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The Daily Canadian Feb 21, 1907

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Array 5Jail#  QfrmaMmi
ME  I.     NO.   222.
Fifty Cbnts a Montb
Inservatives of Nelson
Ion and Club reunited with Parent
Body���Election  of  Officers,
Resolutions and Speeches.
Pi* nsxt election campaign, Dominion
ncial, will Hnd the Conservatives
inon tt united and perfectly organ
jsurty. The lasl remnant ol dlvi-
dtsappeared laat nlghl al the an*
is ling   when    the    compromise
I ssisti' rvntlve club, waa dropped
inaulmous consent in favor of the
:,_' name, Conservative association.
ii Impartial applause that greeted
be speakera, the election of five of-
, ls> acclamation and the results of
i balloting for vice presidents aud
piilu*.men showed conclusively
-ilsl rnciissii divisions were utterly
jdoned, nnil a new spirit had come
* iiu- party,
���  lint; was held in the hoard of
rooms lasi night at K o'clock. The
��� ws i   hardly large enough to acedia.* ilie number In attendance.
ere were present:
S   l.ennle, 1). C. McMorris, G. A.
er, F   A   Starkey, Dr. Rose, .1. A.
Its. I' Lisiiusnt, .1. A. Kirkpatrick, W.
laodonald, tt*. K. McCaiidllah, D. M.
I   l'.iser,   K. I.. Douglas,   J.
E. K.-rr,   J. A. Kelly,   J. A.
an. k. T. Walley,.!. E. Annahie.
larrls, (*   I*. Walsmsley. W. E. Goa-
I ii Ferguson, H. H. Pitts, C. Sewell,
pompson,   W.  K.   McLean,   It.   W.
nlngton, J, Dover, R. M. Macdonald,
axton, li M. Macdonnld, \V. Irvine,
Ilrydges, F. Fletcher, G. Horstead
* sill. y. II. Weir, H. T. GlhBon, D. C
"is. .1. A. Montgomery. A. Simpson.
Richards, G. E. Revel!. F. Brewer
many others, In all ahout 80.
H- Lennie look the chair anil re-
briefly u' "s_- tccent history of
|party, nnil especially lho late cam*
congratulating the _. sdldnte and
ny on the fight made with so lit
ns* for preparation, and with ef
nl  late disunion still apparent.
��ts['iiun  McMorris wus  then elected
* tary pro tern.
��:iss then moved by F. A. Starkey,
'in! i] hy .1. Dover, thai the organlz
In* renamed   Ihe   Nelson   Liberal
������-native association.    The motion
supported by W. A. Mardonalsl and
jW.   Harrington  and   carried   iiuatil
Ilu* election of officers was then pro
sl with, resulting as follows:
norary   presidents���R-   L.   Borden
Hon,   Richard   McBride,   proposed
ibe chair and acclaimed,
norary   vie   president���John     A
��ss i rick, by acclamation,
siilent���R, 8. Lennie. by acrlamn
* presidents���1st, VV. Irvine. Und,
| W. 0, Rose.
��� tary���D. c. McMorris, by nccla
J" usurer���\V.  li. McLean,    by    nc
-S'cuilve committee���F. A. Starkey,
|M. .Muedonnld, J. A. Irving. J. E. ,An-
K. C. Wragge, W. A. Macdonald,
Lamont, C. F. Walmsley, C. Sewell,
E.   Gosnell,  G.   F.  Motion  and  J.
A. Kirkpatrick moved, seconded by
| Irvine: "That this puhlle meeting ol
Liberal-Conservatives of the city ol
express satisfaction al the en
���sallon or the administration of Brit-
i Columbia by the Hon. Richard Meld ���* and his colleagues,  and at tlie
liHi'titlim of his stand  for provincial
tils and against federal interference."
pi'*   resolution   was   carried   unanl
paly  and  was  followed  hy  etilhusl
Ic cheers for the premier.
was llusti moved by F. A. Starkey,
���inded   by   C.   Sewell   ami   curried
Pd  Ihree  cheers for  ll.  L. Borden:
gin Ibis public meeting of lhe Liber-
onsiiTvatlves of Nelson  express Its
Isolation   of   the   efforts  of  R.   L.
fdeii, Dominion Conervallve, and bin
���porters In tbe house of commons, on
la'f of good government."
fbs* counting or the hallols for mem*
of the executive commitlee occu*
ft nearly nn hour, there being ill) nom-
llOM,    Th"  Interval   was   filled   by
���flies by W. A. Maedonuld and R.J.
|r. Macdonnld expressed his pleasure
at seeing again lu Nelson a united and
enthusiastic Conservative party He reviewed th,- political |,|Btory of ,hl, q,,.
minion since 1S77 to show that Uie
Conservatives had been Invincible so
long as the, �����,.���. U1,|te(1 g,--. __e
Liberals have appropriated the Conservative tariff policy, which was the chief
Issue between the partleB lor UU years,
he said ihe Conservatives must create
Use ii'xi iHsue. He deprecated u policy
of merely critical attack. Re,ailing the
campaign or 18m, |��� wtl|ch the exposure
or disloyalty in the trade policy then ud.
vocated by the Liberals had ruined
them with the electors, he urged that
llrlllsh imperial reciprocity was a distinctly Conservative policy ,aud one lhat
would appeal to the sentiment or the
p* ople of Canada.
R. J. Clark agreed with Mi. Macdonald as to the futility of mere criticism,
lie bell-trod that the decisive factor in
Ihs- late provincial campaign was the
resentment aroused hy the attempted
Intrusion of the Ottawa machine, and
thnt Canada Is ready to overthrow that
machine as soon as an appeal on a great
principle is mnde to the electors. He
(bought there was enough ln the conduct or the Laurier government for the
last five years to convict it of deliberately seeking to weaken the Imperial
tie, and to abandon British Ideals In
public life. He contended that opposition to thai movement by an enlarged
national policy wou d he the natural and
correct poslt'on for the historic Conservative party.
After the results of the election were
announced, the appoint ment ef voters'
lists committees tor the East and West
wards was left to the executive committee.
After three cheers for the King the
meeting adjourned to the call of the
Leyden's Treasure,   Home  of Greatest
Ducth Painter, Destroyed.
The Hague, Feb. 21���The house In
Leyden In which Us-memhrnndt. the
great Dutch painter and etcher was
iKirn HOO years ago. was destryed by
fir.- yesierday. The building had for a
long time been a place of pilgrimage for
lovers of art.
Prince of Wales Names Latest Addition
to  Britain's Naval  Assets���Friction Between Navy and City.
Nevon|Kirt, Eng.. Feb. 21.���The great,
new Keyhani docks, which complete the
most importunt docks yards scheme of
the British Empire, were opend loday
by the Prince of Wales with considerable ceremony. The large gathering of
warships in honor of the occasion were
decorated with bunting and the harbor
was gay with Hags as the Prince and
Princess embarked on the commander-
in-chief's yacht, Vivid, and led a procession of torpedo boats through the
lines of warships to the scene. After
christening ths- docks, "Prince of Wales
Basin." a large company were entertained at luncheon. Disagreement between the navul and civil authorities regarding the tatters participation In the
ceremonies resulted in a notable ab-
sconce of general decoration aud caused
the mayor and corporation to refuse to
utiend the function.
Treasury Ruling Reversed by Board of
General Appraisers.
The Engineering and Mining Journal
or New York, dated Feb. 10th, now to
htind, contains the rollowlng:
"Iu the matter of the protests of various smellers against an order fixing a
duty on zinc ore u decision wns made
Feb. 5th by the Board or Geueral Appraiser*. By an order or the secretary
of the treasury, Feb. 10th. 1900, It was
held that the term calamine In tbe
Dlngley tnrltr referral only to the hydrous silicate or zinc, and that sulphide
and carbonate ore* were dutiable at the
rate of 20 per cent, ad valorem.
"The board of general appraisers has
completely reversed the treasury interpretation ot this law, Its conclusions being that the carbonates und silicates or
zinc are Included within the meaning ol
the term calamine, as used In the Dlngley tariff, and nre consequently tree ol
diitv, while the sulphide or zluc Is also
tree under paragraph 81*. ��3 �� "tide
mineral, not advanced In value by any
process of manufacture, subject to the
qualifications that any lend contents of
these ores nre dutiable ����� *e rate or
l'_ cents per pound, as prescribed in
paragraph 181."
Price of Metals.
New York, Feb. 21��� Silver, C.8%c;
copper, 24t4c; lead, J6.
Loudon, Feb. 21 .-Silver. 81 %i; lead.
��19, 10s.
Sunny Italy Stormswcpt-
Rome, Feb. 21.���A severe storm  of
wind, hall and snow is causing serious
damage ln Italy.
Evelyn Thaw Unconscious
of Wrong
Life oi Child-Wife Told Under Cross-
Eximinition���Was Often Under
Influence of Wine.
When court opend this morning a
long line was waiUng at the door. Thaw
entered the court immediately after the
jury without waiting to be called to the
bar. His hair was crushed and bis manner was eager and nervous. He carried
a large pad of paper and after taking
his seat proceeded to make notes ol his
wire's testimony. When Judge Fitzgerald bad taken his place on the bench
there waB a conference among the attorneys and It was decided there would
be no session tomorrow, Washington's
birthday. When Mrs. Thaw was called
to the s ami she gave bet* usual glance
at her husband and smiled, then she
glanced io Justice Fitzgerald aud smiled
with a little buw al him, but the justice
failed to notice.
Mr. Jerome called Mrs. Thaw's attention to her closing testimony ot yesterday in order that she might pick up
tbe siring of the story.
"Did you couilnue to believe all women were unchaste as Stanford White
told you until you talked with Thaw in
Paris ln 1903?"
"Yes, sir," repled Mrs. Thaw meekly.
" Do you know a place called the
"Where is It?"
"Somewhere in Paris."
"Have vou ever ���'������en there?"
"What sore of a place Is it?"
"A cafe."
"Is it a repttUible place?"
"I don't know."
"Did It seem reputable to you?"
"I don't know, people were sitting
about, eating.*'
"And somebody dancing?"
"1 believe so."
"Was It 2 o'clock In the morning?"
"Did you see a Cakewalk?"
"No. I think there was a Russian
"Was it before or after Thaw pro
posed that you went to the Deadrit?"
"Was it in 1903?"
"No, I think It was during the second
trip In 1904"
"How many times were you al the
"I think only once."
"With whom did you go?"
"With Mr. Thnw and Mr. Hubert, a
thsatrical man, and another man."
"I will whisper a name to you and
asl; If the man was there."
Mr. Jerome whispered and Mrs. Thaw
shook her head.
"Were there any ladles in the party?"
"I think there were, with Mr. Hubert."
"Did you see many ladles of the demi-
at the Deadrit?" began Mr. Jerome.
Mr. Delmas objected. "1 nm using tbe
witless owu expression," said Mr.
Jerome. "1 never said lhat," ejaculated
Mis. Thaw Indignantly.
"Didn't you UBe the expression in a
letter?" Again Mr. Delmus objected and
was sustained.
"Don't you know what 1 mean?" asked
Mr. Jerome of the witness, "when 1 say,
did you see many of the bunch from the
tenderloin there?"
"1 think so."
"Have you any doubt?"
"No." J
"Do you know Miss Winchester?"
"Did you see her do a Cakewalk at tlie
Deadrit that night?"
"I den't remember."
"In whoso hand-writing is this
letter?" asked Mr. Jerome, handing her
several written sheets.
"Mr. Thaw's I think."
"Have you any doubt on lt?"
"I don't think I have."
Mr. Jerome then offered the letter ln
evidence. Mr. Delmas objected that it
wits a mutual ltter and the date was not
"llo you know of your own knowledge
when this wus written?"
"1 have not the slightest Idea."
" Will you note the ptigelng ot that
"Did not yon and Mr. Thaw, while in
Paris, write joint letters to rriends, you
writing part und he thc resl?"
" I cannot Bay postlvely, very likely
we did."
"Had you changed your opinion In re-
gard to Ibe general chasity of women?"
' "1 had."
"Before the time you left Paris, had
you any appreciation lhat meretricious
relation between men and women were
Immoral and wrong?"
"Not until after my talk with Mr.
"Before that you did not believe It
"Oh, yi'K, I knew people said lt was
"Did you think it very indellvate and
'That is all."
"lu Paris lt was Impressed upon you
that White had done you a terrible
"In a way."
"Had you come to a full understand
Ing of the Infamous character of White's
"Yes, but not so much as I have now."
"Yet It was this that Induced your renunciation of Thaw's great love?"
Mr. Delmas objected to what he
thought a sneer lu the question and was
"Did you refuse Thaw solely because
of the occurence with White?"
"Because 1 bad been found out."
"Who told you you had been caught?"
*%*riends of White."
"So it was not of the occurence, but
because you had been found out?"
"lt was both together,"
"You felt that a most heinous wrong
had been done you at the time of your
ravishment? Outraged every maidenly
instinct In you, did'nt It?"
"It did and that ls why I quarreled
with White."
"Y'ou were bitter against White
when you told Thaw?"
"Not Intensely then, not until Mr.
Thaw made me realize It?"
"You remember writing to White. Did
you still feel bitter against him?"
"It was a feeling ���vf enmity agalnBt
your raviBher?"     '*?
"I wouldn't say enhsity, It was hostility against him for Otis one thing and
subsequent things."
"What subsequent tidngs?"
"Things with White."
"Y'ou still were thinking of |these
things when you wrote White from
"Yes, and of his extraordinary personality."
She added that she wrote to White
because: "My mother would give me no
peace until 1 did it. She said I was ungrateful to White and things like that."
"Had you any occasion to doubt the
chasity of your own mother?"
"I never thought of my mother In that
way."  (Indignantly)
"Did you tell your mother of your ravishment while abroad?"
"How did you know White's friends
knew of your relations with him?"
"One of them saw me with him at
the Kast 22nd street studio."
"Was there impropriety there?"
"So you continued to maintain relations with White?"
"Y'cs. for a time."
The name of the man who had seen
her at the studio was whispered to the
counsel, the court and the jury.
"Did you tell Harry Thaw about these
subsequent relations with White?"
"Can you fix dates as to these subsequent events?"
"How did Uils man know of your relations with White."
"He saw me in the bed room under
the studio."
"And this was about a month after
your ravishment with drugs?"
"How long did the relations
"Not alter January, 1902."
"And on these occasions you con
"I did not."
"It was  done by violence?"
"Were yon drugged again?"
'Did vou have too much wine?"
Mr. Jerome continued to press the
witness for details. Afler several intimate questions he asked her why she
did not tell her mother.
"I was afraid, he made me promise
never to tell her." Continuing Mrs.
Thaw admitted that White gave her
wine and that she was slightly intoxicated. The witness was losing her sell-
possesslon and finally broke down and
cried.   Thaw kept his head in his hands,
"We   might    take a recess, the wit-
ns'Bs seems  ,"  Mr. Jerome began.
Mr. Delmas objected, "If there Is to be
a recess It's not to be on account of the
witness, I think she will be able to go
on." Mrs. Thaw wiped her eyes and
sualghtened up. Mr. Jerome proceeded.
"When you returned to your home
you felt you had been wronged?"
"Were, you under the Influence of liquor then?"
Mrs. Thaw related Beveral similar Incidents. In each case she waB sllghtly
Intoxlcated and yielded unwillingly. She
denied having consulted Dr. Carlton
Flint with Jack Barrymore In 1901 or
1902. but says she had gone to physicians with Thaw and White. She said
she was told that the operation at the
school was for apendlcitls When she
told Thaw of this ln Paris, Thnw expressed himseir rorcjhly and characterized White accordingly. Thc acts
seemed horrible to her then.
Reverting to her letter to White
written from Boulogne she repented
thnt her mother had made her write.
She had not told her about her ravishment. "You would rather write to this
gnat brute, this monster, as you believe hlm, Ihan tell her?" remarked Mr.
(Continued  on  Page  Four.)
Steamship Berlin Wrecked on Dutch Coast
Driven on Sand Bu by Gale���Pounded to Pieces in Sight of Rescuers
���Only One Survivor.
London, Feb. 21���The Rotterdam mall
steamer Berlin from England with 141
passengers and crew, was wrecked off
the Hook of Holland at the entrance of
the river leading to Rotterdam shortly
before 6 o'clock this morning and with
the exception of one person, all on board
perished. A terrific southwestern gale
was blowing right ln shore and drove
lbe steamer on a sandbank close to the
northern jetty as she was trying to enter the new waterway. Heavy seas
fluickly pounded the vessel to pieces.
She broke in two, her forepart sinking
immediately while the doomed passengers and crew could be seen for a brief
space of time clustered on the after
part. Then the latter slipped off the
ledge and disappeared in the mountainous water. Tugs and lifeboats promptly
put out to the assistance of the Berlin,
but the violence of the gale and the
heavy seas made ls Impossible to approach the wreck, and the helpless spectators saw the steamer break up and the
crew and passengers washed away without being able to render the slightest
assistance. One man, an Englishman,
was saved. He was unconscious when
dragged out of the water and had not regained consciousness when he was carried to a hotel In the neighborhood. By
11 o'clock ln the morning 25 bodies had
been washed ashore.
Rotterdam, Feb. 21.���A disastrous
shipwreck, attended with great loss of
life, occurred today off the North Pier
of the Hook of Holland, when the Great
Eastern Railway company's steamer
Berlin bound from Harwich to the Hook
of Holland, was lost. All on board, 141
people in all, of whom 91 were passengers were drowned.
' The wreck occurred at 5 o'clock this
morning during a terrific southwesterly
gale, the steamer striking the north jetty while trying to enter the new waterway at the Hook of Holland and was
broken ln two forward and sank while
thc passengers and crew gathered aft
and vainly attempted to get out the lifeboats. One person was saved and 25
bodies have washed ashore. The Berlin was a BrltlBh steamship, commanded
by Captain Ablett, and was over 1775
tons.   The ship was built In 1894.
I-ondon, Feb. 21.���The Great Eastern
Railway company officially continued
the news of the loss of the steamer Berlin with all on board off the coast ot
Holland. The Berlin carried passengers and crew lo the number of 141.
Among those drowned ate 19 members
of the German Opern company wwho
had just concluded their season at Convent Garden. Arthur Herbert, one of
the King's messengers, who was journeying to the continent, was nlso lost.
The manager of the Convent Garden
theatre confirmed tho statement that 19
members of the German Opera left last
night on the Bteamer Berlin.
"So far as we know." be said, "these
did not Include any of the star artists
as tho party was made up of members
of the chorus returning to Iheir homes.
They made arrangements directly with
the railway company so that we are not
yet able to get an exact list of their
"The dlsusler has aroused the most
intense alarm among the other members
of the company owing to the friendships
and relations existing."
Loudon. Feb. 21.���The Berlin left Harwich at 10 o'clock last night upon th?
arrival of the London train with the
greater number of passengers who aub
seqttently lost their lives. The steam*!'
should have reachd the Hook of Holland
nt G o'clock this morning and would
have proceeded ror Rotterdam. A great
gale wns blowing in the North Sea
when the Berlin started, but the
weather was no worse than on the previous night when similar vessels mnde
the trip without mishap. As the Berlin
was entering the wateway at the entrance of the river, however, she appeared to becnm'si unmanageable on account cf the force of the wind and was
driven ashore. The alarm was given
and lifeboats Trom the shore proceeded
to the assistance of the stricken steam*
er. but the seas were so high that the
boms were unable to approach.   The
i.It boat men had to stay helpless while
the steamer pounded until she broke ln
two. Every soul on board waB carried
down. She apparently struck aboul
amidships, as her forepart broke or and
sank Immediately, while her afterpart
could be seen for a considerable time
The waterway In which tbe disaster
occurred is a new une on the north side
of which Is tbe pier and railroad station. The sleamer must have heen within a few minutes of tielng up after her
rough passage across Ihe Nortb Sea
when she wus overtaken hy the disaster.
Land was but a few yards uway and.
but for the rough weather, those on
hoard the Berlin could have been rescued without difficulty, especially as the
watiyway Is navigable at al ltlmes.
The Berlin was a steel steamer, only
12 years old, and popular with the travelling public to the north of Europe. In
summer she usually was crowded with
passengers, but at this time of the year
the average was about as it was laat
night, the number equally divided between first aud second class. One of
the Inspectors of the railroad who saw
the Bteamer off at Liverpool Street
Station, said last night that he thought
there were more first class than secand-
class passengers, most of them being
commercial men or persons having professional business engagements on the
continent, or Inhabitants of the continent returning home from business
trips to Great Britain.
Much difficulty is being experienced
ln obtaining the names of the passengers, as the tickets were purchased
from many agencies in London and
other cities, while some of the travellers may have had reuturn tickets. The
only names the company Is sure of are
those of passengers who secured reserved berthB and the company's agents
are heing asked to send ln Immediately
to headquarters the names of all such
personB. The number totaled 50, were
mostly Englishmen from Harwich. The
officers were: Captain Precious, First
Officer C. Morsley, Second Officer J.
Whatt, Chlet Engineer Bennan; four assistant engineers and four stewardesses.
Rotterdam, Feb. 21.���The agentB of
the wrecked steam Berlin say that although they are not positive regarding
the numbers, they believe that the vessel carried 120 passengers and a crew
of 60 officers and men.
Important Land Transfer! Announced���
Discovery of Big Deposit af
Marl   Reported.
Grand Forks. Feb. 21.���Mr. Reed, a
capitulist, formerly a resident of Alabama, who is an uncle of Fred Reed,
ihe city engineer, and who has been vis.
itlng is nephew here for the past few
weeks, has been so much pleased wltb
this valley that he has just about de
elded to reside here permanently, and
In consequence of this fact, has recently been looking over the Covert estate
with a view of purchasing a small farm
on this famous fruit ranch. In an Interview today Mr. W. H. Covert, the original owner of the Covert estate, cor
roborated the above statements regard
Ing Mr. Reed, and also statod that with
his experience of over 23 years as a
rmit grower he felt confident that the
present year, judging from all appear
uncos, would be an exceptionally good
ys ar for all kinds of fruit.
Mr. McKenchle, of Portland cement
Fame, came down from the upper North
Fork district yesterday where he has
been for the past few weeks on mining
business. Mr. McKenchle was the original locator of several locations of
marl, the chief constituent in making
Portland cement, which locations he dls
covered within the city limits a few
woeks ago; he then Interested certain
residents of Grand Forks ln his discovery and together they staked out a
considerable area of marl land, which
they are now holding. Mr. McKecnle
's still confident that tbe marl ls genu
in,* and says lhat he ls making arrangements to have capital Interested ln these
le.entlonB with a view* of developing
ihem this spring.
Among the real estate deals closed
here during Ihe past few dnys and probably tbe most Important one wan the
sale of the Dan Morrison ranch of 160
acres to Max Runts for a sum reported
to he $1500. This farm is beautifully
suited for the growing of fruit trees
and strawberry plants, which the owner
proposes to make a specialty of cultivating.
Slocan and Upper Arrow Lakes Free
from  Ice���Try for Burton.
The Interruption of C. P. R. Traffic In
Rootenay by reason of Ice on the navigable waters Is at an end for this sea
Capt. J. C. Gore, superintendent of
inland navigation, states today that thc
Slocan lake Is now entirely free form
ice and there is open water from Ar
rowhead to Nakusp.
Below Nakusp. however, there ts still
a great deal of Ice. Capt. Gore will
make an effort next week to break
through as far as Burton City. He has
so far been prevented from making such
an attempt by the necessity for keeping every steamer and barge available
for keeping open the course from Arrowhead to Nakusp, failure to do which
would have severed connections wltb
the main line.
Laurier Says He Retired
Very Eariy
Debate on Minister's Illness Provokes
Curious Futures���Ro Sympathy Required.
Ottawa, Feb. 20.���R. L. Borden
brought up the case of Hon. Charles
Hyman, minister of public works, ln tbc
house. He called attention to the fact
tbat the first announcement of Mr.
Hyman's recovery and withdrawal of
his resignation as minister was made to
the Liberal club in London, Ont, several days before lt was made known to
the house.
Another singular fact was that Mr.
Hyman made an Informal resignation
In November. This resignation remained ineffective until last week,
when the fresh document duly witness
ed by two citizens of London reached
the speaker. Mr. Borden had been informed tbat these two London gentlemen had sot keen away from Ottawa
since Mr, Hyman left. He waa also
told that Mr. Hyman had not been ln
Ontario since he departed. When did
these witnesses see Mr. Hyman sign
the paper? It was also remarkable that
Mr. Hyman had been quite actively enjoying himself In California when he
was represented to tie unable even to
read a telegram from the nremier.
There were many things to explain
and Mr. Borden thought It waa time to
clear the matter up.
Sir Wilfrid declared that he had no
Information further than he had given.
He could not explain the absent signatures but thought it probable that Mr.
Ilyman had written to two London
friends, who knew his handwriting and
were prepared to certify to his slgna
ture. If, however, there waa any doubt
whether Mr. Hyman's signature was
legal Sir Wilfrid would agree that be-'
fore the writs were isaued the matter
*?hou'd be referred to the privileges
committee. For himself the premier
declared that he had received no direct
message from Mr. Hyman from the time
he went away until he wrote, withdraw
Ing bis resignation. As to the suzges
lon that Mr. Hyman's Illness was nc*
genuine, he would say that he had seer
the report of spies sent to watch whs*
time he rose, when ho went fo b"d
when and what he ate. Sir Wilfrid
thought this was bad taste. Further, he
was willing to accept this reeort as
proof that Mr. Hyman was 111. The spy
said that Mr. Hyman went to bed at
ha'f-past eight. Every one who kne*'
Mr. Hyman woud agr-se that Charles
Hyman was not well when he retires at
lhat hour.���(Long continued laughter
esnecia'Iv on tbe opposition side.)
Sir Wilfrid Laurler went on to say
that Mr. Hyman undoubtedly suffered
from nervous nrostratlon before he went
awav. For this lllnesB the cure was
mental reBt and physical exercise.
W. H. Bennett (East Slmcoe.) referred to the events which occurred before
Mr. Hyman's departure. There was no
sign of the minister's illness In October,
when he was In Elgin taking part in fhe
election campaign and promising public
works Shortly afterwards he was In
North Bruce Inspecting sites of proposed public works preparatory to another
bye-olectlon. True, Mr. Hyman did not
stay in Bruce till election time.      ,
Before the campaign ended the Toronto police began the Investigation Into the conspiracy by virtue of which Mr.
Hyman waB elected. When those facta
came out Mr. Hyman ceased to be active as a campaigner.
This business was left to Mr. Aylesworth, who took occasion to tell the
electors of Bruce that Mr. Hyman had
no reason to resign hla seat,
Meanwhile Tom Lewis, a notorious
Liberal election operator fled to Detroit. He learned, however, that he
might be extradited and so came back.
When Lewis reached Canada the newspapers announced that of the flnt per
sons to greet htm and shake hand* with
him was this nervous wreck, Charles
Hyman. After a short consultation with
his friend, Mr. Hyman went on in hla
private car.
Next the nervous Invalid was heard
from Nov. 6, on which date he took a
party of con-genial friends to New York
to witness the state elections. No doubt
he then carried out hla leader's report
as to his hour for retiring at nlghta.���
Mr. Bennett went on to say that Mr.
Hyman's friends and campaigners In
London did not appear to regard Um aa
a sick man, but publicly it seemed to
be the intention of hla friends to contest the London election on sympathy.
Mr. Bennett held that such sympathy
for Mr. Hyman himself and for the government waa misplaced.
After H. H. Miller, of Grey, had
spoken the aubjact wu dropped.
. *: *i| %
I *
��� i
I The Daily Canadian
l *
.. >
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Irish Roil Bacon
Ayrshire Roll Bacon
Wiltshire Hams and Bacon
Yorkshire Hams and Bacon.
PRICE 27 l-2c PER LB.
Procurable Only at
Imperial Bank of Canada
[Head Office:  Toronto.
CAPITAL PAID UP....*4,500,000 REST $4,500,000.
D. R. WILKIE, President. HON. ROBERT JAFFRAY, Vice-President
Branches in British Columbia:
DepORits received and Interest allowed current rates from date of opening of
M30ont, uud compounded half yearly,
J.  Mm   LAY, Manager.
The Royal Bank of Canada
 $3,734,310    Reserve 14,207,741
Total Assets $41,860,353
Accounts ol firms and Individuals opened on the most favorable terms.
Thirteen branches  In  British   Columbia.
Special   attention   to out of town business.
T. E. KENNY, Pres., Halifax.       E. L.  PEASE, General Manager, Montreal.
G. A. SPINK, Manager Nelson Branch.
Published iir (Wye a weet by tbe
Baker St., Nelsou. B. 0,
t-hiDwriptloD rates, Wi seme a month sls-llvered
lu tbe city, or I's.tw u year II seul by mail, when
T>alsl lu advance.
AdvertiHluK rutt*�� on application.
All iconles*. palsl ln Mltlement ol The Dally
Oauasltan accounts, either lor subscriptions or
asWertl-sliig, must be reccipu-sl for ssu the printed
fonnB ol tbe Cssuspauy. other receipts are uot
PEBRUAKV 31. 1907.
"By one word we are sometimes judged to be
wile and by oue word sometimes jiniged to be
foolish. Let us thereloie be earelul whal we
It is impossible but lo admire tbe
perseverance with which France pursues her determination to separate the
church and state. In less Catholic
countries than France it Is difficult lo
Imagine tin- situation. Only close students of history can appreciate what
musl be the nature of the struggle
which Is being curried on. The past
spirit of Ihe centuries during which Unchurch has maintained her supremacy
and the growing spirit of republiclsm
and consequent freedom ure, and must
be, Irreconcilably at war.
The church which is essentially and
naturally a pullantirbptc institution
makes a serious mistake in allying herself with the stale. When she makes
herself dependent upon ihe state or the
state dependent upon herself the mistake is Hiii] more serious. The relinquishment and abrogation of the historic
power and prestige of the church of
Rome in France is as Irresponsible as
the progress of civilisation. The ideals
of the founder ol' lhe Christian church
were e*i fur divorced front union of
church and state us can be conceived.
There may have been hislorlc or incidental considerations which led up to
the situation in Fiance and Italy, with
some other countries Included In the
category, bul the time has come when
the very genius of Christianity as well
as lhat of statesmanship will demand a
revision of the terms of relationship.
While it is nol to be expected tliat thc
authoritks of the church will tamely accept the situation in France we cannot
but admire the determination with
which the statesmen of that republic
have resolved to fight the issue to a
finish. Whatever may be the temporary
excitements of the contest there can be
no doubt that the French nation will
come to see things in a rational light
and on the whole the temper of the
people may be trusted to arrive at safe
Because the issue has formed so large
and important a part of tbe press despatches during recent weeks we make
this reference to the subject. There Is
a force In nature impelling men and
nations to the deeds which make for
progress and at the present time that
force seems to be largely expended ln
France. If all men could be philosophers and could govern their lives according to the facts which nature seems to
flaunt there would be many more wise
men In the world than there are in evidence todav.
Tlie province of Nova Scotia is adopt-
ini,- a system of technical education In
lhe curriculum of the public schools. In
doing so Bhe is Belting an example
which sooner or later will have to be
followed by the other provinces of tho
Dominion. The educational system in
vogue In the parlous provinces of Canada. Including llrltlsh Columbia, is far
from perfect and far from satisfactory.
There ls too much trafficking ln dead
Issues and too much time is spent in
teaching features of a curriculum which
are of little or no use to the pupil. This
Is particularly true of the -dead"
languages and of certain features of
higher mathematics which, apart from
the mental discipline Involved, are of
nn use whatever to the student. It ls
all very well for a college graduate or
even a high school pupil to display considerable acquaintance with classical
literature but so far as tho practical Issu es arc concerned these do but little
good. It has become a serious question
Bo far as "educational" issues are concerned whether what passes for education Is Ihe real thing. Our colleges lake
young men and women out of the actual
walkH of life und put them through a
course of alleged (ruining which, for the
most pari, fortes them out of sympathy
wllh all that Is practical in life. That
a college degree carries with it an
amount of prestige lhat ls difficult to
overlook must be readily admitted but
there Is a growing   f-eeling   that   the
whole system of education needs revision and bringing down or up to date
In such a wny ub to leave those who pursue, the higher studies somewhat more
in touch with actual life than the pre-
ent system allows.
The object of all schools should he to
keep the young people In touch with
practical life and fit them for the discharge of the duties upon which they
must enter soon after they leave the
school. That schools have the very opposite effect under the present system
will scarcely be denied. The caUBO of
this is the antiquated system wheih ls
In vogue. Education must vary wltb the
varying methods of domestic. Industrial
and commercial life aud what was good
en ..ugh under the Industrial and commercial life of half a century ago Is an-
liquated now. It ls all very well for the
pampered child of fortune to spend
years acquiring familiarity with classics
and dead languages, but for the average
student ln the common schools, the mental waste and worry Incident to a mastery of the ordinary curriculum ls llttlo
short of criminal. The present school
system will have to give place to an Institutional system under which the details of practical life will be taught.
There is serious work ahead of our educators and at present we see no prophe
cy of a satisfactory system.
If the educators of Nova Scotia can introduce an innovation In the right sort
of technical education in the common
schools the East may set an example
which will bring the blush aud pride of
gratitude to posterity. At any rate tho
experience of the maritime province will
be worthy of close scrutiny in iis new
There is Intense interesi In the secret
ofjilr. Hyman's galloping recovery, says
the Toronto News. What did he take
and how often? Was the elixir applied
externally or internally? Is change of
climate essential? Is the disease worse
than the bulletins or the bulletins worse
Ihan the disease? It seems to have been
a long distance malady. It grew ln
malignancy ln proportion to distance
from the object of attack. If Mr. Hyman had gone still further away the reports at this end of the wire mlghl
have been fatal. But what is the secret
of the, wonderful recovery, and the real
value of this last contribution to medical and political science. Mr. Hyman
seems to have been a Joyous Invalid,
and with the marvellous new remedy
which his physicians, or hia colleagues
la the cabinet, have discovered, it may
be impossible to distinguish between a
sickness aud a holiday.
The Toronto Telegram says: "lt
seems that the only adverse criticism
passed upon the Mendelssohn Choir In
New York ia that the concert was far
too long. This ls the Canadian habit.
Our concerts are too long, our public
dinners too long, our speeches too long
and too numerous. We are greedy for
quantity and often singularly Indifferent to quality." To all of which we
shall say that the well Informed reader
says the Canadian editorials are too
long.   They never read the Dally News.
Liberal journals which hailed Mr. W.
W. B. Mclnnes as the saviour of his
province now openly call him a Jonah.
Nothing fails like failure���alBO the ser
pent's tooth.
Your cup of joy will never run over
If the bartender is allowed to handle the
A woman may be afraid of tbe cook,
but a man iBn't���unless She's his wife.
Every bald head believes It was his
active brain that did it.
No Inventor has yet found a way to
make both ends meet.
To Resume Harriman Inquiry.
Washington, Feb. 21.���The enllre Interstate Commerce commission Ih going
to New York to resume the Investigation of the traffic and operating departments and also the financial methodB of
the Harriman corporatl onB. When the
Investigation waB adjourned ln Chicago
lasl month the commission fixed today
aB Ihe date for resuming the Inquiry
in New York. The investigation will nol
be taken up, however, until next Monday, when E. H. Harriman, William
Rockefeller, Jacob K. Schiff aud others
have been summoned to appear and give
testimony. The Ney York hearlngB will
he the most Important that, the commission has had.
Noted Preacher Dead.
Clifton Springs, N. Y., Feb. 21.-
Geo. Ball, founder and professor of
Keuka college at Keuka Park, N. Y.,
died in a sanitarium last night. Dr.
Ball wuh K6 years of age. He was well
known as an educator and preacher. He
was the author of a number of religious
works, Including "The Story of Jesus"
and "Christian Baptism." He was editor
of the Union Record.
C.   P.   R.  Securing    Branch    Line    from
* Quebec Across  Maine.
Augusta. Mulne, Feb. 21.���A bill was
Introduced in the legislature yesterday
to authorize the Sebasti-cook and Uoose.
head Uailyway to extend Its lines to connect with tbe Canadian Pacific mi Wis-
cassett and Quebec railroads. If ilu*
proposed extensions are constructed, lt
Is Bald that tin- Canadian Pacific will
have a tidal outlet at Wlsoassett, The
road runs accross the northern part of
the slate, but has no seapssrt in .Mains*.
Ex-Attorney  General   Dies.
Buffalo,  Feis.   81.��� .Inim   Ciiiui-n,  tor.
merly   attorney   general  of   New   York
stale,  died  this  morning.
F ��isS0N *'*5o
A collection of all lhe Latest
Shapes and Sizes.    A free
smoking and most satisfactory pipe.
Tobacconist.   Baker Street.
A. M. Can. Soc. C. E.
Mining Work a Specialty.
Office: Beaky Building.   P. O. Bo>
Baker St., NELSON, B. C.
Take notire that J Intend, thirty day<i after
date to apply to the Bonorable tin- Chief Com-
inlasioncr of Landl and Work* for ii )���]�����< i-i!
Llosnee to cat and carry away timber frnm tin*
following described land*, aitinitcd mi Bandy
Creek, iu Weel Kootenay distriet: Commencing
at ii post planted tm tin* vi. st side, ��<f aatd creek,
and market "J. 1'. H'.-" northwest eorner; thenee
running sooth eighty chains! thenoe enst eighty
chain*, thenee north eighty chains; tbenee west
eighty chains tn plaoe <���! commenoement
Dated this 19th day of February, HOT,
Tukr notloe that thirty 'lays after date i intend to apply to tin- Chief Commluloner of
Landsana works at Victoria for permission to
oat and carrr away timber from the foUowlng
described landi in Went Kootaoey :���
No 1.��� Commencing nt a post planted at tin
southwest oorner of timber licence No 7821;
theme east lorty, chains j theuce north eighty
chain*; theme east 1*0 chains, thein'i* smith to
northern boundary of timber license 8548;thence
west along nald not) hern boundary to
tbe jiorth-we.it comer of -said hcejiac;
then smith to the northern boundary
of timber license "olS; tbenee west to
a point ilue south of the point of coiumencmeut;
thenee north to the polui of eommeneement.
January 16th, 1IW7
No.1.* ���Commencing at Lhe mrthwest  corner
ol timber license "Wl; thence sou ih to tbe northern boundary of timber license VMS: thence wi si
tothe north-west eorner of sai'l timber ...-eiiM
thence south to the northern boundary of i-ot
ML'; theuce following said bouudary of said
lot west to the right of way of tbe B.C houthern Railway, thenoe following said right ol way
In a north easterly direction tu the place of commence menu
January ]..th, 1907.
No. 3���Commencing at a southeast oornerol
timber license No. 782], about tiftv ohalni south
Of the tight Ot way Ol the H   C. Southern Ball'
wayitbenee eait uo ehatns; tbenee north forty
chains; tbenee west lfio chains; thence south
forty chains to plaee of commencement.
January I,.ih, 19(17.
No. 4���Commencing at a post  planted at the
intersection of the   southern   boundary ofthe
right oi whv of the B. 0. Southern Railway, and
the eastern boundary of Lot 61BT, tbenee south
to the northern boundary of llcenee application
No 8; thence east WM chains; thence io rth to tlie
southern boundary of timber license No 719.',;
tbenee foUowlng tne southern boundary ofaaid
license westerly about sixty chains, mon or lesi
to an eastern boundary of said liqanie; thenoe
soutli fortv ehains; thence west eighty ohalns;
then north to the riahl of way of the B.C.
Southern Kallwuy, thence following said right
of way in a south-westerly direction to the place
of beginning.
January IMh, 1907.
No. 5.���' ommenclng at n post planted at the
Southwest corner of timber license 8686: thenoe
went sixty chains more or less to a point, due
smith of the southeast comer of license application No. S; thenee north slxtv chain*-, more or
less to the soutb boundary id license application
No 1; thenee north to the northeast coruerof
said license application No 4; Ihcnce cost tothe
southeast corner of timber license 719".; thence
north forty chains more or less to a polnl due
west of the north-west corner of timber license
06861 thence east to the northwest eorner of said
timber license Bo. 6686, thence smith lou chains
to the point of eommeneement
January 15th, 1907.   *
No. 6-Commencing at a post planted at thc
southeast eorner of timber Ihcnse ti&I&; thence
wcsl u> the southwest corner of license application No H; thence north   to  southern   boundarv
of license application Ko.8; thenee west to the
northwest corner of license application .No, I;
thence south to the northern boundary of
timber license6686; ihcnce east to tb** northeast
corner   of   timber   license   KAn;   llienee   South
thirty chains j thence east to tin- west boundary
of timber license HM..: theuce north to the place
of beginning.
January 10th, I*i7.
No. 7�����Commencing at a post planted at the
northeast corner ol limber license BMtf, thence
south forty chains more or less to the nortii
boundary id limber license fcVi.J; then-e cast Unchains; theuce north forty eliains moreor lera lo
a point due east of thfl southeast corner of tlm
ber license 6M8| theuce west lfio chains to lhe
place of beginning,
January Uth,7007,
No. 8.���Commencing at a post planted at tbfl
northeast  corner   of   timber   license No. BM6;
tbeuoe south eighty chains: thenee east eigbty
chains; thenee north eighty chains; Lhenoa "est
eighty chaius to place of commencement
January 18th, l����7.
No 9,- Commenclngat a post planted at the
southeast corner of timber :liceuw K-.7; thence
north eighty chains; thence enst eighty chains;
thence north lift) chains more or less to the norih
east (orner of license appliculiou No. 7; thenee
west to southeast comer nf Umber licensi ho.
8.71H; Ihenoe north to tin* southern boundary of
license application No, Q; thenee east to
the west boundary of timber license No.
8MB] thence south lo tlie son lb west eoruer of timber license HT>i"2; thence west
toth' northwest eoruer of limber license No.
BM8; tbenee south to the northeast comer of
timber license No. BM4; thenee wesl flighty
ehnins; thence south to a point due east of the
southeast corner of limber Ibense 8617; thence
west to place o! commencement.
January 18th, 19W
No. 10.���Commenclngat a post planted al the
southeast corner of timber license 8649; tlience
south  elghtv  Chains]   theuce  wesl   lu  the  cast
boundary of tot 812; ihenc* north to the aoulh*
em boundary of timber llc-nse No. 7W8| thence
east to thc southeast corner of timber license
7018; thenee norlh to tho south boundary of Umber licenae 8549; theuee east to place of cmu-
January 15th, 1W7.
P. Lund, Locator,
Dak McDuu<.au , Agent
Slviv dayi if tar date 1 Intend l" ssIT1)' l" ftj
I'lsi.-i I ..iiinii-i.siifr nt Uml-   "I'*1 ";"".,",, "J
i.iti���i.lion s ircbsu-8the Issllsiwnm 'i'*>i-rib.-s1
U.l- .-, i_le,l on the -sul -.*:*** *���""��' l"lku
Iii the Weil Kootenaj dtatrli l "*"'"; * '!" ""
alHsvs- Burton City, ,*,iiiiiiis-iis*iih: ��t ��� ]....s i-ihiu
���adatthenorlhs-soil eorner ol is. "-'"''i",l.
.-ins-, s * .,.*i 28 ,-iissisi.   ihence n tth ��
eheliiK. thei s,,.i ..i slsssss,-, theno.  >ou th ��
��-t,,i,up. is, i.<'int "i uotDtneneemenl ano st-issain-
iiig ��u icree more nr leu.
���?u,���������v. ��.*��,7. wumKKI_USS.
Sixty -lavs after dat- I Intend to applv to the
Hon ChlefCommlSSloner ol Lands and Worm
to piircnasc \gl ai rei ol land, oommenolos tt| H
poll mark-*.I it i.\ s I*: .mum post, p'antcd al
ihe N.w. comer of n.w Bteele*i del u the
ireel -ideol Arrow lake, about four miles above
Burton oity, theuce weit40chaiui, thence smith
UM chains, thence i sat *l" chains, tbenee north
UjJ. chains to idaec ol beginning, lelnlni ifl
acre*, hoo. ,,i leu
Dated 28th dav of Nov., 1MB.  Braon Hm-nisi.
.1 K. ANNAbLB. Agenl
Notloe Is hereby given iron ino montbi sftei
dale we Intend toapply to tbe Chlel < oiumiB-
siouerof Landsand VVorki (or s leaesol all thai
laud belni the loreshore uJJoinln�� the Csnadlan
Haolfli Itailwav Bblpyard on th�� west, pari ol
i.i.i -\. groupl. ana being on the smith shore
of the west arm ol Kootonaj Uk*-*. m the ail
rict ol Kootenai; ��� ommenclng st lha souther
ly corner of bt 7084, group I; thenoe slang tbe
south westerly boundary ol lot 7064 sod the extension ihenof, in a north westerly direction,!
dlstauce of i'it leetl thenee ��' right entries to
���aid boundarv in a suuiii westerly dlreouou, a
distance of 8U feet, more or less, to the north
easterly boundary of the City iJark. continued;
thence parallel to aald westerly boundary i.f lm
7MS4, In a smith easterly dln-ctloU. a dlstanOe of
60Q feet, moreor less, lothe northerlv   bouicarv
of lot 88A; thence following the northerly bound
ary of lotABA in t north easterly direction tothe
iioint of commencement!  Ute atea being ;;.;n
acres, more or less.
Mated this 7th day o| January, A.I)., 1907.
 lav- ,i"- :   !at��   ' int. nd tc appl;  lu thc Hon
Chief commissioner of i-andeaud works to purobase 830 Stfrei Ol and located in Kire Valley be
ing part of heetions 8 and 10 Township w, and
described a-* follow*'.    Commencing at a post
merited F. VV. J. B. K, corner and planted at the
i: irthwest corner of Wm. William-* pu-ehaae;
theuce west 40 ebalus; tbence north SU chains;
thenee east 40 chains;  tbenee south Ht) chalus to
NuwmliL-r'Japl 1900.
K. W. JoKi'AN,
J. E. Annahi.k, Anenl.
00 days after date I Inteljd to applv to the Honorable the ( hief Commlssionei of l-ands and
Works, to purchase 't7t> acres of land: Com-
iiieiiciinr nl a post marked Q. W. 8 N, K. cornel
post and   planted  on  lhe  wcsl  shore ni  Arrow
uke adjoining tot 878 on the south side of said
Lot, thenee westBO chains along the southern
boundary ol Un :T73; tbence south tt] ���.*������ chains;
thence east Ri chains more or lees to lake shore;
thenee north along lake shore to plai e of beginning.
Dated ttth day of Nov. 1906.
(iso. W. Stsil,
J. K. AKC4KI.R. Ageut.
Sixty  days after date 1 intend lo appiv to the
Hon. Chlel Commissionerof Lands and Works,
Victoria, to purchase 1W aeres of land located in
Fire Valley, being part oi Beotloni Three nnd
Four, Township fiy, and described as follows.
Commeneing at a imisi planted Ht W.iHian.
William*1 s. W. comer, and marked "B. B. W's
N. H. corner.'" and running U chains west,
Ihence 90 chains south, thence .m chains east,
thenee M chains SOUth, Ihcme Ju chains easl
theuce 60 chains noith to pin e of beginning.
NovemlH**r-Hnl, IW* Ro*i B Williams,
J. K Anna hmi. Agent.
Nome ii hereby given that 80 days alter date i
Inteud to Spply to the Honorable the Culel Com
mlssloner ol landsand Works for permission to
purchase the following deserlbed lands: i'om-
imuciug at a post placed 20 chains weet of tht
southeast corner cf Lol _;.>IJ, marked "K. A. Bell's
northwest   corner,"   theuce    south    tn  chains,
thence east 80 ihains, thence north 20 chslns.
thenee west ao chains to j*��>i 1 it of commencement,
containing 40 acres, more or less>
UieHied thlstdhdayof Nov , ]yoG     k  A  Bkll.
Hlxty days after dale 1 Intend to apply to ine
Hmi Chief Commissioner of Lands and Works,
Victoria, to purchase **��*' aeres of land, lu Fire
Vallev, West Kooienav: Commencing at a post
nlanlcd ��) chains wesi of theU Vi coruerof J.
Kobinson's pre-emption, and markeii Vi. W's N.
K. comer, and running west 6" chains, thenee
south 8(1 chains, theuce easl wi chains, theuee
uorth 60 chalus lo place of beginning
NOV. Uth, UI08, WlUIAM   Wji.I.IAMS,
 J. K. AHVAnt.1. Agent.
BlXty  day* after date I intend to apply to the
Hon. tlie Chief Commissioner of Lands-am] Works
to purchase IW) aoreesl land:   Commeueiiig at a
post planted on the wett tide of Six mile creetti
on WttL-on road, about two aud one half miles
from Kootenay lake, and marked "Neil Me
Kechuie's h. West corner post," thence east 411
chains, thence north 40 chains, thence west 40
chains, thenei south 40 ehaim, to plate of eommeucement
Located this loth day of November, 1906.
 Nip tt______m
Blxty days after date 2 purpoee making application to tlie Honorable the Chief Commisaloner
of Lands and Works for permission   to  pnnhase
the following deeerlbed laud:   Commenelni at
n post idarcd nt the K. W corner of Lot ��you and
marked "1". <l. FV N. W. corner, thenee foUowlng the southern boundary I,ot cww. &.. chains
more or les.*- eaat to the west boundary of I>d
fl'JOl, thence following same smilh ;n> chains to
the uorth boundary of Lot 0008; tbence about "()
chains west along Mid boundary to tbe lake
shore; thence north :t0 chains more or less foibiwing the hike shore lo point of commencement, containing W7 acres more or less.
Dated December 17th. it��7.
���   F. fi. Facocike.
Notice ,1 hereby glveu that sixty uavn alter
date i lutend to apply to the Hon the Chief
Commissioner of Landi and Works for i-ermls-
slon lo purchase the following described laud
situated in the West Kootenav   district:   Cuiu-
mendnget a poet planted at the "If. K, corner
of L. I'orlers's pre-emption," and running
thence east to chains; thence south 40 chains;
thenee west 40 chalus;   theuee norih 40 chnins
to place of oommeneement, oontainlng igo acres,
more or less.
Deeemner'^, 1306.
h a iui v PiriUj Locator,
  M, it    HctM'AHHtE, Agent
Notice Is hereby given lhat sixty days alter
dale I Intend to applv to the Hoiiorahle the
Chief Commissioner of Landl and Works, for
iiermissiou to purchase the following described
lands -limited In the Wesl Kooti nay district*
Commenciug at a  post   marked   "H   H   noulh
weat corner,1 and north of a h Luost's, pur
uhesedsim, on Hand Oreejti theuce north 40
chains; Ihenee east 'Jft chains; thence south 4(1
chains; thenee Jo chains wc*-!. to point of commencement, containing 411 acres, more or less.
Deeembetao, l'.wc.
Hknrv IIaydkn,
 M.  It   MrJVAKRtK, Agenl.
Hlxty days after date I intend lo apply to the
Chief Commissioner ol Lands and Works to jiur-
ehnse 6411 acres of land, looated In Lower Arrow
Lake,   West Kootenay:   Commencing  Bt   a posl
planted at the ������n.vi. corner <>f Arrow Lake
Indian lb serve"; thence south ww*hain��; thence
we-t hii chains; tlience  norlh BO CkalUlj   theliee
easi ho chains, io place of beginning.
Looated attli day of December, 1306.
Klxty days after 'hue 1 intend to apply to the
Hon the Chief Comralisloner of tends end works
to purtfltsMStt acres of landi commencing at a
post marked "N.i B'ssoutheut eorner post,"
-aid pnat being ai the northeast corner of Geo
Hudson's preemption claim, abom two miles
southeast of  Hurton City, Ihenoe west 40 chains,
smith.*-.chains, wes) 40 chains, norih m. hum.
east go chains, sou'h m chains to place or commencement, containing 240 aorei,
Looatan8th dayol Nov |��fl,   KwilT, Bira
ANHEUSER    -^D TH* <*J3
BUSCH...       Budweiser
DISTILLERS, 12 uud 20 years old.
R. P. RITHET & CO, Llll
Hole Auinta In lirlllMtt
The HaU Mining and Smeljj
Company, Limited.
Hlxly  ,1hv�� iill.-r .Int.- I llll,-li,l In appli lo Ihe
     '   *" ' rol Und, unsl Wssrk��,
ni jsy  , ih j.�� SHUT suit,. J 1
HOD.  ChtOl I'ssiniSII-siusSIT    ������. K,
Victoria, in purehaae 40 aoroi ofland,iltuated
ssu Hiss wesl Mill, ssf Ai-rssw Lake, sit���iist II'.. miles,
W'liiw llissl  ami daranbed an follow,;   Com-
lueuisliiK   al  11  |s.,M   pIhiiu-i]   ut   llie ui.rllseajt
isomer ol I.nl ,��,ii, ������,\ runmiiit nortii 20 obalnil
tlieus-e west 111 ilisslii^, lliuice ssolilli 2(1 (IihIiih
llicuee esss-t 2ss ehalna Is. place ���| l,eKliiiilug.
Nov. lllh, I'm. "h   K.lln.i.,
.'. R Annaiii.k. Aeeut.
Ns.tloe \. liereliy mvpn tlial ttl sIbvb islleMate'l
i ,-ss.l 1" apply lo Hi,- Il,,,���,r,l,le tfie chlel Com-
minloner ol l,���i,d , and  Works, lor nrrmlailuu to
pnrehaa. lh�� lollowlng nise.l find, annate
about 10imilMaaatol&a Cltjroi Halm ihe
���outb Ihora ..I Die Weal Ann ol Kisolenav lake,
I','.',,,!,"",",l!''"'">*',"'"'""" i1'1"*'*'1 Hl""11 mi''iniiii"
"sTlllV'S'T rorner;,! last I'sl., marked
,1...     "., icriii'r,"  tlsenee aouth  l��
ehalna, .tliciiee eassl U chalm, thenee north 30
chalna, tlience went Iio ehaim lo point ol com-
moueement. y
Dated thi, 8ib day ol Not., UM,    h.Tmi,uam.
Purchases Lead, Copper and Dry
Ftill Stocks
B. C. Salmon
Atlantic Haddics
Manitoba Whitefish
BEEF, PORK and MUTTON of Finest Qai%,|
P. Barns & Co., Ltd,
Orderi by mall to anv branch will hare
om prompt and earelul attenUon.
���<^e^w^MF--^^p-���     ��� ������������'iimi
Ileid Ofiice: Nelsoil
tfoUee U hereby flTen that 80 dan after date I
Intend to apply to tin* Etonorable tne Chlol i on*
mlieloner of Landi and Work*, Vtctorta, l* ' .
ior iH-riniMioii io purehaea Uu (oUowini deecrlb*
ed land, rsltnated in the Win Kootenai distriet,
ou the weat ilde ol I aheael (orBla Mile) creek,
oil iiO'er ilde of wixnii road, alxml '."-, iiiilm
fron Weit Ann oj Ko,<teiiay lake: ��� 'uimio io 1:11:
at a pOBt marked Hn Hattie liin*k'�� " K ior
ner. riilitiliid 40 rhaliii went: th.ioe 9D cbalni
���oath] tbenee 4u chatm east; thenee 3U ehalni
north, to the point of eoiniin-in-ement. contalu-
Iuk ta) aerei of laud, more or lea*.
Dated the 17th KOTember 1**
Man   IUttik DOOB,
Johk E  Tavlor, Agent
���sixty davi after date! Intend toapply to the
Hon ('hief Ooiurnliidoiier of Ijimii* anl Worki,
Vietoria, to purehaae V*i aerei of laud aboul two
milei b>*low Hurum City, Wait Kooteaay, oom-
meni'liiK  at  a  M*t  marked    "J   A. Irviiin'i east
oorner i>*>��t," iald poal being ou the nib rty < nd
of an iMiiud wi^t of Lotttfl.and claiming ail tbe
land contained in ���'Hid lilaod�� being ebont one
mile lu an  eaKterl}'  and   westerly direetiou and
about'Jo'hain*' mm north lohoull).
Novemta-r llth, 1W>. j, A, tBTIHB,
J K. ANNAiii.e. Agent
Hlxty daya afterdate I mlend to apply to thr
Hon. Chief CommliKioner of I,and�� and" Worki,
Vietoria, to j.urehaie \*V a*f*refc of land LoMted
on 'he wfNtMdt'of Arrow \aitr -.mi nio�� ���tircetly
north of Lttl 7tf70: CommeOctaf at a pOCI i-lanled
at the N H. rorner ol lad 7W8 aiol markea "B. H
8. K corner," and runnliifc north 3D chalm,
thence west 20 chatm, inence north Bofalllu,
thenee weit 20 chalm, theme iouth *i ahalni,
tlience eaht -to chalm, to plaoe of UylnnliiK.
Nov. HU), 1808. HKRTH4  MaaiiLRT,
J. E. Annaiii.e Agent
.Notice ii hereby glTM that ft) day* aller date, I
Intend lo aj.j.ly to the Hon. Chief I ouiiiiKaloiier
01 LandB and Work* for permlaalon tonurohaM
the followiiiK deeoribod land in Well Kootenay
dlitrlet: Commencing al �� poll marked Mrs. V,
A WtUon'i corner Don, planted at thi northeait
coruerof Hectbrn 17, Towmlte 7. rumiitiK tOUth
40 ehalns, thenee weit 40 chalm. Ihenoe norlh 40
chalm, thf uee eait 40chulm to plaOO of com-
menceineut, i^ouialnlng ir>0 rnvrva, more or tea*
Dated Nov. 'Jt, ltfUC. Mrb. V. A. Wilroii.
J. Wiuoif. Agent.
Notiee It bereby glretl that fiOflayi atler dale 1
intend loapply to the Honorable the Chiel Oom-
mlieloner ol Lendi and Worki fir iK*niiUiioii
to purchase BBDaOTtl of land, t-ituate on tht-1.IIlie
Moyle river about 1 mile from Inicnational
B.omdary aud t^.ut 1 mile Irom H^okaue Inter-
national By.: Com mencing at a [��>al marked
i) <iraul*�� HE. eorner iMir-t, thence went 40
ehaiiiB* ihenee north 40 ebalna; thence caM ��)
cl.atm; thence north 20 Obalnil tbeOOO Mil BQ
obatni; tbenoe eoath 80 ehilni to pUoi ��i commenoement, coiiln'ii'i.g 2f��l acre- of land.
Uoeatod Oc;t. BOtb 1906,
Hixty dan after date I Intend to anply lo the
Honorable the Cblel Commlul i ol Landi mid
worka, Victoria,toporchaee leoecrei of land
IpOatOd ill   Eire  Valley mid denrlln-d m*�� (oltuWI!
Obmmenolngat i poet marked Q 11 MeM'iNW
oorner* and planted at thi wuthwoet oorner ol
Lot  78lf��. and   ninlilng  loiilli  Hi chaini, (Ih-iic*
eaal m obaina, thenoe north ao chaloi, tEenoi
weat 20 chain- to place of bi-K|ii!))iiK
Nov.lHIh. \m,. t,_���  h. MiMnxAN,
J. K. Annahlk, Agent,
Hlxly  dayi after date I intend io anM) lo thi
Honorable the Cblel CommiHlooer of Landi and
Wortu to porchw MO aorei of Und. looated m
Fire Vftuey. on weit lido of Arrow hike* iom
mencing al a poll planted ��chaloi tre*\ of the
���oothVUt corner of J. Kobinion'i iireeniniioii
and marked f. Wi B, E. oorner, and runnine
north SO ahalni, thenee WUI ho cbalni thennl
iouth BD cbalni, ihcnce eut BO ohalni to nlaoo of
NoT.18tb.lWB. .Unkw.u.hmh,
J. K. Annahi.k, Agent
Hlxly dayi nfler date I Intend 10 atmlv  la tha
Chief CnmmUifoaer ol Und* lmd���orki fi!
permlMlon ta pnrenaio lho followim deaorthMi
lands in Koolenay Imm rid. about three oo. in-ri
of mile from Thrum'* lldlag : Comn .Tot i,V ,i ,.
poit pfaoed it thlS. w. corner ��t Lflmo LlWl\
1. Wett Kootonay Dlitrioti tneSooTweKSS!
following the north boundary of L��Sb!J
oKilnil thence north _Q ,!lHllls lll(. 4J,
chalm, more or leap, to the N \\* ,..,r . r ,,r
UBBSI thenee aoulh lollowlng the weit bon 1
of LttM, 10 Ohalni, more or LlJ tn ,1,,'��� _t_S
menoemebt,oontainlng4 irei in,,,,;
Uated thla 6th day of December MM.
"   H. I'irra, locator.
Hfxtj   dayi after dale I Intend i���nnni��� ,��� ,, _.
Bon.ChiefCommUHone '.   i ,,, ''? ' yw  V"
Victoria, ta ntircliHNi- in ,   lH ."'''   """I.
Victoria, to purehaae 160aorei i
the weit ride of Armw hike
low Burton City, nud deKr!
mencing at a '
���I, located on
tie* rnllm be-
ollowi: Oom-
comer,"and befagfOchalninfia. ni'til- f",l,i,M',lwl
comer of I^.l ^UCihcM-,. ������,,,. ri";1 bWrtl
weat 40 ebalna; thence iouth 4 .Vi     "";'\u'u,'v
Sixty dayi afUr date i loti-nl bit
Honorable the Chief i ���i.iBii��i<-a'i(
Work" for i-MTiulMlon tOPBltkMl
deeerlbed  land* in   Kootea
utciiciug al a ihhi markrd J
t-aat corner jmhi, mi.) p.*: t*i*_(e|
lide  of  the i>>Wfr Armv ub twi
below   Hurton   City;   thence i-MiM
tbenei wen 20 chatm; tlieDnmlfl
thenei* wi *���! ��\ ehaim; tbt*u�� oadll
��� nd   20   UukP.   more or lew     um_\
theuce ��� ".-'.*t:�� B|.'ii(. Irk-*-J. - :.����M
tO the place of   lM*gilinlli|, MDIirJ
more or leai.
Dated thti&th day of NeT*��a.*r,��
per K.I. taBfcl
Nollee la herehy eiveri mat itxty'
���lat>- I lutend to maleappllntiuiiUl
able Chief CommlMiou<-r t-i Unfit ul
Victoria. H. 1 ., Inr permi*-*-! 1 M
lowing deacrlbed land, liliulf IB fl
Weil   Kooteuay diairlct.   ttuaq
planted ai the ���outh��c*>i*^'f!i,rf|[
d ��� pre-emption, marked fc.ln|
poit, thenca 411 chalm nM, \\vwt
north, thence 4o chaliiMTwtu.J��bwJ
north weit corner, tlieun* ��cu,.!.*-r*l
oj Donunenonunt wutaminit ]*������
Dated thin 23rd day ol Not.,1M
fu'dayp after date I inteml to��pp0
Cblel ' ouimUpioiier of l.attih klA
toria, lo purehaae M0 a* *��� ��� I >'-
Fire valley and bdim a j-��rtion a
and Ui In fow/nihlpBOes 1 dmeiM
�� omiiiencing a! a ; ���--: planted il*
eormr of the aoutheail ntiarlM*
Towmbip i'.y and marktil *. M
theme north 40 chalm;  thenrt ����
thenei wntb 40 ehaim; theuce tm*
place of beginning-
November a��rd 1**.
j. k ittmat
Notice ip hereby given tnaiW'W!
Intend toapply tothe ll.iiioraWeWI;
mipiioner of Landi and U'orki UP
aerei ol land dearrlbed at, foll��'��: **���
tit a post planted on the north b"l"
Moyie river, about 300 yard* !��������
marked "K. MeUani f H - "J
tbinae eait m cbaina, thenee miw
Ihenoe weat jw chatm. u.t-uce iouit w
place of eommenoement, ��� nil nmhB|
more or lei*
located 30th day Oot, lW
Slxlv  tlayp after date 1 iuT��-nd M
Honorable the Cblel CommlMioatfQ
Wnrka, Victoria, to pur U" "fl
located and deicrlU*d h�� followi; ti
111 poil planted at tbi "������"1\-"'1"
Koblnaiiii'apre cmptlt.n m Km-WU^
live milea from Kdwart hamhtif- "
Arrow lake.aud mitkid 1   "��� * f,.'
running wait oochaim. theueew����
theneoeaal ro cbaina. tbena ^.
thenm eul 80 ohalni, tbenoiW��1
place o| iMfglimlng. _   n
J. B. A^'^**ItLl������,'
Notie || bereby lmvcii thll JjW
intend it, apply lothe Hon I hlrH"J"
Undi and Worki. Vlci M__
Ohiifl   theftdlowlng deacril-'d lino.i
tbe Weat Kootenay  dlitrlet, ��>n '"'
iHibaiuel   (..r Hlx Mile) ��r;*'*k; m* .
alMiul   three mile*  fnnn   l>-""l,,'"J n,
nn nciiiL* at a poll nmrked "J��im1T.B-
'itigat a p	
poit," naming '&> chain
iiorih, thence ifli chain**
aouth, to the DOlOl of
lug 40 acrei oi lain), more w li*
Daied lUlh November, r����-      , rf
IxK'tdcd n> ���>**-
perJoi.Nl-  TATWBiJ
Hlxty dayp afler date I  ifj^jfl
HonorabliTthe Chief Commi^WjJ"
Work* for permlnion K��Purc5fflJi
deurlbed lauda in Kooieniyaw^
ul 1
rner poat," aald p
crlv ahore of lhe UiWOF
dm cnat, OU lhe north
l, roup I: llienee norlh tl0 ,,|lB" , ..'i,,
aoulh io chalna, more or lM,'��'r:
thenc. lollowlng aald ibore hm�� ^
dirclion M ehaim. more nrw" ^
beglnililig, eontainiug I**1 (|1 "*; M
Bated thii 6th day olhowm^'Vl
MrH UBt0th*
November 14lb,llMi.
I intend to applj to lhe Hon ' y
cr of I.anda afad Work- ot i ' j,;
chiise the following deicrlbj"" , fl
mencing at 11  poll ������d   gLfM
Arn.sv l.��k,; llss'in' nortb \tlM
lh�� ihon ol tho Arrow Uke w ��'    ,
llli'll.I, mrlil . rllurv, J****-.
Omud thii lllll ill) ssl l.l'i""*,,'j.'J
j.j|.Ci��������'A'* Tlie Daily Canadian
Notice to Fuel Consumers
All orders now standing on W. P. Tierney s
or our books for any amount or description of
coal must be settled for, otherwise delivery will
not be made.
Dated February 18, 1907.
Yale-Kootenay Ice, Fruit, Fuel and Poultry
Company, Limited.
uSc Fine Eiderdown Quilts
From $6.00 to $35.00.
Sn Our \ i.r-lut v of BOP l��lctsur���� Pramod In tfie
l-at_mt St. l��n.
Standard Furniture Company
son A Kliteh 1'lanoa.
ecmoer UattmpM
r-bnll HanlUry MeUreases.
Complete House Furnishers
Undertakers,    Embalmers
Water Bottle Sale
2 Quart Water Bottle ��1.00
3 Quart Water Bottle $1.25
2 Quart Water Bottle and Syringe $1.25
3 Quart Water Bottle and Syringe $1.50
j Canada Drug; & Book Co.
���l<:   : tolpfl
liereb} Kiven mat 3u Ann alter dale I
��� ii iiiTiuj* given mat #j oui anar mw *
I loapplj   to ilie llttn   the "hief (ouinits
ul Lands and Works, vietoria, for per-
���i i.i fut mid vmtty aaai  timber from tha
li - rlbed landp in wett Kootentyi
QCUlf  at n post planted ��lmut Hit)'
i* '������ wtttol the mouth of turvka ereek, Hhere
���v  it,t.s Hnrue* ereek, ami on the uorth
reka c k, anl marked t+. a Laurie a
ibeait corner |>"*t, llienee waki "*lgb y chains,
'-north eighty chalna, Umbos east eighty
Ini   ihenc< hjuth eighty chains to point of
��� i ment
���DsiedJan 86th. 199T   ti A. Lat-aii, Locator.
1-     ommenclng Bt ��� p��Ft planted oaat <>f anrl
���jniniugG  A  Laurie's location pint No. 1, aud
l��i- i -. A. Laurie ��� southwest oorner poet ol
1     '���"������tion, tbenee teat tight)- fthnnti ihenee
ghly chain*, thenee wen eighty chains,
outh eighty (-halus in point ol comuit'U-
Wl>i\. I Jt.ii   -STitu, lW/T.   U. A. Larai*. Locator.
I      I   immen iing at a post planted about eighty
7 -am- iouth ol bureka ereek where u flowi into
��creek, nud nmrked U   A. Laurie* aouth-
'���'irner punt, on location ^o   3. thenee eaat
> ibatnt, thenoe north elghtf ehalni. thence
(hi) i ntiiiiK, iht*toe nouth eighty chain*
.   mi ol commencement.
I hated Jhu. .-Mn, lian.   (i. A. Lit BiF, Locator.
1 ummeueutg at a punt planted   south ol
|Q   A   Laurie's location No. ��, and
*!  '���   A. > auric'* northwest comer pom.
 m -i eliatmt, ihence couth   tW chalim.
reaeal ho ehalni, thence uorih Ml chains
j>puim nf commenoemebti
| Uated Jan. ttth, lw".   Q. A. Lai hu;, locator,
planed   eighty
nuth ol location
���^u. 4, and marked W    11. 1 age's  nouth west
torm i putt o| Im-atlou No 5, theuce easl eighty
 ��, thenee nonh eighty chains, tbanoi well
f  ihaluf,   theme   south  eighty  chalus to
ul i omtnenOBinent
dJan *_��th, l!W7.     Vi   A. I'agi, Locator.
'* ('ummoneing at a post platitetl south of
W I adjoining looatlon N<>   i, ami marked Vi. H
""��� - uorth wait oorner pond loonllonMo *>.
�����*-l  eighty   challiN, IhelieeStiUth eighty
_ ��, Ibiu-v well eighty ehalna. thence norlh
���igbt> cbalm t.i point oleoniuienceineul.
I l'��M Jan. -jith, iam.    W. ll. rang, Looator.
���'oiamenelng at a post planted eighty
I'st-aai ninl iwenty ebalni wulh ol location
'���" ���*, mid niorketi H, A, Laurlei* hoiiiIiwcsI
"*���' p'i-t of location No. 1. thence easl eighty
'n>. thettue norlh eighty chains, thenee west
'I) chalm, ihcnce aniilii elgoty chalnn to
111 ol commencement.
itcd Jan, nth, inn,   Q, a. Laimiii, Locator.
1 ummendng   al n pott   P-inUi eighty
"ii oa��i mui ughty ohaini south of looatlon
I No. 7, and niarked li. A Laurie* soutuwest
'"'t   pnst   of   looatlon     No.   H,   thenee   east
II '> '"iiitiMlicnec north eighty chalus, theme
' eighty enalnii thence souih eighty chains
'"ini ot eoinnieucemeiit.
��i 'l Jau S0th, 11H17.   li. A. Laitkik, locator.
Commenting at  a post  planted   eighty
ni- soutli tit loi'atiuii No. ��. and marked il A.
'Me'l hunt Invest comer of location No. 'J,
bee eait Ml chalm, ihcnce north tu chains,
'"<��� WWtUOQhaLttl, thence houth 4uchains to
in ui commenoomont,
"atodJan U0th(lWI,  *i a. Lai'Kik. lAOfttor.
to. Commencing it a Mil planted aboul six
i'l'iis down Barnes oreek from the mouth of
���"���urekacwek where it Bowi Into Barnes creek
" a southeasterly dlreetlon, and marked u. A,
���*l[noi#onthweet eoruer posi ol location No.
��. ihence eait eighty chains, thonoe north eighty
���< itittih. thenoe west eighty chalnn, ihence soutli
l^cnty ehalni to point of oonunonoemenL
"ated Jan. IflUl, iwn.    Q. A. Lauhu, U>ealor,
11. ���Oontmenolng at a post planted eighty
_ inuns cant of looatlon No. lu, ami marked tl. A.
Iii, 1.n,'Nhnmhwehi corner I1"*1"' hicallouNo 11,
lri.Bi W���*B��t| chains, thence north elghtv
IhiTi i ' L *DM woit eighty ohainii ihcnce wutn
���l'Rin> onuni to point of eoinuioneemenl.
D��t��dJan.8��tb, 1WJ7.   G. A, Lat'UiB, Locator.
Iii.ik '���""""'''Kdngat a post planted south of and
��� aitj mm lug looatjon No 11. and marked W. H.
IE f,"M,lw,l"t��"fnerpo��loCloeatH��u No. U,
���chain. eti ���'���"ty onalhl, thence nouth eighty
leiui ."' ,"','"'' Hl'Hl olihtf chaiDB, thence north
1   7,ill> Ahalni to point pt eommeneement.
W, H, I'aob, Locator.
���"ling at a poit   planted   eighty
-nq cigh'y chalm south oI location
IM,.,,.,,*** luarkctl G. A, Laurie'i aorth weit
|*��. uer pom ui location No. 13, theuce east eighty
chalm, thence iouth elrhty chains, thfttOS west
eight/ chains, thence uorth eighty chains to
point of commencement
Dated Jan Mb, 1W7-   <i. A. I.u-kii:, lx>cator.
U.-Commenclng at a poit planted north of
and adjoining ha-ation No. 11, and b��*ing marked
Q, A. Laurie'i southwest corner post of location
No U. theuce eait eighty chains, ihence north
eigbty ebalni, thence west eighty chalm, thenee
���outb eighty chains to point ol commencement
Dated Jan. _��th. Itkfl.   O. A. Laraig, Locator.
1*5-fommencing al a H��st planted tlghty
chains uorth of location No. 14 and maraud ��
11. Paee's southwest eorner poit ot location No
15, thence .a��t eighty chalus. thenee north
eighty chains, thenee wist eighty * hains, thence
south eighty chains to polnl ol commencement.
Dated Jan- f.>th, rtfl       W. H. PAM, Locator.
lO.-Commencing- at a post planted eighty
eh.ins east of location No 10, aud marked O.A,
laanrie's soutbweit corner pnst of location No.
16, thence east elgblv chains, theuee north
eighty cbalni, thence west eighty chains, thence
aouth eighty ehalni ti point ol commencement.
located Jau. ��, 1U07.     li. A. UVDtB, Lo��tor.
17.���Commencing at a post platted soutb ol
and adjoitilug location No. Hi, and mirked U, A.
Laurie's nonbwc��t corner post ol location l o.
17, thence east eighty chains, thence south
elghtv ebalni, theuce wesl eighty chalus. tnence
north eighty chaini to point ol commencement.
Dated Jau. 2Mb, HW.    (i. A. I Afhll, Lo<*ator.
W.-Cominenclng at o ^ost planted eighty
Ohllni south ��f ha**tlon No 17, and marked W .
H Page's northwest eoruer poal of lm-atlon No.
IB, thenceast eighty chnins, b neesoutb eighty
ehalus, thence west eighty chains, thence north
elghiy chains to poini ol eommeneement.
LoOatOd Jan. B, 1W7.      W. H. I'AGK, Locator.
1�� -Commencing al a post planted eighty
chains muth ol location No. IH, and marked '..
A. Uurle'i northwest corner post MjooaUon no,
19. thenee east eiahty chains tbenee soulb
elghtv ehalns. thence weat eighty ehains, them-,
north oghty chains to point ol com meneement.
Dated Jan. ��th,lWT.   0.A  Uraia, locator.
ao.���Cotnmenmng at a post  pi��i;h| about
elahiT chaius east of the umulh of fcight BUI
ereek where 11 empties Into liimioaklii ereek.
and on the south bank ���>! Immoakln creek, and
marked Q. A Laurie'i northeast corner post ot
location No Zo. Ihence south 1��> rheliia. thence
wo?t 40 chains, thence north 160 chains, thence
eatt -Hi Ohalm to point Ol commencement,
Dated Keb- iml, 1W7. <!��� A. LaiaiB. Uwator,
onuucnclng at a port plautcd forty
id eight} chalnc snuin 0] location
chains west and eight] ohalniiputn "  looanoo
N,i snd murkett % H, I'age's nonheast cor
ner p -st ol location No 21. thence west eighty
Ohalni thenoe WUth eighty chains, thence east
eight} cba.ns. ihenee north elgbl) chains tc
polut'of i:onimeucenieiil.
Dated Keb. 2nd, LWL       W. H. PAOB, ttOOatOr.
���ti.- Oommenolni ��t�� P��t pi""!'"1 cwt of and
.iiIh.m.mil'   locution   No. tt,   and   marked tt. A.
1 auric1" utthweit corner post ol location No.
ihcnce north WO chains, thenot W*l �� ^'ll����o���, ��u
point of commencement.
Dated Feb. 2nd, WW.   O, A. Uvhii, Locator.
23.-Commen.*l.ig al I PJti ^"JflW ftSj
eano boaUoo No-Banrt marked *��� "���gf*!
norlhwesl corn., pt of local on No.m.     e .ro
lunth 100 chaloi,'honoeoai fortj   i ai us, ii   . i
north im ohaini. thence west torij chaini 1"
POtnt Ol commencement
Dated Feb. *ud, IM,     W H. Paob, Locator.
oi Buminenoement.
Dated Fob. tod. WW.  O.A. Urt��, Locator,
ist   planted   eighty
Dlatrlct Attorney's Searching Quest for
Details of Her Relations With
Murdered   Man.
New York, Feb. 20.���District Attorney Jerome's crous-exainlnation of Evelyn Nesbitt Thaw was resumed this
bated Jan. Ullli, 18(17,
,"    ts'lilille!
efffiyWlui to point otoomm*
I.at.dKt'b.lth, IW.    0.A.umii,locator.
ac.-.loi.inei.s'li.K at JWOJJJJSJ $2&, Sm
.nd oi.e-l.all wil.'! .I" " ����k���� Ucre 11 tow, in-
tho moutii ssl Kiuist M.i " k X, Ji,i bank ol
to Iiinniiiiklii I't'-'ili. ��'" ��� "t' si a. Uurle'i
lnouoakln ereek, and '��'"'. ,������n, ellht;
nortlisveit corner poit, i ' ,,���.������. nortii
cb.ini, tlieni'i' '*��" ''is1'1' ' '" UBlu, t��� |,olnt
.|��Mjch��lni.llieli<MWi*t���"1> >"��'�����
orcommeueemeut. i.��,��ior
DaUKlftb.4lb.HWI.    a.AU.VSt.lMMt.
New York, Feb. 21.���Although the entire day's Hi-'HHlon in the Thaw case yesterday was devoted by Dlstricl Attorney
Jerome to the cross-examination of Evelyn Nesbitt Thaw, be Is uot nearly
IhrssUBb.. There is little doubt that he
will continue today. He has many more
questions to ask her, for as yet, he has
hardly touched on tlie more important
features or her story.. The examination
so far has been a bit ragged, jumping
rapidly from event to event In a palpable effort to confuse the witneBB. Mtb.
Thaw's memory has suffered a relapse
since she told her story on direct examination and by fur the greater part
of her auswers were in the words, " I
don't remember." With the exception or
thoBe oft-repealed admissions her story
has not been shaken. Just what features
of the case Mr. Jerome will bring out
today it is hard to Bay. So far he has
asked practically no questions touching
on the meeting of Evelyn Nesblit Thaw
and White and their subsequent relations, and has not referred lo the
stories she testified she told her husband, and about seeing White on the
street twice after she was married, nor
has he ln any way questioned her on
her Btory of the events of the night of
June 2fith. Mrs. Thaw was unable yesterday tn give exacl, or In many cases,
even approximate dates. She was not
even sure of the month in which, us
she has testified. White accomplished
her ruin.
"'Is lt not true you went alone with
him on the yacht?"
"Mama and 1, yes."
Another objection to the question
whether she had been co-respondent iu
Ganand'B divorce suit was susttiined.
Alter more questions regarding her
associations with Garland, "Did tleorge
W. Lederer have anything to do with
your going into the Florodora cast?"
".Not that 1 know of."
"During tills time did you ever pose
for an artist in tbe nude?"
"Ever huve any casts made in the
"Did you not ln 1S.01- have Buch a
.���Est made?"
She had never heard of Mr. Wells, a
sculptor. Her acquaintance with Garland
ceased when she met White.
"Is lt true that Garland became an-
noylng when you lived at a certain
apartment house and your mother got
the telephone girl to refuse to send up
his card?"
"Did your mother meet you every evening at the theatre?"
"I remember going once with mama
and anoiher lady."
"Did your brother Howard ever go to
the theatre for you?"
"Once when mama was sick."
"You know your brother's writing?"
"ls this his signature?"
Mr. Jerome Bhowed the witness a document concealing all but the bottom of
the last page.   "Yes."
Chicago   Athletic Meet.
Chicago, Feb. 21.���The pick of tho
amateur athletes of the Chicago district
are entered In the 13th annual open
handicap meet to be given by the First
Regiment Athletic association tonight.
In addition to the handicaps, which arc
open to all registered athletes, there are
three event for academis and prparatory
schools and thre events limited to high
school athletes.
The complete list of events on the
programme are as follows: Academy
and preparatory���40-yard dash, scratch;
:iOilyajd dash and mile relay. High
schools���10-yard dash*, 300-yard dash
and mile re'ay. Open event���40-yard
high hurdle, scratch; 300-yard obstacle
race, scratch. Handicap events���40
yards, 440 yards, half mile, mile, two
mile, high Jump, isolc vault, 10-pound
shot put and mile relay.	
Contractor to Undertake
Logging Contract, Delivering
2,000,000 Feet per Month.
Also First-class Mill Superintendent
Sec. MounUin Lumber Manufacturers' Association
Waterproof Paints
Coal Tar, Pitch,
Creosote, Oils for
Preserving Timber,
Roofing Pitch and
Paints. i
Boat Builders will Hud it to their advantage to use our Pitch.
Nelson Coke & Gas Co.
Coal! Ice! Wood!
Phone 265
Yale-Kootenay Ice, Frott,
Fttel & Poultry Co.. Ltd.
N. E. cor. Baker and  Ward  Sta.
Dealers in staple and fancy Groceris*
Butter, Errs.
Camp and Miners' Supplies.
The Strathcona
"Companiea Act, 1897."
Nelaon, B.O.
B. Tomkins, Manager.
The Leading Hotel in the
Qood    Sample    Room*.
Baker atiMI. Kelion. 1.0.
Lighted by Electricity -and
Heated by Hot Air
Leife end Comfortable fieslrooml aod Flrft*
ssli... .ionise HtKim.   ss.sisi,,,- Koums. loi ��� ,.s..i,i. r-
'���lal   Ms-ss
MRU   K. CC1.AKKK, Propi-h'tre..
Lake View Hotel
t-iirii'T Ball iiini Vernon,
two blocki Irom wliiuf.
Ktlen f l.<X��per day and up.
*\ O. Boi IM
Tbiupnone US.
Grand Central Hotel
Tnli hotel hai been completely renovated and
newly lurnUhed wltb all miKlern equipment*
Hot water heating throughout.
KATE8 : Roomi,  bUc.   upwards ; meals   2bc. ',
upeclal ratea by tbe week.
J. A. ERICKSON, Proprietor.
Telephone, 250.   Opposite Court House
and Postoffice. NelBon. B. C.
Tremont Hotise
Pkoyikce OF bKiTisH Columbia, j
No. 878.
THIS IK TO CKUTIFY that the "Nrtuip Fruit
Laiidn, Umttsd," m author! d and licensed to
miry on bimut-M within tin >irovlut'Q of brirwh
Columbia, kSd to carry out or effect all or auy oi
the object* ol the comp-ny to which the leninla-
tive authority of the Legiilature oi british Columbia cxiemlb.
Tbc hcrt.l ofllceof thc company is iltuate at tbe
City of Winnipeg, ���Province ol Manitoba.
'lue amount oi the capital of tbe company li fl-re
hundred thousand tio lura, divided into two
thousand ove hundred r-hares of ten per cent
preference stock of the par value of one hundred
dollars each, and twenty-five hundred shares of
iMiuinou stock of the par value of one hundred
dollars each.
The head office of the compuny in this province
Is Mituute at thc C-ly of Nelson, and Kobert Wet-
more Uauuitigtou, barrister, who>e address ls
the same, i* the attorney for the company.
i j ten  under my haud and seal of office, Victoria, Prviuce ol  Britlhb  Columbia, this 16th
nay of February, one ttiousand nine hundred
and seven.
Registrar of Joint Stock i ompaniei.
Tbe objects for which the company ban been
established aud licensed are:���
(a.) Buving, selling, leasing or disposing <f
coal mines, eoal and wood lands, farming, grating
and imn lands, aud timber Limits and to worn
and develop the same;
(b.) To carry on tbe business of Immigration
and colonization agents, make advauvvs to
assist settlers on landl purchased from tbe
company and to secure tbe repayment uf such
advance* with inter*���*�����>! on such terms and lu
suflti manner by way of mortgage or agreement
as may be mutually agreed upon.
(c.) To carry on the business of ranching,
breeding, selling aoi dealing in cattle, boiscs,
sheep -and other livestock;
(d.) To purchase, sell and deal ln lumber,
wood, coal, uiiueral*, grain, provisions, clothing
and general supplies;
(e ) To carry or trade as general merchants
and forwarders;
(f.) To issue In payment of uny property
acquired by tbe company, all ares of the capital
stock of the coiupuuy us lully paid tip aud nonassessable or otherwise;
(g.) To carry ou the butlne-SEof manufacturers
and dealers in power generator)) und motors of
every description, lo construct and operate all
classes oj vehicles, Hgriculiural Implements,
machinery, boats, steumers, barges and ferry*
lu which t!ie|-tiid motors are used; to construct
and operate boat lines and to carry on the business of carriers, cartage and pared deliveries,
to own and operate omnibus Uses and vehicles
aud bouti. (or hire; to sell, lease and tupply
electricity; t�� own and operate electric plants,
and generally to carry tin auy of tbe business
incideutal to the aforesaid purposes aud objecta
of the company;
(ti.) To purcbHse. take on leusc, exchange or
otiierwise acquire ot dispose of any real or
persouul projwrly, aud auy rights or privileges
which the company may consider necessary
for the purposes of their operations;
and to sell aud di-po-i* of any lauds or otber mil
estate and persouul property at auy time owned
or controlled by the company or auy part'hereof,
or any control therelu, or claim thereon,and generally todo all such thlOfl asaru Incideutal to
or conducive to the carrying out of tbe objects
of the company;
(I) To Lecoine shareholder-H ln any existing or
proposed company, and to promote and assist In
promoting auy company carrviug on a business
iierwiolog to llie objects for which this company
Is inooiporaied, and which may prove useful to
thin company. *ud to acquire, take over aud operate tbe business of any such company or companies, and to enter Into an agreement (or sharing of prolits. uuloii of interests, reciprocal con-
cewsions or olherwise. with auy person or company and take or otherwise acquire or bold
���hurcsaud securities of such company or companies;
(J) To acquire and hold lunds by gift or purchase or us mortgagees w otherwise a* fully and
freelv as private individuals, and lo -sell, lease,
mortgage or otherwise alienate thc same, and to
exercise all thfl powers set out ln tbc several
European and American Plan
Meali 26 cu.   Koomi Irom tf cli. to It.
Only White Help Employed.
Baker Bt.. Nelson Proprietor!
Bartlett   Hotise
Best Dollar-a-Day House in Nelson.] [
Thu liar li the Finest.
White Help Only Employed.
Josephine Bt.
Royal Hotel
Ratea fl and 11.50 a Daj.
Special Kates to Reguliu Bourdeta.
Moist comfortable quartern In Nelmin
Only the best ol Llquorl aud - iRara.
25 Feet Frontage
on Baker Street
5 Roomed Building
Price R000.00
H. E, froaMule & *i
Next Door to Bank of Commerce.
Pacific Coast
Leave Nelson 7:30 a. m.
Arrive Vancouver 11:60 noon.
Arrive Vlctorlu 5:45 p. m.
Building Lots for Sale
NottfM is hen-by Riven thut 00 ilarR Hlter ilnti> 1
Int. n.I to npply to the Uniioruble the Chief Commissioner of uudi end Works (or �� license to
fin is peri lor coh! end petroleum over lhe follow-
ng mud: Situated two mile* north ofthe intcr-
iiHilonal boutulnry Hue and west of the Flathead
river, eeijlnuiiig titu pout marked W. U'linlUis*
N. W. corner pout, thence SOehelnt south, thence
8>J chains east, thencu HO chains tunili. thenue SO
chains west to point of com me uc anient,
ji.iu-tl Nov. 14. llKKl W. LkUau.aih.
Nollco Is hereby Riven that Co days alter date I
Intend to apply lo the -on thief Commissioner
of Lumls ana Works for a li-nse to prospect for
wonl and petroleum over the followlug laud:
Hltu-ttod six miles north of the International
boundary line and eait of the Flathead rlrer.
Beginning at a post marked K. H third's N. w
corner po t, thence 80 chains south, thenc* 90
chaini eaat, thenee w chaini north, thence 80
chatna west to point of commencement
Dated Nov. 16,1W6. X. H. HuftD.
S* S. Princess Victoria
S. S. Princess May
Bertha 11.00.   Can be occupied at Nel
son Union Depot at 9 p. m.
H.  &  M.  BIRD,
Has every class of Real Estate and Buildings iu Nelsou
for sale, from Business Blocks and Warehouses
to Market Gardens.
Choice Fruit
I Hate 10,000 Aerea
of tbc
Choicest Pratt Lands to
British CobmUa.
Can sell any quantity from 5 acres to 2,000 in one blocir.
Buy now and get the ground floor prices.
Nelson, B. C.
NOTH'l* Is hereby given that an application
will be made to the Legislative AsaemUly of tbe
Province of British Columbia at IW nexi session
for an act authorltlng the Patrick Lumber Company, Limited, to place,construct, *nd maintain,
a dam or dams, booms, piers, illdes, and other
works In and across tbe Kootenay river at or
near Thrums Station (about opposite Bub-lot IV.
of Lot i.98, tiroun 1, Kootenay district): and ln
and across tbe Little Slocan river; and in and
across the Blocan river at a point or points tie-
low tbe mouth of the Little Blocan river: for the
purpose of driving, rafting, sorting, holding, and
manufacturing saw-logs and tituuer; to occupy
t he lurface of tbe said rivrs where necessary for
tbe purposed aforesaid; to clear. Improve, and
remove obstructions from the said rivers for log-
driving, rafting, aud booming purposes; to levy
and collect toils and dues on logs timber and
lumber ol persons using or ptotiting by such
works, clearing or Improvementi; to enter upon
and expropriate lands; and do all other things
necetutary, incidental or conducive to tbe exercise ol auy of tbe above powers.
Dated tbe 10th day of December, 1906,
HolHtnr for the A-onl leant
In the nutter of an application for the issue of
a duplicate of tbe Certificate of Title for an
undivided 1-8 of Lots 2, and 8, Block 12, Town of
Notice is hereby given th 1 Ut is my Intention
to luue at the exptratlon of one mouth from
thc first publication hereof a duplicate ot the
Certificate of Title to the above lands In the
name of Florence M. Uodglus which * ertiflcate
li dated the 28th day of December, 18W, and
numbered S66IK.
H. F. MacLEOD,
District Registrar.
i,��nd Registry Ofllce, Nelson, B C
January 2Bth,lWfl,
Tenders Wanted for tfc Purchase of a
Mineral Claim.
Notice *s hereby given that on Monday, February aath, 19(17, tnat the Court of Revision for
the Municipality of the City of Blocan will be
held in tbe City Hall on above date, at 2 p m .
for the purpose of revising the Assessment Roll
of the City of flocan Tbosemaklng complaints
against their assessment are required to have
their protests in the hands of the City rierk ten
days previous to the first silting of the Court of
Dated at Blocan, Jauuary 24th vxr,.
CM. .
Certificate of Improvements
"Empress," "Climax." "Horseshoe," "Queen,
"Cnlon Jack," situated lu Nelion Mlnln
Uxialed ou Porcupine creek.
Take Notice thai 1. Krauk Fletcher, agent for
the AcMve Gold Mini* g Company, Free Mln^r'*
Certificate No BH22M) intend, GO days from date
hereof, loapply to the Mining Recorder for a
Certiorate of lmpn vements for tbe purpose ol
obtaining a Crowu Grant of thi- above claims.
And further taku notice that action, under
Becti-jn 87, must he commenced before the Issuance of aurh Certllii'aleof Improvemenu.
Dated Nelson, 18th IHm*.. ltt<��.
Hmhk Fi rrcuKK.
For rntes, folders nml tickets apply to
local agent or to
A.Q.r.*..Vancouver. D.P.A.. Nelaon
Contractor  eand
Soto agent for the Porto Rico Lumber Co., Ltd.,
retail yards. Bough and dressed lumber, turned
-work and bracket*, Coast lath and shingles, rash
and doors. Cement, brick aud lltnh-for sale.
Automatic grinder.   w    *        - 1
Yard and factory) Vernon Bt.. cast of HaU
P. O. BOX 882. ''      -' Telephone 178
Certificate of Improvements
"Ara-o" mineral claim, situated in the Blocan
City    Mining    I'ivislon   ol   West   Kootenay
Where lo ated: On Hpriager Creek near the
Aillugton Sawmill
Take Milliw tbat I, Frank C, Orean, acting as
agent loi the Arlington Mines', Limited' Free
Miner's (Vrttflcaic No. B-MJ0G, intend, sixty davs
from dale hereof, to apply to the Mining Recorder
for a Certllleate ol Improvements, for the pur-
ponol obtaining a Crawn Grant of the above
And further take notice that action, under
aectlon ���������)., must be com in en ed before the
lasiutica of sttcb Certlfiuate of Improvements.
Dated this 19th nay of December, 1000
F. C. OttREtt, Nelson, B.C.
Tenders addre*aed to the undersigned, at his
office in t**e-fiourt house, ln tbe City of Nelson,
will be reoelved up tin tbe hour of 5 o'clock in
tbe afternoon of Monday. March Hth, 1WT7, for
tbe purchase of tbe "Garfield" mineral claim.
Lot 4989. '-roup 1, Kootenay District, which wm
declared to be forfeited to the Crown at tbe
tax sale held In tbe City of Nelson on the 6th day
of November. 1906, for delinquent taxes up till
June 80th, 191%, and cost*.
The upset price upon tbe iald mineral claim,
which includes the amount ol delinquent taxea
and costs at the time of forfeiture, with Interest,
taxes which bave alnce aecrird, ooats -M advertising, and fee for crown grant fl*.w ) la 168 70,
which ii the least amount tbat will be considered
as a tender
Each tender must be accompanied by an accepted cheque for the full amount of the tender,
pa vable to the order of the Deputy Commlaaloaer
of Lands and Works, at Victoria, B Cat par.
Dated at Nelson, B C, this Hth day of February, 191)7.
Government Agent, Neleon, B. C,
_B.'..1B!..,I..--BLL".II,��SJI.', , "IU.1     '���*.��� ,.._���������      ttm
Tenders Wanted for tbe Purchase of a
Mineral Claim.
Tenders addretted to tbe undersigned, at bli
office in tbe Court House, tn the Ciiy of Nelson,
will be reoelved up till the hour of five o'clock
in the afternoon of Monday, March 18th, 1907, lot
the purebaae of tbe "No. 2" mineral claim, Lot
into, Group 1, Kootenay District, which waa declared to be forfeited to the Crown at the tax eeXe
held tn th�� city of Nelaon on tbe oth day ol November, 1906, for delinquent taxes up till June
Slitb, 190b, and costs.
Tbe upset price upon tbe said mineral claim,
which include* the amount of delinquent taxes
and costs at the time ol forfettnre with int'-rct,
taxes which have since accrued, coats of advertising, and fee for Crown Grant $25 00,) ll 1184.40.
wblch is the least amount tbat will be considered
as a tinder.
Earn tender must be accompanied by an accepted cheque for tbe full ���* mount of tbe tender,
parable to the oMer of the Deputy Commissioner
of Land and Works, at Victoria. B  C , at par.
Dated at Nelson, B C, this 11 b day of February, 1907.
Governm nt Agent, Vglson, B.C
Certificate of Improvements.
"MBy," ' B.C.," "Ktrathroy,'   * Jot.      'Jov Fr- ,
tional." and "lohn I' ,M��li ev" Nih erali'lam.
situated *n the Blocan Citv Mining DtvM-n
tbe Wett Kootenay District
Where locatad:���North of twelve Mtt,e Greet
about one and a half miles up
Take notie - that 1,11. R. Jorand of Sloesl fc*
Free Mlner'i certificate No- ttimt), as aa ut fo
Horaoe G Vau Tuyl, Free Mluer % certlfrale nc
B4021, intend, sixtv days from the dat** hereo*
to apply tn the Mining Recorder for a crtiflcai
of Improvements, for the pumose of or>te nlng
Crown Grant of tbe said mineral elaims.
And further take notiee that action unde
Hecttoti 87, must ne commenced before tbe issu
ance of sunb Certificates of Improvements.
Dated this 3rd Dny of January. 1907.
Certificate*   of  Improvementa
PRUNING AND GRAFTING carefully attended to. Apply
silver Kins Hotel.
F. C GREEN      F. P, BURDEN      A. H. GREER
Gvil Engineers, Dominion and British
Colombia Land Surveyors
F.O.Boxl45   FkoeUlft.
Rio Tente, Orinoco, Queen Victoria Fractional
and Ornoco Fractional Mineral Claims, situate
lu thc Nelson Mining Division of West Kootenay
Looated on Queen Victoria Mountain, near
Beasley Hiding.
Take Notice that 1, Frank C Qreen, acting as
event for Michael Egan, Free Miner's Certificate
No, BMC,intend, sixty days from the date hereof,
to apply to the Mining Recorder lor Certificates
ot Improvement, for the purpose of obtaining
Crown Grants of tbe above claims.
And lurther take notice that action, under
aectlon 87, must be commenced before the
influence of such Certificates of Improvements.
Dated this 26th day of January, 1WJ7.
F. C. G*MK, NlUoW. B. C.
Certificate of ImfcoYcmeate
"Portia," "Amos " "Bait Bide No. I" and "Bit-
Una Fractional" mineral claims, situated la
th- >i)oonn City Mining DlvUlon ol Weet Kooteuay District
Where located: At bead of Springer Creek, near
the Arlington mine.
Take Notice tbat 1, Frank C. Green, acting m
"* iitdTnw
Ixtr days
lining Be
oorderfora Certificate of Improvements, forflht
purpose of obtaining a Crown Gnat ol tt* abort
Andf urther take notloe thnt action, um
��� ���  -w-etfcetaP*
agent for the Arlington mines, LtmltedTlTrae
Miner's Certificate No. Buoe.tnten'     	
from the date hereof, to apply to t
'" ��� of la "
sectlomr, most be oonuneneed before
nee ol snob Certlfloe *	
Dated this 10th dny
ance otamch Certificate of Improvementi.
r. a ow*. Note**.a ���M1:
i ��.*
The Daily Canadian
m      %_r\_m__mC> Alarm Clocks, each  $1.50 and $2.50
^s^AV'-L'JSkia    ��������� Mission Clocka, each   $6.00
=  Oak Clocks, each   $12.00
See Onr Hue Display of Bedroom Clocks, each        $4.00
Clocks���All Ntw, All the Bel Chime Clocks, each   ...$20.00 to $35.00
thc Market Offers.
Now Iss tise Ume wIil-ii 3 ssss need ii possd UMBkGLl.A.    Onr Stock 1, uow* anil up to-
.late and every Ombnlls SB 'inaranteed.
******** *******************
; Of Un*   difference  there is
��� between l si*, nnil Suds, in
��� Canned   Goods
J We carry only
a One trial of our
{Tartan   Brand
t will oonvinoe yon  thut we
a oarry u full st����*k
Table  Fruit
V ej*et a h> 1 e s
K��ie    Fruit
Maple Syrup
��� Same  Price cms Inferior
7 Uoods
IBell Trading Co.
Old Curiosity Shop
It you wnnt to buy or sell anything,
go to tlii' Old Curiosity Shop. A new
line df Japanese Goods now on sale.
All kinds of Dtonerware ln stock. Patterns.
Now My Friend \
Wouldn't you like soraothln-p;
those cold mornings; somcthin-c
thnt would send tht* blood through
your veins and fill your heart
with joy?
Now, tell your wife to buy a
pound of that good coffee that Joy
sells, and serve sumo, good and
hot, for breakfast. After drinking some of that coffee, things
will look rosy all thc day, and
\ Zfoy Will meet you at tbe door i
|Joy's Cash Grocery
Cnr.Jom'pMm'Hud Mill Sta.     Phone
Wts   Hllvu   t,   ��4pi_ci.(llv
���alaotad -Stock ot *
for  XrrtJiM Trude.
Stoneware. Crocks, Bean Pots, Tea Pols, Etc.
Munroe & Nelson
General Job Work, Chimney Sweep-
lug, Carpet Cleaning, Fixing and Cleaning Stoves,  etc.
121 East Baker St. Phone No. A1I4
For Hot Tomato
Tea and Coffee.
Beef Tea.
Cor. Verr-ion and Ward Struou,
INlil.SO.-V.   u. c.
FKED J. HUME. Proprietor.
\V. H. Brandon, Silverton; H. M.
Burrett, j. BI, Wright, Vancouver; Mrs.
J D. McHrlde, Cranbrook; H). Soruton,
.Montreal; D. Gardner, Ottawa; D. Mc-
Leod, .1. Breenahan, Spokane; c. H. Mc-
Naughton, Winnipeg! B. VV. Brand, Che-
suw ; \V. S. Dencll. Eholt; .1. \V. Ityrnes,
Seattle; VV. B. Hudson, Erie.
.1. C. Dufregne, Pilot Bay; L. L. Hill,
J. F. Porter, B. S. Jenkins, Winnipeg;
A. G. C'reelman, Kossland; C. Sangster,
A. J. Lockhardt, J. E. Knight, Vancouver; .1. H. Schofleld, Trail; A. T.
Enierich. Cleveland; H. M. Serett, Cal-
gary; G. \V. Basterbrooks, Koch
,1. E. Tatti'isall and wile. D. McKech-
nli and wife. Slocan; .1. G. McCallum,
Cranbrook; J. Daly, D. RuSBon, Sirdar;
I). G. MoQuarrle, Oerrarfl; ,1. Folbert,
Arrsswhcad; VV. I'ateterson. E. .1. Kellv.
Perth; K. D. Andrek, V. Faublo. Trail.
D. Northey, RevelBtoke; T. Mason,
n. W. Newberry, Moose Jaw; D. Goll-
pil. A. Leet, Kaslss; A. K. Llllle, Alnsworth; Mrs. McLollan, I. Lewis, Pilot
Bay; H. A. Breakell. A. Cook. Wm. Mc-
Lallan, Coleman; H. A. Ladd, W. A.
Hollis, Procter,
J. S. Kramer. Rossland; F. E. Clem-
ent��� S. Lancastle, Victoria.
A. Bovln, A. Bheppard, Cranbrook: A
S. Fruiti, J. Cortina, La Plata mine.
B. McClellan. Spokane; F. M. Charles
Fnrron; I. Maatlrne, Cranbrook; A. C
McKay, Coykundalil.
B. Shary. Bonnington;  R. Reld. Eureka; C. Miller, Kuslo:  A. Short. Coat
Creek;     G.  Tuft.    Westley;   G.  Allan,
We have just unloaded a car of
Parity Flotir
Made from high grade Manitoba Hard Wheat Without a
doubt It is the best flour on
the market. Money refunded
if not satisfactory.
Telephone 161,
The adjourned annual meeting of the
Kootenay Fruit Growers' Association
will be held in the Board of Trade
rooms at 2:30 p. m��� Friday, February
22, to receive the auditor's report on
thc accounts of 1906.
 D.  C.  McMORRIS, Secretary,
All Kinds of Heating Plants in Stock.
Victoria St., Nr. Opera Houae.     Tel. 181.
Notloe is horeby Kiven tliat hi h meeting of the
Board <��f Lloanie CnmmfHi-loiitirK, to be hold nftur
tin* I'xpiMtinu nf :��i iIuvh, i intend to apply for ��
transfer of m) hotel llnoonie fur tbe Grove hotel,
at K-iirvli-vv, lo I",  ii  liunlun
YOl'Nd  LADY AHMIHTANT to  help   III Htorc
*- - ' -"ii to Vt'.O.Tfc -- ���      ���
UukiM Rtr��<>t.
Apply in person to W. G. Thomson, bookseller
mm Hint' "
WOMAN HKi.'OM> (;(��OK. H0.00   Waitress I3...1W
________     W. I'.irkT.
TWO FIKHTOLAH. KOOMS, iteam heated.   Ap-
piv hmwokceDw :ini flat, K. W. C. block4
A ROY'S B'SIGH, near tor tier Cedar and Front
dtrt'otB, aboul r, o'oiook Friday wen tup The
potion who picked n up will please telephone
Silver  advanced   one  point  on  each
metal market today.
The average price of zinc on thfl London market during January was ��27,
2b, 5d.
The infant son of Mr. and Mrs, Daw-
sou, of Fairview. was buried lliis morning, service being read by Rev. P, 11.
The regular meeting for February of
the board of school truBtees will ba held
In Dr. Arthur's ofllce tonight at 8
In ihamber today His Honor Judge
Forln heard, and granted the application of E. A. Crease for letters of administration of the estate of Mury Ueer,
The Churchmen's club wwill meet tonight in St. Saviour's mission room. The
programme will consist of musical numbers and a debate on the question of
public ownership.
The trial of A. Clayton for assaulting
A. Verender, which was Bel down for
this morning, has been postponed, and
must await the prisoner's recovery
from an attack of diptheria.
By the collapse of tht* snow-laden roof
of a stable, four horses belonging to
Simpson Brothers, operators of the
shingle mill at Arrowhead, were crushed
to death yesterday morning.
Captain Trethewey and ali the employees at the La Plata mines are still
ln the city to attend the funeral of
Louis Manfron which will take place tomorrow morning at 9 o'clock.
J. L. Parker, formerly manager of Uie
North Star mine, and lately manager for
the Brown-Alaska company, haB resigned his position and opened a consulting engineer's office 1 Seattle.
The funeral of the late Mrs. McHardy
took place this afternoon al 8 o'clock
from the residence of her son, C. F. McHardy, Hoover street, to the cemetery,
services being conducted at the house
by Rev. J, T. Ferguson.
The citizen who thought he felt an
earthquake yesterday morning has discovered the cause, which also explains
the rumbling noise heard by IiIb wife.
It was tlie collapse of a large tin annex
to the kitchen chimney.
R. S. Clark, of D. J. Robertson* Co..
returned last night from Sandon, from
where he shipped tu Regina the body or
,7, Grant. The deceased had been a resident ln Sandon for seven years but his
family still lived in Regina.
Notice of a request from eastern
paint manufacturers for the abolition or
reduction of the duty on lead is the
reason for a hurried call for a Bpeclal
meetting of the Nelson board of trade
tonight at 8: III) in the hoard rooms. If
the duty is to be retained British Columbia's representatives at Ottawa
must he instructed at once.
A social will be held In the Salvation
Army barracks tonight. A good programme has been arranged, Consisting
of songs, recltatlona, etc.; a good time
is anticipated. The local corps will have
the pleasure also, of welcoming Captain
Moore, of Cranbrook, who Is going to
take charge during the absence of Captain and Mrs. Johnstone In Toronto, to
attend General Booth's councils. Captain and Mra. Johnstone expect lo arrive hack In Nelson bei ween the lKtli
and 86th of March. A cordial Invitation
Is accorded to all, The usual admission
fee will be charged.
The Store of Quality
If you Ilka nice, clean, crisis
iiIhs'iiIik we recommend you ta
try the
20th Century Package
Per Package.
Graham Wafera  10c
Lemon Cream   10c
Vanilla Wafera     10c
Society Tea  10c
New England Ginger Snap 10c
Krispo Ginger Wafera   10c
Butter���Thin 10c
Milk Toaat   10c
Dainty City Soda (Salted) 15c
Saratoga Flakes  (Salted)    16c
Put up In packages and thus
ever froBh. It costs little to
give them a trial, and they
prove themselves worth It.
K. W. C. Block . Phone 10.
Cm Am Benedict
Corner Silica and Josephine Bts.
(Continued  from  Page One.)
"I'd rather have died than tell her,"
was the reply.
Mr. Jerome then read scraps of a letter which Mrs. Thaw had said was in
her hut>ban's writing, it read: "He
couldn't keep his eyes off a pretty girl.
There was trouble because we went
there io dinner. Several beautiful girls
were here last week. Nobody paid ;::iy
attention and she went away in a few
minutes. The first time she came to
Evelyn she never spoke. Evelyn cried.
For some reason she did not perform
we.l. 1 introduced the ladies to her
and she grinned sweetly, The night of
the (Irand I'rix there was a swi 11 time
a; the Cafe de Paris. Afterwards the
Deadrit. Miss Winchester was there
and we got her eakewulking at " a.m. lt
was a groat treat Qosenfleld ami Bel*
niont  were there."
Mrs. Thaw identified another letter
written by her while she was in Paris
to an unmarried actress as follows:
"Your suggestion that the tenderloin
hns immigrated isici has panned out.
Everywhere we go we find shady nooks
Lots of others are here. We were dining at the Cafe Parts the other evning
whn the whole hunch came in. We
joined parties and went out to such
harmless places as Uie Deadrit. Then-
was one jolly man wbo puts things 00
[he blink wherever lie goes, lie is BO
yenrs old. but as spry as a chicken. We
look him along for fun. We made
things hum. We Started home when
the markets were getting busy. Harry
bought some strawberries and things
and we spent the rest of the day cooking.. Harry ls getting a new automobile and as soon as it Is ready we are going lo Switzerland Then when we return my voice is going to be oultlvated.
Be good and whirl nie another letter
soon. Your letters are wonderful, f
have got Blank all worked up about you.
BO send along another photograph If It
Is a good one. You musl come over
Mr. Jerome then reverted to the
money deposited in a trust company by
Stanford White for the witness. Mrs.
Thaw said she could not tell the date
of the first deposit.
"I don't like to state things that 1 am
not  sure about, "she Insisted. "
"I don't want you to." with a voice
which had an ugly note.
"In Certain letters Stanford White
Wrote you didn't he remonstrate with
you In regard tn extravagance?"
Justic" Fitzgerald upheld Mr, Del-
ma's objection, saying the letters should
be product!,
rllMl   Kl'tKll Pi'itlt
Fresh and Salted Meats
Ootnpfl supplied on shortest notloe and
lowest prise. Nothing but fresh and
wholesome meats ami supples kept in stock
Mail orders receive careful attention.
E. C.  TRAVES,   Manager.
The prettiest and dainii-st goodB for
the money that have ever been offered
you. This is noi a "reduced price" Bale
of old stock, bin brand new goods which
We have just unpacked. They were ot
feied to us ai a bargain, and we give
you the benefit We don't hesitate to
say that iu these goods we offer vou the
biggest GENUINE BARGAINS lhat Nel
sou has yet seen.
you would consider reasonable at
25c for 15c each
CUPS AND SAUCERS, good value at
25c for 15c each
CUPS AND SAUCERS, in dainty white
and gold decoration. You would
willingly pay 35c for them. 20c each
CUPS AND SAUCERS, other lines, at
equally good values including a nice
big breakfast cup, very prettily decorated       for  30c  each
SAUCE DISHES and Salt Shakers, and
Cream Jugs      for  10c each
MARMALADE JAR with Plate 45c each
TETE-A-TETE SETS, consisting of
For Tea���Tea Pot, Sugar, Cream.
G Cups and Saucers and Tray
 for $4.90 each
For Cocoa���Cocoa Jug, Tray, 6 Cups
and Saucers, for $4.90 each
Becure what you want before ihey are
ali snapped up.
W. G. Thomson
BSW " Nelsou, B. C.
Phone OA.
Red Cross Drag Store
for your Prescriptions, Family Recipes,
Hair Tonics, and ali kinds of
Note the Address:
Baker si., near Joiepbine, N-alaon, n. C.
Trains and Boats.
Crow boat���On time.
Ooul and Blocan train���On time.
Boundary train���On time.
Elossland train���On time.
Kn-Hlis conniption-���On tlmo.
Card of Thanks.
Tbe oblldr-an of the late .Mrs. Muis
hard desire to express their gratitude
tss ninny friends Tor klndns-HH and sympathy Bhown during tholr mother's lll-
nosK, and since her death.
The Marshall Sanitary Mattress $24.00
The Ostermoor Sanitary Mattress  1500
The Elastic Felt Sanitary Mattress  13.00
The Ostermoor,;'-.fitted two sides,  S.00
The Jumbo, a good two side Mattress  6.00
The Common Wool Top Mattress  4.00
Cheap Mattresses   3.00
T). J. Robertson & Co.
2S9 doz. Linen Collurs To Me Hold at
$1.50 per doz.
Fifty Cent Hand Bags
They are beauties at the price.
Watchmaker Jeweler q_o
Itls-islsssnt   .......
Starkey & Co., gag
U'liolLMtiiL- Prnvmiimn,
GoviTimient Cromni-ry Ono Pound Unolts m-s-ivt-d wwkltf
from the * hum.    Kor wile by all leudiuf; nooen,
Ofllce and warehouse: Ilousst'sn Hioek,   l'honi- TH.
Josephine Street.
Nelson, B.C,
Bohemian BeeJ
The Nelson Brewing Co., Ltd!
A Word to the M
'1 liif yeiir \vt- him- IppftttttOd tin- want* t
ton mr* and have pawHtl intii stock li*
Good Cheer Art Base Bu
This itOVt li adapted fnr hart! coal ouly, ujfei
ant'H-d to pm* wttiKtai-'tiim.
]. H. Ashdown Hardi
Company, Limited.
R.   W.   HINTON '
l4-��P<tlr-lsn|c ,,,iLl .l0HI-1it.lt ts.xislsssl wllh I ten ����,t w II*.    -Nls-i-l I'ssl
Work. .MississK on.I  Mill Muchin.ry.      M.o.isni^t ssrt-r. is' I
Or-��s>  Cum,   IV.   IV.   CntrHtstssm*  Curt..
NELSON,    B. C.
liuMlnt)MM mun.
Working mun,
Mori In UruHM uttlru,
Spni'tlnK  men,
Miitiil.mimc  mc-11.
Mun thut'H full of firv
UNJTK and hiiir  lhat   the  iii��!H.rt.>iK��|
John T. Pterra nre thepn^BrwH
My In: I f*ill shipment haf�� just nrmcdl
thnn and jiIikv your iirder rarly ttXJa_\
JOHN T. PIERRE, Artistic Tailorl
Subject  to  Confirmation
\v��s win Buy
We Will Sell
10,000 Uninlilor-C-irllioo    'f!%
6,000 Sullivan    07
10,000 it. c. Amalgamated Ooal..Offer
mo Sullivan Bondi
1,000 American Bo; ���
I .moo luti-riintlonul  ('sinl
B. B. Mighton Sz Co
Drawer i082
SroraSR Lumber, Shingles,
L,ath, Mouldings, Doors, Window
Turned Work and Ilrns.ki.i8. Mail Order! ���irom-itlj*u**-"*
vbKnoin ���TRBBT - - .  NlJI.soiN. B. O.
Our stock of Skates Is complete ana v��rl��*
Including  thc   popular
BOKER'S  BEAUTY  and  CHARM  (Ladles.)
Wood-Vallance Hardware Cfi
mm- AThol..-.!.       .����� -.        NELSON.


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