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The Daily Canadian Apr 28, 1908

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1,  monarch   of
, all  the time.
bottled at
/OLl'MH   2.      NO. 282
kjection to Teaching of
pose School Board's A]ccoont for
Oriental Classes���Canada
From Ocean to Ocean.
,Hiwr.  April   US --The cit\   conn-
| 1 board of public school trustees
gerheads over tbs question of
ul    Orientals.    Tbe school
r,i has  a separate class  Cor older
who   are   gelling    their   rudl-
uv  in  English  and   the  counril  ol,
I i>iug the bills lor these peo*
i; tn,.- council maintains its stand
u;.)�� ul   ��111   be   made   to  the people
.   (in of the issue.
jut real, April 27���A part* .'IFrenob
left on tin- \s aewrn 1 mtress
..in tui vVestara cunada. They
ipied 1 wo colonist ears.
il, April us  -John V. Waisou.
��� udelll of the dining ears  o! tip
���ml,  railway, retires under tin
pension fund on May 1st and
u.-ceeded by Ernest  W. Smith.
��� .I'liniarters ln Toronto.
, bee, April    2b.���Omer    Rochette,
. ���nliy   this morning oi  poisotuim
wile, was sentenced by Justice
.. be hanged on June 27.
.wgrasB,  Sask., April  'i><.���Daniel
t le,   aged   71.   living a   lew   miles
,,n,   was   buttled  to  death   by   a
r  llr>- on   Honda)   tin-  -"th      lie
uut to  hunt   cuttle and   was ov. t
by     tbe   Ure   and   perished.     A
11   party      found     liis   remains   ou
-day, the 23rd.
ighton, Ont . April ssV- Hon. Dr. A.
Wllloughby.   minister  without  port-
in tbe Outario government, passed
at  bis  residence  In Oolborae at
o'clock tills morning     lie had been
��� .r some time.    He had represented
Northumberland in the legislature
���nany  years.
.under, of
> oi Can
acouver, April 28.���BUI;
.11 ���>. lightweight champ
aon  11   well  earned  decision  over
- 1   Miller,  of   Vancouver,   after   flf-
tnunds or fuBt   milling  here  lust
It was the 1.,-st I'mlii ever pulled
.   the   west,     it  was  l.tiiiiler's light
tin- sixth round hud been reached
ntresl, April   18. Thinking    they
parSnipe,   ie year  old   Alexander
I '1.  of  Ht     I'iiul,   made   a   fatal   mis
eaterda] lu eating roots of pois
. hemlock near the railroad tracks
Montreal  West.    Not  uiiill  hi-  era,
. (I up witli auotiy wus the mistake
���..red  nnd  then   be   was   placed on
'������! tl.e Grand Trunk engine I'm tin
He died a few minutes Inter while
tig removed to the hospital.
I nto.  Aiirll   It.���Mr.   Alfred   Mo'
who   is   at   present   in   Canada   111
1   ,ij.   Kir  Canadian   teachl ri  to   1 isil
iglaud   went 10 Winona isst night 10
1   e   N. smith, M. lJ.. to recommend
��� I,nu   fruit   Inspector  tor tlie  Is
1 st   Helena, ihe British govern
���    having decided to build up ;t nee
Iss on ih'1 Island by enoouragt
��� un growing and the establishment
'..lining factories for Canadian rrult
���!   vegetables  Im   South   Uiicu     Th(
tperlal   authorities   hnve   decided   thai
inada   sliould   have   ths  honor  ol   bi
���11 tun Instructor to the natives ol  the
 T ,
Will be delivered    every evening   at
your deer tere> *
so ci3iST�� a  month
Fifty Cbnts a  month
Nelson;     Boo,   Sec.    .1.  A.  McKinnon.
Bandon;   Kin.   sec,   Kenneth   McPhe-
itossland; Tress,, Westley Calblck, .
son;  D. or Cer., P, McKay, Trail; W%
Williamson, Trail;   Depul ,
.Sloeaii,   J.   D. >-,
turer,    ,ln
lecturers,  Bobt Coopr
McSweyn, Rossland;
Considerable routine business was
transacted, the most Important or which
was the decision lo ha\o a county celebration iu uie city 0i Nelson on Tuesday, July nth. The annual meeting ol
the county lodge will be held in Rossland on the Unit Tuesday of February.
J DOS. Belore the close or tlie meeting
a wry hearty vote of thanks was tendered  tO the provincial organizer. J. \V.
Whltely, (or ths very efficient work he
bud done throughout the Kuotenays ln
���strengthening and building up the primary lodges, and iu bringing to a suc-
'��� 'ni Issue ibe organisation or the
Alt'f tin- close of the lodge tables
were spread and about 55 sat down to
un excellent repast prepared by the
members of Nelson  lodge.    Mr.  Root,
Wl i muster ot the local lodge, occupied Un- position ,,r ton- imusicr, and
the   following   toast   list   was   very   buc-
'��� rally carried out: The King and
Constitution, responded to by singing
the National Anthem; The Memory ot
William III., Prime or Orange, drunk
in silence; The Loyal Orange Associa
Ucn, responded to by W. W. Bradley
and J W. Whiteley; The County Lodge.
responded to by u. ti. Stevens. J. A.
McKinnon. D. Tattrie. Robt. Cooper,
Jas. Williamson; songs by .las. Davidson and S Thomas; Our Dominion, responded to by singing "The Maple Lear
Forever", and speeches by R. G. Joy
aud It W. Hulbert; Our Provluce, responded io by .1 H. Schotield, M. L. A.;
The City of N'eison, responded to by
Dr. W. O. Rose; Visiting Brethren, responded to by Capt. Moore and D. J.
Robertson; songs by R. G. Joy and Jas.
Harvey; The Ladles, responded to by
D. Proudloot aud P. Ward; Our Hosts.
responded to by Robt. Weir and W. Calblck.
A vote ol thanks was tendered the re*
11.-.-.litu. in I'oniniittee and was suitably
acknowledged by D. T. Ileddle, Jno.
Voting, and Thos. Roynon. With the
singing of "Auid Lang Syne" aud tlie
National anthem, one or the most enjoyable aud successful Orange gatherings ever held In the Kootenays was
brought   to a close.
(.ivic Employees Exonerated from Blame-General Conviction That Car
.   Barn Was Destroyed by Incendiary-City's Financial Eoss
Insignificant but Inconvenience Serious.
angsmen  of   Kootenay  Unite   In  One
District  Association.
etillR  for  Ihe  purpose
nf organ
The Car, Must  Run. e
tramway   committee of  the *
f works or the city council e
met this alternoon  at 3.30 to dis- J
���ums   the   future   of  the  street  car
Aid. Procter has gone carefully
into ttie question with the assist-
anes ol an electrical expert. He
is convinced that all equipment
ii,., tarj lot th,- service can be
restored tor less than the amount
of Insurance, and the system put
ou a much better tooting than ever
There i--. available J7.noti insur
anoe   ou   building   and   curs,   and
$ir,.;iiill on  the  motor  generator, a
totnI ol   |21,300.
Two   modern   curs   can   lie   pin
abased   for   $15.1   equipped  to
take illicit currant, thus dispensing wnii ths ciistii motor gen
I'he bulance $7,800, wuld be ample to put up a better building than
the old one and still leave money
tor Improvement of other parts *>r
the   system,   right   ol   way.   tracks.
V, II ,'S
Such a emits,' i-houlil. of course.
be preceded by an sgreemenl with
th, \ D. T. oompan; on a basis
oi purchase.
Aid. Procter declare-, thai It I iii
mediate steps are noi taken to ie
store  Nelson's street ear service,
It   will  not   be  his  fault.    Aid. Kelt
entlreli enroses this position, aid
Bteed the third member, also
favors   the   Immediate   resumption
or the service. *���
All three*of ihe sldernien  reel z
that tiny have the support in this 2
mailer of an overwhelming public ���
opinion. e
tin a county Orange lodge was held
i i nlghl ln the K. of I', hall When
'I" meeting was called lo order h>
Provincial Organizer J. w. Whltely,the
following delegate- presented their ere
de-utiala: D. B. Stevens, K. ktcPnee,
''tin Campbell, J D. McSweyn, RO*
''tui. Robt. Coop,.. Slocun City; Bob!
Cunning, Jas. M. :.en7.le. Jas. Mi Kin
"mi.   Duu.   Tattrie,   Sandon.    P.   J    M<
latoah, Jas, Williamson, J. H  Schoneld
''! I. A., Trail; G. M Johnston. A. J
Randall, W. W. Bradley, w. Lynch, w
B Pearcy, T. Roynon, W. Calblck. D
T Ileddle, Robt. Weir, Nelson, lu ad
di'lou to the delegates there were prea
'in   abut  35 vlBltlng brethren.
Tlie election or officers tor the current
'''in resulted as follows: C. M . D. B,
Stevens, Rossland: D. M.. Robt. Weir,
Nelaon; Chsp., Rev. R. Newton Powell.
��� last
.las, Cionin arrived from Spokam
A    II   Kelly  bus relumed from ��
to lhe east.
.1. H. Schothld. M. L. A. wus in ths
city lasi night.
Provincial Constable Jensen, ofBholt,
Is assisting Chiil   W. .1.  Devilt.
H. F. W. Behnsen, M. L. A��� or Vic
u.iia. ll at the Grand Central
Alex. Lucas, of Kaslo. district pio-
vlnclal assessor, is at the Hume.
A. Carney, who has been in tin it>
on business tor several days leaves for
I.:,-to   iiiinorrnw   morning.
His Honor Judge Form und daughter
Jean, leave Bt. John for Kurope. by the
Empress oi Ireland, on May 1st.
Mr and Mrs. Al. Treglllns are moving
rrom the Tremont hotel to their residence on Vernon street formerly occupied by Auguat Tbomaa.
As announced yesterday last night's
council meeting was almost entirely devoted to an investigation of the two
tires which have leit the city in darkness and made tlie operation of the
tram system a remote prospe '. The
meeting was fully attend u nearly
every city official being pi. a it; and
outside tlie call every foot . ,' standing
room wan occupied There1 were prub-
abiy nearly a hundred present, ail told.
The net result tees that while the
substation tire of Saturday morning is
believed to be accidental, there is a
general conviction that the car barn
was destroyed by an incendiary.
The council met at 8 o'clock with
Mayor Taylor in the chair aud Aldermen McMorris, I'atenaude and Hale
present. Aldermen Procter, Kerr and
Steed came iu later. The chamber
was lighted by an oil lamp, three lanterns and two candles. The minutes
of tbe last meeting were read and
The tlnance committee reported recommending accounts and payrolls,
which were passed and ordered paid.
A cheque for S30U to the city solicitor tor services iu connection with tbe
appual to the privy council, was also
recommended aud passed.
The committee referred au account
for J7.5U per day for man and team.
which  was also passed.
The board ot police commissioners
reported the changes in the police force
already  reported in The Canadian.
a petition Cram residents from llous-
tou, lnnes aud Kooteuay streets complained of excessive surtace water. Tht
city engineer reported that nettling
could be done with the present capacity
of the ditches and lhat no damage had
been done It was referred to the board
of  works.
A letter from C. Jiszkowich asking
the council to take over the Falrvisw
wa'-er service, was referred to ihe flrt.
waler and   light  committee.
The Pool Drug company asked per
mission to place a large electric lighted
sign over the sidewalk at their corner
which  was granted.
lhe city solicitor asked runner details or tlie proposed frontage tax by
law. 11 was resolved that he be asked to  make suggestions.
c P. R- Superintendent -Coleman
wrote Aid. Procter, enclosing plans ol
proposed whaii extension, asking totalis of the city's proposals as to grant
ing tight of way. tbe extent to Which
Uie K. and S. Railway company was to
be a party, aud suggesting that the
work be done at low water nexl wintei
It was resolved that Uie board ol
works be authorized to carry on ne
guilutions with Mr. Coleman.
On motion ot Aldermen McMorris and
sued, the mayor was authorized to ex
uu,Ine under oath any witnesses in con
unction with the tires at the substation
aud car burn.
G. H. Plavle. was sworn as short ham!
Oeorga    Blanohard    Johnstone    was
sworn, and tcstilled that at B.18 a. m.
������ Saturday he was told by telephone
from Bonnington tbat there might
trouble on the Hue. Later
llctineclic from the car barn asked foi
direct current Hefore giving it he ask
ed Honnington if everything were all
right, and was told that It was. He
cave dlrecl current. Some time later
he heard a noise "ke a rocket and turn
I,,.. saw un arc about 7 feel in diameter
formed  across  the  switchboard.      Be
telephoned Bonnington to ,'"1 ���**��� <'I"H1
proof door leading l(
Ihe lire proof door leaning to the cit>
transformers, and threw sand on the
lir" After the cut-off he also poured
waler on It. but to no purpose. Mr.
(Ttsher was present and telephoned tin
fire hall He had previously, a week be
fore, turned on direct current lor the
cat  barn, and It had worked ull right.
Sunday nlghl and yesterday morning
up to two o'clock he had worked ut the
substation on R. C. Brown, Illliug the
transformers with oil, preparatory to
starting the light, power and tramwaj
service. H' C. Bullis was also present.
He and Others were iu tlie car barn Ire
quently   on   Sunday   and   Sundny   night
working in the transtormlng room. They
had  a lantern.     No one  smoked.
To. A'd. Procter he said be was In
the cltv's employ under R. C. Brown.
To Aid. Steed he sain he snw no Hre
ln the car burn or tool shop at any time
Sunday night.
When he  lclt tbe  substation yester
day morning R. A. Brown, L. Steel and
H.  C.  Bullis  were there.
Clarence O. Maddock, loreman or the
substation, sworn, said he was in lied
at the time of tlie tire in the substation.
He bad bad four or five year's experience as electrical operator in Newark,
N. J., Spokane, IJonningtou and Nelson.
He said that automatic switches occasionally fail; when they do Uiere is
danger of explosion and fire. He corroborated .Johnstone's evidence that
eucli switch container held more than
a gallon of oil. He described the arrangement of the substaUon. He had
never before seen an oil switch give
trouble. Assuming Johnstone's evidence
U> be correct, the trouble must have
been caused from elsewhere. The
switch should work automatically. A
short circuit at the car barn miglu have
caused the blowing out. The circuit
breakers were ot copper. He had never
seen them fly out belore.
Since Saturday's fire he had been repairing at the substation, helping to fill
transformers with oil. The oil is a mineral oil, thin and *.vhite. They filled
two. Oil was scarce in the city. They
obtained a small supply by special request to the C. P. R. company. R. A.
Brown was In charge of half a dozen
city employees. H. 0. Bullis, representing the Allis-Chalmers-Bullock company, was directing.
He deposed that if a switch were
turned on without the transformer cord
being immersed in oil, it would blow
everything   to   pieceB.
They had filled iransrormers Nos. 2
and 3 by 11 p. m. Sunday. Under Mr.
Bullis' direction they gradually warmed
the apparatus and operated until a good
light was supplied shortly betore tlie
fire at Uie car barn. He thought there
was then about 111,000 volts being received from the power plant.
He saw the Hre au minutes before tbe
alarm rang. He had then been alone
for half an hour. Mr. Bullis was the
last to leave. Mr. Turown, Mr. Benneche,
Steel and Sampson had left previously
to go home to bed. Mr. Bullis said he
would be back soon, lie was going down
town. He, Mr. Bullis, had told Mr.
Brown that he would stay all night.
He, Maddock, went over to the fire at
the car barn, after it had been in progress two hours, to notify Mr. Brown
that transformer No. 3 was smoking.
Mr Bullis was at tbe substation then
and remained there. He, Maddock, did
not know what was wrong. Mr. Bullis
remarked that it was punctured. When
lie, Maddock, returned from the tire.
Mr. Bullis was reeling the coils of trans-
former No. 3, and reported Uiat they
were cool: He had cut it off; he tried
it again later, but it smoked again and
he cut it off. No. 2 was all right, and
worked all the time.
To another question he replied tha*
Mr. Bullis left the substatiun very shortly after Mr. Brown and the others.
To Aid. Procter lie said the fire at
the barn seemed to start with a puff of
smoke, then a blaze from the roof near
tlie   l'ront.
R. A. Brown, sworn, gave technical
details of the working of tlie automatic
switch. He thought that nothing that
happened at the car barn could have
caused the flowing out of the oil switch
He believed there must have been a
short circuit behind the board. That
might have beeu caused in various
ways, an overload on the line, the starting of P. Bums and company's motor,
a loose contsct or any of several other
thiugs. The floor should have been of
cement with rubber mats instead of
oiled wood, lie knew of no way of determining positively the cause of the
substation fire. He considered the way
the city's switch boards were wired
mads them a death-trap. Be repaired
them when absolutely necessary but
avoided them when possible. There
should be a lank to run the oil into in
an emergency. As there was not it bad
to run into the gutter. He entirely approved L. Steel's action Saturday morning in running tt off.
It wus generally known at the substation lhat the last oil available in the
city was in the transformers on Sunday
The work was done under him but
under Mr. Bullis' supervision. Mr.
Bu!lls lift lhe silbslutiou yesterday
At tills jsiiut, the mayor read a copy
or a letter he had sent by special messengers lo Mr. Jackson of the Allis-
Chaliiiers Bullock company, und to R. S
Lennle, legal representative of the company, suggesting that Mr. Bullis be
withdrawn  from the work.
Mr. Brown then detailed yesterday's
proceedings after the withdrawal of Mr.
Bullis. 11.' found Ihe supply of oil seriously depleted. Had a full load been
tinned on tin- transformer would have
burned out and exploded. The result
would have beeu the death of at least
two men.
He Imd found everthlng tight
aboui the transformer; the valves
could not have been opened accidentally; some one had de
llberately emptied it. Those present
h��slde himself were Messrs. Bullis,
Steel and Benneche. All understood
the supply of oil to tbe last available.
Mr. Brown corroborated Maddock as
to what occurred Sunday night at the
substaUon. his leaving and Mr. Bullis'
promise to remain. He, Brown, took
the boys to the Nelson cafe to have
something to eat. There L. Steel saw
and spoke to H. C. Bullis.
Mr. Bullis bad left the station with
a high voltage being received, within a
couple of- thousand of the maximum,
and only Maddock, an operator but not
an engineer, iu charge.
To Aid. Steed he said that the puncture to the transformer would be only
ol the insulation. The smoking might
have been due to loose connection.
To Aid. Procter he said that Mr.
Bullis' first theory was a puncture, his
second a loose connection. Puncture
might be due to damp oil.
The only former puncture he knew of
was due to lightning and had been repaired.
To Aid. Procter he said D"e cf '.hi
boys had brought up a little c: i ( i I i-
to the subBtation. There was .o wi e
to  drink.
Mrs. Streeter told of noticin ; the in
and shouting. She first saw i note's
ing from the back part of die not;
when she went to the back part of her
house flames were bursting trom Uie
rear of tlie barn. She had heard noises
in the car barn all Sunday evening Ull
about 11 o'clock.
H. C. Bullis, sworn, said he was at
the power plant Saturday morning during the fire at the substation and came
in that night. He went to the scene oi
the fire Sunday morning. He had ar
ranged that Mr, Jackson should remain
at tbe plant, while he, Bullis, should
take charge at the substation. When
be reached the station he found Mr.
Brown in charge, expressed his regret
that the cords had been removed, but,
on account of former unpleasantness
with Mr. Brown, lie had not objected,
had,  in  fact, remained outside,
Mr. Brown had begun heating the oil.
At 12.30 he, Bullic. started the current
with 2,000 volts. He then detailed its
gradual increase to 11.000 volts which
it reached at 2.30 a. m. He was es
pecialiy solicitous about furnishing adequate power at that time to the Daily-
News and P. Burns and company. He
then remained for a time, gave careful
instruction to Maddock in whom he had
confidence, and went down town for
cigars. He had been working under a
strain for a long time and needed a
smoke. He ran back up the hill as soon
a., he knew- there was a fire, slackened
his pace when he found it was the cat
barn, and returned to the substation.
He thought Brown had left the sub
station at 1.30.
After his return, perhaps :h""i.'-citart-
ers of an hour, he heard b t or l ng
noise iu the transformer and ah tt It
down. Later, between G aid 6 a. in., he
had tried again with the E4une ie e'ts.
He did not think it specia 1; i angi-t aur.
to operate without oil with a light load,
but  he never risked  it.
He then went down to the Hume for
breakfast, and going to his room, fell
asleep and slept till  noon.
He went up early in the afternoon
and told Mr. Brown he believed the
gurgling, while the noils were cool, was
due to a loose connection, aud his test
confirmed that belief.
It was about 1 p. m. yesterday when
he met Mr. Jackson who was then re
celving a long distance telephone from
Mr. Lennle in Spokane who communicated the letter from Mayor Taylor. He.
Bullis, then suggested to Mr. Jackson
that he, Jackson, take charge for bar-
mony's sake. He, Bullis, waB now remaining at Mr. Jackson's advice to ad
vise and assist. He expected a reprimand from his company but bad taken
chances for the city's sake.
He heard late yesterday afternoon
that the oil had run out of No. 2 transformer. He had no idea of the cause
unless some woikman had stepped on
the valve. He had warned Mr. Brown
of the danger. The same tiling had
happened once before. He knew no
reason why sny workman should have
stepped  on   that   valve.
In conversation with John A. Irving,
later In the afternoon, he had said that
If he had been left there tbe plant
would have run last night, but he denied having said ttiat Brown would
not get ll running.
Asked by the mayor tbe course lie
took at 2 p. m. yesterday morning from
the station to the Nelson Cafe he said
he went by the path through H. C.
Cummins', by Latimer and Stanley
J. A. Irving, sworn, said he had met
H. C. BulllB yesterday afternoon on the
corner of Ward and Baker strets between 2 aud 3 p. m. Iu addition lu
what Mr. BulllB had given ln evidence
as to dielr conversation, he said Mr.
Bullis had expressed doubt as to there
being any light  last   night.
J. E. Annable said when he first saw
the blaze from his window it was coming strongly from the window of the
workshop at the southeast corner of
the   barn.
H. W. Benneche, foreman of the car
burn, corroborated Blanchard Johnstone's evidence as to the events of
Saturday  morning.    An arc formed on
the controllers of the big car, the circuit breaker blowing out. He could
not be sure of the cause. He had tried
to examine but had no current tor a
As to the rest he corroborated the
evidence of Brown and Maddock, except as to the duration of H. C. Bullis'
visit to the substation yesterday atter-
noon, and the condition of the valve*
or No. 2 transformer which he said
were tight after Mr. Bullis had gone.
He was in the car barn at 11 o'clock
Sunday night with Brown, Steel, Sampson and another. They left at 11; he
locked the door by a spring. He lost
the key later. But access was eaBy as
nearly every board of the floor Ib loose.
There was combustible material in tbe
work shop and also- In the barn, oils,
shellac and other things.
To Aid. McMorris, he Bald that with
the valve open a transformer would
empty In 5 minutes, and the emptying
would not be perceptible. The valve
could be opened by a touch of the toot.
To Aid. Procter he saldjhe fire must
have started in the southwest corner
ol the barn. There was no sign ol lire
when they left. He could Bee no ejt-
planaUon or the car barn fire but Incendiarism. There was no live wire connection into the barn.
Besides  Brown  and himBelf. Jackson
and  Ingram  carried   keys of the  barn.
To   Aid.   Hale   he   said   he   had   not
yet found his key.
L. Steel. Bworn. said he thought
they had been in tlie cafe three quarters of an hour when he met Bullis.
Free minutes later the fire bell rang.
His trip to the car barn Sunday night
was for tools.
He told Mr, Bullis, after the fire, that
he was going to cut off the high tension wire. He could not remember
making the statement attributed to
him by Mr. Bullis. He had no knowledge of the cause of the car barn
Chief Deasy told of the substation fire,
the advice given to him by W. P. Dickson and his following It. Ab to the car
barn fire, he got the alarm at 3:20,
and saw- a blaze from the door of the
fire hall. When he arrived the building was past saving. There seemed
to him to be two fires, one at the rear
and one in front. That Impression waa
confirmed by investigation after the
fire. He found evidence of saturation
with oil. He had sent Assistant
Chief A. Jeffs. W. S. Pearcy and D.
Herb to the rear of the building with
a line of hose. They reported a very
strong  smell   of  coal   oil.
To Aid. Steed he said he still
thought the fire had started, or been
started in  two different plaA-es.
This concluded the taking of evidence.
City Solicitor W. A. Macdonald. K.
C, then read to the council paragraph
5 of the city's lease, quoted in The
Daily Canadian yesterday, and gave Mb
opinion that the city was not ln any
way liable, if the fire were of Incendiary, electrical or accidental cause,
and that there was no negligence of
civic  employees.
City Clerk Wasson stated that the
city had kept up all Insurance ln force
at the time of the lease, as detailed ln
The Daily Canadian yesterday.
To Mr. Macdonald, R. A. Brown said
that no test was being made Saturday-
At the request of E. C. Wragge, Mr.
Brown was asked how long Mr. Bullis
had been In the substation yesterday
afternoon. He replied that he could
not say. but certainly not more than
half an hour.
The evidence was ordered to be
transcribed aud  preserved.
On the question of future policy as
to the tramway service Aid. Procter
advocated acquisition by the city if
possible. He thought it might now be
bought   cheaply.
The city solicitor declined to give au
off-hand opinion aB to the situation.
The mayor drew attention to the
city's financial position, with borrowing
powers exhausted. He suggested a
possibility of bonusing the company
with free power. He also doubted the
advantages of municipal ownership as
applied to such a business aB a tramway with very complex relations,
which require the greatest possible
continuity of management.
The city clerk was instructed to
communicate the facts to the Nelson
Electric Tramway Company.
The city engineer wus Instructed,
at the school board's request, to as
slst them ln preparing and planning the
necessary grading of the school groundB
and  adjacent streets.
It was resolved that the tramway
committee confer with the city solicitor aB to tuture plans.
The mayor reported that Mr. Jackson reports the city power plant running entirely satisfactorily.
Aid. Procter urged that experienced
men be employed In all positions connected   with   power   plant.
The mayor defended the present arrangements.
R. A. Brown had no re|Hirt at present, on appointments to positions at
the   power  plant.
Aid. Procter thought a report should
lie ready as early as possible.
Aid. McMorris wished It generally
understood that there was no blame attaching to any employee. The mayor
concurred. R. A. Brown aald that
Blanchard Johhstoone had behaved as
well as possible. Aid. Procter agreed.
The mayor apologized to G. Fisher
whom he had asked to be present aud
forgotten to call. He asked him to put
tn   a   written  statement.
A resolution was passed without dlB-
sent declaring the city employees
blameless In respect of both fires.
R. A. Brown waa authorized to procure a new switch, as the Canada
Zinc Company require, the one borrowed   from  them.
The council then���at 12:05 a. m.���
adjourned to May 4th.
New Company to Handle
Necessary to Give Settlers Clear Title
to Lots Purchased���General
News of Ottawa.
Ottawa, April 28.���Acc'ording to returns brought down in the commons
yesterday a company bas been incorporated known as the Grand Trunk Pacific Town and Development company,
to handle townsites of the G. T. P. K.
The reason given tor this course waa
that the railway company found that
if the management of tbe townsites
were in the hands of the company itself,
difficulty would arise owing to the fact
tbat certain bonds have been Issued
which are secured by trust mortgage
covering all railway and personal property of tbe railway company, and the
company could not therefore give a
clear title to lands. This reason was
recognized by tbe government as valid
as the company is permitted to purchase 13,043 acres of Dominion lands
for townsite purposes by an order-ln-
councll passed January 22 of this year,
the rate being S3 an acre, although tbe
company paid tor them at the rate of
tl an acre. The Town and Development company 1b also permitted to purchase 12,287 acres from homesteaders
which had not been patented, but earn
homesteader had to pay tbe government
SI tor every acre that he had surrendered to tbe company.
The labor department lias received
application tor the appointment, of a
board of conciliation and incestlgation
ln connection with a dispute of employees of tbe mechanical department of
the C. P. R.
No   Light  Tonight
There will be no electric light
or power service tonight and probably not tor several days.
fH. C. Bullis has telegraphed to
Winnipeg asking R. H. Zavltz to
return at once.
* A. Jackson has telegraphed the
* company headquarters at Wilwou-
kee for Instructions.
Meanwhile neither will turn on
tbe current nor consent to the city
electrician's doing so unless the
city   will  take  the   responsibility.
Quotations on  Spokane   Exchange  and
New York Curb.
Alberta C. & C S
14    S
Can.   Con. Smelters..
Copper King 	
Dominion  Copper   ...
162 %
Galbralth Coal  	
International C. & C.
Missoula Copper   	
.10 hi.
Oom Paul	
Rambler Cariboo	
Sullivan bonds  	
Tamarack ��  Ches'pke
Prices ef Metals.
New York, April 28.���Sliver. 53%c.
London.   April   28.���Silver,   24   ll-l6d.;
lead.  ��13.
Opening ef Copper Quotationa,
(By McDermld * McHardy.)
New York, April 28, 1908.
Asked Bid
Granby    ��93.00..   .188.00
Dominion  Copper     162%       1.37%
B. C. Copper     6.00 4.87%
Anti-Cigarette Law.
Ottawa, April 28.���It ls understood
that the anthcigarette legislation referred to by Mr. Fielding last night will
be In the form of an amendment to the
criminal code which will regulate the
sale of cigarettes to minors. At the
present time there sre provincial enactments forbidding the sale of cigarettes
to children. In many places no attempt
la being made to enforce the law, but
tha amendemnt to the criminal code
will bring about the desired end-
a 1 -.3 Daily Canadian
Important Notice to Newcomers and Intending Settlers
The Hudson's Bay Stores
Ranchers', Miners', Prospectors',
Lumbermen's and Railroadmen's
Suppplies   and   the   Leading
"We keep the best of everything, and the best only.
Our immense business and practically unlimited capital give us sped;
advantages ln buying, so lhat we can   sell,   and    do    sell,    HIGH    CLASS
SOODS at  prices  generally charged   for INFERIOR   ARTICLES.
Flour, Bran, Shorts and Hay Always in Stock
Imperial Bank of Canada
Head Office:   Toronto.
Capital Authorized  ���10,000,000    Capital   Paid   up $4,925,000
Rest    $4,925,000
D. R. W1LK1E. President. HON. ROBERT JAFFRAT, Vioe-President;
Branches in British Columbia:
Interest allowed on deposits  trom date of deposit and credited quarterly.
nblson bma.xci-i .J.   jVI.    L,A\%   Manager.
The Royal Bank of Canada
Incorporated  A.  D.  1869.
Capital $3,900,000     Reserve  Fund.
Unexcelled facilities for the transaction
of all  kinds of Banking  Business.
8PECIAL ATTENTION given to the
.avmys Bank Department, and
Merest credited Quarterly on
oavlnga Bank Accounts.
on Application, in Large, Medium
or Pocket Size.
Nelson Branch, G. A. SPINK, Manager.
I'lll..:' ll       1   SIX llHj'l   R  Wt'(?S   by  tlll-
MftSt-r St..   Nelson,  B. tl
��� uti.crlpUnn rstes, *  ceuls s uioum delivered
tbe city, ur ?    ���  . year It seul by mslt, wbeu
slit lu HUvanee.
.ii........ rates ou n| I ..' '(11 ��� ��� 11
All niouKs p.id iu SL'Uleuieut ot 1 iie'llally
Csuudi.u MKouuUj, elllier foi sub.iriptloua or
advt-rtisiiiy. nmsi be receipted lor ou tbe printed
forms ol   ll,e ��� omps.ii)-.    Ulber receipta  Hre uut
Tuesday,   April   28,   1908.
If anything inure bad been requited
to demonstrate the utter luck oi conviction, purpose or principle iu tbe Dominion government if is iuruished h)
tbe cumiilete culiapse on Uie question
ol civil Bervice reform and tbe relation between civil service and patron*
age. if is an abject surrender lo All.
Loi den uud will be so Interpreted b)
ever) Canadian. The question uutm
ftdy arises 11 .Mr. burden is tu dictate
tt,.    policjj   ut   t unuda. Would   if  nut   be
better to place bim iu tlie responsible
position oi premier '.'"
Abuui a muiitb ugu a resolution   w a
introduced    illtu   tile    Cummolib    giving
expression tu tbe civil service reform
declaration in Mr, Borden's Halifax pro
iiouncoiiicnt. Sir Wilfrid, Willi bis ui.
uul politeness uud uulluuy mule, BX
pressed bis s> mouthy with tbe motives.
The real reply of tbe government was
delivered by Air. Fielding, wbo coupled
a   meuningJcsa   usseut   fo   tbe   general
principle ot civil service reform win*
an emphatic declaration tbat ull op*
pi ointments, pi uuiutions uud dlstnlsul
must be at the discretion of ministers.
Uut lu quote Disrueii s memorable remark: "Many things huve happened
sinco iheu." Revelations or inoompe
tency, indolence und dishonesty in matt}
departments have driven tlie ministers
helpleBSiy   trom   ditch   to   ditcb,   vuinly
seeking a tenable line ol defence, Mr.
AyicBwoith's unspeakably silly attempt
to throw tin- blame on civil servants ap
pointed prior tu 1X00 wus laughed oul
of court even by his uwn puny. Mr.
lirodeur could only plead childishly that
he had not bad time since taking over
hia department to become familiar Willi
bin staff.
Tbe ministers were, ln fact, reduced
to tlie alternative of admitting tin Ir
own guilt ur th,. rottenness of tin- bi i-
vice. Naturally they chose th.- latter,
ami. having admitted thai the Bervice
is   helplesa   they  can   do   nothing   but
humblj   follow   Mr.   Borden's   plat	
Improving it, as the voice of Canada
Insistently and unmistakably demands.
Such a course is not now to Liberal
experience but this last is probabl)
the plainest instance, in facl the whole
Liberal record since 1888 shows ihut
every apparently progressive measure
ui proposal is an Imitation. The tram
continental Railway is hut a duplication or tlie C. P. It.; the present tarifl
is hut a slightly distorted National
Policy, although oar Liberals, like their
British prototypes, repudiate the name
ut protection; Mr. Slfton's advocacy of
uu All Red loaute and a Hudson's Baj
Railway ate resurrected proposals ol
Sir Charles Tupper, mude lb yuurs ago.
The Laurier government ill 1- years of
power lias initiated nothing���except tin
railway commission, a valuable Instru
ment, it is tiui', but so far without
Tbe patronage system is too firmly
established in Canada to perrail ,,i i rn i.
lessons  io a  i iiiiii.-i,!   i,i   power  aa
Mr. Asqulth has received la the defeat
ul Winston Churchill, But for that verj
i' icon there is all the more Bignlncanci
lu the least sign ot revolt.
Liberal organs, especially ihe lessor
ones,   keep  tilling  uf   lhe   splendid   ad
ministration ot sir Wilfrid Laurier and
Ills liuld on tlie people or Cunada. One
or the Liberal organs in Quebec, Le
Canada, has lately committed a similar
A general meeting 0r the shareholders ol Ibe Imperial Coal Ai. Coke Com
puny, Limited, will be held at the ui-
Ilce of the Compauy, Room IK, Sovcr
sign Bank Building, Montreal, Thursday, the Thirtieth day of April, Jims,
fur the purpose of electing directors to
hold office until the nexl Annual Meet
Ing, to consider tlie financial position
ot tlie Company, and to adopt audi
means as may bo deemed most advlx
able with a view to arranging its finances, and ror such other business as
may he legally brought before the meeting. The chair will be laJlen at 11 a.
Per Geo. Pyko, Secretary.
ii    i i        we_-       ������
Indiscretion, and has drawn upon ltseir
the following reply from the Toronto
"Le Canada says lhat the federal government has not only held its seats in
tho bye-elections but has made gains
over tho Conservatives. Therefore It
expresses surprise tbat the News lias
seen feebleness and disintegration iu
tbe party of Sir Wilfrid Laurier. According to iii,- arguments used in estimating British conditions, tbe Canadian government  is gaining ground.
"This would be a lair criticism if Le
Canada's facts about Canadian bye-elec
lions were unassailable. Bui it is dim
i nit to discover an] Liberal gain in
Colchester, Centre fork, South Huron,
London or Bast Northumberland. Col
i beetei and London were serious losses.
i no other sai--' constituencies ctuve ma-
jot 11 !��� bo reduced as to bint at an un-
Bafe political condition so far as the
Liberal partj in concerned. The Lib
oi.ii.- bave don,, well in Quebec, ami
will always du well there while Sir
Wilfrid Laurier lives, lint New Brunswick elected Mr, Hazen and his followers in spite of Air. Pugsley'a earnest
pleadings and tin- Influence of the fed
eral cabinet. lu view ot these racts
The News was surely justified in its
conclusion that the government was
losing ground."
CURED  .   .
When you wish to purchase, we can
supply vim with uny rut in our line,
l-eef, Purk. Mutton. Veal, Pish, Pouttl-y,
Etc. Give ns a chance at your trade
and we will call for your order and
deliver to any part- of the city. Mail
orders   receive   prompt   attention.
Rates East
Winnipeg, Fori William, Slous City,
Dultilb, st. Paul, }���; I
Chicago, $7;:.."."; St. Louis, S67.60;
New York, $108.50; Toronto, 94.40;
Montreal, $108.60; Ottawa, $108.50; si
John, N. li.. $1-7.".": Halifax, $135.50;
Sydney,   C.   B.,   $141.90.
Tickets un sale .May I, and Is. June
5, 8, in and 20, .Inly 0. 1. 2u' and 2 '..
Augusi 6, 7. $1 and 22. 1908. First clas-.
Round trip. Ninety day limit.
ROUTES. Tickets arc good via an.
recognized routes in one ur both di
rectlons. T" destinations cast ut Chi
eago an- good   via  tin- Ureal  Lakes.
For further Information as reguids I"
rates,  etc.,  apply   to
0   B.  M. iPHBRSON, J. MOB,
U.P.A., winnipM. u ka.. Nelson
<;.j* a . Nelson, h i;
All  Kinds  or  Heating   Plants ln  Stock
Victoria St.. Nr. ODerj House.      Tel. 181
To Qootgo W, Beale, formerly o| Robaoa, B. ...
hii.i Reli B.C.
i barabj five yno notlca thai an leu yon kIic
h K*""i i'i') vim obje* Hon thereto In wntiiiK i
���.hull hi tin* i spiration ol ��� i daw from the data
bereol procaed to ibe regl^trauon ol th*- title of
'I be C-olnmbla and Kooleuay Railway mnl Nuvi
Kniinii i otnpan] in '��� t itraplc in rt*K|Hri in iiim
pl*m Jhihi know a aa Lol 8 in Hj..<-k ;i, Bobtou
Towmlie. Oronp Onei Kootenay Diaiiiot, accord
un- i.i [iinn  ibereof, fllad  ��*.   Number 036,not-
wltbiunilliiK fto1 n*in-|��r��Ml iif-liiMj nf   the (Vrltll-
eate nf t uu- thereof.
i'Mit-'i hi N.-1-..ij, H.c.Uiir, sii-i day *<i Munii. iiaik
11   V  MacI.koi,.
IHhtrH'I lti)gl��trHr.
In Hi.' matter "f hii npi tloaUOl  lor h >l u pi it'll tf
Certlflcatu of Uih ol hn undivided on* Quarter
liiU-ri-Kt in LotST, OroUpUne. Kimli-iuty OlilrlflL
ktidivii   ft�� "Let   Her fto   ualla-gber'    Mineral
Mot loe ii- bereby given unit it Ih my Intention
after tha expiration of on* month from tho firm
j.iiiiin iiiinn bereot, to iiaoe a duplicate Cortni
*:nu- of HUe on tht above <i'��Ni*rihe(i one-qnarter
/iilcr��*t,t In Hit* name oi Julm tf. HtevuiiH,  wtilcti
Certlfleate of Title le daled the Oth April. imm>.
kjhi Dumberad BOWS.
j.Hii.i  RegistryOffle��i Nfl^m, H. ft., Manh 8,
H. K. Ma< Lbok."
!>:.- :i m-1 Ki-jglittrfir
Take notice Hint thirty days after
dale, I. Harry Hhymell, Intend to
apply to the License CummluHlunera of
Tmir district for it licenau to open an
hotel ln Kitchener, U. C.
Dated this IStb day of March, 1908
Coal! Icel Wood!
Phone 265
Kootenay Ice and Fael Co.
N. E. co,. Baker   and   Ward   8t��.
INOW  C)l-��IifN
We have one English miliar, one
American  lillllard  and one   Pool Table.
We carry the best lines uf Cigars aud
Tremont House
Kuronean Md  Ami'rto��o Plan
Heal* it ota.    Kooiuh from il cti. to II.
unjy White ii"-,' Kmployetl
BaK^-r Ht.. Nelton Proprietor!
Must cimfortsble quarter.      Nelson
Only tht t-eet o flaqoorl snd clss.rs
Grand Central Hotel
Thoroughly renoyated aud refur
nlshed. Roome 50 cents upward The
dining ruom la unexcelled ln the city.
House heated throughout with hot
J. A. EBIOK80N, Proprietor.
Telephone, 250.    Opposltr Court Hous.
and  Postofflce. Nulson.  B. C.
Queen's Hotel
Haker Street, NrIiod. B ft..
lAXrgs   ��urt    Cum Portable    Bedronia     ���nd   Flra<
L'lHfll I'iniiiif   Ki.iin;
MRS.   E. C.  CLARKE,   Propratreaa.
Bartlett   House
Best Dollar-a-Day House in Nelson.
The Bsr IS the Finest.
White  Help Only Kmplored
Josephine Ht
Nelaon. B. 0
Royal Hotel
liiAtt-t- $1 nni-! $1.50 ii liny.
Special fiiftof u> He^uliir jBonrrt��r����
tfotlOf \"  Imt-jIjv Kivt'tj  that   ^'llllam   rt
Teetael. nl tne city of Victoria, ii��h b**eu appoli
imi    Ol     V. I'M   MMIll-llIU,  Mll'l   Midi   Ull*  T] TNI   till*.   [
ftiK,  pnrMtntit to tb"  hhi<1  t'dinnilHxinn,   will   In
Im-I'I iii the affloaoftha Conitabla ami Depot;
Mining  Reoordjar ai Uraaton no rbnrtday, th'
iillril  ,|ay  ..f April, jfNUi, a I lei. o'oiOOJ ill Lliv fore
1'tovluvlAl Se<T��*t��ry
I'rnvlucial Bacretarr'** oiftoe,
luiii April  i.*m.
Certificate  of Improvements.
"April Fnnl" No. 2 MIiktaI iMalm, HhifiM-
in the Nulanii MiultiK In vl.il ill nt NVtml KoutMnav
Wherw   lo**-��Uvl:     H(;tweon    Kaule   an<]   Hainlv
eraakt. and about on* half mile rrom th<* foor<
man mui.
I nice Dotloa thai I, P 0. ' ���rticit, act In*? <*>" nKunl
for J. jH. Bwedbatf 1 rraa Miner's Uarufloata Mo.
K7476, Intend, llity il'n* irdn ilif'litli'lifiiui!,
tn ap|��ly to lhe MlntilK Ki��t;nnlai for a Oertlfloata
of iinurovemeiitM, for the purpoaw of obtaining a.
("rown '11 ant of the hIjovc cUlm.
Ali'l further take not let) that net Inn ijiif|t-r
hi ctl in 37, mint hi* i-oinniuncu'l hef"i- the Ihkii-
��in ���  of audi ft.urlltitA *e of Iinprovt.>niiiiitB
!'��".*.1 ihih .'hiii ilay ��f .January. A. ft.. i>i;.
F. 0. (IKKKN,
NalHon. II. 0.
Tenders Wanted For tha Purchaae of a
Mineral Claim.
Tenders addressed to tbe Undersign*
ed, at Ills ollice la the Court House.
in the City of Nelson, will be received
up till the hour* of five o'clock in the*
afternoon of Monday, May 4th, 1908,
lor the purchase of the "Sitting Hull"
miueral claim, hot 2690, Group 1, Kootenay District, which was declared to ho
forfeited to the Crown at the tax sale
held in the City of Nelson on the Cth
day  of Novemin-r. 1906, for delinquent
Fred   Irvine & Co.
Wa are ahowlng this wewk some lovely modela In Ladiea' Coatumaa for
Easter   Season.
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New Dress Material and Silk just   received.
Fred Irvine & Co.
taxes up till June .10th, 100b and eimth
The upset price upun tlit, nald mln
eral claim, which Includes the amount
of delinquent taxes aud costs at the
time of forfeiture with Interest, taxes
which have since accrued, costs of ad
rertjslng and fee for Crown (Jran!
(IBo.oiij is (��i7o.nii) whiii, |�� the learn
amount that will be considered as a
Kach tender must be accompanied
by an accepted cheque for the full
amount of tlie tender payable to Unorder of ihe Deputy Commissioner of
Lands and Works, at Victoria, ti. C.
at par.
Dated at Nelson, 13. C, this 6th da%
of April,  1908.
Gov't   Agent,   Nelsou,   1)    ('
Tenders Wanted For the Purchase of a
Mineral   Claim.
Tenders addressed to Lhe undersigned, at his office in tlie Court House, in
tlie City of Nelson, will he received
up till tin; hour of live o'clock, in Die
afternoon of Monday, May 4th, rjus,
for tlie pnmhflSfl ot the "Yellow Jack
mineral claim. Dot 20*��!��, Group I, Kootonay District, which was declared to
he forfeited to the Crown at tbe tax
sale held iu the City of Nelsou ou the
tith day of November liiUG, for delln
Miient luxes up till June iiuth, J��u.,
aud   costs.
The upset price upon tbe said mluii
al claim, which includes the amount or
delinquent tuxes aud costs al the time
of forfeiture with interest, taxes which
have since ucci'tied, costs of sdvertis
Ing and fee for Crown Oisnt (fSCOOJ
is (1121.7DJ which Is the lean aniounl
that  will   be  considered  as a teuder.
Kach tender must be accompanied
hy au accepted cheque for Ihe full
amount of the tender payable to the
order of the Deputy Commissioner oi
Lands and Works, ut Victoria, B. C, "at
Dated at Nelson, 11. C, this fith dn>
of April, 11.08.
Gov't   Agent,   Nelson,   II    ('
Tenders Wanted For the Purchase of a
Mineral   Claim.
Tenders addressed lo the undersign
ed, at his office In lhe Court House, In
tlie City of Nelson, will be received up
till the hour of live o'clock in thu after
noon of Monday, May 4th. 1908, Tor the
purchase of the "Sitting Hull Fraction"
mineral claim, Dot liiluii, Group 1, Kootenay District, which was declared to
he forfeited to the Crown ut tlie lax
sale held ln thu City of Nelson on the
fith day of November, 1906, for delln
qucnt taxes up till Juno 30th, 190G
and   costs.
Tho upset price upon tho suld miner
al  claim,  which  includes ihe  amount
of delinquent taxes and costs at the
time of forfeiture with Interest, taxes
which have since accrued, cohis of nd
vertlsins and fee for Crown Giant
(925,00) Is OV,<'. which Is the leust
amount that vlll be considered aa u
Kach tender must be accompanied
by an accepted cheque for the full am
ount of tho tender payable to the or
dor of the Deputy Commissioner of
Lands and Works, at Victoria, B C
at par.
Dated at Nelson, B. C, this Cth day
of April.  IHO*.
Gov't   Agent.  Nelson,   H    ���'
Tendera  Wanted for the  Purchase  of a
Mineral    Claim.
'IVnd'T-    ;,���!��� ii ��� '1   i,,   the   undersiKU
ed, at his offlos in the Court HotSM, in
the City of Nelson, win be received up
till Ilie hour of live o'clock In the after
noon of Monday, May 4th, l'JOM fur the
puichuse of the "Yellow Jack Fraction '
mineral claim, l.s:>t 2002, Group 1, Kootenay District, which wus declared forfeited to the Crown at the tux sale
held ln lhe City of Nelson, ou the Cth
day of November, li��05, for delinquent
taxes up till June :."'li   1906 uud eosis
The upael price upon the said mineral claim, which includes the amount
of delinquent taxes aud costs at the
time of tbe forfeiture with interest,
taxes which have since accrued, costs
of advertising and res for Crown Qreail
(f 16.00J Is ($64.40) which is (he least
amount that will he considered as a
Each tender must be accompanied
by au accepted cheque fur the full am
ount of the bender payable to the order   of   Uu-   Deputy   Commissioner   <>r
Lands and Works, at Victoria, I. ��� .
nt  par.
Dated at Nelson, ii c. this (tb day
of April, 1UUS.
Gov't  Agent,  Nelaon,  B,  C.
Tender*   Wanted  for  the  Purchase of  a
Mineral   Claim.
Tendon addressed to the underslg
ed at tils offloe m Hie Court House, la
the Clt) oi Ni ion, ��ill in nr, imi up
till ibe hour oi ine o'clock iii Hie aftei
noon of Monday, Ms] Ith, 1901, for He
purchase ol He Ului Jaok ' Mineral
olalm, i.oi lji;*,-. Group i. Kootonaj DI
Irli't. which was ih rim, il to t���- forfeit
ed to the Crown ul lhe tit.v sale held In
the   I'lly   ol    Nelson    on   Hie   Hill    ilni    ul
November, 1906, for delinquent lixes
up  till   June   lOtb,   1906   und   costs.
The   upset   plies   Upon   tile   Bald   mill
eral claim which includes Hie amount
of   delinquent   taxes   and   costs   al   the
of forfeiture with Interest, nixes wblcb
which Have since accrued, costs of ad
vertlslng and fen for Crown Grunt
(136.00) is (1160.66) which . tin' least
amount thut win be considered as a
Bach lender must be aooompanlad
by uu accepted cheque ior tiic run amount or lhe lender payable lo lite older of tho Deputy Commissioner of
Lands uud Works, Victoria, B, C, at
Dated al Nelson, ]|. C., tbls (lib day
or April, 1SJ08.
Gov't   Agont,   Nelson,   II.   C.
Tendere  anted   For  the   Purchase   of  a
Mineral   Claim.
Tenders addressed lo the undersigned, nl his office In tha Court House.
In the Olty of Nelson, will be received
up till the hour of live o'clock. In lln- al
ternoon of Monday, May 4ib, 1908 for
the pun-huso or lhe "llluo Jack Kruc
tion" mineral cluliu. Lot 2091, Group
1, Kootenay District, which was declar
ed  10  be forfeited to ttie O
i  tax sale held In  the City of N'lKSJ
I the (th day of No.euiber, 1W>. for f
I liuquent   taxes   up Ull J.uu. --X I
aud   costs.
Th" upsrt  price ujKin tbi  nM tt..i
al olalm which Incloses tlit am
delinquent  taxes and costs si Oui
at forfeiture with Interest, nin rtj
have   since   accrued, costs "f *si*(Sj
ing   and   fee   for  Crows Grant lit
1.   (1(8.76)   which   is  Uie least
that will  be considered as s t.
Bed) tender must be srcmipi
an aooepted ebeque fur tliu full1
of   the   tender  payable 10 tbe 1
the    Deputy    Commissioner of
and  Works. Victoria. II. C, ��t P��r.
Dated  at  Nelson, li. C, tku f"
of April, IMI
Gov't  Agent, NelM". 1
Tenders  Wanted for the PurchiM lf|
Mineral    Claim.
Tendera  addressed  lo lhe mutant))
ed. at Ins ofllce in tba Court Hon"
the city of Nelson, will bv recslTi
till the hour of five o'clW ��� "1 *l��
noon of Monday, May Ith. muS, r
purchase or the  "Whits Cloud' 1
al  claim,   l>it 20hl, Group 1, K"'    .
District, which was declared ui ��"1
fcited   to   tho   Crown   st  thu 'M "J
held  In  Ihe City of NolSOS on * *
day of November 1906, for i'i
taxes up till June 10th 1901 ��ti I
The upset price upon lbs said **
al claim which Includes tbe stnour. <
delinquent taxes and oostS at ���������
of forfeiture with Interest, taim1 ��JJ
have since accrued, costs "'*?**'1
lag and tee for Crown Hiiini I'"'"
1180.98)    wblcb   Is   Hi" Isul ""���
that   will   be   oonsldered  as �� '���..
Cacb tender miisi Us "''"""''""'Ll
an   aecp.,',1  cheque  fo.   ll.e he' ����"",
of   lhe   lender   pa.MH.I"   I"    ��*j
the   Deputy  Commissioner   "'   '*
ami   Works.  Victoria,  n   ''������ "'f
Haled nt  Nelson, B. C, this 6t��
Of   April,   11)08. u'uniilT
Gov't  Agent. Wslsw. ��
Tenders Warned tor the Pur*JbSM *|
Mineral Clsitn. '
renders   uddle.sM d   tO   l""   ""'"'^
Bd, at Ills ollice In the "'"r'i
In the City of Nelson, will be WJJ
up till Ibe hour or live ..clock In W'
lot noon of Momlav. Ma; 'i��. ' ;���|
tho   purcliase   of   the   "Hs���� H1gF
mineral claim, L< L, l;"'u ' j ,0 ��
oiiuv District, which was ''"' ur1'|,, j,
orf-lled lo the Crown "li tue ' u
���t November. 1904 for .l.-H���l" ��"|
���p Ull Juno ifOth. 1904, ;'��'* �������^J
'I'he upsot prli I"'" '",'    ��'.���ulii oi
el claim which includes "'" ��',,," timsl
delln.iiienl taxes and costs ��*" jjflm
of forfeiture wilh Interest, '"l dvi,riiil
have since urn uud, . ' ', " ,.'i.-,|i.)l|
Ing und  fee  ror Crown Oram j
Is i$12.i.9b) which is ' "' '"' ,t,���lor. '
that  Will  be considered us �� -
Kach tender must be "��-'<"'"' tfpM
nn aooepted cheque for Hie (r(|i,r M
ut the tender payable to "' |Jin,|H
tba   Deputy   Cominissloner       |)lir
ami   Works.   Victoria.   B.     ,���    -j  daTl
Dated   Nelson,   H.   C���   ""
of April, 1008, ���;||T  I
.���,    1..SL   NclHi.u,  V     ���
Gov't  Agent, N"1"0"' *
X Th��s l>auy Canadian
When You Buy Fruit Land
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TERMS���$10 Cash  and $10 per  Month    for  10 Acrea, with  liberal discount   for   largor   payments.
Write   or  call  for   MapB,   Photographs   and   all   information. *.
Kootenay Orchard Association
British Columbia
FISH      AND      SHELL      FISH      IN
P. Barns & Co., Ltd.
INEUSON, f3<,<w. and elsewhere iu B. C. aud Alberta.
N-lumi l*ii'l lMnlrli-1.   I>.flirirl of W.-Rt RoOt-MS?
I Hk��: unit if UiM   Harry   Bird. Crf NrLit.m. Otwu
i-uiou i-hh! fttfttw ..K.'lJ.. Intends to apply '"r
I- rinliminn In piin-imv Un' fuUiiwlitK <h-wrllM-*l
'���.mln: rou.nitrirlnx at a i��nm ttlmiivtl at tba
. .ftlii-ant coruer of Un 3~3, ibeDOB niniilUK
ii.ii Hi JU chalun,   thane!   w��*nt 30  chut:.)-,  tlu'ii-i*
*...Mta at) i.liHtt.i, mora *>r taw, to ths ootUisrly
t.-.tinrtary    ol   U��t US,   tbcnOQ   foll'-wlna   nniih
t-smudnrg  u.,i jns i�� point oi ooinnrMoaaanl
.ntalniriB io wsm. man or w**.
ftnti-l Ffbriiary IMb, i!** Hahhv BlED,
K  ft   GUSH, Aifi��-iit
.<ift.it. I .ami  1M-UI. I.    IlUlrlft ol  W *xt knuti'liay
lakenotK-e   lhat Kn-.t. J.Suunottl,   uncut  lor
(���red. J   TaniMT.nl Ni-uon, oooupatlon  wntcli
maker, intends to applj  tot permission to pnr-
-.���si-tin.-follow um described umi*:   Commea-
tig at a post   p-��"<��.".  a'ami 2ft. miles-east ol
Aiikuu oreeki tmenes *> obaini in an easterly
iii.'.tloii,   llienre   -tl i liain*.    wnith,   ili-n	
���tiHitiiiu a vasterly direct  Uienoewebains
...rth io the point ut oommenoeu��nls,eon-aunJni
aj Hcres. moro or less
Dated Nov .SM.ii. WOT. _.
KKRDRii k   Iohn Ta*nsk,
._ F. J . f-AMMoNH.   An*'Ht
i ison i*at-��. District. Dlstrlcl ��t Ottol Kootenay
TsJtenottoa Hist  Kiiti-i   ttoamonii agent 101
v   a   ballard, ot  Piot-mr.  ipallon raaeber,
n too di u> apply tor permission to pnrobase tns
..iowtiic   iii-P4-ribed   landa:    Commeuclujjat a
|h,��i puin.'.t aboni lUmUeseaal <*i Wilsonoree*.
i-.ei.es aouiiiwi'ni Jo chains, tbenoe oortbwesi
h - thenoa mtnin-nai ��obalns, tnencs smim-
.. i a.) ohalni to the Lbs point ol oommsnoamani
"tatuiiiK tt *' res, more or less.
Dated Nov. 4th, 1UU7.
AHilllllil.il   AM'IWI'N   HA1IAI.Ii,
Agttllt   F    .1     fSAMM.-NN
Netsoa i-aii'i DUtHcl   DlstflQl 0�� tVsjbI t��oo��o��j
lak.* notl.e thai W. A. Hmlf-ou   lunl*.II I rulsi r,
t   ipokniie,  hpokaiu- .���nunty. WeahumlOO. Out)
(Ur I nlU'dHUU-aof Aiut-rlra, lulettdt to nppl]
nraapeclM Umber license over ibe ipllowluu
���MRcrlbed lamia: Oommsncini s.1 a pout m��r*eo
)��� 1 .planted on Ibe nortb bank ol worn creek,
i na*- i.ith-u.m ui lbs worth lori m < ont oreek
Mih   lhe  main   ntrram,  ahoni   IIvi*   OUU   mi  I
-��� Bta*l* dlrectloc from ooufluencs of .s*.i.i uona
reek wiiii tba Kootenay river; thenca north w
bains: tbenoe went M0 obalns; Uienoe nnntu \o
i-baine tbenoe east M0 obalna to point or com
ii ement. .onihiiiniK -������" "'���r"w "y/n 9,' '���",.
nald   land   adlotOJ uml��i   limn   No   I on tua
wesi and timber limit Nn h on tbesooth.as h>-
' ali'd hy UM,
UooatM HoTomben, mn.
Wl lied bj 1'atrH'k C-Hhino-
Declared and signed by tba witiun Qamad \\
\   Ihi.lhnii   un   Ibi'wib day ol Nuvcmber, A     >-
i.*-n.   uolorv  mc  at   t>|io*anc,   Spokane   i oninv,
Aaihlngton.oneol tbeunltea BUueoiAmenoa,
I'ATKIC k ft-. HH1NIC.
au ri   .  uitiricioi West Kootenay
Take notloe tbat iwbells Plerw. fBtraubnrj
iM'ini Mtton marrleu *oi
i"t permlulon to v rob*-.
i rlbed landa: Oomuiiinoki|| "i �� piwi piaiiU'd i
tho lntefteotlon ol i ��������� nWtb boi.tidary ol 1*1
itito, and tho eaat i . .nulary 01 Lol WO, auo,
Uifiicocaat w; chalua. mnic or Uan, in Mic noriii-
"im.1 comer of ilmU-r Limit Nn* Wll, tnsnoe
north Bt> chalna, tin-ii. c weat 'Jto (Jbalns, mnre nr
l"-a, Ui the cast aide of V\hat��hnn lake, thence
lol low m | name   in   .1  aoiithi-rlv   and   veettrl)
direction 10U   cbsina.   more   nr   leaa   in Ilie lllfi
���ootlqn with Loi UU, Lhonoe 80 obalns, more or
leaa, follnwliiK   eaaterly   hnundary   Ol -Lot K80 10
pnini 01 oommenoement,
Dated ith Ootober, mi7.      Uantu I'ieri-k,
K. H. Kai-ljI'Ikr, ��� Kent.
Nelson Land Dlitrlot.  Dlstrtol of West Kootena)
Take   nplUM   that    AlcxnndiT    J     UoOool,   Oi
milt, B, o., oooupatlon olerk, intendi to apply
permiaaion   to   purchaae   ibe   follnwh,K  di >
u diud:   Ounmanolnf atappii planted uu
v* i.t i'to   11 b. 0, Soulhorn  Kail
way rlglit of-way, about one and a half mllei
\s ��� *���!. ily from   the   norihwcst  eorner  oflOtHMS,
eronp i,   Keotanay,   Uienoe aouih   ho chains.
theuee . ..-! MO chalua. tln-uei- hnrih MOrlmltlH lo
Southern lanuidary uf Hald   rlght-of way,   theueu
v..-**-! bo chains along sau sontbern boundary to
point uf iiiiiiiui-iiiviiii-iil, atil t-outalnUlK '""
aeroS, inure ur lean.
Dated Horember 9th, 1901
Nelaon Land Dlatrtct.  Distnov ot Weal Kootenay
Take limit t* ihat K. I' Hurden, aeiltiR as agetil
for J. II Burden, Ol PoklOk, N. H , oceupatlou
iHeehaine, lutciidi lo apply for permission tO
purchaae the toOowlUK dcaerlttcd lands: Com-
uietii'lUK at a punt planted nn the easterly ahore
of Arrow lake and ahuut in chaina north of the
n. k. oorner ol lot BUS, thonoa eaai 20 obalns.
Lbenoa north 40 ehalna, more or leas, lo the lake
sboie, thenoa soutbwesterly along the lake shore
io the point uf oommenoementi and cuntainlnK
au acrea, mure nr Jew.
1 ated NovcihImt isth, i��)7 Jajcm 11 Btrancr,
P. F    HuittiKN, Agent.
Kelson Land District Dlatrtol ol West Kootenay
'lake noUoe that John Jamea Cameron, of
Pamle, British Oolumota, occupation contractor, lutcuda to apply for permiaaion to
purchaae the fotlnwtii^ daaorlbed land: Com*
no iu ing al a poal planted on the aouthern
boundary of the H: 0. Hnuibern rlRhtof-way
anuiit IU ehatna  westerly   from   IheN.W   corner
ol lot-toss, group 1. Kootenao*, tbence lontbflo
rhalns, thenee   eaat   10 chai/is,  lhence  north M
ehalns lo the soutbern buundary ol the said
right-of-way, thence westerly along said south
em   hnundary   of right ul way   to   the   pnlnt
oommenoement. and oonteinlng MOaorea, mnre
or less
Haled November Oth, l'.H(7.
J' HN .UMKa OaJnttOV,
WellOU land Diairiet.   DUtrlOtOl West Kootenay
Nelaon hand UHtrlet.   iJiatriclot West Kootenay.
Take notice that Tina ber��man,of Altona,
Man 1 occupation wife ol ft. nerginau, farmer,
Altona, Mmii., Intenda to apply for permiaaion to
purchaae the following deseribed land :
COUUnenolng at a p<iet planted at the N. H. 1'.
.if Hugo Cantens' application u> purchase and
running theuce wesLSU cbalna theuce north **0
chalna, theuce eaai 40 chalna, thence aouth H
ehaliii '2b lmka, thence eaat 40 coatns, theuce
south 71 chalna 7r> liuka t-o polut of commencement, coutalning tiu7 aerea mure or lesa.
Agent   lor   'Una   Bergman.
Dated 21 December VHP.
Wett Kootenay  Laud District.    District ol Goat
Take notice that 1, Ueorge A. Hunt, of Kit
abetter i occupation timnermau, in lend to
apply for p'Tin iv-inii tu purchase the
��� ''"'.mii: deacrlbed land: <:ommeUiing a I a
poat planted abouL 4U chains, west ot Thotupanu
marked N. W. cornet, thenee aouth 10.32 Ohalns
theuee east 44.67 ; chalus, theuce north 81,4B
chaina, thence west along U. ft. S��iutheru Kail-
way to piace uf commencement! containing wj.ih
Daled January Mb, l-**>.        ���   :   .��.-. ii   Hunt
Nelson Land Dislrict. District of We��t Eootenay
Take notice *hat 1, Kreiieriek Adle. of Wauein,
ft. 0., oceupatlou merchant, intend lo apply lor
I' i isii -;"ii to purchase the following described
land: Coinniuuciug at a [Hist planted about in
chalua weal of the H ��. coruer ol lot HG22, theui.-
north 2o chalua, theuce eaat HO chains, theuce
souih A) cbalut,, theuee west 80 chains tupolui
of commeueemeut, eouuiuiug 160 acres, inure Dl
Dated Jauuary Jlst. 1U08.       Frjcdrricr Ante.
Nelson Laud District. District of West Kooteuay
Take notice that Marion Isabella Crease, of the
City of Nelson, in ihe Provluce of British Columbia, occupation apiuater. Intends to apply fur
permission lo purchase the following described
land: Commencing at a post planted at the
). tun water mark of tbe Salmon river distant
about It miles lu a southerly direetlou from
S-. .miu, ii c, tbeuce norrb iu chains, theuee eaai
n chaina, thenee suiuh 10 chalna, more or LOSS,
i"ii, high water nWrk of the Salmon river,
tbence west 4u chains, more or less, aloug saLi
high water mark tulhe polut of commeueemeui,
.ni.i containing ltai acres, more or Icbs.
Located on toe 1st day of February, 1908.
Dated 10th February. !*>��.
Marion Imahki.la Ckeake,
r i.wai.o Manly I'etkrr, Agent.
Ilileiiila   10  apply
following   di
ui less
i ated i8ih Ootober, LOOT. Jasias muki.i,,
F. ft. FAt'gi'iKK. Agent.
Ill     ,    IIHll'l'    ��iti    i"IIJ    ,-"*.<     .   .......^ ........
ii inein enu nt.   atnl containing  one hundred
d slaty (160) aorei, more or loss.
Dtad Sentenherand, 190".      anhcn  Mi(*ui
Nelson Laud District.   DlRtrictol Weit Kootenav
Take nollee thai   Hugo Caralens, 61 Winnipeg,
Man.    OCCUpaUon   publisher,   intends   tn   apply
Iur  perm 1S>Ion   to   purchase ihe   following de-
hi rlhed i��nd: ����� ...
Coinmencing   at   a   poat planted   on   the  weal
o lary <��f L. -tri*, ft i. inborn fi mllei from Arrow Lake, on  Mosquito Ureek) and 31 obalns."fi
links south nf  the N. W. C. of aald   lot, running
lbenoa west 80 ohalna, tbenoe aouth ho chains,
thenee eaai 80 chalna. ihenee north 80 ehalns to
place ol oommenoement, oontalning MO acres,
mure or less.
ClIARI-KS Marnhai.i.,
Aiient   for   llugn Carstens.
Dated 30 December l��r7.
Nelson Lund District     District ul West Kootenay.
Iiikoiioifce that Levi Oeorge 1'iyne, of Needles,
H ft., oOQUpatlOU   raneher, intenda   to apply  for
permission to purohate the following described
tmi.ls: Commencing nl a post planted abo'it l.<
enalua west of WliHtahail crick and 33 U14 ehailia
M'ulhof the aoii'liwest eorner of Lot No 8.VI"-
riuinint thenee north RO chains, thenee weat ho
chains thenee lOUth IB16A chiiina, thence eaat
M &8H chains, lhence aouth ��7 H4.'> cliaiin, thence
67'41tf ehalna east to point ol commencement,
���wintalnlUsT Wl aerea, now surveyed as lot HiHft.
Dated 8tb January, 19U8. Lavitiaoaei Htm*,
Nelsuu Laud District.   DUUtOtOl West Kootenay
Take nottee that James William Gallagher, ol
lhe Olty of Nelaou, m the I'rovlnce of Hritlah
<. ntuinbla, occupation merehant, intends to ap
ply tor permission to purchaae the following
described laud : Cummene|n*< at a poat phiru- ������.
al the high water mark of the Salmon river dia
lani annul i -' miles tn a .southerly direction fnuu
tlalmo, H. ft., ihenee norlh 40 chains, thenee
west 40 chaina. theuce aouth 40 ehains, more or
less, to the high water mark of the Halmon river
tbenoe eait SU ehaiua, more oi leaa, aloug the
said hliih water mark to tho place ot beginning,
containing lria acres, more nr leaa.
i-ocated ou the 1st dsy of February, 1908.
Daled I4lh February, ''*������.*���-
Jamks Wii.i.iau Uailauhkk,
I  nw vitn  M..M.KV   I'KTKRS, Agent.
Nelson Laud District.   Dlstrlcl of West Kootena
Take notice that I John Arthur M-oll, of Mono
Cinlre, tint., occupation, farmer, Intend to apply for permission to purchase the inllowiug inscribed laud al the mouth of Hummlt ereek:
Commencing at a post pUuied nt the south���
eaat curlier of let H7ax marked N. k., thenoe
south 4o ehaiua, theuce wi si 2u chains, thence
uorth 41) chains, thenee east ��> chains to place ol
commeueemeui (oiilainiug So acres.
John Arthur BOOTT,
W. J.Hcoit, Agent.
Dated Feb. 18th, lWH.
Nelson Land Diatriet.   Dlstrlcl of Weat Kootenay
Take   notice   lhat 1   Christie   Scott, of   Mono
Cduier, Ont .occupation umrrlcd woman, inicnd
to apply tor permlulon to ourohaao the ioiu>w
ing deacrlbed taiid near Summit creek:
t Mitiiiu iiciiig rn a post planted at the soulh-
eaai corner of lot H130 marked 8, W\, tlienee
north *V chains, thence east 20 chains, thenee
south 20 chains, thenee west 00 chains to place
of commencement coutalning 40 acres.
cu him ik Scott,
w. J.Scott, Agent.
Dated Feb 18, 1908.
Tuke notice that we will at tho next
meeting of the License Commissioners
npply lor a tianafer of the liquor license tor tho No Place Inn on Josephine street, Nelson, from Pollard and
Wade to 11   II. Moore.
Dated at Nelson, this 9th day of
March 1908.
Potential   Agricultural    Districts   to   Be
Mapped  Out  During  Coming
Victoria, April 28.���The programme
for this year's work iu the surveying
of outlying sections of the province has
been practically completed. More of
this will be done during the forthcoming summer than has been attempted
heretofore, it being the intention of the
provincial government to obtain accurate and official knowledge of the different promising agricultural valleys to
the north as far as possible, in order
that settlers may be introduced on a
satislactory   basis.
Surveyor-General McKay stated yesterday that surveys would be carried
on during the warm season in many
parts of the interior of llritish Columbia. Among the principal agricultural
sections to be dealt wilh are the following: Ulackwater (Cariboo,), Lilloet,
Nechaco, Bulkley and Percher Island
(south of the townsite of Prince Rupert).
It was explained tbat the reason the
authorities had selected these sections
for immediate survey work was because they seemed to be the main
point of attraction to the outsider at
the present time. Ou that account it
was desired that the Crown lands in
the respective localities should be officially recorded. Thus it would be possible, on inquiry being made at the department, to give the intending settler
all the information he would require to
enable him to make up his mind as
to whether he would care to settle in
any of the districts. And should he
decide to take up a pre-emption he
would be able to establish a homestead
without the dissatisfactory possibility
of being told, later, that he had not
taken up the land to which he had been
Surveyor-General MacKay waa asked whether any steps had been taken
towards surveying the Queen Charlotte Islands. In reply he said that
the matter was under consideration.
Although nothing definite had been
done ft was altogether likely that a party would be s'int there at an early
Last evening a party of six left for
the north In charge of Surveyor Harvey. U Is understood that their intention is to spend the summer at work
through the territory adjacent to the
Skeena River.
The surveyor-general affirms that
there are many applications for land
In the neighborhood of Prfnce Rupert.
This fact has induced the governlnent
to send an expedition to Percher Island, which lies just off the townsite
of the prospective Grand Trunk Pacific
terminus. He says that tlie investigation already accomplished has proved
that tho Island mentioned Is splendidly
adapted to agricultural use. He expects that it will be fully taken Up in
the   not   distant   future.
der," will be received until 12 o'clock
noon Monday, May 4th, 1908, for grad
ing the public school grounds as per
plans prepared by the city engineer.
The surface soil to be piled aud spread
over ground after grading i> complete.
Tenders to state (a) price per yard;
(b)  lump sum.
Also separate tenders for removing
three rooms from present location to
corner of Stanley and Mill streets, and
closing any openings necessarily made.
Secretary School Hoard.
In tbe matter of an application (or the Utm<* of
a duplicate Ortiftt-Hic ot Title (or lot* 4, 6, 9, 11,
lt��, 2b. ami l��. Of lot 891, t.roiip One, in the
U-r Mr: of Kootenay (Map 69H).
Notice ;>��� hereby Rlvt-n that It la my intention
to isriue at the expiration of one month after th**
flrol publication hereof a duplicate 4 the Cer-
litlcate of i ltle for the aboTe mentioned lots iu
the name of Kichard llelme. which Certificate ot
Tille li* dated lhe mith day of Noremtoer, 1906.
aud   nninh. n-il  t..ih-.\
Land Ki'KiKtry Ollice, Nelson, B. C. January
17*1., 19l��.
"H   F. MacLiod,"
"A -ttSf
This  Is Your
500 yards Tapestry Carpet, Red and Green  Pattern* f .80
750 yards Tapestry Carpet.  Creen and Fawn   1.00
250 yards Tapestry Carpet 1.25
450 yards  Brussels  Carpet 1.46
1250 yards  Brussels Carpet 1.75
500 yards Brussels Carpet,   Floral  and Turkish Patterns 1.75
1000 yards Wilton Carpet, all colors, per yard from s)2.00 to  3.25
800 yards English Axminste.r from $2.50 to 3.00
200   yards   Ingrain         1.25
J00 yards  Ingrain ,    1.00
���00 yards  Ingrain          .65
Stair Carpets,  per yard,  from 75c to  . 2.50
Tapestry, Ingrain, Brussels, Velvet, Wilton and Alxmlnster Rugs In all sizes, from H        6.00 to  75.00
Portieres:  $4.50, $5.00, $6.00,  $10.00, $15.00, $16.50, $18.00, $20.00, $35.00, $75.00
up to $100.00.
Odd Lace Curtains, 35 pairs at cost price.
Holds Good Until May 1st
300yards, pretty designs, 57 in. wide 65
100 yards, pretty designs, 57 in. wide      juj
400 yards, finest quality,  66  In. wide      .75
72 only, Table Cloths, 63x84, each 2.00
25 only, Table  Cloths, 72x90 4.00
A   nice   line   of   Napkins  from   $6.00  to $10,000 per dozen.
200 doz. Napkins, ready for use $1.00 and  $1.25
10  doz.  Napkins   1.50 to 2.00
15 doz. Napkins ��� 2.00 to 3.00
The most complete  line of Towelling and Towels In  B. C. at all prices.
500  pairs  Pillows,  per  pair from 2.00 to 12.00
30  yards  Cotton   Sheeting     .33
500 yards Family Sheeting...   ..��     .40
300  Sheets,   re.idy  made,  2yards  by  2J4 yards, par pair 2.00
350 Sheets ready  made Twill, per pair 2.60
Pillow Cases,  all  ready for use, 3slzes, per   pair  from 40c.   to       .73
Circular Pillow Cotton, 40 In., 42  in., 44in      .38
Complete House Furnishers, Funeral Directors
A good opportunity is offered to investors for a short time to purchase
stock at 10 cents per $1 share In one
of the best asbestos propositions on
the continent of North America. For
prospectus  apply
BOX  987.  NELSON.   B.  C.
You can buy a 10-acre Fruit Ilnncli   ln  the best  fruit growing  district
In   British   Columbia   by   paying  $1 0 dollars down and $10 per month.
Even as an Investment this ls wor th consideration.
Fruit Land has trebled in value wi thin the year.   What will It do next
WAKLs S��TI*l3t5T
If you want Good Land
McDermid & McHardy
NBL.80N, B.  G.
Lots   in   Addition "A"
We are agents for most of tha lota
ln the above addition, being agenta for
F. C. Innis, Coats & Co., and tha Nelaon
Electric Tramway Co.
For full particulars aa to pricea,
terms, etc., apply us
H.   ��S��   M.   BIRD
Partly Fomlmhcd Modwn
Residence and Three Lots
Situ: lied on Hoover St., between Stanley and Ward.    Eight Rooms and
Base ment all   ready  for  furnace.    Now  rents for  $35   per month.
PRICE: 34,000.00.   TERMS: One-Third Caah, Balance $500.00 per year at
7  per' cent.      For   full   particulars  apply
Ul .ii
3RSSSR L��mb��, Shingles,
���Uath, Atiouldlntfs. Doota, Windows.
Tunned Work' and Bracketa.
Mail Ordera promptly attended
nbi#on. a. c .ti
���~...ry~ '        "��� - ���   ������ .-^s:*��um...;;---y<s.w-^^i^yrf*��i.��t^B*v.-.f-..r���,,,.j,i��
Tne Daily Canadian
Not everyone can claim the diamond for a blrthstone, but anyone
may wear a diamond, and if you are getting: one you may as well get
the best, and ln tbe best and most sulta'ile setting. We keep only the
best stones, and as we manufacture all kinds of Jewelry we are competent to advise you as to settings. We have always on hand an attractive
stock of Rings and Pins of all kinds set with this most precious of gems,
the diamond, also a stock of loose stones.
Watchmaker and Optician
Electric heating devices arc be-
rominp; more popular every day on
account uf their cleanliness and
being labor savers.
The up-tu-date house wife is al-
waya on the look-out for something to Improve the domestic service of her household.
Tlie American Flat Irons which
we sell are made to stand work,
and so far have K<tt a record of
durability unequalled by any other
iron.    In 5 Xb and 7 th sizes.
Phone 227A. P.  O.  Box 155.
10 Room House, close in three blocks
from Post Office, all modern, good
new foundation and verandah.
Good  terms.
Building Sites
200 ft. corner, short distance from
car   line $1,000
75 ft. coruer, (lane) excellent site
for business man near centre
of city $1,100
120  ft, corner,  in  Fairview���near
lake   and   cars���good  soil. ...$ -600
Land for Market Gardens
5 acres within one-half hour of Baker   st.
14 acres within mile of city( would
Real Estate Agent
S1S  Baker St..  Nelson,  B. C.
Another Lot of
Dairy  Butter
JUST  ARRIVED 3   LBS   FOR   $1.00.
For Sale at
Joy's Cash Grocery
Cor. Josephine and Mills Sts.
Phone  19.
f.':~*'J'.';,     ���'-'���'   -i^Mefi
.' ���:���:���.-���-  :.-..-   l
���  - .     ���
.    ���                                  L .22 ���
sBiSr''       ittk
��*�� ..J  ��su***
v^:"    ���' ���
Cor.    Vernon antJ Ward   Streets
J. Williamson, Trail; J. D. McSweyn,
D. D. Campbell, B. McPhee, u. B. Stev-
ens. Rossland: F. Morrison, W. J. Twiss
Vancouver; Dr. A. VV". BaglielJ, A. I.urns
A. Carney, Kaslo; tl. F. Robinson. B.
White, Summit; .Mrs. H. H. Flood,
Moyle; R. Howard and wife. Plncher
Creek; F. (.'. Barber, J. F. Macdonald,
Montreal; Jas. Cronln, A. Norman, S.
S. Culllton. Spokane; F. V. Zunmer.
.Mrs Tunis. New Fork; .1. H. Fitzpat-
rick, Santa Cruz; W. Boulton, T. Reld,
y��0i y^ikWmTnr^-4'
Corner of Stanley and Victoria Sts.
Two Blocks from Dtpot.
.f. D. Macdonald. Rossland: R. 11.
Jameson, Victoria; A. H. Kelly, Mrs. 1.
X. Williams and daughters, Spokane;
E. 1. Smithson, Seattle; w. Oriener,
Pittsburg; W. Hanhart, .1. M. Cameron
and wife. Spokane; Hilda M. Temple-
man, Nakusp.
A. J. Watson. Slocan; C. A. Drake
and wife. Nakusp; R. Cumney, Sandon;
J. B. Winlaw, Winlaw; D. C. Fraser. A.
E. G. Latcher, city; C. Smith, Otto E.
Ilson, Spokane; A. G. Blame. C. Sparks,
Vane,uver; C. U'ellcsiey Whiltaker, 1.1.
Tyson, Phoenix; J. X. Burgess, Winnipeg.
J. R. Mcintosh, Peter McKay, Trail:
T. Kelly. R. Elliot. Bonnington; ll. F.
W. Behnsen, M. I- A. Victoria; (J. K.
Smith Harrop; J. c. Moen, Willow Point
Arthur Fiance. Toronto; K. Cooper W
.1. McQIU, SI,,ran; J. W. McKinnon, .1.
Husby, H. Tattrlo, .Sandon; N. Oates,
Ymir: U. Fishmore. Riondel; E. Towers
Fruitvale: \. .\. Wilton, Robson; .Mrs.
Johnea, Vancouver; '!'. Brown, H. Craig
L. B.  Reynolds, Eureka;  J.  Kelcher,
Cresion;  (1. Slmmlns, wife and family,
England:     ll.   Epstein,   Vancouver;   f
Matheson, Shields;  Alex Thomas. Mom-
real:   James   Peacock,  9 .Mile:   J.   Macintosh, .Montr, ai;   j.  g. Grifflln,  Salmo.
B. HIuncl.il. England; Lewis Strandell
s. j.  McNeal,    city;     Ed.   Doyler     F
Smioke. J. .Merk.i. Slocan;  G   B   Situs
Charles Littleton. Meadows;  G   Bnnals
P.  Ilealy, Ronald;   V. Fraser anil   wife
Frultvale;  W. Cooper. Westlej
W.   Gullivan,  .1.   Lloyd,     10-Mile'     I
Frances,  11    Li wis,    Spokani ;     Adam
Style, Silverton;  il   Smith, Ainsworth;
o.  Ray. Salmo;  It. Robins, Vancouver
Are You Insured?
Don't delaj Beelng aboul having thai
Fire Insurance  ,,,1 ���,, your propertj
your bouse or your furniture, Perhaps
you ate very careful, but your neighbor may noi be, and remember you do
noi get much warning when a Ore nets
The expense or Insuring is very small
when you consider the risk you run or
losing everything you have. King
or call on
General Agent for the Kootenays.
Pioneer   Fire   Insurance  Company.
P. O. Box 534.
Wall   Papers
Our new stock Is now In.
Borders same as hangings.    Largest variety ever shown In Nelson. Sample
books sent to any part of the city   on application.
j Canada Drug & Book Co'y, Ltd.
Hotel  Change.
Mrs Malette has purchased the Lake
View hotel and takes possession on
May 1st.
Not   Found.
Search parties have so far failed to
recover the body of .1. Dunn who was
drowned hy the capsizing of his canoe
in the rapids near Procter Sunday
Mines and Stocks.
Silver recovered two points on both
markets today. Lead is still at the low
quotation of ��13. Boundary copper
stocks show Quotations within very narrow margins.
Dangerous  Bridge.
On Hoover street east of Cedar, out-
Bifle the city limits, there is a dangerous
I bridge'over which, residents think,
vehicular traffic should no longer be
permitted. The heavy floods have swept
away  tho  banks that   supported  it.
Prompt   Settlement.
The damage to the house on the Hall
Mines road, adjoining the car barn, occupied by Mrs. Streeter and owned by
A. T.nith. was appraised yesterday at
SHIS and settled this morning by Messrs.
McDermld &  McHardy.
Why7 '
"Choose your wives before going
west." This was the advice given by
the Rev. R. Newton Powell, of Nelson,
B. C, to a gathering of 175 young men,
who attended a complimentary banquet
given to the new members of the Y.
M. C. A. in the Association Hall last
night���Montreal   Witness.
Opera   Hou*-e.
The production of '"The Parish Priest"
at the opera house last night was not
up to the standard of the performances
o! th-- National Stock compauy last
week. The company is not so well
adapted for the production of Irish plays
as it is for such pieces as "In Missouri"
and "The Squaw Man." Tonight "The
Palish   Priest"   will  be  repeated.
Good  Time.
James ,\. ll. Baird, chief surveyor of
the Mainland Board of Fire Dnderwrit
ers, is in the city and was present at
the tire on Saturday. He timed the fire
department from the alarm until the
water was turned on the building aud
stairs the work was accomplished in
seven minutes. Considering the distance and the laying of 700 feet of hose
over hills, a bridge and through the
gardens In the neighborhood, where it
was necessary to carry the hose by
hand, the time made was favorably commented on by the chief surveyor. Mr.
Baird Inspected the ruins of the car
barn this morning. He will leave shortly for the Bounday and will return to
Nelson in a few days,
Car Early Rose
Seed Potatoes
Send   us   your  orders  early  to   avoid
Telephone 161.
Lieutenant Governor.
Edward the Btmnth, by the Qr-uoof God, nf the
Unltad   Kinp*<1nm of Osteal  Kntain, *i<i Ire*
Intnl. aii't the HrJU-li  I'nmiHfoijf, l*<*yon<) the
Baa* KfiiK, Defender m  the Faith, Kmc
or India.
Po ail to wiiom these preaanti shall come,-���
w. J. howskr, Att.-rni'v General,
Whttreai by Beetlon 6 of tbe "(in.me Protection
Act, iHtftt," an re-fiiiufted by f-W-tlon II* of Uie
"Game Protection \ t. Am.-n..merit Act, iyo.*>,"
it Ik enacted thai it ntiiUI be   lawful for the Lieu-
lenant-Gorernor in council, by Proclamation to
be published in twosuoceulVelasnaeol tbe Hrit-
l��h Columbia '.'azciic. to declare a clone HMIon
for KecHe In any purl of the Provluce lor aijv
period of time, ami
���tVhere&fl (,ur *<al��l Lieutenant-Governor.; by mnl
with   the   advice.   ��,f   bifl   Kxecutive Council, haa
been pleated to direct, by an Order ln Connatl
in Uiat bebalt,a olose (.uiikoii for mete within
the County ol Kootenay, until and Inolndl k
theSlfl day of A.Uguit, one thousand nine hundred and eight
Now Know Vi: therefore, that in pursuance
Unroof, we do hereby prOOlatm a "loie ttooAOn
for KeeHe   wlUiln  the County of Kof U'tif*    JiillI
mid iiiiiudiiiK the81s1 day ol Augiut*-. ons bounce nine hundred ami ei��ht.
In testimony whereof, we nave   :au*t��    thase
nut letters to be made patent and tbftQj >i Heal
of the 1'rov.iiee to b>; hereunto alllxed.
WltnaBSt Hia Honor -lumen Ihiiiftniiir. Lieutenant'iovernor nf our said Province of Brltl'h
!olumbi��, UJ our Olty of Victoria, In our aald
Province thlfl latli day of Fchriiary, lu the year
of Our J^ird one thousand QiIM hundred and
eight, and in the eighth >"��r of our reign.
By command,
Provincial Secretary. t
of   groceries   Is   what   We   want.     You
can't do better than bring your list here
Our stock    Is    complete,  fresh  and
prices right.     Urlny in your orders  we
will   execute   them   prop' rly.
Corner Silica and Josephine Sts.
Nothing could be brighter or cleverer than our series of
The consist of Gibson Cents (miniatures from Collier's!, Miniatures from
Life, Christy pictures reproduced iu exact colors, Hand Painted Motto Cards,
Illustrated Toasts, Pointed Paragraphs,
Sts., Etc.
Size   5x7,   each 25c.
Size   6(ix8|i,   each 35c.
Size   8x10,   each 60c.
W# G. Thomson
g��$g%g? "nd   Nelson, B. C.
Phmw .��������.
Adjourned    Meeting    Held���Election   of
Officers  and  Committees.
The adjourned meeting of the vestry
of St. Kavlour's church was held in the
parish room last night at8 o'clock, wilh
ihe rector, Kev. H\ H. Graham in the
chair, and a large attendance of mem
hers of the congregation, both ladies
and   gentlemen.
The committee appointed at the last
meeting to investigate the matter of
necessary repairs to the church building, to obtain an approximate estimate
of the cost, and to suggest ways and
means of raising the necessary funds,
reported at length, recommending the
urgency of repairs involving au expenditure of approximately $7(10. and sug
pealing methods by which this amount
might be raised without Interfering
with the ordinary revenue of the church
The  report was adopted.
A committee wac appointed to look
into the matter of the Church of F.iik-
land plot in tlie cemetery and to report
at a future meeting of the vestry. The
rommittee consists of Messrs. S. S
Fowler, convener, Geo. Johnstone. F.
Irvine, r. w. Hannington, J. K Taylor,
and Mesdames B, Applewhaite and G.
C. Hodge.
The deferred election resulted as follows: people's warden, Geo Johnstone
auditors. E. K. Beeston and W. Douche;
sidesrnen. H. Bird. C. W. Busk. J. M.
Lay. I,. B. de Veber. J. n. Xlckerson.
H. L. Douglas: correspondent to church
papers, C. W. Busk.
A oommlttee was appointed to obtain
additional subscriptions to the guarantee fund: three representatives from
each of the following organizations:
Woman's Auxiliary, Ladle's Guild and
Altar Guild together wilh Messrs. Nickerson,  D.  S.  Kraser.  anil C   Joy,
The meeting then adjourned to the
call   of  the  chair
In the County Court of West Kootenay.
holden at Nelson, between Bernard
A. Isaac, (carrying on business by
the style of the "Nelson Iron
Works"), Plaintiff; and the High-
lander Mill and Mining Company,
To tlie Above Named  Defendant:
TAKE NOTICE that this action was
commenced against you ou the 27th day
of April, 19US. and that the plaintiff
claims 1226.46 lor principal and interest
due on an accepted BUI of Exchange
lor 1223.80, dated liecember 6th, 1807,
diawn on you by the plaintiff! or iu the
alternative, 8228.80 tor goods sold ami
delivered, and work done by the plain-
US Ior you.
And take notice that the court has by
order made April 27th, 1908, authorized
tlie service of the summons in tills action upon you, by publication of this
notice for three weeks In the Nelson
"Uaily (.'anadian" newspaper.
And further take notice that you are
required within eight duys alter such
last publication hereof, to enter u ills-
pule note In said action, by yourself or
your solicitor, and that In default of
your doing so, lhe plaintiff may proceed
in said action, and Judgment may be
given against you ln your absence.
Dated Ihe 2Rth day of April, 1908.
(Seal  of County  Court.)
T.   M.  BOWMAN,
Registrar of the Court.
Wholesale aud   Retail Dealorn tn
Fresh and Salted Meats
Ciunps supplied on shortest notice and
lowest price. Nothing but  fresh aud
wholesome meats and supples kept in stock
Mail orders receive careful attention.
E.   C.   TRAVES.   Manager.
Hollow Concrete
Blocks For Sale
All shapes and facings.
Those blocks are absolutely  the best
material    to   be    had  for  building   purposes, foundations, retaining walla, ett
being cheaper than brick or Itoue.
Tenders given ou all kinds of building
work.    Stock on hand
Head Office:  Baker Street, Nelson. B.C.
By virtue of a Warrant uf Execution
issued out ol the County Court of Kast
Kootenay, holden at Cranbrook, iu an
action whereof A. Q. Bowneas is Plaintiff and M. J. .MclVak and Louise EL
McPeak are Defendants, I have seized
and taken in execution all the right,
title, estate aud interest of the said
defendants, M. J. McPeak and Louise
I-:. McPeak, in that certain hotel build-
ini:, situate in the town of Sirdar, li. C,
aud now in the occupation of the said
defendants, and will offer the same for
sale by public arution, at my ofllce in
tho City of Nelson, li. C. on Wednesday, the 22th\ day of April, IWH, at the
hour of twelve o'clock noon.
Terras of sale, cash.
Intending purehasers will Ftatisfy
themselves as to Interest and title of
the said  defendants.
Dated at Nelson, B. C, 14th April,
S.   P. TUCK,
Sheriff of South   Kootonay.
The above sale is postponed until
Friday,  tho first dav i>f May,  1908.
A. M. Can. See. C. E.
Mining Work a Specialty.
Office:   Itoom   18,   K.-W.-C.  Dlk.    1".   O.
Box     434.
Baker  St.,   Nelson,   B.   C.
Supreme  Court   List.
Tlie civil list for the Hprliit; ub-sIzch
which will open Im re on Tuesday. May
���Mil. will be as follows:
Wall ami Creelman vs. Ontario Ac-
i ill, nl Insurance ���.ompany. II. t\ Hall
for plaintiff and II. 0. Wiukkc for da*
feiiil.'ini;  accident insurance.
J. N. Lyon vs. J. Laini siocks, ii. <���
Hall for plaintiff und A. M. .Johnson for
defendant      Recession  of   agreement.
Docksteader vs. Dominion Copper Co.,
J, O'Sheu for plaintiff and .1. U. Spence
for defendants.    Personal  Injury.
Schrlver va. J. H. Aylward, .1. t) Shea
for plaintiff and I��. S. Waflblidse for defendant.    Personal injuiv
H.-irnes vs. li. C. Copper company. .1.
O'Shea for plaintiff'and i h. Hallett
for defendant     Personal Injury.
Orr vs. Clayton, ,l. O'Shea for plain
tiff and H. C. Hall for defendant t'an-
cellation of B*rreetnent
Winlaw vs. Itoblnson. McKenzle Lumber company, J. O'Shea for plaintiff and
Harvey. \icCiirier &��� Macdonald for defendant    Sale of lumber.
Itoylance vs. !'. P. It.. .1. O'Shea loi
plaintiff and W. A. Macdonald. K. C,
lor defendants.    Personal Injury.
Peachy   vs.   ('.   P.   It.,   .1.   O'Shea   lor
plaintiff, vv. a. Macdonald, k. c, for defendants,    Personal injury.
Doucei vs. Patrick Lumber Company,
E. A. ('reuse for plaintiff, .1. O'Hheu for
defendant    Personal injury.
I can give a few lirst claBa stock or
bond salesmen contracts for exclusive
territory for one of lhe best proposition!
before the publlo, whereby a hustler
enn  make  from  11(10 to $200 per  week.
Old life Insurance men preferred. Address, United Wireless Tel. Co., Vancouver, II. C.
VV.    Q.    GILLETT
t-'nntriicl.ir   nn&l
Hole HKent for the Porto Klro Lumbar Co., Ltd.,
relHlt yiinlH. KoiirIi -Ami druHdud lumber, turnod
work Hh'l hrtti'krfH, OotUt With nnd Htillifflt'H. *"hH>i
nnd doom. Oment, briek and lime /or nnle
AutnrnHtlCKiiiider. w
Yard *D(l Iw-tory: Vernon 81., eut of Hall-
NBLSON,   I*. O.
P. O   Box 282 TuiapN' 00 ITT
Nervousness    Headaches    si lessness and Dissinesi ����
the iiesi physicians. Nine times in ten eyestrain is the ,iil,., " |,"zzl*��
int; can eftect a permanent cure thu does not remove n "IH" NoB>
ls what our si-leiitificilly lilted glassies  do. ' ''Ullb)<-'-    That
Mail   orders     receive     our , p.oinpt   attention.
J.   J.   WALKER,   Jewele,
V\ holcwHic  Provisions,
Produce, . 1-^ruTT.
Government Creamery One Pound  Bricks facetted weekly fr��.h �����
churn.    For sale hy all leatUsn irrouen' "" ""
Offloe and warehouse:  Houston Block,    Pnone 711.
Josephine Street. - Nelson. B. C.
(hat are just the thing for businessmen, are here In all sizes and in designs
and fabrics to suit all tastes. Theso suits are well cut and well made and
we guarantee the fit as well as the durability of every garment, becauw
they have been carefully made with the design of pleasing our customeri
and   holding  their permanent   trade.
This  Is   the  MMOn   of   tho  ye.-tr  irhftD  you  dtTOt*  your aN^ntion to this
household duty. We are prepared to meet your requirements with a full Jioeof
Ready   Mixed   Paints,   all   colors, Varnishes,    Stains,    Enamels,
Alabastine,    Muralo.
Everything   necessary   for   the   renovation   of   your   house.
J. H. Ashdown Hardware
Company, Limited. Nelson Brsmii
Notice Is herehy given that the (lov
erument Lots In tlie townsite of Bos* !
mer will be offered for suit; liy auction
at the Lock up in Hosmer al ten o'clock
In the forenoon, railway time, Wednesday,   April   22ml.
Hlds   below   the   upset   price   will   in it
be  received.
Terms, one ihlrd cash, one-third isl
of November, liiOS, and one-third 1st of
May. 19011, with Interest from 1st of
May, muss. A fee of JMu will he charged
for each Crown (irani when leaned.
Assistant Commissioner of Lands and
Works for ihe Southern Division
of f'Just  Kootenay.
('ranbrook.  3iuh   March    I 101
.lobbing  promptly  attended to.    Plana
and KstlmateB.
Apply 415 Hall St.
Box 385.
C. GFthN A. P. BUHVfcJI        A. H.GKKKN
C'vll Engineers, Dominion and  British
Columbia Land Surveyors
P. 0. box ie,    Hi,,in ;m k.
From $10 to $25.
Old Curiosity Shop
Geo.  P. Player
Office   Room   No.   2.   ELLIOT     BLOCK-
I INEUSOIV,     -     B. C"
We  make  a  specialty of
Hardware Supplies
For  Ranchers
Send   us  your  mall orders
Wood-Vallance Hardware Co
Ret a I
" <W


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