Iba. for $1.00.
Special prices tor larger lots.    Ooms
in   and   inquire.
Choquette Bros.
Phone 258.
THE   UptoDate  Bakers
F. C. GREtN       LP. BURUfcM        A. H.GREEN
C'vil Engineers, Doftiinion and British
Columbia Land Surveyors
P. 0. Box 145    Phonf 2*1 B.
Geo. P. Playe*
Office   Room   No.   2,   FLLIOT    BLOCK;
.lobhlug   promptly   atlended   to.    HM
snd Estimates.
Apply ��15 Hall St. J!!!!;-*
INEUsSOlN,    -    E*��C'
We alwaya carry ��� complex "
ortment of
First Class
Wood-Vallance Hardware Cf
IN lis


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