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The Nelson Canadian Jun 15, 1906

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 Uelson  CcmaMan
V'di.cme I.   No. ii.
j Secret Votes and Bogus
I Labor Unions Insist on the Government Dismissing Mr.
W. T. R. Pr ston.
i From our own Correspondent.)
Ottawa, .lune 12.���Two votes In ono
I week in favor of concealment aud se-
crecy  Is  a fair record   for  a ministry
and a party which is acquiring a rupu-
jtinion. for suppressing Information. On
i Monday of lost wee;, parliament, at tbe
[call of the premier, voted  down  the
��� motion  that  .Mr.     Preston    should   lie
I brought to tho bur of the house und or-
Idered to give Hie names of tho Noilh
Atluntlc Trading Company  contractors
I wliu bad received $300,000 of Canadian
jiiuidic money. }
Tbe oilier secrecy vote wus taken on
Inn following Wednesday, when the
���majority refused Mr. Borden's request
llur inquiry Into the management of
[western lands. Sir Wilfrid Laurier did
1 then plead u pledge of secrecy. The
.us fur concealment may be gucss-
liui anyone who bus followed and
j- mi the charges must see thai there
j-.li- some ibiugs toi investigate, Urielly
fibese are among them:
The $350,000 Deal.
Tbe Saskatchewan  land deal:    This
as a sule ol  liao.ouu acres for    one
���liar  an acre,   which  land   the    pur-
Ichasers at once put  In the market at
[mx 10 ten dollars.   There was no com-
| petition, and no one except the buyers
knew  the land was  for sale.    On    the
contrary,  Ihe declared    policy of   the
government   wus   against     such  sales.
iin- organiser of the purchasing com-
lianj   Is now In ihe house, and    voted
iiKiiinsi the Investigation.
If was shown by Mr. Ames that miliums of acres are shut out from settle-
111,-ut by bogus homestead entries, thai
entries have been made on thousands
"i homesteads that were never occu-
i'ii I. and cannot be acquired by genu-
iin- settlers because they are held by
��|ieculalors. li has been shown that
1 Mured companies are offering these
homesteads fur sale, or ugreeing to
1I1 row 1 bent in ns a bonus in a large
transaction. All this is contrary to
law and to good policy. But the gov-
eminent, and members whose names
have been mentioned in connection
���liili these grafts, vote that there Is
nothing to investigate.
Tbe cost of governing lhe Yukon dls
���irict.  which has  now a   population  of
��� 'Mini, was last year $1,1)47,054, which
m mure than $21111 per head of the
uhole population, and Is ono-flflh of
Hi,- value of the lota] gold production.
I, costs more to govern these 8,000
people, producing {8,000,000 worth of
Mold, than It did to administer the
country when the population wns four
or live times as large, and much more
disorderly, and when tbe annual gold
producl   was 126,000,000 "��� $30,000,000.
Hire are some of the Yukon salaries
iu Hie department of the Interior:
Commissioner, $0,0ti0 a year; living
allowance, $il.00O; maintenance of gov
.iniinnt house. $10,810. Government
house was open only about four months
iii thai year, as the office was vacant.
In ihe previous year the maintenance
.11 the commissioner's residence was
JS110BJH, Among lhe Items Inst year.
when ihe building was open one-third
"I the tlme��� was $1,500 for n care-
laker, ��H7ti 1ot it servant, $000 for a
Mromnn, $174 for furniture, and $750
mi' mounted skins. Including it polar
bear al $275 (Auditor-General's Re-
Port, 11105, V. page 129). in Ihe slate-
inenl lor (he previous year (A. G., 1904,
��� V, 103), lhe hills Include $1,1152 for care-
laker, $117 for matron, $543 for fireman, $648 for charwoman, $720 for gar-
diners, $7-17 for laborers, $4,9(11 for
work on tho vernndnh and fence. $8G
for laundry nnd numerous bills for fur-
Other Costly Officers.
Cold commissioner, salary and living
itllowance,  $0,100.
Assistant gold commissioner, $5,100
Registrar, $5,500.
Comptioller, $4,100.
cierk nnd stenographer, $3,300.
Recorder, $3,000.
Inspector, $3,000.
Timber and land agent, $3,500.
Mining Inspector,  $3,0(10.
Stenographer, $3,500.
Mining engineer, $3,500.
Diamond drill engineer, $3,500.
There are fourteen more officials
with Inoomei or $2,500 and $3,000, and
sixteen receiving from $2,000 to $2,600,
all In one department looking after a
population  of K.lllio people.
The house of commons, nnd especially the Conservative puny, has losi a
good man by Ihe rcllremenl or Mr A
Ingram, member for Kasi  Blgln, whom
Premier Whitney has called to the
work or provincial railway commissioner. Mr. Ingram was trained In railway
work, and Is an authority nn all mailers connected with railway operation.
He has been five limes elected to the
house of commons and once to the On.
larlo legislature, and has for somo
years been the Ontario whip or his party. On Friday he took leave or Iho
Conservative members, when Mr. Uor-
den on their behalf bonded him a watch
suitably Inscribed as a token of kindly
The government is daily receiving
copies of resolutions from labor organisations demanding the dismissal of
Chief Immigration Commissioner I'res-
ton. That officer's secret and underhand support of the enterprises of
Lazarus, alias Leopold, of the Canadian Labor Bureau, so-called, may be
condoned by Ihe government, but the
working people are nol so light-hearted
about it.
Money's   Method  of  Defeating   Justice
In the  States.
Kansas City, Mo., June 16���Motions
for new trials were filed in the United
States district court yesterday by the
Armour Packing Company, Swift & Co.
and the Cudahy Packing Company, convicted on Tuesday of accepting concessions from the Burlington railroad.
The motion will he passed upon by
Judge McPherson ou June 22nd. Each
of the motions avers that the verdict
is against the evidence and against the
law, aud that Ihe court erred in various  rulings.
NELSON, B. C, FRIDAY, JUNE J 5, i 906.
Fifty Cents a Month
Supreme  Court  Judge   Will  be   Asked
to Call  for the Fullest
(Speclnl lo tbe Dally Canadian.)
Victoria, June 15.���At a meeting of
ihe provincial executive held yesterday
it was leclded to bold a Judicial inquiry
Into tho charges made by the Vancouver World In connection with tbe lease
of two lots to W. .1. Pendray & Son at
Sehls Polnl. It was charged thai Mrs.
.lames Anderson had access lo tbe tenders in tbe office of the chief commissioner of lands and works, or had obtained Information front officials In
that department which enabled a higher tender lo be placed in competition
for the property In question. It is understood that a Judge of tho supreme
court will be asked to hold the Inquiry.
The Colonist says editorially: "In
deciding to ask for a judicial Inquiry,
Chief Commissioner Hon. R. P. Green
has taken what will be regarded as the
only sallsfactory course to pursue.
There will now be an opportunity of
examining all witnesses whose evidence, directly or indirectly ulfecls the
Issue, and we trust thut no stone will
be left unturned to lay bare every clr-
cumsfancc calculated to throw light on
the truth or fnlsity or Iho charges
made. Tho government, we feel assured, has nothing to fear as a result
of the most scrutinizing Inquiry, and
If (here he those who believe the department of lands and works Is Implicated In wrong-doing, they will now
hnve an opportunity of establishing the
troth of what has been charged. Tbe
government is therefore to be congratulated upon Its prompt action to place
Its record In Ibis matter before the
Makes Novel  Plea   In   Defence  of   Refusal to Return.
Seattle, June 14��� llrothier's lawyer
here takes tbe position that tho pardon
grained by the minister of justice absolved him from all taint of felony in
the eyes of the law, and that ho therefore has a right to enter this country,
If Brolhlor loses his light to slay hero,
ho says he will go at once back to tho
penitentiary to servo the remaining
five years of his term. Ho says thut
ho cannot afford to go hack to Franco
bocause of his large real estate holdings in Vancouver, Brothler admitted
St once, at the time of bis arrest, that
be was the man who was wanted, Ha
had $200 In gold In bis pockets, aud
told Chief Wapponstoln thai He was
tbe owner of realty worlh $150,01)0 in
Vancouver. Ho added Hint the reason
ho  did  nol  keep the agreement   niado
wiih the Canadian authorities ami return to France waB because he wished
to remain to dispose of his real estate
The Immigration officials declare lhal
the courls will refuse to Interfere,
Hrothier will probably be taken to
Vancouver  within   Ihe   next   wiek.
Happenings of Interest In and Around
Grand  Forks.
(Special  to The  Dally Canadian.)
Grand Forks, Juno 15.���The case of
Rex vs. J. W. Jones, which has been In
progress in the police court for the
past two weeks, was decided yesterday
by Police Magistrate Cochrane, who
adjourned the case from fhe morning
llll Ihis afternoon, when be will give
This case. It will be remembered,
wns a prosecution brought at.the Instance of the customs authorities for
an alleged Infraction of tbe custom
laws, it being claimed that Jones hnd
undervalued a team of horses when he
had I hem passed al Carson some weeks
ago. This case has created great local
interest. Mr. Jones says that, if the
court decides against him he will appeal lo Ihe county court.
The government wagon road to the
MeKlnley mine in Franklin camp Is
being rapidly pushed ahead, and Is now
within one and a Quarter miles from
Franklin City, the road camp being established al  Silver Queen creek.
The Franklin City Stage Company
are putting on a complete pack outlit
for the purpose of handling prospectors'
equipments from the end of tbe stage
route to the different mines. Gilbert
Canaker bas been employed by the
stage company to purchase suitable
pack and saddle horses for this work.
Captain Dislirowe, one of the pioneers or the Boundary, came down irom
Frunklln City today, and corroborates
reports respecting activity in lhat
There is considerable consternation
among the hotel men who are applying
for liquor licenses up the North Fork,
as they have Just learned of tiie operation of an amendment to the license
laws passed by the provincial legislature ihis year, the law now being tbat
where there Is a settlement of 5oo people three licenses can be granted, and
for every additional one thousand people one more license. Heretofore it
was entirely discretionary with the
licensing board how many licenses
should be grunted, irrespective of conditions.
Mayor Finnk Htttton. David While-
side nnd Robert lx>w, members of the
city licensing hoard, met yesterday and
granted renewals to existing city licenses.
In all booming mining camps with
prosperlly and rich strikes the proverbial claim jumper generally appears,
and Franklin camp right now Is no exception lo the rule. Within the last
week several properties of merit have
been Jumped on alleged grounds, doubtless with n view of extracting a few
paltry dollars from the lawful owners,
when the jumper would file an abandonment, nnd thus the title would once
more remain cloudless.
Contractor Tlerney. of the Kettle
Valley line railway, has taken pos.,as-
slon of the old Columbia hotel In the
West End. nnd will make his headquarters there.
San Francisco Fire Losses Still Matter
of Dispute.
Oakland, Cnl., June 15.���The Examiner today says: "The thirty-two insurance companies who wish lo settle
losses on the San Francisco lire on
dollar for dollar basis yesterday at a
meeting suggested a compromise lo the
other companies, who seek to establish
a 75 per cent, basis of settlement,
"The proposed compromise is an
agreement which will permit a Hal set-
tlemenl on all losses on which It Is
clearly "established lhal no earthquake
damage was sustained hy the property
before the fire. On all property damaged by Ihe earthquake lhe companies
Interested are to be permitted to exercise their own discretion as to I be basis on which losses are to be sel lied.
This compromise Is proposod by the
Companies holding OOI for a full settlement, and wus offered In an effort to
prevent lhe other coinpnnles from es
tablisbing a bureau of Iheir own. Tho
32 believed that a split in tbe underwriters' adjusting bureau at Ihis time
would be disastrous to the Insurances
situation. But the cut-payment companies were not prepared to ubandon
their claims for n general reduction,
and asked that a meeting be called In
a few days at which the matter shall
be finally settled."
By an Amateur Reporter.
Tho Dominion Express Company
must be doing a. big business: at least
their delivery horse thinks so. This
morning about 11 o'clock it foil down
on lhe sidewalk In front of Irvine's
dry goods storo, and quite n crowd
gathered during Ihe process or getting
the horse to his feet ngaln.
Lord Aylmer Arrives lo
Inspect Rangers
Inspector-General Speaks ol Nucleus
of Instructional Force as the
Object of Present Plans.
Major-Genern! Lord Aylmer. inspector general of the Canadian forces;
Major Eaton, bis aide-de-camp, and
Colonel Holmes, D. O. C, came In from
the coast last night. They were met
on arrival by Captain Forin, of No. 2
company. R.  M. R.
It was intended that the inspection
of the company should be held on the
recreation grounds this afternoon, but
the downpour of rain this morning has
made that Inconvenient, and the inspection is now in progress at the armories.
Seen at the Strathcona last night by
a representative of The Daily Canadian, Ixird Aylmer discussed military affairs while arranging for a short fishing trip this morning.
He said: "This is my first trip of
Inspection to British Columbia, but I
have bad quite a lot of it during the
last ten days. Generally 1 have found
the western units In very fair order.
"No, we have not completed the
manning of tbe fortifications at Halifax
und EsquimalL It will take a long
time to train sufficient men. In the
meantime we are borrowing officers
and men from the imperial forces, who
nre lending us every possible assistance.
"In time we shell. I suppose, have
men of our own lo form those garrisons. There Is no Idea, at present, of
formlns u standing army in Canada.
All we hope to establish Is the nucleus
of an instructional force. A standing
army Is not required in this country.
If we have a small and efficient skeleton force, ready at all times, round
which the available reserves may be
organized, that will be sufficient for the
performance or any military enter-
irises Canada is ever likely to have
to undertake. The formation of such
a nucleus is gradually being accomplished."
Over $25,000 Loss Only Partly Covered
by Insurance���Shipyards
In Danger.
The town of Nakusp suffered a heavy-
loss by fire lasi evening just ufter this
paper went to press. The Yale-Columbia lumber mill took fire, it is supposed,
from a spark igniting the tinder in the
yards, and for hours the conflagration
raged fiercely lu spite of the heroic
efforts of tbe mill hands und citizens
to extinguish the llamea.
The C. P. R. steamer Minto, which
was lying at the wharf, was put into
commission as speedily as possible, and
with her pumps a stream of water was
kept playing ou lhe Humes till they
were brought under control. A sudden change in tho direction of the
wind prevented the Ignition of tho C.
P. H. shops and shipyards, which adjoin the Yule-Columbia Company property, were fortunately thus saved. The
company's offices and storo bouses were
unconsumed. but tbe loss will be a
heavy ono.
The company will rebuild at once,
but the delay consequent upon the mill
being put out of business will seriously hamper them In the filling of their
orders. Oveij two million feet of lumber was In Ihe yards, only part of
which was consumed. There is $23,000
Insurance on the plant, the policies being Issued by the Phoenix Insurance
Company of London. England, of which
H. nnd M. Bird nre the local agents.
The mill employs between 50 nnd 60
men, most of whom will be temporarily
out of employont.
Dreyfus May Get Fresh Trial.
Paris, Juno 16.���The supreme court
today began consideration of the results of the inquiry which has been going on for the past 26 months relative
to granting Alfred Dreyfus another
trial. The private sessions will last
lour days, after which the  public ar
guments will be made. A decision is
expected at the end of the month. The
present hearing follows the decision of
the court of cassation March 5, 1904,
having an Investigation which has since
been going on.
Hebrews'   Houses   Sacked    and    Many
Biaiystok, Russia, June 16.���So far
ns can be ascertained, 30 Jews were
killed during yesterday's outbreak here.
The hospitals are filled wllh wounded,
but it Is impossible to ascertain the
correct number of casualties, as many
of the injured are hidden In private
All the Jews' shops on the four nrin-
clpal streets were sacked.
Military and iwlice patrols now guard
the streets, and no civilians are allowed to leave their houses. A sort
of armed truce has been established
pending the complete restoration of order.
Bailkystok, Russia, June 16.���When
the Associated Press corresjiondent arrived here at 4 o'clock Ihis morning the
city was in possession of soldiers of
the Vladimir regiment. The streets
and railroad stations were ot uipled by
tho military, and entrance Into the
town waa prohibited.
The population was greaJ,- excited,
and the Jews were terror-stricken, but
there was no resumption of fighting up
to noon. According to the information
obtainable, the attacks on the Jews
were provoked by the throwing of a
bomb into a religious procession yesterday, which wounded a priest who
was at the head of the procession and
several of his assistants. This aroused
the Christians, and although the perpetrators of the outrage were unknown,
the responsibility was promptly placed
on the Jews. A mob was soon formed,
and for several hours ravaged the
Jewish quarters, pillaging the shops
and hunting down and beating tbe oo
cupants. About 20 persons were killed
and SO were wounded. The Jews concealed themselves in cellars and attics In order to escape the fury of the
mob, and many fled from tne city.
St. Petersburg, June 15.���M. Shefstle,
a member of the lower house from the
Jewish pale, called on M. Stolyhln, the
minister of the Interior, today, regarding the anti-Jewish outbreak at Bealy-
sok. He was informed by the aide-decamp that order had been restored, and
that about ten persons had been killed,
but that the ministry bad no iufoima-
tlon as to the number of wounded. Subsequently M. Sbefflle and his colleagues
drafted interpellations for presentation
in the lower house calling attention to
the affair, expressing the fear that it
is the beginning of a widespread attack on the Jews, and demanding to
know what action the government had
taken in the matter and what measures
are being taken to prevent the destruc.
tion of the lives and property of Jews
throughout the empire.
Moscow, June 15.���The agitation
among the workmen here Is general,
and the strike is in full progress.
Largely attended meetings of a revolutionary character are held nightly In
the Industrial sections, and big demonstrations are made in front of the prisons. In the resolutions adopted support is pledged to parliament only so
long as It persists in Its fight against
the  bureaucracy.
Slight Increase Over Former Years Recorded Last Week.
The receipts from the tramway service for the week ending June 10th
were $147.46, an Increase of $3.20 over'
the corre8|x>ndlng week of last yea.',
when the receipts were $144.25. The
returns for tho yc.r to date amount to
$2,000.25, against $2,230.30 to tho same
date in  1906.
The increase over last year for the
same week is much less than usual,
due probably to the cool weather, which
encourages walking, and consequently
affects the number of patrons of the
Of Course Not.
(Hamilton Spectator.)
It Is not necessary to enter Into a
secret conspiracy against nny country
to secure good immigrants for tho Canadian west.
Amendment to    Meat    Inspection  Bill
Washington, June 15.���Secretary
Loeb today gave out the following summary of the letter President Roosevelt
wrote to Chairman Wadsworth, of the
house committee on agriculture, disapproving of that committee's substitute
foi the Beverldge amendment to the
agricultural bill rognrdlng the Inspection  of meat  products:
"In the letter to Mr. Wadsworth the
president stated that almost every
change In the proposed house amendment was a change for the worse, as
compared with the senate amendment,
and no matter how unintentionally, It
was. In the president's Judgment, so
framed as to minimize the chance of
rooting out the evils In the packing business; that the president felt it would
doubtless suit those packers who were
objecting to a thoroughgoing Inspection, and that he also felt it would In
the long run be a heavy blow toi Ihe
honest stock raiser and tbe honest
packers; that the proposed amendment
would gravely hamper the secretary of
agriculture in doing the work appointed him to do, and would simply defer
the day when we could restore the foreign and interstate trade in meat to a
satisfactory position. The president
has explained verbally that he is far
less concerned with the question as to
whether the packers or the government should pay for tbe inspection
than with certain other features in the
The committee finds that there is no
evidence to show that any member of
the house, accepted a bribe.
Suspected that Explosion Killed the Entire Crew.
Seattle, June 15.���The gasoline
schooner Argus ts burning 35 miles off
Destruction island, and, according to
Captain G. E. Brldgett, of the steamer
Asunccen, a Pacific Oil Company line
steamer, it is unlikely the crew will
ever be heard from.
Captain Brldgett thinks the crew
was blown up with an explosion which
caused the lire. He says he went
alongside the Argus, and at that time
the vessel's hull and bow were burned
away. The Argus was bound from
Pttget Sound to Sau Francisco with a
cargo of lumber.
People of Queen City  Enjoy Cheapest
Markets   In   Kootenay���Freight
Rates Must Go Down.
The Nelson merchants have replied
effectively to the charge that they are
maintaining higher retail prices in Nelson than obtain In other towns in
Kootenay. especially In Rossland, and
their reply will doubtlessly be the end
of the matter.
No one impugns the good failh of
the gentleman who made the statement that ranchers along the lower Arrow lake were trading in Rossland tn
preference to Nelson, but it is the general belief that he has mistaken a few-
isolated cases for a general practice.
The bulk of the trade of that section
In all lines of goods, it is said, is bandied by the Nelson retail merchants.
Many Instances could be given, if
necessary, of Rossland people shopping
in Nelson who have afterwards declared that any difference tn prices is
iu favor of Nelson.
As the belief tbat high prices prevailed in Nelson wus undoubtedly held
in some quarters, the author of the first
startling statement has rendered a valuable service to tho city merchants by
affording Ihem an opportunity to dispel
the idea forever.
In the matter of western prices generally, as compared with those of the
east, no one appreciates more fully
than the wholesale and retail merchants of Nelson the disadvantages suffered in British Columbia, nnd especially in the Interior, by the arrangement
of freight rates on the transcontinental
railways. The question has been repeatedly taken up by the Nelson board
of trade, but Its final adjustment will
probably require years of united and
persevering effort by all the towns of
One Thousand Men Idle.
PlttRburg, Pa., June 16.���The mines
of Connel, Creighton McFettldge and
McKenn Coal Company, in the neigh-
borhood of Tarcntuma, Pa��� closed
down today on account of the refusal
of the operators to pay tho Pittsburg
scale. Pickets have been Btntloned
about the mines, hut no trouble Is expected.    About 1,000 men are Idle.
Unopposed Elections.
London, June 15.���Former Colonial
Secretary Lyttleton nnd Sir Frederick
Bnnbury have been elected to Ihe
house of commons, unopposed, for the
vacancies in tho representation of St.
George's and the city of London, respectively, caused by the resignations
ot Honeage Legge and Sir Hdwaril
The matinee at Shermnn's ojiorn
bouse tomorrow will begin nt 3 p. m
Results of Restoration
Public Credit
Harry Wright's Account of Premier's Tour and Reception-
People are Satisfied.
Harry Wright, M. L. A., was in tbe
city yesterday after a tour through
Bast Kootenay with Hon. R. McBride.
He reports the country advancing by
leaps and bounds, and the popularity
of the provincial government steadily
Mr. Wright Is availing himself of
his first weeks of leisure since the close
of the session to visit air parts of his
scattered constituency. On the course
of his trip with the premier he visited
Creston and Kitchener. Today and tomorrow are devoted to Ymir, Salmo
and Erie. Monday night be leaves for
Fire Valley, accompanied by R. A. Ren-
wick, district government agent
Seen last evening, Mr. Wright sold
in reply to questions as to bis impressions of East Kootenay and its growth:
"The country la rapidly filling up,
and already is showing many evidences
of prosperity and confidence. I had to
go as far as Cowley on private business. The coal mining towns In the
Crow's Nest Pass country are booming.
Population and wealth are Increasing
fast, and every one seems full of confidence. I also took advantage of a
few hours in Frank to visit the Canadian Metal Company's zinc plant It
is splendidly equipped and arranged,
and the superintendent, Mr. Jones, who
showed me around the establishment,
was perfectly satisfied with the result
of operations so far.
"But I suppose you want some political news of the premier's tour. Hia
trip was undertaken for his own department of mines, an,U official duties
were the first consideration. But everywhere that he went our friends insisted on a meeting, and frequently organized one at a few hours' notice by
verbal communication. The meeting at
Cranbrook was especially interesting.
The move for a meeting was not made
till after dinner, and few could be
reached by telephone, but shortly alter
8 o'clock more than CO men were together. Mr. McBride was listened to
with the closest attention. He spoke In
his usual quiet, informal, conversational manner, and his straightforward
statements of government policy were
applauded again and again.
"Throughout East Kootenay it is
frankly conceded by business men of
both parties that the development of
that section has been made possible by
th restoration of public credit, which
has been achieved by the present provincial government.
"In the CreBton district two new lumber mills are being erected, and the
mill formerly owned by Mr. Buchanan
is in operation.
"New roads and bridges are being
built, and old ones repaired and Improved, under the supervision of J. D.
Moore, district superintendent.
"Tomorrow I am going out to Erie,
and will go over the district with M.
Tait, road and bridge inspector. On
the way back I shall visit Salmo and
Ymir. There Ib a big present and
prospective mining development in the
Salmo district, and I want to be In a
position to represent the needs of the
district and secure every possible aid
and encouragement for the miners.
"On Monday I shall leave for Fire
Valloy with the district government
agent. When I have completed that
visit I shall be fairly conversant with
present conditions in all parts of my
constituency. Yes, on the whole I am
well pleased with the outlook for the
country, and Incidentally for the par
Another New Kind of Doctor.
New York. Juno 15.���John Hayes
Hammond, the mining engineer who
came into special prominence during
the Jameson raid in South Africa, received the honorary degree of doctor
of engineering from Stevens Institute,
Hobokcn, N. J., at the commencement
of that Institution yesterday.
Will be Again Promoted.
New York, June 16.���According to a
despatch to the Sun from Rome, Car
dinal Satolll. on presenting the canons
of the Church of St. John's Lateran to
Archhlshop Farley of New York yesterday, said tbat the archbishop was
destined to receive higher honors soon. The Dally Canadian, Jone J 5, i 906
Tents, Blankets,
Overalls, Boots,
Mackinaw Clothing.
Everything for the camper, prospector, hunter and
Published ilx days a week by lhe
Baiter 8t.t Nelson, B. 0.
Babsorlptlon ratta, 60 oenti a month delivered
lu tim city, ur (6.00 a year ii Bent by man, when
paltl iu ituvtiiice.
Advertising rates on upHiraiton.
All monies p��M in sotUemenl nf The Daily
Canadian accounts, either (oi subscription! "i
advertising, must be receipted for on the printed
fornih nf iin.' Company, oiiur receipts are nol
ju;\i-:   IB,   l<��id.
" Hy one word we nru sometimi ? iu 1k -d to be
win and by one word somutlmes fudged i> be
fonM-h. Let us therefore be caroful .vani we
When Premior McBride accepted
from tbe lieutenant-governor in 1803
tho responsibility of forming a new
government, ho took upon hlmsoif an
obligation which was nunc than twofold. Mo nol only assumed tbe responsibility of organisation on party linos,
but ho also had Imposed upon him by
tho oiministaneos of Iho occasion the
obligation to pull iho chestnuts ut the
province -if British Columbia oui ot
iho lhv in respect to ihoso matters in
which iho mismanagement of his predecessors in office had plunged it. The
Incompetency of tho Semlln government; the erratic, belligerent and Mar*
Unesque ministry which followed il,
giving additional notoriety to Mr. .Joseph Martin as a .succossfu. wrecker
of provincial interests; iho niter indifference of Colonel Prior and his colleagues in ofllce, all combined to produce a situation which was farn aching and disastrous in its results to British Columbia, Thai Mr. .lames Dun*
muir, now bis honor, the lieutenant
governor, would have reorganized the
administration if it had been possible
for him to do bo, is now everywhere
believed. Of Mr. Dunsmuir's honesty
of purpose there never was any doubt,
but Mr. Dunsmuir had had no experience with orally, aud unscrupulous political colleagues, and he tell, a not
easy prey, but still a prey, to the successful machinations of such men as
BbertS and Wells, and was glad to be
relieved of responsibility as iho head
of a government which bad' proved It
self Intractable and unworthy of public
'onliilonce. Mr, Dunsinuir's cancel la-
on of tbe crown grants in the case of
certuln railway charter, which had
been Juggled with by his minister, was
at the same time the besl expression
he could afford of his dtflgUBl and distrust of his colleagues, and his honesty
of purpose in so far as lie was competent   to  administer  the  affairs  of    bll
This brief reference to the events
which transpired between 1898 and
1008 will serve lo give our readers
some Idea of that malfeasance and incompetency of the governments oi
British Columbia which created the
heritage of confusion and worse which
foil to Mr, McBride when he was called
upon to assume the responsibility oi
thu provincial government in every
department there wore Blgnlficanl evidences of mismanagement, shiftless*
news and corrupt inn, which, as we have
already Stated, brought tin* province to
the verge of bankruptcy.
On Mr. Mcllride's accession to power, the Opposition, without apparent
sensibility to the gravity of the situation, began immediately a series of obstruction tactics. With no highet
ideals of the functions of party opposition, it resorted to tho most unscrupulous methods it could Invent to em-
barrass the government���mot ho Is
which it has pursued with undevious
persistence over since it was first relegated by the electorate to the opposition benches. The Liberal party in
British Columbia, which at first bad
high expectations from, and, professedly, much confidence In its leader. Mr.
J. A. McDonald, goon found to its own
humiliation and disgust that Mr. McDonald was Inexperienced in honorable
political warfare, and that to keep up a
semblance of criticism he was obliged
to enlist the services of that precocious
politician, Mr. John Oliver, the member
from Delta, No stone has been left
unturned, no private walk of a minister's life has been left unscavengorod
by those two doughty champions of
Ihe opposition, and it is to the credit of
(he opposition that their leaders have
had so little sympathetic support in
their fulsome and self-laudatory criticism iu the house. That tbe government has been not only able to survive
ihese unprincipled attacks, bm also to
win Increasing confidence throughout
ihe country, is only another evidence
of die singleness of its purpose an I
the success of its administration. The
address of the chief commissioner of
lands ami works, as reported in our
columns yesterday, will be read with
the greatest interest by the electors
of the Kootenays, not only for its grasp
of the responsibility of a minisier as
evinced by Mr. Green, bul also for its
unbending determination to hold the
reins of power whore a minister will
he responsible to his colleagues and
through his colleagues to  the country.
Our attention has been called to
some further ambiguities, if not Injustices, in the tariff regulations of the
Dominion government, suggested by
our editorial last week on iho unfair
duly levied upon milling machinery.
while mining machinery ostensibly is
admitted Into Canada, free. While we
remarked al lhal time thai mining machinery is properly on the free list, the
same argument would apply to prove
the proper and just admittance of milling machinery under the same tariff
regulations, It appears, however, thai
mining machinery is on the whole subject io taxation, and that ibis taxation
varies In different clearing houses according to the construction winch the
Customs OfflOer at each may place upon
the net. The specification in the customs tariff reads us follows:
"Machinery, Imported exclusively for
mining, smelting and reducing. FREE,
viz: Coal cutting machines, except percussion coal cutters, coal heading machines," together with thirty-two other
except Ions, each distinctly specified
and covering Ihe catalogue of mining
tools aud mnchinery so exclusively as
tt) make an exception of the general
rule. M Ih therefore found that In Importing mining machinery, the Importer is confronted with an array (if dutiable articles so comprehensive In its
sweep that ll Includes almost everything that is used in tho development
of mineral properties. The Inequalities
in practice in ihe assessment of these
fltitles Is a matter of common report,
the articles imported al different places
being indifferently assessed, with the
resuli that between tho ambiguous
phraseology of the tariff and the optional Interpretation put upon It, il Ih
almost impossible for an Importer to
estimate accurately what his machinery will cost, when laid down. Evidently there is room for still further tariff
The Internal management of a
newspaper office has never ceased to
be a matter of curiosity ami perplexity
io the reading public. A handy illustration of this fact has already been
encountered in the experience of The
Daily Canadian. On Wednesday our
report of a business meeting contained
a statement made by a responsible
business man making an embarrassing
coipp&rison of prices on ihe necessaries
oi lite as between here and Rossland,
It is a distinctive policy of this paper
tn publish news, and tho management
has no intention of suppressing information in the inter, sis of one class or
at the expense of another. The news
columns of ibis paper belong to the
people ihe editorial page to ihe management Wo had th.' utmost coiill-
donee in tbe Integrity of the merchants
of Nelson, and have never made any
suggestion that they are In receipt of
unfair profits from   tho   sale of their
goods; but we felt, ami still feel, lhat
ii there is discrimination in prices,
from any reason whatsoever, as between Nelson ami Itossland. the cause
should be discovered and the difference
removed. That a full Inquiry into tho
mailer by our city editor yesterday
elicited tin' information that there is
a current com men I on tbe situation is
sufficient justification for our course.
We published yesterday, in oxtenso, a
letter of a prominent ami respected
IriisiiP'ss man, couched in sufficiently
forcible language to renuire no comment from us. The publication of the
litter is in itself sufllcient evidence of
cur desire to deal fairly wfth ail classes, and beyond this wo have neither
reason nor determination to go.
The attention of The Daily Canadian
has been called by the sollciiors for J.
.1. C. Fernau that he is suing tho Canadian .Metal Company for damages for
wrongful dismissal, and that the main
issue Is the wisdom or unwisdom of
Mr. Fernau's operations at Pilot Bay.
The statements of J. E3. Harrington, director of the company, published in an
interview with him. wore given solely
r;ti his authority and expressly as stute-
ments of opinions held by the present
directorate. The Daily Canadian, of
cniirse, has neither means nor inc'ina-
lion to judge the issues.
Th" editor, manager and staff of this
paper desire tn thank its many corre
spodents for the expressions of good
will sent us and congratulations on the
general appearance and polity of tho
paper. Only our limited space pre>
vents us publishing many of these, and
while it would be pleasant to show one-
half of tho world how the other half
lives, there are unfortunately more important considerations requiring attention.    Again, we thank  you.
Members Indulge in Informal Talk on
Retail Prices.
Tbe recent controversy about the
comparative prices of Nelson and Boss-
land formed the staple of discussion
at the board of trade meeting lasi
night. Il was generally maintained
that, purchasers in Nelson won' under
no disadvantage, bul were accorded at
least as good terms as those given by
Itossland merchants.
Thi' me.'ting was hold In the hoard
rooms at 8:30. Those present were:
F. Starkey, in the (hair; S. M. Brydges,
secretary; K. K. Qigot, \V. IL Jones, I.
C. Nelson, A. L. Teolzel, M. (J. Good-
eve, B. Applothwaito, H. K. Douglas,
T. Morley, A.  Lean and others.
The minutes of ihe last meeting
were read and approved. There were
no communications of Importance and
uo business  submitted   by  tho council.
About an hour was spent In informal
discussion of retail prices. It was
finally agreed that a general denial
might bo given to the siniemont that
higher prices were charged in Nelson
than in other Koolenay lowns for
goods  of   'he  same  quality.
Notice in hereby given Lhal BO dayi from date I
itiU'iii! to Hpjiij- fi the Honais.1 le tho Chief ('��>ni.
mlsilooerof Un.tsaud Works. Un p.'iml slnn to
purchase the following described laocs, situate
at the month of Uutom��on creek on the Arrow
Lakes tn the West Kootenay District AboutSQ
acres oi land! commencing at a post muriu'ii
W. H. F B. W. post, thenco no ih W limine, thenoe east M chains, tbence hhhI. 40 chains, thenee
went 20 i'IihIiih tn point of commencement.
Dated this on day of June IflOfl,
William Harm Pbtkhs.
William J. Toys, /gski
Notion u bereby given thai 60 days f'om date I
iiiuini i" apply t��> Hie Honotabl the Chlol (Join-
mlislonerol Lands and Works, for permission lo
purchase 180 acres of land ai Van rtotiten creek
In th* Arrow bakes in the ffesl Kootenay PU-
trirt. Btartlng from a post mark'd A ��.L.N ��.
post, tbence W chains east, thence ���<> chilns
Mm b, thence40 iIihIus west, thence lo ciiiiins
imrth in point' fcommencement
Dated thls4tb dtyoi June 1W8,
Arthur John i "^������-
William .i Toys, Agent.
Notice ts bereby civ n that 60days afler datA
�����*> iiiu-mi to umiIv in tbe Honorable the Chb f
Commissioner oi Lands ��i"t Worki at Victoria.
BC for permission to purchase iin- fniimwni,
described lands, annate in Wesl Itooieuay district.   < nnitu* nrliijt nt ii piu-l plnrilt-l ul I InniiiiO
Jerome's N 8 post, and marked Peter Desell
nml a Ohoquette N. W, Corner; thence 30 cbalos
cKsi thence SO chains south, thence �� chaios
west, ihenoo20ch dm north to (he oommeni ing
post, containing ���"' acres more or leas.
Dated May 26.
Prtrr Dftaii i
W. A. Jones, Agtnt
Notice is bereby given ttiat 60days after date I
Intend to apply to tbe Honorable the Chief i om-
mlsslonerof undi and Works 1 >r [vermis ion to
purchase the following described lands, nltosted
fn tbe district of Weal Kootenay, adjoining lot
790 on the West arm ol Kootenay Lake Commencing at an Initial poat placed m the routh-
westeornerof Lot TOo; tbence north no chains,
thenee well 10 ohalna, thence south --^ chains,
thenee eMst to chains to point ot commonc merit
Dated MaviH.lftM.
.'as. Kim/.kh
Notice Is hereby given that sixty days afterdate
I intend to apply io the Honorable the Cblei
Commissioner of Lands and Works, Victoria, (or
permission tn purchase (he following described
irimitf in West Kootenay, Commencing ��t a po*t
marked Edgar W. i ynes south west coiner near
to Warnet creek and about - mites sonth of Wos-
��� UltO Creek ami about I inlteS .vest of l olnniltii
River] thenoe nortii *> chains, thence east to
chains, thenco south 80 chains, thence west 40
ohalni to piaic of commencement, containing
820 acres, being the same more or lets.
Dated June 4,1906.
Ei*;ar W. DVNM,
 V. Dynes Agent.
"the Belle of   New  York"   Draws  Second Crowded  House.
Last nlghl ai Sherman's opera botiBS
the Pollard Liiuputlana again presented
"The Belle of New  York," which was
sit     successful     Tuesday     Dlght. The
house wns again crowded, showing that
it Ik not the play, but the players, thai
have won the favor of the audience.
Daphne and Eva Pollard and Teddy
McNamara were very good In their
characters, but the Star of the evening
wns Fred Helnts, aged 8, who waa
splendid in  the   very  difficult   role ��� of
Karl von Pompernick, the polite I untitle.
Tonight the little people will present
"The Gaiety  Girl."
Notice is hereby given that SO dayi nfier tlat.j I
intend t^ aprly io the Honorable the t'lilef
I'onimlssfoi er of Laiul* and Works fur permission to purchase the following described lands,
situated   In tflocan District,  Commencing at
north east corner post of bit 88 D, 'le ace running south 80ehsfns, thenoe ea��t 80chains, ihence
north 41' chaini, thence WUt 3D chains io C. P, it.
right-of-way, following same tooth west to a
point intercepting nmth line of Lot 8880, thenoe
iM t<> point nf commencement] containing i*iu
acres more or leu
May B0U) 1906,
    _^_^ ''- I- Gansnkk
Notice is hereby given that 00 dayi afterdate I
Intend to make application to iheilonorable the
Chief Commissioner oi I .a wis and Works for permission to purchase the following described
lands: Commencing al a post placed on ihe east
shore of Lower Arrow Lake, adjoining .'. Bates'
pre-emption on tbe southwest marked "T ir.'n
N.W.oirnerpost." Theme rnnnlug 80 (haiim
east; tbence B0 chains south; thence BOcbalOS
more or less, weit lo the lake ihorej thence following Ink*- shore to point of commencement)
con ts thing 840 acres, more or less.
THM Kismias.
Dated this Tth .lav ,,f June, V.W..
Kolioe is hereby given that 60 days aft rdatel
Intend to make application to [lie Honorable (he
chief Commissioner: of Lands and Woiks for permission to purchase   the   ('iiinwing described
Until! CeniinencInK at a post placed <>u the
northeast corner of f  K Inahan'l Appli< atlon to
PurchiiBe.ii. irked "H. 'i 's corner post." running
80 chains eastj thence 80 chains louthi thenee 80
chains, u.st; thence following T Kinahitn'seastern bound**? to point ..f commencement, containing <>li> acres, more or less.
Hannah TlRRNBV,
Dated this "Unlay ol lone, P-mi.
Notice if bereby given that 60 day*. Hiter date i
intend to make appi cation to the Honorable the
Chiel Commissioner of Landi and Works for permlulon to purchase the follow inn described
lands: Commencing ai u post placed at tbe in-
te'sectlon of the eait boundary of J Bate' pre
emptlon and the north boundary of T Kinahaii's
Application to Purchase, marked"T.K.Jr*a " W.
comer post " 1 h* occ Following J. Bates'eastern
boundary, W chains north I thenceSOohalnieasti
thence m chains to the no them boundary of
Hannah   n leniey's   Application   to   Purchase!
tbence following the northerly boundary of lame
and northerly boundary of T. Klnahan'i Application to Purchase, to politt of commencement,
containing 82o acres, more or less*
^Patedjhh 7th day o( -lune, llKWi.
Notice in herhy given that I Intend, on days
after date to apply In the Chief Commissioner of
Lands ami Works fur permission to purchase the
fo lowing described lands situate at Fire \ alley,
Kootenay district. Commencing al a post (marked George Young North west corner) placed at
the north west corner ol section 28 township 09;
thenee east Mil chains to the norlh east corner ol
laldioetion 38; thenee sonth iO chains, tbence
west 80 chaini,thence north in chaini to ihe
place of beginning, containing BM acres  and
being lhe northerly half of said section 18, town-
ship till.
Paled al Nelson, B. C. June 6th 1006
Notice is hereby given that I Intend, 60 dayi
afterdate, to apply to the Chief Commissioner oi
Landi and Works for permission to purchase
the following described lands, situate at Kira
Valley,  Koolenay   PMrfet      Commcnolng  at  a
post (marked George Young north east corner)
placed at the north east corner ol notion 82,
township fVj; thence south SOcIimItis to the south
cast corner of  said  section  H'.';  tbence Wesl   IO
i bains, thence norih hii chains, and them-,, cast
40 chains to the place of beginn ng.conlalulng
820 acres, and twfng lhe easterly h.i;f of said sec-
Hon82, timimhlptlO.
Dated at Nelson, B.C. Jane6th iwni.
  GSfiluJK Yopnij,
Notice is beroby given th��i I intend fit) iIkvh
afterdate to apply to the Chief Commissioner of
Lands  and   * orfcl  (or  permlulon   to  iinrcha-e
the following fl escribed lands, situate al Klre
Valley. Kootenay ' istrict.   coj molng m a
post (marked L Uallaghef sonin west lonier)
placed al the smith   west  comer of  section  ;i|,
towniblpdO thence north hOchains lo the north
west corner of ��Mhl section ;CI; thence east id
Qbalns, thence south BO chains  to   the  <oiiin
boundary of said seciion 88, and thenoe west io
chains to ihu place nt beginning con tain lug Sao
acres and being the westerly  half of -aid   section 88, township ill).
Hated at Nelson, B C. June 6th l��lfi.
  L  (iAI.I.A(IHKK.
Notice Is herein given that  I   Intend, tW davit
after date to apply t��� tbe Chief Commissioner of
I niels and Works fur i.-rmlssiini In onrchase the
following desenhed lands ami preniis,'. sit,,, 1
at Fire Valley, Koolenay District Commencing
at a post (marked P. II. U'ConDor iiorih eait corner) placad at the nortb east comer of section
M, township08; thenee south m chains, thenco
west �� Chains, theme north 40 'halns to the
northerly boundary of said section 21! and I hen
ee eait 40 ohalni to the piece rf hcKiniiini; con
iHltiliiK KO acres, and being th.-north casl'mie-
qnarter of said section at wwnshlpoo,
Nelson, B. c. Jnne&tb IWti.
P. II. O'Connor.
 Qkoiuik Vounh, Agent.
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KoUoo liberal)?given tnit00 <iay�� rr���m dale
Ilntend to sppl; u, n,,. Honpoiblo Iho Olilel
Commissioner ol m.mm mm w���rk�� t���r normis
in tin; West Koptonar DlitrloCeatt si.ii- nf Col-
unibiit Blrer.aboQtf mltsj north ol iinni.ti citv
Commencing iti poll n��.rk,.,i Uoii wi,,,,.,.;
B w. (-orner, st iho n. w. corner oi ft. ii. ��mm,-,
preemption '-iHim, thenoe nortii in obelni more
nrloss tntliesuulh lin-inilnry ol Miles Uaimll'S
prMmptlop plalm thonoa eul n ohalna, Utsae*
smith 40 obalno more or lo-s lo Hio Norm bonnd"
">'."'"���." /'"iiii's preemption claim, lhanca
west no rlialns to point ol ol morn rianlio nn.
lalolng 10 aorti more or loss.
Dslod this .'n.l il��y (,| J,,,,,,, inni,
Hai.i-h fil.ye, Agent,
Noll',-is lierol.y glvon IIihI I liitcn.l, rsi ,!���)>
after dale, to apply io tho Chief Commlialonor ol
inn-is and Works for permlulon to purcbaaa tba
following deal fbeil lands, i i i Pire Valley,
Kootenay Dlatrlet. Commencing at apoattmarK'
ed I'. II. "' Cm r    ii, eaal corner) pla I nt
the until, eaal miner.,[ secllnn B*J, township 59;
thenco wist to chalna, Ihencc imrlli B0 chalna,
llionco oaal 40 chal ind ihcnce smuii nn chains
to the place of bogtomng, contalnlog 80 aOroa.
Pnied ni Kelt B. 0, June '.th nun.
p. H. O'ComoB
 QgQHOa  Vol KO, At;.-lit.
Kntlco I- heret.y given unit UO 'lavs finin data I
intend tn���|,|ilv tn the II..no raid.' tlie 1'1,1,-f Com-
nil.slotier ,,l I.nnd. und Work, [or per >i,,ii t���
pnrchase the following described lands, In the
Weal Koolenay Pii-tiiet. Hand Island, in ihe
Columbia Klver about * miles north m linrinn
Oiyiall id said Island above litnl. water, being
in nrres more or less.
DaWd this M Day of June, 1000.
 T i  Makihsoh, Agent.
Kixiy dayi ttfler dale i micnd to apply to ilie
Commlailnner o( l.im.ts and Wnrks, vn tnrin tn
1 ihaaoioo acres ol land   Commencing al a
post platt led 00 the we.t shore of ArfOW Lake, at
the south essl corner nl J J chrlitlo'i pur. has..,
running north 80ehslni. Ihcnce east in idminr.
thenee snolll MqIuIoS, llieneo wall UClialni In
plana of commencement.
Located May, 8th nitst.
A. OABlilS.
.      U. OAI.UOIISH, l^teiitnr.
Nnlhe is hereby given that no days trout ilnto 1
Intend lo apply tmhr. Honorable tho Onmmia.
slmcr ul l.nods and   Wprkl  lor per Ion  t���
norchaae Ilie I wing described lands, situate
in the Wea  Kpotaoay Blalrtot.  Starting from a
P' ked William Brnetl Dnvl 'ssCk n'.s
abOUl two mil, I east nf Peer pnrknu the Arrow
Lakes llienee Inelmlns smith. thenee In olialllS
west, llieneo III chains nnrlll. thenee,,,.I |��� p���    t
"''������ nenooment, containing abonl 100 aorei,
Puti-d thu 8llt day of Juno, 1800,
 "'l'"'1"  I'M.Ml  IHvtmiN.
KotlCe Is hereliy given that Ml days after .UleT
marked    "Satlianlel    Helnlyre'l   H   P      ,,rn !r "
planted on the weitildoof UioColnmbis i ,;,
i mnioMieetnenl, eonli.lnlog om |���,r,,,.
Unfed lliis 13th day ol June, 1900.
.,. _N��f aMIISl MolNTViia.
'���0,     llHlu(l,,/ji|,i,
Imperial Bank of Canada!
Head Office:   Toronto.
CAPITAL PAID UP... .(8,900,000 BBS! U,!aX,W
D. B. WILKIi:, Pnihidout. HON. ROBERT JAKFRAY, Vico-Pmtictal
Branches in British Colombia:
Depoeltj received nnd Interest allowed ai ourrent ratal from dnto of tiponinga-.
coant and oredlted hnlf-yonrly.
J.   M.   LAY,  MnnaKer.
P. Burns & Co.
Branch Market* in  Rowland,  Trail,  Kelnn, Kaslo,  Sandon, Three Forks, Net |
Denver und Hlnrnn City.
Orderi by mail totn* bmnoh nrfll htvo
our prompt mi't careiul aUanitons
Head Office: Nelson, B.C.
Starkey & Co.,
Kootenay Agents
R. A. Rogers & Co.
Limited, Winnipeg.
vvi-ioiajMnic Provlston*,
I 'rilllllCC, ���
Dontiitiim (iiiviTititi 'i-,.M������.rT Oitu Pnuiul Brit-kn ni'dvotl weekly fnsb
from tin. churn,   i-'nr gale by nil loading grocers.
OlSiw and warehouso: Houston liliK-k,   Phone 70.
Josephine Street.       -       .       .       Nelson, B. C.
The Hall Mining and Smelting
Company, Limited.
Purchases Lead, Copper and Dry Ores.
Coal Tar, Waterproof Paints
Pitch, Creosote, Oils for Preserving Timber,
Roofing; Pitch and Paints.
Bo���t Bnilderi will find it to their advantage to nso onr Pitch.
Nelson Coke and Gas Co,, Ui*
j Tbe Dally Canadian, J��ne 15, J906
Canada Drug and
Book Co'yt Limited
JUNE 1st
Today we inaugurate our Cash System of doing
business, and below is a list of a few of the changes this
lysk'in will enable us to make. These are not Si'HCiAi.
but regular prices:
DRUG Department
(id Price
.25  Mennen's
I 1.00
��� IS
r4<r4444444444, ������������������������������������������
AND DEALERS IN   LVWDttf  ShillgleS,
.nth, Mouldings, Doors, Windows.
fned Work nnd Bracket ��. Mnil Orders promptly attended to.
VBRNON NTRBirr .... nblson. B. O.
Cash Price
Talc Powder 20
Beef   Iron and Wine 75
 Wood  Alcohol, pts 20
 Wood Alcohol, qts 40
 Steed man's Teething Powders 35
 Stedmaii's Teething Powders 35
  Williams' Shaving Stick 25
 Williams' Harbor's  Bar 10
 Tanglefoot, case of  25 sheets, 60
Glycerine and Rose Water, 4 oz. bottles .    ,15
Stationery Department
.75  250 page Letter Books 50
11.25      250 page Letter Books $1.00
1.50  250 page Letter Books  1.25
2.00  500 page Letter Books   1.50
[2.50       1000 page Letter Books  2.00
t Papeterie, containing 24 sheets paper,
,25   <     (ruled,) 24 Envelopes, 1 penholder,
I     1 Pen, 1 Piece Blotting ,	
.25  Novels 15c, 2 for
.30 and 35c Writing Tablets	
,25     Writing  Tablets	
.15 package, 2 for 25c, Envelopes  3 for
Canada Drug and
Book Co Vr Limited
To the Members
of the    -
20,000 Club.
Pntroulsso the 6000 who urn
here mnv, and we will
t��- o long way toward mir-Ktiiil.
Thorpe's Lithia
Li equal to any nperlont
niilirlii-iiiniilic water* IhiiMciI in
tln> United
If .vim nie enough of it wi>
can rapport another
family Lu Nelson.
& Co., Limited.
CKALED TKNl'KKH, marked, "Tender for Tim
O    her  Umtl,   Koiiluimv UUIr'rl,"  will  be   rr-
lutvcii iij- tin1 ondertlgnedi up i'> noon ol Haiur-
il��y, iJif.HMIi iIhv nf .lune, UWH, (nun miy peifOO
ilfHlrlriK tc�� obtain it IpdOill tin. Iter llCCUM tOOUt
nail tarry nw��y I lint iur from l...t 7.W1, QroUp 1.
Kootanif Diitnot. Nitmiii'.l near Mi'Nrtntrt'uHH
lug. 00 O10 Mlic "f Hit' t'row'tt Nt-Nt Pui Bftllwa)
ihhi CODtMBing til neri'n more or lens.
Tin* person oBorlni tbe blgheit cath bonun
win be entitled to �� ipeoliJ tlcenie oovering the
��aiti lot, reneinbifl (<>r ���Jwenty*one iucomIvs
luh tender mutt be noopmnanled by u iwlfc
th-il aneqUBi nm-ii- lmyiililu hi i-nr in \ lotorli t<>
tbe nndertlgnedi for tbe tmouut, plfi.oo, 0] the
llisi year'* IMS (or micli IMOllU lleeiise, nin 1 tin
amount oi 'hebonm tendered, and nlma oertl-
Bed cheque tor I98LT0 (or cost otlootUnf, adver-
tifiiiR mill lurreylng of *at.i lot
pp)iut)' I'.iiniiilKHloiHT of Landl and Works,
Landi and Works Department,
Victoria. B.C..7th June, LflOo,
���A Tip" for a
Canadian Morning*
Interesting Aftermath  of an   Old   Lawsuit Between  Miners* Union and
Rossland   Mining  Companies.
kootenay Coffee
Nelaou, ll- r, June Mil, IMS.
HKAl.KO   TKNI-KKH  will   bfl  nx-clvo.)   by Utfl
Warden of the ProTlnolal |ao1i NeUon, �� *r-
until noon Junettth, toriuppllei foronejrear,
(nun July lut, iW8, to June lutn. MOT. Mi'rtt,
hrftii, iroeerlei, bardwara, boon and ihoeii
olothinj,drygoDili, fuel anddruii
Formi (or lender and ipedfloattoni oan be f>f.'i
nt ttio Provincial isoli NilwOi
The loweet of any lender not ne(Hwarlli to*
DOfttad. ti.  K. LnMON,
* Warden.
Gait Coal
���forms Bpot flash
Telophone am Bakor Btreot
ONE 177.
Ono Plrln Intincli, complete;
horao power engine; bont house
berth.    Apply to  Fred Irvine.
At a meeting of live of the benchers
of the Law Society at Victoria, on
Thursday, June 7th, Ihe complaint of
John Elliott, u bencher, against S. S.
Taylor was tried, and reunited In u
resolution suspending Mr. Taylor from
practicing as ii solicitor for thlrly clays
I rem June 7th.
Tlila is the second ilmo in late yuira
that this power of the benchers has
been exercised, the other case being
ihat of Joseph Martin, K. C, of Vancouver.
Mr. Elliott's complaint consisted In
bringing before Ilie Law Society the
criticisms made by the chief Juatice in
the appeal tried IS months ago In the
caae of the Centre Slur Mining Company versus the Itossland Miners' Union und Others respecting a certain letter written by Mr. Taylor lo one of
his cllenls, and copied below. Tho crll-
Iclsms Mr, Taylor then partially explained.
Mr. Taylor has furnished Tlie Daily
Canadian wiih the following statement
of this case:
"The complaint was laid by John
Elliott, a bencher. As soon as the cbiei
justice delivered ills criticisms on Jan-
uury 23rd, 1905, I wrote the benchers,
fully explaining the letter criticised,
and tbe matter practically remained in
abeyance for one year, namely, until
January Oth, 1906, when the discipline
committee reported that, Inasmuch as
no complaint had been lodged before
them, no inquiry into the facts submitted by me could be held; thla report
was adopted, with John Elliott, alone
voting 'nay,' and fhe following Is a copy
of what was next done on that date:
"Mr. Elliott moved thut the secretary
be instructed to lay a complaint against
Mr. S. S. Taylor in pursuance of lhe
remarks of the chief Justice in the
case of Centre Slur vs. itossland Mln
ers' I'nion.
"There being no second, Iho motion
"Mr. John Elliott then, on the 22nd
January. 1900, made a formal comp'aial
over his own signature.
"This unfortunate affair arose out of
the Rossland slrike eases, of which the
Centre Star suit was one.   The compa
ny sued the miners' union nnd several
of Ihe olher sympathizing unions nnd
about   20  miners    lor    an    injunction
which, if obtained, mount practically
the   destruction   of those   unions,   and
nlso for general damages.    When the
action wns ready for I rial, Ihe plaintiff
Company having strongly  objected    to
Itossland ns  the place for trial, I   obtained an order from Judge Forln that
Ihe  trial   be  held  at   Nelson, showing
that  both   plaintiffs    and     defendants
and  their witnesses were all  resident
in  this  portion of the province.    The
plaintiff  company  desired   trial   before
ii special jury at Victoria; this I    op
posed on account of Ihe great expense
which  would   prevent  llle miners  having  Ihe   advantage   of  much evidence
lhat they could   procure,  and  also on
account of the great, prejudice Ihen ex-
Isllng in Victoria against the Western
Federation of Miners, resulting In par:
from the Investigation then lately made
by tho chief Justice nnd Mr. Rowe as
royal   commissioners    of  the    government.   An appeal lo the full court was
taken from the order of Judge Porln,
resulting in  tills order being reversed
nnd trial being directed to be held at
Victoria before a special jury.   1 knew,
in view of the facts above staled, thai
1   could   hardly   expect to win  on   the
trial and that an appeal would be necessary.    1  then Interviewed  the executive  officers of  lhe union, slating the
position  of affairs.    They asked what
would happen pending appeal proceed
lugs being taken to the properly of tin
union and the small homes of Ihe several men sued Individually.    I explain
ed thai the company would try to harass them as much as possible by execution proceedings,  pending  the bearing of lie appeal. In order to discourage appeal by disheartening the men.
AbOUl   twenty  of  Ihese   individual   defendants   had  hollies  which   had   cost
Ihelll $500 or $01111 each, lull upon u sale
would only realize $150 or 1800 on account of the depressed real estate nun
Itel  in Rossland.    If a sale was made
for this low amount,  and tbe    appeal
was   afterwards   successful,   only    the
amount  realized   upon  Ihe  sale  would
he returned, and lhe balance would be
lost.    A   sale  pending    appeal    wool
mean ihe turning out or the families
of these men, lhe driving of them from
the country, and Ihus causim   a spec-
lacular even! in Rossland, showing tbe
temporary   success   of   the    company,
which  meant, with the  many  discouragements   already  experienced,    great
discontent amongst    the   miners,   und
might  effect  the    further    proceeding
wllh   the   appeal  by   which   the   union
hoped lo finally establish the principle
of their litigation.    1 considered these
small homes of these few men of little
moment in the notion except as abov
and advised the union to keep
valuable union hall, worth from ti!
to $8,0011, free for the company lo seize
and  sell;   but   ns   lo   these   Individual
men,  I  said,  let  no  iiueb  discouragements be added to those already experienced, and toll  them to dlsposo    of
their homos nud  rent  pending appeal;
and I nlso offered to write to such defendants.     Accordingly
written to one of them, nnd a similar
ono to Iwo or three others. In writing
tills letter I never for a moment considered the possibility of the interpretation placed upon the same hy the
chief jusilce, because the action wus
for an injunction mainly, and general
damages, and in no sense for tbe col-
leclion of a Just debt, and the letter
was only intended as a protection pending appeal.
"The letter reads as follows:
"Feb. 1st, 1904.
"Alexander  Constantino,    Esq.,    Rossland:
"fie Centre Star vs. Rossland Miners'
Union and others. Dear Sir: You are
defendant in Ihis action with many
others, and notice of trial bas been
given by the plaintiffs for the court at
Victoria on the 1st of March, lo which
It would be well lhat you would go to
give evidence if possible, and we should
like to know at once whether you will
be able to go.
"We tried our best to foroe a trial at
Nelson or Rossland, aud obtained nn
order for trial ul Neison, but lhe court
of appeal upset this order, and we are
now forced to go to trial at Victoria.
Plaintiffs are claiming against all defendants $50,000 damages.
"While we hope to win the action,
still, with the jury at Victoria, where
such strong prejudice has prevailed
against the Western Federation of Miners, we feel afraid lhat a verdict might
be given against you; therefore It Ib
very necessary if you have any properly in your name to make disposition
of it at once, it is very dangerous to
convey to your wife, because lhe law-
Is that a voluntary conveyance, ou the
eve of a trial of lawsuit against, you, is
no good.
"We think it is our duly to fully advise you in time, however, as we would
feel very sorry to have you lose Ihe
property that you have worked so hard
"We hope to hear from you at once
with regard to whelher you can attend
as witness on your own behalf at the
"You remember that the day of trial
is for Tuesday, the fist day of March
next.    Yours  truly,
The union then, as payment on account ol my costs, which then exceeded $:J,uii0, gave me for $500 their mortgage on the World printing plant, and
the company, after it got its trial judgment at Victoria, moved in chambers
to compel me lo allow them lo seize it
under their execution. On that motion
they Tiled lhe nbove letter to Constantino, which, although it was a confidential letier to my client, lhe company had obtained from him. Constantino on the trial acied as. the company's witness in their action against
himself and his brother union men. In
my affidavit lit reply I never mentioned
the facts surrounding this leiter because It had nothing, in my opinion, to
do with lhe dispute Ihen being tried,
hence the chief Justice knew nothing
ot my defence lo this letter when he
made' bis criticisms. The motion was
argued nt Rossland before Mr. Justice
Irving, anil I succeeded with costs. The
company appealed, aud I lost the appeal. The chief Justice then made his
criticism*. Mr. Justice Morrison did
not expresslv concur in those criticisms, but simply said, 'I concur in the
conclusion of my lord.' Mr. Justice
Martin dissented In a judgment extending over six pages of the printed report of the case.
"It is contended lhat Ihis letter even
in a damage action is contrary to a
statute passed In A. D. 1570, namely, in
the 13th year of the reign of Queen
Elizabeth: and such appears to be ray
"I leave it to the public to judge of
lhe mailer. I slated my case fully to
tlie benchers upon path, and confidently expected a favorable result and a
full vindication of my conduct: urging
that I believed lhat. had I been present
in court when the mailer wns tried on
appeal, I could have explained to tbe
chief Justice the facts now given here,
and could hnve shown him that the
letter was simply a mailer of tactics to
preserve appeal proceedings in a faction lawsuit where every advantage has
been sought by both sides, and was
written with EO olher end in view,
which the preserving, unencumbered,
of tho valuable union hall property fully
hears out; nnd thus I would. I believe,
hnve avoided  the criticism.
"Whether the votes of the benchers
wns a mere majority or otherwise, I
have not yet, ascertained.
"I also explained to the benchers
ihai ihe Centre Star Company have
since returned to me the World printing plant, nnd have paid all their own
costs of the nbove mentioned appeal.
"1 Intend to enjoy ns fur as possllM
lhe (list rest I hnve had during
nineteen years of practice. I
add my grateful appreciation
kindness  shown    me    by   The Nelson
Canadian and nil olher papers of thin
ciiy in connection   with   this matte;
from the beginning."
Silver King Hotel
Best Dollar a day house in the
RoomH are well furninlied
In Ne.MHi.    BariUDplled witlTgood
Haunn ami < ts
Table an frond as anflf
W. E. McOANDLISH, Proprietor.
Tremont House
Rnropean sn.l American Plan
Heals % CU.   Koems (rem 26 CU. to 11
Only Wliluj Help Employed.
Baker Bt, Nelson Proprietors
Bartlett   House
Best Dollar-a-Day House fo Nelson.
The Bar 1�� the Fluent.
White Help Only Employe.'-
Jofepblue St.
The Big Schooner D^,-^ 1 A,,
Or "Half-and-tttlf"   DCCl    I UL*
The only Glass of Good Beer in Nelson.
Hotel Accommodations second to
none in British Columbia.
Special Bates to Monthly Boarders.
The only Home Hotel in Nelson.
Lake Vieto
Hall and Vernon Sts.
Two blot'kft from
Bates $1.00 per Duy
and up.
No Chineso Help emuloyed.
P. O. Box IM.
Telephone I IS.
Grand Central Hotel
J. A. EBIOKSON, Proprietor.
Centrally Located. Open Day and Night.
Sample and Bath Rooms Free.
Opposite Court House and Post Office.
Corner Ward and Vernon Streets.
T*��e Strathcona
Nelson, B.C.
B. Toinkins, Manager.
wish  to
of    the
Thirty duyi uftcjr datA1 Intend maktOfi application to tho Honorable th�� Chlol Oouiafuloner
of bands und work*, toi a ppoola) tloanao. to cut
andoarcf away timbvr from tho following cH-v
orlbed Lands. Gonrmonatag nt a post placed on
tho southern boundary of Timber License Nu.
6878, ami hlimit I�� chiUnn if rth of tho N. W. cor-
ner of lot 8880-1< Went Koociuiy, runniiiK theuce
��-."t ho Ohalnit thi'iii'i1 Hoiuh so cliniiiH, thenco
out Booba iih, thenoe north SQ ohalni to point ol
Dated lwih April iwo,
Danifi. Tuomky
The Leading Hotel in the
Choice Fruit
58 Acres and
50 Acres*
Both Pieces of Land Near Nelson
Clearing light nnd soil excellent.
Very easy teruis on payment can bo arranged.
Fhone 247.   Office next Cniinciinn Bnnk of Commerce.   P. O. Box 636.
We have Improved and Unimproved Ranches for
Sale on the Kootenay and Slocan Lakes, Slocan
Valley aud Nelson District.
Before purchasing call
and examine our list.
H. & M. BIRD
Hire and Accident
Real Estate and Mining
Manager for the Kootenay Valleys Company, Ltd.
Oldest established Keal Estate
Business in Kootenay.
Nelson, B. C.
I have for Sale the Choicest
Froit Lands in this district
Most of it situate ou the West Arm and Main Lake.   See me before you decide to locate.
S. M. BRYDGES, miTSctm
A Speculation
300 Shares  INorthwest
.Stock for $75.00.
McDermld & McHardy
Choice Fruit
I Have 10,000 Acres
of the
Choicest Froit Lands in
British Colombia.
Can sell any quantity from 5 acres to 2,000 in one block.
Buy now and get the ground floor prices.
J. E. ANNABLE,    -    Nelson, B. C.
Qood   Sample    Rooms.
Queen's Hotel
Maker Stroet, Nolson. 11.11.
Lighted by Electricity and
Heated by Hot Air
letter   wns
BKA.LBD TKNDKHH iiiurked "TVmlcrH for tfln*
Ing Block" will l>e raoolvod by tlte uihUthikiii'iI
ii;' Id LB o'alook U <>f Thurs'Iay ihu 'Jim June lu-
Htntit, for snlo of BOM share* In the Hounihil?
Blkhorn Mining Oompnny( Lljnltw. TbUCom-
pany'fl proparty is situato nt lirMnwoodi ft. ('.,
nml U'lJoltiK ill**  I'nivdlunet', und Is hljih grnilt'
property,  it ih a hIiIpihtiuicI dovolopmont work
Ih being carried on extensively.  Tho blgheil ur
tmy Ir.ncliT nut mi tssurlly Hi'ci'pli'il.
Dated at Grand Korku. H. (I., the 13th June, liHKi.
oiiiiiii] AdinlnlHlrHtor.
Larue and Oomfort&hlo Petlrooiiis nnd Firs'-
elmw TUnlUft Room. Sainplo Konm* for Uommer-
���.'IM Men.
MRS. E. C. CLARKE, Prop He trow
Tho well known
Onr Boor Garden i*
tho Finest iu tho
Knot wi ays.
J. CROW,   -   -   Proprikto*
West Transfer Co.
Genoriil Tesnistors and Dealers in
Coal ami 'Woo1.   Express and
I'sftgiiKe Transfer
Office: Baker St.
Telephone 33
V. O. Itox 116
Wholesale nn-1 Retail Healers in
Fresh and Salted Meats
GimipH supplied on shortest notice nml
lowest price. Nothing hut fresh nod
wholesome meats nnd supples kept in htock
Mnil orders receive ooxefnl attention.
E. C. TRAVES,  Manager.
Thompson & Douglas
Sign Writing a Spcclnlty.  .
Wall Paper tsnd Burlap.
First Class Heating Plants and Modern
Sanitary Appliances.
90 Day Round Trip
Hclol ������������
Winnipeg, Pt. Arthur,
Duluth, St. Paul.
Phone 181. Open House Blk. Box 401
Throngh Excursion Bates
Toronto, Montreal,
Maritime Provinces,
New York, New England
on application.
Dates of sale : June 4, 6, 7, 23, 25;
July 2, 3;   Aug. 7, 8, 9;    Sept. 8, 10.
Tlcket�� lubjeot to usual rariatlona of
route and Include nirals and berth on
C. P. R. ateamers on Great Ijihes.
Full particulars from
D. P. Agent, Nelson, 1.1. 0. The Dally Canadian, June 15, 1906
Our Souvenir Spoons are the
Best You Can Find.
We have about 80 different kinds,
-- jM giving nmi Knumel, ranging
in price from fleets to ��-.> 60 each, mid most of them are new designs.
In I'ins. Bracelets, Knives, 'I rays. Paper Cullers, eto., we hove
all tin- latest Canadian and Nelson Souvenirs.      If you are
looking for :t Souvenir we cannot fail lo suit you.
Mail orders receive prompt and careful attention. Phono 898.
w ATeflMAt-'IK.
Another Import Order    I
Just to Hand. |
Fine  Ceylon Ten, 2c 11).}
; Chest $4.50. ���
Finest Ceylon English I
Breakfast, 20lb. Chest $6.50.|
Our own Special Blends,*
English Breakfast 35c, 3lbs|
for $1.00, and 25c a pound. J
These lines are fast gaiuing ���
preference over premium leas X
nt .111 cents per pound.
Bell       I
Trading: j
Co.        f
'The Store of Sweets/
Fruits, Confectionery and
Ice Cream.
Phone ���.'���">. Baker St.
The Latest Modern Appliances
now in use at this
Baker Street.     -     NELSON.
Dissolution of Partnership
NOTICE Is hereby given thai the copartner-
nlilp heretofore BUblstlng between tlie under-
ilgned us Grocer; merchants under the firm
naroeol Toye & Benedict, at Nelson. B.c, hoi
been tbliday dluolvod by mutual consent. All
debts* due !<��� ihe said partnenlilp are to bo pniil
to 0. A. Penedlet at his store, corner ol losepli
Ine and Bllloa 8ts., and all partnership debts lo
br pniil by him
C. A. HKNKi.nr.
Nelson, B.C , Jiiiid,8Hi iw&.
I Encourage
The Children
To eonie lo my grocery with
'mama's messages." Ile-e they
learn lo nol the bi si ami purest goods all the lime.
It will make them dlsorlmi-
Dating fniyers when they grow
up, for buying the host is n
valuable experleni e,
if you sen i tho little one on
a messago io itiis store, you
ran depend on Ihe sumo attention to your wants as though
yon  came  yourself.
Band  Hie children   tor some
of the following:
DATES,  io w and  delicious,
'i Ihs. for 'lie
HONEY IN COMB, 1 uruare
for 16c
Jl'ICY ORANQBB, 450 p.-r dot.
English Fruit Drops, 4tic per Ib.
JOY'S Cash Grocery
Cor. Jnsepblnea id Mil' H |,      PhOIlfl I'.'
Ice Cream Sodas.
The Finest in Ihe Land.
WEEK of JUINE 11th
Pollard's Lilliputian
Opera Co.
"A Gaiety Gitl"
Seats on Solo at Butheford'a.
C^.i*. Vsirnon i���tu W'tirtl .sn-suts,
MiLSON,   U. O.
,T. FRED HUME, Proprietor.
P T McCallum, Neil McCalium,
Grand Forks; li VV Grlgor, Rossland;
i: A Campbell, Trail; F McLeod, Pilot
liny: ll Arnol. Ii s McVannel, Slocan;
i il King, Crawford; .1 F Hercbcroft,
Marysvllle; W McNeely, .1 R Maopball,
fl .1 Abbot, D Bowen, .1 M Hamilton,
.1 K McNaugbton, Vancouver; Frank A
Reid, London; John T Chlsholm, R s
Todd, London; VV s Archibald, Toronto.
.1 A Macdonald, Rossland; C W nnsU,
Kokanee; John Keen. Kaslo; l.ulia M
Ahem, Lord Aylmer. Major Baton, Oi-
lawa; (' VV Clark, Winnipeg; Mr. ami
.Mis. MclSacbren and family. Pincber
Creek; F Ewell, Bonnington; John
Aconite. Pilot Day; David Wilson, Colonel Holmes. W Henderson, Victoria;
.1 C diced, Seattle; (I C Fish, Pi rtland;
W Gray, VV McLean, Vancouver G F
.Stevenson and wife, Regina,
VV  Darling, Vancouver;  ,l  Williams,
Cieston; s A Spoors, Cranbrook; A 0
Manaban, Fort William.
VV Blewett, Ymir.
Kenneth McDonald, VV F Brooks and
wife, Molly Gibson; 13 Balllnger, Erie;
M Lovell, Slocan City; N J Hopkins,
Terry's Siding.
F II McMahon anil wife. F M McMic
lion aad wile, II M McMahon, Okotoks;
li Whiteside, Saskatoon; J (i Dewar,
Ymir; A Scott, Lewis Cochrane, A li
Coplln,  Spokane.
U Johnson, ESnderby;    l]  Rousseau,
Vancouver; N Fetors, Kaslo.
A  11  Sllverwrlght, Vancouver: K Wil-
mot, .Mexico;   A   K  Henry, TaCOma.
ii  !���: Smith,   il   Hurry, Bonnington;
II  Hansley. A Morrison, Procter,
E Weston, n Orosby, Oreston; V P
Brown,  Newport.
The Nelson junior baseball club left
for Kaslo this morning to play a match
there with the Kaslo juniors ihis afternoon.
Hereafter anyone desirous of renting
Fraternity ball is requested to apply
lo George Horstead, who lias sole
charge of the ball.
���fhe regular monthly meeting of the
board of school trustees will be held
tliis evening at s o'clock in the office
oi the secretary, Dr. K. C, Arthur.
C/i( sip r/l/in   .
Yiillliuik (tedntfanf spirits in delight
Miprftk tiliy,cfdn\:iK-dimciidhilt.
DID you know
(���ut tbo drinks served .tour Sod. fountain
im' ionic properties besides refreshing!
Wi-ii i-only rest ln.it syrups ol tic fin,l
',11-iiiiy Fountain, otranior, Bliissei and
reooptaclsi so- kept scrupulous])' clean
Uiifccr 8tfOet, NellOU, II. 0,
There was no deckel at lhe city i��t>
lice courl this morning. The vigilnnc
of the police force lias reduced tho cat
tie and poultry nuisance almost in 11>��
vanishing point
'I'lii' general committee r��>r ihe
minion Day celebration will me n i.i
ih.- city hall lonighl al 8 o* l >' k to receive further reports from id" fl nance,
Bpoi ts and other coram it te a
Tin' members of No 2 company, It
M ft., held their H.iss Bring practice
nl the butts yesterday afternoon Some
good scores were made, although tin1
wind seriously Interfered with the
Tho Bpeclal committee nf the University club will meel tins afternoon in
Dr. Arthur's office io prepare a repori
for presentation at iho regular meeting tomorrow night, when the program
will also inrltu|t> a paper on sociology
by A.  I.. McKlllop.
Tin- children's drill for Kirmess is
being practiced Mils afternoon. The
tambourine drill is called for 5:30 p. m.
today, and the sextette will meet tomorrow evening at 7 o'clock. Satis-
factory progress is being made in ever.'. f�� ature. Thi- sports committee,
tinder the chairmanship of Chief Deasy,
i* at work arranging for lacrosse, bnse-
ball and children's sports.
It a necessity iu every well regulated borne. OurdMksromblnebeiuly
of iIi-mkh wiiii n ine'��. Money ��s ilme-keepcrs.   �����  nvlie inspect on
oluiir I'hs-ks   linvHii-iu-o- in n-n-ni varletj ..i styles, from B-day slrike
ami alarm, m |:i np m the fine Imported ones,     V��e elso bave taw
famous utile nlnr el m oi.lv It BO,   i'.nn.- ni today.
The picnic for the members of the
Pollard Lilliputian Company for this
afternoon was abandoned nfior a conference between Manager Pollard and
.Melville Puny, Mr. Pollard thanked
Mr. Parry and his associates for their
kindly intentions, accepting the will
for the deed. As a partial compensation for the disappointment, each mem
ber of ihe company was presented at
luncheon with a box of I.owney's choc
Wholesale Grocerymen   Beaten    in  tho
Game   of  Amateur   Baseball.
The second weekly half holiday for
business men and their employees was
well celebrated The facility with
which a baseball match was organized
it an hours notice wlthonl the aid of
many of those usually most actlvu
shows ihai ihe holiday is meeting a
genuine want
Tlie teams representing the whole;
sal I retail grocers were formed as
Wholesale, position. Retail.
MoAJmon    catcher    Longhursl
Boyeu  pitcher  ...McLaughlin
Piown    first   base    Clunls
Mclnnes   second base Poole
Prottdfoot    shortstop    Benedict
Paxton   third base  Nagle
Iverson   right field    Teetxel
Nunn    center  field    Lackey
O'Connor      left   Held       lliisch
The retail men took a lead in the
second Innings, and were never headed.
Tin- gome was marked by heavy hit-
Hub. The pitching was of ihe old-
fashioned straightforward variety. The
Oelding was nol faultless. Inn picttir
esfpie and interesting.
The score by Innings was:
Wholesalers .  .,0 1821010   7���11
Retails 16 0 5 2 0 1! 5 ill���:ic
The runs wero made for the whole
salers���lloyee. I; Pnxion. 2: Nunn, 2;
Proudfoot, 2; Iverson, Brown, MoAJmon, Mclnnes. For ilie retailors���
Longhurst, 7; Clunls, 0; Busch, 6; Hen-
edict. I: McLaughlin, I; Tootzcl. 3;
Poole, ll;  Lackey. 2; Naitio, 2.
The ninth innings was n record-
breaker. Ten men wenl fo bat for the
losers and It; for the winners.
The Store of Quality
We have Just  opened a Shipment nf
the famous
direct from their furlory, nnd nre nlile
lo olTer you all sizes In a alrletly fresh
Large size ft.10 each
Medium size mi each
Small size. :iri eaoh
Canada cream tn each
Hot|Uefort fill lb.
Hood & Teetzel
K. W. C. Block . Phone 10
Have You Tried It ?
The New Breakfast Food
Oh, Its ('.real.
20 cents per package or three
for 50 cents.
C A Benedict
Corner Silica and Josephine Sis.
Yale-Kootenay Ice, Fruit, Fuel
& Poultry Co., Ltd.
WHAT   Ib  Mi)Ml   *Hfi
Deliveries made dally throughout Nelson
nnd Its suburbs. Phone 148.
Fresh   Dominion
Creamery Butler
30cts. per pound
Telephone 101,
A full lino of Crockury,
Chirm und UliiMMWiir*;.
Alio Second Band "oodiot Every Deiorlp'
nun.  Wf bars ��<��i thesoodiaiicl tell h:
Lowett Prleei ft Town.
Baiter BLi n��t to f'.l'-K Ti. ktt Office.
Mining  Records.
Two locutions, one of a placer claim,
were recorded in tlie Nelson mining
ofllce today.
Pete Peterson recorded tbe Iteco
placer claim, on Salmon river, a mile
nud u bull' north of Porto itlco sidlnu-
10. .1. Iilnncliiiril recorded the Ruby,
looated 1st June, on Cnrii ireek, adjoining the fflureka.
Price of Metals.
New York, June IB.���Silver, (II IS;
copper.  IS  IS; lead, 15.70.
London, .lune lfi.��� Silver, l!!l B-lOd;
lead,  tit; ir.s; zinc, i'27 (is.
Soda  Fountain
in town at the
Hazlewood Parlor
Try our Double Jersey
A Fine Assortment ol Fruits,
Nuts and Confectionery.
Phone 206.
And Builder
Sole agent for tbe Porta Rico Lumber
Co., Ltd., retail yard*
Rough and dressed lumber, turned work
and brackets, Const lath nnd shlnglea,
snsh nud doors.
Cement, brick und li for sole
niiiiic grinder,
Y.ird md factory Vemon, St..
east of Hall.
P. I). Box 88a.
Telephone 17s.
Nelson, B. C.
Ait changes tor advertliomt nts must
roaeb The Dully Canadian business
offlce not inter thnn 10 o'olook In Hie
morning In order to tnsuro Insert Ion
In Iho issue of that day.
To Insure
is fin-  title of u little liook Hint
should !����� rend by everyone.
No one cnn afford to do without these
Those who wish tho highest success in
life will find in them Hint which will give
rigor of body, strength of mind und will,
power to control self nod snrronndisg
circumstances, unit produce u personal
magnetism thai will onable tho possessor
not only to make friends, but to become a
lender oroong men.
Price 25 ct��.
W. G. Thomson
Nelson, 13. C.
Phorm -��-4.
For Byorvtblng (>o<h1
Imported and Domestic Cigars. Tobaccos.
Uo You Know Thiiraun'j Special Mixture?
FOR   ��AUF3.
Two bouses on Luke street, in good
repair, of t> rooms nnd 8 rooms, for
cash, $i7r,. Apply to M, Scully, linker
Fit-Reform Clothing
ine clothes look alright wl>, i on sale or on
"am ss piirude," but. when put i��� t|���. |,,H.
show their weakness at once
Emorey & Walley
���   JU8T   RECEIVED   CAKLOAO   op  <i
! Stand&td Futnitute Comp
m���> ,i a ll sell Pianos,
" i',i irmooi" Mani. -
o!,,!���. Wcrnl i.- Boo). Oasei <
Complde House Furnishers and UnderUkm, I
,- nn,I Ullirc l-'iirlilliin-
"'"    Repairing acd Jobbing a Sptti,
Sleetnietiil Work, I'listings, Huiltlor-,' Mnleriiil nnil Itinlng nnd Mill Miu-i,
i Iffloe nnd Work- Knot of i'urk Si.
Pl.DMtf    J.M.
The Nelson Brewing Co'y, Ll
Si c, .-������ >.,!���.- TO l(. KKIHTKKKII t 0t
Browors nml BotUi ra ��l
Fine Lager Beer and Porter
Kanalscturen ol
Every Known Variety Soil Driicl
And the Celebrated " Red Ribbon Beer."
Tiii.i:i>iif ��i ���: N... 2-s.
P. <>. HON   J.M.
I & Ashdown Hardware Co., Uj
We would invito you to lnspeol our lurxe nml vnricd sli.-k nf
No need to Miller from lieu! if y.
will only cull nnd iwk It
r%% Hot Weather RequisiH
Store open from 7 u.in. to li p.m. every ilny except holiday, nnd Sunday.
.~~~^B   A    |SAAC j   A   HONEYMAN-^"
izrNoir\iiiiRs Ar\t> CONTRACTORS
Kcpnii-iiii; Mil.I JobblnS e-.oci.toil with I lunpnk I,.    Sliet-1 M<��
Work,   Mn.iou   mm.I  Mill   Miuliiociv.      .MniniuJ.uTK,,    '
t).-o  C..-M.   U.  U.   ConlntcliirN'   C..rM.
NELSOiN,    B.  C.
f|s Don't Forget we are
if Headquarters
I For....
Scwlni:   Maohlna   Needless   lltu   u   llomn.
Sowiiiu Machine, on n��c -�� or. Bottla.
Msioiiinu itoitss aso o.ioii.
Iluyeyou Keen tin- Automatic Prop Head New Home foraalosl
f>U.OO.   it in a marvel of tdmrjioity.   Perfeot in flulsh.
Very liiilit runninff.
lli)ib-(IlusH 'i'liilorn.
linker St.,  Nelson. B.O,
Wood = Valla;ice  Hardwar
Company,  i.imitu.i.
Shelf and Heavy Hardm
Mine, Smelter and Mill Supplies, Stoves and
Ranges, Cutlery.
HlKlill)- licnritll I ll""r
Mom U>morro��.
I'resrrss it lliir tlshi I; 'W/SSS
nl l.limliuw.    'Hi,- Ifrsl ���|k"'.lui..��ll
Htlf.       Our Uptlo.l  H,|��'"m
toilnte In every risiu-il.
JISWKU.KK      nml


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