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The Daily Canadian Oct 29, 1907

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 Provincial Llbrar
S     * N
Have With It?
[halcyon   i.ithia   watkr
-It't bottled at the Springs.
mi* gktiiiy ��
[VOLUMH   2.     NO.   125
jberty of German Press
|Ronr.d Table" Scored by Liberal
ind Socialist Organs���Emperor
Unduly Influenced.
Berlin. Oct.  29.- Maximilian   Harden.
tor nf hi-   /.>,>���:,mil, waB uoi|'Ul*od lo>
v in iiir i uil brought against him for
tarnation    ol    character   by   General
mm Kuno Vuii  Moltke. formerly  mill-
v  governor   nf   Berlin      in   addition
neral Von Mollkfl was condemned to
���'T the costs of the trial.    The great-
was taken In the trial when
betas, October   12th, attracting the
Itest attention throughout Germany.
iinui'l for   H> i    Harden  charg-.-d   that
court clique of  which   Von  Moltke
i   waa guilty of Infamous
actices, and also had sought to exer-
timlm- influence over Kmperor Wll-
ai.   Thi' names of I'rlnco i'hlllp Zu
ex German    ambassador  to
anaa, and I.i.tu.-General William Vi>u
toenail, one uf   the  cmiicrorV   ud'el-
DLtaned   by   llerr   Harden
uibern of the clique referred
.nd  table."
An arm)   officer,  who had served  In
guard '.ioops at   Potmlam   testified
part   In   orgieB  at  the
of Mi.,"i count I.ynar. which hud
ulii.il in the dismissal from the ser-
x In disgrace of the count and Lieut.-
naral Von Hotienau.    Von Moltke do-
that such a clique as  tin-  "round
��"'  could imi  iniiiHt, and also dented
rther chargee brought ugalnst Mm.
Jmtlcc  Kohen,  the  presiding   judge.
y made tliu verdict as easy for Von
like as was ci insistent with the con-
lasions  in lived   ai      He     said     llerr
preen  was   Justified  In  what  he   had
t'.'ii. bnt that there was uo evidence
it Vim Moltke had at any time noted
mi abnormal Inclination, or  that he
in* what took place at Major fount
M��i b villa, of of Llcut.-Generai  llo-
*an'i behavior.
"' ri  Harden,  when  the verdict   was
souncpd. was .-t~~ red by tho apecta
and by the large
hi"'1 "' I' >p ���   waiting in the ruin out-
'���'���������    doltko   heard   tho   verdict
,,!'   !'     l�� already having consider-
imrtv.al  offect.    One hundred and
rdatl i   newspapers  are  uttuck-
tnonarchloal    principle    with
led fury, mocking, sncerlui: suvago-
[| rwmlllng  tho exotic  . on.iltlons
���' been described ft* "Mmuish-
�� '{  ill"   hot   house   atmosphere   of
����",'   where     the    sovereign   Is   sur-
fttaAed Uh  Socialists claim, with .omit "I. is.   the   coriupllon
* ��ho      ,,.;...,,,.   ||V9I   ,���,������)���   ,|���, j���,in
j"""'    Th.    inwBpapera,  regardless or
i*'y afftilatloai, primed full accounts
,"'11,, proceedlojpi and some Innuentlal
"   Ml  ��l��l        II! ���     the   Frankfurter
/""me. afarrn   that  ll is evident thut
��� "   V   Moroccan    controversy    with
'a""'- Oernhnj  followed two policies.
"""Itlio foielgn miinc and that or tile
F���ir, minister, the latter being attrl-
"w to 1'iiu,.,.   x.u    Bulenburfi la-
'"'"'"��� worklig  Independently  of  1Mb
"*jf,��'��jnnBUtuUonal advise���.
Man..  Adventures.
f-h.rl,.,,,,;,. ,���., j9._T|l, king and
*''"�� ol Spain had another close ob-
!������ '"mi Injury or death early today.
" r Hajeatlea are en   route  to  Eng-
war'i *'���'.''"' ""'y '"'" ,0 v'8"  KI,1K Bd"
"���'   Tii, j ontralned at Pari* at mid-
am  W   nlghl   Tor <Ills   place  where
'"''' i�� board Iho llrltlsh battlaahlp
J����*n which    is    to    carry  them  to
Imni'i""''   '""'  im"'"">' from l'nrts was
"I" !i!,l"> 'mill the train was Just
WIh  ''!'"" """"'K' who" " r*" "" ""'
Hi,, royal couplo oaenped Injury.
New Douma Conservative.
112, '''"'"'"iMirg, Oot. 29.���Up tc today
luninn' r"'"'' "1"",1,or'> <>r "'o lower
bin i ""' ""' KiiBslan parliament
��crc, 7" "l"''t"d- Of theso fourteen
Wnservatlves, Bix . OctobwlsiK.
1 nil.,,,,""""""'""!l1 OemocrntH, and two
Ii'.to!,,, ,     ,,,rt 'mrf-v' brtn^lni tho
lwr:   " 2an llI��l IncroaHliiR the l)i��
��'vu loud In tho coming parlia
ment. ThiiBft elected Include 104 f'on-
Korvntlv����H, 77 Oet/therlHtH and other
mode rate CGUHtltutionalfhtH, 24 count 1-
tutionul I>>mocratH and their adhereatp
and 25 Itadleals. Severnl pr6gre���IV<
radicalH   probably   have   aecured   seats.
Parts   Bankers    Will     RepJace   EngJish
Gold  Sent  to  America.
Parlfl, Oct. 29.���A careful Inquiry
made in hanking clrclon here indicates
that there is no immediate prospect
of gold exporta to New York from Paris.
The rate of excham?e Ih unfavorable
and hesfdetj tho Hank of Franc*! would
be Inclined 1o resist. Nevertheless, the
disposition of the Hank of France would
be to help New York Indirectly by assisting l.iitiduii In the event thut gold
withdrawal.*; embarrass the situation
there. This would be accomplished by
tho purchase of (Old time sterling bills
in the same way tliat France relieved
the situation  in   l^milon a year ago.
Hankers hero who are in touch with
America consider that (he situation lu
New York has decidedly improved. Tho
consensus of opinion is that the crisis
Is bound to result finally In great good,
as nooossarliy it will force currency
legislation, whirh will prevent a re-
curronco of the causes of the present
troubles. Tho American houses, as evi-
dafuUM of tho French investors' conditions In the United States, reported that
investors in this country, attracted by
the low prtOM. are indicating a witling
MM to resume buying. Some purchases
have already been made.
Hov. D. \V. Scott, of Creston, Is at
the Queens.
Harry Small, the doyen of British
Columbia's commercial travellers, is at
the  Hume.
J. P. Vroom, customs collector at
Waneta, paid a flying \isit to the city
G-40, II. McMillan will leave tonight
for New York city and other eastern
Dr. F. E. Morrison arrived home last
Sunday evening after a three wocks's
stay  at the  coast.
Mrs. F. A. Starkey and Miss Rica
Starkey returned from Grand Forks on
the delayed Houndary train this morning.
T. A. Hrydon, who will be one of the
speakers at tonight's meeting of tho
Farmers' Institute, has arrived from
Victoria, and is at Iho  Hume.
R. W. Coulthard, general sales agent
of the Crow's No st Pass Coal company.
returned from Trail this morning, and
will   go  to the   Houndary   tomorrow.
William Anderson, for the last nine
years a resident of Cascade, as superintendent of the Cascade Water, Power
& Light C*>.. Ltd . which was recently
acquired by the West Kootonay Power
& Light Co.. Ltd., has been appointed
hydiaulic engineer for the latter concern, and has moved with his inmlly to
Shot in Fight.
James Chance died at Princeton, IV
C, having bees fatally shot by Walter
QrOM in a tight over a card game.
Chance accused Gross of cheating and
pulled toward himself a large sum of
money lying mi the table. Gross drew
a pistol and emptied It Into Chance's
stomach.    Gross was arrested.
Big    German    Liner    Crossed    Atlantic
8teered   by   Propellers  for
Whole Distance.
Plymouth. Oct. 29��� The North German Lloyd steamer Rabwr Wllhelm
Dor GrosKO from New York, Oct. 22, for
Dromon by wny of Plymouth and Cherbourg, arrived hor at !>.:!(> thin morning
urn! reported that she had lost her rudder when Bin- was two miles out from
New York while a storm was raging.
She steamed the balance of the distance to Plymouth, 1.700 miles, steered
by her propellers alone. Her caimnander.
Captain Polack, remained constantly on
the deck and did not have any sleep
until the steamer reached the Knglisli
channel, Beyond a delay of thirty six
hours I MLChlni ihifl port, the passengers w re in no way discommoded and
aha lou Plymouth for Cherbourg this
afternoon wlihoui aflslfltance.
Italian   Murdered,
Rochester. N. x.i Oct. 29.���Alexander
Caruso, a Sicilian. Its years old, was
struck down by unknown iissiissius al
Davis and Kiuey street.a laBt night, and
died In a few rwrtnutes. Caniflo's tiead
was almost set* >i-e,l from bis body. Ilia
murder la than ght to bo tho outcome
of a feud. (:> mr suspects were taken
Into ouatody t�� iday.
Will Appoint Electrician
Authorized by Council Without Dissent���Opposition to Salaries
of Police Withdrawn.
A permanent appointment to the position of city electrician will probably be
made tonight. At last night's meeting
of the city council 74 applications were
read and none of the members felt equal
to making a choice without consideration.
K. A. Smith was not an applicant. In
a letter to the council he defeaded himself against charges and insinuations
public and private, and gave a lucid account of the present condition of the
city property of which he has had
etiarge. A resolution, passed without a
dissenting voice, authorized a testimonial to him from the city. He will remain In office until Nev. 15th unless relieved earlier by the arrival of bis successor, and will leave the city with no
stain on his professional reputation.
The monthly payrolls were passed.
Aid. Selous, after explaining his former
course, allowed his protest to lapse.
The council met at 8 o'clock with the
mayor In the chair, and Aldermen
Hume, Selous, McMorris and Irving
pies. nt. Aid. Annable and Rose came
In later.
The first business taken up was the
hearing of applications for the position
of electrical engineer. The city clerk
Btated that there were between 50 and
75 and read the advertisement.
The first was from H. C. Hullls offering to assume the position with all
duties and engage his own help, for all
of which the city now pays |650 per
month, for $500 per month.
Among the other applicants were II.
C. Cummins, G. C. MacKay, Frank
Cellner, and J. II. lloyes, of Nelson, F.
G. Poultun, of Williams Siding, and J.
S. Grentell, of llowser Lake.
The reading lasted over two hours.
The applications came from all parts
of Canada and from nearly every state
In the American union. The reading
was relieved by occasional uuconsclous
humor. One applicant declared that he
had no habits of any kind. Several described themselves as hustlers, one
sent his photograph, two stipulated
that tenure of oflice should not depend
upon political favor, others carefully
gave height and weight.
Aid. Annable suggested a reference
to the fire, water and light committee
to select the best ten for further consideration, to report at tho next meeting of the council, bnt it was decided
to go through with the list which was
finished al 10.20, tho applications numbering 74.
Aid. Aunuble's motion was then offered again.
F. A. Smith stated that h..; bad another engagement to begin on Nov. 15,
hut would be available if wanted until
The   resolution was  then  carried.
The finance committee reiwrtod
recommending the monthly payrolls of
all Hie city employees.
Tho clerk asked for Instructions as
to the payment of salaries of the city
electrician and tho city pollco force.
A letter from the city solicitor slated
that tho police wore entitled to payment of the salaries fixed by the police
commissioners unless and until appeal
Is taken to tho lieutenant governor In
Aid. Selous, after explaining tho Intention of tho motion refusing payment
to the police force, again expressed his
disapproval of the act of tho commissioners.
On mollon of Aid. Hume tho salaries
of the police force were passed as
Aid. Selous moved to add F. A.
Sinllh's name to tho pay roll a( tho
usual rate, disregarding the date of his
formal reappointment.
The report as a whole was then
adopted, after tramway employees were
Tho     following    letter     from  F.   A.
Smiili waa  then read:
"Sirs:���At    the    present    crisis    In
which the position of Rlectrlcal Engineer, for this city Is, I feel It my duty
to put n few facts before you, which
I hope will enlighten you as to the true
state of affairs.
"With regard to the Tramway situation, I might call your attention to
the fact, that the returns for this year,
up to date, show an increase In revenue
of $1200 over the same period of last
year (notwithstanding that two months
of this year the cars wore not running
at all.)
"I think I may fairly claim that this
great Increase In revenue, is largely
due to the efficiency, and reliability of
the service, under my superintendence.
"The expenditure in connection with
the Tramway may appear large but
this Is explained by the fact that extensive improvements of a permanent
character were necessary. In order to
plac the system In a sound state of repair. ,   |
"In winding armatures alone, I believe tho city spent about $1800, whereas I have done the work this year, at
an expense of not more than $100 to
"In closing my remarks in this department I have no hesitation In saying that the city has now a tramway
system which Its people appreciate, and
the public are not afraid to patronize.
"With regard to the electric light,
and power department, everything has
been most satisfactory, up to about
three weeks ago, since then it has been
most satisfactory, though through no
fault of mine. This Is largely due to
the draft tube' being gone, and the
governor not working at the itower station, whereby it Is difficult to maintain
a high efficient voltage. The voltage
we have been receiving lately has
been fluctuating from 25 per cent, above
to 25 per cent below normal voltage,
but even under the aforesaid conditions I maintain this abnormal fluctuation ia quite unnecessary, and with
stricter attention to the hand manipulation of the governor, could be reduced, at least, within 10 per cent
either way. Not having the power station under my control I cannot be held
responsible for this unsatisfactory supply of current, which causes so many
complaints from the citizens; such as
for burnt-out lamps, low candle power,
and variable speed of motors.
"With regard to my ability I submit
that nothing has transpired which lias
shown it to be at fault, and my practical handling of the work, in both departments (notwithstanding Insinuations to the contrary) cannot but have
been satisfactory to an unprejudiced
"I defy anyone to point to an instance where the city haa been put to
any expense through any negligence,
default, or want of caTo or knowledge
on my part, since I have been in its
"I hereby maintain that I am entitled
to BUbmit theso facts to you, in Justice
to myself, and those that have supported me, as to my work and ability.
I have the honor to be, sirs,
Your obedient servant,
F.  A. SMITH."
In reply to the mayor Mr. Smith stated that when he took charge of the
tramway the equipment was in very
bad condition. In regard to the flucta-
tlon of the power he said It was the
sole cauBO of the rapid deterioration of
lamps and the unsatisfactory running
of motors. He thought the tluctatlon
was due to carelessness.
To Aid Irving he said he had rewound two armatures, and prevented
others from burning out.
All exonerated Mr. Smith from blame
for the unsatisfactory supply of light
and powor.
The mayor read a telegram sent to
tho Allls-Cbalmers-Hullock company to
which as yet there is no reply.
Mr. Smith statod that he had replied
to a personal letter from the head engineer of the company aaklng for information as to the state of the plant
and Its work.
The Mayor���I can't believe that Ule
true stato of affairs Is known even yet
to the head office of tho company.
Aid. Selous���Mr. Hullls says that he
is working very hard to control It.
F. A. Smith���I have had the same
trouble elsewhere, and never allowed
tho fluctatlon to exceed 7 per cent. If
It had reached 10 pur cent. I'd have lost
my position.
Aid. Irving drew attention to lack of
light at tho junction of linker and
Vernon streets.
Mr. Smith asked that a recommendation to him be authorized by resolution,
which waa passed.
The Are, wator and light committee
was then Instructed to make any recommendation they Judged proper In regard to the appointment of electrical
The council thon adjourned till tonight.
Will be delivered    every evening    at
your door for
Fifty Cbnts a month
No Change Expected Tbis
Companies Will Be Given Year's
Respite���General News of Canada From Ocean to Ocean.
Montreal, Oct. 29.���The annual banquet of the Life Underwriters' Association was held in t'lace Viger hotel last
night. T here was a large and representative gathering. Herbert C. Cox,
president of the Life Underwriters' Association of Canada, responding to a
toast, volunteered the opinion that there
would be no Insurance legislation during the coming session of parliament,
and that would give the companies time
to fully consider their positions. Mr.
Cox said the insurance report contained
some suggestions and recommendations
which were somewhat more severe than
they would wish. He did' not think,
however, there would be any drastic
changes in insurance laws.
=" Toronto, Oct. 29.���In view of Ule
stringency of the money market Mackenzie and Mann may not take immediate action to carry their proposition through to establish a smelter and
other Industries at Ashbridge's Bay, at
the east end of the city.
, Toronto, Oct, 29.���The case of the
Buffalo mines vs. Cobalt Miners' Association was concluded yesterday afternoon. In summing up the case Justice Meredith Btated that the evidence
pointed to the fact that a certain
amount of compulsion had been used
and he felt disposed to continue the injunction to trial on important points,
but would not prevent the men from
using persuasion to the legal extent,
and amended tho Injunction and enlarged the motion to commit defendants
until trial.
Hamilton, Oct. 29.;���Charles Lens,
proprietor of the Hamilton Wire factory, was drowned In the bay yesterday
afternoon. A board containing his coat
was found by some duck shooters in the
vicinity of MoGUl's. The body has not
been found. How the drowning occurred Is not known.
Toronto, Oct. 29.���John Healey. 60
years of age, was found this morning
unconscious with a bottle of carbolic
acid beside him. He was taken to the
hospital but died at noon.
Montreal, Oct. 29.���John McHean, 12
years old, of Ottawa, Arthur Talbot, 13
also of Ottawa, and Harvey and Henry
Montais. of Detroit, aged respectively
fourteen and twelve, guvo themselves
up to the police yesterday aftj'niin
after having run away from FelUr Institute at Grande Ligln, thloty three
miles south of Montreal. They hud
tramped tho distunco on iti , raiiw;,y
track and were cold and hungry win n
they arrived here. Th oy woro taken
back to school this morning.
Toronto, Oct 29.���Frank U. Poison,
proprietor and managing director of the
Poison Iron Works, died suddenly of
heart failure yesterday. He was 45
years of age and leaves a widow and
five children. Together with his father
he founded the Poison Iron Works
which has developed to be ono of the
Dominion's biggest shipbuilding industries, employing flvo hundred men.
accommodation at two cents a mile.
The company appeals on the
ground that the. obligation imposed upon It In this matter by
its act of Incorporation waa repealed
by chapter 28 of the acts of the Dominion parliament In the session of 1883
which allowed a vaiiaiion of the tolls.
Ottawa, Oct. 29.���The formal resigns
tion of Henri llourassa as member of
parliament for Labello Is understood to
have reached the speaker, but no action
has been taken to Issue a writ. C. 11.
Major, of Hull, is likely to be tho Liberal candidate, and unless llourassa
runs again tho Conservatives may
select H. Chauvln as their candidate.
Ottawa, Oct. 29.���Argument Is being
heard before the supremo court today
upon tho question of the granting of u
two cent mile rate by the Grand Trunk
according to Its charter. The railway
commission some months ago ruled that
tho company was bound by Its charter
to.   provide      third      class    passenger
Toronto, Oct. 29.���The Ontario government has refused the offer of $1,-
000,000 for one million acres In the
clay belt of New Ontario. The offer
came from Mr. Pritchard, of Winnipeg,
on behalf of Canadian and liritlsh capitalists.
Toronto, Oct. 29.���The report of the
provincial health department for September shows that 580 divisions, representing a population of 1,920,000, have
made returns. They give a total of 2,-
0C9 death from all causes for the month,
a rate of 12.9 per thousand, compared
with 2,381 deaths in a report of a population of 2,070,500 in September last
year. The returns show a slight increase in small pox, scarlet fever and
diphtheria, and a marked decrease in
typhoid fever. Consumption claimed
129 victims, compared with 115 in Sept.,
Montreal, Oct. 29.���Arthur Johnson,
28 years of age, of Manchester, Eng.,
was assaulted and robbed in St. An-'
tolne, near Simon, Quebec, last night,
by two men whom he bad been drinking with. One of the men, David Hob
erts, was arrested.
Montreal, Oct. 29.���According to a
new by-law which passed the city csocn-
cll yesterday afternoon, Btreet planes
will be excluded from the business district of the city.
Montreal, Oct. 29.���According ti a
new by-law which Aid. Lapointe has
drafter, lacrosse and baseball games
where admission Is charged will be allowed on Sunday. Sunday concerts and
light amusements will also be )tr
Brandon, Oct. 29.���Engineer Fred
Johnson was badly hurt, being pinned
in his cab in an accident at Maryfleld,
136 miles from here, yesterday.
Moose Jaw, Oct. 29.���John Linton,
formerly employed In the Rand mines,
died in a police cell yesterday from alcoholic poisoning. Meeting with ill
luck In South Africa the deceased recently came to Canada, gradually working west to this point where for some
time past he has worked as a common
laborer. He was picked up at the depot
drunk and taken to the police cells,
where he died In great agony shortly
afterwards. The coroner was called
and suspects poisoning from wood alcohol.    An inquest will be held.
Keewatln, Oct. 59.���Mrs. R. A.
Mather, accompanied by her daughters,
Evelyn and" Marjorie, left for their
future home In Vancouver. The choir
presented Miss Math with a beautiful
piece of cut glass. The managers and
elders and LadleB' Altl also presented
a beautifully engraved address to Mr.
and Mrs. R. A. Mather. As Mr. Mather
doe�� not go to the coast for a week or
two, the citizens Inst night held a banquet In his honor.
Gold    Imports   Afford    Relief   in    New
York   Markets���Banks  Will   Reopen  Monday.
Now York, Oct. 29���Great assistance
in relieving the limit,rial stringency Is
expected to result from the large engagement of gold for import made, and
from the further large imports which
it Is believed will be made within the
uext few weeks. The movement of
American crops to European markots
together with the revival of a demand
for copper abroad will give the United
States large credits with foreign bankers and these can be available for
bringing in gold, It la confidently believed, to tho fullest extent that may be
necessary. It waa announced that several of the banks which were compelled
to suspend last week have about perfected their plans to re-open for business.
President Montgomery of the Hamilton hank, a Harlem institution which
closed last week, said: "This bank
will resume bualnefls In n few days, not
later than Mondny next In any event. 1
understand also that the Twelfth Ward
bank will resume In a few diiya." The
runs on the Trust company and the
Lincoln Trust company continued today, but In diminished volume.
Banks Demanding Payment in Advance
Grain Trade Paralyzed���ftwmli ilrttn
Men Forced to Stop Baying���
Crops Cannot More.
Winnipeg, Oct 29.���In Winnipeg 1
lng grain men say that they cannot borrow money from the banks to carry
wheat across the lakes from Fort William, and that all wheat must be paid
for when it goes Into store at Fort
An unprecedented thing happened
last week in the grain trade. A vessel
chartered to come in light from Cleveland for Chicago, was detained four
days at Fort William, unable to load because the owners of the wheat could
not pay for it and the bank would not
let It be loaded until it was paid for.
Another vessel, chartered and coming
In light to load, had to have her expenses paid and leave light for Duluth,
and load there for exactly the same
reason. The men chartering could not
pay the bank in advance and the bank
would not let It go until it waa paid,
except to the milling companies who
are still buying high grade wheat in
small quantities on the banks. It haa
not been possible to sell cash wheat for
the past ten days.
Prominent grain men, asked as to the
possible result of this tighteafag of
purse strings of the banks, said that the
chances are, if it continues, that elevators all over the country will cease buying wheat, as a matter of fact, some nf
them are quietly doing that now without making any announcement One
man said: "I would not be surprised
if at the end of the present week all
but mill elevators had ceased to buy
throughout the west."
A prominent commission man said:
"We have notified our customers that
we can no longer make advances to
them and allow their wheat to remain
In store at Fort William. For the future
we will have to ask them to sell a*
soon as their papers are completed."
Conservative Candidate.
Selkirk, Oct. 29.���O. H. Bradbury
was the unanimous choice of the Conservative convention as Conservative
standard bearer In the next Dominion
election against S. J. Jackson, M. P.
Chinese Must Learn.
Swift  Current,  Oct. 29.���Two Chinamen were fined $5 and costs by Magistrate Mitburn here for refusing to turn
out to fight prairie fires Friday night
Milk Goes Up.
Quebec,    Oct. 29.���Quebec    milkmen
hnve decided to raise milk to ten cents
a quart from  November, owing to Increased price of fodder.
Surely Not.
Ottawa, Oct. 29.���Earl Grey Is said to
be deciding the question of changing
the customary drawing rooms at the
opening of parliament to Friday Instead
of Saturday.
Must Cut Ice.
Ottawa, Oct. 29.���The government
will call for tenders In a few days for
an Ice breaker for the Straits of Northumberland in order to Improve the
service between Prince Edward Island
and the mainland . The vessel Is to be
the most powerful of its kind in the
world and it will cost over halt a million dollars.
Ask Bigger Grant.
Ottawa, Oct. 29.���Hon. 3. H. Blake
and Rev. Dr. Sutherland, secretary of
missions of the Methodist church In
Canada, waited upon Mr. Oliver today
requesting on behalf of religious bodies
of the Dominion an Increased grant
from the government for Indian educational work In Western Canada.
Grain  Production.
Ottawa, Oct. 29.���The annual report
of tho department of trade and commerce shows the following returns of
grain production of the Dominion, excepting Quebec, for the season of 1906:
Ontario, 194,000,000 bushels: Manitoba,
130.000,000 bushels; Saskatchewan, 63.-
000,000 bushels; Alberta, U.000,000
bushels; New Brunswick, f*,881,O0O
bushels; British Columbia, 2,382.000
bushels; Nova Scotia, 2,484,000 bushels.
Total, 410,847,000.
I   I
; ;
>���   i
i   i
1 I
The Daily Canadian
. B] IB ��'
a !i
Clothing,    Gents'   Furnishings
and Boots and Shoes
Is beginning to arrive.
In about another week we will be able to offer full lines
in these goods, and can promise you the best value ever offered iu the city.
In the meantime it will pay you to await their arrival
before making j-our purchase.
Imperial Bank of Canada
Head Office:   Toronto.
Capital Authorized   $10,000,000    Capital   Paid   Up         4,830,000
rlest           4,830,000
D. B. W1LKIB. President.
Branches iu British Columbia:
Intarest allowed on  deposits  rr.m date of deposit and credited quarterly.
wBLSQN bhanch ��1��   1V1��   LAY,   Manager.
The Royal Bank of Canada
Incorporated A. D.  1869.
 $3,900,000     Reserve Fund $4,390,000
Unexcelled facilities for the transaction
of all  kinds of flanking  Business.
"CIAL ATTENTION given to the
Savings Bank Department, and
Interest credited Quarterly on
Savings Bank Accounts.
on Application, in Large, Medium
or Pocket Size.
Nelson Branch, G. A. SPINK, Manager.
Published fix days a wlob by tlm
Baker St..   Nelson, B. C
BuowTtrtlon rates, WJ cuius a month delivered
In the city, or as.ou n year If sent by mall, when
paid In advance.
Advertising rates on ar-r-ll'iatlon.
All monies paid in settlement ot The Dally
Cauu.llmi at-i-nuuti*. either fur lUbeortpUoni or
advertising. muBt be receipted for on tbe printed
forms of the Comj.ai.y. i.'itier receipts are not
Tuesday,   October   29,   1907.
In ihe Vancouver Province "I S;��' hi
day last, there appears a very able ar
tide mi ilie reservation by tbe Lieut.*
Governor  of  British   Columbia  of  the
Asiatic   KXOlUBlOn   Act   nl    IsSl    sussl'ir.
and as to ihe responsibility thereforl if
any) ot thi  provincial government written by Hon. C.  II   Macintosh���so able
and full and convincing    that    It  will,
nr ought  to  preclude any   farther  d *
cusslon of iIiIh  matter, and   will  con
vince all who will bo convinced of thi
law and  practice which have been  ���
cognised in  the past  as  applicable  i-
the now admitted facts,   Ii will be Willi
In the  recollection of our   readers  II  if
tho   Vancouver     World,   the     Victo   :.
Times,  the   lien.   William   Templemi
etc., had some time ago been loud B I i
positive  In   their statements   that  r
said act had been reserved by His Hen
or In accordance with the mlv ce oi  I
premier of the province.   Tho premli r
who had  at the time been  away on  a
brief   vacation,   at   once   on  his   return
assured  the  public that  if   was  not   In
consequence   of   any   udvice   given   1,\
him thai this act was reserved by  Mi-
Honor, that In fact lie ha dnot been con
Hulled   in   Ihe   mailer   by    His    Honoi
At this Juncture, the Hun. Joseph Mai
tin. K. C. stopped into the broach and
gave  ihe   public  some   pine-stump  law,
without   having   consulted  the   author!
ties   and   precudenta   hearing   upon   thi
matter,  and  indeed  contrary  to them
all.        His "plne-Hiunip"   law    Is    that
the     Government      Is    constitutionally
bound to assume responsibility for tin
action of His  Honor;  and if his action
is disapproved  by them, they must express such  disapproval    by resigning
*ijs   Honor   must   find   oilier   ministers
would   asBUme   responsibility     foi
Th*.  anirl     tinners for.   some '
lime rang the changes uicin this as-
pect of the matter. Latterly, however,
ihe former paper has been contending
only tor a merely technical responsibility  by  the government.
In the said article of Mr. Macintosh,
the whole matter is calmly discussed in
Its various bearings and in the light of
Mi., .aliens eases of similar reservations which have occurred since con-
federatlon and of the action thereon
taken by the various .Ministers of Justice which Canada lias had. He cites
flu- various cases in which bills have
in tin- pas! been reserved by Lieut.-
I lev, nuns and the anion thereon
which lias been taken ami the views expressed by ihe successive Ministers of
Justice Sir    John    MacdOnald,    lion.
Edward Blake, lion. James Macdonald,
Sli Oliver Mowat, etc. i��� ii���. course
--i  He- paper we find the following:
"In isTj. a bin passed bj the Provln-
4lal Legislature of British Columbia
was reserved, the opinion or ihe Attorney-General (McCreight) being thai II
was a contravention of the Instructions furnished to governors of colon
i.-.-        Sir   John   Macdonald,  Minister  of
Justice,   iSeptember istl'i reported 'thai
fin- Imperial Instructions Issued to (lev
amors   of   Colonies,   and   which   a.'"in
panled their commissions direct from
Hi ��� Queen, are not applicable to the
rases of Lieutenant-Governors or f'rov
inns of Canada? who receive tlieit
commissions from the Governor-General, under ihe Gteat Seal of Canada, nnd
in whom Instructions are to be com
munlcated by the terms of those commissions, from the Governor-General
nf Canada iii-Conneil. or through any
member of the Council.'
On the lillth of November, 1882, a
report of the Privy Council of Canada
called ihe attention or His Excellency, the Governor-General jo the fact
thai in several provinces bills had been
reserved for the Governor-General's as-
Kent by tin (r Lieutenant-Governors,
on tbe advice of their Ministers.' "This
practice Is at. variance with those piin
slides of constitutional Government
which obtain in England and should be
carried out in Canada and the provinces." "The Lieutenant-Governor is not
warranted In reserving any 'measure
for the assent of the Governor-General
on the advice of the Ministers. He
should do so in his capacity as a Gomin
ion oflloer only, and on Instructions from
the Governor-General, it is only in castor extreme necessity that a Lieutenant-
Governor, without such instructions, exercises his discretion as a Dominion of-
flcer in reserving a bill."
Farther on in this paper he continues:
"Hence,   with  the    opinions  or     sir
John Macdonald. lion. Edward Blake,
1.. n. lames McDonald, Hon. Oliver
tuowail (and others could be quoted) to
guide those representing the Crown,
there is little reason for the extreme
agitation in connection with the action,
of Lieutonant-Guvernur Dunsmuir, i i
reserving or withholding assent to a
bill, the purport of which was known
to be objectionable to Ministers at Ottawa, having been disapproved of on
several occasions. There was little difference between exclusion bills and one
ncessitating educational test. The argument that a government should resign, might possess some virtue bad
the Lieiiteiianf-C.overnor been in a position to be advised and refused to take
such advice; but to contend that the
ease under discussion is analogous to
those necessitating resignation, when
by an adverse vote Ministers must, constitutionally, cross to the left of Mr.
Speaker, is clearly a misapprehension
of the British North America Act, constitutional procedure and recarded
precedent. The Lieutenant-Governor
was no doubt acting under Instructions
of a general nature with references in
all measures passed by the Legislature, threatening to conflict with treaty
obligations, rights, privileges or any
tentative negotiations with foreign contracting powers. That the constitution
was unduly strained is a fallacy, fpr
those who condemn either tbe Lieutenant-Governor or the Provincial Government, are likely to appear to disadvantage should all the circumstances reach
the public through  official channels."
We shall hear very little farther of
the stuff of which we have bad so
much in the past of Mr. McBride's responsibility for the action of the Lieutenant-Governor from any person who
will carefully peruse this paper. The
paper is a full and able presentation
of the law and practice of the past as
bearing  on   this   subject.
Notice of Meeting.
Cascade   Water   Power  and   Light  Com
pany.   Limited.
Geo.  P.  Player
Office   Room   No.   2,   ELLIOT     BLOCK.
"COMPANIES   ACT,   1897.'
Notice Is hereby given that Wilton A.
Miller, of the town of Creston, lumberman, has been appointed the new at-
torney of "The Klnney-Mlller Cedar
Registrar of Joint Stock Companies,
Victoria, Biltish Columbia. October 27,
Notice is hereby given that an extraordinary general meeting of the Cascade Water, Power and Light Company.
Limited, will be held at the offices of
the company on Saturday the 2nd day
of November, 1907, at the hour of 2
o'clock in the afternoon, for the purpose of:
1. Authorizing the issue of a series
of debentures, aggregating $375,000.00,
dated the 1st day of May, 1907, with interest at 4% per cent, per annum, payable on the first day of May, 1940, with
interest payable semi-annually on the
1st days of May and November in each
2. Authorizing the execution of the
draft Deed of TruBt, approved by the
parties, which will be submitted to the
meeting, and made between the company, of the First Part, the Royal Trust
Company of Montreal, of the Second
Part, and the West Kootenay I'ower and
Light Company, Limited, of the Third
3. Passing the resolution recited In
the said draft Deed of Trust.
4. Transacting such other business
as may properly come before the meeting.
Dated this 16th day of October, A. D.
By OrderNof the Hoard,
Nelson La ii.. District. District of West KonleiiftY
Take notice that II Williams, occupation rancher; k B. Hastings, occupation electrician; and
R B. P. Smyth, occupation lumberman; all ol
Procter, 11- (.*., lutein! to apply for a special timber licence over the following described lands.
Commencing at a pout about three mile* east of
Wilson Creek On south shore o| Kootanay Lake
thence south SU chains, thence east 80 chains,
thoiicenorth wi chains, thence   hi-! sOetiaius t<��
point of commencement, containing 640 acres,
more or less.
September 23lh, 19U7. M. William",
It. H. Hastings,
K s. l'. Smyth.
Nelson Land District. District ot Weat-Kootenay
Take notice that R. S. t. Smyth, of Procter. B.
(!., occupation lumbermfcii, Intends to apply for
a special timber licence over the following described lands:
No. 1. CommeneinR at a po*u planted near the
northeast cornerposi ol Lot No SMS. on Lemon
(reek aud marked K. S P. Smyth -���imlhwest cor-
nerpost No 1, theure-10 chains north more or
less to about midway of the south boundary line
ot timber licence No. 9X0 (hence X> chains eaiH,
theme 40 chains South, thence 4u chains east,
thence 40 chains south. Thence ni chains west,
more or less to the snuim-a-t corner of aforesaid
Lot No. 2M3, themv 4u ennui- north, thence 40
chains wejt to the point ol commencement.
Dated 26th July, 1907. R. H. P. SMYTH,
Henry Retchert. A cent.
Nelson Land District. District ot W eat Kootenay
Take notice that Simon H. Schlffel, ol Nailer.
Idaho, ixt-upatlon lumberman, Intends to apply
for a special timber licence over the following
describe'! lands; on the east side of Priest river:
Commencing at a post planted on the east side
ol Priest river, two and a half miks north of the
International boundary line, thence nor h SU
Chains, thence east HO chains, thence south ho
chains, themv WeetgO Chains I" point of commencement. containtnR 640 acres, more or less
Dated Sept. l-ith, 1901. BtMOH P. s< hiffbl,
K. W.Smith, Agent.
Nelson Land District District of Wast Kootenay
Take notice that Clyde E. McClure, of Rlisvllle.
Wash , occupation barber, intend* to apply for
a special timber licence over the followiug described lands; On the east side of Priest river,
two and a half miles north of the international
boundary line: Commencing at a post planted
two nnd a half miles north of the international
boundary line, thence east SO chains, thence
south 80 chain*, thence west SO chains, thence
north sjj chains to the point ol eotnmencemeiit
and containing fi40 acres, more or less.
Dated Sept. 14th, 1907. CLTBB K. McCLiHK,
K. W. Smith. Agent.
Nelson Land Pis net. Distrui of West Kootenay.
Take notlee that Jay Bovee, of Kltzville. Wash ,
occupation butcher, intends to apply fora special
timber licence over the following described
lauds; on the east side of Priest river: Commencing at a post planted one ami a hall miles
north of international boundary Hue, thence
cast 80 chains, thence south 80 chains, thence
west 80 chains, thence north 80 chains to the
point of commencement, coiitaiulng 610 acres,
more or less.
Dated Sept. nth, 1907. Jay Bovki.
K. w. Smith, AgenL
Wharf b" a. m, daily for Kootenay Land
ing ami all points east. Close connections for Spokane. Ueturnlng arrives
City Wharf 7 p. m.
..TRAIN NO. 45 for Kossland and all
Coast points, connecting with Steamer
Kuskanook leaves C. P. K. Depot 7.15 p.
m.   Wharf 7.40 p. m. daily.
..TRAIN NO. 43 for Slocan, Roseberry
loavfil depot daily except Sunday 9
a. m. Returning arrives (J p. in. daily
except Sunday.
TRAIN NO. 41 for Rossland-Honndary
leaves Depot daily except Sunday 9.45
a tu. Returning arrives Nelson 10..'.0
p. m.
dally except Sunday, lenvoH City Wharf
7 a. ni. Lardo dayi; Mondays Wednesdays and Fridays.
For further particulars call or write
A.G.P.sVVenoouYei. J^.a, ������������'"��
Nelson Land District. District m West Kootenay
Notice is hereby given that *) days after date i,
jiu.ii P. Swedberg, miner, o! Nelson, H.C , intend
to apply to the Hon the Chief Commissioner of
Land and Works for a special licence to cut ami
carry away timber from the following described
lands situated on Summit creek, in the West
Kootenay District:
No. L���Commencing at a post marked J. P. B'l
timber limit, northeast corner post, located on
west for k of Summit creek about two miles from
main cr*��ek, thence running south ho chains,
thence running west 40 chains, thence running
north 40 chains, thence west 40 chains, thenm
north 80 chains, thence running east 40 chains,
thence running south 40 chains, theu.ee east 40
chains to plare of commencement.
Located on the 29th -lav or August, 1907.
Inns P, BWaUUnsa, Locator,
per his agent i'meg McDonaI.u
No. 2.���-Commencing at a post marked J 1*. S's
tlmlKT limit, northwest corner post, located on
west fork of Summit creek, about two miles from
main creek, iht-neu running south Ho chains,
thence running east 80 chains, thence running
north 80 enalns, thence running west 80 chains
to place of commencement.
Located on the 2<Uh day of August, 11107.
John P BWaDBSBO, Locator,
per hi* agent Phick IIoDOHAU).
Notice is hereby given tnat <��o nays' alter dale 1
intend to apply to ttie Hon. Chief Commissioner
of IaiLtids and Works for perm lesion to pun base
the following described lands, situated  in   West
Kootenay district: commencing at a poM m<.rk-
ed by name as initial post of the South 1-ork
beanch, one hundred feet from the Juiu-iioii of
Lost creek with the south lork; tnance one-
quartcr mile to the northwest ooruer post, theme
one mile  to  the  norlheait corner )����st, thencu
orie-f(tiArter  mile   to the southeast corner post,
thence one mile to  the place of commencement
June 27, 1807. Located by Wm. Connolly.
NelMin Land District.   District of West Kootenay
Take   notice  tha��  Wesley   Bovee. of   Rlt/vllle,
Wash  , occupation butcher, intend* to apply for
especial timber licence over the following described Lands; on the east side of Priest nvir:
Commencing at a post planted one and a half
mild north of the international houii-'arv line,
thence west 80 chains, thence south 8*i chains,
thence east 80 ohalnst thence north so chains to
point of fommciircment, containing 840 acres,
more or less.
Dated Sept. llth, 1907. Wrmi.ky Movrs,
K. W.Smith, Agent
Nelson Land District District of iVesf Kootenay
Take notice that Henry Relchort. of Nelson,
I. ��- , prospector. In'end to apply for a spcdal
limber licence over the following described
No. 1��� Commencing at a post planted near If,
W. northwest corner post, lot No. 7lW'i, nnd
marked    "Henry     EtehJbert    southwest    corner
post,*'thence so chains north, thence ho chains
cast,  thence ��) chains south,  thence M0 chains
west to the point of commentement.
Dated Kept, the 20th, U*W.
Hknkt Kbiciikkt, Locator
Nelson Land District.   Dlstrlctol West   Kootenay
Take  notice that   I, Charles Sidney   Leery, of
Burton City, B. c , occupation farmer   intend to
apply for permission to purchase   the   following
described landi   Oommenolnj m s post planted
aboni five miles northwest from the mouth of
Mostjullo creek ami marked "(J. H. L's northeast
corner." thence south Ko chains, thence west 80
chains, tin-nee north 80 chains, thence cast HO
chains to point of commencement, containing
M0 acres.
Sept. 7th, 1007. OHAJtUM Hii��N��v LKAitY.
Nelson Land District. District Of W��it Kootenay
Take notice that William Andrew Ross, of
Ferule, B. C , hotel-keeper intends to apply (or
a special tlml>er licence over the following described lands: Commencing at a post planted
about six miles west of the Koolenay river, on
Corn creek, in the District of West Kootenay
ami being about six miles north of tin* International boundary line, and situate at the
northeast corner of William Andrew Boas' No.
H timber claim, thenee north HO chains, thence
west 80 chains, thence south Ho chains, thoaue
east BO chains, to the point of commencement.
Located July 23rd. 1907.
Dated the ath of Aug. 1907.
William Andhsw Roes.
Bargajns-ln Ladies' Goats-Bargains
S ectal diseonnl on si] Laidiae' and  Children's l''ull and Winter Coats
Wo will  sell inn- oomplete snick of Ladles' and Chlldri'ii's Ci.ais nl a I.lli-
i r.nl   Discount "n Friday.
Children's Winter Coats, regular IB.OO  at    *3 so
Ladles' Tweed Coats from *9.oo each mi
This Offer Is for FRIDAY Only and Intending
Purchasers Shott'd Come Early to
Make Selections.
You can buy a 10-acre Fruit Ranch  in   the best   fruit-growing district'   ���
in British  Columbia by paying   Sio down aud $io per   mouth.
Even as an investment this is worth consideration.
Fruit Land has trebled iu value within on year. What will it do next year?
Nelson I.and District. District of West Kootenay
Take notice that Patrick shenni, ot Nelson,
B. C , fwrujirttioii prospector, intend* to apple
for a special timber licence over the tollowtni
described landi*: Comineliciiiu; at a post planted
at the N.W comer post ol lot BoVt, belli* 1'alriek
sin run's N. K. corner post ruiinitiK south BO
i-haina, thence west no ih��tn", thence north*'
rhatna, thence east HO chains to point ol com-
rated AuirustSUt, 1007. i'ATHIi k Hiiehan,
BntGX ktham>, akcui.
Take notice that Ira F. Taylor, Clem, of Arrow-
head, B. C, intends to apply for a ipeclal licence
to cut timber irom the follow ins described
No. 1. Coinmeii-iiip; at a pot-1 planted ��0chalns
distance in an easterly direction from Cariboo
lake marked " Ira F. I aylor's, W. Pat kins" B. W.
corner." bounded on the south by T. L No, 7066,
on the west by i . L. Mo- 7673, thence north H
Chains, thence east MU chains, thence south MO
chains, thence west HO chains to point ot com
No. 2.    Commend iik at a pool planted *) vhainn
rJistanoe and in a easterly direction fr Cariboo
lak. marked "W. Parkins'. Ira K Taylor's 8 W.
corner post," bounded on the went by I. L 7887,
MQth   by Ira F.  Taylor's  and   W.   I'tukin-' | , |,
No. 1, thence north to ohsini, thence east imi
chains, thence south Widiaius, thence wesin-u
chains to point ol commem I'lieti"
W   F OoiLVIK,
11.a F  Ta < LOS,
Nelson Land District.   District Ol West Kootenay
lake notice that I, KiizaiM'th Pergnson. Ol Nel
���on, DrltlMh Columbia, occupation marrlcn wo*
man, intend to apply (or permission to pnrehane
the followluK described land : Commeiiciiuc at a
post planted lO (dialns west of the soutbeast corner Of section 99] Township 69, iCoOtettay, and
markcl "K   F.'s   N    K    corner,'' thence   west   Ho
ubalns, thence south 40 chains, thence saiteu
Chains, thence north 40 chains to the place of
commenireiiient and  coiitalnliiK Btt acres mure
l.'��th July, A. D. 1907.    Kl.I/.ATSTii Fkpoim.ot*.
by W. A. Culder, aKeiit.
Nelstin Land District.   District ol Wesl Kootenay
Take notice tliut I, John Land oI Nelson, H. c.,
OOI tipnlion   Dllnef   intend   to apply 101   peruiis
sii.n   topurchaiie the folInwliiK described lands:
Commencing at a pott planted at the n. k. o(
Lot 8093. thence east 90 chains, thence south ao
chains, thence  ��cst 90  chains, 1 hence   north 90
chains to point of commencement, containing tu
acres, more or lesa.
AuK"'"ly"d, 1007, John Lako.
��������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������� ���������������>���< # I
TAYLOR A.  McQUARRIE linv,.  r.-c-i Ivi-cl the flncHt coiibIkiuiii'IiI ��f Wsjll   ' II
i;nc.iiinii Tronserinn ever brought Into thr; Kootenajrs.   They range in piAf II
from   $6 to $15 a pair.' (
lu'st that money can buy.    Thoy will fit yo u perfectly blUinn or standing,       tl
Our trotuerg arg nn and made by expert  maonanlogj trimmed  with
Nelson Land District,   District ol West Kootenay
Take notice that 1, David 0>. Kurtz, of   Nelson,
B. O.i Occupation merchant, inttnd   to apply for
permission in purchase the following described
land:  Commencing ��t a post planted at the
southwest corner of section H4, lownship tiu,
Koolenav, and marked "11. Q, K.'s H. W. corner,"
thence   north  ho chains,   thence east   lOchaliiM.
thence south 60 chains, thence west 40 chains
to the  point of commencement and  containliiK
;j<?0 ncrcs more or less.
16th July, I907i DavidC  Kninv,,
W   A. Calder, mciit.
Nelson Land District.   D,strict ol West Kootenay
TakO  notlco  that Cornelius   HcrKmaii, of  Al-
i i, Man., occupation farmer, intend! to apply
for permission to purchase the following das
crihed land I CommencliiK at a post planted at
Krank K. Heamaii's H. K. corner, at a post marked
,'C. B. N. B.OOrner." and running west HtMrTiallis.
thence south Ho chains, cast ho tdiains, north HO
chains to place of hcglhliihic eonlinn mu- 64C
acres nf land, more or less,
Dtitid .'!id AllgUSt, 1807. CoiiNRl.ii'H HKKOMAN.
A it i unit A   He if ton, Agent
Nelson Land District. Distrielol Weal Koolwuay
Tak�� notice that Paul Auuust I'aulRnn, of Kitchener, B. C��� OOOnpatlon lumberman, intends
lo apply for permission to purchase the follow-
lux described landa: CommeAicine st a post
planted at tbe toutn boundary of the rlgbl-of-
Taylor & McQuarriej
?�����������*>������ ������������������������������������������e4e��eee������>��eeeeeeo��M *++������*** I
way ol the British Columbia Honthern Rail
way and about So chains westerly from mile po*t
52 on Hah I railway, thence sou: h 2Uchains, l hence
caHt 20 chain*, thence lonth 90 chains, thence
east ro cbiiitiH, thence nortb to the south i mi
ary of the rlnht (il-way of the British Columbia
Houtheru   Hallway,   thence   westerly  alotiK  ii10
said rlKht-oI-way (n place of connnein;cijienl.
Dated this 2nd day ol AUKust, 1��)7.
j 1'aui. Aconar I'ahuoh.
Blxty days after dale I Arthur Allen Burton,
rmi' In r, ol Burton ciiy, intend to apblj to tho
Chief Coniiiilsslonei*of funds nnd Works, Victoria, m  t;., to purchase the following desorlbed
lambs situate east ot Burt nil C.mi iticiieliiu a I a
posi marked "A. A B tOUthWest corner'1 and
planted at then w comer of lot h<��I2 <i l, ami
i hum ,lie north "i chains, thence east 40 chains,
thence COUth 60 chains, thence west 40 chains to
plaee ol ��� -ifii n run III
Aliens! 1st, HUT!.
Annum A   Uukton
Nelson Land District    District of West Kootenay
Take notice that aukus McGUl, of the City ol
Nelson, occupation lln-uiail, Intends to apply for
permlsllQH t�� purchase the lollowliig desui ibed
[amis: C'>iiiuieu(diiK at a post planted at the
N. W. comer L 0. Morrison's ranch, In Fire
a I Icy. tin ice north forty (40) chains, theUOj
est (o"'y (Hi) chains, ihcncu sonlh forty (4n)
nl i . th ence west forty Uilf chains to point of
-TOin--ii ��� finrnt, and coii\ti'lnliirt nne hundred
iThIx ty ( LOO) acres, morcjtr less.
Illi'l  -I  eptejiber 2nd, 19Uf.       ANOUH McOtLL.
Nelson Land District.  DistrBtof Weil Kootenay
Take notice that I'hilip B'ookibauk, of Nelson,
B. 0,i occupation rancher, ���bienda to apply for
permission to purchase the follow!!
land: CommcncliiK al a poll Plan""'..
west shore of Upper Wbatsban (' *��b00i"hi
theH. k. corner or lot 8180, Uiennweiueg
thence south HO  chains,   thence  ear
more or less,  to   the shore 01 ""���
northerly along the said   where 60  <
or less, to point  ef  commencement
100 acres, more or less. ���L-siuHK
Dated Hept. I8,h, 1W7,    PBHVMP Bs��0a8��W��
��ke. ftfjB
iHtii". m'"i
of Allot
Nelson Land District.   Dislric
Taku   notlco   that   Hiiro   Coslciis,
Maullobu,    farmer,      Intcnils    to   /     J,r
permiulOD lo purchase the  f��lll'wV *   ,,t  ftl^"1
land:   CommenciitK   *t i  l",Hl���'"""m,, crc'ki_
seven mlk's fnun tbe mouth of MOM   n        ������,(���
at northeast comer of this SPP'^'inVmoM
marked "H. c N. K. oorner/'and ro��Saiinrli*sl
Soohalna thence west ho chain", in       , coW.p
chains, thence east HO chains W pOlDi ����
moncomenl, qpntaliiitiR 640 acres.
Dated aoth .fay of Angn8tJJ07j fa^,
NeUouLand District.  DUUiOtOf W��J^JjTJ
Take     notice   that     t&*l1JL.Iffi   spP'jfl
Altona,    Manitoba,  broker,   1    ��     " i,llg df��-|
for permisalon to purchase tbe . >i'����   ^i I
crtlid land: CommeiieiiiR sta po�� e^StfH
the southeaat corner of land sp _��> ' ',.���-*���
five miles from tho mouth ��> KgSSfiXwam
marke.l F F H.H K. corner.' end r nm ltMnj��
nofth HOcbaliis, thence wesl w m *'.��� polnto*t
soi l h HO chains, thence east HO   l a   u       * I
commencement, contalnliiR tvinai r. s.
Dated 80th day of August, Ujt. f ,
AaiBuaA.BiHTuw.Ane^ The Daily Canadian
Ii you knew you could buy
I .,- Mt quality stamped "Canada Approved"   by Government
' Inspection on every package, would   you trouble making it, particularly when it will Cost You Less.
We have ii   i�� a^   sizes to suit   families, boarding  bouses
ami hotels, 7- '4 and 28 lb. pails; 60 lb. tubs.
P. Burns & Co., Ltd.
Kas',0, Rossland Boundary
Wholeaaia ProvUlona,
Governiin'iit Creamery One-Pound Bricks received weekly fresh from the
rhurn.    For sole by all leading grocer*.
Otrice and warehouao: Houston Block,    Phone 79.
Josephine Street.       -        -        -       Nelson, B. C.
6_ 20-ACRE
Subdivision of Appleton Urolhero'  tract.    Improvements on every  block.
Tenders Wanted for the Purchase of a.
Mineral Claim,
ItaJeri Ai''.,'-- to the undersigned, at hi*
������> . -   Iloun, in the UftJ oftUlsoa,
wiill* n-.fh.ii up till the hour ot 5o vines, lu
Ibe .lu-rniH.n. ��� .( Friday. November Lab, 1 J"7.
ol the �� President" >VVV.
Clum, Lot >'. Uroup 1, hootenay D ��lrlt l,
���blt-hWM'li'il-tr.-l loin' forfeited t*> the Crown
���tlbe tax ml* held In the cut ol Nelson, on the
ttMirol Nov, 1906, lor deilnuutjnl l��*'*�� "P
till June 8tnh, l*-*>. and eost*. 'he upset
,. Mitl Mineral claim, which in-
t.u.ie��tbe summit i'| .lelhiuent taxes and SOW
it the um<��� ol forfeiture, with interest, taxes
���hlch have ilnce accrued, oosti ol advertising,
ifllit-M.irrrnwn >.rstit (8*5.00) 1* 8��1 46, which
��l amount iliat will be considered a" a
Kn.lrr ,     ,
Uch   lander   mnit   be   accompanied    by   an
���Mtptedehfriue lor th* lull  amount ot the   tends., payable to  the  .inter  ol thu   Deputy  Opm-
��� ! Lands ami Works, at \ U'toru. H. *
i Nelson, B.C., toll llthdavof Oet..rJQ7.
��� -mernuicnt Agent.
Tenders Wanted for the Purchase of a
Mineral Claim.
Certificate  of Improvements*
"Union" Mineral tlatm situate In the Nelson
Mining Division, ol the West Kooteuay DutrtcL
\\ hen- located :-On Toail Mountain two and a
halt mile* iron. Nelson, B. 0,
Take, notice that I. * A. Macdnnald, acting a*
inat for Hugh Sutherland. Free Miner's Cer-
titlemte No. Kf. .... intend no days from the date
hereof, to apply to the Mining Recorder fork
t'ertlflfate of improvements, for the purpose of
obtaining a Crown   'irant  of  the above claim.
And further take notice that action, under
Section :i7, must be commenced before the issuance of such Certificate of Improvements
Dated this Mrd day of September, A   I)., 1907
W. A    MACIlHNAI.lt
Certificate  of Improvements.
"Mil- 11 ��� > t �������� Fraction" Mineral Claim, situate
In (he Trout Lake Mining Divl-don, ot West
KiHimnay District. Located on Poplar creek.
Take notice
Certificate Ni
dale hereof It
1,   C.   I'adley  Free  Miners
nrt Of) da        '
ply to the Mining Recorder for
TttHteri addressed   to  the   nuderslgiutl  al hi*
Lbe Court Home, in the City of Nelson,
rtsoelTsd np till the   hour   ol i�� o'clock, U
tht- aftcru* -���:.     ��� ���  Friday, Nov. Ifith,   1907. tor  I he
l-'.t. lis-.- at iho "Old Abe"   Mineral  Claim,  Lot
l  l   k..(.ienay   Ulstrlci,   which   was.ile
'���>'!     I-   lorfeltod  to ihe  Crown al  tho  tax
r-citi ol Helton.on the tab day ol
itellDUUOBt   taxes   up   ttil   Jum
���ate No.   BH*v>tv.,  intend fw> day*  from the
0 apply to the Mining Red.
��� i i' - ,. i. of Improvements for the purpose of
obtaining s Crown <irant of the above Cla.m.
Ami further take notice that action under
Section :n, must be commenced before the
Issuance of lUch Certificate of Improvements.
haled thin hti day of October, 1UU7.
Mlh, Ittt, and oostl im- upset price upon the
�����l<l Mini ml Claim, which Unhide* the amount
Qltaxeaand COtl al the lime of lor-
���tUir-s, with interest, m\et* which lime since
Meraed.cottaof advariti.ng, and lee lor Crown
��niil Bi5 00) ii |76 -5, whlOB U kbl leant amount
"������twill i"Oonsldl'led  s��a tender.
Kteh lander must In* accompanied ���'>��� an
��'C|" 1. i, , .. tor tho loll amount of th. ��� t. n
wr.MjsblB (., tl,,��� Hitler of the.Deputy Qs����
""Mumtrof Lsii.ls and Works, at Victoria, B.O.,
��t par,
Dittdat Nalion, B.C. tl. In Uihdav ol (let rWU7.
liovernmenl Agent.
Tenders Wanted for the Purchase of a
Mineral Claim.
TMriiriadartoMd to inc  undersigned at  his
JWIB tU Coufl IIOUSO, in IheCll) nf Nelson,
I"��^'n-.x.|V..d up till ihe  hour of 6 oVIonk,   In
rh1""n' '."i Frl.lav.Nov.   1Mb, IW, for tho
V'r'i'-'*'->.i   'i HuilKur"   Mim-ral   Claim,   1-it
���-1.V T.111. ' Kn,"cnay IMslrict, which win* di��-
"����rw to be (orleltod to the Crown at the lax
���������i" i'i.in n,,. my of Nelson, on ihu nth '����y
��illi i*V ' lt,r ^cllmiuyiit luxes upllll June
��m in "' n1"1 ,,'",,N- 'Iho upset price upon the
<.l... 'f": ' irtl1"' which IneiudeK the amount
Iciii.r ","",ul bi"M and costs at the llmo Ol lor-
fcTti iWl '"hresi, laxus which have since
'.ran. i,,'"',,,"( "'Ivertlslng. mid (e��* for Crown
that Jul*I       l"***-Wi "hich is the least unionnt
it>ccnnnidar��d lts a tender.
��,;*  '   '''"I't   mimt   Ihi   iiei'ompaiilc.l    by   an
rJe, l.;''' '.'!'  'ot the lull   amount of the U'ti-
Uiism ,J"''''V" the order   ol   the   Deputy   OOM*
5*?.      '   UDdi anfl Works, at Vieifiria, H Q ,
UktBdal N,.iM.ti, B.O. this Hth day ofOrt., WW.
HAKHY wkhiiit,
tJovernment Agent.
In tho mailer of an application for the isnue of
a dupllcste Certificate ol Title for part (10 seres)
of l����'t slJ.Urotip one, in the l>lr>trlc[ of Kootenay.
Notice th hereby given that It Is my Intention
to Issue at tho expiration of one month from the
tl rat publication hereof iidupllcate of the Cer-
ttneate ol 'lille for the shove lands In the name
of Andrew Morrison, which Certificate of Title
U dated the BUl day o| Manh, UOD, and iiiiui-
b      "1  'JCI9K.
i inil Registry OfflOO, Nelson, 11. C.Heptembcr
lain, pan.
"H|   F. MAI-I.EOII,"
DlHtrlct Registrar.
In the matter of an application for the Issue of
duplicate!- of the Certllli ul< s ot Title to loll 11,
II and 1.1. group 1, West Kootenay Ulstrlci, also
known as tb�� "Kootenay Chief," "Comfort" ami
"l.uiu" mineral claims respectively.
Notice Is hereby given that It In my Intention
to Issue at the expiration of one monlh after tho
tlrsl publication here..fa duplicate of Certificate
of Title Mi. otttlla of an undivided Hl-lOOths ill
each of the a��'ove)ot*, Issued on the 17th day of
May, A D.1BM in ihenameof.lohnC. Ainsworth,
and also a duplicate ol Certificate of Title No.
fiWHIa of an undivided llMMUm tU each ol the
shove [Otti Issued OD the 17th day of May, A. U
lKHfi.in Iho name of Ueorne J. Ainsworth.
Land Keglslry Office, Nelson, It. C, Augimtfdh
H. F. MAcLmn,"
District Kegliitrar.
Tenders Wanted for the Purchase of a
Mineral Clahn.
���"'il't.', in I,),,, ,
will u. ronii
themuj -
hi II,t-  uiidcrittKin'it  nt   all
Iuiikj, in the out nt Nation,
-.   till Um iiour lit r, n'ciiii.k in
���-.  'I frlilay,   Nov. 16th,  11H17, for llii'
'!  In.  ������Hniklrk"   Mlmilnl   ttlnlm,   I^>1
 '"��>   Dlatrlot. Whigs wim ,ti'
"tl-licl  t,i tlm Crown at tlm  lux
'-  < Ity nf  NeUnii, nn  the Hth  <tHy
B-..or aellnnueat taxi-H up till Jane
���n'troila.   iho n,^,.,  prtoi ,,i in-
-"�����,ni,,,,,   '"��� "iiiiii tui'iuiliia thaamouni
'���ttttn. ,, ''""'" "mt''OlitH nt the Union! tnr-
f"'",eil ,',,., I","r!'��t. t����t.�� whli'h ham ilnre
l,IMll(,. 'Y" 'Inv-itlMtiia. "11,1  fno fur  (trnwll
1,1,1 mil t�����,. , ',5�� ''���''��� walob m tht taut amount
1Mb leu,, r'''1 aH ��� ti.iiititr.
''tci'ii;,i -ii, ","'"1 '"' Moompanlad t>y ��n
""' i',.��i,',',""!," ""' roll ainiiiiiii nt tlm too-
"   '"nil ���i      ."!*'  n,l,l'r  nl  tlm   i-upuly  Com-
lt,   'oi Landaand Woika.al Vn-mria, B.c,
"'N,''""".'!.i;., til In 1,1 hrtnvn! "nt. linn.
" \KKY WltlllllT,
uovernmout Agent.
-.'.., Ill IN ll
��� II A HI.
J       Uo>
in otic re
in tlm mattsrof an appuoauqn tnr tht> i.siio of
ailnpllriiti.nl llu-r.-rtllli-ato ot Title for tot IB,
hiih the wi-��l hull ot lot til, hlorli I". In Iho Town
,,[ N-lsiili
Niitl-i' In hiTohv Blvon that it In my Intention
In luua at the nxlilrallnn ol nne month alter Iho
II ml piililleiiltini herenf a iluplloHto of Iho eertltl-
rati-ol tlile lor Ih-ahnve lainl��, 111 the name nl
l.y.lm Milelil.. whleh eerllllealo In ,l��Uil the ��l��t
day ot liecomhor, I'.KW, ainl nniiMN'rod Ml k.
Illmrliit ItcKtHtrar.
In the Matter of    the "Land    Reglatry
Act" and Amendments thereto,
to ihe matter nl an npplieation lor tho laauo of
n lVinlleate ol I ��� lor Itl-alo of Title tor Lptl
��it 'i.K . tl.1 ii".   '1'O'tp 1, Knotonay  BUtrlot.
^o��fW���������. "tt^stioi?:1"
Augliil. 1IW. butVlot Kagl��tr��r.
French Sketch of Moroccan Towrr That
Has  Borne  Brunt of  Wars
and Revolutions.
Parte, Oct. 89.���Before Casablanca 1b
forgotten���or rebuilt, for It is all but
destroyed���it is interesting to know
what It is like. It was not all a Moorish city tike the others. U was not
built in the middle ages, when the
Moors of Spain transmitted their culture to Africa, and Morrom Huished at
the I'yrenes. There was nothing romantic in its history or picturesque In its
situation, it was just a modern seaport resulting from inefficient efforts of
Moors and Europeans to trade together.
In lime it might have come to something, as ft stands at the dividing line
of North and South Morocco, which
are two very different countries and
need means of communication with each
other as well as with the rest of the
world. It Is about equi-distant from the
two capitals In the interior���Fez and
Marrakesh���and sixty miles, more or
1���1, along the coast from Kabat to the
north and Mazagan to the south. There
was and is reason for a trading port
there, and the harbor, bad as it is, is
the only one along this part of the Atlantic coast.
Casablanca, of course, is the Spanish
name, which, as usual, represents no
present reality. When you come in
from the ocean you see nothing but a
line of high gray walls, dirty and spotted where the plaster has fallen from
the stones. A great gale in the walls
open to you its doors, lined with tin
rusted by the sea spray. It was here
the French soldiers were caught by
treachery, and had to fight for their
lives, the massacre of the Moors being
the natural wind-up. Inside the gates
ail Is flat and monotonous, narrow and
crowded   and  dirty   and melancholy.
To see the town you have to go up to
ihe roof terrace of some of the European houses. Then you discover that
the city has three parts, each with Its
own color. Around you is the Medina���
?.he real white city���with new high
houses, half Moorish, half European,
built by Europeans who have come
here In quest of fortune or to aid their
country's diplomacy. Some of these
houses are Inhabited by the wealthier
Moors, who have been quick to appreciate modern comfort and would be
glad to live in peace and comfort.
Next comes the Intermediate quarter
���the Mellah���where the Jews, one-third
of the town, live together in houses all
painted blue from roof to mudsill of the
door on the narrow tortuous streets.
Then, encircling all, without plan or
order, is the Tnaker���the mud-plastered reed huts of the Moorish populace.
When   the   rains    of     winter   fall,   the
The nnniml general meaUng of the
Knotonay Krnlt drawers' Association
will lie lielil in the Court House, Front
street. Nelson, on WVsdesda.v, November
fi, 1!)07, at 7:10 p. ni.
Nelson, Oct. 20, 1907.
The annual meeting of the Nelson
Agricultural and Industrial Association
will he held In the Court House, Front
Street. Nelson, on Thursday, November
7, at 2 p. m.
Nelson. Oct. 20. 1907.
We offer you best fruit lands;
best terms; nest location; best
climate. Absolute titles. You
don't have to use all of your means
In paying for land. We want you
to put It Into development. We
also have tracts of 50 to 6000 acres,
prices and terms the best. We own
these lands and handle nothing on
If you don't see Fruitvale you
miss the best In B. C.
Kootenay   Orchard
Ward Street, Nelson, B. C.
More complete, satisfying and enjoyable
than those prepared with Bupplles from
this store. You'll probably want a few
"extras" for the occasion. We have anticipated this, and have been busy getting ready to serve you well. Some of
the following ought to Interest you Just
now: Cranberries, 2 lb for 35c; Henry's
Sweet Gherkins, 50c per bottle; Davies'
Sweet Relish, 25c per bottle; Gillard's
Relish. 25c per bottle; Tokay Grapes,
20c per lb; Aylmer Boned Turkey, 35c
per  can.
Of electrical work finished and charged
for from this shop will show you how
squarely and honorably wo conduct our
Those who employ ua need not worry
about our charges and as to workmanship thoy know it is the best.
Repairs to machinery, telephones, etc.
promptly  attended to.
P. O. Box 155. Phone 227 A.
Joy's Gash Grocery
Cor. Josephine & Latimer Sts.
Tel. 19. NELSON, B. C. P. O. Box 637.
ground Inside and outside Uie huts is
one mass of mud. Hut still each hut-
wife turns the crank of her barley mill
and croons slow and sadly the praise
of Allah. To "them, and to the brethren
of the Chaonla tribes that cultivate
poorly the country around, the white
houses of the Medina were precious
and desirable for plunder���which dispenses with religious fanaticism as an
Marconi   Admits   Many   Improvements
Still Necessary.
Halifax, Oct. 29.���The Marconi system of trans-Atlantic cyuiinunicalioa is
now fairly well established and with
every intermission station at Glace Hay
In constant operation since the opening
a week ago.
Marconi now claims that he has no
intention whatever of competing with
the cable companies for some time to
come, until his trims-Atlantic stations
at all events are better equipped to
successfully handle the great bulk of
business he is constantly deluged with.
This will mean until Cape Cod and
I'oldhu stations are constructed and until machinery of all stations are duplicated in every detail.
The most serious difficulty is the inability of the system to trunsniit and
receive messages at the same time,
necessitating moving operations from
one room to another at intervals and
admits of some confusion arising in
operation of the two stations in communication.
It is also somewhat of a bar to absolute accuracy for If for any reason the
receiving operator Is unable to Interpret the messuge being sent out, It is
impossible for him to acquaint the
sender, until the station is prepared to
Loss of time entailed because of this
Is manifest. Marconi, however. Is satisfied that this can be remedied.
Tremont House
Europe*n and American Flan
Maala 86 ctr.   Roorai from at eta. to D.
only Whlta Heip Jtmployod.
Baker at.. Kelwn Proprietor!
Waterproof Paints
Coal Tar, Pitch,
Creosote, Oils for
Preserving Timber,
Roofing Pitch and
Boat Builders will find It to their advantage to use our Pitch.
Nelson Coke & Gas Co.
Coal! Ice! Wood!
Phone 265
Yale-Kootenay Ice, Fruit,
Foel &. Poultry Co., Ltd.
I     omcui
N. E. co,. Baker   and   Ward   Sts.
Moat comfortable quarters      NcInodJ
Only the beat of Llquora and cigars.
Grand Central Hotel
Thoroughly renovated and refurnished. Rooms 50 cents upward. The
dining room is unexcelled In the city.
House heated throughout with hot
3. A. KRICKSON, Proprietor.
Telephone, 250.    Opposite Court Rons*
and Postofflce. Nelson. B. C.
Queen's Hotel
B*k*T Btreet, Nelson. B. O.
Lighted by Electricity and
Heated by Hot Air
Large *nd Comfortable Bedrooms and Flrst-
elaaaDloing Boom.   Sample Booms for Commer-
elal   Man.
MRS. B. C.CLABKK.  Proprietress
Bartlett   House
geo. w. BAHTbrrr,
Best Dollar-a-Day House in Nelson.
Tbe Bar ti the Fineat.
White Help Only Employed.
10-Acre Blocks For Sale
In the Slocan Valley; free from   stone;   level land;  ample water;  railway facilities;  good settlement; easy clearing.
Price: $50 to $85.   Terms: One-fifth cash,  th*  balance   one-fifth  each
year.. Interest 6 per cent.
H. Ssl M. BIRD
A great many sales have been  made of lots In this charming suburb
of Nelson and only a few beBt lots are left.
Are in a class by themselves. Large, level benches.
Magnificent soil. Unexcelled transportation facilities.    NO ISOLATION AT ROBSON.
For Price and  particulars apply to
McDermid & McHardy
imc?i .saa-aisj    a��_   ar�� �����
Josephine BL
Nelson, B. O.
Royal Hotel
Rates tl and il.50 a Day.
Special Bates to Regular Boarders
The Silver Grill has opened under new management. VWiite labor
only employed. The beet 35 cent
m--a1 In the city.
Tenders Wanted for the Purchase of a
Mineral Claim.
Tenders addresned to the undcmlirned at his
office in the Court House, In the City ol
Nelson, will be n-celved up till the
hour 015 o'clock, in the afternoon, of Frl
day, November 1st, 19m, for the purchase of
the "Auiiu" Mineral Claim, Lot 5380. Group 1,
Kootenay District, which was declared to be
forfeited to the Crown at the tax Hale held In the
City of Nelson, on the 6th day ol November. 190ft.
frtr delinquent taxes up till June aoth, 1906, and
1 he upset prlee upon the said mineral claim,
which Includes thu amount of delinquent taxes
mi'! fusts at the time of forfeiture, with lntcred,
tuxes which have since accrued, cost of adver-
tlsinK, and fee for Crown Grant (1*26.00.) is $12H.70,
which In the leant amount that will be considered
as s. tender
Kach tender must be accompanied by an accepted cheque for the full amount of thu tender,
pHvable totheorderof the Deputy Commlfttdpner
of Lands anil Works, at Victoria, B, C, at par.
7 rooms and bath, 50 ft corner lot,
centrally located, one-half cash,
balance  on  terms $2100
6 rooms and bath���excellent repair,
electric light, water, sewer, 1 1-2,...
Silver King and  Granite Roads,  Kootenay, Salmon and  Slocan Rivers,
Arrow  and  Kootenay Lakes, etc.
Carbonate  St.,  (25  ft) % 150
Latimer St, (60 ft) fenced and cultivated,    $ 4&0
Park, near Vernon, (52 x 142 ft)$ 500
Robson St, (150 ft corner) f 460
Fairview,   (4   lots)   cultivated, fine
view of lake, near car line.
Houston St (50 ft corner) $ STS
Also building sites on Vernon and Baker
F*. B.  LYS
Real Estate Agent
115 Baker St, Nelson, B. C
Lumber, Shingles*
Lrath, Aloulciings, Doors, Window!
Turned Work and Brackets.
VECIUNOrV 8TRKBT   -   ���
Mail Orders promptly
,l   Nel-.nu.  B.C.,  this 27th day of Sept.
Government Agent, Nwlson, It C.
Certificate   of   Improvements
"Montreal'* and "Quebec" Mineral Claims situate in the Nelson Mining Division, of West
Kootenay District.
Wherelocated:���West branch of north fork of
Salmon river, on Craig Mountain, about nine
miles from Krlc, B. ('.
Take notice that 1, Alfred Krnest Gallupc, Free
Mlucr'i Certificate No. B049. Intend, sixty days
from the date hereof, to apply to the Mining
Recorder for a Certificate Ol Improvements, for
the purpose of obtaining Crown Grants ol the
above vfuims.
And further take notice that action, under
section S7, must be commenced boforo the issuance of such Certificate of Improvements,
Dated this I'JttU day of September, 1907.
No. 310.
Certificate of the Registration of an Extra-Provincial   Company.
Boots at Cost
You can buy boots and shoes at ycur own price.    The McLaren, Dallas
anil Marsh Bool reduced from $5.00 to $3.75.
Worklnsmen's Gaiters from $1.95  to $2.15, usual price $2.75 to $3.00.
411i/2 Ward Street. \j
A Shoemaker wanted to take over Shoemakirrg Department.
Auction every Saturday evening. Auctioneering at Public Sales. Cabinet work and upholstering, and all kinds of mattresses made to order.
"CoarAviRH a it, 1887." ���
I hereby certify that the "Falls Creek Copper
Mlnltut Compauy, Limited," has this'lay been
registered as an Kxtra-Provluclal Company under the "Companies (Act, 1897," to e��rry out or
effect all or any of the objects of the Compa,iiy
to which the legislative authority of the Legis<
Inline of British Columbia extends
The head otfloeofthe Coini>auy Is situate at
the City ol Spokane, Btate ot Washington, U.S.A.
The amount ol the capital of tbe Company is
one million five huuured thousand dollars.
divided into one million five hundred thousand
shares of one dollar each.
The head office of the Company In this Province Is situate at Nelson, and Michael C Mon-
aghan, Miner, whose address is the same, Is the
attorney of the Company
Tho time of the existence of the Company is
fifty years from the lfith March, 1907.
The Compauy is specially limited under soc-
tinn fi6 of the above Act.
Given under my hand and seal of office at
Victoria, Province of British Columbia, this ir.t h
day   of May, one thousand nine hundred and
^T��aJ 8. Y. WOOTTON.
Regis.rar of Joint Stock Companies.
Undertakers and Embalmers.
Notice is hereby given that the undersigned
have submitted to tne Lieutenant Oovernor-in-
Councll a proposal under the provisions of tho
"Rivers and Streams Act," for clesrlng aud removing obstructions from Goat River and Meadow Creek, In the District of West Kootenay, and
for making the same fit for ratting aud driv
ing thereon logH, timber, lumber, rafts and crafts
nud for erecting and maintaining booms for
holding, sorting and delivering logs and timber
brought down said creek and river, and for attaching booniH to the shore of paid creek and
river for said purposes.
The landx to be affected by said work are:���
Lots :'�����>���.*, 5187, 4692, and sub lots 1, 8. 11, 1%, 11 and
16 of Lot 4682, Group 1, Kootenay District.
Tho tolls proposed to be chargod are such as
mav be fixed by the Judge of the County Court
of West Kootenay.
DatedSlst July, 1907.
Tits International Lumber a tt v.u antu.k Co.,
Old Curiosity Shop
If yon want to buy or sell anything,
go to the Old Curiosity Shop. A new
line of Japanese Goods now on sale.
All kinds ot Dinnerware In stoek. Patterns.
F. C GREEN       F. r. BURDOI       A. BL 6MBI
Civil Engineers Dominion and British
Columbia Land Sarrctots
r.O.BesUS   PhootlilB.
INEL^SOiN,    -    B. C.
General Job Work, Chimney
iny, Carpet Cleaning, Fixing Mad CataW-
Ing Stoves, eta.
11 East Baker St        Stum No. AIM
:   i"
' :
W i It
)    ;
The Daily Canadian
so all busy people, wo are sure we
can save both time and nioii.y for
you if you will come now and inspect the different   lines  of  S l��
we are showing for the Christmas
Selections will be likely to prove
far more satisfactory if niaile now
than if left for your busiest days.
Watchmaker and Optician
And Belts
Fancy Chiffon and Silk
Collars with or without tabs
at, each, 50c, 75c, $1.00 to
��� New Elastic Bearled Belts.
New Leather aud Silk
Belts in all colors.
The He*t Hard Coal ol, the market.
Bankhead Brl-
The   Best   DometUO t'oal.
West Transfer Co.
The tourist hotel   of   Nelson*
corner ot Stanley and Victoria
Streets. Two blocks from depot.
��� ���U
M. H. Farmer, G. D. Hyde, Boston;
Mrs. Eflson, J. K. Rowley, OoldettPlume
mine: Mrs. G. D. Turner, Kamloops;
Mrs. D. Holllnger, Erie; R. J. Smardon.
v manufactured from tin-   ,:i,-m   tobacco, mi *
ripened and dew-KWpetoned.     U'l mild, foil*
uavorcti and dqoL   A lobtu-uo you     ,
r Otsfflat to try
fobacconist.   Baker Street.
See Us
For Good Fruit Land
10 Acre Blocks to 800
Acre Blocks.
Bedrock Prices.
Easy Terms.
E. Croadsdaile & *��
Next Door to LJauk of Commerce.
Phone  9. P.  0.  Box 672.
Oor. Viarnon and Ward Street.,
NBLSO.N. fc��. V
A. C. McKoen, Seattle; M. L. Savage,
W. T. Tiller, H. <���'��� BeUefl, A. M. Suitou,
Toronto; H. Church, A. Small. Nea
Denver; R. \\". Btlbbens, Boston; F. K
Abotson, w. J. Alien. MarysvlHe; F. P.
Burden, Lardo; '!'. ii. Arnold, Philadelphia; C. F. Sodertng, \'. R. Jones, spo-
kane; \V. Flasbman, Vancouver; A. F.
Dudgeon, Revelstoke.
Mrs, K. Royster, San Francis���; E. .1.
Murphy, New Orleans; T. .1. Kot-k.
Qrohman; N. McCallum. Bonnlngton;
W. \V. bock. Fruitvale; N. Mi-Kachren,
Revelstoke; w. E. F. Qlbson, Cran-
brook; it Heddle, Waneta; J. McDonald, A. .M. McDonald, J. Kelson, Spokane.
w. it. Blanchard, Winlaw;   L. father
and wife,  Westley;   Rev.  D.   W.  Scott,
1   Baton;   E.   Barron,  Grand   Forks;  J.
Gillies, Procter.
Ml       1.    Gori '"i.   BlUl     Hell:    Mrs    T
LeFou, Sandon; 0. Nelson, Ainsworth;
I'   i:   McArthur, H. McCaslln, .1. Crook.
--'':"".    A.   II.   Anderson,   Vicir;    II    I..
Fif.-.     SI..can:     C.     North l,r i.l e.-.    Van
'��� mvei. M  Crook, I!  Rystrom, Phoenix,
F. Howard, .i   I'. Dterton, Penterton.
U .-.  W.   Ii    ("ranch,  Cn iton;   .1    ii
i.   Burton   \v. Burke, Vmfr;  A
f��. Bayward, Calgary.
E. A   North, silver Klag;  H. Taylor,
Moyle; w. Barbour, Balmo; c. tiin. sil
A. McDonalds Co.
Dealers In staple and fancy Groceries.
Butter, Eggs.
Damp aud Miners' Supplies.
Cleared,    cultivated,     planted
with   8o   trees,  good   water,
first rate location, $700.
411 KlndB nf Heating Plants In Stock.
A. M. Can. See. C. E.
Mining Work a Specialty.
Office.  Bealey Building.    P. <>. Buz 434
���faker St, nelson, b. C.
Victoria St., Nr. Ooera House.      Tel. 181.
w.   a.   OILLETT
Contractor   nnd
Hole agent for the Porta Rlro Lumber (Jo., Ltd..
ratall ynnlf* KniiKh Hint flrcitoi/d lumber, turned
work ntid hrackeU C<-a*-i Jatli and nbfiiKlpi,, r-anb
Hiid df-orn. ('eui'tit, brick and lime /or ttale
Automatic arttidcr.
Yard and
P. o. Box -m.
1 factory: Varnou Ht.. eaat of Hall
Telephone 17s
Boundary  Train   Delayed.
The derailment of a number of
i relghl cars on thu Boundary branch
i ; the C. P. H. yesterday afternoon
delayed the Boundary train and consequently the coast and Rossland connections! for severAl hours last night
The damage done was very slight.
Engineer Selected.
The members of the tire, water and
light committee. Mayor Giilett and Aid.
Selous. Hose and McMorris, remained
in session until 1.30 this morning. They
will submit ten names to the council tonight in order of their prccendenee.
They are unanimous as to first choice,
a graduate of Met. ill's science department with wide and successful experience.
Back   From   Coast.
W'm. Irvine and family have returned
from a two weeks' trip to the coast
cities. While away they visited Vancouver. Victoria, Seattle and Portland.
Mr. Irvine made a careful study 'if business conditions on the coast, and is
convinced that legitimate business was
never belter than at the present time.
In Portland particularly he found this
to be the case.
New   Church   Organization.
A meeting of the holies of the congregation of St. Saviour's church will
be held in the parish hall this evening
at S o'clock for the purpose of forming
an organization to work for parish Interests exclusively. A cordial Invitation is extended to all and especially to
those who do not at pr-.-sent belong to
any other organisation in connection
with the church.
W. K. F. I.
The autumn meetinsa of tho West
Kootenay Farmers' Institute are being
held this week. A meeting was held
at Riverview, at Jas. Tarry's, yesterday,
one is being held at Harrop today, and
another will be held in the court house
here tonight at 8 o'clock. The speakers will tie Miss Rose, of Guelph, T. A.
Prydon. of Victoria, and J. R. Anderson,  deputy  minister of Agriculture.
I. O. O.  F. Social.
The social evening In the Oddfellows'
hall last night proved a very enjoyable
function. There was a large attendance including many visiting Oddfellows. The programme of music and
speeches was grea'ly enjoyed, all the
more perhaps because it was almost entirely impromptu. The refreshments
were not at all impromptu. That department had received careful attention
and was an untpialified success.
Geo.  B.  Howard Co.
It is Indeed a relief to witness a performance like that presented by the
Geo. P. Howard Co. last night after being tortured almost to death by the various alleged dramatic companies that
have visited Nelson during the past
summer. Geo. P. Howard Is a capable
actor and he has surrounded bJmseli
with a well-balanced company. Not
only has Mr. Howard exhibited discretion in his selection of a company, but
he has also consulted the tastes of the
public in the clasti of plays he Is producing. "Christopher, Jr." is a clever
farce comedy, but no more enjoyabk
than that piece < acted (or tonight,
The Nominee." Miss Betty Jonson,
who takes the leading female part, is
an actress of considerably above aver-
sge  ability,    The  company  should be
we|] patronized for the rest of the week.
The Egyptian of Pompeii.
The Kgyptlan of Pemp'ii, under the
direction of Harold  Nelson and Clifford
That in every line of business neat stationery is absolutely necessary.
Is done Quickly and   in an
Up-to-date Style at
The Famous T. & B. Blend
is growing in popularity every
day because it is the best we
can procure.
Our special line at 3 lbs. for
$1.00 is a dandy.
Corner Billcs and Josephine 8ts.
"Heth Norvril." by Randal] Parriab,
a Western Stork, oni   of Mr. Par-
rista'B   best %\M
"The Weavers." by (lllben Parker % 1.60
"The Shuttle." by Francis Hodgson
iiurnet I1.B0
'The   Crimson   Conquest,"   Charles
lIudKon $1.60
"The Shiilnmitc." Alice and Clauds
Askew Jl.lT.
"The Empire Builders,"
by  Francis Lynde $1.50
"The Successor," Richard Prfoo, $1.60
"The Daughter of Anderson Craw."
by George Hair McCutcheon $1.2.".
"The Glen 0*Weeptng." by Bowes. |ljs
Sat.au   Sanderson."   by   ilallle   Kr-
niinie Rives,, .cloth $1.25, paper 7.".
The Younger Set,"
Kobt.   \V.  Chambers $i.lt.
"Hilma."   by   William   TUlinghuret
Eldrldge $1,511
"The   Sowing  of  Anderson  Cree,"
by  Margaraf   I'.  Montague $1.60
'A Sovereign Remedy."
Flora   Annie   Steel $1.25
"The Long  Labrador Trail."
by  Dillon Wallace $1 60
W. G. Thomson
���^SK""'1     Nelson, B.C.
Phon. 3-4.
Lane Druce. will appear at the Ojiora
House In Nelson on November 4th.
The play opens with the fete day
at Pompeii. Nydia. the blind girl, wanders through the streets selling flowers.
Qlaucus, the noble Athenian, converses
with her but does not guess that she
loves him, for to him she Is but a child,
and his afTecIlons are centered on lone,
the beautiful Neapolitan maiden. She
and her brother, Apaecides, have been
pupils of Arhac.'s. the Kgytian, and
he, while trying to keep the brother
from becoming a Christian, tries at the
same time to win lone for bis bride.
She, however, loves Glaucus. The interest of the play circles round Arbaces,
the Egyptian, who with his base treachery and cunning makes a strong personality.
The plot is good. The costumes are
typical of that early era, the sandalled
feet, the flowing robes, and the baud of
Christians In their black boods and
While tins production Ib under the
direction of Harold Nelson and Clifford
Lane Bruce, they have spared no naius
to make ihls new venture a buccoss. A
i-apiihle company of New York players
have been chosen to fill tho various
roles to supiiort MIbs Ilelene Scott, who
appears as lone, the Neapolitan
maiden. .Miss Scott is too well known
through the west to need mention, hav-
Ing appeared for bo many seasons as
leading woman for Ihe Nelson-Bruce
Co. Her many Irlends and admirers
will be glad io welcome her after an
absence of two years.
Mr. Joseph Do Stefanl, an actor of
great ability   and   long  experience,   ap-
NotJre is hereby given that the undersigned   have submitted   to   the   l.ieu-
tr-niinr.-fiov*ii'nofj fn-courieii a proposal
under the Hirers and Btreami Act for
the clearing and removing obstructions
ii'itn the Duhame] creek (otherwise
known u Six Milr Creek) in the Die-
trift of West Kootenny, Province oi
British Columbia, nnd for making the
Knid creek fit for rafting and driving
thereon 1"Kh. timber and lumber, ano"
for erecting and maintaininK dame on
the said creek; nnd for construct Ing
and maintaining boonu (tor holding,
sorting and delivering logs and limber
thereon, and for attaching booms on
Kootenay Luke at the mouth of n.-iid
The lands to be affected by siirh
work are Lots ;s7. 7*8, 7001, 777::, 43:��4,
S411 and HIS all in Group One. Koote
nay District, and other lands not Crown
Granted, i ocupled or unproved.
The tolls proposed to be charged are
such as may be fixed by the Judge of
the  1 'ounty  Court  of  Wpst.  Kootenay.
Oated the 28th  day of October.  1007.
Whole*-*]** ami  Kctall Dealt*rt Hi
Fresh and Salted Meats
Camps Htippln'd on shoruwt notice and
lowest price.        Nothing but fresh and
wholesome inontPand supples kept m sNxk
Mall orders receive careful attnition.
E.   C.   TRAVES,   Manager.
Its Busings Energy
AMD    _
Pare Ontario Honey.
5 lb. Tins,
{Telephone lfll.
Sherman's Opera House
"The Nominee"
Prices 2fic, 50c, Trie.
Seats now on sale at Huthcrford's.
Monday, Nov. 4
Monday���"A   Western  Girl."
Tuesday���"The   BgyptJan or I'ompeli M
Tour  under  the direction  of  Harold
Nelson ami Clifford Lane Brims,
Prices 60e, T.'.c, 11.00.
KOtt PAI Y. -A KiT-nt CIIUI PSSlOg MovI-jr I'lflurr
Bui Initsrt i-tin i ni' t��i full tin iin !��� t \t-t\ ivciiiiFi',
Kood t.iioliit t--. -'Ii a nr** for rlgbl )mmi, irOoq
reatoiu l'<r nellitiK-   Ai>i.|y k. w t.. Canadian
LOST���A Purne tH-twt-.ti tli��> La*<M lew nnd   Tr��>-
nn.ti!   iiui�� In oontstDlns   mossy. tUekat  t,.
Niwiriitni) aii'1 valnatde ji��|-fr--.    Kmlcr jili uk*
return tf> Hi)* GIN I*** and rt-<-el\ ����� f i rrwarfl
I.c-t A LADVV t'M!IKSM-A wj(h p;U\ rlfntm-d
harifllp left hi K 1' Hall. OS nitcht f,f Mb
Bspt, 1 ituler plSSSS r'-turn to 1'Hrkcr'H J-in-
phiyinent AgSlloy hij<1 [SSsIts reward.
i.ol.H CHAIN, hf-twot-u Hfiorcr and V. riif.ti
Htrot'ti. HuitaiiW* n-ward will b�� paid (or It*
return,    Melicrrnt'l A Mellardy.
TWO FIRftT-GLAr-B HOOUH, n'.vani lit-Rfod     Ap-
Plv hmiN. ** .'-.i i   ni -i il nt. k . W. V,. iil.uk,
WANTKD -Tic  ICaJCstl    the TtM to N Kir, Turn
��rni'k <tr 1'ine-   will   Ktve  It Mllil each   in tho
--tr l ntx.  ��lt  K'xnl    t Ira ho r       Apply    tu Jouepti
i .fnellf. ( le-eaie
rleil) wlllIiiK tu tackle nli> I lilliii. fxperietn �� '1
lu srOMry, wine atirl Mitrll trade- Addruwi
t*. !>., Pally c;,ihii<I1hu Ortiee.
A I'AtiTNKR with S2.UUU to puCChSSJ a trult
raiiefl dear Nelmm A f[nod Hpeeiilatlou Part-
tier Heed Hut !><��� miIU   1^ eTi|,'iine.] mi ranch.
Kor psruentan apply i   '. rHoriKu.
WA I NT KD   (> I'tirrliauea Coon
Apply i  H   M . i'i,iMhiK ��.nie
kI.ChbIi Buyer
pears in the role of Arbaces. which de-
mandB   more   than   ordlmiry   talent   U>
portray,   The play is a dramatisation of
ilulwer-LyttotiH ftttnouH novel, 'i'he 3Uaa1
Days of  Porupell.
.Special scenery has been provided,
aud tho curtain descends upon the magnificent spectacle of Vesuvius in eruption.
Chinaware Clearance Sale
This week we have pat Into itook
two lois of Itoyul Vienna Chios, oom-
Id.'.inK  our X'imis  Lmpoi atlon.    Tht i
we huvo nut In with the other Una, at
tbe Qearancs Sale prlosa.
SiieeinlH lids u,..k In StaiileB Turn-
Wars,   rcBiilar   price   $1.60   per  los. sf
Willow   pattern   cups  and   Kauccrs   per
doz    $1.30
Willow  pntiern plates |ier doz.        ..go
Canada Drug & Book Co'y, Ltd.
COR   BAKER   and   WARD.
Phone 81
���. A. ISAAC
rBiNaiiNBrBKS  aivd contractors
L|iti!rlfiv ��nit .1' tlfi-flrfK axtcuttd with Dwapatch.
Work.   Mlf lime anu Mill Mauhlnvry.      IVInrsufuc
l>r-��>   Cnrtt,   Hr   I*.    Conlnictura'   Cars*
.Cturtsi-.* of
!��� r -r Hail arul
���..���in --to���t*.
NELSON,    B. C.
that is fashionable and durable can b,
bought now at a price that is asa, to
tempt you. Winter styles are being
shown. Come quick and get the pick.
Shirts, Coll.ira and Cufts galore. Med.
ium and Heavy Weight Pajama, in.
Night Shirts at proper prices.. Particular people will be pleaseo with our offer.
scribes, bring them   to the    Popular   Store.
Pisces to have your prescriptions filled.
But to have them properly and carefully
compounded    as    your    physiciin   prs-
Poole-Longhurst Co., Ltd.
Maker and Josephine Sts.
We would like to see all our patrons comfortable this winter sad in order to
do so we have In stock the host assorted line of hentlnu stoves and cookint
Btoves and   ranges  ever  before presented to the public In Kootenay.
\\V would be pleased to show you our line nnd before making your purchase kindly see what we have to offer.
J. H. Ashdown Hardware
Company, Limited.
Nelson Branch.
You can always get what
you want in all kinds of House
Furnishings at the
Buck Stoves
and Ranges
Standard Futnittst* Company
Complete! House Furnishers snd Undertakers.
..I our s ��� to* '""Ii,,;'1
i large   ��i",k   "
fnirn (lie best
1h one
wayH carry s large
toe*    *&#"
���f Pocket
SPECIAL���See our fine line ot r
Wood-Vallance Hardware Co., Ltd.


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