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The Daily Canadian Feb 7, 1908

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njpay more, but can not
i inner or better MINKKAI.
than "HALCYON."
\%\)z glailtj (kanaM
���MR   2.      NO.   209
1U  be deurt/el-ed    every evening    at
^door for jl
SO   GErvjTs  A.  MONTH
rP R|AI   p. C*^��	
Fifty Cents a month
Queens Mourning
lur Their Dead
tier Denies Report of Dismis-
[nd Says All Monarchists
Portug,tl Are United.
1', h.   7���The   body   of  Kins
1,   placed in its coffin jroat**.
Which     lhe     iiueen    lliolha-r.
1, Queen Amelle, his wife, and
In., son, ware admitted lo view
Bus.     lite  two queens and lhe
1,1 oka   down nud  wept  bit*
1 rm knelt ln prayer beside
.,1   1I1.*   King.     Suddenly   she
I]     dead   man's hands  in hern
\,i il,. in  repeatedly.    Her face
ning with tears. Friends wan.
remove her gently irom the
bier    Thau the wife anal ton
id kins were admitted to the
chamber.    They ulso knelt In
tan   Bowing  Iron,   their   eyes
,,.,,.     a-iiiakad  with einollon.
l,:!it   when lhe body was nans
|the royal chapel.   All the doc*
j tl,.. high officials of the place
���tleudance.   The head priest at
1   ;     palace led the procession,
J lu   Ins   rlghl   hand   lhe  palace
waa  followed Uy the palate
10 anal then came a group ol
[and  olli. i.i       lleslde the  coi
d  the   Duki   of  Oporto,  the
Un r,   and    Vlco-Aiiinlral   Ca-
lattei    I..anus   the    Kings
i belnii t   and   his  sword,     'the
ii. -- in. .1   alius  ns  the   oortaca
IU11 Hi.   Iireasl of the dead King
,a *.��� .-   ixvgnlu  aud  orders   and
.-ii-rH-i'd ln while glusee,
i lie held a ros'ary of black
.'i       As the processlou nioveal
priest* recited the prayers
....  while from alar could be
tiring of can,,..,1 on board lhe
\\ li. 11 the lln.i pruyers we-e
....    clitii all   bells  broke out
:.. . al   dirge.     A   similar  cere.
I  ihe  transfer of the  body
. rown    Prince  to  ihe   royal
face aaf the young man was
tanli   a   Portugese   Hug  lo   hide
��� 1. .
I ���   .   7      There was an iiiipra'S-
- lulls   Ba-rviee   taitiay   lllltlel   the
..1  lhe Oila-iins family In mem-
King  and Clown   Prince  of
11 Mn- historic i-hnpel ol  rum
,1   Netillly.   where  lies   bulled
-I.,    of    Prince  Louis Charlea
'iiii- letulng capacity of th,.
al.lt h ordlnarly holds but sixty
was   materially   Increased   by
11 nf 11 funeral awning-    '''"*
itself   was    draped    With    black
liorderlng with sllva-r and bear-
lllver the calllt of urins of the
and Itingunzu fnmllies. The
1 lialtres represented the  Illlke
Among thoie  present  wan
Bouaaroaa,    ihe    Portuguese
r  10   Franco.     A   requiem   nuiss
��� Ii rated   by   the   pastor   of   lhe
after   which  soloists   from   the
uf Sl. Clotilda und the Mlldelille
������I the Qregortan chain.
'   I', b.  7.���The   Pope  will   be rcp-
'I 111   Ilie  funeral of King Callus
.   Crown   Prince  tomorrow   by
Toltl, Hit, Papal Niuileo at Lis-
Mn-   Pin,nn  has sent   King   Man
autograph expressing grief In
niching terms.
ni Ion   of   Premier   Franco   Is  Germany
to the frontier.    Wli '  ���,-,. bound
university.    Franco        Provir, ,
his  wife.  Stan anal  Settatol   At,", l    .V1!'���1
ilmate friend.
The former premier displayed great
 voiianesH at ihe railroad siml. ,n. lie
arrived there aooompanled by several
polloemen ami entered by a side door.
While paying for the tickets for his
party his haiuln trembled so lhat the
money fell to the floor, These arrangement! anally completed, ihe traveller!
quickly entered a sleeping ear whleh
had been switched to a side truck and
Later was attached to the regular Paris
Polloemen surrounded the car to keep
back the crowd. There was no hostile
demonstration, Th,. Spanish government detailed a detective to accompany
Fiance to the frontier.
The ex-premier, when approached for
an Interview, explained that under the
circumstances he preferred not to talk.
Franco <1��u.m nait believe that tho
murder of the King nnd Crown Prince
resulted from an elaborate pailitlcal plul,
lain that they were the acta of madmen
instigated by a money bribe. Tin* best
proof of this Is found in the fact lhat
after the assassinations, when the monarch was passing through Its critical
hours and the nations was without a
government, no serious attempt was
made Io proclaim a republic.
Monday, France, Feb. 7.���The south
express passi'.l through here Ihls morning. Premier Franco did noi leave the
train at tha- frontier but continued on
ta, Paris.
The train was guarded by Spanish
soldiers as far as the frontier. The
representatives of the Associateil Press
travellew with Senhor Franco as far as
Hendaye and on the way Franco finally
consented lo discuss the events of Saturday.
"Tha- tragedy was an awful blow for
me. yet I hope my country will recover.
I have confidence In tho future of
Portugal and In the monarchy which has
been so cruelly tried. When I offered
my reslgnatlain I told Queen Amelle
that all the monarchical panics hail rallied around the throne, and that my
frlenals would give the ministry the
most complete support. I wish henceforth to live In peace from the polities
I have abandoned for,.ver. 1 believe
that time will bring a true ami fair
judgment of my conduct nnd with this
I content myself." Senhor Franco received with inallgnatlon the published
statement that Queen Amelle had accused him of being morally responsible
for the assassination of the King.
Lisbon, Feb. 7���The first work of
the new cabinet has prod,ica��d a good
Impression hera*. as has also the text
of an address by King Manila.I ta> the
pr,*m!er as follows:
"My dear premier:���According to
article SI of the constitutional charier
the Catrta1 z must at the beginning of
each reign fix the amount of the King's
civil list. As I desire to leave tha* parliament entirely al liberty in this matter 1 have resolved that th.- royal treasury shall not make use of any resources
whatever before they have been sanctioned by parliament."
Sultan's   Force.   Mobilizing   on   Frontier
of   Armenia���Russia   Consider.
Siuation Grave.
Feb.   7.��� It   Ik  announced   ta
Captain   Aavedl  Cortes has
(ppolnted civil governor of Lisbon.
Uie  llt'Hl  time In  IS years  thai
iiiy   ollleer   has  bei-n   named   to
Sl. l'ltiisburg. Fa-b. 7.���The report of
a Turkish mobilisation in Armenia ami
threatened movement of troops on the
Russian-Persian frontier are admitted
by the general staff. It Is not known
yet whether this action on the pari or
Turkey Is directed against llussla. and
measures so fnr taken  by  this country
are contiened lo certain precautionary
dispositions or units within the Cauoa-
sus. Foreign tllploinnts here believe
that Russia and Turkey are sngaflje-d In
a   game   which   neither   is   dt'sirams   aif
carrying io an extreme, although Tut*
k>>   might   be  willing  lo go far. relying
upon the supposed weakness of Russia
because of lur tpiarrel with Austria
over lhe Macedonia question.
Feb, 7, -The Uaiilols today de-
iiiai Immediately after the ns-
lions ol  Hu. King anil the Crown
of Portugal Baturday, Premier
rushed to th.. ministry and sent
"r telegram to the premier of
iii. announced a revolution in
ni as Imminent and unavoidable
i'i ll wns bound to have a direct
a In Spain.
hi.   Fab   7.���King  Carlos died  a
iau.   nis entire fori une consisted
'iiaiice  policies  heltl  by  the King
rtltga)  us securlotlcs  for advance*
'inula, after these re payments have
'de. It Is declared there will
[���main mtSre Hum 180,000 to he tlls-
1 'd lo the hoti'B of tho King.
[drill,   Feb,   7.���KxPromler   France
members of his party, who left
last  evening  at  eight o'clock   on
"ih express, bought tickets only
frontier,     Where   they   aru   bound
not     known;   somo  say   Purls.
this   trnln   Is   diu,   tonight,   but
fi ilecluio that the eventual doatlu-
Naw   York   Blaze.
New  York, Feb.  7.���One  woman  ami
several  men  are   in   the   hospital   rrom
injuries  as   lha'   result   of  a   lire   which
destroyed the live storey brick apart-
monl   building at the  northwest  corner
of Columbus avenue and Seventh street
oarly this morning. The are is supposed
to have started in the drying room of a
litudry. In the base,nent. and owing to
lack of water pressure Spread with such
rapidity thai the occupants had little
opportunity to reach tin' street,
Russian   Star  Coming.
st. Petersburg, ivii. 7.���Mme Kom-
inlziiizhoff,    Coiinless     MtirnvlcfYI.   Ibe
most prominent Russian actress, has left
st.  Petersburg  with  her eampany  or
twenty en route for America, whore she
win appear in a repertoire of plays by
Russian and modern Buropsan writers.
She will sail February Is from Cherbourg on  the  Kills"r Wlihelin III.
Locomotive Firemen and
Baniahed from Hayti.
Washington, I). C, Feh, 7.���Word hns
reached the state department thai tba
Haytian Kovernnienl has ordered the
exile of four persons Mom the Island,
three citizens of (J rent Hrllnln and one
Ciilmn who II In understood, have heen
charged with being Implicated In tho
I lute revolutionary movement.
Prof, Shortt, Chairman of Conciliation Board, Explains Difficulty
to Railway Department*
Ottawa, Feb. 7.���In a letter to the
railway department relative to the dispute of the Brotherhood of Locomotive
Ku^ineers and Kin-men and the Canadian Northern railway, Prof. Adam
Shortt, chairman of the hoard of inves-
tination. Bays the difficulties are very
< omplox and far-reaching. The Immediate cause of the dispute was tlie fact
that the locomotive engineers had received from the Canadian .Northern an
engineers' schedule, giving to the officials of that union certain exclusive
privileges in connection wilh the presentation, to officers of the railway company of the grievances of the engineers.
The same privileges were demanded
hy the firemen, and because the company declined to grant these in the firemen's schedule, there waa threatened
trouble, resulting iu the application for
the board of conciliation,
Owing tti the strong rivalry between
the two unionB, the dispute between
the firemen and the railway company
could not be settled to the satisfaction
of the former without trouble with t**e
engineers, ln order to effect a sati3f:'.c-
tory settlement, it was therefore necessary to have representative engineers
admitted to the hearings before the
board, and allow them to present the
claims of their order.
In the seitlenuut agreed upon it waa
staled that there were two ways in
which an engineer may place#a grievance betore the proper authorities. He
may either appear with a committee
that represents the majority of the engineers on the road, and this committee
shall be entitled to present the case and
bring such witnesses as are necessary
to throw light upon the matter In dispute, or he may bring with him such
engineers as he may select to present
his case, and such witnesses as may
throw light upon this dispute, the engineers elected being considered by the
company as personal representatives of
the engineer having a grievance.
lu both cases the party having a
grievance has the right to appeal to
higher olllclals of the company. t*rof.
Shortt bears testimony to the tolerant
and moderate Spirit displayed under trying eireuinstnnees by the various parties
lo this dispute.
Account   of   Shrieking   Sisterhood's   Attempt to  Storm  Office of
British Cabinet.
London, Keb. 7.���The first meeting of
the cabinet siuee the autumn recess
was held at 10 Downing streei, aud was
the scene of a good deal of amusement
antl some excitement.
Some of tlie ministers arrived prae-
lieally unnoticed, bul most of them
had to submit to the ordeal of snapshooting, aud were photographed by a
force of some hall dozen photographers.
Shortly before Mr. Asuulth arrived
four ladles drove up In a taxi-cab. and
took theli positions opposite No. 10
among the small crowd of general
spectators. Apparently Ihey thought, lo
puss unnoticed, bul th*' police knew all
uf them and apprehended.some sort of
deuionst ration.
ln answer to a representative of the
press one of the ladies said they were
from the Women's Social anil Political
Union, and, ou being aBkcd If they
proposed making any demonstration,
said Bignllleiintly. "Walt a bit and you'll
boc." She declined to give the names of
the party. .Inst then a couple of other
taxi-cabs and a private carriage appealed on the scene, and Mrs. Uruuiinond
and other ladles of her persuasion joined the group.
Mr. Asqullh was Just then alighting
from his carriage at io Downing street,
and the woman made for him nt once.
The police, however, being prepared,
made a think movement and cut them
Off, whereupon Miss New aud MIhh
Smith   Belzod  hold   of  the  railings  op
posite the window of the first lord's
house and began to call out excitedly,
"Votes  for Women!"
Tlm- or lour police officers endeavored to persuade them to go away,
when one of them said to be Miss
New, screamed out, "I am not going
away. I have a right to be here. If I
am allowed to go in and speak for the
women I will go away, but not unless.
We have every right to demand that
women shall have a voice in making
tlu* laws, and our purpose is to make
that representation to the ministers
sitting in council."
The police, falling to dislodge the women by persuasion, then seized hold of
them and proceeded to use such force
as was necessary to get them away.
The officers were thoroughly good* humored over tbe matter and used no unnecessary violence. Some of the demonstrators���for there were others than
.Miss Smith and Miss New in the immediate vicinity���-had provided themselves with stout steel chains somewhat
Similar to those used hy bank messengers for securing their wallets to their
persons while ou the "walk," only a
tittle stouter. These chains were round
their waists, and they deftly passed the
enr round the stout railings and fastened the chains by means of a snap, thus
holding themselves securely to the railings. The police, failing to easily detach the chains, a couple of stout men
caught hold of each and wrenched them
away   by  main  force.
Meanwhile the attention of the force
of officers being engaged on this small
party some of the women bystanders
evidently with the intention of creating
a diversion, protested loudly against
the demonstrators being handled, and
MrB. Orummond who had held aloof
from the crowd made a rush for the
door of No. 10 which la closed hy a
catch from the outside.
Pulling the knob and thus opening
the door, Mrs. Drummond rushed into
ihe hall and shouted, "We want votes
for women. We have a perfect right
to he here I .Let me see them; they
are going to receive a deputation from
the Women's Liberal Association. We
have an equal right to demand -that
ihey shall see us." The hall porter attempted to remove Mrs. Drummond,
and two or three police officers went to
his assistance. The lady was ejected
with some considerable trouble, and
was making her removal as difficult as
possible, although obviously enjoying
the encounter, and laughing most good-
humoredly the while.
As she was ejected from the front
door she collided with another of the
women, who was knocked on the steps
and rolled from thence to the pavement. Some of her companions cried
"Shame," and from various directions
came shouts of "Votes for women," aud
"We will be ht ard"
For some minutes the police endeavored lo nersuade the party to go away,
one of the inspectors remarking:
"Come, madam; you have got inside, let
that satisfy you for today." However,
the ladies were apparently bent upon
seeing the matter out and with evident
i. .urtance, Supreiutendeut Wells ulti-
maiely directed his men to take them
Into custody. Those who had taken
the most active part were accordingly
marched off to Cannon Row police station.
Five women in all were arrested and
were brought up at Bow street in the
course of the day. As the magistrate
was actually sitting the police at Cannon  street   declined  to accept ball.
lt transpires that the chains by
which two of the women fastened themselves to the railings were actually padlocked and not merely snapped.
Mr. Wells, the superintendent of the
police was in civilian dress, und the
women., apparently niistnking him for a
cabinet minister, nuked, "Are you going
to put us in the King's speech, and if
uot,  why  not?"
Mrs. Drummond on being removed,
shouted, "I protest," but all the women not actually arrested testify to the
good humor of the police and to the
tact, that no  undue violence  was  used.
Miss Mary Garth, quite a young lady,
followed  Mrs.   lnunimond into No. 10.
lu an interview with a press repre
seusative she said, "The police were
very nice. They asked mc if any of us
were hurt, and said they hoped not.
Mrs. Drummond and I got as far as the
swing doors with the object, of getting
Into the cabinet room, hut the officials
anil the police prevented us from reach
ing the council chamber. Our object
was Quite peaceable. We simply wunt-
Sd to ask tin- cabinet the questions we
asked at the door, whether they were
going Io include in the King's speech
any reference lo the question of votes
for  women."
Tenne.see Pa.times.
Nashville, Tenn., Feb. 7.���A bund of
night millers burned two burns and
twenty thousand pounds of tobacco at
Adunis, Tenn., early today. Two peopla*
were wounded and u nesro whipped.
King Edwai-d Holds Court.
London. I'Vb. 7.���The vicinity of
Buckingham Palace was thronged with
tho CUHOUS Ihls afternoon to Witness
the arrivals al the Hist court of the
season,   The function, us ts customary
wilh the Oral limit, wns chtelty offlelnl
antl wns attended by the members of
the diplomatic Corps, dignitaries uf
slate and oilier government officials.
King lOtlward and Cjtieen Alexandra received ln the drawing room formerly
used for Ilia* same purpose by Queen
Victoria, Inatead of In the magulflcenl
ballroom which has been used since
King Ddward's accession, but which was
unavailable at the present time because
of repair* uml deoorationi,
Inducements to Settlers
Must Cease
Denounces   Salvation   Army   and
Farmers* Association���Canada
From Ocean to Ocean.
Toronto, Feb. 7.���The Salvation
Army aud the Canadian Farmers' Association received a vigorous scoring at
the hands of the municipal committee
of the district labor council last nisht.
It was declared lhal these organizations had persisted in turning people
to Canada, ignorani of the hardships
to be endured. Labor men waul immigration agencies to cease work and
government agreements to be cancelled.
Toronto, Feb. 7.���lt cost the cit/from
forty to Blxty dollars a ton for nay
grown at the Islaud Park, according lo
a calculation made by Col. ilarla-oii,
before the parks inquiry commission
Ottowa, Feb. 7.���Replying to a question by Ur. Thompson, Yukon, Fielding
said if gold of sutticieut purity were iu
Canada in suthcleut quantities, the
making ol gold coins by the new niiul
would begin at an early dale. It. uiiglu
be found necessary to build a refinery
which would delay operations for the
lime being. Uold coins would be lu
M-B-Os JSa.i'U and $1U.UU. pieces.
St. John, N. 13., Fub. 7.���Hon. A.
Truemau, judge of probate for Sl.
John city and county, died -suddenly
early this morning. Though ill for a
long tinny with heart trouble and diabetes he was improving lately and lt
was thought he would soon be al his
olllce.    He  was  born in 1850.
Saskatoon, Feb. 7.���While P. Ryan
was alteudiug tlie funeral of his wife
yesterday, his house, which had been
left in charge of a neighbor, took lire
und was burned to tlie ground. Ryan
received the news thai he was homeless
during the service at the grave.
St- Thomas, Feb. 7.���tex-Mayor Morse
is dead of pneumonia.
Hrockville. Feb. 7.���Lam,our Hay, a
young sou of C. J. Hay, Is dead of lockjaw following successful vaccinulion. lt
is thought, that the boy contracted
bacilli of tetanus while playing in his
father's  green house.
Toronto, Feb. 7.���As lt Is Impossible
for fruit and vegetable growers of Toronto to raise better fruits and vegetables, the farmers' institute of tlie
province will hold a three days' convention commencing Monday next,
when a course of Instruction will be
given to growers.
Ottawa. Feb. 7.���Gordon It. Pattee, a
wealthy pioneer lumberman of this district, died this morning at an advanced
Montreal, Feb. 7.���11. R. Rlchey, director and manager of C. & 11. R.
Rlchey, Ltd., Importers of electrical
fittings and lights, was arrested this
morning Charged with obtaining 12,000
by false pretenses, $1,000 from a city
lawyer and $1,000 from lleo. P. Hrown.
It Is alleged that by misrepresentation
of the position of the company, which
13 now In liquidation, he induced them
to tnke stock to the amount claimed.
Toronto, Feb. 7.���The Ontario government will appeal against tho Judgment
of the exchequer court in the Indian
treaty case, by which the province of
Ontario must pay the Dominion government $300,000.
Toronto, Feb. 7.���Isaac Clauson. Injured In the wreck on the Washington
PennsylvnnLiia railway, near Fraukvllle.
Pa.. Is agent ln Toronto for the Mary-
hind Casualty company, and was returning from a business trip to be Inspector in  Ihe city health   department.
the provinces with circulars describing
himself as Murray & Co., manufacturing Jewellers, and offering $25 worth of
jewellry for $6.50 down, the rest to be
paid in monthly Installments. Murraj
had no jewelry to sell.
Hamilton, Feb. 7.���Louis Burke, newsboy, has been summoned on the charge
of breaking the Lord's Day Act by selling papers on Sunday. He was cautioned January 12, the police agreeing not
to prosecute him If he would promise
to stop. He promised to do so but the
police say he has not kept his word.
Hamilton, Feb. 7.���William tl. M.-n
kins, ono of the best known brush
manufacturer*  in the  Dominion,  died
this morning, aged 711 years. Death was
due to paralysis. A widow and four
sons mul two daughters survive him.
Toronto. Feb. 7.���Daniel Murraj- *
Scotchman, fifty years of uge, wn ,nls
morning sentenced to thirty days in Jail
for fraudulent use of the mulls. He wns
arrested nt the Instance of the post
i otllee authorities.    Murruy wus Hooding
Toronto. Feb. 7.���Ninety-five per cent,
of the shareholders of the Crown Hank
were represented at today's meeting to
consider the amalgamations with the
Northern Bank of Winnipeg. The proposal was agreed to and the Northern
Bank stockholders will vote on the proposal on February   12th.
Toronto, Feb. 7.���It Is expected that
a charge of attempted murder will be
laid against Xazzareno .Millions. Italian,
who seriously cut Minnie Laplatto with
a razor. Millions was jealous of the
girl and coming up behind her slashed
her cheek with a razor and also struck
her on the head with the razor. Millions was before the police magistrate
this morning and remanded for a week.
Cases   to   Be   Heard   at   Civil   Sittings
Next Week.
The following ls the list of cases to
be heard in the supreme court at the
civil sittings which will open here in
Tuesday, Feb. 11th:
Atwood vs. Kettle River Valley Railway company, trespass; H. C. Hannlngton aud D. W. Whiteside, solicitors.
Entwisle vs. Lenz and Lelser, injunction, declaration; Harvey, McCarter &
McDonald, W. F. Gurd.
Lyon et al vs. Stocks, rescission of
agreement; H. C. Hall and A. M. Johnson.
Rohson vs. Miller, accounting commission;  W. F. Gurd and J. O'Shea.
Buckworth vs. N. and F. S. Railway
company, commission; J. O'Shea and A.
H.   MacNeill.
Nelson vs. Staples, damages for personal Injuries; J. O'Shea and W. F.
W. A. Macdonald, K. C, and S. S.
Taylor. K. C, will appear as opposing
counsel in nearly every case.
It Is not known yet which member of
the supreme court bench will  preside.
Derailment   of   a   Passenger   Coach   of
Pennsylvannia   Flyer  Results  in
Injuries   but   no   Death!.
Frankllnville, Feb. 7.���Ten of twenty
passengers were wrecked in a railroad
accident two miles south of this village
this morning at 9 o'clock. No one was
rsufTalo, Feb. 7.���The Pennsylvannia
flyer from Washington was ditched
early this morning near Frankllnville.
beveral persons are reported injured,
one perhaps fatally. Nine persons are
salt! to have been Injured but tlie names
of only eight have been obtained. The
train is said to huve been running at
the rate ot forty-five miles an hour and
toppled over when lt struck a railroad
cpjsslng. No information ls obtainable
at the Pennsylvannia railroad offices
General Superintendent R. L. O'Don-
ell. of the Pennsylvannia Railroad company, said to tlie Associated Press this
afternoon thut there wits very little to
add to the Information concerning the
wreck at Fraukvllle this morning with
the exception of "that there was no one
seriously Injured." The train which met
with the accident was second No. 57
ami was running about 25 miles an hour.
The train was not derated but one of
ihe passenger concha's tipped over. The
cause had not bee ascertained, although
the officers on the ground have started
an Investigation. The slightly Injured
people were given attention within a
half hour after the accident hud happened by the railroad company's sur-
ili.iii al Fraukvllle who went to the
scene of the accident. A relief train
was made up and sent out with un
equipment of surgical supplies. As soon
as the passengers receive such attention they will be brought on to Buffalo.
There were twenty passengers In the
trnln nnd they were ull more or less
Philadelphia. Feb. 7���The Pennsylvannia railroad has received a report
lhat an express train from Haltlmore
to Buffalo was wrecked today near
Frankllnville. 21 miles north ot Olean.
N. V.. on the Buffalo division. The report does not mention whether any onu
wns killed but says that every person
on tbe train was more or less Injured.
A coach, sleeper and the locomotive
Were  thrown  into a small creek.
Later reports to tho Pennsylvania
Railway company say that no one was
killed but that sixteen persons were
Injured. The names of the Injured have
not yet been received by the company.
Getting Ready.
An examination for discovery of Otis
Staples, nefendnnt In Nelson vs. staples,
took place in tho col rt house yesterday,
S. S. Taylor, K. C, appearing for thi
plaintiff. W. A. Macdonald, K. C, foi
tho defendant.
Ten Cape Breton Colliers
Explosion in Tunnels at Port Hood-
Property Undamaged���Cause
of Accident Unknown.
Halifax, Feb. 7.���An explosion occurred ln the coal mines at Port Hood, C.
B., this morning and ten men were Wiled. ��
An Inquest will be held and further
particulars brought out. Mine Manager
McLellan ls constantly ls constantly on
the spot and all the bodies will be at
the surface within an hour. A miners'
committee of the provincial workmen's
association will take charge of the
bodies of the men.
Port Hood, C. B., Feb. 7.���An awful
explosion took place in the Port Hood
coal mines this morning. Manager H.
A. Morlne, who has lust come up from
the levels where the explosion took
place, reports mat rescuers have succeeded ln taking out the bodies of ten
victims. Their names are: John Campbell, Dan McDaniel, Malcolm Benin.
Lachlan Gillis, Wm McKenzie, and Allan McDonald, miners, and four Bulgarian loaders. The explosion was believed to be the result of fife damp but
Is now considered to be from some
other cause. No damage has taken
place ln the mine and the same conditions exist as before.
Railway  Companies  Agree  to   Suipend
Penalty for Delay!.
Chicago, Feb. 7.���Representatives of
the traffic departments of all the principal railroads, making up the membership of the American Railway Association, assembled in conference In this
city today to grapple with the empty
car problem. That a speedy solution of
the problem and a stoppage of the present loss occasioned by the hauling of
empty cars is regarded by the roads as
a matter of urgent necessity Is evidenced by the fact that the present conference is the first special meeting that
the American Railway Association has
ever deemed it necessary to hold.
It is stated that since the falling off
in traffic began early in the winter several million dollars have been wasted
by railroads in their efforts to send the
empty cars of other railroads home and
thereby escape the penalty of fifty cents
a day for the use of a foreign ear. This
penalty was imposed by the association
less than a year ago to accomplish the
very thing whic*h the railroads are now
anxious to stop. At the time the fifty
cent penalty was Imposed, however, the
railroads were more than 150,000 cars
short of their needs. It was therefore
desired to ensure the speedy return of
freight equipment to the roads owning
the cars and to prevent roads then
short of equipment from retaining and
using cars belonging toother lines. Now
the situation Is so materially changed
lhat there are at least 350,000 idle
freight cars In the United Slates and
no road desires the speedy return of
its equipment. Tile movement of empty
cars has cost tbe roads an Immense
amount of money, and they hnve come
to the conclusion that It would be better to permit the cars to remain where
they are until they are needed. It is
thorefore likely that the meeting now
in session will adopt a proposal to suspend the per diem rule until the situation again demands a penulty.
Must Have Been Insane.
Buffalo, N. Y.. Feb. 7.���A special to
the news from Port Allegheny, Pa., says
William Wheelan fatally injured Florence Carpenter, aged 16 years, last
night by striking her over the head
with a wrench, and then shot himself.
Jealousy Ib said to have been the cause
ot the deed. The girl was still alive
this morning but death was expected at
any moment.
i To Regulate College Athletics.
j Wnlla Walla. Wash., Feb. 7.���With a
'���lew to forming n northwest conference
for the regulation and control of collegiate athletics in this section of tho
country, representatives of the leading
colleges and universities began a two
days' meeting todny at Whitman college. The proposed conference will
probably Include ln Its membership
the University of Washington, Washington State College, the University of
Idaho, the University of Oregon, Whitman College, and tho Oregon Agricultural College.
.' - '-
' '   I
'.     I
S4t_ m
1-29 Daily CamKB-D
Clothing,    Gents'   Furnishings
and Boots and Shoes
.- '���->nr--z:.z:z to arrive.
~.z tboaf s.-.:*."_:cr -sretk wc -a-;.'. ;je able to offer ��� ".". l:zts
sz :;t;t iss-L.f.5. srf ;i.r pro��� s_>e yes: tbe -ftcs*. vi.ue ever : :-
fere: is _c :::y.
before ru.-s.Li: yonx purchase.
you   *.-_ twait 7_se:r   a.:
���   -  :  .    ---���--*---.-'*   ix   u��*   regis-
^  -_->     I'*     Ri__     .*    .j   ._i   i-; Hit    i:f*r-?u
..:: - : .   -.: -    ... v    c   ���
- -'.   :_      i -    * -  .    .1.-    :���-:*)���':    ���.���-   - ***
���    -���-     *__��
: -   :    v    :__.*   t   li.l   :u    :i-    .-:���-*    ...-���--
-:   - : :   zAn   .�� _l .   _ _    ... u.---:   -.. "   : "
. \ -.     _.-���__:       ...     :���   ..:-     :!
-    _.:���. *""~li>     us  ��__  mt   "~efc-
v _-- -    -�����;:   -     t, ..... -
- -    ���: l   ej**r_*j;   i.����r. "
** t "���- *"* XT""    ���'  C* �����"*���"���    S**<J       ~��    **> J.
...   : . ~ - :     "���"":-    .-.���-- "_af.
'���-;.���_:;-���-:���       ��� .:.��     :    ���   -���*-
i__mrr __Ak*t.   ~>aw    Aacaaaaat *rt_ I
. ...:     v ->___��� -in:       .--:-_     r- - :.r?
5. -.  .: -s   x.-���*��--*_
_N>-    '.    -.      *"-:.     ~���In.     :>;_-; :-
_ -    --_::-���    ���*--::. .... :      -��� :      :
i.~*~    - :   *Lz'-   :   .       " ���   __    * ���- ���. . : ~ v - -���
. . .        - : ' ���- '-        _._r :           '-    -.*,::. Ki
.:                     -            :        -v          _>-. rifc_i
���*.:���-.--    .<���-_.���    _.    N ���: - __.    - l:; ��� *���?***���
I-"*-_.t,i(U:    N, a  ZZl: '��� ...   i      :    !>  - ���   '     "���
��-: Ui* wiixx���__k .--i-iii*.* ___i
;__E_:  ������   Hit t;   **���    *-*i-"���**" ii. .     * *���*���:������" ��  ."* *
Utttt _: ;  _.��.-_���-- .    ?___r'r fi a
a__a �� ra���i,n_. u_*_-_if*�� ���__ a   c__t_-
_n.ii   a   '���'���-���rn-   ;_fc_a��  t-_*   ��...,.
^tatllXx:     U.'     ***nriT--*|>��-*-ifW��*J-f.��.-  I       kltC     f��"|i*�� n-'Ttf     (Hi
��*���*-*,   BUTt tl*  K���
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.ki*   -.-Li1
_.t3*a.Il.'H   Kc   I.     rfj-f;*x*-**p-   ;.(   -t.    a   :* - ��� ".
-��.:  a����   _:i���._s*:   ~tmn*r jk_w   u*
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_���   4   ir--i__��ix   _u��   m���t-����j:   1     *_*���**- *   >   i
_j-_e*   s___-i ��.!-._: _  "-t -ttt  i*   uu   ji*-t-__as_
UiuniSU*-    o.'   .     1     i.    in    jttm    .;    ;   -
:____. zf*a_nr��   u�����a.   ft   r_i__��    __�����   **-_r. ��t
:���*__ li  um  x��m; a-   i*niiiin��iiiiiiniiii  M
���aaaa ** ����*-_��. me-t -x __��
'*���lcic >a____ht _����_  _KT
I    ?"!��.. L_   ,n*_UiT
_g-a_um. Vt- *    .-.in__t-*-i- -ia *��   i *< -   :
i-T'SHt   �������_��_t     QOrXM**      a-   l-!t|       U   :
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J-i.    1   ii��_h-lli-_   _bC   U*_-K��C    . I
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;_*-__��� 7.1 Um -��__t; al  -*-*ai____K���������a  ��v_C ��m>-   ;
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._��._* R__HK    _���_���
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���I  L_t m>-_i_��-':   Mir_*-r  ���uc    M kB|    a
Ikbc   -_Cj*��---*ii:   u     __    -h*L.u OTM    __��~
?'-_l*_T ��� >��.  "    i.afJfc-.un    -Hit     liifcft--_rC    .
t _. *-<*->-__  u-_ar�� na ���    ������������i _at i ���
���H   *.:���___.   _!*_*-�� WUU. il  M___>ta     i*je:i-
t���,���ini u lut yttzt,'. ui   ",,-rt -if p-**n,**i     n -
1-a.m-n*. mi ���**_*-_. aim ac <��*-_
-���*_**< i��-*a-:e���. _a Bah zw
.^mb n*~ia ia���i
JiOTavrinl J*i. i    -.'.n-n; n-"*''" ������-,  **��- * :���-���-���       ��� -
���l: ii** Hii,s^*rflc   L-sor-a-e.-   i-^i^   __   i_ ....
��������,i_^_;-. w    suit-   -jtiru *���&���-    ",.-i_.t**  :>   .
>>(     "   jr-caii.a.   Ui:  __.-*.t-c   .     J ���_!���-_- ��   *���     ���*
*  '���*"   :���-     ���HBM    "-**    **"
���  ���____���*���    Uit-_-.*��     * -
*������__���*I   U    Ult JMtLj-1  O.     jj-tllL._l**Il:���**������it _'.     taU.C    S ..I
a,ir..nt ***��� mssoo. n_�� or team
;*__��  ?_iELl.    .Ii._-.-
.      I   *��� *     U.     ~.i-���[,������**t,--t;|* *,z a. ;.!�����: li.*.! if.
���ttttMK    0��**S_tC    h_H|     __     **���*****"'    ]iM-*sft
-;   i;    U*��   _��^-.iu_*j.-:   s:.r_f
:.���.*. Z..'Z.    *ai*C    TTia-t- *-:     .        Tlhli.tr' *    i.     L
_S*-T-_t��-    ea**aT*u*\ *M     f____t      l���t-Uff     V
^T���"*���   -sJtKiiU   *A    "'.a ���������.      -..��� li ���     -a.      ���
��� ____    U    list   >���_���S     Cl.     SC1L-���_f-rt_i:**_���tsl:'ft    gal*C   00��        :
ia\a.r ,ri*r Mi fcrn.  Biat ur   -*-������.
:������.;--*: 1st***���a. ���ja-rr _*__.   _rtr
.'*___���  f 1___L   <{*���_4��T
Imperial Bank of Canada
Capita! Authcriaed |-:.:o0J3Oc    c
D. B   Wn.KTE  lk__l
Head 02l��:    Toronto.
pi = . -            i^.at,:.^3:
 j-; .**;.:���-..:
HOK. BOEEi-r .*A-."FE.*ftT   TiL**-?-L-**��iieL=j
EraT--"iaO a Brr-iii C&1cek�� :
aiiOWHZAXi        30LX.i3"        >"KL5-0>*       &EVj_S--?l'0}-_ CSLS-KESOOK,
TA5-OG*-~irj-_J-     VICTC .-- --
_i-.trer;  tZiowbi om  4*^-..��i'_e   fr. a Lia.*-* of ia;.L��L-. u*i cra*t_--5.i ~L-i.���_rr.r
���vei-son bha.>cm aJ.    .VI.   L-a-W,   Alarvaijer.
The Royal Bank of Canada
Ii tr. ���->:���*��*_   .__   _���   1M.-
a li i lijiTliMTM  thr _��� i**���Ti* -T*   I
kV        --_*.'_.-;       '      **    Lj    UL"      11�� -a    t    a    11
A    -    tL._:   E- ��� :    ;_t     _i    u*t
-      ���   'l-'-Sft-       ���Li-I   0*a*>  .
���    *;--:���' r * - -   U_.:   : �� _ -    .r ___j_a   i
: - - r t  -i -    : :-_:.-_ ift.fsss---- ���_*
i       :   : - --       *  ' ���-. iu_i*��.>   *i_   U'*s    . ���_���-   I
���  ;    �� .-        " * -   . :���   -.   zz *i ���     : -:     sr^li J.    !
:'--ir.* l-     "- -   r *:    v ; .������;     -���-ut LS��M- rg.
-    ���   : t .--- :���t      :   > :���-j_tser   Jt.
*_: ;   : ; :: .- -*-:   _'
' i   ���       -   -    5 - .-a  i    r t: ���t.-i
Certificat*   of   I_aprovc_r_ttit��-    :-tV* _^
��� ._ t: Ii :>- C_K
j: I ti.* li ta_--
Having jutt rec��ved a targe ahipm-rnt
:* t-ete line*, aid having bought befor*e
"aft advances, we are selling this tot at
'���at: season  prices.
Thi�� is a ffne opsportunity for hotels.
furnished roomi to stock up as prices
are ���pacta y low. We want your attention  a~"   ��� ipection.
~a_: _.^-is_��** __c ,-a*rzri:rL   >**%zztm f^-_c
t__t _i>uot   i_��.l   L-* .-__���*��� i -:���   �� a. s
��������__.. ocri.*��**.l���3C i_i��.���-___ _**��: w ��p-_5
-!L*r ft -qstsEu-tv. u-ctiser iio���t*i�� f��-*sr ^.-. :.-��.����� _a$
itacr.isffti _^���_i
-      --CB_��� LeiK_n-- is-, t ;.'t     ;   ��.; t    ' **t se.   �� .
���jtir__:   ��-iwi; . a���Mr __n.   *.     i ���_�� .*���     i.
> .     aatm,    Mul   >Jg ;   l**_l*-f     J_lr.'.:T .     .S. ... - a
tj-JU���.  l*ft,i-pi^T?   _12��*.     12xrli'*t    *_. - i.....
-_I,tL*-tsg ���1_; jst*i   ���__.._���   l.    j>. _..   . _._-:���
liaa_l Baa _wM,bk . a>-r-
Tl-I-Ift*    I
  jiaios^o:    -t��,-.. f.- =
Lnexce et*- f��c   t ts ���**- r**e f_��-is_-?t*se*r
of a     ..-room c*   ������*��������. ri*;  &us '-ess-
SPEC   XL   A"
j��s.-*ga    S-a-r    0-e*--a rl���-ear.    a-=
ate-ess-.    ;*-= *-er     &��a-_t- y    vt
ia*  ---.l   Sll*  A.;.;--*;.-*t_l
*:we S-t.iH^S BASF'S ~w��� s^esc
t** A*&t -u��t I.- r La-_e. Wee - ���
t*- -P^-c-ce*:  S-*.
:  > >���:    i   K-i��e-r_.     r_t__     rrTD*.���
.1 -.1* V *r-_:a _ _-: -i^ I -. i-i*.: i i: �����**��: E.-*-r-B*_��T
"���_.--;   ���    -*:i��.'.   sT *r*r*z   ���   - _r i.�� fcrtr:
.-   -----**-t    F_-*-*t   X���j-;-*   .-f-ruZ*z*%s*t %m*
~z~-~ :��.ii    *   -     :* M_"rt Zi*r*x*l
xo asa-Ay *** -t_e Mab_c _acw4_r ises Cm m���is
���-_-.-��� -*..���*��:.      : -j^_-i.| ��
. -  ����� i   .--�����- - -    :z - ft :* ���*- * ��� _.__
ai:   _���__���  -aafti*   ������MM   _MM   sraott ���_���ar
-<       a aT, _ hi i^.  cwt���yiwe-i  be*k-?-*t tli* m��x-
i:   -        ���      :      -. - s-   -        .=.; r:-*���-_*-LU
:*������-. Ui�� as��u -_*.���      .ii.i-   *        .ar
r.*-. Gt__rs
Tr-iarrs W_r*xi for -jkt Ptcchisc of i
J__JCi!     C-TSa
��*-. piaa���a4 uati   ���**
i  i.. - ���    ���   -_ -   ���
. Ui-eiiiLX  I. *   .   i
��� t-:-*    W*ar.   j*t    ' * *���   ���,*    ��.  ^. ._'.
SLti-    .---. .*..; .-L��   ;-*     �����,    -L-'
A   fi^innL 1114, _;. h jat*: piaa ���
-iLC__     W_C    .*.��     C_fc__��
��� *--"-   ----���A_.-_f ft*, ftft-:
1 ���=__*_:-_** n; i ;
���.--.*���   ���*>.-_:��.   i__.ii
���.eft * *2ah+: -at i_fti���k ;
si���ti,:-*. -��-r. .-��� - �����-������ -it
=.*-���.   :.-_-.^���.1--^ *.^. kt:
II     * *'  ilr-*      ft"    I .1
t  Ut*   C.TT  C-. -_t_Kt_
:    . * -. :-��� ji     1
Neiaon Br___. G. A. SPINK. Maaagw.
_>_--:  e_; ���ir* ft *~*��es  r* _*���
.. ��� ��� -*--r :^a_-__ 1 ii-.-.
Ma��� **���".    f>*d__r_ ��� '.
t.iez ' ��_��---_.
-<--__ftT Ii^ncL
.\*vt if *._*   . *-!��������*_
1*.T   -ii  I****--*L_. IstT
1.     OODLUU4l_ __<J ft.: ft POAT.  Ji-ft���
aCT_r-.-  ft-x*-.:   *   *_i-_:_t   no-u.
���_--*;���*-*- r,** aaa��� >c & aaaa.i
-���*.   ��� lsiw-l*   .:   ...   1
r : * I - a.   a
".!-._f   ti-:    --
-  .      ;   -���   -in  .���MC k
_| ���| ft -X���: ;
���a*   N     .
ar 1 fialaa.  Then
. 1 - - - -* ��    *��    '__*__..   u.* ii
^*_    _ ^^ I   TlH-l'ft  ��� t*-. fft.  '^..^1     ���.!.-���,
������   --*"*'     -*-���2t        ������ ja-_i_.: l.; -s___tijtitl.   .
.;    _'i    ^i-*�� l-��s*jesM--* 4U.
-ru su-*--. ,      *,
���.'- .*   :���-   ft.-. ������ *--
��__., _ tno
��� -tiUMtfiitir-nf.   ,  fc^^  ��*4<---ai T-,  ____l   ll-M   uk   .
IH  ���*-*���#  ���*������-    u,���*-_{-*   *-**. **. .
-A  r-Lft, Tift   u-tita --.�����: *��
_ai po_ _,: i  *. f ���*-��.
.*; |BB-������a^>__Ma^
- -LST   ^_.   -i���.*   iJii       . ���
U  U*��   C ~~     ..-   9   **   ft ���_TaT  C   **__: 1-J ~���        W_*a
��g_l   U *-**-l���*'?t.
_C-c-***"i_.a_   =���*��� ia ts*pi'_3.l*ni_
_I    _:'-'-..-l��   I-*-..    .:    **^*ti.*__*_.i  *Bf   T*t** ifci.**   '     - -,_;
"1 ���-.��.' .t :   l       ...        ���   _.s>-r   .if  ��-siivr--*".*j_tni��  tr   ���
���ut ---'..    :^    ;l _r --^* rvjE-rj'sgen nr in U-c j���-i >rt i" -I
-���j* ���   - _
i^ii-is.: J^f--_.i
. _*_: : __--s.r--.  1'rfu.t-: o.' ��*-��-. i,-*.
TfcXt XssD*-J*��    *%_-|   ���'    A      H l4KiL     Caf   0pC
C-g-t-vrate   of Lca^ffOrexDcsts.   __
Eleventh Annual
Winter Carnival
From    Tuesday    Night
Until    Satarday    Night
'     -        BS i>F
Rossland    Carnival
-'.   S.   C.   FRASER
FEB. 4 to 8
For lr.'
H .:...*-
C���sly���������a_t�� td k C
< hua**rtA��sa:y cf��**���_-.
' l.ft-sp>.i.taih!| of thf  Pie*rta>H
FeM-9    ^-pff-atf-jr 7.   'i��j*.
l '     : - -    :
~-��   '�� .    .A_
--_   S-CWVEN"
.-��- ���r*-����t'-��.��iii   �����1*   /--������  ?-�� frmcUm���af
���*..     .1 o*>   r -_uv u _���� f_����� ���"aat
lf**-J_Wl     '   V--���   ���sL'/.r^rJ-ftT'    I���.���-jTi.
1^_*f->. ����.-*:      ���'.1      laAafLst \T**dL      ta.1***�����     U���
'    ���
" i-i ��� ��. .* :-t.r     _��s_ft.-.*:i.-*      r*    ���s��
-   -        a.      :j w *��*-���-*��.: J '- ft-'���1   ���   ?*-g*-sC-'
-   ;      -    ���     ���:.*���'       4r~.ii-j*-"-*     Al     3T-*7i    -_ut
t__i_ -j-���** ��u-**r-�� 'j*--Jif.-��.-* f.\   _e_.
: ^ la".    *  *   -    :.a -.    ���Ut    U*    ���Ul*:   *_-*-^*g-' u t.>-
.:--    pf___r   l-��^-rtr-t��*_'   _ri*r   C*r*s_tt*��.��-*-i   "^
���B0B********M3IJft    IK      ���a-       V^'V-M*      t*'       '.-Vift-UUUf
-  *-:        ,.-. _>    -     ;.- k.l_���(   ���flM
.   Iat ���   :      *      oJ ��� ' -       .;  (_       ft'-.   ���_.-.        -.  L-j*���
*-*--:. n ."     *; :^-     :- - :    - -     -    -**���    .*_it   ��
aaaawt ���* "-Jin   - ��� -;���_--^�� a   tt f~iii-T,ii-**T ���
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" aa.a -: _,-*   -La.-. :   1- a
J, ? tftff a ajw-sa-   .,*j��i..je
-^t'-��r L-^l at   a:-aa  -.
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'iftlrf,    f-^.1.:.     ** .  -.
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. L. -    * L - L- LL . LL L-J    a" ��_,    t    . L .** ft    LL      '  * *
���--    .=---:.     'LL      Lit-      S*     i-;-L "      -    .  '
-     ;Lv-L     L--1     ****,-       LI    'La   ��� L
tr? u i iaad ot __���_e ���eaitlL To
ftad tt dlffieolt to raise tamtrn tor th*
tilftOrOMioii of tiiit ir*-*:---. iu t >-.-
Kca-T. -   LL-    _L   ���   ft    !._-    ; _.- .- -    _
-S '-��� -���'.-     -   '        -   :    l-.'-    -���   ; -
- '   ft l ��� l L   -.   :: *i ��� -'  a.   :-. -_ -   . -
terpriae* has begun agxiii. .'-��� ��� a   -
d��ri deep���dies bring ne��-     I  -. i- ar
rall-rar schema, a tea ������I
ed, a new aooroe of power to be c
edtbd. or a new msjio-&c*.;.n2ft�� i&duair?-
..l    .-.namag   *S_._._. ._     .1.
pen cjls estLmaied Lhat AVsb.oVi ���
be  borrowed  from abroad thi*  year -.<l.
be spent in lhe development of Canada,
cspeciallj   of   the   west-     "���'.  .
Keni.t. preEident of the Canadian Northern railway, and prominently connected with a <Joien other enterprises, tie
spoken   In justil-cation   of   these   huge
Sbom. wings, saying that the certainty of
tie success of the enterprises planned
and   the   Immediate   benefit   to   be   derived   from   them,   more   than  warrant
even   more extensive   borrow-tng.
This la no doubt true At the same
time It is unfortunate that Canadians
themselves cannot bear a larger share
of this cost and stand 10 earn a larger 1
* Iter I t*~��trt��
sr    xt l*aae.a.i,f'
r.    . -.,  ".. ���,. 1
.- .    . - ���   . -3.
���-   ��� a     IU
'     L-
a -
��� _    .
i��-*&*2? v* ���   I weat '
f_,r. I  l -
ported as saying     Th* sywum of wintft
'.";.*--.-    a ��.a    __._.i*     t fcj    LL--     -
inaugaraied sty the CasuaaU larttraax.
'���Vben the OpposttSaa caj"*d it iii��is
tbey were MiereSy ibsilai, their erw*
infant-*'    But it is not omjy  a  mua
���-._.-   .-   -   ll ; ._...-.- .     '   .- ��� * 1 *.   _ -���
of wrong doing ���-mailMrf within tfte
laat year. Mr. Baft***** eta*.e^jei.L --���*'
Conservatives are respaaaiUe gar tfeess
is impudent and ���__M*. And t;a
speech was greeted w:ti Libera. <_nee*L-'
Certainly. That is what the rati i-i
file of Libera] mem bei s are there for. I {
No statement ttvm their side of Li-e
house can be too otaviomly ahanrd or j 1
false to tie loudly cheered by the i��aS
r     "**Z1
:���   -   :
*���     Ua��     li-_*.��*���_J*f
t  1   1  p���   lig���ioi-t
. n     -.   i._t
-    i *,'     g-^ii-.     uT-n
U__-.-7 iv1 '.    >   i.
'-'   ���>���**���
l��s������   *���   J**.���--.
** -��
n ��__c
a> aa1������m -.*. u-t
��� tJtn*
: -.:--.*   Ml
: ��� :.     .j
���    s-   m
r *- ��� ;* ���   j ^ -. ���*:
***���-. -:�����-���: *,.!>
1 . ��� -
^-- S   ' ���
a Lai
*- - "   ' .'
.   ��
^ -
��� c ���-*    ���    ���-��
-   at    1-   .
... * t
��� ~
-ft*;        -;
ce M 4
i.   : ��
: 'a.-.
v      - ���
ft  **<���!
X�� S.    1
-   RIl   ....,
n mftrk-.s:   I
u,**i'*--   &-.���
-  ���
- : t   : *   *.
- .-.   ft
^.- -^ . 3  *M**r. t ihpul 11      __
*-*>-***_*_ii -*5-w. ul um M-rtA __* rff ftlrtrnmQmn
[   ftLtJivr^   a t.-* -^. .. ^. .T ���^ i*!"^ |r|) 1M|lj*|
fcJsC   UM    IL.st:    _*���_|   of   �����_�� 1-*TT���Tir-tWll
���"��T_^��: nw-iiiiiiin   ���-. �� -x*M   ztt-rs^a
-  -    -
t     ft -
i      -1
at_ ,1-sui*
. si--. a.-�� fc-.c
*-. MM tut:
. n : .t   tiiC
-*T     *    '. -   fcliC
t��  -J-.'���-I
.".jr*M ?-!���*__- v ft . ���
it*f ft: ft yjtn v t*. ,-f'
"1 : ��� .1 *.;l- j**-**'
��- MOe of .* ?ji-*��r ��
r**c / F__u-| jc ��
���*.�� ^�� |g -.-j-*   xit-ruscm
V.   ******     Un-u-j*   _a*C   M
: 1   -.��      _*_,. l,-h    w*s*r: Ot
;iiiL*---**j��_tx; ���*_,*; ��*ii
'.i-ft.   lal   �����   -. .1       ��� , L ��� .    -ft     -_t___g   ��*��-.   -        -  .    -     fc.  ,
air   !��-:*_ 1 _I_      -. 1  ���    i    ;,    *^i   ft., ---��    t     ..       .' ^__
*-*---ft--^TC >~tri!i*rr^Uft  3r_BT-
'.a___S��   I"vT���CS���tL.   X-TJ���kT-aC-?.
. f *   -*���    r-*��-sC_u��j'--U* ft: ft yrm. ni-i*        ; , -  ..
*���*_.-." t    ���*'-.-_-�����-���r:   ���_t-ji__-.  tt-eAt**  K-  '.__i_��
IsOrrU      Ui-rla'-t   (Sx    '-tt;*.,   *p'��gti    Ll.*:
ft'.'-..:    *.*,.t-X.->   �����   ��� ; t  ���-,   ���-��_,-   u, _,.   ..,..,   ...   w
1^     Slit   **"**.  a ;  .    b'_>i.K 1
-a-*, ia:   ��� -1 -^:ei_j  14: ��.'_-*-���   -    *.    -
C *____ l-r5~_rfc >tv-r
> ���   t    f^pBJM:if_f ���.: * j>    t ra���.rx**i   ..
^tvjj**iM��-a��w    ���-.���.-ittr  a;-   < :���
*��fi (if u* l.trsx-'Ut   r;��-2r  on Urt ic*-.: i.s
-bt.T-_.Cas.-r aaa) ft--- ��������� ��*-���*��� **ft��i>��*T." --:
--��_*. ���se-w j��*.    _l*��--*t�� mvUi IB t�����s_        	
*-**-r. a   ' : t : 1.    .i.'M--*   ii. ���_.  t-i, txg���i,*-   airjt*
vm-M '-___u m,  u-t   y������*-*; ��-*f   bt��u.iiutf.  t-o_-
tf'tiiif (�� -��'.'-_,   _.-.<rt ur it***.
L4-*���kMrf  JM**-BttUtf j*.l*_   -*."'
k s_j__r {-raca-rs. Loc*. to?
I*.*   -at-Ll      .#.-
A*.   1
'^itt���nirati k*. ft ptm -_sj-u>c   '!.-_���-,*-*.
���     ���   aw r4*B�� ���p.ix a
������� iX    *������� >_t*. ru* '"'it
Vdaaai __p<3 In**������-**- *-*. K*>-*>t-'n-tT
IgJt* tK'Ti'.X   alaft!  .. <t_K-*��S    P��tTlr*      <_.f N(-l��ott.
laa ad *.*,��� iMt]
i ���:-      *    -.::. :- -���::������ -   * ^
449-M-rtbnt: J���������i: -Coousenruic ftl ft post fSaaM
ftMVt.-Uli a> 1���* -_ii kark M File rr*-**
aatf aawot 30 c__t_t froa tt* bs_k o* ta.10 w����i
: a   -.   ft ��� -    A   rvrsTX?'
rtoe  atirt-ti at> i r.a : s
^^^^^^^^^^ v ���_. 1 ja -a c luuaft to
t o~ -saafa-warit. ��_��t_���1iaa  *<-��  sire*.
XMMd t*-*oaaWrKb. NA.    iosaf-a Patsux.
I  i. L-rcj1- sc*-*-*
3KJ.M     wen-Jsort- ru*e rrt-*-x
J-t-jw _ft_*d i.-n��_-K-v  X-uin-.'. o*f W*3*n EootC-s*r
Js*U* in IK-**   ito_l  Jc*rpa   PftUTck.  of   S
B c . acr-as���������ea. iBatrtrtBti, intomat to spadf
.1 li:: ���    .*T_r  U��*   K*.
(���c* -    tag ��: ft i<#i pH���te-l
t_H   'll*���L   Mt)   IS   ft���   **-ft��t-*rlT
iT*.-m    iacaa)m   >o    l>  s*-��S  m-��.rk--��a
- *. *. i '   V   --    t-a4_e-r.  -Ur*i>�� -*o-at_ at)
a* mh. : <*-_. a*
*trt*-f. tbestc eaat as _ka_M> to i*oini of ��-_i-
���niiiUMi at. c��at_t-g-c *a�� ac res. mort c-r ha*.
l**fta-*-i l��un_b<ri��tA, ua?.     Joftsra pftTuac.
J    J. LPCLft   4.1t
jr* is.   a*��at lort. rile c-rt*k
Xtiwoalu-aAlUtargrt. V_RKaat_Mj
Tu^soum L-ail. J<-#*eph Kfttsrjck. ! N_--**-a.
B. C^ a���paaaiiwa Juai-irttit   .lis-d^ to -s->*_r
- i ipe-cirl ua1 ber br-e-r* crtr l_��- folkwuic
c-*.-r.t-sd ia*-4-: t*r-_B��-:_' ^r ft-, ft aaal ;..sau-:
sbosi a��casta* d-iR-sD: ����.-. .& t we��u.*Ij eir--r-
��� to* lruB t_* **���*. i*   1       PUi     -i*.   *-x) ftUs-m
:.*������:- -   X    *, .���*...���*-;
Pfgsir-t-: ��� �� E **OTf��*r, Lbeaoe w**-*i t. tb��i6fc,
t_ea-rT _ot-> *�� <������-11-���'. utexK-e e_��t >a�� f��Mtt
t���ezi���> fto*Bt_ ��0 (Jjftin* ic point af mwmrt
n-Dt- dac-Llaiaa- MC ��������*-*��� toore 01 to��s.
l��-asu��i Dece_ Joasr* Torrnxu*
I   J.UiCU.
Sc-  3*    SL-rt-t-nt r ****** e
aciaoB Lssc. L';��:n-i   _;��-,.���**>*��*. of We	
7���_*> -out-* _u I. Ju**|*h 1-ftUTc*. 01
B CL, <-��raj��U{s* lB->i-*fi_a*s laLaftd to app>7
lor s ipaeaa! t__t*tr awm-r or��r t_�� U**lke**r**%��
dasnrti-afl _utll 1 <��� .ren.*_u_-f ai spool ���*ti_oto3
1 up wtM ****** a*w3 ia a V -_.
n frga n��o&_. ot cxt>efe. sad marifti,
1-jmrvti  Pu*_3k* >'   ��� oora-sr,  _-*eaor- m*siA a-
��   Bm��sh   re'^r-^'l11"^  ln  ��*���'  ���***   **^*  ��n***l���� *u��rirt
F>en m .- , ?"   b'   J*-"111-5   ���*��� **�����i down and 110 per niosth.
I     : ," " Jn*-��'n>ent this 1. worth consideration
Mt 1-and ha, trebled ,n value within the year    What wli; It do ��e��
AM) SEALERS IN    l^fK__Def t   OlllflgleSt
Loth, A\oul_inKS, Doors, Window*!
TUmed Wor-*- *"*���-��� H��-��acKet_. -<_, ��>���!_, vnmptij >������K4*)
���    ���*������ Sl-SSO-ftft. B. C.
i. ���'    IXXXa. AC��*.
ViSH.>*o>' STRKIfr
JSo IT     Maafa, an-tk
Nflaoo Laoal DwlrK-,    Plaulrl o, Wet, ktvat..ay
Tftfta Dtal'aftf Iba, I. -V*f[ 1. I'a,ra.-k. r.f Nrlantt-
R t . a.x apalKaa laaiberman. Icfta-taJ lo apptr
lot I f^ral tlalftt ItatDaa? era, tba l-llowtna
aifw-nbetl Lasd��: a-a-mxn.a';dk a, a I'd f.',anlasl
about 1 all* ID an eaaterly dlrrctioia '-
moalb erf rtlevana rr*ta. wbrrr it , :-[ ; ��� laM
tajlba. lake. aj��4 xnarkpd Jowapb !'a-.a. t . 4. W.
tx.rxtar.  Uftfue*   nonl.   �� rl.aii.ft.   *. ���   .;���*.'
aft! at  ibfiat* aamlb Naa efcaiaa. lora,.    ..a, SO
l    * :o p.i&t oi emaaaessr^sssrtil. rus, . aluf
a*;, fcrt*,. more or sta*.
ValtA SeaezzberXs^.l**?      Jaaittt I , _
U. Uxla. aj- L.
la IS.   i?*-rarra�� ereet
yuita Last] Piatrirt. uainrtoi w>ai K ���.
3. I*.. ooc-upatiaaa rajabermaa. Iair&d
lor a aWBraal llat bt.'  uoroor  earn tbe _____
aiai'ijftul iaada:  C����aia��_,a.. at a r*����> I ��� n,e3
>t��til 1 alln tip M,a,n. rra���� aaal ftJ��
twaauob No IS on ,be aooth. aaal ���aa��f��"
PaUtekw II ** oorner. taeoa-a real �����'
irafoae aontb S3 rbaine. SMaSSwSftW"
ih��na>e nortb SP ebalna ���* aolni ot "-a*""
ment. oonuinln. Sao aoraa. more or IM
Iftal^l laereniber IM. 1W7 Joa��" 1
I.J. I-rrtft. M
No. SO     -.a,.t ....*   ,  .,    ... i
Nelaon I.a.) I'latrlrt    Plftlrl.t ol We" MH
lala nonce tbal 1. Joaeab Pain-��. **'"}
a t .cii|ftii���tt l-.icaherman. ISHSI^ai
l.ar a ���:���..��; umber lleaira rrrr **t if
l,*arrlt��d I .nd. i   Oonmaaelnf a, a po*>
lt*aa-rl{��_1 landa : aomaaaaflnf at a ra-IJK
atwaul 1 milea ns. ibe waa, fori M Flft "Tj,,
ftlft tit jCt-hama aonb ol lha rrerl a��a"n
J"ft��"ft   w..-..^   a-   r    ,-....,   ah.Dfr *"",
_ a-Sl-Kffi���-���**2������ *******   *"    nit
 ...    v____��� Iftl    ..ni
aboul S mjita Uf i-le-!tirr__.V ** *""" >'" n,~
cbaia. awtr*^i _! _.a"T.*,,*'' *'* ul *��
_J������Joae^^u.���.:.J-**f'_.''���' >-'���     ���<���'   and
****** t* 5Sa.T��S.:JLa��,rtr*;" ��� *���"
��--- ^ a,, -a...��� *-_*?���   -�� weata. tl..i.��   tt eaoe
��ft���It?.*_*"*"*��� '" <*��P���� >��'
���nia.ai_,t sat- aerea. moo or
I Ina. uo,     joarrw Parai^,
����� u   aiCTM��������� ^1* -*1"*"
l*"t/<ti��rt��u,S,m'"' lalend   li.,pl.it  j
--aacr._��__LW^*;��-�� "-TO Iba lollo.Jni 1
"���sftaaaa.   t<��_.artaf at a poal pi���3 *
tl     Wea, tork. ot Pile rreei
aetaon I.nd Duirvcu OUUlrtaal ��e.l �����,
Take nouoe lhat ,. Joaenb Fa<rl<**'..","l|
��� I . ooritpallon lumberman. I"1*? ,-iiiai
l.v > .porta! umber llonce orer IM J���
deerrlhed lands: fonraenrlnf al a ja*'"
a**ou, 4 mllea ap ,be area, lork ol IW���
��� pM*
_______________________________      .-J*J
planied on the  n.arlb  bank ot fa* **'**jLm
raarke.1 ioeesyb  1-atark'. *  *   _*_ J3
���ouixio ehaina.  nflnoa ���I'll""'.*, ����
norib so rbalna. tbenoa ea., ��� a-Mini    r
ol a-ommenoement, eonlalnlnj **> *���*���
l>il*l ly .-am ber M, IWI.   -J***"," �� a|i>-| The Daily Canadian
cannot dine on FROG LEGS every da}'.    We furnish the
__ Staples
|ef,   Pork,   Mutton  and Veal
Hams. Bacon and Lard
With all varieties of
Fresh and Smoked Fish
in the market
Mincemeat of Finest yuality in glass and wood.
'. Barns & Co., Ltd.
Rossland     INELSOlN,  B. G- Bonndary
lOhemian Beer
ie Nelson Brewing Co'y, Ltd
W /   9 ,*r
id Dutrlet* Dutrlet oi wpit K non-nay
ice  tlm' Kn-d. J. H���mmuim, agent  lur
tuner, ������( Neinou,  chm*iip*Uoii   Vateh-
ndi to ipplf   I0-"   p-urinimuni* to pur*
',,,,,,1111111 ii.-niTltM-il latin!-*.: ('(immi'ii*
uil wlmiUMl abOUt fyi mile* cast "f
��� k tbeooa *������ chalui in an easterly
Lbanoc xxi chain* south, thence to
i ,..-.:.-ri', dlraOtlon, thence 2U chains
,.* p,nut ...commencement, con ini ning
,,r. di laai
v **_, YAfl* _
KHKPatl* *���   UtUO TaNWKR,
F.J. tiAMNUNII,   Audit-
i,,i inr-aimi. DisiriiH ui rifsi Kooteuay
Hit* Hi ft l Kri-I J. Hainmons, agent lor
ard, nf Praetor- o.-cupa.i<m rancher.
apply for iM.riniir.ioii Ui pvrebaat tbfl
described lunili: Coiuuiviirlug at it
.,1 ftboDl 1-j in tie* east ot "MInou rreek.
unatne. t hem-t* north�����**���*t ��w
-i,, .* Dorthaatl JMchaiiiH, ttu -ut*. south-
. Ui*- point of comuieueemeiit
I iu n. *. ���, mora ur imh.
01   **th,    �� ���
An   II 111* IU   AM.IWON   BAUftEP,
AKi-Ut   K    J    HilHtfW.
I  [> Is trict    DUUlOtOl Went Kmiteilft/
i tl.ftt W. A. H . l-'u.. llinbercrulser,
-,,,tnii.   M.-iiiiy, Wft-ihiiigtmi, oufl
bti.'.i btatas ol Amerita. luu-uit* i�� --.pply
Eal Umber license uv.*r tin- foilowiug
���"lau ils: CummuDcUtf ata po*t markwi
U1..1 nn lb- nortn i-aiix ol Corn ere*-'*.
Ecilon ol tbe .\..ri_i fork of Coru creek
iiiniii stream, about ttvo mile" in a
Ilrviii-iii from '-,diluent'*--o! said __>m
i thi K - ��� ��v rtrar; thenrc north to J
,  **. -     It-' i tiitlii*-; thence smith W
Bui ��� ��� mi i"1 ehaina to point of admit   uont-gftlulUI HB acrea mure or MB.
il   adjoins timber   limit   No 7   un the
iinbi'i umit No. & ou the *ouUi, a�� lo-
bei 7,1907.
wilmam a. Uvoodu, Locator.
I by I ui.rick **}, hhlne
1 -."lid signed by th.- within nunvd ft
,   in:   the Will day Of November, A   U.
r.   me at Hpokanc.   Spokane  toiinir,
ui ti,, i riii-'-i suguj��of America.
TftTHit k <   si-ink.
s . luntrict. District oi Weat Itootenay
u    thatlaaball*Flarea,  IBtraaabur*
ii married   wumtti,   intend*  to  apply
-..ii   lu   purchase  the  lollowlng  Ues-
��� ommencing ��t . J*"*- plauw-*! al
-.nun   of   tbe  nurth   boundary aTMB
the eait  boundary   oi   Lot   ****���   1"1***
... bains, mure ur li-fta. to the norih
..I   limber   Limit   So. 7671.   thence
liaius, luciice went JO ehainn. mure "r
nnMHide of Whaubau   lake,  thence
-.ame   in   a  Huuiherlv   ��-����   westerly
lu, chain*  more  or   left*  io the inter
ith , ut alto, thence 36 chain**.   Hon Of
���* ;,*   -L-anleriy   boundary  of-Lot hi-* to
:.  October, IWl. iBftltKi.t-A POHMfl*
P. ti. KAt'-JI'lKK, Agent.
i Dlitrlct. Diitriet ol West Kootenay
dice   that   Alexander   J     McCool, of
< , occupation clarlr, intends io apply
uion tn purchase the following Mini ; CouimauciDK at . P-'-'t pi-*--*4'1 ����
. rn   boundary  ol H   0   f*otifciern   Kaii-
i.l way. about one ani aTialf mile"
rum   the   uorthweit corner ol lot ���**�����*���*.
rv enay.    thenee   loutb   ��u ehaiua,
r-i -Mjehalin. ibmco norih Wohalni t*��
sneiary ..I ftai.i   right al-wa,i  lbeuoe
.niii-taloni- ��ald lotitbt-rn buiin*lary in
-ppinnu'iicemeut,    and  contaiulug  BOO
re nr l��**n.
-p.MintM.-r 9th. 19U7. .....     ,
A1.KXANDKR J    Met out-
I DiitrlOt    I����ftli-lciol 1��ae1 Kootenay
��� i   ihat K. P, nurden, acting ah kl<"���*
I I-   ��� :   ii,   ul   1'uklok.   N. li*,  ucupatt.-n
lutenOi to apply lor permimlon  to
lhe nil toning (letK-rl bod   laud".     _>m��
��� pi poit pUnted ou the  eaitcrly Hhun-
Wf nud about 10 chain** nuTth nl the
��� ������ ..I lot Mlftl, theuce earn 90 clmlii-".
l'h -Htehalii*"., more or lem, to the lake
IU ��� MMUbwer-terly along the l-gkeahore
'<t ���>( luimneticctneul.  and  rotiiaiiiiUK
mre or laai*
p.wmU-r litb.l9G_ JamkhII  Hi-bukn,
F. P    Ht'Ri'KN, A((eiit.
ml DUtrlot, DtltHol of Wo*% Kootenav
leo    ll,nt   John   Jainei   Canierun.  of.
iltlld  Cnlutnhlu,   nccnpatinli   eontr��c
ud��    to    apply     for    permlwtioii   to
hi    foliuwing  iIch-rlbed   Und:    Com
������'   i   punt   planted   on   the  -.uutliem
ol tbe H: t:. Hnulheril right ol way
lialui wet-terlv Irom theN.W euruer
. uroup I, Ku.itouay, Ihence n.nih ����
enea  eaat It) chain**,   ihence   norih W
tho Miuihern boundary of the lain
��y. ihence WeHlcrly   alnllg mild   nouth
lary  uf rlglit ufway   tu  the  polat
1 unlit, tiiul containing SMOaOTta, ULOTB
John Jaiirr Cawrron,
|.'-ii<l DlNirtct.   Dintrict ol Wfit Koolenay
lea that John Hblcll, of Needle*. B.C.,
rancher, Intend-* in apply K>i par-
���  purchivso  thu following   doaortbea
tmenoing  nl  a   pott   planted   al   ti'1
******* lauke, uu IfonaitO Creek) and 2) chain-* 75
link-*-.uulb of tht N W. C. of ftald tut, running
thciirc went Hu cbulu**, theuce huulh WJ chalua,
tbence eaat HU chaing, thunce north bt) chalna to
place u[ commencement, containing MO acren,
inure or leia.
'  n.*.n: ..- M',;*miJ,
Agent  Inr H ugo Camcm.
Da led 0 Decern lie r 1907.
Nelson 1-aud Dliirlc'i.   Diilrictot Went Kootenay.
Take notice ihat Una Hcrgmau, of Altoua,
.Man , occupallun wife ol 0. m-rgman, laruier,
Altuna, -I'ut , intend)* to apply lur permlaalon to
purcbaie the lulluvrtug d(*��<rllje<l laud:
< uiiniii-ui'iiiK at a pur*i planted at the N. K- C
-���' li , - ' 1.1- ���. i.- a ppllt-'atum io (un !.��-,��� and
running Ibeuce weni R0 chalub tbence nurth SO
chain*., thetice   cant   40 chain--,  thetice   **outh 8
ehaiiuSS Unki, thanoa east -to r mn*, ibeuce
ouuth 71 chain- TO linxt. iu jhuuI (ri commence*
meut, cuu-ialiilug tJt-7 aOTM mure or ;������������-
Agent   fur    iiini   ilergmau.
Dated Zl December IWl.
NeUoii I.ttUd DtetrlOt     Dutrlet nl Vt'eit Kooteuay.
lakeuutlce that l>evl deurge I'ayne, ot Needles,
B. C, oOOOpa-Uon rancher, iliteuilit lu apply lor
permUalun tu purchase the lollowlng ile-acrlbe-U
lands: t 'uiniiieiieing Ml a pnr-t planted aOuut li-
clialns west ol -'��� baliliau CSOOk ami !st8 .*. i ehainn
t.unin ul the t-outhwe.il corner nl -Lot Su b.,i*i
running tbence north 90 chains, tbeuce west tto
chains, theme suiitb 121A6 chains, theuce cast
.'.' ,.-.-* ehalns. theuee auuth 67 M������ chains, thenee
.'���7.419 chains i-a.-i to point nt commencement,
cuiitaiiii.. tSl a, res, now inrveyeil as lut Hint*
Da'e*l am January, YJtiO. iJtvi ��� ���A-muK 1'aynk.
West Kooteuay l^and District. District uf Uoat
lake notiee lhal I, i.eorge A. Hunt, uf Kit.
cbeiier, ooonpatlon timoermau, juu-ud u>
appiy for permission in purcnasc the
lollowlng deftiiiheil land: Cummeuciug at a
i--< planteil aboul 40 cl.ft;us, wesl ol lUumi-auu
mni k t -l S. W. corner, ti ,/nce soiiiti 10.3/ chains
thanoe eait Uul , i.m. *,, tbence noi in .-...in
chains, Ihence west alu,tg B. C, HotilJiem Hail-
way tu place ul cniiilueiK cuitui, cuntalUlug t/0.16
i-aled January Uth, l**ut>.        < ��� < ������ n.,,\  H. Hunt.
Nelmn l.an.l District. Districtu/ Watt Kuuieuay
1'nAe notiee thai J, Freuerick Adlc. of *Aaucia,
B <,'.,(���& upatluu inereba-jl. Intend to apply for
jH-riuisMun tn pun-hasc the lulluWing described
land: < uunueucing ai a pust planted aboul iU
Chains Wenl ul the R U. c.i-l.erol .��� ���[ ���*���������-- Un inv
uorlh 'A' chains, theuee east txi cbalus, thenee
i'iu.0 A'cliains. theuee west bo chaius tu polut
of--onimeiieeinent, euuiaiuiug Itio acies, mure or
Dated January 21st. :���*���**        Kkkukhk k Anik.
Lemoine    Still    in    Prison���Persists   In
Claim   But   Refuses  Test   In
Presence of Experts.
I.amalon. Pot,. 7.���Henri I_,em,)l,ie still
liiKlntH he can make good commercial
.Ilium.n.Ih. und the French authorities
limlBl. he must "show them," If he expects to KHt out of jail. His counnel Is
UyliiK to Induce the government to accept ball. The government replies lie
can get out whenever he agrees to make
a diamond ln the presence of a few of
the right kind of witnesses.
But not Henri; he proposes to keep
his formula lo himself, he says and will
rnlher mildew ln a cell than give the
m-cret away to a lot of prying government cxpertB.
Tlie formula Is supposed to be ln a
safety deposit box lu a London bank.
The French government, has aHketl the
hank to hand It over. The bank declines except oa Lemolne's order, and
Lemoine will not give It.
Most persons think Lemoine could
not make a diamond If he tried. Lord
AmiHtrong Ib a good judge, however,
ami he declares he has seen him do lt;
know* there was no slight of hand
about it. He says he examined the diamond and found it a real one���a beauty,
too, though rather small.
When the cose comes to trial the government has two witnesses who will
swear they supplied Lemoine the real
diamonds which he Blld Into his retort,
pretending to manufacture them, and
then handed them over to his "dupes"
as his own productions,
mo! tie's arrest, is evidently a good deal
puzzled himself. Even after the "diamond maker" wenl to jail, Sir Julius
offered to pay a round Bum for the
prisoner's secret process if the latter
would reveal It, and let him make his
own diamonds.    1/emoine declined.
Sir Julius acting for the De Beers
company, paid $150,000 to Lemoine for
an Interest In the diamond-making business. He grew suspicioiiB later because
Lemolni, would make diamonds only
when he felt like lt. The arrest foi-
Jobbing   promptly  attended   to.    Plans
and Estimates.
Apply 415 Hall St. Box 385.
INO ..-ai 13-
Noliee is hereby given lhat the Kinney -.ul.ler Cedar ajouipauy, au extra pro*
vaiiciu. compauy uuiy legisleied, as
taucu, auu auiuuriztu  io carry ou ou.--.i-
llajbi,   Vaaltllu  the  pl'OVIUCe  Ol   JJ.l'lllS-1  Col-
tuui.ta, uud liuviug ll* head ouice at
ISl'esluU, in tiie said piovtuee, muuulac-
laueis, Hav* lay .i., u of ussiguuicul,
duleal Uie Hill duy ol JJecemUei', 1SIU7,
assigned ull us p.*isouul properly, real
Ml*ttt. credits, und ellecLs, which iii.t.a
bu beiSted aud sold uuUer executiuu to
me, Charles U. Hudgers, of Crestou,
Hi uimi Columbia, lumber manufacturer,
lor tha; geueral  taeueiit of ita creditors.
A meeting of tile creditors wili be
held at the olllce of K. M. .Mucdouuld,
barnsuT-ai-law, coiner Haker and SStau-
ley atresia, Nelson, il. C, at the hour of
three o'clock lu the alternoon ou STUBS*
tiuy, the SIlsl duy ol December, 11)07, lor
lhe giving ot directions with relereuce
to the disposal of the estate.
Aud lurilier lake nollce that all creditors are required on or before the ISMh
day ol Ueeeuibir, 11,07, tu Hie Willi uie,
lhe assignee, lull pal ilculurs uf their
claims duly verified, and the ualuru of
the security. If uuy, held by them.
Aud notice is hereby given that alter
the ggth day of December, 1907, I will
proceed to distribute the assets ainongsl
lhe cietlltois of whose debts or claims
I shall than have received notlco and 1
will uol bo responsible for the ussets,
or any part thereof, so distributed to
any creditor of whose debt or claim I
tahull nol then have received notice.
Hated at Ci'cuioii. B. 0., this Uth day
of Deoember, i��07.
Auction Sale
Dent's New and Second
Hand Store
Wednesday, Feb. 5
At 2 p. m. Sharp.
We have a large assortment of second
hand furniture, new mattresses, couches, granite and tin ware. Our goods are
on view from now until day of sale.
Don't miss thla opportunity. Our goods
at your price!.
Turner Beaton Block, 606 Vernon Street.
Duchess    of    Sutherland    and   King   of
Yellow Journalism Said to Be
in Partnership.
Tn.. i.
........   t,l   U,t 7HVS,  lhaMH-a,  wel.   -
ifa- t.,mth Sn attains, thenoe sasl w
  Iltarlla tUI a.litlll.aa   la.   III."   pOlOtOI
fill. nu,l ..in, .inn.,; Hat) ti|.|'i.a.. maaru
|1HUi tl,-lt,l,t)r, 1007.   ��� jASasSUIMJ.,
Y. tl   KAttql'IKR. Aie'lil-
"n.l lUMrlfl In.lrli'tlil V.fi>t Ki.aatfllliy
"ll. f Hint Aiikiih Sleuth, of Ilia." <ity el
'" ui.iatl.,ii llrt'iaiHU, lnti-lnln tosPtUY lOT
"ii I- i.uri'hi.Hf ihu ItillnwltiK ,1 aa-rlhctt
' ���  ii<- J.- : la,-   at  A   I'l'sl    |.!.H.li"l   Hi   ""'
"* L   0.   Mi.irta-i.it'"  riini'li,  in   Kir
i. -'ft'  iiiirlh  Iiarty  (ID) .ham*, ttieui'
(II.) liiatltna.   thajlOa   aonth      . ,*lj'   (*0
' nif ava-Hl la.rly {,���)  , I..Ina oin, at
'���n nt.   Itnal aaiiilHlnliiK   SO! laliualriial
I n.i.) aifrt-a, more tir li>,a.
nln-r 2tt^. J1H)7.        AKOUta    Matlail
To Whom It May Concern:
Tako notice that J. L. W'arner'is not
now and bus not been since the loth
tiny of November lust employed by or
111 any wily ponnected with the Hradley
ISiiKiiieeiiuB    and     Machinery    Co.
Spokane, Washington,
'amI tllMtrlttl.  Dltatrlftof WoalKiaaatonay
"H.'u thHl Hugo psrttsn*j of Wlnntprir,
"'iilnillt.ti   ,,ui,h,,|i,.,,  intcnala l�� apply
U  Manain to purchaae tho  aollowltiK tle-
.   i'Iiik at a poat planied on  tho weat
Fl nl I., taa, (), l, (about l. mllei Irom Ar-
Notice is hereby given thnt nil taxes
for lhe year 100S under the Assessment
Act DOS' nnd amending acts, and under
the PilbHc Schools Act, aro now due
and payable. ^^ y QLEAZERf
Collector of Revenue, Nelson, B. C.
Nelson, B. C, 2ml Jan.. ��>���"���
New York, Feb. 7.���An Interesting
story is going the rounds in relation to
the visit of the DuchesB of Sutherland,
who reached New York unheralded a
few weeks ago and managed to remain
In the city some days before her presence became publicly known. It is reported that the purpose of the Duchess
In coming to tills city was to discuss
a project to launch a "newspaper for
the people" In London iu partnership
with tlie millionaire publisher of news-
pepers in .New York and other cities,
whose wealth and political activities
have made his name familiar to all.
Just why the American publisher
should desire to start a newspaiier in
the interest of the poor suffering English
proletariat is not stated, but the story
Is no less interesting because of this
omission. The prospective Journalistic
alliance of a Yankee millionaire and an
English peeress Is sufficient in itself to
create interest and the story seems to
have attracted "attention in Loudon as
well as in this city.
The Duchess of Sutherland ls a re-
inarkuble woman In many respects. She
has the pen of a ready wrlter-^nibllshes
books, has written a play for Ethel
Harrymore and Is a frequent contributor to the magazines. She Is fond of
literature and literary people, has a
head for business and is a first class
Her first literary work was a description of her honeymoon trip around the
world, and she called it "How I spent
My Twentieth Year." It became fashionably popular and was much praised
on account of Its refreshing simplicity.
In 18'JII she published a novel, entitled
"One Hour and the Next," a psychological work, which attracted much praise
and criticism from the English literary
journals. It was a story treating with
the melancholy Bide of working class
life, and it became known for Uie first
time that the Duchess spent much of
her time among the poorer classes of
her county, studying their conditions
and constantly performing acts of charity. 	
Feb*t��a*y 4 to 8
PATE���Faare and third for round trip.
Tickets on sale Feb. 3 to 7 Inclusive.
Final   limit,  Fob. 10th.
Correspondence invited and cheerfully nnswered.
Call on or write
INEUSOIN,     -     B. C.
P p. A., Nalaon
No. 331.
"COMPANIES   ACT,   1897."
I hereby certify that "The Kootenay
Cedar Company" has this day been registered as an Extra-Provincial Company under the "Companies Act, 1897,"
to cany or effect all or any of the objects of the Company to which the legislative authority of the Legislature of
British Columbia extends, except the
construction and working of, railways,
und the business of insurance.
The head office of the Company is situate at Portland, Cumberland County,
The amount of the capital of the
Company is one million seven hundred
and fifty thousand dollars, divided Into
seventeen thousand five hundred shares
of one hundred dollars each.
The  head  offlce of  the  company  in
this Province Is situate at Nelson, and
R.   S.   Lennie,   barrister-at-law,   whose
address ts Nelson, B. C, is the attorney
for the Company, not empowered to Issue aud transfer stock.
The Company is limited.
Given under my hand and seal of office at Victoria,  Province    of    British
Columbia, this eleventh day of January,
one thousand nine hundred and eight.
Registrar of Joint Stock Companies.
The   objects  for which   this     Company has been established and registered are:���
To acquire, hold, Improve, lease and
sell timber, farming, grazing, mineral
and other lands, and the products thereof; to mine or otherwise extract or remove coal, ores, stone and other minerals and timbei from any land owned,
leased or occupied by the company, or
from any other lands; to buy, build,
construct, maintain and operate plants
and works for the development ot
such lands, and for the handling, preparing and rendering commercially
available of the various products thereof; and to buy, or sell or otherwise to
deal or to truffle In wood, timber, lumber, coal, stone, ores and other material, and any of the products thereof,
and any article consisting, or partly
consisting, thereof.
To engage ln trudo and maintain
To buy, build, hold and lease or sell
all kinds of house* and buildings, and
(he lands on which the samb may be located; to buy, own and hold, with a
view to Its improvement and sale, any-
kind of real  estate.
To breed, raise and deal In cattle
and live stock of all kinds; and to manufacture, buy, sell and otherwise deal
In  all  kinds of  dairy  products.
To construct docks, slips, bridges, machinery, ships, boats, engines, cars and
other equipment, elevators, water
works, gas works, electric works, viaducts, aqueducts and other water-ways,
and to sell the same, or otherwise to dispose thereof, or to maintain and operate the same; to construct and to maintain and operate all trams, ratlroada,
spuds, switches, locomotives, cars,
trains and equipment for ihe purposes
of tbe Company only, and not as a
common carrier, that may be necessary
or deslrbum lu transporting logs and
other minerals to the mills and plants
of the Company, and ln transporting
the manufactured products of such
plants to the markets; to log and
drive streams; to construct and operate
To purchase, hold, sell, assign, transfer, mortgage, pledge or otherwise dispose of any bonds or other securities or
evidences of Indebtedness created or
Issued by any corporation or corporation, association or associations of the
State of Maine, or of any other state,
territory or country, and, while the
owner thereof, to exercise all the rights,
powers and privileges of ownership:
To purchase, hold, sell, assign, transfer, mortgage, pledge or otherwise dispose of shares ot capital Btock of any
other corporation or corporations, association or associations of the State
of Maine, or of any other state, territory or country, and , while the owner
of such stock, to exercise all the rights,
powers and privileges of ownership, including the right to vote thereon-.
To aid in any manner any corporation
or association of which any bonds or
other securities or evidences of Indebtedness or stock are held by the corporation, and to do any acts or things designed to protect, preserve, improve or
enhance the value of any such bonals
or other securities or evidences of indebtedness or stock:
The business of the Company is from
Ume to Ume to do any one or more ot
the acts and things herein set forth;
and it may conduct its business in other
States, territories and possessions of
the United States, In British Columbia,
aud iu foreign countries, aud may have
oue office or more than one offlce, and
keep the books of the Company outside
of the State of Maine, except as otherwise may be provided by law, and may
hold, purchaae, mortgage, and convey
real or personal property, either in or
out of the State of Maine.
All the powers of the corporation are
vested in the board of directors, who
may make, alter, amend or repeal all
bylaws of the company, except such
by-laws as regulate or affect tue election of directors aud otticers, aud except when the change of a by-law or
exercise of a power is made by statute expressly dependent upon action by
or consent of the stockholders.
Provided, however, that nothing herein contained shall be construed to authorise the corporaUon to transact business ia any other scale, territory, or
foreign country, contrary to the provisions of the laws ot such state, territory or loreign country, and that nothing in these purposes shall be construed
to give the corporation any rights, powers or privileges not permitted by the
laws of the State of Maine to corporations organized under Section 6 of
Chapter 47 of the Revised Statutes of
the State of Maine, and the following
corporate purposes shall be exercised
ouly ln states and Jurisdictions other
than Maine, namely, the construction
and operation of railroads, or aiding ln
the construcUon thereof, telegraph or
telephone companies, and gas or electrical companies, and such businesses
are to be carried on only in states and
juriadicUons when and where permissible under the laws thereof.
Ttemont House
BnroMftn and America- Yl.n
-tfea.il 85 ct-..   Boom-s from K etc* to ?������
only White Help JCmployed-
Bftkc-r St.. Nelion Proprieion
Moat comfortable quartera      Nelson
Only the best atfl.lgii.ir_ and oigars
Grand Central Hotel
Thoroughly renovated and refur*
nlihed. Rooms BO cents upward The
dining room Is unexcelled ln the city.
House heated throughout with hot
J. A. BRIOKSON, Proprietor.
Telephone, 260.   Opposite Court Houa*
and Postoffice. Nelson. B. C.
Queen's Hotel
Baker Street, Nelaon. B. C.
We have for sale a first clasB modern residence, and four lots. In a
gootl residential position. The house contains four bedrooms, dining
room, parlor, kitchen, pantry, bat hroom, basement, finished attic. Stone
foundation and electric light. The workmanship and material are of the
best. The lots are fenced and planted with fruit and ornamental trees,
flower gardens and lawns.    Price  $5,000.
H. _ M. BIRD
One of
The Best
In Fruit Lands now offering. 157 acrea
of choice land situated on Howser Lake.
$20.00 per acre, easily cleared.. Must be
sold at once.
For   full   particular!   apply
��� :
If you want Good Land
MeDermid & McHardy
.   m
-uarge  and   Comfortable   Bealroomi and Pint
tilaas DltilUK Koom.
MRS. E. C. CLARKE,  Proprietress.
Bartlett   House
Best Dollar-a-Day House in Nelson.
The Bar la the Flneat.
White Help Only Employed
Is now ready to execute  all
orders for Job Printing on
shortest notice.
The Job Department is up-to-
date in every respect and a
full line of stationery will be
kept in stock.
All orders entrusted to our
care will receive prompt and
careful attention.
314 Baker St.
Tel. 324.
loflephinL' at.
Nelion, B. G
Royal Hotel
Notice ls hereby given that tie undersigned have submitted to the Lieu-
tenant-Governor-in-Councll a proposal
under the Rivers and Streams Act for
the clearing and removing obstructions
from the Duhamel Creek (otherwise
known as Six-Mile Creek) in the District of West Kootenay, Province of
liritish Columbia, and for making the
said creek fit for rafting and driving
thereon logs, timber and lumber, and
for erecting and maintaining dams on
the said creek, and for constructing
and maintaining booms for holding
sorting and delivering logs and timber
thereon, and for attaching booms on
Kootenay Lake at the mouth of said
The lands to be affected by such work
are Lots 787. 78S, 7601, 7773, 4394, 8411
and S413 all in Group One, Kootenay
Uistrict, and other lands not Crown
grunted, occupied or Improved.
The tolls proposed to be charged are
such as may be fixed by the Judge of
the County Court of West Kootenay.
Dated the 28th day of October, 1907.
VV.    O.    QIUUETT
Contractor and
Sole agent Ior tbe Porto Klco Lumber Co., Ltd..
retail yards- Rough aud drem-ed lumber, turned
work and bracket*. Coa��t lath and shingles, aash
and doora. Cement, brick and Ume for aale
Automatic grinder.
Yard and factory: VernonSt.. east of Hall   _
IV-SL.-SOIV,   E��. G.
P   O. Box 232 Telephone 178
In the matter ol an application lor the lnsue of
a duplicate ot tbe Certificate of Title to Lot*
1, fi, and 6, Block 6, Nelson City, subdivision oi
part of Lot 18'2, Group Une, District of Kooteuay
(Hap 486).
Notice Is hereby given that It la my intention
to Issue at the expiration of one numth after tbo
first publication hereof a duplicate of theCertlS-
i ate o. Title to the above mentioned lou ln the
naraeof Pattle Rhodes which Certificate ls daied
tbe UM li dar of May, 1899, and numbered 1897-k.
Land Reulctry Office, Nelson, R.<\, January
21th, 1908. fl. F. MacLKOI),
District Kegiitrar.
Rates $1 and 91.60 a Daj.
Special Kates to Re*r_lor Boanlnn
A. M. Can. Be*. C. E.
Mining Work a Specialty.
Offlce:   Room  10.   K.-W.-C. Blk.    P.   O.
Box    484.
Baker St., Nelaon, B. C.
Cancellation of Reserve.
Notice ls hereby given that the reserra over
eertatn land- in South-Katat Kootenay. uotloe ol
which apyeareu la the Hrltlfih Columbia tlaaella
of the in la of August. httJO and bore date of August 12th, 1890, ls hereby cancelled. The above
mentioned lands will be open for location under
the Land A�� on March -tl, 1908.
1 >-��� l���,atv Commissioner of Lands antl Works
Lauds and Works Uepartmont.
Victoria, 11. C, December Hull, 1907. '    ���
Toe Dally Canadian
;-..  .      --        SSSaL    I      '      rfrr      EKTft.  P'ai     *V     meT
- -  : -i   -u r :   - L
'       -    -' -
L        '..'
Si. :-s -Li V-L.OS.
5    1   -.*.   tS aC
n_ ll t*_s
.:    S.5S.
*��  :.-���������   -i'-   -.-.-.     - - - ���-   ��� ��� -  '. - - -
'  *  "ft .     >     A.i_���  I
is Qp-ii--:ar
���ata s   ;��� :   S-t-._��-��.
- .       -I    til*
'    tt   so.
asstsmii-.. *******   ix   urt  jrnot. t_-
[ I..���   "" z-mo���r^a.
--  - L
...     ���
-     L
_L L.
-:~e. *.--  . a. _*.
Bargains in  all lii-r:
of DryGcKxif.!-^-
ery   ar.d   Laiits*
Goth Ing.
. ���  .
...     ���-������������       r*���ut
-    -
���Lift   lial. ..       -    -   tUH   ifta-
Ktr-aiiafiLL  l,-   -----   -   _.--*�� aaat tsxrshahf
���  -. nt.  ant
i    -S     E
:    ���
i-- t*   Iru"
; |     -        ._ L
. : -
- .
Wheat Flakes
for Breakfast
I-_i   soiDeiinng   b-E_-i  ::    _-.*_.
>'T~f*"r*Tr -*-*.' rai--;.   :.:   LHOkV
5 lbs. 50c.
* *   ,.        . ...   I*_���sCTS   tt
Fresh a_: Salted lots
Q__   -
ir-r---  ;i-: - ---sii and
0 1   1 isi 11 ��� ���������' 1 -������      .: facie*
Mai, Qr7_a***f Tt**t****_���* ?_��*-*��_"���_. ai���_n���������.
E.   C   TRAVES    Ma-i*sre
bus caj.-ur��l the ousfldenci- * ^ w
S��s o! 6'>j<! thlass. Th* ex,:.. ���������' j"*
tuin* a*
D.amondl   Si'ire>-aa��are.  Clocfca.
Ajnar.can   and   Imports   M Jtch*,
Sol,S  Oold and  Silver  Je*eir,
Omamerrta,   Table   Cutie-,, Elt
Wa  ��*xt*��*d   u.   ywi   a  cortii,.!
ta.,.  u. euiue and ft-juiila^ our stars.
j.j. walker!
Jeweller  and  Opt ���  .-
..    . ���
- -..
. ...;������
- : .
���*���__  _---
k_BI    Uf!
'   . -
.:    I"       .- : - " -     *
a   .    - --      -   1
-   ���   ~ - :
;     - ""���_-:.- It-"* ���
-"  - ;.l
Sec Us
For Good Fruit Laxi
: .   *-      -   _    ��� t:  1:   '-O-
-   --. B add
_*-_-_- ��� k Pnaea.
Cw-r-sstr r__ &��_
��� ���
.    :
-   ;. -      ���..������-
���6*_JUJ:Srti&T    _���_���I   * I
.   : - Fr"���*-.
1   . .       ir_n.
: v   ;. V ;   >:,:      ���������      _.     L���-i*
1   --_*   eoeBri -
:       ' : - ���:
: -
-_.'.������_*.      .:   :'-__cj_
L-      t-  -      -1     'IL.-.
pr^e!ti_i*_L _
- ��       t*   * *ri    ':.:   tl
Tfct   [__]    __���*_   *- '" ;*^L7  ^u*  __m_r-
_rr_a_i      B. fi. Di
__es_i   -- - : I        - H-l
:���*--:      :
"     T
- -     '       : - ~i
��� . ��� 1   :   -:   'jl  "__*���
: :      - *��
::   ���-v        . ;. - ���**   . -
I   X'-.-sk t_f
:: ;    '     ���   ; *   ;-
: - ��� __J     -^    tc:
:.    --L.-i.n-   isvr   prtte
��. L ^^aisiaSe _ 'i
laa  a   n
St.sK) tc SlO-CiO.
- .
*-i,L.* -
i -
-      '
- - --, -    .
^   '_ �� E - '-. '. - -   . ^ .-- -     -      - .
,   e- t  *,pf^  a .   - .   -
...-ii     -     ;- -     - l
<- .   ��� :
��� ^n. Gl_j_*?l'    ��� .  l baa
'      -        ��� -    -J-L-_��� 7
-   -��ft*tiradwt ,Hllh *****
'-���- --Z--e"}       Tl . --   -a tt   fc
- ' - .      S . r   LLjft
��� Tin- ditiir was
as  as a -ante.
. :      ft L L    -. - "     r.   >*
-----      ar-r        H
-   .
: ��'  - -
....        - .
**ws*****   clt.7   ooaat-Q
��� * -    LL.- L ;    L"-i.La
*   *- ���     ���      " .
the owesaa* ladr
*: L-t't:   paMM
a L.:
G. A. Benedict
Came- Silica  l__l   .   -���   l  l ���   ��_*
PI-ao^a-E; r
Coal! Ice! Wood!
Pfcone  265
Kootenay   Ice.   Fsrwc   and
Foe: Co.
K  La    Raae-   anc   ��a-r   Sta
WhoHMMiie   Provision*,
l*roduc��, - *Pi-i__it.
Gtrrfranivct   ~-L^��na��Tr Ow- Pirnnd hnct* rsxtetr^tl VMa*y fn��b f^, ^ 1
I -_n.     For sale br all itauaoxalt grooert '
:-lj_ aarrbroat .  Hootuic BIocJaL.    Po*ioe ?*.
Josephine Street.        - -        Nekon. B. C.
: -���
nent    tt   ru.    anc    ^ono.e-
JAN:*   VtiEK"  KES
a *..��*���*���'�� ponr Z1.-.X
��-*J--EK-TI��ilE   ���<:.��.-  E.i
1     .   -.   i.   '- ��� ���_   Se.    '    -
5��   [au-   FBlaCT    _-. C Sl--.     H .       S BS    S- S7S0   I
Fjait-a-   r.*r ttuai^c   ��^.**: .. ..    l r .  ��-_^^v -r
ai   anr   -Sic  eacf.. 51 3O0.        Let
t_E*j_     So__< pi io:
is   llssilis   : r :  r i  ~   s
FEU.*.      Vl-.,*JT|-TTtft*     ft-fa    .
3bc  anc   <<=,:   aariSta
I   25^
C a_rs-iL_t   2 *or  ac.
OOTT;,:     aiaC     A-
lOt   ea=r.
i:   anc
^_,L    '- . " -   L_.--
tc *-_S eaetL.
2&c    3t��L   bSV:   Eic   uc
��� aa E=   B*f
W* Ga Thomson
n..-.-��� sir   i.t. ai,:
NV_:t; r
CtTL-i    5Ll.L-.-i       L---.L--n_.ftL
.-    LL    '--a*-    CLLJ
H.ft   HDLLL.r   ."t.ip��   'a*' . S   L - i^t<-tec
LL    STLTLTt   from    . -tL. L ���-  ���   ft :   -L
��   ?-. ;���;*    '   -l_
__j;-.l:--   L-��-;i-.-;r-.tt.L    o.   ll.-    S-S ���      ���
- i-.f.L.-   ���/ L-.   C   ?   P.     -
Lvrt f. *a*s**tAsttaa\ it ix unta tnmi Vki-
No-. Pt-*ec*.  Puce
l-oadoa.    Stek    t. ��� T*a_    cinMimiMfr,
arjaidk.   * --5   -l ;,'al-i-eal  to  coc;;.i-L
Qfr-a-lf    -.'   -_l_-    T-_._- LL '
t^r*en**i.L 1;  a ���_. l 1 l l -   -' -   *
paiii^s     *-_x-_tL^-i   ll   Qh   txaas U
JA-ftb^L^* r    L--.L-     L--     L        :
Lift    rf-ftr   a-s--     ��-.;--���-
C-LL-LJ      ��.L     L'-t     r---      LL     **    -      ' \   :_
afijot-nrfac  ul- .  _a  ftareatag.
Geo.   P.   Player
Jueen Cigar Store
�����i-  i.  VA ��� -**�����"
LaTB   I ....    _ - A  j^y.
��_S-*"4W***~'E**%***-aJt J "_
F : F  -������ a _ ��
-   -
��� ��� .       ���
: I        '       't.
���      a . I
\\ t hare just received z. i-'~:~
���cal .:' Heinz Qaoods is ioi-
loia-sag line.
IIH    i>o-_t.a   oyur   "-LSit-c!   PitlrJes.
l<,<a   Batfla  Eaeei  ii.Lei   i
14-oz   Bo-.-Je GLaerkui-E Pickles.
Pint B-.i-.-_it K-tchtip.
T --ft-pi-OL. S'. 1
H-AN-a I
���      ���      ���   I
i :
��� L   'i - -    -L   LLLft   IKK-
-    - ���-a."     *L.i-.    L.L.L a_--7
L        - ^ LL
I     t "
Ei--   *       .L      '.i*r
LL Vt.L'L      a'LL. a ���-
'     -    ft IL.*-     .
��� ��� L    LL  ���--    i-L;Uit   --L
1 ' 1���CH-   JUj--*-
.. 1'.     ,LL     - ,���   a.U--.     La"     '.:.-     tL-i T L-
i-ULL    K-jafc-iil,.
���LaL--ftafc-.     .".a-     LL,.
ull:        l ,-.---.',
.      L *'
-      ��� .     ���   .
��  L_r ���    ��� J
.   L    ���--,-..-*.�����    ft '    ;     l:        1     ,'��� a
I x��t aSk*�� - .ar traaa a*
��� ������-   ���   ���
m ***** * l    -
...... .     .
In.   SiUiCi
-.���:.. ���      -���; ���      J-, *- .      ; :.- .i aaa
._    ......    ��� .    v .
���:������   - -    a     .---..-
Tpar   Tt-tarjti
A-.LLr*_LaL    JtiJif      Re**,   T��� Tt> O   of   Om-
l*--   .--,;- ���������*-:   L.rL>��;--L*:    -
aJlesed.     con, pi*-' - ti,*-
"   L- -_.'     L'   ---UL   L-iT-....    LLL
L   a-:'      ! L.    -     " V _     L * "- 'i     LLL     " L ���
CrLfttT    LLaf    t   ;,L-SaL-    aU��'"LL    UL-_    ���    SZ&all
we.    -Khtsa Ijauagiil tao lhe  taaeaX
a--ut-'_iL -__.*- Lmea ocrali aa* -be iniac*d tu
t;��t��   : *.
SLTu,L>.    .,    I'- U*-L    LLL'
--U    V _ u .in     a .
.-ft-   ft-La-uL ^ Canada., at --ia*  pres-
ft-LL   bft-bbaLtL   -L'-Lft-LL*;. JOT ��S atr   tLL^LCLLC
a*. E "��� = �� Ml��i\5 A S=E: AL 5i_E
SE~S   FOR   A   FEW   DAYS.
From $10 to $25.
Old Curiosity Shop
Real  Er*.��*.e A;e--
SIS  Baker  SU   Ne'acn.   B. C.
Ccn-pcri;ion ci  the City of  Rtslson.
.....   . -   .
.1" -;. -uv-rra
----- L..    l;
ba an
ull   ;������
; -   -   ;,'.-.���.
- '
B   of   OerL-a- L
iteaJL vtL'j, taX lxl  ".-r_r;aaLy S-   -z. Nr -a-  ���
:       -       ������    y .......
���".     -. r      ' -     ������!   -r...    -::��������    f.j;
fwanawarii, aaisit aad acaafrietLioi-  i
- t-.   ���-,     :.*-,   ���.."  -i    at.   a ���_ - ���   -.:..   ���     ll
���JfcL.'    lt   *^L*-JtratftT��a<i   tO   OCIta*'*
Ia-j-C   Dai �� L    ".r.  Jttlll*
So.-L       -a   '   ���     L.-    a.;.; l '-
l:    ���_:..    that  as   a
b,    TU' ���
���C to be *�����(-
:: -  �� :.    bLf- not in & |
'.-of,  that   the  Medical
��� ���    ~
��� hours
l.S 4  ull!   ' nj. and <���:.
_  aeea is, u�� rftq.j-red at '.h��*
��� ���   parpow a.f
W.   E    WASSON.
City   Clerk.
r- ��� re io   "*'���    U**A.*
oOftL-aoons k.��� *.
^   ral    Apply so 1   ...     . enat*, aa,4
,    -��� :
TO  l_tT
TWO FS-tin-. U-ftSB fcOOKt. rveam taalrf     AJ-
I/iT fcot-aeAe*,*:'  lr<3 ft*. IS   a   CL Maea.
Alice RoUer Rink TH-3 NELSON
St  George's  Baking Powder
A pur*. CuLuoibr.   gor^d product-     No   aliun.   amnaat.a    Sn;.-  -.-r   pfepa-
phu-*.     TL.   r>r.t und  tnoEt   ��.-*..;��� .   ���
Come* in six bIi*-: 2 pound liiie   1 . nd trials tins. 2*C�� centsl
.        .- siz**, -J, 35, 50 and 75 cents.    Try it an. you will never use any
Canada Drug & Book Co'y, Ltd.
Bowling Alley
Band.   K-jia4iy   Tlc-T-tSay, tni Batcr-
S day tTfci__i_gji
lil*mlLLi--_ tS-a���jOoni at,<! ^ren-ngi.
��:-_'L.-.k'. oiui * _. SreL :5t adc.-U l*c
Including tiLi-,��!i
EreiiLLgs wSti uanl "rroey. BaLnrtlay
erenlaes, 4*c, inclading ilottes.
Saturiay ereming, tn-nd ata tr��oa;
attractlODa. to 11 o'clock. Van, ta   ufl-itr j
���   ilL-L-b, i;>.-.--L-.; a.  tie. '
CAPITAL-   S2l.toe.C.   In   2S*C     ar.i-e, ���
--'  I-'. X Waa**,
MANAGER   Cr-.��ler W.  Bourke.
OFFICE. Ka   W Baker St. , Croaadaj-it
& Go j
SEE -ie Maasa* blocks staa*saa*SfA*X to the
Blaiadurd F^ftruitnre Co.. window
ArrLlCATtOls* for tslxxt. are io��tft*d
FAWTlCt-LARS aad fore* of Applies
tlon may tie obLainei at the Company's oBot. or from H. A. BtewtT
_-.!atr.r. Kel-aoLtu B. a
\\*e   ha.
.'. a nuniber   of
���s that **:'.
! t��e sold at the
We a . *-����� I
SL    a .   :,,.    .
. ���--   t
'   "   t *   *- -,  a  l->-  a��< *��� :
s aaaort etl  Ua* of beailns koto as- I
���'     ' -   *���-"   '   ' -  - '   -���������:���    ������ ���   ;    :���;-  ;l K .jtftLi;
We wc.r.,d t*  j.kaaacd to saow  *-wo    our Ua* and before KU-a* ;ot|1
chase kLnSy ��ee what we Lar* to alar. -
J. H. Ashdown Hardw*
Company. Lijufted.
Sc'M* Br,
Pure and Cheap Fruit!
We   J.ai* ;��unj��  of
PURE    MAPLE    SUGAR     ,
which if  mil!  fell at a taareain
5 lbs for 1.00.
?I>��*ci��l   price* for larger Iota    Com.*
in and inquire.
Choquette Bros.    SHELLEP -^4
Phorat   ?M
'E   Lotr. Date   Bakera
Alber-a Oa_M*7 bu-.ur is 31b., '
and 14 Sb   Uodti at 3Tc per pound.
Fcr Sale at
TfcL ��*   I   will,  on   the  Mk
. ;ly lor a 1;
Hotel attsaata  os  Lota   A ",  atad
K a.-* ���     -      in  1 lock   1 ��� -,
���     .     ';���.������*���-.-
.**���'- -l.     from     n-jM-lf     to     KS.r-btH ���;.
XAata : ul    ��� -,. ut,
ni January. A,  I ���
m      '       .	
f. C 6*_S f . ��. B'. flaLK A. E.'rFj.D,
C-tiI EngiBcers. lV_rciiiioii and  BrstisL
Coluffifaii Lan; Surveyors
���L**KI***���i It LOlTOSAT STS.. ***1j_**��.I.C
 f- C !��� Ml    rtnm 2AI t
4. .  ���ads  af Her.L'nj  Placta ia   Btock
Victoria ���*-, Nr. Opara Houaa.      TaL KM.
Joy's Cash Grocery
Filberts. Almoitda. Wa'.auU.
Choatnuls.   Apple  Cld.���    t*ott
apple*.   1 laid win  Applea1   ���'**
"���-iir*.   large  layer.  Ca: If staa*
snd Xlalaea Grapes.
' A lante   aaaortment   ot Xmu I
-aVholeaala aad reull prln-s pet**
S. H. Seaii<
Cor   Jwaephlpe and Vl       E -
We   have   still   s   l��i"l***
ment of heaters  m ��� ���*"-'     ,.
_n ., few odd a****** **__
wljl  ar.il AT COST during*1"
��� 'fi*l
Waal-* '
Wc would like you lo
Inspect  our stock.
Wood-ValLance Hardware


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